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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

EAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitists, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 13th 2017, 11:47 pm by Rex32
Grand Rampage Promo # 9
"Ready For Anything"

Looking at everything that's been uttered in the last almost twenty four hours has been this mixture of mind numbing drivel, morality, and immorality. I don't completely choose to ignore it, of course, but I feel the need at this point to focus in more on what it is that all of my enemies’ choice of words manifest from. Is it just for the sake of attention? Is it just from the blatant use of the platform presented to them that they see as another means to ascend from? Is it purely to make a simple impression, as was the case for me last season? I mean, if you looked around at the field this season for the Grand Rampage, you can clearly see that this isn't like the ones of past. Someone has a chance to move on up to another level of echelon, and while many seem to understand this wholeheartedly, some will question others motives and approach, but don't know if their's is the exact recipe for success, showing shortsighted views with very little weight to support them. It's easy to look at my sustainable effort and find fault in it, but nobody seems to have anything of substance to prove such an approach can't take the wrestling world by surprise this week. Some of you will take your shots, firing in my direction, but will quickly find that the target you hit didn't fall, wasn't even teetering by way of your onslaught. I didn't come into this saying if I keep a sustainable effort going that I will guarantee myself victory, no, but even as that is just what I seek this week, I won't build myself or my expectations up so high only find out how much the fall would hurt. It's almost about that time to put action behind these words, and use this experience to springboard myself to Pain For Pride, maybe even more.

With the one that goes by the name MOONgoose, I can honestly say the man is desperate, grasping at straws like no other in this whole thing. It's clear you are running on fumes now, trying to hit home runs, when simple bunts can earn you points as well, but I'm guessing you just didn't think that far into it before the very first words that left that little yap of yours. However, even all of your delusion, at least I will get a fight from you whether it's Grand Rampage, of Pain For Pride, the Draft Show, or even next season. I love a good fight MOONgoose, and I'm glad you've been tested on Dynasty, it means they have great faith in what you bring to the table along with others like Kelly, and Finnegan, and TLA, and Lucas even. But at this point from a mental standpoint, you are spent, and it shows. You speak, but you are wasting your words...words that have no real substance behind them, and worse than that even you actually believe you've made points, but I can't see how. Hardly anything you stated this past video is able to be validated before stepping into the ring, and you wonder why it's easy to almost write you off. You are using this platform, MOONgoose, and while it seems to be for nothing else other than self promotion? I don't feel the need to try and compete with your level of ignorance, because quite frankly you just haven't earned that level of respect yet, but it was truly a nice try. The things that I've done, and the things I say, over the months they have come together well, and it has paid off for me in ways you couldn't understand, as you admittedly focus your attention elsewhere which tends to be the recipe for disaster for any competitor that steps in the ring before me. I'm willing to give you some props for sticking with it for this long, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you got!

Chris, I've given you your due in the past, and it was genuine, I can assure you. But even so, I still never fail to point out shortcomings just the same as praise. You battle, Chris, no doubt about it. I can't deny it, you haven taken me to my limits before in the past, and I always look forward to that...to the challenge any elitist presents to me. You can tell me how it's going to go down, Chris. You can be the weather forecast, that calm before the storm "Killa" Chris all you please, but it's as I've always told you before? While you've obviously done it to others before, able to take advantage of situations to boost your chances for inevitable victory, until you actually do so against me, it will be like you are talking to a wall, Chris. I won't buy into what you are selling, I won't look at all that, all your past success and let it weigh on me, because it was never against me. 

Mike Showman, like I mentioned to MOONgoose, you speak, and you speak, and you speak, and you speak. But what are you really saying there, Mike? You're obviously using this platform to ascend higher, but how is that? How is it that somebody like you, someone so well-known, and popular would even need such a platform to exalt yourself? Doesn't the world already know you, Mike? If you were trying to advance on to Pain For Pride to wrestle for a prestigious World Championship, wouldn't you simply just show everyone why you are so popular. Wouldn't you just further prove that past conquests were stepping stones for bigger and better things, rather than constantly bragging about the same one over and over? Gee, Mr. Showman, maybe I do need to take a load off, but it seems to me that you need to stop living off of past triumphs, and create some more moments to talk about. That way you can make the comment you made referencing my sustainable efforts this week, and I would actually give you your due, but like MOONgoose you seem to be spent, and have nothing better to talk about, but hey, EAW is Showman, I'll see if I can remember that later.

Honestly, guys like Ryan, Pizza Boy, TLA? Those guys are who are motivating me more than any of the twenty seven in this match, and that is not meant to be a slight against the others. Those names though are the ones that I've spent every bit of my time this week focusing on the most. I've made it clear how I've felt this week toward them to the point that I think, and it's like TLA said, we all have a pretty good understanding of where the other is at, and what we can do. Ryan, I know and understand his tactics as he has explained them this week. The man is very ambitious, and whatever he aspires for here, he will go to no end to get to the next destination he chooses to progress toward. Pizza Boy has stated that he is going to find his way back to Lannister, and he's willing to go through 29 others just to do so. He is more determined than ever, and that is a scary when you think about all the high profile battles he's been in that lead him to becoming a two time National Elite Champion, and Answers World Champion. If the man said he's going to find his way back to the Imperialist that resides a dark shadow over Showdown, then I don't think there is any reason not to believe he couldn't at this point. Time will tell. TLA, he's farther along than all of us in his career from a chronological standpoint, and all that experience could prove to pay off in the end, along with unyielding determination he will surely bring to the match. Anytime I've faced TLA he's been able to outlast me in that ring, and I don't make that an easy proposition for anyone that steps into the ring with me, but the point is that he won't quit regardless if he is fresh or not in the match. These are the men don't consume their time with trying to match insults with everyone just to get a leg up on the competition, because they know that they already do. They don't have to overhype themselves, and I don't need to overemphasize about my past accomplishments either, or who I've beat, or how it makes me so proud, and I don't need to sink down to other people's level daily to feel like I've accomplished anything with my words, because letting them talk, making baseless arguments? That just makes my life so much easier in the end, and that...that's what I have come to expect so far this week, so by all means, go ahead...make my day.


Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 13th 2017, 8:43 pm by Aria Jaxon

You wish to God that I was as expendable as those flash-in-the-pan bitches you alluded to.

If I was, you’d be safe. Your victory would be a foregone conclusion. Well, actually...you do still foolishly believe you’ve got a win coming your way. Your entire shpiel hinges on one thing: me believing what you’re saying. Your success in this pre-match trading of verbal barbs is entirely dependent upon me conceding to defeat and saying that you’ve got me all figured out. And, judging by the ferocity and conviction behind you words, you actually thought it was gonna happen! You want so badly to be right, and tryna pull tenure on me and say I would’ve have been able to survive back when the division was populated by a handful of women isn’t the right way to do it. What do you want me to do, apologize for showing up when I did? Let’s be honest, even when I did show up on the scene, the division still didn’t resemble the finished product you see today. The summer of 2015 was a major turning point, yes, but there was still work to be done. The landscape of this division was ripe for a series of earth-shattering changes. The girls had just come off of that infamous clusterfuck match at Pain for Pride 8 where Tarah all too easily stomped all over an entire division. Come to think of it, they were all probably thrown into one match because the powers that be genuinely didn’t know what to do with all of them. They’d never had so many women to have to contend with. The division had the numbers, but clearly not the talent. Aside from Tarah, was there even anyone else in that match worth mentioning? That collection of women wasn’t gonna be the group to bring about real, lasting change. The state of the division at that time probably heavily influenced your decision to go after the Hall of Fame Championship in the first place. You watched from afar as the division attempted to restructure itself. You could probably admit that, though the division had changed from its earlier days, it still wasn’t quite “there” yet. That was where women like me came in, and I won’t apologize for it. Those of us who showed up after that match, we wanted better for not just ourselves, but for this division as a whole going forward. We were going to be the change we wanted to see. And ever since then, we have been. I may not be one of the ones who laid the foundation for the division as a whole, but that’s more than okay with me. I’m not older, and I didn’t show up sooner. It’s fine, because I’ve used my time wisely thus far. The funny thing about all of these positive changes -- the weekly show, the supershows, the new titles, the tournaments -- is that you and your fellow OGs were so quick to turn your nose up at all of them. It seemed like the division that y’all only could’ve dreamed of was finally a reality, and all you could do was nitpick. All you could do was bitch and complain that no one was talking about you for a change, and why would they? When things really started to change, where were all of you? You were on Showdown, HBG was one-half of the Tag Team Champions, and nobody was even the least bit worried as to where Kendra was. Y’all had the luxury of sitting on the sidelines chasing your own endeavors while the heavy lifting was done, and then had the audacity to show up and proclaim that you ran the show once more. It just stung to know that so many great things had transpired and you guys didn’t have shit to do with any of it, right? Great as you all might’ve been, you didn’t have it in you to do what we did. You didn’t have it in you to cast the spotlight on the division that the newer generation did. Without Aria Jaxon, there’s no inaugural Empress of Elite. Without Cailin Dillon, there’s no inaugural Women’s Champion. Without Haruna Sakazaki, there’s no inaugural Specialists Champion. Without Sheridan Müller, there’s no inaugural Vixens Cup winner. We did that, and we masterminded every wonderful high point in between. We made our own path. We turned this division into something wonderful, and you should be grateful you had this place to run back to after the boys on Showdown sent you packing. You and your friends didn’t pave the way for us. You paved the way for a division that was five women deep. You paved the way for titles to be deactivated because there wasn’t enough competition. No one is giving you a participation ribbon for having stuck around during the division’s darkest days. I know what it’s like to keep my head above water in this shark tank, and you think that your sad stories about how tough it was back in the day are enough to convince me that I would’ve have been able to hang? Bullshit. I can go tit-for-tat with you, and you know I can. But, I’m not coming to Barcelona to prove that to you. You’d never flat-out admit that I could, so I’m not about to waste my time tryna beat a confession out of you. I know you’re so used to people kissing your ass and putting you on a pedestal that you think your word is gospel, but -- news flash! -- it’s not. I can’t reiterate enough that I don’t care if you don’t respect me or see me as a threat. That doesn’t do anything to change my approach. If it hasn’t yet sunk in for you that I’m every bit as good as I say I am, then that point will be lost on you forever. Oh well. I don’t believe for a second that when I win, you’ll bow out of this gracefully or take this on the chin. I don’t believe at all that you’ll stay out of my way like you said you would. You really shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep, Cameron. The only promise I’m making is to beat you fair and square this weekend, and I’ve got no doubts about whether or not I can keep my word. You can go ahead and keep assuming that the time period I’ve come from makes me inherently weaker, even though you’re well versed enough in matches with me and other relative upstarts to know that’s as far from the truth as you can get. Go ahead and lull yourself into a false sense of security. I can’t wait to ruin it for you.

Every once in a while, I sit back and wonder what everyone will remember most about me when my career is over, even more than any single match or solitary accomplishment. It’s sort of a fun thing to ponder, but it’s also something I don’t have a definitive answer to yet. When I close this chapter in my life and hang up my boots somewhere way down the line, what will prove to be the most enduring thing about me? What will the girls who fill the locker room fifteen or twenty years from now pinpoint as the thing that might have made them admire me? I like to think it’s how uncompromising in everything that I do -- often times to the point of stubbornness. I figured out a long time ago that no one has control over how I see myself except for me. Not a bad attribute to possess in the wrestling business, honestly. Constantly, people will be offering their assessments of you -- unsolicited and solicited, positive and negative -- and it’s up to you to brush it off and press on. I’m sure you dealt with your fair share of snickers and confused stares when you first got here, Cameron. “What woman in their right mind would try to enter the Vixens division right now, with prospects none?” people probably whispered, but did you care? No. You decided to handle business anyway. When you stepped outside of the neatly-defined little box that had previously all but forbidden the women to go toe-to-toe with the men, did you internalize any of the discouraging shit that people said to you? No, or you wouldn’t have those Hall of Fame and Interwire Championship reigns to your name. I’m sure you remember the fervor with which you battled back against anybody who doubted you, and it must scare the shit out of you to think I’ve got that same fire -- in spades. It’s funny. The woman who battled back against that adversity is now standing on the other side of it all, trying to tell a younger competitor that they’ve never make it and that they should just give up now. Don’t you remember what it was like to make people eat their words? Don’t you remember what it was like to stand tall with your hand raised by the referee while the person who’d been running their mouth was flat on their back staring up at the rafters? I live for that feeling. I love proving people wrong. I’m sure you used to love it, too, and now, you’ll just be on the wrong side of it. It’s true, my more recent struggles sort of pale in comparison to the hole you had to claw your way out of by the time Malicious Intentions rolled around, but it doesn’t mean I’m any less eager to take a step in the right direction. I’ll be honest, I don’t know why I set my sights on you and not Kendra. I don’t know why I went for her lapdog and didn’t cut off the head first. Cailin was always gonna be last, for obvious reasons, but as to whether I gunned for you or Kendra first, it was gonna be a toss-up. Color me surprised when she winds up on the disabled list and I find out I can consolidate two ass-beatings into one. I’ve known what it is to have a target on my back before, but I always figured this sort of resistance only came with having a title around your waist. These last few months, I’ve figured out how wrong I was. Since the Awards Show, there’s been a new bitch in my way every time I’ve rounded a corner. All it’s done is solidify in my mind that I’m as great as I say I am, and those who are against me have had to send in reinforcements, all for the sake of attempting to keep me at bay. Emphasis on “attempting”. Even if I wasn’t sure of myself and even if I was rattled by you not thinking the best of me, the only confirmation I need that I’m a threat is the constant presence of people like you. If this many people have had to pull rabbits out of their hats and run in on my matches, then goddamn, I must be pretty fucking terrifying. You’d never admit that, and it’s okay. It’s no skin off my back. I’m not coming to Barcelona to convert you into a believer, Cameron. Your endorsement -- or lack thereof -- won’t make or break me. You prefer to remember me at my worst, when you falsely believed that the most painful losses had taken the wind out of my sails. That’s the image of me that you’ve needed to keep at the forefront of your mind in order to keep this whole illusion intact. You feel so much safer when you think of Vixens Cup Aria or Pain for Pride Aria or Road to Redemption Aria. You’d rather not think back on Showdown Aria or Empress of Elite Aria or GOD FUCKING FORBID, Triple Threat Aria. Envisioning me as a winner makes you sweat. It brings your whole fantasy crashing down around you. The problem now is, that’s your impending reality. At Grand Rampage, Cameron Ella Ava doesn’t stand tall as The Goddess that she’s told us all she is. No. She’s toppled over as nothing more than a pawn on Aria Jaxon’s path toward the Women’s Championship. For the sake of answering your question, that is definitely worth fighting for.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 13th 2017, 8:14 pm by Eclipse Diemos
In Their Name

A stone drifted down towards the river below. Clashing against the other rocks, the echo reverberating through the earth. The rock continued its freefall, until it eventually smacked into the water, the splash as well becoming the only noise inside of the cove. Eclipse pressed his head against the side of the rock wall he had been sitting on. Another piece of it had jutted out, providing a comfortable platform to sit, and think. He leaned forward, pushing himself away from the wall to gaze down at his own reflection, seeing it look up at him with smiling eyes. He reached out, his hand reaching for the water, but with his fingers just out of reach.

“Drastik. This little war of ours, our war against who we are and what we want, more than against ourselves. It’s been making me think of what I truly desire out of myself. Out of EAW. Out of my family. You, struggling with the idea of what you want yourself, what it will take to make you happy in the end. There are things about that idea that amuse me. Not least of which is the fact that you aren’t sure at all if you winning this will make you happy. So far into the darkness that you can’t see the light at the end of it. Putting you out of your misery seems easier, doesn’t it Drastik? So much easier to give in to the darkness, to fall into that abyss and never resurface. And I would be more than happy to do that to you. Even with my hand outstretched to reach for you, there is still the heavy doubt that you won’t be able to reach it. Win or lose, your happiness could still so far out of your reach that it won’t matter. That title you hold, will turn to dust. Praise your given, ash in your mouth. Because you are fighting for you. You are fighting to gain the strength for yourself. The strength to carry on despite consistently feeling as if you will fall apart at any point. Admirable. You are a role model to people who have suffered like you. But, even with everything you say, you doubt. You doubt that you will achieve your own happiness, no matter how hard this fight goes. No matter whose hand is raised. And people wonder why I’m looking forward to this as much as I am. I think it’s simple. I’m looking forward to this, because I want to show you what the light looks like.

I desire to make you see the light, to get that excitement back. That is a giant reason, I know that when we get into this match, you will go at 100%. I’m not worried about you holding back, because you put your heart into every match. The thing is...your heart doesn’t matter in matches like these. People with hearts much bigger than mine have lost to me. People with hearts filled with joy and pride have fallen to me before. The size of your heart doesn’t matter. What matters? Is the soul that’s fighting just as hard as the heart. And your soul isn’t in this. Your body is disconnected. You move without really feeling what you are doing. You react without knowing why. Me? Everything I do has a reason. A cause. A purpose. My heart, mind, soul, and body...all connected together. Because of who I have surrounding me. Those who listen to me, call me family, love me unconditionally. And that’s another reason Drastik. In a sense, what you are doing is an insult to me. I know you didn’t intend to do this, and that what you have done hasn’t crossed your mind, but it has insulted me. See, you chose to isolate yourself, to prevent others from hurting alongside you, but in that sense you decided what was best for them without realizing that they have a decision as well. You do not dictate someone's life. Someone’s emotions. Someone’s wants or needs. Many will consider that hypocritical of me to say, since they will point to my family and say that I do that with these people, but they are very wrong.

I’ve never tried to tell my family what to think or feel, I let them do as they desire. We are all together because all of us know that the others are our strength. We rely on each other. We love one another. And we always seek to help the other with problems. Issues. Personal things. Because we desire to help. That is human instinct, Drastik. The instinct to help another person. You sought out a friend with Ahren, yet you would be so willing to push him away. To keep him at arm’s length from you, because you don’t want to hurt him. Yet, did you ever ask him if that would hurt him? Did you ever stop to think of what he might feel that someone he considers friend would push him away? This darkness that you are in can’t be so blinding that you can’t see the others reaching for you to help you. I suppose in some ways, it’s comforting. Being in that darkness. You’ve been in it so long that you probably don’t know any other way of existing. After all, Drastik. You’ve been there for so long. You probably don’t understand what it means for someone to reach out to help you. To you, is that help unwanted? Those hands reaching out to pull you out of the darkness. What do you think about those hands Drastik? Do you slap them away, yet you cry in the darkness. You cry in the darkness for how alone you feel, while racing further down it. There were exits everywhere, and hands showing you the doors, yet you pushed them aside.

You pushed them away from you all this time, but I’m sure that you’ve thought of that. You also believe that they couldn’t help you out of this darkness, so my words may fall upon deaf ears, so let me continue on. There’s something else, Drastik. This idea of what we are fighting for. See, you fight for yourself. You fight for the proof that you belong here. That you deserve the light again. If you can’t find that light, then you will rot in that darkness forever. Yet, you say that I fight for myself as well. To be noticed by everyone here. That is true in a sense. The eyes upon me, everyone realizing that the person that they shut away, kept locked from the rest of the world...that that kid has achieved things that they could only dream about. My hand raised high will be a signal for all those children that couldn’t have their own hands raised by people much better than I. If I can begin a world where people like me aren’t born, that would be all for me. However, this darkness that I have found myself in, is vastly different from yours. Because I’m not drowning in this darkness. If I fall, as you believe I will, I won’t fall forever. This darkness is my home. Where I was created. I can’t be lost within my own home. My own territory. If I am removed from the top of the mountain on Voltage, a dumpster fire as you like to refer to it, than I shall simply climb back up it stronger than ever, and that is something you aren’t ready for. You believe that pushing me away from this, attaining your own happiness on the top of the mountain would be the end, don’t you? You think that if I’m removed from my position than that shall be all, but you can’t remove me. With or without the title, you won’t take me from this position...because I’m unmoving. Voltage is me. I am Voltage. You, who hate the system, hate the entire idea of Voltage, and view it as a horrendous creature which should be put down, couldn’t understand that. But I have scratched, clawed, and bitten my way to the very top until at the very end I achieved it. Now...when people talk about Voltage, my name is on their lips. My name is on their lips more readily than your own. I have achieved part of my goal. I am...known. I am acknowledged. People not only know who I am, but every night you can see children, teens, adults, men and women, wearing my clothing! They all stand when they see me! They all call out to me! And they all know who I am! These, my brothers and sisters of the EAW universe!! These are the people that I fight for, day in and day out! They give me strength! They are my soul! My spirit!

You don’t respect that. To you, Voltage represents everything that has pushed you into the darkness. You feel pushed, beaten down, and broken by Voltage. You won’t understand how something like this. Something that has given me so much, could feel to me. Because you, in this darkness, can’t see those faces. You can’t hear those cheering people. You can’t see everyone who is pulling for you to win this. And there are many who are doing just that. There are so many that are pulling for you to win...and just as many for me to win. And the two of us, in the middle of the ring at the Rampage will fulfill the dreams of some, and shatter the dreams of others. I don’t want to give in. I don’t want to give up. I don’t want to be remembered as someone who couldn’t hold his own against a legend. I refuse to be that person Drastik. So, the two of us, fighting for what we desire most. And this title, this proof of our accomplishments, is the crux of it all. Face me Drastik. Face me with your heart and soul, because I will fight you with every ounce of mine. Every single bit of mine. Come at me.”
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 13th 2017, 7:45 pm by Lucas Johnson
Grand Rampage Promo #2 - I Dare You...

How did I know this was going to happen? Over a month now into my title reign as New Breed Champion, the title that alluded me for over nine months....NINE MONTHS! ....DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY SLEEPINESS NIGHTS I HAD? ESPECIALLY THE NIGHT OF THE DRAFT? ...The night I lost the Young Lions Cup trophy my world came crashing down, it was like I wasn't alive anymore. It was like an out of body experience, tossing and turning each hour on what I could have done. What I regretted in that time in my life. Learning from your mistakes takes time and it just doesn't happen overnight. Over the next few days....weeks.....even months I was all alone, no one to grab onto. No one to learn from, NO ONE TO GIVE ME GUIDANCE IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! When I arrived on Dynasty I knew I was going to be an outsider and knew it was going to be a long ahead for The Wrestling Machine. Each and every week another loss was added to the column as I would feel being drifted away from success but then a new friend arrived. A new leap of faith, a new friend stepped in my direction and led me to success. Do you want to know who that man was? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW? THE FORMER WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION THAT ME INTO THE CHAMPION I AM TODAY? SCOTT OASIS! ...Scott changed my life forever from that moment on, He saw the main problem that was happening with Lucas Johnson, the biggest problem with me inside the squared circle was the fans...Each and every week I would walk into the ring and feed off of the energy that the crowd would put out in-front of me but sooner or later your body gets immune to that taste of adrenaline and Scott taught a valuable lesson that day when I first met him and that was you are wrestling for all the fans around the world, he taught me I need to start wrestling for myself and becoming a winner. So what did I do? I took Scott's advice and turned my back on the "EAW faithful" and that night when I nearly broke Kelly Hackenschmidt's arm it felt like I won the NCAA Division One Heavyweight Championship again. A lot of boo's filled the arena that night but I didn't care a huge weight was lifted off of my chest. I walked back into the locker room after that and Oasis was waiting for me and when I walked into my dressing room he came over and just gave me a big hug and from that point on I knew this was going to be a new start for my life and I knew sooner or later it will pay off. It may take a few weeks or even months but I didn't care, time wasn't a factor to me it was just whenever that turning point was going to happen I was going to be a real happy man. Fast forward a few months later and my contract with Dynasty was expiring and my plan was to head back to Voltage where I started and get a guaranteed shot at the New Breed Championship but then I wanted to stick it to that fool Monroe once and for all. Oasis pointed out to me it may take a really long time and I agreed when I first started this journey with him so I thought to myself how can I stick it to Monroe and still get a big contract some where? Then a light bulb went off, immediately I thought to myself I had to prove not only to everybody apart of the organization, to the locker room and myself that I was better then the New Breed Championship, I had better things to come down the line. Week by week with Oasis by my side I would do that, doing whatever it takes to win. Finally after weeks of proving I am that damn good BAM! The fat contract comes on the table with a huge pay day in line and then I signed on the dotted line and put Monroe back in his place. He knew in the back of his head like I did I was not finished with the New Breed Division. No way in hell I was moving on from it after the week or two I faced last Summer and it all payed off. I AM DOMINATING THIS COMPANY, I AM DOMINATING DYNASTY, I AM DOMINATING THE NEW BREED DIVISION BECAUSE I AM THE RULER AROUND HERE AND NO ONE CAN DO A DAMN THING ABOUT IT!

Now back to the point I was trying to say when I first started this whole rant, people still doubting me before I even draw my entry number for Grand Rampage...People need to realize that entry numbers are a huge factor in this thirty man match. Odds on favorites like TLA or even Nasir can enter early on like one or even entrant five. I simply don't care what entrant I enter at because I will last the longest out of anyone, cardio is a big factor in training for this match also because if you're tired early you are not going to last that long and bam you're dreams are over. DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID AT RECKLESS WIRING? DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO EL IRONICO? I LAUNCHED THAT LUCHA LIBRE STRAIGHT OVER THE GUARD RAIL AND SENT HIM PACKING INTO THE NOSE BLEED SECTION. I DON'T CARE IF YOU MARKS ARE GOING TO SAY HE WAS CROWD SURFING HE STILL MISSED THE STEPS AND FELL STRAIGHT ON HIS FACE. Ryan Marx calling me out like I should be scared of him? What should I be scared of? You call yourself 'The Leader of The New Breed?' But yet since I won the championship you've yet to lay a foot on Dynasty soil and EVEN ATTEMPT TO TRY TO TAKE THIS TITLE FROM ME? Look I know what you're going to say, "Ohh...I'm focused on winning Grand Rampage something you should do also by focusing on becoming World Champion." I'm five steps ahead of you my friend, I am looking to be the first person in HISTORY! I am going to walk out of Metlife Stadium at Pain for Pride X with the New Breed Championship and also the World Heavyweight Championship. I don't care if your Jacob Senn, Xavier Williams, Jamie O'Hara...you could be Hades for all I care my goal doesn't change and this Sunday Marx I hope we come face to face because I will gladly end your dreams quickly and throw you over that top rope faster then you even think about saying the word "Opps!" Come on you cold little Showdown pussy, step up to The Ruler of The New Breed Division and newly Champion of the Week! I DARE YOU! I am going to be happy when I see you shit your pants this coming week when we finally meet like REAL MEN! Now we have TLA, some would say the odds on favorite for this match. Funny enough TLA, we do have one thing in common shockingly surprising to you here on Dynasty and it's hating Monroe's guts. He's dumb as nails and frankly it blows my mind how shitty he treats you each week so I make sure to hurt him twice as worse. He had to take money out of his own pocket to pay for my huge contract! Such an idiot....but back to the main topic and that's you TLA. Every time I heard the word "Odds on favorite." It means nothing to me because it's just a projection to me. Projections don't mean shit just look at Fantasy Football. If a star running back like Ezekiel Elliot is projected twenty-five points for one game and turns out to only get five points that week. All projections are is an educated guess and that's what you are TLA, an educated guess. Back at Reckless Wiring people didn't even think I had a shot at winning in the Hell's Warpath match and look at me now? DON'T COUNT ME OUT BECAUSE EACH AND EVERY TIME I WILL PROVE YOU WRONG! THE RULER OF THE NEW BREED DIVISION WILL SHORTLY BECOME THE RULER OF THE DYNASTY KINGDOM, THE MAIN EVENT OF PAIN FOR PRIDE WILL BE MINE!
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Post on April 13th 2017, 7:42 pm by Devan Dubian
This is not a situation alike that of the fastest object versus the strongest object. This situation is more akin that of a mercy killing where I finish someone else's life or in this case career as a virtue of sympathy. In most scenarios, it is usually conjectured by nature itself that a third match in the best of three is the most mythical. But I have never been too fond of living up to other people's expectation in expense of shock so I will aim to make this the most lame match which I will finish off within a few minutes. It must be shocking to find my demeanor as a positive one considering I lost not only to the same opponent but also the possession of my Hall of Fame title but I could contend that my very loss is the leading force in this confidence of mine. If there is one thing I am certain of after all these back and forth for the past few months, it is that Heart Break Boy ironically does not have the strong heart to see out this quarrel. The only reason he even indulged in this unfit comeback was to find some way to deem him relevant as his fellow peers edged further and won even more world championships. And when that was not enough, he decided to go after me because he wanted to equip a humble gold title before announcing his candidacy for the world championship. What he did not foresee however was struggle in occupying the Hall of Fame championship because he let his intentions strain his brain by assuming that I was the same entity that he faced off many, many years ago. And now that he is in my stronghold, I have no intent to let him go from my grasp. That is not to say that I do not respect the kind of performances that The Heart Break Boy has put on since entering this mudslide because at the end of the day, talent does not subside. Legends of a game may fade but their talent is always going to be there so when they are asked to come to task, they will provide a feast. But every tale has its end; a cruel displeasing end and this is where you are ultimately going to end up falling, The Heart Break Boy. What is inevitable is not something even your merciless entity will be able to sparse you from because there is no such thing as the Chosen. You are not immune to the harsh substances of this world and that will be more evident than ever when I cut off the lifeline of your career once and for all this weekend.. all in the pleasure of a gift to you, a benevolent souvenir.

And above everything, it is Grand Rampage time. Last time I was present at this event, I walked out one of the two glorious victors of the finale event ready to duel it out at Pain for Pride. The event almost feels too insignificant at this point because I am not a given participant of the match but if I am being given the same stage to show up someone else, then I am not humble or stuck up my arse enough to let this opportunity bypass me. And if the result of this match-up allows me to enter with the same vigor at Pain for Pride then I am all for it. This should serve as more of a warning to you The Heart Break Boy than anyone else. I was able to exact my primary focus last time around on the whole roster and was still able to come out on top so just imagine the scenario if I have to exact my focus on a poor, one legged personage this time around. Anyone with a shred of common sense can connect one dot to another to come to the matter of fact that I will be walking into Pain for Pride the Hall of Fame champion. If you look at the expended version of the hierarchy in this company these days, you are nowhere near the top for a specific reason. And that is because your name does not resonate with anyone anymore. There is so much bullshit you spew on the daily about what you are yet still capable of doing but in your hypocritical ways, are not able to back it up in the ring when it actually matters. All the unearned praise you gained over the few years you were here is the only fuel that is keeping you going otherwise you would have been shelved into the ground a long time ago. And whereas I am still fetching total revenue for this company to this today, there is ultimately no benefit in keeping you whatsoever. You got your little fairy tale out of the way to mislead you to believe that there is still light at the end of the this tunnel. My reign was prosperous from the start without any dark cloud whatsoever but if you want to believe that it was your presence and not my lack of guard that led to you winning the title then be my guest. However false belief is not something you want to be flirting with when you are facing off against me. These changes and struggles will eventually stop coming and once that happens, you will eventually fade away once and for all The Heart Break Boy. But it was ever so evident..

That I was going to end up a two time Hall of Fame championship from the start. 
Pain for Pride awaits me as a champion.
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A Secondary Approach

I have always been as open, honest and truthful to everybody I encounter. It’s the way I was raised by my parents back in Australia. I’ve always been a straight shooter, and would often just say what was on my mind, regardless of what anybody around me cared to think about it. Have I offended people in my past? Absolutely. I’ve even said things I will always regret; like I’ve scarred my body with words. But in the 31 years I’ve walked on the planet earth, I have cultured myself with a hell of a lot of things. From personal experiences and seeing things second-hand, I have become all the more wiser. I’ve become more sager. When I find myself in a match where the build-up requires me to have to speak out against my opponents, I do my absolute best to come out with hard-hitting facts and attempts to climb to get inside my opponent’s head. I admit that it works, and my win-loss record can prove to all of you just that. You see each opponent I have ever faced not just in EAW, but in my entire wrestling career, come to the ring and try their best to take me down. I will admit that some definitely have gotten the best of me. Like I said, it’s human nature to fail every now and again. It’s when you’re constantly failing that you need to take a step back and really question your tactics on things. But that is just that though … those opponents that fail are trying. It might sound weird to you now, but follow along. I mentioned that during my time away from the ring towards the end of last year that I had completely changed my mentality on my way of not only competing but thinking as well. One of the things I had learned was that having the idea of trying your hardest was all that mattered, no matter what result you got in the end, was a complete and utter lie. It’s some bullshit quote some idiot came up with because whatever they did in their life they failed miserably at. In my first run in the wrestling industry before I retired, this was not my mentality. But when I returned after my retirement, it definitely was. Because the main reason I returned was basically because I missed wrestling inside the squared circle. I wanted to return and just compete again. I took Marco Fedor under my wing because I wanted to show him how he could become a next level superstar and main event shows, much like I did when I was his age. But after a few months that wasn’t what he wanted, so he betrayed me and joined a stable, and now he’s faded away into nothingness. As I looked on in the locker rooms backstage, and watched other wrestlers out in the ring competing, I came to a painful understanding that the industry I once knew had completely changed. It wasn’t the same business I was in when I started professionally wrestling nearly ten years ago. But that’s life though, right? Things change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. But because of this, my mentality had to resort to a new way of thinking. Coming through the curtains after a match after a loss and saying, “oh well, I guess I tried my best,” is bullshit to me now. This is my new mentality, and I quote I now follow every match I have:

 “Do, there is no try.”

 The majority of us know that quote from the wisest movie character of all time, but it’s such a relatable thing in this industry. Those five words make so much fucking sense from a wrestling standpoint. Ahren Fournier, I just let you in on one of my new ways of thinking. Now you know of my knee injury that I had, which I can promise you is at 100% healthy by the way, and now you also know one of my strategies. Hell, I’d let you in on all of my strategies and secrets but I don’t want to give you the god damned satisfaction. But here’s why I mentioned my knee and why I mentioned what I just stated before, and it’s because you will TRY to use it against me, but you will fail, just like you will TRY to defeat me at Grand Rampage and you will fail. This weekend Ahren, I’m not going to TRY to defeat you … I am just going to do it. I am going to go out there, put on one hell of a performance just like I usually do, and leave as the new Hardcore Champion of the world. You know why? Because I don’t need to TRY to defeat you because I have the belief in myself that I know I can. I’ve pinned you once before, and I can’t see a reason why I wouldn’t be able to do it again. You may have beaten me once before, but if you recall you never pinned me. It was Marco Fedor that took the three count, not I. So yeah, I guess I did choose the wrong tag team partner for that Grand Prix. I learned that the hard way. Mistakes were made, but I learned from them. I’m man enough to admit my faults. But I think you need to come out and start acknowledging your errors. You continue to say you have also beaten me once like it’s a big fucking deal to you but you never even pinned me in that tag team match. For a guy that thinks I have some sort of obsession for you, you really have tried your fucking hardest to come out and shoot on me, but you’ve mention similar things that I have used against you – things that you FLAMED me for! Like I said, you are just contradicting yourself, man, and it just doesn’t make any sense to me, or anybody else. The reason people back me is because what I say is just true knowledge. I’m not spewing out bullshit like you think I am, because honestly man, it’s what you’re doing, and you’re so insecure about yourself that you feel like you need to pretend that your faults are mine. It’s sad, so very, very fucking sad.

Now I’m not going to spend the rest of my time repeating myself over and over because you’re just doing that yourself frankly, and the things you are saying are so fucking retarded that I truly think you need to see a doctor, or the Ghost of Death. Whatever one works best for you. But what I am going to do is sit here and tell you, and tell the world, just how much exactly winning this Hardcore Championship would mean to me, and what I mean when I say hardcore is my world. You know Ahren you ride that fucking moose or whatever the hell you’re doing and tell me that you’re hardcore just as much as I am. Well, no, you are so very, very wrong. Nobody is as hardcore as I am, and just because you have a championship that is titled, “hardcore” around your waist and you have bled a couple of times in some matches doesn’t make you so. You say you basically killed Maero, well I murdered Kenny Drake’s god damned career. Hell, he probably actually is fucking dead. It wouldn’t surprise me to be honest. That third fall in our fight was a Spider Casket match, and there was no way he survived any of that venom being injected into his bloodstreams. Anyway, the point is, that title does not belong to you. It doesn’t belong to Maero, it doesn’t belong to Jon McAdams and it doesn’t belong to Nathan Fiora. When I heard the announcement that this championship was coming back to EAW, I knew that I had to get it within my grasps because I spent the a large, large portion of my career wrestling into this environment. Hell after a while, I purposely put myself into these types of matches. Remember when I said that I’m a straight shooter? Well I’m about to tell you something straight off from the horse’s … or moose’s … mouth, and it probably won’t surprise you because you have faced this already once before. Because I may be a normal man to you and to everyone else. I act normal, I talk normal, I walk normal. But on the inside Ahren, is the dark side of me that I have locked up in a cage. This dark side loves to come out and cause havoc and make a pure mess of things, and I only let him out on rare occasions. Remember the Hardcore Invitational? Of course you do because I pinned you, right? Perhaps you recall in the build up when I also mentioned the dark side of me? I let him out in that match. Hell, I had let him out before the match even began and I had to be strapped down to a dolly and wheeled out when it was time for my match to start! Fun fact – that shit was not a planned entrance by me! And what happened in that match, Ahren? I came out triumphant. This weekend, take notice Ahren because I am letting him out once more in our match. And I can pretty much say with sincerity that he isn’t going to TRY to defeat you … he just fucking will. Just like he did to you once before. This is why hardcore isn’t just a term for me … it’s my way of life. This is why I say hardcore is my world, because evidence shows that it fucking is. I’ve put my body through absolute wars and have come out as the victor. I’ve been in matches with stipulations you couldn’t even dream of, and have come out as the victor. When I allow my darker side take over, the things I can accomplish are unspeakable. The only reason I don’t let him out all the time is because he is too hard to control, but I think it would please him very much if he kicks your ass one more time, but this time, he takes the one thing that is making you relevant right now and that is the Hardcore Championship. Ahren, once I defeat you, you will go back to being lost in the shuffle. Just another card in the deck. You will go back to trying to bitch your way into more and more shots at titles, but I can guarantee you this time the authority will not give it to you because they will see what a complete and utter failure you were as the three weeks you were their champion. What, you’re going to try and deny me again this time? Ahren, if you log onto our company’s website, you will actually see that you aren’t even listed as this company’s Hardcore Champion. Your face isn’t even next to the Hardcore Championship. Hell, you aren’t even holding the fucking title on our company’s website. Isn’t that just a little sad? Perhaps you should try to bitch a little more and see if that does anything to help you out, because you’re a better whiner than you are an actual fucking wrestler. Keep trying, Ahren because that is what you are my friend … a trier and not a doer, and that is where you will see your downfall.

So, I hope you enjoy tiring yourself out riding Esteban to Barcelona, and from America no less. What, can your moose swim? You’ll get to the arena, probably just as Grand Rampage X is about to start, and you’re going to be fatigued and exhausted before the match even begins because you decided to ride a moose cross country. How are you 25 and still so fucking immature and childish? I bet your parents gave you way too much love as a kid, and just gave you everything you ever wanted and demanded, because the only thing your parents could ever hope to accomplish in their lives was to make a child, and fuck even they failed at successfully doing that too. Because they didn’t make a child that grew up to be a mature and sophisticated young man that would use his smartness to overcome life problems and be a success; instead they made a child that grew up to be a cunt with the mind of an eight-year-old. Hell, even eight-year-old’s are more mature than your bitch ass is. So, if you decide to open your mouth for a fourth time and mention that everything I said here was a sob story, and that you will find a way to defeat my dark side because you’re Ahren Fucking Fournier or whatever, and that you’re the Hardcore Champion recognize me I’m great blah blah blah, then I will have no problem shutting your mouth up for you once again just like I have been successfully doing this entire week.

Oh, and I forgot to mention it last time, but man buns are not in. Cut it off please. You don’t need to also look like a faggot when you already act like one. See ya April 15th!
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Post on April 13th 2017, 6:49 pm by TLA

TLA: Lead don’t follow. I said that shit last year. When I be comin’ back. All back up on yo bitch. Makin’ that grand return in the Grandest of Rampages. Makin’ sum noize like we do. I was gunnin’ for all them haters back then lettin’ the whole EAW world know that TLA has returned.

Now a year later errybody know.

TLA: Awww yeaaaa it’s yo boi TLA comin’ at y’all live straight outta Dynasty! By now it’s clear that everyone has heard of me. But I still be makin’ all that noize up in here! Since there ain’t no need I tend to do all them introductions with these hands and that fire. I light so much shit up with my heat that they be callin’ me a pyromaniac. Burnin’ these cities down the government thinks I be startin’ a revolution. Sebastian Monroe hatin’ cuz he knows we got them numbers to overthrow he ass. TLA brings in all them ratings and turnin’ Dynasty into a motherfuckin’ movement. Ain’t just another TV show. You tune in for TLA same damn time erry week and he bringin’ that shit you know he always brought.

You just gotta pay attention.

TLA: That ain’t the easiest thing to do tho. I got a short as fuck attention span and when you got all these people warrin’ with them words you start forgettin’ shit. I ain’t got time to listen to errybody. Cuz I gotta focus on myself. I goin’ into this fight at top level ain’t got time to listen to some motherfucker ramble on about how I’m a terrible person and should retire cuz I’m the worst professional wrestler to ever step foot in the ring or some shit. I’m too busy pumpin’ that iron and fixin’ to give ‘em all a reality check the likes of which they done had comin’ for a loooooong ass time!

I hope you ready. This my fuckin’ shit!

TLA: Moongoose be trollin’ ye erryday he trollin’. He lightin’ up my EAW Feed with TLA surrounded by dicks. And these the kind of dicks that don’t got no weak spots. Cuz I’d just kick ‘em all in the balls but they ain’t got none. So I gotta get rid of all of ‘em the good old fashioned way. Throw ‘em all out! OUT! OUT! OUT! Startin’ with Moongoose and his bitch trollin’ ass. I myself may not be the paragon of maturity but he has hit that rock bottom ever since I demolished his ass beyond repair at Reckless Wiring and sent his entire life into a downward spiral. I guarantee he ain’t gotten any pussy at all since he startin’ hookin’ up with Sebastian Monroe. At this point Shimmer is prolly gettin’ more pussy than he is.

I am looking at you Cam.

TLA: Someone else who I apparently didn’t look closely at enough is Mike Showman. See all these white people look exactly the same to me so sometimes I get them confused. I thought I saw Mike Showman being all nice and shit to me. Then I thought I saw Mike Showman talkin’ shit about me. It was a very confusing and traumatizing time. I literally had never faced anyone this bipolar since Lucian Black! However, it turns out that Mike Showman is actually a pretty chill ass gringo. He be chill as fuck and sayin’ some real nice and true things about TLA so he definitely gonna be gettin’ that Poon Palace discount after the show. I only give that shit to my realest amigos. So consider that shit my apology for confusing yo ass with this other white boi hater Jon McAdams. Jonny boi I may have no idea who you are but now after looking at you and Mike Showman’s pictures side by side I realize that you are in fact different people. You can imagine just how mindblowing that this actually is for me. To discover that there are not in fact two Mike Showmans as I had suspected. Luckily Jonny boi don’t seem to be too offended. In fact he is complimented! This is real good shit to know. White people apparently don’t get offended when you mistake them for other white people. I feel a lot less guilty now cuz as you might have figured out this is far from the first time that this has happened to me. So now I gotta look into this Jon McAdams who claims that he is the cleverest man on Voltage. He may be right. Usin’ that camouflage to blend on into the background like he do. Escapin’ my notice for too long. You got one over on me this time Jonny boi. I ain’t ‘bout to let that shit happen again! 

Imma be watchin’ you cabrón.

TLA: Erryone else be gettin’ watched too tho. Imma be watchin’ y’all lurkin’ and shit like the feds do. The Pizza Boy. Watched. Nasir Moore. Watched. King Tibby. Watched. Sexy Rexy. Watched. Lil Chris and Big Mike. Watched and Watched. Chris is right. I be who I be and I ain’t never changin’ for nobody! Fuck all the haters they gots a problem they can do somethin’ about it. But I ain’t gonna turn my back on my fans cuz they ain’t never turned they backs on me. We rolls together. We ride together. We goin’ all the way up into this Grand Rampage together. Chris Elite may have Big Mike but I got millions and millions of that TLArmy ready to drop the Mother of All Bombs in that ring! 

Shit’s gonna get fucked up worse than Afghanistan ya heard?

TLA: Ryan Marx say he my worst nightmare but I’m too fucking stupid to fear shit. Nah you heard that right. I legit am that dumb as fuck that I will take on all comers. Whoever the fuck they be. I dodge nobody and take them odds on at any cost. It ain’t always logical but I be livin’ that life like a true Mexican Warrior do. So maybe Ryan is right. Maybe I won’t have what it takes to take his ass on by the time he comes walkin’ out to the ring at number 30. But mark my words imma give him as much fight as I do got left in me… and he better hope that ain’t enough to get the job done against his energy filled bitch ass. Cuz if it is he gonna start to get them real dark thoughts runnin’ through he head.

If TLA can whip my ass at fifty percent... just what would he do at one hundred?

TLA: And I guarantee to all of y’all. Whether you my homies or my haters. My amigos or my enemigos. You gettin’ TLA at the top percent he can give at any point you step in the ring with him. Who knows maybe imma be lurkin’ in the back until that number 29 spot. Oh hell yeah y’all would most definitely be fucked then. Or maybe you will get lucky and imma get that number 2 spot. Then we gonna find out just how long La Pantera Sexual can defy them odds. Or maybe I come out some place in the middle. Either way I am comin’ out harder and faster than Lars Grier’s hair.

Feel The Salt.
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Post on April 13th 2017, 6:27 pm by J-Dynasty 2?
Tiberius is seen seated upon his throne, sleeping. He is then awoken by one of his followers storming into the throne room.

IV: My man..are you crazy!

Follower: Sorry my lord, but you have a delivery.

IV: Leave the fan mail for later. I’m trying to get my beauty sleep, now the girls will have to comb through more boring EAW Grand Rampage messages to lull me to sleep all over again! Do you know how many of them have fallen to their eternal slumber listening to Nas rants? This is why I’m so few in number to the point I actually have a male in my video today.

Follower: My apologies sire, but sir Edgelord has provided you with a gift! We all know the great night you had with the Harem after you won the King of Elite crown, so when Drake told us he had picked out a queen just for you amongst the perfect Asian damsels obsessed with Drake & Jones, I figured you’d want to be alerted straight away!

IV: Is that really the words he used?

Follower: Well, he said pussy rather than damsel, but I thought to translate his usual crassness, my king.

IV: Be sure to thank him for me, I’m surprised he would actually pick out his greatest harem member for little ol me, but he is right to know a king needs his queen, and perfect Asian pussy is second to none! Get her in here!

More followers come out bringing out a body sized box gift wrapped for Tiberius. Tiberius begins to rub his hands in excitement as his people begin to unwrap it.

IV: Screw it, I should be the first thing my bride she’s after likely being fresh off the Japanese market.

Tiberius moves his people aside and opens the box for this picture to fall out at the sound of screams from his people.

Tiberius becomes stone faced at the sight of Moongoose Mc”Queen”, and then closes his eyes. After a few moments, he opens them and shakes his head.

Damn it Drake! You really are an edgy bastard. This isn’t the type of queen I wanted. You…is this photoshopped???

Another Follower: No one knows my lord.  *Cough*This is to have plausible deniability of using such pictures*Cough*

Another Follower: I believe Drake likely meant obsessed because this man has a fixation with eliminating you from the Grand Rampage and apparently competing for the Interwire
Championship some day. I bet he saw your Sagat cosplay for Halloween and decided he’d be a Street Fighter too.

IV: Oh yeah, this is the second choice story they were retelling to me for my nap, after they suffered too many casualties due to Nas fairy tales about the Grand Rampage.

Queen, I don’t get where you come off even referencing the king of this land as if you are worthy of even speaking my name, let alone with so much of your usual baseless anger and sass. What do you think this is? A video game? A cartoon? A progressive show where the likes of you take the lead? In these things, there’s always some pompous queen, a true princess, talking back to the man in charge like she knows anything other than how to make beds and cloth children. And they always rant……always telling the world about their FEELINGS! Much like you stroll out here telling us about how angry you are, about how you’re going to hurt people if we keep talking too loudly while your cramps have you all up in your moodiness, but no one in my great realm gives an iota of a damn about how little you can handle anymore. I don’t give a damn about all these other people you claim are upset eithre, surely I assume from your princess gossip mill of naggers and weaklings. So you can collect all of them at your side, you can go get Princess Peach sick of Bowser kidnapping her, you can go get queen Elsa pissed off that her private parts are a cold barren wasteland, and you can even go get the latest empress of elite disgusted that Sher is performing off Empire, and even then your combined hissy fits and rage would do nothing to slow my march towards the Pain for Pride marquee!

You’re just like the Pizza Boy, you think you so special, so unique, but I don’t know who died and made you bitches kings! I know what died and made me king, it was the ego of Drastik, it was the hopes of Jamie O’Hara, and it was each and every fallen soldier in the King of Elite tournament against me! So if any of you, including TLA, think that your words and concerns will ever have any value here, you’d best start collecting body bags to stake your claim, because until then, until 29 other stars are thrown over that top rope, the only one walking around here with any power to punch a ticket into Pain for Pride is me!

And soon, I’ll have TWO tickets.

End of video.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 13th 2017, 5:53 pm by Cameron Ella Ava

You think I’m just like every other woman you’ve faced?

You think that we’re going to get in the ring, fight and this will all end with you getting that much-needed victory? You think this is going to relieve any of the burden you have been facing since King of Elite? You think that you will finally move on from me and go face Cailin at Pain for Pride X? You think that you have what it takes to be the person that dethrones the Womens Champion? Why? Every time you have come close to beating Cailin, there happened to be someone in the way. At King of Elite, it was Stephanie Matsuda. At Malicious Intentions, it was Kendra and me. Instead of going to Kendra to resolve any issues you had with the OGs, you had to go to me? Why is that, Aria? Why not go to the supposed “ringleader” of the operation? Why not go straight to the woman who is responsible for you not be champion? Why do you have the nerve to go to me? Surely, you’ll say that it wasn’t only Kendra who interfered in Cailin’s behalf. I had my own part in the operation. I played my own role to assure that there would be no new Womens Champion.  But, why only have an issue with me, when your issue should have been with Kendra and me? With Kendra out of the way, you think that it will be a lot easier for you to get the well-needed victory. No controversy. No interference. Aria Jaxon getting a clean victory. Not only do you need this victory to move on to your mission to become Womens Champion, you need this victory to prove to yourself that you can get a victory when it matters. When was the last time you have gotten a victory that mattered? It wasn’t at Road to Redemption, King of Elite or Malicious Intentions? What makes Grand Rampage different from all those other times? How do I not know that you won’t slip and fall on your way to a loss? How do I not know that the outside interferences never mattered because the victory would be the same no matter what? Once I’m done with you, you can no longer use the excuses of outside interference. You can no longer use any typical excuse in the book to validate your argument. You will have no excuse for why you lost. When you lose, Aria, it won’t be because of another outside interference. It won’t be because someone costed the match for you. It will be because I was the better woman that night. When it boils down to the two of us, I will and always will be the better woman. After it’s all said and done, I really hope you use the advice I gave you and reflect on your career. I hope you think long and hard about what the next chapter of your EAW career will be. Will you go for the Specialists Championship? Will you go against your giant heart and leave Empire? Will you once again defend the irrelevant Young Lions Cup? Better yet, what happens when you again take away something that Lucas Johnson holds near and dear to his heart? Perhaps, losing this match isn’t such a bad idea at all. Perhaps, I am doing you a favor by defeating you. In my own sick and twisted way, you should thank me after the match is over. Not only will I be saving your career, but I will be saving you the humiliation from getting your ass handed to you by Cailin Dillon again. Aria, just safe yourself before it’s too late. Tuck your tail between your legs, leave Barcelona before I play my part by murdering your chances from ever getting the Womens Championship again. Nah, instead of doing that, you’ll be the biggest idiot in Barcelona and you’ll fight. Don’t get me wrong, you give it the fight of your career. You will drag your body through hell and back for a chance to still be in contention for the Womens Championship. There will be moments in the match where your body is in pain. You begin to question and doubt yourself if all of this is worth it? Aria, look into my eyes. This fight is not worth fighting for. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that. You complain about me thinking that this time, it won’t be a different result. You think that I’m not going to fight for a chance to make the Womens Championship title scene easier for me? Please, one less competition is beneficial for me. One less competition does wonders for my chances of becoming Womens Champion. Without you in the way, I might as well be punching my ticket to Pain for Pride because I have always said that Cameron versus Cailin is a match worthy of being in a big stage. What’s a stage bigger than Pain for Pride?

I’ve been here for about six, almost seven years. I have watched women come in and out those doors. I have faced all types of women. The ones I dislike are the ones who will never understand what they have here. Those women are weak minded. Those are women failed to survive during the harsh times of womens wrestling. Those are women would have failed to survive even the best times out of wrestling. If it wasn’t for women like me, you would have no one to inspire to. You wouldn’t have a role model in which you can look up to. You would have no woman in this world to tell you that women can be professional wrestlers. Would I seriously expect you to become your own role model? Would I really think that you have the capability to revolutionize womens wrestling? You think that you would be able to do what me and my fellow OGs have done when we had a Division of two, three girls? Nah, you would have left. You wouldn’t have stayed to build up the foundation of our Division. There’s a reason why you joined during one of the best peaks of the Womens Division. You saw the women. You saw that you could be part of something beautiful and you are. Pain for Pride is around the corner and you see this as an opportunity for everything to come full circle? Every victory and loss has led you to this point. I’m here to fuck up that circle you have. I’m here to ruin all of your precious plans for the future. I want you for the first time in your life to doubt yourself. I want you to question about the next few steps of your EAW journey. When it comes to me, you can’t think about things on the spot. You can’t just assume that I am like every other simple minded opponent you have faced. I’m one of the best in EAW. I am someone who has taken you to the limit every time you step into the ring with me. I have been one of your biggest challenges in your career. If you can defeat me again, I’ll stay out of your way. I’ll play my part and watch you try to capture the Womens Championship again. But first, you’re going to need to deal with me.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 13th 2017, 4:39 pm by Mike Showman

Really? Cheap victories? That’s what you consider my victories to be? But yes of course, of course you would think in such a nonsensical way! Of course you would try and dilute the effect generated because my victory by labeling it cheap because after all, those wins exposed your inabilities in front of everyone. The man whom they thought was a top tier superstar was shown to be nothing more than an inept and incapable piece of shit. So of course you would try to cover all up very quickly and mark it negatively and to be honest with you, I think this thing is actually going to work. Because all these idiots who call themselves your ‘fans’ treat whatever comes out of your mouth as law and so if you say my victory is cheap, they will repeat the same. If you come out one day and say that the Sun goes around the Earth, they are going to believe that too without even once considering the truthfulness of such a statement. I have told time and time again that you are only relevant because you sell yourself to the fans like a generic whore and once again it is proved to be true. Also, yeah, I have indeed bragged about my victory over you over and over again and you know why? It’s because that victory actually turned everything around for the People with Class. That’s not to say that we were irrelevant or anything because ever since our creation, we have cemented our names as one of the hottest groups in EAW history. The thing is, no matter where you go, there are always doubters, doubters who simply refuse to shut themselves up and always coming up with idiotic facts to back their doubts. So yeah, the People with Class had doubters as well, fat keyboard warriors who would get on the internet and write nonsensical shit but you know what? Ever since I humiliated you in front of everyone, no one has dared to say anything against us and you know why? Because I have proved that whatever I have been saying thus far about the People with Class is absolutely true. I have proved that I simply don’t say, I do and when I do, not even former champions are safe from me! So yeah, I brag about that victory a lot and will continue to do so in the future and if that seems repetitive to you, you can simply fuck off. But then again, you should never see that as an attempt to use your reputation in order to take my take my career further. That is absolutely ridiculous thing to say because firstly, I have a reputation of my own, a reputation built because of my talent and charisma. When you say “Leader of the New Generation”, people will immediately point at me, when someone asks about who the best young talent is Voltage, they will point at Jon and me because we have proved time and time again that no one in the so called ‘new generation’ can touch us. Hell, even some of the ‘not so new’ generation also fall flat before us and so, no, we don’t need your narrow spotlight Nasir. Instead, people like you need our spotlight, our fame in order to keep yourselves relevant. I mean, look at Aren, that guy who started to go down the irrelevant way became popular once again and all that because he faced a ‘best young talent’ twice and lost. Who knows maybe after a few months you will do exactly like Aren and try to bask in our spotlight. Yeah, I know that you will dismiss this almost immediately but the thing is, the fans who have kept you alive so far might very well find someone new to get behind. Because these people are famous for rejecting the old very quickly and grabbing whatever is hot and not everything can stay hot for a lifetime. But yeah, that is the future so fuck it for now. What matters now is the present and right now, the present is the Grand Rampage match. Nas, I know that by eliminating you, I will achieve nothing but the thing is, your elimination would be a satisfying event for me and so, I will be the one do it. I won’t let anyone else have that satisfaction!  So yeah, your dream will come to an end and that too at my hands and so, If I were you, I would start preparing a list of excuses that would come in handy to describe the loss at the Grand Rampage

Now before I am end this, I have more guy I need to address and his name is Ryan Marx. Now Ryan, why are you so mad at me especially since I have told the truth. I mean, I did not exaggerate any facts or make up things like Nasir Moore and so, why the bitterness towards me? Is it because you can’t handle the truth? Is it because you can’t handle the fact that no matter how many titles you win, you simply cannot be more popular than Mike Showman? Well to be honest, you shouldn’t really be mad about that because no one right now in EAW is more popular than Mike Showman. Ever since the People with Class started tearing the Voltage roster apart, our popularity has reached new heights and like I said to that little shit Nas, people have been trying to bask in our popularity by challenging us to random rematches from outta nowhere! And yeah, you are right, I am more than capable of standing toe to toe against you. In fact, I am capable enough to pick you up and throw you over the top rope and thus putting a swift end to your dream of main eventing Pain for Pride Ten no matter how much you try to summon that inner transformer in you and ‘transform’ according to the situations. Ryan, you talk about mind games but the thing is, you are looking at one of the masters of playing that game. I have told time and time again that while strength may not be my most powerful trait, I make it up by using my mind effectively and so trust me when I tell you, I do have an idea about the man I will be going up against at Grand Rampage. In fact, I have analysed each and every one of the competitors pretty well and so Ryan, if you thought you would take me by surprise in that match then let me tell you something, you just lost one of the biggest weapons in your arsenal. 
Now as for the others, guys like Moongoose McQueen, Chris Elite, Rex and others who are trying so hard to be considered as legitimate contenders for winning the Grand Rampage match, here is my advice, Moongoose, you need to get some sleep. Also, change your name to Mongoose because that shit is the right way to spell your name. Chris, you need to get some fresh air and while you are at it, please do get a life will you? Rex, dude, you seriously need to get laid. I mean, you have been at it like a machine ever since the week began even though you do not have a good chance of winning. So yeah, please get laid.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 13th 2017, 3:07 pm by Drake Jaeger

闆 A middle-aged Doctor uncomfortably makes his way to a nearby room as the girls of The Harem follow closely behind with distressed expressions. 闆

Doctor: I really don’t feel comfortable with all of you hovering over me. I’m sure he’ll be fine, but I think you should wait out here.

The Harem: DRAKE-SAMA!

闆 The Doctor looks at the cameraman with a concerned expression. 闆

Doctor: Do these women speak English?

闆 The cameraman presumably shrugs as the Doctor sighs and shakes his head before opening the door, where Drake Jaeger is shown patiently sitting in a black hospital gown. 闆

Doctor: Mr. Jaeger…

Drake: Don’t be afraid to call me “Edgelord” too, if you want. It’s a thing I’m doing.

Doctor: I think I’ll stick with Mr. Jaeger… Why are you dressed in that? Where’s your hospital gown?

闆 Drake grins. 闆

Drake: Don’t worry about it, Doc, I brought this from home. I figured all you guys would have is the boring fuckin’ normal ones. I’ve got a whole persona that I need to stay in at all times. Could you imagine if someone came around here and recognized me while I was in some boring traditional gown? My reputation is at stake.

Doctor: And where is the gown you had on?

Drake: I threw it out the window.

Doctor: Threw it… Why would you do that?

Drake: I’m not gonna lie to you, Doc. I don’t know why I do a lot of things. I think it may be the cancer that’s causing this behavior.

闆 The Doctor looks at the clipboard in his hands, reading it over. 闆

Doctor: Well, you definitely don’t have cancer.

Drake: Right, right. Tumor… Parasite… May as well call it cancer.

Doctor: You don’t have any of those things, and can you please tell these girls to go wait outside? And do we really need someone filming this?

Drake: I can’t do it, Doc. I need these girls here for moral support. Methuselah has lost every single chick he’s had in his corner, so what better way to get the edge over him than by going everywhere with a bunch of chicks that would literally die for me? He’s got nothing and no one.

Doctor: Huh? I don’t know who you’re talking about.

Drake: Let me clear things up for you: “Methuselah” is the name of my cancer.

闆 The Doctor stares at Drake with an exasperated expression. 闆

Doctor: Again, you don’t have cancer, Mr. Jaeger.

Drake: Oh, but I do.

Doctor: You don’t.

Drake: It’s a lot of cancer, Doc, I can’t imagine how you missed it.

Doctor: What are you getting at?

Drake: It’s a big fuckin’ cancer. Like, a six foot 5 inch-sized cancer. I want it gone.

闆 The annoyed Doctor turns to look at the onlooking girls of The Harem, the cameraman, and then back at Drake. 闆

Doctor: Is this supposed to be some sort of joke, Mr. Jaeger. Did you actually come here to find out if you have anything wrong with you, or did you come here as some prank?

闆 Drake feigns shock with an audible gasp. 闆

Drake: Doctor! I would never! You just don’t understand! I know how hard it is to believe, alright? I really do. You have to believe me when I tell you that this man, Methuselah, is a very literal cancer. That isn’t a joke. I feel diseased every single time I step inside a ring with him. Hell, I feel it just being in the same arena as him. He’s taken an entire company and made it into a cancerous shell of its former self! An entire fucking company! You don’t know him. I get that. You don’t need to, though. All you need to know is what he’s done, and why I need to get rid of him. If you’re not gonna help me in some way, then I’ll have to do it myself. A lot of people think he’s a terminal cancer, because he’s been around longer than literally anyone else, and yet he just doesn’t die. I can’t even begin to imagine how many people have fallen to him throughout the years. The greatest EAW has ever had to offer couldn’t stop him, so what can I do? I’m just some dude, am I not? I don’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell, right?

Doctor: I don’t know. Can you please leave?

Drake: This is what the cancer does, Doc! It’s spread to my brain! It compels me to go on a tangent! I hate it! I fucking hate it! I HATE HIM! I hate him with the fiery passion of a thousand suns! I hate his stupid scraggly beard! I hate his bug eyes! I hate his shitty thinning hair! I hate his retarded tattoos! I hate his lanky fuckin’ body! I hate everything he’s ever accomplished in his entire life, and I ABSOLUTELY LOATHE every single man, woman, and child that idolizes him! I’ve never come as close to beating a fan to death as I have whenever I have to listen to these dumbasses cheering him on, and what are they cheering on by this point? What is he to them, huh? He’s just “Methuselah” by this point now? Have they forgotten all of the sick, twisted shit he’s done throughout his career? Did they just decide to sweep under the rug all of the despicable things he’s done to other people? You know, you can go ahead and call me a scumbag for all the shit I’ve done, but you know what? I’m an HONEST scumbag! I’m not hiding beneath a mask! I’m certainly not legitimately running around pretending to be a split personality to cover up my boner for violence! I want the World to know how fucked up I am, and I will not drop to my knees and beg for their forgiveness! I will not rush out to the aid of a fucking Pizza Boy or anyone else they deem “the good guy”. I won’t. I just won’t do it, but Methuselah? DEDEDE? Ohhh, you bet your ass he’ll do it and HAS done it on countless occasions. Are you seeing the problem here?

闆 The Doctor attempts to leave, only for Drake to hop to his feet and pull the Doctor back. 闆

Drake: The problem here is that I’m clearly taking crazy pills, Doc. I can see it, so why can’t they? I can see what a fraudulent, ridiculous, piece of shit this guy is. I can see everything. When you don’t go around with rose-tinted glasses glued to your fucking face, you tend to see things for what they really are. I mean, just now, this guy is coming for a Championship a whole lot of people would consider to be above him. What is he now, a 20-time World Champion? 4-time Hall of Famer? I bet he got inducted both as DEDEDE and Methuselah, didn’t he? He’s got so many people metaphorically gagging on his cock that even MY throat is sore. I’m tired of it, Doc. I’m soooo, so tired. Look at me, Doc. I’m a mess, ain’t I? I want it to end, man. I just want it to end. I’d kill myself if I weren’t so dead set on Meth dying first. He wants to dethrone Drake Jaeger not to rid the World of my wicked ways, and he certainly doesn’t give even the slightest ounce of a fuck about bringing some kinda prestige to this…

闆 Drake holds out a hand, snapping his fingers to gesture for the InterWire Championship. The girls nervously look at one another before handing Drake a toy replica of the InterWire Championship that he proudly displays. 闆

Drake: I couldn’t find the real one, but it’ll turn up. It always does. Why? Because it belongs to me. It literally always comes back to me, no matter where I leave it or what I do with it, because it was destined to be around MY waist. Meth wants to be InterWire Champion for one reason: because jerking off to all of his old accolades gets boring after a while. How do you think he’s survived all these years? He’s obviously some sort of fucking vampire - sucking the life out of every young up and comer that’s ever stepped foot in an EAW ring, and stealing every bit of credibility they’ve got, as well as their Championship. How many people has he raped of their rep by now? Countless. He’s got dozens - maybe even hundreds of bodies buried in his backyard. These men all had loads of potential, I’m sure. They had futures so bright that they had to wear shades, and Meth even stole those too. I won’t be a victim, Doc. I REFUSE.

闆 Drake turns towards the window, looking out at the setting sun with a sentimental look on his face. 闆

Drake: When I was a wee lad, Doc, I would watch whatever wrestling I could. There was a man that represented a company - a hero of sorts. He always won, he always dominated, and he always made certain those who did wrong were punished. This guy put on incredible performances every single time he stepped in the ring. Even whenever he lost his way, the fans welcomed him back with open arms. I looked up to that guy. I fantasized about that man. I dreamed every night that I would get the chance to step inside a ring with him… And kill him. I hated his stupid fucking face. I hated his stupid fucking fans. I hated him getting shoved down my throat over those that obviously had just as much, if not more talent. I hated him to my very fucking core, and I will finally get a chance to kill him, in a way. I just want the World to watch me beat their hero to death in a ring. Is that too much to ask? I won’t be those guys that let him walk all over them. I won’t be the guy that plays second fiddle to this asshat. I won’t. You understand, right? Do you get it now?

闆 Drake turns to the Doctor, only to see the Doctor left. 闆

Drake: Coward. I think we’re done here. Let’s go start chemo. It’s time to recover.

闆 Drake takes a couple of his Harem girls by the shoulders as they take their leave; his ass hanging out of his dark hospital gown as the camera fades to black. 闆
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 13th 2017, 2:15 pm by The Elite-Lord
The heretics rise from the ashes, and from the shadows as well - but their time has yet to come. Instead they are lead astray, burning bright in cinders of ash to the pyre. But the desire is writ in blood, dragged and pulled by the lifetime of venom in which it feeds. But this is an illusion in which refuge is sought. But this force of god in which Nico Borg delivers, portraying the threat of extinction, is the only architecture in which your kind has come to know. Threatening through the barbarianism of your beliefs, devoiding the thought of reason. For only the legitimization of your senseless demands are the age of war, matching nothing but the rage and the fury. This appointed purity is the blind leading the blind, begging for the relevance of superiority. Oblivious to the grand coup, and far too seduced to escape your predicament - Nico Borg comes seeking the land in which Lannister roams and rules. It is said to never awaken a sleeping giant, but Lannister has never backed from the conquests of a challenge.

But alas, it is the arrogance of one Lannister that gives you and your god purpose. It could be argued, that Nico Borg owes his allegiance to Lannister, needing the terror of his purest form to elevate into the depths of his god's demands. So here you stand, Nico Borg, bestowed with the burden of conquering a dynasty, while having the hands of a pawn. Let it be known that it is Lannister that molds this world's fate, and has through the testament of time - and not your god. Lannister is the orchestration of the wheels in motion, releasing the floodgates and oppressing the damned. It is Lannister that ties the noose around the neck of the unforgiving, seeding the ruins to the masses, and harboring all the glimmers of hope to the means of himself. With this in mind, there is no room for the wretched form of your god to soak himself in Lannister's humanity, nor the ground in which Lannister walks. Lannister would rather watch the horizon burn with a sky of fire and paint himself as king of the ashes, than see the land of EAW under the umbrella of faith. But luckily for Lannister, the bending of the knees is only a lust of the holy, a lust for power in which they don't physically possess. See, Nico Borg, there just simply isn't room for your god in Lannister's world, for the same purpose cannot be represented twice over. Pitted against your campaign, Lannister is determined for the external conflict of these visions you have set forth. These faulty convictions, in your towering judgements, shall incinerate beneath your feet in due time. Drawn into your devotion, you are Mr. Borg - but how this vow to your passion is leaving you void of a sense of salvation.

For here you are - feeding yourself to the structure in which Lannister maintains. Lannister has survived much harsher storms, onslaughts that have crafted Lannister's own immune nature. But this? This is the ominous power trying to treat its perspective as the unrelenting force. But how the writing is on the wall, and the presence in which you present does not expand upon these said walls. For the iron rule stands, enforcing his code upon the entity of living. Protection is not achieved through fear, unlike what Mr. Borg would like to suggest - but just simply through the divine intervention in which Lannister bestows. While Mr. Borg takes the bait and monitors Lannister's every move through the seeding of insulting his spiritual entity, Lannister basks in the glory of the riches that are upheld through such absolution. The comfort in which Lannister stands will not falter to the mere presence of Nico Borg and his submissive, sterilized beliefs. For there is no glory to be had in a fading lie, a numbered and bound essence that contains the greatest of virtues. Time is imminent, and forever on the side of the keeper of the reign. For Lannister shall use the stage of Grand Rampage to replicate the natural order of Lannister's scourge on the competition. This breeding disease of Nico Borg will not weaken the gravitational force that Lannister represents o the daily. For Lannister himself, the Star of the Mourning himself, shall continue to manipulate the toll of attrition. The hunger in which Lannister views down upon, men like Nico Borg and Ryan Marx who try to sprinkle in their demands. But Lannister is the mass intake and the one that feeds on the lion's share. These echoes of desperation will not dawn Lannister into the dawn of peril, for Lannister is not lead by faith, but by the principle of war. The system is not aligned, Nico Borg - and your line of sight has towed off the line. Holding your breath, just trying to corrupt Lannister's viewpoint has proven to be fruitless in evidence. But look around, look inside even if you must, Mr. Borg - and all these attempts of contempt and peril has left your word - and your god - without merit. And when Lannister rips away your presence in the throne room at the Grand Rampage - these sacred pillars you have built will crumble, the sound resonating an echo that rings true. A sound that tells the tale, of not fairy, but reality in which Nico Borg was crushed through the weight of time - an uprising left in despair.

The populace is left to the better unknown of what Lannister's dominance truly predicates, caught in the dangerous transition of what surveillance captivates. But you, Nico Borg - you will come to know the perpetual torment in which Lannister deems. There is a burden to cast in your shame, long past the essence of defeat - a paralyzing sensation that sets the false pretense into bitter numbness. The realization that the standard in which you seek, was nothing more than a hallucination for the chord to wave your banner in march. You're confused. You're diluted. Flawed. And that's the spectacle of it all.

On how your god will fail you this time.

This eager soldier in the prisoner of his own war, will call high on his lordship, only to be delivered the fascination of being misled into the fire. But that's only because a greater power pulling the strings, serving as the deity Mr. Borg has always desired.

But this deity isn't your savior - he's your punisher. And penance comes to the sinners who embark on Lannister's lands, and the attempted thievery to the keeper of the reign.

Some mistakes - you never stop paying for, Nico Borg. And your god best not only watch - but learn to serve House Lannister. Because there is only one monarch to serve in EAW - and it comes in the coat of gold - the coat of red.

Power be dare.
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Post on April 13th 2017, 1:09 pm by Moongoose McQueen
Rex, did the teapot just call the kettle black for moment? Because you’re telling me to shut up when here you are doing the exact same thing to try to justify your own role in match. Did you really think I was going to shut my mouth just because people told me too? The only one in this match that even had a chance of that is a man that beat me to put me in this position is TLA, and even then, I’m still talking and I’m still confident in my own abilities. So I guess the thing I’m trying to say is, kid, if you want me to shut up, you’re just going to have to make me, and believe me, in my career, people would go through such lengths, breaking every fiber of their integrity just to kill the noise that I make, yet here I am, stronger and better than ever. You think I speak philosophy like Ryan Marx when I say that I cannot die. It’s more literally than you think. You think Hades was the real hellraiser between the two of us? Hmmm. Please, He just managed to get the name first, but there is a reason I am but one of his many sources of inspiration. Some can even argue, it’s because of my “never die” attitude or the fact that in the face of all that is evil, I am fearless. Because you talk about how I got stuck with the Number 1 entrant spot. You talk about how the fans made that decision for me. But guess what Rex, call me crazy, but I had a choice, I’d pick number 1 while each and every single one of you would go for that coveted 30 spot. Call me crazy, but I love the challenge. The harder it is, the harder I get, I suppose, and all this talking and foot stomping is just to give each and every single taste of what is to come. See, I am special, because I might be only one of the few here that will own up and make use of it. While here you are promoting yourself, here I’ve been promoting Grand Rampage for the past 2 months, carrying a load and burden that will make any mere man question everything. And I feel like people should know this. Know that the number doesn’t matter, because at the end of it all, the end results are the same. I’m going to keep making a noise, I’m going to keep seeking attention. I’m going to try hard because I am by far the hardest working guy here. All these insults that I believe in myself a little too much and trying to make the best out of any situation. Well, that’s Moongoose McQueen in a nutshell, along with the insanity that I bring to the table. You don’t know this, but I’ve already been here 6 months and I’m already one of Dynasty’s top prospect for talent. No, this isn’t a cliché that ever rookie is a new up and coming. This is the same meteoric rise to the top that you may be experience now since you lost that title, but I’m getting where you want to be in a shorter amount of time and eventually, poof, I just ran right past you and have taken everything you ever wanted and needed, and it can happen if I choose Showdown as my new home.  I know how this works. Everyone is on their own brand worrying about their shit. It’s a fair thought, but here it is, Grand Rampage where everyone comes together to one ring and gets to introduce themselves for the first time. And I gotta say, I’m making the first impression that I want people to see. In a sense, I like to think people are amazed, Whether it’s in my ability or how over the top and arrogant this man is, I’m still a spectacle to behold. To say that I am a wild card with a chance of winning I gotta admit, Rex, you gave me more credit than most people have so far, but to say we both have the same chance is laughable when here you are trying so hard play the good guy, when all you just show is, I got you. I got you good. I struck a nerve by just talking, and why? Because I know how guys like you think. It’s like the internet where something horrible happens, and instead of doing something about it, they post their little opinion to their buddies and hope to get some like or some kind of reaction, but in reality, are you really doing anything beyond creating a little awareness? Well, guess what? Maybe that little article you are talking about isn’t real. Maybe I’m just trolling you, and you fell for it, just because you are so damn gullible, Rex. But none the less, anger spreads and so does the stupidity. But you know what your mama always told you ForRext Gump, Stupid is as Stupid does and “Life is like a Box of Chocolate. You never know what you are going to get?” Trust me, when you take a bite and taste of bitter defeat, you’ll know what you just got….. THIS GUY. Oh….. IT’S NOT MONGOOSE, IT’S MOONGOOSE, M….O…..O…N….GOOSE! You idiot!
And was that a threat, Chris Elite? As long as I keep my distance from you?  You sound like that kid in special needs class that bites people. Is that why Big Mike follows you to restrain you? Because honestly, tapping a sign to the front and back of your shirt that says “Beware of Dog” will probably be enough to keep people away from you. What you gonna do about that, you little Taco Bell Bitch? “Yo quireo  Grand Rampage?” You want that Grand Rampage win, guess what son, you gonna have to deal with Moongoose McQueen and “No quiero  Moongoose McQueen.”  But good that you didn’t forget about me. Good that you think I’ll last the longest, but you don’t think I’ll win? Well am I going to have to beat you with a rolled up Newpaper, which will ironically say “Moongoose McQueen won the Grand Rampage.” Go take that shit and go piss off elsewhere. RUFF RUFF RUFF if you didn’t catch that. Jesus Christ!
Oh, speaking of someone that thinks he’s all high and mighty. Hello Ryan Marx. You know, it makes a lot of sense now, that you tell people you were a philosophy student at college. While its not as poor a choice as going for an art degree, I can see you trying real hard to make use of a degree that won’t have much use in the future. After all, almost every mental ailment is going to be solved with drugs and psychology will be known as the mumble jumble of all the medical science. Granted, it already is, but people still think it’s a real science just because the people that spew that crap think they are smart. Now granted, you aren’t wrong in the sense that I am trying to agitate everyone. No, it’s not about creating fear, because fear comes later. Fear is when you think this guy is all talk and won’t do anything about it, but then I come knocking at the door or appearing from behind and screaming “HEEEEEERE’S MOOOOOOOOOOOONGOOSE!!” And what you call being annoying, I call self-marketing.  Because you see, I’m a business major. I always go what sells and what will make the most money. What generates the most buzz and attention, and believe it or not, Marx, it’s because of  guys like me that you have a place, let alone, a job in this business. People don’t look for psychology majors to make the big bucks, they go for the sharks, and when I made my interest to return to the industry, it didn’t take long for EAW to toss the biggest chunk of meat to the sea for me to take.  Which will lead to my next discussion about furniture, since you seem so… so… obsessed with them.  Your talk about Quakers sitting in a circle in their prayers to be equals is interesting. But you still live in some fictional world where the human soul must be inherently good to put aside their selfish need for a greater good. Well, playing devil advocates for the sake of the cold hard truth, Among these 29 chairs, I introduce one lazy boy, the best the world has to offer, or say a throne. How many people you think are going to go for that one? Or maybe it’s a hot day, and there is one fan, whose going to fight for the best seat in the house? This is the flaw in your logic. Not everyone wants to be equal. Everyone wants to be better, but the degree in which they want that high position or power comes from will power. You can say, everyone is a believer, but some people believe more than others? Do those truly devoted deserve more than those that just claim to be a believer, or does everyone just get the same rewards? I’m sure for the sake of your hooky Kooky religion and philosophy, every gets the same thing, but you see, that’s not how it works. I work harder than you, and if I win, I get the big reward, and that is why your logic and psychology degree here fails you. If it’s all the same chair, sure, you are running your church like a fuckin cult where you put out the worse choices in life as a means to break their spirit and make them thing this is as good as it gets in terms of salvation, but I choose to believe there is always something more and greater if I go and seek it. And call me a piece of furniture again, and like a steel chair, I’ll beat you personally over and over and we’ll see if the brain can stand up to metal. 
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Grand Rampage Promo 2 – Ignoring the Noise

The scene fades in as we hear quiet murmurings echoing around. We are back in the re-purposed barn, though it is no longer empty as it was in the previous promo. Now, the chairs have been arranged into a circle, and are occupied by hooded figures, the source of the mumblings. Their words mingle together, unclear to anyone not within their circle. However, before any sense can be made, the whispers stop. The door the barn opens and Ryan Marx enters the dimly-lit room, journal in hand. He slips between the chairs and enters the circle, standing still in the centre.

Do you know how the Quakers worship? They sit in a circle to show that no member of their community is any more equal than the next, and they are still and silent so that they can better open their minds and listen to their god. I believe there is much to learn from these practices – especially for some of you in this Grand Rampage match. For many of you appear to be talking far too much, and the result is not that you are heard more than others, but more so that you are becoming something to be ignored. Instead of being the loud and proud voice at the head of the stage, you are becoming the background noise that no one pays attention to. And why is that? Well, simply put, it is because you have turned into a broken record that is merely repeating the same old arguments. That or you end up saying nothing of worth at all. People say I repeat myself when it comes to my philosophy, but I have never expended energy into spewing out nonsense seven or more times. No, I wait and compose myself before speaking. Say what you will about how much I have to say at a time, but at least I'm not talking so much I've become part of the furniture like Moongoose and Rex.

In Moongoose's case, there really is nothing more to say. The man is not only delusional, but also trying far too hard to make an impression. He says his goal is to agitate everybody, and if so then he has succeeded, though not in the way he probably would have liked. See, instead of agitating everyone so much that they are afraid of you, you have annoyed everyone to the point where they just want to humiliate you – not that you haven't already done that yourself. Did you get your humour from Chris Elite, because it is about as effective as his in-ring work as of late. Me? My opinion of you hasn't changed. I still want to make you suffer, if I so get the chance, for maybe then you will see what it means to truly show no mercy. Do you think you're tough because you're entering at the number one spot? All I see is a man overcompensating, as he knows he will not be the one to do the impossible this Saturday. So he speaks and speaks, milking all the attention he can get this week, because he knows that once Grand Rampage is over, no one will be listening to him. Have I figured out your career now, Moongoose? Have I psycho-analysed you well? I bet I have.

Rex though, Rex can at least bring forth some points that I can chew through. He at least recognises the force that I can and will be this Saturday. I'm glad I can motivate you to power through to the end – it is what a good leader does after all, motivate those he has control over. You speak from experience, state that you know what it takes to get the job done, but have you ever won a Grand Rampage match? I haven't, nor am I pretending I have experience with such a match, but I know how to deal with chaos. I know what must be done in order to hold my own and stand out in a crowd of thirty. This match is nothing special – it is merely a collection of souls vying for attention and dominance, something I am all too familiar with considering how long I have had to fight for recognition. My experience comes from my victory at Showdown, and whilst that is not entirely comparable to a situation such as Grand Rampage, my tactics going into that match are what I can learn from. I kept a level head, I stayed focussed on my end goal and not some prize dangling before me, and I cared not for my opponents as individuals. I saw through all your lies, your dependencies, and I proved that none of you can stand against a man who has cut ties with his vices. From what I have seen, this Grand Rampage match in terms of competitors is the same as the battle royal, only there are more marionettes with their strings getting tangled. As you all rush in, making your claims just as you are doing, Rex, you are not realising that you are getting caught up in the mass of bodies. What I'm doing is staying back and waiting for the pile of competitors to grow and still, so that I can then climb it when the dust clears. See, you may believe in a balance of quality and quantity, but I know that if you continue to shout out things that people do not care for, they will eventually ignore you, just as people are gradually doing with Moongoose and you. If you wish to shout out your prophecies, do so in the best way possible, at the best time. That is what I did last week, and it is what I am doing now. We shall see if that tactic yields the same results it did before.

Ryan opens up his journal, skimming through a couple of pages before continuing.

Now we move on to Lars Grier, and old adversary who continues to try his hardest to overcome me. Unfortunately for him, he still fails to show the level of intelligence required to beat me at my own game. It's fair to say that it was not I alone who ended your battle royal streak, but I still had a hand in it, which is more than what you had in my descent back into the shadows. And oh, you didn't care about your battle royal streak? How nihilistic of you, Lars. Rejecting your own success, what an intriguing strategy. It's almost as if you don't want to win, as if you want to suffer. Well, I can help with that, as you know very well. You also like to act as if you know my 'cult' very well, but if you did you would know that my followers are no 'cult'. We are a school of thought, and they do not whisper lies into my ear. They barely talk at all, with the exception of a few such as Evan who I have endowed with the ability to speak truthfully. See, I do not need to be told I am the 'next big thing', I do not need such mumurings repeated, for I am not as fragile as some in this match. Unlike those who need to be groomed for success by others, I am independent, as I have said countless times. I thrived without followers, and now I continue to grow with them – they do not determine my success. Lars, I know you like to believe you know a lot about me, but I am the one who does the analysing. I love the way you talk about me as if you have known me for years, so allow me to give context to those empty words you utter.

I am a graduate of King's College London, a very prestigious university. I learned about philosophy there and opened my mind to new concepts, which I then explored later on through in-depth and dedicated research. And through that research, I realised that it is possible to ascend from this body into something more. It is not possible for everyone, though it can be achieved through my philosophy, one that was born from experience. Enlightenment through suffering. You may call me a shell, but my lack of humanity is what makes me superior to the rest of you in this match, and especially you, Lars. I cannot be destroyed, for if you torture my body my philosophy will live on. All of you are in this match for a chance at becoming something more than what you are – I am in this match to amass more influence so that I can continue to be more. There is no higher power, no god...there is only the Zeitgeist. Now, I do not believe I am your anti-venom, more so the venom that will cause you to deteriorate. Of course, your body could become resistant to me, but I adapt. The venom changes and becomes more potent, more damaging. It will spread through your body until you cannot take any more. Me, I've already reached my limit. I met it a long time ago. None of you in this match can cause me to break – you can try, and you could even come close enough to eliminate me, but I am resolute in the fact that you cannot find my breaking point. And that confidence is what shall lead me to success.

Ryan flicks through another few pages in his journal, a smile creeping onto his face.

It's good to see people are finally turning their heads towards me. Though it is a shame they continue to speak of the same tired assumptions and misconceptions I have already cleared up. Mike Showman, for example, does not set a good first impression. You see, Mike, I am the leader of not just the New Breed, but also the future due to my abilities and ascension through the ranks of EAW. I have said many times that I care not for physical titles, but instead the power gained from them. And I have collected a lot of power in a short amount of time. I know to you that may not seem like a huge feat, considering you have had a lot of success handed to you by those in your life, including your tag team partner. But I do like the way you have reasoned through my choice of semantics – perhaps you are more capable than others in this match to go toe-to-toe with me. Though perhaps you did not hear from others that my forte is mind games. Mike, did you not learn anything from the way I had stunned Mark Michaels into silence? Trying to corner me only results in an even more vicious assault. See, I am not just a snake. I adapt and change to suit my environment. Like a chameleon, only a lot more deadly. So perhaps I am not an animal at all, more so a toxin. Airborne and inescapable. I will get into your brain, seep into your nerves, and ruin you. You think you can outsmart me? Mr. Showman, you have no idea what you are up against. There are men who have fought me who still do not fully understand me, so what makes you think you know how to get the better of me? Even if you were to get an advantage, just know that it would not last long: I am progression, I am evolution, and I will change before your very eyes.

And now to continue with the trend of Voltage Elitists, let us look at some more. Nasir Moore finally recognises me, though considering the emptiness of his threats, he may as well have remained silent when it came to the Zeitgeist. He pays compliments to me, but just as others have done and as I have shown, that does nothing to alleviate the pressure I will put unto you if we do meet. Nasir, you will have to do more than defang and skin me alive this Saturday. Because I will do worse to you if we encounter one another. If you are unfortunate enough to stay in that ring when I make my entrance, then you should prepare yourself for a pain no one has made you feel. Not in 2016, not this year, and not ever. That pep in your step will not last forever, and in the face of darkness such as myself, it will soon dissipate into unfathomable fear. If you wish to present me as a trophy, you will have to do more than hurt me physically, for even as a severed head I will speak the truth and you cannot silence me.

And speaking of taking the beast's head, we have Solomon Caine in all his religious zealot glory. Who has sent you? Is it God, or the Devil himself? Or is it the Sanatorium? Either way, it doesn't matter. Because whoever has sent you sent the wrong man to deal with me. It's a simple as that. You are truly deluded, and as I look at you I can see a mind ripe for destruction. Self-destruction, that is. People have the gall to call me cryptic, but look at you: spewing nonsense that honestly doesn't make sense in the slightest. You do have connections to the Sanatorium, so it is expected that you don't make much sense, but honestly, what are you trying to say? Maybe this is all a cry for help, a plea for mercy on your scattered brain. Solomon, you are not ready for Grand Rampage – the chaos of this match will tear your mind asunder, if I don't get to you before then. In your mind, you may be a messenger of some powerful being, but all I see is someone more delusional than Zack Crash. And Zack, well, he has changed for the worse.

I could talk about others in this match who continue to fail to recognise me. Even when I attacked Lucas Johnson and tore him to pieces, he didn't have anything to say about me – I suppose he is afraid of me, and believed silence would save him. How unfortunate. But to be quite frank, I do not wish to expend time on those who do not deserve it. No, I prefer to talk about the likes of Sheridan Muller, who briefly mentioned me and yet misrepresented me in that short space of time. Sheridan, I understand that you are a big threat in this match. I mean, look at what you have and are accomplishing. 'German Efficiency' truly is a force to be reckoned with. But I do not see you in the way you said. I do not generalise. Sheridan, at the end of it all, you are equal to every other competitor in this match. Every competitor except me, of course, for I am the one who shall enter last and define all of you within this match with my success. Whilst you strive to prove everyone wrong in their assumptions about you as a female athlete, I continue to disregard the noise of their misconceptions, and I have become stronger from it. And that, Sheridan, that is the superior way of life.

Speaking of superiority, I still cannot believe Chris Elite believes himself to be greater than me. He continues to bring up these 'victories' over me, despite me pointing out numerous times that all of those victories were tainted. Tainted by outside interference, run-ins, and villainous tactics. But no! He is of course far superior to me with his unclean wins and reliance on others to finish matches for him. What more is there to say? He brings up the same arguments against me, and every time I debunk them. Perhaps you should listen to me and try to adapt as I do, Chris. Be sure to bring Big Mike out with you to the ring like you did last Saturday, because then he can catch you as you fall over the top rope.

Now, onto people with actual points. TLA raised the point of how, as the number thirty entrant, I will become the number one target as soon as I enter that ring. I will face a group of desperate people, all of whom will be determined to run me down. That is true. However, as I preside over this match in my spot, I already see a group of twenty-nine other desperate competitors – the only difference is that you all have energy. By the time I come out, most of you won't have that fuel behind you, and when you run purely off of desperation, fighting against someone with the utmost confidence in themselves becomes an almost impossible task. All of you are desperate to prove yourselves, to grab that world title shot, but I do not need to be that way. I know that whatever happens in this match, success will come to me, and so why should I act so desperately? Why should I fight for scraps of meat when I know I can take down a live gazelle if I so wished? This match and the weight of it does not affect me as it does others, those of you who are speaking incessantly and trying your hardest to stand out. And TLA, you may not be scared now, but I hope we meet in this match, so that when I look into your eyes I can see the terror grow within them before I deliver you unto salvation. I am not claiming to be an unstoppable force, but I am claiming to be your worst nightmare, for I know that that is the truth.

Ryan pauses and glances at the followers that sit around him. As he continues to speak, he walks slowly around the circle, walking close to his followers. Their heads turn to follow him as he passes each one, as if they coming to life just by being near his presence.

That is what it comes down to in this match: the truth. The truth is that as number thirty, I have a supposed advantage. But as a leader and independent thinker, I have even more control in this match. People are playing favourites, announcing who they believe or feel should win: Pizza Boy, TLA, even me. But the Grand Rampage is not about belief or feelings – it is about the separation of yourself from twenty-nine other competitors. It is about thinking, about playing the game so well that you beat everyone else at it. And what is that 'game'? I've said it many times: it is the game of chaos. If there is one thing that can control and lead chaos, it is time. For chaos dies with time, and what is left is the spirit of the era. The Zeitgeist.

He comes to stand in the centre of the circle once more, all of his followers now watching him.

All that is left to do now is block out the noise, ignore those who wish to speak and say nothing, and focus on yourself. For when that number thirty rolls around, you must be prepared to sacrifice yourself if you wish to be known beyond just a numeric value. When I enter, I shall bring progress with me, and it shall cut away all of you and the ties that restrict you, and leave nothing but souls from which I can feast on. The last defines those before it, the most powerful leads the weak. And as I stand here, looking ahead to Saturday, I can see that I am the one in power. I am not just number thirty – I am the definition of this Grand Rampage match.

Cut to black.
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A unit, no doubt.

So much so that it’s become a hassle telling one apart from the other.

With all the garbage that comes crawling out of your mouths, I can agree with the sentiment that you are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one and the same.

You mirror one another to such an incredible extent that I dare call you “predictable”. I dare call you “boring”. I dare call you “pathetic”. Don’t go throwing a tantrum just yet, I’ve got more words for you to pay no attention to. I’ve got more for you to throw in the trash while you frantically chalk up your next nonsensical tangent on the drawing board. Stepping into this little war with you has been like jumping into a pool for the first time in ages; the cold of it startles you, but it becomes second nature to swim and enjoy it. The immediate belligerent stupidity radiating off of your every word certainly startled me, but now… Now I’ve come to enjoy it. I’ve come to accept it for what it is. I know you. I know you as well as you know each other. I know you, because you are like every single other fool I’ve come across in the eight years I’ve spent around this place. Oh, make no mistake, you are different from the rest of them, aren’t you? For instance, you have different names. You look different, no doubt. Unfortunately, that’s where the differences come to a grinding halt, and all we’re left with is this pile of rotten ideals that you’ve wasted our time regurgitating with one another as if it were your only purpose in life.




Is this what it’s all been about? Is that so? You preach what you’ve never practiced, and yet you expect the WORLD to believe it, let alone us? You’re a couple of devout followers praising a God that exists to nobody but you. Look around and tell me who believes your words but you and only you. Look around and tell me who sees you as people that deserve even an ounce of respect, when they themselves have none to offer. Look around and tell me what it is you’ve dominated when you happily shout from the rooftops that this land you’ve conquered is barren. And prestige… What’s prestige to you? Is it beating a couple of challengers? Is it doing the bidding of someone else? I’m afraid our definitions differ a whole Hell of a lot. You both seem under the impression that we HAVE to want this to win. You point your fingers and talk down to us for having no desire to take those Championships from you, and yet you fail to realize all the fallacies in your own motives. What brings you here? What brought you to the dance? What did you offer? Oh, you aim to earn respect? You aim to put us in our place? Your aim is far, far off, I’m afraid. It wasn’t David Davidson and Jack Ripley throwing down a gauntlet for us to answer. It was Damien Murrow talking you into another pitiful attempt to bring down Robbie V and Brian Daniels. You accepted this. Not us. You were handed this, and yet you believe we should, what, give you all that you so desperately desire? Should we want those Title so badly that we’re willing to do whatever it takes to prove we are the most dominant team in EAW? Is that it?

Make no mistake, you’ve succeeded in getting under my skin.

You’ve become a thorn in my side.

You make me sick to my stomach.

Not with your words, but with everything else you hold so dear. Every ideal, every method, and every action you take. Everything that you both do every single time you show up that you’ve come to believe makes you special. You want to know a secret? You’re not special. That’s not a playground insult, that’s a fact of the matter. No doubt in my mind that you truly believe we are nothing until we’ve beaten you, and yet, who are you? We are what brought you here when we created those Championships you hold seven years ago. We are two of the most decorated athletes in the history of this company, and that’s not boasting. That’s a warning. What were you before the year 2017? What did you do? What did you accomplish? Don’t hide from it. Don’t make excuses. We’ve all fallen from grace. I’ve lost the greatest battles of my life. I’ve lost gold, and I’ve lost everything under the sun. I’ve been reduced to a broken down shell of my former self that watched from a wheelchair for two years. You? You failed. You simply, utterly failed. You failed to be the best. You failed to be the Champions. You failed to beat this division not once, but twice. And now you have the gall to call us out now that you’ve filled your bellies up on the remains of this division?

You just don’t get it, do you?

You ARE the remains of this division.

This is the food chain, and you are the last, starved, dehydrated creature of an entire species that’s begging to be put out of its misery.

You are not the Tag Team Division. You are the parasites that latched onto its corpse.

We have nothing for you. Certainly nothing that you want. We don’t want your Championships, that’s the truth, and I will drive it into your skull until you truly understand what it means. We don’t want your gold, but we will take it. We will take it if it means that you won’t have them. We will take it if it means this Division is no longer considered under the reign of you two. We will take it if this World we breathed life into needs to be reborn. The stench of Murrow coming off you two is enough to turn my stomach, and yet, I can’t help but laugh when I hear you claim this was all by your own decision. It wasn’t. It never was, and it never will be. You’re no Kings, I can admit to that, but you certainly aren’t Gods either. You’re followers. Followers of your own twisted religion - one that Murrow himself has given you the tools to create. Perhaps you could have had something special about you, but now? It’s too late now. You can’t expect to reach us when you can only go as far are those strings attached to your limbs will allow you to go. If we were to fall, where would we go? We would move on. We would keep going until we got what we came for, because you will not succeed in stopping us, whether you keep those Titles or not. You? You will look your master in his eyes and watch him turn his back to you as he seeks someone else to finish the job.

Look at these walls.

How many times do you see our names written upon them?

Why isn’t your name there too?

Because you don’t have a name when it all comes down to it.

You’re nobody.


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Have I finally struck a cord with you two? I simply must relish in this moment... I really must. I can't believe it was this simplistic to get underneath your skin. I really must retort to asking an age old question, but how weren't you repetitive? Are you seriously going to stand there and defend yourselves for not being overly repetitive? You're using fossilized material on a well established Hall of Famer, but you're suddenly whining about being accused of repetitiveness? I guess hearing that word over, and over, and over must sting a whole lot, because that's the summary of every fresh face that wants to take a whack at Brian Daniels' career. They step up to the plate, chest pushed out, and they're ready to swing them a home run with what they believe to be unique. You haven't the slightest bit of creativity with your approach towards this match. You've already proven to be several steps behind, but you won't accept these facts. You won't accept that you're no different from everyone else. But you know what makes this even funnier than before? You've gone and made a complete fool out of yourselves. I seriously didn't think that this would be so easy. I thought I would have gotten a bit more of a challenge out of one of the most talked about tag teams since Drake & Jones was a thing. I'm left with disappointment, because I'm not getting thrill of facing a true threat to the legacy that RoViper has made. You want to go on about how you're so confident that you'll defeat us, but you really haven't faced anyone like us. You claim that the division was dead when you were originally signed, but why weren't you able to thrive in that time era? If it was so easy to conquer the division back then, why didn't you? Why didn't you do what you did in the matter of weeks in your second go? Why weren't you able to grasp the glory of what is your current reign? I'm seeing a slight pattern here: The High Rollerz weren't prepared to soak in the limelight. I would say you weren't ready, but clearly you were. You were willing to overthrone one of the weakest tag teams in Matt Squared. You then were able to somehow overcome the overwhelming success that Lioncross and Nobi were able to garner. I mean this in no offense to them, but I don't really see how you have any substance to your logic whatsoever. And your Reckless Wiring match? You continued to act like children and played some board game. I'm glad to see that you're rubbing yourselves off due to these magnificent moments you have made for yourselves, but there's nothing worth gawking over. And this goes to prove how pathetic of a team you were before this sudden rise to success. I've put my finger on it and I've seen right through these awful charades you've been playing. You use fun and jokes to conceal the weak spots in your armor.

You're both only at where you currently are, as said before, through sheer luck. And that's the morale of The High Rollerz story isn't it? You're based off gambling, taking chances at casino, putting it all in when you really shouldn't. And here I am, dealt the same hand, by these scheming dealers. You deal me the same hand and I'm expected to win base off this. And you know what? That's exactly what I'm going to do. I don't need to cheat the system, I don't need to pull a perfect seven on a slot machine. RoViper never came across sheer luck as a team to prove their dominance. It was through actually being a competent alliance. You two are far from being anything that of competent. You're letting an opportunity fade away, by letting your egos expand, this widens the chances of your defeat. You're laughing this match off as if it's a joke to you. You don't expect RoViper to actually serve up what we've been stirring all along. We've been dictating and manipulating the psychology of this bout. And I'm honestly enjoying every second of it. We're twisting and bending you in ways that you never expected to. Do you know know what it feels like to have actual competition? Do you know the cruel backlash you will receive when your feeble attempts to retain your precious titles --- are that of imaginary? You've been prancing around in a fantasy world for too long. And you have been looked upon so highly for the wrong reasons. I can't fathom the amount of excuses that will be made afterwards. Everything will come full circle as it should. You will once again be left out in the cold, without what makes you worth all the while. It will almost feel as if you were signing with the company for the first time. You will feel the hatred for us, because we will have put you in the positions where you felt mistreated before. You were never underutilized, you were never overlooked, and you were never underrated. And at this point in my career, where I've become reckless and careless... what does your tragedy benefit for me? Not much. I've faced prideful men before, looked them in the eye, and told them how meaningless they are to me. You're just as same as them. The only purpose you're serving between Robbie V and myself; is your titles. Your titles have meaning and you aren't giving those titles that meaning. It really is a shame that the old rust bucket has to be turned back on again in order to get a division functioning again. But if the machine needs running, so be it. I would gladly give a prime example of how to rejuvenate a division that you lack to motivate. This sidetrack in the real endpoint is satisfying enough, but not entirely. I know that the repercussion of deflating two egos would cause an inevitable rematch. It's wrench after wrench thrown into the ultimate goal. I didn't want this match, David, Jack, and it's a damn shame that it has to happen. It's a real damn shame that Damien Murrow is that "bad guy" that's punishing you and not us. I grow weary of being the humble individual, trying to weave his way through his last string of yarn. I'll instead take that pin and needle, stick it through your heads, and maybe you'll accept how meaningless you two really are.
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[The scene fades in to a shot of a door’s handle. There is nothing particularly special about this knob—a dark faux-bronze squared handle with a circular switch lock at its center, plastered to a light beige wooden door. The switch turns from the outside in, unlocking it. The door does not open, but the same familiar lyrics play and repeat again and again, the same way it has all week long. They echo in the seemingly empty room and mash over each other before being cut off abruptly simultaneously with the door locking again. It stays locked. Silence holds for a moment before Drastik’s voice can be heard. The shot doesn’t change.]
Inadequate, feelin’ so unwanted,
Make him want to disappear.
Throughout the week we’ve talked about what makes us different than the “others”, which in a lot of ways might just be selfishness speaking for us—hoping that there’s something that sets us apart when it’s so easy to fall into the crowd. Whenever you’re part of the crowd, Eclipse—and I’m sure you realized this when you had your stretch in the Iconomy—you long for the opposite experience. Those in crowds wish to stand out. Those who stand alone wish to melt away within a group. It’s that insatiable, unquenchable human desire that’s a common thread within all of us. And it’s desires like those that always made me question if I’m really like everyone else or if I’m nothing like them at all. I still couldn’t tell you. But unlike the rest of them, you’ve decided to give me some backstory on the kind of person you were before you ever became a professional wrestler—something a lot of people don’t do here. Most will act as though life goes from basic childhood to the independent circuit to here and there’s no growing in between. But I know that between being a boy and being a man, there was a period that you spent in limbo, that you specifically spent in an asylum. And while I won’t make light of what you experienced in there, I think that the most ironic thing about what you said—about your fears of never being able to fit in, about your pleading to be able to blend into crowds someday and count as any other normal person walking outside the asylum—is that there were people outside that asylum thinking the same thing. Sometimes I wonder if I would have benefited from some sort of professional counseling—maybe not to the point of being admitted to an asylum like you were, but counseling, therapy. But while you were locked away and waiting to experience the outdoors to pretend like you were normal, I was locked in my own room by will wondering why I wasn’t normal. I think this week has shown you that while we may have come from two different backgrounds and have essentially put together two totally different career trajectories, we can relate to one another through this one common thread that there’s something off kilter. When you suggested that I’ve wanted to get out from my home, my immediate thought was that I really hadn’t ever felt that. Sure, I’ve wanted to escape before, but I feel this way whether I’m buried in the sounds of a city or abandoned in the middle of a forest. And when it comes to looking for a place warm enough to call home, I’m unsuccessful on that front too. Maybe you feel that when you go to your family. Maybe you feel it being submerged in the wilderness. But between the hundreds of cities I’ve performed in, between the thousands of beds I’ve slept in, between every little space in between, I can’t find anywhere that comfort exists. For so many people, they dedicate their entire lives to either finding a home—whether it be a person or an actual place—or escaping from their experiences. I can’t. So I changed my focus. I began thinking that if I couldn’t find a place where I was comfortable, maybe the next best thing was to find the place where I fit in best—where I was meant to be. I began believing that if there’s a god in the sky, then that god wanted me to serve as some sort of messenger, to speak through me through my experiences. In that way, I began believing that maybe I’m a messenger for hurt. I was meant to feel these things. I’m not meant to escape them. I can’t pick up and leave something or change a little habit I have because that hurt is latched onto the heart of my soul, Eclipse. If you kill that hurt, you might just kill me.
This hurt is what makes me.
You might see defeat this weekend as proof that you weren’t actually able to accomplish something great by abandoning the mask you describe. I think your story is something that a lot of people could gain from hearing—a tale of a man who got a taste of what he thought he wanted only to discover that he was more powerful persisting in what he is. I recognize why you’re so driven to work toward cementing yourself and cementing your cause in front of so many people who have spat on it and ignored what you’ve had to say as if you’re some sort of reject to the rest of the world that belongs in an asylum not to be conditioned and assimilated to the rest of society, but to rot and be kept away from the rest of them. Your battle has always been against them because they’ve done everything they could to act as if you’re not really here. No matter how much you’ve screamed and clawed and ascended, they still don’t acknowledge you. That world championship you have slung over your shoulder is the closest thing to a golden ticket to being acknowledged, and the thought of me taking it away from you is like knocking you back to square one. But I want to remind you of the bigger picture, Eclipse: you aren’t losing to what you’re actually fighting against. I’m not one of those “normal” people that have ignored your cause and shrugged you off as some sort of schizophrenic zealot of a warped cause. Since the very first time I spoke to you, I let you have the floor to say whatever you wanted. For weeks, you invited me out to the ring to tell me what you thought about me and I obliged even though I had no intention of getting out of bed. I gave you what you wanted—what you’ve always wanted from all of the people that have disrespected you. Your opponent in the grand scheme of things are those cookie cutter “normal” sheep that you longed to be side by side with. But you’re not facing them this weekend. You’re facing me—someone who you know stands out as something different than what you’ve come against before. To speak to you honestly, Eclipse—and excuse me if this comes across too uncharacteristically callous—I don’t care if you take your loss and take it to heart or bounce right back up to your feet, dust yourself off, and believe that everything is the same as it was before. But the latter option is there for you to take. You still have your battle to fight, just like I do. Regardless of what happens this weekend, we will always have our same old battles to fight. Whether you honestly believe with your entire blackened heart that you’ll walk out with the championship or have accepted that you’ll fall to me and lose it, you will still have people with their heads turned away and you’ll still do everything you can to try to get them to face you.
My concern was never to beat you because I know that I have the capacity to beat anybody in this industry no matter his or her goals or backstory or hype. I’ve acknowledged my skill as a curse so many times before because I never pictured that this would be my calling. I never wanted to be a professional wrestler. I didn’t have these dreams as a child growing up with a trampoline in my backyard, emulating the moves I saw on television. And even when I thought I had found a passion for this industry because I was good at it, I always believed that there was something beyond it—that this was just a chapter in my story, not the overall theme. This industry was never meant to be the core of my story. But thanks to my inherent skill, that’s what it’s become. This is something I’ve had to accept. This is the closest thing to fulfillment I’ve ever had. And that’s why I’m still here trying, Eclipse. My concern is what happens after all this is said and done—if my battle against that emptiness stops or if it doesn’t even leave a chink in that vacancy’s armor. What else can I do to fill that void if this doesn’t do it, Eclipse? If overcoming the adversity that’s been set before me, if defying the odds like I have isn’t enough to fill that empty space in my chest, then what the hell can, Eclipse? What else is there for me? I can’t run to a family waiting for me with open arms. I can’t go back to my home. I can’t escape to a forest and find an ounce of beauty in nature. None of those are options. But I’ll tell you what is left. What’s left is the reality of the situation that I’ve feared ever since I was just a kid in this business. Despite my ability to stand tall as a champion seemingly at any moment I choose, I was and am still designed to hurt. If this doesn’t do it, Eclipse, then I know that that’s all that’s left for me. And though I may be a champion come this weekend, I can’t guarantee you that I’ll be fulfilled.
And my battle will never end.
Inadequate, he is so unwanted,
Make him want to disappear,
From the fire calling,
Damn that is so unfair,
How could I care? How could I care?
How could I care?

[With the final word, the lock unlatches again but the door is not pushed or pulled open. There is no hang shown, no indication of anyone on either side of the door. The music returns, repeating the same lines from later in the song before ultimately falling to the same clamoring echoes as the previous lines. The music builds on top of its own sound before collapsing to the door locking again. Silence returns. A shadow moves across the door. The shot is replaced with darkness. There is no solid, white text concluding the piece—only blackness.]
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Grand Rampage 10 Promo 3: My Thoughts

(Chris Elite and Big Mike are shown in a closed room for a sit down interview with Pierre McGuire)
Pierre McGuire:  It’s been a long time since the 3 of us have been together last time it was all fun and games but I’m assuming by what you’ve been saying this week Chris.  This time it’s the exact opposite.
Chris Elite:  Damn right it is I’ve been expressing myself this week with less of a joking matter because the opportunity that I can provide myself with is no joking matter.  All my battles lost lead up to this war that I will win.   30 men and there can only be one winner.   I’m aware that I’m probably the least worried about in this match when it comes to winning and that’s perfectly fine let those idiots continue to sleep but by the end of the night everyone will be awake.
Pierre McGuire:  Wow, I’m surprised by this but yet at the same time I’m proud now I have some questions to ask you regarding some of the things said about this weekend so far.   Okay first question what are your thoughts on the fact Rex called you a dancing peasant?
Chris Elite:  That’s cute a dancing peasant?  Well I hope he realizes this “Dancing peasant” will be the reason he won’t be the first National Elite champion to win the Grand Rampage match.   I hope he realizes that this man right here will be the reason his hopes and dreams are crushed in just a blink of an eye.   Rex seems to think he has my number and you know what he isn’t really wrong about that.   I mean he’s beaten me what 2 or 3 times now?  Once to take the New Breed championship away from me, 2nd to retain that championship and keep it away from me and the third in some 6 man tag team match.   I can’t deny the fact out of everyone in this match expect TLA, Rex is the one who defiantly has my number.  However despite me having not one victory over him he can’t deny the fact that I’ve given him a run for his money each time and I know that’s not something to brag about and I won’t brag about it.   After this weekend though I’ll have something to brag about, after this weekend I’m not giving you a run for your money I’m taking it.   So I’ll let Rex have his fun I’ll let him continue to speak until he can’t no more like he’s been doing I just hope he knows that his actions won’t match that mouth of his.  Well not this weekend anyway.
Pierre McGuire:  Okay, next question.   What are your thoughts on the number thirty entrant Ryan Marx?
Chris Elite:  He’s talented despite the fact that I’ve beaten him 3 times doesn’t change the fact that just like how I gave Rex a run for his money he gave me a run for mine.   I believe he called me and a couple of others out this week he said something like “Ignoring me won’t make me go away” and he’s right it won’t make him go away but you know what will?  One good swift kick to the jaw over the top rope, now that’s something that will put him away.   I know it’s a lot easier said than done however if I get the chance and the opportunity presents its self then I won’t shy away from doing exactly just that.   Ryan I can say the same thing though.   I’ve been ignored all week and if it wasn’t for me finally speaking up a lot of people would of continued to ignore me.  Some people regardless are ignoring me which is perfectly fine because they won’t be able to much longer.   Like I said earlier this week my name will be heard around the world after what I do.   My face will be on all of the billboards.   I’m going to be on every huge talk show and I’m going to be on ESPN.   So let them ignore me all they want but they won’t be able to dodge me for much longer.  So unlike you Ryan I don’t catch feelings over being ignored I’m fine with that and instead of complaining about it and throwing shade about it.  I’m going out there and do something about it…
Pierre Mcguire: Okay now I’d like you to voice your opinions on TLA and anything he’s said about you or about the Grand Rampage match.
Chris Elite: TLA is a funny guy that will never change also the fact he doesn’t back down from a challenge won’t change either.   Out of all the “Good guys” in this company TLA is the only one I have an ounce of respect for because TLA has never switched up he never put on any sort of mask he’s remained the same as long as I knew him.   TLA I’m not going to pull a Lars and say I’m going to take over the Poon Palace I mean you can’t take anything that bald brolic bastard says seriously in the first place.   I mean I would if I wanted too but I’m already taking Grand Rampage from you.  I don’t want to take the two most important things in your life away from you but I will take one.   Yeah at this point you rather me just take the Poon Palace I don’t want that though I want Grand Rampage,  I want that main event and I know it’s probably been said a lot this week but I want this more than anything and I want this more than everyone.  I say this with the most serious of faces, no fingers crossed none of that bullshit.  I want this and I know you do too and like I said if it does come down to just us 2 oh we’ll put on a show.   The one who ends the show with their hand raised being announced around the world as the Elitist who main events Pain for Pride will indeed will be Chris Elite.  So I’ll run alright, run straight towards that main event and leave you and everyone else in the dust.
Pierre McGuire: This question is for Big Mike.   Now Big Mike I’m used to you always fooling around and losing your children but the other night is probably the most serious I’ve ever heard you be.  Do you believe everything you said about your best friend Chris Elite?
Big Mike:  Of course B,  I know a lot of these guys backstage and the fans think I’m just saying it because he’s the reason I get some income and because he’s my best friend but he knows more than anyone.  I’m the bluntest person when it comes to shit like this, if I didn’t feel like he could win I’d tell him.  I told him last year he probably wouldn’t win but this year he’s a lot more mature not only with his attitude and his approach to thing but his skill in general.  I believe this is the match where he’ll truly learn from all of his mistakes and turn into something glorious.   This motherfucker right here does want this more than anyone else in this match, you can tell by the tone in his voice and by the way he’s been training.  If that’s not enough to believe it then with every punch and every move he delivers those other 28 elitist and Caitlyn Jenner will believe it then.  This is no time for joking and fooling around after Chris Elite brings home that spot in the main event though.  Well the Poon Palace will be ours to rent and we’ll party and kid around like there’s no tomorrow.
Pierre McGuire:  Wow, I’m shocked by actually hearing you speak like this in person, though I’m sure 3 of your kids went missing by the time you finished that answer but still great reply Big Mike.   Now Chris, before we close this out do you have anything to say to anyone else in this match?
Chris Elite:  Moongoose Mcqueen I don’t know if you’re listening to this but if you are don’t think I forgot about you and don’t think I’m naïve like the rest of these guys, I know what you are capable of and I’ll know you probably will last a very long time in this match as long as you keep your distance from me.   Lars same for you I hear you out there running your mouth and I hope I’m the one who takes you out just so I can hear the excuse you have when it does happen.   I’m sure it’ll be something worth listening too.   I know you still hold onto that battle royal win you have over me a while ago.  I mean as you should though because it’s probably the only time you’ll be able to brag about a win over me ever.   Also to anyone who plans on making a special return this weekend whether its Diamond Cage again George Copeland and one of his many egos or hell even a legend like Mak I hope you are ready for that return to be spoiled because I don’t give a damn about a homecoming for any of you.   Oh Mark Michael’s don’t think I didn’t hear you call me a wannabe you.  Like anyone in their right mind would want to be you in anyway.   I mean who wakes up in the morning and first thing they say is “Hey, today I’m going to be like Mark Michael’s”!  Yeah I doubt that list of people is very big.  I’m sure if I posted that on twitter that’d probably get more likes and retweets than you can only imagine of having.  Want to know why that is exactly? Because it’s true you dumb motherfucker.  This isn’t your first time calling me that and I let it slide before but I won’t again.   Mark no one looks up to you and no one ever will.  Your twitter and instagram suck and you bought all of your followers.   You are a wannabe me, you base everything you do off of me, Chris Elite from the way you speak, to the way all the way to the moves you perform in the ring sometime.  You want to be me and you’ll never get that chance to be me.  I am God Givens Greatness and you are just here and no one can seem to figure out why.   Oh yeah that one ugly British motherfucker Finnegan Cloverfield I hope you understand you have no chance of winning this match and you better stick to trying to win arguments online because I can guarantee you won’t come close to winning this.   Now last but not least this is to anyone who is walking into this match doubting me.  This assumption that I won’t win this match continues I pray it continues I pray you continue to sleep because like I said before you will be woken up and you won’t like the way you’re woken up because it won’t be gentle.   I am going into this match as greedy as ever and I won’t stop until I am killed.   My endurance is at an all-time high and so is my desire for the reward for winning this match.  You guys will wake up in disbelief and you will be very discouraged and never believe in your selves again and I’m very happy I’ll be the reason for that.
Pierre McGuire:  Chris,  Big Mike thank you for your time I enjoyed hearing from both of you and I wish you good luck going into this match.  Folks that is all for the night I’ll see you along with these two in front of me this weekend at Grand Rampage 10.

(Camera fades)
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The Dreamer

Atop a rocky outcropping, with the wind continuing its gentle waft through his hair and onto his cold skin, Eclipse watched as the clouds drifted past him. His smile seemingly painted on, as if the beautiful landscape that he saw before him wasn’t achieving what he desired. He placed his hand onto the ground, seating himself on the stones as he gazed into the abyss of mother nature. The beauty of Spain. It was majestic. Gorgeous. Had his mind not been wandering for hours into darker places he might have found it all so much more beautiful. So much more. But instead, his mind twisted what he witnessed. He couldn’t see the world as it was. No. He didn’t see the beautiful river, so clear you could see the bottom. He could only view it as a river of blood, boiling and steaming as the iron like scent filled his lungs. The trees surrounding him, having come to their brilliant green in the spring, seemed to be caught in eternal flame. The fire consuming all in its path. Eclipse’s eyes lowered, gazing down at his own hands and legs before he let out a soft laugh.

“When I was in the Asylum, we were only allowed outside for around an hour or so. We could only feel the breeze and the grass for what felt like fleeting minutes. It was also not a right to be allowed outside, you had to earn it. And the guards weren’t the most charitable of individuals. Some wanted sexual favors, some would just beat you and if you didn’t fight back they’d let you go outside. I...didn’t have the greatest of experiences. I endured many things just to be able to smell the cold night air. It’s why I love the outdoors so much. Why I live in a forest, with my family. I prefer the serenity of the trees and open sky over the bustle of the city. Skyscrapers and tall buildings entrap me. Make me feel as if I’m being buried in sound. It terrifies me in some sense. Funny, that I chose a life that puts me in that fear daily. I can’t seem to escape going to cities, but I suppose I had to get used to it at some point. Besides, I can always escape to places like this. Places away from the city. Where I can sit and think. Where I can just be alone with my thoughts. I suppose you do that as well, don’t you Drastik? Every now and again, you find yourself trapped within the walls of your own home. The walls closing in, drowning you deeper and deeper in the recesses of your mind. You want it to stop, I know you do. You want the pain to all go away, the hurt to vanish. Is that why you look up at the moon at night. It’s peaceful seclusion, visible to all yet so distant...that appeals to you in some sense doesn’t it? The moon appeals to me as well Drastik. She’s beautiful. Like a protective mother, her eyes always on you, even when you can’t see her. I used to gaze at her when I could go outside. That was my peace.

Of course, when I was removed from my place in the asylum, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I tried several things to make me feel...normal. Drugs were a first. Starting with the prescriptions, but it increased. It never got to the point that I was doing anything that could kill my spirit. As Steppenwolf said, I never touched nothin’ that my spirit could kill. Once I drifted from that course of action, I tried art. I’ve never been one for painting but...I like to draw. That gave me an outlet. Still. Nothing. Then, I was given my chance. My chance at finding peace with the only thing that the Asylum taught me. That blood is the answer to peace. The moon, pulling tides, pulls blood. It calms you. Makes you think. So does shedding blood. Blood pooling down my arms and soaking through my clothes. Mine or my opponent’s. It was beautiful, my own personal peace. And I fought through everything to keep it. My personal peace. My sunshine. And even when I grasped hold of a permanent peace, my sweet Alexis, it wasn’t enough. I wanted to have more. I wanted more peace, and more peace, enough that it could calm my voices. Enough that it could make me stop seeing what I see. Enough that I could...conceivably be normal. That’s what I wanted so desperately. I wanted so much to be a normal person. I craved that, because the solitude of being different from everyone else killed me. It made me hate who I was...and then my eyes opened Drastik.

It opened when I found myself lost in the shuffle of the Iconomy. Lost amidst the waves of normal people. When I looked at the world that I was in, I realized that this normalcy that everyone else has...was a horrendous cancer. It is cancer to be normal. It is a sickness to not be like you and I. Because these people who sit there and point and laugh and lie, calling us deranged, forgotten, outcasts, they are the same people that are so willing to adhere to any rule or any regime that wants to make them seem better for their normalcy. When people like us stepped outside those boundaries...look at what it gave us! We didn’t have to pretend anymore! We didn’t have to paint on the faces of normalcy for everyone else. And when I learned that, when I learned that I could be myself, because that’s what I wanted...that’s when it truly began for me. The journey to the peace that I sought. Because I didn’t want the peace that the others had chosen for me. I wanted peace that was my own peace. My own moonlight. And thus, I removed my mask of normalcy. I embraced myself fully for what I was.

Sorry. I got lost in my own words there. The thing that I’ve begun to realize the more that we talk Drastik, is that, you have much more to lose in this matchup. You have everything you are striving for, and in three seconds that can all be stripped from you. For me...I have the eyes of the world turning away from me. A title, that means little to me, pulled from around my waist. Regardless, what this comes down to, is desire. I desire to beat you. That’s what I crave. I desire to keep this title, not because of the belt itself. I don’t care of the belts history. I don’t care about it’s standing, the gold it carries, nothing of that. I care because this belt is proof that I achieved something by discarding the mask of normalcy. This belt is the beacon, and all eyes are looking up at the message that it writes into the night sky! This belt is proof that people like me, that have been tortured and hurt our entire lives can, in fact...achieve something great. We can be great. We can achieve what we want. That’s why I’m not giving in to you Drastik. This is why I’m not giving up on facing you, on why I’m not letting go of this belt, and why, when the Grand Rampage rolls around I will be the one that is standing. Because I refuse to be lost in the shuffle, I refuse to be left behind, and I refuse to be beaten down again. My head shall bow to no one. I will not bend my knee to you, Drastik. You know this. You know full well that what I will do is give you a fight. I will make you fight me until every droplet of my blood is spilled in that ring, because that is my peace! That is my serenity. The ring is my moonlight.”

His words drowning to a whisper, Eclipse turned his gaze downward, his eyes focusing on the river once more. The blood receding from his gaze, transitioning to a simple river. The beautiful clear water river that flowed gently beneath him. He laughed to himself, shaking his head before leaning his entire body back, gazing up at the sky above him. How beautiful it looked once again. Was Drastik looking at the same sky? Was he seeing the moon as Eclipse saw it?

“Drastik. If circumstances were different I would extend my hand to help you. You get my fist. I’d welcome you into my home as a brother, but you will not receive that. My courtesy is to give you the fight you desire. The fight that may just be your last. I will be the one that takes everything from you. Everything. If you were anyone else...I would feel pride in that sense. Snuffing out the last flame in the candle of life. That’s typically been something that others could view with pride but now? Now, all I feel is a sense of sadness. If this will indeed be your end, then it is my duty to make it a just and powerful one. I want to prove that you are a great fighter, a great in ring performer, and pull you out from your darkness so that you may dwell in the light. So, I will have to drag you from my domain. I won’t silence my emotions like others do. I will let them scream. I will let my emotions scream and rage, and let them fill the ring, to drown out your own suffering Drastik. That is my promise to you. As someone else who has suffered in silence, that is my vow. I won’t let you suffer anymore. I won’t let you drown by yourself. I will give you my own brand of mercy. That is my promise. Forgive me for what I do Drastik. Forgive me for that. And if you can’t...then may the light you fall in be a warm embrace that holds you forever. May that light be my gift to you.”

Slowly, Eclipse raised his hand to the sky, his fist aimed to the moon as his eyes focused upon it. Once again feeling his mind sleep into the dreamlike state. Out of focus. Out of focus. And gone. Only the soft whispering to comfort him, as he could hear her beautiful voice beside him. Her hands wrapped around him. The gentleness of her final words. ‘I Love You’ singing him softly to slumber.
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Post on April 13th 2017, 2:24 am by Davidson
Grand Rampage Promo # 29.5

(David is sitting backstage in The R.A.D. Betting Agency, just minding his own business like he always does. The interviewer clumsily walks into the scene with a couple of mini sandwiches on a platter. David takes a bite and spits it out. He removes the top piece of bread of the other sandwich and is disgusted.)

Swiss cheese?! SWISSSSSS CHEESE?! Nobody likes Swiss cheese unless you're like in your 40’s. That or you have horrible tastebuds. Probably the same kind of people that put ketchup on scrambled eggs. Fucking barbarians. 

Interviewer: Oh but I like Swiss cheese. 

Of course you would. Look interviewer, Jack and I thought you were ready for a promotion by giving you very important and essential tasks throughout the day. Like you know, getting us food and drinks? The classic intern duties. But you have failed. You have failed miserably. And I don't get why you act like your job is so difficult. All you have to do is anticipate my needs! 

Interviewer: How do I do that?

David: Google it. 

Interviewer: But lik—

David: You're still talking back to me? That's it. You lost your google privileges. Bing it. 

(David notices the cameraman at this time while the interviewer leaves the betting agency office and stands right by the door like a creep. David rubs his chin for a few seconds before looking directly at the camera.)

Do you know what I like about RoViper? Well, not much. I wish I could say absolutely nothing, but that would be a lie and Mama Davidson didn't raise no liar. What I like about RoViper is when they decide to grace us with their presence, which is just the best am I right...one of them talks right after the other. It's cute. It's convenient for us and it shows great camaraderie for them. And this time I see Robbie V even let Brian Daniels cut in line and speak first. What a great friend, you are. I wish I had a friend like that. Oh wait, I do. 

(Interviewer starts to blush and looks down at the ground. He starts slowly kicking the air from a few inches off the ground.)

Interviewer: David, please, I'm right here. So embarrassing for me, gosh. 

Oh I was talking about Jack. In what world are we friends? 

Interviewer: This one, David. This one. And one day you're going to realize it. It might not be today. It might not be next week or even a year from now. But one day you will accept this friendship and the next thing you know, we’ll be exchanging Christmas cards. 

(David looks like he's had an epiphany and thinks back to how he's treated the interviewer in the past. He looks back at the interviewer.)

Hmm, nope. And if you try to send me that picture of your forty cats wearing matching Christmas sweaters again, I'll just throw it in the trash. No wait. I'll burn it. Yep, would totally burn it. Speaking of burns, it's time to talk to Brian Daniels again. Don't mind the long pause by the way. Was trying to come up with a nickname for you, Brian. Because I think we are at that level where we exchange nicknames. Bri? B-Dawg? B-Dan? Lieutenant BDan? BD? As you can see, theres not much I can do with your name. You should change it so you can make my life easier. That would be so nice of you. But do you know what wasn't so nice, Brian? HUH, DO YA?! The majority of the things you said. You really should have ran it by me first. But whatever. Because I get it, Brian. You wanna hurt me? Go right ahead if it makes you feel any better. I'm an easy target. Yeah, you're right. I talk too much. But I also listen too much. I could be a cold-hearted cynic like you, but I don't like to hurt people’s feelings. Well, you think what you want about me. I'm not changing. I like me. Jack likes me. The sloots in Vegas like me. ‘Cause I'm the real article, Brian. What you see is what you get. And scene! RIP John Candy. I just wanted to re-enact that scene because I can and thought it was relevant. You see, Brian…everything you say, no matter the tone in your voice or the facial expressions that go along with it…it doesn't really do anything for me. Something is lacking. There is no everlasting effect. Your words don't haunt me. I don't struggle to fall asleep because of you or your partner. Nah, I sleep just fine with my championship acting as my teddy bear. And everything I just said…it almost weirds me out. Let me explain. Like I pointed out the last time I spoke, I've been watching EAW for quite a while. So I know who the legends of EAW are. You Brian Daniels are a legend. Oh yeah, it's true. Yet, it doesn't feel like it. When I talk to you or when I was in the same ring as you for the past few weeks, I should have been shaking all nervously in my boots because it's Brian fuckin’ Daniels standing across me. The guy that held the world title for a record time, like you so humbly brought up. You're a Hall of Famer for Christ sakes. Yet…something is missing. I can't really put it into words, but I'm trying. I don't want to call you overrated or a has-been because that wouldn't be fair for me to say. I've never actually wrestled you before. You little energizer bunny. You little firecracker, you. But until I feel those famous Brian Daniels’ kicks across my chest, we must continue to take time out our days to go into greater detail about this match so people get interested. You want your sales pitch, huh? The High Rollerz are in this match. Boom, sold. So like I said, it's just verbal exchanges for the time being. And to be completely honest with you, which I've been since the very beginning, I had no intention to make a classic Brian Daniels is trapped and captured by Robbie’s shadow. In fact I believe that was Jack the first time. Yet, I do recall calling you Robin, so I'm not innocent here either. But I can see why people would always use that as their go to insult. Actually, it's not so much an insult, but a truth. Because I've only talked to you once this week and to be honest, it can get tiresome. It can feel like a chore. Like I'm talking to a brick wall. Yet I do it anyways because I'm a big boy…that and because it's written in my contract. But thank god we aren't going back and forth like those Grand Rampage entrants that are basically running with their heads cut off. That would be a disaster. The exchanges between us would get RoViper…aka old. 

Yet, you already feel this way. You think we are repetitive. What's the word you used? Complex. Our thoughts and promises aren't complex enough for Brian’s liking. Well fuck. Sorry about that sir, won't happen again. Pinky promise. But the only problem with that thought process of yours is... what have you done or said that's considered complex? I mean, you keep bringing up the same points over and over again. Perhaps to hammer it home, whatever. Damien Murrow bad! He bad man! Must make him suffer! Must beat High Rollerz to make him upset! Must prove we better! We better tag team! We legends! We bring up our accomplishments every chance we get ‘cause we tools. It's what it boils down to. Both teams have made their intentions known. We have spilled our guts to each other for the past month. Yet, we all still talk because our egos nudge us to do so. It's fine. Competition makes life more entertaining if you ask me. But the chirping could've ended a long time ago. That goes for every match that's ever happened in EAW. Leading up to matches, opponents try to play mind games. They try to convince the other they'll win. I'm better than you, so that's why I believe I'll win. That line right there sums up every single speech or whatever you want to call them, in EAW’s history. But that's not fun enough. EAW shouldn't turn into the NFL. You know, the No Fun League. It's fun to talk smack and point out other’s failures and weaknesses. It makes us feel better about ourselves. It's human nature. We are here to tear each other down and I for one love it. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But back to that furball. He brings up our first stint in EAW…or actually it wasn't EAW, it was Dynasty Rasslin. The jig is up. How the fuck did you know this? Did you have Scooby Doo with ya, Huh? That dog has to be like 35 years old in human years by now, die already. Oh wait, our matches were televised and later uploaded to YouTube. So I guess you didn't dig up some big juicy secret! You wanna do this? You really wanna talk about The High Rollerz from back then? Back then, you're right, we weren't that serious about professional wrestling. It was just a paycheck to us. We often mailed it in, yet we still qualified for a Unified Tag Team titles shot like three weeks into our careers. It was actually pretty funny. Back then Y2Impact and HBG were champs. And they were good champions. Great champions actually. Yet the division around them was lackluster in every sense of the word. Some things never change huh? One superior team being head and shoulders above every other pairing. Sounds familiar. I wonder where I've seen this before? Oh yeah, that'd be me watching the Showdown replays with my jaw on the floor due to the excellence that is The High…ROLLLLLLLERZZZ! But back to your question…was it a question? Or was it a statement? I don't fucking know. But the reason why we left is like Jack said, he wanted time away to marry his wife and spend every second of the day for their two year honeymoon. Now, I'm sure you're going to ask, but what about you David? What about youuuuu? WHERE WERE YOOOOOU? Simple, I'm only here because of this team. Like I said I don't care about singles success. Could I thrive as a singles competitor? Of course. But it means nothing without my pal. Speaking of which you still never really told me why RoViper disbanded. I'm too lazy to go see what transpired. Besides, I'd like you to tell it, since you're such a great storyteller. Like when you were going on and on about your career. During this, I slipped on my jammies and laid in bed and just listened to you rant. It really helped me get a nap in. So I'm grateful for that. I'll be sure to remember this and use it as my answer to what I'm thankful for come November before I chow down on some turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and that cranberry dish…just kidding, that's gross and oh yeah, will also eat my sandwiches with Swiss cheese, isn't that right, interviewer? Fucking amateur. You're lucky these titles are on the line and not him because if he was, we'd lose on purpose. Before I forget, Jackie boy made a good point. You went into detail about our departure after such a historic two month, if that run, but I'm far more interested in the times you and Robbie walked away…but could you really call it walking away, or more like being forced out and being told don't let the door hit you on the way out? I'm a wise man. A betting man at that. I know you'll dodge this question/subject because you don't like to make yourselves look bad. For the time being, I'm going to basically ignore everything else you said because I think Jack covered it quite well. He was like Richard Sherman out there. Locking it down. Like white on rice. Sports analogy. Fun times. So like I said, I'm just going to ignore the comparison you made between us and The Mighty Don’t Kneel because there isn't one. It was a reach. It was bad. You should feel bad. I'm also going to ignore the state of the tag team division comment because I've talked about this so much. I'm also going to ignore the “what if”? What if you lose to us, what happens then? It won't happen. Why would we freak out about something that won't come to fruition? It'd be like me worrying about the world ending back in 2012 like the rest of those mutton heads. The fact is, I think I've said enough to you for the time being. But there is something I’d like to address. I believe you said you see yourselves as two rabid wolverines. And that's great. I'm glad you made that connection. Because…correct me if I'm wrong but didn’t a rather famous wolverine just die after having nothing left in the tank? After all the battles he's encountered and all the injuries he sustained, it all caught up to him. It was his time to go. So fitting. Thanks Brian. 

Then there is Mr. V. 

(The interviewer who is still standing there, just staring at David like a total weirdo speaks.)

Interviewer: What does Ventura have to do with this? 

Why are you a thing? Like why do you exist? No, don't actually answer that. It was rhetorical. I'm talking about Robbie. Didn't think I had to clarify who I was talking about yet here we are. Sup Robbie? Chillin’? That's coo’. So like, I enjoyed how you ended your little spiel. The House always wins. This is our House. It had a nice flow to it. But it reminded me of something and at first, I couldn't quite put my finger on it. But then it came to me. The House always wins. That line…it sounded like something your son would say. You know, Ares? How could you forget? Like I said, I've kept up with EAW for quite some time. House Vendetta! Consisting of four former world champions. Yet three of them seemed so disinterested in the direction they were heading, that it was a little depressing and left a lot to be desired. But hey, I'm well aware that has nothing to do with pops over here. Just saying what it reminded me of. Just like when you said this is your house, I feel like Tarah used to say that all the time as she made her way to ring, but perhaps I’m imaging things. Oh well. So where do I begin with you, hmm? Well seeing as how I addressed your ending point, let's go back and see how you started. Seems only right. Cherish the gold that is this Unified Tag Team Championship. Oh believe me Robert, I do. I sleep with it. I put it in pajamas and headgear, it's adorable if you ask me. I shower with it. I brush my teeth with it. I take it with me on hikes. I put it in a swing and I push it. I play video games with it. I just have a really swell time with this title of mine. That's right, it's mine. How do you say otherwise? I mean, the nameplate does read David Davidson. Unless…wait, hold on Robbie. Are you telling me there is another David Davidson running wild in this company? That'd be rad. But, I'm going to go out on a limb and say I'm the only David here and this title does in fact belong to me, thank you very much. What's next? Actually, you see this piece of paper? I wrote down the main points you made and I'll take this time to talk about them. That's how serious I'm taking this matchup. You think we see ourselves as kings. Wrong, we are gods. Get it right. Don't disrespect me like that. I mean, what have you accomplished that I haven't, huh? A world title? A Grand Rampage win? A spot in the hall of fame? That's all nothhhhhing. Beat The High Rollerz this Saturday and perhaps you'll have a future in this profession, kid. Now…perhaps we don't give you enough credit, at least not to your liking. I'm sure you are used to people bowing in your presence and worshipping the ground you walk on, but we treat you like everybody else in this company and I'm sure you'll say it's fine and our opinions don't matter anyways, yet deep down, it probably hurts. You are human. You bleed, you bruise, and one day, perhaps sooner rather than later, you die. Like I said yesterday, I don't see what everybody else sees in you two. Maybe I need glasses? Or perhaps, they do? Sure I've seen your matches. I've read off your accomplishments but to me, it means nothing. Until you beat us, you are nothing. Now who are we to say that? Who are we to stand up to RoViper, which I agree with, is a stupid name. That's coming from a guy named David Davidson, by the way. Oh but what about Rollerz ending with a z!!??!?! What about it? Perhaps there's a deeper meaning. Perhaps it's us being our normal humble selves and paying tribute to the good ol’ Extreme Answerz Wrestling. What a stupid name that was, huh Robbie? But RoViper? Whoa you combined your names together like Brad and Angelina. Edgy as fuck. However, our names do not matter right now. The High Rollerz, RoViper…neither matter right now. But when the match is over and the referee speaks into the microphone and recognizes the winner of this war…then and only then, will it matter. Spoiler alert, it'll be ours. What? I mean, I did already spoil Logan, so what damage will another spoiler do? 

If I could, I would in fact look in your eyes right now and tell you're bluffing when you say you'll beat us and take our titles. But…unfortunately I'm looking at a camera and not you. Although, if you remind me right before the bell, I'll say it. But be careful. Once you look into these eyes, you get lost. Fair warning. I’m going to take a total stab in the dark and say I take it you don't like me not taking this match seriously enough. Well, at least to your liking. It's no secret that I like to have fun. And boy oh boy, am I having fun right now. Aren't you? Aren't you having fun trying to give us this stern talking to, yet the words that are coming out of mouth are falling on deaf ears? When you respond you'll probably question what's the point? Bingo! That's exactly my point. Why waste your breath on us, when you should be preparing your goodbyes? Get your priorities in order. And before I forget, I truly do want to thank you in advance, Robbie. In recent memory you made Jay look good and your own son as well. We’ll have your usual forty minute match and there's no doubt in my mind that you'll make us look like a million bucks before you are NOOOOO MOOORE! Again, I thank you kind sir. 

Lastly, you asked me a question that you are eager to learn, but will later on regret. 

Am I weak? 

A simple, yet interesting question. I tell you what…I’ll let you figure that out the hard way by paying the ultimate price. 

Farewell and good riddance. 

(The scene fades to black.)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 13th 2017, 2:15 am by Moongoose McQueen
Well, with Grand Rampage 2 nights away, I feel now is better than ever to really break down everything that is going on. Yeah, I’ve been the subject of ridicule, being told I will not win. It has come down to statistics, people wanting to win for themselves, or fortune teller Hamasa telling her little boy he’s going to be a star. Either way, I’m getting really sick and tired of being told no. I’m getting sick and tired of being told I can’t. And most of all, I’m getting really sick and tired of hearing people  say I’m just like everyone else. That we all bleed the same blood and thus we must all be the same breed. But that’s a whole of shit. The world is a scary place and to its deepest core, Man is the source of that fear. Just because I am flesh and blood, this doesn’t make us equals. I’m talking to you, Nas. Whatever your mother is telling you, guess what, everyone in this match tells their kid that. Well, maybe not Solomon Caine. And well, I hate to break it to you, you ain’t that special, kiddo. You know how they say, its always the loud ones that get the most attention, and how it’s always the quiet ones that are the most dangerous. Well, Nas, unfortunately, you fall in the middle of spectrum as obsure and forgettable, and this is why no matter how hard to try, no matter how hard you struggle, you aren’t going to stand out. Your so called “mother” has not made you better, she has not made you stronger. She has made you weaker, enabling you, feeding you lies and keeping you off guard and all for what? Love? Please, keep that at home like the rest of us. Don’t come here preaching like Huey Lewis that love and support will be what helps you win the Grand Rampage. If Popularity isn’t going to add much to TLA’s and Pizza Boys success, what makes you think being a mama’s boy going to do for you? Come on, Mr. know all and see all? I want to know. What does my future hold? Go ahead, amuse me. Entertain me, but guess what, I’m turning away, because you don’t have enough to hold my attention let alone a steady position for a world title shot. Seriously, I can’t stop looking away, looking at you is just so cringey. I literally think I just threw up in my mouth a little. I mean, come on, you are a grown ass man. What you going to do? Let your mama pick your battles? Because if you let that happen, I will not be held accountable for what happens to her. After all, this is the Grand Rampage we are talking about. Anything goes, and nothing else matters but to be the last man standing. I’m just firing all rounds until everything around me is dead and not moving, and do you really want to bring Hamasa into that cross fire? Go ahead, try to make your mother proud, Nas, win the Grand Rampage. Do it for her. Try to show her that you aren’t the disappointment we all already perceive you as, but cross me, and she’s going to have to do a lot more than kiss your boo boos away when I mangle her little boy and we’ll see how far I can push that old saying “a face only a mother can love.” When I’m done with you, you won’t look anything like the men you claim we all are.

And on a separate note, Tiberius IV, yes, I can, and I will put an hinderance to your kingdom. No, I don’t have any intention to break up your little play pretend of medieval times. No, I don’t want any history lesson about what you have done, because in the end, life has this vicious cycle, where if you look around, kings and monarchs aren’t really a thing. In fact, each time a power rises, there is a greater power that comes to usurp it. No, I’m not going to simply say the people. But I am going to say angry people, and Tiberius, you are pissing me off. In fact, you are pissing a lot of people off. It’s not because of jealousy, it’s not because not one wanted you to win the King of Elite crown. It’s because here you are spewing your mouth like some pompous poodle who can’t keep it’s yap shut. I mean honestly, I’m right here on Friday Night Dynasty and I can hear you all the way at Saturday Night Showdown, and I’m fucking tempted… I mean really tempted to knock on the doors of whoever is in charge around there, and tell them to put a fuckin muzzle over your mouth. If not, I’m sure I can make good use of shoving that stupid crown down your throat. And really, at this point, I’m just finding any excuse to just punch you in the face, and what better time than Grand Rampage, but this time, it’s not me stepping up to your throne, it’s you stepping in my ring, where I’ll be waiting to send you to the outside floor with where you belong. With the rest of them. That’s right, I know how desperate you are to not be like the rest of us. This is why you have your gang to carry through your every will, but as I said, anger is a much more powerful tool than arrogance, and you are really REALLY testing my patience.   There is only so much I can handle, and if people think I’m going all out now, no, believe it or not, this week, I’ve been on my best behavior, so I can unleash everything at the Grand Rampage. In case you aren’t getting the bigger picture, “don’t get me angry….. you wouldn’t like me, when I’m angry.” Moongoose Smash stupid man with puny crown. Catch my drift?  The Roman empire is long dead, don’t send the J-Dynasty to follow. I’d prefer to just let it die out naturally over time, but if the dog keeps barking and biting without restraints. If it can’t be controlled, one good shot between the eyes tends to do the trick for a quick and painless death. But I can’t promise when I’m angry, it will be quick and painless, if anything, it won’t be. You claim you haven’t found anyone that can challenge your little group. Well, be careful what you wish for, I still have my sights set on one of your men, and if get involved, I might just need break the whole damn establishment to get to what I want.

I’ve been trying to make it clear that when I get in that ring, I am not stuck with 29 other men, it’s 29 men that are trapped with me.  I’m making it loud and clear, that no matter what happens, no matter what show or what brand you are on. Dynasty, Voltage, Showdown, you can’t avoid me forever. I’ll finish in one area and move on to the next. And with Grand Rampage, that might be sooner than you all think. No one is safe. Wherever I go, chaos follows. We’re about to see a lot of dead promises, We’re about to see a lot of broken dreams, courtesy of none other than Moongoose McQueen himself. And the irony in all that is, it’s all going to happen from what many would consider almost the impossible goal. The impossible position, that number one entrant spot, winning the entire thing, only to kill the aspiring hopes and dreams of others. Well, you know the old saying. Sacrifices have to be made for a greater good, and not everyone can win, blah blah blah, and I have no problems being a killer and innovator. Sometimes, they may just go hand in hand, but only the most ruthless and savage leaders that can make the call goes down in history. And comes April 15, 2017, Barcelona Spain, you know I’m going to leave a mark.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 13th 2017, 1:16 am by Rex32
Grand Rampage Promo # 8
"What's Expected Is What's Needed"

To be fooled, or not to be fooled. That seems to be the theme this week, as ignorance seems to be the name of the game from about ninety percent of the field this year. Some will believe things that aren't true, but out of pure unawareness that it's true or untrue they try to state a defense of an argument anyways, and others are refusing to believe things that are true. Facts are facts for a reason, and there have been some that are glaringly evident which most have decided not to see. Then again, you can't make people listen regardless. They have to come around in their own time, where they come to a point later wondering what happened and why like a ticking time bomb their world just blew up in their faces. Decisions are usually measured by the fact that we've taken new action. No decisions made, no action. Actions supersede words, right? So why fan ignorance in the face of facts? Why try to disprove them by spouting the opposite of them? That's theme this week as I've stated, and not many see it, but soon they will.

Lars, you don't hate me. If anything, you appreciate guys like me that can, and will inform you of when you are wrong, but because you have implanted into the waves of your brain to not admit it, I will try to indulge the hatred you believe you hold. It's got nothing to do with whether you like me, because you don't have to like someone or anyone for that matter to hate or not hate them. Hatred, it's just a word to you, Lars, another reason to exhibit to the world the imbalance that is in constant flux when it comes to the way your mind works. Hatred is a coward's revenge for feeling tormented. When I see you, Lars, and listen to you, I don't see or hear a tormented soul talking, which I think you'll actually agree with me on. I really don't sense the hatred radiating off of you for me. Why is that? Why can't you actually think of anything significant, a tangible reason, or some conclusion of why you hate me? But to be fair, Lars, you say you respect me, but I don't think you really understand why you respect me either. You say it's because I fight for what I want, which is nothing less than the truth of the matter, but then again I state that fact all the time to the world. It doesn't mean that you don't, or any of the other twenty eight men in this don't. I except praise, don't get me wrong, but I also recognize when someone understands why they are praising me, and why they are not. You don't seem to understand either or, and you also don't seem to understand why you want it more than any of us. Do you get it yet, Lars? It gets to a point where if you don't have the facts to back up your words, then they become meaningless, and now it's gotten to that point for you already. Your playground, Lars? Nobody is going to be playing in this setting, Lars, especially this elitist, and you'll find that out real quick when someone, it could be anyone comes along and ruins another Saturday for you. 

Mongoose, you know your chances of achieving victory are great when you truly believe they are, right? So why continuously tell it to the world? Why do we need to know through words from someone who is already the best? Don't the best...don't they just know without truly acknowledging it? You see, Mongoose, you are in that number one spot, and even though it would be quite the story to write home about, it's not really as though you have much choice. You accept the number because you are forced to accept it. You like your chances because you have no choice but to. You choose to approach things the way you have this week because you have no choice but to. You are in an unenviable position because you failed in your pursuit for a better position, so at this point you will allow the pieces to fall where they may without having a real true reason that you can turn to fact as to why you are talking down to everyone as if they have to listen. No real reason to proclaim yourself to be the best with anything of substance to back it up, and lastly no real reason to envy your own position other than what I stated earlier. You may not be an early out, but you are like the wild card in all this, the one that guys need to watch out for, and I ain't got no shame in admitting that, being that it is the status I feel like I hold, and you shouldn't either.

Nasir, man, you did exactly what I wanted you to do, which is something most veterans can see right through. You see, Nasir, I should be able to learn from someone like you. I should be able to take away from you that I can ingrain into my mind that says, Nasir Moore is somebody that I can depend upon to drop me some words of wisdom because he is one of the wise gladiators of this business. I mean that's at least what I thought anyways, but I guess that's just not always the case. You see, I question you about Hamsa, and you come up with the same thing anyone would say because they are too lazy to come up with anything better. In fact, so lazy you proved to be that you actually had nothing of sufficient facts or evidence to disprove anything I said in response. Then you continue to try and save face with your Pain For Pride NON-MOMENT followed up by nothing more than pure arrogance on your part, Nasir. If you were in a different league from me, that was above me, you wouldn't have to exalt yourself by telling me that, you would already know it without doing so. But instead that's really not the case, now is it? Oh, don't misunderstand here, I do believe you are in a different league, just not the one you believe you are in. Do me a favor, Nasir, and come up with some other way of trying to be that roadblock I need to impede my progress, because this pretending to be in a higher class of wrestler from everybody else? It's just not getting the job done.

I've been sitting back for weeks curious how my next go around in the Rampage was going to go. I still have to wait and see how that's going to go, but I won't be sitting back any longer expressing how I feel about my chances. Instead, I will now start using the same determination, experience, fervor, and maturity from my past triumphs and failures that have been great learning tools just for an event like this. I will start placing more focus on each and every bit of backlash that is thrown at me. I've come to expect it over time anyways, and it's the very backlash filled with underestimation from my detractors that keeps me driven and motivated. It's what I've come to expect...it's what I need.
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Post on April 13th 2017, 12:29 am by Jon McAdams

The back of Jon McAdams chair faces the camera as he stares at several monitors before him, stacked on top of each other. One each of the nine monitors has an opponent who’s been loud enough to get the attention of Sovereign. On either side of McAdams, facing the camera, is The Wit, wearing a loose and un-tucked shirt, and on the other side the voluptuous and beautiful, Bernadette Bennett. The camera shows a view of McAdams face watching the promos and chortling to himself here and there.

“TLA, I’m not sure if you’re just blind and think there are two Mike Showman’s or if you were cleverly taking a jab at me,” McAdams lights his pipe as TLA’s face appears on his monitor. “but either way, I first want to say if it was the latter, well done, that was a very tasteful insult, and two, I would be honored to be mistakened for Mike Showman. I by no means underestimate you as an easy target, but simply one who will be targeted greatly. Now I’m sure there are plenty of people in that ring who are pretending that you aren’t a threat or trying to make you out to be nothing but I know how clever you are, but I tend to be just one more step ahead of everyone and you may be sneaky, but I’ve made a name for myself by being the cleverest man on Voltage. I’m excited to see how well you stack up but know that you can ignore me, mistake me, avoid me, but none of these tactics are going to defeat me. I will see you soar over those top ropes. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Solomon Caine,” McAdams takes a sip of scotch as videos of Caine begin to play on the monitor. A video of Mike Showman pinning Caine, a video of McAdams pinning Eclipse Deimos. “There was a time where I would have avoided you at all costs Caine, I would have tried to turn the whole EAW roster against you but since the last time we met a lot has changed hasn't it? Your name doesn't quite have the bite it used too. Your god’s goals seemed to diminish and in it your purpose has failed you… little Danny. You were once a top prospect but now, you are subservient to Eclipse Deimos. You say you're going to teach Showman and I a lesson again. As I recall the last time you fought Showman he beat you and I am a far cry away from the man you faced when I first debuted. While your God seemingly fails you time and again, I've found purpose, what's more is while you serve an entity that brings you little to no results, I have become Sovereign. And before you speak of chasing trinkets again or whatever rubbish you believe about me, just know I aim for a higher goal, I aim for the greater good. In fact, within my Grand Design I have orchestrated something amazing in my wake I have found success. What have you found? Nothing but another master who's used you and failed you. In fact since you started serving Eclipse I watched your stock drop to this… thing that you are. Solomon Caine, I've defeated your master, Deimos, Showman has defeated you, if you step to me at Grand Rampage, I will teach you humility before Sovereign.”

McAdams hits a button. Lars Grier’s muted video plays over the monitors as he screams into the camera, veins throbbing at all sides of him.

“Tainted? Lars Grier,” McAdams rolls his eyes and takes a sip of his scotch. “It seems you only have half the story. Yes, I did prey on a stupid and vulnerable Drastik the first time we met, and I took advantage of the rules because I’m intelligent enough to seize opportunity but the second time we met, I defeated Drastik to defend my title one on one. But I know that doesn’t quite fit your narrative but it might have been cause you weren’t there. Sorry, what were you doing during Road 2 redemption? Lars, I’m afraid I’m somewhat unfamiliar with you. You talk a big game but you’ve been here almost as long as I have yet all I can see to your name is your failure to capture the New Breed Championship and the National Elite Championship. In fact, your run here so far has shown me this, at best you have a good look and that’s why EAW signed you, and at worst, you’re wasting my time. You spew insults without thought and your lack of understanding what our purpose is and what we do as a team only makes you foolish. I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain any of this to you, but I suggest that when you lug that giant muscle you call a body into that ring and are looking for people to target you do your best to think twice about coming after us again. I know that’s about two times more than you normally think and that will be quite a challenge but it’ll save you the embarrassment.”

McAdams turns off the Monitors and looks over at the camera.

“Nasir Moore,” McAdams sits back and takes a puff of his pipe. “I spoke a great deal about many things and only a small part of it was about my victories over you, but as it simply pertains to you, I defeated you in fair contest. The only person who views this as a cheap victory is you, and that’s because it was a costly lost. I don’t like repeating myself but before you go pointing out flaws, weren’t you the moron who challenged the PwC to a no disqualification match? You know who we are, you know what we do, you know how we operate. So either you’re a complete idiot, or an enormous tool. What’s more is it didn’t stop there. You challenged us again but before you did, you were stupid enough to turn your back on Mike Showman right after insulting him in the locker room and you somehow expected him not to take every advantage. Once again, an enormous display of your stupidity present. And if it weren’t for Nathan Fiora, you would have tried to do it again. You discredit our victories because you don’t agree with our methods despite how effective they are and you make excuses for your shortcomings because you’re not intelligent enough to measure out the consequences.  So do forgive me I don’t take your threats to ‘verbally embarrass’ me seriously. By the way, did you ever actually ask yourself why you needed to hire two people who quite simply didn’t need the money? Yes, you did beat down Rosso, but what you absolutely fail to realize is that first, beating down an old man is nothing to write home about and in retrospect was a pretty awful thing to do, but more importantly, we were using you. With him gone, I’ve been able to move about unrestricted, I am able to accomplish so many things I couldn’t with that man barring every door. The Grand Design can come to fruition, a design that at this moment, doesn’t include you.

You can’t get the job done in the ring, you don’t have the IQ to truly lead a people, the only thing you’ve got is… spunk and you're never give up attitude and someday, I may reward that but it won’t be at Grand Rampage. Like we have always done, we will outsmart you, Nasir Moore, it won’t be hard as we’ve done it over and over again in the most obvious ways we can.

Also, before you talk about all your amazing accomplishments I’m reminded of a popular saying around here. It’s not what you’ve done, but what you’ve done lately and Nasir, you’ve done nothing noteworthy in the past three months leading up to Grand Rampage. Meanwhile, my Grand Design has tore right through Voltage, the PwC has ravaged this roster from the newcomers, to veterans, from the challengers to the champion himself. Nasir Moore, there may have been a day where you were the flag bearer, and the future, but that time has past. Sovereign will take the lead here and with my Grand Design, I will lead Voltage into a glorious revolution, for the greater good of this brand and for the PwC. , Now, please spin that back around… oh wait…” McAdams smirks. “You said you won’t be mentioning us again.Well, that’s a pity, I guess I’ll just have to wait until the Grand Rampage for Showman and I to have our way with you one more time.”
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Post on April 13th 2017, 12:07 am by J-Dynasty 2?
There comes a time in which a question all ask to themselves at one point or another in their life is spoken, are the things that happen meant to be?

I used to throw daggers uncaring of where they landed, I use to steal with no intention of being the king of thieves, I did what I did for my amusement and to line these pockets. I had no other interest aside from being the slickest player in the game, with the wildest booty picked out from my fangirls to tame each and every single night.  Someone like me, doesn’t often turn around to look at the explosions at the wake of my deeds. But my maturity as king has made me survey these lands, and I can’t help but wonder if I had my own angels in the outfield, if there was something out there that was on my side!

How was it that a man named Tiberius after so many years managed to fittingly gain a crown through King of Elite? And what of IV? Could there have been an intelligent design out there that always had him slotted to be king, one that had him have three predecessors through Rome and EAW? Or was it all coincidences that fell into place?

Now I’m sure you all expect me to answer to TLA and the Pizza Boy, but maybe I will, or maybe I won’t. There’s no reason why two serfs in my realm should be my first priority, I’m not even sure those two would last long enough in the Grand Rampage for me to make it to the ring if I have a good number, so how can they merit my undivided attention as ruler of EAW?

No, rather for now, I will delve into that aforementioned question by focusing on ME! And why not? This is Grand Rampage week, so I’ll take advantage of the random listening ears from all brands to deliver to all of EAW, so do I do not have to go into these details in a more focused time later.

To fully have what is required to answer that question, one must know the history of the roman emperors known as Tiberius and The J-Dynasty.


(Tiberius Roman Emperor 14 AD to 37 AD) - Jaywalker brief 4x EAW World Heavyweight Champion plus multiple various titles including first HOF Champion, Year long EAW undefeated streak with 37 victories(a record soon to be challenged by my knight Theron Nikolas), EOTY and 2 time POTY plus multiple various other awards, former EAW vice president and owner of JaywalkerInc.

Arguably once the most famous Tiberius, the first Tiberius was a great general who led multiple conquests and created foundations for a new frontier. However they say he was quite a dark somber ruler, some referring to him “the gloomiest of men”, and after his successful reign he became so aloof and reclusive that he removed himself from the throne and left most power to quite remarkably shady individuals. No one has ever said Jaywalker had much humour either, I won’t go into too much details about him as his deeds are well known and he still pops in and out for some fixation he has on Robbie V, but I would think with his business acumen he’d come around to realize that it’s MY time…considering I’m the one pulling in the goods these days. Some call Jay my “mentor”, but I see him more as a sponsor, and as long as the money and attentions flows from the brand he has us under, I have no issue manipulating the brand for my purposes.

(Tiberius II Eastern Roman Emperor from 574 to 582 AD) - John Alloy EAW Champion, POTY, EAW National Extreme Champion.

Now Tiberius II sounds to me like the worst Tiberius, oh sure some say he was quite the looker which is a plus, but on the downside he’s known for being gentle and humane????? You guys don’t even understand, when he married off his daughter for some heir he had these last cheesy ass words as the last he ever spoke…

“Let my sovereignty be delivered to thee with this girl. Be happy in the use of it, mindful always to love equity and justice.” How you going to go out saying crap like that?

And fate would have it, the first member Jaywalker recruited into the J-Dynasty was this gothic clown John Alloy who spent his time trying to weed out the wicked and do right after wrong had so long terrorized the good. Come to think of it, he reminds me of the Pizza Boy, makes me sick. I don’t know what Jaywalker or the Heart Break Gal with her crush, saw in this guy, it was completely inconsistent with their character, but I supposed Jaywalker might have a soft spot for him because he obtained the prize Jaywalker failed to gain in his debut and maybe Jay had an ounce of remorse in his body for this company to the point he had to cut away a part himself in the form of Alloy so that he could become the pragmatic visionary we see today instead of being bogged down with mercy. Unlike Jaywalker, I don’t need to live vicariously through anyone else, and I have no nagging thoughts of helping the people weighing at the back of my mind. Some say Alloy’s spirit still lingers in these halls filling the people with a noble fighting spirit, I say maybe the EAW execs might just not want to admit Starr Stan murdered him in that unaired surprise attack that caused the EAW Championship to be vacated and him never being seen again…….I kid, I’m sure there’s some kind of carnival out there that gained one more freak.

(Tiberius III 698–705 AD) - Jaspora’s beast, Gunkai Riggs,member of the Iron Fist, conqueror of Jacob Senn.

Now the last roman emperor with the title Tiberius, Tiberius III was truly a barbaric man, apparently enjoying mutilating and disfiguring political foes, yet not killing. His half measures turned out to bite him in the ass, the man he had mutilated to take the throne not only came back to return the favour by hacking off his nose, but also out right killed Tiberius III to get the throne back after a whole public display of it all.

Now Marshmallow man himself, and I KNOW you idiots won’t snitch and tell him I said that since no one other than Jaspora wants to be anywhere near this lunatic, Gunkai Riggs. Iron Fist would routinely lay waste to EAW members before that recent return he had with Jaspora to smack around Senn, but instead of giving the finishing blow they proceeded to toy around with the place for months, and eventually Gunkai Riggs and the rest of the Iron Fist were meant to be scrubbed from the EAW history books after EAW fought back and finally took them down. The removal from history however was quite an idle threat, they were even nominated for an award instead of deleted and clearly video of them are up on EAW dvds, not that this brutish sadist with only food and carnage on the mind would care either way about the history books.


Despite their pomp and circumstance, I became the first member of the J-Dynasty to actually obtain a crown and after all these eons after the fall of the roman empire I have become the first to take up the Tiberius mantle as ruler once again. I am the greatest member of the J-Dynasty, I am the most prolific Tiberius to ever grace these lands, Citius, Altius, Fortius! And if there is a reason why this crown was mine to take when so many have failed I’m willing to wait for it, I’m not standing still, I’m lying in wait! So, when the grass shifts around your feet, be you a Pizza Boy, Lars, TLA, or anyone under my red sun, know that there just might be a reason why I’ve been monikered after a reptile too.

Because the big question seems to be answered with only one response, this is my calling. Another part of that question is, can anything come in the way of my ascension to the pinnacle event in this industry, Pain for Pride?
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Post on April 13th 2017, 12:00 am by Xavier Williams.
Is that right, Jamie. When I lost the EAW Championship at Showdown: Redemption I wasn't desperate to reclaim it. I'm sure that the pain that shoots through your arm during a cold night is proof enough on how desperate I was the get it back. I'm sure that memories your reign almost coming to an end a mere week after winning the championship is proof on how desperate I was to get it back, Jamie. But, we remember how that ended, don't we? It wasn't your hand raised in victory - it was Thomas Minns sticking his nose in business that it didn't belong. It was Thomas Minns running away with your championship after believing wholeheartedly that he had done a job well done. I wasn't given another chance to face you without another else being involved after that. I set my sights on the man that had screwed me out of the Championship that should have been resting on my shoulder; nothing more than another name in that Elimination Chamber with his sights set on a man that had been trying to rip everything that I had built away from me. My chance to reclaim that EAW Championship was tainted by another name and I was never given the chance to right to major wrong that had been committed on Showdown. But, poor Jamie, certainly no one had it harder than you. Before Reckless Wiring, Jamie, I hadn't had a chance to truly compete for a World Championship since that night. You had your chance against Vic Vendetta and Aren Mstislav at Reasonable Doubt; simply because Kevin Devastation had taken out the champion prior to his defense. Not because you deserved it. Not because you should have been in a match for a World Championship; simply because they wanted their crown jewel showcased at their event. You couldn't get the job done. You allowed Vic Vendetta walk out of Reasonable Doubt with a Championship he clearly wasn't fucking ready for. But, we’re meant to feel sorry for the fact that you've waited fifteen months to get back here. We’re meant to feel sorry that you've had to watch other names grasp onto something you wanted. Aren Mstislav won the EAW Championship - poor Jamie O’Hara. Pizza Boy won the Answers World Championship - poor Jamie O’Hara. Lannister ascended back to his throne - poor Jamie O’Hara. But, you deserve this, right? You're the man that deserves to walk into Grand Rampage and hoist his newly won World Heavyweight Championship high above his head because of all of that. You deserve it because you only managed to hold your first World Championship for eleven weeks. You deserve it because you've been forced to walk others succeed. You deserve it because you don't want to be seen as an underachiever. You deserve it you've waited fifteen months. You deserve it because you need it and you're nothing without it. You don't deserve anything, Jamie. You claim to be a changed man. You're wiser than the first time we had the chance to stand toe to toe. I've said it before and I'll say it again now - you are no different. You're still a naive little fish trying his hardest to swim in that great big ocean. You're not confident. You're desperate. I hear the doubt in your voice. You let every word that everyone else has said about you go to your own head and it kills you that you've struggled so much to turn their words - my words into reality. You constantly had to hear the same words that I did coming through the ranks. This kid is going to be a star. This kid has an endless amount of potential. This kid has the chance to stand from the front and lead this company into the future. It guts you that you've been in this company coming up three years and your time at the top didn't turn out the way you had planned. So, you sit there and kick and scream; YOU WERE BROKEN, XAVIER! I PICKED YOU UP! I REAWOKE THE MONSTER! I NEVER TRUSTED YOU! I WAS A GOOD MAN! A BETTER MAN THAT I SHOULD HAVE BEEN! I HAD TO STAB YOU IN THE BACK BECAUSE I HAD A FEELING THAT YOU WOULD DO THE SAME TO ME, NO MATTER YOUR INTENTIONS BECAUSE THAT PUTS ME IN THE WRONG… and that's something that never happens to Jamie O’Hara. I opened this week talking about the hero and villain of this story and if you really look back at history - everyone has it wrong. You're the villain, Jamie. I'm a bad, bad man, but I'm the man has moved forward because of rightful reasons. King of Elite - I took from you as much as you had taken from me. You screwed me out of the World Heavyweight Championship in an attempt to get even, when the score had already been settled. You attacked off suspicions and expectations. Nothing more, nothing less. That's why you don't deserve any of this. That's why you don't deserve everything that you wholeheartedly believe should have. There's no happy endings at the end of your story. The white knight doesn't slay the beast. Humility and heartbreak waits at the end of your road and the World Heavyweight Championship waits at the end of mine.
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EAW Promoz!

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