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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 20th 2017, 8:21 pm by Lethal Consequences
Yeah, listen to ONI! 

Anyone who underestimates me will peril!

Yeah! I'm scary! I'm a Hall of Famer! Fear me!

I like how you all go down one by one and respond to your opponents. Make it flow a little bit, y'all. C'mon now! We're in the 24/7 Battle Royal! We're all in this together! This match will indeed just end like the past has ended so many times. A veteran will once again cut short all of you very hard working gentleman and ladies, very all deserving of having a title shot... once again this will all be cut short by someone who walks in without that red carpet that I've had so much. 

You're right. Everybody shrugged their shoulders. And I walked back in. Just where I was before. People do know my routine. They know, just as some of you have figured out, that I come and go as I please. When I grow weary of addressing the likes of you all every single week, I put that cigarette in my mouth and walk the other way. No word spoken. I'm not on the company's dime over here mentally. I don't need to ask the likes of you all for when my time here is done and started. I don't need the satisfaction you all do at this point of your EAW careers. 

In all likelihood, I won't win this match. 


I'm not senile, you all. I'm actually quite young, despite all that whole veteran and returning several times thing. I'm not dumb. I'm not oblivious, and I certainly don't put on a character that thinks he's going to win every match because I'm not a fucking asshole. I'm a realist. And there's hella other people in this match. I am but one simple man. One simple man that hates being in a match with hella other people.

I don't like people. I don't like talking to you people. I don't like having to talk to you all and try to act like I want to change your mind about your opinion of what I've done and what I do and how I act and how I conduct myself. Shit, Theron told me I had a program with Diamond Cage. I don't even remember that. Am I supposed to act like I do? Because I'm telling you right now I don't. I don't even know if what he said was factual. I'm taking cues on someone else about what happened in my career. 

See you just heard that last sentence and now are going to say something about "over the hill" and "you can't even remember what you do, that's how old your game is, boy." But now that I said something along the lines of what you were going to say you're going to have say something different and act like you weren't going to harp on that. 

Yeah, I fucking get it. That's what we're doing here. I know the fucking routine, and that's why I leave so many fucking times, man. I already know what's going through the head of my opponent when I say what I say, and it fucking drives me crazy that I'm supposed to keep up with the charade. I don't like this charade. It is dumb. I hate it. But I'm self-masochistic so here we are, ONCE AGAIN. Talking ONCE AGAIN how I'm an old fuck and that blah blah blah blah fuck, man.

Yes, I might not win this match.
"Oh LC, you're already counting yourself out because how great I am and you didn't know that before, I'm gonna win woo."


Might not win this match. Probably (you know, like the most probable statistics) I won't. And I won't have a contract that says I have a contract that guarantees me a title whenever I want. If I did win this match, that would only but give me another contract in addition to the one I signed the first day I signed up for Extreme Answerz Wrestling. 

It's not a physical contract, it's not a verbal contract, it's not a mental contract. It is nothing but a law of fucking nature of EAW that whenever I want to shoot for a title, or for anything, I, Lethal Consequences, can get it. Because I am, say it with me once again, fucking Lethal Consequences. I'm the most humble man you might know. So humble that I've been fired and left this company on multiple occasions so that the people that are all in that Title History can be there. Because I sure as hell would've had my name there more than it already is. 

"Oh LC, you for sure wouldn't have won more titles if you were here, you're only saying that because you left." 
"Oh LC, you've been gone so many times because you suck. "
Yeah, fucking right.

I was nostalgic at first. I felt cool. It felt all warm and bubbly inside. And then I realized why I leave time and time again. I hate listening to all of you. 
"Oh but you're forced to now." Shut the fuck up, I get it. 
I already know everything that will be said. I already know what has been said. I listen to, surprisingly, all of the competitor's words to what they've said up to this point. And that is really the truth. I've heard all your promoz. Honest to krishna. This isn't even me being sarcastic right now, I've read all of your all's stuff.

But unlike all of you slapnuts that no know better right now, I know that the only thing the matters is my perspective and what I see. What I hear. What I say. I'm not going to give you all my energy, listing the names one by one that say my name and retorting. I have nothing to retort. I'm goddamn Bunny Rabbit in 8-mile. Everything you're saying is true. I did lose at PFP in my match, I have come back to no fanfare, and you all probably have a shitty opinion of me that I will not bear in mind because just like the tops of this company headlining PFP 10 you're all worthless to me. And I don't care what I'm worth to you all. 

I'm fine if I lose this match. I really am. I will thrive whether I lose or not. That's just a forgone conclusion as long as I'm talking. Will you, reading this right now, thrive if you don't win? 

I don't know and I don't care. I'm honestly just here to make this battle royal watchable. 

Can't wait to hear everybody's response! 

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 20th 2017, 7:55 pm by Rex32
Pain For Pride Promo # 2
"Everything Remains"

If you think about it, Stark, how brief our time on this planet actually is, you would realize a lot of what the makeup of our destiny is during that same time frame has a window in which to fulfill it, a check point so-to-speak. If you don't reach that check point in time, fulfilling that part of your destiny in that time allotted, instead of getting more time added on, you are forced to re-focus all of your energy and start from "GO" again. But even then the more consciously awake you become, as things seem more clear, it's only then that you start to realize how short life really is, that there is suddenly this sense of urgency to make the most of that time, that window that you have left. That's when you are hit by the most adversity, when you finally have that focus, and you are filled by clarity rather than calamity. For years you wasted time on hopeless pursuits that were doomed to never take you anywhere from the start, certainly nowhere near what you are in pursuit of now. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that to live, to truly live, it's a matter of taking risks. You must be willing to take that leap of faith, not be afraid of being nothing in order to find everything. You'll never know what awaits you just around the bend, because the only way you can is to take a chance, even if it means being completely cut open and exposed in the end, Stark. Sometimes the slightest thing can change the avenues of the directions we initially took to begin with, the direction of our lives, the nearest breath of a single circumstance. Moments that come to be...they come randomly like meteorites striking the earth. All of civilization, they become swiveled, and like those moments that come to be at random; everyone's directions change once more all on the strength of chance. You got to recognize the signs though, realize the life you live reaches out, so you reach back. I'll put trust in that leap of faith, Stark, believe me. It's like you said, I'm dangerous. I'm hungry, I'm driven. I've been building my foundation from the ground up all the way from the opening moments that my career began here in Elite Answers Wrestling. I won't stop, not for a moment. I'm nowhere near the peak of my abilities, nor the zenith of what I'm out to accomplish in this company, let alone in this very match we will clash in. Another question you need to ask yourself, is are you willing to take that leap of faith? Stark I've been taking that leap of faith from day one of zero week in EAW, from pre-shows, just a filler on the card to bottom of the midcard to upper midcard. At each point, Stark, I was willing to take that leap of faith, not because I didn't know any other way to get higher faster, because just like you described, I ultimately decided not to with the belief in myself and faith in the god-given abilities that I was blessed with were enough to get me higher without all the tomfoolery. I can see that you're willing to show your cards, lay everything out there not even fully realizing your very own folly. Intolerant idealism aside, Stark, the biggest folly when it comes to someone like you, even with spilling all the beans in front of these cameras, about how you feel about this match, your life, your career, ambition, aspirations, all of it? It's all being done in vain, Stark. It's not needed here. You aren't the first to do it, Stark. You're no different from any other joe-smo that comes back just before Pain For Pride believing wholeheartedly that he's better than ever looking for the big payoff from a few months of taking bumps every week, no different. What adversity have you faced since you've been back, Stark? The true test of your comeback is in how many times you get knocked down and get back up, win or losses be-damned. You have to prove you can't be broken from the adversity that you are faced with. That's exactly what I told you three months back, and yet even then you still hadn't faced any type of adversity, and you still haven't. But you will be forced to this weekend, make no mistake about it. You haven't been tested yet. You've had it easy since you came back, and you won't figure that out until you have finally been tested. Years in the making, you say? Years, Stark? You've wasted years! You don't see the payoff this quickly after shitting away years of potential, and you won't! You have to work years, Stark, and several times harder than someone like me, because you have yet to prove that you can. It's really that simple. Your stints here haven't gotten better, they've been mere images of each other, duplicates in so many ways of one another, because each of your runs has began with the pursuit of gold, and each has ended with that one pursuit, but it was always up to you to go after that next checkpoint to extend your time, and this time it will be no different. It's whatever you decide to do after this, Stark, it's always been up to you. But hey, what do I know? I'm apparently the one that's in dire need of a reality check. (Shrugs)

These last several weeks, Stark, should have shown you several differences between you and I, ones that stand out far more than any similarities that you can find with the both of us. Something that I spoke of the last time, except this time I'm speaking in terms of your desperation as well as your ignorance. While older than me in chronological order, I should be the one looking up to you, but instead it's the other way around, isn't it? Your actions as well as your words have spoke volumes, even right now in this current week that leads us into the biggest match of our careers. You've been trying to find a way to make things easier for yourself, you want this to be the big payoff for you. You can praise me all you want to the moon, but it doesn't get you anywhere, really. All the formalities have long been said and done a few months back, Stark. We're way past that now. For all the things you've done out of desperation to try and find the psychological advantage has been time and words wasted. That next checkpoint is near though, Stark. Time has been elapsing since the very first words that left your mouth, mine too to be fair, but I'm closer to that next checkpoint right now, Stark, it knows I'm going to inevitably reach it, because I always do. Wins or losses be-damned, Stark, wins or losses be-damned. I'm the one playing sentry to your next entry in your pursuit, where my crux is simple. I've toppled you before, only for you to meet me at my stead again, where I will topple you yet again. But not because I've toppled you before will I topple you again, but because, as you've stated with my experiences since we shared our initial, they've made me better. Your experiences have brought you here, but have they made you better? More importantly than that, have they made you suddenly more so to be able to topple me? We're about to find out, Stark. I've been working around the clock, Stark, clearing checkpoint after checkpoint, fulfilling my destiny, Stark. You are now fulfilling your destiny too, through all the dark depths, and wrong paths taken going after the wrong pursuits in life, it's refreshing to see you are somewhat finding your way now. However, you've still not yet make it all stand up, now have you? Still all substance right now, Stark. You could say more, lots more after this, but what's it all mean before you even step in that ring? More importantly than that even, what's it supposed to mean to somebody like me that has been where you are at in your EAW career right now? Here in EAW, Stark? Forget everything else. All the time spent proving people wrong, I never did it in vain, and it was never done out of desperation. I've always been focused on the purpose, and since I've taken this National Elite Championship at Reasonable Doubt, the very makings of my career that were predicated based off my purpose, this title has become every bit apart of it as anything else in my pursuit. With this title, with each experience that I come upon, and come out victorious? It becomes a tangible truth of why I will undoubtedly walk away from that ring again this week the same way I walk in. I mean, it's barely up for discussion, Stark. The differences are ultimately what separate us far more than the similarities you assume are supposed to put us on equal ground. Your the hungry challenger, and I have the one thing that for a short time can quench that hunger, but if this was a matter of needing an essential to quench it, take even more LSD, Stark, because you're gonna need it. Maybe it might help, maybe it won't. As far as this title goes though, I'd much rather make you give chase to me even longer after Pain For Pride just to make you work that much harder, perhaps because there is just part of me, a tiny part of me mind you that sympathizes. Every other part of me? It wants to see you rightfully starve. 

I don't really concern myself a whole lot with why you came to be here whether you are deserving of it or not, because the fact is, you are here. You're here, and that needs to be rectified, and it will be at Pain For Pride. All the drama over these last few weeks that you've brought on, playing all the mind games, it's only made you that much smaller to me, Stark. You said it, I would rather bring the straight fight, and let the pieces fall were they may. All the mind games, all they do is leave no doubt in my mind exactly what I've known from the get-go, that you refuse to accept, and that's that I'm your better, and will prove to be Sunday. At least with guys like Lars, like Darkane, I knew what I was getting into the ring with, and they knew what I was all about just the same. I don't know whether all that LSD you take is a factor or not, but you've literally gone from psycho-analyzing the moments from leaving our mother's wombs, to Cinderella, to being good and evil, to the predisposition of destiny, all the while trying to stand up straight and make any sort story you can possibly contrive stand up to what I've established in my time here in Elite Answers Wrestling. I really applaud the effort, but if real was talking to real right now, I guarantee you I wouldn't be walking away having learned as much from you as you did from me. What you'll learn is what I've already known from the very moment you became that the next contender to this title. You were on the good road toward your pursuit after you were beaten decisively the first time around, but to say you've been underwhelming lately, leaving much to be desired would be putting it lightly. You still have a lot to prove, I stand by that regardless if you choose to accept that fact or not. For as good as you started your career, Stark, you can state that factors outside of wrestling played a significant part in the stunt of your growth, but to use them as your psychological crutches and believe that they are the springboard for your rise above me at this time, someone who has conquered and stood tall over bigger more battle tested names in this company, it's going to prove to be as wrong as all the paths you have taken over the years that kept you from reaching that next checkpoint every time, allowing your time to elapse. Stark there's no easy way to the top of the next tier here in EAW. Everyone that's ever done anything truly significant both in their careers or life no matter what career it may be or the kind of life they were brought into to grow and prosper, they had to work a long time for it, and like I said to you earlier. All of the paths you had taken previous, some right, many wrong, they by default forced you to start over. When you returned a few months ago, it was the rebirth of Stark. You got another chance to relaunch your career, and the balance you have been in constant search for was supposed to be your main purpose. The thing thats supposed to make you unique, set you apart, Stark. Trying to make it coincide with achieving this, the National Elite championship? It just may disrupt that balance again. You've worked so hard, Stark, you really have? But this ain't your time, not yet it ain't. You have yet to be truly tested, you've yet to fully make up for all that time lost, times where all that disenchantment, all the upheaval made you a slave to it. You may not like it, you may not even fathom defeat still after hearing all I've had to say, choosing to say more in response which like a few months ago proved nothing, and did more harm than good for your confidence, just imagine how you felt then, and how you will feel after this? I know you won't give up on my account, and I don't expect you to, but as you stated from experience a few months back about momentum? It's hard to stop, and unfortunately, Stark, you're just not that resisting force that's destined to stop it.

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 20th 2017, 7:35 pm by Cody Marshall
See, I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but Cody Marshall is the Face of America and soon to be the Face of EAW! 
I’m getting another opportunity to right all my wrongs, to avenge those losses I never should have taken in the first place. I’ve got a shot at a guaranteed championship match, any time, any place, and there ain’t nothing Damien Murrow can do about it! This match is a must-win for me… my entire future rides on this. My whole life comes down to just one moment. Pain for Pride X, in New Jersey at the Metlife Stadium, 24/7 Battle Royal. It’s right now or never. Thirty five men and women will enter that ring at Pain for Pride, and only one will remain. Got any guesses as to who that one may be? 
It’s me, live and in full color! 
So get a snack! Settle in! Cause I’m about to tell you a story. A story about how I got into this position in EAW and why I cannot and will not lose the 24/7 Battle Royal. Oh it’s true. It’s damn true.
I cannot afford to take another loss, not on a big stage like this. I have kids that depend on me. So if that means that I have to go in there and take the beating of a lifetime to get that 24/7 Contract, so I can provide a better life for my family, you better believe I’m gonna do it. Ever since I lost that New Breed Championship I’ve been getting paid peanuts! I’ve been placed at the bottom of cards against curtain-jerkers who shouldn’t even be in EAW, and while the name Cody Marshall once struck fear into the hearts of all those in the locker room, the name Cody Marshall is now met with laughter. People say I’m a joke. A novelty act. Is that what I’ve become? When I first got here I dominated every wrestler they threw at me. The Rapture was a guaranteed three count. Everyone recognized the fact that I was the toughest sonofabitch in this business, cause I proved it each and every night on Showdown! If y’all think those days are just in the past I don’t know what to tell ya. That strength and power and promise I once displayed is still alive and well. I had to reach deep down inside to summon up the drive and determination I once had, but now I am back and ready to kick ass! I’ll admit it, I got lazy. It sucks when you don’t get booked for months, and when you do you’re opening the show. It really fucking sucks. I started phoning it in and I think some of you recognized it before I did. But no more.
I don’t just want the 24/7 Contract because it’s an easy title shot, I swear on the King James Bible I NEED that 24/7 Contract more than anything else in the world. I need it to prove to myself and the entire EAW Universe that I’ve still got it. I need that contract because without it, Damien Murrow will continue putting me in opening matches and I’ll never get another shot at greatness! I need that contract to maintain the life I’ve built for my family -- the life that, when I was growing up, my parents could never give me! I’ve come too far now to take my ball and go home like my name’s Philly Kid or Axl Willow or Kevin Devastation… I am championship material and when all's said and done, after the carnage of the 24/7 Battle Royal, I will stand alone in the middle of the ring with my hand raised and my ticket back to the top firmly in my grasp. I swear to each and every one of you, I’ll give up that contract when you pry it from my cold, dead hands! I will fight on until I die in that ring, you’d better believe it! From this day forward, you’re gonna see the Cody Marshall who beat Ryan Marx for the New Breed Championship. Peak performance, every night. Nobody else in this match stands a chance, and if you’re one of the unfortunate souls who has to step in the ring with me at Pain for Pride, I hope you got an airtight health insurance policy, I hope you got a will written, I hope you’re okay with getting beaten so badly that you never work in this company again!
You think an over-the-hill has-been like Scott Diamond or Prince of Phenomenal has any shot of taking me down? Why don’t you grizzled old vets ask your pal Kevin Devastation how he’s doing since I squashed his ass in February? For the next four months he was not seen or heard from! Y’all think that ain’t gonna be you? Well I got some bad news. The fact of the matter is, you’re going the same way as all the other washed-up has-beens who’ve tried to step to me in EAW. You guys are hopping into EAW whenever you want and stealing our jobs! Every spot you old, broken-down part-timers take on an EAW show is a spot that’s not going to a real Elitist, who’s here busting their ass each and every night for these fans! Every time one of you part-time hacks strolls in and takes a spot on our card, that means there’s somebody in the back who’s not getting paid. This is the way we put food on the table, this is our livelihood, we are hear week in and week out because we love this business… and you old broken-down motherfuckers are ruining everything because y’all are too addicted to the limelight to recognize when to call it quits! It’s insulting, petty, and quite frankly un-American.
Let me spell it out for ya:
If you remember the Nixon administration, it’s time to retire.
If you have an artificial hip, just retire already! 
If you tear a quad walking to the ring, it’s time to hang up the damn boots! 
If you have dentures, please fucking retire. Seriously. That’s just sad.
If the fans are straight up chanting “PLEASE RETIRE!” at you, then maybe take their advice?
It’s not rocket science. You “legends”, and I use the term loosely, think because you had a good run 5, 10 years ago, that you can hang with the beasts we got running the show today? Scott Diamond, you really think you can stand face-to-face with Cody Marshall and escape with your pride, dignity, and 32 teeth? That’s funny. And the Prince, the Fresh Prince ain’t gonna be so Phenomenal eating his meals through a tube for the next six months. This match may be Lethal for some, and y’all so-called “legends” are gonna face the Consequences for running your mouths like you’re still fucking relevant. Newsflash, grandpas, you ain’t. You can’t compete with Cody Marshall and the American people! Nobody bought a ticket to Pain for Pride to see Scott Diamond compete. Hell no! The American people pay to see The Face of America! Their one and only American hero! The man who brings in the ratings, sells out arenas, and breaks buyrate records! We got tweedledee, tweedledumb and a whole bunch of tweedledumbers in this 24/7 Battle Royal, and then we got me. The one who matters. The southern boy with the farmer strength. The strength that’s gonna win me the 24/7 Battle Royal and put me in the history books! And nothing’s gonna stop me.
I mean nothing! Y’all talking about your game plan and all that bullshit! Ain’t no time for a game plan in the 24/7 Battle Royal. Everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the face. When Cody Marshall opens up a can of whoop-ass on you, your fucking “plan” is gonna go out the window real quick. Some of these guys think they’re fucking geniuses. They think if they do the exact right flippy shit at the exact right time they’ll be able to take me down! This ain’t ballet. This ain’t the circus where we’re fucking acrobats doing flips and flops and 780 splashes. I came here to fight, and I will bring the fight to each and every competitor standing in my way. You ain’t gonna see any suicide dives from Cody Marshall. Ain’t happening. I don’t do moves that hurt me as much as they do my opponents. I come straight ahead and I kick ass like a man. The way it should be done. I’m not El Ironico, crowd surfing my way to an elimination. I don’t kick motherfuckers in the shins and do karate chops “strong style”. I don’t import my offense from Japan or Mexico, I am American Made and until the day when my blood stops pumping through my veins and my heart ceases to beat, I will always fight for the USA!
Happy early 4th of July, everyone! I know I’ll be celebrating in style with that 24/7 Contract! Who knows…
I may just cash it in that same night.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 20th 2017, 7:33 pm by Jon McAdams

The camera focuses in on McAdams standing in front of the EAW corporate building speaking with a man in a suit. McAdams holds out a yellow envelope with a crease suggesting money was being passed. They exchange a few words before McAdams walks away as the man walks into the corporate buildings. Jon approaches the camera as he answers his phone.
“I’ve taken care of the offices, they’ve arranged the proper referees for the match. I’ll be visiting the refs next. Stay calm, Mike, I have this all under control. I took care of those who were wasting our money already.” McAdams hangs up grinning widely.
“Speaking of wastes of money, Darkane, you know quantity is not quality right? When you mass produce word vomit like you are it all seeps together and shows just how bland you are. I’ve been quite busy getting prepared and doing real work for my brand. Work that affects the very future and this battle royal. I’m not some silly british stereotype but you are most welcome to assume as much. Darkane, we both know you know exactly who I am, but I am confused about you and where you think your place is in this company. You’ve been here since January, right? What have you accomplished? What place do you think you’ve earned? Better yet, what actually makes you believe you stand a chance in this battle royal? Your ability to hemorrhage the same tired thing everyone else is saying without having any accomplishments to back it up tells me one thing. You have no idea how to prepare for something like this. You haven’t an inkling or clue what I have been doing on Voltage and you cast it aside as a lesser brand but if you were apart of our roster you’d likely sit in the same place. Comfortably on bottom where you belong. But I went back and watched some things on you, because even though I haven’t heard of you, I thought, I should at least give him the benefit of the doubt, since he’s brave enough or stupid enough to speak my name but sure enough, as I stroll through your short career here in EAW I find it difficult to produce anything of merit but you try to speak to me as if you are one of the true competitors in this match. At least some of these people have backed up what they say in the past, but Darkane? If you’re still around in three months I’ll be surprised, and if you ever make it to Voltage, that run will be even shorter. Please feel free to try to make further contact with me, but if you have nothing new to say, then please try to make a name for yourself by attacking me. I’d love to see the attempt, but if your physical presence is as sloppy, uncoordinated, and without substance as your verbal assaults, I’m sure it will be a goofy and painful experience for you. You, Kaise, Johnny Nova. You’re small fish and I’ve spent too much time on you as it is, and I advise you to stay in your lane with them or you’ll get hurt.
“Mark Michaels, belittling my actual real accomplishments does nothing to help your absolute lack of achievements, other than possibly making you feel better but I am certain that a man of your misplaced confidence is hardly lacking in your vanity. I’m sure you believe that dribble and blasphemy you spew from your mouth but your words are just that. It’s pretty clear that despite your endless confidence how much more faith this company has in me compared to you,” McAdams looks at his phone sneering. “Let’s see, Road to Redemption… how strange, I don’t see your name, I don’t see you on the Awards show either, how did you not get into the battle royal? There were people in that match that aren’t even with the company anymore. Mark Michaels at King Of Elite, Oh, you weren’t on the card. Here you are on Reckless Wiring, still not quite getting it done. Same thing here at Grand Rampage. Ah good, you made it onto Burning Desire… oh right, you lost your attempt at capturing the New Breed championship. You weren’t even on your own go home show. I look at this, I look at the facts, and well, I don’t see why I should take your words to heart, I am undefeated in singles competition, eight men have tried and failed, since February and yeah, I lost a tag match, but it was only just that, and ultimately it was nothing that affected my Grand Design. You talk about how I only beat the bottom of the barrel but… I don’t remember Showman being there when I defeated Eclipse… and he was EAW Champion at the time. Strange. I don’t remember ever being left off a single card or major PPV since my arrival… not once since I’ve gotten here. Michaels, you’ve not been on my radar until now since you’re not involved with Voltage and I have no need for you in my Grand Design, but now that I see what you are, and I’ve looked even further into your work, I am so confused about where you think your place will be in this. Your claims are as wild as Darkane, or Nova, or Kaise. I’m not here spouting nonsense, or any lies, just the truth. The only thing one who is Sovereign can speak. As for what you say about being in Showman’s shadow, how many pour souls have used this against Showman and I. Such a pointless and futile claim that holds no merit when you look at the facts and what I’ve done here. Either way, I’m sure you’ll go out and give a decent performance, you’ll get a couple of licks in on some no ones and when you lose your immense ego will protect you but let’s not pretend you’re not anything but a somewhat recognizable name I can place on my list.
As for Theron Nikolas, I tried really hard to watch your endless rants and see what you’re about. You’ve have a loud voice but you’ve talked so much you’ve ended up saying the same things over and over again, but instead of acknowledging it, you just continue say more of the same things and pretend you’re not. Mongoose McQueen did the same thing during the Grand Rampage. He just spoke and spoke and said nothing and then unceremoniously got thrown out during the match. Yet I had heard people mention your name over and over again and talk you up like you’re some kind of big deal, and you’ve got this high expectancy to win but when I finally got around to looking past the fact that you are so much talk, I found you to be someone with little to back it up. You’re not someone worthy of the praise, and while you have potential and I can see that there is a true fighting spirit in you, I am finding it difficult to not only be threatened by you, but also see you as a valuable contender, so long as you stop playing with easy meat like that has been Scott Diamond. You will thrash about in that ring and maybe do some impressive things but when PwC bares down on you, Mike Showman or myself will absolutely overcome anything you are bringing to the table but I am encouraged by the fact that you may actually present yourself properly that when I overcome you, it will build the name of Sovereign just that much more.
You all know who I am, if you don’t know what I’m capable of by now, you’re likely not interested and are foolish or are trying to convince yourself that there is a hope. That somehow you’ll find an opening that could get me eliminated under the idea that ‘anyone can win’ but we all know how stupid a thought that is. Very few of you are actually slated or have a shot at winning, but none of you are Sovereign. None of you alone have a chance against PwC. None of you have a chance against me. I control every inch of this match. Your only shot, truly, is a united front but how many of you Elitists have already secretly accepted my bribes, joined my side, and sat quietly by because you know you’ve already signed up to aid Sovereign. It’s so close. I can feel it. That contract is mine. The Sovereign Crusade will bring me what I need so I can proceed with the third phase of my Grand Design.”
McAdams grins and closes his eyes as the sun shines on his face. “It’s going to be a great week.”

McAdams hops into the limo and drives off.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 20th 2017, 7:27 pm by Keelan
Ahh finally, the man has opened his mouth.
Scott Oasis you’ve been a busy man. This has been probably the most important week in your entire wrestling career, thus I can understand the silence. I’m sorry that most of us have tried to get your attention, but we all grow impatient due to the circumstances at hand. For your five opponents Scott, this is the biggest match of our EAW careers. You’ve been here before, you’ve been World Champion before, and you’re about to be an EAW Hall of Famer. You’ve prepared for Cash in the Vault, so you know how to ready for the war that’s about to take center stage. All of us are counting down the days. It’s not long now. Soon, all six of us are going to be throwing everything at each other, just to have the chance to call ourselves Mr. CITV. I’ve got a hell of a lot of respect for you, Scott. You’re one incredible performer, and you winning this match would cement yourself as a legend in this company. Hall of Fame ring and the holder of the Cash in the Vault briefcase, with the chance to become a World Champion whenever and wherever you want. You’re the only recognizable name in a pool full of young and hungry opponents, and even then, I don’t see anybody predicting that you’re going to come out of this as the winner. You take a look at betting sites, and it’s between TLA, Nico and myself, with TLA as the favourite to take it all. Why is that? Why is it that an EAW Legend, soon-to-be Hall of Famer, is not the favourite to take this match home? Scott Oasis is a beast amongst boys and yet, nobody is giving him the satisfaction for this match up. I personally couldn’t give a reason, but perhaps a theory might suffice for now. EAW fans want their favourite performers to have as much success as possible within this company, and it’s obvious that TLA and myself are fan favourites. People love Nico because he is one incredibly talented individual. EAW fans want to see something different. They don’t want to see another former World Champion take away five other competitor’s chances; competitors who have never had the chance to hold a main championship in this company before. Fans want change. They want to see something different. They want to see somebody they have been following since day one, someone they love, achieve the success that they’ve worked day in and day out for. Fans love the come up stories, and EAW has had plenty of them. Don’t get me wrong Oasis, there are a lot of fans out there that love you, but they don’t want to see you become the victor here. And you said it yourself - this match is something a lot of people consider a young man’s game. It’s often won by an up-and-comer almost 100% of the time. Now this may not matter to you one bit, but the biggest difference between yourself and your five opponents is that all of us, no matter our attitudes or feelings towards each other, strive off of success stories. It might be the one thing we all have in common, and I can guarantee you that all of us are not going to let you get even half way up that ladder. I love my fans, and I know they love me too. Hell anyone that’s ever watched my entrance on Voltage know that whenever my music hits, it gets one of the loudest pops of the night. They recognize my talents because I’m a real guy, and I can relate to them. This drives me, and it motivates me to want to succeed. This is why you will not be taking that briefcase home with you when the weekend comes to a close. I will not let it happen. No, no - WE will not let it happen. We are the sands around the oasis, trapping you in with nowhere to go. You’ll make five new enemies out of all of us if you take away a potential success story from all of us, and knowing all of our talents, it’s something you definitely do not want - ESPECIALLY with the draft coming up.

Yes, I have known Scott Oasis for a long time. A LONG ass time. It’s something not a lot of people know. We had similar starts in our wrestling careers, and basically had the same come ups too. But, then I retired. Five years ago, I called it quits because of a lot of personal reasons. But it was mainly because I hated the person I had became. I turned into the biggest asshole after I began winning championships all over the world. I got into fights in public over the smallest conflicts, I started doing drugs because I knew it could take me away from all the bullshit around me … bullshit that I had created. I was a mess, so I retired. But skip ahead four years later, I signed to EAW. I won my debut match, and then won a series’ of matches after that. Became the number one contender to the Hardcore Championship within my first six weeks here. That’s how much of a splash I made, and I showed that ring rust was just a myth to me. But Oasis, you brought up something that really made me think. You’ve known me for a long time, and you’ve seen me wrestle from the beginning. The fact that I don’t wrestle the same nowadays as I did back then disappoints you, and I will admit, it disappoints me too. You’re right, I am not that same young, hungry animal that I once was. The guy that would tear into his opponents almost every single match I was in. I wrestled like I had a chip on my shoulder, and that I had something to prove to the entire world. If I didn’t retire, Oasis, perhaps we both would have been in EAW together main eventing FPV’s and destroying each other for world titles. But retiring is something I had to do. Truthfully, I think I would have fallen off a lot worse if I had kept purposely creating drama around me just for the sake of it. If I had continued doing drugs, and getting into brawls on the streets, my reputation would have deteriorated to nothingness, and after a while, I guarantee you no company would want to have me wrestle for them. EAW would have been just a pipedream for me, and then I would have retired a shallow man who had hit rock bottom, with no way of climbing my way back up. But I made the right decision walking away from the wrestling industry, because now look where I am. No I’m not that same guy I once was. Hell, if you had taken four years off from wrestling, would you still be the same competitor coming back? I don’t think so. I am in a position to get myself a one-way ticket towards a world title here in this company, the company that I’ve fallen in love with. I wouldn’t be anywhere near this position if I didn’t fall off four years ago. I made the mistakes and I paid for them by having to see other wrestlers around me get called up to the big time, while I sat at home back in Australia feeling sorry for myself for the longest time. But I repaired myself,. I picked myself up, I dusted myself down, and I found my way onto the biggest event in the history of professional wrestling - Pain For Pride X. And that fucking makes me ecstatic, Oasis! It really does! To see how far I’ve come almost makes me want to cry right now! Because this is the type of shit that influences the hell out of me. You bring up the fact that someone could make a highlight reels of some of the failures I’ve had since debuting in EAW, and perhaps I’ve had more distraughts than successful moments, but a wrestling career isn’t all ups. You must have your downs too. Sure, I lost to Ahren Fournier and Nathan Fiora on two separate occasions, and didn’t win that Hardcore Championship. But you know what I did? I took a piece of them away with me. I brought the fucking fight to each of them, and both of them know they aren’t the same competitor they were before they had that match. In fact, Nathan Fiora is a close friend of mine now. He gained newfound respect towards me. This is why I am called The Hannibal Lecter of Hardcore, because I am one psychotic mother fucker in those matches, and I always take a piece of my opponent’s away from them. Why do you think Victor Maero admits he’s afraid of me, Scott? It’s because he knows exactly what I am capable of. You talk about Kenny Drake hanging me above the ring at Road To Redemption? How about me coming back and retiring his ass? I ended him, and Wolvesden. When nobody else could do the job, I stood up and went in solo and did it myself. If you think it’s difficult to take me seriously then you’re in for a nightmare, Scott. You really are in for trouble. I was a name people wanted to succeed back in our day of the underground, and yet, I am still a name that people want to see have the success because they know I deserve it. Not a lot of EAW fans knew me when I debuted, but they ALL know me now. That might be one of the greatest successes I’ve had since debuting here, and it will be all worthwhile when I take down that briefcase and walk away from Pain For Pride X as Mr. CITV. I’m not lagging behind, in fact I’m leaping forward towards my goals with reckless intent. You will see, Scott … you will soon see, as will all of my opponents in this match this weekend. You’ve just motivated me even more Mr. Hall of Famer, so thank you for that.
And now that I’ll finally step inside the squared circle with you, we will soon see who is the better competitor out of the two of us; something we’ve been wanting to figure out for the longest time. Bring your A-game, I hope the Hall of Fame doesn’t chew up your mindset or your plans.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 20th 2017, 5:48 pm by Darkane
Pain for Pride VIII

And people say I'm crazy?

Kaise Boëtius has apparently already won this match before it has even taken place. That's cute. Look at the web of lies you have created for yourself Kaise. You're a thinking man huh? I can dig that, but you've out thought yourself. Pacifism and wrestling don't mix. No matter how you slice it. I don't buy the fact that you try and portray yourself as a humble peacemaker. I don't understand how you can jump into this world where violence is what gets you ahead without believing in it. Maybe you can enlighten me on that? You spin fascinating tales on how you're ten steps ahead of everybody in this match yet you haven't even gotten those very feet you speak of wet here in EAW. On the contrary, it is your time to quit while you still have the chance, quit now before night time falls and the rays of the sun cease to bleed through the branches of the forest. Run on back home before the evil that lurks high above in the trees curl you up into their slimy feelers and eat you alive. That is the equivalent of you being in this match. You speak of people being arrogant slobs, but you are just the same. You talk about how you've already won this match yet you condemn others for being arrogant? The hypocrisy beams from you Kaise. It is glowing like a river of gold. You've twisted yourself into a severe mental paralysis. I would be surprised if you even make it to Pain for Pride all things considered, but if you somehow do waltz into Pain for Pride, the nightmare that is the evil that lurks in the forest will come to fruition and you will have no where to run and no where take to shelter this time. You've got a long way to climb to get to the heights of people like Scott Diamond, Lethal Consequences and others on this card. Let alone in this match. What can you honestly bring to the table that hasn't already been brought? You're an EAW newborn and you're calling people kids? Once you actually do something worth a fuck, get back to me and then maybe you can go around calling people kids otherwise your words have zero backbone and absolutely zero credibilty.

Johnny Nova wants to be taken seriously, no matter how much I try and persuade him and tell him to wait his fucking turn, he can't help himself but elbow people aside and bitch his way to the front along with Theron. Take a number and get in the back of the line of people who want to absolutely annihilate me. I've pissed a fair share of people off already so far and my job isn't done yet. I'm not hard to find Johnny, so if you're willing to go through the line of people who want to throttle Darkane, if your sole focus is me, then like Sheridan your tunnel vision will be the death of you in this match. It will be the fall of the 313. You're not a bear, you're not going to maul me with your mighty paws you're more akin to a chihuahua, you hump ankles, you nip at your masters hand to get his divided attention, but in the end you just get kicked aside and told to go lay down or go outside and dig a fucking hole to bury yourself in because you'd be better off that way. Your eagerness, your aggression will get you burned, so don't go crying to me when I finally do give you my undivided attention in this match and I scratch the film of the human highlight reel and throw in in the garbage where it belongs. You need to understand that there are so many people in this match and I will prioritize them as I see fit, you are in the back, waving your fucking hands around like a crazed fanatic, but you will have to wait to get a piece of me. I know that is a tough pill to swallow but so sad too bad. Life sucks and then you get eliminated.

These war of words are becoming painstakingly redundant. I swear, Pain for Pride cannot come soon enough to stop all the madness.

But then again the madness has only just begun.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 20th 2017, 5:42 pm by Scott Oasis
The week has finally arrived.

The week of our show of shows, Pain For Pride is officially upon us people! There is so much anticipation right now, everyone is just counting down, waiting for the actual event to take place! There is only a few more days left until we’ll be competing this weekend and I’ll be honest, I could not be anymore on edge right now. I suppose that comes with the territory every time we get around to this season. This is a big time in EAW, a time where the whole world has their eyes on professional wrestling, a grand stage where people can change the perception of their careers forever. PFP is where rookies can become household names, where men become heroes, where heroes turn to legends! Now I’m no hero, I’ve never claimed to be for that matter either, but by the time next week rolls around I will damn sure be turned to a legend when I join the likes of Mr. DEDEDE, CM Banks, Jaywalker, Y2Impact, Robbie V -- the list goes on when it comes to the kind of names that are involved in this prestigious group, the honor that is the Hall of Fame. That night will be a moment that will solidify me as one of the greats in this industry, someone who will never be forgotten. It’s a going to be one hell of a night, that is for sure, but the building of my legacy won’t stop from there. Becoming a Hall of Famer does not give me an excuse to settle or call it a day. I can not lose motivation. If anything, my desire grows even more now. Now I have to perform up to a certain standard, a standard that shows I belong with the rest of my class and the Hall in general. When you look at every name I’ve mentioned, you’ll notice something. They’re all also going to be in action at Pain For Pride, years, hell damn close to a decade after their induction for some they are still at it. In fact, the biggest moments of their careers happened well after they were acknowledged as Hall of Famers. They became World Champions, they beat the best of the new eras, they made themselves cornerstones of this company. And that is exactly what I will do. It’s been a rocky time for me this season but I fully plan on finishing things well. It’s not over for me yet, I got tons of gas left in the tank for this run and you will all see that come this weekend.

The match I’m competing in is the perfect opportunity for me to showcase my plan: The Cash in The Vault ladder match. A match that most people look at and consider to be a young man’s game. Whenever a Cash in The Vault match is won, it is always done so by somebody who people think will be next up in this industry, a newcomer with maybe a year - year and a half of experience in EAW at most. I am an anomaly in this match. I am not a newcomer, I’ve been here for quite a while and in a rarity for this match, I have already experienced what it is like to be a World Heavyweight Champion. Most people would look at me and say that I am out of place in this match. “Oasis, you don’t deserve to be in this match, you need this like other competitors, you’ve had your time!”....Well….why should Cash in The Vault just be exclusive to up and comers? Why exactly, in a match where practically a ticket to the world title is being given out, these kids can avoid their greatest competition. This is not a company for free rides is it not? This is where the best man wins. I want this just as much as anyone else. I have some nice accolades already, yeah, but an accomplishment like this would look damn good on my resume. To beat a whole other generation of EAW competitors, some of the best guys in this company’s 2016 new signings, that would put me on another level. That would be a Pain For Pride worthy statement, something beyond my Grand Rampage return that would really let everyone know: I am back to my old ways. Hell, you can say that I’ve become a become a better man that I once was. Winning this match wouldn’t just be a statement to my doubters, but a personal statement for me, having been in this match before and lost when I first entered this company. I was younger, inexperienced when it came to being on such a big platform and to put it simply I was in over my head, but when that match came up I truly believed it was going to be my moment. It ended up not being it but since then I have always wanted a second go at it. And here I am now. It’s all full circle. I return to this match wiser, more prepared, a stronger Elitist. This WILL be my moment. None of the five other men will be able to stop me from taking this. They may be hotter trends, they may be newer prospects but that won’t matter as not single one of them in this match has the skill that I do. They’re great competitors undeniably, but they all have their flaws, there is something with each of them that is going to hold them back at the end of the day.

Take Keelan Cetinich for example. There is a ton of upside to him, it’s apparent just from looking at how he has done during the last couple of months. The man has been one of the hottest competitors on Voltage, you can even say one of the hottest performers in pro wrestling in general. The guy came out of a long retirement and just tore into the scene! I’m not surprised to see him in this match at all. I am very familiar with Keelan Cetinich, I’ve seen a lot of his work as we both have had similar come ups. The two of us fought in the underground as indy wrestlers during similar times, building reputations for ourselves, working the same shows whenever he’d visit and getting booked in the country -- he was a person who you could look at and see was someone to watch out for. Though we never had the chance to fight I’d see him around here and there and I got to check him out in action quite a few times. The dude could deliver. To put it lightly - He was a fucking animal in his time, I must admit. You did not want to be in the ring with him because he would absolutely tear you apart. His name had a lot of respect around it, people were saying it would only be a matter of time for him until he really blew up in America and made it mainstream, until he packed it up and left the game. He called it a day, put away his boots and went to go live a normal life, a life where he would be forgotten and get added to the list of many “what if’s” in this business. What if he stuck around? What if he made it to EAW? I didn’t hear much about Keelan after that and I remember thinking it was a damn shame too. He was the top dog of the independents and all of a sudden he just let it all go. That gave me an opening though. While he was away from the business I was still there, standing below him to catch the ball that he just dropped. I did what he was going to do and forced myself into the top. First it was the underground, then it was AWF, then it was openers in EAW and I kept going all of the way to the main event. It is after all of that, after I came through and became this big deal that I heard some news; “Keelan Cetinich has been signed by EAW”. Articles were getting released, social media was buzzing and even the people who had no idea who he was were interested in the mystery, what made this guy so good, what will he be like now? And for those who didn’t really see him out there the way that I did, he went ahead and he exceeded expectations. But as for me, looking at how he used to be, and how he does now, I can not help but to feel disappointed. I do not see why he earned the moniker Hannibal Lecter of Hardcore based on his EAW run, I do not see the great missed potential he once had, it’s as if the edge he had prior in his career was gone once he came back and hit television. You’d have a far more entertaining highlight reel made out of Keelan’s failures than you would his actual successes so far. You would have: Teaming up with Mama’s boy Marco just to have him turn on you, getting hung above the ring like a scrub by Kenny Drake and his traveling circus of goons, getting laid out by your own girl on live TV, not to mention taking a loss to Nathan Fiora and his preacher. Between those failures alone and his more recent loss to Ahren Fournier, someone who came out of nowhere as far as talents go and the fact that Keelan didn’t even fully earn his way into this match, it’s hard to take him seriously right now. He has had some impressive feats here and there, he can still wrestle, but he is not where he needs to be anymore. It’s sad honestly.  Keelan Cetinich was a name people were striving to be up there with when I started wrestling, I expected him to be far ahead of me, but here I am doing everything he would have been projected to do after he quit. And now here he is lagging behind, trying to catch up and get back to where he once was as a wrestler.The fact is, Keelan hasn’t adapted well enough in his return to the ring to be any real threat in this match, if you can’t get over rust after a good nine months back against far less threatening challenges how can you be expected to rise to the occasion here?

Speaking of rising to the occasion, there is Keelan’s fellow Voltage representative Maero in this match, an underrated Elitist who has risen in status drastically in such a short amount of time. The later part of Season Ten has been a break-out period for the kid with him heading into this match fresh off of a Hardcore Championship run. I’m happy for him in that regard, it’s about time he got his due and was given a little shine, but I believe that it is a bit telling of him when he has the most time in EAW next to me in this match up yet he has arguably accomplished less than some or if he did do just as much, did it after a longer wait. Why only now, nearly two years after his debut are we just starting to get used to hearing “Victor Maero” regularly being brought up in the conversation? How come just now, he is being put down as someone who is next up, getting grouped in with this next generation of 2016 competitors when he was out here working before any of them were even a thing? Maero is no doubt a late bloomer in this game but the question is why?....I think I have the answer upon pondering it. I hate to be that person, I hate to be the one who has to bring this up as I am sure you are sick of this being used against you Maero but allow me to expand upon this: your alignment with The Sanatorium. Before you get defensive or tune me out thinking I am going to call you a follower or a sidekick to Eclipse, hear me out. I know what it’s like to be in stables, I know what it’s like. I understand how being in this family has helped but at the same time I can’t help but to notice that for the longest time you were more so just looked at as a member of that stable. All of your efforts were placed on being that. You weren’t really your own Elitist, you spent so much of your energy on a collective, on supporting this movement that you did not focus on yourself and your goals. It was always issues with the family, always what the family wanted to do, you never once got to handle individual goals and it wasn’t until the other members got to break away and do their own thing that you were able to strike out by yourself. It is only after damn near a year that you are being seen as a true singles competitor so in a way even after the lengthy career you’ve had here you’re only starting to get your feet wet recently. You’re on the same level as any other rookie. Right now you’re about six, seven - maybe eight months if we’re being generous - deep and that’s not enough to be able to win a match like this. You  had to draw with Keelan just to be able to qualify here so who is to say you would even be here if it went down to a decisive winner. It would be very easy to say that you getting in Cash in The Vault more had to do with luck than being an actual CITV worthy Elitist - you have a lot of catching up to do before you make a claim for that. Right now you should just be taking this all in. Be happy that you made it to this point and enjoy the ride.

Growing is something that a lot of people need to do in this match, especially one person in particular, a Showdown Elitist that I for sure have had my eye on: that being Lars Grier. Lars has been popping off at the mouth a good bit, he pretty much called me out earlier this week trying to play tough guy….I’m not too bothered by it, it’s nothing to worry about. I would be coming for me to if I was him. If you want to make waves in a sea of other competitors then you gotta make a big impact and there is no bigger impact than taking out the top dog and tearing him down. That was my exact mentality when I first came to EAW and was on Showdown, it’s a respectable idea. I said this before when we fought in tag team action last week but I have to bring it up again as it is very relevant to this match. The way Lars carries himself now in this 2017 Cash in The Vault, is the same way as I did two years ago heading into my first. That same aggressive, overly confident attitude, the idea that you’ll be able to brute force your way to the end and get the briefcase. I had those same ideas. When I was in your position I was running people down left and right, I was a destroyer, I was beating men I never thought I would beat and getting all kinds of attention, but when you’re just beginning to make strides stuff like that can get to your head. You’re a destructive force and that’s something that can get you far but it won’t get you all of the way up the mountain. There are a lot of one note Elitists with those same ideas in mind and history will show you, not a lot of them made it past their first Pain For Pride. You need to develop yourself beyond that. I figured that out the hard way. I had my reality check and it made me go out and change. It made me slow down and stop getting ahead of myself. You gotta walk before you can run, and you may be taking some big steps but don’t make that think you can go out there and go head to head with an Olympics level sprinter. You’re not the man just yet. You haven’t won anything truly tangible. There’s no reason for you to be talking all of this shit and bringing all of this confidence, the way you should look at it you’re the newest person in this match, you should be working on keeping up, making sure you can really hang. This is a humbling lesson, a privilege for you, not your big chance to rub your ego and act like you’re the best. You can think you’re the king of the world reaching out for that briefcase until someone knocks you off the ladder and takes it away from you.  

Nico Borg is a diamond in the rough too. Great Showdown Elitist, only a matter of time for him, but to put it bluntly I can’t help but feel that he doesn’t have the drive to push himself to that next level, there’s a switch that he has not turned on yet and it has been holding him back. It’s been hard for him to shake off that aura of a National Elite or New Breed Champion and get to the World Championship caliber of talent. That Answers World Championship match with Lannister was the closest he got, the biggest flicker of a top tier opponent I’ve ever seen from him, and then *snaps his fingers* like that he was put out and he fell back in line like it was nothing. He didn’t push himself to go further from that, he didn’t look to maintain momentum, he let himself sit in limbo and rot for a long time. He chilled out and that’s not something you do when you’re red hot. You don’t sit on your hands, you get people talking, you make big moves, you keep familiarizing yourself with the big names instead of taking a step back and going back to the kiddie table for a break. Where would you be had you not been given an opportunity to be in Cash in The Vault Nico? The 24/7? Hanging with the New Breed maybe? There would be nowhere else to picture you in the grand scheme of things and that’s not something you should expect from the most hyped up guy in this match. You’re a non factor to me until you can show that you’re really in it to win it unfortunately. There are a people a lot hungrier than you and who most likely won’t choke as badly.

Probably the biggest threat in this match is the person who I have the most disdain for now; TLA. The dirty snake who double crossed me on Showdown two weeks ago and left me hung out to dry against two other men. Though having been in the actual wrestling industry for longer than most here, between the on and off runs he’s had, and the meteoric rise he has taken recently, he has somehow become the poster boy of this next generation of athletes. Everyone is Team TLA these days it seems. Everyone but me. I used to respect him but now I see him for who he really is. He’s a thief. A cheater. An opportunist. I should have known that was what he was all about months ago when he proudly was able to take a win over me on Dynasty after Cage blatantly hit me with a bat and took out the referee who would have counted my pin over him. You certainly thought you were hot shit that week, huh? You were calling your shot to be the next world champion even though you couldn’t actually win the contendership. One on one against me on the top of my game you can’t beat me. If you think otherwise here is your opportunity to. If you want to get that briefcase and move on to being a possible World Champion you’re going to have to get by me. And that’s the one thing holding you back TLA: Me. The reason why you won’t win the Cash in the Vault is because I won’t let you. I’m coming for you right off the bat and I’m not stopping my attack until you’re out of commission. Those other four guys, they’re objectives to get by but you and me, it’s personal. I can’t let people get away with embarrassment like that, I have to see blood spill in return, I have to make you regret, I NEED fear to strike into your heart. Dynasty will win this match but there is no way it’s going to because of you. I swear on it.

There we go. Five men, all with merits. But will they trump me? I doubt it. This is no longer about the up and comers EAW faithful, it’s time to let the deserving man get CITV. They’ll all have their time, but it won’t be this. This is something I’ve been waiting on for a good two years. Two years of improving. Two years of plotting. Not to mention a whole season of rebuilding from last year. This is a culmination of everything, what will fully display my evolution since the day I stepped foot into a ring! This is going to be my crowning Pain For Pride moment and there is nobody who is going to stop that! Sooo, WHEN I win and I beat all of these new guys you people have been touting about, don’t get angry, instead, take notice. Take notice of the fact that here I am, a Hall of Fame career already set and still grinding hard, still getting impressive wins and keeping myself in the conversation. A month, a year, a decade after my induction, it won’t matter, I will still be here, showing my worth. Standing at the top of the ladder.
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Post on June 20th 2017, 5:32 pm by Jacob Senn
If that’s God, then God’s a disappointment.
As I’ve continued to mention, the god that you profess yourself to be is nothing more than a mere persona that you’ve latched onto, to give you comfort in this time of need. You NEED to believe that you’re the almighty deity of EAW to get through this match, to find that inner excellence that you’ve been lauded for, because there’s no other way to reach inside of yourself to find the talented professional that has completed a multitude of accolades here. A record-setting seven-time world champion, the first man to hold the Answers World Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, and EAW World Championship in their career, a man that did what he could to bring prestige back into the EAW Hall of Fame Championship before its untimely demise, a Triple Crown Champion, and finally with this EAW Interwire Championship of yours, you hold the distinction of being a Grand Slam Champion! Your Hall of Fame resume listed right there before you, the fruits of the labor that you’ve taken with the mantle of The Gawd and Methuselah, to leave you with the respect and admiration of everyone remotely interested in this industry. All of the championship gold and the Hall of Fame induction that you’ve been awarded is by virtue of these twin deities that you’ve allowed yourself to be deluded into wholeheartedly having faith in. These fabrications that you’ve manifested hold more power over you, retain mastery of you, that no matter what I could say to make you believe that you’re just a man that happens to be a phenomenal performer that you’ll just place me in the same totem pole under you with your victims of recent memory. I’ve told you once and you might think I’m saying this because I’m the “center of my own universe”, but this is the truth that you need to hear and why I know this match will be different. Different from your match with Xavier Williams, your Battle of the Gods with Robbie V, and your war with Y2Impact in Seattle.
For as much as you might hate this idea and one that even I might want to deny at times, we share common traits and experiences in this business.
That’s the one reason that I wanted to have you be the person to induct me into the EAW Hall of Fame, Mr. DEDEDE. Not because of the championships or the prestige that has been attached to your name, but because of the similarities that we share. If I wanted a man that is simply considered one of the best in the business, I could have EASILY chosen a Jaywalker or a Robbie V to be able to induct me into the EAW Hall of Fame. If I wanted someone that played a vital role in my career as an EAW elitist as my nemesis, I could have went with Zack Crash. Even the person that currently will induct me into the Hall of Fame, who has been a major rival of mine in the past, someone that’s considered a valued and respected member of the community, and a man of pure quality when it comes to what he does in the ring with Brian Daniels wasn’t the first choice on my mind. All because we didn’t share the same career path to relate upon as you and I do. I CHOSE you to be the one to induct me into the EAW Hall of Fame because of the stark parallels that can be made between your career and mine. You became the marquee name of your brand, you held that brand down with the EAW World Heavyweight Championship strapped on your shoulder, inducted into the EAW Hall of Fame in your prime, and there is one last token that spoke to me when I wanted to choose you for my inductor. When all of this happened, when everything was going perfect for you and became the face of the company that you had aspired to gain since your introduction to this business, you were met with the disgruntled reaction of criticism from the audience because they didn’t support this man that made his way to this point in his career. That AND THAT ALONE is why I chose you to be the man that inducted me into the EAW Hall of Fame and to me, it was a honorable reason to do so, but what was I met with in return for delivering this honor unto you? Disrespect. A verbal slap in the face from the man that I was led to believe would be excited to induct me into the EAW Hall of Fame turns that all around because he believed I was begging him for this induction. It even lead to a shameful display from you to kick me in the groin because you felt slighted from my incendiary comments to the denial I presented, but I’M THE BITCH IN YOUR EYES? Did I plead with you to be able to induct me, whine and beg for Mr. DEDEDE to be my inductor, or even lay my hand upon you when I was denied? Was I on my knees just like you have been for all of the people that have departed from this place because they couldn’t stand the fact that they were no longer in the spotlight, cradling my hands in a prayer to your sacred state, for you to induct me into the Hall of Fame? I wasn’t a coward nor a bitch like you revealed yourself to be in that moment, but a man that stared you right into the windows of what was left of your soul and demanded the blessing for your throne of immortality. I demanded the blessing from the perceived god of this place and when I was denied, I demanded it by wrestling with him throughout these past couple of months as Jacob did with the angel in Penuel.
That’s how it all began and you want to warp this story into the belief that Jacob Senn fought with Mr. DEDEDE because he’s a petulant brat that can’t take denial. The honest answer is that Mr. DEDEDE can’t handle the next generation to be able to pass him over, to leave him behind with his aging mortal shell, and denied the one man that should be able to take his throne to usher in the new decade.
Time is a cruel mistress, isn’t it? Your mind, your soul, your emotions don’t fade because of her, but your physical limitations grow exponentially as her touch grazes you every day. It gets harder to do things that you’ve done with ease for years, the movements that you’ve always done start to become slower, and the people that you’ve once known have now disappeared from your side to leave you with new modern stars to watch out for. The bitterness of these new age wonders begins to settle in, increasing with each moment when you see them succeed or surpass what you’ve accomplished, creating this ideal that you’ll never respect them until they give you a reason to. That’s why the people of my generation have this mentality towards the people of your generation about if you’ve not been around here to experience the rigors of this sport with us, we don’t need your respect to approve of our talent. That’s why when I speak about how you even respect a man like CM Banks disgusts me to my very core, simply because you hold an emotional attachment towards him as the founder of this company and your protégé, I lose the ounce of respect that was left inside of me for you. You will go towards him and give him a nice big hug, sing the songs of praise about how we wouldn’t have this platform to be able to do what we do if it wasn’t for this man, failing to take notice to the fact something that pisses people like me off every single day. I’M FURIOUS WITH THE FACT THAT YOU AND ALL THE EAW ORIGINALS OF THE PAST FAIL TO REALIZE THAT THIS COMPANY WOULDN’T EVEN STILL BE STANDING IF IT WASN’T FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME! DYNASTY WOULDN’T BE AROUND HERE IF IT WASN’T FOR MEN LIKE ME! THE ENTIRE COMPANY WOULDN’T HAVE ANYONE TO CARRY IT ON THEIR SHOULDERS BECAUSE OF MEN LIKE ME AS PEOPLE LIKE YOU WOULD RATHER REST OF YOUR LAURELS TO ENJOY THE NOSTALGIA CHECK YOU GET EVERY TIME YOUR NAME IS MENTIONED! THAT IS WHY WHEN I SEE LEGENDS LIKE THE TWO OF YOU, STROKING EACH OTHER’S EGOS ABOUT THE PAST AND LEAVING PEOPLE LIKE ME TO BE BURIED UNDER YOUR “DIVINE AURA”, I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR ANY OF YOU! It’s disgusting, it’s revolting, and it’s ignorant of men of your stature to discredit our accomplishments and accolades because we simply weren’t a part of your generation! We’ve been the ones busting our asses to keep this company standing as the premier destination for talented individuals to showcase their skill set, but you? CM Banks? All of these other returning legends for this Pain for Pride? It’s all about another check and another dose of nostalgia for them to experience.
To be jealous of someone that has to do that to people that are the future of this business, to people that are the true icons of this company as they’ve displayed the passion and work ethic for it, that would be a saddening experience and one that I don’t have to worry about. Resent me all you want for giving me the opportunity to truly be the one to expose every single legend here for the frauds they are, instead of allowing you to live in the nostalgic delusion that you’ve become victim of. Persecute me for not letting you continue the illusion of revealing to the world that I’m some sort of inexperienced rookie that can’t handle a legend like you in the ring, because the foundation that you’ve provided me won’t be going anywhere because of men like me doing what you should be doing for this place. I appreciate how my career has turned out and that didn’t come from the assistance of you, EAW, or anyone that reached their hand down and pulled me up to the promised land that I’ve reached. It has been because of MY blood, MY sweat, and MY hands to create the life’s work that I’ve created in being inducted into the EAW Hall of Fame and being a two-time world champion in this company. You can attempt to discredit it by stating that my reaction to Zack Crash’s victory in the EAW Cash in the Vault Ladder Match was unnecessary, but it was DESPERATELY NEEDED because the direction that this company was turning because of the hype he gained from one Irish drunken bastard wasn’t the direction that this place needed to head into. However, all of you marched to the beat of that drum blindly and almost led this company into an apocalypse, but it would be saved. The hype that was created to give Zack Crash the spotlight to be a world champion and be the chairman of this company, it almost killed this place and buried it six feet under because of his actions. If it wasn’t for men like myself, this place would have been lost and never been able to thrive like it does today! It’s DEFINITELY not because of the help of people like you who stood on the sidelines for the entire thing! This war between you and I, a clash between the generations that have been involved in this company, it has been something that was needed. This was needed to wash away the nostalgia from the eyes of the audience from the false idols they continue to worship and reveal them to the actual people they need to show their gratitude and respect for in the men and women of this generation that has held this company on their shoulders. They need to know where their reverence needs to be placed and it’s certainly not to be placed on warriors of the past, but the men who stand right now as the icons of this generation, even if by selfish aspirations of greed. This might not be a headline match for Pain for Pride because they want to close the book on the careers of Robbie V and Brian Daniels as the final chapter of the event, but I personally believe this match is the most important match in the history of EAW. Why? For if you win this match and defend your EAW Interwire Championship, it shows that this company will never allow to trust the generation that continues to carry the weight of this company and keep it standing. However if I am able to give you the humiliating defeat that you and this company need, it will show to everyone in the world that the next decade will arrive with a new generation to take the spotlight. My Jacob’s Ladder, my Penuel, it’s shall be the most pivotal moment in EAW history and prove the statement that I’ve started this to completely explain the mortal man that stands across the ring from me.
You’re not the god of this company that you believe yourself to be and the throne of immortality that you sit upon holds a false owner hypnotized by his own mythos. For if you’re actually the almighty God around here, then God’s been a disappointment to this entire industry.
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Post on June 20th 2017, 5:12 pm by Anthony Leonhart
PAIN FOR PRIDE X – 24/7 Battle Royal


[Anthony Leonhart is standing in the middle of the ring with Stephanie Matsuda, Miss Manami on both sides, he's sweating a little bit and he's fully hydrated as Matsuda indicates that some people have talk about Anthony Leonhart.]


Anthony   Leonhart

Look at what I got. I got one hell of a big catch, I got a big catch. I got Azumi Goto delivering a speech on my face. Is this Christmas ? It's not, oh.... but look how lucky I am, I understand that my colleague from Dynasty, Sheridan Muller is answering me but come on... Azumi Goto, what I've said about you on my first speech ? I'll wait here, with my warm seat in the middle of the ring...I can wait for a long time because I didn't prounounce your name but if you want to shoot first, I'll catch the ball and I will make my own shoot. Let's see...what you've said, Azumi. Let's see. Let's see.
A janitor ? A janitor ? And you know what's the job of the janitor, Azumi Goto ? It's to clean up the house and that's exactly what I will do at Pain for Pride X and will clean the house up for Dynasty due to my position as Dynasty representative. You want a fight, miss Azumi Goto ? Come and get it. I'm not afraid to face you, you the Ace of the Empire Division as you call yourself but remember I'm an ace too. I'm the Ace of the Knockouts. And I will knock you out cold. Ace vs Ace. You asked for, I'm not surprised that you attack me, I was prepared for that. Sorry Azumi but it's not Empire who will be standing tall, it's Dynasty. Why ? Because the janitor continues to work even the students are gone. And because of me being the janitor, I will be the one who will stay and win. I'll win it for the red brand. I may not be friends with some of them but come on...disrespecting a brand ?
Are you crazy, Azumi ? You want me to be furious, right ? You want me to reveal the lion that I keep inside, that same spirit that knocks everybody in the past couple of weeks ? Fine, you will get it... but not for now...not today because that's exactly what you want, you want to be a loose cannon and go crazy but that won't be the case today, nice try you fellow Ace, but I'm super calm. And just for you concern, Goto... it's not because I have the spirit of a lion that I'm pretending that I'm the Ruler of the Jungle. Oh no. I am just a student of the game. And sorry if I was rewarded by the lion spirit.

[Anthony Leonhart look at the name of the wrestler who talked about him and he's surprised to see that name because of his appartenance to the Showdown roster.]

Theron Nikolas, oh lord...you're disturbing my peace. For someone who's kinda new to Elite Answers Wrestling, I think you have a big mouth, who gave you all these promo times ? You want to make a whole ring angry or what ? You're self-centered ? You're not okay in your head ? Tell me, are you unconscious ? I've never seen someone like you saying so much shit and hell, I've heard a lot of things during this season of EAW. But you've hit the jackpot on the biggest event of our company, well done...it's not because you're a Showdown guy, it's not because you think you're almost untouchable due your W/L record that you need to open your mouth so much time that you have wins. Because your irritate me a lot, I have never seen someone talking about me without knowing what I've done, what I endured. You have made a big mistake by making a esay target to shoot on, open your mouth again and again, disturbing peace and karma, you will have a boomerang shot, I can predict it. Because you can control karma, you do great actions, you receive great awards and vice versa. And I'm done with you, Theron because I don't want to develop more about you because I need to stay calm. And for your concern...

[Anthony Leonhart braethes, closes his eyes to restore peace in his head and wake up like he's ready to fight and then goes outside of the temple and looks in the sky, reminiscing some thoughts and then speaks about the match in a general fashion, wanting peace.]

Showdown, Voltage, Empire and of course Dynasty, 4 brands. 34 competitors, 1 contract, 1 winning brand. I predict that Dynasty will win this. Not because I'm in because we are more than Showdown, more than Voltage and Empire. Some would say that because they thrown weak links in the Battle Royal to fill up the ring but the ring is my friend, remember and maybe a miracle can happen, blah blah blah...EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE ! Everything. Every damn thing. And if even I don't win this thing, I'll stay optimistic because I know I will do great in this battle royal, I will be at 100% trying to the best. 24/7 Battle Royal. Here I come. Stay tuned. Maybe I will have more things to say...  
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Post on June 20th 2017, 4:51 pm by Cailin Dillon

Pain for Pride #4
Is there a really good way to verbalize laughing out loud? Maybe just saying it, right? That’s what I’ve done after reading both of the Cameron’s last two messages. First off, get this everybody, if I was really over what happened to me at Grand Rampage, when I lost my title, I wouldn’t be in this match in the first place. Get a fucking load of that. That’s unreal. I’m here, because I belong here. Three women are fighting to prove which is the best in this division right now. If I wasn’t in this match it would be an absolute fucking travesty. Because I am the best in this division and I’m the only one who’s truly proven that since the Women’s Championship existed. Rematch clause, get a load of this bitch. As if those even existed. I learned better with the Specialist’s title. Cleopatra, can I get a rematch for the Women’s Championship? I think the match with Cameron would be awesome. No? Why not? Because you’re a dumb hick bitch who makes decisions that make absolutely zero sense? Fine! I’ll make you put me in the match. You just can’t stand that some things just aren’t all about you. Am I angry when I see the title on your shoulder? Of course. I’m never going to be content when the title is not around my waist or resting on my shoulder. And even then, I’ll never be completely satisfied. This anger you seem to think is all towards you. It’s spread out amongst this match. I don’t hate you because you cashed in on me. That just made me dislike you a little bit more. I hate you because you’re a narcissistic, smug bitch that walks around like there should constantly be some sort of parade in your glory. That’s the primary reason I want to kick your face in and watch the glory fade.
I don’t know if I’ll ever consider someone like you to be a leader of this division. Is it because you did stuff once? Is it because there was a time where the division was just you? We all get it, you were here a long time ago. We all get it! You’ve been here longer than the rest of us. Newsflash, that doesn’t make you better. Even as a Hall of famer, you just have to accept that once in a great while the next generation of fighters is just going to be better than you. Winning the Empire Cup and being smart enough to cash in on a vulnerable champion doesn’t make you the best. By that logic, Stephanie Matsuda was the best after she defeated Heart Break Gal in the Specialist’s Grand Rampage. She defeated almost the entire Vixen’s roster to win that title. Who is the best anyways? It’s such a flexible week to week term that it’s going to change. The only constant within that is that you will never be the best. Not again. Not anymore. Because this new group just outclasses you in so many ways. That’s why it’s so humorous to me when you come at me with some kind of weak shit about how my time has come and gone or I’m about to be dropped to a role where there’s nothing left for me. We all know if things weren’t going just good enough for you in Empire, you’d probably leave like you did before. The one admirable thing about you is that you did return back to your roots when the division got good again. You did decide to throw your hat back in the ring and when the rest of the OG’s peaced out or died or whatever, you remained here to see it out until the end. But that only makes one part of your fake self admirable, and I question if that’s even real. Who knows the hidden motivations behind everything you do. When I saw you were joining the OG’s, I asked myself why. Why? Why did it make sense for you to form an alliance with them. You question mine, but why them? What did they do for you? From an outside perspective, so I’m telling you the rest of the Empire girls thought this, why was Cam playing second fiddle to those two? Why had Cameron dropped down to such a level where she needed to be lackey No. 2 to Kendra? I’ll give you credit, you survied that match by attrition. One of them got fed up and left and the other, well, whatever. So do I see you as a leader after all of that? Not a chance in hell.
I’m not surprised about anything you do Cameron. But to be honest, I’m a little surprised that you expect us to give you so much respect when you do nothing but play the big bitch in return. I suppose you expect us to fall to our knees and beg you for something? I’d guess you think since you are a living legend we should have some sort of unconditional love for you or something? You’ve just never exactly given that back. Until just this week, when I’m talking to you, when have you ever heard me tell you that your time in this company is running out? When have you ever heard me say there’s no place for you anymore? You’re just a huge disappointment? No one likes you? I’ve never said those things about you until this week. That’s because I did have respect for you, until I realized before that last Empress of Elite tournament that you just saw me as a nuisance in your way. Your whole strategy then was to poke fun and prod and try to point out every flaw in my career you could to somehow create this illusion that you’re so much better than me that there’s no possible way I could ever find a way to come out on top over you. But it failed then, miserably I might add. It’s going to fail now, too. You’ve been around this world and put on some amazing fucking matches. You’ll be part of an all-time at Pain for Pride, but I assure you I don’t have it in me to allow you to leave this show with the ability to call yourself the face of Empire. So I say to you. Sure, be like every basic bitch that was here before me or Aria and continue to feed us the same bullshit rhetoric. You’ve been here before and you’ve already done this. I’ve never said you don’t deserve to be in this spot. You’re the damn women’s Champion. You rightfully deserve to have a title match. All I’m saying is three of the bests are going into that ring and I don’t see you coming up anything but third in that list. People can think what they want. They can love and admire you for your longevity. They can adore Aria for her spirit and candor. But they can deal with me as their Women’s Champion. Because that’s how it’s going to be, Cammy.
The glory of the EAW Network, by the way, is that the whole world can go back and see when I asked for ideas and resources for the match at Malicious Intentions. I asked two legends their idea for dealing with a triple threat match when one person was going to clearly cheat with a manager. But… y’all did your own thing. It’s ancient history. Just like I’ve already mentioned a million fucking times regarding your precious cash in for the Women’s title. It happened. I don’t drive a fucking time machine around and try to change the past. I mold the future. That’s why what you did then really has no affect on this match past your status. Rematch clauses are fake in EAW, time machines don’t exist and I only know how to fight you until you can’t fight any more. And come Sunday I will be the Women’s Champion. What will you do? I can’t even begin to pretend to care.
Aria, I won’t cop to anything but the truth. Everything that Cleopatra says is a lie. All of the things that Cameron says in line with Cleopatra are just ignorant bliss. It works so much better for your story when you add in these little details about how things are happening as they were suppose to happen. So you get it. Aria should be one to ask after all, where’s my rematch for the Vixen’s Championship? Oh, that’s right. That question was voided all together as it often is here. The only wrong I’m really trying to right, though, is I didn’t get a chance to fight back. I understand how the cash-in works and I’m tired enough of hearing the plastic asshole explain it like I don’t. But she wants to be the champion and not really act like it. She acts like I abused my power as champion in some way, like I wasn’t defending it all the time. And then she tries to pass off a match against La Diva as a real thing and then rub that in our faces. I don’t think Cameron understands how much I cared about the Women’s Championship, and definitely not the Specialist’s Maybe you do. For me there was also a certain bit of responsibility. Nothing ever goes exactly the way you want, but when it leaves your hands you want people to see it as better than it was before. I’m not sure I got that with the title. Sure, I beat Sheridan without really playing as many mind games as Cameron believes. But then it was Cloud. Then it was OG’s acting a fool. And then, Cam did her thing. Yeah, nothing is meant to last forever, but we’re never ready for it to end either. One thing you know better than her, is my ability to pick my shit back up and get ready for the next one. You saw it in person last year after Pain for Pride. Not that you weren’t doing a good job on your own side. But I was avoiding random social obligations with friends like partying or just hanging out in exchange for training more and more. The result, I think, is that I’m one of the strongest females on this roster and one of the best-conditioned. Everyone wants to know why I seem tog et up from so much or why I can be so hard to put away? For one I’m stubborn as hell. But secondly I put in all that time and I continue to because I never want to stop doing whatever it takes to ensure I’m operating at the top level possible. Maybe that just makes me sound like some kind of constantly oiled machine, but I love being in the ring so much that I don’t know any other way. I’d wrestle my ass off in an empty arena for the title, I don’t even care. That ring is where I’m most at home. But we understand the same things. Our paths are so similar, even in their slight differences. I was never a contender for the Vixen’s title. I won Empress of Elite just to get a shot. And all these people getting shots around me? I’d beaten them all. Nope, no one wanted to give Cailin the time of day. That might be where we differ sometimes. When I do want something, I do go and take it more often than not. And when I say it’s going to happen like I’m saying this week, rarely have I been wrong.
The stakes are so high this week you can just feel it coming from each and everyone of us. The desire taking us places where we’re willing to kill each other with our words before we even take a step into that ring. Yet Cameron is playing the role of the ultimate villain and you the one of the hero. I’m not sure exactly where that puts me in this scenario, but I do my own brand of vigilante justice is enough to trump whatever shit either one of you have planned for this. Her especially.  And I think that pisses her off the most. The fact that you took a turn out of your rotation of messages to really go in directly at her is not something she really appreciates all that much. And the idea you’ve casted and that I’ve sort of run with that she’s just the odd one out in what is really a cleverly designed way to matchup me and you for this title for the third time, that one just makes her furious. I have little doubt in her ability. I have zero doubts in yours. But I pick up just the slightest bit of hesitation with you. There’s this sort of mutual respect between us that still exist despite all the shit we’ve been through. Most will point to Sirens or Formation and try to come to some conclusion even though it didn’t really work that way. For one, Formation wasn’t really a group so much as it was a common feeling between three women who were asked to work together frequently. It’s not like we were showing up backstage on a routine basis and making these plans at domination. Hardly. We were still primarily doing our own shit until the idea wore out and Stephanie hit me with a chair. And Sirens? Fuck all that noise. Everyone was hesitant at that, but we thought someone might as well fight back against the two bitches trying to play queen and Corgi Ella Ava they were dragging along with them. I always admire how people try to pluck the slightest ideas from that and cast judgment like they have any fucking idea. I don’t regret my past. But I also can’t completely see the future. We are all of our mistakes and they play into our strengths and our weaknesses. But we’re also our accomplishments and when they happened. A lot has changed since Cameron went into the Hall of Fame five years ago. This isn’t even close to the same EAW. By the same token, you don’t feel like the same Aria Jaxon. Hell, in January you came with the slightest bit of extra fire at me. But now maybe you just feel so powerful or so far ahead that it almost seems like you’re trying to coast. Not on my watch though. Maybe there’s some love between us, but there’s no hesitation from me to snuff you out and leave all of your hopes and dreams to die. Is that because there’s a lack of respect? Nah, it’s just because I care a whole hell of a lot more about me winning then seeing you celebrate and reach out and try to shake my hand at a job well done. I don’t think we’re in that place anymore. And while Cameron might not be ready for what’s coming, I’m not sure you are either. This isn’t the same Cailin you had beat last time or the time before it or whatever. The past is practically irrelevant when we all stand in there together this weekend. It’s just a war that only one warrior can win. And the heat I bring to this match will be too much for both of you to withstand.
And if it does come down to me and you, then all is probably right in the world. I’ve honestly felt robbed by everything. I wanted better with my reign. But allowing the OG’s to meddle was probably the biggest mistake. They were relentless. Our sins caught up with us both in January. Cloud… I never saw coming. And even in February, I should’ve known but I didn’t. I’m a fighter. I’d fight you right now if you asked for it. If Cameron wanted to be the Women’s Champion she could’ve asked and I would have beaten her right then and there and just mocked her every time she tried to bring the weak shit with her knock out punch. With Cameron, I’ve had all the right answers when we’ve fought each other. With you… it’s been different. I’ll admit that you’ve won between us a lot. And that you were just as robbed as I felt robbed earlier this year. But none of that really plays into what goes down between us in this match. Cameron will bring new questions in and things will change. I’m just more confident, as I think you are, that we’ll both have everything we need to kick her ass. It’s not because she’s some terrible fighter. I don’t sense the same desire from her that I feel out of you and me. That’s part of the reason you don’t have the same malicious intent for me that we do for her, or that she has for both of us. But even your unintentionally cruelty toward me wouldn’t be enough to put me under water. You can both try to hold me under there, but you know I’m just going to fight my way right back to the surface, right back up to my feet and start taking you on all over again. You’ve been here for two years. In two years you will have fought for the top prize in this division on the top show. There’s no reason to believe this won’t be your spot every year. You’re at the top of the game even when you don’t have a belt. You have the respect of this whole company even when you’re not the champion. You’re right that people take me more seriously when I’m the champion. But I’m not doing this for them. I’m not doing it to silence other people. I’m doing it for me because it’s what I want. It’s what I’ve always wanted since I started watching wrestling. You keep telling me all week the same message. For yours to come true, mine have to be put on ice. The crazy thing is that I almost think you expect me to just accept that. You keep saying it so much. You’re clearly trying to drive it home. But let me drive this home to you. Just because you’ve been so wronged doesn’t mean you deserve this to be right. The past doesn’t just get to decide what the present should be. If you say the predictions of this match will be wrong, well, that’s tough shit for you. Think that through clearly Ms. Fan favorite. That means your dreams are a ship about to sink to the bottom of the ocean. And mine are not only going to come true, but they’re the iceberg that’s about to cause your imminent destruction.
I keep hearing about dreams and the past and the history and the accolades, but the truth is everything will be different in this match. We’re just three powder kegs ready to burst. The one that lasts the longest might very well be the one that’s on top. I don’t care if you were born to be in this match or it was your destiny to walk into Pain for Pride as the Women’s Champion. My fists and my feet don’t give a fuck about either one, and they decide the outcome of this match. They are the reason I’ll be the winner of this legendary match.
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Post on June 20th 2017, 4:38 pm by VENTURA!
24/7 Battle Royal
Promo #4:
Just four more days...

Let me finally get rid of a minor issue right now. Johnny Nova, I think it is the perfect time for you to listen to yourself and realize that you are probably the biggest hypocrite in this entire match-up. I, as well as many others, absolutely have no care in the world for what you have to say because you eventually contradict yourself at the very end. Conserve your energy and do something productive, go fly a drone, go pick up flowers and dance in the meadows. The only reason why you are making an appearance for this match is because you are just a filler that needed to be added. Forget the fact that I beat you last week, because I simply don't regard you to be of legitimate status. I told you once to try and make sense, even though it might be entirely impossible for you to do, but just make an attempt to say something reasonable for me and others to admire of you. If you cannot, well, continue to be the losing delegate now and for many years to come.

Now, let me begin my prelude... shall we?

To all the men, at least the people who claim themselves to be, of this Battle Royal, the golden clock in the sky is ticking down slow and steadily. In just four days, you all will finally see what has been conjuring out of my sleeve these past two weeks that I have been in this company. At Pain For Pride, I will be making my own history for all to sit back and refer back to once they realize that they are no longer deemed to be the "futures" of this company. Once they sit down in their chairs, they will let out a sigh of disbelief, a growing detest towards me when they realize that I in fact because the 2017 24/7 Battle Royal winner. This would be my second match in this god-forsaken place, ladies and gentlemen. Let that sink down terrifyingly down your stomachs to each and everyone one of you that have been "fighting" to get to this position, to receive this glamorous opportunity. Somewhere in my mind... I guess I should feel sorry that I am in this match in the first place? I mean... it's not like I didn't strip away the leftover dignity that Johnny Nova had. It's not as if I performed magic onto Sebastian Monroe in order to place me in this match. It really isn't my fault. I have told you all on numerous of occasions that the age of enlightenment has truly arrived for you all to marvel at. The era where hypocrites, crackpots, and idiots that claim themselves to be a "champion", will be thrown away menacingly. It's personal, while I am also conducting a business, so clearly no one here is safe as long as I decide to move my feet upon the ground of this company.

Theron, Scott, Darkane, Jon, and the leftover plebeians, have said a whole lot this past week, talking about different topics of issues that they would never reveal to talk about if it was just a regular, singles match. We heard stories of how some of them were doubted from the very beginning, how they fell of while climbing the ladder towards success, and somehow they collapsed to their untimely demise. It's all beautiful and poetic to hear from all of you, and I truly admire that from you all. However, there comes a time where all this talk is nothing more but just endless noise coming from your mouths, and I think it is long overdue that everyone in this match humbly needs to sit down and keep quiet so that a real man can truly preach about being doubted, to preach about falling victim to pain and suffering, to reveal how he transforms all these burdens into astounding benefits. You all are just kids that want to be glorious, to be the popular guy in the market, to have children scream out your names whenever you arrive at a public place. I, on the other hand, I take advantage of whatever comes to me on the table.

For instance..

Though I haven't been here long enough to see these boys play-fight with each other, I have gradually kept pace with what has been happening with some of these brats in this match. Scott Diamond for instance, seems to be the most recognizable and talked about. Judging from what I have heard, you are the standout veteran of this match. Entering this contest, you have won various accolades from left to right, you have dubbed yourself with childish nicknames in order to sell yourself to others, even when you fall off short. Most importantly, it wasn't long ago when you supposedly shut down this company by defeating this Dark Demon fellow. Damn, you truly were a monster! Well, as I look out today, I see this company is still alive and well. I see that no one here in this company is entirely intimidated by your presence compared to years before. Why is that? Have you ran out of terrifying nicknames? Are you having difficulty facing feeble children that are "unmatched competition" to you? I would like for you to tell me how exactly you fell off to get to this position that you are, because it seems to me that you are truly a chatter in the making. You love to make noise but for the wrong reasons, you hype yourself up when you realize that you were destined to be neglected. But yet apparently, you want to be the favorite to win this match, the match that I have self-declared to have already won? You want to restart this cycle all over again for yourself? Take a seat and go read a captivating book, because you have used up the remaining entries to make yourself a relevant figure to anyone.

Johnny Nova, well, I cannot fully promise the time and date where the garbage driver will pick and dispose you for good, but once I do, I will surely let you know.

Theron, another classy favorite from the masses. How are you doing, kid? I know you are excelling far tremendously as you are pawning down everyone in this match, revealing pathetic and ignorant they really are but please... let a professional do this important business. Judging from my records, it seems you don't have any tremendous accolades to back your critical statements, so I am going to place you on the level of the rest of the lot in this match. You believe that you are destined to get a reward for stepping across "competition" that you have come across here, but let us be frank... what competition is here? You are acting as if you have drained your energy multiple times against foes that were stubborn to be defeated every time you faced them. Now that you have this glorious opportunity to finally seize and take control of, unfortunately, it seems that your quest for a reward will continue to be pending. I just popped in here, bro. No sweat, no tears, no anything. You, all you have done is illustrate hissy fits in the most passive-aggressive way possible. Maybe had I not decided to give this wrestling thing a run just two weeks ago, maybe, just maybe, you could have been the victor to wrap this match in your hands with your eyes closed. But, as I have already said on numerous occasions, you will realize how I became the Battle Royal winner at Pain For Pride, on my SECOND match ever here compared to you monkey jumping against kids here and there. Let me teach you how to perfect and truly make an impact, I promise you, you are going to receive the best of education from me.

And to the others...

Well, I will decide to offer my say on the rest of you when the time is truly fit. In the special case of girls taking part of this match, oh I will truly have my say on how futile their appearances in this match are. This is a contest between the man, Kaise Boetius, against stubborn boys who keep pretending to be men. You women have no right to say anything to defend your positions in this match. Tough talk, well that is the painful reality that I have to throw on your faces. I need to do everything in my power to convince you all that there is no point trying to turn up and sacrifice every muscle in your body for this Battle Royal, because I repeatedly told you all that the match has been long over. I found out how this epiphany came true from the darkest and strangest of places. If none of you are willing to accept this fate, I guess you can all feel embarrassed for when the day of "I told you so" arrives. Too-da-loo.
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Post on June 20th 2017, 3:21 pm by Macho Man Johnny Nova
Nah Diamond, I’m not upset I just feel like I am looking at a shell of the man you once was. What happened to the “Cold Blooded Killer”, “The Perfect Storm?”  Where is the fire, the passion you once had?  It must shake you to your very core that you are even in a match against the likes of me.  You know a former Answers World Champion having to address someone of my stature in this company. It’s probably eating away at you on the inside slowly like a cancer.  A hall of famer having to even breath the name Johnny Nova or pay attention to the stories I hand out as eloquently. But why is that Scott, why are you wasting time on someone you don’t consider to be a threat?  If this match truly only comes down to luck, then why even bother speaking about me?  I take it as a compliment. My ability to get under the skin of the great Scott Diamond, but I don’t believe in luck. I believe in survival. This world has given me grapes my entire life and at Pain for Pride I plan on doing whatever I can to turn that shit into a fine vintage whine. The only strategy I have is to survive, just as I have done every day of my life leading up to this point and to continue to keep my mental game on point.

You see it’s not enough for me to simply rely on luck. This world has never blessed me with luck. I wasn’t born into the world with wealth and fame like Theodore Hilfiger. It has been said that “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity." My entire life since prison has been preparing me for this opportunity. For my moment in the sun. Every moment I spent in gyms, in the ring in bingo holes scratching and clawing my way to an EAW contract has lead me to this.  I have been given a second chance by the good lord above and I plan to make the absolute best of it. So, if you want to rely on luck Scott that is absolutely fine. Maybe that is what has gotten you this far, but my plan is to survive. This match will be survival for the fittest, fighting tooth and nail for the 24/7 contract. I will leave all I have in the ring, blood, sweat, and tears and I will do it for these fans and all the people who have believed in me since I signed on that dotted line. I have no delusions of grandeur; I have seen the Vegas odds against me. I am a long shot, but every dog has its day. But I am growing weary of barking which leaves only one thing left to do which is bite.

Darkane the time to take me seriously is right fucking nigh, because every time my name exits that deformed looking face of yours I feel a rage inside me that I haven’t felt in years. Maybe you are getting under my skin but I feel that feeling might be mutual at this junction. After all you did call me a thorn in your side, right? And to think this all started because you were talking about warts on dog assholes. Funny how the world works sometimes. I should just let this go, let it roll off my shoulders but something inside of me keeps telling me to push forward. I can’t tell if it’s respect or absolute hatred, but in anycase it will all come to a head at Pain for Pride.  You won’t be putting me over the top rope, you can continue to preach that to yourself and the world alike but if you come at me in this battle royal I swear to the good god above and the devil below that I will bestow an ass beating on you the likes of which this world has never seen and toss you over the top like the piece of trash you are. Warning, if you poke the bear long enough you will get mauled. It’s as simple as that.

That all being said the same goes for you Mark Michaels. If you are feeling froggy leap, I’m not going anywhere once that bell rings. If you want to come at me then come at me, but If a scrub like you beats my ass in a dream he is best to wake up and apologize. I will dismantle you in the center of that ring and leave you wishing for what once was, leave you staring up at those lights from the concrete floor praying for a time machine so you can go back to the very moment you decided to speak my name. You can whine about getting railroaded by management, being screwed over by Michaels Envy but after I toss your ass over that top rope at Pain for Pride the only person you will have to blame is yourself and the bad decision you made by not keeping my name out of your mouth.

No one is under my radar, I am putting this every elitist in the match on notice. I don’t care if I am tossing psychopaths like Darkane over the top or social media fuck boys like Mark Michaels. It doesn’t matter if your last name if Hilfiger or Leonhart. It doesn’t even matter if you are in the hall of fame.  It’s simple I have one goal and one goal only and that is to survive until that bell rings and my hands are raised. If you are trying to do the same it would be your best bet to steer clear The Miracle Child from the 313, The Human Highlight Reel, The Great Black Hope, The Suicide Diving, Gravity Defying, Ethereal being better known as Johnny Fucking Nova.  EAW Universe, Get your popcorn ready.
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Post on June 20th 2017, 3:19 pm by Cameron Ella Ava

Without Aria Jaxon in the title hunt would be a blessing. Will it make my path clearer? Of course, but that’s just one less female Elitist to worry about. One less female Elitist to concern about. Without you in the title picture? There is no struggling heroine in which the crowd can adore. I mean, who else will reach the status of one of the most loved women in the Empire roster? Savannah Sunshine? Please. With you out of the way, maybe these morons won’t be doped by the pretty pink hair and the flashiness. Perhaps, these morons will finally begin to realize that I am the true heroine of this story. I was the one that dethroned that traitor Cailin Dillon’s title reign. I am the one who prepares going into battle in about four days. Not only for the sake of the Womens World Championship, but for my life. You and Cailin might got everyone thinking that Cameron Ella Ava might not be able to pull of this victory. You both have been able to play the fact that there’s a sixty-six percent chance that I might not make it out of Pain for Pride with the title. You both think that I should be worried. You think that I should just pack my bags and not bother fighting. I mean, there is no fighting the results before the match has even happened. There’s no chance of me proving how strong of a champion I can be to the world. There’s just no point. I mean, Aria Jaxon has said herself that her versus Cailin is the money-making match. She said herself that she is better than any of the piss break matches that I had before these women showed up. I mean, is that all I am to Aria? I’m just a Vixen? I’m just a Vixen who has no idea how to adapt to the world of Womens Wrestling? Is that what you’re trying to say, Aria? You think that I don’t have what it takes to stand in the ring against you or Cailin? Well, you’re looking at the woman who won the Vixens Match of the Year against Sheridan Muller. You’re looking at the woman who has pushed women to be their very best. You’re looking to the woman who has made it possible for you to be part of the Voltage roster for a small period of time. You’re looking at the woman who broke doors down just so that you can compete for something as little such as the Young Lions Cup. As much as you try to tell me, I don’t think you quite understand what I am full capable of the moment I step foot in between those ropes. But, you and Cailin want to take credit for the work I have done? You think that I had no part of the revamped Womens Division? You think for a second that this was all your doing? HA! Get real, Aria. You want to be the trendsetter of the Womens Division? You want to take credit for the things that you wouldn’t be able to do without me? I mean, if there was not Cameron Ella Ava, there would be no standard for Womens Wrestling. There would be no bar for any of you women to reach. Just like I said a few days ago, everyone wants a piece of my success. They want to be able to do what I have been able to do in my EAW career. Instead of having the success of Cameron Ella Ava, most of these women will end up with the success of Sheridan Muller. You’ve got women that think that they are too big for this Division. They believe that Empire is too small and they aspire to be bigger than that. Aria, what happens when you have that mindset? What happens when you start thinking that you’re too good for the other girls? Are you going to ask the Board of Directors to put you in another brand? Are you going to go behind the Empire brand’s back and get what you want? Or are you going to sit and wait and have them call you? I know for a fact that’s what I’ll do. It’s what the Womens Division has done. What do I have to fear about, Aria? You think that I should be scared of you? You think that I should be trembling at the thought that you could rip this title away from you? Oh yes! I am so scared of you, Aria! I’m scared to see your giant forehead without that wig on. Seriously, I have nothing to worry about? Do you think that I should worry about the possibility of losing my title? You think that I should be awake for endless hours wondering what will happen to me if I lose the Womens Championship? You think that I’m losing sleep because of this. You’d like that. You’d rather face a Cameron not in her best. You’d like to find the easiest way possible to get into her mind. You, just like Cailin, want to see me crumble. You both want me to fall out of my pedestal. You want me to be brought back to earth like I’m the most delusional person in this match. Aria, I know this may be shocking to you, but I’m not delusional. I just say things the way they are. If and I do mean IF you find some sort of way to knock me down my pedestal, do you think that I could be the one disappearing after Pain for Pride? Do you think that I’ll just disappear from this place without a trace? Do you think I have it within me to hang up my boots and leave? I hope you don’t think that of me at all. I’m glad that you want me to stick around, but I’m not the one to hold on the losses. I mean, what am I? Am I Haruna Sakazaki? Do you expect me to bring up the failures of years ago? You expect me to hang out to the loss like it was the last match of my entire career? In some sort of way, I think you’re eviler than me, Aria. I didn’t think I see that coming. If it meant defeating me, will you channel that dark side of yours? Will your mind go to places it’s never been before to make sure you walk out of MetLife Stadium with the Womens Championship? I’m not an easy beat. I know for a fact that you or Cailin aren’t easy beats, but I am going to enjoy the challenge no matter what.

“I’m over it.”

If you were seriously over it, you wouldn’t be in this match in the very first place. Why are you in this match, Cailin? I mean, you wouldn’t be the first one not to evoke their rematch clause. You wouldn’t be in my life. Nah, you still hold a grudge over me cashing my Empire Cup on you. You still have the fact that it will be me who is walking into Pain for Pride as the Womens Champion. I can tell the thought of that makes you sick. It makes your blood boil to see the title that once belonged to you on my shoulder. As much as you want to deny it, I am a leader. I am the leader of this Womens Division. As much as Tarah Nova wants to call herself the leader, I think we all know who the real leader of the Womens Division is. You think that I was just Kendra’s lapdog? You thought that I was a sweet and loyal golden retriever. One that obeys orders and does whatever their master says? Yeah, right. To me, I trusted Kendra’s vision for Empire. Just like I tried to put my trust into you. I tried to make you feel a part of the group. I tried to be there for you because you had no other alliances. This was never about cashing the Empire Cup on you. This was never about the Womens Championship until the moment you turned your back on me. Just like I said before, that was your dumbest decision of your entire career. Do you think if you pretended to be nice a little longer, you would still be Womens Champion? Honestly, the way you lost your championship was all your fault. It was all the wrong you’ve been doing that cost your title reign to fall. I don’t think your Pain for Pride plans was to walk in a challenger. I think you had over visions of yourself approaching Pain for Pride as this badass champion. It’s hilarious how it’s because of me that you’re not able to live up to that vision. Now, you say that you’re going to knock me out so hard that I won’t remember my own name? That’s cute, Cailin. I’d like to see you connect with the Eyes of Texas like you did at Terminus. I’d like to see you try to rip this title away from me. You must enjoy painting me as a weak champion. You just get a rise of trying to back me into a corner like a playground bully. You could do that to any other female in the Empire locker room, but you’re not going to strike fear into my eyes. Look in my eyes, Cailin. Do I look like a woman who is scared that her title reign might end this weekend? Do I look like I give a damn about what you did or did not do? I don’t get what’s with you and Aria thinking that I can’t hang in the ring with you New Era Women? You think that I’m just a Vixen as well? You think that I am a poor representation of a female wrestler? Wow, you two are going to be surprised about what I am truly capable of when I am in one of the most hyped title defenses of my entire career. This is going to be bigger than anything that I have been a part of. I’m actually kind of pissed because I’ve given you two some of your best matches. Yet, you underestimate what I can do in the ring. Sure, be like every wrestling critic that thinks that I still don’t have what it takes to be the face of Empire. Be like every fan that thinks that I’ve over my prime. You’re not talking to a woman who is forty years old. I’m barely in my thirties. I am in the best shape of my life. I can still go against some of the best women in the world. At Pain for Pride, you’ll fully understand why I get the praise I do. Why I could potentially one of the best wrestlers EAW has gotten in the last ten years. You’re right. Last year was a prime example that the new crop of women still had a lot to learn before they can consider themselves the past. I still think you and Aria are way over your heads. It’s almost like the constant compliments and praises have gotten into your heads. That was me once, but don’t worry. I’ll bring you back to Earth. I’ll make you finally realize that Cameron Ella Ava still is one of the best Elitists in this company. You don’t believe that I am the bests? Well by the end of the weekend, you will.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 20th 2017, 2:52 pm by Lucas Johnson
Promo #3 - Keep Doubting Me.....

Oh Chris Elite, you don't listen do you? More and more jokes coming out of your mouth that don't affect me and you are looking like a plain idiot. Franchise Demon? Who the hell is that? Are you alive? Do you know who I am? My name is Lucas Johnson not Franchise Demon? What weed have you been smoking lately? I am the longest reigning NCAA Division One Heavyweight Champion in HISTORY! I am your current NEW BREED CHAMPION! I am the Wrestling Machine and I am the man that is going to dominate the Ultimate X match this weekend at Pain for Pride. The spotlight will be shined bright on me as I make this title more prestigious then it has ever been before, since Pain for Pride 9 in Miami my goal was to win the New Breed Championship and nine long months later I finally accomplished my goal. BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS HAVE BEEN SHED TO GET TO WHERE I AM TODAY AND I AM CURRENTLY HAVING THE GREATEST TITLE REIGN IN COMPANY HISTORY! FORGET THE HALL OF FAME CHAMPIONSHIP, FORGET LANNISTER'S CURRENT ANSWERS WORLD TITLE REIGN, I AM THE MAN THAT IS THE GREATEST CHAMPION EVER RIGHT NOW AND THIS FRIDAY NIGHT I WILL PROVE THAT ON THE BIGGEST STAGE IN OUR SPORT - PAIN FOR PRIDE X! I said this several times before and I will say it again, I find it absolutely mind blowing that I had to scratch my way to the top of my throne as the ruler of the New Breed division and the week I show up on Showdown for the first time Murrow decides to gift Chris Elite a title opportunity?! Did he win his match later that night, yes but still come on he had help! It's not fair, this entire company just wants to go against the Wrestling Machine. Just look at the betting odds right now, Moongoose McQueen is the favorite for the Ultimate X match? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This fool for Japan is some how the betting odds favorite? Not even the champion that has been dominating this division, Vegas better change those betting odds because people are about to lose a lot of money this Friday night! Just look at Reckless Wiring for an example everyone was against me and bam! I proved every single one of them wrong and Friday night I will do the same thing again, HERE! COMES! THE! PAIN!
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Post on June 20th 2017, 2:43 pm by Empress Madison
Pain for Pride Promo #2

So even if I'm half-dead, I'm half alive
Poured my half empty glass in a cup
So now my cup has runneth over
And I'm 'bout to set it on you like a mothafuckin' coaster
I’m going back to what got me here, yeah, cocky


A one hit wonder, a has been, someone who is delusional and puts a little too much stock into her own hype, these are all the things that people have said about me over the past year. While Cameron Ella Ava, Aria Jaxon and Caillin Dillon have taken this division by storm, I sit in the back and watch them.  Day by day the chip on my shoulder continued to grow, and grow bigger and bigger.  Day by day my Vixens Championship reign became a distant memory to everyone, but to me, it feels like just yesterday. They say invisible tears are the hardest ones to wipe off, and yes invisible is what I feel like sometimes, because no matter what I have done, no matter what I say, people don't want to acknowledge my greatness. It has been like that since day one. Every day since I started in EAW, I have had to work twice as hard as everyone else, just to get noticed, and once I got noticed it my work wasn't done yet, because you see I don't have a husband or a boyfriend who got me here, I didn't have an uncle or anything to get the word out for me. Everything that I have accomplished in EAW, was all me. I got no breaks, I got no second chances, I fought tooth and nail for my share. I revolutionized the Vixens Division, whether anyone wants to give me the credit for that or not is irrelevant, but the fact of the matter is when I stepped foot in EAW back in 2014, this was a dead division that was looked at as a joke, we barely got any time on shows, but look at as us now!  And all it took was for one woman to step in that everybody cared about, all it took was for one person to energize a single division.  I rocketed this division into what is is today, no longer labeled Vixens, but Woman's Elitist. It all started with me, but do I get credit for it. (Madison shakes her head) No, instead I am over looked, the story of my life, instead I get people Sheridan Muller, disrespecting me, saying she retired me twice, but last I checked I didn't retire a first time. I am called delusional on a daily basis, because people say I am not as good as I think I am, but I say every woman on Empire, and even that one who thinks she is too good for Empire are all delusional and ungrateful. I helped put this division on the map today and you know what for far too long now, I have just been shoved to the side and I just allowed it to happen, but no more. And at Pain for Pride, the new era begins, the era of Madison Kaline, because at Pain for Pride, I take back my career, I take back everything that people have taken away from me over the years, I will take it back, and there is nothing anybody can do about it. 

With that said, I am ready to prove all the haters wrong. I am ready for Pain for Pride and I am ready to conquer the divide and conquer match that I am in, now of course there are five other woman who stand in my way of achieving that, first we have the captain Stephanie Matsuda, the former Sanatorium Sister, like I said yesterday, Stephanie was the weakest link when she was with us, everybody knew it, she knew it. She was ungrateful to us, she didn't care about anyone but herself, her ego was ridiculously big, so we kicked her out and she is no longer our sister. Stephanie has had quite a boring and un-note worthy career, she has been in a few high profile matches yes, but nothing to write home about, she has never won a championship, and she used to go by the name Cloud. Probably because she had he head stuck in the clouds. So and then one day she decided to get a big girl name and change it to Stephanie, but quite frankly it really doesn't matter what name you use, whether its Cloud or Stephanie, you are both the same person, and you both suck and have no personality whatsoever not to mention you have never amounted to anything in your life, so if you think just for one second that you are going to knock me off? (Madison laughs) Oh you have another thing coming my sister, because I never told you this when you were with us, but I never liked you, I never thought you should have been with us, you were just a place holder, and at Pain for Pride, I would love nothing more than to eliminate you and ending any chance and hope of you winning. Now the next for ladies in this match, I will just group them together when I talk about them. Amelie Larrieux, Revy, Mei Hatsukyo and Jessica Quinn, I mean really what can I say about these four other than one is a french whore who can't wrestle, but other than that well they are just there, they are all in my division to make someone like me look better, they are on my show Empire, doing nothing, not impressing anyone, not getting their name out there, nothing. These are what you call dust collectors, they are like the stuff animals that kids forget about when they already have a cool stuffed animal that they love already, they throw them to the side and they collect dust. But I am sure they don't care about it, because if they cared they would do something about it, they are here for one thing, a pay check. I don't see anyone of those woman as a possible threat to me and my team, yeah that's right sister Alexis my team, deal with that, you know I love you my gorgeous sister, but you couldn't be anymore wrong, and don't be mistaken, you are not walking out with any keys to any kingdom, oh here's another thing I can correct you on, since we are correcting people now, yes I have carried this stable for a year and a half now. This is just another example of how unappreciated I have been around here by everyone including my own Sanatorium sisters, let's be real here for just a second Alexis, the woman of the Sanatorium were nothing, before I came here, Alexis you have gotten better over this past year there is no denying that, your match against Stephanie at Terminus was incredible and I was so proud of you! But do not be mistaken, I am still your superior, I am superior to Brody Sparks, Jocelyn Diemos and everyone else who wants to challenge me. You were riding my coattails the minute I joined the Sanatorium, you were nothing before me, you were barely winning matches, only thing you were known for was being the wife to Eclipse. So don't act like just because you got one big win under your belt like you are better than me, because you are not. You have picked up a few tricks and new wrestling moves from me, and you don't even give me credit for that. (Madison looks at the camera in disgust and shakes her head in disappointment) You want to talk about ungrateful Alexis, you should really look in the mirror. Regardless, you are my sister, and I love you, and I am willing to have your back in this match, but just no one thing, you got to make it to the end without being eliminated. I just hope for your sake you don't choke under the pressure that you have been known to do. Regardless of what Alexis says, we maybe a team yes, but only one of us walks out number one contender, and I will do everything in my power to make sure that person is me!
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 20th 2017, 2:31 pm by Ares Vendetta
I wish.

I wish I could believe it.

I wish I could believe your words, your aspirations, and your ideals, but I can’t. Not that you’ve deceived me. Your words aren’t lies, just delusions. That’s where the divide truly lies between us. I’m a born liar, and I’ve spent my entire life utilizing that natural trait to get on this peak where men such as you aspire for just the chance to challenge me. You’re a born dreamer. You do what humans do best: you believe the lies. That doesn’t make you a fool, but it doesn’t make them any less of a lie. Humans need fantasy to be human, and there is no greater example than the one standing in front of me. The one who dedicated his life to something that never existed. The one who threw away everything for it. I will not strike you for living your life that way, even if I find it completely futile. I would not have associated myself with you again if it weren’t for you being you. Perhaps there’s a part of me that admires someone who that’s willing to sacrifice all that they’ve got just for the sake of a dream, no matter what the consequences may be, nor if it was truly the right thing to do. You’ve embedded an ideal in the back of your mind, and you’ve proven your undying loyalty to it time and time again. You no doubt fell from grace at times, but you always found yourself back on track. The World Championships and Hall of Fames were no more to you than a means to an end - you always intended to end it this way, didn’t you? Once upon a time when you were young and foolish with a certain spark in your eyes, you believed a lie, and you held it dearly. You let it mold you into what you’ve become, and so this is where it brought you.

Look around you.

Do we seem like good men? Are we what you consider to be honorable? Is this industry capable of such a thing?

We’re beasts that have dedicated the entirety of our lives to using our body to hurt others. How many bloody affairs have you found yourself a part of? How many people have you beaten down to prove your point? How many have you injured for the sake of your supposed “redemption”? How many just to prove your determination? Humans have been killing one another since the dawn of time, but I can respect a soldier that lives his life fighting for a purpose, having to kill those deemed the enemy. He fights for a higher purpose, and he simply kills. We’re just selfish, conceited, fools who pretend that we’ve got some sense of honor because we refuse to indulge in brutalizing whoever is placed in front of us. There is no doubt about it, I wore a mask for a very long time, and when I took it off, I may have been a despicable, sadistic man… But I felt a sense of relief. It felt good to finally stop pretending I was something that I wasn’t. It felt good to stop pretending there was more to all of this than merely hurting others for your own personal gain. We’re as animalistic as they come, and that is exactly why I will never fall for your meager aspirations. There is no duty to one another, there is no honor between us, and there is no comradery to be had. Viper, make no mistake about it, you will not get your match. You will get far, far worse than the wish you’ve clung to for eight years. I’m going to hurt you. That’s all there is to it. I’m going to hurt you in every way imaginable, no matter what the cost. See, we’ve both dedicated ourselves to an ideal, but the big difference is that your’s doesn’t exist. Your’s cannot be attained. Mine is reality. It’s a fact of humanity. It’s the only truth of us. I’m going to hurt you inside that ring, and I’m going to hurt you every single time I open my mouth before we ever step inside that ring.

That blood on your hands doesn’t wash away, Viper.

That metallic taste doesn’t go away.

The people you’ve hurt to get here, they never go away.

This is it. This is all it amounts to. Every ounce of your life hinges on beating Robbie V, and this is all you’ve got left. When the smoke has cleared, what becomes of us? I go back where I came from. I can accept that. Win or lose, I fade back into the abyss I belong in. I can sleep peacefully whether you somehow beat me or not, because I’ve long since been done with all of this. I’ve been here long enough to know what lies beneath the skin of this World of our’s, and I can take solace in doing the World a favor and going away. When I stood on my feet and fought to help you make this a reality, I did so as no more than a way to pay my debt to you. You truly did help me come back in many ways. That’s something you should be proud of. Except it’s clear now that it was a mistake. If it’s a mere match you wanted, I was more than willing to give it to you. But to throw away absolutely everything for something so trivial… I cannot allow that. I cannot allow you to continue living this lie. You clutch your fist and plant your feet and tell me all about your dedication to all of this, and it hurts me far more than any kick you could throw. It hurts me to see someone so consumed with their conflicting, hypocritical ideals that they’ve lost all connection to reality. You are no doubt a delusional man, but I’m going to fix you. I’m going to help you if it’s the last thing I do, Viper. You need it. In hindsight, we would both be better off if you’d have just let me be resigned to my fate and spend the rest of my life confined to that wheelchair. You’ve gone on believing you were doing all of this to help your friend, but we are not friends. You were just a guy I brought into this World, and it seems none of this will end until I take you out of it.

I can’t change your mind.

I don’t intend to.

There are those who can’t comprehend something like what I’ve told you. Those that are too far gone. If this is what it takes, then I’ll do it a thousand times over. I’ll help you. I’ll break you out of this fantasy you’ve been living in, even if it means your destruction. Defeat at this point isn’t even an option in your mind, and yet, it’s very possible whether you care to admit it or not. You’ve doubted yourself time and time again, and there’s no mistaking this is no exception. Loss here - what does it mean for you? Where do you go? How do you move on? You don’t. You never will. You’ll spend the rest of your pathetic existence letting defeat devour you until you’re a feeble, old, bitter man, haunted by not Robbie V, but Brian Daniels. Brian Daniels, the man that truly ruined your life. Brian Daniels, the man that led you down this path. Brian Daniels, the man that broke you. You would have been better off staying gone, Viper. You could have avoided all of this. Instead, you’ve become something you’re not. You claim that you took of your mask? No, I’m afraid that’s just another lie. In fact, all you did was put one on, and you’ve been hiding behind it ever since. Hiding from all of this. Hiding from the truth. Hiding from reality. Hiding from fate. You reckless little child. I take no joy in ripping you from the sky and sending you crashing down to Earth, I just want you to know that. I take no pleasure whatsoever watching someone who had so much potential do this to themselves. You allowed these lies to dictate how you lived your life. You let fantasy become your reality. That’s how it all happens. We have to believe in things that aren’t true, because how else can they become? Fiction has become the truth for you, and I will burn it all away. I will shatter every ounce of it. I don’t care where it leaves you when this is all said and done.

You could have flown anywhere but here, and instead you chose to fly too close to the sun.

And you will fall.

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Post on June 20th 2017, 2:27 pm by showster26
The 24/7 Battle Royal @ Pain For Pride, Promo #4

(The scene opens inside Savarese MMA in East Rutherford New Jersey. It's here that we find EAW’s Social Media Champion, “Picture Perfect” Mark Michaels, in the middle of his workout. Michaels stands in the middle of the training mat, as his sparing partners rush at him. The first gets back body dropped, the next rushes quickly and swings with a clothesline. Michaels ducks under it and counters with a forward Russian leg sweep.  The third grabs Michaels from behind in a waist lock, but Michaels slips out with a standing switch and snaps off a beautiful German Suplex. Michaels pops back up to his feet to catch the fourth with a Screen cracker. A fifth is able to get Michaels by the feet while he's on the ground. But Michaels is able to kick him off and get back to his feet. The sparing partner throws a kick to the mid section, Michaels catches it, and spins him around before planting him with a picture perfect.)

Trainer (off screen): “Time!”

(Michaels picks himself up off the mat, and begins to towel off before addressing the camera.)

Michaels: “As you see, I'm prepared for the chaos that is sure to ensue in the 24/7 battle royal. Hell I’m betting that I could win this one with one hand tied behind my back. But that hasn't given a even a moment’s pause of all the chit chat horse shit that comes out of the mouths of every single one of these dickheads who are gonna stand in my ring and do fuck all until I toss their asses out over the top. So I am making it my personal mission to shut everyone o f their fucking mouths by the time we get to Pain For Pride. So if you'll allow me, my dear followers, I'd like you to try and hear me out as I break down every reason that I'm gonna kick everyone’s ass in the 24/7 battle royal, and be the one standing tall at the end. 

And to all you jackasses might wanna take a good long listen as well, because after Pain For Pride, I'd really hate to have to p.m. Every single one of you an ‘I told you so’

I'll start with one of the rookies I suppose. Namely Johnny Nova. Now John I understand your new here and still learning everyone's name, but for the love of god, at least learn the names of the people who your facing. I mean Solomon Caine isn't in this match, he's in that Extreme Enigma Fourway. And it's a good thing to, because I'm betting he'd tear your ass to shreds just for looking his way if he was. Now an interesting thing happened when I was listing to you mumble about your pipe dream of winning this battle royal. I couldn't help but get the the feeling you confused me, with Caine. Me, the undisputed Social Media Champion, the picture of perfection, the best looking man in EAW, the sport of professional wrestling, and the planet earth. With that with that ugly, morose looking mother fucker. Son I should kick the ever loving shit out of you on principle for such slander. I mean I’m the biggest, and brightest burning star in EAW. How far up is your head up your ass to get me confused with that fugly son of a bitch?!  

I was gonna take it easy on you Johnny, but right now, I'm feeling like I should introduce myself to you personally at Pain For Pride, by kicking your ass from pillar to post. I'm sure then you'll know exactly who I am. You’ll find out first hand that I'm not just some washed up fuck living off his old achievements. Oh no, I'm the man who is the leader of the next generation in EAW. I am the man who is coming to Pain For Pride to take hold of just that contract, but the championship gold it gives an opportunity for, and my rightful place as the new face of EAW. I've been meandering here for two years. I've been railroaded time and again by management, and I’ve been screwed over by Michaels Envy suffering shits. But that is all going to change at Pain For Pride, and some doofus who just walked in the door isn't gonna say otherwise. 

Jon McAdams, I'm glad that you'd want to be my newest Friend, follower, and Subscriber on social media. I'm happy that you offered me a spot in that crappy little treehouse club you got on voltage. But when you talk about people not being intimidated, I'd think it be best for you to keep that mouth of yours shut tight, because in all the time you’ve been here your greatest accomplishment has been being Mike Showman’s bitch.  From your mediocre run as hardcore champion, to getting your ass handed to you by two guys who are actually fighting each other this weekend, everything has been done with you living in the shadow of Mike Showman. Your like a really shitty robin, always there by his side, needing him to bail you out of a jam, getting your ass handed to you by everybody but the lowest, bargain basement talent. Say what you will about my time here in EAW, at least I was never someone else’s hanger on. Why don't you quit with the bromance you have over there on Sunday nights, let's see how much of a survivor you really are. Let's see what happens to Jon McAdams when he doesn't have anyone's coat tails to ride. If anything I'm guessing it's gonna turn out the same way it is at Pain For Pride when I toss your lackluster lackey ass right over the top rope!  

Theron Nikolas, how have you been under my radar?  Well actually it's not that hard because after about the third word out of your mouth it all just becomes background noise with you. You know you said something the other day, and I was gonna let it slide because who really gives a fuck what you have to say about anything. and I mean anything. Like if you found the link between Trump and Russia, or found out that Jimmy Hoffa was buried under MetLife Stadium, no one would really give two shits. But now that a few days have gone by, and your mouth runs more than a two dollar whore, speaking of which say hi to your mom, I decided to set you straight on a few things. First off the last time I had an honest to goodness one on one title match, I was seconds away from my first championship in EAW. Than some Michaels envy suffering jackass, much like yourself, decided to run down and spear me. I got the dq, but I didn't get the belt. Since then Ive had to jump thru hoops like Hell’s Warpath, or being saddled with Anthony Leonhart in that so that our current New Breed Champion had someone he could pin. I've been screwed so many times, someone should have hit oil by now. But that is gonna change at Pain For Pride. After I'm done dispatching with all you peons, I'm gonna cash in that contract, and with one Screen Cracker, right a terrible wrong. So come at bro, I'll be happy to send you sailing first class on the end of my boot over the top rope, all the way to the far side of the Jersey shore. I'll be more than happy to hand you your first loss here in EAW because as good as you are, there's no such thing as better than Perfect. 

Now Scott Diamond, not a whole lot to there. I mean career wise. Your back, and you're trying to get one more moment in the spotlight. Your hungry, but mother fucker I'm starving. You had your moment or two, and now it's time for you to stand aside. And if you won't do so of your own accord, well then I'll just have to kick your overgrown ass till you do so. Your time has come and gone Scotty, mine is about to begin. Or to put it simply for your mongoloid head to understand, you're the past, I am the future. So yes you should be honored to share the ring with me, because I'm the only thing that's making you relevant right now. I’m the guy who the entire world will be watching from the moment the bell rings!  I'm the guy making your nostalgia pop possible. So go on ahead, and send your gratitude in the form of shout-out on social media, and I'll allow you to bow out gracefully. But try me in that ring, and I promise that I'll ship you back to wrestlers retirement home faster than a humming bird takes a shit!  

And Darkane… how the fuck did I get into a debate about Kurt Cobain with this guy?  I tried using an analogy, to explain to him that his career will be dead and buried the moment he corsses paths with me, and this mother fucker just decides to share some fucking trivia. Than he tries to deny his piss fetish by going on and on about it. And then the stupidest thing to ever come out of his mouth, and that's saying something, pops out. He said that I'm not motivated by that 24/7 contract. I'm astonished. I had no idea the I.Q. Level could get so low in EAW. Darkane, you better bet on your life that the 24/7 contract means more to me than oxygen at this point. It means so much to me that I don't care what I have to do, or who I have to do it to to win it!  Rest assured, I will be fighting tooth and nail to be the last man standing in ring when that final bell rings. Nothing and nobody is gonna be able to keep me from doing so. 

Especially not some rich kid who thinks daddy’s money is gonna buy him a way out of the ass kicking he’s gonna get for even thinking about stepping into my ring. For someone as good at analyzing his opponents, you sure as hell haven't bothered to take a look around and analyze the situation your heading into. You don't have to worry about any of the has beens, or any of the other rookies who are coming into this one totally unprepared like you are. You don't even have to worry about those so called contenders who everyone is debating over which one they think is gonna win. No, you've got to worry about me, because I am going on a tear the second that bell rings. I am going to cut thru mother fuckers like a red hot knife thru butter. I’m fixing to Be a man on fire, a roaring inferno in the that ring, and every last one of you rat bastards are gonna get torched by me. 

That goes for you too Kaise. Look, I can feel for you and your goddamn son stories. But come Pain For Pride none of that is gonna matter. See I don't care if you're in this match to a avenge your wife, or stick it to god, or just to try and photobomb me as all my followers snap pics of me tossing out one jackass after another. Simply put, your in the wrong place at the wrong time. Seems to be the story of your life. Now I get that your royally pissed about what happened to your wife and daughter, but just think of them looking down from heaven, watching me dominate this 24/7 battle royal. Brings a smile to my face, how bout you?

And for the rest of you, the Azumi Gotos, the Sheridan Mullers, The Carson Ramsey's, and all the rest. Just know that wether I mention you by name or not, you're all about to crossed off the hashtag Hit list at Pain For Pride. All of you are about to see that there isn't a man or woman alive who can compare to the Twitter Trendsetter, the Instagram Icon, the hashtag hero who the world will be cheering for in loud, thunderous voices. The man who will step up and provide The greatest moment that Metlife Stadium has ever seen. Greater than an Odell Beckham one handed touchdown catch. Greater than the Super Bowl halftime show. Great than… well I was gonna say something about the Jets, but they suck almost as much as my opponents do. 

At Pain For Pride, you all are gonna see the single greatest professional athlete to ever lace a pair of boots, standing in a flood of flashing camera lights, with his hand raised high. You will see exactly why I am Picture Perfect when I am the last man standing, oh yeah, you're all gonna Picture THAT!

Now excuse me, I have to get back to my workout.”

(Michaels takes his place in the middle of the mat as the trainer blows his whistle.)

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Post on June 20th 2017, 2:14 pm by Aria Jaxon

With the passing of a little bit of time has come clarity, I think.

In the beginning, I thought I was gonna be the only one who would just come right out and say how she felt about her position in this match. It feels like we all have our own insecurities regarding our places here. Two of the three of us will admit that with next to no trouble. With Cailin, she’s been pretty candid about her feelings. She felt like she had to force Cleopatra’s hand just to get the rematch that was owed to her. Without her applying some force, who’s to say what would’ve happened. We know contractually obligated rematches aren’t so contractually obligated after all. Her biggest fear was that she’d be passed over for her chance to right a wrong, and now that she’s here, she’s determined to finish what she started and be the champion who defines the lineage of the Women’s title for years to come. Maybe I feel like I’m being too optimistic for my own good when I say that she would’ve gotten her rematch anyway...but things aren’t always fair. It had already happened once, and she probably figured there wasn’t much stopping it from happening again. She made the Specialists Championship mean something, and she never even got the benefit of having a proper rematch for it. With the Women’s Championship, she was ready to once again elevate a title in its infancy, and when it was ripped away from her, she wasn’t about to stand by and be buried under the weight of other contenders’ hopes and dreams again. With a little arm-twisting, here she is. With me, I feel like I’ve made it pretty clear that I felt like I was standing on shaky ground going into all of this. The urgency that’s pushing me toward this match and making me vow not to fail comes from the painful knowledge and very real experience that I suffered this time last year. Nothing last forever, especially in EAW. There was a time last year when I felt on top of the world. I wouldn’t say that everything was going exactly according to plan, Cailin, but I would say that I was doing a hell of a job stomping out the obstacles in my way. I beat Cameron in our Showdown main event to earn the right to challenge for the Vixens Championship. I main evented Triple Threat and won the title. As two-thirds of Formation, we beat The Sanatorium in Extreme Tag Team Warfare. And then, by the beginning of July, I was dealt that painful blow at Pain for Pride Nine. To my own credit, I sort of bounced back six days later and won the Young Lions Cup at the Draft Show, but I never did get a chance to regain the title. I can’t really stand here and say that title ever really left my mind. That emotionally-unstable HBG fangirl Eris popped back up on the scene and got a rematch just by virtue of wanting to cave in her one-time mentor’s head. To no one’s surprise, she fell back off the face of the earth after getting branded. I watched as Haruna, a woman that challenged me for the Young Lions Cup and lost -- after her whole crusade where she disowned and tried to destroy this division, no less -- had a superficial ass change of heart and was effectively escorted into the Vixens title scene, only to be pushed aside by HBG with a certain amount of ease. We all know how things went from there. Sheridan cashed in on HBG and y’all went to war. When the dust settled, you were holding a title completely different than the one that I’d wanted so badly to get back. It was gone, and weirdly, I wasn’t sad about it. I’m still not. Toward the end, the Vixens title became something worthwhile. But the beginning of its lineage was tainted with memories of a division that was regarded as less-than, an era of mediocrity that Cameron looks back on so fondly. This one would be something special right from the beginning. Right from the jump, it’d be a symbol of excellence, and I’d be damned if I wasn’t part of that sooner or later. If anything, never getting to get back into Vixens title contention has made me more determined to become Women’s Champion. I’ve channeled all of that would-be disappointment into this new goal. Look no further than the fact that I’ve been chasing down this goal since December. I’m hardly a world-beater, Cailin. I never was. I don’t think I ever will be. There’s no air of invincibility with me. There’s been no ease in this journey. Even when my career is at its most picturesque, I’m still fighting. I’m still human. And I’m hardly immune to losing, so that’s why I grit my teeth and do EVERYTHING in my power to stave off defeat.

I know you know all about that, Cailin. We’re both in a position where our best case scenario is getting the glory we wanted last year but failed to grab hold of. Yeah, Cameron lost last year too, but it wasn’t the same. She came out on the wrong end of a petty ass grudge match that her own fucked up actions set the wheels in motion for. There’s a big difference between getting beaten by a one-time rival and suffering the stinging defeat of having a title slip through your fingers. That’s one of the many huge differences between her mindset going into this and ours. She can paint her story as a triumphant comeback tale all she wants. She can talk about how she rose up out of her self-induced dark spell and did some shit worth mentioning again. She can tout how she won the Empire Cup in a battle royal largely full of one-night-only returns and deer in the headlights new girls. She can use the fact that she’s currently parading around as champion to back up the fact that she thinks the ways of the old guard are still effective 100% of the time, but we’ll always be waiting around the corner to poke holes in her claims and remind her of the times she’s been wrong. She can talk about her trophy case full of accolades, conveniently forgetting to mention all of her “hard-fought” battles against bottom-tier opposition in the past. All in the same breath, she’s faced some fantastic competition, too. She’s been in knock-down, drag-outs with the Tarah Novas, Scott Diamonds, Jaywalkers, and Dark Demons of the world. But we’re just cut from a different cloth than anyone she’s ever faced, man or woman. She knows that, even if she won’t say so. She knows that our talent, our desire, our chemistry in that ring, and our hunger have already started to turn her into a background character in what she thinks is “her” story. With so many that she’s faced, the men especially, they wrote her off for the most superficial reasons. They assumed they could beat her just because she was a woman. With us, our self-assurance isn’t rooted in something so stupid. Hell, it’s not even because we’ve both beaten her when she was running her mouth the loudest and operating at her most self-important. It’s because we know that no one’s seen our best yet, and that’s a scary thought. We’re like magnets. We pull something almost animalistic out of each other, and when that bell rings and the stakes are high...we turn into something fearsome. Cameron isn’t ready for that two times over. In her time as champion, she hasn’t dealt with anything like this. When she cashed in on you, she didn’t get the Cailin that’s taken me to my limit over and over again. She got a woman that had just finished a five-star match and been on the wrong side of Coven beatdown. You just didn’t have it in you to keep going. She’s spent the duration of her reign happily accepting joke defenses on episodes of Empire or losing a non-title match at Terminus. Her loss to me at Grand Rampage came before she even held the title, so yeah...she hasn’t overcome any sort of real challenge in the last two months. And now she wants us to believe that will change. She thinks it’s unrealistic that either of us can turn our fortunes around from last year, but can’t even come to terms with the fact that she hasn’t done a goddamn thing worth caring about since becoming Women’s Champion. She’s not ready. She can’t do this, and she’s blind to it. And there’s no way in hell that will dawn on her before it’s too late. Only question is whether or not her real undoing will be her own ignorance or her inability to hang with us when it gets too hot in the kitchen.

That just leaves you and I. Everything old is new again, and the real contenders for this title will once again be those who waged the original war for it. I’ll be honest, at the onset of all of this, I felt so wronged by you. I thought you were okay with all of these near-misses between us the last couple of months. It drove me up the wall to think that the same Cailin who wanted to take on all comers was now content with DQ wins and flouting the formalities of a Triple Threat’s rules. But, like I said before -- with the passing of time comes clarity. What’s done is done. Shock Value, King of Elite, Malicious Intentions, Terminus...they’re all drops in the bucket now. Anything you’ve done in the name of getting a leg up, saving your own skin, or making a statement can’t be changed. It doesn’t mean that I understand all of it. Doesn’t mean I’m okay with all of it, either. But I don’t have to be. What matters is that now we’ll get that fight we’ve craved for so long, and it doesn’t really matter that Cameron is standing here, too. These sparks that are about to fly are gonna give way to a wildfire that she doesn’t have it in her to combat. With you, it’ll always be like looking into a mirror. When we face, I’ll always know what it is to face someone who wants this as bad as I do. “This” will always change. Sometimes it’s a championship. Sometimes it’s points in an Empress of Elite block. It could be just a simple win and nothing more. But we’ll always give it everything we have, because old habits die hard. We’ll never be able to conduct ourselves any other way. That’s how I know this match will take a lot out of me, because I know how hard you’re prepared to fight. I know that for the entire duration of this week, there’s gonna be a part of you that doesn’t think I can completely grasp what potentially winning this title wins to you. Maybe I’ve been wrong this whole time. Maybe I DON’T know, but I can try and guess. Becoming a two-time Women’s Champion might not silence the doubters forever, but it would temporarily shut them all up. It’s not about what you want; it’s about what you feel like you deserve. And what you deserve is to be recognized as one of the best in the world. It’s about snagging that win that you’d give anything for your dad to have been able to witness live and in color. It’s about that euphoria and that high that only comes with winning at Pain for Pride. That last feeling is something you and I have only heard about. We’ll give of our own bodies and take a crack at breaking each other’s all for the sake of being able to live it for ourselves. I know how easy it is to talk about this year being what I need to make up for last year, but I’m not just in this for the cute little parallels. See, I’m not malicious like Cameron. When it comes to you, this isn’t cruelty. I’m not aiming to beat you to make you suffer, to detour your career, or to hurt you just for the sake of hurting you. But I have to beat you just the same, because for my dreams to be realized on this stage, yours have to be put on the backburner. And they will. For someone like you, who’s so familiar with holding gold, it makes sense for you to say like the Women’s Championship feels like home. This is what you know. But if I have to shake that sense of security in order to seize what’s mine, then that’s what has to happen. When this is over, none of the predictions will matter. It won’t matter what the over-unders were on the victor, and it won’t matter who the world at large was leaning on. All that will matter is whose hand is raised and who’s slinging that belt over her shoulder when all this chaos has reached its end, and I can promise you that will be me. We all have our own ideas of how we’d like this to go. We all win, on our own timelines. What I’m tasked with is turning your dreams into virtual fan fiction and mine into reality. I can handle that, no matter how much of a challenge this will be. My version of events will be reality, and reality lords over all else, doesn’t it? 

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Post on June 20th 2017, 1:15 pm by Theron Nikolas
I love when you have the ability to watch someone try their hardest to stand out in front of the world and believes wholeheartedly that they understand the situation that they're deal with, but take no time out of their day to see it from every direction possible. Thirty three other names will stand in my way at Pain for Pride and I was positive that I would come across one that would escape even my knowledge. I was right. A man who believes he holds the answers to my problems, but has fired all of his shots in the wrong direction. A man who's trying to prove that he's more than just another throw away name simply used for nothing more than filling the number needed for the event itself. I shouldn't have to explain this; it's something that I've gone through on more than one occasion - hell, I went through all of it when I announced my participation back at Resurrection V. I get it, though; you have absolutely nothing to fall back on, so you're forced to do whatever you possibly can to get people talking. But, let's go through this again, Theodore, and let's go through this slowly so we're not pushed too far back due to your overwhelming amount of pure stupidity. My reasons for throwing myself into this match were simply; I had run through every name that this company had thrown in my way and I had been given nothing for it. This business is meant to be one where hard work pays off, and yet those who have proven nothing throughout their time since walking through to doors of these company has been handed the world, while those truly deserving have been forced to sit back and watch. People preach about being forced to pay their dues; you're meant to give this business pieces of yourself before it's willing to give anything back - but, here I stand after four months, completely unblemished. A man that has cut down every collector that this company has thrown in my way. This contract is the one piece that I need to kick down the doors that they're trying their hardest to keep closed. The Champion that has tried his hardest to hide from my sights will have absolutely nowhere left to run. I could have bought into the spectacle of Pain for Pride. I could have stood out in front of the world and challenged any name that I possibly wanted and hoped that all of the pieces fell into their places - but, I would rather throw my name in a direction that benefits Theron Nikolas the most. Beyond popular belief, this contract is exactly that, and if that means that I have to settle for less than what others would if they stood in the same position that I do - I would make the same choices again and again. Perhaps when you're able to get your head out of your ass, if that day ever comes, you'll be able to see that for yourself.

Scott, you're making this too easy. I think it's not hard to see that the two of us are starting to tire when it comes to the same dribble that we've constantly spouted back and forth to each other. You wanted something different, so let's see what I manage to pull out of my bag of tricks. In all seriousness, there was something that really stuck with me when it came to the things that you said last week. I never took the words that Albert spewed, but I listened to everything that you had to say. It was what you said about Cameron Ella Ava before you left. You brought up that loss. You hid from the fact that you had been outclassed by a woman that you had slaughtered a few months prior and simply classified it down to you simply not wanting to be here anymore. Your time here had come to its end and you just wanted to finally go home. I could believe that; part of me did. It was generally the reason I didn't find the need to reply after it; I had the answers that I wanted. But, I couldn't let it go. There was just seemingly something that didn't sit right, Scott. You were a step behind on Showdown. You promised to be the man that would kick me in the head twice for making you step in front of a camera and speak when you never wanted to, but like you have so many times throughout the last three years, you failed. Instead being forced to watch as I put Lethal Consequences down like the dog he is. The thing that I've come to learn the most about you Scott is the fact that through the cold exterior that you enjoy playing, the one thing you really want to recognition. You want respect. You want to be seen for the things that you see for yourself; you want to be seen in the same light that Albert Hitchman sees you in. That's why when it comes to people like myself speaking about how far you’ve fallen, you throw out keep excuses and attempt to guide the conversation in a different direction. You wanted to be a Hall of Famer, Scott! That Hall of Fame Championship was your one ticket there! You did it! You made the Hall of Fame! You didn't show up. You let the same woman that ran you out of the company walk out in front of the world and take your ring. You let her walk out and take your moment. You can talk about how you never cared about it; in the grand scheme of things, you still got what you wanted. But, I refuse to believe that you don't have anything to hide. I refuse to believe that there's not more to be picture than what Scott Diamond is trying to portray. I'm never going to be able to obtain the answers until they come from your mouth. I'll forever be stuck with nothing more than: maybe you're right, and maybe you're not. But, while I might not, you always will. That is the anchor that is always going to drag you down. But, you already know that. The only thing is that it's a form of weakness, and Scott Diamond doesn't have any, right?
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Down in the rushes, Blue Jay wept and moaned:
‘A life full in bloom has but now come to a close.
A smile hath stole away, she flew
And left me here weeping, sad and blue.
Count each day. Count each hour. It may be your last.
The time creeps, then it sprints, how it goes so fast.’
Nico Borg: The dust returns to the earth, as it were, and the spirit returns to the God that made it. This is a simple concept, yet for some indeterminable reason, people feel the need to complicate things. So many ifs and buts and conditions that the cognitive load just becomes far too much and so black and white collapse into a dull impenetrable fog of grey. I have been bombarded with questions once again. Once again they are leveraged rhetorically in attack.The funny thing is, Maero, you answered your own questions just as well as I ever could. Didn’t you? To be relieved is to skirt past disaster. To have a beating heart is to bleed sometimes. To live is to glance the very surface of death. And yet you wonder why the light falls in patches alongside the dark. The brightest lights blind surer than shadows, Maero. Keep that in your head. That is the beautiful thing about it all. Dark times never lasts. It never lasts. Not like the light of Christ. But like Scott Oasis’ time at the top. Like Lannister’s reign as Answers World Champion. Like Sanatorium’s ability to be an effective force for change in EAW...Everything that is of this world, will pass. There are few constants in this world, Maero, and they are all so much alike. Pain is one. Death another. Add to that the movement of stars and planets and all manner of celestial objects across the firmament. Pushing the shadow around the dial. Giving us minutes, hours, days, months, seasons and years. A whole toolbox of rules blessed unto us that we may measure how much time we have lost, and tremble at how little we are likely to have left.
Chorus: So teach us to number our days, that we may enter the heart of wisdom.
Nico Borġ: Scarcity to makes things valuable. Every layman knows that. I do not need to be a prophet to predict that five of the six men entering this match are going to go home hungry. And you do not need a crystal ball or to cut open the innards of a lamb to find signs that my chances are better than most. What people do not seem to understand is that I am just as at home in the dark as you, Maero. Same goes for “the Raven” Lars Grier. Same goes for “The Killer” - a juvenile sobriquet, grow up this isn’t a playground - Keelan Cetinich. I have bled for the path I have chosen. I have been split open. Busted open. Literally Burned. Blistered. And Broken. I have been cheated out of a world title more than once. But here is a little prophecy for you. The hens are coming home to roost.
Chorus: It is spoken that he who meets death with the spirit of life will live forever. Count your trials and tribulations as blessing you with perseverance for the long years ahead. Laugh at each blow that struck you but could not kill. Then turn the other cheek in knowing that whatever sufferance befalls you will be repaid in kind. You are Invictus.
Nico Borġ: So yeah, I’m guilty. I am guilty of actually finding some sense out of everything.I am guilty discerning where to place value and where to place scorn. I am guilty because at Pain For Pride I am going to have the blood of men and monsters on my hands. But most of all, I am guilty of actually sitting back and considering things before I open my mouth to speak. I took the time to consider my position after the cataclysm that was Grand Rampage, but I returned having charted my course. Being sure. Being prepared to claim victory and immediately return myself to the conversation. That is the value of thought. That is the value of splitting sunbeams and shadows.That is what separates me from a Keelan Cetinich,howling alone to the moon. Nervously trying to fill the anxious silences with the soothing sound of his own voice. I do not need anybody’s attention to feel good about myself. BUT I’VE GOT IT ANYWAY! That...is the difference. In the weeks leading up to now, Scott Oasis marked my absence. In return, I marked his coming to Showdown with retribution. Scott Oasis cam to feel my presence when he was immolated by my fire. Lars Grier has tasted my sting time and again. TLA for his part has been a little bit wiser, quickly fleeing the scene of my wrath. He can run. And he can also run his mouth off on talk shows. But deep down he knows that at Pain or Pride he will have nowhere to hide. By the grace of God or by these hands it matters not. Dawn breaks. My very presence demands attention and I shall not be eclipsed. You are all hoping to steal away with something I will have earned at Pain For Pride. But thieves never prosper in the end. And backbiters will soon enough be forced to face the weight of their penance.
Chorus: Praise he who treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God
Nico Borġ: And liars are worse than thieves, remember that. This is where I turn a special word to you, Keelan. Not that you are any more guilty than anyone else of making promises that you can’t keep. Although you do stand here having failed to keep your promise of outlasting Maero in the qualifier. But you do stand out for the sheer volume of verbal diarrhea gushing forth from your mouth. Despite all the words said, I still have no idea why I should. Don’t attempt to misconstrue me here. You have my attention insofar as I intend to break down everyone else in this match with equal contempt. But I just don't understand Keelan. What does your childhood daydreaming in front of the television set have to do with anything? We have all taken a shine to this business. We have all spent years, some more than others, toiling for what we do. Some of us, you and Maero aside, even worked hard enough to get the job done and earn this opportunity. Well I have to say, I am getting really sick of the nostalgia act from you. From tugging at heartstrings and manipulating emotions with childhood memories. All the way to digging up long dead matches against Maero when the most recent indicator of how you twain measure up found you both lacking. Why don’t you just lay these things to rest? They are just memories. That is all they are. They are dead. They belong buried away because their time is gone and they can’t help you now. If anything it just makes you look to fool for having taken this long to climb the ladder to this point. It makes me rather certain that before you ever lay a finger on that briefcase, I will be delivering you your last rites and burying your chances once and for all. I repeat, for posterity. Your idle mutterings will do you no service at all. If you want to take a word of advice, get your own houses in order. Lay up in the final days Because where the one shall rejoice, the others will in their sackcloth and ashes, heads hung in mourning. At Pain For Pride, one fire burns and the dust settles.The Sun may set a thousand times on your delusions before they are held to account. But remember It will never set on my ambition.
Chorus: Ave Invictus.
Nico Borġ: Unvanquished. Unconquered.
Chorus: En Nico, Níka.
Pain for Pride X Promo: #1
Post on June 20th 2017, 12:48 pm by PrinceofPhenomenal
(A confident Prince of Phenomenal is shown walking down the streets of East Rutherford, New Jersey as several members of the EAW media approach him)

(Prince grabs one of the microphones as the crowd eagerly awaits for him to speak)

POP: Yeah, I knew you guys would be out and about today. I mean, why wouldn’t you? We're less than five days away from the biggest event of the year. The night of all the nights. The pinnacle of professional wrestling. Pain for Pride. While I am disappointed that I am not competing for a world championship or in one of the main events, I have to respect that nothing is given in this business. I'm back and I'm back for a reason. I have to make a name for myself and prove that I am worthy to carry this company on my back again. There are a lot of people out there doubting what I can bring to the table in 2017. Luckily enough for them they won't have to wait too long to be proven wrong. Sure, I am a few years older, I have a few more hairs on my body and I am not as quick as I once was. The thing is I was so ahead of the talent curve that even if I am a step slower, it is still far beyond and better than what the next person has to bring. There are a lot of men competing in this 24/7 Battle Royal this weekend. There's going to be bodies everywhere, the ring will be filled with extremist setting out to make a point and get a step closer to a championship of their choosing. I have bad news for all of you. Honestly, I don't care to directly come at each and every one of you. Let's be reality here folks, it would take me all day to sit here and try to verbally rip all of these losers to shreds. Trust me, if the time came where I needed to, then believe me, I would do it. I just don't feel that there is a good enough reason to sit here and address all of you bums one by one. Instead, I am going to do the whole world a favor and direct this entire segment to all of my competition. I am here to make sure everyone knows that Prince of Phenomenal in 2017 is as good as any other version of me. My best days are ahead of me because I've prepared to climb the mountain known as EAW again. There is no one in this match up that can stop me. There is no one in this match that can prevent me from having my arm raise and being declared victorious. I look around this company and all I see is a bunch of jokes. A bunch of great value main eventers and performers who aren't ready for the position they've been put in. There's guys who will perform after me, who couldn't hold a candle to the light I intend on bringing to this company in the near future. What do I expect from my opponents? To call me washed up. Maybe even say I'm trying to re-live the past. But they're wrong. They're all wrong.

They can go ahead and tell their mothers that they're wrong too! I am in the past, present, and future of this company. I am living in the best version of me! Regardless of my failures in the past I am still here standing. I've never said that I haven't lost a match or been knocked down before. No one who has been able to knock me down has done it hard enough to keep me down. I've been in some of the most painful and physically challenged matches that this company has ever seen. So what makes any of you think that I should lose sleep over my match this week? I've competed against some of the biggest legends in this company and I slept like a new born baby the night before. Don't confuse my confidence with arrogance. Well actually it's the right combination of both. I stand before all of you today to tell you that you will be amaze by me. These type of events and matches bring out the best in me. One of the things I do best is put the asses in the seats. The merchandise sales went through the roof as soon as I came back. The wrestling world is simply better when I am out in that ring putting my body on the line for the sake of the fans entertainment. As for the extremist who think that this years Pain for Pride is the time for them to prove to the world that they are the next big thing or something of that nature. Sit back and watch a real professional handle business. I don't plan on making friends or having any allies in this match up. All of you have a big red target on your back. All of your days are numbered. Most of you won't even be around this time next year after I get finished with you. Some of you will be in the same position you're in now which is probably opening the show STILL trying to make a name for yourself. It's ok though. If you want to save yourself some embarrassment, just go ahead and throw yourself over the damn ropes and don't waste my time.

(Prince of Phenomenal is shown walking off from the large group of EAW Media as the segment fades to black)
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Post on June 20th 2017, 12:38 pm by Amadeus

I'm keeping the balance,
but I'm standing
On razor's edge now
Move quick or my life is over
One strike, just a feint,
I'm outta his field of vision
Don't ask why I'm ready
but I'm ready to
Strike him down now
A chance at a new start

There's no time for indecision

Open on ONI in his spartan and cramped room of the Sanatorium. He sits on his bed, knees under his chin, staring at an old cathode ray tube television. On the screen is a wrestling match in an unfamiliar venue. Much smaller than a usual EAW event, with a lower quality ring. The quality of the ring is also lessened by obvious bloodstains on the mat, some old, some fresh. Many of the fresh bloodstains were likely caused by the barbed wire that encircles the ring instead of ropes. Shattered light tubes, broken tables, and thumbtacks litter the ring as well. The two competitors in the ring are a masked colorful clown whose garb is torn to expose tattered flesh and a barechested man in long black pants, also sporting several gashes across his face and body. Though his face is streaked by blood, the barechested man's face is eerily reminiscent of ONI's. ONI's eyes are locked on the television as the barechested man seems to be succumbing to his wounds. The clown piledrives him into the mat and pulls out a table, dousing it with lighter fluid. Before he can ignite the table, the barechested man pulls himself to his feet, blood dripping down his face. The clown picks up a chair and slams it brutally into his head, the crowd gasping at the loud crack. The barechested man sways on his feet, but refuses to go down. The clown does a double take, but backs up and gets a running start for what could be the final fatal blow. But with violent quickness, the barechested man kicks the chair into the clown's face. The clown stumbles back, dazed. The barechested man takes a swig from the bottle of lighter fluid and spits it into the clown's face. A kick to the gut and the clown is set up for a powerbomb. The barechested man takes a moment to cover the table in tacks and toss a lit match onto it, setting it up in flames. Then he powerbombs the clown through the flaming table, pinning him in the smoldering wreckage. The referee raises the barechested man's hand and a graphic pops up with some Japanese kanji and the name 'ANGELLUS.' ONI pauses the man who was his father, defiantly raising his arm in victory.

“Maybe some might think that I should be studying tapes that are a little more relevant to my opponents in the 24/7 Battle Royal. But my curiosity got the better of me. The name 'Angellus' wasn't known to me. He wasn't like my mother. He wasn't an ace of any promotion. He didn't hold gold wherever he went. He wasn't well respected by fans and other workers. No, he was a brutal, hard bitten man who came to brawl in the ring. Tough as nails. Merciless and efficient.  I believe that while we shape our own future, the past can still can still have bearing on the future as well.  Else why would Scott Diamond, Lethal Consequences, or Prince of Phenomenal have come back and be so sure to win the battle royal?  Their success in the past, while it does not directly help them in at Pain For Pride, gives them assurance and confidence that they have succeeded in this environment and can succeed again.  But it goes back further than just your own past.  Looking into family histories, you see patterns develop, traits passed down from generation to generation.  We aren't beholden to the past, but we can't deny the gravity that it exercises on our own lives, subtly guiding our path.  Sure you can pull yourself out of it's presence, but that takes more and more effort."

ONI rubs his face, expression thoughtful.

"In my father, this Cole Andrews who called himself 'Angellus', I see the brute I have become, the man awakened by Eclipse from the broken body of Dynamo Go.  I feel his bulldog tenacity, I use his iron grip, and I echo his love of pain -in himself and in others.  Maybe that's why grandfather truly came here.  He saw what I was became and wanted to show me a different path, his path and my mother's path.  I've felt that awakening within me as well.  The agility, the quickness, the freedom of flying ... I'm so much quicker than I was as Dynamo Go, made all the more dangerous now that I'm not as concerned about dancing like a monkey.  Nor do I fear the heights as I once did.  But while he's trying to pull me in one direction, I find myself pulling back.  I don't want to be my father.  But I'm not my mother either.  Or my grandfather.  I need to be one thing: me."

ONI reaches down and picks up one of the lengths of chain he carries around.

"Since I came back as ONI, I have talked about breaking free of the chains that have held me back.  Ripping off the masks that I hid behind.  But each time I snap a chain, remove a mask, I find another binding me, another over my face.  I did so in the name of forward progress.  I didn't want to look behind.  Maybe I'm looking at it all wrong.  Maybe the point isn't to tear and destroy ... but to conquer and own.  Make the mask my face.  Use the chains as my reach.  Take hold of my dream."

A laugh from ONI, slightly hysterical.

"My blood family is gone.  Father and Mother dead.  Grandfather about to live out the rest of his life chewing on the mistaken vengeance he took in his own hands.  Their roads have all ended.  But mine is just beginning.  Call it what you want: rebirth, resurrection, or just a new perspective.  But I am anew.  The chaos of the battle royal is only the beginning of the unrest ahead.  A new season awaits.  A new draft where my family here in the Sanatorium could be scattered to the four corners of the world.  But through this roiling maelstrom, I will emerge out the other side, whether I have a guaranteed title shot or not.  I will show the world that this Demon, this Saint, this Dreamer burns with renewed vigor.  I shall dance as a flame under the bright lights of Pain For Pride, immolating any who brush against me til they are naught but cinders.  Does glory await me, to be the last standing?"

"I think enough have mentioned already, but I will reiterate, that luck plays a much larger role in this match than in any other type.  One on one, I know that I'm a match for anyone in the ring, be they Sheridan Muller, Scott Diamond, Theron Nikolas, or Johnny Nova.  But in such a setting, it's possible that Lady Luck could elevate even one as lowly as Shaker Jones to win this match.  Unlikely, improbable, and a sore letdown for all involved, but taking all variables into account, it does have a minuscule chance of happening.  That's how chaotic this match is.  How over stuffed with names it is.  Why I even heard someone call someone out who wasn't even in this match at all.  I think he forgot that Solomon Caine was referring to a different Nova.  But still, you see the confusion that has obscured the field of battle.  I have listened and I have thought on the words that my competitors fling at each other, and most of it strikes me as hypermasculine -even from the women- posing.  So many of them speaking in the manner of a checklist, seeking to have that last word.  But in the end, none of them will have the last word until the final bell has rung in the ring.  They focus so much of their attention outward, very few have the foresight to focus their attention inward, and battle the deadliest force in this match: distraction.  Because when someone focuses on Theron Nikolas or Sheridan Muller to give them some physical punctuation to their verbal sparring, that's when they've taken their eye off of the ball and become vulnerable to being taken out of the equation.  Some recognize this.  Scott Diamond probably most of all, a tribute to his veteran instincts.  I seek to take a more open approach.  I don't go into this match seeking battle with specific people.  Much as I would love to match my skills against the proud Azumi Goto or the spooky Darkane or the speedy Johnny Nova, I know that I would not get any satisfaction out of it.  Because in this clustered mess, a true fight, man-to-man (or woman, as the case might be), is impossible to find.  No sooner would we get into a true test of who is more skilled, more adept, then someone else would interject themselves and the moment would be gone.  I will take my fights as they come, but I know that I won't be able to truly enjoy any of them."

"But I do have to say that one man who has truly sparked my interest has been Scott Diamond.  I've seen him return a few times in the past, but it was more like watching a husk wrestle.  It had the shape of a man who was truly feared in the ring, but none of the power and determination behind it.  More a shell, a figment.  This time, though, there's something different about him.  He's calmer.  More focused.  He carries himself with assurance and composure.  I respect that.  I want to fight that.  I want to send it screaming in agony to its knees because I know that I could learn something from its pain.  I know that we won't get much of a chance to dance at Pain For Pride, but there's a part of me that hopes we're both still on the same brand when the dust settles.  He is a foe that can teach me.  But that will have to wait for another time."

"No, Pain For Pride is not about proving that I can win this chaotic mess.  It's about shining on this stage, proving that Pain For Pride is where I belong, even if the night ends with bitterness.  Pain For Pride is about shedding my skin, emerging from a cocoon of fire, and spreading my new wings.  There will be pain, yes.  I know this.  But I will look back on this night with pride, no matter what.  Because it was the first night that I fought, finally comfortable in my own skin, not under the duress of anything in my past, but finally ready to forge my own future."

"As a Demon.  As a Saint.  As a Dreamer."

A river in a dry land
the last ace in a lost hand
When the hope of new beginnings
burned our feet
Now we need it:
A heartbeat for a tin man
An oasis in a singed land
Remind us what we're here for:
Creating new life

Creating rivers in the desert
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 20th 2017, 12:28 pm by Darkane
Pain for Pride VII

This shovel needs some work, I haven't used it in a while. Nah. Maybe another time.

You want me to dig up something different on you Scott Diamond? I don't mind accepting that challenge, in fact, I embrace it. I could go on and on about how you're over-the-hill but that horse has been beaten to death, while it may be true in my eyes I must digest the fact that you're actually trying Scott. That whole charade about you not caring, bringing Albert in to the picture, speaking on your behalf in order to add emphasis that you don't care enough to even speak for yourself was an act of brilliant deception. So about that challenge you presented to Theron and I, we know that Theron will continue to yap worse than six barbers in the Bronx, but I find your challenge oh so interesting. How about instead of digging something up, I counter propose a scenario that could very well be true. You and me, the last two outlaws in this O.K. corral, facing off among desert dust and tumbleweeds. The fans going absolutely nuts, chanting 'this is awesome' while we stare a hole into each other. I know deep in your heart that you still love a good brawl and who better to go against than one of the best brawlers in this business today, yours truly? What will happen when we're alone in that ring. Who will be willing to dig deep within oneself to find that extra gear in order to win this fucking thing? I'm tired, you're tired, lets just fucking fight and if it takes us through the middle rope and all over this arena to determine who the absolute best is, then so be it. I feel that this proposition is a fair one. I don't need to dig up anything else on Scott Diamond. What's said has been said, it's out there, it leaves its own distinctive mark whether you realize it or not. I'm focused on that contract as you should be. That's all I care about and yeah, me saying that all I care about is the contract is also redundant but its also genuine. It is something that is true and it carries meaning beyond how many back and forth affairs you, Theron, Sheridan, whoever and I have. I want to know a couple of things Scott since you posed this challenge: How will you feel when you're looking up at the lights beaming down and burning your eyes after you have been eliminated when you see my hands raised in victory? What will you tell your lovely son and your wonderful wife when you hang your coat up as you close the door to your home behind you? How will you tell your son that you came up short and it wasn't in the cards on that fateful night? How can you explain to him in a way that make sense that, things happen and sometimes people get the better of you? Will he look at you not as a superhero but as a villain? Will your wife text me, instead of you, while you're on the road again, explaining how she feels as I try and console her? All of those questions go unanswered for now, but I want you to do something that might be hard for you after this match and that is stay. Stay and find me, come hell or high water, find me, because I'll be waiting for you.

Oh Theron your blatant sarcasm never fails to.. make me yawn like a cat in the sun. There you go again, reciting your one single solitary victory that nobody except you seems to remember, that's how much fucking impact it actually has. You would be a fool to think that I can't get back up from when you knocked me down on my ass, if you think that one fucking victory over me presents a perpetual dark cloud that will haunt me for the rest of my career then you're sadly mistaken, because newsflash: I'm over it, I'm ready for Pain for Pride, your victory over me is in the rear view mirror and if you don't have your sights set on that contract then you will be eliminated very, very quickly. The same mistake you made at Reasonable Doubt could very well be the same reason you lose at Pain for Pride; overconfidence. You made a promise to the world that you will win this match. That is a bold fucking proclamation. All I can do is roll my eyes at this point. This isn't one of the hardest promises you will have to keep. It is the hardest. No doubt about it and to watch you potentially fall from grace, even if it isn't by my hands would make for comedic gold. You're right that you can't lose, you can't possibly fucking lose now. You've dug such a deep hole for yourself that you better have an underground tunnel or you're going to get covered up for eternity. I know you're sick of hearing the consequences of what will happen if you fail, just like everybody else in this match is sick of hearing you bitch and moan about what is owed to you or how you tear others down when you're the one with everything to lose. You're an enigma Theron, you truly fucking are.

Johnny Nova, I'll take you seriously when the time is right. Right now you're a drab ankle biter who's main goal is to be a thorn in my side and antagonize me in anyway possible while I'm in the middle of warfare and once you get my full undivided attention, once there is a lull in the midst of battle you won't know whether to shit or wind your wrist watch. You'll see me come down on you with the wrath of a fucking lunatic. There will be times where you will get the upper hand on me, there will be times where you might think you have a puncher's chance. That is when I knock the human highlight reel back to reality and toss you over the top rope or clothesline you over the top rope, whatever I have to do in order to exterminate you. You're just a means to an end, you're part of the whole process in getting that contract. That's all that matters to me, you don't matter to me, Theron doesn't, Scott doesn't, Sheridan doesn't no person in this match is worth a damn to me, they're just in my way and I have to do everything in my power to make sure the path to that contract that I choose to embark on is as clear as possible.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 20th 2017, 12:26 pm by Theodore Hilfiger
Pain for Pride – Promo 3

Scott Diamond has been there and done it all. He has a huge list of accomplishments that he has achieved since being in Elite Answers Wrestling. It’s impressive really, he has been able to achieve things that only people can dream on. I am a newcomer to Elite Answers Wrestling, that is obvious. Realistically, I should listen to a man of Scott Diamond’s experience. He has achieved things that might take me years to achieve. However, am I going to listen to what Scott Diamond had to say? Absolutely not. Scott has had a lot to say over the past few days, recently he has dedicated a large part of his attention towards myself. I am flattered, Scott. Honestly, I am. I am flattered that a man with an ego as large as yours is willing to dedicate such a large part of your day to focusing on Theodore Hilfiger. You have finally dropped your obsession and infatuation with Sheridan Muller and realised that other people in this match matter too. It’s a real honour that you decided that I was the next biggest threat in this match. People will ask me, why don’t I want to listen to Scott Diamond? Why don’t I want to take in anything that he says and act on it accordingly? To put it simply for you all, Scott Diamond is washed up and past it. He is deluded and has an embarrassing sense of faux confidence. Why would anybody listen to someone like that?  I don’t respect you, Scott. Respect is earned, not given. You’re not particularly worth my time, Scott. I usually never make the mistake of arguing with people for whose opinions I have no respect. I’ve made an exception for you as I just feel what you’re saying is so ridiculously incorrect that I can’t bite my tongue any longer. You can go on all day about this obvious food chain but there seems to be something that you’re missing, Scott. Do you honestly think that you’re at the top of that food chain? Do you really think you’re above me? At the end of the day, we’re in the same match at Pain for Pride. Everything that you have achieved in the past has become futile and you’re now on the level of newcomers. I haven’t even made my debut yet and I’m still on the same level as you. Take a look in the mirror, Scott. Take a good, long look at yourself and decide what you think. Can you look at yourself in the mirror and say you’re happy with yourself? Can you say that you’re happy with where you’re at? Compare yourself to where you were at a few years ago. Your fall from grace has been monumental and well documented. I might not have been in this company long but it’s not hard to find out what people here think about you. Everyone in this company thinks that you’re a shadow of your former self, I can’t help but agree with them. You’re not the man you used to be, Scott. It’s almost as if your previous success existed within another dimension. I can’t look at you and imagine that you were ever at the top of the card. Just seeing how you wrestle, how you talk and how you conduct yourself on a daily basis, you really don’t strike me as someone who was ever in the main event. I am not here to abide to this hypothetical food chain, Scott. I am here to make an impression. That impression will start by eliminating an EAW Hall of Famer from this match.

A competitor that has been making a lot of noise in the build up to this match is a man that I have not had the time to address yet, Theron Nikolas. He’s been running his mouth even more than Scott Diamond and Sheridan Muller. I didn’t think it was possible to find someone who utters even more mindless dribble than those two but we’ve found somebody. The only positive that I can see about Theron Nikolas is that he seems to see the same flaws in Scott Diamond that I do. It isn’t quite bizarre that he can notice these flaws in Scott Diamond’s game but not seem to see the chinks in his armour. Trust me, he has a lot of them. The lack of ambition that this man has for a start is a large fault of his. He announced himself as the first entrant into this Battle Royal. This Battle Royal consists of mainly newcomers, people who are looking to make a name for themselves. Theron has been a member of the EAW roster for a little bit of time now, did he not think that he could get involved in a more prestigious match at Pain for Pride. Not to diminish the prestige of this match but apart from myself, it’s not exactly filled with superstars. Let me ask you this question, Theron. Why didn’t you aim for a more prestigious match? Why did you declare yourself as the first entrant in this match? Is it because you lack serious ambitious and realise that you’ll never be good enough to face against anyone that has been in this company for a substantial amount of time? I’m very disappointed in you, Theron. I expected more from a man that simply can’t seem to stop running his mouth. It seems like every single day you have something new to say. You have some more shit to talk. You have some more lies to tell. I know what you’re thinking, Theron. You’re curious to why I have verbally attacked you like this aren’t you? You haven’t said a word about me and I’ve came at your neck like nobody ever has before. I don’t like people who run their mouth without having anything to back it up. You’ve been here for longer than me and achieved the exact same, absolutely nothing. You’re so irrelevant that if we told people this is your debut they wouldn’t even bat an eyelid. Why do you talk such a big game when you’re achieved so little? Unlike Scott, I believe your confidence to be true. I think that you’re really so up your own ass that you think you’re actually going to win this match. Reality is going to hit you hard.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 20th 2017, 11:33 am by Abelard Becker
Alright, so maybe I misconstrued your words, maybe you didn't call me boring but was instead calling what Sheridan and I were conversing about boring... but Johnny, that really doesn't change anything. That doesn't change my opinion of you or your story. That doesn't make your come up any less mind-numbingly dull and tedious. It's a tale of falling to the absolute rock bottom due to some incredible hardship only to be resurrected in triumph and glory. It's a real tear-jerker, something you might expect to hear in a Sunday morning sermon. Ugh. 

There aren't enough fingers and toes in the world to count the number of times I've heard that one before. It almost makes you think that these stories aren't even real, that they're just told by people as a way to make them seem more interesting, like they're playing a character. Almost though, because we know that could never happen, right? 

Ol' Johnny Boy is upset with me because I haven't talked about what I plan to do in order to win this match. Which means he's annoyed that I haven't shared my strategy with him. Which means he doesn't have a strategy of my own and looks up to me for advice because he knows that without a shadow of a doubt, I'm the top dog in this match. Well, I'm sorry to have to share the bad news with you Johnny, but I don't have a strategy, there's no point in having one for a match like this. There's thirty-three people in this match, thirty-three. And they're all gonna be in the ring at the same time. Why stick to a strategy when it's destined to be broken within seconds of the bell ringing? You can't prepare for something like this, like I said days ago, the only thing we can hope is that luck happens to be on our side that night. That a few things fall our way. That we ourselves don't fall a certain way and are able to keep our two feet firmly planted onto the canvas surface. But we all know that despite all the hoping and praying we do, only one of us is going to have ours answered. I'm far too smart to say I have an advantage due to my size and strength, if that were the case I would've won a few of these by now, but instead I'm winless. 

And I have no reason to think that won't be the case again at Pain For Pride.

Look at the names who have won battle royals in the past and then look who hasn't one them. Mr. DEDEDE has never won a Grand Rampage, in fact his performances in them are quite poor. The Heart Break Boy the same. The greats don't win these types of matches because they weren't designed for the greats, they were designed for the lucky. Luck has no bias, luck doesn't leech itself onto one type more than it does another. Luck is luck, and no one is gonna know whose side it's on until the final bell rings and the victor gets his... or her arm raised in the air.

So you want a strategy? Alright I think I got one for you. We're in the New York area... go to Central Park and try to find yourself a four leaf clover. Maybe that'll give you an advantage.
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EAW Promoz!

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