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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.


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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 24th 2016, 11:40 pm by Tarah Nova
[The Scene begins with Tarah Nova standing in front of the camera shaking her head, laughing before she starts to speaks]

Jeezus Honda, you think you have been waiting for this? Oh no...God, how I’ve been waiting for this moment. I’ve been wanting to shut your loud mouth since I returned to EAW after my small break. See, on my small break I sat in and watched to see that the only Vixen that spoke about me when I was gone was you. Ah yes, the Vixen that hates me the most; basically missed me more than anyone. How cute and disgusting is that. And lord, I thought Madison had a thing for me but NO! It's you that has a thing for me, huh. Every other word from your mouth was my name. Either it was that or how you talked about me beating you and the others Vixens at Pain for Pride 8. Now speaking of Pain for Pride 8, you said you have been planning your ‘revenge’ against little ol’ me for pinning your Prideless ass in that match, huh. Okay--Should I be worried about a Pitiful, asshat like yourself attacking me? I mean, please tell me great Honda! Should I run and tuck my tail between my leg because I can’t possibly beat this new you--Wait--I can and I will. Reason why I say? Honda, I’ve beaten you four times before and you bet your ass I will be doing it again and again and most likely again. I guess I’m basically saying you can’t beat me and we all know it. Not now--not ever. So please stay there and talk about how I’m hiding behind my boyfriend, Mr. DEDEDE--which, first of all, isn't even close to the truth. I’m with him because I know I deserved better than Zach Genesis. And by the way, Mr. DEDEDE is not carrying me to the top with him and I’m not relying on him to do anything for me. I’m not using my Boyfriend like you used all your ex Girlfriends. Unlike you who shouldn’t even be talking about dating to me, Miss. I’ll-claim-any-girl-that-breathes. Your dating life is worse than your wrestling skills but I’m not going to get into THAT talk because your love life will take the whole night to explain.

Now, I need to clear the air from the rotten stench you call ‘The new you’. I mean just look at yourself, Honda. Yeah, you have been walking around here the past couple of weeks like you're hot shit only because your sad excuse of a career got a new bad girl facelift. Honda, do you think dressing in all black and attacking Cloud, your old tag team partner, like you did is going to make you EAW’s new badass of the Vixens Division? Let me tell you no that plan won’t work at all. See, the thing that you need to realise is--Yes; you can change your wrestling gear, your movesets, the way you walk to the ring and the way you talk to everyone in the back but none of that will make you a better wrestler. All those things I just listed to you won’t make you finally be able to wrestle because believe me, just like your dating life, you still can’t do that right. Now I thought you calling yourself the “Pride of the Vixens Division” was the funniest thing in the world but shit, I believe you trying to be a hardcore, “don’t mess with me” kind of Vixen is even funnier. Jeezus, please tell me that you do realise I don’t care what Honda you are? Whether it's the Honda that believes in “Pride” or this snake like Vixen you evolved into. Look--Be both of them--I don’t care because either way I will take you down--But oh, you don’t believe I can anymore, do you? Yeah, you believe I’ve turned into the Vixen that you were in the past? The good girl, right? That's Cute--[Tarah chuckling to herself] Honda, the thing is--I won’t be like you. I promise I won’t be the sad, pathetic, worthless Vixen that you were and STILL are to this day. I’m nothing like you and I will never be you. I mean okay, I might be in a hard place right now but I won’t whine and complain like you have been doing your whole career here in EAW. I won’t hang my boots up just because I didn’t win a match or two. No, I’m not like that--That's not my style. I don’t give up. I don’t give in. I might have changed from the Ruthless Vixen I once was but you better realise real fucking quick that I am still the Deadly, Hardcore, Killer Vixen that leads this Division with an iron fist.

Oh! speaking of leading this Division, you need to understand that when I call myself “Leader of the Vixens”, I’m not kidding. No, it's not a nickname--it's the truth and as the Leader, I’m telling you right now that in my eyes you are not apart of this Division. To be honest, I truly thought you would have known that by now. I mean, you are the most hated Vixen in the goddamn place. See, sadly I had nothing to do with it this time. Actually, you finally showed your true colours to the Vixens Division all by yourself. So now they all know you are a poison to this place. Hell, attacking Cloud basically screwed you over. And I truly find It funny that Vixens like Aria Jaxon, Azumi Goto, and even frickin’ Cailin Dillon are hating on you! C.D. was your friend--Well I guess she's my friend now. [Tarah Smirks at the camera] So I want to know, Honda: how does it feel going into a war with no other Vixens behind you and knowing that no matter what you say or do, not a soul will care about you? And by the way, before you say that you have people like your ex play thing Jade and those other two asshats that support you, let me be clear that they don’t matter. They don’t have your back in that ring while you quote unquote wrestle. Now watch--you're going to rant about how the Vixens Division will never care about me but let me the first to say I don’t care what this Division thinks of me. See, the Vixens Division can either hate me or they can love me but at the end of the day; I’m still here staying at the front of the pack and I know for a fact you can’t say that. A person like you, who plays the pity card has no place in my Division. So I truly think it's time you take this ‘whoa is me’, emo-bitch act that you're playing out of this Division and back to that piece of shit Company you came from.

[Tarah slowly rubs her scarred neck before looking at the camera with an unreadable look on her face.]

So when Sunday gets here, Honda, you're going to wish you haven’t wanted this match. I’m not going to lie--you can't kill me because everyone has tried and failed. You think just because you became this new dark Vixen, it will scare me but you’re dead wrong. You see Mushroom, I’ve dealt with things darker and worse and believe me, you don’t have what it takes to do damage to me. Hell, Madison couldn’t even finish me off like she said she would. Now really--what makes you think if she couldn’t kill me off; you can? Hmm? In all honestly, I truly can’t wait to see you try. Anyway, Honda, when our match on Voltage begins I will beat you down. When that bell rings--I will make you relive Pain for Pride 8 all over again. I want to see the breath leave your lungs as I land Suicide X on you, Honda. Frankly I just want you gone from my Division and I will do anything to make that dream come true. See, I’ve broken your pride several times before--so what makes you think I won’t do it a fifth time. Well now I can’t Sunday because I’m going to drag you to hell and I’m going to make you bow to the Leader of the Vixens.

Believe that.

[Without another word, Tarah walks away from the camera as it fades out--ending the scene]
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 24th 2016, 11:39 pm by Bhris Elite
Reasonable Doubt Promo 2

Did you not expect me to respond to you Thomas? I know this might be hard for you to comprehend but I'm not scared of you Thomas.  When I look in you're eyes I don't see something I fear.  I don't even see something I hate, I look at you and laugh.  I laugh at you due to the simple fact you are so damn naive.  A piss poor version of Thomas Minns? Please don't flatter yourself in such a way.  When I said we were alike I meant it as in the things we believe in or say about one another.  When we speak of ourselves it's always highly never can we be brought down.  When I said we were alike I obviously didn't mean ring skill or the way we dress or look.  Thomas you can't keep up with me in that ring the only possible way you have of beating me is to slow the pace down so it's good for you something you can keep up with.  I also have a move called the Box Office Smash and as overused as a Super Kick might be to you or others in EAW mine is the most lethal.  No one has yet to kick out of it and you won't be the first.   Thomas I am my own man I've always been my own man.  Maybe it didn't seem like that when I was in Iconomy but I was fed lies about things that could of happened if I joined the group.  I'm aware now never to trust a man again with my career.  However I don't think you paid close enough to the Iconomy it wasn't me who was forgotten or disliked.  I was the only reason to even like the Iconomy, everything interesting or entertaining Iconomy has ever done(Not a a lot I know) I did! I put our current Interwire champion through a table and took his championship.  I'm the one who almost won us those tag team championships! I never played second fiddle.  You think people liked the generic crazy guy in Eclipse? You think people like the generic "Philosopher" in JJ Silva or even the same old blonde vixen in Cailin? Then you sir must be as stupid as you look.  I carried the Iconomy I'm the one who even made them worth watching when tuning into Dynasty.  I'm the one who picked up big win after big win for them.   I don't need any warnings Thomas I know exactly what I'm doing when I get in that ring for you and that's making a fucking statement!

A statement that will be heard around the world.  Thomas you like you are some sort of God or something or a King.  You are nothing Thomas you bleed the same color I do and breath the same air I do.   You keep on asking me if I even belong in the ring with you and you know what I don't belong in the ring with you.  I belong in the ring with someone when I beat them they'll actually remember it.  Thomas I've been in the ring with much better then you so let's not act like this is my biggest career match.  I've locked eyes with the likes of Impact and kicked a bunch of thumbtacks down his throat, some I don't even think he got out of his system yet.  Not only that but some time after I beat him down with a steel chair.  Some would like to mock me for that being my biggest career highlight when the same people that do so will never even have a big career highlight.  I've been in the ring with TLA not only did I put him through a table but I took the one thing that he cherished most in that New Breed Championship.  So trust me Thomas this isn't my first rodeo I know exactly who I'm getting in the ring with and trust me it's nothing I fear.  Thomas you can talk all you want about how I'm a waist of oxygen and all the other shit that's been coming out of you're mouth but if it was true you wouldn't have accepted my challenge.  You knew the only way you'd make it on that Reasonable Doubt card is if you were facing me.  As for myself I would of just been in that Battle Royal that I would of won with ease.  So maybe Thomas it's you who's the waist of oxygen and it isn't me.  After Xavier Williams defeated you at KOE Showdown forgot about you.  That was up until myself and Big Mike helped everyone remember who you are.  A PUSH OVER! You are just here to make us look strong Thomas.  Months ago you were used to make HBB look strong and pushed over.  At Road To Redemption you made everyone in that chamber look strong as you were again pushed over.  At King of Elite you made Xavier Williams look strong and again you were pushed over...  So at Reasonable Doubt guess what? YOU GUESSED IT YOU MAKE ME LOOK STRONGER THEN I ALREADY AM AND YOU ARE PUSHED OVER!  The cycle just keeps repeating it's self until you are smart enough to realize what is going on and ask for you're release from EAW.  Thomas if I might of been lying about you looking you're weakest before then I won't be lying when I say you'll look you're weakest at Reasonable Doubt.  This is something I'll never regret.  Just something that I always will look back at and smile on while when you look back on it.  It haunts you forever.  My time isn't over, nope it's just begun.  I mean it might sound cliche but when the fans have to sit and listen to you speak all day it just doesn't get any more cliche or boring then that now does it? I'll see you Saturday Thomas. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 24th 2016, 11:30 pm by Stephanie Matsuda
Battleground Promo #1

"The Line"


(Akihabra, Japan. Cloud is sitting in a hostess bar, enjoying a bottle of sake. She wears a serious expression as she becomes lost in thought. Miss Manami walks over and sits down.)

Manami: Hey Cloud.

Cloud: ...

Manami: Matsuda-san?

Cloud: ...

Manami: (snaps her fingers) Stephanie!

Cloud: (blinks) Huh?

Manami: (shakes her head) Cailin's right. You do seem out of it as of late.

Cloud: The two of you speak?

Manami: (rolls her eyes) Yes Cloud, two people you know are able to talk without you knowing. We Skype every now and then.

Cloud: (rubs her neck) I'm just shocked is all.

Manami: (pours a glass) You know what shocked me? That little stunt you pulled tonight.

Cloud: (sips) You don't approve?

Manami: (shrugs) It's your career. If you want to get personal for something that happened in the ring, that's on you. Just know that there's repercussions for one's actions...

Cloud: (sips) I'll pay the cost.

Manami: (sighs) How did you get them to say what you wanted? I mean that's her family! Jade is her partner and I've seen her fight. She could give you a run for your money.

Cloud: I know...and she did.

Manami: What happened?

Cloud: (sips) We all have skeletons we don't want to share. Be it our own or someone we love. They could even be an employer who's managing your career...

(a long moment silence)

Manami: Speaking of managers, I called you out tonight for a reason.

Cloud: Oh?

Manami: Yes. The Vixens Cup is coming up and you're going to need to train for it.

Cloud: (grins) Tell me something I don't know.

Manami: Sure. I'm not training you this time.

Cloud: (surprised) What!?

Manami: The match you had with Eris showed me that you can take on anyone in your division. Even with Luzmala's distractions, that fight was yours. The fact that you kicked out after being struck by Haruna tells me that so much about how much your endurance has improved. You don't need my help for this.

Cloud: B-but Manami-sensei. There's still a lot I can-

Manami: I know but there's only so much I can teach a divided mind.

(Cloud grows quiet)

Manami: This little inner turmoil thing you got going on? It's fucking with you. That loss to Madison proved that. You should've kicked Haruna's face in and take Maddie to Cloud City. Or, she should've tapped out to your Trap Zone immediately. No pun, but something is clouding your thoughts. Do you remember what I told you after your first match in JET?

Cloud: I had the potential to become a great joshi.

Manami: And one of the best to get into that ring in general. Show me you still have that potential Cloud and I'll forge you into a war goddess made of blood and iron. Win the Vixens Cup and you will obtain my services.

(Manami takes a peek at Cloud's phone.)

Manami: Looks like you have a match against Serena Ji. Avenge your loss and win the tournament. We'll talk more afterwards...

(Manami gets up and leaves. Cloud stares at her phone, flipping through several pics. She smiled slightly at the surprise photos Angela took when she wasn't looking. She came upon a picture, taken by Aria, of her and Haruna asleep in the back of Brett's car. Cloud was leaning against the door. Haruna's head was nestled upon Cloud's lap like a cat. Cloud sighed to herself as she her thumb hit touched her phone.

Menu. Delete. Yes.


It's been a long time coming Serena Ji. Last time we shared a ring, we teamed with Aria to kick ass and take names. In all honesty, I barely have the faintest what you've been up to lately. That's not an insult or anything, but as you can see I've been quite occupied. I heard from my boy Piff that you team with The Experience ever so often. He told me about the matches you guys had. He told me how talented you are, how much you've improved since joining EAW in the early fall. As a fellow Fall baby, I've improved also. I'm not the same over zealous veteran who thought she was going to take the division by storm.

You was the first to humble me Serena. You beat me one on one, no strings attached. You out luchadored the joshi and went on to make kind of a name for yourself. Note, how I said 'kind of'. I mean it's true right? You didn't get to fight for the Specialist title. You didn't win the beat the clock challenge...I did. What I'm trying to tell you Serena is as far as I'm concerned you and I are even. Yes, you beat me, but my accomplishments outweighs yours currently. Are you going to give me one hell of a fight? Damn right you are. But with the Vixens Cup right around the corner, I can't let you walk away with the W.

Haruna I've heard that you're going to rear your ugly head during my match. Just like you did on Showdown. Now do you see why I did what I did? Because you couldn't leave it at just I screwed you and you screwed me could you? No, you had to let your pride get until that bony skin of yours and you just had to provoke me Sakazaki, you just HAD to fuck with me again! You had to cross the line. So yeah, I had to give you a reality check. I had to cross the line. I had to show you that you're not untouchable, that I too can take it there. Now I need you to do me a favor just in case you get any ideas on Monday because if not I will BREAK YOU. You hear me Haruna-chan? Be a good little schoolgirl, sit behind that commentary table and...

Stay the fuck out of my ring.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 24th 2016, 11:20 pm by Guest
Don’t flatter yourself.

If I was ‘itching’ to right the supposed ‘wrong of my career’, I’d have come back and faced you last May. If I really cared that much about wanting to get my win back against you, I’d have smacked you on the very first Showdown after Pain for Pride and laid you out cold, demanded a shot at your EAW Championship when you had the opportunity to pick anybody you wanted to face at Mid-Summer Massacre but I didn’t, you know why? It’s because I don’t care enough about that loss to you. I don’t care that I lost to you on Voltage and as a result had to leave this company for months, you may think it’s an excuse that I had one foot out the door but it isn’t. I was talking about this company LONG before you even signed your name to an EAW contract, I was already done with this company before Pain for Pride Six. The only thing that loss did was speed up the inevitable and that was me leaving EAW, maybe you choose to believe that it was all because of you and it helps you sleep at night but let’s not forget, I already retired in 2013 when I bought out this company so I think it’s safe to say that the loss to you was nothing more than just that; a loss. The losses to Mr. DEDEDE and Scott Diamond were far more important than losing to you, you know why? It’s probably because I came back and kept coming after them. Me and DEDEDE have continuously fought against each other and so have me and Scott Diamond and oh, I hear you say; ‘but you teamed with both of them after your loss anyway’ but I chose to team with Scott Diamond to take out and erase the career of Mr.DEDEDE and I put all hatred of the man to one side to team with him to take out Zack Crash a year later. So maybe, just maybe, the losses to the two of them and to Zack Crash in 2014 were more important to me than losing to you. You really want to ask me why I came back? Have I not said this enough times or are you just asking stupid questions to help feed your fragile ego? I came back to EAW because Cameron Ella Ava asked me to come back and help her take out Scott Diamond, to help her win back the Hall of Fame title and in exchange, I’d get a shot at the title. That interested me because I knew I could come back and once again prove that I was the Greatest of all time when people had already chewed me up and spit me back out and thought that I was washed up and finished. Just like when everybody thought that Muhammad Ali was washed up and finished when he was going up to fight George Foreman for the World Heavyweight Championship because he started losing a few fights and Foreman was this big, undefeated monster and you know what happened, Xav? Ali knocked out Foreman and cemented his legacy as the Greatest of all Time and that’s exactly what I planned to achieve when I went up against HBB and Cameron.

I don’t care about you, Xavier.

And why should I? Ever you turned on me to ‘break away’ from my shadow, all you’ve done is continue to cos-play as me. You won the world title just like I did, you said you’d cash in at Pain for Pride then went back on your word like I did. You had a long reign fighting guys that I had already faced like Hades, Crash and Cage. You lost your world title and went on a losing streak, hell you even struggled at the start of your career like I did! You became so obsessed with revenge on Thomas Minns instead of winning the EAW Championship back like I was with Mr. DEDEDE! You and Tarah even resembled Me and Cameron! Honestly, I’m shocked you didn’t even try and win King of Elite so you be more like me! You never left my shadow, you’re STILL in my shadow. You’re a spin-off of my name and that’s all you’ll ever be. You have no legacy in EAW, all you are is apart of MY legacy. Your accomplishments are MY accomplishments, your career is apart of MY career and for a guy who wanted to break away from my shadow, you’ve sure had a hard time getting my dick out of your mouth. I mean, the FIRST thing you did after winning that EAW Championship was mention my name and you gave a ‘fuck you!’ to everybody, kind of like how I did when I won my first World Championship!

No, the only reason that this match is happening is because Das Lannister is too much of a pussy to face me. That is the only reason why I bothered to even fight you, you’re the substitute while I wait to get that championship shot. You may think I need to avenge that loss, I don’t. I moved on to bigger things after that loss to you so why I would I care? I only picked to fight you in Ireland because I took pity on you. I went from watching you grow as a promising wrestler to …well, a guy who is fighting Thomas Minns on FPV’s and losing to Liam Catterson on Battleground. I took pity on you and decided to make you a millionaire for one night, so congratulations. I’ll give you everything that you ever wanted from this match, Xavier. I’ll make sure to break you away from my shadow when I end your career, when I give you an honourable death in combat. I’ll carry you to the end of the match, right to the end when I end your career after ripping you limb from limb and then, you’ll be free from my shadow. Maybe you can take up another profession and try and crave up something for yourself there, maybe you’ll be able to do something there that won’t be forever tied to my name and you can actually have a legacy there but in EAW? The only legacy you’ll ever have in this company is the one from the beating that I’m going to give you, just like all HBB’s legacy is ever going to be now is the back to back beatings that I gave him. You think that there is chinks in my armour because I lost an MMA match? C’mon now. That was one match in seven and a half months but even if there was, you’re not the guy to exploit them. Oh sure, Samurai lost to Cameron a few weeks ago but I don’t see how that even remotely makes my victory over her any less impressive considering the people that she’s beaten, namely Chuck Scene. You remember him, right? He beat your ass from pillar to post and bloodied you up to the point that they had to stop it because you were unable to keep going, so what does that tell you?

Time to end the fraud.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 24th 2016, 10:57 pm by Cailin Dillon

Voltage #1
I appreciate the fact that you chose to address me and me alone for our match. I understand that after your match with Ryan Savage, you’re feeling explicitly confident at the moment. But I’m not feeling this total defeat and incompetence that you seem to think I am. Ok, first things first. Let’s talk about the Iconomy. I admit joining that group was a mistake. I never got to fight in a match with them until the first time we faced Hexa-gun. And already by then, everything was falling apart in my eyes. The Iconomy was sold as one idea, and then shifted into an entirely different one. The original ideals were far different. It was like a sales pitch when it was introduced to me. Shamefully, I admit they told me it was a way to help me build my career. I quickly saw that as a lie. They wanted to use me to expand their agenda. They wanted to be a cult, or rather their leader did. But when a leader is as inept as JJ Silva was, you get the result that was the Iconomy. So things had boiled to a head and they weren’t rosy. JJ knew I wasn’t sold on his leadership, and it was rubbing off on the others. It was not that I was trying to be the cancer of the group, it was that I didn’t agree with the message. I wanted my chance to go on my own, and I got it. Right as their failed battle with Hexa-gun began, I played an interesting role. Maybe you don’t even remember it anymore. I pin Luzmala and Drake breaks up the pin at the last tenth of a second. That’s when it all came to a breaking point. When JJ attempted to publicly shame me during the match, I kicked him square in the groin. And I gave Hexa-gun a gift-wrapped win. And no regrets either. But that decision was made long before Hexa-gun had scrubbed the EAW of the Iconomy. So you see, it was a nice thought, but my mind was clear on my decision long before the Hexa-gun became part of the equation. Case in point when JJ told me of his brilliant plan to help me cheat my way to the Empress of Elite tournament title. What a pitiful plan. I did it on my own. It wasn’t about my ego, it was about doing what was right.
So here’s the thing, Y2Impact, I would never hang my hat on a win over Haruna. I’ve never claimed to be a goddess. I’m just a girl with a championship title, fighting my way to earn everything. Nothing has been given to me, and that’s not the way I operate. I’m not a leech trying to use everyone else’s success to put myself over. I’m just working as hard as I can to be among the best this company has ever seen. You think I’m garbage? You spin together a nice story that convinces nobody of anything, creating your own version of a history that never happened. It fits your story though, doesn’t it? I have won matches and lost them, just like everyone else. But what I’m doing right now is creating my own legacy. It won’t be a legacy defined by my affiliation with a faction or club, although it might well feature a note about my inclusion with the team that takes Hexa-gun down to its ashes. We’ll see if the accomplishment stands the test of time or not. But it’s not about using you or Claudia or anyone else as a stepping-stone. I lost a match and now you want me to pretend that my career is in shambles. You want me to act as if one loss is going to define me and make me incapable of even focusing on a match. You’ve lost matches. You lost you tag titles, but have you folded into oblivion? No. And the truth is I’m not different than you or the Heart Break Gal in that. We’re all driven to success, even if the motivations or the factors that takes us there are different. I don’t let that loss weigh on me because I can’t. It would be the most epic waste of time. My existence is hardly haunted by anything that took place on Voltage. Instead, I’m motivated for the next match. A huge opportunity to face Eris LeCava in a champion vs. champion match. It would be a mistake to dwell on a past loss or another upcoming match.
The problem with your theory about me is that it’s all completely full of shit. I’m not thinking about my last match or the match before it. I’m not thinking about past meetings with you two. It’s about this match. A loss is a failure, yes. But to indentify a loss as a colossal failure is more like a colossal stretch. I don’t spend all this time wallowing in my defeats when the lights go out, because I’m driven to get better. There’s an old saying: what do you get what you don’t get what you want? The answer to that is experience. You get it when you win and you gain it just as much when you lose. Like you suggested was possible, I defeat those losses internally and I never let them destroy me. I never let them define me. This is why when you and HBG stand backstage at Reasonable Doubt and watch Eris face me, you want see me skeptical of myself. I have no doubt I will win that match. And I won’t be skeptical of my chances to defeat the Mercenaries alongside Ryan Savage on Voltage. I will leave Reasonable Doubt ensuring everyone knows that I’m not only a fighting champion, but the top champion in the Vixen’s division. I’m the hardest fighting vixen, maybe the hardest fighting wrestler, in this entire company. I have a full plate, but I remain hungry. I stay humble. I’m not backing down. I want more. There’s no reason to rest on my laurels. I said this to HBG last week and it rings true, still. Hexa-gun claims to be standing for the extreme agenda, pretending that this place still doesn’t have a huge degree of extreme within it. The fact is, you’re fighting for yourselves and what you want. You’re fighting to put your little six-person posse ahead of everyone else. Pretty soon you’ll be fighting for your lives. The executioners will have their hoods removed and soon after their demise will follow. On Saturday I will defeat Eris LeCava. And on Sunday, still as energized as can be, I will lift my head up off the chopping block and deal blows to both you and HBG that you won’t be ready for. I will stand up, remove the noose and strike back at the so-called executioners.
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|+| Dynasty |+|

[ CLAP... CLAP... CLAP... ]

[ Kevin Hunter sat in the president seat, clapping his hands together slowly, as he glares into the camera his arms resting on the arms of the chair, his eyes widened a bit more, he nodded with a smirk on his face, slightly leaning forward towards the camera, a wicked smile formed on his face as he finally broke the silence. ]

Kevin Hunter: Do I even give a damn about the New Breed of this business... hell no man, what I want is something much more than the New Breed Championship... I want the WORLD brother, I want it all, and I don't see the New Breed fueling this feast... I see an National Elite fueling this club in the near, near future... and I know damn well that rise to that elite force will begin this week with the chaos JJ Silva will undergo... Do you think just because you beat Jaden at Rising Tide and I was unsuccessful in gaining a championship opportunity?.. [he shook his head, a sick smile on his face] No, brother... it actually puts you in the wrong damn place at the wrong time, because ya see, this Friday... I don't give a shit what I have to do to put you down where you stand brother.

[ He leaned back in his seat, Allison Knight walked up behind him with a smile on her face. Chris Hunter and Simon Sparx sat in their seats, The Son of Destruction was no longer in the mood, Allison put her hand on his shoulder, calming him down a bit, which was probably lucky for everyone. ]

Kevin Hunter: JJ, you might have succeeded in beating Jaden a few days ago as Rising Tide... and I also think this week on Dynasty will NOT be your usual contest, because ya see brother unlike at Rising Tide, this week you got me in the middle of that damn ring not some kid like Jaden... I'm the Son of CHAOS and I will stop at nothing to cause just that on your career and your entire goddamn LIFE!

[ The Son pounded his fist on his table, Allison Knight stood behind him with a methodical smile on her face. Chris Hunter and Simon Sparx sat still in there seats, Kevin Hunter leaned forward locking his hands together, looking directly towards the camera, a twisted smile formed on the Son's face as he stared into the camera. ]

Kevin Hunter: Ya see brother, I know for a fact that leaving an Extreme Rules match, you are not one hundred percent... and I really hope you are ready for this outcome on Dynasty, brother. Because this Friday, it's going to be your chaos... that puts you down like the rabid dog you are, brother!

[ He smirked, the shouting of the others outside nearly overlapped the chapel, Kevin Hunter's smirk slowly faded as he looked back into the camera. ]

Kevin Hunter: The Chaos that came your way at Rising Tide is going to be NOTHING after what you go through on Dynasty this Friday night... the Extreme Rules match you had will PALE IN COMPARISON to Friday, brother!.. this Friday you are going to find out the pain that I bring inside that ring, the CHAOS that will follow after that on Friday when you are standing on the other side of that ring, the chaos that I will bring to your ass will be like going through a damn Massacre!

[ He paused propping his feet up on the table, Chris Hunter smirked. ]
Chris Hunter: This Friday night, the games of chaos are changing drastically with the beating that you, JJ are about to receive on Dynasty.

[ Kevin Hunter smirked, nodding his head as he patted Chris Hunter on the shoulder. ]

Kevin Hunter: This game of chaos for JJ Silva, brother becomes a bloody... [gritting his teeth] bloody massacre on Friday at Dynasty, your glory at Rising Tide, will now be your FALL come Dynasty on Friday!

[ The Son chuckled, looking over at Simon Sparx, Sparx nodded with a smile on his. ]
Simon Sparx: There is chaos dawning in the horizon and JJ Silva that puts you right smack in the middle of it this Friday... let this game of chaos consume you with pain, aching agony your complete TORTURE!

[ A sadistic smirk formed on Simon Sparx face, the camera zoomed in on the twisted, emotionless, methodical look on Kevin Hunter's face as he leaned forward, face-to-face with the EAW camera, as the look turned into a cold, callus, devilish smile. ]

Kevin Hunter: People call you a vile creature, brother... I'll be the Vile Creature Destroyer this Friday when I Bury you alive with a KILLER EFFECT that will put you into the ground... [He smirked] P.D.C. brother that is MY CODE FOR CHAOS... bitch!

[ Chris Hunter smirked pounding his hand on the table. Kevin Hunter nodded. ]

Simon Sparx: PAIN...

Chris Hunter: DESTRUCTION...

Kevin Hunter: CHAOS...
[ A twisted smile once again formed on the face of the Son of Chaos as he looked straight into the camera. ]

Kevin Hunter: Chaos is coming... Chaos will rise... CHAOS WILL BE YOUR DEMISE... YOUR NIGHTMARE COMES TO LIFE!!

[ The twisted smile stayed on his face as he looked from Chris Hunter to Simon Sparx, getting up from his chair, Allison Knight smiled as they left the room, leaving Chris Hunter and Simon Sparx alone in the room, smiling as both let out a loud scream; "CHAOS... HAS RISEN!" as the scene cut to the SOC logo... ]



[ The scene opens backstage outside in the parking lot of the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai, China as the Sons of Chaos arriving as they always do, on motorcycles. Kevin Hunter leading the way with Allison Knight on the back. Chris Hunter and Simon Sparx on either side, as well as a few masked men in the back. The all come to a full stop in front of the Oriental Sports Center doorway, however before they can enter the arena a man with a Dynasty designed microphone walked into the camera frame. ]

Nick: Kevin, tonight you face a man that a lot of people are calling non-human, that he's-

Kevin Hunter: [smiling, interrupting] Listen, I don't give a shit if he was goddamn godzilla... tonight I prove that he is nothing but  a pathetic joke, a kid parading around this company as something he's not... and I am going to show this China crowd that JJ Silva is not non-human, he's no vile creature!.. you're looking at the only man more methodical, a twisted - sadistic ANIMAL that is liable of doing whatever he sees fit to his prey... Nick, I'll massacre my prey before they even know it's coming!.. [he smirked methodically] and I don't stop until they are BEGGING FOR MERCY... I don't give a shit if it's beast or man... creature or thing... NO ONE CAN UPSTAGE THE CHAOS I BRING TO THAT DAMN RING!.. JJ Silva wants to think he's some inhuman specimen... [He chuckled] well this Friday we are going to see just how inhuman he really is when he meets steps into that ring with a man of Chaos, and the Destruction that falls during that chaos will be the Nightmare he has never wanted to see!

[ He looked over at the interview with a methodical smirk on his face. Chris Hunter stood behind him with a smile of his own, Simon Sparx could be seen directing the others in another direction, the Son of Chaos fixed his cut looking over at Nick once more. ]

Kevin Hunter: JJ can call himself whatever he wants man... he can call himself a king, he can call himself a beast or even what he truly calls himself, a vile creature... [He looks down, a smirk on his face] but in just a few hours, that vile creature is going to find himself in the middle of an elite chaos that he will NOT SURVIVE in that ring... I've said it before, JJ Silva may have won his Extreme Rules match with Jaden at Rising Tide, but tonight becomes his worst fucking nightmare!

[ He smirked methodically, looking over at Chris Hunter as Simon Sparx walks into the camera view, The Son of Chaos looked directly into the camera, his smile faded as he walked off cameras view. Chris Hunter stepped forward. ]

Chris Hunter: Learn from the Destruction of JJ Silva... Kevin Hunter is the National ELITE division... HE IS THE NATIONAL ELITE OF CHAOS!

[ Chris smirked looking over at Nick as he walked off the camera s view, leaving Simon Sparx staring at Nick. ]

Simon Sparx: PAIN is what JJ is about to feel... and CHAOS is what he will see... as the DESTRUCTION of his career will come at the hands of a Son... as he rises!

[ Finally Simon Sparx steps off the camera frame, following Kevin Hunter and Chris Hunter into the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. As the Elite Son prepares for his match with JJ Silva before the scene faded, Kevin Hunter's voice is heard off camera, shouting... ]


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Post on February 24th 2016, 10:33 pm by TLA

Orale vatos it’s yo boi TLA comin’ at y’all live with the intensity of DUBLIN mothafuckin’ DUBLIN. Ye you know yo boi gettin’ wasted in all them pubs he been to this week. I be livin’ that good live and gettin’ my Irish swag on. Yo we do shit right up in here… Reasonable Doubt ya heard? This right here… is TLA’s pay-per-view debut for the year of 2016. And the first time yo boi be donnin’ that blue comin’ out the curtain. This shit is for real, gonna take that maximum effort, real Deadpool style yo. And I’m comin’ out the champ!

La Pantera Sexual is the NEW EAW Interwire Champion!

Makin’ that Showdown pay-per-view debut strong tho check it out… who I gonna be facin’... none other than that crazy ese vato Mexican Samurai! Oyeee this one been comin’ a loooong ass time. We ain’t even had beef but we had respect… at least I got that respect, cuz you know I had been rootin’ for yo ass to topple Dark Demon’s bitch ass for months. And Ireland might hate me for sayin’ it… but that lil hoppa had that shit comin’. Tho I had my own shit to be doin’, and my own style to live up to. So Mexican Samurai, y’all can judge all you want… call me a cholo all you want, or say I ain’t Mexican enough cuz I ain’t ‘bout livin’ up to anyone’s standards. Fuck yo rules, we ouTLAwz ese. Fuck what you say Mexican is… cuz imma be my own Mexican and if Mexican Samurai got a problem with that then imma make him chupa mi verga nawh sayin’? You see? If not... then...

Witness now! 

For La Pantera has arrived in such a country full of hate, yet one must question… does the institution of hatred run among those who are hated themselves? Oh it seems it must! For first… there was the women who held each other down and imposed the oh so strict restrictions upon their own… After all it was the way in which they had been taught… so it is only right… no… it is only in the name of tradition to enforce such values… such modesty upon their own proteges! So now we see that being imposed upon sneaky Pantera, who has spent so many years in this country claiming to be United, yet so very very frayed… None more so frayed than by those who would impose hatred yes? Oh the Rope simply wishes he would hang them all… yet remember… the dark side has truly emerged, and begs for a certain… creativity in the tributes glorious Pantera makes to fill the halls of his Palace with oh so many trophies.

For Pantera’s Palace… has no walls. Not even Donald Trump may contain Pantera… no he will find a way through… as he always does. And those who would claim heritage twice, while rejecting half… would be quite confused by the concept of true Pride. Of true legality the Samurai speaks of. True legality and true equality, oh if only it were so simple that they were one and the same! Pantera weeps for the day God’s Law dictates to us all the most righteous of paths, instead of the false codes of old men. So then… we must…

Fuck they old asses! 

They outta touch and y’all know they ain’t been touchin’ no titties neither! LPS up in here sayin’ you wanna talk shit to me about takin’ shit? Nah homie… this a battleground. They call it Showdown, but the real showdown is still yet to come. Cuz we gonna get it on like a motherfucker. You gonna come hard at yo boi and yo boi gonna bring it in return. Cuz in battle you take what you can get and you ain’t make no excuses. Ye I took on a weakened champ, but just look how that shit paid off for me holmes. Yo gane! Cam… ella perdio… y yo tengo cero miedo. See I ain’t afraid of none of yo shit talkin’ callin’ me a parody and shit actin’ like I be a parody of a real champion. 

I got my name in the history books, that good enough for ya? Cuz it shouldn’t be. 

Nah homie I agree with you. Not with all the random anti-Mexican bullshit being spit by a guy who’s first name is literally Mexican, but I agree… I ain’t a real Interwire Champion yet. Sure I took the belt… but that’s just the first step. A real champion is established through months and months of fuckin’ shit up fightin’ yo ass off and proving yourself week in and week out. Real champions fight, fake champions hide, and I ain’t hidin’ from shit. I called out Cameron Ella Ava time after time after time, and everytime she was either not even in the building, or some bullshit had to go down. So what did I do? I ain’t one to give up. So I came at here again. And again. Every damn night, no matter where that bitch was TLA was gonna follow, cuz you know yo boi was just waiting for that opportunity. A real champion knows that this shit right here, this belt this be a target, a sane man would throw this shit off a canyon and go live lives n shit.

But Pantera is not quite sane is he?

Oh no certainly not… For indeed he is tempted to sign Samurai’s own petition, which may in fact be his own undoing… Yet in the rather poor state it is in, such a lack of signatures… not even one truly draws Pantera to sympathy. But perhaps that is what Samurai wants… for Pantera to pity him! Oh Samurai you must not try so hard! For Pantera is all consoling, and all knowing as even the powers that be encircle you as vultures. Come now… do you really think you are the hero in all of this? The vultures… they wish you dead yes? You are certainly no use to their kind alive, yet they welcomed you with open arms once, and even then you were very much alive. So do the vultures play a long game… or has their long gaze not even set upon you? Such paranoia… is not unknown to Pantera admittedly. Far less unknown than what happens to lie beyond the censorship of the pics sent to those unfortunate women. An ordeal they must deal with in the state of the world as we live in unfortunately. One has to wonder, if Cam herself received such a pic not long before her defeat at mighty Pantera’s hands… For indeed oh indeed… it did seem like her mind was elsewhere.

So yo boi had to KNOCK it straight back into the present!

I fucked up a bitch, so I can fuck bitches, while I got my bitch Steroid Dawg growlin’ behind me lookin’ for some more bitches to make her bitches. Usually mah dawg like to eat that white meat, but you got some of that Asian in ya… we gonna take Steroid Dawg out for sushi. Samurai, you wanna bitch and whine and moan about bein’ in the doghouse? Let Steroid Dawg take yo ass to the REAAAAAAAAAL DAWWWWWWWWWGGG HOUSE!

Tho watch out cuz you ain’t comin’ out for a millennium Mr. Messiah! Yo carnal… yo name makes sense now. Cuz to be honest I was kinda confused and shit with the whole once in a millenium shit, I mean I don’t even think they had pro wrestling a thousand years ago so how they even gonna predict you gonna be here? But nawww dawg let’s disregard all of the thousand years of history that supposedly backs up your cred… since you threw out my one year on Dynasty in just seems like it is in the interest of equality, and I know how much you care about equality. Almost as much as you say it makes you sick to see me parade around with this title… I’m sorry homie. Lo siento senor. Let me fix that for you.





A real champion.

Oh and by the way I blocked you on Instagram. Get wrecked faggot.
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You've all been coming at our squad thinking you have an unbeatable deck full of aces, yet every time you foolishly think you have Hexa-gun backed against the ropes and cornered without a single trump card left to play, we channel our inner Jokers and laugh. But we're not laughing with you, or crumbling into a fit of delirious rage knowing we've exhausted all our resources trying to defeat you and came away empty-handed. We're laughing at you. We're laughing at you because you played yourself by cornering an animal who is stronger than you can possibly fathom. You're rising up against a juggernaut standing on the same proportion of significance as the Roman Kingdom, Apple, Microsoft, Boeing, Viacom, you get the picture. People like Ashten Cross and Cailin Dillon, they've boldly shunned all appeals to rational thought, one because he longs for his perfect vision of EAW to become a reality and the other simply because she's a social-climbing wench fueled almost entirely by hollow, vain ambition. Need more evidence? Look no further than her tenure in The Iconomy. She failed to realize the error in judgment she made until their misfit faction repeatedly fell victim to Hexa-gun's wrath. Then, and only then, did it dawn on her oblivious, head-in-the-clouds mind that she allied herself with the wrong rogues. No matter how great a leader is, motivational speaking is only effective when you're fortunate enough to have competent personnel. The Iconomy didn't, and they paid for their shortcomings on a weekly basis to both extremists and vixens alike. The beautiful irony of a team that constantly barked at my companions and I about how a wedge would be driven between us ultimately being separated by egos, it sends tremors of joy throughout my spine. Or am I just still feeling the euphoria from last week's ass-whipping I handed Ryan Savage? Whatever the case, Cailin Dillon is one of the most criminal offenders. Point me to the manual that automatically exalts you as a goddess for beating Haruna Sakazaki, and I'll reserve a special place in the same comfortable location for that piece of crap I do for the phone books they keep sending me in the mail: the garbage.

Her disgusting hubris is a microcosm of the problem with EAW's talent for the past year, operating without any real rhyme or reason just to abide by a treasonous rule book that blatantly defies the values EAW was founded on. You're talking to Eris in preparation for Reasonable Doubt like you didn't just fail miserably last week to use HBG as a stepping stone to catapult your career even further. Why lie to yourself? You tried to hammer nails into a coffin you couldn't close, and the nightmare that continually haunts your existence reared its head yet again. Are you planning on pretending you have amnesia, like your loss on Voltage doesn't weigh on you whatsoever? Like Hexa-gun didn't torment you during your entire stint in The Iconomy? You want that fairy tale ending where the handsome knight saves the princess and a whole world of damsels in distress breathe a collective sigh of relief; but catharsis will prove elusive because our version of closure is a swift kick in the ass for you. Consciously, everyone is blustering and full of self-confidence, but when the candles dim and the walls become stained with blood, your subconscious owns you. Because dwelling in its recesses is the self-doubt beast so few are able to control, and this monster doesn't take any prisoners. You either defeat it and overcome whatever is ailing you, or it locks you in its merciless jaws and bites your head off with the fangs of Hell. Think about it: the cameras are flashing and the crowd is roaring expecting a titanic battle worthy of being dubbed "Champion vs. Champion" at Reasonable Doubt, yet fresh in Cailin's mind isn't her successful title defense against Sheridan Muller, but her colossal failure against the paragon of women's wrestlers on last week's Voltage. Suddenly, skepticism starts creeping up into her thoughts as sweat trickles down her forehead in the heat of battle. She realizes her mind maybe isn't the bulletproof, impenetrable fortress she thought it was. Suddenly! Everything comes unglued and her pride is stolen from her right after she degrades her Specialists Championship to a meaningless trinket before being forced to compete against The Mercenaries on Voltage, HBG serving as a constant reminder of everything she is not. Ryan Savage follows up last week with a similarly embarrassing performance as I crush him handily, The Heart Break Gal once again dominates Cailin Dillon, and then she's left with dirt. Her pride shattered, her championship's prestige gone, her tormentor laughing with her hand victoriously raised over Cailin's exhausted, lifeless body in that ring... And then it's back down to the bottom rung of the ladder at a cheap brothel for Ms. Dillon. In an almost unthinkable change of events, being a member of The Iconomy doesn't sound so bad, huh? Fearing what's at stake will strip you of any chance of winning, and how overjoyed I'll be as the executioner responsible for your undoing... For "elite's" demise.
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Voltage/Battleground Promo #1

we can’t change the past, only learn from it

I was born of a bitch
A female dog
A backwards goddess
A two legged bitch
I don’t run around like a dog in heat
Who spreads her legs for every man on the street
These girls are lacking knowledge
Stripping their way through community college
They got no idea what it’s like to have a clear vision
Self-love births wisdom
You can have a life on 20/20 vision 
It’s all about self-awareness, self-respect
But as her conscious quickly shifts 
She begins to walk upright 
Putting God in her life
She has the body of a goddess 
No child bearing hips
Respecting herself to the fullest
No dick sucking lips
She’s walking upright
Thinking upright
Putting God in her hand
Divine beauty
Spawned from a bitch
Respect Greatness

Poem by Madison Kaline 2016

Another week, another victory by the Mistress of Death, Cloud Matsuda showed me once again that she couldn’t hang with a legend.  She showed me that she is all talk and no fight.  She is just an obsessed creep, who thinks about Haruna, and she took her eye off the prize because I guess she was distracted by Haruna’s boney little ass and Cloud just couldn’t recover from that. Doesn’t surprise me that Cloud would get distracted, she has a short attention span, trust me I’ve tried talking to her in the past and if the conversation doesn’t include Haruna, she doesn’t isn’t interested. But anyway enough about Cloud and her complete irrelevance in life, I have bigger and better things on my mind.  Angela Salveti? (Madison laughs) Why didn’t they just have me face Ariana Lopez while you’re at it? I mean does she even work here anymore? Who knows, I didn’t even know who Angela even was until I was told who my opponent was, I guess she is some new girl or something, I’m sorry I don’t have time to watch irrelevant Vixen matches, I guess I’m too busy main eventing FPV’s to care.  But anyway I will be wrestling Angela Salveti on Battleground this Monday night, now Angela I’m sure you have been paying attention to what has been going on recently with this whole situation with Tarah Nova, you see Angela, Tarah just doesn’t understand greatness, she doesn’t see it, her ego is blocking it, she thinks she can do whatever she wants because she is Tarah Nova.  Tarah thought she could throw her weight and push people around, until she got around to me, I actually pushed back, and did you see what happened to her at King of Elite Angela? So do you really think you stand a chance in the same ring with the greatest Vixen of all time, the living legend herself? Bitch please, I don’t even know one thing about you, which leads me to believe you have made zero impact in your time In EAW, you are like the current version of Ariana Lopez, worthless, forgettable and just bland. Nothing stands out, except your fake boobies and hair extensions right? (Madison rolls her eyes) Look at me, I am beautiful, all real baby, and not only that but a pure wrestler on top of it. These girls in this division are all jealous, because they needed to get work done to look beautiful, where as it just came natural to me, they are all jealous because I am a 5 star wrestler, where as the only stars they get are when I knock there asses out.  Angela understand there are reasons to why everybody wants to be me, it is because I am phenomenal at everything I do, so when I’m in that ring whooping your little ass, just remember one thing, you want to be me. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, in fact I am flattered. The worst thing you can possibly do is deny it, that is what Cloud did, and its eating her alive, that’s why she lost her match with me, because she was shaking in her wrestling boots standings across the ring from the Mistress of Death.  So this is a big weekend for Showdown, and while EAW fans get indulged with Reasonable Doubt, they will be treated to a Vixens match, Champion vs Champion (Madison laughs and rolls her eyes) Boring I know right, the fans certainly don’t want to see some Blonde backstage favorite Bimbo, or some Hexa-Trash lackey wrestle, no they want Madison Kaline, if EAW wants to have some paper champion vs paper champion match that’s okay I guess, but don’t hype this match up to make it sound like these two are better than someone like me, because they aren’t . But anyway I bring up Reasonable Doubt because it was one year ago, this very FPV, where I had my very first FPV match, it was against the then Vixens Champion Lethal, man how much things have changed in a year huh?  I can’t help but wonder if I had the experience, and knowledge I have today, I would have for sure beaten that one hit wonder, flash in the pan, pathetic excuse for a woman in Lethal, but we can’t change the past, only learn from it, and that match made me who I am today.  So anyway, everybody enjoy that borefest of a Vixens match at Reasonable Doubt I guess? I will see you Angela at Battleground, where you will receive the biggest ass kicking of your entire life. (Madison laughs as the camera fades to black)
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I usually get backlash over the comments made and it really bothers me. It isn’t because of my callous comments made, it isn’t because of the fact I use an ‘excessive use of vocabulary’ but rather the fact that people just to the conclusion that Liam Catterson is all talk and I can easily point out a lot more people who are guilty of this crime, yet get all the appraisal in the world. Men like DEDEDE, who are honoured for getting multiple championships and inducted into the Hall of Fame have presented to the entire world why they are flawed yet nobody bats an eye. Battleground was evidence that my words are nothing but little threats to provoke the opponents but rather deep messages. I said that people like Nick Angel will always be seen as a man who should always remain in the small federations due to how he likes to expand his mind to assume he is a man on the verge of breaking out to be a greater contribution to this pathetic company. In the end, he will always speak like a champion but fight like amateur. Now I turn my mind to another week of preparation where I partner a man who I have not been interested in during my career. I will admit that my feelings to him are bitter and I don’t personally admire the guy but preferably, I’d be willing to get this job out the way because if he really wants to stop Brain so badly, he’ll be able to relate to how I feel with DEDEDE in a way, as in that his thirst does not exceed that of mine. Not like comparisons are important though, what is important is he puts his hatred against me aside for this match and works alongside me to deliver the punishment to our opponents, DEDEDE and Brian Daniels.

You know, I don’t really have anything against Brian Daniels. Usually, I’d be ripping into people, talking shit about them and thinking that they don’t belong to be breathing the same air I breathe but why be clichéd rather than honest? I am honest about how I feel about people like Nick Angel, DEDEDE, a lot of men these fans are keen to root for and I gather that Brian Daniels is amongst the list. In no shape or form am I trying to salvage fans over by not digging into his ego or break him mentally, yes I’ve turned into a cunt, yes I am against more people than previously. The fact is though I have always respected Brian’s work ethic and how devoted to this job he is but that won’t excuse him from what he is about to suffer through this coming Battleground. It’s a shame that he is teaming up with such a narcissistic prick like DEDEDE because Brian does not need this. The most likely scenario is, should they win, DEDEDE will say Brian needed him there to get the victory and will absorb all glory rather than crediting his team-mate, the man that would assist to get him victory. But that’s the beauty of this all, DEDEDE is not going to win and neither are you, Daniels. It is a painful thing to swallow because it isn’t like DEDEDE or you are going to admit defeat but that’s the thing, denying the truth is painful to take in and it will be even more painful for your team-mate because we are in an official match where he is opposed his latest threat, likewise with you. The difference between you and him is that you’re not a man with a god complex. Do you believe you are the greatest thing since sliced bread, Brian? Do you believe every single person on this numb planet is beneath you? I may respect you enough for you to avoid the path that your unfortunate partner leads but that is no excuse to avoid the shame of defeat when you go up against me. You have your rival to deal with, like I do with DEDEDE and I think it is best if I leave you with Scott just because you don’t want another problem on your shoulders. One day, I will deal with you in my own way but right now, I am going to apply full focus on your partner because the best way to take the championship from him is if he remains battered from me. 

DEDEDE, how you doing buddy? I noticed you were a little shaky this week on Voltage. How come? Was the World Champ a little distracted this week? Was he fearing that Liam Catterson was not only going to take away the championship that unrightfully defines him a god but also the girl he desires? Awwwwh, that’s too bad because I was hoping that I’d be seeing someone who was determined to beat the shit out of me, that thought I was nothing. At least that was the impression I got when I was scheduled to face you at Fighting Spirit but I guess you really are full of shit. Don’t worry, I will take care of both the world championship and Tarah for you, heck I will do a better job at caring for the both than you could ever amount to because whilst you have Tarah and the World Championship in your world, there is one thing that topples both that you cling onto so hard and that is your precious ego. You can deny that as much as you want but I think we’ve gone past the integrity of your words right now. All this “Liam doesn’t startle me” crap has been a theme for you to cling onto in the hopes that it will attach itself onto me and ruin me so you can walk out of Fighting Spirit with your championship without breaking a sweat. But then you learnt that trying to get the better of Liam Catterson was never going to work and all your thoughts panicked at once, trying to calculate the best possible system for you to topple this man who you once imagined as small. I didn’t smile when I saw how sloppy you performed because it wasn’t me. Of all people, it was against a man who cannot even take on a pure victory to save his own life. Contrast to Battleground, Nick Angel gave me a reason why my words are logical and his words are smaller than his balls. Right now however, I am more focused on how you are going to beat me this weekend? I mean sure, you have a great team-mate in Brian and even I’ll bite the bullet in admitting he would be my preference of a partner too but the difference being that I would learn to respect my partner and treat him as an equal. I am not a fan of teaming up with people personally, I am not a man who’d like to make friends in this company but I believe teamwork is a quality work skill and that applies to this place too. It would only be for one match anyways but as I was saying, whereas I would be equal in opportunities with my partner, I have already established how you’re chomping at the bit to make this about you because you are a god, so you preach to everyone listening but then again, why should people listen to you in the first place. These last couple of weeks, we have not seen the DEDEDE that you’ve addressed. The man who should evoke fear in me does not exist, it was only a façade to hide who you really are. A façade that you hoped would draw me away from interest and clearly, you failed, just like you will this week, just like you will at Fighting Spirit. Just take your time to embrace the final moments as a champion AND an appreciated member of this company because for so long, people have used my name as some form of curse in EAW and they still will, even with the victory over you, the anger will never stop. But I will find some peace knowing that I shattered a legend who thought he was a god but was only the follower. 
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Post on February 24th 2016, 4:02 pm by Carson Ramsay
It's a daunting task to go about recognizing one's defeat, especially when said defeated individual would utilize most of his time beforehand to emphasize upon how little the chances of that happening are gonna' be. I am misfortunate enough to fill those shoes for the time being, hot on the heels of my failure to rout Drake and Jones off of the lightning bolt that they are riding, alongside their brethren in Hexa-Gun, into the second anniversary of Fighting Spirit. I'll admit it, I was proven wrong on Voltage last Sunday. The pairing of Drake and Jones exemplified the quite impressive chemistry that they share with one another and exactly why they've ruled the tag team division with a firm grip for so long. Now that the confessions of a wronged man are all out in the open, let's expand upon a couple of reality checks that might grant my half of the story some much needed support. While it stands true that Drake and Jones did display a great showing of fortitude and unity when they beat me and Clark Duncan, despite the impromptu stipulation that I took the liberty of introducing, the fact remains that the line of distinctness placing myself and Duncan on one side while Drake and Jones on the other - tag team experience wise - is one decisive factor that cannot be ignored. To put matters into perspective, Drake Jaeger and Tiberius Jones have arguably been fighting side-by-side since their inception within the company. Both men have mastered each other's thinking a long time ago and thus harmony is an established constant in the way that they communicate inside the squared circle as well as occasionally outside of it. With that in mind, let us shift focus to the team of Carson Ramsay and Clark Duncan. While Drake and Jones might as well be called the Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons of EAW for future references; myself and Clark though? We're more like the Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas of this place and dare I say, respectively. It has to be publicly recognized by now how much dislike we owe one another. We’ve been at each other’s throat for most of my run in EAW with a common mentality that belittles the other in every field or aspect imaginable. I’m not too sure what initially sparked the whole beef between me and Duncan either, but I never tried changing that. I’ve never cared to think it through because whenever his name pops up in my head, all I ever thought about was his demise and my claim to the New Breed crown simultaneously transpiring before his and my own eyes. Now, I know what you’re thinking; this statement is probably coming across as a poor excuse more than anything else. I don’t blame the theorists for taking that easy route of judgment. However, being the generous man that I am, allow me to enlighten your limited span of knowledge regardless; I’m conducting this little analysis simply to beg this thought provoking equation; who in his or her right mind would bet on two of the world’s most combustible elements defeating a well-oiled machine, one which also happens to be the Tag Team Champions of the world? Statistics are one thing, but the mere number of blunders that ensued due to the miscommunication which Clark and I excelled at sporting in our fight with Hexa-Gun on Voltage can paint a clear picture of how we cannot co-exist as a unity; let alone beat a team as established as Drake and Jones. For whatever reason, a discouraging vibe was instantly inaugurated as soon as we walked out of the curtains. The grudge, the dislike, the competitive thrive for superiority over the other; they were all still very much there and they eventually played a big role in fulfilling our loss. But you see, I’m not at all mad or even slightly moved by the fact that we came up short. 

Granted, the defeat did leave a foul taste on the tongue for myself and Duncan to contend with but, it was only temporary. I woke up the next morning free of any thoughts regarding that fateful evening. I was further motivated to continue on such path when I got the news that I will be getting half of Drake and Jones this Sunday inside the ring FOR myself. No more babysitting a man who I hold the utmost repugnance for and no more worrying about a low–budget Julius Erving trying to interfere, the latter being hopeful thinking more than anything since this IS Hexa-Gun we’re talking about here. I’ll be the first to congratulate you on the win which you’re probably still gloating over at this very moment. I am also more than ready to sit through the imminent, hour-long monologues of you purely discussing that victory in particular. I do hope in return that you don’t rely on said victory as leverage in your argument of repeating that same occurrence again on Voltage against me, I really do. I don’t want you to make the foolish choice of many before you Drake and underestimate the power of a man bouncing off of a loss. It’s not like that happens often with yours truly though, which is good news for everyone else just as much as it is for me personally. Howbeit when it does, it kinda’ ignites an inexplicable desire in me to just make whoever handed me that loss - regardless of how he went around doing it – regret it with every heavy breath he will eventually struggle to Inhale. You see, I don’t feel comfortable with the moniker bestowed upon my name in the EAW Universe. Deranged? Masochistic? CRAZY?! As far as I’m concerned, those are just superficial labels that serve as the input of those who cannot fully grasp what Carson Ramsay essentially stands for. However, while most of the nicknames are poorly chosen or in a desperate need for some overhauling, they do strike a interesting nerve in what I do; I do not know how to stop. Whether it’s pummeling my opposition half to death or pummeling my opposition half to death for the sake of achieving a lucrative goal, I do not cease the act. I still go on and on until that opponent who I once aimed at beating halfway to the graveyard gets placed in a casket and that lucrative goal that I’d probably already have jotted down as one of my career defining accomplishments gets CROSSED OFF anyone else’s to-do list. It’s a habit, one that has raised me into becoming the survivor who I am today. I would’ve never made it out of the streets alive if I didn’t adapt that mentality, nor will I ever get to cement the proper legacy for myself in the EAW history books if I don’t carry on that same message. Drake Jaeger, be it intentional or not, you’ve put a dart on your head last Sunday and thus you’ve thrown yourself into that pool of opponents. Come Voltage, whether I can control it or not, I will be looking to fit you in a box. I don’t care if it drastically messes up the plans Fighting Spirit 2 BUT when you go out there, know that I will be aiming to give your monologue of a career an epilogue for the ages.
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六 Three Pilots are shown joking and laughing in the cockpit of a plane. 六

Pilot #1: You’re shitting me! She really said that to you. Captain?

Captain: I swear to God! I had to do a double-take! I thought--

六 A loud knocking on the cockpit door is heard as the three Pilots turn their attention towards it. 六

Captain: I got it.

六 The Captain reluctantly gets up and makes his way to the door, opening it to reveal a distressed looking man. 六

Captain: What is it, Air Marshal?

Air Marshal: We’ve, uh… We’ve got a problem back here. You mind coming with me, sir?

六 The Captain looks slightly uneasy as he looks back at the other two Pilots, but shrugs it off and nods his head as he and the Air Marshal take their leave from the cockpit. The Captain grows visibly more uncomfortable as he walks beside the Air Marshal further and further through the plane. 六

Captain: Can I ask what this is all about?...

Air Marshal: You’ll have to wait, sir, I really don’t want to stir anything up with the passengers.

六 The Captain and Air Marshal make their way past all of the passengers and stop before the last curtain. The Air Marshal turns to the Captain, trying to keep his voice low. 六

Air Marshal: Now don’t panic, but… We encountered a person of interest on this flight.

Captain: … Person of interest? What, like… A terrorist?

Air Marshal: Shush! Do you have any idea what kind of shitstorm you’ll bring down on this whole flight saying something like that out loud?! Just… Just see for yourself.

六 The Captain nods as he and the Air Marshal both step through the curtain to see a man - dressed in black boots, black kneepads, black tights, a black trench coat - with a bag over his head, on his knees and his hands handcuffed behind his back while two male Flight Attendants hold him down. 六

Captain: What the Hell is this?

Air Marshal: Guys, what the Hell? Why’d you put a bag over his head?

Captain: Is this some sort of joke? I don’t have time for this, I’ve got a flight I need to get to Dublin.

Air Marshal: No, Captain, I assure you that this is anything but a joke! This man looked incredibly suspicious and even started frightening the other passengers! I took him down before anything got out of control. Now, we didn’t find anything that LOOKED like a potential weapon on him or in his bags, but--

Passenger (muffled voice): Perhaps he’s just wondering why on Earth you’ve got a man on his knees with a bag on his head.

Air Marshal: Wise guy, huh? Just who the Hell are you? Who are you with? ISIS?

Passenger (muffled voice): We are the greatest stable in history. We are the Best in the World.

六 The Air Marshal cautiously approaches the Passenger and removes the bag from his head to reveal Drake Jaeger - wearing his usual black sunglasses and with a mask on his face that covers his mouth and nose. 六

Drake (muffled voice): Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask.

Air Marshal: That’s because you look like a person of interest. Why the Hell did you two leave that stupid thing on him?

Flight Attendant #1: It’s just a toy mask, sir… He pleaded with us to put the bag on his head. He said it would look “cooler”.

Drake (muffled voice): What we do does not matter. What matters is our plan.

Air Marshal: I’ve had just about enough of you. If I remove that mask, would you cry? Huh?

Drake (muffled voice): It would be extremely painful.

Air Marshal: How’s that?

Drake (muffled voice): I absolutely refuse to smell or taste the air of the drunken cesspool that you call Ireland, Mr. Air Marshal Man.

Air Marshal: Uh huh. And was ending up like this a part of your plan?

Drake (muffled voice): Of course. Wait, no, it wasn’t. Our plan is merely to take EAW back to its roots, Mr. Air Marshal Man.

Captain: EAW? That’s no terrorist organization I’ve ever heard of.

Drake (muffled voice): Oh no, Mr. Captain, it’s far, far worse than any terrorist organization you’ve ever heard of.

Captain: What’s it stand for?

Drake (muffled voice): It stands for everything wrong with the World, Mr. Captain Man. It stands for conformity in the face of adversity and oppression. It stands for complacency for all those abused by the power of its dictator. It stands for everything WE do NOT, and soon… Very soon… We will strike them down, and take it all back to rebuild in our very own image, piece by piece. It all begins this week, in Ireland, unfortunately.

Captain: …. No, I mean, what do the letters stand for?

Drake (muffled voice): Ah, yes, the letters. Extreme Answers Wrestling…

Captain: Extreme Answers… You’re kidding, right?

Drake (muffled voice): Of course! It actually stands for ELITE Answers Wrestling. Do you feel it, Mr. Captain Man? The bile rising in the back of your throat just hearing that name?

Air Marshal: Wrestling? He’s just toying with us. What’s your group’s name?! Answer me, Goddamn it!

Drake (muffled voice): Ah, yes, our group. We are Hexa-gun.

Air Marshal: See, that’s more like it. And what are Hexa-gun?

Drake (muffled voice): Extremists, Mr. Air Marshal Man.

Air Marshal: That’s what I thought! Captain, have them land this plane immediately! Who knows if this guy planted a bomb or anything somewhere in the plane! We have to get to the ground now!

六 The now sweating Captain nods and begins to take his leave. 六

Drake (muffled voice): Though I suppose you could call us ‘professional wrestlers’ as well.

六 The Captain stops and turns around. 六

Captain: Professional Wrestlers? What? I… I think I’m getting confused here. Is he a terrorist or not?

六 The Air Marshal slaps Drake across the face. 六

Air Marshal: Quit playing games with us, Goddamn it! Who are you and what do you want?!

Drake (muffled voice): Most unwise of you, Mr. Air Marshal Man.

Air Marshal: Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?

Drake (muffled voice): I would challenge you to a match. Preferably Extreme Rules. And yes, Mr. Air Marshal Man. I would win.

六 The frustrated Air Marshal begins to rub his temples as he tries to think of what to say next. 六

Air Marshal: Professional Wrestler…. Alright, so maybe that would explain your stupid getup, but what else do you have, huh?

Drake (muffled voice): What would you like to know?

Air Marshal: What are you coming to Dublin for?

Drake (muffled voice): If I had it my way, I wouldn’t be anywhere near such a country, but unfortunately Hexa-gun has business to attend to there. You see, Mr. Air Marshal Man, Eris LeCava must prove her superiority to Cailin Dillon. There can only be one ruler of the Vixens Division. My objective, however, along with my partner, Tiberius Jones, is to successfully retain our EAW Unified Tag Team Championships. At any cost.

Air Marshal: Champions, huh? YOU’RE a Champion? And who are you facing, Professional Wrestler?

Drake (muffled voice): I’m glad you conveniently asked. You see, Mr. Air Marshal Man, where there roams various different men and perhaps even women that are suited to challenge myself and Tiberius Jones, we find ourselves face to face with two men who are more rival than friend. Two men that aren’t fit to breathe the same air as myself and Tiberius, let alone challenge us for our Championships. They’re both mere pieces of a day that’s long since passed. They roamed the Earth when the invention of the wheel was still in its infancy. They were both probably the first two to sign up when the sport of professional wrestling debuted. They are relics of the past, Mr. Air Marshal Man. Unfit to be here, and we will put them where they belong: in the past. Broken, and finished. Just like the rest of their friends and companies that lie at the bottom of this ocean. And in this deep, dark part of the ocean, they struggle and they struggle, but they’ll ultimately drown come this Saturday, Mr. Air Marshal Man. EAW isn’t meant for them. It never was. It’s our’s. We refuse to let the likes of HRDO take it from us and keep it neutered, so do you honestly believe we would let some stupid old men that never belonged here even when the company still had balls - do you believe we would allow them to mock us by coming this far and fighting for the Tag Team Championships? There’s a very good reason why Carlos Rosso is more well-known for being a constant failure in this company than a huge success. You know why that is? Perhaps because he prefers the comforting arms of the olden days where throwing a man over the top rope resulted in a disqualification. Perhaps he would prefer discussing the various health problems his body is going through with the other old, pathetic men that inhabited the companies he’s flourished in. Now does he believe that because he puts on a mean face and pretends like he’s a dangerous man, that it will make a difference in the face of Hexa-gun? Does he truly believe so long as he fights that his will is all he needs to push him through to the other side - the winning side - regardless of the daunting task that stands before him? And all while he competes alongside a man he would sooner fight than befriend? Ah yes, there are uphill battles that can be overcome. This is not one of them. This is an uphill battle with a very large and very unstoppable boulder coming down to crush him beneath it as if he were nothing the very moment a glimmer of hope shows itself. As for Lioncross--

Air Marshal: “Lioncross”? You’ve got to be making this up. What kind of a stupid name is that?

Drake (muffled voice): Agreed. A very unwise decision it was to exist in this World with such a profoundly stupid name, Mr. Air Marshal Man. But stupidity is the sword a man such as Lioncross lives by, and will surely die by just as well. I know very little about him besides the fact that he’s just another old name that has no right to be here in our jungle. You know why he’s here? Because our land has conquered every other land he’s ever been a part of. Lioncross is a warrior whose every clan has been eradicated. Now that he’s all that’s left standing, he believes he can come here with open arms? I should think not. A cat that thinks it’s a dog is not a dog. It’s still a cat. A pussy, if you will. He does not belong, and nor does his partner, and we will prove just as much… Prove just as much beyond a Reasonable Doubt. Lioncross may fight, he may struggle, he may claw and he may scratch, but in the end, he and his partner are two old, scarred men up against two of the greatest soldiers in the most powerful army in this land. The only card up his sleeve is the wisdom he gained after years of stepping into a ring, but then, if he were truly wise, would even be here in the first place? I should think not, Mr. Air Marshal Man! I should think not! There are fifteen other teams I could name off the top of my head that I would sooner be wasting my time upon than these two that haven’t the faintest clue how to coexist, let alone walk out of Dublin with a victory. They should be thankful that they walk out with their careers still intact. This may be a powerful message we must send, but they are not our primary targets as it stands. We have bigger fish to fry. We have an entire company to eat, and we are very, very hungry. The likes of Carlos Rosso and Lioncross serve as nothing more to us than a mere appetizer. There were going to be more appetizers, but it would seem Clark Duncan and Jason Cage ran into something problematic. It’s a shame. I could think of at least 18 reasons for why they would have been defeated, but, of course, 18 would be too high a number for Clark Duncan’s liking.

Air Marshal: Alright, I’ve had about enough of this. You think I’m buying any of this for even a second? Captain, land this plane as soon as possible. This asshole is going to prison the moment we touch ground.

Flight Attendant #2: Wait, Air Marshal--

六 The second Flight Attendant shows up with a bag in hand, pulling out Drake’s EAW Unified Tag Team Championship. 六

Flight Attendant #2: We found another bag of his. He’s got ID and a passport and all this wrestling stuff. I.. I think he checks out.

Flight Attendant #1: It makes sense. Who else but a wrestler would be wearing that stuff? Plus, he is a pretty big guy.

Drake (muffled voice): For you.

Captain: Okay, so he’s a professional wrestler? It’s all sorted out, right? Can I get back to the cockpit now?

Air Marshal: ….. Alright, fine, whatever. Just take off that stupid mask and get back to your seat. Don’t look at anyone funny, don’t say anything. I don’t want to hear a Goddamn peep out of you, understand?

Drake (muffled voice): Of course! But first, may I see your phone? I need to make a call.

Air Marshal: No.

Flight Attendant #1: Here, use mine.

六 The first Flight Attendant hands Drake his phone after the handcuffs are taken off. Drake quickly dials a number. 六

Drake (muffled voice): Yes, Tiberius? Yes, it’s Drake. Don’t mind why I’m talking like this. I have a mask on. Listen, it would seem the Air Marshal would like to land the plane I’m on immediately and potentially put me in prison, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it to the match after all.

Air Marshal: Huh?

Drake (muffled voice): Yes, I understand your anger, but they’re going to be expecting one of us in the wreckage that is Ireland. No, I’m not doing a Bane impression. No, I assure you, I’m not. I swear to God. I have to go now, goodbye.

六 Drake ends the call and tosses the phone away as he pulls off his mask. 六

Drake: Ah, much better. Alright, let’s turn this shit around and drop me off in America! No fuckin Ireland for me! Haha!

六 The camera cuts to a zoomed out shot of Drake being forcefully escorted off the plane after it landed in Dublin, Ireland. He kicks and screams violently as he’s dragged towards the airport. 六

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Reasonable Doubt #2
Dublin, Ireland
Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Here he comes. I've been waiting every so patiently for this moment. I'll give you props though Chris, it took you a lot less time than I actually expected. Alas, you really should have taken a lot more time to think about what you were going to say to me. Rather than just coming up with it off the top of your head, you perhaps should have created a few bullet points for yourself to make sure that you know what you're talking about. Unfortunately for you, you do not have the talent that I do, you are not able to just create brilliance from the top of your head. We seem to have a real common theme at play here. Everything you do is a piss poor version of Thomas Minns. Just take a look at yourself. From the outfits you wear to the way that you carry yourself, it is quite obvious to see that you are just attempting to be like me. Don't worry though, Chris. I totally understand. I expect the entire EAW roster and all of our fans dream of being Thomas Minns, if I didn't having the pleasure of being the man himself then I know I would. The thing is, Chris, if you really want to hit the real heights of EAW, you need to become your own man. You need to move away from whatever the hell it is your trying to do and actually do something that is exciting. A major part of being a professional wrestling is captivating the audience and capturing their imagination. So far, you haven't been able to entertain a single soul. Entertainment and showmanship are two things that I excel in. Whether they are cheering or booing me, I have the audience eating out of the palm of my hand. They are always hanging off my every last word and reacting to every little thing that I do. Even though they hate me, the fans still care about me. They care about me enough to hate me, the same cannot be said about yourself. There's not a single person in this company or a single member of the EAW universe that cares about you. You've been lost in the shuffle for your entire EAW career and it is going to stay that way forever. Just take a look at your time on Dynasty for a glaring example of the level that you are at. There's one word that can simply sum up your time in EAW, pathetic. You played second fiddle to JJ Silva for a very long time, that says it all about you. The simple fact that you believe you deserve to be in the same ring as me is disgraceful. You should consider yourself blessed that are allowed in the same arena as Thomas Minns, never mind the same ring. This is your last warning, Chris. You need to learn that you need to stay in your own lane and not try and reach above it. You are at a certain level and you need to realise that before it is far too late.

I did have to watch you talk numerous times over, watching it once wasn't enough. The reason that I did that was so that I could make sure exactly what you were saying and to give me a chance to comprehend the ludicrous claims that you were making. You can say all you want about how your actions were smart. Yeah, sure, right now they look like they were a stroke of absolute genius on your part. Your actions have enabled you to get a huge match on a FPV against a bona fide star, right now you must feel on top of the world. Well, your world is about to come crashing down on you. Do you really not think about the disastrous consequences that you are going to face for your actions? Do you think that I am just going to let what you did slide? Unfortunately for you, that is not the case. I am going to make you pay for what you did, that is a promise. I am going to hurt you and inflict pain on you due to what you have done. You are a waste of space, Chris. You are a complete waste of oxygen and a waste of my time. I honestly shouldn't even entertain the fact that I am expected to face you. However, due to the fact that I am a professional and I enjoy easy victories, I will show up at Reasonable Doubt and embarrass you. The best thing about this all is that you have absolutely no one to blame but yourself. You have brought this all on yourself, this is all your own fault. I do wonder how it is going to feel knowing that you have made a grave error. The fact that you're displaying great arrogance and being very cocky right now just makes this even better. It's going to be a real picture when I am standing over you and celebrating my victory, I will even spit on you as you lay in a pool of your own blood. That picture is just going to display how pathetic you are. Hopefully, this will teach you a lesson. Hopefully, this will teach you to never send for someone who is way out of your league. It will teach you to stay in your lane, target guys like Kerry Keller, Aiden Diemos, Piff Fumador. You never come for someone like Thomas Minns, someone with actual talent and potential. Do you seriously believe what you say? Do you actually buy into the utter bullshit that you sprout on a day to day basis? You say I am at my weakest now. Why do you possibly think that? I just went toe to toe with a man that was the EAW Champion for a combined total of eight months. That's the same man that I beat a month prior in a hellacious Extreme Rules match. I have proven that I can go with the best of them, why would I be at my weakest? Chris, your time is over. You will regret what you have done.
Can't keep me down
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Reasonable Doubt
Promo # 2 - Can't Keep Me Down

With Reasonable Doubt, Showdown's PPV, just around the corner The Rex Master seeks to do the what many won't even fathom to think for a second that he could do. The Rex Master seeks to make a name for himself, or in the very least put his name on the Showdown map, by throwing six other hapless losers over the top rope. Yeah, some of them might have something to offer. Though the others? I can't say that much about them cause they haven't made even a dent in the EAW landscape.  Which is good...don't get me wrong. It gives someone like me the opportunity to move into the spotlight.

Cypher Sharp, who is real new, comes in with a fresh look and a round and pound type of style that can take anybody to their limits on any given night just as was the case when he went toe to toe with, the now former EAW Champion, Jamie O'Hara. Let's see how he fairs in a battle royal when six other ferocious competitors are looking to send him over the top rope.

Aiden Diemos, a potential star in the making I guess. A guy that the company could push once he starts showing consistency. A loss to Aren shouldn't discourage him one bit, but will someone who fancies himself more than anything or anybody else help him win a seven man over the top rope battle royal? Doubtful, but reasonable I suppose.

Then there is the three stooges, Dache, Eusford, and Piff.  Of course that doesn't really do justice for Mr. DCW Maxwell, now does it? I mean Dache shows the tenacity of a little Sprite, but overall I don't see him posing much of problem in this match. He was also in the last battle royal I was in where he got eliminated four times before they finally deemed him so. However, if you want some of ole' Rex here, Maxwell? Come Saturday you bring it!

Eusford? He is untapped potential just like Brett Kennedy. He poses a threat, no doubt. Though this is not about going crazy-insane on your opponent Eusford. We all have heard of your other side. Some have seen it. Which is the same reason why nobody seems to understand how Mr. Dache got into your head. Well, I realize you've tried to rid yourself of the DCW stigma.  This Kerry....this match, should you win? It has the potential to do that for you.

Then their is Piff.  I will be honest there isn't a whole lot I know about the guy accept that he likes smoking pot and teaming with El Landerson to comprise the Piff & Landerson Experience. A team that has had moderate success at best. However, this is not a tag match Piff. This is an over the top rope battle royal. No friends, no help in sight for you. You are left to fight for yourself, for your survival. You have this reputation as being a comic relief. Need look no further than that awful display of shenanigans that you pulled on Showdown in your tag match against Kerry and Landerson.  I mean really? Pull out a joint right in the middle of a match? Yeah, no forget it. I got no respect for that kind of hijinx in the ring. Needless to say, but half-cocked performances and smoking pot aren't the way to get noticed in a positive light. It certainly doesn't get you a win on Saturday either.

Then lastly but certainly not least there is Merek Blackfyre. A man trying to bring prestige to EAW. Well, we will just say more prestige to EAW.  I've been in the ring with this man already. Does this give me an advantage going into a battle royal? Honestly, I don't know. Though I do intend on showing this man what The Rex Master is all about next time we come face to face in that squared circle. Merek mentions how he has amassed a perfect 3-0 record since debuting a month ago, and mentions by name who he has beat. Let me put it out there so there is no mistake about it Merek. NOBODY CARES.  I mean going 3-0 to start your EAW career is nothing really. You beat me? So what. You beat Chris Elite, who has dropped the ball and left the company more times than anyone cares to count anymore. You beat Chris Elite? So what. Zach Genesis? I threw Zach Genesis' sorry ass over the top rope in the last battle royal I was in.  That man has dropped the ball more than once and really hasn't been able to get back on track after being the Interwire champion or at least flirting for a time with being a contender for the Interwire Championship. You beat Zach Genesis? BIG DEAL. So what.  Nobody cares what you did yesterday. They only care about what you will do today and going forward. Merek, you are tough, I will give you that. I got to find that out first hand one on one in your debut match. This time will be different Merek, I can promise you that. How you ask? Growth, improvement, and success.  I have tasted success since we last faced off and I'm going to taste it again after I throw you and the other six competitors over the top rope this Saturday. Irish born? Doesn't matter. You will find out how much different it is to fend off six men as opposed to one at Reasonable Doubt.

It's when the odds are against you and that you find out truly what you have in you to fight those odds and ultimately beat those odds. I've got everything to gain from a win like this and it will be more rewarding knowing that I did it against the odds.  Bring your best fellas and do your worst. Ta, Ta for now losers.

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Dynasty #2

We all remember what happened last time I was in China. Three weeks ago the first shot was fired between Shinsei Dōmei and Weird Besties better known as Veena & Silence and now LIVE from Shanghai. Shinsei Dōmei will end it and Silence will personally pay for everything she has done or tried to do to Me and Erica will come back and bite you. Then comes Sheridan, I personally don't like you but it seems we might have mutual agreement on something but it seems for once we agree on something we both hate all of our opponents.

To Erica, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to get revenge for you. Seeing you there bleeding, I sort of felt hopeless. Because of the support you have gave me since you took me under your wing but now I know that even without you by my side I have march forward. That’s my promise to you. I’ll make sure that Shinsei Dōmei’s name will go far and nothing will ever stop us, not Veena, not Silence or any other vixen.

Sheridan, I’m going ask you nicely right now. Leave Silence for me, She’s mine and if you dare to go and not listen during our match, well last time you know what happened. Finally to Raven, Veena and especially Silence watch out because I’m one of those kind of people who just can’t control themselves when angry.
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Haruna is seen turning on her camera and begins to talk for her vlog about the upcoming voltage match

Haruna Sakazaki: Oh hey, Tarah.... we finally meet again in that ring one-on-one. It really sucks actually that we have to fight again in just a regular weekly show so I can't beat and humiliate you in bigger place. But nevermind, I will still do what I really want to do for the long time, anyway. I have so many things I want to do to you, since you beat me in Pain For Pride, We never had a chance to meet each other again one on one... yes, until now. It's so long time. It's been six damn month I'm waiting for this chance to meet you. Six month is too long, a lot of things happened in our career. You might be saying that I'm still the same old failed Haruna but I saw otherwise in you. To be honest, Until Pain for Pride ends, I still look at you as the one who dominates the Vixens Division with her strong skills and intimidation words. But Now, you are not Tarah Nova that I used to know. You are turning into what I am now. Desperate, failed, delusional and not even intimidating anymore. "The Leader of Vixens Division" thing is, unfortunately, become only just something that come out from your mouth. Nobody is ever scared with it anymore. The Age of Nova is now, sadly, has to be buried deep down in the place that you threw me in. You are now inside the dark pit, the same position that I lived for months and Now,  you finally feel what I feel.

Haruna Sakazaki: Tarah, you can deny what I said about you, you can runaway from the reality that you are now on your downfall of your career. You can't accept the fact that you are no Longer most feared vixens in the room so you find the protection to Mr. DEDEDE. He is now currently on top of the mountain and he has to carry you behind her back only to cleanse your name again. Such pitiful moves that is, Tarah... No., your name will still down inside a dark pit while you can still hang your name behind DEDEDE. Tarah Nova is not a vixens with integrity anymore. Or, maybe the time that you always mentioned your Demon's Council stable is also the same story of who you are right now? You are only living under Dark Demon's shadow just like you're trying to do the same thing to Mr. DEDEDE, aren't you? Oh, Tarah... do you really have to do some cheap moves like that to survive. Well, right now, I might be on my downfall. Cloud really obsessed to make my life like a living hell but at least I will keep myself standing on my own feet and survived under my own free will. Even I am still unable to let out from my dark times, at least I never depend myself with some other people to help me out, it might actually sound selfish but at least I do it in a right way. I am will always be I am. I can change who I am, but I never living under somebody else's fame to change who I am.  

Haruna Sakazaki: So this is the war that I was waiting for a very long time. But I am not fighting with Tarah Nova who took my pride by beating me at the Greatest Show on the Planet. I promised myself in killing you when we meet again. But I don't think I want to do that anymore. Why did I have to kill somebody who's already dead from the inside. Her integrity is dead, Her prestige is dead, even my pride whom she stole from me is no longer intact on your body. I forget about how dominate you are right now... I seem don't remember when was the last time you prove your words inside that ring and actually winning something big. You were once a big name but not now... As for now, I have something that catch my attention. I'll let little Maddie play around with you as I don't care about who you are right now. Nobody would care... But still, six months is the long time for me to hold it. I have so many things I want you to also feel it. Destroy you, Obliterate you, humiliate you, tearing you apart from limb to limb, and more things that you will know. I should have pity you with who you are now. But to pity you is not on my list. So there will be no pity, no mercy, no remorse and no way out once we step inside that ring.

Haruna Sakazaki: And also, there will be somebody on the first row of the seat that will scouting my every moves. Yes, Tarah. The one who already abandoned you in that tag team match. The one who costed you by not saving you from defeat. Yes, your buddy, Cloud Matsuda. I remember the time when you said Cloud Matsuda has bigger pride than me. Oh, yes..... you might said it because you already being casted by whatever magic Cloud give to you. Just like she turned Cailin into the one who never care about me anymore, just like she turned my close friends saying such words on me. I will never fall for such trick like that, I might know Cailin for not a long time, she can turns her back to whichever side she wants to. But having Yuriko, Mirei and Jade said that..... She thinks she is successfully fooled my mind and believe what they say, No, Matsuda! I trusted them more than anyone in this world. They mentioned everything bad about me like I don't have anything bad about them. We carry each other dark secret and we accept each other's weaknesses. They said such things in Battleground to me, I heard all of them before, right from their own mouths. So do you think I can fall from that? Nice try, Matsuda! I appreciate your effort. You've come so far from America to Japan only to make them saying something that I already heard? Oh, what a way to hit me where it hurts. So this Sunday, it will be my turn.... I'll show you something where it hurts. I'll make The Leader of Vixens Division crumble into pieces right before your eyes. Something that you will never do, I will crush Tarah right in front of you. While you are still bragging yourself because you can only beat the likes of Raven Lee, Serena Ji and the other nobodies, I'm going to show you that we are not in the same class. I deal with legends, hall of fames, I make people who underestimated me disappeared from the division and this time, I will destroy Tarah Nova just like I want to do for a very long time, it become better than the one who obsessed with putting my life into misery is on the very front seat. I know, I know it would be tempting to break my momentum and interfere the match. But I suggest you not to.... Besides it will kill your own pride in front of your CloudNations, you might be missing to witness who I really am when you finally face me in that ring. So, Matsuda. Fasten your seatbelt and never blink to something happen in front of you.... because this ride would get bumpy!

Haruna turns off the webcam and ends the video.
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Well, the feeling is mutual, Cyclone. This was all so easy to foretell, so easy that I am actually disappointed in you, old "friend".  I'm disappointed but not for the mere fact you haven't changed one bit but rather because you have shown no remorse for what you did. It appears you're content with my perception of you. You probably haven't realized this yet but the EAW universe will inevitably open their eyes sooner or later and their perception of Cyclone will be parallel to my perception of Cyclone. They will see you for what you truly are: a coward. Not a legend, not an icon not even an top tier elitist. A coward. Because only cowards do what you did. You're under the impression that these fans clamor for me, that they root for me in a weekly basis out of pity. You certainly are mistaken, Cyclone. I have been working my ass off for years. I haven't taken any intermissions. Through thick and thin my presence has been felt within the realm of EAW. THAT is why they got behind me, THAT is why I have been blessed with their unconditional support. But what do you know about hard work? You came back and the powers that be instantaneously positioned you in the main event of Dynasty. A privilege you didn't earn. You don't know a damn thing about courage and determination either. When things get bad, when dark clouds locate themselves above EAW  or even when they make their way into your life you vanish off the face of the earth, you hide under a rock, you surrender without hesitation. I've been valiantly fighting for my dreams, for my personal convictions. I haven't stopped and I will not stop, I will not cease what I started until my dreams finally take shape. This match represents an opportunity for both of us, Cyclone. You have the opportunity to prove you still have what it takes to tangle with the very best this business has ever seen, the best EAW has to offer. And I have the opportunity to prove you and every single doubter, critic, non believer across the world wrong. There's some people who don't want to see me experience success, there is some people who try really hard to beguile themselves into believing that I don't have what it takes to become World Heavyweight Champion. I have to prove them wrong. I want to piss them off and the best way to do that is by accomplishing everything I set out to accomplish the first day I stepped foot inside an EAW ring. What this match represents to everyone of us elitist or fan or staff is the commencement of a new age in this company. The beginning of great things to come. Because, Cyclone, believe it or not I acknowledge how good you are. You're one hell of a competitor and no one can take that away from you. When you pit two mastodons against each other, two of the very best to ever step foot on elite soil, probably the greatest talents from their generation great things are sure to happen. Let's show these kids how it's done, Cyclone. Let's show them who runs Dynasty. Don't let me down again. 

Regardless what I say you will continue to view yourself as my superior, as a god to these people and to myself. However, maybe there is something I can do to deprive of your arrogance, your god complex. And that is to not only beat you but BREAK you. I know you're dangerous. There's a reason you won Grand Rampage, there is a reason you headlined Pain For Pride, there is a reason you became a successful World Champion. But I am dangerous as well, Cyclone. And if you didn't know that you will find out come Dynasty. If I have to utilize every move in my repertoire I will. If I have to use my ultimate weapon, the Samoan driver I WILL. Actually, I know I will have to use it. I'm not trying to bypass blatant facts about you like you are doing towards me. You don't think I am in the same league as you, you don't view me as your equal but you will. In fact, you will think I am in a league of my own, you will see me not as your equal but as your SUPERIOR when the smoke clears, when the dust settles. I have no other option but to show you I am better in a devastating way and it's nobody's fault but your own. I don't know what the future generations will think of me, I don't know how I will be remembered but one thing is certain to me: I'll make footprints on the sands of time. I have to. I won't settle for mediocrity. I'm not the type of elitist to do that. Hence why I haven't given up despite the fact I have been told and advised to. You don't know who I am. You think you know me but you don't. And that makes you weak, vulnerable in my eyes and in THEIR eyes. I know YOU though. You haven't changed one bit. You're still the same arrogant, egotistical prick you were years ago. You think you deserve to get handed everything on a silver platter, you think this is your world and we're all just living in it. You don't deserve anything. You don't deserve these people's love and admiration, you don't deserve to headline Dynasty this week when there are far more deserving guys on the roster. It's set in stone nonetheless. There's nothing I can do except for kicking your ass and sending you back to wherever you were hiding. I don't want you to praise me, I don't need you to praise me. I understand I am not worthy of praise after all the failures I have endured. But let's face you're not too worthy of praise either. Hell, you shouldn't even be treated respectfully after what you did. I may not be the perfect example of a hero, but you are the perfect example of a villain. I never followed anybody around. There's been a powerful reason for every alliance I have cemented. I wasn't dependent on a mentor unlike you. I achieved what I achieved on my own, without anybody's help. Yeah, being dependent on someone to make it big diminishes your accolades. It's like your success is their success and it takes away from every historic moment you were the protagonist of. You say I am a failure but at least I was never anyone's bitch. I will not fall.. I will RISE. I'm going to shut you up and those who still don't see me as a credible elitist. You asked for this, Cyclone. Now get ready because I AM.
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Reasonable Doubt #2
It’s only right that we spend time talking about history this week, right as we’re on the verge of making history. This is a special match for both of us. If you win it proves, at least at this moment, that you are EAW’s best Vixen. If I win, it means that this Specialist Championship stands on it’s own. It means I’m the better champion.
I think the purpose of you bringing up or past is to make me feel some kind of contempt. Almost like you expected some sort of undue credit or you were looking for some other way to make me feel bad. Instead, I just smiled. Is it not incredible that we came here together in July and that it now feels like ages ago. We’re still rookies by so many definitions, but we’ve been fighting like veterans for months. Our debut was a fun one though. I’m glad you brought up that match, but I remember it a little bit differently. We were the underdog team, actually, do you remember that? You got the pin for us, but I remember it being more like we were fighting 2 on 3. Remember that Starshine girl, she was almost non-existent for us. But neither one of us had any doubt we could win despite her. We’ve both come a long way since that point. We’ve both evolved through our decisions and grown and developed into the wrestlers we are now. You see yourself as such a superior wrestler, while I see as far more equal than you would ever care to admit. This is the kind of match that could go either way. I am willing to admit that. I’m confident that I can win, while remaining realistic that we both possess the kind of talent that can change a match in an instant. Neither of us are so invincible that we can’t be caught by one of those moves. Yes, you beat me one-on-one in the past, but are we talking early October? Things have changed so much since then.
I don’t fault you for taking your mentors offer to join Hexa-gun. It’s a learning experience you’ll never be able to trade. Even you, as the relative low-woman on their six-person totem pole, reap the benefits and rewards from the power they’ve been able to hold over the rest of EAW. I don’t fault you for that. I only questioned why you were so closed off before. But again, I now see that as part of our evolutions. I was shuffled into the lineup of the Iconomy when I came to EAW. It didn’t take too long for me to realize I was capable of bigger things without them. It wasn’t about being a team player. It’s not a comparable situation to what you’re in now. That’s why I shed that group and focused on me. You decided to focus on something else. It’s gained you more time between title fights and the illusion that you have some sort of power or choice over these matches. I was told well before you showed up to reluctantly agree to this match, that it was going to happen. I was under the impression that neither of us had a decision in this. You’ve been on a roll, I’ve been on a roll, so it was about time our paths met at the same place.
Let me be clear on this, too. I would never say that the Specialist’s title is more important than the Vixens title. You’re holding a title that is rooted in this company’s history. I’m building this legacy myself. I’m proud of what the Specialist’s title is becoming. I know it is subject to ridicule from a very few, but even those who mock it seem to put so much extra effort into holding it. That’s because when it comes down to it, people want to be champions. They want to have that moniker of accomplishment next to their name. You don’t have to defend your title as much as me and you think it’s because you call the shots. But I’m a fighting champion and I defend this title like a champion every time I fight. I get everyone’s best shot. I get such desperation from Vixens in this company who see this as a stepping-stone, but realize it’s more of a mountain to climb than they ever realized. So I’m just as proud of this as you are of that. This will never be able to catch up to the history of the Vixens title, but it’s here and it’s building its own history. So my message to everyone who is too worried about comparing these two titles is to get over it. Do we honestly waste time comparing all 19 of the titles the Elitists fight over? This is just an excuse for us girls to be catty and bitchy and try to get under each other’s skin. It doesn’t bother me, though. Because like I said, for all the crap that is talked about this title and me as a champion, I show up every time and turn away every single challenger.
We are much in the same that we grew up watching EAW as fans and we now see ourselves as competitors. We were fans of the same wrestlers and we both learned how different it was to actually be here. Even in other places before I came to EAW, the lifestyle didn’t compare. To make it here, to be successful here, you have to manage both your love for everything this is, with the hard work and seriousness it takes to continue improving and building your name. Look out at that concourse when our merchandise is flying off the racks. When we came here in July, they wouldn’t have put our faces on the side of a toilet stall, but now they put our names on marquees and are pictures on programs and posters. And all the while, I truly believe the ones who will last the longest are those that can remain both hungry and humble. Your own humility carries with it a sense of delusion. To say you were underrated is a bit of a stretch. You made an impact from day one, you feuded with an Elitists, you wiped out the best side of the Empress of Elite tournament and then you ended the short reign of Madison. You were always set up for great things. I always knew that. And now you’re a fully strapped member of this company’s true power players. But before you waste another breath getting upset at me for making comments about your precious Claudia, consider what her ultimate goal is once Hexa-gun is finished. That precious title you carry around your waste, she’s going to want to come for that. Because that history you talk so much about, she can make it if she wins that title again. She can become untouchable among all those Vixens she grew up in this company around. I have no fears of poking Eris the lovable bear. So let me just cap our HBG discussion by saying your girlfriend is just a bitch, and if she wants it she will try to take it.

You can even admit how similar we are. From title matches to great moments and everything that’s happened along the way. But the only difference between us is that your ego has grown out of control. With your championship you’ve allowed yourself to bloat up to high levels, just asking to be grounded. Allow me to reintroduce myself to you at Reasonable Doubt where I will, without a Doubt, bring you back down to earth. You’ve explained no real ways that you are better than me, and I’ve only offered ways to show that you’re not so rock solid like you pretend to be. Let’s put this out there. I tend to be arrogant. I’m stubborn, too. I can be proud, sarcastic, reckless, but I have taken all of my flaws and accepted them. These are what make me the person I am. Have I made mistakes in my career? We both have, because we’re not all that different. The only difference now will be who comes out on top this weekend. But let’s be honest, this is hardly the last time we’ll meet in out careers. We both have aspirations to stand among the best in EAW history, so our paths are intertwined until the end.
We’ve fought twice. It’s like ancient history now. Our one on one matches are all that matters in this conversation. Those two matches occurred before we ever accomplished anything. The truth is, you won one close match. And here you are referencing a match from months ago like it defines us. That’s just a joke. You say you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make yourself happy? Prove it at Reasonable Doubt where I will do anything in that match to do the same for myself. We aren’t so different, Eris. But as you flail about looking for ways to end me, I will be the one with the game plan that catches you when you least expect it. I will be the one that puts the Vixens champion on her back. You keep talking though, because it’s only a matter of time before our paths cross for that Vixens title. And when that happens, your legacy as champion will be over. Don’t worry though, at least you still have your teammates to cry to. For now.
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I was mistaken, Lucian Black.

It has not even been a week and I've already been betrayed so effortlessly. When I found out that I was facing you, a part of me believed maybe there was something finally different about you and that I wasn't going to face an old friend, that this match wouldn't be so predictable as if you're doing an old routine and I knew your every move. Your match against Y2Impact was supposed to be your swan song, and your resolve to stop the walls from closing in made me root for you just as much as any fan, only to find myself slowly distancing myself from you like any fan. Over the years when your refusal to learn from your mistakes lead you to continue to start at the same spot Y2Impact left you in, I still found myself cheering for any form of progression out of limbo, but not out of genuine respect but out of pity like a bystander wanting an injured dog to suddenly rise up on its feet. Now replace that bystander with several thousand and you get an audience witnessing your life story develop. I asked you a while ago why do you fight because I want to know what this match means to you. For some of that audience, it represents the changing of the guard and thus ideology, for others it represents accepting the company's innate problems as what's reasonable. What every single spectator confidently believes with every fiber of their being, however, is that what this match ultimately represents is the people's hero facing the behemoth who once represented this brand. Did you pay close attention to my return, Lucian? They really do love me, but it pales in comparison to how they gloat about their rightful champion. Because like I told you before, you're able to masterfully mold yourself into whatever they're looking for in an elitist. However, they're not being manipulated into liking you, they're not stupid, but what they are is emotional, and so they look at this bout and come to the conclusion there must be meaning and that is all they get excited for. They get too comfortable which only exacerbates their frustration that there is none---so they find their own.

Lucian, after all these years, your brutish and therefore flawed way of thinking finally paid off and got you to rise up to your feet, high enough to be able to be in my presence. It really does make me sad to see it work out in the end, not due to jealousy or even just one more person competing with me for the World Heavyweight Championship, but because it means you're unaware that means a swan song really is in motion. When most people are slotted together for a match, they enthusiastically hurl insults at each other as most of them are not confident in their own abilities. After all, when you realize just the plethora of people who have walked in and walked out of EAW never to return, doubt must slowly begin to creep up on you as you wonder just what is your place. What will people you have never met think of you, years from now? Will your name be lost to time? Or will time only help your name grow more important? Look at me with a straight face and understand I don't need to rely on insults---to say I do would be the biggest one because it implies I need to break you in order to beat you when I want to battle you at your most bullheaded, not because it makes the match a lot easier, but because that is who you tragically are. That's your nature and that's what irks me because I came back and for one second, betrayed myself as I let myself believe the now confirmed tall tales that you're different now. No, what's different now is that I'm not going to praise your half completed goals or go the other direction because while I don't need to rely on insults, I also never uttered one. It's not an insult to show doubt that you're any sort of hero after breaking your recent promise of winning King of Elite. It's not an insult to laugh at you faking it till you make it when you talk down on me for having a mentor as if that diminishes any of my accomplishments, but used to follow Captain Charisma around like a lost dog. In the end, you're still that feeble dog who has people going wild the second you manage to walk. Will you ever get tired of your way of thinking? When it fails you more than it protects you? Will they ever get tired of your routine?

They will stay till the end

only to watch you fall.

Stay till the end

to watch you fall.

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Dynasty Promo #1

'' I have never been on Dynasty before, little fact for my opponents and tag partners there. I've also never been to China. Two birds with one stone, I suppose. '' Sheridan remarked, when she reflected upon what she had said, it hit her that the information wasn't really needed. She shrugged. '' I mean what can I say. I should be at reasonable doubt. German efficiency was momentarily stalled, by Cailin. I'm not going to reflect on the match, because I don't give thoughts to people who get lucky. Admit it, I had the match won, Cailin used her little kick to briefly stall me and get me for the three count. That's cheating. On any other day, in any other arena I would be your new specialists champion. You ask how I get rewarded for carrying that blonde bitch to a good match? You question, what does Sheridan get for putting on match of the year and overall definitely being the best wrestler in the company. I get put in a tag match, on Dynasty. Oh the joys, you say. Sheridan is getting put in a multi-vixen match with the opportunity to shine. Surely her opponents and partners are as talented as Sheridan? What's that? Erica Ford is in the match? Raven Lee is in the match? Ah. Your hopes are dashed, you see, Sheridan's reward for slowly, gradually curing the vixens division of all the wannabe wrestlers and the talentless tarts are getting put into matches with them. I'd individually run through my opponents and what I don't like, or what I like about them, but none of them have said a word about me, Sheridan. They haven't let my name brush their lips, they haven't taken me into consideration. Disgusting. I see what has happened, of course, EAW saw that I brought Cailin into a good match so they stick me with Erica Fraud and Azumi Got To Go in the hopes that I can wrestle their matches for them? Look, let's all just gather around here, hm? Let's just analyse what the problem is. I, am Sheridan, fucking, Müller. I am the best vixen in this division, the personification of German efficiency. Because Cailin assaulted me and got a lucky three count, all my hard work has been diminished and I am getting stuck into a match with two no shows and put on their team? What the fuck EAW. I hate EAW. I hate vixens, I am appalled by this treatment. The match at reasonable doubt should be a triple threat. I am superior to Cailin Dillon and by far I am better than Eris LaCeva. Fuck it. I'm prettier too. You know why I'm not in that match? You know why I'm on Dynasty with a bunch of fakes? Because I'm German. Not because Cailin practically cheated against me for a 'win'. But because EAW hate me, the authorities hate me. The problem is, with American Wrestling and all, is these video recordings are a little hard to make when you know fucking nothing about your tag partners. What can I say? Erica Ford? I've beat her before. Azumi Goto? She's wrong in the head, she's a sociopath and borderline crazy. I know nothing about them. But I've been tasked with making them look good in a ring. I can't exactly hit them, they're my comrades for this night. I cannot rip out some German efficiency and spread it across their bodies like I did with Cailin. Nope. I'm just going to have to wrestle for them. Do I trust them with wrestling on behalf of me? No. I've beaten Erica, and I know Azumi resorts to cheap shotting with chairs when she's under pressure. If I can't give them a hands on demonstration then I will just have to tell them to watch as German efficiency spreads to the cancerous corners of my opponents. Let's face it, it's a flat out fact my little team is useless, in China, in front of the Shanghai Oriental Sports Centre, Dynasty will be the Sheridan Müller show. ''

'' As for my opponents, again, they're only here for money and fame. Veena Adams, who? What? I have never heard of her. Who is Veena Adams? Why do parents insist on naming their children stupid names. Veena? What the fuck is that. I'm not wrong am I? Considering that I have never heard of Veena Adams, yet she is established enough to be wrestling with German efficiency, let's assume she's just one of those social media whores who is here for fans to touch themselves over and so she can train for thirty minutes a week, look at the lights as I pin them and giggle off home with money in hand. I have actually heard of the other two. Silence and Raven Lee. I have, it doesn't mean that they are any good of course, but at least I have a picture of a level of skill drawing within my brain when their names are spoken to me. What can I say about Silence? She's fat. She's useless. I've been in the ring with her twice, against her and teaming with her. The first time she took half of the match getting down the ramp, she pinned some blonde girl, I honestly do not remember her name, after I had dismantled her defences and was really starting to pump up and industrialise German efficiency into her. The other time? Just as boring and non-functional. She did nothing. I did all the work, tagged her in once, she got beat up and I suffered. In her defence the opposition cheated but her mind was on the post-match pizza rather than wrestling to an exceptional standard. I can handle Veena easy, Silence? I'd say it would be a piece of cake however after such comments she would try to eat me. Let's say Silence is a piece of, hm, erm, she's easy. I can beat her. Raven Lee is where my eyes are on. After Cailin's lucky pin on me, seriously when the fuck do I get a rematch, Raven tried confronting me in the locker-room. I brushed her aside of course, but Raven Lee, you know that girl who hasn't been here for the past twelve months or however long she took a holiday for, Raven had the nerve to enter my vixens locker-room and try rile me up. I will end you, Raven. I will personally take pleasure in dismantling your body. I will adore it, as a matter of fact. It might teach you a lesson about German efficiency, ja? I would like to apologize in advance to EAW, to the people who expect me to talk in these promo things for the EAW Network, but you've forced me hand. You've put me in a match with five irrelevant wrestlers. You've put Einstein into a school exam. You've put Manuel Neuer into a Sunday league football game. These girls you call wrestlers are barely reaching the glass ceiling when they're above one another's shoulders. Silence at the bottom of course. I have already broke the glass and escaped. Hell, I've broke the glass, jumped the fence, hijacked a train and swam an ocean. I am superior to these vixens. I am ashamed and will be writing in my complaint after I stop recording this message. You treat your star performer like this? I understand you want me to make these whores look like wrestlers but you ask the impossible. Fine, I concede, I give up. I suppose with some effort I could carry Veena, Raven and chubby to a half good performance. They'll have to piggy back on me, they'll have to jump aboard the S.S Sheridan. They'll have to get their tickets out for the Tigress train. They'll have to get Sherplexed in Shanghai. You might as well rename Dynasty, make it an FPV. Make this show about me. Sheridan in Shanghai will be fireworks, a best seller. Veena, maybe you should sit this one out, you're only here because Uncle took you to work with him. Silence? Lose some weight. Raven? I don't even have any advice for you. You're a cunt. You dare try intimidate me. I will admit you've caught my attention. Is that good? No. Only one team is leaving Chinatown with their bones intact and their brain's within their skulls. Erica and Azumi, if you turn up or not it doesn't actually matter. At all. I am Sheridan Müller. I don't need partners. You'll be dampening the nine star performance I am about to put in. Just stand on the edge of the ring, give some encouraging cheers, and maybe, just maybe, you can have some credit and a mention or two when I single-handedly teach whale, whore and weirdo what German efficiency is all about. ''
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Reasonable Doubt Promo 2

I am so touched.
If only you could see the tears streaming down my face. Your story is so emotional, so touching, so inspiring. I mean, I should have expected it but I really wasn’t ready for the feels. I wasn’t expecting you to tug on my heart strings like that. Oh poor Aren Mstislav; you deserve just so much more. Your dream has become an endless nightmare that tortures you beyond belief. Three years in this company and still chipping away to get to the top, still fighting, determined as ever to succeed. From the developmental brand of NEO to the mediocre heights of the Pure and National Elite championships, your tale is…is…well it’s just so bland. Ugh. It’s like I’ve heard this so many times before.  What hashtag should I use on my shirt? #AnyoneButAren ? Or #JeSuisAren ? We must absolutely raise awareness for such poor treatment of a “talented” wrestler like you.  Oh woe is me I haven’t tasted the same success as others have. Oh woe is me I seem to fuck up every time I have a chance to progress my career. Oh people, please pity me! Please feel sorry for me! All I’m seeing from every word you spew is an excuse to explain why I surpassed you. What a brilliant contradiction though “you can’t bitch and complain about not getting a rematch but I can sulk and whine about how I’ve been held back and deserve more than what I’ve achieved”; sadly that’s about the gist of everything you just said. You’re truly becoming a laughing stock to me which is unfortunate because I held you in such a high regard, I thought you were better than to be so pathetic in your claims. Allow me to quote a favourite poem of mine:
Because it never really mattered and it never really could 
You can count the times you should have done 
What you know you never would 

And by the time you lose your body parts 
Your confidence and once-had heart 
When you lose the time between your ears 
And realize then that it all is clear 

By the time the day has sprouted trees 
And youre left with just your memories 
And the rust of youth and loss and shame 
When you forget how you remember things 

And you forget how she tasted when 
She turned around and force you in 
When sex is lost and nothing’s heard 
Tornadic winds and mockingbirds 

And if that mockingbird wont sing 
Then well have to settle for lesser things 

For things not worth settling for 
But that doesnt matter anymore 

It is quite true; I am the underdog story of the past nineteen months. The feel good tale, the storybook that keeps on kicking on. I’ve had the luxury run from the bottom to the top; the no name kid becoming the champion. That’s what you’re missing here. I didn’t blow in here after the downfall of brother and sister companies, I didn’t come to EAW with people knowing who I was and what I had accomplished. I knew almost. I had no success that was worth mentioning. The most familiar face I knew in this company was Diamond Cage and even then it was from merely being in the same locker room elsewhere. The one luxury I didn’t have, the one you clearly failed to capitalize on is I didn’t have a developmental brand to better myself; I didn’t have a safety net. It was either sink or swim and I’m not at the bottom of the sea today. But perhaps you’re right, maybe I was simply gifted the New Breed title but let’s talk about the opportunity you had to take it away from me. Territorial Invasion 2014; you lost. A fair chance to take it, do what inevitably did, create a piece of unmatched, a reason for people to invest in you. Let’s talk about another opportunity we both had; two different matches, same night. Just three months after that battle royal you and I challenged for different world titles inside the elimination chamber. Rookies to such a match, a baptism of fire for us. Yet If I recall correctly you didn’t last long. First eliminated, correct? It’s a shame that you couldn’t eliminate the defending champion ensuring a new one would be crowned. I wonder who did that? I didn’t win that match but I left it with enough pride to hold my head up high; not even six months into my career and I had an impressive showing in one of the most dangerous matches there is. I don’t have to remind you of the pain from Pain For Pride yet I don’t remember any general manager standing under that ladder knocking you or anyone else away from scaling that ladder and stopping me. Repeated myself enough already, you know what happens next. It doesn’t matter if they saw me as the flavor of the month, plenty of flavors have come and gone even at my expense but as far as I’m concerned, they just knew they had a damn good talent on their hands.
You can pull whatever excuse for me surpassing you, believe helping hand was reached out to me from your arse but the one thing you can’t seem to find in there is an excuse to justify why in each of those opportunities, so similar to mine you somehow wasted them while I didn’t. I look up and I see no ceiling, I look down and I see nothing but broken shards of glass lying over the bodies of people who have tried to best me since day one. No instead I took that battle royal to cement my place as the best of the New Breed division. I took that elimination chamber match to prove that I am damn good enough to pay attention to; that every claim I made about being a future world champion was far from bullshit. Realise this, the difference between you and me; the reason why I walked into King of Elite as the champion, the reason why you entered as merely a challenger for an opportunity is I never wasted the chances I got. More importantly, every opportunity was earned. Who do you think I was seen as when I first faced Lannister? How do you think people perceived me? Jobber is a rather accurate word I believe. Impressive in defeat. I’m sure for weeks on end I was seen as mere fodder for Ryan Savage; another person to be fed to him, another victory under his belt and another reason for people to believe that DDD had handpicked a perfect student. No, I TOOK that title from him. I took that title and I gave it prestige, I made it worth something, something worth fighting for and something to be proud of holding. With the world against me, I overcame Y2Impact, Quality Control and the supposed future of Elite in a fucking slaughter. Again I didn’t win the EAW Championship the first time I challenged for it but I did enough to get people talking, to get people paying attention to everything I did and everything I said. I was rewarded for my efforts with a spot in the King of Elite tournament.  Treated poorly for years, I’m sure I’ll hear that line a few more times this week. Untapped potential you say. You still are, you say. Well then this is it. Show me, show the world just how good you are Aren or spend the next three years pissing and moaning about how the world held you back, how you didn’t “get the chances” so many others did. Believe me, at this point a whole generation of New Breed talent is bound to pass you by simply because they, like I did, will take whatever opportunities they get and seize them.
But no, lie to yourself, trick yourself into believing that I was handed this success while you were purposefully held back by everyone else but yourself.
You are quite simply an unneeded nuisance. Your career is a failure. I’ve established that on multiple occasions, you can’t even manage to spit out a single sentence that defends that; almost accepting that you are indeed a secondary character in this business. You failed at Road to Redemption, you failed at King of Elite; before both of them in 2015 all you did was lose your National Elite title and win….and lose the Pure championship. Failures, failures, failures and more failures. You started this year no differently with yet another failure. Another unfortunate strike in the defeat column, one less accolade to add to your legacy. Nothing to be proud of. You don’t deserve this match but quite frankly after costing me my title I’m glad you did run to Shields, I’m glad he agreed to this match and truth be told I’m happy to wait for Lannister. If there’s anyone here whose entitled, it’s you my friend but don’t fret, unlike you I won’t straw clutch to create a “convincing” argument that you are just that, I’m simply going to beat it into your thick skull that you don’t belong here, you don’t belong at the top fighting for the grand prize. You envy everything I have accomplished, just simply jealous that I continue to take steps towards bigger and better things while you can’t do anything but sit back and watch. You are not perfection, you are not what people want to or aspire to be; you want to be me. You want my place, you want my records, everything I have and everything I will achieve now and in the near future. It kills you inside to know that you won’t have any of it. And all you can do is stand there and bark delusional shit constantly. You’re desperate; you don’t have to tell me that. The whole world has seen it but so often a desperate man is a foolish man; let’s just take you signing up after Lannister’s spiel. What happened? Used and then tossed away. You were so desperate to be trained, taught how to smash through that glass ceiling that in the end you were simply there for assurance and nothing more. Tossed in front of me again to keep me away from that title. You’re being used my friend. Desperate and foolish, they really do go hand in hand.
I AM entitled to a rematch, that’s just how the top works so I’ll forgive you for not understanding, you’ve never had such a title to lose and regain. But still you ACT as if you’re entitled to another chance, another opportunity. TWO chances in TWO months and both of them ended with you getting your arse handed to you. What was it? Showdown’s biggest signing in some time? The very best signing during the trade period? Bullshit. TWICE you were beat, clean in the center of the ring one….two….three and there’s no disputing that. The only entitled shit in this match is you. The only person who is spoiled is the man getting yet another chance to break through that glass ceiling. How many times does James Shields have to hand you an opportunity before you seize it? What handicap needs to be in place for you to overcome an opponent standing between you and that next level? Because my single fucking arm wasn’t enough in December. Continue to live inside your little fantasy, so disconnected from the reality that you don’t deserve a single fucking thing regarding me or the world title; no, continue to ignore it because I’m “sure” things are going to get better and someday you’ll be able to emerge from your bubble thinking you were right all along. The only whiney bitch, the only sook here demanding something they didn’t earn is you and I’ll be damned if I let you walk over me and my career. But you won’t. You simply won’t. The eternal and everlasting hell I’m about to put your body through will be too much for you to overcome. Don’t worry, I’m a king soul who will visit you in that hospital bed and encourage you to walk again. Of course that’s going to take an act from God as the truth is I plan to Death, Decay and Windy Days your skull into fucking oblivion; I’ll be amazed if by the end of the night they’re not scraping whatever part of your brain falls out off the canvas.
You’re not the first person to doubt me. You’re not the first person to believe he’s capable of putting an end to my meteoric rise through the ranks of greats in this company. But month after month, time after time Aren I constantly disappoint these disgusting and disturbed junkies when I beat, batter and bloody another one of their half-arsed attempts to prove me wrong. Unfortunately for you, you’re just next and probably not the last in a long line that has no end in sight. But that’s just the way the world works and Aren your world is about to come to a crashing conclusion. This has always been a hopeless one for you. Whether or not you admit it publicly, quite frankly I couldn’t give a fuck but it sits in the back of your mind that this war is unwinnable sumply because I am simply BETTER than you. I saw it in your eyes at Road to Redemption, I saw the nervousness when you stupidly confronted me two weeks ago. Fear is what travels throughout your body and corrupts your mind. That’s simply why you’ve lost this match, this war before the bell has already rung. I do not fear the future, I do not fear what lies beyond Reasonable Doubt because my position in this company, on this roster won’t be questioned. Perhaps that desire to prove to yourself will give you an unmatched edge. Maybe it’s when your mind starts to become that of a child with Down Syndrome that you manage to find a way to come out victorious. No I know exactly what it’s like to put everything on the line, I know how it feels to ride the wave of emotion and build up the idea that this match, despite so many other setbacks makes or breaks your career. I know that, don’t worry I actually sympathise with you and that’s far from a joke. Quite simply though, I don’t give a fuck. IF IT WASN’T FOR YOU, I WOULD HAVE REMOVED THE MONKEY FROM MY BACK. I WOULD HAVE DESTROYED THE CANCER THAT CONTINUES TO GROW IN THE BACK OF MY MIND. I’D STILL BE THE EAW CHAMPION AND PLANNING TO TOSS ASIDE YET ANOTHER CHALLENGER. BUT NO. YOU TOOK THAT AWAY FROM ME. YOU FUCKED ME OVER AT KING OF ELITE AND I’M NOT GOING TO LET THAT SLIDE. I’M NOT GOING TO SIMPLY PASS YOU A VICTORY, A MORAL BOOST JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE AT A BREAKING POINT IN YOUR CAREER. YOUR CAREER, YOUR BLOOD, YOUR FUCKING BRAINS WILL BE NOTHING BUT PIECES OF SHIT I WIPE OFF THE BOTTOM OF MY WRESTLING BOOTS WHEN I’M DONE WITH THIS MATCH.
So what’s going to happen on Saturday Aren? Are you finally going to seize another opportunity that’s been handed to you or are you simply going to let it slip through your fingers like you’ve been doing for the last three fucking years?

Aren, that mockingbird ain’t singing anytime soon. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
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"Happiness or integrity?"

I am willing to maximize my happiness and my pleasure to the expensive of others.
Cailin, I sincerely appreciate you re-telling our adventurous journey since our debut in EAW. We’ve had a lot of history; a few great matches and a whole lot of great moments all together. Although, I can’t, I just can’t keep this big mouth shut when I say that your story is definitely one sided. As I’ve stated before, we’ve known one another for quite some time. I still remember seeing your beautiful face glaring at me as I wore my torn up jeans and dirty “Vixen Killer” T-shirt to our group contract signing. I will admit – when I first saw you, I was too excited to make judgement on you. I didn’t think twice of Ms. Future Specialist champion as I heard you make your smug remarks about my physique as I passed through you and Starshine, remember her? I think that was her name. When we were all booked in the tag team match on our debut, I remember talking to you backstage before our match happened. I walked up to you with so much energy and enthusiasm. I looked you in the eyes as you stared back at mine. You saw hope, empathy in warmth in me as I saw envy, hatred in you. I knew from the very beginning, the very moment we locked eyes I KNEW that you were nothing but trouble. You came in here acting as if this division owed you something. In our match you pushed me aside wanting to make the biggest impact out of the six women in that match. No one saw it coming and no one probably remembers it, but in that match I was the one who got the pin. I was the one who put our team on a positive note. I, ERIS LECAVA, was the one who put US on the map. And from that day forward, that seems to be a reoccurring theme in the Eris LeCava and Cailin Dillion saga.
Fast forward to Shock Value, I did something that no one from the original three rookies did – I became a success. I didn’t win some silly tournament and I didn’t win Vixen of the week for the tenth time in a row; I won the Vixens Championship. Oh God, Cailin, I just KNOW what you’re thinking “You’ve said that a million times, give me a break!” Do you want to know why I brag about my win so much? Do you even have an idea as to why I shove my win into people’s faces as much as I can? I can’t even put into words how much people cry and even die for this title. This title that is MINE, this title that the rightful owner of is ME, is something that has been held by so many breathtaking Vixens. We’ve seen women who have broken so many barriers and have paved the way for us Vixens today. The fact that I have achieved something they did in their respectful careers makes me so hopeful for the future. Oh – not “our” future, I mean MY future. I know that destiny has so many amazing things in store for me, I just know it.
I appreciate all of my fans and supporters- well, the one’s I have left, however I never needed you or anyone else for that matter to be in my corner “cheering me on” in the first place. Do you think it pierces my soul when you tell me that I’ve “changed?” Sure, when I was first in EAW I had a completely different mindset than I do now. Back then, my only priority was to get close to those who I admired the most. Tarah Nova was one of those, so was The Heart Break Gal. But once I entered this completely different atmosphere, so many things changed. I was so used to being a viewer and a fan of EAW. I only saw things from the outside and viewed Vixens and Elitists as the way they were portrayed on the three shows. If there’s one thing that the outsiders don’t know, is that EAW isn’t just a job. Being a Vixen in this grand roster isn’t a nine to five job, it’s a life style. You put in so much work and eventually, our end goals is to make an impact on this company. We want our names to be on the tip of everyone’s tongues. We want our names to be the most searched keyword on EAW.com. When I finally captured my Vixens championship, I felt something different. I felt so much power, I felt like such an authoritative figure and you’re right – I didn’t know what the fuck to do with myself. I went from being the most underrated Vixen to the woman in charge of our division. I still considered myself as a rookie, as a newbie if you will. I didn’t have much experience because my official pro wrestling career had just started. So when I saw that my idol, my love, my life, my EVERYTHING decided to lend me a hand you really think I was going to say NO? I don’t understand why people view my decisions as so detrimental to my career. I’ve learned so much from my Hexa-Gun members. And you’re almost right when you say that HBG’s attitude has rubbed on me – good and bad. It doesn’t matter if you perceive me that way because I know for a fact you won’t advocate for me on my behalf. You know who will do absolutely anything for me? HBG. You know who will go out of her way to make sure I’m treated the way I DESERVE to be treated by management despite our rocky relationship with them? HBG. So for you to insult HBG in front of me is like slapping me across the fucking face. How about you stop trying to poke the bear before you really get the ugly side of Eris LeCava. The side you’ve only gotten a preview of, I know for a fact you don’t want the full thing, baby.
You’ve had many successful title defenses just like I have. You’ve had a lot great matches throughout your EAW career just like I have. You’ve made career-altering decisions just like I have. You know, after reflecting on all of this I’m actually pretty stocked for our match. We’ve had a similar career, but now lies the question: who has done it better? I can sit here and tell you many, many ways as to how I’m better than you, but what’s the point, right? What’s the point of wasting my breath on someone who is willing to point out all of my flaws in order to make herself better? Hah, and they call me the selfish one.

Moral of the story is, we’ve had impressive matches but I’ve always come out on top. This time will be nothing different. As I’ve said before, I’ll do whatever it takes to maximize my pleasure and happiness to the expense of others. My happiness is winning, my pleasure is beating my opponents. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that continues to happen… even if that means completely taking you out of the equation. Looks like EAW will need to find a new Specialist Champion to fill in the void, huh?!
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Reasonable Doubt 1

In a perfect world everything is clear. In a perfect world I won the King of Elite Crown, in a perfect world Lannister wouldn’t have needed help to beat Jamie. In a perfect world I am still champion, I am still up on my level I have been for many years. In a perfect world all of the things that transpired, transpired without a hitch. In a perfect world I wouldn’t be just realizing this, I would be realizing what has happened, and I wouldn’t have been this so fucking naïve over what the hell has transpired anymore. It’s been three god damn years. Three years of turmoil, three years of fighting my way to the top, getting everything I deserved and yet in those three years I have yet to get the one thing I wanted. I wanted more accolades than this, I wanted more of what I have than this, I wanted to win, and keep winning because that is all I know to do. I slip up every now and then, but even then it didn’t take those people three god damn years to make it to a level to be noticed. And for all that to come crumbling down, for all that to just fall in front of your eyes. And you know what it’s because of people who can’t face me head on it’s because people like to jump in front of me in front of my path, and in front of everything I stand for, and when they do, they’re overwhelmed. They needed help, they needed an advantage over me to win. Because they knew they couldn’t face me one on one without any help. That was the level I was at, and yet even though I lost to someone who needed help to win against me, it still came crumbling down. And you know what I am tired of using that as an excuse to why I lost. Because even though I know it’s true it still feels as if I’m lying to myself, it still feels as if I am losing my reality to a lie because that is all I can do with it. I can put lie after lie, I can put excuse after excuse and it still would remain the same. The same being I lost, and I can’t stand that. After three years, being screwed over at least once in those big matches every year. Cheated out by Corrupt in year one, Cheated out by Damon in year two, and on the cusp of year three I got cheated out again by Diemos and his god damn rag tag of fucking brood mates.

So to reiterate, I am in the same position Xavier Williams was in, when his spirit was so broken that he lost to someone he thought low of, I need to win this. Not to prove I am better, not to prove that I deserve to win King of Elite, but to prove I AM STILL ABLE. Losing to me wasn’t nothing but a slight rub that I needed to work on something. But look at me now, I am perfection, I am what people want to be, I am what people aspire to be. I do not deserve nor should I settle with losing, that is not who I am anymore. I deserve more, and this match, oh this match Is just to show that I am still able. Xav, needed to win because his spirit was broken, but I need to win because I am tired of losing, I am tired of being “secondary” as O’Hara said. Because no matter what I do, no matter how I hard I have worked when it does come to shove, it’s like I can’t compete, but I don’t blame that on me, because if I blame myself I’ll be at the bottom having the pity party of the century, but no the world is to blame. It’s like ever since I started tasting that glory, started tasting that victory the world took a big stamp that said “Anyone but Aren.” And every time, every god damn time when I got somewhere close to victory I was stamped with it. Winning Cash in the Vault BAM “Anyone but Aren”. Winning at Road to Redemption BAM “Anyone but Aren.” Winning King of Elite BAM BAM BAM “Anyone but Aren.” The world doesn’t want me to win, and if I kept going down the sullen road if I kept thing I was at fault I would but labeling myself with “Anyone but Aren”, essentially doing what the world does to me already. So I need to win, I need to break that stamp that the world is putting on me to try and stop me from attaining such victory, such closure, such amenities. I have built myself up, I have set myself on the pedestal that I built because I knew I wouldn’t be handed anything else from the company. O’Hara can say he had it rough starting out on preshows, and that he got to where he is because he’s talented, but no I know it’s because now people are soft. James Shield is soft, Ashten Cross is soft, Sebastian Monroe is soft. They don’t believe in hard work which is surprising for a guy like Ashten, but oh well how far the dumbass has fallen. When I was here Jake Mercer who is now a commentator was a hard ass and corrupt as can be, and I still fought through that. I am where I am because I wasn’t handed it, it was because I had to build it for myself, I had to take the boards of my work, I had to hammer it, I had to build the base, and then I had to make the whole thing myself to be up there with the people, these general managers just let go through them. Hell if Ashten was anything like the man he was before, he wouldn’t be putting up with Erebus, or Erebos kicking him around like he’s nothing, but no he just bent over and let him go to work on him.

Do you get what I am saying yet Jamie, do you get what I am saying yet. You say you’re talented but in reality it was because the people in charge are suckers for an underdog story, they don’t care about the talent who had to establish their name for themselves. And if you want to argue about the likes of DDD and them all I got to say it the only reason the likes of DDD and them are where they still are is because at one point they were the bosses, and they don’t want to hurt the ego of those who used to rule. But no you, you came at a point where people wanted to show that they can run a show, and in return they gave away their ethics, gave away the fact to do right by their talent or they will do right by someone else who can treat them better with opportunities more than they could ever imagine. But take that triple fold across the company and you got unhappy people, unhappy people who have been here before you who have fought hard. Seeing talent being pushed before them because the GM decided oh this is the new flavor of the month, let’s see how he works out. Hell the fact that you’re protesting this, the fact that you are mad, about facing someone for a shot at your title is baffling. You’re mad that you have to face someone for a shot, you’re mad that you have to claw your way back to the top, you’re FUCKING mad that you have to be me for once. I swear to god that sounds so entitled. Sure you got screwed, sure you got fucked over in your match against Lannister, but so did I at King of Elite, and you don’t see me DEMANDING I get a title match. No I know I have to work my way back up, I know I have to work my way to get a title shot, I know all of this, and yet you are here getting mad about being treated as a regular for once. You have been spoiled by the way these GM’s treated you and it is showing right now. This is exactly how I fucking felt all these years O’Hara. I was untapped potential, and I still am. I have the gall, the talent, and everything you say you have and you still will not see me bitch about having rematches, because that’s just in the everyday life of a EAW Elitist. You lose, you work your way back up, and you show everyone why you shouldn’t have lost in the first place. You don’t lose, cry about it, and then expect a rematch, no we are done with that coddling phase, we are now in the phase where if you don’t get your shit together and man up, you might as well stay at the fucking bottom.

Jamie, listening to you say how much rage you had when this was announced makes me laugh, seeing you be the little bitch that you are made me happy, because now I know how you truly are. Daddy takes away the bottle and baby gets mad. Daddy gives the baby back the bottle and he’s content until it’s taken away again. How pathetic, I thought you would’ve grown out of that phase, but it seem Australian’s are slow learners. Because if anything Jamie, if anyone should be mad it’s me. Screwed over so much, failing when it counts as you say, and not being able to do what I need to, makes me mad. Hell helping Lannister beat you, and then he chooses Demon over me, hell I should be getting mad at that. I should be getting mad at the man, I should be demanding him to give me the match that I deserve. But no, I am here, having this talk, having this lecture with you, because I know my time will be well spent here. Because you bring up all of these points, about me being secondary, and just being known as Lannister’s Lapdog is true. I need to be known as more, which is a reason I wanted to do this. But really that’s overshadowed now, that’s something else for a later date, because you have already pissed me off with your entitlement, with your “I need this or I’ll complain” mentality. It’s sickening, it makes me want to throw up because you were our champion. You were the face of Showdown, this entitled little brat, and we had to just let it be until someone took you down a peg, and really if Lannister wasn’t able to do that, then I would have gone through anyone, hell I would’ve taken the stipulation that if I won Grand Rampage with everyone trying to take me out, I would’ve done it. Because I am tired of people like you in this company.

Jamie, you’re a good guy and I know that with how soft spoken you used to be, but being champion this early just made you worse for wear. Like you weren’t ready, like you should’ve waited a bit longer, should’ve waited another month or two and you would’ve been ready. But no they put at the top prematurely and now we have a man who hasn’t grown up, a man who was given a rematch after being screwed over from his failed cash in. You have a man who no doubt would’ve gone to Shields and asked for the rematch, and if I hadn’t got to him before you, he would’ve agreed to it, and we would be having Lannister vs Jamie 2 at Reasonable Doubt instead of this match. But that’s the glory of being faster than your opposition, you get to be the road block and eventual defeat, you get to be the man to say I was right when you win. And that is satisfying alone it its own regard. I am done losing O’Hara, I am done losing in matches I should have won, hell I am done losing in general. We had a few moments of singles competition before you counter my moves at Road to Redemption, we even fought a bit at Pain for Pride, but those, those were just small bouts, small bouts of the real battle to come. And I say battle because the war has just started, the war of Mstislav vs O’Hara, that war will continue, and I see no end to it nor do I see it coming full circle soon. It’s just one of those things that keeps going until one side dies out. But no this is just a battle, one of many to come in the near future, those battles I relish. But the fact of the matter is who is going to draw blood first in this one. You are very competent that you will, that you will just prove that you deserved that rematch, but really O’Hara, you think you’ve faced desperate before in the eyes of Xavier Williams. Oh Xavier was a spoiled man like yourself, so you were on a higher ground that he was at the time. But this time you face a man desperate for change, a man whose only concern right now is winning and doing whatever it takes to win. He doesn’t care if his life is in danger anymore, he doesn’t care if what he does has massive consequences anymore. Because he is done caring for wellbeing, he is done caring for what happens to his body. And until those angels come and take him home he is done caring about what he does to his opponents. Because the bad news for you being his opponent is that you are the only one in his way from being a winner, and adding another lose to his record. You are the only thing in his way, and he is the only thing in front of you. And the question is are you more desperate than him, because being desperate doesn’t mean anything negative. Not this time at least. It just means what he can do, and what he will do are closer than ever before. A desperate man is one that should be feared by everyone, not because of how little he cares, but of how much he cares. Jamie are you more desperate than the desperate man, do you want that title more than  the desperate man wants to win, are you ready, willing and able to give more than he has already given up to be in this state of mind. Answer me that. Are you ready to give more than what the desperate man has already given up, because let me tell you something, what he’s given up normally drives a man insane, yet here he is, calmer than anything in the world. Reasonable Doubt, Jamie is the battle you have been waiting for your entire life, whether you know it or not.  
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Same old stuff from Tiberius Jones. To his credit, he said it in very entertaining fashion, with his poems or raps or whatever they were. I know that Tiberius is many things, but I never would've guessed he'd be a homeless man's Madison Kaline. That's all right, though - the young people need to express themselves. That's what the younger wrestlers have been raised on: expressing themselves, reading into basic comments, and trying to twist people's words into some sort of agenda. I'm somehow betraying myself because I made an analogy about eating grass?

I found myself by experiencing myself and the world. I have a better idea of myself now than I ever did before. I claimed to know myself in 2009. I claimed to know myself in 2010. Same for 2011 and 2013. I didn't know myself, for everything around me was continuing to change, and it's what's around me that shapes me. I know myself better now - it took me years, and EAW was a big step in helping me do that. How can you claim to know what I'm all about? How do you know what part of myself that I'm betraying? Who made you this philosophical authority over me? Was it an English teacher? It haaaaaas to have been an English teacher. Only those guys can convince you that you're a genius if you go out on a limb to find a hot take that may or may not even make sense. Only those guys can tell you to take somebody you don't like and compare him to an establishment politician. You've experienced a sliver of the world with your "slickness" and whatever, and you're suddenly the brightest bulb in the room.

I've heard it all before. All of these new discoveries you're unearthing to smear my character have been tried on me by wrestlers you don't even know. Guys who have retired, guys who are wrestling overseas and haven't been heard from in years, they've all talked about how I'm lying to myself and everybody because my attitude isn't arrogant enough or "real" enough. So many people have found it hard to believe that I want to identify with fans as well as win for them. They can't imagine that a person with a different objective in their wrestling exists. It just goes to show that oftentimes, the arrogant are the most narrow-minded. You know nothing, Jones. You've been taught a few things by your group of colleagues, and it's automatically gospel. One of these days, you'll find out how the real world works. I'm not sure if I'll be your teacher, but you will have one. The lesson can be easy or difficult. That's up to you.

But nah, you'll just talk about how I'm insecure about my own mentality again. You'll talk about how you suddenly have me wrapped up in philosophy when I've got a wrestling match in a few days. You and Drake might ramble on about how I'm nothing but a fake person, and how that'll lead to an easy win over Carlos Rosso and myself. Or, maybe you'll realize that I'm still dangerous because of what I realize about those tag team belts. Are you going to continue to act like a sage who knows me better than I know myself? Are you going to backtrack and realize that you know nothing? Who knows what you'll do. Who knows what I want you to do. Continued arrogance, or that seed of doubt. Most of my opponents here have had to make that choice. They've always made the wrong one.
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"Third Time is the Charm"

---The scene opens in Hollywood, California at Set 4 where Terry Chamber's movie is filming and the cameraman shows a pass and walks in and it focuses on Terry Chambers filming a scene on set with Jessica Alba and they kiss and the director yells cut and both Terry and Alba both say good job to each other and walk off set as Terry yells for the intern to bring him some water and as he takes a sip of water he notices the camera and begins to speak---

Terry Chambers: Why hello there, I see your shirt says "EAW" and I am very glad you are here because guess what....my new movie has just finished up filming and you just saw me film the final scene so you got the spoiler for the end of the movie..congrats! I am glad you are here because since my blockbuster film has just finished filming...that frees me up to return to return to where I BELONG....that squared circle in the biggest wrestling company in the world....ELITE ANSWERS WRESTLING! I wasn't gone that long so nobody should not know who I am..hell even if you've never seen me compete in EAW before....I have competed against pretty much anybody there is in pretty much any wrestling company there is so anybody who watches wrestling should know who the hell I am! But for some god damn reason you don't...I am TERRY FUCKING CHAMBERS....I am the greatest actor and wrestler walking this planet! I have been the best wrestler on this planet ever since I was 9 years old when I was teaching myself the basics of wrestling with my mom not giving a shit and my dad never around! I have competed in some of the most brutal matches against some of the greatest wrestlers and I haven't even began to scrape the surface of the wrestling industry even as a 15 year veteran! I know here comes the question of people asking me why did you have to come back to EAW after 2 failed attempts? Why would you want to come back when you could be making a living in Hollywood as the top actor there? Well I wouldn't say my first 2 attempts weren't failed because my first run, I dominated the developmental scene here in EAW and I even capped it off with a win at Pain for Pride 7 in my hometown of shitty Detroit, Michigan and became the last ever Young Lions Cup holder! After Pain for Pride I was rising to stardom but then tensions rose between management and me and I decided that they didn't deserve me so I went and became the biggest movie star all across Europe for about a year then EAW gave me a call to return and it was an offer I just couldn't refuse so I came back and I was dominating again and had big wins over names such as Mr. Dedede and Heart Break Boy but I felt after all those impressive wins and dominating the younger kids I wasn't getting the proper treatment so Hollywood called me and asked me to be the lead role in this summer biggest blockbuster hit and I accepted and decided to give it a try and that's why I'm standing here right now! But after filing this movie I felt acting is fun, but its not the same as kicking ass inside of that squared circle, so I am telling you right here and now, the third time will b e the charm for the Barbaric Carnivore as I WILL rise to stardom and I will be at the top of EAW in no time! The other question was why would I wanna come back when I'm the top actor in Hollywood right now? Because not a day goes by where I don't think I dominated everywhere in this world when it comes to wrestling except for the big time...which is EAW...and I am also back to scratch a major itch and that is I have never won a world title in my career and that will change sooner rather than later! Oh and don't think that my attitude has changed a bit either because it might have gotten even worse because I care for nobody and I don't care if you got a broken arm from our match or if you are just a kid dying from cancer...I don't give a fuck about nobody but TERRY CHAMBERS!

---Terry goes to shower and an hour later he comes out wearing a suit wearing his blue Beats headphones and he checks his hpne and he sees his first match back is against somebody named Daniel Marshall and then he smirks and begins to laugh and looks into the camera and begins to speak---

Terry Chambers: EAW Management is very nice I see! They wanna welcome back who's soon going to be their biggest box office draw with a warm up opponent! Ok Daniel, I believe you are just one of those kids who watched EAW as a kid and hoped and prayed their dream would come true and atleast get a tryout with them and guess what kid? Your dream has came true! But the sad part is you are going to be making me look good and that's your one job and if you succeed at it I may spare you the injuries but I won't make any promises! I believe if I remember, I saw one of your matches in the indies and you are just another wrestler short of mediocrity! Your personality, your charistma, your moveset is all just bland and it made me want to throw up! Kid, you don't belong in this business and you are going to find that out come Battleground this week when you are standing across the ring from the Barbaric Carnivore Terry Chambers and I see piss running down your leg when the bell rings! I hope you have a plan B cause I am going to make you realize that this isn't for you...I have made some of the all time greats realize this wasn't for them after stepping into the ring with me and I can see crystal clear right through you! I know when you see the tape of me your going to be scared, you should be because I wasn't even really trying...if you think that's scary then just you wait and see what I bring to the table in EAW on my third run! I will see you in MY kingdom known as the squarred circle this week kid...give me a challenge will you? But just a warning if you do...it's a deathwish! Just make me look good....can you do that for me?

---Terry Chambers is boarding his private jet and he walks in the sticks his head out and takes off his sunglasses and speaks into the camera slowly---

Terry Chambers: To all the EAW elitists in the locker room...Terry Chambers is here to stay...so get ready...I'M COMING!

---Terry Chambers slips his sunglasses on and boards his private jet and a few minutes later it takes off as the camera fades to black---
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