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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.


trump 4 president

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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Battleground RP#1
Post on February 26th 2016, 5:32 am by Beretta
Battleground RP#1 


Again…I have to beat your ass again. You can pay attention to my mannerism’s. You can know my every move but that doesn’t justify that you don’t even know who holds the New Breed Championship. You fucking pathetic dumbass. You think it’s Carson Ramsay but it’s fucking Clark Duncan. Are you for real?

You claim that this is a rivalry but yet we were tag team partners just a few short weeks ago. It’s not our fault that EAW doesn’t know how to book us, man. I really don’t know what to say other than the fact that this is far from a rivalry. I’ve beat you and you’ve never beaten me. That’s not a rivalry, that’s just you failing. 

If you can wrestle a circles around me, why don’t you fucking do it? Why haven’t you fucking done it? Just buying your time. Nah, your time is up. You claim you don’t have an ego but yet you talk yourself up like you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread. Dude, get it through you’re head, you’ve fallen to me before and you’ll fall to me again. It’s not about your self-worth, it’s about knowing your place. Your place is at the bottom and my place is at the top. It’s as simple as that. 

Your feet are wet though, that’s for sure. From you pissing yourself when we get in the ring, again. I do appreciate the build-up though. You did this whole, THEY MEET AGAIN. ON THE SHOW WHERE IT ALL BEGAN. BATTLEGROUND. I know you’ve been doing this since like the beginning of time but you need to understand that your era has come and gone. As much as you feel like you belong in the Land of Elite, you don’t. You don’t belong in the ring with me at Battleground & you don’t belong in that gauntlet with me. At the end of it all, you’ll figure that out when I’m standing over you with my hand raised in victory, again. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 26th 2016, 5:02 am by #KimboLivesMatter
(It is a warm spring afternoon in St. Paul, Minnesota as Maxwell Dachs is home for the week helping out at the local church with his mentor Father Carver prepare for the night’s mass service. Maxwell Dachs walks into the church and shakes Father Carver’s hand.)

Father Carver: Maxwell, thank you for coming to meet me to help.

Maxwell Dachs: Anything for one somebody in need, Father. I am here to help, however I must confess I have come here with something else in mind do, I need some help from you. 

Father Carver: What seems to be troubling you my son?

Dachs: Well father, I am being confronted in my sleep with images a figure from my past attacking me, I am sure that it wasn’t the likes of Keller or Fumador. I am unsure of what to do.

Father Carver: This could stem from your self doubt, Dachs. Do you have any reason on why you could be having these feelings of doubt? Possibly some big loss that you have suffered recently?

Dachs: Not really, since I’ve started this new crusade I have won both of my matches. I was able to put my past with Kerry Keller and Piff Fumador behind me and defeat them. Along with the help of my good friend Rey, we were able to defeat Haruna and Masuda. I feel confident in myself.

Father Carver: There could be a possibility that these feelings stem from the perception of others and you recognizing that. Besides these wins that you have gotten, others in EAW may not believe in you fully yet. They may still doubt you. Thankfully, I have just idea on how you can finally prove yourself for them and show them that this new and improved Maxwell Dachs is here to stay. You must win the Battle Royale at Reasonable Doubt.

Dachs: I get it, Father. What you’re saying make a lot of sense. In order to reach this level of clarity that I desire I must prove to everyone that I am truly what I claim to be. You are correct that perfect place to do this is winning the battle royale. It has many elements that help prove this point. This honestly is the perfect opportunity for me.

Father Carver: Can you elaborate on that a little? 

(Dachs and Father Carver begin unfolding chairs from and putting them in place while they talk.)

Dachs: Sure thing. Just right off the bat if you look at the people inside the match itself. It has Kerry Keller and Piff Fumador. I have already proven that I can beat those two when they throw everything they have at me. Having them in the match also helps me prove to them and everyone else that I am better than them and am beyond their style of low class wrestling. Eliminating them and lasting longer in the battle royale then them if how I will further prove that I have changed and matured and no longer deserve to be in the lower card of the shows with the likes of them. I know every single little petty bitter insult that Kerry Keller will try to throw at me. He is stuck in the past and is very obviously unable to look beyond who I was and see who I actually I am now. And Piff Fumador, to be completely honest this man shouldn’t be taken seriously. He is a disgrace to wrestling. He cares more about drugs than he does wrestling. I have beaten him on two separate occasions, before and after I have been awakened. So I know for a fact that he brings no serious threat. And I stand by my words when I say that he needs to get his act together. 

Father Carver: But what about these other men, Merek, Rex, and Cypher? You have yet to face them in a one on one environment.

Dachs: While that may be true I can get a pretty good gauge for their personalities. Let's start with Rex McCalister. This is a man who has no respect for me whatsoever. This rookie has the gall to compare me of the likes of Piff and Keller? Sure I may have been on their level before, but like I have said, I have beaten them time and time again. So I am hardly to be lumped in with those “stooges.” Then after insulting me like that he then goes on to mispronounce my name? What the hell is that? “Dache”? It is pronounced “Dachs.” Get it right. I can see that this blatant pattern of disrespect comes from inability to see my as a threat. Clearly he is either genuinely mistaken or he hasn’t been watching much EAW television for the past couple of weeks, because I have really hitting a stride in my career lately. So he better begin to take me seriously or he will he in for a big surprise for when I beat him. I don’t really care all that much though, because if someone like him thinks he can just get away acting disrespectful towards me he deserved be to be taken out. I do not care who you are. If you don’t respect me or this business enough to actually pay a vested interest and pay attention to EAW television you’d understand that I am a threat in this match. But you couldn’t and you didn’t and now you are going to pay the price. 

(As the last chair is unfolded and put in place, Dachs pauses and awaits a response.)

Father Carver: And what of the Irishman, Merek?

(Dachs begins taking boxes and helping Father Carver unpack them to prepare the church for service. He responds.)

Dachs: Merek is a guy who is relatively new here in EAW. Despite being new he has really made some waves in EAW and I really respect him for that, despite being a rookie he really carries himself like a veteran. He’s respectable. Or at least that is what I thought of him until he decided to insult me like he has and that all went out the window. He needs to be taught a lesson. He is so stuck on this idea that the Interwire Championship is his. And Merek. That is where you’re mistaken. You haven’t earned anything yet. You haven’t even won to be the number one contender. And you have to go through a whole lot of other men including me and the current champion to actually be able to claim that championship as your own. There is no way in hell Merek that you can get your way to the championship by showing the disrespect to the champion like that with such racist and offensive remarks. When you have zero respect for the champion, that says to me that you have no respect for the championship. When you just wave the ignorant flag of disrespect towards the champion and the championship that just fuels my motivation even more. I don’t believe those who are cynically and black-hearted in nature should be the ones holding championships. It should be the ones who show respect for the business and are worthy of being the symbols as the pinnacle of this industry. You are none of that. However, I am and this road of redemption of mine is helping forge that legacy on why I am a worthy champion, unlike chumps like you, Merek. You try and paint your talent and abilities as the reason why you’re worthy enough to be champion. This is where that myopic mentality of yours shows off, Merek. Talent is only one piece of the puzzle and sadly it is in-fact the only one you have. Nobody in this match has has the all the pieces, except for me. You may have the talent of a champion much like the others in the match, however, you don’t have a champion’s personality. You lack that aspect and that is why you are not worthy to be champion or even be able to call yourself number one contender. I simply won’t allow it. 

(Dachs pauses as he puts away the empty box as Father Carver speaks.)

Father Carver: Tell me about this sort of unknown, Cypher Sharpe.

(Dachs hands Father Carver another box to unpack, and the both begin to do so.)

Dachs: I haven’t really seen Cypher recently. I don’t think he comes around too often. You can’t really blame the guy, father. The man is low energy. When I say that I mean he has no charisma. When I was talking about how Merek was lacking certain aspects of what it means to be a champion. One of the many things that Cypher lacks, it’s charisma. Cypher, come on man. Where is your character? Do you have any charisma at all? I feel as if you somehow over hype your fighting ability. Your whole unoriginal fake persona that you put on for everyone is that you fight good. Really? Are you kidding me. That isn’t a character, Cypher I suggest that you take a little time off and really develop yourself into something that the EAW viewers want to see. They don’t want to see a champion whose whole shtick is that he supposedly fights good? I mean I could understand this if you had some sort of track record. However, you don’t and that brings me a second point on why you shouldn’t win the battle royale. You aren’t committed to EAW. You don’t show up to shows very often. It is almost as if you don’t care that you’re here in the greatest wrestling company on Earth. That is why I predict that you will be eliminated first because you are by far the person in this match with the least amount of passion for this business, even less than that degenerate Piff. I just hope that seeing how I fare in this match is inspiration for you. Hopefully as a result of my success you are able to start your own path to greatness by proving yourself in EAW. However, you cannot succeed in doing that on your current course. You must make serious changes for the better.

(Dachs stops speaking after he finishes his point and continues to help Father Carver prepare for service. Fade to black.)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 26th 2016, 2:40 am by Guest
"It's time."

No more references to the past?
No more talking about our journey here?
Sooo… Now what?
I understand that you hate hearing me talk about my past and my accomplishments. Sure, it can be seem as if I’m “running out of material” but in fact, I’m giving you more material to work with, Cailin. I’m trying to feed you as much information as I can so you can be prepared for our matchup. The last time we grappled one another in the ring it was waaay back then when we were practically babies. We were introduced to this lifestyle and we were rookies in this business. Now things have fairly changed – for the good, I suppose. We’re both experienced wrestlers that have perfected their craft in our own special way. I’ve interjected new hellacious moves into my set and I’m giving you a heads up. No one would want you to completely freak out in the ring during our match. Now that would be an absolute catastrophe. Although, I can’t help focus my attention on what you’ve said earlier. You have respect for me? Really, Cailin? Stop the act, seriously. Stop trying to act as if you admire my work and you admire the effort I put in and out of the ring. You don’t respect me and I’m pretty sure you don’t respect half of the bitches you call “friends” on here as well. You’re probably trying to put on a good front for everyone else to see. You dream of being this perfect champion. You dream of being seen as a “good guy” who always does things the “right way”. Do good guys finish last? Is that how that saying goes? Beats me.
If you had respect for me, you wouldn’t doubt whether I’m the better champion in this situation. Let’s just look at the facts, Cailin – Oh wait, I can’t reference any past accomplishments or else Cailin will call that as me running out of material. Okay, scratch that. No, you know what. Look at me, for example. I can get on my knees in front of HBG and tell her with the most sincerity in my voice that she is a way better Vixens champion that I ever DREAM to be. That’s respect. I will tell HBG with tears running down my face that she is the most superior Vixen in our division. That’s respect. I will beg HBG to teach me her ways in order to be half the champion she ever was. That, Cailin Dillion, that’s fucking respect. I know for a fact that you will never do any of those things for anyone here. In your small, fragile mind you’ll always see yourself as superior regardless of the circumstance. Your ego is too big, unfortunately, and it doesn’t allow you to have a genuine bone in your stupidly-shaped body. I feel for you, I really do.
Also, I really am glad that you don’t doubt my intelligence, Cailin but god damn it I can’t say the same for you. You honestly think that if you were to go for my title you’d beat me that easily? Let’s go back to Shock Value – oh wait, I can’t mention any past accomplishments. Fuck! Anyway… if there was a certain event where electricity is involved and I was fighting for the Vixens championship I’m quite sure that I’d succeed with flying colors. You don’t have what it takes to face me for this title in the first place. I’ve gone against impressive people throughout my career. Cloud Matsuda, your little girlfriend couldn’t beat me and I can see the similarities having to go against you both Neanderthals. The problem that Cloud had is that she was too civil. She continued to claim that she had this distain respect for me even though she’d insult me any moment she could. Isn’t that the same thing you’re doing, Cailin? I guess her stupidity is contagious and Cailin, you’ve been infected. I’m so sorry.
And just so you know, my head isn’t in the clouds. I was sincerely curious whether you know how it feels like to be in a match that has been anticipated by many. Seeing you have to defend your title in B-rated shows made me question whether you knew how it felt to perform in front of thousands of people who are actually excited to see you there. I still remember when I went into Shock Value and thousands of people were chanting my name… Although, I have to admit. Now that people boo the shit out of me, it gives me more fuel and more ambition to go out there and to create a fucking massacre. I used to be moved by the fans moral support, but ever since I’ve had a different perspective on things, I embrace the hate. It makes my body so hot hearing people say that I suck. And don’t get me started on the feelings I get in my special places when I see people angrily tweet me after I’ve succeeded once again to their dismay. It feels really, really good, Cailin. You know, now that I’m seeing your face up close, I can’t help but to see how beautiful your eyes are. God, your brown eyes are completely glowing. I wonder if they’ll still have that sparkle that they always have even though they’re be black and blue after Saturday. I guess we’ll have to see first and then we’ll find out!
I’m feeling a bit humorous tonight and I really do hope you don’t mind. Something that really makes me have tears in my eyes from laughing too much is you thinking that I’m a coward for not wanting to compete in a match. Sorry, Cailin, but I’m not a god damn sheep like you. I don’t listen to the higher-ups around here and shove a stick up my ass if they asked me to. I do what I want and that mentality has gotten me where I am today. If I chose to not be in a match it’s because I simply don’t want to. Not because I’m afraid of the person that I’m wrestling but because I don’t fucking feel like it. Someone like me shouldn’t have to be forced to compete. I am my own individual self and I have a say as to how my career should head forward from here. I know you wish to have that power but B-rated bitches like you don’t have that privilege. You know, you can totally follow Tarah Nova’s route and hook up with the main eventers. Maybe that way you can have your voice heard around here. It’s pretty sad once you really sit down and think about it.

However, despite all of that I’m incredibly pumped for our matchup! I’m so excited! I’m ready for this match, Cailin. I’m ready to hear my music play and skip my way down to the ring. I’m ready to hear the crowd roar from excitement once the bell rings. The moment that “ding” runs through my ear canal, any sort of ‘respect’ I have for you will go out of the window. In that moment I will look at you as the enemy. The enemy that wants to take my throne as the top Vixen of this division. As the Vixen that wants to erase my history from the record books. As the vixen who wants to be publicly known as better than me. I don’t want to give up my throne. I’m not ready. I’ll do whatever it takes, Cailin. Be ready.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 26th 2016, 1:58 am by Impact
You fear retribution. You know quite well that for each insult you dole out, consequences are sure to follow. I know you aren't going to openly admit that because you fear judgment from all of your fickle adoring fans, but for all the accusations you've pointed at me about misconstruing your history, that is the unquestioned reality of this situation to a trained man's eye. Your ordeal is akin to a rabbit being cornered by a hungry predator and throwing up one last prayer of an escape plan before being promptly stomped on and killed in short order. You know attempting to drag Hexa-gun's name through the mud isn't a well-advised plan, but like you, your reinforcements are weaklings that have no business trekking on the sacred ground I stand on. They can't help you. You're left with no choice but to uphold your precious image knowing you're on the verge of being subjected to the kind of brutality parents object to their kids watching. Tragically beautiful, really. It amuses me that despite all of your talk about being indifferent to the people's approval, you yet again go out of your way to explain in thorough detail what exactly happened with you in The Iconomy, painting a picture that's tailor-made to service your agenda. You sound desperate and defensive, but worst of all, you're a hypocrite so careless that you weren't even able to cover your own tracks. I can sense the gravely concerned trepidation in your voice, knowing that if the audience turns their back on you, the queen's kingdom is reduced to rubble and ashes. That's why I'm a purveyor of the truth, because like many, I believe that it sets you free -- from trial, distress, chaos, and as it relates to our battle, illusion. You've worked so diligently to craft this flawless Barbie doll image of yourself, but when I tear off your limbs and set you ablaze, the entire EAW fanbase will realize you're just cheaply made plastic under the guise of gold. And, like Eris LeCava at Reasonable Doubt, I will delight in exposing you and taste the spoils of my winnings like a gift that keeps on giving -- first, after The Mercenaries destroy you and your worthless, lethargic excuse for a partner in record time on Voltage, then when you throw a temper-tantrum afterward and cry about how Ryan Savage's incompetence doomed you from the beginning as your social-climbing, self-important ugly face is exposed so clearly even a blind man can laugh at your sorrows. A truly exceptional wrestler is able to overcome even the most adverse and arduous of circumstances, but the truth is you parallel Ryan Savage's standing in your own division a lot more closely than you've ever approached the legendary status the Heart Break Gal has attained. That's why being collateral damage in this war you've witlessly thrown your hat into enrages you, because you know when the dust settles and all the allied corpses have been buried, the Heart Break Gal will have achieved even more glory at your expense. You've envious of how Heart Break Gal is perceived and you think you can absorb her essence by defeating her and along with it gain all of her credibility and popularity, but your competitive spirit is always lagging behind hers and you're confused about what separates my partner from her peers. Your recipes for success have sometimes rewarded you; your championship provides ample evidence of that, but when you face The Mercenaries you start backtracking and lamenting how you would have beaten the Heart Break Gal if some disadvantageous factor hadn't befallen you. You know what I say? A true champion deserving of her stripes expects and prepares for anything and everything. Your opponent simply outsmarted you, now the noble queen is looking for excuses to trivialize her tormentor's success, and call it a hunch, but I guarantee your reaction after this week's Voltage will mirror those petty gripes you're spewing. I look forward to you holding The Mercenaries personally accountable for your post-loss crisis, because HBG and I don't just defeat our enemies; we stifle them until they no longer possess the willpower to stand.

Most people believe they can only create change if their revolution has the support of the community, but sometimes you have to think for the poorly educated, make the hard decisions, and arrive at a solution all by yourself. We're cognizant of the community's hesitance to revert to extreme, but we've decided to make that choice for them and show them first-hand how sturdy that foundation can be in comparison to the fragile failure of an experiment "elite" has been. If Cailin Dillon and Ryan Savage are the best Ashten Cross has to offer, they're better off skipping the festivities, ceasing fire, and surrendering. The massacre about to take place on Voltage just might make them re-think their life choices.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 26th 2016, 1:56 am by The Consigliere
What, Cailin? Are we going to ignore the fact that I have obliterated and humiliated you one more time in front of the loving crowd who supports you so much, yet you couldn't even fulfill your promises? Are we seriously going to skip the part where I say I told you so, and move on to what in your opinion are better things because you're too deep in denial to admit that you couldn't keep up with how fast I could run the show and how completely pathetic and unprepared you are if your overall performance hasn't said enough after what seemed to be a horrendous fight? I fucking warned you, Cailin -- one way or another, you will ALWAYS be the loser of the war when you make the mistake of crossing me, but instead of heeding those words, instead of letting the many warnings sink in your mindless head and listening to me for once in that downright pitiful existence you have that you're so proud of calling a "career", you decided to go ahead and dive onto the pile of shit you worked day and night concocting how you'd throw me in it! You fell for your own elaborate trap! You oversold your capabilities. Your "superior" mentality failed you when you needed it most. All because you've been so caught up, so distracted by the idea, by the fantasy, by the DELUSION that you're actually capable of defeating me, so much that you continue to miss the complication of the situation and every outside factor that could have affected the match, because you jumped right in with the idea in your head that I'm the type who would just let you walk away without reminding you that you should feel sorry for yourself being the useless directionless little whore you are. At Voltage night, I proved and I will continue to prove that you becoming an addition to Team Cross, in no way benefits them and their cause.

Now as you speak to my dear Y2Impact, it seems the only thing you've done is compare your small success to years and years of greatness that he has displayed in this federation alone. And as much as I'd love to say that this doesn't really sit well with me, I actually am amused watching you make a fool of yourself, naturally, bragging about how you ALMOST pinned Luzmala for the three count, or how you ALMOST got a win over Hexa-gun, as if they were different from everyone else who claimed they almost succeeded against us. You continue to walk the halls with the same confident look on your face as though you're the strongest woman alive for the sole fact that you were bold enough to kick JJ Silva right in his groin, in a match that literally no one even fucking remembers because it was just another night of victory for me and the rest of my team, while you get on Y2Impact's back for recalling events from October. I'm sorry that you don't matter to us. I'm sorry that you're just another girl that we make fun of, just another wrestler that we're ecstatic we aren't, but you brought this upon yourself. You always have, and you never fucking learn. You decided to dance with the devil without knowing how much heat you'll have to endure in the depths of hell. You decided to take a swim at the bottom of the ocean thinking you're this great adventurer that people should look up to because you know what you're doing, without even knowing that there could be monsters down there that don't want to be disturbed. And now, what are you doing? You're going to rely on Ryan Savage when he couldn't manage a single win against The Mercenaries, not even once, even with Mr. DEDEDE himself as his partner? Ryan Savage continued to fall flat on his back and became a victim of the idea that he could do better without DEDEDE, that he's actually better than a legend who treated him like a brother, and while Mr. DEDEDE has been winning World Championships, Ryan Savage is getting left behind and forced into positions that he doesn't even want to be in! He has to deal with The Mercenaries one more time, a game he's proven to not be particularly good at, so thrilled as I am about you getting your male counterpart, I still have to ask that after what history has dictated and told, how on Earth do you think this is gonna end at Voltage?

People cheer for you. People believe in you. And somehow, some way you decided that could be your ammo, as you develop this perplexing mentality that more snoozefest material is somehow going to lead to a sweet victory, and what struck me most is the laughable fact that you just throw in your two cents in on matters that don't concern you. To even compare my involvement with Hexa-gun affairs with this... "gig" with Team Cross is just completely absurd. I am the co-Leader of Hexa-gun. Each of us keep our parts moving even when retards like you do everything in your power to make sure we die, and we never let you whether it be a match that proves nothing once upon a time on an episode of Voltage or a game-changing one at an FPV. We compete amongst one another and never lose our spirit as a team! People have to try to outsmart us. People have to make us follow their orders and compete in matches we don't want to be in and yet we show up displaying absolutely nothing but greatness as we dominate over our opponents. Why do I care if you think we're self-obsessed? Why should I even hear out this disgusting air you spew basically insisting that the reason why I'm here is because they let me, when the truth of the matter is without me, there would never even BE Hexa-gun! You continue to toss around opinions and criticisms about me like it's your fucking right, when you not even ONCE had the power to prove me wrong! Why is that, Cailin? Why do you even bother to still pretend with this tough exterior and that angelic face when everyone can already see the bullshit behind the kind words you tell? Why don't you just fucking shut up and accept that while you claim that you've worked harder than everyone else, that I have EFFORTLESSLY just worked better than you in every way? Why are you even still wondering why your quest for dominance in the Vixens Division is constantly shrugged off, and nobody gives a shit? I have conquered far bigger beasts. I have stolen from master thieves. I have won over better and stronger fighters than your bitch-ass can ever bring to the table!

This legacy that you're so fucking proud of building for yourself will forever be tainted when you show the world that you always ended up on the losing side when you come face to face with me, and because of that, nobody will acknowledge you or notice you enough to place you in the same shelf, in the same world, in the same universe as The Heart Break Gal, and no matter how many authority figures you try to flirt with, or how many members of the EAW management you smooch -- yes, news gets to me, you stupid bitch -- nobody, not even Ashten Cross, still gives a fuck enough to make you more well-positioned for success in this industry, and the Specialist Championship, a piece of tin invented to make bitter losers like you feel better that your career couldn't move on a rapid pace, is the best thing life has to offer you! I wish for once you would be able to handle the fact that literally no one is inspired or impressed by your mundane existence, that everybody thinks you're a liar no matter how great you make yourself appear to be, and the only thing that you can do is sniff around for leftovers and whatever anyone has to give you, because that's just as good as life gets! So stop it, Cailin. Stop wondering why I, or everyone else in Hexa-gun, or everyone in the EAW Network berate you whether it be upfront or behind your back! Stop wondering why everyone thinks you're a moron who will never get anywhere, because that's just what you expect when you do moronic things! You fall for everything you're told. You don't know how to speak your mind and defy those who are treating you like a goddamn puppet, like it's your job to bow to people's whims without even questioning why you're there and why they picked you, when in the eyes of the rest of the world, you have just been placed in a death trap, one you can never escape from until you're too injured, too battered to even move. I assure you that after this mess, after Fighting Spirit 2, you'll all go back to square one in your career thinking how much time you've wasted chasing after small trinkets when you couldn't even hold a candle to the competition when the real fight happens.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 26th 2016, 1:30 am by Bhris Elite
Reasonable Doubt #3

You know what Thomas I'll give you this you're a funny guy.  A real comedian if you are trying to figure out the reason for me saying this well look back at what you said.  Listen to exactly what you told these fans about me. I fear you Thomas? I fear you? Come on do you honestly think I am afraid of someone who lost to the same guy Impact just beat down with a loaf of wonder bread? To be honest I probably fear that loaf of bread more then I fear you Thomas.   This isn't me hiding anything I don't fear you I don't fear anyone in this company.  If you honestly think you put fear into my heart then you must be a little under the influence my friend.  The pressure is on me of course it is Thomas if I lose after attacking you not to long ago then I look like the weak one however that isn't going to happen.  What will happen is the pressure will be on you after you lose yet another match at another big show.  Thomas I'm aware of the fuck ups I've had in the past and sure is everyone else.  Everyone always brings it up they hear it every time I'm going against someone.  With that being said though let's not act like you are little miss sunshine either.  Just so far in 2016 hasn't really been you're year.  A matter of fact let's throw it back to KOE when you could of really set it off yourself but failed under the pressure against Xavier Williams.  I mean you beat him at the award show Thomas why couldn't you do it again? I mean if you would of defeated him like you said you would of plenty of times I don't even think you would be the one in front of me when I get in that ring Saturday.  Things didn't go as planned though.  Want to talk about another time things didn't go as planned? Let's bring it back to Road to Redemption in that Chamber match.  The match you were supposed to shine in.  The match you were supposed to win.   What happened man? I see no title around you're waist on you're shoulder.  So please let's not talk about things that we could of done and failed at because as shocking as this sounds you most likely got me beat.   Hey I mean at least you take one W against me this week right?

Thomas you're right I do know what you are capable of and it's exactly what I said last time.  MAKING PEOPLE LOOK STRONG AND BEING A PUSH OVER.! You think I fear that sort of reputation? Yes let's breakdown and brag about other wins you've had in you're career that have nothing to do with me shall we? Okay you've beaten Kevin Devastation and really at that point of his career when you did who hasn't?  Diamond Cage a runner up for Bust of The Year congratulations Thomas good going.  Now the only really marketable career win you have Xavier Williams to bad you couldn't do it again at King of Elite.  Thomas do you honestly think I give a fuck about those wins? I am whole different person I am not some old hag who comes back whenever he needs the money for his wife and kids and to be relevant again.  I am not a man who does a bunch of stupid shit then calls himself a lunatic.  Nor am I Xavier Williams.  I am Chris Elite.  God's Given Greatness.  You are Thomas Minns WORLDS BIGGEST PUSHOVER!  See the difference? So again Thomas I'm more then sure I belong in the ring with you.   On Saturday at Reasonable Doubt the Saturday you and the entire world know I belong in the ring with you.  This isn't false confidence or whatever you called it.  After Reasonable Doubt I continue to attack the "Top Dogs" of Showdown and continue to prove a point.  First I have to deal with you though and trust me I'll do it and I will make an example out of you.  With all this being said though since you finally grabbed a dictionary I'll grab one myself and I'll give you a little definition of something that reminds me of you...


A person who is easy to overcome or influence.

See you soon Thomas. 
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Post on February 25th 2016, 11:59 pm by That Self Hi-Five Guy

Dynasty Promo #2

Tig, I'm beginning to doubt that you and I have been watching the same footage from any of our past encounters because from what I remember, we have never wrestled in a one on one match before. Not only that, but for someone who claims that he will beat the hell out of me, I don't remember you doing any of that in any of our previous matches. In fact, I'm usually the one who ends up beating the hell out of YOU, on two separate occasions have I attacked you and in the two multi-man matches that we were both a part of, you didn't lay much of a beating on me at all.

Of course, like every single other person that I have ever wrestled, you go on to make comment about my age. Seriously, why must everyone I wrestle have to comment about my age? It's not relevant, I'm really not that damn old, and even if I was, it's not gonna stop me from kicking your ass all around the ring. Something else you continually forget, is that I've wrestled on par with, if not, have beaten some of this company's young bucks and older veterans, something that I was doing a long while before you finally started doing the same. Honestly, you keep going on about how you're going to retire me and beat me into a bloody pulp and how you're going to destroy me and it's starting to become really fucking tiring. Why? Because it's essentially the same fucking thing you've said to me every time we're in the same match, you're really just a broken record, aren't you?

Know this, tomorrow night, I seek to finally put an end to your annoying and incessant verbal over-compensating bullshit and get a one-on-one match victory over you. I know this pains you, but I have no fear of you Tig, and that certainly won't be changing any time soon considering how things may very well take shape. The only thing you have any talent in killing, is the crowd's excitement when you walk out down to the ramp.

I'll see your sorry ass on Dynasty.


Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 25th 2016, 11:40 pm by Guest
For where I am at, I'm a humble man. I've won two world titles and yet I don't have any replicas hung on the walls of my house. I've entered the Hall of Fame and yet I treat this ring just like any ordinary one. My zeal has granted me so many great things, but also became my biggest rival. I realized a while ago that I never felt satisfied with anything I've accomplished, lucid imagery I get during sleep unraveling to get to my actual feelings shows that perfectly. What is it that I go through? For my subconscious mind to absorb every important word ever uttered to me by a past or current wrestler? To wake up fighting like you lost something when others insist you have the world? It would feel like melancholy, imagining yourself to be like Sisyphus pushing the boulder only for it to fall back down, but I should have seen it differently. Rather, I was pushing new stones, replaced each time I managed to get one up a hill. I keep doing it as if I don't have the capacity to stop because while it feels like an eternity, maybe if I keep at it, I would get to see a crack in the wall, a chance to be able to sit down and look at my work. For my last accomplishment means nothing if my next one is unobtainable. Fans keep holding their hands towards me, trying to fix what they see to be neglect. They cry out why I don't seem to love them as much as they love me, but when I turn around, I'm unable to even give an answer. For my debut year, I found ways for them to scowl at me, only for them to grin ear to ear in approval of my actions and now the arena feels engulfed with black smoke as if I can't see anybody, but elitists with axes to grind. Is it because I'm filled with so much determination, that it's like walking around with a blindfold when I stare at any direction that isn't the ring? When I'm in that ring, it's as if any troubles of concentration seems to vanish just like every member of the audience becomes faceless. This is what it feels like to dig in deep and finally know what your end goal is; to no longer harm yourself for nothing by carrying every individuals hopes for what kind of man you will be when the dust is settled, but what you feel is right. I've seen so many wrestlers succumb to the pressure they have put on themselves, and If I were to become another statistic, I would be satisfied in the man I had become and the progress I've made in the moment I start free falling. However, what I will regret is if I ever go back to being conceited, believing that all forked paths lead to a pleasant conclusion to my story. I'm known as one of the strongest wrestlers of all time, but why would I count on that when I'm on the brink of something more. I attempt to shatter glass ceilings others place above me because to become complacent is to remain stagnant and to feel like you're boundless is the biggest godsend of them all.

In the lawless wild where beasts with no moral values roam, a small animal often reveals its fangs when it's threatened by a much larger predator. I looked at the other newcomers who would thrive in the land of extreme and used underhanded tactics to try and beat them. I was ambivalent about that as I wondered if the sole reason I won was through intimidation, like some cheap victory or was I really pushing them to the limit. If I continued to attack the ordinary wrestler's insecurities, I was guaranteed to have the majority of them tripping in fear, but what did it mean when I began to plateau the higher I climbed? I would begin to notice the well started to dry up and I finally realized that I could no longer be so reliant on just my words to try and scare them off, but inherent talent. That is when I questioned  if that is what separates legends from even the greats. Years have passed after that moment and since then, EAW has rewarded my scratching and clawing, but has also made me crash and burn. As a result, I've had conflicting thoughts if I want to find a way to uplift this company into a new golden age or destroy it in a conflagration during my most lowest moments. One morning, I woke up with the Hall of Fame Championship in my mind and I suddenly realized what every single fight I've been in meant. How it celebrates every legend's journey to make it to the upper echelon, but I looked past simply fighting for that belt and rather where I wanted my journey to end. I can call myself a legend, but I look at this golden ring as just another trinket until I'm no longer at the top of the mountain, but instead become almighty and reach the heavens. Because Lucian Black, what the ultimate goal I've spent my entire career building towards is to become the crown jewel of that title belt. I don't want to just have a seat at the legends table, but I want to become the head of it. I'm in a cold dark place and for the first time I'm starting to see cracks of light. I want to keep clawing to the surface, so that I can get to sit down and view the amount of work I put in form into something beautiful.

Not tyrannical

I don't condone tyranny and wish for it to spread to even the darkest corners, I'm not some two-dimensional monster, but I do understand how futile it is when you pretend to have the answers to such abuses of power. Is it winning the World Heavyweight Championship and staying true to yourself despite temptations? Well, Brian Daniels has already done that, so your goal isn't special in that regard. Is the resolution you forcing a coup d'etat to enforce your rule over EAW believing you can become both the judge and executioner? Well you do risk being a tyrant like Zack Crash became as you're not exempt from being controlled by your vices just like him. I did run away and I was gone for a very long time, Lucian, but I ran away so I can understand what my purpose was in this company and why. Retraced my steps so I wouldn't be like you and remain in a constant state of confusion as you air out your incoherent thoughts to me. In a way, you understand the mess we're in, so you overreact, double down and try and make my beliefs a caricature so that I'm the perfect example of a villain when reality starts kicking in and shows that I'm the perfect example of not letting ambitions get derailed with ideological wars that will never end. Lucian, why this war you have for justice will continue to be played on an endless loop is because you won't force such a vague concept by winning a world title, you won't even get it if you were to keep destroying men like Zack Crash who are the at the top running things, but until you destroy the structure in how things operate which no man has ever done. When you escape the state of nirvana that your win left you in, what you will always be is just a relatively milquetoast man who suddenly got this newfound surge of confidence, but struggles to follow his inconsistent rhetoric with conviction while struggling to prove that confidence wasn't a placebo effect. So you come up with the ingenious idea to make baseless accusations against a man you've known for 7 years, but yet not quite know at all and then not commit to them the millisecond you actually feel pressure. Because people have not been pressuring you, Lucian, but have been overlooking you overstepping boundaries. They let you run around here calling yourself the savior of Dynasty which becomes redundant when you realize that every major star here would be allowed to say that since we've all fought forces which threaten to tear at the fabric of Dynasty. Am I allowed to call myself that moniker for fighting against rivals who ordered hit and runs on anyone they felt like or lit people up on fire? No, because then the narrative crumbles and we can't allow that to happen. Instead, lets all bury our heads in the sand and pretend what you say is profound instead of contradictory, pretend the Emperor has new clothes all because we want to play God and predict which pieces fall where.

You keep playing with semantics and dancing around the issues people have about you, but then want me to entertain poor assumptions most people are hesitant to back you up on. "You're trying to bypass blatant facts", but look at you rushing to call me out for being the former right hand of Kevin Devastation as if that's some trump card in this year, when you're now calling being Captain Charisma's henchman during your tag team days an alliance like you're slick, like carrying the bags of the champion at the time could possibly be seen in that light. Your eagerness to tell reinterpretations of events long since solidified does seem amusing, but how quick you are to blurt out that I'm starting to crack , when one small tug and your superhero-esque facade crumbles just as fast as it was carefully built only strengthens any contempt I have for you. Do I have a God Complex? No, because I'm not afraid to highlight what my flaws are and even admit that when they rise to the surface they can become unmanageable. Despite being seen as a legend, I still fight with the tenacity of a hungry blue chipper. You instead overplay your hand and spew out half-hearted claims of being the best on a brand which houses one of the longest reigning champions of all time and not even care when the audience questions that to be hyperbole. All my success came after the dismantling of The Black Hand when I drew the line in the sand and made it heard to every single extremist listening that I will get to the top by myself no matter how dangerous, so no, I'm not dependent on any friend or foe. Being dependent is your specialty, Lucian, you assume if you try and pick apart my career, you could find something to hold against me. To prove all this time a veil has been sewn on all the crowd's faces and that what I really want is to protest in that ring waiting for somebody to pop up out of thin air and hand me a title belt, but what I've been waiting for is proof. It's been almost a week and all that time has been wasted as what I got instead was you illustrating a myriad of lies represent your career. You might wail out that I can't begin to understand a thing about you, but how can I not when you're identical to the hundreds of fighters whose names and dreams have been forgotten to time. They would write up a sob story for their careers, hoping to get sympathy for their mistakes and try and downplay their superior's accomplishments because when you're a new name hoping to prove himself against a man who already has, what can you ever say? Like I said before, there are no miracles at the show's twilight---the final hour. What hope you cling on to has swiftly betrayed you as if it's always been a secret weapon kept in the dark.
When the Black Rider arrives from the sea

What can you say, Lucian?
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 25th 2016, 10:53 pm by Cailin Dillon

Voltage #2
So I get this whole thing now. The whole idea of being a part of Hexa-gun is so clear to me. You take the six most self-obsessed jackasses in this business and put them on one team. They decide they’re fighting for something and help each other out, do everything the can to assure that their friends don’t lose and then they carry this aura as if they are the most powerful group of people in the world. I’m kidding, I’ve understood that to be the case all along. And you don’t have to go out of your way to try and show me up like you did. Your ego is so blasted to the moon that you had to point out how lucky I am to have the great Y2Impact tear me apart. Color me unimpressed. I’ll just file this where I put all the other failed attempts to rip my confidence from me: in the trash.
Oh, did that sound familiar to you? Did that line hurt you? No, of course it didn’t. It’s an awful overused phrase that doesn’t have any power. Even when you dress it up to mention phone books. Your facts on me are shit, but when you need to spin a web to try and decimate a character, you have to alter the facts. Especially if you’re struggling to grasp on to the true story. Your perception of events is sadly misconstrued. If people don’t believe my side, why do I care? Why would I shed a tear or possibly give another care to what they really think? Hexa-gun has clearly outlined goals. You guys have been this way consistently. The Iconomy started as a group fighting for the mid-carders chances at moving up the upper card. It sounded a bit like a noble cause. It shifted into being a cult. And if their ideas were to be like Hexa-gun, they never made that clear until you pinned their backs against the wall. But by then, I was already done with it. Understand that even when HBG was the only woman in Hexa-gun, she was still given the chance to participate. To call those three my teammates is a stretch. Teammates for two matches. It was much more like a regular booked tag match that I just happened to be a part of. Almost from the very start, we were going our own separate ways. Except for when JJ wanted me to just stand around and look pretty. That’s not my role. Claudia would never except a role where she doesn’t get involved because she’s competitive, just like me. And we’ll get back to that little joke of a stretch you went on later. Chris and Eclipse were great people, so much so that they understood and supported my decision to leave. So I split, who cares? But this is what you and the rest of your pals seem to be so stuck on. You drudge up a few events from October and just focus squarely on them. The Iconomy never had a shot against Hexa-gun. No matter the form it was in. It was stuck in limbo from an early point. I agree with your basketball analogies. Players play and coaches coach. But when a coach gets in his own way and his players way, there comes time for a need of change. JJ Silva was a player-coach. He wouldn’t let his players play except for his way and he was a lousy coach. He was both a leadership and a personnel problem wrapped up into one. Silva’s selling point to the Iconomy was building my career. I’ll admit I was selfish, sometimes you have to do that here. Clearly you’ve been selfish during your career here, even if you can be a team player, too. But I didn’t leave because of lies, I left because I didn’t like it. It didn’t feel right and I felt like I wasn’t even a part of the group. I wasn’t about to be a mascot. No one doubted my affiliation with them was actually holding me back, and that’s proven to be true. It wasn’t that they didn’t have my best interests in mind, it was that they didn’t even have me in mind at all. They wanted a girl in a dress, and I wanted to fight. But I’ve always been a good team player. I’ve been a part of and won plenty of tag matches. Team Cross has nothing to do with my personal goals, it’s about aiding EAW in getting rid of the jackasses who have gone on long enough. Your six-person circle jerk isn’t needed here. Are we done talking about the Iconomy now? Honestly, it feels like a giant waste of our time.
In just a short time, I’ll admit Hexa-gun have become a dynasty. But no matter the group, people always go from loving dynasties to hating them. You have an all-star group of people that you can’t flaunt endlessly. Just like you are fighting for your collective beliefs, others fight for theirs too. But I’m not on your team, and I’m not warming up the bench for Team Cross. I’m diving right into the fight and getting my hands dirty. I’m volunteering myself to the front of the lines. I have high aspirations that don’t sit just within the Vixens division. I don’t define my legacy just by titles, that’s why I’m always reaching for more. That’s why I’m right here, fighting against the best in the business. It’s not about using this experience to climb a ladder. It’s because I belong right here in the thick of all this madness. You see me as a coward because I don’t let a loss totally destroy me? I’ll never feel closure without beating the Heart Break Gal. This is the most obvious statement you could ever make. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to let it affect me in the next match. I refocus and I go out and I take it out in that ring. You want me to admit I had a moment after that match in the showers? Hell yes, I was frustrated. I want to win, always. But did you let your frustration turn into a losing streak? Did you lose your way? To try and classify me any other way is just plain laziness. You have to put these behind you and get ready for the next match. Because guess what? I lost to HBG and they immediately put me right back in the ring with not only her, but also her tag team partner. In the same week that I have a match against the Vixens champion. This isn’t about being delusional or just acting like losses didn’t happen. They happened. I lost. But I got my ass back up and left that ring, I dealt with it private and even openly among friends and mentors. And then I focused myself on the next match. I don’t care who I’m facing, I take every match as seriously as the next. From an exhibition match against an extra hungry to shock the world Rey Shamez to a champion vs. champion match against Eris LeCava to a match against quite possibly the best tag team I’ve ever personally seen in my lifetime. I have mentioned the first time we fought more times than I care to remember. It bothered me that I spoiled an opportunity to fight living legends in this business by getting rolled up in a quick pin. But the next time we fought was completely different. I came up big in all the right spots. I had your beast pinned until interference stopped it. I had HBG pinned until Eris stopped it last week. I love winning matches, I don’t back down from any match. For you to call me a coward is silly. I don’t run away from my problems, I face them and I learn from them. No match is meaningless to me. They all matter. Why else would I treat every opponent the same?
I look forward to another match against you and HBG on Voltage. And you can be sure you’ll see me treating this like I do every match, with the same amount of seriousness. Title match or not. I show up ready to go and ready to do what it takes to win. There’s nothing else that matters to me. I’m incredibly hungry for a win over both of you, while remaining humble all along. I’m going to beat Eris on Saturday, and with that wave of momentum I’m going to come into our match on Sunday and personally make sure you eat every one of your spiteful words. You don’t really know anything about me at all, just the flawed perception that you’ve developed in your head. Let’s see who wants it more. Let’s see if you even possibly want this more than me. I’m not back down, and I’m taking both you and your partner to the ground. When I pin you and they count it out 1-2-3, it will be a sweet victory. I hope you enjoy your loser’s shower afterwards.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 25th 2016, 10:36 pm by Dead End Bride
Savagery begets Savagery.

I know this better than anyone. I did bad things to a lot of good people when I was in the dark place in my heart and mind. Even now as I try to solidify myself as a mainstay in the Vixens Division, much less a "Leader" or title contender, I still feel some rather uncomfortable glances being thrown in my direction. I know that deep down that there are some people who don't believe in the change that I have undergone. They feel it's a front for something even more sinister. They feel that a tigress cant change her stripes.

In their own way...they are correct. I didn't get to this point in my career and life without some soul searching and self-discipline. I am no angel. There is real darkness inside of me, very real, that I have to keep locked away. I'm sure most of you will take that as just idle bluster, but think of that what you will.

Sheridan. You won our match, but can I ask you something: Will you please stop preaching to us about German efficiency? If Germany is so efficient, why did it elect a racist with a micropenis as it's ruler, lose not one but two World Wars and take almost fifty years to officially reunify after East and West Germany were split. You're a fine wrestler and apparently someone who is cultured and very prideful of her heritage. Being of mixed ancestry myself, I can relate. I'm American, but Japanese and Mexican blood runs through my veins all the same. With all your brilliance even you must realize how stupid it is for you to believe that you could win a match 3 versus 1..right? Silence...or Kyra....is formidable by herself. Add in a Bloodthirsty Raven and a Scheming fool at her side, it's not favorable for you to barge off and do your own thing. I'm not asking you to be my friend, I'm beyond that Maddie Circa early 2015 mindset. I'm just asking you to be as efficient as you say you are...and a little less pompous.

Azumi-Chan...I failed you. I know that you were concerned about me as you were going into your match. I should have been there to watch your back to make sure that this didn't happen. I plan on being at your side, watching your back, while we take care of all three of our opponents along with Sheridan. I have faith in our Holy Alliance.

Silence, I think that my friend wants you all to herself and I don't envy your position. All that she's been able to talk about while we travel, scream about while training, grumble about while eating is how she wants to get her hands on you. You were able to do some damage to her body, but you're starting to awaken something inside her soul. I think you will find that this time her spirit is much more firey than you could hope to contain. Best of luck to you.

Raven. Even now you still want to threaten me. Even now you still claim that this is all just a ruse to curry favor with people. Even now you want me to take you seriously as a threat and adversary. All of these things are false. I know you want to "expose me". I know you want to get yourself back on the winning track and get prepared for the Vixens Cup. The Thundering Heroine will allow none of that. You're a talented wrestler but you lack the soul to beat someone like me. You always have and you always will.

There is one person thought that stands out against all the others in this match. One person who I'm very anxious and eager to see tomorrow night: Veena Adams. Did you think it was funny and cute clocking me from behind? Did you think watching me bleed was a fun sight? In your defense, karma was definitely calling my bluff. I've pulled similar attacks on people and perhaps I was due a taste of my own old medicine. But....that will NOT exempt you from my vengeance. You hide behind the likes of Silence and your uncle and then attack when someone's back is turned? Tomorrow night, I want you to come to the ring and face me woman to woman. I want you to get a good look at the stitches right above my eyebrow that I had to get put in after your attack. I wonder when you see me in front of you will you have that same smile on your face.

I highly doubt it.

You're going to get your due justice and...if the circumstances present themselves.....it will be YOUR time to bleed.
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Post on February 25th 2016, 9:24 pm by Kevin Devastation
Oh Lannister, where for outh though Lannister...

Where have you gone when we need you the most Lannister...


And the winner of the oscar goes to? Oh shame not Leo...AGAIN! But me for that acting job.

BUT SERIOUSLY MAN...We have been waiting on you Lannister, we have been patient, we have waited and waited and waited even more. You have been silent when it comes to matching wits with not only the true Villain of your story in Vic Vendetta, but you have also ignored me, ME man, I know I have said I am a God of the business, but Vic said it best Lannister. I got his soul for the chance to be champion, and hell it looks like the devil doesn't lose this time Lannister. I am sitting here and drinking a glass of red wine, A TOAST TO THE VICTORY OF VIC VENDETTA! And also a toast to the downfall of a false King. You can run around all day long Lannister and you can hide, but when it comes to Reasonable Doubt, you can not escape from what happens. Its Falls Count Anywhere, in or out of the building my delusional germanic friend. And that means you have no escape, you have no kind of way out, and not only is Vic Vendetta going to end you, but I personally am going to make sure that you fall, I did not promise this man, my son in this business a World Title on a silver platter and be proven a liar. I will not be proven to be a false profit when it comes to the deals I make. And lets be 100% honest here Lannister, you know me as well as a blind man knows what kinda money he has in his hands. You can't see what I have planned, what I REALLY have planned Lannister. So just consider yourself outta luck when we get to Reasonable Doubt, because without a shadow of a doubt, I foresee the Lannister title reign being short lived and forgotten. Don't worry, I'll give you a shout out during the Championship Coronation as the stepping stone myself and Vic Vendetta used to get to this pedestal Vic is on. Now get that through your skull Lannister, before I put the proverbial  bullet through it to put you outta your misery...

See ya Sunday FORMER "champ"
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Post on February 25th 2016, 6:27 pm by Phoenix Winterborn


This seems to be a recurring theme now. The new breed rivalry that is lighting up Voltage. Phoenix Winterborn vs. Beretta. Undefeated as a tag team, but up until now, Beretta has one up on Phoenix in singles competition. That will not be lasting for long though, as the return match has finally been signed for this week on Voltage. After having a couple off weeks off, Phoenix was refreshed, and ready to rock and roll. 

Open scene on Phoenix Winterborn busy in the gym in his guest house. The smallish estate he had amassed for himself over the years came with a guest house closer to Lake Michigan, which he had converted into his own personal training center. Since it was just him, he had Rapheal Lake's "It's Our Time" playing through the speakers, as he started slowing down on the treadmill. Wiping off his forehead, he stepped off, popping his neck to each side.

"Y'know, it seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. As much ground as me and Beretta had been making as the standouts of the New Breed, here we are back at square one, facing each other where it all began on Monday Night Battleground. See...you and me have both evolved already in our short time here Beretta. You've had a chance to go for the New Breed championship, which didn't happen, and me? Well, after a quick mis-step on my TV debut, I have been as close to perfect as one could be. That's not me being arrogant, it's just honesty. Go back, and check the footage. Watch how you and me interacted, and how we handled business in the ring. But, I guess this is what one would call a swan song as far as our little dysfunctional team is concerned, so here we go."

He sighed. Ever though he and Beretta weren't going to be on each other's christmas card lists, there was enough there that if worse came to worse, they would be standing side by side in a fight. Oh well. C'est la vie. Grabbing a water bottle, he took a swig before continuing.

"It does suck that it's come down to this, but what do ya do, huh? So, let's get down to brass tax, Beretta. In the weeks that we've been teaming together, I've learned quite a bit about you. To the point where I study the tapes of our matches. I watch your mannerisms, Beretta. I watch what you do, when you do it, and how you do it. You can go ahead and claim you do the same thing, but there's a difference. You talk a big game, and I walk a big game. It's only a matter of time before I break out, and show EAW exactly who they got on their hands, and exactly what I'm capable of doing. We may have been labeled as part of the New Breed, Carson Ramsay may be the New Breed champion but..." he holds his arms out. "Right here is the next breakout star in the division."

Subtitles come up under him reading "Quite pretentious of you there, Mr. Winterborn."

He looked down, and back towards the camera.

"Actually, it's not. I know how good I am, and I know the PEOPLE know how good I am. It's not a matter of having an ego. It's a matter of knowing your self-worth. I've proved it time and again here, the caliber of wrestler I am, and the caliber of man that I am. At the end of the day, who are the two people left standing from the new talent initiative? Right, me and Beretta. He's found out what kind of wrestler I am. Nick Angel has found out what kind of wrestler I am. The Sanitorium has found out, and you're about to find out with a sense of finality you have never witnessed before, Beretta. The time for fun and games is over. I have my feet wet here in EAW, and now it's time to get to work. First on the list is you. Then, I'm off to Fighting Spirit. After that? Who knows? The sky is the limit, as far as I'm concerned. For you, and this little fantasy world where you're a better wrestler than I am? Spoiler alert. You're not. Beretta, ask around. I could wrestle circles around you if I was coming down with stage 4 cancer, and you were the picture of health. This Monday night on Battleground is where you break down, and the phoenix rises."

A smirk came over Phoenix's face, as he headed for his training ring. Hopping up on the small apron, he turned back.

"And that...is change you can believe in. See ya Monday, kid."

He stepped between the ropes to start some drills, as the scene cut to static.
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Post on February 25th 2016, 5:45 pm by The Mexican Samurai
Reasonable Doubt #2

History books are so passe, haven't you thought about all the delicate trees that are being cut down in the rain forest in order to physically produce five hundred to one thousand page books? No one cares about opening up dingy old books nowadays, especially when you have the convenience of surfing the internet in the palm of your hand. TLA, you might be going into the history books of EAW but much like the archaic system that inhabits the company, I'm looking to be in the history of the here and now. I want to TREND all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because these happen to be the true litmus test of popularity and legend, and that's what this generation cares about. You might have your name etched somewhere saying that you were the Interwire champion, congratulations, but I'm going to make sure that you also have your name etched in the space where it says, "Shortest Interwire Reign Of All Time". I'm sure you've been pretty damn happy over the last two weeks, but I'm here to make sure that the hard work and pay off of winning a title is soon coated over with the sting of defeat. No matter how many times past events are repeated, you have no justification for predicting the future, because anything can happen within the blink of an eye. All you have is your faith but that isn't going to be enough to get you through me because I'm not at the level of a Clark Duncan, Aren Mstislav, or Cameron Ella Eva... No, I'm far and away the best competition you've ever face, and I'm not going to be the first test of your championship reign. I'M THE WHOLE FUCKING EXAM AND JUDGING BY YOUR BACKGROUND, YOU JUST DON'T HAVE THE EDUCATION TO PASS!

You parade your palace as if it's made of 24 karat diamond but it's laced with fool's gold and has the hollowness of a pinata. I'm going to be chucking stones at your glass house and it's going to be a pleasure to watch your tower, that you've cultivated over the last couple of years, come crumbling down like a stack of cards. Your pride is nothing more than false machismo to hide the fact that you have no cojones when you face adversity, and instead lose to such cowards like Clark Duncan because let's face it, you've built your career on luck and timing. Mediocrity is nothing to be prideful about unless it's the single greatest feat that you've been able to accomplish in your career... and now that I think about it... I can see why your worship mediocrity so much. TLA has been the gatekeeper of the division for so long that he couldn't even get his name put on the year-end awards because he ended up winning the New Breed Title and doing nothing of note. I don't blame the people in the back who forgot about him, just take a look at TLA. TLA has the intimidation of The Pink Panther and the clumsiness of Inspector Clouseau but at least the first movie is kind of entertaining... TLA hasn't been entertaining ever since he decided to move to Showdown.  We've had to sit and hear him insistently whine about the fact that Cameron Ella Eva would never give him a title shot, and why was that? Cameron Ella Eva was never conveniently in the same time and place because she realized that TLA is one of the most boring competitors to ever step foot in the squared circle and is a ratings martyr. I would avoid this match if I could, but since the title is on the line, I guess that I can be the Messiah that can actually put on an entertaining match with you.

El Tlatoani, you have a name that is enriched with a lot of history but I'm that half-Spaniard that is going to smother you like smallpox infested blanket.

Something also seemed to get lost in translation because I never said that you were not "Mexican" enough, because the problem is that you are too Mexican. You're like a minstrel show for Chicano people and I can't help but bury my head into arms and try to avoid the fact that we both have blood coming from the same country. I'm trying to progress American forward and bring a positive image to race relations but you come barreling in with the offensive slang and uneducated deep thinking, that is just rambling nonsense, and once again ruin all the progress that I'm making. I feel like I need to buy you some lengua tacos and elote in order for you to shut the fuck up for a few moments, so that I can smooth over the fact that not all Mexicans are like you. You are an embarrassment and living stereotype of our race, and an example of the kind of thinking that was done over ten years ago when this shit was acceptable. It's 2016 kid, and It's time for you to be a little more culturally sensitive because you offend me, just like you offend everyone who turns on their television to watch two hours of Showdown. #AllMexicanLivesMatter

I'm going to now have to make an Instagram post telling all my followers to settle down because once I get angry...they get angry and do you know what happens when we all want change? March down the streets to protest like the older generation? Hell no!  We make so many goddamn passive-aggressive posts that you will have no choice but to read them all and I can't let them do that because their mean tweets would just destroy your soul. Then again, you probably wouldn't see it anyways considering that you blocked me on Instagram, which is a good thing, because I was getting sick and tired of your creepy ass comments about how you would like to eat my burrito. Go on grindr with that shit, holmes.  

Enough with the jokes and the social media talk. I'm the real deal, TLA, and at Reasonable Doubt this isn't some kind of throwaway title match. You've had the misfortune of drawing up your name against me this upcoming Saturday and I'm not here to make you look good, because I want that title that you hold around your waist. As the uncrowned champion, and the wrestler with the most followers in the promotion. It's up to me to garner that title in order to show that no person nor any company can hold me down and keep me from getting what I want. I keep reiterating this every single week because people don't seem to be able to put this into their goddamn skull... I've always gotten what I wanted and it isn't going to be any different this upcoming Saturday. You are not the special little snowflake that is going to make a change because you are an inferior version of The Mexican Samurai. I hope you find your salvation, TLA, because if you haven't then I'm going to take you and your little steroid "dawg" and put them out to pasture so that you can find your salvation in the afterlife.  

I think I might finally know what El Tlatoani might mean in its native language: Transitional ...Champion!
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Post on February 25th 2016, 2:12 pm by Vic Vendetta
Martyr to the People

When I look back on my life, I regret a huge percent of it I regret befriending people in EAW when they didn’t deserve it. Just recently I regret losing to Aren Mstislav about a month ago on Showdown but one thing I don’t regret is breaking the neck of my relative and Lannister’s wife Athena, but thinking to myself I knew that she deserved it, this whore married the family enemy but that’s fine because we are all no longer family, we may be tied by blood but blood doesn’t stop us from hurting one another.  What you people need to realize is I no longer have control over my mind and body. Why? Because I literally sold my soul to the devil and do you want to know what? That's one thing I do not regret, Kevin Devastation helped me realize what my true intentions are supposed to be. Look at me now and look at me when I first stumbled into EAW. Back then I didn't know what I was doing, like I have to tell you that. I tried to listen to my old friends Lucian Black and Alexander Da Vinci who told me to walk down the path filled with honor and respect and at first I followed they’re orders, mainly because the other path was blocked off - that is until Kevin arrived. As you know I didn't like Kevin at first and I certainly didn't trust him. I didn’t pay much attention to him until I saw that everywhere I walked laid bodies. I learned quickly that good guys finish last in the wrestling business. Sure the good guys can have their moments here and there but in the end, when it really matters? They kick the bucket. Your heroes? They fall while villains rise. This is real life. I'm not talking about those outrageous superhero comics or movies. Superman isn't going to come save the day. Batman isn't going to save a child from a burning building and Goku won't eliminate all evil with those lights that shoot out of his palms. I know most of you liked me and at first but I started to open my eyes and see what this company truly is. Losing isn’t an option at this point and time anymore, this is the company that has held me back for 6 years plus, this is the company that every time Lucian Black builds momentum he is shot down. Listen I am not Lucian Black I don’t plan on walking the same path as he did, I won’t pander to you people Lannister you have crossed the wrong path and now you have the honor of falling to a real man.

I imagine that I ought to be title holder not on account of I have been avoided it for so long, but since I realize that I have what it takes to hold that belt with the notoriety and ability that it merits. I have demonstrated the world-class bore ability it takes to hold that belt amidst that ring and in the event that you deviate, then I will remind you when we battle one another Saturday and perhaps, perhaps I will give you the rematch that you clearly don't merit yet this beating I will give you will create something that you won't overlook either. I have proven time and time again that I am not going anywhere soon, I am here to stay and do what I set out to accomplish, but maybe you take me for granted like the people who run this show do. You take me for granted and thus, you put me on the sidelines as you think that I am a bench warmer.  The funny thing is that what your friend Aren said to you, it is the exact same things that I did that you look at me with scorn and disdain towards. I revel in the fact that you owe your world championship reign to Aren because if he wouldn’t have gotten lucky I promise you at King of Elite both you and Jaime wouldn’t have walked out of that arena with that championship, If I had that title right now I would wear that with a badge of prestige along with the other world champions that owe their reigns to me. Mr. Dedede, Brian Daniels, along with you, they owe their world championships to God because they were solidified once they met me or they died trying. That is what men with silver tongues like you want to try and pull on the mindless masses that watch you and that cheer you on, but when a man like me catches your webs of lies and deceit, it is us that are the villains. Lannister I will climb the stepping stool towards the sparkling gleaming string of trust that is the big showdown, yet I will experience this Hell of mine in ready to achieve that fantasy of mine. Each Showdown, consistently that I have sat tight for this shot. A triumph, an edge, it will be me moving over that rung and achieving the following one to climb, yet a misfortune or a prevention will be me slipping from the stepping stool. Be that as it may, there's no step in my direction just a bare headed numb-skull. Individuals take a gander at me as a creature, you the legend, yet I feel that they have to take a gander at it from another point of view and another condition. I am the man who has fallen more distant from elegance that not even an internment from the colossal ones above could slaughter me or break me, however it permits me to do whatever I can in light of the fact that there is no outcome. The pioneers who sit behind their work areas and gatherings with their rich suits, they don't have anything to debilitate me with and nothing to do with the greater part of their influence. Fire me, and you will make me a saint for the general population as I exit to another business to make a halfhearted effort once more. Blaze me with your flares, cut me with your glass, beat me with your steel, I will consistently rise like a phoenix and keep on battling and stand up to. They don't have anything to keep me down, you don't have anything to keep me down, and it makes me consider the condition I am in that has been brought about by this present industry's activities, or absence of activity, towards me. That’s where Kevin Devastation came in and that’s where I will change the landscape of Showdown and EAW on Saturday.
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Post on February 25th 2016, 12:50 pm by Thomas Minns
Reasonable Doubt #3
Dublin, Ireland

an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.

be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or harmful.

Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself. The way a zebra fears a daunting lion, Chris Elite fears Thomas Minns. Despite what balderdash you attempt to sprout in order to convince yourself, we all know the truth. I, amongst others, are just not convinced by this act. We all know that this is a mirage, Chris. We all know that you're trying to pull the wool over our eyes and somehow convince everyone that you are not frightened of Thomas Minns. Let's not beat around the bush, Chris. You are not fooling anyone. The way you speak about me, there is genuine fear in your voice. The way that you stumble and stutter your words when addressing me, you're frightened. I can't even begin to envision all of the different thoughts that must be racing through your mind right now. There's many different reasons that you fear me the way that you do. You're nervous, Chris. You're nervous that this could be your big break in Elite Answers Wrestling. You know exactly what a victory over Thomas Minns can do for your career. You know that by beating me, you immediately put yourself on the map and that locker room on notice. That has caused fear within you as you are just so desperate not to screw this chance up. Pressure. I know you feel pressure. The pressure is building on you and you're already showing signs of cracking. Throughout your career in EAW, you've had a habit of fucking things up at the most important time. While you were with the Iconomy, you constantly messed up at important times and stunted the growth of the stable. You were deemed a failure by your stable mates, your peers and the EAW universe. The fact still rings true, you are nothing but a failure. Let's take a trip down memory lane, let's go all the way back to October and to House of Glass. Let's set the scene a little. House of Glass, Tag Team Championships, Glass Gauntlet Match. This was your chance. This match was your chance at glory, you could have captured the EAW Tag Team Championships. There's one particular moment that really sticks out in the match, I imagine it sticks in your memory too. That Box Office Smash that you hit on Y2Impact, you superkicked him right in the jaw. He was knocked out cold, it was your moment to really shine. Alas, it didn't exactly end the way that you would have hoped. You had a huge moment and you blew it by being far too slow into the cover which enabled other members of that match to break up the pin. If you hadn't dwelled on that moment so much then you could have been standing in front of everyone today as the EAW Tag Team Champion.

You fear the name and the reputation. You know exactly what I am capable of and it frightens you out of your skin. You've evidently taken a look at resumé and just seen exactly who I have beaten. Kevin Devastation, Diamond Cage, Xavier Williams. Just to name a couple of guys that I have humiliated and destroyed. I know that strikes fear deep inside of you, your body language and eyes always tell the full story. I do find it quite humorous that you deny playing second fiddle to JJ Silva, it was quite obvious for all to see. You were seen as inferior to JJ Silva, Eclipse Diemos and even Cailin Dillon for a large period of time. That says it all about how good you really are. You are deluded, Chris. You're being far too optimistic if you think that you even deserve to be able to share the same ring as Thomas Minns. You constantly yap on and on about the one time you went toe to toe with TLA, why does that matter in any shape or form? TLA is below me in every single way, that isn't even debateable. The reason he is the Interwire Championship is because the actually talented wrestlers on Showdown seem themselves above that title, just like I do. I am far too good to even entertain the fact of competing for that second rate title. Sure, it might be in your bracket and in your goals but it certainly ain't in mine. That's a big difference between you and I, Chris. You lack ambition. I shoot for heights that you can't even dream of seeing. Let me ask you this, Chris. If I am as terrible as you make out I am, why on earth did you target me? Why the hell did choose me as the one you would attack to make an impact? Why not Jamie O'Hara? Why not Aren Mstislav? Why not our EAW Champion, Lannister? That's a rhetorical question, by the way. I know exactly why you choose me. It's because attacking me sets a precedent for your whole Showdown career, it shows that you can easily go for the top guys and complete with them. However, not all of your plan is going to work. After you lose to me at Reasonable Doubt, you're right back to the bottom. Your name isn't going to be said in the same breath as Thomas Minns ever again. You haven't thought this fully through. Your delusion and false confidence doesn't hide the fear that you feel inside. Put on a brave face, this isn't going to end well for you.
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Post on February 25th 2016, 12:05 pm by 『zakkii』

Scene opens as Haruna opens the camera after she brushed her teeth in the morning.

Haruna Sakazaki: Oh.... Finally, the Mighty Tarah Nova has finally come out with something from her mouth. I thought you will never talk again because last time we faced in that tag team match, you are not even saying anything. And now, you finally show your gut to say something to me. Wow, I really admire your bravery to finally say something. But well... all what you've said are no longer affect me. You are saying the same old thing just like the same thing when you defeated me. You think the same old topics you picked will drain my spirit once again. Is that all what you got, Tarah? You are strong, but you keep using the same strategy to beat me. Hmph, such imbecile.... Six months, Six months is long enough for me to wait for this moment. I learned everything from my weakness, my mistakes and every possibilities that you are going to do and say. And this.... everything you've said to me is under my anticipation. Hmph, no wonder you are now currently on your downfall. You are the vixen who never try to improve yourself into a better one. You can't get out from your comfort zone. But, it's up to you, though.... You can keep mispronouncing my name like an idiot you supposed to be, you can hit me with that "Suicide X" finishing maneuver of yours until people think you're boring. --wait, Suicide.... well, I smell irony here—well, nevermind. Yeah, you can do whatever you like as long as you're still thinking that it's impossible for me to beat you. I don't care, I love to prove people wrong. You can claim that I never win against you. But I repeat.... Six months, it's too long for me to finally take your head off your body. I've been waiting for this, and I know what I'm going to do to you.  

Haruna Sakazaki: Yes, Tarah.... Unlike you, I'm learning. During my hard times, I am learning from everything I got after you beat me at Pain for Pride. I'm learning something important that I don't supposed to give people like you a chance at all. I should have never waste anymore opportunity by letting people like you running out of this place. People learn to make themselves a better person than before, and it's a human nature to do so. Yes, I am the new Haruna. I am Haruna that about to kick your ass this Sunday. I am Haruna who will tell you how I supposed to do to people like you. And keep this in mind.... I never try to become... what do you say, a badass... or sorta like that. Despite the fact that I am learning to be better, after all, I am still a girl that I used to be. Now I wonder, Tarah.... What kind of person do you want me to be there and face you? You want me to stay become Haruna that you used to easily beat, huh, don't you? Ha! You wish! You really don't want to take something as a lesson, huh, do you? Yes, with that attitude, you will forever deep down in the pit of failure like where you are now. Even DEDEDE's name will never make your name raised again.

Haruna Sakazaki: Aah, speaking about DEDEDE.... you are denying it, huh? Keep giving that objection as much as you want. One of your objection is because you deserved a better man than Zach Genesis... Hah! Fools. Of course you deserved more than Genesis. You were on top when you still with Genesis so it doesn't matter whichever elitist you would pick. Now, look where you are now.... You are not in the Vixens Title contendership list anymore. Not even for a consolation title like a Specialist title. You are nowhere to be seen in this division. You have to find a bigger name to keep your name getting noticed in the middle of nowhere. Yes, and now who's the asskisser really Iis, huh? And, uhh.... excuse me. What did you call me, again? Miss Claim-any-girl-that-breathes? Well, you really are so desperate and can't even think of anything so you mistaken me with Cloud Matsuda, huh? And if I am not mistaken, You are one of that girl claimed by her, correct? And..... oh, my..... The Independent Tarah Nova talking about friends? If I am not mistaken, you were once said that you don't need friends to conquer this division and now.... yes, Tarah Nova is now changing upside down.

Haruna Sakazaki: Now, I want you to listen carefully, Tarah.... I don't need each and every vixen to support me. I never ask anyone to be on my side, never! I am attacking Cloud because there's still a covered truth behind it and if every vixens are against me, that's because they can't see it. But... you don't care about that, right? That is beyond your concern as the leader of this division. Fine, let's move on. You can show me how Ruthless you are and how eager you want to beat me. It's the same Ruthless, Deadly, Hardcore, Whatever vixen like the time you won at Pain for Pride, right? That's no problem for me. Be whatever you want to be, I don't want you to limit yourself. I will do the same thing as well... Once I step inside that ring, I am still become who I am. But don't expect me to leave everything that I learn and prepare to face you. Let's see how your old-school Hardcore, Ruthless nature can even thwart the lesson from "complaining". I really want to know.

Haruna Sakazaki: And then, you dreamed to wipe me out from the existence. Well, every single person in this world deserved to have a dream, not an exception for a gloomy emo like you. and to be honest, I admire that. But.... can you make that dream happen? Or you are just the same person full of crap just like Maddie who failed to kill you? Hey, you think Maddie is a failure because she can't get the job done. And how about you? You might be thinking that after you beat me at Pain for Pride, I will lose all the pride then gone with the wind. Hmph, I'll show you how to eliminate people and since Maddie is also in the front seat, I'll also teach her how to erase a Tarah Nova from the existence. So, Tarah.... Bring it on, This Sunday is not going to be the same like June 27th Sunday!

Scene ends.
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Dynasty Promo # 3

We all vie to become the epicenter in our avenues of success.

We want to be the center of attention. Men will constantly tell you that they are proud of other's accomplishments. They're happy for them. While they will swear that they are happy for others, what they will never tell you is how greatly envious they are of others. I'll bestow upon all of you a personal experience of mine. When I agonizingly walked backstage subsequent to my match with Hexa Gun at House Of Glass, all I was doing was observing. I was observing how everyone was looking at me, how they were looking at each other, and how they were paying attention to the matches that followed mine. I didn't want to talk... just observe. I saw people who had despised Tig Kelly from the start. When I refer to the "start," I mean since the day him and I walked into this company in 2015. I saw people who never saw him as much pretend to be happy for his success. Deep-down, it was quite clear that they hated every second that he received attention from the audience and the rest of the company. They wanted to be Tig Kelly on that one night. Now, unlike these men who are so persistently wearing masks, I didn't congratulate Tig Kelly. I never liked him. I didn't want to put on a mask of my own and be something that I wasn't, because that's something that I cannot live with. I only think of myself in thes–all situations. I don't trust anyone. I don't want to trust anyone. The question that I ask is this: Does putting faith in myself make me even less of a man? Am I hindering my own success because of it? I've always questioned myself with those very own questions. Perhaps if I let someone in my life and communicate with them, I can accomplish everything that I ever wanted to. Maybe someone simply being there to give me guidance would elevate me to where I want to be... but I need no man. I have proven to myself that I am all that I need in this business to succeed. My objective is to do this myself. There exists power in objectives, and the power behind this is fueled by my consistent failures that Kevin Hunter, in particular, seems to fail to mention. Kevin, I'm genuinely displeased that you have failed to mention those, because I myself remind myself of those failures on a daily-basis. It has really become a regiment of mine. Not a day goes by that I don't reflect on my loss against The Mercenaries. Not a day goes by that I don't reflect on my loss in the Pain For Pride 8. Lately, it seems like all I have been doing is reviewing my matches against all of them. What could I have done instead? What can I do to next time that will undoubtedly pilot me to victory. Despite those losses, I'll tell you what I also do, Kevin Hunter.

Every day of my life, I look at the victories I have had against the likes of former World Heavyweight Champion, Tyler Parker. I look at the victories I've had against the little guys like Jaden. Vance Tybull. TLA. The NAS. I look at these matches and see what I did do correctly, because in spite of the bumps and bruises I've had, I'm still a very valuable elitist. I know that. You know that. Hell, even your companions, as stubborn is convinced of that. What does this indicate of my future? You can lay a wager of millions of dollars on me becoming world champion, and you unquestionably will walk out a happy man. I will be a champion faster than a blink of an eye. It's not a matter of if and when JJ Silva will win. It's a matter of when JJ Silva will be given his well deserved opportunity. A championship is the itch that simply hasn't been scratched, but when it pertains to this match between you and I, it has no relevance. The impact that I will be making on Dynasty will not be driven by my lack of championships. It will be driven by my ability to come up in the clutch against future legends 3x above your stature. Tyler Parker to TLA, I have never once doubted your abilities against any other man, but in the ring with me, I am your Achilles heel. Such is life. Such is fate. What I have discovered over the years is that I'm perfectly content with one questioning my etiquette. Nevertheless, I am not content with one even having an millimeter of doubt of my work-ethic. You have already made that mistake, Kevin. Was my work-ethic in question when I tore through 3 champions in one night beforehand? If it was, then it's quite amusing to me actually. Why, you ask? Because as far as I am concerned, I have only gotten better. I am not the JJ Silva of old. I've matured both as a man and as an elitist. I can't exactly say the same for you. I haven't seen any progression from you since the match you had your first night. That match  dubbed you as the ever-so-classic label of a bust. You will kill yourself before you admit this, but you know those matches left a dark cloud over your career. You couldn't take that loss. If you had won, you would have cemented yourself as a great elitist, in front of the lights, the cameras, and your foe...

You've already perished.

Do I believe I'm great? Of course I do, Kevin. I have facts to back that that up.. I succeeded the most, and was given the least.I will be decimating opponents night in and night out as if the state of the world, as we know, it depends on it. Being in the business, and I assumed that you know that this business is not about making friends. Shame, really.. When I first walked in through that entrance gate to EAW, you will never be a big thing in this company. Your level is irrelevant. What you failed to do at Rising Tide could have been done by me. It's saying something when I can go with the New Breed Division full of men who clearly has succeeded you and got closer to dethroning them than any man before. It's showing something when I lay the groundwork for what is to come in the next few months: the reign of JJ Silva. That's versatility. Versatility is going beyond your limits. Versatility is showing 100,000 people in the audience moves that they have never seen before from me. Things they never expected. What you did wasn't anything impressive. I mean, not for anyone who knows anything about this business. Look at your track-record in the year of 2015 and then look at mine, Kevin. It's clear who wins in that department. With that being said, I don't understand at all what you are referring to when speaking of "chaos." In just this month, I've taken myself to a level I've never been and that you will never see. I'm not slowing down any time soon, so please... elaborate on that next time without contradicting yourself. I'm going to discredit you for all your words because actions aren't your strong suit, but if you want to gloat about thinking you can beat me, then I may as well gloating about getting the new iPhone. It's just a piece of hardware that men in the brink of their career achieve to edge out their accomplishments.  I'm sure that should cheer you up – the fact that your own "friends" are in the same boat as you. I've been on record saying that this is my generation, Kevin Hunter. I'm not in fear of the vast ocean. It fascinates me. If any man will survive in this vast ocean, it will be JJ Silva.
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Reasonable Doubt #3
A lesser person would use this story for all the wrong reasons. I know, I’ve seen it. The childhood angle is often dangled out like bait on a hook for a sea of people who don’t know what to say anymore. These are desperate people. The truth is that we’re all different. There are countless Elitists and Vixens who grew up in perfect families, and others who experienced the struggles of a life that wasn’t always so pretty. You parents sound like they were terrible people. I grew up with just one parent, and it was hardly perfect. It was a man who knew nothing about little girls, trying to raise one. But I digress, this is a subject that hardly deserves our attention this week. This is like a distraction almost, something you felt the need to divert on to in order to just get a lot of words out there. We didn’t live the average American childhood, but look at us now. We’ve grown up to be strong individual women. We battle, we scrap, we work hard and we earn what we deserve. That’s the real story of both Cailin and Eris, it’s what we’ve been able to do with what we were given. Everyone travels their own paths, but often those paths intertwine or intersect. That’s where we’re at.
I’ve never doubted your intelligence, so it doesn’t surprise me to know you went to college to study psychology. Just like all of your friends, it doesn’t surprise me to see intelligence here. There are so many people here that are overlooked as just wrestlers, but that truly know how to form their message and get a point across. In a way, I imagine you were studying yourself when you studied in college. The shifts in behavior and erratic mood swings we’ve seen from you in EAW, those have been part of what defines you. But mostly, the thing that has defined you has been your will to win. No one can forget the amount of glass that was shattered in your match with Madison. The reason you won that match was pure will. She couldn’t have done a thing to stop you in that match. But’s the difference between me and Madison. While she’s busy writing her poetry, I’m training and forming strategies in matches. I’m ready for our match because I’m always prepared, yet your own ego would have you believe that I must be in the gym all day long to even have a chance against you. You might be the Vixens champion, but you are not as amazing as you believe yourself to be. And I mean that out of respect to our craft. The fact that I do have respect for you is unwavering. But for as much will was you have, I promise you will see even more determination from me. You’ve been on a roll when you care to get out of your own way and make it to a match. I don’t back down from challenges. If you want your whole legacy to be defined as part-time wrestler then that’s your own business. I love this sport and I live and breathe it. I love being in the ring, I’m a total gym rat and this kind of match gets me just as excited as the fans at Reasonable Doubt will be. This match will test us both physically and mentally, and in the end I will prove that the title doesn’t define the wrestler. Just because you have the title with more history, doesn’t mean you are the better champion.
You made a choice in your career, and I won’t waste anymore time questioning it. You though Hexa-gun was the right move, just like a very young me thought joining a group was a good idea. You team is more established, they can help you and guide you and train you. It’s a good fit for you. But it’s something that means nothing in this match. This isn’t about our past or present affiliations. This is about where we’re at in the ring right now. I believe us to be fairly even and believe it will come down to one or two big moments in the ring. Neither of us is an easy kill, and we shouldn’t be treated as such. We’re both champions for a reason, no matter what you think of the title I hold. The fact is you’re very fortunate to be the champion right now. Because if I’d had a chance to fight for the Vixens title, I would be the Vixens champion. Consider yourself lucky that this isn’t a title match. And that’s not my ego talk, that’s just the confidence I have in myself. See you’ll drudge through ancient and personal histories to find a reason you’ll beat me, and when that logic fails you’ll just try and scrap for another reason. And the end it all comes back to the most simplistic of arguments: you just trying to say you’re better than me. I’m embracing the fact that this match is truly as close as it comes for the two of us. But maybe I’m wrong, you seem to be acting like this is a waste of time.
Which is a fun thing to talk about. Maybe you believe you have power because you obnoxiously mention that you can choose not to show up for a match you don’t want. Oh, so you’re just a coward then? I’m sorry that you’re so turned off by the fact that I actually like to wrestle. You used to be that way, too. But now that you’re a champion, you’ve taken up hide and seek as your favorite hobby. I think it’s about time you come out of the woods and face the reality that you’re trying to hide from. You’re more than beatable, and there will come a day when EAW tells you to get your sorry ass in that ring and defend your title. They don’t have to tell me. They don’t have to force me. I have management telling me they want to run a title match, I say good. There isn’t a harder working person in this business right now, and I’m not complaining. I’m pulling so many duties between fighting you, defending my title and fighting as a part of Team Cross. But I don’t back down from all of that, and I’m not exhausted from it either. I don’t need a vacation. I don’t need a month to prepare for a match. I’m glad you could bring yourself to climb back in the ring and fight for a change. I couldn’t help but laugh though. You think it’s foreign to me to deal with stress ahead of a matchup? You think I don’t know what it’s like to fight in an anticipated battle? Where is your head at? In the clouds?
I don’t have any reason to get all excited, yelling and throwing shit to get my points across to you. I always speak very highly of you, it’s just who I am. I’ve always remained loyal to you in that respect, while you’ve jetted all over watching your back like someone was trying to assassinate your character. But this isn’t about catching you off balance. I could take on a full-fledged, ready-to-go Eris LeCava and I have no doubts I will leave her ego scarred and needing to recover. At least you’ll still be the champion so you can take some more time off though. But it it’s easy to ruin your confidence by being civil towards you, then you’ve got some problems that go beyond anything I imagined before. We all have flaws, but that one borders on being fatal. If I’m wearing a mask, you’ll just see the same person underneath. This is the real me. This is genuine. Keep backpedaling yourself into the corner, and I’ll keep following you with lefts and rights until I deliver the final blow.
Has this felt like a game to you? I thought it was sort of like a game of Memory. But I keep turning over the cards that show how close we are, while you’re trying to differentiate us at crazy high levels. I know exactly what you’re capable of. We literally work for the same company. I’ve seen you fight. Do you think you’re coming in elusive? As a mystery? No, you’re just you. For one time, now that your ring vacation is over, you’re actually excited. Oh shit, get outta the way everyone. Here comes the Eris that actually gives a damn, or so she says. You don’t have to remind me to come ready to go at my highest level, because I promise you’ll see and then some. If you think you can push me beyond what I can handle, which I doubt, you’ll see me just match the intensity. This isn’t a stupid game to me, this is my life. I don’t take vacations, I just keep kicking ass. And this Saturday, my calendar has your name on it.
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The video begins in pure black while a typical movie opening narrator sounding like speech begins.

Voice over: It was the darkest timeline filled with undocumented tag teams and radical elitists staining the company, one in which great men and women had to make personal sacrifices to fight the good fight. Amongst them was a tag team without blemish, while breaking Extreme back to EAW is as important cause for all of Hexa-gun, another fight solely on the shoulders of Drake & Jones was to make to make the EAW Tag Team Division great again!

Tiberius Jones appears with a red “Make the Tag Team Division Great Again” red hat talking while a giant flat screen is behind him. The monitor has every tag team in EAW in the background, aside from the Mercenaries and Drake & Jones.

TJ: When Elite Answers Wrestling sends its people, they’re not sending their best.

The screen shows teams like Sexy Curry, The Notorious Samurais and the Iconomy turning on each other.
They’re sending people with lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems.

Piff Fumador high with El Landerson is shown.
They’re bringing drugs

Team DCW’s various antics, like spiking drinks and trying to use tranquilizers on people are shown.
They’re bringing crime

The Higher Power(Gabriel Eden and Daniel Marshall.), Aria Jaxon and Brett Kennedy(In the finals of the Grand Prix Tag Team Tournament), and Jason Cage and Clark Duncan are shown.
They’re child predators.

The screen goes blank.

And some, I assume, are good people.

But not Carlos Rosso and Lioncross! They’re just another undocumented tag team in EAW! Lioncross has implied it himself, they’re not a natural tag team! They’re just two guys who didn’t even want to be a team, and they wouldn’t be each other’s first choice! Is this the type of people you want to sully the tag team division? I know my answer, and that’s why we’ve been building a wall, a big beautiful wall to keep these undocumented tag teams out of our division! Sadly the wall is still under construction, so we still have to go door to door to find these undocumented tag teams and kick them out of this division, hence why I bothered to go down all the way down to Showdown, a sanctuary brand for these undocumented tag teams, and bothered to allow Lioncross and Carlos to face us so we can clean up the mess Showdown has. Because believe you me from someone who has seen better places like Voltage and Dynasty, Showdown is in fact a mess!

Now then, I’m sure you’re wondering, what is an undocumented tag team? Well considering EAW management is so sloppy letting any random pairs of people just sneak into the tag team division, we of Hexa-gun have created a database of legalized EAW tag teams! Right now those teams consist only of Drake & Jones and the Mercenaries, but once these other tag teams, like Stand and Deliver, get their papers in order I can assure they’ll all be swiftly entered into our system! This process would be a whole lot of a hell faster, if not for EAWs past support of that illegal tag team of Jacob Senn and Lucian Black in the first place! They’re so lucky neither Drake nor I were in that chamber for this damn company, when it was the elite goons vs Hexa-gun I pinned their leader in Mr.DEDEDE, plus Drake and I defeated Senn and Black in tag team action! In truth, EAW, HRDO and Ashten Cross know what great work Drake & Jones can do for the tag team division, they just fear us because we’re not part of the establishment.

Off camera voice: Even those who once stood with extreme feel like you need to let this go, your leaders lost at Road to Redemption within the chamber, now they think this is all about your egos and just wanting to rule over everyone. Cailin Dillon, Ramsay and many feel as if Hexa-guns war path in harming others would never end.

TJ: We said this war was temporally, we didn’t say permanently, we said temporally.

We have a serious problem with radical elitism, a tremendous problem, and we can’t be the stupid company anymore.

They laugh at us, our enemies laugh at us. They say no extreme, but then authority figures like Zack Crash had weaponized individuals in Quality Control, and this regime is no better with HRDO threatening to fire people left and right putting his hands on his talent, while Ashten Cross forces extreme lovers like Ryan Savage and Ramsay to use extreme against us or else be punished if they don’t. They think we’re so stupid, you have no idea. Hexa-gun would bring back extreme rules, and we’d bring back a whole lot worse than extreme rules.

Lioncross talked again awhile ago, did you know that? Did everyone know that? He said negative things about me. Lioncross is being told Tiberius Jones is a homeless man’s Madison Kaline. Tiberius Jones is no homeless man’s anything.

Madison Kaline didn’t event using musical numbers, poems, rhymes or anything in EAW, hasn’t he heard of the Christmas special Gold Miser by Jaywalker? Even John Alloy was poetic at times, though he never sung like us, nor did he do parodies. This is a J-Dynasty tradition. I sing even more than Jaywalker ever did, because my singing voice is twice as beautiful as his is, my talents swoon the people worldwide, I even had infamous Disney parodies and puppet show songs. So disrespectful. If anything, Madison Kaline is the one ripping us off, but we’re not TheFineBros so she’s safe…for now.  I mean who would want to copy Madison? When that pretty little head of hers works too hard you can see there is blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her…wherever.  Still, you gotta applaud her, she does things that take people out of their comfort zone when it comes to expressing themselves, unlike Lioncross’s safe boring vanilla speeches, so bland and low energy. I bet he’d say he’s just being grounded, but from my point of view he just doesn’t want to take the chance to look stupid by trying anything special, which is what separates men like me and men like him.

Off screen, barely heard: He’s a pussy!

TJ: You’re not allowed to say, and I don’t expect to hear that from you again, that person said Lioncross is a pussy. That’s terrible, terrible!

Anyways, Lioncross just needs to accept that the chances of him winning these tag titles with Carlos is as low as running into a thin person drinking diet coke. He can identify with as many fans as he wants, it suits him well, because just like the fans Lioncross will spend his days WISHING he could be like me, be this suave and debonair, to be someone on top! See Lioncross can get as defensive as he wants and try to use some faulty logic into trying to make me think I have to act according to two of his choices, but I know I can do whatever the hell I want and neither doubt nor blind arrogance is a winning mindset. Drake & Jones like to have fun, we fuck around sometimes, some might say we fuck around too much, but never confuse that with us lacking foresight to what stands before us. We’ve spent countless hours honing our skills and maneuvers together, we have the resources of legends in Hexa-gun and the J-Dynasty giving us expertise and records to study. The fact of the matter is, there’s little chance Lioncross and Carlos could ever get in sync to the point they work as a functioning tag team that can outdo the team with the best chemistry in the company. One might argue, these two men hate each other more than they respect or like the other. The only hope they’d have is if they were such great wrestlers that they could overwhelm us not with their tag team unison, but with the sheer greatness of their singular powers just obliterating us like we’re two buffoons who can’t stand up to them. The thing is, I’ve already defeated Carlos in one on one action, and as much as Lioncross is this great figure from these foreign places to the point that many people around here imagine him to be this unstoppable force…..the fact is my resources have brought me up to speed about the guy and honestly in every place Lioncross was a great……Carlos was even greater. So if I can dance with Carlos, why would I think it impossible to do the same with Lioncross? I don’t, I won’t. I know it’ll be a good match most likely, well if one doesn’t betray the other as soon as the bell rings, which is entirely possible, I just don’t see them pulling off a miracle. I may have gone a bit too into my Trump impression about undocumented tag teams and what not, but I am completely serious when I bring into question the notion that these guys are really a tag team at all. Their biggest claim to fame together in EAW was besting a lackluster team, one where one was arguably competing with an injury. Right now, I wonder if Lioncross and Carlos have even bothered talking to each other this week, let alone trained together or have a cohesive game plan. Can these wayward travellers that met up randomly on the road topple the best cemented team there is? I think not, and I say that with educated confidence.

End scene.
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|+| Dynasty 2 |+|

[ There animals running about the Elite Answers Wrestling and there is no one bigger than, JJ Silva. He believes to himself that he's some type of rabid animal, a freak of nature, inhuman and completely vile. But all he has prove to Kevin Hunter and his Sons was that he's nothing more than a regular man... maybe even lower than a man, some may see he's a child, in a mans world and right now it seems as if the Son of Chaos is starting to believe those people, he sits in his locker room. A make shift, Sons of Chaos chapel. The President of the Sons of Chaos - Kevin Hunter sat still. The Vice President - Chris Hunter sat in his own seat as well. Kevin Hunter looked pissed off as he tapped his fingers on the table before slamming his hand on the table WHACK!.. the sound echoed through the room, Chris Hunter even jumped a bit as he looked over at the Son of Chaos. ]

Kevin Hunter: This prick wants to think he's some type of animal, Chris... he actually wants those fans in this arena to actually believe he's unstoppable!.. he believes he's some unbreakable motherfucker, tonight he becomes one thing and that is my goddamn little bitch... I walk out to that ring and I put him into the PAIN that he thinks will never happen... JJ Silva, [he looks into the camera] you say you wanna become a champion... hell we all want to become champions brother, we all have come to this company; EAW to be a champion. You say you've beaten a former National Elite Champion, New Breed Champion and EVAN a former EAW World Heavyweight Champion, hell beating Jaden at Rising Tide don't mean shit to me... you know something, do you think I give a shit what the hell you've done in EAW, kid?.. I don't give a shit if YOU were the one that took fucking GODZILLA out... tonight, Friday night on Dynasty you are not just going to be in for the PAINFUL beating of your entire career... you my friend, are going to find out just what the fuck kinda CHAOS I am all about!

[ The Son of Chaos paused letting out a small laugh. Chris Hunter chuckled in the chair next to him. The camera zoomed in closer on Kevin Hunter as he leaned forward a twisted smirk on his face as he looked straight into the camera, looking straight through the camera, straight into the very eyes of JJ Silva, the man that has the task of facing him in the Dynasty ring here tonight, he laughed again. ]

Kevin Hunter: Fuck the Iconomy, I don't give a damn what you've done after the Iconomy, brother... all I give a damn is what happens tonight, the chaos that consumes you tonight may just shorten your pathetic exists of a career... tonight an Elite Son will rise, I WILL RISE IN THIS HOUSE!

[ He lunged for the camera, but was caught and held back by his Vice President; Chris Hunter grabbing him by the cut. Allison Knight walked into the view with a smile on her face as she looked into the camera. She put her hand on his shoulder, calming him down before he caused the chaos he will be soon enough tonight on Dynasty, before he had lost control, she looked at him before looking straight into the camera a small sweet little smile on her face. ]

Allison Knight: JJ Silva, I understand that you believe you are something great... that you've beaten so many greats... former champions even and for that, I and I'm sure Kevin would give you a whole lot of credit for doing that... but tonight you are stepping into the ring with a man that is ready to snap and break bones... kill if he had to even, and you want to poke the bear, you want to just continue poking the bear... and why? because you think your the best thing going in this company... better than the World Heavyweight Champion, Brian Daniels?.. do you believe your better than the new National Elite Champion, The Pizza Boy?.. congratulations, Pizza Boy by the way for becoming enemy number one... [She smiled] but back to tonight, do you think your better than the New Breed Champion or the Hall of Fame Champion?.. [She glared into the camera] do you simply believe your better than anyone?..

[ Before she could continue, Kevin Hunter spoke up again, anger in the tone of his voice. ]

Kevin Hunter: He thinks he's better than anyone... and EVERYONE, you see brother... I know when to show respect to the people of the past... you simply just believe you better than everyone you step into the ring with... but you see brother, one of these days... believing is going to bite you on your damn ass and tonight, I'm going to be the man to cause that... so JJ, say all you want... preach to these people about being a animal or whatever the hell you say you are... that don't stop the fact that we all know the man you are... and I am going to prove just what kind of man you are... and just where you are going... CHAOS WILL RISE AS SILVA WILL FALL

[ Kevin Hunter stood up from his seat looking into the camera with a twisted, methodical smile on his face before turning and walking off camera, Allison Knight and Chris Hunter followed behind him as a voice was heard off camera...]


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*A smiling Tig is seen pacing an alley near the arena as he's unusually empty handed this week. With almost an eerie calm Tig sits down on the 24 case of beer and starts to tape up his hands like he was going to a major fight*

This is a minor setback and nothing more. A step back always opens up a new lane not seen before to race through to the top and if you think losing my title, yes MY title, will do anything but give me a chance to further my position you're insane. I'm going to push forward harder than ever because now I don't have to defend my title against those who want to crawl up to my current status. Tig Kelly can now do what everyone feared and elevate the current status quo to capture a more "major" title so that when I come back for MY National Elite Title so I can hold them back you'll see what I've truly done for it. Composure....Composure is what defines us all and this Irishman has too much fire and liquor in him to freeze up when it gets tough my friends. But now that all the tough talk is out of the way, I would appropriately like to congratulate the little Guido that stole my title away temporarily. Its a great thing to get lucky and steal a win over a more important talent. Adrenaline rushes through your veins, you're just elated that you could pull one out in the end and walk out a winner finally! I mean, I can't relate to the feeling of course being the biggest threat in this company but I can bet that it's a pretty good one!

*Tig finishes taping his hands and quickly punches a wall near by to feel the firmness of the wrap as he would before one of his main events. He gets off the case so he can grab a bottle of the Murphy's Irish Stout and crack it as he continues gesturing towards the camera*

Anyways, I suppose while we're living in a realm where a Pizza Boy can be a champion we have to address the fact that once again the great Ender has to beat the living hell out of Donny Diamond. This is the same played out story you've been living since you started in this business at, what, 56 years old or something? You get your ass kicked by a real fighter, disappear for a month or so, get into a battle royal with a handful of nobodies, somehow get through that to earn a chance to fight someone of stature and then lose that only to disappear for a while once again. So tell me Donny what is going to go differently here because the only two things I can see changing are you either lose the battle royal finally because someone good is in it or I finally retire you this week. You're certainly not going to beat me right after I'm coming out of a FPV with something to prove. Frankly Donny I'm pissed that they keep putting me against your geriatric ass because I have fucking destroyed you on my path to being one of the most respected champions in this business over and over again to the point that I'm pretty sure THEY'RE pissed at me for not literally killing you. I promise you I won't be letting them down again if that's what they really want out of this match up Donny, I will beat you into a coma if I have to and let life take its course because quite frankly at your age a mild cold could put you in a grave without the blood being on my.....well there will be your blood on my hands but you understand the analogy right? Normally I'd joke and say don't show up this week, but I beg you to walk your sorry self down that ramp into my ring. Dynasty fans get ready to watch me finally hurt this elderly gentleman past any recognition, and then you can all tune in to Reasonable Doubt because I'm headed there in person to bring the whole Kelly Clan to cheer on and celebrate victories with my Irish brother Dark Demon. 

Éirinn go Brách 

*Tig toasts the camera as a nod to all the fans as he forces the shot down to his feet as he walks out of frame*
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You fail to understand one critical point, Cailin Dillon -- I don't need to focus on your failures, I don't need to marginalize any accomplishment that you've been credited with, I don't need to pray for your downfall. I'm chronicling my account of what your career has been to date because the public deserves to know, and if I don't clarify the truth, I know Ashten Cross sure as hell isn't going to. He's pushing a self-serving agenda at the expense of facts, and for as vilified as I am, I simply won't do the public that pays their hard-earned money for entry into these shows the disservice of lying to them. I know why "elite" exists and what its purpose is, why Ashten Cross is picking up Zack Crash's shattered pieces, and I'll prophecy that it will fail exactly like all of the other misguided movements in EAW's illustrious lore. But let's flip the script, reverse course, and forget about the overarching themes of my bitter spats with these "elite" puppets. That's right, this is your lucky day! The Quintessential Champion is going to put you under the microscope and peel the layers off one by one, bit by bit, until that tough exterior and unbreakable confidence you exude turns into little more than a tiny recess. You honestly believe the audience is going to take a gander at your phony "I was in the right the entire time, I was simply misled by a group of duplicitous conmen" ass and think to themselves "WELL GOLLY GEE WHILLIKERS, THAT YOUNG BLONDE DAME HAS ME CONVINCED!"? As much as I hate to admit it, it's exactly like that scumbag traitor Mr. DEDEDE says -- this is the land of merchants, thieves, beasts, murderers, pedophiles, assassins, gunmen, sharks, goldfish, marksmen, boxers, mixed martial artists, businessmen, superhumans, drag queens, nihilists, existentialists! As far as these people are concerned, your claim that your initial purpose for joining The Iconomy was entirely altruistic is somewhere over the rainbow with a leprechaun, some Lucky Charms, and a pot of gold. You act like prefacing your transgressions with the word "shamefully" somehow makes it a-OK that you aligned yourself with The Iconomy for the sole, exclusive purpose of advancing your own career without any real dedication to your teammates whatsoever. You know what guys like Eclipse Diemos and JJ Silva told me back then? That their ambitions mirrored Hexa-gun's, but were simply more pragmatic and less radical. I couldn't help but turn the other cheek and grin to myself wondering how any group of people fighting for or pursuing any cause could stare at their reflection in the mirror and honestly convince themselves that they'd taste the fruits of their labor without getting anyone's feelings hurt! Because if human history tells us anything, it's that complacency and good Samaritan behavior are traits that embody a winning fight, right? Hahahahahaha. You tell these people that you abandoned ship when it occurred to you The Iconomy lied, but your folly is in thinking the masses will flock to someone who was so easily fooled. After a month of exhaustive deliberation, you finally figured out you guys just had irreconcilable differences, that you were on different wavelengths, but in reality that translates to: "They wouldn't eat my ass because I didn't let them kiss me afterward, it just wasn't going to work." You pretend you're some goody two-shoes angel sent from the heavens to administer swift justice on the wicked, but you're just a devil in a different dress. So congratulations, Cailin, you figured out The Iconomy didn't have your best interests in mind and you ditched them just like you're probably going to ditch Ryan Savage on Voltage, just heartlessly kicked them to the curb and told them their micropenis wasn't satisfying you, huh? No use trying to park a sports car into a garage that's semi-truck-only, I guess! You figured out the math just a tad slower than the rest of the preschoolers, but you've got heart, you've got moxie, kid! I'm sure you'll catch up to those overachieving smug bastards in no time at all. Get REAL.

Coaches coach and players play. I don't give a damn if you have Phil Jackson or Bill Walsh out there -- if this is the Lakers dynasty and Kobe and Shaq take a game off to nurse injuries, you're going to have a bad time starting Devean George and Horace Grant. In that same vein, sure, JJ Silva's leadership qualities left something to be desired, that's obvious to even the most oblivious bystander, but it is ultimately the personnel that decides whether the leader will be successful. I can tell you wholeheartedly my plan to eradicate elite and revive extreme wouldn't mean a damn thing without able-bodied soldiers like the Heart Break Gal, Drake Jaeger, Tiberius Jones, Luzmala, and so on fighting on behalf of me and what we all collectively feel is right. They're my All-Stars, my franchise players, the people who I commit long-term contracts to, and despite proudly holding that Specialists Championship, scratching and clawing every step of the way just to ensure its prestige won't suffer any blemishes, you're a benchwarmer! You're a benchwarmer because you've trapped yourself into this losing mentality, this amateur-level idea that everyone aspiring to achieve their own success means they're no different. You are a cog in the corrupt machine I'm vying with the fervor of a mad man to change. But there's a method to my madness, something that is beyond your comprehension, and among those methods is the fact that I don't arbitrarily define my overall success by the number of championship defenses I've had while shamelessly ignoring exhibition losses. Everyone calls you a fighting champion, they exalt you, they speak glowingly of Cailin Dillon, the lengths she would stoop to and the trials she would gladly endure for the sake of retaining her title, and frankly I'm starting to believe they're just looking out of the corner of their eye without taking an in-depth look at who you are. I see a coward who would rather spiel a convenient falsehood like "it didn't matter, all that matters is my match with Eris" than own up to how competitive you are and admit you'll never feel closure with gaining redemption against HBG. In fact, that's become the only logical explanation, because just last week you were besmirching the Heart Break Gal's name and speaking of her as if her relevant career was a thing of the past and it was time for your star to shine. After being defeated, suddenly that match is swept under the rug, it's a speck of dust in the seal of a window, it's just a forgettable episode in an otherwise entertaining, critically acclaimed television series! I can safely say everyone would look at me as a joke if I pretended I didn't lose to Mr. DEDEDE at Pain for Pride 6, if I just drew myself into a pitiful delusion and claimed that it was just one of many matches. It was a night I'll never forget, but also one that I readily admit will forever live in infamy because I refuse to accept defeat. But that's the thing: I couldn't tolerate losing against an unknown hack like Mike Vandal on a random 2009 Voltage any more than I could tolerate losing against Methuselah at Pain for Pride. There's nothing I love more than winning, there's nothing that matches the satisfied feeling I experience when my hand is raised in victory and I am certain beyond any shadow of a doubt that I have decimated my foe and beat him beyond repair. Every match matters, whether your championship is on the line in an FPV that can balloon your career into stardom, or an "insignificant, meaningless" encounter on Battleground. You can't seriously expect me to believe you didn't take an extra-long shower to wash the loser's stench off your unsightly body after Heart Break Gal pinned you to the mat, but no matter -- we'll have another opportunity on Voltage to properly instill into your thick skull the true gravity of a loss. So I'm not buying whatever you're selling, neither is the Heart Break Gal, and I can tell you assuredly that Eris LeCava fully intends to repay you for your insolence exactly as HBG did last week on Voltage: with a force-fed bite of humble pie.

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"My ego is too big for me to lose that easily."


Eris LeCava Journal Entry.
3:37 A.M

I have an odd feeling coming back in my home state of Florida. Most individuals would feel happy and relieved seeing their relatives after being away for so long. Every time we cross state lines and I see that “Welcome to Florida” sign on the freeway I get chills down my spine. I begin to feel my skin shrivel as I pass by my childhood home. My childhood home. The little house around the corner on Maple Street. The building that is now infested with hundreds of insects after being abandoned for years. The place where I called home is now being dictated by roaches, mouse families and mold of every kind! It makes my eyes water as I see the glass of the windows have cracks in it from neighborhood children being fucking idiots by throwing rocks in there. But kids will be kids, right?
I can’t help but to feel envy for those who have a warm, loving family to come home to like Cailin Dillion. Don’t think I forgot about those earlier video packages where you had your father cheering you on “Cai”! As a child in elementary school, I can’t explain into words the jealousy that would overcome my small, fragile mind when I’d see parents bring cupcakes for their bastard kid’s birthday party in class. Why couldn’t my parents do that for me? Why were they so cruel? On second thought, I don’t mind about my childhood home looking so shitty. I had a lot of bad memories in there. My dad was a drunk and my mom was a complete psycho. She made us believe that we couldn’t do anything bad or else God would come down and personally smack us down to hell. I lived with the fear of doing something wrong or sinful. I couldn’t do anything the “normal” kids would do without having the thought at the back of my mind that God was watching and he wasn’t happy. Even referring back to the first time I had sex. I cried for hours after and needless to say I was questioning the direction that my life was heading. I was mortified.
So maybe that explains my erratic behavior as an adult. I always wondered why I had certain triggers and why I seemed to never be able to have an actual relationship with another individual. I isolated myself from opening to others because I was afraid of losing my own identity. The identity that was created for me which was molded by my past experiences. I didn’t want to live that way anymore. I wanted to change. I wanted to be something in life, I wanted to be more than just a nutjob. Contrary to popular belief, however, I did go to college at one point in my life. I was always fascinated as to how humans behaved in this world. Why do people do what they do? Why aren’t some individuals rational? Why isn’t logic a common trait among humans? I had a lot of burning, aching questions only school could answer. So, I went ahead and enrolled in my local community college and the first class I took was Human Behavior in the Social Environment. There I learned many things that helped me understand people beyond their exterior appearance. I learned that the environment shapes a person as to who they are. It isn’t some pre-determined nonsense or some false Deity bullshit aligning your destiny based on your decisions. I had the power to change my environment, I had the power to change who I was. So.. I did. I signed up for wrestling school and the rest was history. I didn’t think I had to change my life so drastically after being in EAW for so long, but I did. And I don’t regret any decisions I’ve made. I really haven’t.
Cailin, I hope you understand all of this gibberish that I’ve thrown up on this document. I’m trying to show in great detail that I know what I’m doing. My experiences have shaped me into the wise woman that I am. Sure, sometimes I can give the impression of a lost, sad child who is desperately trying to find someone to cling herself on to but I’m doing to better my career. Even though you think that I have no power in this company, I do. EAW knows damn well that they can’t force me to be in a match. If I was ever forced to be in a matchup that I didn’t agree with, I’d simply not wrestle. It’s that simple to show the higher-up’s that you’re not content with their booking decisions. So by devoting my valuable free time to you then that should be a great indication that I decided to participate in this on my own free will. You were told to be in the match and I was the one who got the opportunity to agree or disagree. It’s nothing complicated, it’s pretty simple. I know that for you maybe this is a bit too complicated to comprehend, so let’s just go to another topic that will match your level of intelligence, shall we?
Reasonable Doubt is less than a week away. This is a pretty anticipated match which is something I’m used to. I’m used to the stress that takes place the week of the matchup. I know this may be foreign to you since you have to defend your title on shows such as Battleground and usually against nobodies that got lucky in the number one contender match. You know, something that I’ve noticed from my competitors is that they always try to act civil. They will look me in the eyes and shake my hand as they begin to praise me and my work. Then, once we depart and go our separate ways they begin to talk nothing but SHIT. You think I’m going to fall for it, Cailin, but I see what you’re trying to do. You’re trying so desperately to get me to lower my guard so you can come in as an attacker and ruin any bit of confidence that I have. It’s happened before when I befriended any idiot that walked my path. Everyone wears this mask that they show the world, the mask that covers their ugly, putrid, vengeful side. I can see your ugly peeking through.
Regardless, I’m done with this stupid game. I’m done with seeing our similarities because our differences outweigh them. We aren’t the same and our careers have taken different routes. You’re a fucking idiot who doesn’t know what I’m capable of. Seriously, you’re starting to get on my nerves because you seem so calm about this entire situation. You should be in the gym training 24/7. You should be praying to God every night hoping that you get lucky on Saturday. You should be buying fortune cookies by the box hoping to find one that says that you’re going to be lucky. I’m pumped and I’m fired up. I’m fucking ready to get back in that ring. I’m ready to cause a ruckus. I just want you to know, Cailin that my ego is too big for me to lose on Saturday. Bring your a-game, you’re gonna need it.
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Dynasty Promo # 2

Now let's get down to business. This Friday night, I go up against a man named Kevin Hunter. My first thoughts, well, were "who the hell are you?" but by doing some research, I've come to the realization that you are an idiot. First of all, if you could enlighten me on how you think you know anything about me, that would honestly be great. " My brothers and I are chaos." Really?  I'll let that slide for now, but that's because I have to address some serious matters. Kevin Hunter, I know you've only been here a short time, but at Rising Tide, I actually won. It wasn’t just about winning though.. It was all part of the bigger picture. I manipulated a man who you'll probably never hear mentioned in the same breath as me, and I enjoyed every second of it. Was my career at stake at Rising Tide? It probably was, but do I look like I care about burning bridges with Sebastian Monroe? No, because I do everything I want on my own terms. You don't tell me what to do, and you personally Kevin Hunter... you do not tell me who I am. I know exactly who I am. I know I'm the greatest of the new breed. I know I'm one of the only elitist to ever beat a National Elite Champion, New Breed Champion and EAW World Heavyweight Champion in one night. I also know that I’ve set myself on the right path to bulldoze obstacles and claim gold.

You're just another one of those guys that say certain things to sound complex, but at the end of the day, you, just like all the men before you, have no substance to what you are saying. I speak from experience, because I've been in that exact same position as you. I've been the guy to try and catch someone's attention, but it took me one full year to realize that the only way I was going to get where I wanted to was to be myself. I'm not a likeable guy, I know that. I'm not a respected guy, I accepted that. But at the end of the day, somehow... someway... I get things to go my way. The misconception that you have about me is that you think I "wrestle for stardom." Go on and try to live in your fallacies of how you will "bring chaos" so that you can rise up higher than anyone. Go on and tell us more about how important you are to your brothers and vise versa which will increase chances, because here's something that I'll tell you and something they would never tell you. You're just another pawn in their game. He's going to try and convince you to fight for them, JUST so they can go back to having a glimpse of relevance. Luckily for you, despite how hard you try on Dynasty, you will lose to JJ Silva. This is all preparation for me and this is all something I've seen before. You are nothing new. You won't be able to put a spoke in my wheel, not now or ever, “brother.”

When The Iconomy was put down.. it left a lot of people asking questions:

What’s next for JJ Silva?

Did that take everything away from me?

No… that’s for damn sure.

A whole new flame what lit beneath me which will allow me to throw the weight of this company onto my shoulders and move on forth. I have goals that I plan on achieving no matter the road block set in my way. Kevin, you’ve said nothing that hasn’t already been said before. Since you’ve walked through the doors you recite these speeches of the chaos you and your brothers posses but thus far, it seems to be counter-productive. 2 matches.. 2 losses. You’re off to a terrific start there champ! You’ve got to be kidding me with these self boosting message that you preach.. I honestly can’t wait to punch you in the face and hope you come to the realization that just saying something doesn’t achieve it. Everyone dreams of one day holding the crowned prize in the company but the truth is you’re not even in the galaxy with that title. Your name and EAW Championship being uttered in the same breath is dumb. That must be a tough pill to swallow, but the truth is always that way. Friday will definitely be a night full of chaos -- but the chaos that unveils will leave you in a familiar state of disappointment and regret.. while I’ll be on my way to not only gold, but rocking this company to it’s core.
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Dynasty Promo #1

Ever since I have returned to Dynasty from my hiatus, I've been mainly focusing on my main opponents lately. With little regard about the previous events that happened before my hiatus. I wanted to move past what happened before, and focus on what's going on right now with some success, although I've only been back for a little over a month. However, considering who I'm going to wrestle this Friday night, it is only fitting that I bring up my past with this guy seeing as the aftermath of my involvement with him eventually resulted in my absence from EAW.

Five months ago, I competed in a five-man ladder match to determine who would win a shot at the New Breed Championship at House of Glass against, then-champion TLA. Now, I was unquestionably the one wrestler in the ring who controlled the match for almost the entire time, something that is very difficult to do in a multi-man match, at least, if you're not me. At one point in the match, it seemed like I'd have the match won, I was just inches away from grabbing the contract, when suddenly, eternal asswipe and former child-abductor Mark Michaels reared his ugly head towards me. We started fighting on the ladder when we were both knocked off by Tig Kelly who would set-up the ladder, climb up it and claim the contract for the New Breed title match.

I was so upset, that after the match I attacked him and would proceed to do it again the very next week. I demanded a shot at the New Breed Championship and I was given it, I was inserted into the New Breed title match and it was turned into a triple-threat match. At House of Glass, I would end up being the first one eliminated in the elimination glass tables match and I was sent home afterwards, while Tig, who was almost immediately eliminated afterwards was given a National Elite title shot in a match that obviously favored him. To say I was screwed that night would be a gross understatement, I had glass in my back while Tig and TLA both walked out of that show with title belts around their waists.

I never really interacted with either man much following that match, especially considering my absence but many months later, just last weekend in fact, Tig finally lost his belt to the Pizza Boy, of all the people he could have lost it to...he lost it to the Pizza Boy?!

Talk about a fall from grace, it's fitting that Tig Kelly would lose his belt soon after my return and the very first match he will have post-National Elite would be against me. I have been waiting for months, just to get my hands on him and dish out some modern day revenge for getting what I should've got.

I'll be looking forward to sending you down the long ladder of title contention.


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EAW Promoz!

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