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 EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, Extremist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Only Nick Angel would completely miss the point of everything I said.

Only Nick Angel would say everything he did in three times as many words as necessary.

Only Nick Angel would ramble borderline incoherently for as long as he did.

Do you get it now, Nick? Do you understand anything? Everything you say and do frustrates me. It angers me. I'm usually quite a level-headed guy, as has been well documented in my time in EAW thus far. However, it is people like you that make me seethe.

I don't know what it is exactly, I wish I could point my finger and say "that's exactly how Nick Angel sets me off" but I can't. When I do get upset, when I lose control over my general emotional stability, bad things happen. Sometimes I am the victim of it all, but normally whoever triggers me incurs the wrath. This time Nick Angel will be the unfortunate person to cop the full force of a vicious onslaught that he may think he's prepared for, but in reality will not be able to contain.

Am I the only one who has those moments where they feel like they're reading or listening to something that is making them feel dumber or as if they're losing brain cells? I hope not. That's exactly how I feel about anything and everything Nick Angel says and does. It is a true struggle to sit through Nick babble on and on. It really is. It takes fortitude that I didn't know I had. It actually makes me feel ways I didn't know I could feel. As previously mentioned, there's just something about Nick Angel that makes my blood boil.

Nick is someone who is well and truly at home when it comes to talking shit. It just comes so naturally. To me Nick comes across as a guy who speaks before he thinks. There's a danger in that. Let's just take a moment, or several, to list all the stupid things Nick said. First off, he thinks he's amazing because Devan Dubian is the only person to beat him since he's returned. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, Nick. Remember that. I, Clark Duncan, have a limited ceiling. Ha, laughable statement. Completely false. Nick has also made it apparently he lives in some parallel universe where I have zero charisma and don't get a reaction from the crowd. Looked in a mirror, Nick? The person who better suits those two things might be in your reflection. And of course, my favourite bit, Nick says that I stole the New Breed Championship. Like Kanye West, Nick can't get much 'wronger'.

I need to compose myself. This is getting too much. I can't handle Nick's nonsense. It just doesn't stop. There is no end to this. I'm gonna need all types of therapy just to get myself right for next week. I don't necessarily condone violence or vengeance, but there occasionally comes a time and place where they're absolutley necessary. This Sunday on Voltage is when and where you'll see Nick Angel's demise. A little cliche, I'll admit, but I like to keep things simple, a principle Nick has no idea about. I'm done, I really am, I will allow Nick to go off his wild tangents. I'm absolutely fine with Nick believing whatever the hell he wants to believe about me. Honestly, I really am. They're completely unfounded and ridiculously untrue. His labels and insults have don't faze me. If anything, they humor me. I laugh at Nick Angel. Through the disdain and the frustration, I sit here and laugh at how stupidly conceited this man actually can be.

I'll laugh now, I'll laugh later and I'll laugh last, as always.

~The scene opens to Sephiroth, nonchalantly munching away at a chocolate bar with his eyes intently on the camera. He seems to have an air of cockiness and his overall disposition of his face just screams “I TOLD YOU SO!”. Sephiroth takes the last bite of the confectionary and crumples the pack and tosses it aside.~

Hmm, how’d you like that? Huh? Can’t hear you. Oh that’s right, losers really don’t have a say on the aftermath of the match. How silly of me to forget. Two fresh newcomers off the boat, and I sent them back to square ONE! Haha. I mean, as if they even left square one to begin with right? But look at them now. Poor Rex and Dynamo. Usually I don’t brag about myself, but when I win a match by a landslide, you really can’t do anything but stop and ADMIRE me. What did you all think huh? That I am just a man who talks big? Who can’t back up what I say? Who is still a “fresh” face in EAW? No…no…you see I have become more than that. I have become…a threat! A threat to all men that step in the ring with me, and you KNOW that. My only regret is that the match was a pre-show. Really? I think EAW management robbed the fans of their hard earned money by putting me in a pre-show match. Regardless, now everyone knows what I am capable of, so it is good to see I’m back in a “real” match. Heh.

Oh don’t you worry Rex, and you too Dynamo. There’s ALWAYS a second chance in life. There’s ALWAYS the opportunity to settle for the second best. But hey, if you guys lost any and all drive to compete, then be my guest and walk yourselves out of this company. Clearly the competition here is just too much for you pansies to handle it seems. Dynamo putting on half-assed match and Rex barely clinging on for life…..gosh, I hope I didn’t traumatize the two of you. It was just a triple threat match….but it seems the only real threat was me eh? I hope I don’t ever face the two of you jokes. I beat you guys fair and square and I am DONE with your kind.

Now to more important matters that loom over the horizon, this Brayden Cruise. The kid’s got heart I’ll give him that. But has he got the spirit? The endurance? The dominating factor that I bring regularly to the ring? I don’t know….I haven’t seen him do jack in the ring yet, but you know what, maybe I’ll bring out the best in him. Who knows? Or maybe I’ll just give him an early retirement. Haha. Its funny how I’m regularly being pitted against guys who are fresh off the boat from other companies. It’s like I’m some sort of initiation ceremony for these talents. Like some sort of….formality. But I assure you, I am no TEST, I am no TRIAL. I am a roadblock! An immovable object that can’t and won’t be pushed aside by some third rate jobbers. Nay, even the best cannot topple me down. Brayden I’ve heard the praises they sing for you, but you don’t seem to have earned those. In fact, I might even go a mile and say you’re a phony, here to seek a minute of fame. Can you truly expect to beat ME? I, a man who has already gone against the likes of Jason Cage in my first match? Hmm? I expect you to bring your A-game into this match, because people like you are just fodder for me in Showdown. Lets just hope our fight last longer than that I had last week. The one I walked out, the winner! Ha.

~The camera stays on Sephiroth as he continues to stare with his cold eyes into the camera, the scene slowly fades to black~
This week on Voltage I team up with the Answers World Champion, Devan Dubian to take on Scott Oasis and my former partner, Ryan Savage. I'll speak on that in a minute, but something's been weighing on my mind lately that I wanted to speak on. I want to address what Hades said to me not too long before I went out there on Sunday and defeated him. Hades the Hellraiser of all people had the nerve to stand there and called me a selfish bastard. This was shortly after I came to grips with my addiction to the sport of professional wrestling, when I bore my truth and made it clear to everyone that this game is no longer something I can willingly walk out of. I came out in public and told it like it is, I admitted to the fact that it's ingrained in me to go out there and put everything on the line to fight for the richest prize for as long as I physically can. And for some reason that seemed to bother Hades... it bothered him that I couldn't find it in me to settle and be satisfied with what I have. He showed contempt to my drive for success, as if I were some fat, greedy pig cushioned by the hard labor of all those who are beneath me and enjoying the fruits of other peoples labor. He acts as though I were reaping the benefits of what so many others have sown. Worse than that, he felt outraged by my undying passion for this business; a business that I've sacrificed everything for and would gladly do so again. But hell, take away the sentimental side of it, let's take a look at the cold hearted and callous side, the self aggrandizing lustful nature of those who step into the squared circle in front of the big stage in the first place. We are all ego driven, but for some reason consensus has it that my ego is the most inflammatory! It bothers Hades that I still want to be the most successful man in this business, and normally I wouldn't give his opinion any second thought, but the reason why I bring it up now is because deep down inside I know it bothers you too.

And I've had it up to here with this bullshit. I'm so tired of being demonized for doing exactly what anyone else would do in my place. Scratch that -- I'm so sick and tired of EAW Elitists demonizing me for doing what they would do in my position. Before any of you try to find honor amongst thieves, before anyone here dares try and take the moral high ground with me, let me remind you all of something, you're in a business where the objective is to take down anybody standing in your way in order to become Champion. You're not a congressman, you're not a police officer or a fucking volunteer firefighter, you are a FUCKING PRO WRESTLER. You're not noble, you're a prize fighter in a blood sport. You're here for the exact same reason I am, and it's because you want to be a winner. But the thing about EAW these days is... some of you people aren't winners. Some of you don't have the mentality of a winner. You see, back in the day, 6, 7, 8 years ago, nobody blamed the top dog for being the top dog, they just did everything it took to bring him down. Everyone was on a relentless pursuit for more success because THEY wanted to be the man. But now you little sissy girls expect your asses to be wiped and your didey's to be changed, and instead of taking out those who you despise you whine and cry about it. The mentality is completely different, different and it's not just Elitists, it's fans too. As time goes by you root less for the marquee and more for the underdogs. And by underdogs, I mean least likely to succeed. And by least likely to succeed, I mean COMPLETE FAILURES. LOSERS. BUMS. FLAVORS OF THE MONTHS. HERE TO DAY AND GONE TOMORROW. But take a man like me who's been on top for so long and is busting his ass to get back there, and suddenly I'm a selfish piece of shit right!? It's funny, because in any other sport -- you name it, any other sport -- a person like me would be exalted. Revered! Look at the NBA Legend Kobe Bryant, after this season he's gone; BUT do Lakers fans demonize him for his passion and his hunger?? Do they take credit away from Ali for not being humble??? Do you think Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player of all time because he was 'just happy to be here'??? Is 'just being happy to be here' what wins you five rings? Six rings? Five World Championships?? Six Match of the Years??? Did they boo Kobe for his relentless drive in the Staples Center when he walked up to the free throw line and hit two free-throw shots with a torn goddamned Achilles? NO, it's that grit what made him the legend and the icon that he is, that ruthless mentality is ingrained into his legacy forever. But somehow wrestling fans and, for the love of god, pro wrestlers themselves feel as though I should be CRUCIFIED for pushing on and wanting more success despite everything I've been through. They're just waiting for someone to haul me away, they're hoping I bow out for good so another flash in the pan can take my spot, and the worst part is people like Hades actually think that I give a damn about their stupid ass opinions. They they think showing a complete lack of respect is supposed to sway me in any way shape and form. Maybe if you little girls asked nicely, maybe if you said "please DDD, please stop being a winner, please stop chasing championships, give the rest of us a fair shot"; maybe then I'd actually stop and think about it! Now I'm not even entertaining the thought of it. I'll never acquiesce to the whims of the lunatic fringe bunch of psycho-pansies who ridicule me for aspiring to the best. Jokes on you, HA HA HA, you want me out? TAKE ME OUT.

Until then I have a spot in the Elimination Chamber at Road To Redemption where the Answers World Championship is up for grabs. And that's exactly why even though I stand by his side in our tag team bout this weekend, Devan Dubian and I could never truly be partners. We're not friends come Sunday. We can't be friends as long as he holds that World Championship hold. Not that we were ever even acquainted, hell I don't know if there's any mutual respect between us at all. I at least hope you aren't like the lunatic fringe of pissants out there feeling slighted by my ambition -- and speaking of which, I know some of the people who don't bash me are probably wondering who my vitriol is directed at, and obviously this is only if the shoe fits. If you support me or root for me, you obviously know none of this is about you--YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK IT, I'm sick of having to paaaad, having to tip toe around sentiments, having to pad any statements I make, I'm so tired of mincing words, if you're dumb enough to take what I say personally than take it personally. Fuck it, what do I have to lose, a sponsorship? I'll say whatever I want however I want, I don't even need the fanfare. I'm used to not having it. It's been me against the world so many times in my career, I don't care if I'm the only person on the planet rooting for me at this point, I don't need anybody else's goddamned stamp of approval. As a matter of fact, with the Elimination Chamber just a few weeks away I can't help but take a trip down memory lane and look back at my infamous EAW Championship victory at Road To Redemption 4. It was five years ago when I threw the rulebook out the window and seized the opportunity as it was presented to me and became the EAW Champion, but of course it was much to the chagrin of the masses. I never took as much flack, nor received as much hatred ever before in my life as I did on that day, and that public outcry made me even more bitter than I already was... so bitter, that I found myself picking up victories and winning matches in SPITE of the critics. I bring all that up because before that day I was at a low point. I was no better than dead and gone, but that win became my resurrection. Now five years later people are counting me out again, they're not expecting me to recaptured the magic that I once had, and when I did I was vilified! But guess what Devan? Guess what??? I'm prepared to go through all of that all over again. All of it. Tenfold. 

That's how bad I want what you have, Devan. And it's amusing in a way, because I know that no matter what you do, people for some reason can't help but adore you. We're like polar opposites in that fact. I catch some level of flack for everything I do, and you're just about universally praised. Something like that would have driven me up the wall just a few years ago, but now I just find it funny. A couple of years back, I boldly admitted that I could never be the Greatest of All Time no matter what I did. Even if I won 10 World Championships, I'd always be slighted out of that honor. I could never be granted that kind of glory. I bring that up because since then, the whole concept of "glory" took a dramatic change for me. You see what we are at the end of the day, Devan, are glory chasers. It's what pro wrestlers are, really. Just glory hungry, masochistic brutes. But the basic principle of glory has always been that glory lies in the public reception. We don't wrestle in empty arenas, we wrestle in front of the thousands in attendance and the millions at home. You have more glory in the palm of your hand than you know. No matter what you do, the people cheer for you. Ryan Savage turns his back on me and he's boo'ed out of buildings. You turn your back on your allies and they seem to cheer even louder. Frankly I don't know what it is about you. Maybe you're that rare case of the underdog turned success story who the masses don't turn their back on...  either way, you and I are here for the same thing. But no matter how many gold doubloons people throw at you from the stands, another principle that remains true is you cannot eat gold. I realized that I can't eat the gold that these people feed me, and I then realized that my concept of glory needed a change so desperately. So what glory is to me now is simply in the eye of the beholder. I don't give a damn what people see when they look at me. What matters more than anything is that when I look in the mirror I see a champion. I'm warning you Dub, I will do anything to become champion again. I will do whatever I can to take what currently belongs to you. I just want be fair with you right now so you don't accuse me of being a liar in case things don't go as you quite hoped. I'll turn against my own laurels, I'll gladly be a hypocrite if it means I'm World Champion again. It doesn't matter who I injustice to get back to the top, as long as I do myself the honor and finish the climb.

And as I told Hades last week, I won't hesitate to crush anybody getting in the way of me and my fix. I'll risk my life before I risk my chances, which means this tag team match is just as important as a World Title shot, especially now that I'm on thin ice with HRDO. I get it now, the incentive is back and it's at an all time high now. Every match is just as important. I can't settle for anything less than dominance. That's why even a man like Scott Oasis who don't have any history with whatsoever is now my mortal enemy. I understand he's a contender. He's not on the same stratosphere as me, he's not worthy of stepping in the same ring with me, hed be lucky to lace my boots. However he's one of the obstacles that are in my way, and so is anybody else who stands across from me in the ring. Every loss is an existential threat to my career, every slip is an existential detriment to my livelihood, so I CAN'T allow myself to lose! I cant-I WON'T allow myself to lose! And when you factor in my dear, dear old friend Ryan Savage.... yeah, as if I didn't have enough incentive, I get another shot at getting my hands on that backstabbing son of a BITCH! It's the perfect storm! Did you like what I did to you on Dynasty Ryan??? GUESS WHAT!!!! THERE'S MORE COMING ASSHOLE, THERE'S A LOT MORE OF THAT COMING! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO HUH RYAN? I HAVEN'T PICKED MY HILL TO DIE ON! GO AHEAD, PICK IT FOR ME! PUT ME IN MY GRAVE! TAKE ME OUT! DO HADES, AND THE REST OF THESE CRYING COMPLAINING SNIVELING LITTLE SACKS OF SHIT THE FAVOR AND TAKE ME OUT! END MY CAREER LIKE YOU PROMISED ALREADY! Don't tell me you're already done trying, are you? It's gonna be so much fun to get you and you alone in that ring. I know a day will come when there is no Dubian and there is no Scott Oasis, and it's just you and me alone. I await that day. But the same way you put me on the back burner, I'm afraid I'll have to do that to you. The same way you thought you were too good for The Savage Ryans, now the feeling's mutual. You're not the number one priority anymore Ryan, but if you want to get in my way I can gladly kill two birds with one stone. But I suggest you stay as far away from me as you can for now. There's plenty of time to torment each other after I leave Road To Redemption as the new Answers World Champion.
Post on December 2nd 2015, 1:15 pm by Rex32
Scene pans in from up above to the evening skies on the outskirts New Jersey. Camera then slowly pans to a limousine for a few seconds and then the camera shows inside the limo a despondent Rex McAllister deep in thought as he gazes out the tinted window.
Okay. So I got that first bout out of the way. The first one is always the most nerve-racking one I guess no matter if it's match 28 in my career or match number one.  All the pre-match preparation, all the motivational prodding, it's never enough to prepare for that arena full of fans, their reaction, that familiar reaction, the acceptance. But who are we really kidding here? Huh? I mean this match was simply the small dish before the main course. 
The limo makes a turn down a long busy city road with kids outside still playing and folks are mingling in their own separate social circles.
Yeah I lost, technically.   It was one of those matches with a dubious result, that nobody will really remember nor give two pennies worth about, unless you were there to witness it of course.  I mean in that match I went toe-to-toe with this Dynamo Kid.  HE’S GOOD.  He just may have a future here I would suppose.  I loathe the thought that our dear old dingleberry of the EAW, Sephiroth, can be held with the same regard.  I mean this LOSER actually went out of his way to do exactly what he stated he would, and that was to let Dynamo and myself fight it out while he played the role of the ultimate opportunist and waited until I had inflicted the damage necessary to cap off, what SHOULD have been a spectacular debut, the match.  Then this weaseling little snake back body drops me from the ring and way out of place to make any type of save attempt and he finishes what I STARTED.  But, I guess there is no use in crying over spilt milk.  Right?  What is done is done.  A win is a win whether it be here in EAW or in life.  You win some you lose some.  I said that in my debut promo.  It’s NOT how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up.  It won’t be the first time I have lost an athletic contest and it won’t be the last.  It will take more than a mere setback to make or break a career as the MATCH WINNER Sephiroth proved. I think I more than proved, even in a losing cause, that I could match wits with someone as nefarious as Sephiroth and am confident I can do so against anybody.  My Rexcellence won’t be denied I can assure you.  Sephiroth for all that he did to show his ineptitude, was right about my Rexcellence.  There isn’t anybody trying to reach Rexcellence, and that is good, that is the way I see it too.  I don’t want others striving for Rexcellence.  I have very high standards, and I see myself higher than the socially accepted standards placed long ago by people who strived to move up and be somebody, but too many times people have shamed the credibility of such standards.  Rexcellence as Sephiroth described, it’s kind of like leading the horse to the big pale of water, but you can’t make it to drink from it. 
The limousine begins to slowdown pulling off to the right curb side on a two-way neighborhood street.  The top window is opened by Rex McAllister, who pops his head out of the top.  He has a big wadded ball of money.  He tosses it toward an porch area of an old apartment building.  Rex ducks back into the limo and the lights of the limo light up and limo turns out of the spot it was parked and drives away.  An elderly man opens the door and slowly inches out to pick up the wad of money.  Thankful he waves respectfully at the fleeting limo that has already speed away.
Respect.  It’s something you can’t force people to shower you with, but with the same token you can refuse to be disrespected.  It seems that in modern society people seek attention even if it means losing respect.  I would suspect this sudden up-rise is  the changing of the guard of sorts.  I mean I was molded in the school principles of professional wrestling, but with modern day professional wrestling having taken off just over the last decade alone I knew it was important that I master the intricacies of both styles. Something I have done.  I get another chance to prove that this coming week on Showdown.
The camera pans inside the limousine of Rex.  He opens his duffle bag to glance at what is revealed to be his workout/training gear. 
Last week was my first match since leaving that “other promotion”, I guess I took for granted how competitive things could be.  Don’t misconstrue my words, I retain every last bit of my swagger and wit I came in here with, but with a broader outlook of what is ahead.  The competition is stout and The Rex Master is still going to treat every match, whether it’s the darkest of matches or the Main Event, as a championship battle and he being the Champion against the inferior upstart the underdog.  Now Garrett Howlett be prepared cause The Rex Master will see you on Showdown.   I am a stickler for this type of approach and trust me Garrett you will get my best as once again The Rex Master continues to slowly work his way into the flow of things here. Trust me the best is yet to come.
The camera pans out of the limo as it drives away further and further until it’s beyond landmark buildings and out of view
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)
Post on December 1st 2015, 10:24 pm by Angel.
Sunday night, I came into the last edition of Voltage with high aspirations. I came into the last edition of Voltage with every sense of knowing that the time has come for me that through the obstacles of almost five year, I can finally have one break. For almost five years, I have come through the obstacles of being inexperienced, relying on the concept of interdependency and choosing the wrong people to serve as guidance. Then as I got drafted to Voltage, I realized that for all of the talent I have? There is only one man that I can rely onto guiding myself into the promise land and that is me. There is only one guy that can allow if a man will allow others to utilized his talent to his or others’ benefit. Me. It came to the revelation of me that as an individual, I possess all the potential and craftiness that few can attest to and it is time to prove my worth as an elitist. Prove my worth as an elitist it is as ever since I came back from my injury at Voltage. Ever since I ascended from injury upon late October, there was no one that would stop me from achieving the results I desired. I went through the obstacle of actually winning in a FPV this year all while conquering the myth that I cannot succeed in a battle royal. Then for once? People started to believe that maybe, just maybe this is a Nick Angel that actually is accountable for all actions he commits along that his potential is actually being utilized. Which leads back to this past Sunday night. I came into Voltage acknowledging that in order to test Devan Dubian? I have to beat him at his own game in regards to playing mind games. I am aware that in order to defeat Devan Dubian, I know it is going to be an all-out war where you have to be two steps ahead of your opponents due to tempo. For the neutrals, it was indeed more or less a classic match at Voltage as one could say this was truly the match of what the Land of Elite ideally has to offer. Yet unfortunately for me, I came out Voltage as a man that is more or less empty-handed.  I am disappointed. I am more confused as to why there is not a half a dozen belt on my shoulder as I was easily a hair away from attaining my first world title in this book of nearly five years. I contemplate that even when I gave Devan Dubian the biggest run for his money, far over the likes of StarrStan, Hades and Brian Daniels, what more can a man do just to have one break in his career? Yet despite the result of not walking out of Voltage with the Answers World Championship, let us take everything into perspective. Ever since I came about to Voltage, the only man that has defeated me is only the Answers World Champion and critics can attest that if I was battling Devan Dubian in that manner, it was rather a faith of a coin toss that was not in favor of me. In the loss, critics can attest me of being more or less credible to my worth as people realize that whenever Devan Dubian was a hair from losing his title, people understand that this Nick Angel is shedding a new leaf. 

Shed a new leaf I will. I won’t let my future be in my past where I face against Devan Dubian just for only prove my worth that I owe up to my label as an elitist. After all, there is always the opportunity that despite that I loss at Voltage? I made the impression that I am indeed an elite talent and as long as I keep on performing as an elite talent that brings out all the best against the cream of the crop while winning over guys that you should really win against? An opportunity of the Answers World Championship will come along, maybe even this month at Road to Redemption. But I don’t want to get too ahead of myself considering the fact that if I want to maintain my impression of being an elite talent, I must have a result against a guy whose ceiling is rather limited. Namely someone like my upcoming opponent like Clark Duncan. Clark while I was having my match preparations for the Answers World Championship on the last edition of Voltage, I can’t help but chime in regards to your speech. I do admit that it was surprisingly passionate giving your usual tone of being a comedian or well, not exactly the most charismatic guy to get a reaction out of a crowd. Your points in regards to your championship being stolen are plausible as I ideally do not want to have my property to be stolen by another individual considering I worked my ass off for the property. Yet Clark, I only say that in the ideal sense. The reality is that you, Clark didn’t even bust your ass off to win the New Breed Championship. Clark Duncan, as much as you label TLA a thief and a robber, I suppose it takes one to knows one because deep down? You know in order to get anywhere in EAW, you have to sell your soul to others who will dictate your direction. You know in order to actually succeed in EAW, you have to rely on others to lobby for a second tier championship just because you can’t owe up to your failures as an individual. 

Ultimately, the very reasoning as to why you can’t even owe up to your failures as an individual Clark is deep down? You got really nothing to contribute to the Land of Elite. You speak of me taking advantage of TLA’s interference at Shock Value and let me state this. You cannot blame a guy of hitting home runs whenever they are pitched to him and personally? I blame the pitcher in this situation which is you Clark. You knew that whenever you head into Shock Value, it was not just the participants of the battle royal that you have to stress over about but rather, you sow your own seeds of demise whenever you stole the New Breed Championship off of TLA. Ever since you stole the New Breed Championship, I can tell that in your eyes that your consciousness is rather more disturbed knowing that one day? Karma will come back and haunt you in the most inconvenient time possible. Point and simple Clark, you were treading a dangerous line in regards to your mini-war with TLA and I do not sympathize with a man that puts in no effort while being awarded with countless of opportunities just because of your affiliation with the lobbyists. And lastly, it’s not just threading a dangerous line in regards to hitting a home run from a pitcher. Rather, one can argue that as Clark Duncan pitches me a grand opportunity, it was rather inevitable in one form or another. Because let us be honest, the biggest obstacle to Clark Duncan is Clark Duncan himself and the track record shows. Clark Duncan was once a comedian but little does he knows that there is hardly any world title for Comedy Central but forget world title. Clark Duncan as a comedian was irrelevant. You performances as a comedian produces a laugh but the laugh where people were laughing at you rather than with you. As Clark Duncan sells out to the corporate intentions, he would like to think that his abilities are better. But Clark, you’re still the same limited wrestler you always were whenever you came upon the Land of Elite as a second tier aspiring clown while not having any kind of sense of what is actually good for him. Not that it would matter given your talent but it would always be good to have a sense of shrewdness and that is what you lack. You lack any kind of direction and that is always why your ceiling will be limited to second tier. You can laugh at my shortcoming against Devan Dubian but personally? I would rather lose while knowing that I have a sense of purpose, direction in the Land of Elite knowing that one day that my message will come across in the long run rather than be a mongrel whose only purpose is to ride the cocktails off of the lobbyists for what? Short-term results that no one will give a shit about in the following months to come? But then again, I won’t lose sleep as I establish my credibility as an elite talent while you Clark will make choices that will always define you as a talent. Second tier. 

Look, I realize that the match on Showdown did not go the way I had wanted to. Unfortunately, I was not the better competitor that night. Lioncross was the better wrestler and he brought a tough fight. It wasn’t like I wasn’t expecting a back and forth match. I also was not expecting a match where I had most of the offense and I beat him five seconds after the bell rung. I got what I wanted from Lioncross and that was a good wrestling match with no excuses and I congratulated him. We entered the match with nothing, but respect for one another and that in fact did not change at all. By just the way Jason Cage talks, I am not getting the same thing from him. He claims to be a likeable person, almost the “fan favorite” until someone rubs him the wrong way. It is kind of ironic because it’s not him, who is rubbed the wrong way, but me. Why? First, he brought up how I lost my second match as champion. Gee, I didn’t know it was such a crime for a champion to lose every now and then. The difference between Jason and I is that I am not afraid to lose. You saw how I acted after my match with Lioncross, you saw how I showed my sign of respect. You should have noticed right there that it isn’t about winning or losing, but how you bounce back from every match no matter what the result could be. That doesn’t mean that I don’t care about winning and keeping this Interwire Championship because I do. You see, I’m not a champion because the universe was in my favor that night or the wind blew at the right direction, I’m a champion because I’ve busted my ass in EAW for the past six years and no, that does not make me entitled for glamour and gold, but it sure shows you that hard work eventually pays off in the end.

Jason, you were on the same boat as Lioncross and that is: you returned a little less than a month ago if I’m not mistaken. What makes you think that you can stand toe-to-toe with me? I would have thought someone like you would face weaker opponents to get your confidence running until you face a champion that is worthy of your time? What makes me worthy of your time? Do you consider me easy to defeat knowing that I am going to approach our title match with a loss? I know, I shouldn’t be thinking like you as that kind of person. I mean, you probably thought long and hard on whether it was the right time to face me. You just like everyone should have saw what I did with Chuck Scene two weeks ago. Jason, I got rid of him and he’s not the only person I’ve gotten rid of in a span of two years. Scott Diamond, Jaywalker…do you seriously want to be added onto the list of losers who I’ve gotten rid of? It’s your deathbed, my friend. You just need to lie in it now. I mean, seriously? You think that I am going to be the one running away like a scared little girl? If all of my opponents can agree on something, it’s the fact that I don’t run away from a challenge. I’m not going to look for a shady way out or get myself counted out of a match. I’m going to the ring to wrestle you and to win. There will be no running away from my part. Never was and never will me as much as you secretly want that to happen. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: I am a fighting champion and I take on all challengers. Hell, at least I didn’t need to make you beg on your knees like most men in my life. I GAVE you a title shot, now you just need to capitalize on the opportunity. If you’re looking for the right words to respond, respond with this: thank you, Cameron.

That wasn’t the only thing that rubbed me the wrong way about you. The second thing that rubbed me the wrong way about you was that you want this title to make the new title the Elite Championship. Do you not think that the Interwire Championship is not good enough to hold? I would think that anyone in EAW would be fortunate to hold any sort of championship, but not you, Jason. You want the Interwire Championship just so you can make a new championship out of it. Wow! So basically, in order to have the “Elite Championship”, you need a belt to call it the “Elite Championship”. Are you that cheap to make a belt yourself? Or how about go to management and ask to make a new championship like we don’t need any more belts, so that everyone can become a champion! Don’t get me wrong: that’s how Jaywalker was able to crown himself the first ever Hall of Fame Champion, but we all know what happened to him and his career. It seems like some of my past opponents have never been able to recover their careers after facing me and Jason, you might be the next on that list. Perhaps, you might be a different case. Sadly, for some of my past opponents, they have never been able to pick themselves up from a huge loss. Just the fact that woman defeated them, must have shattered their confidence so much. Jason, would you respond the same way? Do you see being defeated by a woman a good or bad thing? On Showdown, it almost seemed like you were not expecting me to give you a fight and to be running like a scared little girl. Now that you have pointed it out, I’ll be running, but not like a scared little girl. More like I’ll be running through you because you’re just another obstacle in my way from being the best Interwire Champion I can.

You’re going to make me tap out. You’re going to make me tap out? HA! I like to see you try. If you try to place any submission on me, I’m going to do my best to counter it. While you may try for your Forced Confession, I’ve got counters. Who knows? Who knows what I can pull from under my sleeve. Just like what Lioncross said about me. I am one of the most unpredictable wrestlers in EAW. I got speed and agility for days and I can slip and slide from any hold that you might have over me. I’m probably one of the quickest Vixens, even Elitists in the locker room. My agility is something that Hall of Famers and veterans are envious of because their bodies can’t move like how I can move in the ring. Tap or Snap, you say? Well, knowing how stubborn I can get, it might be difficult to get me to tap out. With me, you need to have a whole different approach. There is no easy way to get out of this match as a winner because I always manage to give my opponents a tough time. Perhaps, it might be the idea of me kicking out in the last second which pisses off my opponents, but the best thing for you not to do is get frustrated. Knowing men, you are all easy to piss off. Jason, you may have noticed how a Vixens title reigns have been cut short. From Maddie’s to Haruna’s reigns, you may think that I may be added in the list of Vixen title reigns that will run short. I maybe a Vixen, but I am not stupid. Maddie got a little too comfortable a month within her title reign and Haruna just did not give a fuck about being a champion. What makes me different from those two other women is not just what I have been able to accomplish or what I had to withstand, but how I carry myself and how much I love being a champion because I am a champion for all women. I am not going to let someone like you take this championship away from me because I am not done with my objective and that is to give the Interwire Championship prestige back and to give people a champion to be proud of. So Jason, step on down; you’re going to be the first challenger to fail at capturing my championship.
Cameron Ella Ava was one of my toughest opponents out of my entire career, and any doubters should know that there's a reason she's the Interwire Champion. Cameron, this doesn't make up for the loss to your sister two years ago, but that doesn't matter. I'm moving on in my quest to prove - week after week - that I can compete with EAW's best. As for you, good luck next week in your championship defense. I don't think you'll need it, though.

My big crusade will have to wait, since I'm not in a match, but I'm still exploring uncharted waters. I'm in charge of four competitors next week, one of whom I'm very familiar with.

Here's all I'll say: Don't get in my way, and I won't get in yours. I take pride in being good at what I do - something I don't see enough of in a lot of wrestlers nowadays. I have no issue with Dark Demon; it's hard to have one with an EAW Hall of Famer. I have a degree of respect for Mexican Samurai's ability. Aria Jaxon is the Empress of Elite, and she's a big part of the Vixens being as good as they are. Then, Brett Kennedy, there's you.

You seem to want a match with me so badly, you're using the stuff Heart Break Boy used on me when I signed my contract. Stuff like, how you want to face the Lioncross of CWF, instead of this joke of a Lioncross that's currently undefeated in the greatest wrestling promotion in the world today. I have some advice for you - focus on your match. I have a job, and I'm going to do it. You should do the same. Don't let your partner down just because you're focused on wanting to prove yourself against a special guest referee.

That being said, I have less than a week to learn how to referee a match. I have a feeling that I'm going to need some help...
There comes a time where the ol' adapt or die idea comes into play.

This is that time.

I've hit a fork in the road of my EAW career. Either I continue down the path of being a semi-serious competitor that people view as mildly credible or I evolve and become a better version of the man I alread was. This isn't just some stupid notion I'm bringing to the fore, this is the cold, hard truth. Right now, the Clark Duncan speaking as this very moment is not the same Clark Duncan that walked through the doors of EAW 11 months ago. This isn't the same Clark Duncan that lost at Shock Value. When you saw me speak on my situation this past Voltage, that was when I transformed into the man that stands here right now.

Ive spent two weeks on Dynasty getting beaten by Hexagun and putting up with TLA. I'm a proud supporter of the great man that is Zack Crash. We're similar people with similar visions and outlooks on things, that has to be why he trusts me in what I'm doing here on Voltage in my role. This role has been something that I could have never expected. I knew that it wouldn't be easy, I knew that the roster wouldn't like it, but I wasn't about to say no to something that has been for the betterment of my career. Yet here I stand, no further than I hoped I would be. Instead, I'm here facing the man that beat me at Shock Value just under a month ago.

Nick Angel, a man undeserving of the victory he got. Not only that, but he was basically handed the win when TLA sought revenge on me during the battle royal. That was the moment that Nick Angel won. That was moment I've had three weeks to digest. I should have been prepared for the ambush. I should have seen it coming. I was a touch foolish to think TLA wouldn't come for me and the New Breed title. However, let's make this about Nick. Let's show him what happens when he has nobody to hide behind, to do his dirty work or make his job easier.

I was right. I called it. Nick Angel isn't good enough. If he was, he would be Answers World Champion right now. He had his chance and he blew it. It was inevitable really. Tell me Nick, all the conspiracy theories, all the lobbying, all the ideologies, where did they get you? That mind of yours is a mess. I said it during the week of Shock Value and I'll say it again, as soon as you get out of your head, you might get somewhere. A lot of elitists don't realise that this game is half mental. They think that if they can outwrestle or talk the hind legs off a donkey, they'll go far. Your head has to be screwed on and in the right place or you'll be swallowed by the unforgiving beast that is this business. It is absolutely savage by nature. Slip up and you get left behind. That's why I'm fighting harder week by week. Almost a year here in EAW and I have nothing to show for it other than a trendy office with a cushy chair and messy desk. I wanted titles, I wanted glory. Everything I thought I would achieve has deserted me thus far. And then guys like you walk in after some time off and win themselves a shot at the biggest prize Voltage has to offer after not even a month. That is a kick in the balls if ever I've felt one. So Nick, before you start rambling like always and getting so damn repetitive with your nonsense that I really couldn't care less about, listen to this. I don't care in the slightest what you're plans are, I simply want to avenge my loss at Shock Value. I did exactly this against Stark after Reasonable Doubt and you can bet on history repeating itself. One thing I've never lacked is effort, I keep trying, I never stay down. When everyone else takes the easy way out, I choose the road less travelled. And do you know why?

There's no traffic on the extra mile.
Did anyone even expect this? Was this a hard assumption for many to gather? I have been leaving hints for months and still, people didn’t give a fuck. The more I decayed from progress, the fainter the sound of applause would be but at the same time, the stronger my hatred grew. You could say, the dark side has awakened in me and at this point, I couldn’t give a shit anymore. Loss after loss after loss, the pattern repeats, we’re closing 2015 and nothing has happened. Entering 2016, something will happen and it will all be down to this new style I have adopted. I welcome anyone who is loyal to my goals despite the recent changes to stick around but already, many are turned off by my new direction. But then again, they are the same type of people who get off to overrated pieces of shit like Devan Dubian, like Aren Mstislav, like Hades, people who all the people in this broken world assume are great but are really just tiresome. I have a voice too folks and in this new direction, I don’t care who I upset, I don’t care if you’re going to slit your wrists because I called your precious favourite a nobody, I don’t care. It isn’t just the voices in the audience but it is also whispers in the back who feel like slandering my name is supposed be some form of motivation but the truth is, everyone in this company are arrogant, self-centred assholes who think they are clever. Yeah, they think they are clever but lack consideration for anyone else so you know what I say? Let’s see how they like the taste of their own medicine. And just for the record to every single person who feels disgusted by this choice of words, if I have a single bit of success within the next few months, I am going to hold every single fan accountable for holding me back! I don’t care if it is winning a world title or a lesser title, I don’t care if I get someone fired from this company, one amount of success is all it takes and I’ll know my current attitude and methods are ones to progress with in future. I tried holding back my patience but sometimes, it can run very thin. 

I am just questionable to why I have to partner with Aren. Yes, we’ve had our agreements in the past but HE has been one of the reasons for my lack of success in this company. Especially after Pain for Pride because it has taken me many months to realize Aren is a fraud. I know how weak and fragile he is after losing to Damon and THAT WILL NOT HINDER SUCCESS, WILL IT AREN? Let’s say the result determines that Damon wins, I will put you through a worse amount of hell than he ever did and that is a promise. I am not having some puny child dragging me on the floor just because he wants to embarrass me. Just a little warning, in case you decide you’re too much of a pussy to continue the fight because like I said, I know how much of a fraud you are. And now, I am going to my opponents, first we’ll speak about J.D Damon, a man who I’ve encountered more times than enough but he still becomes a recurring problem I have to deal with. But that is fine, I am sure he will bring up about the time he was given victory thanks to Aren…Yeah, you don’t feel so comfortable now that I brought up the fact that Aren assisted you the victory by ‘accidentally’ taking me out.  I find it quite sad that his only achievement in this company stemmed from assistance to victory but then again, which dumbass actually believes J.D is a gifted character with so much to offer? The great thing is I have never once considered J.D to have so much to offer, in fact I always believed him to be the epitome of gifted. The only time he’ll get his own bliss is if someone hands it to him on a sliver platter so I do look forward to see how you manage to excuse yourself from either a handed victory or the shambles of loss but I prefer for you to stick with the latter. Personally, I am going to give you a reason to talk about me and it will be the end of your habit to talk shit about me because I know how you have this addiction to try and dismiss how amazing my talents are but I am going to promise that you will abandon any temptation to try and slander me like you usually do. Right now, you might not have that pressure building up inside you. Sunday will change all that and I am excited to show you the difference between the Liam Catterson you ‘defeated’ and the Liam Catterson you will encounter this Sunday but make no mistake, I am going to address the same thing to Mr. Drake in a moment, don’t hound me for any future punishments I have left in the tank otherwise I am going to beat you until you legitimately stop breathing. 

Then there is Kenny Drake who I don’t believe I’ve faced. And quite frankly, I don’t give a shit about him either because I am sure he’ll continue to persist in this company with nothing to benefit his name when his career is all said and done. I think he is the only person in this triangle to volunteer to step in which means he is swimming in a dangerous ocean and I doubt when all of this is over, he’ll have the speed to swim back to the safety without harm. It is kind of a bad week to be Kenny Drake because I consider him to be the crash test dummy in this match. Aren and J.D know what I am capable of, they have both experienced my might and even if their words contradict previous statements, they acknowledge what capabilities I have. I don’t think poor Kenny does and that is a big problem in terms of preparation because it was bad enough that he hasn’t had my experience before and now, he is going to be battling this newer version of me. Not that I am going to be apologetic over your wounds because like I said, I couldn’t give a shit if I twisted your ankle and you suddenly wanted to run back to mother, I couldn’t give a shit if I did to you what I did to Ventura, I couldn’t give a shit about what happens to you so long as you stay out of my way because I know J.D and Aren are too retarded to accept any advice so I am just leaving this open for you to accept but I want to give a little ounce of caution before your decision. Continue to follow my trail and you’re going to experience hell, I assure you. You have no reason to be fighting me but it just happened so expect nothing but a severe response in not just words but strength too. You accepted this opportunity so you must also accept the punishment I offer. I look forward to see how much you crumble.

The same applies to any amateur or moron who feels that temptation to follow me until they regret it. I wouldn’t if I were you because this new direction for me will re-establish the significance of why I had a tremor in my name when I entered the ring. I understand there are many talking about my name as if I should not have had my moment in the sun those years back. I enter a new chapter in my life when I have finally fulfilled my part of becoming a demon and I will bring hell to the ring. There will be many who doubt these words and will just absorb it as another example of how Liam Catterson acts tough behind a camera and that’s fine because I am sure their turn to face me will arrive when they begin to crawl back to their parents and cursing them for not aborting them in the first place because they experienced the darkest of hells. This world, this roster, every single person can burn in hell and if they dare to cross paths with me, I will make them regret their existence. Small words for such an undermined kid, I get it but I’ve had enough of the shit talking and laughter. Now it is time to make people think twice before evaluating my role in this company. Happy?
*Chris Elite is shown backstage with Pierre McGuire*

PC: At the moment I am standing by with Chris Elite the man who he and his partner will take on Drake and Jones in the Semi Finals of the Grand Prix.  Chris Elite first of all how does it feel to be in the Semi Finals?

CE: You know I shouldn't be this happy about it but I have some opponents on Dynasty who can't be in it and I just love bragging about it.  So it feels good to be in the Semi Finals I mean we still got a long way to go until this is over but it feels good.  I mean who expected us to be here? Every time I look online one of those stupid spoiler sites some over grown assholes who live in the basement of their Grandmothers house is always talking about how Iconomy won't make it far.  Another reason it feels good to be in the Semi Finals.

PC: Well okay then... Another question you're opponents this week are no joke this week you take on Drake and Jones another tag team that is in the Hexa-Gun group you're thoughts on them? 

CE:  I've been wanting to face these guys for a while now it was a goal set forth by Iconomy since we've seen the brackets for the tournament to make sure we face these two and be the people to knock them off. I know they think or in their words know we can't beat them I mean they just beat  Jacob and Lucian who else can possibly beat them right?  Well you are looking at one of the men that can do it.  See Drake and Jones I know you two probably will come out and act like you two don't care about us or even know who we are kind of like you do with everyone you two have faced.  You will make jokes about us probably make fun of the tats on Eclipse and how he comes to the ring with a little girl.  Then make fun of me and tell me I won't be here much longer this run is just a fluke and a bunch of other non sense.  You will try to play with our minds and make us angry by making us think we don't mean nothing to you.  When in reality we know out of all the tag teams in this WE can be the ones to defeat you. We made it past the first two rounds and we won't let it go now.  I mean sure some people can argue that our opponents for both were rounds were easy but hey there is always an argument or some type of excuse when Iconomy is doing good isn't there?  Eclipse picked up the win for us against the Royale Family and I picked up the win against Team DCW.  Now one of us will pick up the victory against you two and make it to the finals.   Some might say I am talking out of my ass this week.  I mean there is no way Iconomy can go 2-0 this week in two huge matches right?  Well guess what you thought wrong we will not only win on Friday we will win on Sunday and pick up the "upset" victory against Drake and Jones.  If you are wondering why I put threw up my hands and put quotes up when I said upset it's because this won't be no upset.  Maybe for the fans and everyone else it would be but not for me nor Eclipse.  The two of us know what we are capable of and nothing you two can say will make us think different.  Pierre you will be the first to hear this and mark my words we can beat Drake and Jones then we can go onto the Finals win that match too and go against the Mercenaries. Then when that is all said and done Iconomy can say we just didn't defeat two members of Hexa-Gun we defeated 4.  Probably the 4 most important members too.  So go ahead Drake come out with the rain coat you got from the thrift shop and tell everyone you don't know who I am or who Eclipse is.  Mock us until it kills you laugh it up but as DDD says the man who laughs last laughs best.   And Iconomy will be the team to laugh last.  As corny as that might sound it's nothing but the truth.  See you Sunday

PC:  Well thank you for you're time Chris good luck on Voltage.

*Camera fades to black* 
Trent Yoder is a lot like a puppy dog you'd find on the streets.

It's shrimpy. It's beaten down. It's absolutely insignificant in the grand scheme of things and when you feast your eyes upon it, you can't help but feel a rush of pity coming over you at how pathetic of a sight it is. And if you happen upon a desperate one like Yoder, it will nip at your legs and bark as loudly as it can, hoping for you to reach down to its level and offer it your attention. If you're someone like me though, you don't have time to entertain such dreadful showings and you'll turn your head and walk away, leaving it to die out alone in the cold. There are no saving mangy mutts like them, they're already damaged goods and far better off vanishing off the earth in my opinion, much like Trent and his venture in pro wrestling. Trent Yoder's career is not much to look at, he's a ham 'n' egger with no real credibility to him, no signature wins, no reason for me to even worry about facing him so why should I bother even validating him and his nonsense speeches with a response? He just regurgitated the same garbage every scrub before him has done to get relevant, it’s nothing new. He has been on my nuts all week practically begging for me to even take notice of him like the back alley dog that he is because this right here, this moment of me standing at this camera talking about our match -- is the closest he'll ever get to legitimacy and he knows that. Deep down, I don't even think he even believes half of the shit he's saying, there's no way he could listen to himself and think any of it was true. Trent Yoder was talking, so sure of himself that he was the hottest thing out there. He said that he was on a roll, there was an air of confidence surrounding him and booming through his voice as he brought up how he's been dominating here on this cesspool of main card leftovers against guys like......Jay Omen.

Those are the type of guys he defeated, and those are the people he’s bragging about. I’m not even joking when I say that and I wish I was. There's a reason why I said what I said earlier this week about Trent Yoder being in his own little world, it's because he really is! I went out and I telegraphed him bringing up this exact same delusional speech almost word for word. I addressed all I needed to address using nothing but the truth, his laughable shortcomings were all facts! At the end of day I am not sweating this clown in the slightest, there was nothing to add after that, but Trent Yoder was in his feelings and decided to bring this up twice so I might as well get down to his level and summarizing his poor excuse of retort in a single sentence: Trent Yoder is a moron, plain and simple. He's a bumbling, talentless, fool who saw wrestling on TV and thought "Hey, I could do that!". He probably got the minimum training he could, went out, got lucky and got signed by a second rate promotion where he then took advantage of EAW's open door policy to get some real mainstream attention. Of course, he wasn't good enough to take part in the actual war waging on, so he got tossed onto Battleground, the training wheels of EAW and now has a big head off of beating the lowest of the low on the totem pole -- I still can't even get over it, Jay Omen! Guys like him, those are the guys he has beaten and he holds it as this accolade which is supposed to make me, someone who main events pay-per-views for World Championships,  give this guy credit as a competitor.  Just....god damn man, I can't even think straight here having to process all of this --- are you fuckin' mental!? I knew I should have stayed silent, there was no need for me to point out the obvious to everyone. You talk a big game, but it doesn't mean anything. This might be “your temple”, but I have turned the big leagues into my yard, taking apart what little you have made of yourself shouldn't be that hard. I'm not like the others Trent, I'm not looking for a tryout and I wasn't passed on from my brand this week, I'm a championship contender, looking to get myself an easy payday on my downtime. I'm mowing you down, I'm mowing down everyone else after you who gets in my way, and I'm bursting into the Elimination Chamber and taking the Answers World title. That game plan will not be messed with. I hope you've enjoyed your fifteen minutes of fame, they may be the last fifteen minutes you'll get to have in EAW.
Battleground Promo

It takes awhile for us to really rise to the occasion and lately I haven't been giving the best that I can. That doesn't really stop me though because I buck up and I keep fighting. I don't let losses become afflictions that will make me sink into failure. The best that I have given still has yet to be seen and I will keep competing night in and night out until people realize that Ariana Lopez is something real to look at. But with the year coming to a close we can safely say that 2015 was not the year of the Latin Goddess. I know there is still a month left but I'd rather instill myself within a new year and get built up in the eyes of something more. I have been here a year now and have not really accomplished anything that I wanted to. But the winds of change will bring me better tidings within a month because I promise to revamp myself. Not changing from the Latin Goddess but revamping my record in an attempt to hold a better chance at winning. I do not love the women I compete against nor do I wish to be around them for longer than to kick their backsides out of my path. I am better and I deserve so much more but even I can be real enough to know the one person that has been at fault is me. I've striven to try and gain the appreciation of those around me and get their blessing before. But the truth is we all know that I fell from my road and my showings have been how you say lacking the needed fight.

I know it is there I've shown it and I won't let any of these second rate bitches keep beating me because I know what I am worth and I keep getting put in tag team matches. I have to bring out the fight as best I can because it has been shown that is something I am constantly getting booked in and that is fine. I understand the means and why it is happening, I am going to prove myself that I can win matches despite the odds seemingly stacked against me with partners sometimes that cannot carry their own weight and in this instance that is exactly what this is. I find myself still fighting the odds even though I can probably do better in a singles match I need to strengthen myself all around even if it is my partner that is causing me to lose. Beggars really can't be choosers in any sense. I really don't know this Laura chick that I am teaming up with and I honestly don't care. I just hope in the end that she can do the job with me and fight with everything that she has got. The world isn't made up of sunshine and rainbows with luck giving you golden tickets. I can really see the world for what it is and I can see the people around me do not thrive to their utmost so just because I need to step my game up doesn't mean others are at their peak either. I am a spitfire of truth and that is the honesty of the world weather people want to see it or not. I will not be drawn back based on my own words. I don't really care that I am facing Alexis yet again whom has shown no talent about every time and now Lumen is her partner I am not bothered by this. I find them repulsive and I won't be some side note in their story. I will fight them until I cannot go rounds anymore because that is the type of woman I am.

The dreams of the young don't die easy and mine will never die because I vow to fight these vile and ignorant bitches for a long as I can't. I am not a nice person and when I say by any means to win well I down right mean that is the truth. I am the Latin Goddess and I prefer to play by the darker side of things. No rules only more opportunities to win.
HBG: OH NO! NOT MADISON KALINE! Not another failed abortion! Not another "creative genius" wannabe longing to spread her wisdom through some cutting-edge poetry, yet just ending up sounding like a bottom track from a shitty rap album! Haven't we had enough of people like you?

I suppose you can say old habits die hard. Like it or not, disposing of pathological wastes of the Vixens Division is something I have gotten accustomed to for the longest time, and it really sends chills from my shoulder to my fingertips when I find out that I'd be facing these no-names and up-and-comers from the Vixens Division, it just brings me such joy! Oh, the nostalgia! Oh, the memories! All these dimwits with their nonsensical assumptions! All these glorified parasites who come in the ring in their go-go boots and short shorts, who spend too much time with the likes of Thomas Minns, and has such audacity to point fingers and call someone a whore -- it doesn't get any better than that!

And of course, the awkward doe-eyed Madison Kaline is here too! She means business! She seeks to inflict pain! She looks straight at me, begging to finally be taken seriously, by bringing up oh-so personal issues, in which it honestly takes a special kind of pathetic to come up with, and she only ends up sounding like an uneducated, illiterate, assuming piece of shit spewing a truckload of, as my dear Y2Impact puts it, verbal diarrhea! All this desperation! All this hypocrisy! She wants to look mean and tough as a competitor, and someone who doesn't need any kind of assistance from anyone, man or woman, to get through her career despite winning her first Vixens Championship being helped by her equally moronic friends. And I can see that these menacing words have been nothing but a desperate cry for attention! Oh, if only!

Honestly, Madison. I wish I can say that I know what you're going through, but I really don't. I don't know what its like crying myself to sleep because I didn't get the Cinderella story, the happy ending I thought I deserved, especially after that humiliating defeat at Shock Value that ended your fucking joke of a Vixens Championship reign, that even your loving fans would like to turn a blind eye to and pretend didn't happen because of how fucking sad it was. I wish I knew what it's like to settle for almost-wins and "thanks for playing" awards despite hyping myself up as the Greatest Vixen of All Time. Every day you are reminded of what a pitiful waste of space you are, and every single week in my current run, your lack of talent has become more and more apparent with every single giftwrapped opportunity that you were SURE you were capitalizing on, but only let slide, and the only thing that's left with you in the middle of the ring is the view of all your hard work disappearing into thin air because while you have all the confidence and the bravery to scare off your opponents, your technical skills, if you had any, failed you when you needed it most. And the part that makes every vixen confirm that you're a dimwitted laughingstock is that you fucking blame everything else -- the management, your opponents -- before you even think to blame yourself for being a dumb incompetent bitch who couldn't wrestle her way out of a difficult situation if her own career depended on it. Now you dare call me out for my means to victory? You call me out for my so-called integrity? Who the fuck are you, Madison? You are in no position to talk about integrity seeing as you have to wear different masks and experiment with new personalities to gauge whether or not your transformation will make people take you seriously. You're in no position to tell me what areas I have flaws in based on your loopy judgment seeing as for the better part of the past six months, I have been succeeding at an unparalleled level, I have been winning, and in addition to that, I have seen how newer Vixens have been ahead of the curve while you find yourself sitting flat on your ass falling behind because you couldn't keep up with every single one of them. I am not going to listen to a fucking pretender who contributes absolutely nothing to the Vixens Division, because I am sure that a three-time Vixens Champion can fend for herself against someone who had recently been beaten down and humiliated by Eris LeCava. I refuse to even acknowledge your presence, you self-important garbage, I don't need to do research on your past to justify personal attacks because other than the fact that you mean absolutely nothing to me, I'm pretty sure your recent work speaks for itself on what shame you bring to this division. This is my world, Madison. It's best that you remember that before you make fun of someone's legacy only because you don't have anything noteworthy to call your own. I set up standards for people like YOU to live up to. I'm put on a pedestal because it's a right I earned, and sure, I acknowledge the possibility of being beaten, but if someone were to take me down badly enough, it sure as hell won't be a dumb whore like you. Any division I step in, I dominate. Any match I'm placed in, as an individual or a team player, I make a resounding statement with my actions. I can wrestle in traditional rules or use every goddamn weapon in the ring to my advantage, and I'd still be the best at it. And you? You'll only find yourself confused in the middle of the ring, wondering why everything is happening so suddenly, unprepared for the lacerations and bruises your frail body will suffer.

Tell Y2Impact what you think is going on in my mind and how I'll be "leaving him", if it makes you feel any better...

Blame me for whatever dumb shit the Heart Break Boy is up to lately, if it eases you...

Call me old and washed up, ignore the great moments I've had lately where I stood among the rest while you spent the better part of this year being overshadowed by practically everyone, that might be a wise move...

But the biggest mistake you've made is to assume that I care what a talentless hack like you thinks of an awe-inspiring veteran like me. And it's a mistake I've no doubt in my mind you'll bring with you at Battleground. You may pride yourself on being the lone wolf of the Vixens Division, but I must remind you that I lead a pack for a reason. Not on your best day will you stand a chance.
“So...why is it that the directive can’t keep me out of tag team matches?”

Alexis let out a soft laugh as she threw a kick towards the punching bag in the gym. Her brow beading with sweat as she threw more kicks and punches, her anger and aggression being forced out of her with every swing of her arms and legs.

“I have to display my skills there don’t I? Because putting me in singles competition isn’t what the fans want to see right? Not like it’s any consolation to them that doing this is pointless. I’ve more than proved that I’m able to hold my own once more in the ranks of the Vixen’s division. In fact...all I’ve done has been prove myself worthy of calling myself a Vixen. Competing in tag team match after tag team match...but I’m starting to get tired of it. Maybe you all could throw me a challenge once in awhile!”

She spins in the air, catching the punching bag with her left foot and sending it shooting up on the chain before it falls back down into her waiting fist as she uppercuts it back up. As it comes to a rest she lets out a slow breath, wiping the sweat from her brow before breathing out steadily.

“Fine. I’ll play your game...who am I even facing? Laura Amber Williams hmm? Did I face you before? I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Alexis Parthenopaeus. I am one of the strongest Vixens in this division, and I’m tired of being overlooked. You want to make a name for yourself? Beat me. Best me in combat and maybe they’ll look at you in a good light. I don’t think you can though. No one has been able to stop me since I’ve found my groove again. You’ll fall at my feet, like everyone else, and I’ll make my way back to the top of my throne, I promise you that.

Ariana Lopez? Oh I know I beat you before. I’ve had your leg up and heard the referee’s hands as he slapped the mat for the three count. You don’t threaten me at all. You have to best me ten fold in order for anyone to respect you...or to earn my respect at all. You don’t scare me...nothing can anymore. I will walk through all of my defeats and meet you on the other side with another victory added to my resume. The queen is coming back...and you won’t stop her.

As for Lumen...don’t get in my way tomorrow. I don’t need dead weight dragging me down on my path to conquest...and if you happen to be deadweight in my path...I’ll throw you into the darkness where you belong...princess of the light. EAW has an empress...but what it really needs is a ruler of all...and that throne belongs to me. The City of Angels...is going to meet the dragon. I promise.”

She lets out a scream as she kicks the punching bag again, the back of it blowing out and sand flying everywhere as she turns away from it, throwing open the door and slowly walking out as the camera fades to black.
Ay dios mio, last week didn’t go exactly to plan for the Piff & Landerson Experience. Our tag team debut and my Showdown saw us lose to the Heart Break Pizza Boys and now we’re back on Battleground… But it’s all good, homie, like we said last week, The Piff & Landerson Experience don’t need no gold and leather straps to prove that we’re the most paid and blazed tag team in EAW history. We get more women, weed and party harder than anyone on the roster; I mean, The Mercenaries might be the tag team champions, and Stand and Deliver might well go on to win the tournament, but all the fans would rather party with your boys Piff and Landerson. Rarely critically acclaimed, but always the favourite of the fans, and we never put our balls out there to win this tournament; last week we made a statement that all we want is to smoke weed and be the more lucha-tastic team here in EAW, which we still are. I’m not too sure what Landerson was talking about to Doug Douglas, I don’t know how we’re gonna get into a triple threat tag match for the championships at Road to Redemption… I think the weed hit him quite hard before that interview, I swear he doesn’t even talk in complete sentences, amigo? BUT DON’T ACT LIKE THAT’S THE MATCH EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE! Landerson might not always make sense, but in that interview he did; all the fans wanna see The Piff & Landerson Experience added into the tag title match at the FPV, get it done, Stark! But whether we’re booked on the card or not, you know that LanderPiff will be there bunning on that sweet leaf while watching the show, then an after party at the nearest strip club. Doobies and Boobies, could you ask for more? VIVA LA VIDA LOCO! Like things really ain’t been going too well for Piff lately in terms of wins, I mean, no championship is coming my way soon. But who cares?! I’m here rollin’ down the street, smoking indo, sippin’ on gin and juice, laid back… WITH MY MIND ON MY MONEY AND MY MONEY ON MY MIND! Boom, Piff Fumador doesn’t need titles, main events, wrestler of the year awards; all Piff needs is some THC in his veins and to rock the house every time he steps in the ring. Whether it’s a win or a loss, it’ll always be a five star match when EAW’s Finest Strain steps in the ring, because your boy Piff Fumador is the greatest luchador in EAW history. And having Landerson on my side just makes the match that much more LOCO! Even though we’re back on Battleground, in the opening match for that matter, it’s all chill, homie. We’ll be setting the standard for the show, and all the other EAW shows this week to be honest, esé. As soon as our music hits, we’ll be lighting up the ring, all blunts blazing, beating down any team that we step in the ring with… Uh, except Stand and Deliver, that match could have really don’t better…
But whatever, the past is the past, holmes. And now this week on Battleground The Piff & Landerson Experience’s second match as a team will be against two gringos called MX-13. Marcus Creed and Troy Ace? More like Mark-ass Creed and Fuck Face… This is just another two putos who don’t think me and Landerson can cut it. And personally we don’t even care, homie, all we wanna do is smoke weed everyday and when we need to rock the casbah! Me and Landerson cut and interview while we’re high as shit and now these guys are threatening to make our match personal? God damn you really are a bitch, what’s the beef you have with us really? Is this some insecurity you have because you lost last week as well? That’s a shame, esé, because we also lost but thought to ourselves “fuck it” and took another bong hit. You should both just chill the fuck out, ‘supremacy’ isn’t now, what’s now is LanderPiff beating down both of your asses with our Lucha Libre! MX-13, you need to know you’re messing with THC-420, and we’re gonna get down to business on Battleground tomorrow. You guys can’t face the facts; the people DO want to see The Piff & Landerson Experience, even at Road to Redemption. Everyone wants to see us do our thang, whether we win or lose, hombre. However this week we are gonna win because we’re facing a team of two complete chumps; one’s a big motherfucker, and the other just has a big motherfucking mouth. They’re going on about Landerson’s mindset being our downfall? Trust me, homie, Landerson’s mind will be clear as ever once he has a puff of that dank stuff before our match, it’s get him in the zone for delivering a sweet ass West Coast Pop on your ass, Creed. And my lack of knowledge will let us down? What does that even mean, esé? I’ve been here in EAW for nearly six months, made my FPV debut at Shock Value, became the king of Battleground, contrary to Jay Omen’s beliefs. And like I said before, whether I win or lose I’m always putting on five star matches, because I’m EAW’s Finest Strain, your boy Piff Fumador. So ironically your lack of knowledge about Piff will be your downfall, Creed. And like Biggie once said – “If you don’t know, now you know… uh, esé”. So MX-13, you guys better not come to Battleground tomorrow underestimating us; and actually, best bring a fire extinguisher… Because your boys The Piff & Landerson Experience are gonna… BLAZE! … YOU! … UP!
Battleground Promo

The MX-13 Experience.

Marcus and Troy are seen standing in the back of the arena wearing their wrestling gear. The two seem to be having a small discussion as Marcus is seen laughing. Troy waives off allowing the cameraman to approach them.

Marcus: Did they.. I mean… What in the actual…

Troy: It’s okay, Marcus.. They really did just say they could beat us in some kind of broken improper english with a hinge of a down syndrome feel to it.

Marcus: Piff.. and Landerson? This is without a doubt the most amazing thing this company has ever put against us, Troy. I mean seriously! We are going against two individuals who also share the same common goals of becoming EAW Tag Team Champions but there is only one difference! We actually have a chance to win those titles. We won’t sit back and make excuses about why we aren’t there yet or even why we lost a match because the truth is.. we rarely lose period. MX-13 brought some flare back to Dynasty for the past 2 months and you can lay all bets on the table that “The Piff and Landerson Experience” won’t be the team to put us down. We’ve mauled over some true talent in this company and ruined people as a whole and now this is really what is happening? Piff I don’t think you know just exactly who we are. We’ll take this beyond professional and make personal with the snap of a finger. At the end of this match we’ll have you two in complete denial and have both of you at each other's throats. In our history together we have a pretty solid track record of being responsible for major meltdowns and leading teams and even friends to becoming deep rivals. There are many potential outcomes this match can have in terms of the state of your team.. but allow me to tell you one certainty -- this will not be this easy match you have imagined inside your head. I’m not even going to give you our classic rundown of what’s going happen.. I’ll just make it more simplistic. Piff, you will soon know ---- THAT SUPREMACY IS…….. NOW!

Troy: Speaking of making excuses.. Landerson do you actually believe “they” would rather see Stand and Deliver over you? Please tell me you’re not that dumb. This is not a company trying to conspire against you if you want something then you shut up and make it happen. You have no rights to make such claims to be the next Tag Team Champions because you haven’t really done anything. Team DCW? That was one of the biggest jokes I’ve ever seen in this sport. Here we are the two of you uniting as one thinking something better might just come out of it. This is the most common things for underachievers to do so they can try and get even a little exposure to themselves. I’ll admit you two are a bit different.. for some reason the crowd seems to be a bit behind you. You guys create ratings but those ratings don’t even compare to the kind of ratings we bring in. Hell, we’ve been honored for that by being given our own talk show on Dynasty Wrestling! I can go days on talking about the difference in size of you and us but the truth is.. it doesn’t matter. We won’t make the mistake of underestimating you because it wouldn’t serve any purpose. We’re better than you. We’ll walk in and out of Battleground and if anyone… WE will move on to become Tag Team Champions. No if and or buts about it see we're here for a reason and we are here to stay there will be blood and know that it will not be ours.  

Marcus: What is it that makes the two of you qualified to be champions?  

Troy: Hype? Maybe because that seems to be all Piff and Landerson is.

Marcus: What gives them the right to make such allegations towards MX-13?

Troy: It’s just the weaks way of operating. Words are the strongest skill within their team while we have the speed, talent, and power on our side.

Marcus: This is our Battleground debut and just as always we won’t drop the ball when the light shines at it’s brightest. Landerson’s mindset and Piffs lack of knowledge will be their ultimate downfall.

Troy: We are a true force to be reckoned with.. believe that!

Marcus: Supremacy is now!!!

Troy: Welcome to E-Ace-W

Voice Production: This was brought to you by MX-13 saying: We are better than you!

Fades to black
For a very confident and accomplished Scott Oasis he’s sure quiet. Well I’m here to break the silence. Scott, EAW is the toughest brand of wrestling in the world and after fighting five months I feel that I not only belong here but I also dominate here as of late. And do you think I’m going to stop at you, Scott? No. I’m not. You see, you can come out here and you can make all the jokes you want. It doesn’t bother me. But what does bother me is the fact that you don’t give me the respect I deserve and for that I will get the last laugh.
Five months in EAW, yes. But Seven long years I have busted my ass in wrestling to get up to this point and no one can take it from me. Scott Oasis, you are being welcomed to my temple. And you never know what happens when you step foot inside. I’m going to make a statement come battleground. And you will be happy to walk out.
I won't lie when I say I believe I've done well in this business, even without gold currently around my waist. So many out their harbor dreams of completing in such glorious combat, and then due to the twin plagues of laziness and complacency, nothing is ever accomplished, as they sit there, living out their sad, pointless, meaningless lives, every second of every day looking over their shoulder, wondering what might have been, and if they really could have been someone someday. If only they had the chance. Little did they know... they had the chance.
Just like I had the chance. Except one thing is quite different: I still have the chance. Not just for the title. All things considered, a strap of metal and leather is quite unimportant in the grand scheme of things. The physical belt isn't at all why we fight, not even remotely. It's what the belt represents. Brilliance. Excellence. Flawlessness. A stepping stone on the pursuit of perfection. The belt is only there to remind the starkly unwashed, uneducated masses who the champion truly is, despite the clear and obvious fact that their actions should allow it to go without saying.
The cause I champion still beats within my heart and my soul like it always has, and my modus operandi is still exactly the same as it was the moment I signed with this company. I will prove my mettle. I will educate the bloodthirsty fools that consistently fill EAW arenas to capacity of the majesty of pure, technical wrestling, whether or not they believe they desire such education. Or, in fact, whether or not I believe they deserve it. And within those bounds I do not care who I have to fight, what stipulations I have to face, or how many broken bodies I have to leave in my wake.
And if anyone, anywhere, thinks for one singular second that this assumed failure means that I have come even remotely close to giving up on my established goal, then I invite you to be the first to face me in the ring and test out your hypothesis firsthand. I do not imagine that you will be pleasantly surprised. But then again, anyone who would believe such a thing I would easily defeat anyway, for there is no way they would be a true combatant.
Few in this company like me, not that I overmuch mind. Friendship in this business is far too often merely a prelude to betrayal. The knife twisted into your back is more often than not the one previously offered as a gift. Despite this, however, I know that if nothing else I am indeed respected, and for this reason I am pleased.

Come battleground a hero… will die.
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Heart Break Gal, old irrelevant piece of slutty trash
Only thing that keeps her relevant is finding top guys to smash
Note to future Vixens, don’t work hard, and make sure be a major prick
All you need to win titles is to sleep with top wrestlers, and suck their dicks
You think your high and mighty, because you wrestle with men
Hexa-Gun is just a way to expose your massive ego, and HBG is just the mother hen
Eris LeCava is now in Hexa-Gun, wow congratulations, be sure to be well noted
It’s not every day you can learn how to fuck your way to the top and get your ego bloated
The Mistress of Death doesn’t play those games, I am successful because of one thing
My talent alone, I don’t need friends, I don’t need a man, I’m already the king
For the first time I wrestle HBG, and I’m going to beat this old has been
I’m going to give her a little taste of the Afterlife and then go for the pin

Poem by Madison Kaline 2015

Oh my god, I should feel so honored right now, I get to face the great Heart Break Gal! I’m so glad she gets to grace me with her presences! It’s not every day she wrestles with the Vixens after all thank you! (Rolls eyes) Anyway I think I should just skip straight to the point. I don't have the time, nor do I have the enthusiasm to talk some bullshit about what has been happening in recent weeks. I like to shoot on sight and that is just what I am going to do. The famous Heart Break Gal. How you doing? The best of the best, by that, I of course mean the best at sleeping her way to the top. That's right, I said it. Let's not be stupid here, HBG. Let's not pretend that the reason you're together with Y2Impact is for anything more than personal gain. You couldn't give two shits about him as a person or as a competitor; you will just do anything in the world to get to the top. I'll give you the credit where it's due, it's worked quite well so far. You are one half of the EAW Tag Team Champions due to your ability to manipulate people. In a way I respect that, I enjoy seeing how you have Y2Impact completely on strings. You could say, dance monkey dance, and sure as hell, he'd start dancing. It's quite pathetic from his point of view but it must be quite empowering for you. Having him live by your commands and hang on to your every last word. Congrats, HBG. You've managed to make it all the way to the top without any talent whatsoever. The only inch of talent you have in your body is when Y2Impact is ploughing you. And when I say inch, I really do mean inch. Here's a warning though, listen carefully Y2Impact. You are not the first and you certainly won't be the last. She's latched onto people before and she will do it again. Remember Heart Break Boy? Remember how Heart Break Gal latched onto him, broke him down as a man and pretty much destroyed his career. He's had to resort to becoming comedy relief, the same will happen to you Y2Impact. The second you lose those Tag Team Titles, she'll drop you like yesterday’s trash. You're nothing more than a means of furthering her EAW career. Ever since I stepped into EAW, I have despised you HBG. I don't like what you stand for and I never will. You don't deserve that Gold around your waist. As a matter of fact, none of the vixens that hold Gold here can hold weight to yours truly. Gold is associated with Champions, Winners, Prosperity, Glitz, Glamour, everything that these stupid bitches aren't. That is insulting. The current Vixens that hold gold here are damaging the integrity of this great company. They are disgracing the Championships that they hold and damaging their worth. The amount of Vixens that are champions here reminds me of printing money. The more money you print, the less value of the money. The same goes for Vixens Champions in EAW. The more vixens champions in EAW, the less value of them. The Vixens Championship is one of the most prestigious Championships in EAW and these dumb bitches are trying to render it worthless. I made that Championship important again. It hadn't been seen as important for years that was until I made my mark on the title. I made it must see, my match with Aria at House of Glass was one for the ages. Having someone like Eris LeCava as Vixens Champion is a disgrace. It shouldn't be allowed and for the good of the company, she needs to be stripped of that title. Any more dilly dallying about and we could damage this division to a point of no return. Vixens like Heart Break Gal, they need to be eradicated. She is nothing more than a cancer to this division and to this whole company. She gives the whole Vixens division a bad image. Do all the other vixens here want to be seen as sluts, who have to rely on men to make it to the top? No. I for one certainly do not want that. I have a reputation to keep and I am not going to let it be tarnished by a stupid little whore. I am going to step up to the plate. I am better than any another vixen in this company but I am about to do them all a big favor. Come Battleground, it's time to eradicate Heart Break Gal from this company. It is of course an Extreme Rules match; I wonder what politicking Heart Break Gal did to get that stipulation added. I know the gameplan. Hexa-Gun interferes and turns it into a six on one attack. They've done it time and time again. Hexa-Gun being boring? Never. Why don't you face me alone, HBG. Woman to Woman, don't attempt to get your little cronies involved. If you decide to bring your little friends to play, all you've proven is that you cannot beat me one on one. If you have to resort to those kinds of tactics then you'll just prove what I've been saying all along, I am better than you. It's decision time, HBG. Do you really want to damage your integrity even further or do you want to face me like a real champion. You see HBG, you’re placed on a pedestal here in EAW, and nobody dare to knock you off huh? Well for the first time in your long ass career HBG you’re about to be knocked off that pedestal mark my words. 
[Camera Scene Opens when El Landerson is talking to Piff Fumador while Doug Douglas stops him]

Doug: Excuse me Landerson, but may I get a few moments of your time before your match this Tuesday on Battleground.

Landerson: Como va?

Doug: two weeks ago on Showdown you in Piff lost your Eaw tag team tournament to Stand in Deliver in then now you two will be teaming up again on Battleground when you face MX-13 this week on Battleground So any thoughts Landerson ?

Landerson: Well you see Douglas, the reason that we lost our first tag team tournament on Showdown was because they rather have HBB in Pizza Boy to win instead of me in Piff on Showdown but that's okay though cause after we beat MX-13 in two days on Battleground then we might end up at Road to Redemption PPV but not for the Eaw tag team Champions because we just got Eliminated by those fools Stand in Deliver two weeks ago on Showdown but if me in Piff can win this tag match on Battleground against MX-13 this Tuesday then we can get an Opportunity to become your next Eaw tag team Champions at Road to Redemption PPV.

Doug: Piff can you in Landerson even defeat MX-13 this week.

Piff: if it depends on hows the tag match gonna be cause once we beat the living hell outta MX-13 in two days then you're going to see us at Road to Redemption PPV after we defeat MX-13 this Tuesday cause if they want some crack or weed then they can have some or not until they defeat us which they will not because me in Landerson Experience are gonna walk out as your winner this week on Battleground in head to Road to Redemption PPV in be apart of the triple threat match for Y2impact in HBG tag team Champions at Road to Redemption PPV whenever we beat MX-13 this Tuesday then you all will see us head to Road to Redemption PPV in be added to the Eaw tag team Championship triple threat match until me in Landerson defeat MX-13 this week on Battleground.

Landerson: Cause we're the Team of Piff in Landerson Experience.

(The Piff in Landerson leaves when Doug Douglas Continues talking)

Doug: there you have it ladies and gentlemen because in two days on Battleground Landerson in Piff Fumador will be in action to team up to take out MX-13 this Tuesday on Battleground.

Doug: So we hope that Landerson in Piff can win there match together when they take out MX-13 this week on Battleground until the Quarter-Semi Finals ends at Road to Redemption PPV in make it as a triple threat tag team match for Y2impact in HBG Eaw tag team Champions on Road to Redemption PPV.

[Camera fades when landerson goes back to his Locker room before Battleground even begins this Tuesday night]
“Just a little longer,” Sam thinks to himself as he looks at his hands shaking with anticipation, he approaches the nightclub, his hoodie only partly shielding himself from the rain, the music and bass making him shake even more. He enters the building thinking about only one thing. He rushes to the far side of the club as quickly as possible, he sees his dealer exactly where he said he would be. Sam finally arrives to the table where he is sitting after what feels like years of travel.

Sam: “Do you have what I want?”

His dealer seems to not have seen him arrive.

Sam: ”Well?”

He still remains quiet.

Sam: “Come on man,”

Suddenly the music stops, after a few moments of silence a booming voice fills the club.

Voice: “He won’t be answering,”

Sam jumps and looks around trying to find where the voice is coming from, instead he is greeted by the sight of a large number of corpses strewn around the nightclub and blood smeared on the wall next to him spelling the word Greed .

Voice: “Welcome to Hell, the fourth circle to be exact,”

Sam: “W-why would you do this?”

Voice: “I’ve given myself a purpose, to purge the world of worthless addicts who waste their lives, people like you Sam,”

Sam: “How the hell do you know my name?”

After a few seconds of silence, Sam hears the voice right behind him.

Voice: “I’ve been following you for a while now, how do you think I knew you would be here?”

A man in a suit and doctors mask drops from the level above him, Sam jumps back, flailing and hitting his dead dealer and accidentally smearing the blood from his open wound onto his own jacket.

Voice: “I am Maero, I’m sure you don’t know who I am, but that’s not important, tonight is about you,”

Sam: “what are you going to do mean?”

Maero removes a scalpel from his jacket and twirls in between his fingers, he stabs into the wall next to Sam’s face.

Maero: “I’ll give you a second chance… Run,”

Sam: “Wha-”

Maero “RUN!”

Sam dashes to the left running around the scalpel wielding maniac, he looks back just in time to see him plant the scalpel into where his face used to be, Sam shudders and runs to the second floor of the club. He runs into a hallway with lots of private rooms, Sam remembers going into one of them for a deal once, he remembers the fire escape in room six, he runs passed room five glancing at the room number before continuing to room six. Sam’s hands shake harder and harder as he fumbles for the doorknob, when he finally bursts into the room he is met by the sight of Maero blocking the fire escape and surrounded by the bodies of four club goers.

Maero: “You’re too predictable, did you really think I would make it that easy?”

Sam turns to run but Maero rushes forward and grabs him by the throat.

Maero: “You failed, now you will face the consequences,”

Maero picks watches the consciousness fade from Sam’s eyes before picking him up in a fireman's carry and walking down the stairs and over to a metal cart, he then places Sam’s limp body onto it and begins binding his limbs and mouth.

Maero: “Troy Archello, you wish to be known as a powerful warrior yes? We’ll see how strong you can truly be, I haven’t been on my “A game” recently, but in this fight don’t expect anything less than one hundred percent,”

Maero places a tarp over Sam’s unconscious body and walks into the rain filled streets., he then begins the long walk back to his operating room, being careful not to harm his precious cargo. Maero then begins singing the nursery rhyme Doctor Foster,

Maero: “Doctor Foster went to Gloucester, In a shower of rain; He stepped in a puddle, Right up to his middle, And never went there again...”

Maero repeats the Rhyme until it begins to fade, he continues to walk farther away from the nightclub that he has emptied of life.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)
Post on November 28th 2015, 11:11 pm by Venom
Venom Promo

(Venom is displayed in front of a Walmart with a beer in his hand yelling at a Handicap Parking sign.)

Venom: Chris Lackluster, listen here you little shit... *hiccup* what was I saying?... Ah yeah, listen here you little shit, Team DCW will beat up Team I-Fuck-Me worse than the time Dark Demon set somebody on fire, or the time the Heart Break Gal did a double dick slap on Heart Break Boy in the bedroom. Team DCW 1.0 will beat Team I-Fuck-Me worse than the time Mr. DEDEDE dragged his testicles along a cheese grater, and you'll be in more pain than the time an intestine decided to take a dip in Mr. DEDEDE's sperm went it went to chill in his nut sack. You'll be screaming louder than Y2Impact and HBG do when they're "1 on 2 dick sword fight". Team DCW will be tag champs before long, it's as certain as Mr. DEDEDE rapping a verse from an Eminem song at any given moment. See you...*hiccup* at Cuntage as Maxwell Dachs calls it.

(Venom walks away from the sign with a smirk on his face.)

(The camera fades to black.)
OOC: Promoing off of phone

Last week might of been my easiest week since returning to EAW I defeated Lance Hart then Iconomy defeated The Royale Family and you know what I thought? I thought this tournament was going to get a little bit tougher and I was wrong it just gets easier. This week JJ and myself take on Team DCW. A team that consists of a man who pretends to be drunk and whatever Kimbo likes to call himself. See some people would think "Hey, Team DCW has two teams one of them has to go all the way" well whoever did think that first of all are just not wrong but their stupid. See The Iconomy had a goal since this started and that was to make it to the end but before thar we have to takeout every "obstacle" infront of us and that's exactly what we are going to do. Unlike our opponents this tournament is serious to us I mean I'm sure Kimbo will whip up some global tag team championship just so they have something on their waist. I am going to make this short and sweet now and in the ring. No need to waist my talent or my breath on this "tag team". To be honest JJ can take the backseat for this match like he did for our match on Dynasty I'm sure this will be another quick match I can handle on my own...
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)
Post on November 28th 2015, 8:21 pm by Angel.
As I speak of variables, there is a seemingly constant in regards to this match. The constant? The constant leading up to tomorrow night is Devan Dubian is being the epitome of being narcissistic man. Devan Dubian keeps on proclaiming that is the stage that makes me feel entitled to the Answers World Championship but little does Devan Dubian know? I see our encounter as merely an opportunity to prove that I deserve the label “Elitist” out here in the Land of Elite. I only see my upcoming encounter with Devan Dubian as more of a match to carry my message that the revolution I intend to bring is providing a statement to those who were reaping the benefits for several years. Having the Answers World Championship is just an icing on the cake of what Devan Dubian has to lose. Actually, scratch that. It’s not just the Answers World Championship that Devan Dubian has to lose. It’s the fact that deep down in regards to tomorrow night? That Devan Dubian has come to the realization that if and arguably when he loses the Answers World Championship to me, he loses the prospect of what he cares the most in regards to why he is even in EAW. It’s not that Devan Dubian gives a shit as to what the fans think. I mean it has been clearly documented for the past several weeks that Devan Dubian hardly loses any sleep as to what the EAW fan base regard him as a pariah or a messiah. It’s not that Devan Dubian honestly care about what the board think about him as shown with his arrogance despite the fact that the board of EAW has put Devan Dubian through weeks of sadistic circumstances. You know what I see in Devan Dubian’s eyes that not a single challenger has seen? I know that deep down in Devan Dubian’s eyes he knows if he loses tomorrow night, he knows that his days as to why he’s in EAW are all but numbered. Devan Dubian know that if he loses the Answers World Championship, he is petrified of confronting something that will haunt him one day. The challenge of being relevant in EAW. Devan Dubian wants you to believe that even after his reign of being your Answers World Champion that the name Devan Dubian will actually be relevant. I beg to differ. After the inevitable end to Devan Dubian’s reign be it tomorrow night, I want to ask everyone this. How can a man that reigns the world for six months can suddenly irrelevant? Because of the half a dozen pounds belt that Devan Dubian carries over his shoulder? Please. What Devan Dubian deep downs know that once he no longer holds the Answers World Championship, he knows that all of a sudden that he has no purpose to even be in EAW. He knows that once he got the monkey of winning the world title off of his back, it could be first and only world title in EAW. Because as shown in history, nothing about Devan Dubian changes ever since he came back into EAW aside from actually putting in the hours of molding his talent and while I commend that? At the end of the day, you came back into EAW to win the Answers World Championship and once I take away that reign, you have no sense of purpose to even be here which leads me to my next point. 

After the main event of Voltage tomorrow night Devan? You are going to be what you once and what you will be. A cancer to the EAW. No, not the type of cancer where nobody looks up to you as a locker room leader although no one does that anyways despite the fact that you’re king. Not the type of cancer where you’re an assertive bully but rather a parasite. A parasite that will do everything in his power to actually be relevant and trying to stay “respectable” by winning a few titles but ultimately? He knows he lost his sense of purpose after losing his first world title and this holds true to a mercenary like Devan Dubian. For all the talks of Devan Dubian for possessing a more delightful career, it seems rather strange that the world champion is undergoing a tone of trying to convince himself rather than me. Devan Dubian is trying to downplay tomorrow night in favor of what could lie at Road to Redemption because Devan Dubian is trying to mask his biggest fear that he can lose his sense of purpose in EAW tomorrow night. I am sure that due to the talent that Devan Dubian possess that he can win a few titles to add onto his resume and while that is splendid? After tomorrow night, you are going to be a parasite that holds everyone down by your greediness, by your urge to actually hold onto something but more importantly? By possessing that you don’t have that I do. That is being a crusader to a cause, a very noble cause. The noble cause of bringing about a revolution to EAW and I ultimately realized that bringing about such doesn’t require any hurry. While you Devan Dubian? Tomorrow night you got everything to lose and lose you will. 

六 A large Hexa-gun banner is shown in an unknown location as the sound of someone humming to the tune of “Jingle Bells” can be heard in the distance. The humming grows louder as the person comes closer and closer until Drake Jaeger - dressed in his usual black boots, black kneepads, black trenchcoat, black gloves, black toothpick, black sunglasses, and sporting new black highlights in his non-black hair - casually saunters into camera-view with a big grin upon his face. 六

Drake: Can you… Can you feel it? I don’t mean the smoke that’s fading from the battle Hexa-gun fought and WON just the other day on Dynasty. I don’t mean the final battle in this war upon the horizon. I don’t even mean the inevitable feeling that Drake & Jones will obviously be the ones heading to the Semi-Finals of this Tag Team Grand Pricks Tournament. No, no - what I’m talking about…

六 Drake deeply inhales for a few seconds, and lets out a long, satisfied exhale as he looks towards the camera through his black sunglasses. 六

Drake: Christmas. Why, it’s Christmas time. It’s the time where people have stopped giving a fuck about putting on silly masks and begging for candy at every house in their neighborhood. It’s the time where people have said “Fuck you” to their loving families and are no longer thankful for anything. All that matters now… Is Christmas. Now, it may not even be DECEMBER, but the feeling in the air is palpable. Everyone is eagerly waiting for a fat, white, bearded man in blinding-red colors to butter himself up, squeeze his way into their chimneys, and leave shit underneath their tree; maybe even eat some of their cookies and drink some of their milk while he’s at it, because why not? Now, of course, Christmas has been very near and dear to me. It wasn’t long ago that little Drake Jaeger was tiptoeing his way down the yultide steps on Christmas morning and finding that brand new, incredibly expensive present to go along with all of his other incredibly expensive presents, because Santa may have known I wasn’t the nicest kid around, but he also knew I shouldn’t be fucked with.

六 Drake takes a moment to inhale and exhale one more satisfying time. 六

Drake: That’s the good stuff. Christmas is so far away from now, but yet, nobody ever seems to notice or give a shit even if they DO notice. It feels like Christmas morning would come tomorrow. I’m gonna wake up with unconditional love for the holiday shining bright in my eyes, I’m gonna ecstatically hop out of bed, run downstairs, and I’m gonna look on in awe of the beauty I see underneath the tree: Jacob Senn and Lucian Black wrapped up with their asses ready to be kicked and even pretty little bows on their heads. See, around Christmas time, everybody’s in the spirit of giving, and you know what? I’m a big Christmas enthusiast, if I do say so myself. I too am in the spirit of giving, so you know what? That’s EXACTLY what I’m gonna do. Come tomorrow, when TJ and myself walk out to that stage, down that ramp, and enter that ring, we’re gonna get into the Christmas spirit and we’re gonna give two men the biggest ass-kicking of their entire lives. We’re gonna give them broken lips, broken bones, broken teeth, and broken dreams, but oh! Oh, ho, ho, ho - don’t get me wrong! Not EVERYTHING will be broken. What kind of Christmas would that be? Giving you just broken presents? Come now, you know I’m a nicer guy than that. We’re gonna give you torn tendons too. Maybe even a few ruptured organs. Brain damage? Sure! How about total paralyzation from the waist down? That’d be quite the stocking stuffer!

六 Drake puts his hands up as if to stop himself as he takes a moment to think. 六

Drake: See, the biggest problem with Christmas - no, the ONLY problem with Christmas - is that so many people get the wrong impression from it. You look around at Christmas time and all you ever see are people so Goddamn jolly and just happy to be there with their families at a time of perpetual joy. “Tis the season to be jolly!” they tell me in every fucking store I walk into. “Happy holidays!” they’ll shout at me from every fucking corner on the streets. They’re all so delusional to think Christmas is all about being happy, aren’t they? Little do they know, Christmas is JUST as much about the bad stuff in life. How many people do you think are spending Christmas without a family? You’d be astounded at the amount of suicides that take place around Christmas time every year. Christmas is every bit as much about disdain. What’s Christmas without a Grinch? What’s Christmas without a Scrooge, huh? Christmas NEEDS people to cut through the bullshit and remind people that there is no such thing as love without hate. Good cannot exist without evil. There are no heroes that don’t have villains on the opposite side, waiting to ruin everything they’ve worked so hard for, be it peace or justice or the smallest amount of peace and happiness!

六 Drake grins again and points to himself. 六

Drake: That’s where Tiberius Jones and Drake Jaeger come in. See, like it or not, men like Jacob Senn and Lucian Black are hailed all throughout professional wrestling as “heroes”. Hell, you could say that little victory of their’s at Territorial Invasion was a regular happy Christmas ending, where the heroes finally overcame the evil corporation that was putting them down and all the good guys triumphed. Ain’t that sweet? You people thought you’d be living happily ever after, didn’t you? You thought by this time, you’d be busy making cute little snow angels and singing Christmas songs and getting well-thought gifts for each other, huh? I think it’s time someone pissed in your snow. I think it’s time someone REALLY snapped you back into reality, because if you haven’t been paying even a lick of attention, you’ll see that absolute FAILURES like Zack Crash and all of his underlings just aren’t gonna cut it! The ballad of Dynasty isn’t a fucking happy one. You don’t GET the happy Christmas ending! This… This is TJ and my Christmas morning. For Thanksgiving, we happily devoured Zack Crash and everything he represents, and now? Now, it’s time to move on to the next course. NOW it’s time to strike Dynasty, and what better way to do that than by crucifying two of the biggest names to inhabit that merry little land? You’ve both been riding a high since Territorial Invasion, and I think it’s about time you came down in a big, bad way. You’ve gone and neatly wrapped yourselves up for us and given us EXACTLY the opportunity we came for: To make examples out of every mothefucker that represents the wrong side in this war. You two? You two are just two more pieces to a great big puzzle. One that will come together completely soon enough and one that will leave every single soul in both EAW and Dynasty wondering how they could have been so fucking stupid as to fight amongst themselves while the true threat slipped by them and won it all before they even knew it!

A lot of people seem to have the balls to DOUBT Drake & Jones, but what’s there to doubt when we’ve run straight through two of the men that supposedly lead this Dynasty crusade? This has been quite an eventful week. One day ago, we made the face of EAW fall at our feet, and tomorrow? When we wake up on that wonderful Christmas morning and make our way down the stairs, we’re gonna tear into our new presents with glee. We’re gonna take the faces of Dynasty Wrestling and make them fall at our feet just as well! We’re gonna make this entire fucking industry know our name by the time the bell has rung and ended the battle! We’re on a path of destruction, and not one just for the sake of destruction - we’re on this path to send a MESSAGE! The only way to knock some sense into the thick skulls of the EAW and Dynasty populus is by driving it literally into their skulls, and that’s exactly what TJ and myself are perfectly ready to do. There is no amount of accolades or Championship gold and enemies defeated that Jacob Senn and Lucian Black have accomplished in the past that can adequately prepare them for the rude awakening that awaits them, because this isn’t the happy ending to THEIR story! It’s the beginning of OUR’S! Those snow angels of your’s are about to become angels of death that leave you stranded there, cold and alone - waiting for death’s cold fingers to take you away as hypothermia sets in and you feel a deceptive warmth surround you, and make sure you stay dry enough to burn, because I want to make some fucking s’mores from your cold corpses when both life and every sense of worth leaves you! Add two more fucking names to that suicide rate!

六 Drake storms off as the camera remains on the Hexa-gun banner before fading to black. 六

Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)
Post on November 28th 2015, 6:41 pm by Venom
Venom Promo

(The camera displays the inside of a bar. People are drinking and having a good time. At the bar, one man is stumbling to his seat where he holds up his drink and asks for more.)

???: Bartender...*hiccup* more please.

(The bartender comes over and pours some more in his glass. The man begins to drink it as the bartender turns around to attend another customer.)

???: BARTENDER...*hiccup* ... CAN... I... *hiccup* have some more please.

(The bartender looks surprised that the man has drunk all of his drink so soon. The man gets a refill and turns around in his seat, revealing himself as Venom.)

Venom: This beer...*hiccup* really hits the spot. Just like that victory over them hooligans on Voltage did. Do ya know that feelin'?....*hiccup*

(Venom smirks the man next to him as a smirk crosses his face. The man turns around with an angry look.)

Man: What the hell are you going on about?

Venom: You didn't see Team DCW's 1.0 victory on Voltage? We whooped that good for nothing team real good, just like we'll whoop team I-Fuck-Me again this Voltage.

Man: I don't know how to respond to that.

(Venom chugs the rest of his drink and this time orders a bottle of beer. He pops it open takes a swig.)

Venom: Absolutely delicious. Do you like drinks like this, pal?

Man: I'm drinking one right now.

(Venom looks at the mans drink.)

Venom: Oh... I thought that was a dildo. I've been..*hiccup* hanging around Landerson too long. That guy will rub off on ya. I get why Maria Gonzales is so in love with him.

Man: What?

Venom: What? Oh, you wanna know more about Team I-Fuck-Me. Well Maxwell Dachs and I will whoop them good. Team-I-Fuck me won't know what fuck em' up. *hiccup* I can't wait to be tag team champions.

(Venom takes a drink and gets up. He stumbles forward and collapses causing his drink to spill on him.)

Venom: Oh... man... I wasted that drink... or have I?

(Venom pulls his shirt up and begins to lick it.)

Man: What in the hell are you doing?

Venom: Licking beer. It would be wasteful not too. My shirt has absorbed perfectly good beer.

(Venom begins to ring out his shirt as some beer drips into his mouth.)

Venom: Now that the spot. Back to what I was sayin, Team I-Fuck-Me, Chris Lackluster and J.J. See-Ya  we'll be fucked real good...

(Venom smirks.)

Venom: But not in the sexual kind of way.

(Venom continues to smirk.)

Man: You're not funny.

(Venom bursts out laughing.)

Venom: You're hilarious, pal.

Man: I didn't tell a joke.

(Venom looks at him shocked.)

Venom: Oh...(hiccup), you didn't? I must be laughing at Team I-Fuck-Me. What a joke of team. Team DCW 1.0 will whoop em good. You just wait.

Man: Ok then...

(Venom continues to ring out his shirt as the man turns around annoyed at him.)

(The Camera fades to black.)

EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)

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