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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.


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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on August 27th 2016, 7:51 pm by kennydrake



Jesus Christ, Vic. I expected better from you. You don’t deserve to be called Maero.

I must forewarn you, this is going to be fairly quick...like The Sanatorium’s relevancy…

I...I am at a legitimate loss for words, Victor. I never thought it was possible, but you gave me exactly JACK SHIT to go off here. I could discuss your stupid comparisons to Hexa-Gun, but that’s irrelevant…a completely pointless argument brought up for no reason besides you didn’t know what else to say…

I can talk about how Yes, you ARE a poser. A stupid, poorly and cheaply done villain from a bad music video for a shitty suburban metal band, but people already know that by looking at you. And no amount of training in gasoline while wrapped in barbed wire while kids spank you with paddles will make you tougher than that. You are nothing but a kid from the suburbs trying to be something he’s not: A tough guy. And this sunday, I will expose your childish ass for what you are.

I could try and figure out why Eclipse popped in out of nowhere, but then I realize that The Sanatorium is currently doing nothing with their collective careers and he’s probably just DESPERATE for any form of screen time.

You know what Eclipse’s unwanted appearance - hey, that’s the name of his memoir - taught me?

You’re scared.

You don’t know what to say.

You don’t know what to do.

And you need your daddy to help you out.

Because you KNOW that this Sunday, you’re facing an entirely different person than what Daddy Diemos told you about. Sure, he beat me in the King of Elite Tournament, but what has he done since then? I have had title shots, Main Events...I have MATURED as a WRESTLER and as a COMPETITOR...I built an ARMY, and we are just getting started... while you? You keep going back to the same old wells and the same old hospitals saying the same old things as before. “Fear...Pain...Sadness…” You sound like a fuckin’ LiveJournal.

So here’s the TRUTH, the much needed TRUTH that YOUR DUMB ASS and EAW DESPERATELY NEEDS:


And whether I beat you, lose to you, draw...fuckin’ kill you, it doesn’t matter. It will be forgotten in a day or two when you fade back into obscurity and I continue my rise...Because YOU are not part of the plan, Vic. You never have been, and you never will be. Not MINE, Not Eclipse’s, not EAW...YOU...are a NOTHING part of this roster. A FORGOTTEN COG in a machine that doesn’t even NEED YOU, because we there are four or five EXACT REPLICAS of you...well...one of you is an exact replica of ONE of us...I’ll let you all figure out who - but the rest of you are just...well...fuckin’ clowns.

I am looking RIGHT past you, Victor Maero.

To the ones that actually MATTER.

Fear you?


I don’t even NOTICE you.

Now go play with the rest of the children, boy...and leave the real work to the men.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on August 27th 2016, 5:58 pm by Mstislav
This is my title. It only belongs to me. Should I lose it, all that I’ve worked for, all that I’ve sought after is gone. That is why I do what I do, that is why I will do what I must to keep this title. The Naysayers, the ones who believed that my reign is nothing short of a fluke, and that the people I have faced have been nothing but degenerates and scum. Where were they when I faced Carson and Kenny. Where were they when beat two men to the edge of their limits at Pain For Pride. I’ll tell you where they were. They were in the audience with they’re mouths agap but they’re eyes blocked. They didn’t want to see their assumptions proven wrong, they didn’t want to see they’re predictions fall in front of their eyes. They knew what I was capable of, yet they would have loved to see me fail, they would have to loved make me fall. But now it’s that’s not happened. In fact you know what has happened. They’re role model fell before me. And while it’s controversial how I made him kneel, it just proved that he’s let his emotions get in his way. Nasir is and was my brother, and he knew that, but what he didn’t know was how bad I wanted this title, and how bad I am willing to keep it. That is what shocked other in fact. The fact I was ready, willing, and able to stab the person I called brother in the back. In fact leading up to this people were wanting him to do it, but when I did it suddenly I am the bad guy. Yes let that sink it, I am the bad guy for shooting first, I am the bad guy for taking this man out before he could do the same to me. I am the bad guy because the people who want me to fail say I am. And it is a sad situation, a sad one indeed, and I am pretty certain pathetic also fits true to it. How bad do people want me to lose I ask, why do they want to see me fail. Is it because I took this title, and have surpassed everyone who has held it? Is it because I took this title, and tried my damndest to make it respectable after Vic and Lannister’s tarnishing of it? Is it because I made this title mine? Whatever the reason does not matter, because I am still champ and after Nasir, after many others, I am still going to be your champ.

And to prove it I face Nathan Fiora, the residential Hardcore Champ. Now Nate I hate to burst your bubble, but the reason you’re in this match, hell the reason you’re in the Main Event is because I asked for it. I went to the back, and while I may have requested you it wasn’t out of malicous. No instead I asked for the well-abled man you are, to face me, because not only do you need a challenge, but you also need to establish yourself. Nathan, you are a damn good wrestler and the title on your waist shows it. But even though you hold gold you have yet to surpass anyone. Nathan, all that tells me is you’re the best the middle class has to offer, that you are ONE step away from being Elite, but until you’ve proven otherwise you’re doomed to be in the lower class, and be dominated by people like me. No obviously that is not how I think, but that is what the pattern of society is, and has always been. But Nate here is your chance to make society shut it’s mouth. And I’ve handed it to you. And I want you to do something with it Nate. Because are you going to falter or show why you need to be held in such high regard, and why that title is going to be the best in YOUR hands and no one else’s.

But you know while I talk high of you I bet you’re wondering what underlying motive I had for requesting you. Well to be it harsh and bitter, it’s because I need to beat you. Not to make myself more elevated, but to show you why you do not surpass me. Now I’ve heard you talk about how you’ve surpassed me, or how you THINK you’ve surpassed me. Nate thinking, and knowing, are two totally different things, and I doubt you know that. Because Nate while you’re thinking you’ve surpassed me, I’ve been showing people why I am like no other. I’ve beaten their idols, I’ve beaten their role models, I’ve stabbed their heroes. That is the man I am, not a legend, but a God. I’ve surpassed legends, I’ve made myself something higher. I’ve taken on Gawd, Trail Blazers, and Icons, and I’ve beaten everyone of them. Making my mark here in this fucking business, and all you’ve done was won a title. You’ve not faced to best of the best, you’ve faced the best of your rank, you’ve faced the best of the worst, which makes you the King of the Worsts. Nathan I hear you talk about how you do this with your heart, and with everything, and that you CARE for the people. That’s a riot it is, to say you care for the people, to say you care for these fans who no doubt could give less of a shit about you. You want to call me out about destroying friendships, when you really know nothing about anything Nathan. You can talk all about how I am Hot Shit, and that how you think the Hardcore Championship is THE title, but it’s not. The Hardcore championship is for those people who can’t do anything without the help of weapons. The Hardcore Championship is for those who can’t do anything without throwing a chair at someone, or throwing a crutch in the face of another. If you want to talk about a superior championship, look at the Pure Title. That title was for those who had talent in the true techinical aspects of wrestling, about the PURE talent of each wrestler. I held it, Ares held is, Carson held it, and Starr Stan left with it. It’s been held by the best of the best, and yet you want to say the Hardcore Championship is the best, because YOU hold it. You wouldn’t be able to hold a flame ot the people who held the PURE title, myself not included because you could never hold a flame to me.

Nathan you’re all talk, you’re all show, you’re all that and nothing but a huge disappointment. You want to know why it took YOU this long to be in the Main Event. It’s because the Stars needed to have their limelight, while the dirt of the earth like you took their back seat. You wanted real Nathan, well I’m being real with you. I am going to break you. I am going to make you regret everything about your acceptance of this match, and I am going to make an example of you. The example being that no matter how great you think you are someone is always better than you. Nathan, you want to become the next icon, you want to become the next man who topples gods and legends. How are you going to do that when this god slaps you like the insignificant fly you are. This isn’t an exxageration, this isn’t some stupid little image to put in your head, but it’s literally going to be me slapping you, degrading you, showing you why YOU should be put back into place. Forget about heart Nathan, because you’re not going to have the fucking strength to continue after I’m done with you. You say I’ll cheat, you say I’ll do anything to get the upperhand. You want to know what I say. I’ll beat you clean, and I’ll show you why you aren’t the hottest shit here. Hell if the fucking rumors are correct, and Nasir comes out, and you win, let me ask you this one simple question. Will you be able to live with a win like that, a tainted win, where YOU needed outside help to beat ME. Are you going to take that chance, and prove me right. Prove to me that the Hardcore Champion needs help to beat the man who is better at him in talent, techincal skill. Because Nathan if Nasir does come out, and you beat me because of it, all I can say is I don’t want to hear you say you beat me. Because when you do, you’re a liar. But if I beat you, remember you can’t say you’re better than me anymore. Because I proved that you weren’t and you’ll be labeled a loser. You’re fucking win/lose column doesn’t impress me in the slightest, I’ve become the lose of other who tried to boast that record in front of me. And all it took was showing them that they were never ready to face someone who was better than them in higher regards. But hey Nate, maybe after this you can go face Lucas Johnson, you know someone who IS on YOUR level.

The “Chicago Noise” is nothing but a small bike horn compared to the train horn of mine. He’s nothing but insignificant, he’s nothing but a speck, and if he’s not willing to show me some respect, then I might as well treat him like the dog he is. Who knows maybe “Preacher Jamal” can save his sould before I damn him to hell. But either way, after tonight, Nathan is going to kneel to me, and it will be nothing short of Glorious.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on August 27th 2016, 4:07 pm by Carson Ramsay
You're delving into my words way deeper than you should, Judas. You accuse me of reading too much between lines that don't cross and thinking beyond the box, when I never really have, yet you do the very same yourself. Pot calling the kettle black, if anything. As if that alone isn't enough to examplify the stupidity camouflaged by your Halloween mask, you also allowed every single word that I uttered in your name to go right over your small little head. Now I'm not gonna lie, amidst all of these disappointments, the sight of you scrambling to cover your tracks and bury the message appended to your harping on what happened at Pain for Pride did plaster a smile across my face. It's amusing to know that you think veiling your intentions is as easy as veiling your face. Amusing, but pitiful. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to discern the REAL reason why you still cling to the past, Judas. The real reason why half of your second speech is what the kids nowadays call a 'copy-and-paste' of the first, emphasizing the same arguments with approximately the same words. It's not because you wanna' use the failures of the past as fuel to combat what lies ahead in the future for you, no. It's because you want to still don the indestructible shtick, regardless of the times that your eligibility to it proved invalid. You still want to showcase yourself as this unbeatable, peerless force of destruction but the path that your career courses today doesn't exactly reflect that notion very well. You still want to be as revered as you were in Dynasty, feasting upon stacks of easy meat that the suits threw your way on a weekly basis; despite the fact that whenever you're put in a big match predicament, you fall short on wreaking the same chaos and demonstrating the same dominance. You want people to still respect you Judas, but you know full well how people's minds function; they base their judgement on what they see before them at the present time. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you face El Landerson just a week ago? Weren't you hyped up to become the inaugural Hardcore Champion but you didn't even make the cut of participating in the match? Weren't you drafted to Voltage because you were perceived to be this monster asset that's supposed to spearhead the brand into a dark, dog-eats-dog era? All of those unticked objectives are merely scratching the surface as well, I mean, what are you doing nowadays Judas? Besides a hype that you'll ultimately bust and crumble under the weight of, that's become a habit of yours as of late. So yeah, do I think you care about my pity and everyone else's? No, you care about my respect and their fear. Otherwise, you wouldn't sit around in bathrooms everyday sewing up excuses from your past defeats. I don't give a shit about the knees you took to the skull in Miami, I don't give a shit about the lack of seriousness in your team or your team altogether that you seemingly blame for your loss as if you weren't there to taste it yourself. I'm just cracking up at the monotony of how self-contradictory your statements are. All of them trace along a pattern of sorts that I can easily illustrate right now. What, you don't believe me? I'll do it right now. It's rather simple, all things considered;

How-to think like Judas:

One, say something that debunks your point and admit that it's your intention. Something a long the lines of 'here's why I don't talk about the past..'.

Two, talk about the past.

And that's it! You now know how the supposedly functional brain of Judas operates. Looking to draw some inspiration from some of its work? Look no further than him recently dwelling on another glorious portion of his past, dating as far back as early this year. And I quote, just like PFP, Judas came short at the Grand Rampage event. Does he go on to expand upon that truth? Hell no. Instead, he tried to use a victory over Diamond Cage at fucking BATTLEGROUND as means of rectifying not winning the Grand Rampage match and going on to main event Pain for Pride. Not to discredit Cage or anything, but he's not really that tough of a beat anymore. I got the dubya' over him a week before PFP, knowing full well that he was the guy who beat Starr Stan in last year's PFP. But even so, I didn't take much pride in the victory itself, I sure as hell didn't take as much as you do in it nowadays. You see, Diamond Cage was out for a while before coming back in January and unlike you Judas, I know that time can change a man. Just look at you; you were National Elite Champion, you ran roughshod on Friday nights and only ballsy fools considered stepping in your way. Fast-forward a few months, and NOW look at you. No gold adorning your waist, no impressive wins on your Voltage slate — and don't you dare mention Nasir Capitani as one — and nobody cares enough to walk your path because your stock has plummeted and whatever aura surrounded you upon walking into the yellow door has vanished into thin air. There's no other way around saying this, Judas; you're irrelevant. You join the cast of busts from Norman Hellion to Vance Tybull, though the only difference between you and them is that they bit the bullet and knew when to call it a career. You on the other hand still parade about the corridors of this company, begging for everyone to view you the same way that they did when you first came onto scene, instead of facing the reality that continuously slaps you across the face every waking moment of your life; you are IRRELVANT. You won't respond to the call though, will you? I don't think you will, not when you're dense enough to bestow that trait upon individuals like Y2Impact and Heart Break Gal. I will never stress this enough; you, my friend, are neck-deep into a reality forged from your imagination to live in the real one. You belittle the threat of Hexa-Gun now, because you were never HERE when it was around. If you knew about the business as much as you should, you'd realize that Hexa-Gun will go down in history as one of the most dominant factions EAW has ever seen. I can attest to that firsthand, because unlike you, I've experienced the tense atmosphere of that system. Unlike you, I've been on the receiving end of Hexa-Gun's schemes and beatings and unlike you, I actually know how dangerous they were as a group. Who are you to judge? You're just a new fish who's swimming in clean water. You weren't here when it was a swamp, you weren't hear when you had to have eyes on the back of your head wherever you went in the vicinity. Nah, you were probably fixing your makeup for some circus gig. Heed this for what it's worth, kiddo; instead of shitting on bonafide Hall of Famers and veterans of the industry, purge your name because it's not lacking of the stains either. 

It's ironic though, how you say that Hexa-Gun was never THAT good and the only reason why they were allowed to exist and dominate is because they had no competition that could threaten that status quo. Not only because said competition was eventually found, or else Hexa-Gun wouldn't have ended ages ago, but because you were basically describing yourself in third-person by casting that appraisal. I mean, let's state facts here; the only logical explanation as to why you were authorized to be as imperious as you were on Dynasty without anyone having what it takes to shut you up was because you were on DYNASTY. The red folk didn't really have that many marquee talents who weren't repeatedly shoved down everybody's throat in the main event to throw at you, Judas. So, when it comes down to it, you have never been THAT good yourself. If you were, you'd be champion on Voltage or at least vying for a belt; but despite what you might think, you're not doing either right now. Carry on badmouthing our roster though, by all means. That's what you essentially excel at most; bitching about the lack of competition, bitching about guys like Nathan Fiora being Hardcore Champion but not growing the cojones to do something about it. If you're smart enough to pass primary school, you' know that me, Winterborn, Damon and even Drake do not give a single fuck about how you view or think of us. Someone of your current stature isn't exactly one to talk about being less than mediocre, Judas. Your disdain for others proves how insecure you are beneath all the pizzazz, how you dread their progress while not making some yourself. And how CAN you? When your go-to argument is an event or an occasion that is now simply ink on paper and doesn't bear one shred of significance in today's world. The only person feebleminded enough to delude themselves into thinking that they're greater than they really are is you, amigo. No one else. You walk around with a chip on your shoulder and the more distance you cover, the heavier it becomes and the closer you get to the ground. You want to degrade my efforts at Pain for Pride by putting the emphasis on their outcome, yet you talk like you haven't even watched the damn match. I pushed Starr Stan to the limit and beyond, I gave him everything I had and in return took everything that he had to dish out on me and I made him PREY that Pure Championship from my frigid, dead fingertips. Don't take my word for it, take his. I see what you're trying to do by mentioning that bout though, Judas. You're trying to strike a nerve in me because you're out of options. You don't have anything tangible on yours truly that can really make my blood boil anymore so you pour every fiber of your being into that one loss. Sadly for you, that won't swing. Your input doesn't irritate me one bit, if anything, it kinda' entertains me to an extent. The chuckles that escaped me when I heard your two rants couldn't be counted on all ten digits. The way you touched on several of your shortcomings alone had me tearing up, especially when you got to my EAW Championship opprtunity. The hilarity of it revolved mainly around the fact that yourself mentioned the reason why I'm not holding that title right now but still moved past it to pick apart my conflict with Kenny Drake and how it distracted me from coming out on top. Yeah, I was distracted but then again, it's hard not to be when you got a gang running down the ramp and gunning for your head. It's hard not to be distracted by a triple threat turning into a six-on-one handicap match at the drop of a dime and it's reaaaally hard not to be distracted from a champion taking advantage of me fighting off a horde of dogs to retain his title. You won your first title in your first championship match? Congratulations, I did it too. Do you see me having a mental breakdown about it? Not really. Do you see me comparing you to the other bulky fucks that I had to deal with before you joined the list? No. So cease the nonsensical comparison between me and Nasir. We may have both lost our respective comrades but that's where the line of similarities comes to an abrupt halt. I may still have an eye out for Kenny Drake but unlike Nasir, I won't let that cloud my mind when I'm in the ring with you. I have a clear set of priorities that does not budge regardless of the circumstances and right now, beating your mug in is above disfiguring Drake's on the totem pole. So can the act and stop depicting me this weak shell of a man that is hellbent on exacting revenge and nothing else. I walked into this business with one goal in mind; take over it and leave it different than how I found it. A little FYI about Carson Ramsay: he NEVER loses sight of his self-imposted objectives. I don't care if it's you, Kenny Drake, his clique or the entire roster; you will NEVER steer me clear of fulfilling that one goal. You think you have me all mapped out, don't you? Do keep thinking so, 'cause on Sunday, I'd love nothing more than to rip off that mask and see a bloody countenance mirroring utter shock.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on August 27th 2016, 9:51 am by 『zakkii』
Scene opens in a rainy night at the streets of Tokyo as we seen Haruna Sakazaki's sister, Mirei walks to the Shinto temple alone. She drops some coins as she sounds the gong and burn the incense to begin praying.

Mirei Sakazaki: Kamisama, because of your blessing, I am now standing here to say thank you for every kindness you gave to me. I made my success, I go on a steadily increasing career because of your guiding light that helping me until I made it this far. Also, all my family members are doing fine and healthy and all because of your bless upon us. I will not thank you enough for all good things you gave to me and my family. I will always pray for you and hopefully I can face the future with all I can with a strong will as usual.

Mirei Sakazaki: Kamisama, I also want to pray for my sister who is away from our home as she finds her way across the globe. She is fighting there in America all by herself without any help from the others and I hope she will always fine under your guiding light. I believe my sister is a strong and independent woman that can pass all of this. I wish to be as strong as her to fight in this hard world of competition. I am not sure if I can be strong if I go that far to chase my career but she is able to do this all, she is just an ordinary girl but she has a strong will to fulfill her promise. That's why, please give her strength in every thing she does on her way to her dream.

Mirei Sakazaki: I will always support her, I will always be on her side to keep giving my best for her. I wish I could get close to her wherever she needs help. She looks strong outside every time she comes home and meet me but her eyes can't tell any lies, deep inside her, she really needs help. I always keep wondering if she's actually alright and I keep wondering if she's not actually enjoying her time in America. I am too scared to ask that but I always believe in her, I always believe that she can solve her own problems by herself because she's a strong woman. This is the only thing I can do to her to make her stay strong. Kamisama, please protect her for me. Please tell her that I always here praying for her success because I love her. Without her supporting me, I would not be as popular as I am today. Without her support, I might be consider to pull out my audition form and decided to not become an idol. And because of her always show me how strong she is, I would be able to face the obstacle that come after me in this industry. I want to repay her kindness by always praying for everything good to her. Please take care of her out there, Kamisama. Protect her strong will so she can keep fighting to reach her dreams. Thank you very much.

Mirei flows some tears as she tries to wipe it and sounds the gong once again to close the prayer.


Then the scene transitioned to Haruna Sakazaki who is watching the tape of Empress of Elite special where she lost to Cameron Ella Ava. There's a line of disappointment drawn on Haruna's face but Haruna didn't show a sign of quitting.

Haruna Sakazaki: Kuso!! Where did I go wrong? I thought I had it!

Haruna turns off the TV as she arches back to the sofa and covers her face. She makes another mistake but she is not trying to go deep to her defeat for too long because there's still a long journey awaits for her.

Haruna Sakazaki: No, this defeat is not affecting anything for my match against Aria this Sunday. I will keep this momentum alive to stay fighting strong. I still have this momentum and nothing can stop me to win it all. This is my chance to prove the world that I am still able to conquer anything that's in front of me. Whatever happens, whatever the cost, I cannot lose this match. I can't lose to that greedy person who thinks she can conquer all she wants and do whatever to claim everything. I have come too far, and I have done too much so I am not even planned to lose to her.

Haruna Sakazaki: Aria, you also seems don't understand the situation happens in here. Everything you said about me hating everything about you is all just a pure hate that came across me. I don't know where all these began but it seems no matter how much I contribute to rebuild the division into a better place can't be seen to all of you. I never mean to hate all of you. After all, Vixens Division is the place that makes my name big. But why.... I try to raise my standard with everything I have. I realized that the standard is getting higher and higher as the time goes by. I beat those vixens who thinks they can live up the standard but they actually can't. I prove it week in and week out but you, who run the place keeps underestimating me over and over again. I am not looking for attention at what I say here because the only place that I should have to prove to all of you people is right there, in that ring. What I say is not describing what I capable of. That ring is where I try my best to live up my own dreams and create the happiness. Because I am here to fight and I thought the Vixens division is fit for me and everything I think is the best way to get a glory. But what am I to you right now? Am I asking too much wishes that you can easily call me a spoiled brat? I am here for just a simple wish and that is to keep fighting until I reach my glory with everything I fight for. I am a nobody, but I keep progressing until I change that status and turn me into someone stronger. Isn't too much if I keep failing because I am on my way to progress to keep up with the standard? What is the requirement so I can get your eyes looking at me and prove that I can fight like all those people. I never like the hard way to prove it but it seems that you are forcing me to do it. I just want to fight, win and moving on to the next one, is that too much to ask?

Haruna Sakazaki: You should know something that Vixens Division will always to be my home. I believe the Vixens Division is our home, the home for those women who are willing to fight. You are now living under the same roof where I stay too. But that home.... that home doesn't seem to look the same to me. It appears that that home is only for the certain people. I used to look at the vixens are the place for ALL of us with no exception. But for some reason, I am no longer accepted to be there. I proved week in and week out to fight without even try to quit and even with my limited skills but still, I fought with all my heart and passion in this place but it seems I still don't get a place in that home anymore. Even Aria said it herself that the home where everyone helping each other to build it turned into an exclusive club with limited membership. I cared and loved about this division so much until this place turned into what Aria mentioned. Now, all the vixens change the main objective to get that "golden ticket" to get inside that exclusive club and those who failed to grab it will get kicked out from the club. I don't like the Vixens division now and I am definitely against this system. Because I believe, all of us are all the same and after all, we are fighting under the same roof and even though we are sharing a vision, we will still leave happily in it.

Haruna Sakazaki: You, Aria, The "Exclusive Club Member" can do everything you want because you have full access everywhere you want and do you think that I can't do your thing as well? Do you think that I can't beat you because you got yourself in the Vixens' "new home" and I'm not? Well then, this is the fight that I am not going to be easy on you. Go ahead, tell me, judge me and convince all of them with all your sassy words. You call me coward, you call me that I can't do anything but doing dirty tricks to win the fight. Where are those respect that everyone think it had in you? You expect me to fight you that way instead of we doing it cleanly? You want me to become what you object? You asked for it, Aria. If dirty tricks is the only thing you expect in me, be careful what you asked for. You are the same like Cloud who wants me to do that and then tell people that I am the wrong one. So, what about me? What do I expect from you. I just expect you to respect the meaning of fair play and never expect you to bring your bootleg "Suicide Squad" low-budget cosplayers to grab the chance from me just like before. If you want me to play dirty, I want you to show me the "respect" that everyone think you use it in your every battle. I really expect more in every words you said but eh, all those long words are really stupid. I need to win this trophy and prepare myself to beat you FAIR AND SQUARE but you are expecting me to play a cowardly attacks. This is why I never respect you, Aria. You are keep underestimating people and expecting the lowest of the low from your opponent without looking at their effort and when your opponent did what you expect, you can easily blame them for not playing clean. For everything you said about me, I may or may not going to have a fair match with you and that's because YOU asked me for it. Ugh, I'm so done with you.... why people like you get all these things while Cailin, the one who respected every battle not and have to live under your shadow? I'm done.... I'm done!

Haruna, with a disgusted look raises from her seat and storms away from the scene. The scene goes fade to black and ends.
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Post on August 27th 2016, 7:56 am by Tomas Elliot

The scene is largely unchanged from before. There is the fancy-looking escritoire, the wooden board with the (mostly unknown) championship belts, the arm light effects, and the main in the tailor-made suit, the usual radiant (and slightly arrogant) smile on his face.

Good day, my loyal followers, and also good day to you, fans of the EAW. I am here today with an update on my previous message. As you know, I have been negotiating with the EAW management for a while now, as the federation was so eager to add a superstar of interational caliber to its ranks. Well, I am here today to announce that an agreement has been reached, and that I will soon be joining the company as a member of the Dinasty roster. Having watched said roster's shows and having done some research about its talent, or should I say its lack thereof, I must say I am really thrilled about this opportunity.
The opportunity for the roster, to have a recognized international sensation such as myself, that is.

There he goes again...

See, the Dinasty roster is populated by cartoonish characters. Such tomfoolery includes, but is not limited to, childish girls who fall asleep in the middle of ther matches and hit their opponents with pillows (which somehow does not result in a disqualification), masked guys who have other masked guys compete in their place in important title matches, cult leaders who claim not to care about the things of this world, only to change their mind when championship gold is involved, a "legend" who attacks a guy for daring to kick the ass of another "legend", only to get his ass kicked himself, and a top champion who one week needs help to retain and the next gets beaten up by somebody who wasn't even in his match.

Tomas Elliot sighs and shakes his head.

Dinasty is in a sorry, sorry state. A laughable array of talent, bait-and-switch decisions that hold back the few legitimate atheletes and assorted chicaneries have reduced this supposed elite roster to an empty shell of its former self, a situation that only looks to get worse if, as it seems very likely, its team ends up being obliterated by the Voltage one at Territorial Invasion. But as the old adagio goes, the darkest hour is the one that immediately preceeds dawn: how fitting, then, that it should be the dawn of the Tomas Elliot era to bring some light to this roster, to give it the legitimacy it so desperately needs. It is a shame that I joined the roster this late: had contract negotiations been faster, I would have been able to throw my name in the hat for the Dinasty team, and then maybe the inevitable embarrassment at Territorial Invasion could have been avoided. But alas, I will have other occasions to save this roster.

Tomas Elliot now smiles directly at the camera of a warm, reassring smile.

Fear not, disappointed Dinasty fans, Tomas Elliot and his palmares of 47 title belts are coming to rescue you. This much, I promise you. Until then.

The video package ends here...
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Post on August 27th 2016, 4:24 am by Autumn Raven

”Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.”


Autumn tossed her ponytail over her shoulder, flipping through the stack of horror movies in front of her while some really irritating song by that Justin Bieber kid played over the speakers.  This is one reason why she avoided coming to big name stores because they could never play anything worth listening to and enjoying.  She swore that there was a bank of annoying teeny bopper 13 year old girls running the music selection on some days she came in.  All she wanted to do was look through the movies in peace, not want to stick ice picks into her ears.  She pulled out a copy of The Conjuring, glanced at it for a few minutes before going on to another stack of movies next to it, looking for something else to add to her collection.  She was mostly here to look at the movies, buy a few things, and otherwise just have a good time going out and about.  It was a lot better than sitting around, talking about absolutely nothing.  This was a dry town anyway.  Nothing to really do here as far as she was concerned.

”I can only stand being in here for so long.  This music playing over the speakers is making me want to start slapping people with a shovel.  Honestly, who actually finds that kids music entertaining and good?  I don’t get it, I really don’t.  Instead of using modern torture techniques nowadays, they should sit terrorists down and play his music.  We’d win the war hands down.  We would.  Shit, I should wire something for tomorrow so that everyone comes out to a random Justin Beiber song.  Best idea ever.  Probably would piss everyone off, but I sure would get a kick out of it.”

She continues to talk and walk amongst the stacks of movies, pulling a few out here and there that seemed interesting, seeming to be more interested in looking at things other than talking.

”But who wants to hear about the stupid silly pranks that I would like to do?  That’s not why you’ve come here today to follow me around and watch me do this shit.  Nah.  You came here to listen to me go on and on about this little Empress of Elite tournament that everyone…everyone…is talking about.  This little…no…big tournament is something huge.  A first that I’ve been involved in, that’s for sure.  A company that’s willing to throw the best of their female talent into this little deal just to see who’s the best, who’s the real alpha around here, says a lot.  Just go back and take a look at the host of big names that are in this.  Tarah Nova, Aria Jaxon, Stephanie Matsuda…and so forth, and yada yada yada.  There’s a few names that are in there that I’m not even sure why they’re there, but I’m not gonna question it.  All I want is to be a part of this and to get to the top, no matter what I have to do.  If you’ve seen anything out of me so far, you’ll know that I’ll go to extreme lengths to get to it.”

Autumn pulls a packaged poster from the movie ‘Pixels’ from its holder and holds it over her shoulder like she would her bat, slowly prowling around the rest of the store carefully, giving a few of the male patrons an appreciative glance over along the way.  The god awful music had stopped long ago, being replaced by some older tune by Linkin Park.  Now that kind of music she could get into.

”Last week was sweet indeed.  I had fun toying with Ruby Cooper.  It’s fun to watch them squirm, to play with them, before completely crushing them.  Ruby was a sweet girl, so very willing to do whatever it took in her power to get somewhere in this tournament.  She thought she had all the right words to say to me, to try and scare me, to get me off of my game.  Didn’t work so well.  She found out pretty damn quick that a bunch of short flowery words don’t really work with me.  Gotta give her a little bit because she tried.  But trying and not succeeding don’t get you anywhere sorry to say.”

Autumn shrugs, walking up to the register and setting her stuff down to be rung up by the guy behind it.

”You gotta try hard at everything you do here.  A championship, a chance to be the best, the top dog, the top asshole, everything.  Some of them don’t even need to try hard at being the top asshole, they already do a fine job of that all on their own.  To be champion….shit…you’ve gotta leave it all out on the floor, and not just the bad parts, I’m talking about everything. Blood, sweat, tears, a chair or two if that’s your thing.  You gotta push it, you have to try hard….going back to the original point.  If you want to stand up there, you’ve got to try your best, give it your all and all that fluffy stuff.  It’s what I’ve been doing since I stepped through those doors on day one with my bat in hand.  I may have bloodied a person or two but I’m trying my hardest to get to that top, to say that I am the best at what I do, and look at what I have…this fucking championship around my waist.  This piece of gold that says I am the best, and better than you at it.”

She smiles at the guy behind the register, picking up her bag and her poster, and walking out of the store all together, tapping the poster on her shoulder.

”I kinda wish I was Specialist Champion right now, but things happened, and I’m not.  But there will always be chances for gold, and not just that one.  I always like to envision the bigger picture in the scheme of things.  I’m sure BB Vita likes to do the same.  The girl has this big personality that could light up the sun for a year, but she has her own way of doing things in the ring that makes her an interesting person to fight with.  At least from what I’ve seen.  I don’t know what else to expect from her.  I don’t know if she’ll bounce towards me or just come out swinging…or offer me a drink…I don’t know.

I just hope she can entertain me long enough so I can twist her and break her.  Call me brutal, but as you’ll come to find out, I don’t play nice with my toys.”

Autumn smirks at the camera, walking away from it, tapping the poster on her shoulder.

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Post on August 27th 2016, 2:07 am by Victor Maero
We Have a Hulk

“Burns. Burns. Burns.” The scene fades in to see Maero pointing to burnt sections of skin on his arms in a large room in the Sanatorium. “That ring of fire, that ring of fire! Everybody!” Maero sighs. “I wish your insults were as good as that song. Wait, when did you become an art critique? Remember how I said there was intellectualized involved in Warhol's paintings? Of course you wouldn’t like him. It takes more brains to open a pasta sauce can than you’ve used your entire career. Me, a poser? Oh Kenny, this little insane fad? I’m the bedrock of it, much to my chagrin. Let me rephrase that into Drake language; I’m a crazy hipster. This isn’t face paint Kenny, it’s warpaint. It’s something that has actual significance to me.” Maero leans down and looks around like a six year old going to tell a secret.

“It keeps the demons away.” Maero laughs. “It seems to be working given how you’re the only one here. I don’t tell people to be scared Kenny, I just suggest it. No one needs to be scared, they just shouldn't hide it. It’s much more fun that way. Besides, you know what people say after they fight me? ‘Never again.’ Know what they say after they fight you? ‘Damn I wish Wolvesden didn’t interfere.’ The Sanatorium actually fights fair. Apart we’re strong, together we fight fair and with our family behind us. Apart, Wolvesden is shit, together Wolvesden is worthless. All you have are some slimy, worthless morons backing you up. Let’s see, the Sanatorium has the King of Elite.” Maero begins counting on his fingers. ”Two former Vixen’s champions, a previous World Title holder, and of course me; with two title shots under my belt. Wolvesden has a failed Pure champion.” Maero looks quizzically and shakes his head violently.

“That’s it! You’re trying to be some kind of Hexa-Gun Sanatorium cross breed and are ending up far worse than both. You know, there’s one person Hexa-gun never really defeated, Eclipse. So what makes you think your Great Value brand Hexa-gun will be able to defeat his Bishop, the man he trained.” Maero chuckles. “We’re all mad here, Kenny, truly mad. The Sanatorium is the home of the truly insane, not his little fad craziness that seems to be blowing through EAW. Did you know you’re a paranoid schizophrenic? That doesn’t just go away you know. I’m a psychiatrist trust me on this. Anthony is also a paranoid schizophrenic, but that won’t change if he devotes himself to Scrabble! I can literally name everyone in the Sanatoriums problem. Like I said, Anthony is a paranoid schizophrenic. Stephanie has rage issues. Madison has dissociative identity disorder. Eclipse is a sociopath. I’m sadistic and a sociopath. Come on Kenny, tell me what the voices are saying, I know they’re still speaking to you. I’d love to hear who it more intelligent between you two.”

“The more intelligent one between the two? It’s the voice.” Eclipse mumbled as he slowly sat up, blinking away the sleep from his eyes as he glanced towards Maero from his position on the couch. He smirked swinging his legs around and going to a full seated position. He cracked his neck, placing his fingers against a bruise that had formed just under his left eye from his match with Oasis before he glanced back up towards Maero.
“We’re talking about Drake right?”

“That’s the one. He seems to think our entire lifestyle is based off a fad.” Maero shrugs. “The minute he starts to make sense I’ll eat my scalpel.”

“He called us a fad? Kenny Drake...called us a fad? That’s pretty adorable coming from the person who couldn’t defeat me for the King of Elite tournament. Adorable.”

“No, no, no. It’s okay. Kenny Drake wasn’t a fad. He wasn’t even popular then.”

“He believes that he’s going to be beating you? That he will go past you? He can’t get over the consistent losses to the person who he has partnered with. Or does he not remember that  war? What even is Wolvesden? Let’s see...a group designed to dominate a show. Hexagun did it first, and succeeded. A group composed of people who have come together based around their mental state and their state in the company. Sanatorium did it best. The ‘leader’ isn’t a leader. Their leader simply ‘wishes to bring up the abilities of others’ while listening to the voice in his head. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? If you’ll forgive me for stealing something from you Maero, Drake is the Dollar Store version of what I am...and frankly I would be insulted if it wasn’t laughable.”

“He’s got guts. He called us Nu-Metal. Which is a change of pace to be honest. He’s more of… Pop-metal-polka.”

“That’s a thing?” Eclipse asked, confusion in his eyes.

Oz runs into the room excitedly.

“I found Wolvesden’s theme song!” Oz presses a button on his phone making the song A Munchkin Welcome play.

“Oz.” Maero says with his head in his hands.


“I’m so… so very proud of you.” Maero lifts his head with a huge grin on his face and wet eyes. “We may just make a wrestler out of you yet.”

“What if I don’t want to be a wrestler?”

“Then we’ll make a -whatever you want to be- out of you yet.” Eclipse replies.

“I want to be a wrestler.”

“I’m not longer proud of you.” Says Maero.

“That’s fair.”

Fade to black.
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Post on August 26th 2016, 11:57 pm by Kurt_Burton
Showdown 5
Going the Distance

All around the wrestling ring
The Burton chased the Rexy
He lost his tricks, and then he fell down
Pop goes the Rexy

That thing I was talking about before, that I said it wasn’t time to reveal.  Well, now it is time to reveal it.  

Controlling the motherfucking pace.

That is the most important mental aspect.  You can sit here and threaten to break bones.  You can threaten to hurt my unhurt back.  You can talk about shining lights.  But the most important thing, beyond intimidation, beyond momentum, is controlling the pace.  It is what separates the champions from the pretenders.  And in the promo wars, I failed.  I absolutely failed, because I did not understand Rex yet.  Admittedly, it’s a bit hard to understand him, with that reoccuring stammer.  But right now, I get you.  You need and crave attention, and you have to get the last fucking word.  And your promo style matches your in ring style.  You spam the same shit until it works and claim that you are a master of manipulation and style.  But I see you Rexy.  I know how important this match is.  To me, to you, and this company.  And that is why I am posting this promo, directly after yours.  Because I knew that you would be back Rexy.  You couldn’t stay away.  You couldn’t let the promos sit on even ground.  You went first, and you want to go last.  But that’s not fucking happening.

Because I am controlling this motherfucker right here.  See, I am putting in the work, and I am watching you, and I am fucking learning from you.  You’re tricks are not going to work this time.  Not at all.  I am going to slow this pace to a fucking crawl.  I am going to work you over.  I am not going near the fucking turnbuckles, and I am going to stay near the middle of the ropes.  Why?

You can’t hit your Rex Effect if I ain’t in the corner. And you can’t slap on the Rex lock if I can get a rope break.  And then you are going to have to pin me after a suplex or try a roll up.  Because that is all you have left.  

But me, I can hit you high, I can hit you low.  I can hit you where the buffalo fucking roam.  Because I am fucking Kurt Burton, your moody megalomaniacal metal star and I am fucking back.

Rexy, you are going to come to this ring, wishing, begging, praying that you had shown me just the slightest bit of respect as a wrestler.  See, I dislike you because of who you are as a person.  I am well aware that you have talent.  I don’t think that you are utilizing it properly.  But at this moment, this moment right here, I am showing you who I am.  I am not the sad sack who lost four matches in a row.  I am a dominant competitor and I have to prove that again.  And I will prove that again.  

Is this cheap as fuck, you know it is, but it’s the same thing you just tried to do to me, so don’t even act offended.  Don’t even play hurt.  Because I just threw back at you exactly what you tried to do to me.  I know that you are just a fucking sad little man, sitting in your hotel with a webcam, because that is all you got.  All you have Rex are cheap tricks.  You can’t go toe to toe, so you try to weasel around and make sure that certain things go your way.  But that doesn’t make you a fighter Rexy.

You have a lot of talent, and I give you that.  But you have to understand that you are not the only talented person, and you are not the only one busting your ass.  There are dozens of us, scraping and clawing our way to the top.  And each and every one of us is hungry.  I told you at the beginning of the week, I was going to beat you at your game, not mine.  And that is what I am doing right now.  That light is starting to look a whole lot dimmer from where I am standing.

I am going to come into that ring, and I am going to own you Rex.  I am going to hit you with every lariat,every chop, every armbar, every suplex.  I am going to put your body through hell.  Your legs and your arms will feel stretched beyond all feeling, and when I beat you and take your number one contendership, then you will know what should have been obvious if you had been paying attention the entire time, that you do not fuck with Burton.

I don’t do silly catchphrases.  Everything out of my mouth has a potential for greatness.  And I don’t take time off, until my body gives out.  Why?  Why?  Because it means that much to me Rex.  But you see, this time, I saw the weakness and I pounced.  Your weakness wasn’t your condescending snotty attitude.  It wasn’t your penchant for dime store philosophy.  Your weakness is that you can’t let anyone else shine.

So shine down your little fucking light.  I want to bask in it’s glow Rexy.  I want to feel it’s warmth on me, as I feel the warmth leave your body.  Oh, I’m not going to kill you Rexy.  You will wish I did.  Because this title will be mine.  Not because of destiny.  Not because of lights, and not even because I worked my ass off to get it.  It’s going to be mine because at the end of the day, I want it more.  You say that you want it, you say that you only took this match because you want to see how you do in high pressure situations.  If you’re stumbling and stammering are any indication, not very well.  No, you are like the 16 year old kid at prom night panicking because you have no idea how to slide the bra off.  You sit there and you twist and you pull and you tug, and you beg your God “PLEASE!  I HAVE WORKED SO HARD FOR THIS!”  And you did.  You romanced that nubile young girl that is this number one contendership all the way back to your daddy’s car.  But once you got there, you couldn’t pull the fucking trigger.

But me, I’m the senior stud who knows how to please that lady.  And she will be walking away with me, on my arm.  Because when the mood is right and the pressure to perform is on, I am the one who delivers a solid ten inches of satisfaction.  And that young lady will feel so good wrapping herself around me.  Almost as good as her big sister will feel when she throws her legs around my waist and I am the new Elite Answers Champion.  And you have absolutely no one to blame but yourself.  Because you are the one who put me in the car with the two of you crazy kids.  The sister is the belt, by the way, I know you take things literally, like when I said that you cause ratings to drop from your promos.  So I just want to make sure you are following my metaphor.

Now, all allegories aside Rex, I want you to understand something.  I want you to look me in my eye.  And I want you to know why I am taking this from you.  It is not because you are a bad wrestler.  You are bland, but not bad.  It is because you are a fucking twat waffle.  I goddamn pastry made of diseased genitalia.  And I really do not like diseased genitalia in my food.  Because that confidence you so loudly proclaim you have is nothing more than sheer unadulterated cockiness.  There is a major difference.  One tries to mask their insecurities, while the other marks a secure competitor.  Cockiness is what force you to try to respond to me, but that video lacked your normal editing finesse. 

Right now though, I want this more than you.  I want this title.  I need this title.  And I need to see you laying on the mat with your shoulders pinned.  I want to see that groggy look in your eyes as you come to, and realize everything that you lost.  And that you lost it because you were a goddamn moron.    

See, it’s not just jokes that I have.  And it’s not just in ring brutality.  I have the ability to read people.  But it’s been just a tad rusty.  But now Rexy, you’ve run past me three times.  I have figured out so many things about you.  But what do you know about me.  How are you going to stop my suplexes, how are you going to stop the Helter Skelter?  Or the Feedback?  Do you know why in the NFL, the worst thing that can happen to a team’s playoff hopes is to face a divisional rival?  Because the third time, that’s when the tricks wear off.  That’s when the teams are going to have to actually play.  And if a team goes in with two victories over the other, they damn near never walk out with a third.  See, third time’s a charm, depending on which side of that field you are on.  And football and professional wrestling share a lot in common don’t they.  They are both physical sports with large mental elements, involving jacked up men slamming each other down.  And you know what they say in football?  Any given Sunday.  Look it up.  

You won’t and you can’t because instead of standing in the ring and facing me like a man, you are going to look for your two moves.  And you won’t get them Rex.  And then you will get beaten, by an old crippled has been, in your summation at least.  

And then how does your image look?  
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Post on August 26th 2016, 11:51 pm by Rex32
Showdown Promo # 5
"Remain Unbroken"

[size=37]The truth shall set you free.[/size]

[size=37]Well, here we are a mere day away from my match with Kurt Burton, a self-professed career killer. In his longstanding stance this week he has said many things, many contemptuous things toward me. He swears he doesn't hate my very existence, and yet he still goes on to say so many bitter things toward me. None of which I care to repeat at this point, because really what's the point? Hell, I think I've proven mine by being able to get under his skin to the point to where he would like nothing more than to wipe the floor with me and knock the shine right off my face. He would like nothing more than to prevent another Rex McAllister entrance down that ramp and into an EAW ring as the number one contender after tomorrow night. He won't be able to say that will be the case because for me, I plan on showing up after tomorrow night. I plan on showing up next week, and the next couple of weeks after that still number one contender. Whether Kurt can accept it or not I will show my ass up as the number contender and everytime I'm on the card, whether it is against him or anybody else. I am a man of my word on that. Regardless of how I leave the match tomorrow, I will make sure I leave that man the most disappointed man in the building. I will leave that man hating me if he does not hate me already. He won't like what I have in store for him. That will remain a surprise. [/size]

[size=37]I've been a self-assured little prick for the last several months. I'm edgier with the necessary attitude to get the job done here each week against anybody. Outside the ring I am nothing like I am when I show up for work every week in that ring. Do I put up this front? Maybe. Maybe I am not as tough as I put on. Maybe I’m just tougher mentally more than anything else. Am I scared of challenges? Hell no! I love a challenge! I made this match. I made my bed. So if I lose? Well, then I lose. I will have nobody to blame but myself. It will be just another lesson learned I guess. I just don't plan on losing though. Too many times I was humbled in the beginning of my time here. During those times I would show up each week thinking about the last loss, and even though I knew that dwelling on the last loss wouldn't do me any favors going into the next match, still I let the previous loss weight on me going into the next match. It turned into another loss, and another, and another. The thing that got me to stop dwelling so much on all those losses? I remembered what I would have waiting for me back home if I just up and quit?[/size]


[size=37]Fear? That's different than being concerned. Different from dwelling. I fear things that are far beyond and truly outside of wrestling. Stuff out of my control. Things like War, violence, destruction, the end of days. Not knowing when any of those things can affect your daily life and how it will play a role in it. That's something I really think about. I don't fear wrestling or anything or anybody in this sport. I love wrestling. I'll put my body on the line for something I love any day, and wrestling happens to be that thing that does it for me. So sorry to burst your bubble, Kurt. I have never feared something I love. This sport brings out the best in me. When I go home and doze off? First I shower up, then I eat a small meal, and lastly I crash man, as soon as possible, because I can't wait for the next day. I can't wait to wake up Sunday morning after a big match the night before to find out who I will be facing next. Nothing else gives me that rush like this sport can, but I never wilt under the normal pressures that most might otherwise succumb to in that locker room. Weak fucking parasites that come in here and think they have this place figured out from the start only to find out much much different  once they've been bumped down a peg or two. Their fragile egos can't take it. So they leave. They quit! I don't know. Maybe they find solace in doing something else if wrestling doesn't work out. Thats not me. You’ve got me wrong, Kurt. So now you have forced my hand. Forced me to open up and be real with you and everybody else thats getting the wrong picture about me, with your help of course. I’ve grown and matured here. I embrace everything that comes my way. I don't run, and I don't hide because I don't fear any aspect of this place. So do I fear what is to come on Showdown? Nope, and that should scare you. You think you know what is coming for you, but you don’t. That is the great thing about this for me as it should be for you…the unknown. I embrace the unknown, Kurt, because there is something exciting in it all. Not knowing what the future holds is the ultimate thrill and motivator. For a couple of weeks before Diablo I had a chance to contemplate that very thing, wondering whether or not I wanted to put my body on the line, my career Kurt, in a Flaming Fucking Tables match! I was thinking to myself, gee, I might not want to jeopardize everything I had worked for up to that point knowing I had nothing to go back to really, back home. Of everything you say you believe you will do to efface me this week? I find myself undeterred by it. Diablo was a much scarier prospect to endure than this. That was your best chance to beat me. This is a regular match, like you said, this is right up my alley, and you had better believe I will come out and perform like you don’t expect that I will. I will take the fight to YOU Kurt! You believe you have accomplished anything this week? News flash, Kurt, you have accomplished nothing. For a whole week you have went as low as you can go with constant slander, constant critiquing, and constant threats and it has still yet to faze me in the least. You keep trying to insinuate that I have lost my composure, but thats still just another tactic of yours to throw me off. I walk into this thing the favorite once again, destined to eclipse you in the middle of that ring as you look up at those bright overheads in the rafters. I ain’t the best thing since sliced bread. I’m not perfect in any way. You think you are better than me? Got another news flash for you? You won't be this week.[/size]

[size=37]You are nothing new, just another hurdle to be scaled.[/size]

[size=37]I am supremely confident, but not arrogant. I don’t think I’ve ever thought myself to be nor has anybody else ever told me so. Just you and Nobi. You think you have seen arrogant and conceited? Why don’t you check out one of EAW most arrogant stars. He goes by the name Angelo. You think I’m arrogant and conceited? Why don’t you take a glimpse at one of his promos sometime, and then get back to me. What I am is everything I have been saying I am, and not what you have been trying to have the target audience perceive me as. Do I have tons more evolving to do to go far here? Sure, and I have no problem admitting it. Nonetheless, I walk through those doors blushed with unmistakable confidence. I believe in myself and everything that I bring to table is good enough to defeat anyone on any given night no matter the match, the venue, the opponent, big or small, no matter how experienced and intelligent they may be, anybody, including you, Kurt. I grew up in a really small shitty town in a rundown neighborhood in Jersey for crying out loud. Imagine feeling trapped in an unsatisying existence. Wasting your precious time doing things that you really don’t want to be doing. Being afraid to express your uniqueness. Having fun on the weekends then dreading the upcoming week. Maybe you don’t have to imagine it; maybe your life is just like mine was, few moments of satisfaction drowned out by a constant grind of work that doesn’t fulfill you. I won’t go into the rest, because I ain’t all about pity parties that much is for sure. It doesn't matter. That was before I found wrestling. Point is, I have to have supreme confidence in myself that I can become the best that I can be in this sport because nobody else will believe in me. I really don’t have anything else that I love to do. I am not an overdog, not in the least, but I am an underdog more often than not. I find ways to win just like you observed from a few of my matches. I simply outwork and outlast opponents in that ring with every bit of smarts and wit that I have. You want honesty, I am not a favorite to win more often than not, but it hardly seems to matter because here I am ready to face off with you on Showdown, and ready to prove to you that everything you think you know about me has been wrong all along. Kurt, you have wasted a week, a WHOLE WEEK trying with so much effort to throw me off my game with every tactic you can think of break me down and it has not paid off. All the bitterness of your words, the rage behind them is unmistakable. You might project your tone to try and exhibit to the audience a different emotion, but the words and conviction behind your words say otherwise. All this bitterness coming out from years that you had balled everything up inside, just all pent up over six years, and from what? From the fact that you think today’s generation, the future of this sport is not actually the future, but the cancer that will bring this company to bankrupt? Guys like me? Such a cop out Kurt. You are bitter because you lost those precious years, years you could’ve been around and became a real star in this company, perhaps even a legend. You can’t get those six years back and it eats you up inside every fucking day whether you want to admit it or not. That's why you bitch so much about this and that. So you say all you can do is change. Change is never a bad thing. We all go through changes, and that comes through adaptation. Listen, I come to the workplace ready to work every week. I walk to the ring with confidence. Do I have weaknesses? Yes, nobody is perfect, of course not. I never claimed to be, ever. We’ve all got weaknesses, and that little thing we talked about previous? the tenacity that I have? It will not let me lose this week, YOUR weaknesses will be exposed in that ring where I will decimate you and make you pay dearly. Everybody makes mistakes out there, it's simply a matter of who makes the most critical of those mistakes. Those critical mistakes that make difference between winning and losing.[/size]

[size=37]The confidence I possess, that you have wrongly chalked up to being nothing more than arrogance? It's something every person that wishes to have a long prosperous career here should have. Having strong beliefs and confidence in my abilities and letting my opponents know about it is nothing new for me. I was trained well learning even more as time has gone on, and I make sure I use all the tools I was blessed with to their fullest. Everything else after that is about getting better and constantly working to refine all those skills I was taught. They're all things I put on display every week, the mental and physical aspects. I walk around with a true belief inside that I can one day get to the top of this company. If I did not believe that, I wouldn't settle. I would move on, try and find another endeavor that suits me. An endeavor I could succeed at and get to the top. If you simply settle with anything in life, than you aren't bettering yourself, and you'll just stay stuck in neutral.[/size]

[size=37]I survey things here just fine Kurt. There is no shortage of things that I know about this place. Lets fire away shall we? Did you notice or realize that with the draft that just happened that Voltage raided most of the best this company’s talent pool has to offer. Consider this, Showdown Cerubus, Parker and Vendetta. Dynasty has DEDEDE, and that is it. Voltage had TMDK, two former world champs. The other Vendetta, who just got done being world champ. Then you have Aren the current champ. Their midcard talent could main event on Showdown or Dynasty and neither show would lose a beat. Guys like Christian Locke, Carson Ramsey, Judas, Nasir, Nathan Fiora. I could tell you Y2Impact is likely got something new in the works to get back into power just as was the case with Hexa-Gun. I can agree that while our brand has strong midcard talent, the top of the heap is bored. Brian is bored, Parker is bored, Ares is definitely bored, and Lannister...he is a part timer as it is and had no business in a world title matchup. The end result at Diablo was predictable with Ares winning. I could tell you that Brian wanting to face Robbie V is simply a ploy to get in Ares’ head as they head into TTI. I can tell you Dynasty’s current crop is the weakest from top to bottom. One last thing? I can tell you that in a few of weeks the National Elite Championship will be defended and it won't be against you.[/size]

[size=37]Your concentrated efforts to break me down are to be applauded, but nothing more, nothing less. I’m putting my pride to the side. I will admit, maybe I do walk around a little too proud. Maybe it is an area I will look to improve upon as time goes on. You seem to possess a bit of your own as well. Do you truly believe that debilitating finishing maneuvers like the ones I have utilized effectively aren't something to think twice about? Moves that have taken down other foes with near perfect success rate? These basic default moves as you have chosen to call them, they are meant to wear you out over a period of time. They don't need to do anything more than what they are meant to do. If you believe that these maneuvers can simply be defensed so easily than you are in for quite a surprise. I don't know a man I have come into an encounter with as confident as you to believe my offensive attack isn't going to be able to overcome you. I can assure you though that will change once we get in that ring. The longer the match goes the more those so-called default video game like moves start to work in my favor. Everything I have said this week had everything to do with belief. It was never arrogance. I really do believe in what I say, but at least now you know it had nothing to do with pride for the most part, because I have done debunked that right here over these last several minutes of talking. You think that win at Diablo gave me a big head? Sure you would. For me though, it reassured my confidence I had in myself all along. That’s what it did. Again, I don’t carry bravado into Showdown tomorrow. I carry confidence, and constant motivation. Motivating myself to work harder, keep pushing. I am going to push you to the brink of your limits, Kurt, before I ultimately overcome the challenge you will pose to me. When we both start to tire, I will find something else in me, a second surge if you will, and I will finish you. I will beat you Kurt. I don’t care how long it takes me. I will put you down for the count. All this time you spent trying to degrade my image and drag it into the mud when I told you, I WARNED YOU that it was a waste of both of our times, but mostly yours, since that is all you chose to do for the most part all week. Oh, yeah. Thanks by the way for the backhanded praises. So glad you found it in yourself to give out such praise even if it's not genuinely heartfelt. You see the difference between us, Kurt? I don’t have to go down to your level at all in anyway shape or form when it comes to downgrading you. You are doing that on your own with every foul mouth thing you can pull out of your ass to say to me. I won’t be deterred though, not in the least. It’s all business Kurt. You are about to get the best of Rex McAllister. You will find out that what I will bring to that ring tomorrow will prove to be far greater than anything you can think of to stop me with. I may not be perfect, but I won’t have to be to beat you, just like I have beaten others. You will come back with a response perhaps, but it won’t matter. On Showdown I end this debate once and for all. This is my time.[/size]

[size=37] [/size]

[size=37]The truth has been spoken. [/size]
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The camera turns onto flashing lights in the dark after a bell is rung while Tiberius, bruised and beaten, lays inside the ring with a replica Answers World Championship. With makeup making it look like Jones eye has been heavily darkened through punches he gives a faux blank look on his face, and the camera goes to his supposed point of view where his eyes are almost shut closed, as he begins an inspirational tale.

Even passed the black of my black, extra black, eye I can see the path in which we World Champions take.

They say I can’t be world champion.

They say my claim is moot.

But I can be like the champion Tyler Parker praises. I can be like Ares Vendetta.

Jones begins to slowly rise from the mat and clench his fist as he looks to the massive figure that has defeated him.

I can look into the eyes of adversity itself.

I can stand upon the cracking earth beneath me to take on impossible odds.

And find a cheap way out of facing my obvious top contender who defeated me!

Jones runs for his life holding his championship as tightly as possible to his body as the camera fades to black. In the next scene Jones appears walking all gangsta like into a crack house, over bloating his toughness as he kicks down a door to find a bald crazy bug eyed trans cat lady dressed like a certain former EAW vixen and most important former general manage. Jones raises his world championship as if he is Ares, Cleo pulls out the symbolic Project E.G.O Lion on a Lannister like flag as if the lions are the same.

TJ: Well look who it is. My most storied rival, Cleopatra.

Cleo: Tiberius!

TJ: You were my first problem when I tried to break into EAW, it was sweat to see how far you’ve fallen, but our hatred burns through the generations and won’t end yet! Ever since the defeat of your ancestor Cleopatra at the battle of Actium! Tiberius Nero was able to celebrate upon the victory chariot with his elders as they rejoiced over the defeat of Cleopatra, and though I was able to celebrate your fall it is time that I take it even further than my ancestors as I decimate the last remnants of Cleopatra myself! It’s not like I have more relevant matters to take on, or anyone who has beaten me, no some historic grudge with someone who hasn’t done anything in recent times must take precedence as I defend my championship and my namesake’s honor! For Rome!

Jones and the trans Cleopatra take battle stances and rush at each other.



Jones slaps Cleopatra upside her head and “she” scrambles to the floor looking for teeth that fell out after the impact. Jones laughs but is confronted with her husband, a homeless man with a giant beard and oddly wearing nothing but wrestling trunks fashioned after a current EAW extremist.

Brian Daniels: Didn’t your father teach you not to hit a lady?!

Jones freezes into place.

TJ: What…….what did you just….say.

Brian Daniels: Something wrong with you, boy? I said, didn’t your papa teach you not to hit a lady. Someone has to be to blame for not teaching you how to be a man!

Jones begins to shake uncontrollably.


Brian Daniels: Whoa there, it’s not that serious.


People break in to restrain a crazed Tiberius Jones who is dragged out of the room kicking and screaming.


Jones appears on a windy rooftop looking over the horizon with a look of profound determination on his face.

And now I am ready to face Tyler Parker. The idea that we both stepped into the ring with the same man, and that man had left Tyler apparently physically AND mentally unable to compete, while I was victorious, convinced me for a second that I really couldn’t hang with Tyler. I don’t know about the rest of you, but when a man crumbles before people you humble, it really has a jarring effect on you that really chills you to the bone just thinking about what kind of carnage will be unleashed upon your person. What if Tyler’s actions upon me are truly so gruesome that they shouldn’t be televised? What if the starving Tyler Parker has had twenty-two years of combines with his nine years of experience in this business into a fused form that can make me know how it feels to have fractured my perfect cheekbones like he did? The ladies just might not have looked at me the same folks! That was what I was thinking before. But channeling the man that Tyler Parker says I can’t take my rightful title from has empowered me with the force of ten thousand Vendettas!

Jones smiles.

But really now.

Calm down Tyler. You’re just another member of this circus, no need to take yourself so seriously.  We’ve got a performance to do in front of these people, no one takes their seats in a kabuki theater to hear sob stories and angst. Just look at me, I stand here as Mr.CITV and Answers World Champion, because I know how to play this game. I’m right here next to you guys, juggling the same pins, playing with the trained lesser animals like Terry Chambers and Cody Marshall, and doing all the trapeze acts that leave the crowd stunned. But that also means I can sabotage it all, lace with poison here, leave a cage door unlocked there, and even leave a slippery surprise to make you fall and snap your neck when you least expect it.  Guys like you think you own the place with firm control, you think “finesse” can keep you balanced and secured, but I’ll be there to expose as technical as you think you are, you can’t always watch your step.


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Nico Borġ: 15 (SD3)
Things Hidden: On Ships and Shipwrecks

That it might fulfil what was spoken by the prophet:
“I will open my mouth in parables,
I will utter things hidden since the foundation of the world”

Matthew 13:35

1I have not misunderstood anything. Neither have I conspired to inflame a few nerves ahead of our match. My words are not here to sting, they are not daggers to cut. They serve a different purpose. 2For the Lord has blessed me with not one, but two hands with which to inflict pain. Not to mention a head. forearms, elbows, knees...and toes. Haha. 3I hope you can forgive that little lapse into childishness. I realise that was rather juvenile of me. 4But after all, it was Christ himself who said we should humble ourselves in faith as little children. 5Besides, I think it puts us on a more even footing. Do you agree, Ryan? I have been kind enough to step down to your level, this one time, because I pity the sheer immaturity of your responses towards me. 6As you know, I’ve spoken a bit about how people who are too similar, who speak the same language get drawn into vehement conflict. 7So I got the idea in my head to help you out. I decided to debase my speech to your level of comprehension, just so you could sound like you actually have a chance of winning this debate with your poor arguments. 8No need to thank me. Just enjoy it while it lasts. Because you will not remain so smug when it all comes crashing down around you.

9Now back to all seriousness. I understand you, Ryan. Loud and clear. And when I say that, I don’t mean I ‘just now’ understand you. I don’t mean it is some sort of revelatory epiphany sort of way. 10No. I always understood you. Right from the beginning. Even before you first addressed me, I understood what you were all about. Maybe not the little details, but I could paint the big picture. 11But you know, I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I have given you chance after chance to prove to me that you are different. I gave you every chance to prove that there is something within your philosophy which is unique; something which is valuable. 12Yet, lo and behold, you have failed at every hurdle. I cannot say I am surprised. But I can honestly tell you that I’m disappointed. 13The reason why is no big secret. You are evidently well aware of it yourself, though I am not really sure if that makes it better or worse, But yeah, you know exactly what it sounds like. 14You know how generic your vanilla-ass philosophy comes across. And yet you still stand by it with the weak justification: but it has “meaning”. 15Well I hate to break it to you like this, but everything has meaning to someone. That isn’t a philosophically valid justification of it’s worth. 16That, my friend, is what we call a leap of faith; something I should know a thing or two about.

17Well you always did have a flair for irony. This was your big attempt to prove me wrong and all that you have done is proven me right. 18I mean...come on. This pit idea...really? Did you really expect me to be surprised by that little nugget? 19You have played it up as if it is something big that I have missed. Something I haven’t fully comprehended. Something that changes everything. 20But really it is all the confirmation anyone needs to know I was right. It vindicates EVERYTHING I have been saying up until this point. 21Get it. Is that news to you, Ryan? This pillar. This promise on which you have built your philosophy. It is the kind of thing that, when it infects the true faith, one might call a ‘covenant of works’.  22At it’s heart is this notion that, no matter how deep the pit, a man can - through his own compulsion...his own ‘works’, a man can save himself. 23It is the kind of insidious self idolatry I warn of constantly. A disease which has spread itself to each of the the four corners of the Earth. 24Come on. You must be getting it finally, no? Or has all this introspective daydreaming been clouding your already poor judgement and preventing you from listening. Let us rewind the tape, shall we?

You have just summed up the dominant heresy of our times. The kind of twisted idolatry which exalts the worst wretches and makes prophets out of voiceless gold.

Nico 14:22

25That is what I said last time around. Honestly, It probably fits even better right about here. 26But see, the point is that I really have already forewarned you from pursuing this path of greed, pride and vainglory. 27You speak with such conviction when you say that I have misunderstood you. You reveal that one piece of the puzzle, grinning in the faith that you have finally proven me wrong, yet all I see is my own prophecy coming through to fruition.

Then when the green-eyed hordes of envy come to take you, you will find no salvation in these worldly idols. Gold and silver are for the furnace and the crucible, and any man who clings upon them will be thrown with them into the fire.

Nico 1:23-24

28As you may have been able to tell from the occasional times you are watching, listening to the world around you; it is a prophecy I have made in some form a number of times before. 29This is what I said to Rex McAllister before dispatching him on my first ever appearance on Showdown. 30He, like you, had suffered and sought to redeem himself by the power and influence afforded to him by gold and silver. He may even achieve what he ultimately set out for in the coming weeks, but even that will not erase the stain that I have left upon him. 31Is your conviction stronger than his? Are your powers? What really do you know that he does not?

But he’s a cruel, breathless God and he doesn’t answer as you lament that you don’t quite live up to the impossible standards of that false idol you made in your image.

Nico 9:49

32I am aware I am starting to sound like a broken record now. But I just wanted to make sure you got the memo. 33I have learned not to trust you to really listen and focus on what is being said by others. So I thought I’d hammer the message home one last time. 34Ryan Marx,you have built yourself up as your very own idol. You think yourself the sort of wisened sage who can click his fingers and conjure into existence his very own self-serving religion. 35A code to live by, to guide you, to hide your faults and accentuate your strengths. 36I was going to call you a creative type, but that isn’t really right. All you have done is cherry picked and adapted commonly held principles, for better or worse. I suppose if I had had to describe you with one word, I’d call you something of a Bricoleur. 37A tinkerman, cobbling together this new invention out of anything you can find close to hand. 38But do you want to know a secret? A blessed mystery of faith. A thing hidden since the foundation of the world. 39I don’t suppose when doing your research for this ‘philosophy’ you came across an author called Ulrich Beck. He had some interesting things to say on the matter. 40He surmised quite observantly that ‘the invention of the ship was also the invention of the shipwreck’. 41Just by bringing an idea to fruition, you raise a devil into this world with a host of unintended consequences. From the very moment that it comes to be a reality, so to does the very real danger that it all malfunctions disastrously. 42You can try and paper over the cracks. You can adapt the design as much as you want. But for every fault you fix another leak or two will spring up elsewhere. 43That’s the sad truth, Ryan. Truly we are all trapped in this pit. But there is no escape by human means. There’s an overhang at the top. Even the passage we entered this world by is sealed. 44We are as Daniel in the lion’s den. God alone judges. God alone saves. 45How long can you continue to fight the inevitable, Ryan? You are not the Messiah. You are not a God. Fate will catch you sooner or later, assuming I don’t get there first.

46Well that is the long and short of it, Ryan. Tell me, have you ever seen that film, Fight Club? What am I saying? Of Course you have.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was exactly where you ripped this half baked philosophy from. 47You fight. You claw. You bleed. Bring yourself halfway to death and then realise you  aren’t made of glass and you feel more alive than ever before. It fits the script, don’t it? 48Well you missed a bit. Let me help you. You missed the part where you are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everybody else. Another worthless piece of shit in the same compost heap. 49As for me, maybe I’m not all that different, at least not alone. But the fact is that I represent something far bigger than simply myself. 50I’m the all singing , all dancing herald of your apocalypse. 51With my God behind me I am more than just some sack of carbon and chemicals. I will not perish because the dictats of time and circumstance have merely had their say. And though flames may rise up all around me, I am not consumed. 52I can count all my bones. And I will emerge holding that flame in my hands, to sow as seeds of destruction in the midst of you and all of the Lord’s enemies. 53Have fun in that pit of fire. Enjoy that furnace. Nothing short of a miracle will deliver you from my crucible.

Number your days.
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(OOC: pardon the roughness, posting on mobile)

Hrm, seems like I hit a switch with you, Stephie. Struck a nerve, mayhaps? Whatever it was, it's good to see that you're coming to play. I'm almost a little disappointed that you're not still treating this match like a joke, cause I was looking forward to seeing the look on your face after I get the three-count on you. Oh well, can't have it all.

Craft beer? Cold-brew coffee? I'm not sure who you have me confused with, but I ain't no dirty hipster, thankyouverymuch. I prefer the simple things in life - a Tim Hortons double-double and an ice cold Molson Canadian. Maybe a mickey of Crown Royal.

The only thing I plan to be doing on Sunday will be celebrating my win by...actually, brunch does kind of sound awesome. Thanks for the idea!

Just because I'm not screaming at the top of my lungs doesn't mean I don't have the passion to be here. I'm not the kind of person to go on some long-winded rant about how I'm the G.O.A.T. I'm a girl that steps into the ring and proves it. My ten years busting my ass on the indies all over North America certainly doesn't feel like a waste, if it meant that I ended up here in EAW, competing in front of thousands of screaming fans every week. To me, that means that everything I dreamed of doing when I was a kid is now my reality. And the only thing that would make that better would be winning the Empress of Elite tournament.

And I fully plan on it.
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Voltage Promo #1

The Majestic Crow and that of a laughing jack 
Were they are telling the tales of the outer back 
I've just been travelling the world far and wide 
At the back of Bourke and to the Queensland side 
There isn't much a bird can do, there isn’t much a bush can go 
As far as me, said the old black ugly crow
There isn't a bird in the bush can that can fly away
A course that is straight or a course that is as high as the sky 
Or perhaps higher than human eyesight can possibly go goes 

There's sometimes clouds,  but there's always with the crows 
Drifting along for a scent of the sweet smell of blood 
Or a smell of smoke or a sign of a flood
For never a bird or a beast has been 
With a sight as strong or a scent as keen.
At fires and floods I'm the first about
For then the lizards and mice run out 
And I make my swoop, and that's all they know 
I'm a whale on mice," said the Boastful Crow

The Bee-birds over the homestead flew 
And told each other the long day through 
"The cold has come, we must take the track.
"Now, I'll make you a bet," said the Laughing Jack 
"Of a hundred mice, that you dare not go 
With the little Bee-birds, by Boastful Crow.

Said the Boastful Crow, "I could take my ease 
And fly with little green birds like these
If they went flat out and they did their best 
I could have a smoke and could take a rest. 
And he asked of the Bee-birds circling round 
"Now, where do you spike-tails think you're bound?
"We leave tonight, and out present plan 
is to go straight on till we reach Japan

"Every year, on the self-same day
We call our children and start away 
Twittering, travelling day and night 
Over the ocean we take our flight
And we rest a day on some lonely isles 
Or we beg a ride for a hundred miles 
On a steamer's deck,* and away we go 
We hope you'll come with us, Mister Crow. 

But the old black crow was extremely sad
Said he: I reckon you're raving mad 
To talk of travelling night and day
And how in the world do you find your way?
And the Bee-birds answered him, If you please 
That's one of our own great mysteries. 

Now these things chanced in the long ago 
And explain the fact, which no doubt you know, 
That every jackass high and low 
Will always laugh when he sees a crow
Laughter is life’s best medicine

Poem by Madison Kaline 2016

I came so close to beating Heart Break Gal at the Empress of Elite special, it was a hard fought draw, neither of us wanted to lose, both of us had that W in sight. And with that as it stands I have yet to be defeated in this tournament so far, I have defeated Scarlet and Zara Morgan, had a draw with Heart Break Gal, and now my next opponent in this tournament will be the woman who will never accomplish anything other than being known as Cameron Ella Ava’s twin sister. Consuela Rose Ava is my opponent this week at Voltage. Consuela has been very outspoken, she is what you would call a goodie two shoes, always trying to do the right thing, I can respect that, but what I can’t respect is Consuela riding the coat tails of her sister, she has rode them all the way to the top of the Vixens Division, I mean let’s face it Cameron Ella Ava has been in EAW for the better part of a decade at this point, and nobody even knew she had a twin sister until like 4 months ago, just goes to show you what kind of a loser she is. I bet Cameron was always the successful one, she probably was potty trained first, she said her first words, learned how to walk first, she probably got better grades then you in school, had more friends than you. Got better looking guys, Of course she is more athletic than you I mean the girl is a multi-time Vixens Champion, and what are you? Well you are just Cameron’s twin sister right? Let’s face it Consuela, you have no shot against me in this match, in this tournament, so do yourself a favor, and just quit, just give up, because you are worthless, and I don’t respect your type, the type of person who thinks because they have a relative in the wrestling business who was successful at it, they think they will be, sorry sweetie it doesn’t work that way, talent isn’t hereditary. You will learn this in our match Sunday, I will wipe the floor with you, I mean please did you see my match with Heart Break Gal? I too her to the freaking limit, like nobody has before, she is a hall of famer, and I was 1 second away from defeating her. Not to mention I am a former Vixens Champion in my own right, I have headlined numerous and countless FPV’s for the better part of a year. While you have done….Oh that’s right nothing, you have done absolutely nothing in your career, or in your life for that matter, you are a pathetic excuse for a human being, your parents should be ashamed when they look at you, because they see Cameron, and they see a successful woman, who has reached the very top of not only the Vixens Division, but the wrestling business as well. Let me put in this way for you Consuela, I have already defeated your obviously more talented sister, what makes you think you stand a chance against me? I have defeated the likes of Cameron Ella Ava, Aria Jaxon, Cailin Dillon, the very best the Vixens Divison has to offer, don’t be mistaken I am the very best when it comes to this division. And make no mistake about it, when it is all said and done, I am coming home as the Empress of Elite winner! Write it down, because my word is just as good as stone. Believe it or not Consuela I am actually very much looking forward to our  match, because I am going to knock your teeth out of your pretty little mouth, and have you pick them up with your broken fingers, it isn’t going to be pretty, but I just don’t see a scenario where you walk out on your will power. (Madison gives an evil laugh, but suddenly gives a cute innocent smile) It will be okay though because at the end of the night I will give you a nice big hug! Because hugs make everything just a little bit better! See you Sunday Consuela; I very much look forward to our match! (Madison smiles and walks out of the scene)
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(Sorry this is so short. I have no free time atm and i lost the other half of this. More to come hopefully tomorrow.)

"So, let me ask you this. Did you see what happened to Blaise Hunter? You see how he didn’t realize that the system only works for that it chooses. I had to show him the hard way, cause once again Phoenix was not supposed to win Sunday night. I was supposed to play the role and put over Blaise Hunter. Here’s a shoot for you. The only reason I used the ropes is because I had do what was needed to make a statement. I did what I had to do to show that the revolution is happening. MY revolution. My personal revolution. I am not going to stand here idlly by, and watch the people who don’t deserve to be anywhere NEAR the top…people who don’t deserve to lace my [expletive] boots, get pushed into the stratosphere while those few of us who actually KNOW what we’re doing get tossed aside like yesterday’s news. Here’s a news flash for the front page for tomorrow. When I come to Voltage Sunday night, this Thresh coming from down south wherever. He’s gonna learn that my revolution..my uprising that I’m staging…I don’t care if I’m doing it by myself. It’s live, it’s in your face, and I can promise you that SOME people, are not going to like it."
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Post on August 26th 2016, 9:43 pm by Nathan Fiora

(The scene begins with a clip.  There is darkness around Nathan’s room, but there a lot of noise being made.  Days pass and pass as the footage fast forwards and nothing happens.  Dust can be seen after a few days and then a clock begins to tick.  The cameras focus on the clock, which seems to be a countdown.  The clock reads “1 Hour Until HE Returns” and there a lot more noise made.  As the countdown ends, a clip begins to play.)


Cameraman: 3…..2…..1…..ACTION!

(A gigantic figure is seen walking into the frame.  He is dressed very nicely, with a bible in hand.  The man begins to straighten his tie and pauses for a moment.)


(Nathan Fiora and Rebecca Sawyer walk in, looking sharp as usual.  Nathan is wearing a dark blue suit with white buttons while Rebecca is wearing an all red dress with a golden design.  The audience claps and begins to cheer for both Fiora and Sawyer.)


Nathan Fiora: That was beautiful.  Thank you so much, Preacher Jamal.  You have made my name worthy to come out of your mouth.  You’re showing me why you deserve to be a part of the Fiora Regime.  In another note, I am back!  I know, I know; I’ve been gone for quite a bit and I apologize for that.  So much has happened in the past week and I’ll be honest here; I’m glad it’s happened.  I am going to be a part of Team Voltage for the Territorial Invasion FPV and guess what?  I don’t care if General Manager Carlos Rosso has a team leader set up; I’m going to be leading this team to victory.  There is no other man in this show or company who can call themselves Nathan Fiora.  No one can strap on my boots and catch the eyes of millions of viewers like me because I’m just that damn good.  Oh, just to clarify something, that’s not some sort of phrase; I’m just preaching the truth to everyone that wants the truth.  As much as I hate Rosso’s decision about this team, I’m not disappointed about his choice of the main event this week.  Guess what?  I’M IN THE MAIN EVENT.  It’s about DAMN time that I got such a big opportunity.  Every single match that I’ve been in is main event match material, but I won’t complain since there is an obvious favorite factor in Carlos Rosso’s book.  Who’s my opponent this week?  Uh, he’s quite the important guy here in Voltage.  I mean, he’s the biggest bad guy in the show, athletic and the EAW champion.  There’s this other title he holds, but I can’t quite remember the name; it doesn’t really matter either, honestly.  The big focus on this match is that it’ll be a champion vs champion match.  It’s all about the Hardcore Lifestyle vs Star Lifestyle, two men who overcame the odds, and two men who want to be known as the main star of Voltage.  Some might say that Aren already has that accolade...NO.  Aren doesn’t have the accolade anymore, no no.  Since I’ve stepped into the scene, I’ve slowly, but surely, surpassed him in every way possible.  He might be a world champion but who cares about that piece of junk?  It’s all about the real man’s title; THE HARDCORE TITLE.  Hell, I’d even call it the Universal Hardcore Title because my talent surpasses anyone’s that is in this planet and universe.  This ain’t the ego talking because this is reality, people.  My win-lose record is better than most of the roster here and I’ve been the most successful newcomer EAW has had in a very long time.  Do you all think that I’m going to stop anytime soon?  You shouldn’t be answering that because you should know that the answer is no.  The answer has always been no; I am a master of my craft.  I can make white paint look entertaining if I had to.  Aren man may not agree with me because he has the world title, trying to look like the biggest hotshot the company has ever produced.  I get that, but he’s actually actually like he’s hot shit and ruining friendships that he could’ve saved.  This man has never been for the people and never will be for the people, but look on the other side.  The real people’s champion is right here, supplying every single EAW fan the best experience possible.  I do this from the bottom of my non-stopping heart, but this company appreciates an asshole like Aren.  

(Nathan grabs a chair and politely puts it behind Rebecca so she can sit down.  Fiora grabs his own chair and sits on it, with a cross-legged position.  He is holding the Hardcore Title, satisfied with the reflection and the meaning of the title.)

Nathan Fiora: Aren, what is wrong with you?  That’s the biggest question from me to you.  You have hit your best friend in the dick just to get a point across?  That’s some third grade bullshit right there.  You should’ve had the guts to actually fight Nasir and not degrade the poor man to some punk.  Look, I couldn’t care less about him, but I do care about the fact that he’s your best friend.  Who the hell could trust you now?  You can’t even keep the closest people in your life without stabbing them in the back like a little bitch.  I’m not the best person ever, but if I ever have to say something, I’ll say it.  If I don’t like someone, I’ll tell them right in their face.  Sure, people don’t like my “In your face” attitude, but at least I’m real with myself.  You, on the other hand, are manipulating others and thinking the world is your chess game.  That’s not the case, especially with guys like me.  I like cheesy things like transparency and realness.  So, here’s the deal.  We’re going to be facing each other very soon and right now, I can’t wait for that opportunity.  I’m going to beat the living crap out of you right in the middle of the ring.  Maybe you’ll try to cheat like the pansy you are, but maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe I’m wrong about the beating I’m going to give you.  Maybe I’m wrong about giving you mercy in this situation.  Maybe I’m wrong about actually giving you a chance to get up on your two feet.  You never know, I might just try to take you out of retirement and trash your titles.  We don’t even need them, so I would never take them, honestly.  I can only hope that Sunday comes soon because I am so ready for everything that will happen.  By the end of the match, I’ll be leaving as the better champion, the better man, and the biggest wrestler that Voltage has to offer.  So tell me, audience, who’s leaving this Sunday night as the best?


(Rebecca Sawyer begins to get chants as Nathan gives her the floor to speak.)


Rebecca Sawyer: Look.  This man is better than your Mr. DEDEDE’s, Scott Oasis’, Jacob Senn’s, Brian Daniels’; you get my point.  There has been a change in order here and sadly some don’t understand it.  This man puts his body on the line for everyone in the audience and they give him the utmost respect, but management barely rewards him with a main event?  That is distasteful towards the hottest thing going on in this company.  He doesn’t need EAW management, but EAW does need him at this point.  That’s why I’m here.  I’m here to show the world why Nathan is as great as he says he is.  I’ve never seen so much talent come into this business and trust me, I’ve seen some extraordinary figures throughout my career.  And to answer your questions, I am Nathan’s biggest supporter; he’s had me hooked since day one.  He’s had you fans hooked since he got here too, but the rest of the world will see what the Fiora Fire truly means on Sunday Night Voltage.  It isn’t just some catchphrase, folks; it’s a movement!  It’s THE MOVEMENT.  So I’d recommend for all of you to strap in and enjoy the ride along with the rest of The Fiora Regime.  I’d love to talk more, but there’s our time means something and we have to get back to training for Nathan’s huge match.  But before we go, I’d like to say one last thing.  No man alive will be able to kill Nathan.  NO ONE.  Ciao.  


Cameraman: THAT'S A WRAP!

(Nathan, Rebecca and Preacher Jamal remove their recording gear and begin to head out, with a huge ovation from the crowd.  The cameras continue to record as they go outside, where they are welcomed with paparazzi and interviewers.  The scene ends here.)
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Post on August 26th 2016, 9:06 pm by Ahren Fournier
(Camera fades in to Ahren with his head in his hands, rubbing his face in his locker room its quiet, until....)


WHAT THE ACTUAL FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!! Another week, and another person stealing things that I’ve done, but this guy took it to a whooooole other level. Water reflection? You went to a body of water and looked down to your reflection? I JUST DID THAT WHEN I WAS TALKING ABOUT YOUR BITCH ASSSSS! If you’re going to steal something that I did to you, don’t do it the very next day, to the same person that did it to you, you complete and utter fool. I really really hope that was a failed attempt of making fun of me, because no one, absolulety no one, is that stupid. But that wasn’t it. Then! Then what you say is extremely idiotic. You think I said what I said because I’m bullying you? Jesus Christ man, you were definitely one of those kids that mommy and daddy coddled for their entire life, and always taught you how special you are. They told you how nothings wrong with their little angel, but I'll let you in on a little secret, there are things wrong with you.  Actually listening to you talk for a few minutes I'd say there's actually a whole lot wrong with you. Do you know what business you’re in? Like did you join this profession by accident? This is, professional wrestling, that’s right, our job is talking shit at each other, then fighting about it you… you.. I don’t even know if they’ve created a word in the English language that can accurately depict exactly how stupid you are, but for now I’ll just say you ignoramus. You’re stupidity has gotten me so worked up, I can’t even think straight. Sorry ladies but I’m not really feelin going all sexy, and funny tonight, i’ve got my serious face on to deal with such jackassery, next time, when I’m not up against someone who doesn’t know the difference between a wrist lock, and wrist watch … Classic wrestling joke… I got you girls! But back to Blaise, you’re sad about me “making fun of you” when all I did was state facts, the truth hurts I guess. No, I’m not “going out of my way” to make fun of you, we have a match, do you not understand the concept of what we do? We... Well I already explained it to you, but chances are it didn't get through your head, you seem like one of those special stupid people that need things repeated to them again, and again, and again.... But if you want me to go through what I said again fine. Fact, you haven’t faced anyone worth mention. Fact, you’ve lost just as much as you’ve won, and don’t deserve nearly as much credit as you’re being given. Am I jealous? No not jealous, just frustrated, and annoyed. I’m definitely seeing how bad the powers that be are at decision making. Their thought process is, lets give the guy that's 2-2 a shot at an opportunity, and have the guy that's undefeated another pointless match, that he'll definitely win! which I did, but thats beside the point. This companies thought process makes no sense, but like I've been saying for weeks all I got to do is just do me, and keep racking up these wins, and I'll break through. But back to you and your hurt feelings Blaise, maybe it wasn't the facts that got you worked up, maybe you were mad that I made fun of your name, or that you weren’t as good looking as I am. Well I mean, again just stating things that are commonly thought as, as truth, but if you don’t want me to say it again because you’re too weak minded, and fragile to take it… Well I don’t think you should be in this business first off, but so you don’t go home crying to your parents, I’ll stop, but it’s kinda my gimmick. But moving onto your utterly ludicrous thought process, what is going through your mind Blaise? Thinking that you’re worthy enough for this match, saying you “earned it”? Is beating Vic Vendetta something that makes you worthy of anything? Ok well, not the way I see it, but by your views on things I deserve to be in this match too. Looks like I’m not the only one that needs to brush up on my opponent’s history. Look beating Vic is something I’ve done! You want to make it into this big deal, when actually I don’t think it's impressive at all. That was one of your main matches that you like to hang your hat on, like relax, it was no big deal. Vic… He..He is absolutely terrible, I beat him with ease, you don’t see me bragging. Cool he was world champion, but seeing you clearly know nothing about this business, I’ll tell you, it’s a “what have you done lately” kind of place. Lately Vic Vendetta has not won a match in months, anyone could beat him. So yeah, next? You lost to…. Keelan Cetinich? A guy that had a chance to make it onto this joke of a team, and lost. You’re not even good enough to beat a back up team member, way to go. What else did you do? You beat JD Damon, who like I said earlier, is terrible regardless, he didn’t even deserve the chance to have that “special opportunity”. Does anyone even know who JD Damon is? Then just last week, YOU LOST TO PHOENIX WINTERBORNE!!!! I beat him in my debut. So lets see here, tally up your score, you’re 2-2, against guys that are pretty much jokes, much like yourself. You see how I don’t boast and gloat about what I’ve done? Because I know when to keep my mouth shut when I know it doesn’t deserve to be opened. I am hungry, starving even, sure I’m undefeated, but I know I haven’t beaten anyone worthy of me speaking their names, while you spout off at the mouth talking about how you beat Vic, and JD Damon.... Yeah all 2 of those wins you have, keep talkin bout them. How the hell did you come up with me boasting about what I’ve done? I clearly state all the time, that I haven’t done anything impressive yet, but I’m trying to, I just need the chance. Believe me I know, I haven't beat the best, clearly you’re not a very good listener, seeing that every single opponent has brought up the same thing, and not once have I ever bragged about winning. How many times did they hold you back in Kindergarten 3 or 5 times? Clearly you should go back due to your lack of listening skills. Kudos to you though for mentioning you lost to these sub-par performers. You’re right though “Blaise” I didn’t know anything about you before this week, and after today, it’s going to stay the same because you’ve done NOTHING worth mention, and unlike me, you actually take pride, and do nothing but talk about what you've done.  Oh and by the way, do you think that I’m a joke perhaps? I mean I can’t tell, you only said it about 5 times, maybe I could’ve understood it if you said it a 6th time. Stupidity runs rampant here in EAW doesn’t it? Stupidity, and unoriginality, you have both of those unfortunate characteristics. Christian Locke had me beat? Really? Then why am I still not pinned in EAW? Why have I never tapped? If he had me beat, why didn’t he win? OOOOH because Nathan came running down! Ok well maybe he shouldn't have left the ring when he "had me beat", maybe he shouldn't let little things get him so flustered. Especially when its a "teammate" coming to the ring. Let me give you a much needed lesson in wrestling scrub, it only takes 1 second for something to change, one move, and it could all be over. So you say Christian Locke had me beat after his finisher? I say I had enough left in me to kick out. Maybe I was about to get him in the small package, 1-2-3, its over. Now onto more of you lack of originilty, you look down at the water…. The way I finished what I said, and said this.“ One last thing, Ahren. This is still just the beginning of my story. You’re just another chapter that’s about to conclude, the conclusion happening when the bell rings and I stand above you with my hand raised in victory”. GET YOUR OWN GIMMICK!!!!! FOIEHFSFISHFWIJFWEIFJESLFKSLFSEIFJLEFJLf.. I SAY THINGS AND THESE PEOPLE JUST REGURGITATE IT WEEK AFTER WEEK LIKE IT'S THEIR OWN THING! This place is so frustrating with all this copyright infringement, someone do something about this! THINK OF YOUR OWN SHIT, BE ORIGINAL, I KNOW WHAT I DO IS ABSOLUTE PERFECTION, BUT IT LOSES ITS OOMF WHEN YOU STEAL IT! THIS IS MY WORLD, YOU, are the background, you are a supporting cast member. I am the main protagonist to Planet Fournier, while you just roam my world, being nothing but wasted space. You’ve really gained quite the large head for accomplishing absolutely nothing, except being handed a spot. So I don’t know about how your chapter is going to end, but I do know this week, your story may come to an end, when I hit you with my Story Book Ending…. If you plan to come back and talk, pleeeaasssseeeee be original, and pleeeassssseeee don’t be a bitch, and pleeeeeaaaasseeee come up with facts that don’t make you look as weak as you really are, because I want this win to actually seem impressive.  *sigh* (Ahren rubs his temples and drops his head again)  I apologize for all the yelling this time around, the stupidity man I-I… Just can’t with this stupidity, and unoriginality….


(camera fades to black, no wink, no thumbs up, no smile…. He cant even right now)
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Post on August 26th 2016, 8:44 pm by Kurt_Burton
Showdown Promo 4
Master of Puppets

Hehehe, dingleberry.  He said dingleberry.  I love that word.

And now we see where we are at.  With less than 24 hours to go before Showdown, we have Kurt Burton, a man with a plan.  And Rex, who is seeming like he is about to have another breakdown.  Actually I don’t think that is the case.  Not at all.  But it is obvious he is flustered.  For the past week, he has been speaking much more eloquently than we are accustomed to.  We have been listening to him this past week waxing poetic about image, and momentum.  But obviously, I must have gotten under his skin.  Because now he is raving.  He is angry.  He thinks that me going after his character is not enough.  And it is not.  He wants facts.  So now I am going to lay some facts down on him.  Now, I here that the internet has a really hard time putting together big chunks of information.  So, I am going to list the top five facts about Sexy Rexy McAlister.

#5 - Rex has a basic understanding of physics.

Rex McAllister says that momentum is not the most important mental factor.  And he is almost right on that, so let’s give him a hand there.  But he acts as though this is insurmountable.  There’s something interesting about momentum, it can swing in a heartbeat.  Hell, he said as much to Nobi in the buildup to Dia Del Diablo, and he utilized a swing of momentum to try to take me out.  But here’s the thing he hasn’t considered.  He didn’t take me out did he?  I mean look at the card.  This match is for the #1 contendership to the National Elite Championship.  While he was declared the victor at Dia Del Diablo, two weeks later I am still here.  He hasn’t taken me out.  Plain and simple.  I mean, he put my head through a table, a fiery one at that, but here I am still.  See, momentum is big, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the most important thing.  He even said as much to Nobi in the lead up to Dia Del Diablo.  That even if Nobi had “a momentum” that this would mean absolutely nothing for Nobi.  But let’s talk about momentum a bit more.  An object in motion tends to stay in motion until it meets an equal and opposing force.  Now here’s the interesting part of this.  The best part about momentum actually.  You do not need to stop someone to take their momentum.  Rex thinks that I intend to be the tree to his Ferrari, when really, I am going to be another car, hitting a pit maneuver.  See, I don’t need to stop your momentum.  All I really need to do is use your momentum against you.  But how does one do that?  Well buddy, that is a big part of the mat game.  But it’s also a big part of the mental game.  

#4-  When agitated Rex Makes mistakes

You just bitter man, but not because the business is as you have assessed it, but because you have watched it evolve without you, and now you have to play catch up. I thinks it, Kurt. You are are shitbag.

I just bitter.  He think it.  I am am shitbag.

See, we spent almost one whole week, listening to him speak.  Calmly, cooly, collectedly.  But now when he speaks, there is a fluster and stutter in his voice.  The veneer is cracking.  And this is not the only time that we have seen it.  We saw it at Dia Del Diablo as well.  I whipped his ass from piller to post.  I made a mistake, which, give me a break.  I just put three men through tables.  I hit him with a piledriver onto a lead pipe.  A nasty maneuver.  But he still got up.  And then I went to finish the deal, and give him a Helter Skelter through a table.  But he got out of that too.  But he was agitated.  And he made a mistake.  No, right now I am not talking about he handed me the match but the ref was too dumb to follow the one goddamn rule.  No, I am talking about sending himself through that table at all.  Why the fuck do you want to go through the table?  You don’t, but Rex erither has a burning fetish, or he is about the dumbest person when he gets pissed off.  Because he burnt his own flesh.  Fucked up, ain’t it.  It’s a good thing though that there are not any signs that Rex is getting flustered again and about to make a mistake.  

“So far he hasn't in the way of a win lately”

Oh goodness

#3-  He has fabulous hair.

I have made fun of his hair a lot.  But in truth, I am jealous of it.  I started going bald, so I had to shave mine down.  I see guys like him and DeDeDe, and I am truly jealous.  I miss my long hair.  I can tell though, that he spends a lot of time on it, every day.  At least three hours a day.

#2 - He is only starting to grasp how this business works.  

Ten months, Rex has been scraping and clawing his way up out of obscurity and into the living rooms of the waiting masses.  And with this, after so long scraping, he is now actually in contention for a title.  Not for long, but he is in contention for a title.  And he thinks that this is a great accomplishment.  He thinks this makes him better than everyone else.  But it is a position it took him much longer to get into than his opponents.  Nico Borg, actually got a title shot after only a couple of months.  Nobi, got into the same position Rex was in until Dia Del Diablo after only five months.  And myself.  Two weeks.  He talks about momentum, but it seems to me his rolling stone has gathered quite a bit of moss.  Which is ok.  Some of us are late bloomers.  But this illustrates a point.  Rex is not better than any of us.  I mean, he is definitely talented as a grappler.  And if you give him an opportunity to weasel out, he is going to take it.  But he doesn’t understand what the bosses want.  And he doesn’t understand what the crowd wants.  He is unremarkable in his move set, and his promos put people to sleep.  But he says that doesn’t matter, as long as he wins in the ring.  And anyone who knows anything about the history of our business knows this is not true.  But that’s ok, because he doesn’t know as much as he thinks he knows about the current state of the business or the competitors.  He confuses me with Killer Keenan.  And he thinks that because I wasn’t invited to join Omerta, this means that Zack Crash doesn’t think I am that good.  Do I look like I would fit in with Omerta?  Is my style similar to theirs?  Do I run around, skulking in the shadows?  No.  I confront my issues head on.  And Crash knows this.  Crash knows that I cannot be controlled.  I used to hurt people, like outside of matches.  Not because I had a problem with them.  Just because they were there.  Guys who have absolutely no work effort.  Guys like Kevin Hunter. In this case, his name was Jimi Hamilton.  He was talking to Crash.  He was standing there backstage, after putting on one of the worst matches I have ever seen in my life.  He had two functioning legs.  I decided that was unacceptable. But that doesn’t mean shit here.  Besides.  I am not that guy anymore.  I prefer to deal with lazy pieces of trash like him in the ring now.  And that’s not you Rex.  But how influential do you think Omerta would be, a group all about imposing their own order onto this organization, should they have a wild card like me on their payroll?  Or maybe they would still be influential if they had me.  Maybe Zack came to me after you stole my victory, and promised me that would not happen again.  Maybe I threw my match with Rattik under Zack’s orders, to lull you into a false sense of security?  Huh?  Maybe that’s what’s happening.  Maybe that’s not.  That’s the thing Rex.  You don’t shout everything into your little webcam in your hotel room because you couldn’t find a woman to keep you company for the night.  You don’t lay your cards all on the table before a fight.  Unless of course, you are a cocky little prick who thinks he knows more than he does.  All I’ll say is this.  Omerta, if I’m not part of it, it don’t bother me one bit.  I don’t care about taking orders.  And I don’t care about trading on my past.  The past means nothing.  The past shapes us, but the future is here in the present, and that is what I care about.  I care about pinning you or making you tap.  I don’t care about Zack Crash, or Omerta.  They can run around doing their thing.  Making their power play.  Trying to remove Murrow from power.  I don’t care about that.  What I do care about, is taking the National Elite title.  I care about getting back to where I was before I left this industry.  And that is not me living in the past.  I know that I am not a main event guy anymore.  I need to get back there.  I need that title, locked around my waist.  Because I need to push myself.  I need to take what other people say, and make them eat it.  I need to prove the naysayers wrong.    And you think jokers don’t make it here?  Have you fucking looked around.  TLA and Kenny Drake would beg to differ.  Hell.  Even Zack Crash was kneeling and squawking like a parrot last night.  Because we have to deal with this shit.  See, you still haven’t  been around too long.  You still don’t know.  You still don’t know what’s it like to feel someone’s knee tear in your hands, and know that the person will never compete again.  But you will.  I have no doubt about that.  Because you will do anything to get ahead.  Because you care only about yourself.  I don’t know if you will feel regret or pride when that happens.  Something tells me though, it will be the latter.  Because you are an arrogant piece of trash who thinks that he is better than everyone else.  Looking at you Rex, it is like looking in a mirror.  And I could tell you where your road ends.  But you wouldn’t listen if I did.  History repeats itself Rex.  Unless you learn from your mistakes.  Which actually, leads me to my last fact.

# 1-  Rex does not keep his eye on developments.

Rex found a winning formula.  You know this.  I know this.  He is now weaseling and squirming his way on up that card, because he has a few tricks that work.  But we all need more than one trick.  And as of right now, all I see is a one note competitor.  Who knows.  Maybe he has more than one trick.  I wasn’t here while Rex was beginning his move toward this title.  I was in the process of working out a contract, determining what merchandise I had the rights to, you know the shitty mundane parts of this business that no one ever wants to talk about.  And during that time, was when you made a move for power.  And you weren’t worth my time.  I was looking at guys on the rise like JJ Silva, TLA, Lioncross.  I was looking at guys at the top, guys like DeDeDe, Crash, Vendetta.  I was watching people who were entertaining, like the Santiorium, and Cerberus.  And no where in that, did I give a crap about you.  So I was surprised.  Because you are a guy who talks about honor and competition, when you teamed with Nico Borg to take me out.  But I saw your singles match with him.  And I was less than impressed.  And I saw your match with Terry.  And you beat him.  But I was less than impressed there too.  All you did in that match was beat down a bald primate.  You committed monkey abuse.  But then, Dia Del Diablo.  I had you to rights.  And you surprised me again, by being a weasel.  Once again, you took me by surprise.  But you have been saying and doing the same thing for these two months.  And I have taken note.  I am not going to underestimate you.  I know that if I make one mistake, you will take me down.  So I have to go back to basics.  But you would think that you would actually be paying attention to what has been occurring this week.  If you remember, before Dia Del Diablo, you said that I was your only competition.  So I am very confused, how as I say things, that you get everything wrong.  I am not 33, I am a couple months shy of forty.  I said that.  My back isn’t bad.  I never said that.  I never said that I didn’t need to change, and I have been changing absolutely everything up.  At first I thought you were trying to play a mind game on me.  It’s not a bad one to play.  “You don’t matter.”  But then I realized that it goes deeper than that.  His only response to no weapons was “Duh, you’re going to get disqualified”.  Even though I have used weapons in matches where disqualifications are a factor, and yet I haven’t been DQed yet.  And then I realized that it is not just me.  It is with everyone.  Rexy doesn’t know shit about what happens to anyone but himself.  He called Rattik a new guy, but Rattik has been here almost as long as me.  Sure, that’s only two months, but it’s not quite the “He hasn’t been here at all.”  It wasn’t his first rodeo in EAW.  He is not understanding that the people who came in after him have already risen to his level, and possibly even higher.  DO you think he would walk into a match with Ryan Marx and be like “You haven’t put the work in.  You are no good.”  Because that is exactly what Rex would do.  For a person who is so obsessed with change and evolution, he seems to not realize that the influx of talent, guys like me, Rattick, Marx, Keelan, we are changing the landscape.  And there is Rexy, doing the same old thing, and saying the same old shit.  He is not looking behind him at the people nipping at his heels.  He is not looking forward at the people in front of him.  And he is not even looking at the people he wants to have in his future.  Because if there is one person in this whole place who screams COMEDY!!!!!! At the top of his lungs it is the current Elite National Champion.  The Pizza Boy.  And I beat he could not even tell you his real name.  And I don’t think you are lucky.  I never said that.  You have a really bad habit of putting words in my mouth.  You know that?  No.  I said you spam the same shit over and over again and you capitalize on mistakes.  Mistakes I am not going to make.  

See this time it’s different.  I am focused.  I have my sights set on Rex.  I have learned a lot about him.  And I have learned a lot about this place, Elite Answers Wrestling.  I am not saying that I am better than anyone in this place.  I am not saying that the people in this place don’t love this business.  I am saying that there are too many people like Rex who have the wrong attitude.  And they have the wrong outlook.  And they look at the wrong things.  They think that wins and losses are absolutely everything in this business.  If that was the case, some of the greatest wrestlers who have ever lived would not be so fondly remembered.  Hell, one of the most legendary performers of ALL TIME lost 11 of 17 on the biggest stage his company had to offer.

And so now we come to Showdown.  We come to what I’ve trained to come back for.  I am going to walk into that ring, on Showdown, with no momentum.  With a losing streak.  And I am going to pin one of the “brightest stars” of the future of this company.  And I will be the number one contender.  And then I will face the Pizza Boy.  And the fans will love it.  Because that shit, it’s going to be hilarious.  

As for Rex’s mental game, he has forgotten one of the most important parts of the mental game.  It’s not just changing the environment.  It’s not just momentum.  It’s not about intimidating your opponent, and getting in their head.  It’s not ring awareness.  There is one more piece of the mental game, and one thing that Rex has normally excelled at.  But this time, it’s going to be different.  Because I am taking that most important aspect of the mental game.  Do you know what it is?  Have any clue?  Any idea at all?  You will see, Mr. Strawman I am pitching my ideas to.  You will see exactly like Rexy is going to see this week on Showdown.  Because at the end of the day, this one portion, is the single most important aspect of the mental game.  It is a part that I forgot.  It is a part that I let him beat me at.  It’s why he was able to get in the Rex Effect on me.  But not this time.  Because this time, I am the one who holds the advantage.  If you haven’t figured out why after this week, stay tuned.  This isn’t exactly a card that I want to play.  Not yet anyway.  If it’s played, then it’s gone.  
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on August 26th 2016, 7:20 pm by Guest
Who would have thought it? Sophia Rose sitting on top of her bracket all alone!
Not one of you.
Do you all take me seriously now, ladies? Am I still nothing more than cannon fodder? Am I still no threat to the things that your heart’s desire more than anything else? Am I still no competition for that pretty little crown? Do you know what I see when I look into the eyes of every single Vixen that stand in this tournament? I see scared little girls. I see Vixen’s with the potential the break barriers, but they’re too frightened to do so. They’re too concerned to make the people around them happy, rather than making sure that they’re happy. They’ll group up and congratulate others on the accomplishments that they couldn’t achieve; they’ll take pride in the accomplishments of others, because there is nothing about themselves to be proud about. It’s why people like Tarah Nova, Cailin Dillion and Aria Jaxon will join each other at the hip. They will act like they’re everyone’s friend, when they’re nothing more than puppets with strings. Cailin Dillion loses the Specialist’s Championship; the championship that she built into what it is today, and she wasn’t given the opportunity to take it back by the people she calls her friends. Instead, she’s forced to get back in line, put a smile on her face and act like there is absolutely nothing wrong. She’s forced to watch as Stephanie Matsuda paraded around as a worthy champion, and was forced to watch as Tarah Nova was the person that ripped it out of her grasp. Cailin has gone from the Vixen that beat the Vixen’s Champion to the point that she gave up, to a side show for the “leader” of the division. Aria Jaxon had one of the better rises in this division in recent history, and had that Vixen’s Championship ripped away just a month after she had won it. She’s a woman that tries to be friends with everyone. She’ll place those around her first before herself more times than not. She was the first person by Aren’s side after he won the EAW Championship. She was there when he successfully retained that championship at the biggest show of the year! She was so proud of Tarah Nova for winning the Specialist’s Championship, but where was everyone when she was at her lowest? Nowhere to be seen! It’s all an act! All of it! The friendships and the comradery is nothing more than people in this division trying to keep others under their own thumb.
I’m not here to play those games.
It’s those kinds of reasons to why I am sitting at the top of this bracket. I don’t focus on the people that are around me. I couldn’t care less about the things that others achieve, and it’s same attitude that the truly successful people in this business have. Why do you think someone like Haruna Sakazaki has struggled for as long as she has? She tries so hard to make people care about her that she continues to stumbles and fall. But she won’t see it as a problem. She’ll continue to try to use it as motivation, and she’ll constantly continue to do the same. She’ll be in the same position this time next year, hoping and praying that she can grasp onto that crown and make a grand leap at whichever championship she wants at the time. She’ll continue to grit her teeth as she’s forced to watch people like me walk into this company and succeed effortlessly. I flew directly under the radar. I had no pressure on my shoulders. I still have NO pressure on my shoulders, and that makes me more dangerous than anyone else in this entire tournament. I have nothing to lose. I have no pride on the line. I have no expectations to meet from others. I’m setting the bar for every other Vixen to try to exceed and every single one of them are falling far below. Cameron thought that she was going to teach a rookie a valuable lesson and I proved that the “Queen” wasn’t as great as she thought she was. Nicole Fyre attempted to begin to make a name for herself, and I beat her like the mule she is. Azumi Goto attempted to prove her worth at my expense, and I proved how worthless she really is. Hatsukyo Gin? Haruna Sakazaki? Champions? Challengers? Line them up and watch all of them fall back down. I’ve been in this company for three weeks and I’ve made a greater impact than anyone thought that I possibly could. This – all of this is only the beginning. I’m not stopping until I stand at the top of the division with that crown on the top of my head, and the Vixen’s World Championship over my shoulder. You can have all the luck in the world, ladies; I’m certainly not going to need any of it.

I’ll see you on Voltage, Hatsukyo.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on August 26th 2016, 6:12 pm by Blaise Hunter
The scene fades in and you hear a voice whispering in the darkness.

“You never want to be the one who everyone is going to bust jokes on. The only way to prevent that is to be good at something.”

Slowly, the cameras fade in to reveal Blaise Hunter sitting at a bench near some docks in Winnipeg, Canada. It’s about nine in the evening and all you can see is the back of Blaise’s head, the water, and the reflection of the city in the water. The camera circles around to the side of Blaise’s face.

“Throughout the span of one’s lifetime, many will see someone who may be a complete joke. You may also see someone who just gets joked about or joked at. The victims in these situations are almost always innocent, but may be known as geeks or nerds. The person making the jokes towards these innocent people is usually the one who is the joke. To go out of your way to crack jokes at someone who’s done nothing to you or to spread rumors about someone who’s done nothing to you is usually jealous of something you have achieved or something you can achieve that they can’t. There’s many factors that can play into this, but the fact of the matter is, they are the one’s who are an actual joke. Those types of people are poisonous to others and some will feed off of them to become exactly what they are; jokes. Most of the time, you will see these types of things happening in High School, maybe even College, possibly even in a workplace when you get older. The older the joke becomes, the bigger the joke they become. There comes a point when you should know when to stop or even to relax a little bit. Some don’t see it that way and feed off of the reaction of the victim of the joke. Walk around, hang out somewhere, listen to what people are saying and you will realize how bad this can get. This is mostly called bullying, but can also be known as a pathetic way to gain the attention of other bullies, or jokes. These are the types of people that deserve anything bad that comes to them.”

Blaise forms a smile on his face as he slightly turns and looks at the camera.

“Just like you, Ahren Fournier. You are a joke. Not only did I see how badly you got destroyed by the hands of Christian Locke, I also heard all you had to say about me and our match. You think you’re funny making jokes like that at someone who you obviously have no clue about? Let me fill you in on how things have went so far since I’ve arrived here. My debut match I was pitted against the former World Champion, Vic Vendetta. I silenced him and pinned him to secure a debut victory over a former World Champion. My next match I came up just short against another newcomer, Keelan Cetinich. The following week, I laid a beating into J.D. Damon to secure yet another win. Then last week, I suffered a loss to someone who decided to cheat to win. Win or lose, I’ve made statement after statement since debuting here and I am continuing to do so each and every week. I earned my spot in Team Voltage by beating J.D. Damon. I EARNED IT! Here you are, a week after Christian Locke, another man who’s on Team Voltage, put you down after his finisher, Blood Eagle Wings, connected. Not only do you have no room to talk about earning things, you do not have room to joke about anyone besides yourself. Look at you, thinking you’re the hottest rookie out. What have you even done since debuting here? Nothing notable, obviously. The thing is, Ahren, you’re out here making jokes about me, when I’m the one who’s on Team Voltage. I’m the one representing this brand at Territorial Invasion, alongside some great talent this brand has to offer in Nathan Fiora, Christian Locke, and Matt Miles. What really gets me, is the fact that you’re making jokes about my looks and my name, which just goes to show the jealousy and the want to be more like me. It’s flattering, but do yourself a favor and focus on being good at something. The way I’m seeing things right now, although you’re the one cracking jokes at me, you’re the actual joke. Do yourself a favor and stop yourself before you get too far ahead and can’t stop. That would be in your best interest. As of right now, you’re doing nothing but making yourself look like a complete joke. Stop, rethink what you’re saying, then go back to wherever you’ve been training, because you need some help. I look forward to facing you this week and I look forward to you witnessing what it’s like to lose to someone who is actually good at something. With all this talk and all these jokes you’ve made about me, I can’t wait to embarrass you on Voltage so you can watch the hottest rookie continue to succeed. By hottest, I mean the hottest, literally. I’m on fire.”

His smirk gets even bigger as he stands up and starts to walk along the edge of the water.

“Real quick, I would like to thank Voltage General Manager, Carlos Rosso, for presenting me with this great opportunity to represent this wonderful brand of Voltage at Territorial Invasion. It’s a great opportunity and I know that in winning this Dynasty vs. Voltage match, more rewards will come. To Nathan, Christian, Matt and whomever our Team Captain may be, I look forward to stepping into the ring with you all to show the EAW Universe just how great Voltage is. Put your feuds to the side, put your feelings to the side, let’s focus on what needs to be done and then you can all go back to beating each other to a bloody pulp. I, for one, would like to bring this victory home and successfully represent the brand we all put our bodies on the line for week in and week out. I would also like Carlos Rosso to be in our debt to see what payment he has to offer following our victory.”

Blaise stops and bends down to see his reflection in the water.

“One last thing, Ahren. This is still just the beginning of my story. You’re just another chapter that’s about to conclude, the conclusion happening when the bell rings and I stand above you with my hand raised in victory.”

He smiles, then waves his hand through the water, causing a ripple effect on his reflection. The camera fades to black.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on August 26th 2016, 5:23 pm by Elena Miles

You think that I care for your pity, Carson? Hahaha.


I don’t care for anyone’s pity. What on Earth would give you such an idea? Perhaps it’s this innate ability you have to jump to conclusions and to try and read between lines that just don’t connect. You’re so caught up with this idea that everyone who even utters to mention a past defeat that they must be looking for a shoulder to cry on and in doing so you completely miss the point of the words that are coming from my mouth. I didn’t sit in front of the camera to cry crocodile tears about how my loss at Pain for Pride has changed me or how it’s made me reflect on my short career in the Land of Elite because it has done neither of those things. Quite the contrary, actually. While still suffering in defeat, I still proved yet again why I am the most dominant Elitist in the entirety of EAW. Perhaps instead of picking and choosing what you hear and making a bigger fool out of yourself you should actually pay some attention this time. You as well as anyone else that watched Pain for Pride could see that that ladder match was nothing more than a glorified 3 on 1 handicap match. Drake & Jones? They did nothing but weigh me down with ridiculous “plans” such as handcuffing themselves to each other and constantly found themselves being taken out of the match with ease because they weren’t taking their shot at the Tag Team Championships seriously. Despite attack after attack after attack, finishing maneuver after finishing maneuver, I did not let up. I kept standing back up on my own two feet but everyone forgets that despite TWO Caustic Echoes flush against my skull, I didn’t even falter. I was barely even shook by the kicks of the man with some of the strongest feet in Brian Daniels. TWICE he performed a move that had taken out opponents upon opponents and yet I wasn’t even phased. Do you honestly believe that you have any tool in your arsenal that can come close to being as clean and precise that Caustic Echo?

Of course you don’t.

Just like Nasir didn’t. Just like Diamond Cage didn’t. Just like anyone who has ever faced me before didn’t.

Speaking of Diamond Cage, do you want to know why I don’t dwell on past mistakes, Carson? Here’s why:

Just like Pain for Pride, at the Grand Rampage I came up short. After entering as the eighth entrant I lasted almost two hours, resisting finish maneuvers and escaping elimination time after time and it was not until I was brainbustered on the apron by Diamond Cage that I finally fell to the floor. After that defeat, did I let it get to me? Never. Instead I made sure that that blot on my record was rectified when I faced him on Battleground only a few days later. Do you remember what happened that night, Carson? I dominated him. I left him battered and bloody in the middle of that ring and most importantly I made him tap like the COWARD that he really is. The best part is that he barely even put up a fight. It was almost like… almost like he knew the pain and suffering that was to come. What about you, Carson? Are you ready for that pain, that suffering? Because it sounds to me like you have no idea what kind of battle you’re getting yourself into this Sunday night on Voltage. The examples you have made to me don’t even scratch the surface of what I have gone through in my short stint in EAW and yet you still try to compare us like we are one of the same kind. You truly are ridiculous. The Machine? Hexa-Gun? Where even are they all anymore? They’ve drifted into the abyss that is irrelevancy just like they were always going to. Drake Jaeger? Gone. Something I witnessed with my own two eyes. Heart Break Gal and Y2Impact? Their biggest accomplishment up until the Grand Rampage was a mediocre tag team championship reign in a dead division. Is that really something to fear? LUZMALA? LUZMALA! HOW LONG DID THAT LAST? YOU TELL ME, CARSON, YOU TELL ME AND REMIND ME WHY THIS TEAM WAS A GENUINE THREAT AND MAYBE, JUST MAYBE I’LL BE ABLE TO TAKE THAT STATEMENT SERIOUSLY.

It’s time for you to swallow the bitter pill, Carson, and that’s the fact that Hexa-Gun was never “just that good”. The issue lies with everyone else who just WASN’T that good. Men and women who talk a big game and think that they’re better than they actually are. People who find themselves living in a land of mediocrity and are determined to prove that they are the just the “least mediocre” out of the bunch. People like you. And if you think for a second that I don’t know what I’m talking about, just take a look at this Voltage roster, a roster that’s near identical to what it was the past year. You have Elitists like yourself, Kenny Drake, Phoenix Winterborn, JD Damon. You see, you’re all KIND OF good… but not a single one of you is great or even very good. Why do you think that Nathan Fiora is the new Hardcore Champion and not one of the last two names I mentioned? Everyone on this roster is deluded into thinking they’re better than they actually are because they’ve been living in the small pond with no taste for actual competition. The ones of you that have such as yourself and Phoenix Winterborn have fallen short. That “Elite Seal of Approval” might make you feel nice and warm inside but it doesn’t mean anything. You still lost your one real challenge as Pure Champion and in doing so proved that you weren’t ready to make that next step.

But then what happens? You get given the opportunity to make that next step anyway. You, along with Kenny Drake, get the chance to face Aren Mstislav for the EAW Championship. You can continue to be short-sighted and laugh to yourself all you like about how I faced El Laberinto but I didn’t lose, did I? I won my match… but you…….. You lost, Carson. You embarrassed yourself. The fact of the matter is that you and Kenny Drake are so caught up in this little breakup up of yours that you proved yet again that you weren’t ready. You couldn’t separate your personal feelings for Kenny Drake from that match and you failed miserably because of it. Of course, that still leaves the implication that you could have won that match had Kenny Drake been involved. Deep down, everyone knows that’s not the case, especially you.

Hell, you’ve already told me why it wouldn’t happen. Every example of your “won’t back down” attitude has been failure. You lost to Hexa-Gun, you lost to Starr Stan, you lost your first championship match. Oh, but you came CLOSE, didn’t you? That’s almost as good as actually winning it, right?? WELL I DID WIN IT. IN MY FIRST CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH I RIPPED THE NATIONAL ELITE CHAMPIONSHIP FROM PIZZA BOY’S COLD, DYING HANDS AND REGARDLESS OF HOW THAT MATCH PLAYED OUT OR YOUR MEANINGLESS OPINION, I STILL DID SOMETHING THAT YOU COULDN’T. IF YOU HAVE EVEN A SHADOW OF A DOUBT ABOUT THAT OUTCOME THEN MAY I REMIND YOU THAT PAIN FOR PRIDE PROVES THAT I WAS MORE THAN CAPABLE OF WINNING THAT CHAMPIONSHIP BY MYSELF.

...But I’m past that. I now move on to bigger and brighter things as the National Elite Championship is below me, just as this newly re-added Hardcore Championship is. The only Championship worthy of my time now is over Aren Mstislav’s shoulder and I’m going to rip it from his hands just as I ripped it from Pizza Boy’s.

You, Carson Ramsay, are just standing in my way. Just like Nasir, you’re a hurdle, an obstacle… but you’re like him in more ways than just one. You might believe that you’re different but that’s your first mistake. In fact, you and Nasir are extremely similar. You’re both men with no plan walking into this. You both think that purely your determination and willpower will be enough to overcome me but as I showed last week it’s going to take a lot more than that. On top of that, we look at your former friend. Do you see the parallel there yet, Carson? Just as you and Kenny are struggling to prove your dominance over the other, so were Aren and Nasir. Look at how that panned out for Nasir. Just one little mistake and he was caught in my trap. All Aren Mstislav had to do was walk out to the entrance, not even down to ringside or even down the ramp. There he stood, watching on as Nasir allowed himself to be distracted by his mere PRESENCE. What have you done to prove that you wouldn’t fall to the same fate if Kenny Drake did the same to you, huh? Every word spoken from your mouth, every action that’s been taken has shown otherwise. In fact, you spent just as much time talking about him as you did about me! If that doesn’t prove that you’re not focused then I don’t know what else there is to say. You can tell me as much as you want that he doesn’t matter and that I’m just doing this to get under your skin but why would I need to when he clearly already has? You can’t shut up about him and that’s going to come back to bite you. All this taunting from both sides is going to come to an end eventually and if you keep this up it’s not going to be an ending that you like, especially while you’re stood across the ring from me, Carson.

You know why? Because I AM focused. Unlike you I know who and what I’m stepping into the ring with and I know it can be defeated. I’ve seen it be defeated. Meanwhile I dare you to try and find one match where I was pinned to that match for the three count without any outside forces. Do it. I dare you. I can’t wait to see when you come back empty handed because that’ll be the moment that you realize that you have no idea who you’re dealing with this week. One on one in that ring, no illegal interference, no breaking of the rules, I am undefeated. You haven’t been able to say the same for a long, long time. While there may be names like El Laberinto in that list there are twice as many Diamond Cages and Pizza Boys. How do you think that I went from facing that clown one week to main eventing Voltage the next? Explain that to me, Carson. Explain how, despite my throwaway match against EAW’s biggest joke, I managed to win the main event of Voltage the following week. You can’t. You can’t because there is no explanation other than the fact that despite the absence of matches in the past month that I came back and immediately destroyed my competition. I was wasted for a month after my “defeat” at Pain for Pride and was robbed of an opportunity to capture the Hardcore Championship so I made it clear that I wasn’t going to play to the game that everyone else has been trying so hard to. I made my own rules, destroyed El Landerson and then conquered the number one contender to the EAW Championship. Logically speaking that would make me just as worthy for a championship match, wouldn’t it? I know I’m not going to get what I deserve but the message behind that victory stays the same. I am clean, focused and I don’t stay down until I come out with the victory.

You, on the other hand, are messy, Carson. Sloppy, even. You couldn’t keep up the act of not caring about Kenny Drake for even a moment and that’s something I can very much take advantage of. For weeks it was him chasing you, trying to get under your skin and you tried so hard to pretend that he wasn’t succeed but finally the truth is all coming out. You might be wondering why I’m telling you this, why the big evil man is telling you his master plan when he knows that he is always defeated in the end but let’s face it, you can’t control your emotions. You can’t stay focused. You’re a mess. So maybe you’re right in some instances when you say that you’re not like anyone else but that’s only because there has never been someone else who thought so highly of themselves when they’ve only gotten over by luck. Well your luck has just run out, Carson, and this Sunday the luck you’re going to have will be really, REALLY bad…

...And I’m going to be the one to deliver the luck to you personally and, then, at the end of this you’re going to wish that this Sunday was all just a bad dream.

But it’s going to be real, Carson. It’s all going to be real. The pain and suffering you’re going to be put through is going to be realer than you could ever imagine and I assure you…

You will remember “JUDAS”.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on August 26th 2016, 4:44 pm by Stephanie Matsuda
Showdown Promo #2

“I am The Change”

"You got this in the bag Steph."

I rolled over in bed, watching Eddie as he poured himself a cup a coffee. My last Showdown took its toll on me. Kendra was one tough bitch, but I still came out on top. I didn't mind the help from Maddie, especially after screwing me over the week. If Kendra can have her brass knuckles, I can have my Sanatorium. I thought about whether or not I should make an appearance at one of her matches to return the favor, but she refused.

"Thanks for the compliment," I said stretching my arms to their limits. 

I climbed out of bed, slowly making my way to the dining table. We were staying in a hotel no too far from the arena.One thing I enjoyed about my new family is that we considered every win to be a major one. The more we win the more dangerous we become in the eyes of our foes.

Eclipse is our fearless leader with Maero as his understudy. Kevin Devastation is our veteran and newest addition. Leonhart is our brute and Madison plays sort of a utility role...

And me? I'm the ace.

Six hearts bound by destruction. Why? Because we can.

Eddie walked over with a cup of coffee. Some part of me is still surprised that I have yet to snap his neck on site, but he knows this side of me better than anyone. In the early days he, Aria, and I were the troublemakers of the indy scene, frustrating competitors wherever we went. I admired his strength and he knew how to harness mine. Eclipse was worried about his presence, but I assured him that he was only around to help me train. Don't get me wrong- I wanted answers. He knew Michael had a condition and chose to shoot instead of go kayfabe. My mentor may have been one of the most stubborn men out of the ring, but Eddie should have taken it easy on him. I still hated him for what he did. But I couldn't afford to get caught up in the past at the moment.



I turned to him. “When this tournament is over we’re going to have a talk. Depending on how it ends and what’s said, you may or may not have a broken neck.” Eddie simply nodded. I continued. “Until then we train hard.”

“If I help you win, are we-”

“We’ll never be okay Eddie. I still hate your guts. And no we will smash...again.”

Eddie rolled his eyes and sat at the table. “You can’t get over her can you? She played you for a fool Cloud!”

“And you killed my master so there you go.” I took a sip from the coffee he gave me. “As far as she’s concerned, I feel how I feel. Even if I hate her almost as I hate you.”

“You can’t hate everyone Cloud. Before you know it, you’ll end up alone...again.”

I stood up, walking towards the bathroom. “I was always alone Eddie. My former BFF made sure to remind me of that.”

“What will you do if you meet one of them in the tournament?”

I stayed facing forward as I removed my clothing. “I’ll destroy them. And when I win the tournament, I’ll destroy them all.” I closed the bathroom door to leave Eddie to his thoughts.


Ten years huh? I wonder how much you’ve learned over the years. But more than that I wonder how you’ll going to react when you realize those years were a waste after I dominate you in the ring. You sad excuse for a backstage groupie, your time spent doesn’t hold a candle to my talents. And know what the scary thing is Ruby? I get stronger with each fight. You don’t have the hunger Ruby. I can hear it in your voice! I can taste your fear! Maybe you thought EAW was a fun place to be where you could stretch your legs; there is no fun here. There is only pain, victory, and disappointment. Particularly, your eventual disappointment in my upcoming win. 


(breathes heavily)

Your namaste gentrifying bullshit doesn’t work here sweets. Your ass kicking will be a blessing in disguise. By Sunday afternoon you could be back home having brunch with your friends with a bottle of craft beer! Your win over Autumn Raven only proves that I’ll have another victory waiting for me next week. At this rate, Tarah Nova will have no choice but to win. The only thing you're close to is the receiving end of a pin count. All the cold brew coffee in the world won’t help you keep up with me. Escaping from the Trap Zone will be a game of Escape the Room gone wrong- you’ll never find a way out of the maze that is Matsuda-style wrestling!

Winston Churchill once said “history is written by the victors”. While the origin may not reside with him it’s meaning is clear

Spoiler Alert:

Au revoir sweets.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on August 26th 2016, 3:51 pm by kennydrake
Ohhh, Maero…

If you spit in the air in EAW, it will land on a crazy person.

You, me, Leonhart, Eclipse, J.D. Damon...Carson FUCKING Ramsay...everybody. Everybody is just CRAaaAaAaaAAAAzZZZyYY!!~!~!

It’s become a joke.

And right there at the center of it, is you.

You’re a CraAaAAzzZZyYyYy SuRrrrRRgGGeeEEEoOoONNnNnN!/!!!!~!~ With WizAcCKy FaAaAAcePaiNt that trains in FLAmMmmIiIiINGGgGg BaAaaARBbbBeEeDD WWwwIiIrReE!!~ You Walk around in AbAAaAnDooNeD HoSsSpPitaAlLs! WitH JaAaRs ThATtT SaaAaAY “PAIN!”

Like what the fuck even ARE you?! Are you an angry kids fever dream? Are you a Slipknot music video?

No, you are what every person alive hates, Maero. You’re what every pulse-driven life-form despises. You, Maero...are a Poser. Much like the rest of the roster, you are a try-hard psychopath that thinks that a bunch of props and cryptic shit makes you a threat... You sound like a dorm room commons room after the first semester, cumming all over yourself as you debate all these “cult” painters that “others just don’t get.” News flash, bitchfist...Warhol SUCKED….and the sheer fact that you compare that Kenny Drake Rip-off, Anthony Leonhart, to VAN FUCKING GOGH...You really have NO Idea what the fuck you’re talking about, do you?

You said a lot of bullshit about me, Maero. Almost as if you know nothing about me.

So here is what I AM, Maero...I am a CATALYST. I AM A CATALYST FOR A MUCH NEEDED CHANGE IN THIS DYING COMPANY! People like Carson Ramsay, Aren Mstislav, Nasir Capitani...these “people” going through the motions and taking the money and half-assing everything...they have been running this company into the ground with their bullshit selfishness and idiotic ego-driven decisions...and YOU, Maero? You are part of that group...albeit a very LOW member.

How many times have you come out here and said “BE SCURRED OF ME!” only to have it fall on deaf ears? Like, every time you speak? But here you are again, walking around a SPOOKY HOTHPITAL with a SCALPEL, saying stereotypical “crazy guy” stuff about cliche painters...like a first year film students horror film.

And then you compare me to Hitler...which, I don’t know if you know this, IMMEDIATELY kills your argument. “Not as influential.” Jesus Christ. You fuckin’ hipster.

Here is where you’re wrong about me...I’m not Crazy. I have a purpose now. I have a goal. Now I understand how someone as beige as you couldn’t understand what a TRUE calling looks like, but to think it “crazy?” THAT is just ignorance. While You and the Sanatorium spout...childish nu-metal bullshit…

I speak Gospel. I have a TRUE following behind me, while you have just a couple of buddies and bunch of kids. I HAVE A GOD-DAMN ARMY...AND YOU HAVE A CHILD…

So no, Maero. I don’t fear you. Not in the slightest. Not anymore than I do your average Juggalo.

Nor will I ever. And this Sunday, I am going to rip you apart. Like a Wolf does any other sheep.

Because on the GRAND scale? You are nothing more than a running buddy of wannabe cult leader that may or may not have a skin phone. You’re but a simple screw...in a cog...in a giant machine. Nothing more.

While I?

I’m the one that blows up the machine.

And we can all watch…

As it



Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on August 26th 2016, 3:21 pm by Consuela Rose Ava
“An Ava To Ava Conversation: Part 1.”—Voltage and Turbo

[Cameron Ella and Consuela Rose Ava met up near the stairs behind the curtain to go out to the ring after Cameron’s match with Haruna Sakazaki. The twin sisters had agreed on having an important meeting discussing the future of the Empress of Elite tournament as well as their next couple matches.]

Cameron: Overall, I think we did great tonight. Two points apiece. You have a four-way tie for the top of Block C. I’m in second place in Block D.

Consuela: Yeah, I redeemed myself after tapping out on Voltage. I can’t believe I tapped out. I should have fought in longer.

Cameron: Don’t get too hard on yourself. You have Madision Kaline on Voltage Sunday. You need to defeat her if you even want to come close to winning your Block.

Consuela: Madison Kaline is going to be difficult, but she isn’t going to be as difficult as the Heart Break Gal. HBG gave me the biggest challenge in EAW so far. It seemed like she knew how to defeat me. Madison has defeated you in the past. She has gotten a lucky victory over you. I don’t want her to get a victory over me. I want her to know that you and I are completely different in the ring. I’m not going to give up the way you did. I’m not going to tap out to her like I did with the Heart Break Gal. HBG tapping out gave me the scare of my life. It gives me that extra motivation I didn’t know I need to make sure I didn’t have the exact same faith with Erica Ford. Madison has The Sanatorium with her. Especially, Stephanie Matsuda. If Madison agrees to have Stephanie by her side, I’m going to do my best to make sure the number’s game does not get the best of me. What I’m hoping is that Madison looks into her black heart and makes this a fair fight. She made this a fair fight with the Heart Break Gal, but why not me? As of right now, I’ve heard nothing from her. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. That’s the mysterious thing about Madison. You never know what’s going to come out of her mouth. She could respond with the same thing everyone has been saying. She could say that I’m riding your coattails and that I would never be like you or she could be the decent person and show me some ounce of respect. I know, I haven’t done much in EAW. I know respect isn’t going to be handed to me just because I asked for it. I get I have to earn it. It doesn’t matter if I’ll fit for these Vixens respects for the rest of my life, but I’ll get their respect one way or another. I just don’t know about Madison. I don’t get how she was able to get the Heart Break Gal for twenty-minutes. I’m the better competitor. I should have had it within me to get HBG for at least twenty-minutes. My goal is to end the match with Madison as soon as possible. If I can get a submission victory out of her, then I’m going to do that. I don’t want to set my focus on getting Madison to tap out. If I get a pin fall victory over her, I’ll pin her with no problem at all; however, I have a determination within me to break out of the tie. I want to be solely on the top of my bracket. I don’t want to share that spot with anyone at all. At this point, it shouldn’t kill me to be so selfish. I bet every other Vixen in my block was to be solely on top as well. I don’t want to do what you did last year and that was let Madison get to the finals. I don’t want to grant The Sanatorium with so much power. Madison Kaline winning Empress of Elite would be a horrible thing for EAW. My mission for Voltage is to play my part in making sure that Madison doesn’t get those extra points. I refuse to lose in any more matches in this tournament. Madison is going to be challenge, but she’ll be easier to have back down than the Heart Break Gal. Too bad that I refuse to back down from her.

Cameron: Madison is weak when you get her where you want her to. Scarlet on the other hand is just weak period. She may have been able to dominate Zara Morgan, but who hasn’t?

Consuela: Cam, I don’t know what’s about Scarlet, but I do not like her at all. You should know me more than anyone in EAW, I always don’t judge people, but with her, she’s already managed to rub me the wrong way. Just like Madison, I’ve heard nothing from Scarlet. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? So far the Vixens that have dared to respond to me have been Erica and the Heart Break Gal. I’m hoping to add Madison to that list, but I get the impression Scarlet will not be added to that list. I wouldn’t blame her. I expected her to be lazy. I expected her to not being able to do anything for herself. She’s the same woman who has shitted on this tournament saying that it does not matter who wins because people will always be getting title opportunities before the actual challenger. At least the winner is fortunate to have an opportunity at the Vixens or Specialist Championship. At least the winner is fortunate to have a match in December.  That provides her with all the time in the world to be mentally and physically prepared for the match. EAW presents itself for an opportunity for our wonderful Vixens Division and Scarlet has the nerve to shit all over it? That is what made me so angry. Out of every new Vixen in EAW, she has managed to rub me the wrong way. I just want to make the bitch tap out so much. There has never came a point throughout this tournament, but me getting her to tap out would be not only the best thing I can do for EAW, but for Empress of Elite. I want to get that bitch officially out of the running for Empress of Elite. It’s not like she had a chance in the first place. There hasn’t been a woman here who I have wanted to kick her ass as much as Scarlet. The impression that she has given me is that she is just an entitled piece of shit. She expects for championship opportunities to be handed to her. She expects that just because she’s been here for a certain period of time that she deserves a championship opportunity. She thinks that she is better. The thing is: she is not better than me. She’s never going to be better than me. I don’t mean to act this way, but if she even thinks for a second that she has a shot at winning Empress of Elite, then she’s crazy. She has done nothing to deserve it. Hell, she has done nothing at all that makes her worthy of standing in the ring against HBG, Aria, Cailin, Tarah, you! She hasn’t done anything memorable. She hasn’t done anything eye-catching to me. I’ve actually won matches. I’ve actually done things that to get myself noticed in EAW.  What has she done? Please, I wish she would explain what has she done that makes her memorable at all besides her stupid purple hair! I mean, what kind of idiot dyes their hair purple?

Cameron [awkwardly cuts her off]: Con, Camille had purple hair once.

Consuela [awkward silence]: Oh yeah, Camille is going to hate me when she watches this.

Cameron [whispers]: Yeah, she’s going to kick your ass back to Spain.

Consuela: [changing subjects]: So, how about Nicole Fyre?
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on August 26th 2016, 3:15 pm by Cameron Ella Ava
“An Ava To Ava Conversation: Part 2.”—Voltage

Cameron [sighs]:Do not get me started on Nicole Fyre.

What is it going to take for me to get a submission victory in this tournament?

Even noobs like Azumi Goto have gotten submission victories. I want a submission victory. I’ve made Vixens like Aria Jaxon tap out before. I like making bitches tap out. Why aren’t I tapping out these Vixens. I should have gotten a submission victory over Hatsukyo Gin. It should have been so simple to get a submission victory over here. I don’t know, Consuela. What am I doing wrong? Even Sophia Rose got a submission victory. Freaking Sophia Rose! This should be so easy for me. Getting a submission victory should be so easy for me. I have two submission holds I could use—Bitch’s Way Out and Goddess’ Grasp. Both are very effective and both are enough to send you to the hospital if the hold is held on for a long period of time. I have proven to the EAW Universe over and over again that I can be a submission specialist—better than the once dubbed “Queen of Submission” Azumi Goto. I am the Vixen with the total package. I got the look, wrestling skills and there is no doubt that I can work a mic like no tomorrow. I should be everyone’s favorite Vixen. Yet, I feel like I am losing the favortism from everyone who was originally betting on me to go to the semi-finals. That should not happen. That should never be an option. I am the most consistent performer in this locker room. I go out and I give out the best matches of the night. Even from that, I still cannot get a fucking submission victory. That changes with Nicole Fyre. I am going to break that bitch’s arm if it’s the last thing I’ll do. I need this submission victory as a way to get ahead in the tournament. If not, Sophia  Rose is going to advance to the semi-finals and I obviously do not want to see that happen. I refuse to lose in another tournament. I was so close to winning the Vixens Cup. The same thing cannot happen at Empress of Elite. Nicole Fyre doesn’t need this. Hell, it seems likess he doesn’t even want it. Why not put her to waste? Why not put her in the hospital room? It seems like that’s where she’ll be headed after this match with me. I am so angry. There is nothing else that will tame this anger other than a submission victory. I look at Block D and it pisses me off that I’m not leading it. I’m the second best. People like Nicole Fyre would be happy about being second best. Not me. Second is the first to lose and I refuse to lose this tournament. I’m not going to let young uprising talent like Sophia Rose get ahead of me. That does not happen. Not in my world and not in the real world. In Nicole’s world, she’s the best. She’ll somehow manage to win this match. Does she know for a fact that she’s facing me in the ring? I am not a typical opponent. I am not the same lame opponent in Azumi or Hatsukyo. I’m not going to be easily destroyed by any of her moves. I’m Cameron Ella Ava. The Goddess of EAW. The Queen of the Vixens and I’m going to be the Empress of Elite. This is not a prediction. This is a spoiler. What else is a spoiler? Well, let’s see.

Cameron Ella Ava defeated Nicole Fyre via submission.

Consuela [grins]: That’s exactly what I want to hear from you. If we dominate our blocks, it’s one step close to Ava vs. Ava in the semi-finals.

Cameron: Exactly because two Avas are better than one.

Consuela: By the way, did you hear about the Empress of Elite Special #3? We’re part of the six Vixen tag match. Us and Sophia Rose vs. The Heart Break Gal, Haruna Sakazaki and Azumi Goto.

Cameron [smirks]: I think things have gotten a little more interesting. We’ll talk about it sometime before or after Voltage. I think we have one interesting partner in our hands.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on August 26th 2016, 3:45 am by The Unknown Supergirl
Showdown - "Be The Change"

Wow, bravo. Champagne. Cheers. High-five. Slooooooow clap for you, Stephanie Matsuda. I mean, cutting a promo against me at a Ruby Tuesday's....groundbreaking stuff. Truly inspired.

[insert eyeroll here]

Pah-leeze, I've heard worse from better. You think you're being original with that? You think I haven't heard that same ol' line a million and one times over? You gotta know what I'm saying though. I mean, you must get all the Final Fantasy jokes, right "Cloud"? Though if I'm being honest, it was a little difficult to understand you while you were stuffing your face. Nice to know you're taking this seriously. 

I'm not bothered by the fact that you're severely underestimating me. Hell, it's no skin off my nose. I've been fighting the odds since I first stepped foot in a ring ten years ago. I've made a career out of proving the naysayers wrong. I love it when people write me off, because it just amps me up that much more for the fight. So that was one little factoid you happened to get right. I'm definitely into a challenge. Thing is, I'm just not so confident that you are one. Tarah Nova? Now she was a challenge. Sure, I didn't get the win when I tangled with her, but I sure as hell stood my ground against her. Enough so that I gained her respect. 

You, on the other hand? You're the one who has to live with the embarrassment of a "rookie" handing your ass to you come Saturday night. 

I know full well that you're not Autumn Raven. Hell, I doubt she even knows who she is after that stellar beatdown courtesy of yours truly last Saturday. Then again, I doubt you were even paying attention. Probably too busy squabbling with Madison Kaline. You better get your shit straight with her, or you might be too distracted come Saturday night. Consider that my piece of friendly advice to you. 

Do I sound cocky? Maybe a little. Probably more than I should, all things considered. But I guess I'm just taking a page out of your book, Steph. Like you said - shit's gotta change. And like Gandhi said, "You must be the change you wish to see."

Contrary to what you think, I believe I signed on at just the right time. This Vixen's division is on absolute fire right now. We are the hottest thing going. The topic on everyone's lips. The Empress of Elite tournament is showcasing 24 of the best in women's wrestling, and I'm a part of it. I have the golden opportunity to cement my name in EAW history by becoming the Empress of Elite for 2016.

And come Saturday night, when I kick your ass from pillar to post, I'm just that. Much. Closer.
Re: EAW Promoz!
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EAW Promoz!

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