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 EAW Promoz! (Section closed)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Section closed)

Here you can write promos about shows, Extremist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Section closed) :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 18th 2016, 6:29 am by Caine Kronin.
You're losing yourselves the war before you even have the chance to prove your worth. Arrogance is bliss - or well,  that's how the saying goes. I said it a few days ago, there isn't one man that doesn't think that there's the slightest chance that they're not walking out of Rising Tide without that prestigious opportunity in their possession. They're more than willing to stand in front of the world and profess their worth, but what happens if their forced to taste the failure that they believe they're going to avoid?  Since making my debut at the expense of James Seymour a few weeks ago not one man has been able to lay a finger on me. Kevin Hunter stands in front of the world and attempts to save face; trying to show that he still has some form of claim to the chance he's being given, but I refuse to believe that the seeds of doubt aren't in his mind after the loss he was forced to withstand at my hand. It's not in the words that Kevin Hunter says that proves my point. They say that the look in the eyes of a man tells the entire story of what's running through his mind. It's not a confident man that sits behind that table with his circlejerk; instead it's a man that understands what stands before him in a few days. But rather than continuing to beat around the bush, I'll get to a man that I've honestly been watching for a while now. It's surprising to see a man that's been in a company for as long as you have to still find himself in the position that you are. You're so quick to attempt to find the flaws in the men that stand around you that you ignore your own. I know, it sounds rather cliche, but I believe that your history proves my point completely, Mr Michaels. For a man that's holds the tenure in this company that you do, what exactly have you done throughout the last few months? Nothing comes to mind, does it? Nothing actually separates you from the rest of the competition - you're just nothing more than a man that hasn't been able to pull himself off the bottom of the barrel while the people that one stood in that position with you months ago are beginning to grasp onto the success that you believe should be yours. In reality, out of the entirety of the competition that will stand in Hell's Warpath, you're the man that needs to win more than anyone else. 

What changes from this chance to all the others, Mark? Is there actually anything different to the man that we see now compared to the one we've watched for the past few months. Not a question that either of us can answer now, but it is certainly a question I already know the answer to. [size=31]I'm not going to stand here and feed you false prophecies of success, because I've said it before. When it comes to something like Hell's Warpath you have no idea about what you're actually going to be forced to withstand. Sure, if everything goes to plan, after the weekend I'll stand here with the chance to challenge for the New Breed Championship and if not, I'll stand up and dust myself off. You see, I've asked it twice now and I still haven't been given an answer. What separates you from every other man in this match? Arrogance, bravado and confidence only gets people so far before ultimately bringing their untimely downfall. I've proven more in two weeks than a man like Mark Michaels has in 6 months. I'm not a nice guy; I'm willing to make another man shed his own blood - I'm willing to stab my own blood in the back if it means I'm going to grasp onto the success that my heart craves. I don't say that you're going to have to kill me if you want to walk out with the opportunity that we're all fighting to have to intimidate anyone, I say it because it's the mindset that I'm walking into Rising Tide with. As long as I have the ability to move, I'm going to continue to fight and I'm going to continue to fight until I have nothing left standing in my way. I wish that I had a clever way to ends this, but I do not. So, from the bottom of my heart, good luck - I hope that you give me a grander fight than I'm expecting, gentlemen.[/size]
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 18th 2016, 5:31 am by Sons of Chaos

[ No longer days away, now just mere moments, hours away from the chaos of a Hell's Warpath at Rising Tide. In Tokyo, Japan at the Tokyo Dome the EAW fans were waiting as the revving of motorcycle engines were heard approaching the Dome as the Sons of Chaos had arrived, Kevin Hunter ready to bring the reign in Hell's Warpath for a shot at the New Breed Championship, in consideration to a shot at the big one. Kevin Hunter pulled up first with Chris Hunter and Simon Sparx on each side and the others behind them, Kevin took a glance at the Tokyo Dome with a smirk on his face, nodding. ]

Kevin Hunter: This is the place, brothers.

[ Revving his motor, he smirked as the group entered the parking lot, backstage crew and various other EAW personnel stands on the side as the Men of Chaos makes their ride into the arena, coming to a stop just outside the doors to the arena, getting off there bikes. Kevin Hunter removed his shades, he patted Chris and Simon on the shoulder's before walking towards the Tokyo Dome, he looked into the camera with a smirk on his face. ]

Kevin Hunter: The time has come gentlemen, the moment of truth... it's about that time to prove to the world that Hell's Warfare match is nothing more than Chaos in a ball brothers... whoever I have to go through first, all the way to the last person standing in that ring... this will NOT set well with the CHAOS I am willing to bring to this damn fight, the HELL I am willing to go through tonight at the Dome will prove more to this business... to this company, to those pathetic existence, you call stars will ever give in years... tonight the chaos becomes a the Warfare... the bodies will pile up with the victory! [He smirked] As we saw a few days ago, the New Breed Champion; Clark Duncan retained his championship against Maero, congratulations brother for now... because let me tell you something, Duncan after I beat these nine other men, your reign as New Breed Champion is numbered, brother.

[ He stopped walking looking into the camera with a smirk on his face. ]

Kevin Hunter: Now that brings me to my opponents here tonight: Diamond Cage, Jun Nobunaga, Dustin Brasch, Caine Kronin, Mark Michaels, Dennis Caffrey, Keith Bathory, Troy Aces and Marcus Creed... you boys are stepping into a match-up full of complete chaos brother's... my kind of chaos, chaos that I've grown to really enjoy just as much as kicking someones ass all over a wrestling ring!

[ Kevin Hunter nodded with an evil smirk on forming on his face. He stepped back a step looking back at his brothers, the smirk stayed on his face as he looked back into the camera. ]

Kevin Hunter: So line the boys and girls up, I will swat them bitches down like they were a bunch of damn ants... Dustin and Caine got lucky the first they went to war with me, but come Rising Tide it's going to be a complete different story... It's warfare brothers, Dustin and Caine will be burned down to the ground. As for the rest of you boys.. [He smirked, nodding his head] Diamond Cage, Jun Nobunaga, Mark Michaels, Dennis Caffrey, Keith Bathory, Troy Aces and Marcus Creed as you all enter into this match of chaos, you will be brought crashing down to your knees by this complete chaos that is coming there way at Rising Tide!

[ He smirked taking a step forward, towards the camera. He waved his boys to come forward as they made there way over, slowly but surely. ]

Kevin Hunter: I don't give a damn whose first and whose the final man I have to go through, Cage, Nobunaga, Michaels, Caffrey, Bathory, Aces and Creed, Brasch or even that freak Kronin... this is the night the entire WORLD has been waiting for... and most importantly the night I have been waiting for since coming here, the night I cause a whole hell of a lot of chaos, pain and another one of my favorite... nine cattle being lead exactly where they belong each and everyone one of their damn SLAUGHTER

[ Kevin Hunter laughed for a second looking back into the camera. The Sons standing behind him like family ]


[ The Son of Chaos took a deep breath, taking in the Tokyo air, as he chuckled a bit before walking into the Tokyo Dome, Chris Hunter and Simon Sparx lead the rest of the crew into the Dome following the president of the Men of Chaos down the hallway as the scene faded.. ]


Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 18th 2016, 4:20 am by J-Dynasty 2?
Let us dispel once and for all with this fiction that EAW corporate doesn’t know what it’s doing…..

Just another day where corporations, government and big money plays puppeteer with the lives of others, and thus people become industry shills.

Hand over your guns.

Limit your free speech.

Let big brother watch over you.

Zack Crash was LITERALLY a dictator who disarmed the populace by getting rid of extreme, just so he could more easily have his way with deciding the fate of everyone in EAW whenever he'd send in Quality Control or abuse anyone he saw fit. Everyone, including Hexa-gun, fought so hard to give Zack hell, and now that he's overthrown you'll really turn around and act like you don't know why the EAW board refuses to allow us to be extreme once again? Here's a hint, they might just like the same thing Crash did. EAW use to have an atmosphere of warriors, if not scoundrels and thieves too, to the point the people in charge were careful not to push people too far, or agitate the populace that would rebel against them if they tried any funny business. It would be a rare sight to see a champion being threatened to be fired a year ago when I got my contract, let alone the years I spent behind the scenes slaving setting up rings and catering to men and women who would become legends, now it's some common occurrence where power slaps people upside their heads and those people whimper and serve their masters. The games so twisted, Jacob Senn and Lucian Black are the ones who got the company back for EAW management, and yet Lucian Black isn’t any better off in EAW than he was 2 years ago and Jacob Senn got put in a glass crypt for their reward, while the EAW board thrives on those two men’s hard work.

Let us dispel once and for all with this fiction that Ashten Cross doesn’t know he’s doing…..

You got Cross taking his dick out on Carson Ramsay and Clark Duncan, and they be on Voltage basically like "we're so happy not to be fired sir, the twitching of your shaft really does well to stimulate our throats, sir!" "We're pretty sure you'd fire us if we don't answer to your every whim, but Hexa-gun is the menace" "Hexa-gun doesn't care about us, but this guy who threatens to leave us without a job, probably okay with us living on the streets and not feeding our family or loved ones, he totally must care about us." "Yeah let's form a team of people who hate each other, just to appease a dude who threatens us, so that we can block a group that has had little to no interaction with us at all!"

Because Hexa-gun is the big bad wolf, they're participating in wrongthink, they aren't handing over their rights whenever they're told to by the ruling class. They want EAW to be a free society.

But here’s the thing about freedom and why it's consistently been able to not only be taken away, but GIVEN away in history across the globe, people give into fear. Even the NRA, when the Black Panthers exercised their rights to carry arms, turned on the constitution. When you're afraid, when you aren't confident in your own abilities and your chance at surviving in the open wild, you'll gladly put on chains if it means everyone else will too, even if such is not their choice. You damn dirty cowards.

But even in these chains, you can't stop us.

Even in these chains, Drake & Jones styles on each and every other team in this company with an energy and attitude people rarely get away with having today. When’s the last time people hitting anime and video moves wore gold in this company like us? When was the last time, aside from me as NE Champion, has a loud mouth brother been a champion?

Even in these chains, Drake & Jones has picked up accolade after accolade without any tag team loss under our belt.

Even in these chains, we’re making that paper and body bagging our enemies, no team more savage.

One can almost say we’re blessed with these chains, as much as we want to get rid of them, because with them everyone can see the strength of our souls when we still dance and rock this nation with them on as the sound of these chains swing in the air and scraping that floor with every move that we make, and believe me despite what some of our critics say we’re making moves.

As for Ramsay, I’m sorry that it bothers you that we bring swagger and finesse to extreme, I’m sorry that we live like rock stars enjoying the limelight instead of living like bums rolling in and out of bar after bar. You remind me of the type of hater who hangs on the block talking about how “them rich brothers have sold out to the gold and money” or aren’t “hood anymore” once they gain fame because they’re always rolling in the dough and living the fancy life, yet complain as such while wearing Jordan’s they robbed from the kid across the street just so they can pretend to be half as fly as the rich men they claim to be disguted. To you, extreme is just the grime and the blood, and while that’s all cool with me it’s more than just that for myself, it’s also the fast life and the crime haven that gives rogue thieves like me a place to stay snatching proverbial purses and stabbing daggers into anyone who steps into my misty dark alley, not knowing that any part of town where they can find me is the WRONG part of town their mother always told them about staying away from.

Why anyone thinks it was a good idea to put two guys who have no chemistry together against dragons of Komodo and Darkness Flame, especially when one of them already has a tag team partner in our division, I’ll never know. I will however address the challenge everyone has been up in arms about from Clark Duncan and Jason Cage, people are downright disgusted that they even dared do so considering they had lost to Lioncross and Carlos, and for once I think Carlos on social media and the EAW universe makes some damn good sense. Clark Duncan and Jason Cage getting title shots right now would make as much sense as thinking the dysfunctional tag team of Duncan and Ramsay could even put a dent into the solid work of art Drake & Jones have created as a unit. I mean Drake & Jones had to win the Grand Prix tag team tournament to gain a shot at these bad girls across our chests, now people want to throw down challenges when they get murked by other teams? Bad form Duncan, bad form. But I get it, I really do, since your talent couldn’t do the trick you opted to take the only other path left, the cry for attention path with an over the top move that has everyone talking, and it worked! It worked because everyone is always waiting for the next scandal, the next outrageous stunt to be riled up about! It is what it is, I’m not going to get all furious about it, because that’d playing into your agenda and the slickest of the slick does no such thing! Besides, I know that this little stunt of yours might work in getting you first in line at a shot at the titles despite failing to achieve inside that ring, but you’ll still have to put up or shut up in that ring when it actually comes to winning these championships at the end of the day. So come on up with your temporary teammate and step to the baddest duo in EAW today!

And we’ll dispel once and for all with the fiction that Clark Duncan and Carson Ramsay don’t know what they’re doing. The one thing both men who probably would define themselves as outcasts, or any type of claim to say they’re their own men to seem cool, would deny no matter what, they simply go along to get along.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 18th 2016, 2:54 am by Guest
Showdown Promo #2

Sheridan Müller was a realist. She saw things how they were, she didn't attempt to perceive them in a positive, enthusiastic light, she recognized a problem, or an attitude, she identified it, and left it to be. Sheridan was in Germany for the moment. When she picked up on Showdown would be on a Sunday, she figured she would return to her homeland for a short while, to rest up, to train and to prepare herself for Cailin. Germany was always lovely in the fallout of winter, between the passing of seasons from crisp snow to the break of sunlight. It was quiet, it was relaxing, you could actually predict the weather without too much hassle. Being in America for long periods of time had really made Sheridan miss Germany, within her opinion, Germany was far superior to America, just like Sheridan was superior to Cailin, or Vanessa, or Eris. Within Sheridan's mind she was a breath of fresh air to the vixens division of EAW. It was clear when she 'got the call' that the vixens locker-room was in need of a hero, a masked, non-manipulative individual to drag the shit quality of wrestling it was producing out of mucky waters and into the light. Sheridan was certain of this. Because Sheridan Müller was a realist. Her location was Munich, home to many famous, century-old buildings, home of Oktoberfest, which if you were a fan of football, or soccer as they called it within the United States, you would be familiar with the fact that Bayern Munich, the most successful football club upon the earth, participated in this festival yearly. Munich was home to over one million different individuals, people who were boys, and girls, were tall and short, had blonde hair and brown, it was home to one of the most famous car manufactures headquarters, in BMW. Sheridan herself was located in bed. In a hotel. Whilst she did have a home in Munich she wasn't a fan of it, and had been attempting to sell it since she moved over to America. The hotel room within itself was nice. It wasn't exactly fancy or niche, or in any way glamorous or posh, but it did the job, it did it's job very well. The German blonde herself had considered moving out of bed, maybe to visit the Bavarian BMW Headquarters, or to take a tour of the world famous Allianz Arena, which was home to not only Bayern Munich, but to the German national football team itself. The stadium is the first in the world to have a full colour changing exterior, and was truly a very good showing of modern German architecture. Sheridan decided against it though, why? Because Cailin wasn't worth it. Sheridan didn't want Cailin to have even a drop of fun whilst Sheridan took these tours. Cailin hadn't got to Sheridan at all, mind games weren't a thing for Sheridan, she was the one usually, without intention of course, doing such games. But for some reason, Sheridan wasn't in a good mood to give Cailin even the glimpse of fun in her promo. With a huff, because she once again didn't like promoing and only did it as it was in her contract, which again she would bring up with the higher authorities that she was getting paid equal for doing a far better job than the rest of the roster bar Cailin, that Aria and, well no not even Eris, how the hell was a fruit like her allowed to skip on promos and hold the Vixens championship? EAW had confused Sheridan, at first. The promoing system had an anti-fan in Sheridan Müller. She had come to the conclusion that, just like the majority of the vixens locker-room, the higher powers, the leaders, the tip top of the hierarchy of EAW were idiots. They didn't have any sense of leadership or direction, if they did they would strip Eris of the Vixens belt and fire most of this dirty, disgusting division that Sheridan found herself in. How on Einstein's earth was she supposed to help the division become better wrestlers and better entertainers if they didn't even turn up? Sheridan almost threw up at the thought. It made her sick. After listening to Cailin's words maybe an hour or so ago, moments after she had awoken, she had gotten a shower, jotted a few things down and opened her laptop. Of course she had dressed too, as well as brushed her teeth. 

'' I was browsing earlier, and you know those websites which allow you to look at famous quotes, and let you pick your most liked ones? It reminded me very much of Cailin. Ja. See the problem with Cailin is she's an idealist. An idealist who believes pigs can fly, one who believes Arsenal can win the Champions League. She has this sense about her that anything can happen, that nothing is impossible. At a glance it's cute, it's funny, that this girl has a perception that you can achieve anything with determination and by, wanting it more, as she puts it. But after you have a little giggle about it, it hits you that this woman, this champion of yours, is actually being serious. Idealists base their beliefs off what they want to happen. Cailin is very much in her comfort zone, she probably lost a lot as a kid. At those sports days, I bet momma Dillon told Cailin to have fun, it's not about winning, it's about taking part. Cailin had a sheltered life, she hasn't gone outside that door, she still bases her wrestling and her career on respect, drive and hunger. It's a shame that I, Sheridan Müller, will have to break the glass walls that Cailin has built her life on, built her championship on. It is a shame that I am going to have to beat her. I will, I'm a realist. I am Sheridan, fucking, Müller. I know I am better in the ring than Cailin. She is a narcissistic, happy go lucky ditz. She is the reason why children get bullied in school. Having this stupidly, dumb outlook on life is a major benefactor as to way the Vixens division needed a hero, they needed German efficiency, oh by the way you little whore don't you dare steal my catchphrase, you're not allowed to say the word efficiency. It's my word. I show it, I live efficiency, You are officially banned from saying that. Bad dog. The problem with blondie here is that she's too happy. She's let the division slide. Cailin has got this positivity, this un-realistic outlook, and spread it across the division, the vixens think it's okay not to promo. Not to train, as long as they turn up, let Cailin pin them and skip away with money in hand it's okay. They don't have the fans at their hearts. I do. They don't have wrestling in their brain. When they are in the ring they are thinking about what they're going to spend their money on. Why do you think nobody has come to knock on Cailin's door? She generally believes that I, Sheridan Müller, the personification of German efficiency, are within the leagues of Angela Salvislutty, although she said I was going to beat Vanessa Holiday, which I did, behind everyone's back she is going to dust me off her shoulder like I am close to Vanessa in-ring wise. Hah, she even said I aren't any better than fucking Haruna? When I do beat Cailin, which I will because, you know, I'm better than her and don't think the world is pretty rainbows and that it rains chocolate, I would like to address that all newspapers and websites use that line. Cailin Dillon, your specialists champion, the supposed leader of the locker-room, apparently the best thing EAW have to deliver, said I was no better than the girl she defeated for the strap. So when I, Sheridan Müller, DO beat her. I want that specific line in bold. In gold. This line made me giggle too. According to our little deluded buddy Cailin, she defends the title because everybody who challenges her thinks it is too easy. Nope. Naught, incorrect. You Texans really are idiots. It's because they are shit. They are bad at their job. It's because you give more talk than they do, and they're only here for the money. That's why. Your title is so irrelevant, that these higher powers, these bookers of the shows put irrelevants against you. They put these little cancers who are pumped up to the brim with semen, who just give a giggle and a wave and get what they want. You think they're here to try take your title? To put on a solid in-ring battle? A fight? Guess who's incorrect again Cailin, guess who's let the title go to their head. You. You have. You just say the same shit as Madison does. As Alexis does. Oh, my name's, and then you put your name here, and I am a good, honest, respectful wrestler. Weew. It doesn't matter if you're a bad wrestler, if you're in a wheelchair, if you're brain-dead, if you believe in yourself and want it more you'll always win! All you have to do is believe! Will you just fuck off. Wrestling is an art. You need to be good at what you do. You're pretty much saying even if you can't walk, as long as you have this faith, trust and pixie dust that you can achieve anything? Get real, Cailin. I'm going to happily enjoy kicking, suplexing, submitting and beating some sense into you. ''

'' You get to fight a hall of famer on Sunday? Oh! Well done you! You want a free coca cola with your shut the fuck up or will you be fine without? I don't care about Heart Break Gal. I really don't. In fact, I much don't care for you. You're annoying. You are boring, too. Look up 'inspiration' in a dictionary, there's a picture of you. I'm going to drag you down to earth in our match Cailin. I'm going to tear this message of positivity out of you. You're either the second coming of Jesus Christ or you are just really, mentally fucked up. You say I'm a typical vixen? Saying I'm going to beat you? Two things about that, one, look in a mirror you barbie looking bitch, you are in fact rinse, wash, repeat. Hell, you even stole my catchphrase, Texan efficiency isn't a thing. Unless you count wearing a cowboy hat, eating yourself to a heart attack and being racist as efficiency, that is. You say I talk shit? What am I supposed to do? Lie and say I'm going to lose? Because I am not. I am better than you. Be it brawling, submissions, aerial ability, flashiness, charisma, stamina, resiliency. I am better than you. I thrive, I am supreme, I am more efficient in all of these areas. I guess that doesn't matter though, to you, does it? As long as you want it more, hm? Say that when I've enziguri'd your jaw to a dislocation. As a matter of fact, say it when I've beaten you. When I have pinned your shoulders to the mat. I'll stay on top of you, I'll put my ear right next to your lips. I want you to say that to me then. I will demand it, I will not walk away, with your title, unless you tell me that as long as hope lives you can win. Hell, when I beat you, you'll have some free time right? Why don't you go walk your pretty ass to a hospital and tell all the disabled and terminally ill kids that as long as they want it more they won't die. It pisses me off that you have that belief, that mentality. You say you've followed me closely to this match? Creepy. Then you go and say you're disappointed with my approach to this match. Okay, I get it. I'm being real. Do you want me to play your game, Cailin? I'll walk to Showdown with a smile on my face and shake your hand, I'll even bake us a fricking cake. Oh, I believe I can beat you Cailin! I want this I really do! I don't believe I'm going to beat you. I know I am, I am going to maul you. The mat will be stained red when I have taken your title crushed your little belief campaign with my thumb, and kicked your mouth shut. You're spinning your, oh, I'm champion, I came in from the bottom, I was chosen to take out Hexa-gun story. Is that your bible? Hexa-gun still stands, as much as an illness they are to EAW. You must not have done a very good job on that front, furthermore, I repeat, you're only champion because I wasn't around to stop you until now. I'm here though, I have been signed up, it is my mission to cure your illness Cailin. I am the surgeon to your problems. All you need is a little German efficiency and grit, and maybe, just maybe, you might toss away that belief system you've got and gain an actual character and learn how to wrestle. I've said it once before already, you're champion because your competition is shit. Tarah and Madison are too busy playing with one another, Aria is getting over her domestically abusive boyfriend, and the rest of the division is shit. You say you've had competition for your title? How come you're facing the other champion then, in Eris? If competition existed you'd have another match, no? You wouldn't need to be going against the other champion. Oh, what's that? Light-bulb moment? You're facing her, because the rest of the vixens are utter trash. Not because you're good. Your title has inflated your ego. You call me strong and beautiful? I have eyes, Cailin. Look, just because you're getting bored fucking your championship doesn't mean you can come onto me. I know I'm incredibly hot, I know being the best wrestler in EAW might be an attraction figure, but just because I'm better than you doesn't mean I invite you to try get with me. I will march into Showdown, with German efficiency in my heart, with real intentions, real grit, and real ability. I am going to beat you, and I will most likely adore doing it. Oh, what's this, you're calling me hot again? You're like a dog in heat. I know I am the best vixen in all of EAW, hell, in all of the world. I don't want you. I really don't even want your championship after your paws have been on it but I guess I might actually get recognized as a talent when I beat you. So I have little complaints. ''

Sheridan allowed herself a pause. She had been recording for ten or so minutes. Only being awake for an hour and a half, she wasn't ready to go on solid rants about how ugly, or shit, or just boring Cailin was. Sheridan took the time to look in the mirror, her lip was looking healthy. The bleeding had stopped, it had swelled up to an extent, but it didn't hurt to touch and she was all but certain it would be good to go before Cailin's fight. Her hair was still drying. As she had been in the shower her hair was positioned as matted, quite damp and stringy. This was also the first time since Sheridan's debut in EAW she was promoing without make-up. Of course she looked great, possibly better than when she did wear make-up. Sheridan had a very aesthetically pleasing look. She had lovely, dark, thin brows. Nice, captivating blue to brown eyes, a small nose, and thick, plump lips. Her blonde hair, when it wasn't soaked of course, would compliment her not caked-up expression well. Her neck had been injured, possibly between her match with Vanessa and her flight to Germany, it was probably a gradual injury which had occurred in her match with Vanessa, however Sheridan hadn't registered it until she woke up this morning. It would prove a good explanation as to why her head was somewhat tilted to the right all the time during the promo. A good sign for Sheridan was her ribs weren't hurting as much. She had removed the bandages before her shower and had been fine to this point, even when mid-way through speaking the laptop had dug into her abdominals, the corner hitting up against her sternum, it probably wouldn't have registered in the video recording Cailin and co would see on the EAW network. Sheridan had a drink, of water, sliding the lid betwixt her lips and having a sip. She would then sigh, a nice sigh though, and re-focus herself. '' You know one part, of what you said got me sympathetic. You mentioned your mother died. Maybe what I said earlier about your parents teaching you about taking part matters I should tak back, ja? I should feel sorry for you. But at the same time it left me pondering. If you mother died, how come you still have this extremely frustrating never-give-up attitude? I mean, your mother clearly didn't. Maybe if she had some German efficiency she'd still be alive. But you won't let my comments get to you, will you. I'm just business, ja? Was vorteil würde es sein? You think because mentioning that mommy looked at you and lost the will to live that I will go easy on you, ja? Oh, my deluded, idealist little Cailin. You poor confused thing. It all makes sense now, you motivate yourself because mommy didn't. A sob story, really. My lip bleeds for you. Anyway, Karl Benz was the first men to invent the automobile. Dukes Wilhelm was the man who invented beer. Sheridan Müller will be the woman who continues this evident German efficiency, as Sheridan Müller will become the first woman to beat Cailin Dillon for the Specialists Championship. Now, if you'll excuse me. I have to go grab something to eat and call my mother. When I beat you on Showdown, you could do the same, ja? Lebewohl, bitch. ''
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Post on February 18th 2016, 2:08 am by The Mexican Samurai
Battleground #1

"They have no respect for our rules and culture." 

The Millennials get a bad rap, and it's simply because we refuse to listen to the same old boring set of rules that has governed human civilization for thousands of years. Everyone has a voice, but us Millennials are willing to shout our opinion on a status update or Facebook comment, and others look at us with malice in their eyes. "What a self-entitled asshole!" It fits so lovingly well with the optimism that I share about this company because, when a man speaks the truth, suddenly... he is looked at as if HE is the enemy. Everyone in this company sits on their knees worshipping the giant cock, labeled EAW, that sits right in front of them, drool salivating out their mouth as they blindly nod in agreement as a hot load hits them right in the face. The cascade of sheep that goes by the names of Lannister, Mr. DEDEDE, Y2Impact, Cloud Matsuda, Chris Elite, TLA, Cameron Ella Eva, Lioncross, et cetera... et cetera, all feed into this bullshit of tradition and nostalgia. You take the courage to stand up for yourself and question the cogs that are turning in place and what happens?  

You get punished for it. 

I knew exactly what was going to happen when I faced Cameron Ella Eva at Showdown because I could see the writing on the wall. There were too many factors leading up to my match, that I absolutely deserved by the way, and during a match of epic proportions against one of the greatest Interwire champions of all time, TLA and Chuck Scene both interfered. I laid on the mat and I suffered a defeat that should be stricken off the record, in fact, I'm going to go to the board and DEMAND that they overturn the decision that Cameron Ella Eva defeated me because those were bullshit shenanigans!!! I'm on the hottest goddamn streak of my career, I defeated Jamie O'Hara and one of the greatest EAW competitors ever, Dark Demon, back to back! I got absolutely screwed over! ...And that was because I played by EAW's rules. I took the match foolhardedly and I expected everything to be fair and just, like all the other plebian wrestlers who step into the ring and continue to believe that they have something going for them. I deserve some goddamn respect and not from the fans because they can go fuck themselves, but by the writers, the producers, and even the CEO of this company because I'M THE NEXT ONTOGENY OF EAW. 

I'm going to strip it away from those who have it, this respect, by playing by my own rules, and as you clearly saw on Showdown, I created a new champion. Did you really think that TLA won the title because he persevered over a strong competitor? No, it was because I was sick and tired of seeing Cameron Ella Eva walk down the middle of the ring with a title that she no longer deserved... I made TLA become champion because I have the power to do whatever I want here. I've been in this company for a few months now and I've gotten quite comfortable, but it doesn't mean that I’m some sort of pushover bitch who will widdle away because some people in the back don't like me. Why did I ask to move to Dynasty or Voltage? It was because I was bored and it was because I felt like it. Is that a good enough answer for you? If I want to ask to be on another brand then I'll do it, and you might think that I'm some kind of disrespectful, spoiled little brat but you get noticed when you make bold choices. I'm still on Showdown though, and I've been thinking about it for a little while and I suppose I could just make Showdown MY SHOW. I'm going to single-handedly make Showdown the most watchable, explosive, and must-see television in the history of the program because I'm going to go out every single week and there will be no script telling me what to do. I'll just do whatever I feel like doing because if I want to piss on the side of the titantron, I'll just unzip my pants and pull out my dick and piss all over the goddamn titantron! 

It all starts at Battleground, a show that I will completely take over because I'm the only reason why people will even tune into that shitty show in the first place. Beretta, you seem like an interesting guy with some interesting backstory that really isn't interesting at all. In fact, you are such a boring, piece of shit, that I almost fell asleep any time you would come onto the television screen. You have the presence of Ben Stein reading "Fifty Shades of Grey" and as I watched your New Breed matches, I realized something. This was it! This was the imprisonment that I'm sure those in charge of Showdown were leading me too if I continued to complain about my spot on the roster... I would be subjected to wrestling people like you on Battleground for the rest of my career. It was actually quite scary because, even though I could beat you ten times out of ten, to even be with you in the same ring is an absolute joke to the person that I've become. As you look at the long set of text before you, it sinks in that you are now matched up against someone who you can't possibly imagine wrestling against. I've had to scratch and crawl my way to where I'm at and you should take this moment now to soak in the fact that I'm going to be wrestling with you one on one. This will be your only opportunity to step in with a future champion, who is going to lead EAW to a new dawn of greatness. 

With the name of Beretta, you look like nothing more than a pea shooter but I heard you shoot out mostly blanks on nights that you have to perform. Aren't sterile jokes great? I amuse myself sometimes.  

There will be no monumental upset this upcoming Monday, only another disappointing night for Beretta as he continues to question why he decided to join this company. I have the answer and it's because you  were unaware that monsters like me roam the pivotal landscape of success while you continue to drown in the sorrows of mediocreness.  I'm not a god... I'm not a gawd.... I'm the single greatest wrestler that has ever stepped foot in this organization. I'm so good that even Dark Demon, as much as he hates me, silently agrees that I will be a World Champion because every wrestler in the back knows that when I flip this switch, that I'm on a completely different level than them. There will be no more doubt, only confidence. There will be no more timidness, only cockiness.  


I will lead a new set of government within EAW and I will find my salvation.

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Post on February 18th 2016, 1:29 am by Bhris Elite
Trust me this is no illusion Thomas

So lately the question swirling around every where I go is "Why".  Why did I attack Thomas in his hometown is the question everyone wants an answer too.  It's pretty obvious to say none of you are that bright.  The reason and the answer to what I did is self explanatory.  Why not attack a man on top of his game on you're debut to Showdown? Matter of fact why not attack him in HIS hometown.   What did you guys expect me to do? Just have a simple match with no impact and lay low? Lay low and wait my turn for something to be handed to me? Does that sound like the Chris Elite way of doing things? Just ask TLA what I did to him when he was New Breed Champion.  Go ahead ask him...  See it's funny because when I did what I did to TLA the same word flying around now is the word that was flying around back then... "Why" so I ask you stupid people WHY NOT? See waiting for things to be handed to me has never really been my thing.  That's the old Chris Elite.  That's the Chris Elite from 2-3 years ago.  See the new Chris Elite learned that waiting takes to long.  I rather make my own opportunities I rather make an impact on my own on my time.   I still think some of you may not be catching on to the reason.  I don't think you are comprehending so well right now so allow me to break it down...

See I've been keeping my eyes out on Thomas I knew he's been on top of his game as of late.  I know he's been the topic of discussion.  I know he's been the trending topic on social media.  I won't lie either with him being the discussion of everything it's been hard for me to shine.  Hard for me to get noticed. .  Then I got a call and got told I'd be going to Showdown.  As you are all aware I had the little AD at King of Elite.  Then I realized where exactly I'm making my debut at.  Seattle, Washington the hometown of Thomas Minns.  I knew he would want to go out and speak and be heard in the only place he is liked or respected.  So I took that time and his time and I interrupted him not only did I that.  But when he was rambling on and on and making up lies telling everyone he's the face of EAW and he deserved to be champion or up next for a title shot.  I had Big Mike do what he had to do to make sure Thomas Minns knew exactly who I am.  You know what else as much as it pains me to say this I was kind of following in you're foot steps.  See you went after Xavier Williams which was a pretty balls to the wall move.  That's how you got noticed that's how you became the trending topic.  However you forgot this little thing called karma and that it always comes back to bite you in the ass.  So the same way you made an impact by doing what you did to Xavier... I made an impact by doing what was done to you in you're hometown.  With that being said though that's as far as it was supposed to go but nope you made the mistake Thomas not me...

You made the mistake of screwing me out of my first Showdown win.  Now if you would of just stayed down after what Big Mike did to you.  You would of been perfectly fine however you just put the target on you're back yet again and trust me you don't what someone like me to target you.   Because if you thought what I did to you in you're hometown was bad then just wait.   Thomas this isn't no 15 minutes of fame.  I will forever have fame people will always know who I am.  Unlike you though shortly after losing to Xavier at KOE you went from top 5 trending to.... Who the fuck is Thomas Minns.  Then after what I did to you not only did I help myself and Big Mike become a trending topic.  I helped you too.  Thomas I like the lane I'm taking and nothing you do or say can make me change my lane.  And you know what else Thomas? You're right.  You're right I'm not on the same level as you,  I'm on a much higher level then you so it is you who needs to slow his role before you do something you regret again.  On Showdown you will see why I am the face of not only the brand but the company as a whole.  So good luck to you and Aria Big Mike(Mainly due to Aria) and myself will be paying very close attention to you're match.  So like I said Thomas me doing what I had to was no illusion.  It wasn't a mistake.  

It was a reality... A reality that will continue to haunt you until you are smart enough to make the decision that I am the real deal.  
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Post on February 18th 2016, 12:57 am by Stephanie Matsuda
Showdown Promo #1


Once again bitches be running their mouth
Words have more mileage than a ho's down south
Talking smack like you're the best in the world
In case you forgot 1-0 is our singles score
You think you're a killer but you never ended a career
Forget about Tarah because I'm the one you should fear
You complain about me but you're stuck in the past
Grasping on to old glory thinking its going to last
Wake up and smell roses because Maddie losing is nothing new
When the Sky Princess takes flight I'm gonna make an example out of you

Cloud Matsuda 2016 ©

You know something Maddie? There's a small part of me that admire your gutso, your moxie.  You're willing to do anything to get your point across and make your voice heard. It's cute...no really, it is. Balling your little fists up and shaking them at the world. Do you think I care that you pinned Tarah Nova? No bitch, I already beat you. I have nothing to prove to you. You will only be an example of what I'm going to do to Haruna. You are the sacrificial lamb to the gods of vengeance that will give me what's needed to exact my revenge on my former partner.

You're complaining that people are jealous of you? What is there to be jealous of? What do you have that I don't that should give me a case of the green eye? What I want you no longer possess so fux outta here with that mess sweets. You're just someone who's trying to cling on to the spotlight like some desperate starlet past her prime. You want to make headlines? Do to me what you did to Tarah...come on...I dare you.


As I sat back and observed your little video package, I began thinking to myself: How much of a hard on do you have for Tarah? Like seriously. It's pretty obvious why I want to break Haruna Sakazaki. She cost me my shot at greatness in a match many argued that I would have won. I was about to finish the job...something you couldn't do Maddie. That's okay, because I gave Eris the blueprint on what it takes to defeat you and you showed me that Tarah is more vulnerable than she's been in quite some time. Thank you for that Maddie...now I know beating her is useless for the progression of my career...just as useless as it is for me to get another victory over you. But unfortunately I have to prove my worth to the brass yet again, so all there is really is the fight. If pinning usual suspect after usual suspect will get me the V I need to dethrone Eris once and for all, then I'll make lightning strike twice.

After all I'm Cloud.

PS: You still suck.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 17th 2016, 11:38 pm by Scott Oasis
For those who are wondering, yes, I watched Heart Break Boy’s response. I thought about it all of last night actually. This is something I couldn’t just answer right away because for a while, I was a bit shocked. I couldn’t believe after everything I said, this is what I was presented with. Now normally I would do what I did on Dynasty and go the brutally honest route by straight up saying you're full of shit but I can easily see how you’d use this as more ammunition to make me come off as ignorant. No, I'll entertain you and break apart your video piece by piece. I’ll start it off nice and will admit this, HBB…...in a strange way I admire you. I admire your determination. I admire your confidence. You will defend yourself to the death, no matter what is said you will still believe in that beaten up, tired old mind of yours that you are right, that I will be proven wrong come Rising Tide and I hold no real legitimacy. Forget any evidence, forget any valid arguments to your claims, anything that supports the possibility of you tasting defeat you can call a weak statement without any proper retort. And the best part is that when you bother to try and go against what I have to say, it always comes off as blatantly hypocritical.

“I don’t dwell on the past” 

“Those people are not The Heart Break Boy”

“My level is so high, it's unreachable.”

If we were to go off those three lines then there would have been no reason to have referenced me to past rookies in the first place, afterall those people are not Scott Oasis, those people have not done what I have done or seen what I’ve seen in this business, the only thing I have in common with them is that I’m willing to call you out. I suppose what I have done in EAW and the wins I’ve collected mean nothing to you but I guess getting your ass beat and losing on a constant basis is what makes you stronger, allowing you to liken yourself to some kind of world beater. It amazes me that you somehow managed to spin your failures into something that places yourself above me. That’s what makes you untouchable ; not making great opponents fall but instead, falling to great opponents. Do you not understand how moronic that sounds? THAT is the true mixture of pride and selfishness, refusing to admit your shortcomings and having to unjustifiably belittle someone else so you can feel better about yourself. Then again that’s what you need to do. You need to ignore my upside because once you see it you see that I on the other hand have reason to feel good, people can easily see why I believe I can serve you a loss. You dismissed it as bragging but all I really did was prove you wrong. You said my career had barely started, and acted as if I had no credibility so I went ahead and showed you the experience that I apparently lacked. Face it, I wasn’t the punk you so desperately want me to be, but I am the person you desperately have wanted to avoid. I warned you but you wouldn’t listen: I am the outlier. I’m coming after you, I’m coming to expose you. This wasn’t some spur of the moment decision, I have watched you since you came back, waiting for us to one day be face to face. Being on Dynasty gave me that opportunity and the moment you stepped foot into a Dynasty ring, I sat back in my locker room and I marked you as a target. I saw wounded prey and I was ready to act, preparing and mapping out what I was going to do. Once the King of Elite tournament had come and gone I knew it was the perfect time. I knew that as I picked up that microphone and uttered your name it was over. For you.

I like how you attempted to make this into me being some fool, even going as far as to act as if I was “degrading my own match” when all I said was a simple fact to go along with a question, a question which you tip toed around when it came to answering might I add. This isn’t the main event, there’s no titles on the line, and the way you saw it my career has barely started. If that’s the case and I served as no real threat to you, why even entertain it? In your time haven’t you learned to grow thick skin, there have been tons and tons of people who have called out The Heart Break Boy or thrown his name around, yet you were so pissed off and full of fire when I did it. Of course now that the moment has passed you want to be cool, calm, collected and play it off as if you hadn’t been gotten to but that night, something was done to pierce your pride. Something cut deep and it compelled you to face me. My words were almost like daggers to you, and it’s because each one I threw your way was sharpened by the truth of your situation. You can try and say the thoughts and desires of the old you have been washed away but in the back of your mind, eating you alive is the ego that you deny you still have. You still want to believe that you’re the best ever. That’s why you act humble yet still talk down to people as if you’re better than them. That’s why you call whatever match you have the projected “best match of the card” by the people and treat it as fact even though you’d probably scoff at anyone else who would dare make such a cocky statement. Your ego is still there and that’s what will be your undoing. You expect things to work out and be alright for you. You maintain this hope and carry it over into every match you have. I get that you’ve matured and you’ve learned, but knowing what you need to do doesn’t mean you can or will do it. You may see my moves coming, but can you be quick enough to the draw to move out the way? Things aren’t going to go the way you planned, the only one who is about to be corrected on Friday is you.

I’m not here to harm you, I’m here to help you and Dynasty. Either drop your subpar game plan and change or go away, it’s that simple. This is for your own good, I’m trying to beat some sense into you. It's a wake up call. Besides, I’m killing two birds with one stone here. The top is only a few steps away for me. You’re one of the last ones on my way there and when I’m done with you and I have stepped over you to my next challenge, I’m kicking you all the way down to the bottom. Back to square one.

You will be corrected, you can choose to or it can be done by force. Make a decision, but be sure to do so soon before it’s too late.
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Post on February 17th 2016, 10:36 pm by Thomas Minns
Showdown #1
Las Vegas, Nevada
Unorthodox Assault

It's been a while. It feels like an absolute entirety since I have actually had a match in this company. My last match was actually at King of Elite and we all know what happened there. I know what you're all thinking, where does Thomas Minns go next? I suffered a potentially soul crushing defeat at King of Elite against Xavier Williams. I fought until the bitter end, I gave it my all, I went toe to toe with one of the best that this company has to offer and it just wasn't enough. It just wasn't enough for me to secure the victory. I threw everything I had at Xavier Williams. I hit him with the Sleepless in Seattle. I drove his face into the mat and he still managed to pluck up the courage to get a shoulder up. That was the point that desperation began to sink in. I hit Xavier with everything I had and it just didn't seem to be enough. He just kept himself in the match and ended up defeating me. However, I may have lost that match but I know that I did enough to convince the EAW universe and all of that locker room how good I really am. I feel like I need to remind everyone of something. I joined Elite Answers Wrestling in June 2015, I had my first ever wrestling match in June 2015. Not my first ever EAW match, my first ever wrestling match. Just take a second to mull that over. I have been a professional wrestler for around eight months now and I am already facing the best of them. Xavier Williams was the EAW Champion for a combined total of eight months, I drove him to his breaking point and he had to go to a different level to be able to beat me. I made Xavier Williams suicidal, I made him find a different side of him that he didn't even know he had. That is mighty impressive if I say so myself. I took Xavier Williams to his breaking point. I pushed Xavier Williams to levels that he has never been pushed too before. I deserve praise and appreciation for what I accomplished. I will be respected. Despite what happened, I am still the face of this company. I am still the poster boy of this brand. It's been a turbulent time for Showdown, I must admit. A few months ago, Showdown hit a rough spell. We lost a lot of our talents, some joined other brands in EAW and some just left the company all together. I took that opportunity. I took that opportunity that arose and became a star. However, change seems to be a constant on Showdown. Signing after signing seems to have been made. More and more elitists seem to be coming to the flagship brand. The roster is getting stacked, this means chances and opportunities are going to be harder and harder to come by. I know what you are all thinking. This is the point in which Thomas Minns falls and falls. This is the point that Thomas Minns drops and is forgotten about. Ha, I chuckle at how wrong you all are. Competition just increases my hunger. It means I can tear through more and more bodies on my rapid rise to the top. I don't care how many elitists I need to go through to make it to the top, I will be successful.

There is one particular new Showdown elitist that has attempted to force his way into my career, that is of course Chris Elite. It's quite obvious what Chris Elite is attempting to do here. Chris Elite is attempting to maraude his way into my spotlight and create an illusion that he is actually of any importance. You're not fooling anyone, Chris. Just because you can come and cheap shot me, it doesn't make you important to anyone. Attacking a star doesn't make you a star, you need to understand that. The fact that you had to rely on your big security guard to cheap shot me is pathetic, you couldn't even do it yourself. Where the hell do you get off disrespecting me in my hometown? How on earth do you have the audacity to attack me in my hometown? I was soaking in the support from my people, the hometown crowd was chanting my name and showing my an incredible amount of love. How dare you interrupt that? How dare you try and use my name to get success? I refuse to allow you to ride my coattails to the top of EAW, you need to get away from me before I make you regret your actions. You already had to pay a price for your actions on Showdown due to me costing you your match, that was just a sign of things to come if you keep trying to make a name off of my fame. Give it up, Chris. Why don't you spend more time focusing on actually developing some sort of talent rather than attempting to get a slight sliver of fame from a star like Thomas Minns. You don't even deserve to be in the same arena as me, never mind the same ring. Thank god the EAW management haven't decided to give in to whatever you were trying to get and they have kept you away from me. At least they recognise the clear hierarchy that has been established in EAW, you clearly don't. You need to stay in your lane, Chris. You need to make sure that you start targetting people that are a little more on your level. You should maybe go for the Kerry Eusford's, the Maxwell Dachs's of the world. They are far more your level, I am not. Do you understand, Chris? Do you now understand how wrong what you did was? I hope this situation acts as a lesson for you, it will hopefully teach you to never do anything like that. It will teach you to never disrespect someone like Thomas Minns ever again, stay in your lane.

It's time to move on. Chris Elite has experienced his 15 minutes of fame and it's time to move on and direct my focus towards my match this week. As I previously stated, it's been quite a while since I actually stepped into the squared circle to wrestle. I have of course still been on Showdown, just not had a scheduled match. This week, I do happen to have a match. I will admit, they have warmed me back into ring action in a very strange way. A mixed tag match is not something that I am used too, however, I am incredibly adaptable and I will easily adapt to this match situation. I think I should kick off by talking about my tag team partner. That is of course, Aria Jaxon. Aria Jaxon has had some words to say about me, some of them were suprisingly nice. I suppose I do need to return the favour now. It is not in my natural bravado to give large amounts of praise to another member of the EAW roster but I guess I will need to make an exception. Despite what Aria and I have disputed and argued about in the past, I do recognise her talent. I am not an idiot, I know good talent when I see it. Aria Jaxon is one of the most talented vixens in this entire company, I would go as far as saying she's a female Thomas Minns. That is the greatest compliment that she can ever receive, she needs to take that graciously and show me appreciation for that. Aria is a real talent, I do not have any problem with admitting that. Just think about this for a second. The best elitist in the company, Thomas Minns and the best vixen in the company, Aria Jaxon, teaming up. That sounds like the wet dream of every wrestling fan worldwide. Aria, I do have a little message for you. I know we might not get along that much but we do share quite a few similar characteristics. One of them is that we both love to win and we are both winners. Therefore, I think it would be in your best interest in make sure that you are top of your game here to ensure that you can be the best tag team partner possible. You never know, Aria, we could go on to team again in the future if this goes well. If you're lucky I might even be able to protect you from Brett Kennedy, you can already handle him on your own but I can provide some extra protection if you ever need it. We may have had our disagreements in the past but you know that was nothing personal, it was all about my distain for Brett Kennedy. You just happened to be having a bit of a moment and thinking dating Brett Kennedy was a good idea. We all make mistakes though, I won't hold that against you.

Enough about Aria though, I do need to take just a minute to discuss our opponents for this match. I think I'll start off with the vixen that will be in this match. Vanessa Holiday. Yeah, I am thinking the exact same. Who the hell is this? Thankfully for all of you, as always, I have come prepared. I have done a little research into this vixen to make sure that I am fully clued up on what I am talking about here. I got one of my employees to send over the info about Vanessa Holiday, it reminded me of the EDEN system, which is of course the Education Data Exchange Network which schools use to provide information about the students to each other. I used a similar process to get information about Vanessa Holiday, such as her win/loss record, her recent matches, different information like that. There wasn't really much there to go on though, if I am being totally honest, Vanessa Holiday just seems like a complete waste of space, she has accomplished a total of absolutely nothing since coming to EAW. Her last match was actually a huge chance for her, she had a number 1 contenders match for the Specialist Championship and she blew it. Vanessa Holiday blew it, no surprise there. She's a failure, she will be absolutely no match for Aria and I, that is quite obvious. The other person in this match will be a man called Aiden Diemos. Similarly to Vanessa Holiday, I know that you are all wondering who this man is. This is Aiden Diemos' big chance. This is his chance to shine. He has a huge opportunity at his feet and I hope he appreciates that. He is being given the chance to step into the ring with a bona fide star, he needs to realise what exactly he is dealing with. This is a huge chance for him to impress. This is the biggest chance that he will ever have. Do your research, Aiden. However, unfortunately for you that will not be enough. No matter how much preparation you do, it will never be enough. You will never ever be ready to step into the ring with Thomas Minns. You will never be truly prepared to face me like a man, you will be destroyed and embarrassed no matter what. This is going to be easy.  
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Showdown Promo #1

I don’t need anyone’s approval, I know my talent, I know that I am thee very best in EAW

In this tiny, saddened and darkened room
Alone, only with my thoughts that flow through my mind are found
I hear the nights moon cry for daybreak for mornings sun
But the tears rolling down my face, they make no sound

Dreams can melt as fast as a flicker of a light
This evening, an ending song uncrowned
It cries deep below the surface of the earth
But the tears still make no sound

Morning comes before it's over with the blink of an eye
The reminiscing song of once was, becomes a muted buzz all around
The cries are inside the minds of many people
But their tears make no sound

I pray for tears that sound like heavy rainfall
I pray to hear the songs inside my head forlorn
So I can dream the night away, an awaken happily
Mourning always comes before the wake of dawn 

Poem by Madison Kaline 2016

I am the killer of the vixen killer, and I proved it once again last week on Dynasty, when I, Madison Kaline pinned the big bad Tarah Nova in the middle of the ring. They said I couldn’t do it, they said it couldn’t be done. But I knew I could, deep down inside, I know I am better than that backstage groupie. You see as I take my craft very serious, Tarah Nova would rather sleep around. The rise and fall of Tarah Nova is upon us ladies and gentleman, like it or not Tarah is not the same monster she once was, I am her kryptonite. I made her irrelevant and weak, I took her Vixens Championship from her and since she has become a shell of her former self. She went from top Vixen in the company, who every Vixen feared, whenever they saw they had a match with Tarah Nova, people swallowed hard and took a deep breath because they knew it was going to be a quick and painful night at the office. That all changed when I beat Tarah, because like I said I made her look human; I made people understand that she truly is beatable. (Madison laughs) But beating her for the Vixens Championship wasn’t enough for people, no they all said it was a fluke win and the only reason I won, was because I was with my partner. (Madison shakes her head) It’s okay though, I don’t need anyone’s approval, I know my talent, I know that I am thee very best in EAW, better than Aria Jaxon, better than Caillin Dillon, Eris LeCava, better than hall of famers such as HBG or Cameron Ella Ava. There is nobody on this fucking planet, no this universe who can do the things I do inside a wrestling ring. I know that, and I truly believe that deep down inside my heart, you people are such hypocrites; you boo me because you want to be me. You boo me because you are jealous of everything in my life. You see there are two types of people in this world, the ones who are winners, accomplish their dreams, set goals for themselves and accomplish them too, and then there are the losers of the this world, who just have the urge to mock and belittle others, because they haven’t accomplished anything in life. So go ahead losers keep booing me, keep mocking me, keep doubting my abilities because I have made a living out of proving people wrong, I have been doing it my entire life, from my dead beat dad, to all of you who said I could never beat Tarah Nova.

What people don’t understand is, whenever I say something, it’s usually going to happen, and it’s usually the truth, so when I said last week, that I would beat Tarah Nova and Cloud, well that happened, and when I said I didn’t need my useless partner in Haruna, I was also right about that as well, as she contributed nothing to my victory. So when I say I’m going to beat Cloud again this week, it’s is written in stone and it’s going to happen. Now Cloud will probably come out, with some pointless angle, of herself talking to people we never even heard of, stating how she is better than Haruna, and how shes so disappointed in Haruna’s actions recently blah blah blah, it’s Haruna this Haruna that with her, I think she has sexual dreams about this woman that’s how much she is on her mind constantly. I’ve got some news for you Cloud, even though Haruna is a worthless sack of shit and has amounted to nothing in her life, at least she tries and makes an pathetic effort to get people’s attention, you on the other hand, and more boring than a golf game.  Your personality is dryer than Thomas Minn’s lame pickup lines, and you are more overrated than Ronda Rousey. Nothing about you is anywhere near my level of greatness, so don’t open your mouth about me, because the beating I will place on you will be nothing if you throw more fuel to the fire. This is my ring, this is my house, and I allow you use my ring. You’re very welcome. It’s doesn’t matter who is across from me, whether its Tarah Nova, Cloud or the pope, when that bell rings, it’s go time, and I’m like a Pitbull pouncing on a little Chihuahua it is not going to be pretty. I am the Mistress of Death Cloud, and I will see you at Showdown.
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Showdown #2
I guess I got the Cailin in me going back to back.
I see Sheridan fighting her ass off just to get this chance. She looks bruised and beaten. I know how it feels to have those cameras shoved I your face once that match ends, but this is the life. This is what you sign up for here. When you’re trying to work your way from the bottom to the top, the other things increase with it. Both the positives and the negatives. How you deal with it can define how you take your next step. If it rattles you or gets under your skin, you’re toast. You got to let that roll and handle it with humility. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s the life we live. It’s a life you have to love to keep improving. The more you love this, the better it will go. The more you just love this with everything you have, the easier it will be to learn with every match, get stronger and keep climbing to the top.
When I woke up this morning, I got a chance to hear this recording from our girl of the moment. This was right after I watched the video of her less than emphatic eye roll on EAW.com. But damn, you deserve some credit girl. I know you said all week you were going to beat Vanessa Holiday. Hell, I told everyone as much. I knew you’d be the one facing me for this title. I didn’t know it would be this week, but who cares. Who the hell thinks we need a week off to prepare for this match anyways? So let’s get down to the real nitty, gritty and address what you had to say about me, shall we? Let’s start with this, Sheridan your shit had me laughing start to finish. I couldn’t figure out… are you serious with this? Was this a joke? I mean we all dip down to joke about sex and make a few innuendos here and there, but this bitch is trying to be the German Amy Schumer or something. I mean it was funny, and just totally full of bullshit, too. I think you’ve gotten the idea of respect mixed up. I can respect you just fine and still beat your ass on every square inch of that squared circle. I can disrespect you and still do the same damn thing. None of that matters. Trying to make it into something is so sad on your part. But frankly I could give a shit about you taking it that way. The truth is you aren’t any better than Haruna. Make fun of her all you want, but she could take to town. That’s the same chick who got fucking tazed before she originally won the Specialist’s title. Beating Vanessa Holiday to get a shot at the title hardly makes you the goddess you’re pretending to be. What you don’t get is my ego isn’t inflated like you want to believe it is. I didn’t win the Specialists title out of respect for Haruna. I destroyed her in the week leading up to that match. I hit her so hard mentally that she crumbled that week, and didn’t recover. She was still trying to break that mental wall when she went out with injury. You could say I drove her out of her mind. I didn’t do that put of respect, I did that because I wanted to. I knew I could, and I did it. And that’s why I won the Specialist’s title. The reason I still have it is because so many challengers just think this is easy. They show up and put in their insults and think that means they’ll come out with a belt strapped to their waist. This doesn’t work that easy. You might think I’m boring, but no one cares what you think. And when we fight, I’ll turn your world upside down and bring your sky-high ego back down to ground level.
But I knew what you would focus on from the moment I said my first words about this week. I knew you would bring it back around to talking about that next match. Bitch I told you to focus on this match before the future matches. I’m focused on our match, but guess what, I get to fight a Hall of Famer on Sunday. I have to address both of these matches, and let’s address the obvious elephant in the room. Uhh… whoever wins our match faces Eris for the Vixens title. You happy with that? My god it was so obvious you would waste your time talking about this. Let me repeat this. I face the Heart Break Gal on Sunday, and yes I have addressed her, but I care a whole helluva lot more about beating your ass than I do that match. Because I take it one match at a time. You can’t walk around naïve and pretend there aren’t opportunities coming if you win a match, or even act like you have one match all week when you have two, but you can pin your focus on one match. What you’ve done is the most predictable thing any Vixen ever does in EAW. You tried to stretch the smallest little thing into saying I’m not focused on our match. Go back dear one, see how that has worked for the others that tried it before you. Hearing this from you is just like rinse, wash, repeat. Please don’t act like anything you’re doing in EAW right now is something special. Call my shit boring, but let me call you the typical new Vixen who comes in talking shit on everyone. The only difference is you do it with an accent. That doesn’t make you different though. That just makes you a small twist on the status quo among the new ranks. You’re just trying to be the bitchy girl that thinks talking crap about everyone else will give her an advantage. I’m sorry, but it won’t. I told you anything can happen in EAW. I told you you’re the darkhorse in this situation. People are looking down on you, but who cares what they think. If you want this and think you’re good enough for it, I’m ready for the challenge you think you can bring. And I’m ready to show you otherwise. I’m just fine being called an asshole by you. Well that’s really the pot calling the kettle black now isn’t it? But you’re allowed to think and say about me whatever your shallow little heart desires, as long as you’re ok with me turning around and adding more marks to your already black and blue body.
How can you believe this division is a cancer? God, I’ve heard that before, too. Wait… are you Raven Lee in a blonde wig? Apparently you’re completely blind. Tarah just game off a grisly fight against Maddie at the last fpv. And she was on Battleground last week. I guess you glossed over that. Tarah and Maddie go back a long way before you, and you just sound ignorant acting like Tarah weasled her way into a match with Maddie. Mind you that was a match Madison wanted. You decided to say this division sucks because of a few of the rookies though. Why the hell are you even here? You sound so much like Veena Adams it’s hysterical. I don’t know what it is, I expected something different out of you. I honestly have followed pretty closely. I know you’d be challenging for this title eventually. Yet I’m completely underwhelmed with the direction you’ve decided to take against me. You haven’t had a challenge like this one you’re about to face. That’s not being conceded, that’s just talking the pure truth. There’s a reason why I’m a champion and there’s a reason why I just got hand selected to try and take down Hexa-gun. It’s not because I was handed anything, either. I worked hard to earn all of this. I came in at the very bottom and had to work my way up to this point. Your German Efficiency is about to take a huge hit. How are you gonna keep toting that line around after you show up and I beat you. Where is the efficiency going after that? It’s probably going to be lumped in along with one of the most childish tirades I’ve ever witnessed in an audio recording in my entire life. Your determination is false. Your motivations are terrible. You walk around like a hammer trying to fix a screw, but you sound like someone who doesn’t know a damn thing about what she’s talking about. This division was fine before you and would be fine without you. All you add is a little bit of the same spice that hangs out in the corner. You call me unoriginal when I’ve faced bitches that have said the same things as you since July. And they say it with more bite, too. When you say it I picture a little girl behind held back by the forehead while she screams out insults and swings her arms catching nothing bit air. It’s embarrassing that you think that’s all it takes to be successful here. Almost as embarrassing as seeing yourself as the cure to a cancer that doesn’t exist. You’re so strong, so talented and so beautiful, but it won’t mean a damn thing when you step into the ring with me. I don’t have to be prettier, more talented or stronger than you to kick your ass. You’ve had yourself a nice little run here early on, but you’re just a generic girl spitting the same message that any other one around here does. You’re nothing new, even if you think your words make you unique. The result won’t be unique. You’ll show up at Showdown expecting to be the winner, but you’re running head first into a brick wall and you forgot your helmet. In the blink of an eye, this will just turn into a missed opportunity for you. Your efficiency will soon be defined as your inability to take me down. It will be proven to be nothing more than just a phrase. You aren’t the best wrestler in the world. You aren’t even the best wrestler in EAW, far from it.
You’re taking one huge stance deciding to pre-file this match into a failure for me. What did you call it, another failure? I think I’m the better champion because I risk losing this title on the regular. And even when I’m not doing that, I’m still fighting everything thrown at me. Facing all these cancerous girls as you like to call them. You aren’t just like so many of those girls before, though. You’re far more delusional than many I’ve faced. You’re following the same path that many others who have failed before you. What makes you believe that you can do what they didn’t and last the test of time? What makes you think you can do what they couldn’t and beat me? Ah, it must be that ego of yours right? You try and talk about me having an inflated ego, yet yours goes beyond levels Freud could have ever imagined. You stand behind a mantra that you think makes you better than those ones, but it will just leave you following directly on their path, just like you’re all walking single-file into oblivion. The fact is I haven’t used my time as champion to try and sway the decisions on anything. That isn’t the way it works here anyways. I’ve spent my time as champion just working to get better. Why would I stop? It’s not about the pay for me. I’m not out to prove I have better looks or I’m more talented. I just out work my opponents and let what I do in the ring speak for itself. This match will be no different. You’re hot as hell, and you have as much talent as any newcomer. I know this might come as a surprise to you, but those are rarely the reasons someone wins or loses a match. This will come down to who wants it more, flat out. I can promise you I want this more than you can even imagine. And it’s not because I want that match against Eris, it’s because I love the challenges for the Specialist’s title. I told you before, I was jacked when I saw you were the challenger. And it’s not because I want being the champion to be easy. It’s because you are talented and I couldn’t wait to face you. I couldn’t wait to beat you. That’s just pure confidence. I’d expect you to have the same confidence. In fact, you do. You want me to shut the fuck up, huh? Allow me to be the one that reopens that wound on your face for you. I’ll show you Texas Efficiency, the kind that comes with putting my boot straight up your ass before I spin you around and kick you in the jaw so hard they have to wire your mouth shut. When I talk about this being just business, I didn’t lie. You are just that, business. You took it your own way, not the intended way, but it makes no difference. It’s not because I think you’re worthless or just a total piece of crap. It’s because I’m not taking anything with this match personal. I’m coming in ready for a fight.
Maybe I should take it personal, though. Maybe I should be more pissed off with the remark about my mother. I’ve never spoken a word to my mother. She died after I was born. I’ll chalk that up to your plain ignorance. But I won’t hold it against you just yet. When I defend this title, I’m not out to get participation ribbons. I’m going to fight with everything I have and it’s going to take everything you’ve got and more to take me down. That’s the determination I can promise you’ll see from me. You just have this illusion of grandeur about who I am and what you’re going to do with me. But after the match is over, I’ll make sure you’ll have a few souvenirs in your locker. There will be a video of our match, the one I beat you in. There will be a picture of you laying on the mat while the referee raises my hand, instead of yours. There will be a shiny green ribbon with a big bronze sticker on it. And there will be a bloody towel, the one they use to wipe your blood off the mat after the match. You shit talk EAW like you’re the best thing that’s ever walked in here. You talk badly about the division like its in shambles and you’re the one thing that could save it. But it’s so easy for you to stand from a distance and throw darts thinking you’re making a mark, when it’s more like you’re lobbing in softballs that I hit for a home run. You’re not destined to leave this Showdown as the Specialist’s champion. You’re about to get sent back to the drawing board, trying to figure out where German Efficiency went wrong. I’ll not only beat you, but I’ll beat you efficiently. I can guarantee that. You will be left in that ring feeling a helplessness you’ve never felt before. Because you’re putting all your eggs in one basket and you’re about to come up several eggs too short in your quest to beat me. This match only ends one way, and that’s with you laying on your back in agony. Nothing is going to change at Showdown. When we finish this match, I’m still going to be a champion and you’re still gonna be all talk.
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????????, ????
2:30 am on a WEDNESDAY

it's on...

A harsh light suddenly strikes, illuminating Kenny Drake. He looks...different. His hair has been shaved on the sides and back, the rest tied into a top knot. He now has a thick, scraggly beard. 

I don't have a lot of time, they'll be back soon. Niki smuggled this camera in before they moved m--


--ny idea what the hell is going on in these plac--



JD Damon...you little son of a bitch...

i'm coming for you...


You put me in this...HELL...you put me in here...you rat bastard son of a bitch! SON OF A BITCH!!

I don't know how i'm going to do it, JD, but i'm getting out of here...

You thought this would keep me contai--


--ou think they can silence Voice?! you think they'll pump me full of shit and silence the thing you're most afraid of?!

You have no idea, do you, JD?

An uncharacteristic grin spreads across Kenny's face. His right eye closes slightly, giving him an entirely different look.

...see you soon...

remember to lock your doors...



Kevin Hunter: Hell's Warpath

[ Kevin Hunter was sitting in his usual chair, a twisted smile on his face as he glared into the camera. ]

Kevin Hunter: Sound's like my kind of chaos!

[ He smirked again, leaning back into his seat, resting his hands up on the desk. ]

Kevin Hunter: I get to take the losses against one Dustin Brasch and Caine Kronin... two of the biggest, most pathetic beings to have stepped foot in the middle of chaos like EAW... they truly believe what they bring to this company, what they bring to this match is something to that will bring them glory in their careers.. [he shook his head back and forth] To hell with that brothers, this match is going to bring you NOTHING but complete and devastating PAIN, pain that you will never forget for the rest of your career's.... No, no your entire LIVES brothers!

[ Kevin Hunter smirked from ear-to-ear, leaning forward. The camera zoomed out revealing Chris Hunter and Simon Sparx sitting on each side of him, smiles on there faces as well. Kevin Hunter looked back and forth from Chris to Simon before looking back into the camera. ]

Kevin Hunter: But you see boys, you and I are NOT the only ones in this match, but that's not what I wanna talk about... I wanna talk about the match itself; Hell's Warpath, do anyone you realize just what the hell you are getting yourselves into?.. the chaos, the pain that I am willing to bring everything more, until I have what I've come to EAW for, the chaos will continue until I have my hands on some piece of goddamn gold, if that means Clark Duncan's New Breed Championship, a championship that just like the National Elite and the World Heavyweight... I will come to hold!

[ Kevin Hunter leaned back a bit, looking over at his Sargent-at-Arms, Chris Hunter with a bit of a smirk on his face. ]

Kevin Hunter: So, who do we have besides those two hypocrites; Dustin Brasch and Caine Kronin, VP?

[ Chris Hunter smirked, looking over at the Pres. ]

Chris Hunter: Besides those two... [gritting his teeth in anger] those two goddamn pathetic jokes that call themselves Superstars, we've got Diamond Cage, Jun Nobunaga, Mark Michaels, Dennis Caffrey, Keith Bathory, Troy Ace and Marcus Creed.

[ Kevin Hunter nodded, lighting up a cigarette, a methodical, yet twisted smirk formed on the Son of Chaos' face as he leaned forward. ]

Kevin Hunter: This Warpath of Hell, indeed becomes a War of CHAOS and that brothers... that is something these men CANNOT survive, Rising Tide, will be MY Rise of Chaos... and that will lead us, this club to that New Breed Championship!

[ He paused, taking a puff of his cigarette, breathing smoke into the camera. ]

Kevin Hunter: As for the field of men inside this Match of ChaosDiamond Cage, Jun Nobunaga, Dustin Brasch, Caine Kronin, Mark Michaels,  Dennis Caffrey, Keith Bathory, Troy Ace, Marcus Creed... will indeed suffer the chaos that is coming in Japan, Hell's Warpath will be there final chaos as well as well as there FINAL DESTINATION!

[ Kevin Hunter continued to smirk, taking one last puff of the cigarette, putting it out in the ashtray in front of him, leaning towards the camera, the smirk turned into a wicked smile as he looked into the camera, he licking his chops, the cameras zoomed in on his face, the wicked smile still on the Sons face. ]

Kevin Hunter: Rising Tide... WELCOME TO THE CHAOS, brothers

[ He paused, a look of anger on his face. His eyes widened into more of a sadistic look. ]


[ Kevin Hunter looked from Chris Hunter back to Simon Sparx before getting out of his seat, walking over to the door. The Son swung the door open forcefully and walked out of the room, leaving his Vice President and his Sargent-at-Arms alone, they smirked at one another, slowly standing up. ]

Chris Hunter: Well brother, I serious hope... these men are ready for this warpath chaos!
[ Simon Sparx nodded as he smirked. ]


[ Chris Hunter and Simon Sparx took a moment to look into the camera, arrogant smiles on there faces before the walked out of the room, the scene fades... ]



Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 17th 2016, 7:02 pm by VENTURA.
Rising Tide
[Carta #2]

This is the thing, Lucian Black....there was never really any hope for you whatsoever.
Lucian, for all intents and purposes, you should be the last person out of the majority to come out here and say that I am boring, because in rebuttal, the fact that you still exist under this rooftop is boring and ridiculous. No, don't try and fight off what has already been hidden inside of you, the shame, the cowardice, the fragility that you have started to show to the world. For many months, ever since I arrived here, I have given people like you the time to reflect and think deeply about what they want to pursue next in this world. "Just leave the wrestling world" I said to you all, never saying don't pursue any other goals or dreams that may come towards you. People like you is what makes this wrestling world become so unattractive and weak to others because of the fact that you don't deliver when the time finally dawns on you to exhibit what you got. You sit there and prowl, showing your stomach to the world because you want to be fed more and more opportunities. You do not sit back and meditate about how you can work yourself to the level where you can see yourself as a rewarding fit for those opportunities. But no, you want to think of yourself as a big boy who will only comply to his own rules. Why do you think you are having such a miserable ride in the wrestling world? Why do you think you have fallen off the pecking order across people's minds? It is because you are just that mediocre. I wish I got to know that one individual that sat down and pampered you nice and cleanly about how you would be a future star in this business, because that retard is probably on the same boat as you--having no direction, having no ambition or heart, and simply having no purpose in life.

You then go on to ask me about why I have such animosity and hatred for this company, acting as if this place is not responsible for damaging the sport that I love dearly. Don't ask me such repetitive questions that I have constantly answered against most people. If you actually had common sense and wisdom, you would have known right from the very beginning that I ultimately dislike everyone in this place. Whether it is a man, woman, or child, they are simply not of my interest because they are not part of the plan that I am pursuing. Showing tenderness, compassion, love, and all these insoluble emotions will only be exposed as weaknesses---something that my heart and soul will never comply on. I have grown, ever since from infancy, the traits of being a leader and a fighter. I was taught to exhibit strength, courage, and will in whichever endeavored I was faced to tackle. You, on the other hand Lucian, what have you been taught ever since you were a child? Folding your hands together to pray to a "God" that doesn't even answer your own prayers? Don't give me such dumbfounded questions if you already know the answer to them. I am not like anyone in this place, that I have said many countless times ago. I have a legitimate reason as to why I took down my time and energy to fight against you, Lucian Black, not just because I wanted just a lovely exhibition between the two of us, to put on a show to entertain those cockroaches for their sole benefit. I am here to destroy you. Get that into your thick, shitty head.

Many men have tried to get rid of you, and many men have failed. Is that supposed to be a stunning revelation that I should marvel in awe at? Do you actually expect me to be surprised, knowing that these people are not even "wrestlers" in the entire making? What hype are you trying to create around yourself, that you are some kind of beast that we should all go down on our knees in fear? You are not fearful in anyone's eyes, lets just get that clear once and for all. Within the many months that I have been here, I have actually managed to listen to some of the words that you have said for some people, and I instantly drew to the conclusion that you are nothing more but a basic, uncultured swine that just speaks fancy without any drive. You may go out and try to impress me with your words, you can act as if you are one of my forefathers Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, the true patriarchs of literature. You are still a fraud at the end of the day, Lucian, and you will remain as one until your bones will rot down in the grave. I have done everything in my power to make you escape from what is soon about to come. You could have had an off-week for yourself and just feel at ease because you wouldn't have to face any competition at all for Rising Tide. Instead however, you want to insult me, ridicule me, and say that I am wasting my time in this place. Trust me, Lucian, as soon as I complete the main task that I need to accomplish, I will leave...

...but I will leave bloodshed of dozens upon dozens of "wrestlers" that have brought shame and dishonor to wrestling. You, on the other hand, you can consider yourself saved. Just wait a little longer for Rising Tide to show up, just you wait. Go on and be the hypocrite that you are and wait for the day of reckoning to come. Once it is all said and done...........you.........you will see...
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 17th 2016, 6:11 pm by Cailin Dillon

Voltage #2

‘Cailin Moments’
I have to thank you for this one, Claudia. You just gave a name to exactly what makes me so great. You just didn’t even realize. You can sit there and try to shit on me all you want and pretend that what you’re doing is burying me so hard.  But then you come out and prove my points for me? Brilliant tactic on your end. You’ve come back from all the adversity that’s ever been thrown on you and you’ve become great because of it. You know who that sounds like? That sounds just like me! Wow, never did I think the Heart Break Gal would go out of her way to link such a comparison for the entire world to see. You’ve tried to bury me from the day we locked up, but I’m still here. You tried to give me this advice to go away. I bet you were given that same advice at times during your career. Or maybe you didn’t have a patronizing “legend” trying to show you up with words.
At this point, let me say it for the rest of the world. We get that you’re invincible. Oh, you’ll use those words against me and that’s fine. I’m standing here waiting, and I’m not doing anything but stepping closer and closer. Because I have no reason to back away from you. Why would I? Because I’m supposed to be scared of you? Get real. You can stand up on that pedestal and still blow your trumpet as the best thing in the room, but giants like you fall every single day. You’re going to say you aren’t invincible and that you’re capable of getting beat, and then you’re gonna flex your muscles right back and say that I can’t beat you. Your mental games are tried out and boring. I’m used to bitches like you calling me boring, but you took your first shot this week and I reacted with a resounding yawn. I know you’ll have more in your arsenal to throw at me, but don’t expect me to be mentally crushed and pack up and leave. There’s no reason to. Sit there on your high horse and make your three wins against me sound like hundreds. I’m completely fine with that. But remember that we’ve never faced each other one on one. This is a completely different test. You’ll have no help from your little buddies this time. Unless you need your girlfriend to do your dirty work for you.
You don’t know when to close your wide trap and just accept a compliment. You’re so paranoid you’re always looking for the hidden ulterior motives from everybody. I’m sorry you’ve been fucked over so many times that you have to take that approach with everything. The truth is there’s nothing more than the respect you absolutely do deserve. This comes from one Texas girl to another, even if you’re more of an old Texas lass at this point. I remember seeing you when I was a teenager and getting your autograph on this big poster. You all stretched out in some bad ass, sexy pose. It wasn’t so much an admiration to be like you. It was a desire to be at the same level as you someday. To be honest, I just got handed that poster as you walked by and you happened to sign it. I just wanted to see you in person so I knew whom I was going to beat someday. That was me as a bright-eyed teenager. But this is me now, on the verge of handing you the ass kicking you probably more than deserve. I’ll wait for my apology here in a few months when Hexa-gun is dead. I’ll be helping arrange the funeral for this one, too. God knows I’ll be waiting for that one forever, but of course I don’t actually expect it. I expect you to be a completely sore loser. All you care about is humiliating me. You consider just beating me to be humiliating me. Yet when I beat you, we all know you’ll sell it off as no big deal, blame it on the officials or the lighting in the building. Maybe the EAW staff didn’t stock your dressing room in just the right way or you just weren’t taking it seriously. Because isn’t that what truly makes you great? You don’t even have to win and you can still place the same shit-eating grin on your face and pretend like nothing happened.
Let me say a few things about this Team Cross arrangement because I think you’re stretching to turn this into something it isn’t. This isn’t the Iconomy. Stop trying to make everything about the Iconomy. No one cares about them. You know what they care about? The two people who were smart enough to kick that waste of time to the curb and our now standing tall as champions. This isn’t the same thing as that. The guy who ran that had ideas even you wouldn’t support. Who’s trying to start a cult in EAW? Especially when the leader was the weakest member of the group. But we’re not talking about the Iconomy. That’s you and Eris’ thing — bringing that up. I don’t spend any time thinking about it, only when I’m addressing you. This isn’t like the other renegade groups that tried to take down Hexa, either. This is the beginning of the end for your group. I won’t stop telling you that. Even if you did manage to beat me at Voltage, this is only the beginning of the path that ends in Hexa extinction. But this isn’t even about ending you. Why would I want to end your career? You’re too damn fun to get into these verbal and physical wars with. But it’s time that Hexa-gun crashes and burns to its way too delayed end. But you made me laugh by making it seems as if I don’t take anything seriously. Man you must have a high opinion of me and my ‘Cailin Moments’ if you think I’m good enough to not give a shit, be lazy and unmotivated and still tote a championship around. Matter of fact, you think that despite the fact that I’ll have two by the end of February. Claudia, I didn’t know you thought so highly of me. Oops, I guess that puts your precious group down a title.
You’ve never come close to killing me, no matter how much you believe you have. Everything you’ve done has just been reason to get up the next day and keep going. It’s amazing the way you brag of killing Vixens, though. Are you referring to the gauntlet of rookies that allowed you to slaughter over the last two months? I mean, I know we fought in a tag match with a crazy finish, but I still had a pulse afterwards. And you hardly killed anyone in that match. But while you keep your militaristic style, and please keep your own damn camo pants because I don’t want any part of that, let me be clear on what everyone else that’s not part of Hexa-gun sees. You tell me what you guys stand for, but everyone else sees through that bullshit, to use your own line back in my favor. You guys are about yourselves. You talk about what you’re doing like you’re ending oppression and trying to save this company. It truly is survival for your group though. You are choosing to take every step necessary to shape this company in the way that best fits the few of you. You say I’m picking the wrong side? I didn’t realize their was an option to join Hexa-gun. Not unless you have a loose vagina that you’re willing to shove in you and Impact’s faces. Hi Eris. This quest has very little to do with making a name for myself. I’m doing that just fine without being a part of Team Cross. But Hexa-guns got to go. And while you sit there atop your throne of ammo boxes and hand grenades sounding like the illegitimate child of Rambo and Chara, I’m gonna show up and do my part to make sure the end is exactly what happens. And you can keep talking about how I’m not special and see if I care. Who on earth cares what you think is special or not? Give me a break.
This has nothing to do with anger toward you or Eris. I actually love Eris and always will, even if she changes like the wind and goes from hating me one day to loving me the next. There was another person in EAW who cheered louder for her than me, until she was given her new position as champion twat licker for Hexa-gun. Team Cross chose me because I’m the best Vixen in this company. I’m a fighting champion and I’m adaptable and I’m only getting stronger. It’s easy for you to disagree, but you only look at me one way. You only look at me through your bitch-shaded glasses. You only throw shade. Truthfully, you’re the one I know is smirking right now. I can see you over there still rubbing your hands together and shaking your head because you sense that you just jumped on the computer and spit out fire. Sorry, I expected more. Sunday will be the most memorable ‘Cailin Moment’ of all. When the Heart Break Gal lays on the mat looking confused as she stares up and sees me grinning down with my hand in the air. You know whom no one will miss when they’re gone? Hexa-gun. No one but you few gives a damn about Hexa-gun anymore. And pretty soon, they won’t have to.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 17th 2016, 5:17 pm by Aria Jaxon

My hands are tied.

No really, they are. I’m in sort of a “gun to my head” situation with my piece of shit ex right now. My hands have been tied, so in order to get what I want, I’m gonna have to force his. I honestly feel like, if Brett Kennedy knew me at all, he wouldn’t have had it in his head that I was just gonna let him put his hands on me and get away with it. There was actually a version of events in his head where he attacked me and I didn’t do a goddamn thing about it. There was a part of him that honest to God believed that I was gonna let all of this go. Just because he had some sort of unhealthy obsession with Lioncross, he thinks that everyone’s fixation can be just as unwarranted and ridiculous, but that’s not the case. This isn’t the rookie picking a fight with the veteran for no clear reason. This is me righting a wrong. I’m well-aware of how vague “by any means” sounds, but this week, that’s the word on the street, that I’m gonna have to get him to agree to that match at Reasonable Doubt using whatever measures I feel are fit. What those are, I’d never say this far ahead of time. I need it to happen because that’s how I get closure. Some people drive themselves crazy and end up on a road to ruin, because they go all the way to the ends of the earth for revenge. Luckily, I don’t have to go to the ends of the Earth; I’ve just gotta go to Dublin -- and snatch a win over an asshole while I’m there. I’ve still got some time.

I guess, after the partner I was saddled with on last week’s Showdown, anything would be considered an upgrade, even a self-important, overly-confident pain in my ass like Thomas Minns. No shade to Maxwell, but maybe I was a little too optimistic for my own good. Maybe I was banking on tagging with version of Dachs that just didn’t show up that night, and when you’re standing across the ring from Carlos Rosso and Lioncross, you can’t show up with anything less than your best. My partner did, and not only did it cost us a win, I’m pretty sure Lioncross’ backfist knocked like three of his teeth into the front row. In any case, I held my own against two of the best EAW has to offer, so before Minns goes trying to sell me short -- which he may very well end up doing, we’ll see -- I just hope he knows that’s the kind of partner he’s gotten this week. He’s dealing with someone who held their own against the likes of Lioncross and Carlos Rosso.

And oh, Minns, please don’t hit me with how holding your own doesn’t matter, because I’m sure you’ve gotten your props for holding your own against Xavier. I might not care for you, but I can’t ignore the fact that you went to war with a former World champion, and that shit just don’t happen by accident. You were a thorn in his side. You beat him once, if I remember correctly. You’re still riding high from the boost in status that all of those back-and-forth exchanges gave you. And now, for whatever reason, you seem to be the target of Showdown’s #35 draft pick, Chris Elite. He seems to think, after the collapse of The Iconomy, that he can do anything -- including picking fights with you. I think I’ve got a feeling you’re about to make him regret beating you up in your hometown, sooner rather than later. So as contemptible of a human being as you might be, as much as I loathe you outside of the ring, I’m not foolish enough to take away from the kind of wrestler you are. It’s not secret you career’s been in an upswing lately. You’re finally getting people to view you in the same light in which you’ve always seen yourself. You’re not the least bit short on self-confidence, and so in that regard, you’re not a bad partner to have. I’m all about my business, so believe me, when that bell rings, what I think of you won’t matter. We just have to hold it together long enough to come away with a win, and considering who we’re facing, it probably won’t take long at all. Thank God.

As you can probably guess, Vanessa, I have a vested interest whenever a new Vixen shows up. With the way new girls keep popping up on the scene, it’d be ill-advised for me not to try and keep track of shit like that. Impressively enough, you managed to work your way into a number one contender’s match pretty quickly. I won’t say you didn’t deserve to be in that spot. After your match with Lia, I was convinced that you might truly be something special, and there’s a place for you in the Vixens division.

You’ve experienced victory, you’ve had a pathetic excuse of a tag team partner leave you to fend for yourself, and you’ve had a win against Sheridan slip through your fingers. Now, after switching between highs and lows at a rapidfire pace, you're staring at your biggest challenge yet -- you’re only a few days away from standing in the same ring as the Empress of Elite. You’re about to go toe-to-toe with one of the cornerstones of a rapidly-changing Vixens division, and one of the driving forces behind the revolution that ushered in a new era of women’s dominance in this company. You, Miss Holiday, have the luxury of showing up after the dust settled, after the likes of myself, Cloud, Cailin, Eris, Tarah, and Madison had already been down in the trenches. I suppose that means you’ve got something to prove. You wanna be the standard-bearer of the second wave? Try and go through me.

I’m not here to trade verbal jabs with you just for the hell of it, like Sheridan. She genuinely took pleasure in taking shots at you whenever she damn well felt like it, but I’m more interested in just calling it like it is, Vanessa. I won’t lie, your transition from a beauty queen to a wrestler is one of the most convincing and complete ones I’ve ever seen. You paid your dues, you put in work, and no one can take that from you. Some of your past opponents have tried to use that past against you, though. Don’t worry, I’m not here to dismiss you as nothing more than a pretty face. You came from a sea of pretty faces. That’s what beauty pageants are, aren’t they? Rows and rows of pretty girls? And that’s the story of the Vixens division -- there are pretty girls everywhere, but they’ve got a lot more...substance. You traded in evening gowns and swimsuits for boots and tights. The crown you won as Miss Montreal was one that was awarded to you because judges put the right numbers on a scorecard. On whatever given night, your smile was brighter or your runway walk was better and it worked in your favor, but in any case, that crown was given to you. As for the one I wear, I earned it, and it was paid for in the literal tender of blood, sweat, and tears. I won one of the most coveted prizes ever dangled in front of the faces of the women in this division, and because of it, I’ve had one sort of target on my back or another ever since. For that reason, to know that you and your partner and gunning for Minns and I this week doesn't mean I'm venturing into uncharted territory.

As much as Sheridan and Lia might’ve impressed me in the ring so far, I’ll agree with you when you say their employment of high school-esque insults is fucking tired. I mean…calling you a slut and a whore? Is that the best they could come up with? I don’t look at you in that light, Vanessa. I don’t see a slut or a whore, because I’m not dense enough to jump to conclusions that bold, but what I do see is someone who’s in over her head. I see a girl who’s fresh off a stinging loss and is going into the next battle, guns blazing. I think you’d gotten it in your head that you’d redeem yourself and you resolved to beat whoever was placed in front of you next. Just know that the promise you made to yourself to bounce back will, at least for now, be broken. You were a monarch in a past life, you call yourself “The Queen of Hearts” now for no reason, other than the fact that it sounds cute, and now you’re about to have your mettle tested by the goddamn Empress. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here, by not berating you and trying to reduce you to nothing, as many of the others have. Just know, Vanessa -- you’re trespassing in my kingdom, and for that, you won’t walk away unscathed. Then again, you won’t walk away victorious, either.

Color me disappointed to find out Aiden Deimos wasn’t related to our newly-crowned King of Elite. After a double-take, it’s clear that your last names aren’t spelled exactly the same, but it might’ve given you a little boost in credibility, Aiden. No, you’re not a blood relative to a King, you’re...well, what are you, exactly? Oh, I know! You’re the guy my friend Aren made quick work of last week. You were nothing but a stepping stone for him to get back to bigger and better things after his most recent devastating loss, and honestly, I view you in a pretty similar light. You’re bigger than my partner and I? Blatantly obvious. You’re stronger than either of us, too? Good for you! I can’t wait to see how you’ll fail to put those physical attributes to use, just like you did last week. You’ve had an entire week to get your head in the game. Seven whole days to push your bouts of anger and your multiple personalities to the back of your head, all for the sake of not losing two straight matches. It won’t be enough. Brace yourself. Facing the realization that you’re not on the winning team is a really sucky feeling.

Really, Aiden and Vanessa are just a little one-night-only science experiment that’s been put together and placed in the path of Minns and I for who even knows what reason. If circumstances were different, if they weren’t up against us, maybe they’d form a formidable team, but it’s just not in the cards this week. Whenever it is that Deimos decides to open his mouth and prove his worth, it won't matter. All the self-assured hype put forth by Holiday won’t make a difference. I don’t know if perfect tag teams actually exist, but I know Minns and I don’t fit the bill. Perfect? Never. Effective? Goddamn right. You two couldn’t beat us if we had our hands tied.

All hail.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 17th 2016, 2:52 pm by Carson Ramsay
||Upon the inconsistent uttering of those words, the scene opened outside of what seemed to be a bar, a modest looking one at that. The peaceful darkness of the night that surrounded the walls of that bar on the outside soon enough faded into a sight of the latter's interior. While the strong vocals of one Johnny Cash emanating from a radio box nearby may paint the picture of a lively atmosphere to expect inside such establishment, reality couldn't have been more opposing. The bar was as crowded as a church on every day but Sunday, with a space filled by the presence of only two people. One of them is a yawning bartender barely mustering up enough strength to clean his counter while the other is a Carson Ramsay barely mustering up his own share of strength to keep a still posture on his stool.||
C'mon Carson, it's 2 AM. You've been drinking since 12. Don't you think you've had enough for the day?
Drunken Ramsay;
12 PM. You've been here since 12 PM.
Drunken Ramsay;;
....I did?
||Ramsay would try to fire back, relying on his fingers to calculate the exact amount of time he's been sitting on his ass for. His failure in doing so would eventually become apparent when he started muttering numbers, among other things, which made no sense in the context at hand. Upon realizing it, Ramsay would brush the math off by hammering down his fists on the counter.||

Drunken Ramsay;;
Listen, NATHAN—
It's Steve...
Drunken Ramsay;;
...Steve, huh? 'Bet you're not planning to visit Columbia any time soon.
What does that eve—
||Ramsay flashed his palm in Steve's face before turning his head to the side and winking... At a nonexistent camera?||
Drunken Ramsay;;
Seriously though Diego, fetch me another shot.
||Not a single word escaped the bartender's lips after, mostly because of the confusion that only added to his already cemented exhaustion. Instead, He proceeded to cater to Ramsay's request and poured him another shot, in hopes of getting him off his back for whatever's left of his shift.  As soon as the glass was placed before Carson's eyes, he couldn't help but rub his hands together in excitement; he was like a kid under the Christmas tree. However, as soon as he got the liquor an inch close to his lips...||
Mister Ramsay?
||The soothing tone in which Carson's name was spelled out was more than enough to get the man's attention, as his eyes would scan his surroundings in hopes of finding the source; which was quickly revealed to be the figure of a woman standing in the doorway. While the lady was formally dressed in black, she did leave something to Ramsay's blurry imagination. A notebook in one hand while a smartphone in the other, she slowly made her way towards the jaw dropped Ramsay who was content with keeping his glass close to his lips and ultimately spilling it all over his shirt. The lady would then take a seat next to Carson who has yet to figure out her business in a place like this or the reason as to why he's soaking wet all of the sudden.||
Lady in Black;;
I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
Drunken Ramsay & Bartender;;
||Carson would glare down the bartender, who was mesmerized by the mere presence of a woman in his bar.||
Lady in Black;;
My name is Rebecca Atwall and I'm from WhatCulture's wrestling and sports entertainment department.
Drunken Ramsay;;
I'm Carson and I like pummeling people half to death, or straight to it; depending on my mood. I'm also single and looking.
Lady in Black;;
And I'm St—
Drunken Ramsay;;
Lady in Black;;
Drunken Ramsay;;
...So, what brings you around these parts?
Lady in Black;;
Well, an agreement was struck between my superiors and yours to—
Drunken Ramsay;;
WOWOWOWOWOW!! Lemme' stop your right there, sugar tits; I have no superiors. I have no bosses either. They're just a selection of suits that I choose to spare the lives of because they keep my bank account afloat. Get it right.
Lady in Black;;
My mistake. Regardless, I was tasked with being the first to ask for your perspective of the events that unfolded last Sunday night on Voltage. First of all, why did you choose to side with Ashten Cross when you were once heavily against the idea?
Slightly less Drunk Ramsay;;
Welp, that didn't take long. I knew the question would pop up almost immediately into the start of this conversation; hell, it's been on everybody's lips ever since the move was made official.       Not that I blame you or anyone else of a similar standpoint. Carson Ramsay and Ashten Cross not only shaking on an agreement that has the former joining the latter's posse, but DRINKING on it too. Personally, I wouldn't have been able to sleep that night if such picture was carved into my memory cells alone. But, I have. The reason being is rather simple, I was sold. Granted, Cross gets alot of shit spilled on his platter; most of which he deserves. He's one of the suits that I referred to earlier. And just like his peers - while I do choose to spare their lives - I still itch to punch them all square in the teeth. But that's just a habit of mine, it's nothing that said suits could be blamed for. You see though, Ashten was still able to make a point worth debating on Voltage. Hexa-Gun has run roughshod over EAW for quite a while now, rendering the job of everyone associated with the company more arduous than it should be. I haven’t had my neck deep enough in the water to recite tales of Y2Impact and his crew personally damaging me in any shape or form, since we never crossed paths to begin with just yet. Still, that does not save nor justify the reputation that Hexa-Gun has garnered from doing so to others. Don’t get me wrong, I initially had the utmost respect for that. Ever since I first stepped into the door of this organization, I was overwhelmed with the sensation that made me feel like this is where I belong. This place was and to some extent still is ruled by chaos, and that is mostly courtesy of Hexa-Gun’s admirable handwork. Howbeit, after a while, the fellas have started to get repetitive and kind of stale; whether it’s their tactics, the way they go about boring everybody with 20 to 45 minute long promos in which they glorify themselves OR something I was once excited for but then slowly lost interest in which is Hexa-Gun’s objective of bringing back the Extreme to the EAW name. The moniker has been the same ever since the inception of this stable, which makes a wondering mind question the reason as to why Hexa-Gun is even allowed to exist at this point. It’s certainly not because they’re liked around, nor is it because their promise to resurrect EXTREME Answers Wrestling would actually stand a chance in being fulfilled. Admittedly, it is a plausible gesture on their part. And they did create quite the demolition derbies in their path towards that goal in countless attempts to rekindle such flame. However, dare I say; they FAILED. They still roam the land of Elite. They’re still pit against men and women who choose not bow down to such delusional minds and they often get the life kicked out of them. To Hexa’s credit though, they never let one or multiple beat downs keep them down; that’s why some of the group’s members are certified Hall of Famers. Their tenacity is something to be respected, their ability to keep their words? Not so much. It’s like I stated earlier, the monotonous pace to Hexa-Gun’s walk nowadays gives off the vibe that they’re slowly BUT SURE running out of tricks. So, why oh why should everyone in EAW keep putting up with their bullshit?
Lady in Black;;
So, are you saying that you chose to join Team Cross in their battle against Y2Impact and company because they may becoming rusty in their claims?
Slightly less Drunk Ramsay;;
Not at all. I was just mirroring reality. What truly motivated me to strike a deal with the slimy devil that is Ashten Cross is much more personal than that. Answer me this; what is the constant code to Hexa-Gun’s malice? It’s not money nor is it fame, seeing that those are already collateral bonuses. It’s EXTREME! I stressed on that term on quite a few occasions already, each time amps up more power to it than the last. They possess this strong desire to rid this place of the Elite label and push it back to its ancient glory, or at least that’s what they claim. And I like that. While I may have lost faith in Hexa-Gun themselves bringing back the gore, I still am in full support of the idea. After all, I am a man of anarchy. I thrive on the blood gushing and bone breaking of others. It’s the sweetest music to my ears and if joining Team Cross is the price to pay in order for me to hear it again, then so be it. Here’s where I get slightly annoyed by Hexa-Gun though, they represent the luxurious crop of the food chain. The limos, the fancy clothes, the Tonight Shows and so on; all of those aspects fall down the chain of collateral bonuses that I was just talking about. Yet, they still try to call for the EXTREME moniker to be brought into play again. The TRUE hardcore, red liquid spilling, dirty and street-like violence something they seem to know little about. Am I the only seeing the contradictions that flaw this image? I might be. After all, my existence has and still is literally revolving around that lifestyle and that lifestyle only. Thus, it’s academic for yours truly to find the term “extreme” right up his alley. That’s obviously Ashten Cross’ sole motive for him to consider my name as the difference making pawn in his chess game with Hexa-Gun. It’s apparent that regardless of the stature that you hold within the company’s ranking board or how many championship reigns you have to your belt – in the words of Cross himself –, you cannot defeat Hexa-Gun by sending them an “Anti-Gun”. The only way you stand a chance at landing that group a career scarring loss is if you fight fire with FIRE. That’s what Ashten Cross is doing. That’s what VOLTAGE is doing to keep the threat of Hexa-Gun away from its parts. And that is why Hexa-Gun’s stint is in a high jeopardy of coming to a halting end.
Lady in Black;;
‘Last question; what are your thoughts about this coming Voltage when you team up with who most consider to be your arch nemesis in Clark Duncan, to take on the EAW Tag Team Champions Drake and Jones?
Slightly less Drunk Ramsay;;
I’ve already had a compelling little “sit-down” with Clark in Cross’ office last week, of which the purpose was to clear the air between us two. I’ve already gave Ashten my word to join his team and place beating Hexa-Gun high on my priority chart, as I’m sure Duncan has as well. HOWEVER, in the span of the weeks leading up to the battle, a lot can happen; a lot can change. For now, I’ll leave it at that. As for Drake and Jones, I look forward to being across the ring from them this Sunday night. Not only will it be a first but it will also grant me a preview of what to expect from Hexa-Gun; an inside scoop if you will, similar to the one you’re having – which I am ending right now.
Lady in Black;;
Well, uh.. Thank you for your time and the best of luck to Cark Duncan, yourself and the entire Team Cross in their fi—
Slightly less Drunk Ramsay;;
Yeah, yeah. So, what’s your number?
Lady in Black;;
My… Telephone number?
Slightly less Drunk Ramsay;;
No, your jersey number. YES, YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER!
Lady in Black;;
Slightly less Drunk Ramsay;;
I don’t do charity, lady. So just, spill it out.
Lady in Black;;
Okaaaay then… I guess.
||The woman would pull off a small piece of paper from her notebook, writing down her digits. Before she reaches the halfpoint however, Ramsay bursts out chuckling.||
Slightly less Drunk Ramsay;;
Lady in Black;;
Slightly less Drunk Ramsay;;
||Ramsay, the laughter still consuming him, picks up his jacket from the counter and takes his leave; leaving everyone else confused, with some of them partly heartbroken, as the scene fades to black.||
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 17th 2016, 2:07 pm by ThePizzaBoy
The camera opens on the surreal image of Pizza Boy standing in the frame of someone's inner house, holding a trembling delivery pouch in his arms as he stares blankly inside, like a child afraid to look in their closet.

PB: M-mom? Dad?...Hello? I brought the usual Andrew Bo and &Ty special order; Jalapeno and mushrooms on thin crust.

As if remembering it was his own home subconsciously, Pizza Boy liberally walks through the doorway and through the foyer and darts his head around the living room area with a confused look on his face.  Panning back, the camera finds the house to be vacant of any furniture and in complete disrepair.  Pizza Boy blankly stares down in thought, studying the broken bottles and light bulbs and trash littering the floor.

PB: Oh yeah...we moved out when dad died.  

Pizza Boy's confused eyes start to water as he slowly backs against the graffiti tagged wall.

PB: Oh yeah....dad's dead.

The back of his head thuds against the wall as his body slides down it almost in a morbid cartoonish manner as his feet slide out in front of him and the pizza fortuitously lands in his lap.  He pulls back the heat pouch's flap and takes out a slice.  He takes a thoughtful bite as he continues to cry.  He suddenly stops chewing and feels his confused face.

PB: Why am I crying?  It's been years since dad died.  He didn't leave us with much in the way of the flashy or urbane, but he gave us enough to move out of this neighborhood.  I don't even remember crying at his funeral...did I go to his funeral?  No...no I had to work.

A coldness crosses Pizza Boy's face as he bends his pizza and takes another bite.

PB: Tig Kelly, you know everything about success.  You know how to be cutthroat, you know how to approach your opponents like a heartless, robotic, calculating animal of prey.  You know how to turn off your emotions and let technique and instinct take over. Me? I'm different. I've worked hard to get better in the ring, but I still really don't have a set way of wrestling in that ring, other than going 100 miles per hour at my opponent with everything I have.  Success and failure hold no gravity for me if I don't come out of a match thinking I put everything on the line and work my fingers to the bone.  I've never been handed anything.  On the day of my father's funeral I was working to pay off his plot, his burial chamber, his coffin, his funeral.  I had to drop out of school to do that, Tig.  Do you know why? because I had to.  I had to miss holding my mother as she cried over my father's casket trying to give a proper eulogy for her husband since his only living relative wasn't there to do it for him.  I didn't get to say goodbye, and it's something that still plagues me.  A part time job became a full time commitment, and do you know why? because it had to.  A semester at community college turned into one good half-semester unfinished.  And do you know why? because it had to.  I got pulled into Barney M. Bailey's web of deceit and became a wrestler, and I learned on the fly for half a year until I finally started to actually do something competent in the ring.  I've been thrown off, through, and into so many different things, suffered bumps and bruises in places I didn't know could bruise or bump.  I've had fractured bones, sprained joints, punctured organs, strained tendons, and flat out busted up facial features all in sacrifice of this sport, to get better, to learn more, and to grow tougher.  And do you know why? because I had to.  Don't come preaching to me about false deities and blood alters.  This sport has been my savior, and I've given more than a pint to it to satiate it's blood lust.  And it's getting to the point where my blood's not spilling anymore, Tig.  No, the vein's gone dry and now I've sought out new believers to bleed.

PB reaches into the pizza box and pulls out a crimson covered pizza cutter.

PB: That ain't pizza sauce, Tig.  That's Hexagun blood.  I took it from them after I was left to fend for myself in a match I shouldn't have survived to the end of, much less be sole survivor of my team in.  You're no better than them.  Your blood isn't too good to bleed, which means you're also no better than me, because as stated prior, I've done my fair share of bloodletting.  Don't look at me like some head bobbing in the water that you can step on to get to shore.  I'm not your stepping stone to anywhere.  If anything, I'm the dead end for that title reign of yours, and the ego that goes with it.  

PB clutches his head and bugs out his eyes as he runs his greasy, cheesy, fingers through his hair.

PB: HEHEHEHEHEHE! You think I'm RATTLED by some BELT SHOT!?!  You think your little cheap shotting shortcuts are going to somehow make me believe in you over God?...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Y-you must be crazy.  I WAS THROWN OFF OF A FUCKING CELL!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Man you're dumb!

PB starts crawling forward on his hands and knees, swiping the pizza cutter in front of him with each insane lurch forward

PB: You think you're too good to bleed? HA! You think I'm a chapter in the memoirs of your meteoric rise? PPPPFHAHA! I'm the end of everything you worship as a god.  I'm the reckoning of your reality. I'm the goddamn Pizza Boy, and I don't clock out until I finish my route, and I'm taking a shortcut through your FUCKING back yard!  Now get that fucking camera out of my face before I

???: Andy!?

The camera pans up to find Barney and Tony in the doorway.  The camera pans back to Pizza Boy to find him seizing and flopping on the ground as foam forms around his lips and his eyes dilate to complete black.  Barney and Tony rush into frame, Tony stuffs his wallet into PB's mouth as Barney pushes the camera man away.  Cut to black

Barney's Voice: Call a damn ambulance!

Tony Rolland: I think I just heard 3 drive down the street.  Man, this neighborhood's rough.

To Be Continued.....

Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 17th 2016, 12:55 pm by Bloody Jack
You’re right Brian, giving you this opportunity was clearly a bad decision, as you’re showing yourself to be an ungrateful piece of shit!  Yes you beat some tough opponents and yes you were in some difficult matches…BIG FUCKING DEAL!!!  I beat Tyler Parker as my first challenger when I was World Champion three years ago!  I’ve been in Chambers, Glass Matches, and Electric Matches same as you or anyone else here!  But that’s not the point!  The POINT is that you wouldn’t even have gotten that far if I didn’t hand it to you on a silver platter!  Even more to the point is that I didn’t just hand you a simple title opportunity…I gave you a chance for redemption!  What I gave you was a chance to show everyone that you weren’t the same guy who walked out on them before.  That was a chance I, the “corrupt” and “evil” chairman, gave you!  Not looking so bad as a chairman am I now huh?!  Maybe you’re right though; maybe you didn’t deserve it!  If this is how you show your appreciation to someone trying to help you, then maybe I should’ve left you to squander in the upper-midcard!  But I’m not here to argue with you about the gratitude you lack.  I’m here to answer a very simple question you asked…where did everything go wrong?  I’ll happily answer that question, but first I have to correct your wording of the question.  It shouldn’t be “where did everything go wrong” but rather it should be “why was nothing ever right”!  I’ve been in EAW for a long time now, and my career has been a constant struggle.  Normally this wouldn’t be that big a deal because this is wrestling and struggle is to be expected.  Where I take issue however, is that I’ve noticed an unfair amount of struggle has been thrown at me, while certain others had things a bit easier.  Back when I debuted and young wrestlers had to fight their way on the now debunked show TURBO for a shot on one of the main shows, I earned my spot on Voltage and was sent back to TURBO, not because of any fault on my part, but because of some error that NOBODY seemed to want to address!  But that’s fine, I can take one for the team, so I kept my silence and fought on.  Funny how nobody else had to fight twice to get onto a show!  Then I had to watch as opportunities were handed right and left to everyone except me, and many of those men didn’t deserve it, as few of them are still around today.  Then, when I finally got my moment at Pain For Pride after I won Cash In The Vault and became World Heavyweight Champion in the same night, how did everyone react?  Is everyone happy that I finally broke through the glass ceiling?  NO!!!  They respond with hate and scorn, to the point where they deliberately tried to sabotage my reign!  But then when YOU became champion, everyone cheered as if Jesus himself became champion!  Tell me does that sound fair to you?!  I am a man who has worked my ass off for this federation, and the only response I get for my dedication is a poke in the eye, while guys like you, you treat this place like it has a revolving door, get all the praise, accolades, and love I desired?!  BULLSHIT!!!  So THAT’S what happened to me Brian, and you’ll forgive me if I think it’s earned me the right to be a tiny bit bitter! 

But this is a story everyone’s heard before, and it’s one I tried to prevent from happening again while I was chairman.  Yes I manipulated others, I lied, I cheated, I stole, and I did many disgusting things, but I did them because that’s how you get things done in this business!  You can’t create change without getting your hands stained with some dirt and blood.  If you think otherwise, then you’re an idiot.  Perhaps I was a bigger monster than when DEDEDE was chairman, but I became a different kind of monster than what he was.  He wanted to keep everything the same, whereas I initiated change!  I wanted to create a new and better EAW, so I had to be a monster that would protect it against anyone who tried to stop it.  THAT is what makes my stint as chairman different from Scott’s, DEDEDE’s, Demon’s, and even Banks!  If you’re too blind to see the changes and impact my regime had on this company, then I’m not going to waste my breath mentioning them again as I’ve already done.  Not when I could spend that breath on more important things.  You look at me Brian and you question the choices I’ve made.  You can look at me and maybe you feel more affection for the Zack Crash I was back then, but what good did your supposed “love” and “respect” do me?!  I had the fans on my side, I had a code, I had a few who supported me, and nothing to show for any of it!  Now look at me!  I’m fighting you for the World Heavyweight Championship, I reigned as EAW Chairman (and yes being Chairman is prestigious since I don’t see many names, least of all yours, as a past Chairman), and I’m one of the biggest names in EAW history!  I’d said it’s pretty clear I made the right call.  In the past year alone I’ve left a bigger impact than most wrestlers dream of having in the entirety of their careers.  Perhaps your career has been defined by a need to impress others, but if it has, it only enforces your own weakness and hypocrisy!  You’re the one who needs others to be successful, yet all you do is let them down.  Without them…YOU’RE NOTHING!  And like it or not, you’re losing their faith.  Perhaps rumors are just rumors, but they have to begin somewhere and from something, which means someone out there thought that and it’s spreading to others.  Me on the other hand, I only need ME to be successful, and I NEVER let myself down!  And I won’t let myself down this Friday in Japan!  This company has always been afraid of my potential, but I don’t fault them for it, as they were right to fear what I could become.  I’m going to rip from your broken body the belt you never deserved to steal from me in the first place!  I’m going to right the wrong that happened all those years ago!  I don’t NEED to become World Heavyweight Champion.  It’s just I don’t want YOU to be World Heavyweight Champion!  And after Rising Tide…you won’t be.
Rising Tide: Hell's Warpath #2
Post on February 17th 2016, 12:55 pm by Uncharted
      Light slinks in obtusely through misshapen blinds, casting a bright and dusty atmosphere over the many surfaces within a run-down and undesirable hotel room, which is being presented to the world via a live video feed on the official webpage for Elite Answers Wrestling. The video quality itself is shoddy and low, the interlacing seemingly random and the vertical synchronization flickering in and out. Sitting on the edge of the bed – which is covered with a sickly green and brown comforter – is Dustin Brach, his hand wrapped around the neck of a bottle of warm domestic beer. He flashes his broadcast audience a half-assed and sarcastic smile.

            “Good morning, Vietnam!” He shouts mockingly. “Good morning, and welcome to Heavy Drinking to Help Us Forget!” As he finishes his statement, he takes a swig, tilting his head back as to down about a quarter of his drink. As he looks back towards the camera, his face distorts and cringes, clearly displeased with the taste or temperature.

            “I’m your self-help host, of course – “The Headhunter” Dustin Brasch, and, uh…” The Yankee trails off, pausing to turn the bottle around and quickly read over some of the information on the label. “Well, our guests today were supposed to be the biological parents of Mark Michaels, but that didn’t seem to work out so well.” Dustin shrugs. “I tried to call them quite a few times, but they never picked up. I guess they’re way ahead of us, eh?” Brasch grins, downing some more.

            “See, that’s what I would call a cheap shot. It’s relatively easy to make, right? Oh, Mark Michaels is such an embarrassment to his family that his parents are alcoholics. Or should be, anyway. Plus, there’s no real-world basis to it. It’s just, you know, easy. There’s nothing to it, there’s no…”

            Dustin stops, chuckling.

            “No substance.”

            He leans back a bit, reluctantly planting the palm of his left hand on the bed to support himself. Dustin shakes the glass bottle of swill about in his other hand.

            “I drone on and on about this, sure, but it was true of Kevin Hunter, it was true of Joshua Kroner, and now, here we are again. Mark Michaels lacks substance. He’s got all the personality in the world, sure, but he’s not substantial. He tries to sling mud at me, but it’s baseless. It’s got nothing to do with me, with who I am. There are millions of clichés to describe Mark’s little games: all bark and no bite, all booster and no payload, all sizzle and no steak.”

            Dustin takes a brief look at his drink again.

            “All foam, and no beer.”

            “So to answer the question, Mark: No. What you said about my mother was not personal enough, because it was nothing personal at all. It was an insubstantial insult from an insubstantial person. No skin off my back. But hell, since you’re pitching – I’ll step up to the plate.”

            Dustin stands up from the bed. He paces around the room, moving parallel to the bed. As he speaks, he occasionally approaches the window and peaks out of the disheveled blinds.

            “When I met with the press outside of the Tokyo Dome a few days ago, I said that I didn’t think about my opponents – not in that I forgot to, just that they frankly weren’t worth the time or brainpower. It’s funny – I still don’t give a shit, but while you sit there and sip champagne and attempt to fire shots at me, each shot you take is just another example of you shooting yourself in the foot, Michaels, because you’re just a walking conundrum. You’re a hypocrite.”

            “You uploaded a picture and commented on it – great work, by the way. Not only did you comment on your own picture rather than caption it, but you decided to try to make a serious statement to promote this match on the Internet. Great idea, because nobody has ever not been taken seriously in the history of the Internet, right? But, I digress; you called out everyone in the Hell’s Warpath match as unoriginal. Ain’t that some shit? Because Mark Michaels, you’re the least original person in our little walk through the daisies on Friday.”

            “You’re a social media mogul, which in and of itself, is unoriginal. You promote yourself and build up your own egotistical façade on the back of a couple of websites that other people programmed and designed, and that are used by over two billion unique people worldwide. That’s over a quarter of the human race. There’s nothing idiosyncratic – nothing original – about that, at all. And let’s harp on this again – insubstantial people say insubstantial things, Mark. Generic things. We could shine your spotlight on a nobody who wrestles in middle school gymnasiums in Wyoming, and I’d bet that he would end up saying something more meaningful than you ever have in your entire life.”

            “On top of that, – God, how many kinks are you going to leave in your armor? – you need to make up your mind. If you want to be a piece of shit, you better be a full throttle piece of shit, like I am. Because I don’t give a damn about respecting the New Breed Championship, I don’t give a damn about whether you respect me, I don’t give a damn whether I disrespect this promotion or the people who buy tickets and support it. I’m not here for them, I’m not here for any of that. I am here because I am the most talented prospect in professional wrestling today, and if Elite Answers Wrestling is supposed to be the big leagues, then this is where I’m going to come to hunt. You, on the other hand… You’ve got to pick a side before I pick for you, and man, do you not want me to do that. You know why? Because if it’s up to me, I would tear that miscreant head off yours off of your disgusting little pencil-neck, toss it onto whichever side a pick, stomp on it, and upload the video to YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Facebook, and your Snapchat story – just because I could.”

            “If you want to berate me for disrespecting the New Breed Championship, you better have had a change of heart about what you think of the fans of our employer, and what you think of yourself. It’s a crock of shit, man. You can’t stand up for the honor of EAW and pick a fight over how disrespectful I am when you’ve got it out for the entire audience, all of your ‘haters.’ Valor isn’t pick and choose. The audience keeps the promotion alive: buying tickets, buying merchandise, that whole shtick. I realize that, at the very least.”

            “That being said, I don’t care about them. I’m not here to appease to them or to make them love me. I don’t need that validation. I don’t need the vanity. But I have a shred of decency.”

            Dustin approaches the window of the room, and pulls the thin cord with raises the blind. Brasch reveals that there is no pane of glass, no window at all. Rather, a mass of wrestling fanatics is gathered outside – the entire room is a hoax. A set, placed strategically outside of the Tokyo Dome, where some of the faithful EAW supporters are already camping out in preparation for Rising Tide.

            “When I have something to say, when I have somebody to call out, or when I have beef to settle, I don’t do it from the Holiday Inn. I do it in front of the world, because unlike you, Mark, I’m substantial and real. I’m always ready to throw down, and man, I’ll come out swinging every single time. If you want, Mark, you can keep it up - acting all high and mighty from your presidential suite at Best Western. But when you keep prodding an animal, Michaels… When you mess with a bull, you don’t just ‘get the horns.’ No.”

            “You get impaled through the stomach.”

            “This Friday night, our match won’t be Hell’s Warpath. It will be you and seven other men scrambling to find a place to hide from the real King of the Jungle – and in this analogy, you can be whatever you want to be. Mark Michaels can be a lion for all I care, and maybe Jun Nobunaga can be some exotic bird, Dennis Caffrey a rhinoceros, it doesn’t matter.”

“The real King of the Jungle is the huntsman. I’m the devil, I’ve got a rifle, and I’m here looking for a fight.”

Dustin Brasch sneers at the camera, while the Japanese fans observe and listen in silence.

“As for the rest of you? Caffrey, Nobunaga, Diamond, Hunter, Kroner, Kronin, Bathory, Creed… You seem smart enough not to push your luck with me. If you don’t have anything to say to me, I don’t have anything to say to you. We’ll let our actions do the talking come Friday night. Unfortunately for you, while you all may be smart enough to hide from me…”

“You aren’t smart enough to do the right thing.”

“To run away.”

“Because once the Huntsman arrives on the path to hell…”

“He’ll be the only one not to enter the pit himself.”

“He’ll leave no survivors.”

“So if you’re smart?”

“You run.”

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Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 17th 2016, 7:38 am by Hamau Koa
Open scene in the practice ring, Hamau Koa surrounded by debris. Broken chairs and tables swept into the corners of the ring, big man pacing from corner to corner, Mickey Luciano hanging onto the outside of the ring post. “Hamau, Baby, the Open Fight spot will be yours. Dem other guys can’t hold a candle to your...whadayacallit... your magnificence! You’re gonna trow down the freakin’ gauntlet, Babe!” 

Luciano jumps down off of the stage, scrabbles backs toward the nearest wall, “It’s time ta rest now. Yous already broke every stick of furniture in da freakin' building and you still have to wait a week for da match…” Luciano barely ducks in time as the back of a chair flies over the ropes and busts on the wall over his head and throws himself down on the ground to avoid the smash.

Hamau Koa lowers his head to his chest, goes down on one knee and plunges his fist into the mat. “I’m ready for fiiiiiight!”

“Yeah, Baby, you’ve got time, lots of time… know whatahmean? In a week you will have a six-on match with some of the bad boys of Voltage and then yous can finally show ‘em what yous are made of…” Using the wall to drag himself up, Mickey keeps his back to the wall, trying to appease the hot temper of the damn Bastard of Samoa. “You can bring them da fury, yeah, da fury, know whatahmean?” The manager, pleased with himself for use of such a cool word, keeps up the chatter, pushing his hands down as though to say calm down. 

Hamau Koa is up and pacing the ring again, round and round, from one post to the next, pacing, raising a sweat. “Babe, you can bring that race horse energy to the ring in seven days...seven more days of training. I’ll keep you busy here. Yeah. Let’s find a sparring partner for you...I saw dat young preppie dude, Ryan Young downstairs having a Sprite. Want I should go and bring him up here for some pre-game beat down practice...know whatahmean?”

Hamau Koa looks past his manager at the wall behind him and throws another chair three inches over Luciano’s head. Luciano dives closer to the ring, below the view of the pacing man in red and black. Mickey Luciano wipes his nose on his sleeve and watches two men in grey shirts enter the room and begin pulling wreckage off of the corners of the ring and into a bin. Two other grey shirts roll in a large pushcart with the letters EAW stenciled on the handles and begin to unload stacks of black chairs in one corner of the room.

Hamao Koa stares, begins snorting, and paws the floor with his black leather shoes. Mickey breaths a sigh of relief, whispers "Frickin' finally" under his breath, “I aksed for dat cawt and shit ovah an hour ago”, and stays crouched on his way around the ring. 

“Babe! Gift for you! It’s Urai! Huh? See here.” Luciano stacks three chairs in one corner of the ring, toes one chair to the center of the ring, and backs off quickly. “Urai is that young kid just startin’ out, he’ll be toast, Babe, T-O-A-S-T! This Urai kid won’t want to evah face you….” Luciano scurries out of the ring, never putting his back to Hamao Koa, sneaking a look out the door, wiping his nose on his sleeve. “Dat kid won’t trouble the EAW again after you, Babe, know whatahmean.”

Hamao Koa stalks a chair like prey and with a single roar smashes a fist down a single time, reducing the furniture to sticks. Luciano licks his lips and back away. “Okaaaaaaaay” dhe squeaks under his breath. “El Cazador was a freakin’ no show last week...not worried about him… Get outta heyah.”

Hamao Koa snarls as he ascends the ropes, arriving on the top rope in an odd movement of grace and balance for such a monster. “Next one, Babe! Next one, it’s that weasel Moiz. What’s with dat guy? He’s a tower ovah deya but you can….rip…” Luciano watches as Hamao Koa leaps off of the top ring, rolls in the air, kicks the second chair out of the ring, and lands on his two feet, nearly soundlessly. “...rip him…” Mickey's voice fades off, speechless. “Fuggidaboutit.”

Luciano regroups. He claps his hands together to get Hamao’s attention, continues to gesticulate weirdly. “Look, we got all dis week to practice, yous got some time. Let’s go find yisself the bag and work on some speed, know whatahmean. Yous can get some bag time while I go make a few phone calls and get some, uh, business done.” Mickey watches Hamao lunge and storm around in the ring. “Let’s save some of dis for the match, Hamao, Babe. There’s plenny of time. You got this, Babe. Nobody, I mean ain’t NO BODY will know what to do witcha once they are in the ring witcha. You got that special sumthin...Haya doin’ OK? Need a drinka wautah? Yeah, das what Ahm tawking aboud.” He twitches and hefts a gallon jug onto the edge of the ring.

Hamao Koa stops and seems to consider getting out of the ring. Mickey goes on, “Vance, that new kid, he’s from New Yawk, just like me. I used to know some Joisy guys at his gym. They tell me he’s kind of a freakin’ bum, know whatahmean? He’s not to be, whatchacallit... trusted.” Hamao picks up the third chair in two hands, looks at Mickey and crumbles the office furniture like it was made of paper. Tossing it over the ring Hamao gets down on to one knee, looking straight at his manager.

Mickey licks his lips, "Yeah, Baby, yeah, weah with Voltage now and if you can make it heah, you can make it anywheah", and approaches the ring. Hand up onto the ropes he works hard to pull himself up to the level of Hamao Koa and waits.

End scene.

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Showdown Promo #1

The camera is concentrated on a door, a light blue one, one which held a nice aqua shade to it. This particular door holds nothing special to it. It has colour. It is old, indicated by the certain fissures and crevices within the paint-job. Which would all but cause splinters and pricks if someone were to accidentally grind their skin against it as they opened or closed it. The only significant thing about this door, which separated it from every other door in the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena, is that drilled into this door was a sign, a signal, a hieroglyph, which read the words 'Medical'. The sign itself was dusty and barren, it is to be assumed it used to hold a golden shine to it, but like most things in modern day America, the signpost wasn't kept up to standards. It had been built and then left to rot. The door opened with a shove, thrusting the blue door backwards into the medical room, it bounced off the wall with a jostle and a crash, almost bulldozing through said wall and coming off its hinges. There she stood. Sheridan Müller, winner of the number one contender's clash with Vanessa Holiday for a shot, an opportunity at the Specialists Championship. This distinct camera shot must have been taken maybe ten to twenty minutes or so after her match. Sheridan looked somewhat tired. A scab had formed upon her lower lip, where the skin met the vermillion border. Of course this had instituted from her match, it had formed when Vanessa had delivered a mean back elbow to Sheridan, when she had been trying for the Sherplex. Of course it didn't matter, Sheridan had still given it to her mere seconds later, however the busted lip was something Sheridan would prefer not to have happened. Furthermore, her ribs were lined with bandages. Instead of wrestling in her usual red attire, she had opted for the sports bra and shorts pre-match. This seemed to be a good option, however her ribs had been exposed during the match and Holiday had distributed quite the damage to a few distinct ribs. The lines of protection swarmed around her body, nestled between her chest and abdominals, designating to any doctors who was watching the broadcast that Sheridan potentially could have damaged the body of her sternum, or the costal cartilage within some of her true ribs. It took a few instances for the German born to acknowledge and concede the camera pushing into her face. Her expression dropped, from a little irritated to exceptionally pissed off. If it were not to potentially cost the wrestler her pay and a probable suspension, Müller would have grabbed the cameraman by the collar and thrown him against a wall. She didn't. She remained silent, although an eye roll would meet requirements and suffice as a portrayal of her current emotions. The cameraman interrogated Sheridan about her match, what her opinions were of Vanessa Holiday and what injuries the German had tolerated. From the lack of enthusiasm in Sheridan's tone, it was evident to most that she simply was not in the mood to answer questions, here responses were short, her pitch oozed of toleration. Whilst Sheridan was adjusting her blonde hair, the cameraman dared to ask how Sheridan was going to respond to Cailin's promo on the EAW network. Sheridan laughed, that was a good joke, it had only been fifteen minutes or so since she pinned Vanessa's shoulders to the mar, cleanly, like she said she was going to. So no way Cailin had already got a promo out on the prospect of facing the one, the only Sheridan Müller. It was impossible to suggest such, which is why Sheridan blew it off as a joke and staggered away from the cameraman before he had the chance to make amends with Sheridan for lying to her about Cailin promoing. Truth would be restored though, when Sheridan returned to her hotel room, and was preparing to go grab a well deserved bite to eat from a five guys or a McDonalds, she had quite the appetite, she checked into the EAW network, and there it was, that stupid, blonde, Dallas-born face of Cailin's. It irked Sheridan, it annoyed her, how dare Cailin call Sheridan out so soon after Sheridan had to deal with Vanessa. She had just demolished one bimbo and now had to answer to another? Some people had TOO much time on their hands, TOO much dedication to their job. With an eye roll, Sheridan brought a fingertip to press against the scab which had pumped up on her pink lips. Blood still somewhat stained her skin. Never the matter though, her free hand would reach for her recorder, she would sit on the bed, and press the record button.

'' Hallo. Ja, it's me, Sheridan Müller. The personification of German efficiency, I'm not going to waste much time talking about Battleground. '' Sheridan spoke, with a smirk on her face, as much as she wanted to degrade Vanessa and boast about easily handling her ass; She had far more important matters to attend to '' Vanessa, I don't want to say, you know, I told you so. But I kinda did. I warned you, didn't I, you had your mind thinking about cock whilst I had mine on winning. You let your desire to be a social media model get the better of you. I keep saying, I am really driving this home, you're nothing. You're beneath me, I am up here, I am a twenty out of twenty whilst you're a nine with the right filter. Don't be sad, though. I'm sure after a few cum-shots on your face you'll be deluded back into thinking you have any wrestling talent. I won, fair and square. Boom bang, I am the champion, I beat you. I said I was beginning to chop away at the cancers of this division and me beating you started that process. I've had to hire myself a personal translator, who can translate loser for me thanks to you. I don't speak loser, I only speak three languages, German, English as well as winner. Right, enough about you, lebewohl, goodbye, all that. I have some more, important matters to attend to. I've had a little read, a little listen to Cailin's excuse of a promo and I can't say I'm surprised by anything. She gave the usual, oh I respect you Sheridan, but I'm still going to win, hehe, shit. It's just boring, why do people actually give an ounce of a fuck about respect these days. Respect won't win you matches, tongue-licking your fellow Vixens won't get you money, you know, giving them a little rub down in das showers won't get you Championship, and before Cailin conjures the idea up that she won the Specialists Championship out of respect, she won it because Haruna is bad at her job. Holding a title is like inflating a balloon, you see. It's like, you blow, a different type of blow for Vanessa though, but in real wrestling, holding a championship makes you the balloon. Your ego goes up, and up, getting full of air, and eventually you think you're untouchable, you think you're the brightest bulb in the box, the fastest car on the track. Our Specialists champ has let that happen to her. Here's something that really caught my attention, it really pricked my sides. Cailin speaks about how, because I'm new, I can't be thinking about the future, she says she doesn't so I shouldn't either, she really home runs it that us vixens need to focus on the now and not the future. So I did a bit of back-tracking, you know? Something that really got me about this woman is she talks about Eris more than me in her promo. She berates us all saying we need to focus on the now, but then herself is too fixated in getting into a brawl with Eris at Reasonable Doubt, rather than stopping, thinking, and actually taking into account it could be me beating Eris at Reasonable Doubt. I'm a realist, I'm in my own little mindset here. Cailin is the balloon, I am the harpoon which is really going to burst her. She has this very pretentious, very ignorant way of thinking, she assume's she is going to Reasonable Doubt the champion, she casts a shadow over me, she talks all a game about respect and how it's going to be a good match but then, at the same time, spews all this? According to blondie here, I'm the last thought on Eris' mind. But it would appear that Cailin also has that same thought about me. Cailin is like everybody else in this division. In this so-called good division, this vixens division, this so called hungry division, she has got this balloon, she has spread her legs and she's really riled her own thoughts up her ass. I think you're an asshole, Cailin. It didn't take me long to get that opinion about you. You are ill-mannered and narcissistic. You talk a lot about how this division is so hungry to launch themselves off you. I have a few corrections for you to make. Correction one, this division is a cancer. Half of them turn up, get beat, get paid and fuck off. Look at Alexis, look at Silence, Azumi, Tarah. Maybe it's just me but I haven't seen Tarah around since I've been here, then again she does look like a ghost. She casper's her way into my match with Madison, which I was going to win mind you, and caused a disqualification. This division is hungry, you say? Why all the cheap shots, the disqualifications, then? I'm surrounded by idiots. I'm a lion in an ants den. I don't see you as a cannon to launch myself off of. I see you as a match. I got put into a match with Vanessa, and I beat her. Because that's what I do. Because that is German Efficiency. Anything could happen in our match. Vanessa fresh off a gang-bang could come ruin it for the both of us. Eris could interfere, she talked a lot on Battleground about how we're all below her. She's a little pristine pretty bitch isn't she? Maybe if nobody interferes in our match, and I beat you, I can go to Reasonable Doubt and shut her up too. ''

Sheridan gave a pause, a brief one at that, she picked up some cotton balls which were placed on her thigh and gave a light dab to her scab upon her lips. She maybe pressed a tad too hard, it didn't burst but blood began to drool from the dried, broken skin and fall into the claws of the cotton ball. It caused Sheridan dis-comfort. She didn't make any vocal concerns about it but her narrowed eyes and twitching nose connoted she wasn't exactly a fan of it. She took a minute or two to compose herself, she tossed the cotton ball onto the floor of the hotel, she was leaving after this recording so it wasn't like she had to care if anybody found it, she'd do a Tarah and ghost herself out of Illinois before they got the chance. '' You know what else made me have a little laugh. You referred to yourself as the most determined vixen in the division. '' Sheridan gave a little smirk, which caused blood to run from her lip again, it seeped down her skin and drew at her chin, dropping in little tear shapes off her chin and out of camera shot. It was creepy, sure, but Sheridan didn't acknowledge it much. '' Guess again mother fucker, because German efficiency is here! Sheridan Müller is the most determined 'vixen' let me correct you, woman, hell, I am the most determined thing in America, fuck all your little social media darlings. I am Sheridan, determination, along with Alexandra, is my middle name. Like I said, you hold yourself on a high platform, you've chiselled your little peestal of yourself, you say I'm an individual, I have talent? Then you compare me to all the other females who have fallen at your feet. You think because you defend your title against some little girls it makes you the best vixen and the best champion in EAW? Oh, sorry, what's that through the post? It's your fail. It's your loss. Because you're wrong. You say beating me will be taking care of business? Oh, what's that again? Another failure for Cailin Dillon? I am Sheridan, Fucking, Müller. I am the light in the tunnel that is the vixens division. I am the cure for cancer, I am German efficiency at its finest. You're extremely condescending, but I will rise above that, I am superior in-ring wise, I am superior looks wise. The only thing you have me beat on is that you have some metal and a strap around your waist. You sway around with it thinking it means much. It only means more pay, really, it only fuels you to get your opinions, put them into a bottle, and press them into your asshole. Just do everyone a favour and shut the fuck up. You're boring. You're un-original, you're a liar. You try pick out good things about your opponents and then have the decency to refer to them as taking care of business. You compare me to everyone else. How, dare you. Because little miss champion beats some nobody's she thinks she can toss aside thee Sheridan Müller like I'm nobody. I cannot wait for Showdown, I cannot wait to have you beat in the ring. I thirst for you. I want pictures, I want videos, I want you to see yourself on the floor, in the middle of the ring, with your shoulders on the mat, as the referee raises my hand in victory, and hands me your title. Your championship. It will be mine. You have this idea, this delusion that you can beat me because you want it more? That's cute. Did mother tell you to say that? I bet it's not about winning it's about taking part too right? Awh, Cailin still thinks she's six years old. She thinks she's still having a match with the cancers of the division. Please, hand me a sick bag. I will win. I will beat you because I am better than you. I excel in the ring. I put the E into EAW. It stands for efficiency, not for elite. You talk a big game, Cailin, you have these little building blocks with encouraging words and past victories sprawled on them. You ask me to talk to people who have been in the ring with you? Tell you what, why don't you fly your bitch ass to Germany, totter off your plane, go find wrestlers who, you know, are actual wrestlers. Ask them what it's like to be in a ring with me. Be it at sundown, Showdown, Reasonable Doubt, your house, my house, your bed, my bed, Eris' house, anyone's, fucking, house. I will be in a ring with you. I will be superior to you. I will either have your shoulders on the mat or you tapping against the mat, and I, Sheridan, will become EAW's newest, coolest, and the best Specialists Champion there has ever been, and will ever be. You say don't focus on the future, Cailin? To focus on the now? Do you want your corrections through the post or in the ring at Showdown, because you are incredibly wrong. Because in the future. On Showdown. I'm going to break you. Tschüss now, auf wiederhören, whatever. I have to go take care of my hunger and my lip. Can't be having a poorly lip when I take your championship off you now, can I? ''
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Showdown #1
So this is the plight that they will give me. It’s fine though, I’m not the one who backs away from challenges. I never will be. I’ve said over and over again that this title will be defended anytime, anywhere. Eris spent time trying to downplay me. She stands up there now in the same shoes as I was when she mocked me in January. She’s standing high and mighty on her pedestal and resting back on her laurels. Look at how often she walks into that ring and risks losing her title. Yet I’m about to experience a first with the Specialists title. It’s going to be defended in back-to-back weeks. That wasn’t even an original stipulation with this belt. But do you see me shedding tears and writing up petitions? There are Vixens in this company who would use this as an opportunity to mount a soapbox and bitch and moan until the sun went down, and then continue that for days and days after. For such a second rate title, not another person in this whole company can say they are a fighting champion like I can. This belt is defended more often than any other, and I keep coming out week after week, ready for any challenge they throw at me. Yet our Vixens champion will somehow deem me weak because of this. What foolish logic. I’ll defend Eris in saying she shows up for her title matches — when she actually has them. I won this title in December, and I’ve already defended it four times. Showdown will mark the fifth time. Compare opponents though, right? They aren’t as different as you make it seem. I’m not going to get into particulars, but enough about you.
Sheridan, you had one hell of a win over Vanessa Holiday, but I never had any doubt you would win that match. I mean from the time I saw you were booked in a contender match, I knew it was going to be you. Don’t get anything twisted, it’s just the respect I have for you. There’s a reason the last couple challengers have been the girls they’ve been. I look at all the new girls showing up here and I know this isn’t the same EAW it used to be. There are so many girls hungry to reach the top, and so many looking for a quick path there. It’s only natural that I get looked at as a cannon to launch you there. To any Vixen out there who thinks being the Specialists champion is easy? Forget it. And to anyone who thinks it’s automatically a chance to compete for the Vixens title? Well usually it isn’t. But that stipulation came up from the mouth of our Vixens champ because the idea was pitched to have champion vs. champion. It’s only natural that after I levied the challenge last month, she has now altered the stipulation herself, demanding I complete another challenge before she’s willing to face me. You see, it’s pure strategy. She isn’t thinking about facing you, Sheridan. And that’s a dame shame. Because you’re a rough and tough little blonde-haired ass kicker that’s looking at me with bright eyes. She’s looking at Showdown and Voltage as ways to wear me down before a potential match with her. And the ultimate prize for her would be me not even making it there.
You’ve always been the last thought on her mind. But despite the fact that I have to face her mentor Heart Break Gal, with Eris right there trotting at her side, my first focus this week is on you. It’s all shifted there from the moment I learned their plan to have me defend the title again so soon. And you know what? I think you’re just as worthy as the last few challengers. You earned it. Hell, you haven’t been here long, but you were given a chance and you won. I congratulate you on that. But now I remind you of the challenge you have ahead of you. I don’t even know what you know about me. This will, of course, be our first meeting, but I’m sure hardly our last. When you’ve been around here for a bit, you have a way of sniffing out talent and knowing when it’s going to tick around and thrive. It’s easy to see this talent glowing from you. But it should also be easy for you to see the roll I’ve been on, too. The more challengers I face, the stronger I get. Some of the other champions might not know it or they might be worried about fatigue, but I’m not getting tired. I’m hungry and I’m humble, and I’m always ready for that next meal. It would be way too easy to look beyond our match and get caught in the crossfire of thinking about the future. It would be so easy for so many of the Vixens not named Cailin Dillon to do exactly that. But that match against HBG? Fuck it. If I don’t come ready to win this match and take care of business, then that one doesn’t even matter. What matters to me the most is keeping the legacy I’m building with this title rolling. And after I take care of that this week, then I’ll think about a match with Eris at Reasonable Doubt, where I have no doubt I can end her reign as champion. But you have to make sure you don’t get caught thinking about that future, too. What an enticing thing for them to hang above your head, like they’re treating a young Vixen as if she’s a kitten doped up on catnip with a toy hanging above her head just out of reach. I can only imagine the grand dreams you will inadvertently have of rolling on the mat holding both titles in your clutches. But first things first, you take on the most determined Vixen in the whole damn division. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of believing Eris is the best. She’s already fallen into her own trap with that line of thinking.
I will come to Showdown and I will be ready for whatever you think you can throw at me. Stand across the ring and throw your darts as you try and strike the bulls eye that takes me out, but I can promise you there will be nothing but pure frustration when you find that I still drive my shoulder up, or claw to the ropes to break a hold or stand there with blood dripping from my face as I refuse to let the lights go out. Because this is not about anything personal between us. I barely know you past the promising career I see on your horizon. This is about taking care of business and this is about doing the same thing I do everytime they put a challenger in front of me. You can give me all you have and you can attempt to take me to the brink of extinction, but I will still be standing and I will be the one that pins you for the win in the end. As nice as I might seem, I will never break away from the cerebral style that has made me so successful. Just when you think you have me beat, I raise and hit you with that Texas Two-Step out of nowhere. And right when you think you’ve got me on the ropes, I spin you away from completing that maneuver and my boot strikes you right between the eyes. This is just how I operate, Sheridan. I’m not going to beat you because of talent or experience. I’m going to beat you because I want this more. You might think your desire to become a champion outweighs my will and determination to remain a champion. My time as the Specialists champion is long from running its course, and my destiny will not be to let it go this early.
If you do know anything about me, it might be this reputation I’m building. While Eris sees herself as the top Vixen in the company because of that title, anyone who has experienced facing Cailin Dillon in a ring will tell how tough it is. My reputation precedes me by now. I hope you take it seriously, because if you don’t you won’t have a chance to start with. I’m not stupid or naïve, and I know what it must mean to you to be having this title chance. But I’m not sure if you understand what it means to me. This has been everything I’ve worked for to this point. And the closer I got, the harder and harder I worked. And after I got it, I didn’t let up. I just kept working and working at it. And that’s why the first woman to hold this title is more of an afterthought at this point. My hard work and determination is not only why I won this belt, but why I remain champion to this day. It’s why the big opportunities keep coming, and it’s why I keep turning even the hungriest challengers away. If I seem confident, it’s because I truly am. It’s not confidence about beating you because I think I’m better than you, though. It’s confidence that I’m ready for whatever you bring into that ring. It’s confidence that I will still be the Specialist’s champion after Showdown. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride you’ve had to this point, and as I’ve said before it is far from over for you. But you’re about to enter one hell of a war on Showdown, and this tornado is gonna blow you away.
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Dynasty Promo #4

PicPerfectMichaels has uploaded a photo:

PicPerfectMichaels left a comment:

Michaels: “I tell you , after a long day of training Akio Inoue (the greatest short term trainer I’ve ever met), there’s nothing better than sipping overpriced champagne, in an overpriced Suite at a five star hotel, while posting status updates via an overpriced smartphone.  It seem like the only thing I keep that isn’t exorbitantly priced is @DustinBrach’s mother.  You give her a dollar, and you can do whatever you want, wherever you want.  Is that personal enough Dustin?  Have you ever stopped to ask why I didn’t elaborate more on why I think you’re a total waste of space in this match?  It’s because much like rest of Dynasty’s audience, I can help but to get this irresistible urge to change the channel whenever I see that crime against humanity that you call a face.  But that was until I heard your little rambling press conference.  Now don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t give half a shit about what an uneducated, Michaels’ envy suffering, hater like you would have to say about me, or anyone else in this match, but at least you can respect that we’re are actually trying to accomplish something other than making a horse’s ass out of themselves.  But I have no respect for you Dustin.  You see I heard your foolish words regarding the New Breed Championship.  See it might just be some leather and gold fastened together to you, but to everyone who has more than two brain cells it represents so much more.  It represents a milestone, a first step if you will, on a path towards greatness (that thing that waved bye bye to you long ago) just think of all the great competitors who haveheld that title, and how it propelled them to even bigger and better things.   But there’s more than that,  you see when you disrespect a championship, you disrespect the company it belongs to.  And seeing as how EAW is the largest promotion of its kind you’ve essentially pissed all over the sport of professional wrestling.  And I will not stand for professional wrestling’s equivalent to a kid who ate worms in school, disrespecting this great sport! 

So congratulations pal, you got my attention.  And as reward you’re now my number one target in this match.  Me winning this one is just a shred more important than making sure as hell that you don’t.   So get ready, because at Rising Tide you get to see what’s so intimidating about the socialite that took men like Y2Impact, Ryan Savage, Mister DEDEDE, Tig Kelly, and Zack Crash to their absolute limit! 
And that goes for the rest of so called competition as well.
It goes for scrubs like Kevin Hunter, who are better suited for detailing my cars than stepping into the ring.  Tell me Kevin, what type of chance does a no talent, piece of white trash like you, stand against a superior athlete like myself?  What makes you think that riding around on a motorcycle with a bunch of other half-witted morons, makes you qualified to compete for a shot at the New Breed Championship in any way, shape or form?  Yes you can take a punch, but simply being able to have your ass handed to you wasn’t enough to beat that good for nothing prick Dustin Brasch, and it sure as hell will not be enough  when you stand against best EAW has to offer, ME!
And Warbeard, I would have called you losing your debut match a disappointment, but that would imply that I had any sort of expectations of you.  You proved last week that you’re nothing more than a giant oaf, who would be more respectable as a side show freak, than as a wrestler.  You’re pathetic Josh, plain and simple.  You have neat limitless strength, but you lack the tiniest sliver of talent to apply it in the ring.  You are one of the tallest, and heaviest competitors in the ring, But you’re so unskilled that all it adds up to is you being slow and clumsy.  That’s why you got your three hundred pound ass kicked!  And don’t expect this week to fare any better, because Live in the Tokyo Dome, in front of all my followers, you will get the privilege of seeing my in ring skill, up close and personal!
@DennisCaffrey why are you even bothering to show up?  We all know that you don’t have what it takes to win in this one.  Because This isn’t just another wrestling match.  There won’t be any chinlocks, armbars, or rear amateur take downs.  This is a war, and if you think that any of those ‘Collegiate level skills’ will save you, then you can bet your ass that you will be the first causality.  And even if you could somehow survive this match, how in their right mind would want to see a bland, dull, boring, individual who is avoid of any type of charisma, or personality,  like you compete for a championship?  Hell not even that old geezer grandfather of yours would want to see you wearing the New Breed Title around your waist. 
And to Keith Bathory , yes I know you’re following me, all my haters do ;-) , I would just like to say that you should probably try and get back together with you cousin, because he was always the more talented between the two of you.  Maybe if you get down on your hand and knees, grovel a little, and kiss his ass, he might just agree to carry your ass to watchable matches.  Or at the very least, make you look semi-credible when when you step into a wrestling ring.
Now I know there has some misinformed dunce out there who’s probably about to type up something about how Caine Kronin is going to kick ass, take names, raise hell, and walk out with his hand raised this Friday.  Now let me state for the record that while Caine has an intensity that few others possess, that intensity will only get you so far.  Yes you might have been able to psych out and overwhelm a single overmatched foe.  But let’s see how you do when you have nine men who’ve all placed a target on your back, because the true measure of greatness isn’t what you do when you’re the hunter, it what you do when you are the hunted!  And when you’re in a wrestling ring, I am the ultimate predator.  The top of the food chain, and if you just happen to be unfortunate enough to be in the ring with me Caine, I will devourer you (no homo)
@JunNobunaga could you do us all a big favor, and cut it out with this overly pretentious crap.  It’s starting to wear a bit thin.  Watching you wrestle isn’t art, it more like a child’s drawing that you put up on the refrigerator.  You know it’s as ugly as a dog’s ass, but you sit, and smile so as not to break the kid’s feelings.   That’s kinda how it is with you, a few well-meaning people said something along the lines of ‘oh my Jun, that’s such a good headlock, It’s so pretty.’  And you being too feeble minded to know better, took their words at face value.   Well at Rising Tide, you will be going toe to toe with a true Rembrandt of the ring.  A master of the squared circle, whose prowess in the ring, is matched by only by his amazing looks, incredible personality, and endless charisma!  And after I’m done with you, the world will rightfully cast you aside like those cheap, knock off paintings that starving artist sell out of a truck.
Which leaves me with two good for nothing, Michaels envy suffering, over hyped, under developed sacks of worm excrement.
@MarcusCreedMX-13 when will you ever learn that anything you could do, I can do better?  You can strike, well so can I.  You can grapple, well so can I.  Now granted, you can do it better than most, but at the end of the day, I will always do it better.  And you know that don’t you?  That’s why you’re not all over the place running your mouth about how you consider yourself to be supremacy, when all you are is a waste of the psychical gifts you possess.  That’s why you’re not trying to brag about any of your past accomplishments (not that you had any but still) and most of all, that is why you’re not trying to do something as idiotic as claim that you would ever stand a chance of beating me!  We’ll guess what, you’re absolutely right.  You aren’t even in my league.  I’ve battled it out with the biggest stars that EAW has, and you know what they will tell you?   That Mark Michaels is everything he claims to be!  So when I say that I can whip Marcus Creed’s ass all over the Tokyo Dome, with one arm tied behind my back, you better believe that I can, and will guaranteed!
@DonnyDiamond  I would say I was saving the best for last, but that would be a lie that no one who isn’t suffering from brain damage would ever believe.  You know something Don, I’ve talked a lot about how you’re too old, and washed up, and broken down, but I only say that because it’s true.  You’re not a wrestler, you’re a charity case that EAW can use as a tax write off.  I mean do you know how much better the hard working men and women of the ring crew would have it if we didn’t have to pay your salary of a two dollar cigar, and a go with Dustin’s mom?  That’s why I’ll make you a deal, you announce your retirement from professional wrestling before Friday, and I won’t have to dominate, and embarrass you.  Sound good Don?  Of course it does, so why don’t you just go ahead and make it official, before I have to go and plant my boot right up your asshole.  Again!
Now before any of you start with that “Mark Michaels is just an over privileged S.O.B. who can’t wrestle” garbage, first could you be any less original? I mean at this point that seems to be the only thing that anyone ever seems to say.   And you would think that after the ass whipping I laid on the last few guys who said that would serve as an example to all of you  haters in the locker room.  Second, You all should know by now, that my skills in the ring are unmatched by any other, not by Tig Kelly, not by Zack Crash, not by anybody.  In fact it is The same technical ability I showcase week after week,  that is the same one that has brought me a legion of followers.  It is the same never give up brand of toughness that I display in every single match, is the same one has led those followers elect me as their undisputed Social Media Champion.  They recognize me for how great I truly am.  They know that I am the Destiny of Dynasty, The Brightest Burning Star that EAW will ever know, the #Hero to millions upon millions of people from every corner of the globe.  And even if you haters can’t see it right in front of you,  the man who will win this Hell’s Warpath match, and go on to become the next EAW New Breed Champion!
And for your sakes, I hope you boys have prepared yourselves for the fight of your lives.  Because in just three days, Live on Dynasty, in front of a sold out crowd of my followers, in a match where there are no rules, in a match where young career’s will be shortened, and possibly ended, we are all going to Hell, So Picture That!  #Dynasty #HellsWarpath #InTheBag"
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Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 17th 2016, 12:18 am by The Consigliere
I have taken hits that could have broken my neck or snapped my shoulder out of its socket. I have taken losses that no one thought I could rise back up from. But despite the pain and the misery, the suffering I've had to endure from getting beaten to nearly the end of my career, I walk onto the next scene unaffected and exploding with greatness because I don't want to be seen as anything less. Never have I twitched at the sight of my foes. Never have I considered having a crawling rodent tell me what I can and can't do, or dictate when my end is going to be because only I decide my fate.

Cailin dear you make my heart melt with such kind words, but luckily I can still smell the bullshit creeping out from right under your shirt. I just wish you would have come at me with everything you have instead of getting yourself involved in matters you don't understand. I know I already make fun of you as is for having "Cailin Moments" where you make downright laughable ignorant decisions that make you look even more pathetic and desperate, and I know that sometimes you have no control over these situations, but Voltage night, it's been clear that you had the chance to politely say no and leave while your pride was still intact. You had every chance to reject being another punching bag to Hexa-gun, but you're just a glutton for punishment. Nobody was promising you golden opportunities and a safe landing for every time you fall, and yet you still decide to jump off a plane and into the vast ocean with nothing but a life vest, still hanging on for dear life not even knowing if you could survive another day. You decide that the only way to finally pick up a victory over the devil is to become one yourself and align with others who would do the bidding for you, so you can hog all the glory in the unlikely event that you win, but easily shrug it off and pretend you had nothing to do with this mess once the inevitable happens and Hexa-gun humiliates you once more. That's pretty much your gameplan, isn't it? Join this mediocre crusade led by Ashten Cross, who hasn't even competed since who-the-hell-even-cares, you are coming in with the confident look on your face as a player of a team with whom you are uncertain you'd mesh with in terms of skills, let alone get along with because while you think this is nothing but a training ground where you could practice your maneuvers and say "oh well" when you lose once more, others tend to think of it as something more serious for the fact that more important things like Championships and careers are on the line if they don't do what the general manager asks, as they are driven only by the beliefs injected in their brains, nothing more. That's not even the worst part, Cailin! The worst part is having to sit in front of the computer early in the week and listen to your pointless ramblings that in no way has anything to do with what exactly your purpose is in this team other than the played out "to have a vixen" rationale that seems to have worked so fucking well when you were in The Iconomy.

What are you even fighting for, Cailin? Why are you willing to stand alongside someone else and become a soldier in the battleground if this whole situation isn't doing you any favors? Do you not realize that in the unlikely event that you actually have this won, after Ashten Cross collects his checks and lives happily ever after, you'll be nothing to him other than what you've always been -- a worthless bag of hot air? Or do you actually think that people believe in you enough to see this as anything symbolic? Take a look at EAW after Lucian Black, the golden son of EAW, "rescued" it from Zack Crash. Dynasty Wrestling is back on the EAW programming, and yet other corrupt names have surfaced to take his place, and walked around with the power in their hands, pursuing the kind of world they want their elitists to inhabit, not because they give a rat's ass about their careers, but because they enjoy being in power promoting the same filth that Zack Crash did. In our past exchanges, you often asked what exactly is it Hexa-gun does, and I never really bother to answer because I always knew it was just something I don't want to discuss with the feeble-minded, yet here you are Cailin. You stepped in the world I live in outside of killing worthless Vixens like yourself. You have taken your swiss army knives and camo pants, you are out for war and you've chosen the side to fight on, and I am here to tell you you are choosing wrong. Let me introduce you to my world -- the world of survival, the world of extreme, the world that the Specialist Champion should damn well be happy about since you're all about barrier-shattering matches that test the credibility and competence of Vixens in this world of animosity. Hexa-gun fights off people in power in order to bring back this company's traditions. Hexa-gun fights for Extreme. Dominance is our ambition. Violence is our code. And people like Ashten Cross and Zack Crash can't stand getting out of their comfort zones and just let the dominant forces stand at the top because we threaten the familiar, we threaten their peace. They sent the Anti-gun, they sent The Iconomy, they sent The Higher Power, and, Cailin, they all were aspiring stars who foolishly thought they could make a name for themselves at our expense, they were all CERTAIN that they would finally end Hexa-gun, but each and every time they failed, and they were forced to regroup before being sent packing their bags. What makes Team Cross so special if they were derived from the exact same formula, and would certainly end the same way? How can you even say you stand a chance? Because Cailin Dillon is so fucking special? HAH.

I see a glow on your face, a smirk of satisfaction knowing that somebody has pitied you enough to actually take interest in your matches and watching the risks that you've taken on a weekly basis, and it was finally time to move you up to the big leagues, but you know damn well that the only reason they picked you is because they think you're inspired and angry enough at Eris and The Heart Break Gal, you couldn't wait to finally win over Hexa-gun, when they don't know the reality that you don't even care how many matches you have lost and you're perfectly satisfied being nothing but our bitch. This company has nothing to lose if you wound up stepping out from injury or quitting for being unable to handle the pressure that comes with being in the heat of the battle with The Heart Break Gal, and you certainly don't have the physical strength to actually, even once, one-up her in a match. While you spent a lot of your time talking about our differences and similarities, you forgot to mention that I stand with the rare gems and diamonds with this industry, while you're no different from the next dirty pebble. You're a disposable commodity, Cailin, and nobody is going to miss you when you're gone, because you are no different from the likes of Vanessa Holiday or Aria Jaxon, anyone could easily replace you. I suggest you start moving, Cailin. Walk away. You have no purpose here, no endgame. And if we are alike like you suggest you would stop sticking your nose where it doesn't belong and focus on what you do best, which from what I can tell is very limited given your credentials. But something tells me you would do the exact opposite anyway, and believe me, nothing makes me happier than outsmarting and out wrestling you like the past hundred times... Just make sure to prepare your apology note to Ashten Cross, explaining why you were completely useless keeping Voltage for him, and why Hexa-gun is still standing as an unbreakable unit... like always.
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EAW Promoz! (Section closed)

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