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 EAW Promoz! (Section closed)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Section closed)

Here you can write promos about shows, Extremist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Section closed) :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 9:41 pm by The Consigliere

Look at you getting shaken by the fact that someone is doubting your relationship with your equally obnoxious Dy-hards! I can see it now, Lucian. I can see your teary, puppy dog eyes, pleading to them, and asking for assurance: 

"What she says isn't true, right?" "You guys love me, right?" "You guys think I'm going to survive this one, right?" 

When you're practically begging for attention and comfort like an annoying little bitch on her goddamn period, who in their right mind wouldn't tell you that things are going to be ok? Best they can do is to give you a pat on your shoulder, with a few words of encouragement: "Yeah, sure, Lucian! Knock 'em dead!" Enough to make you feel better about yet another high-stakes situation where they know you'll end up being a let-down, but not convincing enough to actually believe, because right after you turn your back on them, they'll clearly see an explosive attached to your back that could kill you in an instant, while you're too careless, too ignorant to even notice it! And no one would care to tell you about it, Lucian. No one would warn you about how fucking awful this would end, and how your body will end up being scraped from the floor after it's been reduced into slush, because after Dynasty Wrestling's curtain call, and after yet another "successful" show, they all talk amongst themselves about how it excites them to know that the Dynasty abomination Lucian Black will suffer yet another failure. Wanna know why? It's because you are nothing but a moronic clown whose mere existence is enough to entertain them! It's because you are nothing but a racing horse people place their bets on whether for or against, despite having a real life and a real career, and when you embarrass yourself so much, it only makes them feel better about their own boring, unfulfilled lives, knowing they're not you. You are nothing but a fluttering chicken whose head just got severed by a fucking butcher knife, directionlessly running around as your "fans" anticipate exactly how long it will take you to drop dead. 

HAH, it's fucking hilarious how you're suddenly so apologetic about the things I've explained as to why you're Dynasty Wrestling's biggest fuck-up, when the first time you heard those words from me it's like you don't even know what I'm talking about! This is the problem with you shameless idiots who try and cross me, you seem to have this idea in mind that I actually don't pay attention to what's happening around me and that I don't listen to the whispers on the outskirts of EAW. Now, how do you think I know they can't stand the sight of you, Lucian? How do you think I know that you're the one responsible for this whole mess? Since you're talking about how apples are different from oranges, and how The Mercenaries are different from Team Dynasty and Zack Crash, you missed one important detail that separates Y2Impact and I from the rest of you -- we fight with our pride as warriors of extreme. We have one purpose, one goal and we work our way to achieving exactly that, and we do it for ourselves, for our vision on how truly amazing this company would be if it were under Hexa-gun's control. We are talking about benefits and pros that would make our co-workers truly delighted, we are talking about elevating the greatness of EAW, bringing back the smell of violence and brutality in the atmosphere it's missed for a long time, making the extremists work harder and become better in their approach to climbing up the ladder to success, while pushing people down in the process who couldn't live up to the expectations. We do this for ourselves, admittedly, but at least when the curse of failure surrounds us, we won't be dragging others in our mistakes and we'll only be looking for ourselves to decide what we need to improve on. At least when our plans go awry, WE are the ones to adjust, WE are the ones to recollect ourselves, and not an entire fucking company who put their trust on us, but it turns out they had just wasted their time being passed from owner to owner, from manager to manager, not knowing if it's even legal to be "independent" since you're basically still using elements, Championships, even fucking graphics, that are owned by EAW. I mean, hasn't this been the story of Dynasty lately? Isn't this the "independence" that you're so proud of? Month after month of being threatened to be forced to return to its original owner, having to risk your career just to make sure Crash steps down from power, having to fight in body-crushing structures like an Extreme Elimination Chamber just to, what? Make sure that your company stays on its own for another month? Was independence truly worth it when you're always on watch of threats and plagues, sicknesses and disasters that you're constantly struggling to handle? Was independence truly worth it when you're always under attack and just waiting for the missile to directly hit your operations before your people lose their jobs and go hungry? Dynasty isn't independent. Dyasty is on life support. You've deluded yourselves into thinking it's any other way. Indeed you have isolated Zack Crash, but it's like keeping a big 'ol turkey in the fridge so the rats don't feast on it, and yet leaving the door open anyway. You left the door open when your idiotic management decided it would be a fucking brilliant idea to put him on the roster instead of seeking complete separation, where he can roam around freely and pull strings like this was still his own. This is exactly what we intend to fix. This is exactly the reason why you need Hexa-gun.

Don't call us the bad guys. Don't call us corrupt. Everything we do, we do for the betterment of the company. In every match we compete in that displays EXTREME, we do nothing but show that reviving the breathing ground of this company that everyone has forgotten isn't so bad, and they tend to bring out the best and the worst in us weekly, something no elite match can do. But we can't get our point across because people tend to put their jealousy and insecurities first before actually hearing out our purpose. And the fact that we are better than them and everyone else is a hindrance to that, which I actually don't really mind, but it just means we have to take extreme measures and be the mercenaries we truly are in order to gain full control, in order to take everything we want for ourselves. Once again, it's not a problem. I'm not afraid of my downfall. I'm not scared of risking my well-being. I like being leader of Hexa-gun, and I absolutely like fighting for Y2Impact. You can hurt me, burn me... I'd like to see that happen. People have threatened to end Hexa-gun, and time and time again, they fail. This time won't be different. Team Dynasty and the Crash Regime will fall like the rest, because at Road to Redemption, you'll be left looking for every excuse in the book, every new way to whine about your losses, all the while being comforted by that moronic waste of space you call a partner, while Hexa-gun reigns and celebrate. Just you watch, Lucian.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 9:39 pm by Mr. DEDEDE
The closer Road to Redemption nears, the further away my salvation feels. The days passing felt like minutes, but now that RTR is in a matter of hours the hours feel like years. My oasis in the desert, my reprieve from my long trek through the wilderness, my haven in the fires of hell, it's only 24 hours away. It feels like an eternity. All that stands between me and my crown jewel now is just time. You know as much as I'd like to codify time to just being nothing more than a figment of the mortal man's imagination, that won't do me any good here. I'm put in a position especially at this stage of my career where I have no choice but to accept time as being the maker and breaker of all who dwell the Land of Elite, Extreme, Merchants, Beasts... and I always stood by the saying that timing is everything. It's timing that's been the key to my success, it's worked for me repeatedly; anyone who knows a thing about my career knows that I've used time to my advantage time and time again. But in the grand scheme as the days go by and the days become months, and the months become years, suddenly time becomes my enemy. I develop a sense of aversion to the concept of time; but one thing that I have no choice to accept is decay. Whether I choose to ignore the concept of time when it's convenient for me or otherwise, what I can't ignore is decay. In my training regiment I've had to change everything, I had to accept that I need to adjust, either that or perish. The environment changes, so I must change. Everyone else is prepared, so I need to be prepared. Everybody knows what I bring to the table, so I need to change around my formula. It's because of this that I can still stand here in December of 2015 and still be the odds-on favorite going into this match. It's because I don't let time pass me by. It's because I don't fall victim to decadence, instead I adopt the traits of the wise and I build and destroy. I build new methods, I destroy old ones. I build new habits, I destroy the old. Everything is a cycle and I manipulate the cycle and take advantage of every opening, THIS. IS. MY. LIFE. 

This is all I can think about.

I'm too devoted to my craft for any of you to simply prepare for it when the time comes. So it doesn't matter how much you study me Scott Oasis, it doesn't matter how much hatred for me is in your heart Ares Vendetta, It doesn't matter how self impressed you are, Liam Catterson; the fact remains, you are and always have been playing my game. You are a player in the game I've developed, you are the subject to the formula I've concocted. You play by the rules that I've set no matter what the hell you may think otherwise. Oasis, it doesn't matter how much footage you watch, it doesn't matter how many vignettes, matches, promos, training videos, documentaries, commercials you take in...... nothing compares to the real thing. That's what you're getting in a matter of years hours Oasis. Trust me, no one is ever prepared for it. Some are able to adjust on the spot, and few manage to get the better of me, but no one is ever prepared to face Mr. DEDEDE when the time comes. Quite frankly I'm a genius between those ropes. I'm the best to ever do it. I don't know if this comes naturally or maybe it comes from obsessive planning, but what I do in the ring is unprecedented. Six match of the years, unprecedented. Two Elitist of the Years, unprecedented. And after Road to Redemption I'll have held every World Title EAW's ever had, THAT'S GOD! 

You could never dream of a feat like that Liam Catterson. You could never hope to accomplish anything remotely close. I've got a feeling your best days are behind you, which is sad, but I can't say I feel sorry for you. Just because you called me one of the greatest to ever do it doesn't mean I'm going to mince words with you Liam so allow me to give it to you straight: I don't give a damn about you. I don't give a damn what you say about me even if it is positive, because you still have the nerve to even suggest that somehow I won't be able to keep up with you because of time -- when regardless of time you're STILL AN INSECT!!!! A BUG!!!! Just a hopeless little worm! Don't you get it??? You couldn't sniff my jockstrap, not on your best day; putting your abilities up against mine is like holding a candle up to the sun. You don't hold a candle, son. You don't belong in the same ring with me because you'll never be in the same stratosphere as me. We'll never be in the same plane of existence, we'll never be colleagues, we'll never be grouped in the same class, we'll never be remotely compared. Nobody will ever say "Liam Catterson is up there with the DDD's, Banks' and Jay's!" because you're average. You are the poster boy for the middle of the pack. You will not become Answers World Champion tomorrow night. Sucks to be you! Sorry abou that. I'm sure you knew all of that deep inside but hey keep on trucking right? Keep walking into battles you know you can't win right? It's worked for you in the past! I'm sure it'll work for you again! Liam, I wouldn't be surprised if you never become World Champion again... but wait it get's worse because you have my word, when I become the Answers World Champion, I will never give you a title shot. This isn't because I'm scared of you -- take Scott Oasis for example, I'd be glad to give him a shot. He's got quite a bit of potential on him. He actually has the right to have goals and aspirations because he hasn't hit his ceiling like you have. The sky's still the limit for him. You have reached your limit my friend. You are finished. You are fucked. Time has passed you by, and you could not adapt. Reevaluate your pathetic excuse for a career next time you try to lunge for my neck, because I will have no problem cutting through you if you ever open your cocksucking mouth and throw dirt on my name again. Fuck you.

And as for you Ares...

Oh Ares...

I was watching on Showdown Redemption as you were forced to look at that shell of a man who once ruled the world. I salivated as I saw you watch in horror as the man who you once called "father" was revealed to the world as nothing more than a wax caricature of the fallen king, the modern day Ozymandias, Mikado Sekaiichi. 

I want you to remember that I did that to him.

Not this company. EAW didn't do this to him. It's not this company who needs to burn. It's me. It was all me. And I know I will burn, I know I will burn in hell for all I've done... but that doesn't mean I can't take credit for everything I did. I want you remember what I did to your father and I don't ever want you to forget it. I want it fresh on your brain, I want it ingrained in your thought pattern, I want you to carry that pain around with you always. And know that "killing Methuselah" is a mere consolation prize for what I did to your father. It doesn't mean a goddamned thing because I'm still here. I mean for the love of God I know your dad being in such a pathetic state can be a horrifying experience, but what did you honestly expect? Once you go to such great lengths and reach such great heights, how could you ever think your father could fall from the mountain top and hit the bottom as hard as he hit it and still come out of it in one piece? He deserved it for putting all of his eggs in the same basket, and had I taken that fall I would have deserved the same fate. It was him or me, Ares... you should understand that. Your father took it this far, and now at Road to Redemption we're going to see if you really are your father's son, and by that I mean if you're as stupid as he is, and by that I mean we're oing to see if you're really going to take things just as far as he did. Genuinely, I hope not. It's a waste, honestly! No really, it's a waste! You're young, talented, you got your consolation win over "Methuselah"... let it go. I know you won't, you're too damned stupid, but it's a good thing this is the Elimination Chamber and it's a good thing it's not just about you and I in that ring because had this been anything more I would have had a hell of a time with you. Don't think I'm opposed to going through every layer of hell with you the same way I did with daddy. Don't think what happened at Reckless Wiring means anything. I'm on a completely different wavelength now than I was even then. It would almost replenish the sadist in me to leave you in the same position as your miserable, wretched FUCKING FAILURE of a FATHER AND I WILL GLADLY DO THAT IF THAT'S THE WAY YOU WANT IT! 

I suggest you keep yourself from throwing it all away. There's only one thing I really want anyway. I would love to step on Liam like the bug he is. I would love to humiliate Ares Vendetta. I would love to get my revenge at Ryan Savage. I would love to humble Devan Dubian. However there's only one thing that I truly need. There's only one thing that will satisfy me... and I'm only 24 hours from it. It's just a matter of time.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 9:30 pm by My Watch Has Ended

Excuse me, I just thought I’d let out the inner animal in me. At the end of the day, humans are also considered animals. We are part of the mammal clan and possibly the most intelligent animal in the chain…Depending who you want to direct that towards. This week, I’ve heard the same spiel from every insulting contribution to this chamber match and it is always the same ol’ shit. “Why consider Liam Catterson as a threat, he’s the laughing stock of this match”. You fucking ignorant set of idiots…I am disappointed with how today’s crop of intellect need to repeat the same shit in order to try and land a successful attack on me…


You know what? I shouldn’t even be amazed by the fact that Scott Oasis is a sheep because this is true, Scott Oasis fashion. The man has never brought up a coherent conversation in his pitiful life and yet here he is, trying to put me down. The joke’s on you, Oasis because whilst your monotonous speech is poor and your optimism is pretty brave, it is cute you think you can gain the advantage over me because you rely on the past to gift you success. It is easy enough to assert your strength over someone else’s and walk out knowing the fact you’ve set the benchmark, it is another when you’re facing someone in a different environment to the norm. This isn’t any standard match you’re battling me again, Scott. You’re facing me in a chamber with four other bloodthirsty warriors who don’t want to lose either. But they’re going to have to surrender their thirst for another time because I will fight until my last breath to win that championship and I can’t allow scrubs like you, who like to think of themselves as names belonging to the main event scene but in reality, are funny to even contemplate the opening of a world championship to their own name. Those questioning my reasoning for being in the chamber can piss off and bitch about it on Twitter, where nobody will bat an eye to their string of tweets moaning about why Liam Catterson was even considered to be in this chamber match because if you believe that I am supposed to feel negated by the comments of people who question why, you don’t know me as good as these people assume. When people criticise my appearance in any medium of EAW, it just means I am really digging under their skin and I take that as a victory and you can take it whatever you want it to be but just know, I don’t exactly remember the fans calling you ‘successful’. See, you can shit on my legacy as much as you want and I’ll be okay with it because I know even though my past has fallen off the radar quite a bit, it is still more than what your tiny career has accomplished. Then again, you’re the type of idiot who disregards his own disadvantages and that is why you fail. Preach against me with all your might, you’re only going to look like the more foolish person. 

Everyone else will too. It’s not just directed to those who reject my chances on becoming champion but also those who fail to see how much of a contribution I shall be for this chamber match. People speak about why Liam Catterson is even considered to be in this match and it’s not just pieces of shits like Scott Oasis but it is the fans after their recent betrayal against my name. Even if I am somehow defeated in the chamber tomorrow, I am going to show the world why I am deserving of multiple world championship shots. I am going to prove my capability to defeat the cynical remarks from Scott Oasis, to silence the overrated has-been that is DEDEDE and to the cowards out there who reject my presence; they will fear my physicality more than the words they already take with caution. Overseeing my competitors, I tend to think they are assigned different roles. Be it running their mouth off because they are an esteemed member of this company, counting down the clock or fighting tooth and nail to retain the championship he’ll lose this weekend, they are unaware of the trauma they’ll experience under Catterson. One can dream a submission for mercy from their faint voice but to acknowledge defeat against me is a crime to my competitors. I hope you are all prepared, gentlemen because I am going to push myself beyond my limitations to make this my winter wonderland. 
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 9:07 pm by Impact
You applaud me? Tell me, Lucian, or should I say George, wherever did you get the idea that I was hiding? You think I'm twiddling my thumbs and isolating myself because I dread the reality of losing? "Lose" isn't even in my vocabulary, that's because I win forever; and no minor roadblock can change the fact that I always find a way to veer the complexion of a war in my favor just when all of the pundits and detractors counted me out and wrote me off. Are you convincing yourself a victory at Road to Redemption will represent a step in the right direction on your never-ending path to World Championship gold? When you first addressed me, you made it sound like you were dying to get another opportunity, that you hadn't been given a fair shot at the most coveted holy grail in our industry since losing to me at Reasonable Doubt five years ago, but have you conveniently forgotten you could have been World Heavyweight Champion if you beat Tyler Parker at Grand Rampage just eight months ago? For a man so hell-bent on revenge, you'd think it would have reached you that the sweetest revenge you can possibly exact lies in winning the title and further separating yourself from your failures, proving you've risen beyond them and legitimately turned over a new leaf as opposed to just claiming you have when you know damn well a loss this Saturday would thwart your hopes for the future and absolutely devastate you beyond repair. I pride myself on my excellent foresight, I know you're going to play the role of a contrarian and feed me some bullshit about how you don't plan to lose so you're not even considering that as an option, but your inability to acknowledge the prospect of failure is a byproduct of the fact that you yourself don't know if you could motivate yourself any further after a soul-crushing defeat like that. You talk about how you've experienced metamorphoses, but I stare into your eyes when you speak and I see a timid, reticent little child scared to death of the demons in his past being reawakened, I see an insect that cowers before the sight of his own shadow, a man that is struggling against the failure that's been served to him in seconds throughout his entire career who knows in his heart of hearts that the grim reaper is knocking on his door and will sooner kick it down and douse your entire house in lighter fluid before setting it ablaze, watching the fireworks and hearing the panicking, futile screams than allow you to escape.

The world's smallest violin plays each time you flip-flop your perspective and vacillate between the virtuous, noble "man of honor" the spectators in the audience view you as and this vengeance-driven, war-seasoned great who has excelled on every platform and is determined to change the course of his career by destroying the man who curtailed it, and if you can't be consistent in how you speak, if you're not comfortable in your own skin and you're openly admitting to deceiving these fans, what makes you think you can follow through with your intentions tomorrow night? Foppery and whim? See, that's the difference between Lucian Black and Y2Impact; the former forces his partners to be flexible and adept to countering adversity because he's dynamic in the worst possible way, nobody can predict his actions or discern exactly which Lucian Black is showing up, while the latter ALLOWS his partner to be flexible. I'm coveted because I'm a leader that understands timing and knows when to take command of the huddle, but the chain of events that forced you in this position today doesn't fit your narrative at all, does it? You claim to be a success story of Herculean proportions who is match-transcendent and excels in all environments, but the truth and the facts are inconvenient for Lucian, aren't they? Because the truth is you've still yet to win a World Championship, you've had chances to prove your worth and shine in the limelight and you've failed to capitalize despite constantly flapping your gums and mouthing off ever since you returned. Maybe your redemption story would carry more merit if you hadn't proven woefully incapable of capturing the World Championship against Tyler Parker, or even the fool's gold pseudo-title that was the Dynasty World Championship, but you crumbled under the pressure instead of rising to the occasion, and as a result, instead of being angry at yourself, instead of being disappointed in your performance, training harder and challenging yourself to be more diligent when faced with arduous endeavors, you focus on your surroundings and you project your frustrations and insecurities on them because you, Lucian Black, cannot live with the fact that the only person you have to be angry at for your lonely trophy case is yourself.

You can't weather the storm and face the ridicule alone, you're left in the uncomfortable position of either admitting you're a failure and accepting your role as a perpetual underachiever or dragging the competition that outlasts and outdoes you down with you. You can deceive the audience, the fans, and the Dynasty management into believing otherwise, but I exposed you nearly five years ago and you've been struggling to pick up the pieces ever since, you've been overjoyed merely to feast on scraps because you more acutely than anyone are aware of what your ceiling is, and while you're certainly familiar with bottoming out, you know you've already ascended to your apex and shattering that ceiling is a leap further than you're capable of jumping. Rather than shy away from the spotlight, I welcome the challenge, I welcome the critics, and I welcome everything that accompanies it. Why? Because, unlike Lucian Black, I have a track record that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt I can silence those critics, that I AM built for the heavyweight fight, a track record that's included numerous championship wins and a trophy case full of gold no other extremist in history can stake claim to. This battle at Road to Redemption won't be dictated by past history, I readily acknowledge that and I never expected it to; to be quite honest, I wouldn't have it any other way. But as opposed to making empty promises and rambling about what I'm going to do, I've actually set a precedent for achieving all of the accomplishments and accolades that a glorified bust like Lucian Black only yearns for. As for making the people of Dynasty and its audience accept me? I don't need to. This isn't a democracy; this is a dictatorship. And where it concerns possibly unifying Extreme Answers Wrestling with Dynasty once again? I was no more a fan of the latter declaring independence than I've ever been of the circus sideshow Zack Crash regime in EAW, so I'll defer to the great Kendrick Lamar: "one hand, I juggle them both." Better choose your words wisely, Lucian; that transformative metamorphosis you spoke of could be foreshadowing for some sharp regression, and who knows? Maybe you'll ride my coattails, carry my bags, shine my shoes, and cement yourself as my lackey... It's happened before, and in the blink of an eye, everything you've worked and aspired toward can vanish as you reverse course and pledge your allegiance to me once again, a loyal member of the budding Impact Empire.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 7:36 pm by Tyler Parker
I've played this game far too nicely. I've had this little tug-of-war with Jaywalker for the past couple of months but it's evident to me that playing this game nicely, playing by the rules, so to speak... hasn't been as efficient as I thought it'd be and it's a shame to say or, better yet, a shame to think of how I'm going to be against five others in the Elimination Chamber. Unlike Tig Kelly who seems to think he knows what he's talking about even though he's never been in a match like this, I have and I've been in a match like these a couple of times in my career. I captured the World Heavyweight Championship two years ago in the Chamber. Last year, I was this... THIS close to recapturing the World Heavyweight Championship. This year? This year, I'm not going to be this close of recapturing it, I am going to recapture it --- that's all there is to it. I know Brian Daniels is going to have something to say about it but I don't care what he has to say, I've never cared for what he has had to say. I have the utmost respect for him, more respect than I have for anyone else in this match and that's because I have no respect for any of them. I don't want for him to twist what I've said because he knows that I said if anyone was going to take the World Heavyweight Championship away from me, it was going to be him because no one else on Dynasty could for nearly seven months. I've beaten anyone and everyone on Dynasty, there's nothing left for me to do but to recapture the World Heavyweight Championship and that's what I'm going to do in twenty-four hours. I've been here before and I know this all too well, I know how to recover, recuperate and get back up and that's what I'm going to do even though I'm going to be against five others but see, this is where Jaywalker is at his worst and this is where I'm at my best. This is where I'm going to show just how much of a threat I am not just to Jaywalker but everyone else in the Chamber. This is where I'm going to show Jaywalker why he should've just waved the white flag after House of Glass. Because this is where Jaywalker's idiocy comes in, this is where Jaywalker feels as if he has gained the upper hand and rightfully so, this is where he underestimates me when I'm in a situation like this and who knows if I'd back down when I'm in a situation like this? I'm not going to back down. Because I know that where others would panic? I'm patient. Waiting for Jaywalker to make one little slip. One little slip --- that's all it takes for me to gain the upper hand. I'm waiting for it and I know it's going to happen because Jaywalker's ego is going to be why he makes that one little slip. He may think that he has me where he wants me, he may think that he has the upper hand in a situation like this but I'm known for being unpredictable but the one predictable thing about me is that I'm persistent and I'm not going to let it slide like most others would. I'm going to walk into this empty-handed but I'm not going to walk out of this empty-handed. Not that this would be for nothing but because I should be rewarded for what I do to Jaywalker. I'm going to make sure that he's unresponsive to everything around him and rest assured, the end of this little tug-of-war that we've had is going to be after I've put him through the pods, put him through every side of the structure and put him through the ring, the end of this is going to be the end of his career and I'm not going to feel bad about it.

But Jaywalker and Carlos Rosso seem to think that I'm in their way even though it's them who are in my way.

You old fucks just don't get it, do you? It's you who are in my way because after I took some time off, I came back for one thing and that's the World Heavyweight Championship and I was going to get my shot at it had it not been for Jaywalker interfering in the Brand Rampage match but after what he did to me, how do you think that was going to sit with me? After I was close to getting my shot at the World Heavyweight Championship and reclaim what's rightfully mine, how do you think I felt about someone who had just came back into the business was claiming something that I claimed months before he even came back? How do you think that made me feel? They said that I had to earn my shot but then Jaywalker comes back and spits on everything that I have worked for and to tell you the truth, I've slaved trying to get to where I am today and I've slaved trying to get my shot at the World Heavyweight Championship but that backfired on me. I'VE BEEN WORKING MY FINGERS TO THE BONE, TRYING TO DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING I COULD SO THAT I'D BE ON TOP LIKE I HAD BEEN FOR MOST OF THIS YEAR, BEING INDUCTED INTO THE HALL OF FAME, DOING MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE HAS THIS OR ANY OTHER YEAR AND JAYWALKER TRIES TO TAKE SOMETHING THAT HE CAN'T EVEN EARN. So I think you know why I feel... how I feel. This is what I need so that this past year of hard work, this past year of busting my ass off, this past year of pouring my own blood, sweat and tears into this... this is just what I need so that this past year wasn't for nothing. So I'm going to do whatever it takes and I mean whatever it takes to reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship. I know I'm going to have to go through the likes of Brian Daniels, Jaywalker, Carlos Rosso, Rhaegar and Tig Kelly to do it but I'm going to if it's the last thing I do. If you thought for one second that I've done whatever I could to Jaywalker, then you haven't seen anything yet. If you thought that I took out all of my anger on him, then you haven't seen anything yet. Because I'm just getting started, what I did at House of Glass was just the start. What I'm going to do to not just him but everyone else in the Chamber isn't for the faint of heart and once I'm done with them, more so once I'm done with him, he's going to wish he never came back. I don't intend on letting up, I don't intend on saying that I'm going to end his career for him to come back in a couple of weeks, no, I intend on getting rid of and disposing Jaywalker because I'm sick and tired of having to see him, of having to hear his voice and his name. I'm sick and tired of the thought of even being compared to him because after everything I've done this past year, I shouldn't be compared to someone like Jaywalker. I shouldn't be compared to anyone else on Dynasty because they couldn't hold a candle to me and what I've done in this business, I make no mistake in saying that but if someone thinks that I'm making a mistake in saying that, if someone really thinks that I'm making some sort of false accusations then please, PLEASE... try and prove me wrong so I can prove once again why I'm a two-time World Champion and Hall of Famer. I'm not going to lay down for anyone, Jaywalker wants me to retaliate and I'm going to give him what he wants. I'm going to give him what he wants and I'm going to make sure that he doesn't even get to finish what he started. I'm going to bring everything and leave nothing for him to do.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 6:52 pm by Clark Duncan
This is not the battle to end the war.

Let's be honest here. We have three factions going at it right now. We have us, Team EAW, fighting to keep our name and honor and not fall to the minnows known as Dynasty Wrestling and the tyrants known as Hexagun. This isn't the end. This is nowhere near the end. Don't let the stipulation and tagline of this main event fool you. The winner takes it all idea is just as dramatic as the ABBA song really. Dynasty Wrestling and Hexagun are going into this wanting to overthrow EAW. Dynasty Wrestling wants their revenge for Lucian Black's costly loss and Hexagun is out to return EAW to the way it was once known - as the land of extreme. This is futile. I'm going into an extreme elimination chamber match which is basically a death sentence. We're outnumbered but we won't be outsmarted or outwrestled and when it comes down to it, despite flying the elite flag, Zack and I, we will take it to the extreme. People must not forget that the man that is chairman of this company walked through EAW's doors originally as a thrill-seeker. The man used to live and breathe the word extreme before he was reformed. Not only that, but he loves this company, it's like his child. Nobody in their right mind wants to see their baby harmed unless they're properly sadistic. Zack Crash is a lot of things, but he's not so fucked up that he wants to watch EAW burn which Dynasty Wrestling and Hexagun seem to think. Everything he has done has been for the better of this company. That's why I'm fighting this fight with him. It's not because I'm a mindless goat begging to be paralyzed by four other competitors in one of those most unforgiving structures in the wrestling world. When Zack and I emerge victorious, I'm going down in the history books as the man that stood by the chairman when the company was saved from the eager beavers that are John Conning, HRDO and Hexagun as well as when nobody else would. If I get beaten up to the point where I need to be stretchered out barely breathing, so be it. I'm a man of the company and I won't hesitate to shed blood, sweat and tears to keep this company under the rule of our glorious overlord Zack Crash.

Jacob Senn on the other hand, he doesn't know what the hell he's doing. He believes that everything is going his way. Maybe in your ideal parallel universe, Jacob. This is not the utopia you want it be. This is war. Men and women are going to get seriously hurt at the hands of Team EAW. Your wild fantasies of Lucian and yourself dismembering myself, Zack, HBG and Y2Impact are too damn cute, but you can keep those dreams for another day, because they certainly aren't about to become a reality. I've got so much momentum right now, I liken it to a bullet train travelling at the speed of light. Victory after victory, I keep on going. All my wins of late have been without any form of help from external forces. I win on my own terms. I had Zack partner me on Dynasty, but I got the job done. I had Carson Ramsay distract Nick Angel on Voltage, I still finished him off and capitalized. Do you see the theme here, Senn? Clark Duncan doesn't lose like you think he does. Come on Senn, be smart. If it came down to Zack and I in the chamber, it wouldn't matter. Team EAW has won. That's what we'll be there to do. This isn't about some personal achievement to slap on the curriculum vitae. If you're actually in this for that, I feel sorry for Lucian. That poor sod is about to get destroyed and his partner wants to be last man standing in the chamber? Oh Jacob, you're a terrible person. No wonder you fit right in to the Dynasty cesspool. Just like you pledge allegiance to Lucian, Conning and HRDO, I do the same to Zack and EAW. They've given me the platform to make all of your lives a misery. It's only so long before Zack and I get to wave that Team EAW flag in victory and neither you nor Lucian can stop us, Senn.

Just like Lucian seems to want no part of anything to do with me, Y2Impact has apparently made the same decision. The Heart Break Gal is proudly representing Hexagun for the most part and to be honest, I'm a little surprised. Given I pinned Y2Impact last week on Dynasty, I expected a vicious and verbose tirade coming my way. Alas, I settle to try and make HBG believe that Hexagun are about to once again lose to the team of Zack Crash and Clark Duncan as they represent the very thing Hexagun despises. Okay HBG, let me explain. The reason I've brought up that victory time and time again is rather simple. It's not because it means anything to me. Sure, a win is a win and I'll take that any day of the week, particularly against Hexagun. The reason I keep bringing it up is because I don't want you to forget it. I'm not stupid, I remember you saying it doesn't mean a thing to you. You know what will mean something? You know what might actually be a painful memory? Your imminent loss in the upcoming main event of Road to Redemption. You, the Heart Break Gal, one half of The Mercenaries herself has made the very point that Hexagun won't lose again, especially not to such feeble competition like Zack Crash and myself, yet that's exactly what is about to happen. We started a job. We created a mission. This isn't the be all end all, HBG. We both know that. When Zack and I emerge victorious, it's going to leave a sick feeling in the stomach of every Hexagun, particularly those of yourself and Y2Impact and with that in mind, you will retaliate. This won't end. Not any time soon. How does Hexagun simply walk away after this? I'm not pretending for a moment that there won't be a Hexagun member or associate trying to snipe me from a rooftop anywhere I go after we win at Road to Redemption, but that's the risk I'm willing to take. I'm in this fight for the same reason every else is, control of this business. We all want one thing - to take it all. However, only one team and one group can actually stand and scream out they were victorious and say 'venimus, vidimus, vicimus' and that team will be Team EAW. One of those people will be me.

At Road to Redemption, Clark Duncan will not lose. Two matches and two triumphs equal one very happy individual.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 5:59 pm by Clark Duncan
I have a confession to make. I'm a TLA fan.

Our little feud over the New Breed Championship has been nothing but fascinating and in perhaps the most interesting and exciting twist yet, TLA goes and dedicates a Sexual Panther Production parody of Star Wars to me. Oh TLA, I'm so flattered that you would go to so much effort to show your disgust for me. That's too kind, too thoughtful. My sharp wit is usually on point, but that's beyond even some of the best gags I've ever written. I don't even know what to say honestly, I'm so enamored by your masterpiece that I'm at a loss for words!

Ha, no! How I wish that was true. If only there weren't more things to say. While Clar Clar Duncs may be some stupid little representation of who you think I am, I found it funny. I found it downright hilarious that not so thinly veiled pot shots were thrown around left, right and center. It was certainly clever on your part TLA, I'll give you that. You're a ridiculously intelligent dude, unlike most other people I've faced and for that, I applaud you. Considering how much we seemingly despise each other, there has been an odd amount of love and compliments thrown around. Rest assured though, it's business as usual once the bell rings.

Your talents are well documented, your ability always on show but you'll have literally have to kill me to stop me from walking out of Road to Redemption without the New Breed title. That's no exaggeration, TLA. That's a genuine statement. And I know, I'm all too aware that you didn't even need that invitation, you'll give everything and then some regardless of whether I gave you strict instructions to actually straight up murder me live in the ring with millions watching. But TLA, anything you can do, I can do better. That's a fact and if you think that's all bullshit, you'll find out the hard way this weekend. I'm more talented, I'm more savvy, I'm more witty, I'm more than capable of making sure the New Breed Championship leaves with me and you scamper back to Dynasty empty-handed and with your tail between your legs knowing that Clark Duncan left you battered and bruised.

My mission for a while now has been to become the New Breed Champion. I got the taste of it ever so briefly before I was robbed of the title by TLA. I had people debating whether I was ever officially the true holder of the New Breed Championship and people were appalled that I was boasting that I was the man that should rightfully hold it when I had apparently done nothing to deserve or earn it. All that changes now. Everything changes now. At Road to Redemption, I will officially win the New Breed Championship and be able to sport the belt and title of EAW New Breed Champion. Once that happens, let's see just how many people are up in arms about the validity of me being the leader of the new breed. Let's see who questions my authority. Let's see which fool dares to step up and attempt to take the belt from me. Anyone who does will fail, just like TLA will in his attempt to defend that belt.

Soon-to-be official New Breed Champion out.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 5:48 pm by Brayden Cruise

It's something we try to avoid.

Something in most cases people try and back away from.

But what happens when you don't have the choice? What happens when you have nothing left, but to suffer in the pain and agony? Trust me I've been through that more times then I can count and frankly I enjoy it. I enjoy knowing that everybody is against me. I enjoy knowing I have nobody on my side and quite honestly I enjoy knowing there are guys on the EAW who will most likely dish out some more pain and agony my way. Most people are raised to try avoiding pain and suffering by any means necesarry. Anything that can cause any kind of harm is to be pushed away and in the end somehow they'll be better people in the end. Somehow pushing physical or mental pain away helps people live better lives?  As I stand here right now there are parents around the world who are raising there children wrong by forcing them to avoid danger and even going as far as keeping them inside. Not letting them go outside and play with there neighborhood friends because of the fact that they may get sick. That's not the way to live and if you ask me that's not keeping them from pain. Doing that does nothing, but stop them from living there lives. They think they're doing the safe thing by keeping there children safe and sound, but in the end they don't realize that's exactly what they don't need.

Ever since I was a child I was raised not avoiding pain and suffering. I was raised to take it all in and I believe I'm the better person for it. I've never been one of those guys who feels they need to be protected so that no danger goes beyond there house. If anything I've always been one of those guys who walks into the light of danger knowing what the outcome will be. I do it not because I enjoy knowing what the outcome will be, but I do it purely because in the end I know in the back of my mind I'll be a better man for it. The world we live in today isn't one I was raised in. The world I was raised in if you fell off your bike and got a scrape on your knee. You sucked it up and got right back on that bike, but that's not what goes on today. These days no kids are falling off there bikes because there parents are to scared too let them outside to play. These days people don't know how to survive in the real world because they fall embrace to the pain that comes with living.

I knew from the first time I stepped into a wrestling ring what I needed to do. I knew from the first day what kind of wrestler I was going to be. Why else do you think I've thrown my life into danger all over the world? I welcome any pain that comes my way because I know I'm strong enough to take it. I know I've made myself strong enough to take any pain and suffering that comes my way. I'm strong enough to live my life and that's exactly why I accept any pain and suffering with open arms. Can anybody else in EAW say that?

Can anybody else in the back really say they can take any kind of pain?


I've been through it all and for that reason I am the man I am today. 

As we near closer to Road To Redemption I want everybody to know one thing.

I welcome the pain. 

I welcome the suffering.

This will be the last time Brayden Cruise is overlooked because from this day forward I have zero respect for anybody on the roster. As much as I welcome the pain and suffering that comes my way I will not welcome any opponent.

Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 5:42 pm by Brett Kennedy

Are we still being viewed as some unstable couple?

I love it, though. We have people still doubting our strength as a couple and a tag team. It makes me giddy with excitement, because I'm back to where I've prove doubters wrong before. We're back to this sense that we shouldn't have a chance against Hexa-Goons. Tiberius Jones continues this whole sense of trying to spin this web of deception. Once again, trying to avert the attention elsewhere when the sickening truth lies right in front of everybody's eyes now.

Tiberius, you're shocked I revealed your dirty little secret out in the public. Now, you're desperate to hide the fact, like I said before. You're now looking at this as you center stage of the company, when in truth, the spotlight is shining bright on the asses you kiss. There's no secret that the spotlight shines so bright on your co-leaders, and you have this false assumption that since you're with them, you're also center stage. Hate to break it to you, sweetie, but there's no light shining on you or your dickless friend. But, wait. He just doesn't stop there to prove how much of a scapegoat he is. He goes right back to the supidity card!

Brett Kennedy doesn't know tag team wrestling...
Brett Kennedy is too stupid to realize what tag team wrestling is...
What's next, you're gonna say that I have a missing chromosome?
Am I a miserable failure of a basketball player that this is my only source of dishing out pain?

You're so much like your leader that you two should share the same fucking tights, share the same fucking bed, share the same god damn sperm you drink. But, there's also an easy solution to all this, and that's to beat some sense into Tiberius Jones until he realizes that leeching off the limelight of someone else is probably the stupidest thing he's done in his career. Oh, but I can see it already. "Oh, but you're leeching off the limelight of your girlfriend, too!". Easy, little fella. There's a simple solution to that. I've been on a roll on my own. I beat Thomas Minns on my own. I frustrated the hell out of Lioncross on my own. I've done practically everything...


What you don't understand is that you don't do things on your own anymore. You've got your friend Drake Joker to help you out, you've got your big, masked brute that talks to himself in third person. You've got two old people who can't live without the spotlight shining right on their testicles. But, right. This is a tag team match, where I have to trust on my tag team partner to win a match. Well, safe to say that I don't need any help beating some sense into you.
But, hey. I'll play your little 'tag team togetherness' game. It's not like I wasn't playing that before with Aria. I mean, if we weren't a stable tag team and a stable couple, we would have been long gone and you probably would have been facing Sexy Curry, or some other tag team you'll label as 'unstable'. Is that the best you got, boy? You wanna talk about our personal life one more time to solidify how right you are, just to realize how wrong you are about us now? I'm pretty sure Aria and I can handle it, we've been through everything that you can think of, and then some more.

Road to Redemption won't be determining the stability of our team. It'll be a beat down that will result in a winner, remember that.
Keep using those gun gimmicks, please.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 5:31 pm by Bloody Jack
No…no…no.  No.  No.  No.  No!  No!  NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

This is NOT where or how this all ends!  Perfect planning and manipulation will not be undone like this.  I won’t allow it!  Why won’t you all just go away?!  Why can’t you just do what you’re told?!  I can see it all clearly now!  You’re all against me aren’t you!?  You’ve all always been against me from the day I first arrived here in EAW.  You felt threatened by me because you saw my potential and knew I was going to surpass you all.  So you’ve tried all manner of schemes and plots to take me down.  But like all prophecies, you’re intervention only further guaranteed the truth of your fears about me.   I achieved success when everyone else had deemed I should fail.  I’ve risen higher than any of you thought I could and higher than any wrestler ever dreamed in EAW.  I have created a legacy that isn’t just defined by accolades and championships, but by the fact that I have forever changed this business and this federation!  And just like always, you try to take that away from me.   So things are no different from how they’ve always been with me.  The only difference is this time you’re all ganging up against me because you KNOW you can’t do it individually!  Jacob Senn, Lucian Black, The Mercenaries…ALL of you have failed to take me down!  I’ve tried to do what I can to stamp any resistance out, but you all keep coming back like the cockroaches you are.  So now you team up like a bunch of sniveling, little pussy cowards!  Bet you think you’ve finally achieved something up with this little plan of yours huh?!  You’re finally about to defeat the evil Zack Crash!  Well don’t celebrate just yet!  You haven’t achieved jack shit!  Even a thousand tiny weaklings can defeat one strong foe by sheer force of numbers.  Besides, I’ll die before I let all you piss-ants destroy what I spent the last year and a half building!  I’d rather see all of EAW crash and burn before I hand back over into anyone else’s hands!  You’ve forgotten who it is you’re dealing with here.  This business attire I wear has made you forget that I still am the Ultimate Thrill Seeker.  And although I despise it, I can feel the old, extreme nature of myself beginning to emerge once again.  I feel the part of me willing to sacrifice his entire body just to win, wake up from the deepest part of my soul.  Do you know what you’ve done in waking this side of me again?!  I’ll take each and every last one of you with me if I have to!  Go ahead and try to get me out of power.  It won’t do you any good anyway!  You think it’ll be that simple?!  You think you can get me out of power and that’ll be the end of the villain and you’ll all live happily ever after?!  It’s too late for that!  It’s been too late for far too long now!  I’ve set plans into motion you can’t even possibly hope to stop or predict.  Plans within plans, so complicated, it could be years before you even notice the outcome.  I’ve got my claws so deep around the heart of this place that even if you get me out of the chairman’s seat, I’ll still be the one controlling the heartbeat of everything you cherish!  My power doesn’t come from some business title.  It comes from me and my abilities, something none of you can take away!  Not only have I proven my ability to out perform each of you in the ring, I’ve shown myself to have an ever greater weapon than that.  And that weapon…is my voice!  As a rebel or a leader, I can amass an armed following just with a few words from my silver tongue.  There will always be those who will follow me and my way, because they aren’t blinded by their own egos and emotions.  My Elite Army will only continue to grow and grow as long as I refuse to let you silence me, which is something none of you can do!  I look at Hexa-Gun and I look at Dynasty, and I see nothing but stagnation.  I see people who want only to keep the status-quo because the idea of the future and change frightens them like tiny kittens.  Well change is something you can’t stop!  I am simply a force for change, not its sole bearer.  Someone will always be right behind me, demanding the same change I still crave.  And all of them will have been inspired by me!  Do you see?  Do you see now what I mean when I say I am immortal?  I have joined the ranks of men like Martin Luther King Jr. or John F. Kennedy.  Though these men may have been assassinated by those who feared them, their voice echoes throughout history to offer inspiration to those who have come after them.  You can try to assassinate me, and you may succeed.  But my vision will forever remain!
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 4:54 pm by J-Dynasty 2?
Tiberius Jones Promo

Fighting for a cause is only meaningless for people who have no passion for standing up for anything. Lately I’ve been on my grind, doing anything and everything for the extreme way of life, this has gotten me on the center stage of EAW in the central conflict that holds importance in these times, and I’ve done my part to keep my squad the envy of every watching eye that watches EAW’s current events. However, some would say that because I’m not rocking a championship like I use to that your boy T Jones has fallen off, he’s only helping his boys be on top which means this captivating star at the forefront of various media is mediocre, that’s at least what Brett Kennedy is spitting.

That’s why I continue to think Brett Kennedy has no true stake in the tag team wrestling scene, what’s good for the team being good for whole team, each member, is a foreign concept to him. For some reason when Hexa-gun controls the game and continuously finds itself victorious big event after big event, it’s nothing for me to be proud of because it’s the team eating good instead of me as a lone entity. I wonder, what does Brett Kennedy think tag team wrestling is? If Hexa-gun victories only equate to me helping out my buddies as he clearly attempts to mean in a negative way, what does it mean to him to walk down that ramp with a partner and aid in their combined efforts to make something of themselves as a unit? Or is he too stupid to realize that there is not much difference between a tag team and a faction? The only major difference is the number of players between those two distinctions, which leads the big groups to have more freedom to control the entire game and make movements you could never do with so few hands on deck alone or with only one other person.

As for why Hexa-gun over Hexa-knife? There’s a thousand reasons, but one to keep in mind is that there’s quite a little bit of intimacy when it comes to knifing someone. You gotta come up real close to stab a motherfucker, but with bullets spraying around you can catch bodies without even being at arm’s length, hell you can snipe a bitch right between the eyes from on top of a building without them ever knowing. All figurative like, take it as meaning you ain’t even near where we stand.

But more specifically in the Hexa-gun army, back to Drake & Jones.

Aria and Brett. You really think your unstable relationship can make you dance with dragons? You want to do your little unconvincing rumba while darkness flame and komodo are chomping at the bit for new scorched meat to soothe one’s belly? You really that overconfident? Well aight then, your rendition of Romeo and Juliet will be performed in front of millions, just remember how tragic the end of that story truly was.

There’s not much you need to think about Aria, I’ve been quite clear, I can’t hate on you too much specifically because unlike with Brett Kennedy there’s not much to disrespect about you. Not in my eyes. The fashion of an individual, the way one carries oneself and what someone accomplices, you are a pillar in those regards that I cannot help but be found of, call it a high class urban comradery if you will. Hell during the Civil War era you had the brains to tell Brett Kennedy you wouldn’t get involved in Hexa-gun business with him because you had your own things to worry about and didn’t want any of the demolition Hexa-gun brings, that's right I remember that shit, that was smart, good on you, girl. Look what that wise decision got you? You obtained your place as one of the faces of the vixen division and you will for all of time will be known as EAW’s first Empress. But now you’re tripping, that beautiful empress crown has squashed your brain or something, NOW you wanna fight us like you knew not to before. It’s disappointing that whatever nonsense you’ve got going with Brett, and your surge of confidence due to your success, has caused you to forget street rules 101. You know better than to move in on the territory of a well-structured gang and try to do business that wouldn’t be approved of by the people who run the place, and now you’re going to pay for your lapse in judgement. If you think talking about your relationship is a nefarious mind game that is all we’ve got, you’re in store for quite the rude awakening when Drake & Jones show up with gats to prove that the whole six guns implied moniker of our faction thing is very much something we intend to live up to, we’re all locked and loaded to put bullet holes in people regardless of if you see us as simple goons or not.  Because there is one, and only one thing, worse than messing with a team’s dynamic.

Besting them, utterly and decisively, to the point of complete one-upmanship.
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Post on December 18th 2015, 3:44 pm by The Mexican Samurai
Road To Redemption Part 3

It seems as though whatever I have to say is not getting to Dark Demon so I'm going to go ahead and dumb myself down to the level of an Irish peasant and speak your language, so here we go:
Dark Demon you are a putrescent mass of shitheap, canker-sore on the breast of a fat fucking pig, a walking pile of vomit, a foot-licking twit, a spineless worm, a weasel, a little yellow-streak running on the tights of Mr. DEDEDE, a Cailin Dillon cum fart, not even good enough to be in one of TLA's film productions, you are the Franchise Demon of fighting, your name is worse than Kieth Keller, you make Chazz Nadal look like a Hollywood Actor, potatoes despise you, Ireland seceded from you because even they thought you were a pussy, Asians compare their dick sizes to you in order to feel better, a turd nugget stuck to the bottom of a toilet, Battleground pre-show talent, ratings cancer, garbage spewing out of your mouth that even Haruna can't understand what the fuck your saying, the only person Aria Jaxon won't sleep with, knees so sore, cock-gobbling, shitty-tattoo wearing, friend-zoned, agent-banging, meaningless belt wearing, can't give Cameron Ella Eva an orgasm, forty-year old douche with just as much talent, creepy looking, motherfucker!!!! 

Am I starting to speak your language now or do I have dumb myself down to the language of the world's biggest pussy in order for you to get what is coming out of my mouth? You stated that no one has the balls to come out and challenge you but...I did. I came out knowing that there was a real possibility that I would get absolutely destroyed and I still challenged you to a match, because as much as my voice shakes and as hard as my heart beats, I'm confident that I have what it takes to take you down. You've built this empire of lies and deceit by taking out the top competition in the dirtiest way possible, and then you let the audience have this collection of thoughts in their mind that you are THE MAN in EAW. Just like a second rate Napoleon Bonaparte, I'm going to have to erase this thought from the mind of general public and send you into exile so that you can die a slow, miserable death as the man who everyone realized wasn't as tough as he thought he was. I admit that I'm not the most accurate predictor of the future but the heart and determination that you said was lacking was only a small amount of effort that I showed. I'm going to have to dig into the deepest of my willpower and find a way to win, I'm going to have to scratch and claw and keep fighting. I'm not going to quit this time...I'm not going to quit out of pity if I end up hurting you, because through my resiliency, I'm going to show the Irish fans what a true champion of heart looks like. Just like an Irish version of Rocky IV, I'm going to make those Irish fans turn their heads and notice me, until they collectively root and cheer my name, "Samurai! Samurai! Samurai! Samurai!" They will know who the real hero of this story is...spoiler: it's me. 

Everybody eventually gets uprooted from the throne and it usually isn't the person you expected it to be. 

I'm the ultimate underdog, and as I take a look at the numbers before the big show, I see that I'm currently sitting at +1000 on the betting line. Dark Demon's words that came flying out of his mouth are the same words that have been coming out of the EAW Universe ever since I've debuted, but guess what?  I'm still here, standing and willing to take any abuse that you give out. Your words don't deter me, and I'm going to show you that you can't knock me out with this "weak chin" of mine. I'm going to walk through every shot that you give me, I'm going to escape out of every painful hold that you put me in, I'm going to accept every word that comes out of your mouth until you have nothing left but the sound knowledge that you threw everything at me and I'm still standing. You are just a man, someone who arrogantly refers to himself as a "God", but a man nonetheless. You are capable of being knocked out, submitted and pinned just like every other wrestler sitting in the back. 

Do you really think that I've shown everything that I'm capable of doing in the ring? Do you really think that I would go out during those tag matches, knowing that you were assessing me, and show my full capabilities? There are some techniques that I've kept hidden, mostly because I'm scared of the consequences that might happen to my opponents if I were to display them in front of an audience. What you are going to see at Road to Redemption is the full power of The Mexican Samurai, and I'm not going to hold back anymore. This isn't about the fact that you turned down my offer for a bigger paycheck, this isn't about the fact that you left me high and dry during the tag team tournament, and this isn't about some personal animosity between you and I. This is about one thing and one thing only.  

It's about respect. 

Yes, I'm a little scared...terrified in fact, but I know that deep down...I can win. I have what it takes to slay the Demon and penetrate towards that upper echelon of talent who win the gold and create a legacy. I want to win the Interwire Championship someday, the National Elite championship, the Pure Championship, the EAW World Heavyweight Championship, the EAW World Championship, hell... I even want to win the Hall of Fame Championship. I have to win for my family, friends, the EAW Universe and most importantly, myself. If I win, I want you to shake my damn hand, like a man.  

If I lose, I won't shine your shoes and I won't wallow in my sadness, I'll accept defeat but I can do it, I can beat the impossible odds and I have to raise the stakes: 

You see, this isn't about the first thirteen seconds of our fight. No. What's most important is the thirteen seconds after a winner is declared. If I lose, Dark Demon... If I lose at Road to Redemption... then it really is the end of the line for me... I can't keep starting from the bottom... I've already done that enough.

If I lose, Dark Demon....

If I lose....

Greetings and Salutations
Post on December 18th 2015, 2:47 pm by Phoenix Winterborn
Thirty one degrees.

That's it. Probably colder the closer you got to Lake Michigan, honestly. Like where the handsome looking fellow with the crew cut found himself today. The man was Phoenix Winterborn. An internationally known traveler, and purveyor of the sport of professional wrestling. For almost 15 years, he had traversed the globe, looking for the best competition that the world had to offer, and boy had he found it. From local names, to the stars of Japan and Europe, he was the man many have claimed that has 'done it all, and seen more'. But today, as he found himself looking out at the beautiful lake from his home just outside of Chicago, Phoenix took a sip from his coffee cup,, shivering slightly.

"So, I suppose the majority of you are wondering just what I'm doing here today, addressing all of you fine folk that are perusing the EAW network. Well...for those of you who don't know me, and I doubt by this point that number is many, the name is Phoenix Winterborn. I go by many other monikers, but for arguments sake today, we'll just stick with Phoenix. Now, with that out of the way, let's get down to business. For the past few weeks, I have been at...well, let's say a crossroads of my long, storied career. I'm always looking for that next big challenge, and admittedly, I haven't found it lately. That spark that's been missing from today's pro wrestling that a lot of people like myself who came up in this business, see lacking today." He took another sip, airing his mouth out from the hot liquid. "That is, until I came across EWA. I must admit, you've garnered my attention, so I contacted the powers that be, and thanks in part to them, you are now looking at the newest addition to your Voltage roster."

Phoenix smirked, as he set his coffee down, and began walking towards his office, the camera following close behind.

"Now, I'm sure a lot of you kids on the roster are looking at me, and wondering 'What can this thirty five year old possibly bring to the table that we haven't seen before?' Well, I'm glad you asked. What I bring to the table is the experience of traveling all over this great, albeit small planet, and going toe-to-toe with some of the best wrestlers this world has to offer. All that experience will be shown once I step between those ropes. So, in the coming weeks, you'll be seeing more of me that you can be assured of, and when I finally make my debut?" He motions the camera to zoom in closer. "Everything you know, will be changed. The game just got a new dealer. And that, friends...is change you can believe in."

He sat down at his desk, booting up his computer, as the scene ended.
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Haruna is seen turning on her GoPro camera to make another video promo. She is holding Jade's cat pet, Petra-chan, giving a kiss to his forehead while she begins speaking

Haruna Sakazaki: Oh, Cailin.... I really appreciate of how you try to expose my sins so much. How flattering to finally know something that you really watching me over only to find my weakness. You are scouting each and every match I have with Cloud Matsuda and use it as your weapon to beat me. I salute you, Cailin. Look and listen closely, my dear... This Sexy Curry thing is not even your concern. I know what to do with my life and I know how to fix it because I have my own way to face my fate. I know, I know exactly how and where my fate going to be and I know, Sexy Curry is not my way of fate. Yes, I agree that Cloud Matsuda is a great wrestler. She is so strong and so eager to score a victory. She has a mission but I, too, have a mission and this mission is not about me making another Tag Team career in a different place. I'm done doing it in another place and I am up for a new challenge when I walk in a separate way with my partner.I make my own path and nobody will ever alter it. In that path, I carry a mission, a promise, a responsibility to keep carry on. And you know it, I'm sure you know it that this team is not even working. I have my own conviction to keeps fighting without asking for any help. I promise that I have to do this all by myself and doing another team up will just stopping my step to walk though it. You know that thing... Maybe it's a different story if I don't have such conviction. I will do it in any way if I am still trying to find which path I should take but right now, I am in the middle of my journey to my own mission and I don't want to jump the ship so quickly while I haven't finish my job to make my own name shine bright. I am not a wishy-washy type of person. If I have something to do, I'll make sure I'll get it done before I go for something to do.

Haruna Sakazaki: Speaking about tag team, have you ever try to question yourself about why you left the Iconomy? I still remember when the first time you've been revealed as the newest addition to that group, you are whining that you actually didn't want to be a part of Iconomy. You were afraid that your career will walk in a constant motion if you hang around with those boys for too long. Do you realized that those words are the same thing let out from my mouth when I am stucked with this Sexy Curry? You are trying to make yourself stand out by taking all the credit everytime you fought as a team. You think that was how a team should work? That was how you do all the teamwork on your own? Stop lecturing me about the essence of tag team playing. I know what to do and I know exactly where I'm going. And I believe the feeling when you still become a part of the Iconomy and the feeling when you break through the chain and decided to do all these things on my own are the same thing like I feel right now when I have to force myself to fight as a team with Cloud Matsuda. Yes, I really admit that Cloud Matsuda is a great wrestler and that is not the reason of why I can't work well with her. Well, I must say, JJ Silva, Chris Elite and Eclipse Diemos are also great wrestler too. I see there's no reason for you to make your mind choosing to leave them out and dry. All of this has nothing to do with my seven deadly sins. All the people do these and it's inevitable that you do that as well. I'm not saying that you are embracing the same sins like I have. I look at this because we are all have their own path and we want to keep walking in it until we arrive to our destination before we change the direction.

Haruna Sakazaki: And another things you try to exploit from me is how my emotion can be extremely vulnerable because of everything around me. You try to exploit the fact that my emotion can't bear the reality that I have to force myself to fight as a team again. You try to play with my mind as you try to expose my sins one by one and thinking that all my evil side is just another crap I talk about. And.... you try to keep me thinking of the past and wrap me with my bad memories about everything I have done. One thing you never know, Cailin.... I already change myself. I change because of you.... as you always told me that I have to move on without looking back because my path is in front of me, not behind me. You told me to forget my bad times because you'll never know what future holds ahead of you. You make my heart become stronger than ever. I know, everyone makes mistake. Everyone have a flaw, me , you and everybody else. Its just the matter of how you admit that mistake and make sure that the flaw is covered with the new thing that could protect it. I made a mistake when I lost at Pain for Pride. I made a mistake when I trust Ariana and I made a mistake when I become self-guilt when I first time I hold that Specialist Title. But I admit that mistakes, I try to cover those flaws  with the things I get through all the experience. I am not the same person that you met before. I already change myself and I'm ready to give all I've got to take what's mine once again.

Haruna Sakazaki: Admit it, Cailin.... everybody is preparing a party for you. Everybody wants you to be the first Specialist Champion because they think you deserve more than I do. I am not closing my eyes when you walk out the Battleground Arena taking that championship belt away from me. Everybody gave you a lot of different response just like when I get that belt. I'm not saying crap... it is what it is. Yes, you checked on me the night before I went home to Japan. We spend the night together and talk about the feeling we get on that match. I even rooting for you in that #1 Contendership match and beat the hell out of Ariana. At that night, you keep telling me that I already give my best to my victory and it deserved the appreciation. That word is what makes me keep stronger.... That word is something I always remember in every match I faced after I won that title. Yes, even in every Sexy Curry matches. I maybe can let out my frustration after the negative responses I get, plus my extremely short title reign on my own partner, Cloud. But I keep remember those words... I already try my best and I want to keep doing my best just like what you told me. I am no longer develop a hate to you. I am instead embracing every kindness you give to me over my hatred on you and that is the protection I give to coat my heart so it will not be vulnerable again. Which is why I will come to Road to Redemption as a different woman that I used to be.

Haruna Sakazaki: I really enjoy this rivalry with you as much as I enjoy our friendship bond between us. But as I promise you, no matter how strong our bonds are, when we meet and face each other in that ring, we forget about all this and look at each other as a prey to a predator. We hug and comfort each other backstage but in that ring, we have to kill each other. We know each other, we've been friends for so long and that why we know each other's strength and weakness. We can see of how our third one-on-one duel goes back-and-forth as we matched up each other's skills no matter who came out as a winner. This week will be the same, I am 100% sure that you will give your best to defeat me and don't ever think I will be hesitate to crush your dream to walk out still as a champion. Even if I have to surrender by your hands once again, I will make sure that you are not walking out the same way like you walk in. I will make sure that you will not going to leave the arena in one piece. This is war, just like what you are waiting for.

Haruna Sakazaki: ....and about that Shakespeare quote. It is not by Shakespeare, but I have one quote similar to that from some Buddhism literature and it sounds.... "Desire is the root of all suffering" It's actually fit for both of us. I don't want to overly desired to win this belt again. Title belts can easily come and go but the will to keep fighting will last forever. So, I will come this weekend with all my might and I will fight in the name of love. I love wrestling than I love title belts and I will show you that my love in wrestling have greater power than any desire for title belts. See you in the ring, Cailin! May the best vixen wins!

Haruna reaches out Petra-chan's hands as she waves it up to the camera as she turns off the camera and end the segment.
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It’s poetic, really.

2015 is coming to an end, and with it, every single person - not just in this company, but throughout the entire World - will look back on the year they’ve had and wonder if it was all worth it. Every decision they made that brought them to this point from January 1st. Was it worth it? Did the end justify the means? Humans are sad little creatures that beg and plead for a reason to exist, so it’s a given that they look back on absolutely everything and can’t seem to decide whether they did something right or did something wrong. They look back and regret and they look back and breathe a sigh of relief. It’s kind of funny how we all demand perfection and yet we can never achieve it. We put our hands to work and do everything we’re capable of doing with the tools we’re given and try our best to put out the best product we can, but in the end, there’s always something more to be desired. The year’s time is ticking away its final moments, the sand in the hourglass continues to descend with the bottom nearly filled, and with these last several days left, this company continues its annual tradition of 6 men entering a structure designed to punish the human body so that we can bleed and bruise and shatter bones for the right to call ourselves World Champion. Like a sacrificial ritual, we give ourselves - our entire being - to the art of professional wrestling, to the audience that pays to watch us and keeps companies like Elite Answers Wrestling afloat, and we give ourselves to one another for the sake of competition. If I weren’t so repulsed by this company, I would be impressed to see something so perfectly placed like this event where we take everything we’ve ever done in this one year and unleash it onto five other men with everything we’ve got.

A man that’s been here longer than anyone else fights for another day in the limelight after a year that begin with the almost immediate loss of the World Championship most precious to him. After a year of trying so hard to prove to the entire World that he and his friend and protege were the absolute best. A year of betrayal.

A man that’s fought tooth and nail to stand back atop a mountain he was knocked off of years ago. A year of his return to the company he had to leave. A year of repeated failure - be it to capture the Championship he once called his or to take down a new enemy in the form of an army.

A man that’s come here to stand above everyone else and finally pull down a brass ring that’s eluded him his whole career thus far. A year of defending and losing an InterWire Championship that he held so dear. A year of desperation to keep himself from being buried underneath the daunting grave of obscurity. A year of having the tips of his fingers on the Answers World Championship, and yet, unable to grab it for himself.

A man that seeks to step out from the shadow of the man he once called his mentor in the greatest way he knows: becoming a World’s Champion. A year of falling before me. A year of trying to make a partnership work and letting it all slip through his fingers. A year of treachery.

A man that fights for one reason and one reason only: to remain on his Throne while his enemies nip at his heels. A year of battling a friend-turned-foe. A year of going the distance and triumphing over 28 others to earn a right to stand on the pinnacle of the biggest event of the year. A year of the most precious gold wrapped around his waist while the whole World watched. A year of battling all challengers, even a former mentor.

And here I stand: A simple man with a simple goal: Dethrone. A year of tasting gold for the first time as I became the Pure Champion. A year of redemption for my father as I killed Methuselah. A year of redemption for my family as I pursued Sebastian Lannister and everything his name meant. A year of failure. A year of failure. A year of failure.

They tell me time heals all wounds. I don’t want my wounds healed. I want this pain to always be with me. I want it to resonate with everything I do. I want to feel my flesh still excruciatingly burning as a brand pressed against it. I want to feel my foot slice and bleed as I step upon a canvas of broken glass and thumbtacks. I want to feel the tremendous pain of seeing the life in my father’s eyes GONE! GONE! STRIPPED AWAY FROM HIM! SHATTERED! A BROKEN MAN FOR THE WORLD TO SEE AND ME STANDING THERE IN FRONT OF HIM WITH NOTHING TO OFFER BUT SOME NAMES INKED ON MY CHEST!... 2015 meant more to me than you could possibly imagine. 2015 was a beautiful woman whose body I never wanted to leave, but as time went on, it became abundantly clear that we were never meant for each other. It became… Painfully clear that we were never meant to be. We had our good days, but they were all eclipsed by the bad days. We’ve got our light, but our darkness is the only thing we can think about. 2015 may be gone very soon, and with it all of the good and all of the bad, but I will never forget it. We couldn’t make it together, but I will always keep it with me and hold closely to me everything good that came to me and everything bad that came upon me and I will use it to become that much more of a threat. Most people fear the past. I don’t. I want the past. I NEED the past. I NEED to remember what made me capable of taking that beautiful Pure Championship for my own. I NEED to remember what made me strong enough to take on and kill a monster named Methuselah. I NEED to remember what made me conquer a King at Pain For Pride. I NEED to remember what… What made me slip. I need to remember where it all went wrong. I need to remember my mistakes, because that’s the only way I can right the wrongs.

2015 is finished.

I’m not.

This isn’t over yet. It’s not over until I say it’s over.

I can feel the eyes upon me - watching me in judgement. I’m used to that. It’s the eyes that aren’t on me that I worry about. It’s the eyes of a broken toy sitting in a wheelchair that seem to see absolutely nothing that worries me. I’m gonna make him look. I’m gonna make him lift his head and see it all: The destruction, the mayhem, the absolute conquering of everything he ever held dear. I’m not going to just make him see… No, I’m gonna make him WEEP. I’m gonna make him cry as he looks upon the place he once called home and see it engulfed in the flames of his own son! All that stands in my way are five other men that come bearing their own pain, their own success, and their own reasons to come in here and sacrifice absolutely everything to this God of a mountain top we can’t see! Five other men! That’s ALL that stands in my way! They may all be fighters! They may well be experienced! They may all want exactly what I want and feel they want it even MORE, but they’re every bit as human as I am! They bleed when they’re wounded and they die when their bodies can take no more! Five other men that believe they’re stepping into the Elimination Chamber to compete for the Answers World Championship, but I’m not! I’m stepping onto a fucking battlefield with a bloodlust unlike anyone has ever seen before and I will tear, I will rip, I will GORGE! I WILL EAT THEM ALL ALIVE! MY BLOOD, MY SWEAT, AND MY TEARS INTO EVERYTHING I’VE EVER DONE UP TO THIS MOMENT - YOU PEOPLE THINK YOU KNOW PAIN, BUT YOU HAVEN’T EVEN BEGUN - YOU HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED TO COMPREHEND THE WAR GOING ON HERE, BECAUSE WHATEVER YOU’VE GOT TO OFFER TO ME THERE ON A CANVAS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON IN MY HEAD FOR A LONG TIME!


I won’t. I can’t. I’m not gonna fail. That’s not an option anymore. I ignored failure for a long time until it took me by surprise and dragged me down to this Hell that I look up from. 2016 is almost here, and I’m gonna take it. I’m gonna take it for all its worth. I’m gonna take everything. I’m gonna climb from here and I’m not gonna look down, because there’s no time to think about falling anymore. With blood on my hands and vengeance - absolute vengeance on a level nobody can understand - I’m gonna climb. Come 2016, when we stand here again for another sacrificial ritual, I’m gonna look back at that year know that it was not in vain. I’m gonna look at the World Championship around my waist and know the end justified the means. I’m gonna look at the bodies I left laying, the dreams I left shattered, and the wills I broke, and I’m gonna know that I’ve finally got it.

My Redemption.
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六 The scene opens to a shot of a seemingly-empty classroom floor. A quiet humming in the distance starts up as the camera begins to track along the floor. 六

“The neighbors might think - baby it’s bad out there
Say, what’s in this drink? - No cabs to be had out there
I wish I knew how - Your eyes are like starlight now
To break this spell - I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell”

六 The camera finally stops as it comes upon the sight of a nonchalant Drake Jaeger - dressed in his usual black boots, black kneepads, black trunks, black trenchcoat, black sunglasses, black gloves, a small streak of black in his hair, a black toothpick hanging from his lips, and potentially black elbowpads on - as he leans back in the absent teacher’s chair at the head of the classroom. 六

“I ought to say no, no, no - Mind if I move in closer?
At least I’m gonna say that I tried - What’s the sense in hurting my pride?
I really can’t stay - Baby don’t hold out
Ah, but it’s cold outside”

六 Drake turns his head towards the camera with feigned surprise on his face. 六

Drake: Oh, I thought I was alone. Didn’t see you there.

六 Drake takes his feet off of the desk and sits more appropriately as he looks towards the camera. 六

Drake: You see, in the spirit of the Holidays, I was just singing a delightful little tune that I’ve always been keen on. Sounds pretty soothing, doesn’t it? Just like many Christmas classics, it really revs up that instinct that urges us to disregard that whole good “good will towards men” thing and instead buy shit you don’t need for people you really don’t even like with money that burns away like a beautiful yuletide fire.

六 Drake deeply inhales and satisfyingly exhales. 六

Drake: Ah, Christmas. The season of perpetual joy, some might call it. Well, did you know that little song I was singing - a holiday classic as it may be well-regarded as - is very clearly about daterape? Oh yeah, never thought about that, huh? Never considered that the song is obviously about some poor woman that just wants to go home but gets stuck between having to fuck some creepy asshole that’s trying to get in her pants while possibly slipping something in her drink, and the ONLY fuckin’ other option she has besides giving in to his sexual demands is taking her chances of a slow death at the hands of a snow storm that’s raging outside. Now, something tells me the story of how Drake & Jones’ opponents at Road To Redemption came together is something similar, because clearly the only choices Aria Jaxon had in her situation was to either give in to Brett Kennedy’s creepy sexual demands or take her chances of dying a slow, painful death in the most terrifying land of them all: Irrelevancy. I can already hear the sound of her shrilling voice trying to remind me that she’s still the supposed “Empress of Elite”, but sweetheart, the Empress of Elite Tournament ended back in September. The World is busy keeping their eyes on the likes of Madison Kaline, Haruna Sakazaki, Cailin Dillon , and most of all, Eris LeCava - you know, Champions. Hey, what better way to remind the World you still exist than by claiming another Tournament? Sounds like a bulletproof plan, it really does. You’ve even got an idiot that thinks more with his cock than with his brain in the form of Brett Kennedy to serve you as nothing more than glorified cannon fodder. I can’t fault you for doing what needs to be done to keep that pretty little head above water in an ocean of obscurity, but it’s just a Goddamn shame you chose the absolute WORST road to travel down, and I ain’t talking about the one to Redemption. I’m talking about the one that far better men and women alike than you have traveled down with the exact same aura of confidence and delusions that convinced them they were going to be “The one”. THEY were going to be the ones to chop the head off of the snake called Hexa-gun. THEY were going to be the ones that gave us a big, fat, reality check. THEY were going to be the ones to change everything we thought we ever knew about ourselves, because we’re just a bunch of fuckin’ mooks that fluked out in our numerous victories up to this point, right?

六 Drake shakes his head, as if to say “Is this bitch for real?” and stands up from the desk as he steps over towards a nearby chalkboard. 六

Drake: Yeah, you’re pretty and all. You’ve got talent somewhere underneath the 5 pounds of hair dye and makeup, I’ll give you that match. It’s just a shame that everything good about you gets eclipsed by your sheer stupidity and that same old revolting stench of fuckin’ stubbornness that literally everyone else Hexa-gun has ever come across has smelled like. Now you look at Drake & Jones and go telling the World that we’re the ones spitting out the same old monologues you’ve heard from the mouths of everyone else that’s stepped in your way, but how can that be? I can’t sit idly by and let some bitch go making us look back with such outrageous claims, now can I? I mean, I’m sitting here, trying to enjoy the Christmas season, and yet I’m stuck here, listening to someone like you run your mouth literally exactly the way everyone else we’ve kicked the shit out of has ran their mouth, and yet you call US the pretenders? It would seem what we have here, little lady, is a FAILURE… To communicate. We’ve got the two most dominant Tag Teams of today that aren’t named The Mercenaries clashing with one another at such a monumental event, and all you can think about doing is the same old tired schtick of bickering with us about who’s right, who’s wrong, who’s delusional, and who’s righteous? You’ve tired your fragile little body out trying to comprehend this entire situation to the point of resorting to such cliched tactics and Aria, that’s EXACTLY why I’m here. I’m not here to be merely your enemy, dear, I’m here to be your ally just as well. You see, in this joyous holiday season, there shouldn’t be any time wasted on miscommunications that get in the way of what REALLY matters: the spirit of giving. It’s that look of thanks upon the faces of those you simply want to give something to out of the goodness of your heart that Christmas time is about, and out of the goodness of MY heart, Aria, I’m going to give you a crystal-clear vision of what awaits you and your beau at Road To Redemption, because the very LAST thing I would want is for this to become akin to a Christmas classic that’s about daterape when it all comes down to it.

六 Drake grabs a piece of chalk and starts drawing something: two small stick-figures with a circle closely around them. Drake draws breasts on one of them to clarify one is Aria Jaxon and the other Brett Kennedy, but erases the breasts and draws smaller ones in their place. 六

Drake: This is you and Brett.

六 Drake then draws a massive circle that consumes the entire chalkboard, including the circle the Aria Jaxon and Brett Kennedy stick-figures are in. 六

Drake: And THIS is the bigger picture. THIS is where you two stand in the eyes of Hexa-gun. You see that? You see that little, itty bitty circle with you two there? That’s an exact representation of where you both are in the grand scheme of things, because it’s become abundantly clear from the lipstick-stained mouth of this clearly psychotic bitch that both she and her dog truly believe THEY are what Hexa-gun pursues. It’s become clear to me that, through miscommunication, they’ve convinced themselves that that abject hate we have in our core is for them. No, no, no, no. no… I mean, don’t go getting it twisted - we hate you and all, but not because you even remotely represent anything resembling what Hexa-gun came here for. I think I made it painfully clear why we’re here and what we do, but I guess you must have fallen asleep at that part, so let me clarify: we rose from the ashes of the ideals people like Zack Crash have tried to make extinct. WE are the ones with the balls to take BACK the weapons that were taken by force from the hands of everyone that inhabits the now-Elite Answers Wrestling Federation and we’ve proven time and time again why it’s not dead, just sleeping. It’s just been lying dormant like a big fucking beast that’s been starving for far too long. Now, do you think that applies to you, do you? You think because you two happen to occupy a certain space that you’ve become the personification of everything we hate? You are a sad, strange little pair, aren’t you? I can’t say I blame you one bit for wanting to pretend you’re of such importance to us. Who DOESN’T want to be THE obstacle that stands in our way? Who DOESN’T want to be the center of our attention? We’re the hottest thing going today and I can’t honestly say I hold it against anyone that wants to be the ones we’ve got eyes for, but this little metaphoric high school crush you’ve got going for us needs to be shattered and you need a little reality check of your own.

六 Drake slams the chalk against the board into the two stick-figures. 六

Drake: What on Earth makes you think we’d specifically target the two of you? Star Wars seems to be all the rage, so let me put it this way: Why would the Empire have targeted some little random couple that came down our path? We’ve got bigger fish to fry and we’ve got people that need a violent beating far more than the two of you seem to be asking for, but like I said, this is the season that’s all about the spirit of giving to others, especially those less fortunate, and it’s become pretty fucking clear to me that you two weren’t blessed with two braincells to rub together, so we’re gonna do you a favor and make you both FAMOUS, if only for one night. You’ve gone and told yourselves that our intentions to end your careers means we think we’re going to waltz in and snap your necks like you’re nothing more to us than two defenseless little animals, but again, big, big, miscommunication on your parts, children. You’ll fight. We’re well aware that you’ll fight. You’ll fight and you’ll fight and you’ll fight until your bodies are bruised and sweaty and bloodied and your psyches are riddled with the scars we leave you that you can never wash away, but you won’t win. You won’t win, and you know why I know that? You know why I’m so confident? You know WHY I don’t think for even one second that we’ll walk out of Road To Redemption with another victory under our belts? The exact same reason you two think you’ll walk out of there with the win. Only, while you’ve got a few Tag Teams beaten on your path to this match, we’ve got a fucking genocide behind us. We’ve got not mere tag teams, but ARMIES broken and beaten behind us. We’ve got people just like you and we’ve got people below you and we’ve got people above you that all fell just the same as you two fucking idiots will this weekend! Drake & Jones isn’t just a tag team, sweetheart, we’re a crucial part of a well-oiled machine that fights for a purpose you clearly can’t even fucking comprehend, but don’t let me interfere with your dreams. Don’t let me stop you from that hope you hold onto with your little boyfriend - that little voice in your head that comforts you and tells you everything’s gonna be alright. I know you’re not gonna care. I know you’re not gonna give a fuck about any of this, and I know that for all you’ve got going for you, you’ve clearly got much more going against you because there’s not a single fucking thing I say to you that will change a Goddamn thing! You’re not a team fighting a team - you’re two ants fighting an ant hill! You’re two soldiers against an entire empire! THAT’S why we win, and that’s why we will ALWAYS win. You suffer from the same fucking disease as everyone else in this pathetic company: an over-inflated sense of purpose. As if you earned the right to be here, as if you’re irreplaceable, as if you’re special!

六 Drake stops his rant and tries to calm himself as he regains his composure before he continues. 六

Drake: You’re not special, honey. You’re pretty, you know your way around a ring, you’re the Empress of Elite, you’ve got a dog that will do whatever you tell him to, but you’re not special.

六 Drake turns around and crosses out the small circle containing the two stick-figures. 六

Drake: You’re just two little cogs in a big machine. Once The Mercenaries win at Road To Redemption, that machine becomes ours. You’ll have long-since fallen to us by then, and those two little cogs named Aria Jaxon and Brett Kennedy will have come to a grinding halt, but the machine still keeps going like nothing even happened.

六 Drake draws another small circle in the bigger circle. 六

Drake: Someone else will come along to claim they’re the ones that will stop us.

六 Drake draws another small circle in the bigger circle. 六

Drake: And then another.

六 Drake keeps drawing more and more circles. 六

Drake: And another, and another, and another, AND ANOTHER! Line em up and we will knock em down! Every tiny little cog that pretends it matters will become obsolete garbage until the entire machine has been completely rebuilt in our vision: Hexa-gun’s vision!

六 Drake tosses the chalk and turns back to the camera as he sits back down at the teacher’s desk. 六

Drake: Don’t like it? Suit yourself. Nobody’s telling you to come to Road To Redemption and end up like they all will. Nobody wants to fall in line like they’re just another sheep, so I can’t say I blame you one bit. Just know that you’re either gonna give in to us, or you’re gonna go take your chances out in the harsh storm of obscurity and irrelevance, BUT I WARN YOU:

六 Drake again nonchalantly puts his feet up on the desk and grins. 六

Drake: Baby, it’s cold outsiiiidddddeeeee…..

六 Drake continues to hum to the tune of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” as the camera pans away from him while fading to black. 六

Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 8:20 am by LVCIAN
HBG implied that the only reason I am a man of honor, the only reason I ALWAYS do the right thing is because I am trying to put the guilt of my recent mistakes behind. And she couldn't be any more wrong. Admittedly, I made mistakes. More than I can count actually. What can I say? I'm human, I am not perfect. However, I have attempted to rectify them and I have been successful at it. In the end that's what should really matter. I don't feel guilty because I am not guilty.The reason Dynasty Wrestling is independent and currently isolated from the land of elite is Zack Crash. I lost the match because he ordered his little legion of shameless ass kissers to make sure I lost that match. I lost much more than just a match that night. The Dy-Hards put their trust in me, they believed in me, in my abilities as an elitist. And I lost their trust. I failed them. I made a mistake. I should have seen it coming. The moment I made it clear that I was against Zack Crash and his agenda I should have known that he was coming after me and that he would take everything I cared about from me. But like I said before I don't feel guilty, HBG. I don't regret what happened that night. In fact, I am glad I lost one of the most important matches of my career. Because if I wouldn't have lost my match at Pain For Pride 8? All of this? All of this wouldn't have been possible. The only one who should regret what he did is Zack Crash. He is the reason this insurgency was conceived. Hell, he is the architect, the father of this insurgency. He created it by screwing me over at the greatest show on Earth. And this revolution? Will be his downfall. Will be YOUR downfall, HBG. I don't know what you are talking about... The ratings for Dynasty Wrestling have been higher than any show EAW has to offer, higher than they have ever been. Zack Crash walks around Dynasty Wrestling thinking he can do whatever he wants without confronting any repercussions, taking championships and doing as he pleases. And maybe you're right, maybe I am the reason for that. But I will ALSO be the reason he loses absolutely EVERYTHING. And you can bet your ass I will be the reason Hexa-Gun DIES.

I know another way I can still prove I have some shred of credibility left, and that I am capable of righting my wrongs.. And that is by walking out of Road To Redemption VICTORIOUS! I don't want anybody's pity, I don't want anybody's compassion. I'm not trying to deceive these fans to gain sympathy and the boost necessary to get some inspiration to propel my career forward. I don't need to deceive them, the Dy-Hards have always been sympathetic with me and they provide me with everything I require to propel my career to the next level. Their support means the world to me. They are the only reason I continue on besides my family. Otherwise I would have hung up my boots and walked off into the sunset a long, LONG time ago. I don't know why you think this is all a pretense. I don't know why you think this honorable aspect of me is fictitious. Because I'm not pretending to be anybody I am not, this isn't a movie. I'm not playing a character. I'm the realest in EAW right now. This is who I am, doll. Whether they support me or not I will keep doing what I am doing. What I have been doing since I returned to this company. The quest I embarked on will continue regardless. I don't need a gimmick unlike you and Impact. Because let's face it, you two are characters. And I dare you to refute me. My intentions have been clear from the start. I intend on eradicating corruption and the corrupted because that is the only way EAW and Dynasty Wrestling can enter an all new golden era. Maybe corruption won't ever be vanquished from the world, but at least I am trying to make a difference, at least I am trying to ensure the survival of honor. I don't need to pull that kind of stuff, HBG, get it through your thick skull: The Dy-Hards are on my side because they want to be!! I didn't trick them into following me, I didn't promise them anything if they followed me. Not at all. They're on my side because they know it's the right thing. We're all sick and tired of Zack Crash. That is something both The Mercenaries and Team Dynasty have in common. We're all willing to go to absolutely any lenght to make sure Crash is out of power. The huge, obvious difference between us is Team Dynasty isn't greedy. We don't have a powerful ambition for power. We don't want Crash out of power so we can take over. I understand there will always be someone like Crash in power and that is exactly what I am here for. If the board ultimately becomes like him I will be there to stop them. That's assuming Team Dynasty wins which we will. You're not incompetent, HBG, you're not a failure either. That's probably why nobody calls you those things... But after Road To Redemption you will feel incompetent and you WILL feel like a hopeless failure because Team Dynasty plans on picking up the win, BABY! We plan on ending Zack Crash and we're going to take down The Mercenaries!! Neither did I.. I never do anything to gain pity. I don't need pity -- I can't stress it enough. I talked about my past tribulations I have faced because I wanted to demonstrate something. That I always overcome the odds even if they are stacked against me, even if it isn't at the first attempt. Even if I fall I DON'T stay down. I always get back UP. You and Impact seem to think I am still the same rookie I was five years ago. You have no idea -- you can't even begin to imagine the surprise I got in store for you two. A lot can change in a matter of years. A LOT has changed the past few years. I have excelled like no other extremist OR elitist has in the history of this company OR any other. I showed the world I ain't no joke when I came back and I will gladly show you two again this Saturday when we meet in the ring again. I don't need guidiance from Jacob Senn, is that a fucking joke? I have been around longer than he has. If anything, he needs guidance from me. If you think I am going to stand for this disrespect, if you think i will allow you, Impact or anyone for that matter to humiliate me in front of my people you've got another thing coming. You can try to insult me as much as you would like.. When the time for talking is over you will face the concequences. I'm telling you right now it ain't going to be a walk in the park surviving what I have prepared exclusively for you and Impact, HBG. I can defeat your boyfriend now if I had the chance to go up against him one on one. Like I said it's been five long years. A lot has changed. I have changed. For the better. Y2Impact has won titles, he's a member of the hall of fame, he's at the top of the world... But he will never have the support of the Dy-Hards and that is worth more than any of that. You said you were familiar with the game. Well, I've got some news for you... I AM THE FUCKING GAME!! And tomorrow night at Road To Redemption I will cement myself as the best wrestler on the face of the planet!

No one respects me? No one agrees with me? I don't know what alternate universe you're living in but these fans respect me, the guys in the back respect me and I can assure you they all agree with me! There are some people laughing at me, I know that. They're laughing at me for all the times I have been unsuccessful, they are enjoying the fact I have failed when I have needed to be successful the most. And to those people all I got to say is enjoy it while it lasts because in due time I will claim my rightful place as the face of this company and the throne will be MINEE!! Keep it up, HBG. Nothing you're saying, none of the words you are uttering make me feel bad or anything related to that word. You're just adding fuel to the fire burning from within me! And you're going to get burnt..
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 4:59 am by Guest
Yes, this is a joke to me.

Everything that you say to me, it is ultimately a joke. Everything you’ve said is the exact same thing that I’ve all heard from everybody else who decides to fight me. Everything is the exact same, that it’s all become a joke to me. They all claim that they are going to do this to me, that they are going to do that to me, that they will bloody me and they will finally be the one to end me and how I shouldn’t brag about my accomplishments because they have none and they feel so bad about themselves and you know something Mexi? They never do. And these aren’t never-will-be’s like you, these aren’t guys who can’t get on FPV cards or get title shots like you, these aren’t guys that say ‘I Quit’ and show mercy on their opponents when they realise they can’t make them quit because they have more heat and more determination than you, these aren’t guys that lose to people who haven’t wrestled in two years after they just challenged the biggest star in the history of the game to an FPV match and come up with weak excuses like ‘’well he distracted me’’ as to why they lost. These aren’t guys that achieve nothing in their lives despite talking a big game, these aren’t the types of guys who dream big about making lots of money but in the end are just mere bums who think that they are hotter than they are. Everything about you and everything that you’ve said to me, is a complete and utter joke because that is who YOU are. You can keep calling me out, you can call me out every day if you want, hell, you can call me out every single hour if you want Mexi, that isn’t a display of me being afraid of you, it’s a mental sign of how desperate you are. What do you really hope to achieve by doing that, Mexi? Do you think you can somehow get in my head and make me doubt myself or do you want everybody to believe that you have me beat and that I’m afraid of you? I’ll tell you this like I’ve told everybody else before, my mind is bulletproof, I already know that I’m the best, I already know that I’m the greatest and that I’m number one and that nobody can beat me so why do I care? I’ve nothing to prove to anybody but you on the other hand, you have everything to prove here. You have to step in on your first FPV match against the biggest guy on the whole roster after talking a lot of smack and if you lose, you get exposed for the fraud that you are. You have the whole world on your shoulders, everything to lose and your reaction is to call me out every day so everybody THINKS that you’re ready for this, that you’re the better man but we both know you’re not. It’s okay, it’s just a mental sign and I can see right through it, you know deep down that you’ve in over your head and out of your league here.

I’m a afraid to fight people who might actually be a challenge to me and yet, I’ve done NOTHING but call people out since I returned, I’ve done NOTHING but constantly call EVERYBODY out to face me for my title, that sounds like a guy who’s ‘’afraid’’ right? That sounds like somebody who is scared of competition right? Nah, I embrace the challenge of fighting somebody on my level but sadly, there is NOBODY on my level, there isn’t anybody on this roster who can challenge me, there isn’t anybody in this company who can give me a proper fight. That isn’t me talking trash or being arrogant, it’s simply the truth. Go ahead and tell me why nobody wants to fight me then? Tell me why nobody has stepped up to the plate yet and faced me then? Please, don’t try and make yourself feel better, I know you have this idea of me being afraid of you to make this much easier for you but let’s be honest – I don’t care about you. Your two pinfalls in that tournament? Let’s REALLY be honest, do you think pinning David Davidson is some proud accomplishment? Do you think beating Pizza Boy after HBB accidently super-kicking him counts as an impressive victory? Come on. You’ve done nothing here, you’ve done nothing that to prove you warrant anything here and you wonder why I don’t consider you a legitimate threat to me? I didn’t ‘’coast’’ in those matches, I was studying you, I was wanting to see if you truly had it in you, I wanted to see up close your talents and frankly, I’m not all that impressed. I didn’t see anything special within you. All I saw was a guy with basic movement, all I saw was a guy with weak shots, a weak chain and frankly, you’re not going to last long against me.

Now, let ME tell YOU how this is going to end. You’re going to make your entrance and you’ll immediately realise just what you got yourself into, you’re going to hear that Irish boo in ways that you can’t even imagine and then, you’re going to see me walk out, we’ll have a simple staredown and I’ll look in your eyes and I’ll see them turn to glass, I’ll send that energy from the Irish crowd right through your chest and you’ll realise you can’t beat me. I’ll see the sweat drip down your face, I’ll hear your heart pounding through your chest, I’ll smell the fear coming through you. I don’t blame you, it happens to everybody else. Everybody thinks that they have me figured me out, everybody thinks that they have the solution to ending me, that they can do the impossible but I beat people before the match even happens, you can’t prepare for what is about to happen. You can train all you like, you can work as hard as you want and you can pretend you aren’t scared before you head into the biggest match of your life but when it happens, when we’re standing across from each across, I’ll still smell your pussy reeking fear.

I mean, look who I’m facing:


Come on, you’re going to do nothing. You a bitch, you’re MY bitch and that is how I’m going to treat you in this match – as my bitch. Don’t worry though, when I’m finished with you, yeah you’ll have plenty of money from this fight, make no mistake about it. You’ll make far more money than the peanuts than you usually make but I’m going to maul you, I’m going to rip you apart and I’m going to tear you limb from limb, I’m going to give a bigger concussion than I gave HBB. Once I rearrange your face, you obviously won’t be getting any modelling jobs but don’t worry about it, you’re a good kid with ambition, I can respect that so I’ll take you on as my personal spit-shiner, you can go around carrying a spit bucket and you can spit-shine my Hall of Fame title every day. I mean, it’ll be a good job for you, you might actually be good at something for once in your pathetic, miserable, disappointing life. Who knows, maybe I’ll feel generous and let you drive one of my many cars to the store to pick up my shopping, or Cameron’s shopping, who knows. But, this will be the end of your EAW career. After everything YOU’VE said, you’re going to be walking out of EAW with your tail in between your legs, you’re going to be the laughing stock of EAW.

Hell, once your done spit-shining my title, you can call me daddy and sit on my lap and I’ll teach you the most important lesson of your life;

You don’t fuck with a God.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 4:15 am by MTM
Shut up pepperoni nipples.
 Road to Redemption Promo #3
[There are reasons why we have surprises.]

We staged the moon landing. Ooga booga!
I do not need to stand on the same foundation as you, Brian Daniels, because it is that obvious that we are from different dimensions as far as reality is concerned. It really doesn't suit your budding for you to come up with an unweighted question such as that because I know that I am not competing in the same league as you. I am far better and more advanced. As I've said before, I know that you people find it too difficult to digest this all into your system, but that is why I am here in this place first of all, to reveal what real wrestling is all about. You see Brian, if you really want to know the difference between you and I, it goes along the borderline that what I have done in my life, decapitating people and ending lives on a daily basis back in my native Greece, is all due to hard work, perseverance and never backing down from a challenge. You, however, you just sizzled your way to the "top" with shortcuts, from running away from fights, from joining terrible stables just because you always carried a disadvantage over along your shoulders. It's a slap to my face that these people, these outrageous, untamed monkeys that pounce up and about, find it very pleasant to disrespect me and not take me seriously. Well, the hell with you people then. I hoped that there were going to be a selective few of people that are conservative and real, people that actually understand and relate to what I say and do. So Brian, it is joy for my eyes and ears to know for a fact that I am walking on very thin ice while it continues to crack. I'm delighted in knowing for a fact that once I take that necessary step to jump over the remaining ice, that would be the end-game for all. The charades end on Saturday night, Brian. The trial where you can play as the people's hero and have a boasting ego will finally resolve. Consider this to be over. 
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 4:11 am by The Elite-Lord
Perhaps there is no bark in this dog, after all. A shame that this illumination that Matt Miles brought on himself is heading towards hollow shame. Perhaps now that the pride has been swallowed up, and swarmed with nerves and anxiety, the real Mutt can be revealed. The sole temptation that this lowly Matt Miles had, the power of greed that is possessed, will be overruled with the King's might. Ten thousand candles light in the night, and not one is meant to mourn for your life. Thirsting for vengeance, Lannister on the prowl. These hungry claws won't rest until you've been flayed from head to toe, and you can consider that Lannister's vow. A man who thinks he's different, all because he sought to defy the one that bought. A wolf in sheep's clothing, you are not. More like a black sheep, amongst the white. Standing out in the bright of the day, you can flock as you like. For make no matter, the King is here. And he's come to prey, and there is much reason to fear.

Lannister knows not to believe the words of a pretender, so perhaps it is for the best that Miles has chosen to lie back amongst the cattle. A song for the brave, that one can be sung for another. It seems that this fenced in mole rat has had enough of the lime of day. There's a comedy to intrigue, that fails to persuade this methodology as a chess match. Silence is considered a virtue, but it is not one that can turn you into a mastermind. There is no greater mind than that of Lannister, so how dare this Mutt believe he can play this pretentious game. Or maybe, just maybe, this is Matt Miles unique way to dance away his fears. But Lannister dares not forget, for there is no such concept as a Royal Pardon. There is a delta of fears to be had with you, and all will realize one way or the other. Can't you see, Miles, that the circle of life is going to revolve around the circle of your own blood. You followed down this path, and Lannister will help you to the finish line. So let your fear creep into your ever-so-thin skull, and let it consume the lair of your mind. Don't you understand MILES, YOU HAVE LOST THE SEAL TO YOUR OWN FUTURE. TELL ME THE SENSE OF WHAT YOU HAVE LEFT. FOR YOU'VE TRIED TO TAKE FROM ME. AND FOR IT, YOU'LL PAY FOR IT IN MORE WAYS THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE. YOU'VE GUIDED YOURSELF RIGHT INTO THE GUILLOTINE. WHATEVER YOU WERE HALLUCINATING, YOU FOUND THE FRACTURED DESIGN. WRONG KING, WRONG MAN. YOU ONLY NEEDED ONE MISTAKE, TO TURN FATAL.

When one thinks of Matt Miles, they'll only be in reminisce of decay. Everything about your career will unravel with just one encounter with the man they call the Angel of Debt. Not that there is much to undo, or forego from the channels of EAW History. But worth the effort or not, Lannister will make it worth his while to deny every trace of evidence in your existence. Lannister made a recent remark about you being a chapter in his own history book, but it is time to forego that conclusion. For this dog isn't even worth that. He has never proven himself to be held in the same degree as this King of Elite. Nothing but a parasite who fed on any host he could. You think you can feed off of Lannister's name and blood, think no more. You won't be a passenger to filter through the walks of time. Not worth a stone to step on, either. Matt Miles, how flattering it must be entice Lannister into a match where he receives no mere of benefit. This is a match of nothing to gain, nothing to lose. Lannister won't have garnered credit for slaying a man with nothing to his name but motive. Yet Lannister is seduced and bound by his Kingly duty, to exterminate you all the same. Lannister will not rest until your shame is written in death. All your illusions, all your passion and rage, to be devoured in the chaos of Lannister's storm. Your "revenge" has fragmented in your own hand, that is the mastery of it all. Your grief is the inevitable under-layer of it all. Alas, Lannister becomes the King of your ashes. The madness of it all is you could have avoided your own despair, if you just replaced your pride with the pity of your career. But freight not, as when you ask for your release from the contract you're bound to, you will have only one price to match. And you cannot pay it. Unveil what you can, and scavenge what you left. And leave. That is the only means to survive this apocalyptic embrace you've brought upon yourself. This is the fallout of your mistake, and all your radiation is spreading like a disease. You've made yourself an abomination, as you've gained the sickness you caused.

If nothing else, this is the revelation for who the real Mutt Miles is. No bark, no bite. No regards to anything that could be confused with integrity. Perhaps Lannister should have let this dog suffer with Alex Anderson. And perhaps taken that 24/7 contract, when his brittle body couldn't handle the grips of a year-around EAW schedule. It would have been better in the hands of a man that has proven to deliver, rather than the biggest bust in EAW's recent memory. The lost and the damned, Matt and Miles. Given a prophecy for greatness, and can't even mimic Macbeth. You're the atrocity of it all, and Lannister will rag in what little riches you have. You're only good to Lannister dead. Only then, Lannister can set forth on his path to the gold he solely desires. Engrave that into the chronicles of Lannister history. But first, it is your skin and bone that is to meet the grindstone.

Your suffering desires, your lost aspirations, your lingering hope... that is all that remains of this feeble Matt Miles. And after Road to Redemption, it bundles into one. Lannister sends you your last regard, and for it, you must pay your debt to the crown once and for all.

And anything that's left of you... will burn. Dreams. Glory. Tangible. The intangible.



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Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 1:31 am by Brett Kennedy
Well, looks like I'm the dumbass...

From the most basic of math to a sport that I make look easy, apparently I just don't have the brain capacity to comprehend the simplest of circumstances. I mean, it takes me hours just to tie on one shoe. I have such a hard time to open a can of coke. It's this revolving cycle of failure that I seem to attain in my daily life, I must be some lonley wretch that is on the brink of suicide.

Wait just a cotton-picking minute...

I'm on one of the longer winning streaks in EAW...

I'm dating the Empress of Elite...

I'm going to kick the asses of two people who kiss the most ass...

Well, Tiberius. I guess we're at a conflict here. You say one thing, while I'm quite clearly at the opposite spectrum of that. You know, I can think of someone who said the same thing to me when he first laid eyes on Mr. Asshole over here. Something about me having a lack of brain capacity and a missing chromosome. Actually, come to think of it, it's the same person you kiss, slober and drool on in your Hexa-Gun family. Right, it's your beloved co-leader, Y2Impact who said that! You want to talk about how you aren't some lackey for this Mexi-Fries group, but you walk, talk and act so much like your leader (with less eloquency, mind you), that you're probably the biggest lackey of them all. I just have to wonder what it's like in the Hexa-Lair, during one of Y2Impact and HBG's Dexter-esque moments. I can see it right now; you're taking a good, long look at Y2Impact's actions as he puts the knife into his next victim. Speaking of knives, with their obscession of it, why weren't you losers called 'Hexa-Knife'? I mean, it fits more than Hexa-Gun.

Because you can recover from a knife wound, as I've recovered from Civil War.

It's real easy to reference someone's past and point out their flaws. I knew from the first second it ended that people like you were going to point it out like a cold sore on Eris Lecava's lip. But, let's face the facts as they stand. Nobody thought I stood a chance against any of you guys. Yet, as I gave Y2Impact a little taste of humble soup, as I overcame my losing streak, as I gave Thomas Minns a well-deserved wake up call, and as I fought tooth and nail to get this moment here at Road to Redemption, things look a whole lot different for me now.

And there's the biggest difference between you two and Aria and I. In a mere few months, I went from a nobody that shouldn't even sniff with the big dogs, to a constant name people think of as a big dog. In these short few months, I have developed into someone to put your money on every night. Sure, you can say that you have championship history, and congratulations for that. It's certainly difficult to win a title and hold on to it for however long you did. But, when we look at you over the past few months, what have you really done other than talk about your championship past. I mean, you won your little Civil War match, and you pinned Mr. DEDEDE, but after that, what have you really done other than help out your buddies? You've kinda stayed in this little bubble that I used to be at one point. In fact, you think I'm in that same bubble, but the saddening fact is that I'm not even at a level below you anymore. What's that called again? Oh, yeah... I got it now...

'Mediocre' Tiberius Jones...

This is why you resort to these little pot shots that have been spewed out the exact same way as your co-leader. This is why you've got to think I'm the weak link of this group, when in all actuality, you're just jealous of my development as a main-stay for the company, as your stock keeps falling while being in one of the most 'threatening' stables EAW has had in recent memory. You look at me, and wonder 'why the fuck does this guy get the recognition he gets? He's nothing but a tall guy with a loud mouth'. You're absolutely right about that, though. I am a tall guy with a potty mouth. But, I'm not just some pretty face that is there to fill up a spot in a card. I'm also a fucking ass kicker who will take names and cash checks. Am I using an awful cliche to emphasize who I am? Absolutely, and you can fucking deal with it.

Now, I don't have any real reason to stay up and look at footage anymore. I don't have a reason to stay up extra at night. I can sleep easy knowing that you're simply doing this to hide the fact that you aren't really up to snuff anymore. Where's that champion caliber Tiberius Jones now? Did he have to hang it up after pressing his lips on HBG's saggy vagina? That must be why you formed a tag team with Sir Dick-Cut-Off. You need to hide the fact that you're no longer the same Tiberius Jones that won championships, that kicked ass and people saw him as an actual threat. Now, you're not even a shadow of what you once used to be. You're now this shoe-shining, ass-kissing, second-rate scapegoat that needs this victory to hide the fact even further. Truth is, Aria and I will be coming into Road to Redemption, we will whip your sorry asses, and reveal the deep, dark secret you don't want anyone to see.

This weekend, you'll come to learn that I'm not just some leech on Aria's arm.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 18th 2015, 1:11 am by Aria Jaxon

The massive Mercedes-Benz Superdome is lit up like a Christmas tree, both inside and out. On the stadium’s exterior, the colorful lights for which it’s become well known glow brightly against the nighttime sky of the Crescent City, the jet black expanse above hanging over the French Quarter, Lake Ponchartrain, and Xavier University. Inside, the lights that Beyonce once allegedly “turned out” during her Super Bowl halftime show light up the entirety of the venue, illuminating everything -- the seats, the skyboxes, and the football field itself. Smack dab in the middle of the Astroturf on the fifty-yard line is a giant, plushy red throne, and that’s where the Empress of Elite sits. Aria Jaxon clad in head-to-toe black -- black heels, black jeans, and a New Orleans Saints jersey with Drew Brees’ number nine emblazoned on the front. Already, a smile has situated itself on the Californian’s red lipsticked lips, and she places an arm on the armrests on either side of her as she begins to speak.

“Hate is a strong word, Drake. Shit, you hate us? And here I was thinking it was all business. Brett and I are supposed to be two people you claim to not be all that invested in, and yet you bypassed all the varying degrees of dislike and distaste and went straight to hate. Damn. I should be scared shitless, shouldn’t I? Aww fuck, look out, Drake and Jones are coming to end our careers! We’ll be on stretchers by the end of the night! The curtain call for Brett Kennedy and Aria Jaxon is near!”

Blatant sarcasm hangs on the Vixen’s every word, and little can be done to keep her from tossing her head back and laughing loudly.

“Give me a fucking break.”

Aria rolls her eyes.

“Maybe, just maybe I’d be amused by that if I hadn’t already heard it so many times before. Maybe, if any of the teams who promised to beat us and send us to the nearest ICU had actually delivered on their promises, then it would hold weight coming from you. But the fact is, I’ve already filed his bullshit away in my mental Rolodex with the untruths spouted by all the others. No one, not a single goddamn team, has actually lived up to their own hype. It’s the same spiel regurgitated week after week, copied and pasted into the mouth of a different set of competitors. They set themselves up for a victory, all before we ruin their fucking night. Drake, you haven’t said anything that convinces me that you two can’t be beaten. How the hell are you gonna convince me that you can do what the others couldn’t? We came from the same field of sixteen that you did. We beat just as many teams as you and Tiberius, so please, keep that in mind before you start making up any more imaginary reasons as to why we’re supposedly so inferior. Maybe I’m supposed to be scared of the idea that you haven’t just promised to beat us, but to take us out altogether, as if that’d be such an easy feat. All your talk of saying you can go the distance and that you’re battle-tested and ready for war, but you’re banking on a thirty-second mercy kill of a contest. Are you stupid enough to think you’re walking into a one-sided massacre? Have you resigned yourself to the idea that it would be that simple?”

She shakes her head, and sighs, as if to say, “I don’t know how much clearer I can make this.”

“You’re going about this the wrong way, sweetheart. Being blind to the threat we pose isn’t the route you wanna take here, believe me. It’s like you’re purposely ignoring what’s right in front of you. In everything I’ve said, I’ve never once tried to pretend like you and Tiberius don’t deserve to be taken seriously. Never have I tried to pretend like you skated all the way to the finals of this tournament. You’re great, yeah, but not too good to be beaten, and definitely not too good to have your own ignorance be your downfall. See, in your mind, Drake and Jones have already got this match won and we’re being written off altogether. I’m over it. The back-and-forth between our two teams hasn’t even gone on that long, and already I’m over the idea that Drake Jaeger is honestly trying to pass off the idea that Road to Redemption is where Brett and I are wiped off the face of the Earth. Not because it’s a real possibility, but just because he says so. Who died and made your word gospel? As of right now, I have no reason to believe I’ll meet my end at Road to Redemption, and I have no reason to believe we can’t topple two -- how’d you put it? -- admittedly narcissistic, anarchistic assholes who are more caught up in trying to “send a message” than they are on focusing on what’s coming their way this weekend. What’s staring you in the face now is the reality check you so desperately need. It’s the defeat you’ve been owed for far too long. So no, Drake, this is not the end of the line for Brett and I. This all doesn’t lead up to some vignette live on FPV where we’re loaded into an ambulance and never seen on EAW television again. Road to Redemption is where all four of us start writing another chapter in our careers -- not one that tells the story of Drake and Jones emerging victorious, but the story of how they made it all the way to the finals just to come up short. And the entire world is gonna know that we were the ones who brought your cute little roll to a screeching halt.”

“I almost don’t know what to make of you, Tiberius, with you taking jabs at my personal life in one breath and giving me my due in the next. I’ll admit that I did appreciate the Beyonce comparison, though. I idolize Mrs. Carter. Now that she’s conquered the world, it’s hard to think a time existed where no one believed in her. When she left Destiny’s Child to go solo, there were people at Columbia Records who told her she didn’t have a single hit song on her album. And she didn’t. She had five. Regardless of all that she’s accomplished now, there was still a point in time where she wasn’t recognized for being as great as she is. People told her to stay in her lane, and stick to harmonizing with Destiny’s Child and continue to be the group’s centerpiece. Just like the same narrow-minded people in suits who dared to try and tell Beyonce that she was in over her head, you’re acting as if you’ve got all the answers. Suddenly you know more about our relationship than we do...or at least, that’s the vibe you’re giving off. You say we’re knock-offs and we’re trying to pass ourselves off as something that we’re not, but I’d argue it’s the exact opposite. It’s not like we’re pretending we haven’t had our issues at one point or another. If we tried to sweep shit under the rug and act like it never happened, then and only then would you be able to call us on it. That ain’t the case. Shit happens, and what matters more than anything else is that we’re on the same page. But, ya know, keep trying to drive that “you’re not a real team, you’re not a real unit!” point home ‘til you’re blue in the face, if you want. Whatever floats your boat. Having brought any of that up might’ve been a cheap tactic, but I almost get what you’re trying to do. Almost. It’s all strategy on your part. I see where you’re going. After all, what’s the worst thing you can try to do to a team? Fuck up their dynamic, all through trying to create divisions and imbalances. Trying to get in their heads, all the while making both halves either so insecure that they believe they’re the weak link, or so egotistical that they think their partner couldn’t ever carry their own weight. So really, the work that comes with causing a team to split at the seams doesn’t require any heavy lifting at all. It’s really pretty hands-off, if you think about it. Rather than actually lifting a finger, all you gotta do is plant the seeds of doubt, and then watch them work. Once doubt creeps in, well, the people on the receiving end of all your bullshit will do your dirty work for you, if they’re weak-minded enough to let it happen. If they lose sight of what brought the team together in the first place, if they’re unsure enough to hold the opinion of naysayers in a higher regard than their own, then a team will implode. You think you and your friend have it in you to kick off that chain reaction that chaotic and devastating? It’ll take so much more than snappy one-liners, low blows, and well-placed punchlines to get into our heads to the point where we’ll be separated from what rightfully belongs to us. Waste your time calling into question who pulls more of the load, or who the “weak link” might be. Bring up shit that doesn’t matter. Rack your brains worrying all that’s insignificant, instead of thinking about the very real threat we pose, and the battle that you’re in for. Please, fuck yourself over. Be in the wrong headspace. Pretend as if the playing field isn’t level. Your stupid mistakes will cost you more than you ever could’ve imagined.”

With that, Jaxon leans back into the cushions of the throne, tipping her crown to the camera as the shot fades to black.
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Post on December 17th 2015, 11:10 pm by Scott Oasis
There’s a certain feeling amongst everyone right now. As I walked around the locker room after every edition of Voltage and every live event, I couldn’t help but notice that EAW as a whole is at a fever pitch. It’s not hard to see why though, we’re only a matter of days from Road to Redemption, one of the biggest shows of the season. A show that if about a month ago, you asked me If I would be on it in one of its main events, I would have probably been a bit skeptical and for good reason.

Last month at Shock Value, inside the confines of the High Voltage cage I was presented with my chance at the Answers World Championship and it slipped out of my fingers. I lost the match and while earlier I couldn’t help but point out the unnecessary involvement of Hades The Hellraiser in the first place, the point still stands ; I failed to take home the Answers World title and honestly it was a devastating blow. In my life I have always seen myself as an overachiever, whenever I set out to do something, it gone done and that was mostly because of my upbringing. Where I came up from to get here, mistakes weren’t allowed, especially when trying to build yourself up from nothing. Whether it was the underground fighting leagues or the wrestling school, I had nobody to support me and nothing to fall back on. When you’re at the bottom you have to fight for your life because there are people in the same position as you are willing to drag you down to get ahead. Competition. Before I even entered a ring and turned to the world of sports that was what my life was based around. The biggest difference between now and then is that back then you couldn’t excuse losses. You couldn’t bitch, moan, and cry about your failures with baseless claims, there was no platform for that and even if there was nobody would care. If you didn’t win you didn’t make money and if you didn’t make money...you didn’t eat. It was do or die out there and I refused to just perish. So I fought for my life, I dug deep every single night and went against the people who were breathing down my neck, waiting for my failure, waiting to see me lose it all and take my spot. The only way to ensure that I could and survive and that my place on the pecking order would remain a constant was by bringing nothing but perfection. Every time I moved up and went for the bigger challenges, I made sure to come correct. Every thug on the street, every fighter in the leagues, all the way to EAW and the legendary Elitists like Starr Stan, I came in there and I bested them, that is what was needed to be done if I was going to make it!

That is why when I lost at Shock Value, I saw it the same way I would if I were to have lost a fight years ago: my career, my livelihood, my reputation, EVERYTHING I established was put in question in my eyes. Here I am though, as I said before with one more shot. I’m still clinging on, only inches away from climbing to the top of the mountain and as I get closer to it, it seems that view never changes. There are always other men right behind me wanting to take away what I have made for myself and what I am looking to accomplish. There have been a few changes though, instead of a bunch of bottom feeders nipping at my ankles, these people believe they have a true claim to the Answer World title, there are a lot more legitimate threats in this bunch. They all want that title, they believe in their heart of hearts that they really can do it, but I hate to say it but I won’t be happening, not if I have anything to do with it. It’s rare to see me taste defeat once, but for it to happen again in the very same scenario ; with that Answers World title on the line, it would take a miracle on their end. Do you really think I would set myself up like this if I didn’t have a game plan prepared for this, if I didn’t know I had this victory practically in my back pocket? I would not allow myself to lose this match, this is honestly the closest I’ve ever been. I’m at my prime right now, you can’t look at me and try to tell me that I am not ready to be “The Man”. I get that many Elitists like to say these things, but I’m not going to be another guy who “says” he’s going to become champion, I want to be the guy who goes out there and does it, I’ve made my whole career out of that motto. I don’t want to be here another five years waiting for my chance or get it when my prime has long past, I want it now and Road to Redemption, in that Elimination Chamber, I will have one more shot at the belt in fact, it is the best shot I could ever get. In one fell swoop, I can knock off every contender, I don’t have to worry about pins being broken up, and with the table being set the way it is, it has all the makings of being the most epic championship wins of all time. Five of Voltage’s best, hell, one of the greatest collections of talents in EAW as a whole, all falling at my feet.

Hold on. Perhaps I should scratch that and put four of the best instead of five. Liam Catterson is not exactly somebody I’m sweating. Listen, I know he already tried to beat me to the punch by mentioning how I have had his number multiple times previously, but calling me on it does not take away from the validity of it, he still looks pretty bad. I’ve beaten your ass on every occasion Liam. I’m more than well versed in what you have to offer, and I was able to see first hand that at this point in your career it’s not much. What are you still doing here, Liam? What is this new run of yours meant to accomplish? You have nothing to gain from this, you aren’t going to be able to redeem yourself and revive your career when you deliver worse now than you were when your career first went downhill. Your place in this Chamber is one that makes everybody look at the card and question “Why?” The idea of you being this match actually fits one of my previous statements incredibly well. Years after he’s far past anyone caring about him, he’s still reaching for the stars, trying to hold on and give people a reason to remember him, a reason for him be able to look back at his career and find it somewhat acceptable. Liam is an example of how not to end up. He was a world champion main eventing Pain For Pride in an Answers and Interwire title unification match, a match that on paper sounds like the biggest match that could possibly be made, and now he’s someone you could easily see on a list of roster cuts, he’s a disposable Elitist, but of course we must forget about that fact because he’s undergone some personality change and wants to act like he’s still the real deal. He can keep on thinking that, but he’s not going to be the one to get the championship, that’s for damn sure. He’s dropped way too low to deserve such a high, he’s not championship material.

Same with Ryan Savage, hell, you can group Ares Vendetta in the same boat, they’re both entitled jackasses who think they should become champions because they say so. Ryan Savage was riding Mr. DEDEDE’s coattails as his bitch boy for months after his mediocre singles title runs, and once Mr. DEDEDE gave him that rub and made him the most relevant he ever been, he turned his back on him to get some extra attention because you know, let’s all pretend that Ryan Savage was ever the part of the team that drew people in. Ryan Savage has a good resume, but there’s nothing behind it, none of his defenses stood out, he ran through some bums and when he first saw anyone somewhat credible, they took the belt away from him right off the bat. Proof: Jamie O’Hara and Ares Vendetta. Of course, don’t take that admittance of you being somewhat credible as a compliment and get cocky, Ares. What I am trying to say here is Ryan Savage has an over bloated ego, an ego that does not match the amount of talent he actually possesses. Ryan Savage thinks that because he’s the toughest kid in his sandbox, he has the right to play with the big boys. That ignorance is what leads him to make rash decisions, like allowing himself to think he’s anything greater than midcard status, that thinking because a hall of famer decided to pity him and give him a little shine, that he can compete with legends. Soundly defeating Ryan Savage is not something to brag about, anyone with a bit of wrestling ability can do it. Fuck, at this point I might need to write this off as the three best now.  Ares, you have that same over bloated ego problem. You’re so confident that you are literally putting up a countdown to your title victory -- what have you even done these past few months to deserve it? Your feud with Lannister was the definition of probability, with how many matches you two had of course you’d get a win. You beat Aren Mstislav, but it took three matches for you to get the job done, and as much as you wish the sudden attempt to make a statement on Voltage was intentional, the fact of the matter is the only reason you even crawled over to this brand was because Vic Vendetta tossed you off of a Showdown, nothing has gone your way and this mission your on was a failure long before it even began.

Speaking of getting tossed off, how about the man hanging by a thread, who was so close to being fired from Dynasty. The man who is now heading here to establish his dominance again, Mr, DEDEDE. Now I won’t lie to you, Mr. DEDEDE is overall probably one of the greatest Elitist in the game. He’s smart, he can wrestle his ass off and he knows how to scout his opponents down to a “T”. Mr. DEDEDE is one you have to keep an eye on, he preys on the weak and the simple minded. He’s a lot like me, he emphasizes strategy. He will find any weakness you have, any mistake in your offense, any opportunity he can find he will take advantage of it. That is why I don’t plan on letting him find anything to dig into. The man’s a vulture, but it’s hard to pick the bones of someone alive and well. This system he has been using has worked for years, he’s coming in thinking it’s going to be the same song and dance as always. I’m wise to it though, while he was working his opponents over and slithering to the top, I was watching it every step of the way. I’ve seen every match, every interview, every vignette, I have done everything I can to get into the mind of DEDEDE and see how he works. He’s a fascinating figure, a cult of personality. There are many layers to him and I have studied every layer, I know how to handle his aggression, his sneakiness, everything he can throw at me, I’ll see it coming. Although Mr. DEDEDE has years of experience and uses it to his advantage, in my many years as a journeyman, I have been down the roads he’s walked on over and over. I see myself giving DEDEDE a run for his money, to tell you the truth I’m fairly excited about this. Inside of that Chamber and with all of the tools to do it, I could put him on the shelf just like that and pick up two accolades in a single night.

Moving on to another “great”, the last person to talk about is the champion himself. Devan Dubian is considered a frontrunner for being one of the top raw talents to come out of his era of wrestlers. People hold him to this high standard of wrestling and place him way up high on a pedestal. If you asked some fans, they’d treat him almost god like in terms of how good they think he is. Who can really blame them though, Dub has been on a hot streak, he’s picked up win upon week every single week on Voltage and at every big event. Dub recognizes this pattern too.  He’s more than aware of the roll he is on, it’s like he is on autopilot, it has gotten to the point where these defenses all start to blur together and become nothing but a routine to him.  It’s expected of him to succeed, he doesn’t know defeat, the idea of failure barely is even a blip on his radar. He’s ignorant of the risks that lie ahead and that leaves him open for mistakes. He flat out said he feels as if he were invincible, that he found it impractical to imagine a scenario in which he would be pinned. There’s no sign of stress or sense of urgency going through his mind and it’s hilarious to me. You aren’t allowed to feel invincible when you’re a champion. When you feel that way you can’t help but consider yourself as good as safe from anything. There’s no reason to worry and thus there’s no reason to put in work. You get lazy. You don’t understand that when you’re Answers World Champion and you’re sitting on the top of your throne as king, everyone wants a piece of you, you are never safe. Even Kings are human, they bleed the same, they hurt the same and when they meet their match they will be beaten all the same. A thing I think you should take notice of is that when you read this tales of how a king’s blood was spilled , it always happened at the hands man they weren’t prepared for, the person who had been planning meticulously and got past their guard. That person managed to get to them and strike them down, leaving everyone in shock, That sounds to me like a very possible scenario. While you are in this false state of immortality, I am here after a month of thinking it over, waiting for this day, waiting to take the title I have wanted for years. You need to come to the realization that you’re heading into the chamber with five other men blind, or else there’s no way you’re walking out of that slaughter house in one piece. That chamber will break you down. The only thing that will remain looking good after that match is your Answers World title, and we won’t even be able to consider it yours once it’s around my waist.

Last year, I came to Road to Redemption in order to prove I belonged. Fast forward a year later and this time I’m coming here not to prove I belong, but prove that I am above the people who I once wanted to be amongst. I’m not a bottom feeder. I am a champion. And after Saturday, that is what I will be forever known as.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on December 17th 2015, 10:44 pm by Sephiroth
"All talk, No show"

(The scene opens to Sephiroth reclining against a couch, there’s a bottle of whisky and his assault rifle resting on a table beside him. Sephiroth seems extremely pleased)

Things these past few days have been so damn hectic. I mean you have this big event Road to Redemption going on where I ain’t even invited….sheesh, and on top of that you had guys like Kerry Keller and a couple of Mexicans who nonchalantly barged into my match trying to make THEIR statement. Well guess what “Mr.Silencer”? I shut you all up!

Hah. You should’ve seen the look on your faces, even damned Donald Trump had to come by my side and celebrate my victory tonight, and the dude doesn’t even LIKE me. I guess you can really instill fear in a country like this with just the sight of a gun, let alone firing it. You all are a bunch of cowards and low-lifes who only act tough and rough in the ring. Those microphones you hold in your hands give you all a false sense of security. Blah blah blah. That’s all you gotta say. Well Kerry last week you had a casket ready for me, you were gonna bury me six feet under. Have you forgotten that? Hmm? The only thing “six feet under” tonight was you…in piss. Hah. Pathetic I tell you. Is this the best this place has to offer? The likes of drug-addicted Mexicans and Hyper-depressed kid who cries over his mommy’s grave? I ain’t here to deal with this. I’m here to win prestigious matches, win championship gold, be the top of the food chain!

But I guess all good things must start out small, I almost thought I was gonna be screwed out of my match yet again tonight, but you know what? I’m a man who learns from my mistakes, mhm, I evolve, I adapt, I change. You see I wasn’t gonna let the events that happened 2 weeks ago transpire again. No. I did what I had to. And guess what? I kept my promise, I walked out victorious!!

Hear those words Kerry? V-I-C-T-O-R-I-O-U-S. There, spelt it out for you. I may be a foreigner but you truly must feel sad when it is I who is the winner in YOUR country! Something you can never know what it feels like I’m afraid. Good riddance, how fitting for you to lose tonight, drenched in Mexican piss. Yuck. If I were running this place, I’d have nothing to do with you, so good luck getting allies on your part, heck your mom’s ghost is rolling in her grave right now. But enough about you. I’m done with you, you concern me no longer.

Tonight is MY night to celebrate, and even though I’m not in this Road to Redemption Pay per view, I’ve already redeemed myself. Hmph.

(Sephiroth shakes his head and pours himself another glass of whisky as the scene fades to black)
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EAW Promoz! (Section closed)

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