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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 19th 2016, 5:14 pm by Keelan

The Pointy End

What is it that lights that fire up under Marco Fedor’s ass? When I first saw this man in the locker room at one of my first Sunday Night Voltage shows, that question went through my head. It was a question that could make any man wonder. Marco Fedor is a unique human being with this spark in his eyes that really brings out his true in-ring talent. What are his beliefs? What does this guy believe in? I often ponder and say he believes in fate, and believes in destiny. That’s what a lot of young guys these days with dreams tend to believe in – a lot of young wrestlers wanting to make it in the big leagues want to have a positive aptitude and mindset each and every time they hit the road to travel to the next event. I think Marco believes in fate and destiny. He continues to mention time in and time out about the dreams he has. I’m sure he’s set himself a fair few goals and accomplishments that he wants to conquer in EAW. I guarantee one of them is to win the tag team championships with yours truly. But what is it about him that really gets him going? How does the pointy end of the sword make him inspire? It’s taking me months to figure it out, but I finally have. I feel like I’ve been so blind for so long, but now that I’ve finally come to this understanding on his motivation, it really makes me feel sorry for him. You see his head and mindset just isn’t set right. He says all of these things that would almost inspire your average childhood boy with dreams like him, but his headspace is filled with bad thoughts and second-guessing. It makes me feel terrible, and it makes me want to help him more. The fact of the matter is that he hasn’t set his mind to be strong enough to accept the bad things on his own. He can’t accept the bad things by himself. He needs help to see the harsh reality placed out in front of him by other people. At first he didn’t understand why this match was taking place, and now since I’ve explained the reasoning’s, he’s come out looking like this new Marco Fedor ready to conquer one and conquer all. This is the Marco Fedor I’ve been wanting to see – the one who’s ready to nut up or shut up. Marco, it looks like you’ve finally gotten the picture now, and while I am proud of you for finally seeing it I am a little disappointed that not only because it took you this long to see, but also because of my comprehension. You see you need your hand held through the tough times. You acted the same in the build-up to the Hardcore Invitational at Territorial Invasion, until I helped you see the reality. It’s good that you’re now motivated and ready to go out there and put it all out on the line. It’s good that you’re now ready to defend your dreams, your career and your life because truthfully speaking, that is another thing that is at stake too. I guarantee you though that there is no way in the seven layers of Hell that you are going to make me say the words, “I quit,” because only cowards quit. I’m no coward. I haven’t spent four years of my life in retirement, and another half of year of training to get back to the mindset of where I was back in the day, re-learn this new era of the art of wrestling just to come to one of the largest wrestling promotions on the planet and utter the words, “I quit.” Hell fucking no! You can keep trying and trying and trying but you’re never going to make me say it. Throw every last punch, use every last weapon – go H.A.M. on me Marco but you’re never going to make me speak the forbidden words.

Now to what you’ve responded with. Once again, you’ve avoided the most important things I’ve been speaking. Things that I actually desperately want answers to. You say that I hope I’ve prepared for the repercussions from my actions. WHAT?! FUCKING?! ACTIONS?! You cannot just keep saying shit like that without telling me what I’ve actually done to give you those bad thoughts of yours. I’ve been good to you since day one of forming this tag team. I haven’t been making mistakes that’s costed not only me, but us, chances. You notice that I didn’t just mention me? That’s not being selfish, because I care about the two of us and our success and future too. The reason I continue to mention me though is because I’ve come back to wrestling with dreams and goals I want to achieve on my own too. You know you say that I’m quick to blame you, but the only reason I continue to bring this up is because you’re not answering my question. What in the actual fuck have I actually done? I honest to god really want to know. Again, it seems like you’re just creating drama because I cannot think of a god damn thing. I am open for you to prove me wrong, and if you say things that I have actually done and not just make stuff up, then I will be the bigger man and accept those fates. You admit time and time again that you’ve screwed up, and you do not need to continue to apologize for it. The point I’ve been trying to get into your head is that you continue to make the mistakes. You can recognize all of your mistakes until the cows come home, but you must acknowledge the repetition of them. Over and over again it’s mistake after mistake and it’s getting really tedious. I honestly fear you might make a mistake in the Grand Prix, and cost us our one and only opportunity at the tag team championships altogether. You also say that you’re demanding respect. Excuse me, asshole? Did the things I say before go straight over your head? I already said I respect you – I respect the fuck out of you. Like I said, I give you the damn admiration that you deserve that nobody in that fucking locker room gives you and you’re treating me like I don’t give a shit about you at all. You’re honestly making no sense in the words you are saying. It might be worth just shutting up now, and letting your fists do the talking at Shock Value.

Marco my friend, you are a loose cog on a functioning wheel. You are finally seeing how dangerous this match can be which is great. It seems like, with the unfortunate help from me, you’re getting into the correct mindset now. Let us hope you keep screwing yourself back into that wheel so we can have the match of the night at Shock Value. It’s time to nut up or shut up. That pointy end of the sword will only stab you in the ass so many times before you grab it yourself and start swinging. That’s the mentality you should have and you’re almost at that point. I do feel bad that you need others to hold your hand into the abyss that is constantly laid out in front of you. Marco, EAW is an incredible wrestling company, but it’s also filled with a lot of dangerous matches. I couldn’t imagine what you’d be feeling like going into a show like House of Glass. You’d be shitting bricks, surely. If a little electricity doesn’t light that spark in your eye that I know you have, then maybe you shouldn’t be here at all. Maybe after saying, “I quit,” this Sunday at Shock Value, you’ll be saying it again to head office the very next day. If you don’t begin to learn to handle dangerous situations like this on your own, then perhaps you should find another company to wrestle for.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 19th 2016, 1:34 pm by Ryan Marx
Showdown Promo 3 – Finality

The scene fades in and we find Ryan Marx in his office, leaning against the side of his desk as he stares forward into a mirror – the same one seen many times before. He just stares in silence for a few seconds, almost lost in himself. And then he turns to the camera, smiling.

Rex, you may be done talking to myself and Nico, but I'm afraid I'm not done talking to you. You've made too many errors, and I can't let them be swept under the rug just because you think you're done talking.

I don't like to explain myself, but I suppose I have to if you're going to try and use something petty as ammunition against me. I didn't say anything yesterday because unlike some people within this company, I don't feel the overwhelming urge to deny every fallacious claim that comes from my opponents' mouths. It may be a foreign concept to you, but I have something called 'intelligence'. I'm smarter than to rush in. I consider my words and responses because I am aware that some opponents will be on the shrewder side – they will try to find a mistake in every syllable I say, ever breath I take. But don't take my short absence as a compliment. I was more so waiting and considering what to say to Nico, seeing as how he always loves to try to destroy my philosophy. You, Rex, were not as great as to stump me and leave me with no defence. If anything, you opening your mouth has also opened you up to even more of an attack, which is unfortunate, considering you apparently cannot shut up.

Ryan shifts around the desk, coming to fully face the camera.

Now, I know your story was perhaps meant to be inspiring or motivational in some way, but all I got out of it was an impossible ideal. This 'Man' you speak of is a level of faultless perfection that doesn't exist. And you aspire to be him. Don't you realise you're aspiring to be something impossible? That's where you will fail. I know some people may scoff at my vision for the future, at my claims of almost being godlike, but even gods are flawed. I'm sure Nico can educate you more on God, but this concept of a God is deeply flawed. People want him to be all-loving, all-powerful, and all-seeing, yet why would evil exist in a world where a God is all-loving? If he is powerful enough to stop it, why doesn't he? And then we get to the question of 'can God create a rock he cannot move?', which argues the limitations and imperfections in his design. You see, you may think I'm the delusional one, but at least I'm aspiring to be a flawed figure of reverence rather than a make-believe man built from impossible perfections. You may even say my aspirations are realistic, whilst yours are beyond belief. Good luck with them.

Ryan chuckles for a second before continuing, falling into a darker state.

Rex, your body may be the 'real battlefield', but prepare for mental warfare at Showdown when you come face-to-face with me. You say you're intensity personified, but intensity can only go so far against someone as immovable as myself. And as much as you may like to think you push your body to its limits every day, you have never been pushed as far as you will be when you face me. I am a man who has pushed people's boundaries like never before. As much as you like to point out that I've lost against people such as Nico and Ares Vendetta, I still pushed them to near breaking point. And trust me Rex, they were more worthy opponents than I expect you to be.

Speaking of trust, I thought I should tell you that your little breakdown of faith and confidence, and how faith means trust, wasn't necessary. I'm well aware of what faith and confidence are, and I stand by the fact that I don't need faith. Or at least, I don't need to give people faith. Why would I put my trust into someone or something when I can doing something better – I can control it. People have put their trust in me, their faith in me, and I have controlled them. That is the furthest faith and I go. I don't need to put faith in people when they give faith to me, and allow my confidence to have a more stable foundation. You see, I can be confident because I know that if I were to fall, there would be someone who trusts me to stop me from hitting the floor. Do you know how many times I've lost since I've been here? Six times. I've lost multiple times in a row, as well. Yet my confidence is still here, unbreakable, because I have people to catch my confidence before it shatters on the ground.

He stares off for a moment, as if contemplating what he will say next. Then he looks back to the camera, smirking as if he knows more than he is willing to let on.

You asked me what would happen if it came down to myself and Ares in the Chamber. Well, let me tell you that I won't reveal too much, but I can assure you that I would let him destroy me if he so wished. He could take months and years off my career, he could injure me direly. But I would still win, deep down. Because all that you can destroy is not what I need. What I care about is my future, and I can still obtain that no matter how much anyone tries to destroy me. The seeds have already been planted with the emergence of some of my followers, and that's all I need to worry about. Not my body, not my career, not even my mind. It's my memory and my vision that matters, and no amount of destruction or degradation of my confidence will stop them from surviving. In order for my new era to thrive, all that's required is my vision living on – and it shall.

Rex, you have the gall to say that I feel the need to defend myself and my philosophy. I can't win here. If I don't talk about my philosophy, Nico finds a way to complain, and if I do, you both attack me. As is the life of an outcast. No, you may think you're smart by claiming that I have explained and defended myself and my ideals because no one cares about me, but you're wrong. People care about me. If they didn't, I wouldn't have ever been involved in a main event on Showdown. I wouldn't have been put into the War Games match at Territorial Invasion – albeit as a replacement, but still. And I definitely wouldn't have been given a shot at the New Breed Championship before you. When I talk about my philosophy and my will to sacrifice, I'm not just saying things like you are when you talk about kicking down doors. I say it because I understand that the best way to improve my image is to tell people about who I am and what I stand for. I'm inviting them in, I'm offering them a new way of life, a different perspective. And they are accepting it. Soon enough, I will have all of the EAW Universe within the palm of my hand, whilst you'll still be kicking down doors that get built right back up again. I'm well aware that I haven't reached my peak yet, but let's face it, it won't be long until I do elevate myself to the next step. The same can't be said for you though, unfortunately. I imagine this New Breed Championship reign will be as far as you will go for the foreseeable future. Enjoy it whilst it lasts.

And since Nico has been silent, I suppose that ends that. You're both backwards in your thinking, both lost within the stories and beliefs you spin in your heads. Whilst you continue to look up at the stars, up at this impossible dream, Rex, I'll be here ready to kick you off of your pedestal. And that is exactly what I will do at Showdown.

Good luck – you're both going to need it.

As Ryan stares down the lens, the camera begins to glitch and distort. Cut to static. Fade to black.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 19th 2016, 3:21 am by Lars Grier
(Character Development Promo)
Giving is Useless

The scene opens up with the same dark area, with a dimly lit light, and a man, known as Lars Grier standing in the middle. This time, he's sitting on a chair, as he mumbles to himself. He's wearing his a dark grey shirt, some denim jeans and boots, as he begins to speak.

"Momma once told me that the world isn't like you think it is. She told me that the world isn't catered to you. It isn't filled with ice cream, joy, happiness, or any of those things! It's a dark, terrible place. Bad people live on this earth. Drug dealers, addicts, and criminals. All scum who don't deserve to walk on the soil of this planet. What amazes me the most is that nobody seems to care about these people. Nobody gives a damn about getting rid of those people, people like Armani Colace. And do you want to know where the centre of all the shit that's happening in the world happens?! It's in locations like Cincinatti, a scourge on this earth. I was taught at a very young age by my mother that the only way, the ONLY WAY to survive is to only think about yourself. To only care about yourself, and to fight for yourself. Most important of all?"

There is a silence before Lars talks. It is noticed that he is breathing heavily, as he stands up, still not looking at the camera. His head is faced down as he begins to speak once again.

"I'm a troubled and a desperate man, I admit it. But when you have nothing to lose, what's there to give? Why bother asking nicely for a gift, or make friends and politely ask them to give you something, when you can take it by FORCE. That is the most important thing that my mom taught me. "The world doesn't revolve around you Lars, but you can still take from the world." She once said to me. Giving is useless, because is the only way you can survive is to take what you want."
"What happens if you don't give me what I want?

Lars takes deep breaths, before roaring and looking right at the camera, with bloodshot eyes.

"I take them, look at them right in the eyes, and tell them "This is what happens when you don't give me what I want." I beat them till' kingdom come, till' all of their bones break, till' they squeal like the little shits they are."
"My name is Lars Grier. I am the Manifestation of Destruction, and I'm going to tell the people watching this, every EAW elitist, to keep watch of me, take notice of me, because I'm going to bring the whole place down. I don't care about fame, I don't care if you like me, if you hate me. Frankly, I don't give a shit. All I care about is reaching the top. You won't have to like the way I do it, nor do you need to like me. I don't need allies, or friends in this business, because I knew that from a young age, EVERYBODY IS MY ENEMY."

The camera pans to the side of the room, as we see a man strapped to a chair, his mouth duct taped and his arms tied to the wooden chair. Lars walks to the man, not saying a word. The ground can be seen, as it is just cement, with some broken glass sprayed across the room. Lars looks at the man, his eyes filled with horror. He slowly takes off the duct tape from his mouth, as the man takes deep breaths. 
Lars Grier doesn't even let the man say a single word before jumping on him. The chair falls back as he begins to maul him viciously, right hands flying as the man's screams echo throughout the area. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 19th 2016, 12:59 am by Rex32
Showdown Promo # 4

I'm finishing up here tonight whether Nico, Ryan, or any you watching like it or not. In fact, I'm done talking to them. You see, I have a story to tell. It's a story about a man. In this story, this man is not me. Let's get that out of the way right now. No, this is a story about a man...oh, we'll call him “The Man”. “The Man”, he started out, what turned into a long, and glorious career in the wrestling business. You see, “The Man”, he was incredibly gifted, but he didn't realize it at first just how gifted he actually was, how closely to traditionally legendary athletes he really was. From the start he strive to be great. He carried all the natural traits that a gifted wrestler should have. He was great in the ring, a showman for the crowd, real popular. His charisma was off the charts. Anytime he was in that ring, everything he did was like true poetry in motion. Everything he did had flash, sizzle, and above all an exactness to it. He made his efforts in that ring look flawless, with every move he made tell a story all of its own. The crowd's loved him. They showered him with praise, and he always left them wanting more. He understood that there was a fine line between being popular and inspiring others, but not just for the things he did in the ring, or his plethora of accomplishments, but for his success. To him it was not just about getting his picture on the cover of magazines and cereal boxes, or appearing in commercials and movies. “The Man, he was only interested in and satisfied by results. He was not a God, and he was not a politician, and he didn't look to win any popularity contest. Everything he got, he earned. “The Man” truly was one-of-a-kind, a unique originator and motivator who was well respected by those before him for keeping open the road that he pioneered, and helped to pave it for others to follow. “The Man”, he was a born leader, whose hard work and dedication had given those presently making the journey the same opportunity to one day become just like him themselves. For “The Man”, he had a goal—at least, it was the main one when he first got into professional wrestling, just like any other aspiring wrestler. The road to becoming “The Man” was never an easy one. It involved many hardships and sacrifices. Not only do he work through injuries and illness, but he was constantly away from home, traveling countless miles on the road. Very seldom did he get to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays with his family. His time away from his loved ones, and their time without him, it proved to be very difficult. He could never achieve the title of "The Man” without their love, their support, and an understanding of his obsession, his passion. Another strong characteristic of “The Man” was his ability to be a ring general, both inside and outside the squared circle. As a true master of his craft, this ring general, “The Man” would have his audience in the palm of his hand before he would ever set one foot into the gladiatorial combat zone. “The Man” could evaluate the attitude and emotions of both his awaiting audience and his opponents, especially if he was the villain—which is what many ring generals are, but in this story he’s neutral, just like me, but this isn’t about me, because I haven’t been able to accomplish these amazing feats just yet, but I'm certainly capable. The story of “The Man” has no real moral rhyme or reason except that “The Man” was just as ordinary as you or I. His accomplishments and sacrifices for the business, needless to say, made him a legend, an icon, a world renowned phenomenon. “The Man” had made it possible for all those that came after him to perform on a platform, and become who they are today. If it wasn’t for these people like “The Man”, who tried something different and wanted to develop this type of entertainment, it might not be here today. You have to remember that. It’s wonderful to know those days are indeed still remembered. It means that those people were successes, and that they too truly were legends!

A story such as the one I envisaged like “The Man”, it wasn't about a real cultural being, but a fictional one. It wasn't about me, just someone I know in my heart of hearts that I can become. I know it takes time, lots of time, over a period of years in fact. It takes years of dedicated service, sacrifices and an undying passion for what it is I have chosen to do with my life. Years, it takes to hone my craft, to perfect it. I tell the story not to impress you with my knack for creating some story with otherworldly almost mythical type beings, but to let you know, to put you all on notice of who I am now and who I seek to become in the future. I will say again. I am not “The Man”, but everything he was in the story, the once fledgling who grew, and matured, all the while dazzling onlookers everywhere and abroad through the years? All his sacrifice that were made just to do what he had an undying passion for? The heart and soul of a warrior, that is all inside of me, every last bit of it. The foundation that I have was made from scratch, but I continue to this day building upon it, fortifying it, making it unbreakable, and impossible to destroy. I seek wrestling immortality as well as totality of euphoric triumph. I don’t need to win tomorrow, but I will. I'll go out there and steal the show. I'll take away the moment that everyone sees as someone else's besides Rex McAllister whether it's Nico Borg or Ryan Marx, both men who have strong resolves and their own set of philosophical means of attaining the results they aim for every time out. It's what “The Man”, and anyone else had to do to grasp onto the things they always knew could be theirs. Nico Borg and Ryan Marx are about to find out why you simply can't sleep on me, not now, not ever.

There is no one, absolutely no one that puts more pressure on me than myself, not any of my past or present coaches, my trainers, my peers…no one. I’m my own cash cow and I plan on staying that way for a very very long time. I compete to win. I look to set examples, in the ring, and out. In the ring, I'm intensity personified. In the ring, I may do battle, but my body is the real battle field. I feel like there are no physical limits I can't exceed in that ring. Everything I do, everything I say? It's done with a purpose. There have been times that I’ve been sore, sometimes hurt, and..yet everyday I’m in the gym putting in work until I can’t work anymore..I change the definition of hard work..I embrace the grind…the grind beats me down, makes me sweat, bleed, and cry. Because I went through the grind, the grind backs me up in all of my matches..just when my opponent is getting exhausted, I’m getting fired up because I keep pushing myself, pushing my body to it’s limits on a daily basis. Things only become more challenging from here on out. When I advance to compete in that Extreme Elimination Chamber, and I will advance, I will show each and every last of the competitors in that Chamber just exactly what they are up against, what they will be up against for the unforeseeable future. I ain't coming out with a Vendetta like Nico to try and remove what he refers to as false idols, or trying to rebuild what he refers to as God's Kingdom on Earth. I'm not out to show fake ambition like Ryan Marx, ambition filled with nothing but fundamental errors and is hidden behind fabricated lies to fit his own narrative. I'm ready to show up tomorrow night and give 200% in every decision and every move I make from the opening bell until the very end. If I come up short, then so be it, but I will walk away knowing that I laid it all out there and gave myself a chance. Though even in defeat I will pick my head up like a true champion should and press on. That's what real champions do. True champions take any loss or setback and use it as a tool by which they can learn from and motivate themselves to greater levels of performance. True champions believe that they control their own destiny, and that luck has very little to do with what they will inevitably accomplish. Come Showdown both Nico and Ryan will come to find out the hard way what everyone else has recently, and that's how very difficult it is to put me away. They'll find out how hard a single setback at the hands of this elitist can hit them. The way I see it. I just love to do this job. I’m not the greatest, I’m definitely not better than you guys or the next person. I’m unique in my own way and I’m not going to pretend that I am the greatest. Instead, I’m going to go out there and fight my heart out like I have been doing through ALL the struggles I've had to overcome to get to this point. Guys, you’re certainly not unbeatable, and you aren’t infallible because if you were, that would mean you were the guy from above. Judging by your testaments though, you’re clearly not so that only means, I’m going to do something that you never had to deal with in recent memory. I’m going to toss you one of your most “GREATEST” defeats. You can take that to the bank. YOUR fate awaits you boys!
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 18th 2016, 11:56 pm by Marco
You see Keelan you are missing the point out of all of this because this is something that YOU wanted out of ME! It's sad to see that the little soft Marco that you could just push around or possibly take advantage of has decided to actually bite back at you and now you're in a position where you have to back peddle because I still think that you have been underestimating me. What insults me the most is that you have dubbed this to be nothing more than just kid drama that I'm just making up but the thing is that this issue has been written out plain and simple. Keelan, I have admitted time and time again that I have screwed up and that I have tried to do things for the better of our team and our friendship because the last thing that I wanted to do is to be a burden to you. My goal is to become a champion and I would be proud to stand side by side with you of all people to achieve that dream because that would mean the world to me. But the thing that you don't seem to comprehend Keelan is that this isn't about just me having a minor meltdown or you bullying me because the reason why I chose to stand up to you face to face is because I need and demand respect. In order for us to move and and be on the same wavelength if you start looking at me as an equal than just seeing me as your kid brother who tries and tries and tries again to protect him from the bad people from this world. But the thing is Keelan I act the way I am and I carry myself the way I do is not become like those awful people that inhabits this world. Maybe it's just me being very naive not thinking I would find myself in this position with you considering what type of match this is. I sometimes wish that I have that attitude like yours so I wouldn't have much care in the world but being apart of something that I know could put my life and my career and my DREAMS in jeopardy then I have to have the right mind frame to come into this match and learn how to FIGHT FOR WHAT I BELIEVE IN! From day one I have told that I have battled so many things to get this point to actually live out my dream and being here being able to come to this ring week in and week out to live out my dream is great accomplishment for me. But knowing that my friend my BEST FRIEND HAS CHALLENGED ME TO A MATCH THAT NOT ONLY SHAMES ME BUT COULD ULTIMATELY PUT ME BACK ON THE SHELF AND ROB ME OF MY CHILDHOOD DREAM IS SOMETHING THAT I CAN NOT LIVE WITH! This may be some other match or some ploy for us to get back on the same page but right now I'm worried about living to see another day KEELAN! This is more than just us getting on the same page so we could have a successful tag team career, this is more than just hashing it out like grown men are suppose to do. I'm treating this match like it's a death match, I'm treating this as if this were my very last because it possibly could be. So if I have to resort to any tactics to preserve my dreams and so I can live to fight another day then I will do whatever it takes. What you can expect at Shock Value is a Marco Fedor that is willing to DIE for what he believes in and this is the message that I'm sending to guys who are like me. Despite what happens Keelan, I'm going to make you respect me, I'm going to show you and the whole world what I'm capable of and maybe finally I can earn the respect of those who has looked down on me. I may be going into this match as the underdog but I won't let that persona to define who I AM! My actions in this match will define who Marco Fedor truly is and that's a fighter, a warrior a man that is willing to do whatever it takes to fight for his dreams and for the people he loves. Like I said from the beginning the things I do in this ring and my entire career from here on out is dedicated to those who aren't lucky enough to be in my position. So for you to disrespect me the way you did and look down at me the way you do Keelan then I have something to prove in this match because I'm going to show you that not only I can hang with you but I can show you that I'm better than you as well. I know initially I have reacted speaking from the initial shock from it all and it was hard for me to comprehend to why my friend is trying to end my career. But this is how life works and I have accepted that there are some people who show their love in a different way. So if this is some teaching moment of yours Keelan then I hope you prepare yourself for the repercussions from your actions because it seems to me it's hard for you to accept your own faults and there is a pattern that you're quick to blame me for any misfortunes that happens to you. But this time you can actually blame me for this one because when I hurt you and best believe I will do something that I tried so hard to avoid but you have forced my hand to do that, but when that reality hits you in the face and you know that I'm for real about this Keelan, then you know for a fact that I'm not a person that you or anyone else can simply walk over. If you think I care about upsetting you Keelan after this match, I don't if you think I care if you don't even talk to me, then you're going to be mistaken and if you think I'm going to ask for you forgiveness then you're going to be heart broken. You have lost that luxury with me Keelan it's time for you to suffer the consequences and not only that this will be the very match that will force you to look at me as an equal and as a man if I have to hurt you to the extent that you have to say "I Quit" then so be it. I will not show any mercy to anyone that stands before me and threatens my very dream of being a pro wrestler, I will handle you swiftly as I can. I just hope that one day in the future you can forgive me but for now forgiveness is the furthest thing for my mind because at the end of the day when this match is said and done...This Entire Thing Will Hurt Me More Than It Will Hurt You.
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Post on November 18th 2016, 11:53 pm by Aria Jaxon

What is it that lights the collective fire under the asses of the members of Team OGs? What’s the thing that has caused each individual woman to have zero reservations about stepping foot in that ring at Shock Value? It depends on who you ask. For Veena, it’s the fact that her self-assured facade is becoming more and more paper-thin by the day, and she needs this validation. She needs the reassurance that she’s gotten from all directions from her entire life, and she needs to be told that she’s still worth the ink on her contract in this company. Let’s put it plainly -- she ain’t done shit. Drastic times call for drastic measures, and it’s time to go balls to the wall. Is it risky to put your neck on the line in a conflict like this one, where people are definitely playing to maim? Yes. But when any other “rational” options have long since been exhausted, well...you jump into the deep end of the pool and risk drowning, if it means finally being able to back up all your bravado. For Stephanie, it’s revenge. Revenge in its pettiest form, yeah, but revenge nonetheless. She’d chase Cailin, Tarah, and I to the ends of the earth if it meant finally being able to cling to some pathetic version of victory over us. Whatever issues she’s had with Haruna can also be tossed in as well, and Sheridan is, in her eyes, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. No matter how this goes down, she doesn’t really stand to gain much from this. Best case scenario, she puts on another in a string of gutsy performances and then uses it as material to fuel some braggadocio, but that’s about it. Worst case scenario -- and this is the one I’m banking on -- she bites the big one again, and STILL refuses to let all of this go because her entire world revolves around making people pay. But hey, if she’s not smart enough to know the OGs would sell her down the river in a heartbeat if it meant keeping their perceived dominance intact, she sure as hell wouldn’t know when to leave well enough alone with us, either. In HBG’s case, she might be tryna stave off some sort of midlife crisis, but it’s hard to tell. In the time I’ve been here, HBG has taken some absolutely spectacular tumbles -- usually as a result of having placed herself on some variation of a sky-high pedestal -- but she’s always talked like she was bulletproof, some flawless being immune to any kind of defeat. Before Cailin nearly ripped her arm out of its socket at Reckless Wiring, there was the speech. And there was the exact same one before I put both my boots to the back of her head at Triple Threat. Once more, the same song and dance were copied and pasted before she left House of Glass empty-handed, and now that haughty smile and the snobby air are masking panic. In anyone else’s case -- mine, for instance -- I’d say there’s nothing wrong with dusting yourself off after you’ve fallen and learning from the experience, something her and her girlfriends have mocked me for before. The difference is that I’ve never once tried to pass myself off as being unbeatable, and no matter how many times HBG is knocked on her ass, no matter how many times the eyes of the world are on her when she eats shit, she STILL insults our intelligence and acts like we’ve got a short memory by erasing any less-than-flattering moments and tryna pass herself off as The Terminator. She needs this to be able to sleep at night. Maybe she’ll make good on what she said to Cameron on Empire weeks back, and off herself if this match doesn’t go according to her best-laid plans. Cameron fights for the chance to wipe her hands of all of this. She’s had more run-ins with the members of Team Sirens more times than she can count on two hands, and she hates to think back on the times where those run-ins haven’t gone her way. Unless she’s using the defeats as a means to motivate herself not to fall again, she doesn’t dare think back on being pinned by Cailin, tapping out to me, or being knocked into a bin of electrical equipment by Tarah. Because we’re not worthy, right? Because the great Cameron Ella Ava doesn’t fuck up, right? It grates on her nerves that so many of the same women she’s spoken ill of and paved the way for have gotten her goat before. She wants to put the nail in the coffin of all of these beefs. She wants to play the trump card and say she’s gotten the wins when it counted, though that could be up for debate. Kendra just wants to be able to maintain that she’s above it all. Save for that loss against Sheridan back at Pain for Pride, her track record since returning is largely devoid of any stinging losses. Before that, she’d been gone for years. She pretty much forgot what it was like to lose, and she’s looking to prolong that feeling for as long as possible. Her head is in the clouds, and in the interest of playing devil’s advocate, if I’d pulled off a win like the one she pulled off at House of Glass, I might be feeling myself, too. It’s fine to feel proud of yourself, just don’t let it cloud your vision so much that you can’t see the threat that is Team Sirens coming in from your peripheral to cut your legs right out from underneath you. You’re not above any of this, Kendra. Much like our not-so-beloved General Manager, you’re insisting that this whole “war” over Empire is beneath you, even though you haven’t had any second thoughts about getting your hands dirty as all of this has unfolded. You’re not above any of this, and even more than that, you and your teammates aren’t immune to defeat. You can all have your different reasons for wanting to lace up your boots and secure a win tomorrow. That’s fine. Lord knows no two women on this team see this match exactly the same, even if I am fighting beside my two best friends tomorrow. We all agree when and where it counts. We know that we owe it to the entire Vixens locker room to put up the fight of our lives because an Empire where the OGs and their fan club have free reign is one where the rest of us would be shortchanged at every single turn. It’s not about our egos. If egos were the issue -- as so many others have continued to insist -- then we wouldn’t be able to coexist. There’d be more static than we knew what to do with, but as Shock Value looms on the horizon, look at us. We’re all on the same wavelength with a goal as clear as can be -- to nip this little uprising in the bud and keep this show out of the OGs’ clutches. If we have to shave months or years off of Stephanie and Veena’s all-too-young careers, then so be it. If we have to put Hall of Famers on the shelf, then so be it, but this is a goal worth fighting for. We’ll get what we want.

You got me, Stephanie. I almost got more ambition than I know what to do with, but rest assured, it’s hardly blinding me. It’s not my ambition that’s keeping me going here. My vision is 20/20, sweetheart. I mean, I know it makes you feel better to believe that anything at all could put me at some sort of handicap right now, but I can see crystal clear. You’re the one making things up as you go along. You’re sitting here telling Sheridan that she talks down on the veterans like none of your victories matter. YOUR victories, Stephanie? You had a career before EAW, but let’s not pretend like any of that has any bearing here. No one cares about what you did in JET, SDW, or anywhere else. What counts is here and now, and the Stephanie Matsuda of the current day isn’t really in a position that Mia Matsuda would’ve envied four or five years ago. Sure, she was making less money. She was in armories and community college gyms instead of NFL stadiums, but she at least had her self-respect. She hadn’t yet gone on what seemed like a mission to try and fuck the entire Vixens locker room (though she already fucked a killer and everything, but that’s neither here nor there). She hadn’t hit her ceiling yet, and she certainly wasn’t so transfixed on ending the careers of ex-girlfriends and best friends that she kinda forgot that wins are how you pay your way forward here. Any leg-up you feel like you’ve gotten over any of the Sirens at any point in time doesn’t matter on paper, you know that, right? They don’t count toward victories. They don’t give out belts, Cups, or anything else for it. You can pat yourself on the back for any leeway you’ve made in your petty vendettas, because at the end of the day, it’s all you’ve got to stand on. I’ve drawn plenty of attention to Haruna’s virtual aversion to winning in big-match scenarios in the past, and she’s never made any bones about that, but are you SURE you’re the one who needs to weigh in there? Oh, you’re right, Cailin is what a real champion looks like, but you don’t have to throw Sheridan under the bus to make that point. The fact is, you beat her back in what, January or something? And you’re still holding it over her head like it means anything, even though she’s gone on to lap you and amount to more than you have in this company. This really is eerily similar to my match against Kenny Drake. It’s a dude who’s really got all the potential in the world, but every career highlight of his is based on who he’s faced and the wars he’s fought, which highlighted his glaring absence of...ya know, real accolades. He clung to his drawn-out conflicts with people like Carson and Damon because that was all he had. Here you are, doing the same. You got an assist from gravity in a clusterfuck match to win a title Cailin wouldn’t have lost under any other circumstances and you’re still sitting here talking about my career path as if you’ve done any better. You haven’t done better than anyone on this team, and to tell the truth, the only person on your team that you can stand to lord over is the trust fund baby. You’ve added additional layers to all of this because you’re an emotional ass bitch who needs to stake your whole career on every match you go into because you live for the dramatics of it all. If you wanna throw your whole being into this, you’re more than welcome. I look forward to Team Sirens inevitably chewing up all your hopes of revenge and spitting them back at you when this is all over.

There you go, Cameron, mistaking me for some deer in the headlights newcomer who’s desperate for the love and acceptance of the veterans. If not having you or HBG’s seal of approval made and broke careers, I’d have washed out a LONG time ago, but here y’all go, continuously offering your opinion on what I do as if I’m supposed to give a fuck. You’ve had your chances to have stopped me in my tracks, Cameron. If you wanted me gone, you can’t say you haven’t had more than one chance to make your dream of an EAW devoid of me come true, but you never could get it to come to pass, could you? See, you bounce back and forth between saying I’m nothing compared to you and then saying that you actually respect my talents deep down. Well, which is it? No matter how hard you try to fake it, I still firmly believe that you don’t take me seriously. You still feel like I can’t hold a candle to you, even if there’s plenty of match footage to look back on that contradicts that completely. Losing to you never caused me any heartache. It never got me down nearly as much as you think it did. Frankly, I can’t get better unless the competition keeps me on my toes. Facing people like you has helped mold me into the competitor that I am now. I’m not sure if I’m referring to super skilled wrestlers, or those who have had the audacity to question what I’m made of. In your case, it was both. Your ignorance has always led you to doubt me, and your tenure has always made you feel like you could lord over me. You can wave my not-so-stellar moments in my face, but honestly, if I hadn’t slipped up, I wouldn’t appreciate the moments in the sun nearly as much. My story in EAW hasn’t been one without mistakes and momentary failures, but it’s also a story where I’ve ALWAYS gotten back up and been better than I was before, and that’s hardly something I need you to co-sign on. I don’t have any regrets. If I could turn the clock back to July 19, 2015, and start this whole chapter of my life over again, I can confidently say I wouldn’t change a single thing. I’d go through it all -- the good and the bad -- if it would leave me standing here right now staring you down saying that I’m not afraid of you, I don’t fear the bitches composing your cavalry, and your attempts at undermining me are almost as pathetic as your alcoholic ex-boyfriend’s god awful tattoos. Are you absolutely sure that you want me to reach down and give you the fight of your life? Because you’ve been on the wrong side of that before. You KNOW what it is to poke and prod until I became an obstacle too big for you to overcome. This was a decision, Cameron. Like I said, my decision-making is what you seem to hate, and believe me, I chose to link up with Tarah and Cailin. I chose to walk into this whole war with them, and I chose not to back down and see this all the way to the end. I’m going into Shock Value because I want to. You’ve questioned every choice I’ve made since Reasonable Doubt. There are lots of doubts floating around in your mind where myself and the rest of Team Sirens are concerned, but we’re coming for a decisive victory that won’t leave any room for doubt in your hollow head. You bring your friends and I’ll bring mine, honey. We’ll see who made the wrong choice by not running for the hills sooner.
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Post on November 18th 2016, 11:33 pm by Ahren Fournier
(Ahren Fournier is seen sitting in his favorite chair with Jennipurr laying in his lap)


Well, tomorrows the big night, tomorrow is the culmination of what I’ve been working for, so long, and so hard for. Yes I know that I said long and hard, but I will not take the bait on the easy dick joke. And yes I know I said bait when talking about a dick joke, but I refuse to give in to these easy set up jokes. This is Ahren Fournier with his game face on, Ahren Fournier, taking a break from his funny antics, because he just wants to get in the exact mindset that he should be for tomorrow night. After this match is over, after it’s all said, and done, I could, and WILL have an opportunity at a championship, and that? Well that’s really amazing to me. Look man, I’m living my dream, I’m out there doing crazy wild shit entertaining the masses, getting people to love me just being who I am. Some people like it some people don’t, but hey that’s life, you can’t get everyone to like you, and honestly life would be pretty boring if you could. It’s good to have some diversity, some adversity in your life to liven it up a bit. Right now, this isn’t the Trill Fairy talking to you guys, this is Ahren Fournier. When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a professional wrestler, I worked, and worked, and worked, and achieved that goal. But that’s not where my goals end, that wasn't the only goal I had in mind when I was a kid. No I've always been a free spirit, an optimist, that would never settle for anything but the best. I want to keep going, I want to get to levels no one thought possible for me. Though judging by the fans, and the announcers reactions, there isn't much they don't expect me to accomplish.. When you look back at the annals of professional wrestling history, what comes to mind first, what wrestlers come to mind first? Who did you look up to as a kid? For me? I always looked up to the champions, the people that held the title that took on all comers, and knew they were the best. Personified what it meant to be a professional wrestler. Look at the hall of fame, look at all the names, how many people in there haven’t won a championship? 0. All of them have held a title. This is a dream come true, like I’ve said, this is fun man. Professional wrestling is fun, and has always meant to be fun. People let me into their homes week after week, let the Trill Fairy fly, and watch me grow into something that no one can even control anymore. Some of these people they forget their childlike exuberance, they forget what's actually going on here. Much like me, I'm sure all of them dreamt to be here, a professional wrestler, but they don't enjoy it the way they should. They aren't living this up to it's fullest potential, we have a platform here to do great things. So when I see these 8 other elitists trying to take my dream away from me, well I’m not going to take to that lightly. Do I think I’m the best in this match? Absolutely, and why wouldn’t I? If you don’t think you’re the best in this company, if you don’t think you’re the best this world has to offer then you should probably find another line of work because this business isn’t for you. You have to go into that ring with the mindset of that person across the ring from me is about to get beat, not only beat, but embarrassed, because if you don’t see it that way? Then you’ve already lost the battle.

So I hate to say it, I hate to admit it, but I admire Jon McAdams a bit. This man has lost to me 2 times already. He’s been embarrassed by me week after week, yet he can still have the strength within to say that he’s better. He grasps at straws trying to find reasons why he’s better than me. Such as, if I am so much better, why haven’t I had any title matches yet. Well Jon, they don’t just hand out title shots, it has only been 3 months, and you’ve been here 2. Maybe this is just the second FPV for Voltage since I’ve been here and they don’t just throw #1 contenders matches around just like that. I have been in 1 before, by the way, a match just like this one, and I’ve learned from it; making me the most liable threat in the match.  Also, I’m pretty sure they just like seeing me beat the shit out of you week after week, because that seems to be the common theme of our matches. That's why our paths cross so much, nothing more, nothing less. Even management likes to see your arrogant smug mustached face getting beat by me. The proof is in the pudding, the results have already been in, they’ve been tallied and it’s 2-0 Fournier. He grasps at even more straws by saying I'm a hypocrite; because Jon says I’m a bully, even though I’ve never claimed to be anything other than Ahren, and The Trill Fairy. But even after all these stats, and concrete evidence of my dominance over him, he still has that hope, and that’s admirable. I mean it won’t help in the match, because he just isn’t that good, and is no match for me, but good for him to keep that mentality up. Jon, I’m proud of you, I’ll see you out there buddy, hopefully for the last time.

Then Mike Showman, even though he posted vicious lies about how he stroked me off… Which isn’t true, I mean he may want to stroke me off, lets not forget the whole him going after my balls thing… But I don’t roll that way, sorry bud. Seriously did anyone else catch that? He said he stroked me off, got real weird. I had to shower like 5 times after him saying that. But I admire Mike Showmans efforts throughout the week, even after getting verbally decimated by me all week, he kept coming back for more. Maybe he’s a gluten for punishment, maybe he just wants to see my pretty face again, and again, but either way, he showed heart. I mean heart and a million dollars isn’t enough to buy a victory against me, but I’m proud of you. One thing I just want to remind Mike about is… Maero and I? Aren’t friends. I mean did you even hear what he said? He said he hates me, and is going to be coming after me. Your own partner heard it, and said how everyones gunning after me, maybe Jon’s the better PWC guy after all? Hmmmmmm. Anyways I am honored that everyone wants to come at me during this match, it makes my job much more difficult, and how I do love a challenge.

Then we have Jakob DeLion, who has been here for not even a month to my knowledge, but he doesn’t’ deem me a threat. Me? The insane one? Not a threat? I know past credentials don’t really matter, but I mean they’ve got to count for something right? If he casts me aside as not a threat, as it seems most of my competitors don’t; well they’re making a mistake. I think I’ve proven myself to be a top contender in this industry, and I finally get a real chance to prove it.

Maero I got respect for you, just like Jon McAdams, you come back and find a reason as to why you think you can beat me, and that’s alright man. After such an embarrassing loss to me, what was it 20 seconds? You can still come back and say that you can beat me, that’s awesome. That’s some good fighting spirit, you’re living your dream, and it’s great. I mean you’re not entirely living your dream. I don’t think your dream consisted of seeing guy after guy after guy pass you by for a year straight, but that’s where you are, and I think it’s admirable that you’re ok with that. Bring your new attitude, bring your moms purse containing all the makeup you want to bring Be you, be yourself, be the Maero you want to be! I'm happy I could get you out of your funk, I feel very accomplished by that fact, it's ok I never got a thank you letter, I forgive you. Now you want to go against me? Go after me? Good luck, there's two other guys that are trying to go after that right. You think Jon McAdams or Mike Showman will let you go after me one on one? Not a chance, you three will be clogging up the works, getting in each others way until it all boils over. All 3 of you will attack each other after the jealousy of trying to beat up Ahren Fournier. No matter, I doubt a three on one onslaught by all 3 of you would be able to keep me down. That's how much I believe in myself. I will not be stopped Maero, you had to dig down deep to find the fire that I've always had. I know how to harness this power, I know how to use it to my advantage, but at the end of the day, tomorrow at Shock Value, we'll see just who's fire burns more intense. I want you to look your tip top best, when the camera pans in on your face as I walk away the victor. I know you'll be proud of me, thanks in advance.

Solomon Caine, you’ve been nothing but nice to me through this whole thing, concerned about my well being, you’re a true friend. Unfortunately, I have to decline your offer, and continue on my path to Trillteousness, I tried to make righteousness and trill combine, not sure how I feel about it. Tell the demons in your head that I’ll be just fine when the lightening strikes. But thank you for all your concern, I’ll keep that in mind as I’m beating the shit out of you. I don’t wane in the sight of chaos quite easily ok? I worked black Friday at a retail store when I was in high school, I know chaos. And speaking of the monster, the gluttonous one? Why don’t the other monsters cast him to hell for his sins? Why does he get a pass to judge others and eat them? That doesn’t seem fair to the other monsters that have to walk the straight and narrow. Glutony is one of the 7 deadly sins, as I’m sure you know. Tell that demon monster to chill out and watch his waist line, the babes don’t like someone with a ton of flubber.  


(Throw back wink, smirk, and thumbs up to the camera as it fades to black)
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Post on November 18th 2016, 11:10 pm by Victor Maero
Sock Value Final

Maero sits at the side of a lake in the dead of night. He looks down at the wooden boat anchored to the shore next to him. His painted face and the boat are illuminated by spots of moonlight cascading through the trees. Maero pulls a crumpled up picture from his pocket and unfolds it to reveal it’s of Solomon Caine.

“A gift? That’s what you call these demons?” Maero presses the tips of his fingers to his forehead. “The images flashing in my mind are divine? No. NO!” Maero lowers his hand and snarls as he looks up from the ground. “Even if your gods did give me this ‘gift,’ they didn’t hand me my life on a silver platter. No, no, no. I carved my life from stone, they had no part in that. If your gods really did make me into this then where were they when I went to the afterlife? Where were they when the one I loved the most died? If your gods really made my life from scratch then fuck ‘em. They don’t deserve a single moment of my worship. Your gods cannot hurt me worse than that day did. I don’t care what you think they put in motion, I created myself. I’ve lost enough, Solomon. Both in EAW and outside of it. I won’t let your gods take anything more from me. Your gods cannot control me, regardless of what they gave me. I forged myself with metal and fire. I created myself with blood, sweat, and tears. I won’t let any ‘higher power’ take credit for that. I’ve word of the beast you carry inside of you. I’ve been warned. And you scare me. You scare me in a fun way, you scare me in the way I like. This fear is going to make me fight harder than you, hit harder than you, and move faster than you. As if it wasn’t enough that I awoke the beat I kept buried, now you’ve pissed me off and scared the hell out of me. Not a good combination Solomon, not good at all. Your presence in this match is what is going to make this fun… for me. And I promise you won’t like my idea of fun. I will bring my demons to that ring, I don’t have a choice. For when you look upon me and seek to rip my demons from me you’ll come to find that we are one. I am my demons Solomon, you just follow yours. I don’t plan to leave that ring scarless. No, no, no. I plan to leave with brand new injuries, brand new battle scars. And I will cherish every one. I will find each new scar over a cup of tea and a read through those that thought I’d fall broadcasting themselves eating their words. I used my ‘gift; to create something that even your gods cannot comprehend. I am something far different from what your filtered eyes see. You see someone who needs to be converted to the gods that supposedly created his psyche. That is not who I am, that was never who I was. I have always been the black sheep. I have always been the outcast of the outcasts. I have always had my demons. I was born with a spark of crazy, and that grew into an all-consuming fire. You’re the new fuel. If you still think that your gods created me than you are sorely mistaken, and I’ll show you inside that ring. Channel whatever darkness you wish, I promise that my hybrid, twisted, mind will push past it. Plus, if you think I of all people have an ego, you're really gonna hate the rest of EAW. This match will make me feel alive. Life... something that your gods pale in comparison to. Feeling alive is why I fight. Feeling alive is my obsession. That adrenaline rush you get when you trade damage with your opponent is the thing that drives me to fight harder. You fight for your gods, you fight for them on blind faith. If that’s what it takes to believe in your gods then I will never bow. I will not neal, I will not crawl, and I will win. Solomon Caine, you are a pawn to your masters, I am the bishop. Who do you think will win? I don’t need your gods, they will not define me. I don’t need faith to complete me. I am whole without a higher power. I may not be god as I once thought, but I will not be controlled by one.” Maero places the picture of Solomon Caine into the boat next to him and stabs it with a scalpel that sticks it down. Maero removes a picture of Jon McAdams from his pocket.

“Jon McAdams. I have gained respect for you to be honest. Your past was not an easy one. You told me to look out for Solomon Caine. I thank you for that. But this doesn’t mean that I will let you run wild in that ring. You might own that ring, you might own more than I ever will, but you will never own me. You will never have power over me. You will never break me. You will never push me down. In the past, the British kicked their convicts around and sent them to Australia. That’s where I came from. And I’ve learned from that past. You can’t kick me around McAdams. I may respect you, but that does not mean I’ll go east on you. And I’m sure you wouldn’t have it any other way. I will win this match. This chance has been a long time coming, my year in EAW has taught me a lot. And one of the things it’s taught me is to never back down, I’m about to put that into action against you. My days as a surgeon taught me to be deliberate, and I’m about to use that against you. My time in the Sanatorium has taught me to fight as myself and with others behind me, I’m about to unleash all my lessons on you. My dark and my light are about to be intertwined in the dance that this match requires of me. You’re just another opponent. And I won’t lose to anyone in this match. It’s more than just wanting to win, I need to win. This will be  my night. Everyone in this match is in the firing line. You’re left with two options: get out of the blast zone, or get bit.” Maero drops the picture into the boat and sticks it with a scalpel. Maero takes another picture from his pocket and unfolds it to reveal that it is a picture of Mike Showman.

“Mike… Mikey… Mike-erino… Mike Wazowski… Miko-tron. I’m not friends with Ahren. That’s not why I don’t like you. I don’t like you because you’re nothing but an asshole. That’s all you can hit me with. You can say I’m sucking a dick, and that’s all you have. That I just might be gay and into demons. You know what’s cool? I’m an atheist. I don’t think demons are real, I just use that analogy for the dark parts of the world. I was unaware that I had to fucking spell it out for you. Let me spell something else out for you: You’re not strong enough to win this. Not with men like Ahren, not with men like McAdams, and definitely not with men like me.” Maero points to himself. “I’m ready to break bones in this match, and unlike you, I’m able to do so. I have the strength and the resolve. This will be the night of the freaks, and there is nothing your basic bitch ass can do about it. I don’t care how many lattes you pound before this match, I’m still going to crush you. See, I don’t just fight strong, I fight smart. I’ve learned from my time in EAW. Your time here just made you more full of garbage and filth. I don’t care what flavor of dick you want to say I suck, I don’t care how many times you call me a faggot. Because in the end, you will be sent home licking your wounds and wishing you hadn’t overlooked the Priest of Life. You will regret tempting me. You will regret ignoring me. Because I will win this fight. This war is mine for the taking, and I will waste no time winning it. I hold my wounds in high esteem, I hope you’ll care for the ones I give you in the same way. Because if you do, you’ll have a lot more autobiographical body art, free of charge. The imprints on your body will tell the story of my rise. So you can keep waggling your ego in front of my face and pretending that I won’t hurt you for as long as you like. You can fight me with your witless attacks all you want. Just be careful, I fight back, and I fight hard.” Maero sticks Showman’s picture into the boat with a scalpel and prepares the next picture, this one is Jakob DeLion.

“The man who has no fucking idea how to become a real wrestler. You’re nothing. You’re not a threat, you’re not cannon fodder, you’re not even filler. I prefer not to disrespect people, but geez. You really are easy to destroy. DeLion is so edgy and exciting! Said no one ever. You have no fans, the entirety of EAW hates you. You might think yourself the most wanted. You think everyone wants you! Dead or alive. News flash: You’re only wanted dead.” Maero stabs DeLions picture into the boat making it rock with the force he hits it with. He breaths heavily as he takes out one more picture, this one of Ahren Fournier.

“One last time Ahren. One last time I have to talk about you. Beating me the last time we faced each other meant nothing. Beating a man who has nothing to fight for doesn’t mean a damn thing. So yes, you will be fighting me again. But my drive is back. My motivation and my strength have rushed back into my body. Yes, I am the man you beat before, but now you’re fighting the real me. The me you wanted to face. The me that will leave you in the fucking dust. Beating me back then was like saying you hacked into someone’s phone when they didn’t even have the dot-bubble-thingy password. Now try hacking through the real me. I’ve become far more secure. Can you write the entire script of the Bee Movie into a phone without messing up? I think not. Try that password on for size. Shock Value will not be another loss for me. No, no, no. Shock Value is the night of the freaks. Shock Value will have some upsets. You might even say… some ‘shocking’ upsets. This is the real me Ahren. I’m sure you're not impressed, how shocking. But I promise, when we’re in the ring your jokes won’t save you. I don’t care if you look through me the whole time, when you’re bleeding on the floor it won’t matter. This is my night. This is my match. This is my war. And this is my life. Welcome to my era, you won’t leave the same. You’re the one I’m most excited to get my hands on. You’ve become cocky on the subject of me because you beat me when I was running on empty. If anything was more laughable I haven’t heard it. That might just be the best joke you’ve ever told. That shadow you fought is nothing like the real me. The real me will leave you begging for mercy, and the real me will give it to you. But not before the match ends. After the match, I will hold nothing against you, but during… that’s a whole different story.  When that bell sounds you're in my world. When that bell rings my demons get to play. When I’m in that ring I feel more alive than I ever have before, and you’re one of the best conduits for that that I have ever had the pleasure of fighting. And now I get to face you on this big of a stage. While you might not be my main focus, you won’t catch me by surprise in this match. I know how you move, how you fight. I know my limits, and they far exceed yours. You’re entering my world on Shock Value. That’s not a place you want to stay for long. You see…” Maero stabs Ahren’s picture into the boat. “I don’t play nice.” Maero takes a nearby jerrycan and soaks the pictures in gasoline. He then undoes the knot holding the boat to shore and sparks a fire inside the vessel. He kicks it away and it begins to gently float out into the lake. Maero kisses two of his fingers and raises them to the boat out of respect.

“Tomorrow I walk into hell. Tomorrow I walk home. And Tomorrow I show the entire EAW roster just what I can do. Whether they watch or not I don’t care. The show I will put on is for me, the presentation of my might is in the hopes that I will no longer be underestimated. But I’ve been here a year. I know that people will always see themselves as greater than I, with varying degrees of accuracy. So come one come all, Saturday the monsters rise. Saturday the freaks see their champion stand on a mountain of bodies. On Shock Value, Maero will rise, and the Wendigo will make his first appearance. My precision is unmatched, and my power unseen. I am a blade, and on Saturday I meet flesh. I’ve been kept on the bottom of the food chain long enough. That’s not a place for an apex predator. I’m pissed off, and I’ve been given punching bags. This is my hunting ground. I won’t be disturbed. This will be my night whether anyone likes it or not. I’ve waited, I’ve trained, and I’ve been in pain, all for this moment. Do you really think I’d let it slip through my fingers? No, no, no. I like to hunt big game. This is my chance to fight a pack. I break bones, I slice flesh, and I…” Maero sticks another picture to a tree next to him with a scalpel. The picture is of him. “Bite.”

Fade to laughter.
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Shock value #5

Oklahoma City, Saturday, 5:45 a.m.

(The scene opens outside the Chesapeake Energy Arena. Slivers of The morning sun just eek past the top of the arena, as a figure Clad in a long black trench coat steps into the frame with his back to the camera.)

???: "At last the day has arrived. The great day of lightning. What joyous celebration shall occur in just mere hours. When the world will bare witness to the works of their great power..."

(The man turns around to reveal himself as one of the participants of the top prospects scramble. The man who the world knows as Solomon Caine.)

Caine: "... and watch in horror as a great multitude are sacrificed. Yes the eyes of the world will be watching as the ones who have sent me, lay waste to those who have been called to this moment. Who's evil desires have been manipulated by my masters, that those wretches would serve their purpose. Oh what great and wonderful works will be witnessed tonight, when each those who are to be sacrificed see the beginning of their end.

Do you you hear me? Are you truly listening to my words this time? Have you opened your eyes to the truth, or have you all just buried you heads in the dirt so that you don't have to see anything?!

Is that what you have done Ahren?! Answer me! For all the warnings they have given you, for all the chances you've had to heed their calling, you have chosen to deny them! Instead you feed the monster inside you known as vanity. But that monster's appetite is gluttonous, it never stops hungering for more of the worthless praise and adulation from the putrid scum that walk upon the earth. You Have thrown away salvation! Do you speak of the wings that let you fly, how far will you get when they are ripped away from your body and you are crushed under their feeeeetttt! You will pay dearly for your insolence, you will be crushed by the weight arrogance, your body broken by the boulder that is your own ego. Ahren, when the lightning strikes the earth, you will watch in horror as everything I have said Comes to pass. At that moment do. It even bother to beg for forgiveness, because your actions have proven you are unworthy, and he who is unworthy will be amongst the first to feel the fire.

And Jakob, the son of the lion, the kin of the thunder, how is it that your evil mouth never ceases? Is it that full of poison that must seep out without rest? You still rant and rave, and boast about all that you will do, but the whole world can see thru empty words. The world can see that nothing you speak bares any fruit or meaning. You are a hollow shell of a man that speaks with bravado and competence because you have none that actually dwells within you! When the hour they have appointed arrives, you will not speak boldly, you will not even speak, you will whimper in fear as the ones who are coming tear you limb from GODDAMN LIMB! The pain you will come to know tonight, will be but the prick of your finger on a single stubby thorn compared to awaits you at the end of ages! At that chosen hour all that you have ever spoken against the ones who have sent me, will be thrown back at you as your flesh is eaten alive by the fire!

Danny Knoxx, you show more wisdom than he who you are bound to. You have learned well just how terrible your fate maybe. You have fell to their powers once before, and now you shall fall once more. You who spoke of all your strength, your silence shows just how weak you truly are. Your fear, the sign that you've learned respect for those who have sent me, it will grant you nothing now. It will not earn you any mercy or favor. It will not lessen the wrath that is soon to befall you. No, you had your chance to show humility, but you chose to lean upon your own strength. Now, after that strength has failed you time and again, now that you realize that you are totally helpless against my masters, now you try to gain a measure of salvation. But now it is far too late for you, you stand condemned for all eternity! You will see nothing on the day of the glorious reign but the flood of fire! You will hear nothing but the screams of the word as they burn along with you!

Alonzo, does your silence reflect your contemplation? Have you examined all of the horrendous atrocities you have committed? Or does it simply mean that your own cowardice has overwhelmed you?! Do you feel regret for lies you have spread to all you come into contact with? Or have you simply decided to try and flee in terror from what they have planed for you?! Run as much as you like, they will find you. Whether you travel higher than the mountains, or Down past the deepest depths of the sea, they will seek you out, and give to you the just and righteous punishment you deserve. You will bare witness as the stars that you hold in reverence, come falling to the ground! And when they do they will obliterate any who are caught In their path, you included! The time for you to face the truth is at hand Alonzo, and whether you are willing or not, you and the whole world will see the truth!

JD Damon, what will you do tonight? Whom will you run to? Whom will you hide behind? No one can save you from what awaits you tonight, just as no one can save you from the flood of fire! Tonight you will be exposed to the world as the parasite you truly are. You have no strength to call you own, so you must leach off those who do. You have not enough to stand own your own feet, so you must use the crutches you call elite guards. I would pity you if you had not tried to deceive the world into thinking you are strong! The ones who have sent me have no need of deceivers in their glorious reign, so they will have no need of you. Run and cling to your master JD while you still can, for sooner than you realize, they will be eradicated, and you shall not be able to cling to them any longer.

Mike Showman, how long will you deny the works of my masters? How long can you live in self-deception? The powers they wield, are not just spectacles to astonish or amaze the simple minded. No, they are the evidence of their coming! WHO ARE YOU THAT YOU SHOULD CAST DOUBT UPON THEM! You who are nothing but a miserable weakling. Are you that blind to their works? Or are you just trying to fool yourself into believing your own wretched rhetoric?! Know this, I speak the truth, that is what they have called upon me to do. They have sent me to spread the message of their coming to all who would hear it. But you Mike, you have closed off your mind for you know what will happen at the chosen hour of their arrival. All that your family has built will lay in ruins. All off their silver and gold will become worthless trinkets that lay freely on the ground next to the smoldering corpses. And when these thing come to pass, all the power that your family had killed and schemed to acquire for you, will vanish in the twinkling of an eye. I'll say it again, your fortune traps you like a rat. And when the Glorious reign falls down upon the earth, that trap will spring, and crush your neck in one swift instance!

The same goes for you Jon McAdams. Now at the hour of you meeting your fate, you cower. You horrid scum who would try and plot against them. You would try to allay yourself to all the others who have been called to be sacrificed, in order that you might over power the one they have sent? Bring them forth I say for it shall not do you any good! Recruit as many of them as you can, recruit all the armies of the earth if you can! None will be able to stand against their will. Have you learned nothing from last time?! Have you not seen that their power is more than man can perceive? Are you that foolish to think that the others in the firing line would be able to save you? You pathetic worm. How glad I will be on the day they erase you, and all your mind off the face of this planet. How beautiful it will be, to see the last shred of all you held dear, come crumbling down to its foundation. How I will laugh as your horrified shrieks echo in eternity for all to hear. That day, cannot come soon enough, but when it does, how truly wonderful it shall be.

And Maero. My, my, my, Maero. How humorous I find it, that you call upon a dark side, when you have no idea what true darkness is! If you did you would not have spoken ill of the call of the ones who have sent me. The ones who have given you the demon that you turn to in this hour. The ones that have cut weakness out of you for their wonderful purpose. But you like a fool have sought out all that they find foul. You allowed doubt to breed in your mind. You allowed ego to blind you. You sought out the vanity, ineptitude, sickness, and all other manner of villainy that has made you no better than the rest of the filth infested heathens! Now instead of serving the ones who sent me, and perhaps sparing yourself from the horrors to come, YOU HAVE SEALED YOUR GODDAMN FATE!!! YOU WILL BARE WITNESS TO THE BURNING BODIES FILLING THE STREETS! YOU WILL HEAR THE SCREAMS OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN RINGING IN YOUR EARS! YOU WILL SEE THE FOUNDATIONS OF EMPIRES FALL BENEATH YOUR FEET! AND AFTER YOU HAVE SEEN THESE THINGS COME TO PASS, YOU WILL PLEAD FOR MERCY, BUT YOU SHALL FIND NONE!!! You are to join the rest of the chosen, you all shall be sacrificed on this consecrated day of lightning. And Maero, when you are, you will know what real darkness is.

Oh thanks be to you my masters, for calling me to do the great work that lays ahead. Thank you for bringing about the end of the weak. Thank you for providing the sacrifices that you require. Thank you for the flesh that they will provide, the blood that they will spill, and the pain... the true pain that they will suffer in your honor. For a these think you have told me, they must be so!"

(Caine lowers himself down to his knees and sits silently as the camera pulls back slightly to bring more of the arena, and the rising sun into the frame before fading to black.)

The End
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Shock Value #4

“Come at Me”

Just when I was beginning to respect you again Haruna, you drop the fucking ball. What is it with you and dropping the ball? You get a good head start going, showing the world how much of a badass you are, and then - flop. Face on the floor, red from embarrassment. You feel big and bad talking about me underneath Cailin’s shadow. You think you’re going to change shit, sweets? Ha! You couldn’t even win a tag match with me last year. Hell, you can’t even save your own damn relationship. And here you are, chasing after someone who doesn’t even want your ass. My alliance with Azumi has nothing to do with you so get your head out your fucking ass Haruna! It’s about something bigger than you, I, or even this civil war between the women’s roster. It’s about honoring our sensei plain and simple. Don’t blame me because for providing her with something you’re not. 

Sheridan, I reeeeeally suggest that you listen to yourself from here on out. You talk down to the veterans of the game as if none of our victories, none our strides mean nothing. You talk as if you’re the only woman whose accolades matter. HBG was right about one thing. Her title reign was stolen from her. You’re not a tested champion yet- hell, even I had at least once successful defense. If you count my time with JET, add several more. The divine difference between your team and our team is that we know what the promise land looks like. The ruse is up sweets- the world already knows what a real champion looks like. Funny thing is I'm not even talking about myself…

I’m talking about the woman who will be standing next to you.

Cai, you’re the only one on your side who knows what it takes the be the best. ‘Ria thinks she knows and as talented as she is - her own blind ambition limits her. You know this. You understand it. You know that Haruna is here because of you and if you fall in this match, so will she. Tarah’s a lost cause, and Sheridan’s downfall will be underestimating the competition. Stop pretending that this is anything different from what it actually is: Five women who want to fight vs five women who KNOW how to fight. All of you are glorified solo artists compared to our merry band of heartbreakers and risk takers. A band that has been training to fight as a cohesive unit. A band who has yet to undermine one another. A band whose hearts are all united under one common cause: eliminating the Sirens tomorrow night. You will fight hard, but you will fall. My beast is practically salivating at the thought of victory. You have so much drive- but I’m the one who wants it more this time around. When that bell rings and we lock eyes, you will see what I’m talking about. This isn’t about exchanging words anymore. This is about stating a claim. I came here win and put the past behind me. You came to fight- but there will always be another battle in our line of work sweets. Another opponent to conquer, another championship to win. Aria’s right- friends were never paramount and you’re right to say this is personal for me. This is more personal than you’ll ever know. 

(arms out)

Come at us with everything you have ladies…

(The rest of Team OG: Cameron, HBG, Kendra, and Veena appear out of the shadows behind Cloud)

We’ll be waiting.
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Post on November 18th 2016, 9:44 pm by Cailin Dillon

Shock Value #4
We’ve heard a lot of different ideas this week. We’ve seen certain degrees of silence come from some competitors. Others haven’t been able to say enough. Me? I’m at peace with everything I’ve said and done. It’s a team effort, yes, but it wasn’t up to me to make anyone do anything, nor incite any extra ill will from the other side. I said what I wanted to because I simply wanted to say it. From the moment I became Empress of Elite, many wanted me to instantly start my campaign towards a title. In some ways that was robbed from me in place of this cause. But I was patient because I remain prepared. It was clearly outlined when my match would be. If I really could just take the title match, I would have. But out Vixen’s Champion at that time, she wouldn’t have accepted me as a challenger. She’d been there and done that dance and she was more than aware what happens when she challenges me. Instead, I was prepared to watch HBG do her damndest to remain a champion and take her title to Road to Redemption and face me. I was ready for it. I was excited for it. My, how things have changed. Somewhere in the middle of this war, Sheridan Müller was the one that shook everything up. This really has never been about what any of the OGs say it is. They say it’s jealousy. I’ve never been jealous of them. Sheridan has never been jealous of them. We both understand that they earned everything they have today. They can accuse me of being envious or trying to go to awful lows to reach their point, but that’s never been the path I took. I simply showed up here and fought. That’s what they did. If I reach their levels, it will be because I earned it. Not because I cheated my way there, or because I was too chicken shit to stand up for myself and really fight. That’s not who I am. That’s not who I’ll ever be. It will be mocked and it will be dissected, but yet I won’t be scathed by their attempts to tear me down into small pieces. Even in this match, no matter what happens, you can be certain that I will fight my ass off and nothing said this week will be my downfall. This isn’t some sort of perceived invincibility. This is my pure fucking will to keep fighting until I’m dead. This war, it doesn’t end in any kind of peace or resolution. Someone will win and everyone will lose something. And yet you won’t see a single woman in this match turn away like they’re scared. Still, some will rise above all others. They will brave the storm of fear that creeps underneath. They will find it within them to match the skills of the rest. And one person will make the biggest impact that swings the entire direction of this match. This is about momentum. This match can change so quickly in just a few moves. It just comes down to which person is the one that makes them. The real game changer. I plan on being that game altering fighter. I know what it takes and I know how to do it. I’ve shown it before. Don’t believe these elders when they tell you Cailin ain’t shit. Don’t believe their comrades when they say their going to put me away for good. This war is playing out long game style in a short amount of time. Maybe it’s all coming down to one fight, but what takes place during that fight could be a number of moments that change everything. That’s where someone like me comes in. I’ve proven it so many times. Look what Aria and I did to Hexa-Gun the first time we highlighted an FPV? Look what I did to the Vixen’s Champ, to HBG in big matches with all the attention. Think about how I battled back from the floor at Pain for Pride after being taken out with a chair. I took the worst and it still almost wasn’t enough. Look at what I did that whole entire Empress tournament. I’d love to sit here and tell you I will be the person to win this match. But I can’t say that. What I will say is that I’m confident I will be the reason my team wins this match. Because I’m not going to back down to this challenge or bow down to the goddesses from that other team. I’m not caught up in emotion over fighting an ex or an idol. I’m not lost in hatred over fighting someone who mocks me or my biggest nemesis. And I have no fear in dealing with a bitch who can’t stop changing what she thinks about me from week to week. I’m the one who is ready to step in that ring and waylay this whole fucking match. They can tell you I suck and keep preaching with their rose-colored glasses and shared special Kool-Aid, but what I’m speaking right now is the pure truth. This is a sermon that goes beyond religion. This whole war started with a purpose that faded over time. What this war means now is different from what it once mean before. We’ve changed the game, we’ve changed the rules and now we’re all here. I started from the very bottom of this company. I was put in the lowest part of the barrel and stepped on. Nothing more than arm candy for a shit group with no purpose. That wasn’t enough for me. I wanted more. No one here was just going to do that for me. I had to fight for it. I fought for survival and I fought off extinction. And no matter how many times they’ve tried to make me leave, or beat me down and hurt me, or just downright kill me. I’m still fucking right here. This match isn’t my last hurrah. It’s far from it. This is still the beginning of my journey. And I’m not content with people looking at me and saying, “Oh, she’s done a couple nice things here and there.” The OGs are fighting to protect their legacies, right? To ensure their status is solid. They have said it themselves. We’re all fighting for ours too. What do we have to lose? Nothing. What do we have to gain? Everything. Do you realize how dangerous that makes us? That’s where this whole game changed. And that’s only the beginning.
I appreciate what you three OGs have done. Both in past and present. You don’t have to believe my humility when I say nice things and you can keep sticking your noses to the bushes and waiting for the moment I pounce so you can be ready. But this is real. I have respect for you. I have admiration for you. That, in no way, doesn’t mean I should back down or not want to fight you. That’s bullshit coming from your lips. You act like that’s some sort of way to prove that I don’t respect any of you. But, nah, you know the truth. I love you and I love a challenge. So I want to fight you and I want to beat you. That’s what’s going down at Shock Value. There’s an opportunity at hand that I wouldn’t let slip. No way, no chance. I will fight each and every one of you until I can’t do it anymore. Until my team comes out on top in this match. You can call it disrespect. I call it rising to the occasion. Stephanie, don’t you think for even a second that I’m not ready for this match. You have talked a lot about me and Aria this week but you and I both no one thing is obvious. I’m not Aria. That doesn’t make one of us better than the other, it just makes us different. That’s why we all complemented each other so well. That’s why you and I complemented each other even more so. We knew how to fight together. We know how to fight each other. You and I both know what it takes for our teams to win this. We both know it isn’t easy. We understand what’s going to happen when we get the chance to fight in this contest. I feel like I might have the most unique position of anyone here, because I don’t have to hate a single one of you. I don’t have to be downright nasty like Veena or any of the others. I don’t have to think I’m above any of you and I can still sit here and confidently think I can win. I don’t require extra motivation. All I needed was the match. You know, even without some war in play, you could expect me to show up ready for business. We’ve reached the end of this week so now it’s time to get in that ring and put up or shut up. I know what I’m doing at Shock Value. I know what I have to do to win. And I will do it. See you Saturday ladies. We’ll settle this once and for all.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 18th 2016, 9:24 pm by Drastik

(The scene opens up with Drastik lying on his bed, checking his phone constantly. He refreshes his emails over and over again hoping to get some notification that Nathan Fiora had responded to his message already. Impatient, he rolls off the bed and gets to his feet, turning on the TV to distract himself. He takes off his shirt and puts on a “Maria is my EVERYTHING” Troy Archello AWF-era t-shirt before flipping on the TV. On TV, MTV is playing “Marvin’s Room” by Drake. Drastik breathes heavy, goes over to his cardboard cutouts of naked women that he considered propping up to combat the six naked bimbos Nathan had in his video package and then decides it’s no use. He pulls his phone out again and checks it, but no response. He tries to facetime Nathan, but no use. So instead, he turns on his front camera and records out of frustration.)
Really, Nathan? It’s been like fifteen minutes since I uploaded my package and you STILL haven’t responded? What am I supposed to do with myself man? I mean, I let you hear what I had to say early on in the week, let you have some time to digest it, and then got right back to responding when I saw what you had to say. But then, while I’m in post editing out my blemishes and slipups to maintain my awesome image, you go ahead and act like you already miss me. Well tell you what, Nathan: I’m clingy too, man. How’re you gonna play with my emotions like that? I’m over here trying my best to put on the best match I could in my return to free television specials and you’re gonna give me the cold shoulder? This is the equivalent of you sending me a “Sup” text, I respond quick, and then you don’t text back. I’m not sure if you can tell, but my heart’s in shambles.
(Drastik turns up the TV as “Marvin’s Room” continues playing. Someone bangs on the wall. The camera faintly picks up “Turn that shit off you fucking faggot.” Drastik picks up his phone and looks at it again, going through his twitter mentions, texts, and e-mails. Nothing.)
Where are you, Nathan? Are you suddenly afraid of me? Cat’s got your tongue after I dropped that #fire promo on you less than a half hour ago? Predictable. This is why I can’t buy into this new generation of elitists, man. If you’re so scared of me, then why not just say it? Say it, Nathan. You’re afraid. You’re trembling in your boots. You’re wishing you didn’t wear tighty whities tonight around your brigade of bimbos because you’re worried you’re gonna be adding a little bit of color.  I’m a little bit offended. After all this talk, I haven’t heard ANYTHING back from you or your stupid preacher or your eye candy you trot around like a show horse. COME ON!
(Drastik checks the time again and sees that it’s already been fourteen minutes since the video package was released. FOURTEEN WHOLE MINUTES! Drastik puts his hand over his head, trying to think of what to do. He shakes his head and takes another deep breath, then starts singing along with Drake on the last part.)
I’m just sayin’ you could better
Tell me have you heard that lately?
I’m just sayin’ you could do better
And I’ll start hatin’ only if you make me
(The guy in the room next to Drastik’s bangs on the wall again and threatens to come over and kick his ass if he doesn’t turn off that “soft cuckass music for faggots”. The song, ironically ends and Drastik lays back on his bed, holding his phone over him to get the final shot in.)
I see how it is, Nathan. Well I’ve got a long day tomorrow since I’ve got to fly out to Oklahoma City in the morning and I better catch some sleep. I’m not gonna be checking up anymore. My phone’s going off. If you don’t want to talk, you don’t have to anymore. What’s said has been said. Just know that I’m not waiting around anymore tomorrow night. We’ll be face to face. In fact, maybe we just need a face to face. You can pick the time and the place. And THEN we’ll get to work, work, work, work, work. Nighty.
(Drastik winks at the front-facing camera and smirks before turning the camera off, obviously playing up to all of the ridiculousness that Nathan has thrown at him in the last thirty hours or so. The camera cuts to black and the signature white text flashes on the screen again.)
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Post on November 18th 2016, 8:59 pm by Drastik
(The scene opens up to Drastik sitting in his hotel room somewhere in St. Louis, Missouri since he’d rather camp out there then spend any longer than he has to in Oklahoma City. He’s sitting on the edge of his bed, replaying the video package that Nathan Fiora had for him on his phone before clicking it off and putting it in his pocket. He gets to his feet and draws the curtain, stepping out onto the balcony and hanging over the side to look over the city, soaking it in knowing full well that there won’t be a view this nice in Oklahoma. Drastik shakes his head imagining how many of Nathan’s cousins he had to ask to participate in that video package. How did he imagine his own family to strip naked while he did his best Dark Emperor impression of drinking fake blood? What is this, 2009? I thought we were past cutting fingers off in live matches? Oh right, this is supposed to be scene direction. Uh, Drastik snaps out of it and turns to face the camera again, trying his best to focus on the real issues.)
After waiting as patiently as I could, I got a notification that late the other night, Nathan Fiora finally responded to what I had to say. A lot of people see this as the worst part of our profession—having to go back and forth arguing who’s better before we ultimately meet in the ring and put what we have out there—but I can tell you with a clear conscience that I have actively awaited this moment when I’d finally hear back from you. When I sat down with Carlos before ultimately being thrown big money and a contract to come back and bolster the otherwise ailed Voltage roster, I specifically asked about the potential up-and-comers that would replace the same old faces we’ve been seeing in various main events for years now. I, like you, Nathan, want to see those people come and take over. I want to see the next person step up and take the reins. I’m tired of seeing the same old names pop up in the same old categories every single year. No one wants to see that. People become bitter the longer that successful people, successful franchises, stay successful. Tom Brady has been constantly demonized because he’s arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL and has dominated the league for over a decade now. After just a two years of appearing in the finals, people despise the Golden State Warriors because they remain at the top of the pack—a perennial contender that continues to reinvent itself and become stronger. People hate the Yankees. They hate the Lakers. They instead root for the underdogs that can get the job done every once in a while but ultimately fail time and time again. That’s why they’re the underdogs and the dynasties REMAIN dynasties. I like everyone else am drawn to the mere possibility that there may be someone who can finally break into that territory and become a new force out of nowhere. That’s why I was interested in you, Nathan. When Carlos Russo brought you up for the first time to me and said that you were one of the guys to keep an eye on, I read up on you, I did my scouting, and I was excited to finally meet you. But the honest truth, Nathan, is that we’ve met before years ago when you were starting out in this business—before your whole self-proclamation of being a god and calling people peasants like a bad rip-off of a second generation female wrestler in some other universe that I don’t know about. Seeing familiar faces around isn’t anything rare, and quite honestly, it’s probably best that we ran into each other here as opposed to somewhere else because it means that you, to some degree, finally made it.
But when Carlos sat down across from me in his office that late night when he signed the dotted line and brought me back to this company just like so many other general managers in the past have done, I couldn’t shake the thought that he called you a prospect. A prospect, Nathan. To me, a prospect isn’t someone who’s been aimlessly wandering around the bottom of the card for three years, pointing fingers at the big dogs that come in and saying how they’re over the hill. A prospect is someone who comes in and makes an immediate impact. You know, someone who comes in and goes from opening shows to closing Pain for Pride in the matter of five months. I’m talking about someone that is competing for world championships just months into his career and WINNING multiple world championships just a year in. If I were like you, Nathan, and I had to keep on repackaging myself, spinning a wheel and decide what I’m going to pump myself up next whether it be a corny preacher or a bad nickname or streamers and pyro that make people ooh and aw, then you’d have every right to look at me and right me off. But the honest truth is, Nathan, that between all the hiatuses I’ve taken—if you factored in all the months of injury or personal issues that I’ve had to face to take time away from this industry—I’ve been in the business only as long as you have. We’ve wrestled a similar number of matches, put in a similar amount of work, and traveled the same amount of miles from city to city looking to make our name here. But the difference, Nathan, is that in the same amount of time where I stacked my resume with various accomplishments, you have absolutely floundered in this company and every single other company you have been a part of. You might see me as the same as any other veteran that returns—Heart Break Boy or Jaywalker or any of the others. But what I see you as is one of those long-standing “prospects” that just can’t get over the hump and remain the same old pathetic disappointments that just didn’t quite make it in the end. You’re the Chris Elite. You’re the JC Styles. You’re the Speedy or the Dark Emperor or the Jon Kelton or the Alex Anderson. You’re that type of competitor in this industry and thus you’ll be remembered just as “fondly” as any of them were. Yet here you are acting holier than thou even though you cling to your Hardcore Championship and act as though this is just step one to some bigger plan we’re supposed to buy into. But why on earth should anybody buy into it?
(Drastik looks away from the camera again, trying his best to keep from wondering if those girls were even of age. What happened to little innocent Troy Archello after all? I thought he was a little weird ever since that whole thing with Maria, but come on—oh right, scene direction again. Drastik itches his scruff as if he’s trying to think about the match again, then continues speaking without looking at the camera at all.)
Do you want to know why guys like me and Y2Impact and Mr. DEDEDE and all these others can come in and clog up the top of the card consistently? It’s not because we’re “old hags” that don’t know when to call it quits. It’s because losers like you stomp their feet and call themselves gods among men but can’t knock us off of our thrones. The reason why I can come back and dominate is as much because of my skill as it is because guys like you—“prospects” that have been TRYING to find their footing for nearly half a decade—can’t seem to put it together. I’m the perennial contender and you’re the perennial underdog that simply can’t make the cut. You’re who people quietly root for but never bet on because at the end of the day while it would be nice to see you succeed, crash through the glass ceiling and make your presence known, you don’t have ANYTHING to brag about. I invite guys like you to come in and knock us off. Give me a reason to not come back. My body shouldn’t be able to hold up to this. No one’s should. We’ve been in it far longer than you have, yet we still get the job done. And you can’t possibly knock me or anyone else who continuously comes in here and gets to the top over and over again. Sure, I might have slipped through the cracks a couple times. Sure, I might have forced general managers’ hands to sign me. But not once in my career was I handed a vacant title. Not once did I have someone run in to clean house and let me pick up the scraps. Not once have I cashed in on a prone elitist right when they least expected it. I have come in here and taken over again and again because I have retained that skill in spite of time working against me. I invite you to come prove me wrong, but I know that no one really expects it. No one is willing to bet that you’re going to be able to run with this whole “you’ve never faced me before, so you don’t know what you’re in for” mumbo jumbo. And when you fail to knock me off, I’ve got something for you to seriously ponder. You ran me down and called me an old hag—called me over the hill and way past my prime, let me know that I’m not fit enough to compete in a variety of different ways—but what does that say about you when you lose to me at Shock Value? When you’re left without your Hardcore Championship and nothing more than your Reverend Vino knockoff preacher and cheap EAW bimbo, I want you to take a look at yourself and realize that whatever you claimed about me, you’re worse off. It’d be in your best interest to buy into the things I say about me because on every front, I’ve lived up to my hype. I don’t list all the things I’ve done in the past because I think you’ve forgotten or anything—of course you know what I’ve done. You might come across like an idiot any time you open your mouth, but I know you well enough to know that you’d at least scout a little. I bring it up because it writes off everything you’ve been talking about, everything that you could possibly say about me to knock me. Even when you bring up how I’m living in the past, you don’t have to look far to see what kind of shape I’m in. You think I can’t demonstrate the endurance to compete, yet I completely mopped the floor with my opponent last week and embarrassed you and your entourage the week before. The past is in my favor. The present is in my favor. The only thing that’s up in the air is the future. Either of us can go on and on about why the future is in our favor. But soon enough the future transitions to the present and then the past. Shock Value will come and go and soon be behind us, and with it, I’ll tack on another championship to my already padded resume. The difference though, Nathan, is that I won’t be bragging about beating you. I won’t allude to it like I do about other world championships and stuff. Because there isn’t any honor in bragging about putting down a prospect that’s exceeded his shelf life.
(Drastik turns so that his back is to the city skyline. The full moon illuminates his expression as he smirks, realizing more and more that Nathan Fiora is way in over his head. He leans back on the railing and then brushes his hair back so that his face can be more clearly seen. He begins speaking again.)
Among all of the ludicrous things you said about me, I think one of the silliest was that you warned me not to underestimate you. Nathan, I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart that that night I signed my contract, I knew that you were one of the guys I wanted to get into the ring with. You along with a select few others on Voltage are guys that I’ve never faced before but would love to see in action. I’ve wanted to find who can take my place, who can “put me out of my misery” but I haven’t found it. I’ve been excited to see your work firsthand. I was excited to hear from you instead of hearing from this stupid little preacher schtick. But what I’ve realized through all of this is that you NEED to hide behind those things because even after all the years of trying to find your footing—even after you’ve found SOME footing and some success in the Hardcore Championship—you aren’t ready to take the next step. You’ve gotten so caught up in this tiny window of success that you don’t even realize that you’re becoming exactly what you accuse me of being—delusional, stuck in short moments. In a matter of years, if you’re still around, you’re going to still be talking about your couple months of being EAW Hardcore Champion and how you even faced EAW Hall of Famers like me. But that’s all you’ll have to talk about. And the next new guy—the next arrogant “rookie” who’s actually been around for longer than most others—will come at you spewing the same predictable things you’ve spewed at me. Tomorrow is the end of your window. You talk about focusing on the present more than the past, but you really should start focusing in on your future. I don’t know where you go from here. I don’t know if you’re going to need to rehash everything, change your name, hire a new actor to play a different role as your manager, get another girl out of high school to play your love interest, but when you meet me in the ring tomorrow night, everything you’ve been preaching these past few days about me we all fall in on itself. I was right when I said that people know who I am but seem to have forgotten what makes me distinct; I am the kind of disease that continues coming back stronger and stronger even when I’ve been “tamed” here and there. This is my return. And this is going to be the picture perfect example of why guys like you don’t replace guys like me. You’ll have a front row seat. You may not be on the right side of it, but at least you’ll be around for some kind of history.
(With those last words, Drastik shakes his head again and leaves to head back into his room, letting the camera moves outward from the balcony. The curtain is drawn closed and Drastik disappears. As the camera moves back, it captures more of the city skyline, but more so the edge of the city where less lights can be seen and blackness consumes the fields. In that direction lays Oklahoma City, the hosting site of Shock Value. All at once, it seems, the camera cuts to black, then flashes familiar, solid, white text before ending completely.)
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Post on November 18th 2016, 8:32 pm by AlexisDiemos
This is the end of the road for all of us it seems. One last push to determine just which of us is the best in our respective areas. And my sisters have proven time and time again that it doesn’t matter who they are or where they are from, if you have Sanatorium blood in your veins, you are going to go out there and do your damndest to come out on top. Brody, and Madison...both girls that I’m proud to call my sisters. Both girls that I can’t wait to face off against in our Battle Royal. And both girls that will try their hardest to remove me from the match to claim the victory for themselves. It’s been a hard road that I’ve walked along, but it’s come down to this. A last push, a last effort to achieve my glory here at Shock Value. And it all begins again with me...with having to hear that some people can’t be bothered to actually put my name on their lips. Girls like Amy Jayne and even LA Diva...both of them who haven’t been around for the length of a sneeze and yet they want to act like they are big enough to challenge girls like Cleopatra, or Madison, or even me for that matter?

If we want to talk about girls who have gone through a lot in this industry let’s talk about LA Diva. She has gone through...well nothing it seems. She’s basically our crash test dummy. It’s similar to throwing a sack of meat into a lioness pen and the sack of meat has self awareness and thinks itself a god. News flash here LA Diva, you have probably the worst record here of any Vixen, and that includes me! I’ve won fights that I’ve called people out on Diva! More than that, I know what match I have, who I face in it, and what I have to do to win in it. I’m not just fighting Madison, or Azumi, or Nicole, or Brody. I’m fighting all of you. I’m fighting every single vixen in that matchup, and the nice thing about it is...I’ve faced off with a lot of them. Now, here they all are, gathered into one nice little package deal. And this isn’t some run of the mill match for you to get slaughtered in either. This is a Shock Collar battle royal, sweetie. Once you get thrown out of the ring, there will be pain like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Who knows, it might make that neon hair of yours really glow. Still, in the end you never changed and honestly I love that about you. I love that you don’t change, and honestly you never have to. I mean...look at you. You’re so precious when you try to be serious and tough but say the dumbest things. You’re like a pug puppy. A happy little pug puppy wagging your stumpy tail as you look at all the other big dogs and bark like an idiot because you think you are a match for them. So, I’ll do you a favor. I’ll throw you out first so that you don’t have to feel the immense pain that will occur when you inevitably get shocked, ok?

Then...Amy Jayne. I don’t know if I slighted you sweetie. Or if I did anything to demean you in your eyes. But not talking about me at all, is a pretty bold move. Especially because I’m not going to ignore you like some of the other girls. You did win your debut match and I have to applaud that fact for you...it’s just...you are also dumb enough to ignore a big threat because you put yourself on the pedestal that Cleopatra sits at? Honey, sweetie, baby, you are about as threatening in this matchup as LA Diva. So, since you're new I’ll give you a rundown. Shock Collar Battle Royal. You wear these cute little collars around your neck and you try to throw people over the ropes. When you go to the outside, those cute little collars go off...and they shock you. Depending on what number you are during the elimination, the shock will increase in amp and pain. Doesn’t that sound just keen? Ain’t that just peachy? See, you talk a lot about this new era of vixens that you plan on leading. Except you have it all wrong. You aren’t  the lead of this new era, you are stepping foot in it. Look around you. All these girls that you see: Azumi, Me, Brody, Madison, we are the new era. You? You’ve just walked into it. So, you can cut the talk about leading the new era of women and how we should step back. You just walked into the new era. Maybe you should step back and let real women handle business, little girl. Mommy will make sure that you’ll be just fine. I’ll eliminate you after LA Diva, so that in that sense...you get to learn just what it’s like to be really welcomed to the new era of the vixens.

On to more pressing things. My twin sis is still adamant that she must be the one to win...because if I win how does that benefit her. Easily. It benefits you, twin, because it benefits the Sanatorium. And whatever benefits the Sanatorium, will benefit you. Do you think I would leave my sisters in the dust if I win? I would control Empire for 24 hours! For 24 hours! You think I’d ask them to leave you out? I’m a good sister. I’m a nice sister. I’m here to make sure all of us are going to come out on top. However, it doesn’t matter to you does it? Fine. Fine, I’ll allow it. I want you to suffer anyways. I want you to fight me with all of the strength you can. Fight me with that rage I saw when you first joined Sanatorium. Try to kill me in this match! I don’t care. You won’t be able to. No one can. No one will. I’m winning this matchup, and I will win it over your dead body if I have to. That’s my way. That’s my destiny. I’m taking this Battle Royal by storm, and my sisters won’t stop me. Madison won’t...and my cute little sister Brody won’t. I love you to death dearie. I love you so much. And I cannot wait to clash with you. It’s kept me up at night honestly. And it’s made me hunger for it, more than you will ever know Brody. It’s my desire. My passion. And you know about passion. You know it all too well, my sweet little nympho. So, once that passion transitions to destruction...is it going to be the same? Is it going to fill you with the same joy and orgasmic glee as your other activities? I wonder. I can’t wait. I can’t wait at all. So...come to me, my beautiful sister. Mommy is waiting for you. Mommy wants you. And mommy is going to have the control, and the power...that mommy fucking deserves.

This was short. This was sweet. And this is my finale. I want you all to be aware that win or lose, you will not disrespect or underestimate me again. I am the first woman of the Sanatorium. The Bride of Madness. The Womb of Darkness! I am Alexis! Diemos! The vixen in here that is going to come in a winner, and leave a winner! All the rest of you can fucking wait in line a bit longer. I want my shot. I earned my shot. And I’m doing something that none of you ever have...I’m going to grab it! So...in the words of my dear husband and darling brother: Scared yet...cause if not...careful...I bite.”
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Post on November 18th 2016, 8:03 pm by La Diva
[The Scene shows where La Diva is sitting down on the floor when Mike Douglas stops her]

Mike: Pardon me La Diva. but may I  get a few moments of your time before your match tomorrow.

La Diva: Sure of course Mike.

Douglas: How does it feel to compete in a Shock Collar Battle royal match against Azumi Goto n Erica Ford at Shock Value on Eaw So any Suggestions La Diva.

La Diva: Well u see Mike. the reason that they added me into this Battle royal is because they wanted to see who's gonna take over control of Empire for in tire week on Eaw in that's why I'm going to win this Saturday n beat every single Vixen that's in that ring on Shock Value this week on Eaw network.

Mike: La Diva can u even defeat Autumn Raven n Cleopatra this Saturday.

La Diva: if only hows the match gonna be cause once I beat Amy Jayne and Brody Sparks then you'll be looking at your next Control of Empire next week right after our Shock Collar match this week on Shock Value FPV on Eaw.

(La Diva walks away when Mike Douglas Continues talking)

Mike: there u have it Ladies and Gents cause tomorrow La Diva will be in action when she faces Madison Kaline n Azumi Goto in her Battle royal match this week at Shock Value.

Douglas: So we hope that La Diva can win her match against every Vixen that's in her Shock Collar match n less then one week from Shock Value FPV on Eaw.

[Camera Scene fades when La Diva heads straight towards the Shock Value ring before her match even begins tomorrow]
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EAW Promoz!

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