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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.


trump 4 president

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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 23rd 2016, 10:37 pm by The Mexican Samurai
Reasonable Doubt #1

~The Following is a Sexual Samurai productions and it is not intended for all audiences.~ 

Remember when TLA use to make funny, derivative sexual jokes and puns that would make everyone laugh? I hear that there is a hit movie out now called, Deadpool, and maybe you can be so edgy as to rewrite the script using mock names of fellow Elitist for your own personal porn parody. I actually use to like that TLA because you were pretty hilarious, but I take a look at you now, and I've become somewhat disappointed by the man who put a mask on his head. I get it, vato. You are from the streets of Mexico and you are one bad ass "cholo", but I don't see you wearing a scarf that covers your eyes, the checkered shirt with only one button attached at the top, the khakis shorts that goes down to your ankles. Who am I to judge anyways, it's not like I'm very Mexican myself.  I'm half-Japanese and a very loose Mexican at best with the ability to only speak English, but California has so many goddamn Mexicans that they might as well name this place, New Tijuana. I'm like Piff Fumador without the ongoing joke, but TLA isn't hood, nor is he some kind of hombre that is going to intimidate me by speaking Spanish... as if I haven't heard native Spanish speakers talking shit behind my back before. 
I'm here to announce why illegal Mexicans are bad for this country, for once, I agree with something that Mr. Trump is saying. I was born in the United States of America, even though both of my parents were foreigners and I grew up under the banner of fifty stars; getting an education in the good ol' US of A. These illegals keep doing the one thing that has been a detriment to most Americans over the last twenty years and will soon be the end of America's freedom and patronage. Taking jobs? Hell no! I don't give a fuck if TLA has a job here in Elite Answers Wrestling because I believe in equality. I'm clearly talking about the fact that this Mexican illegally stole my title shot from me and is now wearing the title that should be around my waist. My friends and I have taken this to the streets … the digital streets of Facebook and with our Samsung Galaxy 7s (which is something that a poor, urban hoodrat like TLA could never afford with his prepaid Boost mobile flip phone) have created a link to our petition so that President Obama can fix this mistake and make sure that I rightfully get the title that should be around my waist right now! 

Sign the petition:  http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/tla-should-have-his-title-removed-and-given-to  

Once again, no one is giving me a chance in this upcoming match because I'm in the supposed EAW doghouse with those in charge of Showdown. Somehow, I'm the bad guy but you have a couple of dumbasses that go around showing off their penises to the Vixen's and somehow I was still wrong in the situation because I wanted to speak my mind? Sure, they got fired but I'm still getting shit treatment from the captives that hold down my contract and all this publicity from [name redacted] and [name redacted] has taken away from all the attention I've been given within the last week. I'm the Millennial Messiah, I'm the person that should be in all the headlines in EAW and those two fucktards have taken away the focus of the single greatest competitor that has ever stepped foot inside an EAW arena. It simply doesn't matter how long TLA has been wrestling on Dynasty because the moment that he stepped into Showdown, all of his previous career was brought to zilch, nada, zero. This was a man who LOST his first match on Showdown and the only reason why he was even able to defeat Cameron Ella Eva was because I had softened her up enough the week before that she could barely fight the next week. You won the Interwire title from the ghost of Cameron Ella Eva and the fact that you parade that around like Mexico won the World Cup, makes me absolutely sick to my stomach... I even went and unliked every one of your pictures on Instagram and I know how much that is going to hurt you on the inside. You deserve it because you fucked with the wrong Messiah, el pedo!  

I'm sure that this has been a dream match ever since I started making waves in this company, because I've heard clamorings of the possibility of Samurai facing TLA for the New Breed Title when I was first making my way through the undercard. The fans seem to have this misunderstanding that we both represent the Mexican people, as if I give a damn about any single Mexican because I happen to have half their blood? That's the half that I secretly resent because I absolutely love the deep sense of honor and respect that the Japanese culture invokes but Mexico is nothing but a hotbed of heaping trash. Have you been to San Jose, Mexico? It smells like shit because people literally take dumps on the sidewalk, and you have to fear for your life every night if you are just a little famous because the Mexican Drug Cartel might take you hostage and hold you for ransom. FUCK THAT! Get me away from that hellhole as fast as possible, and place me into the sunny, tech leading, San Jose, California. Home of sushi burritos, Asian and Latina chicks, and one of the greatest economies in North America... my home.  

Which reminds me, this event takes place in Dublin where I absolutely spanked there homeboy Dark Demon all over an MMA cage. Through all the shit-talking and family beatings... I have a little secret to tell... I might have just held onto that choke for just a little longer than usual because I was absolutely giddy as I heard Demon's life wheeze out of his mouth. I should have teabagged him while he was on the ground but I thought I was doing the noble thing by accepting the victory. I'm sure that I'm not going to get the best response when I compete in Ireland because the whole nation is still salty that I conquered their hero, and they have to admit that I'm the best. I'm not going to let them effect me and when I win this Interwire title at Road to Redemption then EAW better get Roger Goodell to fine me and Ireland needs to get ready for the biggest post-party celebration in the ring that can possibly be imagined. I'm going thrust my pelvis so hard that all the bitches in the first two rows are going to get pregnant.  

I've changed, but doesn't everyone when they have their back against the wall? I care about winning the title but I no longer care about doing it in a noble or honorable way, and I can especially care less about the customs of which we must follow in this corrupt organization. Once again, I'm going to do things my way because it's the only way I've been able to overcome all the bullshit that has been thrown at me week after week after goddamn week. TLA is probably going to get every advantage that he can possibly get in order to make sure that I never win a title here in EAW; a thinly veiled attempt at affirmative action and being a good little Mexican puppet for the masses. God forbid, I win that title because things will no longer be the same here in EAW, and as my little army of Millennials continue to build up; people sick and tired of being held down here in EAW, you'll see the ramifications of fucking with me.  

So...TLA?  Are you going to get that little amusing parody going, because that's all you are. A parody of a champion.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 23rd 2016, 8:46 pm by Kevin Devastation
And lets take a bit of a stroll shall we?

Just a small one down memory lane if you don't mind.

Just a glimpse into why this is what it is today, Ok?

ROLL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*The camera cuts to a small bar scene, somewhere on a tropical island. We see Kevin Devastation sitting there enjoying a mojito enjoying the retired life, not a damn worry in the world. He sips his drink and enjoys the view of the many lovely women in and out of the water, and he just kicks back and keeps tanning. All of a sudden a waitress approaches him and hands him a phone saying he had a very important call, he lowers his shades and looks at her, then just chuckles and takes the call and well...few days later we have Big Kev getting off a plane the Showdown after King Of Elite...and here is where our real story begins.*

Well well well...The lime light has missed me, the lime light has suffered without a real seven foot God of a man to stand in it and bask in all this attention. I mean sure you have midgets like Brian Daniels, washed up legends like Ryan Adams still around...Hell at this point id say you were about to push Clark Duncan...But I think hes got five to ten more years to get that push, bad move kid...bad move. But hey look on the bright side folks, look on the bright side of all of this...VIC VENDETTA IS ABOUT TO BECOME THE ELITE ANSWERS CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! And hes gonna send the resident Red Skull back to the Marvel Universe and off of Showdown where he belongs. Burned face and sense of entitlement and all of that, back to the time of hailing for you Lannister. By the way, where is Lannister? I haven't heard from him in a very long time. IS HE SCARED?!?!? Is the King scared of a little fight from the new God of EAW, Vic Vendetta? Come come now Lannister, you are a mighty lion...A mighty lion that my client....no my prodigy...no no no...a man who is like a SON to me, a true son more so than my own flesh and blood. Vic Vendetta is a villain after my own heart, a ruthless business man and a cut throat inside the ring. Something a man with your honor will never understand you silent burned fool. WHEN IT IS EAT OR BE EATEN YOU STILL STAND BY WORDS OF HONOR. Well, at least you can stand by that instead of your wife when shes having her neck broken by another man. Guess till death do us part really means you'll let her die just to step away from the common whore instead of throwing her back to the corner to get a better man...WITH AN ACTUAL PAIR OF NUTS TO FIGHT INSTEAD OF JUST WATCH. But then again, you are the kind to watch aren't you Lannister, you watched your stable get destroyed in  front of your eyes on your watch. You watched that, just like you watched as Athena, which is dumb name for a dumb broad, get her neck snapped when Vic Vendetta gave the slut her Final Atonement on Showdown. Just like you are gonna watch this from where ever you have been hiding, and being silent while you are hiding by the way, and you will sit and stew on it, think of a reply, say something about my career, about Vics career, hell maybe you just wanna insult his mother. But none of it matters Lannister, none of it. And you wanna know why, because you will be watching and not doing, not as a champion should anyway. And hell when its all said and done you will have watched your World Title reign, your ONLY title reign fall under your watch...not because I am a better man, not because Vic is a better man, we are but that's not my point. But because your WHOLE career, every single minute of it all you have done nothing but watch, unless its Ares Vendetta...THEN you started to be a do'er, and now as far as I am concerned Lannister you have used up all that fire you had, you know against Ares and finally on your face. A year long journey to King Of Elite from last year to this, you waited and showed everybody that you can watch chance after chance to do something to become champion, to reign as you say over the kingdom. But hell Lannister, even I know that you waited to long and let everything break you down before you acted. Sure you won at King Of Elite. But its sad that one month after its all gonna fall apart because instead of acting...you just like to watch. So keep watching Lannister, keep watching as Vic Vendetta raises "your" title over his head and just like Hercules killed the Nemean Lion, Vic Vendetta will choke the life out of your pathetic lungs before he takes the lifeline of your "reign" and kills it. Now that, that'll be worth the money for the pay per view so we can be Lannister...and just watch the outcome.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 23rd 2016, 5:28 pm by Bhris Elite

It is crazy how quick things change isn't it Thomas? Just a number of weeks ago I was in Iconomy going straight to no where with my career.  Now look at me I have my first FPV match in months against none other then you Thomas.  Thomas I'm sure you are aware of the term "Karma is a bitch" or even "What goes around comes around".  I mean you should be aware of those anyway.  Now like you said you are now in the shoes of Xavier Williams and as much as it sickens me to say this, as much as it hurts to say this.  I am in the shoes of Thomas Minns.  Thomas what I did was no mistake or an accident I explained to you that it was supposed to happen.  I knew exactly what the hell I was doing out there and there's never a thought in my head that regrets it.  Thomas have you ever thought maybe it is you're fault for what I did? You should of been on you're toes after what you did to Xavier.  You out of everyone should of been aware anything could happen anywhere.  Thomas it could of been anyone to be honest but you were just the one in you're hometown in Seattle.  You were the one begging for an opportunity and you were the one who laid down for doing such.  You were the one I made an example of.   Another thing Thomas please don't speak on me like I didn't know there wouldn't be "Consequences" for doing what I did.  I knew there would be hell to pay, I knew you would come back for revenge and that's exactly why I did it.  What I did to you did benefit me and it was no error.  It was actually one of the smartest decisions I've made in my career.  

Thomas maybe you don't realize due to how blind you are because of you're arrogance but maybe I am at the same level at Thomas Minns matter of fact maybe I'm at a higher level.  Now I know as crazy as it may sound it just might be true.  Maybe this predator knew exactly what he was doing when attacking you and you just happen to be the weaker prey.  Thomas at the time and even now  you are the wounded and you are the weak.  Thomas as much as you want to ignore it that loss you took against Xavier at KOE does sting.  Know what else probably stings? The fact he has a chance of a lifetime and you are forced to watch.  See Thomas when I attacked you that was the weakest you've been.   You were pretty much begging and pleading for a opportunity to get a title shot.  I mean not only that but you were doing it in you're OWN hometown.  I can only imagine being a "Fan" of Thomas Minns and having to witness you look like a child at a Toy Store who can't get what he wants so he begs and cries until someone hears his sorrows.  That person just happened to be me and Big Mike.  We heard you're whining and begging and knew if no one else was going to punish you for it we would have to be the ones.  Thomas I helped you out if you really think about it.  If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have a match at Reasonable Doubt that or you would be in that Pre-Show battle royal.  Just imagine the pain you'd have you would probably still whine and complain about that and tell everyone how you deserve so much more.   Thomas maybe to everyone else that moment of me attacking you will be forgotten quickly however it won't be a memory you can just blow past.  You will have to live with that forever.  A nightmare that will haunt you until you are able to do something about it.

Now of course in you're head that probably just means that the nightmare can just end this Saturday.  However you couldn't be anymore naive you couldn't be anymore stupid.  Me being in the shoes of Thomas Minns just continues when I defeat you at RD just like you defeated Xavier Williams at The Super show.   Thomas I'm aware of who you think I should of attacked because you said it about 10 times already.  Me attacking them wouldn't have done anything for me though.  That's what I did on Dynasty attack and destroy the weak.  I needed a fresh start on Showdown and yes while still attacking the weak.  You aren't even close to being as weak as the people who I should of attacked.  Thomas maybe you keep repeating yourself because you really mean it.  You wish to the same shooting star again and again that it wasn't you who I attacked. You wish it was someone else in their hometown.  You wish it was someone else whining and begging and not you doing it.  However it just happened to be you.  Thomas I don't think you should be talking about how our resumes look.  I know everyone in Iconomy expect JJ moved on and have done better then I have.  However you really can't say much can you? Look at where Xavier Williams is then look where you are.  He's in  the Main Event competing for a title while you're stuck facing me.  Now I know this is just making me look dumb and weak even though I'm far from that.  I'm just going by you're logic of things.   Thomas I'm not the one who feels neglected you are the one neglected.  You've felt neglected after not getting a title shot you "Deserve" and watching Xavier run off and do better things.  You feel neglected even now.  I'm the one trending not you! I'm the one who's getting all these interviews on all the biggest talk shows about WHY  I did what I did to you.  You hate it because this used to be you in my shoes.  You hate it because you are no longer the trending topic you hate it because you are the one everyone has forgotten about not me.  Thomas to answer you're question you are the perfect enemy I wanted to make.  You are just LIKE ME!  I know you hate to hear that it's probably pain to you're ears but it's true.   We are just alike when it comes to the things we say and things we do.  We are as both as cocky as we can be.  We are arrogant to a whole new level.  People can't tell us anything we don't want to hear about ourselves no matter what in our eyes we are always doing right.  Now while that remains a fact for me it's false for you.  Everything people do or say about you hurts you and you know it's true.  Thomas Minns now isn't the same Thomas Minns we are used to.  Now you may not believe it now but give it sometime just wait until Reasonable Doubt just wait until the referee raises my hand as the winner and you lay down looking up at me.  It would be like looking in the mirror of what you did to Xavier Williams only thing is I won't make the same mistake you did.  If we do get another match after RD after I'm done defeating you I'll make sure to do it again.  After defeating you you'll be the only Elitist Sleepless in Seattle.  Just like you are now tossing and turning in bed because you are no longer the one who matters and it's me...  
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 23rd 2016, 1:48 pm by LVCIAN
I thought you knew me better than that, Cyclone. I'm not the type of person to avoid obstacles or challenges. I didn't say the things I said to make sure you left again, to make sure my road to success became less bumpy. I said the things I said because they were the truth. I know how big of an obstacle you embody, I know you will dish out a legitimate challenge to me this Friday. Beating you won't be easy, but that's what makes this interesting and fun. Overcoming hardships and tribulations make us stronger. So tell me, why would I want to stay away from something that will make me stronger? You want to know why I represent Dynasty despite all my failures, Cyclone? Because I was here for the EAW universe and this company when it needed me the most. That night Dynasty met it's demise I was screwed. If it wasn't for Zack Crash's boyfriends -- You know what? I don't regret anything that has happened to me throughout the years, Cyclone. I really don't. Because everything I have been through has made me stronger, a better man. You have no right to judge me. You have no right to even talk about things you weren't here for.  Maybe I failed Dynasty. But you failed the entire land of elite when you abandoned it in it's darkest days. During the tempest you were nowhere to be found. I was here, despite the fact I failed Dynasty and had everyone calling me a failure I stuck around and I rectified my mistake. I destroyed the Zack Crash regime and saved this company from perpetual damnation. I know damn well how this company was built. I won't look down on my comrades when I ultimately make it to the top, I won't diminish their efforts because I know most of them have busted their ass for this company. I'll never look down on someone who truly works hard, someone who is loyal to this place. You keep making futile attempts at taking my pride, you constantly fail to insult me.  What you don't know is my pride is unbreakable, I always keep my head up regardless what happens, regardless what my opponents say or do against me. Maybe this place will never be free of corruption but as long as my heart is still beating I will fight to change that. You won't kill my dreams and visions of a better EAW.

What made you think I admitted defeat? I didn't exhibit any signs of exhaustion. But you did. I can feel you starting to give out. I can feel you slowly but effectively beginning to surrender. You may have won the battle several years ago but I will win the war! I could care less if the historic moments I became the protagonist of are remembered or not. As long as I KNOW what I did, as long as I KNOW how I did everything I could to ensure those moments took shape I will always be satisfied. I couldn't neutralize Zack Crash's nature, you're right. However, I SUCCESSFULLY neutralized the odds of him ever finding success in his miserable life again. I destroyed him physically and emotionally and now he is but a shell of his former self. You lost this, Cyclone. You are unable to come to terms with that fact but deep down within you know I got this. That's why you continually but ineffectively insult me. Because you know I will emerge victorious from our combat. You think I am a kid, you say I remind you of who you used to be... That's funny. You remind me of the cockroach I exterminated at Rising Tide. He thought he was omnipotent, an indestructible god. And look what happened. This is as far as you're getting, Cyclone. You won't end me I will end you and your story. It's my time, my time to shine, my time to prove that everything I have been professing about all the elitist from my generation and myself is true and more. Game over, Cyclone. I win, you lose.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 23rd 2016, 11:02 am by Cailin Dillon

Reasonable Doubt #1
It’s great how things just come full circle sometimes. Let’s look back shall we? Back to the now tremendous month of July. That’s when this company changed forever. That’s when it all changed for the better. When I came to EAW headquarters to sign my contract, there was another girl there. They told me she was on the verge of signing, too. Her name: Eris LeCava. We met then, and it was quick, but you could sense her inner fire and drive. There was something just a bit off with her, but it wasn’t as if you would just discount her. She sounded like she could be talented enough to do whatever she wanted to. So sure enough, we got a chance to fight just a month later. That was a really interesting experience. Here were two rookies going head to head and creating so much attention with their match that it got moved up. We were told we would be main eventing. Imagine that feeling. We had barely been here for a month and already they were throwing us a huge opportunity. If you don’t know the history there, the match didn’t get a chance to live up to the hype we created. Chuck Scene came out and wrecked us both. I remember we developed a sort of friendship there, and if not that, a deep respect for each other. If something like that were to happen again, we had each other’s backs. I remember telling her  would support her ring side if she wanted when she faced Chuck. She turned it down, and I understood. She wanted to do it on her own. That’s when I started to believe she was a real individual.
Flash forward to that Empress of Elite tournament and out girl Eris is just on absolute fire. I mean she was bashing in skulls in that tournament and we got that chance to fight again. Although this time she was different. After I mentioned how great it was to be fighting someone I’d gotten to know and respect so much, she flipped the script and went a little bit crazy on me. She made it clear we weren’t friends and that she didn’t respect me. It’s funny that back then, even when she wasn’t respecting me, she still saw me as a threat to what she was doing. Here she was trying to make this perfect run through that tournament, but she knew I could be one that would threaten it. So we jumped right back into that same heat we had before. We went right back at each other’s throats and this time we got to battle it out to the end. It was quite a match, and you managed to pull it out in the end. And when it finished, I was the only one who was standing in your corner. I know that doesn’t mean much to you, but I wanted you to keep up that success. I wanted you to beat Tarah, but then Maddie did. And when you got your shot, I was standing backstage losing my mind and hoping you could pull it off. And you did. It was so crazy seeing you lift that title above your head while the crowd roared. They wanted to see you as champ almost as much as I did. And you looked like you were going to turn over some new leaf or something, it was hard to tell. You were walking around talking about being the role model of the division, and helping it clean up its act. You hated seeing some of the trashy attitudes and bad personalities that were clouding it up. I thought you were honestly running around like some lone ranger vigilante champion. But then it all changed.
The allure of power or something, it was too much for you. And the person who preached to me that this place isn’t about making friends, she made herself a few friends. It was you that told me I was barking up the wrong tree if I wanted to have good friends here and didn’t just treat everyone like an opponent. You made it seem like a waste of time to have respect for anyone. But then you joined Hexa-gun and became best friends with Heart Break Gal. If you think about it, it was really quite a convenient addition for that group. They got to have another champion join their fray, and a real gal pal for Claudia to hang her hat on. But for me, it’s the hypocritical nature you operated by that really caught my attention. It’s not like I’m standing over here throwing a fit and stomping my foot. “Why will you be her friend, but not mine.” No, that’s more of a vintage Eris tantrum. But it just surprised me that someone who thought she could stand on her own so quickly changed her mind and thought she needed to join a team.
But I will celebrate your return to ring action at Reasonable Doubt with a party of my own. You see you’ve decided that since I have to fight different people than you that my life is just easy and that I’m suddenly worthless. Someone who used to build me up as a real threat put on this mask so she could talk down on me and pretend I’m just absolute shit. You know this isn’t true. I believe you are more than worthy of being the Vixens champ and you deserve everything you’ve received to this point. You’ve fought hard and you have been rewarded for it. But so have I, and that’s why I have the Specialists title. To be honest, it doesn’t matter what you think of this title. You question the value of our match, but what happens when I win and I’m holding two belts? You might hold the title with more history and legacy, but I’m building this from scratch, and that isn’t easy. If you honestly think I’m so stupid that I don’t realize your title is the top Vixen prize, then you’ve lost touch with who you’re fighting here. You’ve let all the wrong parts of HBG rub off on you. Or maybe you two consider those to be the right parts, but that’s your own very personal business. You are a deserving champion, but to make me sound like shit because I have had to defend this title so often is just a delusional train of thought. I’ve won all these matches. I’m a fighting champion, and there’s not a thing wrong with that. Because I love this business and I love being in the ring and I bleed and sweat for these accomplishments. Having to defend this title so often is a challenge, and I don’t back down from challenges. This match is EAW taking it’s top two Vixens, who just happen to be its champions, and letting them go at each other. For some reason you don’t see the fun in that. And you talk about me not being able to have feuds because it’s defended so often. Tell me about the feud you’ve had while you were on vacation? Tell me about the long feud you had with Cloud leading up to your last title defense. Let’s not get into storytelling here, because that one clearly isn’t on either of us. When I say you have taken all the bad parts of HBG, here’s where it takes the cake. You have become so obsessed with your own self-importance that you’re now attempting to degrade me completely to put yourself over. You don’t have to prove anything… so you just don’t think there’s ever a need to defend your title? You tried to make it seem like you played such a role in this match happening, but it was outlined to me far before you ever bothered yourself to come back from your little vacation. This match is happening because I worked for it and I earned this opportunity. You can continue to paint this picture that I’m this trash wrestler who can’t even amount to your faux greatness. But no one but you and your Hexa-gun douchebags believes that I don’t belong in this match. And when we’re done, you won’t even have the title that makes you so precious to them
I would challenge you to have a different way of thinking. Someday, I see us both as Hall of Famers. I see this contest we’re about to have as a Hall of Fame type match that will be remembered for a long time. Even if it didn’t have this Champion vs. Champion moniker, people would be thrilled for us to be fighting in a title match no matter who was the champion and what belt it was. Because we’re both fantastic fighters. And I don’t need to show you that respect, but I’m giving it to you regardless. This is still just the beginning for us. I mean think about that. We will go on and on, and we might trade titles many times in our careers going against each other. You talk about things you deserve, well I rightfully deserve this. Your roll in the new year, well, it’s been a very few handful of matches. So congrats on that, I suppose. Our match together, though, it will be an absolute war. A blowout of epic proportions between us. You’re talking down on me and that’s to be expected because that’s who you are now. This is the Eris you’ve become, for now. You’ll change again like you always do, but let’s just be clear on this. When people were overlooking both of us to pick who they thought would make the big impacts in the Vixens division this year, I had to laugh. This division doesn’t get better than the two of us right now. And when people watch Reasonable Doubt this weekend they’ll see exactly what I mean when I said that. This is going to be the Vixens match of the year happening in February. And when this match ends, I’ll be standing there with both titles in my grasp and looking down at you laying face down on that mat, probably holding your jaw. And I’ll be celebrating as the first ever Specialist AND Vixen champion. You talk about history, well I’m about to make history! I’m about to make a moment that will last forever.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 23rd 2016, 8:43 am by Vic Vendetta
Without a Reasonable Doubt!

King converted to Champion and pretty soon Championshipless.  I've been wrestling for almost entirely too long, and on the whole I'm pretty happy with what I've accomplished over the last multiple years. I've wrestled all around the world, I've worked for the biggest companies in the business, and I've held numerous titles. But there is one accolade that I have never accomplished I've never been World Champion, and until I have, I'll never consider myself to be a success. Despite the way I act or talk time and time again that title escapes my grasps each and every time I get close to it. After the King of Elite tournament I had to sit back and reevaluate my career as a competitor and then I got an idea as I watched old tapes of myself and my opponents. That's why as soon as I saw an old video of Kevin Devastation vs Extreme Enigma, I put my name forward and made that call almost immediately. I know the history the EAW Championship I know it was vacated immediately as Kawajai retired from the ring but as I look at the history and the title reigns after that I see that no one with the amount of talent and pizazz as I have currently held it. But as Kevin and I came up with a game plan he asked me “Vic why aren’t you World Champion right now? Just look at the men who help the title after Kawajai you have beaten this men and have even took them to their limits before why aren’t you on that title history page?” And I thought to myself why aren’t I? I know that I am better than Jaime and I know that I would beat the lively hell out of that balled bowling ball that you all called a king and now a champion. Lannister listen to me you bald Professor X looking bitch! When I become the EAW Champion on Saturday, I'll make that title what it was meant to be. I won't do what Kawajai did, and discard the belt straight away and retire. I will to be a fighting champion, matter of fact I will have a successful reign before I finally hand that belt back to management because I know once I win it there won’t be any competitors left to take it from me.

Look who I have on my side. The big cat right here. People have been pushing all of the wrong buttons for years with the disrespect of this man Kevin Devastation, this is the man who opened the pathway for you fools t even wrestle this is a multiple innovator of moves, this man has buried legends time and time again and this is the man you all should bow your heads too when he even yawns! I personally thought that it's time I unleashed him. Does this look like a man who is afraid of anyone? Let alone the pieces of garbage that didn’t even bat an eye when his wife laid motionless off the stage? I don't think so. Fear is not seen in those eyes nor my eyes Lannister I plan on doing exactly what I have been saying for the past year I will end your reign and I plan on putting you out of your misery. . Do you think that I just became a wrestler or even a contender? I was still in pre-school school when I was beaten into submission. Until I finally complied and went through every agonizing second of what my father as well as Robbie had in store for me. I couldn't stand up for myself. I was a kid. I was weak. I was also molded into the man you see before you, just like Ares. Except that we became two vastly different human beings. Ares wants to show off his nice suits and talk about his quest to collect names and he's already helped to further put the Vendetta name into the history books but he’s also tainted that because of the type of man he is. I don't acknowledge my last name or any member of my very extensive family. I don't care about the supposedly strong tradition. I also don't care about how many titles Robbie Vendetta has won or how many records he's broken. His title history and what he's been able to do in the past aren't going to be able to protect me in the immediate present, Ares current bouts with lord knows who, I’ve broken all ties with the kid since I banished his ass from Showdown. The funny thing about is that you guys were right about one thing and that is I was in his shadow just the support character on a Mario Kart game but since I moved from his back and moved to his front it seems that the topic of conversation has changed, it sounds and looks to me that people are finally understanding who the better Vendetta was and is. Lannister listen up this match is no longer about House of Vendetta or even Ragnarok it’s much larger then that it’s about Vic Vendetta exposing you for the fraud that you really are and that’s a paper weight champion Falls Count anywhere??? I am going to beat the hell out of you throughout the entire arena, then take your punk ass outside, catch a cab to the pub in that shit hole known as Dublin and then leave you stinking in the fields of Ireland. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 23rd 2016, 7:58 am by Guest
Lucian Black, what does it feel like to have your overly ambitious dreams fail to manifest and ultimately betray you? You believed that the universe would correct its course, that if you raised your voice towards me, with anything, I would go back into being just a name in the record books and your path would be less foggy as you march on for the World title held in the hands by the current man who represents this brand. Can you hear that? Or are you going to intentionally discard my words the second they're uttered since nobody else had the heart to call you out? How can you of all people represent and thus desecrate this brand when a fire lit underneath you causes you to drop the ball nine times out of ten? You let your sole victory define your otherwise run-of-the-mill career where your true memorable moments are your desperate attempts to empower yourself and attempts to guilt trip people into viewing you as something more than just an elitist just wrestling. Because it's almost tangible, right? Somehow, you're finally almost at the paramount where you can look down at all the elitists fighting for scraps in this tightly enforced caste system. But the question is will you look down on them? Of course you will, it's only human nature! Just like it's human nature to pretend to be chaste when you would be the biggest sinner of them all if I held you to your own standards. But here is another wake up call: you're no different from them because no matter how high you climb, your character is still that of a starry-eyed rookie. Look at your match at Road to Redemption and deal with the cold hard truth that you was still accepting scraps because when you look even further back and see that the foundation of EAW has been built and maintained by undeniable and inescapable corruption, forget telling me your victory holds any meaning beyond a bittersweet story which will become even more dramatized to ironically fill the pockets of the very men you hate. If you don't pointlessly dedicate your entire career to fighting and taking down those corrupt men who wield massive power, who seem to multiply like the heads of the Hydra, then any meaning you think that match had is wiped out for good. You have the best of both worlds Lucian: you can pretend to be a savior while not actually saving anything.

What can you save?

The gears are still shifting, Lucian.

You have subconsciously admitted defeat in your own special way. Here you are acting like that chapter of your life is finished when it simply refuses to. So you put all your doubts in the back of your head and keep trekking on as you want the audience to acknowledge your moments, but not the crucial details which link them all together. I once was in your main role and I defended Dynasty against Generation Genesis with you at my corner; I was so close in defeating every member in one clean sweep, but I ended up getting betrayed along with Dynasty and its wrestlers. I woke up one day wondering if the landscape of EAW would be different if I managed to not only beat Generation Genesis, but go the extra mile and decimate their entire faction with my own hands to send a warning shot that is what awaited any extremist who tried to play the role of General Manager and thus God over large swaths of wrestlers. I slowly realized that wasn't possible, that was a dream which could never come to fruition as corruption always finds a way to not only survive, but thrive like the roach that it is. Let go of that white elephant, Lucian. You beat Zack Crash, but you did not and cannot beat the nature which resides within him and within you no matter how hard you scrub away. After all, if EAW were to have a bible, the seven deadly sins would be within its holy scripture and you don't think that would have an influence on you? Every mistake that you currently make are mistakes that I've spent years trying to forget. You don't just annoy me---I can't stand the sight of you since it's like looking at a reflection of my younger self.

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vs. Evan Stark, #2
Post on February 23rd 2016, 1:22 am by Uncharted
            Dustin Brasch returns to the green room for Elite Answers Wrestling backstage in the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, shaking his head. The director perks up in his seat, puzzled.

            “You’re back already? We just recorded with you the other day.”

            Brasch grits his teeth as he responds.

            “Stark keeps running his mouth.”

            “Is he pissing you off?”

            Dustin closes his eyes and smiles.

            “No, just giving me more ammo.”

            “Roll the cameras,” the director demands.

            The scene opens up as the previous one had – Dustin Brasch, in a comfortable leather chair, at a candid angle. Brasch, however, instead of looking ahead at this nonchalant angle towards an inexistent conversational partner, turns his head and stares directly into the camera lens, as to break the fourth wall.

            “Evan Stark.” Brasch begins, grinning.

            “Stark, I’m usually a pretty bitter guy. I don’t like not being given the respect that I deserve. I don’t like being half of a world away from the people I love. I don’t like you, Evan. But damn,” The Huntsman chuckles. “You make my day a little bit better. Do you know why?” Brasch asks rhetorically. “It’s because you’re an easy outlet. I can take all of my stress – all the pent-up frustration that I’ve been feeling – and take it out on you. You’re like a punching bag, except you don’t just stand there and take it, no. Every now and then, you manage to punch yourself, too. You make yourself look stupid sometimes, Stark. But hey,” Dustin shrugs. “Maybe you just are.”

            “Where should I start? How about the – what was it that you called it? – “production value” of my interviews? Alright, fine, then. Let’s dumb it down, it’s too much for Evan to handle.” The New Yorker stiffens his fingers and does a cut-throat gesture, instructing the crew to stop the production. The video stream switches sources, as Dustin stands up and pushes the high-definition camera away from the set. The chroma key effect applied to the green screen behind him is dropped, and the scene has been simplified in seconds. Now, Dustin Brasch stands in front of a plain green backdrop, staring into a hand-camera now.

            “I don’t need the ‘production value,’ Stark. I don’t need cameramen and audio technicians or any of these employees – who belong to our promotion, by the way, not me; these are resources you could use if you wanted to. But Stark, I’m not surprised that you don’t seize the opportunities that come with working for a multi-million dollar business. You’re entitled, Evan. You came from Manhattan! Here’s a little lesson in economics: If you’re living comfortably in the biggest city in the country with two parents who are working white-collar jobs in said city, you’re no longer a part of, nor a voice for, the middle class – and the fact that you think you still are a part of middle-class America just proves what kind of a sheltered and privilege miscreant you really are. We’re from the same city, Evan, but we couldn’t be more different.”

            “You said it yourself – your parents were white-collar workers, and your family was pretty well-off, living in the borough of Manhattan. I didn’t get the life you had. I grew up on the south end of Brooklyn. Bay Ridge isn’t the worst neighborhood, sure, but that doesn’t mean I had it easy. I lived with my parents and two older sisters in a cramped apartment above a doctor’s office, barely skating by on my mother’s salary as a teacher. We had enough to keep warm and not starve, and that’s it. The money so I could train to become a professional wrestler? I worked for it. The money for a beat-down decade-old Sedan so I could drive to the far end of Long Island to wrestle for a hot dog and a handshake? I earned it myself. The world didn’t hand me anything, Evan Stark, and you admitted that the same can’t be said for you. I’ve worked harder for this than you ever had to. You’ve got no idea how good you’ve got it.”

            “And what’s more, you said that because I put effort and a sense of quality assurance into my interviews that I’m not the headhunter I claim to be. That’s just more proof that you don’t understand my struggles, Evan. I’m a headhunter because I need to be – because people like you, who have been spoon-fed everything they’ve ever had and who have been able to be here longer because of that, don’t respect me. I need to be able to take names, because the people like you will never respect me unless I do. The difference between Clark Duncan and myself is that Clark Duncan already has the New Breed Championship – that means he’s earned a semblance of respect in this promotion. He’s already got what it is that I want, and mankind will always fight harder to earn what he wants than to defend what he has. That’s a fight for another day, though.”

            “How’s your foot feeling, Stark?” Brasch asks, raising his eyebrows, as if he were expecting Evan to answer. “You sure do love shooting yourself in it, don’t you? You sure love proving me right. What is it that I said, again – that Evan Stark speaks without thinking about what he’s really saying. Well, guess what? That’s exactly what you did, Stark.”

            “One thing that you said, Stark, was that if I had paid attention to Rising Tide beyond my own match, I’d know that you were the number one contender for the National Elite Championship. I did know that, Evan, and congratulations, by the way. Not on your win over Regulator, no, but on the depths you’ve sunk to in order to make yourself look stupid, because just a couple of minutes later, you said that in my match at Rising Tide, I only won because I entered late and took advantage of tired opponents. That isn’t what actually happened, though, Stark.”

            The feed of Dustin Brasch in the green room is cut off momentarily, and is replaced with footage from the Hell’s Warpath match at Rising Tide. Brasch ascends the ladder which he brought with him, leaping off and turning himself over in the air as he does, landing on Caine Kronin, Mark Michaels, and Donny Diamond with a backflip plancha. To follow, Brasch runs the ropes and leaps off of the back of Diamond, landing with a double foot stomp to the back of Diamond's head before pinning the ring veteran and eliminating him from the match. Brasch's voice can be heard over the footage.

            "See, Stark, before I entered the match, Donny Diamond was the entrant right before me, and he was only hit once before I entered the match - a sneak attack from Caine Kronin. I don't see how he'd qualify as being a 'tired' opponent who I took advantage of."

            The film continues, jumping forward to the entrance of Keith Bathory.

            "Here's another one of the four men I eliminated, Keith Bathory. Let's see what happens, huh?"

            Bathory walks down the ramp slowly and menacingly, throwing punches in the air as practice. Brass-knuckles clad around his fingers, he steps onto the apron and into the ring - right into the heel of The Huntsman, who sends him over the top rope and to the outside with a single superkick.

            "Would you look at that! Fresh from his entrance, Keith Bathory eats a kick unsuspectingly! He certainly wasn't tired, and hell, he entered even later than I did! It's almost like your logic is starting to seem pretty flawed. Don't get too down, though, Evan. We've still got two more eliminations to cover."

            The reel continues. Kevin Hunter places Brasch's head between his thighs, looking for his finishing maneuver, however Dustin is able to lift Kevin, tossing him over the top rope and onto the apron. As Brasch realizes Kevin hasn't fallen to the floor, he strikes the self-proclaimed Director of Chaos in the chin with his heel.

            "Kevin Hunter was the last entrant of the ten. Certainly, if anyone would have had the opportunity to take advantage of tired opponents, it would be him. He was the most well-rested coming into the match, wouldn't you think? That just isn't how the world works though, Stark. Right and wrong isn't black and white. What should be and what was are two very different beasts."

            The final piece of footage encapsulates the climax of the match - Dustin Brasch locks his hand onto the back of Caine Kronin's neck for the half-nelson, hoists Caine onto his shoulders, and turns to slam the frame of Kronin down onto the seat of a steel chair. Brasch connects with his trademark Barclays Driver, allowing him to pick up the victory.

            "As far as Caine Kronin is concerned, perhaps your criticism stands. Caine was the first man in the match, and had to fight through eight other men to reach the end with me. But let's look at this, just a moment before I picked up the win."

            The tape rewinds, displaying a shot of Dustin on the shoulders of Kronin, groggy and dazed. Caine has Brasch in position for the One-Winged Angel, Caine's own finishing maneuver.

            "Caine had me right there, didn't he? With one motion, it could have ended very differently. Kronin wasn't good enough, though. He couldn't lock me down. His attempt to cradle by head for the One-Winged Angel gave me the perfect opportunity to escape, and that's just what I did. It had nothing to do with Caine's tiredness. It had everything to do with my capability to seize opportunities created by the mistakes of my opponent."

            "To make matters even more interesting Stark, you said that of all of these 'nobodies' that I beat, Caine Kronin was the only one to even have a match on this upcoming episode of Friday Night Dynasty. If you look at the card, though, Caine actually doesn't have a match. Kevin Hunter, one of the guys that I kicked in the face, does, though. So who really isn't paying attention, Evan?"

            The video broadcast returns to the green room, where Dustin Brasch has still abandoned the high-end production quality which Stark belittled him for. Brasch is smiling, very pleased with the dissection process.

            "Go on," Dustin begins in a mocking, high-pitched tone. "Think I'm a joke! That's what everybody thought, but I proved them all wrong! I'm gonna prove you wrong too!" Brasch looks into the camera with a dreadfully serious expression.     

            "Except you're not, Evan. If you're just a joke to everyone, that's when you need to buckle down and accept that you are a joke. Even if you beat the people who said that in a wrestling match, it doesn't nullify the truth of the thought - no, it just proves that they're jokes, too. You can't prove me wrong, Stark, when I'm not wrong in the first place. Let's act, for a moment, like there's a shred of accuracy to the things that you say. Let's pretend that I am an immature nobody who picked up fluke victories. Let's pretend that you are a good competitor, and that you are reaching the top of the midcard. If both of those things are true, Evan, why is this match even happening? Take that with you to sleep tonight, Stark. Stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and wonder why the great Evan Stark is being forced to share a ring with the nameless, faceless Dustin Brasch. If you're so on-fire, and I'm just a flash in the pan, why are we here?"

            "You need to swallow the truth, Stark. You need to stop and realize that you're not the up-and-comer that you claim to be, that you're not anything special at all. You've been here for a year, I've been here for less than a month, and we'll be standing in the same damn ring at the same damn time. You've got to face the music, Evan. I've got a one-way ticket and a first class seat. You're riding in economy off of frequent flier miles."

            "How oblivious can you be to your own short-comings? You call me a thesaurus-thumper when 'schadenfreude' isn't even an English word. You say that you can't be disrespected because you fight for contendership, yet say that I haven't earned respect when I've already won a Number One Contendership. You claim to be a really nice guy, but you still use the word 'faggot' unapologetically in the year 2016! You're not even funny to me anymore, Stark. You're just pathetic."

            "Let me teach you a little bit of a lesson about schadenfreude. It's a German idea; happiness, at the misfortune of others. You're not a lovable underdog, Evan, you're comic relief. It's fun to watch people knock your teeth down your throat. It's fun to watch your matches from the edge of our seats, in anticipation of the pivotal moment when your opponent breaks your arm in the most sickening way possible. Schadenfreude, though, it's not enough for me, Evan. I'm not satisfied with watching on television. No, Stark, I'm happy when I'm the cause of other's misfortune. I'm happy when I'm the reason that your arm snaps unnaturally. That's not schadenfreude, Evan. That's sadism."

            "And yeah, I'm an asshole, aren't I? I'm not a very nice guy, and I know that, and I'm okay with that. You don't need to be nice when you're talented, Evan. I don't need people to like me. I don't need people to want me around. I don't need anyone else's irrelevant and insubstantial opinion. What I need, Stark, is respect. I don't need people to like me in order to earn their respect. You don't need to like me, Evan, but when you lose this Friday, I expect that you'll learn something, and you'll respect me. You want to know why I like pushing people around? You want to know why I'm so aggressive? It's because I can be. It's because nobody is going to stop me. It's because I get off on it, is that what you want to hear me say, Stark?"

            "You believe that you're a really nice guy, Evan. You believe that you're respected, you believe that you're well-liked, you believe that you're a great competitor, and you believe a lot of things, Stark, but here's the thing about believing: Faith is blind. I don't waste my time believing, Evan. I don't believe things, I know things, and I know for a fact that nothing that you believe or say about me will matter when we step into the ring against one another this Friday night. All that will matter is unmitigated talent, which I possess, and which you lack."

            "While you can dwell on irrelevancies - like which championships we're in contention for, or who we've been able to beat in the past, - you'd be much better served to realize that if you come looking for a fight from me, you're going to get one. So every single time that you say I don't deserve your respect, or that I haven't earned your respect, or that I'm nobody at all, you're giving me another reason to make you bite the curb, so that I can stomp on the back of your skull. Once we're in that squared circle, Stark, your chance to show me the respect that I deserve will have passed you by like a ship in the night, and there will be no light to guide you out of the jungle."

            "Of course, maybe those are just words, Evan, words that you can shake off without a second thought. Suppose, though, that they're not just words."

            "This Friday night, Stark, I'm going to beat you into an epileptic fit."

            "You know, so you can shake it off."
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 23rd 2016, 1:07 am by Aria Jaxon

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I say, what doesn’t kill me better run faster than me.

What doesn’t kill me better keep its fucking head on a swivel.

What doesn’t kill me is gonna wish it had gotten the job done the first time around.

It’s easy to have 20/20 vision in hindsight, and now I realize that, for so long, I saw something in Brett Kennedy that just wasn’t there. I saw someone who actually belonged in this company, and wasn’t the complete joke and let-down that so many people tried to assure me he was. I saw someone who might’ve actually been a halfway decent human being. Probably worst of all, though, I saw someone who was boyfriend material, and God, did that turn out to be my biggest mistake in life to this point. I guess I could could sit here, and pour over every day that we were together and rack my brain for all the signs that Brett would eventually try to decapitate me with a lariat on worldwide television, but it wouldn’t do me much good now, would it? Four months I spent looking at things through rose-colored glasses, seeing Brett Kennedy not as he was, but as I wanted him to be.

Unfortunately for him, I can see clearly now.

I can see him for the weak-minded individual that he always was. He swears up and down now that I was the root of all his problems. Not his shitty win-loss record, not his apparent aversion to beating Chuck Scene and Lioncross, but me. Never once did I take it upon myself to call him on being the disappointment he clearly was. I was his cheerleader. There were times it seemed I was the only person in the company who seemed to believe he actually had any worth. The funny thing was, the entire time he was struggling, my stock was rising. I never rubbed it in his face, but every time Brett had any sort of issue with anyone, that was the first thing they’d throw in his face -- “You’re playing second fiddle to your girlfriend!” He spent a long time pretending like none of that bothered him, but I guess he brushed it off for as long as he could before he finally started to believe his detractors. Rather than actually trying to, I dunno, find the root of the problem, he resigned himself to the idea that the problem had been what was standing beside him all along.

I can see him for the coward he’s apparently always been. Gone are the days of normal breakups, right? If that was what he wanted, he could have had it. But some voice in the back of his mind told him that the best route to go was to put his hands on me. Worse yet, to match that initial inkling in the back of his head, another voice in tandem was telling him that I wasn’t gonna do shit about it. He was seriously under the impression that I would just resign myself to the idea there was nothing I could do about it. Did you know me at all, Brett? Did I back down from the Notorious Samurais, Y2Impact, or Drake & Jones? Did I back down from those men in tag team matches where I fucking carried the both of us? Nah. I don’t run. I’ve beaten better than you, and I’ve been beaten by better than you, so don’t expect me to start backpedaling now. Initially, I left the backing down to you, since that seemed to be what you were best at. Don’t pretend like you were sparing me by turning down this match over and over again. Don’t act like you winning is some foregone conclusion, and you were saving me from anything. The fact of the matter is, your ego can’t handle anymore blows. Having me around was a constant reminder that I’ve already amounted to more than you in EAW, and the only way to make the beta male whispers stop was to get rid of me. But that’s the thing! You didn’t get rid of me. You failed, again. You knocked me down, and I got back up. If you wanted me gone so bad, then you should’ve gone all the way. You should’ve made sure I was stretchered outta the arena, but you missed your chance. Now, I get back to my favorite pastime: making you look inferior. When I beat you at Reasonable Doubt, it’ll be just the latest in a slew of times that Aria Jaxon’s shadow has proven too big for Brett Kennedy to step out of.

Didn’t anyone ever tell you to finish what you start? When you’re taking shots at the Empress, you best not miss, but a few weeks ago, sweetheart, your aim was off. There was a target on me, a target that you put there, and with your God awful aim, you couldn’t hit it. You’re supposed to aim for the head! And because you didn’t, I’m still walking around, and even worse for you, every spare thought of mine is trained on revenge. You might’ve started this, but I’ll be the one to finish it. I’m writing the final chapter. This is ending on my terms. This will the blow to your ego that you can’t come back from. This will be the loss you can’t explain away and make excuses for. This is the revenge owed to me, and I won’t have it denied by you.

All hail.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 23rd 2016, 12:29 am by showster26
Dynasty Promo #2

The scene opens on the streets of Shanghai, China.  The morning sunlight reflects off a beat up, unstable looking Taxi parked in the middle of the street whose drier is trying all manner of odd techniques to get the car to start up.  The camera pans over to find hot shot super-agent Johnny J, standing beside his client “Picture Perfect” Mark Michaels.
Michaels: “Don’t worry Mark you said.   It can probably get us to the hotel you said.  There was a mix up with the limo company, and this is the best you could do on short notice you said.”
Johnny: “I made a bad choice, I’m sorry.”

Michaels: “Sorry doesn’t help the fact that I’m stuck standing on the street like a common vagrant.  This is not how someone as important as I am, is treated!  What if someone was to take a picture me ridding around in this pile of scrap?  Michaels envy suffering haters like that chump Mexican Samurai would have a field day with this.”

A long moment passes as Johnny takes his brow beating, before he turns his attention to the cab driver.
Johnny:  “Is it ready yet?”
The driver turns the key, but the engine fails to turn over.  The driver shakes his head no.
Michaels: “Just terrific.  Here I am, being made a laughing stock out of, in one of the most populated cities in the world.  If this doesn’t get fixed soon, my international reputation will be tarnished, and Dynasty’s ratings will hit rock bottom.”
Johnny: “Look Mark, I know you’re upset right now, but why don’t you let me handle the cab, and you just keep you focus on Rheagar okay?
Michaels: “Oh I’m focused on Rheagar plenty.  The guy you can’t stand to lock up with, because he smells like week old Gyros that have been left in the sun to rot.  It’s been just under two months since that rat bastard cost me the National Elite Championship over his hard on for Tig Kelly.  And not one single day has gone by that I haven’t thought about it. This Friday night, I’m going to teach Rheagar what happens when you fuck over Mark Michaels, and then try to run like a little bitch.  I swear I could care less about winning or losing this one as long as I get to give Rheagar a first class seat on the end of my boot, and send his ass flying all the way back to Athens!”
Johnny:  “Hey, hey, hey wait a minute Mark, think about what you’re saying,  What do you always say, about the people who say winning isn’t everything.”
Michaels: “Losers are the only people who say winning isn’t everything.”
Johnny: “Exactly, now I know you’ve been very disappointed in everything that’s happened over the past few weeks, but I really think this is the match that will turn everything around.  You want to know why?”
Michaels: “Why John?”
Johnny: “Because I believe that everything happens for a reason.  You didn’t win that Hell’s Warpath match last week because your better than the New Breed Championship.  I mean you were swatting guys around like flies, would you really want to waste your time dealing with guys like Caine Kronin, and Dustin Brasch?  Of course you wouldn’t.  So lets refocus on getting the win on Dynasty, and then setting our sights on bigger and better things.”
Michael: “You know what john, you’re right.  I am better than every last one of those pathetic piles of flea urine, just like I am better than Rheagar.  Oh yeah John, I am better than Rheagar in each and every conceivable way.  I’m better looking, I’m more charismatic, and I can wrestle circles around that punk.  When we step into the ring this Friday night, inside the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center that’s will be packed to the brim with my millions upon millions of followers, all of whom will be chanting so loud he won’t be able to hear himself think, He’s going to get a grade A ass kicking courtesy of Mark Michaels! 
Live on Dynasty, I am going to leave Rheagar laid out, and completely embarrassed by The Twitter Trendsetter, The Instagram Icon, The Hashtag Hero whose has an army of followers that have chosen him to be their Social Media Champion.  And if you have to ask why, it because the recognize I am the total package, and they know that I am the greatest professional athlete alive today, the Destiny of Dynasty, and the Brightest Burning Star that EAW will ever come to know!  So Rheagar better get ready, because just like in that Hell’s Warpath match, I’m going to dominate Rheagar from bell to bell, and you better believe that he better start Picturing THAT!”
Just as the last syllable escapes Michaels’ lips the sound of the taxi’s engine revving up can be heard.
Johnny: “Come on Mark, before it breaks down again.”

Michaels nods his head, and as soon as he enters, the taxi speeds away and out of the shot.


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Post on February 23rd 2016, 12:00 am by J-Dynasty 2?
Tiberius Jones appears within almost blinding white bright lights, dressed in all white street clothes and white Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 sneakers. As it gathered eventually by noticing he stands on top of stairs with a slew of women as background Greek chorus of sorts and men mimicking in exaggerations of his tag team foes at the bottom of the stairs seated, Jones is fucking around with another rendition/parody he does from time to time, this being Beauty School Dropout.
Individual pictures of Carlos, Lioncross, Clark and Jason Cage laid out on the mat.

Sadness is what each their story tells, EAW never do wells
Most undeserving contenders there ever was
Your future’s so unclear now, what’s left of your career now
Can’t even stand up for the extreme cause

EAW drop-outs, no tag team titles for you
EAW drop-outs, you won’t take what’s ours from out the blue
Well at least you could have taken the time to earn a title shot
After spending all those days clogging up other divisions like a blood clot

Tiberius steps down and heads for the fake Carlos, who avoids looking at Jones eye to eye by looking to the floor in shame. The videos turns to Carlos’s year in 2015 on the rise being in more big matches and more hyped than any time in Carlos’ EAW career, and then ending by Carlos being the first person eliminated from the Dynasty Elimination Chamber in the last FPV of that year.

Baby get moving (better get moving), why keep your feeble hopes alive?
What are you proving (what are you proving)?
You've got the dream, but not the drive
If you go to find your real tag partner, you can hide in absurdity together as exiles
Hang up your wrestling boots and go back to GI Styles

The screen shows Clark Duncan with the New Breed championship with arrows pointing at him claiming him to be the best of the new breed. It turns to Voltage where Jones hits hit with the Strike of Midnight to land face first on the mat. While Clark is face first on the mat edited in pictures of Tiberius Jones with the National Elite Championship, Eclipse Diemos as King of Elite and Mexican Samurai as Interwire champion, implying Clark Duncan isn’t near the top of the rising generation. Also for extra trash talking not in the song text appears as a rainbow above the scene that Jones wanted to say to Clark: “BTW, I’m going to three peat on you when I add two more straight victories at Reasonable Doubt and the next Voltage Wink

EAW drop-out, cozying up EAW’s top brass
EAW drop-out, it's about time you knew your class
Well not even that title could mask the truth, you actually think you’re the leader of the new breed
But not one person would agree, unless that person was a fuckweed

Tiberius turns to Jason Cage and just smirks at him with arrogance and indifference.

Bust don't sweat it (don't sweat it), you're not cut out to hold an EAW job
Better forget it (forget it), EAW would be disgusted to allow Elite to be represented by a slob
Now many eras you’ve been gone, without you Crash still created the elite con, and still the EAW was fine
So drop the bonafide act and go back to the unemployment line.

The fake Lioncross attempts to stand up to Tiberius for being rude, but he injures his back rising up too fast and Jones runs up to him and to help him back into his seat, then wagging his finger at the fake Lioncross. Jones gives him an iPad, but just like being unable to use the EAW feed Lioncross is confused, so Jones face palms and works it for him so he can see the videos of EAW savage matches and Lioncross is disgusted by the gross actions committed under the extreme rules Hexa-gun wishes to bring back.

Pop don't blow it, don't put my good advice to shame
Pop you know it, CWF and EAW are not the same
You’re out of touch, we don’t have your crutch, so here you’ll just be a foreign legend to never walk the walk
We aren’t a fancy sophisticated nation here in this urban jungle, so step out before you taste a Glock.

Dressed in all black and with the Hexa-gun logo in background, Jones mimics Beyonce’s Formation goth scene but with the gender’s swapped while he wears the Undertaker like hat and shows his middle fingers to the camera while females stand behind him in suits. This time it’s quite obvious there is no singing or fuckery to be had.

See around these parts things are settled by who has the biggest and most lethal guns, and you’d best know Hexa-gun is named after six Glocks for a reason, we put bullets into any foe that dares step up in front of us just asking to be mowed down by doing so! From the 2015 tag team champions of the year in the Mercenaries, Y2Impact and the Heart Break Gal themselves, Drake & Jones have taken the place of the top tag team in this company….no losses.....the tag team Grand Prix Trophy…..the Unified EAW Tag Team championships, I don’t feel like I should even have to explain how strong we are! It’s you teams that have to prove to us that as tag teams you even have some coordination, because like queen Bey says those who do not get terminated and the best revenge is your paper. Many a people have wasted the focus and time of Drake and I, with their weak criticism and their even softer pursuits for our throne, but we’ve always paid them back with our success and our style of unorthodox tag team wrestling going on unstopped. Most don’t even have what it takes to perform the most basic of actions against us, can’t even step on our sneakers as we stretch out our feet begging for them to try, let alone overturn this wave we’ve got going through EAW. If you had known what was good for you, all of you would have stayed in your lanes, gaining notable, but in the end second tier, success. Nothing wrong with second tier success, many people have made their names known wielding championships where they can be said to be amongst, but not quite the pinnacle, the best around, and their names have been remembered for the ages…….it just they’ve never been on top to the point they can say they’re the best of their people. Let’s be real, in EAW there are only four types of titles where you can say you’re on top of a group of people: for every vixen it’s the Vixen’s Championship, for every hall of famer it’s the Hall of Fame Championship, for every elitist it’s whatever World Championship is on their brand and for tag teams it’s the championships held by none other than Drake & Jones! Every other title has no true division, they simply exist as rungs, while notable milestone rungs still nonetheless rungs, to greater gold at the top of the ladder. Now, now you people have the opportunity to place yourselves in a position where you can say you’re the best at something, something Lioncross hasn’t been able to do for a very long time, something Carlos hasn’t been able to do since he was apart of one of EAW’s most legendary tag teams in Dynamite Rain and his legendary career across the globe by himself, something that Jason and Clark have never felt, but with that comes the brutal risk of coming so close to greatness only for that greatness to be pulled away right before your eyes just when you think you had it.

I maybe a champion, but as a rogue and a thief, stealing is what still fits my fancy, and considering the arrogance or confidence people have to have just to be performers, I am blessed with the fact that I’ll always have things people believe is theirs to take away from them! In the end, at the bottom of their hearts, every little person that graces an EAW ring believes that victory is theirs, and thus I make it my pleasure in focusing all my energy in making sure to snatch that away from them with a loss of the victory they believed they had in their possession.

Take Lioncross for example. He’s one of those guys, likes to think himself humble or down to earth, at the very least he seems to attempt to portray himself that way, much like establishment politicians try to seem when you know deep down their just arrogant people trained to act that way to please old people and foreigners who believe humbleness is a virtue. So old, that’s why Drake and I don’t give a fuck, we let our egos hang out and being real like that doesn’t just give you an edge of authenticity, it also makes you have fun when no one else does. Just like all people, Lioncross’ tongue and actions betray the mask. It’s not his fault really, I’m just no sucker, as the slickest of the slick I know cons as I do them all the time myself, so I can even snuff out a con that managed to con himself.

He talks about respect, he talks about not getting by what he did in CWF years ago, all that noble humility garbage. Yet, he has the nerve to just prance around here like it’s some type of game where he’s not in danger. He betrays himself by thinking himself a goat able to just eat up the grass here like he ate grass every where else, he backtracks from the common man shtick by having the audacity to step up to the best tag team in the business today with a partner he doesn’t even want, like he can get away with it all. Soon, he’ll know amongst the grass he wants to chew on are landmines.

And around Drake & Jones, goats get slaughtered.

Scene end.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 22nd 2016, 11:55 pm by Guest
.:Reasonable Doubt #1:.
"I deserve it."

It’s time to celebrate!
Everyone needs to pull out their most festive gear. The most expensive wine needs to be ordered and fireworks are a must for this grand celebration. Those are the essential items that are needed whenever you get the opportunity, the sweet opportunity to see me in the ring. Eris LeCava’s impeccable wrestling skills will bless you all very soon. First of all, I’d like to apologize to those who’ve been waiting for this special moment for a while now. I’ve been out of action for a couple weeks because… well, because I wanted to! I decided to take my beautiful ass on a vacation. As much as I enjoy having the sun’s delicate rays hit my skin I sure did enjoy my home. EAW. God, I’ve missed it even though people piss me off on a regular basis. I’ve been in EAW for almost nine months non-stop and it was about time I get the treatment I deserve. Even though I was gone for a few weeks, I still get questioned by various individuals whether I’m worthy of having this beautiful title signed to my name. I come here so enthusiastic, so ready for life and then I’m hit with the “Eris, you’re not worthy of being Vixens champ!” Ugh, some things never change.
Although, what’s the craze this time around? Is it the “Empress” Aria Jaxon? Is it the wild card, Tarah Nova? Or is it the woman with less than three brain cells Maddie? We all know that the Vixens of this division are relevant for a week or two, so I’m sincerely asking! ..Oh? It’s the Specialist Champion Cailin Dillion. God knows that we have a lengthy relationship and I have no idea why I’m being forced to face her at Reasonable Doubt. For the first time in my career, I WISH I was defending my title than having to face this insatiable twit that never seems to know when to sit back down. What’s going to be the value of our match? Just to see who is the better champion of this division? We already know who the better champion is. It’s quite obvious to the most belligerent idiot that’s not paying attention. The Vixens Championship has more of a history, a legacy if you will. If you’d ask a rookie Vixen what championship they’d go for, it’d be MINE. No one wants to be the Specialist Champion. Absolutely NO ONE. Why would anyone want to interject themselves in the scenario of having to defend your title every two weeks? The value of the title slowly deteriorates over time. After you’re done going against all of the Vixens, what’s left? You can’t have a lengthy feud with anyone because there is a time limit set! However, when it comes to the Vixens championship – it’s only defended when it has to. The bookers don’t have to shove some competitor in my way so I have someone to face. Vixens have to work their asses off if they want an opportunity to be in the ring with the same woman who has so much authoritative power in this company. Although, I could envision Cailin’s rebuttal something like “Well, I have to defend my title multiple times so I’m better than you!” It’s about the quality not the quantity, ladies and gentlemen.
So why have I initially accepted this challenge? Why do I have to stoop so low and have to face someone who I’ve already beaten before? My Hexa-Gun family says that I don’t have to prove anything to anyone and they’re right. This Champion v.s Champion match is a waste of time and I’ve already explicitly expressed that. But what made me sign that contract for Reasonable Doubt? This win against Cailin will give me more internal rewards than external ones. Sure I can get a good pay from the hard work I put in that match but nothing is going to beat the internal satisfaction I’m going to feel as I see Cailin Dillion with her face down on the mat while I’m seen as the victor of the match. As many individuals may know by now, both Cailin and Aria and myself debuted in the same match. No one knew at that time what destiny had planned for one another. It’s safe to say that us three have gone and done great thing. Aria won her Empress of Elite, Cailin the Specialist title and I, of course have the Vixens title within my grasp. Everyone here agrees that we’re all impressive and all that bullshit. Although, out of the three who is better? Who is that special someone who has really implemented herself as a future legend? Aria is now facing her ex-boyfriend, so she’s automatically snubbed out of that equation. Cailin is too busy trying to interject herself in meaningless groups, attempting to make herself look like an actual threat. I have done the unthinkable. I’ve gone to great lengths to be seen as a legend but I’m always a bit short. Reasonable Doubt will further solidify my status in EAW. One day I will be seen as a legend by future Vixens. One day I will be inducted into the Hall of Fame along with my idol, Heart Break Gal. One day I’m going to make the doubters eat their words. I’m the most impressive, I’m the most electrifying… I’m the best.
I have many dreams and aspirations and slowly but surely they will be made into realities. The hype that I carry with myself ever since I won this championship is only getting greater. Cailin can’t even recognize the fact that I’ve been on a roll ever since the year started. People said that this year was going to go to Tarah Nova or Cameron Ella Ava. No, ladies and gents. This is MY year. This is my time, this is my pride and integrity that’s going to be on the line. I will not stop until I get the recognition that has been owed to me.

Because I deserve it. 
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Post on February 22nd 2016, 10:59 pm by Jacob Senn
[The dark skies fill the air as a black limousine drives up to the front of a very lavish home that sits in a bustling city with the shimmering lights of fluorescent bulbs surrounding the man-made constructions of grand architecture. The driver of the limousine pops the door open as he steps out, with his black dress suit and white glove while adorning a small hat on his head, pacing to the back of the stretched vehicle before popping the passenger door open. Two Prada loafers step on the curb that sits before the aforementioned home, as the Irish-born Merek Blackfyre steps out of the leather seat of the limousine into the world that stands before him. He nods to the driver, allowing him to park the vehicle into the garage that sits beside the home, as Merek turns around with the view showing the location of where he is at: Belfast, Northern Ireland. Merek, dressed in his Brioni Vanquish II suit straight from the James Bond films, looks to the camera with a conceited grin on his face.]

I know, Reasonable Doubt is set to be hosted in Dublin, Ireland. However, why in the world would I want to step foot on the filthy soil of a land like Ireland when I can spend my days in Northern Ireland, away from the drunken menial subordinates that have taken root in that pigpen of disease and idiocy that has turned that country into shambles? I can live in my home, away from the rabble, and enjoy the great pleasures of life before I step into the pit of revolting filth to continue my stride towards gaining the gold to rest on my shoulder and stand tall as The Mad King over my subjects! No, this is the place where I shall be and when I am forced to deign into entering that country of underlings, I shall do it with angst while entering a battle royal for the opportunity to gain the Interwire Championship for my kingdom AND AN IRISH NATION TO BE PROUD OF! This view that you see, a shining emerald in the world that only has a rival in that of the land of America, but we stand as the best in the world like Merek Blackfyre does. The subservient masses that inhabit the land that Reasonable Doubt will be hosted from, they are meager in their ambitions. As long as they have a pint in their bellies, a roof over their head, and some money to get some entertainment here and there, they will be happy with their lives, but not Merek Blackfyre. The Blackfyre name demands more than to simply meet meager means, but to live in extravagance and live around fire and gold. Now, I have a fireplace in every house that I own with the millions that I have gained to stay away from the family that cast me aside, but no gold to call my own other than that which I use as currency to pay to those vile creature of miniscule ambitions and goals.

Most people aspire to get the next dollar, to gain wealth beyond their wildest dreams, and to simply live in this world without a problem in sight. I assume, to a degree, that I will meet some of those people not only in the audience at Reasonable Doubt when they drink pint after pint to wallow in their sadness and numb the pain of never amounting to anything in their lives, but I will meet a few in that very ring. Men who aspire to win that championship for the pride, the glory, the money that lies behind it, and I intend to showcase that they are what the rest of the rabble of that disgrace to any person that dare call themselves an Irishman that they are the same: meager men with small minds. Elite Answers Wrestling needs someone who can look forward, someone who can rule like a true king, a regal man that can take on any threat and neutralize it with ease. I proved that no matter the size, the speed, the tenacity, whatever trait someone is praised for, I knock them down and leave them under my boot. Rex McAllister, Chris Elite, Zach Genesis, they were simply the first of many to fall against me. Piff Fumador, Maxwell Dachs, Kerry Eusford, and all the others that enter that ring in an attempt to be named the number one contender to MY Interwire Championship, they will join that list. Trust me, that championship is mine. The gold that I compete for an opportunity for already belongs to me, it only lies in the possession of a degenerate border-hopper that could barely handle another border-hopping Vixen to win that championship. I don’t know when or how, but I do know that no matter who wins in the battle of the spics, they aren’t nearly as impressive as Merek Blackfyre.

Unlike the rest of my opponents in this battle royal, I don’t need a substance, a group of people, or the sympathy of the people to get through everything. I don’t need to create a championship or carry the name of the imitation king, I just need to just be there. My talents, my abilities, and the fight that I bring wherever the men in charge decide to take me is exactly the reason why I will walk out, laughing at that country, with my hand raised high as the person to claim that Interwire Championship to where it rightfully belongs! Blackfyre shall rise from the ashes of his enemies and rule over the subjects of Elite Answers Wrestling! Long live Merek Blackfyre! LONG LIVE THE TRUE IRISH NATION!

[Merek Blackfyre turns around and walks to his door, carry his luggage with him that was removed from the limousine by the driver. He unlocks the door and enters his home with the cameraman trying to follow him, but Merek stops him at the doorstep. He shuts the door in the cameraman’s face, much to his disappointment, as the camera fades to black.]
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 22nd 2016, 10:20 pm by Lioncross
Respect is one of the most overused words I hear among my colleagues. All of us talk about respect, how it's the most important thing that a wrestler can earn, and how it's a threshold that needs to be crossed once. Cross it, and you're on easy street for the rest of your career. Those greener pastures on the other side of "respect" make people like Cage and Clark hungry. It's what Drake and Jones are currently enjoying, I would presume. And, I've begun to realize that with time, those green pastures turn to a barren land. It makes sense, since well-respected wrestlers are often called GOATs. Put goats on the green grass, and the grass will be eaten in no time. That's what happened with me.

I left my old stomping grounds, CWF and LEGION and other places, not on my own terms, but still on a positive note. People loved me. People... wait for it... respected me; fans and colleagues alike. When I came to EAW, that surge of excitement and respect carried me into believing that I could do great things here, even though I hadn't been in a ring in two years. Some might say that Heart Break Boy was an unfortunate victim of that, perhaps. But, I've slowly begun to realize - and HBB being one step ahead of me like he always has been, probably knew this before Redemption - that I need to earn my colleagues' respect every single day. That has to be why he kept saying stuff about wanting the old Lioncross to be the one that showed up in the greatest wrestling promotion in the world.

Some of my opponents have remembered me fondly. Others don't know. Others don't care. There are some who incorrectly believe that I'm expecting to get by on what I did years ago in CWF, and they're the ones I've put in their place. Mexican Samurai was one of them - remember him? And another one, Brett Kennedy, kept insinuating that as well. These are all people I needed to beat on Showdown in order to be looked at as a legitimate player here, and besides a blip against Aren Msitslav, I've done so. And, finally, I get a chance at a title: a belt that commands the respect of all.

I appreciate the step up in competition, as it'll make a win a deserved win, without any doubt. Let's face it: I beat Brett Kennedy, but I had a lot of help. I got help from Kennedy himself: one of the most predictable opponents I've faced. Sure, he's skilled. Sure, he could do great for himself in a few months, maybe even less. But he had his eyes on me so much, it started to get uncomfortable. I used that against him. He stared at me so much, I dug holes in the ground and let him fall in them. I know I can do better than this. I won't brag about letting Kennedy beat himself. I won't celebrate a win over Jay Omen. I won't act like Mexican Samurai was a bona fide opponent at the time, when he didn't care about anything besides his paycheck. Drake and Jones? Finally. Here we go.

Cage and Clark... might do something similar and walk into the backfist again. The champions certainly won't, and they're guys who will have to be beaten. They're not gift-wrapping their belts for anybody. They won't be looking to lose their belts to a team that claimed they deserved this match because of Cage winning a singles match by disqualification. They won't be looking to lose their belts to a team that started three weeks ago, and isn't even a real team with merchandise, entrance music, and creative tag team attacks. My partner and I will need to incapacitate all four of our opponents to the point where their only choice is to lose. Only then will we be able to make a statement: that two veterans who haven't teamed up for a month can be the best tag team in EAW.

I'll be clear: this isn't what I wanted. Knowing Carlos Rosso and the way he left Dynasty, this probably isn't what he wanted, either. For the most part, we've made our names as individuals, and if I had the choice, Carlos isn't the one wrestler I'd want to team up with. We're here to garner respect for ourselves, not each other. But, guess what: we don't get to dictate how we go about doing that. And, as long as we have that common goal, I'm ready to go for the belts. If this is the way we start getting title consideration, then so be it. After all, while every illustrious career is different, they all had one thing in common: wins. A lot of them. Many big ones, too. So many big wins, their fans respect them out of love, and their haters respect them out of looking like an ignorant idiot if they don't. I was there once, but I ate all the grass in that pasture. If I'm a goat, I want some new grass, and I finally have the chance to fight for it.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 22nd 2016, 6:25 pm by Cameron Ella Ava
Reasonable Doubt

Is this how it feels to be Chuck Scene?

I don’t know about everyone, but it feels like Déjà vu all over again? It feels like it’s November and we’re approaching Showdown: Redemption. I felt confident going into the super show. I had gotten the upper hand on Chuck after weeks of getting inside his mind, finding out what makes the poor psychopath tick. I dressed as cameramen, I stood on the apron and costed him matches. I did anything that I needed to do to stand out and make myself be taken seriously, not only as a woman, but as a challenger for the Interwire Championship. At Redemption, I did the unpredictable and I beat Chuck to become the first woman to ever win a man’s single championship. I was on top of the world. As champion, I took on challenger after challenger. I’ve defeated men like Jason Cage, Brayden Cruise, Mexican Samurai. Everyone began to notice the great matches that Showdown has to offer because I was in them. Everyone was impressed, astonished that I can not only put on great Vixens matches, but great Elitists matches as well. The chemistry with my opponents was something that could not be replicated. Every week since I became champion, I became better and better. It was scary to think that a woman with my talents could get better in the ring. While some Elitists began to regress, I only progressed. I added moves to my arsenal. I began to take risks that not even man would have the balls to attempt. I began to polish myself as a well-seasoned competitor—a threat to the EAW Champion. As I began to rule the mid card division with an iron fist, being the greatest Interwire Champion of all time, I should have known that all great title reigns come to an end.

I lost everything.

I should be angry that I lost my title to TLA, but I’m not angry. I’m not feeling the need to march up to James Shields’ office, demanding a rematch for my title. The moment I lost my title, I had already gotten what I wanted and that was to reinstate Chuck Scene to EAW. Everyone thought I was crazy. Perhaps, I am crazy. Perhaps, I don’t have a clue what I am doing. People are coming up to me asking: “Cameron, why did you want Chuck reinstated?” “Cameron, do you remember what kind of wrestler he is?” “Cam, Chuck is going to kill you.” The only reason I wanted Chuck reinstated is so that I can get my hands on him. I am sick of going to Showdown week after week getting attacked from behind because our security fucking sucks. I am suck of Chuck Scene getting the last laugh, while I’m in the ring looking like an idiot. When Chuck attacked me at King of Elite. I was embarrassed. I was humiliated. As much as I pride myself of being a woman that takes on all challengers, attacking me from behind is not a way to make a statement. That is more like a coward’s way of saying “Bitch, I’m back!” What Chuck did was take what I stand for and throw it back at me. I will not allow for Chuck to get the upper hand on me again. I take on all challengers, but take me on like a man. I know for a fact that I’ll be taking Chuck on like I am a man. I am going to ignore the fact that he may be bigger, tougher and more intimidating than me. The title was one of the few things I had in EAW. I lost everything now which means I have nothing more to lose.

Chuck, when you signed that contract, you sealed your fate. When you get me in such a dangerous environment like a No Holds Barred Match, you can’t imagine what I plan to do. The pain I plan to inflict on you. What you should know is that getting me pissed off is a difficult thing to accomplish it. Normally, I can be really nice, if I respect you, but the moment you piss me off, I began to plan your demise. Obviously, you should already know—I’m angry right now. I am anticipating our match at Reasonable Doubt this Saturday. I have had a few weeks to be silent and find ways to get what I want. I was wondering for what I would do the moment you get reinstated. Ooh, what I got planned is more painful than you whipping me with a title. It’s more painful than losing a championship. It’s more painful than getting your heartbroken. It’s more painful than losing your title and your EAW career in one week, so for you, nothing will come as a surprise to you. That is where the challenge comes from and I am VERY looking forward to meeting that challenge and conquering it. These past three weeks, you’ve had your fun. You’ve had your fun with thinking that you’ve finally broken me, that you have me so paranoid that you can attack me from any part of the arena that it will cost me a win on Saturday. I’m sorry to say that the fun is over and it’s time to fight. For someone as “ruthless” as you, a No Holds Barred match should be in your element. People could look at this match and especially since it’s in Ireland, they can say that you’re going to walk out with a victory, but never count me out.

It feels strange, I feel just like you Chuck, all I need to do now is put my career on the line and lose, but I’m not too stupid enough to do such a thing. I already know what your objective for this match is now. You’re planning to get your revenge on me for taking your title and getting rid of you. You must have been plotting this moment for about three months. The moment where we face each other once again and beat the holy shit out of me until I can’t fight anymore. It would be considered such a perfect plan if you can somewhat pull off a victory against me. I already beat you twice in a row. I would hate to beat you for a third time, but I have no problem beating you. My objective is to get my revenge as well. I have the need to redeem myself from losing my title, from being assault by you ever since King of Elite. I’m walking into our match at Reasonable Doubt with my head held high and with one thought racing through my mind…

Beat Chuck into a bloody pulp.
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Post on February 22nd 2016, 6:15 pm by Thomas Minns
Reasonable Doubt #1
Dublin, Ireland
How Times Change

Do not start a war that you know you are going to lose. Isn't it funny how times change and is short a short time period. It doesn't feel like too long ago that I was interfering in Xavier Williams vs Jamie O'Hara on Showdown and making my mark on this company. It doesn't feel that long ago that I was using that match between those two men as my platform to springboard my career to levels that it has never reached more. That moment was the moment that my feud with Xavier Williams really kicked off, our feud quickly became intense due to him not taking very kindly to the fact that I cost him his opportunity at retribution. I cost him a chance to win back the EAW Championship that he previously lost, I did something that I thought I needed to do. Xavier and I then had a three month feud with seemed to culminate at King of Elite. The result of that isn't important, the fact that I made a name for myself in this company is. In that particular situation, I was the one that was trying to make a name for myself. I was the elitist that was using an elitists success to my advantage. I utilized Xavier Williams position within the company to make Thomas Minns as important as I should be. Due to that feud, I became a household name. Everyone associates Showdown with Thomas Minns. If you tune into Saturday Night Showdown, you can guarantee that you are going to see Thomas Minns on your screen at least once that night. My risk paid off. I took a risk attacking Xavier and it paid off. My point in regards to that feud is just how times change. Three months ago, I was the one attacking people to make a name for myself. I was the one cheapshotting Xavier Williams in order to shoot to super stardom. The script has been completely flipped. I am now in Xavier Williams' position. I am the successful elitist that has been attacked from behind in order to benefit another elitist. The man that cheap shotted myself is, of course, my opponent at Reasonable Doubt, Chris Elite. I know what it's like, Chris. I know exactly what it is like to be in your situation. I know what it is like to be new to a brand and dying to make a name for yourself. I've been in your position. Due to my familiarity to what you have done, I understand it. I understand why you attacked me and tried to humiliate me in my hometown. I get it, Chris. However, just because I understand it, doesn't make it alright. You are going to have to pay. You need to man up and face the disastrous consequences for your fateful actions. You might have made a small name for yourself by attacking me but that's all the positives that you will be able to take from that decision. Right now, it might feel like you made an excellent decision that will benefit you in a big way. Trust me, you have made a grave error.

You have made a lot of little mistakes here which end up culminating in one overall error. For a start, you picked the wrong man to attack. The reason that I chose Xavier Williams as the man of my choice was the fact that I am in his bracket. I am at his level, if not above. I knew that I could go one on one with Xavier Williams, I proved that when I beat him at the Awards Show in December. I knew that Xavier Williams hit a brick wall and his career is dwindling, he was the perfect choice. When a predator attacks his prey, they go for the weak ones. They pick off the weak ones as they are the easiest to get. I'll give you an analogy that you might be able to comprehend. For example, who does a lion prey on? A lion goes for the wounded, the sick, the old animals in their jungle. They never go for the strong, healthy, fit animals. There's an obvious reason for that. That's exactly the mistake you have made. Rather than go for one of the older elitists who are struggling, you chose to attack the healthiest and strongest elitist in the fucking company. That screams of idiocy and poor decision making to me. You didn't think this one through, Chris. You rushed into a decision because of how desperate you were to make a name for yourself. You should have sat back and analysed the roster. You should have taken some time to look at which elitists you could pick off and eliminate. That is exactly what I did, head my advice. I am someone who has been and done exactly what you have attempted. I succeeded, you are going to fail. That was just your first mistake. Let's move onto your next mistake, the setting. Let's return to a few weeks ago, the Showdown in which you decided it would be a smart idea to attack your superior. I remember it well, I was just talking to my people in my hometown and you decided to attack me. Not exactly the most impactful time to attack someone is it? Don't you think it would have been smarter to wait until a match to attack me and set more of a precedent going forward for what kind of elitist you really are. Once again, we need to take a look at exactly what I did. It feels like there's a common theme to this. The reason for this is because I actually did it right, you didn't. I attacked Xavier Williams in a EAW Championship match. I attacked Xavier Williams in the biggest match in Showdown history. Straight away, that episode of Showdown is associated with the name Thomas Minns. Showdown ended with a picture that we will definitely see in the future, Thomas Minns with the EAW Championship raised firmly above my head. Nobody will ever remember how you attacked me. You attacked me in the middle of a Showdown episode, it wasn't during a particularly important moment and it will be forgotten quickly. You are making far too many rookie mistakes, Chris. How do you possibly think that you are going to be able to hang with the best in the ring at Reasonable Doubt? You evidently haven't thought things through here, you are in above your head. This isn't going to end well for you, Chris.

You know, if I had to choose an elitist to attack me in an attempt to make a name for himself then you would certainly be up there. I'd put you on the level of Maxwell Dachs, Aiden Diemos, Kerry Eusford, the real low of the low. Let's be honest here, Chris, your resume doesn't exactly seem intimidating. As a matter of fact, it is nothing short of pathetic. The fact that the highlight of your career is one superkick at House of Glass is embarrassing. You have achieved absolutely squat since you stepped foot in this company. Stepping into the ring with Thomas Minns is about to be the real highlight of your career. Luckily for you, it means that you will be able to tell your grand kids how you once stepped into the squared circle with the great Thomas Minns, you're welcome for that. I'll be honest, I can't exactly say that I am frightened by an Iconomy reject. All of the members of the Iconomy have gone onto greater things since leaving the Iconomy. That is except one person, Chris Elite. Cailin Dillon has gone on to win the EAW Specialist Championship and defend it on numerous occasions. Eclipse Diemos won the biggest tournament in EAW in King of Elite. Hell, even JJ Silva has managed to rack up a few important victories. When are you going to show that you belong in this company? Perhaps it was Chris Elite that was really holding the Iconomy back. If The Iconomy had recruited someone else, they might have made it a bit further than they actually did. The Iconomy's original goal was to dominate EAW. That didn't exactly go to plan, did it? The Iconomy didn't benefit a single one of you, that's why all of the members were so desperate to leave. It's ironic that all of you came together in The Iconomy because you were feeling forgotten about but you ended up becoming the forgotten one in The Iconomy. Everyone was too busy talking about JJ Silva and Eclipse Diemos, they forgot about poor Chris Elite. Is somebody feeling a little bit neglected? Is that why you yearn from the attention of someone who is far superior to you? Is that why you are desperate to appear a threat to me? You've hit a real point of delusion, Chris. However, you're fooling absolutely nobody but yourself. You've created your own hype and you're the only person that believes in it. You've somehow managed to convince yourself that you are actually a threat to somebody in EAW, you're an embarrassment to yourself. I think you need to take a good long hard look at yourself in the mirror and actually take a second out of your day to think things through. There is one big question you need to ask yourself and I will leave you on it. Am I really the sort of enemy that you want to make?
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Post on February 22nd 2016, 9:27 am by LVCIAN
Whatever transpired in the past between you and Kevin Devastation doesn't concern me or anybody but yourself. Nobody wants to hear your little anecdotes. This is not the time to reminisce, Cyclone. You should be preparing yourself to endure my wrath. I assure you attaining survival will not be an easy goal for you to reach. You see the last time we shared a ring I was weak, fragile. I was vulnerable. I could have easily been defeated. But things have changed drastically since then. I have evolved time and time again and I continue to evolve. Something one of your biggest adversaries Kevin Devastation couldn't do. And what happened? He failed to adapt, he showcased inability to compete with today's elitists and he perished. Nowadays he's just living in the shadow of Vic Vendetta. Kevin Devastation and I are nothing alike, there isn't even one single similarity between us. However, the differences between himself and I are endless. He miserably failed to get the job done, he couldn't halt your momentum, he was unsuccessful at stopping you once and for all. Kevin Devastation was wrong. Your selfish ambitions won't be the death of you.. I will be the death of you. I'll make sure this is our last encounter, I will make sure that we never cross paths again. I'll inflict an unimaginable amount of pain upon you. I'll make you suffer like nobody in the history of professional wrestling has been able to make you suffer. I'll superman punch you, I will spear you in half as many times as I have to, until you are unable to get up. With your resurgence comes a new goal for me. I have to manifest a new facet of me, an aspect of Lucian Black the land of elite has never witnessed before. That's the only way I will prove what I have been saying for a long time now: that I am the best from our generation or any other. You have had one hell of a career. You've won championships, you headlined some pivotal EAW shows, you entered the Hall of Fame.. That's impressive, I'll give you that. Then again you have had someone to mentor you throughout all your hardships and tribulations practically your entire career. I on the other hand never had anybody to aid me in my transformation from nobody to someone. In my darkest moments, I never had anybody to serve as my guide. I had to guide myself. I've been on my own since the infancy of my career. Fighting for a chance, for my dreams to take shape. It has taken me a long time to realize my dreams but I firmly believe I will get my opportunity to shine soon. I know my time is coming. And I won't allow you to steal it from me, Cyclone. I have allowed enough people to steal my dreams, to kill them, to shatter them into tiny little pieces. Those days are over. 

You've received an incredible quantity of praise. Not just since you made your return but your entire career. Perhaps at one point in time you were deserving of it, but I don't think you are deserving of it now. You aren't worthy of these people's adoration not after what you've done. You have been avoiding the truth, dodging it as if it was a bullet. You abandoned us all, you disregarded EAW when you were needed the most, when a tyrant threatened to destroy everything we care about, everything we love. I don't think these people would want greatness at your expense.. Why would they use YOU to propel their names into super stardom? Your name has no significance in this company anymore. You're irrelevant and you are destined to be irrelevant until the day you decide to pack your backs and ride off into the sunset again. This time the aftermath of your match, our match won't be generally similar to your previous matches. This time you will be defeated, you will be humiliated in front of millions. YOUR spot? Did you honestly say that? You have no rightful spot here anymore. You lost your right the moment you made your decision to leave this company. You're the one in need to vie for a spot in this company now. I'm not wishing your return never came to fruition. I'm just wishing you actually started from the bottom like I did when I came back. We haven't been treated as equals and honestly I can see why, I absolutely comprehend it. You made it into the Hall of Fame, you won the big one I haven't.. Still I expected this company to have some decency, some respect for me and all the ones who have been busting their asses for years to get a shot at glory. I know you can beat anybody, I know what you are capable of. But regardless the velocity you rise to the top of the hierarchy I still think you should have started from the bottom. Corruption is clearly still existent despite all my efforts to eradicate it. This company exhibit it proudly and so do you. You proved that you have no respect for me or anyone who works hard for what they want in EAW. You demonstrated that you don't care about our hard work to become someone in this industry. And that's really sad, disappointing too because I thought you were different than these other legends who left. Evidently, you're just like them all.  Words can't express how badly I want to hit you in that big mouth of yours. I've been waiting so long for this opportunity. For a chance to step into the ring with the great Cyclone once again. You won't beat me this time. I've evolved. I went from being the laughing stock of the locker room to the leader of the locker room. This is my house, my turf and you have invaded it. You have walked straight into the lion's den and I promise you that you will regret it.

You seem to think I am a marionette, a puppet that belongs to the management and you couldn't be any more wrong. I can think for myself, I can draw my own conclusions. I'm a man not a kid who can be deluded or deceived with the slightest of ease. You still think I am an infant, don't you? You still think I am that kid you established dominance over all those years ago. You're in for a rude awakening, my old friend. I never wished to emulate anybody, I never wished to have parallel careers with anybody. I never followed in anyone's footsteps, I made my own way. I carved my own path. I'm not a cheap copy of Y2Impact, I am not a second rate RRS. I'm the first of my kind. Maybe you have worked hard, so what? You're not exclusive to hard work. I've worked harder than you Cyclone. For nearly seven years I have been around doing this in different companies around the world but I have dedicated more time to EAW more than any other company. I have contributed to the success of this company more than you have. But all of that is besides the point. I was here when it mattered, when EAW needed me the most and that is what is truly important. You have this misconception that I am after your spot. I'm not after your spot, I am here to defend MINE. You're the one threatening to deprive me of my spot. You aspire, you aim to re-establish yourself at my expense and I won't allow you to. I worked hard to make a name for myself, to become the man I am today. If you want people to remember just how good you are work your ass off just like I have incessantly for nearly seven damn years.

I don't require a miracle to defeat you. You will need one if you want to survive this though because I am bring my A game to Dynasty. I have to successfully defend what is rightfully mine. Because if I don't, then what will I have left? Maybe you are right, maybe I am afraid to lose my spot. That's why I will fight tooth and nail to retain it, to maintain my position as the leader of the Dynasty brand. This Friday you won't just be facing an obstacle, you will be facing your BIGGEST challenge yet. You just came back. You got something to prove to the new age of elitists and to me. You have to prove you still got it. Will you succeed? Or will you fail? Only time will tell.
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Post on February 22nd 2016, 8:33 am by Jamie O'Hara
Bris An Prionsa
Reasonable Doubt Promo I

King of Elite was far from surprising. Ever since day one I’ve faced an uphill battle; I’ve had my back against the wall time and time and time and time again. So was being screwed out of retaining my title a surprise? No, in fact it was rather fitting for everything to unfold the way it did and what I worked so hard to achieve to result in ashes in my own hands. Furthermore it doesn’t come as a surprise I’m not finding myself preparing to take that title back instead having to earn a rematch while someone else just walks straight on in. But that’s okay because it doesn’t matter who emerges from that match the champion, it doesn’t matter whoever else wants to step in between me and that championship, I WILL reclaim the EAW Championship and I WILL reclaim my spot at the pinnacle of EAW. It doesn’t matter if it’s next week, next month or a few later, there is only one single outcome. Get knocked down, pick yourself up, dust the dirt off and start again; I’ve been spewing that same garbage ever since night zero and it’s only led to more heartbreak, more agony in having what I work so hard ripped out of my hands. Climb – Triumph – Defeated – Repeat. That spins around in my mind, an endless loop that I can’t turn off. Too much of a good guy, trying too hard to appease the crowd and be the ultimate lone hero they praise. It leads me right here, having to chase time and time again. Truth is if Matt Miles didn’t take Lannister out at Redemption I wouldn’t have become the EAW Champion, I would be no better than Aren Mstislav, I’d be trying to achieve the same thing he’s trying to achieve; trying to prove to myself that I can be the EAW Champion. That…that seemed all temporary in the big scheme of things really. However, there’s no turning back. There’s no step down; I’ve sucked in the thin air at the top, I’ve tasted that sweet ecstasy and like the drug it is I’m addicted and I’m just going to be hunting for my next fix. Class, finesse, I’ve tried to hold true to those two values since I featured on some tag match. All they do is lead to what I accomplished; a short reigns that are celebrated as if a hero has saved the day. Xavier Williams used Albert Hitchman, Lannister used both Aren and Dark Demon. Successful champions have more than a plan A, someone waiting in the shadows to intervene and each time I didn’t have someone watching my back, I didn’t even have a fucking equalizer. Too precious to bend the rules, to tip the scales in my favour in fear of criticism, in fear of becoming someone I didn’t want to be. Nah, no more of that. I’m the best in the fucking world. I don’t need to go out there each and every week to prove it; I don’t put that claim in any doubt now and it won’t be doubted when my legacy reads victory after victory.
My road back to the top starts with the first man to intervene. You’re a real tear jerker Aren. I almost felt one run down the side of my cheek as you wailed about not being able to win when it matters, incapable of breaking through the glass ceiling and feeling as if you need to prove to yourself that you’ve got what it takes to win the big one. My heart was racing, I fought so hard to keep that smile from appearing; suppressed from the fury of being told I need to go through you of all people to get my rematch. Touching. So, so bloody touching. It makes it so hard to accept that I’ll be crushing your hopes, your dreams; every last shred of belief that you can become a king and ascend to the highest peak of our business is about to be destroyed. But why is the question. Why can you not win when it matters, why does it always seem inevitable for you to lose, to fuel the careers of everyone around you? The answer is simple; it lies in even in the handful of matches we’ve faced in. Let’s go back to Pain For Pride. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to when you and I shared the ring with five other competitors vying for the chance to claim that briefcase, that shot at becoming a world champion. In the end a more superior talent emerged victorious and that incredible athlete went on to claim that title and write his name in the history books. Fast forward six months and you’re the unknown name, the hottest acquisition to the Showdown brand and thrown into that final, vacant chamber spot. The element of surprise and a handicapped champion wasn’t enough for you to succeed now was it Aren? Instead you fell just short of claiming your first world championship, validating yourself and once again you seemed destined to hang with the “almosts” of this company. But you didn’t let defeat stand in your way; you took an offer from Lannister to take you under his iron wing and lead you to victory at King of Elite, to become the new king of this company….Oh….wait…you lost. So what did you gain from this partnership? Nothing. Instead you found yourself on a faster path to death with no light at the end of the tunnel. See here’s the thing, first you cost me my title and now you want to use me to elevate yourself? To prove to yourself and put yourself in the frame for a title shot all at my expense? Get in the fucking sea.
Here’s the funny thing Aren, that reason why you can’t seem to win when it matters? The reason why you slip and fall when you’re so close to touching the peak of the proverbial mountain? You’re secondary. All your success, every accolade you’ve accomplished since arriving here has yet to take the company by storm. Every single feat you’ve achieved has been nothing more than secondary in comparison to what someone like me who in less time achieved far more with far less and then went on to win the big one while you rotted away.
You’re secondary to the likes of me; you’re secondary to even Eclipse Diemos.
Oh, by the way he too was just fodder at Pain For Pride so what does that say about you?
Words so often tend to lose their meaning in language my friend. Take the word legacy for an example. Defined by the scholars as simply an amount or property left behind when someone passes on or handed down by a predecessor. To so many that’s it; there’s no big, grand meaning to it, no symbolic title that’s attached; a legacy is something left behind by an ailing grandmother on her deathbed. But for us, to the majority a legacy is something so, so much more. A legacy is a list of accomplishments and accolades collected, achieved by a great person. To us it’s every single spine-tingling match, every move we dance, every story we craft, every victory and every fucking statement issued by someone who will go down as one of the greatest of all time. Legacies are what we are all building Aren. Some of us have them captured, framed, imprinted on plaques for the world to see and some of us aren’t yet through with chasing them. And some of us will never have a legacy worth remembering; that is unfortunately you. Who will remember a guy who crawled so close to the top only to choke and fall? Who will remember someone who failed to win the big one when he had almost every skill, every attribute required to succeed. You’re wasting your time trying to prove yourself instead of figuring out how you can create a legacy worth remembering as a secondary act. That’s why you lost at Pain For Pride, that’s why you lost at Road to Redemption and that’s why you lost at King of Elite; your legacy only stretches as far as the likes of the Pure Championship. Care to disagree? Care to claim something else that’s more than just a mid-card title?
I didn’t think so.
That feeling of dread you felt, of feeling like you’re a miserable failure when you rolled out of the ring defeated will pale in comparison to how it’s going to feel staring up into those bright lights, your head fucking spinning and wondering where to next. A moment to come to terms with the reality that once again you were nothing but fodder of a far more superior talent and perhaps my words of being destined to leave a legacy behind that’s not worth remembering; merely being secondary to so many others will start to sink in. All this hot air has its fair share of validity; every time you have faced me one way or another you’ve been defeated. Every time we’ve shared the same ring I’ve always emerged on top.  I want you to one day wake up from the coma I’ll put you in this Saturday. I want you to wake up and listen to every word I’ve said and then smile about all the nice things I’m about to say about you. And it’s with the utmost sincerity when I say in this business there is no better ring hand than Aren Mstislav. A ring hand is someday you can count on for a decent match, a talent who will win a few titles and maybe a few fans along the way. Basically you’re the definition of mediocrity. Nobody has ever compared a victory over you compared to a victory over the likes of Mr. DEDEDE, Brian Daniels, Dark Demon and so many more; even myself. At Reasonable Doubt you’ve got so much more to fight for. Where Aren Mstislav goes after this one night all comes down to victory or defeat. How heavy does that defeat weigh on you Aren? How much harder does it become to stare into the mirror and look at yourself knowing that you're nothin’ more than a fucking failure? I want to be there where you realise your face is squished against that glass ceiling and you can’t go any higher. I want to be there when you crack realising that this is as good as it will get. I want you to be there when I reclaim the EAW Championship after defeating Lannister so you can see that I am everything you hoped you would become in this business; everything you could have been.
I will break the Russian Prince.
You should have let your master writher in pain Aren. You should have left him there with his face slowly melting away; costing me my championship was the stupidest mistake you’ve ever made and now there is no running from it. You wanted this match so don’t blame anyone but yourself when you’re gasping for air, choking on your fucking teeth. Gone will be that fighting spirit instead your face now reads as did Old Yeller’s when Timmy took him behind that faithful barn. Gone will be the will to live replaced with the far more euphoric feeling of fulfillment; that you helped someone much, much more deserving. Gone will be the pride, deep within you’ll be proud of your sacrifice in making right your wrong. Success has never been your destiny. Always been the superior talent, always will be and that bit of hot air will be known as pure, indisputable fact. And for you? Well, I guess it’s back to fighting more secondary talent that only serve to further people like me. Ultimately a miserable death, a career, a legacy that isn’t worth remembering. Another “almost” in this company and another talent we look back on and think “man, he could have been something huh?” Make yourself a paper championship or better yet buy a replica of the EAW, Answers or World title because that is as close as you will get your hands on such a belt and maybe, just maybe you can throw it over your shoulder, look in the mirror and for one second believe you left this world as a champion before darkness takes over. Of course, it doesn’t need to end this way. I promise you that if you can accept your fate I will offer you the chance to kneel at my feet and sacrifice yourself to help me regain MY championship when the time comes. I’ll offer your soul, your career salvation Aren; show you how to smash through that glass ceiling that you will otherwise fail to crack, let alone scratch. But I fear there is no such hope for you; I just hope and pray you’re a slightly less mildly retarded man who ignores the barking orders of his master and does what’s best for his health and for his future. We will once again clash after Reasonable Doubt, months, perhaps a year down the track and my words now will remain true. I will once again run off the times you and I have faced, I will drive home the point you failed each and every time. I will mention those who have surpassed you, used your worthless career as a springboard towards bigger and better things. I will name your lackluster accomplishments and remind you that they are all just secondary. We will repeat ourselves, almost word for word and history will follow suit. Mstislav vs O’Hara will be remembered as a heavily one-sided affair, judged inhumane by many. Perhaps this needs to become a regular quote of mine, engraved in a golden plaque and hung on the wall but I will plant a gun to the side of your skull Aren; a six shooter and will fill that head with a bullet of true belief before blowing the false belief that you are even close to matching me, that you can hang with me in this business all over the canvas.
Make no mistake, you don’t have a fucking chance. Any single shred of hope you have left will be quickly ripped to pieces the moment that bell rings. Christ, the crown was served to you on a silver platter but you were far too incompetent to seize it; In what world do you beat me this Saturday? None.

You deserve everything that’s coming your way. 
My time to shine
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Reasonable Doubt
Promo #1 - My Time Is Coming

Ah, yes. Here we are with Reasonable Doubt just around the corner and I guess EAW has finally decided to reward The Rex Master for all his hard work since he has arrived.

Now let's get to what got me to the Showdown main show. Many obviously would forget that there was a certain battle royal for the right to face the Interwire Champion just a little over a month ago that I was also involved. I was there with other new talent like myself as well as some of the more established talent. That was 10 man battle royal. That was where I showed my worth as the new guy, by coming down to the final three. It was won by that crooked dousche Brayden Cruise after, with the help of hired hands, had myself and Jason Cage thrown over the top rope. It's been an uphill battle to try and get an opportunity like this again, but here we are. The training and hard work has payed off.

Now this is not a 10 man battle royal, but it is still highly competitive and I think that the winner just may get some much needed exposure similar to what Brayden Cruise experienced when he became the # 1 contender. The only differences now are the fact that this match is on the FPV pre-show and the Interwire Championship just changed hands from Cameron Ella Ava to TLA.

I've been in the ring with TLA, he's sharp. A magnificent competitor. We wrestled a pretty good match. In the end he found a way to beat me and that ultimately is what counts. I would certainly like another shot at him with the title on the line to see if I can return the favor.

Now every week I have made progress since I have got here. Or else I wouldn't have gotten on an EAW FPV.  I feel like I need to win a match like this. A match that could thrust me into the spotlight. I've seen how it treated a guy like Brayden Cruise. However, he made some miscalculated steps along the way. Things that guys like me can learn from going forward. I feel it's that time though. It's that time for a hardworking blue chipper like myself to really break out here and start to get some much needed recognition. The other guys in this Battle Royal will obviously have something to say about that, and in time I will sound off on them.  I will be back later to let those other blowhards in this match know how I feel about their chances in this match. Until then Ta, Ta for now losers.

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Selfish ambitions huh?

It's been years since I've heard that. When Kevin Devastation attacked me on a Dynasty event after Grand Rampage 2010, and thus severed the cord which bonded the Black Hand together, he stared straight into my soul and venomously screamed that my selfish ambitions would be the death of me as I drifted from every member and forged my own path. What turned out to be the clearest path of them all. Kevin Devastation in those days was extremely cocky, but strangely quite levelheaded at the same time. As if nobody could say or do anything to phase him since he believed a dominant world title reign was inevitable. I couldn't understand why he refused to respect my accomplishment. "Selfish Ambitions?" I would think, gritting my teeth. "Why couldn't he celebrate my Grand Rampage victory just like he celebrated my New Breed title reign?" I ignorantly thought. I would laugh at his face for that, but in the end he was painfully right. The Black Hand formed without me while I was languishing on Turbo despite being contracted on Showdown. One of the members ended up getting kicked out of the group; Kevin then turned around and extended his hand towards me asking if I would like to join him and thus be the linchpin holding the Black Hand together. I looked back at my career and how it seemed I was doomed to be stuck as a perpetual runt on the neglected C Show. You take the first opportunity you get for your dream so that you open up more paths. I accepted despite not trusting him at first---he knew that as well. Most people simply want to win a world title, but I fought like I needed it for survival. So much, that when my initiation into the group was revealed to be me breaking the limbs of my friend Hurricane Hawk, I didn't flinch. To refuse to admit Kevin Devastation wasn't right would just leave me on a muddled path. Ambitions are selfish by nature, Lucian, you have to sacrifice constantly in order to maintain any chance of grabbing them. You can try to play it safe and attempt to make only friends and not enemies, but even they will be lost as your ambition clashes with theirs and you realize the more you climb, the more EAW not only rewards selfishness, but has that as the only option to survive. You're so close and yet so far, Lucian and you still don't seem to understand that. Understand that there will be a time where you question what will you sacrifice if you get another opportunity at the belt that has haunted your dreams for years. If I did take that muddled path, I would have wanted to start over. So is that why you often came back with various names and various reasons for why you fight? Because you're afraid of losing something? If that's the case then I don't have nor need a reason for wanting to beat you. You're bound to self destruct before my eyes anyway.

Do you believe I've been praised too much, Lucian? To the point where I believe I'm omnipotent like a God? If you're not one hundred percent sincere, then praises might as well be a dagger being lodged into your back. Being showered with adoration every time you make a move doesn't mean much when there's always an ulterior motive at play. They force a smile or a welcoming gesture believing that I won't see them for the vultures that they are, trying to find some way to attach themselves to my name to uplift themselves. I prefer when people's actions are blunt and their true feelings rise up to the surface because I fought so many opponents, made so many rivals, that it doesn't matter how they feel since the end result will always be the same. A supporter---a doubter, they all blur into one for their true intention is vying for my spot. In this company, intentions are what keeps me on track---and I know all about yours, Lucian. My return finally manifested after two long years and here you're at the forefront wishing it never became a reality. You're right that a lot has changed Lucian---you being on the same playing field as every other legend was something once seen as inevitable, but no, what is inevitable is you slowly coming to the realization that time has never been on your side and that it isn't going to reward you with countless opportunities. One of these days, you will be granted one last window of opportunity and that's where all this stems from. When you look at how I have come back and yet still on a higher rung than you, still have the right to look down on you, you retaliate, not because it's "unfair", which is arbitrary, but because you believe I can be the road block who denies you the world. You can shout and pout that I broke some code of conduct as if I have to earn the right to face a man I've beaten before, but it's fruitless, Lucian. Even if I were to start at the very bottom, you would quickly find me back at my place in the hierarchy as you are fully aware I can easily defeat the vast majority of wrestlers happily removing years of their life just to even get to the same position as you. No, EAW management doesn't dare remove the spot I got to with my own hands because they want to see a man do it with their own. They want to see fear sink into the pores of my skin and have me believe that my spot is a double-edged sword. Until I become a defeated man with no desire to fight and for me to claim that coming back is a mistake. For all who look at my story as inspiration to instead view it as a cautionary tale. Unsurprisingly, both of your interests seem to align. You really do believe that you have the ability to see the flame that is my hope and dreams burn out and become nothing but sparks of ember.

Pathetic to allow yourself into believing that you're going against the grain when management has the reins and are leading you to draw the absurd conclusions they want you to have, but that's expected and what happens when one single night where you're the protagonist engulfs you with unwarranted delusions. That night when you saved Dynasty from your own misstep be your pyrrhic victory because your win at Road to Redemption shoved you into a temporary role that you have still been trying to maintain to this day. You had the weight of the world on your shoulders as you fought for the fate of Dynasty which ticked off yet another forced identity as your self loathing separates you from who you really are. One day you stare right above me and speak to me like you're some upstart facing and beating seemingly impossible odds every night when you refuse to let go of the moment you wasn't a side character to another person's accomplishments, proving the rule that you're an underachiever who won big for once in six years. The next minute, you speak like you're some grizzled veteran who has earned his stripes and thus gets to afford looking down on me, believing to have reached the top of the mountain while I have been away, when you're still fighting to get there. Your best one that I can't get enough of is the one where you act like some rebel with the answers to everything, as you fight the corrupt elite and promises to establish a new regime that will enforce subjective concepts like justice---when all you yearn for is a seat at the legends table with the respect that comes with it. You twist people's stories to the point where you foolishly insist that I have never worked hard in my life when my story of clawing my way from the absolute bottom to the lime light is the entire reason I became a legend in the first place. It's what inspired your team mate to branch out and not become known as simply just a good tag partner and It's the story you wish to emulate every morning you wake up and see a brief image of the World Heavyweight Title. You've been right this entire time, where you are at right now is your rightful position because you being relevant enough for me to notice your cognitive dissonance is an amusing sight to see. But there are people who think I'm irrelevant though, so there is still hope right? By some stroke of luck, you will be able to say that you slayed the behemoth that I am, right? R-right? Let me give you some advice which you will need if you want to take my spot away from me. If you want to send me packing to Battleground.

                                                                     There are no miracles up here.
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Who would have thought that this young kid once known as Toxic would have the opportunity to grasp onto his spot in the Hall of Fame? Not one person expected that I would become something in the slightest when it came to this business, let alone become something great. I was meant to be a man that was beaten and slaughtered by the men that this company had their hearts set on to lead this company into the future that they wanted. I was meant to be the kid that would watch the likes of Lucius Creed propel into superstardom, while I was meant to wither away into nothing. It always burned me down to my very core; I’ve said it in the past, I always used that to help move forward when everything else felt lost. It was things like that which helped me turn my back on everything that I once believed in, to side with Dark Demon as he formed the council that would help him clutch onto his second World Championship. From the moment that I first accepted that offer when I first made my way off NEO and onto Dynasty, I’ve been forced to listen profess that my success stemmed from the fact that I leeched from his legacy. The fact that I found myself standing next to the man meant that I was fed success directly from his hand; the New Breed Championship, the Cash in the Vault, and even the EAW Championship after the man had left the company, all stemmed back to the fact that I was once under the wing of the man of with such a history in this company. In all honesty, while I never thought that I would once admit it - they’re right. Without Dark Demon, there’s a major chance that I wouldn’t be standing in this company at all, let alone at the top in the position that I do now. The EAW and New Breed Championship reigns; the Cash in the Vault - all gone if it wasn’t for the offer that Demon and the spotlight that came with it. I’ll never forget the words his said; sit under my wing and I’ll make you a greater World Champion that Mr. DEDEDE, CM Banks, Mak, Jaywalker, Impact, and even himself. He offered to make me into the one thing that I wanted to become more than anything else. Not a World Champion, but instead...

The Best in the World.

As cliche as it sounds - nothing has driven me further than being the best thing that this company has to offer. Knowing that you are, without question the very best at the thing you’ve sacrificed everything for. It’s no secret that during the months leading into Pain for Pride Seven, I was constantly told that I would be the man that would sit on the throne that Dark Demon created when he was ready to step aside. I was told to sit back and wait while the man stood at the top of both Dynasty and this entire company as the Answers World Champion. Obviously that never happened and something that I’ll get into soon did, but let’s be honest Demon; if I were to have continued to sit back and wait, I would still be waiting. I would still be waiting for the opportunity to stand at the top of the company in the position that I rightfully deserved. But, in reality, that’s all I really meant to do, wasn’t I? I was never actually meant to surpass you; the name Xavier Williams was never actually meant to become greater than his teacher’s. I believe that something you said a few years ago proves my point perfectly. Leading into Pain for Pride you professed that I would win the Cash in the Vault briefcase, which I did, but that I would cash it in to take your throne. When you were done, I would use that briefcase to seize back this company, but instead of giving it back to you, I would take it for myself. Weeks after I almost kicked your teeth down your throat at Pain for Pride, the idea of Xavier Williams taking your throne was never actually brought back up. I was called foolish because I threw away the potential that I possessed by biting the hand that fed me. You professed to the world that I could have cashed in on the EAW Championship and that You and I, along with Cleopatra could have ruled this company together, but we both know that even as a World Champion, I would have still found myself under your thumb. Which brings me back to my point.

I was never meant to take that throne.

You offered me the same chance to rebuild me into the thing that I once was. Coming off the heels of having the EAW Championship ripped from my grasp by the hand of Jamie O’Hara at Redemption, I’ll be the first to admit that things didn’t seem to go as I had planned. I never once thought that I would go longer than a week without the Championship I believed should have hung from my shoulder. In all honesty, if it wasn’t for Thomas Minns, it never would have. I have to ask something that’s been on my mind for months. Why did you return? There had to be something more than just the itch to compete. You see, you’ve reigned as the Hall of Fame Champion for eight months, but something more is hanging over your head. A name that’s haunted you from the moment that you left this company; MY name. I’m not going to doubt that you’re a completely different monster to the one that I slayed in the past, but you’ve proven that there’s still chips in that armor. Mexican Samurai proved that there’s still chips in that armor; the man that couldn’t even beat Cameron Ella Ava a mere week after knocking you down a few notches at King of Elite. I’ve said this in the past, but in this situation it has never meant more. This is your one opportunity to cross off the one name you were meant to kill a year and a half ago. You can talk about the fact that you already had a foot out of the door, but let’s be honest, it’s nothing more than an excuse. Cliche, I know, but it doesn’t make it any less of the truth. This match at Reasonable Doubt is the reason you returned. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO RIGHT THE ONE WRONG OF YOUR CAREER. The loss to Scott Diamond at Pain for Pride may have been a heavy toll to handle; the loss to Mr. DEDEDE 3 years ago may be something that still weighs on your mind, but what I did to you is something I KNOW eats at you more than anything else. If you can’t walk out of Reasonable Doubt with that Hall of Fame Championship still over your shoulder, everything you’ve done over the past year means absolutely nothing. SLAUGHTERING the Heart Break Boy - meaningless. VICTIMIZING Diamond Cage - meaningless. CONQUERING Cameron Ella Ava - meaningless.

But you already know what, don’t you?

It’s no secret that the balls in your court, Demon. You’re given the chance to stand in front of your people as the prideful champion with the championship that you cherish. Dublin, Ireland - an environment that I have never stood in, and an environment that I’ll probably never stand in against. I can’t wait. I’m walking into Reasonable Doubt with the same expectation that I had a year and a half ago. I’m not meant to walk into your home country of Ireland; I’m not meant to stand in front of YOUR people and beat their champion. They call this the Final Chapter; nothing more than pointless promotion for the people in power. The monster you made me… that’s what describes this perfectly. Hell in a Cell - a legacy cements itself, while the other burns to nothing but ash. Who’s is which? I know the answer and I’m more than sure that you do too. Six days until I stand at the top of this company as a champion once more.

Six days until I etch my name into the Hall of Fame.
Re: EAW Promoz!
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???: You know they're right. You'll never take this new you seriously. You haven't changed a bit. You're just the same punk as bitch as the day I left you.

(Maxwell Dachs wakes up and sits up and stares at the unknown person. They raise up the baseball bat. Cut to black as they begin to swing down.)

(Text goes across the screen that reads, "Earlier that day, before Battleground." Maxwell Dachs is walking around backstage at Battleground and begins speaking to the camera.)

Maxwell Dachs: Haruna thinks I'm not serious about this match. Clearly she doesn't know what she is talking about anymore. All the anger and rage and angst has begun to cloud her mind. It is very apparent that Haruna has done the same thing as I have. We have both looked at our past couple of months in EAW and have noticed that thing have clearly haven't gone our ways and she's made changes to reflect that. This new attitude from Haruna is respectable. She has taken a much needed personality change. I really respect that. But do not get me wrong Haruna. As I may not have shown it in the past with all of my shitty behavior, unlike what you think I am sure as all hell more qualified to work in this company than anybody else. I worked for my chance to be here. You should know how it feels to have someone insult your reason for being in EAW than anybody. I expected better from you. I would have never thought that this new Haruna would be so damn ignorant. 

(Dachs turns a corner backstage.)

Dachs: Haruna. The line between good and evil isn't always sharp. However, it can be in the case when you look at our partners. Rey Shamez is a honest person, she honestly wants to do good upon those around her. And when you look at the living incarnation of what it means to be an evil shitty person in your partner Masuda. This man has no respect for wrestling. It sickens me. What kind of scum comes into this company and doesn't even have the respect to show up and prove himself. However, sometimes the line between good and evil is a blur. Like you and me, Haruna. Honestly, I have respect for what you're doing by changing and showing that you are self aware enough to forge this new path in your career. However, me and Rey need this win way more than you and Masuda do. This can be clearly seen in both of your disinterest in this match. Get it together, the both of you.

(Dachs meets up with Rey backstage.)

Rey Shamez: You ready? We need to win this, man.

Dachs: Lets do this. We got this.

(Fade to black.)
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"Hard to say what caught my attention ; it’s just so natural, maybe the look in the eyes of people when they watch me destroy someone. It’s quite the thrill. she nodded with a smile, batting her eyes People can make jokes about me, can say things they want, but at the end of the day, I have such a hold on them, such fear over them so much power the tremble at the sound of my name. she said twirling her hair as she rocked side to side ever so slowly People want to know everything about me, it’s curiosity but do they want to know about the bad, the evil that comes with the good? she questioned sharply cocking her to the left Do they want to know all of me? Girls like you Angela made my life a living hell. she locked eyes with the camera looking intently Oh how funny it is to pick on the weird one, the awkward girl.. well this awkward girl turned into a beautiful sadistic butterfly, she smiled as her eyes widened with wings as wide and colorful as she is evil. she opened her arms notioing the transition of a butterfly spreading it's wings Everyone has a story, and not all of us were fortunate enough to be born pretty, she said as she played with her shoes laces, looking down at them as she spoke to have a curvy body with such large breasts like you Angela! she said lifting her own breasts in the air There was always a boyish charm about me, so fitting for how I will man handle you. You bring out the insecurities, but don’t mistake that for weakness, it only drives my inner demon to wanting to hurt you even more. she giggled I was torn between being nice or easy on you or just going full force, because you looked so fragile like myself. Looks can be deceiving though, so many people never took this small pint-sized brockton girl as a threat, but that is who I am and that is what I like.. I like having you and everyone else think I’m so sweet and innocent. I am oh so fragile, yet oh so devious aren’t I? It must eat away at your ego that I show up and I am turning this company upside down on it’s head. I am the new girl that everyone doubted and though, she won’t last, she’s nothing, she’ll be gone just like the rest; HA WRONG! she yelled into the camera slamming a fist on her thigh I am still here, Brody is still standing and she isn’t going anywhere. Hayley couldn’t do it, Lia sure as hell couldn't do it, and Angela guess what? See a pattern.. you’re not going to be able to do it. she winked You see I am just trying to explain this to you as best I could, perhaps those breasts of yours soaked up all the knowledge you ever had.. and it wasn’t much to begin with. she laughed"

"You know what else I absolutely love? Words. Words can be just as hurtful as fists and well I love to hurt people but not just physically, but mentally. she said using her index finger to poke into the side of her temple I thrill off of making people feel like the idiotic brainless bimbos they are and you are no different Angela. she shook her head I am dominance in a tiny package in the ring, but these words that spew from my precious little mouth she bit her lips and took a deep breath can be just as deadly as my sparkler. Have you ever been in The Sparkler? she asked as her eyes lit up for a moment Imagine me tugging at your arm, wanting to rip it out of its socket, you can’t escape you’re forced to tap but even when you tap, I still want to have my fun I still want to make you hurt, just right when I hear that tear, when I feel those muscles tearing just enough to cause you a nagging pain, but enough to keep you around just so I can find myself doing it once more. she clapped Oh now that! that! is a glorious thing to do! her voice is filled with excitement You become so close to me in that position, so close it’s so personal, this time when I lock on my Sparkler to you Angela, I’m going to whisper sweet nothing’s into your ear, she smiled and giggled taunting you letting you know you’re mine now, you’re a victim of me you have been violated in such a way that I own a part of you. I’ve always had a thing for italians, and come battleground. I’ll own one. she shrugged her shoulders "

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(Rey Shamez is walking out of her hotel in Miami, Florida. She talks to the doorman and asks her to get her a cab. As she waits for it she begins speaking.)

Rey Shamez: You've changed Haruna. You used to be this shimmering star in the Vixen's division. However, that has all changed since your injury. You've become this cold hearted jaded cynic. It is unacceptable. Your behavior is in excusable. This assumption that your career has many flaws is correct. However, the cause of it all is far from the actual cause of this current downturn in your wrestling career. It isn't that you were too nice. Nice people are able to move forward in this company all the time. However, the difference between you and those people is that you were not focused. It isn't the fact that you're a good person it is just that you simply aren't focused. So you might be half right that your focus on being too nice and kind is part of the reason why you are in this low place in your career. If only you were able to divide your time. That shows your weakness. Have you not heard of multi tasking, Haruna? You can be nice and focus on your career at the same time. And when you take the easy route out like you have done it is very telling of the truth strength of your character. Instead of giving at least some effort you choose to just give up on being a good person just because you think that you're career isn't going the way you want. You don't have to compromise your kindness for greatness. If you truly want all of that you can work hard and try and earn it. But it is clear that you don't want to do so, so you have taken this easy way out of compromising your morality. 

(The doorman returns to Rey and informs her that her cab is here. She thanks him and gives the man a tip as she shakes his hand.)

Rey: And Haruna you are correct, I did bring Cailin too her limit. Me and her had one hell of a fight. If I came that close to defeating the champion, then just think about what I will be doing to you in this match. If you self doubt yourself so much that you have to literally change your whole personality because you think that your career is going the correct your career. Judging by your lack of interest in this match I highly doubt that you will even come close to taking me out. I have nothing to lose. I'm still proving myself in EAW. And thankfully you're too busy resting in your pool of self pity and sadness to do anything about me beating you. You're going to need the help of your partner in this match and you're not going to get any of it. I doubt your partner is going to be of any help. He is nowhere to be seen. That makes me sad for you Haruna, it really does. But sadly you have this coming, you need someone to knock some sense into you. Stop feeling so bad for yourself and come back to your former glory. You don't need to compromise our good spirit and personality to get ahead in EAW. You can be both at the same time.

(Rey enters the cap along with the camera and takes a drink from her coffee and begins speaking once more.)

Rey: Then we have this Masuda, you're partner. And from the looks of it he hasn't been to focused on EAW lately. I suppose its most likely due to the company he is running. It is disrespectful to EAW when you have guys like him too busy to show the business some respect. He's more focused on his stupid company than to actually be a wrestler. I really hope me or Dachs get the chance to knock this guy down a peg. If you can't put your full attention on wrestling in EAW then you shouldn't be here. There are tons of hungry other up and comers all fighting for his spot in this company. Just one of these days somebody is gonna come around and take him out. Thats exactly what me and Dachs will do in this match. You need to go. If you can't show your respect for this company by actually showing some interest then that just gives me even more motivation to beat you. Because if I beat you and send you out of this company in shame that just gives me the entirety of EAW to have one less unworthy competitors here. And one more person who actually wants to be here can have this spot. You don't deserve to be here Masuda. Go back to your tech company where you can actually make a difference. 

(Rey exits the cab and fade to black.)
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Battleground Promo

So I didn't win the championship but the match was close and I battled with my heart. Like I said I am new and I had a shot at glory only to fall slightly short. I stepped into the ring knowing I may lose and trust me that wasn't the plan. But the trial for the gold has passed for now as we go back to the regularly scheduled program of competing against other women for the benefit of competition. Even though CD beat me the fact remains I showed the world what is in my arsenal of moves. Now even though people may not take it as a notice the fact remains true I stepped up and proved the level I am on. My ability is there and even if it isn't on the caliber to take gold that is fine by me. I still stick to the truth of what I know that one day I will wear gold and it has not been ordained just yet. But now the time of fighting CD is over and I have to move on with the words and the direction of where my mind is placed. That becomes the next match up against none other than the one and only Brody Sparks.

I've taken notice that this woman is an interesting character seeming lewd yet professional. She is that in between class of a Vixen where she isn't afraid to show all sides of herself. Whether she is meaning to be sexually psychotic or not. The reality falls upon the fact is she is a competitor that is willing to battle. This woman seems to have a loving yet violent rage that seems to stem from deep within her but she could be kind or hateful none of that matters to me. In the end words from being like that are very trivial because it really doesn’t express anything. Most of it is just mad rambling and while I normally ignore mad ramblings as well as insults we all have our touch buttons that can set us off. Have I yet to really call out and berate another Vixen before the camera? The answer to that is no even Brody went as far to mention my name. Mentioning the name and my parents let me put it simply. I don't know why they chose the name maybe it is what they liked best and both are dead as I've stated before. So maybe it means Angel but at the same time do you really want to have my gaze set upon you? To go beyond the fact of the business aspect is purely childish and I don't prefer to go to such tactics but what do I mean by I don't like to go beyond them you may be wondering. I don't prefer to down play my opponent because it is never the right path to belittle someone to under perform at their finest. Why would one want the weakest fight when you can truly earn the respect of another through the means of combat?

See this is how I am but that's the whole being raised around the business part of me. Because when you have hatred for another woman what is the real drive but your own mind. Even through hatred you can make simple mistakes. When one is focused they become beyond the mind and beyond the emotional state of anger. Brody you have the ability I don't doubt that from you now we get to test how we do against one another. You may not find solace in the fact that I take you as no threat. Although you must no I don't doubt your abilities. There is only the simple truth that you are standing before the chance to showcase your skill yet again as do I. Most people think some matches don't matter but every match matters. Dance around things all you want with word play or self examples through means of bodily habits or feelings. What does that get you in the long run Brody? You become an objectified field of hotness no need to present to the world what is already seen. If your beautiful of course rock it and show it. But in no way does that have to do with your match. That is about the fight not the attention from your beauty.

I could stand here and jut my breasts forward. I could be working my body to entice people but I only do that when I feel like it here this is business and I am ready to show that there is more to me than my looks. I use my mind very evident at this point, one cannot be subjected to speak as a trifling child. I won't be that but my body is physically fit to take on the challenges that come forth because I have trained. I have survived this world which is something that makes me happy. You are not all looks I know you can compete and that is what I am looking forward to is facing you in that regard. I hold no doubt about that you will come at me fast and hard Brody. I am ready for you because doubting is for the week and falling is only optional when you can no longer stand.. Brody I look forward to your challenge and I can tell you right now you can think of me how you will I cannot change your ideals nor can I change your way of looking at things. We are all different and that's what makes the battle worth while. What I want is just competition, this is our passion the true passion beyond the love of men or women whatever we are into. This is love of our business and that is something I can tell you have. You got your style and I must say it is alluring. I saw your post on the twitter feed of how you can't way to play with me. Well same I can't wait to play with you and by that I mean in the ring. Other options do apply because minus well confess I go both ways.
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