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 The Trial Episode 2

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Scott Oasis

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PostSubject: The Trial Episode 2    July 26th 2016, 7:06 pm

EPISODE TWO: “When Worlds Collide”

Male voiceover: Previously on The trial!

(The cast is shown walking through the beach as the camera zooms into Starr Stan.)

Starr Stan: Welcome everybody to the first ever installment of The Trial!

(Everyone begins to cheer and celebrate as the scene changes to the cast randomly choosing their partners. The teams are shown one by one as some are seen happy and excited and others, such as Y2Impact, ashamed and distraught.)

Y2Impact in Confessional: Ashlynne is this gross monstrosity that I want no relationship with AT ALL.

(The scene then shifts to the casts first night in their Trial household. Alliances have begun and rivalries are already beginning to brew.)

Dark Demon IC: I know that I can outsmart any of these morons. I’ll put all of my hard earned money on that statement. I’m THAT confident.

(A transition is made as we see Dark Demon in a room alongside Carlos Rosso, TLA and Xavier Williams. They seem to have overheard something as ongoing argument between Angela and Ashlynne gets the attention of everyone in the house.)

Ashlynne IC: This woman is getting on my last damn nerve. I don’t think I can control myself at this moment.

(Angela is shown on top of the dining table with her bra and pants on as the camera zooms into her face. The black pigment from her eyes has ran down onto her cheeks, her face is swollen from all of the crying she’s done for the past day. Her hair is a greasy mess as she yells at the top of her lungs to the fellow castmates.)


Aren IC: This is getting way too out of hand, my partner has lost her mind! I don’t think there’s any way to stop her at this point.

(Finally, the scene is shifted to where the previous episode left off. Angela and Ashlynne are at eachothers throats yelling insult after insult. Angela shoves Ashlynne hard enough to throw her off balance as she falls on her bottom. Ashlynne jumps right back up and begins to shove Angela even harder. The screen fades to black….)

(The beginning credits depicting the 13 teams is shown. The logo appears and the show begins!)

(It is chaotic in The Trial house as the likes of Aren, Nasir, Cailin, Aria and Stephanie try to interfere as Angela and Ashlynne go to blows, each of them having a good grip of the other and refusing to let go. The two collapse to the ground and begin trading shots there.)



(Suddenly, Sheridan Mueller comes from out of nowhere and grabs Angela by her hair, attempting to calm down the situation.)

Sheri IC: In that moment, I felt entitled to stop this madness. Everyone was having a great time until those two starting to get into it.

(Angela is shown giving Sheridan a backhanded smack that knocks Sheridan to the floor. Everyone is left in complete silence as Sher grabs her throbbing cheek and looks up.)

Sher IC: When I felt her hand smack my face I knew that there was no stopping me from there.

(Sheridan jumps up and begins giving Angela blow after blow right on her head! Angela is completely eating Sheridan’s fists that are coming at her face. Angela falls back and she too, jumps up and begins brawling with Sher. The cast and crew attempt to separate the two and after many attempts they finally get them off of each other.)

Aria IC: I can’t believe this is happening right now.

TLA: Sher! What the fuck are you doing, holmes?!

TLA IC: I’m not one to listen to rules homie, but I don’t know whether Donald Trump J.R just ruined this opportunity for us.



(Tarah, Cailin and Stephanie grab Angela and drag her to her room. They lay her down on her bed and cover her with blankets as Angela continues to yell and cry. Finally, after many hours have passed, Angela is seen sleeping soundly as the rest of the castmates are still left in awe. The camera transitions to TLA, Sheridan Mueller and Aren Mstislav sitting on the balcony of the home.)

Aren: I just don’t know what’s going to happen now. I’m at a loss for words.

TLA: (Puts up his hands) We’re done. Simple as that.

Sher: I was just keeping her in check, something the rest of you couldn’t do!

TLA: There was no need to get involved holmes, leave them be.

Aren: Yeah, no need for you guys to go home with me too.

Sher: But she smacked me across the face. I don’t let anyone do that to me in the ring, you guys think I was going to let that slide ESPECIALLY since Angela was being a complete asshole all day today?

Sher IC: I don’t care what anyone says, German Efficiency showed it’s true potential tonight. If it wasn’t for me putting that broad in her place then we would still be suffering with Angela.

(We cut to the room of Matt Miles, Phoenix Winterborn, Chris Elite and Nick Angel as they converse with each other following recent events.)

Nick Angel: That fight sure was something, huh?

Matt Miles: It was more than that. It was a game changer. Could you imagine if Starr were to decide to send the teams involved packing?

Chris Elite: Aw yeah, Aren out of the house? If that happens, I call dibs on Aria!

Phoenix Winterborn: Can you think about more than that, please?

Matt Miles: Yeah, look at the bigger picture here. That’s potentially three teams gone right there before we would even have to go into a challenge or an elimination. With the herd being thinned like that, and our numbers factored in, we’d be golden.

Phoenix Winterborn: We still wouldn’t be out of the woods because who knows what guys like Imp, Tyler or Demon could have in store. We still have to actually WIN. Those are all big players and great athletes, four teams don’t mean anything when guys like those could just keep winning and putting our little group in.

Matt Miles: I guess you’re right. We would have to expand.

Nick Angel: I think I would have us covered there.

Matt Miles: What do you mean by that?

Nick Angel: I got a few friends we could bring in to the fold.

Chris Elite: Since when do you have friends? Are we talking imaginary?

(Phoenix Winterborn gives Chris a quick smack to the back of the head.)

Chris Elite: The hell!?

Phoenix Winterborn: Go ahead, Nick.

Nick Angel: Oh, no worries Phoenix. Friendly ribbing between roommates should be accepted, just shows that I’ve been accepted in the circle! Anyway, right off the bat I think Maria would be on board. Me and her have really been reconnecting I feel.

Matt Miles: …….

(Matt looks around the room, locking eyes with both Phoenix and Chris as they hesitantly nod in agreement.)

Matt Miles: Are you sure about that, Nick?

Nick Angel: I swear dude, me and her are tight. Once we bring in her to the silent agreement, on the good chances her and Xavier win, she can get in his ear and tell him to keep us around.

Phoenix Winterborn: If you honestly think you can pull it off, she’d be a major asset. Go for it dude.

Nick Angel: I won’t let you guys down!

Chris Elite: (heading to the bathroom) Let’s hope not…..

Maria IC: Ugh! Why do people continue to ask me whether Nick and I are good? Again, FUCK Nick Angel!

(We transition over to the room of Tarah Nova, Stephanie Matsuda, Cailin Dillon and Kenny Drake as Kenny wakes up the first of the four, looking around as he heads over to the drawer, digs through his bag and pulls out his medication, quickly taking some as he notices Tarah and Cailin awake.)

Tarah Nova: (yawns) What are you doing, Kenny?

Cailin Dillon: Why are you digging through the dresser?

Kenny Drake: Oh, hey! I was just...looking for one of my shirts for the challenge. It’s about time to start the day, ya know?

Cailin Dillon: Ah, fair enough. Stephanie...Steph! Wake up!

Stephanie Matsuda: W-w-what? Oh….time to get up already?

Kenny Drake IC: That was way too close, I gotta find a better way to hide them, don’t need to blow my game up so early.

Kenny Drake: Yup, you guys ready for our first real day of competition?

Tarah Nova: As ready as I’ll ever be.

Tarah IC: If I were to be honest, I’m pretty nervous heading into this. There’s an incredibly high standard set for me due to the level I’ve competed at in the ring, I’m obviously going to be looked at as a competitor to beat as far as Vixens go so I could potentially be a target if I don’t end up racking up those wins.

Cailin Dillon: While I’m sure we’ll do fine I’m not exactly feeling too confident about the team chemistry between me and Phoenix. We’ve barely talked, he just holes himself up in the room with his friends. He talks more about the game with them than his own partner.

Tarah Nova: I have those same communication issues going on with Tyler. He’s mostly just been keeping to himself so far, he’ll talk here and there but it’s like he doesn’t really want to be bothered.

Stephanie Matsuda: (Laughs) Good thing we don’t have those problems, right Kenny?

Kenny Drake: Couldn’t have a better partner.

Cailin Dillon: Cool it with the love fest, need to rub your partnership in our face.

Tarah Nova: You know what though? Those two are the perfect example of how a team should be, we need something like that! I say that after the challenge Cailin, the two of us talk to our partners and tell them what’s up. They’re not going to get away with playing like individuals, it’s time they hear us out.

Cailin Dillon: Sounds good to me.

Kenny Drake: Can we watch? I’d love to see this go down.

Stephanie Matsuda: I’d even make the popcorn!

Kenny Drake: Perfect.

(Cailin and Tarah roll their eyes as they begin to get ready for the first challenge. Cameron Ella Ava is seen stretching as a groggy Angela Salvetti approaches her.)

Angela: What are you guys doing?

CEA: Huh? What does it look like we’re doing? We’re getting ready for the first challenge…

Angela: Oh… right…

Angela IC: (Her voice begins to tremble) I have no idea what happened last night. Before the day began yesterday i downed so much oxycodone.I’, just trying to grasp what the fuck went down.

(The camera cuts to the cast relaxing in the living room as Carlos Rosso enters the scene with a phone in hand.)

Carlos Rosso: Guys, I just got a text from Starr Stan just now.

Xavier Williams: What about?

Carlos Rosso: He said for us to get in our gear and head outside. It’s challenge time.

Dark Demon: Welp, I guess it’s time to smoke each and every one of you.

Tyler Parker: (As he’s walking by) Oh, you keep on believing that.

Dark Demon: You better watch what you say, who knows, the challenge might get physical pal!

Tyler Parker: Yep, keep thinking that tough guy. I’ve outwrestled you in the ring plenty of times, I can easily kick your ass here too.

Aria: (As she’s walking outside the door.) God, I swear the testosterone levels in this house are going through the roof, ain’t that right Baelin?

Cailin IC: Some people’s egos are too big even for this huge mansion.

(The camera fast forwards to the cast getting into a bus and being driven to their first challenge location. They finally arrive to the same beach where they first met with Starr Stan. They all align in two rows as an emerging Starr Stan comes into the scene. Everyone begins to applaud however, Starr has a very stern look on his face. He stands in front of the cast as everyone quiets down.)

Starr Stan: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your first challenge on The Trial.

(The cast goes wild as the camera focuses on Sheridan Mueller with an unsure look on her face and Aren Mstislav, looking away in the distance without making any eye contact. Angela Salvetti, on the other hand, looks confident and a bit happy.)

Starr: Now, before we begin, we have to address the elephant in the room. It seems as if there was a violent scuffle last night….

(Everyone goes silent. The camera focuses on the faces of Sher, Angela, Ashlynne, Aren and TLA. They all have concerned looks on their faces as Starr finally speaks.)

Starr: Angela, Sheridan….Even though our profession is to get physical day in and day out, here in the Trial house we do not IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE condone physical violence against castmates. You two got into a real life physical fight and for that reason……

Aren IC: That’s it, we’re being sent home!

TLA IC: It was a good run, it’s pretty shitty to know that due to someone else’s stupid decisions you have to suffer. Shit ain’t fair.

Starr Stan: Sher, Angela, you two are out of here. You guys have to pack your stuff.  

(The cast are left in complete shock. Angela begins to tear up as she hugs Tarah Nova and Maria goodbye. Sheridan, on the other hand, quickly walks off as she is heard swearing in German. The two women are taken back into the house as they are seen packing up their belongings in their rightful suitcases.)

Angela IC: I still don’t know what happened… But I’m over it. So over it.

Sher: I didn’t even want to be on here in the first place. (Sher takes off her mic.) Deine Oma masturbiert im stehen!

( The camera cuts back to Aren as he throws his head back and yells out “Fuck” as TLA paces around angrily.)

Starr: Now… their partners. You guys can’t compete without partners. And for that reason, Aren, TLA…

(Everyone is on the edge of their chairs as Starr looks at both Aren and TLA.)

Starr: It’s too early in the game to send two teams home and for that reason… We brought in some replacements! Come on out, girls!

(Everyone is staring attentively… The camera only shows the shadows of the two competitors making their way. The cast explodes in cheers as the camera slowly fades to black and the logo of the Trial is displayed..)


“Are you tired of getting your ass kicked on Hearthstone?
Do you constantly complain about getting your ass handed in the ranks?!
Sign up for Jacob Senn’s Hearthstone classes for NEWBZ! Just 69.99 a month! Sign up NOOOOOWWWW!”

(The Trial comes back from commercial as it continues from where it left off. Two two shadows are shown walking in unison as the camera finally shows the two replacements.. And the two replacements are…. AUTUMN RAVEN AND… THE HEART BREAK GAL!)

Starr: Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t think these two need an introduction. However, for those who are not familiar this is Autumn Raven, she has been a force to be reckon with ever since her debut with our company.

Autumn IC: Hey everyone! I’m so excited to be here! I can’t wait to get this party started and celebrate like it’s our last day on this earth!

Starr: And of course, the woman standing right next to her is the immortal… The Heart Break Gal!

HBG IC: Hi, guys! When I got the call asking if I wanted to participate I was a bit unsure whether this would be a good decision. But after much thought I decided to jump the gun and now I’m here! I see a lot of fun, familiar faces and some faces I’d rather not even acknowledge. Barf.

(With those words we get a brief transition as we see Aria and HBG lock eyes. Tension remains between the two rivals as they try to ignore each other.)

Starr: Aren, TLA, meet your new partners. TLA your partner will be Autumn Raven.

(Everyone begins to clap as Autumn and TLA meet with a hug.)

TLA IC: I’ve seen how Autumn parties, holmes, she’s down to do anything!

Autumn IC: Where’s the tequila usually stored? I’m serious.

Starr: And Aren, meet your new partner, arguably one of the greatest Vixens of all time.. The Heart Break Gal!

(Aren and HBG awkwardly hug as Aria can be seen rolling her eyes.)

Aria IC: Me and HBG have a rather...intense past. We’ve definitely had our share of issues but I was willing to put it all aside after Pain For Pride. She was the better woman, I can accept that. What I won’t accept now though is any shade coming from her. If she wants to enter this house with any attitude I will be more than ready to have it handled, I promise you that.

Y2Impact: What the -- Woah there, Starr! My partner was in the fight too! Why couldn’t I get a replacement?

Starr Stan: We’ve reviewed the footage and listened to multiple accounts from the cast. What Ashlynne did was self defense. Angela struck first and in Sheridan’s case she went on the attack unprovoked. Your partner is safe.

(We get a brief flashback of the events as we see that Angela did in fact strike first. As this event happens, Ashlynne’s talk with the staff is spliced in.)

Producer to Ashlynne: Did you or did you not physically interact with Angela Salvetti on the first night?

Ashlynne IC: No, I did not. She shoved me and I shoved her back. She decided to get on top of me and pull my hair and shit. I didn’t lay a finger on her, I swear.

Y2Impact: You’re kidding me….

Y2Impact IC: So not only am I stuck with my partner, but I have to watch as Heart Break Gal gets to work with the enemy! I swear Starr Stan and the producers are out to get me with how much they’re trying to make me riled up.

Matt Miles IC: So just like that, Imp’s greatest ally has entered the house. Damn it. This is going to be harder than I thought.

Nasir IC: I’m just counting down the days until things get messy and Aria and HBG end up dragging each other. Best believe I’ll be there looking on in a front row seat for that action!

Azumi IC: Hopefully the introduction of these new girls doesn’t cause any issues for me, Nas, Aria or Aren.

Autumn IC: It feels so tense in that room, it’s like I just stepped out into a battlefield.

(The camera focuses on the two new additions to the cast as their partners happily look on.)

Starr: Now, let’s get things started! Welcome to your first ever challenge on The Trial!

(Everyone begins to clap and celebrate as Starr finally smiles.)

Starr: As you can see around you, there are two stages you and your partner have to complete. Each stage must be completed by finishing a puzzle. However, in order to grab your puzzle pieces, you and your partner must devour the special plates the Barbados locals have set up for you. Once you and your partner finish your designated plate, you can go ahead and retrieve the key and gather your puzzle pieces. You will repeat this TWO times until you finish all two puzzles. The first team to get this done will be awarded as the Power Couple of this challenge.Not only will they be safe from being eliminated, the power couple will then vote a team of their choosing to battle the arena. What is the Arena you ask? The arena is a place where two teams who are on the verge of elimination will battle for their place in this game. The team that comes in last in this challenge will be automatically be sent into the Arena.

Nasir IC: All we gotta do is chow down on some food and put together a couple of puzzle pieces? Pfft, me and Azumi got this in the bag!

Maria IC: Right now I’m feeling pretty confident about this being voted in shit. Xav and I don’t have any enemies on either side of the house so I think we’re good.

Brody IC: I hope it’s good food and nothing nasty! Eating is my weakness so this challenge has me sweating right now.

Haruna IC: I will devour any plate that is in my presence! I am not worried at all with this challenge. My partner is someone who I’m worried about. Last night he cried for several hours because there was a slug on his pillow. God, help me.

Starr: There will be two heats. Four teams will be going head to head at the same time. The teams will go in order that has been randomized!

Dark Demon IC: I came here to compete, I came here to bite people’s heads off. I’M READY!

Autumn IC: (giggling) I don’t really know what hell I got myself into, but hell yeah free food!

Starr: The four teams that will be going in the first heat will be… Carlos and Brody, Tyler and Tarah, Haruna and Nick, and Cameron and Dark Demon! Let’s get this show on the road!

(The teams are shown wearing their respective Trial jerseys and shorts. The selected teams are getting ready as they face the plate in front of them that has been covered with a plastic canister.

Tarah Nova: Let’s do this Tyler!

Tyler Parker: Yeah, just try to keep your head in the game, alright? Don’t pay attention to the other teams.

Brody: Carlos, honestly, I don’t know if I can do this if it’s gross food. I have the weakest stomach known to mankind.

Carlos: Just gotta try girl, gotta try.

Haruna: You’re ready for this challenge? We need to come out on top, Nick! We’re already looked at as a weak team.

Nick: Oh, gosh Haru. You’re such a worry wart! We’ll do fine. Didn’t you hear? We’re good because of our (whispers) alliance! No way we’re being thrown into the arena!

Cameron: You ready?

Demon: (as he’s stretching) Let’s rock this bitch.

(The teams are shown standing in their designated areas. Starr has a bullhorn in his hand as he stares at the team.)

Starr: Alright, you all ready?! GO! (the bullhorn goes off.).

(The canisters are lifted and in the first round, the mystery food is.. Chicken feet! Tyler and Demon dig right into their plates as they immediately start munching it down as fast as they can.)

Tyler IC: I’ll be damned if I let that skinny weasel be in a position of power, I’m making sure I’m edging him out.

Tarah IC: Tyler is really going all in here, it’s a bit worrisome keeping up but at the same time I have to prove that I’m up for the challenge.

(Tarah begins to catch up with her teammate as she forces herself to bite into the food as Nick Angel is very hesitant, taking his time with each bite as he visibly groans.)

Nick Angel: Ugh, how much of this do we have to eat again?

Haruna: Come on Nick, try not to think about it.

Nick Angel: (coughs) Hard to not think when the taste is so strong…..

Nick IC: Back at home I’m totes a Vegan. This is completely going against my beliefs and overall it’s just ethically wrong and it tastes FUCKING GROSS.

(Nick begins to pace around as Haruna chows down the chicken feet.)

Haruna: (As her mouth is full of chicken feet.) Come on, Nick! Just take a bite and plug your nose with your fingers!!

Nick: HARU, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!!! This is so fucking gross!

Demon: Come on Cameron! EAT! EAT! EAT! HURRY!

(Tyler and Tarah clear their plates as they open their mouths to show that they have indeed finished the entire plate of chicken feet. Starr clears them and they go ahead and retrieve the key to unlock the puzzle pieces. They begin working on their puzzle as Cameron and Demon also finish their plate and unlock THEIR puzzle pieces.)

Demon: Alright, Cam, let’s put this piece right here. Grab me that one that’s next to your foot. CAMERON, THE ONE NEXT TO YOUR FOOT!

CEA IC: All Demon’s doing is just yelling at me at this point. But we’re neck and neck with Tyler and Tarah that I’m willing to put aside his bitching.

Tyler: Tarah, look at that piece that you have in your hand. It goes over here! We just need one more.

Tarah: No! It’s upside down! You have to turn it so it can fit. (Tarah turns the puzzle piece to the side.) See!!! We’re almost done!!!!

(The camera transitions back to Brody and Carlos. Carlos has finished his entire plate of chicken feet as Brody is taking the smallest nibbles to mankind.)


Carlos: Come on, Brody you can do it! Just eat it baby girl.

Carlos IC: I want to motivate my partner so she can finish this and we can move on but right now things are looking bleak.

(Both Brody and Nick are heard squealing as a frustrated Carlos and Haruna are shown as the shows goes on COMMERCIAL BREAK!)

(Just For Men - Y2Impact Advertisement)

(The Trial comes back on air as Brody and Nick are having incredible difficulties eating their foods. Haruna is increasingly getting angrier as Carlos keeps his cool trying to console his partner who is slowly breaking down.)

Haruna: NICK! I will sodomize you with a fucking pickle if you do NOT eat that foot! I’m SERIOUS! IF YOU’RE HERE TO COMPETE, THEN COMPETE.

Nick IC: As much as I want to quit, I can’t let Haruna down so I pray to God he forgives me for this but I ate that chicken foot as if it were a vegan, peanut free tofu wrap.  

(Nick closes his eyes and begins to eat all of his food as Haruna cheers on. They finally finish and get cleared by Starr. They quickly hurry to gather their puzzle pieces as the camera focuses on Tarah and Tyler almost finishing theirs.)

Tarah IC: This puzzle isn’t all that difficult and Tyler is being very helpful which is keeping me cool, calm and collected.

Tyler: We just gotta put these pieces here… Wait, that doesn’t make sense.

(The camera shows Cameron and Demon also working in unison as they finish their first puzzle!)

Starr: *Sounds his bullhorn* Alright! Dark Demon, Cameron Ella Ava you guys are done with your first puzzle. Go ahead and begin on your second meal!

Cameron IC: I’m already starting to feel queasy, I don’t know what to expect. The chicken feet weren’t all that bad but I’m so nervous anticipating this next meal.

Demon: (As he’s yelling towards Tyler.) This can be Impact’s head shamed up into a smoothie and I’ll still drink it!

(Y2Impact is shown sitting with the rest of the remaining teams as he sarcastically laughs and rolls his eyes.)

(Their canister is opened as the food is revealed to be…Tripe!!!)  

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Scott Oasis

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PostSubject: Re: The Trial Episode 2    July 26th 2016, 7:07 pm


Cameron IC: Tripe? Are you kidding me? Dried up animal intestines? I’m about to faint.

(Dark Demon begins to devour his plate as Cameron takes a small bite. Tyler and Tarah are not that far behind when they too, finish their puzzle and begin to eat their food. )

Dark Demon: We got a lead Cam, keep going! No more small bites!


Tarah: Shut up!! (Tarah closes her eyes and begins eating the tripe.) Oh god I’m about to heave!

Tarah IC: It’s spongy, it’s stinky, it’s something I would never want near my mouth. EVER!

(Finally, Nick and Haruna finish their puzzle and go onto their next course meal. Nick stares at the others in disgust as he silently throws up in his mouth. Haruna takes off the canisters for both plates and begins chowing down the tripe.)

Nick: Haruna, it smells. So bad.

(The camera cuts back to Carlos and Brody, who are still on their first plate. Brody is shown crying, dry heaving all over the place.)

Carlos: BRODY, PLEASE! Eat the damn foot!


Carlos: I cannot believe that we’re still at the chicken feet stage. I honestly see no way that we’re winning this thing.

(In that moment, Tarah and Tyler finish their plate at the same time that Demon and Cameron do. They both run with the key and unlock their puzzle pieces.)


Demon: (As he’s staring towards Tyler.) Come on Cam, gotta pick up the pace!

Cam: These pieces don’t go together! Starr! Are you sure we got the correct pieces?!

Tarah IC: I’m looking at these pieces and it’s slowly all coming together. This has to be one of my best moments, EVER!

(The two teams attempt to finish their puzzle. The camera focuses back on Nick and Haruna.)


Nick: Okay, okay! Don’t yell at me!!

(Finally, Nick and Haruna advance to the last stage but then.. The bullhorn goes off!)


Starr: Alright, ladies and gents! The team that lands on first place in this first heat is… TYLER PARKER AND TARAH NOVA!

(Tarah and Tyler are shown celebrating as Cameron and Demon finish right after.)

Starr: Second place; Dark Demon and Cameron Ella Ava!! Come on Nick, Haruna and Carlos, Brody. You two still have a chance!

(Haruna and Nick finish their puzzle as a disappointed Haruna sits her bottom on the sand.)

Starr: Haruna! Nick! Alright, you guys are in third place. Carlos, Brody, you guys gotta finish. Don’t quit now!

(The camera shows Carlos and Brody as Carlos sits there unamused of Brody’s effortless actions.)

Brody: I’m so sorry, Carlos but I can’t!

Carlos: Brody - just, ugh. (Carlos sighs.)

Starr: What do you say, Brody? You can’t just stand there.

Brody: I think.. I think we’re done. I’m so sorry.

Starr: Alright. (His bullhorn sounds off.) The team of Carlos and Brody have been DISQUALIFIED!

Brody: I really tried as hard as I could but I couldn’t bring myself to eat that. I couldn’t and there’s no words to express the pain in my heart knowing that I cost this for me and my partner.

Carlos: … Yup. Well now all we gotta do is pray someone does worse than us or else we’re going straight into the Arena.

Starr: Alright then, the next heat will consist of the pairs of Nasir and Azumi, Kenny and Stephanie, TLA and Autumn and lastly, Chris and Aria.

(The pairs step up and are near their plates as they prepare themselves for what lies ahead.)

Chris Elite IC: Yes, time to show everyone what team runs this game!

Aria IC: Not exactly a fan of having to eat stuff like chicken feet and tripe, but if it means we’ll be safe for the week I’ll do it.

Stephanie: We got this Kenny, let’s just speed right through this.

Kenny: Yeah, have it down before we even get the chance to taste it….

Nasir:  You ready for this Azumi?

Azumi: More than ready. We’re winning this.

Nasir: That’s my girl!

Autumn IC: There’s so much pressure heading into this, I don’t want TLA thinking I’m going to drag him down as a partner but at the same time as I’m thinking about what’s underneath that cannister, I can’t help but wonder what I’ve gotten myself into.

TLA: Blow that horn, ese, it’s time for us to get that power couple position!

Starr Stan: Okay then, if you’re all ready let’s get it started! Get set…...GO!!!!

(Starr Stan blows the horn as the teams all take off their canisters and begin to go to work on their food. Chris Elite takes his hands and scrapes off a huge amount from his plate, stuffing his face as his mouth is full with chicken feet. Aria is focusing on her plate but turns to him and is taken aback.)

Aria Jaxon: Chris, how exactly do you plan on chewing all of that? That’s way too much! Spin some of it out!

Chris Elite: (muffled) Don’t worry about it….I got this.

(Chris Elite is slowly starting to swallow some of it as the amount of chicken feet in his mouth start to lessen. As he starts to work it over more and more, he goes for one more big gulp as he downs it.)

Chris Elite: (coughing) Pretty...uh...tough…

Aria Jaxon: Yeah, I know.

Chris Elite: (motions to intern) Hey, can I get some water?

(Aria is unsure what to make of that as we cut to the next pair: Kenny and Stephanie who are eating the food at a fast rate but in smaller portions as they pick up 1-2 feet at a time and stuff it into their mouths.)

Stephanie IC: Me and Kenny are making awesome progress, it’s like we’re a well oiled machine out there. He likes food just as much as I do so I think that helps a lot!

Kenny IC: Honestly, after about a decade with Niki Khan and having to deal with her dinners every night I think I can eat just about anything…..she won’t be seeing this right?

Kenny: (while putting more feet into his mouth) Come on Steph, keep going! We can probably finish this plate real soon!

Stephanie: I don’t know why you’re telling me, you’re the one lagging behind!

Kenny: Not for long!

(The two begin to race each other as Azumi can be seen looking on in concern, something Nasir notices as he attempts to eat from his plate, taking a moment to stop himself.)

Azumi: Look at those two, they’re blowing through their plate!

Nasir: Forget about the human garbage disposals and get your head in the game, Zum. We can easily get through this. Trust me. Look --

(Nasir fits as many chicken feet as he can in his hand and starts to eat them.)

Nasir: See, this aint so bad -- EUGH!

(Nasir tries to spit them back out in his hand but stops himself as he shoves even more chicken feet into his mouth to hold it in.)

Nasir: Try it yourself….

Nasir IC: I just want to say, I wasn’t being serious with that spitting thing, aight? I was only doing a bit for my girl Azumi. You know, make her laugh, get some of that confidence up. A real G ain’t gonna sweat a couple of chicken feet!

Azumi: If you say so…..

(Azumi begins to take initiative as she tries them and soon begins to eat more and more, quickening in pace much to Nasir’s chagrin as he now must keep up with her.)

Azumi IC: They’re actually pretty good to be honest. Think I could take some home with me?

(Autumn Raven and TLA are neck and neck with Kenny and Stephanie, going through the plate lightening fast as they are able to finish at the same time as the pair.)

Autumn Raven: YES! DONE!

TLA: (High fives Autumn) We’re out here beastin’ and feastin’ through this!

(The two hurry up and get to their puzzles as Kenny and Stephanie have already opened up the bag and are beginning to work on it. Meanwhile Chris Elite manages to swallow his last few feet and Aria does the same.)

Azumi: Nas, you’re almost there!

Nasir: GAH!

(Nasir takes the plate and tilts it to his mouth as the rest of the chicken feet fall in and he does one final gulp.)

Nasir: (smirking) What’s poppin tho’?

Azumi: Let’s get to the puzzle!

Kenny: Are you sure that piece goes there, Steph?

Stephanie: I’m positive, see -- wait no, nevermind that won’t work. How about…..that?

Kenny: There we go! And now that we know that goes there, the rest of the parts should be as easy as…..THAT!

(Kenny and Stephanie rush over to their next plates as they begin to start eating their tripe. TLA seems to be worried but suddenly Autumn has a moment of brilliance and steps in, putting the rest of the puzzle together as TLA smiles.)

TLA: Aye, good work there!

Chris Elite: Crap, two pairs are already past the first puzzle! We need to kick it into high gear! How about this!?

Aria Jaxon: Chris, that’s an end piece.

Chris Elite: I knew that, alright? It’s a stressful environment, I’m trying all of the possible combinations!

Aria Jaxon: Chris, take a few moments to chill. Let me do this please.

Chris Elite: You sure?

(Aria Jaxon starts to put together the puzzle as Azumi and Nasir are talking it out, passing pieces to each other as they find the right ones that fit.)

Nasir IC: Shoot, all of those game nights with my ma’ finally paying off! We’re breezing right through this puzzle!

Azumi: Final piece! THERE WE GO!

(Nasir and Azumi are able to make their way to the next plate while Aria Jaxon and Chris Elite finish soon after. Kenny/Steph and TLA/Autumn are still neck and neck as they are halfway through the meal.)

TLA: We gotta stay on that hustle, eat as fast as you can!

Autumn: If I eat any faster I’m gonna puke.

TLA: If you do try to aim at Kenny and Steph.

(TLA motions at them to draw attention at the fact that Kenny and Stephanie have started to pick it up, now getting closer and closer to finishing their plate.)

Autumn: Oh hell!

Chris Elite: Aria I know it’s nasty but you gotta eat it, we need to get at least third!

Aria Jaxon: I’m trying!

Nasir: Oh my God…..

Azumi: Think about that power couple position, Nas!

(Kenny and Stephanie finish but do so at the same time as TLA and Autumn, who burst away from their table and get at a head start at their puzzle, forcing Kenny and Stephanie to quicken. Chris Elite and Aria Jaxon are in a daze once they’re finished as Nasir and Azumi are on their tail.)

Starr Stan: Just a bit more as these teams are so close to one another! Both teams are almost finished and…….KENNY DRAKE AND STEPHANIE MATSUDA GET FIRST PLACE! TLA AND AUTUMN RAVEN OBTAIN SECOND!

TLA: Least we’re not up for elimination, eh?

Autumn: We did great in my opinion.

Starr Stan: Chris Elite and Aria Jaxon! Nasir Capitani and Azumi Goto! One of these teams is getting last for their heat, who is it?

Aria Jaxon: This is way too confusing!

Chris Elite: This is not good. Oh man…..HANG ON!

(Chris Elite’s face lights up as an idea begins to form. Nasir and Azumi are struggling about the same as they are but suddenly Chris starts to mow through the puzzle, finishing it.)


Aria Jaxon: How in the world did you pull that off?

Chris Elite: I’m telling you, I’m a genius.

Chris IC: Shit, who says we can’t just copy the winner’s puzzles?

Starr Stan: Nasir, Azumi, you two are in last place unfortunately.

Nasir: We’ll get ‘em next time, Zum.

Nasir IC: Hopefully there is a next time….

(The last five teams get ready in their respective gear as they stand alongside their partners.)

Starr: ALRIGHT! The third AND FINAL heat consists of the teams of… Aren and HBG, Matt and So’Shy, Y2Impact and Ashlynne, Xavier and Maria, and Phoenix and Cailin! LET’S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD, FOLKS! Now, on your mark… Get set… GO! (Starr’s bullhorn goes off.)

(The canisters are lifted and the teams begin to consume the chicken feet on their plates. The camera focuses on Y2Impact and Ashlynne as Y2Impact is looking sick as he forces himself to eat it, meanwhile his partner Ashlynne only bites a tiny bit.)

Y2Impact: This is disgusting….Ashlynne if I have to stomach this you’re going to have to as well; DO NOT COST ME THIS!

Ashlynne: I’m not, GEEZ! (Stuffs the whole foot in her mouth) So gross….

Ashlynne IC: Imp is such a jerk, I don’t know what he thinks yelling at me will do!

Y2Impact IC: When training a dog sometimes you have to raise your voice so they can get the point through their skulls.

(As Ashlynne and Y2Impact both are fighting back their urges to vomit, Phoenix Winterborn and Cailin Dillon are working over their plates. Phoenix manages to finish a lot quicker as he raises up his plate in satisfaction.)

Phoenix IC: When I started out as a wrestler with hardly a penny to my name, I learned to take what I could get as far as food goes. When I was eating those feet all I could think about was the money and the glory that would come with a win if I finish this.

(Phoenix goes to run for the puzzle but is stopped by Starr Stan.)

Starr: Woah there Phoenix, you have to wait for your partner to finish as well!

Cailin: Yeah, remember?

Phoenix: Oh...right. My mistake.

Cailin IC: He tried to completely blew me off...I was right next to him and he didn’t even pay attention. It’s like I don’t exist!

Cailin: (between bites) You know Phoenix, I was going to wait until after the challenge to tell you this but I just can’t wait any longer. This needs to stop.

Phoenix: What needs to stop?

Cailin: This! You playing like an individual, we’re a team remember! It’s me and you playing as a pair, we need more communication!

Phoenix: Alright, alright, I get it!

Phoenix IC: I don’t know why she would try to act like Dr.Phil during the challenge but right now I’m more concerned with getting to those puzzle pieces.

Cailin: Good to know.

(Cailin finishes her plate as Phoenix and her are able to advance over to the puzzle. While they make their way to there, Xavier and Maria are not far behind as they focus on their plates, managing to clear them rather quickly as they catch up.)

Xavier IC: Me and Maria have a great understanding of each other. We don’t need to waste time talking about trivial things and giving out useless encouragement, we just get the job done, no drama or theatrics needed.

Maria IC: Honestly I’ve had way worse tasting things in my mouth than this. This is a walk in the park. (Giggles)

(We cut to Matt Miles trying to fastly get through his food as he motions for Shy to do the same.)

Matt IC: The house is clearly divided. If Shy and I win this, this will do wonders for our alliance. Our ultimate goal is to get Demon and Impact out of this house. If we don’t do that soon then the house will be dominated by them. It’s that simple.

So’Shy: Oh fuck! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!

(HBG is shown covering her mouth from complete disgust as Aren chows down his chicken feet.)

HBG: How are you able to eat so fast?!

Aren: (Muffled) I don’t know but you better be doing the same!

(Y2impact and Ashlynne are shown as they’re on the verge of being done with their plates.)


Ashlynne: (Muffled) My- names, Ashlynne!! WE’RE DONE!

(They open their mouths as Starr gives them the OK to retrieve their puzzle pieces. At the puzzle’s station, Xavier and Maria are shown to be working well together as an irritated Cailin argues with Phoenix.)



Cailin IC: My patience is running out with Phoenix. He thinks he knows everything when in reality its the total opposite.

Maria: Okay, let me see that part. Mhmm… Let’s put this one.. It doesn’t fit…

Xavier: OH! Just turn it around! We got it! WE GOT IT!

(Starr’s bullhorn goes off as Xavier and Maria quickly celebrate as they go onto the next stage. Seconds later Y2Impact and Ashlynne also finish their puzzles and Starr’s bullhorn goes off as well.)

Y2Impact IC: Let’s face it, I’M the one who completed this puzzle. Ashleana wouldn’t know her way out of a god damn paper bag.

Ashlynne IC: I’ve come to terms with the fact that Impact is a dick. But he’s a smart dick, so there’s that.

(The canisters are lifted as the odor from the tripe is emitted throughout the eating stations. Xavier begins to wolf down his tripe as he quickly stops and begins to heave.)

Maria: Come on, Xav, we have to do this! We’re in the lead!

(Xavier pulls through and quickly munches through the food. Y2Impact is also shown looking at his plate with complete and utter disgust as a surprising Ashlynne begins eating her plate of food with no difficulties.)

Y2Impact: You’re a sick freak, you know that?

(Matt Miles and So Shy, and Aren and HBG finally are on the puzzle but Miles and Shy seem to be having some issues with figuring it out.)

Matt: No, Shy, that won’t work!

Shy: God, you’re so fucking stupid. It’ll work! TRUST ME!

Matt: Can’t you see that the end of that puzzle piece DOESN’T fit the one that you’re trying to jam yourself into?!

Shy IC: Typical males trying to act as if they know more than us females, ugh. Suck a dick, Matt.

(Both Cailin and Phoenix and Aren and HBG quickly finish the puzzle as they move onto the next stage.)

Aren: HBG is very smart, I know for a fact that if Angela was still here we’d be in dead last place.

Phoenix: My partner is out of this world stubborn. We would’ve been in first place if she would’ve just let me take control.

(Xavier and Maria clear their plate as they head on the final puzzle!)

Ashlynne IC: Xavier and Maria are proving today that they are one of the most dominant teams in this season. It’s a bit intimidating but Impact and I are not all that behind from them.

(Y2Impact and Ashlynne also finish their plates as they head on to their final puzzle! Matt and Shy are shown still struggling on their first puzzle.)

Matt: Shy. Shy! SHY! Listen to me! You know what - MOVE! (Matt shoves Shy out of the way and completely takes over the puzzle.)

Shy: Fine! Do it by yourself then!

Matt IC: Shy isn’t helping me at all in this challenge. She’s frustrated, she can’t listen and she embodies everything I hate in a person.

Matt: THERE! SEE! WE’RE DONE! Finally, god damn!

(Matt and Shy run to the second stage of the challenge as HBG and Aren are shown finishing up their tripe. Phoenix tries to take a bite from the tripe as Cailin is shown struggling.)

Cailin: Oh man this is disgusting but I’ll take it down no matter what.

Phoenix: I’m sure you say that a lot, Cailin.

Aren: Just close your ey--(heaves)es, HBG. Just think it’s something else. We can do it, come on!

(Aren and HBG raise their hands signaling that they have finished. Starr gives them the OK as they both run to their final puzzle piece! Matt and Shy begin eating as fast as they can in order to catch up with the other teams. The camera focuses on Xavier and Impact that are shown glaring at one another constantly.)

Y2Impact: Grab that one and put it next to the one on your left! Yes! Perfect!

Maria: This is so confusing… Let’s - let’s change this one with.. Oh my god. YES. YES IT FITS. WE’RE DONE!!!!

(Starr’s bullhorn goes off.)

Starr: Alright! Xavier, Maria you two come in first place for the final heat. You guys killed it!

Maria: (She begins to jump up and down as she celebrates.) We did it!!!!

Xavier: Well oiled machine baby, right here!

(Starr’s bullhorn goes off!)

Starr: Second place, Y2Impact and Ashlynne! Not too shabby, guys!

Y2Impact: We would’ve won if Ashyanna would’ve picked up the pace.

Ashlynne: Can you stop with the wrong names? Seriously, it’s aggravating.

Y2Impact: (As he’s staring towards the camera completely unamused.) Definitely.

(Phoenix and Cailin have managed to make it to the second puzzle as they are making short work of it, the two bicker quite a bit but continue to put it together.)

Phoenix: We’re almost done, we just gotta finish that corner!

Cailin: See, this is what happens when you listen and we work together! THERE!

Phoenix: WE’RE DONE!

Starr: We have Phoenix Winterborn and Cailin Dillon in THIRD PLACE! It is now down to the teams of Aren and HBG and Matt and Shy!

Matt: Pick it up, Shy, you have to eat all of your tripe! We’re almost done!

HBG: These puzzles aren’t difficult at all… Final piece. There, WE GOT IT!

Starr: The team to come in fourth place - Aren and HBG! So that means that unfortunately for you guys, Matt and Shy, you guys come in fifth place.

Matt: Just a lot of miscommunication. We’re a strong team but if we don’t learn how to work together and place nice then there’s no way we’re ever going to win. Period.

(The scene transitions and all of the teams are standing in two rows as they await for Starr to give the results.)

Starr: Nice work ladies and gents. There are three teams who absolutely killed it this challenge. In first place for the first heat - Tyler Parker and Tarah Nova came in first place. In the second heat - Kenny Drake and Stephanie Matsuda came in first place. And in the final heat - Xavier Williams and Maria came in first. You all did an impressive job out there, however, there is one team that came on top with the fastest time.

Tarah IC: We killed it, Starr said it himself.

Stephanie IC: I’m crossing everything I got so Starr can claim us as the first ever power couple.

Starr: And the team with the fastest time… XAVIER WILLIAMS AND MARIA!!!!

(Xav and Maria begin to hug and jump around as everyone else applauds.)

Maria IC: This is the greatest feeling ever!! I’m so proud of myself and Xav.

Xavier: I’d be lying if I said I was shocked - I’m not. I knew that we were going to end up the winners. I just knew it.

Starr: Xav, Maria, you two are the Power Couple. Both of you will choose a team to go into the Arena to battle against our losers for this challenge. The only team to be disqualified and NOT complete their first plate of food is the team of.. Carlos Rosso and Brody Sparks so I’ll definitely be seeing you guys in the arena.. You can go ahead and go back to the house and get some rest. I’ll be going by later in the day to hear your decision, Xavier and Maria.

Matt IC: Exactly what I didn’t want to happen, happened. Someone in Demon’s clique is now in power. I just hope me and the rest of my alliance don’t end up having to go into The Arena.
Demon: (As he’s walking back to the buses.) WOO! DRINKS ARE ON ME, BOYS!

(The scene fast forwards to the cast relaxing in their home as the day goes by. Xavier and Maria are awarded their Power dinner as they begin to deliberate as to who they should send in.)

Maria: Mmm, finally some real food!

Xavier: Yeah, it’s pretty good.

Maria: So, do you have any teams in mind?

Xavier: (He stops eating as he sits back up in his chair and begins to think.) Well, I don’t really know where to go on from here. We’re both cool with everyone in this house, but we have to put our alliance before anyone else. Even though we’re cool with people, doesn’t mean that they won’t throw us in when the opportunity arises. I was talking to Demon on the ride back home and he gave me some suggestions.

Maria: I know that you consider Demon’s opinions to be very important but you have to do what’s best for OUR team.

Xavier: I know, I know, but you have to ALSO take into consideration that one member of our alliance is already going into the arena. We don’t want Carlos to go home, we have to pick a team that he can easily beat.

Maria: OR we can put a really strong team in there so Carlos and Brody can get rid of them.

Xavier: But that would be jeopardizing their chances of staying in this house.

Maria: If Carlos is as good as he says he is then he should have no problem going against a tough team!

Xavier: I guess, I don’t know. I’ll talk to Demon about it.

Maria: HA! Is Demon your partner? We need to make a decision now, Xavier. Not tomorrow, not the next day, we need to settle on a team right now.


Maria: Do you feel confident with that decision?

Xavier: Yup. (As they both are getting up from the table.) Time to shake things up a bit.

(The camera quickly transitions to the entire cast sitting in the living room as they wait for Starr to emerge. Everyone applauds as Starr finally arrives.)

Starr: Great challenge today, guys! So now it’s time to see who’s going to go against our losers for today in our first ever Arena match. Carlos and Brody, you two were disqualified today for not being able to finish your first plate. It was a bit pathetic if you ask me. Come on over and stand next to me.

(Carlos and Brody both stand as they walk over and stand next to Starr.)

Starr: Now, to find out who is going to face Carlos and Brody. Xavier, Maria, who have you chosen throw into the Arena?

Maria: … Our decision is based strictly off of who has our backs and who doesn’t. This team performed well today but if they were in this position, Xavier and I are positive they’d throw us in as well. So our vote goes for… Tyler Parker and Tarah Nova.

Starr: Alright, Tyler, Tarah come on down.

(A surprised Tarah Nova and Tyler parker make their way down and stand next to Starr.)

Matt (towards SK.): (Sighs.) That was a close one.

SK: Chria goes on to live another day!

Tyler IC: That’s such a bullshit excuse. (He begins to mock Maria.) “Oh, you don’t have our backs so we’re throwing you in!” We all know it was because they see us as one of the biggest threats in this competition.

Tarah IC: I’m shocked by this decision. I thought Maria and I were on good terms but that seems beyond the case. I’m just ready to win my way back into this house by any means necessary.

Starr: So, ladies and gentlemen; in the Arena we will see the team of Carlos Rosso and Brody Sparks go one-on-one with the team of Tyler Parker and Tarah Nova. Whoever loses not only will be eliminated from the competition, they will lose their opportunity to go for their share of 150,000 dollars for the charity of their choosing. Things are about to get intense.

Carlos IC: I’m ready for this elimination. I’m ready to redeem myself from the absolutely shitty performance we gave in our main challenge. Bring it.

Tyler IC: I’m not at all worried about going against Carlos. I’ve outsmarted him in the ring before, I can easily do it again here.

Tarah IC: The leader of the Vixens division, the CURRENT Specialist Champion is afraid of no Vixen. Brody is about to endure one of the most devastating defeats of her life.

Brody IC: As long as we don’t have to eat shit, we’re good. Trust me.

(The camera freezes as it turns black and white… “TO BE CONTINUED” appears on the screen…)

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PostSubject: Re: The Trial Episode 2    July 26th 2016, 7:26 pm

Waiting on this Arena match, man. :popcorn:

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PostSubject: Re: The Trial Episode 2    July 26th 2016, 7:43 pm

gawd bless the trial


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PostSubject: Re: The Trial Episode 2    July 26th 2016, 8:38 pm

Ah Ye fuck yea. I'm not fucked over anymore. :blessed:
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Cailin Dillon

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PostSubject: Re: The Trial Episode 2    July 26th 2016, 11:10 pm

This arena thing is gonna be so hype. Phoenix! Get on my level! We got this

Thank you Tarah <3
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Phoenix Winterborn


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PostSubject: Re: The Trial Episode 2    July 26th 2016, 11:25 pm

Im tryin! Work together though ffs Razz

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PostSubject: Re: The Trial Episode 2    July 26th 2016, 11:39 pm


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PostSubject: Re: The Trial Episode 2    July 27th 2016, 12:20 am

@Cailin Dillon wrote:
This arena thing is gonna be so hype. Phoenix! Get on my level! We got this
Lol my partner can't keep things up too. smh Nick

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EAW Hall of Famer

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PostSubject: Re: The Trial Episode 2    July 27th 2016, 3:07 pm

Another sexy ep

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PostSubject: Re: The Trial Episode 2    July 27th 2016, 4:36 pm

Autumn and Sher can both be bae I ain't even gotta choose one  :cena:

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PostSubject: Re: The Trial Episode 2    July 27th 2016, 4:40 pm

Great Episode Smile

Thanks Ryan Marx

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Autumn Raven


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PostSubject: Re: The Trial Episode 2    July 28th 2016, 1:32 am

Good episode. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The Trial Episode 2    July 28th 2016, 3:34 am

wow great show the writers must be writing gods or something idk
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The Trial Episode 2

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