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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 3rd 2016, 3:32 pm by Guest

Hey, sweetheart, I think you can get off of your soapbox now.
Did you get the chance to get everything off of your chest? God, I bet you had that little speech planned out ever since you were facing me for my title. You constructed that speech in hopes of saying it the day after our matchup. Looking valiant and brave with the Vixens title strapped on your shoulder as thousands gaze over the new champion. Life works in funny ways, doesn’t it? Things didn’t go your way and I prevailed, as I dragged your lifeless body around that ring and pinned you. After your failed efforts, you couldn’t bear to see that speech that was simply taunting you, so you tucked it away. You shoved it in the deepest corner of your room and went on. And look at you now. It hasn’t even been 48 hours and you’re already acting as if you’re the voice of the people. As if you’re the savior of this Vixens division. As if you actually know what you’re getting yourself into. Don’t you dare come up to me and tell ME how to run things around here. You are merely the shadow of the Vixens champion. You’re the bitch that preforms in house shows while the real champion, the champion that actually fucking matters goes on talk shows, charities events – you name it. I am the face of this division, I am the woman who represents all of you. Ever since I’ve been champion this division has sky rocketed. The talent that is in our roster is absolutely fantastic with a side of viciousness that comes as a trait for every vixen. I’ve gone against the toughest competitors, you included, and I’ve had a run for my money multiple, multiple times. But even though that happened… I’M STILL THE CHAMPION! I’m still the reigning Vixens champion, baby! This is my six-month reign and I see more coming. I’ve been in this company for nearly a year already and out of that year, I’ve been champion for half of it. That goes to show that I am completely unstoppable. I am a force to be reckon with. I am at the top of the food chain.
 And you? Well, you can continue having fun with your little lesbian threesome. But I can tell you right now, from a completely nonbiased stand point, that the Formation is nothing but a unifying fluke of a front. You are not the best in the world, the fact that you gave yourself that moniker is gut-busting LAUGHABLE. Your group is going to crumble before our eyes. This group is filled with a bunch of egos that have yet reached their final form. There is no such thing as unity or sisterly bonds in this division. We’re all hungry lions ready to prey on the next gazelle that walks by. You stole your girlfriend’s championship; you think she’s going to let that go? You think she’s going to look at you with love in her eyes and say “Congratulations, you are the better woman.” She’s secretly planning your death as we speak. I’ve known Cailin Dillion longer than you have and I can say with the upmost sincerity that she is one jealous bitch. If you were her real companion and lover, then you would’ve never dared to enter that Specialist Rampage. You should’ve been there for moral support, to help her out if things went haywire. But what did you do? You thought of yourself. You were selfish, you were being vain and greedy. What a terrible person to share your nights with. You should really be ashamed of yourself, Cloud. You just ruined Cailin’s five-month streak of being champion. Do you have no conscious? Do you have no principles? Regardless, I just want you to know that if it wasn’t for me interfering in that match, you wouldn’t be out here trying to act as if you’re the leader of this division. So I’ll be waiting for my thank you. It’ll be greatly appreciated.
So what’s next? What’s next for the Vixens champion who has defended her title successfully for multiple times? The woman who has changed this division for the good and the woman who is single handedly one of the greatest Vixens of all time?! My moment has finally arrived. All the blood, sweat and tears are going to be worthwhile. Words cannot express my gratitude. Words cannot express how happy and giddy I am despite the troublesome state I’ve been in the past couple of days. Aria Jaxon, you and I will square off for the first time one on one. I’ll be honest, I don’t know you and I don’t know what you offer to the table. The days that we’ve been destined to face one another have been put off. In the Empress of Elite, you dominated your specific group as I dominated mine. In other occasions we never crossed paths. We both debuted not that far apart and our careers made their own tracks, their own pathways. I went on to be the 21st Vixens champion with a continuous six-month reign. I’ve been in legendary matches and have faced tough competitors but I’ve always prevailed. I’ve been managed by the greatest Vixen of all time Heart Break Gal, and I’ve learned so much valuable knowledge through her. I was in Hexa-Gun, arguably one of the greatest stables that have ever set foot in EAW territory. And now, I am fortunate enough to add to my resume that I am going to main event Triple Threat. God, I am so proud of everything that I have done. I am so proud of all of the accomplishments that I have under my belt. I am honored to set foot in the same ring, but don’t misinterpret my humble nature for pity. I will walk in that ring and I will demolish everything in sight. This is my moment, Aria. This is my time. This is what I’ve been wanting all along. THIS IS WHAT I NEED TO SURVIVE. If I were to lose my championship there, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. I wouldn’t be able to move on forward without having a complete mental breakdown. My organ systems will fail and my body will begin to deteriorate if you or anyone else for that matter, takes away my championship. This is more than a piece of plastic with my name engraved on it. This is my baby, this is my child, THIS IS MY LIFE. If you don’t have this same passion, then I suggest you give up your one contenders spot. I refuse to put my title on the line against people who just want another insignificant title win packed in their resume.

I am ready to transcend this sadness into something more significant. But I have to say one more thing... HBG, we haven’t spoken since that night. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to talk to me or if you don’t want anything to do with me, I will always be by your side. I will be there for whenever you need me. If you need some time to yourself, that’s fine! I completely understand that sometimes breaks are beneficial for relationships. But just remember that I’m here for you. You haven’t returned my calls or text messages, or emails, or physical letters, or tweets, or facebook messages, or Instagram direct messages but I understand. Just please, let’s just try to work things out before our match. Let’s show these rookies who’s really in charge of this division. Who really is the lead Vixen in charge. I love you, HBG. Please never forget that. ♥

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 3rd 2016, 3:22 pm by My Watch Has Ended
I saw people make opportunities they did not believe would be usurped. I saw words that were only filled with depression from the moment they realised their words were irrelevant. They spoke a message that was basically them crying because of their failure to prove us all wrong. It screamed sorrow and I stood and laughed. But then, why should I become cheerful over the events that became permeant in history? Yes, I lost but do you see me making a song and dance about it? Quite frankly, I was more bothered about Jon Snow returning on Game of Thrones than the consequences of loss following my elimination. I am not going to sugar coat the fact I was eliminated, I am not going to be like half the retards on social media, going into depression or retiring because I couldn’t get my own way, I am going to take it like a man and move on and one leading contribution I feel is the backlash of the EAW Universe. They snicker at the fact that I was ‘wrong’ and they don’t expect anything but anguish for the rest of my career. Good luck with that though because I am not a childish freak like Dark Demon who will retire after making so many speeches asserting his victory, only for luck to let him down. I am not like Phoenix Winterborn who feels like he is a total failure and should have little to do with the existence of humanity since he choked. The best method for me is to take this progression and move onwards. In fact, I am in a really antagonistic mood where I just want to make people infuriated. To make them lose their shit at the idea that their mind is being crippled because right now, nobody is at 100%. They went through hell, they will still recover and now is my best chance to defeat them further. A process of pleasure for me and for them, a second wave of endurance. As I warned Christian, I am wise enough to know my place in history. Do I grow a sense of concern due to my failure of certainty? No, why should I? Quite frankly, how can you damage a reputation further when that reputation has already sunk to the lowest point? Even if I won at the Grand Rampage, the reception would be aggressive tenfold to what we’ve already witnessed and instead of shit about retiring or feeling like a failure, it will be comments of how torn up this company would be, how the mighty have fallen, all because Liam Catterson took victory. Fortunately for everyone including me, I don’t have to hear these moronic comments from these deadbeat losers so maybe the loss was a blessing in disguise but then again, nothing makes me smile more than these idiots being butthurt, which has been evidenced already.
However, I know someone else who will be feeling the hurt. Already he is hyping himself up for you idiots, when the only thing spectacular that will happen is the damage delivered to him. This week, I am not sure how to feel about my match. It is reminiscence from my match only a couple of weeks ago, given an opponent that is way below my capabilities but in the end, I guess I can say this is another week I am not deeply passionate about, where I couldn’t give a shit with what my opponent has to say because it will most likely be a passage of poor selection of words, killing off logic. I guess Christian Locke was right when he said that my last couple of matches have been nothing but flukes and that is because I am facing men who can easily be defeated. It is an imbalanced link that seems to have a connection these last few weeks, week by week with the exception of our Free-Per-View matches, they have not really been that fair for people like The Nas, Lucas Johnson or Christian Locke. All these men that have developed a kind of handicap in their logic are forced into a situation where they cannot cower from, they cannot escape from, they cannot succeed from. It is a process where they enter that match and are only doomed to a set outcome and it isn’t one that delights them. Or is it? No longer having to bear that pain that seems extreme for their liking. See, that question is something I love to go back and forth with because of uncertainty. Either way, we all know how this is going to pan out so I am not going to waste any time playing with toys, I am going to cut to the chase and get this dealt with.  

The sad fact about you is that you are and always will be a parody in this company. There is nothing credible about you and quite frankly, I don’t think anyone would give a shit if you told any of your opponents you were intent on beating them except the brain damaged men like Christian Locke. It is people like you who tarnish this company, reduce EAW from the potential it could’ve had but instead, you exist, leeching off the essence of quality. And that is why I am blessed to be in this company to an extent, because as I have explained already, it is a farfetched goal to be thinking of a historic legacy or even enter the Hall of Fame but those things don’t matter to me because I live for violence. I live for making people like you bleed and fall in defeat. It is a statistic that many consider pathetic given that most people come to this company to achieve the grand prize of this company but I have already established myself in the record books in EAW and people were still not pleased, so with a second, third, hell fourth reign, do you think that emotion will vary? That is why I started this conversation comparing it to my matches of recent, do you think I am going to retire and recall memories of this pathetic match with a pathetic man? A guy who will never be able to achieve anything as illustrious as what I have gained in this company? Nobody can take your messages as true concerns because you are someone with little credibility. That is why on Sunday, this match isn’t going to be something I should prepare cautiously as if it were a main event, it will be a day I walk into that ring with nothing but confidence and I shouldn’t expect anything more than victory. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 3rd 2016, 1:37 pm by Stephanie Matsuda
Post Specialist Rampage/Showdown Promo #1

“Full Circle”

I could still feel my foot connecting with her face. It took everything in me to fight through the pain and slide back into the ring. There was no way I was going to let her win. After laying me out in the Specialist Scramble...screwing me out the Vixens Championship, Vixens Cup, and in Tokyo...I found vindication. The moment she hit the floor and our eyes met we knew. In that second we knew. I won and she lost. I was the new Specialist Champion. Breaking eye contact, I fell to my knees as the ref announced the winner of the match. The moment I heard ‘New Specialist Champion’ followed by ‘Stephanie Matsuda’, everything else was in one ear and out the other. As the ref raised my hand and the title was placed around my waist, I basked in the adoration of the 70k something crowd. The largest audience I’ve ever performed in front of and I was walking away as a champion. I sure as hell played like one.

The moment I stepped foot back stage Aria jumped on me like I was the Bobby to her Whitney, legs wrapped around and all.

“Oh my god girl you did it!” she muffled, her face buried in my shoulder.

I glanced at Aren who shrugged and smiled.

“Congratulations Matsuda” he said.

“T-thanks” I replied, straining to find words as I made my way down the hall with an Aria attached to me.

The girl was squealing in my shoulder like a squeaky wheel. I walked towards the vixens locker room as I was congratulated by various elitists and vixens on the roster. Everything felt unreal, how something I’ve been fighting for, the first EAW title I’ve competed for was now finally in my grasp. It made all the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears worth it. My eyes searched for Cailin, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. I couldn’t even imagine how torn she must have felt. She was no longer the Specialist Champion, but her girlfriend now held the title. I placed Aria down in front of the locker room. I stared at her for a moment as she wiped her tears. One of the things I love about Aria Marie Jackson-LeBeau is that she always know what I’m thinking even when I don’t say anything. All it took was for a second of eye contact to know what she had to do next.

“Alright everyone!” she yelled to the incoming crowd of press. “I just need everyone to get the stepping! That’s right...GET DA STEPPING! OR CATCH THESE HANDS!”

Nobody dared challenged ‘Ria’s flailing hands. Feeling relieved for having such an awesome friend, I walked inside the locker room. Luckily I was alone. I noticed a few dents in some of the lockers and a knocked over bench. After wondering what the hell happened, I slide against the wall, the weight and pain of six months wearing itself down on me. I placed the cold metal of the Specialist Championship against my head, relieved that it was all over. What I worked so hard to achieve was finally in my possession. I barely noticed the tears going down my face.

“Thank you,” I managed to choke out between sobs.

I never fancied myself a religious person, but in that moment I was willing to believe in anything as I looked up, no longer fighting the tears.

“Thank you…”


“What doesn’t come out in the wash, comes out in the rinse.” - Louisa Belle-Matsuda

I told everyone what I planned to do. I told everyone that it would take time, but eventually my grind would pay off. Lo and behold, Stephanie “Cloud” Mia Matsuda is your new Specialist Champion. While the Specialist Rampage could have been anybody’s win, I did what I had to in order to secure a victory in my name. Baelin and I showed Alexis some Unity! And HBG was on the receiving end of a two second Sexy Curry reunion. Not even Claudia Jr. could save you from that fate. Haruna and I may hate each other but as far as we’re both concerned we would rather lose to each other than the likes of you Michaels-san. You are everything a bully is. You force your ego down people’s throats until they can’t stand it anymore and fall to pieces. I’m too focus, too confident, too grown to let you shatter me Heart Break Gal. The Specialist Rampage was karma in its purest form. All eleven participants thought I wasn’t dangerous. You all doubted my ability, my cunning. Let this be a lesson to you Claudia.

Never underestimate me again.

Eris-chan, it’s been awhile. Last time we faced each other, it was for that strap that’s on your shoulder. I had you dead to rights but my mortal enemy had other plans. Here we are three months later, with a title of my own, and you living on borrowed time. Aria Jaxon will be the next Vixens Champion and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. When Formation was created, we had plans to run the Vixens division. Not out of greed, but rather concern for the state of the roster. He wanted to force the competition to step up their game, to make the company recognize the effort the Vixens have put into making things different than they were a year ago. Little girls around the world no longer have to choose between HBG, Cam, and Tarah. They now have more choices like you, Aria, Cai, Sher, and myself. The real shame about your run Eris is that it only started to pick up towards the end. The first few months you barely defended your title, just paraded around like you was the most dangerous woman on the roster. Sorry to disappoint you but the number one contender and the current and former Specialist champions are the most dangerous women in the world. Let me reiterate... 

Formation is the best in the world.

My retirement of Cleo...Aria’s EoE win...Cai’s epic five month title run...all the facts are there. We came, we saw, and we sure as hell conquered. And you know what the scary thing is? We’re not finished. So I suggest you prepare yourselves ladies. Drink your milk, take your vitamins, and say your prayers because we’re coming for that ass on Saturday. When we roll through either get out of our way or…

Get in Formation.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 3rd 2016, 12:08 pm by -
Dynasty Promo #2

It should come to no surprise that I’ve been victimized by many others in this company and even vilified. The perfect example that comes to mind when I think about this though. Many great leaders like Genghis Khan has also been vilified in textbooks all across the world. but has anyone stopped to think that he had a damn good reason to be upset with the world?

It feels like for the last 6 months I’ve been a Malcolm X in EAW. I’ve been Genghis Khan and even Alexander The Great leading a crusade through this company. Just like many men before me, I’m a revolutionary. I’ve had a vision that management has wanted to bury under the ground and me along with it. Since the very day I walked in, I refused to cave to the political answers. I said what I believed and what I wanted to say, and even the so-called veterans did not respect that. I was a renegade. Caring for human morals was simply not a practise of mine. Sure, I have made mistakes. Any great man has. But the mistakes that I have made have been put on a microscope for a plethora of reasons that I didn't understand until recently. You see, it's because Dynasty Management fears the man that I will one day become. But Dynasty’s elitist  fears the man that I HAVE become. My insolence exists for a reason, however. When you are put under a microscope to the extent that I have, you begin to boil up with feelings of anger and hatred. You start to hate anything that exists anything in the world. For these reasons, I no longer have the same relationships with my family that I once did. I am now an affable human being, and do I like it? No... but it needed to be done. I had to sacrifice things to allow myself to begin achieving my goals. I fought a series of 600-pound gorillas—both by the views of the fans and the company itself—and I've succeeded. That's something not even championship cannot define.

To say a championship is simply a badge proves that your “experience” in our industry has no logic within it. While yes it is true many normal human beings whether win than lose, a logical man would want to hold a championship to be officially crowned the best. It seriously seems that you just spew out nonsense just for the sake of doing it, Max.. If you are going to say something, say something of substance. Say something that will make me go, "Damn! Max Stryker may have a point here," because you haven't thus far.  I've never had a dozen shots at greatness. I've never even had one, and I've learned from the little failures I have. What opportunities did I have? Since I'm not afraid to point out any of my failures, I'll list you some. I lost to The Mercenaries, and I lost in the 24-7 Battle Royal. Those were my only true shots at becoming something. I'm not one to make excuses, but I firmly believe I learned from those two losses. As a matter of fact, they are the reason why I stand before you as the toughest opponent you will ever face in your entire career. I don't envy you at all. Once upon a time, I did envy The Mercenaries. I idolized Impact. But there comes a point when you are on the brink of surpassing even your idols, and that's going to be the story of JJ Silva. Our careers have bumped you and I into each other, and I'm only going to use you to catapult myself to the top. Basic concept, right? Well, that's exactly the way I see it. I don't envy you – I have no reason to. I already know that in a few days, I will surpass you and end even the mere thought of you being a new rising elitist. What amuses me is I already know what to expect from you.. Your craft is far from perfected. Be in the game as long as you please and you can only be polished.. Perfection is word that shouldn’t even exist. Being the kind of a man you’ve proven to be I can almost guarantee you’ll take to heart. I guess I'll be getting under your skin, and I’ll love it. I've been blacklisted from this company for so long, and I'm finally dishing out what I've been given from everyone. I’ve never pretended to be a good guy.. Although your logic is flawed, Max.. I do expect a fight from you. I expect a fight from everyone because if my career has taught me anything--- it’s that nothing comes easy for me. After Dynasty, I’m sure you’ll pick up some lessons as well.

Lesson number one: Don’t ever provoke JJ Silva.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 3rd 2016, 9:08 am by 『zakkii』

Haruna is seen, opening her video promo in front of her apartment in Queens for her upcoming match as she greets the camera by bowing down her body beofre she begins to talk.

Haruna Sakazaki: Well then, Cailin.... it seems like that we fight again this week. I am really looking forward for this, especially when you're about to open your own new chapter for your life. You know what I think, Cailin, my friend, while you are too busy digging down the history of mine and fine a lot of bad history about me, I'm just sitting here, watching you do that and just thinking..... "Is that all you got after all the things since the last time we met?" You do still watch my every match, taking notes at my every failures, keep it just in case and when we meet again you threw it all to my face. Haha.... how flattering. It really touches me that for some way, you still care about me. Really, Cailin! I'm shocked after our skeptical parting at the temple earlier you still look at how I fight. I thought you are just too busy giving your girlfriend a lullaby, reading a bedtime story, feeding her an ego as a breakfast and take her to a place where you can see how your past is going bad on the other day. ....oh wait, you are. But hey, I don't blame you. That's what a lover should do, right? That is how you boost your morale to your weak girlfriend of how to defeat me. Because you know it, she can't.... and she never will. And even she won that title by last eliminating me, as you say by yourself.... it didn't prove anything. I can't consider her winning a match against me, just like you consider yourself that you lost but still can win any match. Seems like a fair thing to me.

Haruna Sakazaki: And yes, of course I'll talk about how bad your performance were in that rampage match. Yes, Cailin.... no matter how hard you denied it, everyone knows that you've shown a bad performance. I realize and I'm not gonna lie that I showed a bad performance myself. But hey, I'm proud at what I gave last Sunday. At least I keep my promise that if I have no reason to cheat, I won't cheat. And.... at least I am not working together throughout the entire match just like HBG and Eris.... also not just like you and Cloud. I can see the look of insecurity in your eyes when you always help your girlfriend to get rid of me. Maybe because you're too afraid that I am going to cheat to escape you both. No, Cailin.... I've being called "The Pride of Vixens Divison" for something I can keep on. As a Japanese and as a Sakazaki, I vow myself to keep my promise. I already make promise that I don't even need this so-called "cheating attempt" if I have no reason to do it in a first place. Your insecurity on me were costing you a big price to pay. You're being not focused, letting the other vixen do the real cheating attempt.  

Haruna Sakazaki: Now that, my good friend, that is what you consider yourself as cheating. Do you see any reason of why HBG and Eris did that cheating attempts? No, I can't see, you can't see, not even everyone watching that able to see the reason behind it. The only thing that I can see it clearly that they do such dirty tricks to secure their place in that match. Now, you can see the reason why Jade come and even bother to help me, can't you? No? You still failed to look at something with different perspective as usual? You know what, Cailin.... I'm getting sick to explain all the reason behind Jade's attack on your girlfriend. Just.... open your EAW Network and watch everything I said and what your girlfriend has done to me. You might be too busy with your championship reigns so you're not paying attention on what was really happening and just listen the story from your girlfriend. I'm going to say this and this is the one last thing to say regarding this Jade's ambush you've always used to attack me verbally. Unlike HBG and Eris, I have a reason to do it... Someone poked me to do such dirty tricks and I did that to make it even. Sometimes, If I've been cheated, I have to pay that trickery with the same thing to prove that karma is real. I was just being too nice at people who screwed me over and I'm not standing still and not doing anything. I am sick of your girlfriend, and even Jade who always being skeptical, was sick of her too. You watched me and the moment that I "killed" Cloud, right? Or maybe you just listen to the story from your girlfriend? Before you talk, just watch the whole footage. She's not looking at this missing part because she's paralyzed after I beat the crap out of her. There is a missing part of the story, Cailin.... A missing part that your girlfriend never told you and you're too ignorant to check on what really happened. Jade is that missing part of the story, Cailin.... Jade was there, and if we do planned on doing another cheating attempt, we just beat your girlfriend together. But she was not doing that.... She was there to stop me from breaking your girlfriend's neck. Jade knew that she had a reason to stop me... Jade is not always on my side, but she strives to be on the side of what's good for us. And she knew, what I was gonna do to your girlfriend is not a good thing. We do have a reason and we do think of the consequences and the outcome of my every moves. One question for you.... what is your reason you worked together with Cloud to get rid of me in that Rampage match? I'll leave it to be answered for your next thing you wanna say.

Haruna Sakazaki: After all, you know nothing about me and all the things I've got and learned since we decided to walk on a different path. I'm not expecting you to know about it but when I realized you're being this ignorant just like you know all about me, I'll be honest with you, Cailin... I'm disappointed. I'm not a pretender like you've been objecting me to be. But I'm fine.... I'm not hurt to be called a pretender by the one who get the fake story from a friend and not looking of how struggling I am to improve myself to be a better fighter. Meanwhile, I'm just here expecting you to be stronger with your new life, new friends and new adventures on your side just like I'm going to do to make me stronger. I never want to find and talk about everything during that time. Like... how you failed to dismantle Hexa-gun and how Sheridan almost take your head and you have to win that match by a rollup. No, Cai... I'm not going to talk about that because all of that are beyond my consideration... or you guys like to say.... I don't give a fuck, or something like that. In fact, I just prayed for you, the best things of you  so when the time we meet again, our match will be more interesting than our previous bouts. We've done this on four several occasions and we do have an excuse for each and every loss we got. And this time.... this match, Cailin will be the match when there will be no excuse for us to lose. So, good to know that you were easily forgetting how bad your performance is at the Grand Rampage. Because just like you, I am not considering this as a big problem for me. In fact, I was getting pissed off when somebody eliminated you. That should be me eliminating you.... but it's fine, now is the time when I am going to beat you and prove me that I defeat THE champion who still believe that she still is. This will be our beginning of each other's chapter, Cailin.... it's just the matter of how well we're gonna start it. And I'll make sure that the bad start of the chapter.... is on you.

Haruna give the viewer a wink before the camera begins to fade to black.
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Dynasty Promo #1

Twisted Transistor blares out as Max Stryker slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp and into the Dynasty ring for the very first time. Some of the crowd are booing, others are still unsure of what to make of the new guy. Max signals for a microphone and stands in the middle of the ring, taking in the sights of the Dynasty arena.

MS: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all the ages. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Max Stryker and I am arguably the greatest wrestler in the world.

The crowd greets this with a long and loud boo

MS: Now that I have got the formalities out of the way, I do have to admit. Standing here in the Dynasty ring for the very first time, it's quite the feeling. But I am not getting paid to be here and have feelings, I am getting paid to come here and show to each and every one of you and all of those watching at home, that I am truly the greatest wrestler in the world.

MS: So I turn up tonight and I see that I am facing off against nine other men, the winner of the match will be the number one contender for the New Breed Championship. Sounds good right?

The crowd all cheers

MS: And the match is going to feature the likes of JJ Silva, Mikey Grey, Majestiq and Finnick Lionheart, I should be worried shouldn’t I? All of you are surely in for a great spectacle, all ten men fighting it out to be crowned number one contender

The crowd again, all cheer

MS: Well let me tell you why it will not be good. It won't be good for you and it won't be good for the nine other men I find myself against later tonight. First and foremost, I told you all when I arrived that I do not care for championships. Little gold straps that show off how much of a good boy you have been. They are the wrestling equivalent of a chufty badge and a distraction that hamper good wrestlers consciences. The other nine men might let the weight of the situation get to them, when they find themselves in the final four, three, especially the final two they will be focusing on being the number one contender for a title. I, on the other hand, shall be purely focused on winning the match. Not because I want to be a number one contender, but purely because I want to win.

The crowd now all string out into a loud boo and a ‘boring’ chant breaks out

MS: Oh I am sorry, am I not amusing you? I am afraid you have me confused with someone who gives a damn. Now where was I. I know a lot of you might think I am at a disadvantage, going up against experienced wrestlers in my first outing here in EAW. But let me tell you that is where I have the advantage. I have been in this game a long time, I have perfected my craft and I have defeated greater men than any who will step up against me today. But last week while they were all worrying about Grand Rampage, I was training for this debut. I was doing my research on every one in this company and, like all of you, I was watching.

MS: I watched Grand Rampage over and over again, not because I thought it was good or entertaining but because it gave me an advantage. I watched along with all of you as Y2Impact was crowned the winner.

The crowd pops

MS: I watched along with all of you in shock as Lucian Black lost his balance.

The crowd pops

MS: I was deafened along with the rest of you as Diamond Cage made his return at number 40

The crowd loses their minds

MS: I watched and I analysed everyone. Their move sets, their weaknesses and most importantly for this match, how they all were eliminated. As for my oppositions, all they know about me is that I am a handsome British man here to make their lives a misery.

The crowd stops cheering and returns back to their boos

MS: I am truly sorry for ruining your evening tonight with my perfect destruction of all your favourite Elitists, but I am here to do my job and that’s to:

Turn Up

Kick Ass

Get Paid

And Leave

Enjoy the show everybody!

With that Max drops the microphone onto the mat and slowly makes his way up the ramp to the back, a smug grin on his face as the fans alongside the ramp boo at him
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Post-GR Development Joint Promo w/ Eclipse

What is he even doing here he thinks.

The Pain of losing Grand Rampage mingled with that of the pain on his temple. The shocking feeling that spread as he kept working. But he must, he has to. He was there, he could feel it, and then as soon as he felt the warmth of accomplishment, it was soon felt with the coldness of failure. Aren was out, what wasn’t seen on TV was the fact that he was having a hard time getting back to his feet after taking those elbows to the jaw. Every time he tried to get up, every time he struggled to stand, he felt weak. Heh, weak, a word he would never use to describe himself before, but that night he felt like it truly. When he finally did make it, he of course was flocked by medical personnel who treated his wounds, and made sure he was fit and able to compete within the week. Of Course Aria was there, always comforting him, and trying to soothe his pain. He was glad. Hell she even told him to stay away from the gym, or at least tried to. But that was Aren, a stubborn man.

The pain kept coming every time he worked. With every weight lifted it hurt, with every run, it hurt. No matter what it hurt, and his body wanted him to stop, but Aren wasn’t listening. Not until he was having trouble. Then his body just stopped trying to tell him what to do, in fact it let something else do it for him.

“Bad day, huh Champ?”

Aren knew the voice, he heard it the day of Grand Rampage, and well he just wanted it to stop.

“You see. I was right. You needed me out there. You needed someone to just take the blows for you, and in return deal them back, in a timely and proficient manner. But hey, you just couldn’t let me in could you. You had to be Super Aren, and save the day, and the pride of your relationship. No you couldn’t just let me do the work could you.”

Aren kept working, only because that’s all he knew he could do at this point. Switching from every machine, either to run, lift, or stretch, that’s all he could do. But no matter what the voice it kept pestering him. It didn’t even stop when people were flooding in, and stopping to talk with Aren and give him encouragement. No it just kept interjecting, in his mind, and countering it with words that would make Aren think he need it. Aren stopped and went into the locker room. In there it was just him, it was too early for people to be flooding in, but it was also the right time where there was just enough to not be filling in the locker room. It was also the right time to finally face the demon.

“What do you want with me now. I’ve already told you my answer, and you’re not going to change it. No matter what you say I know, I know you’re just trying to keep me down so I don’t succeed on my own.”

“Aw is that really the impression I left on you. Well I mean you’re kind of right, and guess what I’m kind of right as well. I mean all that time in the gym, while I was talking, and you were trying to run from the voice in your head, it was fun, but you knew that I spoke the truth.”

“Ha, that’s a laugh. You and Truth in the same sentence.”

“Oh yes it is a riot, but you know, every now and then even the devil speaks some form of truth. You needed me! No blurred lines, no underlying lies, it’s sweet and simple and put to the truth, you needed me! You saw what happened, hell I had a front row seat, and it was just painful. Every time you did something you got your momentum stopped, and you had to recover, again, and again. Sure you got an elimination here and there, but really that’s it because it all ended because you weren’t strong enough.”

Aren just sat there, he knew it to be true. He was silent, and that’s all it took. But suddenly the room filled with footsteps.

“Тили-тили-бом Закрой глаза скорее Кто-то ходит за окном И стучится в двери.” Eclipse sang softly as he walked into the gym. He swiped his hand across his cheek, feeling the bruises before he glanced towards Aren. A strange smirk appeared on his face as he finally walked until he was directly next to him.

“A pleasure to see you again, Aren. I wish I could be like one of your other opponents and say that I’m surprised you lasted so long in the Rampage...I’m not. I’m proud of that honestly. You did something that I expected you to. You outlasted everyone that came after you, and in the end, you survived the only way you knew how.”

His hands ran through his sweat matted hair as he moved to a crouch, seating himself on the ground as he looked at him. That grin widened, until the smile seemed to cut its way across his face as he tapped the gym floor slowly, in time to some music only he seemed to hear. His fingers drumming along the beat as he closed his eyes.

“Have to say though. A bit disappointed. I had hoped you would have been more of a challenge for me...but you didn’t do what I expected. You didn’t lose control...or rather...you choked it all down during the match. Swallowed every bit of it and came out the bigger man, like this little song and dance we play isn’t over. You did all of that, and you didn’t even come after me for the gift I gave to your beautiful little Aria. Wow. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad, but what the hell I can laugh anyways.” he stated with the grin splitting from ear to ear, before his head tilted back, a laugh issuing forth from his throat. A dark sound, made only more sinister by the lack of others in the room.

“Look at who is here, The Patriarch of Sanatorium himself. Now color me surprised but I have no idea what you’re doing here. I mean from the look of you, you don’t look like the type that uses gyms a lot.” Aren smirked, but he had an underlying feeling, one that didn’t stem from Eclipse’s presence but from what he did upon his arrival. That song, where did he hear it from, why is he singing it around him.

“That’s interesting. Ahh I’m wondering if he knows. I’m wondering if he wants to play. Well I mean who wouldn’t especially if they’ve heard what I could do when I have my vessel. It was only a matter of time.”

“Shut up.” Aren tried to say softly, but he knows he didn’t cause that same grin on Eclipse’s face got wider with the utterance. As if he knew.

“There it is. So, correct me if I’m wrong but it’s not me who you’re talking to Aren.” He laughed, rising to his feet as he drew closer to Aren, his eyes turning half lidded as if he was bored. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a blood splattered coin and flicking it between his fingers as he watched him.

“Did someone important used to sing that song to you Aren? That lullaby? I know that there was a song my own mother used to sing to me when I was young. It’s been years but I can still remember it. I remember her smell as well, like desert flowers. Ah memories. So...what does the lullaby say to you Aren? The short little verses I sang? Does that awaken something in your memory, Russian Prince?”

He knew he was goading a very dangerous creature. He was poking a bear with a very short stick but he was planning on that. He was hoping that he could continue to prod and poke until the bear finally snapped and tried to rip him apart. It would prove he was correct, let him know for a fact that his theory was sound and valid. Aren was fallible. Just as everyone else was that he had met...but Aren was more so. He was hiding something...it seemed that everyone that he had met in that little group was apart from Cailin. She was the most honest about everything she said and did. Aren? He was hiding something far darker than anyone could have predicted.

“Touch a nerve?” he asked, licking his teeth as he took a few steps towards the mirrors of the gym, leaning against one as he cracked his neck. “I do hope that I haven’t ruined our delightful conversation by rambling on.”

Aren is stunned, hell Eclipse sees him shaking, and Aren feels his soul moving. That lullabye, it’s been awhile since he’s heard it. The tale sung to little children about a thing finding little children who couldn’t sleep. While it seems childish, it was darker than anything Aren has felt. He feared this creature, not because it scared him as a child, because in the end, he met something far darker than anything he could’ve imagined.

“Ah that’s a shame. He didn’t go to the next verse. And man if he hit that chorus, it would’ve been game over for you. You wouldn’t even have to say yes anymore, I would just be there. Ready, Willing, Able, to do anything and everything. Remember those times Aren, I do. It was fun, and it was amazing. But an even better question, do you remember the rest. Cause I do, it doesn’t do anything because I’m saying, but if he knows it, then it’s downhill for you. How’d it go again. Тили-тили-бом Кричит ночная птица Он уже пробрался в дом К тем, кому не спится. And the chorus sends chills even down my spine. Он идет... Он уже... близко…”

Aren was tensing, even though he can’t get out by singing it himself, those words, oh those words send his body into a wreck. Sends signals everywhere. It’s like when you know something is going to happen, but you have no way of stopping it. Because in the end, even if you could change happens.

“Where? Where did you learn that. No wait. Why? Is a better question. What are you trying to prove. What is in it for you?”

“Why? Nothing is in it for me, except proof of something. Proof that everyone in this god forsaken world is just like me. Everyone in this world is just drifting down through the world of sanity...and some like me slip and fall...or are shoved into it. I was pushed into a world I didn’t know...and people have called me all manner of things due to it. A monster, a freak, a murderer. You? You have something that makes you just as dangerous as I am, if not more so. Yet people look up to you. They cheer for you. They respect and idolize you. So...I’m here to rectify that situation. I see who you really are, and oh...oh if Aria knew.”

Eclipse felt a laugh fill his throat but he stifled it down, keeping it locked in his chest before he turned his gaze towards Aren. A reflexive glare appeared, marring his smile as he shook his head angrily.

“You keep blocking out the one I really want to talk to. If you’d have said yes to it I wouldn’t have to do this. I do love that lullaby though. The eerie feeling of it. The beautiful sound of Тили-тили-бом Кричит ночная птица Он уже пробрался в дом К тем, кому не спится. Ah...and it’s chorus. Он идет... Он уже... близко…How could you not love it? It’s notes are so...very...beautiful.”

“Yes...Yes… He did it. I knew he had it in him. Well Aren I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your time in EAW but you know I feel it’s time for a new taste, a new flavor. Something they’ve never seen before..”

Aren felt his body shake. His ears started to ring, he knew it was times. He went limp. He was limp for a few seconds before finally gasping for air.

“So you’re the man that wanted to see me, huh. I forget what they call you, but I know your name. But right now, that’s not important. Because even though I’m here right now, this isn’t a permanent thing. You see just cause you sang it, doesn’t mean I’m here forever, no. Aren has to say yes for me to be here forever. Having it playing just gives me temporary hold, just give me enough time to whip ass, to beat ass, and to just do whatever I can within 24 hours. Just like that. But you have my attention, and really now I want to know. Did you really want it? Because most people think they know what they’re getting into, but they really don’t. But do you?”

“Oh. More than anything. In this whole twisted, fucked up world we live in. Because now that he’s on the inside, and I see who you are it makes me really excited. It lets me realize that the things that were done to me were for a reason. I was born to find people like you. To help awaken that side of them, if only for a short time. So, you get to breathe once again. Something I’ve allowed for you. Hell, I reawakened you didn’t I? Gave life to the blood that has been going cold for so many years. What do you plan now? Do you plan on revitalizing it with sacrificing me? Going to prove you are stronger than Aren by taking your own brand of justice on what I did to Aria? What’s your plan then?”

Fear wasn’t something that shone through Eclipse’s eyes. Childlike excitement was the more akin term. A sick fascination, as if he was entranced by what he saw. He seemed giddy almost, his hands twitching rapidly as he began to walk side to side a few times, pacing around as he looked at what was in front of him.

“Well. What’s the plan?” he asked, almost shouting it now as he stopped completely from his motion, the giddiness vanishing and replaced with a calm that seemed to shoulder something else. He was thinking now. Thoughts dancing around in the back of his mind once again. The calm brought with it that same ear splitting grin. “What’s the plan, monster?”

“HAHAHA. The plan my dear friend or whatever it is I can call you. Is to do nothing. Because while you may want a monster to be released, you got something very different. You see a monster is in itself a brute, and they would most certainly beat you down, just because you said so. But I’m no monster. No, no I know when the time is ripe, when the time is right for me to beat you within an inch of your life. And besides, you didn’t hurt me. I mean just because Aren and I are basically the same, you haven’t done anything wrong to me. Shocking I know, but Aren cares deeply for Aria, he cares deeply, and since I know him well I know that he WAS holding everything back from decking you where you stand now. But that was him. And you’re talking to ME. The guy who not only doesn’t give a shit about anything, he doesn’t give a shit about anyone. Me, I’ve never experienced love, and don’t plan too, no I just experienced pain, both mine, and the others I’ve caused. And well I liked it. So the plan is, piss me off and I’ll gladly do something, and I don’t mean do it now, because just a petty attack will not cause a quarrel with me. Hell if anything, if you really want to feel the primal nature of I, then you might as well face me in a match, and be sure it’s me, because Aren isn’t going to do anything that I can do. Now he’ll just beat you with honor, or something of the good nature inside of him. But if you want me to take anger out on you, it’ll have to be in a match. That’s plain and simple.”

He starts to pack up his stuff, knowing that his time is limited, he doesn’t want to spend it locked in a room with a man who could pass off as an Alligator wrestler. No he needs to do something fun, something that will just be grand in it’s own sense of grandeur.

“Oh so little time left in this world, and really I don’t want to spend it here, so I must get going. I’m glad you awakened me and all, but to destroy a man who hasn’t even done me wrong, what’s the fun in that if I can’t hold back. Because you’ve done me no harm, I’ll want to hold back, I’ll want to leave you for another day, so you can do me harm, and I can break you into non-existence. But hey nice try buddy!”

“As you say then, friend. What shall I call you by the by? You aren’t Aren as far as your personality and nature goes. If anything you are the antithesis to everything that Aren is.” Eclipse stated as he turned to look back at the mirror, breathing out heavily as something quickly fluttered through his mind. Fear. This...thing...it made him afraid. The smile on his face twitched ever so wider as he realized what the emotion was. So...interesting.

It picked up the bag and was starting to leave, but stopped at the door. A Smirk came on it’s face, and behind it was nothing but pure evil, dread, and malicious nature.

“Aren called me a lot of things. The Devil, Lucifer, he even called me Evil Bastard before, which really hurt my feelings. But I know who I am, and I know what I am, and if you really want to know my name then I suggest you memorize it. No not even that. I want it to burn within your brain, I want it to hurt every time you hear it, I want it to bring you that feeling you feel right now. I want you to remember my name as VOIN.”

“Voin. Oh that’s memorized. I can’t wait to see what you can accomplish, and do feel free to call upon me at any point. I’d like to see just what you're capable of in this world.” he laughed, leaning backwards to look at him leave as he ran his hands through his hair. A laugh filled with excitement and dread as he watched the man formerly known as Aren walk away from him.

Voin stopped at the door, before leaving and waiting for the laugh to subside. Eclipse stops laughing, and with enough volume that only the two them can hear, Voin says.

“Are you still sure about that?”

Voin exits the room leaving Eclipse.

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The camera opens on Marie, bouncing on her feet as if electricity was running through her. She's beaming. 

"This Friday, every single one of you will finally see what's coming. For the last week, I've been hinting and inching forward, letting you see where I come from, what I believe, what I was doing to prepare. Now, you get to see what's on the line for me. To Veena and Silence, this is just another Friday night, but to me? This is the night. I need to prove to everyone watching that I deserve to be here, and someone who loses on her first night in EAW sure as shit has not earned her place at the table. I won't be alone, either. I'm going to be fighting side by side with the baddest bitch on the roster. Alexia Valentine. I appreciate the support, but the truth is, I would fight both of them by myself if I had to."

She leans in a bit closer to the camera.

"They don't know my name yet. They don't know what I'm capable of, what I'm willing to do to prove myself. After this Friday, they'll know. They'll never be able to forget. I am the scariest thing anyone here has ever seen - I am La Corriveau, and on Friday night, I will be unstoppable. Bonne nuit, ladies. I will see you soon enough."

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Dynasty Promo #1

No matter the outcome was not me as the victor at Grand Rampage--- I have proven to be able to last against some of the best this company has to offer. I outlasted my former Iconomy brothers and even made it to the final 10 remaining elitist lasting a very strong amount of time which completely silenced the laughter. I am. I AM back on track. 8 months. 8 months since I squared off with TLA for the New Breed Championship and could not walk away from it.. Since then, I have went to wars with the likes of Hexa gun.. Beaten former and current World Heavyweight Champions and conquered National Elite champions all while maintaining complete composure. I’ve risen to a status that many thought I was incapable of reaching.. And now I’ve returned to take my spot as the head of the New Breed. Mikey has had very strong opening statements.. But let me ask you this.. Do you truly even know who I am?

Of course not, of course you don’t. You’re going to run into Dynasty all ignorantly.. Blindly impressed by yourself. Feeling so self important. You know what happened to the last man who threatened to stomp my face into the canvas? Well, his name is Terry Chambers.. Highly experienced in this business for years and I humbled him. Maybe you coming into this match this week is a good thing. I mean let’s look at it like this, Mikey.. When walking into this match being handed your first loss will allow you to understand the feeling of defeat and make you think twice before blindly coming in like a self impressed idiot. But let me guess what I’m going to hear the rest of the week from you, Mikey. You might as well list them all and e-mail me them every time you recite a speech of yours, because I'm getting tired of having to dig through them myself and this is only the first time. You seem to have a problem with people like me calling myself a great, but if you know my story, you know that I am the greatest of the New Breed. Never should a man have odds stacked against him to the level I have. I hate to be that guy, but I came in as a nobody just looking to display my talent and introduce a new style of wrestling but this couldn’t happen due to being plotted against countless times by countless amounts of people. I single-handedly have proven people wrong time and time again. I defeated Pizza Boy(National Elite Champion), HBB(Former World Heavyweight Champion) and Jaden Zaxaria, which essentially sent Jaden’s career in a downward spiral only for his career to end by my own hands. His buzz hasn't been the same ever since. I've defeated Mark Michaels on three separate occasions. I've defeated Christopher Corrupt at his “peak” – hard to believe, right? I can keep going on and on and on, but my point is this: I am the greatest of the New Breed, because I've done the most and was given the least. You came into this company and is regarded as talent no matter if you’re to dumb to see it that way, whereas I was regarded as just another kid on the block. You've boarded a first-class ship when I have had to carve out my own boat and sail it myself. I'm the hyena, and you're the lion. I fight for my share. You were handed this opportunity while I had to fight for it.. You have been given without and true work shown. I wasn’t afforded those kind of opportunities.. Any chance I’ve had I’ve earned. You’ve done good with this being an early match in your career, but I’ve done better with less. There's a reason why I disrespect you to a rash degree. I can't stand this idea of a new kid thinking he’s top shit looking down upon me. The only reason I have this match is because I slid my way into the system and broke it inside-out. I tried proving my worth for just about a year, and management obviously did not pay attention. That's how I've had all these things happen to me this year, and your time is now up right when it began, Mikey Grey. Each and every single week will come and you’ll talk about your semi-success here. You being a underdog compared to me is completely baffling. I’m tired of that notion and that label isn’t going to mean a thing when I break your spine in front of the entire world on Dynasty this week.. Or maybe... maybe in that mind of yours, it will. Maybe you believe that that label actually helps you in that ring. And that would make you the most delusional man on planet Earth. Everything you’ll hear about me is right, I do like running my mouth, but when I spew something out of my mouth, the words mean something. The words are resonant. I don't need anyone to take me seriously, because all that matters is I take myself seriously. When I take myself seriously, I hurt people. Simple. Easy. I hurt others to get what I want, and what I want is to wear gold around my waist and have my voice heard the loudest. Everything that glitters is not gold, but I know a championship  means something. It's what I've chased my entire life, and it's what I will get by beating you this week on Dynasty.
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It's me and nine other men.

Mikey took a deep breath whilst leaning his head against the cold cement wall.  He had his arms draped over his knees.  He took a deep inhale through his nose and rubbed his mouth with the side of his arm and lowered his head, looking down at the ground below.  He started rotating his foot into the cement, almost in a gaze below him.  Nine other men stand in the way of Mikey Grey successfully debuting within EAW and to win the number one contendership for the EAW New Breed Championship--- Mikey was desperate to win it.  He cocked his head to the side and looked off to the side, away from the hard camera view.

Ten men total, all vying to become the number one contender for the New Breed Championship.  Statistically, I hold a mere ten percent chance to win.  Math was never my strong suit, but if you ask me, those odds are pretty bad.”  A quick chuckle under his breath as he used his hands to cock his head to the right, cracking the bones which echoed throughout the dark and narrow hallway in which he sat.  Sounds of the boiler rooms off to the side were muffled in the distance, as Mikey pressed forth.  “And who am I to even be considered a viable contender, huh?  I'm the new guy--- the new kid in town and everyone knows that the new kid isn't popular.”  He chuckled once more and shook his head.  He buried his head deep down below his shoulders, staring at the cold cement below his feet.  The scene was getting more and more eerie as time passed.  Mikey seemed to be in some sort of trance.  “No one likes the new kid.  Then again, no one likes me.  It's a match made in heaven...”  He paused momentarily, but soon transitioned off of his previous statement.  “... or hell, depending who you ask.  The point is this:  no one is giving me a chance.  Once again, Mikey Grey is backed into a corner.  ONCE AGAIN... MIKEY GREY IS THE UNDERDOG!  God DAMMIT... I wouldn't want it any other way!”  He spit to the side and cleared his nose, drifting in and out of his transient state.  He lowered his head back against the wall and lightly tapped the back of his head over and over.  His eyes were closed, but we were all listening.  “While most men would cower in the face of fear, I thrive off of it.  I grab the Devil by his horns and make him my BITCH! But these other guys?  They're just here to make a quick paycheck.  They're taking this opportunity to get their name out there, their face out there and see if they can make a quick buck.  That's what separates me from everyone else.  To HELL with the money.  I am here to make an IMPACT... and this Friday?  I am going to do JUST that at the expense of nine other men and after I toss the last broken body over that top rope?  Well... Mikey Grey is one step closer to becoming the new New Breed Champion.

He smiled for the first time.  His smile was incredibly offsetting, but the smile was quickly washed away from his face.  He took a deep breath and rested his head against the wall once more.  His eyes were closed again as he pressed forth.

But this is all cute and all, right?  It's all just talk.  Talk, talk, TALK!  I don't like talking--- I let my fists do the talking and guess what?  Both of them are just itching to talk!”  He chuckled at his own stupid joke.  Was it corny?  Yes, but it spoke volumes.  He looked off to his left, away from camera view and just shook his head, almost as if he were ashamed at the sheer amount of corniness he just said.  “It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt--- then it becomes a party!  I concuss with my kicks.  I knock people out with my fists and there isn't a DEITY ALIVE that can stop me, so you think I care what nine other mortal men will try to do?  Think again.  God himself could come down from the skies above and I'd make his ass TAP OUT in the center of that ring.  I'd stomp his face into OBLIVION and make him wish HE died instead of his f---ing SON!  But I digress.”  He took a deep breath and calmed himself down.  He closed his eyes and tapped his head against the wall, mummering to himself.  “One.  Two.  Three.  Easy does it, Mikey--- easy does it.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.”  He took his own advice and started to do deep breathing techniques.  In and out.  In and out.  His eyes remained closed as he suddenly cracked a big smile.  The smile was eerie; almost disgusting in nature, honestly.  He slowly opened his eyes and looked dead into the camera with the sick, disturbing grin upon his face.  “This Friday night, I become a one man wrecking machine and there isn't anything you guys can do about it.  I'm coming to Chicago to become the number one contender for the New Breed Championship and I am BEGGING each and every one of you to try to stop me because there will be dire consequences if you try.  You will pay with your consciousness if you try to stop Mikey Grey from achieving what is rightfully his!  I'll lock 50 Shades of Grey onto EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU AND STOMP YOUR FACE RIGHT INTO THE CANVAS!  I'll rearrange your faces until you resemble a masterpiece from Pablo Picasso himself!”  Another pause, as he snarled his nose and upper lip.  He slowly turned his head away from the camera and ran his hand through his hair as he softly spoke.  “Friday night, Chicago, Illinois, the career of nine men come to an end, while another just begins... and I'll be DAMNED if my career comes to an end!  I'm coming to Chicago to become the number one contender and I will not leave until that happens!  MARK.  MY.  WORDS!

His screams echoed off the walls, but he soon went back into his transient state.  His head resting against the cold cement wall, his eyes closed and his head swaying back and forth; he looked incredibly relaxed.  Suddenly, he started singing a familiar tune, softly under his breath, making the atmosphere incredibly eerie, as if it weren't already.

All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces.  Bright and early for the daily races, going nowhere, going nowhere.  And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad.  The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I ever had.  I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take.  When people run in circles it's a very, very... Maaaad wooorld...”  

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 3rd 2016, 12:21 am by Jacob Senn

The entire reason why I’ve returned from the grave. During these four months of agonizing pain, unable to do anything but wait until I could return back to my body’s prime, I’ve been forced to watch corruption take root into my home. While watching this, I gained the opportunity to reflect on myself. Why did this happen? How did this happen to me? What could I have done to stop it? Finally, it hit me like a bolt of lightning. I’m not the same man I was. I worried about being the conquering hero beloved by Dynasty than actually walking out of the ring with my mission complete and doing what Dynasty needed me to do. I wanted to be revered, I wanted to hear the crowd accept me, but that led to my eventual fall to Zack Crash at the EAW Draft Show. Now, it’s something that will never happen again. Instead of worrying about what a face in the crowd thinks about me, I’m focused on bringing forth punishment onto those who’ve wronged me and this brand. It won’t be pretty, it won’t be a valiant effort, it’s going to be ugly and it will get there rapidly. If Grand Rampage wasn’t an indicator for you of what to expect from Jacob Senn, just wait until I step into the ring with the agent of chaos and make him pay of his sins.

Kevin Hunter, you don’t know me, but I know you. You are an anarchist, thriving under extreme situations, something that Rhaegar didn’t quite understand about you. You go to extraordinary lengths to put down your opponent, but so do I. I will bring violence that hasn’t been seen in EAW for a long time, cast it down upon those who deserve their punishment or stand in my path of casting said-punishment, and you are lumped into both categories yourself. People are asking the question. They are asking one that quite irritates me. Will I be able to fight? Once again, I hoped that Grand Rampage proved that to be an unequivocal point, but that’s why you will be punished. Not just for the chaos that you have brought into my home and brand, but because you stand in my way of victory into showing my enemies that last week was just the warning shot. What I did to Zack Crash, it was to let it be known that I was here and I’m not taking any shit from anyone. I’m didn’t come back to play the waiting game, didn’t come back to simply tow the line of wrestlers and fighters that sit in the locker room, I’m here to do a mission that I gave myself while I was in a hospital room. Destroying you, the man that thrives on chaos, will set the tone for everyone else to look at. When they see that you, a man that has bloodied and destroyed other men’s career has his own career shattered before his eyes by me, the punishment will fit the crime. Remember the man whose career you ended… Regulator… remember the blood that dripped from his face. I want you to remember that shell of flesh, blood, and bone. I want it to be ingrained into your psyche, Kevin, because you will become that man. I know you will fight with all you have, and I want you to, because it will prepare me for a much larger fight than you. This little skirmish that we will have, it pales in comparison to the true war that stands in front of us. The war is staring you in the face, Kevin, but what do you do? Instead of inserting yourself into this battle, you simply fight in squabbles with a man who continues to play Halloween in his Spartan costume while his grandfather follows him into the ring. So once we are through, go back to playing your games and maybe get yourself a nice little golden piece to add to your biker leathers, because I have serious problems to deal with.

I have cancers to cut out of this dying brand that people like HRDO and Sebastian Monroe are either blind to or can’t control through their conventional means. Omerta has played their game and have Dynasty in a corner, doing with it what they will, but they forgot this entire time about the one person that simply wants to watch them burn. Zack Crash, Scott Oasis, JJ Silva, Brody Sparks, and all of those sheep that follow them, they will all suffer for everything they have done to my home while I’ve had to recover from the destruction of The Glass Crypt. As for Omerta, you thought I was dead? You thought you could cast me aside like common trash? Trust me, we will have our time to discuss more, but for now remember… The Punisher comes for you.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 2nd 2016, 11:41 pm by Carlos Rosso

The seven days that I just spent globetrotting the world, defending the CWF World Heavyweight Championship, the Championship of the utmost significance on Showdown and surpassing even the Prestige of the EAW Championship, have been grueling. I sit here, communicating with you, the loyal fans of Elite Answers Wrestling, a proud but humble champion. Lucas Johnson and Lioncross both gave me their best shots in London and South Bend. It was not enough. Just like it hasn’t been enough for Chris Elite, The former Cloud Matsuda and Piff Fumador.

That is not enough for me to keep me satisfied. I want to defend this title against bigger, better, STRONGER competition to prove once and for all the legitimacy of this belt. I’m tired of hearing it questioned, even though I defend it more often than any other champion defends their championship with the notable exception of the Former Specialists Champion, Cailin Dillon. I want to prove that by restoring the prestige of the CWF World Heavyweight Championship that I am more than prepared to do the exact same thing with the EAW Championship, which has been sullied and decayed.

Speaking of the Championship in question, I have comments regarding what our great General Manager James Shields should do. It has been my position and continues to be so seeing as how I have yet to face a single defeat on Showdown since my arrival, combined with FIVE successful title defenses, combined also with making it to the last six of the Grand Rampage AFTER a title defense that left me bloodied and bruised, my case to be the top contender for the “other” world Championship on Showdown is fairly obvious.

I understand that Mexican Samurai was more or less jobbed out of his chance to become EAW Champion. I legitimately sympathize with my occasional training partner in this instance seeing I have been the victim of some jerking around by management myself. Unfortunately, my theory has always been “Take Your Shot. If you miss, back to the line.” Mexi MISSED HIS SHOT! It is unfair to hold up MY rightful challenge to the title by simply giving him a rematch when he couldn’t finish off Vendetta after already being given two opportunities. Also, I do have to note that he is already being pressed into a mandatory defense of his coveted Interwire Championship.

He should be held to his obligations as Interwire Champion and allow other people to pursue the EAW Championship. Shields can do whatever he wants, even if he wishes to try and forestall the inevitable reign of Carlos Rosso as EAW AND CWF Champion. I’m just making my position on the matter quite clear so there isn’t any confusion.

While I lasted a long time in the Grand Rampage, I didn’t win it. Congratulations are in order for Y2Impact, a guy who I don’t like but have gained a new measure of respect for. He came in #3 and outlasted everyone to win the largest Grand Rampage in history. He is definitely worthy of a Championship match of his choosing. Also, I would like to acknowledge the man who eliminated me, Aren Mstislav. I was unlucky and would look forward to facing you at a later time. Lioncross, you earned respect from me as well. We went to war. I won, but it was not without paying a heavy cost with my body. Your handiwork didn’t make it any easier to try to conquer the grand rampage, and your persistent presence made me expand a lot of energy just to survive.
This is the part of the program where I throw respect out of the window. Because there is one individual who I think needs to get his head out of his own ass.

Tyler Parker.

I heard him say something about two-faced individuals in this company. And then I got my hands on some other post talking about F-this guy and F-That guy and what he’s going to do. And all this other whining and ranting like a little girl. CRYING like a little bitch.

Tyler, you more than just about anyone here knows I’m not two-faced. I respect anybody who comes through those ropes and fights and claws for what’s theirs, especially somebody like you who has been to the top of the EAW summit as I’m aspiring to. But there is one thing that you know that everybody knows by now: if Carlos Rosso doesn’t like you, he’s not going to sit around and play games about it. He’s going to either A) Tell you TO YOUR FACE THAT HE HATES YOUR FILTHY STINKING GUTS or B) PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE AT THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY!





You’ll find your woods CHOPPED DOWN and a big old log cabin will be built with them: Carlos Rosso’s HOUSE. That’s what Showdown is now.

That’s a warning to anybody who walks around like their shit doesn’t stink and tries to come on Showdown like they run the show. The buck stops with the CWF World Heavyweight Champion and until the day I decide to hang up my boots Showdown belongs to me.

I may have the week off; I may not be there in the building but you best believe that I’m watching everything that happens on MY show like a hawk.

Carlos Rosso is Ichiban. If you don’t believe me, please come and prove me wrong.

I will see you worthless fools next week.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 2nd 2016, 11:04 pm by Cailin Dillon

Battleground #1
So I guess we’re set to do this yet again. Old friends, yes… that we are. Lifelong enemies? Hardly. Two people destined to meet over and over again and fight like rivals, apparently that’s where the hammer hits the nail on the head. Our past is colored, checkered, filled in like a never-ending survey and it’s sure to continue over and over. I’m sure what I can expect to see from you this week. All the usuals when we meet. You’re gonna bring up Steph and how she’s the Specialist Champion now. You’re going to mention how I made an early exit in the match at Grand Rampage. Let’s get it all out of the way now. Because we could write chapter after chapter about your own personal failures. But that’s just the typical lazy way of doing things. This is an atypical match though, isn’t it? This is your chance to get a shot at your nemesis and prove your loss to her at Grand Rampage was just a fluke. In the same token this is my chance to take back what is mine. I will promise you this now, Haruna, I will do whatever it takes to beat you. Whether you plan on having your boyfriend come down and cause some random fuckery to help you win or you have Jade smuggling pills into the ring for you in her ass, it’s going to take more than dust and brass knuckles to keep me from getting back to where I want to be. We’ve met one-on-one four times before. This is a rubber match for us. So leave the toys at home, sack up and come to face me like the woman you supposedly claim to be.
You see, the last time we met was when you were trying to reclaim your Specialist title. But I beat you for the second straight time. And that, mixed with the Sexy Curry drama, helped you decide to step away from this place for a short period. You came back pretending to be someone different all together. You wanted to make people take you seriously. So you started taking the low road as much as you can. I don’t know where you learned all of this. But that’s not the Haruna that I knew. That’s not who you really are. And you’ve tried to become someone you aren’t. Where has it gotten you? You’re no further than you were before. You took a step back and counted your coin and tried to cross yours T’s and dot your I’s. What you came back with is the strategy that was supposed to change everything. What have you really changed? Do you think being a bitch and cheating is what makes you stronger than your opponents. How many matches have you won by doing that? I bet you felt really good after you beat the Cloud right out of Steph. But you didn’t beat her on your own, did you? At the Vixen’s Cup you needed to have Jade run a distraction. What a shame. You two had such a buildup in a sort of feud between you two, even if it didn’t make as much sense to everyone else as it did to the two of you. But there was Jade, dropping off a pill on the side of the ring so that you could win this match. This is what doing whatever it takes means to you. Some of us are taking big risks and going for amazing moves. You’re just standing around sneezing dust into someone’s face. But you didn’t stop there. It had to be about beating the name right out of her. So you put brass knuckles in your gloves and ran a match in front of what must be the most incompetent referee that has ever graced an EAW ring. The commentators knew it. The people in the last section of the arena with the worst seats in the house could see it. But what did you prove? Not a thing. Because when it came down to the two of you at Grand Rampage, you got outfoxed. Steph beat you when you couldn’t cheat. You still have something to prove, especially to her. But you won’t dare get that chance by getting through me.
I’ll be honest with you. I’m pissed off. I let myself down at Grand Rampage to proportions that only you had reached before.  Just ask the cleanup crew that had to bolt the ‘Play Like a Champion Today,’ sign back on the wall. I have two things coming into this match that you’re about to see from me. There’s an equal level of rage and concentration. Let’s call it concentrated rage. It’s the kind you don’t want to deal with. Because it’s the kind that you keep waiting to make your opponent screw up. Instead I just keep coming at you, kick after kick, brutal punches and big slams that you keep digging deep from within to get up from. It’s the kind that sees you hit me as hard as you possibly can, going strong style to the extreme, only to see me turn my head right back and hit you with a full head of steam. To be brutally honest with you, I’m sorry that they put you in this match with me. You know there is no hatred between us, no matter what the history between you and Steph is. But to me it doesn’t matter who is holding that title. I’m doing everything I can to get back to fighting for that belt. This isn’t fun and games for me. This isn’t about getting a title match with Steph so we can just laugh and giggle and she can drive us home and let me hold her belt. That bullshit isn’t going to happen. And unfortunately, they put you as the obstacle for me to get to there. I’m on a warpath, and you’re standing in the way. I’m taking you out and I’m getting my chance.
It’s funny the way things work in this business, isn’t it? You should know, you’ve been there before. You had that belt for a few minutes and as soon as you lost it people started to forget about you. You felt it wasn’t fair, I know that. There are a lot of things about that period that left you pretty jaded. I know what it’s like. I was a champion for five months and already there are people sleeping on me. But I’m not about to wait another five months to make my next move. You’ve been stuck in a rut as you tried to get back to champion status, but I won’t be replicating that. My times isn’t over. This is only the beginning of what’s to come for me. Sometimes I can’t tell if you’re patient or you’re just fine with walking along this narrow path and never veering off. But I’m not out for some slow stroll for the park. I’ve been filled with an insatiable hunger that can only be filled with one thing. That’s meeting you in that ring and beating you for the third straight time. I guess it was always destined to happen again. We were going to end up meeting one-on-one with another prize dangled above our heads. You beat me the first two times we met. But since then, when the prize was as big as could be, I have consistently had the edge. This time I don’t need to point out your sins and I don’t need to help you finish more chapters of the book of Haruna, the one that highlights every lowlight along the way. We don’t even need to dwell on that nonsense. Because I’m confident that I will meet you head to head and take you down without needing to go down those paths.
Losing the title at Grand Rampage didn’t prove anything. I can still beat anyone in this business one-on-one and I’ve proven that time after time. I beat you for this title twice, I took down Eris LeCava in a champion vs. champion match, and no one else has been able to take her down since she won that Vixen’s title. And I slayed the mighty Heart Break Gal when she staked her own claim on the Specialist Championship. No one pinned me this past weekend. I was cheated out of my chance to retain my title at Grand Rampage, but I won’t be cheated out of the chance to reclaim what I built almost from scratch. Nothing can change the fact that me five-month reign as champion was legendary. But why stop here? Why stop with just one reign as the Specialist Champion. This is only the beginning of what I’m about to do in this division Haruna. I’m just sorry that you got lucky draw number one. I’m out to slay another pretender, Haruna, and then I’ll go and take back what’s rightfully mine.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 2nd 2016, 9:50 pm by Abelard Becker
EAW needs you.



They finally admit it! After six years… SIX FUCKING YEARS those are not my words, they are the words of Smackdown GM, James Shields who, other than Matt Daniels is the SMARTEST man in the history of this company. The only one who was bold enough to swallow his pride and tell the TRUTH. I could gloat about this all day, but maybe I’ll take the time to do that tomorrow, today it seems as if I have some explaining to do.

Actually, I’m not sure if  explaining is the right word to use there. Maybe teach? Would that be better? Because I’m not here to just explain why I left EAW last year, I’m here to teach you all a little about life, because apparently to a lot of you, this is life, and oh how wrong that is.

Imagine for a second, if you will… you’re stuck working for a company that you hate, where your bosses treat you like garbage, your co-workers hate you, where you’re miserable every single day and as a result, feel unmotivated to work. Now imagine, you can leave this place… simply because YOU CAN, what are you gonna do?

The answer seems clear if not blatantly obvious, and certainly very justifiable, but when I did just that last April, it was met with resentment and backlash. It was seen as me turning my back on EAW. And I found that hilariously hypocritical, but I guess it’s one of those situations where if you weren’t in my shoes, you weren’t gonna get it. So I’ve chosen to look past the backlash and resentment in this particular case but truthfully, you should never need a reason for leaving… your JOB. Here is where THE problem lies, there are way too many people that don’t understand that this is just a job. You go out every week and work, and you get a paycheck for it… THAT IS A JOB. It’s a job that some of you may love doing, but at the end of the day, you are contracted to “Elite” Answers Wrestling as an employee, and just as they have the right to fire you, you have the right to quit. There is more to life than wrestling, I understand the affection for it, we all have it, if we didn’t we wouldn’t be here but you cross a line when you go from being a wrestling fan, to a professional wrestler. You can’t be a fan anymore, you have to give up the love affair or you’ll never find the success that you crave. It’s actually pretty tragic, to have success in the business that you love, you have to learn to hate it. It could all be a bit overwhelming, one day you’re watching Showdown, the next day you’re on Showdown. One day you’re watching Mr. DEDEDE, the next you’re wrestling him. I’m not saying you have to flip the switch automatically, it’s a gradual process, and don’t think you can’t find success during this process, here let me explain myself further because this is where it all gets a bit gray. We all know of that infamous brass ring or the elusive glass ceiling, which is more or less just “fancy talk” for being the man, or the woman… since you know now… in 2016 EAW finally decided it wanted to treat women as equals. It’s everyone’s dream, it’s everyone’s aspiration, no one wants to settle for just being “good”, yet the majority of people who walk in and out of EAW’s doors are just that… good, not great. People spend their entire careers trying to grab the ring, or to break the ceiling, and they get so close, they get their fingertips on the ring, they press their face up against the ceiling… but you can’t pull it down, you can’t break through it… and that’s when it has to happen. That’s when you need to let go, so you can transcend from good to great, so you can pull down the ring and shatter the glass. It’s so, so simple, it’s such a basic formula.

To be great, you need to hate.

I just gave away the biggest secret this industry has to offer, you’re welcome, and I wish you all the greatest of success.

So now let’s see, that’s a life lesson, the greatest advice you’ll ever get in this business… I guess the only thing left to address is Showdown this Saturday. I have three opponents, and oddly enough, I’m flattered by that, because no one else in EAW gets three opponents, because no one else can handle three opponents. As far as the opponents themselves?... I don’t know your names, and I’m not going to bother to learn them. I take it this is a relatively new experience for each of you, so I’m not gonna spoil much, I’ll let Saturday be a surprise.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 2nd 2016, 9:48 pm by ThePizzaBoy
The camera opens up in the locker room after Grand Rampage where a still in-gear Pizza Boy sits in the shower with the EAW National Championship slung over his shoulder.  The water from the shower spigot bounces off of the face of the gold, and runs down PB's shades and read pleather jacket as he sits stoically, seemingly unresponsive to the water raining down on him.

PB: I went into Grand Rampage denouncing not only a gift of the Gods, but also a God himself.  But did anyone notice? No.  Do you know why, Nico? Because He left me long before I left him.  It's kinda like standing out in the middle of a field and shouting at the sky while trying to throw a toy rocket into orbit: Nobody's listening, and no matter how hard you try it's all going to come falling back down to earth.  This National championship came back to me when I tried to throw it back into God's face, and I defended it against yet another one of his disciples, one disguised to look like me, act like me, and hell even smell and taste like me, but unlike me he didn't have the vision to see the world as it is.  There is no good, no bad, no penitence to be paid or offered.  We're all alone, and despite what we try and do to desecrate or uphold that which is holy, nobody is paying attention either way.  It's like that movie 'The God's Must Be Crazy'.  If you worship a piece of trash that appears from the ether, that piece of trash is going to only reveal itself to be what it truly is; a piece of trash.

PB pulls off his shades, slinging his matted hair out of his face in the process.  He stares into the camera earnestly as water dots his face.

PB: No matter what I try, no matter what I say, defending this National Championship isn't going to do anything to win me His favor.  Dressing up like him, doing his moves, upholding our legacy? It doesn't do anything.  After all, this gold isn't His gold, and this sport isn't His sport.  No, not anymore.  This sport is MY sport, and this gold holds up MY pants! 

Suddenly, a toweled Tony Rolland wanders into the shower humming to himself, stepping over PB, giving him an unwanted eyeful of what lies beneath the towel around Tony's waist.  Rolland starts scrubbing away, ignoring the disgusted looks of his protege on the ground.

PB: Anyway, this is MY time!

TR: Oh hey! Thanks for giving me your spot in the Grand Rampage, kid.

PB: Tony, I'm kind of in the middle of something.

Tony casually glances over his shoulder to his student.  PB nods toward the camera. Tony turns slowly to find the camera.  His eyes grow wide as his towel falls to the ground, revealing, horrifyingly enough, a pair of tighty whitey's designed like Rolland's mask.


Tony hops in the air, running in one place like a cartoon character, before darting out of the locker room 'nude'.  PB stands up, watching his mentor run off, presumably making a cartoonish man shaped hole in the wall.

PB: You know something? That nut is onto something.

PB shrugs his National title off of his shoulder, letting it slide down his slick pleather jacket sleeve.

PB: I don't need this title.  I don't need these shades, or this jacket.

[/b]PB pulls the jacket off, whipping it into the floor emphatically.  He looks down at his matching pants.[/b]

PB: or these!

PB shimmies out of his faux leather pants,hopping to dislodge his feet from them as they reach his ankles.  He walks up to the camera, unintentionally censoring himself from the waist down in the process.

PB: Nico Borg, you don't need some insane, sado-masochistic vision of religion either.  What kind of god would allow men like us to exist? Much less reach out to us to deliver their insidious message of pain? What kind of god would put this idea in our head that we're meant to punish men to gain divine privilege? You're as lost as me, aren't you? You're as sick as I pretend to be.  You really hear something that tells you that what you do is not only OK, but your only key to salvation.  And I've got to believe that it's just that, some psychosis, some barking neighborhood dog on the other side of your apartment wall telling you to tie your opponents in knots, torture them, kill their careers.

PB looks down at his National title, laying amidst his discarded ring attire.  He then looks up at the camera with a glint of clarity in his eyes.

PB: You plan to make me your sacrifice, your penance, your lamb to the alter.

PB smiles, letting out a horrified guffaw.

PB: My god, you don't know do you? I mean, I know you're new, but you really don't understand what you've gotten yourself into.  Well rest assured, my militant friend, you've picked the most gluttonous punishment taker in the EAW to be your first burnt offering.  I've even made the alter for you, because my blood is on every fiber of the ring ropes, my DNA is in every stitch of canvas, and my mortal heart and soul has been in that EAW ring since my very first match.  Even the mats and announce table have absorbed my blood, sweat, spit, and tears.  If you've come to this company looking to sacrifice it's fighting spirit, it's conscience, it's ever loving mascot, then you've ran across him, and he's feeling pretty jilted right now.  So go 'head.

PB raises his face up to the spout and spreads his arms out to his side.

PB: Send me to God, holy man! Go ahead and try it! He doesn't want me, he doesn't want to meet the me he's created, the cast out Cain, the fallen brother with the bloodstains on his hands.  He's damned me to walk the earth, the original sinner with no passport to heaven or hell.  And no matter how hard I scrub, no matter how long I sit in this shower, hot or cold, this water isn't going to cleans me, and neither will any ocean of pain you have to offer me, for I have been thrown from Chambers, I've been powerbombed through barricades, and I've fallen from the stairway to heaven.  The sky wont open up to take me and the ground refuses to swallow me.  And do you know why? It's not because Heartbreak Boy was a god, it's not because the National Title is my destiny,it's because EAW will not die,and as the embodiment of everything this company stands for, every rough edge, every uphill battle, every single jaw dropping, heart stopping, gut wrenching and fan pleasing moment.

Pizza Boy bends down, only to come back up moments later and fidget with his waist off camera in a fairly provocative way.

PB: I'm going to knock so much sense into you, and it wont be in the name of a god, or a man, or a title.  It'll be in the name of Andrew Sanders, the motherlickin' Pizza Boy! The champion of whatever Nation he so chooses to bleed in to uphold the initials of EAW!  And you know something? Unlike you, I can live with that fact, I can make you hurt in the most malicious way, and I can sleep with a clean conscience without having to pray the blood away.  So how about you come to that ring in the mindset that you're coming into it alone and see what you can do to EAW's resident punching bag. It's time to make the pizza, motherfucker.

PB backs away from the camera with his hands out to his sides, naked as a jay bird, and only wearing the EAW National Title as he turns, literally and figuratively showing his ass to the camera as he exits the still running showers.
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Dynasty Promo #1

'' At Grand Rampage I accomplished something that is beginning to become a recurring event. I stole the show, and I achieved such without even being upon the card. Whilst I am almost certain the ignorant, easy to manipulate majority of wrestling fans worldwide will claim and argue that it was in fact Y2Impact who made headlines, the very few efficient, intelligent individuals in our universe will know that it was in fact me, Sheridan Müller, who did so. I have witnessed many on social media, and listened to a fair few people say that, if I were so efficient, why did I not cash in there and then. Why didn't I establish myself as the Vixens Champion a mere two months since I won the Vixens Cup? These people simply do not understand. These people are small minded, and fail to see the bigger picture. It would have been wonderful to put Eris in her place, considering how demeaning she speaks towards the few women in this division who can actually wrestle, and whilst it would be pure bliss for me to further my German Efficiency revolution in the division by cashing in and making myself the pinnacle of women's wrestling in EAW, there are other matters at hand. Madison Kaline is this matter. As a German, I have to do things very efficiency, I am a workaholic, and when I eventually do become the Vixens and Specialists champion, and when German Efficiency becomes the cornerstone of Elite Answers Wrestling, I will have achieved my goal here in EAW. But unfortunately for myself, negatives have to be eliminated from the equation, so to speak. You have to de-construct a problem before you can fix it, you have to wipe away the mud and stains before you can clean a window. Madison Kaline is the mud. She is holding this division down. I didn't want to nationally embarrass her, and my intentions certainly were not for her to lose to Eris at Grand Rampage, however she attacked me on Dynasty just as I were about to beat the Heart Break Gal. That doesn't sit right with me. The whole cause for German Efficiency is that this scrappy behaviour isn't needed in the Efficiency era. Madison Kaline got physical in my match, she tarnished my chances of further proving I am a superior athlete in this promotion. See, some of us carry ourselves with a little more class than that. I don't go throwing my fists and kicks into other peoples business. Maybe if you behaved professionally like myself you could have had another one month title reign, Madison. Instead of costing you your opportunity at the belt, however, I decided to prank you. It is just a prank, bro. I set up the cameras and I was amused at your reaction. It was a social experiment, and not only did you behave as expected, but you also lost your concentration, lacked efficiency, and lost your match also. Oh what a shame, whilst I am the personification of German Efficiency, whilst I am the most superior athlete in this industry, who elevates anybody I am in the ring with, and whilst I do indeed steal every show I am present at, there is one thing which sometimes has to prioritize over all of the above, and that is a good old-fashioned prank. These won't come often, but you asked for it. You physically got involved in my match, despite the fact I continue to prove, and will continue to establish, German Efficiency as the future of the Vixens division. I have attempted to show you the future, but you're stuck in the past, it would seem. You have attracted the attention of Die Tigress, and German Efficiency will happily eradicate your presence from the Vixens Division. ''

Sheridan sighed. Her current location was in a typical American diner. She had grown bored of the futile attempts of the staff here to attend to her needs. She had ordered some food from the menu, and it was oh so typical of these non-efficient workers to not only bring it late, but to bring it under-cooked. She was attired in a fitted leather black bomber jacket, a white top underneath, amalgamated with drawstring skinny sweatpants. She had a casual, yet bad ass look to her. It didn't help she wore aviators and had blonde hair in a French plait, which ran down her left shoulder. She had decided to film a promotional video whilst waiting for her food, it would only take a couple of minutes, she didn't really need to address much. Her attention turned elsewhere, as a waiter, who was off-screen, delivered her food over to her for the second time in ten minutes or so. Sheridan rolled her eyes, before they narrowed, and instead of thanking the man, she simply licked her lips and waited for him to leave her presence. Before eating, however, she would continue to address her thoughts.

'' Anyhow, enough about pranks and Madison, I have much more exciting matters to talk about. This Friday on Dynasty I go up against Grace Izumi, I am incredibly exuberant about this match, for I truly believe Grace will easily be able to adapt to the ways of German Efficiency. I'm not going to judge her lack of performance in the Specialists Grand Rampage, even our neighbourhood motivational speaker Cailin Dillon failed to deliver in that match, it wasn't really a spectacle after all considering that Cloud, Stephanie whatever won it after all. You guys know me, I'm a realist, I don't really like talking about things that happened last year, at most I'll make tiny references to things that may have occurred in the past month, in comparison to the likes of most the names I've mentioned thus far, surely my realistic approach is a breath of fresh air. Grace Izumi is a good wrestler. But she is not better than German Efficiency and she will not overcome myself on Dynasty. Even of Madison decides to poke her nose into my affairs yet again, it's fair to state she is a little, how is it said over here, salty, when it comes to whining and losing matches. I am a superior athlete, I exceed Grace from mat skills to brawling to flat out resilience. Whilst I am sure we will put on match of the night, I am also certain the ending of said match will be me submitting her or pinning her shoulders to the mat for the three count. I have some faith within her, however. I do believe that when I am the spearhead for women's wrestling in North America that she will be able to adapt to German Efficiency. Like I stated, she is good. I hope she replies to me before our match, I might as well make an attempt to abide by this sports entertainment crap if I am going to be the face of the company before the year is at an end. I don't enjoy it, but that is what I am all about, I am efficient, and will do things I don't want to do, and I will do them immaculately and do them better than anybody else in Elite Answers Wrestling. I've said all I've wanted to be said, I have food to eat now before I take a well deserved nap. Grace, I look forward to our match on Dynasty, I have high hopes for it. Whilst your loss is unavoidable, at least you'll have an attempt to prove to me you're not like the other fame whores and attention seekers in this mainly cancerous division. See you on Friday. ''
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TLA Return Promo

Lead Poisoning

He back. He back on yo bitch. He back. He back fuckin’ shit up. He back. Oh y’all didn’t hear? He back. Can’t keep a good vato down. He back. Can’t fire TLA. He back. I ain’t no pedo. He back. Minns ain’t. He back. Back up on all you bitches.


The scene fades in to a busy city street in Southbend, Indiana. A trail of cars impatiently follows a tractor from the Indiana farmlands down the street, some honking impatiently.

Awwwww yeaaaa it’s yo boi TLA comin’ at y’all life straight outta that 305 like we do. Ya heard of me, or ya gonna get a reminder cuz that’s how I roll. Ain’t no introductions necessary cept what I light up with my fist.

Fire is my introduction cuz I be spittin’ it and if you ain’t get out soon yo ass gonna get burnt. Ain’t no fault of my own, it yo fault for standin’ in the god damn way. Time for yet anotha revolucion or maybe we gonna go jihad on yo asses. Ye I fucks with Allah sometimes, but truth is imma godless motherfucker. I be one of them athiest motherfuckers, godless heathen n shit cuz when every other vato be callin’ themselves a god or a messiah it ain’t even a matter of belief no more. It’s a matter of paying attention.

And I got a problem with that.

TLA waves the smoke out of his face as he blazes up another joint. TLA is maskless, except for a rag he’s got tied around his neck over a dark green Miami Hurricanes jersey with the 305 on the front.

I got a short attention span. Always have, and wait what was I talkin’ about again? Oh yeah fuck yo ego bitch, you gettin’ a reality check at the hands of the Realest Revolutionary. Cuz I be leadin’ the charge against y’all or I was before they tossed yo boi out. If they all gods, then yo boi be a fallen god cuz I got just as much claim on this shit as anybody.

But they took my shit yo.

TLA throws his middle finger in the air as Steroid Dawg looks up in alarm thinking TLA threw something to fetch. Steroid Dawg hustles off to get it back.

And imma get it back. Cuz shit that went down. It ain’t right. So we gonna talk about it. We gonna wade through the propaganda, we gonna find out just what my name mean on these streets these days. Cuz they still drop it. They still talk and what they sayin…

I gots a problem with that too.

TLA leans back on his 1958 Chevy Impala lowrider painted up with fire as he looks across the alley at the art tagged up on the walls of a recently abandoned 7-Eleven.

I’m the biggest hypocrite of 2015. Once I finish this witnesses will convey just what I mean… Come on down for story time with Uncle TLA, learn how yo boi got a taste of the big lights, how them lights corrupted his ass, how they tossed him straight back into the dark shit from whence he came.

Once upon a time in Mexico, not long ago... lived a little ese vato who made all that dough. He fought and he fought till he could fight no more... and finally one day the EAW fat cats came and let him come up thru that door. He got a taste of the limelight, got all the green, bitches, and hos… and he even had them fans screamin’ he name out errywhere that he goes

But some shit changed when he got a taste of that gold… people called him a leader, said he was stunning and bold. But he proved himself none of those things, and out he sold. So he got put in his place… tossed out in that winter cold.

They said it was an injury, said it was a samurai who’d done it. But it ain’t none of that shit… cuz this vato...he too legit. To wrestlin’ his entire life be commit… to get fit, but he just another misfit, and that’s why there ain’t nobody else to blame but this own motherfuckin’ hypocrite.

Cuz these people supported him even as he turned his back to the dark side. Put on a scary mask, gave no fucks about anyone else ringside. He lost track of who he was, so deep were Mustafa’s lies… Perhaps he punished himself… for not seeing through his guise.

But wisdom ain’t solitary… when you alone… you become yo own adversary… you just ancillary… to the rest… and you get left out of every discussion of the best. When best ain’t somethin’ to aspire to, better is all you can do, every chance you take is a victory, ain’t shit left you ain’t already blew. You know I been through… it all, they got my name on the wall… as a champion, a motherfuckin’ brawler… but this dawg be unhinged from all y’all ‘ere, cuz just like Steroid Dawg I ain’t got no collar.

Nothing now to hold me back. I make no more excuses. A man is only as great as the choices that he chooses. And still he only weak as the people he abuses. So no more. I do shit right, the first time. I may have lost the rhyme but ain’t gonna lose myself in this climb. I’m back. I’m on the ball. Ain’t no shit gonna keep me out at all. Not even Trump’s wall. Fuck the haters… you know how we do. We back whether they want us or not like Saddam in 2002.

Now I’m done with the rhymes, TLA CLASSIC has arrived. Back in business, we never sellin’ out again. The #ouTLAwz are rollin’ again doin’ drive-bys on yo property. We ain’t holdin’ no grudges, but you fucks with us and yo gonna get put down. Hypocrites bein’ phased out like old technology, been doin’ this shit for so long the game done change. Can’t resist that… Only causes sufferin’... And yo boi bout to change shit around here, drown these resistant motherfuckers out. The Resistance ain’t gonna stop us, the Revolution is here. So throw yo middle fingers in the air if you ready to just not give a fuck again. I ain’t askin’ for support, I ain’t kissin’ ass. I ain’t lookin’ to make excuses and I ain’t beggin’ for fans. I got a old motto as my new motto, cuz I ain’t no gawd, I ain’t no messiah, and this time… I ain’t no hypocrite.

Lead don’t follow.

TLA bows his head, and slowly pulls his rag up over his face as he had done so many times before…

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This is uncut, this is uncensored, this is raw --- everything I'm going to say is unfiltered. I've bit my tongue for some time and I don't think it's fair to any of you if I kept lip-tight about it anymore.

Every single one of you are too sensitive, you get your feelings hurt and you hold things against everyone. You're so passive-aggressive, you talk about others behind their backs and you run your mouths. You don't know how to talk to anyone, you don't know when to shut your mouths and you bite off more than you can chew. You know I'm right and that's too hard for you to swallow, that's too hard for you to stomach and digest. You hate it, you hate it with every fiber of your being but you're not going to do anything about it because there's nothing you can do about it. None of you have it in you to do anything and that could just be because of how you were raised --- you were sheltered and you were nurtured. You can't do anything yourselves, you have to have someone to do it for you. Some of you don't even know how to take a shower and you have to have your mother remind you of how. You know how sad that is? You know how sad it is that you have to be reminded to take a shower? It's more than sad --- it's shameful. It's shameful because I have to put a stop to that and put some of you back in your place. Shame is what you feel. You know who else feels that? Your mother. Because she still has to raise you, she still has to shelter you and she still has to nurture you. You're sad and you're a terrible human being for making your mother do that. What's even more sad is that you have to rely on this, that you're so consumed with this. You have no one else, no one has your back anymore and you have no one's back anyway. Because if you had someone's back, you'd just stab them there. You wouldn't even hesitate to stab them in the back if it benefits you in any way, shape or form. That's because you're me first. That's because you're selfish. That's because you don't care about anyone but yourself. You don't care about anyone else and that's why no one likes you. That's why the ones who like you are the ones who are just like you. The ones who are going to tell you what you want to hear, the ones who aren't going to disagree with anything you say, the ones who are just as sheltered and nurtured as you are. Half of you are. Some of you talk a big game but what it boils down to is who wants it more and I want it more than any of you. None of you have the passion and the fire that I have. I've been taken to limits that I didn’t even know I had and each time, I walked out. I walked out on my own two feet, most of the time I walked out with the win. I walked out even after I had been through so much. Are you starting to get it through your thick, brainless skulls? Are you starting to realize that messing with me is a lost cause? That stabbing me in the back is just a foolish move? You have to realize that you and I are on different playing fields. If any of you try me, if any of you step up to the plate, if any of you take a swing... you're not even going to put the bat to the ball and get a hit. You don't know where to put it, you don't know the difference between a 4-seam fastball and a 2-seam fastball or the difference between a changeup and a split finger. You swing at the first pitch. You hitting a home run? That's not going to happen. What's going to happen is that I'm going to teach you a lesson; a lesson in position.

Everything you see? Everything from the hard mat on the ring to the grainy/shit-filled dirt in the ground is in MY name. Every step you make, every breath you take... that's MY floor you're stepping on, that's MY air you're breathing in. In Saudi Arabia, if you steal anything, if you take anything that isn't yours, they cut your hand off. After you've stolen something, you're nothing more than a thief. You know what I'm going to do for those who have stolen from me, who has taken from me? I'm going to cut their legs off and I'm going to cut their oxygen off. They're going to be on their hands and knees in front of me and they're going to be gasping for air like the bottom bitch they are. They're going to be on life support for a few weeks, they're going to be drinking their food through a straw and as they're drinking their food, the doctor is going to go into the hospital room, check up on them and inform them that there's not much else they can do. The doctor is going to try to get permission from their loved ones, permission to take them off of life support but the doctor isn’t going to get anyone's permission because their loved ones don't even love them. To their loved ones, they've been dead and after the doctor takes them off of life support, they're going to be pronounced dead --- their name on the obituaries in the local newspaper. Though I might be trapped to the ring, I actually like it. I like being trapped in there. You have no idea what it’s like to be trapped in there because if he had any idea, then you'd be too much of a wuss to get into the ring. None of you can hold a candle to me. You're not what I am in the ring. I go out there and the fans are on their feet for me because they spend their hard-earned money on tickets to watch me. You're not what I am and you're never going to be. The sad thing is, is that you want to be me more than anything. You imitate me, you take notes; you mold yourself into my image. You talk about me to the others in the back and try to make me look bad. You try to exploit me but little do you know, there's nothing to expose. You can't expose something that's been open. The fans know about me, everyone in the back knows about me and your family knows about me. I'm the one that's making the rules; I'm the one that's reestablishing EAW to what it used to be. I create everything here because I'm on the highest pedestal. Tell me who can do what I've done in this business? You can't because you can't even beat me even if I was blindfolded and two hands tied behind my back. What can you do to me that hasn't been done before? Tell everyone I'm a liar and some sort of a fake? Make everyone think that? What can you do? You can't hurt me unless my back is turned so what can you do? Nothing. You can't do a damn thing and that tears you up inside. That ruins you because you can't ruin me. You've tried so many times and you've failed each time. I might be trapped to the ring but at the same time, I want to be trapped there. That's what I'm good at, that's where I thrive. That's where I'm on the top of my game. Trap me in my own ring, keep me there because there? I'd tear you apart, limb from limb, breaking every bone in your scrawny and fragile body. I'm going to break you in like the bitch you are. There? No one can touch me.

I've made my way around the ropes, I know how this business works and I know how to do my job. I know what it takes to be the best and that's why I can't be beat. Some of you seem to think otherwise, some of you think I can be beat but where's the proof? Where's the evidence that supports your statements to be factual? I don't see any evidence because you make baseless claims. All you want to do is attempt to get into my head while getting the others in the back on your side but even then, with the others in the back on your side, what are you going to do to me? Have them distract me while you try to attack me from behind? I don't get distracted and I have eyes in the back of my head, so what can you even do? Oh, I know. You can take the beating that you've been wanting, then go back to your roach-infested apartment and chug a twelve pack of beer. From there, you can tell yourself that you're a failure and that I'm better than you. You should know that I'm better than you but you're stubborn --- being that stubborn makes you an even bigger fool but that's fine by me because you're going to be resting on the mat wondering what happened. You make me look weak by having the others in the back on your side, making them think these terrible things but after I've put you in your place, they're going to realize that I am what I say I am. It happens every time; it's a never-ending cycle. Make me look weak, make me look lesser somehow and I'm going to show how much stronger I am. Do you think I like that you're twisting things and talking about me like you know me? That you're trying to persuade the others in the back that I'm good for nothing? You're going to slander me and for what? So everyone dislikes me because I'm the face? You're trying to destroy EAW when I'm trying to rebuild it. I destroyed the faulty foundations and slowly I've rebuilt it... brick by brick, body by body, match by match. I've made this business into something someone could be proud of. You just want to take that away because you're jealous of me... always have been. I mean, look at you, you put on an act as if you're tough and scary. You get a kick out of telling others to kill themselves and you get a kick out of making others feel like shit but that just goes to show how sad you are. You're so insecure over yourself and it's depressing. You try and turn EAW into a joke by trying to take over it. What do you think this is? This is a business. This isn't a place for immaturity. I'm the example that's set for guys like you but just like guys like you, you won't get anywhere. You're going to sit and drawn in your own disgust to the point you realize that everything I've said about you is the truth. I've made you my bitch and it's sad because I thought more of you. I expected so much more from you. You want to be me but no one wants to be you. Know why that is? That's because you're stuck in a place built by my own two hands; stuck with someone that created everything. Mr. DEDEDE didn't create this place, I did. In just a few years, I've made this business what it is. I've created everything. The fans, the atmosphere, I've created it all. Everything happens because of me. I'm the life of this business and I'm everything everyone wants to be. I'm the face, the measuring stick and the Hall of Famer here.

But... there seems to be a few who are two-faced in this business and that's what I've learned in the past year --- that this is a business and everyone is in it for themselves. That was something I had to learn and after learning that, I don't feel bad whatsoever for the things I've said and for the things I'm going to do. I don't feel bad because this is a business and in this business, it's either kill or be killed and I'm not going to be killed.

You? You're just stuck thinking about beating me, then realizing you can't do that. You think you work so hard but you never seem to get anything done. I know how you are; you go on and say that all you ever want to do is be on top but you won't even climb. You slip and you fall. You won't put the work in as you're too busy complaining like the little bitch that you are. You complain because you lose a match fair and square. You complain if you don't get what you want. Take off the layer of skin that you wear in front of everything and we're left with a scared, whiny little bitch. You're scared of confrontation; scared of the truth, scared of me. You tell yourself constantly that you can't beat me and you know it. You make yourself think that you're below me which is why you're reluctant to say something to my face. You're hesitant to say some things because you know every word out of your mouth is a blatant lie. You're just spreading falsehoods and fabrications. Misconstruing everything I say. You're fake. You've fallen to me too many times and you're going to fall to me again. I want everyone to see you where you belong which is on your knees looking up at the fans wondering why you got yourself into this. This is everything to me, this is the business I care about; this is my home and you aren't taking me out of it. I try to bring order to EAW and if I have to do it by injuring others and telling the truth that no one wants to hear, then so be it. I will do anything to make sure EAW is honest and organized. I'm the reason we are where we are today. I'm making this what it is and that's something you could never do. All you know how to do is bitch, moan and bitch some more. Everything about you makes me want to hate you even more because I can't take you seriously. No one can. You can't even sit in the same room as me, let alone compete in one. If any of you try me, if any of you get into the ring with me, then I'm going to enjoy beating you... hurting you... humiliating you. Just like how you've tried to humiliate me and stop me from building the most prominent era in EAW history, I'm going to humiliate you. You're going to be humiliated because everyone is going to see you for what you are, everyone is going to find out that you're nothing more than a rat, everyone is going to know that you've lied to them. At the end of the day, you don't care about them or anyone else, you just care about getting what you want. That's your prerogative and it's a shame because everyone thought you actually cared for this business. I never thought that though. Because I'm not gullible like them, I have a brain and can think for myself. You might be wondering who I've been talking to this whole time but I'm talking to those who I have a problem with. I'm talking to those who don't have a backbone in their body to do anything to me. I'm talking to those who I've just gotten sick and tired of. I'm not singling out one person, I'm putting the entire locker room on notice. Whoever is holding the Answers World Championship before Pain for Pride is going to be defending it against me and I'm going to take it away from them like how some of you have tried to take everything away from me, like how Ares Vendetta tried to end my career. So much for that, huh? It's clear what I want. What I want... is a shot at the Answers World Championship. What I want... is to headline Pain for Pride. What I want... is Ares Vendetta.

Opening wounds...


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She smiles the moment she wakes up to begin a new day.

She walks the halls, rocking her heels and designer couture.

When you look at her, she smirks as if she's plotting her next evil scheme.

When you speak to her, she rolls her eyes and wonders why she's better than everyone else.

But behind this devilish smile and the confident way she faces the public audience, they don't know she becomes vulnerable by the second. A girl like her aspires to rule an entire land, slaying beasts, monsters, murderers and trolls in the process, all for the ambition that will never leave her mind until the day she fulfills it. She pushes herself too hard, everyone knows it. But she is ready as ever, and everyone can see it.

She walks a firey path hurting the soles of her feet, doing tasks that could strain her cause she refuses to slow down. She is making promises she might never live up to while weight of the world is on her shoulders and no one helping her through.

And the world can't possibly see how joyful, or upset, or determinued, or confident, or hurt she's feeling, why?

Because she kept smiling.


So... It's tonight. 

Two goals. Two matches. Fifty opponents.

FIFTY FUCKING OPPONENTS. I swear to fucking christ, it's literally HBG versus the entire EAW Roster, something I never thought would happen even when it was jokingly brought up in my second Vixens Championship run. Do you think I'll shiver in fear? Do you think I'll twitch moments before my matches? OH! Do I have a worried look on my face right now? 


I am alive and well! I rejoice over this so-called "trial", I am undeniably jubilant over the fact that I am about to make history in one night, that would affect the course of my entire career. Because really, what's the use of wallowing in tears waiting for someone to attack me and question my capabilities when I can just spend more time proving why they shouldnt and training for what, by far, is the most challenging night of my career? Going after my ambitions is what I've always been good at. You've seen it when I returned last year for Y2Impact to chase the Tag Team Championships! You've seen it when I got to spend every moment with my Hexa-gun comrades fighting off these glorified parasites and undertrained wannabe-athletes in FPVs where I had few of my finest moments! You have seen them as of late when I defeated my opponents, those who dared to stand across me and told me that I can no longer rely on my comrades, and I fucking kicked their asses one by one, and forced them to eat their words because I NEVER NEEDED HELP TO BEGIN WITH! And sure as the sun will rise and set within a day, I will contunue to let everyone see this passion, this fire, this greatness that I am capable of displaying in the ring. You can pile in those losses, and those times I've suffered defeat, but rest assured I would only scream "ZERO DEATHS" at your faces, reminding you that they're not enough to kill my fighting spirit. 

Though Hexa-gun is gone, EXTREME still lives within me. I am the representation of outrunning my opposition and robbing them blind when they don't see it coming, for the sake of my victory. I am the face of taking extreme measures and letting the audience know that I am willing to have my back broken, my skull cracked, my skin cut and my ribs crushed just to fight again and make them regret ever getting their slimy hands on me. I AM THE IMAGE OF TAKING RISKS AND PUTTING MY WELL BEING ON THE LINE IF IT MEANT MY GOALS WOULD COME TO LIGHT! I AM THE PERSONIFICATION OF STRENGTH AND CREATIVITY COMBINED! These dimwits are forgetting just exactly who I am, as they have forgotten what I am capable of. They forget what this match truly means to me and why I am set on winning it. WELL GET IT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING SKULL THAT I AM NOT JUST SOME OTHER BITCH SLAPPED IN THE ELITIST DIVISION BECAUSE THE MANAGEMENT FELT SORRY FOR HER LOSER ASS THAT SHE COULDNT WIN THE GODDAMN VIXENS CHAMPIONSHIP WHEN SHE WAS LITERALLYH THE ONLY OTHER VIXEN BESIDES THE CHAMPION! Like to talk shit? Here you fucking go. The reason I aspire to win the Grand Rampage match is I intend on going far and beyond what peoiple expect for a Vixen. I am willing to play the danger game where any day I could lose my head, because I set myself to a higher standard -- the standard of excellence, the standard of EXTREME, and I don't see something like this as a priviledge or a right, this is WHAT I WANT, and I AM WINNING IT FOR MYSELF. I don't care about the Vixens Division, and certainly I don't care about the Elitists turf... I am the Heart Break Gal and every decision I make is for my own benefit. This is weight I carry on my shoulder, at least for the time being, so when the dust has settled, I only have myself to look at whether or not I walk out the winner, while I can bet on my life you would just pass this off as another instance where you competed and kept up with the bests and survived 5 minutes in until idiots like JJ Silva or Chris Elite or Lucian Black became a hindrance to your success and rained on your parade. And HOW I WISH I HAD THAT KIND OF MENTALITY AS WELL! I wish I can just pass this off as another match done, another wasted opportunity. I wish I can just say that this isn't a big deal to lose, BUT I JUST CANT RISK THINKING THAT WAY BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHEN AN OPPORTUNITY LIKE THIS WOULD COME MY WAY AGAIN!

And I get it. I get that I'm overflowing with talent. I understand that nobody has reached my level of greatness, and I get that I am better than everyone else in the ring, and that the World Championship is bound to come my way... but it might take months, it might take years for that to happen and I refuse to waste another second waiting for my turn, distracted by the endless parade of stupidity from people who claim they are "better" than me, when I can just take everyone out in one match and take the stage for myself. I am taking action.

This isn't a cry for desperation. 

This is determination. This is passion. This is Greatness. 

This is The Heart Break Gal.

Soon WINNER of the 2016 Grand Rampage. And don't you fucking forget that.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 30th 2016, 10:00 pm by Christian Locke
    (With the Grand Rampage match just a day away, Christian is in the back sitting by himself, staring at his boots that are placed before him. He notices the camera in the corner of his eye and slowly turns to it.)

I don’t think anybody expected me to make it as far as I have. Relax, this isn’t going to be me talking about how I have beaten the odds and how many thought I shouldn’t be in EAW in the first place because I am too small, or something along those lines. Fuck those sob stories, we have heard enough of those! No, I want to make myself perfectly clear when I say that I belong here in EAW and I think, actually no I believe that I have earned my keep, so to speak, just like I have earned my salary, with my jaw dropping performances so far. With just those five matches, I have already made it onto a FPV card. Now Ashten never wanted me in this position. He made that clear when he wanted his boy Starr Stan to suplex me five hundred times in the middle of the ring. Again this isn’t me trying to tell you that management has it out for me as I come up with all these conspiracy theories with a tinfoil hat on. It’s fair to say that when he first saw me, he didn’t imagine a guy like me beating a legend like Starr. To those watching this right now, don’t act like you saw it coming either. “But Christian I watched you tear it up on the independent circuit! I bragged about you to all my friends! I just knew you would be special!” You know how many times I have heard that from fans on twitter and fans that come up to me in real life situations during this last week? You guessed it, a lot. And every time I listen to them pretending to be this wonderful wrestling scout with a golden eye for only the most superior talent, I can’t help but smirk because this hype I have gotten, whether it is a lot or not, doesn’t change the fact that I never heard from one fan BEFORE my match, telling me that I could beat America’s best, from the city of Pittsburgh. Once I did it, sure, that’s a different story. These are the same fans that think if they cheer loud enough for me, I will embrace them. I will become their beloved little guy who can do flips and literally run circles around his opponents. I will be seen as a real life superhero, such as The Flash! But because I show little to no emotion to them, I am the bad guy. I am the guy with the black hat that rode into Voltage territory with every intention of setting the place on fire. I could tell you that I would be willing to fill that role. I would love to be the man that you despise, but unfortunately, I do not care about good or evil because I gave up on caring a long time ago. So with that said, Christian Locke isn’t Batman or The Joker – Christian Locke is Christian Locke. Yes, by far more dangerous.
When I qualified for the Grand Rampage, I was actually a little happy. I’m not going to lie, I was looking forward to rubbing elbows with some of the greatest men and women in EAW history – and eliminating them seconds later of course. I was also looking forward to calling them out and tell them why my chances of winning are greater. But as Grand Rampage week came around, that excitement I once felt in my soul, was simply put out and has yet to return. I namedropped a few people, just to feel them out, to see if they would bite so I could reel them in, but instead of getting a swordfish, I got nothing. Now I could stand up and pump my chest out and say it’s because they fear me, but I know that’s not the case. I have been in federations before when the new guy comes in and starts boasting about how he will be the next big thing, a speech we have all heard before, just in different variations over the course of time, we tend to brush him aside. Those rookies fall one by one, like dominos. But every once in a while, one of them, or perhaps if we are lucky enough, a couple show promise. They show that they will become something special, not by just their words of course, but their style of wrestling as well, along with the many victories they rack up because of that style. How do I know? Because I am sure the legends in this very company experienced the same thing when they first started out, but not once did it ruin their drive of becoming one of, if not the very best wrestler n history. I am the same way. My opponents can insult me all they want. They can call me irrelevant, aka the Liam special, speaking of which I know Liam briefly responded to what I had to say, but in the end he failed to make it interesting. I had no desire to even finish the tape of what he had to say. It’s the same BS as before. Which left me with two choices, I could either try to force myself to respond to him again, only for him to tell me I don’t matter again and tell me I should focus on someone like Y2Impact, which perhaps I should have done because he actually knows what he is doing and saying, or I could just ignore Mr. Catterson and yeah, I am going to have to choose the latter. To be fair, I wasn’t trying to pick on Liam just now. I would never do such a thing! I was more so using it as an example because like I said last time, I could say something negative about someone who has done it all in this business, a guy like Dark Demon or the guy I just mentioned, Y2Impact, but I already know what kind of response they will give me. They too will take the Liam route. Sure they will go about it in a more intelligent way, you know? They will actually put some thought into their words and not just try to use every swear word they have learned from their childhood friends, but in the end, they too will say something like I do not matter or that they didn’t even know I existed. I could move down to the next tier, to the favorites of winning the Grand Rampage, Lucian Black and Aren, but they too will have a similar response. I could move down a couple more tiers and talk to a few guys who refuse to shut their mouth, such as JJ and Judas and Erbos, but they too will hit me with the same thing. Do you see what I am getting at? I am in an awkward position because once again, I wasn’t supposed to be in this match. Starr was, which I guess the match never mattered in the first place since he ended up in the Grand Rampage regardless, just like somehow Lucas Johnson found a spot, even though he failed a few times at qualifying – actually he has failed at everything for that matter, so my guess is they felt bad for him and just said, what the hell? He is the Rudy of EAW. He gets the crap kicked out of him every week, but to his credit he gets back up to just get knocked down again. Very influential stuff.
(Christian looks down at his boots again)
The next time I put these on, it will be go time. I will be walking down that ramp and I will be surrounded by men and women and of course, who could forget the fun surprise entrants, with us all thinking of when the perfect time is to strike and eliminate one another. I could play it safe. I could just roll out of the ring and wait on the outside like I did in my match last Sunday. A few are probably already thinking of using that as their go to strategy, but do you know what? I am not going to follow their lead. Instead, I am going to run to the ring and swing. Swing with all my might and whether I hit a grand slam or I strikeout, all I know is I am going to give it my all! I am going to be the little boy living his childhood dream! If someone eliminates me, I will just tell myself better luck next time and shake the fans hands and thank them for coming out and spending money on EAW’s finest elitists and vixens. And when an interviewer comes to talk to me, I won’t be heated! No I will pat him or her on the shoulder, look into the camera and tell the kids that losses don’t matter, as long as you try your best! After all, that’s all you can ever ask foir!
But for real, I am winning this shit whether you like it or not.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 30th 2016, 7:12 pm by Guest
Nico Borg GR Promo

The big Grand Rampage match is quickly approaching and almost the entire EAW roster is busy preparing for coming spectacle. A portion of the roster are found doing some light training and sharing the same gym facilities, although they have clearly divided themselves into distinctive cliques. Quite apart from all the rest, performing bench presses in a far corner' is the relative newcomer Nico Borg. Nico is surrounded by an entourage all dressed in white union suits. A few lean in, whispering into his ears pleadingly. A sullen, stern look is affixed upon Nico's face. With each breath he exhales with a sigh. Finally he stops his routine and nods as he rises from the bench. He steps slowly towards a group of his fellow EAW competitors to address them, but is met only with affronted glares and disdainful remarks:

Having had enough, Nico gives up on the jeering crowd and makes for the door. As he stomps out onto the streets, a reporter bounds towards him, hoping for an interview ahead of the coming Grand Rampage match. Nico is only too happy to oblige.

Reporter: Nico! Nico Borg! Can I have a moment of your time? Can I just ask you a few questions regarding Grand Rampage.

Nico Borg: Yes. And No. I will talk to you, in fact you are just the sort of person I want to talk to right now. However, I will be taking no questions. I don't want to hear a word from you.

R: Ok but...

NB: I DON'T. Want. TO HEAR... a word from you. I have an important announcement to make. In the run up to Grand Rampage I have had the ignonimity of being among a number of Grand Rampage participants who have been cruelly ignored by the larger egos in the dressing room. I have attempted to warn them of their folly. I have attempted to warn them that in a match such as this they need to respect all 39 other participants, not just the handful whose scalps they have an interest in claiming. I have been ignored, met with the most insulting silence on the issue. So, wishing to be merciful I strove today to confront them face to face that they would not be abler to avoid my message. I was met with contempt and jeering. How dare they! I should be being thanked for my godly service, but instead I was mocked by the full number of them. Mexican Samurai isn't even in the match, I had no business with him. Yet, for some reason that profligate has targeted me instead of focusing on his own title match against Vic Vendetta. More fool him. But enough of him, there are 39 people more important to me than him right now and a couple I need to address personally.

How dare I speak ill of Dark Demon? Are you serious Heart Break Gal? Last I checked he wasn't perfect. He's not absolute. He is a man. A man with flaws just like the rest of us. Maybe not so flawed as you... you fool! But flawed nonetheless, and mark my words he will pay penance for those flaws. As for you, Heart Break Gal, you are pathetic. A less saintly man would hold you in contempt, but I just feel an overwhelming sense of pity. You yourself are not even sure why you got yourself involved are you? You're just a lost sheep following the flock even as it bounds towards a high cliff. You had no personal reason for attacking me. You just parroted what was being said. "This guy is a nobody". "Nico u a nobody". Why Don't you grow a spine and listen to your own conscious, you god forsaken harlot! But you can't, can you? I've listened to you enough. The one who "can't get caught racking my brain, and bashing my forehead onto the concrete wall worrying about that". Thinking for yourself is hard isn't? Not living up to the perfect expectations this sick world pushes on you is hard, am I right? Well you ought to accept your limitations at some point. This behaviour is self-destructive, don't you know?

But I'm done with wasting my time talking about her. The Heart Break Gal is sick, but only because she mimics the source of the sickness. If EAW is to be cured of all taint and corruption, then it is necessary to first remove the head of the serpent. Dark Demon. Let us start by getting one fact straight. I don't necessarily see Lucian Black and Lucas Johnson as favourites for Grand Rampage. But I could see the contempt pour from your face as I mentioned their names. I knew it would happen. I'm well aware that you can't stand the thought of not being the one in the spotlight. That'll cost you ,Demon. There's a great big target on your back right now because it. Now I know you think I'm beneath you, that I'm not on the same level as you. Quite frankly, it doesn't even matter if that is true. At Grand Rampage discretion is the better part of valor. So I'm a bum, am I? I'm the newblood nobody that no one is going to care about, that no one is going to see as a threat. That is the exact reason why you should all fear me. It is the very exact reason that I am here and Ryan Savage is not. Complacency, Demon, ever heard that word? I will be that little paper cut right in the webbing between your fingers. A constant thorn in your side just by being there. Now you can leave it alone and let the wound fester, or you can pick at it, Demon. You can pick at me and hurt yourself by taking your attention from the somebodys, but you wouldn't do that would you? No of course not. You've got bigger fish to fry. Maybe they're not as big as you. Maybe you'll devour them in the end. But you can be sure as hell that they will bite back. How many before it grinds you down, Demon. How many until you can't keep track of them all. That's when you're mine.

Number your moments.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 30th 2016, 5:07 pm by kennydrake
3:45 pm on FRIDAY

Kenny Drake, Niki Khan, and Daisuke Kobayashi wander around a pool party. There are hella bros with deep arm tank tops - cos chicks LOVE armpits - and ironically bright hats. The "women" (read: drunk girls) are walking advertisements for Forever 21 and poor parenting. Some shitty Flo Rida song plays in the background.

Flo Rida. The Wayne Brady of Rap music. Ugh.

I hate college kids.

Niki's face echoes that sentiment. She looks...perturbed.

Man, this Word Of The Day calendar is awesome...anyway...

Kenny is shirtless with his hair tied up into a top notch. He is in stark contrast to his wife: he wears bright colors, she wears all black.

KOBA is in Macho Man Underoos. OHHHHHH YEAH! DIG IT!

YEEEEEEEEAH this is my scene! Look at all these douche bags!

It's like a gay porn wrap party.

Nah, not enough streamers...

I mean...how would I know?

No, I remember that time.

In Boise.

In Boise.

Those were some wild years...

Wild. Yeah. That's not the word I would use.

Well, no-one was talking to you. NIKI!!! THEY GOT POOL TOYS!

Ohmygod...WHY are we here, Kenny?

Prep work!



The Bro's all erupt in cheers. Kenny jumps slightly, not expecting it.

JEEZUSchrist...but yeah...we're here for Grand Rampage.

How...wha...how is this at ALL going to help you?!

I am SO glad you asked! KOBA!! Prep the PA!

KOBA nods and shoves the stereotypical Asian DJ away from the set. KOBA blows Kenny a kiss to show he's ready.



fuuuuuck you bruh


The Bro's erupt again. Kenny again flinches.


get to the point, feg. Feckin' feg, bruh bruh!


No-one cheers.


The bros erupt. Some of them take their last chugs before KOBA hits Paris is Burning.

Three bros rush Kenny, who ducks under a double lariat. Two splashes. The third lets out a primal scream, but Kenny lifts him up and tosses him into the pool.

Five more dude bruh's rush Kenny, but he disposes of them just as quickly as the first three.

One bro grabs Kenny in a waist lock and traps his arms as another rushes at them. Kenny raises his feet and shoves the rushing bro back into the pool before swinging his feet back, sending him and the waistlock bro into a forward roll. Kenny stands and hoists the Bro into the air...suplex into the pool!

Another bro rushes forward and wraps Kenny in a pool noodle. Two more rush forward and go for another double lariat, but Kenny slips down and out of the noodle. The two Lariat bros...uh...lariat the Noodle bro into the pool.

Nobody else steps forward. Kenny stands and looks around.




Kenny...that guy next to the keg...

Which keg? There's, like, twenty of them...

Never mind, he's on his way.

Kenny looks to his right and spots who Voice was talking about. A giant Redwood of a man stomps forward. He wears a Pacers jersey, fluorescent pink bike shorts, and Air Jordan high-tops..

Jesus Christ...kids today are stupid...

Was that who you were talking about?

No, I was talking about the Asian DJ.


Russell want to fight you.

Ok. Then go get Russell.

No no. I be Russell.

Wow, people really talk like that, eh?

I guess Notre Dame is easier to get into than a Waffle House. ISN'T IT, RUSSELL?!

No more talk, little boy. Russell will break you in half!

please say "Russell smash", please say "Russell smash"...



With that, Russell lunges forward, swinging his massive right fist at Kenny, who simply ducks...low blow...foot on the ass...shove...splash.

Kenny turns to the camera as Russell struggles to swim, using the other Bro's as flotation devices.


No matter what number I enter...no matter how many Elitists are in the ring when I do...Kenny Drake will be throwing EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND INTO THE FRONT ROW!

Aren Mstislav! BYE BYE! Back to Russia!

Liam Catterson! BYE BYE! Back to obscurity where you belong!

J.D. Damon! I'm saving you for last...then BYE BYE, BACK HOME TO MOM!

You can take those three examples and put ANYBODIES NAME in there, and the result will be the damn same! If I enter at Number one, number two, number sixteen, number forty! The Result STAYS THE SAME! I will be Final Four...

then Final Three...

then Final Two...

then the Only. One. Left.

And tomorrow night, when it's all said and done - when all the fans have gone home, and all the custodians finish sweeping the confetti - 39 other Elitists will go back to their respective hotel rooms, take a long hot shower, and at the same time, they'll all look into the mirror and say, in unison...


KOBA! Play me out!

"Thrift Shop" by Macklemore hits.

Kenny hangs his head.

...dammit, Koba...


Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 30th 2016, 3:23 pm by Guest
Yeah, Lucian, You are the favourite to win this match, all the bookies have you down with the best odds to win, all the pundits and the analysts have you down to win, I’m sure a lot of the people in this Grand Rampage also have you down to win this match. I’m sure a lot of people just feel like the Cinderella story is just about to happen for you, I’m sure they all feel like this is the time where you finally get over the hump and win the big one, that your time is finally here and that you will get that big Cinderella story win that hasn’t happened since Cyclone won the Grand Rampage in 2010 and went on to win the world title at Pain for Pride, a lot of people expect you to do the same. A lot of people expect you to go ahead and redeem yourself from last years Pain for Pride when you failed Dynasty. You are EXPECTED to win this match, Lucian, just like Aren Mstislav is expected to win this match and I’m not denying you that, I’m not denying you that despite your past and your short-comings, that despite Arens short-comings, you both are expected to go ahead and win this match. I’m sure a lot of people expect it to come down to you and Aren in the final two, I’m sure a lot of people expect the two of you to battle it out to finally overcome one of your short-comings, I’m not saying people are expecting to win, because I know they aren’t. I know people aren’t considering me to win, I know they do not want me to win. They want you to win, they want that headline story, they want that great Cinderella story of a guy who has faced failure after failure after failure but yet keeps coming back time after time and finally I s able to reach the top of the mountain. It’s the type of story that EAW could use for years, it’s the type of story that all the young aspiring wrestlers could look to as inspiration for their own careers, that they too could be safe in the knowledge that they could have a few shortcomings and still be able to become a success like you. Yes, Lucian, YOU are the favourite to win this match, YOU are the one expected to win this match, YOU are the one who everybody is going to be gunning for when you enter the match. But that isn’t exactly something to want, that isn’t exactly a plus for you or why you will win this match, you know why that’s a BAD thing for somebody like you?

Because you have more pressure to win now that you are the favourite.

You have everybody who isn’t in the Grand Rampage hoping that you will win, you have all those thousands of fans who cheer you on hoping that you’ll win, you’ll have management hoping that their investment finally pays off, you’ll have everybody hoping that you finally shut me up. You have all of that pressure on your shoulders, you have all of that pressure on you and you’ll have all that pressure if you do win and go on to main event Pain for Pride. Are you really able to handle all of that, Lucian? Are you really able to handle all of that pressure? Are you really able to carry all of that weight of expectation on your shoulders? Maybe, maybe you think you can, maybe you’re confident enough or that you have you convinced yourself that you are able to do this but do you really believe that you are able to do this? The history of your entire career says that you can’t, Lucian, every time you have been expected to win, every time that you finally had your chance to have the ultimate Cinderella story, you end up failing and caving into the pressure. What is going to make this time, any different? What is going to change this time around? Your words are empty, I truly do believe that you are now starting to feel the pressure. Look at Aren, look at how much the pressure has gotten to him, look at how much he is now starting to struggle, he’s lost for words and he can’t even make a solid case for why he should win this match, and I think you are the same, ultimately. I truly do believe that you will once again fall under the pressure of the expectations that are you, Lucian. I don’t feel the pressure of this match, Lucian, I’ve been in the most pressure match in the history of EAW and while I may have lost that match after it took a legitimate army to put me down, this is nothing compared to Pain for Pride six for me. If I lose, we both know that I’m big enough to either force myself into a World title shot or get into a big match on the card at Pain for Pride, but we’ve already established that you might not be as lucky if you fail once again. So tell me, is being the favourite still a good thing for you, Lucian?
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 30th 2016, 8:57 am by LVCIAN
Grand Rampage V: Victory Or Die

I find it particularly humorous how so called Russian monarchs, rookies who know nothing about this industry, washed up elitists who are desperately trying to revive their glory days in other companies and even puppets of a tyrant think they are above me. Think that I don't stand a chance just for the mere fact my track record isn't exactly clean. Some of you have even  been trying to completely avoid me. Some of you have deluded yourselves into thinking that I am not a factor in this match despite the fact I have destroyed most of you in the middle of the ring every single time we have shared a ring. I hate to break this reverie you're all caught up in but I AM winning Grand Rampage NOT any of you. If you kids truly want this so bad you will wait until next year's Grand Rampage. I had to wait much more than that and I am not waiting any longer. If I waited seven long years all of you can wait one. This is my last shot at redemption. None of you know what it's like to deal with the disappointed faces of your peers, of your fans. I know I am the one to blame for all my past failures. I'm the reason I haven't been World Champion yet. Not Zack Crash, not Alex Anderson. But I learned from the mistakes I committed. I learned my lesson. I've said this before and I'll say it again: I'm actually satisfied with everything that transpired in the past. I'm glad I faced obstacle after obstacle, setback after setback, failure after failure. Because each and every single one of those experiences made me better. They aided me in my transformation from infant to man and in my eventual metamorphosis from elitist to legend. Some people still think that I will always live in the shadow of iconic names I have been associated with in the past like Alexander Da Vinci, Captain Charisma and even Y2Impact. This is my chance to step out of those shadows, to showcase what I am made of, to demonstrate just how good I truly am and to prove every single one of you who still doubt me wrong. Last year I defied a tyrant, I walked straight into hell and I made "the devil" my bitch. I punished him in a way nobody ever was able to do so before. I valiantly fought tooth and nail against him and I successfully removed him out of power. Nonetheless 2015 wasn't my best year... 2016 will be because I don't settle for mediocrity, I'm going to win Grand Rampage no matter what it takes, I will headline the biggest show on the face of the Earth: Pain for Pride and I will become a legend. And I can only hope my story serves as inspiration to guys who are like me, who came from nothing and struggle day to day to attain an ounce of success, who are continually told they can't do something but they still go ahead and do it. My victory will also serve as a reminder that nothing is really impossible in this life. Every goal can be fulfilled, every accolade can be achieved if you believe in yourself. As cliche as it may sound it is true. I don't think I am owed anything. Honestly, nobody is owed anything. We've all contributed to the success of this company in some way, shape or form. We're all the reason this place is a success. One guy can't be the face of the company, one guy can't carry a company on his back. But I still tried to do it because I thought I could and that's probably why I became unsuccessful at winning the big one so many times. Because  I was too arrogant, too cocky, i thought the world belonged to me. I thought I was going to become champion easily, that I would have a facile journey, but my journey towards the World Championship has been anything but easy. I have had to work arguably harder than any of my Grand Rampage opponents. I have scratched and clawed to get this far and my competition needs to know this perfectly well: I won't allow anybody and I mean anybody to take this away from me.Not after everything I have been through. I've finally realized that I suffered all of those significant losses because I had to, to become prepared for what awaits me in a day. All the failures I experienced shaped me into a monster. And this monster will devour you all. I'm coming for my World Championship, what is rightfully mine. Regardless who steps in my way I will decimate them. All of them, without distinction. Friend or foe. It's my time to shine... my turn to be under the spotlight. I'll utilize every damn weapon in my arsenal to achieve survival and emerge victorious from this war. Not just a spear and  a superman punch -- ALL of them. So I suggest all of you prepare yourselves to the fullest. Because I am coming for blood.
Re: EAW Promoz!
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A Deal with an Old Friend

The room is quiet… All you can here is the opening of a metal door, and the wrapping of tape. The camera pans to Aren who stands in front of his locker which he had just opened, wrapping his wrists in tape for another day of training. Grand Rampage is coming around the corner, he’s said all he could, and he’s done all he can, to secure his victory. While people still belittle him, while they still attack him Aren, is letting them do so, because he knows, he knows that is all they CAN do. Talk is cheap and Aren is done talking, he wants action, he wants to show his dedication. All that is in the back of his mind winning Grand Rampage and starting off on the right foot again.

A picture of Aria is on his mirror, he keeps it there to remind himself that he needs to be better, not just for his sake, but for the sake of how well he is able to keep himself happy, and in situations that bring him such bliss. It’s been three days, since that day. That day when Eclipse decided to “send a message”. Three Days, and Aren has yet to something about it. He feels as if he’s failed at keeping Aria safe, hell, he even feels as if Eclipse has gotten to him. Something about his words, something about what Eclipse said had resonated within Aren. Could Eclipse be right? Could he be right about the insanity inside him ready to burst, and show itself… Aren didn’t know what to believe. He just wanted Grand Rampage to come so he could get his hands on Eclipse.

“It’s been three days, and yet I remain silent. Three days and I know he’s waiting for a response, but does he even deserve it.”

“The question you should be asking yourself instead is what are you going to do about it.”

Aren is startled, he’s alone in the locker room, no one around him, yet this voice talks to him as if it was standing right behind him.

“You think you’ve gone mad. Well in essence you have, you have gone mad. You hear a voice calling to you, and yet you see no one. Except you probably do. You just don’t want to believe.”

“Believe what, if you don’t mind me asking. What you think I’m scared of a little mind game. For all I know someone from Sanatorium planted a little speaker in this room, and is trying to get me to believe that Eclipse has me wrapped around his finger.”

“Shush, you know it to be true. You know that this voice is nothing more than your deep thoughts trying to reach the surface. And you know this to be true, because this feeling you’re feeling, you’ve felt it before.”

Before. A word that struck Aren like a bullet. Aren stood there, grasping at what was happening. This feeling, the voice. It was right. He’s felt this before, he’s felt it building in him, and it’s just now wanting to surface again. He turns back, turning away from the feeling, but he sees it, the manifestation the voice talked about. And all he could hear, as if it was being broadcasted through the room itself, was a lullabye he heard as a child.

Тили-тили-бом Закрой глаза скорее Кто-то ходит за окном И стучится в двери

The noise grew, grew until he was consumed by it. His vision was white, he was hallucinating, he did not know where he was. Aren closed his eyes, and all he could see was a room so white, and so solitary. Like a prison it was the manifestation of Aren’s mind, all he thought, all his fears, all his abilities he was certain of, and all his secrets lied in this room alone. And the bad thing about it, he was having a hard time finding his way out. He kept this locked up, he never wanted to come to this room. Because in this room he felt limited, he felt confined, he felt as if he couldn’t do anything to protect anyone. Yet here he is, a fear he has long since dreaded would happen.

“Look who has returned home.”

Aren stiffed, the voice, it brought back memories, it brought back many times of when he was consumed by anger. He wanted to turn around but his body wouldn’t let him. All he could was stand there, stand there and let the voice talk.

“You know I was wondering when you would return. I mean it’s not been the same really. It’s been what? Three years. Yea you’ve grown a lot, you’ve shown that hey you didn’t need me anymore, and you know what I thought you wouldn’t either, for the longest time. But then certain events arose, certain people came into the equation. My question is though, what do you plan on doing about it. What do you plan on doing about the danger that surrounds this predicament.”

“What I always do, win. Sure I’ve not been able to do that for the past few months, but it’s life. You win some you lose some.

“HA! Do you hear yourself. You sound pathetic. The Aren I knew three years ago, he wouldn’t be saying this pitiful shit. No he’d be showing people why he is a reckoning, he would be showing them why they shouldn’t be putting him down like this. Those losses, I saw. I saw the whole thing, you let those opportunities slip through your fingers, and all you could do was settle for second best. All you could do was just let it happen. You didn’t care about winning, because in your mind you thought winning did not matter. You thought it didn’t matter to your skill, as long as you proven to yourself that you are the greatest. And let me tell you shit show, that is wrong, and you are wrong. I mean look at you, you’ve gone and fallen in love. What are you going to do if this happens again. What are you going to do when he decides to actually do something than just put out a bag of cockroaches.”

Aren just stood there, he remained silent, his head was slouched, and all the voice could do was laugh. The white room, it echoed with it’s laughter, and all Aren could do was just listen to it.

“That’s cute. You don’t know do you, are you just going to stay there, and watch it happen. Or are you going to man up and do something about it. You know under just your power you could crush the opposition, hell all you have to do is break their weakest link, and that’s it. But no, you’ve gone soft, you think you can beat a man with valor, when he has no valor to begin with. That is just the biggest bunch of bullshit I have heard. I know it, and all I am is a voice in your head. Hell might as well put me in a top hat and call me Jiminy Motherfucking Cricket, because I am the voice you need to listen to right now, Pinocchio. You can break the Sanatorium by yourself and try and do this bullshit of beating them with Valor. Or, you could take me back, and take them on as only the old you could.”

Aren felt a weight. Whether or not it was lifting or getting heavier he couldn’t tell. In fact all he could tell was it sounded tempting. Aren thought back to when he was a menace on the independent scene, showing his true nature, his ballistic and nearly animalistic nature. He ripped through opponents, and through federations as if they were nothing. No one could have matched him, hell he felt good, he felt as if this was the true him. No, No, Aren shook his head, he knew that’s what IT wanted for him to think. He knew IT wanted him to be dependent on IT and solely IT. But it was there, the opportunity, the chance. Could he take it?

“I know you. I remember what I could do when I let you take over, I remember it all. And not all of it was good. No it was all great, until, I realized that the more you had a chance, the less I myself could reach my full potential. And that’s what you wanted, you wanted me to never reach that potential, just so you could keep control, just so you could be the one that drove me instead of me doing what I do best. And it does sound tempting I’m not going to lie. I don’t know what I’d do, because the only thing I know to do is beat Eclipse at his own game, and even then he changes it up time and time again. And what you’re proposing is simple, that it’s too good to be true. Because while I remember all the POWER I had, I also remember, you were like Lucifer. You were driven by power, and all you needed was a vessel, and I was the one who could provide it. So what’s the catch?”

It was silent, the room was silent, the atmosphere was heavy.

“The catch is that you get to save your loved ones. I made you who you are, Aren, and yet you ask me what the catch is. You are my product, you couldn’t have gotten where you are now if it wasn’t because of me. You wouldn’t be in EAW if it wasn’t for me. I gave you talent, I gave you skills, I am the reason the people looked at you in reverence, but if you aren’t willing to take that then you are just a lost cause.”

Aren scoffed, the true nature finally revealed itself, finally showed that it was just self-interest that drove it, and nothing else.

“Well I guess that means I’ll have to do this without you. And you know what I plan on doing just that, Motherfucker. You think of me as a pawn, and that’s it, well tough news for you “pal” but I am not the man you once knew. I am no longer weak, I have reached a potential, I have made it my own, and I know you are jealous of that. Jealous that you weren’t there to take credit, and mad that you weren’t able to keep me weak. So I will do this on my own, I will do this without you. And You know what I know how I’ll do it. Winning Grand Rampage is just going to be the tipping point of it too. Hell it’s going to cap off the domino effect so just you wait.”

A ringing went throughout the room, and Aren suddenly let out a huge gasp for air. He was back in the locker room. As if nothing happened, and he was sure of himself. Sure enough that he can win Grand Rampage, and that Eclipse was a dead man. Either way, one way or another, he was taking what is his, and breaking what is left of Eclipse. And then maybe if he wasn’t stupid enough, he would take his leave. Aren leaves and the camera zooms in on the mirror with Aria’s picture on it. The Picture falls into the locker, and an image pops in the mirror. The white room appears, and in it a manifestation of Aren looks towards the future. Behind him though forms an entity, an exact lookalike of Aren, but the terror and immense force surrounds it shows, it was the voice talking to Aren, while he was in the trance.

He’ll come back. They always do. It’s just a matter of time.

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