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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

EAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Today at 8:44 pm by showster26 (Online)
Voltage promo #3

Sunday, 6:55 P.M., Austin, Texas

(The scene opens backstage at the Frank Erwin center. It's here in the hour or so before this week's episode of Voltage, we find ourselves walking along a narrow corridor. All is surprisingly silent save for a faint breathing. The camera pushes down further as the sound of the breath become louder, and more rapid. The camera stops about midway down the hall and swings right to reveal a door marked 'Sanitorium', and in front of it, and man facing away from the camera with a black towel draped over his head.)

???: "A moment in time. A great many things may be lost in but a moment in time. One can lose their confidence, or their self worth. One might lose their identity, or their morals. In a moment a man can lose his mind, his body, his life! Nathan Fiora, for you, that moment has come."

(The man slowly turns to face the camera. His sinister features and bloodshot eyes are unmistakable. This is the face of the man whom the world knows as Solomon Caine.)

Caine: "Yes, the moment when your woe and burden shall begin to pour out upon you like rain that falls from the mightiest of storms. Now is the time when the flood gates shall be opened, and all that it had contained shall run over and drown you. Such is deserved from one like you who has spent his life seeking to steal glory and praise that rightfully belong to my masters. You have lived your life trying to feed the insatiable lust of your ego, the one that makes you desire every eye be cast upon you at every moment, and every ear turned to your word. Your vanity has held you in its clutches, and made you dance as a puppet on the strings. You allowed this Nathan, even now vanity's claws Are dug deep into your mind, and makes you seek redemption in the eyes of the filth. Your pandering to them is nothing more than foolish self deception, for you know Down In your heart exactly what kind of heathen you are.

Yes, for while you beg for the pity and attention of the masses, you know that you cannot change what you are. If such was done so easily then the weak, the sick, the inept, and vain might have been spared from unspeakable horrors that are coming. They would receive life Instead of the damnation, they would have had peace instead of suffering and sorrow. But such hope is for not, and this infection that has twisted the minds and hearts of the world must be cleansed! And so shall it be at the end of ages.

Yes, that day draws ever closer, with each passing second. And as I prepare the path for the ones who have sent me, they grow in strength, they grow in power, they grow in infamy for none who has seen with their eyes, nor any who has heard, can deny the feats that they've done. None can deny how they have nearly broken Drastik, none can deny how they raised up a great and powerful monster in the Sanitorium. None can deny that their will has shaped all that is seen, and soon, sooner than any would realize, the day of the glorious reign shall come.

Oh yes it shall, I know for they have shown it to me, with whispers that rang In my ear they have told me the secrets they have held hidden from the Heathens. All that they desire shall unfold before your eyes Nathan Fiora. And what they desire at this very moment, is for you to be presented before their altar, and laid before them as a sacrifice. Your body broken, your blood painting the ground before them in crimson. That is their will for you Nathan, that is the fate to which you are chained.

And when you are crushed under their feet, word shall spread of your demise. The praise you have spent years stealing shall be paid tenfold as the masses fall to their knees in fear of the ones who have sent me. The world shall see the battered remains of Nathan Fiora and weep, for they will know that the time will come when they are devoured by the flood of fire!

The cup of bitters has been made, and you shall drink from it Nathan, even if I must force every single drop down your throat! Never again shall your eyes be dry of tears, never shall you speak another word in jest or joy, never shall you see the sun and rejoice at dawning of a new day! All that shall be left of you is a hollow, and empty shell of a man, forced to him wonder the earth until he finally meets his ultimate end. Oh yes, on the great and Terrible day you shall cry bittersweetly as you witness this earth being consumed by the fire. And as you are eaten alive by it, the faintest of smiles shall come upon your face, for your suffering shall be over and the last memory that shall remain of you, is the ashes of your body scattering from the gentle breeze.

The beginning of your end is but a moment away.

All this is the will of the ones who have sent me, and it must be so."

(Caine lowers his head, his face no longer visible, covered by the towel. Slowly he turns and walks out of the shot.)

The end

From The Bottom
Chapter 26: True American Tragedy 
*The camera fades into a dimly lit backstage corridor; the cameraman breaths with hesitations as if he’s nervous, leaning against a wall wearing a black on white suit staring down at his phone is the one and only Mal Davzer, he turns to the camera with a weary smile to glance at the door on his left.*

Davzer: “I wouldn’t go in there if I was you”

Cameraman: “Why?”

*From behind the door a scream can be heard; Mal Davzer- sweating ever so slightly, shrugs. The door is swung open; two hands grab and throw the camera man into a dressing room where he crashes on the floor, the camera looks up to see Jakob staring at Davzer “Stay there, Malsy” he mutters as Davzer rolls he before replying “Oh trust me, I will-” Jakob slams the door with force before Davzer could finish his sentence. Wearing an unbuttoned orange, yellow and indescribable stained shirt with light blue ripped skinny jeans with no socks on; Jakob “Thunderstruck” DeLion glances over his shoulder to the whimpering cameraman.”

“Oh, Jonny. Ohhhh- Jonny!” 

*He continues to mutter, Jakob slowly turns to the camera as she chuckles to himself “Jonny, Jonny, Jonny- Jonny!” the young DeLion laughs, creeping over to the camera with a sadistic smile too quickly sit crossed legged- staring directly into the camera*

“Yes, Jonny, I would like your tissue; not so that I can cry but just so I can take a shit in tribute to you, wipe my hairy ass and use your fucking tissue as a flag, a way to symbolise Jonny Mr Mcadams! And his ability to, like, not even know how this game we play works- how it ticks and tocks, how Drastik sucks cock! That was rhyme oh what a crime. I’ll stop now” Jakob chuckles to himself “I understand where you’re coming from- I’ve been there, the world is yours! You have friends, you have support from those around you whilst every week you continue to dominate the scene; nothing else matters in your position, Jonny. It isn’t there because that’s how you want it to be; your perception of the environment has been altered by the events that took place in the environment of the elite! You’re on a high right now but if you’ve ever listened to Anabor you’d know that every high has come down- I’m not saying I’m going to be that come down, no, no why and how could Jakob DeLion possibly defeat the clearly superior Jonny Mr Mcadams?! I don’t know Jonny, maybe we should ask them dirt sheets and see what they’re saying about us two- I know my Thunderadicals are talking, they never stop! Typing, writing, posting and tweeting about Jakob DeLion! You can do it, Jakob! He’s nothing compared to you! I hear them say, I pity them and adore their ability to be so innocent- like you Jonny, to the world around them. Unbeknown the sewage that has contaminated the very thing we love; Professional Wrestling. Once upon time, across the many states of America; Professional Wrestling wasn’t what it was like today Jonny, nah man, guys like you wouldn’t have lasted a day- hell, if you had to get someone to do the real nitty, gritty talk for you then you’d have better luck with setting up the ring rather than competing in it! The industry was so much purer; it was real, Jonny, there was no sloppy slapping or pussyfooting! When you got it hit- you got hit hard! You’re no different from the rest of cunts here in EAW; you forever be one singular thing, you will never evolve and all that shit which is a shame, a shame that you as well as I as well as the entirety of EAW waste the precious viewers time. Since being here in EAW; I have evolved- a changed man you could say, but one thing, no! Two things that haven't changed with me Jonny, my ability to call out people on their bullshit and as you yourself stated- my capability to not give up! Want to know why I keep going? Why will Jakob DeLion always will fucking bounce back? It’s percipiences; I know I am right, I know that everyone else is wrong and every bad thing that’s ever happened to me in EAW is proof of that! This Sunday, this Sunday is going cement my words- forever! I can’t win owing to the fact that management doesn’t want someone who goes against everything they stand for!”

“This Sunday I face Jonny Mr Mcadams; he is the system, he became the system- somehow and yet he is blissfully unaware that he is being played by the system! He’s a tiny little cog in the machine! That’s all you are Jonny and that’s all you will ever be; a fixated fool doing his part in this lonely God forsaken universe, that’s your problem Jonny- that’s EAW problem, you’ll never be able to see the bigger picture beyond your little bubble! Never, ever being able to see what effects you have on the future; next time you consider yourself to be the “system” just remind yourself that your larger than life itself ego will be watched by some kid, some day and he will copy- he will, unfortunately, want to be Jonny Mr Mcadams. Where are your morals? Not as a wrestler but as a human being; since that’s what you are isn’t it. You and I, we’re just men in lycra dancing around a circle that is somehow squared; I’m certainly not pretending to be anyone I’m not yet you do Jonny? Do you hide behind a pair of tits and “The Wit”- why? How is it in anyway going to make you win a match; are you going to try and distract the ref with boobies and a brute? Ya know for a man who prides himself on being classy, that kinda Schmidt isn’t really thought well of- in fact! If your two sidekicks try anything, they’ll go quicker than Mexicans over a wall. I would go on about how you aren’t actually classy but I’ve already gone over that; you’re not classy Jonny, you’re just a misuse of words!”

“However one particular set of words you have not misused; is the ones you used to describe me “The True American Tragedy” I like that, that’s going to be next nickname, I wonder how much merch I could get out of that one. Anyways; I’m very much one to nitpick Jonny and I would like to point out being good in the ring is okay but you’re not Jakob DeLion in that ring are you? And you’re not Jakob DeLion on that microphone either are you, no I didn’t think so. And you’re damn good at moving pieces are you? And there was me thinking you were a wrestler! It seems I was misinformed, Jonny Mr Mcadams, so I’m so sorry, so sorry for thinking we were having a Professional Wrestling match- it’s all clear to me now Jonny! EAW isn’t a wrestling show; it’s worldwide chess company! Man, if I’d known this I would have worked on my fucking chess skills! Checkmate that shit, ya know!?”

“It’s funny- ironic at best, our goals are or, were similar, Jonny. When I got here- all those months ago; Jakob DeLion, that son of a gun! He, he wanted to make Voltage the best EAW show! And what is Jonny doing now? Jonny is doing what I tried and failed to do; Jonny’s purpose is to make Voltage great! Make it awesome and all that bullshit, take my advice dude, focus on yourself! Not a hoe, not some cunt named wit or a wrestling show- focus on Jonny Mr Mcadams, because he should be the only thing that matters, man! Not this shitty wrestling promotion and their shitty decisions- you! Forget everyone else- hell, even Mikey if you need to! This industry, it’s no man’s land for men with soft skins; like I’ve mentioned, back in the day- this environment we participate in was so different. It was better. There was no cutthroat attitude; everyone helped everyone- it was a family. Nowadays everyone has soft skin, big hearts and one-dimensional mindset, Jonny! Your buddy, your good pal Mikey Showman truly does have a one-dimensional mindset; we’re supposed to hate him cause he has daddy issues and a shit tonne of money- please we have Donald Trump for that."

"Speaking of garbage; yes that is what I am Jonny, to you and most likely the rest of EAW, that is what I am perceived as, a metaphorical plastic bag drifting through the wind- unloved, unwanted and uncared for. I accept that; I accept that that is your opinion, a wrong opinion of course but an opinion nonetheless. On the Independents Jonny you should've seen me; men, women and children will come far and wide just for Thunderstruck to blare out on them speakers. There, I was the system; I could make and break to whoever whenever I pleased. I asked and got. I said I would and I did. But here in EAW? Here in EAW I have been kept down, pushed down and belittled from the beginning; I could never do anything right. I was always wrong and my opinion still doesn’t matter; Jakob DeLion doesn’t matter to EAW or it’s stupid fans. If tomorrow I decided to hang myself- no one could care, Jonny, no one would mourn my departing from life. Yea they’d be a short two-minute highlight video of my time here in EAW but ask yourself this Jonny, what are they highlighting? My failures? My losses? Or my inability to keep my promises? Because to me, to Jakob DeLion, that’s all I can see. And I can’t get out of that mindset, Jonny; like the whole Pizza Boy, I find myself telling myself that I was something in the independent scene- I meant something, I could go back. Pretend like these past eight months never happened at all and continue to be Jakob DeLion everyone knows and hates. That’s just the thing, the one thing- the one thing that’s stopping from saying fuck you all. Pride; something that I don’t usually like to bring up, I consider it to be my Achilles heel, in some sense of the word, I am a proud Professional Wrestler- I am proud that I am fucking great wrestler but most importantly, I am a proud DeLion; to you Jonny, to EAW. The DeLion name means as much as Lannister’s title reign- fuck all; now that hurts me, Jonny, I’m man enough- proud enough to admit this to you, to the fucking world. My life is the legacy of my Father and his Father before him, my very purpose is to be the next biggest motherfucker in this industry- that’s why I can’t and won’t go back to the indies, Jonny. I have too much. Too much leave behind here EAW! Too many promises broken and too many idiots thinking they actually mean something; I had, I had everything to prove Jonny and I fucked it all up. Was it all my fault? Most likely. Will I carry on from here? Yes, fucking yes I will Jonny. I will not rest; I will not be able to sleep at night, knowing that I have unfinished business here in EAW! It will never end. That’s something I can promise Jonny; you can make me lose, you can beat me down all you like but nothing will break my pride! The earth will be struck by a meteor before I fucking spirit is broken- my mental state, huh! This is just a comma in the history books, right before something happens- my promise will be made, so then and only then will I’ll be able to say to everyone that doubted Jakob DeLion that they were wrong, wrong, wrong! ”

*Jakob stops speaking, he mutters to suddenly jolt up to his feet and crash into the desk, the camera quickly pans to the desk- the mirror in front of the young DeLion has been punched, cracked with pink spray painting “Tragedy” written roughly on top. Jakob breathes heavily as he hands fumble for a full bottle of any alcohol substance that has been scattered across the desk; he grabs a Vodka bottle to take a large gulp. He stares deeply at his reflection in the broken mirror.*

“I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my bleeding Jonny, I bet everyone else has; they can shower in my blood for all I care. Because of nothing! Nothing will remove the stench Jonny; the aroma of sheep ready for the slaughter. You can try to kill me Jonny; do your worst. Maybe they’ll pay you a little extra? I hope so, for your fucking sake, hit me harder Jonny and bring me to Death's door, cause if you don’t? Ha! It’ll definitely be a True American Tragedy. Don’t believe me?”

*”The Jacksonville Jerk” laughs, choking on the vodka still in his gullet, he mischievously turns to the camera with an arrogant smile- his eyes milky once again, Jakob slides towards the camera on his needs- grabbing hold of the lens he speaks once again.*

“Just, just fucking watch me!”

*Static suddenly infects the screen; Jakob and the changing room disappear to be replaced with a video package hyping EAW’s Voltage.*  
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Today at 4:55 pm by Azumi Goto
“I seek retribution, not gold.”

That’s the phrase I guess that is describing me these days, I don't know if it’s the right one for me but it’s something to work on. Nonetheless, it's my goal. I seek penance for the horrible mistakes that I have created as I try to find my old self. Should I be glad of being put in a No1 Contender's match? I don't know. It's a form of retribution but it has implications on the Women's Championship involved. I am to rebuild myself as a true Ace then I must win this match. It's not a matter of how I win this match but when and at what point. Maybe the winner is set in stone, maybe it's fate in someone to win this match. The Ultimate X, a golden opportunity because of one woman's misfortune. Anyone in this match has a fair shot and because of it. Six combustible elements coming together, I expect everything to be chaotic, straight into the match. Especially when you throw in our reasons and etc.

It's a giant mess in a way, six different perspectives coming together for this match. Including someone, I consider a rival at multiple points in my life and career, isn't that right, Steph? Four years ago was the first time I saw you, training with Miss Manami. Four years ago, a young Lioness that worked only on the shores of her prefecture and saw some girl work and trained with her idol. It brought a fire in me, I believed as much as anyone that I was the true heir to her crown. I wanted her acceptance, I pushed myself to the end. Now time has passed and the mighty have fallen. You've lost your sense of drive, Stephanie. The absolute winner has become the runner up because she has begun to lose her way. Maybe time passing by has changed us, to see you here gave me one more goal. Surpass you. It became a focused goal, no matter what our relation has been, or whatever we have thought about each other. You're a hurdle for my career. One of the more bigger ones in my life. I know that I can jump this hurdle, Steph. It’s about time I make it clear that I’m the true heir of the original War Queen. From one obstacle to another, Alexis Diemos. She and I have said some things about each other in the past. Some good things, some bad things and some horrible things but it doesn't stop me from saying that I can beat you, Psycho Mom. You do bring a challenge but it's not like everyone else doesn't as well. We've seen each other inside of a wrestling ring multiple times in the span of six months or so. You've won some tag matches, I've won a battle royal. It doesn't help at the fact that neither one of us has truly clashed with each other. Maybe now and I'll show you when at the end of the day, you're not a challenge that shows off my will to become better than anyone else and become the True Ace. Not you, and not anyone else on Empire, Alexis.

Laura Laine. I've said it time and time again, you're a great wrestler. One of the top five and even top three when it comes down to true in-ring talent.  It truly shows, when she's in that ring like an absolute natural. The whole praise as a submission specialist shows, she's able to hit hard and break down the human body but I just don't know if it will be enough to beat us, will you able to break down your opponent's bodies in this match to the point where you can safely pull down the contract. Maybe not, Laura. That's a long shot but if you can achieve it then credit goes to you for that. Your time will be soon but right now, it's time for an Ace to get ahead. It's time for my retribution over your time to climb the ladder. It's the same with your friend, Megan. You two are rising stars for Empire, you two will be at the top, but not yet. You need to give up more to this company, you'll have to become something you used to despise to truly become wrestlers. Megan, we all can see that you love the pro wrestling world but so does every other competitor. You're not the only who gave up on things to become a wrestling, you're not the only one that saw a wrestling match and wanted like those people in a way. Whereas you've had other careers to in a way, catapult you towards to this world, I always saw myself a Professional Wrestler since day 1. It's not to say that you won't be able to beat me, no it's just that at this point I need to rise up, I need to get on that stage where I know I can be at.

All of us have motives and reasons why we want to win this match, through it all. Those motives range from fighting your former lover to getting revenge to rising above the card or getting something that has eluded you. But none of them, not a single one of them comes close to my retribution. I desire the ability to fix the wrongs that I have done and if winning this match is the way to do it, then so be it. I know what kind of a match The Ultimate X is. I know that it's designed to break the limits and even an Ace has a limit but the greatest thing about limits, is that you can remove them and do the unthinkable, you can shock the world and win.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Today at 3:02 pm by Gambit
Exterior. Double Cross Ranch - Day

(Asperitas clouds linger over The Double Cross Ranch. Wind whips the pastures, as cows maw the dewey grass. Looks like rain.

By the barn, the tractors are washed; the hay has been bundled and the free range chicken are back in their coops, warming under the mellow heat lamps.

Hanging from a nearby cable pole, Gambit solders cable wire into it.  Clearly, he’s stealing cable.

His grime-covered fingers, and nails worn to the nub, Gambit’s already put in a full day’s work.

A CRT television broadcasts nothing but snow. ELLIE plays with the remote control, but to no avail. She smacks the dang boob-tube and goes back to the kitchen, cleaning up her post-dinner slop: hearty stew. Her recipe is simple: start with creole base — saute green peppers, onions and celery - add your broth, chucks of angus beef, 4 parts water and 1 part beer, and she ain’t telling you her spice mix because she don’t want you stealing the family recipe.

Just then… the TV comes to life.


Ellie sticks her head out the window.)


(A smile purses Gambit’s lips.

He slides down the cable pole, and nears the house.

He stops at the fridge, and grabs a Coors, and plunks down in his favorite Lay-Z-Boy, tattered and torn from years of use.

On the screen… Jake Mercer is screening like a banshee.



Gambit gulps his Coors. He grabs the DVR remote.





Gambit chugs his beer.
The scowl on his face is sour.



A shot of Sphinx Payne with his arms raised.

Gambit pauses the screen.

He FLICKS his beer cap at Sphinx Payne’s face, on the TV.)

Amara Blade Promo March 24 2017

My reason for being here is not to be the best. I don't want titles, i dont want anyones recognition. I get enough of that on my own. My reason for being here is to gratify the evergoing pleasure that is PRO WRESTLING! |She takes a moment, as the crowd roar, waiting for them to sooth out.
I'm not one to brag but some people like to stay in the past rather than focusing on the future.

So! I'll get down to business. I've worked for many companies. KWE, PWE, BWE And even NWE but never, EAW. EAW Is a cut above the rest. |She lets out a little chuckle| A huge cut. My stay here will stir some people up. But that's fine. Because as a 7 Time Tag Team Champion, 9 Time Hardcore champion and a 12 time KWE Knockouts champion. Im sure i know where, how and what i stand for! |Crowd roaring.| For those of you who don't know me, I work out everyday.  Sore, sweat, pain and hard work got me here. I'm more than a ¨Oooh! I gotta do my makeup! I'm so pretty look at me!¨ N-No. I'm a hard worker. I could care less what any of you think of me! Take that as you want, i learned to be on nobody's side, you simply lose everything at one point. Not even trying to be edgy, but not every burger is gonna last, you're gonna eat it. If not you, someone else will. How does that sound? Somebody else will take your shot and stab you in the back with it! Soon as you feel you can trust someone, what happens? You get backstabbed. I used to put all my trust in my teammates and soon enough, guess what? They all turned on me. Im able to change but sometimes changing is hard. But to move on is what matters. No. What matters is to heed your own mistakes, your own struggles, use them to make you stronger, so you don't fall for the same shit again. Me? I love pain. I love to fight. I love to see someone knocked out. I'm not insane. I'm just different. So for now. Youĺl see me as the enforcer of pain. The leader of agony, and if you every step in the ropes with me, you'll be in a another world. A world full of kicks, Suplexes, DDTs Splashes and even moves that can kill me. I'll do what it takes t- ill even put my body on the line.  Victory is my only option and if you ever beat me, i will haunt you until i succeed, i will make you suffer. Welcome to the Aggression Era. Hehe. Blade is a cut far from away. |She twirls the mic on her finger tips before dropping it, hopping over the top rope to make her exit.|
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Today at 3:24 am by Terry Chambers (Online)

"It's Been A While"

---The scene opens backstage at Voltage hours before the show is set to begin and Terry Chambers is caught walking around backstage wearing his ring gear and one of his t-shirts and he goes to catering, grabs a water bottle, takes a sip and notices the camera filming him from a distance and he walks over to it and begins to speak---

Terry Chambers: Can you give me a reason to why you are just randomly filming me drinking water? Is it because you want to get a explanation on why I was a bit out of control last week on Voltage? Well here's the reason, I was put in that tag team match by force and everybody should know by now I am not a fan of that. Also because I am not trying to play by the rules here on Voltage, I am here to make a big statement and over the last month or so I have done just that by brutally attacking Erebus, by the way I am not trying to brag about that because it's not that big of an accomplishment but it was a way of trying to trim the fat here on Voltage, and I was just trying to send a message to the rookie Parker last week when I got "disqualified". I mean how could I have gotten disqualified? I was in control of my actions and as far as I know, I think the referee is supposed to call for a 5 count before he intervenes so he brought that all upon himself when I shoved him. But hell if I care, it was just a random tag team facing a few green rookies, what really mattered is what took place after the match was called, Blake thought he could make a name for himself by trying to blindside me, now if this was early 2016 I would have just laid there saying "not in the face" but as I have been warning everyone since that Grand Rampage experience last year, something inside me woke up and I have been on a tear ever since and Blake learned that last week. I can for sure tell you that Blake's short in ring career would have been finished last week and I know because I have ended rookies careers who were above and beyond what Blake was as far as in ring ability goes. And if it wasn't for that Elijah Stewart guy, I was a bit stunned cause I know the guy don't like anybody so why we he stop me from ending the career of 2 rookies who have no business here? I don't know if it's something he has against me or Blake is a personal friend of his but that shit is all behind me now, as this week I face a "comical" challenge.

---Terry Chambers takes another sip of his water before speaking once again---

Terry Chambers: That comical challenge I am referring to if you don't already know is Nasir Moore. This guy is still here? Oh right he's Voltage's version of the lovable character everybody cheers for even though he's average at best inside the squared circle. I have come across many of those people and after the match was over the crowd seemed disappointed and sad over their lovable character not fighting against the odds and coming out on top...like newsflash this isn't a fairy tale, THIS IS ELITE ANSWERZ WRESTLING! If you don't believe me just go ask Chris Elite, because he's Showdown's version of that character. Just when and how in the hell did you overtake me a long time ago in terms of talent? Charisma maybe, that is a whole different story cause I just don't like people, but in ring talent, dude just like always you are talking out of your ass. There was only 1 time we were on the same brand together and you already mentioned it, NEO Wrestling and you are leaving out a few facts. You left out that I was on top of the entire brand as the top guy and you were stuck somewhere in the midcard with Aren Mstislav in a tag team. And you also left out the fact that in that triple threat match, it was on the biggest stage of time all PAIN FOR PRIDE and I pinned YOU! The only other time we faced off was a random episode of Battleground and you got the best of me because I was still in my "Hollywood phase" and was a shell of my former self. So in what way did you ever eclipse me in talent? I'll wait for your response. By the way, in that tag team on NEO with Aren, he became a world champion, what have you done? Nothing but just be the guy who is just happy to be here in EAW. You know, while I was on Showdown I watched Voltage from time to time and whenever I did you always took the L and ever since you lost that EAW Championship match you have been on a huge downward spiral and you are blinded by your own ignorance to realize that. But I guess I have to be that guy who has to make you realize it. You failed when your opportunity came and now you are just hanging on for your life on keeping a good spot on the card. You are going to keep falling down and I am going to keep climbing higher and this week on Voltage I grab your foot and I pull you down by myself, because if Voltage won't take you off the higher spots on the card, somebody has to do it and I am gonna play that role gladly. This isn't the Terry Chambers you came across back in the NEO days, it is much, much worse. You'll find that out soon enough.

You like to call yourself the heart and soul of Voltage...well I am going to RIP the heart right out of Voltage's chest!

---Terry Chambers takes another sip of water as he walks away from the scene and the camera fades to black---
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Today at 2:58 am by Aren Mstislav (Online)
Well I lost oh fucking well. I knew what the hell I was getting into coming back so now it’s time to move forward. But don’t you think this means I’m resigning myself. I will get back into the title spot. It’s just a matter of fucking time. But now I must climb back up. Back up through the cesspool of Voltage. And you know what this is good. This is great. Because now I get to show them what I mean when I say this competition doesn’t compare. Let’s go down this list of people that I’ve not only beaten, but lost to and then compare it to the people of now. Nasir, O’Hara, Ares, Vic, Rosso, Impact, Ramsey, Drake, Keelan, Drastik. I want you to do something with these names. Where do you categorize them when I said their names? Did you rank them from least to the greatest? Did you break down their skill set into a grade of A to F? Or did you just say damn those people are good? Because if it was the last then you are right. Damn those people were good. They gave me a war inside a battle, and made it so fun that not only do I praise them win or lose, but I look at them and learn what I learn. With this New Breed of wrestlers I cannot do that. What I can do is look at them and see a bunch of entitled beggars, hell bent on achieving something without putting any effort. That’s what I see in this new breed, and if anything their champion is the epitome of it. He stands there and cries and when he finally gets what he wants he goes back and starts tearing down people who he thought were behind him, but really were never really listening to him.

That is your champion people, that is who you new breed have to represent you, a crybaby with nothing but entitlement in his system, in which that will be his downfall. He can come at me with daggers, but I’ll come back with a sword to drive through him. Because unlike him I can do something and get something in return. I can deal with what I’m dealt, run with it, and make it the best god damn thing I’ve ever done in this place. This is what the New Breed has to offer. A Crybaby with nothing but a fake plastic belt compared to the numerous ones I’ve held. And to show you that the champion makes the division I am not only going to dismantle this, Mike Strowman, but I’m going to show you all why the new breed will never amount to anything.

Strowman, I don’t have anything against you personally, but let me tell you, your division pales in comparison to what it used to be. Have you ever heard of glory days, have you ever seen the silver lining of a Golden Age? Because if you haven’t then look at me again motherfucker, I am one of those things. I was in the Golden Age of the New Breed, where our champions not only represented us, but if they didn’t then well they did not last longer than what they were worth. And well the fact that a man like Lucas Johnson is representing you and your friends, ooooh man, let me tell you why that is a problem. Because now you have a weakling leading the pack, now you have a brittle man, with an even more brittle self-esteem. One wrong thing and goes crying to the feed. Do you want that man leading your pack, because if you don’t then you’d do something about it? But no you and your friend McAdams just push the envelope even further. People with Class? Heh. I might as well wipe my boot with how much bullshit I stepped in just saying that name. Because Mikey boy you didn’t have to say anything to me for me to see how you operate. I already know. I know what you do in the back to get what you want, I know what you do in the ring to get what you want, and I know what you do when everything goes to hell. You retreat, but in a form where your life partner comes out and saves your ass again, and again, and again. It happens too often, and hell I’m expecting it to happen again. Because a creature of habit is what you are, and habits are hard to break.

So before you go on about me taking a “Break” I want you listen to yourself again. Because when you do all you’ll hear is the high pitched sound of I’m a bitch. And you’ll keep hearing that sound, until you actually do something of note. You don’t have to give me promises or threats, because I know you don’t even believe in your words now. You want to think that PwC are something that I can’t overcome but remember boy, I’ve fought bigger people than you. I’ve fought smarter people than you, and I sure as hell beaten them both when push comes to shove. So whether it’s your intellect you like to brag about or your cohesiveness as a unit, just remember. Enough force, enough pull, and even the toughest things come undone. I won’t have to put any effort into beating you, but you. You’ll have to put in everything just to knock me down on the mat.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Today at 12:18 am by ONI (Online)
Camera opens on ONI, seated on a spartan wooden chair in his room in the Sanatorium.  He's dressed in his white suit, holding the battle scarred kendo stick from his part in the Final Deletion.  He contemplates it, noting the notches and cracks.

"That was a fun diversion.  It feels good to fight beside family.  I knew that the Sanatorium would triumph.  Zack Crash may have his ... 'Damaged Brilliance' ... and he may have had all the semi warm bodies of the Wolvesden.  But the family has something more than that.  Something that makes us stronger.  See, I have an obsession with bonds and limits.  If you've listened to anything that I've said at all, you'd pick on that quickly.  There are chains that hold us back, that stop us from achieving the heights that our potential can bring us to.  I seek to break them.  But there is another type of bond.  The family bond.  But it's not a chain, a noose around your neck or shackles on your wrists.  It's a connection, a mutual consensus between individuals where you know that when you fight side by side, you fight together as a unit, as one.  Mercenaries like the Wolvesden will never have that strength.  The pack has been thinned.  Marco Fedor nursing a broken arm.  Kenny Drake exiled from EAW.  Yet, there is no sense of connection that the remaining members feel towards their departed comrades, or each other even.  They are not a group or a unit.  They are each a lone wolf, separate and isolated from one another.  There is no pack there.  Just lonely people.  And Zack Crash?  He too is isolated, broken off in his own world.  Vicious and dangerous, yes.  Certainly more of a threat than the entirety of the Wolvesden.  But against Eclipse Diemos and the Sanatorium?  He does not stand a chance.  And he found that out.  I have no doubt he'll rise again, and we'll be there to put him back down."

ONI cracks the kendo stick against the ground.

"But Zack Crash isn't my opponent this week.  Instead, we continue the Demon of the Sanatorium's tour through the barren wolf lands.  Next stop, J.D. Damon.  It's kind of funny.  I am a man that loves a challenge.  I would fight the greats of EAW -Lannister, Y2Impact, Ares Vendetta, Devan Dubian, Methuselah, and so on- for the opportunity to learn more about myself and test my mettle against those considered the elite of elite.  There was a time, J.D. Damon, when you were on your way to becoming one of them.  You were a dominant PURE champion when I first came to this company.  It seemed as though you were pushing the limits, about to break into the upper echelons of this company.  I would have been proud and excited to stand across the ring from you and test my strength on the battlefield.  Never the biggest or the quickest man, you had a veteran's cunning and an aptitude at finding and exploiting weakness.  You were an ideal foe to continue to improve myself against.  And yet ..."

ONI sadly shakes his head.

"That's no longer the case, isn't it?  You've fallen on hard times.  You're a shell of that former champion.  A husk, lifeless and cold.  The shine has faded with time.  That title reign seems far away, doesn't it, separated by the gulf of time and skill.  Perhaps with the Wolvesden, you could have at least been a shadow of your former glory, but with the exit of Kenny Drake and the injury of Marco Fedor, so left the only interesting sparks of the Wolvesden.  Now all that's left is for the embers to slowly cool and be swept away.  I honestly thought that you were gone after Keelan sent you to a watery grave, but I suppose I will have to give you credit for tenacity.  You're a survivor, J.D.  You've been in this company for quite a while and haven't met the unfortunate fate of so many others.  Broken bones, torn ligaments.  Livelihoods shattered.  Banishments and firings.  You're still here and that's ... admirable.  But for me, personally, I don't want to be known just for surviving.  I want to grow, thrive, take over.  I would not be satisfied with a life such as yours, J.D.  I want more.  I don't want just the slight caress of gold.  I want to grab it with bloody hands and a savage cry on my lips.  I don't want to wallow around in obscurity for as long as you have, being a useless cog of an unimportant gathering of nobodies.  I will not be you, J.D.  I have been growing, learning, moving forward.  And I will prove it to you.  I will prove it to everyone.  Even if I have to break the arm of every wolf in the den, I will show the world that ONI and the Sanatorium are the true masters of Voltage."

With a fluid, violent motion, ONI cracks the kendo stick over his knee and tosses away the pieces.

"Honestly, J.D. Damon, I want you to find the man that you used to be.  I want you to rediscover that form that made you a feared PURE champion.  Come Sunday, I don't want to stare across the ring and see the broken shell you've been.  I want the challenge.  I would welcome it.  I will still overcome you, feed off of your strength and sate my own hunger for another week.  But the victory would be sweeter.  Look deep within yourself and find the warrior that you once were.  Because otherwise, all that waits you Sunday is one more step to oblivion.  You will not be a man, but an offering.  A sacrifice -and a paltry one at that- to the gods of blood and violence which loom over this place.

"Find yourself ... or lose all that remains ..."

Fade to laughter
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Today at 12:06 am by Sophia Rose (Online)
I believe I now have a reason to speak. I don't believe that it's been a secret that I haven't opened my mouth in weeks - I thought after that Steel Cage match with Madison Kaline that I would give myself the chance to step outside of the things that I was becoming and take a look at it from every perspective. I walked through the doors of this company as a bubbly, excited girl with the dream of trying to make everything that she put her mind to possible. I was so determined to make sure than nobody could ever change that; no matter about the things they said or they tried to do. I refused to allow them to change what made Sophia Rose everything that I was. It's the reason that I went so far in the Empress of Elite tournament. Everything they said; everything that they tried to do to get into my head - I just allowed to roll off of the back of my shoulders. None of it affected me in the slightest - but, the moment that Madison Kaline crushed my head between two chairs, everything changed. I became so consumed with the need to force the woman through tortures that we almost unimaginable that I allowed the one that I refused to allow happen, actually happen. I wasn't myself. I didn't wake up looking forward to the next obstacle that stood in my way - I just wanted to get my hands on her. That Steel Cage match was the best thing that could have happened for my career. It wasn't because of the fact that I was able to grasp onto my redemption for Madison’s actions, but because I managed to pick up the pieces of myself that I had lost. The heart that pushed me forward when everything felt hopeless. The pride that I took into blowing expectation out of the water. When I l was laying on that stretcher, I was forced to make a decision. I can be carried away or I can fight for myself. It didn't matter about the pain that was shooting through my body; it didn't matter about the possibility that I was walking into a fight that would end my career - I had to force myself into that cage. I fight to fight with every ounce of grit and determination that I could physically muster. It was the easiest decision that I've ever had to make.

Every single piece of it couldn’t have been more worth it.

I can sit here and I can preach to the world about both my wins since that match with Madison Kaline, against both Gabriel DeLion and Autumn Raven, but in all, they’ve really done nothing for me. Before I get into the big picture in a moment, I’ll start off by saying that right now my full intention is to win this little tournament. Something that may seem a little obvious, but coming so close in both the Empress of Elite Tournament months ago and the Empire Cup recently, that taste of falling just short isn’t one that I’m too fond to get used to. You see, the woman that I’m forced to stand against this week - I’ll admit wasn’t one that I took too seriously a few weeks ago and in all, that was the main thing that cost me something that I wanted. This week, April - you now have my full attention. You know, the week leading into that match - I was both right and wrong. You spent a few days speaking to one of the bigger busts of a competitor here in Elite Answers Wrestling on some of the things that you could have expected inside your match. I told you that, in all, her advice was never going to bring you success. I never thought that it would play a factor in how far you were able to survive, which I’m willing to admit, but you still walked out as empty handed as I did. You survived all of thirty seconds longer than I - but, we’re both no better off. You’re not steps ahead of where I am, but I’m not any further ahead than you are either. We’re both fighting for the same spotlight to truly get our name out with the likes that stand at the forefront of this brand - names that I’ve beaten in the past, might I add, and on Empire, it’s our one chance to prove which name does deserve to be there. Is it April Song or Sophia Rose? We can sit here and talk about which situation is better for each participant. Who thrives where? Who’s going to outwrestle the other? Whose heart is bigger? Who’s going to be able to will themselves forward when everything else seems lost?

All of those questions are meaningless, April.

One question matters more than any other. Who wants to walk into the finals of this tournament more than the other? Is it me, April, or is it you? I need this. As cliché and overused as that phrase has become over the years - it fits this situation perfectly. I’ve said it already - I’m so sick of falling inches short of grasping onto something that I lust. I’m so sick of watching someone else take something that should have been in my hands. I had to watch Cailin Dillon take the Empress of Elite crown. I had to watch as Cameron Ella Ava took the Empire Cup. In all honesty, this tournament doesn’t fall close to either of those - no disrespect for the champion standing here waiting for Sophia Rose to answer the challenge. I’m trying my hardest not to get ahead of myself, April. I know that there’s more to the woman that I see standing in front of myself, BUT I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES! BRODY SPARKS AGAINST SOPHIA ROSE FOR THE SPECIALIST CHAMPIONSHIP! How good does that sound, April! You can talk to whoever you want. Go back to Erica Ford and ask about how she managed to pull off an upset of a lifetime against the Heart Break Gal. Go to Carlos Rosso and ask about how he survived wars against men of all sizes. Go ask Donovan T how he became one of the greatest names to never walk through the doors of the company. Find any source of information that you can that can inch your closer to something that I wholeheartedly believe that you’re not going to be able to achieve. I’m looking forward to this, April. I’m looking forward to finally getting the biggest challenge that I’ve had since taking off the mask. I’m going to win the war of words - that’s something that I’m not worried about in the slightest. I just hope, and honestly this is something that seemingly becoming a constant to when it comes to those in this division as a whole - I just hope that you’re going to be able to muster more than you do when in front of that camera.

Good luck, April, I really can’t wait for our match.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 11:42 pm by Danny Stone

Mo àm tha prìseil agus tha thu a chall e. Leithid iriosal bagairtean a dhèanamh còmhnard, tha thu dha-rìribh a foillseachadh sgrios no a 'foillseachadh càil inntinneach? Tha mi an dùil cù nas fheàrr. Tha mi a 'sùileachadh fìor dhùbhlan, chan eil leisgeul seo fheum de thàlant.

Defeat tends to spark us to find the missing piece in hopes to never taste it again. And we tend to believe that every defeat will truly lead us closer to consistency and inevitably glory. We do not like to entertain the thought of defeat only leading to more defeat; so much so that we shrug off any sense, any feeling of a possible defeat. Blindly we walk into the next battle thinking we’ve adorned shiny armour when instead, the reality is we walk into the next battle with beaten plates with little shine. Still, we protest to our opposition that they cannot defeat us. We proclaim that our last taste of defeat has only made us stronger! That we’ve learned from our mistakes and nothing short of victory is capable. You do not represent this any more clearly than now. “Defeat has recently opened my eyes!” Shouldn’t it have opened your eyes after King of Elite? See, you cling to tired cliches and rhetorics to justify losing to Rex McAllister; to give yourself the motivation to move beyond it. You’re trying to enter this match with a new suit of armour but I will ensure the veil is lifted and the harness you wear is brittle and cracked. No man settles for defeat. You use Chris Elite as an example but the man has suffered highs and lows, no doubt. He’s said as much, I’ve listened. To walk away, to return, to consider leaving it all behind again. While no, you do not run for the hills, you do not wish to escape to the moors to hide from the glaring eyes of the public, you most certainly will on this trajectory. You will absolutely succumb to the pressure of defeat; the brave face you will melt away to reveal the truth you wish to deny. And losing to me will only speed that up. Given you’ve spent much of your time leveling criticism for the path I took, I can’t imagine how it’s going to feel knowing the road I’m on leads to a prosperous future. That, my friend, is something you despise; arrogance. It’s arrogant to boldly claim that the road you took will lead to a greater future over mine. It’s arrogance to say men of faith are nothing more than seirbhisich to who it is they hold their faith with. My friend, are you in need of a dictionary? It’s not the measure of worth one has accumulated, it’s not the class of the car they drive, the exclusivity of the restaurant they dine at or the suite they stay in.The home they return to, the throne they sit upon figurative or literal. None of that defines arrogance; rather it’s how one composes themselves and you stand before me the living, breathing definition of arrogance. It’s nothing short of egotistical to believe that when we arrived at the same place years ago, you took the correct turn. That the road you travel on is superior, it leads to success; everything that you desire. Is that not arrogance?

A bheil thu thaghadh ann do smuaintean, cù? 'S e cùis aon lagh dhuibh, aon lagh dhomh. Faodaidh tu a bhith mothachail air na muile tu a 'coiseachd air, ach chan urrainn dhomh. 'S urrainn dhut fios a bhios tu a' soirbheachadh, chan urrainn dhomh. Tha thu glic. Chan eil mi. Ach tha e caran taitneach pìos de chuirm, na puingean a tha thu a 'dèanamh a tha lag agus gann de stuthan. Tha thu tàir leithid an dòigh àrdanach ach tha e ag èirigh suas agus a 'fàs a' mìneachadh dè tha thu; tha thu àrdanach. Ciamar a tha sin searbh blas?

Truth is, boring, non-exciting personalities hardly rouse my attention. Couple that with such weak arguments and counterarguments, it’s amazing I’m here to give you an ounce more of my attention. Wasting such precious breaths isn’t too desirable. Nothing you say carries substance; merely assumptions made. Your desperate attempts to position yourself as the superior talent is rather...generic to say the least. But should I be surprised to hear that from a man with the intent of causing destruction to succeed? You talk maturity but such maturity you wish to proclaim escapes you. Show me, where have I said this roads we travel on are straight and flat? Nothing of the kind. Much like how I haven’t noted yours to be incorrect or false, merely stating how thus far it hasn’t led to success. No, the humour lies in how you’ve repeatedly spoken about my road being incorrect, being false. Nothing I’ve done thus far has been worth anything. A Battle Royal, a singles match to a lowly critter and a chance against a champion. There lies proof I understand, more than you realise, of the nature of our roads. Substance - that which you lack - that shows I’m aware that I do not know what lies around the next bend in the road; when I reach yet another fork, another intersection that I cannot truly know what lies ahead. I didn’t expect, within days of signing to be in a match for the National Elite contendership. I didn’t expect a month later to face Showdown’s Churaidh Òir. You waste your breath, gadhar. A thief of oxygen, you sit on your high horse and it’s quite adorable to see such brash arrogance flow from your mouth; who are you to criticise my early weeks thus far? Nobody, that’s who. Again, you boldly - and falsely - accuse me for thinking I know where this road leads me to you yet in mere a few breaths later, you’re saying you “know” you will succeed? I’ve done my studies, Lars. It took one Lucian Black some eight years to reach the top and...it was gone. It was absolutely gone. He had a moment but his legacy, his career will never be remembered as anything less than one of mediocrity. Nothing but the pinnacle is any real reflection of success. The New Breed title? National Elite? Nothing. You would merely be taking solace in holding Òir for a moment in time. Perhaps, you will reach the same dizzying heights that Black once obtained but such a legacy isn’t worth remembering.

Sometimes though, Lars, the road ends abruptly and like Thelma and Louise, your car will fly off the edge of a cliff and in a roaring cacophony of flames, gone will be your career.

You do not know that you will succeed.

Chan eil dad ach luaithre Mairidh dreuchd agaibh gadhar. Nothing còrr shìolaidh dòchas dè dh'fhaodadh a bhith. Tha co-fharpaisean, an t-òr, a 'ghlòir gu bràth a bhith rudeigin a tha thu a' bruadar, ach bidh gu bràth a chur an cuimhne gach turas a bhios sibh a dhùsgadh gun deach a h-uile toirt air falbh le toil Dhè. Fight, tha thu gu cinnteach bidh ach mòintichean na h-Alba a bhios freagarrach meòrachadh air na làithean a tha thu a 'dol a dh'fhuireach a-mach. sia mìosan an seo agus chan eil dad a 'sealltainn dhut. Chan eil dad ach saor buaidh thairis ùra. Bheir mi dhuibh a cheangal ri leithid solace. Bidh mi a 'dol mar a tha thu laghan t-saoghal so tha thu' feuchainn ri tiugha, a 'fuireach agad làithean a-mach mar ni còrr is briseadh-dùil Mongrel. 'S dòcha bidh thu a' blasad air an unnsa de ghlòir Dhè bheir mi gu.

A-nis a 'coimhead mar agad cnàmhan sgàineadh beneath the cuideam de toil Dhè. Luathaich mach gu bheil creag agus gabhail ri bàs gu bheil a 'feitheamh.

† † †
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 11:07 pm by The Burned Man
Narrator: Not really human, not quite of flesh and bone. For the charred anguish enchants itself in a seeming circle. Deja vu mimics the world, by the simple glance of a mirror. Light normally shines, but here it fades. Engulfed by the shimmer of its requisition. Consumed by its touch, heated by its nature. The trials and tribulations of the torch have occupied the wants and needs. But along this path of ruin, solace has been found in meager ambition.


Narrator: How the soul is of torment, when you yourself are alive, but the flesh that is scarred upon your back, is dead of plague. The electric mist, the boiling magma of this transparent circumstance - standing alone among the chaos that surrounds. The thought resides, and does it ever remain - the burden of being dragged out of the physical shell. In obsecurity may it rot, for the breath on this life heeds no beauty. Dread is the wasteland in which the heartbeat resides - a wall that binds to that of the tremble. The void that represents itself is a life left mourned, with nothing but embers that shadow upon the grave. The fable that lives, that torments - The Burning Abyss.


Narrator: Men have catered to the calling, to the man that is shown not in physique, but in merely legend. But how this creature that you seek, will only lead to your conquest of refuge. For the rage that captures the line of sight, is only a glimpse of the despair well represented. Motive, amiss. Purpose, notwithstanding. The foundation of humanity could not simply be confused with the archaic rule that thrives within this... creature. For nothing but a monument of ash can interpret the casting shadow seen before now. The eyes that stare speak of empathy, but without a mercy's cry. Condemned by the path that has surfaced, The Burned Man resides. And by the side of King Tiberius IV. The damage that is observed and recognized - coming undone, not. But why...


Narrator: And so, the testament is due to begin. The origin, without scope, but not without regard. With Theron on the path of fortune, coining himself to the side of the Kingsguard - The Burned Man echoes his focus upon that of the Megumeme. Words have been spoken, but they will not be retorted, or considered. Because what are words to a man, who has been forged by the fire and the flame? The piercing of words dare not compare to the blaze that The Burned Man has suffered, and survived. Can the opposition? Why, it is not The Burned Man's intent to fit in. That day has been long over-passed. So the question remains - what IS there for The Burned Man? Why, when you can't have the world - you must settle with its ashes. And it starts with not a bang, but a flame:

Totoro... MJX...

The Burned Man: "...Stirbt mit mir."

"...Stirbt mit mir."

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 10:42 pm by MJX (Online)

A starry night sky can be seen, the cameras look around until they spot MJX, wearing his wrestling gear and a blue track jacket, drinking a slurpee outside of 7/11. They slowly approach him.

"What a waste of a dollar."

MJX spots the EAW crew, his expression sours even more.

"Wha-for fucks sake what did I tell you?! Don't follow me! Are you deaf? Are you an immigrant who doesn't speak english?"

"Actually... you ar-"

"Shut up! Don't talk back to me! Whatever, you can follow me around for a bit if that makes you happy."

"Thanks, but why are you outside at 1 AM drinking a slurpee? And why aren't you wearing pants? It's cold."

"What a stupid question, real men don't wear pants. Besides thanks to you I've no place to sle-er I just felt like taking a nice stroll. I got thirsty and bought a slurpee, anything wrong with a man buying one? No, but hey check this out, my good brother TOTORO is in the cup, I didn't know baseball was this popular. Unfortunately, there were none of me, which is why winning against the King's Guard is important, there's nothing better than raising one's stock. Right now you see me unable to afford pants and an hotel, but when I get those belts and become an international star it'll all change."

"Wow, um...you have it rough man."

"I don't need your pity, also don't you air anything of what I just said."

"Right, anyway we've heard Theron had more things to say about you and your part-"

"Good brother."

"...you and your good brother TOTORO, do you perhaps have any words for him, or his partner The Burned Man?"

"I'd love to comment but I uh, don't have access to television, or radio, and my phone data is exclusively used for mobile games so saying I've heard from them would be a lie."

"That's fine, we have the footage right here."


Scene resumes after MJX finishes reviewing the footage.

"It's over? Well that was boring, don't you hate noblemen? I know I do. To answer some of Theron's questions, when I look at myself, I see I've made plenty of mistakes, should I roll for this card or wait until the next gacha? Do I drop 10 bucks or 200? All very bad decisions but those are just minor things, and all they've done is make me angrier and hungrier for success, if I didn't think I could become the best I wouldn't have signed the contract, I could've just ran Wendy's twitter account or do weird commercials but no, I came here to EAW because I know I can beat every guy who is too full of himself, belittles their opponents and when he finally loses, crumbles. You brag about being unpinned and never submitted but in a tag match that matters not. It could be your partner who is on the receiving end of our offense and fails to kick out, it's still your loss. We have everything to win and nothing to lose, but what about you? All this big talk but when you lose to two no names as you call us, what's your king going to think about you? I would exile you for making me look bad, but that's just me."

"As for Burned Man, it looks like he's more of the action speaks louder than words type and I respect that, If I wasn't being followed around by a bunch of annoying cameramen I probably would keep to myself as well, but in case you're watching this and are silently planning your gameplan..don't bother. Because no matter what you two try, how hard you work, how much you fight, the end result is the same, MEGUMEME ends victorious. Due to it being our first week I realize our words have no weight, regardless this is going to be an eye opener for the rest of Showdown, know if you see us in the same light Theron does, you will regret it, because nothing hurts more than talking a lot of shit only for it to blow up in your face. When you lose you pick yourself back up, shrug it off and look to win the next one, but after so much bragging it will be harder on you. For now, you can keep believing you're the next big thing, that you will keep being unpinned and that we are nothing but fodder for your career, tomorrow you'll realize your mistake."

"For TOTORO and myself, tomorrow is when we make our debut, a night many people dream of, but for us it's just part of the job and after our first win we're flying all the way to Burundi, can't miss the restaurant's big opening. All of this is on TOTORO of course, that's why he's a good brother."

"Sorry...can I come?"

"No! Now if you'll excuse me, there's a good spot in the park nearby and I have to get there before anyone else does, you've kept me here way too long, also tell your bosses to stop dropping you here at the worst times."

MJX throws his slurpee in the trash and leaves the area as the scene fades to black.
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(The following scene takes place late Thursday night at some random casino in Atlanta. Jack Ripley and David Davidson can be seen at the blackjack table with drinks in hand and they are of course on a roll, with just about every person in the casino standing behind them, watching their every movement because in case you haven’t realized it yet, The High Rollerz are very big deals.)

Dealer: Wow, we have a winner!

(The crowd begins to cheer and clap for Jack, as Jack looks really proud of himself)

Jack: They don’t call me Black Jack Ripley for nothin.

(The dealer is an EAW fan, because hello, who isn’t? He takes a second to make sure he heard Jack correctly. He has a confused expression on his face and begins to stutter at first, until he manages to spit out a full sentence.)

Dealer: Yo-your nickname is Black?

Jack: Oh… Uh… yeah?

Dealer: That sounds…weird…that’s a weird nickname.

Jack: Do I judge you for wearing a vest to work?

Dealer: Do you?

Jack: Yes.. Yes I do.

Dealer: So it’s ok for me to make fun of you for having the nickname black.

Jack: No, that’s not ok… Thats rude.. You’re a very rude individual, no way I’m tipping you now.

(At that very moment, the dealer knew...he fucked up. He lets out a huge gulp, trying to take back what he said. Sweat begins to drip from his forehead.)

Dealer: Sir please, I take it back, I need the tips to support my family.

Jack: Ok, I’ve got a tip for you.

Dealer: Thank you sir, thank you so much.

(Jack reaches into his pocket and takes out a piece of paper, and hands it to the dealer with a smirk on his face and looks at the camera while the dealer reads the note out loud)

Dealer: “Be better at your job””... What’s this?

Jack: Your tip… I’m giving you a tip for life, it’ll make you a better person, you’re welcome.

(The dealer, who has been a big ol’ pussy all night twitches a little bit. He is clearly mad and at first he tries to bottle it up like any mature adult, but he can’t and he swears because he thinks he is tough. It’s a bold move, Cotton, let’s see if it pays off.)

Dealer: Ok.. Fuck this..


Jack: OH MY GOD! David you’ve been silent for so long, and suddenly yell! You startled me!

David: It’s what I do. I’m a fuc...frickin’ ninja, I am all nimble and shi...stuff! 

(The dealer can no longer take it. It looks like he has given up on life at that very second. He waddles into the night. Never to be heard from again.)

Dealer: Oh I forgot my-

David: NO! You are never supposed to be heard from again! Now leave! BE NO MORE! Jeez, what was with that guy? 

Jack: I don’t know, you win one game of blackjack, and all of a sudden he starts making fun of my nickname that I’ve totally had for years. Making me feel bad and stuff.

David: Well luckily he’s gone! There’s no way the replacement dealer can be any worse!

(David takes a sip from his drink. The High Rollerz turn around at the same exact moment because they are the greatest tag team with the greatest chemistry EAW has ever seen! As they turn around, they find the smiling face of the interviewer!)

Interviewer: HEY GUYS!! I got a second job as a card dealer! Isn’t that great!?!?!  Hanging around you guys really taught me the ropes, and now I can do it expertly! 

(Jack turns around and looks really green in the face. He vomits all over a cocktail waitress making a huge scene. David is sort of embarrassed and starts to cry real crocodile tears at the sight of the interviewer.) 

David: Interviewer, why are you here…again? Didn’t you hear what Cody said about you?

Jack: Yeah, you have some nerve stealing another job from an American!!!

Interviewer: I am an American?

Jack: You’re human?

Interviewer: What?

David: What?

Interviewer: He asked if I was human.

David: And? That’s a legitimate question… Let’s be honest, you don’t look like one of us.

Interviewer: One of you? And what is one of you exactly?

David: Ummmm, a human being? The subject that we’ve been talking about this entire time?

Interviewer: Whatever, yes, I am a human, yes I am American… 

Jack: *yawn* Why are you telling us your life story? No one cares…

Interviewer: You asked…

David: Seriously, you’re so selfish… Where’s your daughter by the way? She’s hawt and smells like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I miss her.

Jack: David, let’s not get off topic, you’ll have time to steal his daughter that hasn’t been mentioned in like six months. Cody Marshall was talking a lot of shit about you Interviewer.. it was totally warranted, but he was pretty wrong about one thing.

David: Yeah, like we would ever pay you money to be around us ever. Why would we pay to torture ourselves? 

Interviewer: You guys joke around too much, why can’t you two ever be serious with me?

David: I know I am going to regret asking this, because it will give off the impression that I somewhat care about you...but what do you mean? 

Interviewer: Always saying that you hate me and stuff, it’s funny, but at a point it’d be nice if you were just real with me.

Jack: Are you dumb?

David: You know what, interviewer? The burning passion of hatred that I have for you has no boundaries… And the words that you have spoken to me at this moment has only intensified the feeling… I hate you Interviewer, with every fiber of my being, I hate you.

Interviewer: Ok guys for real.. Let’s get serious… Cody Marshall, let’s talk about it

Jack: Um excuse me, we’ve been serious this entire time. And why are you trying to interview us right now? You’re a blackjack dealer now.

Interviewer: The calling of my life’s passion, INTERVIEWING! Is always my job.. I always have time for it. It’s in my blood!

(Black Jack Ripley throws a card at the Interviewer ninja star style) 

Interviewer: AHHHHHH I’M DYING!!

David: And now, that card is also in your blood.  

Jack: Yeah bitch.

Interviewer: Well, that was rude. I do not like being called a bitch, thank you very much. Besides, it reminds me of my days in high school when I would get stuffed in lockers. How could that happen to me? I made my mistakes, I had nowhere to run, but the night does in fact go on...oh, you guys are still here. And a camera just captured that as well! Wonderful!

Jack: Ok, forgetting about the awkwardness that you just put out there.. And I’ll just say, I’m sorry

Interviewer: Re-Really?

Jack: No, not in the slightest

Interviewer: Oh…

Jack: Yeah, you should be embarrassed for believing such a blatant joke.

Interviewer: Well, David, Jack is being his usual mean self, will you please talk about your match? 

David: FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE! So let me start off by saying…no offense. There, a force field just went up. My opponent now can't be offended by a single thing I say. That's how it works. Now, the reason why I said no offense in the first place is because during the past few weeks, my opponents…well, let's just say they have thrown hissy fits over the littlest things. Yeah, I guess that's the best way of putting it for now. You see I get it...being a champion in Elite Answers Wrestling, I have a lot of influence. And with influence comes responsibility. They go hand-in-hand. I'm supposed to lead by example. That's why my opponents, or actually, everybody for that matter, hangs onto my every word. Like I said, I get it. But tonight, I'm not going to coddle my opponent like a baby, even though he does resemble an oversized one. Hell, he even acts like one as well with excuse after excuse. But moving on, I could say that I plan on not holding back this evening with my words that are coated with venom, like I've done recently, but the truth is, I probably will. Why? It's simple really, Cody Marshall isn't in our league. He's like ten or so tiers below us. Tell me, how is the weather down there? So yeah, he isn't a threat and I won't treat him as such. I mean, a lion never worries about a jackal, correct? So don't get me wrong, people...by taking time out of my night to talk about Cody directly isn't because this whole matchup is personal to me, because it isn't. Let's face it, he hasn't pushed any of my buttons. My blood has yet and will not boil. Just look at my demeanor. Do I not look relaxed and well-rested? Well actually I'm not well-rested. It's been a long ass night, but sleep is for the weak. So I'll give it a few more hours…which just so happens to be the length of Cody Marshall’s New Breed title reign. Sorry, pretend I didn't say that, for I plan on saving that for later as the main course. 

Just look at you Cody! Which is something I struggle to do because yikes, time has not been good to you! But hey, that's besides the point. What I was originally going to say is I'm amazed by how you continue to exuberate with such confidence! It's possible you might even have an extra pep in your step this week! Why? Ohhh that's right, because you are hellbent on making Damien’s world/empire, crumble before your very own feet. Yeah, I guess that's still a thing. I struggle to remember all of the “evil” things he's done to you because I'm going to be brutally honest, I don't exactly keep up with what Cody Marshall is doing. Why? Simple, it's because you don’t intrigue me. You fail to keep my attention. You see, your whole shtick has a shelf life. And by god, it's expired weeks ago, if not months ago and now it's covered by a greenish blue fuzzy substance. Tell me, what even are you Cody, other than a parody? I'm sure you've been told this before, but at the end of the day, you're just a Donald Trump impersonator. Go back to the Vegas Strip or Hollywood walk of fame, I say. “Make EAW/Showdown great again!” Or better yet, talking about building a wall on Showdown. Like I said, it's run it's course. Do something different. Something that involves creativity, perhaps? But I digress. So once again, you can see we have given our undeserving opponent(s) a platform to speak his mind and to air out his grievances. How is that soapbox treating you? Good? Fantastic. Now, let's talk about this campaign of yours, shall we? You do realize it's going to lead to nowhere right? I mean for the time being you can yell and bang on the podium like a famous ex-leader who shall not be named…and you can shake your fist and you can cry those tears about how Damien goes out of his way to make your life a living hell…when the fact is, he doesn't care about you or what you have to say. All he sees is what everybody else sees…a pest. A nuisance. A mosquito that keeps buzzing in our ears and somehow keeps getting away, but will eventually be crushed to death. That's where we come in, Cody. Make no mistake about it, we are not Damien’s muscle or hit men. We get booked in matches and we deliver. But I guess you could say that we are punishers in a sense. I mean, our first week on Showdown, Rex McAllister was presented with a gift. He was allowed to pick his nemesis at the time, Ryan Marx’s opponent. And he chose us because he heard a thing or two about what we bring on a weekly basis. And I think it's fair to say we even exceeded our expectations with what we've managed to accomplish in such a short period of time. We get results, it's what we do. Now, if or when Cody responds to us, he’ll make an excuse because that's all he really does and say something expected like two men against one isn't fair, that Ryan should've had a partner. But that's the thing Cody, it's always unfair when facing The High Rollerz, whether it's two-on-two or in singles. Think about it! It was unfair how Matt Squared had to face the greatest tag team in professional wrestling history on their first defense. It was unfair how a team of Lioncross and Nobi, a team with zero experience had to face us so early on in our reign. Speaking of them, I see you made another excuse about how Lyuncrust supposedly “cost” them their chance at gold. How did you put it again? If it wasn't for him, we “could” be looking at different tag team champions? Woulda, coulda, shoulda…Cody. It's pathetic. It’s the loser’s mentality, which I'm not surprised you have. And oh yeah, before I forget, it was also unfair how that team from Dynasty had to face us as well because they just aren't that good. Or actually, maybe they are good but when you're in the ring with us? Good isn't enough. You can't beat excellence with good. This isn't amateur hour. This is EAW. Improve or get the fu…frick out. Again, I gotta watch my language. I'm a role model. I do this for the kids after all. 

(David is about to take a sip from his drink but then remembers that he is in fact a role model and cannot let the kids of Cameroon and Peru down. So he puts the drink down and resumes talking.)

Seeing as how I just talked about Dynasty, I think it's only fitting we talk about Reckless Wiring! So like I said, we won at that Dynasty exclusive FPV. We retained, who would've thought? Well, everybody with a brain, duh! But what about you, Cody? Surely you can say the same? Oh wait, that's right, you lost, shocker! Just like Devan Dubian. You let our brand down…awkward. You know what, Cody? You're puzzling, for a lot of reasons but to be more specific you are puzzling in the sense that you knocked off that Karl Marx wannabe, you know, the guy who everybody seems to love and are not afraid to sing their praises about? So you beat him to win the New Breed Championship and then you go on to lose it to Lucas Johnson, who is often used as a punchline to almost every joke in EAW? Oh but David, Cody entered first in that match! Plus they had weapons like brass knuckles! WAAHHHHHH! Look at the level of competition in that match. Ironico and Riddler...I'll give them a pass because they are new and we’ll see if they accomplish anything noteworthy in the future. See, I'm a nice guy like that. Then you have Jacob Moore, who sure, had an undefeated streak going but as of late, he has fizzled out. Then there is Mark Michaels, a guy I've been in the ring with and well, what has he done honestly? Then of course there is Lucas Johnson…who is well, Lucas Johnson. So those are the men you faced…and you lost? I don't care if you finished second or whatever you wanna call it. Moral victories are not real. They are used to soften the blow of something called reality and in reality they just aren't that good. But like I said it's puzzling that you failed to retain that title, against those guys. I mean, didn't you say you're a farmer? A football player? A war hero? Why stop there? Let's add an astronaut and Nobel Peace Prize winner as well. So you’d assume that you would overcome such “odds”, but perhaps your followers and believers give you too much credit? They see an ordinary man with no special skills or talent and countless flaws to go along with it…and they say to themselves, “Hey, we can relate to that guy. Let's be lazy and close-minded and blame others for our shortcomings!” But once again, I digress. All I'm saying is this will lead to the debate, is Cody Marshall a flop? A flavor of the month? A one hit wonder? My answer? Who cares? But what I do care about is our match in the ATL!


David: HEY! DON’T YELL! THAT’S MY THING! But speaking of this interviewer, whose name shall never be revealed, because the world will explode if it does, I don't like him. I've made that perfectly clear. But like Jack said, we don't pay him. He's basically an intern who shadows greatness, aka us. So he's not taking money out of Max A. Million’s pocket, aka the guy who is on Showdown every week, getting camera time. He can continue to interview the likes of you, but when it comes to us, champions in professional wrestling and in life? Nah, we good. We already have our interviewer! Who is a “hard-working” American! But you're right, he probably lives in his mom’s basement. 

Interviewer: Nuh uh! I live in my own apartment and not to brag, but I get a lot of pussy over there. 

David: No, no you don't. 

Interviewer: Sigh, you're right. I was talking about my cats. Excuse me as I cry now after looking back at all of the mistakes I've made in the past. 

David: Oh, ok. You're always so uplifting, just radiating with positivity! But anyways, I just wanted to congratulate you on the successful surgery. Seeing as how you tend to joke around now, it makes me believe that they managed to detach the stick that's been lodged in your ass since you've gotten here. So again, congrats on that. But speaking of joking around, it's no secret that Jack and I like to have fun while talking about our opponents because it's life. You don't have to take it seriously all the time. But do you know what's funny? You said we lack maturity, which may be true during random circumstances but then you go on to mock another elitist’s pose and laugh about it…and oh yeah, you were the only one laughing about it, so it got awkward real quick and you also go on about how you spit that hot fire! Tsk tsk tsk, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, Cody. But like you said you never went to some fancy university and you probably don't understand what the word hypocrite means. I'm guessing you struggled with school all your life and as a result, you have to rely on Google with every question you have, such as looking up when the constitution was signed. You aren't an intelligent man, that is for sure. You are all brawn and no brain. That is why you think your size alone is what will be our downfall come Saturday night. You sound just like your favorite elitist in all of EAW, Nobi. He too bragged about his size and how he will easily overpower us and well, how did that work out for him? The answer is the same fate that awaits you. But speaking of Nobi, our second week on Showdown, we faced the both of you. We won. The record book proves it. But the thing is, you're right. It was obvious you two didn't get along and let's face it, even if you were best friends and were on the same page, you still would've been at a severe disadvantage because you were facing the best tag team in EAW today by a whole country mile. Furthermore, I’ve never bragged about that win and neither has Jack. I mean, who brags about beating Cody and Nobi aka the two men on the low end of the Showdown totem pole? If I told the Knights of the Dawning that we beat Cody Marshall and try to use it as some intimidation factor, they would've lost it and burst out with laughter. It does nothing. It doesn't up your EAW street cred by any means. And to answer your question, no, we didn't think you were tough back then and that certainly hasn't changed. You are BBQ chicken as Shaq would put it. Your size won't help you get the win. As a matter of fact, nothing will help you get the win this Saturday because it is simply out of reach for you. Yet, your bias tells you differently. You think you have it all figured out, from becoming the new Showdown GM to being victorious this week. Both are neither true. But you know what? I'll let you keep your imagination because that’s about all you have left. Some people believe in Bigfoot while some believe The High Rollerz will lose at some point in the future. Both are ridiculous, but oh well.  Also before I forget, you seem to be a one trick pony. Especially when it comes to you spitting all over the mic. You talked about our names again and how you think it refers to marijuana, when we told your bonehead ass that it's a gambling term. I think Ryder did this as well. It's not that hard to figure out. Anyways, Jack, say some things. You're good at it. 

Jack: Cody, we met you before, we beat you before. But who cares right? That doesn’t prove anything at all. I’m not happy about it, I’m not proud about it, I don’t care. It has held no impact upon my life whatsoever. You spew the same hate filled speech that you do every time, it gets quite tiresome. It’s very easy to do what you do. Oh they’re a tag team, “they’re gay”, I’m a redneck so I don’t like gays. He’s not from this country, so he’s an illegal immigrant. Your way of thinking is so basic, it’s so easy anyone can do it. Let me do it for you. You’re a feeble minded southerner that clearly has sex with his sister, who is also his aunt.. Mom. I’d also venture a guess that you drive a pickup truck, love shitty terrible country music, and love to go kill helpless cute animals that just want to live their lives. Why do you hurt them so? They look into your eyes with the don’t kill me sweet look, and you, you heartless devil,  you just don’t care. I just don't understand the appeal of you, you’re not funny, you’re not interesting, you just are trying to be Donald Trump so bad. I guess if you’re a Donald Trump fan than I guess that’s how you could be thought up as interesting. Let’s look at what you had to say, it was mostly just about how you thought Interviewer, “our” Interviewer is stealing work from EAW employees, and saying he was illegal? So because we give someone a job, who actually is American, but I digress. We give a hopeless pathetic man that lives in his parent’s basement a job, and that’s a bad thing? We sound like heroes if you ask me. Old flopsweat mcgee over here would have no life to speak of, we get him out of the house, and make him resemble a human more and more with each day that passes.

Interviewer: You do?

Jack: Ok, he just follows us around, and we consistently tell him to stop. But the fact of the matter is even with him ignoring the restraining order we’ve put on him, we help. We help everyone really. We help him, the Tag Team Division, EAW, old woman crossing the street, old woman dying of fires… Young homeless pickpockets trying to better themselves, we do it all! And what do you do? What is your contribution to this world? Hate speech? Telling people that they’re not as good as you because you’re from America? Weak sauce bro. All you’re doing is spreading negativity that this world really doesn’t need. You act as though you are Donald Trump and you do have this massive following, but after your joke of New Breed title reign, who still believes in you? Why would they? You’re almost as pathetic as your idol. If you want to call our legitimacy into question, that’ll be tough to do, because we have taken all comers on. You? It took one match to knock you off your pedestal. Now 2 against 1? You’re on a roll for unfortunate situations aren’t you? Not only are you facing two people by yourself, but you’re up against the greatest tag team in the world today, and probably ever. You don’t want to talk about what happened the first time, fair enough, we don’t have to. Let’s talk about what will happen this week on Showdown, you will face us, and you will lose.. It’s as simple as that. You want to name everyone we’ve faced off against and say that they weren’t legitimate, but I say, we’re undefeated, so who the hell cares who we faced? Whether it’s been lesser competition or not, we’ve beaten them all. So you can debate we’re as good as we say we are for as long as you want, but the facts back us up, not you. You are the one that won a title after us, but still managed to lose it before us. So tell me, who’s the one that is overhyped? Well, I wouldn’t say you’re overhyped… To anyone but yourself. You’ve just got this leader of the white pride nation going on, and you’re a hero in your own mind. But as for your legitimacy? No, yeah, I don’t buy it. You’ve already showed that when you face a challenge where you’re actually favored, you can’t get it done. When momentum is on your side, you can’t pull through. Isn’t that the most telling sign of your fall from grace?  Of course nothing you say matters, hell nothing I say matters. All that matters is that this Saturday, we back up everything we say. While you, continue the downward slope that is your career. You will find yourself with no followers, no title, no purpose really. So you can take that shotgun that you love so much to ward off all the people that aren’t white from your town, and turn it on yourself. Let the grasp of death cold hands grasp the trigger, and pull it. Let it send you straight where you belong, in the clutches of hell. And I don’t want to hear your name again, I don't want to see that disgusting bald head again, I want you wiped from the record books. You are a black mark on Showdown, you are a black mark to this entire company.. Trust me my nickname is Black Jack Ripley I know a thing or two about black marks. Everything that you've worked for has been a major failure, and I don’t know if there’s any coming back from this. You’ve shown your true colors, and they’re pretty gross. So David and I? We’re going to finish the job that you yourself started, and wipe EAW’s hands clean of you, and your backwards redneck ideologies. 

Interviewer: You know that I hate when you get all serious, Jack.

Jack: Oh, I didn’t know everything I do has to be run by you first…. I’ll be sure to start doing that from now on.

Interviewer: For serious?

Jack: No… You fool. Why are you so gullible? Get a life, stop following me… GAWD!!

(Jack flips the table on top of the Interviewer. Security rushes over, pick up the table off the interviewer)

Security: I’m sorry sir you’re going to have to come with us. 

Interviewer: Guys it’s fine, I’m fine, I forgive him. You don’t have to take him out of the casino

Security: I was talking to you sir. Clearly you did something to upset this man. These two are our most loyal customers, well respected in the gambling world. You, I don’t know, as a matter of fact I think you just stole someone else’s work attire.

David: As a matter of fact, he did. He told me that earlier, and laughed a lot. I told him that’s not cool, but he just laughed more, and said caring is for squares. I made fun of him for saying something was for squares because this isn’t the 70’s. 

Security: Sounds legit, David Davidson wouldn’t lie, come on sir you’re banned from the casino. 

Interviewer: No… NOOOO DON’T DO THIS!!!

(Security drags the Interviewer out of the hotel, his little legs are flapping around, an odd trail of some liquid follows where his disgusting body is touching the ground, his toupe is falling off his head… It’s just a disturbing sight. If kids are watching this please turn this off, it will scar them for life.)
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You are right, Tiberius. The days where I would feed from a golden spoon and ride the trails like a King are not around anymore. This era has brought a new light and I am not custom enough to be a part of it. But that is the exact reason why I have transformed my character to fight the monsters of today like the Heart Break Boy and yourself. I know I could not do much to regain my Hall of Fame championship a while ago as I was bested by endurance but there is a way to redeem myself. I will get the rematch for my championship and knowing how this monster functions and adheres now, I will prove victorious. And I am sure these 'ifs' and 'buts' do not come with merit as I could be totaled of just speaking out of my arse, however, the one thing I have always proven is that I live by my own word. And through it all, I will take full responsibility for it if the result does not come out my way. You on the other hand Tiberius would not know anything about that because time and time again, you have always blamed the situation for your losses. Every single time you have fallen, it was because the situation was liable not because you were not capable enough. On top of that, you add in your self-admiration and it infuriates me to no level to see that someone with your persona has made it to the top again. It is not the first time I have had to go against the likes of you. The company prides itself on living off of your personas behavior but I personally see no reason to let such bullshit thrive. This company would develop to unspeakable levels with a level of respect present in every competitor yet I know you want no such thing. You want to watch the world burn for no other reason to please your contrite self and I will be damned if you are able to freely continue with your havoc on this company. 

And despite what many might lead you to believe, I am not deprived royalty who misses his place on the throne. I am all too aware of the situation around me now but unlike others, I do not let my previous results of success do the talking for me. Just as I did not my first few years in this company with its constant falls define me, I am not going to let minimal profit define me either. All I know is that when my career in its totality is looked back on after everything is done and dusted, it will be seen as an exhilarating story which included fizzling out the career of the infamous elitist known as Tiberius Jones. There are not many that would doubt your talent, people would be fools to do that but the way you have handled yourself is an exhibit I have seen far too often too infirm to survive. You demand constant success with perpetual results and once that trail of prosperity dries up, you will dwell out and have nowhere else to go leading you astray into oblivion like every other failure that has walked this path. I have already placed my legacy in this company so I could care less if they choose to see me as a hero or sinner as long as my reason to subsist in this company remains. Whereas I would have taken every insult as a bullet to my head a few years ago, I know this is the kind of stuff that drives you and as long as I remain emotionless like a daredevil, you will never have the upper hand. And whereas I at least have recordings or cardboard exhibiting my success, nothing alike for you will even exist as you once again.. fizz out. I will stand up for as long as I have to until I see to it that your movement has ended once and for all.

And gladly for all, it will happen as soon as this weekend.
This is exactly how my legacy will continue on, if you can believe that.
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Post Yesterday at 9:03 pm by The Chef

The scene opens up in a very well organized kitchen, everything looked clean and shiny. This kitchen was just as neat and orderly as the kitchens you'd expect to see on the cooking channel. In fact, if one looked hard enough, he could've gotten a glimpse of what appeared to be the reflection of an entire camera crew on one of the silver cooking pots sitting on the kitchen board.

Moments later, a tall man with a very thick red beard walked in, dressed in a white apron and a toque blanche; typical chef outfit.

"EAW fans, it's me, the culinary mercenary, aka the frying pan legend, aka your mom's role model. When I first came to EAW, I said I would bring my 5 star dishes to EAW and today I'm doing exactly that. I'll be teaching you how to cook a nice, succulent filet mignon with green sauce and green beans."

The Chef grabbed a thick piece of beef and slammed it on the kitchen board then gave it a few spanks.

"The most important part about cooking a piece of filet is to not burn it, so about 3 minutes of cooking on each side would do the trick. A good piece of filet will not only look great on the outside, it will also feel nice and juicy to the touch and it will taste even better. A bad piece of filet on the other hand is a lot like Mike Showman, when you look at it, it appears to be a delicious-looking juicy slab of meat, dressed in the finest sauces and herbs with some fresh green beans on the side, but when you dig into it, you realize that the steak is very stiff and overcooked, the sauces are cold and slimey and the beans taste like they had been stored for 10 years inside of a goat's asshole, outlived the goat, then transferred to another goat's asshole, outlived that goat as well, and then finally brought into use when they couldn't find more goats whose assholes weren't occupied by green beans. So after the first bite, you stop eating and decide to sue the restaurant when you come to the conclusion that you'd have better filet mignon if you were to bury your teeth directly into the ribs of a living cow and start munching away at its tenderloin."

The Chef sprinkled some salt on top of the chunk of beef and followed it with a bit of pepper. He then put the beef in a pan and turned the heat on. As the filet was cooking, The Chef moved on to the green beans, he cut them into thin pieces of similar size and dumped them all in a pre-heated cooking pot.

"In case you missed what happened last sunday, Mike Showman poked me in the eye before rolling me over for the three count. That's right, the so called "leader of the new generation" had to resort to a cheap eye poke in order to defeat me, how very unclassy from the leader of the so called "people with class". Don't get me wrong, it's not really the eye poke itself that I'm really pissed off about, because I, just like Showman, would stop at nothing in order to get the win. The thing that really got under my skin is the blatant, unmitigated hypocricy of Mike Showman. Mike, if you are going to pretend to be something, no matter how stupid that something is, at least have the decency to act like the thing you're pretending to be. If you're going to spread the message of "class", at least have the decency to live up to the principals that you, so eagerly and so proudly, promote to others. So, in this regard, as I previously mentioned, my debut on sunday was a victory, Mike Showman showed his true colors, and I exposed him for the not-so-classy little cockroach that he really is, which is exactly what I said I was going to do. But enough of Mike Showman, next sunday, I'm facing another man who fell victim to the people 'with' class's not-so-classy ways; Vincent Von Doom. But before I get to that, I'd like to take this moment to announce the grand opening of my newest restaurant which will open in Burundi and will start serving top quality meals as soon as march 28th. It will be the latest addition to my massive fleet of world renowned restaurants, so make sure to book your flights and reservations because you don't want to miss what Burundian cuisine has to offer."

It had been exactly three minutes since the beef started cooking, so The Chef grabbed a pair of tongs and flipped the meat over to cook the other side. It was now time to prepare the green sauce, The Chef gathered all the herbs and spices in a mortar and started crushing them using a pestle.

"Now back to Vincent Von Doom. Unlike Mike Showman, Vincent Von Doom is a man I have a lot of respect for. Him and I come from near identical backgrounds, both of us grew up poor, had miserable childhoods, but we both managed to flip our lives around by becoming the masters of our crafts. I became the biggest star the cooking industry has ever produced. Bigger than Julia Child. Bigger than Wolfgang Puck. Bigger than Gordon Ramsay. While Vincent on the other hand became a tech wizard, he made an application that took the world by storm and took him to places he never thought he would be in. But I have one question for Vincent Von Doom; have you ever sat down and wondered whether all the success you've had, all the things you've achieved have all just been one giant fluke?"

The mixture inside the mortar started to ooze with all sorts of flavors and aromas, it had finally reached the texture of a proper sauce and it was now ready to be used.

"Think about it Vincent, it only took that one app. The stars aligned and your app became popular, the next day you were rolling in cash and a red carpet was laid out in front of you, you were set for life, you could do anything you had ever dreamed of, you could go anywhere you wanted, so you came to EAW, and that makes your mere existence in EAW a result of one huge fluke. Unlike you, the success I've had stemmed from pure hard work and unadulterated determination, luck played absolutely no part in any step I had to take in order to be here. I had to grasp tightly to the faintest of hope and seize the smallest of opportunities in order to reach my current status, so nobody can come up to me and call me a flash in the pan, which is exactly what you are."

The Chef reached for a frying pan that was hanging on a shelf next to him, he examined it thoroughly then knocked on its surface a few times and grinned a grin of pure wickedness.

"See this pan, Vincent?"

The camera zoomed in on the frying pan as The Chef pointed at its center.

"It'll be such a shame to witness your pretty, precious face get caved in when it comes into contact with the solid steel on this frying pan, and that'll be the moment when everyone will truly realize that you are, quite literally, a flash in the pan."

Another three minutes had passed and the other side of the filet was cooked. The Chef turned off the heat and again using a pair of tongs, he grabbed the cooked filet and dropped it on a clean plate, he then poured the green sauce along the piece of meat, and finally he added the green beans to finish the dish.

"And there you have it EAW fans, a delicious filet mignon with green sauce and green beans."

The camera zoomed in on the dish and then faded to black.

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Post Yesterday at 7:35 pm by Lars Grier (Online)

“Oh, Danny Stone. You and your righteous justice. You’re getting EVERYTHING wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong wrong, WRONG. Everything you say, everything you spout out of your dreadful mouth, is incorrect, false, and has absolutely no bearing over me. Such surprise, especially from a man who considers himself to have high intelligence. I don’t fear defeat, my dear friend. If that were true, I’d be running to the hills far, far away from this company. I have lost MANY times in my life, my career. If I were scared, then at each of those times, I would retreat back into the deep state of loss in my mind. Defeat hurts me, it pains me, kicks, punches, stabs me, but what it does not do? SCARE ME. I’m not scared to lose to you, never was scared. Rather, in fact, defeat has recently opened my eyes, awakened back my old self! If it were not for loss and failure, I would never have become the man I am now. I am not scared, but rather I thank my losses, for they have forged me into what I am today.  Do you really think that I always perceived myself as “The Manifestation of Destruction?” No. Danny, recognise the name, know it, but you don’t have to fear it. People like you need to see things to believe in something, and I will grant that desire of yours. I have been faced, hurt by, and have recognised defeat countless times in my life. Losing to you? It will do absolutely NOTHING for me. It won’t make it worse, or better. Absolutely nothing, but a flat line. Arrogant? If I’m arrogant, then Luke Roberts is Narcissus! I am many things, Danny Stone, but what I am not is arrogant. I don’t live in a fancy mansion. I don’t have the finest wines, nor do I dine in the finest restaurants. I don’t sit atop a throne of gold and women, but rather a throne of skulls and bones. Yes, I pride my work and what I do. I pride in my wins. But what I do not do? What I never do, is brag and boast every step of the way, every step towards the top of the ladder in EAW. I don’t raise my ego to the stratosphere, because I was NEVER like that. I absolutely DETEST arrogance, self-centred pigs who are filled with nothing but sins. I loathe people like that, gluttonous worms who hungry for more power, more gold so they can feed their own inflated egos. I am not that type of man, nor do I wish to be it. For if I were to become arrogance personified…. well I’ll be damned. That is a fate even worse than defeat, humiliation, or even death. To become a self-absorbed, narcissistic prick; to become what I absolutely DESPISE. What’s that, Danny Stone? Do you expect me to use my wins, my future accomplishments in this promotion as building blocks for my legacy? No. I don’t have a legacy, and I don’t expect to have it. I don’t want to have my praises and my name sung like birds, nor do I want my story to be written in the books of history. Lars Grier is a name that doesn’t mean anything now, and it never meant anything before. That is all consolation, But what I do want? I want to SUCCEED. I don’t care how it happens, what occurs, because at the end of the day the only thing that stands is ME. I, and I ALONE. Don’t get me wrong, Stone. I have dreams. I have hopes, lines of grandeur. I have always wished for those hopes to become true now, but now it seems to achieve that, it will take some time. I will just have to bide my time, get stronger with each passing day, until the time is right. When that time comes, the glass ceiling of Lars Grier will shatter, and shatter so loudly that EVERYONE will be able to hear it. Sure, it might not be now, but it will come sooner than you think, Danny.”

“Although, I forgive you, Danny, even if you associate me with something that I am not. I forgive you, for you are not yet mature. You are still but a child, a naive child who is still trying to learn how the world works. It is funny, to see you think that the path we take in our lives is a straight, and flat line. Just because my road is different, does not mean it is incorrect and false. You, Danny Stone, have been blessed with early desires, early rewards, and early harvest. Do you hear that? Do you hear the keyword: EARLY? Yes, Danny. In EAW, you have been given rewards, challenges even bigger than the ones I have faced. You have been gifted with a nice home, a nice job, a nice, quiet life. But who’s to say that can’t change? Who’s to say that at any point, at any point in your miserable life, will something extremely terrible happen? You have been gifted with an early reap and harvest, but be warned, my friend. Life is not a straight line. You do not go slowly up, or slowly down. It is a rollercoaster, with its twists and turns, and sudden changes that can transform your ENTIRE life in just a snap of your fingers. You may have gotten rewards early in your career, but later on? Later on, as you progress through EAW? You’ll find that it will become quite difficult, quite difficult to hold on to the brass ring you once held and stood on. Do YOU know where your road takes you? I don’t, but nor do you. So what that I’ve done the bare minimum in the last few months of my career? So what? I’ve only been here for six months, six short and quick months. It may not look like it now, but you know it, and I know it, that no matter what it takes, no matter the cost, I will climb that ladder. I will climb it, reach the top, and raise my hands in victory and celebration, for I KNOW I will reach it. Look at Chris Elite, Danny. Even after seven years of disappointment, seven years of failure and lost dreams, he still managed to find slight success, winning the New Breed Championship. Albeit, it was a terrible and short reign, but nonetheless, it was a championship. It was success. It was a WIN. I may be a bumbling, walking, talking loser and failure right now, but sooner rather than later, my time will come, Danny Stone. It may not seem like I am championship material, that I am worthy enough, but I know for a fact that I will change. I will ADAPT, because that is what I’ve been doing my entire life. Changing and adapting.”

“So many things wrong about me, so many things false you have said. So many things. But yet, you continue with your lies, as you say that I am like Darkane. Me? Darkane? How dare you compare me to that devilish, thieving, worthless worm!...Although, I suppose you could be right. As much as I hate to admit it, Darkane is like me. He’s like me, but he is like me back when I was in my teenage years, running, fleeing, and scavenging for food. He’s still in that stage of life, still stuck in it forever, even as a grown adult. He’s like me then, and he defies authority, but that is where our similarities END. Nothing more, nothing less. And on the topic of authority, allow me to explain to you, tell you why I HATE authority, Danny, for you have got it all wrong. Danny Stone, I defy authority, break rules, spit in the face of the government, not because I think it’s “cool” or “badass” as you so perceive. No, as a matter of fact, I am not like Darkane. Darkane thinks it’s cool to be a rebel, a rule-breaking fellow, but he truly does not understand WHY he does it. For me? I understand it ALL. You see, I consider laws as restrictions. I consider them as clamps, clamps that hold onto you, tightening its grip with every step you take. They RESTRICT your dreams, your hopes, your wants. What I wish for in this world, is to for me to be able to do what I want, where I want, and when I want. Unfortunately, I cannot do that, for laws exist. Laws and authority are the bane of DREAMS, Danny Stone. They kill a man’s dreams, they kill their wishes and wants, and stomp them into the ground. It is why I defy authority. It is why I HATE it. I don’t break the rules because I think it’s fun and rebellious, or that it’s cool. I do it because I have a PURPOSE in my mind, a clear, and steady goal. I NEVER wish to bow down to anyone, not for anything, even if I am close to my demise. NEVER. Never, for that would mean I would betray myself, betray what I stand for. Break my bones, my legs, my arms, my neck. Hurt me with words, stab me with knives. Do everything that can be done to hurt one man, but the one thing you cannot do? Is make me kneel, bow, and kiss your feet. Try, try, and try, but it will all be in vain. You can call me a dog, tell me that I am useless and that I am worth nothing in this world. You can tell me that I’m all bark, no bite. It won’t matter. You put me down, nothing will happen in the grand scheme of things. Absolutely NOTHING.”

“Yet, even in the sea of despair and sorrow, there still lies humour within you. It is funny, Danny, to see you call me hound, a dog, gadhar, when in fact the only true dog in our battle is YOU. You, Danny Stone, are nothing more than a dog. A dog who obeys and bows down to his higher overlord like a blind sheep. That’s what dogs are, after all, aren’t they? Tiny, small, little animals who do nothing more than bark, bark, bark, and OBEY. You obey, and listen to God, listen to every word he tells you, then relay it back to us. You are “God’s Will”, after all aren’t you? So here, Stone. Tell God, tell him that you are a worthless dog who obeys to his will, and you accept that and know that. Tell him that you are fine with being the bitch of society, the peasant of the Lord. Tell him that you feel FINE, when you really don’t. Relay it to him, then NEVER come back. Relay it to him after Showdown, after you lie down in defeat staring up at the heavens in the sky. Or rather, don’t. Don’t listen to me, don’t heed my command, and be a blind, narrow-minded bitch. I “bore you to fucking bits”, don’t I? “

“ It’s not that I wish to have you all figured out, my friend, but rather I DO have you figured out. You’re an easy equation that can be easily read and understood. Because really, you’re just ME, after all, aren’t you? Just me if I went down the wrong path. But for you? It’s far, FAR too late for you, my gadhar.”
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Post Yesterday at 3:32 pm by Carson Ramsay
Man oh man... how the mighty have fallen.

I'm twenty-seven years old. That's twenty-seven years of roaming the globe, witnessing it all and most importantly, deriving lessons through a vast repertoire of experiences. Now, while most variables have changed and will continue changing on a regular basis, a few of them stick. One of which is a common misconception among the masses that, I'm not gonna lie, gets me fuming at the mere utterance of it; the past is responsible for all the wrong you do. The gravity of reminscing about or even mentioning a small part of it equates to that of a sin, whether we wish to admit it or not. We're raised on that premise, and were taught to pass it on to future generations. Why? Because they want us under a roof that they can easily cave in when the situation calls for it. The thing is, they can't force-feed us all that bullshit—because while the crushing majority is a herd of sheep, the minority is a bunch of wolves waiting for the perfect opportunity to flee, and they ain't doing it with their hands empty. I for one have always viewed the past as a measuring stick for both present and future decisions. Granted, I don't necessarily have that nice of a past. It's not squeaky clean and it sure as hell isn't sunshine and rainbows. Still, looking beyond the grittiness, my past serves as a life lesson; the biggest one I'll ever have. My past makes me think, it makes me assess situations—whether they resemble ones that I had to go through before or just new ones—and most of all, it makes me evaluate my choices in said situations. Think of it like a bomb disposal scenario; you've got five wires in front of you and no idea which one doesn't make you go kaboom. Sweat is pouring down your face and you've already got a busted lip from biting into it too hard. However, you still kept it together and made up your mind, which leaves you wondering if the choice your mind has made is the right one. The few seconds that you are afforded before going through with your next move are crucial, but they rolled by so quickly. That's where the past comes into play. It stretches those seconds to minutes, minutes to hours and before you know it, you'll feel like you have spent an entire week contemplating your decision—when you haven't. That time you're granted to reflect upon things is fruit of your connection with your past, so the better the latter is, the longer the former will feel like. Me personally? I've got a solid connection with the man I used to be. The scumbag hustler from the streets of Turkey who made a living off of beating up the innocent and satisfying the corrupt? That was me. The green kid who had no idea how to run the ropes but still carried himself through the door of one of the biggest wrestling promotions around like he owned it? That was me. The underdog who brandished a chip twice his size in stature that everyone else salivated at the thought of seeing him crumble under its weight? That was me. The prodigy who gave his mentor the fight of his life, forcing his hand to declare him heir to the throne on the grandest stage of them all no less? That was me. The next 'big thing' that steered clear of the spotlight once it was shed his way, tucked his tail between his legs and rode off into the sunset? That was me, too. So yeah, I have a lot to reflect on and no matter how much of it I do everyday, it still feels like I'm only scratching the surface. Don't get it twisted, I'm by no means tracing this to my absence in some attempt to justify why I haven't been on your TV screens or car radios for the last several weeks. For such an event to occur, I have to care about the impending feedback that would come with it, and I frankly don't. Fact is, I owe no one but myself an explanation for why I decided to befriend the shade and cut all ties with the outside world—even for a split second—though it should be obvious to the observant eye. What I do owe the world, however, is a promise. A promise th at I urge everyone listening to sleep on tonight and ponder for the entirety of the next day. Reconnecting with my past took time and focus away from me that I can't get back. Do I regret doing it? Hell no. Because at the end of the day, had I continued aimlessly roaming the corridors of every show every night without taking time to reflect, I know for sure I wouldn' be alive right now to lay the foundation for said promise. But I am. I'm alive and get this, I am BETTER. I'm feeling better, I'm in far better shape and I've got better vision. I'm seeing things clearly and trust me when I tell you, that's bad news for every single body on the roster. As of this moment, forget everything you think you know about Carson Ramsay, because every little detail about him was cast into oblivion. He's the past. The only part that I will forever refrain from a connection with. I'm reborn, ladies and gentlemen. Resu-fuckin'-rrected. But don't take my word for it; the upcoming couple of weeks should put all your doubt to rest.
Dynasty 3
Post Yesterday at 2:12 pm by icerock
~It's the middle of the afternoon and Ice Rock and Ron matthews are inside BMO Harris Bradley Center in the middle of the ring as Ice is running the ropes getting a feel for the ring before his first match in 8 years.  After stretching and running the ropes for a while, he stops and leans against the ropes looking around the arena watching the ring crew finish some last minute work before fans start to enter the arena.  After 20 minutes of running the ropes, Ice Rock leaves the ring and walks to the back with Ron following behind him.  As they get into the back, an interviewer walks up to Ice Rock and Ron Matthews expecting to get a quick word.~

Interviewer: Ice Rock, How does it.....

~The interview is quickly shoved out of the way by Ron Matthews.  Ron picks up the microphone and shakes his head looking at the interviewer laying on the floor.~

Ron Matthews: Foolish moron.  If anyone's going to interview the King of HardKore it's going to be me.....So Mr. Rock, how does it feel knowing in the next few hours, you'll be stepping back into the ring for the first time in almost a decade?

Ice Rock: Well, Mr. Matthews, First of all, I'd like to thank the EAW management for giving me this opportunity to show the world what they've been missing since I stepped away from wrestling.  Secondly, I'd like to thank Target Smiles for actually having the balls to step in the ring with me, and Finally I'd like to thank Eddie for running as far as he can from.  It shows that he actually has brains and knows he couldn't compete with the best damn wrestler who ever stepped foot inside the squared circle.  As for how it feels to be back.  It feels great man.  I'm not feeling any pain after my ring workout.  I feel like I've never left the ring to begin with.

Ron Matthews: What's that mean for your opponents tonight?

~Ice Rock looks at Ron Matthews kind of confused.~

Ice Rock: Opponents?  As in Plural?  IF, and I mean a big IF Eddie decides to show up tonight I'll just knock him on his ass for being a no show all week.  If you want to compete at my level boy, you have to show up.  I'm going into this match expecting a one on one contest.  So if it is a 3 way match, I'll quickly and painfully turn it into a 1 on 1 battle.  As far as Target goes, I'll show him why people were scared to face me years ago.  You know as well as I do that I am willing to do anything in the ring to win.  I don't care if I have to put that buy through the ring itself in order to win.  What ever it takes to win, I'm prepared to do it.  I didn't get all those injuries in the past by doing wrist locks and arm bars.  I got those injuries by showing complete disregard for my own body for the sake of the win.  I come into each match Ron as if it was a championship match.  I put it all on the line. That's why the fans love me.  I put on a hell of a show and tonight's going to be no different.  After I "Carry" Target Smiles through this match, I'll walk into the back and look at whoever is up after me and tell them flat out "Beat That!".  Expect the fans to be on their feet during my match and be exhausted and sitting on their hands for the match after because no one can compare to me in the quality of match I can put on.

Ron Matthews: Ice Rock, What do you say to the people watching right now that think you're coming across as cocky or arrogant?

Ice Rock: Well Ron, I may be cocky and I am Arrogant.  But it comes naturally when you're able to back up what you say with natural born talent.  You can put me up against the greats in the wrestling world and they still can't hold a candle stick to me.  Target's just lucky that I didn't take my lucky sledge hammer with me tonight.  I think i'll save that for a special occasion for a deserving opponent.  I will tell you though, if i get the chance to, that ring side announce table might be in for a rough night if you understand. 

~Ice Rock looks at the camera and gives a quick wink.  Suddenly, a local jobber is walking by and accidently bumps into Ice Rock.  Without hesitation, Ice Rock spins the jobber around and before the Jobber can react, connects with an Ice Breaker onto the floor knocking him out. Referees and agents quickly run to his aid blocking Ice Rock from doing anything further.~

Ref: What the hell!??!  He's supposed to be in the first dark match before we go live!!!
Ice Rock: Well, looks like you're going to have to find someone else to warm up the crowd.  Shouldn't bump into me like that.  Stupid rookie jobber.

~Ice Rock smirks looking down as you can see Ron Matthews against the wall holding his stomach laughing so hard his face has gone red.  Ice Rock walks away as Ron Matthews follow him patting him on the back~

Ron Matthews: Man I've missed you!!!  Welcome back Ice!
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Post Yesterday at 11:45 am by Stark
Eleven months. Eleven long months since I’ve been in an EAW ring. I’ve come home to Showdown, the brand I began my career on two years ago. I was never destined for anything, and that was abundantly clear from those who first spoke to me when I arrived in the EAW. I came in, in an era where forgettable midcard acts constituted the division that I came in and conquered in nearly record time. In 2015, I was a New Breed talent - no, I was THE New Breed talent. I don’t want to repeat this for the hundredth time, but it’s not like it’s a small feat. I beat a now former world champion, ending his iconic 200 day plus New Breed Championship reign. Within six months of being on the roster, I was defending my championship at Pain for Pride in an X-Division Match. It was clear that I turned around any prior prejudice about me as a performer and made my mark not only on the fans, but on the roster and the upper management. 

And then life happened. Hit me like a fucking truck. Without getting into specifics, let’s just say I was in no state of mind to continue wrestling at the caliber that I previously was. The Stark that came in like a shooting star in 2015, rolling through everyone in my sight, ready to elevate to brand new heights after the loss of my New Breed Championship… Well that Stark disappeared. I came back a year later, and while I was again on the hot seat to great things, defeating an EAW veteran in my return FPV match before facing Pizza Boy… Life struck again. That fire, that passion, the energy that moved me to what I was in 2015 was gone last year. Depressed and hopeless after losing the biggest match of my career, I’m sad to say that I ran away again. 

But here I am. And I say with authority, with confidence, with new perspective, that the fire that drove me two years ago is BACK. When I left last year, I knew that I had lost my spot in the wrestling world. Twice now, I had cracked under pressure, left when I was at my peak, and disappointed everyone in the process. But without mistakes, there is no improvement. That’s the fundamental principle of human improvement in philosophy, after all - The only path to objective truth is to analyze the mistakes we make as humans, find the errors, and fix them for our next endeavors. Well, my next endeavor begins tomorrow night on Showdown. I spent the last year training in various dojos across the Eastern world, and not only for improvement on my wrestling ability, but for a refresh of my mental and emotional well-being. So after countless nights of training, meditation, and a few acid trips… The turmoil that drove me away from the EAW is gone, and all that remains now is a man with a clear head. I’m ready to take my career to new heights, and if there’s one thing that I can guarantee in a world of unpredictability… It’s that the man I am today is stronger than I’ve ever been in my entire life. 

Tomorrow I make my return in Atlanta, Georgia, and to me it seems that history is about to repeat itself for the third time. Another cocky no-name who has just no idea who I am. But I’ll humor you and go along with this. ‘Arrogance Personified’ is an interesting nickname to say the least. I’m just curious to see the exact source of your arrogance. You don’t have a single accolade to your name. No one in the world knows who the hell you are. Your wealth you display at your young age of 19 doesn’t give the impression of success, it belies everything you stand for. When I look at you, I see a prideful little shithead who needs a good beating to learn just what it takes to succeed here - humility. Despite everyone I beat - yeah, Jamie O’Hara included - at the end of the day I sat down and realized that ultimately, in the world of wrestling, we were all equals. Literally on any given day, any man can topple another. Sure we have advantages that come from experience, size, power, and so on, but at the essence of our humanity and the essence of what makes wrestling what it is… We’re all on a level playing field. But despite that, you have a chip on your shoulder that I think I can explain. Why, when you’ve had everything so clearly handed to you on a silver platter the way you have - your mansion, your butlers, your champagne - I can see why you have no sense of self-worth. Working hard is something that you wouldn’t know, and I know, I know, you’re going to give me a huge speech about how you worked so hard to get to the EAW in the first place. But do you really think you deserve praise for doing the bare minimum of what is required to become a professional wrestler? That’s not something worth credit, that’s what’s expected. You talk down to people without having any reason to do so, which truly only reveals your own insecurities as a person, which of course ties into your performance as a wrestler, so we’ll see how that helps you out tomorrow night…

Superkicking the camerman? That’s not arrogance, that’s just bullying, and again what is the cardinal rule about bullying? Those who bully, do so to compensate for their own failures and weaknesses. And as is apparent by your actions and words. A man - no - a KID, who talks big but behind that farce of bravado is, quite frankly, a little bitch. You claim your actions are good deeds, but who are you kidding. I’m going to pop your inflated ego like the 99 cent store balloon that it is. I don’t need to see you prior to our match, because you’re not worth it. Your mind, your energy… It’s corrupt. Fueled by greed and ego. But ultimately, you will fail when that all goes away - And I’m going to kick that shit out of you. You aren’t anything, let’s be honest. You’re not as funny as you think you are, you’re not as good as you think you are, nor are you the level of performer you think you are. But despite everything, you have potential, yet you choose to ignore that and glamourize your deficiencies. You know nothing about me yet you make blanket statements about my ability and charisma, why? To try to play “mind games”? The only thing you’ve revealed about your mind and the games you play is that your mind and soul are dense with confidence you don’t deserve to have. But I’ll make sure you learn what humility is when you’re down at my feet for the three count.

You don’t take me seriously. You should. You don’t know who I am. You’re going to learn. You spent the entirety of your interview trying to sell yourself as this huge better-than-you asshole, but to who? Congratulations, you can beat up a cameraman. Congratulations, you talk down to those who serve you. That makes me mad. And while I’m no longer a hero… Guys like you need justice. And I will deliver it.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 12:42 am by Nastradamus (Online)
Man oh man. Can you believe that? I mean how much nerve could one guy have? Or I guess...how large could a single guy’s ego beo exactly? I mean who sits there and proceeds to grab a microphone, wake another guy up after superkicking him, cut this promo, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MATCH mind you, and act like you’re pepping them up for the Grand Rampage, when all you’re actually doing is talking down to them like you’re their superior? Nathan Fiora, that’s who. Yup...I guess it’s absolutely true what they say about old habits dying hard. Nate just can’t seem to put his ego in check for longer than one week can he? Well it’s all good, because he got exactly what he had comin to him from me for a long LONG time now. And that’s me sockin him in the jaw and then hitting him up with the Ether for the one, two, three! And then the guy has the nerve to get on social media and make empty ass threats saying how “Don’t let this go to your head kiddo”. Now there are SO MANY things wrong with this statement “pal”. First of all...I’ve been in this business since 2010, I don’t know who the hell you are or where you get off calling ME kiddo when you’ve only been doing this for about a year now compared to my SEVEN! Put some respect on my tenure you hasbeen. And there’s the fact that you’re still talking shit after YOU choked away a victory that was well within your grasp and call ME out as the bad guy of the situation. Not a single person in that arena told your dumbass to get out grab a mic and act like a big shot talkin while in the middle of a match with one of the best there is. You need to hold the L that you created all for yourself, KIDDO! But in the end I guess I shouldn’t be so hot and bothered, because at the end of the day I gave that loser exactly what he deserved, and that was my boot right down his throat. But in his long winded speech, he did make ONE very key and valuable point. “Everybody knows how much YOU deserve to be the number one contender for the EAW Championship. Even I know it. But time after time you get thrown into bullshit matches and segments when you should be main eventing Voltage EVERY damn week!” You know what Nate. I can give you this. At least not everything that you spout from your mouth is utter bullshit, because EVERYONE KNOWS THIS IS FACT! THIS IS DAMN TRUE! The fact is...ever since Road to Redemption, which I proclaimed proudly would be my Redemption since Territorial Invasion...which I claimed would be my Redemption since Pain For Pride 9...Look you get the point! For over half a year now, I’ve been trying so damn hard for that one breakthrough victory. And every time there’s a huge FPV I come up JUST SHORT! Whether it be Pain For Pride 9 in the Cash In The Vault Ladder Match that Lioncross just BARELY edged me out in. Or it be the Elite Answers Wrestling Championship match at Territorial Invasion, Brother versus Brother. Aren versus Nasir. And Aren just BARELY beat me, even with cheating and delivering a low blow. And then there’s the Extreme Elimination Chamber at Road To Redemption, where I just BARELY lost to Y2Impact. I beat out four other competitors on that night, Matt Miles, Nathan Fiora, Zack Crash, and our current EAW Champ Eclipse Diemos. I made it to the final two with Imp. He could not pin me down for three seconds, not even an Evisceration could seal that deal! He locked me in the Walls of Impact...and even then I REFUSED TO TAP! I passed out from blood loss. I was never pinned, and I never officially tapped out! The match was stopped via referee stoppage! And even then I walked out of the chamber on MY OWN TWO FEET DESPITE DOCTOR’S URGING ME NOT TO AND TOLD THE CROWD THAT THIS WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING! But...I have not been able to cash in on the check that my mouth wrote to you all on that particular night. Because ever since RTR, I have not been a part of the mix with the top tier talent. I’ve been shuffling through the midcard with the likes of Carson Ramsay, Mike Showman, Jon McAdams, Victor Maero, and Nathan Fiora. Now I’ve got nothing wrong with any of those guys...with the exception of my past gripes with several of them, but that’s more of a personal problem and less of a professional one. But the facts remain, I was the top man on Voltage ending off 2016 Besides Y2Impact, the champion at the time. And for seemingly no reason whatsoever, I have fallen off. And it’s not my fault either, I continue to better myself, I continue to duke it out with anyone and everyone thrown in front of me. It’s just that I’m not being thrown in the mix of the main event crop anymore.

As a matter a fact, the last time I was...it was AGAINST ECLIPSE DIEMOS! In the VERY first Voltage Main Event of 2017. Which is what led to Eclipse’s multi month rivalry with Impact. Meanwhile it also had an effect on me. It lowered me down and forced me to toil along with all the little kiddies of the undercard. As much as I love fresh faces and new opponents, this is not where I belong and as Nate suggested last week, EVERYONE knows I should be doing bigger and better things than this! I mean, just look at who I’m paired up with this week, Terry Chambers. Terry Chambers is a man that I eclipsed in terms of talent and ability a long LONG time ago in my career. He started off his EAW tenure before me, but very quickly I caught up to him and went passed him in terms of progression in this business is concerned. I’ve got no beef with Terry whatsoever, but the fact is he’s yesterday’s news as far as I’m concerned. Only one time did Terry have the advantage over me, and that was Two years ago. Back in 2014. When I was freshly signed to a developmental contract with NEO Wrestling, yeah for those of you Elite babies that don’t know, we actually had a developmental program back then and it was known as NEO. Terry beat me one time in one triple threat matchup two years ago when I had first joined this company before I came anywhere close to reaching the level of talent I have obtained today, let alone will be at next year, or the year after that, or the year after THAT, so on and so forth. I’m done rambling about Terry Chambers, he was once the ALL POWERFUL DESTROYER of Showdown, and now he can’t even beat two kids who just signed with the company two weeks ago. Oh how the mighty have fallen. But I guess I should give you the grand welcome to Voltage no one else bothered to give you Terry. My Name is Nasir Moore. I am not only the Heart and Soul of Sunday Night Voltage as I told Nate last week, but I’m also the backbone that’s been carrying this show for over half a year now. I have been the common fixture amongst this brand that has kept it afloat ever since the last draft took place! Aren, Imp, Drastik, Eclipse, Crash, Nate, Keelan. You name all those guys. And what do they have in common? Every single one of them has at one point or another not been a part of Sunday Night Voltage for some set amount of time at some point in Season 10’s lifespan. Meanwhile I have been here from day one carrying the weight of the Sunday Night Show, I have yet to crack under the pressure and guess what big guy, I won’t either! I’ve only got one thing on my mind, and that’s Winning the Grand Rampage! And then going onto main event the tenth anniversary of Pain For Pride the biggest event in our profession in my home state of New Jersey and winning my not only my first World championship, but my very first Singles championship in Elite Answers Wrestling, the EAW Title! 29 Guys just won’t be enough to hold me back from my destiny ladies and gentlemen. And I don’t care one tiny little bit if it’s going to be Eclipse Diemos who I owe an ass kicking or if it’s Drastik who would be quite the test for me and a true benchmark victory if I were to obtain it. All this is going to be is just another week of building momentum towards the event that is going to turn all of my luck around and guarantee my future of being able to do everything I set out to and keep all the promises I made to the good people of the EAW Universe. Oh and trust that I have noticed that we haven’t even gotten to GR yet, but ALREADY peeps can’t seem to keep my name out of their mouths. EVERYBODY knows Imma top threat and a clear favorite to take home that W and for good reason. Well just go ahead and keep talkin Bois, it won’t make a difference when that bell rings and my hand is raised in victory. Camera guy just make sure to get my good side when I point up at the PFP Logo will ya?
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Post Yesterday at 12:01 am by Sir Kelly Hackenschmidt (Online)
"Punishment Divine"
(Dynasty Promo II)

"This I will admit is where Jacob Senn gets interesting, he does in fact mention my failure to take out The High Roller at Reckless Wiring and bring the tag-team division to Dynasty, yet I must admit that point was long since lost with the moment he said that trying to expose him would not work in my favor, I had come to realize, was he himself trying to expose me of a minor crime of losing a singular match? You see, sure my circumstances were quite against my favor at Reckless Wiring, of that there was no doubt, but I would've been dampened before asserting myself in there. So what if I failed the first step? Do you really think its a common thing for people to succeed first title shot they get? Well, that's not what I have seen in all honesty!" 

"Yet another thing has come to my attention when it comes to that of our current world champion, he seems to be convinced that me being in this match is some sort of punishment for his thoughts against Sebastian Monroe, though thatreally does make me question your way of thinking, if you really think II'm no big deal, then why is a match with me considered punishment? Could it be that Jacob Senn, our mighty world champion is secretly afraid of me? I would hope not, honesthonestly when it comes tocompetition, I want my opponent at my absoloute best! That way there is no argument when Ifinally defeat them and make my climb further up the leader boards! Now I know its a tired old cliche to say the least, but you must admit, there is something to behold in the climb for glory and fame. All your life you go searching, yet when it appears that you have reached the climax of this Odyssey there is another chapter right there to bring you to the brink. Yet Senn, I'm afraid things are going to be much different, I am going to rip the pages straight out andcarve the name of Sir Kelly Hackenschmidt right at the very center point of it all." 

"Though despite the whole match, I find something quite intriguing, the fact that our careers have been so similar, breaking out into the limelight as tag-teams and often being revered as the more aggressive of the unit. Though the only difference is I seems going down different paths, I assure you Senn, me stating already present information is not some attempt of exposing you. In fact, all I am doing is looking at the facts. Xavier Williams very having you beat, only for Jamie O'Hara to barge in and disrupt any chance of their fued's grand conclusion being for the belt that stands right on your shoulderas we speak."

"I mean, hey, here's the thing about failure though, failure is easy to recover from, I mean look at The Heart Break Boy, a man you mentioned as one of the victims of your reign as World Champion, he now stands before us with that Hall of Fame title right where he wants it to be! And while I am willing to admit my fault, I am also a man who has fought for everything he has, looking for the right moment to strike down on a moment's notice and rebuild the legacy that my great, great grandfather had set out there before me! Now if you want to talk about humiliation, the only one who is going to be humiliated in any sort of way is you. I mean after all, I have been just as much fighting this regine they call EAW for quite the while if I do say so myself!"

"I mean, look at how different that roster has been since I started here nearly six months ago! Guys like Tig Kelly, and the most unfortunate of all Hades are now nowhere to be seen! Let alone thriving on the card! All I am saying is thatI see my place on this card not as some kind of punishment like your nickname would suggest, but an opportunity, an opportunity that I have let slip right through my fingers for too long! Sure, everyone's gonna say some dumb schmidt like Sir Kelly not being On your level, like I never heard any bigger bullschmidt in my life. Butyou see, this Friday, right in the city of Milwaukee, all that's about to change, but if you ask me, I am not willing to just wait until then, in fact if it were up to me, II'd get this schmidt-show started right now! That way I would make people know that when he's against a guy who's at the right place at the wrong time, Jacob Senn ain't gonna look like schmidt! And you know what? When I'm done, I might as well add oil to that fire by going after the New Breed title and holding it with the simple goal of making it the hardest belt to get in this company! Why would that be? Because they would have to go up against a literal iron man in order to get through with it! So Jacob, I hope you're ready, I hope you aren't going to rub this off like just another match, because I'm afraid tonight's officially the night where Sir Kelly Hackenschmidt, no longer becomes a rising star so to say, but flat out the very near future of this company!" 

"So when it comes to The Punisher, I hope he's prepared, because nearly twenty four hours from now Schmidt's really gonna hit the fan!"
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Post on March 23rd 2017, 11:16 pm by Jacob Senn
This has turned into quite the spectacle and while these two men continue to slice at each other’s throats with ruthless intent, I stand here STILL YOUR WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Many people called it where they saw it, noted that Reckless Wiring would be the last night that you saw Jacob Senn as the World Heavyweight Champion, but what is cradled on my shoulder in my possession right now? A golden championship belt that is recognized as the EAW World Heavyweight Championship and the name of its champion etched under it is none other than “Jacob Senn”. I’ve shown this entire world what it takes to be a champion, I’ve given it everything to be known as the best on this roster, and every hurdle and wall that has stood before me… it’s been OBLITERATED! Every person that has stood before me in a feeble attempt to make their claim at my championship, they’ve fallen. From the men that sit in the loftiest of heights and legend like The Heart Break Boy and Methuselah, to these vicious rivals that will do whatever it takes to stand above the other in Xavier Williams and Jamie O’Hara, to men that will have been left into obscurity by me in Lucian Black, all have fallen and failed to unseat me. To think that Dynasty has the audacity to place me in a match, not with someone that could even have a chance to stand against me in a fight, but to cast a tag team competitor that wasn’t even able to dethrone The High Rollerz and bring those EAW Tag Team Championship over to Dynasty makes me feel insulted. I’m a man that has went up against every star that has been able to create a name for themselves in EAW and when each of them flopped, when each of them discarded their careers and left this place behind with it, I stood against it. I rose to the challenge and thrived against all the odds that were stacked against me, placed by a tyrannical General Manager that couldn’t stand the sight that I left his chosen savior of this company in when I ripped this championship away from him. Now, he wants to continue to insult me and place me against this man that is about to have the fight of his career WITH AN OPPORTUNITY TO SHINE TO THE ENTIRE WORLD UNDER THIS SPOTLIGHT CASCADING DOWN UPON HIM! SIR KELLY HACKENSCHMIDT! THE GREAT FOUNDER OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE DAWNING AND THE FUTURE OF DYNASTY!

Kelly Hackenschmidt, let me allow to make something very crystal clear to you to where there’s nothing that can be twisted and corrupted from the intention that I have. You can attempt to attack me all fronts like every other person has done, try to cast your aspersions and expose me to be a false champion, but know that I’ve grown quite experienced with that mentality of war. It’s the go-to method that everyone wants to do against me, try to mock me and devalue the effort that I’ve put into this business, but do what you feel will make you send that message across that you’re in line to be the future of this place! For I want you to keep in deep within your heart that this is your moment and you will be able to become the little engine that could, but at the end of the night…

Those dreams will be crushed by The Punisher himself.
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Post on March 23rd 2017, 8:52 pm by Irónico
Interior. Paddy’s Pub. The Ironic Crusader hauls himself onto a barstool and slumps his head in his arms, dejected. Paddy watches on, wiping a glass in that stereotypical movie-esque way which bears no semblance to what bartenders do in real life.

Paddy: Still pining over Reckless Wiring?

Irónico: That fucking obvious? Yeah, I guess you can say that, pal. I need a drink.

Paddy: Say no more. Say no more. I know exactly what will cheer you up. Got something new and tasty on tap. Our kid introduced us to it, I couldn’t get enough so I brought it to work with me.

Irónico: O aye?

Paddy: Aye. Let’s fix you a pint, son. 

Paddy places the glass under a tap and pulls a pint of cloudy white liquid.

Irónico: Paddy...what the everloving fuck is this? It looks like dishwater.

Paddy: It’s good, trust me. Just have a sip.

Irónico: Ok, but I am going to need you to answer a few questions honestly.

Paddy: O here we go…

Irónico: Is this likely to give me cholera?

Paddy: No

Irónico: The dysentery?

Paddy: No

Irónico: Be straight with me, Paddy. Is this likely to give me the shits?

Paddy: As they say in Mexico...No.

Paddy Jr: Man up, you fanny. It’s not like you to turn down a free drink.

Irónico: Well out of the mouth of babes...he’s right! I’m El Rey De Las Dirty Pints. I have a reputation to uphold. I just hope that this isn’t exactly like that time we were skinning up and you pulled out a twenty bag labelled “Thyme...”, T-H-Y-M-E, “...4 Weed” and your stash smelled suspiciously like a chicken dinner. 

El Rey De Las Dirty Pints takes a tentative sip. His eyes widen. He pauses in a moment of suspense before taking lips once again to the glass and downing the lot.

Irónico: That was a beaut, was that…

Paddy: Pear cider, and 6% too.

Irónico: 6%?  My Lord that is bostin’! I could hardly even taste the alcohol. A man’s drink with the sweet easy flavor of a kiddo’s alcopop. What an amazing world we live in today.

Paddy: Aye, the time they are a changin.

Irónico: That they are...Listen, before I get too carried away, this cameraman has been here all week. I should probably cut a promo before the poor bloke expires. But it’s all good, you’ve given me an idea, Ladito.

Irónico straightens up as he turns to face the camera.

Irónico: The times are changing. Aye, but some things will always stay the same. Take that last pint. The brewery has experimented all fruity and exotic like, and it nae look like a pint ever ought to look like, but it’ll still get you fucked, amigos. That there is the heart and soul of it. Deep down, right where it matters, not much has changed at all. I suppose the same could be said of Wrestling. This week the Ironic Bull locks horns with fellow Englishman “Sir” Finnegan Wakefield. Now I know he carries himself with a touch more class, what with that title and the armani jacket and everything.I know that just like a wee Irónico, a young Finny Wake grew up watching the likes of Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks on World Of Sport. I understand quite intimately how this led him to fall in love with this sport. But I also understand that just like Big Papi Irónico, when Finny wakes up in the morn and looks into the mirror, he doesn’t see a Big Daddy nor Giant Haystacks nor even a Kendo Nagasaki.You see, Brit wrestling has changed. We nae look like we ought to of back then, and we hardly wrestle like it either. British wrestlers, we either had to get with the times or forge a new path. Brewing and British wrestling alike, it isn’t what it used to be. But Finn, I tell yous, we’re new and we are fresh and people like the taste. We both knew as much when we each stepped out at Reckless Wiring with stars in our eyes and cheers in our ears. All doubts for me were dispelled when I was launched out of the ring just to be caught and saved by all those amazing fans who believed in me of all people. I will thank them every day of my life for that moment though it kills me to know that I wasn’t able to repay their faith on the night. I crashed out and for the whole week after I was just sitting out on the sidelines with a banging headache that stuck with me like a bad hangover. And I know that it’s been hurting you too. Reckless Wiring proved to be a tough night for British Wrestling, but here is the good bit. Here’s the heart of it, that little thing deep down that never changes. We love this sport. We live and breathe it. We represent a long line of British Wrestling lovers. Always way back on the periphery, but never too timid to be heard. We were born to believe and that is just what we are going to do, Ladito. We are going out there to work our socks off and put on a show with all the passion and heart that our heroes had. 

Whatever the result, I am sure we’ll shake hands and share a pint or 9 afterwards. You understand, it’s all a lark and there is no use moping and taking life too serious. Win or lose, I love this business and I am going to give every ounce for it. We can't always live up to the part, that is the sad truth. But don’t let the lack of a title keep you down kid, we were made better things.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on March 23rd 2017, 7:54 pm by Sir Kelly Hackenschmidt (Online)

The Shot of a Lifetime

(Dynasty Promo I)
(OOC: I'm completelyaware that this promo is absoloutely Schmidt, though up till about the other day I wasn't even sure I was gonna be able to promo so for that I apologize, had to get something out.)

(The scene opens up to the parking lot near the BMO Harris Bradley center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a black and clean Mistubishi had parked right between two other cars. The lights turn off and the car stops. Out of the car's driver seat emerged EAW Elitist and One half of the Knights of the Dawning Sir Kelly Hackenschmidt, wearing a bright blue buttoned up shirt and a pair of clean light blue jeans. He shut the door and pulled out his keys, with the push of a button the doors lock in unison. Sir Kelly then walked over to the trunk, opened it and pulled out a gym bag that he placed over his shoulder and on his side before shutting the trunk. He turned his attention back to the entrance way where he began walking towards the exit of the parking lot. Just then, a man in a suit and glasses arrived holding a microphone with the EAW logo on it.) 

Reporter: "Sir Kelly!" 

(The reporter jumped right in front of Sir Kelly and pointed towards the camera. Sir Kelly stopped and looked towards the same direction.) 

Reporter: "You mind giving us a few moments before your match this Friday?" 

Sir Kelly: "Look, I would gladly give you the moment to speak, but I have to be at the venue as soon as possible! Don't want to keep those fans waiting." 

Reporter: "It's still Thursday Sir Kelly, you're not in a hurry." 

(Sir Kelly sighed and pushed his hair back.) 

Sir Kelly: "Thank Odin! Seriously! I thought I was wicked late for my bout! That border incident was just too much honestly. I never thought Trump was serious about watching the Northern one too." 

Reporter: "Let's not get political shall we? But still," 

(The Reporter cleared his throat.) 

Reporter: "Sir Kelly, tonight you are going up against perhaps your greatest challenge yet in Jacob Senn. Tell us, how do you prepare for the current EAW World Heavyweight Champion?" \

Sir Kelly: "Well, Senn is a really interesting character honestly, I won't deny his ability as a wrestler or his reign as world champion, but I do admit, the idea of taking up the mantle that had made my ancestor a legend does intrigue me! Though the one thing that interests me about Senn is the comparisons I have been given to him, having my big start as part of a tag-team, rising up to the ranks to the point where I have crawled my way up to main eventing Friday Night Dynasty for the very first time, yet you see, the story is a bit different for how I view Dyansty." 

Reporter: "Uhh... How?"

Sir Kelly: "You see, Sir Jacob once called himself The Dark Knight, seeing Dyansty as something that needed to be protected with his life, yet while I could respect his intentions of it, what I disdain is what his true, now I would act like I am trying to expose Jacob Senn for what he truly is, but let's face it, this past few months with him as world's champion has pretty much obvious that he sees how the rest of the lockeroom's views of him as irrelevant. though honestly, Senn if anything seems to be honest with himself as how he cares, but is he honest with the way he got those victories? I mean, let's face it, ever since The Mighty Don't Kneel split up, they have been screwing one another out of big world title shot after world title shot. And as a result? Jacob Senn has found his success through this obscure strategy, just think, not even a steel cage could keep those two apart! What bounds would EAW have to go through just to make sure one doesn't interfere in the other's match? Not even I know honestly. And with this big upcoming triple threat that I would assume is going to headline Dynasty's part of the Grand Rampage, I would not be surprised if this was the case again and Jacob Senn manages to succeed again! Now, with that being said, whether or not I like that strategy is quite irrelevant too. I mean I prefer to make it a very bold statement when I defeat my enemy, yet honestly I do not care much for these belittling tricks. It's going to take a miracle beyond nature to bring Sir Kelly out of a competition!"

Reporter: "What are your thoughts on your tag-team partner Finnegan Wakefield going up against El Ironico?"

Sir Kelly: "El Ironico is a man I honestly have quite the respect for, with the short time he's had, he's made his presence an absolute certainty on this land of Elite or Extreme or whichever the board of directors wish to call it. Though I have my sheer confidence in Sir Wakefield's abilities, and that green winning streak might just add an extra victory in my humble opinion." 

Reporter: "Back to your match with Senn, with things seeming to go downhill for you in EAW since Reckless Wiring, how do you wish to bounce back after it?"

Sir Kelly: "That's quite a simple answer in all honesty. And it just so happens that I got just the opportunity to bounce back, by taking on Jacob Seen right on the main of Dynasty! Because hey let's face it, I am very much aware of where my status here in EAW, and let's face it, I'm done taking chances at being talked about for granted here in EAW! And if I want to send a message to the entire circle of the Dynasty that Sir Kelly Hackenschmidt is more than just some typical failure, I have absolutely one shot to get it right! And as for tomorrow night, I hope your eyes are peeled to your television screens at home for Main event time, because I'm gonna give Friday Night Dynasty a very firm welcome, To the Schmidt show!" 

(With Sir Kelly's chest held high and his eyes on the prize, Sir Kelly stepped out of the camera's view before the reporter could even offer a chance to say "Thank you for your time." The camera cuts to follow him as he steps out of the parkade while raising his hand up in a horn gesture as the screen fades to black.)  
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on March 23rd 2017, 6:46 pm by Sheridan Müller (Online)
Dynasty 04

'' You are the embodiment of nothing, so I recommend you scramble off of your chauvinistic manufactured pedestal before you embarrass yourself. How pretentious can you really be to believe you've the personification of perfection, as if Efficiency Answers Wrestling as a collective purely exists to suck the life out of your egotistical opinions, only to be thwarted when you succeed and elevate to the highest peak of your career yet again. It is ever so perplexing, as if you've engineered this titanium structure which slaps away every valid point an opponent makes against you as a person, and only listen to positive criticism or something of higher value, I cannot generate another thought as to why you hold such conceited values of yourself, yet somehow remain within the realm of being logical. You state it is impossible to ignore negativity, yet here you are, expressing and rationalising why the majority of this company believes you're ignorant, closed minded and past it to the point you're riddled with mental illness. I cannot blame you, though. For once I almost sympathise with your perception of this industry. Having been raised in American culture, having witnessed political imperialism, and unrivalled patriotism, regardless of how bias and delusional it may be, how can you be developed to the point of taking insults, instead of blocking them out and repeating the same whines about how you're a God, how you're unmatched and the definition of brilliance. Just like your country is fuelled by racist nationalists, that is what you are to this promotion, you've climbed the mountain, placed your foot down upon the peak so many times, over and over, that you're unwilling to accept change, instead eradicating the thought it out, whilst repeating your further and further becoming illogical rants to the youth who will simply not listen to it. It's amusing to me that you slate and disdain these underachievers who have a problem with you, not once considering if as a matter of fact, they're correct. Your muscles and bones are deteriorating with every sentence you speak, it's reached the point where if a man were to poke you with a needle each time you spoke with your head rimmed ever so gently inside of your ass, you would be dead from losing too much blood. You portray this world as your creation, your baby, and whilst it is respectable that you have been through it all, here for each Pain For Pride, acclaimed so many accomplishments, whilst I do not argue against this, your perception is just so outdated and wrong. You portray a world with milk and honey, a perfectionist world, an engineered and established world, and whilst you look at your masterpiece with lovable, adorable eyes, the rest of the world peer over your shoulders with disgust. Misapprehension, Methuselah, it's a horrid trait to identify with, but I'm afraid in your case it is quite evident. Because despite how many times you will lecture me on how insignificant my lifestyle is against your creation, validation will resonate and attain tomorrow night. German Efficiency is superior to the spectacle you breathe in, it has little to no setbacks, it never fails those who work hard. You paint your work as the finest hour, the pinnacle of wrestling prestige, much like America did with the moon landing, but the result is still the same. Just like German engineering helped America reach the moon, German Efficiency will eradicate this inferior lifestyle you build up as unvanquishable, and pioneer and revolutionise Efficiency Answers Wrestling to a new era, an efficient era. You build this picture as if everybody is happy, dosed and lined up on the highest property of drugs, that I am a renegade, an outlaw, for rebelling and fighting against things that have been established for so long! My problem with you, the thing that differentiates us is not the fact that you are old, neither is it the fact you're arrogant. It is that you're so unwilling to accept change, and when people present valid, rational ideas to you, you laugh them off, degrade and berate them, whilst acting as if your average world, your generic rules and somewhat boring perception of this business is severely more significant and brilliant than it actually is. You're the personification of America, Methuselah. It is impossible for you to sympathise and relate to those beneath you, in your own eyes anyhow, for you menace and abuse their sovereignty, their culture and their lifestyles. It is impossible for you to see the benefits of German Efficiency, for recognising my struggles, and my thoughts are just unmanageable, unsustainable. You're too controlled and directed to the fact that the entertainment spectacle is universal, that the American way of life is unrivalled, the whole world wishes to be like America, just like all of Efficiency Answers Wrestling wishes to be like Methuselah. And the thing that brings me out of this otherwise apathetic state to address you, is you genuinely believe what you're saying. That the world rejoices at the thought of you, and those who rival you are incorrect, fallacious and idiotic. You've been surrounded by the same four walls for so long, that you treat your rants as gospels, the holy bible! When the simple reality is that is an ethnocentric illusion, ethnic peculiarity that you project and throw into generalisation, to the detriment of the people you consider below you. When people have this opinion that wrestling is so simple, that people are elevated and rewarded based purely on legitimate ability and athletic skill, I shake my head and I wish they could be so right, I really stress that, I wish it were that simple, that efficient. I like to keep to the absolutes of the world, perhaps I am boring and predictable, but I really do not see the benefits, what is so fun, about over exaggerating something that can work without this and that. Over the top is not in my vocabulary, getting the job done, efficiently, should be a priority. The entertainment conditions surrounding the wrestling business, they are not efficient. Your portrayal of it, and your importance within it, have broken the scale, flooded the system, and eradicated the truth. This is not your world, neither is it your kingdom, this is a failed project, an unsuccessful surgery, and when we face off in the ring, I will eradicate this mindset you loom over this world, you're the epitome of many things that I detest. You over hype and illustrate the average into the exceptional, and it's so hard to constrain betwixt the realms of reality when your opposition is so delved within his wrongness. You may rule this world now, Methuselah, the conditions may be painted in your ruse, your fabrications, but eventually someone will come along, scratch and snip at the foundations, unravel and pull on the mistakes, and your whole fallacy, this whole world you have licked and stripped in ribbons and bows, generating the average to look pretty, it will be unsheltered, it will be exposed. On Dynasty, the tigress slays the god. Sheridan Müller eradicates Methuselah, and German Efficiency revolutionises your fairytale into a perfect reality. ''

'' Here we go again with the aggrandising. We're not wrestling on the bones of the dead, neither are we fighting above a burial ground. You stand there with such an ugly, smug face, as you state this. We're fighting on Dynasty, tomorrow night, for the pure reason of wrestling. Does that piss you off? Do I see your lips twitching at the thought. Wrestling without drama? Not in Methuselah's world! God stomps off with a scowl on his face! God raises fists and demands narrative and drama for wrestling match with Sher! This is your thought process, no? I can praise the fact that you've given your life to establish Efficiency Answers Wrestling, really, it is comforting to know that you're passionate about wrestling, but when your passion is so misdirected, and conflicted, this comfort fades. It's straining to take your passion as a positive, when you are so egocentric and narcissistic about yourself, your ability, and your conceited, pestilence society. So when you berate and lambaste me for leaving Empire, for saying it was easy to do so, I can only laugh and amuse. You know for a fact it was not easy for me to leave Empire. It was not as if I simply waved ciao to Cleopatra, Cailin Dillon and told them my work was done. How hypocritical you are, such favouritism you show to your work, hyping and promoting the fun in entertainment, but as soon as Sheridan's situation conflicts against you, suddenly it is that simple, perhaps she was ever so easily guaranteed a match against the god. Sure, I've had it easy in comparison to you, but in general, not. It wasn't about being too easy, I don't even remember stating it was. It it were too easy for me, German Efficiency would have been established the second I touched down in the Vixens division, it would have taken me seconds to defeat the likes of Cameron, HBG and Kendra, and if it were too easy, I would be the inaugural Women's World Champion. Yes, I understand it was disrespectful for me to leave the Women's division, however there was little point, no substance, in German Efficiency remaining. When you have peaked within a place, the only barriers you can attain once more is within the same position. Unfortunately for you, Methuselah, I am not a woman content with remaining, with average, perhaps it would suit you if I were, maybe you'd adore it if, when facing you, I just admitted defeat, rolled out of the ring and strolled back to Empire. I call myself the greatest female elitist because I achieved in eleven months what others could not in eight years. Realistically, they would still be called Vixens, if not for German Efficiency. On paper yes, Cameron Ella Ava, Kendra Shamez and the Heart Break Gal, they are more successful than I, they have more world championship reigns. But in terms of achievement, their longevity does not match what I accomplished. From being crowned the inaugural, and only Vixens Cup winner, to the Vixens being the main event of Triple Threat, to Empire being established under German Efficiency ruling, all to becoming the last ever Vixens World Champion. It speaks volumes. If not for me, the likes of your precious Kendra Shamez, your Cailin Dillon and your Aria Jaxon, they would be tossed from brand to brand, without direction, without efficiency. Accolades do not speak volumes, but my determination, my superior athleticism and my superior lifestyle, and the impact they have had, and will have, on the history of females within the wrestling business, that does speak volumes. When you fight with your heart to establish new rights, when you sacrifice others and your own health, it is okay. But when I do the exact same, when I show determination, drive and motivation, when I want to forge unequalled accomplishments, and establish a superior legacy, you laugh. Instead of comparing me to Jakob DeLion, instead of ranting about gender, and how you're a god, and all this nonsense which I will prove wrong tomorrow, why don't you do the world a big favour, sit down in front of the mirror, stare into your soul, and ask, is Sheridan Müller really the villain here? I think you'll find the answer more intolerable than anything. As a matter of fact, wrestling ability, beauty and intelligence aside, we're very similar people. The only other key differentiation, is that I am the future of Efficiency Answers Wrestling, and you are the past. My world will be perfect, without the comic book fairy tale bliss to substance it. I've never claimed German Efficiency is perfect, it's fairly obvious looking at the history of my nation that it isn't undefeated, unconquerable. The problem with calling yourself a god is, when people rip you apart and tear you down, it is only a matter of time before your words become paper, your thoughts become irrelevant. German Efficiency is reaching and climbing for the heights you hold yourself at. The reason I fell flat on my face is not because of German Efficiency. The reason Cailin Dillon beat me is due to the fact she's an exceptional wrestler. Destiny and luck do not exist in my vocabulary, I simply was not compatible with German Efficiency on the day. And what a stupid fucking point to bring up that your reputation makes you. I've been here for one year, you've been here for ten. I'm no scientist, but you're obviously going to have more of a reputation? I don't have an agenda, I simply have a solution, a better, a superior. German Efficiency benefits the true wrestlers, those with pure, efficient styles. Not the social media warriors, or the entertainment sympathisers. There is nothing wrong in identifying the fact that this industry would work far more efficiently, with all the charisma propaganda you have built wiped away. I don't need to promote my reputation by shouting from the rooftops that I've won seven out of nine match of the year awards. I don't need to suck up to accolades and accomplishments. Because I am not defined by moments, I am not defined by a revolution, I am known for superior wrestling. I elevate and deconstruct when I am in the ring, I retain an apathetic, systematic approach, and no, it's not the most entertaining, neither is it bound to win moment of the year, or match of the year. But if there was an award for efficiency? I would slaughter it. Contrary to your beliefs, which we have established at this point are nothing short of delusional and misguided, I would not take your legacy for mine. Such distorted views of your life, your career, have me in literal hysterics, although you don't see the laughter, or the tears on my expressionless, apparently monotone face, I guarantee you, no I assure you, they're just as existent as what you're apparently proud of on your list of unattainable accolades. You know tomorrow is going to turn out like every match does? How about Drake Jaeger, hm? Or Ares Vendetta, or Xavier Williams. But let me guess, you'll scrutinise me for bringing up these names, profess to the world that this is different, they only beat you on paper! Just like how you brought up how the OG Vixens are superior to me on paper. Tomorrow, Friday Night Dynasty, I acknowledge this may be routine for you, facing someone younger than yourself, inexperienced, a rookie in your eyes. But I assure I am not how you portray me, Sheridan Müller is not a play thing, and German Efficiency is not a catchphrase. I'm almost curious, what will hit you harder. The failure or the exposure. When I German suplex you deep into the mat, and pin your shoulders against it, people will grip the fact that despite your experience, regardless of your apparent validations, you failed to defeat German Efficiency, and it will only be a matter of time before they assimilate the fact you're nothing more than an average wrestler, with a superior legacy, but a dark, dark future, hidden behind his stories, his lies and lunacy. I will expose you, Methuselah, it's unfortunate you've wasted this week ranting into thin air, for when the night is over, German Efficiency shall be justified, whilst you are left cold and alone, staring at the lights. You're holding down the future of Efficiency Answers Wrestling, holding down the elevating of efficiency. I have no problem extracting you, a cancer to this world, before plunging your head underneath the murky waters, holding you there to stare at your irritants, as the pressure beats into your body, and the disease flows throughout your system. ''

EAW Promoz!

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