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 EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, extremists, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 15th 2014, 9:00 pm by VENTURA.
[The camera flicks on, as it pans over to a large, open field in the middle of nowhere. The sky is hazy, the birds are chirping loudly, and the wind is beginning to take a fast break. Across the pitch lies several obstacles being separated apart, from bulk tires, to huge blocks of wood grouped together, to a couple of ladders. Instantly, a man appears to be walking right at the back of what appears to be a parkour routine. The man looks at all of his surroundings, taking a deep breath before doing some brief jogs. The camera slowly moves up from the man's feet, to the crown of his head, in which appears to be Ventura.]

Hello. Did you guys miss me?

[The newly-transformed Ventura takes off into the ditch of the obstacles. He swiftly throws himself into several tires, and begins to sprint around and around. He reaches the huge blocks of wood and begins to climb on top of them, jumping from one block to another. He jumps from the last block and makes a continuous sprint, hopping onto a 30-foot ladder and ascends up upon it. He reaches the top of the ladder, looking below at the potential risk involving, and he executes a backflip onto the opposite ladder, onto another one, before leaping down back to the ground, bowing on one knee taking in deep breaths. The camera flows back towards him, and Ventura lets out a small smirk on his face.]

It almost seems that people want to take on the opportunity to try and talk forth some sought of insults regarding me, ever since I returned to EAW, and I understand that. People were in disgust, people were amazed, and others were just in awe as they saw me shake hands with DEDEDE to be included into Territorial Invasion's War Games. Now, before I even begin to dictate what there is to be said, I want to talk about the matter at hand.

[Ventura walks to a table that provides him with some bottle water, as he rips off the cap and consumes the water. He throws it across the field, before lowering himself down to the ground, crossing his legs.]

Why did Johnny Ventura decide to come back to EAW? What was the impetus that drove me to make up the decision to come back into the place in which I suffered in? It is because there is no reason. According to some of you people, you all claimed that my time in EAW has come to an end, that the long-lasting debate over Ventura and the World Championship was nothing more than a distant memory. Some of you were satisfied a lot when you saw me get injured at the hands of Moonlight Predator. "Ventura has finally left the company. Rejoice to the Lord!" Since when did I ever leave the company? What made any of you people to think that I was going to dispatch myself in front of the one accolade that separates me and my career in this company? I never left EAW, nor do I ever have the intention to until I reach that point in my mind, in which the fuses burst out in me, and I decide to leave the company, but if that occasion ever dares come its path, there will be reckoning for the entire company, and I can guarantee you that.

So, where exactly did I go? Where have been throughout the past couple of months? It is quite ridiculous because it already seems that you all know the answer. I decided to burn the other half of me. I decided to take myself into a place, to get rid of an obstacle that has clouded my career right from the beginning. Now, what do I seem to be talking about? The mask. The mask, the mask, the mask. You all know about the Guy Fawkes mask that I wore from time to time, hoping to think that some idea of a rebellion would stir up in my mind, and take in focus of this company. I wore this mask, thinking that I would begin to appreciate a system that helps retaliate against any corrupting event throughout this company. Only, only after I got injured by the hands of that boy who needed all the help he could get to eliminate me, did I get to realize that I was just wearing a mask. A plastic mask of a face, designed by the man who started to become one of the definitions of revolt in Europe at the time, Guy Fawkes. Ever since I put up with that mask, the world tilted on opposite poles. I began to lose opportunities that could have almost wrapped themselves upon my finger tips like a rubber band. Day by day, week by week, month after month, if I ever lost a match in any show, I would pray to Guy Fawkes to give me some "power" to become this overpowered being that no one can stop. Now, don't get me wrong. I didn't want to become a phony such as Norman Hellion, a man whose career has been based off of having buffs to keep him from being knocked down by any man at all. No, I couldn't be a fluke like that. I wanted the whole world to look down upon me, fixating on the fact that finally a human have reached the top of the hierarchy. Inevitably, fate didn't seal my wish. Now this is where the story now concludes, and a new edition now eludes. That saga with the mask is gone for good, and I will never have any intention on revitalizing the most treacherous accessory of my career back. The point is that tomorrow never seizes to exist, not even for a nanosecond. We still progress, we look back at our mistakes, and we compose a new correction in response to our mistakes. What is that correction? Becoming me.

[Ventura steadily gets himself right back up on his feet, and goes to the other end of the table, in which lies a black fur coat and some shades. He grabs a mirror from the middle of the table and looks up upon it, holding his chin and turning his face under each degree. Small giggles can be heard, as Ventura throws the mirror up upon the cameraman]

I decided to become the me that I have been longing to have become for a long time. Whether insecurities got in the way from me to shave my hair bold, follow a pointless cult and got dragged into the darkness of my career, or anything else, it is almost becoming an oxymoron by thinking that you would get through in life pretending to be a different dimension other than yourself. I mean, a utopian example is Drastik, a man that turned about to be RRS and undergo some sought of DNA mutations by being Drastiko, a "boddah" or whatever crap he instituted. What happened to Drastik? He is a dead cell in the organ. He is vanquished, and will surely never be appearing in this landscape again, well I make up that demand because if his feet ever touches the ground of this company, I will kill him, no joking, no baffling, and no pretending. This man has ruined me, has disposed of me, and has belittled me with every little fashion, and that is how mostly everyone in this company have evolved to. They want to have traits like Drastik, they want to walk in and out to be pictured as a badass in people's minds, while they are obsolete, fragile people who cannot express themselves elaborately. Sure, I wore a mask and failed to do anything noteworthy ever since, but my words, my words continued to become a holy grail for this company to dwell on. I don't speak anything contradictory to what anybody says, but I speak the truth, and always the truth. Of course there will be a stride of people who will come up to me and try to "up" one against me from time to time, because there is no remote way to shut me up at all. Sadly, if an attempt like that ever comes, then I won't shut up, and I will continue to be the asshole of this company, just like I have always been throughout.

Time has allowed me to take on the task of becoming me, the true and original version of me. The man that could master the movement of parkour, the man that can do outstanding high-flying skills, a man that truly holds the arsenal of devastating wrestling moves that has never ever been performed by a human being in existence. The world is my turf to inhabit in, and no man, woman, or child will ever step afoot ahead of me, as long as I have fully brought myself to my senses. I don't need a mask, I don't need any aid by someone or something. I fight for my own cause, and I fight to be the man that will change the company into a whole new level, but I cannot ever since the uprising of "future talents" decided to replace me onto my path of glory. I don't want to be a Y2Impact, a Jaywalker, anybody who thinks that they have all that it takes because of titles and longevity. Now, title or no titles, I do not care. I will in fact leave a title that every man, woman, child, and animal will remember forever in their minds. I will make everyone pay for doubting me. I will get my revenge, and I will bring myself back up once again to full glory, and that is a fact.

Since I do not believe in having a prerogative for my return, since I am already anew in mind, body, and soul, I just have to speak on behalf of what appears to be one of the most controversial matches that will soon dawn to take place in this company. This 2014 Territorial Invasion will be the hallmark of my return, and what a way to usher my glory onto the rotten fields of this company by competing at the main event, of what appears to be a Battle for the Company War Games. Now, a battle for the company can be interpreted in so many ways, but I believe to have left out a little tad of information regarding my return. If I do win this five on five tag-team War Games match, then victory for my teammates Crimson Mask, Ryan Savage, Dark Demon, and the man himself, Mr. DEDEDE, but this company will be influenced under my rule, because if we can hold an honest survey, with unbiased people, about who deserves the most success in this company, it would be me. At Pain for Pride last year, I got screwed, and that was a case that many people accepted. I will accept on behalf on Saturday that if you are a Demon, or a DEDEDE, or anybody, I will tighten the strings under my own desirable measurement.

[Ventura takes off his fur coat, and throws it at the cameraman, who is already being loaded with items on him. Ventura decides to take a dip into a pool that is outside of the field. Already in it are gorgeous, sensational women grouped together drinking some apple martinis to their satisfaction. He smirks at the lovely ladies, and the ladies try to swarm with Ventura in the pool. He hesitates, as he looks back towards the camera, and looks up upon the sky.]

Now, this is where the tides will start to change for me as far as we reach the final countdown. The charlatans, the mosquitoes that I will have to face against in this battle, are quote on quote entitled to be the "future of this company". The likes of Tyler Parker, Xavier Williams, Alex Anderson, Diamond Cage and Zack Crash are already deemed to be the most likely "favorites" to win this match. As always, you people have no brains to discover that the future cannot be predicted until the present takes on the charge. There will be no future for this company, as this company would continue to accept in fools who think that they can march in with their mindset that they are going to have to be the best anywhere that they go. Look at Diamond Cage for example. He is a long-time veteran of this business, hyped to be one of the most vicious competitors to ever step foot in a squared ring. He may be billed to be a perfect Benjamin, but is there any World Championship to defend himself? Of course, when anyone brings up that subject, a tantrum will be displayed, and he will try to back everything up with his own accounts, and not with the accounts that has always been put on display. The point is that, these five people are a collective group, and I can say to speak on them collectively as a whole because they are all compromised with the same mindset that they are the best. They are comfortable being petted in the head that they could might as well be the "future", while the present is the only gateway to reach that level. At the War Games, I will indeed be looking forward for a fight. I won't make that same mistake in which I would relax and just let my brain do all of the work. I will fight, but I am not fighting for this match, or for myself, or for anybody.

I am fighting for the entity.
The entity being me.

That is just all I have to say for now, and that will be it. I have done my part in trying to vocalize for this match. Now if the "five futuristic fools" would like to have a say from this point onwards, start the war. Just know that at anytime, anyplace, now that I am here, there will be a chain reaction.

[Ventura looks down at the pool with the lovely models, and he jumps into the pool, creating a thunderous splash across everywhere. The models scooch together around Ventura, as he extends his arms around them, putting his head back while looking at the peaceful sky.]
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 15th 2014, 7:34 pm by Anderson.
It's no secret that I couldn't care less about my teammates at Territorial Invasion.
It's also no secret that I am a selfish, selfish man.
I learned a long time ago that if I was going to succeed, I had to do everything on my own terms. I wasn't going to let anyone or anything interfere from me doing whatever I possibly could do get to where I wanted to. Four years into this company, and I still have yet to lay my hands on the holy grail of professional wrestling. Four years into this company, and I have seen people who came in much later than me gaze their eyes and kiss the very championship that I have desperately coveted for my entire life. And I can't get it out of my head. I can't let it go, because it haunts me to this day. A few weeks ago, I was put to the test. Either I were to do everything that Mr. DEDEDE had asked, or else face the consequences. I'm sure you all had your mind made up. "Alex Anderson is Mr. DEDEDE's bitch!" "He has no balls." And I proved you all wrong yet again. I took the hard way out, and I gave DEDEDE a piece of his own medicine. I did what so many people wouldn't have done, just like the black hand triggered the world war in July 1914, Alex Anderson had triggered the war of Extreme Answers Wrestling in September 2014. You see, before me, this wasn't even a war. It was just a name and a match. That is all it was. I started this war, and I am going to end it.
For weeks, you have MADE SURE to keep me down, DEDEDE. Whether it be in matches against Ryan Savage, Crimson Mask, or Johnny Ventura... you've tried to do anything you can to weaken me before Territorial Invasion. Well, I hate to ruin the fun and games, but I am 100% coming into Territorial Invasion. You may have won the battles, but this Saturday... I win the war. Team Crash wins the war. What you fail to realize, DEDEDE, is that I always had an interest of joining team Crash. It wasn't something that I had just placed myself into because I wanted to choke you to death, albeit that is very enticing in itself. Everyone on my team has AS MUCH of a problem with you as I do, and believe me... it will come. The beating of your lifetime. The beating of ANY lifetime. It's funny, because I think your bullshit rubs you off on your partner Ryan Savage and the rest of your teammates.
I'm only telling you things you already know, DEDEDE.
You claim that you are a supernatural being, when in reality... you're a beatable man who has already been defeated countless times. Diamond Cage and Tyler Parker have already embarrassed you on multiple occassions, and when you pair those two up with me, Xavier, and Zack Crash... the embarrassment is bound to continue. Let's look at your team for a bit. Ryan Savage. Crimson Mask. Dark Demon. Johnny Ventura. Crimson Mask has done nothing in his career to prove that he is even worthy of being in this match. He couldn't even defeat me without the help of you, and while EAW has no rules... you can't claim that victory as if it is going to do you any favours at Territorial Invasion. What the hell has Ryan Savage done in his career? He won a championship that I have already won. And not only did I win, but I proved to be the greatest champion in history. That would be the new breed championship. Johnny Ventura is one of the biggest failures in EAW history. He had the potential in the world to succeed, and what happened? He lost to one of the worst world champions in this company's history, Liam Catterson. As for Dark Demon, I've already shown that I can beat him and under serious circumstances as well.
I won't be seeing anything I haven't already seen.
Ryan Savage has already been on record by saying that I'm a little baby lion cub that wants to grow into the king of the jungle. I LOVE the Lion King reference, but if I'm a little baby cub, then what does that make you? You put us both side-by-side, and even my greatest enemy knows that I am on a whole other level. The worst thing about my job is I have to deal with such stupidity on a week-to-week basis. I mean, seriously, Ryan... "pawn in someone else's game." Really? If I was  such a pawn, why'd I approve Zack Crash's request in the first place? Like I said before, everything I do and say is on my own terms. Enjoy everything that you have right now, because it isn't much. Jamie O'Hara took away your New Breed championship. You took away your sense of pride. And at Territorial Invasion, I, alongside my teammates, take everything else away from you. After TI, do you honestly think Mr. DEDEDE will care enough to tag team with you? No. And knowing you... you'll go running back to obscurity, because that is the type of man you are. I can see beyond things that happen, and when I faced you last night... I saw a whole other dimension to Ryan Savage that no one on your team would care to admit, despite knowing well and clear. You are weak. You are dependent. Not on Mr. DEDEDE... but you are dependent on knowing that there is someone that has your back at all times, whether that be DDD, Crimson Mask, Dark Demon, or anyone else. Diamond Cage doesn't need a team. Tyler Parker doesn't need a team. Xavier Williams and Zack Crash don't need a team. Alex Anderson especially doesn't need a team.
All we need is a platform.

Now we have exactly that. Now the only thing stopping us is ourselves. That is why on Saturday night, I walk out of MY hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, having won the war.
Where do I begin? Oh yeah...Lucian Black you have bitten off more than you can chew son, you have made me waste valuable time that could have been used to destroy more suitable targets for a more valuable reward. But none the less you have opted for complete destruction, so now we will fight at Territorial Invasion for no other reason than I am pissed off and you have gotten in my way with your mouth. Let me repeat myself so you know why you are going to be burned alive not once, but twice at Territorial Invasion...YOU HAVE GOTTEN IN MY WAY AND YOU HAVE PISSED OFF A MAN IN SEARCH FOR THE ONLY HIGH HE CAN GET ANYMORE, A FIGHT WITH THE LIGHTS ON BRIGHT AND REACHING GOD LEVEL AGAIN! You lack the ability to get me my rush Lucian, therefore you are just a body to be left in the wake of the wave of Devastation that is going to hit the god forsaken shores of Extreme Answers Wrestling. You are just a casualty at sea at this point Lucian, be proud of yourself because you are the first of many, the martyr if you will, of all the souls that will be damned before me in my quest to get what the hell I want. Give me a fight though, superman punch my face in if you want to Lucian, hell make me suffer and light me on fire if you can. Spear me through everything like Ryan Adams did, you deserve the chance to do it all Lucian. You have that chance to make yourself a very VERY viable threat to Dynasty if you take me and put me on the shelf Lucian. But can you get it done? Can you do what nobody else has been able to do in the history of Extreme? CAN YOU PUT ME DOWN LIKE THE DOG YOU WANT TO SAY I AM? CAN YOU SHUT MY MOUTH LIKE NOBODY ELSE COULD? JAYWALKER, HEART BREAK BOY, DEDEDE, TYLER PARKER, ROBBIE V, BRIAN DANIELS, IMPACT, RRS, CM BANK$, HURRICANE HAWK, DARK EMPEROR, GI STYLES, AND ALL THE WAY DOWN TO PEOPLE LIKE TOMI VENUS....ALL TRIED AND FAILED TO SHUT ME UP FOR GOOD, TO PUT THIS BAD DOG DOWN, TO END MY CAREER! I make it short and sweet here in round one and ask you Lucian...What makes you different?
What are we? Why are we here? Some hard hitting questions right off the bat, I know. Norman tell me - what are we? Human beings of course. Try again! Extremists? Try again! Then I don't know. Do me a favor and close your eyes Norman. Imagine we are walking out to the ring and it's Territorial Invasion! Now what do you see? I see people. And what are they doing my dear friend? Th-they are yelling and making mean faces at me! What do you feel like? I don't even feel like a person. Yes! You're on the right track Norman! I-I feel like an animal at the zoo. Bingo! People like us are animals, Norman. As a matter of fact, every single extremist and vixen are nothing but animals and when there is a show, we enter the coliseum. We fight until the animal across from us is declared unconscious and when that happens what do you feel? I feel no remorse. And why is that? Because I know if I don't enter the coliseum with a killer's instinct then I'll be the one killed. That's right! EAW is a brutal place isn't it? It's filled with violence and of course, extreme moments. Gallons of extremists and vixens' blood are shed throughout the course of the year and why is that? Or why do we let our bones shatter and break? It's because we want what's at the end of the tunnel. What's at the end of the tunnel you ask? For some it's closure while for most it's gold. Championship gold to be exact and that's why we are here, but that wasn't always the main reason. At first our goal was to eliminate the competition for the hell of it. WE WANTED TO DESTROY EVERY MAN AND WOMAN IN EAW! But nobody cares about that. Nobody cares about how Norman ended Carlos at Pain for Pride. People forgot about him and that moment. I've learned that you people only care about who's champion. Who is on top? Guys like Mr.DEDEDE, Jacob Senn, and Hades the Hellraiser right? Tell me, what happens to them once they are kicked off the mountain top? People pay attention to the new rulers and kings and it's a never ending cycle. So many extremists fight for relevance, but only a few can obtain it at a time. And those lucky obtainers get everything. They get their own action figure and they get their faces on posters and they get articles dedicated to them in magazines and online articles. That's the life! That's when you know you're living large! But Norman and I, we've never tasted such sweetness! All that I mentioned, it makes my mouth water! I want Norman to be the face of EAW but we wouldn't want that now would we? Norman doesn't have the clean cut look, or the cool tattoos, or the nice leather jacket. Instead he's got a t-shirt covered in sweat and blood stains and who could forget about the old dusty pair of jeans that Norman has worn since his debut? Norman and I, we'll never be liked and I'm okay with that. I don't lose any sleep because of getting booed, while Norman is trying to forget all of your voices. Voices full of hatred and jealousy should not be heard in the first place and that's something you need to learn my closest friend. Not only do the fans hate us, but the boys in the locker room are furious at Norman and it makes me laugh. I LOVE IT! I LOVE THE DIRTY LOOKS AND COLD SHOULDERS WE GET! It brings us back to your childhood doesn't it Norman? And let me say this. I don't blame them one bit. Norman has been struggling as of late and it's normal. No matter how hard we train, there will never be an extremist that retires undefeated and no, a two week career doesn't count. But would you look at this! Even with the recent losses and constant struggling, we are still rewarded! HAHAHAHA. We get an Answers World title shot and I'll gladly take it. Don't blame me for it. Blame Victor's ignorance for making the match. I say ignorance because since the second he put Norman in the match, his dream of holding two titles at once will be just that, a dream. 

The two men we face Norman, they aren't pushovers. They are tough but that doesn't matter and why do you think that is? Bec-because we are tougher. Yes! You are finally getting it Norman! The past few weeks, the three of us have been at each other's throats by trying to make statements and that's exactly what Norman did a few days ago. We made a point. If Hades or Vic screws up, even if it's for a split second, it'll be game over gentleman. So Hades if you ever manage to get your hand around Norman's throat, you better pray it doesn't slip or lose your grip because it'll cost you your most prized possession. And Victor, if you go for the Charles Manson and don't quite nail it or even gets countered, Norman will shove his boot down your throat. But hey - no pressure right? Let's get the show on the road! Let's talk guys, starting with you Victor. Some people think you're Norman's kryptonite because you're the only man who has a few wins over him and I'll take the blame. I should've prepared Norman better for the matches instead of letting him try to figure it out on his own. When it comes to you, mystery lingers. You never know what you're going to do or say next. The reason why you're so unpredictable, especially when you talk, is because you contradict yourself too much. I remember you complained a little bit when WWEFan made our Interwire title match official because I basically forced him to make that call. You're whole argument was that the champion should have a say before a title match is made official, while you did the exact same thing a few weeks ago. What is it? You call the shots now? I'm actually fine with your decision because any time Norman gets an Answers' World title shot, a rare smile can be seen across my face. I smile because of the mistake you made. A mistake that will cost you a soooo much! Don't you see? You've been pressing your luck. You think you're unstoppable, even though you fail to realize you've had some help along the way and I'm not talking about Charles Manson. Do you know what I see when I look at you? I don't see a person or an extremist. I see a fad. Everybody is so intrigued by you as of this moment, but in a few months, you'll have nothing. You will no longer have your Interwire championship and your appeal will be long gone. Just like Hades, you have a lot to lose in this upcoming and I know some people don't see it that way. By small chance, if Norman losses, which he won't but hypothetically, he would still have his bright future intact. No matter what. Whereas your future? There isn't much of one because the Victor Vendetta that we see today has reached his peak. This is the best you're going to get so soak it all up because soon you'll be traveling backwards and will continue to do so until you accept I, Peter as the man who is and always will be more powerful than Charles Manson. Before I move on and talk to my buddy Hades the Hellraiser, I just want to point out one last thing to prove that the words that come out of your mouth are utterly meaningless. One of the firsts things you ever said to Norman was this. You said titles are props. They have no value according to you but here you are, a month or two later, desperately trying to win another title. Just admit it Victor, you're like every other extremist in EAW. You want more power and we both know that the only power we can get in this world is through world championships. All I'm saying is there's no reason to lie. Stop with the act and be your true self. Anderson accepted it and now it's your turn. And then there is Hades, the champion himself. I hope you've had a relaxing day because you need a break. You've been attacked constantly and there's an obvious reason why. Just look at your shoulder for the answer. There's something I think about all the time, even more than your title and it's your lovely family. Calm down Hades - let me finish. I feel their pain. I can tell they're disappointed and I know they miss you being there everyday. So I just want you to know that at Territorial Invasion, I won't be fighting for something silly like ownership of EAW and I won't even be fighting for myself. I'll be fighting for your family. By taking your title away, it will give you a reason to head back to North Carolina and be with them. The pressure will no longer rest solely on your back. Besides it's what's best for EAW and I'll explain why, even though I know you won't agree with what I'm about to say. When you won the Answers World championship at Pain for Pride, I was happy for you because I thought you were going to bring change! Fast forward to a few months later - I'm still waiting for that change. You're just like every other world champion. You're reign won't be remembered as something special. It'll be remembered as ordinary. So save yourself the trouble and hand me the Answers World championship right now and I'll be on my way. But I know you Hades. If you're going down, you're going down swinging and that's fine with me. Either way you'll eventually help the daises grow.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 15th 2014, 6:39 pm by Cage.
Here we go right? This is the part where I talk about I am so happy to be apart of Zack's team and I look forward to a great match? Let me tell you why I shook that son of a bitches hand and didn't break that son of a bitches hand. He promised me something, and you know what I wouldn't be shocked if it was a lie, if he was just saying that so I can be his anchor to lean on. I mean you don't really want Alex Anderson in a war right? You want a real war battle tested machine who has been in this environment before, I was here last year. Mr. DEDEDE promised me main events, he promised me world titles and I didn't get that, but why am I fighting? Because I am fighting where I belong. In the main event, not opening shows against Matt Miles or Moonlight Predator, I am better than them, and honestly let's tell the truth, this match isn't even about teamwork, this is about greed, selfishness, you all don't care about anyone but yourselves. AA is treating this like it is him vs DDD, Zack is doing his bullshit in which he fools you all with his smile and his “ I wanna change this place for the better” persona, which is bullshit, because it is proven. That no matter who is running EAW, they either care more for a woman, or they either care more for their own fucking careers, I don't care about Alex Anderson, I don't care about Tyler, Zack or Even Xavier who think it is nice to use my name and my struggles to make their protest that much stronger. This is why I don't care about politics, you ever see those commercials with the starving children? Those son of a bitches use the pain of those kids to prove their point, I don't want to see that shit. It's bullshit and everything in this goddamn world is the reason I am like this, I am barbaric, I am on edge, everything in this business is the reason that I can't sleep at night because I think I'm living a lie. Maybe it is because I wear my thoughts and my emotions on my sleeve, maybe I am just a little bit emotionally unstable, but call me unstable for thinking that I could be a world champion. It's simple, I'm a commodity, I am haven't been beaten since Grand Rampage and even then the guy I was a facing needed a fucking woman, and two other cowards to help him.  It's simple, its not even rocket science, hell it ain't even that complicated. It's elementary, I am the best in EAW right now, I don't half ass matches, and I deal with my problems the only way I know how. Honestly, I am not going to trash talk any of the guys in this match, fuck them they don't matter, fuck Ryan Savage following Mr. DEDEDE like he has carrots up his ass, fuck Crimson Mask trying to make a name for himself at my expense, and fuck Dark Demon embracing his love from Mr. DEDEDE. I don't care about them, I don't care about this match. Fact is I thrive when my back is against the wall, I thrive when the world thinks that Diamond Cage has nothing left in the tank, I don't have the mic skills to talk a bunch of bullshit about darkness and I don't back flip and I sure as hell don't call myself god. And I already did what Dark Demon has done, I've already cut myself and I've enjoyed it. So what, were all out of our fucking minds, we like bodily harm. 

Fact is I have been to war and I know what I am in store for, see all this talk about First time ever,

"Will this lunatic thrive in a first time ever war games?” key word, is War, and the 2nd is games, now games is for children, but war is for men. And I am a war machine, I seek and destroy whatever is in my way. It's that simple, I'm not fighting for EAW because I've already done that, I'm not fighting for Crash, I'm not even fighting for myself, I'm fighting for the fans who know I should have been in the main event of Pain for Pride, I'm fighting for the fans who don't even want to watch another EAW show till Diamond Cage is the World Heavyweight Champion. Now you see all this talk about ISIS coming to destroy us is cute and all, so really if it's true, I don't know how much time I have left with my head still on my shoulders, but there is one thing I am going to do before I am dead and gone, and I am becoming the champion. That is what this is about, no titles are involved in this, this is for the company. So what do I see on top of all my opponents heads? Dollar signs, I see money. I see money that can put my kids through college and stuff, I see money that can secure me for life so if I don't get my title I can tell this play to go fuck itself, or maybe it'll fire me. I see dollar signs, not championships, because I don't need to beat Team DEDEDE, I don't need to be on Team Crash. But I am here, I am here because it is the main event, and I deserve to be here, I've proven I deserve to be here when I took on Starr Stan for nearly 50 minutes, possibly the best pure wrestler in EAW. First time ever, I was in my first ever Ultimate Submission match and beat the guy who never loss in that match, I was in my first ever Cage of Death, I won it, I was in my first ever Elite Rules match, won it. And War Games will be no different, I am an unstoppable wrestling machine, built to last, here to destroy, I adapt at any environment and that is why I am so dangerous, that is why I have gained this reputation as the most dangerous man in the world of Extreme Answers Wrestling today, no one can walk my path, no one can do the things I've done the ways I've managed to do them. I'm an anomaly, I shouldn't be here, but I am. I have fought through all odds and I am here to step into my ring, in the main event and show it one last time that when I step in that ring no one is better, no one is more hard working, controversial and determined to leave as the winner more than Diamond Cage. War Games is simple, you get in my way you get served humble pie, you get served the shit that hits your stomach and makes you want to throw up. That's what I'm serving at Territorial Invasion, right at everyone's front door, Crimson Mask and Mr. DEDEDE attacking me on some sissy shit, some shit that already happened to me in my life. Worst shit has happened to me and damn it I'm still here, I'm still alive, I can still fight, you ain't send no message. All you did was pour more gasoline on an open flame, I'm burning cities, I'm burning people, get in my way if you want some. See I realize you young men, see a guy like me and compare me to a monster, and I know why. Because I have that complex of a monster, but the only difference between me and those monsters you take your girlfriends out to see, is I am a real person. I have blood, I have flesh, I ain't back from the dead, and damn it I ain't even out of my fucking mind, I just know what it takes, I know what I have to bring and I know the intensity I need to be on a totally different level from everybody. You compare DC to a monster, because I am unlike anything you've ever seen, maybe the monsters you've seen are child molesters and Freddy Kruger or fucking Jason Vorhees, but I ain't got no candy for little children, I don't have butter knife fingers, and I don't have a fucking machete, I have hands, hands that work. You want some, come get some, like I said I'm serving it to everybody. Crimson and DDD hit me with chairs at the same time, CUTE, REAL CUTE, BUT WHAT WAS THE MESSAGE? YOU CAN JUMP A GUY FROM BEHIND? You might as well finish the job if you see me as a threat, but no, no one in EAW can finish their jobs, and then when I come at them with some rage and intensity they never seen before in their life, then I am the bad guy? FINE! I'll be the bad guy, because I know these people who are just like me, in the working class will see through your bullshit, You'll learn a lesson Crimson, you'll learn that when dealing with Diamond Cage, you should always and I mean always finish the job when dealing with Diamond Cage, you should of made that shot count. Because I know that if you are trying to try your luck, I'll make mines count, your career won't even get started. And Mr. DEDEDE, I probably took years off your life, I'll end it. Tune into Territorial Invasion and watch the hardest working man in the business do what he does best and that is send these people home happy when you are tired of seeing freaks cutting themselves and penis abusing jackasses like Mr. DEDEDE parade around with the World Championship, and fucking clowns like Zack Crash think they are the protagonist in this story. Tune in to see Diamond Cage kick ass like he always does.
Do you know who you're talking to? Who are you to tell me what to do? I should sit down and relax? Okay, Ryan, whatever you say. I guess you're stupider than you look. I sat down, relaxed and listened to you but in all honesty, Ryan, you almost put me to sleep. I was almost phased by what you had to say about me. Almost; I mean, if you think I'm foolish enough to just reveal my hand to you, then you're sorely mistaken. Threaten me all you want but know that every bit of it is just petty. It's petty to tell me what the end is and that I'm asking for it. It's petty because, Ryan? I've already written this story. I know what the end is and the end is at Territorial Invasion. The end, well, I shouldn't spoil it, so you're just going to have to wait and see like everyone else. You have to read this story from the beginning because the ending isn't what it seems. You have to read in between the lines just to know what this story is about. Ryan, in this story, you're what you are and that's a piss poor excuse of an extremist. Tell me all you want about how you don't give a damn or you couldn't care less because I know, deep down, it eats at you. The feeling; knowing that in this story your fate is assured and it sucks the life out of you. Physically and mentally. If you think it's me who's stupid, then you should know what a comma is. Ryan, it isn't me who's stupid because for everything you've had to say, I've had a reply for. I mean, for fuck's sake, you sound like a fucking idiot. I don't know who I'm talking to myself. Am I talking to a grown ass man or a little obnoxious and naïve child? Because if either of us is a poor boy, it's you. You're a boy in a man's world and you're going find out exactly what I mean by that at Territorial Invasion.

Know what has me pissed off even more? The fact that you said you have what I don't have and that's will. So you mean to tell me that I don't have will? Out of everything you had to say about me, that had to of struck a nerve in me. A nerve that you shouldn't bring out. Because it's one thing to tell me that I'm stupid but it's another thing to tell me that I have no will. Ryan, in case you forgot, I embody will. I embody passion and I embody heart. Ask anyone, whether it's someone in the back or if it's a fan, ask them who comes to mind when they think of those three things and I guaran-damn-tee you that they're going to say me. Because throughout my entire career, for the past seven years, I gave everything I had to this business and then some. I had the will to come back to EAW two years ago and reignite the flame that was going out, to set myself far and apart from everyone who's ever walked through the doors and stepped foot on the ground of this company. It's a fucking slap to my face to hear you say that, to hear you make such a bold statement. That was very brave of you but I think you're just too stupid for your own good. Whatever Mr. DEDEDE and I have is between us, it doesn't involve you, so I too don't give a damn if you give a damn or not. It doesn't matter anyhow because you're the least of my worries. Whatever you have to say about me, you might as well keep it to yourself and save it for later because right now? I have more to do with Mr. DEDEDE than you. This was never about you, this was always about Mr. DEDEDE and I. One more round it is.

So you had little to nothing to say about me, DEDEDE. I know you're mainly focused on Zack Crash but you shouldn't turn your cheek from the other four members of Team Crash. Because that's going to be a grave mistake on your part. You and I have shed more blood than what's all in our body, you and I have gone to Hell and back again, you and I have more to this story than everyone else inside of War Games. All of us are connected somehow, someway, one way or another. You and I are connected through our history, our seven years of knowing each other. You and I both know that had I been here from day one, like you have, I'd be in the same spot you're in. I'd be one of the very best. I'd be a Hall of Famer like the rest of my time but know what? It's okay though because even though I haven't been here from day one, like you have, I'm at this point in my career of reaching transcendent status. Soon I'm going to be in the same spot you're in, I'm going to be seen as an equal rather than a protégé. Because that's always what I wanted to be, forget being the World Heavyweight Champion, I want to be as prominent as you are. I want my place in EAW to be assured. You said you were going to put me in my place but I don't need you anymore. I never really needed you because I knew I always had it in me to be where I'm at today. I knew that one day I was going to be the World Heavyweight Champion. I know that soon I really am going to have a transcendent status. Soon; at Territorial Invasion, DEDEDE, you're going to know that too because my place here in EAW is undoubtedly and undeniably secure. That's God Quintessential.
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Territorial InVasion Promo#2

Please Tyler just sit back, relax and put a smile on your face my dear boy. Why must you want the end to come to you so quickly than it suppose to arrive. In all of due time you will get what you wanted and what you wanted was my all. I never show all my cards that are in my hand in one night especially if an event just like this is upon us. Just five more days, five more days until we go into war and God do I love the thought of the bodies being thrown around, the constant chaos and discord. Two wills, multiple reasons on why who should win, dreams, and all colliding into one area, on single concentrated spot and even thinking about it makes me happy. But you know what Tyler I've had just about enough because if anyone that is stupid is you because I don't know how many ways I can cut it because I honestly DO NOT CARE what has DEDEDE has done to Diamond Cage, or you or anyone else because NONE OF IT and I MEAN NONE OF IT CONCERNS ME WHATSOEVER. But maybe I don't understand your relationship with DEDEDE is, or maybe I don't understand what your line of thinking is tackling this subject but you know what. Like I just said I just don't give a damn about it, you can take your father-son admiration or comparison or whatever attachment you have with DEDEDE and your little one more round with him straight to hell because quite frankly none of it really concerns me and it was a mistake for me to try to comprehend something that means little to nothing in this world. I also want to thank you for telling me this little warning about him dropping me after he wins because even he does drop me like a bad habit. I have something that you nor anyone else in this company posses and that's the will to come back stronger. If it does happen, I know I have the means to survive, I don't know if you and your people or anyone else for that matter are too ignorant to understand that the success I have gained so far has already been accomplished before him and I came to terms to be partners. If you want to talk about me not understanding a damn thing you should look in the mirror and look within yourself ask yourself do you really understand anything at all because even though you posed a good argument about me not understanding the little sensitive tag line  that you have created for yourself, you should know that the same argument can be said for you. It's people like you who blindly assumes things about other people is what lead you to get pinned by me on Dynasty. 

But I wouldn't be surprised that you honestly couldn't help yourself to jump on the bandwagon along with the other sheep to blindly assume that I'm jealous of Xavier Williams because he won a simple Cash In The Vault ladder match which basically guarantees he will be main eventing Pain For Pride 8. Like why is it should I be concerned to what he is doing right now? You know there was a time and a place where I was jealous of him, there was a time and a place that I felt like I have to prove to everyone that I'm just as good as he is but you know what. I'm not that guy anymore, but I guess you and everyone else who has used this cliche point has failed to see that I don't give a damn about it and your silly little attempt to shove him down my throat is nothing but a pitiful sense of urgency to get me rattled up and go off the handle. But I guess this is the part where you mentioning him and his success is suppose to phase me but I guess you'll learn more about me pretty soon because people would know about me that there is no amount of success that he has made that can make me envious of him. But another thing I will agree upon is that I'm not bred to be a star and I know for a fact that I'm not going to start trying to pretend I have morals and such to gain everyone's "respect" so with listening to all of  that Tyler. The only question I have for you is what is your point? 
If I lived in a world where super heroes exists and everything will be alright with a blink of an eye everything wouldn't be like this. None of this would be happening right and if I lived in that fantasy world I wouldn't be a sorry pitiful excuse for a human being. I wouldn't be considered as a monster of any kind, I would be considered as a typical wrestler that fights for titles, respect among his peers and adversaries and EVERYTHING, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING WILL BE JUST ALRIGHT. But sadly we don't live in this world and sadly I am a sick, sorry excuse for a human being. But even though people haven't been attached to me like everyone else in this match, it gives me room to create error, it gives me room to create any mistakes I want, to create a legacy for myself. I don't have a status to uphold, I don't have people that I need to prove myself to. I am as free as a bird that is able to SOAR THROUGH THE BLUE SKIES. So at Territorial Invasion, when we at war you will see things that no mortal man is capable of doing. You witnessed it at Voltage on what I did to Xavier Williams and what he did to me, that I'm willing to bring destruction to myself, if it means I can bring pain and misery to my opponents and that is what's coming to you in five days. Giving me this much time and sit and marinate the scars and the wounds on my body is a dangerous thing because once I taste my own blood, nothing good can ever come out of this match. So if anything I'm more than ready to get this thing started. So to anyone who wants to come after me, I'm here with open embracing arms because I feel right at home where chaos and destruction thrives in a place where so called corruptions exist. It will be my job to force each and every last one of you to open your eyes to the truth and admit to yourselves that YES YOU ARE WEAK, YES I POINT THE BLAME FOR MY INABILITY TO EVOLVE, YES I AM THE CORRUPTION IN THIS COMPANY, YES I'M NOT FIT TO BE CALLED AN EXTREMIST. Then, maybe then when I force you all to admit that yourself, maybe just maybe the process of evolution can finally begin, but if not well you all will be subjected to hell and everything you have fought so hard for will end at Territorial Invasion and all the blood and sweat and tears and pride and passion you put into this match will all be in vain 
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 TI Promo

Change you can believe in.

This is what Zack Crash is promising you. This is what Crash promises everyone in the EAW Network,  
''change you can believe in''. Where have you heard this before?

Crash promises an EAW wth the future becoming now. Zack Crash promises an EAW where younger stars rise to the occasion and carry the company into a new age. What you have here is a man who's looking to sell you your own horse. Is that the man you're going to put your stock behind? Look at him, look at how desperate he is, look at how he can't even string together a sequence of logic without contradicting himself. He promises CHANGE in EAW where men like Dark Demon, Jaywalker and Y2Impact are no longer holding EAW back from it's evolution! He promises this... in a company where Jacob Senn headlines Midsummer Massacre and becomes the EAW Champion. He promises this in a company where Hades The Hellraiser breaks through his own barriers and vanquishes the demons in his way to become Answers World Champion. He promises change in a company that changes with the seasons, and it doesn't even take much for it to happen other than natural selection! The reality is he has nothing to show for, absolutely nothing. You hear what I'm saying Zack? There is nothing you can give these people that I already haven't. And by far, the most important thing I've given these people since becoming Chairman of EAW is opportunity.

The opportunity to succeed. Unfortunately for many, I've given the opportunity to fail, even if it's to fail to me. That's where I pull the strings, when you come for me. That's where I call the shots, that's where I burn everything near me to a crisp. But still, in the land of Extreme comes opportunity, because if EAW is anything it is art imitating life. And preserving the weak isn't what's kept this world going Crash, it's not even what's kept this company going, it's natural selection. The ants get squashed in the open plane, the weak are taken advantage of and the fittest are who learn how to rise up from their own failures like Hades the Hellraiser and eliminate a man like ME to win the Grand Rampage. Hell, even you have managed to become World Champion over Jaywalker no less but you still have something to bitch about, huh? You're whining and crying about people being held back by the old guard when all the obstacles in your way when YOU were at the top came from the young. Guys like Jacob Senn, Hades, and a previously title-less Brian Daniels all came for your spot and in retaliation you blame the old guard. It's DEDEDE's fault that you lost your world title, it's DEDEDE's fault if someone screws you out of a title match, he's the dictator. Listen I know a bumpkin like you from Hicks Corner, West Virginia wouldn't process this, but Democracy isn't the be all end all. Look at our democratic leader, look at how he's shelved out money to every corporation, to every welfare collecting bum in every corner who refuse to make opportunities for themselves and aided every starving third world country on a whim. Look at how he dances on a string to please people and says the right things to keep everyone at bay. Now look at his approval rating. Did it make a difference? You don't think I'd find it fun to tapdance for people and promise them everything's going to be okay? You don't think it'd be easy to give everyone and their mother a title shot and plug my ears when Democracy kicks in and nobody's satisfied? It's clear what validates a leader in your mind is how much he's wiling to give away, but let me assure you that does not work. No matter what you do as a leader, you will never please everybody. But you claim EAW is a company that needs change to survive! You know Crash, it's as they say, it's best if some things change and others remain the same. And the day where everyone gets what they want in EAW is the day this company dies.

What I represent is what's kept this company going for seven years even when we faced odds predicted we'd overcome. I am not a malicious tyrant, I am not; I am a crowned statue, you are a crowned hog, surrounded by trifling ephemeron who have no salient value to the overall scheme of things. I don't say this to discredit their worth, but only to discredit what they're fighting for. They aren't fighting for the sake of EAW, I beg to differ and say they fight for the sake of themselves. The men on my team have previously, and will continue to bleed for EAW yet you call us selfish. Dark Demon and I have shed more blood for the sake of EAW than you've shed blood in EAW. The men on your team would bleed for nothing if it was up to them, Championships and accomplishments and hand-outs mean more to them! You needed to bribe Diamond Cage with a title shot just for him to join you! You needed Xavier Williams hatred of Dark Demon and Tyler Parker (the NATIONAL EXTREME CHAMPION you fucking idiot), you needed his history with me to get him on board. And do you honestly think Alex Anderson would have joined your cause or even given a DAMN about your cause if it weren't for me disciplining him? No, he wouldn't.

Dark Demon may have joined at your expense, but he's a man who's fought for EAW before and he's suffered to keep ungrateful pissants like you afloat, yet you proudly stab him in the back despite his outstretched arms.

 Ryan Savage didn't get to where he is without me?? By the time Ryan and I became partners he was the YLC and the only YLC to date to become a Champion in EAW, New Breed Champion nonetheless. He is the leader of the new breed yet he agrees with my vision, yet he's never complained bout being held back by the higher guard. In fact, the only people who hold him back are the others on his playing field which is expected, because this is a dog eat dog world.

Crimson Mask has made a quicker impact in EAW than anyone else in this War Games match, and he's defeated everyone in his way including your own Alex Anderson. He has no personal motive, he was chosen out of three other up and comers and is willingly fighting for the cause.

And Johnny Ventura returned from the ashes when he had no reason to show his face solely to protect the keys to the kingdom. 

The only possibility of dissension on Team DEDEDE comes between Dark Demon and I's turbulent past, yet he's accepted my warm and loving embrace for the first time in years and has felt the pain and suffering I've felt. We've come to an understanding and Demon's drive to put you in your place is the same drive I have to put you, Tyler and everyone else in their place. What's your ace in the hole? Diamond Cage? I've noticed peoples opinions have swayed from Diamond Cage joining you, but do you think Diamond Cage has any reason to fucking obey you?? You cost Diamond Cage the Answers World Championship at the Grand Rampage, yet you're the one preaching about giving people opportunities and being fair!? The man has fought for THREE YEARS for somethin you took away from him in one night, just so YOU could be the one to try take Demon's title and you couldn't even do that! But you're the level-headed practical leader!? GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK, EVEN THAT DUMB, SADISTIC ANIMAL DC DOESN'T BELIEVE YOUR BULLSHIT, AND I DON'T KNOW HOW ANYONE ELSE CAN. Like I said, you can skewer the skill set of our troops but on my team is 

a GR winner,
a King of Extreme winner, 
the longest reigning World Champion in EAW history, 
the only man to hold the YLC and the New Breed title at the same time, 
the most athletic young stud to come into EAW in a while
and a God. 

You have nothing more than bitter underachievers who want to cast all their problems on the authority and bitch up the ladder rather than climb it. What he fuck more do I need to say? My team fights for principle, yours fight for the prize. You haven nothing on me Zack Crash, fucking nothing.

All these people act as if this power I have in my hands came from some predisposed pecking order with me at the top, like I haven't come back from death and destruction and from being an outcast to get to where I am now. When I don my proverbial purple toga, when I wear my bejeweled crown or hold my conch of power... when I flaunt my power it is not a display of my power, it's a display of the work I've done for this power! You just want a "BUYOUT!" , you just want to exchange money for authority, but even if money buys you authority it can't buy you leadership, that my friend has to be earned. And the fact that the War Games match makes it debut in EAW for this occasion makes it clear that if you want to take ANYTHING from me, you don't just get it handed to you, you don't get to steal from me, you pay in blood, you take it in blood.
Tiberius Jones is with friend and EAW reporter Joseph Anubis on screen.

Anubis: Are you ready for the battle royal? They say first FPV impressions are important, though this is a preshow match…it’s still a good opportunity to get yourself out there to be seen, but also a chance to screw up real early here. There's great success stories that can come of this, I've written about them for years.

Tiberius smirks and playfully brushes the left shoulder of his jacket he is wearing like knocking off invisible dust.

TJ: I’m not sweating this at all. I think some people don’t realize, I don’t have my full time contract yet so this isn’t even the real beginning of my career and this event we’re going to be in isn’t my FPV appearance for it is the preshow. It’ll be just a prelude to whatever legacy I can amount to when the ball REALLY gets rolling, like one of those cut scenes at the start of a movie or video game before the main adventure begins. No matter how tragic, glorifying or epic, all origin stories can have great value to building character and establishing the setting in which things are.  How will my story begin? Perhaps I will begin a champion triumphantly holding my gold for all the world to see how long I can keep up my role of being in the circle of EAW’s supposed best, maybe I’ll have a tragic beginnings where I’ll have to turn rags to riches or maybe it’ll be the one who came close but didn’t finish the job so thus must linger these halls attempting to grasp the greatness I merely grazed with my touch that made me know I just HAD to have it. I’m just going to the preshow to fight and develop more of what my origins will be.

Anubis: Just don’t waste the chance, you know Cleopatra will use any excuse to punish you, you’re not on good terms with her and your job evaluation will be soon, you gotta at least try!

Tiberius: Of course! I’m always in it to win it. Besides, just look at me, I have a honed body just waiting for gold to cover it, has a brother ever been more set?

Tiberius throws off his jacket and begins presenting himself.

Those pasties have nothing on chocolate excellence. And The Nas has beef with that butthurt Aren guy.

Tiberius laughs and then pats the stiff Anubis on the back to indicate he should relax.

It took a lot of effort and risk to get me here, not just my own but also that of friends in the back I’ve been working with for years doing odd jobs while trying to get my foot in the door of EAW, that’s not something that’ll be brought to ash so easily whether I win or lose this. Even you could have gotten in trouble for my stunt at Cleopatra’s staff meeting, just for knowing me. Don’t underestimate us or what we’ve already done. It pushes me to make sure to fight on and on to ensure that all of this creates something worthy of being proud of, and New Breed Championship gold could be a GREAT start to it all. I may not be the biggest, but when I am the slickest and when the brazen beast is unleashed they’ll know just how dangerous a komodo dragon’s bite really is.

Camera fades to black.
Stupidity? You want to talk about stupidity? Ryan, everything you had to say about me, every single thing proved the exact level of stupidity you're on. I almost got a headache just trying to listen to everything. I need medicine because that was one hell of a response. I expected no less from you. Let me tell you about stupidity, Ryan. Stupidity is you acting like I think I'm some kind of God, when, Mr. DEDEDE himself has repeated over and over again that he's a God. "That's God," in his own words. So it's not me thinking I'm some kind of God and I'm not even trying to sugarcoat anything. I was willing to admit that you were right and I was wrong. Is that so hard to ask? Yeah, sure, I hate being wrong but I also hate being right also all of the time. I wanted to be wrong, Ryan. I wanted you to give me your all in the ring and you barely managed to. You capitalized at the last second and I guess that's just how it is. You took an opportunity and made the most of it. Congratulations, you beat me. I've lost before, it's not like I never experienced it throughout my career, so I have no problem with it. What I have a problem with, is that you think that you know what you're talking about because, Ryan, you don't. You have no idea what you're talking about. Especially when it comes to Mr. DEDEDE. I've known him longer than you, I've known him for seven years and for seven years, Mr. DEDEDE and I had a close relationship. We were more close than others, like father-son. See, though, you think that just because I've said Mr. DEDEDE was like a father figure to me automatically means I'm on the wrong team. I know what team I'm on, I'm the one who made that decision and no one else. I told Mr. DEDEDE, to his face, one more round. That's just how it goes, Ryan. You're the last person to speak on the subject. You're full of stupidity but I think Mr. DEDEDE is even more for teaming with you. Because, like I said, you're deadweight. After Territorial Invasion, if Team DEDEDE wins, he's just going to drop you like he did Diamond Cage, like he did me.

It's as they say though. History tends to repeat itself, right? That's just how it is. I know Mr. DEDEDE and I know he wouldn't even sit long on the thought of turning his back on you. Know what though? If you think he's so great, if you think he wouldn't do such a thing, then fair enough. That's your stupidity showing itself. See where I'm going with this, Ryan? You talk a lot of shit and I think I'm just starting to realize why no one, not even your partner, sees you as the future of this business. What they see or who they see, rather, being the future of this business is one of my teammates at Territorial Invasion. Someone I've supported for the past few months or and have had the pleasure of watching live and in person. Take a guess, Ryan. It's someone you're so jealous of, someone you wish failure on, someone you just want to see bust but you and I both know that he has a great amount of potential and his skill level is of it's own. You know exactly who I'm talking about. Mr. Cash in the Vault... Xavier Williams. There's a reason for everything and there's a reason why he's been so successful. Arguably, more successful than you've been. You can tell me just how great your New Breed Championship reign was but that doesn't mean a damn thing to me. What you had? Was a third tier belt, a belt for the newcomers, whereas Xavier Williams has a guaranteed shot at the EAW Championship and he's exercising his shot at Pain for Pride. That's smart, if you ask me. I know he has to be anxious about it and is almost impatient but I have no doubt in my mind that at Pain for Pride, Xavier Williams is walking out with the EAW Championship. Whereas you, Ryan? Well, who the hell knows what you're going to be doing at Pain for Pride. Maybe the pre-show, maybe the 24/7 Battle Royal or maybe Cash in the Vault. Whatever it is, Ryan, you're going to have to live with the thought of knowing that you just weren't bred to be the future of this business and you just weren't going to be anything more than Mr. DEDEDE's partner.

At the end of the day, that's what you are. You aren't the future of this business, you aren't next in line for a EAW Championship reign, you aren't anything more than Mr. DEDEDE's partner. It's fine though, Ryan, if you want to act as though the win meant nothing to you, by all means. I never said it had to have but a win over me is bigger than you think. It means more than you think. That win gave you and Team DEDEDE the momentum it needed going into Territorial Invasion. That win may be what decides the outcome of War Games. To you, it was a sign of what's to come and could very well be but to me? It's a sign of what I and Team Crash have to avoid by whatever means. We shouldn't take any of you easy, we shouldn't doubt any of you, even if your team is one big joke in itself. You're self explanatory, Crimson Mask is the wild card, Ventura was just a waste of time, Dark Demon has gone off the deep end and Mr. DEDEDE is, well, the ass of the joke. Everyone apart of Team Crash is the present and future of this business and that isn't stupidity, Ryan, that's real talk.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 15th 2014, 2:31 am by Marco

No confidence, no confidence, no confidence, no confidence....no confidence. Those were the words that were told to my partner DEDEDE that the board has no confidence in him to lead this company to it's future that they desired the most. But in order for that change that everyone wants so badly, it means that everyone must unlock that second gear deep down inside and willing to look within themselves and evolve for the better but in all honesty no one has yet to do so or unable to achieve that with the exception of a few people. Which it's human nature to point the finger onto someone, toss their own misfortunes onto someone else. I remember Xavier Williams accused me for pointing the finger of blame to someone other than myself but unbeknownst to him that everyone has done just that. I don't even find it quite odd for people to consciously point the finger to a higher power, expecting that person to magically fix their problems instead of working for it. But I guess this will be the first chapter leading into a new era because it seems that it takes this much for people to actually step up, something that has finally gave the little kiddies a spine, a voice, some balls to actually do something about their situation. But sadly for them this may be a battle that they should have never embarked on, but we all have to learn something from this.

First I want to thank you Zack Crash for everything you have done just what you said to DEDEDE, you have created enemies that will be after your life, well I should say one man and that man isn't my partner, that man is me. Now even thought my brain has gotten over you for the fact you have not even acknowledge my hard work and determination for this company but their has been a stabbing pain in my heart that feels like it's breaking into little pieces. I still remember the words that were etched into my brain what you said to me in my past life. I still remember and those words still echo in my ears every time I see you. Before all of this started when I was called up to the main roster, I remember you had confidence in me as an individual. I thought back then I earned your respect by going toe to toe with you and you acknowledged the fact that there were forces at work that is trying to suppress guys like me, you know how good I am and the fact that you are trying to undermined everything that I have accomplished in my time here. Everything that I have done and you and your little followers DARE to tell me that I had my partner DEDEDE hold my fucking hand to get those accolades that I have accomplished. But it seems to me that you and the others are just looking for any little thing to use against me. You see Zack, you're nothing more than a false prophet to me. At least have the balls to say that you respect the path that I have chosen, respect the fact that I have kept those "forces" from suppressing me and trying to keep me under the rug. YOU SHOULD BE PROUD, DELIGHTED THAT I'M HERE RIGHT NOW ABLE TO STAND WITH MY BROTHERS IN ARM, TO FIGHT YOU AND YOUR LITTLE BAND OF SELF DELUDED REVOLUTIONARIES WHO DIDN'T EVEN HAD AN INTEREST IN YOUR CAUSE UNTIL YOU HAD TO BUY THEM OFF, with sweet words and little rewards for their efforts. Instead of approaching the guy that is similar to you, a guy that understands you, a guy that knows what it means to be a rebel. But yet you choose them, over me.  Now you see me with your bitter enemy and that just tears you apart that someone is not aiding your cause. So now Zack Crash, since you have broken my heart, I'm going to kill you and everything you stand for and leave you nothing but a fleeting memory to the masses and your pitiful uprising will be nothing more than just a little school yard fight at recess. 

You are the only constant reminder I have of my former self and even though I don't give a damn about having your respect, or having to prove anything to anyone. I have the need, the want, the desire to see everything you stand for, everything you have worked for be burned into ashes and leave you with nothing but a broken dream and once again in that hospital bed staring up into that ceiling asking yourself day in and day out on why and what should I do next with my life? Maybe, just maybe Zack I will only hold your hand on your final moments before you slip into unconsciousness and whisper in your ears that there was never any corruption and that the peace you were looking for is just a prevailing form of chaos and that the non corrupted EAW that you are seeking is just a dream that will never become a reality. To me Zack Crash you are nothing more than an object that is trying to deny man's true nature. To you this is just politics on who has CONTROL over everyone, to me your silly ideology is nothing more than a lie and just like the people before you that claim to live in the so called status quo, the same thing will happen to you where you will be dethroned. But there is one thing you are right about is that I don't give a damn about this company but I'm willing to lend my skills and talents to make sure you fall and also do something that Diamond Cage was unable to do and give you the beating you have had coming to you in a while because you are nothing more than a lying, hypocritical snake that uses his sweet melody of words to sooth and make people forget to what you have done to others. 

Now Tyler Parker, do you really want to go down this road? I'm asking you this because you are doing something that a guy that is so caught up in his own self righteousness that he couldn't even see himself losing to someone that he thought couldn't beat him. So the normal thing to do is to just written it off as a joke, or a fluke or you just have a bad night. But what a wrong time for you to be having one of those, we are about five days away from one of the biggest match in this company's legacy and that could change everyone's career and what do you expect to say when you and your group lose? Oh we had a bad night, or it was just a fluke. No, you can't just simply shake it away but you know I will give you a pass on that because I can't help but feel sorry for you since you can't comprehend to fight someone that has some skill or any of all other than DEDEDE. Which brings to me ask you this, why are you feeling the need to compare every person you have fought to the person you are looking to destroy this Saturday? To me it feels like you still have some lingering need to prove something to him. Like is this "father figure" thing really have send you to the depths of stupidity or did you forget what side you are even on. But nonetheless Tyler if you think I'm joke that's your opinion, just be prepared to make the same mistake as you did on Dynasty.

To me that win didn't mean anything to me, a single win over a single person doesn't make me the greatest thing going since the Playstation 4 has came out. It's precious of you to think that a win over you would mean so much but in the grander scheme of things your life or career I should say means absolutely nothing if someone got a win over you. It shows me how highly you think of yourself, thinking you are a God of some sort and even that has lost some value of it's own since everyone wants to lay claim to that title or to say that they are the best in the world. Which is why I have rejected those stupid ideology that I need to be considered anything other than Ryan Savage. But you know Tyler even though that win didn't mean anything for me as an individual that win did foreshadow of what's to come. Even though your team may have their moments where it seems that they are in control but we as a team know when to dig deep and surpass our limitations and when it comes down to it we are a single unit that strives to win when it's needed the most. So Tyler Parker you can sulk and moan and groan and be stuck on how I'm a terrible wrestler that holds people back which is why no one wanted to tag with me or how DEDEDE can't be trusted or what not. The only thing that is on my mind is my team and I winning at War Games and achieve victory. So if anyone that is acting like a middle school child with their pitiful insults or failed attempts into getting in my head well you better think of something quick because there is nothing that will stop us from achieving what's ours and that's victory. But as you worry about your dignity being stolen, or your pride being smashed to pieces and you being replaceable. I will be the one that makes you feel like nothing and make you feel worthless and make you turn out to be nothing but a pathetic, piece of garbage. So come if you want to put me in my place because a lot of people has tried and all of them has failed. And believe you and me that this place called War Games, anarchy, chaos, destruction, disorder will be my trademarks and this match I will reject your moral standards and in this hell called a battlefield my team will be victorious, while your team lives and dies by the words of a man that you all hold on to so desperately because lets be honest, nothing will ever change unless you are willing to change the flaws within yourself. 
What a joke. If what happened on Dynasty taught us anything, it's that even a joke like Ryan Savage can luck out and beat me. It's okay if I had an off night, it's normal, there comes a time in everyone's life where they lose. Tonight was just one of those times. For the first time in my life, I feel as though I've hit rock bottom. I feel as though things can't be any more worse than this. Low; at the end of the day, that's where I seem to have found myself. For the first time in my life, I'm as low as I can possibly get. I never would have thought that I'd be so low but I guess there's a first for everything. Just like there was a first for you to beat me. That's a first and a last. I'd be damned if I ever let you get one over on me again. Especially after you put up a decent but half-assed effort. It's like every opponent I've had these past couple of months have barely gave me anything to work with. None of them were at the top of their game like I've been these past couple of years. Except for Mr. DEDEDE but everyone knows just how good he is and even I'm willing to admit that. What I'm also willing to admit is that I doubted you, Ryan. I made the mistake of doubting you and considering myself unbeatable. Was I wrong to think you can't beat me? Yeah, sure. Was I wrong about you? No, not even. Because at the end of the day, Ryan, you're still a joke. That's all you are and all you ever will be. Who you are and the weapons you have at your disposal... they're great, they're enough to put you at the very top of this business, to use anyone as your stepping stone. Anyone, that is, except for me and I know that it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, admitting that to yourself. Well, actually, who am I kidding? You're much too stubborn to even consider that possibility, aren't you, Ryan?

You may have beat me on Dynasty but it isn't like I'm hurting from it. If anything, I'm laughing about it. It's hilarious but you know what's even more hilarious? The fact that no one but Mr. DEDEDE wanted to team with your fatass. If you had found someone other than Mr. DEDEDE, you wouldn't be here. You wouldn't have beat me. If it weren't for Mr. DEDEDE, you would have probably quit a long time ago. I wouldn't put it past you to. There's a reason no one wanted to team with you and that's because they didn't want to kill their careers. They weren't going to team with you if you were just going to hold them back so they'd be in the middle of the card. You speak fondly of Mr. DEDEDE but do you actually think he gives a damn about you? Because if you do, you're dumber than a blonde bimbo. You may be just that though. Because Mr. DEDEDE doesn't give a damn about you, he himself attested to what I had to say about him a couple of days ago. Then he turned around and acted as though I'm some child. I've been in this business for seven years, I wouldn't consider myself a child in this game in which we play with our lives week in and week out. If I was a child, I'd be making middle school threats like Alex Anderson. Who, by the way, is just about the worst partner I could ask for but at least it's better than Ryan Savage. Because if there's one more thing I have to admit, it's that Alex Anderson is actually good and no, I'm not going to say he's really good just to humor everyone but hey, if he is then he is. I'm willingly to admit that. I have no problem with it because Alex Anderson is apart of my team and even though I can't stand that little son of a bitch, I know I can count on him to do what he has to do inside of War Games. Where I'm trying to get at here is this. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone screws up and everyone gets what they deserve, at one point or another. I've been beaten, bloodied, battered and forced into submission my entire career, Ryan.

There was something you said a few days ago, Ryan, something that had me laughing even more. Something along the lines of, "I see how Tyler Parker felt when he was dubbed as Y2Impact's successor and it seems I'm getting the same treatment." Tell me, Ryan, exactly what I felt? Because as far as I'm concerned, I was more than happy to be Y2Impact's successor. No one said you were going to be Mr. DEDEDE's successor. You're just the deadweight he has to carry around, Ryan. What would you rather be? Then tell me again exactly how I felt. Because I may had been Y2Impact's successor but at Pain for Pride, I proved to Y2Impact and the whole damn world that I'm more than just his successor. I'm his equal. That's more than you can say about you and Mr. DEDEDE. So tell me again exactly how I felt. You know nothing, Ryan. Not a damn thing. So next time, maybe you should just shut the fuck up before you spew your garbage again. You've pissed me off and that's the last thing you want to do. You don't know what awaits you inside of War Games. You can take my dignity, you can take my pride, you can take everything that I have except for one thing, Ryan. One thing you can't take from me... is my place. At Territorial Invasion, I'm going to go out of my way, for you... to put you in your place.
Territorial Invasion #1
You dream that at Territorial Invasion, you are going to have a coronation fit for a king, Dubian, but on that night, the black bane descends on your kingdom before it is erected.
This is it, Devan, the week before your big night where you boast yourself up to be the next world champion of EAW and attempt to make yourself seen as the next big thing. Here is the kicker though; there is a status quo here in Extreme Answers Wrestling, a line that has to be crossed and a glass ceiling that needs to be broken. I already broke through the gates when I claimed this EAW World Championship for myself, but you have yet to even attempt to decimate the gatekeeper that is standing in your way. That gatekeeper, the one that will stand before you, is the man who holds your prize and will use it against you. That entity is me, Devan, The Fabled Conqueror of Extreme Answers Wrestling. A man that has ascended to a height that holds more wealth than any king could wish for and more powerful than any praised god of the universe could even fathom.  That is the man you face inside the no limits warzone of the ladder match, where the prize will be raised high above the arena and up for the taking of a true warrior of the ropes, which is me. You assume that you have this won because you have chosen this to be a ladder match, because you stand as a high-octane and all-in extremist who will hold nothing back, but you must forget who you are messing with, Devan.
I have slaughtered legends that have been revered by this community as I have crushed their spirits and their skulls. I have decimated all those who have thought that they were superior to me and you were included in that list, Dubian. When you were at the cusp of being the number one contender to the EAW World Heavyweight Championship, what did you do? You did what you do best in this industry, YOU CHOKED! You talk about me choking and never claiming my moment, but I finally attained it in the end. I am the one with the world championship and you are the one challenging for it! When you get a glimmer of a chance to be the champion, you get all excited like a puppy chasing a car that when you get too close, you get hit with the rubber of the tire and become a skid mark. Constantly you have caved under the pressure of competing with the best in the world, and yet here you are once again to try and become that champion once again and you seem to have forgotten how this status quo works better known as the Harmonic Divergence. You are on the side where you never rise above the challenges of being with the peasants and denizens of the world who live a life of being within and filth and there is people like me, who are able to climb towards the mountaintop and claim what is rightfully theirs as they become the leaders and conquerors of the world. They become living gods, they become rich and powerful kings, but even then, I have ascended to the higher echelon of greatness that is inconceivable by the meek and mild comprehension of beings on the lower side of the Harmonic Divergence like you. Even if you feel that your demons have been smote, that your rational fears have been overcome, you will still experience new terrors that you wished you would have never met in your lifetime.
At Territorial Invasion, I continue my dominance as the EAW World Champion because take a look at what I have done against those who stood before me. No man has been able to pin me to the mat or make me submit to their holds ever since I conquered the “legend” of Lethal Consequences. I didn’t whine or complain about what I could have done in the past as I grew tired of playing some dark horse or victim bullshit like you are doing right now to try and get the people to rally behind you. I took my spot instead of complaining about not being able to have it. Congrats, you are another guy who has been scrutinized by the system of Extreme Answers Wrestling who should be a world champion by now. Why don’t you get in line with the other fifty individuals who have the same exact line of rhetoric to give to the populace? If that is what you want to do, you might as well get the dream of being the world champion out of your head because it isn’t going to work. Do you want me to feel bad that you are in the position that I have been before? Do you want me to cry for poor old Devan Dubian because he just can’t handle the pressure of being a world champion? Give me a break! At least Brian Daniels and Tyler Parker had the talent to actually win the big one, but you are just so depressing that being a room with you would turn the happiest man alive into a victim of depression waiting for the repetition of life to take them out of their misery. That is it right there though, repetition.
You are a broken record here in the world of professional wrestling, you keep on skipping the beat and playing the same tune over and over again, and it has gotten stale. You come in and get a few wins, climb your way to being able to get a contender’s match or the big fish itself, but you cave in. You hit that scratch on the record and you buckle as you fall off the ladder of success and after that, you vanish. You are never to be seen again, go on to do your shtick somewhere else and when you feel that the loss over your head has finally departed, you come back and you go for it one…more…time. There will be no more times after this, Dubian. There will be no leaving and getting another shot, there will be no rematch after this confrontation between me and you and Territorial Invasion, there will just be sink or swim. You will either prove to the world that you are actually what you make yourself out to be as a world championship material performer or you will prove what every person in the roster has already known for the past three years now and that is you cannot make it when the primetime lights dawn on you. I may yet be the best EAW World Champion and you might want to discredit my reign all through this week as many times as you want, but I have done it and that separates me from you. I did it and I did it with a grand fashion in defeating a man they felt was superior to me in Brian Daniels. That one match was seen as the best match of the night and proved why I was better than the rest of the roster and Territorial Invasion; it will definitely do it again against you.
People are going to see a classic between the high-flying and pure adrenaline acumen of Devan Dubian taking on the ruthless, sadistic and dominant nature of The Fabled Conqueror and Undisputed Champion of the World, Jacob Senn, as we use the device of chaotic mayhem known as the steel ladder. It will be a tortuous and hellacious match, Dubian, and I am more than ready for you because not only do I have the ring experience against you, not only have I experienced your mentality coming into this match, but I know that you think your are going to be unpredictable and I will have no idea where you are coming from but trust me when I say this, you are so predictable. You call yourself King Amazing, you pride yourself with your style of dangerous innovation from the greatest heights of the ring, and you have this sense of confidence that makes you think that this night will be difference, but The Bane of Kings is standing at the pearly gates to prove your worth. You stand against a man who is willing to put his entire career on the line to keep these championships, you stand against a man that even with an aggravated back from the match I had with Dark Demon will go over all expectations presented to him, you stand against The Cornerstone of the new surge of the greatest talents in the world who continually makes the benchmark on what the best is, and you stand against The Fabled Conqueror who is ready to sack the king and demolish his kingdom down the foundation it stands on when you face me. All that is left to say now, Devan, is prepare to be conquered by the Undisputed World Champion, Jacob Senn.
Territorial Invasion

It took three years for Kendra Shamez to return to an EAW ring and pick a bone with me. It took two Bitch Treatments and some help from Starr Stan to beat me on Showdown last Saturday. However, it takes one match for me to retain the Hall of Fame Championship and much as Kendra wanted that to be the match, where she walks away champion, that wasn’t the place and time. The place and time is on Saturday, where I will walk into my very first title defense. People are looking at me and reconsidering if I am truly ready to enter a fight with Kendra, knowing that she got the upper hand on Showdown. Well, there should not be any reconsideration because what Kendra did was unimpressive like everything she has done before. She did what any opportunist would have done; she saw an opportunity and she capitalized on it. I find it sad that she needed to wait for someone to come in, do all the dirty work and then take credit for it in the end. Fine, she can brag about the victory, but after Saturday, what people are going to be talking about is her loss.

I feel like this is an honor. I am the very first person that is going to be wrestling Kendra in an fvp for the first time in three years. This is what I like: it’s a one-on-one match. Unlike our tag team match, she is going to fend for herself. She can’t approach this match and assume that it’s like fighting Roxy Monroe as much as her small mind wants to think that. I’m a much superior opponent than her. I’m the Hall of Fame Champion and while Kendra hasn’t been here, I’ve managed to be above her in everything that she was during her time here. Instead of letting all of those ambitions disappear, she let it boil inside her mind and to the point, where she just had enough and attacked me from behind. I thought that Kendra Shamez was this ruthless person that knew when her time was up in EAW. I literally thought that we’ve seen the last of her, when I got rid of her. It’s ridiculous how things work out because we are going to face each other this Saturday. I might be granted with another opportunity to get rid of her.

Here’s the thing that she doesn’t understand: she thinks that I’m arrogant, but in the end of the day, I just got more confident with what I do. I found myself as a competitor in EAW. I find a mojo that is convenient for me. It’s better than being a weak and frail individual that would just be terrified about the things she says. Is that the opponent that she wants at Territorial Invasion? Man, is she going to be disappointed, when she doesn’t show up. Via her request—I am bring that fighting champion, the entertaining Vixen, the woman that plans to steal the show. Everything that Kendra requested that I bring with me will be brought. Oh, and even more! I should ask her if she plans to bring that arrogant asshole side of her or is she going to give me that fire that I haven’t seen from her yet. Or, has that fire been put out? I look into Kendra’s eyes and I don’t feel the motivation or fire in her eyes. I just think that she has gotten lazy—not only in her matches, but with everything that she does. I want to see that energy explode out of her. I want her to hit a move and see the fire that she wants to win.

The only thing that I see fire in is her words. Is that supposed to hurt my feelings? Does it look like I give a damn about what you need to say? I think you made yourself very damn clear when you attacked me from behind, when you clearly had no business to. Sure Kendra, you paved the way for Vixens like myself. I’m thankful for that. I really am, but calling me fake? You probably wouldn’t be saying that if I was kissing your ass and shinning your Vixens Championship, huh? You’d probably just kick me to the curb because you couldn’t give a damn about the other Vixens. Fast forward many years later, that Vixens that you never gave a damn about is the champion and you’re trying to ride on her momentum. I am not shocked because you’ve rode coattails of people that consider themselves Gods before. You might have been one of the founding sisters that build the Vixens Division, but you never gave a damn about the talent. The difference between you and I is that I open all challengers. You can be one of the newest Vixens or a veteran that has been around the EAW locker room for the longest time. I always welcome new competition.

Kendra, this is where you’re wrong; what everyone sees is not what they get. You claim to be this humbled woman, but would a humble woman be attacking someone? Would a humble woman really be calling me fake and arrogant? Please, you don’t know the meaning of that word if it slammed you right in the face. I mean, you keep trying to hide the truth, when it is staring you right in the face. What’s it going to take to convince you, Kendra? I’ve accomplished way more than you and you’re not being out in the open and admitting that.

You’re fire may not be ignited, but mine is.
All wars are not won by the leaders and commanders, but by the men who fight for them.
I could talk all I want about the corruption in EAW or how this place is in desperate need to change in order to survive, but I’m only one man.  Without a group of individuals who listen and believe in what I am, I’m completely powerless.  And for the longest time I was powerless.  I would talk and talk and talk, and yet nobody seemed to care about what I had to say.  But that’s changed recently. 
I find it ironic, and more than a bit hilarious that the tagline for this show is “A Rebellion You Never Saw Coming”, because it’s true!  Like all tyrants in history, you’ve created your own enemies by abusing your power, oppressing others, and establishing wealth and power for yourself and a select group of chosen few.  And sooner or later, the people say enough is enough and rise up to overthrow that tyrant.  Now this Sunday at Territorial Invasion, it’ll be a battle of two armies.  On one side, you have the rebels who desire change, and on the other the group who are protecting the status quo.  So how does one army defeat another in times of war?  Is it the number of troops?  Is it strategy and tactics?  While all of these are important factors, the key to victory in any war is for an army to be united.  One army, one purpose…one fist of power!  My side is united by their mutual hatred for you and your regime DEDEDE, because you’ve oppressed them, humiliated them, held them down, or denied them opportunities they deserve.  You once said that anyone in EAW can achieve anything they want, but that’s not true is it, because you recently admitted on several occasions that you’re the one who pulls the strings, and that we’ll achieve only what you allow us to achieve.  As you so aptly and recently out it, this is no democracy and you don’t spare those who oppose you.  How can you say these things and claim to be a fair and unbiased leader?  More importantly, how can ANYONE who hears you say these things still believe you’re on their side?!  It’s these mutual feelings of injustice that can turn even the greatest of enemies into allies.  And that’s just what you’ve done with Team Crash!  We may not all like each other, but all of Team Crash fights for a single purpose.  And when we win, it won’t be just MY victory…the victory will belong to ALL of us!  You may think your team is also united under some pretense, but really everyone on your side is in it for their own individual gain.  That splits the team’s focus, causes dissension within the ranks, and before long, there’s in-fighting because everyone is after something different from everyone else.  You all may seem united now, but once that bell rings, your team will turn on each other like sharks smelling blood to ensure they get whatever it is they want, while my team will remain as one, because we all want the same thing…to see you no longer in a position of authority! 
But let’s focus on yet another important tool needed to win a war…skill.  The difference in an armies skill is the difference between sending in farmer’s with pitchforks against knights in full armor.  So let’s examine the difference between the armies of myself and Mr. DEDEDE, and their skills. 
Xavier Williams…current Mr. Cash In The Vault
Johnny Ventura…who won the Grand Rampage only to fail and lose at Pain For Pride.
Tyler Parker…current Interwire Champion and former World Heavyweight Champion.
Crimson Mask…a man who has yet to do anything of note in EAW.
Alex Anderson…a man who has survived EAW’s bullshit for years.
Dark Demon…a man who has failed to beat me at every opportunity.
Diamond Cage…one of the most vicious competitors EAW’s ever seen.
Ryan Savage…a man who has only gotten this far because DEDEDE has been holding his hand.
Do you see now DEDEDE?!  Not only has my team the better motivation, but also the better skills needed to make your team look like nothing more but a group ants of trying to take down a tank.  Your team is talented, and they’ve individually done some impressive things.  But it’s not about the individual, but the team as a whole.  And as a whole, the team I’ve assembled is not only better motivated, but also   

But that’s all an argument in semantics really.  It’s the reason for these War Games that will truly define this feud.  CHANGE!  I told you before when we had our interview that guys like you, Dark Demon, Jay, and Y2Impact are all living in the past, hoping that the glory days will one day return.  But the past ain’t ever coming back!  This is 2014, not 2008!  And if we want EAW to evolve, to become better, then it’s time we adapt to the changing times.  It’s not a matter of selfishness or having championships handed to us…it’s a matter of history!  Look at all the innovations that have occurred over the years, and look at how those same innovations have developed and evolved to make our lives easier and better.  Medicine, communication, transportation, even religion and belief systems!  If these things had refused to change, we’d still be living in the Dark Ages!  And if EAW doesn’t evolve…it’ll will die!  DEDEDE and his team may not care about that.  They might care more about their own individual legacies, but I will do whatever it takes to make sure EAW survives.  If that means having to start a rebellion, if that means going to war, then so be it!  EAW will survive…EAW will have a future!  And DEDEDE…you are not in that future!    
Territorial Invasion Promo
No One Knows O’Hara

The luxury of walking into EAW an unknown name is having the ability to shock people. I never had that anticipation; I never had the eyes of the world looking at me, expecting me to perform at a stand they all talked up. The prints were never about how good Jamie O’Hara was…there were no prints at all...anything on the airwaves…nothing in the public domain…just silence. Pure, simple silence. No one knew me. I didn’t blow in from lands people here are familiar with; who knew about the UWF I arrived from? No one and I couldn't have had it any better.

I walked into this company with a backpack with my wrestling gear, sitting in the dark corners of the arena and keeping to myself. It allowed me to survey this place, to study everything about it. The culture, the men that stood between me and everything I wished to achieve. Ryan Savage stood out like a blinding light; the door was perfectly open and all he needed was someone to step up. It brings me back to being grateful that I was unknown. Every performance I put in between my debut with Lannister to my contendership against Collin Lightening was with the aim of capturing the attention and praise from everyone who watched. It worked…didn’t it? Suddenly I found myself being hailed as something special, as someone who will go on to great things.

And I hadn’t even captured the New Breed championship.

I’m doing all of this shit on my own…

Perhaps becoming New Breed champion has placed a world of expectation on my shoulders. Do people whisper behind me about where I should end up? What I should accomplish? I didn’t quite have the rise that most find themselves having. I could count the amount of it took to earn that title opportunity on a single hand. I sat awake the other night, the wind almost freezing my Sydney apartment, wondering if I had rushed my journey? The last thing I want to do is regress, no one wants to. That said, that challenge makes someone a worthy champion. It’s funny, I’ve handed out this challenge to the new fellas who have found their way here but have neglected the challenge that I have on my own hands. I won't rest on my laurels.

I’m always proud to look back on my past. To realise that once upon a time I was here, fighting my way up the ladder. None of this is foreign territory to me; it’s just a little hazy. Man…time has passed…where has it gone? The one thing that has always remained, challengers that were always a cut above and always on a level that forced me to step up. EAW is no different. Becoming New Breed champion has opened so many new doors and so many new opportunities. These matches and these opponents will do what those many years ago did; shape me into the main eventer I believe…I hope to become.

But those who I defeated leading up to Ryan Savage were at best elementary. However the rush, the surge of confidence and belief cannot be denied. Maybe it fueled my ego a bit more than I should have allowed it to. Maybe I should have been a little more reserved. My reality has changed week in and week out since. Understanding where I stand is perhaps more important than the championship itself. Ridiculous huh? The longer I find myself in the land of extreme, the more complex I find myself. Away from the ring and away from the spotlight I find myself more reserved, calm, collected. My ego takes a back seat to the characteristics that have gotten me to where I am. But the moment a challenger comes my way, the ego consumes everything. I sound ridiculous, I sound somewhat pathetic, desperate, deplorable. I look in the mirror and what do I see? The sort of person I strive to burn to the ground and eradicate.

I only keep the faith that at some point it will all pan out. I’ll become settled and have a clear path to remain on and continuing to prove each and every doubter wrong.

But maybe it would be nice for someone…just one to see me go from the boy I once was to the man I am now and quite possibly become the great I could be. A craving for true validity is something that can never truly be squashed. Sure, the day when I reach the highest rung there be those who remember the night I almost had my jaw shattered by Lannister and who have watched me scale the ladder to the top but it just doesn’t compare. No one followed my career, seen the hard work I put in the ring, the gym and the obstacles I’ve had to overcome. The constant changes just to thrive and remain somewhat of a chance of achieving some sense of greatness. I fear the legacy I leave in EAW won’t have much of a story. Just a bloke who blew in from lands unknown with a trade mastered not in this ring and carved by men unknown.

No one knows Richard Garcia. No one Knows Rick O’Shea.  No one knows Danny Stone. No one knows Dean James.

And despite everything I've accomplished thus far, no one knows Jamie O’Hara.


Patience. It’s not something that everyone can learn. Some just have so much desire that they’re incapable of remaining patient and waiting in the wings for their moment. It seems I find a reason to lose patience, whether it’s because I craved my New Breed title match so soon or for reasons like Territorial Invasion and seeing this title being defended well before the show begins. Given my unfortunate short time thus far, I questioned if Ryan Savage truly tore apart the New Breed title’s history and restored some ounce of credibility but now that it’s being defended not only against people whose credentials as contenders are questionable but the fact it’s place on the card shows his work was perhaps all for nothing. That the respect the title perhaps deserves just ain’t ever going to remain. Truth be told, I expected to simply inherent its values making my job as champion just, slightly just, easier. Of course, I don’t run from the challenge that has been set before me and I’ll follow through on the promises, the vision I have for this title and dare I say the future of EAW.

When I look at the names announced…the names that sit below me; when I look at the names hoping that they’ll walk away with the New Breed title, I wonder what the title means to them. I wonder if they see the title as something to be truly proud of; the title they believe will take them further in their career or do they see it as a reason for people to look at them? For most of these blokes, it’s their first opportunity to call themselves champion; for the others, a chance to ignite the flame their career needs. They all come into this match with their own form of momentum, their own aspirations and  I could sit here and rattle off on each and every one of them. I could conjure up every possible reason as to why I’ll overcome all of them with a specific fact each time but quite simply, it just ain’t my place…at least not yet. Some of these guys are the unknown, the unheard of.

The question is, who of you are weak and who of you are strong? When you’re left in the rubble of your title credentials and the ashes of every hope you ever had of leaving Territorial Invasion with the title fall to the fucking ground, will you realise the challenge that I have set for you or will you crawl on your knees and grasp every possible excuse to justify your failures? What intrigues me the most is the true character of each of you…Sure, some of you like to rip others limb from limb, some of you steer clear of weapons and the values EAW presents to be a pure wrestler but none of that is relevant when your hopes are dashed. I’ve seen it far too often; the young bloke, who walks in, believing he’s got the potential to go all the way, views the hard yards to get there as not hard at all and believes he can match everyone who is placed before him. You know what happens to these blokes? These competitors that come flying in? When they hit the wall and their reality comes crashing down, they run. It may not be immediate but in the end they run. Why? Because they refuse to buy into the belief that perhaps who they are and what they’re capable of doing isn’t enough; that for the first time they’re met with the realization that what they got just ain’t good enough. So, instead of dusting themselves off and pushing themselves so they can achieve their own sense of greatness, they become stubborn, delusional and pathetic…fall into the pit of irrelevancy and simple existence.

However, I’ve also seen the opposite. The men who have been beaten down and their reality crushed, they don’t make excuses, they learn from the beating they take and truly start working towards what they want to achieve. They realise that they’re short by that little bit and they reform their reality so that they can find themselves back into title contention. It’s not doubting yourself; it’s not accepting failure, its backing yourself and believing you can get to where you want to be if you’re capable of a little bit of change. Ultimately, that’s what defines a champion and that’s what makes you deserving of chasing after a title. It’s what separates the strong from the weak and each of you will be given that chance. A sad reality is that not every one of my caliber waltzes in on a weekly basis to fill this division with some hope of it being consistently competitive.

See, I’m not foolish. Despite disposing the likes Lochlan Rossdale and Collin Lightening quite easily at different times on Voltage, I’m not drawn into this false sense of security. I haven’t developed this idea that these two particular individuals are as tough as it will get; they’re not the expectation and the standard I will encounter. I’m bracing for a tough and challenging contest that will test my endurance and my overall ability as a champion but the confidence that has developed and the desire to remain champion quite simply overtakes; I have too much pride to see this match slip through my fingers.

I’m simply walking out of this battle royal the same way I’m walking in, as the New Breed champion with every hope and dream of going onwards to greater things still intact. It’s just that fucking inevitable. I’m sure none of you believe it, none of you like it and I’m sure each of you will throw out irrelevant shit in an attempt to prove you’re the one who will be the last one standing. I hope that when I throw each and every one of your arses over the top rope, you stretch each arm outwards trying to clutch to one of them and you realise how the effort to even compete in the first place was in vein.

I could sit here and drop enough hot air to fill enough balloons to lift the arena off its foundations and each word would just be another reason, another fact as to why I’m just simply better and why I’ll remain champion. I could wrap everything up with simply saying none of you are on my level of caliber; none of you are capable of matching me in the ring, on the mic, in…this…business. I could compare this match to so the battles I’ve encountered as a champion, I could perfectly describe every fucking detail that will lead to me remaining as champion. I could easily rattle them off but one of many things you learn as champion is knowing when less is more. In this situation, the New Breed battle royal only has one inevitable outcome and it involves me standing tall as your broken bodies are scattered around the ring. The New Breed title is safe for another month and is safe from the hands of another pretender. It will remain so until the day when someone like me, much like I did to Savage, finds their way into EAW and is so damn impressive they can’t be denied. Fun fact guys, I’m the champion for the foreseeable future and each of you are stepping into my world, my domain. In here, I wish you all the best of luck. No, I really do. It’s just unfortunate luck runs out quicker than normal.

Territorial Invasion, regardless of where this match is placed and regardless of how much people care about it, cements my future in EAW. I’ve been gifted a prime opportunity to level every possible challenger to my title in one simple blow. I never like to make my work personal, it’s always been simply business; it seems to make the loses my opponents experience just that little easier. But look at the scene that sits before me. Look at everything that I can possibly gain from defeating each of you. A battle royal that defines me as champion. To outlast each of you in a match that can go wrong so easily and where I could find myself sitting on my arse wondering what could have been. No, this is more than business, it means everything. This match isn’t the toughest of my career in EAW because of the opponents; it’s because of the risk and how easily it can all go wrong.

We all like to toss around the idea and the dream that we’re the best of our division. We all like to proclaim we’re “great and powerful” and nothing can stop us. Nothing can unnerve us. That we’re flawless beyond belief and find a handful of excuses to undermine others. But what right does anyone except for me have to do so? Here I stand as champion with the one thing that allows me to speak my mind in such a way. My class, my finesse, my damn bloody ability will be enough to see me as the last man standing. Nothing will change; I’ll still remain the fucking champion.  
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 13th 2014, 8:53 pm by Marco

If anything I can agree on is that there is a problem in this company, there is a disease that has yet to be cured but this disease has been here for a very, very long time and that disease is dependency. For some odd reason that it seems that guys in your generation of wrestlers Tyler and Alex Anderson is that both of you display how weak, pathetic and pitiful you men are which is probably why it took you all oh so long to get where you are right now. I don't see how you can even call yourself a man because it seems to me in your past all you were was just a pitiful little infant that needs someone to look up to that needs someone to hold you by the hand and embrace you and tell you yest Tyler, yes Alex that you will be future champions or future hall of famers. But when you grow up and have confidence within yourselves that you are able to stand up on your own two feet and walk and talk a big game you begin to think that I'm in the same league as the generation before me, I cold heartily BELIEVED in those words that I'm going to become one of the greats in this business but the thing that makes you regress into nothing more than a pitiful child is when you can't comprehend on what's going on around you know what Tyler, I say enough is enough. I'm tired of hearing the same lines that are hear from you and Alex Anderson for far too long because it seems you don't have a spine to do take actions into your own hands and do something about it. So on Showdown I'll do something about it for you and maybe, just maybe I will slap some sense into you so you can get what's going on here because to me you have grown too dependent on people from the past to build your own legacy. Let's face it Tyler all you doing right now is crying and bitching about injustices that may have happened but didn't have the power within himself to correct those "injustices" but hey it's easier to point the finger at the chairman right? This is why I find it so pitiful because you sound like an overgrown child that needs to be put in his place.

As for you Alex Anderson, what more can I say because to me you are like a little baby lion cub that one day wants to grow up to be the king of the jungle. But yet it seems that dream of being the best has became nothing more than a poison that is slowly eating away from you bit by bit. But if you want to talk about delivering bad news Alex, I have one for you buddy. No matter what you are doing from here on out you will always remain nothing more than a pawn to someone's plan. You can say that the one thing that you and your comrades share is this so called hatred for Ryan seems nothing more than a non existent excuse to pretend like you care on what's happening in this company. The only reason why any of you are teaming up with one another is if you all are successful in beating us, Zack Crash would probably give you all a better position in this company, compared to where you all are at right now. Just look at your partner Diamond Cage. For him signing up he is granted a title match if he wins. But what about you, or you Tyler? Are you guys deserving? Apparently not in Zack Crash's image, maybe to him you guys aren't even worthy to be on that level. But there is little know use to even let you guys see that since you two are dead set on being stuck on the past or trying to better yourself over one man's expense. So on Dynasty, both Ryan I are coming to win and that's it.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 13th 2014, 7:52 pm by Mstislav
Oh the matches I have had have been lackluster of late, and the one with Tyler didn’t go the way I wanted. But I am not here to talk about that, I am here because even after explanation people have taken the not shaking hands with Parker to the next level of beating a dead horse. I’ve said it time and time again, I don’t care about who I wrestle, I don’t care how I win. I do care about winning, and I care about being one step closer to bringing the corruption of this establishment down. Those are the only two points I care about, what about this do you people not fucking understand. You take the simple rejection of the handshake and make into something that wasn’t supposed to garner attention. Yet I’m not made about being the talk around the water cooler, I’m just made that you people actually thought I would shake the hands of a lower class citizen. But all bad things aside I have a match to look forward too, and it is against one man who I’ve utterly destroyed, and another who I have not faced yet, but relishes the unknown. And before I lash out against everyone in the match, I must caution you and everyone listening, that what I am going to say will not be abridged, it will not be short and sweet, in fact it will be the truth. It will be the only thing that separates fact from fiction, and I might as well start with the mystic, unknown man Sah’ta Thor.

Now from what I’ve seen you have a little mystic quality about you, you make your living off of fear, and intake the fact that your opponents are bat shit scared of you whether they admit it or not at the time. But those people, you and me know, are weak. They saw you as a man embodied by an entity, with your albino skin, and contact black eyes. But to me you are a man, just like anyone who’s stepped in the ring with me. Now what kind of man you are in the ring I don’t know. You could be skillful, you could be pitiful but all around you could be better than me. But I am not going to let that enter my mind and become my mind set as mind sets change every second of every hour. Thor, even you have fallen under the delusion that you are a supernatural being, calling yourself an angel or demon. It is just sad, a grown man playing Dungeons and Dragons in real life, and on national television. This doesn’t put fear in me, it puts pity. Thor you are strong, you are capable, but living the life of a lie is all the more wrong with you and if that isn’t enough to make you put that life behind you than you are in no need to compete with anyone let alone me. I’m not casting you aside and overlooking you, so don’t take it as that. No I’m looking at you, and analyzing everything about you. Your habits, your threats, and overall your mind set. You see that little foggy mess you have up there is nothing more than dementia at an early age, and it has made you see yourself as an entity when in reality you are a joke. And I should waste my breath against you any longer.

And now the man who has finally found his tongue from the metaphorical cat has finally spoken. And it is something as petty as my vocabulary skills, which I just have a simple retort to that. If you have a lengthy vocabulary then why not use it, a fine example is me as Chris Corrupt said, but I won’t go into details. Let’s talk about you Chris, Let’s talk about you. First of all congrats you beat Lucien, you beat someone bigger than you. Must feel great getting back on the horse of life and taking it by the reigns full force huh. I mean it’s been great for me, I mean I fought you and won, and then I fought some other shmuck and won, and then lo and behold Tyler beats me. Then we had the whole shaking hand incident. You see I get things come crashing down, but unlike you I didn’t learn that just recently, because if I did then I would be like you ecstatic at a win, ecstatic that I’ve finally gotten a stride going. But no, my stride is still going and a lose will not change that, no because unlike you, who sees a stride being easily derailed by a loss, I see a stride being derailed by the fact that I’ve hit rock bottom. And look at me I have hit rock bottom long ago and I’ve finally gotten to the surface. And I have been making damn sure that something as little as a loss is hitting me back down. In the end it all does come crashing down, but it is up to you to determine what make it crash down. And unlike you my esteem isn’t so low that a single loss isn’t that thing. So Mr. Corrupt you take your little in the end shit because to you in the end is something small and worthless, and something that will be forgotten. You are the biggest hypocrite to be talking about beliefs and principles, because let me quote as you said “I am corruption in its purest form” that is not a belief or principle in fact it is the very thing that breaks it down. And have you forgotten something Chris, but I have made it my duty to rid of corruption, so as it falls it is also my duty to get rid of you. Also as you may not have heard but the Prince for me is a title, as your King is just a moniker, a name given to you by you. And a corrupt person giving something to someone has little hold to today’s world. So to make this short and sweet, Dynasty is my kingdom, the ring my battlefield, and you and Sa’Tha Thor are the pawns in this corrupt industry, and I’ll bring it down one day or another, I swear to God.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 13th 2014, 7:31 pm by StarrStan
Moonlight Predator wrote:
And how did I exactly disrespect you during my match?

And how do you know that you hold more submission victories than anyone else in the company?

"Predator turns around and flips Starr Stan off!"
That's why you got hit in the head with a chair. No one cares that you used the moonsault. (no)

Also, it is impossible for anyone to have more submission victories than me, considering I've won the majority of my matches over the past 7+ years with the ankle lock. You said you know everything about me and you didn't know that? No wonder you were dumb enough to want to face me in a submission match.
My coronation is in exactly a week from today. When they write the history of my wealthiest reigns, they will say that it began at Territorial Invasion. Jacob Senn and all my other skeptics can try to challenge the idea of status quo all they want but the matter of fact is, that this isn’t like every other time. For the first time in a world championship affair that involves me, I stand on equal odds with the champion. Some may even be bold enough to say that I may hold the upper hand here. Well, whatever that case might be, one thing’s conspicuous: I am not the dark horse of this company anymore. The thing is though that I never had an issue being the dark horse of this company for the past few years and if anything, I use to thrive on that feeling. There was no better feeling than to be on the edge of your feet trying to calculate all these thoughts in your mind of how will I do it and what if I do it whilst still engaging in a lethal battle that for all you know might be your last battle. Not to mention that this country spasms over the idea of a dark horse doing anything of relevance so if you already didn’t have the pressure stagnating from your mind to your spines, now you also have to face the pressure of pleasing the crowd and see to it that they stay consoled. It was what it was and even if you didn’t come out with a victory, there’s no doubt that you put on one of the maximum performances of the year as attested by myself and Starrstan at Territorial Invasion. As I’ve self-confessed before, I have no problem being that guy again but the thing is that people seem to be dismaying away from that idea and actually noticing my name now. I am no longer the man that they wish to cheer for just for the mere reason that it would defy reason. I am no longer the man they wish to cheer for just for the mere reason that despite how hard I’m hit or how deep the shed of bleed I’m drowning in, I refuse to give up. I’m the man they choose to cheer because they realize that I am their rightful and justified champion.

I’ve made up my demons and the weight of the world just released from my shoulder.

You continually go on about how you have had to walk through the hell gates bare footed in this company to get to where you are, Jacob Senn. You think you were the exception, you think you were the only person that they chose to test and torture before actually realizing that you were worth something? You went through some rough patches and I wish I could commend you for that but the matter of fact is that you may have actually became the world champion of this company the informal way. What am I talking about? I can assure you that almost every single person that was on the list and was given a free pass aren’t world champions or anywhere close to it, if not already crashed out. I say this because I was one of those men who were on that list and given a free pass to lead this company until the next new breeds arrived. When you haven’t had to struggle and are given the leisure to guard a crate full of gold, how will you know what to do when you encounter an opponent? You don’t and I was one of those delusional kids three years ago when I crashed and burned out of this company. The rehab of being the man you were once hyped up to be or should have been is millenniums harder than the little things you had to go to. Once you crash and burn, your chance of making it back to the top are bare minimum to none and the road back up is ten times harder than anything you went through the first time. Your consistent struggle and bickering has led you to this point but ask me, what has got me to this point? Years, not months but years of catastrophes and rehab. It is three years later and even now, I’m barely standing at the same treasure point I was supposed to have already dug up. I won’t whine now that I’ve finally made it back up here and I’d kind of like to thank you for this opportunity as well Jacob Senn. You may continue to believe that you pulled a blackjack over me last week on Voltage when you paired me with my former mentor and teacher Starrstan in a pick your poison match. The thing is though that if anything, you did the actual opposite of what you intended to do. You helped me rekindle a friendship with one of my best mates here in this company that put me in one of the most brutal confrontations I have been in as of late and if it weren’t almost ironical enough, who also just happened to be the opponent who threw me down the ladder three years ago for this same title. He may have broken my ankle and I might not even be able to a climb a ladder all the way at Territorial Invasion but one thing I do know is that you helped me release the demons that haunted me for the past few years and that is something I can commend you on.

Speaking of demons, you have fun with your demon on Voltage?

Jacob Senn, I was made aware that your pick your poison match was made into an EAW Championship match. I had absolutely no knowledge of this and whether or not Jacob Senn or Y2Impact were the advocates of this but I don’t really understand what Jacob Senn has proved by defeating Matt Ryder and Dark Demon with the EAW Championship on the title. I could understand you trying to get some defends under your name before you lost your championship in under a month but that doesn’t make it any less humiliating. Are you trying to prove something to me, that you thrive on pressure or that your sixth instinct kicks in when you put your world title up on the line? Dark Demon is one of the most commendable extremists in this company’s history and a valid contender but I defeated him no less than just a month ago without any pure struggle. Matt Ryder has also been a commendable mate to this company for over five years now and also a good mate of mine but in no way is he even equipotential of myself. Those are two valid wins and I’m sure that those wins certified your idea of being the best world champion that this company has ever seen but those two are nothing compared to the externalized Devan Dubian that you will meet in a ladder match in just a few days. You will be put to a test by an embodied flea. The things about fleas are that they are small, fragile and seen as easy targets but the things that matter the most that people seem to forget that they are also fast and ebullient, literally. Out of everything you claim, I think the one thing that stands out to me the most is the idea that you believe that you can even stand toe to toe with me in a ladder match and I mean that literally. At what point in the match do you think I will not be flying off of the rope, ladder or the building ceiling and keep throwing you to the ground? I will manifest with every opportunity I receive to the point where you have more mat time than actual ladder time. You need to cross of this imprudent idea that resides in your had that this is like any other ladder match you’ve seen or participated in because I can assure you here and now that it is not. You will understand the true testament of why I chose the ladder over the many choices I could have picked from. Dark Demon may have not succeeded in getting a victory over you but rest assured, he did what he had to do and if anything: you gave him a reason to be exorbitant. Every little mistake you make is every larger step I take to becoming the next EAW Champion. Starrstan may have hurt my ankle but what Dark Demon did to your back is indisputably not recoverable from especially in the matter of a week. He’s the demon who makes you wish that you met the devil instead and whilst I am not fond of his ways, I will not deny that he has qualities that amaze everyone as he displayed when he crushed Jacob Senn last week on Voltage. However the demon you met on Friday and the phoenix you will meet next Saturday are two different exhibits and I can assure you that the level I am on right now cannot be contested by any on the current roster. Don’t feel down though Jacob Senn because do realize that you get the pleasure of being the first victim, the first sinner that I took down in my glorious and amazing reigns.
(The scene fades in on Corrupt smiling ear-to-ear.) 

Corrupt: What did I say Lucian? Do NOT underestimate me because if you do, you're likely to get an unpleasant surprise: a loss. A loss to a "loser" a man who can't get it done, loses a bunch of matches and is considered the biggest joke in EAW. Well guess what son? You got taught a lesson in a "Classic" way. NEVER take your eyes off a man who's got nothing to lose and will win by any means necessary. You went out swinging, hitting me with all your trademark moves but you still couldn't get the job done. The only job accomplished was you signing your death warrant because KD is going to make what he did to you on Dynasty look like nothing when he faces you at Territorial Invasion. I am glad you received an ass whomping, you needed it after clearly denying I had NO chance of winning, talking your big game and of course NOT being able to back it up at all. It felt good walking away a winner and shutting you down, because we all know corruption prevails and superheroes like yourselves wither and become ghosts - Legends of nothing. Everybody thought this was your night, that you had it in the bag. I went out there determined to set the record straight, I can hang with the "big boys" and show them just what I am capable of and it doesn't take rocket science to beat some chump like yourself. All you gotta do is know your environment, elements and think outside the box. Problem with you Lucian is you assumed before coming up with a plan. You forgot some pissed off beast was outside the ring ready to tear you limb from limb, but why I am surprised you would forget something like that? You're a complete moron who now has to live up to the fact that he got beat by someone considered a nobody. Well, maybe people should start thinking you're that nobody instead. Maybe people shouldn't invest in you because if you can't beat me, what can you do? My answer? Absolutely fuck all. I cannot wait to watch KD go out and school your ass in wrestling and ass kicking and put an end to this Superman bullshit. Superman's dead kid...he died a long time ago. 

Speaking of schooling...Aren Mstislav and Sah'Ta Thor...I am feeling kind of confident and cocky so I am going to take the approach of Lucian, which seems like a hypocritical thing to do, but unlike Lucian...I get shit done when my mind is in the right place. It's a three-way dance, something I've become familiar with in my time in EAW. It's all strategy and against you assclowns, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Now Aren, granted, you defeated me in a match, plain out won. You're the Russian Prince...but you see...I am a damn King. I am corruption in its purest form. I'll throw out the rulebook and just go by what's best and what I need to do in order to take you and Sah'Ta Thor out. I can either stand back and let you two idiots duke it out and pull some kind of genius move out of nowhere or I'll battle you both and let all this frustration and anger out. Yes, victory was mine on Dynasty, but there's still not enough respect or credit thrown my way. I'll need to set an example to you two just to show this wasn't a one-time thing, that I ain't a one-trick pony. All I know is this company is keeping down the ONE person that can make it better. Management are trying to pass me off, but we all know I can't be stopped, I won't be stopped, until power is overthrown and the right things are in place. It all comes down to the man with a plan and the plan for tomorrow night is not to only win, but start sending messages. Line em' up, show me what you all got and I'll come out fighting. Lucian, I want to thank you for opening my eyes and helping me see that I can tap my full potential. Aren and Sah'Ta...you two are in for a match you weren't prepared for, cannot prepare for and don't know how to face properly. Thor...I've defeated you in that ring and if you remember correctly, you're little friend? He bailed on you and I took the victory. Aren...you walk around using a big vocabulary and try to prove your worth in this company, but I'll forever view you as a  man wanting more than he can handle. Sure you've made HUGE strides...but in the end it all comes crashing down. Get used to that feeling boys...because at Dynasty...that's exactly how it will go. All your dreams, expectations and hopes will disappear once you've lost to yours truly. Everybody views me as a joke, so you'll be the punch-line for a while. Have I had a slow start? Yes. Have I lost strings of matches? Yes. Will it change? Of course it will. As long as you stand by principles and beliefs...anything is possible in this world. 

I am the Corrupt Revolution...I am the man to change things for the better. Bring me your best guys, because it's all I now know. Lucian tried to stop me and it didn't happen. He just couldn't get the job done. It's time to recognize real. I am the real thing whether people want to recognize it or not. I don't need approval, I just need acceptance. The acceptance of a revolution in EAW.

I've accepted it...now you two just have to do the same and everything will be okay. 

(Corrupt cracks a grin as the camera fades to black.)
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 13th 2014, 12:45 pm by Mr. DEDEDE
Aristotle told us why democracy doesn't work. It's because when there's a real problem, nobody cares. Nobody cares until it's too late. Until there's nothing that can be done. Everyone has an opinion when things have reached its breaking point, everyone's the expert when it all goes wrong. These words are from 354 BCE and in 2014 A.D. nothing's changed. Zack Crash wants to play politics to play revolutionary, Tyler Parker questions my passion and love for the business and Alex Anderson questions my legitimacy. People want to mount their high horses and point their accusing fingers at the guy who's been working his ass off for YEARS to make this company a better place! People have the nerve, the unmitigated gall to brandish me unworthy of my position when I've worked endlessly and wore as many hats as I could to keep this ship from hitting the proverbial iceberg, and to no surprise I'M THE CRIMINAL! I'M THE BAD GUY! 

But let me ask all of you something, what makes any of you better than me Huh?? Do you have that answer for me Tyler!? WHAT MAKES YOU ANY FUCKING BETTER THAN ME!? Trick question, easy answer; you're NOT. Crash, how about you? What makes you any better than me?? What do you have to show for huh? What makes you so goddamned anointed to the point you can come for my throne and be my usurper? When have you ever defended EAW's honor? Did you give even the slightest damn about when Scott was looking to ruin this company last year? Did you offer to join my team and fight for my cause? No, no Crash, you didn't. You were too busy defending that Championship I now hold in my possession. And not only do I run this company better than you ever could, I'm even a better World Champion than you too. But I'm sure that's a no brainer.. and how about you Alex Anderson? How about you? What makes YOUR judgment of how things go in this company any better than mine!? Don't even make me fucking laugh. This is a joke, this is a complete and utter joke, I swear this is too ridiculous to even be real. 

Let me tell you something Tyler Parker..... you don't ever open your mouth and judge me ever again. You don't want me to remind you of what we've truly been through. You can hype up our little rivalry, you can point out the highlights of the past and force-feed that ''One More Round'' movement all you like, I'll address that later, but you don't open that disrespectful mouth of yours and call my bluff. Like I wouldn't go to war to defend what I stake my reputation on!? Are you out of your mind?? You want to accuse me of becoming selfish!? I won't have Tyler Parker of all people get on his high horse and judge me and accuse me, I'll be damned. NO, I didn't ''become'' anything. I've always been self-centered, I've always been malicious and cunning and ruthless, and nothing about me has changed at all over these years other than the fact that I've decided to give back. But the man you meet in the middle of that ring and dared to put your hands on hasn't changed unless for the better, and you haven't changed either. You haven't strayed from being the bothersome garbage mans version of a transcendent star who's attached his hype train to my coattail time and time again and finds a way to disappoint me, time and time again. Every time I turn my head, it's Tyler Parker's pitiful fucking attitude ruining what he has going for him again. Every time I look the other way, Tyler Parker has to find someone to antagonize, Tyler cant cooperate on the SAME TEAM as Killswitch when our CAREERS, OUR JOBS, OUR LIVELIHOODS ARE READY TO BE WIPED OFF THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH SHOULD WE FAIL! Yeah, that's the man telling me how I've changed, how I don't love the business like I did before. And this whole crap about ''One More Round''.. do me a favor, end that bullshit once and for all. What was the fight? Where was the venue? Who were the contestants? There damn sure wasn't a first, or second, or third round between us--this has never been a battle between us, Tyler. You've never been a threat to me. You won one big match at Shock Value, you even managed to send me through the ring. Where did that get you? Did it usher you into the top 5? top 10? Are you even in the top 20? Did it make you that transcendent star? Did it get you movie appearances and talk show appearances? Are you now better than Mr. DEDEDE? Can you stand nose to nose to Mr. DEDEDE and be equals? No. You haven't been mainstream since you called yourself Mainstream a few years ago. This is no ''final round'',  we aren't in the same weight class, we don't hit the same gym bags, we don't fight the same battles. 

What this truly is and what I feel about you, you wouldn't understand. You couldn't, not until it happens to you... you wouldn't understand how its like to invest your stock into a guy and have him contradict everything you've told him to be true. Demon said it perfectly on Voltage, you don't understand what it's like to give everything you have to someone and willingly hand your legacy to them only to soil it. You don't know what its like to work so hard for a place that offers nothing back but contempt and hate! Nothing but wishes of your departure, nothing but fake pompous fucks who have years to go to be on your level telling you about yourself like they know you! Nothing you've been through pales in comparison to that, Tyler! Alright!? NOTHING! Oh but trust me.. I've got something for you. We may not be in the same worlds, but you've come a little too close to mine. You're not in Playland anymore, this is the big leagues. This is Extreme ANSWERS Wrestling for a reason, because unlike what you might expect I've had an answer for everything every opponent has ever dished out on me, and I have something nice to give you and the sniveling little gnat partner of yours on Dynasty, courtesy of the Savage Ryans.

Tyler Parker calls this ''One More Round'', but in Boxing there are weight classes for a reason. He isn't in my plane and the sniveling ''talk of the town'' Alex Anderson has no place in the same ring as me, breathing the same air as me, let alone competing in the same match. And this isn't just blatantly cutting you down AA, this is me putting it into perspective. You so boldly tell me straight up that I'm not a God when you don't have any idea what a God means. You couldn't possibly comprehend the magnitude of the words that leave my mouth, but let me tell you this once and only once.. If I tell you I am the source that heats the sky and allows all to live in this company, don't think I'll let your dis-sentient opinion stop me. You may be familiar with the being that supposedly gave all living things life and created the universe, but that being, that ''God'' doesn't apply here in EAW. In EAW, the only one who can be called God is he who has made good on every promise he's made. The only one who can be called God is he who transcends the upper echelon of the all time greats. The all-seeing eye belongs to the being that holds one spot on the pyramid alone, and that is at the absolute top. The ONLY one who can be called ''God'' is he who has power over everything in his realm. The only one who deserves to be called a God is the one who has made it possible for all. Does that sound familiar to you? Does this like anyone you know??? OF COURSE, THAT'S RIGHT, THAT WOULD BE ME! HOW UN-GODLY OF ME, MAYBE I WAS WRONG, MAYBE YOU DO KNOW WHAT A GOD IS BECAUSE YOU DESCRIBED ONE WHEN YOU DESCRIBED ME!

Gomor Oz Dabar
Beauty, Strength, Wisdom.
That is what I represent.
That's God.

Excellence, fear, destruction, creation, wisdom, design, calculation, execution. Thats God. These are things you can't learn from simply watching me on video tapes. I didn't have any fucking video tapes to sit in front of in 2007 to model myself after. I walked through the fog with no roads, no maps, no spotlights, no light tower and damn sure no sun in the sky to guide me and be my mentor, directly or indirectly. Don't get me wrong, It's good that you've scouted out the best, I know you well enough to know you're a student of the game, but the real test doesn't come behind a desk, it comes on the field. It comes living life, and a wise man once said nothing hits harder than life. You have every reason to despise me for what I did to you but inevitably you've made the choice to jump into the den with wolves, and you'd better know what the fuck to do out there my friend. You walk through the fog not AA, Tyler, you get to whether the storm the hard way. As Dark Demon learned, those who remain by me enjoy a comfortable stay at the top. You two may think you have such an advantage because you've been able to get people talking by joining Team Crash...... let me put it like this....... Once ago, an EAW Hall of Famer and former World Champion made it his mission to ''Edge God Out'', and after months on end of dominance the end result was his entire stable being demolished right before his eyes, only for him to suffer the same Job-like unfortunate twist of fate all by the hands of one entity. Now another former EAW champion has made it his mission to ''Edge God Out'', and after months on end of dominance he eventually meets a refined version of that same belligerent, destructive force and the end result will be his entire stable being demolished right before his eyes, only for him to suffer the same unfortunate twist of fate.

Here's the twist, it was no twist of fate.

It was destined. Zack Crash, like the Heart Break Boy, like so many others were destined to burn the moment they chose to set a path towards the sun. I always look like that cold, ruthless killer when the time to execute comes, but I never asked for this to happen.. and where does this leave you two? Do you really want to fall victim to the revolving door of history? Is that where you'd like to end up? Over what, silly emotions? Personal feelings? NO. this is no democracy, I don't spare those who oppose me. What you need to understand is that Mr. DEDEDE is no puppet-politician, I pull the strings. I DON'T MAKE THE POPULAR DECISION, I MAKE THE DECISIVE ONE. I AM THE MAKER OF RULES, AND THAT WOULDN'T CHANGE EVEN IF I SURRENDERED... AND IF YOU THINK I'M GOING TO SURRENDER YOU'RE FUCKING HIGH. I DONT RULE WITH THE OLIVE BRANCH, I RULE WITH AN IRON FIST, AND WHEN THE HAMMER COMES DOWN ANYONE STANDING UNDER IT GETS REDUCED TO ASHES. A WORD OF ADVICE BOYS, STAY THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY.

Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 13th 2014, 12:21 am by Guest
the show rolls on.
a mitchell ward rp.


Sunday Night Dynasty did not go Mitchell Ward’s way as he was the first eliminated in his debut in Extreme Answerz Wrestling. Ward has been hard to get a hold of this week and apparently left the arena quickly after his defeat. The elimination obviously did not live up to his standards and now the rumors are circling. A match up has been scheduled and Ward should compete this Sunday. However will EAW see Mitchell Ward again or has he taken his ball and ran? If he does return, where will his head be at following the opening night loss? All will be revealed this Sunday Night on Dynasty!

.::the show rolls on::.

Should I just leave? Was my debut loss demoralizing enough for me to not show up again in Extreme Answerz Wrestling? I know these questions have been hovering around and I am here to 
answer them.

Ladies and gentlemen my name is Mitchell Ward and I am here to stay.

You see the journey has only just begun. Were my shoulders on the mat for three seconds, there’s no denying it. It doesn’t amaze me how quickly people begin to judge as it has happened to me throughout my entire life. Week after week, show after show I would go out and give the fans what they wanted. I would give the fans everything I had no matter what the price and for what? How many times did I go home to my normal life, battered, sore and in pain AND FOR WHAT? You see I learnt a long time ago that the fans do not matter. Nothing matters in this business except for the peasants behind the curtain, for they are the decision makers. They choose who they want to succeed and they ruin others. A long time ago now I was ruined.

The same people that sell you show after show ruined me just like they are ruining the fans. The fans come to each show to watch a contest. They come to see so called wrestlers go to battle to decide who is the better man but is it ever fair? Many of you will say life’s not fair and I never truly understood that until I begun covering my face and hiding in the shadows. Only now do I sit back each week, surrounded by darkness and listen to things as quiet as a whisper. Once you take a step back and stop pressing you begin to understand how things work. For so long was I that young kid that wanted to everything I could to prove myself. I did everything asked of me and more but what did it gain me? You begin to understand that these same peasants behind the curtain that tell you you’re doing such a good job out there each and every week, are stabbing you in the back at the same time. If they don’t believe you’re the perfect guy, the role models then you simply do not make it.

This takes me to dynasty this past week. The curtain peasants of EAW seemed different. They told me I could do anything I wanted and anything would go. They told me they were different from all the others that had told me the same thing but I am smarter now. I am smart enough to see when I have been lied too. How did they lie to me you ask? Last Sunday was my debut night in Extreme Answerz Wrestling but you wouldn’t have known it. If you were listening throughout the week you wouldn’t have known it was a triple threat if you hadn’t seen the schedule. According to EAW there was only one mortal in the match noteworthy and his name is Tiberius Jones but of course you already know that. Throughout the week all I caught wind of was Tiberius Jones. The commentators on Sunday night seemed to know every little detail about Tiberius, even mentioning it was his debut match. Hmm, interesting that there were two of us having our first match but only one gets mentioned.

You see my followers; I was never going to win that match. Whether it is through the referees, a pact with our other opponent it doesn’t matter. I was not going to be allowed to win. When the system devotes all of its time to one “wrestler” he was never going to leave without victory. This is what I am talking about. This is what has driven me to where I am today. Too a place where I do not see the light of day. Too a place where I do not show my face on a public forum. I am confined to the darkness and I have accepted that but EAW is exactly the same. EAW lies and lies and lies to not only me but to its fanatics. I see through the lies now and I had accepted I was never going to leave victorious well before that bout. Victory is not my goal anymore and it has not been for some time. With my journey will come victories from time to time when the poison in the back decide it my turn.

There are far greater lessons to be learnt than simply winning. I have come to EAW to deliver that message and teach these “wrestlers” not to believe the spew. I am here to teach my disciples to find the cracks in a very unstable business and flaunt them. Only then can you truly enjoy what you do. Once you stop listening to the toxic waste from behind the curtain, only then can you reach your potential. Tiberius Jones’ time will come where he will realize that they may love you now but they will feed you to the buzzards as soon as something better comes across their plate. Once he is not the chosen one, he will wish he could take it all back and he will join my conquest. Yet I must not fail to mention Sunday Night. I will be back in the EAW arena and I will walk down to that ring once again. For last Sunday was a bump in the right direction on a journey that will not conclude quickly. Piece by piece I will right the wrongs of the suit wearing toxins in the back. Sunday Night it begins with A-Will.

Many people would say wrong place wrong time but it is certainly not the case for you A-Will. For you are in the right place at the right time as you will be the first to experience my teachings. I will guide you down the path to enlightenment, win, lose or draw. For the demented men in the back may decide for me or against me this week but again they will decide the result. I will simply commence your path to fulfilling your potential A-Will. I will help you break away from the shackles they hold over every “wrestler” in the locker room and I will guide you to the promise land. Oh my student A-Will for you will be. The first student of many and the first student of a new direction. Sunday Night it begins my friend and I will take you with me.

For now I leave you with this definition: dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power. That is the definition of corruption, something this company knows oh to well.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 12th 2014, 11:59 pm by Guest
I am really curious Starr, what point did you prove when you attacked me from behind after my match was over? Wait don’t tell me, I know the answer to that question. You proved that I am better than you: both mentally and physically; I know everything about you: every single wrestling move that you use and every single thing you think about doing. This is why I was able to simply roll out of the ring and dodge your signature finisher, DESPITE my lack of vision from the back and despite my head injury few moments earlier.

First time I talked to you this week I thought I made pretty clear what my thoughts are on my match against Vic Vendetta, but I guess I’ll have to repeat it one more time. I do NOT care that I lost a match against him because it proved the fact that I am a THREAT, among many other things, to you, and at the moment that’s all that matters. You say how you follow me around everywhere because we have a match against each other at Territorial Invasion. But the real question is, did you REALLY have to be there with me all the time? No, the only time you needed to make an appearance was two weeks ago when we were competing in a tag team match against each other. And how did I exactly disrespect you during my match? Did I batter one of this TI’s main eventers too fast for you? Oh ye right, now I remember. You were mad at me for stealing “your” move Moonsault when I have been using it my ENTIRE career, including the time when you weren’t even in EAW. Starr, do you seriously think you invented “Moonsault” wrestling move? Are you kidding me? There were dozens and I mean dozens of guys who already used the move in their matches before you ever got into EAW. Correct if I am wrong, but the fact that you called me out on this “disrespectable act” makes a stealer and a hypocrite.

I don’t usually agree with you Starr, but I do think you are right about one thing –my little tiny victory against you, which is part of 13-0, was meaningless. All you are is a pathetic excuse for a wrestle. You constantly bitch and whine about not championship matches when you lose title shot after title shot, match after a match. If I face somebody else next week and tell them I’ve beaten Starr Stan three times, they would look at me and laugh, and I wouldn’t even blame them or find it weird.

You call Canadian education system bad, how ironic – considering the fact that people ALL AROUND THE WORLD call USA the dumbest country in the world. As an American, you actually set a perfect example of a person who is really dumb. After cleanly losing two matches against me, you still decide to keep calling me every bad word in the dictionary, making yourself look worse in the process. Do you know what a smart person would have done in your situation? Suck my dick and write an entire novel on how Moonlight Predator is the best EAW extremist of all time.

If you’ve tapped to two people that means you are no the greatest submission specialist EAW has ever seen. And how do you know that you hold more submission victories than anyone else in the company? Have you like personally been keeping track of every submission match that’s happened for 7 years, and recorded the results on a piece of scrap paper? Dude please stop you are making me laugh. There is no chance in hell you are going to make me tap at Territorial Invasion when you can’t even keep me down on the floor for three seconds. On the other hand, I am not going to say I am going to make you tap either. I am just going to throw punch at you so heavy that it will send you into a coma that will your body will never wake up from.

I don’t know how “living in a free country” argument has anything to do that’s included in my first speech. I’ve never said straight out that you should NOT or cannot get your Hall of Fame championship shot match against Cameron. All I implied there was that the only real reason that you were able to get your match Territorial Invasion is because no other Hall of Famer had the guts to step up to the plate. I mean did you see anyone challenge Cameron for her title? No. Do you want to know why? It’s because they are fully aware of what they are going up against. They are going up against a person who’s been able to surpass every single wrestler from her division AND retire one of the greatest legends of all time. They are going up against a person for who impossible is nothing. They know that if they get a match against her, they’ll lose even if some sort of miracle does happen. Kendra, you claim that you’ve gotten your title shot on your return because you have more talents than me? Wow, so you’ve obviously main evented Pain for Pride less than eight months into your debut and be chosen as the captain of team EAW in less than a year? Oh wait that never happened, even though you have been in EAW for over two years and have had plenty of opportunities to take advantage of. The closest time you’ve came close to my accolades is when you eliminated Power and Scott Diamond at Grand Rampage. You even exaggerated that victory and said that you eliminated a man who killed EAW, when back in 2011 he was just a nobody who had no title to his name. That’s just sad. You even try to make me inferior saying how I fucked my first impression on you like you were ever going to admit that I am a great wrestler and a great competition. Tell you what, every single opponent has used that cheap phrase against me and yet that didn’t stop me from beating them and becoming the most outbreak star in history of EAW. But the funniest thing of all, your partner Starr Stan has seen your entire career and can’t even himself give a legitmate fact a reason that pproves what you say you are “the greatest vixen of all time”.

See you there boys and girls, don’t get caught up in a dream.
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Post on September 12th 2014, 11:49 pm by MTM
Something that has always amused me is when people who cannot seem to grasp a simple concept try to tell me that I am the clueless one. It truly does amaze me how one can be so self-centred that they only find it in themselves to brag about their previous accomplishments. Now, I'm not usually one to talk about such unrelated topics but since Alex Anderson feels it's his place to boast over title reigns from a year ago and how he very nearly became Hall of Fame champion. Speaking of which, did Alex not say he wasn't going to play the "should have-would have-could have game"? Yet for some reason he's now calling himself the uncrowned Hall of Fame Champion. Looks like someone's been talking shit again... but this little speech is taking a wrong turn. Alex, you wanted to talk about accomplishments, yes? How about something that didn't happen a year ago and is actually tied in to the situation we find ourselves in now. 

In Answers Wrestling Federation, May of 2014, I became Hardcore Champion by defeating Scott Oasis, Jacob Steele and Moonlight Predator. Say what you will about any of these guys, they put up a tough fight. Ultimately, I came out on top to become longest reigning Hardcore Champion, the REAL greatest victory of my career so far, defeating anyone that was put in my way. I defeated the likes of the AWF World Heavyweight Champion in Jaylon Amir and an absolute beast in Kain Diablos who actually put me through tables, the spotlight and even threw me off of the stage in the to the pyrotechnics. I came out on top. In a match with no disqualification I was able to hit one move on him to secure the victory. A beast, an animal, a terror to those around him, was defeated with a single manoeuvre. If that doesn't tell you just how easy it is for me to put someone away then I don't know what will. Or maybe you'd like something a little more obscure? How about March of this year at Reckless Wiring? Prior to my match against Ryan Savage, Aren Mstislav and Xavier Williams, I was injured. INJURED. Is that my fault? Is it my fault that I was attacked by Xavier (Mr. CITV, just in case you forgot) and forced to stay at home? No. I was seen as a threat and taken out before I could take what I wanted: the New Breed Championship. A shot that I had earned for going near undefeated on NEO was taken away from me. Had you any sense, you would understand that just because there aren't titles to my name doesn't mean that I'm not deserving of recognition. I've given you more than enough reason for why I'm not just another extremist but I must pose this question to you: If you truly only saw me as another extremist, why did you decide to align yourself with me? You could easily have chosen someone else to team with you yet you chose me. I've already given you adequate explanation as to why I found it in myself to associate with you yet you have kept quiet. If you truly do have the balls that you say you do, you'll give me a valid reason and not just some obnoxious statement about you trying to teach me. All that you ever taught me was how to look like an idiot and how to get an undeserved victory.

I want a real answer.

However, that's enough about what I've accomplished this year. I want to talk a little more about you, Alex, seeing as you're my opponent this week and that's what I'm supposed to do. If I didn't talk about you then what would be the use of me even being here talking? To big myself up and let my ego get to me? Definitely not. You're my opponent so I'm going to talk about you, as you have done me, even if it has just been to babble about fictitious assumptions. You assume that helping me beat Starr was the biggest victory of my career yet I look at it as nothing more than a blemish on what was otherwise an entertaining and tough fought match. What kind of accomplishment is being overshadowed by your partner in a match that he isn't even a part of? It isn't an accomplishment at all. Me beating Starr was what many would consider a fluke yet you still convince yourself that you've helped me more than you've hindered me. Secondly, you assumed that I would use bowing down to DEDEDE as a way to make myself look like a bigger man yet that is far from true. If you had done as DEDEDE said this match wouldn't even be happening. In fact, if you hadn't even opened your mouth we probably would have got an opportunity to actually prove ourselves instead of mocking the whole roster. You let common sense slip past you once more for the sake of the spotlight and had yourself degraded, disgraced and malnourished of any honour that you had left in you. I didn't want to see that happen to my tag team partner but I couldn't go out there; if I had tried to help you we'd both have become victims of even worse embarrassment and then we would have been fired on the spot. I don't want to be fired and I know deep down you really don't want to be either. You say that you don't care about what others think of you but if there's one thing you should care about it's your life. 

Whether you think I did or not I cared about my well-being and my tag team partner's... but we never really were partners, were we? 

It's not impossible that I let you being on Team Crash get to me and became irrational, stating how you weren't actually announced by Zack that you were on his team meant it wasn't official but I can admit my mistakes. I can admit I was wrong but one thing that has eluded me thus far is why you didn't deem it necessary to approach me prior to what happened two weeks ago. You didn't feel that you had to tell your one friend that you were going to be on Team Crash. We weren't a REALLY GOOD TAG TEAM, we weren't even a team. The two of us were singles wrestlers looking to use each other to further our careers and to an extent, we have. You're risking your career in the main event of Territorial Invasion while I'm getting a shot at the New Breed title, a championship I almost had the chance to capture at Reckless Wiring. We have opportunities and I intend to pull mine from Jamie O'Hara with both hands, giving the New Breed championship a new place to call home. I look at the TI main event and honestly, I don't care which team wins. All I know is that the odds are against you and DEDEDE's team has the edge against you. There's a strong chance that you're going to lose your job next week and I want to be the first to say that I won't miss you at all. I won't miss your self-righteousness, your ego or your nonsensical dialogues. You've been nothing more than a blemish on my career and I'll be more than happy once I'm rid of you once and for all. I will ecstatic when I get my hands on you and, boy, I sure hope that DEDEDE's doesn't mind when his toys have been broken because he might be facing an Alex Anderson who's missing a few limbs on Dynasty.

Now before I finish up, I just have a few more things to say to you. Let's start with this pathetic idea you have that DEDEDE's interference in your match was at all to do with saving Crimson Mask from losing. Don't act like you had control of the match when DEDEDE came in and speared you. Crimson Mask was stealing the show with the amount of times he countered one of your moves. DEDEDE saw an opportunity to get his revenge on you and he took it. After what you did to him, he had every right to get involved. I'm not going to stand here and say that you were definitely going to lose because here in EAW, anything can happen; that's been made clear enough times for me not to forget but DEDEDE didn't care about who won. He was more concerned about sending a message to you and the rest of Team Crash for what you did. That spear and that Crimson Kill on the chair was an action that spoke a million words that can easily be summed up in to one: vengeance. So yes, you are the illogical one, Alex. Crimson Mask must have kicked you in the head pretty hard for you not to remember what DEDEDE SCREAMED in to your ear before you were taken out with the Crimson Kill on that chair. There's more to what DEDEDE did than just attacking you for the sake of his team. He was giving what you deserved, remember that.

Then again... if Crimson Mask's victory over you wasn't, as you say, "deserved" then how could he possibly have outshone me? By beating two rookies and Scott Oasis in a fatal four way? It just doesn't add up at all. This is the bullshit that I'm talking about. You don't fool anyone, least of all intimidate them.

Next time, when you want to make excuses over you not getting the victory or saying that I'm being outshone by a rookie, at least have a valid argument.

Speaking of victories... my victories in EAW haven't been against the greatest extremists of all time but when I spoke of the people I had beat, I acknowledged that despite all their efforts, they would never amount to anything. I made sure to tell you that they were nothing but a layer on the surface of EAW yet still you tried to use that against me because of your apparent selective hearing. You tried to make out that I didn't know that Jacob Steele and JASON SKILLED, not Scott Oasis, were nothing despite me being the one to bring that up in the first place. There is such a thing as a ladder and those were the men that I had to defeat to climb further up that ladder to defeat more prestigious opponents. While I may not have defeated a former world champion in EAW, I have started to prove that I'm worthy of some kind of respect but after three years of you striving to be the best, where's your world championship? This may be going slightly off-topic but it's come to my attention that while you big yourself up and big yourself up with these victories against former champions, you've yet to win a world title yourself. I tell you now that there is a reason for that: Despite all of your opportunities at Cash in The Vault, number one contenders matches and so on, you've fallen short at the last hurdle every single time. You've beaten the likes of Y2Impact and Dark Demon which is impressive but you're in the same place you were before you beat them and the same place you deserve to be. You're lost in the shuffle like everyone else, despite you getting opportunity after opportunity to prove that you can be a main eventer.

I refuse to take the same route that you have. 




...There may not be a Mr. DEDEDE, a Crimson Mask, a Johnny Ventura, a Ryan Savage or even a Dark Demon to stop you from defeating me but there is one man who I assure you will.

That man is me. 

You won't defeat me. You won't escape that cage. You won't pin me... I am going to obliterate your chances at becoming the shining star that you want to be.

I tell you now that when I see the chance, I still won't be escaping that cage. I will stand and continue to fight like someone with real balls would. You see, what I am going to do to you is going to be much worse than any ordinary steel cage match. You are going to feel pain and suffering like no man ever before you. I am going to crush not only your body, but your very soul when I leave you paralyzed, turned in to pure gold by the man with the Midas Touch.

I hope the people watching enjoy tragedies because you will not be tested; a test implies that you have a chance at winning.

You will be VANQUISHED.

EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)

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