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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.


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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 27th 2016, 12:27 am by -
Grand Rampage #4

Dark Demon is about as one dimensional as they come. Too many elitist do not listen with the intent to understand. They listen with the intent to reply. This is category that you clearly fall under. Reasoning isn't a part of your vocabulary.

I've always dealt with things with my very own hands; I like it that way. I find enjoyment in it, and I think you feel the same way, Demon and that's why I've always been fond of you. But in no way does that fondness equate to me liking you. I despise you. I hate everything you represent. I genuinely don't care if you died tomorrow, but I need you to be alive for another week, Demon I need you to make sure your heart's still beating so I can make sure to give you the rude awakening you were destined to receive courtesy of JJ Silva. These matches on Friday Night Dynasty and Monday Night Battleground mean nothing to me. The result means nothing. I want you in that ring, and if I I’ve never been given the chance until now, then I can rely on the fact that it will come Grand Rampage.

Life has been great for me lately, and I'm starting to really get the things I've always wanted.

A wise person always finds a way, and I'm a wise person. I manipulated the system to get this far, and now it's time to get within the system by shutting up one of it’s biggest stars. Quite frankly, I've had it with you making outlandish statements. I've had it with you wasting my time with such empty, empty words even as low as attacking where I come from. You’re truly pathetic, Demon.. That much is VERY clear. BUT let’s just get to the point.. That if you cannot say something to me with substance, than don’t speak at all. I laid out all of my past on the line and you still resort to using it to some kind of advantage? That The Iconomy didn’t work out.. That much was already stated but you begin wasting your time uttering the SAME speech you have all week long because outside of that, you have nothing else on me do you? You’re better than me? Is it because of the titles you’ve held? Hmm.. damn, I think I gave you too much credit when saying you even had a little intelligence.. You truly are mentally incompetent and that much shows. War does not determine who is right - only who is left. This warfare we started a few days ago is too far gone now for it to end in any way but a bloodshed. The animosity that everyone in this match have built up against one another is nothing much like we’ve never seen before, each and every single individual of the 40men are willing to swipe each other heads off. If there are still those who choose to think with their hearts and actually really believe that any of the participants will be able to resurge back after this loss and reconcile amongst one another, I’m sorry if I’m the first to aware you of this news but you must be completely delusional. What will occur this Saturday at Grand Rampage between us all in a match classified as a High interbrand match is what even people in the archaic days much where Demon is from would classify as nutty and what in today’s world might as well be classified as a viable legal version of murder. If you seek safe then you’ve come to the wrong place. Whilst I’ve competed in many vast events during my span of the career, I can fully say heart with a needle to my heart that I have never competed in a match so threatening. When you first join this company, you are usually enticed by its’ name due to the word elite incorporated into it. You realize that whether that may be propaganda or not, you’re clearly expecting some kind of elite signing into this company. The thing is that to the normal fan’s eyes, the debut of that same elitist is considered pale but in the elitist’ eyes; he strictly believes that it is the most elite match that he has ever competed in. A few weeks pass by and then a few months pass by and every match as coming weeks continue on, you realize that your last match is more elite than its predecessor. It almost becomes a scale of how elite you were when you first started and where you stand on the elite scale now. Take a prescription from the man who’s felt his rind burn from the high middle to the bottom and has given a visit to the Heaven’s gates but never crossing them. The thing about scales is that they too have endings, a point in which something becomes too much. If there were to be a match that would stand at the top tier or even break the elite meter then I wouldn’t recommend any other match than my very own. It’s also not like that we are trying to go our maximal peak and try to steal the momentum from everyone else and whilst we are capable of that, it’s just much more than that. All of us aren’t trying to be somewhat we know are not, we are just capable of those calamities all on our own. It just so happens that the participants involved couldn’t be bigger adversaries. Never interrupt your enemy when he or she is making a mistake. I won’t stop any of the 39 other entrants from walking into Grand Rampage this Saturday but I will do my best to make you regret that decision forever.

This has been going on for way too long now. By this point, I suppose everyone should have no clot to empty their blood from and the words, or rather random phrases that Carlos throws out there now actually make sense to our mind. Well I’m still sure it hasn’t got that bad but the point is that we’ve been far too repetitive but I don’t exactly think that’s a bad thing. With repetition comes disclosed weaknesses and by now, I’m sure I have figured most of you out by now. I know from a statistical view, a fan viewpoint or any other way you try to look at this, there’s no doubt in my mind or anyone else’s that Demon and Y2Impact has held the upper hand throughout these battles. Every time we got to pinch them on their arm, they came back and knocked us back out of our misery. The judges opinions so far is that those two have dominated whilst JJ Silva has faltered and the thing is that I am  willing to admit to it, I don’t back down from that. However things may look now, do not be so foolish to think that the present will define your actions in the future. That was then, this is now and Grand Rampage is on Saturday. JJ Silva isn’t giving excuses for all the losses or the overwhelmingly Hexa gun beatings its’ taken in the past, what could I even really say without looking like a sore underdog? It is however saying that all those matches were nothing but small battles leading up to the one actual paramount event, something you people may know as a Rampage. We have not yet begun to fight! What we have participated in were merely battles, almost mind strategies for myself to work with. It was almost as if you knew of my plans and wished to help me out even more. But let’s have a small “talk” about Carlos shall we?  It will be as it always has been, wont It, Carlos? You will always win the small battles and don’t mind that, you are great at that and keep taking pride in that but the matter of fact is that when the real war is on the brink, you falter. You always have and this Grand Rampage will be no different. You’re right Demon, I am a wildcard. You know as well as I do that wildcards aren’t something you probably want to encounter in a ring. You may be a great who defies rules but do you really want a play a game as Grand Rampage as the one we’re participating in on Saturday with a man who bases his life off of opportune and luck? You will find no success here Demon. What drives all of the participants is the shade of green and what drives me is the elimination of all 39 of you. At Grand Rampage, you all will come to realize that everything you’ve believed in for the past while was just a lie. All of you are going to be having a very, very surprising night when my music hits.

Could it be? The very own ghost of my past -- Eclipse Diemos? Ahh.. It is, and in the flesh. You want to talk about DWF? Sure, let’s talk about Diversity Wrestling Federation. DwF World Heavyweight Champion.. 6 Times mind you! One of those times stripping it away from your most dominate reign and putting you out of action for nearly 6 months! Our battle at your own Asylum in Prescott, Arizona.. Both men laid out but was I who could still make my way out the DwF World Heavyweight Champion. Let’s talk about when I.. JJ Silva took it to your son Phoenix and completely demolished him while watching the blood pour from his skull and took a kendo stick repeatedly to your lovely sister, MY EX WIFE, Enessa. We have a great deal of history.. Some is very unknown but I hold the keys to even the darkest portions of your life ranging from the murder of your own mother -- all the way down to the Rellik, Phantom and Prototype. Facts still needed? How about I made your career not only in DWF but also in EAW! Even if The Iconomy disbanded, it was me who picked you up and placed you in the limelight! But you continuously try and mock me?! Let’s not forget you’ve stepped in the opposition role with me twice here in EAW and have never even ONCE beat me! I know that ever since you debuted on Mayhem over four years ago, we have drawn parallels and comparisons to each other for far too long but there is one thing that has always differed between us Eclipse is that my good friend is our mindset. To create something amazing, your mindset must always be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail. You are stuck in this illusion of yours in which you believe that you can gain by others pain. You want to skip all the pleasantries and all the technicalities and just cross the black and white checkered flag before you have even proven anything. You have faced hardships time and time over but you never choose to learn from your mistakes. You have been thrown down the ladder more times than you can count and yet you still claim that you have this magical key to this portal that is going present you the world championship in that crown. You just don't get it Eclipse! It does not matter if you wish to focus on your character of the past or focus on the character of now, the matter of fact is that you never really changed. You just keep creating mere illusions in your head of being a psychotic man: a man with a mission, a man that almost entered the Hall of Fame in DWF and even a man who almost could’ve won the tag team a few months ago so what exactly is your man intending to do this time? A man on his venture on win the Grand Rampage? And when that falters, what will succeed that? I know you have found me transparent and mundane for the longest time with a hint of resentment too but look at yourself and tell me that you see yourself any different. I know one thing and I know this for a fact is Eclipse Diemos, you are a man who I look forward to beating once again: a man that I definitely wish to throw over the top rope and eliminate from the Grand Rampage. I am the man who will bring you back to reality and teach you how it is done. Those wings of yours seem to be fluttering for the last time, they seem to be weighing you down. I'll do you the pleasure of clear cutting those wings of yours and helping you start from the beginning. I am your savior so savor it Eclipse Diemos.

To the one and only, Cameron Ella Ava.. I would never be as naive as Dark Demon to deny your very credible career achievements. You have thrown hands with the best of them and have even beaten Demon on occasions. I see this as a true challenge to test my abilities as a whole as I truly do admire what you’ve done thus far. But they say “You should never meet your idols..” and in this case, you will wish I hadn’t. Even though I can’t help to smile at the challenge -- there is just no way I can let you best me. I have created a doomsday for myself, and at the time I didn't know it... but this world that I am in now is one that I am accustomed to. I am used to it, and when you spend years upon years making money off of bloodshed, you learn to love it. You sacrifice the pain for the pride, Cameron, and that is what I will do this Saturday night. I will put it all on the line. The faith that I have, Cam, is one that is making me realize that I am only human. I am just a human being who makes mistakes, and one of the many mistakes I am going to regret later on in my life is by the damage I will do to your career. There's a short lifespan for any elitist or vixen in this company, and yours will only be shortened when you step inside that ring with me. Threat? Yes. But this threat has layers to it. This threat has a long-history behind it, Cameron. When I was inches away from being in a title contention and was unsuccessful, I dealt with it. I knew I would be back... but on that same night, you nearly took away my life by winning the Interwire Championship, Cameron. And that moment made me realize just how alive I was.

I am alive.

I am well.

And I'm going to kick your ass.

I am full of confidence. Always have been and always will be. In that ring on Saturday night, it is many other adversaries. Everyone for themselves.. They say a coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies but one. I expect you to die many times then, Cameron. I mean, it only makes sense. As far as I'm concerned, Cameron, I don't need to prepare myself for anything. I'm always prepared. I'm always ready. This is the most important time of my career, and I can't stop and will not stop. There's no time for me to hold back. I'm coming at you with full-force and no retreat.

This Grand Rampage will be all about me, all you other players are just pieces waiting to be knocked over a rope.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 26th 2016, 11:49 pm by Tig Kelly
*Tig is seen watching some of the beat downs at the hands of Omerta on a screen above the bar. The video package for Grand Rampage looped endlessly as the group beatdowns flash on the screen over and over again. Tig downs a Kilkenny cream ale as he grits his teeth through the thoughts brought on by these shots*

The game of fools...Everyone walks in and tries to turn friend into foes. Turn a group into a crumbled shell of the unity it once was. But I am no fool lads, I know better than to tempt the numbers that stare me in the face. I've gone my entire life with people telling me I'm playing the odds when in reality I'm just going along with what the numbers told me. In life they told me that I'd never make it in the city and that the big business' would eat me alive; so what did I do? I thrived in my hometown and took onto the alternative of combat sports making MYSELF a business. When I entered MMA the critics said that I'd get mauled by the bigger men with heavier hands; so what did I do? I perfected my technique and learned how to perfectly place a kick to turn the lights out and where the nerve endings shut a person down from the inside. Then I step into EAW and I get my head kicked off by Carlos Rosso and the EAW faithful have a field day with it. "Tig can't beat the real fighters. Tig can't hang with the EAW's toughest SOBs!" Guys I don't have to tell you what I did from there because its why I am fighting for a world title after Omerta tried to weasel me out of the picture. I never try to fight the odds like most people do, I just simply become PERFECT within them so that the odds never matter. I promise you that history will repeat itself and you will see me become flawless within the limits placed on me in this match!

*Tig smashes a glass angrily, a little more emotion showing than usual from the cold irishman as he addresses the camera directly*

Zack....Scott...Hell all of Omerta can listen up! I know there's going to be a very obvious plan to team up against me because its one for all and Omerta for themselves, but you're very wrong if you don't think your selfish tendencies won't get the best of you. The glimmer in Zack Crash's eye when he talks about his past accomplishments can't be ignored, this man thrives off of his own glory much like I do. He is an alpha male and in the long run Alpha Males don't pride themselves on other people's accomplishments. I mean, there IS a reason he inserted himself into this match instead of simply sitting outside to be an insurance policy for you Scott. I know you'll go out there and say that these words in and of themselves are mind games, but like you guys I'm just stating the facts of a tyrannical leader who has been taken down oh so many times due to his over zealous actions to prove how dominant he is.

*Tig pauses the video package on the scene of himself pinning Crash winning his chance to challenge for the title and smirks a little flipping a tip for the bartender into a cup*

When all hell breaks loose we will see a form of Omerta prevail. But it won't be the group...it will just be me wiring the jaws of their members shut with the Mafia Kick forcefully invoking a true CODE OF SILENCE.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 26th 2016, 10:53 pm by Angel.
(Camera pans to the South Dining Hall located at Notre Dame University. Within the South Dining Hall, comes a Nick Angel with a plate of Char-Grilled Chicken Breast, Mexican Corn, and Carbonara. As Nick is eating dinner, he is approach by Kirk Herbstreit.)

Kirk: Nick! How are you!

Nick: Just arrived at Notre Dame actually. Not a bad campus. 

Kirk: There were a lot of Texas alumni a few months ago just like you for a football game.

Nick: Kirk, we shall not speak about that game again.

Kirk: To be fair, Texas has fielded a very young side and it will probably be a closer game next season.

Nick: I have faith. By any means necessary, why are you here
 Kirk? Aren’t you supposed to be broadcasting with Lee Corso in New York?

Kirk: Actually? I am here with the crew due to one thing: EAW hosting Grand Rampage in college football’s cathedral: Notre Dame University. It is not every day that a huge company like EAW hosts something in a college stadium, along with being it in Notre Dame. With that said? I am actually going to question a few elitists and you are my lucky guest!

Nick: Shoot me some questions.

[Nick anticipates Kirk to give him a question while finishing his dinner.]

Kirk: Do you care to expand on your speech during the latest edition of Voltage? Any clarification?

Nick: When it comes to dealing with talent such as Silent Edge? I can assure you that Silent Edge is rather innocent when it comes to the grand of schemes. After all, name me one event that Silent Edge has done to provoke such action from the mighty Nick Angel? The fact that Silent Edge has done nothing in EAW? Silent Edge has done nothing. Silent Edge has not been given the opportunity  to assert his worth as an elitist. Silent Edge has not been in any title picture, be it the Pure Championship, the New Breed Championship, let alone the world championship picture. So with that said? “Why Nick?” was the prominent question that I have received heading into Voltage, and even to this day. With that said? I suppose it is time to clarify. I have nothing against the individual Silent Edge. The guy has done nothing to me at all. I have no history with him such as a Carson Ramsay, a Jacob Senn or a Mr. DEDEDE. Guys that are more prominent. However, I do have something against individuals such as Silent Edge, guys that don’t even belong in EAW and wasting a veteran’s time like me. After facing the likes of Ares Vendetta and Mr. DEDEDE, you would expect the board of EAW to continue their consistency of putting up the cream of the crop against the Silent Assassin? Yet, what the board of EAW did was give me a tune up match while pitting up against a third tier talent. I shouldn’t complain. After all, ideally I would be getting results. Another win. But does a win against Silent Edge is going to change my career? No. Does competing against the likes of Silent Edge does? You bet. It was not that long ago that the board of EAW viewed me as someone that is passed it. It was not that long ago that the board of EAW sees no value in me as an elitist. There were many questions regarding me. There was this question that would I jump ship if a future competitor to EAW arises. There was this question that if I am not given the main event spot immediately? I would quit because I don’t like starting from ground zero. There was this question that many thought I was spoiled with past success? I couldn’t handle what it is like to struggle. You know what I told the critics? The critics can say that I might have departed EAW twice, but what do they know of me being here for nearly a year and a half? Arguably my longest stint. What do the critics know that for a man that has been through such a struggle due to incompetent partners while having to compete against guys that I know that I am far superior to? All it gave me that while going through such a struggle? The board of EAW can contain me all they want. They can try to rot me in third tier competition but you know what the board of EAW did? It opens my eyes that no matter how many victories I have amassed against third tier competitors? They will still have a job. They will still be relevant in the grand of schemes because even though they are not competing in the world title picture anytime soon? They are pawns. And like all pawns? They need to be eliminated in order to progress the movement. A talent such as Silent Edge is a pawn of the board of EAW, not in the sense of being spoiled with title opportunities. Rather, in the sense to give someone like me, someone that threatens the status quo to be rather occupied. You know what is my message to the board of EAW? A victory against third tier competitor is not enough. I don’t give a shit about victories over guys that I won’t even mention in my speech in future time. What I give a shit about is the fact is putting third tier competitors in the shelves and put them rightfully as where they belong: Not in the Land of Elite. Because if this was truly the Land of Elite, why do I have to compete against third tier competitors such as Silent Edge? Because they are existing as a purpose to contain me. But my message to the board of EAW? Put me against anyone I see as irrelevant, they will be exterminated and sooner than later? You’ll see an EAW for elitists, not an EAW for the corporate establishment.

Kirk: Speaking of the corporate establishment, it is not a secret that you have a bout with them. Do you fear that the corporate establishment will not treat you “fair” as say Bernie Sanders accusing the Democratic Party not treating him fair?

Nick: I know a lot of people are comparing me to Bernie Sanders as we are making reforms while opening our eyes that this system? The system is not about who is the most qualified candidate with credentials that cannot be overlooked. Rather, the system is manipulated by a bunch of corporate might of the few that gives opportunities to guys they trust for several years such as Mr. DEDEDE while trying to keep the status quo still by containing reformers such as me by putting me in irrelevant matches. Can I see that in Bernie’s point of view? The Democratic Party preaches equality but they are no better than the Republican Party when it comes to favoring the corporate elite as opposed to the common man. Yet, the similarities stop there. Bernie complains that the Democratic Party is not being fair to him, yet if he was in the Democratic Party for the past thirty years? He would be in better position to actually speak out the grievances. As opposed to me? People have been questioning my loyalty to EAW. People criticized me for a bubble waiting to burst because I cannot be settled. But that is just a narrative. The narrative does not speak that I only departed EAW twice as a clueless rookie along with someone that wants to be the face of professional wrestling by joining a side that seems to be the superior side. What the narrative didn’t speak? This has been my longest stint in EAW. It may not be as adventurous as my previous stints as I have been gone through a struggle of rotting in hell with third tier competition while not featuring in any title contenders matches for months, let alone a title match. Yet I can attest to myself that I have to pay my dues while building up a movement that can be transitioned into a revolution because people see that there is a pressing need to bring about reforms to this corrupt system. Simply? For all the narrative of me not being settled, I have been through the struggle that would cause many to give up. While for someone like Bernie? He's like a guest at a party complaining about how the party was planned and organized. For someone like me, I preach an efficient way of controlling EAW in the name of elitists: by taking matters into its own hand by exterminating third tier competitors like I did to Silent Edge while having a sensible way to govern EAW for elitists only while spearheaded by yours truly. As opposed to someone like Bernie? His idealism will make him the media darling but the ability to govern and control power is just as important attaining power. Simply put? I preach a sensible yet capable way to attain power while speaking for the common man and the employers of EAW. While in comparison, a man like Bernie speaks of giving reforms….but reforms that are reckless in a sense that it defines the word: idealism. 

Speaking of planned and organized, there is always this sentiment that to me? The corporate establishment will do anything it will in order to contain a progressive talent such as Nick Angel and it wouldn’t be the first time they would do it. I remember in Fighting Spirit 2 during a Gauntlet Match, I was by far the superior talent and the man to look out for to win a prize from the Ashten Cross. After all, many elitists that were in my match? The focal point of their speeches was on how they were going to stop the Silent Assassin. They were addressing that I don’t have the dynamics. Yet? At Fighting Spirit 2, I proved to everyone that I was arguably the man to beat. Sadly, as it is a gauntlet match, I have to win via pinfall as opposed to throwing someone over the rope in a battle royal match. And the corporate establishment took the opportunity to give me an early draw. For all the talks that my competitors talked about stopping the Silent Assassin just with their brute force? My competitors can only do such with assistance with the corporate establishment and let me tell to every competitor in the Grand Rampage? The more you know about the past? The better prepared that you are for the future. I do anticipate for an early draw during this year’s Grand Rampage knowing that the corporate establishment will try to resort to tactics to end the troublemaking nature that is me. But what does the corporate establishment does not know? They can plan and organized of giving me the earliest draw as much as possible. The corporate establishment can plan and organized of giving me the earliest draw while letting me battle one of the tougher competitors. Little do they know if they ever plan and organized? I will plan and organized right back by elevating my game in one of the biggest stages of EAW. I will plan and organized by being efficient of how to use my resources along with taking out a prominent competitor that I can do. I will plan and organized by being the definition of elite and in doing so? I plan and organized of putting a performance that makes the elite movement gain traction for an EAW for elitists. With every scheme by the corporate establishment to contain the elite movement? I can attest to everyone that for every poke the corporate establishment can do to us? I will retaliate by knocking off of their high horse puppets while asserting myself as the man to be the showbiz of Miami. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 26th 2016, 10:51 pm by Lioncross
I guess I'll have to correct the CEO. In today's day and age, we know that CEOs have their issues, very little of which they'd consider important compared to making money. That being said, Carlos Rosso will make money by promoting this match. And, he's doing so as a liar.

The proof is in the tag team matches we were in - I DID carry you, Carlos. Retrospectively, it should've been clear that you weren't interested in being in a tag team at all. I don't know whether it was because you had that betrayal planned out for weeks, or whether you were still reeling mentally from Drastik calling you "Russo" all week. Come to think of it, that really seemed to throw you off, and it showed. I got the falls. I got most of the big hits in. You never cared at all about us being thrown together as a tag team, yet you now care about me correctly saying that I carried your carcass through some tag team matches on Showdown. Do I bother you that easily? Did I work you up so much that you can now only communicate by screaming at sports reporters? Does it REALLY make you feel nothing when I criticize you, considering how you were so quick to spout a blatant lie as a sorry excuse for a defense? More importantly, do you think you can bother me by indirectly saying you'd attack more of my relatives?

I know you won't do it again. You know what happened to you after you did that a few weeks ago. I - what's that word you used - MAULED you with a piledriver. You might've forgotten about that since I haven't brought it up at every turn. I haven't talked about it because it's only the tip of the ice- I suppose I've said that already. Let's just say, that was simply a means to a greater end. Tell you what, I really feel like stealing your cliched lines today, so here: that was a blip on the Doppler Radar that's called My Plan To Stop Your Attempt To Tarnish CWF. What's your plan? To retire me for good? To make me irrelevant, even though you drone on about how I'm irrelevant to begin with? Whatever the case, you're talking about your piledriver as if you've already executed it.

I could stoop to your level and brag about little accomplishments. I could stoop to your level and start shouting at anybody who dares to question me. I probably HAVE stooped to your level, as we've had to do something similar recently, which is address Cameron Ella Ava on something. I told her the truth: she flung a sorry, old-as-dirt comment at me about how I'm wanting to relive my CWF days. I blasted her for it. You went for the transitive property - often debunked in sports - and pointed out that you beat me. When? One-on-one, when did this happen?

While you're thinking about how you're going to fabricate your "victory" over me, also know that I could stoop to your level and make threats at your manager. Why would I do that, though? Are you going to claim to be EVEN ANGRIER with me than you supposedly are now? Are you going to find it in you to hate me more than you claim you do now? Or am I causing this to happen already by proving several of your points to be nothing but hot air? In the meantime, are you going to talk about how I don't concern you? Is your mind even straight at all?

I have a lot of questions for you. I don't expect you to answer them - I only expect you to scream at me more. Just know that if your piledriver didn't scare me away, neither will your words, especially since I'll be able to sit with a cup of coffee and prove your claims to be fabricated. I won't even need a notepad or a... "tablet". But, until then, let me warm up your voice box. Let me raise your blood pressure. Let me throw up the truths that you'll have no choice to accept, as they'll survive the air of every single one of your fables.

You've never beaten me.

I carried you.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 26th 2016, 10:50 pm by Stephanie Matsuda
Grand Rampage Promo #2

“Wolves and Lemonade”

I see them in the depths of my mind, their yellow gazes piercing my heart...

“You’re here early. She’s still occupied at the moment.”

Their sharp fangs exposed, revealing malicious intent…

“It’s okay, I can wait. It’s not like I’ve got anything else to do.”

They make the shadows their home, weaving in and out of the darkness... 

“Just sit right here. You want anything to drink?”

They surround me...eleven wolves, poised to pounce at any moment…

“Sure. Is that lemonade?”

I raised my fists, ready to dance with death…

“Sure is. I made it myself. She prefers my way of making it…”

Come at me.

“I think she’s finished.”

I open my eyes just before my imaginary foes made their move. Getting up from the lotus position, I make my way across the penthouse, towards a table where Aria and EAW interviewer Stan Lawson were engaged in conversation. Aria was pouring him a glass of her famous Louisiana-style pink lemonade. I yawned slightly, feeling the effects of the day’s training. Carlos increased the regiment after I improved my ground game drastically. I had no time to play games. Once again victory was within my grasp. This time I had to seize the opportunity.

“Hey,” I greeted, sitting across from Stan. “Long time no see man.”

“Likewise,” Stan said, shaking my hand. “They had me on assignment in Qatar for a couple of weeks. I was stateside for a few days and then I came here to interview the Grand Rampage participants.”

“Specialist Rampage counts?” asked Aria, pouring me a glass.

“Of course.” Stan nodded. “I wanted Clo- Steph to be my first interview.”

“Well then” I said, crossing my legs. “Fire away.”


Stan Lawson: This is Stan Lawson for EAW.com and I’m here with two of the three members of Formation: Aria Jaxon and Specialist Rampage contestant Stephanie Matsuda.

Aria: Hello Stan.

Steph: Yo.

Stan: On Saturday night you walk into the ring with eleven other Vixens for a shot at the Specialist Championship in the first ever Specialist Rampage match. How do you feel about the odds?

Steph: It’s no secret the current champ and myself have a unique advantage in this match. A built in partner who’s likely to be watching your back...until there’s nobody else left but us. This could also be a downside Stan, because our other ten opponents are not idiots. I wouldn’t put it past them to try to eliminate Cai or I first. 

Stan: What if there is no alliance and Cailin decides you’re a The threat?

Steph: That’s the thing Stan- I’m already a threat. Excuse me for sounding arrogant, but I’m the difference maker in this match. While it may not guarantee me victory, but my actions will have an effect on the outcome. The majority of these vix- no, wolves are familiar with me in one way or another. Let’s go down the list shall we?

Cailin Dillon. Let’s get address the elephant in the room shall we? Yes, I’ll be bae to back with my girlfriend. Anyone who lays a hand on her will be on the receiving end of my wrath. She’s not just my lover, but my trios partner. It would be stupid of me to play fair at this stage in the game. Speaking of unfair…

Heart Break Gal. She and I crossed paths several times so far in my career. Her cunning and ruthlessness knows no bounds. She’s the veteran and the most dangerous woman in this match. Sorry bae, but you know damn well Claudia’s gunning for your head after losing to you at Reckless Wiring. I’ll do what I can to keep an eye on her, but something tells me I have a bigger problem on my hands…

Haruna Sakazaki. I really hate the fact that we’re crossing paths again so soon. I’m not going to bitch about our last encounter, you earned that win. But...in classic Haruna Treatment fashion you domestic yourself to please your millennial boytoy. Answer me this Haru: Why is it everytime you’re on a roll you screw yourself over? You could be the baddest bitch on this roster, but after your temper tantrum in Tokyo, Alex has you on a leash. Well, Alex won’t be there to save you. Alex will be occupied with his own road to success. You see Sakazaki-san there is no you and him. It’s just Mexican Samurai w/ Haruna Sakazaki. A neutered joshi, once so prideful and full of hope and dreams. Now you’ll just be an example of what I’m going to do to Alejandro once I get my mitts on him.

Angela Salveti. Man...this list just gets more interesting doesn’t it? First off...I’m sorry for what happened between us. Was you a rebound after your cousin Ariana? Yes. (shrugs) Just how things are. But with that behind us, I’m not going to hesitate throwing you over the ropes. You’re not a noob anymore so I hope you have a sound plan going into this match, because whatever luck you had making it any further had just run out. Sorry but not sorry.

Azumi Goto. Training under Erica Ford has done wonders for you. Shinsei Domei has become a force to be reckoned with, but your little shoujo drama pales in comparison to the cable blockbuster known as Formation. You was coughing a lot in between your little snide remarks. Trouble keeping that bullshit down? I get it Azumi. It’s tough having an overactive imagination. As much as I hate on Haru, you have a long way to go before you can touch us. Haruna’s rage and my instinct are leagues beyond or whatever talents you think you possess. Your striking ability? We’re now even. Your submission skills? My Trap Zone makes your Sunday Lock look like a Sunday brunch. You think a couple of cute wins makes you the Queen of Puroresu!? Well I’m the War Queen bitch and this Saturday is more than just a wrestling match...it’s a massacre waiting to happen.


Erica Ford. Erica-chan...can you humble your tag buddy? She’s seem a bit too big for her britches. I have no beef with you nor her, but a lot can change in four days. Respect can turn to malice at a drop of a hat, complacency to rage in 0 to 60. You and Azumi share the same advantage as Cai and I, as Veena and Silence. But the difference is the Slayer of Cleo and the reigning and defending Specialist are on the ame team. There will be no happy ending for your underdog hero team, no villains night for DDD’s niece and her pet monster. Just another win for Formation.

Brody Sparks. So Omerta’s bitch finally crosses my path. You developed a reputation for being quite vicious, but vixens like Haruna, myself, Cailin, and of course HBG are known for bringing the pain when it counts. Speaking of HBG and Haruna, it seems you’re following suit with letting men decide the course of your career. I had such high hopes for you Brody, but like half of the Vix roster, you disappoint me. Oh well...nobody’s perfect I guess…

Veena Adams: Gawd’s niece, you and I never formally met. Perhaps this may be the last time too considering your track record. Maybe you’re so used to other people doing things for you that you think you have this match in the bag. But you don’t my dear. See, I know Silence’s style better than anyone on this roster. Our fights in our indy days were the stuff of legend. Wjat’s going to happen is that your bodyguard will be so tied up with me that my bae will toss you over ropes and be like: “Cailin Wins LOL”

Silence/Kyra. You’re another threat I’m going to keep my eyes own. You know my style better than any other vixen in this match and you’ll do whatever it takes to nullify my highflying. This much I know...which is why I’ve been training in other areas of my ability. You’re expecting the Sky Princess and what you’ll get is the War Queen.

Alexis Deimos. Another rugrat who relies on men to elevate her prestige. How’s that working out for you by the way? All you got was an ass whooping from Tarah and the scars that prove it. Maybe it’s time to start considering a change in career? I mean Eclipse seems to be doing well, so maybe playing the role of house mother for the children will be more of an appropriate role for you. After all, your newest recruit is competing for the Vix title, and you’re just sitting their, finger crossed, hoping eleven vixens catch malaria before the big day. Sorry dear, but save that wishful dark magic shit for your D&D group. Your confidence is just as bad as this season of GoT. 

Grace Izumi. Last but not least. Your brother was a beast and from the looks of it, so are you. I imagine you having a couple of impressive moments, but like the others you will fall short.

The stars are aligned and from the looks of my surroundings I was meant to be in this match. Friends, enemies, and lovers alike. All of you are connected to me and at the end you will all see why the Blasian Barbie sits above the rest.

Time to war.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 26th 2016, 10:49 pm by Cameron Ella Ava
Grand Rampage

Wow Demon…is that all you seriously got? When did this discussion go to height and reach advantage? Does it look like I give a damn about you being taller than me or you have a seventy-four-inch reach advantage? Does it look like I give a damn about not being able to see me coming which I consider a good thing because at the best opportunity I have, I’ll throw you over that top rope and your facial reaction to the entire thing will be used as memes all over social media. I know for a fact that when it comes to height and weight that I am always going to be on a disadvantage. The only thing that kept me going when I was facing monsters like Jaywalker, Chuck Scene and Scott Diamond was the stubbornness and fire within me. You should know a thing about stubbornness because you are probably one of the most stubborn people in EAW. What those three have in common is that I was able to defeat them. I was able to slay those monsters even when most people believed that I shouldn’t be facing them in the very first place. I was able to prove everyone who doubted me wrong. Doesn’t matter what I took to get those victories. It doesn’t matter what dark sides of myself I needed to bring out to get the job done, but I made it happen. Whenever I wanted something done, I made sure I got them done. Sure, I could look at some of the regrettable decisions. Perhaps, I could have fought harder to get a rematch for the Hall of Fame Championship. Maybe, I could have fought harder and won Empress of Elite. Maybe, I could have fought a little more longer and won the Vixens Cup or defeat Aria Jaxon on Showdown but maybe, you would have fought harder to get them done in the past. Maybe, you could have fought harder to beat Xavier Williams in Dublin. Maybe, you could have fought harder and you would have defeated Mexican Samurai again in a MMA match. Maybe, you could have actually tried to save EAW when you were becoming one of the worst chairmen in EAW history. Maybe, if you were to practiced your ground game a little more or trained at least one more hour, you could have been able to get the results you wanted and you would be in a better position and you would have no regrets, but obviously you do.

The Cameron you once knew was not the same Cameron that was willing to lie down for you and get a victory. The Cameron you once knew isn’t the same person who had no drive or motivation to defend her title against two legendary Hall of Famers. The difference between the Cameron you met in 2012-2015 and now was a Vixen who was thrown into the ring of fire, even though she didn’t want to. Now, you’re not going to get the same girl you once knew. You’re getting a legit competitor who had carried a part of Showdown on her back, while you were in Ireland celebrating with your fat virgin of a fans. While you haven’t dared to show your ginger ass face on Showdown for months, I have been here fighting week after week after week knowing that their number one promotion poster boy was nowhere to be seen. It’s actually quite bragging about you being EVERYWHERE knowing when you do compete in an FPV, you always manage to lose. All the hype about you winning and coming on top was for nothing at all. You need to get the idea while you were sitting in your mansion back in Ireland, I’ve been working on my craft getting better. I have to admit: I’ve gotten better, a lot better and the more that you keep saying that I was embarrassed and made a fool by the hands of you, the more I’m baffled in the fact that you think the person you met in the ring at Pain for Pride is the EXACT same woman you are going to be encountering at Grand Rampage. Honestly, do you know see the transformation with me? The woman you faced a year ago is completely different from the woman I am right now. I am someone who knows she has what it takes to stand up to you. Pain for Pride isn’t something that you should bring up because that Cameron is gone, vanished. This Cameron is a Cameron that you have to be reintroduced to. Just be careful with how you interact with me. Just make sure that you’re not underestimating me because a man so focused on himself can easily make one mistake and have everything crumble to pieces. Take off the shades and look into my eyes. I am serious about everything I have been saying and that my friend, you should be afraid of.

Alright, you can look at me and question why you should be afraid of me? You can sit there and laugh with a glass of whiskey in your hand and you can be amused by everything I am saying, but that’s not going to make you win Grand Rampage. You’re not going to dominate me. You’re not going to eliminate me out of the match. If you think that I am going to let you walk on me, push me around and let you win, then you are sadly mistaken. I’m not going to let you bully me because you think you can. If you think I am going to let you walk all over me, then you really don’t know me at all. Listen Irish gingersnaps, I am not easy to put down. I am not going to be an easy elimination. You’re not going to get rid of me so easily. So I dare you. I dare you to try to eliminate me the moment I enter the match. I dare you to try to dominate me, but you will only fail at it. Try and push me down. Try to hold me down, so I can’t get the upper hand on you. Just remember, the more people you manage to piss off, the more people are going to target you. Obviously, you are going to say that you don’t care because I am under the same boat as you, but just remember that another person is going to be targeting you and that is me. Try to rip the head out of my body because I know for a fact that I will be trying to do the same with you. You don’t scare me, Demon. All you are doing is trying to get me pissed off and intimidated, but why would I be intimidated of you? What I basically said a few days ago seems to be what you are trying to do. You are going to try to intimidate me. You are going to try to get under my skin, but it doesn’t matter how many times you bring up my failures, it’s not going to work with me. You see, anyone else would take your poison words to heart, but me? Be realistic, the old me would have taken that to heart, but me right now? She laughs at your words. She’s not going to let you talk down to her without a fight.

But don’t worry, after I win Grand Rampage and win the EAW Championship, you can get a crack at the title. Maybe then I’ll show you that I’m not some person that you can push around. Maybe, it will be the other way around.

Is this all supposed to be some sort of satire, Lioncross? If you do not think that I should just knock you out for comparing me to Thomas Minns and Brett Kennedy, then you should back away and when I mean back away, back away now. You were smart enough to take it back and that is the only thing you did right. I don’t know why you are getting so railed up. I only said the word nostalgia and look at you, you start rambling on about how it’s not you’re not nostalgic about the CWF days. If you weren’t, then you would have never agreed to face Carlos Rosso for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship. If you somehow manage to win the title, what are you going to do with it exactly? Are you going to do exactly what Carlos has been doing and that is wearing the title on his shoulder for every Showdown since he brought the title back? Are you going to throw the championship in the trashcan? If you were really over the past, then you would want nothing to do with the title. Maybe, this is one of the reasons people keeping saying that you’re living in the past. Maybe, this is one of the reasons people underestimate you. Honestly, I’m glad that you’re in Grand Rampage because it gives me the opportunity to face you again. It provides me with a chance to know what to expect from you before you even make such a simple move. While you’re complaining about people telling you the same thing when it comes to your nostalgia, I should complain about people telling me that I am a bitch, or ignorant, but annoying? Am I really annoying? If I am then, everything I have been doing is working just fine. Fine for what? You’ll just have to wait and see.

Speaking about people living in the past, Carlos. I almost forgot about you. To be realistic, I wasn’t even going to bother talking to you. I figured that you would be so occupied with Lioncross and I didn’t want to bother you, but if you want to get into my face and say the things then you have been saying, then be my guest. I mean, you alright got in the wrong side of me by stating that you get bored of women’s wrestling? How can anyone get bored in my matches? I am the woman that captivates the audience and tells a story every time she enters the ring. Perhaps, you should stop watching Heart Break Gal and Eris LeCava matches because those indeed put you to sleep. Like I’ve told people before, I am beyond the Vixens Division. I am doing things that no Vixens has dared to do. I am facing Elitists that younger talent would kill to face, I’ve main evented Showdown for the past six months. What have you been doing? You’ve been losing to emo people like Drastik. You have been getting drunk and saying that Dynasty management had something against you. You are looking for every excuse in the book to say why you haven’t won a major EAW Championship, but really, you should be looking to blame yourself. Maybe, you’re not as good as you hype yourself of being. At least with Demon, he’s backed up SOME of the things he has been saying. With you, you always fall short when trying to touch greatness. Don’t worry about me, when I throw you over the top rope. Maybe you and Demon can have some whiskey and talk about who’s the real man out of the two of you. By how things are turning out, I think the two of you can be the next greatest power couple in EAW. Also one thing:

Cameron Ella Ava > Carlos Rosso.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 26th 2016, 10:07 pm by Mr. DEDEDE
Ares Vendetta you aren't even 24 years old, and yet this weekend at the Grand Rampage you will be entering the trial of your life. You are still so young. You still have so much to accomplish. There is still so much for you to achieve. You, for all intents and purposes, should be the future of this company. 

But if there is a shattering flaw that comes with those of your generation, it's that you think your opinion actually matters.

And it's not just your generation. It's not just everyone under 25 who thinks their opinions determine reality. I've faced so many people ... so many people ... who think so highly of themselves, highly enough to legitimately convince themselves they can be the ones to end the legacy I've created, and 9 times out of 10 I have completely crushed them.

Just in this run alone Ares, do you understand what I'm saying, boy? Are you listening to me??? Just in this run alone, as Answers World Champion, I've had people who think so highly of themselves fail. Every last one of them. Every single last one of them have failed. These heretics sought at casting stones at the throne of God, as if the throne in which I sit wasn't bestowed to me through divine right. But I rule this company by divine right because I'm God.

Ares when you were in High School just in the finishing stages of puberty, popping pimples in the mirror and asking mommy for lunch money every week, I was God. When you first moved out of the house and competed in your first major wresting match, I was God. When you experienced your very first victory for the very first time, I was God. When you suffered your first crushing defeat, I was God. When you were waiting for your dad to show up in your life and give you the guidance you so clearly desperately need, I was God. 

To you, I am God. Not the creator of the universe, Ares, but the center of yours. I breathed life into you, do you understand that? You shouldn't be seeking revenge for what I did to your father or your mother or anyone else in your family. Vengeance shouldn't be on your mind. You should be treating me like family. You should respect me like your father. You should love me like your father. You should kneel before me and grovel. You should venerate me like the fucking legend and idol that I am. Because, after all, I am what you idolize. I am the reason why your name is in lights. I am the reason why you will be wrestling in front of 60,000 or maybe more this weekend. I am the reason why your hopes and aspirations exist. I am the reason why you fantasize about the Answers World Championship around your waist. And how appropriate, because I will also be the reason why your hopes and aspirations are crushed. And they will be crushed in the palm of MY HAND, ARES. YOUR DREAMS WILL CRUMBLE IN THE PALM OF MY HAND AND WHITHER AWAY UNTIL IT SLIPS TO THE FLOOR LIKE ASHES BETWEEN MY FINGERS.

And it's not any slight on you, because I'll even say it, you're a great wrestler. Let's get that out of the way, so you can't throw the same filler argument at me that everyone else in history has used of how I'm "underestimating you". That's what they all say, that's what they all use as an excuse to run their mouths. I don't underestimate you. I don't underestimate my opponents. I'm not that afraid. I don't shrug off adversity or trivialize legitimate threats. You're legitimate enough, Ares. You're trying very hard, you really are, I can tell. You really want this. You really want my head. You really want my blood on your hands. You really want to stain the arena in my blood, but you've never quite been satisfied with how close you've gotten have you? No, because it was never close enough. You are a gifted, incredible competitor, you've even found a way to get the better of me in the past, but this weekend you will not be good enough. Just like daddy dearest, just like Rob Vendetta -- he was great! You've inherited his greatness! As miserable of a state as he's in now you honestly shouldn't be ashamed of him by any means, he might be the second best wrestler to ever walk the face of the Earth. That's good! But against me, that's not good enough. That's the difference between your father and I, he wanted to be a God, but I AM A GOD. No one's been good enough. No one, not just Liam Catterson or Ryan Savage, but Y2Impact, Mexican Samurai, Diemos, Erebos, Nick Angel, Damon, Nobody who's had the balls to pursue me has been able to get the better of me. Can't use that excuse, the "Liam and Ryan" excuse, the SAME FUCKING EXCUSE THAT EVERYONE ELSE HAS MADE. Doesn't work anymore, sorry. I have flawlessly trounced all those who oppose me, again, in this run alone. Not even my whole career, just the last five months. And as I've proven Sunday night, and the Sunday night prior, you are no different than anybody else. You are just like everybody else. THAT IS FACT. NO OPINION, NOTHING YOU SAY CHANGES THAT, GOT IT? 



You had a nice run Ares. I don't intend to patronize you, I really mean it. Your momentum coming to this point has been astounding. And when we're young and naive we often mistake our own momentum for something more. But sometimes we are the speeding bullet to the stars -- defying every force that holds us back, and breaking every barrier that lies ahead. But some of us mistake uptrends for their whole worth, and I have been the sobering reality that men greater than you in every way have had to face. And at the Grand Rampage, you will come to grips with reality by will or by force. It's a part of growing up, it comes with the territory of living, it's visceral, it's what brings us down to earth. You're going to know what it's like to be alive Ares, and you'll never be more alive than when you're in the ring with me. I just hope you can handle falling out of heaven, and what I mean is that I hope you keep your faith when you find out your Gods is dead and your heaven isn't real. I hope you can survive once the paradise you've imagined for yourself disappears, and what you once believed would be your oasis becomes a mirage.
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Post on April 26th 2016, 9:32 pm by Azumi Goto
Grand Rampage #1

Everyone in this division has something that they don’t. Cailin has her reign with the Specialist title that brought her to the top of this division, Stephanie has her high-flying skills taking her to a sky high start so far in EAW, Heart Break Gal has her legendary career one that no vixen in this match could replicate, Haruna has her chaotic side that might show itself in this match, Erica has her Drive and Brave spirit that let her push through every challenge that come comes her way and as her partner and Protege I’ve seen it with experience during training session and tag matches . Brody has this unimaginable amount of destructive capability that’s probably the reason she was recruited to Omerta. Finally, my two besties Silence and Veena Adams. Silence bring this kind of power that unmatchable in this division or even with the Elitist and Veena has her family legacy of being the niece of DEDEDE and that brings it’s own kind of hype but none of this things scare me. Not even one bit because I thrive on challenge and if I have to be out there for 40-minutes plus I could care less because I will win.

I may sound arrogant but without arrogance I’ll just be a plain old wrestler and hell there’s even a good reason for this sudden burst of arrogance from me. I’m the best technically gifted wrestler in this division or even in EAW and I prove it week-in and week-out with no one comparable to me. Not Aria, not Haruna and damn right not Cailin, but still I’m looked at as a tag team competitor whether it be as a part of The Goto Sisters during my time in Japan or as a member of Shinsei Domei, but that’s not to say that my time with Erica has been bad it been the best part of my time in EAW so far, and I know Erica will look to win the match as well, and if it comes down to me and her at some point then you might just see a preview into the future when I face her in a actually match. Speaking of my time in EAW it’s been good, but not something I would write about.  

Came in with all the hype surrounding my signing to EAW I mean for someone who was just starting to flourish in the Indy scene you would never I would sign, but I did. It all start with a four match losing streak, I started to take every win as if I was going to die if I didn’t win even if it was small house show wins, but then I formed Shinsei Domei with Erica and I had support to back me up even with losses then the Vixens Cup came around and everything the division had in their mind about me was released, “Why would you team with a second rate vixen like Erica ” said the now Blue-Haired Vixen that was a part of  EAW’s worst team that was only created for merchandise sales. “You’re just a good wrestler” says the Vixen who trains with a MMA/Samurai Reject, “You can’t live up to the Queen of Submission Nickname” says the other pink haired vixens who still calls herself an empress, at least I got my name through hard work all around the world and not just by winning a tournament, but since she’s not a part of this tournament her comment and mine is thrown out the window. Moving on to “Azumi is definitely a worthy vixen” that coming from a supposed mastodon of division who doesn’t know how many times I’ve beaten her, she tapped and then lost to me all in a span of two weekm, so whoever you’re trying to scare with that Gas Mask it ain’t going to work.

Then come all the MMA trained vixens, but to be serious and not insult them I get MMA is far more dangerous than Pro Wrestling, but for the love of god if you want to train in the MMA style then don’t be a pro wrestler but don’t worry I think Dana White is looking for new fighters for UFC 200 and he’d gladly accept all the talent even if it’s shitty talent. *Cough* Veena Adams *Cough* Angela Salveti *Cough*

Do you people see what I’m trying to explain? It’s a matter of fact that I’m a better wrestler and if you want to see some proof then either waiting for me to enter and lose to me and cry about it and whine all over social media then go for it, but it isn’t going to help you and now if you people don’t mind I have to train unlike some others who are just going hype themselves on Social Media *Cough*Haruna*Cough*Stephanie*Cough*
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 26th 2016, 9:17 pm by Carlos Rosso
Battleground Pre-Show Promo/Grand Rampage Promo #2


“London Calling and the Victory Clog to Come”
Late Saturday Night/Early Sunday Morning

Undisclosed Private Airport

(Carlos Rosso appears on screen, wearing a navy blue suit with a sky-blue shirt underneath with a silk red and white striped tie, adjusting it as he prepares to board his flight.)

Now, you all know what happened at Showdown was no fluke. I mauled Lioncross and was able to sit close up and watch the rather pathetic paper champion known as Victor Vendetta, a true disgrace to all Louisianans and the worst EAW Champion of all time, get his ass beat. It is my prediction that we will see a new EAW Champion at the Grand Rampage and believe me, it will NOT be Lioncross.
I didn’t ask for a bit of air time to tell you all about Lioncross though. I’ve made it explicitly clear how I feel about the man who says he plans to cripple me when ironically enough he’s never actually crippled anyone or anything in his life. Nevermind that I’ve ended people’s careers both in EAW and elsewhere and have proven myself to be the hottest wrestler on Showdown of late. My record at this time remains unblemished and after Battleground, I will be undefeated on not one but TWO shows.

I’m certainly not going to talk to you about Lucas Johnson either, the All-American Doofus and former NCAA Division 1 Heavyweight Wrestling Champion. I’ve already made pretty clear what I’m going to do to him. He is going to be dazzled by my brilliance in the Royal Albert Hall and will definitely regret ever deciding to challenge me.

What I want to talk to you is the incredibly boring state of the Grand Rampage. I’ve been seeing some of the talk about the event from some of the participants and honestly I’ve already gotten put to sleep by some of the drivel being put together by some of the opposition. Really folks, it’s getting kinda embarrassing.

JJ Silva for instance. Let’s start here with that guy. This guy starts rattling off names of people he’s going to eliminate and how great he is and how he’s the future of this and that and has not done a single fucking thing on his own in EAW or probably in his miserable life. Really. And of course he comes back with the clichéd bullshit about how he’s going to either WIN the grand rampage or die in the ring. Yeah, tough talk for someone who won’t have his boys to back him up and will HAVE to stand on his own for a change. Look, you’re a talented person and all that but don’t you think you’ve gotten just a little bit melodramatic the last few days? Really? I want to win the Grand Rampage too but I’m going to be pretty blunt here and say I like life more than winning an event, even one as prestigious as the Grand Rampage match. Oh, and all this talk about I’ve got “NOTHING LEFT IN THE TANK!”

Stop the fucking presses people.

Yet another person in 2016 says that the old Red Angle doesn’t have it anymore. Nevermind that I beat the shit out of this individual on a weekly basis for about 2 months along with his sideshow freak buddy Eclipse, Mr. Bad Haircut Chris Elite and the only person with anything remotely close to talent, the lovely Specialists Champion Cailin Dillon. Well, I never actually touched Cailin, but you get the point, I ran roughshod over the other three and I made it look kind of easy actually. I will admit that two of the lads have actually moved on to do some impressive things. Eclipse, as batshit crazy as he is- more on him in just a little bit- won the King of Elite tournament. Something that I wanted to do but have never been able to do. It’s an impressive feat. While Chris Elite has been a source of ridicule from yours truly, he’s actually won main event matches and has an upcoming title match for the EAW Interwire Championship.

I’m going to make this pretty short and sweet though JJ and say that while you may be improved and focused and willing to die and all that other bullshit everyone says around this year when they go crazy talking about Grand Rampage, there ARE some alternative scenarios that you mentioned that I think I should point out.

1.       Carlos Rosso Penalty Kicks you in the face and you are knocked out and unable to continue.

2.       Carlos Rosso Red Spikes you in the center of the ring and you’re stretched out with a broken freaking neck.

3.       Carlos Rosso simply grabs you and beats the shit out of you until he gets bored and throws you over the top rope and to the arena floor.

There. Always here to help.

Speaking of Grand Rampage Clichés, there’s my old friend Lucian Black talking his usual shit. Apparently he’s rented the cabin Sylvester Stallone filmed the Rocky IV training montage in and has sequestered himself, talking like a deranged lunatic. How he’s the clam or the calm or something. I don’t know, but in any rate, it’s the same old same old clichéd nonsense that everyone else is spouting. Look, Lucian I respect you a lot more than most. You know why, because you’re one of the few people that I haven’t been able to put to bed in EAW and take a victory over. You can ask around…. there are NOT a lot of people on this roster who can say that. But please, enough of this how it’s your time to overcome your history and overcome the odds. I’m bored. Tell me something different. Give me something that will give me that little extra kick in the gym. I mean, I’m already quite motivated to triumph in this contest, but someone like you should be able to push some buttons but you haven’t quite done that yet. I’m curious as to why.

As the Cliché Caravan carries on, we have TLA…. I mean JUDAS! This guy who looks like he’s a ninja who was scrapped from the Mortal Kombat franchise has been running his mouth a lot the last few days. A LOT. About how he’s going to beat this guy and cripple that guy and how he’s going to do this and become that. Dude, just shut the fuck up. I’ve never heard such longwinded nonsense in my life. I had a birthday trying to watch your EAW Network promo. I fell asleep halfway through then woke up and realized the damn thing was going on and promptly went back to sleep. You see, bro, you can run the mouth all you want but at the end of the day you’re gonna have to square up in that ring with some real men. Maybe you’ll do a little better than I think you will, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you are one of the first people to go by the wayside during the Grand Rampage.
And there is Eclipse Deimos, who I’m pretty sure who should be charged with murder because he fucking killed a guy. Let me repeat that so that you people who didn’t see one of his videos: HE FUCKING KILLED A GUY! Or at the very least had some very creepy special effects. I don’t know what’s up with all these dark, edgy wannabe St. Anger types running through EAW nowadays. Do they think I’m going to be intimidated by some of this chicanery that they’re trying to sell? Look, Eclipse, you’re a damn good athlete. Can you just cut this annoying crap out where you’re trying to pretend to be a B-movie horror film director and just talk about fighting? I’m tired of metaphors and bullshit to be honest so if you could do that I would greatly appreciate it. Oh, and hope that nobody finds out about some of the shit you’ve been doing. It’s highly illegal, man.

Aren Mys…. Mis…. whatever the fuck his last name is. He said stuff. I didn’t care about it. The end.
Liam Catterson…. heh…. heheheh……whatever. This guy is as big a Charisma Vacuum as Oasis.
Oh, Cameron Ella Ava, I’ve not FAILED to win the major championships of EAW. I have been conspired against from within EAW. You, being the great former Vixens Champion- and I’d like to note with emphasis that you are a FORMER champion since you are far too cowardly to even dare face Cailin or Eris for their titles because you want to hide behind this façade that they are above you- should know that I am one of the most complete wrestlers in the world. You remember that Dark Demon guy that nearly killed you God knows how many times? I’ve beaten him. You know that Lioncross guy that you’re so eager to step into the ring with one more time? Guess what, I BEAT HIM TOO!

So…. the numbers and transitive property don’t lie:


Oh. There is something else I’ve wanted to ask you: when are you gonna let a REAL dude smash, huh? I mean, you always wind up in this off again, on again cycle with Demon or whatever and I think it’s a real waste. I mean, I won’t even be bitter if I have to throw you out over the top rope. We can hook up over dinner somewhere in South Bend afterwards, me with some trophy marking my Victory in the Grand Rampage and holding the CWF World Heavyweight Champion and you with…. all that nothing you’re going to have since you won’t get very far in this event. Call me, eh?

Oh, one other thing, contrary to the opinion of both yourself and Lioncross, I’m not simply rehashing the glory days or living through nostalgia or whatever you want to call it. This year has been a carefully laid plan to cement myself as the undisputed champion of Showdown and prove that I am without question the most complete wrestler in the world. Many have talked the talk and just like Lucas Johnson will find out in a little while in London, I am carrying the CWF World Heavyweight Championship for a reason. I will fulfil the destiny that I was always intended to fulfil: Unifying the CWF and EAW Championships and securing my legacy as the greatest athlete to ever step between these ropes. Remember that.

There have been some interesting things being said lately. The weird thing is that a lot of them seem to be coming from the likes of Dark Demon and Y2Impact, two old friends of mine! Well…. okay, the term friend may be used a bit loosely in this case, but these two men have been apparently talking shit at anything and everything that moves! Demon alone has set a world record for amount of shit talked in half a day and Y2Impact seems intent on railing on everyone and anyone that has something to say that he doesn’t like. This is a friendly reminder for the two of you that even though you are great former champions and have legacies that most would argue easily surpass my own in EAW lore, that I’m still lurking. This is one fox that still knows how to sneak around the chicken coop. And I would love nothing more than to add the Grand Rampage to my lists of triumphs and take food off of both of your plates in the process. Now, before the two of you get all fired up and start talking about I failed to do this or didn’t win that and you’re gonna beat up this random irrelevant person or whatever…. just realize that you two and myself are not that far away when it comes to talent and ability. Imp, you and I have had some great wars in the past. Demon, you know that in EAW you have still not been able to defeat me, for all your vast accomplishments. I’m not trying to rub it in your face…. oh, who the fuck am I kidding, I AM kinda rubbing it in your face, but not with intent to disrespect. But to gently remind the two of you that even though I have the disadvantage of wrestling not only a match on Battleground but a match before the Grand Rampage itself, that I should not be discounted as a force in this contest.

There are plenty of other people involved but frankly at this point I don’t really care about any of them. Every year it’s the same drivel. Last year I thought I had a foolproof plan to assure glory but this year it’s a much simpler process for me:

Step 1: Defeat Lioncross

Step 2: Walk to the ring for the Grand Rampage later on

Step 3: Beat the shit out of anyone who gets in my way, be it legend, rookie, female, masked person, Irish, Asian, Portuguese or Latino.

Carlos Rosso Is Ichiban. The other Grand Rampage competitors aren’t Niban. They are simply fucked. And that goes for the 10 of you who haven’t been announced as entries yet. I don’t know who you are, but EVERYONE knows me.

And after Grand Rampage…. everyone who doesn’t already WILL respect me.

(After sporting a smug grin for the camera, he grabs his bags and heads for the steps to board the jet taking him to London, Mao meeting him at the door as he prepares to step on board.)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 26th 2016, 7:52 pm by The Consigliere

A dream. No, a vision.

I was battered and broken, coming out of the fighting pit. There, I saw the face of defeat... more than once. There, I heard the sounds of my own whimper, and the cries of my pain. There, I saw others suffering much worse than I am, wishing they had never taken part in this brutal horrendous mess to begin with.

I was limping in pain, but I survived. There was blood on my shirt, but I stayed alive.

Then a woman walked up to my direction, she looked exactly like me. She gave me a towel and said "Let's get you help. You're not well. It's time to go"

The look in her eyes, she knew what I had gone through... She saw what I have seen. She knew what I needed... but sadly, not what I wanted. 

I was stubborn. I was desperate. I could win a few times to prove the dominance I was so proud of displaying, but it's no use if I can't win against them all and not capture the grand prize I never thought would come my way. I am strong, everyone knows this. I want to prove that nothing can tire me. Nothing will break me. Nothing will stop me. 

I walked off, I didn't need any help. I turn back to the woman with a smirk on my face.

"This is nothing to me" I laugh. "Next time, it won't be my blood you see on my shirt."

I calm down and close my eyes. "It will be theirs."


"Give your all, and hope for the best" 


See, I just CANT afford to think this way, there's just too much at stake. While the rest of you rejoice in what succeeding chances you'll have after failing to win this battle, I approach every challenge, including this one, differently. When I come in a match, I have only one objective -- to win. I could get oveboard when dealing with the opponent in front of me, and even when faced with the most incompetent, most useless, most incoherent elitists or vixens in this company, I still take a giant leap, and take it more seriously than I should. I'm always of the mentality that if I can't do a task right the first time, especially when aiming for the big prize, then there would be a slim chance that I'd actually succeed the second attempt, making it less meaningful in the process. Every decision I've made, ranging from returning to EAW, to competing in the Tag Team Division, to putting Hexa-gun on the line, and now competing in singles matches, I push myself even harder and outdo the quality of work I let the world see before hand so they would know that there's more of me than meets the eye, and the spectators -- the murmuring bugs that watch from afar witnessing me display my continuing greatness, the so-called "beasts" who stand in front of me in the ring ignorant to what is instore for them the moment the bell rings -- I let them know that I am capable of exceeding expectations with ease just as one can cross a dangerous hanging bridge without flinching. I make them see with their own eyes my ability to adapt instantly to changes, and transition beautifully from one type of match to another, from one division to another, not minding what physical strain I'm going to endure, because no matter, I will overcome. No risk, no reward, I always say. That's the pressure I brought on myself. It's a creed I live by whenever the next uninteresting waste of space comes crawling to me begging to be treated as more than just garbage, only to get blindsided for foolishly thinking they could outdo me in anyway. Now that I'm done with the unnecessary drama which urged the board of directors to giving me a hard time, and now that I've put my dream of ruling the world of chaos and animosity on hold, I now enter for myself, and as myself, as a competitor not fighting for a cause and exercising my power, but to remind these imbeciles the fact that they continuously deny -- that I am the greatest Vixen there is, and nobody can change that. Not some bitch I've defeated five hundred other times prior to Reckless Wiring, where got enough motivation to push her undertrained loser ass in the ring to actually give me something to work with and finally pick up the win over me, and CERTAINLY not 39 other dipshits who simultaneously think that this is their right to win because they spend their time yelling in front of the camera, and giving their opinions, criticisms, confusions, and worries when nobody just gives a damn! And the worst fucking thing is they're going to go ahead and call it "working harder" than the rest of us!

Ugh, just bash me in the head already and get this fucking over with! You're all going overboard, giving your two cents on every matter that not only doesn't affect your inevitable loss at The Grand Rampage, but also is annoying to the eyes of every viewer! You're all pouring your hearts out, and getting emotional, and letting your desperation speak instead of your capabilities, and the promise of walking out of the Grand Rampage with the guaranteed Pain for Pride spot, but it just isn't there. Your swollen gums are flapping. Your lips are moving, but they never mean a goddamn thing when your hypocrisy gets the best of you. Take Lucian Black for example, he's making himself look like a goddamn fool, as always. He acts like a threat, yet becomes threatened by everything that has a mouth, and whats worse is that you've all seen him as the hero of this company four months back, the poster boy that would make all of you look up in awe because he saved EAW from the "Evil" guys who are, and intending to take over, but the moment he doesn't get granted more opportunities for Championships and crowns from it, those he didn't already squander when he was the clear favorite to win, he then acts like a little bitch who warns us of his transformation to a fucking storm that would destroy an entire village! THIS is the "humble" Lucian Black. THIS is the "superhero" Lucian Black. THIS is the crowd's favorite, turned into an annoying ass pathetic creature whom literally everyone wonders why he's even still here! Since you act like the biggest threat in this match, I am going to treat you as such. After all, there's no denying that I have a bone tio pick with you after that fucking bullshit defeat I suffered in your hands at Road to Redemption. My question is, why now? You had the world in your hands, and you could have become the King of Elite, you could have become Champion, but you spent most of your time running around in cricles avoiding the radar because apparently there are other things that are more worth doing. So why now, Lucian? Why are you acting like a goddamn threat NOW? Why didn't anybody see you even ATTEMPT to become the rising star that you've been struggling at for the past five billion fucking years? Why did you give everyone the idea that you're actually some kind of martyr who cares about this company and your fans when after that win at Road to Redemption, we literally never even heard anything noteworthy of you to honor that heroic act? I'm the real hero here, Lucian. I'm the real saint. I'm the one who suffers in silence, and shrugging off the defeat whether it happened 5 months ago or 5 fucking seconds ago, while almost every authority figure has given me a hard time since that fateful night. They made me face my own comrades. They made me compete in matches that I didn't even want to be in, but had to because it was "As ordered". They restricted us from competing in Extreme Rules -- our home, our environment, they wanted to destroy us and dismantle us, but I struggled and fucking held on! But the second time they did it, they won. And there I was, still not taking the defeat to heart, keeping in mind that you're the reason why the dominoes, one by one, started to get knocked down on the table, and what did I do? I watched in silence. I kept my head up. I learned not to take shit from anyone, and I have seen that a single defeat is the equivalent of throwing a stone in the calm water, its ripples affect everything around it, until it is no more. 

I was fighting for the betterment of EAW, and everyone acted like I was a bad person. 

But it's irrelevant now, is it? All I'm saying is, through all the trials I've gone through, all the times I have left the ring battered, all the wins I never thought would come again, I owe it all to you, Lucian Black. 

Yes, I'm thanking you for it! You should be fucking happy! Because if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have gotten stuck in the mud and struggled my way out of it with my bare hands! If it weren't for you, I wouldn'thave found it in me to fucking bash my opponent's faces like I fucking meant it! I channeled my rage, from every way the Board of Directors punished, and threatened, and disrespected me, and tested my fucking limits, into competing and destroying my opponents, and just like always, I have won more than I lost. I was even more focused, more calculating, more comeptitive than before! I folded and kept the Hexa-gun banner and started fighting for myself, and my aspirations. I let out the beast in me that knew no boundaries, and will shatter every glass to opportunities to own, INCLUDING GRAND RAMPAGE, just as I have shattered my opponent's faces when they made the mistake of coming across me. I IGNORED ANY PHYSICAL DISADVANTAGE THAT PEOPLE DEEMED WOULD STOP ME! I ACCEPTED EVERY CHALLENGE EVEN THE ONES I DIDN'T WANT TO BE IN! Because my quest on becoming the best in this industry, I know is just within my reach, and all these crises and predicaments that YOU started are merely preparation for the upcoming peak of my career... to winning the Grand Rampage, to main eventing Pain for Pride, to my inevitable claim of the World Championship... and honestly there no better way to thank you for what you have done than to give you the PRIVILEDGE OF GETTING ELIMINATED by The Heart Break Gal, as she will eliminate all the others who make the mistake of locking eyes with her. You think you're the storm, Lucian Black? By Grand Rampage, you'll be reduced to nothing but my bitch. Accept your fate, just as I will accept mine -- the one waiting for me at Pain for Pride.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 26th 2016, 6:52 pm by Lucas Johnson
Grand Rampage #3 - Heart and Dedication

Worthless title? Any title in this world is prestigious especially my NCAA Division I Heavyweight Championship belt. The difference between me and StarrStan is that I will not be put to rest until I am no more physically able to go and I have shown that the past couple of weeks. Nearly breaking ribs jumping off that twenty foot ladder and putting on an awesome match against the Pure Champion Carson Ramsay. You call Carson and Liam chumps? The younger talent these days on the roster are super impressive, have you been watching Voltage? Why do you think Ashten Cross put the challenge for the whole roster? You have to fight your way into Grand Rampage, because there is so much young and upcoming talent that has chance for potential including myself, Judas, Kenny Drake, J.D. Damon and even the Pure Champion himself, Carson Ramsay. Who have I beaten? I defeated another upcoming talent Daniel Marshall and few other New Breed talent. Meanwhile wins count and mean a lot in this business, people like the EAW board of directors take notice in younger talent like myself. Why do you think I got into Grand Rampage? I may fall down every week put I pick myself back up and focus at the next task, my heart and dedication for this business is unbelievable and I get praised by it in the locker room by veterans. You claim you are going to win Grand Rampage in record time...I hope you aren't comparing your ring work to your sex life because that would be embarrassing. But....anyway, I really hope we enter around the same time or last over forty five minutes or whatever time to be in the same ring together because it would be an honor and a privilege to be in the same together with you or any of these legends on the roster like StarrStan, Xavier Williams or maybe even surprise entrants like Hades or Dub. You talk the talk and walk the walk in the past but the question is can you pick up where you left off?

Lucian Black I call you out and you refuse to acknowledge it? Are you scared of me or something? Someone of your caliber is scared of someone like me? Meanwhile I am not the strongest person on the roster but I am a little built but I would find it hilarious if the almighty big dog Lucian Black is scared of The Wrestling Machine. Quite frankly you should be scared if I lock you in The Machine Break this weekend because if so it's game over, your hope and dreams main eventing Pain for Pride 9 will be crushed and you be put on the shelf with that broken arm. I'm not trying to sound cocky but ever since I made the transition from The Ohio State University, the transition has been tough and hasn't gone my way. 

I've come up short every time when the victory is right in my hands, I might impress a few people here but it will feel good to finally win the big one and no bigger then winning Grand Rampage. You will see a different side of 'The Wrestling Machine' Lucas Johnson this coming weekend at Grand Rampage inside of Notre Dame Stadium and it's not good for the land of the elite roster. I am ready to grab that brass ring and to run with it to Miami for the showcase of the immortals.
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Post on April 26th 2016, 6:06 pm by Cailin Dillon

Grand Rampage #2
So Vixens are hungry for this. Should we just call this the Hunger Games match now? Hunger isn’t something that separates us. We’re all hungry at different levels. It’s what unites us as humans. Maybe some of us think we’re more hungry that someone else. But if you aren’t just completely starved in this business, you shouldn’t be here. We’re competitors and our desire to feast on the challenges that are put in front of us is what makes us the same. It’s what puts us in a class all alone as EAW Vixens. When it comes to women’s wrestling, we’re the cream of the crop. Most of us are even capable of going toe-to-toe with the best fighters in the whole business. And why is that? Because we’re all hungry for more. We all want more. Hell, I’m the Specialist Champion and I’m not content. You won’t see me sitting back lazy and planning vacations where I hit the tropics and get a massage while the title is shined on a table right next to me. I want more. I love these challenges, and that’s why I feast on them. That’s why I just keep slaying.
So what do we have here? We have a couple downright thirsty Vixens. You put out a message where you admit you aren’t invincible and you get girls treating this like it’s breaking news. Obviously I’m not unstoppable, but I’ve managed to make myself one of the toughest challenges to solve in all of EAW. Now we have a number of girls who think they are the missing piece to a puzzle they see as almost done. But they have the wrong game in mind. This is more like chess, a game of sophisticated moves and strategy. This is a contest where you have to make all the right moves and think on your feet. And just when you think you’re about to put me in check mate, I stand up and flip the game board on to the ground. Just like that, your hopes are dashed and you’re going back to the drawing board. Except in this case, you’re standing outside of the ring and wondering where it all went wrong. And if you wait too long, another is coming out and joining you. The thirst so many of you have for what you believe to be glory due with this title is going to overwhelm you, and then I’ll be right there to deliver the blow that ends it all.
It doesn’t matter how long any of us have been here. The laziest approach you can take in this business is to use your time, however long it has been, to try and put yourself over another opponent. Look no further than our own division. Eris LeCava became the Vixens champion in just a few months. Aria Jaxon won the Empress of Elite tournament in even shorter time. I became the Specialists champion in five months. It took just two months for Sheridan Muller to win the Vixen’s Cup. You think it matters who’s been here longer than anyone else? You’re kidding yourself. Sheridan beat Cameron Ella Ava to get her cup. Aria defeated Cam to earn a future Vixen’s title shot. I defeated HBG to retain my title. Those are the two biggest, walking legends in our industry right now. They have paved a path for Vixens to come, and they have each tasted defeat at the hands of the Vixens who wish to take their spot. That’s why I’ve always taken every match seriously. I know how good you have to be to find your way into EAW. While others were bashing the challengers I was facing for the Specialist’s title at times, they failed to see that some of these same competitors are the ones who will someday have a chance to carry the banner for this company someday. Look no further than Sheridan. She’s one of the hottest commodities right now holding an instant ticket to a title shot. I fought her in perhaps the best weekly Vixens match of this year and we rose the attention of that match to near FPV level. And I won that match. Aria is another of the hottest Vixens around at this moment with her recent win over Cam. I beat my good friend in a cage match to start the year and retain my title. Neither of those girls are in this match, but whether it’s been the Heart Break Gal or Angela Salvetti, I’ve taken every single one of those matches as serious as the next.
There will be a reunion of sorts in this match of course, and I guess I should touch on it at least a bit. There’s someone out there who’s had her eye on me and this title… since the day she lost it. Haruna doesn’t want to be my friend anymore? She wants to let me go? I didn’t know she had been holding on for all that time. Because I moved on and left her to whatever the hell she was doing. We’ve fought for this title twice, and I beat you both times. You tried to kill me with a ladder, and I still survived. While we’re all hungry and that unites us, not all of us are survivors. That’s plagued you for some time now my old friend. We talked about this often back in the past, and I promise I don’t bring this up for the sole purpose of opening old wounds… but I have to say this to you. You’ve just never been the same since Pain for Pride last summer. You let a loss to Tarah just totally mind fuck you. Believe me, I know all about it. You talked to me about it frequently and Tarah has told me about it, too. Since that moment, you’ve waited for your chance at redemption. You thought you got it when you won the Specialist’s scramble, but it didn’t last long. I was there waiting to take it right back. You tried to make it personal, I pointed out your sins and you let a tag team arrangement you didn’t like, of all things, be your undoing as a champion.
So I am to believe your focus is different now because of your affiliation with Mexican Samurai? We all have training partners and we all put in work. It doesn’t matter if your train with Mexi, Carlos or Ronald McDonald, it’s not going to elevate you past me. You suddenly seem to think you’ve become better than HBG. I’ve been in the ring with both of you, and I don’t see it. What I’ve seen if your underhanded tactics to win a match. You think you’re a good fighter because you need Jade to beat Cloud at the Vixens Cup. And then you needed gloves with brass knuckles to beat her a second time. When did you become so low that you needed to cheat just to have a chance to win? You wont have the chance to cheat like that in this match. There won’t be any Mexican Samurai to help you and if Jade brings her ass into that ring, I’ll send both of you out of the ropes together. You might think you have something to prove to me and you can just walk into Grand Rampage and shock the world, but it’s not going to happen. This is not about to be your second reign as champion. This is about to be another huge opportunity that you come up short on. Don’t think this is personal, either. This is just the truth.
This match will put me in the awkward position of taking on Steph. I know that she could be an ally for a time, but I also know it could come down to the two of us fighting it out for the same prize. You know what to expect from me Stephanie. If it does come down to us, or at some point you feel like our alliance in that ring has reached it’s end, I’ll be ready for it. If we have to trade blows to decide which one of us deserves to be the champion, I won’t back down for a second. We both have big dreams and we both know what it might take to accomplish those dreams.
I think I’m expected to be in fear of this match. They want people to feel bad for me because of the challenge I’m about to face. Well, don’t waste your time feeling bad for me. I’m not scared and I’m not about to approach this match with a woe as me attitude. That’s never worked for anyone in this business. Ask Haruna, who’s had to do a 180 with her personality just to get people to take her seriously. Whether I had to fight this match with people entering one after the next or with all 11 challengers in the ring at the same time, I had no plans to back away or live in fear. There’s a reason I became a champion in EAW, and there’s a reason I’ve managed to continue being champion for the last five months. It hasn’t been by running scared, it’s been by driving straight ahead and meeting those challenges head on. Grand Rampage isn’t about to be any different. A bunch of thirsty Vixens are coming in to South Bend thinking they’re going to be the one to end the reign of Cailin Dillon. But I’m not a queen that sits on her throne and waits for the battle to come to her. I’m the type that suits up and heads right into battle. That’s why I’m the champion right now, and that’s why I’ll still be the champion after Grand Rampage.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 26th 2016, 4:53 pm by Guest
Am I meant to be impressed or something that you were once an NCAA Champion, Lucas? Am I meant to feel threatened by you because you have some worthless title? I went up against Starr-Stan, who had an Olympic gold medal and I whooped his ass every week, burned his medal and took his World title when he was arguably the best in the world, so why would I care about you? If I can EASILY whoop his ass every week, if I can EASILY throw him out of the ring in a battle royal, if I can take his title and do that to a guy who was the BEST in your field, why wouldn’t I do the same to you? You’re nowhere near the level of Starr, you’re not as experienced as him and he won things in amateur wrestling that SHITS on yours so if I’d be worried what I would do to you if I was you, if I was you, I’d be avoiding the hell out of somebody like me. If I was you, I’d just throw myself over the top rope if I saw somebody like me enter the match and I wouldn’t blame you if you did, I wouldn’t want to fight me. I wouldn’t want to somebody as dangerous as myself, I wouldn’t want to fight somebody who can mix everything up and HAS done every single style of wrestling and succeeded in it, l’ve faced technical wrestlers in Superior Quality 85 and Starr-Stan and beaten them, I’ve been in violent wars and beaten people, I’ve been in every kind of match and won so I wouldn’t blame you if you decided to high-tail it out of the ring because we both know that I would absolutely knock you out before you even knew what hit you, I’d have you eliminated from this match before you even knew what happened to you. Who have you even beaten, Lucas? Who have you beaten that would make me feel even the tiniest bit threatened by you? I called you a bum because that is what you are. I make in a day what you earn in a year, my shoes cost more than your house, my underwear are worth more than your net worth. I could buy and sell you a thousand times over. ESPN, Jimmy Kimmel and everybody else is blowing my phone up looking for interviews, EAW is begging me on their hands and knees to promote these events because without me, this event does not sell, tickets do not get sold. Nobody cares about you, nobody cares to listen to you and nobody cares to see you wrestle. What you earn in this company is an absolute embarrassment. You’re eating bread crumbs when I’m eating steaks, you have to challenge people on Battleground just to make ends meet whereas I don’t even need to show up on weekly shows, they BEG me to show up on weekly shows and you’re asking me why I called you a bum? What makes you REALLY believe that you are good enough to beat me? What makes you think that you can beat me and win the Grand Rampage when you cannot even beat middle of the pack never-will-be’s like Carson Ramsey or Liam Catterson? Because you have some wrestling skills? You go into this match with a singular approach like that and I’ll plaster your nose to the other side of your face, I’ll carve your body up and eat it for a snack. Am I meant to be impressed or something that you were once an NCAA Champion, Lucas? Am I meant to feel threatened by you because you have some worthless title? I went up against Starr-Stan, who had an Olympic gold medal and I whooped his ass every week, burned his medal and took his World title when he was arguably the best in the world, so why would I care about you? If I can EASILY whoop his ass every week, if I can EASILY throw him out of the ring in a battle royal, if I can take his title and do that to a guy who was the BEST in your field, why wouldn’t I do the same to you? You’re nowhere near the level of Starr, you’re not as experienced as him and he won things in amateur wrestling that SHITS on yours so if I’d be worried what I would do to you if I was you, if I was you, I’d be avoiding the hell out of somebody like me. If I was you, I’d just throw myself over the top rope if I saw somebody like me enter the match and I wouldn’t blame you if you did, I wouldn’t want to fight me. I wouldn’t want to somebody as dangerous as myself, I wouldn’t want to fight somebody who can mix everything up and HAS done every single style of wrestling and succeeded in it, l’ve faced technical wrestlers in Superior Quality 85 and Starr-Stan and beaten them, I’ve been in violent wars and beaten people, I’ve been in every kind of match and won so I wouldn’t blame you if you decided to high-tail it out of the ring because we both know that I would absolutely knock you out before you even knew what hit you, I’d have you eliminated from this match before you even knew what happened to you. Who have you even beaten, Lucas? Who have you beaten that would make me feel even the tiniest bit threatened by you? I called you a bum because that is what you are. I make in a day what you earn in a year, my shoes cost more than your house, my underwear are worth more than your net worth. I could buy and sell you a thousand times over. ESPN, Jimmy Kimmel and everybody else is blowing my phone up looking for interviews, EAW is begging me on their hands and knees to promote these events because without me, this event does not sell, tickets do not get sold. Nobody cares about you, nobody cares to listen to you and nobody cares to see you wrestle. What you earn in this company is an absolute embarrassment. You’re eating bread crumbs when I’m eating steaks, you have to challenge people on Battleground just to make ends meet whereas I don’t even need to show up on weekly shows, they BEG me to show up on weekly shows and you’re asking me why I called you a bum? What makes you REALLY believe that you are good enough to beat me? What makes you think that you can beat me and win the Grand Rampage when you cannot even beat middle of the pack never-will-be’s like Carson Ramsey or Liam Catterson? Because you have some wrestling skills? You go into this match with a singular approach like that and I’ll plaster your nose to the other side of your face, I’ll carve your body up and eat it for a snack.
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Grand Rampage Promo #2

Go on reach your hand far out
Grab the stars that lie out in front of you
This is a once in a life time chance
Be yourself, and try not to stew
I’m leaving the ground now
Going past the big light post
Right above the tallest tree
Beyond the night's misty dew
My eyes are reaching for those stars
However my feet are stuck in the muck
My hands are getting smeared with dirt
My are eyes pouring without lens
Yet from the dirty morass
I do indeed reach for the stars
In the city lights block
Life is just a turbulence of hinders
Atmospheric dusts are getting barricaded
My eyes they couldn't be pulled down
I still could escape with the stars
My life has a destiny
The destiny to be a star
Reach for the stars?
I already own those stars.

Poem by Madison Kaline 2016

“A conscious is that still small voice that people won’t listen to”

Just imagine a world where everyone was smart, and everyone would listen to those above them, it seems everybody knows everything these days. Everybody is going to win their match, everybody talks a big game. Eris is a dreamer, a simpleton, she’s a know it all, maybe if you shut the hell up for one second Eris, you could learn a thing or two. You see nobody can beat me fairly; nobody has yet to do it here in my career in EAW. The only way I lose is when others get involved in my match, for example Tarah Nova helping you beat me in my rematch for the Vixens Championship, countless other times Hexa-Gun has gotten involved in my matches against you. You are truly pathetic Eris. You are the one who constantly needs help to win; you see I may have my family, The Sanatorium in my corner but the fact of the matter is, I don’t need their help to beat you because this is my destiny, to become a multi time Vixens Champion, cementing my name as one of the, if not the, greatest Vixen of all time. Not many women can say they have won this title twice, and at Grand Rampage I will achieve greatness. Eris you are nothing more than a hypocrite, you saying me joining a group will do nothing but hurt my career (Madison shakes her head and laughs) Oh sweetie, I think you should look in the mirror and say that, because, as you join a group, it effectively ruined your career. You could have been a huge star Eris, you had everything going for you, you were weird, people love weird, and you had a nice theme song. Oh yes you had it all, and then what did you do? You joined Hexa-Gun, thus making you completely irrelevant. Your career, your life is just an utter joke.

“Strength of character means the ability to overcome resentment against others, to hide hurt feelings and to overcome quickly”

Ever been shunned from society? Ever walk around amongst your peers, and just be completely ignored and berated. Ever want to just hide, and never talk to people again because of how upset you were? You see I could have curled up in a ball, and cried myself to sleep at night, knowing nobody wanted to be my friend, and knowing people ignore you. But I decided to take the high road for myself; I decided I was going to prove everybody wrong about you. The thing of it was, in hindsight I was always the greatest Vixen in this company, however I was brain washed early and often by certain people backstage, that I just wasn’t good enough to be that girl in the company, the Cameron Ella Ava, or the Heart Break Gal of the Vixens Division. So while they were grooming women like Lethal or Tarah Nova, to be that next top Vixen in the company, they weren’t expecting me, to become so outlandish and take of this division by storm. So then what does EAW do? They completely ignore me once again, they know how red hot I was, they knew how much the fans loved to hate me, but I wasn’t a “company girl” because I refuse to listen to authority, whereas a little mindless tramp like Aria Jaxon, they can mold, because she will do anything they ask of her, she will mow the company line, she will do just about anything that goes against her morals, because that’s the thing about this company, people become spineless cowards. They will do anything just to get some extra TV time, or to get title shots they don’t deserve.  That is how my family, The Sanatorium and I have so much in common, we will never go against or morals just to achieve things we didn’t earn, we earn our share by destroying our opponents. My title shot against Eris LeCava at Grand Rampage was earned on my own merit, I didn’t have to get a favor from somebody in the back, no, everything I have achieved in EAW, has been all me, and I know people like Eris, will sit there on her fat ass, and try to knock everything I have accomplished, saying all I do is nothing but run my mouth and lose matches, blah, blah, blah, but no the fact of the matter is Eris is just jealous of me, she is jealous of the fact that I have defeated EAW Hall of Famers, she is jealous that I have headlined countless FPV events, even while she was Vixens Champion, while she was in the opening piss break match against Cloud Matsuda, I was main eventing that FPV against Tarah Nova. So you see Eris, I can’t take anything you say serious at all, because every time you try to knock me, and my career, I just laugh it off, because it’s all lies, and it’s all out of jealously and at Grand Rampage, I’m going to end your little title reign all out of spite. 
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Post on April 26th 2016, 3:19 pm by Ares Vendetta
My body aches, my head is still ringing, and my flesh is sliced. Yet, I don’t feel pain. That’s not what this is, but it’s familiar.

I feel fear.

Absolute, abject, fear.

Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder when I’ll forget what it’s like to fear something, because I know that’s the day I’ve truly become lost. There’s nothing for me to gain if I don’t fear - not vengeance, not Championships, not victories. I’m a man made of flesh and bone, and I understand that far more than you think. I may have been raised to be the best, but I’m not stupid enough to lock my fear and my failures and my flaws all deep down inside of me and pretend as though they never happened. There is no rug to sweep it all underneath. I embrace it. Even as I sit here, mere days away from finally getting what I’ve so desired for nearly two years… I shake with fear. But it doesn’t hinder me. It doesn’t snuff out this fire, it fuels it. Fear is the most thrilling feeling I’ve ever experienced in my life. No matter how much power or gold or victories I’ve accumulated throughout my life, I can still fear something like this. I can still feel it creeping up on me, resonating within me.

Do you fear?

You should.

But Gods don’t fear, now do they? You have to be a God now, don’t you? We’ve crossed the point of no return and it’s no longer even in the distance. Even if you know what you are, nobody else does. You’ve successfully convinced everyone around you that you truly ARE a God among men. That when you step into a ring, you’re something beyond human comprehension. You don’t fear. You don’t lose. You don’t fail. You have no flaws. You’re a God. And all of your followers will be watching with glee on their faces and the sound of your name on their tongues as they cheer you on against another big bad wolf for you to defeat. I don’t blame you, Mr. DEDEDE. I can’t blame a man for wanting to be a God. My own father wanted to be a God. I’m sure it’s a high that’s indescribable. One that you never want to step off of once you get on. Why be a Legend? Why be an Icon? Why be a King? Why not be a God? Why not be the End All Be All? Why not be the Alpha and the Omega of everything and everyone in this company? You’re an animal that’s thrived longer and more fruitfully than any other around this jungle.

But you are still an animal.

Even while you looked me in the eyes and told me how much you wish to destroy me, I could see it reflected back at me: that hate that lingers for Xavier Williams and that wanting to protect Tarah Nova. There’s something inside you that you don’t like to speak of. Something that all of the betrayal you’ve both given and taken keeps you from acknowledging. You’re no God, but a mere animal that wants nothing more than to protect its own. You’re a product of nature, DEDEDE. You’ve coasted all this time on natural skill and a nearly inhuman endurance to pain. You may not be the End All Be All, but you are most certainly exceptional. It’s just a shame you don’t realize how limited you are when it all comes down to it. You’re a candle that burns brightly and yet never seems to go out, but that doesn’t mean you won’t. Be it by natural causes or by the volition of another, your flame will go out.

How many days do you awake in excruciating agony, I wonder. What do you go through just to convince these worshipers of your’s that you’re still the same old Mr. DEDEDE that you were when you first stepped into a ring, I wonder. You’re a dangerous, resilient animal, DEDEDE, but you’re still just a force of nature. You bleed all the same. You fail when you can’t quite push yourself beyond your limits like you’ve become so notorious for. Yet you look at me with that smug expression and pretend everything’s okay. This is just another retention. The years never took their toll, the World Championships you’ve had taken from you meant nothing, and the last two times you and I clashed and you fell before me in defeat… It’s gone with the wind. People will look at you and tell themselves that you’re just a man that doesn’t give a damn about the past. That you only look towards the future. Isn’t that ironic? Looking towards the future, when it’s the past that’s your greatest enemy? It’s the cancer that’s eaten away at your body. It’s what’s caused you to fall time and time again. It’s an enemy we all fight, but you’ve been battling him far, far longer than the rest of us. When your body aches and your head won’t stop throbbing and your bones crack and your muscles continue to heal as quickly as they can but not as quickly as they should have… I wonder, more than anything else, if you have any fear left in you. A fear that the next match could be your last.

Sometimes it’s a snake you can’t see in the grass.

Men younger, stronger, and more honorable than you have fallen to it time and time again. You’re a relic of an age long since gone, and though you continue to thrive, I’m sure you’ve watched from a distance as all the others have played their roles and suffered their individual fates, one after another. I think deep down, in places you don’t want to talk about, there’s something very similar to fear that boils inside of you when you look at someone like me. It’s the thing that makes someone like you lose every ounce of composure and takes you off the deep end until you find yourself putting me through a table just to prove to your adoring followers that Mr. DEDEDE is still a God. It’s not hard to puff out your chest and assure your audience that what they’re seeing is real. You’re nothing but an illusionist playing tricks on their eyes. When the chips are down and the bell has rung - that’s when the real trial begins.

And I’m going to savor it. Every moment of it.

As I drag you to the cross and nail your body to it, raise you up in the air, and let you die before them all, not as a God, but as a mere man. As an animal that finally succumbed to the elements. There’s a fear inside you, you’ve only just forgotten what it is. In those last three seconds you spend as the reigning and defending Answers World Champion, and a God in the eyes of those around you… You will remember it.

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Post on April 26th 2016, 2:45 pm by LVCIAN
Grand Rampage II: The Calm

The storm will pass, like all things in life. The birds will sing, the clouds will add color to the sunset sky. The sun will smile but my enemies will frown. Because my rise to power will bring along with it the demise of gods, angels, devils, demons -- THEIR demise. Nothing will ever be the same again. I faced a storm of struggles. Time and time again as a matter of fact. I have felt the force of the wind, I faced the blackest of storms. But I did not bow to it. My patience has endured throughout all these years, despite everything I have been through. My faith is unbreakable and that is what separates me from them. That is how I survive regardless what happened in the past and regardless what happens in the future. I was once a victim of the storm but now I AM the storm. And they? They are MY victims. They will feel my wrath and they will bow to the storm. When it's all said and done. When the smoke clears, when the dust settles... I will be victorious 

And my prosperity will signify THE CALM.

I've heard it all before. How I am a failure or a "bust". How I don't have what it takes to become a success in this business. How I will never amount to anything. How I should just give up my dream and surrender myself once and for all. That's what all of you want. But I'm telling you right now it's not going to happen. I'm going to keep doing this until I no longer can because this is what I love, THIS is what I was born to do. No matter how many times people attempt to refute that I know I was put here to do this. I won't allow any of you to throw dirt on my name, to walk all over me. Especially people who came after me. I deserve respect, I earned the right to be respected. And you can't deny that. Yeah, maybe I have had more downs than ups, maybe I haven't attained the same level of success other guys from my generation like Alexander Da Vinci, Hurricane Hawk, Brian Daniels and Cyclone have attained but you can't deny I have fought for your respect and that I earned IT. You're all finally acknowledging that I am the biggest threat to you all. There is no man or woman more dangerous than me because I have nothing left to lose. Fortunately for all of you, you can comprehend that. There's nothing you can take from me but I can take so much from all of you. All I want, however, is your dreams crushed because that's what is going to take for me to walk out of that arena as the man who will challenge for one of the most illustrious prizes in the world of professional wrestling at Pain For Pride 9. I know what it's like to have your dreams crushed, utterly destroyed. I know how it feels to be absolutely hopeless. That's why I have to fight tooth and nail to win this match. I refuse to ever experience those emotions again. I wish there was another way... I wish my competition didn't have to go through what I went through so many times but I have to be selfish for once and think about my future, think about the people I care about. I have to win Grand Rampage. I literally HAVE to. If I don't, what will my legacy be? What will people remember me for? I don't have another option. Not an option that is actually viable at least. This could be my last chance to become who I always thought I would become. I've been dreaming about this since I was a kid. Getting here, becoming the man everyone looks up to. Evolving from elitist to legend. After the storm ultimately comes the calm they say. I've been anticipating the calm for a long time. This storm has lasted more than I envisioned it would. It's my time to shine, it has to be. I know damn well I'm not the only threat in this match and it would be stupid of me to pretend I am the only one who could realistically win this match. I know there are guys  who like me will do whatever it takes willingly to headline Pain For Pride. Guys who have been waiting for an opportunity as significant as this one is for a long time now. I assure you though, nobody has waited longer than me for this. Nobody confirmed for the Grand Rampage match, nobody in EAW generally. Evidently, like every year, there will be a few surprises in store for the EAW universe at Grand Rampage. Things nobody expects to happen will happen, the unimaginable will transpire. PEOPLE nobody expects to see will show up. Whether it's Hurricane Hawk making his return to the land of elite for the millionth time or Alex Anderson returning to try to win a real World Championship  it won't matter. It won't matter who enters Grand Rampage this year because you're all the same to me. I'll outlast you all, I'll show you all. I won't allow any of you to take this from me. The only way I will get thrown over the top rope is if my heart is no longer beating, if it gets ripped from within me and my head is severed. Everything is about to change. I have many mouths to shut. And come Grand Rampage all of my detractors, all of my critics, all of my doubters -- I'll prove all of them WRONG. Just like I did when they said I would never win a championship, just like I did when they said I would never headline a show, just like I did when they said I would never make it to the top of the mountain. I'll make it to the top again. But this time... This time I plan on staying there.
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Nico Borg - Battleground Promo

It’s a typical damp English night with rain spitting lightly over the scene. Nico Borg stands with his back to the camera, a small gothic chapel looming over him. He steps slowly towards it, raising in his hand his patented wooden baton before using it to knock firmly  but non-violently on the door. For a few moments, there is total stillness and quiet but for the constant patter of the falling rain. He presses the head of the baton just inside the lip of the doorframe and slowly creaks the door open, revealing very little as the pale moonlight barely penetrates a couple of feet within. As the door slams shut behind Nico, dozens of candles spread around the interior flicker to life revealing a humble rustic interior. Stepping slowly down the aisle, Nico brushes his hand gently across a pew and collects a thick coating of dust. He then brushes it off with his other before turning towards confessional by the side of the hall. He steps inside and takes a seat.


Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

I had such high hopes. Such grand path laid out for that man, Mark Michaels. I could see the pain in his soul, Father. A man consumed by his own pride, he built himself up as an idol and worshipped at his own altar.  Imagined a God made in his own image. All such pretender deities are named ambition, and ambition name is written in blood. Michaels thought he could fill his cup with ambition. But avarice and envy do not get filled by merely being fed. They simply grow, and their insatiable appetite grows with them. More respect, more money, more followers, more TV deals, more contracts, more disappointment, more sycophants, more prozac. More. More. More. And wash it down with more blood. Violence has a taste for this man just he has a taste for it. He tasted defeat defeat against Lucian Black, the price of ambition, would he taste a little more? Now, a cup which draws the blood into it and contains that blood is a blessed and merciful thing. But like any mortal man Michaels is a cup with a bottom and a brim. A cup that can be filled, and hence overfilled. He had an ego beyond beyond his own station. He could only put down so many devils in ring, and his unrestrained ego only bred the contempt of more. The violence which Michaels draws to himself overflowed and spilled out in all directions. A virulent contagion that infects everything it touches. All I wanted was to help. To make him humble. If I could just knock on your door with his skull a few times...maybe he’d hear you then? But I made two mistakes. I underestimated the very power of his will. He did not break under the pressure of his failure, but railed against it, raging against the very dying of the light. Second, I lost focus. Michael’s demeanor reflected back upon me, and for one moment of grandiose pride I caught his fever and so blinded I was caught off guard. Such a great sin that is now on my shoulders. Rather than putting down Michaels I have roused him, the old lion awakens once again with the taste of blood. Heaven have mercy.


I’ve thought long and hard about my defeat, and about the status of the holy mission which I have just begun. I feared that so early I had already jeopardised the holy cause. But by the special disposal and providence of the  Almighty God, there comes now abroad into the world an opportunity. A new path is lit and a gate lies open for a God-fearing man with the valor to overcome the witches and daemons which guard it. And so I go now into dark valley, where lies perhaps a nest of vipers. Because tonight at Battleground, I do battle with the degenerate Ryan Savage in a qualifier for the Grand Rampage match. Now the Grand Rampage is exactly what it sounds like. Gratuitous orchestrated chaos. Grand Rampage is that great chalice overflowing with blood.  That writhing mass of life and death. A hive where each pitious insect is divided against all the others. Eventually one intrepid beetle  squashes all the others. The constant outpouring of violence cut short by, what else, a final sudden act of violence. It’s the perfect metaphor for the mercy of God’s vengeance, and I will represent the Lord there.

Savage, you do justice to that name, you are a wily and ferocious animal, and I intend to tame you. My mission demands that you have no excuses for what comes next, so I’m going to give you a word of warning. This time I will be focused, I will leave nothing to chance. I. Will. Be. Ruthless. You better not make the same mistake I made against Michaels. I DEMAND your attention, please. Now I know you can be a very focused man, Savage, but it’s often misplaced. If you step into that ring and your mind is on Mr DEDEDE instead of me, your life is going to be in Nico Borg’s hands. If you act thinking only of the desired end and not your immediate peril, then I WILL break you. So Savage. You better be paying attention. I know I have been since since I arrived at EAW not long ago. I see you appear rather popular, Savage. Pegasus...the Sanatorium… a motley crew of black sheep and false shepherds. You must be pretty desperate to rely on a pack of dogs like that. Are you that much of a shadow of a man that you tie your fate to an alliance so tenuous, so fragile. They are using you Savage, but you already know that. Only the Almighty is timeless, all other things fall apart.

But for now I am the existential threat you should worry about, I am your salvation. Confessor of the faith. Consider yourself warned, Savage. And may the Lord remember this, my kindness, unto posterity.
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Grand Rampage Promo # 2
"The Dark Horse"

Oh, the threats. The constant threats I've heard. No promises being made, really. It's like a sea of unpredictable, and everyone is swimming like a school of fish, swimming and yapping to each other. I mean, that's everyone that doesn't have a fucking clue of what else to do except await their fate apparently. Awaiting for the big fish to swallow them all in one helping. It's sad really. Why? I say it's sad, because I can see the expression on their faces and the tone in their voices as they speak. The way they speak, they are simply hoping they can make an impact. They look at the supposed favorites and direct their attention at them like their the only threats in this match. It's such a shame. It's a shame, because it's matches like this that dark horses like myself, that can just as easily steal this thing just as much as the next person. 

I'm not going to be just another number.

It seems like with all these barbs being thrown back and forth at one another with these supposed prominent names behind them. It seems to be getting them nowhere. All the metaphors in the world that you can possibly think of to describe yourself along with your ambitions mean nothing to me. In a match like this your name is no bigger than mine. Think about it. If I am coming into this Grand Rampage match just as determined to win, and I understand what it takes to win. Doesn't that already put me on everyone else's level, especially the supposed favorites? I mean, can you really tell me they aren't coming into this match thinking just the same? So go ahead. Talk your little heads off. Act like nobody else matters to you, and maybe, just maybe, they will stop talking. As far as I am concerned, I've already made my intentions known. I will take my place and main event PFP this year. Believe me, talk your little heads off. Say everything you can possibly think of. It won't matter to me. None of it will matter until we get in that ring. It's then that your actions, and not the words you speak right now, that are going to decide your fate.

I'm below nobody. I won't be eliminated.

I don't know how many times I wanted to give in and give up in my short tenure here. Watching as I stayed put at the smack down bottom of the ranks here. Then Xavier Williams just...out of blue, says he sees potential in me and thinks I can go far. Yes, the very same Hall of Fame Champion, Xavier Williams. His very presence empowers me, that no matter how hard I'm pushing myself? His presence makes me push myself that much harder. He'll be in a war with Tara Nova for that Hall of Fame Championship. He'll be looking to end her career. I'll be looking to avoid elimination at all costs. Like Xavier in his match, I will be looking to do anything and everything to win the Grand Rampage match. I don't care about the other thirty nine participants' opinions. They hold just about as much weight as a feather in my opinion. Besides its not them I have to impress, now do I? No. I don't. I just go there and with all my knowledge of how this match type works. I come with everything I have and leave it all out there in the ring for the right to main event at Pain For Pride. This isn't a dream I have. This is reality. People aren't expecting much from a dark horse like myself, and that's good. It's what I want. Going forward after the match I want each and every participant, in this match, to remember who I am after I have eliminated them one by one. I'll do this until my name is announced as the match winner, just as it has been for the last several weeks. I'm the next superstar in the making. I will go on to main event at Pain For Pride.
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Post on April 26th 2016, 12:57 pm by Bloody Jack
[Once again, OMERTA is able to hack into your video feed, interrupting whatever it was you were previously watching (mostly likely your precious porn) and replaces it with the OMERTA logo on your screen.]
[The logo fades away and a few seconds later fades into a new scene.  Strangely we seem to be in some sort of classroom.  Small desks lined up in neat rows, a chalkboard taking up a majority of the back wall, and various cartoon numbers and mathematical signs strategically placed along the sidewalls gives every indication this is a grade school, and that math is the primary subject of today’s lesson.  Zack Crash sits at the teacher’s desk, dressed in his ring gear, feet propped up on the desk and biting smugly on an apple, looking very much like an asshole.  He casually tosses aside the apple core before sitting up straight in his chair and addressing his “students”…]
Zack Crash:  One of the chief, fundamental laws of the world is math.  Numbers, both great and small, are what drive our societies and what turns the world on its axis.  Both countries and people alike strive to earn as much money as we can because the greater amount we have, the more security and power it offers.  They are how we measure everything, and their results are something nobody can escape.  The more victories one sports team attains than the others, the better the statistics they have and the more they are viewed as the best.  They also give balance to the equation that is life.  Two plus two will always equal four, and as long as that constant remains in place, all is right with the world.  And they also let us know which side is greater…and which is lesser.  Because one will NEVER be greater than two…or three…or four for that matter!  Do you see the point I’m trying to make Mr. Kelly?  Your defeat in this match isn’t just a matter of skill and ability; at its most basic…it’s a mathematical certainty!  Alone either Mr. Oasis or myself would be enough to defeat you.  But together we are unstoppable.  I am a multiple time World Champion, the longest reigning Tag Team Champion in EAW history, winner of the Cash In The Vault, Chairman of EAW during it’s most successful era, and a certain to be Hall Of Famer!  What are you compared to that Mr. Kelly?  How can you possibly overcome my vast experience and strategic genius?  Mr. Oasis is The Code Of Strength, a former Interwire Champion, and the current World Heavyweight Champion, who won that belt by ending the greatest World Heavyweight Championship reign ever!  What are you compared to him?  How can you possibly match or exceed Mr. Oasis’s raw power and violence?  Argue against it all you want, but you cannot deny these statistics because numbers don’t lie Mr. Kelly!  These stats alone should show you why you have no hope of victory.  But on an even simpler level, you can’t win because there is only one of you, and two of OMERTA!  It’s all quite simple really.  Two heads are better than one!  A man with a large club can’t kill a man who holds two clubs!  Anyone who looks at a scenario like this and still believes he can win is either and idiot, or they have a death wish! 
And let me stop you at the inevitable point you’re bound to make in trying to turn myself and Mr. Oasis against each other.  There is no competition between us.  There is no jealousy and there is no bitterness, there is only loyalty, there is only the family…there is only OMERTA!  As long as one of us holds the gold, we all win!  Who ends up being champion in the end will be decided through a friendly competition of two men with a mutual respect for each other.  But even that result is trivial.  It doesn’t matter whether the championship is on Mr. Oasis or myself.  As long as the belt remains within the family, OMERTA wins!  The belt is currently owned by OMERTA, and by the end of the Rampage, OMERTA will still own it in one form or another!  Your predictable attempts to drive a wedge between us in this match will be laughable!  It shows you have no understanding of the purpose or structure behind OMERTA.  Back in the Golden Age of the mafia, men and women got together to form these organizations so that together they might survive in a dark and cruel world.  Everything they did was to the benefit of the organization, because they understood anything that benefits the group as a whole also benefits the individual as well.  It’s why they punished disloyalty so harshly, because betraying the organization means betraying everyone.  I have adopted this structure into OMERTA and it is why I have gathered so many people to my side already.  Anything that benefits OMERTA will also benefit them as well, a fact that Mr. Oasis, Mr. Silva, and Ms. Sparks have already learned.  Now tell, why would they throw all that away?  What possible purpose could it serve?  How does turning on the biggest, greatest stable in EAW history benefit them?  The answer is it doesn’t!  The only reason anybody does anything is because they think it will lead to something greater for them.  And after what OMERTA has already done for Mr. Oasis, he’s smart enough to know which side of the fence he’s on.  Because he is a man of great gratitude, faith, loyalty, and honor!  As for myself, why would I publicly betray Mr. Oasis?  How would that inspire loyalty to OMERTA?  It wouldn’t, and doing so would end this great family of ours!  So as you can see Mr. Kelly, there is no reason either myself or Mr. Oasis would logically break faith with OMERTA.  In the end, you will stand alone in this match, while I’ll be standing with a friend, a brother, and most importantly…a member of OMERTA!  An organization is only as good as the sum of its individual parts, which is why I meticulously selected each member of this organization.  Like any machine, when we run and function together, the machine works beautifully.  If even the smallest part fails, the entire enterprise falls apart.  I will not fail OMERTA, and neither will Mr. Oasis!
And it’s during this beat down that I want you to think Mr. Kelly.  I want you to realize that OMERTA are not the bad guys in this situation.  Everything that has happened and is about to happen to you is the fault of only one man…yourself!  For every punch, every kick, every drop of blood the falls to the canvas, I want you to think about what you brought down upon yourself and what you could’ve had instead.  You could’ve been a brother, you could’ve had a family, you could’ve been apart of a comradery that rarely exists in wrestling.  Instead you chose the path of loneliness, of solitude, and of pain!  My family is always be looking out for me, and I’ll always be looking out for them.  Whose looking out for you Mr. Kelly?  Who is going to have your back in this match?  Lucian and Brian may have pretended to care about you and your problems, but now when you need them most, where have they gone?  Off to worry about their own wants and desires.  It is this attitude that OMERTA is going to exploit to eventually take over all of Dynasty, and eventually EAW!  My only hope for this match Mr. Kelly is that after it’s all said and done that regret doesn’t consume you.  When we stand over your broken, lifeless corpse and your laying there with nothing but shattered dreams and your lost potential, I sincerely hope that it was all worth it to you in the end.                      
[Zack Crash gets out of the chair and proceeds to the chalkboard behind him.  He grabs a piece of chalk and begins writing a message on the board.  Once he’s finished, he throws the chalk violently to the side, turns to face the camera, places his hand over his heart, and proceeds to echo the words he has just written on the blackboard.]   

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 26th 2016, 11:36 am by Lucas Johnson
Grand Rampage Promo #2 - Put On Notice

So I'm a bum according to the former Hall of Fame champion, Dark Demon? Pretty funny from the Ireland native, I have huge amount of respect for you Demon but while you have your hands full of Jamie O'Hara at Grand Rampage you need to focus on the other thirty eight other people in the match including myself, Carson Ramsay, and among others. I am not going to be a cake walk and be an easy elimination, no need to sound cocky but have you seen my resume? I am a former NCAA Division I Heavyweight Champion, and never lost the title! I had to forfeit the title when I signed here at the land of the elite, I am used to wrestling long matches because I wrestled over thirty matches during my career at The Ohio State University. I even wrestled a long and grueling match against Carson Ramsay this past week on Voltage for the EAW Pure Championship that unfortunately didn't go my way but I put up hell of a fight and was even moments away from winning the title. You hurt King Diemos feelings, huh? Well you are going to be the one crying when you are eliminated by The Wrestling Machine and you might need to cancel your flight back to Ireland when I send you a hospital bill and the doctors need to fix your broken arm after I break it with making you tap out to the Machine Break. Demon, meanwhile you are a high profile wrestler in the squared circle and I have the most respect for your career here at the land of the elite once that bell rings, if we enter around the same time or enter later due to the drawing of entrants, the bottom line is the respect goes out the window and it's every man for himself. I would love to work with you to get a common enemy out but no one is stopping me to get to Pain for Pride 9. Grand Rampage is going to end the same way Reasonable Doubt did inside Hell in a Cell with you losing and being sent back on the shelf. 

JJ Silva you thought The Iconomy wasn't going the way you planned, you were a failure from the beginning. You were doing so well, you were on a roll right after Pain for Pride and even had a New Breed Championship match but didn't win that night and you blame all your failures on The Iconomy but look at you now. Over six months later and you sold your soul to Omerta and the devil himself Zack Crash. Well guess who's in the World Heavyweight Championship match along with Scott Oasis? Zack Crash correct? If Crash and Oasis really cared about you and thought you were an amazing wrestler you would be also in the title match but they just threw you to the wolves and into the Grand Rampage and you have to fight your way to Pain for Pride 9 along with thirty nine other people. Think before your actions JJ.....

Aren't you an angry little one Mr. Y2Impact? What happened to you? You were on top of the Voltage food chain in power along with Hexa-Gun and then Mister DEDEDE defeated you for the Answers World Championship and now you are nothing and just an air balloon that's ready to explode. Impact, you are just like a bully that I dealt with in middle school. I dealt with emotional scaring and was scared to come out of my own shell until I learned the craft of amateur wrestling, you may call yourself 'The Machine' but I am 'The Wrestling Machine' and ready to put another bully in it's place. It seems you are in a dark place also at the moment, went from the top of the world and having a world title match to fighting with thirty nine other men or women in Grand Rampage. Just like Dark Demon and Lucian Black you are another odds on favorite and I hope we are in the same ring together this weekend because I will have no problem throwing you over the top rope.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 26th 2016, 11:24 am by Guest


Seriously JJ, what the FUCK are you even talking about? Do you even know any coherent English or is the true hillybilly in you coming out? Xavier Williams is my protégé, he’s going into the Hall of Fame this year, he’s won two world titles, he’s won a new breed championship, he’s won Cash in the Vault, he’s won Elitest of the Year and he’s shown promise to be a top star since the first day that he walked into this company …and you think you’re going to match what he did? You think you’re going to match what he did to me in a BATTLE ROYAL? C’mon now, you won’t do a single thing to me, why are you still persisting on this? Xavier broke my arm and I continued in the match, when plenty of people, including YOU, wouldn’t have. I competed against Chris Hessian once without being able to see out of one eye, it took somebody like Scott Diamond to get an LEGITMATE ARMY TO PUT ME DOWN. MY LEVEL IS FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR, FAR, GREATER THAN YOURS, JJ. You don’t know any weaknesses of mine, you just blindly think that because Xavier broke my arm, that I must now have a weakness! Well, let me tell you this, even if, IF, that arm wasn’t healed, I’d still be able to smack you all across that ring, all across the ringside area, all across the building, across the streets and all the way back down to your little farm in Kentucky because even if I’m competing with ONE arm, ONE eye, ONE leg, even if I’m competing at twenty percent, I’m still leagues ahead of you. I’m honestly getting pretty embarrassed for you, I’m getting embarrassed for you, I’m getting embarrassed that you’re legitimately trying to parody Mr.Blood from 2011, where all week he just talked non-stop about incoherent shit and he got eliminated in five minutes because he didn’t have an ounce of talent – just like you JJ.

Honestly, I’ll tell you EXACTLY what is going to happen JJ. You’re going to walk into the match, try your absolute damnest to make an impression, and you’re going to fail and get eliminated, you’ll probably get eliminated before I even enter the match. Then, you’re not going to make the Triple Threat card, you’ll get stuck in the 24/7 Battle Royal so they can feel good about getting people on the card, you’ll lose that and then you probably won’t make a single FPV card for the remainder of the year. You won’t win any singles titles, you’ll probably try and make a tag team to go for the tag team titles when it FINALLY sets in on you that you are just NOT good enough to win anything by yourself, and you’ll fail as a tag team as well because NOBODY who is even remotely good enough would ever consider teaming with you and that is just an unfortunate fact of life. How are YOU going to tell me to learn my role? YOU OF ALL PEOPLE? I already know my role in this company and that role is the biggest star IN this company. If I was getting paid bread crumbs like you, I’d be acting a little differently but since I get paid more than anybody in the HISTORY of this company, considering I’m a main eventer in this company, considering I’m a Hall of Famer, considering I’ve been in the main event of Pain for Pride 3 of my last 4 Pain for Pride appearances, I think I know my role here VERY WELL. It’s YOU who needs to learn their role, you need to understand that you are not even going to make a DENT in this match. You need to understand that you are not even going to come close to winning this match, you need to understand that you are NEVER going to be a main event player in this company and you’re only role here is to get paid to be in the middle of the card and make others look better. IF you were any better than that, you’d have won something here before, you’d be higher up on the card than you already were. So please, don’t worry about my weaknesses, you won’t even be in the match most likely to exploit them.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 26th 2016, 10:59 am by Guest
I'm gonna win my match at GR
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 26th 2016, 10:44 am by Guest
Aw, did I hurt Eclipse Diemos feelings?

Did the big bad Dark Demon hurt another person’s feelings?


Why is it always the bums of EAW who come after me and nobody interesting?

Seriously, you really ask why I said you’re going to fail cashing in King of Elite and that you’re a bum? Why I think you’re the most laughable excuse of a KOE winner since Robbie V in 2014? Eclipse, now I don’t know if you got dropped on your head as a child or you just take A LOT of LSD and meth to keep up this ‘creepy’ and deluded persona that you have, but do you forget just how you won KOE? You got eliminated in the qualifiers, and if Gabriel Eden only knew about people having to be of a legal age before you try and get nasty with them, you wouldn’t have even been in that final, let alone be on the show. You were lucky to have gotten a second chance, you were lucky to be fighting three bums like Liam Catterson and Erebus, you were lucky to be fighting the two biggest choke artists in modern day EAW in Aren Mstislav and Lucian Black, you’re lucky to even be considered ‘king’ right now. It’s like when Robbie won King of Extreme in 2014 after Lucian Black pinned him in the qualifier’s but he got a second chance and ended up winning the thing, except at least Robbie was good enough to fight at a main event level, even if he or his son or anybody in his highly hilarious family could never defeat me. What have you even done since winning that crown Eclipse that is going to make ANYBODY believe that you are good enough to cash in and be World Champion? Beat Erebus Jennings? A guy who has only ever succeeded in trash promotions like AWF where even the likes of Troy Archello were considered great? C’mon now, we both know if you had your crown on the line against somebody good, you’d lose. We both know if you had your crown on the line against somebody who isn’t a serial choke artist, maybe JD Damon or Kenny Drake, that you wouldn’t be a king. Nobody has ever considered you as main event material, NOBODY even thought you’d win a pre-show match against Liam Catterson, a guy who can’t even beat Johnny Ventura at Pain for Pride and was buddy buddy with him in a stable while Ventura fucked his girl, nobody considers you on the level of me, Jamie, Xavier, Scott Oasis, Brian Daniels, Mr. DEDEDE, Ares Vendetta, Cameron Ella Ava, Zack Crash or anybody else. You aren’t good enough to compete on the level that is required to be a world champion, you haven’t even been a champion in EAW yet! You lucked into this, you’re a fraud, you know that as well. If you were actually THAT good, you wouldn’t have been eliminated originally anyway! You would have just won all the matches you had to win!

Look at you, you constantly surround yourself with people, whether it’s Cailin, Chris Elite and JJ Silva as the Iconomy or this new one with Maddie, Alexis and god only knows who the other bums are. Why can’t you do things by yourself? Are you actually scared to do something by yourself because you know you’re not good enough? Does it even surprise you that most people actually do better WITHOUT you then they do WITH you? Cailin went from some nobody with you to being the Specialists Champion and a dominating champion, Chris Elite went from being some guy who was around to being somebody of some relevance, and JJ Silva is as big of a bum as ever but fuck him. What is the next stable going to be when people decide that they are tired of your shit and want to get away from you? Hey, maybe you can get Rhaegar, So Shy and Luke Reign to be with you! You can call yourselves the bums of EAW. Sadly for you Eclipse, you’re not winning this match since you can’t just luck yourself to a victory like you did before. Sadly for you, I’m in this match and I’m not a choke artist like Lucian Black or Aren Mstislav, so I’m not sure why you’re even in this match but then again, I guess management did need to fill up the numbers and they needed some more filler so they decided to chuck you in. But you’re right, I do go to any lengths to win matches and sure, I’ll use a railroad spike every now and then but the thing is, I don’t need to use them to win matches. I can just as easily beat the ugly out of you without any kind of weapon so you don’t have to worry yourself much about that. But you’re not going to ‘slay’ me, you’re not going to a single thing to me. You’re not going to a lay a fucking finger on me because I’ll butcher you before you even know what is happening, I’ll have you spinning before you even have time to react. I know you don’t feel pressure Eclipse, so I’m not going to suggest that you’ll freeze the second that you me and get overwhelmed by the pressure and I can respect that, but I’m going to knock your head off and expose you as the fraud you are. I’m going to show you exactly how a World Champion and an actual KOE winner competes and performs in the ring. I’ll show you why you’re better off fighting bums like Erebus Jennings or Carson Ramsay or Lucas Johnson. So you can go ahead and try doing that creepy dark shit towards somebody else because I am not bothered by it, at all.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 26th 2016, 10:10 am by Dead End Bride
Grand Rampage #1

More Drive Than Ever….


I’m more than accustomed to waiting my turn here in EAW. When I arrived here with Aurora Rose about a year ago, we were patient. We wanted a shot at the World Tag Team Championships but EAW asked that we be remained focused on individual pursuits. At Pain for Pride we were involved in two of the most talked about matches on the card: She was in the 24-7 Battle Royal, a prestigious honor that newcomers and veterans alike pine for. I was in some tag team match that we let turn into a singles match where we were all glorified Lumberjacks – or would the term be Lumberjills in the case of women? - anyway…. we lost. We had all agreed beforehand that Haruna should get the shot at Tarah Nova and she failed. Not trying to throw salt on an old wound or anything, but that’s what happened. I waited to take my shot at the Vixens Championship.

I waited for the Empress of Elite tournament to come around. I knew for sure then that it would be my time to step up, my time to prove that I belong in this company and worthy of something more than being labeled “Aurora Rose’s sidekick.” The first match against Aurora was one of the matches that I am the proudest of in my life. We had fun beforehand, fought like hell during it, and I’ll never forget that moment when the bell rang and we had gone the distance. Time Limit Draw, 20 Minute Broadway, whatever you want to call it. We shared the spoils and shared a moment that I will treasure for the rest of my life. It’s unfortunate though it’s the only moment in the tournament that I really had. Not too far removed from that was the moment was the end of the Sky Drivers. Aurora had her fateful encounter with Chuck Scene and it cost my friend her career. It’s one of those memories that haunts me forever, you know?

I lost my focus in the tournament. I lost my drive and I lost my way. After that, there was some of the most embarrassing actions I’ve ever taken in my life. I robbed Tarah of something that she had worked so hard and defended so valiantly. It was a mistake to just hand it to Madison on a Silver platter, but that’s what I did. I just went through this period that I’m not very proud of in terms of who I was and what I was about. I was surly, ungovernable and a disgrace to the sport that my dear aunt introduced me to. I was one step away from being disowned when I just had enough of it one day and started getting myself back in respectable ring shape. Not simply physically, but mentally as well. My psyche, my love for wrestling had been damaged so in a slight reversal of things I asked for EAW to be patient with me. A few months of light bookings before I returned to compete full-time.

When I returned and became the Thundering Heroine, I had to be patient and wait once more. Not for opportunities, because they came. The wait I had to endure was acceptance from the locker room. There has been and in some cases still is a LOT of bad blood out there with me for my past actions. I didn’t run from it. I worked to gain the trust of everyone around me. Promoters, fans, wrestlers. Raven Lee questioned it, Veena Adams questioned it also. In the end, I proved that my reformation was genuine and that I was here to compete on the up and up. I worked hard and even picked up an apprentice of sorts on the way. Azumi Goto…. it’s in its own way a bit of Irony that she became somewhat of a protégé of mine considering that she has been wrestling a little bit longer than I have. She needed a bit of guidance though and I have done my absolute best to guide her. She has flourished into one of the budding stars of EAW’s Vixens division and just recently pushed the Pure Champion to the limit in a match that I was honored to witness at ringside.

My waiting continues though. I thought that I was going to win the Vixens Cup. I beat Veena Adams after she mocked me to my face. I beat Madison when no one believed that I was going to be able to. Those victories came at a cost, however. Each time I advanced, I was beaten up-post match. Sneak attacks from Silence and Madison left me nearly unable to walk. It’s still a mystery to me how I managed to make my way to the ring to face Cameron Ella Ava in the semifinal. Admittedly, it’s a blur in my mind. I lost, not because Cameron was superior to me but because there was simply nothing more that I could give that night.

I waited some more. I waited for Shinsei Domei to be given an opportunity to compete for the tag team championships. With Heart Break Boy retiring, thus ending Stand and Deliver, I knew that being one of the few active tag teams in EAW that our time would eventually come or so I thought. Shinsei Domei has been pushed to the perimeter in favor of the likes of Cerebus, the Sanatorium, and Omerta.

So with tag team glory on hold, I waited for an opportunity at a Singles match. Of all the things I’ve had to wait for, this has been the thing that I have been the most patient with. I understand from firsthand experience that the EAW Vixens Division is the top wrestling division in the world regardless of gender or weight class or company. The very best female wrestlers from Europe, the United States, Japan and Canada roam through these hallways and locker rooms. Any time that you are not on your A-Game you can be beaten and made quite a fool of. However, when someone told me that Silence got a Specialists Championship opportunity instead of me, I felt somewhat perplexed. I was a semifinalist in the Vixens Cup, defeating the CURRENT top contender to the Vixens title and outlasting the second ranked contender, Aria Jaxon by two rounds. They gave a woman who, all intimidating physical attributes aside, a title match when she has a win-loss record that is worse than mine?

That hurt me. It was frustrating to watch someone get a shot at something that I felt I had rightfully earned.

I had to wait to say or do anything about it because I had one of the most grueling matches of my life against Heart Break Gal not long before all of this happened. I called her out and she answered like a hall of famer should. It was not a match where she was completely dominant and I proved that I could more than hold my own against anyone EAW threw at me, but unfortunately my knee was injured during the match and to avoid serious injury once I was locked in one of her submission holds, I had to quit.

That was the most disheartening, frustrating and humiliating thing that has happened to me since I returned. But, instead of crying and saying that I wasn’t ready or any of that other nonsense, I’ve decided to simply stand tall. My knee is fully recovered, as is the rest of my body from the battles that I endured in Toronto. Now, the entire Vixens Division will have to deal with a recharged, rejuvenated and VERY, VERY PISSED OFF ERICA FORD!

We know many of the participants in this match already, this Specialists Rampage that was dreamed up by HRDO. Stephanie Matsuda will be involved. Brody Sparks, Haruna, HBG, Silence, of course the Specialists Champion Cailin Dillon. There are a lot of people who will be going for that belt. I’ve never been in a battle royal like this before with so much on the line. Maybe I should call up Aurora for pointers, I don’t know. One thing that I do know for sure though is that I’m tired of waiting. I have been hungry, no STARVED for an opportunity like this and now here it is, calling my name, eleven other women standing in the way of me getting my hands on my first piece of EAW Championship hardware.

I don’t care who I have to defeat to put my hands on that beautiful belt. I’ve no problem mixing it up with Silence again. There are some people who are in this match that I owe BIG TIME for things that they have said about me like Haruna and the former Cloud Matsuda. I want to prove that I can not only just HANG with the Heart Break Gal, but I can beat her. I want to prove to our fighting Champion that I have the ability necessary to knock her off her perch. I have seen the rumors that So Shy signed up for this fight, by all means she can have a shot. I know who Grace Izumi is. Her brother is someone that I admittedly emulate with my style today. She has done a fine job of carving her own path here though, and I’m not going to shortchange her by saying she’s merely the product of her brother’s legacy. She is her own talent and if she bests Shy I would be proud to share a ring with her.

I’ve waited almost a year for an opportunity like this, ladies. Rest assured, unlike at Pain for Pride in London last year, I will not just casually roll out of the ring and let you eleven others fight it out for the right to call yourselves Champion. I will give any and absolutely everything that I have to make sure that once the dust has settled in Notre Dame Stadium that Irish Eyes will be smiling upon me as your new EAW Specialists Champion?

Here come the Irish?

No. Here comes the Thunder.

Raimei No Yuusha…. Erica Ford…KENZAN!
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Cam, how do I explain this to you? How do I explain what happened at Pain for Pride to somebody who’s head is either far enough up their own ass that they continuously deny it or that I clearly destroyed quite the few brain cells from you ...Why exactly would I be worried about being ‘out-preformed’ by you when I was already clearly dominating the match? If I’m dominating the match, as I said I would, how could I at any be out-performed? But really, you go on and on about me not really knowing you but you clearly don’t know me enough if you actually think I give a damn about who out-performed who. I don’t compete to get the best match, I don’t give a damn about any of that shit, all I care about is KOing my opponent stiff, winning the match, putting the head on Shields desk and toasting a whiskey with him while we discuss big business. Do I REALLY look like I give a damn that you were too much of a wimp to get in the ring and fight me at Pain for Pride? Do I REALLY look like I give a damn whether I pinned you or HBB? All I cared about was winning the match and destroying two people in that ring, you can spin it anyway that you like but you know damn well that’s what happened. You can have the excuse of not being pinned and how you TOTALLY wanted a rematch but nobody is buying that, not one single person. If you were as good as you claim you are, why didn’t you win at Pain for Pride? Why didn’t you just take me out and win the match? What happened to doing THAT, Cam? You walked in as champion on the biggest stage of them all against the undisputed greatest of all time and the Heart Break Boy, the most overrated person in history, and you not only FAILED to defend your title, you barely even did anything in the match. You can make all the excuses in the world, but you LOST. You said you’d walk into Pain for Pride and do something, but you didn’t and we can argue all day long about me pinning HBB and not you but if you really wanted a rematch, you’d have interrupted me one of the several hundred times that I mocked or dissed or insulted you and challenged me to a match. Let’s not act like people haven’t done that plenty of times in history so if you think I’m buying this ‘I wanted to face you but management wouldn’t let me’ bullshit, think again sweetie. If HBB could get a rematch after being slaughtered, you could have. If Diamond Cage can have one of the WORST title reigns in history, lose to a rookie at Pain for Pride and get a rematch, you could have. You don’t really have an excuse, you knew damn well that if me and you faced each other one on one, you’d lose. We know that very well, if I can slaughter HBB without breaking a sweat, why wouldn’t I do the same thing to you? I mean, you’re shorter than him, you’re weaker than him, your punches do nothing but tickle me, why the hell WOULDN’T I beat you? It’s not rocket science Cameron, when you don’t have WWEFan on the titantron or Zack Crash running out there to help you, you cannot beat me. I’m bigger than you, I’ve got a bigger reach advantage than you, I’ve got more power than you, I’m stronger than you, I’d crush you. Sure, sure, you probably have a lot more fight in you than HBB did and you’d probably be too stubborn to stay down but I’ve have NO problem beating your ass for a while, it’d be like you going against Scott Diamond again, he whooped your ass because he was bigger than you and he wasn’t a pussy like HBB, Chuck or Jaywalker or wasn’t some irrelevant bum like Brayden Cruise or some redneck Starr-Stan clone like Jason Cage. In fact, you had to get ME out of retirement to help you beat Scott Diamond because you knew that you COULDN’T beat him! You knew he was bigger and stronger than you and you needed MY help to beat him! Seriously Cam, you beat lames, you would never beat me one on one and as for this whole ‘afraid of you’ shtick, why would I accept the deal of helping you win the title in exchange for a title shot if I was afraid of facing you? Why would I be afraid of some midget anyway? You’re like half my size, I’d bully you in that ring like I did at Pain for Pride. I’d put my hand on your forehead and your tiny little arms wouldn’t even be able to hit me, I’m shocked that I didn’t accidently step on you and squash you at Pain for Pride considering how small you are, it’s an honest wonder that I was even able to see you! It’d be way too easy but hey you know what? When I win Grand Rampage and I win the EAW Championship at Pain for Pride, I’ll give you the very first shot at the title! You can face me on the Draft Show and I’ll crush you AGAIN. This time, you won’t even be allowed an excuse.

And as for this ‘running away’ from EAW shtick, when I lost to Xavier Williams in 2014, you do recall that the stipulation was a loser leaves EAW match, right? So I’m not entirely sure how I would have ran away from anywhere. But do I look like I give a damn about whether I won the Hall of Fame Championship or got the highest contract in the history of EAW? No, I don’t. I never needed to return to this company, I never needed EAW to begin with, it needed me. See, all these old fucks like Mr.DEDEDE can go on and on about how he doesn’t need EAW, but yet after all these years, he’s still here because he knows the day that he hangs up his boots from EAW, he has nothing else. He has no other means to get money, he has no reason to get out of bed and do anything, that’s why you’ll continuously see him fight for this company, continuously see him trying to be chairman and have power, because he’s the one that needs EAW more than anybody, not me. I already have a legacy as the greatest, nobody has done what I’ve done in the space that I’ve done it and nobody kept this company afloat more than me. I can leave here tomorrow morning and go to Hollywood if I want, I can do nothing but sit on a beach in LA all day and do shots if I so much want, because I don’t give two damns about this place. As pretty as you are, you don’t motivate me and please stop trying to flatter yourself by thinking that you do, I motivate myself. Money motivates me. I really couldn’t give two damns about some Mexican midget who I wouldn’t be shocked if it was reported tomorrow morning was illegal and was being deported back to Mexico.

I’m wining the Grand Rampage, you best just accept that. Nobody is getting in my way, I’ll gladly dominate you again – although I’m sure you’d oddly enjoy that- and I’ll rip your head off, I’ll go over to LA and take out your entire family if I have too, I’m winning this match and I’m winning this match. So, please don’t waste my time with your tired shtick, I don’t care about you. You’re not going to beat me, you lose to bums like Aria Jaxon, you lose to NOBODIES like Sheridan Muller, you lose Vixen Cups and Empress of Elites despite being ‘too good for the Vixens Division’ and I’m supposed to take you as a threat? I honestly feel bad for you Cameron, maybe you should take a seat with Jamie, Aren and Lucian on the losers table and the four of you can cry all you like and bitch all you want about me when I win.
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EAW Promoz!

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