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 EAW Promoz! (Section closed)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Section closed)

Here you can write promos about shows, Extremist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Section closed) :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 16th 2016, 10:40 pm by Stark
A load of trash, is that really your strongest retort? Well after reading up on you a little bit more I can see now that you aren’t quite a nobody. I’ll admit I was misinformed about you and judged you off of the basis of the few times I had seen you on Dynasty, but then again that says a lot about you doesn’t it? Walking into the General Managers office and crying about equal opportunity, and complaining to get a title match. See that kinda shit flies in other businesses where yeah, you gotta whine and bitch your way up to the top but in the world of professional wrestling, it’s pretty pathetic. There are many New Breed division talents on the roster in the same position you are, waiting for opportunity. But they don’t complain until they receive a title match. They don’t cry about “equal opportunity” and clearly and pathetically try to play some type of race card – they wait. They patiently wait, they go out there every week and give it their all in every match they’re participants in, putting on GOOD matches and not being content with the fact that they can go out and squash rookies in the matter of seconds because let’s face it, no one is going to want to be in the ring with someone as boring as you for too long anyways.

So going back to me being misinformed, it seems that you have held this title before in the past. Okay, lots of people have held titles they don’t deserve. It’s all good that you’ve been the National Elite Champion before but in your own words, you’ve admitted that this championship is your peak. Maybe that’s why want it so much. Because if you TRULY believe that because YOU held the championship that the careers of men like Robbie V, Y2Impact, Kevin Devastation, and RRS, then I am actually concerned about the extents you’ll go to in order to reclaim this title. The point is man, no one cares what you did all those years ago. If you were the one of the first NE Champions all that means is that you won it in a time where real competition was scarce. That title held no meaning because people like you would have been given title matches by default on the account that there weren’t many other people to contend for it in the first place. Today is a whole different story though, and that’s why you even you yourself admit that the locker room is different, and hey, if you’re doubting your place in this company right now then maybe you shouldn’t even be here.

Have you seen the comebacks from some of the other old guys? Dark Demon is one of Showdown’s top guys, Kevin Devastation wreaked havoc on his return, Y2Impact and his girl have been dominated the tag team division, and then… there’s you. The Regulator, returned to Dynasty, and has amounted to absolutely NOTHING. But I’m glad you’re admitting it yourself. No one cares if you ‘kicked DDD’s ass’ on Dynasty, and frankly if that’s all you’ve done in the past 6 months since your return then I am not intimidated or worried even a little bit. I hate bringing this up over and over again but sure you can call me a rookie. Right, because the EAW is the big leagues and everything before that is amateur hour and even I’ll agree with that. But do you know what I did in my rookie year, even though I was only there for about 6 months in my original run? I came in and bulldozed through the midcard of Showdown. Look at some of the major players in EAW right now, guys like Nick Angel, Clark Duncan, Venom, and Jamie O’Hara. I beat them ALL, and I won the New Breed Championship within months. Six months to be exact, and my reign ended in a fatal four way Ultimate-X match at Pain for Pride. So call me a rookie, it doesn’t concern me, because as far as I’m aware I had one of the best damn rookie years in EAW EVER.

The taste and smell of gold attracts you, but let me tell you what I’m attracted to – BEING CHAMPION. You want gold, I’ll toss you one of my girlfriend’s necklaces, but if you want the TITLE then I’m afraid that I’m a hundred percent positive that I want it more. And if ambition and desire fuels the energy and ability I’ll need to beat you at Rising Tide, then you’ll realize that I am the one in overdrive, not you. And actually, I do understand your position. This is do or die for you. You’re one of the so-called EAW greats but you’re one of the only ones to fail on your return. This match for the number one contendership is the best opportunity you’ve gotten in your six months back and WHEN you fail the rest of the EAW will realize that you’re a has-been. Maybe you were good in your first run but right now I don’t see any reason to be worried. And you think there’s nothing about me to worry for. That’s what they all think. Sure I lose my fair share of matches but I’ve become quite good over the years of winning where it counts. Rising Tide is your opportunity to show that you are as good as you once were but you and I both know that you’re not, so you can continue to hide it underneath the machismo you’re putting on but what’s the point when the man you should be worried most about can see right through it?

Do you know what Rising Tide is for me? One of many opportunities. It isn’t do or die for me that’s for sure, because even if I lose, I have many years left to redeem myself. You on the other hand are the disgruntled veteran, so if you lose, that’s it for you. But I’m not stupid – I’m seizing this opportunity because chances like these come rare to me, and who knows what kind of breakout star can show up tomorrow and take my spot. But isn’t that what’s happening with you? You were probably going to get this opportunity by default until I showed up a couple of weeks ago. This is a dog eat dog world, and unlike you I didn’t need to complain to the general manager. I let my actions speak for me and went out and put on good matches. I didn’t need to beat my opponents in ten seconds but I definitely did look good this past month, win or loss. And that’s the thing, I know how to impress. Apparently I’ve impressed you to the point where you already want to put me on a stretcher. For what? Insulting your frail ego? Or do you view me as a threat? Because I don’t need to send you out of the arena on a stretcher although believe me if it comes to it I’ll be more than capable of doing just that.

I don’t care how many nicknames you have. I’m about to make each and every one of them a relic of the past just like you are. I am the FUTURE, and I’m so glad the higher-ups are finally realizing that. Mark my words I’m on my way to becoming of the top guys in the EAW, and beating you at Rising Tide, then Tig Kelly for the NEC after that, is how I’m going to do it. My winning is an inevitability, and you can try to intimidate me as much as you want but it’s not going to yield any result. I’m on my way up man, and I’m really curious as to how you’re going to stop this rising tide. See you on Saturday.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 16th 2016, 10:14 pm by -
Dynasty Promo # 2

Quite frankly, I've had it with you making outlandish statements.

I've had it with you wasting my time with such empty, empty words.

If you are going to say something, say something of substance. Say something that will make me go, "Damn! Jaden Zaxaria may have a point here," because you haven't thus far. In fact, you’ve remained in complete silence. I've never had a dozen shots at greatness. I've never even had one, and I've learned from the little failures I have. What opportunities did I have? You say that I've had so many, but you fail to state what they were. Since I'm not afraid to point out any of my failures, I'll list you some. I lost to The Mercenaries, and I lost in the 24-7 Battle Royal. Those were my only true shots at becoming something. I'm not one to make excuses, but I firmly believe I learned from those two losses. As a matter of fact, they are the reason why I stand before you as the toughest opponent you will ever face in your entire career. I don't envy you at all. Once upon a time, I did envy The Mercenaries. I idolized Impact. But there comes a point when you are on the brink of surpassing even your idols, and that's going to be the story of JJ Silva. Our careers have finally bumped into each other, and I'm only going to use you to catapult myself to the top. Basic concept, right? Well, that's exactly the way I see it. I don't envy you – I have no reason to. I already know that in a few days, I will surpass you and end even the mere thought of you being better than me. I find it funny that you mentioned my faults in my career right when I called you on all your bullcrap. It seems you really took that to heart, huh? I guess I'm getting under your skin, and I love it. I've been blacklisted from this company for so long, and I'm finally dishing out what I've been given from everyone.

Would you like to know why I would compare myself to someone like Adolf Hitler?

Because he was a genius. He was a fantastic orator who propelled himself to the top simply by manipulating the system. He fooled the people of Germany, and I have fooled the people of Dynasty Management, specifically Sebastian Monroe to get this match with you. I will not repeat myself again on that matter, but I'm sure you will continue to dispute me calling myself the modern-day Hitler simply because you can't comprehend a single thing I say. You can't comprehend anything, it seems. THAT'S what's making ME sick. But hey, you win some, you lose some. As long as my career is continuing laterally, I can sleep happily. You see, Jaden, I'm so glad you're of the mentality that I deserve this "potential" beating that I will receive from you. I'm very glad, actually, because I know you're going to show me a side of Jaden Zaxaria that the people have never seen before. I want that Jaden Zaxaria. I don't want the broken version of him that I seen a few weeks ago. I don't want you making excuses after the match of how you weren't ready or how you weren't 100%. The truth is, you are at your best, and even your best will not be able to defeat JJ Silva. Cold. Hard. Truth. Day-by-day, you're proving to me how much more intelligent and coherent of an elitist I am. I provide you with real statistics and a supported opinion, while you feed me with twisted narratives.

When I was facing The Mercenaries, I gave it my all. I have no reason to deny that and the fact that I got closer than anyone had at that time should say something. What I learned from that is I had room to grow, and on Dynasty, you’re going to get not only the best JJ Silva, but the best competitor of your career. EVER. I’m sick and tired of being at the bottom of the totem-pole and after I’m done with you I will be on my way to bigger things no matter what this company tries and slows me down with I will pass it. I’m not staying where I stand.. I’d rather die than stay at the bottom, so my only option is to beat you. My only option is to humiliate Jaden Zaxaria. I guess I can entrust the EAW populace to understand what I'm saying – I'm sure they will understand better than you ever have. All that is left is action. We can talk all we want, but at the end of the day, it's time for affirmative action. I don't have many principles when it comes to fighting, but I'm sure you do. I'll give you a bit of a heads-up now: there won't be any morals in this match. This match will be extreme. It’ll force Dynasty to relive it’s “ Extreme Answers Wrestling” days. I have heated opinions, but I believe in them. I sense that you lack conviction in your beliefs, because you have no good reason in believing in them. I mean, to say that I'm not intelligent and got to where I'm at because of throwing tantrums is a fallacy. You know it. But I digress, here are my final thoughts on you for now, Jaden:

You’re no Rising Star. You’re what the Sport’s world often call a bust. I’ve taken you down before and this time I’m taking you out.

Where we stand today, you and I can be compared by many in terms of where we stand….. but after Rising Tide, it’ll be illegal to utter our names in the same breath.

You will fall to the uncrowned Icon, JJ Silva.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 16th 2016, 10:12 pm by Tig Kelly
*Tig pauses a tape on a close up of Pizza Boy's face. He stares in the eyes of his foe and smiles a bit with fondness as he sizes up the gold plate with where he struck him on Dynasty then drapes it over the TV before he begins*

I look in your eyes and I see everything this company needs Pizza Boy. When I gaze deep into your soul whether it be in the back or through a monitor I just feel like you are what this company lives and feeds upon and what the fans crave when they watch what we do. You push forward as the underdog, you get rocked and get back up, hell you got dead leveled by my gold laden hands and still yanked a pinfall from one of the top tag teams possibly ever...You are everything that people like me build their legacies on. Now before any of the Samurai Pizza Fans get online and brag about how I said you made me, let me make it very clear that you are nothing but a major block in the castle walls that is my empirical reign with this belt. Every single warrior needs that foil that just won't stay down no matter how much you smash them into fine bits of dust, and you've proven time and time again that you simply will not stay down. I watch that fiery passion in your eyes and I see the rookie of the year that they see, I see the plucky kid that just wants so badly to have a future in what he loves even though I'm going to annihilate him at Rising Tide. I see a FUTURE in you....I just don't see it at my expense.

Honestly folks at home in the EAW world I don't even know if this will reach Pizza Boy. Word around the locker room is that he's gone missing after I clocked him with my belt, probably off on some peyote trip trying to find God. I hope for his sake he doesn't come back because as much as he won't die, I won't quit. As much as he has worked so hard to get here, I have busted my ass and taken my lumps to fall short of Rookie of the Year award here that they decided he was worthy of. Well you know what Altar Boy, you can fucking have that. For the rest of your life you can claim you beat me out for Rookie of the Year, and I want you to go to that happy place every single time I put a boot on your head. I didn't even know how bad I wanted to get my hands on you until I got my chance to do it. I was chomping at the bit to accept your challenge and leave a mark on you because you are the type of opponent that gives the true future legends like me a moment in history that can be talked about forever. They will play images of me hoisting my belt in the face of a rope assisted Pizza Boy because you truly held your own but just could not get the job done after a legendary beatdown by The Ender, Tig Kelly.

*Tig picks the belt up off of the TV and kisses it. He holds it firm in his grasp and gets a aggressive in tone*

Pray to your God who is as absent as you, be the very visage of the average man who strives to be champion material. Be the hero everyone is rooting for you to be.

*Tig kicks the TV screen with force right on the head of Pizza Boy as it explodes in shards of glass and tips over backwards sliding to the wall*

I will spill blood at your Altar and scoff at your faith. I will prove to you that while you represent the average class of man I represent the pinnacle of violence and success. I will show you that every hero eventually dies......
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 16th 2016, 8:18 pm by Regulator
I finally get a chance to really show why I deserve to be here….I finally get a chance to step more so into the limelight and remind everyone why I once was on top of the mountain and I have every intention to do so once again. You have to crawl before you walk…so I think management for giving me a shot, well at first taking out a load of trash by kicking Evan Stark’s ass and then moving on to compete for the National Elite Championship! This is a championship I’ll always hold near and dear to my heart because I was one of the very FIRST NE champions here in EAW and that title helped catapult me up to the highest of ranks, even though I wasn’t successful on winning the EAW Championship during the multiple times I’ve had the opportunity to try. My winning of the National “Elite” Championship belt all of those years ago got me noticed and it gained prestige during the reign I had. That title helped enhance the careers of other EAW Legends like Robbie V, Y2Impact, Kevin Devastation, and The Rated R Shaman of Sexy, all gives I’ve beaten BTW, and left an everlasting mark on their careers and I’m sure they are as thankful as I was to be given the chance to be in a position to win the title. The years have passed and things have changed around these parts obviously. There is a new breed of competitors here that I’m still trying to get warmed up to and the energy in the locker room is different. I’ve been back now for 6 months and the only thing I have to show for it as of right now is the fact that I was doubled crossed by Carlos, I kicked Mr. DEDEDE’s ass on Dynasty and as of late, I’ve been using this built up animosity to be opponents in record time on Dynasty. That might seem legit to a few but for me, it doesn’t even equal up to half of what I did my first go around or what I have the potential to do from this point forward. Evan Stark, I feel disrespected that you’ve yet to acknowledge me besides stating that you’re barely even worrying about our up and coming confrontation. Being a rookie, I know some of the smaller things don’t stand out to you but let me enlighten you my brother….you take me as a joke if you want to and you’re damn feelings, hopes and dreams are going to be crushed right before your eyes. I’m not about to let the opportunity pass me by this go around. Regulator is here and ain’t going nowhere so it’s time to kick some ass and take some names. You’re has just happened to be on the list of names I’ve written over the past few weeks. There is a consolation prize that comes at the end of our match which is obviously, a title shot at the NE Championship. I’ve always been attracted to the smell and taste of gold. When the chance is near, I try to take heed to it and seize it. Evan, I’m sure as you’re not blind that you’ve seen what I’m capable of. You’ve heard what I’m capable of. You so much….there isn’t much I’ve even decided to dig deep into to figure out who you are or what you’re capable of. I could careless honestly. You don’t understand how I’m in a position to either milk or mildew. Adversity has been breathing down my neck for years and it’s always been the reason why I take my ass out there to that ring and I try to put on a 5 star match! The adversity has given me the extra kick to push this engine into overdrive to get to the end of the road during the race and get 1st place. The fact that you think you deserve this more than me is enough to make me laugh at this point…not even being able to take you as serious as I should (In your voice). You’re worrying about the wrong thing kid. I’ve yet to mention anything about Tig Kelly because I have to beat your ass before I beat his. Tig Kelly has more than enough on his plate at this point than to worry about someone like you who isn’t even guaranteed a shot. That hiatus you had better not be your excuse for falling victim to me on this SuperShow because it isn’t anywhere as close to the 5 one I’ve had. I’m better and I’m better than Ever. I’ve been called the Real Deal…I’ve been called Efeds Prime Jewel….you take a moment to think about what those names mean. I actually wish you the best of luck in our match simply because the way I’m feeling at this point, luck is the only thing that’s going to keep you from leaving the arena on a stretcher. There’s a statement to be made….and you’re standing in the way of it. It’s about that time that I shine. See you on Dynasty.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 16th 2016, 5:42 pm by Impact
Here comes the backlash, right? The naysayers who intently watch all of my matches hoping I'll lose so they can point their grimy fingers at me and say, "I told you so." What separates me from those simpletons is that I don't dismissively excuse my losses; I learn from them. The never-ending battle pitting seekers of knowledge vs. seekers of convenience is one I'm always on the winning side of. It's easy to take the coward's way out and feed people an exaggerated, comforting version of what you consider to be truth. The craven and weak-willed are more concerned with conjuring a face-saving explanation for their defeat than improving, for instance, while I just march upward and onward. I'm going to take full ownership of The Mercenaries' loss on Dynasty because I'm something no one in EAW gives me proper credit for: a man of character. I lead by example, I exude confidence, and I command respect from my peers because I demand that the blame for losses be delegated to me. I don't sulk and give my teammates surly looks or say, "well if you hadn't let them plant your face into the mat with that game-changing drop toehold, who knows what would have happened? Curse your neanderthal-like awareness!" because I know the blame game is a recipe for disaster. I bridge the gaps people are afraid to cross. Thus leaves us with the million-dollar question, how am I going to approach my match on Voltage vs. Ryan Savage after a frustrating loss on Dynasty? I bet the "educated" fans in the arena buying tickets to Voltage think they're going to see an impassioned performance! I'll stake a pretty penny that some believe I'm going to undergo rigorous exercises preparing for this match to avoid another debacle like last week's Dynasty. First it was losing our championships at King of Extreme, the next thing I know we're losing yet again to Stand and Deliver, and suddenly the wheels have fallen off the wagon! For ordinary elitists, that's just the nature of the beast, an affair perpetually chalked up to the fact that people "win some and lose some," but I never achieved success simply by being ordinary. I broke barriers by being extraordinary. I went against that logic and succeeded precisely because I not only defy convention; I shun it. I don't fuck around twiddling my thumbs, mouth agape watching The Walking Dead whilst contemplating what fictional character I'm going to dress up as at Comic-Con, and I don't tolerate disrespect. I can already envision shoddy tabloids sparking fictitious rumors about my love life, claiming The Mercenaries' synchronization is off-kilter because I'm withholding sex from HBG -- well, I can tell you THAT'S not true. But the thought is crystal-clear in my mind and I have such little patience for the questions of my critics that simply imagining it riles me up. So, I'll skip all the EAW-mandated interviews I'm expected to partake in, accept the fines, and be Casper-transparent about what I plan to do before this next Voltage.

Back in the latter months of 2012, I was dealt a difficult hand and initially fell victim to my ordeal by failing to qualify for the Extreme Elimination Chamber that was to decide the Answers World Champion. I slithered my way out of this predicament in true Y2Impact fashion and claimed the elusive "Iron Man" title by being the first entrant in and the last out with my newly won championship in hand, but I'm a firm believer in the end result being less important than the process, so I'll clue you all in on a little secret -- I could have never achieved this if I hadn't began eating copious amounts of Taco Bell burritos. Occasionally, you read articles and you hear of the strict diets maintained by athletes like Tom Brady where green grapes are considered a "cheat meal." I did the exact opposite of this, I hit up my good buddy Rick Ross and his groundbreaking advice drastically altered the complexion of my career -- all by simply thinking outside the bun. Whether it was the XXL Grilled Stuft burrito, the Smothered burrito, the Cheesy Bean and Rice burrito, or if I wanted to taste that forbidden fruit and commit taboo, even the cheesy fiesta potatoes, I dominated Taco Bell's food like a mountain of pancakes on a Sunday morning, then I dominated my competition in that ring with the zeal of a warrior who just decimated his foe and was now about to award him with an honorable beheading. I plan to employ that same foolproof strategy as I approach my match with Ryan Savage this week. I know some of you are raising your eyebrow questioning my sanity and thinking Taco Bell was just a placebo to placate me and ease my nerves, but the surge I felt rushing through my veins as I chomped down those tasty burritos was, in fact, quite real. It was all thanks to the gift of Taco Bell! Have some quasi-journalist write an article about that while you plaster the following headline all over your fake magazines: "Y2IMPACT ADMITS TO PERFORMANCE-ENHANCING TACO BELL USE," and I guarantee you some people are going to believe it, not because they're delusional, but because they listen without questioning what they're hearing. They don't possess original thoughts, they have a hankering for others to produce them so they can co-sign whatever is popular, and my opponent on Voltage is no different. He's in the same special class of nitwit that gets his kicks reading headlines like "KANYE: Does he like mustard?" and feeds off whatever mind-numbing narrative he can possibly grasp, just like when I channeled my inner Nostradamus and predicted back in October that he would eventually betray Mr. DEDEDE once satisfied with the fame he'd attained from riding his coattails. You operate, function, stop, and start according to the messages others send you because you're a dispirited piece of trash without a voice of your own to guide you. You're the type of lowly, bottom-feeding filth of the wrestling society that honestly believes not being pinned in a multi-man match entitles them to claim they weren't actually defeated. The worst part is that when you actually do get pinned, you dive into the lowest depths of your excuse pool and lie to yourself saying, "I would have easily defeated Brian Daniels if Mr. DEDEDE wasn't in the match holding me back from fulfilling my destiny." You're not rabid, but maybe you should consider wearing a muzzle to spare yourself the indignation and the embarrassment of your fairy tale impulses. That's not just some harmless isolated incident, either -- that's Pain for Pride, House of Glass, and even Shock Value when Brian Daniels pinned you down to the mat. You, Ryan Savage, are the perfect antithesis to all of the qualities that have established me as a leader. The lack of accountability, the roundabout explanations for your losses, the inability to admit to your shortcomings stunting your growth as a wrestler, but above all else, the little brother complex; the slights constantly thrown your way on a weekly basis because your highlights are dimmed by the actions of all those you've affiliated yourself with in the past, with your former allegiance to Mr. DEDEDE representing by far the most outstanding hurdle you've proven unable to leap. But your failure to overcome that obstacle is rooted in your inferiority complex, your seemingly innate desire to conquer the big bad always betraying you in the spotlight of FPVs when you become overtaken by the atmosphere and fall victim to its many pressures, and I know your rainbow-shaded true colors will shine through yet again this Sunday. On Voltage, your pitiful attempts to continue that fruitless cycle will all be in vain because my victory will be so decisive and complete that like the shadow of Mr. DEDEDE you live in, nothing, not even the most outlandish and bizarre of excuses, can help you escape.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 16th 2016, 4:21 pm by Mr. DEDEDE
Alright Liam, I get your point. You want to push my buttons like there won't be any repercussions from that or anything. No that's fine I got it. I got your message, you sent it loud and clear. I know what you want now. You want to look like an actual threat so badly. You want people to respect you and take you serious. You think skirting your way around actually being a winner and taking shortcuts to the top by making demands and picking fights you cant win, somehow means you actually deserve to be there. You just want to be the main event again. You want to feel like you're the man again... so much so, that you're willing to throw away everything you have just for a narrow shot at it. You realize that's what you're doing right? I actually don't think you do. I don't think you have any idea of what I'm capable of doing to you. As hard as you're trying to come off as some legitimate badass, as much as you want to look edgy, as much as you want to be 'hard', I don't know anyone with a brain who would do what you did in your shoes. Especially after what I did to the last guy tried to make it personal. You have to fucking understand man, it's not "cool" to fuck with Mr. DEDEDE anymore. Not at this point. There's no bravado, or machismo, or any gravitas behind this. No one even cares. You don't get respect for it because it's a dumb decision, and to top it off, as I just said, no one even cares. The same story happens over and over again, you try me and then you regret it. You try me, you regret it. You try me, you regret it, you try me, you regret it. Even the greatest story ever told is only interesting a number of times. Soon after it becomes redundant. It becomes redundant because it's predictable. That's not to say that I still don't put on the most memorable matches of the year, every single year. That's when I have something to work with however. You bring nothing to the table. No one cares about you, let alone thinks you're brave; especially when you push things as far as you did on Voltage and even on Dynasty. That's when it's not bravery at this point. Bravery would be stepping up to me and challenging me like a man, knowing that you can't hang with me in the first place. I'm fine with a challenge. I can respect someone who wants a true opportunity. But there's a thin line between bravery and stupidity, and I am that line. On anyone else, what you did would have been pretty cool. On me, it's a mistake. It's stupidity. Stupidity is antagonizing me. Stupidity is provoking me on more than one occasion. The worst thing you could have ever done was try to bring out the worst in me. But I think at this point the worst of me is exactly what you deserve, because it's sure as hell what you asked for. So I'll warn you right now I'm coming to see you. I'm coming to you this time, this time you don't need to find me, you don't need to seek me out. You don't need to go through customs, you don't need to fly to Japan, you don't need to go anywhere. I'll meet you half way. We'll see what happens next time we meet. Never try to fucking trade blows with the champ cocksucker, I'm a fucking God to you remember that. You've never ever had shit on me, EVER. I tried to somewhat show you a modicum of respect as a man just because you were able to accomplish something worth a damn in your career a few years back, but fuck it none of it means shit now. It really won't mean shit when I beat your ass at Fighting Spirit. If you were hoping to gain everyone's respect I can already safely say you're a failure at that too, as well as many other things, because no one's going to respect you by the time this all comes to an end. 

You know the sad part is despite a brutal hammer shot to the back of the head, I'm still cleared to compete by Sunday. Meaning fail fail fail fail fail. You fucking failed again Liam Catterson, already. Gee, didn't take long did it? That should have put me out for at least a week or too right? Nope. I've fought through worse than that. Nice try. It was a good one, I'll admit. I didn't know who was who, what was what or where I was for the rest of the night. I could hardly walk out of the arena without any help. It was hard to climb a set of stairs. It was hard to look at flashing lights and reading text off of pages. It was one hell of a shot, I could tell you put your all into that hammer to the back of the head, but guess what? As usual, your all wasn't good enough. It hasn't been good enough from the moment you returned, so I wonder what makes you think it'll be good enough now against your God? Figure that out, and get back to me maybe, because I'm dying to know. 

This Sunday on Voltage I'll be back like I never left and that's because I didn't. I get the Pure Champion one on one and I'll be at 100 percent, although it's not like I need to be. Now my opponent for this Sunday, J.D. Damon, is someone who I somewhat admire. Unlike Liam, he's someone who has potential. Unlike Liam, he's competent. It's not just that though, there's something about him, I just like his attitude, I think you need an attitude like his to succeed in EAW. It's almost too bad he's an insect to me in comparison. I would really have loved this match if he weren't still a wet around the ears jabroni getting his ass handed to him by the likes of Kenny Drake. I think if you gave him 2 or 3 years he'd put up a damn good contest against me, although sadly he's just not capable of it now. I won't hold it against you though Damon because you still have a lot to learn in this business. Even if I can't be excited about this match, I'm sure you feel honored to be able to share the same ring as a God right!?!?!? Not many people get that kind of opportunity you know. It's a humbling experience, especially with someone like you who has a belt of his own. Lord knows any time you hold a championship in EAW, your ego starts to balloon out of control and just can't help but feel on top of the world, that is until you go against the real Man. There are so many champions in EAW who have themselves fooled into thinking they deserve to be in the same conversation with me. Whether it be guys like Dark Demon who smears my name every chance he gets out of panic and frustration, or people like Impact who's not a champion anymore but still considers himself superior to me, I'm in a completely different conversation than them. Despite whatever delusions people may have, it's abundantly clear who runs the show isn't it?. No matter how much power Hexa-Gun tries (and fails) to obtain, or no matter how many tomato cans Dark Demon beats, they're not on my level, nobody's on my level. It's obvious I'm the marquee. It's a good feeling JD. Who knows, maybe you'll familiarize yourself with it maybe one day.

I'm so confident in my own abilities and I'm genuinely looking forward to see what you bring to the table. I'm so confident, I'll tell you what, how about I let you pick your poison. You pick the blade that beheads you, so to speak. I'm indecisive about this match, because a part of me just wants to toy with you and test your limits, maybe drag this out and make this a little bit more fun you know? Another part of me just wants to meet you in the ring and mow through you. I mean just crush you and absolutely leave you flattened like a speeding train. I could save time and finish you off quick, although I can't save you the embarrassment of being defeated so quickly. I could also make you an example to Liam Catterson and pick you apart from every direction. I think doing that actually sends a good message. I have a few other options as well. I can beat you by pinfall, I can submit you, I can have you lose by count out, maybe even by knockout although that's a little extreme and I don't think I have any point to prove to you. I'm obviously a giant to you. But even a giant has the choice whether to step on you or simply pick you up and drop you. I could finish you off with the Meth Lock, or maybe pin you with the Grand Slam. Do you think the Corkscrew North Star would be excessive? Maybe just a regular North Star? Let me know, Damon. You decide, you tell me how you want to be beaten and I'll do the rest. I need Liam Catterson to see this for himself because I know he'll be watching. He needs to see someone better than him struggle to last against me in the ring. He needs to have a fire lit up under his ass, and you're the fall-guy to do it. Fuck it, he's probably gonna run out there anyway and try to interfere, so maybe I should beat him to the punch and finish this early, so I can light his ass up too and punch that big fucking nose over and over again until it caves in his face. In fact, that's what I'll do. Just make quick work of you and wait for Liam to come out and try to be a badass again and fail miserably once again, after  I punch him right in his fucking head so many times I straighten every wrinkle on his forehead. Yeah, I think that'll work. Thanks for the help Damon.
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Roleplay #1 for Sunday Night Voltage.

Our scene opens in Rhodes, Iowa at the prestigious The Harvester Golf Club. The EAW cameras are making their way through the lushious green grass that covers the grounds as they set their sights on Ryan Young and Hunter Bishop at the sixth hole of the course. Ryan was dressed to impress sporting white slacks with a long sleeve Nike dry fit shirt. Ryan pulled his club back and hit his golf ball with a resounding whack that was heard all over the course. Ryan stood in his golfer's pose with the club high in the air and his eyes wide to the sky for a moment before Hunter nudged him on the shoulder and nodding his head to the cameras. Where Ryan had come prepared for the golf course Hunter had not. Hunter was a big guy standing at six foot eight inches tall and weighing three hundred pounds. His attire for the day was black boots under black jeans with a black t-shirt and a black leather jacket. The two men standing in front of the EAW cameras looked to be almost polar opposites of each other. Ryan slowly turned his head to the cameras with the smuggest grin on his face. Snapping out of his pose he rested one arm on his golf club like one would a cane.

Ryan Young:
Hey Big H, have you ever seen a more perfect shot in all of your life?

Ryan Young handed the golf club to Hunter.

Hunter Bishop:
I'll let you know after I've had a go at it.

Young smirked at Hunter's challenge.  Turning his attention to the cameras in front of him Ryan shook his left arm letting the sleeve come up and reveal a silver and gold Roger Dubois watch. Ryan closed his eyes as he put it to his ear to listen to the ticking before opening his eyes to see what time it was.

Ryan Young:
Five minutes until Eight AM and I just made my first hole in one of the day. Now for those of you who do not know who I am I can only assume that you have been living in your mother's basement with a tinfoil helmet on for the last few years. Allow me the common courtesy of introducing myself. My name is Ryan Young and as you can see behind me: I enjoy the finer things in life.

The cameras took a step back to show the course behind Ryan. The camera panned to see clear lakes, perfect sand dunes, parking lots with the finest cars and the finest girls serving drinks to all types of well to do men.

Ryan Young:
Not only do I enjoy the finest that this life has to offer but in the scope of professional wrestling ... I am the finest that life has to offer. For the last few years I have traveled the world to become the absolute perfect professional wrestler and it has all paid off when the EAW came calling and christened me professional wrestling's number one draft pick. You see I am that one in one million superstar who will not only become the Undisputed EAW Champion of the World but I will also become the face of this illustrious company launching not only us but professional wrestling as a whole into a new golden age. 

Reaching into the pocket of his white Nike slacks he pulled out his iPhone 6S+.

Ryan Young:
After signing my lucrative contract with the EAW I told our Chairmen that I didn't want any special treatment despite being a special athlete. I said that I relished the thought of working my way from the bottom and our Chairmen didn't waste any time on my debut. On Sunday the 21st every single Ryan Young-aniac will get to see me do what I do best against five other so called 'professional wrestlers' for a chance to enter the Open Fight gauntlet. 

Ryan turned to Hunter and pointed at a backpack on the golf cart near them. Hunter opened the bag and pulled out a iPad. Hunter handed it off to Ryan who scrolled through the screen quickly. Finding what he was looking for he handed it back to Hunter who held it so that that the camera could see.

Ryan Young:
If you look at the iPad in front of you then you will see the EAW issued headshots of my opponents. I use the term opponents loosely of course.  You see when I told our Chairmen that I didn't mind starting at the bottom of the ladder I didn't actually think I would be starting at the very bottom for hell's sake. 

Hunter scrolled through each of the headshots for the camera.

Ryan Young:
Honestly, looking at these cheap imitations of what a professional wrestler can be versus looking at me and understanding what a professional wrestler actually is and you'd be crazy to think that in the scope of things we are playing in two very different sports. I am the Michael Jordan of professional wrestling and looking at these losers you see five children who never played the game but got a trophy for participation.

Hunter tossed the iPad back onto the golf cart and stood menacingly behind Ryan.

Ryan Young:
I look at my so called opponents and I think to myself that maybe they shouldn't have wasted their time and should have stayed at Mickey D's flipping burgers. If I were any one of you and I had a single functioning brain cell in my head then I would go ahead and put in the two week notices and plan the retirement parties because on February 21st myself and Big H are walking into the Wells Fargo Arena to make a statement in the EAW and prove to the suits in the office why I am a world championship caliber athlete. 

Ryan Young's iPhone goes off. Looking at it he quickly swipes a reminder and places the phone in his pocket.

Ryan Young:
It's time for brunch and a massage.  The 21st cannot come soon enough.

Ryan and Hunter turned there backs to the cameras and hopped in the golf cart. Speeding off towards the country club in the background the scene faded to black.
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I owe you nothing. Did you defeat Tyler Parker for the World Heavyweight Championship? Did you become undisputed? Did you endure the feeling of piercing glass? Did you feel the electricity? Did you lock yourself inside a chamber full of savages? Did you go against the greatest of all time? No, you didn't. I've experienced more than you can imagine throughout my entire reign; what it's like to be cornered, and still find your way out of sticky situations. And you want me to express my gratitude toward you? I want to clearly remind you --- YOU GAVE ME THIS OPPORTUNITY. That's all that you ever gave me, and it was the worst decision that you've made your entire career. I've seen you grow up from a mere kid who was tagging along with a nobody, to winning the Cash in the Vault, and becoming the World Heavyweight Champion in the same night. Where did everything go wrong? What wire was cut inside that thick headed skull of yours? I don't fully understand what kind of thought process you've been going through --- especially when you thought you could use a man like myself at your own expense. I'll give you credit where it's due; you manipulated, and you deceived the likes of Tyler Parker and Xavier Williams to win this company for you. But did you think it was going to be that SIMPLE to transform me into one of your corporate tools? I don't know if you've myself - conflict with several authority figures of the years, but I'm not easily convinced. I know your emotions are driving you insane right now, I know you've indulged yourself into the rumor mill --- and you've developed this "feeling in your gut"... everything is starting to seem like an easy uphill battle for yourself. But at what point did you consider a rumor, to be just that; a rumor. I've fought tooth and nail for every accolade I've accumulated within these company walls. And at what point do you think I have the board to thank for all of that? They've never been a fan of mine, and I've never been a fan of theirs. If anything --- they've persistently attempted to hold me down. And when have I ever laid down for them? When have I ever given up? I was World Heavyweight Champion when Damien Murrow wouldn't allow me to celebrate my victory. Did that stop me? NO. I went on to successfully defend my championship against YOU.

You can make a mockery out of that reign as you please, because I've made a mockery out of it myself. I "tucked my tail" between my legs, and I left this company for what I thought would be a permanent absence. But have you ever thought about that? I've been in and out of this company --- whether it be me getting fired, or me walking out the door... and I've still accomplished more than you can ever dream. Do you think running this company gives you prestige? In my honest opinion, running this company is just as easy as it is winning it. I've seen the likes of CM Bank$ all the way to the underwhelming Scott Diamond take the reigns of this company; from extreme to elite. It's almost as if every Territorial Invasion, we'll find ourselves a new bad guy to run this place. What made your stint as chairman any different from the likes of Scott? I really want you to give me an honest answer, because I find these chairmen to all have one thing in common; the act of corruption. You can bend and twist your way around that word all you want, but it's never going to change how you acted as chairman. You know, you ALMOST... ALMOST deceived me back then. Everybody had thought that Mr. DEDEDE was treating everybody "unfairly", you felt slighted by him. And what did you go and do? You became worse than what you saw within him, and it made you a shell of what you once were. If I were to address the former Zack Crash from those days, I would be speaking to a man who would be willing and able to earn a World Heavyweight Championship --- not strip someone of it, not demand someone to face them, and then when things don't go your way... you go and have a tantrum, and fire the same person you sent to retrieve the title. You haven't impressed anyone, and you certainly haven't impressed me. I know you're going to claim "I'm not here to impress anyone, I'm here for myself!" --- but have you ever stopped and wondered... maybe that's why you haven't been ever so successful with your career? You've went from the head honcho, to now playing the part of my personal punching bag. That's how far you've fallen, and if there's anything I TRULY owe you, Mr. Crash... it's my right hand, across your face, leaving behind a bitter taste you'll never forget.
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I don't think anyone is interested in hearing your boring tales and sagas, Rhaegar. Especially since you are right. Time IS running out. Not for the land of elite or it's dwellers, not for the EAW universe, FOR YOU. YOUR time is running out. Rising Tide draws near and so does your demise, Rhaegar. You see, I can't let you walk out of the Tokyo Dome unscathed. I HAVE to establish dominance over you and secure victory if I want to make it to Grand Rampage. Because if I don't you will. I refuse to make the same mistake you made of underestimating your adversary. I won't underestimate you. In fact, I know how good you are. I know you're without question one of the very best in the world today, but I hope you know how good I am. For your own good. Because if you come into this match lacking preparation you will most certainly be embarrassed, humiliated in front of millions.

Seemingly, you have something against EAW. Something against the guys in the back and the people that pay to see us week in and week out and if you have something against them I have something against you.  EAW made you and your brother not the other way around. Therefore calling the place responsible for your own success as a professional wrestler is straight up hypocritical of you. You call these fans cockroaches but you know damn well you are the only insect here. And come Rising Tide you will be exterminated. Not me. You vow to do what no man or woman has been able to do in the history of this company or any other. You vow to end my career, to make sure I am destined for perpetual irrelevancy and misery. And I vow to make sure that you don't succeed! If you want to end me then you better be willing to kill me . That's the only way you will ensure my presence is never felt in any wrestling promotion across the globe again.

It's not that nobody has decided to erase me from existence permanently. Many men have actually tried to eradicate me and everything I represent, but NOBODY has been able to do it. You will be no different, Rhaegar. You will fail miserably just like all the men who have shared the same goal as you, just like all the men who have stepped into the ring with me with the aspiration of putting me on the shelf. I haven't been handed anything, every damn opportunity I had I EARNED, I FOUGHT for. But what do you know about hard work? You're just here because of your brother. The only reason you wrestle for this company is Johnny Ventura. He's the reason you are famous, the same reason you are a success. You can't deny it as much as you would like to but you know I am speaking the absolute truth. I didn't force these people to root for me, I didn't delude them into following me in my crusade to become World Heavyweight Champion. I don't understand why they like a guy like me after everything I did, but I appreciate their support. It means the world to me. You wish you had that, don't you? That's probably what this is all about.. you're envious of me. You wouldn't be the first and you certainly won't be the last. Having these people on my side is without the shadow of a doubt my greatest blessing, my biggest accomplishment. Even bigger than removing Crash from his position as chairman, bigger than pinning Mr. DEDEDE and even bigger than defeating the legendary Heart Break Boy. 

I probably lost everything except for a few things, Rhaegar. Their love and their support and their respect and admiration. Not everything is lost. And if it was I would just fight to get everything back. Because that's exactly who I am: a fighter. Undeservingly??? I deserve every accolade listed on my resume, I have deserved every blessing that has been bestowed upon me in my life. I have fought for them valiantly, even when the odds have been stacked against me. If you were in my position at King of Elite you would have failed too. Actually, you wouldn't even have made it to the finals of the tournament. I'm not weak, I am not fragile and I am certainly not bad. Unlike some other guys who have been guaranteed to become World Champions in the main event of Pain For Pride and despite having the odds on their side, despite having the fans on their side, every factor in their favor they go ahead and lose the whole thing. I bet this company would be in your hands if you earned the same amount of opportunities I did... Just like it was in your brother's hands after losing to Liam Catterson out of all people at Pain For Pride, right? I will achieve greatness, I am destined for it I just know it. I guess we will have to wait and see. Grand Rampage is just around the corner... I have no heart???? I have no drive???????? If I didn't have any heart, if I didn't have the drive, do you honestly think I would still be doing this? After everything I have been through? I wouldn't, I would have surrendered my fight a long time ago. I'm not fleeing away so you can keep dreaming, son. I own this yard, you've walked into the lion's den and you will regret it, Rhaegar.
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Final Words To The Monster.

Silence and Kyra, you two are like a coin. Both are opposites and similar at the same time. It doesn't matter which one I’m facing. I’m going to have a very tough match. You talked about how won’t survive your onslaught, well ask that to Veena. She couldn’t put me down for the Voltage and the week before on Dynasty. You see I come from a strong style background meaning every match could end my career or i could be put on the shelf for a good couple of months. It’s my resilience that makes me stronger, it’s my resilience that makes me stronger. So Silence, put your plan of attacking me if you lose in the back of your mind and meet me for a fight.

Silence do you know what makes you scary in the locker rooms. It’s your size, your strength, your split personality. Just having two minds in single body makes you scary. You like to think you’re a monster who has been living hell in life. Well, you’re not the only one who been through the hell. All the hard work and immense amount of training. Saying goodbye to family and leaving my basic lifestyle to hone my skills to one day make it to this point has been a challenge. You know what else Silence, I want you to bring the pain because slowly but surely I’ll return with interested. So come Battleground the alliance of The Queen, The Empress and The Heroine will be victorious. You told me to be ready Silence but really you should be ready to tap to The Queen of Submission.    
Dynasty Promo: Hell's Warpath
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            Tokyo had gone dim. The vault above the cities' staggering skyline had run its course through the fleeting time of day, and the color of a romantic twilight gone absent. The world, or at least the meager fraction of the world which could be seen between the horizons, was lit only by the trickling stars of the city - streetlights and late-night office hours - which drowned out the hanging lanterns of the universe. It was those hanging lanterns which children and astronomers, who are children in their own right, played connect-the-dots with, painting pictures on the canvas of the void which all things were ever so quickly careening into, until one day, it would all be over peacefully.

            While that particular cosmic machinery enacted that which it had been design to do, a man stood patiently on the platform edge at a train station, in blissful unthinking of the aforementioned inevitabilities. His golden hair seemed to enmesh and almost reflect the complicated luster of the city. In stark contrast, his torso and arms were covered by a midnight black jacket, with the name and emblem of the famous Ribera Steakhouse embroidered onto the back. His hands rest in the pockets of his sweatpants, which are as black as his jacket, with two white stripes running down the outside of the pant legs.

            This man was the soon-to-be fantastical hero ‒ or perhaps, deplorable antichrist ‒ of professional wrestling, Dustin Brasch.

            Wrestling fanatics, caught up in the fervor of a metropolitan midnight, swarmed the talent. Dustin closed his eyes, experiencing the sensation of his jacket rubbing against the skin of his bare arms as the hands of others clasped his sleeve, tugging at it as a plea for his attention. He listened to the chorus of unfamiliar voices, calling and repeating his name as if he were an old friend they had been dying to reconnect with. He felt the ambience of human presence, the incomparable state of being around others and simply existing in time and space, and the night had been particularly kind to Dustin. So for every admirer asking of him an autograph or a photo, Dustin reserved his impassive urges and decided not to shove them away in an act of selfish hostility.

            He just flipped them the bird instead.

            It was early the next morning, amidst the grey haze of an uninitiated day, that Dustin found himself standing outside the Tokyo Dome, flocked by a barrage of news media. Multiple cameramen, microphone operators, lighting staff, and of course, reporters had ensnared Brasch in an impenetrable pit of curiosity and A/V equipment. While Dustin detested journalists to a point, he understood their burning need to know more about him and his thoughts. Brasch was the hottest new commodity with the fastest rising stock in the promotion, just as he intended to be.

            The New Yorker, sleep-deprived and bored, waited reluctantly for questions, laying out an open forum to the reporters surrounding him.

            "Dustin!" One voice called, catching Brasch's attention. "Obviously, the world of professional wrestling is buzzing about your upcoming match on Dynasty - the 10-man Hell's Warpath match for Number One Contendership to Clark Duncan's New Breed Championship. What are your thoughts on that match?"

            Dustin sighed briefly. It was a typical question. The depressing and monotonous kind.

            "I think I'm being insulted." Brasch said outright, much to the chagrin of the journalists. Sneering, Dustin continued. "I think that the entire match isn't so much a warpath through hell as it is a trip to the florist, because come Friday Night, I won't need hellfire and brimstone, no. I'll just need lots of lilies, for the collective funeral of nine other men who didn't understand what they were getting themselves into by stepping into the ring with me."

            "What's insulting to me, however, isn't the match itself or how it works." Dustin pauses, scrunching his nose, exploring the depths of his minds for words to properly articulate his contempt. "No, what's insulting to me is that I'm being paid to play headhunter at the kid's table and in return, they're giving me the New Breed Championship."

            "It's not a championship match, Dustin, it's just a ‒"

            "I know what it is." Dustin states blankly. "Here's the thing, though: The New Breed Championship is completely irrelevant to me. Whether the belt is around the waist of Clark Duncan, whether he loses it to Maero, even if it was still held by Jamie O'Hara, it's just a leather strap and some shiny plates that don't mean shit to me. It's just like my opponents, though, and I'll tell you why. It's caustic, temporary, and in the scope of what I will soon be, unnecessary. I don't need the validation that comes with acquiring the New Breed Championship. I don't need some tertiary championship title to know that I'm comin' up right now."

            "I don't need validation. All I need is a couple of minutes in that ring with anyone that can be thrown at me. They'll fall. They'll grovel. Rinse and repeat, until I'm not just the king of the mountain, but until the mountain isn't even there anymore."

            "I am going to be World Champion. Just like the New Breed Championship, whoever I need to dispose of to do that is irrelevant to me. I don't need this match or this chance at an unimportant title, or the title itself. But you know what? I'll take it and I'll win it and I'll carry it with me to heaven, just because I can."

            "Don't read into me. Don't analyze me. Don't look for my rhyme or reason, okay? Just know that when I do things, it's just 'cause I'm capable of doing them. That's it. Just because. What should scare you about that, though, is that you have no idea what it is that I'm capable of yet."

            Brasch almost cracks a smile. Almost.

            "What about the competition?" Another reporter asks, from somewhere else in the circle. "What are your thoughts on the nine men you claim that you'll beat?"

            Dustin sighs again, looking in the general direction where the voice came from with an expression of pity. Another boring question.

            "I'll be honest with you," Dustin begins. "I do not think about them. They're not worth the time or concern. But since I've got a few days before my duty as marksman begins, I'll humor you." Brasch mocks.

            "What is there to be said at this point for Kevin Hunter or Joshua Kroner? Hunter, he at least put up a fight when I was in the ring with him. Kroner's performance was nothing more than the embarrassing display that I said it was going to be. He was a trainwreck between the ropes, and I was the sparks and cinders of that train in flames ‒ disaster in bloom, you know?" Dustin paused, closing his eyes and tilting his head towards the sky. His perversion made the reporters' skin crawl. "Either way, I've defeated the both of them before, and it won't take very much for me to do that song and dance again come Friday. Let's talk about the interesting ones. The new marks."

            "Speaking of new marks," Dustin rambled, his hands fidgeting, mimicking the actions of reloading a handgun. "Let's talk about Mark Michaels, why don't we? After all, he's the one that everybody's pegging as the winner, right?"

            The circle treads in stunned silence. Brasch smirks and chuckles audibly.

            "You don't need to act surprised." He assures. "I can see the line in the sand and dance on it."

            "Do any of you really think that some overly-glorified socialite has anything on me? Please, tell me: What is supposed to be so intimidating about an over-active internet fiend? I'll tell you exactly what. Nothing. Not a single thing about Mark Michaels is threatening to me. But what Mark Michaels is really good at is pissing me off. He likes to sit back in overpriced hotel rooms, filming himself with an overpriced camera, and flaunt his overpriced attitude as if that gives him any sort of substance, but there's not a single substantial thing about Mark Michaels. He says a lot of words, but he speaks very little. I'm not oblivious to his existence, I've seen his sad little sham of a show, and every single time, what gets me is that Mark has nothing substantial to say about me. He absolutely loves to discredit my victories, specifically against Kroner, but he has nothing to say about me. Do you see what I'm saying? He'll talk about Kroner's supposed lack of talent and experience, his shameful inability to capitalize on a distinct size advantage, but he misses so many crucial points. It's not just about Kroner being unable to capitalize on his advantages. It's also a matter of Dustin Brasch being just as damn good as I tell you people that I am, and knowing how to punish Kroner for that inability, for that lack of talent or experience, for the absent wherewithal to succeed. Mark can upload his little home videos once a day for all I care, and I could not possibly care any less, and I've already said more about him than he could ever say about me. One interview question is all I need to expose the oh-so-temporary child as the empty husk which he most certainly is."

            "The only 'Picture Perfect' moment that Mark Michaels will ever be a part of will be the photograph finish when I kick him right over the top rope, and onto the floor outside of the ring. Capiche?"

            "Then, I can wrestle a couple of people who I can almost respect. Almost. Funny word, ain't it? I can almost respect these men because I can understand these men. I can relate to their struggles, I share their dispositions, but all of these men have their vulnerabilities. Weaknesses. Exploitable, glaring weaknesses that define the disparity between those men and myself. So, where would you like me to begin?"

            "Kaine Cronin has an affinity for talking about the future, about taking responsibility onto his shoulders and lifting our wonderful little world of wrestling up from the bowels of whatever beast has swallowed it whole. What Kaine Cronin hasn't done, though, is prove to me or to anyone that he deserves a seat at tomorrow's table. He hasn't impressed me, he hasn't struck a chord with me. I can respect his ambition, but he's gone untested. He's won a match, sure, but so far, Kaine hasn't been able to make lightning strike twice ‒ unlike myself. I am objectively better than Kaine Cronin, from a statistical and an analytical standpoint, and if you don't believe the current data supports that conclusion, we'll perform a field study this Friday night."

            "Dennis Caffrey? So misguided, wasn't he? Directionless and careless for all his little life. He shows up here, he says that he's found himself, right? He says that he's all patched up because professional wrestling is his dream, right? That's sweet, that's real sweet. It's just too bad that it's another lie. Another fabricated character to make the people who buy tickets and merchandise love him, in the lonely and fleeting way that they love. If professional wrestling is such a dream of Dennis Caffrey's, he would have never been so directionless in the first place. I've wanted this and I've been working for this, in spite of my family and in spite of the New York State Athletic Commission, since I was twelve years old. He can't try to pass himself off like he loves this more or he wants this more. Dennis is just another byproduct, not the home-grown natural that I am. Best of luck in your next dream, kid. Whenever you wake up from this one."

            "Keith Bathory isn't much better. I understand wanting to be that lone wolf. I understand the impassivity and state of non-caring that comes with loneliness. In wrestling, I am very alone, and Keith and I both know that our business is a dog-eat-dog world. It's kill or be killed, and God willing, I will not become a corpse this Friday night. But Keith has too much pride. He has too much pride in the Bathory name. He has too much pride for his in-ring skill. He has too much pride for himself, the way he's stepping out of his cousin's shadow by discerning his own style. I've already shown, though, that the slow style isn't a game to play against me. Joshua Kroner knows that now, and Keith is going to need to learn that very quickly if he wants to keep his head ‒ but he's got too much pride. Nothing's going to change, because nothing ever does."

            "If we'd like to speak stylistically, as well, we need to address Marcus Creed, don't we? What I can respect about Marcus is his well-roundedness. He's a student of plenty of disciplines. He can grapple, he can strike, he can even fly if he really wants to. Marcus, though, he doesn't fly like a bird. No, he flies like Icarus. Too close to the sun. Because you see, when someone like Marcus Creed tries to put all of their disciplines together, it's overbearing. It's cumbersome. Marcus says he's all-that as a technician, but he loves kicking and he loves jumping off the ropes, and it's going to be indecisiveness and the overwhelming fusion of his arts that'll give me a window of opportunity to tear the muscle off of him."

            "Marcus, my teeth are sharper and stronger, and will dig deeper into the meat. I am hungry, and I will starve you out."

            "And then there were two, weren't there?" Dustin remarks whimsically. The day has broken over the city of Tokyo, and the sunlight hit his face at such an angle that his raccoon eyes were heavily accentuated, making his visage appear sinister and dastardly.

            "Jun Nobunaga is an artist at heart: Self-centered, pretentious, and ultimately, full of shit. He likes to hurt people, right? Says that the pain is his magnum opus, but what does he know? He's chasing a legacy that doesn't exist. Nobody remembers how badly you hurt another person. You could break their arm, you could break their neck, you could break their heart." Dustin explains, glancing down introspectively. "They don't remember how bad it was, they just remember that you broke them. The beauty that Jun Nobunaga wants to find, it doesn't exist. It's a fever dream. It's a fantasy, and it's time that someone closed his storybook and taught him about how the world works. On the off-chance, though, that Jun ever does find his Fountain of Youth ‒ I'll drown him in it. It's poetic justice, and Jun, I promise that if nothing else, it will be beautiful."

            "Finally, Donny Diamond. Plenty of words come to mind when I say his name, but one in particular really stands out: Unsuccessful. Donny's been around for a while now, hasn't he? Over a year, even? Yet, for someone who's supposed to be so ruthless and ravenous, he's far from unstoppable. I haven't seen or heard anyone say that Diamond's going to take this victory on Friday. Is anybody wondering why that is? No. No one cares. No one is thinking about Donny Diamond when we talk about this match, because all he's proven to anyone in this promotion is that he's very successful at being unsuccessful, and it's the crippling disheartenment of that realization that will do him in. If Donny Diamond wants redemption or what have you, he won't be finding it here."

            Dustin takes a deep breath and sneers as the cameramen and journalists. His rant went uninterrupted, too many people having been taken aback in surprised silence at Brasch's highly meticulous dissection of his competition. Brasch appears bitter, but satiated, as though he were the king of the jungle, after devouring a dinner which tried to fight back. The tension, however, was relieved by the voice of another reporter:

            "Regardless of your next match and the opponents therein, why should the other competitors in Elite Answers Wrestling be afraid of you?"

            Dustin smiles. Something different.

            "I've found a place to write. And they will be my poetry."

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Post on February 16th 2016, 1:30 am by VENTURA.
Rising Tide
[Carta #1]

It is time to bid one of your heroes a mighty adieu.
Normally, I would come out here and narrate my lovely tales and sagas to the puppets that you all are, but I don't think there is much time for me to do any of that anymore. We have breaking news all across Elite Answers Wrestling: a massive epidemic is soon about to transform into a global pandemic. There has been a disease that has sprouted from out of nowhere within the confines of this company. No one can understand the origin of this particular disease, but as time continues to pass, it is growing and growing and growing into a nationwide issue at hand.

That disease, ladies and gentlemen...
...is Lucian Black
However, fear not, because on February 20th, I will finally cure you all from this plague. Sure, I may consider you all to be nothing more but cockroaches roaming around in a world that they don't deserve to inhabit, but consider this as a gift that I have decided to give to you all. In just a couple of days, I will raise up in the air the golden syringe that will see Lucian Black be riddled away from this company, back to a state of irrelevancy and doom.

Lucian Black, I don't understand why nobody in this pathetic company decided to obliterate you permanently from the wrestling world, it is simply a conundrum that I can't get rid off easily. You are probably the only person in this place's history that has been awarded with countless opportunity here and there. You have been served a golden plate by the false powers that be almost each and every single month within the previous years. People out of nowhere decided to waste their time and energy to root for people like you, to create rants and appeals as to why you haven't been a World Champion yet in this company. They go out to question the fact that you haven't been achieving this, why you haven't been achieving that, basically, they were just crouching down on the ground licking your kolotrypída from out of nowhere. Eventually, you started to receive your wishes. You would then be considered to be the future star of this dilapidating company. You would then be inserted in World Championship matches, on the front of t-shirts, hats, sweaters, jackets, what have you. You would then be inserted as the team leader of the past Territorial Invasion: Civil War, winning due to the sheer fact that it was MY doing in which you won.

And after all of that, fast forward up to now...
...you have remained to be...nothing.
You have lost everything, Lucian Black. The buzz, the hype, the appraisal, everything that the sheep of fans have given to you is all erased. Gone. You were living in cloud nine for months as you will undeservingly become the face of the entire company. All these things were rotating around your head for many months, yet you haven't capitalized on one single opportunity that has been given to you. Even at the most recent King of Elite, you let a puny individual like Eclipse Diemos come out of nowhere to become King even though he was prior eliminated throughout the tournament. Are you that bad, Lucian? Are you that weak and fragile? If I were to be awarded with all the opportunities that were given to you, this company would literally be on my entire hands. Your hands, however, can't seem to connect against anything. After all this, you still have this ambition and determination to become the face of this company, while you have fallen so deep and quickly that you have now become the ass of this company. When will you soon realize that you will never achieve greatness in this wrestling world? When will you take the time to fully understand that you are not a fighter, but simply a meek man with no heart and drive? I know, I know, you may think that you are just under a slump and you may be in desperate need of a revitalization, but the fact that you have decided to face me at Rising Tide clearly goes to show that my task for this match is to simply get rid of you once and for all. This company have had enough of you infecting people with your sub-par matches. We are all tired of you receiving opportunities back and forth without even trying to make use of a single one. I have warned you too many times over the past couple of weeks that you should just stop trying and flee away before the few remaining grains of sand goes down the hourglass.

I have given you enough warnings to try and escape my wrath, but it looks like you want to leave this world as a destroyed relic for all to marvel at. So be it.
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Post on February 16th 2016, 1:25 am by The Heart Break Boy
I do this. I do that. I've done this. You can't do that.

The most overused words in this business and sadly, it will probably continue it's longevity. You know, I've had my mind seduced this evening into hearing all members of pride and selfishness come together. It seems as no one has overstepped their boundaries in this business. No one wants to grow but rather debate over chances, all the good things that happen to them and reflect off your past failures. Don't get me wrong, I have never signed up to lose to Dark Demon, back-to-back or title matches. But dwelling on the past is just one thing that the Heart Break Boy doesn't do. Now you may claim that my glory-days were in 2011 because the Heart Break Boy held the EAW Championship. It seems like holding a title has to raise the eyes of men such as Scott Oasis. Better yet, just simply winning a match assures that you're some type of "God" in the mind of those that are carnal thinking. I rather not judge a book by it's cover. Because long as I have been in EAW, I've seen people become champions without even deserving it. I've seen people such as I get screwed over opportunities when they're on the top of their game. I'm a witness to that and beyond the years of 2011, were also five hard-fought, consistent years that were dedicated to the EAW Universe. Fast-forward to 2016, I'm not particularly young as I was back then. I'm bounded by the effects and nostalgia of my time. I am a living legend in the eyes of some. And still, there are majority of those that expect the Heart Break Boy to break his nose to please them.

I'll tell ya like I've told almost every single opponent that I have faced since my return in October. The Heart Break Boy did not return to earn glory, he did not return for the purpose to stat-pad on championships. The Heart Break Boy returned to a passion that he loss due to his blindness. I was hidden in the dark, fearful of stepping outside into the light. Then something changed my ways. It came from the mighty hands of God that led the Heart Break Boy into change. People recite my change as "weak," or poor. A lot of us don't even believe in Christ. That's okay, long as it's working for someone like me, you shouldn't have a problem. It's exactly the same way I don't have a problem with this current body. In 2011, my body was ruined by my heart being desperately wicked in all ways. But now my current body is a living sacrifice and I wouldn't give it up for some sense of ego-static remembrance. The best thing you will come close to that era is inside that ring because clearly, judging off the buzz surrounding my matches of late, I'm still able to steal the show at any given moment. And that's apart of that accumulated success. All of those moments led me to grow into the man that I am today. Some of you may shake your head at the struggling motions of my time but can you understand? I love the struggle. I love to hear my opponents talk about my failures as I spit it back into their faces and tell them to "try harder." I love it when guys like Scott Oasis informs me that they've beaten certain wrestlers not named the Heart Break Boy, which should be his only concern. Now tell me this... How is blaming or pointing out that your only weakness as none other than yourself called prideful?

How can a man boast on himself and say he's not prideful? Maybe the Goldprint isn't the only thing still valuable in my day and age. A dictionary might also be another great resource to help Scott Oasis realize the plagues in his voice, the incomplete utterance to understand or comprehend what the Heart Break Boy is really all about instead of reading the next gossip magazine and mimicking another guy's essay. You think you're on top of your game? You believe that? Then why say it? Show me. This is what hinders our next generation of wrestlers. They get all big-headed after a few moral victories than later on as the pages turn, they so-ever regret echoing these words in the face of someone who has made a living to yield your self-centered attributes. You've not only set your very own words on thin ice but you have also degraded your own match as a "mid-card level." Get this, kid, I don't care if my match is the opener, people will see the Prodigal Son's match as the best on that card as they wished it was a main-event. You can take my match with Lioncross as an example. I'm not boasting on myself but providing the truth of this matter. I can't hide what's real inside of me. I'm an open-minded type of person. I can tell you to your face when every single excuse or point you've made are weak. I can tell you that you have no other argument other than how long I have been in EAW or how many matches I have lost.

Therefore, now I'm issuing a challenge of conformity. I want you to conform to the sequences of maturity otherwise you will finally see the results of facing someone who has grown with this business or how they can come back stronger and better than ever after a loss --- Or you can keep on blaming your "has-beens" so you can gain attention for World titles. You can either man up or stay on the same level. I don't know about you but my level is so high, it's unreachable. Meanwhile, we all in the EAW Universe can stare at the level of Scott Oasis. We can determine what lies for his very own fate. At Rising Tide, there's no better way to determine this information. I'm going to make sure you'll finally realize what's more important about this business. With that being said, I'm just going to add that the legend of the Heart Break Boy's career is already dead. I rather walk around with life than die under the spirit of pride. In fact, I'm walking into this match against Scott Oasis with life and allowing God to use me to provide some life into him. Then maybe after all of this meaningless talk is erased out of our minds, he will see how far he really is from the top and how close there lies the bottom, where he shall sink.

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Post on February 16th 2016, 1:17 am by showster26
Dynasty Promo #3

PicPerfectMichaels has uploaded a video:

("Fancy" by Iggy Azalea plays in the background)

Announcer: "It's the Shout-Out Show, and here's your host Mark Michaels!!!!!!!!"*

 Michaels strolls into frame dressed sharply in his cyan colored "T-Swan"  dress shirt from Hugo Boss, his gold rimmed aviator sunglasses by Gucci, and his cocky, million dollar grin.

Michaels: "Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to a special episode, of the hottest worldwide trending talk show across all of social media, welcome to The Shout-Out Show!  I'm your host Mark Michaels, and before we kick off this episode, I would just like to say konichiwa with love to all my followers from the land of the rising sun.  I trust you've already bought your tickets for Rising Tide, emanating live from the Tokyo Dome, this Friday night!  Now I know that everybody here is excited about this EAW network special, and that's why today we're devoting an entire episode to it, so without further delay, lets get it started baby!"

Michaels: "I can not say enough about this event.  The card is jam packed with so many potential Match of the year candidates.  From JJ Silva versus Jaden Zaxaria in a no holds barred match, to the World Heavyweight Championship match between Brian Daniels and Zack Crash.  This Friday night will be one to remember I guarantee it!  But when you look at this card from top to bottom, there is one match that has show stealer written all over it.  I'm taking of course, about the Hell's Warpath Match to determine the number one contender to the EAW New Breed Championship.  A match where ten of the best and brightest in EAW have a chance to put iit all on the line, and show what they are made of, in order to have the opportunity to go on and compete for Championship gold.  Now it won't be easy, like I said you have ten hungry competitors, most of whom haven't even entered their prime, pitted against each other in a match with no count outs, no disqualifications, and each man bringing their weapon of choice to the ring.  

But when you take a look at everyone involved in this match, and you pick them apart, and see everything they bring to the table.  Then it becomes easy to see who is going to be the last man standing in the ring after the dust has settled. 

It's not Kevin Hunter.  No, a man like him is better suited for dealing meth, and banging Z-grade hookers in the back of a trailer park.  If he was smart, which we already know he isn't, he would be hopping on a jet back to whatever hell hole he crawled out of, and stay there!  

It's not Dennis Caffrey, he'll be totally out of his element trying to grapple when he's getting smacked upside the head with kendo sticks, steel chairs, ladders, and maybe a glass selfie stick or two.  Dennis, do yourself a favor and run, as fast and as far as you can, because a torn Achilles Tendon, will seem like a day on the beach compared to the injuries you'll sustain.  This won't be a match for the faint of heart, so this won't be a match for you buddy.

And if anyone out there is thinking that Dustin Brasch might just win it, think again.  Yes he got a big win last week, but there's a big difference between facing a giant oaf who's never stepped foot inside of a ring, and taking on a group of opponents who actually know what the fuck they are doing.  And F.Y.I, all those little flippy top rope moves won't do you a any favors in a battle royal.  That's free advise.

oh and how can I berate Dustin, without berating that over hyped, underdeveloped, gargantuan  special ed student Joshua Kroner.  (*Mocking, giant oaf voice) Me am Warbeard.  Me am Big.  Me am strong.  Me have lower I.Q than a mound of dog feces. (*Normal Voice)  Joshua, your a big guy, and you do have an impressive amount of psychical strength, strength of the body is no match for strength of the mind. Which is something that everyone in this match has, except for you.  

I could rant about Keith Bathory, but we all know that he just plain sucks.  Ditto for Jun Nobunaga.  I mean those two can try to be show stealers, and step out of the shadow of tier Uncle's, third cousin's, roommate.  But they simply won't be able out shine the Brightest Burning Star that EAW will ever know.

And to Caine kronin, you want to know what separates a man such as myself, from a pathetic worm like yourself?  Well other than Charisma, Popularity, looks, god given Talent, Skills that I've worked hard to achive, and not being a depressing. emo, bitch?  Well there's a certain it factor.  Something that can not be described, but you know it when you see it.  And you will get to see it first hand This Friday.  You get to see exactly what separates the elite from the envious, what separates a man like me from a jackass like you.  so when you do, don't say I didn't warn you.

Oh and before I forget someone tell Marcus Creed, that i know he like to think he's somehow better than everyone else in this match, but he should already know that there's not a snowflake's chance in hell that he's superior to the absolute embodiment of Perfection.  Marcus it's a shame that after all this time you haven't realized that I'm better than you in every conceivable way.  I wrestle better, I entertain crowds better, I even have two talk shows that are better both in critical reception, and ratings points.  So before we step into the ring at Rising Tide, you might want to get off your high horse, and recognize true greatness.  And if you do, I might just let you have a good showing in Hel'ls Warpath, instead of totally humiliating you like all the rest.

And that leaves me with just Donny Diamond.  What can I say that hasn't been said about him already? Hmm, Oh I know,  he might actually have stood a chance to win if i wasn't in this match.  Not a good one mind you, but a chance none the less.  But whatever hope of victory you had, has evaporated to nothing, just like your talent, stamina, toughness, and ability to not make a complete horse's ass out of yourself.  Face the facts Donny, you should have called it a career a long time ago.  And while some of the morons in the crowd might think it's such a noble thing for you to keep making a fool of yourself by being totally outclassed each and every night, the people who actually matter know that you're nothing more than a washed up, broken down, has been who never lived up to all the hype he had surrounding him when he first started wrestling.  Donny, at Rising Tide, that last thread of a career you have left, rots in Hell.

And it doesn;t matter who likes it or not, that's just the way things are.  Because there's only one man who is going to walk out of Hell's Warpath with his hand raised in victory.  And if you haven't figured it out yetm its the same man that is a Twitter Trendsetter, an Instagram Icon, a Hashtag Hero to all of his followers.  The man who alone can be called the Destiny of Dynasty, and most importantly of all, the number one contender for the EAW New Breed Championship.  Picture Perfect Mark Michaels.  So to the nine men who on the highway to Hell with me, and to Clark Duncan, all I have to say is Picture THAT!"

Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 16th 2016, 1:06 am by Brayden Cruise


You remember the days when wrestling was about who actually was the better man in the ring? Yeah, neither do I and it's FUCKING pathetic. You know there was a day when wrestling wasn't about who you knew or what people think about you. There was a time if you were the best wrestler in the world you were looked at as exactly that, but apparently those times are long FUCKING gone. It's pretty apparent to me that being the best wrestler in the world means absolutely nothing. It means nothing because if you don't know the right people you're not getting what you want. If the right people don't see you or like you for that matter you're not even looked at as a threat. The days of true wrestling is gone and where it went nobody really knows, but one thing I do know is that it's time for a change. It's time for me to make that change and it may take some time, but in the end I will be the man. In the end I will be the one everybody looks at as the best whether anybody wants that to happen or not. My time sitting back and waiting is over because I've done a lot of it. I've watched guys win Championships simply because they know the right person. I've seen guys main event matches they shouldn't be in because one person likes them. I think it's FUCKING pathetic and I for one take it personal. The fact those guys are getting those shots knowing I'm twice the wrestler they are. 

You know I've been on a little downhill slump as of late and it all started when I lost my shot at the Interwire Championship. It seems like since that day things have been going nowhere, but down for me and it's FUCKING DESTROYED ME. It's made me question whether I'm in EAW for the right reasons and as I thought about it I realized something. I realized that ever since I signed my EAW contract I've been doing things the wrong way. I've been trying to do things the right way and apparently that way doesn't FUCKING work. Doing the right thing gets  you absolutely nowhere and last week that became pretty obvious. I was left for dead last week, but my opponent didn't get the job done. I'm still standing and I promise Drazin will get what's coming to him in due time. It's time for me to start doing things my own way and that's exactly what's going to happen because doing things the right way left me the way I was left last week. Doing things the right way has made me look like nothing, but a FUCKING JOKE. This little slump I've been on is going to end and it will end the next time I step into the ring. It's going to end the next time Brayden Cruise is on an EAW FUCKING CARD.

Which brings me to this weeks Showdown and the fact that once again Brayden Cruise isn't anywhere to be seen. Once again I was left off the card and once again that's something I take VERY FUCKING PERSONAL because once again I'm looked at as a joke. Once again I'm looked at as somebody who's not even a fucking threat and really how can I be if I'm not even on the FUCKING card? You see the way I see things this little downhill slump I've been on is exactly what somebody wants to see. There's somebody in the back who doesn't really think I'm worth much to the EAW roster and that's exactly why things have been going they way they have for the last little while. So really things are just falling into place for them, but they're forgetting something. I'm not somebody who's just gonna sit back and watch it happen because if you don't give me the chance to make an impact. I'LL FUCKING MAKE ONE ANYWAYS and that's not really something EAW management wants to happen, but really what other choice do I have?

What more can I do?

What more do I have to do in order to prove that I am exactly who I say I am? How many more times am I going to be screwed by this company? I lost a match against Clark Duncan and Jason Cage that really shouldn't have happened because if I had a legit partner. Like an actual wrestler there would be no way things would have went down the way they did. But of course EAW management has to try and push me into a corner so much that I ended up losing that match. Then last week I'm put into a death match against somebody I don't even know and what happened last week once against shouldn't have happened. Ever since this little slump started I've thought a lot about why it's going on. I've thought about what I could try and do to end it until it finally FUCKING came to me. I care to FUCKING MUCH. Whether it's the fact that I care about what the EAW Universe thought of me or whether or not I was doing the ring thing or not. That all stops now because from this point forward I care about absolutely FUCKING NOTHING, but getting an EAW Championship around my waste.

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Post on February 16th 2016, 1:03 am by Bloody Jack

Whether you want to belive it or not Brian, you owe me much more than a simple "thank you." In truth you owe me EVERYTHING! All the success you've enjoyed recently all began when you became World Heavyweight Champion and that was an opportunity I afforded you. So in a very real sense, I am indirectly responsible for what you are today, including your attempt to break the record for longest reign. And a good thing I gave it to you too, because I doubt you would've gotten the same chance from the Board. Tell me Brian, have you been listening to the rumor mill lately? Word on the grapevine is that the Board don't want you breaking the record. Now why do you think that is? It's because the Board believes, and justifiably so, that you would be a unreliable champion. They feel so strongly about this that they'd rather see me as champion than you. ME!!! The man everyone hates, the person they worked so hard and desperately get out of power! Tell me...how does that little nugget of truth taste? Not very well I'd expect. But it's a taste you cooked yourself! I may be many things to many different people and perhaps I am those things, perhaps I've changed since day 1,but one thing I have always put is loyal to EAW! Look at my long history here and you'll notice I'm one of the few people who have never had an extended absence from EAW. Dark Demon can't claim that, Drastik can't claim that, Y2impact can't claim that...and neither can you! Since the moment I arrived I have been utterly, and consistently present in EAW. But you...the man who deserted the federation when it needed him most. I remember when you first became World Champion. Oh how people expected great things of you. Sadly however your reign was nothing but broken promises and false potential. My reign as champion may not have been overly impressive, but at least mine lasted more than 3 weeks and I didn't vacate it! I lost in a match like a real wrestler! So if I were you I wouldn't get all high and mighty about beating me previously or that I'm no longer chairman. But that's all in the past and I'm a man who likes to focus on the future. And the future is brighter than ever, as I see myself still leading EAW into an Age of Enlightenment, this time as champion rather than chairman. To you it may look as if I've lost everything, but that's only because you're ignorant and stupid. I've lost nothing! Look around you and you can still see the mark my regime still leaves. This show in the Tokyo Dome would not exist without my World Tour. Elite lives while Extreme remains buried. I may not officially hold the title of Chairman, but unofficially...I still run this yard! I've become like the mafia men of the Prohibition Era. Like AL Capone I control my empire from the shadows. Just because you can't see the strings doesn't mean they're not there. You sleep comfortably thinking the monster is gone when really he's just moved from the closet to under your bed. In fact, I am more free now than I ever was as chairman. Those men who supported me you called leeches and I feel that was an apt name for them. They sucked away the lifeblood I created and held me back. Now that I'm free of them I realize I never needed them or their bullshit bureaucracy. Now I am free of those chains to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Only this time the people I beat won't be able to hide behind the excuse of "corruption" they so often used during my tenure. So what excuse will you create to make yourself feel better after losing to me Brian? You, like so many others, foolishly underestimate me, refusing to admit how good I really am. Have you forgotten already how I became chairman; who I beat for the position; how long I reigned; how many men attempted to end it; and how many men it took to bring it down? If you're honest with these answers, then you should realize just how dangerous I am! You're not the first man to vow to put me in a grave. But I've come to learn how powerless a grave really is, because the dead can always come back to haunt you! I am the monster from those movies, because no matter how hard you try to end me...I always come back! You can hit me and throw me down, but I will ALWAYS get back up in time to watch you fall! I will always win in the end because I have what it takes to outlast everyone here! I come for your championship now, not to save my career, but simply to kill your dream. I ended Jaywalker's undefeated streak, the greatest streak of its kind, and I also ended Dark Demon's streak as longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion. And if I'm honest I did these things not for the glory of being the one who did it, but because I like ending people's dreams and dragging them back to reality screaming. And your sad reality is that this dream will end before it begins. Instead it will turn into a nightmare as you watch me become champion when you were so close to breaking the record. And once again, Brian Daniels will prove himself to be the man who is good...just not good enough!
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Post on February 16th 2016, 1:02 am by Stephanie Matsuda
Character Promo


Valentine's Day. Post-Voltage.

(Cloud walks into the bathroom of her hotel, brushing her teeth. A female voice is speaking to her from the off-scene.)

???: It was crazy you know? The thing felt unreal...almost like a video game.

Cloud: (brushing) Uh-huh.

???: It was everything you said it would be and then some. I gave it my all Cloud I really did.

Cloud: (spits) Yeah.

???: She's amazing...it was like as if she knew all my moves.

Cloud: (rinses): So you don't feel bad about winning?

???: Well of course I'm upset that I lost. But, facing someone as impressive as Cailin Dillon inspires me to fight even harder.

Cloud: She'll have that effect on you...

(Cloud walks into the room, where Angela Salveti is laying on the bed in short-shorts and a t-shirt.)

Angela: Will it be like that when I face you?

Far from it.

(Cloud slowly crawls into bed towards Angela)

Cloud: Only one way to find out...

(Cloud pins Angela to the bed aggressive while looking her over with lust.)

Cloud: (whispers) There's a dramatic difference between Cailin and myself.

(Cloud begins kissing all over Angela)

A difference Haruna will find out about.

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Post on February 15th 2016, 11:56 pm by Dead End Bride
In Spite of One’s Failures
(Erica is shown sitting Indian-style on the floor. The only thing the viewer can see clearly however is her face and the outline of her body, the candle she’s holding giving the only lighting in the room.)
The first encounters for our respective teams, Azumi has proven to be a most powerful ally and the heartbeat of our new alliance. With a little help from me, she has pinned and made Veena Adams, the niece and protégé of the great Dedede, submit. Her strength and resolve are unquestionable now. However, I still find myself questioning my own strength. I wasn’t much help to her in our tag team match and fell victim to Silence’s assault all the same as her.

I still need something to wash the stench of months of losing off of my body. It’s like my body has these stains, these horrible defects that can only be washed away if I come away victorious. I was satisfied with just winning and watching Azumi’s back, but I owe it to so many people to do more than that. I have to find a way to work my way up the ranks of the Vixens Division. Not for just titles. Not for money, but for my soul. I didn’t spend months in isolation, bleeding and sweating and crying myself to sleep with all the unimaginable pain I endured just to be an afterthought. I am capable of so much more than that.

Now we have a new ally…and another familiar adversary to face. Aria Jaxon, we have a long and fairly troubled history. I’ve done things that I regret and you have hurt me at times with words that were more punishing than any blows I’ve taken from anyone. That’s past though. I can’t take back some of the things that happened a few months ago and I have no intention of stabbing you in the back. We will fight, we will function as a unit, and we will win. While there are so many who still doubt who I am and what I’m about, I appreciate the trust that you have given me. It won’t be forgotten.

Azumi-chan, we have another horrible monster to deal with now. Raven Lee, a Vixen whose savagery is only surpassed by Madison and Silence among the women who dwell in the EAW locker rooms, is the partner of Silence and Veena, women who have taken it upon themselves to destroy us. Raven, while you are a capable competitor and are a worthy opponent, you lack the soul necessary to beat us. The competitive spirit in you has diminished to the point that you seem to only attack and fight out of your wanton lust for pain and suffering. I understand. I’ve been where you been and it is a dark, gloomy place. While you probably sit where you are and say that Talladega, Florida and Detroit, Michigan are two different worlds where we seemed to have faced two very different upbringings…I know that what you have inside of you is painful. Heartbreaking. When you have absorbed another defeat, maybe then you’ll undertake the same road to self-improvement that I have. Maybe then you’ll return to the form where you challenged for the Specialists Championship and beat Cameron Ella Ava in the Empress of Elite tournament. When you do get to that point, I want to shake your hand. Until that time though, I cannot allow you to quench your thirst at my expense or the expense of the women I consider sworn sisters. You are mine.

And then there is Veena. How does it feel to take loss after loss to those that you have looked down upon? All the training and looks and the fact that you were the “chosen one” doesn’t seem to be parlaying into much success. One could argue the most significant thing that you have done since you have arrived in EAW is take on Silence as a companion, partner and bodyguard. You have good reason to make such a choice. She is strong as she is psychotic. That said, the arrogance that you thought would carry you to where you want to go is waning. I remember when you first arrived you talked of how you were destined to dominate. That has not happened. Yes, you have been victorious in matches here and there, but you have lived nowhere near up to the billing that you and your supportive uncle have provided to us. I don’t dislike you or like you, honestly. I’m just glad that for a while you’ve decided to shut up.

And then there is Silence. I have not forgotten the beating that I suffered at your hands. I haven’t forgotten that you’ve made my friend a target of your sick games. Remember that where she is, I am. Where I go, she goes. There Is nothing that can break the chains of our bond to one another. While we have a match to fight and there are certain rules and regulations that are to be followed, I will obey them. But if you take liberties and try to injure my friends, I don’t care HOW big or strong or demented you are, you will NOT WALK out of that arena under the power of your own two feet. You will be beaten within an inch of your life. You may snicker hearing me talk like this because I don’t do it often, I haven’t made many threats. You would, however, be extremely wise to heed my words.

And there it is. On Battleground, I have a chance to prove, in spite of my failures to win matches, protect my friend last week, and to be a good person a few months ago, I can rise to the occasion and overcome any obstacle or adversary. Raven, Veena, Silence, NONE OF YOU WILL BEST MY THUNDERING FINISH. The Queen, The Empress and the Heroine are more than enough to take down The Fool, the Blood Knight, and the Spoiled Princess.

Raimei No Yuusha…Erica Ford……Kenzan

(With a quick blow of breath from her lips, the light is extinguished and everything is covered in darkness.)
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Breaking Point

The scene opens to Maero sitting in a seemingly new green bedroom with a wooden floor. He sits in an old rotting rocking chair, the wood around the chair is rotted as well. Maero speaks through clenched teeth.

Maero: “Alright Clark, I’ve tried to play nice but you’re forcing my hand,”

Maero stands and paces around the chair. He takes a deep breath before speaking.

Maero: “I follow eclipse of my free will, we are a team, a family. I’m not his slave, we fight together. You don’t know what that’s like, your hard exterior just shows how much you’ve disconnected from the world. You don’t even know who you are and it scares you to death,”

Maero leans backwards over the back of the chair.

Maero: “You don’t even listen. Every time I say that I’ll fight my own battles you claim that Eclipse will be fighting for me. I’m part of The Sanatorium, I fight with them beside me, be it physically or in spirit. You have nothing but yourself and that’s someone you’re afraid of,”

Maero moves over to the bed and runs his hand along it.

Maero: “You don’t even listen to yourself. You make contradicting statements at every turn. You’re hot and you’re cold, you’re yes and you’re no,”

Maero chuckles to himself.

Maero: “Every time you talk about me it’s like you're talking to someone else. Am I beneath you? Because that’s where earthquakes come from, I am your fault line and I will be your undoing,”

Maero walks over to the dresser and leans against it, he begins breathing heavily.

Maero: “I’ve given you respect, I’ve said that I will help you stand when out match is over. Yet you continue to say that when I lie motionless Oz will weep. You’ve crossed a lot of lines, but that’s too far. I have seen Oz cry enough, the day you make Oz cry is the day I end your life. I won’t stand for that, even if I have to come back from the dead, if you make Oz cry I swear I’ll kick your ass. The title means nothing in comparison to Oz,”

Maero smashes his hands against the dresser, as he does so one of the drawer’s handles falls to the ground.

Maero: “You, all you’ve done is say how naive I am, how pitifully innocent. If anyone here is naive it’s you, I bet you’ll deny everything I said even after I beat you. You’re right I’ve fought to get here, but I didn't just rely on heart. Violence is what is needed to be in this ring, you and I both know that. So stop reflecting on how many wins you have and start realizing that the past is in the past,”

Maero walks back to his chair and sits once more.

Maero: “I am your present and your future. I won’t be swept away by the tide like any of your other opponents. I will use every tool that I have and defeat you every bit of strength. I have a family behind me, you have nothing but the hollow shell of a man you call your identity. You’re not entertaining or funny, you’re the only joke here. You pretend like I’m nothing, when I’m the new breed champion what will that make you?”

Maero smiles.

Maero: “Like I said, I don’t fear you, of course you didn’t listen to that either. I don’t think you understand what I am. I’m not mindless, nor am I a babysitter to Oz. I am my own man, I’m your downfall, I am your fault line, and I will end you,”

Maero stands and walks to the door, he turns around and raises his arms.

Maero: “Goodnight sweet cheeks... See you in Hell.”

Maero walks backwards through the door as the scene fades to black.
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Post on February 15th 2016, 9:17 pm by Clark Duncan
I'm scared of Clark Duncan. Yes, I scare myself sometimes.

Maero should be scared. Not for your typical reasons. I've gathered that he's a character that might just be content with going back to what he had before this opportunity came about. Sure, he fought hard to get this far, but let's all remember he's still a follower of King Diemos. See, when Maero loses on Battleground, he has a job to fall back on. He'll still mindlessly follow Eclipse around until the king decides he has no more use for him. Maero's clearly okay with that for some odd reason.

Oh no, I'm wrong. He's independent. He can stand on his own two feet. He has the power and strength to fight his own battles. Just not this one. I admire the patience Maero has to babysit this kid that latches on to him everywhere he goes. In fact, it's been kinda cute watching the relationship between the two unfold over the past few days. It appears to me that they're quite close and Oz wants nothing more than to see Maero do well. Now, you may have guessed, but I'm not really the kind to ruin fun but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Breaking a kid's heart? Yeah, that was never on the agenda but crushing Maero's hopes and dreams of being New Breed Champion was always my mission.

Maero isn't a threat. Maero is barely a contender. His twisted smile will become a frown. It will be shared by his little friend. Picture it now - Maero lying flat on his back, out cold, while Oz sits beside him bawling his eyes out because his guardian couldn't get the job done. Looking on, the rest of The Santorium, both ONI and King Diemos as they stand is disbelief that Clark Duncan has just defended his New Breed title and deprived them of gold for the first time. It's a sad sight and I'm sorry that I brought down the mood which such a bleak prediction.

All of this extra nonsense is just highly amusing. As an entertainer, naturally I enjoy when somebody else actually does something vaguely intriguing. This whole week has been filled with pleasant surprises. Maero, you said it best. You're not Eclipse Diemos. He's changed, he's improved, but I could still beat him. There's a reason that he's the leader of your stupid group and ONI is second in command. You're the whipping boy, you said that yourself. You're only a part of the group for strength in numbers and to be the muscle. You are inferior Maero. Not just to King Diemos and ONI, you're inferior to me. I say this to most people I face, but it's utterly amazing how many fail to listen and accept the truth. Being a smart guy, I hope you heed these words. The sooner you become at ease with being another statistic, the easier it will be cope and bounce back from the loss you're about to receive. Trust me, I've been there.

I'm glad you brought up the three blind mice, Maero. Believe it or not, I really am. It's the perfect way to group you in with RJ Caedus and Carson Ramsay and we all know what happened to them. Three challengers all hopeful of taking me down and becoming the next New Breed Champion. However, blind ambition killed them. It's kind of like what I've said in times gone by about other up and coming individuals in this company. There's this notion flying around that you need to be edgy. A unique quality, an exaggerated trait or something that makes you stand out from the crowd. It's not necessary. I've branded the concept 'lifestyle of the hip and aimless'. What do you aspire to be? New Breed Champion? Loyal member of The Sanatorium? Honest competitor that can't break through the glass ceiling? What is it, Maero? Make your choice, but choose wisely.

Oh and Maero, I love me some ice cream, almost as much as I love raining on the parade of any who dares to take my title from me.
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Post on February 15th 2016, 8:17 pm by Victor Maero
Scream Therapy

The scene begins with Maero and Oz walking through an abandoned theme park. Maero wearing his new all white suit, and Oz wearing an avengers T-shirt. They walk in silence for a while before Maero breaks it.

Maero: “I’m proud of you Oz, you’re learning how to make friends. That’s important.”

Maero turns to ruffle Oz’s hair, but is taken aback by Oz staring up at him with extreme worry in his eyes.

Oz: “Are you scared of Clark Duncan?”

Maero stops in his tracks and Oz does the same. Maero looks to the sky.

Maero: “No. I don’t fear Clark Duncan, I wish I did, that would make this so much easier. I feel something deeper, I dread him. No, I don’t dread him, I dread the thought of being brushed aside again. I dread the thought of being pushed away from the rest of The Sanatorium, of being forced to guard the gate to greatness once more,”

Oz begins to tear up. Maero looks at Oz and pats him on the head.

Maero: “But if anything, that dread is making more determined to win than I ever have before.”

Oz smiles.

Oz: “I have an idea! Follow me,”

Oz take Maero by the hand and drags him through the park until they arrive at a warehouse, Oz pulls Maero into the building.

Oz: “Now we can yell anything we want! You can say anything you want to say to Clark!”

Maero ruffles Oz’s hair.

Maero: “Alright then, I’ll start,”

Maero cups his hands around his mouth and screams into the darkness.

Maero: “Stop this charade, Do you think of me as a threat or am I nothing to you?”

Maero turns to see Oz with his eyes tearing up again. Maero thinks for a moment before screaming again. Eclipse enters the building and looks quizzically at Maero.

Maero: “Why aren’t you funny anymore? We used to laugh with you, now we just laugh at you!”

Eclipse smiles and leans against the doorway. Oz giggles uncontrollably.

Oz: “Oh, I’ve-”

Oz attempts to finish his sentence but his giggling gets in the way.

Oz: “I’ve got one!”

Maero: “Go for it Oz.”

Oz: “Yay!”

Oz jumps up and down while screaming at the top of his lungs.

Oz: “Does Tin Man have a lot of heart or not? I know that was a joke but don’t quit your day job! Night job? Evening... job? Just keep doing wrestling and take some comedy classes!”

Oz’s face turns bright red. Maero chuckles.

Maero: “You sure got him there.”

Oz shoves Maero, making the both of them laugh.

Oz: “Oh shut up. Your turn!”

Maero smiles and screams once again.

Maero: “I want you to see something Clark. You may have beaten Eclipse in the past, but I’m not Eclipse. He may have saved me, I may follow him, but we are not the same man! He has changed and you have changed,”

Maero grinds his teeth and then screams louder than before.

Maero: “I’m not just a follower of Eclipse, I’m not just another number for your streak! I am Maero, the Witch Doctor, the Priest of Life, the Bishop of fear,”

Maero looks down at Oz and whispers.

Maero: “The Tin Man.”

Maero and Oz begins chanting.

Maero and Oz: “Three blind mice. Three blind mice. See how they run. See how they run. They all ran after the farmer's wife, Who cut off their tails with a carving knife, Did you ever see such a sight in your life, As three blind mice?”

The chant grows louder and louder. Eclipse speaks and stops the chant mid word.

Maero and Oz: “Farmer’s wi-”

Eclipse: “When you’re all done we made spaghetti.”

Oz runs over to Eclipse and gives him a hug.

Oz: “Yay! Spaghetti!”

Eclipse wraps his arms around Oz. Oz let's go and begins running back to the Sanatorium, leaving Eclipse and Maero alone.

Eclipse: “I told you that you would readjust yourself to having a child with you.”

Maero: “I can’t argue with that. Oz has changed my perspective on a lot of things. I guess I have you to thank for helping me change like this.”

Eclipse: “I didn’t change much of what was already there. Listen, win or lose you aren’t the weakest member of our family. There are no weaknesses in our family. You are strong, so is Oz, and so am I. We’ll have your back in this match if you’d like...but you want to beat Clark by yourself don’t you?”

Maero: “You’re right we’re a family, when one of us steps into the ring we are all behind them. I will fight with my own strength and with all of your hearts behind me. My motivation is simply to prove to myself that I am worthy of that support.”

Maero and Eclipse clasp hands and smile at each other.

Maero: “Let’s go, I want at least two plates of Pasta,”

Eclipse chuckles and nods. Maero gestures for Eclipse to exit the building. Maero walks up to the doorway, he looks back and screams into the warehouse.

Maero: “And what do you have against ice cream?”

Maero turns to follow Eclipse as the scene fades to black.
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Post on February 15th 2016, 7:08 pm by Aria Jaxon

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little envious of some of the other Vixens, just for the simple fact that most of them can afford to worry only about themselves and the titles they want, and it won’t really cost them. A lot of the other girls can direct their every thought toward their next career-making match or the next championship opportunity at stake, and keep blinders on if they want. I don’t know if I can honestly say I’ve ever really been afforded that luxury, but now I can say for damn certain that I don’t. The Aria of present times has to keep her head on a swivel and eyes in the back of her head. Not just because the Vixens division is getting more competitive every day, not just because jockeying for a position in this company isn’t for the faint of heart, but because, well...I apparently have really bad taste in men. I’ve gotten used to having people like Madison and Haruna saying they’d take my head off if they had the chance, but this, whatever this is with Brett, it’s new. But hey, I can multitask. I can maintain my presence in the Vixens division, and put the fuckboy in his place, too. I can balance it all. I’ll get my chance to remind him that the only good thing about him was me, but for now, I gotta direct my focus somewhere else.

As far as Battleground is concerned, I can’t believe in getting hung up on past encounters. I can’t believe that anything in the world will keep Erica, Azumi, and I from forming a cohesive unit and being able to win this match. I just have to believe in my team, and I do. Wholeheartedly. I’ve interacted with Erica and Azumi enough to know what they’re made of. I’m not just blindly putting my faith in them and hyping them up all for the sake of being a “good” teammate.

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane, shall we? I know, with her recent change of heart, Erica doesn’t like to bring up things that happened months ago. She doesn’t have any desire to relive the screwed up things she did to people -- myself included -- and I can’t say I blame her. Erica’s turned over a new leaf, she’s got a new lease on things. She doesn’t wanna backtrack, but I say, in order to fully understand how much of a threat Miss Ford is now, you have to do a little digging. You have to be able to understand where all this newfound resolve and spark came from. We’re dealing with someone who was on top of the world and was on the cusp of doing huge things in this company until her best friend was ripped away from her. The blow dealt to her by that traumatic loss changed everything. Erica was disillusioned, the light went outta her eyes. She seemed to be getting into it with every Vixen that crossed her path, so much so to the point that the two of us wound up trading blows more than once. And then, she vanished. It looked like that was how the story of a once-promising Vixen was about to end, but Erica knew better. She knew she had a lot to make up for, and she knew she had more to offer to the Vixens division. So with everything that happened, it’d probably be easy for someone to ask me how I can put all of my trust into Erica for our match. The answer is pretty simple --

It took almost everything outta her to pick up the pieces and start over again. After all she’s been through, why would she fuck up her second chance?

This is who I have in my corner, a brand-new version of Erica Ford who reminds me a lot of the person I met back in July. That girl with all the talent in the world at her fingertips and plans for world domination in the back of her mind, that is who I’m standing shoulder to shoulder with, and I don’t have any reservations about it. She’s on the verge of grabbing ahold of everything that should’ve been hers months ago, and you think she’s about to let the Adams family disappointment, some bitch who skipped her meds, and a Morticia Addams cosplayer take it away from her? I doubt it. But y’all three can come try her, if you want.

It’s kinda the same story with Azumi; the respect I have for her comes from the run-ins that we had. In the interest of being honest, no, she hasn’t necessarily had the easiest time here. She definitely knows what it’s like to give her all in a match only to have it not be enough in the end, but you know what? She knows what it’s like to rack up wins, too, and the times she’s fallen short have made her appreciate the victories even more. I walked into and out of my match with Azumi looking at her in a totally different light. I won’t lie, I wasn’t taking her seriously at all. And yes, I beat her, but she made me work for it. She doesn’t have that gutsy performance at the forefront of her mind, though. No, by Battleground, Azumi will probably be replaying in her head what it felt like to knock Veena out cold and to beat her and her bodyguard at their own game. I’d bet money she’d love to do it again.

Speaking of Veena, I’ll give a little credit where it’s due. She just can’t, for the life of her, get anything done on her own, so I guess she did the logical thing in her mind -- she got herself a hired gun. That would’ve been a great idea if, ya know, she’d actually made a good investment. That’s what your trust fund got you, Veena? It bought you Silence? Oh, you poor thing. That was a fucking waste. Voltage proved that. Y'all probably walked down the aisle thinking you were about to eat Erica and Azumi alive, and what happened? Your little breakdown in communication cost you dearly. All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t be hoping for a different outcome this week. There’s no numbers game to be played up and no advantages for you to exploit. It’s just three of you against three of us, and we’ve got your number. You’re not gonna like how this ends.

I don’t know who’s walking through that curtain on Battleground. I don’t know if Silence or Kyra is coming out to play, and frankly, it doesn’t make a difference to me. I’m glad one of your personalities did their research, though. I’m glad you at least partially recognize us for what we are -- an Empress, a submission specialist, and a heroine looking for redemption at all costs. And then, after one facet of your personality made sense, the other one backtracked. “Not bothering” with Erica and I isn’t the best idea, but you don’t seem to have grasped that concept. Don’t worry, though. As soon as the bell rings for our match, you’ll see why you’ve got the wrong idea, and why no one on our team is to be taken lightly. Especially not me. You think the fact that you’re twice my size should have me running scared? You’re new around here, yes, but if you paid attention to anything at all, you’d know I’ve taken up this whole hobby of scoring wins over some of the guys -- men who are bigger than you, stronger than you, and don’t seem to have even a fraction of the emotional baggage. And really, if any doubt at all still lingers in your mind, talk to your teammates, Silence. Ask them what it’s like to be in the ring with me, and then realize that “not bothering” could cost your team everything.

Raven, well...what can I say to you that I haven’t said in any of our other encounters? I mean, you’ve kinda had it out for me for a while now. Granted, you’ve never seemed to hate me the way you hated Alexis, or the way you seem to dislike Erica now, but still. You’ve never quite told the truth where I was concerned. I guess I’ve always represented everything you hated. I’m a little too optimistic, a little too unbothered with you, and a little too good for you to be able to keep up with. Be honest, it still kinda bugs you that you never made good on your promises to eradicate me, right? Battleground is not the night where that changes, sweetheart. You’ve said yourself that one of your primary goals was to destroy the Vixens division and rebuild it in your likeness, but how’s that gone for you so far? You keep setting these lofty expectations for yourself, and try as you might, at the end of the day, you keep on writing checks your mouth can’t cash. Whenever it is you decide to do what you do best and drone on about darkness and pain and our inevitable erasure from the Vixens division, I’ll have heard it all before. I’ve been in this very scenario more than once. I know how this ends. Raven Lee talks herself up, and then she falls short.

And no, I haven’t forgotten about the fact that the person I loathe the most on the entire world will be ringside while all of this is happening. As Reasonable Doubt gets closer, and the clock ticks down, Brett has less and less time to accept my offer. So while I’m out there doing what I do best, he’ll probably sitting behind the table and making up all kinds of excuses as to why he doesn’t want any part of me, and I guess there’s nothing I can do about that. It doesn’t really matter what he -- or the opposition -- says or does on Battleground. That’s not a night where anyone who’s against me or my team will get their way.

All hail.
Fatal 4 Way Promo
Post on February 15th 2016, 6:52 pm by Moiz
* Moiz Music Plays *
* Moiz Enters Ring *

Moiz: Well I guess that didn't take to long, I'm already on the card haha. It's a fatal four way and it seems that I get 50k if i win, thats hella sweet if you ask me. I'm up against some rookies though, so I guess it will be a sad debut for them . I mean seriously have you guys even looked at who im versing. Lemme tell you guys a little on these pussies from what I know. Im up against five guys and I'm warning them right now, it's gonna be tough for them. I know it's my debut aswell, but I have experience niggas.. I know my shit, Im here to impress with some success.

* Moiz Walks Around *

Moiz: So lets look at who I'm facing, oh no it's Levi Vance, haha this guys a true clown. It seems he really wants to win this match haahaa, I hope I dont discourage him too much after this. Vance if your watching this... I know you are cuz u got nothing else to do pussy... just know that there will be other opportunities and that the first match doesn't always have to go that great.

*Moiz laughs and walks around*

Moiz: Next up TROY ARCHELOO WHOAAAA. This guys even whorse than Vance, what's he doing here look at how lanky he is, I could squish him like a spongeball. It's not hard to understand why he has so many L's written to his name. He's a complete Troy hard.. pun intended guys. I heard he suffers some severe anger issues, haha his anger can't be that scary judging from his size. I mean really guys, you can't think of calling him a "Superstar" ever in the future? It might be just me, but I really think this guy will not last at all in EAW as they do call it the " Big Leagues" maybe next year pussy.

Moiz: And finally we have Sage Condit. I shouldn't even bother talking about this guy, for sure he's gonna get an ass whoopin. This guy will make the fight seem like a triple threat match cuz of how useless he is. 

Moiz: Well I guess thats enough shit talking about all my opponents, and I think its my time for some training . In all honesty, the best wrestler will win. But from me to you guys, I will put up my best fight and give it my best to entertain you guys.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 15th 2016, 4:43 pm by Silence
Kyra: Seems like I’m the only person on my team who desires to actually fight against the other three. I seem to be the only person who actually wants to prove that she’s not just another pretty face and is here to actually dominate in the division. I suppose that is to be expected though...the other two have had training and have had fights before me. They have all been tested against the fires and have come out changed and remade into the goddesses that they are. An empress. A warrior who drowned in darkness and found her way back to the light. And the rising star from Japan who has worked her way back to the surface from defeat.

(Kyra gazes at the makeup mirror, her hand gently brushing against it with a smile on her face. Her eyes drift along the reflection before she closes her eyes and clenches her body, her eyes opening as her face has hardened into the visage of Silence, a dark smile tearing its way across her lips as she gazes at her own reflection.

Silence: Oh Azumi, you’ve done so well for yourself now that you have wins on your belt. You have done so very well but in the end...in the end all of that fire is going to burn out in your stomach. Your teammates won’t be able to defend you from my onslaught against you sweetie. You’re too small...you’re too feeble to do any lasting damage to me. No one can. There isn’t a damage that can be done to me that hasn’t happened already. Mental trauma hurts far more than physical...and those scars don’t heal. Physical wounds...those are only long lasting if enough trauma is done to them. I have inflicted both. I can harm you in more ways than just physical...because in the end...in the end that’s what you have earned. You have earned my rage and my fury Azumi. You have earned every ounce of destruction. Every second of the pain that I will administer to you...and within those painful final moments...you will taste true despair.

(Her eyes snap open wide, switching back to Kyra as she holds her head, her body shaking slightly. As her eyes go into a few quick fits back and forth between the two personalities though eventually Silence wins out once again edging closer to the camera and clenching her teeth hard as she leans and stares into the mirror.)

Silence: I don’t need to bother with the other two of you...because I know my friends will. My friends will take care of the others because I don’t want to divert my attention to the main cause. Azumi...I want to destroy you. I am going to destroy you. Mind, body, and soul. Be prepared for Battleground...because that is going to be a fun...fun...time. Be ready Azumi. Be ready.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 15th 2016, 3:27 pm by Drake Jaeger

六 A reluctant Max A. Million anxiously waits outside of the Hexa-gun locker room door as the camera turns on. 六

Max: He’s really not gonna like this… Are we rolling?

六 The camera nods as Max slightly nods back in approval and looks down each side of the hallway. Max’s ears perk up as he hears whistling in the distance. 六

Max: Is that him?

六 The camera turns to the right to see the sight of Drake Jaeger - dressed in his usual black boots, black trench coat, black gloves, black sunglasses, with black dye in his hair, but this time with black tights on, while also carrying his ½ EAW Tag Team Championship on his left shoulder and his EAW Tag Team Grand Prix Trophy in his right hand - as he whistles to the tune of “Bite The Bullet” by contRoVersy. Max adjusts his jacket and braces himself as he and the cameraman wait by the locker room door. 六

Max: Drake?.... Drake, could we maybe get a minute to…

六 Drake starts to slow down as he gets closer; his whistling fades and he stands directly in front of Max. Drake tries to get around Max to get to the locker room door, but Max desperately tries to get in front of him to stop him. 六

Drake: Do you have any idea what time it is, Max? It’s not interview time. It’s time for me and her to spend a little alone time together.

Max: Her?

六 Drake looks disgusted at Max as he holds up his ½ Unified Tag Team Championship. 六

Max: You call it… “Her”?

Drake: I call HER a “HER”, and in this company with its Butterface Division, this Championship you see on my shoulder is the sexiest woman you’ll ever see in Elite Answers Wrestling. Now, it’s bad enough you didn’t even bother to compliment me on my brand new attire that I upgraded to now that TJ and myself are reigning, defending CHAMPIONS. I’ve had enough of you messing with my schedule, Max, so be gone!

六 Drake kicks Max out of the way and begins to open the door to the Hexa-gun locker room. 六

Max: B-But I’ve been asked by HRDO to get word on your tag team bout on Battleground!

六 Drake stops and turns to Max with a stoic look on his face. 六

Drake: Match on Battleground?

Max: Yeah… Y--

Drake: Which one was Battleground? Is that the show that I’m actually contracted to?

Max: Well, no, that’s Showdown, but--

Drake: So it’s the one Tiberius is contracted to that we’ve spent most of our time on?

Max: No, not that one either. It’s--

Drake: Then what the [FREAK] are you talking about?

六 Drake frantically looks around. 六

Drake: What the [FREAK] was that?

Max: Oh… It’s, well, HRDO informed all of us that EAW is, uh, PG now, and so he’s insisted we try experimenting a language filter, starting with you.

Drake: … Are you [FREAKING] kidding me? You’re [FREAKING] with me, right? This [POOP] isn’t gonna be a [FREAKING] reoccurring thing, is it?

Max: Uhm… I… I’m not sure. But, about your match--

Drake: No, no, no, [FREAK] the [FREAKING] match on Battleground! I wanna [FREAKING] know how the [FREAK] it’s [FREAKING] legal that this old piece of [POOP] can [FREAKING] make us sound like we’re a bunch of [FREAKING] 7 year olds! Who the [FREAK] are we [FREAKING] facing on [FREAKING] stupid [BUTT] Battleground?!

Max: Uh, it’s the Piff & Landerson Experience. Those are your opponents.

六 Drake stares blankly at Max for several seconds. 六

Max: …. Piff Fumador? El Landerson?

六 Drake looks even more baffled as he tries to think of how to respond. 六

Drake: Who the [FREAK] is El Landerson? WHAT the [FREAK] is an El Landerson? Is he [MEXICAN-AMERICAN]? Are you [FREAKING] kidding me? I can’t [FREAKING] say [MEXICAN-AMERICAN]? You know what? I’m glad we’ve got this stupid [FREAKING] match on Battleground, Max, because you know what we’re gonna do? TJ and myself are going to take those two little [MEXICAN-AMERICANS] and beat them into [FREAKING] comas! I’m gonna make HRDO regret the [FREAKING] day he ever [FREAKED] with me! I’ve had it with this bull[POOP]! I’ve had it with this old [DUNCEBAG] trying to [PEE] us off at every turn! I’m gonna make him regret every single decision he makes until he realizes he should have gotten rid of us when he had the chance, cause it’s already far too late to turn back now! People look at Hexa-gun and think WE’RE the villains here? We’re not the ones crippling this company at every turn! We’re not the ones chopping the [GONADS] off of this company because we’re trying to appeal to a bunch of [DUMB] little [FREAKING] kids! You people have the wrong [FREAKING] idea thinking Hexa-gun lost at Road To Redemption and that this war is over! It’s far from [FREAKING] over! We’re gonna kill this company and bring it back to life the way it was meant to be! Not trying to appeal to children like a bunch of [FREAKING FEMALE GENITALS]! You can go ahead and take away our [FREAKING] language, but you know what you can’t take away? The brutality that you’re about to witness in that ring when we step in there with whoever the [FREAK] The Piff & Landerson Experience is! You can’t stop the bloodshed! You can’t stop the broken bones! You can’t stop Hexa-gun from putting a [FIREARM] next to your [FREAKING] heads and pulling the trigger! Consider what we do on Battleground as nothing more than a [FREAKING] taste of what’s to [FREAKING] come for Team Cross and any other [FREAKING HOMOSEXUALS] that think they’re gonna get in our way! I’m tired of [FREAKING] playing with you [BUTTHOLES]! Now I’m gonna go polish the [POOP] out of this gorgeous Unified Tag Team Championship and then I’m going to [HARM] both Landerson and Piff to [PARTS UNKNOWN]! I’m going to [TAKE] off their heads and [POOP] down their necks! I’m going to [VIOLATE] their [BODIES]! I [PROMISE TO GOD] I will! Just try me! Just [FREAKING] try me! [FREAK] you [FREAKING FEMALE DOGS]! I hope you [FREAKING PASS AWAY]! HRDO and every single one of his [FREAKING] followers can go eat a [MALE GENITALIA]! [FREAK]!

六 A furious Drake enters the Hexa-gun locker room and slams it behind him as Max looks on. Max tries to say something, but gives up and just shrugs before taking his leave while the camera remains on the locker room door before fading to black. 六

Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
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EAW Promoz! (Section closed)

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