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 EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, Extremist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments


"New leaf on a future tree"

*Kerry paces around his room, looking at the ground for a moment before looking up at the camera with a slight smile.*

Kerry: I don't necessarily know how to think of my match on Showdown, is it an insult to my intelligence. or proof of my inevitable dominance? Either way it works, my opponent is the personification of a joke. "The Last Outlaw?" Sounds more like the only doofus. Chazz Nadal is my opponent if you can't already tell, I've heard of his Gun for hire status, I've heard of his accomplishments, I've heard about it all. None of It impresses me in the slightest, you see Chazz, you can accomplish anything in the entire world, to me, you're still a joke, a skid mark on the underwear that is life. You seem to not get that past accomplishments mean nothing when you get to EAW, and then when you go to the next wrestling company, which will be sooner rather than later hopefully, your accomplishments won't matter there either, so as far as i'm concerned, you've accomplished nothing. I could care about the roided up guys that come out behind you, but they don't matter either, your defeat cannot be avoided.

*Kerry laughs a bit, before moving on to the next subject*

Kerry: I'm sure that everyone wants me to say something about my betrayal of Team DCW, and I will, I left for the same reasons that I said last Showdown, Team DCW was a joke, and I somehow became the default punchline. What with all the homophobic slurs and being made fun of daily, I couldn't take it anymore. And the fans ate it up! How the hell did those cattle that sits in those seats, cheer for someone as idiotic, and just downright crude as Maxwell Dachs? How did those cattle, whom I thought were cheering for me. laugh as I was constantly insulted and degraded. It's... horrible, that's why I turned my back on Team DCW, that's why I turned my back on these idiot fans, and that's why I will be trying with every fiber of my being, to put that joke Chazz Nadal in a hospital bed, it is Extreme Rules after all.

Kerry: The clock is ticking EAW. be prepared, to be Silenced.
Battleground Promo #3

Lioncross, your damn right this is about professional wrestling. I may not have a good win/loss record but like I said before actions do speak louder than words. Actions like taking out Scott Diamond and kidnapping a future hall of famer Diamond Cage speak louder than words. I may have never pinned Diamond Cage in the middle of the square circle my brother but a torturing and a kidnapping is a victory for the demon daddy. If there is one important thing about "Father" Jay Omen you need to know about, it's that everything happens for a reason in this world. This world maybe fucked up in many ways like school shootings, terrorism attacks like the one in California this past week or even departures to the heavens. But that important thing you need to know is that my mind is like a cell. You maybe thinking in your small little brain of yours that this guy is delusional and needs some professional help but I don't at all. I could ramble on about one thing but truly I'm throwing you off for our match this coming Monday on Battleground. You say the EAW officials want you to showcase your talent on Battleground? Do you know why I'm on Battleground every week, Lioncross? 

The devil himself aka my master is putting me on this show every week to prove all the haters wrong including the Voltage general manager Ashten Cross to prove I have more talent than the other useless talent on this roster, guys like Kerry Keller or Mitchell Street and so on...Do you know who I faced off in the ring for the past couple of months while I have reign supreme here on Monday Night Battleground? No? Well let me go down the list...The Hall of Fame Champion Dark Demon, Hades the Hellraiser, Vance Tybull, Nick Angel, Clark Duncan and more. But the real question is do you know why your on Battleground this week and not Showdown, Lioncross? It's because you are piece of trash...your just a piece of garbage waiting to be open and renewed into something good. You are just simply not good enough, I'm good enough to appear on both Voltage and Battleground some of the weeks. My brother...do you want to stop appearing on Battleground and prove your good enough to hang with the sharks? Follow the light Lioncross, ignore the locker room and especially ignore the fans. Sell your soul...no I mean put the foot into the right direction and join The Omen Family because if you don't it's execution time for you. Lioncross, you keep ignoring the fact that your injured. I know it, the EAW disciples know it, all my brothers and sisters know it and especially deep down inside in your heart you know your injured and you can't perform like you did in CWF. I know the place where you got injured as well...I can target that part of your body and keep hurting it until I injure you again. But you're right about this not being a scripted television show, this isn't a Broadway play. This is a sport that I love and love the fact I get to beat people to a bloody pulp and that's what I'm going to do to you my newly born brother. Face the facts your time is up, make the right decision and follow the light!
I'm going to repeat the gist of what I said earlier: I've won here, and you haven't. That's right, here. HERE. I'm not talking about CWF. I'm talking about HERE.

You've defeated Alex Anderson? Is that it? Is that ALL you've done in eleven months? Do I have more wins against quality opponents in one month than you have in eleven?

Let me tell you something, okay? This isn't a horror movie. This isn't a Broadway play. This isn't even a scripted TV show - it's a competitive sport that happens to be aired on TV. You continually rely on doing things that you think are creepy, but wouldn't be caught in King's worst novel in order to make a name for yourself. Your excuse for a resume, when you include things like kidnapping people, gives me no reason to think that you can even be competitive against somebody who's managed to survive and thrive in this industry for years. The more you ramble with your mindless jargon about crap that means very little in wrestling, the more I think that this won't be a competitive match like I had against HBB, Samurai, and Cameron - rather, it'll simply be a clinic. In a matter of days, you've managed to misunderstand more of what I've said than my other three opponents have combined. Maybe one of my head shots will get your brain re-positioned correctly inside that rock of a skull.

That's not to say that I think that beating you will be easy. I won't sandbag. I'll make sure I beat you, because I bother to put my time and effort into technique rather than screwing with everybody else's feelings and emotions. Thanks a lot for informing me that I lost my speed - Omen, I did something about that. I adjusted my style instead of sticking with something that was CLEARLY not going to work. You know why?

It's because I don't care about your light. I only look to follow one rule as a wrestler: Win.

And, by the way, take it easy on the EAW Feed. My niece thinks you're an idiot.

“Did I touch a nerve Drake Jaegar? You seem to be much more angry at me then you normally are. It’s not the fact that I’ve been winning as of late is it? That even through all the defeats the Iconomy has suffered I’m still able to stand up on my own two feet and push against you harder than before. Or is it because of my tattoos? They seem to draw the ire of a lot of people I’ve noticed. I’m not sure I understand that part either. Is it because you all assume that these were carved into my skin, because of some twisted decision to rebel against society? I’m already doing that just living and breathing. Is it because I think tattoos are cool? I do believe that the ink on my skin is pretty amazing but that isn’t the primary reason. We all have things inside of us we wish to push out. For me...I took the dreams that I had, the dark thoughts, and made the visible to the world. You can’t fault me for that. So...is it just...that I live and breathe? Is that what infuriates you?”

The light of the sun streaked through the windows as Eclipse moved his pawn into position on the chess set. His eyes were narrowed, his demeanor calm than he was last night. The manic frenzy having vanished from his psyche and instead replaced with a strange quiet in every breath. Acceptance. His fingers slid gently along the bone chess pieces that he had created. Eyes calculated and calm as he watched Jocelyn place her pawn in front of his, blocking his advance.

“I think he doesn’t like the fact that you just won’t stay down brother. I can’t say that I’m totally surprised by that...Hexagun isn’t used to people standing up for themselves. Typically everyone has either just been brushed aside or has been forced down and hasn’t risen back up to fight them. You keep coming back. No one will be able to kill you or stop you. Maybe he finds that to be a personal insult?”

Eclipse laughed at her words, taking his knight and capturing her pawn with a swift motion before leaning back in his chair. Enessa had taken the rest of the children into the city, getting early christmas shopping done he figured. He had a special present in line for Jocelyn so the two of them had stayed home. He watched her struggle to make her next move, her eyes scanning the chess board in thought and wonder before she moved another one of her pawns up.

“He shouldn’t take what I do personally. Contrary to popular belief...I don’t hate Hexagun. Nor do I hate any member of it...apart from Luzmala. I find him to be an irritating gnat that should have remained in the dark hole that he crawled from. No. Everyone else from Hexagun is at the top of the mountain, and that is where they belong. They have a vast array of talent, and the power in their hands is substantial. I don’t hate them at all. However, I won’t let them have the spotlight all to themselves. Drake calls me a disgrace to professional wrestling. That I’m a living reason why it has been on the decline. Is it because of who I am or how I act? Does Drake have the balls to say that to the likes of HRDO? How about Hades the Hellraiser? Hell, can he say that to Luzmala? People like me are as much a part of pro wrestling as he is. We are its lifeblood, just like those that are high flyers, and technical masters, and powerhouses are. We are a reflection of the society after all. It takes all kinds to make up the world. Not just your own kind.”

Jocelyn smiled at his words, looking down at the board before realizing her mistake. Too late Eclipse took her pawn with his own, advancing up the board slowly and carefully. A stark contrast from how he acted in the ring. He took his time here. Pushed things as slowly as he possibly could, and made sure that every move was precise, so as to sustain as little casualties as possible. It would have terrified her if she knew that this mindset was all his own. That this is how her older brother had always been...at least since he had taken her back in.

“Hexagun has been in the spotlight for a very long time. Rightfully so. They deserve it. Skill. Talent. Power. They have it all. However, one cannot stay in the spotlight alone. It’s too great...it must be shared with the rest of us. I suppose they don’t want to accept that. They’d rather look at a reality that they should be on top for all of time, letting us be alone in the darkness and the misery all by ourselves. I think that they truly find themselves to be the gods of this world...and we should be happy just playing with the dirt and the sticks and be unable to do anything else about it. I would say that this opinion is rude and selfish but I have heard far worse in my life. That’s just how humanity works these days, you understand? Those like Jaegar seek to justify every action with a simple truth. The strong survive because that’s how they are. They deserve it. Those that can’t stand with them must live their lives under the shadow of these gods. So when someone like me steps away from the shadow and begins to climb up Mount Olympus...these gods get angry. They cast fire and lightning upon me, shake the earth around me, even make the mountain larger so that I fall. I keep climbing though...and I always will. That’s just who I am.”

Jocelyn nodded her head in thought, moving her rook in place now, as she watched her brother move his own rook to set up another defensive array. Her eyes were now focused on the chessboard, her heart hammering from the possibility of finally beating her older brother.

“So...when Voltage comes...I hope to have a real test of strength between us. The teams that we are...the history we now have going against one another. You can say whatever you wish, and do whatever you feel like doing...but in the end...I’m going to stare face to face with the gods of EAW once more. Hexagun...you are looking at the ‘monster’ that you have tried to bury over and over...but I keep coming back from the grave stronger than ever. Go ahead. See if you can put me down for good this time...because I don’t think you can. I think that your fists have lost their sting, your kicks have lost their bite...and their words mean nothing anymore. Jaegar I hope that you come at me with more than just backhanded comments and mild turns of phrase. I won’t be a punching bag for those for much longer. When we are in the ring together...don’t expect me to lay down to your superkick...you will have to knock me unconscious to pin me. Do you think you can do what Hexagun has never done to me. Can you finally pin me?”

He smiled, moving his queen finally as it sat in position two spaces ahead of the king. Jocelyn looked at her pieces in shock, realizing that she was completely boxed in on all sides. Her mind was whirring with what way she could get out of this trap, but nothing seemed to be coming to her mind.

It feels like it was only just yesterday when I won the world title. But as startling as this may sound, I have been champion for over five months now with five extraordinary defenses. The only explanation is that everyone has enjoyed my reign so much that it has felt like actual merriment to them instead of a hassle to experience. We get those every odd champions or so who absolutely bore everyone out of their minds and we count down the days to each of their defenses with the aspiring hope that they squander it somehow. It is the polar effect with me, every single defense I have walked into, I have been heavily favored from the start to the finish because I am the exemplar of what people ultimately want. And so you want to know what separates the lot of us despite us being similar in a significant amount of ways Mr. DEDEDE? It is true that we both share the same demeanor to almost everything in life whether it is inside or outside that ring yet every time we walk through the curtain, you are heavily jeered upon in the Armageddon whilst I am massively cheered as I am in Heaven seven. It is because you tend to make it too conspicuous that you do care about what that crowd thinks. You lead yourself to think you do not care about anyone but yourself but it stands clear as evidence that you take everything to heart. The kind of character I have led in the past few months has been a man of fewer words, more action and someone who has fully neglected everyone else but himself and for some reason in today's society, that kind of person is seen as some kind of heroic spirit. People love the acerbic imperious mate because he highlights the kind of qualities that everyone else wants to have. No one loves a mellowing bastard who makes it evident that he is vulnerable to the subjectivity of the crowd. But even with that said, I would be an imbecile to take you lightly Mr. DEDEDE. I am fully aware of what you have been able to manage and produce in the past, heck I grew up in this company watching you embezzle the limelight to yourself only over and over again. Your reputation precedes you, there is no doubt of that but in the past.. every time you decided to go after a world title or enter an exemplary fight, you had a reason to engage. However it seems that in this scenario, you are just compulsorily forcing yourself into a situation where you do not belong. Every single year, there a few numbers of competitors that are enrolled into the chamber matches who actually have no chance of winning whatsoever and this year whether you choose to get this through your thick head or not, you are one of those competitors Mr. DEDEDE. I know that in the past you have entered numerous amount of matches as the favorite to win it all and staying as far from the cliche as I can, I must tell you that what happened in that chamber five years ago has absolutely zero chance of happening again. I know that in such a unpredictable matter of a match, I must be ready for any probable outcome but the idea of you winning just does not reverberate with me. I have without effort so exceedingly defended my title, a chamber and more competitors just provides more competition to throw on the mat and pin, nothing else to it. I suppose I can commend you on a futile effort to convince yourself that you actually stand a chance in this match but at the end of the day Mr. DEDEDE, we must fall back to the reality and realize I, Devan Dubian am your Answers World Champion and will continue to be for the everlasting future.

It seems that I have spent so much time focusing on my partner that I actually forgot that I have two other opponents that I am going against in the main event of this weeks' Voltage. But then again, my two opponents Scott Oasis and Ryan Savage really do not present much of a resume to work with. I mean in one way or another, both of these men have stood shadow to both me and my partner. The more evident one is Ryan Savage in the Savage Ryans in which he stood in obscurity waiting for his partner every time Mr. DEDEDE decided to take a detour and go after a world title, go save the company or something. Ryan Savage was never the focus of that tag team but rather the unremitting partner who waited for his partner to return so they could start things back up once again and ultimately, that all simmered to a trigger that we have seen in action in the past few weeks. The less revealing one I guess would be Scott Oasis being my shadow because that was not as so apparent but it takes a man with enough common sense to figure this one out. Scott Oasis and I have been both on the same roster for the past few months, me a few run stretches ahead of him in the race but ultimately in the same vicinity but whilst I am about to go onto my six month of defending this world championship and eventually be nominated for the Elitist of the year, Scott Oasis has added nothing to his whole list of accomplishments - zilch. Not only that, we have faced off at least three times this year, one even for my world title in which he assured me that he was deserving of the chance. Each and every single time, I have walked away victorious. I do not know what kind of pretext you can try to come up with to justify your abysmal performances at this point because I have downed you in every single scenario each and every single time. I am certain everyone will start providing their rationalization as to why they deserve to win the world title at Road to Redemption and let me make one clear thing, I am sure every person out there is 'deserving' of something but if you actually want to attain something, you actually have to produce results. And you know who produces those results more efficiently than any other elitist on the roster? Devan Dubian or also known as the man who has barely seen a casualty this year. It is worth nothing that it took me almost five years to win this world title, all those moments that I was not able to capitalize on to win the world title are being vindicated as of right now. People usually try to use their pros to cancel out their cons but I have not even provided as much of a single con this year that can be used against me. Every single opponent who has went after this title has used nothing but context from a swan song from many years ago in order to riddle me because they know my present state is far superior to theirs. That much is true for Mr. DEDEDE, Scott Oasis, Ryan Savage, Nick Angel or anyone else who decides to go after my title. I have proven my worth so now let me live in glory of the gold that I have attained as a world champion.
Battleground Promo #2 - Who Am I?

Lioncross.....Lioncross......Lioncross oh my brother! Who am I? Who is "Father" Jay Omen? First off I will tell you who "Father" Jay Omen isn't and that's The Franchise Demon. The Franchise Demon was all in your people's heads....he was just a myth and nothing else to it! "Father" Jay Omen is live and in living color and has been for the last eleven months here in Elite Answers Wrestling. Lioncross actions do speak louder than words and the actions your implying is that you haven't even cared to look at my resume....Since you haven't my newly born brother I will tell you what I have done in my career here in the last eleven months. I not only created but I KILLED the group that was set to takeover the Elite Answers Wrestling roster within minutes! It all started when I recruited Draven and Kerry Keller. We eliminated a future hall of famer known as Scott Diamond! I constructed the most viscous kidnapping in pro wrestling history and that is kidnapping the former EAW World Heavyweight Champion - Diamond Cage! But that takeover was suddenly stopped when Draven fell off the face of the earth and decided to take his ball and drop dead on the floor.

Then weeks upon weeks, Kerry Keller was holding me down from the talent that I could have show to the entire world. Keller not only held me down as a tag team together but Keller held me down by ruining my Pain for Pride moment by not winning the 24/7 Over the Top Rope Battle Royal that was eventually won by Matt Miles. I finally reached my breaking point and put an end to my creation which was treated as a joke from day one. When I finally sent that piece of garbage packing to Showdown I erased a former World Heavyweight Champion from this company...if you knew a lot about Elite Answers Wrestling before you signed here you would certainly know that in my home grounds at House of Glass I defeated and RETIRED ALEX ANDERSON! You can't hide from Big Evil my brother...all you need to do is follow the light! Avoid the execution of your little winning streak and avoid the execution of your heart....mind....and soul when I crush it to the heavens when I reign supreme and show why Battleground is my show! And you say you weren't injured for over two years? I'm pretty sure I read an article online the other day that you indeed got injured and was on the shelf in 2013...not only that but you lost some of your speed my brother. Don't lie to the Demon Daddy because I watched some of your matches from CWF tapes and you can tell right away your speed is not up to par. So the Demon Daddy will always be watching over your shoulder no matter what, so this is your last warning my brother. You either take the execution and have the shortest career of Elite Answers Wrestling or you follow the light and join The Omen Family! The ball is in your court Mr. Lioncross, see you Monday night....
An Introduction...
Post on December 4th 2015, 2:45 pm by Tecno
No matter how much things change, they always stay the same.

Looking around the ring, he waits for the camera to start up. Clear thought runs through his head, much like it has done for the majority of his life. But today, it's not about ret-con or backstory - today is about introductions. And it's time for Tecno to introduce himself.

The scene is a worn out ring in an old, dusty warehouse. The location is Portsmouth, at the old training gym where Tecno use to train as a young kid, dreaming of the fame and glory that being a top level professional wrestler can only give you. The lighting is somewhat faded, as is the paintwork on the walls. The bright, white paint has crumbled and given way to the grey, drab concrete behind it and the dusts adds extra gloom onto the faint remnants of the dream.

And yet, it does nothing to hinder the dream. All it does is give a reminder to that man standing in that worn out ring of a time of hope. A time of daring.

A time of dreaming.

The cameraman gives him his cue. Time for that introduction...

TECNO: As I look around this ring right now and the warehouse that encompasses it, I am reminded of my past. See, I use to train here when I first broke into the business. I can remember vividly all of those tackles, all of those bumps...

He smiles to himself. Looking down at that canvas, he can definitely remember those days. No matter how much things change...

TECNO: I'm reminded of the blood, sweat and tears given in this place. All for that eternal dream of success. The dream of becoming a professional wrestler. And what a dream it has been! I might not be the biggest name you have ever heard of, but thanks to the hard work I gave here in this ring I have been blessed to travel all over the world perfecting my craft. Japan, Mexico, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and even those United States I will soon be landing back into on Sunday. I have won gold, lost gold, main evented shows and made a living doing something that, even despite the hard times, I truly love.

A quiet pause. Time to reflect? No, he's a pro. He knows how to maximize his time for the promo.

TECNO: So why have I come to Elite Answers Wrestling, you may ask? If I have had such a wonderful and fulfilled career, why do I risk my health and reputation to come to the top company in the United States? Believe me, boys and girls, that is a question I asked myself a lot these past few weeks.

Another smirk. It seems strange, thinking to himself, that he can find a humour in this situation. Having spent so much time away from the game, he risks it all to get back in the ring. And yet, that nervous laughter almost hides the smile inside. It hides that feeling of knowing how right this feels.

TECNO: Not to bore you all with details, because we can get to know one-another better down the line, but I haven't had the greatest few years. Being away from the sport I love, away from the people I love...

A quick glance down. The people he thought he loved, anyway. But that's a discussion for another day. Best get on with it Tecno, before you being to digress.

TECNO: ...has made this old dog yearn for simpler times. It becomes as simple as looking at my Facebook feed. I tell you what - you get to a certain age and that feed changes quickly! What use to be wrestlers, friends and partying all across my feed has become politics, age and children. From all angles, it feels like the world is asking me to move on and become something that, in my heart... I just can't be. Not yet.

Deep breath. Composure. You're doing good, kid.

TECNO: As I get older, life is trying to tell me to move on. Grow up. Have those kids. Find that wife. Settle into life. But is that what life is about? Stability? My Wife and Kids? That is fine for another ten years, but not now. Not now...

Looking into the distance, he begins to think. Time to bring it home, Tecno.

TECNO: So why bother mentioning this? Well, it serves to deliver my point. On Sunday, at Voltage, I make my debut in EAW. I step into that ring - a ring very much like this one here - against El Landerson, a young luchador of immense talent. But one who seems to lack drive. Landerson and his tag partner, Piff Fumador, obviously enjoy the high times. And not that I would discriminate against that, because that's up to them. But they have something going for them that I don't.

Looking straight down the barrel of the gun... or in this case, camera. Eyes locked. Deliver unto them the truth, Tecno.

TECNO: Time.

The truth will set you free.

TECNO: Time runs out for us all. No matter how much we achieve and how much we accomplish, time cuts us all off before we are ready for it. But I stand here, somewhat a lucky man. I still have time on my side. And come Sunday, this is what will mark the difference between myself and you, El Landerson. While you chase time away with partying and narcotics, I am here to claim it - to reclaim and mold time to serve me for as long as I can. And that starts on Sunday. I give you all the respect in the world, my friend. You are a fantastic wrestler. But I'm afraid that's all you're going to get.

End game.

TECNO: I'm here to win. I'm here to succeed. Above all else, I'm here to become timeless. And that will start on Sunday.

Another smile. Simple and to the point. Introduction accomplished.

TECNO: My name is Tecno. I'll see you this Sunday on Voltage.

End Scene.
And then there were four...

Four teams. Well, should we call some of them teams, because this tournament has just been one big shit fest after the opening talent made their exits. But, we still have a tournament, something to decide the next contenders for the tag team titles, and it hasn't been the greatest road to the semi-finals for your friendly neighborhood couple. Well, to be more specific, I haven't liked how we've performed in these two matches, simply so. I mean, we still won the matches, and I should be all like 'hey, we won, we're moving on!'. It's true, though. I'm carrying this hot streak into this Tag Title Tournament, and right now it's paid in dividends. The first round was shaky, though. I didn't really want to be in the match in the first place, not because I simply don't want to be in it. God, you guys should know by now that I don't back down from a good ol' scuffle. But, when you face one of your friends, you kinda hold back a little, and that's kiiinda what I did. I told Cloud that I wouldn't hold back, but simply said, I gave them a chance. If I gave them my all, the so-called 'tag team' wouldn't have a sniff of a chance against Aria and I.

The second round, don't get me started. We're talking about a technician who has no sense of a dictionary and has the charisma of a vegetable, and a delusional 'angel' that wants his ever-so-deserving push. What did Aria and I do? We simply made them look good. They put some moves on us, and once again, we gave them a chance. Think about this for a second. We gave two opening talent hacks a chance of winning against the Empress of Elite and Mr. Asshole Midcarder. Yeah, I've kinda figured out what the board wants with me now, and that's just to be some midcard filler. You win against Thomas Minns, and the guy gets to sniff at a main eventer. What a fucking joke, this company.

Nonetheless, we're in the semi-finals. I can't really be thinking of an undeserving piece of polished shit at this point, because I'm getting closer to a chance for a title shot. I'm getting closer back to where I was before everything seemingly fell apart for me. I'm almost back, emphasis on almost. There's just basically two teams blocking my way back to what I deserve.

First off, let's just eliminate Drake and Jones out of the equation right now. It's not because I don't think of them as a legitimate tag team, because they're one of the teams who actually have a tag team name. In fact, Aria and I still don't have our tag team name yet. I thought I said we were the AB Alliance. Whatever... Anyways, Drake and Jones are simply two guys who are too busy shoving their dicks up their asses. As an added bonus, they know they don't have a flying chance against their Hexa-Comrades, because I'm pretty sure Y2Thesaurus has put them to a level he thinks is deserving, and it's probably 'Don't be in the same air as me unless I need help' levels. I don't expect them going past the Iconomy, simply because they don't care for their outcome for the tournament, simply enough.

As for the Iconomy, those guys are some fucked up people. I mean, Eclipse Diemos makes my hair stand on end for how fucked up he is. I swear, every two words is something involving his family coming to the company. The last thing we need is another fucking family. I can't keep track with how many family members he's bringing, it's gonna be like twenty at this point. As for JJ, it's plainly obvious he doesn't care about his tournament compared to the other guys. Just no desire from his end, and his buddies have to carry his ass to where they're at right now. I don't know much about Chris Elite, more because he seems like a weak link of the group, even if JJ is the least motivated member here. Nonetheless, they're better than some teams that are in this tournament.

Speaking of 'teams' that are left in this tournament...

The Notorious Samurais. That's the moniker that the media has given them. It's funny, because throughout this entire tournament, they've been notorious for trying to figure out which dick between them is bigger. That's what it's been for these two. They talk about how each one of them is gonna carry the other, and how they'll basically walk into the tag title match with both pieces of gold (or is it silver. Nobody's cared about those things for a while, so nobody knows the damn material of the belts). It's your classic 2006, then 2011 storyline that never gets old, right boys? However, through all this dick measuring and through all the self-centering attitudes going into it, they managed to find themselves in the semi-finals. Kudos to you, boys. Then again, it's what's expected from the two of you at this point of your careers.

Especially you, Dark Demon. I mean, you've bascially done everything in this business, haven't you. Your biggest accomplishment might be the Hall of Fame, but let's talk about your real reason of being here. That's simply the ability to use thirty 'fuck's in a sentence, which is unbelievable. I mean, I expect you to make fun of me about noticing it by literally just having a sentence of fucks. Honestly, though, there's no doubt about your ability to compete in the ring, and you're just really wasting your time bickering with the Samurai. Aria might be too busy with her family to notice what's going on between you two, but I can see it clear as day. I'm just reeeeally hoping that you two don't kiss and make up, because like I said before. I don't think we need a gay sex segment coming on Showdown, especially involving an old guy like Samurai. Matter of fact, I hope you guys continue bickering and measuring your flaccid shafts. It's honestly more fun watching you say how you're better than your tag team partner than your flirting skills on Madison Kaline. Then again, she bought it hook, line and sinker, so maybe I shouldn't talk so much shit about that. I can see it already.

'Brett Kennedy and Aria Jaxon, what a fucking pukefest of a relationship. I was hurling stones when you were talking on the feed. Blah blah blah, I'm Dark Fucking Demon. Don't fucking fuck with me, you fucker.'

You glad to see me, Samurai? I mean, it's been a while, and you never really called me to figure out a rookie family reunion, so I don't think you've missed me a whole bunch. Look at you, though. Since our first encounter, it looks like you've gone to bigger and better things. Good for you, my man. Out are the times where you were sniffing your daughter's bloody panties (Oh, that was in a dream right? My bad, dawg), and now enter the times where you try to figure out if you're better than the Dark Demon himself! I mean, from here on out, there's no direction for you other than up. Surely, this tag tournament is here to help you out in your career of obscurity, because you haven't done much to really make a statement here. I mean, you 'quit' against the Pizza Boy, and that's saying something. This is the same Pizza Boy where you don't know what the fuck you'll get in him. Some nights, he'll just stand there with his finger up his ass, and then the next, he'll bring fucking pizza cutters and give you a manual vasectomy. You just merely didn't show up against the guy, and you 'quit'. See the quotations I'm putting in? Yeah, I don't call it quitting, I call it losing.

Don't you think I've forgotten about the elephant in the room, though...

What a predicament ol' Lioncross is in right now. The guy who doesn't want to do anything here is the special guest referee in my match here. Now, to say this isn't one of James Shields' clever tricks to establish meaningless matches for Road to Redemption, but I'm just not for it right now. There has to be some meaning behind me fighting this guy at this point. I'm not just gonna show up and fight a guy if there's no meaning behind it. Hexa-Gun? To make a statement. Thomas Minns? To shut his fucking mouth. Lioncross? There's nothing behind it. That's why I've offered him the chance to get back to the title hunt. There's a little bit of an ante that could be gained from this, but what does the old man want to do?

'Oh, let me reminisce about the old times in CWF, where I was Heavyweight Champion, because that's when I was actually relevant in anything in my life. Now, I'm here in EAW to talk about my time in CWF and how I should be placed on a fucking pedestal because I'm Lioncross, former Heavyweight Champion.'

We fucking get it, man. You used to be a world champion in another company. But here? You've got about as much reputation as I have. You're basically at the bottom, but a little bit above the bottom because of the so-called reputation you have at CWF. Look at you now, though. You're just a washed-up, memory-serving, old-timing has-been who got back in the business so that he can have his last hurrah. What kind of fun does that bring, though? Absolutely none. This is why I've been putting this Elimination Chamber qualifier up for grabs. No matter what the circumstance, you're looking at two competitors who can go the distance with the other guys who are already qualified for the fucking thing. What do you want to do, though? 'Oh, let's just shove my fist up my own ass, because I don't want to fight for any title, because I'm Lioncross'. For Christ's sake, man.
Now, you're reffing my match in this tag tournament, and do I expect you do call it down the line? Yeah, I bet you will. Don't think that I don't see you practicing how to count to three and how to properly officiate the match. But, don't expect me not to see you just ref. Something's a little fishy with you, and I don't like it right now. You make one false move at me, so much as provoke me, I will lay your ass down and make sure you remember who the hell I am, because I know who you are. At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if you immediately disqualified me for some bullshit. I've got to be suspicious about this, because a chance at the Tag Team Titles are on the line. Anything out of the norm is something you should take notice, and I'm noticing you.

All I'm saying is don't fuck up, or your ass will be carried by a stretcher at the end of the night.

六 Drake Jaeger - dressed in his usual black boots, black kneepads, black trenchcoat, black gloves, black trunks, black sunglasses, black toothpick between his lips, and a streak of black in his hair - stands confidently in front of a Hexa-gun banner in an unknown location with a look of confidence upon his face. 六

Drake: Say, you know what I hear? I hear that the definition of “insanity” is doing something over and over and over, expecting a different result. Of course, I ALSO hear that success can only be achieved by failing again and again and again. So, pop quiz, children:

After constant failure, will this be The Iconomy’s time to finally topple Hexa-gun or are they doomed to this insanity?

Oh, sorry, but I’m afraid both are wrong. You know why? Because it doesn’t matter. Doesn’t even matter. You could say this is all nothing but pure insanity and they’re headed for just another loss, or you could say that they’re bound to succeed, but it doesn’t matter. Maybe The Iconomy WILL succeed. Maybe they will finally overcome all of their lacking talent, skills, and abilities to finally steal a win over the most dominant stable in the history of this company… Or maybe not. Someday, perhaps, yes, they may eventually taste even the tiniest smidge of success, but Sunday? Sunday is just another failure to add to the pile. Sunday might be another step towards insanity or maybe it’ll another loss on the road to an eventual victory, but it sure as shit won’t be the victory itself.

六 Drake feintly laughs and looks around as he continues. 六

Drake: I’m sure when you stepped into this Tag Team Grand Prix, you thought you had it made. You thought it was the perfect plan, didn’t you? “I got it - all THREE of us can be in it and we’ll rotate by freebird rules!”. Sometimes it’s tough having to think for others, ya know? It’s not an easy task. You’d be ASTOUNDED at how many absolutely stupid people inhabit the Earth, and TJ and myself are well on our way to standing across the ring from three of them. You’ve tried literally everything to stop us, haven’t you? You’ve relied on each other, you’ve relied on others, you’ve relied on yourselves, and yet, here we are, once more. You’ve got the same weapons in your arsenal and the same gameplan with nothing but a new color on it and you’ve convinced yourself that it’s enough. Well it’s not! It’s not enough! You know, I get it. I really do. Nobody likes losing. Everyone wants to taste victory. Everyone wants to make themselves feel good and win accolades like a Tag Team Grand Prix, but there’s things people like you never seem to take into account, and that’s the price you pay. Yet again, you’ve decided to band together and take on a unit of Hexa-gun regardless of your failed efforts in the past, so tell me: did you come here truly believing you stood a chance, or did you think failing this far into the game would be worth it? You could pat yourselves on the back when the bell has rung and you’re made fools by us again. You could hug each other, pat each other on the ass, tell each other “good game”, and continue on with your lives to the next failure, seeking that one meager success that eludes you, but is it truly, TRULY worth it? You could say the real failures in this Tournament are the ones less fortunate; the ones that failed to get even this far, but are they really the unfortunate ones? You keep climbing up a tree and fall - does it feel good knowing you made it up that high before falling or does it hurt THAT much more falling from such a height?

六 Drake puts his hands up and gives a slight shrug. 六

Drake: Hey, I’m not here to judge. You’re free to do whatever you want. You’re allowed to fall as many times as your faces can handle, and who knows, maybe all that faceplanting will improve your looks. Take you for instance, Eclipse. You could use a good fiery car crash to burn off whatever the fuck you’ve got going on there. I’ve been around you long enough to see you’re one of “those people”. You’re a guy that’s spent his entire life with too much time on his hands, to the point of staring into a mirror one day and thinking “Yeah, this would look a lot better if I covered every inch of my skin in tattoos, put on a hat, and hung out with little kids.”. Someone like you sharing the same oxygen as Hexa-gun should be literally against the law, but unfortunately, Congress has yet to acknowledge my various letters to them, so you know what? Instead, I’m gonna take the law into my own hands. A little vigilantism, if you will. You want to dress up like a supervillain from a bad comic? So be it. I can play your game. I can put you to rest along with the rest of your career, because I’m a nice guy when it all comes down to it. I’ll be the Batman to your Joker. I’ll be the Dorothy to your Wicked Witch. I’ll be the Trump to your Sanders. Hey, look at it this way: I’d not only be doing YOU a solid, but the rest of the company as well by getting rid of one more freak that does nothing more than pollute this environment. 

EAW’s a family show though, right? We’re PG, yeah? Bring your kids, Eclipse. Go ahead. Bring them around and sit them right there in the front row, because I want them to get a glimpse at greatness for once in their miserable fucking lives. I’m not sure if you know this or not, but I’m a pretty charitable guy. I worked at a Soup Kitchen once, you know, so I think it’s only appropriate that I go out of my way to give to needy children, and what these children you surround yourself with NEED is to stop hanging around with a fucking joke that thinks he’s a spooky skeleton. What those children NEED is to see what dominance looks like in the form of Hexa-gun and all of their might. What those children of your’s NEED is to understand that you don’t win in life by making due with what you have - you win by aligning yourself with winners. You? You’re no winner. You’re just a Semi-Finalist. You’re the Bronze Medalist. If those children had a fuckin brain in their heads, they’d see what Eclipse Diemos truly is in front of the eyes of whatever he worships, in front of the eyes of his dead parents, and in front of their own, tear-filled eyes. You’ve got an appropriate name, Eclipse. Nobody’s gonna ever notice you with Hexa-gun in the way.

六 Drake begins to walk off, but stops himself and quickly steps back into the center of camera-view. 六

Drake: Oh, right. Right, right, right - there’s a tag team partner somewhere in this, isn’t there? Chris Elite, yeah? Yeah, I remember you now. I remember all those accolades you’ve achieved. I remember reading about the legacy you forged here in this company. I remember… Which one are you again? Ohhh, right, right. You’re the guy whose biggest claim to fame around here is that he’s been around for YEARS and literally achieved nothing. I guess if there’s anything good for you to take away from the outcome of this Semi-Finals match is that you’ll keep that streak going. Wear it like armor and nobody will be able to hurt you with it. Well, except us, of course. Want a tip, Chris Elite? Here’s a tip: realize that all you’ll ever be as a part of The Iconomy is a Semi-Finalist and jump off that sinking ship while you still can. Make a name for yourself without two anchors holding you down. That’s as best as it gets for you. The only other tip you’ll see is on the tables you’re busting for at a Red Lobster, long after you realized what a terrible fucking mistake you made associating yourself with these people when it all came crashing down in spectacular fashion. The car’s well on its way towards that brick wall, Chris. There’s still time to jump out and hope you survive it.

六 Drake smirks as he backs away until out of view of the camera before the camera fades to black. 六


[Hexa.gun.com Exclusive]

Location: Somewhere in Grand Rapids, Michigan

(The camera opens to the scene of Tiberius Jones - dressed in street clothes - and Drake Jaeger - dressed in his usual black boots, black kneepads, black trunks, black trenchcoat, black gloves, black sunglasses, and possibly wearing black elbow pads - as they quietly sit at a cheap-looking table that stands upon a stage in an unknown building. In front of Tiberius and Drake are a microphone for them both as Tiberius grabs his, but is immediately met with a loud feedback noise as he gives an annoyed cringe until it stops and he hesitantly begins to speak.)

Tiberius: Alright, alright, enough chit-chat.

(Tiberius and Drake give the already-silent room a moment to become silent before Tiberius continues)

Tiberius: We now call to order the first-ever Hexa-gun-made Press Conference. Some of you might be asking “Why is this Press Conference necessary?”, “Why is it so cheaply made?”, “Does Drake Jaeger seriously go around everywhere dressed like that?”, and I assure you that all of those questions and more will not be answered. A lot of people throughout your lives have told you that there’s no such thing as a stupid question, and we’ve come here tonight on our own time to enlighten you all and assure you that that little piece of advice is a lie. In fact, we dare say that the majority of questions can be labeled as “stupid”. A question should be a well-crafted, thought-provoking piece of inquisitiveness that serves to shed a whole new light on things that were once in the dark. Are you people following me? Am I going too fast? Using too big of words?

(The camera slowly zooms out to reveal a filthy room with poorly-made chairs that are occupied by suspicious looking people and only one legitimate-looking journalist in the front row that looks slightly uncomfortable in his current surroundings.)

Journalist: I’ve been following along, yes--

Drake: Shut up!

(A grumpy Drake Jaeger stands up with a scowl on his face)

Drake: You’ll shut your face until spoken to, guy!

Journalist: Wasn’t he speaking to all of us?

Drake: It was obviously a rhetorical question. You think anyone associated with this company that hasn’t aligned themselves with Hexa-gun is capable of understanding words with three syllables or more? From the moment Hexa-gun came to this once-thriving “Land of Extreme”, it’s become clear that in the process of a certain asshole taking it over from another asshole so that he and every other asshole around him can gangrape it until they screwed over some other assholes that want to stain it themselves and… I’m getting off track--the fact is that since we came here, it’s become abundantly clear to us that this company has tried to take a step forward, slipped, ate the fucking gravel beneath them, rolled down a hill and went back to the Goddamn stone age as a result. It’s almost comical how WE’RE the ones toting weapons in our hands and preaching the ways of Extreme, violent, rule-free combat that we all believe this company should be, and yet, we’re still somehow not the primitive savages around here.

Tiberius: My friend here has a point. If there’s ANYTHING that I could take away from my time being a part of that disgusting company outside of my well-deserved National Extreme Championship reign, it would be the wisdom that comes with being a man with a fully-functioning set of eyes in a World of the blind leading the blind. You know what EAW is? EAW is a cycle. EAW is clockwork. EAW is one dumbass on top of a hill, claiming it belongs to him and everyone should do what he says, until another dumbass comes up and knocks him off the hill and calls it his own and says everyone should do as he says until ANOTHER dumbass knocks HIM off the top of the hill and so on and so on… You get all that? EAW is an endless, mind-numbing loop of idiots stepping up and falling down, one after the next. You know what EAW is like? EAW is like a family of the most elite, most purebred, most gifted athletes in the World with names like Jaywalker to blaze the trail for future generations… That is, until some idiot decides that the only way to keep the bloodline pure is by inbreeding, and so they did just that again and again and again until we’re left with a generation as repulsive-looking and mentally-challenged as the one that comes in the form of literally every member of The Iconomy.

(Drake sighs and sits down, rubbing his temples as if he has a headache)

Drake: It’s funny, you know, I get the most painful cluster migraines whenever those circus freaks are brought up. You know, the World of professional wrestling has been ridiculed for a long, long time, you know that?

Journalist: Yes.

Drake: I said shut the fuck up! As I was saying, for such a long time, professional wrestling has been seen as a complete and total joke in the eyes of the common casual viewer. They hear the words “professional wrestling” and it feels dirty upon their lips. They cringe at it. They scoff at it. They do everything they can to change the topic and get it out of their minds. For far too long, people have heard “professional wrestling” and thought of a bunch of carnies in underwear, oiled up and touching each other in the middle of a ring surrounded by fat rednecks that watch for no other reason that to satisfy the homosexual tendencies in the back of their tiny little fucking minds! Take one look at The Iconomy and tell me we haven’t been sent back to the fucking stone age! TELL me they aren’t single-handedly setting professional wrestling back generations simply by existing! The Iconomy is filled with a bunch of broken, misfit toys that pretend they serve a purpose beyond just being cannon fodder for bigger, hungrier, and stronger beasts in the animal kingdom like Hexa-gun. They’re a glitch in the matrix! They’re something that not only SHOULDN’T exist, but something that CAN’T exist! They’re a ripple in the waters of professional wrestling, and you know what happens to ripples in water, guy? Ripples quickly disappear and the water returns to normal. That’s The Iconomy’s story. They’re jokes, and not even funny ones. Eclipse fucking Diemos alone could bring down this entire industry all on his own by showing his face every week! I’m tired of that freak and his merry bunch of assholes running into a brick wall metaphorically, so here’s what we’re gonna do: We’re gonna make them run into a brick wall LITERALLY! We’re gonna take literally every one of them and drive their faces straight into a fucking wall until the only thing left of The Iconomy is brain matter an archive of failures that would be better suited to being on America’s Funniest Home Videos!

(Drake breathes heavily as he finally stops ranting while a concerned Tiberius looks at him.)

Tiberius: You alright?

(Drake says nothing and just gives a grunt in response as his breathing returns to normal and he stares seemingly off into the distance through his black sunglasses.)

Tiberius: Well, irregardless, the fact of the matter is that The Iconomy is gonna serve the only possible purpose they’ve ever had… You know, besides helping our winning record go up. Come Sunday on Voltage, they’re gonna serve as not just themselves as the same old, pathetic losers they’ve always been, but simultaneously as a representation of everything wrong with both this stupid company and all of the scarred, nearly unredeemable professional wrestling industry. It’s people like them that have left wrestling dying on an operating table and clinging to life, and you know what? Hexa-gun is gonna be the one to save it. Any questions?

(One of the suspicious-looking people - possibly a bum - falls out of his chair and lies motionless on the ground as nobody takes notice and the Journalist in the front row silently, slowly raises his hand.)

Tiberius: Anyone?

(The room remains silent as a junkie off to the far-left side of the screen wraps tubing around his right arm while the Journalist remains with his hand up in the air, waiting to be called on.)

Tiberius: Alright, you.

Journalist: Yes, I was wondering that, with your recent--

Tiberius: I wasn’t calling on you. Show some manners for christsakes.

(The confused Journalist furrows his brow and turns around to see nobody else even sitting in any of the other grungy-looking chairs before turning back to Drake & Jones)

Journalist: Who were you calling on?

Tiberius: The one in the grey hoody, obviously. What’s your question, sir?

(The Journalist turns around once more and takes a moment to find the man in the grey hoody: a nearby potential bum/junkie that convulses on the floor a few rows back.)

Tiberius: What’s your question? Spit it out already. Oh, what’s that? You want to know what our plan is to topple The Iconomy and advance on to the Finals of the Tag Team Grand Prix?

(Drake and Tiberius slowly look at one another with serious expressions on their faces before bursting out in laughter.)

Drake: “Plan”, he says! Hahahaha!

(Tiberius does his best to stifle his laughter as he attempts to speak.)

Tiberius: Our… Uh… Our PLAN, huh? Yeah, how about this: We do exactly what we’ve done literally every other time we’ve beaten the asses of The Iconomy. Just because they look as varied as the Village People doesn’t mean they’ve got anything special up their sleeves. They’re the same old people playing the same old song and doing the same old dance and they’re gonna taste the same old bitter defeat that I’m certain they’ve grown to find delicious by now. We’ve gone out of our way to make these people look as important as they’re ever gonna get, and frankly, I’ve exhausted myself in doing so. The truth to it all is that this match is nothing more than a pit stop. So many sad, delusional people have been bouncing around doubts and questions like “Will Hexa-gun’s other Tag Team, Drake & Jones, overcome all of these other tough competing teams?” and you know why that doesn’t deserve an answer? Because it’s a stupid, stupid question. It’s never been about Drake & Jones trying to prove a point. It’s never been about us trying to show to the World that we can be just as dominant as The Mercenaries, because we won this Tournament the moment we entered our names into it.

Drake: Spoiler alert: The Titanic sinks at the end, “Rosebud” was the name of his sled, and Drake & Jones fucking wins the Tag Team Grand Prix.

Tiberius: Anyone got a problem with that? Anyone? If so, then do something about it. Bring literal guns. Bring knives. Bring swords. Bring razor blades and hand grenades, because that’s the only way you’ve got even the slightest chance of stopping the inevitable. You think Y2Impact and The Heart Break Gal recruited us because, what, nobody else was around to join them? Get real. We’re all here because we are the future of professional wrestling. We’re the future of this company… Or what’s left of it, anyway. People look at is with disdain written on their faces because they KNOW how good we are and they’re kidding themselves if they think otherwise. Still not convinced? Need some more evidence?

(Tiberius and Drake look at each other and shrug.)

Tiberius: Keep watching and don’t blink. Savor the sight of every bullet your feeble eyes can catch as they riddle our opponents, and savor that beautiful sound that follows. It’s gonna be a bloodbath, ladies and gents.

(Tiberius and Drake stand up and take their leave, out of camera-view as the camera remains on the now unoccupied table and the Hexa-gun banner in the background… After a few moments, Drake Jaeger runs back in, flips the table off the stage, and leaves once more with a satisfied look on his face before the camera fades to black.)
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I never forget, and I certainly do not forgive.
A king sits on his throne awaiting his opportunity to take the crown jewel of this company, but it’s his grand arrival that shall be remembered throughout the rest of time. I’ll never forget as the blood of the man that I once looked up to stained my hands, as he sat in there as nothing more than a shell of the man that he was once. I’ll never forget the feeling of power as a man that I was never meant to conquer, was about to have his legacy crushed under the weight of my boots – until those few words whispered through that bloodstained smile.
“I paid the debt…”
In the matter of a seconds I went from a man that felt as if he was untouchable, to a man that was trying to do everything that he could to survive. The man that would one day sit on his throne as the King of Elite would make his entrance and almost break my neck with the pure strength from his hands. I had never felt anything like that before that night, and I’ve never felt anything like that since. No matter the wars that the two of us have been forced to endure since that night, it’s something that I still think about. It’s always been something that has sat in the back of my mind and tormented my psyche. The memory of being hoisted high into the air… before being thrown back down into the destruction caused at the hand of the man whose name echoed off the each wall in the arena.
“Lannister… Lannister… Lannister…”
The goal was simple; you were paid to ensure that Dark Demon would gain the opportunity to strike his blade down through the heart of the man that he cost him the one thing that he cherished more than life itself. Destroy every fibre of my being, but never deal the final blow. But, due to unfortunate circumstances involving a fraudulent champion and a noble challenger, the first debt slipped through your fingers and remained unpaid. Your attention was forced to waver and the man that slipped those coins into the pocket of Athena Vendetta crumbled at the feet of a man that he looked at as a pawn that stood against a king. We’ve never been given the opportunity to settle everything that has happened between the two of us. You went on and grasped onto the crown that so many people crave to possess, while I seized the throne that your heart truly desired. While you waged war against Brian Daniels, Devan Dubian and Starr-Stan, I continued to conquer men that were meant to spell the end the career that I had managed the scrape together. Diamond Cage went from the baddest man on the planet, to the shell of everything he had once been after he was beaten to the point that he could no longer physically stand at my hand. Chuck Scene’s career was never able to reach the height it once was after being knocked back down when he stood toe to toe against a man that was once looked upon at nothing. Zack Crash …the mighty chairman of Elite Answers Wrestling was forced to place his tail between his legs and live to fight another day because he finally found a man that he could not crush underneath his boot. But, like I said, even with everything that I’ve been able to accomplish throughout the span of a year …the memory of your arrival still sits in the back of my mind.
I never forget, and I certainly do not forgive.
Truth be told, I was glad that you had decided to cash in that crown at Showdown: Redemption. With everything that had happened throughout the months leading into that match, I was glad that something had finally seemed to go my way. While I was the EAW Champion, it seemed like everything was beginning to slip through my fingers. The walls that I had built around myself seemed to begin to crumble into a thousand pieces, and the seeds of self-doubt began the seep through. I would watch how the world looked at me. I could never understand their thought pattern; I did everything that I could to please the world, but everything that I did seemed to fall onto deaf ears. I walked out and slayed a monster at Midsummer Massacre …and I was shown nothing more than pure disrespect. I gave the world everything that I could physically muster, and was given nothing back in return. So, when I had heard about yourself decision to placed yourself against both Jamie O’Hara and I, I was more than glad to be given the opportunity to settle something that had been festering for a year. But, as we found out on Showdown, the hand of Matt Miles had robbed us from doing so. It’s not hard to understand how much this week actually means to me. Suddenly everything that I’ve currently feel about Thomas Minns has gone out of the window just for a week, because something so much more important stand in front of me, and I hope that you feel that same way with your old friend. You see, because we both had so much riding on this week; with Road to Redemption just around the corner; ticking your name off the list is something that I NEED to do. But, with everything that happened at Redemption, and throughout the past year …you need this just as much as I do. You’ve been given the same opportunity at Jamie O’Hara was a few weeks ago. It’s Revenge against Redemption, old friend. While you may want to refuse to admit the fact that your first debt remain unpaid, this is your one opportunity to make sure that it is. This is your one opportunity to make your career completely flawless. Look at everything that you’ve done since making your entrance at my expense. Brian Daniels, Devan Dubian, Starr Stan, Jacob Senn, Norman Hellion, Ares Vendetta; all names that has fallen at the hand of the King of Elite! But, there’s name that he will NEVER stand with them.
“The first debt”
I’m bringing everything that I possess on Showdown. I’m bringing everything that makes Xavier Williams the Best Wrestler in the World. You see, every King has to meet the day that he loses his kingdom …but for this king it isn’t going to be at the hand of his former ally. But, instead by the one name that eludes him.
Because, Lannister…
I never forget, and I certainly do not forgive.

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Eclipse laughed to himself as he ran his hands along the brick walls of the side alley, feeling the dampness that would always permeate these streets. They couldn’t see what he saw...could they? They only saw a road. They wouldn’t dare look closer, see the blood that always pooled against the bricks. The bloody pools that grew along the streets from the countless bodies that had been cut away from their precious gift of life out of murderous frenzies and rampages. Those were sights that normal humans couldn’t dare look at. Normal people wouldn’t dare see what he saw. His mouth breaks out into a twisted grin as he finally looks up, staring at the edge of the alley and towards the darkness that lay before him.

“Oh...dragon’s. Even those without wings prove dangerous. For all of time dragons have been a symbol of power and dominance. Greed as well in some cultures. I read about that...while I was locked away from the rest of the world. I wonder if you understand that about me Tiberius? Do you know what it’s like to be locked away from the cruel reality of the world? I doubt it. You were never hidden away. You are a golden boy after all. A shining example of the society that bred you. Power. Strength. Intellect. Looks. You have it all and you strive to only increase your perfection. Why even enter into this competition, your team already holding dominance over the entirety of EAW? To test yourself perhaps? Prove that you belong? There are many reasons I suppose. Does it matter in the end? You stand against us once more, poised for victory and you will not let either one of us stop you. That’s admirable I suppose. Forge your own destiny, carving your own path through life. Hexagun behind you to make sure that you remain on that same path. No deviation.”

He stops as he rests his hand against the side of his head, peeling it away to look at the blood that soaked it. Blood only he could see. A stain that only grew larger and larger as the days went by. He gazed at it, his mind reeling with the thoughts that would never cease. The sound of a gunshot. The blood that pooled all around her. The lonliness. The days that went by...the hunger. He closed his eyes slowly, letting the memories fade into the shadows until they slowly disappeared back into their prison. Stored away for when he chose to sleep once again. The nightmares would continue, he wouldn’t stop them. They were what helped him all these years.

“Jones. What is this pedestal you sit upon built from? Past victories? Accomplishments? Titles? Glory? Your own pride? In the end it doesn’t matter why you do these things. You just enjoy doing them. As I enjoy doing what I am designed to do. You were born and destined to be in glory in the light. You live to hear the crowd, to have your name chanted whether good or bad. To be accepted. Those like me are born to suffer. To live in the darkness so that those like you don’t have to gaze upon us. For every fearsome dragon...there is also a Grendel. A beast that hides in the darkness of the caves...an embodiment of pain. That’s what I am to you, Tiberius. A disfigured beast, who shouldn’t be allowed to move away from the darkness. Maybe that’s why I find this match is singing to my blood. Calling to the deeper parts of my psyche. Maybe that’s why I’m going to enjoy this so much.

Jones. Unlike Grendel I won’t stay hidden in the darkness. The darkness can’t hide me any longer. You cannot be alone in the light. So I will rip you away from it...and we will collide. Tooth and nail we will strike, spilling our blood until only one of us is left standing. You may think you have the advantage over me Jones, but there are two things I want to remind you of. One. Out of the superstars that you have faced...I have never been pinned by Hexagun. Two...no one has ever taken Luzmala to the point that I took him. I destroyed your ‘monster’. Bloodied him up. Knocked him unconscious. Drove him through barbed wire and a table. If I can do that to him...what can I do to you?”

He held his head, fits of laughter bursting forth from his lungs as he fell to his knees in the alleyway, staring up at the moonlight that was shining down from above him. Moonlight that he stretched his arms out to greet, breathing it in.

“I will tear you apart on Voltage. My domain. My kingdom. I will render you unable to walk, unable to move, gasping for air through collapsed lungs. I will then carry your decrepit form back to that snake in an expensive suit Joseph Anubis. I will deposit you in front of him as a warning...but don’t worry. I will take good care of Ammit when you can’t move. She’ll be safe with me...after all...Jocelyn, Lucy, Toby, and Nevaeh could use an older sister. I’m sure she will fit right in.”

He laughed aloud, clutching the side of his head as the moon’s light bathed him in its glow. A glow he saw as deep crimson. The moon always smiled at him, with sharp teeth and bloodshot eyes. A bullet hole in its center. The moon had always watched him, uncaring of his suffering. If he could be like the moon...but that was impossible.

“Your magic...white rabbit...has left its writing on the wall. We follow like Alice. And just keep diving down the hole.”

It’s been a weird couple of days in Southern California, that much is certain. Aria has gotten used to spending her off-days -- or, less EAW-centric days -- at home in Los Angeles, and usually after an uneventful day or two at home, she’s back to being wherever EAW needs her to be. This time has been different. Like millions of other people, she’d spent the better part of the last day or so with her eyes on TV screens and newsfeeds, anxious to hear more about the mass shooting in San Bernardino. It was tough to come to terms with. Crimes that made your jaw drop happened in bigger cities like LA or San Diego, but not in a city like this one.

It was about five thirty or so in the evening, and Aria and her older brother Andre braved notoriously-heinous rush hour traffic to make the sixty-mile drive east to San Bernardino. They were gonna be on hand for the candlelight vigil for the shooting victims that was to be held at San Manuel Stadium that night. It had gotten dark not too long ago, so they would be on their way to the stadium soon enough. For now, though, the two were at an In-N-Out just off of the freeway, and they sat down at a table just inside the front door.

Andre looked around the busy restaurant with an eyebrow raised. “Am I imagining shit, or is every In-N-Out busy all the time?” He mused, folding his arms and resting them on the table.

Aria shrugged her shoulders. “No matter which one you go to, it’s always gonna be crowded,” the Vixen remarked, “the ones out here are less crowded than the ones in LA, though. The one in Universal City is the worst.”

Her brother rolled his eyes, waving her words off with a hand. “Don’t mention that one, please,” he groaned as he stood up, “workers moving slow as hell and shit. Got the drive-thru line stretching all into the street and everything.”

Aria pointed to the line at the front counter and laughed. “You better go order our stuff, then, if you don’t want us to be sitting here forever.”

Andre nodded begrudgingly, and walked over to stand in the long line. Aria propped her elbows up on the white tabletop, and stared out the window absentmindedly for a few moments before pulling her phone out of her purse. The Empress of Elite swipes a finger across the screen, unlocking it and tapping the camera icon before switching to the record function. The first thing that the camera picks up in Aria’s face, and the interior of the In-N-Out with lots of background noise. The Californian grins, holding up two fingers briefly before resting her hand on the table again.

“Two down. Just like that, as of last Showdown, Brett and I made sure that Higher Power knew what Sexy Curry already knows -- we’re not to be written off, we’re not to be taken lightly, and so far, no one’s had it in them to knock our block off. I can only hope that people are starting to see us for the frontrunners that we obviously are. Our detractors have gotta be feeling pretty stupid right now, huh? The Grand Prix has already claimed victims like Stand and Deliver and Jacob and Lucian, so now would be a good time for people to stop betting on who they think might win this whole thing. Putting faith in your “likely” winners might just break your heart. Anyone who still considers Brett and I to be underdogs here, or thinks that we’re in over our head is blind, stupid, or both. I love Cloud and Haruna, I do, but they wrote us off, and we dispatched of James Shields’ adorable little science experiment in no time. Higher Power straddled this line between not giving us our due and writing me off completely, and goddamn, did they pay for it. I should ask now, how’re you feelin’, Daniel? A Code Red can be murder on your back...or at least, that’s what I’ve heard. Never once did you even address me. You focused all of your energy on taking shots and Brett and droning on and on about how Higher Power was meant to go the distance, and it cost you and Gabriel dearly. It’s been a recurring theme, honestly. Everyone who thinks they have our number ends up eating their words when it’s all said and done. Hell, it’s even true of our dear Mercenaries. The funny thing is, they’re supposed to be the light at the end of this tunnel. Every team in this tournament is risking life and limb all for the sake of earning the chance to face them for their titles, the ones that they say will never be leaving their waists if they can help it. They’ve placed themselves on a pedestal...one that Brett and I have knocked them off of before. So really, we’ve beat teams at both ends of the spectrum already, and now, this week, our opponents fall somewhere in between The Mercenaries’ unapologetic bravado and Higher Power’s...well, whatever it is that those two generic ass Create a Wrestler templates bring to the table.”

A faint tapping sound is picked up by the phone, which is Aria tapping a row of red fingernails against the tabletop. Restaurant employees calling out orders is audible, too, but Aria talks over the background noise.

“If you ask the Notorious Samurais, they’d say they fall closer to the Tag Team Champions’ end of the spectrum, and yeah, in the interest of me not being petty right now, it’s hard not to agree with them. Their first two matches made it kinda apparent that they weren’t really a team to be fucked with. They steamrolled over the sorry ass High Rollerz, they somehow dispatched of Stand and Deliver, and now they got their sights set on Brett and I. A lesser team would probably be shitting bricks at the idea of being on the hitlist of a sociopathic Irishman and his emotionally-volatile new partner, but backing down isn’t exactly what we do best. If we know anything, it’s that no team is immune to defeat. No team is bulletproof. Not one team in this company can stave off losing forever -- and that includes the two of you.”

“Dark Demon has walked into his last couple of matches knowing a couple of things for certain. He knew that he and Samurai would be just too much for the High Rollerz to handle. He knew that having stomped out HBB more than once in the past would make it just a little easier to bypass Stand and Deliver. He’s had things like history and common sense on his side these last couple weeks, and if you ask him, Brett and I are destined to meet our end in this tournament at the hands of the Notorious Samurais, too. He’s gonna say it, he’s gonna believe the shit he says, and he’ll expect us to believe it, too. To him, anyone that runs away from him is doing the smart thing, and anyone who actually wants to go toe-to-toe with him is signing their own death warrant. We’re just expected to see things your way, right? We’re just supposed to throw in the towel and pretend as if you’re made outta teflon?”

Aria smiled, exhaling sharply as she shook her head.

“Not quite. Waving your resume in our faces won’t be enough here, Demon. You can’t just tout how you’ve mauled people in the past, draw attention to all your past accolades, and think you and your buddy will skate by on that alone. I’m hoping you won’t do that, but if I know what I think I know about you, you’re always ready reinforce your own belief that you’re the best to ever step into an EAW ring. Are you ready to make believers out of Brett and I? We don’t buy what you’re selling. I can’t speak for Brett, but in the interest of not being at least semi-honest, I’ll be straight up and say that yeah, you’ve pretty much done it all and won it all here. The idea of winning this tournament is just another notch on your belt, and the way you and Samurai talk, it’s like you’ve already got this whole thing won. You guys are about two seconds from asking The Mercenaries to shine the belts up for you. You’re looking past all of this. You’re ready to fast forward to the part where you win the whole thing. God, it’d be fucked up if we ruined that for you, wouldn’t it? You said the idea of Stand and Deliver beating you and Samurai was basically the same thing as the end of some feel-good movie, and I bet you feel the same way about Brett and I. The thing is, there is no twist ending. The two of us aren’t out to write a fairytale ending. We’re not drawing inspiration from Rocky. The future where we overcome the Notorious Samurais isn’t the fantasy you like to pretend that it is. It’s much more real than you’d ever care to admit.”

“Speaking of what’s real, at least you kept your word last week, Samurai. Congrats for that, I guess. You promised to get Stand and Deliver better acquainted with reality, and I guess you did. But hey, it was probably high time you actually put your money where your mouth was, though. You can sit here and say that you said “I Quit” at Showdown: Redemption for no real reason, but the fact still stands that Pizza Boy beat you, and you just couldn’t let that happen again, could you? Was that what had you seeing red? Or was it that desire of yours to prove that you even belong on the same team with Dark Demon? Don’t get mad at me if it sounds like I’m selling you short. The things you said last week, all those musings tinged with insecurity, is giving me all the ammunition I need. Demon’s accomplishments, just like you said, were the things that had people clocking you two as favorites coming into this tournament. It wasn’t until this shit got underway that you even began to prove that you might’ve been worth something. His track record, his accomplishments, his starpower...I mean, the least you could’ve done was contribute a pinfall victory or two, right? I don’t know if you’re in direct competition with your partner, yourself, or the two or three personalities rolling around in that fucked up head of yours. Did you ever think that maybe, you’re feeling inferior because it just might be true? You’ll deny that, I know you will, but it won’t make much of a difference to me. Promise to make me pay for it on Showdown. Say that Brett and I are just another team on the Notorious Samurais’ checklist. Stand on all of that passion and conviction you say that you’ve got in you. That way, when we beat you, the blow might be just that much worse, and I’d love to get that downward spiral of yours kicked off sooner rather than later.”

“The Notorious Samurais might actually be as great as they think they are, but this tournament was never theirs to win. They’re feeling unbeatable. They’re under the impression every team who stands across the ring from them is just biding their time until they inevitably lose, and really, what choice do we have but to prove them wrong? The Notorious Samurais’ empire is gonna be burned to the ground before they’ve even laid the foundation for it. They’re on the clock. Brace yourselves for this loss, sweethearts.”

As Aria finishes up, she sees her brother approaching the table out of the corner of her eye. The last thing that’s picked up is Andre placing the tray of food on the table, and then the feed cuts to black.
Chris let out a sigh to himself as he walked along the back streets, his hands raised and placed against the back of his neck. Training for the upcoming matches had gone pretty good, and so did a visit to the few nightly hotspots but throughout all of this he had only had contact with one more of his team. Eclipse tended to keep to himself a lot more than JJ. Jocelyn was normally the only connection he had with that member of the team, and even she was growing more and more absent.

The thoughts continued to play out in his head before he turned his head to the left, hearing a noise from the nearby alleyway. He headed towards it, scanning the darkness before he could finally see what the commotion was. A woman racing past him, her face streaked with tears and her clothes ripped as she brushed past him, screaming for help. He almost went to follow her but the deeper voice of a man interrupted his train of thought and he turned back to the end of the alley, his eyes widening at the sight.

Eclipse held a struggling man fast with one hand, having him pinned against the wall. The knife held tight in his hand flashed for an instant, as the cold eyes penetrated deep into the person’s own. There didn’t seem to be any point of hesitation on his face. He looked calm, collected, as if he was just taking out the trash on a late night.

Chris: Umm...hey buddy...you ok over there?

Eclipse: Hello Chris. Sorry about this...I’ve been following this guy for a few hours now. He was going to try and take advantage of someone...I couldn’t allow that.

Chris: Right, right. Umm...want I should call the police or something?

Eclipse: No need. I got this.

The two were silent once more as Eclipse began to tighten his grip on the man’s neck, listening to him struggle feebly before the knife plunged deep into his gut, tearing up through the intestines and piercing into the stomach. The pungent smell of bile filled the alleyway, and Eclipse dropped the man casually, removing the knife carefully and wiping the blade down with the man’s own shirt before wrapping it in plastic and depositing it in a trash can, making sure to bury it in deeper than just the surface.

Chris: You...are severely fucked in the head, you know that?

Eclipse: You don’t like it, you didn’t have to watch it. I do humanity a favor by disposing of trash...speaking of which...are you ready for Voltage? We get to face off against Drake Jaegar and Tiberius Jones once more. Just one more step to facing the other members of Hexagun. Quite an opportunity for us...isn’t it? I mean after all, every time that we fight Hexagun we prove that we belong in this business. Not only can we fight them, but we can go toe to toe and beyond with them. I’ve been waiting for the chance to fight them again...burning with it actually. It’s all just playing like dreams in my head. A chance to bloody up Hexagun again, a chance for them to push back against us with every fiber of their beings to prove that they are superior. Oh I’m excited for this.

Me and Jones get to square off. I’ve targeted Jaegar all this time but Jones has eluded me. Now I get to target him, and really get to see just what he’s made of in this match. He has the skill to go toe to toe with me...an actual fighting style...years of training and experience. Compared to me. Brutality. Ferocity. Unpredictable. I’m not weighed down by common sense or fear of bodily harm, I relish the chance to inflict as much pain as possible to both of us. Doesn’t that sound...exhilarating? Jones gets to face off against a real monster again, and I get to slay a komodo dragon.

Of course...that is if Jaegar doesn’t get in my way. It isn’t like he doesn’t have talent or skill...he does. I look forward to facing off against him once more. Just like everyone else I’ve faced he likes to poke fun at me however. I’m waiting for something different from him. Whether or not it will show up is another question entirely but I hope that it does. I hope that he’s willing to try something new instead of resorting to the same mockery that he has normally done against me. Then again...I might be disappointed if he doesn’t do that. Let him do as he see’s fit. I will let my fists do the talking for me in the ring. These fists busted open Hexagun’s monster...these fists dropped HBG in the middle of a ring on a trash can lid...I’m sure these fists can find their target on the biggest mouth in Hexagun...don’t you Chris?

Chris: Damn right Eclipse and see you aren't the only one in Iconomy who's done extreme things to the members of Hexa-Gun or well one of them at least.  See my boot is the same boot that could of took our Drake and Jones leader Y2Impact when I stuck a bunch of glass shards and thumbtacks in his mouth.  Then when we went toe to toe one on one I sent a message by beating him down with a steel chair.  Yet these guys still think they are the only people in EAW who aren't afraid to get extreme when needed.  I mean you just fucking killed somebody I bet they will still find away to act like it didn't happen and still try to call us a bunch of punks.  I mean TJ still has the audacity to call me "Some dime a dozen wrestler" I wonder if his almighty leader was thinking that when he swallowed a bunch of shards and thumbtacks.  Or maybe he was thinking that when I beat him down with a steel chair and you guys had to come and save your glorious leader.  If I would of kicked him any harder or you guys would of came a little later when I was beating him down you guys would no longer be "One of the best things going".  I mean honestly without the leader without the alpha dog what would you guys be? Drake would have to take his talents back to Japan or wherever he came from and you'd probably be begging for a spot back on Dynasty.  But I guess you can't start off by taking out the smaller guys inside the group.  Gabriel Eden helped us out a little bit by taking out the biggest smaller guy in the group in the Burned Man.  Now me and Eclipse can focus on you two.  Now with the past being brought up already by you TJ.  What really makes us think we can beat you guys? Like you said every time we stepped to the plate we missed.  So what makes this time different? Well I'm not sure if you've been paying attention lately but the communication skills of the Iconomy has been off the charts.  See before we really didn't have such communication or connection in the ring we just did our own thing instead of working as a strong cohesive unit. Now you probably couldn't tell because we still looked strong as a team.  Now though? Were even stronger, it's like we've been wrestling with each other for years across the globe.  Me and Eclipse two totally different people but when we get in the ring we make it work for the best.  I mean we have the two most brutal moves in EAW with the Box Office Smash and Room-13.  Just imagine being hit with both those moves at the same time.  It might kill someone... You know now that I mentioned it we've yet to put that move to use so maybe we make one of you two the test dummies.  I mean it's only right we use such a move for our biggest threat so far in this tournament.  Now if anything could make me go back to using the name Suicide Kid it would be a move like that... See on Voltage Iconomy does the unthinkable we defeat Drake and Jones and we go onto the finals and we finally get out victory over Hexa-Gun....

Eclipse smirked, heading over towards Chris and patting his shoulder, watching the noticable shiver due to the blood that dripped down the coat that Chris had been wearing. With a soft sigh Eclipse moved past him, heading towards the other end of the street.

Chris: Am I going to see you later?

Eclipse: Something I want to take care of first.

With that being said Eclipse raised his hand, dismissing himself as he walked across the empty street, laughing to himself. Chris stared at him, a mixture of confusion and relief passing over his face before he shrugged and continued on his way, swiping the blood on his jacket with annoyance.
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The more I have the time to reflect Clark Duncan’s speech? The more that I am convinced that he is trying to convince the audience, scratch that. After Clark Duncan’s speech, I am more convinced that he is trying to convince himself to dislike me. Clark’s tone comes off as someone that tries to be composed but I am asking myself why? Is it because you want to keep your white collar mantra where you have to be professional in the representation of the lobbyists? Bullshit. I know the very reasoning as to why you try your best to come off of a man that is unfazed off of the pressure of going against Nick Angel is very simple. It is not because you dislike me. It is not because my name is now synonymous with the term credibility. The very reason as to why you are trying to act compose is because deep down? You do not dislike me, in fact I would like to venture that you dislike yourself because I am the very reflection you wish to be as of right now. First off, whenever you had the opportunity of confronting me at Shock Value, you once thought of me of a “has-been that never was”. But do not feel guilty of sharing such sentiment as the masses of the people once share the sentiment. What killed the sentiment is something you aspire to be whenever you confronted me. At Shock Value, I showcase my demeanor of a true elitist, my tactical brilliance of showcasing like a field general and my ever so superior skill-set. What does Clark Duncan has that is head to head any better than me? Well, Clark Duncan hardly have the demeanor of a true elitist as I am aware that as much as everyone that Clark Duncan tries to be relevant by only putting in the minimum effort which does contribute to his rather limited ceiling. Clark Duncan wishes that he can showcase any kind of tactical brilliance that I have showcase ever since my injury at Voltage as I do not interrupt my enemy whenever he is making a mistake and haunt my enemy like the ever so opportunist I am. While this is more of a testament to me rather than Clark Duncan himself, whenever I am in the ring? I do not see things in black and white in regards to winning in a specific way such as winning in only submissions like Brian Daniels or enacting brute force such as Hades. What I see that sets out me from the likes of Clark Duncan is that I emphasize a very versatile skill-set that an all-around elitist ideally should have as the all-around elitist should be ready to adapt to any and all kinds of environments. Point and simple, Clark Duncan wishes that he cannot be talented as me but rather acts like a field general. Without strategy, execution is aimless. It accurately describes Clark’s way of doing things and it is not shocking to me as to why Clark’s success is rather unsustainable.  

What correlates as to why Clark’s diminutive success is rather unsustainable is the fact that Clark Duncan possesses the one trait that few only possess in the Land of Elite: courage. I am not talking about the kind of courage where you wrestle and grind for results. Rather the kind of courage where you are in the commitment to begin your story without any guarantee of success. Whenever I came back to EAW, I did not request to be in the main event unlike some over-the-hill veterans do. I did not request the notion that I should be in the brightest limelight there is possible for me to take. Not because I do not feel any sympathy as to if the elitist is relying on longevity and work ethic rather than starpower. But rather, whenever I look back at my EAW career? I figured out one thing. I figured out that as in life, my EAW career is not always about rectifying my mistakes and fix the things that are broken. Sometimes? Just as I have shown ever since my ascension upon Voltage, I have demonstrated numerous times that it is better to start over and create something that is better. Simply put in order to get ahead and verify my label as an elitist, I cannot think as a limited mongrel that merely thinks that focusing on results can change a man. No. Whenever a man is inspired by a belief that determines his action, he is more likely than not will have the consistent actions necessary for sustainable success. Instead of thinking inward of focusing on results that could change who I am, I shift towards the outward of changing myself to the very man I am to get the results I desire. It is something Clark Duncan publicly or not will dislike one thing about himself because he does not have the courage of changing himself because all he thinks about is results will change your status, rise to prominence as shown by his actions like a white collar man that puts in minimum effort all the while of abusing the executive authority to his advantage. But sometimes Clark, as I have learned for the better? It is the man behind of what he may or may not achieve determines the results he possess and right now? All I see is Clark Duncan disliking himself because he knows he puts himself in the predicament where all he will do is achieve that is short-term success that is rather unsustainable and learning hardly anything to actually improve as the Land of Elite is getting more competitive. 

Ultimately Clark Duncan, in spite of the fact that I do not like the fact that you represent the lobbyists I despise with every fiber of my blood, I do not have any reason as to why I do dislike you. Then again Clark, all you are to me is someone that is digging a hole for himself that I am not even sure that you cannot come back out of. You used to be this guy whose promise was actually bright individually but now you are stuck in a relationship where sure you will achieve short term results such as winning the New Breed Championship in a rather illegitimate way due to the lobbyists supporting you. But what happens when the results are becoming rather more of a once in a blue moon occurrence and the man does not possess the courage to start over? Ultimately, the lobbyists will view you as a liability and you could potentially be irrelevant. I am not saying this to spite you Clark, on the contrary belief? I am saying this because you reminded me of how I used to be a few years ago when I was shortsighted on the concept of results can change a man while a man was on a faction. And while the results gave me the platform that I can achieve success, it is ultimately unsustainable. All I am saying to you Clark is you may view this match as a platform for revenge, I am viewing this match as a statement match for an objective that will define my label as an elitist. 
Parallel promo.

A harsh animation begins as a jackal, and a chimera: who has a crocodile head, a torso of a lion, and a hippopotamus hind, as they travel through hard dry land. Hardened scales are shown as the body of a Komodo dragon appears climbing upon the body of a buffalo it has downed, the Komodo dragon feasts on its fallen prey. A reptile who survives in a barren wasteland, it is bred of toughness and the will to do anything to survive through slyness and the potency of its bite. The jackal joins in on the feast welcomed, the chimera showing affection rubs it’s crocodile head on the head of the komodo dragon as familial reptiles. The Komodo dragon embarrassed steps away and swipes its tail on the dirt, filled with pride and a yearning to display it’s qualification as a dangerous beast.

Multiple voices speaking together: A promised destiny yet to be, one who seeks to live up to his name, he who embodies the feeling of not being given his due, and the insatiable yearning and hunger that it brings!

A door creaks loudly as Tiberius Jones with a bag enters the room where his sister is seated at the head of the table and Anubis is seated at the opposite side of where Jones is meant to sit. Joseph attempts a high five, but is left hanging, and while Ammit smiles at her twin brother he does not return any type of gesture as a tough guy would do no such thing!

Ammit Jones: My beloved brother, the one at birth designated his animal spirit as the majestically mighty Komodo dragon, a beast man gave the name of those legendary flying beasts of their myths for they believed the Komodo monitor could honor such a legend. It is said mother and father were so proud when you were born labeled by the elders as a Komodo dragon, they gave you the name of an emperor, for you were to rule over us like a great ruler of Rome would.

Joseph Anubis:  Yeah but I can’t help but wonder if those elders had a cruel prediction in mind nobody realized, after all Komodo dragons unlike true dragons both cannot fly and cannot breathe fire. Much in the same fashion, unlike Tiberius of Rome you were exiled for your transgressions and could not rule your people, your sister who focused on being a witch doctor was given that honour in your place. Now you insist of trying to be some kind of king of thieves, and always doing these mist breath attacks and high flying moves in wrestling to make up for the things you and Komodo dragons aren’t.

Ammit Jones: Jones was simply destined for different things, have faith in him.

Jones flops onto his seat and clasps his hands together behind his head as if refusing to acknowledge anything just said.

TJ: So what do you two want all of a sudden?

Ammit: It seems it is the holiday season, so I thought I’d pay a visit. Jackal tells me these are the times where families come together in this culture you fancy.

Anubis: Well Thanksgiving might have been a better time, but between then and Christmas, December might as well be a whole month of holiday like atmosphere.

TJ: Cut the crap, Nu. Ever since you started hanging out with Jaywalker and my sister you’ve become a pretentious prick, I know you didn’t come here just for a friendly visit.

Anubis: Well…..

Ammit: We came to check in on you.

TJ: What for? ……..You don’t think I know what I’m doing?

Anubis: Well we’re unsure about this whole tag tournament thing you’ve found yourself in, aren’t you meant to be helping the Mercenaries restore extreme in EAW instead of trying to compete for their titles?

TJ: Do you see Y2Impact and the Heart Break Gal complaining? I was sent to be in Hexa-gun, and am I’m playing my part perfectly, so don’t try to micromanage me now! You two wouldn’t understand the first thing about being Hexa-gun members in the first place, which is why you needed me!

Ammit: No need to be hostile.

Anubis: It’s just we all know you can get a bit lost when your hedonist nature kicks in. I use to be the one who managed your affairs when you got a little bit overboard, but now you’re always with this Drake guy, and he might as well be as off kilter as you are!

TJ: That’s right, Drake and I are way more synchronized than you and I ever were! You were always a worrywart, and trying to dampen the mood.

Anubis: Only when necessary.

TJ(Repeating mockingly mimicking Anubis): Only when necessary. Man, shut up! Unlike you, I don’t let anything change up the way I play the game. You went from an EAW columnist to being Jaywalker’s personal butler, abandoning your best friend I might add. Me? I’m still styling on all these chumps in EAW and pickpocketing whatever I want! That’s what it means to have an unwavering spirit!

Ammit: You know full well Jackal’s ways were always analytics and judgement, despite your other pastimes together.

TJ: Oh, I’m sorry, my glorious sister knows everything! She’s so perfect! I bet you really think you’re special, but really the only reason you’ve got Jaywalker so mesmerized is because of that “hippopotamus hind” part of your chimera spirit, aka your big booty.

Anubis slaps his fist unto the table after that in anger.

Anubis: You can’t talk to your own sister like that!

Ammit: Let him be, Jackal. Brother, something is obviously boiling you up. Care to share?

TJ: ……….The two of you conspiring helped Jaywalker get into an elimination chamber for a world title shot. He doesn’t even want to be a world champion…..where’s my title shots?! I’ve been wrestling in EAW nonstop for months, winning FPV matches while he’s been MIA and losing when he comes back, but somehow you don’t go hustling for title shots for me!

Anubis: We had nothing to do with Jaywalker getting into the chamber. You know how the system is, Jaywalker’s a legend, and they’re always trying to throw him into stuff to increase revenue!

Ammit: This is why you’re adamant about being in a tournament for something your team already has.

TJ: Well I have to get onto Road to Redemption SOMEHOW, not all of us have free rides, apparently. Typical really, I always have to fight harder for things that should already be mine, my birthrights! I have to listen to the words of people like Chris Elite, do you know how annoying that guy is? He doesn’t know his place in the world, he’s been some dime a dozen wrestler in the background off and on for years in EAW, but he wants to get in the way of one of the best things going on in EAW today! Where does he get the nerve to even have my name come out from his mouth? Then he’s got this weirdo Eclipse dude with him. Do you know he, or well his sister Lucy, gave me these dolls once? See for yourself.

Jones stands up pull out the Hexa-gun dolls Lucy had placed in front of his hotel before Shock Value and gives it to Ammit who enjoys the craftsmanship as her fingers dance over their eyes.

Ammit: These are beautiful.

TJ: They’re creepy.

Ammit: Perhaps there is power to be gained from them, I shall study them later.

TJ: Do what you want. What matters here is that we’ve embarrassed these guys enough times, and they still don’t get the hint. They don’t get that we’re on another level that they’ll never be able to compete on! We’re armed and loaded, they don’t have the supplies to take on a force like Hexa-gun! They have no right to keep me grounded here with them, toiling in the dirt battling them day in and day out! When will they get it? How many more purses will I have to snatch and get away scot-free with before they realize that me being the slickest of the slick in EAW is not just a claim? How many tricks do I need to pull out of my sleeve before they realize I’m always one step ahead? How much longer must I remain roguishly purging the lives of anyone who steps into my misty dark alleys before they realize that my domain is not a place in which they should enter?!

I’ll slap Eclipse upside his head until his chrome dome cracks.

I’ll make Chris Elite into such a joke even to his team of misfits he’ll go back to being the Suicide Kid.

I’ll show them all!

Jones stares intensely at the camera while his sister rises and puts her hand on his shoulder in encouragement.

Ammit: Yes you will.

Ammit pulls out her crocodile mask and smiles at Tiberius who in response takes out his komodo dragon mask. They both place their tiki reptile styled masks on and place their heads against one another.

Ammit: After all, you are my blood. As I devourer the souls of all lives that burden Gaia so they serve to replenish the earth, you too have a hunger to be fed. You are a dragon.

TJ: And if I cannot fly, I shall be what clings from the earth and consumes the skies above, sun and all.

The scene ends and goes back to the animation, where the Komodo dragon has grown sizeable and dark, it mouth open as if trying to eat the skies itself and its tongue surrounding the image of the sun.
"Father" Jay Omen... The "Demon Daddy"... The man formerly known as Franchise Demon...

Who is "Father" Jay Omen?

He told me a bit about himself; a great story of hardship and recovery. Recovery, that is, leading to whatever on earth he is right now. Then, he told me a few things about myself, a la Pierre McGuire; except, Pierre gets his facts right. Omen got a few things wrong - is this what it is to be disturbed and delusional?

Think about it - he's a man who wants to rule with an iron fist while under the rule of Zack Crash; a "veteran" who's wrestled less than I have; a man who wants to lead his brothers and sisters to the light - to the top. Who has this man led to the top? Can we even say that he's led HIMSELF to the top?

To the top of Battleground, perhaps. He's a mainstay there, while this will be my first Battleground appearance. EAW trusts me enough to showcase me on yet another show to another audience, which shows that I'm on the way toward accomplishing exactly what I'm here to accomplish: showing EAW that I belong here. I'm looking forward to continuing on that road, this time against a man who seemingly has many goals, but has accomplished little.

I wasn't injured for two years - I took that time off to look at what I wanted to do. I returned to wrestling with goals, and I've been working toward them. My goal for Battleground is simple: win. That was the goal against Heart Break Boy, Mexican Samurai, and Cameron Ella Ava. I've beaten them in great, competitive matches, and why will be it be any different against Jay Omen? Because he'll leave my carcass lifeless? Because he'll mark "JO" on my chest with his own blood? Great imagery, but he's gotta get me down first. Can he match the skill I continue to prove that I have? Can he match the hits I can deliver? Can he even execute a wristlock to keep me at bay? When that bell rings, his charades end and the only thing he speaks with is his wrestling. Where's his iron fist then? Have we seen anything like that from him AT ALL?

Or, is this idea that he'll give me the biggest beating of my life another manifestation of his delusion?

Who is "Father" Jay Omen? Whoever he is, he doesn't need to lead me to the light. The only person he needs to lead to the light is himself.
Battleground Promo #1

"Stop in the Name of Love"

(Cloud turns on her web cam dressed in a blue Chibi-Cloud shirt. She's wearing her glasses revealing  her natural brown eyes.)

Hey EAW universe! It's your friendly neighborhood Sky Princess back from her #byeweek and ready at full strength! Some of you questioned my whereabouts after Sexy Curry's loss to Hexagun. I decided to resume my Thanksgiving vacation with my family and my wonderful bae...whom is the 1 of 2 Haruna and I will be fighting come Monday night.

Speaking of my partner, I want to apologize for not fairing better against HBG. I thought I could put her on the ropes, but your hardest opponent is yourself, and I wasn't ready to deal with the similarities to our styles. The deciding factor went to HBG's experience in the ring. I'm not upset, if anything I'm motivated now more than ever. A goal came out of our loss to Hexagun: To get even. You best believe Haruna and myself intend to do as such.

As far as CloudNation is concerned, Ariana and I are prepared to face each other head on. Our respective pasts have taught us to separate business from pleasure...no matter how much I'm going to enjoy getting slapped by her (winks). Do I feel caught in between her and Haruna? Not really. Ariana and I share a dynamic that's different than the one she shared with Sakazaki-san. The same can also be said about Sexy Curry. It's a new, unrefined dynamic, but it exists nevertheless. I don't know how compatible Ariana and Laura are together in the ring, but we're fighting for relevancy at this point. Sorry love, but you're going to have to take the L on this one.

Speaking of L...Ms. Laura Amber Williams. The ex-cop whose initials spell the thing she represents. I like it, it's cute. I've seen some of your matches, you do pretty well for yourself. My mother is a retired army captain, so I know a thing or two about living with enforcer types. If anything, you're probably very disciplined. A disciplined warrior can take hits and roll with the punches. I'm sure you can deal with submissions too. One thing's for sure Ms. Williams, I will not be taking you lightly!

Sexy Curry is 1-2. That's a bad look, especially when you wants to move up the ladder. I enjoyed my mini vacation and I'm feeling a hundred percent. Before I make like a tree and leave, I wanna play a little something for 'Latina Law' or whatever you guys are going to call yourselves.

This could be your theme song.  Razz

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The EAW logo fades up to the center of the screen as the scene begins to open up. Once the camera is able to focus in on what it's supposed to be watching none other then newly signed Brayden Cruise appears. He's seen sitting down in the corner of his lockeroom. As the camera zooms in a little closer Brayden begins to speak.

BRAYDEN CRUISE : You know who I am and you know what I have to say because over the last week or so I've said it numerous times. The real question is did you listen? Did you hear what I have to say or did it go in one ear and out the other? Have you ever been hurt so bad that you never thought you would be the same again? I've been through that pain and trust me it changes you. If you have been hurt the way I have then you look at the world totally different. You look at things you used to look at and you don't look at them the same. I've had many things go on through my life, but I can honestly say that I am where I am today because I am this good. I've traveled all over the world and doing that I've made a pretty big name for myself. I did all that knowing I wasn't the same person I was a few years ago. I did it all knowing I'm probably never going to be the same person I was when I stepped into the ring for the first time. You see this world is a very hostile place and if you don't keep your head up you may not see tomorrow. I look around the streets that I walk and I see nothing, but filth and garbage. That's exactly what this world has come to because there's not many people who see the big picture. There's not many people who see what I see which is something that makes me sick to my stomach. Have you ever worked at a job that you know you're better then another person at. A job where you work with another person who is a higher rank then you, but you know ten times more about the job? Those are the people who get all the breaks and those are the people who are making this world a bad place to live. I've seen them all and every single time I do I feel like I'm going to be sick because I know they're taking the job of somebody who deserves it. Somebody who knows more then what they know, but they're left back cleaning up everybody else's mess. I find it funny that there are more people cleaning up other people's mess then people who actually get the breaks. I've been through everything since I started the wrestling business and I've come across every kind of person. I know what it feels like to be left on the sidelines knowing you should be in the spotlight because I've been there. In fact I am there and I've been there for years now so where's my break? Where's my spotlight?

Brayden pauses for several seconds before continuing.

BRAYDEN CRUISE : I've always been the guy who takes things easy knowing the time will come. You know the guy who goes to the bar with his buddies and is always the last one to find a chick. Those are the guys who in most cases get what they wanted because they did the one thing the others didn't which is wait. I'm a pretty patient man and I like to think that I let a lot of things slide. But there comes a time in a man's life when he needs to take a look at it and really think about if that's where he wants to be. A few weeks ago I was sitting in my hotel somewhere in Korea when it came to me. I knew at that point if anything was going to happen with my career it needed to be done by me. I knew I wasn't going to get any breaks and that's exactly why I signed my contract with EAW. You see a lot of people would think I'm crazy for signing my contract here because everybody knows EAW has the best roster of superstars wrestling can ask for. For years I've known in the back of my mind that I am the best pro wrestler in the world. It doesn't really matter who you put in the ring with me I can get them over or walk out the winner putting on a five star match. I can do it because I am that much better then anybody else in the business. I've held championships all across the world and I plan on holding a few here in EAW. I plan on doing what I do best here because I know this is the best place to be. I know that if I want to be in the spotlight this is the company it needs to be done at. I might be a patient man, but you can only wait for so long.

He pauses once again before letting out a small chuckle.

BRAYDEN CRUISE : I'm tired of being second best knowing I'm better then the rest. I'm done waiting for my shot knowing it's not coming anytime soon. My time has come because I made it my time and I promise everybody on the EAW roster that if you step into the ring with me. You're walking out a loser exactly the same way you walked into the match. It doesn't really matter who they put in the ring with me because at the end of the day. All that hurt and pain that I've had to deal with will all be let loose. It will all be gone and it all starts on Showdown. Sephiroth I have no idea who you are and haven't heard of you in my years in this business. The funny thing about that is you know absolutely nothing about me and even if you did. Even if you have followed me through my career you still won't know what you're stepping into. I say that because I'm not the same man I was while I was touring around the world. I'm not that man anymore because that man got me nowhere fast. I started at the bottom and I stayed there knowing I should be at the top. I stayed there waiting for my shot. I didn't get the opportunity I knew I should have gotten. So I took it upon myself to move my talents somewhere it can be showcased. I decided to move my wrestling knowledge to the one place I know I can be a star. I'm every single thing I've said I am and come Showdown my opponent is going to find that out first hand. Sephiroth if that's your real name, but then again it can't be your real name. You're just like everybody else trying to hide yourself from what you truly are. You're trying to hide yourself from the truth which is you're nothing more then a loser. Just like every other person I end up stepping into the ring with and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. You can try hiding all you want, but when the smoke clears on Showdown everybody will know the truth. You'll be laying in the middle of the ring knowing every single thing you said before the match. It was all false because in the end I'll be the one with my hand raised. I'll be the one walking up the ramp with my music playing through the arena and I'll be the one that much closer to where I know I belong. As for you, well you might wanna start thinking about next week and chalk up a loss against me. Hell if I were you I would be asking management to change the match, but that's the thing Sephiroth. You know nothing about me which is why you're going into this match thinking you stand a chance. Well the only chance you have is a good chance you'll be feeling some of the pain and hurt I've had to feel. Trust me when I say this, I'm not the same man because that man is long gone.

One last pause from Cruise before his cold eyes lock right with the center of the camera.

BRAYDEN CRUISE : I'm not the same man because this world has changed me. The way this world operates has changed me into the man I am right now. The man who doesn't take shit from anybody and does whatever he needs to. My time for waiting is over and on Showdown Sephiroth your ass is mine. You need to be taught a lesion my friend and on Showdown you'll be in the ring with the best teacher in the business. Trust me Sephiroth you're going to be taught a lesion and the lesion is respect. You know nothing about me, but you should because I've done things you could only dream about doing. I have proven over and over again that I am the best wrestler in the world today. The fact you know nothing about me is almost a slap to my face. You need to learn respect and I'll be the man to teach it to you. Don't be late for Showdown Sephiroth because I'll be teaching you a lesion you'll be thanking me for later.

With that said the camera begins to back away from Brayden as he stands up. The camera makes it out of the room as Cruise slams the door behind it while the scene fades out.

OOC : Good luck to my opponent and I hope you guys enjoy.

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You know what, Jason? I find it cute. I find it cute on how you need mind games to stand some sort of chance against me. What’s wrong with facing me with a free and clutter less mind? You can’t work with an opponent who is possibly one, two steps ahead of you? Are you afraid that I might pull a victory over you? Have you even paid the slightest attention to my rivalry with Chuck Scene? Normally, people saw Chuck as the one that played all of the mind games, but with me, it was an entire different story. I was the one playing the mind games. You saw me distracting him in his matches, you saw me dress up as a camera man and knock him down to the floor, I made him pay attention to me and he noticed how much I wanted this Interwire Championship that I have in my possession. I beat Chuck at his own game and got rid of him from EAW. Jason, do you realize now that you’re trying to play mind games with the same woman who can play mind games back? I like games. Proving my opponents wrong is one of my favorite games to play because these opponents of mine feel so confident that they finally have me at where they want to, but it isn’t until that bell rings where the realize that I’m not easily manipulated. You can play as much mind games as you want to with me and you can make it seem like you have me where you want me, but it’s not going to be that simple to get a victory over me. Ask Lioncross for example, that victory over me wasn’t so easy to earn, but he earned it; however, the difference with you is that you’re going to struggle more than Lioncross with getting a victory over me.

By the way you’re saying things, you’re making it seem like you have this match in the bag. Earlier, you were just telling me that I should not have this match won because I might be faster than you. Well, sounds quite hypercritical to have the approach when coming to our match kind of like you’ve already won it. You bring up the fact that I’ve always been on the lighter side when fighting these Elitists, but you sound like the other people, who’ve doubted me. People said it was impossible for me to beat Chuck because he was about a hundred pounds bigger than me and he was just so ruthless. People said it was impossible to beat Jaywalker because he was bigger, stronger and it just seemed like such an impossible task for a smaller woman like myself. What does those two events have in common? I PROVED THEM ALL WRONG! Jason, explain to me what gives you the right to say just because you’re bigger and stronger that I might not stand a chance? What gives you the right to say that I am struggling to stay on top after two, three weeks of being Interwire Champion? If I was struggling, I would not be talking to you. If was struggling, I would be going to James Shields’ office and backing out of this match, but have I done any of that? No, because you are in the long list of obstacle that I have faced and will conquer on Showdown. Don’t claim to be the winner of a match just because you’ve made the assumption that you’ve played some mind games with me and I am now not in the correct state of mind for our match. For your information, I’m great! I’m ready for Showdown and I’m ready to retain my title.

It's funny that you point out my injuries. It’s almost like you want me to use my injuries as an excuse for why I lost my match against Lioncross; but in my defense, I had a week to heal from my injuries. I healed them as much as I could and it’s more than what most of the talent gets whenever they have injuries. Am I still banged up? Just a bit, but will I ever use them as an excuse to whenever I lose a match? Absolutely not. I do not let any injury stop me from competing to be the best. I’m not going to limit my wrestling moves just because I got a few injuries. There’s never going to be a time, where you’re going to use any of my injuries to help you win a match. Obviously, if I showed some sign of pain, you will be the first one to attack it because anyone in your position will do whatever it takes to make sure they get that Interwire Championship; however, I can assure you that I’ll be one-hundred percent when I face you on Showdown. No need to be worried or concerned about whether I can keep up with you in the ring or not. The actual question should be if you can keep up with me in the ring? You’re right about something, Jason. I am not the same woman I was a few weeks ago, I’m now a champion. You can save the cliché of “you have not been the same sense” because I think we all become different with each and every day. We wake up in the morning and we are a different person in some way. Wrestling wise? I may have the same name, but you’re never going to get the same story in the ring. With each opponent I face, it’s a new story, but with the same ending. Sure, you can counter that claim with how I lost last week and how I can’t end my matches the way I wanted to, but I don’t want people going into my matches, expecting the same things each and every time. I like to shake things up and for sure, I’ll be doing that in our match.

A few weeks ago, I was not a champion and Chuck Scene was the champion I wanted to knock down. Fast forward a couple weeks later and I’m the champion you want to knock down. Isn’t it crazy how it takes a couple weeks and the tables are turned from my end? Honestly for you, you wouldn’t understand it, but you’re like me in a parallel universe. You’re attempting your poor attempts at trying to get inside my head and make me overthink or hesitant about everything as I approach this match, but you must have that assumption that if it worked for me, it might work for you. What you are doing is playing a mind game with a woman that cannot be played. That’s an issue with you—you’re trying to play a mind game with a woman that cannot be played. You’re playing with a mind game with an intelligent woman, who is smarter than you. Finishing what I have started seems to be an issue with you. You’re making it seem like I got injured in both matches as champion that the referee had to call for the match to end. The fact is: I know how to finish things that I have started. The two matches I have competed in, have been finished. I know! Shocking! As long as the referee calls for that second bell after he goes from that three count, I consider the match to be finished. Sure, I may not have been a winner in one of them, but I’ve always managed to finish what I have started when it matters. This match between you and I, Jason. I’m going to finish it. My title reign is so young, but that should not be used as an excuse to why I should lose the match. While you’ve competed in three, four matches. I’ve only competed in two.

Those were two of the toughest opponents I have faced so far. You will be my third and I know that you will not be an easy obstacle to conquer. You’re going into this match with a victory and I’m going into this match with the loss. To some people, that might as well make me as some underdog no matter how much I do not want to be looked like an underdog, but people are probably already placing their bets and they are keeping your winning record so far under consideration whenever they’re going to be you and I. To those same people, they should look at everything that I’ve been through to get the Interwire Championship and they should not count me out. Jason, you claim that I’ve didn’t finish the last fight, I will guarantee you that this will be one fight I will finish and one title I plan to retain.
(The cameras open as HBB is shown in casual clothing alongside Pizza Boy on a Wednesday night. On this night comes Bible Study, which HBB attends regularly and decided to invite Pizza Boy with him this time around. They both are pulling up to their respective parking spots as Pizza Boy gets out of a smokey vehicle. HBB stands there shaking his head while Pizza Boy shrugs his shoulders.... )

PB: What?

HBB(Nodding): Nothing, I'm just glad that you made it here. Let's go inside, we're about to start.

PB: What is this place called?

HBB: True Redemption. This is where God has planted me and I'm being rooted here. This is also a place that I will never get plucked out ever again.

PB: So you're meaning to tell me that you actually left the church before?

HBB: Not my intentions but yes, I was missing in action for about two months.
PB: Wow... I'm actually surprised.

HBB: But you know, it's not about how you start, it's about how you finish. You can go down as we did in defeat against the Notorious Samurai's but the real question is...Will We stay down for long? No. Because even in defeat, God still hasn't changed his purpose for our lives. He can replace us, of course but we're still going to have to face consequences, which I have done.

PB: What did God do? Did he make you go around houses while preaching to everyone?

HBB: You think that's a consequence? I believe that its an honor to spread the gospel to everyone. And God wouldn't mind us doing that at all. But the consequence of holding back blessings and prosperity. I was holding myself back because of "pride." When I went up against Dark Demon earlier this year, I was full of pride. I had let Demon get into my head and it made me become the issue that I had to deal with to take off, not because of him but there's just some things that you could never get over. I always wanted to be a celebrity before I got saved and something was just strange about my life until I actually did get saved. I thought that God was going to make me the bigger person amongst everyone because of the lack of attention that I was receiving throughout my whole entire existence but sure enough, I was dead wrong. This isn't about me... This isn't even about you, PB... It's about Him.  So this church is where I have chosen to get some medicine. This should be a place where you need to go on a regular bases so God can not only be a guidance but deliver you from yourself like he did for me.

PB: Oh great, I used to deliver pizzas for a living and now I'm about to get "delivered," because I'm too sexy for myself?

HBB: With that being said, let's go in. And please, no funny business, kid.

PB: Oh sure, HBB... I won't make a sound.

HBB: Seriously.... Because soon we're going to be delivering pizzas and preaching the gospel on the streets eventually so you need this anointing.

PB: WHAT? I did not sign up for extra hours, HBB. You want me to train, read the freakin' Bible! You want me to wrestle nutcases like DCW?! And now you're telling me that I'm going to be doing my old job along with becoming a preacher?

HBB(sighs):...... I will pay you.

PB: Oh, OK.... Fine with me then.

HBB: Don't even be a consumer for the LOVE of money.

PB: I don't know about you, HBB but you've had a good legacy in EAW and even without wrestling, I'm sure some legends contract pays you good money but I need more cheese to cover these pizzas, you feel me?

HBB(shakes his head): Let's just go.

(Moments later, HBB and PB enter into the church building. PB spots the beautiful female greeter at the door with a basket of peppermints. HBB is about to enter into the seating's but PB stops and eyes her for a second.)

PB: Praise the Lord! Oh thank you! (PB grabs a peppermint and goes in for a hug with the female greeter and gets a bit too touchy)


Greeter: OK, you can stop hugging me now. (She chuckles) Are you new here?

PB: Oh yes and guess what, babe?

Greeter: Yeah?

PB: The Lord sent me a vision and told me that you're going to be my wife and we're going to have kids together.

Greeter: You must be VERY new to the Lord.

PB: What, you don't believe me?

Greeter: I will have to pray on this.

PB: Well, we can pray together at my house if you would like. The Lord's spirit always reaches my bedside. (PB raises his eyebrows at her)

(Suddenly HBB pops out of nowhere and grabs PB away from the greeter.)

HBB: Sorry about that, Michelle. He doesn't know any better. (HBB turns his attention to PB) Kid, what do you think you're doing?!

PB: I'm trying to get a wife. You have to take some intervention, you know?

HBB: Stop lying, you're trying to have sex with one of God's children. I don't recommend that, at all.

PB: What? I'm pretty sure a lot of single women in this church are ready to let a man bon---


PB: What?! The Lord says come as you are. It says that in the Bible.

HBB: Well...you Need this....

(HBB hands him a book called "The Bible for Dummies.")

HBB: No.


HBB: No, I did not.



HBB: Wow... You have actually been reading your Bible.

(Suddenly the Angel of the house; Bishop bursts through the doors of the seating's and spots PB's loud preaching of the Bible. Bishop smiles at him while he speaks with HBB.)
Bishop: Hey you!

(HBB and PB turn around to face him)

HBB: Me?

Bishop: Not you, Michael but him(Points at PB)... Who is this young man?

HBB: He is my tag team partner and friend. We wrestle together. He goes by "The Pizza Boy."

PB: That's me!

Bishop: Well he sounds good. Would you mind praying for the congregation?

PB: Sure!

HBB: Oh... Boy... I don't know about this, Bishop, sir.

Bishop: It will okay. He has a good mentor and student in you.

HBB(whispers): Now I'm in it...

Bishop: What did you say?

HBB: Oh nothing, PB will love to pray for the congregation on today to start off Bible class.

Bishop: Let's begin then, shall we?

(A few moments later, PB appears on the stage in front of the congregation with a microphone in his hand. HBB is right beside him, looking on nervously as PB begins to pray)

PB: Praise the Lord, everyone!

Congregation: Hallelujah!

PB: I'm not very familiar with how this works but lets just all bow our heads as we begin to take it up with the Man on the throne.

(Everyone bows their heads as PB begins to pray)

Lord, father... In the Name of Jesus,

We thank you Jesus for acquiring us to be here today.
We thank you for allowing us to be here in fellowship.
We thank you for just being you, Lord.
You are an awesome God! We worship you!
We just ask for strength in every area.
We are believing you for increase in our incomes.
We are believing you for miracles and changing around our health circumstances.

We are believing in you for everything that we need to prosper as we stay obedient and faithful to your Word.

I know that I'm not perfect, Lord but I strive to be. I want a clearer mind. I want to become a better man and feel capable of providing for family situations.

I want to be closer to you, Lord and I thank you for placing me alongside a man after your own heart. He is my tag team partner and I'm sure everyone is familiar with; The Heart Break Boy. As continue to strive for that main purpose and the reason that you have us together, we just ask you for one thing and for the church also and that's strength to continue on Standing and Delivering.

(PB looks at the seating's)

And without further ado, HBB will tell you what's on his mind about "Team DCW."

(PB turns toward HBB, who is shocked with PB's humbled prayer as he happily accepts the microphone from PB while the entire congregation claps.)

HBB: Well, I never imagined talking about my opponents in the house of God but there's a reason we're here at this moment.  Now, I'm sure most of you watch wrestling or used to watch it, right? (Some of the congregation responds) That's good then you would know whom "Team DCW" is, correct? (Everyone goes silent) Wow... Well, this should be short and sweet then. At first I thought "DCW' was just another wrestling company that never made it until I found out that they're actually a faction that have not been the most successful as of late so I won't waste my time. You know, everyone in this business wants to make an impact. I tried to do this myself when I created a faction. We did despite being more in numbers but we only succeeded because we actually meant something before we aligned ourselves together.

This "Team DCW."

I have no clue about any of them except one of the opponents that we have already beaten named "El Landerson," one of the blunt monkey's with Piff. He's back to avenge his loss, I suppose. And coming down to watch the match to no surprise...Venom. His attitude and mentally has never changed, much like most of the aged Elitists around in EAW have not changed their mentality. Some of us have matured and entered a staged that is presentable and being able to be taught despite being very well documented. Then we have guys like Venom, that continue to become the same written story all over again. I think it was mentioned a long time ago that being a "follow the leader," is played out. Look at Xavier Williams. He listened and he eventually won a world title before Venom ever could. These guys have potential but no spark plugs. They are not trying to reach another level while I and Pizza Boy are only getting more wise together as a team. Eventually one of us, if not both of us will become champions. We were granted an opportunity at a bigger showcase than tag championships.

If anybody knows the Heart Break Boy, "EAW World Championship" matches are something that I never toy with. I'm always going to bring it, especially in a large structure as the hardwired steel chamber. It's like an earthly hell and once I'm qualified by defeating these two under radar's, I'm going to show them how a simple light may blemish across this match to have risen the Heart Break Boy's career. It's whether I win or Pizza Boy. The Bible teaches about being on one accord and one's likeness. Pizza Boy is my brother's keeper and whatever he accomplishes, its going to be on my tab as well. And it will go just as much for me. If I become something that I never thought to have become before returning to EAW then surely, all the Praise and Glory goes to the Most High, who makes everything possible because He has no limits. He can do everything and all things. We must love Him with our whole hearts and give Him much in return. I love God and will put him first in everything that I go through in this line of work because without Him, I'm not even able to go out and perform each and every night. Without Him, there is no Stand and Deliver. But with Him, and His righteousness, there's going to many things and even greater to come. So I just praise his Name.

As for "Team DCW," this might be your only chance to gain a second thought before trying to defeat the fierce spirit that God has given the team of Stand and Deliver to go off and accomplish the impossible. We declare victory over you and victory in the future. We are winners through everything. And will continue to be winners, even after a defeat.

Praise Him.

(The camera quickly fades to black after HBB's final words.)
Mind games are a series of deliberate actions or responses planned for psychological effect on another, typically for amusement or competitive advantage. Something like mind games is hard to recognize, seeing as though it can be portrayed in many different ways. The most common mind game to be played is when someone portrays themselves to be someone they might actually be, or they might not be. It’s all just in the head. It’s funny the things that can be said or done to make someone else become dumbfounded. You see, whether it may be a relationship, a career, etc., the smallest things can become a mind game to either bring out information you may or may not already know to see if the person is trustworthy or not, or just to make them crumble in their own thoughts. It’s all just fun and games to the person playing the mind games. To that person, they are in complete control of any situation. That person can do many things just by way of mind games. The brain is a complex thing. Most of us are hard wired the same way, so to speak. That’s what makes us similar, in more ways than one. When it comes down to it, everyone is still different. Some more than others. Most brains work the same way, which makes mind games a common trick played on the brain. You may not even realize when it’s happening or when you’re playing the mind game, it just happens.

It’s all in your head.

I want you all to listen to this next statement very closely. Keep your ears open, your mind open, and pay close attention. Two matches won, three statements made, one Championship match earned. I don’t consider the Tag Team match to count considering I didn’t get pinned, so moving on to what I was saying. In just two victories, both making huge statements, and then challenging Cam for her Interwire Championship, I am now challenging for my first Championship since 2011, when I lost the EAW ELITE Championship. That’s right, you heard correctly. This week on Showdown, I will be facing Cameron Ella Ava for that beautiful EAW Interwire Championship. What did it take for me to get this opportunity? A couple victories and being hungry to reclaim my spot as a Champion in the Land of Elite. I spoke my mind, many heard me, I played a little game on Cam, and now I have a shot at the Title. This past week, Cam faced Lioncross in what I thought was a damn good match on both sides, but, something was missing. Cam has been struggling to compete at a top level since she suffered some injuries against Chuck Scene a few weeks ago. None of that should matter when it’s only your second match as Champion. You fight those injuries and you be the Champion you’re supposed to be and win. Losing a match after just becoming Champion does not make you look good. Mind you, I respect you as a competitor. I’ve seen you fight and you are damn good. You’re just way in over your head right now. I’m in your head right now. I’ve been in your head since I first challenged you, you just don’t realize it. Maybe in time, maybe never, what matters is me claiming that Championship from you and making it mine.

That will be MY Championship.

Here’s your problem, Cam. You think that whether you win or lose, you can bounce back from the result and go into your next match correcting mistakes from your last. In reality, you should see victory. You should train until you can’t train any further to better prepare yourself for your upcoming match. I’m not saying that’s something you don’t do, but you’re sure making it seem like you just show up and win or lose you’ll try your best next time. That’s not the ELITE way. I’ll give it to you, you’ve accomplished many things here. Becoming the Hall of Fame Champion is a great honor, indeed, but that time has passed and after your match a couple weeks ago, you haven’t been the same. You can still put up the fight quite well, all things considering, but when it comes down to it, you can’t finish. You couldn’t finish against Lioncross, you won’t finish against me. That’s what makes me KNOW I can stand up to you. I’m refreshed. Rejuvenated. I’ve been in three matches since I’ve returned, two I squashed my competition, one I dominated but my partner lost the match. I’ve had a week off and I’m ready to bring the Interwire Championship home to my waist. I don’t want you to run, Cam. That’s the last thing I want you to do. I think you’ve got me all wrong. I want you to stand and fight, which I know that’s what you will do. The problem is, you’re not in the condition I am to be fighting in this caliber of a fight. We’re in the main event of Showdown, Cam, and you’re still suffering from injuries that took place weeks ago. I’m untouched. The odds are against you, even if it is your Championship you’re defending. You might think you gave me a shot at the Title, but really you didn’t have a choice. It’s either defend your newly acquired Championship or cower from the chance of losing it and make yourself look weak. In all reality, you should be saying:

Thank you, Jason.

This is more than just making this Championship the Elite Championship. I can do that just by holding the Title around my waist. The Interwire Championship is a very prestigious Title that has been held by many previous World Champions and some who are still making that climb to becoming a World Champion. I was the inaugural EAW ELITE Champion. I faced Jared Cage to be just that. Just like Mister K did to become the first ever EAW Interwire Champion. You may have ended some careers, some great careers, but what happened last week against Lioncross? What happened to his career? What happened to Dark Demon when you lost the Hall of Fame Championship? Those are just two that are still going strong here in the Land of Elite that you lost to. Their careers aren’t over, hell, they are just getting better. I’m not scared, Cam. I’m not scared of losing, I’m not scared of losing to a woman, I’m not running away. IF I do lose, it was well deserved and that’s that. You’re gonna have to put up the fight of your life if you think you’re going to escape me that easily. This is war, Cam, and your Interwire Championship is what’s at stake. How will you feel once you lose it? I mean, after all, you practically just acquired it. What if you lose it in your first Title Defense? That would suck, at least for you. For me? Well, I’ll tell you after I pry it out of your tiny fingers.

Jason Cage… Interwire Champion…

It has quite the ring to it, don’t you think? This just makes me want to laugh, though. You’re quite the comedian, Cam. Yeah, sure, you have agility and this and that. You do realize you’re like a hundred pounds, right? You’re going against MEN who weigh two to three times more than you. Of course you’re going to be quicker, if you’re not then there’s a problem. You can tell me you have all the counters you need, that you can pull something out from under your sleeve, but when it’s finally time to face the end, will you have it then? Don’t even answer that, just let it sink in as the days pass. Considering how you are only like a hundred pounds, once I get a hold of you, making you tap will not be a problem. I’m twice your size and a lot stronger than you. Once it’s locked in, you’re finished. You might be able to slip out of the hold, who knows. There’s plenty of other moves I know to put you down, Cam. Don’t think because of your size you have this won. You can make all the men mad you want, Cam. Not all are the same and I’m living proof. I know how to control my emotions more than others, that’s what makes me more of a threat than some. Maybe it’s my deadly submissions, or my stone head. Who knows? All I know is none of your Vixen matches matter when you’re pitted against Elitists. It’s a whole new ball game. All I have to say is, count your blessings. Before you know it, the bell will be rung and you’ll see your entire career flash before your eyes. All the mind games, all the tricks I’ve played on you that you don’t even realize, it’ll all take it’s toll and that’s when your downfall starts. Maybe it already started. I will tell you this, I have my eyes locked on that Interwire Championship. When I have my eyes locked on something, it becomes mine. The EAW Interwire Championship is mine. Yes, Cam…

You have no choice but to…

Battleground Promo #1 - I'm the Veteran

Mister Lioncross....congratulations on finally making it to the big leagues here at Elite Answers Wrestling. You may have been a big fish in a small little pond but now here at Elite Answers Wrestling you are swimming with the sharks. Some of these sharks including myself smell blood and want to capitalize on that by not only smelling it but finding the blood and gain even more. You have a fantastic streak going for you so far with a three and zero record, three weeks into your career here. But I got some bad news for you my newly born son...all good things must come to an end, and that means your little winning streak must come to an end. I'm going to beat you so bad that I'm going to re-injurer you just like why you were on the shelf for over two years! Those injuries eventually lead to family problems, but you're not alone my friend. I also have dealt with family relationship problems in the past, I fucking spent most of my childhood in prison until the age of seventeen, I was never visited...appreciated and grown up with real parents. Did I go to school? Damn right i did, took classes in jail and when I got out I finished high school when I went to a local high school in Kansas for senior year. Did I cry like a little bitch each day and night? Hell no, I used that anger and turned into a positive by joining the football team and releasing my anger there. Battleground may be known as the Demon Daddy's show but it's going to turn into Armageddon when I prove to you and the whole world why I'm known as Big Evil around here in Elite Answers Wrestling. You may have more wrestling experience then I do but I'm the veteran around here! I am the demon daddy! I am the one that leads my fellow brothers and sisters to the top and if you want to follow the light, Lioncross all you have to do is just follow the light to the other side...You can just turn your back on the EAW Locker Room and especially the faithful know as the EAW fans. You can either join by my side and rule the land of elite with an iron fist or suffer the biggest beating of your life with a signature 'JO' on your lifeless carcass with my own blood. Lioncross, you will not only fall to "Father" Jay Omen but you will also fall to the demise from the order of my master Zack Crash and sooner or later the critics will disappear and "Father" Jay Omen will reign supreme on top of the EAW Mountain. 

This past Monday on Battleground, I was just sitting ringside watching the main event match between Scott Oasis and Trent Yoder. Over the past week or two, I tried to give Trent Yoder a valuable lesson in the life we live in. In the world we live in today, you cannot be happy all the time, some events will occur in life that will result in pain and agony. The lesson I was trying to teach Trent Yoder was that when those tragic events roll around, Trent could use the pain and agony into pure fire and evil against the whole entire universe. If Trent Yoder became one of my brothers I would have taught him that and many more life lessons on how to always listen to Daddy Omen and bow down to the master known as Zack Crash. Instead of listening to my advice, Yoder decides that he wants to pick a fight with me? Yoder had the guts to disrespect the only thing he has left before his departure from this world! Then he gets rewarded by getting the chance to face a person that's going to be in the Answers World Championship - Elimination Chamber match? I DON'T THINK SO! If I didn't get the chance neither did Mr. Yoder and then was the right opportunity to exact revenge! Revenge felt so good and sweet and also helping out my master Zack Crash by getting that victory for Scott Oasis in the middle of the worst part of America - Los Angeles. So what happens when I try to teach Trent Yoder a lesson? My other son Mr. Ward comes and cheap shots me from behind? That's the wrong move my beautiful son...it started off as a plea to help you into the right direction to follow the light but you decided to turn it into an all out war. This maybe a war but this also will be the quickest war you will ever experience in your life, I'm heading back to Long Island for a few days and then I'm back to that shit show known as Dynasty Wrestling and I will be sitting ringside once again for Greg Ward's match. But this time I am not coming alone, I will bring a object of mine that is near and dear to my heart and that is my casket. Greg Ward you will fall to my demise and ruin the day you turned your back on the demon daddy...Lioncross and Greg Ward will learn to follow the light!

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*This is a special feature. Today, we're at the gym Lioncross trains in. Instead of training, he's surrounded his workout area with diagrams about refereeing. Three easels stand out; the first one has a big "1" painted on it, the second has a "2", and the third has a "3".*

LC: (to himself) 1... 2... 3. 1... 2... 3. Just gotta get the repetition in. Get the cadence down. Make sure everybody gets a fair count. It just takes practice, you know? Just like a haymaker. Or an armdrag.

*Several young wrestlers from the small indy promotion that Lyuncrust and Lauren run enter.*

LC: Oh, nice to see you guys! Thanks for helping me with this simulation. I have no experience refereeing matches, so this'll be good practice. I called in a very experienced, world-class referee to give me pointers as we go, so you're all in good hands. You'll get paid good, too. So, you two (points at two of them) can be the wrestlers. You (points at another one) can be a manager. Yeah, with him. And the rest of you can run in at some point. I know for a fact that run-ins happen a lot in wrestling.

*Door opens.*

LC: Oh, he's here! Start warming up, everyone.

*Howard Webb, world-class association football referee, walks in.*

LC: An honor to meet you, sir.

Howard Webb: Likewise, and although I don't know much about wrestling, I bet I can help give you some tips about making quick decisions, being assertive, and the judgment calls. Football is full of judgment calls, you know.

LC: Oh, definitely. And you have a lot of experience with that. You've refereed in the Premier League, the World Cup, the Champions League... is that a Manchester United patch on your referee's shirt?

Howard Webb: Oh, yeah. When I retired from the Premier League, I got this sent to me by some anonymous Liverpool fans.

LC: (quizzical look) If they were anonymous... how did you know they're Liverpool fans?

Howard Webb: It came with a note that said "YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE." In all caps.

LC: Oh.

Howard Webb: It was written in dark red, too. And "ALONE" was underlined three times.

LC: ...

Howard Webb: There were also some swear words on the note, too. Come to think of it, that's weird - I don't think they're a part of the song.

LC: ...yeah, keep mulling that over.

*A few seconds of awkward silence pass. LC looks toward the ring and remembers that Howard Webb came over to help give him refereeing lessons.*

LC: Looks like they're ready, so let's do it!

*LC slides into the ring. Howard Webb sits at the timekeeper's spot and rings the bell. The wrestlers tie up, hit a few moves, and eventually, one of them holds the other one up in the corner.*


*The wrestler breaks the hold.*

Howard Webb: Good job! You look sharp and aware in there.

*The simulation match continues, and the manager jumps onto the apron. Lioncross admonishes him, and the manager jumps back down to ringside. LC notices a thud behind him, and barely sees that one wrestler hit a big move on the other. The wrestler goes for the cover. LC counts the fall, kickout at two.*

Howard Webb: That's good - you need to be in charge of not only the playing field, but also the bench area. That can be tough with some managers!

*A minute or so passes, and one wrestler punches the other in the face. The one who took the punch fakes being poked in the eye, and backs off. LC checks on him, and quickly continues the match.*

Howard Webb: WHOA! Stop for a bit, yes?

*The action stops.*

LC: What happened? What went wrong?

Howard Webb: That was clearly an illegal move, that poke to the eye!

LC: Oh, c'mon. That was a dive!

Howard Webb: A dive? What kind of term is that?

LC: That means he was faking getting poked in the eye, in an attempt to get me to stop the match and punish his opponent in some way. Didn't you have to deal with that in Europe?

Howard Webb: Ehh... not that I remember. Anyway, you now need to give him a free shot. Maybe a free punch to the face or a free suplex. Something like that.

LC: A FREE SHOT?!?!? That could completely change the complexion of this match! Well... you're the expert.

*Soon after the wrestler who got "poked" lands his free shot, the other wrestlers run in. One of them kicks the manager square in the torso.*


Howard Webb: NO! STOP!

LC: Wrestlers, keep going. Howard, what now?

Howard Webb: You can't eject somebody for kicking someone in the chest!

LC: How... what?!?!? It's a kick in the chest! They're legal between wrestlers, but in this simulation, those guys at ringside aren't wrestlers! Besides, how is a kick to the chest legal in ANY context in practically every other sport?

Howard Webb: It's not, but for a kick to the chest that happened for no reason, you just WARN the guy. Take his name. Let him know that he's gone if he does it again.

LC: But... the point of ejecting him is so he CAN'T do it again! Besides, leaving him here may promote disorder throughout the rest of the match!

Howard Webb: Not if you give out... say... 13 warnings!

*The match, which had been continuing during the awkward situation at ringside, nears its end. One guy his a finishing move. LC rushes back into the ring to count. He awards the winner the fall and raises his arm.*

LC: So basically, I'm supposed to punish a wrestler for maybe poking the other guy in the eye even though the other guy was clearly faking it, but I'm just supposed to warn somebody for doing a random jump kick to the chest at ringside.

Howard Webb: When you say it THAT way... hmm.

LC: Well, you're the pro and I'm not. I'll just keep a mental note of that and utilize it if I need to.
The camera opens on PB leaning against a brick wall, breathing in the cold night air as he pulls his cigarette to his lips.  He glances over at the camera, acknowledging it's presence, as he hops from one foot to the other, antsy as if excited, agitated, or a strange mixture of both.  He flicks his cigarette and rubs his hands through his hair.

PB: Tonight was a setback, no, tonight was a mistake, no.  Tonight was a "detour" as my partner and I are thrust into yet another unique opportunity, taking on DCW, that buncha crackheads, with Venom getting plastered amidst it all, for a chance to get into the Elimination Chamber...or else.

...: we don't like 'or else's'

Barney M Bailey appears on screen, posting up against PB.

BMB: In my business, I'm all about sure things, and if my boys can't wallop DCW, whatever the hell that is, then maybe they shouldn't be a tag team.

PB: See, I can take another loss to Samurai.  There will be another day on the battle field for us my sworn foe, and I can especially take that loss when it really came at the hands...heh...or should I say 'foot' of a superior competitor that I respect.  Notorious Samurais didn't beat us.  We beat us, and that's just fine.  We're on a bit of a learning curve as a tag team.  Heart Break Boy is a seasoned vet at this, and...well, I delivered pizzas half a year ago.  I can take the blow to my ego, I can take an excusable, accidental, forgivable Gold Print to the chin.  I'm a big boy like that, and I'm also a big boy because when I get knocked down, I get up again, dust my big boy pants off, and head into the direction of the next big opportunity.  What will you do, DCW? Are you going to try to roofie us the night of the Chamber after we beat you fair and square? Or are you going to straight up try and date rape drug us the night of Showdown?  Considering your track record of shenanigans, I'd have to assume that it's one or the other.  

BMB: Little do you boys know, between abductions and injuries, PB has built up a tolerance to GHB!

PB: Barney, that's not something to brag about...BUT HE'S RIGHT!  I've been Oxy'd off my orifice, morphined out the wazoo, and even Codiened to Kalamazoo!  I've had more uppers, downers, laughers, and screamers than Hunter S. Thompson ever stored on his compound!  

BMB: It's a marvel that the kid can ever feel his face he's so doped up most of the time!

PB:...Don't tell HBB that, though.  He'll get all preachy and angry and-

BMB: Kid, the guy's got me on my tippy toes too!  Every time I light a cuban in his presence he flicks me on the forehead.  I think I'm getting a knot up there...and a complex.

PB: Well, regardless, whatever the hell DCW is, whatever Dach and Landerson have up their sleeve, I'm confident that the Pizza Boy's done taking detours, and I WILL make it to my target destination in 30 minutes or less, get my tip, and be on my way.  I hope you boys have some prilosec OTC on hand, because you're about to get a very bad case of Heart Burn, courtesy of Stand & Deliver!  Now, let's get inside before Grandpa HBB comes out here looking for us to break up our fun.

BMB: Yeah.  I wanted him to fix you, kid.  Not suck the fun outta ya.

PB and Barney share a laugh.  Suddenly, Barney's brick of a cell phone goes off.  PB looks back concerned.  Barney shoos him inside and takes the call as soon as PB's out of sight.

BMB: Y'ello?...no, it was just an accident.  You...you gotta trust the Golden Boy.  The guy's as honest as churches....Yes, I know he kicked him in the face...What do you mean keep the kid away from barber shop windows?!...Tony, I'm...I'm...I'm hanging up, bye!

Barney flips up the mouthpiece on his cell, and pushes the antennae in, shaking his head, as he heads back toward the arena.

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