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 EAW Promoz! (Section closed)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Section closed)

Here you can write promos about shows, Extremist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Section closed) :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 14th 2016, 8:49 pm by El Landerson
[Camera Scene opens when Landerson is talking to Piff Fumador in the hallway while Drew Douglas stops them]

Drew: Excuse me El Landerson but may I get a few moments of your time before your match this Tuesday.

Landerson: Como va?

Douglas: last Tuesday on DCW you lost your match to the Vixen Champion Eris Lecava in then now you will face Drake in Jones this week on Battleground when you team up with Piff Fumador this Tuesday on Battleground So any thoughts El landerson ?

Landerson: Well you see Drew, the reason that I lost my match last Tuesday against Eris Lecava was because they rather for her to win instead of me but that's okay though cause when we beat Drake n Jones in two days then you will see me become your next DCW lightweight Champion at Reasonable Doubt PPV after my other match with Team DCW this week on DCW when I take out Sheridan Muller on DCW this Tuesday until we defeat Drake in Jones this week in our tag team match on Battleground.

Drew: Landerson can you even defeat Drake n Jones this week.

Landerson: if it depends on hows the tag match gonna be cause when me in Piff Fumador beats the living crap outta Drake n Jones in two days then you might see me at Showdown's Reasonable Doubt PPV in challenge for DCW lightweight Champion right after my match with Team DCW this Tuesday night on DCW whenever we Defeat Drake in Jones this week on Battleground.

(Landerson chants DCW in leaves when Drew Douglas Continues talking)

Drew there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen because this Tuesday on Battleground El landerson will be in action when he teams up with his tag Partner Piff Fumador this week on Battleground.

Douglas: So we hope that Landerson can win his match this Tuesday on DCW when he beats up Sheridan Muller on DCW whenever they let El landerson and Piff Fumador defeats them this week on Battleground until Showdown's Reasonable Doubt PPV.

[Camera Scene fades when Landerson is heading back to his Locker Room before his match even begins this Tuesday]
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 14th 2016, 6:11 pm by Victor Maero

Maero walks into the kitchen in the Sanatorium, he open the freezer and removes some leftover ice cream. When he closes the door a child is standing in the doorway with a neural expression. The child walks over to Maero and tugs on his shirt. Maero turns to look at the child and squats down to his level.

Maero: “Hello there. Would you like some ice cream?”

The child nods without changing their facial expression. Maero begins scooping ice cream into three separate bowls.

Child: “You’ve grown. Eclipse has noticed.”

Maero stops mid scoop and looks at the child quizzically.

Maero: “Where did you get that impression?”

Child: “You didn’t jump when you saw me. We believe that you have gotten over your hatred of children.”

Maero returns to scooping ice cream. he chuckles, shaking his head.

Maero: “I suppose I have, tell Eclipse thank you for that.”

Maero hands the child a bowl of ice cream, the kid smiles before walking away. Maero clicks his tongue, the child whips around.

Child: “I will, and thank you.”

Maero: “You’re welcome.”

Maero picks up the other two bowls of ice cream and begins traversing the halls of the Sanatorium.

Maero: “Clark Duncan, you think that I’m so naive as to be a lackey to anyone? I follow Eclipse because he helped me, he freed me. Who do you follow? Is your only goal is to have a winning streak with your title? If so Battleground is where your dream will end...  and mine will begin,”

Maero rounds a corner to see several kids playing chess, as he passes them he moves a knight around on the board.

Maero: “Check... Listen Clark, this week Battleground will be like the gladiatorial coliseums of Rome. You will be the defender, the champion of the gods. I will be the lion you’ve been forced to fight. The rest of The Sanatorium will be the vultures standing by making sure you don’t escape and waiting to feast upon you when you fall.”

Maero rounds another corner to see a large vault door, he stand in silence for a moment before calling over one of the children. He hands her the two bowls of ice cream.

Maero: “Take these to Oz, tell him I’ll be awhile. In fact... you can eat the other one if you want it. Thank you very much.”

Maero winks at the child and ruffles her hair. The girl runs off to complete the task. Maero smiles then diverts his attention back to the door. He walks closer to it and runs his hand along it.

Maero: “Since day one I’ve grown rapidly, like a virus. Every time I lose I eliminate more and more of my weakness. Every time I win I grow stronger. Heart might not be what made me this strong but it helped me stand again after a defeat,”

Maero snickers and cranks the door open, he grunts as the latch opens. On the other side is a stark white room with a wooden chair in the center. A refrigerator sits next to a pipe that comes out of the wall next to the doorway.

Maero: “It’s been awhile since I’ve returned this place, I guess some people just stay in your heart. Oh Caroline how I miss you.”

Maero sits the the chair and strokes the arm rests.

Maero: “Your reign is coming to an end. All hail the one true king, all hail Eclipse Diemos!”

Maero begins laughing hysterically. The scene fades to darkness and Maero’s laughter fades with it.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 14th 2016, 6:03 pm by Aria Jaxon

“Hands down, this is gotta be the weirdest match I’ve had since I’ve been here.”

Something of a laugh punctuated Aria’s previous remark. She kept her phone cradled between her ear and her shoulder as she sat cross-legged on the carpeted floor of her room, placing clothes and whatnot into the open suitcase beside her.

Cloud was on the other end of the call. “You mean teaming with Dachs is weird, or just the whole thing -- the whole idea of you guys facing Carlos and LC -- seems weird to you?”

“Both? Everything? All of the above? I don't know.” Aria replied, laying back on the carpet and staring up at the ceiling. If anyone would’ve known the full extent of whatever apprehension Aria might’ve been feeling this week, Cloud would be that person.

Aww, c’mon, Dachs is alright,” Cloud teased. “I mean, I might be a little biased...but anyway. You got a good partner, Ria, there’s nothin’ to worry about.” Her tone of voice suggested she was doing all she could to reassure her friend.

Aria backtracked a little. “Oh, I didn’t mean he’d be a bad partner. It’s just...we haven’t said two words to each other the entire time I’ve been in the company. Just worried about how I’m gonna mesh with a total stranger, that’s all.” Maybe, if she and Maxwell were slated to have different opponents, Aria wouldn’t have cared. If they were about to face to throw-away adversaries, it wouldn’t have mattered to her what kind of partner she had.

“You’re gonna have to if you guys wanna beat Lioncross and Carlos.” And there went Cloud, hitting the nail on the head, saying out loud what Aria had just been thinking to herself.

She supposed she couldn't get mad at Cloud for stating the obvious. Aria sighed. “I know! Believe me, Cloudy, I know. Maybe I’m making more of it than it is? It’s not like this is the first time I’ve had a match against people I thought were my friends.”

“After all the times we faced each other, I think I would know,” Cloud mused with a laugh. “Only thing I can say is, worry about your match, and don’t sweat anything else. Nothing else. You know what I mean.”

Aria rose from her spot on the floor and plopped down on the edge of her bed. “I could kinda say the same to you. Asshole ex-boyfriends and asshole ex-teammates aren’t really too different, are they?” It was true that there were a lot of parallels between the situations that Aria and Cloud found themselves in at the moment. Maybe that was another thing they’d be able to bond over, being stabbed in the back by someone they thought they could trust. “Haruna can talk in circles and try and justify what she did all she wants. It doesn’t take away from what she did to you. She thinks she’s got the upper hand, and I can’t wait ‘til you make her realize how bad she fucked up. Give her something to write about in that stupid diary.”

The smirk that was surely on Cloud’s face was almost audible in her voice now, in a way. “I got it handled. Same way I know you’re about this close to making Canada’s worst export regret everything he did.”

That wasn’t Cloud’s new state of mind talking. Those weren’t the guesses and predictions of someone who was anxious for revenge and hoping her friend felt the same way. No, Cloud was completely right. She knew what Aria was thinking. A slight smile creased Aria’s expression. “You’re never wrong, Cloudy.”


Ahead of their match last week, Carlos Rosso said that, odds were, he and Lioncross weren’t about to be some sort of second coming of Dynamite Rain. He was coming off an admittedly-shocking loss to Drastik at King of Elite, and rather than let it throw him off for the foreseeable future, he decided to get his Showdown tenure started off on the right foot. Carlos saying he didn’t expect he and Lioncross to conduct themselves like an iconic tandem in the making wasn’t the backhanded remark of someone who was still reeling from a loss. No, he was being honest. He was saying what we were all thinking. Sticking Carlos and Lioncross together might’ve been some sort of fantasy match-up, maybe, but it was never a team anyone expected to see as a long-term thing. I’ll be honest, I never expected to see them team up more than once, especially not back-to-back weeks. What I did expect -- and I think I speak for a lotta people -- was for them to be an effective team. Not a perfect team, but an effective one. I didn’t honestly think Clark (bless his heart) and the guy who served as Cam's punching bag for a few weeks were gonna be able to put them away, and I was right. The two of them just clicked, and you know what they say -- if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.

Carlos and Lioncross were (and still are) an unlikely pair that seems to fit for whatever reason, and it’s safe to say my partner and I this week are hoping to capture a little bit of that magic for ourselves. All the television spots leading up to Showdown are honest to God reading “Lioncross & Carlos Rosso vs. Aria Jaxon & Maxwell Dachs”, and no one seems to believe this is actually happening. I’m not gonna lie, my eyebrow is still raised. I’m still grappling with the concept of teaming with someone I don’t know to take on not only two of the most capable guys on the whole roster, but two of the people I respect the most, too. It might be safe to say Maxwell’s a little underrated. He’s not to be slept on. Granted, he spends most of his time nowadays doing super weird in-ring segments with Team DCW, but still. He didn’t have any reservations about taking it to Jaden over the Intergalactic Title or whatever last year, so we know the guy can go. Maxwell’s more than comic relief. He’s more than the leader of probably the weirdest collective this company has ever seen. He’s my partner this week, and I’m more than inclined to think we’re gonna make this work.

Lioncross and I have seen a lot of each other the last couple months. At the risk of making myself sound even younger than I am, I grew up watching him, so I was pretty excited when he showed up a few months back. Every step of the way since then, he’s proven why he was a force to be reckoned with in the first place. I spent a lot of time serving as the buffer when he and Brett started butting heads. It was like taking up a referee gig I never asked for. Every time words were exchanged between them backstage, I was there. Every time they beat the holy hell out of each other during a match, I was at ringside. Even though it was clear where my loyalty was at the time, I never really had any reason to have an issue with Lioncross. I didn’t think it went beyond that, though, so color me surprised when he intervened on my behalf a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think I ever got to properly thank you for that, Lioncross...so I guess now is as good a time as any to do that. There was no gun held to your head, and you didn’t have to run out there. You could’ve told yourself that you’d dusted your hands of Brett and whatever he did from there on out was none of your business, but you decided to jump in and help me out.

That’s how I know where your head will be this week. I know it’s all business on my end, because I’ve got absolutely nothing against you and Carlos, but now I know to expect the same from you. There’s no such thing as an ulterior motive for me on Showdown; just me and my partner trying to get a win over you and yours, that’s it. I think you, of all people, can respect that. Ever since you returned, every win you’ve racked up has only served to back up the collective belief that you’re one of the best to ever lace up a pair of boots. Do you see the opportunity I’m being presented with? I get to rub elbows with two of EAW’s best now. I’ve spent the better part of the last few months having almost as many intergender matches as I have Vixens contests, and I guess this is just another one on the list. My partner and I are being dropped into the ring against two of the biggest threats on the roster, and you have to believe I’m gonna make the most of it. You’ve always given me my props. You’ve said for months now that I’m one of your favorite competitors in the Vixens division, and now I have to back up that hype. I have to remind you that your faith in me hasn’t been misplaced, and in order to do that, I have to beat you.

Few people on the roster are as dangerous as you are, Carlos, but I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that. Clark and Cage made a bunch of mistakes last week, and if we’re being real, God only knows how much time I’d waste if I tried to list them all. Ignoring the rest, the most glaring error they made was assuming you and Lioncross “weren’t who you used to be”, whatever the fuck that was supposed to mean. I mean, you’ve never been anything less than a threat and Lioncross has been on a tear since he got back, so I’m not sure what they were going for. In any case, having written you guys off probably set them up for failure. They walked in blind. They hadn’t assessed the threat, and guess what? One well-placed spinning backfist fucked their whole night up. Believe me when I say that’s not a mistake I’m about to make. I know full well the kind of challenge I’m about to be faced with. I’m dealing with former champions here, and I’m keeping that at the forefront of my mind as we get closer to Showdown.

I’ve seen what’s happened to some of EAW’s best and brightest at your hands, Carlos. You’ve taken them to their limits. When a match is over, after the final bell has sounded, seeing a supposedly-dominant wrestler reduced to a humbled heap at your feet isn’t an uncommon sight. I know what I’m walking into. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d been across the ring from someone who very well could’ve ended my career if I didn’t stay on my toes. Now, I’m not saying you’re coming into this match with cruel intentions or anything, but I’m saying that, malicious intent or not, you’re not to be fucked with. This might be an uphill battle for Dachs and I, considering who we’re up against. While I can’t speak for him, I just hope you know I intend to give it my all on Showdown, Carlos. The fact that I even have the guts to step in the ring with you after seeing firsthand some of the dominant performances you’ve put on since I’ve been here should tell you everything you need to know about me. Your lethal fists and educated feet are about to do everything humanly possible to stand between me and a win, and I’m gonna do everything I can to stave off defeat. We’ll see which one of us gets our way.

I know what this match looks like on paper, and I’m hard-pressed to disagree. It’s a virtual dream team facing off against an unlikely tandem...and “unlikely” is putting it lightly. The truth about last week was that Carlos and Lioncross just had to agree to hold it together long enough to come away with a win, and they did. In that regard, this week might be like looking into a mirror for them. They proved that even the most mismatched teams can get the job done -- and Maxwell and I can do it, too. 

All hail.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 14th 2016, 5:53 pm by Mstislav
(The scene opens up to the throne room, now it ruins. The throne stands but with its back rest torn, and the color faded. The banners that once were scattered around the room, are now torn and shredded lying on the ground. The columns are all but weathered, and look as if they could collapse any second. Aren sits on the throne, while water seeps from the ceiling, and in silence you can only it fall to the ground.)


(A replay pops of Aren, tweaking his ankle and being hit with the Glasgow Smile and fades)


(Another replay pops up with Aren being with the second Glasgow Smile, and him being pinned.)


(Another replay, except this time it was of the Sanatorium members interfering in the match.)

(After the replay, Aren stands from the throne and stays still in silence. The water starts dripping to the ground and with it the echo fills the room. Aren starts to make his descent down the throne stairs and finally he speaks again)

I didn’t lose, if anything I am the real winner of what has just happened. Now with the time I was absent, with the time I was gone, with the week that Showdown thought they could do without me, I was thinking. Thinking of what went wrong, thinking of how this could’ve happened, and thinking of what to do next. And in that thinking I hit something, a realization if you will, that I am the truly feared throughout this company. Hell I had a hunch that this was possible, but I didn’t believe it until the King of Elite when the top fighter came to meet in that one ring. Now Lucian, I’ll give him credit, but he was dominated in that match for 75% of the time, so he became irrelevant by the time things went awry. But what of Eclipse, what happened to him, well he called forth his brothers, and while he may say something different, we all know why. Eclipse was coming into a war, a war that he was not a part of until that very night, but in doing so he knew he couldn’t win, unless he had help. Now what I am saying here if you aren’t following, is that Eclipse came into the match afraid, he was not ready, but he knew that ONI and Maero would follow him no matter what so he brought them out against me and Lucian. And in doing so he showed me that he was afraid. During that week I knew he was afraid, hell he knew he was going to beat Liam and the others, but he didn’t know if he was going to win against me. During that week when we spoke to one another, he tried to act calm and collected, but inside he was frightened. That is why he didn’t speak to me again that week. No he said what he wanted to, but only because he knew if I came back at him, I would finally unearth the real Eclipse. And then the match, happened, then the family came out, and Eclipse won. But in doing so he showed that he is nothing without a team. I mean before the Sanatorium Eclipse was with the Iconomy, people who did the same god damn thing that Sanatorium is doing, and that’s help their members when they know they’re going to fail, and Eclipse himself only had one feud before joining them, and that was against Gabriel Eden, the failure of man, that Eclipse lost to might I add. So it is no surprise to me, because all this just proves is that nobody can beat me fairly. Am I that feared, am I that feared that people must attack me from behind, must cheat, must blind me, must gang up on me to get a win. Because It’s been that way with my title matches, and now it has extended to big time matches such as King of Elite, Am I that feared, and the answer is yes, I am. You see when I was thinking, when I was by myself and had nothing to do, I reflected on that, and have the answer that I am the most feared being here in EAW.

I’ve beaten Gods, Immortals, Future Legends, and Legends themselves, and my momentum is ever going. No matter what anyone says, they could say I am slowing down, or that I’m just getting started, or that I need to take a step back and rethink everything, but really what do they know about me. Nothing that’s right. And hell you can see that with the way they booked me this week. They want me to face an upstart named Aiden Deimos, why him I don’t know. They probably want me to get back into the rhythm, when I don’t need to. Hell I have no idea what to say to the guy because he’s not said anything at all. He’s scared, but what are you going to do with a person like that. He must have gotten someone mad that they’re putting him against me, but I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on him, he is just a small child in a big world, and has yet to do anything with that career of his. But still should he get out of his shell then good for him, because I am not thinking about our match anymore at this point. I am thinking of how I am going to get that championship. Because Crown or not I am taking what is mine.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 14th 2016, 9:34 am by Brayden Cruise


Now I'm sure after what took place on Showdown there are a few guys in the back who probably thought they saw they last of me. After what I went through on Showdown I know there's more then one guy in the back who actually believes they won't ever see me again. Well those people should probably think again because even though I went through hell on Showdown. Even though I suffered the worst beating then I can ever remember receiving I still feel I have something to prove and as for Drazin. You did something on Showdown that not many other guys in the world of wrestling can do, but you made a mistake. After all that you put me through on Showdown Drazin you made one mistake because I"M STILL FUCKING STANDING and I'm coming right for you. You will find out what it truly means to suffer. I will get my revenge Drazin and when I do I can promise you that I won't be making the same mistakes you've made. I will make you suffer and you won't be walking away like I did after our match on Showdown. YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA what I am capable of doing and Drazin you will soon find out exactly what I will do. You and I aren't finished Drazin, NOT BY A FUCKING LONG SHOT.

What makes you think I won't get my revenge?


For weeks I've been telling the world that I'm something they don't want to see because I am capable of doing things nobody has ever done before. I can do things that nobody will ever want to see again and for that reason I feel that I'm somebody who should be standing at the top of the ladder. Instead I'm being put in FUCKING DEATH MATCHES and I'm still being looked at as a joke. Like somebody who really isn't a threat to anybody else on the roster. After what took place on Showdown I'm probably the last person anybody expects to make any sort of impact this week. Seeing as I DON"T EVEN HAVE A FUCKING MATCH it's pretty apparent to me that even EAW management didn't expect me to recover from last week. It's pretty obvious that everybody thought that I'd be gone for good and never to be heard from again.


Honestly I've gone through my whole life dealing with people who either didn't expect me to go anywhere or didn't really want me to go anywhere with my life. People who knew they wouldn't live the life they always wanted so they wanted me to fail. That's the thing about people these days because nobody ever wants to see anybody do anything better then them. Nobody wants to see or hear of anybody else making more money or living in a bigger house then them. Yet those same people have no problem talking about how much they make to somebody who makes less then them. They have absolutely no problem talking about the house they own to somebody who rents a one bedroom apartment. Everybody wants to be more important then everybody else, but what they don't realize is that sooner or latter all that bragging will come back and bite them in the ass. All that talk about how much they make really won't mean anything when they're left without a job. Even worse, what happens if they lose that job to the same person they were bragging about making more money then? These days people don't think before speaking they don't think before doing things they will regret later. What took place last week on Showdown is something that Drazin will regret doing. Of course right now he's probably pretty happy about the fact that he not only got out of that match alive last week, but people are actually saying that he made an example out of me.

In my eyes the only thing Drazin did was open mine.

You opened my eyes and you showed me exactly what EAW wrestling is all about because for months I've done nothing, but do exactly what I've been told. Last week Drazin you did whatever you wanted in that ring against me and you got the job done. You defeated me last week and I'm man enough to admit that, but you didn't finish the whole job Drazin. You and I will meet again and when we do it will be my job to show you exactly how to finish the job. You can keep that smile on your face until we meet again because when we do you won't be leaving the ring the same man. That's even if I FUCKING LET YOU LEAVE AT ALL. You can believe you're the better man all you want Drazin, but when that time comes where we meet again. You won't be stepping into the ring with the same man you defeated on Showdown. You won't be entering the ring with the same man you feel you made an example out of last week. The next time we meet Drazin you will be stepping into the ring with the man who is going to END YOU'RE FUCKING CAREER...and that's a promise.

Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 14th 2016, 3:52 am by Beretta
Fuck setting the setting, fuck an intro and just fuck you Alex Redd. You hear me? A jobber? You clueless bastard. That's what you are. You think you're here to clean up the garbage around here. I didn't know that what I do on a week to week basis was garbage. That's real convincing from a guy who hasn't done dick since he got here. 

You think I'm garbage? Is that why I was in the New Breed Battle Royal? Is that why I was just in a number one contenders match for the New Breed Championship? Get your fucking facts straight, you hard on. You think you reap souls but you don't even realize who you're facing. You can't figure out your face from your ass. 

The Beretta....

If this was a text message to your grandma, I'd be inserting that eye rolling emoji right now. Get the name right. It's Beretta...just Beretta. No 'the', no first name or last name. Beretta. Just...Beretta. You know, the guy who's going to kick your ass all up and down Battleground. 

You think you're going to disarm me...with what? Your head in a plastic bag? To top it off, you actually think management gives a fuck about you. You've had the whole week to put something together and that's the bullshit you spew. You're just as bad as Kraven Kings. Like you know who the fuck he is...you don't even know who the fuck I am. 

There's plenty of tape on me in the ring from my matches here in EAW. It's clear you haven't watched one damn match but that must be the way you get richer around here...not! 

You're not getting close to that $50,000...especially after what you just called a promo. If I'm considered garbage, then what the fuck are you? A dingleberry off Ron Jeremy's ass? Get this in your head. This isn't fucking prison. You don't get to drop the soap and get lucky in the showers. No, you drop the soap and get the shit kicked out of you in the ring. In the ring, by me. Redd, just stop. You'll be seeing a lot of red on Monday. Enough of the metaphors and enough of the garbage talk. You literally stand no chance in that ring with me. Good luck, you fucking twatbox.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Section closed)
Post on February 14th 2016, 1:59 am by showster26
Dynasty Promo #1

The Scene opens inside the spa at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Hotel.  Located on the 46th floor, the spa/fitness center offers the ultimate Pampering, rejuvenating, restorative services in accompaniment to a truly breathtaking view of the Tokyo skyline, to those who are fortunate enough to be able to afford it.  It's here that we find EAW's Self Proclaimed Social Media Champion "Picture Perfect" Mark Michaels enjoying a relaxing soak in the hot tub.  

Michaels: "Ahh, this is exactly what I needed after a long day training.  You okay over there John?"

The camera pans over to find Michaels' agent Johnny J, dressed in a three piece suite (along with a look on his face that conveys his slight irritation of having to stand around like a goof while his client gets to  first class accommodations like always)  standing outside of the tub next to Michaels.

Johnny: "I'm fine Mark.  How did everything go at the gym?"

Michaels: "It's called a Dojo in this country Johnny, try to remeber that because I learned the hard way what happens when you don't."

Johnny: "Fine, how did everything go at the Dojo?"

Michaels: "It went amazing, no I mean it went outstanding, no I mean it wen Perfect!  you should have been there, I was killing it out there from  cardio, to sparring, and everything in between.  I tell you come this Friday, those nine nobodies that management somehow thinks is competition to me, won't stand a chance in that Hell's Warpath match. I don't care if I have to eliminate each and everyone of them myself, They're all in for the biggest ass whipping they've ever gotten Come Rising Tide!"

Johnny: "Mark I think you should know that..."

Michaels: "Whoa, whoa, whoa John, I know you want to talk up the poor, unfortunate, sons of bitches who are going to get the privilege of stepping in the ring with me, just so you can ask how I intend to beat them, but you should already know how.  I'm the greatest professional wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots.  I've stood against men like Savage, Kelly, Crash, DEDEDE, Impact, If I've survived against titans like those guys, why the fuck would I care about peons like  Caine Kronin, or Dustin Brasch?  

Especially that Kronin guy.  He comes in, and after all of one match, somehow a bunch of week minded fools think he's a real bad ass.  Let me tell you something, this Friday night the only time the words Bad and Ass will be used to describe Kronin, will be when people talk about just how bad I kicked his ass.  And afterwards he's gonna go and take out all that fury he has out on himself, just like he was that one time when he forgot to lock the bathroom door  and his mom walked in.

But hey at least you can kinda take him seriously in the ring, unlike Dustin Brasch.  Now Dustin, I know you're feeling pretty good after beating that mountain of lard known as Warbeard.  But just because you beat a disgusting, untalented, pathetic waste of perfectly good oxygen, don't start filling you're head with thoughts about how you could actually win this Hell's Warpath match. Because a lame brained, underdeveloped, over hyped piece of introvert crap like you, could never stand toe to toe against the psychical embodiment of perfection that is myself.

And while I'm on the subject of jackass introverts, we have the so called lone wolf Keith Bathory.  Listen pal, you might think your a big, bad, wolf, but in my ring you're nothing but a tiny chihuahua who begs for my table scraps.  So why don't you just run along before I have you neutered, okay?"

Johnny: "That's great but..."

Michaels: "Don't interrupt me please.  Dennis Caffrey will be wrestling this week, and that about all you need to say because no one could ever give two shits about him.  Yeah Dennis, you may have been a good amateur wrestler, but let's be honest here.  You're just another guy who peaked in high school, and can't let go of his few glory days.  Don't try to deny it, we all know it's true.  But I'm a nice guy, and let you have you last moment in the sun, because people will be talking about how I eliminated you for weeks.

Oh, and someone tell Jun Nobunaga that when this match gets labeled a masterpiece, to not try and steal the credit for My hard work.  making this match a must watch event, will be the cherry on top of wining that shot at the New Breed Championship.  And  while I have your attention, try to lose that whole 'Thriller Jacket' vest thing you wears. Maybe give it to Kevin Hunter, because that guy seems to have a fetish for looking tacky in leather.  

 And what can be said of Marcus Creed?  Not a whole lot to be honest.  Marcus is a guy who has the tools, but not the talent.  He has speed, Strength, and decent enough size.  But when the time comes to put it all together, he totally, and utterly, fails every single time. And you know what;'s the kicker?  if he wasn't such an asshole, he probably could have found someone to carry him in his matches.  

And last, and absolutely least, Donny Diamond.  How does it fell to win for once Donny?   I think you set a new personal record for how soon in a year you can get a fluke win, Congrats!  Now it's time for the bad news, you're stepping in the ring with, again, and that means I'm going to have to beat your ass, again!  So before you start with all your bull crap about not being too old, or still able to hang with the new guys, or not needing to worry when your Viagra last for more than four hours, just remember what happened the last time you tried to convince me of all that.

This Friday Night, Live in the Tokyo Dome, ten men are going to Hell.  And while all of them are among the best, and brightest that not just Dynasty, but EAW as a whole have to offer, only one of these men ca claim to be perfect.  And that's me, the Twitter Trendsetter, Instagram Icon, the Hashtag Hero of Million upon millions people from every corner of the world!  The Destiny of Dynasty, The Brightest Burning Star that EAW will ever know, and after the dust has settled from Hell's Warpath, The number one contender to, and future New Breed Champion.  At Rising Tide, I promise that the whole world will be Picturing THAT!"

Johnny: "That's great Mark, But what I was going to say, is the spa is closing for the evening, we have to go."

Michaels takes a long, deep, breath,before muttering obscenities under his breath as he exhales.  Michaels reaches over to grab his towel and exiting the hot tub.

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Post on February 14th 2016, 1:07 am by Barron Brawley
The scene fades into an office building. There are two desks with two female secretaries behind each, answering calls and things of that such. Alexander Redd walks through the door and walks up to the first desk as the lady looks up and greets him.

Secretary: Hi! Welcome to JobHut. Are you looking for a job?

Alex: A job? No. I need some jobbers.

Secretary: Jobbers? I don’t understand.

Alex: Jobbers, lady. You know, guys that come into the ring and just basically get their asses handed to them for a cheap night’s pay because they have no talent what so ever.

The secretary begins to laugh awkwardly in confusement.

Secretary: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

At this point the other secretary takes notice of the situation and comes over.

Other Secretary: Is there something going on, Nikki?

Nikki: Not really, I just think he is in the wrong place.

Alex: Look, I’m here looking for some jobbers. I work for EAW, it’s a wrestling company and I need some guys for a couple shows.

Other Secretary: Okay, we are a staffing agency. We can help you get a job or if you own a company and would like to hire some of our workers then you’d have to set up an appointment to begin that process.

Alex: So you got some wrestlers you employ or what?

Nikki: Wrestlers?

Alex: Yeah. Wrestlers. You know… Piledrivers, body slams..

The two secretaries both begin to laugh out loud while Alex stands there, not so thrilled.

Other Secretary: You’re definitely in the wrong place, sir.

Alex just turns, cursing under his breath and storms out as the scene fades.


I need to find some damn jobbers so I can go ahead and get all these damn idiots out of the way… I’m Alexander Redd damnit… I shouldn’t have to come in here and clean up this places garbage week in and week out. When is the madness going to end? When will the EAW allow me to show my true capabilities in the ring? Instead they keep me chained and leashed like an animal and feed me whatever scraps they can muster up. I have real souls to reap, real bounties to claim. People don’t want to see the Reaper going against the likes of Beretta or Keith Bathory. The people at home want to see the Reaper burying the so called “tough guys” in this company. The Dark Demons, the Mexican Samurais, the DE….DE….DES! Instead I am left to the task of disarming the Beretta. Well it shouldn’t be too hard… And maybe… Just maybe, the EAW will finally get the hint and I’ll be a little richer. Yeah… Richer.

Scene fades black.
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Dynasty Promo # 1

Let’s just take a guess at what same dried up speech I’m going to hear this week from Jaden.

You might as well list them all and e-mail me them every time you recite a speech of yours, because I'm getting tired of having to dig through them myself. You seem to have a problem with me calling myself a great, but if you know my story, you know that I am the greatest of the New Breed. Never should a man have odds stacked against him to the level I have. I hate to be that guy, but I came in as a nobody just looking to display my talent and introduce a new style of wrestling but this couldn’t happen due to being plotted against countless times but countless amounts of people. I single-handedly have proven people wrong time and time again. I defeated Tyler Parker, TLA and Vance all in one night, which essentially sent Vance’s career in a downward spiral only for his career to end later in the week. His buzz hasn't been the same ever since. I've defeated Mark Michaels on three separate occasions. I've defeated Carlos at his “peak” – hard to believe, right? I've defeated Christopher Corrupt. I can keep going on and on and on, but my point is this: I am the greatest of the New Breed, because I've done the most and was given the least. You came into this company and were regarded as rising talent, whereas I was regarded as just another kid on the block. You've boarded a first-class ship when I have had to carve out my own boat and sail it myself. I'm the hyena, and you're the lion. I fight for my share. I'm not trying to discredit you at all – you've done some good things with what you were given. I know you have. But I’ve done better with less. There's a reason why I disrespect you to a rash degree. I can't stand this idea of you looking down upon me. The only reason I have this match is because I slid my way into the system and broke it inside-out. I tried proving my worth for just about a year, and management obviously did not pay attention. That's how I've had all these things happen to me this year, and your time is now up, Jaden Zaxaria. Each and every single week, you talk about your semi-success here. I too beat Maxwell Dachs and I saw you do the same. You being a rising star over me is dumb. I’m tired of that notion and that label isn’t going to mean a thing when I break your spine in front of the entire world on Dynasty this week.. Or maybe... maybe in that mind of yours, it will. Maybe you believe that that label actually helps you in that ring. And that would make you the most delusional man on planet Earth. You're right, I do like running my mouth, but when I spew something out of my mouth, the words mean something. The words are resonant. I don't need anyone to take me seriously, because all that matters is I take myself seriously. When I take myself seriously, I hurt people. Simple. Easy. I hurt others to get what I want, and what I want is to wear gold around my waist and have my voice heard the loudest. Everything that glitters is not gold, but I know a championship  means something. It's what I've chased my entire life, and it's what I will get sooner rather than later.

I never regret anything I’ve done or intend to do. I scratch and claw for my own scraps and I will even use this microphone to pick whatever I desire apart.

I initially thought Chris Elite was a shell of his former-self. That is until I found out the heart and dedication he had in the ring and since being with me he can now silence the entire EAW with what he’s done. Why would I bring him up? Allow me to elaborate. He and I were in a very similar situation and I scratched and clawed for our scraps and guided him to the eyes of this company. Where we stand now, we have matches in history that’ll forever be remembered. You’ve been in this company and have not a single match that anyone will ever remember, Jaden. The cheap shots you take at me before the match turn out to be stupid in the long-run. I guess I’m use to you making a fool of yourself.. I mean you held an imaginary title and lost to a wrestling bear. As a kid, I always envisioned myself holding a championship and doing something with it that was great. That will be my vow as champion. In order for me to achieve that, I must first make a vow to defeat you and every other competitor that shall step in my way from here on. I will live up to my word. I found myself chasing after money when I was a young elitist, but now that I realize I have nothing to lose, I will beat you. No more worries. No more excuses. It's simply me and you in that ring. I can't tell you enough how glad I am of this match and it’s stipulations. The fact that I received this match my own way is what excites me the most. So sit back, Jaden. Have a drink or two to ponder your thoughts, and for the love of all human existence... PLEASE stop playing the same cards you and every other elitist always have. You are guilty of everything you criticize me for, and now that I've pointed that out, the world will turn their backs against you. Just like they did to Vance. Just like they did to Jacob Senn. The hype-train has left Jaden, and in a mere few  days, it will gravitate towards JJ Silva. You said that I complain for what I’m not given? I deserve those things. You want more just as I want more and if you don’t admit that than you’re in the wrong line of work. I’m far more vocal than you are about what’s on my mind and that to you is a problem.. fine. But as for your accusation that I’m not capable of the things I say.. well I guess that accusation has been put to rest.  

It should come to no surprise that I’ve been victimized by many others in this company and even vilified. The perfect example that comes to mind when I think about this though. Many great leaders like Genghis Khan has also been vilified in textbooks all across the world. but has anyone stopped to think that he had a damn good reason to be upset with the world?

It feels like for the last 6 months I’ve been a Malcolm X in EAW. I’ve been Genghis Khan and even Alexander The Great leading a crusade through this company. Just like many men before me, I’m a revolutionary. I’ve had a vision that management has wanted to bury under the ground and me along with it. Since the very day I walked in, I refused to cave to the political answers. I said what I believed and what I wanted to say, and even the so-called veterans did not respect that. I was a renegade. Caring for human morals was simply not a practise of mine. Sure, I have made mistakes. Any great man has. But the mistakes that I have made have been put on a microscope for a plethora of reasons that I didn't understand until now. You see, it's because Dynasty Management fears the man that I will one day become. Dynasty fears the man that I HAVE become. My insolence exists for a reason, however. When you are put under a microscope to the extent that I have, you begin to boil up with feelings of anger and hatred. You start to hate anything that exists anything in the world. For these reasons, I no longer have the same relationships with my family that I once did. I am now an affable human being, and do I like it? No... but it needed to be done. I had to sacrifice things to allow myself to begin achieving my goals. I fought a series of 600-pound gorillas—both by the views of the fans and the company itself—and I've succeeded. That's something not even championship cannot define.

I’ve been allegedly punished by Sebastian Monroe himself by being placed in a match with man the I completely picked apart. This match will be an Extreme Rules match.. No… Holds… BARRED!

So Jaden…

I want to torment you.

I want to be the one that ends your career.

I’m not going to deny you managed to get under my skin. Unlike you, I have no need to deny the facts. As a clear result it led you to the worse beating of your life. Now there are no rules, Jaden. No security to get in the way and all is legal. I can take the sledgehammer to your skull as much as I please and the ref cannot stop me until I’m finished. But let’s get back to the point. I have no problem admitting that you’ve been a big part of this chip on my shoulder since day one. It amuses me that it annoys you when I say I’m this and that, but what drives me insane is that you deny my battle-tested, already proven talent! I know you probably feel as if you have this match in the palm of your hand with a vendetta to get even.. but you couldn’t be more wrong. With that flame burning deep in you I have you playing into the palm of my hands. This match is going to be perfectly sanctioned as when I have you beaten in the pile of heep you deserve to lie in.. the crowd will come unglued from their seats to witness one of the most maniacal beatdowns they’ve ever seen in their lives. I use to want to bring all of them to their feet… and now all I want is to bring them to their knees and see at first hand just what they’ve denied for all of this time. Once all of this is said and done, I’ll walk onto my own path scheming and conniving my way through the system to get my hands on what is rightfully mine.  
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Post on February 14th 2016, 12:07 am by The Heart Break Boy
This has been the story of every single opponent that the Heart Break Boy has faced in his career:

*Opponent's music hits*

*Talks about losing his own chances at title belts*

*Blames HBB*

*Talks about the matches HBB has taken a loss*

*Talks about himself*

*Exalts himself*

*Blames HBB some more*

*Talks about how he can destroy HBB's career*

*Talks about himself*

*Challenges HBB*

*HBB's music hits*

*HBB accepts*


Why can't it be made simple? Why must we have complainers instead of fathers that back up actions behind their word? I guess some things never change in EAW besides the name, faces and domain. Preferences of how we handle things as men never change, I tell you, boy. Besides the fact that I'm excited about facing yet another tough opponent, I'm probably more excited that Pizza Boy is just hours and days away from becoming --- The New National Elite Champion. My eyes will be glued on that match and I can't wait for all the tears, sweat and consistent weeks of hard-work to pay off. And no one else deserves it more than the other half of Stand & Deliver. I also hope Pizza Boy is keeping his eyes on my up-and-coming match against the very hard-headed Scott Oasis. Because just as my match against Brian Daniels motivated him to go out there and try to deliver some gold. This match will prove once you're up and RISING, there are going to be some haters along the way to add the void of all your recent confessions. Scott Oasis believes that I'm wasting time, I should have never faced Brian Daniels for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship and that all I do is --- lose. I can't argue with a man about his own subjective comments. I definitely don't feel the urge to take note of all my accumulated success that I've not only brought to this company but this industry as a whole by the power and grace of God. I don't feel the need to chew and spit out all the filthy and unclean words coming out his mouth.

The only thing that I have to offer are two items. One. My time. Two. My boot. There's no third item but if there was, the choice would be a special vehicle owned by the Prodigal Son. Because you may need it once you feel like regretting ever challenging me. I said the very same words to Brian Daniels in a different aspect. I felt like he chose the wrong savage to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. Of course, he proved me wrong but it was still evident that our match was meant to be. It was already born before we even started it and how it shaped out to be an instant classic should frown upon those that believe I wasn't the one that rightfully deserved to step foot inside that ring for another unexpected opportunity. Also, here's another fact. Scott, you lost to Lucian Black too and not in a typical fashion as I have. You lost to Lucian Black in a fashion that he may be just another whole step in front of you on the runway. Meanwhile, I've done nothing to hinder the eyes of men that I don't deserve the chances that I get. Is it because I "LOSE"? It can't be. In this sport, we win some or we lose some. But even a guy like you should know even in a loss, there's still victory. You have the victory to be able to stand another day, to look back on your loss and come off stronger and better than ever. If you can't abide by these words then you're just a sore loser whom blames the next guy for your own mess. You want to take on the Heart Break Boy to make yourself "feel better"? Not only that, you want to take the phrase out of every other man's mouth of "destroying" the Heart Break Boy's "career?" Like I've always said... You can try but trying only gets you so far.

The only man that can destroy the Heart Break Boy's career is himself. I can only beat myself if I don't show up. I can only lose in this one-on-one bout if I don't stay focus on the task at hand. In a situation like this, you can already tell what method of choice that I have proposed. It has been happening for a while now. I haven't lost a step and won't become bound to your wishes of belittling my entire career, especially when yours has barely been started. You have a long ways to go, young man. Let this be a lesson not only to all of those that have some type of itchy desire to plant their excuses using the Heart Break Boy's name. Let this lesson be learned for you too, Scott. Trust me when I say it but you're going to go through something after this loss. You're going to feel let down by yourself once you realize pride cannot beat the man you're facing. It beats the man that abuses it for himself. You're about to experience firsthand how I won't let it override you. I'm not going to keep it downloaded in your system. I want to furnish all of those corrupt things so your pretentious kind can be humbled. Then later down your career once you've reached a stage as a Hall of Famer, once you've topped them all and have nothing else to prove. You can also stare at your younger self and tell him these same words that I'm speaking to you right now. And that's only if you would listen. Other than that, things could get worse. You can heed my words or you can ignore it for your selfish desires. This will lead for your testimony to be made with "I should've" instead of "I did." Either way, the results behind the win-loss column will remain the same. You know, sometimes, I feel like people are crazy to issue challenges to guys like the Prodigal Son. It's not like you're challenging me. It's like you've openly invited yourself to be imprinted by the notorious Goldprint. So after this is all said and done, you have nobody else to blame.

But Scott Oasis.
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Post on February 13th 2016, 11:56 pm by Marco
Pegasus: For the past few days post King Of Elite, a lot of people has been hammering me with questions regarding the status of my man, Ryan Savage. Now, these people already have it in their mind that Ryan Savage just has failed in his attempts to obtain the Answers World Championship after being decimated by his "brother", Ryan Adams aka Mr. DEDEDE. But what people have chose to ignore is the simple fact that Mr. DEDEDE had to resort to pull everything from his arsenal to put away Ryan Savage. He had to go deep inside the well and bring out the Methuselah that has made him famous. Not the Methuselah that we have seen last year during his run with Mr. Savage but the Methuselah that has brought fear into the hearts of men. So if you think about it for a second my friends in the EAW Universe, how much of a threat he sees in Ryan Savage that he had to take advantage of his God Contract and choose a match that would favor him, he had to bring out the monster that has laid dorment inside of him and let me remind you a lot of people including the once great Robbie V because at one point during their Battle Of Gods at Pain For Pride he made numerous attempts to get Mr. DEDEDE to channel that monster, but Mr. DEDEDE refused to do so because he was confident in his abilities that he can beat the former King Of Extreme without it and he did prove just that. But going into this match at King Of Elite against Mr. Ryan Savage, he didn't feel confident enough in his own abilities that he could walk out with that Championship that he holds right now. But even though Ryan Savage was unsuccessful it didn't harm his stock, he didn't suffer in anyway that could damage his reputation as The Knockout Artist, The Reaper, The Master Of The Freestyle because for the majority if not all of 2015 and so far in this year there hasn't been a man in this ENTIRE roster that has been successful to pin Ryan Savage for the three count or have been fortunate enough to make him TAPOUT. You can go back and say at Shock Value that Brian Daniels was the man to pin Ryan Savage but in all fairness he had help with a thing called a cage and Mr. DEDEDE who was gunning for Ryan Savage's neck but despite that there hasn't been a single soul that can make that claim! Mr. DEDEDE knew this which is why all he can do at that point at King Of Elite to incapacitate Mr. Savage long enough to grab his title and run like hell because if Ryan Savage was able to get a bit of offense in then we wouldn't being Mr. DEDEDE around here any longer. But unfortunately since things didn't go how imagined, it hasn't bothered Ryan Savage in the slightest. I have spoken to him about the subject to see where his head is at, to see if he feels like he has proven his doubters and naysayers right that he isn't cut out to be in his business that he has no business being in championship matches that he didn't deserve to begin with. But you know what he told me? He told me that he feels alive, and that he is glad that he has gotten his ass kicked by his former brother because now he knows from experience what it's like to be get his ass whooped by the man they call Methuselah when he becomes unhinged! Ryan Savage doesn't see this as a failure but a learning experience that has made him more sharper that has made him more aggressive and made him more HUNGRY because now he has something that awaits him at the end of the road! Ryan Savage said that he is glad that he didn't take the head of his brother because deep down inside him he was hoping that he would lose just so he can continue the chase to capture his prey. Ever since that night where Ryan Savage was carted out of the arena after his match with Mr. DEDEDE, he refused medical attention, despite being banged up and still healing from his injuries the only thing that has kept him going is the mere thought of getting inside the ring with Mr. DEDEDE again, to fight him AGAIN because the twine of fate that links these two men has yet to be severed and I have said this before and I'll say it again. As long as these two men are connected in one way or the other, Ryan Savage will not know peace, despite his body being banged up to the point where many people think he will never be able to lace up his boots, he will still move forward because his obsession with his that much stronger than any physical pain that gets inflicted on him. With that being said, Ryan Savage isn't done, not by a long shot because has long has Mr. DEDEDE lives and lavish in his false victory and enjoying his reign as the Answers World Championship but throughout his reign he has to ask himself every time he wakes up, every time he goes to sleep and when he looks himself in the mirror question himself every single day and ask if he can truly and decisively beat Ryan Savage.

That's the same question that will haunt the man that Ryan Savage is scheduled to go up against and that's the former World Heavyweight Champion, at one point he was called the Champion of Champions and that man goes by the name of Tyler Parker. Now Tyler it's hard for me to begin to understand why you have this general dislike for Ryan Savage. It's not like Ryan Savage doesn't care if you think that he's a joke or whatever in fact he doesn't even see YOU as a viable threat. In all honesty he has already looked passed you at this point which is why you have yet to get any sort of acknowledgement from him. Yes your accolades and what you have done in this company has been noted but I guess it isn't enough to get the attention of a man that you see who is below you. Don't you see the irony in this Tyler? I mean a man of your prestige being ignored, being looked passed like you are nothing more than a measly. To him he sees you in the same light that you see him because you come out and pretend that Ryan Savage wasn't the man that has soundly beaten you last time you two stepped inside the ring. In that tag team match when you was partnered with his brother he made you look like a complete joke and despite what your legacy in this company has made you one of the greatest men to have ever stepped inside in this ring, in one instant he has made you look like a simple greenhorn. But looking at Ryan's track record when he goes up with hall of famers, he intends to bring them back down to reality that even trash like him and easily destroy so called immortals like you. Just ask HBB and Cam when he stepped inside the ring with those two he single handedly beat them with ease! But I won't let myself get too carried away because you aren't HBB and you aren't Cam. But what amuses me the most is that you try to throw Ryan Savage off his game by targeting his family saying that his parents would be ashamed of giving birth to a man like him. A man that has done nothing but been a parasite to man that you've grown to admire ever since you stepped into this company and THAT is probably why you're so ticked off at Ryan Savage. Deep down inside that's why you hate him so much because he has made the man that you have admired all your life in one night took him out of his element and made him go into desperation mode. But you know Ryan Savage scoffs at your name because every time he sees you Tyler, all he sees is a poor imitation of his brother. He sees you as a poor man's Mr. DEDEDE and even though you have no love loss for Ryan then it should be easy for you to beat him. You have a massive opportunity to be the first man in a long time to straight up beat Ryan Savage in a one on one match. You have the opportunity to make him submit, you have a chance to pin him for the three count and if you want you have the chance to recreate that moment at last year's King Of Elite and try to knock Ryan Savage OUT COLD! But it saddens me to say this to you Tyler, that despite Ryan not being close to 50% percent, you still don't have what it takes to beat him! Even if you have hoped and prayed to prey on a man that is still suffering and healing from his wounds from Mr. DEDEDE and walk out with an easy and clean victory. But you are wasting your paying on walking out of Voltage with a victory over Ryan Savage but what you should be praying for is to walk out of Voltage with your career intact because nothing is more dangerous than a wounded man. Tyler Parker, The Liege of Light it looks like your light is slowly diminishing which Ryan Savage could somewhat relate to you because if you for one second looked at the world through his eyes then you can see that there is no light in this world. It's funny that you would bring up his parents because you are right, they didn't want anything to do with a man like Ryan Savage. In all actuality they are probably disgusted that he is still alive as we speak. But you know what? Ryan Savage didn't need them or their love, Ryan Savage has found what he was born to do and that's to fight. He has made a living off of hurting people he has thrived in environments where his life could have ended at any given notice. So him going through beating like Mr. DEDEDE has given him or the beating that you claim you will give him on Voltage doesn't worry him in the slightest because he can recover from it. So Tyler Parker from one man to another let me offer you some advice when you go up against Ryan Savage on Voltage. Just back out now while you still can because nothing will come good from it. Unlike Ryan, I actually care about your well being, I care about your personal safety and your well being. I don't want to see you throw your entire career away because you still have plenty to live for. But once you enter the ring with Ryan Savage then you may as well just kiss everything you love goodbye because unlike Ares Vendetta, Ryan Savage isn't going to be satisfied with just beating you. I can tell you right now that even though you're just a poor and cheap imitation of Mr. DEDEDE, all he can see when he looks at you is that man. Ryan Savage won't hesitate to bash your brains in using his package piledriver. Actually Ryan Savage has more than Package Piledriver to bash your brains in, he has a moveset dedicated to destroy the human anatomy bit by bit and he will display it to you on Voltage and you will see why Tyler Parker that Ryan Savage is a man that you can no longer look down upon. So the lesson that you're going to learn my friend is never underestimate Ryan Savage because it's going to cost you more than you know. See you Voltage my friend and good luck because you're going to need God on your side to see this through. 
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Post on February 13th 2016, 11:25 pm by Victor Maero
Maero and Oz walk down a road in an abandoned theme park, all around them are vacant stands for food and games. Maero adjusts his stark white suit. Oz skips along beside him humming to himself. Oz begins speaking and breaks the silence.

Oz: “Hey, Tin Man?”

Maero: “Yes?”

Oz: “You’re fighting Clark Duncan, right? Why are you so sad about getting a match with him?”

Maero: “I just… I’ve only ever fought one person on his level, and I lost to him. I tried to pass through the gate to the champions of EAW, but I failed. I decided that the best way to train was to become the guardian of the gate. I’ve guarded it so long that cobwebs have started to form.”

Maero becomes Oz to one of the nearby games stalls. The game is the one where the customer tries to knock down a pyramid of bottles. Maero hands Oz a group of balls and begins stacking the bottles.

Oz: “So you’re scared of failing again?”

Oz throws a ball at the stack of bottles, his throw arcs to the left and misses all of them. Oz stomps his feet and begins aiming his next throw.

Maero: “Not exactly, I’m tired of being cast aside. I’m scared of being brushed under the rug. I don’t want to fall behind everyone in The Sanatorium. I don’t want to be as weak as I once was.”

Oz throws his second ball, it once again curves to the left. The ball bounces off the wall, Maero grabs it out of the air and hands it back to Oz.

Oz: “You’re not weak. You fought just to get here, you know first hand that nothing is going to come to you on a silver platter. You’re going to fight with all your heart right? Isn’t that what inner strength is, Creating your own hope?”

Maero smiles and pats Oz on the head.

Maero: “You’re wiser than you look. I guess you’re right. All Clark Duncan is is one of the spiders that has come to block the doorway of greatness. No one has stepped through it in a long time, no one challenging you makes it easy to seem like a road block,”

Oz smiles a big toothy grin and tosses his ball again, once again missing. Oz closes one eye and begins lining up his last shot.

Maero: “Erebus is the same way I suppose. He thinks that ONI wants to keep him captive, when all he wants to do is liberate him the way Eclipse liberated the both of us. Erebus has become weak. He assumes that the darkness inside of him is all he needs, that it is indefinite.”

Oz opens his eye and groans.

Oz: “Can you wait maybe two seconds? I’m trying to concentrate.”

Maero chuckles.

Maero: “Sure kid. Whatever you need.”

Oz throws his last ball and hits the base of the structure making the whole pyramid implode. Oz jumps up and down and sings.

Oz: “I am the best! I am the best!”

Maero watches him jump and down for a moment before looking at the ceiling and speaking to himself.

Maero: “Clark Duncan. When out match is over, when I have climbed the mountain, it won’t matter if I’m dead or alive. I will know that I am strong, is that not all that matters?”

Maero looks back to Oz. He walks over to the now almost completely barren prize rack and grabs the last stuffed animal, a tiger. Maero walks over to Oz and gives hims his prize. Oz continues to jumps up and down hugging the fluffy beast. Maero smiles.

Maero: “No. Maybe family matters more.”

Maero chuckles to himself. Oz whips around to look him in the eyes, his smile gone.

Oz: “What’re you laughing about?”

Maero: “Nothing.”

Oz: “Tin Man, if you win, will that make you happy?”

Maero furrows his eyebrows. Then he ponders it for a moment.

Maero: “I guess it will. Yes. If I’m the first to hold a title in The Sanatorium then I’ll know that I’m not just the back up. I will feel like a member rather than cannon fodder.”

Oz’s smile returns to his face.

Oz: “Then I hope you win! Because I know how I much everyone everyone cares about you! If you need to prove something to yourself they won’t stop you!”

Maero ruffles the child’s hair.

Maero: “Let’s go get ice cream.”

Oz: “Yay, ice cream!”

Maero and Oz begin walking to the car park of the theme park as the scene fades to black.
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Post on February 13th 2016, 8:55 pm by Venom
(The camera pans into a small clearing. Fog is beginning to roll in as light from the moon illuminates the ground. Many crows can be seen in the field flying from place to place. As the fog slowly reaches the edge of the clearing, the dark figure of Erebus Jennings merges from it. He walks among the crows as some of them scatter. Streaks of red face paint can be seen along with the usual white. Small clouds pass over head as they shield the moon from vision. Erebus walks to a small spot where the clouds have broken apart and moonlight has managed to pass through.)

Slowly losing control. Slowly slipping away. Bit by bit... which each passing second, my grip weakens. The struggle for control continues to grow harder, and at this point, I feel that the struggle may prove to be too formidable. I'm slowly slipping into the depths of darkness. Depths I swore to never touch or even speak of. The control I continue to maintain over myself is the only thing keeping me from falling into those depths. The grip I have over my sanity that I once thought would never be an issue for me is weakening. Once that grip is released, so is my sanity. So is my control.  Once that grip is released, along with it will go my very livelihood. 

(More clouds pass over as the once again blanket Erebus in the nights darkness. They eventually pass by as moon light once again shines down upon the clearing.)

Erebus: When i see a ray of hope shine down upon me, it's as if somethings almost immediately conceals it from me, and that process continues to repeat. The long I attempt to keep the Sanatorium at bay while trying to retrieve Nightmare, the more vague that ray of hope becomes. I'm currently involved in a race against time. I'm aware that the longer this is dragged out, the higher the chance there is of me losing control. It's become evident that is what the Sanatorium is striving for. I fear that if that occurs, I will become another self deluded, ego maniac that follows as false idol like Eclipse Diemos. Or something completely opposite could happen. I could become something that even I would fear. I could become an individual that even the Sanatorium would fear. That's why I must reach beyond the bounds of my current darkness and bring hell into the matter. The very thing I said I would bring upon ONI and Victor.

(Erebus examines the crows around him before he resumes speaking.)

Erebus: Why do you continue to refer to this "demon" with in me? Do you think that I am suppressing something within me? Something that I seemingly refuse to accept is there? Inside of me is darkness. A darkness with near limitless depths. I'm not sure what may be within me, but yet you seem to have a fairly good idea on the matter. My rage is trying to overcome my own intelligent judgement. My desire for revenge for what you've done continues to clash with my main goals and ideals here in EAW. But with each passing week that rage grows and becomes harder to fend off. Most people aren't foolish enough to do such things. But the Sanatorium aren't any normal fools, right? You want my rage to claim victory because your main goal in this is to force me to turn into what you call the "true" darkness inside of me. But yet I am already associated with true darkness, I would just be turning to another part... more vile form of it. You are trying to take my freedom but yet you insist that you're trying to give it to me. Is taking and keeping Nightmare from me you're own sadistic method of trying to grant somebody freedom? Instead of giving me freedom you could be giving me the ability to bring a reckoning  led by darkness that won't help this company as I intended, but to utterly destroy it.

(Erebus stands and faces the fog has it rolls in, almost completely concealing him from being visible.)

Erebus: Rage is an accumulation of anger and emotions that have joined together and reacted in a violent burst. That burst viciously torching everything in it's path. But rage usually transpires over a long period of time, a time for it to accumlate bit by bit. But my rage has manifested so rapidly and so violently, that even in it's short time of being within me, it would be more harrowing than a rage that was slowly accumulated even over a period of many years. You claim that you hunger for such a thing, but have you taken into consideration that it could be a rage more powerful, violent, deadly, and overwhelming than that of any other throughout EAW's history?

(Erebus walks to the edge of the fog as the crows around him fly off into the distance.)

I strive to make this company flourish by giving it the darkness that it had for so long rejected. But if I lose my grip, instead of saving this company, I could become the one responsible for setting upon it even more damnation and misery than it already continues to endure. Through my own self destruction, I could be the final nail in the coffin that sets forth a chain of even more chaos that results with EAW becoming even more barren than it is.

(Erebus stops walking as just his dark figure remains visible.)

Oni, you seem to know me very well. You seem to think that there's another side of me deep within me. So since you know me so well... then tell me...

Who and what am I?

(Erebus continues to walk as the fog becomes thicker and shields him from view.)

(The camera fades to black.)
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Post on February 13th 2016, 8:07 pm by Guest
Battleground Promo #2

'' It's happened again. There's only so much I can tolerate. I have actually had enough of this clear agenda now. Plans have been fabricated against me and they are being put into action. Yet again I have been put in a match against a vixen who doesn't speak, who is mute against me. Mid November, I, Sheridan, cross the pond, I come to the big leagues, I sign my big contract for my big company to wrestle big matches. But, but there's a twist. Un-like in Germany, here, America, 50 states et cetera et cetera, wrestling is about the fight and the talk. You have to 'promo'. Which is fine, you know, it's okay. I understand you have to do stupid things to tailor to a stupid audience. Therefore I, Sheridan, use some of my now enhanced wage to quickly sketch up on my English, I go to voice lessons, I go to body language lessons, I do this, I do that. So when, two months on from all this, I am being put against opponents who get paid my wage, hell, probably more considering they're American or Canadian or whatever, who don't do this promo stuff? It frustrates me. Why do they get to be quiet, come in the ring, fight me, leave, and get more money than me? Did I miss something? I read the contract, it was double underlined, right, this emphasis, this stress, the pure significance put on this whole 'talk up your match' shit, is amazing. But nobody fucking does it? Why do they not put in effort like I do? Is it because they're not as great as me? Probably Is it because they're American? Perhaps. Is it because, when they hear they'll be put into the same ring as me, they fear, they panic, little stains drip down their legs? Most likely. But is it fair? Is it honourable that I have to put in more effort than them? Is it even-handed, are we fed the same food from the higher powers of EAW? Are, we fuck. I have told you guys, you guys sat here at home, on your EAW networks, I have said time, and time again at how the vixens division is like a pond, there's your big fish, and your little fish, there's your pond algae, there's your weeds. It's a hierarchy, a social scale. You ask me why the Vixens division is so dreadful? Why it's so repulsive, to insufferable, so loathsome and incredibly disgusting. It's because someone who has been within it for two months has made an effort and they're already the most liked, the most cherished, and by fourteen miles the best wrestler in this division. Wrestling is a double job, it takes two to tango, as you Americans like to say. Nevertheless, when you're fighting against someone, when you are supposed to get a good match out of someone, to tango with them, when the fact that they have put in less effort than you but get paid the same amount or more is constantly sticking to your brain, drilling it, pumping that level of discrimination into you, it is annoying. I am just up talking about this stuff because really, it's kind of irritating and exasperating that my effort levels go under the radar, my German efficiency and hard-work tarnished. It's valentines day tomorrow, whilst the likes of Tarah, Madison, Raven and my next opponent, Vanessa, will be in bed, eating second-rate chocolate that their so called loves have bought them in return for sex, I, Sheridan, will be at the gym. I will be watching prior matches of Vanessa, hell, I already know what she's going to attempt to do to me before I'm in between the ropes. Can I say the same about her? I can't. Wrestling to me seems to mean far more than it does to the other vixens here. It really got me thinking. '' 

Sheridan's speech briefly stopped. She had been rambling, with her German heritage shining through her accent, for a solid five or six minutes now. Her jaw grew tired, they matches her eyes. It was dark outside, as no light shone through the window which was positioned behind Sheridan. She was probably in a hotel, she always had chosen to get to events early by her own means rather than boarding one of those buses two or three Vixens would share to go too and from events. Sheridan liked to drive by herself. It was faster, she could concentrate, she could relax and listen to her own music, stop on her own accord without two girls on each shoulder bitching about the rest of the roster. She rubbed her hands, it was quite cold, it would seem. It made Sheridan's eyes look a slight more dull, her expression look less lively, her hair seem darker. She would shiver some. She licked her lips and rolled her head on her shoulders, taking caution in sliding on a leather, black bomber jacket which had been discarded at her side for the entirety of the promo. Her chest heaved to an extent as she switched in putting her arms into the jacket's sleeves. She breathed. She adjusted her hair in front of the webcam. She then scratched her neck. It had to be noted that Sheridan was wearing a 'Sherplex' shirt. It showed the blonde, who had been cartooned, suplexing a bear. It really showed German efficiency, in Sheridan's opinion. The merchandise department of EAW had not yet noticed just how amazing Sheridan was, so they simply hadn't been bothered to start producing shirts for her. How would the next generation of America cheer for Sheridan if the Americans backstage were too lazy to do anything with her? Sheridan had made the shirt by herself, at home, with her own grit and ideas. She had laughed at the majority of the shirts the vixen wore, they looked stupid. No, fuck it, they were stupid. The German born, platinum-haired vixen rubbed at her nose, she swallowed, since arriving in Illinois she had been up to a fair bit. Sheridan had visited the Shawnee National Forest. Which had been an adventure in itself. One of the advantages America held over Germany was how big it was. The landmarks they had in itself sucked but considering how many there were then it somewhat made up for it. Sheridan had been able to jog, find her own little section of the forest, and had worked out, drank, eaten her self-manufactured picnic and just really taken in the beauty of nature. The blonde had always liked nature, she would much rather live in a forest than in an apartment building, on the contrary she would hardly get to use her cabin unless she retired from wrestling so financially it wouldn't win the 'smartest idea of the year' award. She cocked a brow at the thought. If that award was added to that little reward ceremony thing EAW did at the beginning, or end, she had forgotten, of each year she would surely win it. 

'' So I did some maths. EAW currently hire about 20 vixens, yet only maybe 6 have spoken on the EAW network in the last week. Let's say wrestlers on average get paid 40,00 eur- sorry, dollars. That's a lot of fucking money that EAW are dishing out to people who are horrible at their job. Wouldn't you say so? No wonder your economy is so bad, and that you're in so much debt. The cancers of our universe are getting paid more than the cures. It's embarrassing. Just like yourself, Vanessa. I don't really quite know how are you getting put into matches that you have no right to be in. Apparently you're specialist championship material. I beg to differ, of please let me differ, okay okay I will. I've been here two months now, I've never heard of you. Who are you? You've literally taken your last name and done it. Where are you on holiday right now, Vanessa? What country are you in, because you're certainly not in America. If you were I would have seen you in a ring by now, and not had to watch you on social media on videos from the Roman times. Take this video as a postcard. If you turn up to  battleground, hell, if you turn up to Illinois, I will beat you. German efficiency prevails all. There will be no cheap victories for you. I have put my body into beating you, hell, I've almost broke my jaw in saying how you're the identification of this roster, you're a cancer to it. A fraction of the females EAW hire actually put effort into their job, and I can confidently say Vanessa, you are not one of them. You'd rather be swanning off elsewhere talking to guys than doing this promo stuff the rest of us have to do. You would rather be in a beach house, drinking your alcohol than be in a gym, training, getting yourself physically and mentally ready for a match. You might as well retire, Vanessa. Either you do it on your own accord, or the vixens who actually give a fuck about the fans, the divison and wrestling as a whole do. Starting with me. You're just a piece of shit, really. It's so irritating when you're signed to a company and they say to you the girls in the company here are elite. The majority of the roster here are cheap shotting sluts. They care more about followers on their social media than putting in effort. All they do is stick themselves up each others assholes, put on two star matches and then think they're some sort of goddess. I am better than you all. I am the best thing in EAW. I have no shame in saying that. I beat the roster on looks. I beat them on personality. I practically rape them on wrestling skill. Look in the dictionary under 'wrestling' and there's a picture of me. It's not my fault I'm great. It's everyone elses fault they're not. German efficiency will slither into this roster. I will personally take joy in dis-mantling your bimbo personified world, Vanessa. On battleground I will save or plunder your wrestling career. Either I incorporate the first steps to your retirement, or I grant you your first step into becoming an actual wrestler. I don't know why I waste my breath with you. I'm done now. I'll catch you on battleground. If it be I pin your shoulders to the mat, I make your palm repeatedly tap against the mat, or I beat you and break you so badly I win because you can't continue. I will win, and this division will grow one step further to achieving German efficiency. '' 
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Post on February 13th 2016, 7:33 pm by Stark
This is finally it. My genesis, my chance to shine – everything I’ve worked for, all the effort I’ve put in, all of the blood, sweat, and tears I’ve shed, are finally about to pay off. 13 months. I’ve been in this company 13 months and now it’s time to finally show something for my time here. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity but also extremely ready to seize it. Not everyone gets a chance to contend for championships but the combination of my drive, ambition, and ability has landed me in this position. Let’s take a look at my path here, because it’s actually very similar to the one I took last year when I debuted.

I show up on Showdown as a nobody. Sure some people knew who I was from previous wrestling federations but for the most part, I was just a man known as ‘Evan Stark’.  And I came in strong for sure. I tore through the likes of the New Breed talent back then like Venom, Nick Angel, and Clark Duncan. Then came the championship scramble at Reasonable Doubt, where I earned my number one contendership for the New Breed Championship, although I didn’t even receive the match until a full three months later.

The same tale is being told a year later. I walk into Dynasty after a near 7 month hiatus. In my re-debut I take out Donny Diamond, the next week Mark Michaels, and sure I came short against Drastik but there’s no shame in losing to a seasoned veteran and all-time great like him. I did in fact hold my own against him in the ring which says a lot, because I don’t think anyone other than Tig Kelly himself would even dare argue that Tig is better than Drastik. I’m ready. I have all the tools to be a champion because I’ve done it before. I proved myself against Jamie O’Hara last May and I can definitely prove myself against Tig Kelly when the time comes again.

But Tig Kelly is NOT the immediate problem right now. I’m sure his path and mine will cross very soon, but not now. Because in a week’s time I’m going up against The Regulator. Am I intimidated? Not at all. But should I be? Perhaps. That was impressive on Dynasty I guess, winning your match in less than 30 seconds. And that’s been quite the streak of yours there lately, hasn’t it. But that’s the thing, I don’t care about quick wins, because there’s no way you’re going to take me down that quickly. So your game plan of getting to the point of contendership has been the quick wins, and that’s okay because it’s definitely impressive, but believe me when I say it’s not actually going to earn you the contendership itself. 

What good will you be without your strategy? Or are you going to be one of the great improvisational wrestlers of our time? That’s what makes me happy – I’ll be running circles around you in the ring and you won’t be able to do anything about it. Face it, I have the more explosive and surprising move set and that provides the clear example. You have your finisher that most people use as a basic maneuver. Most of your move set is basic grappling. I’ve been prepared for that my entire career, because there’s tons of other mat grapplers and strikers like you. Are YOU going to be able to keep up with one of the most versatile move sets this company has?

Even outside the ring, there’s no denying I deserve this. I don’t know who you are, or how much work you’ve put in to reach this point, but I’ve been mistreated and abused, underrated and underutilized nearly my entire career before reaching the EAW. This is the big break I’ve EARNED. Unlike you, I don’t whine or complain about title shots. I keep quiet, show up every week doing my best and PROVING that I deserve the opportunities that I’m given. Both times I’ve passed by the current superstars of the division I’m competing in and cemented my place as worthy of facing the champion. Last time I had to go through 4 men, this time it’s just ONE. Now if you’re going to say you’re better than Nick Angel, Venom, and Clark Duncan, along with the fat Russian guy and El Landerson combined, I’d say you’re delusional.

In any case though, I’ll cast away my doubt. Let’s say you are better. Then all that proves is that I’m even MORE worthy of being the number one contender. There are no angles or ways in which you have the advantage. I’m not going to let you win because it’s going to hurt the title even more than it’ll hurt me. The NEC is a championship that many of the greats held, and I’m not going to let a whiny nobody contend for that title over me.

You want that title right? You’re going to have to go through me, and trust me, when it comes to championships, that rarely ends well.
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Post on February 13th 2016, 7:21 pm by Lia Beech

Lia is seen at a local gym ready to begin sparring with one of the boxing coaches.

Lia: Hate. It’s intense dislike. Commonly used in reference when somebody wants to describe the level to which they loathe someone or something. I hate people like Brody Sparks. Just look at this bitch, thinking she’s that fucking good. Please, you’ve had one match against another new girl and that leads you into believing you’re actually good? She scoffs. Take down an Eris LeCava, Cailin Dillon or Aria Jaxon type and that might actually impress someone. However darling, you’re not gonna get to facing girls like them until you can get through someone like me. So Brody dear, keep dreaming sunshine. Enjoy the fantasies of how you may in the distant future become someone of relevance in this company.

The sparring continues as Lia lands a hard punch to the sternum of the coach who smirks and looks impressed.

Lia: Oh, but you may be thinking… “how can this girl that only has one win in three attempts, and that too being a tag team win, stop me?” Well, I’ll have you know that God has a plan for me and it doesn’t involve losing again. I’ve sat and prayed all week since losing to that skank Vanessa Holiday who somehow got herself a number one contenders match. That girl struggled to beat me. Angela Salveti lost to Raven Lee and myself and yet got a shot at Cailin Dillon. I don’t understand what the fuck goes on around here. She shakes her head in disappointment. At this point, I’m convinced the other girls must be doing ‘favors’ for those that matter. One look at Angela and Vanessa supports that theory.

She identifies the coach's next move as the last possible moment and ducks out of the way, leaving the coach nodding in approval.

Lia: Dream on girlfriend, you’re not getting a fucking victory over The Holy Grenade. You’ve poked the proverbial bear, Brody. Everyone knows you don’t go fucking with a beast like that. I’m already riled up from being continually shafted and then you come along, high on life, thinking you’re the shit. Get the fuck outta here. If you think I use my term in prison as a way of reinforcing who I am as a person, you’re God damn right. It changes a person. You don’t go behind bars and come out the same person. I didn’t just have the baddest bitches in the place looking out for me, Jesus watched over me and that’s why I got out earlier than my sentence had hoped for. I had to learn to take my anger out in a different way, that’s why I fight now. I still see pretty, little things like yourself and get the urge to slash your throats because you fucking deserve it and I know I’m doing society a favor by removing one less entitled bitch from this earth.

She stops and takes a break to rehydrate before indicating to the coach that she's ready to continue.

Lia: Brody, clarify one thing for me. No really, how the fuck would you know how I felt? You’re not me, you never will be me. There’s only Lia Beech and she’s going to be the girl that tears you apart on Battleground. I’m hardly surprised that you’re the type to laugh and joke about another girl being terribly violated and victimized as I was. She looks very unimpressed and rather appalled. A testament to your poor character I suppose. Next time you cry wolf, no one will come running. In fact, that’s gonna happen when we meet in the ring. Before you get the chance to utter a cry, you won’t know what hit you so I’ll inform you now. It might be my boot to your temple or your face tasting canvas, but regardless of the method, the result will be the same. Your fate is sealed honey, you’re going down.

Lia thinks about going for the finishing blow but has too much respect for the coach so she playfully punches him as to not knock him out. They both laugh and shake hands as she twirls around, picks up her bag and heads for the door.
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Post on February 13th 2016, 9:51 am by ThePizzaBoy
The camera opens up on a close up of Pizza Boy's bruised and purple forehead.

PB: Do you see it?

Camera Man: No...oh, wait.  Pull your hair back a little.

PB: Now?

Camera Man: Woooow.  He really did plaster you hard enough to dent EAW National Title backwards on your forehead.  I thought you were kidding, man.

PB: I don't kid.  Not anymore.

Camera Man: So how do you feel?

PB brushes his hair back over his eviscerated forehead and stares off for a moment in thought.

PB: I feel good.

Camera Man: Really?

PB: Okay, what'd we learn from Dynasty this week?

Camera Man: That Tig Kelly can't aim when he's spitting?

PB: No!...well, besides that.  We learned that I can take a big golden buckle to the head and still pin Y2Impact and the Mercenaries, which means S&D are on their way.

Camera Man: True, true.

PB: I've learned that Tig Kelly can be beaten.  If only I were as vicious and big as Lucian Black...

Camera Man: Don't sell yourself short, bro.

PB: Thanks.  I learned that Tig Kelly doesn't view me as a threat.  I mean, why would he accept my challenge as early as Rising Tide if he did?

Camera Man: But he did bean you with a belt soon after giving you the shot.

PB: Right.  I forgot about that.

Camera Man: ...we were just talking about that.

PB: Were we? Oh, sorry.  I got smacked in the head with a title tonight.  Brain's a little fuzzy.

Camera Man: I've noticed...say, maybe we should go see a doct-

PB: Maybe this is all part of my destiny.  Maybe that's why Tig accepted.  It wasn't his voice speaking to me.  It was the divine hand pulling him into a serendipitous situation that benefits me.

Camera Man: You're talking crazy.  I'm going to call an ambulance.

PB: Why?

Camera Man: Umm, you're obviously concussed?

PB keeps ignoring the camera man as he starts to prattle on with the logistics of his upcoming match.  Suddenly he stops gabbing and rubs the heel of his palm into his eye.  He shakes his head, like someone waking from a bad dream.

PB: He wants to embarrass me. He made that much clear.

Camera Man: PB, I really think you should-

PB: Has he met me? I'm pretty much immune of embarrassment at this point in my career.  I've wrestled fans, I've wrestled Tarah in a way that I'm still not sure if it was sexist or not for me to refuse to hit her...gah, why does my head hurt so much?

PB looks up, nearly jumping at the sight of the camera.  He smiles and waves.

PB: Oh hey! You guys are here.  I guess I should cut my promo for Tising Ride...Tising...Riding Tide...?

Camera Man:...PB?

PB: I think I need to lie down.  I got a big match tomorrow with HBB against the Merc's.  

Film Crew in Unison: NO! DON'TDON'TDON'TDON'T!...

PB's eyes roll into the back of his head, and he falls backwards into bed.  The boom mic drops as it's operator runs into frame.  The camera falls sideways as EAW AV surround the unconscious Pizza Boy.  The camera cuts to black, only to cut back on and reveal Pizza Boy in a hospital gown sitting on the edge of an examination table as a man in a lab coat flashes a light into his eye.

Doctor: Okay, state your name.

PB: hnh...hehehehe...

Doctor: What's the problem?

Camera Man: Um...that one was kind of complicating for him when he wasn't concussed.

Doctor: I don't understand.

PB: That's 14.50 with tip, doc.

Doctor: Okay, Andrew.  Why don't you lay back and get some rest.

PB: But doc, I gotta face Tarah Nova on Showdown.  She's pretty...and mean...I scared.

Camera Man: Jesus Christ, he's been knocked into last year.

Doctor: How many concussions has this man had?

Camera Man: I don't know...13?

Doctor: Dear lord.  How long has he been a wrestler?

Camera Man: Like...13 months?

Doctor: This isn't healthy.

Camera Man: Not much about this kid is.

Doctor: Nurse! Get in here and make sure this kid doesn't fall asleep.

The nurse goes over to PB's bedside and gently shakes him awake.

Nurse: Hey buddy.

PB: Hhhhhi.

Nurse: Wanna watch a movie?

PB: S-s-sure!

Nurse: Okay.  We've got Pretty In Pink, Young Einstein. Wow, I think we've got all of Yahoo Serious's movies.  We've even got Reckless Kelly.


Nurse: You've...seen it?

PB shoots bolt upright out of bed, grabbing the nurse by the scrubs.


Nurse: I mean, the movie was pretty bad, but there's no reason to-


Nurse: Let go of me!

Camera Man: PB?

Pizza Boy jumps out of bed, knocking the nurse down in the process.  He darts out of the room, letting his open robe and bare ass flow in the wind.  The camera man pans over to the bewildered doctor.

Doctor: Don't just stand there! Put down the camera and go get him!

The camera rises slightly, as if the person holding it were shrugging their shoulders.

Camera Man: Not my problem, pallie.  

Doctor: What? You think just because you hold a camera, you're somehow Peter Parker?

A nurse bursts into the room covered in blood and puke

Nurse: Doctor, the bone saw is ready.

Camera Man: HAH!

Doctor: Get this camera holding idiot out of here! And go find Andrew Sanders!

Suddenly,the nurses start to close in on the camera man.  There's a brief scuffle,before the camera goes to black, and giant white letters appear on the screen.

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Post on February 13th 2016, 12:41 am by Lioncross
*Lioncross is finishing up with another signing, because I'm too lazy to think of a more creative scene. His sister, Lauren, drops in to help a bit with the cleanup. Oh, and she's wearing a Team DCW shirt.*

LC: It definitely didn't go without a hitch, but it went.

Lauren: This signing?

LC: Nah, the tag team match with Carlos Rosso. We definitely weren't a fluid team, and Cage and Clark probably worked better together overall. But, what did I say - they walked right into the spinning backfist. I guess Shields liked what he saw from us. He's putting us together again. I wonder how he came up with our opponents, though. This is one of the more... puzzling teams I've ever come across in my life.

Lauren: You sure Dachs can't potentially be Aria's new man? I mean... he IS the leader of one of EAW's most popular teams-

LC: Popular? Dachs and his guys wasted so much time this past Showdown! Everybody was bored, waiting for his rant about nothing to end. I don't even remember what came of it. And then Kerry Keller... or Eusford... or whatever showed up, and Greg Ward went on about math and logic, and Venom got drunk or something... Why are so many wrestlers here endorsing Team DCW anyway? Why are YOU wearing a Team DCW shirt?

Lauren: It's a Cailin Dillon edition one. I'm a huge fan.

LC: There's like... a cult following for these guys, but they've all done nothing. They failed miserably in taking out Hexa-gun. They keep talking about Kerry Kel... Eus... whoever's mother. What on earth do these guys actually do?

*LC finishes loading the tables into a minivan trunk. The minivan drives off. LC and Lauren start walking toward their car.*

Lauren: I hear they have an underground show that features EAW talent, with the agreement that nothing that happens there carries over into what happens in EAW.

LC: ...That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard you say.

Lauren: I wouldn't sleep on Dachs, whatever the case.

LC: Yeah, he's got some wins... somehow. Maybe when he's focused on wrestling instead of making terrible jokes and screaming about his plans gone awry, he's actually pretty talented. I hear he got a win over an old colleague of mine in GI Styles. Maybe he wants to frustrate everybody with perceived stupidity, while surprising everybody with ring skill. I bet he's pretty darn good when he really applies himself.

Lauren: Yeah, I bet he can make an impact kinda like... somebody like Rey Shamez is making.

LC: That's a... random comparison. You're all over the place with these today. Are you okay? Is that Team DCW shirt laced with something?

Lauren: ...I think I've been on the internet too much. Anyway, his partner - Aria Jaxon. Empress of Elite.

LC: One of my favorite Vixens, personally. She's got a ton of talent. She carried Brett Kennedy's carcass for weeks until, to Brett's... credit, I suppose, he realized she couldn't carry him anymore. This is so weird. I can't wrap my head around why these two are teaming up against Carlos and myself, and how Shields even came up with the idea of these two being a team to begin with. Plus, there's working with Carlos Rosso again. As I said, I won't call this past match smooth.

Lauren: Well, you might want to get used to it. Cage and Clark are probably going to want to face you guys again.

LC: For what? To prove themselves to Drake & Jones? I'm not a tag team wrestler, Lauren. Haven't been one in years.

Lauren: You hadn't been a wrestler in years. That changed.

LC: ...I suppose, but still. I need to do something to sign my name on this company as an individual.

Lauren: Well, take advantage of the opportunities you have now. You've been in the business for years - you've seen people blow some GREAT opportunities by demanding something different.

*They reach the car.*

Lauren: Wait a sec... *Lauren points at a Team DCW bumper sticker with a huge grin on her face.* ...WHAT IS THAT?

LC: How did THIS get on the car? It's a rental, right? It HAD to have been the last guy who had it.

Lauren: Ohhhhhh, don't even try that. YOU'RE A TEAM DCW FAN!!!


*LC rips the bumper sticker off the car as Lauren enters the passenger door, laughing hysterically. LC sneakily hides the bumper sticker inside of his jacket and enters the driver's door.*
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Post on February 12th 2016, 11:06 pm by Amadeus
"Even in the rainy darkness, a cold spark can ignite a wildfire ..."

Darkness, then light.  The fitful guttering kind, emanating from a garbage can fire.  A crack of thunder, and rain, hissing as it hits the flames.  ONI stands, immaculately dressed, out of place.  Nightmare's cage sits at his feet.  ONI holds an umbrella, keeping the worst of the rain off of him and the crow.  A cool smile curls his lips.

"I feel your rage, Erebus.  You say that you're ready to unleash pure hell on the Sanatorium.  Oh yes, I saw the cold fire in your eyes.  You are finally prepared to fight and not to hold back.  But, my dear Erebus ... you're lying.  You're lying to us.  You're lying to the crowd.  And most importantly, you're lying to yourself.  It's quite an unfortunate state of affairs.  You say that you want to take possession of this."

ONI rattles Nightmare's cage.

"This isn't about a bird anymore though.  This is about feeding that demon that lies within you.  That demon that you deny.  That fury that you hold back.  The striking fist that you unclench.  That darkness that you hold back with a candle.  Oh, yes, we've heard your rhetoric about serving some deep darkness, calling yourself a 'Mercenary of Darkness.'  As if you were some mindless servitor, a puppet on strings.  It's a sad and pathetic thing really.  Because you are capable of so much more.  And maybe, we'll finally see it on Sunday night.  Maybe you will finally give into the true darkness inside, and unleash it upon Voltage, upon EAW.  You see, the Sanatorium can weather your darkness.  Indeed, we live in it.  We thrive in it.  We don't fear it.  We welcome it.  You see, that's what you don't understand.  With the unleashing of your rage, you're not becoming our nightmare.  Oh no no no no ..."

A fit of giggling takes over ONI, his eyes wide with glee.

"You were our nightmare before.  Fury and darkness, shackled.  Smothered and guttering, like a candle in a rainstorm.  That is a nightmare.  Rage and pain and fury ... I can understand those things.  I can enjoy those things, because I am Unchained.  But my worst nightmare?  To be constrained again.  To have my face shoved underneath a choking mask.  To have someone pulling my strings, making me dance again.  When I looked at you, after taking Nightmare from you, I saw a man -a monster- crushed under heavy weights, struggling to be freed.  I saw that rage buried underneath the heavy clothes of apathy.  Now, though, it's much closer to the surface.  Now, you are ready to break free.  I don't care what kind of damage to me, to Maero.  We are strong.  We will not break.  We welcome pain.  It's an old friend of ours.  All that I ask, my dear Erebus, is to hold nothing back.  You are teetering on the edge.  So close to freedom.  But some people like their cages -not unlike Nightmare here.  Some people prefer the safety and familiarity of their chains.  It keeps their world ordered and makes them think they if they are constrained then everyone else is.  There are no dangerous free radicals.  There are no wrenches in the system.  Everything is ordered.  Safe.  The unknown is chaos.  There could be danger there.  So they retreat to the perceived safety of their shackles, blinding themselves to the scary truth of the world: that monsters roam free.  So too could you retreat back to the safety of order.  You could turn away from the monster inside of you, pretending that you're just a 'mercenary' rather than embracing the truth that you are the darkness itself.  It would be a disappointment ... a grave disappointment.  To have come so far, and then to turn back at the last second.  I would not forgive you."

ONI's smile disappears.

"You think this is just Eclipse playing with you?  No.  He's having his fun, to be sure.  But he has bigger fish to fry -or crow's to roast, as it were.  You are insignificant to him as you stand now.  An ant underneath a magnifying glass.  And for Maero, you are ... practice, shall we say, for his challenge against Clark Duncan.  Good to get the blood flowing, to whet his appetite.  But for me?"

ONI cracks his sick smile again.

"I want this meeting.  I want this match.  Our previous unsanctioned match was a pleasant appetizer.  But now I want the main course.  I want to feel your fury burning as I grab you by the throat and snuff it out."

With a wild laugh, ONI kicks over the trash barrel, spilling hot ashes onto the wet ground.  The fire hisses painfully as it's quenched.  ONI leaps onto the sideways barrel, perching nimbly on it, wreathed in steam, umbrella and cage still clutched in either hand.

"You won't destroy the Sanatorium, Erebus.  You won't cause our kingdom to crumble.  Look around you ... it already is.  We are a kingdom of outcasts, at home in the detritus.  Mock us if you will, but recognize the strength that we have underneath it all.  We are cold, rusty steel, held against your throat.  A king has risen from the rubble.  A champion of the New Breed will rise as well.  And then, there is the demon, the Blackheart that is rising.  Throw your fury at me.  Give me your hell.  I welcome it.  I want it.  Exhaust your rage and fury upon me.  Unleash the darkness you've kept chained up for so long.  I hunger for it.

"And then after I have supped upon blood and agony, it becomes your turn.  I will provide a banquet of atrocities for you.  I will match my Blackheart against your darkness.  Eclipse has challenged a god?  I will challenge the Darkness itself.  I do not fear the creatures in the black, I am one of them.  Look in my eyes, and you will recognize them as eyes that have stared back at you from the darkness.  Eyes that have judged you for holding back.  For denying what you truly are.

"Do you realize it now?  You should not be fighting to free Nightmare.  You should be fighting to free yourself."

"I will show you the way.  Sunday."

Fade to laughter
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Post on February 12th 2016, 10:33 pm by Guest
Mexican Samurai wrote:
In just a little over two days, I am now the hottest free agent on the market. 

Apparently it's not cool to pull the arm of James Shield as he is walking by, even if I was doing it as a prank. He ended up being really mad and stated that I was going to be on indefinite suspension and maybe I should have opening my mouth,  but I sarcastically said, " I should have lost to Dark Demon and then I would be able to protest for a title shot at Reasonable Doubt," and he completely fired me from Showdown. After everything that I've been through with Dark Demon, he is still the most dangerous competitor on the Showdown roster and I hope that he wins the World Title in front of his hometown fans because it would validate my win that much more.  What am I going to do on Saturday nights now? I have a lot of free time on my hands, but I just so happen to have front row tickets to both Dynasty and Voltage this week. 

The Mexican Samurai Sweepstakes is in full effect.

I'm a guy who is coming off defeating Jamie O'Hara who was the world champion and the current Hall of Fame champion, Dark Demon. I even gave Cameron Ella Eva the fight of her life, even if I knew that shenanigans were going to play a role in the match and cost me my title shot. I worked my ass off and I knew right from the moment I was booked for that match that it would be a complete joke. Cameron had so many people vying for that title and I was nothing more than a placeholder until she met Chuck Scene and TLA, because APPARENTLY that is all creative had for me at the time! I didn't want to shoehorned into that clutter of a title scene and having to wait in the back of the line, because a wrestler just happened to be showing after a long delay. I didn't leave the company, and I wasn't fresh into Showdown.

So that leads to the only alternative... and that is to go to a place where I can get my feet wet and take on some of the best competition that Elite Answers Wrestling has to offer. Sure, I burned some bridges with some much respected people but I'm going to continue to go out there and bust my ass every single night until I get that World Title around my waist. I'm not looking for a new opportunity because my destiny is still leading me to the exact same place and that is to become the flagbearer for EAW.

Voltage? Dynasty? Let's negotiate.
You're going nowhere faggot :banderas:
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Post on February 12th 2016, 9:51 pm by Clark Duncan
And still... no, too cliche. Nah, let's say it. It need to be said. And still your New Breed Champion...

It doesn't matter how I won.

I won and that's all that matters.

That's twice that I've defended this belt.

Bring on chapter three.

I'm still standing here as the New Breed Champion of EAW. I'm still standing as the man that an entire division wants to be. I'm still at the top of my game despite what others may think. My ventures on Showdown in pursuit of tag team gold haven't been as successful as my duties as the New Breed Champion, but it's only a matter of time before Jason Cage and I prove that we're a legitimate threat to Drake and Jones. I've already beaten The Mercenaries, I can take down more Hexagun filth, that's no problem. Alas, tag team action is at the back of my mind. While I will be in attendance on Showdown, my mind will be elsewhere. I have to make sure I retain the championship I currently have rather than being too greedy and pursuing a second at this moment in time.

Victor Maero, a man that is a self-confessed lackey to EAW's incumbent King of Elite. Maero admits that he's the weakest member of his faction yet believes he has the power and strength to stand on his own two feet. Okay, I get it. He's simply downplaying things. I'm not stupid Maero, I've dealt with groups before. The Holy Brigades, Hexagun, Dynasty Wrestling... no different to The Sanatorium really. You kooks probably should look to a mental asylum rather than a sanatorium from what I've seen and know. I won't pester you about that though, that's not what I'm here to do. My job is simple, walking into Battleground as New Breed Champion and walk out title in hand just like I did against RJ Caedus. I'm not expecting it all to be so easy this time around. No win via a mere headlock in this attempt, but it won't stop me from trying.

RJ Caedus showed nothing, but Carson Ramsay showed a similar fire to you, Maero. Look what happened to him. He tried. He tried so god damn hard. He failed. Sorry doc, but you're gonna have to go back to being the man power of The Sanatorium. You see, I look at Maero and don't see a champion. I see a man that wants to be the New Breed Champion with all his heart, but that doesn't win you matches. If it did, I'd be undefeated. There's so much more to our art than drawing blood from your opponent and leaving them for dead. It's not an art form for nothing. I tell you this because I understand that you'll appreciate this, Maero. My observations have me believing you get this kind of stuff. Carson Ramsay, on the other hand, he just want to murder anyone who stand in his way. The fight to the death approach is tried and tested, but it doesn't always work. It's all about adapting. The way I handled Carson Ramsay was different to how I handled RJ Caedus, and you be certain that I'll come up the winning approach to handling Maero and whatever his buddies have planned. I'm still wary of what they could do given the chance, I just hope Ken Stark has appropriate measures in place to prevent them from interfering and costing Maero his moment.

Maero my friend, I await your challenge with open arms. I want another fight that is actually going to make me work to defend this belt. I've seen past champs like Stark have terrible reigns and then others like TLA and Jamie O'Hara impress the business with memorable reigns that got nothing but praise. I'm aiming to outdo them. I'm not here to simply be king of a division of aspiring hopefuls, I'm here to etch my name in the history books. By the time my reign comes to an end, whenever that may be, the New Breed Championship will be synonymous will the name Clark Duncan for I will have had a strong list of names I have conquered to remain champion and become the best there ever was. Maero can't stop me, nobody can. I'm just getting started and when Battleground rolls around, as per usual, yours truly will have the last laugh.
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Post on February 12th 2016, 8:30 pm by Angela Salveti
Voltage Promo #2

Commonality, the term you have to use when you realize that someone you know is just as passionate and understanding like yourself. For me I have found that by looking at CD as I call her. Well to tell the truth I figured she would be ready to go all out and present the very essence of herself before everyone. That right there is the standard promotion of self that a true champion would do. Now I understand you talk about facing people that have grown up around this business this is true I did grow up around it and stated previously that I have martial arts as well as gymnastic background. I am a girl who likes to be able to know her skill by being able to fight and be just as flexible to escape any situation I may find myself in. Now while you have spoken about being on the farm and growing up in Texas I applaud that we all have our backgrounds of how things are. We have our homes that we traversed from but just because I grew up around the business doesn't mean it is all I know. Being raised in Michigan and dealing with being the lowest state economy wise for so many years invited a lot of times where getting work or trying to scrape money in a large city became next to impossible, Did you know that in Detroit there is so many abandoned buildings just sitting there as I no one cares to do something with them. Detroit is a city that really cannot afford to do much even though they try it is very clearly registered upon their own information that Detroit is pretty much going to file bankruptcy soon. So yes I grew up around the business in that way and we traveled here and there but it doesn't mean business was good. It wasn't good until my brother took it over and in the end as I've mentioned it closed its doors due to his decision. But while where we come from is a part of who we are that is not what defines us.

You see CD what defines us is where we are going and how we handle that. I do agree like you related with me that we can understand feeling better by having a home to reside within. A place that we can feel like ourselves because truly that was the only missing piece of my puzzle. You see I've been on both sides of this business I have been the woman in the ring and I have been the woman checking on others behind the curtain as a part of staff. So my business can play a part it doesn't always give me and advantage over an opponent what it does give me is just experience of how to handle situations. It would be ridiculous for me to get upset over the fact of banter that only cause trash talk between us. How I handle myself is only because I've been on both sides and I know that the jobs of all isn't easy. While we fight there is a booking agent backstage wondering if this was the best idea after having made the contender's match a week ago. Every little decision that was made is part of the reason I ended up here. I out of everyone am not the biggest name here and I am barely known. The only thing I've gotten is that I am Ariana's cousin which is something that will fade when my mark is made. Truth in who I am is the motto I live by because I know exactly why I am here.

I won't dart over comments either that you make nor will I back hand them in any way but I will state my opinion to the fullest because I believe everyone deserves to hear what is going through my mind. Especially when it comes into regards of myself and you. Now CD I wanted to address the statement of how you said you are a closer and the title wouldn't be coming back with me. See that point that you made is that I am the same as well I am a closer I don't end something until I am able to obtain it so you can look at this match as a fact for the championship if it stays on your waist woo hoo for you right? Well you speak about it being a target on your back which I said different. A champion doesn't deny they accept whomever comes at them. That is where we seem to have separated in out statements because when I get the belt I don't turn down anyone. See if I am to win it from you I will look you straight in the eye and say when do you want your rematch. I don't care if I become a target because that is not at all how I see that title. I see it as a means to face only the best. If you turn to not face what is coming at you then yes you are a target. But if you move forward against others you are a warrior with pride, you are crowned the best you just have to be willing enough to show everyone that you are the battle ready princess. Only to show others that you can wear the crown. I will be that when there is gold on my waist why shrink from the masses? You should step forward best attitude present and be ready to see what comes down the lane. You speak on confidence but yet you proclaim yourself a target. Don't be a target that is when you must take a stance and show the world what is exactly your point. I would do that step before everyone. Don't be the prey just be a hunter that strikes back, never settle on being the mark. You can't be the mark if you fight back.

I'm a woman that can close a match just as well it is a matter of not giving up and not giving in. We do this to prove that week in and week out in the wrestling business when you have that footing you don't want to be pushed back. At this point neither of us want to be pushed back but it is going to happen whether we like it or not. The undeniable doubt of reality shows through in that manor. Being born into something doesn't make you better and I am not flaunting the fact I was raised into wrestling. I share it to let everyone know about me. If you have secrets then you only have weaknesses. My name is Angela Salveti, I trained under my father with my brothers Vito and Antonio. I am half Italian and half Spanish, my family struggled to make ends meat some months but we always survived. I am a girl who grew up with only boys once my mother passed. I stepped out finding ways to cope such as the things I mentioned. Being a woman in a place I grew up in being ready is only vital in natural. That is why I can just look into the eyes of anyone and say I am ready. If you aren't ready twenty-four seven then you are only wasting time.

The base of who I am is to only thrive on competition and understanding of those I meet and CD you spoke on the similarity I do see that in the way we need this and the way we want this. We have mutual understanding I find no hate toward you only understanding and respect at this point. There must always be respect for those that have the ability to wear the gold because they wouldn't be wearing it if they hadn't earned it. I don't know what you really expect of me because as it is we are both just giving words using the verbal visage showing ourselves through the means to one another and the fans entirely. But that works fine by me because we didn't really know that much about one another and this is a presentation style of sharing we have done. We are giving each other that knowledge without fear or worry of what the other has to say because we know how to handle it. We can strand ourselves upon a desert isle and just figure things out like allies. It is rare to find this level of trust between competitors and that alone drives home my respect for you.

To often I see people delving into hatred calling someone a bitch or a bimbo or another in ring Barbie doll. The words of calling each other a slut, whore, and derogatory means only entices anger. CD you have this fire of competition that I haven't seen yet but it is like I am looking into myself and I understand from that point what is to come. You want to do battle as if there would be no end to see the truest of natures. I may find myself bickering with others that entice me down the line if I feel as though it is needed but that is only for the simple minded foes that you and I would face. Right here and right now we can have a conversation without the basic nature of lesser minds. How I have craved a battle of understanding as much as I crave an in ring match. You are inciting both and it is evident that you are. One thing that I must address though is that when it comes to the ring and being inside of it I don't give until I can't stand. You seem like a woman who understands fighting until their last breath has pressed from their lungs. That is me I am battle ready and even when I am battle worn I will still stand albeit staggering possibly but standing to fight none the less. That is the kind of road of a championship I seek one that no matter if I am at one hundred percent or twenty-five percent I will still look at my opponent and go until the very breath beneath my bosom is gone.

It is like Thanksgiving in the most honest sense when people ask what you are thankful for I look to things like this. Experiences like this where I can contemplate and be ready for whatever is to come before me next. CD you have the championship that speaks loud and clear to what I will try to do, the answer to that is win. As said even if it has come to my door step this early I will answer and if it is meant to be then the light of gold will shine upon a new waist. There is only clarity when it comes to my goals you have heard them. If you beat me I can promise you this isn't the last you've seen of me and I don't know how you feel about this but if you are at all interested it would be good to have an ally here. I won't let something like a championship step between me and someone that I respect. The idea is to be ready for a fight not to call someone a bitch and basically break them apart. Even though sometimes that works the best that is not how I walk this path. I walk my path to become a champion, the kind of woman that seeks only to make her name the right way and that is the respectful way. By the day's end I don't want to be the woman that stands there having to worry about an enemy striking her. No I would rather have a competitor in arms ready to step beside me and fight the way we all should. With you that is nothing but respect and I can tell you now I can't wait to meet you in that ring and for the bell to sound. The ride so far verbally has me just as much enthralled as the match will.
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Post on February 12th 2016, 7:05 pm by Victor Maero
Maero sits cross legged in the center of a long corridor in a house of mirrors with his eyes closed. He is wearing a white suit, and his cane is resting on his legs. Maero stirs and begins speaking in a cold, and distant voice.

Maero: “Dreams can take you so far in this world… But they won’t finish the job, you have to do that much yourself. My dream in EAW, the New Breed Title, is within my grasp. I won’t fail. Not this time.”

Maero stands.

Maero: “Listen Erebus, in your fight with ONI and I, all I’ll be doing is making sure ONI doesn’t kill you. We’re leaving that honour to the king. ONI doesn’t need me there, he never has, and probably never will.”

Maero clenches his fist and punches a mirror beside him.

Maero: “Believe it or not I know where I stand in EAW. My current dream is to change it. I’m part of The Sanatorium now, that’s proven to me how weak I am. I fought with ONI and with Eclipse. I’m nothing compared to them, just a stepping stone for those that want to succeed here.”

Maero turns away and buries his face in his hands. He turns back with red eyes and his voice quivering.

Maero: “I’m the weakest member of The Sanatorium, I hate that all I am is their body guard. Eclipse is a god, and ONI his paladin, his knight. All I am is a bishop. I’m only there as back up. All my life I’ve been in someone else's shadow, it’s my turn to be in the spotlight. Hell, after admitting all this I probably seem like the most insecure bastard in EAW, but at least I know my weakness.”

Maero wipes his face and continues speaking with a much more determined voice.

Maero: “I followed my heros, I’ve fought with my heros. I’ve fallen to those akin to a god, and they have fallen to me. But this time it’s my turn to be in the spotlight, it’s my turn to be followed, to be idolised, to win.”

Maero punches the nearest mirror making a crack appear. Maero breaths heavily and forces out gruff words, a single tear runs down his face.

Maero: “I will fight you in a way I never have before, you will face the Witch Doctor. It doesn’t matter how hot of a flame you light beneath me, my ambition will burn brighter, I will fight through it and I will win. I have a family behind me, this is true, but they won't be intervening. This fight is between you and me Clark Duncan, I will succeed with my strength alone or I will fall knowing that I fought using my own power.”

Maero paces up and down the corridor while breath heavily. He stops walking and returns to speaking in a harsh manner.

Maero: “I will be the first title holder in The Sanatorium. I will prove that I am worthy of staying in EAW, that I have grown. I will lift Oz on my shoulders and prove to him that his hero is worthy of the pedestal he puts him on. I will fight until both of us struggle for breath, until every limb aches and it’s painful to even move.”

Maero puts his grits his teeth and pulls his hair over his face. He growls before speaking.

Maero: “At the end of our match, when we have traded blood with each other’s knuckles, when I spit blood, when feel every cut and scrape dig into my skin, when I try to move and a bruise makes it damn near impossible. When I hold the title over my head and smile knowing that I won, do you know what I’m going to do to you?”

Maero smiles and walks in a circle. He then returns to sitting and begins meditating.

Maero: “I will help you stand. You deserve respect, but that day will be about me. I will prove something, I won’t be proving it to you, or to Eclipse, or even to EAW, this is something I will prove to myself. I will prove how strong I am, that I’m not just another blind man following the crowed. That I’m stronger than I was in the past.”

Maero breaths in and out, he slowly closes his eyes and speaks in a slow, half awake tone.

Maero: “To be the New Breed Champion is my dream, but fighting you? That’s my greatest nightmare.”

Oz runs into the corridor.

Oz: “Tin Man, Tin Man! Is it true?”

Maero looks up, The scene fades to black.
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Post on February 12th 2016, 6:50 pm by Hamau Koa
Trial by fire, is it?
Mickey Luciano no sooner stacked the last box into his now-cramped office when the call came. The Battle Royal, even before Hamau Koa, The Bastard of Samoa, hit town. Too bad he had to miss that one. Then came the call for a match with El Cazador.

Mickey set down the phone, snake grin on his face. Hamau Koa was his new boy. Luciano had never seen a larger storm of a man until now; and the first EAW brawl was set. This dude is going to the A-show.

Mickey locked the door and strode down the hall, out of the building, and across the street to The Strobe, the hottest club on the strip. He entered the club, the crowd all elbows and smoke, looking for a celebratory gin.

Mickey pushed his way deeper into the gyrating gin joint, distant bartender in sight. Hamau Koa was expected in town and Luciano would demand fury on this first EAW match. Koa was bringing six international titles to the EAW as well as a sixteen match winning streak, yet he was still unknown in these parts. The fireworks were going to reveal a story that wouldn’t soon be forgotten in the EAW world of wrestling when Hamau Koa brought his battle to the ring.

Now at the bar Mickey strutted left and right, waiting for a drink.
The blurly, blond bartender moved nonstop at the other end of the bar while Mickey tapped his fingertips on the wooden surface of the bar. Four women in various states of corset and heels were served on Mickey’s left. Mickey waved his finger to get served.

Two college preps got their gin and tonics on Mickey’s right and the bartender headed down the line. Mickey huffed. And twitched.

Hamau Koa was coming straight from the airport and Mickey wanted to get served and get a table to strategize about the fight with El Cazador, so-called King of the Jungle. The bartender strode past Mickey, pulled a trio of drafts, and dropped them down the bar and turned to the tiny brunette waving cash halfway down the bar. Mickey threw up a fist, snapped fingers sharply, and huffed.

From behind him, a barstool sailed nearly twenty feet down the bar, crashing on the floor precisely behind the blond bartender’s Doc Martins.

Hamau Koa slammed his fist onto the bar, “Serve him, now.”
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Post on February 12th 2016, 3:05 pm by The Mexican Samurai
In just a little over two days, I am now the hottest free agent on the market. 

Apparently it's not cool to pull the arm of James Shield as he is walking by, even if I was doing it as a prank. He ended up being really mad and stated that I was going to be on indefinite suspension and maybe I should have opening my mouth,  but I sarcastically said, " I should have lost to Dark Demon and then I would be able to protest for a title shot at Reasonable Doubt," and he completely fired me from Showdown. After everything that I've been through with Dark Demon, he is still the most dangerous competitor on the Showdown roster and I hope that he wins the World Title in front of his hometown fans because it would validate my win that much more.  What am I going to do on Saturday nights now? I have a lot of free time on my hands, but I just so happen to have front row tickets to both Dynasty and Voltage this week. 

The Mexican Samurai Sweepstakes is in full effect.

I'm a guy who is coming off defeating Jamie O'Hara who was the world champion and the current Hall of Fame champion, Dark Demon. I even gave Cameron Ella Eva the fight of her life, even if I knew that shenanigans were going to play a role in the match and cost me my title shot. I worked my ass off and I knew right from the moment I was booked for that match that it would be a complete joke. Cameron had so many people vying for that title and I was nothing more than a placeholder until she met Chuck Scene and TLA, because APPARENTLY that is all creative had for me at the time! I didn't want to shoehorned into that clutter of a title scene and having to wait in the back of the line, because a wrestler just happened to be showing after a long delay. I didn't leave the company, and I wasn't fresh into Showdown.

So that leads to the only alternative... and that is to go to a place where I can get my feet wet and take on some of the best competition that Elite Answers Wrestling has to offer. Sure, I burned some bridges with some much respected people but I'm going to continue to go out there and bust my ass every single night until I get that World Title around my waist. I'm not looking for a new opportunity because my destiny is still leading me to the exact same place and that is to become the flagbearer for EAW.

Voltage? Dynasty? Let's negotiate.
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EAW Promoz! (Section closed)

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