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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 21st 2017, 2:50 pm by showster26
The 24/7 Battle Royal @ Pain For Pride, Promo #5 

@PicPerfectMichaels has posted a status update: 

“Hours. We're officially so close to the biggest Event the world has ever seen, that we no longer even need to measure the time till in days.  We are getting down to crunch time here folks, and every single member of the roster is starting to feel it. From the top to the bottom, from the rookies to the seasoned veterans. Everyone is amped up and ready to be at their best this weekend for the show of shows, #PainForPrideX. And yours truly is no exception. I have been looking forward to this moment for the longest time now, and believe you me, I will make this a night to remember for all of you, when I toss the last of those poor saps who were unfortunate enough to be in the ring with me. 

And just like they have all week, they have been taking directly out of their asses with all this. Nonsense about how they're better than me,  or get this, that I'm the bottom of the barrel when it comes to talent. Boy, are each and everyone of these good for nothing bastards in for a surprise (even though they shouldn't be) when I kick the ever loving shit out of each and every one of them, and toss all of them right over the top rope.  But hey loo on the bright side, the sooner I'm done kicking all of your asses, the sooner you can go and catch a case of the herp from that $20 hooker you’ve had your eye on, but needed that Pain For Pride bonus to actually buy. 

Now Theron Nicolas. You talk about the roll you've been on. Like I've said before, your only on a roll because we haven't been in the ring together yet. And when we do at Pain For Pride, the only thing that's gonna roll about you, are your eyes to the back of your head after I bitch slap you upside it.  You go on and on about how you squashed a few low end talents. Mother fucker I've been in the ring with legendary talents, still in their prime. Men like DeDeDe, Impact, Crash.  I sent Scott Oasis running for the hills. And more importantly, I've sent countless big headed, overhyped shits like you into early retirement. I'm the biggest thing going for Dynasty right now (especially since Tig Kelly is MIA). Yet in the two years I've been here, I've had only a single one on one title match, which I happened to win by the way. Every day since I've been passed up in favor of the flavor of the month, or saddled with some douche bag so that Monroe’s hand picked champions had a way to retain without beating me.

That is gonna change this weekend when I dump you and 32 others out on to the alongside all the rest of the trash in this god forsaken state. I am going to win this battle royal, and the cherry on top is getting to see your face, when this ‘failure’ has his hand raised for all the world to see. 

Hey did anyone hear Lethal Consequences?  What's a matter sport?  I know an old dog like you really doesn't have much to offer, but don't be so glum. You and the rest Senior Circuit gang are getting that Pain For Pride Payday.  You get one last moment in the sun, and you get to be a guy who passed the torch to the future of this business. You get to have a stadium filled with people cheer “Oh hey, that's that one guy, and he's here tonight.”   

And most importantly you get to have that moment in the match that people around the world will have their eyes glued to. When I toss your old, has been ass over the top, do you know how many likes that picture is gonna get?  Millions to say the least. Eliminating you, well that is gonna open the door to even more followers on social media. And defeating another former  world champion, is only gonna solidify my place as the next face of EAW. 

Same thing goes for you Scott Diamond. You're already done taking? What is the early bird special at the old folks home on? Now I know at your age you have to conserve the small amount of strength you have left, but really scotty? You're done already?  You finished quicker than you did with your wife in bed last night. And everyone is about as unsatisfied. If this is what you become now a days, than the mercy killing I'm giving you at PainFor Pride can't come soon enough. 

Say anyone heard from Harvey York? Or Carson Ramsey? Or well half the guys in the goddamn match? No? And no one really cares what any of those empty headed fucks have to say anyways?  No, just checking. They're  all probably busy trying to come up with an excuse for when I beat the crap out of all of them. Either that, or they're all trying to figure out where's the best place to lie low until I've won the battle royal and it's safe to come out. 

Oh god, Redneck Ralph just opened his mouth and started  spewing out all his ultra patriotic horse shit. You know I was hoping since we're so close to Pain For Pride, that Cody would have just kept his dumb mouth shut. But much like Forrest Gump, stupid is as stupid does. Cody now that you've said your piece, why don't you leave the discussion about who's gonna win this battle royal to the people with I.Q.s over 50. 

And Jon McAdams maybe you should get a few facts straight. See first I was on the go home show for burning Desire, it was the show where Lucas Johnson finally stopped ducking me (and threw Anthony Leonhart into my New Breed Championship match).  Now yes you were the hardcore champion (for a week) and you did pin the champion to get it (though Carson Ramsey should get the credit).  But this Weekend, it's a whole different ball game. At Pain For Pride, I'm not gonna let some snot nosed bastard or his bromance stand between me, and that contract. I'm not gonna let the guy who ran and hid from that Solomon whatshisface, be the one who keeps me from laying hands on all I deserve. With one victory I am going to erase all the bullshit that held back in the past. With one cash in of that contract, I will cement and vindicate everything I've ever said about being the greatest professional wrestler alive. You call it nonsense, I call it a promise. And if you don't like it, you can go back to playing hide the sausage with your buddy Mike Showman. So Jon why don't you do everyone a big favor. Why don't pip pip, cherri oh, and fuck right he hell off before I break that cane of yours off in your ass

Kaise, just what makes you, or any of the other guys who just signed a contract, think that any of you stand a chance of winning this battle royal?  Where does this thought come from (besides a crack pipe)? You may be ten steps ahead of every one Kaise, but that's because you're headed in the wrong direction. See instead of just flying under the radar and maybe stealing an Elimination or two. You've made yourself the most pompous ass in this match (and considering who’s in this one that's saying something). You mumble all this ‘the world will know who the fuck is Kaise Boetius’ and really we all kinda got it figured out already. He's a complete jackass who thinks he's more deceiving and devious than anyone in the history of EAW. He's a teeny tiny little man who thinks he's gonna box with a wrestling god and somehow not get his ass beaten all over MetLife Stadium!  You had one match where you beat a guy with a losing record. If you think I'm impressed, think again. Let's see how you, or anyone else who's been here less than a month fare in two weeks. Let's see how many of you are left. I've seen a million guys like you Kaise. Riddler, Gambit, Jaden Zaxira, the list goes on and on. You know who's cut them all?  Me!  You know who sent every one of their overhyped, underdeveloped asses back to doing spot shows at flea markets? Me!  You know who's the one who has what it takes to still be here when guys who the suits got enamored and the. Bored with drop like flys?  Me!  I'm the goddamn iron man of this company simply because I don't tuck my tail and run like every other son of a bitch who thought they were hot shit has. 

I'm here because I've had a goal since I was a six year old kid, to be a world champion. Last year Kaise, you weren't even a wrestler. I am here because I will grind and grind, and grind until I hold that world championship in my hand and snap it on to my waist! 

Everyone, from Jonny Nova, to Sheridan Muller better start getting with the goddamn program. I'm not coming to get a nostalgia pop from the crowd like Scott Diamond. I'm not coming to promote a brand of EAW like the hot Asian chicks who don't know when to shut up. I'm not coming to find my place on the roster like Teddy Hilfiger. No I am coming to snap up that contract, because when I do, championship gold is as good as mine. Mine! Do you fuckheads understand?!  I don't care if you're a hall of gamer, or a goddamn newbie, you stand in my way, and I will hurt you. It doesn't matter if your name is Darkane, or Prince of Phenomenal, you step to be and I will embarrass your ass in front of 80,000 people live, and millions more around the globe watching on TV.  

You all should be taking a page from Tig Kelly and El Ironico, because they've been hiding out in some dumpy dive bar, afraid to step into the ring with Mark Michaels. They've done it before, and they sure as hell never want to do it again. So all of you zip your lips, shut the fuck up, and while your at it, bow down before the man who will stand head and shoulders a over each and every one of you jackasses. 

Show some respect to the Twitter Trendsetter, the Instagram Icon, the #Hero that is gonna mow down you mother fuckers faster than a machine gun!  Get yourself good and ready to be dominated from bell to bell, by the man whose combination of speed, strength, technical skill, and ring savvy have earned him the title of Perfect!  It won't matter if your the model of German efficiency, or the man with the silver swing, or whatever the fuck ONI’s nickname is, because whatever you are, your not better than perfect. All of you better get ready, because your all about to be face to face with the biggest star that EAW Has ever seen. The man who will lead as the face of EAW, and without a single doubt go down as the unquestioned, undisputed,  single greatest professional athlete to ever step between the ropes! You all are about to see just what has earned me an army of followers from around the globe. You all are about stand in the ring across from the Social Media Champion of the world! You all are about to get an A-list ass kicking, courtesy of “Picture Perfect” Mark Michaels.  Pain For Pride, that contract is mine, so all of you better start Picturing THAT!  

#PainForPrideX #Mr.24/7 #EAW #InTheBag

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 21st 2017, 2:13 pm by Ares Vendetta

I spent three long years confined to a wheelchair with absolutely nothing to do but watch, and although my body grew weak and my mental faculties perhaps even weaker… I realize now, there was a benefit to it all. All I had to do was watch. I just had to observe. Observe every second of every hour of every day of every week and every month as the years went by. I imprisoned myself. When it all came down to it, nobody did it to me. I did it to myself. DEDEDE was no more than a catalyst to the inevitable. Thinking and watching was all I had left in the World, but it’s proven to be enough, because I got to see you. No, not you, but all of you. I got to watch how people function, like watching a car crash, unable to look away. Watching them each dwindle from honest people into what they’ve become. Like a child born into the World, I believe they begin innocently enough. They may be fueled by falsities, but their hope and intentions are genuine. I admire that. I truly wish I knew that feeling, just one more time, but I think the opportunity to experience that has long since passed. Instead, I carry no true intentions. I have no legitimate goals. What I’ve talked about doing to you - it’s not something I ever wanted. I didn’t come to you for this, I didn’t wish for this, I didn’t accept this, but I will do this if there is no other option. All of this talk of warped realities just makes me wonder if you can even hear the filth you’re spewing. In all my years of mere observation, I witnessed people skew their realities when doubt in their minds gave way to envy and pride, and I watched as envy and pride took over to become unmitigated selfishness, and I watched as it all led to their destruction. Now here we stand, on the precipice of your own destruction; pulling the thread with every word and wondering when you’ll realize how much has come apart.

There is no doubt in my mind - you are not Viper.

Nor are you Brian Daniels.

You are an abomination; a bastardized mold of what Viper used to be and what Brian Daniels tries to be. You spat your venom at me when I so much as called you by that name, and that in of itself told me enough. Watching it crawl beneath your skin and boil your blood so easily, things became that much more obvious. It boggles my mind how you intend to fight the match of your life, covered in wounds that you’ve never had the guts to let heal. All you are, and all you have ever been is a man trying to attain something that never existed, unable to fathom why he hasn’t already done so. At one time in your life, you were more than a sidekick to Robbie V. That’s the truth. I wish it still were. Unfortunately, I can’t look at the man in front of me and say that. All I can do is feel a sense of crushing disappointment, because this is where we stand. Right here, in front of a monument to your insecurities. Every ounce of your life for years now, dedicated to this… There’s no doubt about it anymore, Viper, you are inferior. You’re inferior in every way. You are inferior to the man you once were. You are inferior to the genuine person you used to be when you first stepped foot inside an EAW ring. He may have been a foolish little kid, but he had something you will never have, and it’s exactly what will keep you from being able to finish the job when it comes down to it. That mere kid lived for the moment, and just wanted to experience all of this. He just wanted to wrestle. And now look at you. Look at what you’ve become. Look at this reality you’ve created. Look at the people you’ve gone through for the sake of this. Look at what you sacrificed for something so trivial. He was only a kid, but even he would have known better. He was a real person, but you?

You’re just a fake.

A fake that, ironically enough, acts like a child himself. A child who chooses to cover his ears and pretend all that I speak is a lie. That you fight for yourself. That you don’t idolize Robbie V. Viper, if all of that were the truth, this wouldn’t be happening. I would still be forced into retirement, and you would be doing something far more worthwhile at the biggest Pain For Pride in the history of this company. To you, I am your warped little World. I am everything. I am the be all end all, and you know it. For years and years, you’ve worked towards this match. You’ve built yourself up to this moment for the sake of one day beating Robbie V. Don’t kid yourself, faker. But then again, that’s all Brian Daniels truly is, isn’t it? You’ve gone out of your way to explain to me and the rest of the World where the differences lie between the man you used to be and the man you are now, but I think it’s all painfully obvious. Brian Daniels is filled to the brim with hypocrisy - fueled on ideals that hinge not on himself, but someone else. How does it feel? How does it feel to know you wasted the greatest years of your life for someone else’s sake? How does it feel to know you threw everything away for this man you claim you don’t idolize anymore? Once upon a time, I was worshipped as a God. Not once did I ever believe it, but it seems I still have at least one man left worshipping. I have at least one man willing to offer everything he has to his God. Consider what becomes of you at Pain For Pride to be divine punishment, because your God will smite you for everything you’ve done, not to him, but to yourself.

To yourself.

And that’s the ballad of Brian Daniels.

All your career has been about doing it all to yourself. The moment you opened your mouth and told the World you wanted a match with Robbie V, it became the truth of it. It could have been theorized back when you were throwing your career away time and time again for this or that, but now it is absolute fact. You have always been your greatest enemy. You’re bouncing off of the walls of your own mind, cursing me for demeaning you, calling you inferior and a mere sidekick. There’s billions of people in the World, and only one that should matter: You. While you refuse to take your focus off of Robbie V, believing he’s the one saying those things, you once more completely miss the point. You just can’t seem to see the forest for the trees. Look in a mirror for once in your life if you’re looking for the man responsible for calling you a sidekick and considering you to be inferior to Robbie V. It’s not a superiority complex on my part, it’s an inferiority complex on your part. You’re the only one who truly believes you were no more to me than a sidekick. You’re the one who believes I’m superior. You’re the one who’s so Goddamn dedicated to those beliefs that you’ve come this far, bleed everywhere in the World, beaten so many people, won so much gold - yet it was all just for this. You. Not anyone else. You. You did this. You did this to yourself, and you know it. You selfish son of a bitch. At Pain For Pride, I don’t intend to change the way you think. I’m not going to open your eyes. I’m not going to make you regret anything, because I don’t care. Not anymore. You’re the only one left to care, and you’ve got plenty enough to go around.

I’m going to win.

I can’t clean my hands of this blood, but I can clean them of you.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 21st 2017, 1:00 pm by Bloody Jack
{Greetings one and all!

Tis I…The Scribe!  Here to bring you yet another glorious message from your Broken Lord and Savior…Zack Crash!

And oh what a special message it shall be dear viewer!

So we once again find my master in the golden room that he has built to pay homage to the accomplishments of his previous form.  After much meditation and praying to the ether for inspiration, he has since decided to dubbed this room…The Church of Crash!  And as before, he is not alone in this place.  Only this time, he is not entertaining an enemy.  Two rows of robbed men and women shoot straight down the center of the room, on either side of the glass cases containing the memories of my master’s past glories.  My lord stands at the head of these two rows in front of the crystal stand that only too recently held the Championship of Hardcore.  He looks longingly at the stand, as if amongst the jewels and crystals he can still view the championship he knows is rightfully his, as was foretold to him by the 7 Deities.  He reaches out with a single finger and lovingly strokes the empty display.  But within his mind, Zack can still feel the smooth leather and the cold gold so sensitive to his touch.  It sends chills of inevitability up his spine.  For he knows soon the championship will find itself back on this pedestal where it belongs, where it will be properly honored with blood and praise.  

Finally, he turns to address the assembly, who have been quietly chanting “erase” under their breaths this entire time.  He walks up and down the middle of the row of Broken Followers, addressing each one at random points during his long speech.}

Yeeeeezzzzzz hahahaha!  Tis a most AUSPICIOUS occasion indeeeeeed!  For we are soon to celebrate the tenth year that Wrestling Answers that is Elite has been in existence.  Truly tis a great and marvelous milestone to achieve, and I am honored to be here once ageen.  For ten earthly rotations, this battlefield has been the birthplace of some of the greatest warriors in either the Shatter-verse or the mortal realm.  And it all began here…at the Painful Pride show!  This is the greatest battlefield Wrestling Answers that is Elite has to offer its warriors.  The grandest stage, the most spectators, the ultimate glory!  Yeeeeeeezzzzzzz hahahahaha!  Even know, as I contemplate the approaching day, I can feel my skin tingle and prickle with the goose bumps of joy.  Yet tis a feeling I have felt many a time before.  For I remember another, equally miraculous day.  Twas five earthly rotations ago, when I myself first walk onto that battlefield of greatness and glory.  I was but a young pup, not yet even, not yet blessed with my Broken Enlightenment, still tormented by my earthly form, but still I was a warrior.  And I eagerly jumped onto that battlefield, hoping to gain for myself some small measure of immortality for myself.  Oh how I remember that day like it was still captured within the aura of time.  I was but a lowly rookie, eager to please and impress others.  My first great battle on the stage was nothing to be remembered.  Little did I know, even back then, Nero Maxwell had plans for me though.  Since that fateful day, I have been involved in many a historic moment for the Painful Pride show.
{Zack walks up to a glass case, containing a replica of his Cash In The Vault brief case.  Next to it, in yet another glass case, is the replica of his World Heavyweight Championship.}
Zack Crash:  Twas here, at Painful Pride The Sixth, where I but vanquished 5 other deadly foes to climb the tall structure that is a ladder, to retrieve this most desired briefcase.  But that was not to be the end of my glory that night.  NO!  For I used this briefcase as the weapon it is, and cashed it in that same night to conquer Jay Of The Walker Clan, the man many were starting to believe could not be overcome!  In that single night, I not only became Mr. Cash In The Vault and Champion of the World Heavyweights, but I ended the single greatest undefeated streak of the era!  Truly, it was a night for Zack Crash!  But it was only the first in a long line of great and memorable moments to come. 
{Zack then takes a detour to the wall, where we find a framed poster of Painful Pride 7.}
Zack Crash:  It was here that I did battle with both brothah and mortal foe in Hellraiser Hades and the Demon that is Dark!  Oh what a glorious battle it was.  Many speak of it to this day as one of the greatest encounters both worlds have ever seen.  Even now the sirens sing about it through space and time.  They give special praise to myself for my 70 ft. dive during the war.  They sing of how it shows my resolve, my daring, my disregard for my own safety, and how even then I showed the signs of a prophet of Broken Enlightenment.  Many called it the greatest match of that year, and few disagreed.  On this night, although I was beaten, I showed the world the power of my will and the lengths it would take me to achieve victory.  Something few of my opponents have dared forget.
{Next to that framed poster is naturally the framed poster of the following years Painful Pride.}
Zack Crash:  Ahhh but one cannot forget their darker times.  For it was here that I was foe and another was hero.  Alas, I am not proud of who I was during this time, but regardless of my alignment, twas a necessary path, for it only added to my ever growing glory.  For it was my first Painful Pride where I walked into the arena a champion!  And although the night may have rightly ended in my deserving defeat, I obtained a different kind of immortality that night.  On that night, I became one of the few men (if not the only man) in this place to do battle for the World Heavyweight, Answers World Wrestling, and EAW Championship in back to back to back shows!  Not my finest hour, but still even in my depravity, I managed to further etch my name in the stars above!  
{And next to that is the framed poster of the previous Painful Pride show.}
Zack Crash:  And finally, we come to the previous years Painful Pride.  I was still a villain here, and it was here I faced my most deadly foe and rival…Jacob Of The Clan Senn!  The man who shall deservedly earn his own form of immortality when he joins me in the Hall Of Fame!  Together, our war was one that shall never been seen again!  For three years we had battled off and on, and it was this night when that war came to its epic conclusion.  Yet another defeat, but also a victory!  For even in defeat a man can leave his mark upon history.  I did battle this night with a great and worthy foe, and the battle was SPECTAAAACULAAAAAR!!!  It shall remain in people’s memory for generations to come.  Our feud shall be the standard for all future wars to be waged!             

{Zack walks back up to the crystal stand, turns back to his followers, spreads his arms wide and shouts.}
Zack Crash:  What say you to this my brothas and sistahs?  Does my glory not amaze you all?  Does it not outshine all others?   
Druids:  erase…erase…erase…erase…erase…
Zack Crash:  DELIGHTFUL!!!  But this years Painful Pride could be the most important one of them all.  For I have looked into the past, the present, and the future in order to better understand this destiny of mine.  Everything that I have done, everything that has been done to me, no matter how insignificant or major, all of it has been leading me to this very moment in space and time.  This show…this match…this championship…this opponent…all of it was destined to happen before any of us were even concepts!  Nothing could have stopped this encounter, and nothing can stop its foretold outcome.  It is the will of the 7 Deities, of Lord Nero Maxwell, of the Shatter-verse, of the very universe itself!  I was meant to become the Champion of Hardcore!  Because it was through Hardcore that I was guided to imparity.  It was through a crucible of blood and pain that I gained the abilities and wisdom I now have.  I have been foolish, believing that mere words can guide those who do not understand Broken Enlightenment to its embrace.  I thought mere deed would educate and bring more brothahs and sistahs to my side.  No, there is only one true way to gain such blessing.  I understand now, and it is through the same methods that I shall impart onto others the same Enlightenment I have been blessed with!  So I shall take from the unworthy king his crown, and in so wearing it, I shall inflict upon my opponents a cacophony of pain.  But in doing so, I shall open their eyes to the truth of the world around them.  Finally they shall see what I see!  Finally they shall hear as I hear!  Finally they shall be “Damaged” as I am “Damaged”!
{The druids chant louder.}
Druids:  Erase…Erase…Erase…       
{A new, golden television descends from the ceiling, turns itself on, and displays an image of my master’s opponent…Ahren Fournier!}
Zack Crash:  Aaaaahhhren Fournear!

Do you understand why I have taken you and my followers along this trip through the history of my time at this spectacle of shows?  It was to offer you the one thing you lack, and the thing I have an abundance of…ENLIGHTNMENT!  To educate you about the gap of ability and deed that separates you and I; to instruct you in the way to do proper honor to a championship; to expose your ignorance; and to inform you about the inevitability of your defeeeeeet!!!

First, let us focus on the most simple and obvious of your faults, the way you have dishonored the Championship of Hardcore.  Of course I am certain you feel I am going to take the cheapest of shots at you and call into question the manner in which you defend and retain your title.  While that certainly is questionable, tis not the true reason you are not worthy to hold the gold you currently wear.  The truth is…thou does not respect the championship ye carries!  I need not point to a number of actions to prove this, but simply to remember your own words you disgustingly uttered to me not so long ago.  You questioned as to why a man such as I, a former World Champion and Hall Of Famer, would seek the Championship of Hardcore as my prize.  You even went so far as to claim that I was “lowering myself” by wanting to become the Champion of Hardcore.  You asked why I had not bigger aspirations.  Such vile words reveal the depth of your disrespect for the crown you wear upon your unworthy head!  You dishonor yourself and the rich legacy of that championship by questioning as to why I would want such a title, by stating that such a desire is beneath me.  It is YOU who are beneath me!  You are an OBSOLETE creature, undeserving of the honor of doing battle with a man as enlightened as I!  You are but a babe, a green warrior who has yet to experience true battle, stepping out onto his first Great War against a seasoned general!  But in the hopes that you shall see reason, allow me to answer your question.  I seek the crown of Hardcore because I am the most Hardcore person in this company.  You are correct; a simple purchase of hardware supplies and weapons does not make one hardcore, nor does a building of a room dedicated to such things.  They are but tools to achieve that end.  No what makes an individual “hardcore” is the pain they suffer, the blood they sacrifice, the intensity of their violent tendencies, and the strength of their will!  I have fallen from heights of 70 feet, and lived to tell the tale!  I have faced foes that wished for my death in wars that ended only within an ambulance, only to walk out the next day!  I have stepped into Chambers from which there was no escape, and yet found a way out!  I was crucified and shock with electricity beyond what any mortal can withstand, but instead of facing my death I found rebirth!  And all of that was in my previous, lesser form!  If I was capable of all that then, you can only imagine what I am capable of now.  I know the limits to which a body can be pushed because I have survived such encounters.  I know how best to inflict pain upon my opponent because I have suffered such pain.  Nero Maxwell and the 7 Deities have taught me ways to inflict suffering that have yet to be discovered by mortal men, all in the hopes that I shall guide more to Broken Enlightenment.  As such I am more worthy to hold that crown than you ever shall be!  No man who would view a challenger in their attempt to take his championship as “lowering himself” truly ever valued it in the first place!  Oh how I pity you for such ignorance.  To you, the championship may be simply a means to an end; a prop to lift yourself to new heights, but a true champion views his or her championship as THE championship.  You think I am lowering myself by seeking this belt?  Well I say there is no greater honor than to fight over a championship that has such a rich and vibrant history.  So since you do not truly want the Championship of Hardcore, I shall take it away from you, and I shall honor it beyond all other accomplishments of mine.  As made evident by the shrine I have constructed to pay homage to its glory.  Mock my shrine all you want, at least it proves that only I am capable of bringing prestige back to the belt you failed to properly honor.  I shall do the history and legacy this belt proud.  A history and legacy I am certain you know nothing about!  And why would you, for you knew nothing of even MY own history. 
{The chanting of the druids grows louder and faster.}
Druids:  Erase, Erase, Erase, Erase, Erase, Erase, Erase!

Zack Crash:  For example, you read an article about Painful Pride 4, wondering why you saw me in no big matches.  YOU FOOL!!!  Twas not till the following Painful Pride that I made my debut onto the great stage!  Such a simple yet revealing mistake.  Perhaps that is why you feel such confidence in your victory.  Because you do not truly know who I am.  You may think you do, but as evident from your lack of knowing when I truly began here, you know NOTHING!  You were right about one part of my history however…patience.  I have more patience and longevity than most men that have stepped through that door.  But what you see as weakness is what has made me a legend!  Several men have come through these doors, some leaving no mark at all upon EAW’s history, others making an impact, but all failing to be remembered.  Why?  Because they could not survive the environment that is Answers Wrestling that is Elite!  For one reason or another, their memory has vanished into the ether, never again to be recalled with either fondness or disgust.  You’ve been here barely a year, so perhaps you too will be such a man.  A quick flash that impresses a few, only to become OBSOLETE with the passage of time!  But none can place such a title on Zack Crash!  I have survived 5 encounters upon this grand stage, whereas you have not even one!  I have multiple accolades to my name, whereas you have only one!  I am a certified Hall Of Famer, whereas you are the rookiest of rookies!  So tell me who you think has more to prove in this match up?!  Beating you proves nothing, yet I shall do it anyway because I shall gain everything!  THAT is what I get by staying here Aaaahren Fournear!  I get to punish ignorant fools like you by taking away that what they value most when they forget their place.  And what you value most is not the championship, but rather your pride.  And when I am done with you, your pride shall be so low, so nonexistent that you’ll be begging me to end your career, just so you don’t have to live with the shame of it anymore.  Of which I shall be happy to provide you such release…if I’m feeling merciful!     
{The druids are chanting so fast now it seems as if they are speaking nonsense words.  Many have even started to shiver so violently it looks as if they are about to fall into a seizure-induced fit.}
Druids:  EraseEraseEraseEraseEraseEraseEraseEraseErase!!!!
Zack Crash:  I care not if people wish for my departure from this place or if they even remember any of my accolades.  For this world has never understood my brilliance or talent, so why would they understand my Enlightenment?  The only person whose approval I seek is Lord Nero Maxwell…and myself!  Your opinions, your “truths” are less than worthless to me!  Because they are the lowest of falsehoods, brought on by the basest, most depressing form of ignorance I have ever seen!  Remember, it was I who gave you back “your championship” when you came seeking it.  Such a thing forces one to ask, why were you not able to take it back yourself?  Why did you not simply attack me and take back what you so wrongly believe belongs to you?  Answer…because you were afraid!  You claim I am not on your level?  Child…you can’t even see the level I’m on!  And deep down I think you know that!  You came to my house, caused much damage and destruction, but when you were face to face with your quarry…you…did…NOTHING!!!  You only hold that championship now because I returned it to your filthy hands and because I’m gracious enough to permit it!  Call it a final kindness before I humiliate you further.  Do you not understand now?  Can you not see why you have been fated as the first sacrifice in my GLORIOUS reign as the Champion of Hardcore?  It is because you lack a true champions honor and pride!  It is because you have deluded yourself into believing you are great when you have little to nothing to support such a claim!  It is because you do not understand the power of Broken Enlightenment, and you cannot defeat what you do not understand!  So I do not seek to make you understand, or to draw to into the arms of Lord Nero Maxwell, for you would be a blight upon Broken Enlightenment.  I seek only to punish you!  I desire only to hurt you!  I want to make you regret every foul and blasphemous utterance that has recently escaped your lips!  Your body shall experience pain it never knew it could feel!  I shall show you the true meaning of the word...HARDCORE!  Your mind shall break, your body will crumble, and when it is all ovaaaaaah you will be nothing more but a empty husk of a "man".  And the Broken Era within EAW shall truly begeeeeen!               
{Finally, in one swift motion, all the druids raise up their hands and together, throw back the hoods that were obscuring their faces.  They are an odd group of various ages of both men and women, but all bearing one physical similarity.  Each and everyone of them has the same white streak of bleached hair, marking them as a true follower of Broken Enlightenment.} 
Zack Crash:  At Painful Pride The Tenth, your reign shall be…
{Both my master and the druids speak in unison, slashing the air with a single, outstretched arm together as they do.} 
{Fade to black.}
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Opposition: Chris Elite, Moongoose McQueen & Lucas Johnson (champion)
Venue: East Rutherford, New Jersey - Show: Pain for Pride X
"As the big day comes closer and closer I can't help but feel some butterflies in my stomach. After all, June 24th will be the biggest event in the history of our sport. This is my first ever Pain for Pride and my first shot at a singles championship within EAW. However, as nervous as I am, I am also very excited knowing that I have such an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the future of this company. I get the chance to shut up three of the loudest mouths in the company, and the chance to dethrone the current New Breed Champion. We've heard all the comments, the wars of words over the last month or so but it culminates in just a few days with Ultimate X. Now, my opponents have already clear that I am playing with the big boys come June 24th(25th) and I am very much aware of that. But are they aware of what I am bringing to the table? At one point or another, I have defeated all three of my opponents. None of them have defeated me. Does that spell my success? No, but it's also very telling. Telling that I can hang with the big boys and give them a run for their money and PFPX will be no different. Actually, scratch that. There will be one, and only one, difference. And that will be who walks out of PFPX with the New Breed Championship. Now I may not be the most experienced of the lot. Most confident? Maybe not. But ambitious? Absolutely. You'll find no one is more ambitious than I am, no one is training harder on a day-to-day basis than I am. Why? Because this, all of this, has been a lifetime of hard work and self-sacrifice. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that I am the hardest working wrestler in the New Breed division and at PFPX, if I don't walk away with the belt, I will leave the impression in the minds of everyone that Finnegan Wakefield has what it takes to redefine the New Breed division and take it to a new height. Wipe away this stigma of the title being lower-tier and make it a title for the true workhorses of the next generation. Rival this new Openweight Championship in terms of cross-branded challenges and make it the most sought after title EAW has to offer. Call me overly ambitious, but I am willing to go the extra mile to prove that I can do that. Regardless of the EAW Draft and what brand I end up on after the dust settles, I will happily cross over to Voltage, to Showdown, to Dynasty, hell, I'll give the ladies of Empire a crack at the title if they want.

With that all being said, the people in my way are men who not only doubt that I have what it takes but have also tried dragging my reputation into the mud. All three of them, in all honesty, have selfish reasons to become champion, hell they themselves think they're above the title. And that's not a champion fitting for EAW. Not a champion fitting for the new talents of EAW. And all of them have been making comments this week at my expense so let's respond to them.

Was a little concerned Lucas Johnson took as long as he did to begin talking his usual shite. Thought for a moment the back to back to back losses were crushing his spirits a little. Thought the ogre's roar became a whimper. Wishful thinking I suppose still has loud and half-assed at paying attention as ever. He want's to toss McQueen off a ladder, albeit relatable, there are no ladders in an Ultimate X match. Think you'll find that kind of defeats the overall purpose. What I find the most baffling is the fact he still truly believes he is the "Ruler of the New Breed division". Hilarious that he, of all people, decides who is and who is not unworthy of a shot at the New Breed Championship opportunity. Last time I checked, if the rest of the roster had a say in the matter, I think they'd agree that Lucas Johnson is undeserving of the New Breed Championship. And that claim is only backed up by his actions. For the want of a better word, Lucas Johnson is what I'd call a disgraceful champion. A power hungry tyrant who believes the world owes him something when maybe, just maybe, he doesn't deserve it. But that's just my two cents on that. All I know is, if I can help it, I will make sure he doesn't hold onto that championship any longer. To put it in your words, you're fifteen minutes of fame are almost up, and I'll be there when it's over.

Next, we have Chris Elite, who now claims I'm obsessed with him. I'll be quite frank, a little ironic the man who claimed he wanted to take me under his wing and learn from him and talks about me to strippers is calling me obsessed. Regardless of that, I am glad you're taking this loss well. I don't even mean that snarkily or sarcastic, it's actually a little surprising than anything. But you did ask me what was wrong with being cocky. Sorry, I thought that question was a little redundant and didn't need to be explained. Since you need the closure, I'll explain it simply. When you're cocky, it only makes you look foolish if you can't back it up. Dynasty, you were cocky. You put up a hell of a fight, I'll give it to you mate you're talented, but God given talent lost to a wrestling artist that night. So all of those little things when you said you could drag me to a decent 7-8 minute match with only 50% of your talent, that backfired when we went blow for blow for a good 10 minutes in a dope match and you lost at 100%. Not trying to rub salt in the fresh wounds, but you did ask.

Finally, that brings me to Moongoose McQueen, the most verbal of the bunch this week.

Let me just say, you can't just preface things that are outside of reality, McQueen. You can't just twist a story to suit your benefit and start marketing it as fact. You can't just claim that you got a referee fired and then twist the story where you've helped him find his true passion when I've told you he still works here. You can't just twist the narrative by labelling yourself a righteous hero by justifying your psychotic-esque behaviour. It's hard to even tell if you're just lying or mentally ill anymore. Because since day one, that's all I've ever seen you do, twist the truth for your benefit, to justify cowardly and selfish acts. Yet you're some kind of hero who's done just as much good as they have done bad. Let's use your self-deprecating stories of questionable heroism to just call you out on your bullshit. Getting arrested because you allegedly saved women from being harassed by men. What a good guy you must be, yet you harass the women of EAW. Let's use a little snippet from your promo last week, directed at Ms. Tarah Nova. "I’m going to beat you so hard, your dad is going to look at me in disgust as to what I’m doing to his little girl." What a shining beacon of justice you are, a true hypocrite by definition. Let's dig a little deeper, as you say. McQueen lights a robber on fire for holding a dinar up at gunpoint? Yes, because instead of doing something like tackling and restraining someone who is intending to hurt others, my first reaction would be attempted murder. How about leaving a man hanging, just to scare him out of a suicide attempt? There is so much wrong with this one I don't even think I need to explain why this just helps further prove that you're a bad guy, I don't even need to be the one to label you. You may see yourself as Batman without the angst but in reality, the thing you don't seem to be living in, you're all angst without the Batman.

The sad thing is, as much as you create half of this shite to discredit someone else, I want to see the good in you. I'm sure a lot of people do, but you don't present that. You just present this weird bipolar which no one will ever truly understand because the story changes every time. You fire a referee and then you help him open his dance studio, despite him still working here. You're a righteous hero but you openly talk about burning people alive and leaving a man to die. You claim others play the victim card, only to play it when the roles are reversed. I almost feel sorry for you. But most of your shortcomings, your complaints, your woes they're all self-inflicted because instead of being a decent human being you retreat to the justification for your horrible actions, never admitting when you've done wrong unless it's for some form of soap story, something you also blame others for doing. You're right about one thing, I am not all that interesting of a character. But that's only because I don't play one. I'm not fame hungry. I'm not self-centered. Hell, I don't even need people to glorify me, that documentary team asked for me to have my input on a documentary they were making about me, which is pretty lovely. The point is no, I am not that interesting of a character because I am not one. I am your average Joe, just trying to live a dream he's had since he was a kid. A dream of pro-wrestling, one where I can achieve anything in the world if I work hard enough for it. My real name is Finnegan Wakefield, what you see is what you get. There is no smoke and mirrors, there are no lies to protect my public image. So June 24th(25th) at the Metlife Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, at Pain for Pride X, at Ultimate X, you, Chris Elite and Lucas Johnson aren't facing a character named Finnegan Wakefield. You're facing the man named Finnegan Wakefield. Next EAW New Breed Champion!"

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Pain for Pride Promo #3

"Even through the darkest days, this fire burns, always."

- Killswitch Engage

Pain for Pride is just around the corner, and everybody is giddy with excitement, all the wrestlers all the fans, everyone associated with EAW just cannot wait for this weekend to occur! Pain for Pride will sure not disappoint, as it never does. This years Pain for Pride, I will be working in a team, even though I use the term team lightly as everyone on that team is working not together, but for themselves.  Yesterday I spoke about my opponents for this match, so I thought it would be only fair if today I spoke about those aforementioned teammates that I will be forced to work with during this match. Like I said the other day, my team is by far superior to the team that is being captained by Stephanie Matsuda, we have a mixture of accomplished veterans, young up and comers, and April Song. Oh April, I am not impressed by you, none the least am I impressed. I thknk you have a big mouth, and you can't back it up, you walk around here like you have accomplished so much in EAW, but newsflash you really haven't done anything. You have been here quite a while now too so what is your exsue for not accomplishing anything? Now I know you are good friends with former EAW alumni  Erica Ford, and its quite funny you chose to hangout with her of all people, and you let her give you advice like she is anybody important. You are just like Erica Ford, a girl who is afraid of the world, and is afraid of her own shadow, you two have all the talent in the world yes, but you are scared to take risks, because you fear failure. You need to understand that in life we are all going to fail, but it is those who can pick themselves up and go back at it with everything you got that in the end succeed. You see in life those are not judged with how successful we are, but how we handle things in the darkest of days. You can either do one of two things, you can collapse and just give up, or you can do what I did, and refuse to give up, and try to get better, giving up is just not an option for me, I have had an uphill battle my whole life, and I never let any of it get in my way of achieve success. April you have yet to have any failures or any successful moment in EAW, you are just sort of there, taking up space, consider yourself lucky you are even in this match let alone being on a team with a former Vixens Champion and legend in this business such as myself. Let's face it April everybody knows you are going to be the first one eliminated on our team, and you can rebut me all you want, and sure I will have your back because I don't want to lose, but let's be real April, you just straight up suck! (Madison laughs to herself)

(Madison stops laughing but continues to smile as she begins to speak again) Then we have Savannah Sunshine, this girl makes me smile so much because she was me two years ago, it brings a tear to my eye, because she is making the same mistakes I did when I first came here, she is letting everybody walk all over her, she has so much talent, that is being wasted.  That was like me, because all I cared about was what other people thought about me.  I wanted to have friends so bad, that I didn't realize that in reality people here don't care about you, they are phonies, and in life in general nobody cares about you, I didn't realize that it should have been all about me, Savannah you will realize that one day. Maybe you wont, quite frankly I don't care. But you are still quite new here so you will learn soon enough. Now that leads me right two my two sisters, Alexis and Jocelyn Diemos. I love these two so much, and I'm not just saying that, I am so grateful to Alexis and Eclipse for allowing me to be apart of their family, because before that I had nothing, I was all alone, I was shunned by society.  Alexis took me toward the light, she took me as one of her own, and I am forever grateful to her but at the same time, like I addressed yesterday, she used some choice words about me in her little speech, she refuses to give me any credit for all the things that I brought to the Sanatorium, the reason for all of Alexis' recent success is because of me, and she doesn't want to give me credit for that, she things we are equals, and she couldn't be lying anymore than she is right now, either that or she is just straight up delusional. Alexis you got to understand, I am grateful to you, and I respect everything you have done for me but at the same time I am not going to just allow you to disrespect my wrestling abilities like that, I am not going to allow you to disrespect my character like that. I just will not allow that to happen. You need to wise up and remember just who the hell you are talking to. Let's face it Alexis other than your big win against Stephanie at Terminus, what have you done that is worth carrying on about in EAW? Oh that's right nothing, you see I can brag because I have done things that you and the rest of this locker room can only dream of, you all wish you can have half the career I have had.  Do i really need to remind you that I am a former Vixens Champion, I have headlined FPV after FPV and beaten the likes of Hall of Famers such as Tarah Nova and Cameron Ella Ava, I am a revolutionist and a major reason why we aren't called Vixens anymore, exactly I can brag and say I am the best because I am the best, and I have the resume to back it up, so just because you are jealous of me, and that you like the rest of this world and this the rest of the people in this company don't want to give me credit, doesn't mean a god damn thing to me. I know deep down inside everybody envy's me. As far as the last person in my team who I have yet to talk about, Jocelyn Diemos, my other sister in the Sanatorium, I know she is going to be a star one day, however Pain for Pride X is not your day to become that star, you are still greener than a fresh patch of grass, you have yet to have experience the deep sea that is EAW. What is my point i'm sure you are all wondering, why am I sitting here and bashing my teammates, well I will tell you why, because this is an elimination match, only the strong will survive the whole match, we maybe labeled teammates for this match, but the winner and last woman standing at the end will become number one contender for the Woman's Championship, and you best believe I will be like a shark in the water and I am out for blood, I want that Woman's Championship, it has been far too long since I was last seen with a championship around my waist it has been far to long since I was even in a championship match period. So this goes to my so called teammates if you think for one second I am going to risk my own ass, just to save yours, you got another thing coming, Pain for Pride is going to be all about me, not you, this is my moment, this is my redemption this is my time, so do me a favor and take a back seat and just enjoy the ride.
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Did you miss me?

Do you know the fable about the Ravens in the Tower of London? Legend has it that if they were ever to depart from the land, whether it be by evacuation or death, the crown will fall, bringing Britain down with it. This belief first sprouted in the 1600s, during the reign of King Charles II. These ravens roamed everywhere throughout the land, and created quite the nuisance for the king, thus it led him to want to get rid of them. However, his royal astronomer John Flamsteed told him that killing ravens was a bad omen, and if he were to do that Britain and the entire government would be turned into nothing more than rubble. And so, he never did kill those ravens, but instead he took them into the fold, and they have stayed there ever since; clipping feathers from their flight wings so they may never escape the Tower of London. This? This is what many believe to be what the King’s Guard is akin to. Indeed - many believe that this is what being taking into the King’s Guard is like; a slave, caged to the walls of the stable, never to leave or do anything unless told to do so by our king. Nico Borg thinks this. I’m quite sure that Keelan and Maero believe this.

You’re wrong.

You’re all wrong.

The King’s Guard….they do not treat me, or Burned Man, or Theron as slaves. We are not chained to walls and left only bread crumbs for food. We are not tied so hard by our wrists that we are unable to even attempt to leave the group, and really - who would want to leave? No, but instead King Tiberius offers us the chance to become bigger than we ever thought we could be by giving us opportunities of a lifetime, such as this Cash in the Vault match. It is also a general and common misconception to confuse a slave between a knight. To people who believe that we are slaves….were the Knights of the Round Table slaves? Are the current Knights we have today slaves, at the whim of the Queen? No….but instead they are independent men who take on expeditions with their own strategy, with each of their own personalities and thoughts; just the same as us. The King’s Guard is a well-oiled machine, where everyone contributes to the success and functionality of the stable. We are not slaves, but instead gears and parts in a machine that shall go on until the end of time. I am a Knight of Tiberius, just as Theron and Burned Man are. We serve Tiberius, but we are not caged by him. Have you seen Theron? Do you believe that his work as an indestructible and invulnerable menace was produced by Tiberius? No….he did it all by himself. Tiberius did not command him to be an unbeaten monster, and yet he did. Did Tiberius command me to be the Raven? No….I chose to do that myself. These false claims perpetuated by idiocy and ignorance are a nuisance indeed, just as the Ravens were in the Tower of London, but they are simply just that; nuisances. These claims shall not stop the King’s Guard from transcending into the top of the mountain, not even hinder it. We will still continue to fight and battle for the prizes that dangle above our heads, mocking us at every turn. Each and everyone of you who oppose us? You will soon eat your words just as you spouted them out from your mouth. The King’s Guard will soon reign supreme, opposers. Theron shall have the 24/7 briefcase. I shall have the Cash in the Vault briefcase in my hand, and Tiberius will hold the EAW Championship high above his head, as we all stand below him, raising our prizes in the air. The air of success and prizes have eluded us for too long, but no more. The expansion of the King’s Guard sliding and streaking throughout the halls of EAW will begin at Pain for Pride, when all of us hold a prize in our hands. But still...there remain obstacles in our ways. Theron has over a dozen men stacked up against him, Tiberius faces the melancholic Drastik, and I these six wombats; as they bicker like children, never seeming to end.

I now believe that I have to address the most talkative out of the lot of my adversaries, yet at the same time one of the most ignorant of them all. The self-proclaimed “Killer” of course, Keelan Cetinich, a man who talks too much for his own good, A moron? An idiot? Please - I am anything but those two, Keelan. Maybe you should use those words to describe yourself, considering you are the hypocrite; saying that “I need to open my ears,” when you yourself are the one who needs to. I understand that you decided to address each of us one-by-one, did you think I didn’t hear that? So why are you slandering me when I decided to address only two of my opponents? I never called Nico and Oasis ‘obstacles’ as you proclaim, Keelan. Maybe you should start  forming cohesive statements from your mouth instead of pulling them out of your ass. I simply addressed those two men because they were my opponents, just as you, Maero, and TLA are. Honestly, why are you creating such a fuss about this? If you truly didn’t care whether I mentioned you or not, then you shouldn’t be so angered. You’re making an unended forest fire out of a match, and attacking me for something that YOU did as well. I also believe that I explained to you that I DID consider you as a threat. The irony of you telling me to open my ears when you are the deafest out of the two of us. I’m not taking you for granted; the last time I made that mistake I lost to a man a second time, so do you really think I would take anyone for granted anymore? As a matter of fact...I told you that one of the first things I learned as the Raven was that you should never underestimate or downgrade your opponent, so why would I consider you as simply as a flea on my skin? Read between the lines, Keelan! Listen and look for implications and metaphors! Did they ever teach you that in elementary? Or did you also go to the School of Maero where they don’t teach you shit?

I apologise for going on such a rant and being so aggravated. It just truly is annoying to see idiocy reign supreme in this company, but what can you do when men act like bickering little children? Ignorance is bliss, after all.

But if there was one thing you couldn’t be more wrong about, it’s that you say “You don’t know me.” You’re wrong, Keelan - I DO know you. I know that you’ve been in this company for well over a year, working hard every day to get stronger, and yet you have nothing to show for it. I know you were once a lover of a woman, who you deeply cared about. I know who you are, what you are, because I’ve already seen you, countless times as a matter of fact. I see you everywhere; on television, in books, and on the street where we all walk on. I’ve seen you….because you, Keelan? Are simply not special. You’re generic. Bland. Boring. A constant that has lived throughout history, in literature and in reality. You are simply an average man, with an average life, with a joyous and happy personality that is programmed in us by default. I don’t need to know your deepest, darkest secrets, or your likes and dislikes, because I have seen it all before. I know that you love attention, because when we are noticed, it makes us feel important and special. Nothing to be ashamed of, we all have that within us. It appears that I may have touched a nerve in you, but it proves to be no matter for me. I am quite glad that you will be bringing out your best at Pain for Pride. It will be refreshing to finally see this “Killer” you have always claimed yourself to be. After all….you’ve been anything but your entire career. What kind of killer are you, exactly? A killer with close friends, family? A killer with a sense of justice? A killer who cares about doing the right thing?

No….that’s not any kind of killer.

A killer is murderous, vicious, and a sadistic being who had a purpose, yet sets out to go on that purpose in the most wrong of ways. A killer does not have connections with friends or family, but only with his weapon of choice. A killer has a mind, albeit a broken one, which he uses to get through the most difficult of challenges. That’s a killer….so what are you? You’re not a killer. You're not special. You certainly will not be a winner, so why protest? 

An idiot AND a liar? You were right….I should have never expected anything good from you.

Idiocy angers me, yes, however never has someone aggravated me more than Maero. If I have to be quite blunt and direct at you, Maero? I think you have some form of a brain disease that eats away at a human’s cognitive thinking system, or in other words, you’re an idiot. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, though to be fair I guess we can place the blame on yourself and your inadequate parents. Considering you still can’t see the metaphor, I am obligated to see you as nothing more than an idiot. Nothing more, nothing less. I am ecstatic systematically break you down until you are left with nothing more than your idiotic, utterly useless core within you.

When in the hell have I ever stated that I was perfect? How ignorant can one man be? To the infinite levels I’m assuming, judging on your ability to comprehend words. It must be awful to live in your head, considering there is nothing except for a barren wasteland filled with emptiness. Evolution isn’t perfect? Amazing, spectacular job on your detective work, Detective Maero! I never would have guessed if it were not for you! Please, Maero - don’t speak about evolution. You know absolutely nothing about it, and you have no idea what you are talking about. Haven’t you been listening to the speeches of the Raven? THE RAVEN IS THE LITERAL EMBODIMENT OF EVOLUTION. Everything, from the beginning to the present day, had been about improvement and getting even stronger than before. You clearly have no idea about that considering I see no difference from the Maero of last year to the Maero of today. You aren’t learning. If that were the cold, honest truth, then you’d obviously understand the metaphor I was attempting to convey. I suppose I have to explain it once more: I am a human, but extended. Meaning that while I am only a human, just as you are, I have experienced loss and suffering which has upgraded and bolstered me, making me better. Upgraded, meaning stronger, more experienced, and more intelligent. That’s exactly the definition of upgraded, Victor, one definition you seem to also be unable to comprehend. And also, of course you’ve never called me Manifestation of Destruction, and I hope that you never do. That was the old, weak, frail version of me who never amounted to anything but failure, over and over again. Just as you said, I never did win anything significant or paramount to make me feel successful. But that….that was a failed experiment which I sought out to finally fix after months of falling deeper down into the abyss, which thus led to the product of the embodiment of evolution, The Raven.  Choosing to disregard me as nothing more than an annoying flea will do you no good, Victor, but instead only damaging harm.  But I suppose all is the same with idiots like you.

Ignorance is bliss, right?

And the trail of ignorance and stupidity continues with latest man to the party, Scott Oasis. It’s so funny, you know? Waiting for you to finally speak and yet when you do you have absolutely nothing relevant or even valid to say. Allow me to first correct one of your mistakes: I did not verbally attack you because I needed a false sense of power, or that I wanted to portray a “tough guy,” my friend, or that you were the “top dog” in the match. No, but as a matter of fact I don’t consider you as the top dog, and I’m sure the others in this match would do too. But...do you know what really aggravates me from what you said? What really gets under my skin? 

You act like I’m just some rookie. You act like I’m just someone who has just come into EAW, not knowing anything aside from the drive to win. Your manner of speaking is so insulting, it makes me want to bash your skull in and pull my hair follicles from my scalp. And do you know what makes this even worse? You said the exact same words the last time we fought! For all the times we have encountered one another, the only thing you have regarded me as is nothing more than a rookie, trying to find his place in this company. That’s insulting indeed, however all this you have said is nothing in comparison to…..calling me egotistical. 

Maybe I am over-confident. Maybe I am stating many things that may never even come true, but one thing I am not? Is egotistical. I will never, and I mean NEVER be an egotistical, narcissistic prick who only lives to show off his privileges to the world. I am not a man who goes to the street, bragging to everyone about my riches and fancy shoes and clothes. And certainly….I don’t believe that I am a god. To be like that is to be the most idiotic and foolish of them all. For you to name me as such?

That is REALLY insulting. 

I do not require a humbling lesson from you, nor do I need your veteran advice, for I have already been humbled. Have you not seen me for the past few months? A few months ago, I was exactly as you describe me today as: A hungry, powerful, and destructive rookie wanting to send shockwaves to the world. And just as you said….I learned the lesson the hard way. I dug into the cake too early, and I paid the price in the form of two failed championship opportunities. So please - don’t assume. As I have said before, ignorance will take you absolutely nowhere in this march, unless you want to go to straight into the hands of failure. Or maybe you do wish for defeat? Maybe you want it. Who knows? A man can lust for many things, Scott.

Just make sure that lust doesn’t consume you.

But for someone like….TLA? Lust is no problem for him. He has it all; women, riches, his own palace, anything an average man would want. But unlike most men, he does not possess an egotistical attitude. Yes - despite everything that I despise about you, I do admire some of your virtues. One in particular: Your determination. I truly and honestly admire your determination and drive to be the best EAW has to offer. Your fiery heir and strive to be a champion and be successful is second to none, and I respect that. And honestly? You have almost every necessary material to be a World Champion, maybe even a legend in this business. You have the look, the agility, the right amount of ability to survive; almost the full set.


You see, TLA….even with all you have; your ability and privileges, there still remains something missing. Something hollow and cold, untouched. You lack….an animal instinct. You lack the murderous and vicious mindset that we all have, yet one that appears to be missing from you. You have nearly everything, except for a TRUE drive, where you are willing to do anything it takes to get a victory. You lack that animal instinct within us all that triggers us to be Savage and persistent, hungry for something. Here I was, looking for a way to break you using your connections and friends, and now I see a crack.

Your lack of a true survival mindset is why you didn’t throw out the Pizza Boy at the Grand Rampage. It is why you didn’t take the title at Burning Desire from Jamie O’Hara. And it is why you won’t be able to take that briefcase and hold it high above your head. Your chances of winning are exactly like your animal mindset, TLA.

They never were.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 21st 2017, 10:37 am by Darkane
Pain for Pride IX

I'll be honest. I don't know who you are Jon McAdams and quite frankly I could careless. When I talked about you before I was throwing shit against the wall to see if it would stick and low and behold you morphed out from that copper stain on the wall. The same questions keep being thrown around like a tennis ball: What have I accomplished? What have you accomplished? What have we all accomplished? Accomplish this, accomplish that, even I've been guilty of asking some people that very question because it keeps getting asked over and over and over by so many fucking people that it's bound to drive a poor soul straight into a nuthouse. I've said this time in and time out. Accomplishments don't mean anything in this kind of match, you're only as good as your last elimination. The contract is the accomplishment that I am striving for. So spare me the mundane 'what have you accomplished' spheal, especially if you don't know a thing about me. It's so worn out and tired. It has lost all of its luster. You asked what makes me think I stand a chance in this battle royal? My ability to adapt to situations that seem all but dire, my street smarts, my ring smarts, my ring awareness, my survival of the fittest mentality. To be able to play chess while everybody else is playing checkers. My will and determination and motivation to capture that contract. All of those traits combine and they're the reasons as to why I think I can not just win this battle royal, but survive. What makes you think you can come out on top in this battle royal? Wait, no, don't answer, because I don't give a rat's ass. You're just another soul in this pit of bodies. One thing you can be sure of though is that I'll be here in three months. Hell, I'll pull a Theron! I'll PROMISE you I will be here in three months and you can take it straight to the bank. The talent in EAW is daunting to someone fresh on the scene but it didn't scare me away, even at my worst, I kept going because my drive is stronger than it has ever been in my entire career and in my entire life and I look to maintain this drive for along as my body holds. As for attempting to attack you? I have no issue with that, I've attacked people I don't know before, be it robberies, pick-pockets, whatever I had to do to survive and you would be no different to those innocent pedestrians, except I'd make sure to put an extra amount of punishment on your Darkane platter, so maybe then you'll get to know me on a more personal level than you do right now.

When it comes to having their head so far up their ass they can brush their teeth twice in the morning. Kaise Boëtius plays the role to a tee, you're probably the most delusional person in EAW other than Stark when he's high. You said you didn't want to come to a conclusion that the universe would deal you a shitty hand and you would somehow lose the battle royal yet that possibility is very high. Lets go to that conclusion shall we? You can't leave a luxurious looking prize out in the open without expecting somebody to fuck with it. That is where I come in. What will happen when you lose? You teased something. Unintended actions. You have me intrigued Kaise Boëtius. Let's open Pandora's box and unleash all of the malignant evil in which Kaise Boëtius has within himself only to watch it flutter and deflate like a fucking balloon. That's all you are, a random balloon that floats in the air aimlessly that can easily be popped. You're not ten steps ahead of people, quite the opposite really you're about one hundred steps back, bringing up the rear with Johnny Nitro and Mark Michaels, entities like them who have no business being the finalists in this race to the contract. I think you need to get some more fresh air, some more bagels and coffee and smell the fucking roses because people can see right through you. You need to come up with a better game plan than the one you're running by people right now, because if you don't you will be absolutely demolished beyond recognition. People around these parts can smell bullshit from a mile away and right now you reek of it, and I'll steal a line from Theron again; you're just another feather in my cap, but at least you'll have a better role on my cap, than you do right now.

So I guess Scott isn't going to answer my counter proposal which had nothing to do with him being over the hill, but he's tucking his tail and going on into the arms of the shadows like he always does. How disappointing, but you can't blame me, I tried Scott, but you've ignored my efforts to help you climb out of your shell with no judgement, only a few questions, but I guess you've had enough. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. So to hell with you. Unless this is just another one of those masterful plans where you're actually lying and pulling the wool over everyone's eyes like you did last week on Showdown which didn't really muster up to anything considering you got pasted. I'll go along with what you said again, that you're backing down. I don't know what your end game is, I hope it's the contract, but you seem so twisted around inside that you don't know what you want anymore. I wanted you to stay Scott, I wanted you to stay around and have some fun with me, but that old stubborn Scott won't have it. He's reached his breaking point. I'll see you in the ring Scott, even if it's for a last time. I won't mind taking out you in the backyard like old yeller and putting a gruesome end to a gruesomely successful career, just not in this era.

Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight - Wallace Hartley/Scott Diamond, Titanic.

Scott, I bid you adieu as well. Good riddance.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 21st 2017, 10:24 am by Macho Man Johnny Nova
You stole a victory Kaise by using the ropes for leverage to pin me. It’s as simple as that. You didn’t beat me cleanly and you never will beat me cleanly. You can say a “win” is a “win”, but if you really think about it you couldn’t get the job done cleanly against a man you called “Filler”. Must be pretty goddamn embarrassing that someone who carries themselves in such a high regard couldn’t beat me in the center of the ring without bending the rules. If you were half the man you actually claim to be you wouldn’t have needed the ropes to get a win. You act as if you beat me within an inch of my life or something when it was me who gave your punk ass a beating from pillar to post. And yes, in the record book it does go down as a “win” but you didn’t beat me which is why I am still here with two middle fingers up. If you want to talk about hypocrites look in the mirror, if you want to know why no one has felt the need to say your name it’s because no one cares what you have to say in general. So go ahead brag about the win you stole, we will meet in singles competition again and what goes around comes around. Now that I know the kind of coward you truly are the same mistakes won’t be made again. And there will be no cheap way to get me out of the ring in this match. You got to pick me up and toss me over the ropes and you don’t have the fucking testicular fortitude to get that job done now do you? The world sees you exactly for what you are, a fraud. You were exposed the moment you had to use those ropes to get the pin on me. The truth is I can wrestle fucking circles around you. The world saw it live on Dynasty. So, enjoy your win, I hope it comforts you at night. But in the great world of wrestling it really means a whole lot of nothing now doesn’t it, because each and every one of the fans now that you can’t get the job done clean in the center of the ring. So, continue to cheat, and lie to yourself and pretend that you are the greatest thing since sliced bread because we all know it’s bullshit and when I toss your candy ass over the top at Pain for Pride it will just be further proof of this.

Jon McAdams, it would be best that you take your advice and “Stay in yo lane,” before I smack that stupid mustache off your face you fucking clown. I’ve scraped meaner piles of shit off the bottom of my wrestling boots. If you want to step to me, you will get gunned up and clapped quick. It’s as simple as that. I don’t have time to play games with red headed stepchildren. If you hurt me in a dream you are best to wake up and apologize. This match isn’t a game for me, I ain’t talking to talk and come Pain for Pride if necessary I will beat you within an inch or your pathetic existence, box you up and ship your ass UPS all the way back to London, England so you can lick your wounds and think about the mistake you made as soon as you decided to breath the name Johnny Nova. You are just another obstacle that stands in the way of me and that 24/7 contract and with each passing moment as the battle royal inches closer the nice guy Johnny Nova fades, and the true street thug starts it emerge. You see if you knew half the things I did on these streets you would already know that there is a monster that walks among the participants in this match. As much as I am trying to be a better person you mother fuckers are making it extra difficult not to let that monster emerge.

My patience is wearing thin for the likes of Darkane, Kaise, McAdams so on and so forth. Words eventually wear out their welcome when the time to throw down nears. With each ticking second we get closer to Pain for Pride. The importance of this match may be lost on some, hell maybe even looked over because as some would put it “there are hella other people” in this match. But if I am going to go down I am going to go down swinging. I am going to leave everything that I have in the center of that ring and I am going to make sure that these fans know that I gave everything I had to not only give them one hell of a show but with the good lord willing give them one hell of a 24/7 contract holder. I knew going into this match I was a long shot, hell everyone knew that and yet they all keep on saying the same thing. I’m just filler, or a small fish in a big pond. You all sound like a broken fucking record. You guys better hope your fucking right because if I am able to survive this match, if my hands are the ones raised at the end of the night, it is going to feel great to look out at that crowd and let them know this one is for each and every one of you. I am the underdog, I accept it, but I will do everything in my power to make sure that the world knows my name by the end of this match at Pain for Pride….

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 21st 2017, 10:01 am by Guest
Old Turtledove hangs his head down low
‘The eggs are just but hatched yet look how far they’ve grown.
I hide back deep into my own shell.
Lest their boldness should rise and swell.
Sun is set. On my head. The new day is but nigh.
How they grow, how they thrive, now is time to fly.’
Nico Borġ: The day of Judgement is nigh at hand. The hour creeps in a peculiar way. Like, has time ever felt like it is flowing in fast forward and slow motion all at once? I am sure it is the weight of the occasion which does that.  It just gets heavier and heavier the closer you get to the day. What was that thing I said before? Something about the way our time becomes all the more precious the closer we wander towards the edge. In the beginning you are feeling pretty light. You’re in the clouds. You worked hard and came through that qualifier like the million dollar man. Or not. But someone saw something and your name was called to the front anyway. So whatever, you are feeling great. You are feeling so particularly blessed at that moment in time. You have gotten that big shot, on the biggest stage of them all at Pain For Pride and you just can’t wait. But then the rot sets in. You get dragged into the rat race that is the build to Pain For Pride and you begin to realise, or be reminded, that this is a whole other kind of beast. You get dragged around, left and right, to promote the event. You try and slink away, they send the crew over to you. They sit you down like I am here to say your piece. They don’t even ask if you want a drink of water before they get the cameras rolling and expect you to conjure something that’ll bump the PPV sales up from out of thin air. Big shot veteran hall of famers like Scott Oasis seem to have the clout to turn up for these sort of things if and when they please.  Lucky him (that whoreson). But that is all ok, alright. “That’ll be me soon”, that is what you get used to saying to yourself. “Patience is a virtue”. You attend the weekly shows half prepared for what they are throwing at you. Knowing the eyes on you have increased five, ten, one hundredfold. You step in the ring and it’s always a cagey affair. Even though this time it doesn’t make any practical difference what the result is. Afterwards you get right back to running through your mantras. Whatever helps you sleep. Or rather, whatever keeps you awake. Whatever keeps you going through the grind and slog of days that just feel too long. Each one collapses into the next. You lose track of time. Then it hits you? “What day is it?...That close?” That close indeed. That little time left. At that very moment, your stomach is in your throat. Your heart is beating at a million beats per second. You are looking off, glass-eyed, at nothing in particular as you try to compute it all. For the first time in all of this, things have progressed from fairly tedious, to fairly overwhelming.
Chorus: Pain For Pride carries the weight of worlds. It is only human to have the fear of God when approaching such hallowed and sacred ground.
Nico Borġ: I do believe there are two kinds of men blessed with the strength to endure this kind of immense pressure. Firstly, to echo what is being said by others, you have the old men. The veterans. The guys like Scott Oasis and Keelan Cetinich who have been on God’s green earth long enough to walk around the block a few times. They have been in situations like this before so the feeling doesn’t get to them as much. It is normal. It is familiar. It is like an old friends for to assure you that you are hungry for what comes next. But then there is the other possibility. The other man that gets forgotten entirely too much. He is the one who doesn’t have an awful lot of data to reassure himself. But one thing he does have in shovels is belief. It is all just a matter faith Of leaping out into the dark and lighting a candle there. He could be the youngest, most desperately hungry lion out there, but he bares his teeth anyway because he knows that this is HIS PRIDE to claim.

Chorus: Invictus. This is your Pride.
Nico Borġ: Scott Oasis has blessed me by taken the time out to call me a diamond in the rough.  I am not a fool. I know that is a backhanded comment. I know that Scott Oasis is being condescending. I know that he feels entitled by everything he has accomplished in the past and that he is proud. More proud and vainglorious than he even has a right to be considering recent form. But if I am to be a more honest man than he, if I am a more worthy man that he then I can start by considering that there might be something in that after all. I think that I have shown enough that I was made for that main event spot. I can go with the best of them, with any man in this match or any other at Pain For Pride. I haven’t always taken my chances, but what more perfect man in a glass house wants to throw that first stone? People are not perfect. We are not Gods. Maero will tell you himself. He thought as much once and the result was ultimately him looking more human and vulnerable than ever. The important thing though is that when you fall you hit the ground running. At my first Pain For Pride, I stepped up to the plate, I fought like a man possessed, nary three months at EAW and I outlasted most of the competition. Maero included.  But I didn’t claim the 24/7 contract at first opportunity. Still, having gone through all that, having persevered through the experience I came back a little more well formed and a little bit harder to crack. I dusted off the ashes, put my faith back up to the man above and kept going. Sure as the sunrise, it was mine on second coming. The Pizza Boy saw me off once for the National Elite Championship. But on second coming, I would have the last laugh. I have my fair share of experience over the past year or so. The most brutal gimmick matches. A tournament victory. And most importantly, two Answers World Championship opportunities. That is the thing, Scott. If you are telling yourself that I have never been in match this big, well the blood you are about to spill is on your own head. And my performances in those two contests should be making you a uneasy.  The Pizza Boy, Devan Dubian, laid out. Your fellow Hall of Famer, Tyler Parker, seconds from submission before the Lord. Only blindsided by the returning Ares Vendetta, who had previously left the field of battle. Still, The Gold Rush was announced.
Chorus: Venit. Vidit. Vicit.
Nico Borġ: I vanquished our mutual friend Lars and everybody else that stood in my way to get my chance at Grand Rampage.And when the Maltese Falcon met the Imperial Eagle: I had him scared. I had him silenced. I had him pinned. Just to have everything dragged away from me by the slimy fingers of the Harlot Vendetta. I am not quite sure how I keep falling on the wrong side of that viper’s nest of a family. Although, if Scott Oasis is to be believed, then these must be exactly the kind of formative experiences which chip away and bear down upon the rough diamond to give him the polish he needs to shine brightly. It is the sufferance that teaches endurance. The shadow that gives up unto the first morning rays of light. In any case, to my most humble knowledge there exists no more scions of the extended Vendetta line who have an interest in the victor of this match. If I was not ready before, Scott Oasis. I will be. Even if it is the pressure on the night that needs to grind me down into that perfect diamond that can cut through the glass ceiling to ascend into the heavens and shine like a star. I will be ready. Nights like these might be the toughest for the less experienced talent on the roster. But it is also only on nights like these that a new star is born into the firmament.
Chorus: The sweet rain of peace grows ordinary men. But the fires of war forge heroes.
Nico Borġ: Have I convinced? Of course not. Scott Oasis will only sing his own songs. He is too preoccupied with furnishing his own altar with offerings of gold than giving credit where credit is surely due. Yet, if we are but wise enough to pierce through the injustice of his conceit with a good eye, then we shall see the dour truth with all the clarity of life. It was one less experienced than any of the men in this match who would conquer Scott Oasis at Burning Desire. Well...Great Balls of Fire! What is one to make of all this? Do not be fooled, brothers by the odious facade that the man Scott Oasis hides behind. He is far from a sure thing. The truth is that he is hoping, nay, PRAYING! That this match will be his redemption. Even so,  atonement requires virtue. And every scare time that the timid Scott Oasis opens his mouth then his tongue should fill it with the sickening taste of knowing sin. No wonder he has waited so long to speak. There is a foreboding that comes with such malicious conduct. That primal fear deep in the dark of his heart that Scott Oasis that a rival younger more vigorous, more virtuous than he shall usurp his Pride. Make no mistake. Suffer not to let anyone tell you any different. At Pain For Pride a new star is born into the heavens.
Chorus: Ave Invictus.
Nico Borġ: Unvanquished. Unconquered.
Chorus: En Nico, Níka.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 21st 2017, 9:52 am by Keelan
Sleep is starting to be hard to come by. I’ve spent the last two nights really struggling to rest, as if insomnia is taking over my body. It’s not the fact that my mind is racing with a million thoughts piled on top of each other, it’s more the fact that as every day continues to pass by this week, I begin to get more excited for the weekend. I feel like a little kid that’s just woken up on Christmas morning, man. Cash in the Vault is giving me enthusiasm in my career that I haven’t felt in a very long time. Honestly I’m getting tired of waiting for the weekend to come because I just want to go out to that ring right now and compete. I want to fight, and throw hands with my opposition. I know my opponents are very eager too. The verbal war we’ve all been having this week has been incredible to watch and to be apart of. It’s a surreal moment for me in my EAW career, because again, four of my six opponents I have never faced in the ring before, let alone talked to and about them. We’ve all been saying out pieces, and we’ve all been the Devil’s Advocate as well. But soon, the words will have to be transitioned into actions. This battle has three stages to it. Stage one was the build-up, stage two was the verbal battle, and the third and final stage is the physical encounter. It’s going to be vicious, it’s going to be dangerous and it’s going to be violent … and again, I cannot wait for it. It’s almost time for me to cut the mustard. It’s almost time for me to walk into Metlife Stadium and come up to the expectations my fans have for me. Hell, I’ll be coming up to the expectations I have for myself also. It’s time for me to succeed, and I will do so adequately.
Nico Borg, great to hear from you again. You make a valid point about the fact that you decided to take a step back for a day or two and assess the situation before your very eyes. After Grand Rampage, why wouldn’t you? I wasn’t apart of that match, so I could only imagine how much of a cluster it was trying to get your word in with 29 other competitors trying to do the exact same. It must have been overwhelming. I admitted earlier this week that I was a little impatient towards a couple of my opponents that had opened their mouths and yet didn’t say a word to everybody in their match. But this is okay, because I knew deep down you’d get around to me eventually. Impatience is something I’ve been working on for a long time in conversations; a flaw that exists in me that I’ve been trying to eliminate. But we all have flaws, right? Every member of this Cash in the Vault match has flaws. You, a man of God, should know that not everybody is perfect. Not even your own god is perfect. So yes, impatience is something that I have conversation-wise. I am a patient man when it comes to competing inside the squared circle, knowing that it’s going to take a hell of a lot of work to win a big-time match, and I know how much fucking work it’s going to take to pull off a win like this on the grandest stage of them all. Nico, were you at all impatient when you were off EAW? Gone for a while, and yet you somehow managed to find your way into this match up here at Pain For Pride. I won’t deny your talents, as I believe you are one of the most skilled wrestlers in this whole damn company. But you came back and now here you are. Are things different on other shows? I really don’t know. Are opportunities just handed out to people on Showdown? I fought very, very hard to even get a qualifying match for this match, and you have the decency to say that I didn’t work to get here? You sit there over exaggerating me, Nico. I don’t make promises so easily anymore, because I know how easily they can be broken. I used to promise my fans that I would walk away with a victory each and every week, and sometimes I would let them down, and it would break my heart to see me fail like that for them. I was doing that as recently as early this year, when I was in my slump. I didn’t promise to walk away with a victory over Maero, and I haven’t once promised that I would walk out of Cash in the Vault as the winner. Having self-confidence is vital in a wrestling career, and I have a hell of a lot of it. I believe truthfully that I can outlast everybody in this match. There are methods to my madness. I’m not just saying things for the sake of saying them. I believe in the things I say and hope to accomplish, and if that comes out as odd to you or to anybody else, than that’s your problem, not mine. You know you sit there and discuss the fact that it’s taken me awhile to climb up the ladder of success, but what about you? Again, you spent a long time away from this company, and for what? To pray? I don’t want to keep babbling on about your religion but this is literally what it all comes back to for you. This weekend, your god won’t save you from the destruction I plan to bestow upon you in our Cash in the Vault match.
Maero, I do apologize I seem to have misinterpreted what you meant prior to our last conversation. You’re scared of me, and because of this, you want to take me down and overcome this fear, right? Did I knock it out of the ballpark that time? I hope I did. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what you’re saying but that’s okay. I’m glad you want to face your fears, Maero. I’m glad you like it. It’s difficult to admit that we all have fears of certain things, and it’s even more difficult to attempt to face them and overcome them. Am I a cocky asshole? Well, maybe. That’s up for you to decide. I don’t really see myself as that per se, I’m just a guy who tries to be real with everybody. If I come across like that to you, well then no apologies to be said by me in that regard. I don’t really care what you think of me in the end, because it’s not going to matter anyway. You’re going to try and beat me down Maero, but to no avail. This fear you have of me will still lurk within your mind post Pain For Pride X. You know how good I am. I don’t even need to confirm this because you do a good enough job of confirming it for me anyway. And you’re going to realize that no matter what you do, this fear you have at me will still be there because I will have killed your chances at ever retrieving that briefcase hanging 20 feet above the ring. Yes Maero, I love challenges too I’ve said this many times this week. I mean shit you say that I don’t exactly listen but you have myself repeating the same things over and over to you too. Like I said earlier, we’re just going around in circles pal. But I mean whatever, right? It seems we can’t really break out of this endless loop because we both have said what we’ve needed to say to each other already. You close your ears just as often as you claim I do too, so what the hell are we doing here Maero? You and I have spent the past month on Voltage discussing this match, and now every time you open your mouth this week, you’re saying the same thing. You’ve talked about hypocrisy a lot this week too but I’m see a hell of a lot of it coming from your end. You’re giving me new ways to say how you’re going to break my bones, and how you’re going to enjoy cutting my skin. Oh no, wait, you’re going to enjoy slitting my throat? No no, wait up, you’re going to cut a small incision right between my eyes? Come on, do you think all of this makes me fear you? Don’t forget you’re the scared one here. You don’t exactly listen as much as you think you do. I mean did you even hear yourself talk earlier? You admitted that you don’t think you’re going to get the Cash in the Vault briefcase. Then why in the fuck are you in this match? Why are you robbing somebody else’s opportunity at a chance of changing their entire career? I could name about ten members on that Voltage roster that would kill to be in this match, and yet here you are saying that you don’t think you’re going to get it. What, are you just in here for fun then? It seems you are after that long rant you went on afterwards about how you’re planning on going berserk on all of us. If you’re really in here just to throw a ladder at somebody, and not to actually try and win a match that’s going to change your entire life, then I hope you know that you’re going to have five opponents that’s going to try and eliminate you from the fray early. You’ve GOT to believe that you can bring down that briefcase, man! How else are you going to have the motivation to get any further in your career if you don’t believe in yourself? Murdering victims endlessly isn’t going to get you far, Maero, and I know you’re still young and this is just going to go right through one ear and out the other without a single thought process. Ugh, you know what, I can’t believe I’m trying to give you career advice right now. You’re digging your own grave here, Maero. All the way to whatever Hell you came up from. And once you get there, you’ll be as low in the ground as you are on the bottom of the success ladder after this weekend. I’m going to be coming at you with everything I’ve got, so if you’re planning on running a bloodbath just for me, then you better find yourself another tub because your blood is going to be on my hands as well.
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Post on June 21st 2017, 9:44 am by TLA
The camera cuts to TLA in the Poon Palace which is packed to the rafters with customers and guests who have arrived for Poon for Pride weekend. The Poon Palace has imported the finest bitches from every continent. Including a sexy scientist from Antarctica wearing a white and fluffy snow themed thong. TLA is standing in the doorway where he looks across the street at yet another packed club as people be moving back and forth between the clubs across the street causing a serious traffic hazzard, but also forcing cars to stop nearby and come check out the Poon Palace.
TLA: I am in a zone beyond hyped right now. I am so hyped that I suspect I will not only be hyped for Pain for Pride X but I will stay hyped for a long time after. I been waitin’ for this moment all my life and I ain’t gonna have to wait much longer! Shit’s finally here yo! I been hyping this show all week, but yo you really can’t hype Pain for Pride X too much. Cuz no matter how much I hype it, I know that it’s gonna live up to that and more. It’s gonna defy all y’all expectations and so am I. My opponents all think they know what they be gettin’ into but they ain’t got no idea what TLA gonna do. I be all unpredictable and shit. Nobody knows who imma target, nobody knows who imma work with. All anybody know is that I be in this to win this, and I be one of them faves to take the whole damn thang home. I gotta give all them shoutouts to all them mad dawgs out there who been pickin’ yo boi to win. Gamblin’ a big ass part of Pain for Pride X and imma be lyin’ if I ain’t had some bets of mah own out there flyin’ around on all the other matches for the show. Y’all homies best bring that W home, cuz La Pantera Sexual lookin’ to score some of that real green this weekend ya heard?
The Poon Palace ain’t run on poon alone yo.
TLA: All eyez on me but first you know all them eyes be on Scott Oasis. Cuz he goin’ all up in that Hall of Fame. I may be beefin’ with homie, but I ain’t got no choice to put some mad respeck on that ring. You ain’t get that without doin’ something right. That night that Oasis achieving that immortality, gettin’ that statue built. People gonna remember he ass even when he long gone. But that ring also be somethin’ else than an honor. It be an honor fo sho, but it really be a target. You shinin’ off that jewelry it gonna shine more than all mah bling do. All these hungry ass lobos comin’ for yo culo holmes. They circlin’ waitin’ for you to open yo mouth, waitin’ to go in and rip you apart. You gotta lotta meat on yo bones ese, they gonna be feastin’ for a long time now you comin’ round. We all lookin’ to knock to privileged Hall of Fame ass down a peg. Score us some of that rep that come from blastin’ on yo rep. We gonna blow up yo moment and make this our moment. Pain for Pride X be comin’ the future takin’ over and y’all might be able to stall it but y’all can’t stop it. El futuro es ahora. Este es nuestro país ahora.
Droppin’ yo ass real quick.
TLA: Real fuckin’ quick. Cuz yo roided out ass ain’t ready for the quickness. We be far too quick. You gonna have to catch us if you wanna fucks with us. But you ain’t gonna. All you gonna catch is these hands. You said it yo self. I be that biggest threat all up in that match. If you wanna win this thang. If you wanna expand yo already impressive Hall of Fame career you gotta go through The Baddest Hombre on the Planet. You gotta outlast the Mexican Mutilation Machine. But nicknames ain’t gonna save me. These skillz gonna do all that work. Got that backup from Team TLA got Oasis reelin’. He salty cuz I abandoned he ass back on Showdown. Y’all want me as yo partner you gotta show ya boi some respect. After you slapped my ass you lucky all I did was walk out on you. You lucky I ain’t beat yo ass for layin’ hands on ya boi. But that’s gonna change at Pain for Pride X, cuz I ain’t gonna be walkin’ out, and this time imma be the one layin’ hands on you puto. Y’all can call me what you want say I be a thief or I be cheatin’ and takin’ them opportunities. But I ain’t never hid from none of that. That’s them skillz that you need goin’ up into the Cash in the Vault ladder match. This match is no disqualification, I don’t even know how imma cheat even if I wanted to. You gotta win by jackin’ that briefcase. So you know yo boi be all ‘bout stealin’ that shit. Even if it ain’t Cash in the Vault, this be Pain for Pride X. We all lookin’ to steal tha show! As far as opportunities, you know I be takin’ all the ones I lucky to get. The white man and the system ain’t wanna give me none, but I get ‘em anyway. Even if I gotta run through Hall of Famers, even if I gotta run through future Hall of Famers. I be takin’ all them opportunities and y’all ain’t holdin’ be back no longer.
Ain’t nothin’ holdin’ me back.
TLA: Oasis takin’ this shit personal. He gettin’ mad. I’m gettin’ rich. Tossin’ all that cash around at the Poon Palace. The Poon Palace packed as fuck this week. Yo we got so much traffic yo boi had to open a second Poon Palace over there across the street! These Poon Palaces be separate but you can be sure they be equal. I think I even be gettin’ some wrestlers up in here. I’m pretty sure I saw Sheridan Muller over at one of them VIP booths. I ain’t sure tho, there are so many bitches up in here, they all start blendin’ together. I got this business to take care of, but y’all best not think I’m hidin’. I always be in the Poon Palace erry night takin’ care of that business. Errybody know that. You want some of TLA you know where he prolly at. If I ain’t here I’m on TV doin’ them interviews. Doin’ them Make-a-Wish visits, bringin’ in them sick and dying kids for a last minute visit to the Poon Palace! Nico Borg gotta recognize, I ain’t runnin’. I ain’t hidin’. I got no idea where he be. All I know is where he gonna be this weekend.
The same damn place imma be.
TLA: The same damn place Scott Oasis gonna be. Same damn place Victor Maero gonna be. Same damn place Lars Grier gonna be. The same damn place Keelan Cetinich gonna be. Let’s be real here. For all the times I be talkin’ shit, fightin’ with them words like I do, I know that ain’t nobody that much of a pussy to not show up for this match. Y’all come this far, and this match deadly as fuck… and yes there will be pain… but that’s what we qualified for. If you ain’t wanna be here you would’ve thrown that qualifier match. You’d look much less like a pussy. I beat El Ironico’s ass to get in this match. If he threw that shit he ain’t shown it. He went down fighting, and that exactly how I expect everyone in this match to go down. If they go down. I ain’t planning on going down. I go into every match thinkin’ imma win that shit cuz that’s the attitude you gotta have. You think you even gotta small chance of losing, then you already lost. The people be speakin’. They sayin’ that TLA got what it takes to win this match. They say that Nico Borg and Keelan Cetinich got what it takes to win this match. Don’t count out none of the others tho. Just cuz the fans out there in the TLnAtion ain’t pickin’ them to win don’t mean shit. Well I should clarify that it be a real honor to me, but no offense, yo vote of confidence don’t necessarily mean imma pull it off. Sometimes being the favorite is a disadvantage. Sometimes being the underdog is all it takes to give you that extra motivation to overthrow them favorites. Come from behind and rob all of it.
I gotta watch my back.
TLA: Imma target too. Most days I be steppin’ into that ring with men like Jamie O’Hara or Scott Oasis and people be callin’ me the underdog. This time tho, I be steppin’ into the ring with men who all be puttin’ that respeck on my name. Ain’t nobody underestimating yo boi. That in itself is an accomplishment. Even mi hermanos from the other brands know what I can do. They know what I’ve accomplished. Shit’s changed yo. I be gettin’ that respect, when before all I’d be gettin’ was haters comin’ out to hate. They ain’t took TLA seriously before. They all takin’ TLA seriously now. Like mah vato loco Pepe say, it feels good man. But it mean I got that responsibility to rep harder than ever. I gotta beast and feast and hang and bang. I gotta fly that flag. Got all dem eyez on me yo.
You ask for it, and papi gotta provide.
TLA: Just like imma provide the savagery that Maero be lookin’ for. Maero all up among them trees, down in that forest like a real savage. He be chillin’ with Tomi’s tribe and shit scalpin’ white people. I respect that. I respect that Maero don’t even seem to care if he win this match, all he care about is that savagery. Cuz I be in this shit for the fight too. Why do y’all think I been around so long? You ain’t gonna last in the struggle if you ain’t love the struggle. The struggle ain’t somethin’ that wanna be loved, but you gotta love it anyway. It’s gonna tryna make you hate it. But you just gotta love it even more. Cuz that’s what the struggle fear most. It fear yo love and too much love the struggle no longer feel like a struggle. We gonn’ be wildin’. Wildin’ like dem wildlings on Game of Thrones we ‘bout to climb that wall. I can’t wait to step to Maero, he gonna split mah skull. But he split mah skull imma take that split skull and imma clap them half skulls round Maero’s full skull and split he own skull. Then imma add he brain pieces all up in mah taquitos and serve them to Steroid Dawg. Cuz she need to eat that brain food. Make her a smart ass dawggy. You wanna let loose imma let loose. We all goin’ hard as fuck. Imma show all y’all just how hard I go in that ring.
Cuz I be all ‘bout that life.

The bad bitch from Antarctica rips off her snow thong as it is revealed she has the Pain for Pride X poster shaved into her bush with intricate detail. The crowd goes wild as money flies through the air.
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Post on June 21st 2017, 9:05 am by Amy-Jayne

The theme music of Amy-Jayne hits and the crowd was a little shocked and stunned to hear her music as she hadn't been seen in EAW for quite some time. She stepped out onto the ramp and it was obvious she had been away and reinvented herself as she looked completely different to how she looked before, but the question on everyone's mind was why is she back and has she gone away and improved her ring skills as Amy was known and seen as a rookie during her first run with the company, someone with limited wrestling ability but now the fans are hoping she's gone away and trained hard and is now more skilled but only time will tell. For now people really wanted to know why she was back, some where happy she was back others not so much.

Amy made her way into the ring and ignored most of the fans who were putting put there hands trying to interact with her, she shrugs them off and then stepped under the bottom rope and into the ring. She motioned for someone to give her a microphone and snatched it after the did.

"Well I guess I must be a welcome sight, considering the looks on all you're damn ugly faces, nice to see you peasants still love me even when I've been away. Now for those that don't know who I am, or they don't care to remember my name is Amy-Jayne and I am the "it" girl of Baton Rouge and the new "it" girl of Elite Answers Wrestling. I have been away and training hard for this big comeback here tonight for all of you to witness, before I was a cocky rookie with little to no wrestling experience. I had my first ever match right here in EAW and after a few matches I decided that it was time for me to step away and train more, perfect my craft and now I have, I am back. So the women's champion and specialist champion better watch out, because this "it" girl is coming for you both".

Amy took a quick pause before continuing.

"You may think I'm just being over confident but they are not ready for me, I have been getting trained by some of the best wrestlers this business has ever had. They may think I'm being stupid coming right for the champions, it's not stupidity it's called having the heart and drive, not to mention the skill to come for them. Brody Sparks has been a dominant champion credit where it is due, but her time as champion is coming to an end. Because I am back and I am prepared to dominate the women's division here in EAW. Sure I am still not refined and as skilled as the likes of someone like Kendra but then again she's been doing this for almost a decade and let's face it she is past her prime now. I have a long way to go before I even hit my prime. I am one of the younger girls in here comparison to some of those huffers backstage."

Amy smirks and then laughs clearly enjoying all the boos that she was getting from the crowd.

"Oh have I hit a nerve with you guys here tonight, good because you don't even deserve my time but I am risking catching something from all you guys well because I am nice and wanted to come out here. I mean I'm the best thing you ugly bunch have seen all night let's face it, all you women out there wish you could look like me, all you guys out there wish you could be with me. But sad to say I'm way out of all you're leagues. In fact most of the guys in the back are out of my league, that's why all the other women in this company well all except me, get so much in this company because they sleep there way to the top. Oh yeah that's right I said it, now I hate to leave you're sight because you know I'm hot but I have better things to be doing than entertain you ugly peasants more than I have to so I'll leave you with just one last word of advice, the vixens better watch out because the "it" girl is back."

Amy then dropped the microphone and smirks before strutting put the ring ignore the boos that where raining down on her as she steps back behind the curtain.
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Post on June 21st 2017, 7:33 am by Abelard Becker
My finals words. Short and sweet.

It's come to my attention that me being over-the-hill isn't just an opinion shared by few, but it's the general consensus of everyone in the match. I've already come out and refuted that numerous times and I'm not going to do that again. Let people think what they want to think and believe what they want to believe. It'll only make the harsh reality of what's to come at Pain For Pride so much more satisfying for me. 

I still don't guarantee a victory, I'm not that naïve, I realize my chances are still indeed very slim. But my mark will be felt in this match. I assure chaos, I promise destruction, I will bring bedlam. This 24/7 Battle Royal will not go the way that so many others have in the past. Given it's moment at it's time but ultimately by the end of the night an afterthought, passed up by Pain For Pride's marquee matches. This one will become no afterthought, it will be remembered, it will be talked about by the masses, and won't soon be forgotten.

Until the next time we all meet in that ring, I bid you adieu.
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Post on June 21st 2017, 4:48 am by Brian Daniels
I was set on a path that you laid out for me.

This entire time, you genuinely thought that you were leading me to my doom.

But what if the roles have been reversed?

I've taken it upon myself to accept that there's not a single given way to convince you otherwise. You will consistently treat me as your underling. It's because of this superiority complex that you've developed over the years. There will never be a second not spent of you describing me as your inferior servant, but you made the gravest mistake of all. You trusted me. You allowed me to grow closer to you. There wasn't ever a moment where I wasn't studying you, Robbie. I was always jotting down ways to take that extra step ahead of you. I almost feel like this was way too predictable. Your attitude, aura, personality, it's astonishing how easily manipulated your emotions have become. For the longest time, I was considering myself the "broken" man with everything to lose, but I was mistaken. Yes, my walls were torn down, but they were rebuilt and reinforced with thick layer to secure the structure. I don't think personally that there's anything in your arsenal that can pierce through those walls. I've fixated myself far too much on the past for this upcoming match. I've wasted way too much time on dwelling in our history, so much that I've almost been caught up in another trap. I'm not going allow you to prove any dominance over me, Robbie. That's been my entire career, having you mentally feel superior to me. But you know what's worse? I've been forced to acknowledge everything you say. I've sat here and pondered on a handful of what the meaning is behind every statement that you provide. I had to take another look back at everything in it's entirety.

Why should I actually fear you?

I've had to do nothing, but watch you suffer even more since rising from the wheel chair.

It's saddening to think that you might have been left safer sitting in a comatose state. I've been plotting ways to capture this victory, but I've had this match won from the beginning. I knew that the moment you arose once more. I need you to enlighten me, Robbie, what exactly have you proven since your return? I mean according to you, I've always been and always will be the Dick Grayson to your Bruce Wayne. I will never conjure a way to overthrow the symbol you've left behind for ages. But what happens when you bring a beaten up old man back into the world, Robbie? You start to feel remorseful, almost greedy for what you've done. I just wanted to once and for all prove a point, but you've already proven it for me. You've proven it against Jaywalker and your own very son. You know what's even more miserable than watching you succumb to those losses? I had to watch you defeat Mr. DEDEDE only through lucky circumstances of interference. The only real time that you actually proved your worth --- was when you were aligned with me for a second time. That's it, isn't it? This has always been about me beating you, but in the end... you have always needed me. I see what you mean now. I see the point you've made very clear before my very eyes. You've needed me from day one, but were willing to toss me aside when I was no longer use to you. Is that it then? Is the respect and honor drained from your very existence? Actually, what am I saying?

You have proven that there is no honor.

It's a killed or be killed world and you're choosing to be killed.

I'm not the hunted here, Robbie, you are. You've been hunted down your entire career. There was never a moment when you weren't staring down the end of a gun. You had to bite the bullet so many times. My mind has opened up to the possibility of, what if? What if Brian Daniels doesn't need this victory as much as Robbie V? I'm really starting to see it this way. You've notably mentioned how I'll be left devastated in defeat, because my world, the world you created for me, will have ended by my own demands. While I can agree, this win means more than any other given accolade in this industry. I think you should start treating it the same way. You need redemption more than I do at this point, because you're rapidly falling apart in front of me. I can see the image of what was, fading away. But the what can be is still there. Do you not see that, Robbie? Do you not see the endgame in all of this? You've been looking at this in only one way; setting me straight. You've degraded me by calling me by a name I refuse to acknowledge myself by, because that isn't me anymore, Robbie. I'm not that same guy. I'm better than who I was, but you dare say otherwise? What did that man achieve, Robbie? What did he achieve once RoViper had finally been dethroned? He was a nobody, but I made that person become a somebody. I went through an entire transformation and it was the best possible route I could have ever taken. It felt like a fresh breath of air was forced into my lungs.

You can say all you want, but my masked has been removed.

I'm just trying to help you take yours off too.

I don't care what way you put it, Robbie, you're still concealing yourself with that symbolic mask. You're still hiding away from all the issues that are really there. You've been hidden away from reality for far too long. You can't accept it for what it is. You're the one that's acting out of delusion, not me. I've become much more of a realist than a dreamer. I have dreams, like the rest of humanity, but I know there's only one way of succeeding with those set dreams. That's by accepting the reality that surrounds you on a daily basis. But we've all warped our own personal version of reality, haven't we? We've twisted and mangled it to points where we can tell the difference between reality and fantasy. You've dived deep into worlds of fantasy, acting as a God, but in your current reality... You act as if you're my one weakness. You act as if you're still my superior. Have you taken the chance to grasp all of this, Robbie? Have you stopped and looked around you? I'm no longer worshiping your being. I'm not kissing the ground you walk on. I respect you for who you are, but I don't see you as my idol anymore. I don't see you as the role model you once were. If I were to still blindly follow your every word, I'd be dead. I've taken my own approach to this match, whether you can accept that or not, that's on you. I can no longer submit to your intimidation game. I'm looking at you now as the greatest enemy I've ever had. And I'm going to treat you as such.

This is the way you wanted it.

And that's exactly how you're going to get it. 
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Post on June 21st 2017, 3:17 am by VENTURA!
24/7 Battle Royal
Promo #5:

Debut match against Johnny Nova - W.
Second ever match contesting for the 24/7 Battle Royal - certified W
Third match - potentially cash in the SAME night... hehe

Maybe after all that is said and done at the Battle Royal, maybe I will just take a breather and just drive out to a local bar across the street. You don't really want me to cash in this clause on the same night, because not only will it prove that I am evidently the greatest non-athlete, yet is becoming an athlete, in the game, but it will prove that..

A) A lot of you blowers in the Royal are washed up.
B) A whole lot of you are definitely overrated.
C) A nicely, stirred combination of both A and B.

If and when I do win this Battle Royal, and unfortunately decide to potentially cash in the same night on some lucky sucker, well, I wouldn't know what else I could say anymore. As I look at the participants, they are all men and women that have been here clawing, bitching, moaning, and excessively bitched in order to get to this position that they are in now. I just an amateur who hasn't wrestled a day in his life, but yet I carry on this confidence that I have already won this match.

Now, why do I continue to carry on such confidence if potentially, the universe decides to screw me over and I somehow do not win the Battle Royal.

Let's not come to that conclusion, because imaging such a scenario would bring on unintended actions from me regardless of whoever wins. But, we are talking reality, and I am speaking real hard truth when I've repeatedly stated that I am going to win this match. You can shake your heads all you want, people who don't know me, because in due time, you all will be fascinated by my presence! The long wait, the prolonging question of "Who the fuck is Kaise Boetius", will finally be answered! You all just need to wait, relax, do some yoga or some sort, and just let time run its course. Just patiently wait.

It is completely understandable as to why people are scratching their heads up and down, thinking of the prospect of I, Kaise Boetius, winning this Battle Royal and potentially issuing my clause the very same night. According to history, it would be an extraordinarily rare feat if and when I managed to get the job done. And when it all happens, who would be the one to blame? Me? Oh I am certainly excused. It is you rosary-grabbing buffoons that will be wailing in tears, wondering once again in confusion why they have falling to a man who just entered his second ever match in EAW. To further state this once more,

"I am always ten steps ahead of everyone else."

I don't say the words that I say as a means of it being a facade, a gimmick or anything of that matter. It's just that I carry a different, optimistic approach compared to everyone else. From the things that I have seen within my life, after learning how life truly plays its magical tricks onto people, I finally know how to get the things that I solely want. It is a survival of the fittest in this world, and it will continue to be for an immense period of time. You either do all the talking that you can in order to mess and tamper with your foes, and once they are in their vulnerability is when you grab your weapon and strike, and you pounce and pounce on their body as if their skin was nearly impenetrable. But, since it's nearly and not completely impenetrable, you just continue to menacingly pounce and pounce relentlessly, enjoying every second of this ruthless assault, until at the very end, your prey can no longer walk around this cold Earth.

That is my mental approach, an approach that will very well be executed.

Now, do I despise everyone in this match? Probably not, unless you give me a reason why I should despise you. The reason why I say what I say in such a furious manner is because I don't want any of you to waste your time trying to seek glory from this match when I have repeatedly and excessively said that I am going to be the one who will win this match. You think I am not aware of the consequences of what I have said so far, if a possibility of me losing is hanged up in the sky? I know that there is a risk involved in everything, but I am not going to let that become a potential factor whatsoever. I will not accept defeat, because defeat is something that I have learned to embrace long ago--the defeat of losing my wife and daughter. Since then, it teleported me to a mental place where demons were suddenly summoned in order for me to face them. Carrying no weapon, having no strategy to combat these demons, I ran on full throttle and I never stopped. Did I get hurt in the process, absolutely, but that pain was deliciously needed in order to mold myself into the man that I am today. I am not only here for my family, but to prove a point... that if you want to be alive to accomplish your goals, you better be fit to do so, otherwise get the fuck out and let determined men step into the position.

I am going to go outside and enjoy some fresh air, maybe get a bagel and some coffee to stimulate my mind for the rest of the date. If you bloody sacks of shit want to continue throwing jabs, I will come out with a nuke and fully exploit you all who you really are. This is not a game that I am playing, I am not a character that pretends to be somebody that he is not. I am 100% natural, fortified with confidence, enhanced with wisdom and spirit, and amplified by the two people who keep me on my feet every day.

What is yours? "Oh, I just want to be a Champion so everyone can look up to me and---"

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Post on June 21st 2017, 3:15 am by Bhris Elite
Now why in our lord and saviors name would you out of all people make me nervous? It seems like the closer we get to Pain for Pride the crazier the lies seem to get and the more stories are made up. It’s a shame we can’t tell the truth anymore instead like me having performance issues when you are around its all just made up stuff that only you believe. Then stating stuff like that I know your better than me, trust me I know nothing of that I was never truly a fan of fairy tales not even as a young boy. With you though it’s like that’s all you listen to and watch just a bunch of fairy tales. You’ve became so obsessed with that and me you make fairy tales that concern me. I have a theory though not only you are obsessed with me you are afraid of me. You like comics don’t you? Well if I had scarecrow’s fear gas and used it on you one of the fears is me being better than you. The fear has become a reality already though you won’t admit it it’s pretty obvious and that’s why you do everything in your power to make it seem like I’m not as good as I believe I am. You’ll go to any point to try to make it seem like I “Suck” when the both of us know that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Another thing you are scared of is telling the truth and that’s why everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie. Do you get a weird feeling in your heart when you tell the truth or something? Is it some type of mental disease that no one has heard of that keeps you from telling the truth? That’s probably the only valid excuse you have to tell all the lies you do. You are also afraid to be wrong and that might shock a lot of guys because most of the time to all of them you are always wrong. Only to you are you right and that’s good enough for you somehow and the last thing you are afraid of is what’s going to happen this weekend. When again for the short time you’ve been here you’ve failed just as many times as I have in the past. This weekend you fail to do what you said you would again.  The only thing you’ll ever take from me with in your time in EAW is the title of the choke artist and putting your all into everything you do in the ring just to fall short.  At least when you say you are better than me at that you won’t be lying.

I’ll continue to doubt you Lucas it’s not like you are going to do anything about it.  I’m right for doubting you because you won’t prove me wrong. Man just thinking of it if we had a better champion we wouldn’t have to be on the god damn pre show.  By the way I’m sorry for calling you Franchise Demon you can’t get mad at me though for confusing the two of you.  Both of you had some unoriginal nick names and things to say, both of you overrate yourself so I’m sorry for the mix up it’s just that you two are damn near identical even with the whole cliché yelling thing.  LOOK AT ME I’M YELLING TO ADD MORE EMOTION TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY, WHEN IN REALITY IT’S JUST MAKING ME LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT BECAUSE I DO IT EVERYTIME I GRAB A MIC! You are the man who will go back to being nothing to this company again, you are the man who is going to lose his championship at Pain for Pride.  You are man who can’t come up with an original nick name or something original to say if original slapped you in the face.  You add no prestige to this title and if you hold onto it any longer they might as well throw that championship in the garbage as well and come up with another neat idea for a new championship. I’ll be the one to stop that from happening and bring this titles prestige back to life. The greatest reign in company history? I don’t even think you’ve held the championship longer than Jamie O’Hara has yet and you haven’t even defeated half the guys he has when he was New Breed Champion.  You also aren’t dominating the way Lannister has with his championship.  You are just as bad as Moongoose with all this made up bullshit you continue to spew. You call yourself the greatest athlete but instead of doing what the rest of us are doing like scaling the ropes like we are originally supposed to do you are going to take the easy way out and use a ladder. You aren’t no athlete and soon you won’t be a champion no matter the amount of short cuts you’ll try to take during this Ultimate X match. Yes Moongoose is the odds on favorite to win and even though I don’t agree with it either it makes more sense then you being the odds on favorite. Then that’s when I’d really be scared for this generation, despite not liking the man much he is talented and unlike him I’ll give credit when it’s due. Lucas Johnson as much as you’ve been “Dominating” you’d think more people would bet on you to win this match and I don’t think anyone in their right mind is doing so and as they shouldn’t because they’d lose a lot of money. This isn’t Reckless Wiring this is Pain for Pride where everyone has come to fight where everyone has come to succeed and only one of us in this match can and it won’t be you.  So yes the pain is coming and it’s going to strike you right in the heart right along right where you hold all of that pride. Then you will look in the mirror and see what everyone else sees when they look at Lucas Johnson.  A self-overrated piece of shit who’s championship reign coming to an end was long overdue.
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Post on June 21st 2017, 2:48 am by Mstislav
(The scene opens with the Sun in shot. Blinding the audience it then pans down to Aren lying down relaxing on his balcony. Saint Petersburg is still cool, yet he knows time is running down. He knows it’s almost here. Social Media is plastering all about his lost to Fournier, but he could give less of a shit. He’s looked everywhere and all they say is “Can Aren win? What does he have to do?” People doubting, people thinking, that a little lost affects him in anyway. Yet they try to get under his skin. But not today. Today is a day of reflection, Today is the day you know why he is King.)

I hear all these doubters, and all I can do is laugh. Laugh at them because it wasn’t that long ago when they were but people riding on my jock. When Elijah Stewart first found me, they cheered. Speculations occurred of Aren being done with EAW, if Stewart was enough to bring him back. Yet those talks didn’t happen until I was found. Even then people knew I was wrestling in other feds, yet they didn’t want to talk about me then. They didn’t want to say shit unless I came back to wrestle for EAW. All that time I realized, and then I just kept thinking about it. Thinking about why I decided to come back. Stewart needed to shut up, Stewart needed to realize that and I showed him that. And then I became part of the chase again, and failed. And then sooner rather than later, my fans started to become my detractors and I saw it. I saw it coming before anyone else, all because they didn’t care about me until I made my way back. They cared little for me when I was gone, I was nothing but an idea on the backburner.

(He gets off his mat, and leans over the railing. In the distance he sees the billboards advertising Pain for Pride. He sees the headlining matches flash. DEDEDE vs Senn, Brian vs Robbie, Lannister vs Pizza Boy, all of them flash by. It then gets to undercard a list that he thought was so long. EAW was doing something different this year, flashing the matches that they knew the areas demographic was looking forward to. So while all the other matches just go the name treatment, depending on the area some matches got their own graphic. Being Saint Petersburg you obviously get Nasir Moore vs Aren. Aren was waiting for it, and soon there it was. Flashy graphics “Brother vs Brother, Friend vs Friend, A Connection, A Brotherhood, Nasir Moore vs Aren Mstislav. This Weekend only on EAW Network.” There it was the graphic, and on it stood the two brothers. Nas posed in a way that showed off his personality, his corny, but lovable stance that showed why people though highly of him. Aren on the other hand, as stoic as ever, he kept his stance open, and yet you could still feel in the imposing air he radiated. Two contrasting factors, two people who knew each other more than anything.)

(“All I wanted was my brother back!” Those words resonated within Aren. Still looking over the city he takes a step back.)

All you wanted was your brother, huh? That’s all. Hmph, maybe I have been disconnected from all of this, maybe I haven’t given an outlook on what success has done to me. Maybe that’s what you’re waiting for me the say. Something that will ring over those ears that will show you that your brother is still here. But I’m not going to say that. What I am going to say is and I need you to listen to me… Your brother never left, he’s been here this whole time. This attitude I’ve had for the past two years, has always been my attitude. Hell I had this when we were teaming up, It just took you this long to realize. You see Nas I lament our time when we were two of the same side I acted this way, it wasn’t until I became something, became something more at YOUR expense did you realize it. Admit it Nas, you know I’m still your brother, and you just can’t accept that I finally did what I needed to do to become successful. Because in fact even in NEO I was like this. Me and You we used each other to get what we wanted, fame, success, glory, and the recognition we knew we both deserved. We went through Monstro a monster of man because we knew we could. We ended the terror of the Juha and Cole not because we gave a damn about what they did to others, but because they wanted a shot, and we took ours and ended their careers. We used each other for success and then when it was time for us to go our separate ways, you didn’t know where you would end up. But me, I knew what I had to do.

And I did it. I took out Parker, became the National Elite champion, and thus began my journey. However you, you were still in the dark. Back when you used to call yourself The Nas, you knew that formula was running its course. You then became Capitani, and started to go about using your mouth to get you into trouble, trouble that you could get out of, but it would never take you anywhere. And now here you are, Nasir Moore, embracing your underdog style not because it benefits you, but because it is finally what you found that sticks. Nas, I’ve been the same ever since we began. I was royalty then, and I’m royalty now. I was a champion then and I was champion for a much longer period. Times I wasn’t were short, and times I were, well they were long. I reigned, and reigned, and lost and lost, and then I got tired of losing, and started winning. I DIDN’T HAVE TO CHANGE FORMULA, I KEPT IT ORIGINAL, I KEPT IT BECAUSE I COULD WORK WITH IT. You on the other hand. Failure after failure, you changed, and kept changing until now you’ve finally found it. I’m not knocking you for this either, what I am doing is applauding, because now, now you can step out of my shadow.
Which is funny, because that’s your thing for all of this. To get out of my shadow. Hmph, it is still sad that you thought you were in my shadow, when really you never were. Nasir, when are you going to let go of that excuse, when are you going to realize that my accomplishments mean nothing to your achievements in the long run. People kept comparing you? So what, when has that ever stopped you. When you were THE NAS, you didn’t give a damn, but now that you’re Nasir Moore, you care all of a sudden. Here’s a little advice Nas, forget the past and go forward. Because when the Connection was done for the first time, oh let me tell you. People thought I wouldn’t make it. People thought I was in over my head. PEOPLE THOUGHT I WASN’T READY, I WASN’T CAPABLE BUT NOW LOOK. EAW CHAMPION, PURE CHAMPION, TAG TEAM CHAMPION, NATIONAL ELITE CHAMPION, they all are on my list they are all on the list that I had made for myself. I showed them, that the past doesn’t define me. And while I am glad you finally found something to work for you, I also see you as pathetic to still think the past matters. Move on Nas, Move along, because let’s talk about it. If you don’t beat me, what the fuck are you going to do? Your whole schtick about this is to beat me and prove the past wrong. But if you don’t then what. Are you going to drop, are you going to leave again. Or are you finally going to put the past behind you, where it belongs, and do what I know you can do. Because Nas, while you want your brother back, I want my brother where I’m at, in the present, in the future, I don’t want you to dwell in the past. Because while I say shit, I still care about what happens to your career.

I want my brother in the present, I want him in the future, but if he’s going to dwell in the past, if he’s going to dwell and say my shadow is the reason for his failure, then I’m going leave him with no choice. No choice as in no option other than saying fuck it and don’t look back anymore. We had fun times in the past Nas, but now I’m looking forward to the future, and if you can’t look forward like me, then I’ll beat you and hopefully hard enough to make you realize the past is but for fond memories, not for a place of dominion.

(The area is silent. Traffics horns have stopped. The birds no longer sing. The wind however still blows. Three days remain.)
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Post on June 21st 2017, 2:31 am by Victor Maero
PFP Promo 3: Air
Maero dangles his feet of the branch of the tree. He leans on the main body of the tree and looks down at the almost one hundred foot drop. He taps the body of the tree and smirks.
“When I started I thought I was God. That delusion was kicked out of me quickly and mercilessly. Then I embraced my past. When that didn’t work Eclipse came to me and helped me change again. That’s when Oz helped me change. When that seemed to stop working I let loose. I didn’t control anything. I stopped researching, I stopped caring, I stopped being myself. Luckily the people I love were able to pull me out of that. Now, I make small adjustments. I’ve been doing pretty well for myself. With all of you asking what my change has brought me how about I tell you. I’m here, aren’t I? I became Hardcore Champion, I’m a founding member of the most powerful and longest lasting stable in EAW history, I destroyed every man in the Twenty Four Seven battle royal. If that’s not enough then how about the fact that I’m raising a child. Hard to be immature or stubborn when you have to care for another human being. That change, that perseverance is what got me here. In fact, speaking of how I got here, Let’s talk about Nico some more.” Maero grabs hold of a branch just above him and uses it to jump to his feet. He paces carefully along the branch.
“You said to Keelan that neither he nor I worked to get here. Again, more hypocrisy. Did God tell you to continue that tradition too? You’ve been on bedrest for months now. Not fighting, not speaking, just resting. So, tell me exactly how being plopped into this match because the higher ups like you is working for it. They fucking hate me. I’ve been put against champions just because they like to see me squirm. The current has always been against me. I don’t know if it’s because I chose to join Eclipse in the Sanatorium or if they cared enough to see what I am and decided they didn’t like it, but that’s not something I plan on forgetting anytime soon. So don’t come to me and say I didn’t have to try, don’t come to me and say I took the easy route. You ignore the truth and bend whatever’s left into your twisted reality. What you say is well phrased, but not well researched. You know nothing of me or my past.” Maero walks into a mess of leaves disappearing from sight. He walks out from the shadows on a lower branch. He sits and looks down and lets his legs swing in the light breeze.
“This is what your career has come to. Nobody talking about what you’ve done, nobody talking about you, we only speak of your religion. I can see why that would anger you, but that’s the only part of yourself you put forward. You want us to speak of another part of you then show us another piece of yourself. Darkness never lasts? Nico, there will always be darkness. Light and darkness aren’t opposites, they’re siblings. Light boasts that it’s the fastest thing in the universe, but whenever it arrives somewhere it finds darkness was there first. Darkness is another one of those constants you speak of. Trust me, Nico, I know of those eternal truths. Fear, pain, life, death, taxes. Maybe not taxes actually, that one’s pretty man made. But the point remains. I know far more than you think. Those truths you believe you guard have leaked into the world. You guard an empty vault. Your anti-intellectual religion hasn’t stopped me. Did I mention that I used to be a religious man? I was shamed for doing what I loved, learning. What you follow is corrupt and destructive. I respect you, but I don’t respect your religion. Oh boy, you’ve seen through my clever ruse. Yes, most of my questions were sarcastic and rhetorical, you’re a real Sherlock Holmes, Nico. You may be at home in darkness, but I’m going to show you the fresh Hell of war. Are you ready to see what the devil in me can do? Because I can’t wait to show you. It’s like show and tell, except with more blood. So really it’s just show and tell. You don’t see the gray in the world. Only black and white. Light and darkness. You can’t see the spectrum in the world. That doesn’t make me angry, nor does it make me think I’m better than you. It makes me sad. I wish you could see the same spectrum as I can. The world is a gray area, it’s so much more beautiful that way. I know you’ll deny these words or ignore them as you have my others, but I hope you’ll be able to see what I’m talking about one day. I’ll pray for you. You look at me and you see evil to be purged because I’m not what you deem holy. You want to purge us all through bloodshed, that just sounds like a good time. So come on, burn me with your holy steel and stab me with your blades. Come try and slay the beast.” Maero chuckles. He drops down from the branch he’s sitting on to one just below it. He puts his hand behind his head and walks across the new branch.
“Next I’d like to take some time to talk to Scott Oasis. Your statement about me is that for a long time I was nothing more than another member of the Sanatorium. You’re right. Back then that’s all I needed. There were perks, however. Dental, for example. But I was also able to try on many faces. I was able to change and try new things while still having something to fall back on. So yes, while I tried to be something else I only had one facet to who I was. But that changed a while back. That statement of yours is old news. By the time I won the Twenty-Four-Seven scramble I was my own man for the first time in far too long. The reason I’ve risen so quickly as of late is that I reforged myself into something that could be self-sufficient. I stopped relying on the Sanatorium and started becoming my own man. So, yes, I was nothing more than a space filler, but now I’m something more. Now I’m my own man, the reason you hear the name Maero is because that’s who I am now. I’m no longer the nameless man who flanks Eclipse, I’m the man WITH a name that flanks Eclipse. Jokes aside, I’ve made a splash upon my return because I finally arrived. The second coming of Maero, that definitely sounds like a shitty post-apocalypse novel. But that’s exactly what happened. The second coming, not the apocalypse. I won’t lecture you about myself any further. I know you don’t talk with your words Scott, you prefer to talk with your fists, right? Then let's have a damn good conversation.” Maero’s foot falls on something not made of wood. He lifts his toes and looks down at what he’s stepped on. He squats down and plucks at the rope before smiling and walking back to the main body of the tree. He leans on the tree and sighs.
“I suppose I’ll have to talk about Lars again, what a pain. You call yourself perfect? That’s great. Then I’ve already won. If you’re perfect you’ll never improve, never even think of improving. If you’re perfect then fuck being perfect. It must be awful living in your head. Evolution isn’t about perfection, Lars. It’s about improvement, forever and always. Grow and grow and grow. Do… do my resear-” Maero snorts. “Me? Do my research. You called me Victor you colossal fuckwit. I don’t go by that name anymore. Not that you should care, I’d rather you keep my name out of your lips completely. So please continue to use the name of a deadman, better than hearing you say mine.” Maero shakes his head and removes a small book from his pocket and taps it. “This is my research on you. Let me do a quick skim again.” Maero opens it and flips through a few pages.
“Ah, yes. You’ve never won anything important, that really shows how perfect you are by the way. You’ve never beat anyone we’d care about. Manifestation of Destruction… I never called you that. Why are you telling me to stay current while in the same breath speaking the name of a deadman? Claiming my parents didn’t school me well enough? You’re damn right. I taught myself, so yeah, I may have missed some things. Luckily I’m always learning. Let’s see, what did you say I didn’t understand… Metaphors. What did you ever say that was a metaphor? You said you were a human but extended. I still have no idea what that means. If you’re more than human why have you done nothing of interest in your entire time in EAW? You’re upgraded? Like, faster download speeds upgraded? Or just bought shoes in a MOBA upgraded? Did you just unlock your ultimate ability? Because you’re clearly behind in the power curve, Lars. I’ll leave you with this simple message. Something I think you really need to hear. Listen to these words and perhaps you’ll understand what I’ve said before.” Maero tosses his book off into the darkness below him. “Fuck off.” Maero starts walking over the branch again.
“Keelan Cetinich, you don’t quite seem to have gotten what I was saying. Yes, I’m scared. But I like it. I always have. That’s what happens when you lose your mind, you find yourself loving what others attempt to escape. I’m afraid of you, yes, but that’s why I want to beat you so damn much. Because I haven’t beat you, because you scare me, and because you’re such a cocky asshole. Nothing could possibly drive me more. You messed with the bull, now I’m ready to lower my horns. What did my adaption do for me? What did trying on faces and personas do for me? Like I said earlier, Twenty-Four-Seven scramble, Sanatorium is strong as balls, yatta yatta yatta. You get the idea, right? Maybe not considering how I’ve had to say the same shit over and over again. Yes, I do have growing to do, but that’s human. No one’s perfect, everyone can improve, full stop. I welcome challenges, I readily walk into certain failure with a smile. But that’s not what the CITV is going to be. I’m ready to die, I’m ready to kill. I’m ready to dig deeper than ever before. Do you want growth? I’ll show you growth. Do you want demons? I’ll show you demons.” Maero watches a cloud go over the moon making the whole world dark for precious, silent seconds. Once the light returns Maero is sitting near the top of the Oak tree looking over the horizon.
“There’s no one in this match that I want to see the defeated face of more than you, Keelan. I’m nothing more than an easy target to you, a stepping stone. But in this match you’re mine. I can’t wait to break your bones. Ladders are the perfect tool for that. Height, what a perfect match for me. Sounds like a match made in heaven. Maero and ladders. What a weird romance novel that would be. It’s true that I grabbed you and that’s why it was a draw. But if you were stopped by me grabbing your leg maybe the ball wasn’t quite as far into your court as you think. It’s true that you don’t know me, Keelan, but it’s not because you rose so quickly. In fact, you took your time. I’ve told you plenty, you just close your ears. You have selective hearing, it’s a real issue. It seems I’ll have to operate. Just a small incision right between your fucking eyes should do it. Maybe followed by a swift kick to the throat and a Clear through the top of a ladder.” Maero watches the trees below him sway in the breeze and smiles.
“I don’t really think I’m going to get the CITV. Nobody does. But that doesn’t matter. See, I’m in it for the carnage. I’m in it for the whirlwind of blood and guts. I’m in it for the wave of pain and rage that’ll hit all of us. I want bloodshed, nothing more, nothing less. Are you ready to be flayed? To be bled dry? Because that’s what I’m waiting for. Winning might just be a side effect of my rampage, I’m certainly not against that. But when we get into that ring, that Coliseum, that fucking warzone, I’m going to go berzerk. When the bloodlust hits is when I’m most alive. I savor the moments when blood flows like a river. The metallic taste of blood keeps me going. Nothing will be left behind, not a drop of strength, not a single breath will go unused. I’m done waiting, I’m ready to split skulls. Nothing’s going to stop me this time. When someone steps in my way I’ll carve a doorway in their body. A bloody gate to my own personal heaven. A heaven filled with rivers of blood and trees made of bone. Men with eyes ablaze with fear ripe for the picking held down just for me and enough time to cut every inch of flesh. If a man walks out of this match unscathed then I haven’t done my job. Violence is where I find solace. So come find me, beat me, hit me, crush my dreams. Understand this: I’ve won when you're broken, not when I’ve climbed the ladder. I’d love to break you, tear you limb from limb, leave your insides in the ring as a warning. But there are too many men to break to spend so much time on just one. Here’s a word of advice for all of you: Watch your back. He comes.” Maero slides backward and hangs upside down on his branch. He looks at the ground where the shadow of the tree is splayed out across the land surrounded in the pale moonlight. He watches ropes knotted in the branches sway. With every swing of the ropes, the weight of the rope burned bodies fills the night with a slow deep creaking.
“I came from nowhere. I hid in the shadows, watching and learning until I was ready to strike. But my first bite missed. Not a loss, but not a victory. In the calm before the storm, I made a mistake. I got cocky, arrogant. I’ve seen better days. But it’s time to keep moving. Time to look to the future; Pain for Pride is my future. I’m going to revolutionize violence. I’m going to reinvent bloodshed. You know, in the old days they believed that evil resided in the blood. To cure disease they’d bleed their patients until they thought they were cured. If they were to try to cure the stupidity of some of my opponent's they’d end up dry. If bloodshed really did heal, then I promise, I’d cure you of all your ails. My blades will sink into skin, bones will be cracked, that’s the future that’s on the horizon for us all. And I can’t fucking wait.” Static slowly creeps into view. After a few seconds, it dissipates and Maero is seen walking around the base of the tree. A black stain runs from the tree into the high grass beneath the tree.
“Lastly, TLA. Gotta say I can’t hate you. No matter how disgusting your taste in food may be. Please, go to your dark place. Anything to make this more fun. I respect how easy it is for you to let loose. I mean, the time you'll last in this match is shorter than the tool you use in your other job, but I appreciate that you've shown it to the world. You know, I originally wanted to be the doctor who did prostate exams so I could sing "Can You Feel the Glove Tonight." My teachers weren't fans. I never got my chance to do that though.You know, I suppose everybody gets high. Mine’s just more of a contact high. I like pain, fear, violence. Perhaps I should try something a little less extreme sometime.” Maero looks up at the dozens of feet dangling above him. A twisted grin sneaks its way onto his face.

“But in the meantime, let’s get savage.”
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Pain For Pride II

Allow me to remind you why Stuffed Crust got an opportunity to challenge your Tag Team Championship, The High Rollerz.

It’s all started once we saved Brian Daniels from your beat-downs, that’s all. We didn’t come after you after all. All we did was just saved a friend of ours. We had no animosity towards you, that’s all. Key word here, “Had”. You can easily “forgive and forget” but apparently you hold a grudge for what we did. Then you decided to mock and insult Lioncross’ plan to retire which triggered him to propose a challenge to you for your Tag Team Championship. Maybe he was upset but it can’t be helped since you provoked him first. You DID REJECT his proposal and we didn’t do anything to gain your attentions.

But here’s what I find very weird: you rejected his proposal yet you tried to make things personal by attacking our friend Lyuncrust and beat him into a bloody pulp. Lyuncrust is a friend of mine and he’s been like a family to Lioncross for years. Of course we decided to settle things with you in the first place. So tell me, why did you try to make things personal with us when you already reject Lioncross’ proposal to challenge you for your Tag Team Championship? Did you feel offense when we try to save Brian Daniels? That’s sounds childish. But let’s back to the original question, why did Stuffed Crust get an opportunity to challenge your Tag Team Championship in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match?

It’s because you want us.

You probably felt insulted when we saved Brian Daniels. You didn’t expect us to show up, hence why you decide to run away from us. You probably felt insulted when we made you look bad in front of the entire nation and worldwide television hence why you tried to “man up” and tried to prove you have enough guts to face us in the ring. After all hardcore matches and weapons are your prefferences right? That’s why you accepted that stipulations from us. That stipulations should satisfied you yet you both STILL complaining about it. That’s all you do right? Just complaining about EVERYTHING. This is why we’re both sick and tired of your attitude and your childish antics. You want us to do something about it? This is the reason why we challenged you to a TLC match to settle this once and for all. You both are known as cheaters, therefore, this match isn’t about proving who’s the better team between Stuffed Crust and The High Rollerz, but this match is all about beating up each-others to the death.

You both have asked me why would a man with such a code of honor like me want to do these kind of matches? That’s the reason why. It’s impossible for you two to play the rules, hence why we decided to do a TLC match. Don’t worry, I have experienced with weapons too, I might be able to surpise you both as you expected. You both are the first two men who have managed to piss me off in a long time which made me have no choose but to break my honor for one night. Maybe you’re laughing at that, maybe you aren’t, just be careful with what you wish for because we all know...

You both weren’t ready....

And you still aren’t ready....

And you probably will never be ready...

What have you done to stand up to us beside attacking Lyuncrust from our back? Nothing. You have done nothing but running away from us every week. All you did are whining, complaining, bitching, and moaning which is a very bad example for champions. Maybe you’ll argue “but we did accept your challenge”, but like I said, you apparently still have a problem with it. This is your chance to prove that you both are brave enough to face Stuffed Crust, don’t waste your chance by running away in the middle of the match. Sure, you did beat us before but that doesn’t mean you’re automatically better than us...especially when you were cheating to beat us.

You both heard me right that I do this for Lioncross. Lioncross wants to retire as one half of the Tag team champion and I have to fullfill his wises when he chose me as his partner. Winning the Tag titles match is just a bonus for me and yes, The Tag titles will be my first championship here when we beat you at Pain For Pride. It’s all about Lioncross. I don’t need you two to tell me, I’m fully aware I’m the third wheel of Stuffed Crust. And perhaps this would be the last time you see Stuffed Crust in the action as a unit. That’s why I’m more than willing to break my honor in order to fullfill Lioncross’ wishes. I’m bringing all my best to this match. You don’t like me here? This is your chance if you could force me to go with Lioncross or not. Our A-Games are 100% fine tune-in and ready to be unleashed. You better pray your’s are too. Otherwise, there’s NO real shame of backing of like you do every week until YOU are ready.
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Pain for Pride X Promo 3 – Testimonials: VIII

A black and white titlecard that reads 'TESTIMONIAL: SOLEDAD II' appears on screen. The words fade away as we begin to hear faint sounds: people moving around, making little noise. Then we fade into the scene, finding Soledad sitting in the same place Ryan Marx was seated in his previous promo. The chairs around her are empty, though followers wander around in the background, taking some of the seats further back outside of the church. She sits calmly as she keeps her attention on the camera, Ryan's white suit jacket over her shoulders. She shakes her head before beginning.

He didn't want me to say anything, but I had to speak. When someone addresses me, I respond, and I don't just speak for myself, but I speak for Him as well. In this match, He faces three competitors, and though my words go out to all of them, there is one in particular who needs to be spoken to.

Solomon Caine, you think you can threaten me, one of His most loyal followers? Not even that, but you threaten us when you don't even understand who we are. Let me answer a question you had for Him: I don't possess a soul, just as every follower of the Five Pillars doesn't. He teaches us that souls hold us back, they make us weak. And so we rid ourselves of them, just as He had done years ago. We rid ourselves of the boundaries within us, and He will demonstrate this to you all this weekend.

Solomon's talk of agony and woe won't come true, because He is beyond it. We all are. As parts of Him, we all go above the empty threats Solomon and the others make. None of you can destroy the Zeitgeist and what He stands for. In fact, in this match, you would all be nothing without Him to target. He is your greatest threat this weekend, and He will make you. His presence and the pain He will subject you to will do more for you three than any victory would. Because He will show you all that His words have been the truth, and all you three have done is spread lies. Lies that will collapse around you, lies that He will revel in the shards of.

So dismiss Him, threaten us, and continue to follow your paths to nowhere. It's only a matter of time before He catches up to you with his shadows. It won't be long before time finds you. And when it does, you won't see just 'Him' – you will see the Zeitgeist for what He truly is. A leader, the future, and the greatest man yet to die.

He is the truth, and you all wish you were on the level of lies. But your threats, your dismissals...they bury you lower than the untruths you speak.

In the background, we see a large figure obscure the light coming in through the doorway. Soledad looks over to it, a hand gripping at the jacket over her shoulders. Cut to black.

We fade into a new scene, where Ryan sits before an old TV set. The screen plays only static, and his gaze goes from the white noise to the camera beside him.

For once during this week, Target has said something completely truthful: it's time to take a moment and step back. There are still a few days left until Pain for Pride, and myself and my opponents have already fired on all cylinders. Yet there is time to continue speaking. There is time to reflect on what has been said, and consider every word that is soon to be uttered. For me, time has been short this week – I have had much business to attend to, as you may be aware. But now, I take another moment of my week to address my opponents as they gnaw away at me, unknowingly feeding on my infected flesh. They may be slowing down, but the virus that breaks them down within charges onward – and at Pain for Pride, it shall deteriorate them into a state of decay. But until then, I continue to speak, and wait for the shadows to cast over Pain for Pride.

First of all, I will mention Tarah as I feel it would be unfair to leave her out, even if she hasn't said anything since I last spoke. I do not know what she is doing – perhaps she is recouping, organising a new plan of attack before Pain for Pride. But whatever it is, Tarah, I am prepared. There are only so many new tricks you can pull out from your sleeve, and considering you have been around for so long, I would assume you are running out. Though I shall remain patient for now, and we will see what you do when you next speak.

The TV screen cuts to footage of Solomon Caine's promo, though the video is silent. Ryan looks from the camera to the TV, a smirk appearing  on his face.

Solomon Caine, if you speak as plainly as the day, then I am the King of England. All I hear from you are vague threats and comments, most of which don't seem to be backed up by any kind of actual philosophy or solid message other than this unexplained 'end times' and 'damnation'. I know many others in this company may believe you without doubt, because they are so weak-minded they would listen to your cries that are akin to the village idiot's and dare not question anything. However, I am a man who thinks for himself. If we did not doubt everything, we would not be where we are today – on the contrary, we would be being led to our deaths by demagogues such as yourself. It is what gives me power over you and your tricks, both in the ring and outside of it. My mind is not worthless, it is my greatest asset, for it allows me to see through false prophets such as yourself.

I question what you speak of not because I am afraid of your or your unsubstantiated claims of the 'impending doom' that apparently awaits me – don't flatter yourself that much. I question you because if I didn't, I would be the same as every other dependent sheep that blindly follows and believes in you. And I am more than that. I am independent of pressure, of lies, of the constraint of suffering. I am not a leader of lies, nor do I speak of vague prophecies. My foundations lie in the Five Pillars, which are more tangible than anything you have ever spewed forth. For example, you say you have seen the darkness I speak of, and in fact nurtured it. Impossible. Not only do your words imply you saw this long before the earth existed as you said – which would be literally impossible considering you are but a man who speaks as though he is Legion – but that darkness you saw is not the one I was speaking about. No, my darkness is very different, for I control it. My darkness overpowers all others, for it has dwelled inside me for so long, begging to be unleashed. And there are times when it has crept out. But at Pain for Pride, it shall show itself against you, the prophet of false beliefs, and you will not recognise it. You cannot even begin to recognise it and its power.

A laugh thrums through the room, low and sinister.

Best laid plans? What are these plans? And don't start with the 'End of Ages' rhetoric. I want actual description beyond “damnation, flames, death and pain”. What do you want to do, and what role do you specifically have in regards to these plans? Because right now, I don't know if you're the harbinger of this apparent destruction or if you are just a messenger sent by some otherwordly force. That is how vague you are being. And people call me difficult to figure out – at least I make sense. At least I am transparent with the fundamental basics of my beliefs. Though I assume you are the messenger, and not the harbinger – you are after all a member of the Sanatorium, and I suppose they need errand boys to spread their doom and gloom. You see, my plans are to gather influence that spreads across the world, and then use it to become the leader of this millennia. And I shall do that by proving successful on grand stages such as Pain for Pride, by draining championships of all their worth before moving onto bigger achievements, and generally cementing myself as the future. See, that is a plan, Solomon. Now tell me yours – if you even have one beyond “threaten people with the immediate 'End of Ages' and use vague remarks to sound intimidating”. Whatever it is, though, it isn't working on me. And it won't work at Pain for Pride, so you can kiss your hopes of inspiring fear into me goodbye.

If you believe that all of my thinking is for naught, you are more deluded than most. Truly, you are a man who cannot think properly, Solomon. My doubt, my pondering, it has all led me to becoming what I am today: a success. A leader. If I did not question this world, if I did not think for myself, I would still be trapped in the circle of lies that I had been forced into years ago. I would not be independent, I would not be able to stand where I am today. My mind and my thinking is what gives me strength – the strength that I need to defeat you. Maybe if you thought for a moment, you wouldn't be a low-tier Sanatorium henchman, and would be leading others like I am instead of being led. Call my philosophy pointless, but know that it has more meaning than any drivel you speak of, for it actually has a core foundation. It has a reason to exist, besides warning of the end times that you cannot even prove exist. And though you think dismissing my beliefs will hurt me, know that doing that will only make me stronger. The Five Pillars is all I truly care for in this world, along with those who live upon them: my followers, myself, and the future. Three things I shall fight for, and three things that you are currently threatening – poorly, might I add, but you are still trying to threaten them. My philosophy does not dull the minds of the masses – that would be your lies you are thinking of – but it instead opens their third eye to the reality of our world. It gives them strength to be the optimal version of themselves, just as it has done with me. You will not face a 'heathen' at Pain for Pride, you will face your superior: a force that defies death, a voice that controls the strong, and a strength that cannot be hindered.

Complacency is the opposite of what I strive for. In fact, I am by far the most ambitious out of anyone in this match. I dream of controlling the world, of becoming a god – meanwhile, you can barely show a hint of logic behind what you speak of. If anyone is complacent, it is you, Solomon. You continue to pump out the same baseless claims, barely changing your tune, even when it is questioned. When great minds are questioned on their beliefs, they explain them. When Solomon Caine is questioned on his beliefs, he repeats them until they become more meaningless than the dirt his potential has been buried under. My potential is just being realised, and this weekend it shall come to fruition when I stand upon the grandest stage in EAW as a success.

Try to cleanse me with fire, but know that it does nothing but expose the physical body I loathe. You are doing me a favour, Solomon. Fire cannot kill a school of thought, it cannot burn a doctrine to ashes. And my philosophy will live on after my death, as will my legacy. My followers, my soon-to-be additional half, they all join this movement knowing that they will be opposed. They do not fear you, just as I do not fear you. For we all know how empty your threats are. You cannot control the End of Ages, for you cannot control time. But I can – I define time. That is what the Zeitgeist is, the definition of an era. The one that overpowers all others. And when I defeat you, Solomon, when I lay waste to every claim you have made, I will define you. You will fall into my shadow, your potential gone. And I will rise above you, as a leader does.

The TV cuts to static once more, before it shows Target Smiles' promo, once again muted.

Target, I will admit that there are some aspects of you that are admirable: the way you continue to show honour for people who are as dense as Solomon, the way you persevere through pain, and the fact that you are still here talking. Oh, and also the way you manipulate everyone so expertly. The way you degrade your opponents – “oh, I have put so much effort in, and all some of my opponents can say is 'I'll hurt you'.”. How utterly delusional. What makes it better is that you claim we are in some way deluded, when it is you who has bought into his own hype to such a degree that he cannot see beyond the basics of what has been said to him. If all you hear is “I'll hurt you”, then you must not be listening very well. How foolish of you. “Perhaps I have gotten ahead of myself”, you say. I think you've flown too close to the sun, and yet as you said, there is still so much time until Pain for Pride.

This is the issue with you. You claim you throw obstacles in people's way, but really all you do is simplify a counter so much that we then have to repeat ourselves – and even then, it doesn't get through to you. Well, either that, or you're playing a game. And in my case, Target, you are focussing on the wrong thing entirely. Instead of presenting in-depth arguments against me, you choose to focus on one thing I said, and then blow it out of proportion to try and make me look bad. You continue to drill at this angle, and believe that you have proven me wrong – that you have shown the world that I am a liar. Well, let us look back at what I said.

He leans forward and presses a button on the TV, and a video of Ryan's first Pain for Pride promo begins from somewhere in the middle.

“Now, you can say “well, they probably believe it will come down to you and Tarah, and Tarah or Solomon will get the elimination over me”, but it still speaks volumes. Even when the statistical, historical odds and records are against me, I am still considered a strong contender for victory, because people know of my power.”

He presses pause before returning his attention to the camera.

Note that I did not say you said that Tarah or Solomon would defeat you definitively. I said that you can say that phrase, as in, you have the ability to potentially speak those words as some form of argument. I did not at any point say I agreed with that statement. I did not even say that statement as if I believed in it. I was taking shreds of what others have been whispering, and I presented it as an optional argument for you to make. Does that clear it up? Does that finally get through your thick skull, and do you see now that you were wrong? Probably not, but at least everyone else can see it now. They now see you for the manipulator you are. There is no backtracking here from me, only manipulation from you in an attempt to drag my name through the mud. But it won't work, for I never let people ruin my name. And when they try, I ruin them.

But then, to add to the manipulation, you state “I never thought that you were one to just go along with what you hear on the street”. Again, I have never believed rumours. I have never placed full trust in those who are nowhere near as reliable as myself. Can I not repeat what others have been murmuring without that quote being attributed to me? Am I not allowed to emphasise the thoughts of the EAW Universe and then give my stance on them? It appears as if someone is pulling at straws. And they call me pedantic – that must mean what you are doing is pathetic. You are distracting everyone from the main issue here, for it does not matter whose opinion I decide to reference, but it does matter what I shall do this weekend.

You can call my argument an excuse, but know that you only do that because it holds truth. Truth that you cannot stand. The truth that when I step into that ring at Pain for Pride, I will not be the same man you got a roll-up victory over. I will not be the same person you found an advantage over, because that advantage will be gone. Your victory over me only opened my eyes to flaws I had – flaws that will be fixed come this weekend. And so, when you try to get that advantage again, it will not be there, and you will be left to accept the fate you narrowly escaped on Showdown. There will be no accusations of excuses, of backtracking, or of lies when we are both in the ring. For you may be able to pull the wool over the audience's eyes, but you will not do the same to me when we stand opposite one another in that ring.

There is no victim playing here, I merely asked a question. Do you enjoy being condescending? Because I know I do. I was just trying to gauge if you have any personality beyond your 'competitive nature', or if it has all been hidden behind the mask you wear. I wanted to see if you had some kind of instinct, the ability to treat others with a harsher attitude. I took no offence, don't worry. You came close with your lies and manipulation, but I saw through it and have now highlighted it to everyone else. At the end of the day, your smoke and mirrors cannot confuse or hurt me, as I always see the truth, and the truth is that regardless of whatever competitive edge or obstacle you throw my way, I will prevail, for it is in my nature to succeed no matter what happens to me.

There is no need to apologise for not caring about my philosophy, as you are merely one in a thousand. Do you think I cry at night knowing you don't care? Don't think of yourself as so important in my life. Many people do not listen to me, but they will soon. When I succeed at Pain for Pride, I will be heard. That is why I do this: not for Extreme Enigma, not for the big win, not even for the Openweight Championship. Though some are important, they are not my end goal. My end goal is to be seen, to be taken note of. And that is what I shall fight for. I have toiled for far too long to have someone like you take away my chance at gaining more power. Thus, I will do anything and everything I can to beat you. Whilst I am the future, you seem to be forgetting that you are just a man.

Target, you act as if you are invincible, but we have seen that you can be vulnerable considering you felt the effects of what I did to you long after our match. Even in defeat, I left my mark – so imagine what I will do to you for a victory. You act so certain that nothing I, Solomon, or Tarah will do can stop you, but you don't realise that you have not faced any of us to the fullest extent. And you especially have not faced me to the maximum degree. You say we are all getting ahead of ourselves, so let us be rudimentary for a moment. What if I choked you out? It is within the rules of the match, and the referee would have no choice but to eliminate you. “Oh, but I would find a way to escape”, you could say – emphasis on 'could', I am not saying you have or will say that, considering how you love to twist my words. But then you are not accounting my strength. You are not considering the fact that when I have victory within my grasp, I will clamp down until I break it in two and claim the pieces for myself. You need to realise that I'm not here to compete with you. I don't care for your willing submission – I just want your failure. So I could very easily break you down mentally and physically, choke you, and never stop until you pass out, or the referee intervenes. Why? Because I am not bound to competition as you are, I am not someone who bears morals or boundaries. I am here for myself, and if I have to push you so far you don't wake up for the next few days, I will. If I have to scar you so you experience night terrors for years to come, I shall do just that. When you beat me at Showdown, you unleashed more than just a man who doesn't want to lose again. You unlocked a force that will do everything it can to win.

Face it: you have brought this all upon yourself, which is why you won't admit to it. You can keep coming up with excuses such as not being afraid to make sacrifices or suffer, but then we have to raise another point. How far can a man go? How many sacrifices can he make until he cannot give any more? Target, you are not made of infinity. You cannot give everything, otherwise there would be nothing left for you to use to win. I will force you into making sacrifices until there are no more to make. I will provide you with the nails so you can hammer each limb to a cross until there are no more parts of you left to incapacitate. Then you will have no choice but to give in to me. You compete? That's great, but I succeed, and I do so at any cost. I will give every single part of me up because I know that regardless of what I lose, I will still be remembered. You, on the other hand, have a choice: your career or this match. If you are intelligent, you will leave some shreds of yourself and give up this match, knowing you will have many Pain for Prides yet to come. But if you continue to be stubborn, it will cost you your career – not at my hand, though. At your own. I will make you sacrifice everything, I will force you to make yourself suffer, as I push you to your limits and dare you to continue. And when you have given up everything you are content with cutting away, I will continue to barrage you with gunfire.

Target, I will make you admit you were wrong. And I will prove to you that it was all your fault. Competition only works for so long, as soon you realise that if you continue to make sacrifices, you will no longer be able to compete. I will push you that one step further. That's what you're not accounting for, and what I will do to win. That I promise.

Ryan leans back in his seat, the TV before him cutting to a new image: the outside of his church, with rows of chairs set up, an altar prepared, and minimalistic décor scattered around area.

There are still a few days left until Pain for Pride, but I am not resting. Not until I have made my points very clear to you three and the EAW Universe. And if it all still isn't clear for you by now, then it shall be at Pain for Pride. None of you realise the extent in which I will go to succeed, the blood I will shed to taste influence. You all think you know me, you all think I am somehow within the confines of a man. But beyond my flesh, beyond my body, I am the undying will to succeed. I am the future. And none of you can stop me from taking over. I am not afraid to lose it all in order to gain everything.

Though at Pain for Pride, I am willing to tear it all away in order to claim the world – the world that is rightfully mine.

The TV cuts to static as Ryan stares off into it. Cut to black.
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Sheridan Muller will never take a step forward when it comes to Dynasty, until Dynasty is willing to allow her to grow. That day will not come until the things that truly make you a star in this business are long gone and it’s overlaid by the things that Sheridan sees as necessities. You're not the problem, Sheridan - everyone else is. You're trying to hardest to push through the barrier that stands in your way, but you haven't made it budge in the slightest - and yet, there are still no problems. Dynasty has the problems. Dynasty isn't run in the manner you need it to be to succeed. These aren’t my words - these are yours. There are no problems with German Efficiency, it's just the hand that Dynasty deals which dictates whether you rise or fall. I've never understood people's need to try and avoid the obvious. When things are going to plan as they believed they would, so few are willing to take it on the chin; trying their hardest to shift the blame onto someone else's shoulders. They're never willing to adapt, believing wholeheartedly that their methods to obtain success will work sooner rather than later; constantly forced to watch as others who do continue to move straight past them. I mean, what have you managed to actually achieved through the last six months? Whether it be on Dynasty or your short time on Voltage; what did you actually managed to do for your career? How long do you need to remain completely fucking stagnant before you admit that there may be a problem. The German’s Efficiency has brought them to the losing end of two world wars; the German’s Efficiency caused them to fall short in destroying a race they were so desperate to end. German Efficiency is absolutely nothing more than false propaganda that you're trying your hardest to prove is so much more than it is. You're no different to it, Sheridan. Something that was once seen as almost unstoppable, but has been proven to be far from it. But, hey, the blame doesn't fall on your shoulders - it falls on ours. The words change, but the story never will. All because you've thrown all of your chips on the table and shown your entire hand. It's a shame, but some people are just too stubborn to do things that they already know they should do.

There's a reason that, after everything that I've said over the last few days, Mark, I've barely shown you any attention. You're insignificant; you're pointless. A man that has tried his hardest to prove for years that he actually matters in some way or form - but, hasn't managed to take a single step forward since the first day that you walked through the doors of this company. No one expects to see you succeed; everyone expects you to always walk down that constant road of failure that you’ve become far too familiar with. The first time you spoke, you brought up the fact that you deserved this contract. Why? It's easy to stand there and say you deserve these things, but it means nothing when you have no reasons to why. I deserve to stand atop of those other thirty three names because there's nobody in this company that is on a greater roll than I'm on. You've had chance after chance to prove that you hold some form of worth and you've allowed every piece of it fall through the gaps between your fingers. I've managed to do more in the matter of three and a half months than you have in eighteen. But, you deserve that contract, right? Mark Michaels has paid his dues! His time has come! Step aside ladies and gentlemen; talentless hacks all around the world looking to get into this business, feast your eyes on the DESERVING Mark Michaels! It makes me sick. You, just like Sheridan, push the blame of your shortcomings onto the shoulders of others. She blamed the system that is Dynasty itself; you blame those around you. You didn't win the New Breed Championship because of a match stipulation, or because the champion took advantage of the mediocrity that comes with Anthony Leonhart - but, if you were half the man you see in the mirror - those factors never would have mattered in the slightest. I've been forced to bear the weight of failure on my shoulders once, and I owned every piece of it. I've said this constantly this week; failure never leaves until you're finally able to take it for what it's worth. You're going to fail again at Pain for Pride and I can't wait to hear the reasons why, Mark. I can't wait to hear why you couldn't get the job done again, or maybe you'll surprise the rest of us and show interest in placing one foot in front of the other, rather than continuing to stand at the bottom of the barrel like you always have.
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The Extreme Enigma Fatal Fourway Elimination Match @ Pain For Pride, Promo #4

Wednesday, 12:02 A.M., Newark, New Jersey. 

(The scene opens inside McGovern’s Tavern. It's a slow night for  the small watering hole, nit even a half dozen people, bartender included, sit inside. At the bar sit two men, both in their mid twenties, and both very Inebriated.)

Drunk #1: “I'm telling you it'll be the Jets and the Giants, this is the fucking year I swear.”

Drunk #2: “You say that every goddamn year.  Every year you keep going on and on about the fucking Jets and Giants. So fuck you.”

Drunk #1: “Fuck you too. Pay for this round I gotta take a piss.”

(The drunk gets up from his stool and stumbles along towards the back of the bar. Towards a lone individual sitting at a table for two. The drunk passes by blissfully unaware he has passed by the man known as Solomon Caine. Caine sits silently for a moment, as he scratches out a message into the table with a Swiss Army knife. ‘The grave and the glory. The pain and the Pride. One brings about the other.’ It reads as he sticks the knife in the table.)

Caine: “No words are truer. No fact more unshakable. Where one falls, another rises. Where there is slaughter and sacrifice, a great door opens. We see it, the glimmer of the light from the other side. We shall claim the golden key, we shall prepare the path, we shall bring about THE END OF AGES!

Have you accepted your fate?  Have you allowed the truth to take root in your mind?  Have your hearts taken hold of all we have spoken?  If so, do as you will. Make merry the short time you have. Do as you please, eat and drink your fill. Lay with any who would have you.  Fill every desire you have , for by week’s end every one of them shall be empty and unsatisfying.  Soon, sooner than you realize, your hunger shall forever Pain you, your thirst shall never be quenched, and no pleasure of the flesh shall ever mask the unrelenting, the unending, the unbearable agony that all of you shall bare for the rest of your days. 

We know this, we have seen it eons ago. We saw it again as flesh. As we laid awake, we saw it. We witnessed the fire bringing about a great calamity about this earth. We wept when we saw this world in ruins, we mourned for dead laying in the streets. We gasped at the fate of this world and ran. We ran as far as our body could take us. We ran with all the strength we had left, for we were merely flesh then. The cold, dark night could not cool us from the heat of the fire. We felt it then, it still lingers with us now. We wondered without aim. We hid for hours. We shivered with fear. 

Then we heard the truth. 

We hear the voice which was unfamiliar, yet sweeter that honey. It called out to us, it guided us. It whispered great secrets that had been hidden away since the dawning of time. It taught us, and  learned how this world had been corrupted to its core. We learned how foul it had turned, and that it was beyond all redemption. The heathens of this earth poisoned it, just as they have poisoned all of you. They made ruined this world, and all who dwell within it. We heard the calling. We set forth to prepare the way. Many a year has passed since that night. A lifetime ago it seems. Now here we are, being made one with that which brought us here.  Their voice our own. My thoughts theirs. 

And now we stand ever so close to the key that shall bring about the fire. Bring about the cleansing. Bring about the glorious reign. 

We have see this as flesh. We have seen this in eternity before. We see it now with every time our eyes shut!   We shall claim that which we seek. With your Pain, with your suffering, the fall of man begins, and the end of ages brings all that we have foretold. We now made flesh, to build what is to come. To rise up a new world with the sacrifice prepared for us on the great day.  We were once like you, now we are forever. 

Oh it shall Target Smiles. It shall. Do your ears not hear?  If they do, than what good would it do for us speak differently?  What good would it do for us to deceive you, and bid you tidings of fair weather, when the storm clouds gather over your head?  What use would it be to coddled you and azure you of your well being?  Such deception lies not within us. You demand effigy, and evidence of all we intend to bring down upon you. Our words of warning are enough.  We need not use an effigy, for that is all you yourself are Target Smiles. All that we have spoken, all that we are about to do onto you, it is all an example for the eyes of the masses to see. You are but an example of what this world shall soon bare witness to. The terrible horrors you suffer, are but the smallest taste of what is to come. 

We need not do anymore than speak of our intentions and then bring them about upon the altar

You claim yourself to be a good man. What do you know of good and evil?  For even that most deplorable of heathens, ones whom are despised by all, they think themselves good men.  No even the greatest wretch believes himself to be his own hero, to be his own savior.  He is in deed his own stumbling block. He brings about his own damnation, for each who exalts himself, so too does he condemn himself. Such is the order of all whom belong to this world. Such is reaction of the vain and greedy filth that have soiled this world. Such is the way of your kind Target Smiles. 

That is why it is of the utmost arrogance that you speak of whom you have conquered. That is why it is of the utmost foolishness to have declared so, with no thought of the repercussions. You pay No mind as to whom might seek you out, that they might stake their own claim for glory upon your body. You consider not the future. You may have proven yourself in battle, but as we told you, with every rise, there is a fall.  That fall shall come for you by week’s end Target Smiles. It shall come swiftly, without remorse. And regardless of what you may do or say, nothing can alter your fate.  That is no illusion. 

Bring yourself forth, and we promise that you shall not wear a smile. No, you shall cry as bitterly as a widow. You shall mourn for yourself as you would your beloved. You shall fall upon your knees and beg for an ending to the nightmare you shall live thru. You shall wonder this world, cursing fate for ever bringing you before us.  And when you are broken, the ones who smile with you, shall be broken too. 

Tarah Nova. Where have you hidden yourself away to?  Did you not question our perceived silence?  Why is it now that you dare not utter a word?  Have you lost your nerve?  Has fear taken hold of you so strongly that you cannot draw even a breath to speak a single syllable?!  Tarah, tell us it is not so. Tell us that you shall meet your end with a semblance of strength. That the best women could offer up, would meet her end with a the smallest sliver of dignity. Rise up and fight!  Let those who follow you witness your best. Let the eyes of those who adore you weep with cause when they realize it shall not be enough to save them. Tarah Nova do so, for we so look forward to seeing you at Pain For Pride. We wish to gaze upon you before we grant you the ultimate ending. 

Make us not pity you further. For already you have fallen from any hope of redemption, already you have forfeited a kingdom to rule over. Make us not desire to see you treated as the lowest of worms, make us not forget the great potential that was once inside you. Remind us why it must be you whom we are to sacrifice upon the altar. Why it is your body that must test this flesh and make us whole. Rise up that which slayed a great multitude on this day. Take your position atop the mountain.  Slay she who stands in your way. Rend her flesh, pummel her into submission, be the monster that we have made you to be. Ascend to the Throne which you desire so. Do so for when we bring about your downfall, a great many shall witness every terrible second. Serve your ultimate purpose, that is your destiny. 

Come Tarah, for there is something within you that reminds us of ourself. Something long forgotten within our flesh. Something stirs about within you and we wish to see it revived and made alive within you.  A pained beast, weak from starvation. A caged animal with the greatest desire to be set free. The thirst for blood of the conquered it lays within you. We wish for you to indulge in it. Be not the coward you are now. Be not the one who time and again has been laid to waste. Be the monster. 

 Bring yourself forward Tarah Nova. For as we discovered long ago, the fire cannot be stoped. The fall of empires cannot be held back. You shall play your part in all we have designed, your legacy shall be a great part of the world we are building, and no covering can hide you,  no hole is deep enough to keep you from our grasp. Just as we reached out and grasped this flesh and brought it to do all we desired, so too shall you fall in line with all we have willed to be. 

And you Ryan Marx, do you ponder again all we have spoken?  Have you reflected properly upon their truth?  Do you see the cracks in your high pillars forming beneath your feet?!  How worthless your great questions of the universe have become.  None matter for the emptiness of this life has been made plan for all to see. All of man’s strife and labor, all his achievements and accolades, all his villainy and greed. All of it rendered meaningless. Those who follow your philosophy, they follow you into the tomb you have built for yourself. They blindly follow a one eyed man. They whole heartedly accepted your half truths, and feasted upon your lies. Now you must bare the consequences. Now you must be held liable for every one of their heads. 

How enlightened are you now? With a mind aware of all that actually surrounds you, with eyes that have had the vale lifted from them.  Do you now see that the only Pain, the only true pain, is that which haunts you every night, and chases you every day. Pain that comes from not just the loss of self, or those who follow you. But loss of meaning, loss of significance. The pain that comes when you realize that all you do, and say, and think, and believe, all of it is without hope, for it shall all lay crushed before your feet. 

Ryan, you speak of giving blood for gold. This concept you shall learn exceedingly well, for it shall be your blood that is offered up in exchange for the golden key. Oh yes, you shall learn. You shall learn when we gouge out your eyes. When we rip that evil tongue from your mouth!  When we tear away the flesh from the bones. You claim to crave these things, and we shall give you your fill and more!  

What we do to your body, shall ruin and shatter your mind. What we are bringing forth shall lay you in the deepest darkest grave, where none of what you have said or written shall ever escape from. We are coming to end you Ryan Marx. All of you. Your words. Your spirit. Your body. Your mind. We are coming to claim all of it, and set it ablaze with the rest of you. We are coming to Bring true enlightenment to all the world, as unpleasant as it may be. All that you know Ryan, it shall be wiped away in awful moment that shall bring even the mightiest to weeping. Your high pillars, your disciples, your enlightenment shall be nothing more than ash. It is the way it shall be, the way it always was. 

Let those who should Grieve, do so now. Let those whom care for you, begin their mourning. Let those who hold you as a savior and king, let them speak well of you while they may, for soon, the stain you have left upon this world shall be lifted. Soon the eyes of the world will bare witness to everything we have foretold. 

Step forward you three condemned since the day of your birth. Our time grows near. All that we have awaited is but a stone’s throw away. We shall make this world right. We shall see the cleansing turn these wretched pieces of filth, turn to dust on the great and terrible day. The day we rejoice in its coming. The day we mourn for the masses of the world. The day that we have been anticipating since before the foundation of the earth was set. Our servant shall become us, we shall become him. Our glorious reign shall rule forever.”

(The sound of a door opening is heard in the background.) 

Caine: “All that we have spoken, it shall soon be made so. Target smiles. Here is your effigy.”

(Caine springs out of his seat and clotheslines the drunk just as he comes near Caine’s table. The drunk lands hard on the floor, though still groggy he rolls over and tries to get back to his feet. He makes it just off his belly before Caine punts kicks him in the skull.  The drunk’s drinking buddy charges at Caine, but gets caught in the gut with a stiff boot. Soon he joins his friend in being unconscious on the floor after Caine drives his skull into it with the End Of Ages.  Caine is back up quickly and shoots a look to the bartender, who takes off before any harm can come to him.   

Caine silently and slowly walks out the bar and into the night.)

The End is Near. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 20th 2017, 11:05 pm by Moongoose McQueen
Trust me, Chris Elite. It’s not jealousy. When I’m thinking of you, it’s a sorry attempt to try to put something to your face that will make you memorable, because quite frankly, since the day I’ve met you, you really haven’t done anything to achieve that. How long has it been? Either way, I’m still waiting for that big moment of yours, but it won’t be at Pain for Pride X. Maybe you have done big things when I’m not around you, but at the same time, you should be concerned that you haven’t done big things when I’m around you? What is it, Chris? Do I make you nervous? Do you have performance issues around me? It might be easier on your ego to admit that you’re flustered around me rather than saying I’m just that much better than you, and if there is someone there to take your spotlight, it’s this guy. Always the high prospect, but never quite the guy. When you going to start crossing that line, buddy? Luck for you, it’s not a race, or I’ve beaten you multiple times in that already too. Chances are, that will happen again this weekend.
And Lucas Johnson. Oh, so this is how it must be the argue with a child, but that would be insulting to my own two kids who have better things to say than you? So how is this going to work now? First I’m angry at a situation, then you are going to try to act more angry about it than me? Then I start yelling, and now you’re trying to yell louder than me? Now because I’m a damn good wrestler, you’re suddenly going to be a better wrestler than me? Didn’t happen last week. ZING! Gotcha. Oh, I got you good. And with that, I really hope that your next response to me really just has you telling better jokes, because I could sure use a laugh. Because between you three, Chris Elite is still the biggest joke for claiming to have done so much in such a short time, but really, has done so little in such a long period of time. I mean, now that I think about it, I believe I’ve known Chris since 2012-ish, which happens to be the year my daughter and second child was born, and already in 5 years, she has walked, learned to talk, poop, count to 100, recites her ABCs, and spell my name correctly, and I’m honestly more impressed with what she has done than the whole time I’ve known Chris. I mean, atleast, you, Lucas, you lose to me for the EAW Interwire Championship contenders match, and less than a month later, you are the New Breed Champion. Got to say, congrats, champ. The rag to riches stories all over the internet can come true, but they don’t really last that long. I hate to say it, Lucas, you’re 15 mins of fame are up, and the angry at everything bit and the fat jokes are starting to wear thin. You’re threats are empty, but I suppose I could commend you on being a little honest with yourself and admitting you’ll need a ladder to even get close to winning the Ultimate X match. A man should know his limitations, but alas, I don’t like the fact you chose to “be smart with it” by finding an alternative way to win, rather than simply doing what you need to do to make the issue no longer a weakness. And already, you have shot yourself in the food by threatening to bring a ladder into the match, and as smart as that may be, I don’t believe you can be as smart as I when it comes to utilizing that ladder, and just like that. I’m going to make you regret of being putting the thought together. So Lucas, do as you please. Bring everything you got into that ring. Whatever you feel you need to win this match, because I’ll be right there to turn the tables and use them all against you, simply because you won’t take the time to drop a few pounds, do some more cardio, and get good.
You give yourself too little credit Finnegan, when you say I’m the one that is besmirching your career, when in reality, that is really all you’re doing. Because no matter how hard you try to paint yourself in a positive light, someone is going to dig deeper, and find out that there was nothing really special about you at all. So ultimately, you are setting up your own downfall by thinking so high of yourself after having done so little, when in reality, looking at the things I’ve done outside of EAW and in life, only furthers shows the type of righteous man that I am. No, people don’t dig too deep into our personal lives. It all camera really shows is our devotion to the craft, but because of that, it is easy to assume that I am nothing more than a brash loud mouth. It also shows exactly how boring and pathetic you are as a so called “character” that you try to be. Trying make being “Finnegan Wakefield” meaningful, when all you’ve really done is give a new name to “generic” and “dull.” To imply Moongoose McQueen is simply a character is the understatement of the year, but I’ve come to terms that is one thing to be the best in the ring, you have to be the best in life. When people ask where do you come off to continuously and  consistently as confident and arrogant as you are in the face of defeat? And well, with every loss I take, I win ten-folds more by asserting myself to my community and doing what needs to be done. Every day, between the shows, I’m not like you Finnegan, focused on just making friends and having fun. Everyday, my brother and I travel from city to city finding those in need and only focusing on one real goal. To put a smile on people’s faces. I’m dead serious. Maybe you weren’t here to see me do horrible things to bad people as a means to bring them to justice. But in reality, it isn’t because I believed people deserved to suffered, but simply because their actions bring upon the suffering of others, and I have the power to change that. Everyday, my brother and I go day by day, putting our lives on the line , and even making fools of ourselves, and putting ourselves in unbelievable situations, because in a way, I like to think I’m a symbol of Hope. Maybe in a way, I’m like Superman, but in reality, I’m more like Batman without the angst. And I say this, because while to say Moongoose McQueen is an asshole is not necessary untrue, he isn’t really a bad guy either.
You see Finnegan, what absolutely sickens me about you is that, you are really no different from the media that simply takes the first thing as facts without taking the time to dig deeper and looking for the truth. As a spiritual person, I believe the truth is all I need to be a righteous  hero as well as a motivation to do what I feel is best for a greater good. Yet, you’re constant use of “he had a referee fired” is the best you can really do to pain me as the bad guy, but once again, have you taken the time to actually find and see this former employee of EAW? Have you asked him how he felt about the situation? Well, because of my “list” as a means to redeem myself with unsettle business. I have taken the time to speak with that man. The very man that gave your victory over me, and you want to know something? He is doing well. He did a poor job as a referee because he no longer had a passion for it. He just didn’t care enough anymore to focus on the integrity of the situation. His name is John, by the way. If you were wondering. But after checking up on him, he had told me he has finally taken the courage to focus on his true passion. Because he had value the security of his current job, that he was afraid to take the risk. But now that he had nothing to lose, he has gone his way to open a new dancing studio, and so far, it is going without a hitch because of a generation donation from yours truly. And it wasn’t because of guilt for getting him fired, it was simply because I admired the man for being true with himself, and god damn, if the way that man graces the stage with his flips and twists doesn’t make you shed a god damn tear, you are a monster! But once again, what do you care, Finnegan? Here you are worried about how you look and all about your career as if it’s the only thing you truly have, when truth be told, the status of whether it exists or not is very debatable. But you got your headline that you need to make yourself the better man. “Finnegan Wakefield beat Moongoose McQueen and Moongoose is a bad guy.” But as they said, there are 2 sides  to every story, and you are quite lucky there are lazy people that will simply accept statements to be the simple truth. That referee had no business being in the ring, and I could tell by simply the poor job he is doing. Call it a type of intuition that lets me read people pretty well, and why yes, it’s only natural that when I look at you, I don’t see what is impressive about you at all. Go ahead, dig deeper into my history. Moongoose McQueen has been arrested multiple times. Oh, because he assaulted men harassing helpless women. Moongoose McQueen has lit a man on fire. Guy happens to be robbing a diner at gun point. Moongoose McQueen leaves man hanging from the building. Turns out, he was suicidal and was questioning whether or not to end his life, and someone had to scare him straight. Point being, Moongoose McQueen has always been the best at the following. He can play every role, he can keep up and put on a fight with the best, and more importantly, he is never afraid to say and do what his on his mind. When the world asks for help, I’ll be there to lend a hand. If the world asks for more, I’ll be there to give it all. And if the world asks for something to stop, I’ll be there to end it. I am the hero or the villain EAW needs me to be, and lucky for you, Finnegan, I just happened to look like a better villain than you, because it hides just how obviously selfish and fame driven you are. You don’t care for the people, but you know what? I do. Why? Because for every single bad thing you have to say about me, hundreds, no thousands are ready to defend me with the truth. And the sad thing is, nothing is there to defend you other than your “friends” and the editor you hired to film your stupid documentaries.  You don’t know me Finn, and the sad truth is, not that many people in the locker room do when they are only concerned about themselves, but those that do know me. The ones that don’t have a voice. I’ll happily speak up and fight for them, because when it really matters, when the moment of truth happens, they will say my name. “Moongoose McQueen!” “Moongoose McQueen!” Because if that good guy or bad guy Moongoose McQueen has taught them anything, never be afraid to speak up for what you believe in.

Telling me to shut up is futile, so you might as well stop focusing on that, and you, Chris Elite, and Lucas Johnson should focus on the real issue here. What are you going to do with a pissed off Moongoose McQueen in the ring? Is he going to be the good guy or the bad guy in the ring? Trick question, it doesn’t matter, I’m still going to tear each and every single one of you a new one. How I act might change, but my fighting style and intensity stays the same. And while you all keep saying that Moongoose McQueen won’t be the New Breed Champion, after all, that’s really the only thing you are all saying when you say, ”I will win,” well…… prepare to be disappointed, because you all ain’t going to have a choice, and I can assure you, if you all truly want this title that much. This won’t be the last you see of me when you all line up and fight me for it.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 20th 2017, 10:24 pm by The Elite-Lord
Alas,  the sequence of immersive fate is finally upon the industry. The streets will soon overflow with the presence of conflicting agendas, a vile scent that dare intrude on the normalcy of the moment. This marks a time of year in which the perils of ambition are approached by the starving hordes in which they are led by. A notch in the intensity is ripped open, serving the malicious intent of glory. Men and women alike, fall oblivious to the realization that they have been had, that this contagion is somehow exclusive to a defining moment. But perhaps that is what separates the civilian nature of this roster, compared to the storm that Lannister represents any time he steps foot in that EAW ring. Pain For Pride serves as the notion to awake from the common, putrid stench, and finally mark yourself as a reckoning force. But how Lannister would like to quarantine them all, for contaminating the greatness in which Lannister has burrowed deep in EAW lore. The psyche is that of desperation, and not of merit. It has become apparent that when the stage grows brighter, the ability to co-exist in Lannister's realm of importance cannot possibly be achieved. But if nothing else, the pinnacle of this grand company, is drained to the apprehensive conditions of the moment. Mental solitude is simply outside the realm of possibility, a defying subsequent of the provided aura. Lannister, however, as of this moment - has been serving as Answers World Champion for exactly 6 months. And he couldn't possibly feel more comfortable with his standing. There is a pedestal in which he has catered for himself, one that deems him in elite, exclusive company to the contaminating expectations that Pain For Pride week presents. Lannister needs no persuasive attempt to enforce his provision on the very domain, as Showdown has remained his palace for all of 2017. Attempts to suppress Lannister's vision have proven unsuccessful. But to a certain individual, what a perfect time to dethrone such a prowling cornerstone. Ah yes, the anthem of the underdog - the symbol of defiance - The Pizza Boy. A storybook ending in every sense of a Cinderella Story can be had at Pain For Pride. David vs. Goliath, the arc of redemption - all folded into one format, one result. A document to hold sacred in memory, one that could purely evolve as the master plan.

Lannister is the tyrannical regime to the eyes of many, the manifest dynasty of all visions. And Pizza Boy, the ailment to purify all the corruption... The overwhelming feel-good story of this marquee event. A just end to the tale of triumph. The TRUE road to redemption, the Lannister spoke on the wheel being broken once and for all. What a vision, what a touching story - Lannister himself has to admit it as much. This journey, one that started last December, and made possible by out-dueling 29 other men at the Grand Rampage... can be fulfilled, with just one last result.

But let Lannister be the first to say...

If you think this story has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.

The cusp of this storybook ending shall remain on the horizon. Adhere to this warning, the falsehood of your salvation proving obsolete. Denounce this chapter of marking your vengeance, as it is only the scripture of Lannister's stature that shall reign true. This is the era of the prophecy in which Lannister wields. You know this, and time has not rewarded your very fate. This is the reality in which you find yourself, the fault in your own stars. The unforgiving bell that tolls, on this unrelenting reality. To separate and ascend, this is your motivation - the realm of dreams in which you sow. But how your hope has the stench of desperation, struggling to the affirmation of your greed. Lannister knows the conflicted and the damned with just one sheer conscious look, and how you reek of this very element. Time continues to wear thin on your virtue, and let this stage serve as Lannister's unrelenting gift to this here nature. The nature? Why, how you have been able to bypass the tribulations of learning your place in the world. You should be locked in a stasis of humanity, one that dare not deem your placement among the monarchy. Your true role will soon be cloaked on display, as Pain For Pride has a way to have the illusions unravel. You are probably of the belief that your opportunity is of the here and now - the heat-seeking missile to your own accord. But how you have it all wrong, and Lannister dare say you need to expand your sights upon the gaze of this moment. Your purpose here is not to stake your claim as a true world champion, to dethrone the one that they call Lannister. No. Your kind is bound to Lannister's agenda, to remain a footnote in Lannister's history books. Pain For Pride will not serve as a curtain for The Pizza Boy to sing the anthem of the underdog - it'll be the black curtain that serves as his unyielding curse.

Lannister is by no means going to make this a battle of psychological warfare, for you are simply not fun enough to engage in such a battle. So Lannister will sanction himself to to the blunt reality that your fate will always be entwined in Lannister's. You will be condemned, your reputation left to decay, into the folds of Lannister's own chord of song. You'll never be able to separate yourself from this overwhelming, unrelenting fate. You'll just have to endure the continuous consequences that scorches to your very core. You should have accepted Lannister's offer long ago, to not endure this very event, but alas, here you are - engulfed into the veils of Lannister's time. Disposing yourself of any possible semblance of value, just for the sheer possibility to transform your daily environment. What a pity, that a man who has already overcome so much, has harvested the illusion that he can be so much more. Perhaps in this sense, it's a poetic ending, a man that continued to lust for more than he's worth, being the sole reason for returning to the ashes of nothing. But Lannister shall let the world lay witness to this man's fallen aspirations, and litter the world of his imploding remains. Pain For Pride serves not as your redemption arc, but your metaphorical imprisonment upon Lannister's grounds. You shall serve as yet another sacrifice to Lannister's tormenting legacy, another soul that succumbs to the brute nature of The One that Rings True. Lannister is the architect, and you shall serve as a worthy pillar to continue the underlying foundation to marvel upon. That is all you are worth to Lannister, and after Pain For Pride, that's all you will be deemed to the EAW hierarchy.

And no doubt, will your shattered faith manifest across the entire landscape itself. It'll be your burden to hold, an origin to finally call your own. This display will serve as no inaugural lore, as you are only one of many to test your presence among Lannister's, only to be revoked of your temptation in pride. Hope is a barren concept that omits itself from the grasp of reality. After all, it comes with the confines of bias. But even your segregated falsehoods have to come face to face with the dawning of Lannister's display. The entity that knows no bounds, that transcends illusion and dimension alike. Lannister doesn't need to herald himself as a god, as the inarguable reality is that the existence of god can be argued. But Lannister? Why, Lannister is the celestial plane seen on a weekly basis, forcing his credence upon any that dare share the beaten path. Lannister is the reverie in the stratosphere that serves as exclusion to the scientific theories. Constraints have never been able to amend themselves to Lannister's figure, and they will not start now. Not on this stage. Not ever. And surely, not at the hands of a man called The Pizza Boy. A man Lannister has never lost to, a man that seems to haunt Pizza Boy at every engraving signature moment. Point sufficing - the laws of man, the laws of god - dare not serve as Pizza Boy's ally in this encounter. All the enchanting odds and trends are deemed in Lannister's service, one that soils the enchanting aspiration of an underdog achieving the unthinkable.

What a story of service that would provide, no doubt. Even Lannister needs to consider this the most marquee match of his career. But only in thought is the aroma worth humoring. The insignificance of the "What If" simply cannot be overstated, and the entire ordeal should be aborted from the get. Because only Lannister harbors the responsibility of determining this outcome, the mapping of how far this Cinderella story goes. Lannister has cut through the moments worth savoring before, and he'll have to do so again at Pain For Pride. Pizza Boy, there will come a time you understand that it is your destiny to suffer at these very hands. There is nothing to be done to rectify the situation. As your fate is perfectly embedded into Lannister's palm, to be conditioned as Lannister's repetitive plea. You are vital to the Lannister empire, serving as the mark of the curse. A curse that serves not as a compliance, but the symbolic surrender of your own free will. Lannister has made figurative slaves out of all his counterparts, forever serving Lannister's intangible crown of war. And how your mark of vengeance will only burrow deeper into your fallen conquest. Suppressing a man that has never deserved the stage, that might just be Lannister's most fond memory. Regardless of your tone towards Lannister's in-take, you have no choice but to fear the possibility of what a loss would mean. What it could possibly stain, what it could possibly reveal. Through the depths of the story-lines that such a marquee match-up would entail, your carcass being abandoned in the Tri-State area might just serve as Lannister's signature moment. Lannister has embraced his role, much like you should have long ago. Lannister understands that he is not to be popular among mortal ambitions, but how that serves no enticing notion anyway.

Lannister has manifested his own dynasty, and it does not end here. Lannister is incapable of knowing the true depths of being humbled, and is often the prophetic tone when hindsight is revealed. Many call this virtue an arrogance of confidence, but how dare the vultures underestimate Lannister's aura. Many have marked this event as The Pizza Boy's Redemption, but such an embrace will only be resorted to agony. Prepare yourself for the morbid reality of the situation, Pizza Boy. Prepare yourself for the blunt force of Lannister's accord, EAW. Because Lannister reigns as your Answers World Champion, and is the frame to the EAW structure. Lannister remains the only male champion left standing from 2016, and such a claim will not be refuted after Pain For Pride. Lannister is the face of the industry, one that should be the betting odds favorite to continue to hold the EAW banner. FOR EAW IS LANNISTER'S CANVAS, and all serve as tools to the grand design. Lioncross. Tyler Parker. Nick Angel. Brian Daniels. Nico Borg. Ryan Marx. Jacob Senn. The Heart Break Gal. Y2Impact... and again, The Pizza Boy.

The Uprising has come. But how Lannister welcomes a challenge. It's easier to purge the filth that dare walk upon Lannister's lands. You are the last of your kind, Pizza Boy. Brian Daniels and Robbie V are singing in tune on their swan song in EAW, leaving you as the last Golden Boy that caters to the hearts of these adoring fans. But alas, how reality caters itself on display - you are the last... of a dying breed.

Choke on this reality, and every word you dare speak. It'll serve as your final with merit.

Power be dare...

Lannister sends his "humbling" regards.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 20th 2017, 10:11 pm by J-Dynasty 2?
I hear you Drastik, what you said really carries a lot of weight and makes a whole lot of sense. That is, if you live in a world centered around you.

I’m taking the word privileged as a form of attack back from the pansies, I have no other choice because you’re so damn deep in it Drastik! The saddest part about it is, you’re so into that bubble of opportunity and second chances that you can’t even see it. You’re the only man on the roster who can walk around talking about not caring about weekly matches while taking championship after championship, you’re the only man on the roster who can sulk day in & day out and somehow have someone upstairs feel like it’s not time to pull the rug out from under you for your attitude, you’re the only person on this roster who has the gall to casually walk around talking about your broken dreams and how you’ll introduce others to that feeling like this isn’t a roster FULL of people who have lived and breathed that feeling for years! I don’t know if it occurs to you Drastik, but some of us don’t get to say we don’t like our opponents and skip out on showing up, not without extreme setbacks to our careers. King of Elite was a real tough night for you, those type of nights racked up on me endlessly before that beautiful moment, where yes it was one of the most competitive contests of all time, for sure the greatest KOE battle, all of which I WON! It made up for all the Tybull contests, the Pizza Boys, the countless times I was skipped over for the world title, the moment where I didn’t qualify for the damn elimination chamber, and the fact I spent months chasing CITV only for Lannister to swoop to rob the place I staked out! You think you’ll introduce me to shattered dreams? Don’t step on the glass you don’t see on your way to me! The only thing you got right is that I did STEAL that night from you at King of Elite. You know what makes you and I so different? Why I’m the king? I’m the king of thieves because unlike you, and your free passes, EVERYTHING I have ever had in this damn company was by me having to go against endless restrictions and blockades to TAKE what I deserved! So I’m glad to be a thief in a world of barricade shut doors and vault in front of the fruits of my labour.

And hey, maybe you should stop pointing fingers at the Lethal Consequences and Onis for your lack of motivation and the apparent struggle Voltage has in catching viewers. Maybe people would tune into Voltage if they had a champ who gave them a reason to.

I have many detractors and fans at the palm of my hands, the one thing none have ever been able to say about me is me being unable to have people pay attention to what I do. They watch the king, they stalk the king, in hopes for his destruction or for just another witnessing of the tricks I have under my sleeves pulled on my enemies. Unlike you Drastik, I carry feuds, I put tag team wrestling on the map, I involved myself with the contests and movements that shake EAW to it’s core! I may not have had all the accomplishments and the victories you have through your strange habit at putting yourself in the right place to somehow be champion, but at least I have those, and come Pain for Pride I will have the championship to match my crown! It’s no surprise to me that you showcase your true colours and now attempt to do right, no surprise that in these dire times for you would be the moment you decide it’s time for something above padding stats, time to talk about you changing! Like scum who find god right before the guillotine. People who stand on top of decades of sketchy behaviour and sin, talking about how their pasts don’t define them, and pathetic references about being human or how everyone deserves a second chance….when they don’t.

Your mistakes DO define you, and I’m swinging at anyone who disagrees.

When I take from you, it’ll be the cumulation of not only putting you on blast, but also putting all of your ENABLERS on notice!

I’m here to look at the people, like battered housewives sticking up for their drunken oafs caught in chains; the motherfuckers who, despite how many times you position their favouvites as not worth your time, still chant SAIL!

I will respond to HRDO who can be the EAW police on every damn brand, choke slamming me on Showdowns for having harmless fun, but can’t find the time to do anything about an absent world champion.

I’m going to address the people who live in cuckoo land, acting like you ain’t been some coasting EAW champion, or think it’s irrelevant, all for this idea that you merit some sort of petty rebound victory on me.

The notice: The comeuppance, all the accountability you’ve run away from for so long, has caught up.
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