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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 12th 2016, 1:21 am by J-Dynasty 2?

Hey friends~

Good job Matt Ryder, I pat you on the head. Pat, pat.

Welcome to the big leagues Ryan Marx, you’ve shown up and everyone watching can confirm your active attendance to the big wigs running the place so you have other big match opportunities in your future, you can shut up now.

Now that you have been adequately praised for your bravery and what not, you all can go home to whatever lonely, boring, and/or empty existence you’ve come from, telling your housemates of what valor you showed by standing up to a force you knew you had no chance of overcoming. Yes, be it if you have wives, children, brothers, roommates, or even rats to keep you company, I am sure that they will be impressed by your grit. How can they not be with their low expectations of you? Even those of you who only have rats and fruit flies as company should not think that your efforts would go unnoticed, such creatures are the ones who consume the food you cheaply buy, hide in the dark shadows of your home that never has any human visitors, and crawl upon your floors that creak with the sound of inadequacies that define your inability to shape up your lives, they would know just how meager your status must be, somewhere in recesses of their consciousness. Just like within their consciousness they shall be able to tell that the same rundown character that walks through that door home every night somehow walks with an extra sense of what would be considered manhood in the standards of people like you, you know, much like how your parents were proud that their good for nothing sons at least stood up to their bullies the first time each of you came home to them after losing your first fights to other children who were better than you then, and better than you now.

Take solace in the incoming praise of those who will come to your defence when the world mocks you, good natured people will always be there to stand up for you saying “hey, at least they tried when so many would not”, but please refrain from the fluffy tales of what you represent and how you will do these magnificence unexpected deeds. Stop trying so hard to create these narratives. Ryan already speaks of not being afraid, speaking of such only because it is natural that he must refute such a thing, while my team has no need to do because no one thinks we have anything to fear. And Matt Ryder? He already wakes up in cold sweats imagining me decimating random opponents he faces, even if I was not there, because he naturally believes that everyone’s most crushing defeat comes by my hands just like his most crushing defeat came. So why go through so much effort to craft this idea of defeating us? That was rhetorical, I know it well, everyone likes to complicate things, everyone likes to think if you just do enough and try hard enough something amazing will happen that will stun the globe. Tiresome.

Sometimes things are simple, sometimes they are exactly as they appear to be.

In this nuclear arm’s race, the other team just doesn’t have any legs to stand on, let alone keep up in this wild territory against this collection of great consumers of prey.
And that is exactly part of why I joined this team. The other half is because I simply wanted to be in the main event, and wanted to dabble in War Games!

Matt Ryder spends much of his time speaking of my relationship with Crash, as if he’s making some sort of point.

Broski, Jones won’t be there are your annual barbecue Crash!

Dude, Jones isn’t going to help you pick up chicks, he isn’t going to be your wingman!
Bruh, I don’t even think Jones likes you broski.

Did I miss these team building exercises Team Matt Ryder have gone through? Did they all close their eyes and take a plunge backwards to be caught in each other’s arms one by one as they suddenly built some great bond? Does anyone even care about Chris Elite?

Most importantly, so what if I don’t like Crash? I obviously don’t like Matt Ryder, so it’s not like I’d betray Crash out of some petty preference for Ryder, not that I would do so even if liked him considering the gravity of this contest. Even in the deepest depths of my quirkier activities, there is a profit for what I do, or at least a tedium to end during a lapse of boredom.  Surely I do not need to explain that there is nothing boring about War Games. The only reason I’d turn on Crash would be if it lined my pockets enough to be more important than winning this blockbuster match at one of the staple events of the year, even I cannot put a price on such a victory, therefore I doubt anyone out there can come up with the price for me to give myself a loss. Same goes for the rest of the team, predators don’t mine sharing if there’s enough food for everyone, that’s why packs are formed. And to go further on what Lannister has already spoken,

the eagle has landed, the wolves have formed, and the Komodo Dragon has made its presence known, it’s already over.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 12th 2016, 1:13 am by Lioncross
Not gonna lie, a few weeks later, I'm still not completely sure why I'm on Team Ryder. We've been a dysfunctional unit; we haven't worked together all that well as a team, one of our members up and left under ignominious circumstances, and he was replaced with a guy I spent a whole week trying to slate. Meanwhile, our biggest player was added a week ago as a backup plan. I could've been doing anything else. I could've cashed in my Cash In The Vault - which, by the way, is still mine. I could've been scouting potential suitors for by eventual cash-in. I could've spent a few weeks off to, I don't know, heal. We all need healing.

That's when I realized - I'm in bad form. I haven't done all that great recently. Maybe it's because I'm not familiar with my opponents, or because the thrill of Cash In The Vault leaves me disappointed when I compare that feeling to these regular matches that mean absolutely nothing compared to Territorial Invasion. But, it's for those reasons that I need to be on Team Ryder in Territorial Invasion. The only person on Team Crash I actually have something against is the deluded one, Tiberius Jones. But, I need to get into these big matches. I need to get back into the spot I've earned. I need to continue to pursue my goal of being good enough, and I'm clearly not good enough now. Luckily, this isn't a one on one match - this is a 5 on 5 match at Territorial Invasion. Territorial Invasion is where all the chips lie - if Team Ryder wins, we get...


...what do we get?

Maybe we don't get a whole lot; maybe all we get is bragging rights. Maybe all we get is the knowledge and the peace of mind that not only did we beat the guy we have serious issues with, we also beat four other top competitors on Showdown. It's nothing I'm interested in, since I'm looking for tangibles at this point in my career. I'm looking for titles, not bragging rights. Bragging rights got old to me years ago. And peace of mind - that lasts about a day in the world of wrestling. We're up and at it tomorrow, making new enemies that we're ready to trample on our way to the top. So yeah, every competitor can make their points, make their decrees, talk about the Bible or talk about themselves in the third person and elevate themselves with their words. I have nothing of the sort. There's something else that makes me a very dangerous person.

I absolutely hate letting people down. Sure, people like Carlos Rosso turned on me, as did Heart Break Boy a few times, but I can know for a fact that I didn't screw up - they decided that they wanted to be the lesser man. But, when it comes to me, I win the matches. I win the titles. I get turned on, sure, but that's after I'm responsible for the team's success. I'm not going to act like I'll carry Team Ryder, but I will not let them down. I will be a contributor worthy of holding this briefcase. I will give two EAW legends in Tyler Parker and Matt Ryder the backup and firepower they need. I will make sure that Chris Elite and even Ryan Marx blossom and shine.

Again, I'm in bad form. I need to win matches. That's all I care about right now, not my jokes or hanging out with Lyuncrust or looking to find holes in your logic as you speak in high and haughty tones. So make your threats. I've ignored them and survived every single time in every other situation. Assure me that this time, it'll be different, that I'm making a life-threatening mistake by refusing to bow to the mighty empire of whatever. Go ahead.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 12th 2016, 1:09 am by Tyler Parker
The Book of Tyler, Chapter IV: Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth

(EAW Exclusive! We open to the BC Place in Vancouver, Canada; EAW backstage workers and non-contracted workers are setting up the stage but it's going to take a few more hours for it to be set up. Tyler Parker is shown, sitting on the ring apron of one of the two rings that have been set up for the time being. He's in a black, fitted suit, with the shirt underneath unbuttoned to show some of his chest and his tattoo. Tyler looks around before looking at the camera. He thinks to himself before speaking in front of the camera.)

In a few days, this arena and these seats will be filled to a capacity. These two rings? Are the two rings that are going to be where I'm going to put my body through more than I've ever been through; torture my body like I've never tortured before; tear the skin from my fingertips because I'm going to step into these two rings, into Hell. I'm here, in this empty arena, not to sit here and wait for the biggest match of my career but to tell everyone what I've been thinking for the past few months. You know, what's been on my mind, at the back of it. What's been bothering me. I knew the accusations, the finger pointing, I knew it was going to blow up. I knew it was going to get to me, to my head. Unlike Nico Borg, unlike him trying to get to my head, it's the accusations and finger pointing that has gotten to me and to my head. I've got a little fessing up to do, about a lot of things. First off, I'll give it to you straight... I don't like Ryan Marx, I don't like Lioncross, I don't even like Matt Ryder but I can trust them. I couldn't trust Killswitch, Kawajai or Carlos Rosso but I can trust them. Can they trust me though? Nico Borg has been saying for the past few weeks that I'm selfish and that I think about myself, that I'm this and that and I think that's gotten into their heads. Whether they can trust me or not, I don't know but what I do know is that I'm going to carry the weight on my shoulders, I'm going to carry my weight and I'm going to carry them into War Games because I've been in War Games before. I've been here for the past few years and I haven't lost. I'm not going to because I know what it's like to be in War Games, I know what it's like to be in these two rings and I know what it's like to be put through the steel that's surrounding the two rings. Because I know what it's like and because I've been here before? I'm used to it; I'm used to the steel, I'm used to the bruises that I've sustained and I'm used to withstanding it.

(Tyler would reflect on that before looking down at the floor momentarily, then looking back into the camera.)

I'm here, I'm in this match, to put the nail in the coffin and to end this. I said I'll give it to you straight --- this isn't about winning, this isn't about title shots, this isn't about any of that. We're stepping into Hell and for what? What's at stake here? Our lives? I'm not worried about that, what I'm worried about is if my team is worrying about that or not. Are they worrying about what's going to happen to them? Because if they are, then we're going to have a hard time. We're going to have a hard time because if you're worrying, then you're not going to be thinking anything else and in War Games? You HAVE to be thinking about everything else --- thinking about what your opponents are going to try to do you, thinking about what your teammates are going to do, thinking about what this is about for you. See, I? I haven't been thinking about anything but putting an end to this. Because that's what this is about, that's what this is about for me. For Chris Elite, this is about showing that he has earned what he has. For Ryan Marx, this is about showing he has what it takes to compete against the top guys. For Lioncross, this is about showing that he can be the Answers World Champion and for Matt Ryder, this is about showing that he's to be taken more seriously but for me? This is about hurting you, breaking you and making you cry. This is about the constant bitching, constant moaning, constant accusations and speculations and I'm TIRED OF IT. SICK AND TIRED OF IT. NO MATTER WHAT I'VE DONE BACKSTAGE, FOR THIS BUSINESS, WHEN I GET IN THE RING... THERE'S NO BSING. I COMPETE AND MY OPPONENTS HAVE TO KEEP UP WITH ME. THERE'S NOT MANY OPPONENTS THAT I'VE HAD THAT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DO THAT AND I'LL TELL YOU, NONE OF YOU, WHETHER YOU'RE ON MY TEAM OR ON TEAM CRASH, CAN KEEP UP WITH ME. I told you I'll give it to you straight. Terry Chambers has no sense. Nico Borg is out of his mind. Lannister keeps talking in third person. Tiberius Jones thinks he won fairly against me and Zack Crash has gotten way too far ahead of himself. This Saturday, I'm going to close the casket on them.

(Tyler pauses and then smirks slightly before speaking.)

I've given myself to this business, I've given my body and heart to EAW and I've been at the top for the past few years. No one, not even Nico Borg, can take that away from me. I've never stabbed anyone in the back, though I might have done some reprehensible things, I've been straight-forward. I don't care who you are, if you screw with me, I'm going to be breathing down your neck and I'm going to get back at you. Every time Zack Crash talks about what he's done for this business, for EAW... my blood boils. Because he hasn't done anything for this business or for EAW. What has he done? Change the name? You know what he has done? Used others. He's used others to get to where he is right now. He's used them to get things that he would've never had. He even used me. He wouldn't have been Chairman if it he hadn't. Zack Crash thinks he made Scott Oasis what he is but Zack Crash wouldn't be where he is right now without Scott Oasis. Scott Oasis never needed Zack Crash, Zack Crash needed Scott Oasis. Zack Crash cares about no one but himself. He couldn't care less if there's nothing in it for him. He's a heartless, gutless coward. He's going to have to get it through his thick skull though that this isn't his company, this is my company. HE HASN'T BLED LIKE I'VE BLED, HE HASN'T GIVEN HIMSELF TO THIS BUSINESS, HE HASN'T GIVEN HIS BODY AND HEART, HE HASN'T BEEN THROUGH WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH, HE HASN'T SEEN WHAT I'VE SEEN, HE HAS COMMITTED HIS SINS AND I'VE TALKED TO MY DEMONS. I'VE TALKED TO THEM AND I'M GOING TO USE HIM; I'M GOING TO USE HIM LIKE HE USED ME AND I'M MAKE SURE THAT HE'S LEFT HERE, IN ONE OF THESE TWO RINGS, LIFELESS AND HARDLY BREATHING. HE'S GOING TO BE PUT ON A STRETCHER AFTER I'M DONE WITH HIM. THEN? THEN... HE'S GOING TO BE USELESS. He's going to be useless to me and that's going to be the end of it. I'm ending this. He's at where he's at because of me and after I end this, he's going to be carted off and he's going to be in the back, cleaning his wounds because of me.

(Tyler looks back down at the floor and grits his teeth before he looks back into the camera and speaks.)

I've been so criticized, so overlooked, for so long. Not by management, not by the fans but by those in the locker room. The things that anyone has to say about me are insults, doubts, taunts and accusations. Like Nico Borg, he has been accusing me. You tried to take everything from me and you're going to keep trying to take everything from me but you're not, Nico. End my career? There's been others that have tried that, tried to end my career at their hands but none of them have kept me sidelined for more than a couple of months. Ares Vendetta might've sidelined me twice but he couldn't end my career. You can't even get in the ring with me. You're nothing. A couple of weeks ago on Showdown, you made a mistake, Nico --- you let me live. You said that you were showing that you could get to me without having to lay a finger on me but that was your mistake. What I had done to you? What I had done to you? Is nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you at Territorial Invasion. See, I've been waiting for this for the past few weeks, some would say that I've been obsessed and they'd be right --- I AM obsessed. I've been obsessed since you tried to take me out. I get to do that to you but I won't make the same mistake you made because I'm not going to let you walk out of Territorial Invasion on your own. I get to look you in the eyes and show you what I'm capable of. This isn't a match, Nico, this is Hell. You haven't been here before and though you might think you know what Hell is like because you read about it in the bible? This Hell isn't like the Hell you've read about. This isn't the Hell that God talked to you about. You don't know what you're getting yourself into. Are you going to hide? There's nowhere for you to hide, Nico. There's these two rings and a steel structure, there's nowhere for you to hide. I've talked to my demons, have you? Because you're going to see them. You're getting in the ring with something you've never seen before and something that's going to be on the back of your mind for the rest of your life.

(Tyler snarls his nostrils and shows raw emotion, he rubs the back of his neck before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, then he looks back into the camera and slowly opens his eyes.)

You're stepping into an environment you're not prepared for, Nico. You're not prepared to die in the ring but I am. You're not prepared to break your back and kill yourself for what's at stake but I am. That's what separates you and I, Nico. You're not prepared for this. You're not prepared to step into Hell. You're not trying to get hurt. You're trying to be safe. Careful with what you say and do. I know that this could be the last time I ever lace up my boots again and I'm more than prepared for that. I'm going to give everything I have to ensure that you know what you've done and what you've gotten yourself into. You'll be crucified for your sins but unlike Jesus Christ? You'll be a mere afterthought. You'll be a shell of your former self. Jesus Christ wasn't a coward but you are, Nico. Jesus Christ wouldn't have attacked someone from behind. Jesus Christ wouldn't stand on a pedestal and look down at those he deems beneath him. You though, you'd twist that. You'd twist that to make it seem like he would. You'd twist that because that's what you think is right. You think you're doing God's work but you're not. You're doing work for yourself. You're doing what benefits you. You're going to try to accuse me some more, you're going to try to tell me that I'm lying and that I don't know what I'm talking about, that I don't know you but Nico, I know you. I know you for the pathetic human being you are. You're so pathetic that I've actually gotten to you and to your head. I've been in the back of your head, planting seeds of doubt. You've doubted yourself and after Territorial Invasion, you're going to keep doubting yourself. Because there's going to be NO doubt in my mind that you? Are no angel. You're not the angel you think you are and at Territorial Invasion, I get to have you to myself. I get to be in the ring with you. I get to do whatever I want to you and you're going to BEG for mercy. If you want mercy, go somewhere else because I'm going to show you any mercy. Our God is a merciful God but I'm not. I'm not merciful in the SLIGHTEST.

(Tyler uttered that and stood up on the ring apron before going through the ropes and in the ring, he leans against the ropes and speaks again.)

You're not going to get any mercy from me, not in this match. If you wanted mercy, you should've thought twice before you did what you did. Whatever happens to you at Territorial Invasion? Is because of you. Hopefully you realize that because you're going to get yourself hurt. Hopefully your teammates realize that because I'm going to do to you what I'm going to do to them. Make no mistake about it --- I'm going to make sure none of them walk out of Territorial Invasion on their own or together. Lannister might think I'm bluffing or that I'm nothing to him but he's not walking out of this match without limping, without struggling to breathe, without much life in him. Lannister might talk how he talks but he's possibly the biggest threat on his team. Lannister and I have never been in the ring before and I look forward to getting in there with him. Tiberius Jones might've won against me but he wouldn't have won if Nico Borg weren't there. He thinks he's the rightful Answers World Champion but soon, I'm going to be the Answers World Champion before him. Because you know what his wins against Ares Vendetta and against me have in common? There were an interference. Tiberius Jones though couldn't care less if there was an interference or not because he won and that's okay, because at Territorial Invasion, there's going to be no interference. He's going to be locked in here, in one of these two rings, he's going to be locked in and it's going to be padlocked. There's no escape for him. There's no escape for any of you. There's no escape for me and that's okay because like I said, I'm prepared. I've stepped into Hell before and I'm going to step into it again. I've looked the Devil in the eyes and he flinched. A child of God such as yourself, Nico, should know not to tempt the Devil but I have. I've tempted him and I've mocked him. I'm going to either pin your pathetic shoulders to the mat or I'm going to make you submit to me. Either way, you're going to Hell with me. I've been to Hell, it's like a second home to me and in Hell, there's nothing but the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

(Tyler smirks again and with that, the screen fades to black.)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 11th 2016, 8:31 pm by Ryan Marx
Territorial Invasion Promo 1 – No More Fear Left to Give

The scene fades in and we see Ryan Marx at his desk, leaning back in his seat with his hands over his eyes. At first, everything is quiet, but then whispers of sound begin to creep in. We hear voices, questions that Ryan has been asked ever since it was announced that he would be stepping into the main even for Team Ryder. But there's not just questions – doubts can be heard, as well as criticisms. The voices merge into one symphony, indecipherable and loud. They rise and rise--

And then they are slowly tuned out, replaced by a dull ringing. White noise. Ryan smiles, his hands falling from his face down onto the desk. He sits upright. The ringing stops...or has it just become easy to ignore?

Since it was announced that I would be stepping in as a replacement for Cyclone in the Team Ryder vs Team Crash match, I have had a lot of questions thrown my way. People have doubted me, confronted me, interrogated me. Am I ready? Do I think I stand a chance in the main event? Am I scared? Let me tell you now: I have no more fear left to give. When I look at my opponents, I don't feel dread or anxiety at the prospect of going up against some of the biggest names on the Showdown roster. All five of you may like to think of yourselves as faces in the hall of immortals, as living or future legends. But I believe you are merely false idols who have been placed on pedestals that are slowly crumbling away under your feet. And at Territorial Invasion you will all fall – the pedestals will break under the weight of your own self-importance, and Team Ryder will be there to make sure you never rise again.

Which brings me to some other questions that people have been asking. Where do I fit in with Team Ryder? My partners are fighting for good, are men who follow the rules. Then there's me, someone who isn't afraid to cross boundaries in order to succeed. And that's how I fit in. I'm on a team of good guys, and what they don't have the guts and morals to do, I sure as hell can do for them. It appears that no one on Team Crash is above taking cheap shots, not that I'm surprised considering how lowly you all are in reality. I know you people like to think you're high above everyone else, like to believe you have some kind of authority, but it's clear from your actions that you are beneath even the most irrelevant of scum. I know I've done some cheap things in the past, but unlike my opponents, I do it out of determination to succeed, and not out of desperation to protect what little legitimacy I have left. I can already predict that you five will resort to cheating, but guess what? If you do, I'll fight back in a way my teammates don't have the strength to, and I will throw dirt right back in your faces. So perhaps I don't fit in with the team in a conventional sense – I won't be limited to their morals and I'm certainly not fighting for some kind of justice or greater good. But I am the saviour that they need, because I will go to lengths that they wouldn't dare consider. Maybe I'll even go to lengths that my opponents would be scared of. I know that you, Nico, must have felt very threatened by the boundaries I was prepared to cross in our match. Prepare to feel that dread once more, that fear of the unknown that only I can conjure up in this match.

Ryan smirks and scoffs, shaking his head.

Because that's who I am to all of you, isn't it? I'm unknown. Just like Zack Crash said, I have no dog in this fight, I'm just an 'untrustworthy replacement'. Like I said last week before I destroyed Ross Vegas, I'm not here to represent anybody. I wasn't representing Showdown at the supershow, and I'm not here to represent Team Ryder, not exactly. I'm here for myself, plain and simple. But that doesn't mean I'm going to turn on my partners. No, you see I'll be too focussed on my enemies to care about my allies. In a way, it's a good thing that I was just a 'replacement'. It means I have no ties to these men who stand beside me, I couldn't care less about who they have issues with or what they think of me. I'm going into this match with no concern for them, and all of my attention on you and your cult of no personality, Crash. Also, Zack, I love the Jesus imagery you've got going on with the sermon in the desert and the cultists. Though unfortunately for you, the faces behind the sermons don't survive – it's the words and beliefs you preach that live. You may like to think that OMERTA will live on, but it will die along with your legitimacy this upcoming Saturday. Although, how relevant has OMERTA been these days? Perhaps it died long ago, in which case you'd be a priest preaching a dead philosophy. And if anything kills an army more, it's listening to antiquated beliefs like yours, and being unable to adapt.

Speaking of antiquated beliefs and the inability to adapt, let's go back to you, Nico. Out of all the men working under Zack, you're probably the one I have the biggest issue with. The last time we went face-to-face, you won, but it wasn't easy on your part. Maybe it was divine intervention that saved you, because God knows your chances were slim in our match. You keep criticising my ability to adapt, keep trying to point out how 'flawed' that quality is. But it's the quality that is going to give me the edge in this match. I'm adapting to the fact that I have been put into this match at the last minutes, and I'm adapting to the fact that I'm fighting four men I've never faced before. Why do you hate adaptation so much, Nico? Is it because you are still so focussed on the past. Dia Del Diablo was a month ago, and yet you still think it's a solid foundation for an argument against myself and the men fighting alongside me. But if you are going to look back into history, let's look at that memorable moment when you lost to Pizza Boy at Dia Del Diablo, and then had salt rubbed into your wounds by Tyler Parker. Thinking about it, maybe you're onto something with the way you keep focussing on the past. Perhaps you're preparing yourself. You know what they say: history repeats itself. And at Territorial Invasion, history will repeat itself, because you will be on the losing end once more.

Ryan laughs quietly, looking to the camera with a grin on his face.

I may be a part of a team of misfits, and I may not be fighting entirely for Ryder's cause. But I would rather be where I am now than a part of a team of liars, fakes, and false prophets. Look at you all – it could almost be considered laughable if it wasn't so depressing. You're all trying so hard to hold onto what little relevancy you have, but you don't seem to realise that your graves are being filled, and the new age is being built on top of them.

Clasping his hands together on the desk, Ryan leans forward just a bit, still staring intently at the camera.

So does that answer your questions about me? I'm not afraid – not afraid of my opponents, not afraid of 'endangering my career', and I'm certainly not afraid to be associated with Team Ryder. Though I do know where you can find fear: you just need to look into the mirrors of the men who oppose me, as they stare into their own eyes and come to the very tragic realisation that they are looking at the face of someone who will soon be obsolete. Time is ticking, and fear is growing, but you're all too proud to admit that, aren't you? It's a good job I'm in this main event then – I'm more than able to bring you all back down from your pedestals and into your graves.

The ringing returns, growing loud in an instant. The screen glitches as darkness falls over Ryan. Incessant ringing, drilling into your skull. Cut to static. Fade to black.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 11th 2016, 7:26 pm by Ryder
“A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.” ~ John C. Maxwell

What story of Matt Ryder in EAW wouldn’t have a fumble during a crucial time? I suppose it is better that I say that before an opponent does. When an individual gets caught in the moment, simple words can be mistakenly flowed into the rhetoric without a single notion going through his mind; that is exactly what happened to me. As Maxwell says, it takes a lot for a man to admit when he was wrong, and despite the predictable comments of weakness, I’ll swallow my pride and say what needs to be said. You, Lannister, have not struggled with Tiberius Jones, although you have found nothing but failure when competing with the likes of Ares Vendetta or Jaywalker. These two, a legend and a world champion, are extremely talented competition and losing to them should not hurt, especially when you’re the individual whose career was sent to a halt by Kevin Devastation. It is not who you loss to or who you have defeated. Although your only victory came against Hades - to which I can thank you, as he has only caused me negative issues in times of helplessness - Lannister will not be acting in apprehension. Lannister, you’re a man of impervious confidence, and that is all fueled by your morals and ego. Come on, a Lannister always pays his debts? That is quite a morally positive thing. You act in a manner that benefits you and brings honor to your name? That too is a morally right attribute… But that leads to a simple question: What is the catalyst that deteriorates the seemingly infinite wall of confidence that surrounds Lannister? Scientists put years and years of research into discovering the single thing that can tear down an object or chain react a new one, and I’m given less than a week to unearth Lannister’s? It doesn’t mean I cannot succeed… Failure to succeed, that is some of the rhetoric you like to infinitely spew, Lannister. You talk about how I am just the yearly drift, the trend to come up and go, the return to last and then disappoint, but whenever I bring up “change,” you’re just absolutely outraged. Would you say you’re outraged? No, because the wall of Lannister does not allow emotions other than confidence… Change, change though, that is something that pinches the nerve under the blankets of pseudo-conviction belonging to Lannister. You can deny and try to brush it off, but I know it actually does bother you, and you make it obvious despite your efforts to hide it. When I mention the idea of Matt Ryder being reborn and redefined, having an actual purpose, you get triggered to a different level of irritation and denial… And perhaps, perhaps you are making your weakness catalyst more obvious than you wish. Perhaps, that the wall of Lannister is used to block out the hate and keep your insecurities secure for only yourself to see. Perhaps, this is what you think no one knows, but in actuality, everyone knows. Lannister, my apologies if this is not the words you want to hear, but you are ashamed and you are a shame. You have not been meaningful since your return, you can barely get a single victory over Hades. You have been settling for embarrassing mediocricy and disappointing results, and all while the moniker of Lannister has roared louder and louder from your mouth… And it’s meaningless. You have shaded every aspect of my mistake, but what about you? Your career since your return has been nothing but mistake after mistake. You have said what you think will hit me, but it hasn’t. You think you’ve struck a nerve, but you haven’t. You have thrown out words and words, but who is it affecting? If the castle shoots the cannons endlessly through a huge wall, you will have to tear your own defenses down in order to hit the enemy, and that is exactly what you have done. The castle, Lannister, has fired endless cannonballs, your insults, and every time you do it, you just tear down your wall more and more… And once your own defense is down, you’re open to nothing but direct ridicule to your seemingly invincible ego.

Many problems with people nowadays can be directly related to their ignorance. Accept what they think, deny what others think. If you lie your back on the words of religion, for instance, you’re open to so many angles of assault. What concept of religion has been proven, and which concept not proven? You know what they say, “A necessary consequent of religious belief is attaching ideas of merit to that belief, and of demerit to its absence.” You want to say that benefits come only to those who follow, and that punishments only to those who do not believe. Nico, how would you say that religion has treated you after the match with Pizza Boy? Would you try to throw your loss off by saying that religion has tested you, only to make you better? If so, you’re cliche as hell little man. You bring up a fact that you claim is your greatest strength, but underlying, it is the greatest flaw of Team Crash. Team Crash is full of individuals who want to act to their greatest benefit. Nico, you say it yourself man, you’re in this for Tyler. Lannister claims he is in it for himself. Terry is in it because without it, he would be as meaningless as always. Tiberius Jones found himself a spot because of his own personal reasons, otherwise he would be absolutely trashing OMERTA. Nico Borġ, I envy you. You have an excuse for every positive or negative thing that happens to you, because with your faith, you have a scapegoat. If I had the excuse of faith, I’m sure half the roster would turn a blind eye to my faults and hope the best for me… But I don’t, because I’m real. I accept what I have failed at with a whole heart, because it takes a true man to know what he has or hasn’t done. Fortitude… That is a trait that not only I have, but all of Team Ryder, and it’s something that no one on Team Crash can even find a trace of. You know Borġ, go ahead and put your focus on Tyler. It’ll make for an easy situation when the other four members of my team are beating the living daylights out of your one-target mind. When it comes to having a trait such as ignorance or a mindset of one-target, you segway writes itself for Zack Crash. Zack… I’m not even going to sugarcoat it. You ar---YOU ARE SO NEGLIGENT IN YOUR SURROUNDINGS, IN THE EVENTS THAT GO ON AROUND YOU! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY BLIND OF THE WORLD BEFORE YOUR EYES, YOU IGNORANT FUC--No, no Matt. Crash, you can’t even find a single truth in the words you constantly utter. You speak about how people essentially joined your team without recruitment, but let me enlighten you of your idiotic fallacies. Tiberius Jones did not come to you in the match because of who you are, or what your purpose is. Jones is only fighting on your behalf because the benefit would go to him. Any other day in this world, Tiberius Jones would be shitting down the throat of OMERTA. And Nico? The blind follower Borġ didn’t involve himself to benefit you, he heard “Tyler Parker” and his simpleton mind responds “KILL!” Lannister couldn’t be more clear in his intentions, especially since your ass was handed to you by him on a silver platter. Who is else is left? Anybody? Didn’t thi--OH! Your muscle! The steroid syringe with legs! He doesn’t give a shit about you either, he is simply there because his relevance would be somehow even lower without aligning with you. Dismantling your teams faults was easy, but trying to claim that I had to beg for mine? They didn’t deny anytime I ask. It took one explanation and a simple question of recruitment and they were with me. Everyone has their reasons, but the difference between my team and yours, is that Team Ryder has a common goal. All the men with me understand that a win here is a win for them, and a loss for the person or concept they are fighting against… Your team obviously does not think that. There is a questioning of who the leader is, because armies can often have their results linked to the individual in charge, and despite what you say, there is a simple, true statement. Team Ryder is fighting for Showdown, while Team Crash is fighting for themselves. It is a team of five versus five individuals at Territorial Invasion, and when five individuals on a team have a common goal, it is beyond easy to defeat five people acting alone.
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Nico Borġ: 19 (TI1)
Rolling in the Deep.

Can you draw out the Leviathan with a fishhook,
Or press down his jaw with a cord?
Can you put a rope through his nose,
Or pierce his mouth with a hook?
Will he make many supplications to you?
Will he speak to you soft words?
Will he make a covenant with you,
To be taken as your servant forever?
Will you play with him as a bird,
Or put him on a leash for your consorts?
Will traders bargain over him?
Will they divide him up amongst themselves?
Can you fill his skin with harpoons,
Or his head with fishing spears?
Lay on your hands;
Think only of the battle;
You can do no more.

Job 41:1-8

All around us, creation sings to the wonder and glory of our Lord. Yes, mankind has been gifted a privileged position as the wardens of this earth. We are those who, in theory, claim dominion over all of nature. Who have the power and God given right to decide what to nurture, what to destroy, and what to bend to our wills for our own pleasure and prosperity. And yet, so much of what we supposedly hold reign over stands completely defiant of our control. Or else acts in a space or on a scale completely beyond our comprehension. You do not need to look far to see evidence of that either. I’ve heard it said that space is the final frontier, but the truth is that you don’t even need to leave this planet to find places still untouched by the sins of man. Dense  jungles, hearts of darkness still uncharted. Barren wastes which twist and change with the wind. And of course, there is no place where the mysteries of the Lord are better withheld than those darkest depths of the ocean. Almost three quarters of our planet’s surface is covered with water, and yet we seem closer to colonising Mars than we do building our homes under the waves. Think of God’s fine works that are hidden from us down there; of what Leviathan’s may stir in the deep. Has there ever been any greater testament to the limitations of men’s petty games that the waters which God has placed so near to us?

Well now there is. You see there is something that I just wanted to address a little bit. I know that, once again, I am being questioned. Perhaps quietly, for the moment, but I suspect these murmurs will only louden as Territorial Invasion approaches. I know what you are thinking. Why was I so eager to throw my lot in with Zack Crash? Of course, no one was ever intending to ask me that question. You are all so sure that you already know the answers. You sinners are still here clinging dogmatically to those fundamental tenets you hold as so sacred regarding me: I’m a fraud. I’m a politician. I’m a psycho- or a sociopath; you are not really sure what either word means. I’m just here for selfish reasons - money, gold, influence. And last but not least, the faith I display is just a fabrication, a mere weapon in my hands forged with evil intentions. To use an allusion which seems popular these days, those are the five pillars of faith propping up that ever growing cult assembled against me. But unlike Lannister’s five pillars, these are not easily knocked down. And unlike Marx’s, they are not ‘adaptable’ or open to interpretation. No. They are pillars in the strictest sense. Unmoving. Part of the firmament. Part of the very foundation of the ubiquitous cult of sin which dominates the day to day character of Showdown.

But for any you with hearts and ears open to listen for the truth, the way, and the light. Rejoice, for I will take great joy in dispensing it to you. I have no loyalty to Zack Crash. I didn’t come crawling, grovelling on my hands a knees like Tiberius Jones did, begging the almighty Zack Crash to give me this opportunity. I’m not a man like Terry Chambers who, having repeatedly fallen once again, has finally decided to give up on prideful individual pursuits and cash in an easy paycheck. Let’s just say that Crash is lucky. Crash is Lucky that it was Cyclone and not Tyler Parker who lost heart and backed out of Team Ryder. Because right now Tyler is my only concern. Where he goes I goes, and I would not have even considered taking this match if it didn’t give me a chance at taking Parker. As if it needs to be reiterated; I do not approve of whatever seedy pursuits Crash occupies himself with. And I sure as hell didn’t approve of Crash’s little sermon. But he knows. He knows that I have a far more important task to attend to. He knows that I will suffer any fool gladly if it means fulfilling my sacred vocation. And ultimately, he knows that for however provocative he may act, he is no worse than any of the insidious profligates which populate Team Ryder. Perhaps more forthcoming about his vainglory, but honesty is hardly a sin. 

I can understand that it is probably a little bit surprising to hear me standing here proclaiming my lack of loyalty and criticising the greater part of my own team. But I’m just preaching the truth, you know. The truth is that there isn’t a single man in this match with any form of loyalty stretching out beyond his own personal project. At least I’m honest about that. Not like the thugs who make up Team Ryder. They’ll swear blind until they are blue in the face that they are loyal to the cause. That they care for and respect each of their teammates. It is shame that they are all liars. Tell me, Ryder, where were all your friends hiding at Día Del Diablo? Where was Chris Elite when you needed him? Where was Lioncross to even the odds with Crash and Hades? Where was Marx? He obviously didn’t have much planned that night, seeing as he didn’t quite make the cut for the show. And where, oh where, was Tyler Parker? He says his conscience just wouldn’t allow him to sit by while I was in the process of ending Pizza Boy’s miserable career. Yet, earlier in the night he was quite content to sit back and watch you burn. Zack Crash, the pyrotechnics, Hades...all the cards were stacked against you but Tyler didn’t care. He only decides to grow a moral compass when it suits his own purposes. Cyclone may have abandoned you on short notice. But his departure hasn’t left you even half as high and dry as Parker did at Día Del Diablo. This time, as much as that night, Tyler is concerned with more important things. His mind is on someone far more important than you.

Speaking of whom, Tyler. I hope you are looking forward to this as much as I am. You know, I read an old commentary once claiming that the original Hebrew suggested that there were originally two Leviathans rolling in the deep. The turmoil that brewed up from their mutual existence threatened to cleave the continents themselves into pieces. Naturally, one soon had to die. That is ultimately how I conceptualise us finally meeting at Territorial Invasion. Sure on the cards it is being promoted as Zack Crash vs Matt Ryder; each backed by their own supporting casts. But just as man has only exercised dominion over the shallowest surface of the sea, Crash and Ryder are our leaders on paper alone. We will not be tamed. We will not serve under them in any sort of lasting covenant. And our reasons for being here belong to us alone. Our ‘teammates’ are not men with whom we share any sort of bond or loyalty. We don’t buy into their projects or care about their petty squabbles. The irony is that we are perhaps more alike with each other than we are our own ‘allies’. Be honest. You are not here for Ryder, or Elite, or Lioncross. You are here for me; as I am for you. The rest are only here to either get out of our way, ride our waves, or otherwise be pulled under by the riptides which follow in our wake. I need to applaud you, Tyler. For all your many faults, you at least know a threat when you see one. Matt is here talking and he doesn’t really give me the time of day. The attention which I deserve has been largely withheld by him so far. And even what little he says is designed just to play down and diminish the danger which I pose. But you are different. You have been watching everything develop, and you responded to my existence with a message delivered in a way far more meaningful than words could ever translate. Your appearance at Día Del Diablo. It vindicated me. And not just in the sense of proving what I had always been saying: that the Pizza Boy never fails to get bailed out by someone bigger, someone stronger. But no, more importantly, you enter this match a multiple time champion, a well respected veteran and a Hall of Famer. You are probably the single biggest threat on Team Ryder but by your actions you have told the world that I am not to be looked at as any less. I am the challenge that you deserve. And now you have gotten what you have wished for. I hope you’re prepared to swim for your life, Tyler. Because at Territorial Invasion. One may rise. But the other will surely drown.

Number Your Days.
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(I had to post this earlier than planned as my laptop charger broke)

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” - Abraham Lincoln

I’ve seen a lot of things.

I’ve seen a lot of good things, a lot of bad things, a lot of ugly things but the one thing I have yet to see is someone who can keep me down. No matter how many broken bones, no matter how many cuts and bruises and bloody noses I still keep getting back up. Whether it’s being dropped on my head from the top rope or being a human punching bag for fifteen minutes, I always, ALWAYS come back for more. That is one thing that no one else here has the privilege to say. Sure, Dynasty might have it’s Jacob Senns and it’s Devan Dubians and, hell, we even have Y2Impact on our team… but I can guaran-damn-tee that no one stepping in to this Divide & Conquer match has had to face adversity as much as I have. The names I’ve mentioned have all got off lucky. Yeah, they might have gone through things that could very well be considered worse than what I’ve been put through but do you know the biggest difference between their suffering and mine? They haven’t been constantly put on the shelf. Despite the ridiculous circumstances so many of these other Elitists have found themselves in I’m still the one that ends up with the bad omens but even then, even when every instinct in my body is telling me to turn back and quit… I still stand here before you. With every step back I’ve made damn sure that I take three more forward because this is my passion and this is what I love. I live, breath and bleed professional wrestling and I’m not just going to sit on the sidelines and let people take opportunities that I know I deserve more. Every time I get knocked down I get back up faster, better and stronger and I prove it every time but last time I was lost. Things didn’t pan out the way I wanted them to and that’s no one’s fault but my own… which is why this time I’m making sure I fix things. No more quests for revenge, no more blaming others for my downfall, this is all on me and nobody else.

I’m ready.

The real question I have to ask though... is everyone else here ready? I doubt it.

I look at the names involved in this match at Territorial Invasion and quite honestly it’s clear to me that I’m probably the only one truly focused on the main goal: winning.

Take Devan Dubian and Alex Wilder, for example. How are they supposed to work together as a team, let alone make it all the way to the end and win it all, when they’re already so focused on beating the crap out of each other? What’s to stop a stray punch or elbow from completely ungluing this already loose alliance at Territorial Invasion? What’s to stop the two of you tearing each other limb from limb should one of make a mistake? We’ve already seen more than enough to know that you’re two volatile elements, Devan Dubian especially. After all, it only took one wrong move for you to completely turn your back on two of your closest friends, right Dubian? One Bleeding Edge was all it took to leave Starr Stan and Brian Daniels in the dirt and that’s all it’ll take to leave Team Dynasty in the exact. Same. Position. It could be to Alex Wilder, it could be to Jacob Senn, it could even be to TLA. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that it only takes one wrong move to leave this poor excuse of a team in shambles. I mean, let’s be honest, do any of the Elitists on this team even like each other? Most of you guys have been at each other’s throats at some point in the past and have made your hatred embarrassingly obvious and, let’s face it, does anyone like Jacob Senn?

Maybe that’s to his advantage, maybe not, but the fact of the matter is that for your “team leader” people sure don’t care about him much, do they? Then again, that’s pretty reminiscent of the rest of you. You’re all lone wolves, guys who think they can get by by themselves and don’t need anyone else to attain success. To an extent, you’re right… but ONLY to an extent. This isn’t a one on one competition, this is Divide & Conquer and, at least until you’re all eliminated, this is about working as a team. None of you know how to do that, not anymore, anyway. Which brings me to Diamond Cage. I could go on and on about how your failed championship run or your failed Grand Rampage run or even your failed attempt to re-attain gold against Lucian Black but if we’re being honest, that’s all irrelevant. Your singles run, sure, that’s all well and good but if you’re like me then you know you’re not going to get far enough for that to matter. Remind me, how many tag team championship runs do you have under your belt? Three, right? Each with a different partner? And how many of those former partners can you still call friends? Judging by how your relationship with Mr. DEDEDE ended I’d guess zero. Meanwhile over here we have the current tag team champions, Y2Impact, a former tag team champion in his own right less than a year ago with the Heart Break Gal. So what does that matter, I hear you ask? It means that we have people who know how to work on the same page. We have Elitists who know how to work as a team and are damn good at doing it.

Then we have TLA. Don’t get me wrong TLA, you’re funny, you really are. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have respect for you for breaking the barrier that so many of EAW’s “funny guys” have such trouble breaking through but… don’t you have beef with the whiter-than-white-bread-named Alex Wilder too? It seems as though Team Dynasty is just a bunch of rivals thrown together to see how long it’ll take before they crack under pressure and turn on each other. It’s kinda laughable, really, and not in the way that you’re used to, TLA. It’s going to be an embarrassing end for Team Dynasty and a glorious one for Team Voltage… and then, when all is said and done, despite the likes of Jamie O’Hara, Xavier Williams, Y2Impact and hell, even Nathan Fiora, I’m going to be the one standing tall as your lone survivor and the victor of Divide & Conquer match.

Because I am the man with the Midas Touch and I DO NOT back down. Not now, not ever. This is my match to win and I’m not going to let anyone get in my way. This is my future and I know that because I’m going to be the one to create it.

This Saturday I make my first step towards success. I make the first step towards the EAW Championship... AND NO ONE IN THIS MATCH IS GOING TO STOP ME.
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Turbo Promo

I want you to know
A couple of things
Do you know how this is
If I look deep out
at the crystal moon, at the red branch 
of the slow autumn at my window,
if I touch 
near the fire 
the impalpable ash 
or the wrinkled body of the log, 
everything carries me to you, 
as if everything that exists, 
aromas, light, metals, 
were little boats 
that sail 
toward those isles of yours that wait for me. 

Well, now, 
if little by little you stop loving me 
I shall stop loving you little by little. 

If suddenly 
you forget me 
do not look for me, 
for I shall already have forgotten you. 

If you think it long and mad, 
the wind of banners 
that passes through my life, 
and you decide 
to leave me at the shore 
of the heart where I have roots, 
that on that day, 
at that hour, 
I shall lift my arms 
and my roots will set off 
to seek another land. 

if each day, 
each hour, 
you feel that you are destined for me 
with implacable sweetness, 
if each day a flower 
climbs up to your lips to seek me, 
ah my love, ah my own, 
in me all that fire is repeated, 
in me nothing is extinguished or forgotten, 
my love feeds on your love, beloved, 
and as long as you live it will be in your arms 
without leaving mine. 
I will not be forgotten
My name has been carved in the history books
Empress of Elite 2016

Poem by Madison Kaline 2016

Down the fall, one by one, each thought they had a chance, but then they stumbled across my name, the name that effectively took them out of the tournament. And this Monday at Turbo, I will effectively take out yet another Vixen from this tournament, last week Erica Ford talked a big game, with her new attitude, and her new look, but in the end it was still the same end result for little Erica over there, another loss against the Mistress of Death. And now the mistress will face either Sophia Rose, or Cameron Ella Ava in the semifinals, I already won my block, and now these two are fighting over the right to represent their block and no matter who wins, I have the advantage as I am the most fresh person of those two, and weather it’s Cameron Ella Ava, a hall of famer, which I have countless victories over in my career, or weather its Sophia Rose, somebody who I have never faced in my career, but I have scouted her like I do all my opponents. Make no mistake about it, I will beat anyone who is thrown in my way, male or female, black or white, Spanish or Italian, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matter is me, and the only thing that matters is me winning the Empress of Elite tournament. It is my destiny to win this; I got screwed out of it last year by none other than that fish face loser Aria Jaxon. So let me address my possible opponents now, first I will be addressing will be none other than Cameron Ella Ava, now Cameron and I, have said a lot of things about each other in the past, from calling each other sluts, to making fun of each other’s wrestling abilities, to our careers, you know the typical stuff us Vixens like to do. But you see the thing is when Cameron trashes me like she has in the past, she is reaching for stuff, the things that come out of her mouth, are all false, and they are not factual, when I speak, I speak the truth, so when I say that Cameron Ella Ava, is an old has been who should call it a career, it’s the truth, she is trying to mentor her talentless sister, but really there is nothing to hang your head on Cameron, you have had a great career, won tons of championships, made a lot of money, screwed tons of wrestlers in the back, I mean you have done it all Cameron, but your days in EAW are numbered, age is catching up to you, you can’t hang with people like me anymore, hell you can’t even hang with Erica Ford most likely, you should just retire now, because if you don’t it’s just going to end with an injury, by the hands of yours truly, the living legend herself, Madison Kaline. I am the one who ruined your chances last year at winning Empress of Elite, and if you beat Sophia Rose I will end your chances again this year, maybe we can make this a yearly thing? Anyway Cameron you have learned the hard way, I am not lower than you by any means, in fact I am at a higher level than you right now, you ain’t special because you wrestle men, I could wrestle men too, but I am not afforded with those opportunities that you are. Regardless of how incredibly past your prime you are, the Empress of Elite is all mine, you don’t need any more accolades to add to your long list of things you won 100 years ago. You see I am the heart and soul of this division today, in 2016. But anyway, I am totally looking forward to the chance of facing you this Monday at Turbo, and now, we have Sophia Rose, now I don’t know too much about Sophia here, she is quite new, so let me formally introduce myself to you Sophia, Hi! I am Madison Kaline, do you want to be my friend? Do you want to hug? I would love to do those things with you, but first I need to kick your ass, because you are standing in my way of becoming Empress of Elite, I don’t know if you realize this, but let me remind you and everybody else of who I am, I am Madison Kaline, the mistress of death, a former Vixens Champion, and I have headlined and main evented countless FPV events, beating the likes of Tarah Nova, Cameron Ella Ava and Kendra Shamez, I am one of the greatest Vixens to ever step foot in an EAW ring. The amounts of women I have defeated are endless and I will just add your name to the list. Because I am Empress of Elite, not you, not Cameron, not Aria Jaxon, Me! See you Monday, Sophia or Cameron!
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The skies were purple and orange, the last few clouds slowly disappearing into the evening sky as the view pans down to a shot of a baseball field and Autumn standing at home plate with a baseball bat in one hand and a few baseballs sitting at her feet.  She bends down and picks one of them up, rolling it around in her hand as she let's out a sigh.

"Well guess I'm out of the whole EOE tournament it seems.  Kinda blows honestly.  I was hoping to go to the top and win that thing, like I said but they don't really care about someone with my score.  That's not 'EOE' material.  Oh well.  Can't force my way back into the tournament unless I want the ire of the other Vixens."

Autumn chuckles, tossing the dusty ball up in the air and swinging her bat at it, the metallic tink echoing there as the ball sails into the outfield and lands in the grass.  She taps the bat on the ground, staring out at where it landed.

"So I guess it's onwards and forwards from here, or wherever I can cause troublin.."

She pauses, looking confused for a second before smiling suddenly.

"Oh yea, I'm in that 4 on 4 All Star tag team match.  That'll do just perfectly."

She picks up another ball and swings at it, watching it fly and land in the outfield again.

"I get to team with 3 Vixens who, in my mind, have done more here than those other girls.  Seriously, look at what we've all doine as a whole and that alone outshines them.  Maybe not HBG, but those other two yea.  Could have been partnered with the worst like La Diva or some other bitch, but I'm not gonna complain.  We got this."

She smirks.

"Can't believe that Stephanie Matsuda would even open her big mouth and call me a coward when it's her that's the coward.  She can't even follow through on her threats of violence to take so and so Vixen out.  She tries, fails, yet she still continues to ride her high horse like she's done something.  At least i follow through on shit I say and if I don't, I come clean, and keep going.  I don't lie about it like she does.  I'll beat the truth into her tonight if I have to.

Champion or coward, this match belongs to us four Vixens who can get the job done."

Autumn slings the bat over her shoulder, grinning as she walks away.
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Voltage Promo #2


No. No. No, no, no, NO! You DO NOT get to sit there, flip that bad dye job you call your hair and sit there like you have the last laugh! You don’t get to act like nothing matters except yourself! You arrogant ass octaroon! You want to downplay my ability, my talent, but I’m the one who set the fire under that bony ass of yours! You held a title for 30 days and currently hold a consolation prize for your feebles efforts. And quite honestly sweets, you only won that belt because of Eris’ injury! What was supposed to be a triple threat continued as a singles match against a weakened Heart Break Gal. I know you’re feeling all high and mighty after beating Cailin, but My Reality is going to bring your ass back down to earth tomorrow night! As for Tarah, I’m glad she’s still able to fight! I’ll be able to beat her again! And again! And again! AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN! NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES CASPER TRIES TO GET UP I WILL BE THERE TO TAKE HER DOWN!

(breathing heavily)

I give no fucks about how you feel about me Ms. Jaxon. You made your bed and you swear up and down you’re not responsible for anything. But here’s the newsflash, the one thing you better know and understand: You’re in this mess and will remain so until I say otherwise. The more you pass me off as some kind of fly, the deeper of a grave you’re digging for yourself. Tarah underestimated me and she got destroyed. Cleo, Kendra- hell Carlos Rosso needed his wifey to save his ass. You’re not as special as you think you are FORMER Empress! You keep talking all this good shit but has yet to issue a challenge against me! At least Cailin had the cojones to butt heads! Oh, wait I get it. The brass wants to protect you. They know what I’m capable of and what I’ll do to you once I get my hands on you! If you think you have what it takes to bring it to the War Queen then why aren’t you defending your cup against me? Because I’ll win hands down that’s why. They know. I know it. You know it. That’s something we all can understand. You’re the open book that I read while on the plane. You’re the sequence I memorize every time I’m training in the ring. I will devour you like the bowl of Wheaties I eat every morning. I’ll drink it all in like the protein shake I have during my workout routine. In other words my dear you’re just another brick in the wall, just like your partners.

Speaking of which- why are they so quiet? Because they’re about to fight four of the baddest bitches in the division and Reality has struck them like a lightning bolt! There’s nothing cute about what’s going to happen to you. This isn’t a random Drake and Jones/TLA kind of adventure. This is the prelude to the destruction that’s about to occur in under twenty four hours. Twenty four hours ladies. That’s the amount of time you have before it’s game over. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Cloudy’s not fucking around. So keep those hands around your ears Aria and Tarah - it’ll make hitting your butter faces that much easier.

All hail the War Queen. 
(walks off but comes back a second later)

See? I didn’t need to recite a State of the Union Address to tell the universe how I feel about you ‘Ria. I just need to do this

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 10th 2016, 11:10 pm by Consuela Rose Ava
“Her Mistake.”—Voltage

I don’t get what you want from me, HBG? Would you rather me kiss the ground like you walk on like Eris LeCava did once upon a time? Do you want me to have an HBG action figure and to have a shrine all dedicated to you? Besides Cameron, the one Vixen that should have an idea of how twins are like should be you. I mean, aren’t you the same woman that’s neglecting your daughters? You’re telling me to become my own person, yet the only sense of individualism one of your daughters has as being an insane lunatic. I know that you’re not asking me to become some religious freak that mutters things to herself. I respect that you have to balls to say that you want me to break out and be my own person, but I’m not abandoning Cameron. I’m not like you. I don’t abandon my family. You make it seem like I have to either choose Cameron or my career. You’re making it seem like I can’t have the best of both words. You’re making it seem like if I side with Cameron, my career will be nothing in EAW. That is where you’re wrong, HBG. I can have it all. I can have the best career that EAW has ever seen while keeping my identity. I am Consuela Rose Ava. I am the Spanish Sweetheart. I may float like a butterfly, but if you cross me, I can sting you like a fucking bee. I can admit. I was trying to be my calmest with you. I have not made any beef with anyone. I tried to stay to the sides and watch everything unfold of the shadows, but when there’s some bitch that dares talk to me that way you’ve been, then you’re going to have a problem with me. I’ll prove to you that I can treat Cameron like the Goddess she is while kicking your ass, HBG. You go on and on with the fact that I shouldn’t look up to my sister. I shouldn’t use her as a role model in my EAW career. You out of all people should know how it feels to have someone look up to you. It feels good. Are you going to deny the feeling that it did not feel good when Eris was kissing your ass? Are you going to deny the fact that it didn’t feel good to have your ego boosted by a woman that put you on a pedestal? Just because it’s not me that looks up to you, you got to talk shit about it? Sure, you’re going to question who I look up to no matter what. You’re going to deny the fact that you don’t give a fuck who looks up to you, but in some sort of way, it gets under your skin that none of these Vixens want to be like you. They want to be like Cameron. Of course, you’re going to respond that Cameron is nothing, but a joke, but there’s a fact that people like Cameron way more than they like you. You don’t hear these Vixens be like: “I want to be the next HBG”. It’s always: “I want to be the next Cameron.” When Vixens want to be like you, they’re just settling. Pretty much, like you settling about being a Vixen in the Vixens Division. I could see you do bigger and better things, so why don’t you? Why don’t you show these Vixens that they are beneath you? Why don’t you challenge for any other championship? Why settle to be a champion in reign that you’re not going to gain anything out of? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I’m not feeling sorry for myself whatsoever. The fuck is you talking about? I feel sorrier about you because someone as untalented as Madison Kaline is in the semi-finals in you’re not. I think I would like you better if you stopped putting words into my mouth. When have I ever said that I can’t get anyone because I’m a rookie? When did I once state that? I told you that I wasn’t going to use me being a rookie as an excuse. The last time we fought, maybe it was because I wasn’t prepared. Maybe, I was careless. Are you going to state that you didn’t make the similar mistakes as I when you were first in EAW? You give me Voltage and I will assure you that you won’t see those same mistakes from me. All the flaws that you saw in the ring against me will be nonexistent. I don’t know where you are getting these impressions on me, but get your reading glasses on and look for the first time in your fucking career that I’m not feeling sorry for myself. When have I ever felt sorry for myself? Never. That’s the answer to your question. I low-key feel sorry for you. I’ve said that before, but I feel like what you do is a tactic to get under your opponents’ skin. Am I right? I feel like by tearing down everyone around you, you find that it’s the one thing that brings a smile to your face? It’s one of the things that brings you joy while Y2Impact ignores you at night. When you take away your Vixens Champion and your words, I feel like you are left with nothing at all. You become a used, low-life loser that struggles to find any sort of relevancy anyway that she can. From using her boyfriend to using any desperate Vixen, you struggle to find a way to keep yourself in the spotlight and when nothing works, you are left with nothing at all. Are you going to tell me that I’m wrong? Are you going to ignore my words or are you going to gloss right over them and pretend that you didn’t hear or see them? How about I tell you this: I want the Vixens Championship? Wait? Did you hear that? I’m like every other Vixen in this Division. I want the Vixens Champion and I don’t give a fuck if you believe more or not, but I’m going to be the Vixen that puts an end to your reign. I swear, if Cameron doesn’t choose to challenge you, I’ll lay out the challenge, but no matter what, if I get the chance to challenge you, you shouldn’t doubt me for a second that I am going to deny the opportunity. Me denying an opportunity for the Vixens Championship? Not in a million, billon years. Who knows? If I get the winning pin on Voltage, I can get my opportunity that way. It doesn’t take a rookie to make one careless mistake.

Even a comfortable champion can make a mistake one way or another.

And, I’ll await your mistake.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 10th 2016, 10:44 pm by The Elite-Lord
Ah ha, it seems to Lannister that he has struck a nerve. Isn't that so, Ryder? Or perhaps it is just your anger boiling over, knowing that Lannister won't praise your paper deity. Throw your shade-less words Lannister's way, Matt Ryder - go right ahead. Lannister will match them, just so you can't use them as an excuse to barter later on. Lannister wants to show the world just how quick it is to break the panes of glass that is your confidence, long before the famine and starvation of your illogical reasonings catch up to your cause. You actually want to believe the idea that Lannister doesn't belong, only for the idea that you want this relentless attack to let off. But oh, Ryder, this freight train is only just starting to steam its way down the tracks. Lannister is not going to sit idle and be a passenger to the moment. That's more of your line of work, Lannister thinks. After all, here you are slurring your words together about concepts you know nothing about. Your ignorance displayed like a trophy you're proud of.

Because if you're going to use history as a source to your argument, you might want to set the facts straight, Ryder. How your mind has deviated from the truth just to fit your hollow truths, as you've blinded yourself to the components of reality. Tiberius Jones is not the man that Lannister faced at Pain For Pride, so you might wish to hold off on building your shrine. You've become tortured by your own words of reason, setting a stage to grasp the helm of perception. But oh, how perception is so devious, Ryder. Just look at the lie you just spat, as it has swallowed you whole and left your words without merit. Not that there was much of a claim to the words before, but how this just goes to show you are destined to lead your team astray. You are not properly prepared to get in the ring with Lannister, that much is for certain. As it has become apparent that the loser's mindset is already setting in. Fill your mind with denial, Matt Ryder, and rely on that self-induced coping mechanism that you've spun in your head. You're not as sly as you think you are, Ryder. Nor are you half as smart. Naive beyond your means, an innocent entity who is looking to harden his shell. That's what Lannister sees when he sets you apart. Why else would you be making feeble attempts to slander Lannister's name? Why else would you be trying to go to war with forces like OMERTA, and actually wake the sleeping lion that was Lannister's drive? Perhaps you've fooled yourself, succumbed to the idea that you are the voice of reason. Or maybe there is no ulterior motive and just simply wish to spin a web of lies. Deception has always been the finest art, after all, but how it backfires when you've even fooled your own intent. You don't have what it takes to manipulate the masses, as you stumble upon your own words time and time again. You've been mislead into thinking that you are in control, when in reality your mind is just trying to justify for what you cannot compensate.

You once more, dare to cite Lannister's troubled recent past while overlooking the man that stands in the mirror. But let's forget about what led you here, for Lannister seems to be killing you by the second. For the world already knows that the grassroots you built for your foundation is nothing more than a decaying ecosystem. You, like Lannister, are becoming a man who is trying to evolve beyond his means. You call this "change" - Lannister calls this "order." With JUST two meager loses, Lannister has set himself up a stage to evolve beyond his brute nature. But you, Ryder? YOU? You have become numb to the agony of defeat, the onslaught of unfinished quests. You just NOW have realized that you are a man that needs to change? Oh, how you've become enslaved by the betrayal of your aging content. By just the slimmer of expectations not being met, Lannister had the itch in the back of his mind that he needed to stop living with such content. But you, Ryder, once again show the ill fortitude required to lead an army into the ranks of war by just looking at the state of your mental strain. We all are the architect of our own broken mirrors. How can you expect there to be a following in your name, when you can't even be your own hero? You can make claims that Lannister is not the man that he once was, but how even a shell of Lannister's former self is more than what the weight of your shoulders could ever handle. Your echoes that dwell have become the true illusion of it all. You actually find Lannister to be on the same feeding ground. An amusing jest no less, but one that you are surely going to regret. But maybe Lannister shouldn't find it amusing - and should actually be apprehensive on the slight, that you actually have come to believe the words that you have tried to enlighten with. Nobody listens when you speak, Ryder, have you not caught onto that yet? You will forever be plagued by the words of broken promises you could never keep. You might have changed, Ryder, who is Lannister to know. But you'll never be able to change enough to overcome your troubled past.

It takes years of practice to actually garner the respect and stature that Lannister speaks to you from. But you think all because you've put the time in for a month plus now, that you are a changed man? Oh, you polluted child. Here you are, wishing to reap the benefits of a single dose of motivation, seeking conquest and gold all because you've enhanced yourself for a second. You don't think EAW has seen this story before? You don't think you are a servant to your own nature? Of course you are, Ryder, OF COURSE YOU ARE. YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A SERVANT TO THE REWARD. You are filled with content, and with it you could never reign as anything more. You will never find the strength that harbors within, for it is your very core nature to sell yourself out time and time again. Which adds to the hypocrisy factor, portraying the idea that Lannister is a man that was bought. Do you really impose the fabrication that Zack Crash could contain whatever punishment Lannister sees fit? No, no Ryder - you don't understand, once again you have come into this war unprepared for your enemies. And how shame will be brought to the likes of Tyler Parker, Ryan Marx, Lioncross, and Chris Elite all because you elapsed in judgment. Lannister's ally in this contest, Zack Crash, actually has the wrong perspective on such a match. He went to proclaim that not one man can win this on their own, but oh how untrue that is. This is the entire reason that Zack came knocking on Lannister's door, inviting him to a war that he was never tied to. Because Lannister is the X-Factor of it all, and you Ryder, are the prisoner of your own war. You ask Lannister why he is even involved at all, what is there for Lannister's benefit? Why, that is a fair question to ponder. But before Lannister delves into answering, how the hypocrisy is on display with your arising question. You claim Lannister is a man that is bought, yet he has no reason to be bought. For there is no tangible benefit for the task at hand - but Lannister accepted the call anyway. There is no debt to be paid, there is no money laundering from side to side. Yet you proclaim Lannister is a man who must fill his pockets, nonetheless. When will you learn, Ryder, that your qualms are without merit, and Lannister will never take what you say harshly to the heart. Lannister knows that is a hard concept for you to take on, as you live for the reaction of your very words. But Lannister is not moved by your display of arrogance, as your confidence is that of a false sense of security.

But oh righteous one, by all means, do enlighten Lannister after all. Tell him what you exactly thought would happen when time for war came to par? Did you expect it to bypass, or once more, did you allow yourself to consider the reward and came to the conclusion that it was worth the price of admission? Your motive is a puzzling one, and very shortsighted at a glance. If vengeance is what you wanted, there are better sources than to it than add a stable of bodies. Or perhaps that's telling in and of itself, that you feel more confident knowing you have a stable of men to work out your dirty laundry. Petty of a man you are proving to be as the longer Lannister thinks. You sit there and mock Lannister, yet you are in need of assistance to try to even up the score on Zack Crash. Petty indeed. You are a hollow shame, Matt Ryder, and you should have considered the consequence of anguish for trying to take yet another shortcut to glory. You are blinded within your lust for greed, that you set yourself even further from it. Is the road too long for you, Oh Enlightening One? Hmm? Why don't you just cut the voices in your head and start begging for it. It'd come across as a less desperate cry for your measures. Lannister knows you are isolated and desperate, and what a worse place to be those things than in the center of the war. You cried out for Lannister's backing, and when he turned you down, you decided to provoke his will. Push and pull, just to see what you could get out of the towering Lannister. But you ask, and you shall receive. When you knock on the devil's door, eventually somebody's going to answer you. Not that Lannister is the entity of the Hades or anything, but he has proclaimed to be the king of the ashes all the same. And once more, Ryder - you misinterpreted the situation. A mental lapse to follow your previous mistakes.

But don't think Lannister doesn't understand your situation, he sees to it that you have a duty to yourself to no longer harbor the glaring tone of your own misfortune. You want to break free from the self apathy that misery has brought to you through these troubling times, Lannister knows that. A bitter taste that you are so sick of swallowing. But some are just born to the affinity of failure, Ryder. And you are just one of the poor souls that fits the criteria. You'll always revert and sink back to your meager ways. You can never shed your disregard for the moment, as it has always become too big of a challenge to topple. But while you sit there, and test Lannister, urging him on, how you have failed every single one of his. You are a disgrace to yourself, and you'll be a disgrace to four others come Territorial Invasion. And you want to know why Lannister knows this? You proclaim this confidence, but it is just so much more than that, Ryder. You wouldn't understand because you look at the world through two dimensions - your mind and your view. But there are concepts of this world that go well beyond our limitations and aspects of life. And you just aren't aware of them, nor have you come to accept this as a part of life. But it's there, and it feeds. How the silver lining becomes harder to manufacture, your jokes harder to make, when Lannister takes the fight to horizons you've never crossed before. That is not what you want to hear - no, but that is what you will get. The lion's share, is for the lion - after all. If it is comfort you desire, then you have come to the wrong place. Facing the wrong man. Tackling on the world with a false ambition.

You asked why Lannister is to partake in this after all, and what there is to his own benefit. Why, the answer to that question is a concept even you'll come to understand. Why, nothing. There is no tangible benefit to it all, no underlying grudge on display. That is the beauty and tragedy of it, after all. Lannister holds no bounds, belongs to no stereotypes. You will sit there, judge Lannister harshly for partaking in a war that you presumably take on as unfair. Understandable, considering the consequences. But how all high and mighty you are not, for your own reasons. You are in search for redemption - to mend your broken, shattered dreams. You are allowed to sing the hymns of your disgrace - but you will not build an empire out them like you wished to believe.

Instead, you will just add another layer of foundation on this rubble of empty cracks that is proclaimed your career. You are simply last year's nest in which the bird has flown. This gust of wind, this floating aura of yours, isn't leading you to the promised land. It's only standing you idle, as you get swept away by the winds and floods of greed.

And at Territorial Invasion, it's just another flood. Another storm that has swept on by and taken what it can from you. Even if it isn't much, it's something. The defeat, the anguish. Normally, this is where you'll repeat your cycle and begin to rebuild from the ground up. But no, no - not this time, something trips inside. This storm is different, this catastrophic disaster having left an imprint to the very core.

Your grassroots are to fail you, Ryder. Your leaves have lost their color, the branches crashing to the pavement of the ground. Your entire ecosystem is about to turn upon itself. You are in for some troubling times, and some troubling despair. There's no returning from this onslaught. There's no turning back now. Lannister is the storm. Lannister's writ runs everywhere, and the sound of his waves shall always be heard. Let them speak to you through the course of time, as you resent the lone encounter that you chose to defy the one they call the Angel of Debt.

And you  will have nobody to blame but yourself. Lannister said it before, but he'll say it again...

Some mistakes, you never stop paying for. And how this price is the one you'll pay the most.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 10th 2016, 10:00 pm by Guest
I don’t need to smile! I’m Cameron Ella Ava! I’m the Vixen that stayed when everyone left! I’m the Vixen that kept this division afloat after HBG, Kendra, and Cleopatra left! I did all the hard work! You did all those things without competition, Cameron! You carried a division with nobody in it. You never made it greater; it remained stagnant while it sat on your shoulders. You took the title from Cleopatra when she had her foot already out the door, and became nothing more than a placeholder to a Vixen that was still going getting wet behind the ears. Then you ran from the division and decided to go play friends with the Heart Break Boy. You left this division for dead and never looked back. The Vixen’s Championship was retired for months and tried you hardest to prove your worth to Jaywalker – and how long did that take, Cameron? Fifth or sixth time was the charm, right? But, it was the return of both Lethal and Kendra that invigorated the division. It was their war to crown the new Vixen’s Champion that breathed new life into this Vixen’s division! You never once had a hand in it. But, after those two, that’s when to doors flew open for the likes of Cailin, Aria, Sheridan, and Tarah Nova. The division grew and expanded without your help in the slightest, Cameron, and now that you’re back in it - you’re trying your hardest to prove that you still hold some form of worth. But, you haven’t. You were placed in a bracket that you thought was nothing more than puppy chow and you couldn’t overcome that! What does that say about YOU, Cameron? What does it say that a Vixen that has been in this company for over five years couldn’t keep up with a Vixen that has been in the company for a matter of three weeks? What does it say about YOU that YOU needed to intervene in her affairs because you couldn’t keep up with the level she was standing on, and the expectation that she set. But, Cameron, you’re certainly not desperate are you! That’s why I called this attitude you hold as nothing more than a charade, Cameron. That’s why I said that all this is, is nothing more than a reason for you to look at yourself in the mirror and still hold some reason to smile. You’ve done absolutely nothing for months that you can actually be proud of! While every single other Vixen in this division continues to place one foot in front of the other, and continues moving forward; you remain completely stagnant. You stand in front of the world TRYING to give a reason for people to still take you with an ounce of seriousness. I’M SPECIAL GUYS! I’M THE GREATEST VIXEN OF ALL TIME! LOVE ME! RESPECT ME! WORSHIP ME!
It’s a joke, Cameron. You’ve already started backtracking on the things that you said leading into our first match. You said, believing it wholeheartedly, that could to take either championship away from the champion whenever you wanted. That there wasn’t anything they could do to stop you from doing so. This time, Cameron – you’re giving excuses to why you haven’t. It… It’s not that easy! But, hey! Maybe you can call up Dark Demon and he can do your dirty work for you, just like he did against Scott Diamond. Maybe Dark Demon can hand you to Vixen’s Championship on a silver platter, like he did the Hall of Fame Championship at Triple Threat a few years ago. You’re not the best. You’re not great. You’ve become nothing, Cameron. We’re not looking up at you thinking about the things that we could possibly become; we’re looking down at you knowing that that’s what we don’t want to become. Cailin, Aria, Sheridan – names that you claimed to be better than, Cameron? They’ve already ran past you. Sad, isn’t it? The fact that you’ve worked so hard so for many years, and for people that have been in this company for less than a third of the time are already better than you are. Who would have thought? Truthfully, Cameron – I love the position that I’m in now. While being forced to compete in an extra match to grasp onto the crown that I want, I have the opportunity to be the Vixen that deals the final blow before you fall of the edge of that cliff. I said it last night, and you did nothing more than attempt to play a game of  “I know you are, but what am I”. Tonight, when you’re lying in that bed of yours; I want you think about the possibilities of where you career can go. I want you to think about the good things… and I want you to think about the bad. I want to you to think about what could happen if you can’t get your career out of the tail spin that it’s been in for months. I want you to think about what’s going to happen to you the legacy that you’ve created over the years, as you continue to fail and those around you continue to succeed. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Cameron, but this story doesn’t have a happy ending. The story of Cameron Ella Ava is one of a fallen queen. The story of a woman that once held the world in the palm of her hand, and allowed every piece of it to fall through the gaps between her fingers.

All you’ve done Cameron is delay the inevitable. Cameron Ella Ava. Madison Kaline. Cailin Dillion. Three names stand between Sophia Rose and that crown. Try and stop me, ladies.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 10th 2016, 9:35 pm by Aria Jaxon

Well, you know what they say -- onwards and upwards.

I’ll be honest, being a two-time Empress of Elite would’ve been an ideal scenario. I’d have loved that, and any sane woman in my position would be able to say the same. It felt great to be back where things all started for me. That tournament was the springboard that sent me into a totally different stratosphere. It was what put me on the map, and I felt like I gave everything of myself in this second go-‘round. Really, it’d be just a waste of time to sit here and throw a temper tantrum over it not happening. It’d be an awfully dumb mistake to make, so I’ll just toss that disclaimer out there before any of my basic bitch opponents this week decide to load their clip with bottom-rung insults and decide to use “LMAO YOU DIDN’T WIN THIS YEAR” as one of them. So no, I don’t get to repeat history, but I’ll always be the first woman to ever wear that crown, and it’s not as though I’m sitting here empty-handed. It’s actually a little relief to know that I don’t have to strike a precarious balance anymore. I don’t have to concern myself with garnering valuable points one second and Young Lions Cup defenses the next. No, not anymore. I can throw all of my being into defending my Cup, with getting the defenses I need to rack up before I go on and cash in my title shot. I’m not totally opposed to taking this little detour on my way back to the New Breed division, though. I’d love nothing more than to get back into the swing of things by smacking Elitists around again, but who am I to turn down this tune-up? Bring it on.

Stephanie Matsuda is less like the monster under my bed, and more like the gnat buzzing in my ear. Oh, I’m sure you’re just so proud of yourself for the way your match with Tarah ended, but what are you so excited about? All that effort you exerted, and you still didn’t punch your ticket to the finals. You’ve paraded around here like a woman who’s rid herself of who she sees as her greatest enemy, but that’s just the thing -- you didn’t. You say you play to kill and not to maim, and if that’s the case, then why is Tarah still here? Why is she still kicking? Why does she have every intention of wiping the mat with your face? Hell, why are you still eating me and Cailin’s dust, too? Because you came up short. I get it, though. If I’d done as little as you had up to this point, I’d think temporarily knocking Tarah Nova on her ass was something worth hanging my hat on, too. If I needed bragging rights more than I’d care to admit, I’d be proud of myself as well. Wipe that smile off your ugly face, because that “one down” bullshit is null and void when you’ve got unfinished business. She’s not down! Much in the same way that Cailin wasn’t either, after y’alls match on the Draft Show. You still hate Tarah, Cailin and I, and I get it. I don’t empathize, I don’t particularly care, but I get it. You direct so much time and energy to hating us and plotting our downfall, but we don’t give you a second thought unless it comes to situations like this, where you’re bound to take a fall. It’s sad, ‘cause it seems like your whole world now revolves around making us pay. But, now that I think about it...it’s a pretty nifty alibi for you to fall back on in times like these, where you don’t have much going for you. “I don’t win titles because that’s not what I’m worried about!” No, you don’t win titles because you caught lightning in a bottle once and haven’t been able to replicate the feat. Big difference. So you cover your tracks by saying your vendetta is paramount, and saying you’re more concerned with hunting down your ex-best friends than you are with more realistic pursuits. What’s your endgame? Some cute little fantasy where you manage to rid the Vixens locker room of the women you see as your enemies? This outcome you’re banking on, it doesn’t exist. This is what you’ve been waiting for. You got two of us in one place now, and I’m sure you’re just dying to exorcise some residual energy here. But, in this situation, as in all the others, Stephanie Matsuda won’t do what she promises. She doesn’t come to collect. She doesn’t wound, she doesn’t shorten careers, and she doesn’t get what she wants. She falls short, as usual.

It says a lot about you that you equate hobbling Tarah with “owning the world”. Untouchable, invincible, unstoppable...none of those words describe you, not now or ever. Those feelings of you being on top of the world will prove to be fleeting, you’ll see. Answer me this, Stephanie -- for as long as I’ve known you, has anything even remotely resembling invincibility ever been a constant in your career? The only thing that I can think of off the top of my head that’s never changed for you is that incessant need to bleed other people dry. You had The Entourage, Miss Manami, and the Hunter family in a past life. In more recent times, you, of course, had your new pseudo-family in the Sanatorium and a long succession of girlfriends and jump-offs. While I can’t speak for the Arianas, Angelas, and Harunas of the world who you were too busy eating out to actually advance your career, I can speak for Formation. That group was your baby, your brainchild, and there’s no way around it. I’m sure having Cailin and I, two of the best Vixens in EAW, walking shoulder-to-shoulder with you was titillating prospect. For a while, there was this illusion cast, this one where it actually looked like you were on par with both of us, and I know you loved it, but nothing lasts forever. Much as you loved feeling like you’d actually risen to a new level, your insecurities kept shining through. It was ultimately the thing that killed the group and landed us where we are now. You’d hit a backslide and you swinging for the fences at Pain for Pride was the most attention you’d gotten in a long time. Thing is, unless you’re throwing a temper tantrum or blowing smoke about how you’re gonna wipe other Vixens off the map, you’re a non-factor. In the days leading up to this match, I heard exactly what I expected to hear from you. You can pound your chest and shout to kingdom come about what a spectacular year you’ve had in EAW, but what have you really done? And do you really think anything you’ve done -- or, haven’t done -- leaves you in a position to critique either my triumphs or my stutter-steps? You’re right, I was once an Empress and a champion. And now, I’m neither of those things, but I’ve got the Young Lions Cup to my name, and despite what you’ve said, I’m anything but empty-handed. “Former Empress of Elite Aria Jaxon” doesn’t sound all that bad to me. You forget, I’ve already run that race. You missed the first one and couldn’t crack the glass ceiling in your first outing, so you can shut your mouth. You’d kill to have the resume I have, so you sitting here and tryna trivialize what I’ve done is pretty pathetic. You won a clusterfuck battle royal to win a title that Cailin never would’ve lost under any other circumstances, and that’s it. That was the mountaintop you reached, and you got the audacity to take shots at me? You’re so starved for material that you’re tryna invent bullet points on your resume, saying that you’ve been the difference-maker in all these tag matches we’ve been in. All that says is that you operate better when you’ve got people to absorb the blows and create well-placed diversions for you. Maybe it’s just the luck of the draw, Stephanie. Maybe we are in your wheelhouse. It’s lovely that you feel at home, because when I step over the threshold and ruin that sense of security you have, it’ll be that much sweeter for me.

Speaking of people who don’t keep their promises -- ladies and gentlemen, let’s get a slow clap going for Veena Adams! Wow, she really thought she had us all going for a second there. “I’m gonna be the next Empress!” she said. I’m waiting for her to talk, honestly. Go ahead, Veena, try it. Go on one of your little tirades, if you want, but I dare you to see if you can actually do a whole speech that isn’t centered around your looks, your last name, your privilege, or the little pseudo hot streak you had going during Empress of Elite. You can’t do it, can you? I figured you couldn’t. That by itself proves just how little substance you have. You pull the same flash cards outta your back pocket over and over again, hitting all the same bullet points. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could recite it all word for word. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect her to put up as much of a fight as she did. But again, the end of our match resulted in a draw. You know what that tells me? When I face Veena Adams, either we fight to a draw, or I beat her. Historically, that’s all that ever happens, so if Malibu Barbie is expecting anything different this time around, she’s in for a very rude awakening. You’ve never beaten me, Veena, and you’re a fool if you’re hoping for a different outcome this time.

The last nine months or so haven’t been kind to you, have they? God, reality hit you like a speeding freight train. You stepped outta your ritzy little bubble for the first time in your life, only to find -- surprise, surprise! -- no one gives a damn if you were a prep school homecoming queen. No one cares if you were great at chess or lacrosse or ballet or rugby. No one cares if you were the undisputed PE dodgeball champion. Everything you’d held over other people’s heads for your entire life was suddenly rendered null and void when you stepped through this company’s doors. Shit like this makes me understand why some parents are so opposed to giving every single kid on the pop warner football team a trophy. That’s the kinda life you led, isn’t it? You led a participation trophy life. You said you’ve always known what it’s like to be the best, but all you’ve known is what it’s like for your parents to pay all the necessary fees on time. All your life, you’ve been catered to, you’ve been pat on the head and congratulated for shit you shouldn’t have. You’ve been lied to and told you were some special snowflake when you’re as run-of-the-mill as they come. C’mon, boo. You berate so many of us for being “basic bitches”, but you’re the least impressive of them all! Girls like you are a dime a dozen. I could go to the nearest mall right now, walk for five seconds in any direction, and find five girls who could take your place. And it’s funny, because while you’ve been ripping off your uncle’s whole shtick, he doesn’t seem to be worried about you in the least. You’re sitting on social media praising him for a phenomenal Pain for Pride match, but I don’t recall seeing him respond. You’ve centered your whole persona -- your whole life, even -- around that man, but I don’t see him singing your praises. Or at least, he hasn’t done it in a while. And why would he? Maybe, to him, back in the beginning, when you looked like you might’ve been someone, he had reason to believe you might be worthy of going into the family business. Now, it’s months later, and reality has set in. Poor little Veena didn’t do anything she set out to do. She spent the majority of her rookie year teamed up with Silence, getting stomped on by an assortment of Vixens tag teams. You’ve talked a big game when you’ve spent more than a lot of your time on the sidelines. You’ve embarrassed him long enough, that’s why he goes outta his way to ignore the fact that you even exist in this company. He’s not necessarily wrong, either. I mean, if I busted my ass to help get this company to the level where it is now, practically handed my ungrateful niece a contract, and she did nothing but eat canvas week in and week out, I’d be pretty heated, too. No one expected the performances you put on during Empress of Elite, and I can admit that, but a few weeks of promise can’t cancel out nine months of irrelevance. Flickers of potential don’t erase countless lost matches. Is it finally starting to click for you? You finally feel like you have a little bit of power. Not spending these last few weeks as a complete afterthought has given you renewed hope, but I’m here to snatch it all away. You might’ve been able to keep your head above water in the tournament’s proverbial fish tank, but the party’s over. You’re out in open water now, back in the environment that was so unforgiving to you for so long.

I remember when we had that first match in January, and at that point, being Empress of Elite was all I really had to my name. You said that was my high point. You, the brand new bitch coming in, had the audacity to say I would plateau, and that was as good as it was gonna get for me. Fast forward to autumn, and well...we know how things have worked out. I’d say you’ve been running in place, but that wouldn’t be accurate. You’ve regressed. Now, the thing you used to mock me for rightfully being proud of is the accolade you’d have given a limb for, because you know as well as I do that you need to be legitimized. You’re in a do or die situation. You know you can’t keep running your mouth the way you do with that God awful win-loss record and a career devoid of anything even remotely worth talking about. You’re a joke. You coming at me sideways is the equivalent of a third string player coming off the bench and picking a fight with a member of the starting line-up. You’re in way over your head, and for the first time in your life, you’re in a situation you can’t buy your way out of. I hope you’ve enjoyed the last few weeks, I really do. At my hands, you’ll get the reality check you’re owed. Welcome back to the real world, Veena -- one where you’re back at the bottom of the barrel where you belong.

All in the same breath, the bottom of the barrel is always the kinda talent HBG pegged me to be. Even after I’d given her every reason in the world to believe differently. Even after I’d taken her to her limits and beaten her more than once, she still had the gall to say I couldn’t hold a candle to her. That’s the difference between she and I -- I can give credit where it’s due. I’m not gonna sit here and do anything to take away from the fact that she beat me at Pain for Pride, but I’m also not gonna sit here and let her pretend I’m winless against her or something. She can lie and say she never sweat me, if she wants. Whatever helps her sleep at night, I guess. If you’re not sweating someone, you act accordingly. That’s what came outta her mouth for weeks, and yet that was never how she conducted herself. She said I was a tryhard, but when we faced, she was giving it one-hundred percent, just as I was. She said I was beneath her, but she needed to twist Eris’ arm to punch her ticket to Triple Threat. She had to wait until I was calling the shots to hitch a ride to Pain for Pride. We’ve locked horns enough times for her to know I’m the real deal, but I also know she’s not one for learning from her mistakes, and that’s why she’s still reciting the same bullshit that she always has. You’ve said more times than I can count that I wasn’t even fit to stand in the same ring as you, but if I can recall...where I was concerned, you’ve always had to pull out all the stops, haven’t you? And I’m not just talking in terms of wrestling. You’ve always had to scheme, always had to try and put me down, and always had to try and talk yourself up, even before the match itself even began. Be real with me -- if I’m such a non-factor, then why is beating me something to hang your hat on? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Either I’m worth sweating over, or I’m not, but you need to get your words and your actions on the same page. Ever since Pain for Pride, you’ve been gargling my name like Listerine. You’ve told anyone who would listen that you killed my hype and put the nail in my career’s coffin, but some of your contemporaries would beg to differ. In that regard, Voltage will be like seeing a ghost for you, huh? You’re not the master of puppets and the ender of careers you liked to think that you were. What does that mean when the person you tried to break is still alive and kicking? It means you’re not a woman of your word. You should know better! You’re not new to facing me. Do you know what you’re prone to doing when you lose? You dust yourself off, get back up, and continue pressing forward, and contrary to what you’ve been thinking all this time, you didn’t invent that course of action. You’re not special. You’re not the only person who conducts business that way. If you wanted to be permanently rid of me, then you should’ve gotten the job done when you had the chance. If I was as much of a flash in the pan as you say, I’d be a bottom-tier bitch like some of your teammates. Hell, I’d have faded away completely, like your ex-protegee. But I’m still here, and facing me again is the price you gotta pay for your insolence, I guess. When you have unfinished business, it always has a way of coming back to haunt you, doesn’t it? Closing one chapter before you move onto another is just common sense, my dear. So if you were gonna brag about slaying me, you should’ve made sure you had all your ducks in a row. You seem to have a short memory, so allow me to reacquaint you with just how much of a bear I am to deal with in the ring. This is the same Aria Jaxon who managed to get your goat only four months or so into my career. Just imagine what I’m capable of now.

As is the case with HBG, I’m not here to make excuses about losing to you a few weeks back, Sheridan. You beat me, fair and square. You didn’t have to cheat, or take shortcuts, or any of that. We just beat the hell out of each other, and when the dust settled, it turns out you were the better woman. I suppose the truth is that you had as good of a chance of advancing as Cailin or myself, but here we both stand now, without crowns, maybe, but with our respective Cups in hand. I couldn’t help but notice that you’d changed your tune a little bit between our last meeting and this one. I don’t say this because I’m jonesing for compliments, but because it seems like you’ve got a better idea of what you’re in for this time around. You spent days before our last meeting detailing how inferior I was to you, and now you’re saying we’re in the same boat as two women who have been shortchanged by the Vixens division. I don’t know if I can agree? I mean, aside from not getting the rematch I should’ve gotten months ago, I can’t say I’ve really been wronged. I’ve gotten the chance to go into territory that other Vixens haven’t. The main events and the Young Lions Cup in my hand are proof of that. I don’t think you’ve been passed over either, Sheridan. Not since the Vixens Cup, anyway. You did with the Vixens Cup what I did with last year’s Empress of Elite -- you used that win to elevate yourself. For all intents and purposes, that was where your career really began. Do you understand how many women risked life and limb for that trophy? And you were the one who walked away with it. That’s not the kinda thing people just forget, Sheridan. With that being the case, it’s pretty laughable to me that you’re playing the world’s smallest violin and saying that you’re skipped over time and time again. With the exception of people like Veena who are too ignorant to ever properly assess the threat in front of them, has anyone ever really shortchanged you? Does anyone ever honestly treat you as less of a threat than you are? It’s true, you carry yourself a little differently than someone of the other women in this company, but that’s not why some of us have had a problem with you at one point or another. The issue lies in the fact that, rather than celebrating your differences and just being proud of going against the grain, you’ve always seemed to detail reasons why you’re superior to many of us. Sometimes, you’re gonna be right. When you’re dealing with a Veena or an Azumi or a Kora, you’re gonna be right, because I’m not gonna try and make excuses about what a good wrestler you are. Then again, there’ll be women like me, who aren’t gonna take kindly to being told we’re just pawns. We’ll catch an attitude when you say you’re the catalyst that makes us all better, and that you’re carrying the division on your back. You’re not even about to carry this whole team on your back, Sheridan, let alone a whole division. I know you’ve isolated yourself from everyone but Devan Dubian for so long that this whole “lone wolf” thing has become your entire M.O., but the truth is that you’re just a cog in the machine, Sheridan. When it comes to the success of the Vixens division, you’ve lent as much of a hand as you could, but it never turned into a one-woman job. It goes without saying, but handling everything yourself works just fine in a singles match but are you sure you wanna go all kamikaze and attempt to turn this into a glorified handicap match? I don’t know if the egos of your teammates will allow that to happen, but I wouldn’t put it past you to try. It’s true that you’ve placed absolutely no faith in the women you’re supposed to be teaming with, but I’ll be nice and ask you ahead of time not to make a big mistake. Don’t get too big for your britches and try to clean house all by yourself. German Efficiency isn’t a ready substitute for invincibility.

HBG is prideful, Sheridan is brave, Stephanie is envious, and Veena is...there. Veena wants to claw herself up outta the depths of near-irrelevance, Stephanie wants to keep going with this grudge of hers, HBG wants to prove why she thinks she’s the best, and Sheridan is fighting because she thinks she’s been overlooked. Those are a whole lot of overlapping interests and plot lines, right? Lots of different motives and attitudes, and I can’t help but think it’ll be dangerous for all those wires to cross. Sparks are gonna fly, more than likely so much to the point that it’ll prove this team never really could co-exist. We’ll see if you guys can hash all that out. You can come to Voltage to fight for your respective causes, but Tarah, Consuela, Autumn, and I prefer to keep it simple. We’re just playing to win. I like to think our way of doing business will be much more effective.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 10th 2016, 9:34 pm by TLA
The camera cuts to the parking lot of the Allstate Center in Chicago, Illinois during Dynasty vs. Showdown. A group of Voltage fanboys are shown in the parking lot after being thrown out by security during the show.

Fanboy #1: Man fuck this! We ain’t even did nothin’!

Fanboy #2: Typical Dynasty security. Throwing us out cuz we are black.

Fanboy #1: But you ain’t even black bruh. You whiter than Y2Impact! 

Fanboy #2: It’s what’s inside that counts my nigga! Besides I ain’t even gonna let you talk like that about my black brotha Y2Impact. When you have as many title reigns as he does it don’t matter what color you are!

Fanboy #1: Oh fo sho fo sho! Voltage Pride! Fuck yeah Voltage 4 life!

The Voltage fanboys begin chanting “Voltage! Voltage! Voltage!” repeatedly as a group of Voltage fangirls approaches.

Fangirl #1: Oh my! You guys have Voltage t-shirts on! Do you want to fuck right now?

Fangirl #2: We will let you have all of our Voltage Vag if you want it! We will give it to anyone who don’t got that Dynasty Dick!

Fangirl #1: That’s right! We have been to every Voltage show since it premiered and we have waited in the hotel lobby for our favorite Voltage wrestlers to notice us.

Fangirl #2: But senpai never noticed us!

The Voltage fangirls begin to cry as the Voltage fanboys look uncomfortable but also realize that this is the perfect chance to score some of that Voltage Vag.

Fanboy #1: Ladies… ladies relax. There is no need to cry over us. 

Fanboy #2: That’s right my nigga! Let’s go into the Voltage Van right now and get us some of that Voltage Vape!

The Voltage fanboys lead the sexually desperate Voltage fangirls to the Voltage Van where they notice they are underage. 

Fanboy #1: Holy shit bro.

Fanboy #2: I know right! Holy fucking shit this is like stepping into a perfect dream!

Fanboy #1: Let’s go for it.

Fanboy #2: Always go for it.

Fangirl #1: I want you to destroy my tight pussy like Team Voltage will destroy Dynasty at Territorial Invasion.

Fangirl #2: I have always wanted someone who is as passionate about Voltage as I am to invade my territory.

Fangirl #1: I know what you mean.

Fangirl #2: I hope you don’t mind if I cum late. 

Fanboy #1: Aww hell nawh!

Fanboy #2: That’s how we Voltage niggas like it! To the Voltage Van!

The Voltage fanboys approach the Voltage Van but are unable to get inside.

Fanboy #1: Shit it’s locked…

Fanboy #2: No shit it’s locked. We are in the middle of fucking Chicago. Somebody would steal it.

Fanboy #1: Nobody who is a true Voltage fan would dare…

Fanboy #2: You didn’t fucking lock it?

Suddenly the Voltage Van starts up and begins honking as the lights flash on blinding the Voltage fanboys and fangirls.

Fanboy #1: Ugh that light. I haven’t seen such a bright light since 2008.

Fanboy #2: 2005 for me. That was before EAW even started, but even then I was a fan of Voltage. It runs in my blood.

Fangirl #1: Holy shit! The Voltage Van has become alive… Could this be???!??!?

Fangirl #2: All things are possible through the power of Voltage!

Suddenly the driver’s side window of the Voltage Van opens as smoke comes pouring out the side.

Fanboy #1: No! Our Voltage Vape! We spent our trust funds on that!

Fanboy #2: Somebody fucked with the wrong brand’s fans. We won’t hesitate to dedicate an entire hate thread to you on reddit.

Fanboy #1: And our Twitter followers will harass you into oblivion. 

Fanboy #2: There are dozens of them… Dozens!

TLA: Yo shut the fuck up pendejos. This Voltage Vape tastes worse than el culo de tu madre. I gotta get back on some of that fresh home grown Mexican mota amigos.

Fanboy #1: Gasp!

Fanboy #2: A Dynasty Elitist?

One of the Voltage fangirls faints out of shock as the other begins to scream for the authorities.

TLA: Yo you gotta shut yo bitch up holmes. Give her that pimp hand if you gotta put her in her place. I just be chillin’ out here cuz they ain’t even givin’ yo boi a match. 

Fanboy #1: Get the fuck out our ride nigga! We won’t have you Dynasty pieces of trash soiling it with your inferior brand!

Fanboy #2: We ain’t no slaves! We free and proud Voltage men!

TLA: I ain’t got no idea what you talkin’ about dawg, but I am the Interwire Champion which means I can do whatever the fuck I want. I ain’t never ridden a short bus before, but from lookin’ at you two I can tell yo bitches have ridden the short bus many times.

Fanboy #1: You fucking wot?

Fanboy #2: If only that was true…

Fangirl #1: Ummm… excuse me? I will have you know that the Voltage Vag only opens for men who are true to Voltage. The kind of men who get hard at the thought of a match between Aren Mstislav and Nasir Capitani. The kind of men who won’t hesitate to get a tattoo of Kenny Drake on their right ass cheek. That’s the kind of men who I will fuck TLA? Don’t you understand? Compared to that you Dynasty losers could never hope to compete! 

TLA: Yo what the fuck is this shit? This Nathan Fiora action figure is sticky as fuck. 

Fanboy #1: Put him down! PUT HIM DOWN NOW!

TLA: I guess y’all could say even Nathan here is getting more action than this dumb Voltage puta. 

Fangirl #1: I dare you to say that to my face.

TLA: I would but then I gotta look at yo butter face and ain’t nobody wanna do that. Imma be hittin’ up the Poon Palace somethin’ fierce tonight gettin' fine ass bitches worthy of La Pantera Sexual!

TLA revs the engine of the Voltage Van as loud cracking noises are heard and black smoke shoots out of the exhaust making the Voltage fangirl cough.

Fanboy #1: Get the fuck out of our ride!

Fanboy #2: I am dialing 911!!

TLA: Fuck the feds and fuck Voltage!!!  Viva la Dinastía!!! 

TLA speeds off as the Voltage fanboys quickly drag the unconscious fangirl out of the way as the smoke from the Voltage Vape mixes in with the exhaust fumes of the Voltage Van creating a black and white swirl of equality.

Fanboy #1: Shit my wallet was in there!

Fanboy #2: Never forget my nigga. Never forget.

The Voltage fanboys begin crying as the Voltage fangirl hugs them to comfort them while lifting the condoms out of their pockets.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 10th 2016, 9:09 pm by Cage.
(Camera shows Diamond Cage in the dark parking lot of the United Center sitting on the roof of a car and smoking a cigarette)

The money to book this flight to beautiful Chicago didn't come out of my pocket, the hotel which is separate from the Voltage guys wasn't out of my pocket either. But this cigarette I have in my mind was paid for with my money. I call that treatment the “doing the job” treatment. I'm here to make this guy carrying a Hardcore Title look good so people can believe he is as hardcore as he says he is. Everyone looks at me as this hardcore devil, I mean sure I've done some things to people that would slap the tag of Hardcore on my forehead but I've also gotten in there and wrestled with the best pure wrestlers in EAW history and not only last but survive and win the whole thing. Hardcore was an idea, that idea became a institution that this fucking company uses to make money or get higher ratings on their shitty shows. Hardcore became so much of an institution that it has it's own title belt, that it has replica titles of it being sold to little children and make them believe that one day they can become Hardcore too. Now I haven't viewed any of Nathan's comments, nor do I care about what he has to say because he's holding a championship that should be rusting in my parking lot because I made hardcore cool, I made violence something parents would WANT their children to see. The nerve of me being flown into Voltage, and they don't dare allow this guy to put his title on the line against me one is disrespectful and 2nd making it a hardcore rules match where you aren't doing this guy any favors because I'm going to expose him and show him what hardcore is really all about. See I've lost blood, I've lost skin, I've spat teeth and nearly caught up my lungs fighting and doing this that I should be and probably will be going to hell for. I wouldn't have it any other way. I wouldn't change the path I've embarked on and really it's made me quite a nice living. I realize maybe you feel me commenting on this match a day before I'm suppose to show up bothers you. But this arena, the united center is the house Michael Jordan built. He built it dribbling a basketball and dunking it and winning NBA Championships. 

The house of Hardcore was not built on backs of Nathan Fiora therefore I can speak whenever the fuck I feel like it, The foundation of Hardcore started from back in the day where men fought to the death just because. Before there was any rules, any stupid rope breaks. There was only rule and that rule is survivor and as you can tell because I'm still standing here I've managed to survive for a very long time and I refuse to let some Victoria secret model poster boy think he is going to be the one to finally get rid of me. It's not happening now, It's not happening EVER! I decide when I've crossed the line of being obsolete and I haven't crossed that fucking line yet because I'm like a fine wine. I get better each and every single day because I am a hardcore wrestling machine and I am THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! And in the eyes of men in this company, I'm the stairs. I'm the stairs everyone want's to step on to brag about how they used me to get to the next level. That's why I was flown here, all expenses paid. They know my name, they know my track record and they know what I've done and what I'm willing to do when you set the rule book on fire. I'm the face of savagery, I showcase it unlike any other. Nathan, I am stepping into your house, Voltage. And you know if you lose this match to a guy on enemy territory it won't go over well with your team, really I don't give a rats ass about anyone on Team Dynasty. Hell, I could give a fuck about what they are doing anyway. Whenever I am given an opportunity to slap the head off of a young man who thinks he's the face of hardcore and make you realize you are too small for the pants your trying to fit. I get enjoyment out of it, especially when I can assure you that you are in for a painful night. It's dark in Chicago, I'm basically the only man here sitting in this empty parking lot taking in and reminiscing on the violence of this city. It feels like home, it feels like a place to teach a lesson in hardcore. A lesson you'll never forget.

(Diamond Cage gets off the hood of the car and walks off as the camera shows him from behind until the feed cuts)
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Post on September 10th 2016, 8:42 pm by J.D. Damon
“If ignorance truly is bliss, then Black Sven must be the happiest goddamn person in the entire world. Hell, he is most likely the happiest person the entire galaxy as we know it. For some strange reason, Sven feels as if he is actually important here. The man who somehow, someway, was able to pull the biggest upset victory of the year against Phoenix Winterborn last Sunday night actually believes that everyone around here takes him seriously as a wrestler. That victory, however, doesn’t matter because it doesn’t define his capabilities in the ring as an athlete. This man is absolutely delusional. That is the perfect word to describe Black Sven, delusional. Delusional in the mere fact that this jackass actually believes wholeheartedly that he has a chance to pull a win out from under me. Delusional in the fact that he is actually “somebody” within this company. Do you not get it, Sven? Just like how I attempted to explain it to you earlier in the week, you are merely just a pawn in the grand scheme of things. When I look at you, I do not see an actual threat; I see someone who is just a stepping stone to regaining my rightful spot on this roster and within this company. You are a nobody that desperately tries to get the attention of others, but you constantly get ignored. You are clawing away, hoping that someone notices you and takes notice of you, but unfortunately, Sven, that will never happen. And you don’t seem to comprehend that because of your own ignorance and foolishness; you actually believe that you somehow matter. That’s just all in your mind, Sven, because in reality – in the real world – nobody gives a rat’s ass about you. You could easily leave this company next week, and you will just be a figment of everyone’s imagination.”
“Sven, let me ask you this… why do you support the fight against Voltage? Why do you support the fight against this company that pays our fucking pay checks? The very company that puts food on our tables for our families. The very company that pays us so we can provide a life for our families, for our children. Why in the hell would you want to fight against them? In case you didn’t pay attention, the fight that I support, the fight that I am currently at war with is against the ungrateful pricks that are flooding this roster that I like to call the “new era.” I am sick and tired of these rejects taking television time that should be used for me. That should be used for Kenny Drake. That should be used for ANYONE but them. See, you have no idea what I was actually talking about. You didn’t pay attention, just like I thought you wouldn’t do. And yes, Sven, you ARE a part of the very problem that I am currently at war with. You are just another ungrateful asshole that believes that this company should just cater to them. Unfortunately, that isn’t how this shit works, Sven! You want to call me just another cog in the machine? A part of the machine? I guess you don’t realize that that is EXACTLY what you are, Sven. You are a just a cog within the machine known as the “new era.” Kenny Drake, myself, and the rest of Wolvesden are not cogs! We are the goddamn saviors of this roster, of this fucking company! The problem is, nobody realizes it yet, but trust me when I say that soon enough… they will; EVERYONE WILL!”
“And please, enlighten me regarding me asking you to join Wolvesden? When did that ever come out of my mouth? As far as I am concerned not once did I ever invite you to join the Wolvesden and our fight against the children that inhabit this organization. NOT ONCE! Quite frankly, Sven, you would not stand a chance running with Wolvesden. You would not be able to handle what we do. You wouldn’t be able to handle the repercussions of being a member of Wolvesden. It would get to you, Sven. All of the pressure would slowly start eating away at you. The images in your head of the destruction, of the chaos, of the carnage that embodies Wolvesden would start eating away at you as you lay awake in your bed at night, Sven, until finally you just snap! You continued to bring up alliances that once upon a time inhabited this company, but why? Why do they even matter? I will answer that for you… THEY DON’T! There’s a perfectly good reason that alliances such as EGO are no longer with us – they just weren’t good enough! We are not them, and even if they were still around they would only pray that they were as good as Wolvesden. The Sanatorium? The Sanatorium envisions being like Wolvesden. They have a strong desire within them to be us; to be able to accomplish what we have in the short time we have been around, but soon they too will crumble. You know, Sven, if this whole being a professional wrestler doesn’t work out for you, you definitely could make a solid living out of being a stand-up comic, because all of the bullshit that you have spewed out of your mouth is a complete fucking JOKE!”
“I remember you mentioning the reason behind you wearing that God awful mask. You had your face rearranged by someone in your past. Is that the real reason, Sven? Be honest with me for one second. What is the real reason you hide behind that mask of yours? What is the real reason you refuse to show the entire world what your face actually looks like? It’s because it is just a security blanket for you, Sven. When you walk down to the ring with that mask on and your chest puffed out, you believe deep within yourself that you are somebody else; that you are a superhero. Maybe you believe that all of your “power” lays behind wearing that mask, but in all actuality you wear that mask because you are insecure with yourself. You wear that mask because you are a coward. Do you see me wearing a mask? Do you see me hiding my face in embarrassment? Hell no! And that, Sven, is where you and I are two completely different people. Unlike me, you find the need to hide behind that mask because you know goddamn well that you are an embarrassment. Sunday night after I break every bone in your body, I will stand over your lifeless body and remove that mask to show the entire world who you truly are… a COWARD.”

“You say that I am not the first nor am I the last to stand in front of you achieving what you are trying to set out to achieve, but that is just another thing that you don’t comprehend, Sven. I am the very thing that is going to stand in front of you. I am that metaphorical road block that is going to get in your away from being able to continue on your quest of becoming anything more than mediocre. Everything for you stops here, Sven. Everything for you stops with your new personal savior, J.D. Damon. “
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Post on September 10th 2016, 6:43 pm by The Consigliere


How are we feeling today, Tarah? Bitter? Sour? FUCKIN' SALTY? HAH! You JUST KNOW life works magically when you see the bitch who has been complaining about the OG generation not having what it takes anymore, gets COMPLETELY blown out of the water by one of the pioneers of the Vixens Division! You know how fucking hard Karma struck when you see this repulsive pretender in Tarah Nova, who tries so damn hard to be seen in this bad girl image, turns out looking so pitiful when you see that she was unable to deliver in a Championship defense, but instead she was EASILY slapped to irrelevancy by the same kind of person she hates dealing with... And then it suddenly makes sense why!

The truth of her continuous rambling about the Vixens of the "yesteryears" is to run us off for the fact that she knows in her heart of hearts and in the depths of her fucking soul that she is no match against us in a fair fight. We are proven to be dominant. We are proven to be killing machines. We are proven to be the ever-evolving types that can mesh with anyone in any kind of match, while Tarah Nova is just the shadow to our sun. I've heard of getting rid of competition in order to run the show, but this is just another level of straight up desperation! She tries to shame The Heart Break Gal and Kendra Shamez for calling themselves the bests in EAW because it COMPLETELY diminishes whatever is left of her credibility when she realizes that she is still the level of a goddamn newbie compared to the proven and tested vixens who could easily walk over her and make her feel like the useless piece of shit that she is. Honestly, Tarah, you can't fucking expect me to take anything you say seriously and it's just downright hilarious how you think I'd lose sleep over you not giving me any respect, as if respect from you is something so holy that should be cherished. Look at you and everything you stand for, nobody even knows what you're doing here! And on top of that, when speaking about Kendra and I, you're beginning to sound like that German retard Sheridan Muller when you try hard and think of conspiracies that come with the coincidence. But let me explain in a way that your slut brain can understand -- Kendra and I are both Champions because were are two of the bests not only in this division but in this company overall. We may have hated each other for longer than we've actually gotten along, but what the two of us can agree on is the need to go an extra mile and acting fast so there's less opportunities going to waste, while we live the glory that were ALWAYS meant for us. I'm not even going to wonder why it's bizzare to you, considering you don't even understand the sense of urgency and the need to do what is unexpected, you stick to the familiar, and you refuse to break out of your shell, because really, Tarah, how many times in your life have you given a far better impression that would make this entire world respect what you do? How many instances can you give where you have gone far and beyond what was expected of you to do? Are you about to mention the time when the entire division hated your guts and you overcame it all at Pain for Pride? That seems to be the only thing people remember about you! You stood at the top, you retained the Vixens Championship, but what happened after that? You fucking stopped trying. After that stunt, you went away because of an injury while your ex-boyfriend Zack Genesis couldn't figure out how to tell you that he's been screwing around with the lesbian nurse who was supposedly tending to you. Your life has become a mess. Your career progress was put on hold. And whatever factor that made the audience loved to hate you completely vanished to thin air, and when you returned... DID ANYBODY REJOICE, TARAH? And for a better question, did anyone fucking care? NO! Because people who have stuck around whether rookies or veterans have flown higher in a few months than you ever did in your dominant reign of terror as the Killer of the Vixens Division... and why is that? Because you decided that it was a GENIUS idea to defend this garbage division and abandon everything that made you unique. You abandoned being a killer, and reduced to this self-righteous cunt who thinks her opinion is of any importance to anyone, because of the fact that she said it, despite the lack of knowledge and logic to back it up. I don't need to give myself these false beliefs, Tarah. I don't need to convince anyone that I'm about to have the world at the palm of my hands because the thing is, I already took it with me from right under your noses. I can confirm that I am the Greatest Vixen of All Time, and only a few brainless buffoons would dispute. I can tell everyone that I am the best Champion this division has ever had, and everyone will just eat it up like my words are fucking chocolate, because I have that influence, Tarah, I have that credibility that comes with the name I hold, and the talent to support it which is more than enough to prove the doubters wrong. And whether or not I'm Champion, and whether or not you think I deserve this Championship is completely irrelevant because it's not my fucking obligation to answer to a talentless piece of shit like you. You can go right ahead and compare me to Donald Trump. You can tell me how much I'm so fucking unbearable and disgusting as a leader of an army that I don't even want, but do you know who else supports Donald Trump and everything he stands for? Oh, that's right... your boyfriend Mr. DEDEDE. Yes, the same DEDEDE who served as my mentor for MANY years, and yes, it's the same DEDEDE that influenced in building my reputation, the same guy that I idolized, and the same guy who taught me firstly how to fight for myself and stand on my on feet. That's the one. Do you honestly still want to say I'm not worthy of the Vixens Championship knowing that your beau, from the get-go, helped me become what I am today? Do you honestly want to insult someone who should very well be his pride and joy because she has earned success and he was technically a part of it? Do you seriously want to insult the title reigns I've had which half of it, he was the one who guided me through? You talk so much about how I don't deserve the title and what association I have with even Y2Impact, without even realizing that you are in no fucking position to speak of things that you don't understand, but I'll make you understand the bottomline of it Tarah -- you have no choice but to respect me even if you hate the idea. There's nothing you can say against me that will trigger me, as much as I have likely triggered you in the fifteen minutes I've spoken so far. You have no choice but to care about the fact that I am staying as Champion, because there is no way that you can reach my position without knocking me out of it first. So please, threaten me more, Tarah. Insult me more. Because in the end, we both know you're the only one between us who makes a fool of her directionless self, thinking "OH how great would it be if I was Champion!" when you realize that this ego-driven bitch that you despise so much has reached levels of success that you only imagine achieving, and will only aim for more in the future. 

But of course, it's all bullshit to you, right? Whatever you say, Tarah.

Longevity has nothing to do with how much you can accomplish in this division, or in EAW for that matter. It's always about what you make of your time as opposed to how much time you are given. In a year, after that strong tag team title run, and the inevitable Vixens World Championship victory, I have always done what anybody else couldn't -- succeed in an unparalleled level. Nobody was sure if I was coming back with the rust that could hold me back, or if I was going to be another bump in Aria Jaxon's road, but with just a snap of my fingers, those doubts vanished to thin air and was replaced with awe when they come to grips of what exactly am I capable of. There is no "generation comparison" in my vocabulary. There is no "in with the new" when I compare these trash in the division to me -- either you display excellence everytime you're in a match, or you don't. Either you reach for every means to win, or you play your cards wrong and hurt your momentum. That's what I will continue to preach from now 'til the end of my run. Long after winning the Vixens Championship, I have always put effort especially in ensuring that I uphold high standards of greatness in every match I'm placed in. With that, nobody can say that I'm a lazy Champion who slacked around and did nothing. Yes, I have suffered defeat. Yes, I have failed a million times before I succeeded, and that's about everyone's mentality, but the difference between everyone and the Heart Break Gal is that I am a vixen who is always expected to be perfect. Get 1 out of 10 things wrong, and I will never hear the last of it! By flipping my hair, there's judgment that comes with it. With every breath I take, there's criticism that follows. Forget the fact that I am a prima vixen who has always put her best foot forward whether the opponents are vixens or elitists. Forget the fact that 90% of the time, the opponents I lost to scored a fluke victory thats far to be proud of. Forget the fact that I have defeated these same people who continuously speak ill of me, and won't have a problem defeating them again. And forget the fact that these people who criticize barely has anything to prove their bravery besides their disgusting mouths, when they should be spending time improving themselves, it's the Heart Break Gal we should be looking at for flaws! Defeat and disappointment come naturally for these fucking garbages, it's a surprise why it still causes depression and a handful of mental breakdowns to lose a tournament that they RELY on in order to claim their long-awaited overnight stardom! Sorry, I don't give priority to this tournament. Sorry that I never wanted to be seen as a one-hit-wonder. I'm sorry that my goals are far beyond the rest of them, and that I intend on being the name that everyone knows lived up to the timeless excellence that she flaunted and preached. But that's just how I operate! I directly pursue gold without having to go through stupid rituals and traditions that mean absolutely nothing in the long run. As I have stated before entering this tournament -- it's a fucking waste of time. I'm not going to be that one vixen who work so hard for a rusting tiara just to retain the respect and relevancy that they lost along the way when they figured that their hype had expiration dates -- Just ask Aria jAxon. And with this utterly stupid "point system" decided by the management, I have already foreseen that this would just be nothing but a strong effort wasted and unacknowledged. 

Maybe if you stopped feeling sorry for yourself and followed every advice I have given you, you wouldn't have strayed focus and actually had the ability to defeat me every time we come across each other! But nope, naive little Consuela was too busy pampering Cameron and making her feel like she's a god needing to be worship instead of understanding the fact that Cameron is just a fucking parasite and a laughingstock that nobody wants to deal with. She's almost leading her block, and you're here forced to watch how things are supposed to be done! And even when you question her means, the best you can do is shut the fuck up because you choose to turn the other cheek despite the doubts for the reason that she has more experience in this company than you, if that's even a factor. Why are you of the mentality that you can never get anywhere while being a rookie, Consuela? Is that what your sister taught you? Are those the words you live by? Why are you feeling so sorry for yourself that you got defeated and humiliated by the Heart Break Gal twice? Is that what Cameron told you to do? Now, I don't have any siblings, but I'm pretty sure what she has to do at this point is to help you improve instead of forcing you to kiss the ground she walks on, when we both know that you have the potential to stand on your own. There was no "Wrong place at the wrong time" in any of our encounters, Consuela, and I'm willing to bet that even the defeated Sophie would agree that the result of that tag team match was a product of your carelessness and unpreparedness in situations where you are supposed to prove your standing in this division. She's just a fucking rookie, just like you. She's new to the company and working her way around it, just like you. You have the advantage of having Cameron by your side to tell you the reality of this profession and how to maneuver in situations, but despite that, Sophie is still leap years ahead of you! Do you want to know why? Because unlike you, her intention to succeed is top priority than catering to her family members. Unlike you, she keeps her eyes open to foresee every possible situation so to not get blindsided while Consuela Rose lets her guard down so easily that anyone can stab her back any day of the week. Unlike you, she listens to reason and learns from experience instead of acting so goddamn pitiful with the typical "OH I'm just a rookie who doesn't know shit" excuse after every match that doesn't go her way. Indeed, everyone has seen you in the cards, everyone has heard of Consuela, but even you can admit that the reputation is not a very nice picture to look at by far. I was just beginning to see if you're more than what you lead on, but you refuse to work on these potential because you're still tied to the idea that you need your sister's guidance when you are perfectly capable of walking on your own. 

I don't need to give you any further advice, because this pitch is useless if you're unwilling to act. But you know I'm right about this, Consuela. If you haven't noticed, we've always been on the same page when it comes to overcoming obstacles, but the difference between us is, as Champion, these are things I already know by heart. I analyze the circumstances and act accordingly. I am already bulletproof, and everyone can see that I'm indestructible, while you're over there crying in your corner affected by every little criticism that anyone throws your way all the while wasting your time assuming that I want you gone, when I never mentioned anything about that. You should be utilizing this time to convince the few people who watch you that you are to be taken seriously, and right now you're not doing a good job. You should be stating your intentions and your means to get there, instead of stating how much you are the same from the rest of the vixens today. Don't you want the Vixens Championship, Consuela? Then say it to my fucking face and stop beating around the bush. Stop sounding so fucking pitiful, you're making everyone uncomfortable! Stop making it seem like you're just a target that Vixens should be preying at. Say it loud and clear if you plan on surpassing the Heart Break Gal, and say it even louder how you will have to go through Cameron in order to get it done. Say that this bond between you two will cease to exist once you realize that you have to look out for yourself. SAY IT LOUD, CONSUELA. Cause if you don't, you'll be eaten alive in this division before you even have the chance to succeed. You will be taken down easily and made to look like a fool who will never amount to anything. You will be seen as a useless piece of garbage who is better off not being here. Jesus Christ, the way you're talking right now seems like you're completely satisfied walking to the back of the line while Cailin Dillons and Aria Jaxons take over, when you could be shoving them aside and securing your place in front. It's like you're content being the loser of every situation. It's like you're happy just being walked over. And I assure you if you keep taking the same steps with no improvement, then you shouldn't wonder why everyone says you have a long way to go.
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Post on September 10th 2016, 4:46 pm by Bloody Jack
[Somewhere in the American desert…
Zack stands upon a tall rock, his long hair fluttering in the wind, and a single ray of sunlight beating down upon him, casting a majestic and powerful image of a leader.  Beneath him, row upon row of OMERTA followers surround him, each wearing a concealing mask and an identical OMERTA t-shirt.  The scene is eerily reminiscent Jesus’s sermon on the mount, as the horde gazes upon Zack with cult-like devotion.  He surveys his “family” for a moment, taking in the silence as they anxiously wait for their ruler to impart onto them his wisdom.  Then, he takes a deep breath, and begins HIS sermon on HIS mount!]
Zack Crash:  Man is an animal that runs in packs.  And as such, it is only natural for any individual pack to look toward a certain individual to be its rightful leader.  Mankind is a species that is unable to govern itself.  We need enlightened individuals, men and women of vision and ambition, to guide us through the dark wilderness into the light of a brighter and better tomorrow.  Without a leader, mankind descends into anarchy and chaos.  We see this in every aspect of life.  At home, we have our parents, maintaining the household rules so as to keep order and serenity.  At work, we have our supervisors, overseeing our jobs so that every cog in the machine functions the way it’s supposed to.  Even in nature, there is the alpha male, who gives strength and ensures the packs survival.  And although at times we may question or doubt the decisions they make, at the end of the day, we’re glad they are there.  Because most of us would rather be followers then leaders.  Most of us could not deal with the daily burdens of holding the fates and livelihoods of so many people in the palms of our hand.  Most would crack under the pressure, doubting their every decision, questioning if they’re making the right choice, and dreading the possible outcomes.  It takes a certain level of quiet inner strength and deep mental fortitude to be a TRUE leader of men.  Not just anyone can do the job.  You can’t just gather everyone under a single banner and yell “charge”.  You must also know your army as well as you know yourself; know what they’re best at, what they’re bad at, and how best to use them to everyone’s benefit.  This is why I am a leader, and Matt Ryder is a follower trying to be a leader.             
[He takes a moment to collect his thoughts, as his followers bow and chant…]
Followers:  In OMERTA we trust!  In OMERTA we trust! 
Zack Crash:  This match at Territorial Invasion won’t be decided by any one individuals wrestling abilities.  There is too much ability, too many different of styles, and too many different factors to consider when examining such a collection of Elitists.  Instead, the difference between victory and defeat will be determined by the men leading these groups of individuals.  Throughout history we have seen great armies, men that were better trained and outnumbered their foes by a vast majority, brought down by lesser forces, all because of the actions and decisions of the one man at the top.  300 Spartans were able to fend off a Persian army of thousands, all because of their leader King Leonidas.  Hundreds of American soldiers were annihilated by Sitting Bull and his forces because of Custer’s stupidity.  These are two prime examples of how the leader was the deciding factor in the outcome of these historic battles.  With this in mind, let us examine now the two leaders of this coming war…myself and Matt Ryder. 
Followers:  In OMERTA we trust!  In OMERTA we trust! 
[Zack begins pacing up and down his mount as he begins making his cases against Team Ryder and it’s leader Matt.  He gestures passionately using his arms and hands to emphasis certain points of his speech.]
Zack Crash:  First off all we must look at how each of us acquired our troops.  While Matty crawled on bended knee, begging and pleading for others to join his lost cause, I actually had men (Tiberius Jones) come to me asking to be on my team.  Why?  Because they have seen what I have done as a leader both in EAW and in OMERTA, and they see the benefit of aligning with a winner.  The others, I simply had to make an offer (Lannister) they couldn’t refuse, and they gratefully accepted, and one (Nico Borg) even before the offer could even be made.  And others (Terry Chambers) were already within my ranks.  So clearly I know how to inspire others.  But more than that, my team is a team that compliments each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  We have strength, we have skill, we have experience, we have cunning, we have ambition, and we a leader to bring it all together.  We are, in fact, the perfect team.  Now lets look at the enemy forces.  Firstly you cannot ignore the fact that before this match has even started, dissension has already occurred within the ranks.  Cyclone, most likely Matty’s biggest recruit, has abandoned his teammates.  The dirt sheets will tell you it’s because of a “contract dispute” but this is a cover up.  In reality, it is because he saw the futility of Matty’s fight, and decided to get out of dodge before it was too late.  So even if he is a coward, at least he’s a smart coward.  But regardless of the reason, how can Team Ryder hope to beat my team when they can’t even stay together long enough to get to the ring?  Then you have Lioncross, a man who has already in one team outing proven himself to be more liability than asset.  A man who was full of potential and promise when he won Cash In The Vault, only to disappoint us time after time since Pain For Pride.  Not much of a threat there.  Next is Chris Elite, Matty’s only true friend in this match, which isn’t saying much.  A man who has taken years to get as far as he is today.  Let me tell you something Chris, in the time it took you to earn this one midcard championship, I was already the longest reigning tag champ in history, a Cash In The Vault winner, and a World Champion.  So keep patting yourself on the back and saying good job, but to me any man who takes THIS long to succeed only did so cause he was lucky, because even a broken clock is right at least twice a day.  Next is Tyler Parker, a man who has fallen from grace so terribly, even I almost pity him.  And Ryan Marx, a man who has no dog in this fight, other than to be a replacement.  But can you really trust a replacement to give his 100% to your cause?  This young man has a lot to offer EAW, and I doubt he wants to endanger his career by making the wrong enemy this early.  Isn’t that right Mr. Marx?  This is a team of misfits with differing motivations, all of whom will have no chemistry and will fall apart under the leadership of an already broken man.  They are lead by a man who has lost the last two times he encountered myself and OMERTA in that ring, which by his own standards, makes him a loser and failure.  How can anyone expect such a man to lead his forces anywhere except into defeat and humiliation?  I have far more experience leading men than anyone on Team Ryder could ever dream of.  I have led a rebellion when I first took control of EAW.  I have led men in the boardroom as Chairman of EAW.  I have even led men into battle in this very match type, as this is my third year IN A ROW leading a team into the War Games Match.  With that kind of experience behind me and the team I’ve built backing me up, how can Matty’s even hope to defeat mine?  The short answer…they can’t.  This is a game of chess, and Matty’s an amateur playing against a grandmaster.
Followers:  In OMERTA we trust!  In OMERTA we trust! 
Zack Crash:  Damien Murrow made a huge mistake when he allowed Matty Ryder to be his vanguard and his defender of the Showdown brand.  Because every single time me and Matty have EVER shared a ring together, he has always come out the worst for it.  When I gave him his job back…I beat the shit out of him!  When he and Chris Elite tag teamed together…he was destroyed after the match!  When we met at Dia Del Diablo…I burnt him alive!  When he and Lioncross got together…he was humiliated!  Do you see the pattern here?  Matty has neither the physical nor mentally capabilities to overcome the awesome power that is OMERTA.  Everyone looked at me; looked at us and called us a joke.  So they figured they could sit on their ass and wait, and sooner or later we’d simply disappear.  Only now we’ve shown that we aren’t going anywhere.  Now everyone is scrambling to try and stop us, but it’s too late.  We’ve inserted ourselves so deeply into every aspect of EAW that you cannot possible unravel the web we’ve weaved together.  Your team is doomed Matty, which is a shame because I look at the pathetic souls you’ve tricked into dying for you, and I see some potential in them.  But they’re throwing it away in fighting for the wrong side.  Such a terrible waste.  Look at them Matty.  Look deep into their eyes before you bring them to the arena.  Get to know them, learn about their families, their hopes and desires, so that you can appreciate the full weight of the burden you will soon be bearing.  Because all the pain, all the humiliation, and the defeat they are about to suffer…all of it is your fault.  Then I want you to visit every single member of the Showdown roster.  I want to see the disappointment in their eyes…because you’re about to fail them again.  Finally, I want you to find a mirror and take a good long look at yourself.  I want all of this to come washing over you as you gaze at your ugly, burnt reflection.  I want you to take all of this in before that clarifying moment when you finally understand…you’ll never be better than me or anyone in OMERTA.
Once you have realize all of this…I will own you…forever!  
[Zack stops his pacing and stands eerily still for a long moment, not saying anything.  The crowd is equally still and silent, waiting for Zack’s final words.  After hearing a pin drop, Zack adopts an almost celestial pose and adds his final thoughts.]  
Zack Crash:  Blessed are the ambitious in spirit, for their kingdom is the wrestling kingdom!
Blessed are those who fear not consequences, for they are immune to everything!
Blessed are the strong, for they will inherit the possessions from the weak!
Blessed are those who hunger for power, for they will fill their lust!
Blessed are those who show no mercy, for they shall find victory!
And blessed are those who trust in OMERTA…for they are the children of war!
Now…let the games begin!
[Zack Crash raises his arm to his side, closes his eyes, and tilts his head towards the heavens.  Whether he looks like an angel descended from Heaven…or a demon risen from Hell depends upon YOUR perspective.  His followers raise their hands toward their leader, and in a loud voice, both Zack and his congregation declare…]

[Fade to black.]
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 10th 2016, 3:01 pm by Cameron Ella Ava
“When I look in a Mirror.”—Voltage and Turbo

(If I advance to the semi-finals)

“I think that this entire thing is nothing more than a charade, Cameron; a charade so you can still look in the mirror and find a reason to smile.”—Sophia Rose

I don’t need to smile, Sophia. At least, not right now. I’ll have time to smile when I become Empress of Elite, but becoming Empress of Elite wouldn’t be the reason that I decide to smile. I’ll smile when I looked at your sad and angry faces. I’ll smile when I find the twenty-three other salty Vixens who wish that they can be Cameron Ella Ava. I’ll smile at the thought that it took a Vixen who considered this Division of being beneath her to win Empress of Elite. At last, this hopeless Division can finally look up to an Empress who can revive the Division with hope and shape it to the way that she wants it to be. You see, that places a smile on my face; however, it’s not the only thing I see when I look into the mirror. All I see when I look into the mirror as one of the most beautiful visionaries that EAW has ever had. She’s more than looks. Her punch can shake a whole Division down to its core. You’re looking at one of the wonderful women who built the Vixens Division to what it is today. Without me, there would be no Vixens Division at all. Without me, this place would have remained dead after The Lyndivias left it high and dry. Vixen after Vixen after Vixen left this Division. The difference between me and the Vixens you bring up in comparison to me is that they walked. I stayed. It didn’t matter if this Vixen Division had twenty-four Vixens or if I was the only one left. I never bailed on EAW when things got tough for us women. You have the nerve to call this entire thing a charade? Is Cameron Ella Ava a charade? Is this nothing, but a character we see in EAW television each and every week?  Let me assure you that this is me. On Voltage, the opponent you get is one-hundred percent me. I’m the realist Vixen in EAW. I’m the Katy Perry in a room full of Taylor Swifts. I’m the Barbie in a room full of Bratz. I’m not a sham. I’m not fake as some people like to make me up to be. Sophia, you can believe all that you’ve heard around the locker room or you can listen straight from me. Empress of Elite is anything, but a sham for me. It’s a reason to keep fighting. It’s constant motivation to finally have something over these Vixens. Just like I’ve said before. I need to win this. If I win, it finally proves something to these dumb bimbos that I have and always will be better than them. When I do accomplish my goal of becoming Empress, I’ll have another reason out of my million reasons to smile and trust me, it will be such a beautiful smile. You’ll just be willing to do anything to wipe it off my face. [smiles] Do you want to slap the smile off of me, Sophia? I dare you.

I’m no longer great. I was never great, Sophia. I was always the best. It doesn’t matter what I see myself in the mirror because whatever I see in the mirror projects to reality each and every time I step foot into the ring. I see a woman who has to continue to work her hardest despite being told by less worthy Vixens that she is no longer great. I see a woman who is I see a twenty-eight-year-old woman who continues to prove week in and week out that she could hang around these younger Vixens. There are people that state that I have lost my touch. They think that I’ve peaked. They think that I should be casted aside for younger women like Aria Jaxon and Cailin Dillon. At this point in my career, I’m just reminding every single doubter in EAW that I shouldn’t be cast aside for anyone at all. The last thing that people should think is that I should just step aside and let these younger Vixens take the spotlight that rightfully belongs to me? Hell no. I step aside to no one. I’m not going to let someone like you tell me that I’m struggling to keep afloat in EAW. Does it look like I’m struggling? Does it look like I’m just gasping for air until someone throws a float for me to hold on too? I’m not struggling as much as you would like me too. I’m not struggling to find my place in the Vixens Division like you are. I’m not a Vixen that is looking to make her name while facing veteran like myself. I know how much a victory against me must mean to you. It could be the one thing besides Empress of Elite to jumpstart your career. It is then when I have a problem with you. I’m not going to allow Vixens to use me to make a name for themselves. I’m not allowing anymore Vixens to get a victory over me to get the opportunities that are rightfully mine. Sheridan, Aria and Cailin were the only Vixens to get a victory over me. They are the only three to get a victory over me for as long as I’m in the Vixens Division. I refuse to let you get a victory over me. If I lose to you, does that mean I stop believing that I’m the best? Does that mean I must think myself as beneath of you? No, I’ll continue to believe that I’m the Greatest of All Time. The question that should be on your mind is what happens to you after I end you in the ring? Where does the newbie Sophia Rose go after a defeat against Cameron Ella Ava? You might as well ask Haruna, Azumi, Hatsukyo and Nicole what happened to them after a victory over me.  Nicole and Hatsukyo will never recover from it. Azumi and Haruna will continue to go back to being irrelevant and you, Sophia? You might as well go back to Cincinnati, take a good cry on your father’s shoulder and tell him that you failed. You failed at defeating the Queen of the Vixens. You failed at putting me down. You are nothing special. You’re just a poor Vixen who’s almost having her fifteen minutes of fame expire. 

These six months have been awful. These six months have been the worse in my career. If I win Empress of Elite, it proves that there must have been a reason why I lost my Interwire Championship to TLA. There must be a reason why I lost the Vixens Cup to Sheridan Muller. There must have been a reason why I submitted to Aria Jaxon. There was a reason why I was outsmarted by Jamie O’ Hara. Perhaps me facing failure after failure has led me to this point where I become Empress of Elite. Perhaps, this is an opportunity to redeem myself. There’s a reason why Cailin Dillon is in the finals. She was the woman I failed to defeat before this tournament even began. The reason it has become this way. This is all sign that it is meant to be me to advance to the semi-finals, defeat Madison Kaline and meet her in the finals. This journey has not been perfect at all. There were some unexpected contenders that could have become Empress of Elite such as: Veena Adams, Erica Ford and especially you, Sophia. I was a favorite from the start. There is a part of me that does not want to prove the naysayers right. I don’t want you to get the impression that I’ve lost my ways. That I lost my touch. Personally, I feel like I’ve gotten better over the years. I feel like the older I got, the more better my career has gotten. This year, it’s been a struggle, but I know it’s going to pay off. Empress of Elite is going to be that giant payoff I’ve been waiting for all year. This isn’t a sign of desperation within me. This is a sign of motivation. I’m more motivated than ever to become Empress of Elite. I want to become Empress of Elite. This tournament can jumpstart or a career or give it the boost that the Vixen really needs. I’m not holding on to this tournament like it is the last thing that I need. My career is not going to die without it, but if there’s anyone who could benefit from being Empress, it could be me. Desperation is for the weak. Desperation is what you’re feeling at the moment. You’re desperate to find a position among the Vixens. You’re desperate to get this victory. I know that you’re going to be trying to do anything to make me stay down. To make me beg for this entire thing to be over. What happens when I don’t do that, Sophia? What happens when things don’t go according to plan for you? Are you going to panic? Are you going to get frustrated? Angry? If you do that, then you’re making things a lot easier. I’m going to this Deathmatch with a full idea of what I need to do in order to win Block D and face Madison Kaline. It should be safe to say that Cailin vs. Cameron is going to be your finals. I’m moving on to Territorial Invasion and I’m getting the fucking crown.

And, you’re not going to stop me.

Hey Madison, where are you? Are you scared? Are you hiding from me? Time to get your big girl panties on and face me. There’s a huge possibility that I’m going to demolish the beast called Sophia Rose and I’m going to be your competition for the semi-finals. The last time we faced in the ring, you got the fluke victory over me. You made it seem like I was an easy beat. This is where a majority of the Vixens Division gets the idea that ANYONE can defeat Cameron Ella Ava! Thanks to you, there are Vixens like Azumi and Haruna who believe that I’m easy to conquer! You defeating me won’t be the story this time. This isn’t your story anymore, Madison. You won’t sneak into the finals this year. This final is actually going to consist of talented women. This final is going to consist of two of the best Vixens in the Division fighting for the crown that we all have been desiring for the past month. All the blood, sweat and tears I have put into the ring is going to pay off. I get it. You’re probably one of those Vixens that think that I should step aside for the new talent. You’re probably one of those Vixens that think that I’ve peaked and my time is up. I’ve heard the same old shit throughout this tournament, so I’m interested to hear from you. You’ll probably say a bunch of old jokes while pretending to be a cute, but demented bitch. Basically, every Madison Kaline promo against me. For once, I wish that you give me something that I can work with. Something that will not be a waste of my time. I want you to prove to not only me, but to everyone that you’re the rightful winner of Block C. There are some people who think that it should have been HBG who won Block C. I mean, she was better than you in every single way. If somehow Sophia Rose faces you, she’s probably better in her three weeks than you are in your entire career. The competition you’re have the chance of facing are more advance than anything that you could have conjured up in your mind. So Madison, please. I’m begging to see what you’re going to say, not only to me, but to Sophia Rose. It doesn’t matter who you face, you won’t make it past them. You’re not going to make it past me. The competition will be too much for you. You won’t be able to handle it. When it involves me, you’re never going to measure up. You’re never going to be as good as me. You’re never going to be the best. I don’t even know how you even advanced over the competition you had. Well, it’s Block C and most of the Vixens in Block C  are jokes, except Consuela because she’s the best. Either talking to you is probably one of the biggest wastes of my time or not, but if we see each other on Turbo, then I wish you luck because losers need it.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 10th 2016, 2:07 pm by Guest
Voltage 02

'' Some individuals like to interrogate me on the meaning of German Efficiency. I don't condemn or attack them for such, humans are naturally curious. It's perfectly understandable to show uncertainty when somebody claims their lifestyle is superior. They come off as ignorant, pretentious, idiotic. German Efficiency isn't perfect, nothing is in this world. If it were, I'd still be in the Empress Of Elite tournament, I'd have an undefeated, unmarked record in this promotion. But it's damn near close. Whilst I am not undefeated, I win a majority of my matches, and I do so without having to cheat, I do so without having to hype myself up on social media, or denounce and humiliate my opponents. I do so through wrestling, I do so through efficiency. Let us hand out an example of German Efficiency. It's Saturday, Voltage is less than two days away, yet only three people, including myself, have bothered to talk about this match. I for one dislike Sports Entertainment, I make that very clear, I don't need it, and I believe that too much effort is placed onto the latter half of the phrase, leaving the former half without direction. I am an athlete, I am efficient, so whilst I may dislike entertainment being in the world of professional wrestling, I still do my job, and I do so efficiently. I do so without complaints, or mocking, I speak eloquently, I address the issues I may have with my partners or my opponents, and I do so without throwing shade, I do so coming off as sociable and friendly. Yet others perceive my lifestyle is the complete opposite. Oh, it's German, it must be evil. That means she's evil, she must be a bitch. People question German Efficiency, people doubt German Efficiency, and these are the same people who show the complete opposite. They support Sports Entertainment yet do not record promotional videos, they lose in the ring. Nobody can claim that German Efficiency doesn't exist at this point. People know it does, and instead of joining me they're scared, and they say whatever it'll take in an attempt to slither doubt into my mind. People claim all the time they're god, there's no chance in hell that they'll lose a match. I don't, I'm not an idiot, I know in the world of Sports Entertainment, interferences and backstage politics can have an effect on any match. I just claim to be superior, because I am. Nobody tells me that German Efficiency is just a catchphrase anymore, nobody says that, that Sheridan girl just talks shit. Whatever I say in these videos, I back up in the ring. I prove and justify my lifestyle. Look at me, I'm beautiful, intelligent and a wonderful athlete. This is all true, and it is thanks to German Efficiency, German engineering. My country works less hours yet produces more. My country holds the names of some of the most famous scientists in the world, as well as famous athletes and famous engineers. We perceive space and time differently due to the theory of relativity. Speaking of space, German engineering took the Americans to the moon. Boris Becker is the youngest man in the world to win Wimbledon. Michael Schumacher is a seven time Formula One World Champion. Germans are just born into superiority, born into efficiency, and I personify such every time I step into a ring, elevate whoever my opponent is, and justify once again that German Efficiency is the superior lifestyle. I don't record videos to tell you lies, I record videos to show that I am the most efficient woman in the world. I come here to speak the truth, say things that nobody else dares to say. You believe I give a fuck about backstage politics? No matter who tries to hold me down, who attempts to hold me back, I beat them. Look at Kendra Shamez, look at Madison Kaline. Unfortunately for me the higher powers favour others other me, despite the fact I make them more money, produce higher quality matches in the ring, and am a more efficient worker outside of it. I blame Sports Entertainment, people look at me and they just see a German, who dislikes humour, likes war and hates the world. This is not true. I just hate American cultural and political imperialism. I dislike Sports Entertainment. I just want to make this company, this Vixens division more efficient and more useful. I'm not a bad person, I'm not an antagonist, I want to make the viewing for the audience more clean and polished, I want to make wrestling from an athletic point of view more appealing. I want to bring German Efficiency, pure, superior wrestling to Efficiency Answers Wrestling. The people who question if I am efficient are the same ones who have failed to release a video for you guys. The people who are favoured are those who are the most lazy. These same people question when I'll cash in my Vixens Cup, they ask, if I am so efficient, why did I not cash it in the day I won it, but when I give them a clear, logical answer they bat it out and continue to poke and prod. Here's the reason why, it is because as a division we're not efficient enough. Everything will be perfect when I cash in, become the Vixens World Champion, become a proper role model and ambassador for this division and implement German Efficiency into this division. Unfortunately a cancer still floats in this division, and I am the antidote, I am the cure. We still have people on contract who are here to be famous, here to be entertainers. People lurk in this division who barely make an effort, yet are placed higher on the hierarchy than the likes of myself. I have a perfectionist attitude, a workaholic mindset, I have blueprints and plans that have been edited, chipped and scrapped, but they're reaching perfection. It comes with being German, when I cash in this division will be efficient enough, and then I can spread my message, spread my superiority to the rest of the division, and make the Vixens division as efficient as it can be. I know names that are not useful, I know people who dis-agree with my approach, they are offended, they are jealous. When I become a champion, this division will emphasise the sports in Sports Entertainment, when I become a champion, this division will reach peak efficiency, and backstage politics and interferences will no longer exist. Women will not have to fight in stipulation matches for the Specialists Championship. Women will have to earn every victory instead of being gifted opportunities and chances on a plate. I am a revolutionist, I am the Personification of German Efficiency, and I will continue to prove and justify every word that escapes my lips when I gain a victory on Voltage, and bring this division one percent closer to a more German, more Efficient era. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 10th 2016, 10:54 am by Ryder
“When there is no vision, there is no hope.” ... “And when you can’t make people see the light, you make them feel the heat.” ... “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” ...

The war is on. For weeks upon weeks, I have found myself getting cut short here, pushed aside there, disappointed there and stepped on here, but at last, that will be no more. A few quotes from established individuals doesn’t set a moniker for the story of Team Ryder, but in short, it sets the purpose. Sometimes, other people say something better than you ever could, and you just have to steal from them and use it as your own. I couldn’t find the words to inspire individuals, I can hardly find the words to inspire myself, but what I can find is a purpose. There is not a single soul in this company who can correlate words such as “pleasant” or “entertaining” with the group… OMERTA. When I came back, it was because of a gift, an opportunity handed to me from Zack Crash… And then that opportunity turned to humility as he embarrassed and beat me down at his knees at the draft. Sometimes, it takes an ember to start a fire, and that fire was about a brush level when I took the fight to him at Dia Del Diablo. What is undeniable is that Zack Crash got his poor ass handed to him time and time again in that match, and his victory will forever be marked with a little asterisk. That asterisk, you may ask, will note the obvious: Zack Crash could not win without the help of Hades and rigging the system. This isn’t a difficult concept, and this doesn’t turn my argument into a fallacy, because he did defeat me in the end… In the record books, it’ll be “Zack Crash def. Matt Ryder” for Dia Del Diablo 2016… But after that? What has actually gone in his direction. He still cannot defeat me fairly and whole heartedly, he takes out Lioncross and then commences in a beatdown of us both, but what was the actual lesson of that match? Zack Crash isn’t in control. As Damien Murrow and the Agents of Elite bloodied and ruthlessly annihilated his poor prodigy JJ Silva, Zack and Terry had nothing to do but run and attempt to save him… An--AND ZACK CRASH COULDN’T EVEN DO THAT WITHOUT THE ASSISTANCE OF HADES! DOESN’T THAT LINE START TO SOUND REPETITIVE AFTER AWHIL---No, no… Zack Crash failed to protect his boy, and without Hades, Zack would have lost his future, his prospect, his… OMERTA Jewel. That is what JJ Silva is to Zack Crash, a jewel on a necklace that can be just as easily replaced with a testosterone pill named Terry Chambers. EAW has had to deal with the absolute chaos and ignorance of OMERTA for far too long… It isn’t a simple nip the bud situation, because this cancer of a group has bloomed in full… But, no flower stays in bloom forever, and OMERTA, your season is nearly over. At Territorial Invasion, you do not have a clue what you’re dealing with. You sparked an ember many months ago Crash, and as that ember grew on and on, you now have to deal with a goddamn wildfire. It’ll be a glorious, glorious night for Team Ryder come Territorial Invasion, and for Team Crash… When that fire reaches you, you’ll simply crash and burn.

“Never underestimate the power of your rivals.”

A simple phrase like that, donned from Sid Waddel, may be just cliche or even common sense, but doesn’t it ring loudly when the variables start to make their noise too? Team Ryder versus Team Crash, and you look at the names and you know what you see? A lot of questionable names. There is the established respect for individuals like Tyler Parker and Lioncross, but I can see it now, my opponents mentioning and slandering my inconsistent history, Chris Elite’s lack of success over seven years, and I can confirm that there will be someone with the “Who even is Ryan Marx?” Well, you’ve got one hell of a match coming for you if you think that. Chris Elite, a champion, that is more than we can say about anyone on Team Crash right now! Elite has experience and although he hasn’t seen the top of the pedestal, he sure as hell isn’t as low on it as someone like Terry Chambers. What about Ryan Marx? The single handed best up and comer in EAW? If anyone underestimates what the Philosopher can do - whether he acts for himself or for the team - they’ll have one hell of a lesson to learn. And me? Matt Ryder… He has seen what many can argue is the top, and he dropped the ball. He comes back and back, time and time again, just to leave out of thin air? “Matt Ryder is just another thing, he’ll be gone in a few weeks.” “Matt Ryder, talk about a bust of the decade, am I right?” “HAHA Matt Ryder? Do you really think that this dude is serious, he just busts jokes and says stupid shit!” I’ve heard it all. You can throw the disappointment card, you can toss out a few “Fake World Champion” jabs, or you can simply question how serious you can take me. I say this all right now because it’s all anyone will say, and the response is simple: Wait and see. Lannister may be questioning and ignorant to the concept of change, odd for how many different versions we have seen of this man, but in all reality, change is always happening. Right now, at this very second, a second goes by, and time changes. Another second goes by, time changes. Ten years go by and Zack Crash still hasn’t gotten laid… But time changes. Change is alwa---CHANGE IS HAPPENING, AND YOU WILL SEE. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A MORE FIRED UP MATT RYDER IN THIS WHOLE FUC---No… Change is always happening. You can deny it, you can try to make an excuse, but whenever you pull out the “Matt Ryder hasn’t changed” line, there is only a simple three word response that you should memorize: Wait and see.

“Bigotry and judgement are the height of insecurity.”

When the stallions of transport bring the men into battle, they only know one thing: Move forward and keep your rider progressing. What your stallions do not know is that their lives are in question, the rider is in question, and that there is no confirmation that they’ll gallop again. These variables all lie in one key… Who are you riding into against? When Territorial Invasion comes and Team Ryder meets in the two cells with his opponents, you may ask, who are they and what do they have? It’s actually far more simple than you’d expect. Zack Crash, the manipulating, shallow, joke of a man who can only succeed when others carry him; Terry Chambers, the Grand Rampage least-valuable-player and syringe pumping freak that hasn’t had a single ounce of importance; Nico Borġ, the Maltese man who could not defeat a man who builds his life around Pizza, even when the National Elite Championship is dangling before him; Tiberius Jones, a klepto with an unsettling fascination for mysterious liquids and cannot find success versus the likes of Vance Tybull; Lannister… Now this one requires a deeper explanation. Lannister, Lannister, Lannister… I will ask the question that everyone is wondering: Why are you in this match? It is not an attack on you, but an attack on your morals. You claim that you are no one's man, and that can be seen with the onslaught you you put onto Zack Crash and even I… Yet you still work for Crash. He hired you and made you his bitch.  You cannot deny all you want - and I even expect you to - but you’re giving him exactly what he wanted. I pushed and poked you until I made you snap, and you know what I proved? That the strong aura that surrounds the man “Lannister” can be sliced in half with a simple verbal katana. You are not the man you say you are, you are actually quite wrong in what you say… You say we are far on the spectrum, but we really aren’t. In the ring, it is proven we are both talented individuals, and in the light of accolades and history, we are even closer than you think. You bring up how I have a history of nothing - no success - but then I ask, who are you to talk? Who here is the man that lost time after time again to Ares Vendetta and Tiberius Jones? Did you take a mouth full of spit from Jones, is that how you’ll excuse yourself? Because now that you’ve sold yourself out, you’re working with him…. And for what? WHAT DOES THIS MATCH HAVE TO DO THAT IMPACTS YOU? WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES LANNISTER HAVE TO BENEFIT FROM BEING ZACK CRASH’S LITTLE GERMAN BIT---No. Stop… Lannister, you are not who you make yourself to be. You are not even a small percentage of what you WANT to be. Territorial Invasion, you may be trying to build yourself a cognomen as a “Lone Wolf Lannister Lion Imperial Eagle…” But you’re not that at all. You’re a shame of a man whose morals lie nowhere but in your pocket - figurative or literal - and it isn’t even a challenge to decipher that. Once people said, “Give me liberty, or give me death,” but now they say: “Make me a slave, just pay me enough.” 

Lannister… Your pseudo-confidence you’ve built is about to crumble before you…

Tiberius… Your chances of winning are about to stolen from you; ironic, is it not?...

Nico… Another Free Per View, another disappointing loss. Choose your allegiances and listen to God a little more…

Terry… Let’s hope you last longer in this match than the Grand Rampage, for the sake of your team…

Crash… Zack Crash… Let’s hope that this proves a final point to you, a lesson in it all… OMERTA is dead, and as much as you want to keep avoiding that reality, it will all cave in on you… At…

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Post on September 10th 2016, 8:19 am by The Elite-Lord
SURPRISE - The eagle has landed once again and the time has come to charge straight out the gates. You didn't heed the warnings, for you should have marked these words centuries ago. It is the territorial instinct within that tends to seize when drawn and cornered. The lion's share wages on, and this is where he'll make the final stand. Supremacy has rusted away, and only now the act of survival can protest the day. Enclosed within this very shrine, Lannister embarks on the lust of this mirroring journey. Very few can endure the grind, for it is unconditional and forever unrelenting. Fusing nerves and flesh to the bone, there's no holding back Lannister this time. The mind narrows to a pinpoint state, and the beast of man has zeroed in on his means of survival. Ripe for the taking, you thought you could lay the king of the jungle down so easily? Through hollow eyes, your salivating, hungry mouth - EAW thought they could chain and tame the nature of the beast. Wishing for the bloody wounds not to clot, the carcass slowly to rot. But here Lannister stands, bound to smash down the walls that stand before him. Matt Ryder, Tyler Parker, Lioncross, Ryan Marx, and Chris Elite - the pillars that must fall. And Lannister is breaking through. Your words, your jests, your false sense of securities - are no match for what's breaking through that door. Your delusioned spirit is not enough of a fortress to calm this relentless attack. Matt Ryder, you have awakened the beast after all. A fish caught in sea, swallowing the hook, and choked out by the sinker of your own despair. You didn't expect the floodgates to be coming at you from this direction, now did you? It's hard to breathe when you're drowning from the very siege. The audacity it requires, to attempt to supplant unto Lannister's will. Cherish your existence as true now, Ryder, and hold your breath as long as you can - for Lannister has not once last gasp of mercy left to give out.

Commemorate and defile yourself into fragments in which you hold dear, because when morning's due, your trail is primed to wither away into the code of dust. You think these are false idols, false aspirations of a man that is primed to decay? Perhaps in the betterment of your own cliches, Lannister would fit these molds, but you cannot possibly decree that from in which you stand. Who are you, Matt Ryder, to judge the lion? You've abandoned everything you've once believed in, only to repeat the cycle tenfold when the moment of truth came to prepare time and time again. You've continuously been a man who burns through the weights of courage. To put your virtues to the torch, deadened to the core. But perhaps to a man of your stature, you are sworn to delete the filmed memories and create a new perspective. Lannister sees the logic, after all, perspective is all a matter of subjectivity, but you Matt Ryder? You grasped for the embers of Lannister's torch, and judged him all the same. Lannister drowned in his own gold, while you never made it to the podium.

Departed from your own source, you let the dream fade at the first stir of trouble. You call that a man? You call THAT a leader? Not much of a war when the reflective summary of the man leading you into battle is the shell of a never was. A man whose stature is carved in stone, frozen into the chronicles of time. Do you really think Matt Ryder will defy his true nature -- do you really think anybody can defy their core nature? It is a pity that this "leader" confines himself into the barriers of surrender, but that is exactly what his story represents. They say it fades if you let it, and how the fairytale of Ryder's once promising career has cemented into a rubble of false aspirations and wasted potential. You really thought you could judge Lannister and forsake him in this manner? One small step, one chink in the armor of Lannister's legacy dares not compare to the mountain of inadequacy for you, Matt Ryder. Lannister's state of purgatory is no match for your avalanche of excuses. The ever growing shame, submitting yourself to the sentiment from within that you could reap the rewards by feeling just a sense of self gratitude. You purged your will for the sake of betting on your own potential. But potential is a path to forlorn once the path of destiny becomes hardened by the tiniest of shade. Face it, Ryder - you've been oppressed by the dreams that feed, seeking trust in such a hollow, broken creed. No longer can you color in the shades of black and white, for the grey matter has turned your once promising career into strife.

Who are you? You don't even know. Nobody does, and that's the agony and irony of it all, isn't it? Just grey matter, floating away for the spicks and the specks to collect it all away. While you sit there and contemplate what identity it is you wish to have, Lannister has forged an entire empire beckoning his name. While you sat there, observing the dead air because your name has become so worn out to the masses, Lannister became the namesake of fear and brutality that no opposition dare tempt. Lannister knows your means, as you'll attempt to strike back with a feeble claim that change can occur, and how Lannister might not even be that same man. Perhaps you can say that, but it goes back to what Lannister said before, about defying one's true nature. The world knows the identity of Lannister, and even though the man may change, his stature with it, the nature of the beast never does. And when it comes down to it, Matt Ryder, you and Lannister are on the opposite side of the spectrum. History is an unforgiving source to those that don't abide by the fortune of it, and this is a case that follows your harlem dearly. Lannister does believe in the evolution of life, but you Ryder, you are destined to be the blueprint of your own fractured design.

But what does that say about the men that follow you into this battle, hmm? Is it a desperate cry to latch onto any serving concept of substance of power? Is it a lack of awareness and acknowledgment on the part of those leeching souls? Or is this just the case of you recruiting four other misfits to the idea and temptation of feeling purpose? But you fools, Matt Ryder can't give you a purpose. And your means to a war is not a sustainable process to make yourself feel not so obsolete. Do you even know what you are getting yourselves into? What flags you have chosen to wave? Do you even believe the man you banner for? Or is this just the matter of convenience to trouble your means? Lannister very much thinks of it in the latter way, and that is just a recipe for getting yourself swarmed by the fractured intent. Your ambitions will fall by the wayside, for how petty it was of you all to be persuaded by a man who couldn't lead a marching band. But war? Do you even recognize the responsibility that you must harbor, the sequence of potential ill fortune to come out of such a peril mistake? There is the opportunity to be broadened by this conquest of war games, but how likely is it when only Tyler Parker seems to be battle tested for it? There is a strong sense of vulnerability to be had here, and Lannister can definitely smell blood in the water from here on out. It is the trickle down mechanic effect, for a talented man in a bad circumstance is simply a wasted asset. The peasant mentality to represent a hollow symbol for the sake of puny ambitions can only make the skin crawl. Like a baby caught in the midst of a dreaming slumber, eventually the hazard of the world will have its way. Perhaps at the end of the day, it is the ideological concept of misery loves company - and you all are just a microcosm of Matt Ryder's faults. A sympathizer for the one that is destined to lead you astray.

There's a vision laid out in your own mind on how this ordeal is going to play itself out, but how that is nothing more than a fiddle in your own misconceptive minds. For the world spins on its axis only to come full circle, and this story shall tell no different physical law of life. For this is a team assembled to follow, that is to inevitably par off course. A mentality will spawn, that of every man plays a part, to do your deeds, to pay your dues. But this is just an illusion harbored by the state of war that makes you forget the revelation of it all. This systematic, oppressive revolt where you are wrapped up in the fight rather than your purpose in it. You do not feed because you are hungry, you are feeding because you have been convinced as so. You all are bought to the man that came to you with the only bid, a savagery that can only be explained in due time. Soiling the reputation of your works, a pity, that it will come to this. "But what makes you the one with the crystal ball, Lannister" - surely the question that you all wish to direct Lannister's way. But have you not realized it yet? Have you not seen the truth in your role? No matter what you believe in, your loyalty was always up for grabs. Lannister is by no means loyal to Zack Crash, a message he needed to make abundantly clear a few weeks back, but he is loyal to the process. He is loyal to the means of war.

Lannister is the disciple of war, molded by its shade. It churns the blood within, restoring the balance of all that declares itself immortal. A chapter opening and closing, the end versus the beginning. Consumed by it all, in fact. Lannister has waged war and conquered just about any foe that dare oppose him, and it is the only building block that a man can have at his disposal to forge the world as he sees fit. While you all play your part, dawning the facade that is the masquerade, this is where Lannister can shine his true colors. The brute reality of it all, where power can only be defined as power. And when Lannister looks around, observes the scene laid out before him, he looks across the battlefield and sees a brotherhood of men who serve as victims of their own compromise. Desperation has corroded the mind, and for it you shall have this serve as a time capsule to the scene you linked. Your blood will serve as ink, dawning a caption in a page of Lannister's history books, written in your own contempt. A participant to the history, a soldier who figuratively died for the wrong cause. You see this through the echoes of time, men driven by their faith, only to be the mascot of their leader's poor decision making. And this just so happens to be the fate of those that have imposed themselves under the rule of Ryder. The weighted clouds of doubt will soon forecast these gloomy colors. There are perhaps some words of solace that your mind will come across, but they won't leave you with answers. For war is not a game to men that were bred to be soldiers. All, serving as pawns to the great game, with the element of expecting to come out on the better end. A travesty upon itself, condemned by the authority you keep. But through you, without you, the legacy moves on - and you only play fiddle to its lead. But that's what makes war such a romantic magnet, attracting all to its element. And at Territorial Invasion, it is the Team of Ryder that plays ingredient to the display. For there is no guidance, no tactic to abide. Just unmasked purpose to stray you along, like the sheep that you all have forever been. Argue this as you will, but for no assumption will Lannister waste his reason.

But see as you see fit, and look through depths of it all. Look for solitude in your own perspective. You will find peace in your inner battle of the mind. But these are the words that you won't find - as closure is not to come. War has a way to torture your mind, and you will find your sense to crave a new design. But you will never come to peace with this evolution of the mind, and that is where Lannister serves as the guide. Zack Crash didn't recruit another soldier to pawn off on his foe when he invited Lannister to partake. He invited a man that could lead, a known conqueror. A man rising from his own state of ruins, with burning flames meant to reflect on those from his own desire. War now serves as his revival. The cretins came calling, feeding the void that Lannister left when he became the shadow of his former self. But let Territorial Invasion serve as the coronation of a new kingdom rising, a new beckoning of light that shall serve well beyond the means. The will of Lannister shall transfigure through the veil of mire of all that dare impose as a breach to the systematic order. The monarch is coming to claim the territory that once served as his very own promised land. Not as King, but not as a soldier either. For Lannister is not beheld to the titles of his name. Only one name shall resonate through the courses of time... and only one name will they sing folk tales about in this crusade.




War never changes, the old adage goes. A Lannister always pays his debts, another. But at Territorial Invasion, you cannot have one, without the other. For Lannister is the power and embodiment of war. Lannister never changed, and you're going to wish he had. From one conquest to another, this is a debt that Lannister owes upon himself, to see to it that there never comes a day in which the lion succumbs to anything less than his full share. The world is not Lannister's parallel.

For there are no men like me.

There's only ME.

And you shall reap what you sow. Let this moment serve as the scenery and stage when you call out the Lannister name. The coronation of another display...

Some mistakes... you never stop paying for. And long may you rue the day, EAW, when Lannister was the source of your jests.

A price, you are bound to, EAW. And Lannister intends to be paid... in full.
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Post on September 10th 2016, 5:13 am by Guest
When you look in the mirror, Cameron; what do you actually see? I don’t want you to give me a fabricated lie to make yourself feel better; I want to know the woman that you see when you’re staring at your own reflection. Do you still see the Vixen with the hope of grasping onto anything that her heart desire? Do you still see the Vixen that stood at the top of this business as one of the pillars that held this division say standing? Do you actually see a woman that could run through anything that this company or the world places in her way, or do you see yourself for the things that you’ve become? You’re no longer great, Cameron. I said it a few nights ago; you’re trying your hardest to keep your head above water, but as hard as you try, you’re still sinking. You did the same thing the last time you spoke. You spoke about the things that both Kendra and Heart Break Gal has accomplished over the last few months, and the fact that they’ve managed to rebuild themselves back into the positions that they believe they deserve to stand in. Whether it was Heart Break Gal grasping onto the Vixen’s Championship at Pain for Pride, or Kendra Shamez taking the Specialist Championship from Tarah Nova – every time that they begin to stumble, they’ve always managed to regain their footing. You on the other hand, Cameron – it’s no secret that you’re not having the greatest year of your career. You started on a major high as Interwire Champion; something that no other Vixen can say that they’ve accomplished, but from the moment that you lost the championship to TLA – things immediately began heading downhill. The loss to Sheridan Muller, falling to Aria Jaxon twice, and the loss to Jamie O’Hara at Pain for Pride; no matter how hard you’ve tried, you can’t do the same thing that the Vixens that were once considered your equals have. You’ve stumbled, fallen, and now you’re struggling to get back up. You said it best yourself, Cameron. You’re waiting for that grand achievement that rectifies the last six months of your career. You’re waiting for something to grasp onto something that will make the last six months of struggles and hardships all worth it. You’re hoping and praying that the Empress of Elite crown is it – you’re hoping wholeheartedly that this Empress of Elite tournament is you one true opportunity to call yourself a queen, You’re hoping that this Empress of Elite tournament is your opportunity to prove that you still deserve to stand at the top of this division with the likes of Kendra and HBG, and, just like they are, prove that you haven’t reached your peak, and that we still haven’t seen the best of Cameron Ella Ava.
I don’t say that you’re desperate as an insult though, Cameron. So many people take desperation in such a bad light, when in all; it’s really not that bad of a thing. Do you know what happens when you finally become comfortable in the position that you’re in, Cameron? You immediately stop moving forward. Your career hits its peak and you tell the world that you’re as great as you’re ever going to become. I think that’s what happened when you made your way back to this division; not to the level that I just explained, but to an extent. I think that you were overconfident; I think that you were beginning to get comfortable, but luckily for you, you were given the awakening that you needed before you were given the chance to get settled. At the time, the losses to Sheridan and Aria didn’t look great, Cameron, but they were the best thing that has happened to your career. It backed you against a wall. You were forced to fight for the things that you wanted. You were forced to fight for the position that you thought you deserved to stand in. Desperation doesn’t hinder people, Cameron, it makes them better. Desperation allows you to break through your limits! Desperation helps you stand back up when things aren’t going to your way, because that lust to grasp onto the things that you want becomes more than a want, it becomes a need. That’s why you never thought twice about sticking your nose in my match against Haruna. That’s why you ensured that I didn’t walk out at the top of this bracket, and Cameron, that’s why I expect the fight my life on Voltage. I know that we’re both going to put each other through hell. I know that we’re both going to be forced to deal with tortures and pain that we once thought were impossible. The question is Cameron; we know what’s next if you’re able to keep me down and advance, but more importantly, what’s next if you don’t? What happens to Cameron Ella Ava if she falls at the feet of a Vixen that got “lucky” the first time? Are you still going to stand in front of the world and profess about your greatness? Are you still going to claim perfection? Or do you finally admit that you’re not as great as you once were and actually begin moving forward? Truthfully, Cameron, I hope it’s the latter. But, we’re not going to be given an answer until after Voltage, aren’t we?

I’m not going to end this with any fancy one liners; I’m going to wish you luck, Cameron. I truly, truly hope that you bring your best. I hope that you can prove that there’s still some form of greatness left in the Vixen that has been left lying more times than not this year. If I’m given any less, Cameron, we’re not going to get anything worth watching.
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Post on September 9th 2016, 9:13 pm by Stephanie Matsuda
Voltage Promo #1

“The Hard Way”

(The camera opens up to Cloud walking away from a heavy bag. Sitting down on the nearest bench, she takes a sip from her water bottle.)

It’s ironic if you take a look at it. The only one to not be pinned, submitted, or have given up in my block and somehow miss sunshine and rainbows makes it to the semis. Someone who I pinned, someone who I’ve taken to Cloud City, someone with the same win/loss record as me gets to skip ahead all because Raven Lee 2.0 was too lazy to get back into the ring and take her loss like a warrior! *spits* Fine, you want me to do things the hard way EAW universe? Then so be it. I’ll tear apart my four opponents this weekend like I’ve done to them in the past! Tarah Nova by no means was my victory over you a fluke. By no means Did I cheat - I defeated you without the help of Sanatorium. It was just us girls. No weapons, no sidekicks, just two bitches with a bone to pick with one another (laughs). What I did to you was a masterpiece. I broke you down piece by piece and the EAW universe watched as you crumbled before me. There was nothing they could do, and certainly there was nothing you could do. I did to you what Jamie did to Cam - oh did I touch a nerve there sweets? You’re the luckiest woman in the world right now Ms. Ellla Ava and you don’t even know it. Lucky to not be facing me in the finals. Instead you get to fight either Fan Favorite #1 or Fan Favorite #2. Does this mean that I have faith in you defeating Random Blonde #2 and eventually my fellow Sanatorium sister? Maybe yes, maybe no. Why am I bringing you up? Well, I look over across the marquee and I see a woman like you...but not. Counsel or whatever your name is, I must say your performance in this tournament was more than expected. Then again from what I’ve been told you might be the stronger of the two but who knows. What I do know and understand is that Killer Cam will have no choice but to watch the ‘real me’ dominate the ‘other her. Not saying that it’ll be a simple process Ms. Rose Ava, but it’s one that is going to happen regardless.

(takes a sip)

It’s been a year since I’ve arrived in EAW. Remember the first time I walked through these doors ‘Ria? Remember the game we played where we acted like we barely knew each other? If it wasn’t for Cailin pulling up that tag match we had back in Tallahassee, we would have been able to play our game a little longer. Then again, we still got the job done and won that Territorial Invasion vixens  match. I was the game changer in that match, just like I was the game changer in our 8-woman match a few months after, just like I was a game changer in our 6-man match against the people I now call my family. Do you see where I’m getting at ‘Ria? We’re face to face in my element...again. No matter how meaningless a match could seem war is war. Do not mistake my silence for a lack of interest. I will fight this battle with as much tenacity as I’ve done during the entire tournament. I will take this as seriously as I did the night I won the Specialist tournament. It could have been us fighting in the semis. The funny thing is in all the years we’ve known each other, we never had one fought each other in a singles match - Not once, not ever. The semis could have been our first time, but that hungry beast of an ex said otherwise. You thought you slayed her ‘Ria, but it takes more than a victory to put Cai down.

(looks off in the distance for a moment and turns back to the camera)

You’re still playing the role of their little firecracker, happy with that stupid looking trophy. You was once an empress and a champion, but like Tarah you claim a legacy long gone. At least Cai is putting her words where her mouth is, but then again we haven’t crossed paths in this tournament, so she’s another lucky one. Another lucky person- rather people are my partners. They are lucky to be teaming with this tryhard-rollup-backstabber rather than facing me. Sheridan should be lucky my Honda talents doesn’t outclass her Volkswagen capabilities...again. HBG should be fortunate we’re not fighting for her gold and god so help me Haruna Sakazaki should be lucky we’re on even terms with each other.

(stands up)

As for you four? You’re not so lucky. I have a bone to pick with that coward Autumn Raven and Ms. Judas. I’m not finished with destroying Tarah Nova and as for Consuela...you’re just collateral damage sweetheart. We could have done this the easy way. I could have not been screwed by my own stablemate and coward of an opponent and gone on to sit on my rightful throne. But no...EAW likes the hard way. Fine, so be it. What I’ve done since PFP is nothing compared to the hell I’m about to unleash. The war will continue and I’ll remain its queen. In the words of a former best friend…

All. Hail.
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EAW Promoz!

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