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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 9th 2016, 2:07 pm by Tomas Elliot
With his first Dynasty match ending in a loss, Tomas Elliot has disappeared for nearly a week... But now, as the new episode is about to go on the air, here he is again, once again backstage, once again with Michael Belfort.

Michael: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight history will be made. Tonight the whole world will hold its breath, as the blood feud between Dynast and Showdown will have an entire card to blow off. Tonight will surely be an episode of Dynasty for the ages... And here I am, stuck interviewing Tomas Elliot.

Tomas: You know Michael, if I didn't know better, I'd almost think that you are not overjoyed at the idea of interviewing the most internationally acknowledged superstart currently on the roster!

One again, Michael Belfort looks to be this close to having the classic anime-style sweat drop

Michael: ... You are still calling yourself that? You do realize that your first official EAW match ended in a loss, right?

Tomas: Ah, my dear Michael, this is why I enjoy doing interviews with you! You are so... Innocent! Naive! Seriously, you are so adorable I could just hug you...

Michael: Please don't.

Tomas: I kid, I kid. But really, what could possibly make you think that my match with the up-and-coming Tig Kelly ended in a loss?

Michael: Uh... The fact that the ref counted to three? As your shoulders were on the mat?

Tomas: Ah, of course, because that is what matters, right? Well let me tell you what really matters: wrestling! And when it comes to wrestling, mine was clearly a victory, it was a victory OF wrestling! Because when I stepped in the ring, I taught that youngster, and the whole world, a valuable lesson in the greatest sport of all time, I showed the world what it means to be a professional wrestler! Sure, the kid got lucky with the inside cradle, but hey, beginner's luck...

Michael: You do realize that YOU were the beginner there, right?

Tomas: ... But now let me tell you what is NOT a victory for wrestling: the card of tonight's show, in which my name does not appear! The whole concept of dedicating an entire show, and the entire Territorial Invasion FPV that will follow it, to a lame inter-brand war! What those in charge of Dynasty need to realize is that this is wrestling: you want to win a war with another brand? Do it by signing great talents, hot commodities that will set your shows on fire, and improve your product! Which is something they did, by bringing me in... And then they proceeded to keep me shelved!

Michael: Ok, I usually go along with your antics, but you are seriously crossing the line here: don't you think that, before complaining about your status in the roster after a single match, and one that you lost, no less, you should do something to, oh I don't know, prove your worth? Show what you've got? You cannot waltz in demanding to be handed honor and respect, you know...

Suddenly, the mood of the scene changes: for a moment that seems to last an eternity, Tomas Elliot's expression gets much darker, and he stares right into Michael Belfort's eyes... But it is just for a moment: the next instant, his usual, this-car-is-pratically-new-honest smile is back.

Tomas: Ah... Ahahahah! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Really, doing interviews with you is always so funny, Michael! You come up with the best jokes! But really now, let's get serious for one moment: I am the most internationally acclaimed superstar in this roster...

Michael: Didn't you say "accomplished" earlier?

Tomas: Actually I said "acknowledged", but that's beyond the point. I am the one man who will bring legitimacy to Dynasty, who will make it into the one roster capable of trumping any other when it comes to intensity, integrity and...

Michael: ... I think you are drifting into another routine entirely.

Tomas: Yeah, you're right. What I wanted to say is: Dynasty needs me. I am the only one who can do away with the all the cartoonish crap and make this roster about wrestling again. So I have nothing to prove to the management: if anything, THEY have something to prove to me!

And on this uncharacteristically serious note, the interview ends!

[DISCLAIMER: these are my character's thoughts, not my own. I am NOT complaining about my status in the roster in any way, shape or form. This is just what it makes sense for my character to say, given the situation and his personality]
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 9th 2016, 4:43 am by Keelan

Earning My Respect

It’s time to nut up or to shut up.

Well, that happened.

Marco Fedor, you spoke a big game and spoke an even bigger fight. Two weeks ago on Voltage, you defeated me clean in the ring. It wasn’t the ending that I necessarily liked, and I thought I had you beat, but you dug down deep into your gut and picked up a victory that, let’s face it, you needed. I’m not trying to call you out or anything – I’m just being the honest man that I am. I have won championships all across the globe, and to defeat a man with the prestige that I carry each and every day with a proud smile on my face is definitely a great feat, and I commend you for that. Last week on Voltage, I walked up to you and looked you dead in the eye and told you that you and I would make a great team. I looked at your stunned face, and knowing that you would act astonished like that didn’t surprise me one bit. “Why would a veteran such as Keelan Cetinich want to help someone like me, Marco Fedor?” It’s an excellent question that you didn’t ask me, but I knew you were thinking it. Marco, during my long retirement I spent my time training teenagers and young adults the art of wrestling, and all of them had talent. Some of them had the look, and some of them had the potential. What a lot of them lacked however, was the heart. They didn’t want it bad enough. They wanted to take shortcuts and get signed by a company straight away, but they forget that it takes a little more than a cool ring name and some wrestling tights to be able to call yourself a, “wrestler.” Having heart is what will make you successful, and Marco I want to teach you that. You had the heart to dig and claw your way into a Hardcore Championship Match, but during it, you took your ball and ran away. Well, actually you left your balls in the ring, but I digress…

Marco, let’s look at the facts. You and I share the same love, passion and determination in the ring, and that ultimately is why I believe we’d make a great team. It’s like I am the teacher and you are the student … I am the Jedi Master and you are my trusty Padawan. Marco, I want to show you the ways of the force, and I truly believe I can help you achieve a World Championship one day very soon. If you dig down deep enough into your bag of tricks and pull out victories like you did with me last week, you are going to go far. I’ve always said that outsmarting your opponents is the ticket to the big time, and I’ve been outsmarting opponents my entire career. I won’t deny I have been outsmarted myself, because it is a difficult skill to master, and even veterans will have the off night here or there due to this. But if I teach you, and you take my advice, you will become successful like I have been.

Mr Fedor, you and I have a tag team match this week! I have had the pleasure of meeting one on one with Blaise Hunter before, but I managed to beat his ass in the ring. Jason Faaso I have not had the pleasure of meeting up with before, but I look forward to his Samoan high impact in-ring ability. Marco, let’s do this! You and I are about to show the world why you belong with the big boys, and why you belong in the big time! It’s time to nut up or to shut up, and by god I hope you went back to Voltage after your championship match and found your testicles and put them back into their sacks, because I am going to push you hard like no mother fucker has before! Marco, success is just around the corner for you and I, and The Killer is going to show you the path!
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 8th 2016, 11:54 pm by VENTURA.
Dynasty Promo:

This is exactly why education never stops.
I truly commend you greatly, Whiskey Jack. Even though we may be polar opposites, it seems to me that you have applied rational and logic towards your approach in the arguments that you have made. I freely decided to aim my focus on the "Whiskey" part of your name simply because of the entertainment. Living a life of total dedication to fulfill a specific mission can at times weigh such a heavy toll. At least for some intervals of time, a little light entertainment wouldn't hurt, and you provided such a glimpse with additional information that I did not know. You shouldn't have expected me to not judge you just by the cover of the book, because whether I am looking at the cover or the content of you, I still render you under a single disposition: a rookie that wants to cement his name on this company's soil. You provide this sort of arrogance, you chime in criticism in a form of insults, you want to ridicule me for the fact that I cover my identity with a mask. That is truly something that I have no control over. I cannot tamper with your mind into believing that what I am doing is absolutely right. I have had my doubters and naysayers, including you, and I have managed to silence them all when they finally saw my true colors under that mask. Don't be concerned about the external aspect of the mask. You should rather be concerned with what the type of character lies right underneath. You simply wear a mask for too long that you forget who you were beneath it. Perhaps that is more of a good thing for me knowing all the drama and tension that has stirred throughout my life. So please, sir, do not come up here and try to throw feeble insults at the choice of lifestyle that I have now intended to abide by. I am not going to fail whatsoever, that is already a given. The way I am going to succeed, however, is the ongoing suspenseful tale that holds so much capacity.

You have taken on an approach that countless of other wrestlers have used in order to insert a sympathetic node within their narratives. We understand that you have fought in back alleys, small venues, gymnasiums and what not. That is the inaugural position that all wrestlers tend to hail from in order to develop themselves. Stating an already carried statistic that many people use time after time again clearly goes to show that you are attempting to deliver yourself as a man that should be worth sympathetic to. It is comfortable to have one or two people folding their arms and listen to this sad pit, but if you want to have that rookie aspect of you to vanish quickly, then you need to show forth an attitude of a true professional. That is simply all I ask. Use the great analogies of horse and water, combine yourself with artistic and abstract expressions to create the mood for yourself to dwell under. That is all extraordinary beneficial to your ego and nothing more. Tomorrow night will be the location where you can carry on that egotistical mindset into the ring. I have seen many people like you go on to express themselves all flamboyant and cool, only for them to be squashed like a fly when the fight commences. Give me a hell of a fight, Whiskey, prove to me that you are not a rookie with just minor benefits. Your willingness to try and beat me on Dynasty gives me enough adrenaline and purpose to embarrass you completely on Dynasty. It is not because I get so much joy and satisfaction from doing so, but because it is about time that my mission finally get resolved once and for all. Good luck my dear old friend, for I know there are many friends and family members that will be tuning their television sets to see their man square up against an individual who simply covers his face with a mask. Boy won't it be humiliating when you get that phone call after I defeat you tomorrow with all those people wondering how you lost to a man wearing a mask.

The reality is simple...

I am not a man. I am that I am.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 8th 2016, 11:52 pm by The Elite-Lord
Are you still that slave to your former self, Hades? You've proven yourself a formidable foe in the past, but how desire is a flame that life cannot contain. The world has read your book, Hades - much like they have Lannister's - and what is it that the world writes about you now? A puppet that burns all his bridges? The stories told, the stories that unfold - where the search for what you have become is filled with empty words. There are answers to be found at the end - but who do YOU think, YOU are, Hades? Are you STILL the Hellraiser? Or are you swimming in scarlet rain, embracing the drops that come your way? Lost of rage, washed in pain, and the victim of time's vain. How did it come to this, Hellraiser? Being handed the world at your own palm, only to find yourself laying awake to find that supremacy has lost its way? There's a run against the flames, and the world is embedded to the design to overtake. Greatness dies, invisible to history, it is the living end. The world has woken up to see your true emancipation is a fantasy based on a false idol. You and Lannister are more alike than the crown would like to see fit.

But it's the echo that sounds, isn't it? Lannister's war for reason was a piercing dagger, that cuts deeper when the blade is reversed. Lannister's greatest escape, was that of a sweet mutiny that unraveled around him. The ship sinking deeper, the dagger digging deeper. Oh, the irony and the agony, they are quite killing. You have become married to your own hell, and Lannister's own crown has forsaken him. How does it feel, Hades? How do you cope the feeling of there being no way out? Lannister does not have the key himself, to find that untamed, blazing high lion that had the world lay to his feet. But power leaves you a reason to dwell, for it is unchained, un-marveled, the tomb of that echoes through time. It is human nature to sit and rest, lay on the laurels, and Lannister is as guilty as any in thee regards. But just a moment in time, where yesterday was worn in black, we stood as pioneers. Tomorrow has become blind - and the light that we once conquered, has been left to a mere shadow. The temptation is there, to revive the glory of it all. To embark and soak ones lime of light and time in it, to stand by what was once stood for. There is an ounce of satisfaction to be had in that, to become a creature of the ashes of time. To linger, to be the king of the flies. This road has its merits, and this path is the one that Lannister has taken. But Lannister has reached the end of this twining road.

For Lannister cannot stay - Lannister cannot harbor. It is cliche to rise, but Lannister does have to soar from his former self, no longer a shadow of the decay. Before the rise of dawn, Lannister shall unfold the gates of hell. For if there is a realm that Lannister is a king of, Hellraiser, it is your name sake. Lannister has forged this very hell he has put himself through. The kingdom of hatred and tortured souls - no, no, that is for the fairytale. But the kingdom that feeds on the dwelling, the kingdom that feeds on the content. Lannister is no longer content with who he has become. Lannister is not going to be a prisoner of the shadow. Lannister is not going to forsake himself a puppet for the sake of an easier going. Lannister is a conqueror, through and through, and he must begin this path of righteousness now. For those that wait, it is not the good things that come to them, like the old adage goes, rather - life's secondary pickings. And Lannister is not going to sort through inferior ambitions. Look into my eyes tomorrow, Hellraiser, and find the same fire that is burning to the core. You are not a being, you are floating. You are not the Hellrasier, you are the Hellraiser's mascot. Deep inside of you, you have the same infectious disease that rots your very mind, the same ideology that haunted Lannister's recent past.

This isn't the second coming of your grace, for Lannister will never be that same man. But change... change is upon us, and change is the ultimate redeemer. Lannister has a debt he owes to himself, a path he must embark. And he plans to take it with the intention of no passengers holding him down. Sympathy is a concept that Lannister never understood to begin with, but now? Now? NO, not with the world serving as vultures, waiting to feed on the man Lannister represents. This to be a full force, relentless attack, on any that dare wish impose their same ambitions. It is not personal, for this business just has the means of the survival of the fittest. And Lannister plans to survive. And feed.

No longer will Lannister compromise himself for the sake of a kingdom. The time to succumb, the time to flow, has gathered beyond its means. For now, it is time to submit to the beast, rather than the man. Lannister sends you his regards, Hades - even if you give him no reason for ill will. But this is not for you, about you. This is about Lannister. Like it always should have been.

Lannister has found his war to fight.

So let the games begin.

Last edited by Darth Lannister on September 9th 2016, 4:51 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Typos)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 8th 2016, 10:55 pm by Ross Vegas
Dynasty vs Showdown Promo 2

Fade in: a casino. Money is being won and lost -- the camera pans to a chubby middle-aged man, suited up with a gold chain, pinky ring, and very young girlfriend. He is making a killing at the Blackjack table. 

We hear a distinctly raspy voice that can only belong to one man, the cream of the crop...

Ross Vegas (V.O.): In life, there are winners... and there are losers.

We see an elderly couple playing the slot machine, continually losing yet still sinking more and more money in.

Ross Vegas (V.O.): They say winners never quit. That's not entirely true. A winner knows when to cut his losses and run. A winner takes in what's happening around him, and he adjusts. Success is a journey, one filled with detours. You need to be able to pivot, to change up your style, to leave everything you've ever known and keep on grinding till you find something that works for you. You have to believe, dude!

Ross Vegas steps into frame, smack dab in the middle of the casino. He wears a buttoned white dinner jacket over his shirt, paired with dress pants.

Ross Vegas: I've held more jobs in my lifetime than I can name. I could've stayed in the Real Estate business forever, punching the clock every day till I turned 65, retired, and died... never having pursued my dreams. But I knew what I needed to do. I knew this was only temporary till I got my big break, and get it I did, ya dig it? Ross Vegas is a man of action!

Ross picks up a Gatorade bottle. He takes off his jacket, revealing a Tapout t-shirt.

OOOHHHH YEAH! I am the cream of the crop, impossible to top, sailing a yacht, Ferrari in the parking lot, best lookin SOB in the 323. I am who I am, and I go full tilt in the ring, on the microphone, at the gym, 24/7/365 baby! It's a lifestyle, dude. It's the Tapout lifestyle. Never settle for less, give it 100 percent. You wanna live that life? You need a helluva lot of energy. And what better to give you that energy than an ice cold bottle of Gatorade? Nothin. Zero, zilch, nada, dig it? Maybe you should try some, Ryan. You think the way I carry myself means I'm not successful? You got it twisted, man. I'm successful because I am this way. Boring ass dudes who play it safe, they don't get anywhere! I stay true to myself, I'm a cocky bastard but I can back it up in the ring, yeah. I have carved out a path of devastation since arriving in EAW. Opponent after opponent has taken a gamble and lost their shirts... and so have their girlfriends, OOOHHHH YEAH! Ryan Marx? You may as well be Mr. Irrelevant. All you got is a beard and some bullshit fake science nonsense edgy high school philosophy "five pillars". You want me to clap for you?

Ross Vegas does a slow clap of his own.

Hear that, Ryan? I know you don't get it very often. When you come through the curtain it sounds more like this: "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO", "YOU SUCK", "PLEASE RETIRE". And when you grab a microphone, all you can hear is "WHAT?". No, the fans ain't deaf, they just can't stand you dude. They know as well as I do that you're a good for nothing, bottom feeding, fake ass intellectual pretentious assclown! Now, I'll concede you may be a man of action, but that action comes mostly from your hand. Come on man, you walked right into that one. Just like your Showdown buddy Cody Marshall walked in on me with his wife! I don't care what the Elitist Weekly #58 says. There's only one fastest rising star in EAW, and that's me. Ross Vegas, The Cream of the Crop! And after I run through you, Angelo, Tig Kelly, and TLA, I will sit atop the mountain as Interwire Champion. And then the powers that be will have no choice but to give me the recognition I deserve, yeah. Up till now, it seems like every time I build some momentum I get booked on Turbo the next week. The cycle breaks now. Your time is up, Marx. My time is now. You're in Disneyland for adults, baby. You're in Vegas land now, OOOOOOOHHHH YEAH!

Oh, wait. I got something else to show you, Ryan!

Ross pulls out his phone and navigates to a video of a college philosophy lecture. The video fills the entire screen now.

Student: Have you heard of Ryan Marx's five pillars?

Professor: He's retarded.

Fade to black. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 8th 2016, 8:18 pm by Ryan Marx
Dynasty vs Showdown Promo 2 – Informal Education

The scene fades in and we see Ryan Marx seated at his desk once again. This time around, he seems a bit more happier than usual, a smile evident on his face as he reclines in his seat.

I'm in a good mood. Could you tell? This week has been a great one for me so far. It was announced that I would be joining Team Ryder at Territorial Invasion, and that can only lead to bigger things in my future. I'm finally getting the recognition I deserve, after only about two months in this company. And my week will only get better when I dismantle Ross Vegas this Friday. Because I know some people will doubt me, will be questioning why I was put into the main event and why that spot wasn't given to someone else, I see this Friday as a chance to show them exactly why I deserve this opportunity. Just like I did last week with Josh O'Connor, I will tear you apart, Ross. I will rip your body and your 'educated' little brain to shreds. You know, with how much you spoke about your education, it seemed as if you wanted a round of applause.

Ryan slow-claps for a couple of seconds, grinning as he does.

Well done. It's just a shame that your education is being underutilised – UCLA is a great university, one that almost guarantees success, and here you are being more of a waste than your tuition fees. Though the part about majoring in Psychology interests me. I can't wait to see how well you put that to use when you come face-to-face with me this Friday. I doubt they taught you how to deal with someone like me at UCLA, but at least you might have a fraction of chance with such a prestigious achievement under your belt. It's unfortunate that that will probably be the only great achievement you earn, considering the fact that the Interwire Championship is looking very much out of your grasp. It will be even further out of your reach when you find yourself down on the mat, staring up at the glass ceiling above you after you've fallen to me at the upcoming supershow. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but just finding yourself in the title picture isn't exactly an achievement. Now, being here for a couple of months and earning a spot in one of the biggest matches at the upcoming PPV – that's an achievement. Maybe you're a bit too deluded to see that now, but once you find yourself falling out of the title picture, you'll realise soon enough who has broken the glass ceiling, and who has been left to clean up the shards that have been left in their wake.

You know what really shows to me that you're not ready for...any kind of success? It's the way you conduct yourself. You have the gall to claim that you are smarter than me, and then you continue to make crass remarks, shill terrible sports drinks, and act like you already are some kind of big deal. You may think of Karl Marx when you see my name, but do you know what I think of when I see your name, Ross? I think of all those unambitious, untalented, and brain-dead morons who go out in droves to Las Vegas, losing all of their money and possessions to fate, and ruining their lives in the process. I don't think of a prominent, famous name when I see 'Ross Vegas' – I just see a bunch of nameless, faceless drones. And that's what you are, you're a drone. You keep droning on about irrelevant nonsense: your former careers, your self-confidence, your delusional beliefs about what the future holds for you. And you do all of this whilst you claim to be more intelligent than someone like me, someone who holds the true future in his hands. Perhaps Karl Marx's beliefs did fail, but mine certainly won't, because I learn from mistakes and adapt to my situation – and to be honest with you, my situation is looking very good. Not only am I going up against someone completely delusional, but I am also going up against the antithesis of one of my core beliefs. Ross, you just earned yourself a new achievement: becoming a key example of what my Five Pillars opposes.

Ryan announces the final Pillar off by heart. As he does, the words III. Pain for the body, pleasure for the mind flash on the screen for a few milliseconds at a time, flickering and distorting.

'Pain for the body, pleasure for the mind'.

You have shown that you are the complete opposite of this, and that is why you will fail against me. Your determination means nothing in the face of your ultimate opposition, as I am not just fighting to prove my strength, but I am also fighting to prove how dangerous it can be to oppose my philosophy. I can imagine that you think you have somehow outmatched me by bragging about your lifestyle and past, but all you've really done is give me more of a reason to systematically destroy you and prove to the EAW Universe how wrong you are. You're not a role model, you're not even a good little mascot for whatever sponsorship deal you've taken this week. You're just a lost man, Ross, a guy who got a good degree at a good university and then had no idea what to do after all of that. But me, I don't just believe I'm a messiah – I know that I am the messiah of the new age, the future where people like you will never succeed as long as you continue to live by your feeble standards. It's a shame, because I can see that you started off on the right path with UCLA and everything, but something must have gone wrong partway down that path...and I'm going to find out what it is and fix it this Friday. Trust me, it will hurt. True enlightenment does hurt at first, at least physically. But when our match is over, you will be thanking me for setting you back on the right path again.

So go hit the gym, Ross. Keep bragging about how successful you'll be, continue to watch the Interwire Championship from afar whilst I prepare for my big Territorial Invasion match. Work out your anxieties, pick up a psychology textbook and try to figure me out, and maybe you could even take off your rose-tinted glasses and see the world as it really is – a place where people like you just don't stand a chance against a revolutionary thinker like me. I may be a philosopher, but I am just as much a man of action as you are. The only difference between us in that regard is that I actually think about what I am going to do before I do it. Oh, but wait. You're smarter than I am, aren't you?

Ryan laughs.

I guess that means I'll have to give you everything I've got this Friday then. You and your little Psychology degree can handle that, can't you?

Another laugh, this one continuing for a while longer. As Ryan laughs, the screen begins to glitch and distort. Cut to static. Fade to black.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 8th 2016, 7:51 pm by Cameron Ella Ava
“Breakthrough Moment.”—Voltage and Turbo (If I end up going to the semi-finals)

You’re right, Sophia. I need this.

I’m fully aware of the accomplishments my fellow original Vixens have made throughout 2016. I saw it with my very own eyes when the Heart Break Gal made history by becoming a record four-time Vixens Championship. I looked as Kendra Shamez pinned Tarah Nova to become the second Vixen ever to have held the Vixens Championship and the Specialist Championship. Despite being here for the longest time, they still have what it takes to rule the Vixens Division? Me? I’m still waiting for that magical feeling. I’m anticipating the moment where I’m finally victorious at something. I’m preparing for the moment where I win something that means to all of the other Vixens and for me to laugh at their face and tell them “I told you so”. As you could see, I’ve had no luck with it. Do you want me to give you an excuse to why I haven’t had the moment as grand and epic as these other women you’ve mentioned? I’ve never been the woman to make excuses. I’m not going to lie and say that it feels good to be under looked. I’m not going to look you dead and eye and state that I don’t wish it could have been me to defeat Aria Jaxon and take her Vixens Championship away. I’m not going to deny the fact that it feels so good to be Kendra Shamez when she took Tarah Nova’s Specialists Championship away. What the Heart Break Girl and Kendra Shamez have in common is that they were both women who came from horrible losses. Heart Break Gal was the woman who Aria Jaxon pinned at the main event of Triple Threat to dethrone Eris LeCava for the Vixens Championship. Kendra had come from a loss against Sheridan Muller. Did they continue to lose? No, they took their respected losses and turned them into golden victories. You could say that I’m waiting for a breakthrough moment. I’m looking for the moment where the planets align and everything falls into place for me. You think that’s all supposed to be easy, Sophia? As much as I make things seem effortless in the ring, gaining a championship is no easy matter for anyone. Getting through the competition in Block D? Now, that is effortless! Besides you, I’ve gotten through all of my competition with no effort at all. It should have been this easy. It should have been so simple to get to the semi-finals, but just because you happened to be a little bump of the road, does that mean I don’t have the right to be confident about this match? I’m sorry to burst your bubble, sweetheart, but I’m confident about this match. I feel good approaching this match. I feel like there is no Vixen in this tournament that is able to stop me. You’re not going to stop me, Sophia. You’re not going to end my Empress of Elite journey because I’m going all the way to the end.

I’m not desperate at all. Why would I be desperate? Because I’ve lost basically every important match this year? Is that why I should be desperate? Is that why I should be panicking and scrambling to figure out how in the hell am I going to get rid of you? As much as you want to portray me as the woman who is in desperate need to win this, I’m not. Yes, I want to win this match more than anyone in this tournament. I believe I have been passed on for way too long now. I began the year as a strong champion and I refuse to end my year without having a huge accomplishment under my belt. I refuse to look back at the year of 2016 and think of it as a joke. Every year, I have accomplished something large. Every single year, it has increased my reasoning for why I should be the Greatest Vixen of All Time. It has solidified my legacy to be the greatest ever. I’m going to be the first one to say that this year has sucked on paper for me. Losing the Interwire Championship to TLA, losing the Vixens Cup to Sheridan Muller, losing to Aria Jaxon, losing at Pain for Pride against Jamie O’ Hara. Lose. Lose. Lose. Lose. Do you think that this is all I know how to do? At some point, these losses began to take a toll to me. They begin to sit in the back of your mind. I’ve begun to wonder if this Sunday will be the night to turn my year around. Sophia, I got the answer to that and it’s a hell yes. I am coming to this Deathmatch to win. There is no chance that you’re going to have it within yourself to get rid of me. Just like I said before, you can’t get rid of me. I’m impossible to get rid of. This Block was built for me to destroy my competition. This was supposed to be one of the easiest blocks in the tournament. It’s because of you that it isn’t. I’m here to fix that. I’m here to finally do what I was supposed to do the first time we fought and that was defeat you. Admit it, Sophia. The last time we fought, you were taken to your limit. You delivered the performance of a lifetime. It was nice for you. We both got a draw and you got the people clapping. I want none of the crap this time around. You have made this impression of me that is struggling to keep up with the new crop of Vixens. You think I’m struggling to keep my head up from drowning. I’m not struggling to do anything. Perhaps, it’s you that is struggling to keep up with me. I don’t blame you. You struggled to get a victory over Haruna Sakazaki. You struggled to get a victory over me. It doesn’t matter what you do, but it’s never going to be enough when facing me in the ring. Just accept it.

I thought that I would get a head start of my semi-finals competition. It’s obvious that I’m going to beat Sophia Rose to the floor. Madison Kaline, I really hope that you’re going to be paying attention to Voltage because I think you should have a close look of what your competition is capable of. I’m better than most of the crappy competition that you had to face in Block C aside from Consuela and the Heart Break Gal. I’m still in disbelief that you even made it to this point of the competition. You’re the reason why I’m not preparing for the Ava vs. Ava semi-finals, but whatever. I’ll win for myself and Consuela. Madison, when you put your name next to Cailin Dillon, Kendra Shamez and Cameron Ella Ava, you don’t belong here. You’ve never belonged here. Isn’t that why you’re part of the Sanatorium? So you could be accepted among people that actually give a crap about you? Well, it makes sense that trash would be among trash. As much as you struggled to be accepted among the Vixens Division, the attempt as fell flat on your face. Perhaps, you shouldn’t have joined as a huggable freak. Perhaps, you shouldn’t have gone from goodie two freak to the bitch we all hate. I mean, your career was ruined from the beginning. You did decide to hang around Maria Gonzales and form the Dollhouse Killers, a tag team that no one remembers or people do their best to forget because only an idiot would be friends with Maria Gonzales. I’m not trying to judge your career decisions, but they always haven’t been the best for yourself. It’s like you want to see yourself fail. It’s like you want people to feel bad for you. Ever since you came back to EAW, am I supposed to believe for a second that you’re a changed woman? HA! How many times have people said that? Billions of times. How many times have people not meant it? Billions of times? I almost forgot that you even existed, Madison because you’re just like every other Vixen that tries to pretend that they don’t live in EAW’s standards. Autumn Raven, Tarah Nova, Stephanie Matsuda, Haruna Sakazaki. I swear, with all the woman that claim not to live up to EAW’s standards, I am shocked that none of you can co-exist with one another. I don’t get why you even returned. I don’t even understand why you have a victory over me? I’m beyond you. I’m everything that you wish to be in life. I am so much better than you, it must be a pain to see. I’m the better talker, wrestler and overall person. You’re not even worthy to stand in the same ring as me. You should be honored that it’s going to be me that defeats Sophia Rose to a bloody pulp and moves on to face you. I promise whatever I do to Sophia, the exact same thing will happen to you.

Don’t say I ever warned you.
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Post on September 8th 2016, 5:31 pm by Ross Vegas
Dynasty vs Showdown

They don't call me the cream of the crop for nothing, yeah. I'm on the rise, baby. The cream always rises to the top. And yeah, Ryan Marx, I know full well what "cream of the crop" means, I passed high school bio dude. Now you may think I'm stupid just cause I use words that you don't need a PHD to understand, but you're dead wrong man. Yeah, not only am I better than you in the ring, as the victims of my path of devestation will confirm... I'm also smarter than you, Ryan. I double majored in Business and Psychology at UCLA. So I know exactly what's going on in that thick little head of yours. I built up huge client bases as a Real Estate agent and Personal Trainer while I was training to get here, to the big leagues, to EAW.

But enough about me. Let's talk about you for a hot minute, dude. first of all, all I can think about when I see your name is Karl Marx. You're just like him, man. Allow me to explain. You think you've got all the answers. You believe in your heart of hearts that you are some kind of messiah. You think you're helping the people by pushing your worldview on to them. But in reality, when all is said and done, you're just dead ass wrong bro. Communism failed every single time it was tried, just like you will fail to grab that brass ring and break through the glass ceiling... every time you try. I been here for a couple months, I'm already in the Interwire Championship picture. And mark my words, I'm laying all my chips on the line here, this time next month, I will be your Interwire Champion. And that's a gamble you can make and rest easy at night. And while Ryan Marx is trying to convince himself that he's above material possessions as he falls asleep in his king size with luxury silk sheets, I'll be using my bed in a much more satisfying way... OOOH YEEEAAAAHH.

Karl Marx, Angelina, Tigger Kelly... they're all just roadblocks standing between me and my Interwire Title opportunity. Just a bunch of hacks who never grabbed that brass ring. Ross Vegas doesn't do anything halfway, baby. I'm an entertainer, yeah, but first and foremost I am a prizefighter. And I got my eyes and heart set on your title, TLA. It's time for the real sexual panther to grab some gold. Ryan, you got no chance in hell of beating a man as determined as I am. You may be a philosopher, but I, Ross Vegas, am a man of action. At the end of the day, if you wanna get paid, laid, or even Gatorade, if you want food, gains, and championship reigns you have to get up off your ass and deliver. Just like Steve Jobs said, dude. Fuck it, I'm out. Time to hit the gym, cause I'm on my grind, baby! OOOOOHHHH YEEAAAAAHHHH!
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Post on September 8th 2016, 5:23 pm by Whiskey Jack
Dynasty vs Showdown #2
vs V

I think that you'll find, V, that I'm a little more potent than you're expecting. A small sip of me is going to knock you on your ass.

Seeing as you swung at the low-hanging fruit that is the alcoholic portion of my name, I took the liberty to extend the metaphor. Since you like my earlier pearls of wisdom, perhaps you'll like this one as well. Ah, yes, it's a familiar refrain: 'Because the word 'whiskey' is in his name, he must love to drink.' No, I get it, I really do. I expect, and even welcome, the cracks about alcohol when people look at my name. I guess, I just expected more from you. If Kevin Hunter had made a similar jibe, it would have been perfectly in line with who he is. But you, V … I'd expect a man in a mask would know better than to take things at face value. Disappointing. But no, all I get from you is 'whiskey … ha ha, I like to drink too.' I guess I really can't be surprised. Maybe only one who has wandered as I have would know the legends surrounding Whiskey Jack. He's been called many things, Wisakedjak by the Algonquins, Iktomi by the Lakota, and Nanabozho by the Ojibwe. The trickster god who acted as a force of both creation and destruction. A wanderer who taught lessons to the proud, laying them low, so that they could learn lessons that would take them to heights they had not dreamed up. My totem, if you will. A mantle that I have taken up. Alas, I guess that is a little too high-concept to assume that you would be able to divine. Maybe you've spent a little too much time up your own ass, devising whatever “menacing of violence” you are going to “conduct.”

See, V, you say that you have no interest in what other people think of you, but your actions speak otherwise. You are dogged by a past where you failed to live up to expectations and it drives you to violence when you are reminded of what you were, of your very name that you deny, persisting to call yourself 'V.' No, the validation of others is exactly what you crave. You use illusions to prop up the perception of your prowess, because that's all they are: illusions. Crafts that are specifically based on other people's perceptions. You claim yourself a conductor, but what is a conductor without an audience. No, you need others' validation much, much more than I do. Yes, I fight to hear the cheering of the crowd. But I don't care that they are cheering for me, or for my opponent. I care that they are entertained by the violence that I conduct in the ring. Whether it's a bingo hall filled with dozens, or an arena filled with thousands, they came to see violence, and by god, I will give it to them. When people see me fighting in the ring, they will know that they are seeing Whiskey Jack, the Nomad, the Wild Rover, giving it his all in the ring and beating the holy hell out of his opponent. When I beat you on Friday, though … what will they be thinking of you? 'Did Whiskey Jack beat V? Or was it another of V's doubles? Do we even care? No.' Your audience dwindles. A conductor in an empty hall, possibly the saddest thing that I can think of right now. But as the stoic anti-hero in the play within your mind, you can't possibly admit any of this. That would undo the whole mystique behind your mask. Because what else is a mask but an obfuscation of your true intentions, blatant though they may be.

But, you were right about something, V. I am a rookie. No, I freely admit it. I'm not one of those people that's going to harp on my past legacies and past achievements. Yes, I've wrestled professionally before, but those were in tiny venues. Bingo halls and gymnasiums. I've fought in back alleys and back rooms of clubs in underground bare knuckle boxing matches. But in arenas like EAW sells out? No, I've never been in places like this. It's … almost intoxicating, more than my alcoholic namesake, anyways. The crowd, the grandeur. The pomp and circumstance. Yeah, it's a hell of a trip. Hell, I don't even know what the hell a Grand Rampage is, despite you claiming to have won it. But, at the end of the day, I'm still the same Nomad, the same Wild Card. See, you're wrong that I do what I do to impress the higher ups. The suits and ties. That's not me. I don't care if they want to give me a title shot or not, because where you are right is that your goals exceed mine. Why? Because I have no goals. Goals are endpoints. Goals are the finish line. Goals are what you achieve when your life is over. I don't make goals for myself because I feel that they limit me. I don't like limits. What's important to me? The journey. Yes, the journey is the most important part. That's why I live the life of a wanderer. I must see where the journey takes me. Because the journey never ends. When we meet Friday at Dynasty, whether I win or lose, my journey continues. 'What point am I trying to execute?' you ask Nothing but the journey, and dishing lessons out to those I meet at crossroads. You are the second person who I get to teach a lesson to. But like they say, 'you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.' Will you drink of the wisdom that I serve to you in the ring? Or will its potency overwhelm you and leave you senseless and clueless? That question can only be answered by you. But I will continue on this road, regardless of what happens to you. Will it lead me to gold? Will it lead me to ruin? I don't know. And that's half the excitement.
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Post on September 8th 2016, 4:27 pm by Cailin Dillon

Dynasty vs. Showdown #3
We’re both talented, dedicated, passionate and fiery competitors. There’s no reason anyone should expect anything other than a fight fueled by those very things when we meet tomorrow. I hear from so many how this match is generating a great deal of excitement all on its own. Somehow, this kind of excitement just seems to follow me. I don’t think I do anything specific to warrant it. I just think there’s an expectation that comes with seeing me in a match. You know you’re going to see Caillin Dillon operate at her highest level possible. I could have a bum ankle or messed up knee and they could be trying to hold me backstage for my own safety, but I would burst out of that grasp and head for that ring in a heartbeat. This is my lifeblood. That has never been debatable. And that’s probably why most people try to focus on failure with me. So many want to point out where things didn’t go right, yet pretend so often that failure couldn’t affect them in the same way. The truth is I have always accepted failure for what it is. It’s always a lesson that you need to be better than you are right now. My emotions are focused on so much, too. But when you put everything you do into that small space, focus all of your energy into one are, the results can only be triumph or heartbreak. But it’s the next steps after either of those that become so vital. Yes, this business is eat or be eaten, but when you learn how to pick yourself up from rock bottom and start to rise back up toward the top, that’s when you’ve learned how to elevate yourself in the food chain.
I’m not afraid of failure. I never have been. I’m just not accepting of it. That’s why I always go back and go right back to work. Those who focus so much on my failures, though, they miss the fact that those mistakes are what molded me into what I am right now. Funny that while so many of them thought that was my weakness are to pick on, I’m here in the semi-finals and they’re backstage watching. That’s how it works, though. In the grand scheme of things, one win over the Heart Break Gal seems meaningless when you back on it. But to me it meant something because I overcame a lot of adversity to reach that point. She was the first person to look me in the eyes and tell me I didn’t belong here. She said I would never make it in EAW. I believe one time she told me I should go ahead and head back to our native-Texas before the match because I was just wasting my time. There were close calls along the way as she continued to gain the upper hand. She told me I stood for the wrong things. She told me I was in over my head. But as I pulled back on her arm with blood streaming from my nose and I literally felt the panic coming out from within her, I knew that her mind had been totally changed. Because I took something from her that day. Hexa-gun was her week-by-week ticket to ensure she could fight with Y2Impact, and what I did was steal that all away. And I kept the title she so badly wanted to take from me. Notice that she, our mighty, defending Vixen’s Champion, couldn’t take the Specialist’s title away from me when so much more was on the line for her. And yet while I could have allowed my ego to inflate from that experience, I instead allowed it to stay even-keel. That’s just who Cailin Dillon is. I’m not defined by any one win or loss along the way. A career is such a long journey and all adventures are filled with ups and downs. You work from the downs and you work towards the up. Maybe Grand Rampage was a lowpoint, as so many like to point out, but I think I rose to the occasion in being basically the most active participant in an insane 10-person match at Pain for Pride. I didn’t win, no, but I continued to learn and evolve. Look back at the Specialist’s Scramble last December. I was the lone person to not score a pin fall during the match. Yet weeks later I was a champion. So why can’t the same thing happen now? I believe it will. The same fire and passion that filled me then as I went after a chance to fight for the Specialist’s Championship, it fills me now on an even more elevated level. I almost can’t even describe this heat I feel as this passion and determination builds within me. I want this Empress of Elite crown so much. So much more than I think Kendra even realizes. She feels this is her ticket back to the top, and I feel it is a step towards that for me. But she’s exactly where she belongs. The OG Vixen will never fall from the top. She might come and go, but that doesn’t mean the challenge of facing her will ever become easier. I don’t look back to Pain for Pride and pretend she’s weak. She’s kicked ass from the next day on. Even while whispers filled the air that she was back as a part-timer. Here she is doing full-time things and kicking full-time butt. And that’s a challenge I want to tackle head on.
She might have doubters, but I think I have more. How many people have claimed this is my last chance, or worse, only chance to do something. People are trying to write me off like I’m old news. People will never write off a legend like that. Kendra has nothing to worry about. And honestly, I don’t care that people think that way about me. Because I know my capabilities, my desires and my heart. I know who I am and what I’m about to do. There are so many people who will stand from the sidelines and jeer every move I make. They will raise questions about my sexuality, comment on my friendships, focus on my failures or laugh about my style, but it’s not ever going to slow me down or change me. This is who I am so you can either get with it, or you can stay on the sidelines and keep on yapping while I keep on defying the odds and smashing through that low glass ceiling you want to hang over my head. If you think I’m in over my head or taking on water in a small boat, you’re wrong. This Cailin who Veena called so six months ago is far from done making waves. I’ve been excited, straight up exhilarated by the opportunity to face a legend and my idol in this tournament. If you want to be the best in this company, you should have to go through the best to get there. I want to be an Empress, so I damn sure should have to go through the Queen if I want to have that chance. I’ve never had a problem with earning things, bucking the handouts and putting in the work instead. That’s why I keep evolving, keep changing and keep getting better. Just when y’all say Cailin couldn’t possibly do any more than this, you’ll see me rise to a level you didn’t even realize I possessed. Don’t believe me? It’s happened before and it will continue to happen. You critics and fellow wrestlers that band together in your efforts to not believe in me can continue doing what you do. I will continue to disappoint you when I find yet another way to do something I wasn’t supposed to do. I can tell already, people think I’m not supposed to win this match. At least Kendra has the decency to examine both ends of the what ifs. I know she might be seething when she looks at both sides and then hears me just take the side where I win, but that will never change. That’s who I am. I’m that same confident bitch that was on her stride when she walked into a match as Haruna Sakazaki was about to start her reign as Specialist’s Champion and dropped her on her head. I’ve thrown the curveball before. So if you expect to see me get destroyed by Kendra this week, be prepared to be surprised. I’m going to win that match, and I’m going to move a step closer to that crown.
I appreciate the efforts that you’ve put in this week Kendra. I can tell you’re back and putting in the work that always made you one of the most dangerous wrestlers in this company. Not just a dangerous Vixen, but a wrestler that was purely hell to deal with if you got put in a match with them. I don’t expect anything differently from you in that ring. I’m positive you will put me through something I haven’t experienced with anyone else, but I’m just as sure that I will be ready to adapt to the environment and match whatever it is that you throw my way. And after I match it, I will exceed it. That’s not an insult towards you, that’s just that confidence speaking again. Maybe it seems borderline arrogant, but I don’t operate any other way. I don’t go in expecting to lose. I don’t go in accepting any other result but having that hand raised. You said it yourself, anything can happen. And while the experts might want to pick the legend to kill the girl who idolizes her and take another step towards reclaiming dominance in the company, I’d recommend they not overlook the girl who’s shaken things up before, and is about to do it once again. I can’t wait for Friday. I can’t wait to show you what I’m really made of. This match is something I’ve dreamed about for so long. This won’t be the end of my journey toward the crown, it’s just the next step I have to take before it all comes down to the throne.
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Post on September 8th 2016, 3:50 pm by Hades
The energy of the high capacity crowd.. the sudden rise of anticipation in the arena..  yes.  It is a rare treat indeed when so ever my presence is requested and I attend Show-Down.  But last week was the consequence of no social call I’m afraid; as a personal favor to Zack Crash, it was expected of me to don the red cape and play hero to a victimized and brutalized JJ Silva -- a debt of kindness I have yet to be compensated for -- but I trust that’ll come at a later date because I too understand the pressures of being engulfed in a war.  Your priorities become muddled as your mind is fixed on one thing, which is to leave the end battle victorious; so I can see how gratitude to the man who practically dropped everything – in spite of being a known target of The Sanatorium – just to make them a happy family once more could be misplaced in all of the chaos.

Nevertheless, I have my own problems to tackle this week.

As fate would have it, Dynasty has insisted on naming me as one of their representatives in the annual Show-Down versus Dynasty event; which could mean one of two things, they’ve forgiven me of my past transgressions or they’re smarter than I'd ever anticipated.  Seeing as Management has never been the forgiving-type, I'm more inclined to believe the second option, and with good reason.  During my separate stints with gold and sapphire brands I have done my share as a body in their brand warfare's -- defending them from all imminent threats -- and more often than not I've come out on top as the victor.  It's grown to be a trend in the EAW, that when you find yourself in the trenches fighting for a cause, as a brand or a stable, there's no better ally to have than yours truly.  Although I have my reasons for wanting to see my adversary forced out of action by my hand – I have all of Dynasty counting on me.. we share a rocky history.. and the fact that he assaulted an affiliate of mine two weeks ago – but what would become of Territorial Invasion; without his presence the team would surely suffer.  I suppose the first thing to do would be to decide which is more important to me, Dynasty, my own personal glory, or the victory of Omerta?

Of course I would be remiss not to address the big old mutt that has been stinking up my backyard as of late.  Kevin Devastation, in running this smear campaign to discredit me and joining forces with Eclipse, has made his objective clear.  He wants me out of the EAW and will stop at nothing to see me at his mercy.  He'll take whatever advantage is offered to him, and this match presents a perfect one.  Lannister has proven himself on multiple occasions to being more than the average man can handle.  If nothing else, last week was indication that even an emotionally-limp Lannister is a force to be reckoned with, but so am I.  For months I have been watched, stalked, and preyed upon like a wild animal.  I see that in a match like this I must be on high alert as I can't risk sustaining serious injury on my person when we're this close to Territorial Invasion; and I won't.  If Kevin is as arrogant as I've pegged him to be he'll make his presence known tomorrow night, and I'll be there fist clenched and teeth grit waiting for him.
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Post on September 8th 2016, 3:05 pm by Black Sven
Oh, Damon, Damon, Damon. Week in and week out I supported this fight against Voltage. Even while looking at a TV. But while I support one thing that doesn't mean I can't be against the rest. While I endorse blood and carnage and the screaming of pain, those begin my methodes of sending out my message, I can't help but to feel that there is something that make you and Kenny...a little bit alike with another group. There was this one group that was made up from former guys in EAW, kind of the same bullshit with the crazy and twisted personality you have here. There was also the group known as EGO, different in some aspects but kind of the same in other aspects. At this point I would really want to compare you The Sanatorium, but comparing a rat with The Sanatorium is an insult to the rat. But if I connect the dots the right way, you and your partners aren't that different from other cogs before you.

You stand as part of the machine, like your greatest enemy at this very moment. And trust me I saw these cogs come and go. I had to stand and watch everything become the same in front of me, day in and day out. Until my eyes and my mind couldn't take it no more! And I saw you Damon, I saw you as the cog that replaced and already used one. I see that in your partner, and I see that in your group. In the end I am facing another rerun of the same horror show that I had to endure for years. And you! I try to like you, I like what you are doing, but it equals to nothing in this match. For in front of me stands another part of the machine I seek to destory. And quite frankly it doesn't change anything for me, I could be throwing chairs around or killing puppies, it would be the same. Not because this fight makes me cold, and regret that it happens, but because like before, it's just another part of a bigger machine. But this cog stands more closer to other cogs at the almost exactly same size. It seems I'll need Hammer with this one.

Now I never wanted to join you. I don't get myself up tied up with groups. Since I have come to EAW I have declared a war on that it is today! I made that heard on Turbo, I made that heard on Voltage. I stand by my mission to this day. When I saw your group almost begin the same thing, I thought that my words where heard by people with brain that works. But hope kills dreams more than EAW kills it's self. Because as I said before, you are just another cog. So tell me why would I want to join your group? Why would I want you to go easy on me? And what the fuck makes you think that I would accept to let my pride be killed in the cogs that turn EAW around? I am no fool. As I stand here, I stand fearless of your pack of wolves! As I stand here I stand waiting for this match to happen. And as I stand here I will take your head off! And trust me it isn't that hard.

For you to consider me part of the problem proves only that you have no idea who I am. But then again what can I say, Hammer and Chiar did a good job masking this damned face. I am not part of the problem! I am part of the solution. I am the lethal injection that this company needs to either die or get better. Kill every cancerous cell in it's body or to kill it, that is my mission in this company and I know why I am doing it. When this will happen you will either thank me for doing such a good job or you will curse me for leaving you without a work place. In the end you all will talk to me after my mission will be done, because each and every one of you will be affected. From the wrestlers to the people watching the show back home.

Now you stand there on your pillar of sand and salt and see how much will it take until it crumbles into dust. Stand there and try to make your army or your family to support it like you support theirs, try to make a bridge that is only doomed to fail. And on that bridge that will last only a day I want to invite you to make your wolves come around this match. Each one of them! I'll fight you! I'll fight your wolf! I'll fucking fight Kawajay! Because I am not scared by your tactics! I have seen them before more times that I care to still count! Come here all of you, stand in this ring before me and you will see I am not affected by you! You are not the first and neither will you be the last to stand like this in front of me, a big pack of rabid dogs. And I will put them down, one by one by one if they try to bite!
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Post on September 8th 2016, 2:25 pm by J.D. Damon
Voltage Promo 1

“… And just like both Vic Vendetta and Scott Diamond - two men who were once looked upon as two of the greatest wrestlers that the EAW currently has, or should I say had - Jason Faasoo crumbled right before me. The fool came out with his ‘rap game’ strong as hell, throwing out a semi-impressive freestyle about me and our match this past weekend. But, in the end, it just wasn’t enough. Did you actually think it was going to be enough to stop me, Jason?! Did you honestly think for one solitary second that all of your moves in the ring were going to be enough to put me down for the three count? If you thought it would, then you are probably the dumbest person that I have ever come across, and believe me when I say that I have met some pretty dumb people during my career. Jason, you were merely just another phase in my grand plan of reclaiming the glory that I once had. You were just another pawn in me reclaiming my rightful spot in the limelight and becoming greater than I ever have been... greater than I have ever thought imaginable.”
“Talking about pawns and my grand plan, I couldn’t help but to notice I have been placed into a match for this Sunday night on Voltage… this time my opponent being Black Sven; a man who picked up a surprisingly impressive victory over Phoenix Winterborn this past Sunday night. However, will he be able to continue his winning ways once he steps inside that ring with “The Ultimate Disharmony?” Ha! I wouldn’t bet on it, punk. Sven, I see what you did, you attempted to butter me up with agreeing with me on my stance against this little "new breed" or "new generation" of ungrateful rookies that the company has been signing lately. Kindred spirits, Sven? You think that you are exactly like Kenny Drake and myself? You think that all of the carnage that we have been creating week in and week out is great? First off, you are NOTHING like myself or the rest of Wolvesden. Do you understand me, Sven?! NOTHING! And I must agree with you that the warpath that Wolvesden has been creating here on Voltage is fucking fantastic, you are going to find out first hand just what it feels like to feel the carnage. You want to talk about being against this new generation of wrestlers that have flooded this company like a fucking tidal wave, but yet you are exactly what embodies this pathetic new generation. You, just like everyone else, is nothing more than an ungrateful rookie; someone who does not even belong tying the laces on my goddamn boots let alone step inside the ring with me. The only thing that I got out of your little promo that you did regarding our match is that you say only what you think I want to hear. Believe me when I say, Sven, that you aren't going to get very far in this industry by doing that. Maybe, just maybe, you agreed with me on my views and such because you think that it will force me to go easy on you. You know, 'the whole if you can't beat them, join them' mentality. Do you want to know what I have to say about that, Sven? FUCK. THAT. You then continued with spewing a bunch of bullshit out of your fucking suck hole about me and the rest of Wolvesden. You mentioned that unlike me, you don't need to surround yourself with others for protection. Really?! REALLY?! You think that I used Kenny Drake and the rest of Wolvesden as just protection? That I use them for just back-up in case things go south for me? You have to be out of your damn mind, Sven. Wolvesden is my family. Kenny Drake is my brother. You asked me if I didn't have Wolvesden around what would I do? Would I run away like a scared little bitch if I was faced with a task bigger than I thought I would be able to handle? Hell no. I managed to survive wrestling practically my entire career without being apart of a family like this. So, to answer your question, Sven, I would manage just fine without Wolvesden. But, unfortunately for you, I don't plan on getting rid of them any time soon. You see, just like wolves in the wild travel in packs, so do we. When you are facing one member of Wolvesden, you better believe that there is another member not too far behind... watching, waiting for the right opportunity to attack our prey. And if you had any brains in that fucking head of yours, Sven, I would consider running away from this match. But, then again, it's not like it would do you any fucking good."
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Post on September 8th 2016, 1:58 pm by Mr. DEDEDE
A man sometimes has no real or original thought for himself. Sometimes he is a translator, or a transmitter of a message greater than his comprehension, from a source more powerful beyond compare. Sometimes the man transmits this message through word, which is the cause for, as an example, some of the greatest speakers the world have ever seen curating spoken word that would influence generations beyond their time and generations yet to be born. And sometimes this message is sent through action -- expressed through the body, through movement, through poise, and skill, and concentration, and excellence. The same chills that run up and down your spine, provoked by the words of Churchill or MLK are the same chills you get when you see Jordan or Ali in their prime. You are touched, more than touched, you're inspired. Deeply influenced, you feel the effects of greatness in action, art and spoken word. But are these great beings, these musicians, artists, athletes, scholars, public speakers, are they a curator or a messenger? Do they relay a message, or is the message of their own curation?

That makes all the difference, Silva. That makes an entire universe of difference between a great man and a higher power. You have this childlike idea of what a "God" is as if it's some gray bearded king on a throne resting in the clouds, deciding the fate of his creations below. You forget that man is made in God's image. You forget that man comes with God's potential. You don't seem to understand, Silva, that the potential of a man is that of a God. Once man ate from the tree of knowledge he became like God. Or, in the exact context, he became like "us". You have a lot of mental awakening to do before you speak on concepts like this, because you're a confident man speaking to a man of supreme confidence. But I have this supreme confidence because I know, unequivocally, that I can manifest greatness at will. While ordinary men can sometimes display flashes of brilliance, I produce brilliance, sometimes in my sleep.  

The difference is a universe apart. That's the difference between a man like you, and a man God like me. I've tapped into the frequency that is my full potential, and you posture as though you're on that kind of wavelength. You are a confident, arrogant, boastful man who relies on ad hominem attacks and poisoning the well to gain leverage in an argument, but I'm a God, solely reliant on my supreme confidence and what I know I can create with my two hands. I operate under truth & logic, greatness merely follows suit. The hands of men have built the greatest monuments the world has ever seen, and my career is a monument to myself -- it's a form of idol worship, of myself! My accolades, my accomplishments speak for itself! And all you have in your arsenal are just the same tactics of poisoning the well, telling me, ME, blatant lies about myself, as if you could manage to convince me. You are unconvincing in every way imaginable. You could not convince me the fucking sky was blue. But you want to convince me that I haven't had a good a year, LIKE THAT'S ANYWHERE NEAR THE TRUTH! Like I could somehow overthink it and find myself agreeing with you! Like I'm going to sit there and think to myself "you know maybe JJ is right!" This is what it's come to! Blatantly lying! You have nothing else, do you? You don't have a remotely decent counter to the barrage of uncomfortable truths I sent your way, so you're forced to lie and claim a man who held the Answers World Championship and only took a pin fall victory once in his entire championship reign, took the "easy way out". To quote you exactly, I took the "road less traveled by". God damn right I did. You're god damned right I did, Silva, because there's no way in your god damned life that you will ever come close to the run I had in the last calendar year. My Answers World Championship reign alone, which you conveniently forgot to mention, is worth more than your entire career. While you were in transition from being the leader of a thrown together shitpile of a stable to a follower of Zack Crash's decaying faction, I was busy conquering The Machine and dealing the finishing blow to Hexa-Gun. You went from underwhelming leader to glorified lackey and underachiever while I put my stamp on the highest point of the upper echelon as God by winning my 6th World Championship reign and mowing through everything in my path. And here's where you actually have some form of attack on me -- I lost that very same world title and suffered a defeat so crippling it nearly ended my career. It seemed like a mortal wound to my confidence! I had to rehabilitate and train far beyond the suggestion of any doctor's orders to be able to make it to Pain for Pride, DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A HALF-MEASURE TO YOU?! DO I LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO TAKES HALF MEASURES, SILVA??? DO YOU KNOW NOTHING OF MY CREDENTIALS, OF MY CREDO?! But you're going to make excuses for Xavier the same way you make excuses for yourself endlessly and tell me he was the "EASY WAY OUT"? THAT I CHALLENGED HIM, THAT I USED HIM AS A STEPPING STOOL, EVEN THOUGH HE STOPPED ME FROM RETIRING JUST TO GET A SHOT AT ME AND USE ME AS HIS STEP LADDER TO NEW HEIGHTS? ARE YOU THAT DENSE? IS THERE A COHERENT BONE IN YOUR BODY? TELL ME YOU DISGUSTING LAP DOG, ARE YOU SO DIMWITTED THAT YOU CAN'T EVEN RECALL EVENTS PROPERLY ANYMORE? 

It's either that, or you're a liar! No, probably both. You're probably both. It takes a great deal of lying to oneself in the morning for someone as lowly as you to talk as much shit as you do to me. You have to convince yourself every waking second that you're even in the league of Zack Crash, let alone half of the people you encounter in this company, let alone myself. You may have brought these Hall of Famers who I don't even care to acknowledge "to their knees" but last time I checked these Hall of Famers aren't me. You'd be as well off as bragging about wins against Chris Elite, IF YOU HAD ANY. 

The folly of Mr. DEDEDE is that I still allow a platform for abject failures and wastes of roster space like you to get a platform to talk the way you talk to me. You ever stop being a hypocrite just for one second and think about the folly of JJ Silva for once? Ever sit to yourself and think "man I got kidnapped like a punk bitch!" "Boy, Murrow made me look like a little fucking bitch!" or "Boy, I can't lead a team to a win over Vixens! How the fuck did I ever think I could lead a stable?" or "Hmm, I've been a failure for quite a while now!" "Hmm, I've been an embarrassment to Crash for quite a while now!" or "Man, the only reason I ever held that New Breed Title is because I won it off Piff Fumador!" "Man, my career highlight is a win over Piff Fumador!" Do you ever stop and think maybe your arrogance might be your undoing because YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BE ARROGANT ABOUT? HOW ABOUT YOU DO THE WORLD A FAVOR AND KILL YOURSELF AND RETIRE, IN THAT ORDER.



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Post on September 8th 2016, 9:35 am by VENTURA.
Dynasty Promo:
[Divide and Conquer]

Things are now falling into plan.
That plan laid no scratches or marks whatsoever. My win on Dynasty against a deteriorated man such as Angelo wasn't a way to try and give myself something for me to be hopeful upon, because I knew the outcome was going to be victory right from the get-go. I may be performing a few tricks here and there with illusions and what not, but when I am on a mission to fulfill a given task, I do not fail whatsoever. Once my eyes are glued on you, you will instantly remain a target until you are neutralized. That is how the game works and operates under. For many occasions, I have revealed to you all that a grand mission is going underway within the confines of this company. As far as the time and place in which the mission will finally be unveiled to you all, it will come when you all least expect it. For now, however, don't just shrug me off away as if I am just a buzzing fly craving for attention. The time will come when all the nonsense will indeed fade away, leaving nothing but a baton, lying on a table whilst it waits for me to conduct the most menacing of violence.

Angelo was a broken shell right from the beginning, so lets go on to address a new shell that has been uncovered. We have a wonderful man by the name of Whiskey Jack coming over as my opponent on Dynasty. What a unique name that truly is: Whiskey Jack. As a devout whiskey drinker, I can easily decode that you are truly a fantastic drinking lover. Every night after a busy day, a chug of good ol' whiskey would be the tool to satisfy me for the rest of the day. However, you need to assort yourself together with all this information that you are tossing back and forth on the grand table. I do not care about anybody's opinion in this company, I do and perform what I want under my own accord without having to hide behind someone's coattails. I understand that I constantly have naysayers back and forth trying their hardest to make an attempt to put me down forever, but they are critics, I am the commodity that needs taken care of. If I truly wanted to be a World Champion, I would have boycotted this entire company until I was given what I want. Been through this before on numerous occasions, not trying lie down on such a familiar road ever again. With such in depth analysis of me, you are easily a smart man talking from experience, and that is an admirable trait from you. However, it isn't essentially smart to be a beacon of hope to the people that you call the fans. One day, they are showing their full support by screaming your name uncontrollably, the following night, they immediately replace you with another being. I have been through it all my Whiskey friend, so I understand the risk and expectations involved. Never once did I even try to belittle your comments even though you are a rookie. Rookies may tend to introduce to older generations new skills and practices in order to enhance our way of combat. However, I truly don't need your assistance whatsoever. I am now going to do things under my own accord and jurisdiction, not caring about whatever will eventually take place then after.

Make all the lovely jokes that you want, try and depict me as a man who simply wears a mask and tries hard to try and captivate people into believe in his ideology. It may sure be a fun leisure to be under, but eventually, you will find out that I am truly the most unpredictable person this company has ever seen. I may be quiet, I may have all these harsh criticism being stained on my chest and what not, but my goal in this company simply outreaches yours exponentially. Even though you don't want to be labeled as a rookie, I will deem you as a rookie for this sense. You are a rookie in a sense that you simply haven't seen how far the tides in this company can simply go up to. You want to make a first impression, make the higher authorities in the background look at you in awe. Everyone wants that moment of glory and honor, but there is a price of proving your worth against a man like V. You are probably right about me possibly being my worse enemy. I at times tend to hate myself a lot, maybe because of boredom striking in throughout latter parts of the day, or maybe out of just randomness. What is your point that you are trying to execute? That I simply cannot mount a challenge for myself in this company? That somehow and someway, my ideals will be simmered down into nothing but pettiness? You can say all you want, Mr. Whiskey, but the phenomena is that you should rather be the one solely prepared for the battle of your life this coming Dynasty. You talked a hefty ball game to me just now, but this coming Friday, let's finally see you in action.
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EAW Promoz!

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