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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 29th 2016, 11:28 am by Beretta
Forget About It
Grand Rampage RP#2


The training has been tougher than normal. It hasn't been no walk in the park, if that's what you're thinking. Beretta has been locked away in the gym, the past few days. He's heard the grumblings from Carson Ramsay but yet, he's still focused on the Pure Championship. His cardio has increased, the weight lifting has improved and the overall ground and pound has gotten better. He knows this won't be a wrestling match but that this will be a fight. Not just for Ramsay but for himself. Maybe they steal the card with this match but one thing is certain, Beretta is stealing that championship. A gym in South Bend is the setting, the blood, sweat and tears has been shed and the Italian accent is stronger than usual. 

It’s funny how one minute, you’re the best in the world and the next, you can’t stand the face you see in the mirror. I find it hysterical of how many people have called me a prick. Shit, when I signed my contract with EAW, management called me a prick to my face. I’ve been called every name in the book and look, I’m still right here. From every slut in the world to every douchebag that walks this earth. Yes, douchebags like you Ramsay. I’m still right here and after Grand Rampage, I will still be here. You can call me a waste of a roster spot but I won’t be much of a waste with that Pure Championship around my waist, if you know what I’m saying. I’ve had my ups and downs, just like yourself and you know what, that’s all part of the climb to the top of the mountain. 

You think that you’re going to be the guy who can make this my last fight? Nope. That won’t happen. So what I’ll do is pray to the cows that people like you, stop saying shit like that. I’ve heard it so many times that it really starts to lose it’s meaning, especially when I’m still here standing. You see, Ramsay, I’m not a nice guy. I don’t ever plan on being a nice guy. I’m a fighter and at Grand Rampage, I will fight you until I know you can’t fight anymore. When you have nothing left in the tank and I’m still burying bullets into your chest, what are you going to do? You’re going to quit and your run as a champion will end.

Apparently I’ve gotten more chances than others. Who are these others? A bunch of useless wrestlers who don’t deserve to be in the discussion next to me or you, for that matter. What about Phoenix Winterborn? All the chances he’s gotten and he’s sucked a fat one every time on the way down to failure. Look at Scott Oasis, he’s failed and failed and failed but to finally have gotten his grip on a World Championship. That only took like 7 years. Then I could go in on Nick Angel. The dude has had just as many chances as Terry Chambers but he’s at least gotten some championship matches to his resume. Yes, I’ve had my chances in a short amount of time here but I’ve already admitted to my failures. 

So while I’ve done my homework, what have you really done? You’re just trying to bury me further for the failures that I’ve already admitted to. That doesn’t make you look like a big bad champion. It makes you look like a big dumbass. As I swing my spoon-fed title shot, why don’t you swing for something other than the fact that I’ve done nothing to earn my keep? What will that leave you with? Fedora jokes and that I've been seen wearing a scarf? 
I can bash any wrestler I want. You want to know why? Because I’m that damn good. I put parts of my career in EAW on a plate for you and this is the bullshit you spew me? If you think you can verbally dismantle me, then fucking do it. You’re the champ. What are you waiting for? Or do you know that you have no other dirt to dig. You have no other words to say but that I’m past being a talentless bitch. It won’t feel very good when this beyond talentless bitch makes you look like a talentless bitch and takes your title. Have fun staring at yourself in the mirror with that one. 

As you get back on your high horse and start rambling, look in the mirror and remember that objects in the mirror are bigger than they appear. Right now, you think you’re bigger than you actually are You’re filling your head with this idea that I’m nothing and that you’re everything. Why? Because you’ve had a couple of successful title defense, good job buddy. Now step your game up because the real test starts in South Bend. I’ll keep my attitude the way it is so not only will I take you to the limit but so I can beat you. Don’t worry about my attitude or my character, worry about your damn self. Worry about how you’re going to join the list of people who live with regret. I’ve already tried and failed in the past, so I have nothing to lose. You have everything to lose because when you lose, it’ll be to the underdog. Like I said, you’ve been red hot as of late and that will end at Grand Rampage. As you keep thinking about how many bones the company has thrown me and how much of a waste of space I am. I’ll think about how you’ll be laying on the mat in South Bend and I’ll be standing over you with my championship. I’ll think about how the only thing you’ll be left with is regret and a wasted opportunity to shut me up. Forget about it…
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 29th 2016, 11:24 am by The Mexican Samurai
(OOC: No one told me that Grand Rampage was starting today.) 

A Grand Rampage Promo Part 3

When holding the delicate string of life, ninety days is nothing at all. A lot can change in three months and you can either be at the top, celebrating your greatest achievement, or you can be hitting rock-bottom contemplating where everything went wrong. The career of Victor Vendetta has been a roller-coaster of emotions that finally culminated in a too-brief moment of holding the belt and pretending to be the top talent on Showdown. This isn't a fairy-tale story, it is a eulogy for the death of what many consider a person that was past his prime and ready to be put out for pasture, and bringing sweet relief to those who have to watch his grotesque pudginess gravitate towards our television screens. I'm the "WETB..." Excuse me, excuse me! I'm the Mexican from Samurai, the Millennial Messiah, that will lead my group of people towards the salvation of ridding that obese pariah from the land of EAW. Things were going so smoothly, so effortlessly, until Victor Vendetta had to show up with nothing more than blanks in his promo gun.  

Wetback? After I insulted you and your legacy, and begged you to come out and say something? When I was the one who did all the promotion for our upcoming fight? You had all the free time in the world to think of ways of letting the world know that I was just another rookie and that it wasn't my time... and the biggest insult that you can dig out is that I'm a "wetback"? First of all I was born in America, you fucktard, I'm not some illegal who had to cross over from the Mexican border and work the fields of strawberries in order to send my children to school. If you took the time to actually listen about my history which I've explained in previous feuds then you would understand that calling me a "wetback" is only something that a coward would do with no answers to the onslaught that I'm about to bring. It's time for Victor Vendetta to realize that he was nothing more than a transitional champion for someone who truly deserved to hold that belt and the wars with Mr. Lannister are dead and gone. All these fantastic feuds that you harp on about in order to cement your legacy is a fucking joke, because the answer to all your problems lies in this phrase: What have you done for me lately?   

Just the fact that you had surprised everyone by actually coming back for the GR says something about the mass disappointment that has been spreading with everyone that once believed that you would be a long-term champion. I guess there might be some people who hold onto hope that you have a chance to beat me, but those are just haters who despise me rather than people who actually think that you have a chance of winning. You want to know what people truly say about me?  They say that I'm just a little bit cocky but that I'm the future of this business, just ask people like Mr. DEDEDE, Dark Demon, and Jamie O'Hara. As reluctant as they would be to praise someone that isn't themselves, they would eventually agree that I have what it takes to stand on the very ground that you walk on with your own two feet. I'm not afraid of your reputation because I've already gotten a taste of the cream of the crop and I've been ready for this moment over the last couple of months. You are nothing more than a nugget to come out of the ass of the Vendetta clan, a little run who puts a stain on their legacy and all the great things that Ares Vendetta will do in order to rebuild that legacy. I'm going to do Ares a favor though, and get rid of you forever.  I'm going to make sure that you retire from this business, because after the match, you will look up and peer at the top of the mountain that has grown so out of reach that you'll never be able to reclaim the gold that you held onto for dear life.  
Hey, but at least you kinda had a reign... even if it was a shitty one. Although, I'm sure a wetback worked harder for their position picking strawberries than you ever did for that belt to go around your waist.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 29th 2016, 10:25 am by Guest
Aren ...

I’m not sure if you are just really simple or if you are trying way too hard here to look more impressive than you actually are. You didn’t win the Tag Team Titles BEFORE Reckless Wiring 2014, I’m not sure how exactly you could have thought that when you won them on the Draft Show, you know, the show AFTER Pain for Pride? So unless I had too much to drink that year, could you remind me if for whatever reason, Reckless Wiring happened after Pain for Pride? I’m really confused here, am I just verbally destroying you this much that you really have nothing else to say but continuously lie about your own accomplishments or are you really that idiotic? I’m really not sure what else to say to you, I’m not really sure why I’m even wasting my time with a guy who has to continuously lie about his own accomplishments to make himself look good, why do you feel the need to lie about your accomplishments, Aren? You can’t say ‘well everybody fell for it’ considering you brought it up to ME when you were crying that I didn’t acknowledge your past ‘’accomplishments’’ and now you want to say you had everybody fooled when you didn’t even bring them up to anybody else? Why do you feel the need to lie, so much Aren? Why do you feel the need to make false claims about when you won titles? Did I really hurt your feelings or something? Was being labelled a choke artist just too much for you to take so you had to make up something so that I might just be impressed with you? That I might take you a bit more seriously? Well I’m sorry, because I’m finding it hard to even understand how somebody like you is even considered a Grand Rampage favourite when you can’t even get your facts straight. Seriously Aren, what type of bum has to lie about when they fucking won a title? What difference does it make? I’m sorry that you can’t be like me when I actually DID win a title on my FPV debut and don’t worry, you actually look that up if you want because I don’t need to lie like you do. What makes you really think that you are better than me? What makes you really believe that you are so much better than I am? All I see is a guy who is a worse version of Jamie O’Hara, all I see is a bum version of Jamie. All I see is a guy who chokes like Jamie does, but doesn’t even have a world title to his name like Jamie does. You’re not better than me and you can spout all day about you winning Grand Rampage, how you’ll do this or do that, you won’t. It’s all meaningless talk.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 29th 2016, 9:05 am by Guest
Chris Elite thinks that he isn’t a bum.

Chris Elite thinks he could step up to Dark Demon.

Chris Elite THINKS he has skill.

Oh no…Is Jamie O’Hara coming to kill me? Is Jamie O’Hara going to come and eliminate me now? Is that what everybody in this match is pinning their hopes on? All the pressure on Jamie, everybody getting down on their knees and begging to God that Jamie O’Hara can do what none of you bums can do yourselves? Jamie isn’t going to do a single thing to me, Jamie isn’t going to ‘kill me’ and I would love to see him try, I’ll be completely surprised if Jamie’s bum ass even bothers to show up for this match because I highly doubt he will, I’m leaning on the side right now that Jamie is scared of me, I’m leaning on the side that Jamie DOESN’T want to fight me and I’m leaning on the side that he won’t show up for this match. All Jamie is a one hit wonder, who had his little fifth teen minutes of fame and if he shows up, I’ll eliminate as easily as I’ll eliminate those choke artists in Aren Mstislav and Lucian Black. I wouldn’t be putting all my eggs in one basket here, Chris, I wouldn’t be hoping to God that Jamie can do what you can’t believe yourself will do. What type of man, what type of WINNER, has to rely on somebody else to do his own dirty work for him? You stupidly think that I ‘hate’ Jamie and that I’ll focus all my attention on him but what you’re failing to understand is, I don’t hate Jamie. Jamie isn’t worth my time hating, he might hate me and he might be obsessed with me, but I have no reason to hate a guy like him. I don’t have to waste my energy in hating a man who will never pose a threat to me, I don’t have to hate a man who doesn’t even have the balls to man up and say anything to me, I don’t have to hate people who are below me. If Jamie shows up, I’ll easily take him out without breaking a sweat and then what, Chris? What happens when Jamie is dumped out of the ring and I then decide to focus all my attention on YOU? What happens when the one guy you’re hoping to eliminate me fails and it’s left up to you to save the day? Do you really feel confident going up against me? Do you feel confident in trying to eliminate me, Chris? Do you really confident that I won’t find that chin and make you do the chicken dance before I eliminate you? Do you really feel confident that your skills in the ring are better than mine? Because I don’t feel like you do feel that confident, I don’t feel like you truly believe that you will win the Grand Rampage, maybe you’re delusional enough to believe it, afterall you and another bum like Thomas Minns were arguing about who was the ‘’face’’ of Showdown, when both of you idiots were in the middle of the card, but I think you know there is a huge difference from going from Thomas Minns …to facing somebody like me. I don’t think you can handle the pressure that comes from facing somebody like myself, I don’t think you can handle all the expectations that will come from trying to eliminate somebody like me because don’t get me wrong, I know damn well that there are 39 people looking to eliminate me, I know there are 39 people who all want to shut this loud mouth Irish guy up for once and for all but you have to REALLY ask yourself, are the man to shut me up? Are you REALLY the guy who is going to throw me over the top rope and get me down onto the ground? Have you ever thought what happens if you try eliminating me and you fail, Chris? Have you ever thought if you even put a hand on me that I’ll come after you and I do wonder if you truly want something like that. I don’t think you do, I think you’re the type to hide away in the corner and pray that somebody else takes me out, I think you’re the type to hide away and if Jamie gets eliminated, shit yourself because you know what is going to happen next.

Jamie isn’t going to save you.

And what is this talk about Carlos at least defending against ‘’men with skill’’, are you implying that I never successfully defended my title against worthy people? Is the Heart Break Boy, a guy who is somehow arguably considered the ‘Greatest of All Time’, NOT a worthy challenger now or are we just forgetting that I destroyed not ONCE, but TWICE at two back to back FPVs. Is he not a worthy challenger to my now former Hall of Fame Championship, Chris? Is Diamond Cage, a former EAW Champion, a man that I destroyed in his own speciality match inside a Cage of Death NOT considered to be a worthy challenger now, Chris? Are you REALLY this delusional? Are you REALLY this pathetic? If you thought you could have beaten me, why didn’t YOU answer those Open Challenges Chris? Why didn’t YOU step up and challenge me? I called out the ENTIRE EAW ROSTER and NOBODY had the balls to step up to me. They were a weekly thing, you could have easily shown up and challenged me, do you think I would have turned you down? Do you think I would have refused you? I’d have easily faced you, I’d have faced the whole roster if they had the balls to face me. I did those challenges because NOBODY had the balls to face me, expect Mexican Samurai. Not ONE person had the balls to come out and challenge me, not ONE had the balls to interrupt me and challenge me, Mexican Samurai is the only man who had it in him to interrupt me and challenge me to a match and I hope he wins the title this weekend because you know why? I respect people with balls, I respect people who have a spine like he did and not people like you. Not people like you who whine and complain about me making a mockery of the title when ALL I did during that reign was call people out and nobody wanted to face me, you could have challenged me and had the opportunity to actually win a title Chris! You could have been in the Hall of Fame!

You passed up THAT opportunity, the opportunity of a lifetime because you didn’t believe that you could beat me, just like how everybody else in this match is calling me out now, how they’re suddenly not afraid of me, how they’re putting up this great act of thinking I’m just full of shit and yet, WHERE WAS ALL THESE PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY COULD BEAT ME WHEN I WAS CALLING EVERYBODY OUT FOR EIGHT MONTHS! WHY IS A ROOKIE LIKE MEXICAN SAMURAI THE ONLY ONE WITH BALLS?

I see through your act Chris.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 29th 2016, 8:03 am by LVCIAN
Grand Rampage IV: Chasing The Grail

"The pain that you've been feeling, can't compare to the joy that's coming."

All the setbacks and grieves which I have endured throughout the years have made me stronger. Facing obstacle after obstacle, scratching and clawing for the little I have had in my career turned me into the man I am today. I'm not going to lie. Admittedly it hasn't been easy. My knees have hit the ground more times than I can count. But every single time I am knocked down by adversity I get back up and I hit adversity back! I show adversity who's boss! I've been through so much. I hate to sound like a broken record but it's true. I've spent my whole life working hard and trying to hone my craft. I'm a fighter and my fight has been going on since the inception of my career, hell, since I saw the light for the first time. When I came into this company nearly seven years ago I had to prove many people wrong. Nobody believed in me, nobody thought I had what it took to become a successful elitist. I worked my ass off to excel, to get better and I did. I honed my craft in a way nobody ever did, I improved dramatically. Nobody ever expected me to become a champion but I beat Mister K and won the New Breed Championship, I established dominance over two of EAW's finest talents at the time and I became National Elite Champion. But there was still doubt in the minds of many, some questioned my skill and ability still. I earned the opportunity to fight for the Answers World Championship, I could have become the first elitist to win the title. I was unsuccessful, Y2Impact defeated me. But I gave him the match of his life. A match he won't ever forget. Part of me was satisfied with my work that night but part of me wasn't. I didn't just lose the opportunity to become Voltage's primary representative, to become THE first ever Answers World Champion. I lost confidence in myself, I lost my will to fight and I almost gave up but I didn't. I was exiled from the land of elite, but I FOUGHT to find my way back in and I did. I never surrendered my dreams, I never gave up the fight despite the fact I continually failed to win the big one. I'm still fighting. Fighting for a moment, a moment to shine, a moment to demonstrate what I am truly made of, a moment to fulfill what I always thought was my destiny. I'm chasing the grail still after all this time. Believe it or not, I am happy it has taken me this long. I'm happy the way things turned out because if - no, WHEN I win Grand Rampage my story will be legendary without the shadow of a doubt. I'll make history this weekend. Not The Russian Prince, not the so called Rainmaker and certainly NOT Greed. It's my time, my time to shine. All of you can keep on debating whether or not it in fact is. I know it is, I know I can do this, I know I WILL do this.

So Dark Demon doesn't think I am threat to him, he doesn't view me as a force to be reckoned with. Yet my name is constantly coming out of that big mouth of his.  It's as if there was a target illustrated on my back. I got every participant in the Grand Rampage match gunning for me, and honestly? I LOVE IT. Demon, maybe you're right. Maybe I have EVERYTHING to lose. This could be final shot at redemption, my last opportunity to become who I always thought I was destined to be. If I got everything to lose, if this is in fact my final shot, my last opportunity then you should run, you should hide. Because that means I will unleash the monster that dwells within me, that means what's left of my human side is about to change. You have no idea who I am, what I am capable of to defend my final shot, my last opportunity. You call yourself a Demon? You're looking at the fucking devil! Regardless what decision the management makes, good or bad, I will be exempt from it. It will not be effective on me. I could care less who they hand the World Heavyweight Championship to. One way or another, I am taking what is rightfully mine! I know I am good enough to be World Champion and that's all what matters to me. Their opinion about me is completely irrelevant to me. These people know I have what it takes, hell, you know I have what it takes so you can stop pretending you don't. You've seen what I can do, you know I have the requirements to become a success. To turn this tragedy into triumph. Everything you've said to me I have heard a million times before. Regardless what I say, regardless what you say our minds won't change. I won't be persuaded to believe what you're saying and you won't be persuaded to believe what I am saying. So we're basically just wasting our time here. There's nothing I can say to make you respect me but there is something I can do, there is something I WILL do to make you respect me and to prove you wrong and that is winning the Grand Rampage match.

Seemingly, JJ Silva hasn't been paying attention to anything I have said recently... Because I clearly stated I was done trying to eradicate corruption. I know that's an impossibility. Corruption can't be stopped. Yeah, I removed Zack Crash from power but corruption is still alive, it lives within him, within you, JJ. The progress corruption has been making can not be detained. As long as Omerta doesn't stand in my way your little group will be preserved, it will survive. But if you clowns try anything stupid I will make sure I utterly destroy each and every single one of you. I'm Dynasty's greatest liability??? I'm the reason Dynasty has been as successful as it has been the past couple of months, what the hell are you talking about? Since Pain For Pride 8 Dynasty's ratings have increased in a drastic manner. Scott Oasis isn't to blame for Dynasty's recent prosperity.. I AM. I'm glad you're willing to die. Because Silva so AM I. Actually, there's nothing I'm not willing to do to win Grand Rampage. I'll do whatever it takes to emerge victorious from this war. Even if it means betraying my convictions. I don't care. If I don't win Grand Rampage I won't get another opportunity to make it to the top. This is my final shot. I'm not going to waste my time or breath on you. You're not worthy. You won't even make it to the end of Grand Rampage if you step up in my face. I hope you got that. I hope you're not dumb enough to intervene with my plans otherwise.. consider yourself done.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 29th 2016, 6:14 am by Impact
You mock the fact I call you a scrub and insult you, Chris Elite. Hilarious, it's as if you don't actually think I believe what I'm saying and my words are just hot air, yet every time you get closer to that championship pedestal you long for, you just prove me right: that you're nothing more than an adrenaline junkie who prioritizes highlight reel moments over actually winning matches. Take your win in the Battle Royal last week on Showdown, for example. Excellent practice for the Grand Rampage and all, but that victory wasn't one you savored despite earning number one contendership for the Interwire Championship, was it? It's not going to be listed in the "Best of Chris Elite" blu-ray, it isn't going to be in your career biography, it's going to end up being virtually undocumented because it just didn't fill you with the kind of thrill that you crave, did it? Nah, you'd rather superkick me in the face or hit me with a steel chair and LOSE the match than barely skim by and win even if that victory launches your unremarkable, pedestrian career in the right direction. I have to commend you, though, at least you're intelligent enough to discern that vengeance on Chris Elite is far from a high priority of mine. It's all business with Y2Impact. No hard feelings when I throw you over the top rope. You proved with your penchant for the hardcore at last year's House of Glass that you're different from ordinary elitists that walk down EAW's halls in this era. I can respect that, but what I can't tolerate is the fact that you're obviously more concerned with creating a legacy as a high-flying stuntman than a winner. My extreme and your extreme are completely different beasts. I tap into my affinity for the hardcore not because I have an insatiable appetite for destruction or a psychopathic bloodlust, but because it's a valuable resource. What the fuck is an open-fist shot to the face going to do that a barbed-wire baseball bat can't? Absolutely nothing. You talk about how hitting me with a steel chair was just you finishing what you started, just trying to seek closure, and like everyone else in this match recklessly throwing dirt on the name of their tormenter, when the facts become inconvenient you resort to twisting the narrative because that's the only recourse you have for being a goddamn crybaby that can't handle losing. Closure would have been pinning me and actually winning a match. Closure would have been you and Silva winning the Tag Team Championships instead of just having a moment in the sun to reminisce about years later by which point you'll have forgotten the outcome of the match because lady luck didn't favor you. You ramble about the advantage I would have had heading into the Grand Rampage had Hexa-gun still been alive, how about The Iconomy? You're not confident they would have done anything to assist you, huh Chris? We can play this game all day, but the fact is I never asked for my allies to clear a pathway to victory for me; I never needed a miracle before, I didn't need one during Hexa-gun, and I damn sure don't need one now. I get things done myself without relying on other people to babysit me and that's exactly why people in search of leadership are drawn to me like a magnet; because they know I operate in the best interests of the collective instead of stringing them along like a puppet. Yet you, who so glowingly speaks of maiming me with thumbtacks and glass shards, a guy who prides himself on being a honcho of hardcore, turned a blind eye to the movement and decided it wasn't worth the trouble. I agree, nobody should trust me, I've already intimated that I have ZERO desire to forge an alliance to get ahead in the Grand Rampage and EVERY intention to go all-out taking no prisoners and eliminating everyone in sight, but I don't have to worry about anything and neither does HBG -- because I continue to prove as an agent of extreme and an undying, fervent supporter of the cause that I'm a man of my word. You turned your back on yours.
Post on April 29th 2016, 5:59 am by Sons of Chaos
------------ ----------- -----------

[ As the Grand Rampage event continued to build towards the biggest Grand Rampage match in the history of the EAW as 40 Stars compete for an opportunity to headline the Pain for Pride 9 event. Kevin Hunter was one of those 40 men inside the biggest Grand Rampage match in what he says is him fulfilling his destiny as the camera comes into focus, Kevin Hunter is sitting in what looked like a King's Throne as he glared into the camera before a twisted, sly grin formed on his face. ]

the son of chaos | KEVIN HUNTER | the son of destruction
"Tonight is the night, Grand Rampage... the 40-Man Grand Rampage of Chaos for an opportunity at fucking glory and this Son of Chaos is right in the middle of it ready to fight his way straight through that chaos to gain an EAW World Heavyweight Championship match at Pain for Pride 9, I don't give a damn who the fuck walks out of the Notre Dame Stadium with the EAW World Heavyweight Title, rather it's Scott Oasis and the Omerta, Tig Kelly or Zack Crash, because it will be only a matter of time before I win what already belongs to me... but before I make it to Paid for Pride 9, however I have to get through the Grand Rampage match, just like Brian Daniels, Devan Dubian and Johnny Ventura!" [He paused with a twisted smirk] "But to do so, I must 39 of EAW's top talents, including former champions Y2Impact, Dark Demon, StarrStan, Liam Caterson, Drastik... the list of unworthy people goes on and on... the fact of the matter is those former champions have entered this 40-Man Grand Rampage match to fall to utter chaos as in my sanctuary of WAR... the WAR that will bring me MY DESTINY at Pain for Pride when I take possession of the EAW World Heavyweight Championship, as 39 men and women go out to that ring in order to achieve there dream of being a World Champion... but 39 men and women will be BURIED the fuck ALIVE as the hopes and dreams of 39 challengers will be SHATTERED and DESTROYED as I WILL rise up from the ashes of those 39 hopefuls and become one step closer to achieving MY fucking DESTINY" [He smirked raising his head up] "to become the EAW World Heavyweight Champion!"

[ The Sons of Chaos leaned back in his throne as Chris Hunter and Simon Sparx looked over at Kevin Hunter. Simon Sparx smirked looked into the camera. ]

the vince prez | SIMON SPARKS | second in command
"Just like Masters, Captain Charisma, Cyclone, Robbie V, Hades the Hellraiser and Devan Dubian once did in there time... Kevin Hunter will unleash all hell on those people that step foot inside that ring of utter chaos... will be brought down by the iron fist of The Alpha King's CHAOS as Kevin Hunter leaves the way he is destined to leave Grand Rampage as... the 2016 Grand Rampage WINNER!" [He spread his arms out into a wing span] "BELIEVE IN CHAOS... ALL HAIL THE ALPHA KING!"

[ Chris Hunter nodded, chuckling to himself as he slowly looked into the camera. Kevin Hunter sunk into his throne with an arrogant smirk on his face, he pointed towards the leader of the Sons. ]

sargent-in-arms | CHRIS HUNTER | the dark warrior
"This man is the one man that will be left standing tonight in Southbend, Indiana... the one match that will decided who the next King will be for EAW greatness... but Dynasty, look no further than the man that has KING written all over him... the man that brings CHAOS to this life, that ring out there is his drugs... and tonight at Grand Rampage will be the time for the Son of Chaos to prove that he is the ALPHA of Dynasty... the man that will be the next challenger for the EAW World Heavyweight Champion come Pain for Pride 9!"

[ Chris Hunter smirked, looking at Kevin Hunter as the Alpha King stood up from his throne, glaring into the camera as he lit up a cigarette, exhaling the smoke into the air. ]

the son of chaos | KEVIN HUNTER | the son of destruction
"On this night, I will rise... my destiny is within reach, my sanctuary... my Kingdom will be built within the very foundation of EAW, Grand Rampage and the EAW World Heavyweight Championship belt will be wrapped around MY FUCKING WAIST... as I bring 39 superstars towards there looming DOOMSDAY TO HELL as right here tonight chaos will rise up from the ashes of my KILLER EFFECT to you all, as MY FUCKING DESTINY to win the Grand Rampage match has officially ARRIVED!.. LET THIS CHAOTIC WAR OF CHAOS BEGIN!"

[ The Son of Chaos took a puff of his cigarette before flicking into the camera the ashes fall from the cigarette as the camera zooms as Allison Knight steps into the camera view as smile on her face as she looked into the camera, licking her lips ]

the queen of chaos | ALLISON KNIGHT | first lady
"Tonight the KING will rise... with his QUEEN as his side... ALL HAIL THE GRAND RAMPAGE SAVAGE WINNER!" [she smirked, looking off camera] "ALL HAIL THE ALPHA KING OF CHAOS..."

[ She stepped off the camera view as the camera takes one more view of Kevin Hunter sitting in his throne with a wicked - twisted smile slowly formed on his face as he awaited the chaotic war that the Grand Rampage match will bring as the camera slowly fades away... ]

[ .STATIC. ]

OOC NOTE - Not sure if I could do it, but here is my third and final for this event. Thought all three turned out great. Goodluck to all!
Post on April 29th 2016, 4:36 am by Sons of Chaos
------------ ----------- -----------


the son of chaos | KEVIN HUNTER | the son of destruction
"It all began April 19th, 2009... where the we all witnessed  the first ever Grand Rampage winner crown as Masters overcame Thirty Other Superstars, lastly MvM to win a chance at the EAW Championship at the Inaugural Pain for Pride event... where he become the new EAW Championship!"

[ The camera focused in one Kevin Hunter sitting in his president chair in the Son of Chaos' clubhouse, he smirked for a second. ]

the son of chaos | KEVIN HUNTER | the son of destruction
"The inception of the chaotic match continued in 2010, where we saw the likes of Captain Charisma win when he last eliminated Regulator to advance to Pain for Pride II, where we saw him also overcome not only the EAW Champion, Mak but also Mister K in a Triple threat match" [he smirked, shaking his head back and forth] "Than came Cyclone overcoming Thirty Superstars himself dumping Kevin Devastation and HRDO and in a turn of events for the first time he went to chaotic war to become the first man to challenge for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship at the third Pain for Pride where he too overcame two men, in the champion Extreme Enigma and one of the men he eliminated to get there, Kevin Devastation!"

[ He chuckled for a second as the camera zoomed out a bit to find Chris Hunter and Simon Sparx sitting on either side of the Son of Chaos, he tapped one single cigarette on the table before sticking in between his lips and lighting it up, he exhales the smoke into the camera a twisted smirk formed on his face. ]

the son of chaos | KEVIN HUNTER | the son of destruction
"Robbie V lastly overcame Extreme Enigma in 2011 to win the Grand Rampage match and face Rated R Shaman of Sexy... and in that title match at Pain for Pride, Robbie took the EAW World Heavyweight Championship" [He smirked once more] " in 2012, this Chaotic life got too much for Chris Hessian, after winning the Grand Rampage match, and he kicked it and left this life of chaos... then came Johnny Ventura who FAILED to beat Liam Catterson to win EAW Answers World Championship." [He paused, puffing on his cigarette] "Than in 2014, Hades becomes the survivor of the Grand Rampage of Chaos match and left Dark Demon and Zack Crash laying at Pain for Pride 8 to capture the EAW Answers World Championship!" [Taking another puff of his cigarette] "Than came 2015, the year EAW crowned TWO Grand Rampage winners, when Brian Daniels and Devan Dubian eliminated each other... but at Pain for Pride 8, when Brian Daniels was going to win the EAW Answers World Championship, it didn't happen as Devan Dubian beat Daniels and then-champion StarrStan to claim the EAW Answers World Championship.."

[ He smirked taking a long puff of his cigar leaning back in his seat and exhaling the smoke into the air, he softly chuckled to himself. ]

the son of chaos | KEVIN HUNTER | the son of destruction
"April 30, 2016 - the chaotic Grand Rampage match returns to Elite Answers Wrestling with a new variation, FORTY-MEN will go into that ring of chaos and only ONE MAN will survive and leave with a shot at a World Championship... Lucian Black, Dark Demon, Aren Mstislav, Mark Michaels, Chris Elite, Christian Locke, the freak Terry Chambers, Eclipse Deimos, Cameron Ella Ava, Lucas Johnson, Kenny Drake, even the man I defeated a few days ago, Rhaegar, and former EAW Answers World Champion like StarrStan... They are ALL lining up to to headline Pain for Pride... but ya see boys what your really lining up for is FALLING UNDER MY INTENDED CHAOS!" [He paused, puffing on his cigarette, looking back into the camera] "Grand Rampage 2016, the figure of Chaos will rise up and overcome the largest Grand Rampage match for a shot... an opportunity to headline Pain for Pride 9 for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship... there is only 39 men and women standing in my way of that opportunity at the World Heavyweight strap and this Saturday I welcome them all to this little life I call chaos, let those 39 dogs out of there cage and into the falling chaos that ensues in my ring of chaos which will lead to my chaotic victory as the..."

[ A wicked, twisted smile formed on the Son of Chaos' face as the cameras zoomed out viewing the entire group sitting in the respective seats. ]

the son of chaos | KEVIN HUNTER | the son of destruction

[ Kevin Hunter continued to glare into the camera, a twisted smile still planted on the Alpha King's face as the scene faded. ]

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 29th 2016, 3:39 am by Mstislav
I’m at a loss for words here. That never happens. I know shocking right. How can I, Aren Mstislav be at a loss for words. How can I, I mean the only way that can happen is if something, or someone, makes me both mentally and physically facepalm. And I mean it with all my heart here, You would have to be a very special flower for that to happen. I mean it has to be a spread of both idiocracy, and just down-right gibberish. But if this is what I must contend with then I will do so. But really who to start with, I mean these people, damn these people, make me wonder why the hell I keep talking. They make me wonder if there is any cognitive functions in that little brain of theirs. I mean if there is then, we may need to get a medical team here, because they might be brain dead and I’m concerned. Because I don’t want to be face vegetables in that ring. If I do then how far has EAW sunk that they’re putting vegetables in the ring to fight. It’s just garbage is what it is. But really I have to address someone, I don’t know who. Maybe the ringleader? No, no, no, I have to save him for last, so I’ll start with the clown, or the jester, as he would like to be called.

Wait what do you mean he hates to be called the Jester? Well how was I supposed to know that, look at him, he acts like the biggest clown here, right behind Lucas Johnson that is. I mean if he doesn’t want to be called that then he needs to get the memo that him saying the exact same thing as everyone else isn’t going to hurt me, but have me laugh at him. Because really it’s all I’ve taken so far. And I’ve admitted that yes, I did not take my opportunity when I need to, but do I make excuses for it. No, I just get better, and better. And really if it’s that hard for him to see that, then he probably will need Big Mike to help him at Grand Rampage, because there is no way in hell for him to make it near the end. Chris Elite, I mean I did have high hopes for you, even though I called you a jester. Hell calling you a jester was supposed to light a flame under you, but all it did was give you a role to conform to. I didn’t want that, if I wanted a jester I’d hire someone named Bozo and give him a clown suit, but here you are trying to fit the role given to you by the opposition, and it’s just sad really. Hell it’s not even sad, it’s pathetic, and really if this is all you’re going to give me then you need to just stop while you’re ahead and jump over that top rope and save yourself the embarrassment. Because if it comes down to me, I’m going to make you regret stepping that ring against me.

And with the Jester out of the way, who to move onto but the scribe, and really, what a lousy scribe he is. Maybe I should replace my whole court, because this guy Liam Catterson, is just lousy in general. I mean what is this grammar, why is he speaking the way he does. It’s like watching those videos where those little high school kids rage, and just start calling everyone who is superior to them scrubs. I mean hell I didn’t expect much from Liam, but for him to actually go below the bar I set for him, was surprising. I mean he has the audacity to say I’m the little kid who wants Mommy and Daddy to acknowledge him, but his behavior and his speech patterns show that he’s the way he says I act. And I mean I don’t know if that’s irony at all or not, but I remember a time when Liam was actually a threat to me, a threat to my goals, and to see him like this is disappointing. Because it’s like someone kicked him too many times in the head, and he wasn’t able to comprehend anything but the basic words of insults. And it’s just terrifying to watch him try and form insults, it’s like watching one of those sad animal commercials. You feel bad watching it, and you just want to change the channel as soon as it comes on. But I must say that is where you people are lucky. Because I have to stand there and watch, and watch, just to see if he says something of note, just to see if in the end I could have something to work with. And let me tell you, Liam failed with a capital F because that was horrid. I’ll have to agree with his sentiments though, because this nightmare of a speech is over. Might I suggest you watch The King’s Speech, Liam. I mean I never watched it, but maybe you can learn something from it.

Scribe is over and done with, and I have yet to reach the surface of this chain. Because now we got… the rook? I don’t know if I would call him a rook, probably the priest, or maybe the what’s the other chess piece. Oh wait yes that’s right. He’s the pawn. I mean look at JJ, if he’s not the very definition of Pawn then I don’t know what is. I totally forgot that JJ was a part of Omerta to be honest, but that’s because I don’t see him as a member, no I see him as a pawn, and expendable pawn. While you have Scott as the rook, Brody as the queen, and Zack as the King, you JJ are just a lowly pawn. And do you want to know how I know, because you die out to easily. If this week isn’t a show of that then I don’t know what is. I mean I will admit you had a hot start, hell you was looking lethal for a few hours. And then right after the first day, you started to fizzle, and burn out. Your words don’t match your conviction, your words don’t match what you’re trying to sell to me and the others. In fact all they are coming across as is the fact that you’ve given up. While you still talk, while you still come out here and try and strong arm yourself into this your body has given up. Hell even Chris Elite, and Eclipse can see that you’ve mentally drained yourself. You’ve reached your limit about four days ago, and you’re not regaining that momentum you had again. And you want to know how I know. Well let’s look back to what you said about me. You tell me I’m resilient, but then you say my age is slowing me down, even though I’m only 25. You tell me I’ve reached my peak, but I’m getting ready to fly. And then here is the kicker. You tell me to grow up. You tell ME to grow up, and then that’s when I knew you were just grasping at straws, I knew you were just trying to get a rise out of me. Because you knew that the ammo you were going to use has already been used time and time again, and you tried to be original. While I commend you being original, you failed in doing so. You just showed me, hell you showed the world that your mental game isn’t as tough as you thought. While you yourself could take a couple of blows, once you enter that ring, you’ll be mentally done, you’ll be wrought to the bone, and you’ll be willing to give up.

And you continued with trying to be original too, even though you knew that it was all coming to an end for you. Because you try and pull the royalty card. Like I’ve not had that happen before. Because you JJ, you haven’t done your research, you haven’t looked deep into the history of this problem here. That problem is you saying I was handed everything, just so the company could see me torn down. I was not handed everything. If you did the right amount of research, if you looked farther back into history where a time before 3 pre-show matches got you a main roster spot, where a time rookies had to prove themselves on another show or be axed by management, you would know. Oh you would know. Back then I was an afterthought, a man without a plan to his name, and without people in the back to show him the ropes. I had to do it by myself, for a long time. And then I had an opportunity to make my mark and I took it. And well then I made my mark, and then I made another mark, and then another, and then another. You see you’re trying to pull the bullshit of the management is holding other people back, when in reality those opportunities you’ve said you’ve taken were nothing but wrong turns, and false commitments. You’ve joined team after team, hell you even spearheaded one yourself, and look what happened. Chris Elite is on Showdown, and he’s been doing pretty good, and Eclipse, well he beat me. Those people took the right routes, while you, you took the route of being in another group. You became the Code of Greed, when in fact you might as well be the Code of Famine. Because you just starve yourself of opportunities by aligning yourself with the wrong people. Zack Crash got where he is now, because he had a security team to help him, but when you took that away, you had him lose everything. And now he’s at it again, and this time he’s got three suckers who took the bait. And I’m not surprised at all that you took it. It was just a matter of time. The fact you think it was hard for me to address you is funny. The reason I take my time with others is because you gave me a lot to work with, and even then it took me a few seconds to break you down. Like all the others you’re just going to be the talk, while you can’t even put in the effort of being the walk as well. But oh well if you have to learn this way, then so be it.

And Now we made it to Demon. No title for you, because really what can I call you that you haven’t called yourself. I mean you called yourself Slayer of so and so, and whatever else, I can’t be bothered to look it up. But you know what I will say I’m glad you caught my lie. I mean it just shows you actually do pay attention, unlike the others who fell for it, didn’t. So I must give you props, because if I didn’t then that would be an injustice on my part. But either way Demon you’re not going to win. That’s just plain and simple, you’re not going to win. But before I get to why you’re going to lose, I might as well fulfill your request. I didn’t win my Tag title Months AFTER Reckless Wiring, I won it months BEFORE Reckless Wiring, but I did win the National Elite title After, so you’re half right. But then again you become wrong again, by saying I realized I missed opportunites after you spoke. Because I already knew I fucked that up for myself, but it’s just like you to take credit for everything is it Demon. I mean if I were you I would too, but really if this is all you have to bring to the table then I don’t think you’re worth my time anymore. Hell even Jamie didn’t find you worthy enough for you to come out here and talk about you. But I don’t blame him, if I got in a war with you I would just keep hearing the same shit over and over, and I wouldn’t be able to find the off button. But back to why you’re losing Demon. Basically it’s just because I’m better. I’ve always been better, put aside past events, and I’ve always been better. Hell knowing you, you won’t put aside past events so keep them where they’re at to make yourself feel better, and make you feel bigger than you truly are, because we’ll find out at Grand Rampage.

No witty quip this time, just be ready for Aren Mstislav to win.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 29th 2016, 3:28 am by Impact
When I was little kid, I had an unhealthy obsession with flames and it boiled over to the point that I took multiple strike matches and lit them in an ill-advised attempt to see how big the fire would become. What I thought was simple fun and games took an unexpected turn when the fire enveloped my fingertips and I had to struggle mightily to blow it out. That's exactly what you're doing right now, JJ Silva, so childishly fascinated with the fire that you lack the capacity to realize it WILL burn you. I was young, foolish, and learned my lesson from that experience, but I've maintained one pivotal attribute since then that has served me well both personally in my life and professionally in my career: THE HUNGER. You're too much of a wet-behind-the-ears greenhorn to grasp your folly and realize what a huge mistake you're making by trying to stack your weak-ass deck against me and make an enemy out of a guy who probably would have ignored you if you hadn't presumptuously flapped your gums and turned yourself into human target practice. You said it yourself, the Grand Rampage is a match that encompasses every element of EAW, yet you're such a hypocritical oblivious moron that you can't even practice what you preach, strategize your way through the all-important match, and ensure an easier landing spot for yourself. Nah, you'd rather go ahead and blindly disrespect me and talk about how every triumphant and great extremist eventually has to have a successor. I already crowned my successor and he's no longer in EAW, he was permanently put out of commission by Ares Vendetta at Fighting Spirit, and lo and behold I'M still here turning water into wine and making believers out of skeptics one by fucking one. And what exactly are you doing, JJ Silva? You're doing your damnedest to shed the third-rate label that's been associated with your name ever since you were the "leader" of The Iconomy and got outshone by every other member to the point you became a powerless figurehead puppet masquerading as the head but secretly just delivering the messages of your superiors Eclipse Diemos, Chris Elite, and even Cailin Dillon! Your objective shouldn't be to win the Grand Rampage, that's entirely out of the question, but by fooling yourself into believing you have so much as a snowball's chance in hell of catapulting yourself to the main event of Pain for Pride that belongs exclusively to ME, you're depriving yourself of an opportunity to eliminate as many of the other less formidable extremists as possible and now have NO chance to detach yourself from the stigma that's followed you around like a shadow for months. Congratulations, JJ, you just vacillate from one stance to another like an incompetent politician and it's gotten so bad you can't even follow the dogmatic principles you've sworn by. You played yourself.

There's this glass-half-full logic spouted by underachieving simpletons like JJ Silva that goes something like this: "I keep on getting kicked down, but my character is defined in my ability to always stand up." You really believe that, don't you, JJ? You think you can succeed by building from your failures, that all of your misfortune and poor execution in the ring will finally amount to something unthinkable and amazing happening to you, that all of those long, depressing drives home after a terribly fought defeat will make the moment you eventually achieve the victory of a lifetime that much sweeter. I hate to burst your bubble, but at the risk of turning you into an alcoholic hardened by the cruelties of a world that simply isn't fair, "failure after failure after failure" isn't a pattern that evolves into success. Lifetime .200 hitters don't suddenly emerge from a "career rut" and become superstars overnight. Career backup quarterbacks don't miraculously supplant starters and have record-breaking seasons. There's a difference between being overlooked by people too entrenched in their beliefs to acknowledge talent and guys like you who don't even register on my fucking radar. Now, are there success stories about people who came from humble beginnings? Of course there are, it's not uncommon for a few hundred people to rise from their poverty-stricken barren wasteland of a life and defect to the promise land allowing them to later become self-made millionaires, but how many more hundreds upon millions, even BILLIONS of people, are out there starving and suffering from starvation in third world countries? How many single mothers have been forced to watch their malnourished children slowly waste away and die because they couldn't afford food, or a child who helplessly watches their ailing mother -- in some cases their closest connection in life -- die before their very eyes and have no idea how to react because they're not yet able to process the reality of death? You're going to come at me with some souped-up bullshit about how I'm twisting your words and taking it the improbable extreme, but who the hell are you to talk about rising from failure or becoming an accomplished superstar's successor if you cannot even process the simple fact that people suffering through potentially fatal crises don't always end up marrying their high school sweetheart, or experiencing the unbridled joy of watching their flower girl throw the rose pedals around during the festivities, or have the money to buy the corvette or the lamborghini; in your case, not even the Yugo GV. That's a lesson you've sadly proven you won't learn until you're beaten into a bloody mess and carried out on a stretcher by EMTs. I don't give a shit. By will or by force. That's the name of the game. You can taste the blood all right; you just don't realize it's going to be your own.

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 29th 2016, 3:23 am by Angel.
(Camera pans to the North Dining Hall located at Notre Dame University. The North Dining Hall is hosts to fans of the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers as all fans alike are watching the NFL Draft. Within the North Dining Hall, comes to a Nick Angel wearing a Dallas Cowboys T-Shirt dining in with a plate of char-grilled chicken with a side of fried rice and Yucatan Tilapia.)

Nick: You know? Looks like the draft might be as predictable as some would suggest. 

[The crowd watch as Jared Goff is selected as the #1 overall pick by the Los Angeles Rams.]

Nick: This makes sense from a marketing perspective. A California quarterback that is now spearheading a team that just arrived in California? Makes sense considering the Rams will need every bit of reason to watch their game before they get out of Los Angeles in two decades time. 

[The crowd watch as Carson Wentz is selected as the #2 overall pick by the Philadelphia Eagles.]

Nick: You know. For all of the circlejerk, that is Chip Kelly’s Eagles? I can certainly say that this trade is a year too late. Mariota would’ve been the perfect number two overall pick a year ago in Kelly’s offense.  But as for Wentz? Eh, I rate him lower than Goff along with the fact that he may not even play a single game next season. Still don’t get why the Eagles are making trades as if they are going to win the Super Bowl. Now….for my Boys….we can hope the Chargers get someone like Tunsil because I would love to snatch up Bosa….

[The crowd watches as Joey Bosa is selected as the #3 overall pick by the San Diego Chargers.]

Nick: That is it. Fuck you Chargers, I hope you guys relocate out of San Diego. The Chargers literally drafted the prototypical pass rusher that is ideal for Dallas’ defense. Ugh....now we have to pick between Ramsey and Elliot. Not that I mind either, but…..

[The crowd watch as Ezekiel Elliot is selected as the #4 overall pick by the Dallas Cowboys.]

Nick: May the internet explode. Best running back prospect in years. I think it is fair to say that the Dallas Cowboys may have the last piece of the 21st century of the Triplets. I suppose the Cowboys took notes from the Warriors and be like “Your best defense is your offense” and who can blame them? The Cowboys got the best offensive line and they will not have any problem having Elliot have at it for a 2,000 rushing yard season.

[Nick is approached by Kathryn Tappen who is the host of Notre Dame on NBC.]

Kathryn: Hey Nick, I know you’ve been busy with a few other activities such as your upcoming match in Grand Rampage. Care to answer why you have been a little silent? 

Nick: When it comes to Grand Rampage to me, I do not waste too much time on addressing specific individuals themselves. I know it is rather the mainstream thing to do as I am aware that one individual takes a shot on another individual in order to look like they are the strongest but if we are being objective? Why waste your breath on an individual that you may not even confront during the Grand Rampage? When it comes to preparing my match, I would like to see who I am confronting and sure there is an announced list of who is participating in the Grand Rampage. However, it would be silly of me to waste my precious time, addressing just about every barbaric peasant that dares to take on everyone. For what sense of purpose do these peasants aim to do? To impress the board of EAW, saying that “Hey, look at me. I can show that I can address more than five of my opponents that I may not even face”? To elevate your game just because the opportunity of main eventing Pain for Pride comes calling? We’re talking about the participants that decides to elevate their game just for Grand Rampage only because they know they cannot produce a rather, consistent output that is necessary to be evaluated as a main event talent. What do these participants that I speak of do as a rather, methodical strategical point? The participants push for a late draw, knowing that some of the best talents that EAW has to offer are either eliminated or rather tired and the next thing you know? Swoop in for a rather, grand opportunity. However as ideal as some participants likes to elevate their game just for one week? The changing landscape of EAW does not reward the people who elevate their game for the grand opportunity that is Grand Rampage. Rather, the landscape of EAW has been altered to those that elevate their game every week and have shown a consistent output all based on the fact that consistent action creates consistent results. In today’s EAW? You would get crushed with that kind of idealism just by laying all eggs in one basket. You would get demolished as nowadays, EAW is arguably at its most competitive stage ever since it has existed. To strategize around a specific event in order to gain traction as a main eventer is not the path to success. I have learned that I once, strategize around a specific event, thinking to myself? That there is a shortcut to success by laying all eggs in one basket. I thought to myself, that if I won a tournament? It would create the gateway to being the showbiz of EAW. However, I didn’t win and therefore? There was no fallback option for me and hence, the beginning of my demise. 

One would say, I come off of a rather bitter tone but in reality? To the people that only elevate their game just for Grand Rampage? Where were you guys when you guys were pulling a rather indecisive performances in your respective brand shows? Where were you guys when you had every shot to assert yourself as a top-tier competitor while not having to go through the carnage of fighting thirty-nine other competitors to even establish yourself as one of the top talent? Simply put? Why try to elevate your game just for one match when you are going against a competitor like me, which likes to elevate their game not just for one match. Rather? A competitor like me likes to elevate their game every week. A competitor like me likes to elevate their game regardless of the competition. Case in point, after going through the cream of the crop for several weeks, one would suspect that I would lose motivation due to facing quite the drop-off in quality from being in a match with a renowned world champion: Mr. DEDEDE to a virtually, a newcomer: Silent Edge. But I do not give a shit if you’re the cream of the crop or a newcomer that aims to makes his strides in EAW. I have shown that to everyone in EAW? In order to be where I want to be, which is rather being the cornerstone of EAW? Consistent action will create consistent results. Sure, I may have not necessarily have the results against Mr. DEDEDE and Ares Vendetta as the cynics would like to point out but my performances has been constantly been evolving from a glimmer of brilliance to an established efficient yet showbiz of EAW. With efficiency? You can bet that the results will come for me at sooner than later. With being the showbiz of EAW? You can bet that there is the “it” factor that even the board of EAW, for all of their hostile history with me cannot resist as being the spearhead of a movement is rather, a revenue stream for the corporate establishment. Combine both? All you got is someone that is rather, the model of consistency in elevating your game no matter the competition, the magnitude of the stage or the stipulation. With that said Kathryn, I have no firm interest in addressing guys that only elevate their game for Grand Rampage when in reality; they will probably back to their idle mode once the allure idealism of main eventing Pain for Pride is no longer there. 

Kathryn: Considering you emphasize that no matter the magnitude of the stage that you elevate your game, what does the match of Grand Rampage means to you?

Nick: Personally for me? Aside from a bunch of try-hards that only elevate their game for one match at Grand Rampage? The Grand Rampage to me is rather, one of the last opportunities that I can put myself where I want to be: in the main event of Pain for Pride. I know it sounds cliché but when it comes to someone that has the aspirations of overthrowing the status quo that is dictated by the corporate establishment both politically and economically speaking for EAW? The one way that a man with such aspirations of overturning an oligarchy with an EAW for elitists is by making the elite movement turns into the revolution for the elitists with one decisive action: winning the gateway of Pain for Pride and dictate the terms heading into Pain for Pride. Simply put? The Grand Rampage match is not about being in the main event of Pain for Pride. It’s more than that. It’s about putting the corporate establishment on their knees and put them on the defensive end for once. It’s about creating a vision where the corporate establishments are not the ones that have the commanding heights of EAW. Rather, it is creating the vision where the corporate establishment takes a step back to giving power to their yes man and reward people based on credentials to serve the need of the people that pays to see the best professional product. It is to create a vision where the corporate establishment does not reward people based on the corporative interests’ but rather? What does not contradict the mantra that the Land of Elite has sworn to ever since the Land of Extreme transition into the Land of Elite? It is about putting forth a vision that can turn into a reality of where elitists do not have to worry about rotting in third tier competition just because you’re facing against those that do not deserve the label “elitists”. A vision where the fans are rather happy with getting the most maximized product because they are getting the maximized quality while not wasting resources and time on subsidizing third tier competition that is nothing but a pawn of the corporative establishment. A vision where the term “Land of Elite” is not contradictory on how it is run, on what kind of talent that is even in the company along with on how they treat their employees. Simply put Kathryn? Grand Rampage to me is not just winning a match to main event Pain for Pride. It is a match where you turn a vision into a reality. My vision that will come into a reality? An EAW for elitists.  
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Post on April 29th 2016, 1:13 am by El Landerson
[The Scene opens when El Landerson is in his Dressing Room while the Team of DCW walks in before Grand Rampage FPV]

DCW: Hey man are you ready for your match this Saturday.

Landerson: I'm not doing it.

DCW: why not Landerson.

Landerson: because when i enter my first battle royal match none of you are not there to help me out or save my but from getting tossed over the ropes at Grand Rampage FPV cause I want to win this years Rampage 2016 in Main event pain for Pride nine FPV for a EAW Answers World Championship.

DCW: Dude we totally got your back this Sunday but if you even get eliminated by Dark Demon and Cameron Ella Ava in Aren Mstislav then the rest of us can't really do anything about that between you and the rest of the forty-man battle royal so well help you win this years Grand Rampage this Saturday because you haven't win the Grand Rampage match until you Challenge the Eaw World Heavyweight Champion in main event at Eaw Pain for Pride FPV.

Landerson: you know what maybe I will enter that battle royal match this Saturday at Eaw Grand Rampage FPV in head to Main event Pain for Pride PPV right after i Eliminate forty-men this Sunday at Grand Rampage FPV.

DCW: We will see you this week my friend at Grand Rampage this Saturday when you win this forty-man battle royal match this week until we take you out and celebrate your victory win at Grand Rampage FPV this Saturday.

Landerson: Cause we still representing Team DCW.

DCW: of course bro we're still with DCW as long as it takes for us to be in a faction  together after you win this forty-man battle royal match this Saturday at Grand Rampage or else.

Landerson: or else what.

DCW: All of us will kick you out of the DCW group unless you win that Grand Rampage match this Sunday at Rampage FPV this week.

Landerson: okay I'll try my best to stay in the ring the longest if only no one does not eliminate me this Saturday in my battle royal match on Grand Rampage PPV.

DCW: no one is not gonna eliminate you cause you got your DCW friend to help you out this Sunday in he's our DCW friend Venom so he's the only one that's gonna keep you in that Grand Rampage ring this Saturday o.n Eaw.

Landerson: oh thanks guys for this every moment of my life for this battle royal match this Sunday at Grand Rampage FPV.

DCW: alright everyone all hands in for Team DCW.

(Team DCW reaches there hands out in a circle)

DCW: now DCW on three everybody.

One, two, three

Team DCW: DCW!

[DCW walks out of landerson's Locker Room before his first battle royal match even begins this Saturday]
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Post on April 29th 2016, 12:40 am by Bhris Elite
*Chris Elite is shown in a room with Pierre McGuire and Big Mike is behind him with his arms folded*
Pierre: Hello, Chris I haven’t seen you since the whole experience with Myself, You, Big Mike and DJ Khaled.  With that being said though I have a lot of questions for you.  One of them being have you heard the last words of JJ? And if so what do you think about them? 

Chris Elite: I’ve heard what EAW’S Favorite Pet had to say about me.  It’s okay if I call you that isn’t it JJ?  I don’t think you have a problem with that.  Just like I don’t have a problem with being called Christopher it doesn’t matter what you call me it won’t change the result of Grand Rampage.   Okay I’m sorry maybe you are on a winning streak but when it wouldn’t be a streak if it wasn’t for your two owners.  Now I probably sound like a sad man who will make any excuse to make you seem bad but I’m being honest.  Without those men would your streak actually be a streak?  Would you have beaten Tig or Lucian without your two owners?  I don’t think so I mean sure my last couple of wins have been against scrubs.  However did I need any help to do so?  Even when they thought banning Big Mike from ringside would help me lose did it?  Can you say the same if you went one on one against someone like Brian Daniels without your two owners being at ringside?  Nah of course you can’t.  You need their help you need their motivation.  You need those two at ringside to say “Come on JJ you can do it I’ll give you a treat if you win JJ come on you can do it”.   I don’t need Big Mike to motivate me nor do I need him to speak for me like you claimed.  I speak for myself and I think for myself and just like me and everyone else who spoke against you claimed.  You can’t think for yourself you can’t talk for yourself.  Everything you say or do has to be approved by your higher ups.   I bet you had to ask Zack if you can call me Christopher.  Hell I bet you have to keep asking Zack if it’s okay to talk about the Iconomy.  That’s probably why you’re so mad I keep bringing it up so much.  “Man I wish Chris would stop bringing up Iconomy because every time I say that word I get one spanking from Zack.  As much as I like it, it’s really starting to hurt”.   Sorry about that JJ I won’t bring it up anymore.  I won’t talk about how I HAD the victory at HOG and not you.   I won’t talk about how I did everything entertaining in that group. I won’t bring it up anymore I’m sorry the facts are bothering you so much.    JJ I don’t want mercy to be shown at Grand Rampage.   I don’t need the crowd to help me especially against you.  You aren’t going to cause me any pain or agony in that match.  Just like I told Eclipse you guys are just talking to talk. You don’t mean any of it you know once you see me in that ring you’ll call for back up to try and take me out.    Also don’t use that whole “You beat a bunch of nobodies to earn a shot at gold” on me please don’t.  It doesn’t matter who they put in front of me I would have still earned my shot.   While you still don’t have a shot.   Try to build an empire all you want just know I’ll be right there to knock it down and make you start right from the beginning. 
Pierre:  Interesting.   Now I’m not sure if you’re aware but Impact has been throwing your name around a lot too.  Anything to say about that?
Chris Elite:  Ah, Impact.  It’s been a while hasn’t it?  Matter of fact the last time we’ve met wasn’t that when I beat you down with a steel chair?  I don’t think you’ve ever gotten your revenge on me for that.  Oh wait sorry Impact isn’t worried about that he doesn’t need to get any revenge on me isn’t that right?  You’ve done enough to gain that revenge before that even happened.   You’ve defeated me already.  You damn near destroyed the Iconomy.  However both of us are alone now.  I don’t have anyone holding me back and you don’t have any more soldiers left.   So next time I want to beat you down with a steel chair maybe at Grand Rampage?  I won’t have to make a run for it.  Nope I can finish what I started.   I mean to be honest when I did that I was just trying to finish what I started at House of Glass when I kicked you right in the jaw when your mouth was full of glass shards and thumbtacks.   It’s amazing though how you survived that isn’t it?  You survived me kicking shards of glass and thumbtacks down your throat.   You survived with me beating you down with a chair.   However will you be able to survive such a huge loss at Grand Rampage?   Wouldn’t that severely hurt that huge ego of yours?  Wait no nothing hurts you now.   You are the Machine.   You feel no pain but for some reason something tells me if I win that Grand Rampage that would break the “Machine” in half.   You couldn’t survive that.  You couldn’t survive this “Scrub” this “Failure” winning such a huge match and you not winning it.   I don’t think you handle anyone but you winning this.  Even if that dear friend of yours HBG won it. That would probably hurt you the most.   Watching your dear friend go onto main event Pain for Pride watching her have her own Match of the Universe.  That would probably eat you away wouldn’t it?  I mean it’s probably getting the point right now where these words are bothering you much you might do the unthinkable.   Spit in the face of Heart Break Gal and dump her over that top rope just to make sure what I just said doesn’t happen.   To be honest if Hexa-Gun was alive till this day and you didn’t fail at keeping them alive.  They’d probably help keep you alive going into this 40 man match.   When it’s all said and done though you would have just turned on them too.  That’s just the type of man you are Impact.  You can’t trust a machine.   So I hope HBG knows that and listens to me before you and her go on some sort of streak by eliminating anyone that steps in the way of you two.  Until it’s just the two of you left.  You would just throw her over that top rope and not feel one single regret about it. 
Machines don’t have emotions.  Do they? Still something tells me seeing anyone else win but you would kill you.   Might finally force your ass into retirement.    Those are just my thoughts though.  I could be wrong maybe you do want to see HBG win this or hell maybe HBG turns on you and becomes the first Vixen to main event Pain for Pride.  I doubt any of that happens though want to know why that is?  Because I’ll be the first “Scrub” to main event Pain for Pride.  From 24/7 Battle Royals to main eventing the entire event.   Usually something that only happens in movies though right?  Well I plan onto make it a reality.   I plan on taking those dreams of yours and main eventing Pain for Pride and crushing them.  Then maybe revenge on me would be worth it.  That’s what I have to say about Impact.
Now I’ve also heard someone else with my name in their mouth.   The big bad wolf Dark Demon.  The man loved to come out here and call me a bum.  He told Carlos he only defended his “Championship” against bums.   I mean I’m not trying to defend the guy but correct me if I’m wrong didn’t you do the same?  Weren’t you going around challenging people dressed up as Jesus or Santa?  Then when you beat them you made some big deal out of it like you actually defeated Jesus.   At least Carlos defeated men with skill.  Well speaking for myself anyway.   Demon this “Bum” would give you a run for your money and I know that huge ego of yours won’t admit it but it’s true.   Going against me isn’t no easy victory like you probably think it is.   It isn’t like those men dressed up to make you look better.  You will actually be forced to put some effort into it.  I know you don’t want to believe it. Hell you’ll probably do all the cursing in the world to make it so untrue.   Just trust me on this though I am no bum.  Also you aren’t hurting my feelings by saying that.  I’m not mad at you for saying this it’s your opinion.  A good one?  No but it’s an opinion nothing to get mad over however let me voice one of my opinions.  One I’m sure you’ll get very angry about.
 You won’t win Grand Rampage.  Yup I said it and I won’t end that sentence with the generic bull shit “You won’t win Grand Rampage… I will”.   You win it because of yourself.   That hatred you have for Jamie is going to be the end of you in that match.    Seeing Jamie in that ring is going to kill you.  You don’t want him to win this match.   Matter of fact I think you much rather see both of you getting eliminated and neither one of you winning.  Then actually winning yourself.  That’s how much hate you have for Jamie you’ll risk your chances of winning just to make sure he doesn’t.  Yet you not winning would probably drive you crazier than Impact if he doesn’t win.    We won’t hear the end of it from you.  You not winning that match despite it being your fault with all the hate you have for Jamie will be worse than that time Xavier snapped your arm.   But then again what do I know right?  I’m just the bum.  I don’t know anything.  Knowing you you’ll just come out here curse me out used all these forced insults on me and tell me how fucking stupid I am and how I know nothing.   That’s just something Demon does.  Not winning Grand Rampage will just be added onto that list of something Demon does.  Go ahead Demon bring your worst nothing you can say though will change my opinion.  Just like I’m sure nothing I can say can change your opinion about me.  So I’ll let my actions do that for me funny thing is.  While my actions probably change your opinion on me your actions will just prove my opinion to be much more than that.   Can’t wait to hear what you have to say though…  Pierre that’s all the time I have for now I have training to do….
 Pierre McGuire:  Okay then thanks for your time Chris.  Good Luck.
 *Camera fades*
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Post on April 29th 2016, 12:09 am by Stark
You’re good at running your mouth, you know that right you little piece of shit? Keep talking. I’m used to it. Idiots filling their promos with irrelevant material to try to act like they’re worth a damn at all. I’m glad in fact, the less seriously you take me as an in-ring competitor, focusing more on the mask I wear than the way I wrestle, the easier it becomes for me to catch you off guard, just like I’ve caught all my other opponents off-guard. This is by no means a way to brag for me, but TRUST me, I’ve faced some great people in my career. Let’s just focus on one though - Jamie O’Hara. Now if you can honestly look everyone in the eye and tell them that you are better than Jamie O’Hara, then I won’t hesitate a second longer to call you a madman. I beat Jamie O’Hara, I beat him to win the New Breed Championship. I beat him and I won my very first championship in this company. You know what Jamie did just two months later? He won the Cash in the Vault. You know what he did a couple months after that? He became the World Champion of Showdown. Now please, make more idiotic assumptions about what I am because of the mask I wear, it does nothing but humor me. Not because it’s funny, but because it’s a reminder that I have to climb up the hill, not down it. That makes you and me not too different. You are held back by your height, and I am held back by my ‘personality’ or whatever. The higher-ups, they don’t like my mask. They didn’t like my theme song. They don’t like me, to be straight up. It doesn’t bother me, it makes me HAPPIER, that I don’t succeed because of what people think of me, I succeed in SPITE OF IT. Now that you have pegged me down as a mere ‘mask-wearing fool’, parading around as a hero in a ‘Godless’ land, it’ll make it so much sweeter if I beat you at Grand Rampage and TAKE YOUR TITLE, in spite of everything you’ve said.

I’ll say it again, this didn’t need to be personal. If you weren’t such a sensitive little bitch who got pissed off ALL because I mentioned the Heart Break Boy’s name, we wouldn’t have a personal issue and this could’ve been a straightforward title match like I wanted. It was straightforward with Jamie O’Hara because he this thing called INTEGRITY, which is kind of important as a champion. You wouldn’t know though, you’re just a boy in the end. Just like your precious HBB, just a boy. You said it yourself, this is a ‘Godless’ world, and frankly, boys don’t survive in places like these. You need men. Like Starkman. I’m sorry, but, if you get to chastise me about my alter-ego, I most definitely should have the right to call you out on name semantics. And it’s true. You two are self-proclaimed boys, and that’s why you both have failed to survive in this man’s world. Heart Break Boy took his ball and went home, and you’ve cracked under the pressure of having to carry a championship of that importance without your friend to coach you. Because you require coaching. That’s why you were NOTHING before Barnum M. Bailey or whatever, and that’s why you were nothing until Heart Break Boy showed up in your life, and that’s why YOU’RE STILL NOTHING, even with Tony Rolland of all people with you now. It’s so true man, it’s so fucking true, and you’re NOTHING more than a BOY! A GOD DAMN FUCKING BOY, TRYING TO EXIST IN A MAN’S WORLD WHEN HE CAN’T! That’s why you’ve become what you’ve become.

This shouldn’t be about me. This shouldn’t be about you. What it should be about is the championship and nothing more. But you’re a part of the problem on Dynasty. You want drama. You don’t know how to just be straight up with things. All the fucking head banging and depressing videos, why not just cut to the point man? I know why. You know you aren’t as good as you’re hyped up to be. That’s why you fall back on the same shit, filling promos with irrelevant crap that no one cares about. Dude, either promo about the match or fuck off. No one cares about the daily escapades of The Pizza Boy. But of course, you’d never realize that because your brain is as small as your body is, relatively to me of course. You are dull, you are boring, and you aren’t a good wrestler. I’d tell you to turn up on Saturday without Tony Rolland in your corner but of course, how could poor baby Pizza Bitch ever do anything without sucking on the teat of his manager of the month? How exactly are you supposed to be any kind of ‘good guy’ again? You know what? You’re an adult – if HBB left you, MOVE THE FUCK ON! What, were you two sucking each other’s dicks or laying together in bed or something? He isn’t your wife of twenty years who just upped and left you, he was a WRESTLER, who was ALLIED with you. But all the better for me isn’t it? This pathetic shell of a man, this worthless, helpless human being… it’s sad. But at the same time, it isn’t. It has now become an utmost NECESSITY for me to take that championship away from you. A boy like you doesn’t deserve this championship. Better it lies on the shoulder of a mask-wearing fool than around the waist of a depressed fucking crybaby isn’t it. But again, your brain is too small to comprehend this. So you will still scratch, claw, and fight me for the championship. You won’t realize that I’m NOT your enemy. You don’t realize that my expectation for the match was not to be hero vs villain, but hero vs hero.

You wanna choose the dark side, that’s your problem. I’m not here to rescue you – I’m here to rescue the championship. I guess I didn’t make it clear enough the last time around, I don’t CARE about you. I don’t care what happens to you. I’m a ‘hero’, yeah. But the only people I care enough about to save are the people who deserve it. You are a boy who tried to enter a man’s world. You did pretty well too when there was no pressure, when it was all nice and fun… But then came Drake and Jones. Two psychopaths, yes, but in the end, they’re nothing more than two idiots who saw through your thin veil, and BROKE you. And you know what Pizza Boy? You DESERVE IT. Just like you DESERVED to be abandoned by the Heart Break Boy. I know every mention of his name kills your spirit a little bit more each time. You can deny it, but again, you are merely a breast-feeding child. Your mother leaves you so you think the world has come to an end. And hey, if my good intentions, to rescue the championship, to try to maintain the integrity of professional wrestling in the face of all that is happening on Dynasty, lead me to hell, I’m okay with it. If Hell is where those with good intentions go, then sign me up right now. That’s the difference between you and me. Bad things happen to you, you give up. Bad things happen to me, I face them, I embrace them, I get past them, and I come out stronger.

Oh boo-hoo, your friend left you high and dry? You want to know what REAL pain is, orphan? Last year, I left the EAW in the midst of my championship reign BECAUSE I watched my brother die before my very eyes, helpless to what was happening. That’s why I lost the mask on my return, because I stopped believing heroes could do anything to help. But honestly, it’s because of WEAKLINGS like you, PB, that men like me exist in the first place. Heroes, the mighty, the selfless, must help those that are weak. BUT AGAIN, we must help those who deserve it. You have antagonized me, you have villainized me, for reasons that I’ve yet to understand. But that’s the good thing isn’t it? I get to take your championship, and leave you out to dry. I am not going to end up like you. I will outrun father time forever. For me, yes, these very well are the pages of a comic book. I am the HERO in my story, and I am the hero in yours, but I am not your hero. You are jaded, and I think I know why you hate me. You ENVY me. You envy my strength and my resiliency. You hate that men like me are able to cope and learn from our anguish, while you spiral into dark holes from yours. For me, it will always be worth the sacrifice. I know that if I die tomorrow, that all of this will have been worth it. Every time I hit the mat, every time I hit the ropes, every time I go down, I get back up, because it’s WORTH IT. Dude can’t you see it? You’ve been driven crazy. For a number of reasons too. Drake and Jones, of course. The fact that you can’t handle the pressure of being a champion. The fact that Heart Break Boy left. I feel for you, PB, I really do. It’s sad, that you’ve become self-destructive instead of fighting through it. If I could help you, I by all means would. But I know people like you. You wouldn’t take my help no matter how hard I’d try. So what does a hero do when someone is beyond saving…? You put them down.

We aren’t two peas in a pod. We aren’t similar in the slightest. You’re a madman, driven by his own despair, driven by his demons, which frankly, shouldn’t be demons in the first place. We ARE opposites. You are the dark to my light. You are the bad to my good. You are the weakness to my strength. You are the JOKER to my BATMAN. And no, I’m not trying to be cool or anything, but how else can you honestly describe our situation? I’m seriously at a loss. Your HBB wasn’t righteous in the slightest. If you knew shit about the Joker at all you fucking nitwit, you’d know that he is very well aware of what he is. You’re aware of what an insane man you’ve become, and you take sick pride of him. What am I then? A man who’s been stuck in this position. I was here for one thing – the National Elite Championship. Remember, this has nothing to do with you personally. You’ve made it about yourself. This didn’t need to be a war, you dramatic pip. This was merely a title match. But if you want a war…

Well that’s why I wear the mask and cape isn’t it?

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Grand Rampage #10

Y2Impact always seems to paint a picture implying that no one is capable of even holding his jock but he’s clearly not understanding the situation we’re in. You thrive in high pressure situation and even are known for coming out on top but this match contains all the elements.. Suspense, physical tests and even the willingness to get to the end along with skill itself. Am I doubting your skill? Absolutely not. Y2Impact is easily one of the great elitist to ever step into the squared circle but this match is out of everyone’s element. 40 participants.. That is unheard of and it’s going to test every single point of all of our determination and what we are willing to endure and even if all the stars align perfectly for you--- one slip up and you’re done. That’s the reality of this match and even though you ignore it I cannot help but see something unusual about you.. Could it be that the almighty Impact refuses to allow himself to be considered a sure thing? I bet that pisses you off, Impact. The thought of people putting someone over you has forced you into the unfamiliar seat of an underdog which causes you to lie out events of past sporting events not being what they seemed in which the underdogs prevailed.. You’ve had a long career full of triumphs but there comes a time when you’re met with a successor. A storybook career but like the cliche proves--- books rarely have that fairytale ending. There was a time I once admired you, Impact.. I grew up watch you and it didn’t take any time for you to become my own personal idol. I use to want to be just like you but when I got here I realized quickly it wasn’t going to be easy. After our bouts I immediately learned glory isn’t just succeeding. Every single match should be a learning experience win or lose and I’ve learned from each of the humiliating losses I’ve suffered at the hands of Hexa gun. Just when all thought I was down.. I stood back up. You see, Impact, you can beat me down but there is not a damn thing you can throw at me to keep me down. While I idolized you I realized shortly after The Iconomy’s falling that I didn’t want to be just like you.. I wanted to go further and that is when the friction happened. I no longer see myself as a professional wrestler. I see myself as an idea. I see myself as possibility. I see myself as a visionary. Many years from now, I would like my words to be quoted in museums. I truly believe that they are worthy of that. I'm a modern-day Picasso, because I can paint my own ideas and they can be reflected inside of the ring. I know you do not want to give me any credit, Y2Impact, but the truth is... I am not as weak as I once was. I’m growing at a high rate. I thought the complete opposite – I thought that I was broken after the beating he took from you and Hexa gun. But... there is an aura about me that I had never felt before. It was... it was enjoyment for me. I enjoy being able to compete in that ring for the Grand Rampage, and I never once will take my foot off the gas-pedal. I know the last thing you will do is give me credit, so I'll give myself credit. The wins I’ve racked up are not meaningless, Impact, as much as everyone would like to believe that it is. These are simple steps that I'm taking before I take over as one of the most dominant champions to date. As a matter of fact, let's forget about the world championship for a moment. Let's talk about you being back in the solo competition, Impact. Am I proud of you? No. Do I care? No. But I want to thank you for being back to this Impact, because now I feel like I have even more reason to defeat you. I want to embarrass you even further. How pitiful would it be for a man like you—a man who is the measuring stick of this company—to be defeated by a small-town kid like JJ Silva. I'm sure it would eat you alive. Well, newsflash: that's exactly the direction this is going. I refuse to be another page in the career of Y2Impact. The victorious write history, and I will close the story of Y2Impact. I want you to sit down with HBG at home and just indulge the fact that you WERE the world champion at one point. Nothing lasts forever. Life surely doesn't. Will it come as a surprise to you when it's all over? That's the only question that pops up in my head. I'm not worried about anything you said. I'm only worried about how you will feel. I want to know how it'll feel like, because I've wanted this forever. Since the first day I walked into this company, I've wanted this. I've breathed every single day of my life for this. Now we're nearly here at the moment of truth... and I can taste the blood.

Losing to you is definitely not an option.. So I guess I’ll just have to show that Y2Impact can fly.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 28th 2016, 11:20 pm by Brian Daniels
This isn't your personal imaginary world --- where your deepest, most desired humored thoughts are able to live freely. There's a cost to every joke, and it's a cost that you'll soon pay. It'll cost you your happiness, your prestige, and your titles, and only then will you cease to laugh in the face of your enemies. But I've been inspired by you both, I've been inspired to take a whole different approach on how to address you. I know if I'm to speak with you in any for of seriousness, a joke will emerge from the ashes, and you will tear down any intensity that Cerberus has to offer. It's not often considered wise to fight fire with fire, but how bad can this situation worsen? With every passing year, month, week, day hour, minute, second... this form of hatred between us all will continue to grow larger, and spread like wildfire. Your hatred for The Pizza Boy forced in a firewall to prevent any further damage done to him, and this only provoked the retaliation of Drake and Jones. They portrayed Cerberus, and even The Pizza Boy as the superheroes who's purpose is to save the day no matter what the circumstances. Have you ever thought to yourself, if there weren't men like you... there wouldn't be the need for supposed heroic men like Cerberus? But even then I don't consider myself to wear the full domino mask that everyone pictures me in --- no, I acknowledge myself as an ordinary being who's decisions are just. These same decisions have followed me throughout time itself, and it's assisted me in making a somebody out of a complete nobody. That's where this apparent "hero" sprawled out of the dirt beneath our feet. The people rallied behind me, they cheered for me, they supported me, because they saw the undying heart of the underdog. Who previously played the role of the World Heavyweight Champion, but now seeks out another accolade. Does that make me a coward for not wanting to involve myself in with a foolish sort of crowd? I grow bored of the same old, same old... Omerta's "corruption" over Dynasty will soon pass by, and only play it's part as a failed notion to bring Zack Crash back to power. Tig Kelly, or even Lucian Black don't need my assistance in dethroning that weak bunch of tools. If I honestly wanted to, it feels as if it would take no effort in retrieving what I unjustly lost. But I also feel the need to fix some minor errors in the system, wipe their memory off the hard drive, and allow the division that unifies even the most unlikely pair of people to thrive again.

I want to offer fair competition to the division, something that hasn't been offered to them since Hexa-gun was able to get their dirty hands on the Tag Team Championships. It's stayed with that unite for far too long, and Cerberus has decided it's time for a change. While there's the small portion of "revenge for The Pizza Boy" that plays it's role nicely, there's also the need to loop back around, and step right back into the title picture. I've done my dues with the World Championship, and I can make you a promise that it will not be my last run with a World Championship. I will pursue the World Championship again at a later date, but wouldn't you enjoy that? It would bring you no greater pleasure for the division to stay dry, and bring about no threat to your reign as Tag Team Champions. That's what you want, and there's no denying your will to sneak by competition whenever you can. But we can't discredit that, as you so dearly love --- you have The Heart Break Boy his last match, you dethroned one of the greatest tag teams in The Mercenaries, but what else is there to it? You beat Stand and Deliver, you beat your own brethren, but failed to thrive as Hexa-gun... I mean, I can't take away the small amount of time that the former stable was able to rule over Voltage. That was surely a groundbreaking achievement in your careers. I mean, Tiberius Jones was itching to get off Dynasty so badly, because he was "unfairly" treated on the brand, and no matter how much he fought back --- the system always won. You weren't much of a fighter then, were you? You were National Elite Champion, and lost your title to a man who barely stuck around thereafter capturing it. But what now? You've found yourself back in the same place where you were some time ago... and it seems that your home brand hasn't missed your presence there. And that's not saying much, because Drake Jaeger was so much of a burden, they dropped him off on Dynasty to allow management to deal with his reckless attitude. It would appear to me that neither of you are wanted, and that there needs to be a change of tides. There was a point where you were both running along with bandits who were fearsome, but now that Hexa-gun was brought to a bitter end... there's nothing left for the two of you. What becomes of Drake and Jones, when the gold they hold is no longer there's? Maybe you'll attempt to retrieve it, or maybe you'll finally decide that the wake up call you're soon to receive... is the one you've been begging for. It's Cerberus versus the "cruel' world Dynasty has become, and we're winning this war, no matter what.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 28th 2016, 10:56 pm by Mr. DEDEDE
All talk.

It's all talk.

You've jumped the shark now, Prince. You used to have weight behind your words, but now they can hardly be distinguished from feathers. There once was a suspension of disbelief behind what you say, but now none of what you say is believable. Nothing you say is convincing. Is that really the best you've got? A "soldier"? As many self indulgent, self congratulating, self aggrandizing moniker's you've handed yourself, and now what was once the Omen, Harbinger, Suicide Prince, and heir to the highest chair in all of House Vendetta and ostensibly all of Japan is now nothing more than a weapon.

Because that's what a soldier is, he is a weapon... a faulty one at best. His life is worthless to the ruling class, because a soldier is the gun that loads itself up and cocks itself, but a soldier is a weapon confined to emotions, fear, weakness, empathy -- things that he is taught to ignore and repress -- things that haunt him even when the dust is cleared on the battlefield, and things that he never truly believed would him until he neared his maker. Is that what you are, Ares? A worthless pawn to be played by the chessmaster and tossed aside when the game is won? No. I don't believe it. I don't believe an arrogant condescending little prick like you would have such a piddling self-image. Especially when you fought through an entire tournament just to get a shot at my Answers World Championship. Am I supposed to believed you stumbled ass-first into the title fight with God? You're not fooling anybody, don't fucking kid yourself, kiddo. It's so easy for you to lie and put up this veil of indifference as if all you are is a nonpartisan instrument of war with only one motive in mind -- which is destruction. It would intimidate me if I were a lesser man. But you've been dealing with lesser men your entire career, Ares. You've dealt with them for so long you've begun to echo the sentiments of lesser men -- lesser men, than even you, who have brought these very same laurels to the battlefield chessboard and failed. Maybe these people spoke a bit more in prose, maybe their language wasn't as flowery, but it was still the same act that I'm seeing right now. It was still someone like Nick Angel deciding to take up the name of "God Slayer" as if that nickname had even a sliver of credence, and as if it were a medal of honor. It was still someone like Y2Impact naming himself The Machine to mask his feeble and painfully apparent humanity with a tin-can suit utilized as makeshift armour. I can go down the list of names for years, but they're all the same, and you're no different. Where Nick Angel tried to compensate with his medal of honor, and where Y2Impact tried to compensate with his metal armour, so do you attempt to take up arms with whatever self-imposed false identity you choose to select from the fray, so long as it has a sharp end and a metallic glare. But you will find at the Grand Rampage that these facades and illusory mechanisms you use to cope with the inexorable, implacable, AXIOMATIC TRUTH WILL WEIGH YOU DOWN WHEN YOU TRUDGE ACROSS THE BATTLEFIELD AND TAKE YOUR FIRST CHARGE AT ME! YOU WILL BE THE SOLDIER WEIGHED DOWN BY HIS HEAVY CONSCIENCE! YOU WILL BE THE TANK SLOWED DOWN BY IT'S CANNON! YOU WILL BE THE SWORDSMAN WHO HAS FALLEN ON HIS OWN SWORD! 

That's not speculation. That's not a promise. Promises involve speculation. Promises are a "wait and see" thing. Ares Vendetta makes a promise? We'll wait and see if he delivers. But when Mr. DEDEDE speaks, it's GOSPEL. FUCKING GOSPEL. I'm living proof. I'm God in the flesh. You read any holy text, and it's all interpretation. You don't know whether something is metaphor or not, and often "messengers" of God make euphemisms out of the more brazen and abrasive passages in order to appeal to the masses. You don't get that with me. I am holy text, in living color. You don't speculate with me. What I am, whether you like it or not Ares, is so very real. I am so tangible, I can be touched, felt and experienced so easily. I am so visible, so well saturated; I am marveled upon, I am of this world even when I'm out of it. I am seen in all of my splendor and everything I say matches up to everything I do. What you see is what you get. That's why we're in different worlds. When I liken myself to a God, light beams emerge from my very pores! When I liken myself to a weapon, I am driven into the backs of spineless tyrants until their hearts protrude from their fucking chests! And when Ares Vendetta likens himself to a weapon, he's BEATEN BY PHOENIX FUCKING WINTERBORN. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE RIGHT THERE YOU STUPID SNOTTY NOSED BRAT! THAT'S WHAT SEPARATES A GOD FROM MORTALS, RIGHT THERE! YOU FABRICATE REALITY, I FORMULATE IT! YOU POSTULATE THE FUTURE, YET I CAN SEE INTO IT! MY WORD IS PROPHECY, HAVE I NOT PROVEN THAT??? HAVE I NOT PROVEN THAT BY DESTROYING EVERY SINGULAR AND PLURAL FORCE THAT'S GOTTEN IN MY WAY??? OR ARE YOU JUST DYING TO BE MADE THE EXAMPLE AGAIN? ARE YOU THAT EAGER TO BE HUMILIATED? ARE YOU THAT ANXIOUS TO BE HUMBLED?

You need to make a choice right now because you can't fucking disrespect me like this anymore. You can say what you like, you can say you're going to defeat me until you're blue in your goddamned face... but never question my supreme confidence. I won't allow it. I need you to make an admission right now that I believe every word that comes out of my own mouth. Say it in whatever manner you wish, that I "believe in my own bullshit", or that I've "deluded myself", but you are unequivocally wrong if you think that I have to drag myself out of bed every day to put on this costume of a confident man. Contrary to what you believe, I wear this shit eating grin in my sleep. I don't wrestle with my demons at night, I vanquish them in front of the world every day. It's just who I am. As usual, you can't tell me where the seams are starting to show. You can't foretell my next fall from grace. Everything you say has no evidence. Your remarkably false accusations (because it's just remarkable how false they are, it really is astonishing) they have no justification. All of it is just words. Words. Hollow threats. No substance, no reasoning, no logic, no factual deductions, just words. Useless metaphors. Meaningless jargon. You have little to work with as it is, and at Grand Rampage you won't even have an alibi. I will leave nothing left. You will be left without even a single line of defense when I prove, once again, that I'm right, and that you are wrong, when I knock you off of your temporary pedestal and expunge you from your place in the sun like you were any-fucking-body-else -- just like I said I would.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 28th 2016, 10:36 pm by Impact
I'm hated because society gravitates toward self-deprecating people and I rightfully praise myself at every turn. I ride my vehicle through the drive-thru and I don't order an ordinary burger. I order an EXCELLENT burger. I order a QUINTESSENTIAL burger. I order a SCRUMPTIOUS burger. And I fucking devour it just like I'm going to devour your empty ambitions in the Grand Rampage; only my food doesn't have crabs. I order a burger that is a MASTER CLASS in culinary skill. Meanwhile, you rubes order sad little depressed nitwit french fries, STD-infested milkshakes the worker preparing them probably ejaculated inside. Your onion rings are triggered social justice warriors and MY onion rings are Donald Trump -- winning despite all the falsified smear campaigns being corruptly levied against me. That would certainly explain the disoriented look on all your faces. That would DEFINITELY explain the fact that you underachievers and never-was, never-will-be runts of the litter sound like you're constipated with a bad case of hemorrhoids to boot. Damn, I can't imagine how painful it's going to feel when I send you mentally inept dreamers with no work ethic flying over the top rope and exacerbate all those infectious, stomach-turning sores on your ass. I can't wait until I win the Grand Rampage and you high school theater class rejects get your drug-addled friends to record you on film mock-crucifying yourselves on a cross and pretentiously comparing your defeat at Grand Rampage to Jesus dying as a sacrifice for the sins of his people. That's how self-important you miserable assholes are, so deeply deluded looking through the lens of grandeur that you think it's acceptable to complain about the opportunities you haven't gotten when you've got a pedestrian minimum wage work ethic with doe-eyed billionaire dreams. Not only am I leaps and bounds more talented a wrestler than every other extremist -- and yes, you're all still extremists in my eyes until I croak on my deathbed, just not very good ones -- I have worked harder than each and every one of you since I made my long-awaited return to this company last year on Voltage and took former EAW Champion Xavier Williams further than anyone had ever taken him before. Unlike you people, I don't have "dreams" -- that's a word used by reckless juveniles and sulky overly emotional adults that, despite all of their pomp, haven't even spared themselves the time to conjure a multiple-point plan to realize their ambitions and make good on their promises. I have goals. Goals have deadlines. I set them for myself because "dreams" with no plan for their execution rarely if ever become a reality unless the randomness of fate smiles upon the ugly mugs of a lazy couch potato that never worked a real job in their lives and was spoon-fed from birth. I have a key to open the door that the rest of you are still trying to break with a picklock because your whole lives have been defined by the shortcuts you've taken. I'm not holier-than-thou or trying to even act superior, I shouldn't be "The Machine," but I'm seen as that fortunate person capable of going above and beyond to secure their positions because the rest of you recalcitrants, reprobates, and slackers have lowered the standard for everyone else and turned average into extraordinary -- while I, and I alone, am truly extraordinary. I rub people the wrong way because none of you are used to actually working to achieve your goals; you'd rather be handed everything on a silver platter than burn the midnight oil thinking of a strategy to create the celebrity you've envisioned yourself becoming. Typical. What do I say to my detractors? People who actually believe I'm not going to win the Grand Rampage? That it's Lucian Black's or Aren Mstislav's or Dark Demon's for the taking and I'm a second-rate afterthought? First, kiss my ass; all of you are obviously compensating for your personal shortcomings by attacking me because in those people you see an average civilian you can empathize with and in me you see a dominant superstar that none of you can possibly relate to because you're on a frequency so far beneath mine that you gladly welcome the simple passing reprieve the sport of wrestling blesses you with from your boring-ass, struggling-to-make-ends-meet blue collar lifestyles. And of course, for the stubborn cocksuckers that continue working their 85 IQ in the dirt repressing the fact that Y2Impact is going to be your 2016 Grand Rampage winner, NEVER FORGET: 

The 2007 New England Patriots achieved the elusive perfect regular season at a pristine 16-0. They would've been a spotless 19-0 were it not for the simple fact of Justin Tuck, Michael Strahan, and the defensive stalwart New York Giants tearing them a new asshole and depriving them of a chance at immortality in the Super Bowl.

The 2010-2011 Miami Heat assembled a super team consisting of consensus number one player LeBron James, team leader Dwayne Wade, and perennial All-Star Chris Bosh. They were beaten by a team coming from humble beginnings and modest means whose second best player behind Dirk Nowitzki was a journeyman Point Guard by the name of Jason Terry.

The 2011 New York Giants were a middling division winner at 9-7 beaten by various teams in the regular season that failed to even sniff the playoffs. By all accounts, Tom Brady and the record-breaking offense of that year's Patriots squad should have annihilated Eli Manning's Giants, but again Brady, Gronk, and now-convicted-killer Aaron Hernandez were stifled by the defensive prowess of a Giants  team that was largely considered a one-and-done afterthought at best.

What do I have in common with these teams that refused to lay down for the favorite  and make happy men and women out of the people in Las Vegas that betted for the other team? The whole lot of you thirty-nine suck-ups and asskissers represent the sparkling offense of the teams that were favored, and I'm the punishing gritty defense that intercepts Tom Brady on the goal line and blocks LeBron James' would-be-game-winning three pointers. I'm Kam Chancellor coming at you Vernon Davis's with the bruising hit of a fucking lifetime. Enjoy your concussions. Say it with me now because you're going to be forced to repeat it a million times on the road to Pain for Pride:

Y2Impact will win the Grand Rampage.

Re: EAW Promoz!
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Grand Rampage #9

Oh Christopher.. I can call you that right..? Well it really doesn’t matter because I’m going to keep doing so. You just keep running your mouth trying to put yourself over me even with some false facts you claim.. Like I am currently on a winning streak. Lucian Black and Tig Kelly can both tell you that. That’s two men you could never beat, Christopher. So let me get this straight--- You’re basically implying you’re a rising star and have more of a credible career compared to my own? You seem to have this profound disdain when it comes to the level and really even being compared. You see, in our time within the Iconomy I learned a lot about you. So much in fact, that I know you only begin to cling onto the one’s who have easily surpassed you and you try and weigh them down because where we stand today.. You just can’t help the fact that you’re dead weight. All I’ve been able to hear from you is things from the past within The Iconomy.. But The Iconomy is dead. It’s no longer around and you’re trying to live in the past, whilst I have evolved far beyond that. You’re right though.. My career is still unproven and my mark on the landscape has been non-existent.. Until this last month. I’m beginning to think that my blank slate is beginning to hold more weight than your negative one. While yes, you have qualified for gold.. But look at the opponents in that match? It’s nowhere near a challenge and once you get to the actual match you will suffer another monumental loss probably sending you back to the house and Big Mike without a job forcing you two to come up with your next “grand return.” Question me, Christopher; go ahead and question the damage I can do to this company and specifically your chin. I can honestly say I am sick and tired of hearing you bring up the past and other opinions. You can barely think on your own which is why Big Mike was hired in the first place so he can tell you what he thinks so you have a promo for the next week. Why don’t you let me save you the trouble and keep you off of any card for the foreseeable future with the physical handicaps I can bestow on you. I’m looking to build an empire off of the limp bodies of these two stooges being Chris Elite and Big Mike.

No Mercy will be shown at Grand Rampage.

I will break you down, Chris..

The crowd won’t help but wince in your pain.

Doesn't it amaze you how changing small habits of yours can change your life so much? You see, for the past year, I was victim of speaking because I felt I had to. Everyone did... so why wouldn't I address my thoughts? However, as I'm growing older and gaining wisdom as both a professional wrestler and human being, I'm learning the power of silence. I don't feel the need to explain myself for everything. That's really it. With that being said, I think now is the best time for me to speak of the direction JJ Silva’s career is taking. Since the beginning of this week, I have continuously listened to all of the elitist claiming they know me while attempting to put me down. Instead of taking my anger out onto the world, I manifested something that I had been searching for since day one: purpose. I needed a noun to focus on, and though I had thought it was the world heavyweight championship... it wasn't. Well, it's part of my purpose here in this company, but to prove to myself that I belong here, I need to truly go out there while firing at each and every elitist or vixen who comes out so my worth can be noted. Nothing can stand in front of me, but nonetheless, men will try. Look at none other than Y2Impact. When you sign a contract with greatness, you're bound to face people who want to knock you off your game. That's a given. I'm actually glad that Impact is here because I know he knows I am no walk in the park, because I know that he see’s me as a former thorn in his side. He dreads the fact that I am here because he knows I’m persistent as hell. I had Y2Impact and The Mercenaries beat. I learned from my losses at House Of Glass and Shock Value, and not one man can say that I did not have you two beat in the Shock Value match. It doesn’t matter, though.. You won. I have become stronger since then-- and you no longer have an army of rogue elitist to back you up.. I know for a fact you’re just as capable of succeeding on your own.. But I will not let it come easy. In the heat of the moment, I've done many dangerous things to men... and you best pray that nothing happens to you, Impact. There is always a method to my actions, and if you continue barking up the wrong tree, the consequences will only be more severe. There isn't a spark of decency in JJ Silva. I'm a demented soul, and you want no part of me. When I say something, I mean it. You will be swimming in a sea of grief after I'm through with you. Don't take my words with a grain of salt. Fortune favors the bold, and if I am one thing on this planet, I am bold. Throw stones at me, and I'll send your entire world crashing down on you.

I have a message to every elitist and vixen out there in the Grand Rampage and even the ones watching from EAW: I don't see you as threats. I will take all of you on by myself, and EAW, if there's one man that can’t put an end to you... it's JJ Silva. Forget about the disputes that you have on the corporate-side. This business has always revolved around what happens inside of that ring, and in that regard, I've shown the world that I'm on the up-rise. Fear me not for what I can do to you - fear me for what I will do to you if you stand in front of my future.

I will go on and have gold this year… I will have a dominate reign.. I’ll be the best of my generation…

As far as I’m concerned, I already possess that crown.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 28th 2016, 9:22 pm by Angela Salveti

I sit staring at the lake before me, Michigan is known for its lakes. I sit and stare at the waves seeing that the spring is finally arriving. Tomorrow will be my drive to Indiana. Here by the lake I watch the as the waves saunter back and forth gently. It takes you in the evening as the daylight shines for only a little longer. Wearing a pair of blue jean shorts, converse white and black sneakers and a spaghetti strap black t-shirt with the EAW logo on it. My hair tied back into a pony tail held by a single band. I love the nature that surrounds me. I take a moment as a man comes to sit beside me. He has shoulder length blonde hair obviously died from a partial black. I nod to him, it is my older brother Antonio Salveti.

You know little sis it is good to see that you are actually back into the game of wrestling. Once I decided to close the doors of our family's place the decision wasn't easy. But I found myself settling into a lifestyle with Miss Breezy if you remember her. Now that we have found our roots I am glad to see you following your life and your dream out. I get you got all this anger built up and I've been watching. I always keep tabs on my little sister. You need to realize that these women like Brody, Azumi, Alexis, and Stephanie Matsuda have nothing on you. I get the path you want to follow to act like the rest. But let me give you some free advice. These women may not have lived your life of professional wrestling. But they earned a spot upon a roster just like you. Overlooking that and talking about how you came from a family that competed that isn't it. I think out other brother Vito would agree with me if he was here right now but you know rumor is he has been off training somewhere.”

I take a moment to stand up and I motion for him to do the same.

You know big brother the fact is you were the suit in the office and you proved you could wrestle. You were the extremist having matches with one man mainly. But you didn't stand the test of time. You are aging and I am still on the verge of youth. I can out wrestle you, I trained with you and Vito. These women are nothing to me. I can take on men and women alike and I will prove that without any hesitation. This match I have coming is for a golden opportunity an I have not had that in so long. I don't want to be just some piece of flesh gazed at by on lookers that never makes it anywhere. I won't get trapped in the background like a hussy like Ariana our cousin was. I will move forward, I will fight for my chances. If I have to be a bitch to do that then so be it. But I will not bow out on where I come from if people brag I brag too. People like Alexis Demos who got a win over me needs to be shown that she isn't much of anything. She will be one of the first to go. Women like Stephanie who is an obvious user even if others can't see it. I will not be something that she had a one night stand with and then bailed on. I've given the past months to learning this company and competing within it. I'll be damned if I am going to stop now. You think that my background doesn't matter? You haven't been there when I was looking for a place to call home. You walked off and started your own life leaving me to search without anyone! At least Vito stepped in and told me he was going to be training to make his own mark but you staggered back and wanted to play family. I didn't come to visit you and see how you were. I came up here because your wife is someone I respect, she was the power and you are just someone who played a role. You don't know the women I face nor do you have any right to tell me what I can and can't do.”

My brother went to place his hand on my shoulder and I moved up jumping in the air wrapping my legs about his arm and swung him to the ground with an arm breaker. I let him go immediately as he seem dazed for a second before sitting on the sand. I sat a ways from him a smirk on my lips.

Wow...you really had to go there didn't you Angela? Look I don't care about whom your facing I came here to tell you to just not bring your training into the matter. Maybe you shouldn't be competing in the company your in. They would be better off without you because if memory serves right your just a floundering fish that can't seem to prove anything to anyone. They all toss you aside like yesterdays trash. You really think they cared to put you into this match to win? You are going to lose and when you do I will be smiling at home. You don't have their IT factor Angela. You are no Cameron Ella Ava, you are no Heart Break Gal, you are no Tarah Nova. You are what you have always been a failure without success. This will be like last time you wander in run that little mouth of yours just to be eradicated. I foresee only loss in your future or wait that is already happening!”

My brother stood up looking down at me as I only smiled at his words.

You don't get to judge that. Women like that build and fight to earn their names that is what this match is to me. It is a chance for me to build and fight for my name. You go on and on about how I don't stand a chance? I've been given opportunities but I am still at the start of a new career. Stephanie Matsuda will learn that herself as well. That is a woman I want to take down a few pegs. That and her bitch to be Dillion if they are even still a thing. Those two women think they got the IT factor you so speak of but all they got is trash mouths and each other. But now only one of them can walk out the winner. That plays a factor in this and as you know we were taught to watch all the factors. I don't know much about Silence or really Azumi for that matter but what women matter when I always expect the unexpected. Trained to watch for everything by our father. But you wouldn't understand my strife of this match to be a woman with gold in a company I respect. You are a man, our mother died before she could teach me anything but Dad was there. I was just one of the boys in the ring because he wanted me to be strong. But you don't get it being the only girl in this family then having your brothers live their life at point not caring where I was. You did that Antonio so don't tell me who I am and what I am made of. Those people in the back do that enough. I had a bitch like Sheridan Muller pull that. But she is of no concern to me right now. I have to watch out for several other women in a match that could make my career. But it won't break and even if I lose the next factor that plays into everything will show that I am a winner in time. Because someone that stays fighting and keeps trying eventually makes a mark. I do want this shot it is something I need. I've stated that if this match doesn't pan out it don't matter man or woman I would come quick and fast. No Specialist Challenge will detour me nor will any Vixen in the ring at the time. Each one of them is a moving target and maybe they will understand like you will. That even in the most dire of times that I won't go down. You can wrestle, you can have all the heart in the world. But a girl born to the business doesn't ever stop until the dreams are reached. Bottom line you have to be one tough bitch beyond the basics to end my career. So just like them you can turn your back and walk away. Because in the end I really don't want to see your face. These women will cower back to their places in time just like you'll do now. Big Brother just know as you watch Grand Rampage I will be thinking of you for it will help me kick as much ass as humanly possible.”

With that he walked away from me as I stood up and wiped the sand from my denim shorts. I smiled knowing that I wasn't afraid of anyone or anybody. That included the little pep talk from my brother if you could even call it that. No one got to decide how I would make my mark that was for only me to worry about.
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Grand Rampage

Why are you being exactly like everyone else? You aren’t the first person whose has told me that I either don’t have what it takes to win Grand Rampage or I’m not good enough to stand in the same ring as them. Are you so small minded that everything I am telling you is going through one ear and exiting out the other? It’s like whatever I say or point out, you’re not buying it. You’re not opening your eyes for a moment to realize that I could be a legitimate threat to you and everyone else in Grand Rampage. Just because you claim that I have lost important matches, that automatically means that I am not someone that you should not be taken seriously? That automatically makes you assume that I am going to lose Grand Rampage just because I couldn’t win Empress of Elite or the Vixens Cup? Well, you shouldn’t be pointing out my major loses when you couldn't even beat Mexican Samurai in an MMA match and I thought you were the Elitist with the best MMA background in EAW. You couldn’t beat Xavier Williams and didn’t you lose to him twice or three times? Unless with Jaywalker, I finally managed to defeat him, while still to this very day, you haven’t been able to defeat Xavier. To make matters worse, you had everything in your favor: it was in Hell in a Cell, it was in Dublin and the entire damn crowd was rooting for their country boy to finally do the one thing that he has yet to do and that was defeat Xavier. Yet, the only thing you left Ireland with was a broken arm. Speaking of people, you haven’t defeated, how about Zack Crash? It seemed like no matter how many times you faced him, you still managed to lose? Also, how could I ever forget Mr. Blood. I’d like to think that he would be in your position to this very day and you, you would actually be that “bum” that you keep referring your opponents to. How many times have you faced the people you’ve lost to? And how many times have you defeated them? None. Zero. Zilch. So before you paint yourself as a man who has beaten everyone, take a step back to realize that I could be saying that I do not see you as a threat because of that loses, but I am actually looking at everything you done and not just focusing on your loses. Perhaps, you should do the same thing with me.

I’m strategic. I am an opportunist. I am willing to use anything in by bag of tricks to make sure I get what I want. You are the exact same way, Demon. Who knows? Maybe one day, you would actually use me to win an EAW Championship. Maybe instead of you doing the dirty work for me, it will be the other way around, but just so you know—I do not do dirty work for cheap. Rather than having people do my dirty, I am a woman who knows her surroundings whether it be in the ring or outside of it. I’m not someone who often likes to use weapons, but if the opportunity comes, there is no doubt I’ll be hitting your head with a crowbar. Am I really the only person in EAW who has hired people to do my dirty work? Hell, Lannister was known as the Angel of Debt when he first debuted around EAW. He did everyone’s dirty work. Scott Diamond had his army of people beat the shit out of you to win a match and gain control of EAW. Tarah Nova had her boyfriend, Mr. DEDEDE come to her rescue when “Xavier’s Council” was giving her a difficult time. Honestly, I think you even had Demon’s Council do your dirty work and they are the reasons why you were able to keep the EAW World Heavyweight Championship. You basically had people do your dirty work and you’re going to call me out for having one single person help me out? Why? Because you knew without them, you weren’t capable of doing shit by yourself? Because you had nothing else and having control over them was the only thing you had left? Also, how could I forget about you basically fighting for me when it involved Superior Quality 85? Even though, I could have handled myself, you STILL managed to fight my battles for me because you had to be some white knight for me? So next time you call me out on using people to do my dirty work, just remember Demon’s Council. And for your information, I am beyond the Vixens Division. I am more over than the Vixens Division combined. I mean, do you think that people give a damn about a boring no personality of a champion in Cailin Dillon? Do you think that people care about Eris LeCava before or after Hexa-gun? Do you think that people care about Maddie having the “family she never had”? Do people care about Aria Jaxon and which Elitist she’s dating now? How about Cloud Matsuda and whatever Vixen she’s dating? How about Haruna having a bigger crush on Ares Vendetta than the person who is supposed to be “training” her? Hell, no one cares about Angela Salveti and her entitled ass? No one cares about those irrelevant Vixens. The only reason why the Vixens Cup was a success was because I was in it! People wanted me to win and the fact I didn’t means they shouldn't bother with another Vixens Cup. If I wasn’t above the Vixens Division, I would still be down there with nothing to do like the Heart Break Gal.

“I’m bigger.” “I’m stronger than you.” “Faster than you.” “Tougher than you.” Gee, what the typical thing a guy says to me. If I could have a dime for whatever of those generic things I have been told, I would be fucking rich. Scott Diamond was bigger, stronger, tougher and I defeated him. Chuck Scene was bigger than me by a hundred pounds and he was tough. I defeated him. Jaywalker was stronger, tougher and bigger. I defeated him. Mexican Samurai was tough and I defeated him. If you’re going to feed me the same bullshit that everyone else has tried to feed me for about two years now, then you must be trying to argue ANYTHING to me. You happen to be all of those things, but you still couldn’t get the job done in your last two PFV matches. You claim to be this “slayer”, but you have failed to slay anyone this past year. Honestly, the only person you have managed to defeat was a midget and I’m not a midget whatsoever. Me in the ring is not like those midgets you have been used to facing on Showdowns. Unlike a midget, I am not going to be an easy beat. If you need confirmation, how about you go to Mexican Samurai and ask him how I was difficult to defeat and before you state that Chuck Scene was there to knock me out and the only reason I retained the Interwire Championship was because TLA put me on top of Mexi, save your breath. The fact is: I still defeated him. Something that you have never done, despite trying to recap the EAW rulebook. I may be short, but you aren’t the prototypical wrestler EAW has dreamed of. What are you? 5’11? 145 pounds? You spent less time in the main event scene than you do cutting a promo. I’m still in disbelief how James Shields managed to give you a giant contract knowing that you held the three major EAW Championships once and looking at Y2Impact who has had six reigns as champion. You were never main event material despite everything that you’ve tried to do. You can stroll into the ring with your ugly ass suits and not take anything seriously, but meanwhile you do that, I’m just three days away from making history. So go ahead, be like everyone else who says that I have no chance of winning, but I’m going to be laughing at those doubters and naysayers on my way to Pain for Pride.

Aren, does it look like I care what I say to you? Aria should have warned you about me. She should know from experience that I am going to take shots at you from ALL directions. It’s just the person I am. You see there’s two sides to every coin and there’s two sides of Cameron Ella Ava. I can be this devious shit talker, but on the other hand, I can be this logical bitch that you would hate to talk to at a birthday party. I’m actually kind of shocked that Aria wasn’t a decent person enough to warn you about me. The one moment I managed to get under her skin and it was about you. The question I currently have about you at the moment is—have I gotten under your skin? Have I drive you crazy yet? Have I made you want to throw me over that top rope? If I did, then I am doing my job right. You’re not the only person who wants to throw me over that top rope and you won’t be the last one. I already got Demon, Lioncross, Judas, Carlos Rosso and JJ Silva who are going to fight each other for the opportunity to throw me over the top rope, so either get in the back of the line and try your damn best to throw me over the top rope or turn away and worry about someone else because you deal with me and I’m going to crush you like I crushed Aria’s hopes at winning the Vixens Cup. Aria can handle herself? Maybe, she can and maybe, she can’t, but she could be dying one day and you’re going to do nothing to save her. You’ll be defending her by saying “Well…she can handle herself”, but that is none of my business. You know, Aren? If we do cross paths in the match, I am going to hit you where it hurts? No, I’m not going to attack Aria or remind you of how you keep blowing at huge opportunities. I am going to hurt you when I throw you over the top rope and ruin your chances of main eventing Pain for Pride. Another FPV where you ruin the opportunity to touch greatness and another night where Aria tells you “You did great, bae. You’ll get it next time!” while you mutter under your breath and curse in Russian.

Who could dare to overthrow a Russian Prince? How about a Queen? How about a Goddess? How about me? Just face it, Aren. When it is between you and I, I will always be the better option. I have experienced the feeling of coming short when it comes to Grand Rampage. Not this year. I have learned so much from the last two time I participated in Grand Rampage and I know what it takes to win it this year. I’m stronger and wiser now and there is nothing that can stop me, not even you. Every year, I become stronger and wiser and it is reflected every time I step into that ring. Sure, someone like you wouldn’t be able to see that, but I have no problem at all to show you if you cross paths with me. I’m probably one of the last people in this match that you should ever have a problem with. You could be like everyone who has me as one of their targets; who has made it their life mission to eliminate me or you can be different and you can avoid me at all costs and if we end up the final two, then may the best woman win. I don’t care if the Vixens are targeting me. I don’t care if Elitists, corporate or anyone are targeting after me. I’ve been a targeted woman since day one in EAW and that is not going to change. Do you know what I say about all those people targeting me? Bring it on because I’m not afraid of anything or anyone. There is no way that anyone can replace me. I’m irreplaceable, but since your career is basically pretty fresh, you should be more concerned about being replaced. You never know when a Lucian Black will be ready to take his place as the face of EAW.

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Grand Rampage Promo #4

Defying the odds is what I do
Winning to get all the attention 
After being kicked out to the end of the curb
It Is just an awesome feeling that I deserve

The faith I have and the promise with the hard work 
Only motivates a determined mind
Taking all initiatives to proves it’s all worth it
And the one who sweats the most gets what's best

I’m defying all of the odds
That is just what I do
I win to get all attention in the world
And after being kicked straight to the curb
It is just an awesome feeling this one deserves

And to all those annoying naysayers
With their bitter bitten curled up lips
They appear even more embarrassed
But by the spreading of their negative gossip has quipped

My faith and promise with all the hard work 
Only can motivates  determined mind
Taking in all the initiative proves it’s all worth it
And one who sweats gets what's best.

Defying the odds, is the name of the game
Winning to get attention, is exactly what I do
And after being kicked from the curb
Is an awesome feeling one deserves
To know that you have made it
To see the faces of the people who doubted you
Cherish the moments
Always and forever

Poem by Madison Kaline 2016

“Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey, but it’s okay they don’t need to know”

Another day, another idiotic message, from our idiotic champion, who is just humiliating herself, with her idiotic accusations of me, because you see Eris, A lion never, loses sleep over the opinion of sheep. A sheep, that's exactly what you are to me. You follow the crowds and do whatever other people are doing (Madison caughs) joining Hexa-Gun (Madison clears her throat). But your bitter jealously of yours truly seems to be a recurring theme as of late. What does Eris LeCava do? She becomes incredibly jealous of me. You see ever since the demise of Hexa-Gun Eris has does anything for the adulation of these filthy animals called EAW fans. It makes me sick. I'm not entirely sure you have enough character to face this Madison Kaline. The fact we're facing in such after such a vicious match rivalry over the past number of months makes me doubt your character even further because you are a neophyte Eris, nothing more nothing less. How is this goody two shoes trying to impress Heart Break Gal ever going to beat The Sanatorium’s Sadistic Sister, because you see I have gotten in your head and you were never this great Vixens Champion, like everyone has made you out to be, I made you second guess yourself, about your shitty reign. I have you shaking in your custom made Heart Break Gal replica boots, because the facts are simple, yeah you may have been my ass on paper, a win is a win I guess.  But with that said, facts are I am a completely different competitor from the last one on one match we had, I am more ruthless, more aggressive. Because you see Eris, in this world we call the Vixens Division, you don’t exist, you may be the champion, but you truly do no matter in life. You did not matter in Hexa-Gun, you don’t matter to Heart Break Gal, and you don’t matter to me. And at Grand Rampage, it ends, your constant disrespect towards me ends, the shallow minded fans, will start to look at me, like the living legend that I am, and they will just look at you, like the deranged basket case you truly are.

“I am responsible for what I say, however I am not responsible for what you understand”

Okay, okay, now I have said some really bad things about you Eris, but I am sure there are some great redeeming qualities about you! I mean we live in such a great world, with such great people! So here we go! You are such as you are a very unique character to say the least; you are on tons of medications which don’t seem to be working out well (Madison says sarcastically). Hey you visit the therapist daily so I mean that sounds like tons of fun! So yeah, all in all Eris is pretty crazy, but you see I’m pretty crazy too Eris, but I’m crazy in a different way I’m that I will end your career and laugh about it type crazy. Just look at my track record, anyone who steps on my toes ends up irrelevant by me. Having a match with me is career suicide. Regardless, all joking aside, I am without a doubt looking forward to my match with Eris LeCava at Grand Rampage, should be one hell of a match up, I mean why would it not I am in it after all (Madison smirks).  But listen to me very carefully Eris. You will not beat me at Grand Rampage; you will not be walking out with that championship. I will not allow that, and of all the people I will be damned if I lose to someone who still collects wrestling action figures. You truly don’t know what you have gotten yourself into. You really don’t you don’t realize that this is going to be bloody, this is going to be what everybody is expecting the two of us to do, it’s going to be as advertised, this is going to be deadly. And when it’s all said and done and after I win at Grand Rampage I will go on defending my championship and you will fall into irrelevancy just like every opponent who has crossed my path. You will be no different, you are nothing compared to The Mistress of Death. You only wish you could be God’s Gift. So get all of your therapy in now, because after our match you will be going to another kind of therapy. (Madison laughs).  See you Saturday Eris, and good luck you are going to need all the luck in the world.
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"They don't want it with us."

The sound of Phoenix Winterborn's entrance music was playing in the smaller arena, as EAW had just finished up a live event in Peoria, Illinois...just days away from Grand Rampage at the University of Notre Dame. Phoenix was the first official entrant into the Rampage, and yet...he had been uncharacteristically quiet in the days leading up to the event. One had to start thinking if Phoenix was getting nervous leading up to what many would call the culmination of his career in EAW. Over the last six months, Phoenix had shot up through the ranks of Voltage to become a bonafide main-eventer, rubbing elbows with the likes of Y2Impact and Mr. DEDEDE, among others. Now, he has been cast into a match where all of them and more are all vying for a shot at a world championship shot. To many, Phoenix was just going to be another victim. But, to those closest to him...they knew that the reason for his silence was due to the events that had been transpiring over the past number of weeks. The instant classic of an encounter with Y2Impact, to teaming with Mr. DEDEDE in the main event, topped off with the Kenny Drake show, where Phoenix was ambushed by the Sanitorium in London. He had opted to take the first flight he could out of Heathrow International to get back to Chicago. Since then, he has seemingly locked himself away in his office until tonight in Peoria. After getting a DQ win over Mexican Samurai at a Battleground show, Phoenix was backstage checking his head.

"Mexi, I'll give it to ya...you really know how to swing a chair. That's gonna leave a bruise heading into Sunday night. But...it'll all be worth it. Sunday night is the Grand Rampage. I know I've said this before, but it seems that the hits keep on comin'. A shot at least for me, at the Answers World Championship lies in wait for the winner of this. I mean, I only have to go through what? Thirty nine other elitists and vixens for a shot. No big deal, right? Wrong. Yes, I have a failsafe in my proverbial back pocket thanks to Ashten Cross, it doesn't make me any less excited for this match. Why, you may ask? Why does it matter to you Phoenix whether you win the Grand Rampage or not? Well...it's elementary, my dear Watson. Respect. That thing you put on my name when you talk about me. Whether the people out there love me or not.." he points out in the direction of the main arena. "Or whether the boys and girls here in the back like me or not...It's all about respect in this game. More than the money, or the adulation, or the championships. It's about the respect of your peers, and showing that little kid out there that he can come from whatever messed-up situation they're in, and make something of themselves."

He rested his arms against the wall, leaning in with a deep sigh.

"I don't understand it. Even with everything I've been afforded here in EAW, people still see me as one of the improbables or straight up impossibles to win. To seemingly everyone else, I'm nothing more than cannon fodder for the likes of Impact, or the Sanitorium, or even Dark Demon. Everyone's favorite golden boy to win this. Demon, how's your arm doing after Xavier Williams snapped it like a twig at Reasonable Doubt? I don't really know you directly, so I can't speak much more on the issue, but I've seen fellow wrestlers with broken arms. They don't come back as fast as you have. There's no way that it can be at one hundred percent, so I think it's safe to assume that coming into this match, everyone and their mother is going to be targeting that as soon as the buzzer hits for you to come back into the fray. I know that somehow, you seem to be coming into Grand Rampage as the odds-on favorite, but for the life of me I can't seem to figure out why. Arm aside, you've done some great things even since just I've been here. Hall of Fame champion, and you put on probably one of the most brutal matches I've ever seen in a wrestling ring, and I've seen some things. So, bravo to that, but at the end of the day, you didn't win. Just like you're not going to win Grand Rampage. The target is on your back, I hope you know this. See, no one expects me to win. Yes, I'm a threat for sure, but you? From now until Sunday night, you're public enemy number one buddy. That means everyone and their mom is gunning for you, myself included. So, just because you're the vet, and I'm the rookie doesn't mean that I'm just going to bow down to you. I have every intention on making it to Pain for Pride one way or another. I'd just prefer it by way of the Grand Rampage, but hey. I'll take what I can get."

A smirk slowly crawled onto Phoenix's face, adjusting his feet.

"Speaking of taking what he can get...Y2Impact. You really need some help, friend. The fact that you had to practically BEG your way into the Grand Rampage speaks volumes about you. You pissed, and you moaned, and you bitched until you got your way into this match saddens me. The classic tale of how the mighty have fallen. You couldn't buy your way onto the card for this show, so you had to make as much commotion as you could until you got your way. See, out of anyone else in this match, I have my sights set on you for the solitary purpose to make sure that you DON'T make it to Pain for Pride in the main event. See, for weeks now, you've been talking down to me like I'm some second class citizen, when I have proven TIME AND AGAIN!" Phoenix pushes himself up off the wall, looking directly at the camera. "That I have been able to stand TOE-TO-TOE with you, and take you to your limit! So, this whole treating me like I'm a piece of trash ENDS NOW! You will NOT talk down to me, like I don't deserve to be here when, if you wanna bring it down to it's core, I deserve this more than you because I have been busting my tail to get here! The tireless hours and miles on the road, all the blood, sweat, and tears I've shed to get to this point. To get to EAW. God damn it, Impact I DO deserve this chance. I deserve this chance to shine, and prove to the world that you don't need to be EAW-bred to make it at the big show! You can be put through the wringer all over the world, and STILL have the chops to make it on the worldwide stage! Get your spiky head out of your ass for ONCE and realize that new stars are coming to take your place! The sooner you see this, the easier it will be for you to semi-gracefully ride off into the sunset instead of trying to grasp at straws for every little bit of infamy that you can."

"Infamy...let's talk about that word. Something that will go down seemingly as a turning point in a historical timeline. Last Sunday night was a night that will live in infamy for me. During the Kenny Drake show, I was blindsided by the members of the Sanitorium. They looked to be wanting to make a statement on my behalf. Well ladies and gentlemen. Message received. Eclipse Diemos, you and your clan should've left well enough alone. My interaction with ONI earlier in the year was just a taste of what I can do, and we didn't even get a definitive finish to that match, but I figured that that was the end of it. I should've known better. I should've known that you wouldn't leave well enough alone. ONI had some ominous words for me. But, I just kept on about my business, putting on damn good match after damn good match. Little did I know that you were laying in wait for me. Waiting for the right moment. My last moment before Grand Rampage, and now I have y'all to deal with. This is the last thing I wanted right now, but you know something?" He looks down at his hands, now clenched into fists. "C'mon, and get you some. These hands right here? They're rated E for everyone, including you Eclipse. You and all your goons in the Sanitorium are more than welcome to step into the Grand Rampage with me, and get your blocks knocked off."

"I'm not going to stand here and lie to you. My chances of winning the Grand Rampage this year? Not great, but I can promise you this. After this Sunday night, EVERYONE in EAW will know and respect the name Phoenix Winterborn, and I WILL be on the road to Pain for Pride in the driver's seat. And that...that is change you can believe in."

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Grand Rampage IX:
[Entree #1]

The course of action that will take place at the Grand Rampage
sadly be a miserable one.

The salvo of words that have been spurred on by the vast participants competing in the Grand Rampage has shown some intensity as of late. Each and every year that passes, after every Royal after Royal, there are certain people that would go out to advocate the reason why they are the rightful victor to attain this "immense" feat. They would later go on to compose some melancholy narratives about their struggles, the hardships that they face at the very beginning, count the amount of sweat that consecutively trickled down from their foreheads all the way to their chins. They hope to try and convince not only the audience, BUT themselves that they are firmly suited to be the winner of this competition. Now, as I, Padrone Orthaeus, will finally experience this intensifying match take place in just a matter of days. I will be standing over at the outside of the ring with my arms crossed, just looking at what these "wrestlers" can truly unleash inside that ring.

Too bad it won't be that sort of day for Rhaegar.

It is rather unfortunate that my client, Rhaegar, will sadly receive a defeat on this occasion due to the sheer fact that he still remains a broken man in front of us all. If any of you saw the footage of his match against Kevin Hunter on Dynasty, he was absolutely mauled to a bloody pulp once again to a "competitor" that is way minuscule in comparison to Rhaegar. Time after time after time, Rhaegar continues to show me, and each and every single one of you that he fails to live up to the expectations. When all these predicaments unfold, I somehow get fingers point at my general direction because of the way I "treat and teach" him. I am supposedly too "harsh and direct" while approaching Rhaegar. If you don't show forth harshness and directness towards someone, how do you expect them to be disciplined? How do you expect them to fix their mistakes and attempt to never revert back to committing them in future? This is divine truth, a straightforward revelation that most people tend to misunderstand. I could honestly give no σκατά if Rhaegar has some high ambitions or expectations regarding this Grand Rampage because in total truth: he has lost it. If he decides to go out there and embarrass himself to you all, then that is his personal decision, I am not going to withstand his wit and dignity. However, it will only go to show the reason why I am right at the end of it all.

Besides, we all know what happened to the byproduct of Rhaegar.
Johnny Ventura.

Yes, Johnny Ventura, you know, Rhaegar's fellow brother that won the 2013 Grand Rampage? You see, he was often hyped and acclaimed for being a talent that was always full of surprises, always concocting something devious up his sleeves and never willing to back down from any challenge. So he thought. No one ever thought that he was someone that should have been marveled at because not only did he go on to become a disaster after losing at Pain for Pride, he became a jock, a disgrace to wrestling and everything that it stood for. Now as I speak, where is Ventura? He is gone. No word for him whatsoever. Even Rhaegar doesn't even know if he is alive or not. Ventura screwed up and now he is laid to waste at the unknown...


If somehow, an outpouring of rain certainly falls across the Sahara Desert, if poverty ceases to exist for one night on Saturday, if all diseases from within the world does in fact remain contained, if Rhaegar does so happen to become the 2016 Grand Rampage winner, redeeming himself magnificently and prodigiously for the entire world to see, then I can say that my work here in this federation is nothing more but complete.

Until such a day does arrive, then I think it would be for the best interest for Rhaegar to turn down this opportunity and pursue other ventures. He is still mentally and physically defeated, he hasn't been able to redeem himself at all this year, even against a cockroach such as Kevin Hunter. What does he expect to happen at the Grand Rampage, for Zeus to place down his hand upon his head to grant him the powers necessary to elevate him from the cobwebs and up onto the clouds? He isn't ready. If he decides to compete on Saturday, if he thinks he still remains to have that bags of confidence necessary to shock and prove himself wrong, then by all means let him do what he pleases. At the end of it all, however, it will be the melancholy sounds of pity and sorrow when Rhaegar gets thrown out of the ring and down onto the floor, just like how his brother, Ventura, suffered the same fate almost just a year ago.
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Why seek out light when you can turn to the darkness? The perspective  of light and darkness has forever been that they are interchangeable. Light is good and darkness is bad. They are polar opposites. One can't exist with out the other. All are common misconceptions and understandable ones at that. People are raised to seek the light and shun the darkness. Thus these misconceptions arise. But what is light and what is darkness? Light is just a corrupted form of darkness that has been separated from its host. It is darkness that is in need of being purged of its impurities so it can stop being associated with the delusion of light. This company has it's own corruptions that need to be purged. So why shun the darkness?

Defeat isn't always a certainty. It isn't always about will, skill, and talent that lead you to victories. The Grand Rampage goes beyond simple defeat. You don't have to give up or be incapacitated. Defeat is much easier to meet in this match. That being why every individual who doesn't win it struggles to generate a logical excuse. They generally come up with an excuse that still leaves them without their own sense of certainty because it typically strays to far from real world possibilities to have been a real reason for their loss. Impact, I can't speak on the behalf of others and claim they won't make an conceited attempt at covering up their failure, but it's something I never do. Defeats I've had in the past have stemmed from my own inabilities. My victories have stemmed from my will to serve darkness. Many of your own have stemmed from your natural superiority to inferior talent. As formidable as you are. As big of an icon that you've become. As much success that you've had, why do you speak of light being your treasure?

Everything consists of darkness. Light is just the illusion that defines your goal or destination.

The light a the end of the tunnel. What does that light represent? It represents an overcoming of adversity or the reaching of a destination. But nobody ever refers to what dwells within that statement. Why is there light at the end of the tunnel but not with in it? It's implied that darkness occupies the tunnel's confines. The tunnel is symbolic of the hardships and difficulties one endures and overcomes. It symbolizes the road one must travel for success to reach that light that's spoken of at the end. Everything that happens in between the reaching the destination or achieving success is shrouded in darkness. Everything worth noting happens in darkness. It's where danger lurks and where glory is won. People are so focused on reaching the end of the tunnel, they failed to realize that the light at tend end of it truly represented the end. The end of one's journey and the beginning of the end of their success. Darkness will rise up out of the tunnels that it occupies. It will rise from the depths from which it resides and purge the corrupt light from this company as it's always been meant to do. Stop appreciating the light as it only receives the credit for the doings of another. Appreciate the force that accompanied you through your journey through the tunnel and that helped you through the adversity. Pain for Pride is the essential light at the end of the tunnel for me. The Grand Rampage and everything else in between is their journey through they tunnel. For me, it's just a stretch of darkness that leads to darkness sprouting in every open crevice. Grand Rampage is a door that leads to even deeper depth of darkness. By making it through that door, The Sanatorium can venture to Pain for Pride. An even that become an event of darkness itself.

Persevere through the misconceptions imposed upon you by society and seek your own truth.

The truth that anyone can find lies in darkness. It's just waiting for those brave enough to find it.
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EAW Promoz!

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