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 EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, extremists, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on June 5th 2014, 8:34 pm by Guest
*** RMV is seen shining his motorcycle in the garage. ***
A little hard work never killed anyone. The reality is you get the most out of something when you put just a modicum of effort into it. And this might be why I will at the end of the day, become the next true legend of EAW. I am the hardest working Russian in the business. Do you think my career would’ve lasted 15 years by coasting around, getting by on my looks? Ад Нет! I spent years wrestling in Russian gyms fighting others, refining my technique, harnessing my strength, and ultimately becoming the powerhouse I am today. I spent 12 years fighting my way through Russia. Then I have spent the last three years touring the United States, picking up title after title along the way, establishing my dominance no matter where I go. IF you want proof of what hard work can accomplish for someone, just take a look at this motorcycle. This motorcycle is the perfect blend of finesse and power. But do you think that it looks like this and runs like this through pure luck. Again, Ад Нет! No I make sure to maintain this motorcycle regularly and have the best mechanics tune it up on a regular basis. So in short, hard work, and maybe a little money and luck, those are the keys to greatness no matter where one’s path goes. But notice that this is the same for pretty much any path, no matter what the endgame might be.
Я думаю, теперь мы должны прийти к реальной сути вопроса. Я возмущен до сих пор мой оппонент еще не обратился наш предстоящий матч. Жаль. Но это не тот, который я пожалеете, когда я беру победу. Никто не должен чувствовать себя симпатию к проигравших, для каждого проигравший имеет шанс на победу. На самом деле я не верю, что кто-то суждено быть неудачником. Как я уже говорил, до тех пор, как вы инвестировать немного напряженной работы, и даже немного денег, то нет ничего, что может остановить вас от достижения ваших целей. И у меня есть много амбициозных целей я намерен выполнить, пока я здесь. Нет один человек не собирается остановить меня. Черт, нет два или три человека не собираются, чтобы остановить меня. Я почти всемогущ в эфирной мире профессионального рестлинга. И ничто не изменит.
The day of reckoning, the true launch of the Vrankovic Era is coming to EAW. Either embrace it, or become a casualty. Its your call. I am R.M. Vrankovic. And my time has come to EAW.
*** RMV jumps on the motorcycle, and drives out of the garage. ***
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on June 5th 2014, 5:58 pm by Guest
That’s it? That’s the best that prominent and epoch-making brand like Dynasty has to offer to me is a recycled Pain for Pride 6 headliner? You know I was really hoping to stick around for a little longer and make Dynasty worthwhile watching, and all I got was not even five minutes of show time? I guess it was sort of my fault and I could had spared the life of Johnny Ventura for a just few more minutes, but let’s be honest here – he dug his own grave when he accepted my open roster challenge and stepped his foot ONTO my ring.                                               
However, that was then and now I’ll be facing my second opponent on Dynasty. The Heart Break Boy, Hall of Famer, who was untouchable through 2011 even though he wasn't even here for half of it. Oh I get it that's why you were untouchable because people literally couldn't touch you, because you weren't here. Then for some odd reason, you decided to come back and wrestle, just why? You could had just retired as former multi time world champion and Hall of Famer, but no something just pressurized your skin to crawl? Let me guess here for a second – it was a nice sunny day, you bask in the comfort of your wheelchair and contemplate hmm… I haven’t been relevant in EAW for quite some time now; better steal some limelight from new up and comers? Have I missed anything Heart Break Boy? I don’t think so. Now let me ask you this, so how did it go? Not so well huh. You came back re-energized and blew away the cobwebs, but you still managed to somehow lose to a hype train who went by the name Chris Hessian. Now the funny thing about the end product of that match was once Chris Hessian left the arena and got out to what I personally like to call “the real world”, he got expunged by the main event competition. The only unanswered question remaining in everybody’s books right now is what does it make you after such a despicable loss? Hey that’s easy, HBB was simply a bust back in the old days. But if there’s one thing HBB that you are the best at is that you were very good picking the right time to join EAW when the competition was lackluster at best!
Over the years, you have called yourself a “Golden Boy”, which is fine you can have it for all I care. The problem I have with you right now is you’ve recently changed it and now call yourself a “God’s Son”. Weren’t you once apart of a project called “EDGING GOD OUT”? I am sure you have read the Bible; did you see Jesus, the real God’s son, run over people anywhere in the story? No.  Maybe he let men molest women in front of his own children, just like you let Jaywalker harass your ex-wife on Dynasty in front of your own children? No.   So you aren’t really “God’s Son” after all huh?  And whatever happened to that stable of yours anyway? Did you really get single handed by one man? Oops, I am sorry, I shouldn’t have brought it up. I know how paramount it was for you to get behind on other people’s backs after all the failed EAW championship attempts against Kawajai you have had.
And now of course, you want to talk about loyalty. All right, what loyalty did you have for EAW?  None. So what is it that you have to teach to other people about allegiance? Nothing. I mean how dare you look into the eyes of a man like me and speak about morality? The first thing you should do whenever running into me is bend down on your knees and APPOLOGIZE to everything you have done to Moonlight Predator. I was one of the few wrestlers on the entire EAW roster who took initiative and went up against all the disruption and chaos you and your minions had caused to everyone in the business; I could had just taken a back seat and wait for my incoming World Heavyweight Championship shot but I DIDN’T.  What’s funny about all this though is that you didn’t even have any loyalty to the group that you yourself created. You watched Troy Conway getting massacred by Mr. DDD at the awards show and what did you do to help him? Nothing. You watched Demon’s career dissolve at the hands of a maniac Mr. DDD and what did you do? Nothing. A month later it was your chance to shine, you had a colossal opportunity to eradicate the legendary career of Methuselah and what did you do? You let THE GOD EDGE YOU OUT. Do you know why all these things have happened to you? It’s because you have never been as good as everyone has hyped you to be. Open your eyes and take a look a everything around you. Everyone from your era, who is currently active in EAW right now, is either involved in some sort of World Championship match or has recently held a title. When was the last time you held a title? It was three years ago in 2011. I honestly haven’t seen an EAW Hall of Famer as unavailing and fruitless as you are, but if you have one in mind then be my guest.
Now, you are in a rivalry with Jaywalker, the man who you should be thanking right now with all your heart. Tell me Heart Break Boy, what would happen if he was never interested in fighting you and denied your Hall of Fame championship challenge at Pain for Pride? You would be just like any other spectator in the arena watching everyone else in the ring becoming the greatest of all time. This Sunday night, I’ll show you that you are just like everybody on the roster, you are just another #prey4MP.
I am your King and you will do as I say.

I stepped into this dark and cruel World as a naive little boy; as many of us have. I knew little to nothing about how things work nor could I even comprehend what this complex system of “right and wrong” meant. It was as if I entered the World through a whirlpool and had two options: drown or survive. I was miraculously saved by the hand of a being whose face I could not see through the murky water, but I wanted to live. I wanted to THRIVE. I took the only opportunity I had and grabbed the hand of this stranger so that he could pull me up to land, but as he did, what I witnessed once my head broke through the surface of the dangerous waters was no mere man… But a God. I was saved by a Deity. A Deity that took me in, fed me, and prepared me for what dangers lie in wait in this World I had now found myself within. I was speechless; so overcome with a mixture of joy, fear, and anxiousness for all that awaited me in the World. All I could do was nod my head like an ignorant fool and we went our separate ways.

I am your King and you will do as I say.

What happened from then on in my life was written long ago; the trials and tribulations of the man known as “Robbie V” that came with gold, enemies, brutal battles that would have ended the career or perhaps even the life of any lesser man. Things had finally looked up for me despite entering into this World with no more knowledge or sense of danger than a mere child. I did simply what I’ve been the most talented at: Adapting. It became clear literally from the moment I stepped foot in here that this World was never about Championship gold, catchy nicknames, accolades, or friendship… It was about survival. This World is fueled by the law that is survival of the fittest and through all of the bloodshed, broken bones, and torn tendons… Here I stand; the fittest of them all. It was not until I felt the edge of a broken bottle slice through the skin and penetrate the muscle of my throat that I realized something I had been more ignorant to than anything else in my life… As I looked in the mirror and realized I had not only survived, but grew stronger… I came to the conclusion that I was now a God myself. I was now one that should be risking my life by reaching out and pulling others in to safety so that they themselves can learn the ways of this World, survive, and conquer everything in their path until they’re ready to take my place. I realized what I can finally do to truly thank this God who helped me: I’m going to kill him. I’m going to slay God himself and take his pain, his suffering, his responsibility so that he can finally rest. I will never forget the awe I was in looking into the eyes of Methuselah as he saved my life, but the only thing that will come close to that experience is the perpetual joy I’ll be in when I take his life.

I am your King and you will do as I say.

Unfortunately, there stands a blockade in my way before I can see that God once more. A blockade that I will rid the World of soon enough if it means finding that Deity somewhere down inside the husk of this old, feeble man that is Mr. DEDEDE. If I felt like mustering the energy, I would give you a long, slow clap for his troubles. I would congratulate him on making it this far, but I would just as quickly thrust a knife through his mortal heart to dissect him and derive the true winner of the Hellfire No Way Out Match; the one who truly defeated five other hungry competitors through fire and flames and blood and pushed himself past the limits of an ordinary man to claim his prize. I want DEDEDE and the rest of the World to that I am willing to go to the ends of the Earth to get back the God I challenged to a match at Pain For Pride so many years ago. I have done everything in my power to get him back, but you have proven to be more stubborn than I had predicted. You have proven to be nothing more than a chain wrapped around the only being that could possibly save you when you step into the ring with Mikado Sekaiichi and challenge me for this trinket that is the World Heavyweight Championship.

I am your King and you will do as I say.

Do not attempt to play the hero. You may try to be a hero now that you’ve cut all ties, lost everything that’s mattered to you, and found yourself in the main event of Pain For Pride, but don’t you dare attempt to be a hero in this story. You are a shell that hides what I truly want and what I truly want is Methuselah; a God who was far and beyond being a hero or being a villain to this World. What I see before me when I even attempt to picture facing Mr. DEDEDE at Pain For Pride makes me physically ill. I do not want this and I will get what I want. I have succeeded where Methuselah failed by becoming the King of Extreme again. I have succeeded where Methuselah failed by becoming the Heavyweight Champion of the World. I have taken everything Methuselah worked to build into something greater like Diamond Cage and Tyler Parker and I have humiliated them both; I have defeated them and shattered every ounce of dream that had left in their fragile bodies. If it means putting a gun to your head, I will do anything and everything to get Methuselah back to face me. I did not challenge you. I do not want you. If you believe you’re going to play underdog to my plans and go through with this match, I suggest you look around. Look around at the empty spaces once occupied by your friends and family. Look around at the accolades you once gained that have since turned to dust. Look around and see that this is Mikado Sekaiichi’s World now. You are alone. You are a mere man. You are standing at the foot of my Throne inside of my Kingdom and demanding a piece of treasure that is in my possession… People like you don’t last long in stories such as these. All I have to do is snap my fingers to signal for your execution, but I will not do that; not until I get what I want and I will get what I want out of you. Why?

Because I am your King and you will do as I say.

Veni Vidi Vici.
Week in and week out I have been deprived of the opportunity to showcase my talent because of my personal convictions and aspirations. What do I believe in, what do I intend on doing within the realms of this company that the authority detests to the point they continually punish me? You see, when I returned into this company I embarked on a quest to eradicate corruption and the corrupted. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, according to any dictionary corruption means any abuse of a position of trust in order to enrich or give unfair advantage to individuals. But corruption signifies something far more adverse than that, corruption is similar to a disease, a plague that inhabits the mind. Despite my diligence, my attempts at completing my mission have been unsuccessful. Corruption is still  prevalent thanks to one man: Hades, The Hell Raiser. I don't think you realize what you have done, Hades. I was supposed to win Grand Rampage, I was supposed to headline Pain for Pride. You took my only shot at redemption from me and now I am going to take your only shot at Pain for Pride glory. I'm sick... I am sick and tired of watching rookies like yourself get handed opportunities on a silver platter. Opportunities that regardless the facility you get them you never really capitalize on them. It's been five years, Hades. FIVE LONG YEARS and I still haven't had my Pain for Pride moment. You must be on cloud nine. You're going to Pain for Pride Seven!! Don't get used to that feeling because come Dynasty you will step into the ring with not just extremists, you will step into the ring with GODS. The Council will come together as one to ensure you never attain the honor of holding the Answers Wrestling Championship. We're not going to fail, I am NOT going to fail this time. You aspire to go down in history as one of the greatest Answers Wrestling Champions, but the only thing people will remember you as is The Council's towel boy after we decimate you on Dynasty.

ooc: I apologize for the extremely short promo. I haven't been that motivated to do anything efed related lately. IF Hades replies expect something much better quality/quantity wise.
It would seem that EAW is more full of hypocrites than I ever could’ve imagined!  I just LOVE how everyone has found it appropriate to lecture me about how I screwed Diamond Cage out of the Answers World Championship.  How many other men in this federation have screwed someone else over?  How many times have you or your “friends” screwed someone over Jay?  Yet when I do it for the first time in my entire career, suddenly I’m the asshole of the century?!  And just like so many others before, Jaywalker has failed to understand many, if not all, of the motivations behind my actions.  And how could he?  Jaywalker’s never really tasted desperate in this company.  Jay’s never had a problem getting people to respect him or treat him like a champion.  And certainly he’s earned that kind of treatment.  But here’s the thing…SO HAVE I!!!  Yet for some reason, I’m always under the microscope being examined.  Let me ask you something Jay, do you think when Hurricane Hawk became World Champion, do you think people whispered behind his back that he only got that far because of you?  What about Extreme Enigma (God rest his soul)?  Did anyone ever question his worthiness of being a main-eventer?  When Tyler Parker won the World Heavyweight Championship, did anyone claim it was all because of Y2Impact?  I have worked just as hard and have just as much skill as either of these men.  Yet for some reason, when I become World Champion, everyone doubts my having earned it.  How is that fair?!  It’s not, and you and everyone else know it!  Tell me what I have to do to make you people realize that I’m every bit as good as these other men whose name you dropped!  You said it perfectly when you said that, despite that you’ve never beaten me one-on-one, you don’t think I’ve proven ANYTHING.  And that sums up all my issues with EAW.  It doesn’t matter who I beat or how many times I beat them, I could beat the whole EAW roster and people like you still would say I haven’t proven anything.  Every time I achieve anything, you bury your heads in the sand and try to forget it because you can’t handle the fact that this kid whom none of you thought could hang with the big boys might one day show you how wrong you were.  People like you Jay are only interested in an Extremist if you hand pick them as your “favorite” and everyone else can go fuck themselves.  What about the people who aren’t lucky enough like Hurricane, or EE, or Cage to have Jaywalker’s support?  When do they get their chance?  So don’t look and me and tell me what my rebellion is or isn’t about.  Don’t act like the system around here isn’t fucked up.  You’re just as selfish as you and everyone in this business like you ever were.  It’s just now extended to the guys you’ve hand picked yourself.  As for me, I’m not fighting for just one guy who I’ve decided to believe in…I’m fighting for ALL of EAW!  I’m fighting to give everyone the chance to be able to believe in themselves, and not need someone else!  And I personally don’t give two shits whether or not you believe that.  Did I put myself on top first?  Sure I did, and I was never anything but honest that this was first and foremost for me.  But nobody else seemed willing to do anything and were content to let guys like you have all the glory.  So I led by example and showed the younger generation that if they want something, they can’t wait for it to be given to them by management or hope that a veteran will handpick them.  That’s what my rebellion is about.  Not giving one spot to another, but allowing everyone to have the same equal chance to achieve that spot.
So I cashed in my briefcase on you in hopes of inspiring that I certain Extremists.  You say I’m deceitful?  What about your buddies Cleo and Dark Demon?  Are they any more honorable?  You say I screwed Diamond Cage, yet the two people whom you don’t seem to mind acting as a puppet for screwed me out of the Grand Rampage.  Do you understand my point?  It’s all a matter of perspective.  You see my actions as horrifying, yet don’t find fault in Demon’s or Cleo’s.  I screwed Diamond Cage, and I admit that, but don’t look down on me as if I’m the bad guy here when you’re doing the dirty work of the biggest asshole in EAW today!  My betrayal of Diamond Cage was not, despite what everyone may think, motivated by greed.  This is the one time my actions have not been bout my rebellion, but about settling a score.  Dark Demon has continually avoided facing me, refusing to give me the chance to prove to everyone that I’m better than him and that I don’t need him.  So I did what you, Diamond Cage, or anyone else in the same situation would’ve done.  I did whatever I had to so that I could get a match with him an Pain For Pride.  Yet everyone acts as if I should’ve just backed down, let Diamond Cage or Hades have the spotlight.  Yes I should have, but you all should know it isn’t that simple or that easy to step down or away from your enemy.  Would you, or anyone, have stepped down Jay?  Personally, I doubt it.  So if you, Hades, or Cage want someone to blame…blame Demon!  All I wanted was a chance to face him, and I could’ve cared less if the Answers World Championship were involved in it or not.  But just like with so many other things in my career, it was denied me.  And just like before, I decided to take it anyway!  Whether or not you think I’ve earned it, the fact remains that I will be main-eventing Pain For Pride!  Am I a bit selfish?  Probably.  I ain’t no White Knight.  But don’t think I’m like the rest of EAW.  I’m the purging fire that comes whenever a forest has grown too wild.  I ain’t the first rebel to appear in EAW, but trust me when I say that EAW is desperately in need on one, which is why I’m here.  I’m here to say the things that guys like you are too afraid of saying.  I’m here to question the decisions that you and everyone else just accept.  And I’m here to kick ass and be the best at what I do!  A lot of people question and doubt me in both those regards.  But I always prove them wrong!  Just like when everyone used to believe that guys like Troy Conway, Johnny Nova, Sir Hornetsky, Brian Daniels, and so many others to be more valuable than myself.  Yet they are gone and I’m still here.  That’s because I was better than all of them…and I’m better than you Jay!  You’ve never beaten, and despite what excuses you create to help yourself sleep at night, the records still show that you’ve never beaten me.  I outsmarted you when I cashed in Cash In The Vault and I bested you physically when I beat you in our rematch.  And Dynasty will be the same as it was last year!  

Wounds will heal, but scars are forever. In this case, every time I look at my back, I’ll see that branding mark that will become a part of me for the rest of my life. I did not become the Hall of Fame Champion like I promised to. I failed when it came to capturing it, but I’m setting my sets somewhere else. Cash in the Vault is an opportunity that can make up for the failures that that have happened to me. This is an opportunity to shine like the star that I am destined to be. Not many Vixens are given opportunities like this: participant of the Grand Rampage battle royal, now I am placed in the qualifying match for Cash in the Vault at Pain for Pride Se7en! These are opportunity that you really need a moment to take in. Don’t get me wrong, I want an opportunity in that ladder match. I have seen how brutal these matches can be. The thought of potentially participating in this match is beyond this world. It’s never heard of, but to be in the match with competitors that have the same intentions and that is to grab that briefcase.

Just like the match itself, there will be things thrown my way in my match against Nemesis on Dynasty. I don’t care who is thrown my way, I will duck, and jump and do whatever the hell it wants me to. Fact: I just went through a match two weeks back where I got burned on the spot—this match against Nemesis will not be a problem for me. I vision myself coming out of this match a winner. There is no doubt in my mind that I will win the match, go to Pain for Pride and win Cash in the Vault So little steps, but it comes with so much to do. It should be known that I am not going to be sitting around my ass until Pain for Pride! I’m going to fight for my opportunities and I’m willing to do anything that it takes. There are two spots left and I am determined to get one of those spots. I have my perfect Pain for Pride moment happen last year when I captured the Vixens Championship for the second time in my career. I don’t know about anyone else, but I want that perfect moment to happen to me again.

On the other hand, Nemesis will like for that perfect moment to happen to him. I believe that he wants to win as much as I do, but out of the two of us, who wants this more? I hope that to be me because I really want everyone to know that I’ve earned everything that was given to me. I was not handed a spot in the Grand Rampage battle royal. I was not handed a Hall of Fame Championship match. I earned everything that has ever been given to me! I earned everything like I will earn a spot in Cash in the Vault. This is not Cameron the Vixen that is talking to everyone in this match! This is Cameron the Extremist. Cameron the wrestler! This Cameron is talking to you and if anyone of you had a sense of an intelligence still left in your minds, you would stop what you’re doing and listen closely and make sure that you did not miss anything. I’m going to defeat Nemesis and solidify my spot at Pain for Pride! That’s easy to say, but it will be simpler just to back up what I claim in the wrestling ring.

Nemesis, I don’t know you much and I rather not play that ‘let’s get to know each other game’. If you want to get to know me, get in the ring and face me. I let my wrestling do my talking. In case you want to know something about me, here’s one little detail: you’re looking at the qualifier for Cash in the Vault. What I do I see when you look at me: I see the man that came so close to beat me, but choked at the giant opportunity that he earned. I’m really a swell woman outside of the ring. When you get me inside the ring, I am not that swell woman that I am outside of the ring. I can be a real bitch, but that is because I am confident in my abilities. Are you confident at yours? No matter if I’m with the Heart Break Boy or on my own, I reek of confidence! Nemesis, please give me something to earn without it looking I was just given a match on a silver platter. On Dynasty, I want to approach this match knowing that I have something to earn and not because of a silver platter standing right in front of me. Please, do that for me.
(As the scene fades in, Christopher Corrupt is seen turning off his television after watching Carlos and Savage’s promos. He turns his body towards the camera and begins to speak.)
Corrupt: I can make people so angry and light a fire under their ass. It’s hard to tell what it is. Reflecting on it now, perhaps it’s my defiance? My wittiness? Or my unrelenting barrage of persistence, constantly poking, prodding and not being scared to take many risks whether positive or negative. I am the pain in your head that won’t dissipate, I am the ringing in your ears which continues to resonate…I am a complete and utter asshole and damn proud of the fact. I’ll get involved in people’s business like Savage’s match and rain on all the parades I possibly can just to make a point. Just to show corruption is here to stay. Rules aren’t of interest to me, they seem like shackles and chains keeping me pinned to the ground. In life, you are told by society to abide by rules. Be polite, do the right thing and be a good citizen. I paid my dues and was Mr. Nice Guy for a good part of my life, until it dawned on me. Being bad is much better and gets you further. Look at the reputation I’ve gathered in the EAW from being who I am from the beginning. The nice guy’s always finish last and it’s upon discovery being corrupt, downright low and cutting corners is the way to go. Winning by any means necessary, being conniving and just an utter nuisance to the establishment.
Now surprisingly, I watched the entire promo you decided to cut Carlos. I nearly fell asleep and wanted to skip over to something else, but I stuck it out. I survived the ridiculous thing. Here’s what I got from it, feel free to get out a pen and paper to take down some notes, as I know you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Perhaps management keeps you in tag team matches because it’s all you’re good for? They know when you don’t have a partner in your corner you can’t really succeed, so why give you so many chances? You weren’t included in last year’s CITV or King of Extreme because you just don’t cut it as a singles wrestler. And unfortunately, this Saturday at Showdown…you’ll be left in the dust without a chance to participate again in the chance of becoming champion. As much as I hate management, they obviously have a little bit of smarts booking me for a shot at the CITV. I mean it makes sense. But you Carlos, you always need someone by your side. Holding your hand, wiping your ass and lifting your spirits. Sure…you’re cocky but it’s all an act, a facade to trick everyone but the man you face at Showdown. The truth is…you have no confidence and you try masking it with running around with some other idiot just the same as you and some chick that should be hanging out with a real competitor…me. You knock what I wear and how I look, but the fact of the matter is…how are you going to explain the loss to Poison, GI and most importantly the legion of fans or fake friends you have? It will be a tough thing for you to do but I am sure you’ll make it “rain” with excuses, bullshit and all the other nonsense you’re about. You were right about engaging in battle with me and a battle you won’t forget nor be able to because I’ll pull out all the stops and be something you didn’t expect: a challenge and an unstoppable force of greatness. I feel rejuvenated now I am a member of The House of Renegades. Make fun of us and deem us what you like but just don’t be surprised if it comes back to haunt you especially after me kicking your ass from pillar to post on Showdown and moving on to bigger and better things.
You did defeat me in the past but you had help. We haven’t faced off in a singles match yet. And this Saturday, Mr. Styles has to accompany you at ringside to watch you try and decimate me. See Carlos, I can take a lot of punishment and the sickest thing of all? I always come back for more and never back down. You want to break my jaw? I’ll bounce back. Hit me with a steel chair? I’ll stand up again. The shit don’t matter, when you have nothing to lose, it’s all the more to gain. You have the deck stacked against you because you HAVE to defeat me. There’s too much riding on this match if GI’s in the CITV ladder match, well then Mr. Rain Man has to be too. Well not on my damn watch!
I made my return so people can recognize there’s no stopping a revolution. It can take a long time to happen, but eventually people start believing, listening and understanding what it’s about. You are the stepping-stone; the beginning point of my journey and it’s all right, because someone has to be THAT guy. What’s the big deal anyway? You didn’t cut it last year, so it won’t happen this year either. At least you can cheer on GI until he inevitably gets his ass handed to him.
You know, Poison must get really sick and tired of all the ranting and raving about yourself especially when you can’t back it up. Both in and outside the ring, geez just shut up and let a real man like myself do some talking.
Talent isn’t just in the ring, it’s the ability to get under a crowd’s skin or make them believe every word and follow you to the end of your career. No one cares about Dynamite Rain or your chants or you. People hate me yet they can’t turn away or can’t help but talk about me. What do you do? Why should people care about you or GI? Ask yourself that question. Why should people care about Dynamite Rain? Because of some stupid back history of accomplishments, which won’t mean shit, once a better team comes along and erases it all?
I may not know any martial arts, but I can swing a chair, stomp on your foot, rake your eyes, kick you in the nuts and pepper a few wrestling maneuvers in there as well. I am “Classic” Christopher Corrupt after all.
You can bust me open and take out all your frustration and yet it won’t matter. Because at the end of it all, my arm will be raised and your chances go down the drain, as they should because no one wants to see you make it. No one needs Rosso anymore. Fight your heart out, do what you want, but at the end of the night there’s only one winner. And it’s the guy who knows the move before it happens and capitalizes where it counts, it’s the guy who uses knowledge and wrestling abilities to his advantage and wins by any means necessary.
I look forward to our match and the end of Carlos “Rain Man” Rosso. The revolution of corruption cannot be held back any longer, it happens on Showdown whether you like it or not.

Now…onto the second promo…
It’s a pleasure to see you in such anguish. The voice in your head is directing you down a dangerous path. I suggest you ignore what is said and walk away. That’s the last time I say it Savage. Revenge isn’t what you seek; it’s just the way of the world. You’re a nice guy. Nice guys don’t succeed in life, they don’t matter, however they are necessary to have so the bad guys can roll over them and make them seem important. You’ll never forget when I screwed you over Savage, your voices in your head need not to tell you that. It’s obvious. I took something you dearly wanted. The only lesson you’ll teach me is how to be a loser and not to follow down your footsteps. You clearly aren’t cut out to be neither a New Breed Champion nor an EAW star. How you became a champion is beyond me. You want to hurt me? You can’t. You don’t have the ability to keep me down. You’re a piss ant, I’ll stomp you out and make you a broken man. I hate you too Savage and I never liked you from the start. You bother me and make me sick. Seeing you have a slot in the CITV tournament isn’t what I wanted so I removed you from the equation and rightfully so. And let’s just bring you back down to reality…
I prevented you from CITV because you don't deserve such an opportunity. You just aren’t at THAT level. You aren’t even of the level of a New Breed champion. You’re a fluke. A joke. A nothing. You wouldn’t have won the CITV; you would have choked at the last minute. I did you a favour Savage; you’ll be thanking me later. Trust me Savage you go looking for your revenge, retribution and justice and it gets you nowhere but in a hospital room fighting to live. Why did I come back? To be corrupt of course, to meddle in matches and cause pain in the lives of everyone here including yours, it’s what I am good at. You want to dig me a grave? I already died and came back reborn as a new man. This Saturday at Showdown is a clean slate, a new beginning. I am with THOR and life couldn’t be better. Especially knowing you’re upset, it’s the icing on the cake.
The last man standing will be me. You’ll be left behind and forgotten. I will move on to great success and people will say “Ryan who?” Oh yes…Ryan Savage…the man that didn’t cut it, who had potential, but soon got buried by his competitor…Classic Christopher Corrupt, a man who stands as the greatest wrestler the EAW has, the sharpest mind and the most corrupt individual you could meet. But he really is a stand up dude. In all seriousness though, you don’t want to mess with me Savage because it ain’t worth it. You’ll get beat down and you’ll stay down the next time, because last week was just a sample of what I can do.

But you are stubborn and a complete jackass so do what you want, but I say proceed with caution because it isn’t just me you’re messing with. It’s THOR too. You never were too smart were you?
Stay angry Savage it’s hysterical.
(Corrupt begins to laugh as the scene fades out.)
Every wrestler has a time in their career that they can point to as the moment they turned a corner; the time they evolved to that next level of success.  And while I’ve had several moments that I think define my career, none seems as important nor as monumental then when I cashed in my Cash In The Vault briefcase at Pain For Pride last year.  In that one instant, not only did I set several records (first man to win CITV and cash it in the same night, first person to win CITV and the World Heavyweight Championship at a Pain For Pride event, and the only person to have ended Jay’s streak), but I also proved a point.  I showed management that they could whatever they wanted to keep guys like me down, but it didn’t matter, because there will always be those of us who find the loopholes around their precious system.  So I celebrated that night, and as I held that championship over my head as the confetti rained down, I thought that I had won.  I believed I had finally shattered the glass ceiling above me.  And while I did shatter it, little did I know that it wasn’t that simple, and that there would be another glass ceiling waiting over the previous one.  That ceiling is called “respect”.  While people congratulated me, patted me on the back, and acted all happy for me, they never truly believed in me.  They never truly treated me, nor saw me as a champion.  No matter what I did, whether I was a fighting champion or not, there was always someone whispering behind my back (and a few shouting it to my face) about how I didn’t deserve what I had.  So while I had the World Heavyweight Championship, I still had yet to win everyone’s respect.  Saddest of all is that I’m not the only person this has happened to.  Johnny Ventura won the Grand Rampage last year, and is he treated like a former Rampage winner?  Remember Liam Catterson?  He’s a former Answers World Champion, and when he left EAW was he given the hero’s farwell like any of the established Extremists would get?  Nope!  Instead his departure is treated like that of an average jobber.  This is why I rebel and why I’ve been so desperate to take down Dark Demon.  Because it seems respect in this place is given not based on skill, hard work, or accomplishment, but merely based on a whim.  Dark Demon represents everything I hate about the system; about how guys like Jay, or Imp, or Sekaiichi, or DEDEDE, or Dark Demon would never be treated the same way I’ve been or others have been.  Jay and Y2Impact’s reign as Tag Team Champions was short lived and uneventful, but everyone acted as if it was the best thing ever.  Well if respect isn’t going to be given willingly…then I’ll take it by force!  I don’t give a flying fuck how many glass ceilings you put over my head.  I’ll keep shattering them until you run out of glass!  Before I was The Rebel I was (and still am) The Ultimate Thrill Seeker, and that means I never settle for 2nd place.  When other men have stopped climbing because they fear the heights…I keep going!  And I’ll keep going until I achieve my rightful place as one of the best in EAW history, and I’ll do that by beating Jaywalker, the supposed “Hall Of Fame Champion”.  First of all, let me be clear that I refuse to recognize this championship!  Do you wanna know why I think this belt even exist?  It’s so Legends like Jay can fight for a championship and exclude the rest of us from contention because of some bullshit requirements.  A real championship and a real champion doesn’t exclude anyone and risks all possible challengers to come take what’s his.  So how does it feel Jay to know that the only thing that makes your career relevant is fake?  Oh how the mighty are fallen!  You were once at the top of EAW, the best of the best, one of the few remaining EAW Originals.  Yet this past year has been fairly uneventful for you hasn’t it?  And it all can be traced back to one moment…the day your streak died!  In other words…ME!  Every since Pain For Pride last year, the most you accomplished was that tag team of yours that was all hype and little payoff.  Your career is slowly going downhill and you know it.  So you created a belt in an attempt to revive what you already know is dying.  And it’s all thanks to me!  I started the downfall of the all powerful Jaywalker.  Your career is on life support and I’m about to drive the final nail into its coffin.  Then I’ll go to Pain For Pride and end Dark Demon’s career too!  For too long you “Legends” have refused to move aside and surrender your spots to the new generation.  For too long you guys have hung on far past the time to let go.  And that has taught me that nobody is going to give you a spot, no matter what they say (*cough* Dark Demon).  If you want someone’s spot, then you’re going to have to kill them for it!  It’s dog eat dog, and you’re about to see just how good a student of the game I’ve become.  I will be respected!  I will be treated like a proper champion!  And if I have to kill Jaywalker, Dark Demon, and everyone else to get it…so be it!     
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I’m ashamed of you, Hades, for a guy who can literally say he has put me in a hospital; you had to resort to sexual jokes. It doesn’t only imply your desperation for my attention but it also implies the wonders of you ever having intercourse with any female in your life. Trust me, I know when all the boys who make a lame joke like that and it winds up hunting them back. I’m not going to go further with this. How about you do something for me, Hades and… CONGRATULATE YOUR QUEEN OF THE NILE AS THE NEW DYNASTY GENERAL MANAGER!  I was GM on Showdown before and did a splendid job if I can say so myself. I was in CN Tower at the time and led a very successful flagship over Dynasty. The sides are reversed this time around because with me as Dynasty GM, I’m going to proudly make this company the best it has ever been. My first corporate actions coined in on a great main-event. I hope you will enjoy, Zack. At least you get to see Demon’s Council beat Hades down to a bloody pulp. Well… if you even make it through your match with Jaywalker THAT IS. He seems pretty stressed out lately and would love to take out some of it against a goon that had to sneak behind him to win a world title.  Hopefully people see the real winner in that display. I think I’m a genius for all I have done so far and to cap it off, I will enter myself in the 24/7 Battle Royal, probably end up massacring a bunch of rookies and newbies then make my presence known in the EAW World Heavyweight Championship main-event.

I mean, come-on, guys. Mikado Sekaiichi is due an ass-whooping for a long time from my hands. I will never forget what he did to me and I’m sure he doesn’t. He’s probably laughing at me right now as I speak. That’s okay; we will see who will be laughing once I tear his entire soul apart. And Mr. DEDEDE is older than Muhammad Ali. I don’t see why people want to continue and see these same faces over and over again, maineventing Pain for Pride when they clearly don’t deserve it over young, bright stars like Demon’s Council. If Kendra Shamez would do her job right then maybe the people at home wouldn’t need to carry pillows near their TV sets during travesty events like Mr. DEDEDE vs. Sekaiichi. They rather see me; the most beautiful, the most talented, the GREATEST VIXEN IN HISTORY! They rather see Cleopatra design a new wave in this day and era. Soon I will take away their breaths by doing something nobody has ever imagined happening. I’m sure most will become bitter, many will piss in their pants, and most of you might take time off from masturbating to actually watch talent at its finest. Mr. DEDEDE is talented, don’t get me wrong, but he’s been in EAW ever since Pain for Pride 1, which is almost a decade ago. Get serious people. I understand Mikado finally has done something in his career, he finally captured a world title and I’m actually surprised. I thought he was just another SpongeBob and would never learn how to drive. He certainly proved all of us wrong to the point, I was actually happy for him. It will be pretty harsh for it to end on a note that a Vixen took all the glory away from his hands. So be it, life sucks for some, but mines don’t.

Demon’s Council is stronger than ever. Better than any faction you have ever seen in history. Demon has been on top of EAW for the longest. I should make that very own petition to have him enter the GOAT circle like he wants. Considering, at a very young age, he has done much more than EVERYONE in that circle. I’m sure there’s more to come. Hey, maybe we should start that petition now. On Dynasty, maybe I should ask every single person in the locker-room to sign it and if they don’t, it shows their true colors of how useless their minds are to picture the GREATEST. It’s like you never saw a Michael Jordan basketball game, a Mike Tyson fight, or the movie, Scarface. Hell, Demon is the CIRCLE! Once Pain for Pride marches through, I highly doubt anyone would step in our way. Hades is a giant wussy, that feels so accomplished by taking out Tarah Nova but I’m still standing here. I have defeated that douche, Cyril. I will prove to become a better authority than Kendra. I’m the only talented Vixen on the roster, not Cameron. I’m going to win the 24/7 Battle Royal than carry the EAW World Heavyweight Championship to the Demon’s Council! I hope everyone gets that because I’m not lying. I never lied when I said that one day; you might see my face again in EAW. The day before Pain for Pride 6, I do remember saying that and also telling the world how I am “THE GREATEST VIXEN THAT EVER LIVED.” I might actually change that up because as the longest reigning champion, possibly the strongest ever to compete against many vulnerable extremists. I have to come to terms that I’m the GREATEST CHAMPION THAT EVER LIVED and I’ve done that with only one reign. Meanwhile, Mr. DEDEDE probably has a butt load of reigns that nobody can ever remember. Hahaha… Well if he so happens to beat Mikado at Pain For Pride, they will remember then. They will remember how Cleopatra STOLE his spotlight and single-handedly surpassed the impossible. I’m going to cover history with my face. It’s my time, my destiny, MY glory under my own name. Once again, I’m going to steal your breaths away while everyone’s watching. 

▲; )

- Ryan Savage is seen busting into his locker room throwing his New Breed Championship on the other side of the room while banging his head against the locker and then transition having his back against the locker and slowly eases down to the floor gazing at the ceiling and slowly closes his eyes. -

A woman's voice:  Ryan did you forget, the suffering that you had to endure ever since your up bringing. Did you forget everything that you have went through, people constantly screwing you over time and time again. Robbing you of your opportunities and I know you all too well that you can not let it go. Your mantra is an eye for an eye and I know deep down in your heart, into the core of the devilish heart that you will seek retribution that you will seek revenge against the men that has did you wrong. IT'S TIME TO GIVE BACK WHAT IS DESERVED TO THE UNJUST, even if you are digging a grave for them and yourself. They will know that every action they take upon you, there will always be a reaction and at the end they will wish that they have never crossed you. They will deeply learn and come to understand that when they take away from you what's rightfully yours there will always be a consequence and they will learn from their actions and unfortunately for them that their actions come with a steep price. They have long passed the point of no return and that they is a he and that he is Christopher Corrupt. Ryan, I want you to never forget that moment where Christopher deprived you from your chance at immortality, the chance of you becoming a World Champion that you have been craving for ever since I put you on this path. The RyaNation feels the same as I do and it's time to unveil your true nature to the unjust. We won't hold it against you Ryan, we know that it's time to unleash the devil into this world and teach Christopher Corrupt a lesson that he will never forget.

- Ryan Savage slowly opens his eyes as the lightening in the room dims and as he crawls towards his New Breed Championship. As he picks up the New Breed Championship and clutching it to his chest he started laugh, first it was just a slight chuckle but then it grew louder and louder and as the tears starts strolling down his face, Ryan Savage stops his laughter and wipes away the tears and gazes at the ceiling once more --

So the rat decides to show his face once again and what does he do when he made his so called triumphant return? He screwed me out of qualifying for Cash In The Vault and he took away my chances of potentially becoming MR. CITV and becoming a World Champion. I give you that Christopher, I give that to you because you know what I'm happy that you decided to man up and come back and screwing me out of being a participant because now I can focus on one thing and one thing only and that's to simply hurt you. You're right about me, I do hate you beyond the point of no return. You are my polar opposite and I will do anything in the world if it helps me to get my hands on you. You see me as trespassing on your territory and you want to be against the so called "under dog" persona that I'm portraying. To me I know for a fact that those are just empty reasons why you cost me to gain immortality. The true reason why you prevented me from going into CITV because you know and Venom knew that if I entered that match. I would be the only man who would emerge victorious and that would have eaten both of you alive and left a hole in your stomach. When you compare the both of us Christopher I have garnered more success than you ever had when we started out in this company around the same time. 

It's pure jealousy and that's what is eating away at you at this very moment in time. While you scurried away earning the reputation as the forgotten wrestler who ended up winning the Young Lions Cup and ended up resulting in nothing for your efforts. But I'm not worried about the past from way back when. All I want now is revenge, retribution...JUSTICE and when I think about this more and more. I remember what Frank Herbert once said that Justice belongs to those who claim it, but let the claimant beware lest he create new injustice by his claim and thus set the bloody pendulum of revenge into its inexorable motion. When I think about that, I'm willing to let the cycle of hatred between us fester, if it means that I'm digging myself a grave while digging yours in the process. So be it, it will be done because you have unleashed the monster that has been caged deep inside my heart and it will be recognized when I bring you down and you wouldn't have to worry about this so called under dog persona because it won't be that way. It will be hunter chasing it's prey and killing it off from the face of the planet and I'm going to make you regret from ever coming back to EAW and the singular thought that will run through your head as you are being hunted down is this; why did I come back? You will think about that over and over and over again until it breaks you down and makes you vulnerable.

Christopher you will wake up regretting crossing me because I'm not a man to be played with as it shows. I have beaten you to the point where you could barely stand last time we crossed paths and you want to tell me that I was lucky to be walking away. You should have known better to come back for more but next time we cross paths you won't be fortunate enough to even be uttering another wasteful word that comes out of your mouth. Like I said before if I'm digging myself a grave while digging yours then I will do what I have to do and bury you alive. So be weary of the fact that the eye of revenge will be following you and when you see me, know that payback is coming and it will come with a fury. Just think Christopher, you won't even see the sun rise again when I'm done with you. I hope it was worth it because you are going to be in hell dealing with me. There is no future for you, and the only present you have is dealing with me. I wonder, who will be the last man standing when this whole thing is done and over with because I assure you this isn't over, not by a long shot.
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*** RMV is seen in his San Diego beach house. He is going over some documents in his study.***

MY secretary delivered a memo to me today. She told me I have been scheduled to fight my first match on this upcoming NEO. Its a quick development I am aware, but I saw who my first opponent is as well. the Archetype. And the first question that ran through my mind is, who the hell is Archetype? Or perhaps more specifically, what the hell is an archetype? Well, I decided to go take a look in the dictionary for this one. Of course much like the wrestler, I have already forgotten what an Archetype is, so how about I go get my dictionary once again.

*** RMV gets up and pulls  abig book from the top of the shelf, he places it on the desk and begins to read from it. ***

An Archetype is an original mold from which other persons or items try to emulate. Well, Archetype, I found a fatal flaw in your name. You see, I'm guessing no one here wishes to emulate it because quite fortunately, you shattered the mold. Trust me Archetype, that is by no means a compliment. I have sen your style and the only word I can use for it is green, and I am not necessarily meaning the color. No I mean green as гусь остатки. But the positive thing is that in time, you will eventually be talented to move beyond the green as гусь остатки label I have given you, as long as you train hard every day, and take your craft seriously. The problem is today, you face the Russian Legend R.M. Vrankovic. You face Russia's greatest wrestler, The Pride of Saint Petersburg, and perhaps most importantly the Млрд рублей Бог. So Archetype, I can understand both the awe and fear that will be running through your head as you step into the ring, I just sincerely hope you do not take it too personally when I defeat you at Neo this week. You never know though, this match at Neo could be the stepping stone to something greater, perhaps a feud on Showdown or Dynasty. Maybe even a future match at PFP. The possibilities are endless.

*** RMV's tone turns dark, more serious. ***

Но если вы собираетесь использовать меня в качестве ступеньки, я предлагаю вам прыгать, и прыгать трудно. Я непотопляемым. Я неоспоримы. Я зверь-западе России. Многие другие пытались остановить меня только, чтобы быть отказано с простым сцеплением моих руках. Моя сила не имеет себе равных. Моя воля непоколебимой. Я отказываюсь быть отказано в моей конечной поисках славы. Мне особенно отказываются быть ничьим козлом отпущения во время моего пребывания здесь. Нет, манипуляторы будут мои враги, и я буду нарушать их прежде, чем вызвать их конечной гибели. Мой эра пришла. Это не только первая остановка, как бы ни ничем не примечательный это.

*** RMV suddenly turns sinisterly cheerful. ***

And so we come to the conclusion of today's lesson. What is an Archetype? It is, quite simply, my next victim. I am R.M. Vrankovic. And I will be the cream of EAW's crop.

*** RMV puts the dictionary back on the bookshelf and walks out of his study. ***
(Carlos and Poison sit at the bar area of TJ's Steak and Ribs Restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Carlos is dressed in the newest Dynamite Rain T-Shirt (Bold Red print of the word ICHIBAN on a dark Grey shirt.) and blue jeans. Poison is dressed in a white tube top and very skimpy blue jean shorts. The EAW Unified Tag Team Championship belt sits on his shoulder as he sits on a stool; Poison in the stool next to him is drinking a large blue margarita.)

Carlos: One day, you people are going to look back in time and try to find words to understand how great Dynamite Rain is. You are going to tell your grandchildren and if you're lucky even your GREAT grandchildren that the hype was real, the talent was real, the beauty was real, and Dynamite Rain's run as the greatest tag team in the history of EAW and all of wrestling was indeed REAL. The reigning, defending two-time EAW World Tag Team Champions, the reigning and soon-to-be REPEATING winners of the EAW Tag Team of the Year award......and let's be honest, that list of tag teams that can stand up to us is getting thinner by the second. We've already beaten Demon's Leftovers, we RETIRED the sisters. We humbled a couple of rookies from Neo, one of whom looks vaguely like that guy who's playing Hercules in some Hollywood movie coming out this summer....and Impact and Tyler Parker couldn't get along to save their bond. So...who's left? Ryan and Ryan? Pfft. The American Dream? Cameron Ella Ava got branded like the fat ass cow she is and the Half Bald One has a little blood-hunt going on for Jaywalker. BARTENDER! Shot of tequila!

(The Bartender quickly passes by and pours Carlos a shot which is literally gulped down, shot glass tossed aside.)

Carlos: Before you parental watchdog groups piss and moan, that's the first drink I've had in about four months and a shot of tequila's never hurt anybody! I've got a designated drivers...hell a restaurant full of them! This place, this is where winners eat and celebrate like winners. Great food, decent drinks and all the bar-b-qued rib you can handle, baby. Now, back to the sorry state of the EAW Unified Tag Team Championship picture. There IS NO FUCKING PICTURE! DYNAMITE RAIN HAS RUN THE TABLE OF POSSIBLE AND CREDIBLE CHALLENGERS! World's Finest, Check. Whoever that was who came from Neo who's asses we beat in four minutes, check. Find me a team, somewhere, anywhere that can stand us to em and we'll defend the belts. We have total control of the tag team division right now and if there's anybody who wants to take us up on the invitation we'll make damn sure that you wish from the bottom of your heart you never took us up on it. Now...there is no need to tell any of you what time of year it is. Pain for Pride season is in full swing now and this is the time of year to get yourself noticed, to make a statement. To get the job done and be a legend and all that other bull crap they spoon feed you piss-ants watching this on Daily motion or YouTube or wherever it's going to get posted. Last year, EAW SPECIFICALLY KEPT DYNAMITE RAIN IN A BOX! A TAG TEAM BOX! We had to wrestle in a triple threat tag team match with lucha libre rules....whatever the hell that means....against the tag team that was Synergy and a pair of old has-beens like Hurricane Hawk and Alexander Da Vinci. Alex, I hope you just STAY retired and don't keep coming back like a certain person that I will mention a little later on. Anyway....


Now, Maybe you aren't aware but I was a little pissed off last year. Not because I had a tag team championship match in the biggest show in wrestling today. I can live with that and it was a chance for me and GI to kick some major league ass while Poison showed off a little bit of her guitar skills. The problem that I have with this whole set up was that EAW's ever-fuckup-prone management decided that we didn't DESERVE Cash In the Vault qualifiers or a spot by right in the 24/7 battle royal. We didn't appreciate this. I don't know how in particular GI feels about it but it definitely left a bitter taste in my mouth. Last year, even though I was CLEARLY one of the most outstanding wrestlers on Dynasty I wasn't even as much as invited to qualify for the CITV match or even the King of Extreme Tournament. This is such a disrespect to me, such a slap in the face, that if I wasn't a tag team champion in the first place I may have quit. Let's be real, Dynamite Rain has done about all it can do in the tag team division other than dominate it for the next decade. We are officially flirting with Miami Heat status here, people. But....in singles.....you've only seen glimpses of what we can do. Or...more specifically what GI Styles can do. You saw him qualify for the Cash in the Vault last weekend by gobbling up the leftovers of Xavier Williams. He's already proven that he should be forever remembered as one of the greatest EAW Champions of all time, holding the National Extreme Title for nearly a year. He pushed then World Heavyweight Champion Tyler Parker, the same Tyler Parker I pinned on Dynasty, by the way, to the limits of his ability before just coming up short.

You haven't seen jack from ME yet.

Oh, I did have a chance to revive the Interwire Championship and defend it against Norman Hellion on two occasions in some of the most brutal, sadistic and downright bloody brawls that EAW has seen outside of a “Glass Wallz” match. That was a nice WARM-UP for my second and most perfectly performed act of my EAW saga.

I will engage in battle with Christopher Corrupt this Saturday for the right to go to the CITV. BARTENDER, CROWN AND COKE!

(The Bartender quickly complies again as Carlos continues to rant.)

Yeah, Venom, you're not the only person who likes to throw something back now and again. Plus I drink something that actually has a TASTE to it besides putrid beer. Speaking of you, Venom, where'd you dig this Neo reject up from? I know for sure I've kicked his ass somewhere before. Or maybe it was GI? Or was it Poison? Or was it all of us at the same time, I don't know and honestly I could care less. Chris, you've already made three very vital mistakes here:

  • You came back in the first place.

  • You join up with the House of Wannabe Bikers.

  • You believe that you're going to use me as a stepping stone.

Look, I know you wanted to have your big splash back in the spotlight by depriving Ryan Savage of going into that CITV match. I mean...I'm not Ryan's biggest fan but after wrestling with him and teaming with him, I can say he's...well...you know....a wrestler. The only thing I can say about you is that you have the worst fashion sense, the worst tag team partners, and the worst physique I've seen for a professional wrestler. It's looking more and more like THOR is running out of steam though. At first was...OH MY GOD! THESE GUYS ARE GOING TO TOTALLY RIP OFF A CRAPPY PRIMETIME TV SHOW ON FX AND MAKE A MOTORCYCLE GANG!

(Carlos grabs the crown and coke and downs it within a few gulps.)

Then it gets worse. OH MY GOD! NICK ANGEL! OH MY GOD, DEDEDE!!

And now...Christopher Corrupt. YOU are THOR's big new addition? Some little mantissa who couldn't hack it on NEO is going to come to Showdown, my second home, and beat me? Take something from me that I have been wanting DEARLY ever since I came up short in my first appearance in the Cash in the Vault those long years ago? Uh....no. You made a little list, I heard, about all the attributes you have....lets go over them real quick.

  • Talent: Let's be honest, the only person who happens to have anything that closely resembles talent that's left in House of Renegades is Hades the Hellraiser and most of his ability comes from being a freak of nature in the size department. Nick is a bitch, Venom is a drunk, and you Christopher-San are just a mere STUDENT compared to me inside those ropes. Hell, outside those ropes too.

  • Skills: Uh...no. You can wrestle....barely... but can you box? Can you scrap using jujitsu or muay thai if you have to? Have you been on anything close to the bitter, hard streets where I grew up? Have you ever won anything of note? The answer to all of these questions is a big HELL NO.

  • Ability: Uh....yeah. I think we summed this up with talent.....and skills......you know what this whole list was fucking redundant, don't you think? Anyway...moving on....

  • Desire to fuck with the company: THATS WHAT DYNAMITE RAIN WAS MADE FOR! ITS WHAT WE HAVE DONE EVER SINCE WE DECIDED TO TEAM UP IN THE FIRST PLACE! We cheered when EAW was “closed”, we had a clearance sale for all EAW products, openly mocked the competency of Management of Dynasty, Showdown and Neo.....there hasn't been a team that's been as much of a headache for management as us in quite a while and probably never will.

So, we've more or less arrived that Christopher Corrupt sucks in every conceivable shape and form and all I have to do is wrestle the match I know I can and I will qualify for Cash in the Vault. That's enough to motivate me. I would love nothing more than to clip Dark Demon or whomever's left standing between Seikaichi and Dedede. All three of them are massive egotistical morons of the highest order. Of all the wrestlers that I could possibly face immediately after winning CITV that I have a tinge of respect for, I would say it's Zach Crash. He's a jam-up guy and I respect him for that.

Where was I now...something about Christopher Corrupt sucking, right? Okay.....Chris. You called me stupid?

IM GONNA PAINT THE RING RED WITH YOUR BLOOD. And then I'm going to use it for paint. I've always been a big fan of Fragonard work from the Rococco Period. I could try something from there. HA! THATS AN ART JOKE! AND YOU PROBABLY DONT EVEN FUCKING GET IT! WHOS THE STUPID ASS NOW, LOSER! I WIN AGAIN!

Yep. Chris, You have painted yourself in the wrong light. You think by rolling with a bunch of stagnant wannabees that you can get close to the RRRRRRRRRREAL. Nope. Venom's going to have to make due on his own because you are not going to qualify. I want you to listen very closely as I describe what's going to happen to you: Venom is going to sit at ringside nursing a beer while I beat the fuck out of you. A lot. And I'm not sure if I'll stop when the bell rings. I'm sick and tired of the Renegades talking about how good and bad and tough they are when Dynamite Rain, as a UNIT and as INDIVIDUALS, have DONE IT. You'll probably not hear that much more trash talk from me this week. I'm going to spend the rest of this time making sure my fist is nice and ready to break your jaw. Oh, you wanna know why they call me the Rainmaker, Chris? It's because I'm piratically made out of money! Demonstration in order, I'm guessing.....

(Carlos turns his attention to the Bartender.)

Carlos: Hey dude...how much do we owe you?

Bartender: Uhh....for the drinks AND food that you bought for those two tables over there and yours.....um....198.37, sir.

(Carlos claps his hands loudly as dollar bills start falling from the ceiling underneath the bar as the bartender looks on awestruck.)

Poison: Nice!

Carlos: That should cover it, right? Keep the change.

(The Bartender scoops up a few hundred dollar bills from the floor as well as a few lesser bills. )

Bartender: Um...thanks!

Carlos: Not a problem........

Oh, DAMN! I ALMOST FORGOT....And on Sunday.....I hope all you Dynasty fans didn't miss me too much, because I have a very special match with Hall of Famer Hurricane Hawk! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH! HURRICANE HAWK EVERYBODY! GIVE HIM A BIG OLD HAND!

No. I'm not applauding you. Hawk, you think you can come here and steal my time on the marquee? You do nothing but come and go every few months when you feel like it. You don't put in the same blood and sweat and tears you used to when you were a force around here that people respected and feared. You, like Impact and Tyler Parker last week, are ghosts from my past. Phantoms who still manage to work their way into my consciousness and haunt me. Unlike the other two who have actually been able to BEAT me....you just can't seem to, can you? The last two times we have met, I am the one who has been the winner. Yet you keep coming back. You keep showing up every June as sure as Louisiana humidity forces the girls to grab the smallest clothing available to go outside. But there is one thing I want you to know. One truth that you will never escape:



For those of you who have not been made aware, I have one more announcement to make

(All of a sudden, a few dozen people wearing LSU attire stand up and huddle around the bar with Carlos as he recites Dynamite Rain's mantra.)





(Carlos orders a few drinks for the entire group as they cheer him on, Poison sipping her margarita with a bit of a smirk on her face.)
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あなたは私と同じレベルにあると思いますか?そうした場合、あなたは多くが明白であること、間違っている。無礼は私が容認するものではありませんが、あなたのその笑顔を守るために、おそらく私は、もはや単なるしばらく...それに耐えることができます。あなたは#のユハを挑発し続ける場合は、私はあなたの人生を保証することはできません。川で最強の男は確かに水である。それは私が何年も前に聞いた古いことわざであり、それは私がするために行うつもりですものの非常に良い例ですKeg しかし、あなたはそれを見ることはできますが、間違っている。それが真実である。私が死んで品種午前、世界は死にかけ場所ですが、私は大好きで、それは私が愛し、保護したいということで何を保護していきます。私はあなたが少しnoobの、今、この権利を翻訳しているに違いないが、それは大丈夫です。わたしは次のEAWタッグチームチャンピオンです。それは私が日本の最大の武士だため、私が保証するものです。私は、#ユハ午前. これはタフな人々の完全な厳しい世界ですが、それは私が世界が好きな方法です。それは東洋で朝のとき、私はそれが好きですが、私は中国ではないですので、それは大丈夫です、あなたはあなたが欲しいものを言うことができます。また、任意の小銭を持っているのですか?私はそれが戻ってwhoopassvilleの私の家に電車を取る必要があります。

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So close...yet so far

I came in to win, I came in for those cups…and those cups, the opportunity was taken away from me from the grasp of victory..I was inches from becoming the first extremist to hold a Tag Title without a partner, and it was taken away from me. I swear to god that will not happen again. Nas…Aren, I hope you didn’t leave that night feeling accomplished, matter of fact you should feel ashamed of yourselves…think about it..you’re supposed to be the best team in this division..and you nearly lost your belts to someone that didn’t even have a partner, you’re a disgrace to the tag team division. It’s no wonder how when I beat you two weeks ago, it was so easy…you and Aren literally need each other to succeed because quite frankly, you both are half of what a true extremist is…but you guys figured out that since you both have little to no talent, you guys could combine as a team to look half as decent as you want people to think you are. You’re pathetic and weak, but I’m not worried at all..I’m still an undefeated singles competitor..and you guys are in my rear view mirror..but if we do meet in the same ring, at the same occurrence, it’ll end painfully and quickly. I’m not trying to sound tough or macho, I’m simply just stating the truth, you both can’t hold a candle to my abilities, and as a unit, you guys could barely eek out a win, I’m over it. Now onto my opponent this week Ryan Ramone, now truth be told I have no idea who you are and have never watched a single match of yours, in fact this is, I heard your NEO debut. First off let me sincerely apologize to you. I know this isn’t your fault, and I’m pretty sure you did not pick yourself to be in this situation, so before our match on NEO, I’m going to apologize. Not only was your first match against someone whose made sound waves in only the 1 month he’s been here, but you’re facing someone who literally get better every single match. The scary part isn’t that I’m constantly improving, the scary part is I’m constantly getting better..while already at the highest level imaginable. Now that’s not some type of scare tactic, or intimidation factor..I’m just letting you know what you’re getting yourself into, I like you am a rookie, but there’s  a significant gap in skill between us. So with that being said, I’d advise you to not waste your breath this week by saying something reckless, along the lines of “Monstro I’m going to decimate you”, “I’m going to beat you down”…because if you say something along the lines of that, It’s only going to worsen your already terrible situation. Not only do you not want to insult a man whose capable of taking you out in a heartbeat, but you don’t want to be put on the shelf in your debut. Any insult you say, any threat you make, any advances of violence you throw at me…must and will be held against you in the ring. You do have the right to remain silent, and trust me buddy, I won’t think any less of you. Infact I’ll think even highly of you, because by not bad mouthing me, you prove to be intelligent enough to know which decisions to make..that’s a very marketable quality an extremist could have. I can tell you’re a very smart guy and I truly hope you do the right thing, I couldn’t fathom how heartbreaking it’d be for a young, fresh extremist to be taken out and have his career ended short, but make no mistake..if you do question my integrity I have no problem doing what I say I’m going to do.
(The scene slowly fades in on Christopher Corrupt wearing a black/white custom Adidas track jacket with “Corrupt” stitched on the back and a white t-shirt underneath and a pair of crisp blue denim jeans and white sneakers. He is grinning ear to ear standing outside his penthouse suite in downtown Toronto. Corrupt begins to speak…)
Corrupt: The Revolution of Corruption is back. The return of the bad guy! The man who doesn’t care about rules and wins by any means necessary! But just what exactly happened and why the disappearance of such a great talent? Management happened. The corporation. EAW. I got sick and tired of being kept down, told I’d get what I wanted and nothing happening in the process. They didn’t want a Revolution to strike, something that would destroy this company from the ground up. They tried silencing me, not booking me and generally trying to stop this beautiful face from seeing the cameras and the spotlight. So I fell into shadows and seemed forgotten about, until I came across a group who shared the same ideas and values.  The House of Renegades: the men who turn heads, stir shit up and get it done. You see, no one expected Venom to get help from me and that’s exactly how I like to keep things. Leave people guessing, constantly wondering what will happen next and what tricks are up these sleeves. Joining The House of Renegades was the smartest thing I could have done. These men are against establishment, they believe in the same morals and they don’t care to break the rules, shake up the system and kick a lot of ass in the process. Now in the beginning, running solo was my thing, but I soon realized, having friends to protect you and back you up goes a long way. Not only that, but they all possess what I have: talent, skills, ability and the desire to fuck with the company.
And if I was gonna crash a party, it might as well be Ryan Savage’s. Savage, you and I have a little bit of a history and a general dislike for one another. Scratch that. Hatred. We don’t get along, we never have and we probably never will. And I am content knowing this. I like the fact I stopped you from qualifying for Cash in the Vault. I like knowing you’re full of anger and ready for revenge. You shouldn’t have been on my brand Savage…you were in MY territory. Plus, I straight up just don’t like you and what you’re trying to do to this company. People worry about me and my intentions, they should be looking at your plans. This underdog image you have like Venom said, the one everyone roots for and believes in. You are nothing. And I hope it was a reminder last week on Showdown when I put you down like a bad habit. I am sure you have some speech lined up for me but it will fall on deaf ears because frankly, I don’t care what you have to say or what you’re gonna do and how you’ll do it. Actions always speak louder. Which is why I did what I did. It resonates and obviously still does because you’ve become scarce. Good. Never come back to Showdown because if you do…what I did the first time was a cakewalk. People don’t usually get a second chance. You’re lucky. Embrace this and walk away. Walk away Savage.
Seems since I joined The House of Renegades, management is giving me an opportunity this week on Showdown. Man…all it takes is a little bit of chaos and they just jump like damn grasshoppers. It’s like controlling a puppet on a string, beautiful how the revolution is beginning again and without a hitch. Carlos Rosso…it’s you and me for a chance of getting the Cash in the Vault spot on the biggest stage of them all…Pain for Pride Se7en. There are two spots left. Your best bro GI Styles got himself one and now all eyes are on you to do the same. Something always makes me laugh though, the tag team duo in the EAW both have worst nicknames in wrestling history…Sexy Dynamite and The Rainmaker. They both don’t make sense and I am sure that handle of GI’s scares the ladies away more than it attracts them. But GI Styles ain’t my opponent…no it’s Carlos. Well Rainman…we step into the ring on Saturday night with your ally watching you, hoping you’ll win. He’ll be ringside to give you words of encouragement and cheer your stupid ass on. Meanwhile, in my corner is a man who will oversee the action and make sure nothing underhanded happens.
But I’ll be ready if it does. I am always 10 steps ahead of the game and have a plan to unfold in every match. You two idiots come bouncing down the ramp thinking you have a plan but really all it involves is looking like a bunch of assclowns and acting all cocky. Bitches, I invented that! I drip, ooze and show cockiness like no tomorrow. It isn’t just believing, it’s knowing and I know without a shadow of a doubt that when shit’s on the line…I am the man you can count on.
I will leave everything on the mat come Showdown. My blood, my sweat and my dedication and hard work, the days of losing are hopefully over. Now I am a member of The House of Renegades, my stakes can only get higher and my career can only get bigger.
Carlos, you are the stepping-stone to my revolution. You’ll be a part of history! Enjoy the experience and know you’re making it possible. I must extend my thanks. I’ll make sure I do so with a Corrupted off the unforgiving mat. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to receive a Corrupt Crunch too! You can ask Ryan Savage what it feels like.
(Corrupt laughs as he walks off away from the cameraman as the scene fades to black.)
That was really passionate Starr,

Making a situation about you is common for you, I wouldn't expect anything less from a spotlight hog like yourself, considering you ruin careers only to get ahead. Considering though Tyler, I was the next man in line for a shot, and I always thought maybe you could have just enough respect for me to respect the fact that I want to be a world champion in this business, we do nothing more than just screw over the hardest working man in the business, yeah okay. And if anyone has a legit beef about who should be in the main event of Pain for Pride it should be Diamond Cage. Let's face it, you lost from the help of a woman, it took four people to make sure that bastard left Grand Rampage Answers World Champion. And you see I was planning on dealing with Zack, and yes you are right, but you hold just as much of the blame as Zack does, Zack went as far as screwing me over, and what a common trend it is by the way to screw over a Canadian, you guys truly are original. But yes as I continue, as Zack begins to prosper in the main event of Pain for Pride, I'll be either sent to day 1 of Pain for Pride only to beat you within an inch of the hair you can find on your head. Why? Tell me why? Because I made the challenge of course, but I was in the heat of the moment, I was there just pissed off and angry, I should of gotten rid of you when I had the chance, because the fact is Starr, throughout your reign as Answers World Champion, the only main event you competed on was at Reckless Wiring and you got beat. You weren't the man, like how I was the man and I wasn't even the champion, I was beating DEDEDE, I was beating Jaywalker, I was competing twice in the same night just to prove that I am without a shadow of a doubt, the best in the world. And yes, CM Drastik probably can hold claim to that and he can keep it, because that shtick has been going on for years now even past another guy who lives in Chicago Illanois, but we here in the supposed “Land of Extreme” hides that Best in the World with the “GOAT Circle” have you ever been even put into question of being put in that circle Starr? I bet not, because if anyone is all hype it is you because as my memory serves me, the last time you and SQ 85 were in a wrestling match, he kicked your ass on the biggest show in this company. But the first time SQ met Diamond Cage at No Regards, I took the former EAW Champion and I met him pound for pound and I made him tap damn it, because that is what I do. I make people tap out, and not to be the best submission artist in EAW, and not well, anymore to be the best technical wrestler in EAW because no one, not even you can meet me at that standard. I do it because I am a little freaky, I guess I mean I am weird and I do a lot of weird thinking and have a lot of weird expectations, I come into a wrestling company expecting not to get screwed by other spiteful “Extremist” who can't live a day in my shoes. And then what happens? 

I GET SCREWED!! BIG SHOCK!!!! NOT A SHOE IN FOR UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR OF COURSE, but I apologize to the loyal members of the EAW universe who have to sit through me and Starr, I apologize to those who will have to see a hippie turned emo in the main event of Pain for Pride and I also apologize for being a professional wrestler or not even a pro wrestler, because that is what I do and I love it. But I most importantly apologize for being an EAW extremist, I apologize for meeting Jaywalker, I apologize for meeting every wrestler in the EAW populace, I especially apologize for getting back at DEDEDE for coming after my family, I am so sorry for actually wanting to be a champion more than just a guy holding a belt until the next guy was ready to be the CHAMPION. Yes guys, sarcasm from Diamond Cage, I mean shocking right it's not like anyone can expect DC to manage to say a word without swearing and yelling and getting just a little bit pissed off, but why should I? This business has burned me out so much I am tired of wasting my time having to slap around old deranged fools for what? Maybe I should stop competing and maybe commentate ya know? And talk like I actually have knowledge about the business when the same woman who is my boss also ended my career, yeah HBG, nice little show on Dynasty, you are an incredible actress. I also apologize for bringing my kids into this world, why must I have children when they don't even look up to me right? Maybe I should have had their mother swallow them. You don't get the morale of my story? I don't live by maybe's and I don't apologize for nothing, I don't feel sorry about you not getting what in your eyes you think you deserve, but how selfish can you be? How selfish can guys like Impact be? How selfish can all you past historic dinosaurs of EAW's past be and get in the way of those who actually want a future, I mean surely if you been in EAW since 2008 and applied yourself, your bound to have a little stroke in this company. I mean look at DEDEDE, he can practically do whatever the hell he want's. But oh, “strike down with great power on thee Diamond Cage if he takes another guys family and ruins his life” how dare you, I am going to say it right now. I am more than just a wrestler, I am more than just an extremist if that is what you call yourselves, I am an anomaly. Plain and simple folks, DC is the one true anomaly of Extreme Answers Wrestling, but let's classify a man like Dark Demon as a virtue for setting people on fire, I mean Starr, I don't know about you but I have always wanted to put on those matches that surpasses HBB's and DDD's an Jay's, especially at Pain for Pride, and I have always came with that mindset of wanting to give my opponent everything I have, and see if he gives me the same amount back. But you, you are in the crossroads with a gunslinger, and I will take your damn head off, whether you are headstrong or not. And as for Dynasty, what more do you want? You want me to talk about how The Nas is nothing more than a cheap copy? I don't care, let him do whatever he feels is going to get him far in this business, doesn't mean squat to me, if he wants to shove things up people's asses, let him shove things up people's asses, if he want's to be an unoriginal bitch like the most of you in EAW and talk about how he beat me and Zack to win a cup, go for it.

 I don't care because you rarely see DC wrestle on Dynasty anyway, and why is that? Maybe because I am just a little bit off kilter and unpredictable and violent and I could take out anyone at any time, but who cares ya know. More time home to see my family and my children grow up to be young, but yes, who has to live with the fear of one of these sick psycho's taking my children away, who has to live with the fear of my kids not giving me the same reaction because I am on the road wrestling for a company who cost me everything when I have given them everything. You guys make me sick, EAW makes me sick, the extremist in EAW make me sick, and more importantly Starr, you make me sick, I don't want to team with you, and that maybe shocking I mean obviously why wouldn't I want to team with Mr. Clean on Dynasty, would be a big honor I mean, this is the guy who let Generation Next take him out! THIS GUY IS A LEGEND PEOPLE FOR GOD SAKES!!! HE IS AN ICON!!! He's another one of these old bastards who needs to be shot right in the back of their heads and finally put out of their miserable, miserable, lives. On Dynasty, I do what I do best and that is step in a wrestling ring and beat whoever is in that ring with me, I demolish everything in my path and I leave a path of broken bones in my wake, I am the guy who should be in the main event, but I'll take the high road, I'll fight Starr at Pain for Pride and I will send another obsolete extremist down with the rest of men who tried to get in my way, I'll fight with Starr on Dynasty, and I will carry his ass to another win because lord knows Starr isn't going to have word one to say against our opponents.
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Showdown Promo
Just like I said I would, on Dynasty I qualified for the Cash in the Vault match at Pain for Pride. It may have been on dubious circumstances, but even though both GI Styles and I advanced, in the end it really doesn’t make any different. Whether that man was in this match or not, the same man will walk away with that briefcase; the same man that deserved to be headlining that event. But then again, after I grasp that briefcase, who’s to say that I will not. But before that, I get the opportunity to conquer two of the men that I face at Pain for Pride; Venom and Kevin Devastation. It’s really not hard to miss everything that’s going on with Venom and I at the moment, and it goes a lot further than just the Cash in the Vault. I had to watch as Kendra Shamez attempted to use The House of Renegades, alongside Zack Crash as punishment for putting our hands on her. I had to watch as the only thing they really accomplished at Dia Del Diablo was burn a woman that had no use left in Demon’s Council. I had to watch as their attempts to knock Dark Demon off his throne, got them nowhere. But can you really be surprised, because everything Venom attempts to do, in the end get him nowhere. He’s nothing more than a man that constantly needs to be saved, and that wasn’t any more evident the moment Christopher Corrupt joined The House of Renegades, handing him a spot at Pain for Pride. But then again, he’s proved it throughout the majority of his time here in EAW, as a whole. He needed The House of Renegades to keep the Young Lion’s Cup, and the moment he was forced to fend for himself, he lost it. He defeated Mr DEDEDE and Tyler Parker, alongside Nick Angel and The Deity, but when nobody was there to save him against Heart Break Boy, he failed once again. You see, it’s a reoccurring factor, isn’t it? Now take a look at what happened when I was forced to fend for myself. I thrived. I walked out and did what Hades the Hellraiser couldn’t do. I did what Ryan Savage couldn’t do. I did what Diamond Cage couldn’t do. I walked out and proved that Zack Crash really is not as good as everyone believes. Come Showdown, come Pain for Pride; nobody’s going to be there to save you, Venom. Not Christopher Corrupt, not Nick Angel, not Hades the Hellraiser; not even the man that you have in your corner this week. Nothing saves you. Because nothing stops this; everything I have worked for, from the moment I took my first steps in this company. Definitely not a man that’s nothing more than a sidekick to Hades the Hellraiser. You see Venom, you may look upon the likes of Eddie Mack, Lucian Black and I as nothing more than lackey’s to Dark Demon, but I really want to take a look in the mirror. Venom after your match at Dia Del Diablo, who was the man doing Hades the Hellraiser dirty work, but cracking Zack Crash in the back of the head with a beer bottle? Who was the man that months ago, attempted to do the dirty work of DEDEDE, as he struggled against both Diamond Cage and Tyler Parker? You see Venom both questions, they hold the same answers. And that answer proves you to be nothing more than a hypocrite. You’re nothing but a sidekick; you’re the same thing to Hades the Hellraiser, that Nick Angel was months ago. Now look at Nick; no glory, no pride; he has nothing. That’s your future Venom. You replaced Nick Angel as Hades new sidekick, but that’s what everyone in the House of Renegades is, replaceable. When Tyson Michaels was thrown out of the House of Renegades, he was replaced by The Deity; and time will prove that when you completely cut your ties with Nick Angel, Christopher Corrupt will slot straight into the position Nick Angel is now. But Venom, even though you’ll deny every piece of this; you’re just as replaceable as the rest. Sooner or later, you’ll no longer have any use, and you’ll be pushed aside. Being forced to watch a new man takes over the role of the sidekick. Being forced to watch as a new man attempts to do whatever he can get bask in Hades spotlight; because you see, that’s main difference between you and I. You say that this company has denied you opportunities at championships, but look around Venom, you’ve been handed chances that I haven’t. You were HANDED a main event spot at Dia Del Diablo, you were HANDED an opportunity to become the Answers World Champion. When Drastik walked out of this company with both the Interwire Championship and Answers World Championship, you were HANDED a chance to become the new Answers World Champion; over guys that actually deserved that opportunity. You were HANDED an opportunity at MY New Breed Championship. And if none of that satisfied you Venom, why haven’t you walked into Kevin Devastation’s office and demanded a shot at Tyler Parker’s National Extreme Championship? Because it’s easier to sit back, complain and cry about what you don’t have, than receive it and watch everything go up in flames, isn’t it Venom; because at Pain for Pride, every single man at opposes Xavier Williams in the Cash in the Vault, is going to watch that. They’re going to watch as the thing that believed with everything they possessed was destined for them, leaves with its rightful owner. They have to watch as their dreams go up in flames. Because I have said from the moment that I almost kicked the head off of the shoulders of Zack Crash that I was going to do whatever it took to obtain an opportunity that I rightfully deserved. It never mattered if I needed to walk into Pain for Pride and grasp a briefcase, just to do so. You see Venom, you were right about one thing; Showdown is the prelude to something. I’ll just allow you to figure out what it really is.

As for Kevin Devastation it’s fairly simple. He calls himself the King of all Kings, and yet all he really is, is just a poor man trying to regain the glory his career once held. Doing whatever needed to do so; even basically handing himself a spot in the Cash in the Vault at Pain for Pride. You see Kevin, I have had to watch as men like yourself re-enter this company and are immediately pushed to the top. At the hand of Damien Murrow, you were handed to chance to face Brian Daniels before he walked out of this company. Men like Lethal Consequences, Y2Impact and yourself return at the Grand Rampage and are immediately given the chance to obtain a chance to headline Pain for Pride. Scott Diamond returns the night after the Grand Rampage and is handed a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship. I have to watch as guys like yourself are handed these opportunities, and every time I have to watch as these opportunities go to waste. Cash in the Vault gives me the opportunity to do what you all couldn’t: succeed. It gives me the chance to walk out and grasp onto something you all dream about once again holding. On Showdown, you understand how far you need to push yourself, just to come close to take all of this away from me. And that Kevin, that is not a threat; that’s a promise. You see because, I already know what you think I am. You’ll hold the same mindset as Zack Crash did. You’ll believe I’m nothing more than a fly that you’re able to bat away with the slightest on ease. That I’m just something you’re going to run through on your quest to obtain something your heart desires; but just like they were, you’ll be wrong. And you’ll find yourself sitting in your office wondering what happened. How did two men walk onto Showdown, and do what you thought they couldn’t. You’ll find yourself thinking how did two guys you thought were nothing, walk onto YOUR show and conquer a man that looks at himself as a god. That’s when reality will sink in.  You’ll finally understand that you placed yourself in a situation you cannot win. You’ll understand that you’re going to experience the failure that you’re becoming oh so accustomed too. And once again, that is not a threat; that is a promise. So over the next few days, I want you to hype yourself up. Attempt to convince me about how great the man known as Kevin Devastation is; convince yourself that there is no chance in hell that Xavier Williams could ever possibly defeat a man that believes he’s the King of all kings. Just so I can walk onto your show, and prove another man wrong. Just so I can walk out once again to prove why I am the man that’s going to stand at the top of this company as its crown jewel.

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What is life?
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How can someone fully define such concept? Is life that wave of emotions that run through our veins every day, every hour, every MINUTE whether it's pleasure it graces our hearts with or sorrow that we fear of meeting everyday we wake up in the morning? Is that life? Can life measured by the dose of activities and movement we display in our day-to-day existence? Does life revolve around just a peaceful environment with no problems to encounter, just a simple, peaceful home where you ought to not bother reaching for things as you'd instantly find them instantly hand it to you? Is it the breeze that we inhale as fast as we breathe it out? Do we breathe to live or do we live to breathe? You'd think that with this endless set of unanswered questions and how human beings claim to have evolved more through their years of existence in the way the choose to think that this phenomenon commonly entitled "Life" should already be grasped and defined, right? Wrong. See, to take a look around you and see how people act, talk and choose to "live" you'd immediately realize how LIFE is yet to actually be understood. Take any casual civilian aside; From the blue collar to the white, and ask him: "How are you alive?" The answer would either be in the form of a stare that makes you out to be mentally unstable or the obvious "Well, I'm breathing." response. As if life is confined by the bounds of simple, material concepts. Completely neglecting the fact that it's far more than that.

February 2012, a period in time that doesn't hold that much of a meaning for most but it did and always have done for yours truly. February 2012 witnessed my first peek at the business that would become my ultimate passion soon afterwards. It's when I officially debuted behind the doors of Extreme Answers Wrestling. It was surreal to say the least, Just try to imagine dreaming of taking part of something then without even knowing it you are. The lights, the ring, the fans; It was just too amazing to be put into words. But, with the joy came the harsh reflection of reality. I was under the grade of a rookie at that time, I literally had 0 experience under my belt and top it all off, I was under the illusion that I will still make it at the snap of a finger. I was in developmental and I was already deciding how to pose for future fitness magazine and FPV posters. I was basically the kid that even though he just started walking he keeps wearing a helmet and making Race car noises. I was literally on another planet and that didn't help out well in my first 5 matches as I was beat in all of them. Academically, that made me the clown of the class so to speak. I got laughed at and mocked by EVERYONE; from fans to peers. And looking back at it, I can't help but giggle myself. Not only because I was living lala land, but also because those same people down at the developmental who derided me witnessed me literally scratching my way to the top while leaving them at the bottom of the mountain.

Which brings me to my formal introduction for those who have yet to identify who I am; My name is Rami. Former EAW Interwire Champion, competed on the grandest stage of them all Pain 4 Pride and headlined other blockbuster events. How did I do that you may ask? It's called feeding off the hate. It's called flipping the negativities into positives and shoving it down the throat of anyone that objects. It's called proving people wrong aka this thing I've been doing ever since I was brought into this "life".

Life.. I think I had that when I was locking horns with the Jaywalkers inside the Elimination Chamber, or when I beat and got beat by the Hades and the Johnny Venturas on numerous occasions to either win, retain or lose the Interwire title. That energy, that adrenaline rush, that was life and I was fully living it until the year passed by and I was stripped off of it. I had that life ripped off of me when I learned that my body couldn't keep up with what my mind was planning. I had a WHITE Collar telling me that I had suffered from a severe back injury and I couldn't come back to action anytime soon. Not in a month, not in two, not in six, not in a YEAR. I had the world in the palm of my hands and BAM! It was gone. And no matter how much I tried fighting it, reality sticks to its name and drops me on the couch in my place for the next 15 months.

I was breathing. I went through a vast mix of emotions and I've got my family to thank for that. I was lying in bed with a crew willing to provide me with anything that I desire so it a was heavenly comfortable environment for sure. At this point, I've achieved every single aspect of THE life and I should feel more alive than anyone else right? Wrong. All I ever felt was emptiness, almost the wish to actually stop breathing. I wasn't "living the life", I wasn't alive period. For 15 months, all I kept thinking about is how things would've gone to be If I was sitting on my ass in Texas barely even being able to go to a nearby bar. I kept feeling this long for the squared circle and just being out there again. Hell, I missed being everyone's laughing stock for god's sake. But then, fortunately down the rehab route, I've come to the realization that what's done is unchangeable history and what is most important now is that I come back better and more physically and mentally prepared than I've ever been.

And here I am standing before you here today, 15 months of grueling rehabilitation and I'm finally cleared to do what I tend to do better than anyone else. Sure, it's back to zero again, but that just means I'll get to LIVE it all again.
Another chapter of the Golden Boy has begun. I’m aware that I’ve been silent for a while but that wasn’t up to me. I’m very proud that Cameron Ella Ava, one half of the American Dream has completely given a man that has made a living trying to manifest his glory over everyone else. He is a man that tries to imitate an image that doesn’t exist. He is a man that is nothing more powerful than the next human-being and I’m going to prove it. I’m satisfied that Cameron stood up as a leader of Vixens; a true iconic female Hall of Famer because not many Vixens’ in history would have done that. 

Another reason of silence happened because I was hoping that Jaywalker would feel a bit of agony trying to mock his entire life with the God jokes. I guess that hasn’t even revisited his brain because on Dynasty, everything seemed so pushed, he was trying so hard to put down the Heart Break Boy. Literally, Jay named everything in the book about me. He brought my family into this, my past into this and even resorting of bringing the Heart Break Gal into this. I don’t know how miserable you can be. Is it that hard for you to find an opponent that would find it rather grateful enough to eat each word that travels through your mouth?  But you know what, I won’t be a stranger to these accusations because everything that Jay said on Dynasty was true. I won’t sit here to lie and say that he’s completely wrong because no one in life is perfect, although God figures us to be since Jesus was perfect. Perhaps, not all of our flesh is able to speak in tongues. And the bible did say that everyone will not enter the Kingdom of God. I would hate to revise that, however, there’s never a time too late for Jaywalker to turn himself around. I can tell on the next up-and-coming Dynasty, that time won’t come either but after Pain for Pride, trust me, friend. You act like you’re protected all the time because you’ve won every award in the book, amazed everyone with your consistency, but refuse to acknowledge flaws in your very OWN career. I had to remind you at times of your downfalls that you probably wouldn’t have remembered. Now it’s time to let people know the time, Mr. Hall of Fame Champion had actually QUIT, just like the rest of the GOAT circle complimented. This is a fair war sequence, and something that I have always wanted to bounce back from. I did lose to Chris Hessian in an embarrassment of a match and despite this by putting him over, making sure he was awarded the biggest limelight of anyone’s career. I wish that I would give it to someone else who had deserved it. I won’t make that mistake again, and then of course, Jaywalker, you’re a legend, the epicenter, the Trailblazer, The Elite Dynast! The Phenom of EAW and a daredevil in my eyes that I shall ignite light over your poor soul. 

I have created a new nickname but I have come to terms that “God’s Son” is not a nickname; it’s what I really am. You know, Jay… I have been searching for myself for the longest time. From all the troubles in my past ever since 2011, and even before that, I didn’t know what I was capable of being. I followed down the path of fire and was possessed just like you. Then one day, I woke up, followed faith that led into God’s word and now I’m a changed man but you obviously aren’t satisfied by “change” into a positive way, seeing you have played the same character all your life. I know how wrestling, being an extremist requires ruthless aggression but there’s a difference between the Heart Break Boy and the rest. I do follow God but I also treasure his gifts as well. I’ve been in this business long as you have, road the barriers, feed the poor, and equipped trophies all over this industry. Do you honestly think that would stop my aggression in EAW? There’s more to life than cursing, acting like a fool, and attacking others behind their backs. I don’t resort to those things; I rather challenge God straight up by telling him, “You know what, Father...  I don’t need to follow down a path of hell. I don’t care how people think about me. I love you, just like you have always loved me.” Ever since, he has responded, and my life hasn’t been any happier. In 2011, a lot of personal issues came out. In 2013, it got worse, but now I’m standing here, looking up in the clouds, I can see the clear texture. I had a dream about Jesus’ return and the birds coming to lift me off. I know he’s coming, but as he comes, I wonder where a best friend like Jaywalker would happen to end up. I guess this is my way of showing Jaywalker to the rightful place. At Pain for Pride, I’m going to make you say “I Quit,” not to me, not for me, but for all the demonic ways that you’ve escalated. I want you to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, Jay but you just won’t listen.  So this will be my last time speaking about God because you can’t preach God to anyone that doesn’t care or want to chase him. He will always be there ready for ya, Jay. It’s just up to you. Besides that, I know how proven talented you are, so am I. This match won’t be like a walk through a Disneyworld parade. And we both don’t have flawless careers. For example, on Dynasty, you mentioned to HBG how I have chased women after women. Through, HBG, Eve, Christine Lee and so on, I have lusted for, which was completely wrong. You’re not a perfectionist yourself though, Mr. Jenny, HBKF and Cleopatra. You can see that our lives are not much different, you just so happen to be framed as the very own “Golden Boy” to EAW’s eye. I have no shame in that; it’s like people calling Kawajai “The Golden Boy” as the name doesn’t exist in my rectum. Everyone has their own opinion on one another and I don’t take anything for granted. If guys out there want to become “The Golden Boy” then go for it. I see young extremists like “The Nas” using a little influence from guys like me, and I like that. We need people like that to transpire from guys like us. People do it and I plan to help them flourish through the EAW ranks. I can’t say so myself for Jaywalker, who still lives in the past to think of something creative like a “Hall of Fame Championship.” It does give some type of new wave for old extremists but I’m not really concerned about championships in my day and age. I don’t need to list my accomplishments on MY page because that doesn’t speak how big of a legend the Heart Break Boy. But THIS WILL. MY MESSAGE WILL. PAIN FOR PRIDE WILL. GOD WILL. 

Speaking of the young, I have the privilege to face Moonlight Predator on Dynasty. I’ve been anticipating meeting up with him again and also speak on behalf of loyalty. I want to give Moonlight a little advice from the soul and heart. I want you to understand that loyalty is an important piece in racing your career to the highest of high. Just like you, Jay and others, we’ve also had a time to flake away from EAW. What we did to avoid the tension was pretty simple. We had to make sure to give 100% more, nothing less in every single match, consistently, on and on, back and forth, pace for place. I know how good you are, Moonlight. I know that you have headlined Pain for Pride before guys like earlier in their career but you had also denied your place as the top machine because of impatience. Ha… I’ve felt the same exact way but I tell you, it’s all worth it. My time came in 2011, where I was seen flawless up and down. I was like the mega-star that touched every single thing and turned it into gold. I’m telling you now, Moonlight, it’s never too late for you to catch back up… This match might revamp a little spark in you because I’m going to give it to you. I’m giving you the old Golden Boy, the guy who used to call himself the main-event, the show-stealer and Mr. Pain For Pride. You will feel your heart trembling as the Goldprint connects the dot. You will have eaten the fire and fury of the Heart Break Elbow. And you will know why they call me “God’s Son.” I’m not just a legend; I’m a teacher, entertainer, and soul-seeker. I’m one half of the greatest inter-gender tag team, the American Dream. I’m also just like you, Moonlight. Everything in my body just as yours doesn’t belong to us. We may come from different alternatives but in reality, we can think the same way, act the same way, and believe the same way. That’s what I wonder, if you believe in your mind that you can beat me. Do you believe that you can accomplish something that was destined for you in the first place? Do you believe? It’s better to believe than throw a hissy fit then leave. I guess we both can understand that but what you won’t understand that you’re going to lose, no matter how much encouragement I give ya. I’m not going to stand back and bow your way towards victory. Oh, no, no, no…. I’m going to knock the dark light off the moon and place a little rising sunshine on your career. Hopefully you understand because I can. Paul said death shall become gain. Well if I had to die to prove a point then so be it. I know where I’m headed but I’m not so sure about you.
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The inevitable occurrence of something can be prolonged, but eventually the time comes as it can be prolonged no longer.

For weeks, I surveyed this landscape, trying to identify fitting individuals who could live up to the protocol of the House of Renegades. The search had it's up and downs, struggles were at every corner to discover a man deserving of being bestowed the honor of membership. People probably assumed I would allow a eventual bust like Tyson Michaels or the Deity to infiltrate the House of Renegades and eventually humiliate it with their inevitable end that we should have been capable of predicting. It's not like Showdown didn't come without warning. Ryan Savage tempted fate and myself as he claimed that I am nothing alone. But in a way I am alone, and in a way i'm not. The House of Renegades typically unite as one to topple their enemies, the imbeciles of this company are just to plagued to see that. This occurrence was over the horizon for weeks, the more I continued to scour this company, the more I began to believe that it lacked fitting members, but then I came across Christopher Corrupt. An individual who has experienced similar things as us and holds similar ideals. Now the conquest continues, with Cash In The Vault looming in my future.
It's always hard to predict what the future holds, and if one believes he or she can, it usually comes with them not being capable of having genuine belief that it can happen. I have always been doubted, but I have never doubted myself, nor my comrades. These people who portray these false images to gain popularity, like displaying false courage, or trying to receive pity through piteous means of deception. Demon's Council, Norman Hellion, Ryan Savage are all apart of the same crop. They all portray these images that are not true, some they do through deception, and others they have actually come to believe to be true. Xavier Williams has been spoon fed lies for months on end, yet he continues to accept them as the truth. The mentally ill Norman Hellion receives pity from time to time as people believe he is plagued by an individual named "Peter". Ryan Savage displays this underdog and heroic act that he has always tried to live up to, no matter the opposition, he tackled it head on, with confidence that he would emerge either victorious or unscathed. Despite teaming with a future adversary at Pain or Pride in Kevin Devastation. We share similar goals, both of us are trying to gain the glory we believe we deserve. Facing two of these plague men I elaborated on previously in Xavier Williams and Norman Hellion could greatly indicate future events at Pain for Pride. But no matter what the indicate, the weight that this match plays into Pain for Pride is little to none. The buildup can be crucial, but it doesn't play the factor that your composure does in the moment of that you have been waiting for transpires. I have encountered Xavier Williams numerous times over the past number of months, and the result is always the same, he comes up on the short end of the stick and starts to feel the truth come over him until he consults Dark Demon for more lies. Norman Hellion has displayed this monster, an unstoppable monster. Monsters have came and gone in EAW, many have succeeded some have failed. HRDO is a prime example of those who achieved prominence. But those who appear unstoppable eventually come to a stop as their weakness is exposed. That weakness has just yet to be discovered, and I will soon be the one responsible for exposing it.

I have endured countless bashing at the hands of critics, been put down as a individual that will amount to nothing. Many believed that I wouldn't last no longer than a few months in EAW, yet here I still stand. Being opposed by two individuals who will try to prevent me from achieving something that I have been denied of even receiving an opportunity at for over a year, the right to a championship. This match is not adequate enough for what I desire, I desire to do more than merely defeat my opponents. I need to establish myself as the clear cut victor. I have no doubts present in my mind that Kevin and I will encounter our difficulties in teaming as Norman and Xavier are placed in a similar scenario as we are. We all desire the same briefcase, and we all are willing to endure hell to achieve it. But it really depends on which of us is the most willing to endure the most hell and hardships, the one who manages to do that will be the one to emerge victorious. No matter how it's conveyed, my words will never be believed until after the Cash in the Vault match comes to a close. You would think that victory over future adversaries in that match on Showdown would be reasoning coherent enough to make it all clear. But sadly, until I stand over Xavier Williams, Norman Hellion, and every other individual at Pain for Pride and have the briefcase firm in my grasp... I will never truly be acknowledged.

Showdown is only the prelude for things to come.
“Pain for Pride rewind” What a joke, am I meant to lay around unconscious before the match starts to pull that off? If I know power like I know power, and if I know Cleopatra like I know Cleopatra, this is all just a front to use me one of the most dangerous people in this company to soften up Zack Crash on the road to Pain for Pride.

But hey I do like Demon and Cleo more than I like Crash, I'm not complaining. Crash is almost as full of shit as HBB is.

It's about time Crash gets what is coming to him. He SCREWED my boy Diamond Cage, the man who right now, right here, should be the face of this company! Diamond Cage should be main eventing PFP not beating that delusional fraud Starr like I did at PFP four years ago! Instead Crash is the one soaking in the spotlight of a Pain for Pride main event he didn't even earn when Hades won the Grand Rampage and DC would have won the world title. I've always been a firm believer that Zack Crash is one of the most deceitful people in this entire business. He on a level like no other walks around like some good little revolutionist out to put the little guys on the map, to create a generation where people who have never had fame get their chance when veterans like me are so “selfish”. Yet what does Crash do after he already has his world championship reign when Diamond Cage tries to get his first after all these years?!!! He does what he accuses every legend of doing in his whines and lectures, he robs someone who has never been world champion just so he could get what HE wants, and god knows he won't step down for Hades either. Some people are surprised with the things Crash has been doing as of late, but I'm not, it's always been in this way with fakes. People take the mantle of leaders of a generation saying things like “It's time for the next generation to take the helm!”, but in reality each and every one of those people mean “It's time ME to take the helm!”. That's why when Crash finally became world champion his generation who pretended to just want someone new on top turned on him with unbridled fury when it wasn't them which turned Crash into one the most hated world champions of all time, and why Crash himself will spit on anyone and everyone who get's in his way of things not being in his vision and his vision alone! I'm not the only guy out there heavily interested about being the best that I can be and reach for the highest of heights, I'm just one of the only people to admit it! But compared to me who at the very least mentored greats like Extreme Enigma, Hurricane Hawk and Diamond Cage, arguably many more people I don't even care to mention, who has Crash ever helped in EAW to prove he isn't 100 percent only in it for himself?

Many people when I say I'm the last of the EAW originals think that means the restart of EAW was smooth sailing without old guys in the way of getting to the top for me, but when EAW came back as its own company that didn't stop big bad AWF boys rolling in like DDD, HRDO and WWEFan to take EAW after the then biggest company of the world folded. Even my fellow EAW originals like Mak and my mentor and chairman CM Ronn were big AWF names. When I was out to get my first taste of super stardom I didn't sit and whine like Crash about how all the old guys had to leave and take a backseat, good I didn't because DDD is STILL around now doing just what he does, I took my place on the top by being better than them! I became the man every company wanted to join their organization, I became the man of the people and it didn't matter if AWF guys like HRDO, Ronn, Hardy Boys and WWEFan stood in my way, I became the first EAW World Heavyweight Champion and I am the only man in the first class hall of fame who was EAW bred and raised! EAW isn't about handouts, it isn't about people laying down for you, it's about you going out and taking what is yours!

Now I know, my record in singles matches with Crash is terrible. Unlike most, I wasn't even angry Crash cashed in CITV on me because he had every right to do so for winning the briefcase. HOWEVER you cannot get things twisted, I have never considered him to have proven ANYTHING against me in any of our matches. It's never been man to man. Hell even if Crash had a faction behind him or used a dirty tactic to overcome me as a pragmatist I could say Crash proved he was smarter than me and had better control of resources, but instead Crash has defeated me each and every time with powers that were not of his creation, Dynamite Rain and RoV were the ones to do the job! As far as I'm concerned the fact that he wore a sling on his arm for most of his championship reign due to his fragility and inability to heal and I won World Heavyweight Champion of the year, I proved to be his superior indirectly. This time it'll be real direct when I prove my supremacy over him when he takes one last attempt at swimming in the deep end, this time Crash they'll be no one to lift your head out the water, no life jacket to make sure you don't go under, this time boy you drown!
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The Darkness Awaits

A man nearly 6' tall stands beside a monster towering over him by over a foot, a name tag runs across the screen that says "Baron McMasters and Sage", The shorter one is dressed in generic jeans and a nice white shirt. While the taller one has on a black singlet and a red mask. "My name is Baron McMasters." says the smaller one. "I've brought my client Sage to EAW for one reason and one reason only, and that reason is; to destroy. Sage towers over anyone standing at 7'6", he is the tallest athlete in the entire world, but he sure doesn't move like it. Sage can't move around the ring like any of the smaller athletes in EAW, but that doesn't mean he can't squash them like a bug. Sage is a true athlete, if you've seen him in a match before you'd understand, but before you start telling your stories on how Sage hasn't been in EAW, the talent is much better and all that nonsense. Think about this, is there one person the is capable of taking down a nearly 8 foot tall, nearly 450 pound monster in EAW? No, there is not even the two competitors that will be fighting at Pain For Pride Se7en for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship are capable. What's a 6'5; 240 pound man going to do? Yes I'm talking to you Mr. DEDEDE, let alone a 6'2; 240 pounder. Let's take a look at the competition on the NEO roster which Sage will go to shall we? The Nas, irrelevant. Tyson Michaels, irrelevant. Archetype, irrelevant. Juha, irrelevant. Keg, irrelevant. Magister, irrelevant. Ryan Ramon, irrelevant. Monstro and Jason Skilled, irrelevant and irrelevant. Sage's only real competition here in EAW NEO is, RM Vrankovich, however the 'Russian Badass' is quite frankly... Irrelevant. Sage should get an automatic main brand pass due to his historic wrestling background. His impeccable height and size, and most importantly his insane amount of skill. The only man that can see eye to eye  with him is me. I'm the only one that understands why he crushes others and he understands why I help him. There's no reason he can't become EAW Champion some day in the near future given that his height is almost double some of the competitors." He's a giant chants ring through out the crowd. "You're right, Sage is a giant, Sage is a titan. Sage is the future." Baron hands the microphone to Sage.
"The darkness awaits..." Says Sage. "The darkness awaits."

[[The camera opens up to The Nas sitting in a chair with Maya on his lap in the interview area. Sitting near them is Hugh Jass.]]

Hugh Jass: Alrighty Nas, so obviously you've heard thebig news about the Young lion's Cup Tournament for Pain For Pride 7.

Nas: Of course he has. The Nas was just getting ready for his match when he found out. Jake Mercer stands out there in the middle of that ring with his little suit on. Grasping that little microphone in his grubby little paws. And has the nerve to say that There's going to be a Tournament to decide not one, but TWO challengers for the Young Lion's Cup come Pain For Pride 7?! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!

Maya: Why does he have to do this. I swear that man is so blind it's saddening. He should be able to plainly see the one man who deserves that shot more than ANY other man is sitting right here. And another thing. Why Two competitors. For "tradition" sake. Screw Tradition. The Nas alone is better than all three of those nobodies who fought for the Cup last year.

Nas: That's right baby, and speaking of which, how funny that The Nas faces one of those three peons this friday. Pain For Pride 6 is in the past. It's time to usher in a new era. And Tyson Michaels is going to have to move out of the way, because he's going to be the first victim on The Nas' Road to Pain for Pride 7.

Maya: I kinda feel bad for the guy honestly, to go from being a part of the match that decided the inagural Young Lion's Cup holder to being knocked out of the first round by "The Man Who Runs NEO."

Nas: And if you're either too stupid or too ignorant to realize by now, that man is "NEO's GAWD" aka The Nas. Oh and baby, what have I told you about feeling sorry for Roody Poos. Tyson Michaels is beneath us. The fact that he is even going to be in the same ring as me next week disgusts me. However it'll give me a chance to make another nobody famous when he goes one on one with "The Spectacular One."

Hugh Jass: Well Nas, you're also apparently going to be calling out Terry Chambers for a “Champions of NEO celebration” with you partner Aren Mstislav. Wanna tell us anything about your plans for that?

Nas: I don't get why everyone thinks I've got something up my sleeve for Terry. I've beaten him on two occasions already. Why would I have to hide something from a loser like him? Let The Nas tell you something. Terry Chambers is a placeholder right now. He's signed to Showdown, the only reason he's still showing up here on NEO is because he has the Young Lion's Cup. Well The Nas says that after he wins his Bracket of the Tourney, he's going to head into that triple threat match at Pain For Pride 7 and he's going to do what he does best, and that is-


Nas: Um...yeah what she said.

Maya: I'm sorry baby, I just got excited, hehe.

Nas: It's alright. Now as The Nas was saying, as far as Terry goes tonight, all The Nas wants to do with him is celebrate. Maybe have a few drinks, play some games, all the kinds of things people do at celebrations you know?

Hugh Jass: Yea.

Nas: But when after all the fun has been had, The Nas says he'll get in Terry's face and say this.

"Come Pain For Pride 7, that Young Lion's Cup is going to be mine, and there's only two thing you can do about it you roided up freak! Absolutely nothin and like it!"

Hugh Jass: Well what about you and Aren?

Nas: Me and Aren are just fine, we don't have any issues like you assume. The Nas was merely in the heat of the moment and wanted to prove he could beat Monstro one on one. But it's fine now, life goes on.

Hugh Jass: So your honest prediction when Pain For Pride 7 is over?

Nas: The Nas standing on top and holding ALL of NEO's Gold, exactly how it should be.


[[The Nas throws a "Simply Spectacular" T-Shirt on Hugh Jass' head.]]

The Nas: This isn't mature viewers only.

[[The Nas then begins kissing Maya as she turns off the camera.]]
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The decision you’ve made is wrong, Jacob Senn.

It’s not clever. First off, the decision of trying to pick a fight with the likes of an extremist of my stature was your first wrong step. You realize that I have nothing to lose at this point, Jacob? I’m not out here to help the people that couldn’t hold a shoestring on my boot as you are, Senn. You’re not going to waltz into some kind of ordeal and feed off of the press that I do give off when I want to. You’re not going to get someone who will try to put you over in the eyes of many, let alone anyone. You’re hanging off a cliff with one finger left, Senn. You’re about to fall from “almost going to be close to somewhat of a wrestler” to the next bust boy real quick if you keep trying to play these games with someone who is clearly wielding every bit of cheat codes and knowledge about the playing field. You have no idea what kind of worms are crawling out of your can right now, Jacob. You have no idea what’s going to happen between now and when I lay this little tussle to rest.

I don’t know if you know who i am, Jacob.

Let me just say I have literally know idea who you are. That’s not even a heel move to get people to think I’m smarter and above everything. I literally have not one idea of what you’ve think you’ve done in E-Feds, or especially this company. You have no idea what’s fair until you can step into what I’ve seen in EAW. Someone who was ignorant would spew off “accomplishments” they’ve tried and succeeded in achieving to make themselves think they are somewhat worth a shit in the eyes of anyone. They’re not. They’re accomplishments mean nothing and will never mean anything to anyone, especially not to me. You could be the president of the internet confederation for rich people, Senn. You could be the Chairman of EAW and I’d leave you to be backstabbed by Mr. Trivia. You could be an old washed up legend who had no right to claim a victory over me. Or you could be some no name Jacob Senn who thinks by pushing me if I’m in the same ring, you get to leech off of the glory that I have in my hands and wield in my words every day. You don’t, Senn. You don’t have that privilege to think you can just waltz into the ring with anybody. I’ve done that, Senn. I’ve been there. I’ve started off a career with being in the midst of legend of the business. Literal legends. Not these watered down Hall of Famers that people claim are the foundation of EAW. They’re not. I am. I have my hand on every part of this company, including you. I’ve influenced you in ways you know not yet, and if you smart you would realize what they are.
Number one is realizing that running around with hooligans of the undercard will not help you.
It will hurt you more than what I could do single handedly. And that’s a lot. I’m being attacked people I have no idea existed before seeing them run towards me to try to play a numbers game. 4 on 1 is real tough shit, Senn. That’ll get you a championship REAL quick. Nothing detrimental will happen with those three that you think are backing you up. Trust me.
I of course will not plant any subliminal messages in your head, Senn, but I will say that you might be, literally, the most idiotic extremist I’ve met to date. You’ve already been hooked in more than you can handle. That’s evident by the pack of slapnuts you’ve recruited.

Should I be the ones that tell them they achieve nothing once I flick you off the bottom of my shoe for good?

Or are you going to do that?

(A logo that reads "EAW Exclusive" flashes on the screen and then still in the bottom left-hand corner as the scene fades in and we see Tyler Parker getting his forehead stitched up by medical personnel, clutching tight of his blood-covered National Extreme Championship close to his chest.)

Apparently, I'm a broken man with nothing left to say or so I've been told. See, they've all questioned my method. They've all questioned where I'm going. What I'm doing and I'd be lying if I didn't tell you the same thing. I've also, quite often questioned myself because honestly? I've been just as lost as you have, the only difference is whereas you keep yourself second guessing, whilst staying true to your predictions? The only thing I'm concerned with is the truth and sooner or later, every ounce of it comes out. Sometimes, you're not going to like what you hear. This time around may damn well be one of those times but only when I'm damn well and ready to tell; my side of the story. Which I imagine won't be any time soon. The way I see it? Right now I could write an entire novel of sin and tragedy. Of heartbreak and what it means to be silent beyond belief. What it feels like to have nothing to say. What it feels like to feel nothing other than helplessness. Instead of that, I'm going to show you. Because it all seems too familiar as of late. It almost seems as though all that I've done lately is lie. Lie through the gaps of my teeth. Talk, as though I had all of the answers when in reality, I had nothing left to give you. Do you know what that feels like? I'm willing to bet that you don't even know where to start. All of the naysayers, all of the doubters. All of the ones who seem to think they know it all, when in reality? They know nothing. They don't know me at all. What they see is a reflection of self but it's a part of me that wasn't anything like me. All of the great things that was left behind a while ago and I think it's about time that I went out and found it.

Back to my roots. Back to where it all began. Back to the bottom of the barrel. Scraping the surface just enough to make end's meet. Surviving only on my own accord, living through from one day to the next on nothing but survival instinct. Sound familiar? It's okay. I wouldn't expect you to remember anyway. There's a part of me that's been lost for far too long. All I am, as of right now, is an apparent shell of everything I used to be. A broken man or, at least, that's how I've been referred. Deep down inside the core of my vile being, I'm still bleeding the same colors and like a wet painting, I'm freshly re-evoked. Touch me and to your luck? I might be smeared but I can be fixed. Whereas you? You would be stained. Stained beyond all belief. Stained beyond repair. Left alone without recognition because I'm willing to bet I could leave you... unrecognizable. Sort of how you did to me. When you see me, I smile but when I see me? I cringe. I cringe at everything that I've become. I miss it. I miss being the World Heavyweight Champion. Barring the best, though, that isn't me. Because God knows that I was. I used to be but then, somewhere along the line, everything changed. I became... like you. Talking to you, Impact.

I always get up. Always. Because when they judge my character, when they judge the man that I am at the end of the day, I was never the type of person to just... stop dead. I always knew that I was going to get my rematch and I always knew that I was going to be the one that has to end you. I know that but before what happened at the Grand Rampage, what happened on Showdown a couple of weeks ago, what happened at Dia Del Diablo and what happened on Showdown earlier tonight... I tried to deny it. I tried to avoid it. Before what's happened these past couple of months, I tried to tell myself that I wasn't the one.  These past couple of months, I tried and tried but I can't deny or avoid it and I can't tell myself that I'm not the one. I tried but I won't after what's happened between you and I. I'm the only one who can end you. I'm the only one who has to end you. No one else has the right nor the ability to do what only I can do and will do to you. Impact, you and I both know that this is just the start of it. You and I both know that for what happened earlier tonight, there's an outcome yet to happen. A match yet to be determined. So at the end of the day, you want to doubt me? Doubt me. I encourage you, to be you. Do as you do and fall into the obscurity that you created with your own personal doubt but know that I'm not one to forgive and I'm not one to... forget.

(Tyler Parker grits his teeth in frustration and snarls before standing up off of the bed and limping away.)

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