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 What is your opinion on this video?

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EAW Hall of Famer
EAW Hall of Famer

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PostSubject: What is your opinion on this video?   September 30th 2016, 7:22 am

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J-Dynasty 2?

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PostSubject: Re: What is your opinion on this video?   September 30th 2016, 7:35 am

You're a racist, homophobic, bigoted cis gendered white oppressor for even posting this.

In all seriousness, I'm not a fan of either group tbh.

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EAW Hall of Famer
EAW Hall of Famer

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PostSubject: Re: What is your opinion on this video?   September 30th 2016, 10:24 am

Saw this and LOL. It was pathetic of those guys to assault him over his opinion. It was hilarious when he said "cops killing black people every day!" Grow the fuck up lol. Cops kill whites twice as much. Two black cops shot up a car and killed an autistic 6 year old white child and there wont be nearly as much outrage for that as someone like Korryn Gaines who I consider to be scum of the earth and the worst mother the world has ever seen. Cops kill everybody everyday. It's just a statistical fact. However they're heroes. We are nothing without them. They're 2 milion people policing over 350+ million. We are pussies compared to them. They do what we're too lazy, spoiled, selfish and entitled to do. Im sure a few are assholes, but if theres any group that should NEVER be generalized it's them. And a majority of people killed in police altercations, black or white, deserved it.

The fact people are so concerned about race is stupid. No wonder why people need to be ruled over, they're fucking dumb. Black Lives Matter i dont give a shit about, and I dont give a shit about All Lives Matter because it just feels like a gotcha response to BLM from white people. It's basically "non-black lives matter too!" Like that jealous kid in 3rd grade who shows off his macaroni art after the teacher praises yours. But I think police and military lives matter way more than yours or mine. Stop fucking resisting arrest and there wouldnt be so many deaths. And stop demonizing cops when you don't have the balls to go out into the force and do what they do -- correctly.
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PostSubject: Re: What is your opinion on this video?   September 30th 2016, 1:20 pm

My opinion of that vid is that it's prolly fake. But if it ain't then those guys shouldn't be gettin' so mad cuz some guy is yelling All Lives Matter at random people on the street. If I saw this guy in my hood I'd prolly think he was homeless or had autism or some shit. Either that or he's trollin and trying to piss people off. Either way it don't make no sense to beat his ass especially when the whole point of Black Lives Matter is to end violence.

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PostSubject: Re: What is your opinion on this video?   

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What is your opinion on this video?

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