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 Dynasty Promoz! (Section closed, promo under EAW Promoz!)

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PostDynasty Promoz! (Section closed, promo under EAW Promoz!)

Here you can write promos about shows, Extremist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you. 
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Dynasty Promoz! (Section closed, promo under EAW Promoz!) :: Comments

Dayton, Ohio

Hara Arena 

(Dynasty Wrestling is hosting a wrestling event inside the 5,500 seat facility with Carlos Rosso having dispatched of a local talent in about five minutes. After the match, Carlos beats at the opponent until he limply rolls out of the ring, leaving him and his manager in the ring whom is asking for a microphone.) 

Mao: Dayton, Ohio....How'd you enjoy that ass-kicking, huh? 

(The Crowd lets out a cheer as Carlos grins while standing in a corner of the ring, putting a towel over his head and leaning against the ring ropes a bit.)

Mao: It's a shame EAW has such foolish management in Zack Crash. Believe me, my client and best friend would LOVE to be entertaining you on Showdown, Voltage, or Battleground....but because of issues that are out of control, Carlos and myself can't be there. But that's not to say that we have not noticed a LOT OF THINGS that have made the both of us angry as hell. And poor Carlos, he seems to not be in much of a talking mood today so it falls back on me to articulate some of these things to you the DYNASTY UNIVERSE.

(The crowd lets out a loud cheer before pausing.)

Mao: First of all....It doesn't seem that the grass is truly greener on the other side. We came to Dynasty hoping for opportunity to perform for you, against the strongest of competition that EAW has to offer. We want to have Carlos go against the Mr. Dedede's, Tyler Parkers and Alex Andersons of the world, but it seems like they want us to face lesser known individuals and a certain National Elite Champion who would rather bite people like a rabid animal and win by COUNTOUT instead of wrestling in the ring! 

(The crowd boos a bit even as Mao gestures for them to be quiet so that she can continue.)

Mao: And even further...we have a situation where Zack Crash, for whatever reason, can send HIS CHALLENGER, Brian Daniels to OUR show and try to have him take OUR Belt away from us? Do you guys think he should be allowed to do that?!

Crowd: NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! 

Mao: Didn't think so. We really have no recourse in that matter. As much as I'm sure the EAW Board Of Directors want to do something, at the moment they cannot. Maybe when the smoke has cleared after MSM, we'll have something better to do. And by something better to do I mean beating the crap out of whoever the World Heavyweight Champion is on whatever show they represent! As most of you are all aware, it's pretty hard to find a World Champion with the balls, the will and the HEART to step into the ring with Carlos. Tiberius Jones, the National Elite Champion, doesn't seem very interested in wrestling my client. Aren Mstislav and Zach Genesis, the Pure and Interwire Championship holders respectively, DON'T want to wrestle my client again after the savage, vicious, ruthless beating he gave to them and seven other men at Pain for Pride, where he had the match won before that little sneaky bastard Jamie O'Hara won the Cash in the Vault. You don't hear about Devan Dubian or Xavier Williams wanting to battle this man standing right here. Carlos would even deign himself to bless the tag team division with his presence once more....but Impact and his little ring rat would probably go hiding almost instantly, let alone if he finds a tag team partner worthy of teaming with him, a man of equal skill! And most disappointing of all, our World Heavyweight Champion Tyler Parker continues to ignore us.....

(Mao pouts a little bit while looking at the crowd as they boo; Carlos simply stands there in the corner, yawning a bit.) 

Mao: But that's okay. Sooner or later, somewhere is going to allow Carlos to wrestle for a championship once again. It's not going to be some convoluted scramble. It's not going to be some multiman ladder match or elimination chamber or Big Japan & W*ING Crisis Big Born Deathmatch or whatever the hell Dynasty or EAW can come up with. It's going to be one on one, man to man in the middle of the ring....and I have to say this because no matter how much it's been proven no one believes this....


Mao: Speaking of Dynasty, there happened to be a little bit of theft. Eclipse Diemos...another man that my client beat the hell out of at Pain for Pride, JJ Silva...another YOUNG BOY....and after Pain for Pride we all know how Carlos feels about beating the hell out of Young Boys like Silva, right? And Chris Elite....someone that my client and I have known for a long time...someone who Carlos has trained with, wrestled against many times before....of all the people involved in this travesty that took place, we figured HE would have been one of the last people associated with this. They STOLE something from TLA that he worked his ass off for. He never complained, never bitched, he was given an opportunity to shine and TOOK IT, Winning the New Breed Championship! And what's more....unlike the likes of Zack Genesis, Tyler Parker, Aren, The Mercenaries, and other so-called champions here who pick and choose who they want to defend their championships against....TLA CALLED OUT ANYONE WILLING TO FIGHT! And the three of them jumped him. They beat up this “La Pantera Sexual”, a guy that I actually like as a person. I wouldn't date him or trust him with my film career as far as I could throw this arena...but a guy that I respect a hell of lot. While my client may not have the same viewpoint as to Mr. TLA's likability he DOES respect any man who has the balls to call out anyone from any promotion in existence. My client doesn't like thieves either. Chris, You are playing with fire. Not from TLA, but Carlos Rosso. If you and your band of merry little men don't return that championship belt to TLA, bad things can happen. If it were me, I'd just say....meh, not my business. Carlos doesn't think like that. He believes that when you disrespect a Championship in the manner that you and you friends have...it deserves a severe beating with equivalent or superseding levels of disrespect, pain, anguish and humiliation in return! 

(The Crowd claps and cheers a bit before Mao decides to take a seat on the ring canvas.) 

Mao: With all of those other controversies going on though, some of them affecting Carlos directly, others not necessarily so, all we can do at this point is focus on the present and immediate future. As much as my client would love to be beating the crap out of Xavier Williams, Devan Dubian or Tyler Parker right now, ESPECIALLY Tyler Parker right now, he will not have the opportunity to do so. Right now, we have to focus on the task at hand. That task is a pretty unique one in a Mr. Tig Kelly. 

(Suddenly someone from the back is coming out to tell them that their time is up and the show needs to continue. As soon as the young man is on the ring apron, Carlos abruptly kicks him the face, sending the arena into a frenzy of cheers. Mao makes a face as the young man falls to the arena floor an unconscious heap, wincing a little before deciding to continue as Carlos returns to his position in the corner.) 

Mao: As I was saying before that brief interruption, Carlos is going to be facing a Mr. Tig Kelly this Friday night. While Tigger does bring up a fair point about being a bit different than the many, many wrestlers who have fallen under the might of his fists, I would like to relay to Mr. Kelly on behalf of my friend Carlos that he GIVES NO FUCKS IF YOU ARE DIFFERENT OR SIMILAR to his previous opponents. He will BEAT you when he faces you. You know, there are some weeks where Carlos can get a little obsessive about training, film study, things like that. He likes to know tendencies. He likes to plan things. For you however, I don't think Carlos particularly sees much to scout that's of interest. After about 15 minutes of watching your matches on the independent circuit and MMA and all that other stuff, Carlos has come to the conclusion that you are simply too slow, too weak, and too predictable to beat him in the middle of the ring. I don't share that assessment....I actually think you're a fantastic wrestler! Carlos, however, doesn't feel that he needs to respect you. He didn't call you a Young Boy, but it was pretty close. I think “unimpressive” was the most polite thing said. But...there's something else I think you need to know, Mr. Kelly. 

(Mao makes her way towards the side of the ring where the entrance ramp is set up, Carlos glancing over in that direction before looking into the crowd.) 

Mao: We saw your little “press conference”. For some reason, you seem to have a legitimate problem with me. I didn't make the match for you to face the Man with the Worst Personality on Dynasty and probably the entire planet. I don't care about what you said to be honest. I'm used to people saying what they're going to do to Carlos and more often than not wind up coming embarrassingly short in those endeavors but it's the imagery that doesn't sit well with me. You think wearing masks with my name on them isn't something that I wouldn't fucking NOTICE? Do you think it's cool to insult or attempt to intimidate women!? Let me tell you something you Irish prick, I may look like some “pretty face” or some bimbo, but guess what, I have some boxing experience myself and I would be happy to punch your lights out if you even think of putting your hands on ME! Carlos thinks that I'm overreacting a bit to this and maybe I am, but if you think I'm just some figure head you're out of your mind. I have been traveling across the world with this magnificent athlete standing in the corner over there for nearly four years now. I've seen him win championships, lose championships, barely have enough energy to stand after working out. I've done everything in my power to help him become a better wrestler to compliment the decent human being (Turning to Carlos for a moment) Sorry, C, but you're not as big a douche-bag as you play up for the cameras sometimes. Honestly, I usually just keep quiet and stay in the background, but it's someone like YOU who brings the fire out and pisses me the hell off! So Carlos gave me the floor after he won his match to say whatever I wanted to say about whomever I pleased. 

(Carlos yawns again as the audience applauds once more.) 

Mao: You talk about mediocrity if you're trying to be “complete”. I think you misunderstand the philosophy that we have. You are never going to completely master one facet of anything in life. Fighting, cooking, whatever. No matter what it is, you're not going to be perfect at it. When we say that Carlos aspires to be the “Most Complete Wrestler” in the world, we mean exactly that. His submission game? Check. Talk to a few of the boys in the back who have tapped out to him the last few weeks and months if you want verification on that. His striking ability? On par with anyone in the company, even those who have boxing, muay thai and other experience. His wrestling? C'mon....he went to a dojo where the sole purpose of existence from sun up to sun down was learning how to beat the shit out of people! Just because someone aspires to be “complete” doesn't mean they neglect assets of their game. It doesn't mean that they can't take themselves to a high level in all things. Do you think a decathlete is the master of all their events? Do you think they are the absolute best in the world at specific things? No. But they still call them the Greatest Athlete In the World if they win the Gold medal for it, don't they?  Our point to you, to be short and sweet about it is this: 

Whatever weaknesses you perceive in Carlos are your own. He has NONE. 

Mao: Oh...one more thing. To the whole baddest man, thing? That's fleeting. No matter how bad, how tough, how hard-ass you are, there is always another one coming. Same thing about being a champion. You can win it a lot of times, but does that really mean you do anything of note? It just means you lost and won it a whole bunch of times. Our plans are a bit higher than piling up title reigns. We want to have A reign, or to use proper wording THE reign. The reign so dominant, so vicious, so successful, that one reign by itself will stand up and be remembered as clearly as anyone with two, three, four, five, or six reigns has ever done. Do you understand what we are saying to you? 

(Suddenly, Carlos steps out of the corner, snatching the microphone out of her hand as Mao looks at him rather upset.) 

Carlos: I'm going to show you the depth of difference between us. You are going to find out how “mediocre” I am when I TAKE YOUR “O” away from you. You've disrespected my friend, you've mocked me openly and you are going to tap out or be knocked out. I'm not going to rise to the top of Dynasty or the wrestling world this week, but my foot is going to rise to the top of your head and concuss you. I'm not even particularly angry yet, but the more you and I talk, the more I'm getting the feeling that you need to be taught a lesson or two on how to conduct yourself in my presence. Now.....some of you are probably familiar with how this goes. For those who aren't, please just follow your neighbor.

Carlos Rosso is..........


And everyone else is?


(Without another word, Carlos drops the microphone as he and Mao exit the ring and arena, “Money Power, Respect” by The LOX blasting over the speakers.) 
PicPerfectMichaels posted a photo:

Trent take a good, long look.  Yeah I know you're reading this right now, hell all of social media is reading this right now, I am the undisputed champion of all social media, because everyone in this whole world, they know that I am speaking the gospel truth when I say; you are in for the beating of a life time. You see, I know you're really intense, and that you're a bit koo-koo, but I also know that on your best day (which I'm guessing was last week) you could not put me away.  Oh yes, you have a mark in the win column, but I am coming to rectify that situation, and belive me I can't wait to get the chance to do so.  I guarantee that after Dynasty, I will leave you a beaten, as well as a broken man.  How, You Might be asking?  Simple, I am just going to walk put right in the middle of the Quicken Loans Arena, and do what I do best, be perfect.  Perfect in my timing, perfect in my execution, perfect in my style, which anyone who's seen you dress knows you have none of. 

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PicPerfectMichaels posted an photo:

 Yes Trent I've heard you say that material things don't matter to you but be honest, even if only to yourself.  You and I both know you can't stand that I am everything the company is looking for when they start wondering who's face they should put n a poster to hype up the show.  Meanwhile you're so repulsive that you can get a sideways glance from Stevie Wonder.  That's why you want this match, and it's why you're so angry at me.  You can't measure up to me in any way, shape, or form, so you try and try to knock me down to your level.  Well let me tell you Trent, it ain't happening buddy boy because I know that just like Lebron James I am the MVP here in Cleveland (and the rest of the world for that matter)  and that no matter what you throw at me, you can stop me from driving down the lane, and slamming down the rock for the win at the buzzer.  I am greatness personified, and that just drives you crazy don't it? 

I mean who could it not? I'm better looking, I have a nicer house, drive a better car, eat better food, I'm smarter, and I' also a better athlete, simply put I am #BetterThanYou in each and everyway.  That's why our match is #InDaBag this Friday, so you better get used to picturing THAT!  #DynastyWrestling #FoxSportsNet #ThisFriday

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If you don't tap, you snap... I kept to my word.

As I'll keep to my word when I specifically say that I'm going to be the one to take away what Tyler Parker cherishes the most; the World Heavyweight Championship - one of the most prestigious, if not the top notch championship in Elite Answers Wrestling. I'll do what many names have failed to do; Alex Anderson, Mr. DEDEDE, Psycho Brody, Jacob Senn... and then there's you, Lucian Black. I don't want to go off the deep end here, due to a strong feeling of mutual respect for one another. But you've forced my hand, the same hand that did not tap out to Starr Stan. You have to be one of the most illogical, bipolar, hypocritical elitist that I've gone up against in many, many months. I've blatantly expressed my love for exploiting weaknesses, exploiting what the enemy leaves vulnerable to strike. And you're making this way too easy for me, you know that? WAY. TOO. EASY. I guess that's how it felt when you weren't able to successfully obtain the World Heavyweight Championship, TWICE. I'll say it AGAIN, TWICE. You can take every little jab at my failure to capture the Answers World Championship, but at least I'm assured in utilizing my second chance. Something you're clearly unable to do, or have been able to do with the longevity standing at your. You know who else had longevity standing at their side? Devan Dubian, but at least he was able to take up years of disappointment and turn his dream into a reality. I bet you're seething... I bet that hostility you're feeling toward me is all that built up, but if you assume that one punch will make up for all of it, you're wrong. I want you to stand in my boots, I want you to look at this situation from my perspective for just one moment. You see an opportunity in the air, then it's suddenly offered to you. You tell me if you weren't still in Elite Answers Wrestling, that some other brand was chopped off the block... that you wouldn't accept the convenience of being offered to compete for any World Championship. I know you, Lucian Black, I used to be you... I can see the world from your eyes. I know how you've succumbed to desperation. But to tell me that I haven't accomplished anything to earn this shot? You're wrong.

It wouldn't be a first time hearing that, would it? I've achieved absolutely nothing, coming straight from your personal beliefs. Tell me, Lucian, what exactly have you achieved as well? Do you think you're worthy enough to take my place in facing Tyler Parker? Let's look back on your career lately, why don't we? I've already mentioned how you've had all the momentum in the world to overtake this company by completing your Cinderella story... but what did you do? You choked, you choked on your promises. You devoted your entire life to being one thing... and that's the World Champion. Would you say after taking loss after loss would line you up for a chance? No, no, let's not even fixate our attention on those matters... let's redirect our attention to the man that's to blame in the first place. Sure, Zach Crash is the walking devil of this company, he's become the scum of this company, as much as I hate the guy - that doesn't pinpoint all the blame on him. Does it? No, it was a match that was cut in thirds, each was given the equal share of victory, but of course only one would succeed. I don't see how you're even brave enough to represent Dynasty as a brand itself, when you're the one who killed it. I may be stepping into hostile grounds on Dynasty, but I don't see how anyone who's apart of the Dynasty brand can muster up any portion of respect for you. I bet you're too busy moaning and complaining about how this is Zack Crash's fault; to see it in a whole other way, the truthful way. "Oh, boo hoo! Zach Crash is corrupt, Zach Crash is mean, Zach Crash is evil!" Save it, I couldn't careless about Zack Crash and I couldn't careless about your dispute with Zack Crash. I'm here for one thing, to prove a point to myself. And you? You've been trying so hard to prove a point... have you yet? I haven't seen it, if you think you have. You're supposed to be the commander of Dynasty, lead it back into the promise lands; yet I don't even consider yourself worthy enough of a title as precious as that. You know my partner? Tiberius Jones? I bet you're wondering why he chose EAW over Dynasty, right? All the abuse and disrespect this man has suffered... someone who would of suited better as a leader. I can't blame him, but then I could also say the man that I'm facing is even more worthy than yourself. He's been carrying Dynasty on his shoulders month after month. He's represented Dynasty at it's finest and I somewhat do feel terrible for having to be the man to tear down everything he's built for himself. And I feel awful for being the man that has to make the valid point and put you in your place, Black, I really do. But if I'm to set an example and you're standing in front of my way of doing so. I'll do what has to be done, no matter how the odds are stacked against me in this match; walking into enemy territory and having Tyler Parker aid you as the special guest referee, none of this matters to me. What matters to me is - the fact that Dynasty won't prevail again. EAW is about to walk right in and embarrass Dynasty once again and it's going to be all your fault, Lucian, all of it.
Tiberius Jones... If I were you? I would quit bitching before someone knocks your teeth down your THROAT. Believe it or not, I actually liked you. I liked you until you started bitching. If you are half as good as you think you are, as you claim yourself to be you wouldn't be bitching about the hardship, the tribulation that has been imposed upon you. Instead you would embrace this opportunity and fight tooth and nail to make the best of it, to overcome the odds. If you think about it.. Tyler Parker as special guest referee is a factor that negatively affects my team more than yours. Tyler Parker and I aren't exactly bffs. Brian on the other hand.. last time I checked he and Tyler were pretty close. You claim the board has been treating you unfairly ever since you spoke your mind on Dynasty and honestly you don't know what being treated unfairly even feels like. You don't know what unfair treatment is. You bitch about facing two "large guys" like myself and Tybull, but at Pain For Pride I faced men much larger than me, more experienced than me in some aspects and although I was unsuccessful at accomplishing what I was aiming to accomplish, I didn't stand in the middle of the ring bitching like a little girl because it was unfair. I seized the moment and I did the best I could. I wasn't afraid of Hades or Hellion, I am NOT afraid of them or anybody for that matter. I hope you do the same, Tiberius.  For once I hope you can actually do more than just talk crap like a bitch without backing it. Hopefully you will face us like a man and not like the bitch you're acting like. You wanted an opportunity? Well, you finally got one. You're facing two of the best on Dynasty Wrestling GIVE US ALL YOU'VE GOT AND PROVE TO THE BOARD EXACTLY WHY YOU SHOULD BE GIVEN MORE OPPORTUNITIES. Although, I'm pretty sure if you would have earned the opportunities you constantly ask for you would have gotten them... Nowadays, people expect to get handed everything on a silver platter.Whatever happened to hard work? Most guys these days think they deserve the world. Everyone thinks they are the best, that they should be the ones representing Dynasty Wrestling as it's champion, but they don't work for any of that. Jones, you want a fight? I'll bring the fight. Scratch that, I will bring you and Brian a war.

Speaking of Brian Daniels he must be sick or something because I haven't seen him around here in quite some time. I understand he just lost a world championship match at Pain For Pride 8. He must be feeling down. But he shouldn't. He gets more title shots than anyone in EAW or Dynasty Wrestling. What exactly did you achieve to become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship? I don't know why I am even asking. I mean, isn't it obvious? You've achieved absolutely nothing. Don't get me wrong, I respect you, Brian. In fact, I was happy when it was announced you were going into the hall of fame and when you won your first world title as well. You totally deserved those accolades nobody is questioning that. But, Brian, the fact you got handed that title shot makes me want to punch your face even more than I already do. But let's forget about title shots or who is deserving of them and who is not. Alright, I'm completely avoiding the fact you got that title shot before many other worthy elitists now. And I still want to punch you really, really bad. I'm sorry but I am not sorry. You're apart of Zack Crash's little army of shameless ass kissers. I guess that's why I want to punch you so badly.

This isn't a revolution, this is more than a revolution. What started the week after Pain For Pride 8. Not just Dynasty is apart of this revolution all of the EAW universe, the Showdown roster, the Voltage roster you can all be a part of this too. Crash MUST be overthrown that is the only way EAW will be what it once was. United we can do it. Together as one we can attain everlasting prosperity for the land of elite. Crash thinks he has it all figured out. He thinks he knows what he's doing. He thinks he has won the battle and he probably has.. but the war has only just begun.
*In a strip club somewhere in Tampa, Florida, sitting at the bar, GI Styles is no longer stoically moping around after his carer, Dr. Eddie Hawke, but now seems to be enjoying himself, even if he does seem to be paying more attention to his drink over the girls in the background. As the scene begins, he is busy talking into a phone*
GI: So, I’m actually impressed that you got Skip to appear for me…I thought that bastard wanted out as quickly as he wanted in. Well, I guess if there was anyone to persuade him, it would be you, wouldn’t it? …Yeah, yeah. Look, I’ll put that last loss up to a lack of preparation. Trust me, dad. No-one who thinks that teaming up with Chris Corrupt would be a good idea is ever going to be better than I am, with or without a slump. …Yeah. I’m not sure why I thought you would know who Corrupt is. I mean, fuck. I barely care who he is, and I have to wrestle him. Anyway, if that’s all you wanted to talk…Oh. He hung up. Rude cockstain.
*As GI puts his phone in his pocket, he leans back and starts smirking to himself*
GI: You know, I bet this is shocking to a lot of you, isn’t it? Not only is GI Styles talking again, but he’s happy. And I’ll admit it, on the surface, I don’t have much to be happy about. Yeah, I managed to beat Dachs, but I only beat him on a technicality. Yes I got into Montell’s head, but he put me spine first into the canvas, so I’m not exactly taking a break from my string of losses and misfortune which has plagued me since my most inglorious of returns. But through thick and thin, there is always one thing I tell myself. When things look their worst, as far as people like me go, things always get better, and all it takes is a positive slant for you to get back on track. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculously sappy, but just hear me out a bit here.
You see, I needed a pick me up in the biggest possible way, and with the way my mind has been over the last four months, I figured it was time for me to return the favour. So, I went back and thought “Where did everything start going wrong for me?”, and one of the first instances was my match against Montell Smooth many months ago. In this match, I had victory at my fingertips…Then I let it slip away from me. I had my Deadlift Suplex ready and raring, but Montell’s dreaded Pounce was not laid upon me that day. No, instead I was rolled up and lost in a very unfulfilling fashion. Now, you may ask what this has to do with anything…But really, with my head being all sorts of messed up, I wanted to make someone else feel the same thing I did. The emptiness of a hollow defeat, the feeling of complete helplessness, the agony of being helpless to control your own destiny…So I chose my target, and tried to play mind games on Montell…And it worked. It worked really well, if we’re being honest with ourselves. Yes, Montell did get me good with that Powerbomb of his, but the way I see it, where Montell won a single battle, I am winning the war so far. At the end of the day, the books will say that Donny Diamond defeated Montell Smooth, and that GI Styles defeated Maxwell Dachs. But beyond that…Now I know that I am inside Montell’s head, and for me that is all I really wanted. To finally gain some control in an uncertain world. To finally dictate my own path, rather than follow the path formed for me by another. To be the same GI Styles who was on the precipice of making it to the big time…Before I fell short…

*GI’s smirk immediately dissolves into a solemn frown, as he immediately waves off the camera. Sitting there for a few seconds, he shakes his head and begins to leave the bar in a somber march, without saying another word. The feed then fades to black*
PicPerfectMichaels has posted a video:

Press here to play

We open on the fully framed face of Mark Michaels inside the main dinning room of the Blue Point Grille.  The patrons are noisy, but not as much as you think they would be, in the background a light mid tempo jazz piano tune is playing.

Michaels: "Dear followers I have a task for you that you are not going to like.  I need one brave soul to make sure that the self diluted, egomaniac known as Trent Yoder hears this.  See Trent I heard your little rambling speech today.  You say I need some sort of song and dance number to convince myself I'm better, I say this Friday I'll be changing your tune. Let me ask you something Trent, Did you pin me last week?  Did you make me submit?  The answer to both is hell No!  but yet here you are trying to wave a technicality around like it's your golden ticket to dance with the rest of the Omppa Loompas or the lolly pop guild, or whatever the  hell you belong with.

You sad demented fool, I'll give you this you dished out more than I thought you would.  But you didn't get the job done.  You threw just about everything you had at me , and it still wasn't enough.  So after all your talk about how dangerous and deadly you are, just know that I'm breathing just fine. in fact I couldn't be better because in front of the entire Fox Sports audience, I get to show you exactly how to seize the day. Because while most other men would crumble just at the thought of having to preform in front of a national audience, I go above and beyond.  I live for the spotlight, and beating you is just one more step in claiming more of it for myself.

 Yes I am doing the radio shows, and press conferences, and getting the word about how I am going to be standing over you snapping a seflie after on match.  That is what comes with actually being brightest burning star in this company, instead of sitting on my ass in a tiny cracker jack box apartment you call a home like the hating troll that you are.  But I can't blame you for hating someone as physically perfect as I am,  because anytime some so much as catches a glimpse of your ugly mug they wish you'd get locked up for indecent exposure.  That's why people would rather take in a dirty, ugly, mangy, flea infested mutt home instead of you.  Which reminds me your mom sends her love.

oh and B.T.W. what's with the whole Broadway thing?  are you suggesting that I live an alternative lifestyle?  Because the last time I checked, you were the one bringing his boyfriend ringside, and as far as the whole spa thing goes.  I can't help that I don't want to look like something that plopped out of an orangutan's anus the way you do."

A waiter's arm comes briefly into view as he sets down a plate of food front of Michaels.

Michaels: "Carpe diem?  I can do better then that.  veni, vidi, vici,.  I came... I saw... I conquered!  that will be exactly what I do this Friday night when I show you exactly who is the most driven, dedicated, and by god the best professional wrestler not only on Dynasty, but in this whole, wide world, and when I do, don't go around whining about that tag match as an excuse.  Come Friday, the whole Latin dictionary would help the fact the ou-yay uck-say so picture that buddy boy!"

With that Michaels start to cut into his food before the video comes to a stop.
The Iconomy
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(The scene opens up with JJ, Chris and Eclipse all standing in an a dark undisclosed area. Eclipse is sitting on a table with a strip barbed wire in his hand. Chris is standing with the New Breed title on his shoulder and JJ is standing front and center in plain sight of the camera. JJ sends a smirk the camera's way before speaking.)

JJ: Hola TLA, It seems you have misinterpreted the meaning behind our recent actions on you. It was not business, it was very personal. You see, what you stand for is everything I stand against. I don’t like you as an elitist, a champion or even a person. You’ve had your 15 minutes of fame TLA, now that clock has struck your end.. and our beginning.  Salir con el viejo y en con el nuevo, it’s time Dynasty had an upgrade and you’re simply no longer needed as the New Breed Champion ese. That would be the business aspect of it, but I assure you there is more of a story to unravel. It’s like Chris said, you had these opportunities presented and you took them.. Yet, you still had things to complain about when there were guys like us who were casted away like shadows. The one thing is, sometimes the shadow can overpower the light and that is where we are now. No longer will The Iconomy be the shadow to your light, we will rise up and cast you away and send you to what we endured for the past several months. It’s been a long time coming TLA, but we did something that not even you could do.. We shook things up around here.

TLA, we’ve united as a group not because we couldn’t face you “mano a mano” but because together we’ll make the ultimate impact together, it just so happened that part one was at your expense. You say you will have retaliation? I look forward to providing you with the same outcome over and over again. I don’t know who you think you are, or even who you think you might be TLA, but I assure you.. you are not it. You want to talk about how we left you walking? Do you think that was a mistake? I don’t, I never make a move without a highly planned out next move. I more than encourage you to make your next move because next time, you won’t be fortunate enough to have the luxury of walking out. TLA.. You said something that caught my attention though. You said that you didn’t know me.. But I promise in due time you will remember the name THE ICON, JJ SILVA!

Eclipse peeks his head up as Jj seems to finish and he scoots off the table, walking his way behind JJ and Chris and draping his arms over their shoulders. He looks towards the strip of barbed wire with a dark grin on his face before looking directly towards the camera

"How the mighty have fallen TLA. I don't know what you think you are trying to do when you threaten us. You aren't remotely making us scared in the slightest. I mean...take a look at your title. It's already been drenched in your blood, the sacrifice was sufficient enough. We have your precious gold and now you want it back...I don't think you understand the situation you are in so let me make it perfectly clear. You're not getting that back the easy way. You're getting it back the fun way. The very...very...fun way."

Eclipse laughs slightly as he moves himself off the arms of the two, walking foreword and staring at them each as he looks over his shoulder at the camera. His raven tattoo is displayed prominently now, in fact it becomes the centerpiece of the entire camera as he begins to speak again. 

"You don't stand a chance against us now TLA. We are a united front against all that EAW seems to stand for now. The backing of the fans...the backing of the corporation...the backing of money. All of it is garbage in the face of what we are. We are more than anarchy. We are the destiny of this company. A dark...brutal...iconic destiny. One that will feed off the bodies that we leave in our wake. TLA you are either with or against us...and it's pretty apparent that your going to remain against us. Let's make this fun."

He smiles and grabs their shoulders as his whole body leans back. His eyes have rolled into the back of his head and his forked tongue lolls out as he seems to stare soullessly into the camera.

"Scared yet?"

(The camera slowly shifts to Chris who is walking forth with the New Breed title in his hand and have a very cocky smile.)

CE: Yes, TLA were were friends and we do indeed go way back to NWF and AWL but things change man... You became selfish you were no longer looking out for friends just yourself.  It's you who turned your back on ME! However TLA I am not worried about that I won't sit here and whine like a 16 year old girl because my friend isn't my friend anymore...  I did what I had to and if you were in the spot I was in you would of done the same to me TLA. However you weren't in my spot you were in a much better one but yet had the audacity to complain about how you are being held back?  See that's when the reasoning for making you our first victim became much more clear.  You made it seem like you were the victim when they were 3 people backstage who are much better than you and in a worse position.  That's why we did what we did TLA.  You played victim when it was people like you who had us waiting behind the velvet rope when we should've already been in...  You're nothing but a false idol TLA, nothing more.  I did you a favor by taking the title away from you, believe me man and I was aware you would try to come take "Your" title back that's why I made sure I had back up to make sure it doesn't happen while I am wrestling Maxwell.  TLA you can try to plot revenge all you want but I am warning you now it's not going to end well for you.  You're just going to get yourself into more trouble and put in another hospital.  The next time we get a hold of you Mufassa or whatever his name is won't be able to use any special potions or remedy's to bring you back to normal form... The next time we get our hands on you will simply be the end of you and all that you stand for TLA. Don't test The Iconomy.. last time you were a message.. but next time, you will be the true target of something far beyond that.. The Iconomy will be the start of your demise.

(The three stand tall as the camera fades to black.
Dynasty 7/24/15 – Promo #2

Vance: I think I’m going to get sick if I have to smell the bullshit that comes out of Tiberius Jones’ mouth again. I’ll give you credit, TJ, you’re a silver tongued devil, but as convincing as your words seem they’re all just bullshit at the end of the day. You know it and I know it. It’s all part of the game you play. It’s a bit obvious when you begin comparing yourself to the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Ronda Rousey, considering I have more in common with them than you do. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ronda Rousey exploit a technicality to retain her title, in fact the reason she’s such a revered champion is the dominant fashion in which she disposes of her opponents… sound familiar? Letting somebody punch you is not the same as letting somebody have a shot at the championship. I never asked you to lay down for me, I asked you to fucking fight me. Mayweather doesn't just walk out of his fights half-way through because he decides he has better things to do. Why? Because he knows all that would prove is that he's a giant bitch. Do you want to know what champions are really made of? Hard work and dedication. They don’t try and skirt around it, they tackle it head on. That’s what being a champion means, that’s the entire purpose behind the titles they bear, is to be proof positive that they are without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest at what they do. And you are great at what you represent: thievery. That title you hold is not a title for thieves, it is a title for people who wish to properly earn what they accomplish. You do not cheat on a test in school and try to pass yourself off as the biggest genius in the class, because yes while you may have still gotten 100% on the test, that doesn’t mean you actually grasp the material covered. Just like you do not apparently grasp the true spirit of what we do. Thievery may have its place in the world, but pro wrestling is not that place. You do not get to decide what that title represents or how to properly defend it any more than a swimmer can decide to win a gold medal in the butterfly stroke heat with a backstroke. The only way you've gotten away with it is because you've been able to sneak around things for far too long. You don't care enough about what that title represents. You do not belong here as our champion.

But I suppose that’s the whole crux of your argument, eh? You just don’t care about what we think. You are doing this entire reign on your own terms! Great! We get to the root of the issue and we see that Tiberius Jones is nothing more than a self-serving manipulator. I don’t think you’ll argue with that TJ, would you? I mean, you’ve made it pretty clear. You’re leaving Dynasty because YOU feel like YOU have been held back by Dynasty management. YOU feel like YOU aren’t being treated the way YOU feel YOU deserve to be treated. I’m seeing a lot of “you” in there, and not a lot of “us” or “we.” The fact of the matter is, I didn’t take up this cause because I felt like I was being held back by Zack Crash. I was very successful under Zack Crash, actually. Undefeated, even; and the inaugural winner of the Extreme Enigma Elimination match! I took up this cause because I didn’t feel right watching other people be forced in to failure. The difference between Crash and the Board is that the Board isn’t a single conniving mad man bent on success through profit that he’s become blind to all other issues that go on in his company. The difference between Crash and the Board is that the Board of Directors hasn’t sent a glorified SWAT team in to force you to lose your championship. Maybe you’re not happy with the Board not setting you up for success, but they’ve never set you up for failure like Crash has tried to set up so many others. How long before you or I don’t fit Crash’s “vision” anymore and we’re tossed aside like trash? How long before “I didn’t receive the proper shot I wanted, so I lied” turns in to “I didn’t receive the proper shot I wanted, so I lied, and then Crash found out and promptly ended my career by sending his goon squad after me,” TJ?

You can try to spin this to fit your victim card and the whole “TJ is tired of being held back for doing nothing wrong” as much as you want, but you know it’s a fucking lie, the bullshit just reeks off of it. You're allowed to get away with blinding another competitor scot-free but you're the victim here. You're such a victim even though you have Jaywalker's entire circle as back-up whenever things get rough for you. I mean look what happened when this whole thing with Jacob Senn got a little too heated for you? You passed the problem off to Jaywalker - who still apparently couldn't put away a guy who's too pussy to even shave his own chest because he's afraid he might cut himself. When will the bullshit stop? You have a former World Champion as your partner this week, how you fare with him is completely up to your attitude; and I for one don’t doubt Tyler Parker’s ability to call this match down the middle, either. It was your choice to leave Dynasty anyway, so don’t sit there and pretend like we’re obliged to kindly show you the door on your way out and give you a parting gift as well. If you want to bat for the opposing team and you want to leave Dynasty behind, then go. Good riddance. We don’t need people like you with sub-agendas on our side anyway. But siding with EAW makes you an enemy of ours, and that means you too will be targeted for helping perpetuate Crash’s tyrannical rule. All that does is it gives me more incentive to punch your teeth down your throat this Friday. It’s an opportunity I’m relishing in being able to seize.

I too had to make my own opportunities, just like pretty much everybody else here has to inevitably make their own opportunities. I just didn’t need to lie, cheat and steal my way to success, I simply stood my ground against all comers and won, and didn’t take no for an answer. And it seems like my method is working considering you offered me a shot at your championship, which is what I wanted in the first place. Yes, it may be management’s job to make the title matches, but your attitude is what shows me that you don’t deserve to hold that title. When you say stuff like “I don’t have to” or “that’s not my responsibility” it shows me exactly what kind of a man you are. You’re the kind of man who’s content to sit on an empty legacy. You’re the kind of man who cares nothing about what you can do to raise the prestige of that title and make your mark as one of the great champions – all you care about is what the title can do to raise your own personal prestige. You’re tarnishing that belt and everything it stands for, and while that may be your right as the champion to do so, it’s my right as a challenger to pursue you until you can’t turn around without seeing my face. All your bullshit spewing means is that I’ll be that much more dogged on my pursuit to usurp that belt away from you… yeah, that’s right, I said “usurp” and not just “take.” Guess this “caveman” must have read a few books while he was locked up. Oh wait, hold on that’s still only two syllables. Fine, let me try again… On Dynasty, you are going to receive the most gargantuan beating of your lugubrious existence. Your beat down will have you pontificating on your choice of occupation. Perhaps you should worry a little more about valor and a little less about fiduciary abundance.  These words any better for you, oh suave, debonair one? Note the sarcasm. I don’t use big words that aren’t “longer than two syllables” because I prefer to talk like a real fucking person and not some conceited, self-important asshole.

Speaking of self-important assholes, this reminds me of something. Do you remember what happened when that self-important asshole Jacob Senn ruined our match for the National Elite Championship? I’m sure you do, since I haven’t let you forget it since then. But do you recall why that ended up going down the way it did? Because somewhere way before that at the very beginning of all that, you left Jacob Senn’s Grand Rampage dreams heaped among a pile of snakes when you pulled one over on him and Jaywalker attacked him. This is what happened when Senn declared well in advance that he was going to end you at the event. So tell me, why the fuck would I declare my intentions to you in the same exact fucking way and expect you to not pull of some similarly dirty shit? I’m not fucking dumb, buddy. I’m not playing into your hand doing your games. I’ve always played by my own rules, and I’m not changing just to appease you. Don’t worry, that title won’t be leaving Dynasty with you, it’ll be coming home with me. Just like Dynasty will be taking home the win in the main event on Friday. And the exact reason why you think it won’t happen is the exact reason why it will: because you – just like every other person who felt the heel of my boot on their throat – think you have me all figured out.
Trent Yoder vs The World
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*** Trent doing a live broadcast from his home in Detroit, MI ***

I have started my career off the way everyone expected. Live on Dynasty Wrestling I beat the living shit out of Mark Michaels and Jaden or whatever his name was.  But Mark Michaels gets the chance to prove himself once again and that also opens opportunity for him to fall victim once again. And I am so awesome I have the benefit of showing off my talents this week on two different occasions. You know what that means? TRENT YODER IS IN POPULAR DEMNAD! You all come to Dynasty to see me. But it’s not nothing to be ashamed of because if I were you I would pay to see me.  After all I am the greatest thing to happen to this company in a long time. You see, I hate to contradict myself but I said last week that “I didn’t think I’d make it this far in my career.” But now, I feel that I deserve more. I should be matched up against the likes of let’s say, Tyler Parker. 

But anyways, I’ll take what was given and I will beat Tyson Michaels and RJ Max alongside my partner A-Will. And then I will get Mark Michaels again. Speaking of Mark Michaels, I have some words for him. You see Mark, I own a victory over you. I said I own a victory over you. Question: Do you own a victory over me? I’ll answer that for you, No! Last week you had much to say, but I don’t even expect to hear a lot from you because now you know as well as I know that you can’t beat me. But you know, you have a bright future, that being coming in second place to me! I do what I say and what I say I will do with zero problems. And I’m saying it right now, I will beat you again. You will be lying in the middle of the ring, beaten and battered once again, but instead this time, it will be on live television and not a pre-show. 

You can do aall the radio broadcast you want but you want beat me. Third Wheel or not, I am better than you. Oh, and Markey boy… If you’re really so stupid as to dabble with the questionably philosophical, borderline retarded content by rehashing empty, bloated philosophical anthems, then here’s one for you. It’s simple, easy for even uneducated, golden-gummed nimrods like you to understand, as it’s just three simple words, with no bullshit: Carpe diem, motherfucker. I sure as hell shouldn’t need a song and dance routine as you always seem to need; in fact, if you wanna keep going down that path, I suggest you find a different calling. In fact, I hear that they’re hiring extras for the Broadway adaptation of Glee just a little ways down the road; that would be perfect for a flamboyant Spa loving tea-bagger like you

But in all seriousness, carpe diem translates to seizing the day. Mark, there aren’t a whole lot of ways to get into any semblance of a good book with me. However, if you want to get in my bad books, you’ve certainly set a new standard on getting there. Mocking the way I live my day to day life, being glorified by the markets just because you appeal to the market segment that fills novelty stores and Halloween shops all around the city… Hell, your very existence irks me. I mince nothing when I say that I hate every last fucking iota of what you and your Studio 54-era troupe stand for, and I would love nothing more than to put you in your place and make you, along with anybody who’s stupid enough to actually get back into the ring with me, take notice of what’s coming.

I might not be the most physically imposing man working in the Dynasty wrestling, and I’m never going to be the nicest guy that you’ll want to take home to meet their families; that’s just not my style. However, I dare you to find a more driven man on the roster than I am. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity such as this for a long time now; an opportunity to drive a stake through the hearts of all those who doubted me. In short, this is an opportunity for me to listen to the voices that inhabit my head. Do you know what they’re saying to me, Mark? I’ll tell you, but it might kill you. Ready? They’re saying to seize the day… Pull the trigger, drop the blade, watch the rolling heads… And showing no remorse in the wake of it all. I hope you’re ready to fight, Mark, because you’re going to be staring into the face of evil… And I dare you to blink...

*A few dimly lit lights flick on to show Tig Kelly sitting in a dirty, MMA style press conference room. A man wearing an expressionless mask with "MAO" scrawled in black ink across the forehead fills the empty seat across from Tig to ask the questions*

Masked Reporter: First off thank you for calling us here today.....Your opponent Carlos has had a lot to say on how similar you guys are. Do you share the same sentiment?

Tig: I think we're alike in many ways. I like his confidence man, Carlos knows where his skill level is, knows who he's beat and flaunts it. I just think that the ways we aren't the same seem to outweigh and work against his favor....Mr Rosso I know you've beat champions....I know you've beaten Hall of Famers.....Hell your own list of awards is something I love, something I admire! But what I've been trying to preach on this company.....yes this company Carlos its not always about you *Tig chuckles*....is that you can't compare me to these other guys that you've walked over. Its a tired, broken record to say but you aren't going to run into many like me in this company. Even the greats who command my respect and hold accolades fit for historical lore don't tick the way I do my friend....
I know what you're saying listening to this Carlos...You aren't the same either. You're a dominant force too that shouldn't be looked at the same as any man I've faces, and those thoughts are why I like you....But also why I know what it takes to pick you apart in here *Tig taps his temple*

Masked Reporter: You constantly talk about Championships and honors, is that your call out to everyone at the top holding the belts?

Tig: Nah man, I don't need to waste my time planning that far ahead. I'm not some gross prophet that wants to start talking down to the big wigs of this company, I do have some respect for the business. *Tig cracks his neck* If anyone anywhere talks about how they don't care about titles or accolades...or hell even wins, they're lying or just stupid. I've seen it, guys claiming that they just want to hurt people instead of winning titles. You can do that shit on the streets; I mean I want to hurt people too, I just want to do it in a manner that makes me this company's champion. You can give me ANY title in this company, no matter it's place on the card and I will make it the top title over night.

Masked Reporter: What are your plans for the upcoming FPV Midsummer Mass-...

*Tig pics up one of the mics set up in front of them on the table and cuts him off*

Tig: I don't have plans for Midsummer Massacre. I have plans for Carlos on Dynasty. " What I wanna know is are you going to run off and hide like 99 percent of these guys do after they face adversity? Are you going to quit and pack up your bags and head home across the pond when you get defeated?". I can handle a loss man, its not like I was undefeated in MMA, but I always make sure that a loss on my record turns into a physical loss for my opponents. If you end up the lucky sap to put the first blemish on my record, I will damn well make sure that I make an equally ugly mark on your well being. I'm sure you know how that works, the coaches always told us in MMA that you need to make up two positives for each negative and you'll still be moving forward. Well Carlos on Friday if I so happen to face adversity as my negative that day, my two positives will be your body gasping for air beneath me and the people who make the decisions still putting me on the highest pedestal.

 Carlos you don't need to hear from my manager or trainer or whatever in this situation. Take a look out there into the sea of expressionless faces....My word is what counts. I'm glad you've taken a page out of my book and looked us all in the eye without your figurehead there to let us all know what you exactly mean on your own...

*Tig pushes the camera to face out to where the seats are. Every chair is filled with a different person wearing the expressionless mask with "MAO" on the forehead. Tig's voice rings out from behind the camera this time*

You may not concern yourself with being the baddest man around or the guy with the most reigns, but rest assured mon ami those are the things that count. When you're worried about being the most complete person out here, you never specialize and master. Just like these people sitting before me, you never stand out and rise to the top. That's where our similarities will separate us....me to the top and you right to the "complete" mediocrity that you feel content wallowing in.

*The lights flicker a few times before shutting off. The mic drop is heard loudly as the camera shuts off completely* 
“TJ done fucked up this time.”

At least that’s the summary of what the board probably had to say when they meet up with each other and mince their political words as they decide what do with our lives and our careers! See they didn’t like me in the beginning, just like they don’t like anyone they can’t control, so they messed around with me from time to time but now after what I said on Dynasty about leaving with my loot they’ve gone full blown draconian on my ass. They tighten up the screws on me. They go and search for the largest guys on Dynasty, two guys well over 250 pounds and put them against me and Brian Daniels, and just for added insurance put Tyler Parker as special guest referee.

That’s right, my partner’s future opponent, who is also just as friendly with the board as Lucian and Tybull, is the special guest referee of our match with the board's chosen against us. Us being Dynasty Wrestling’s public enemies. How subtle, cute of Tybull to pretend like Tyler stepping outside the bounds of being an officiator could possibly be to somehow oppose HIM though.

Can someone tell me again what’s so different about the board and Zack Crash?

Now we all know those two cavemen against me on Dynasty cannot muster much intelligence as they struggle with anything two syllables and over so they’re probably saying as we speak “but Ty-ty Jones you bad as them!” as they beat their chests in fury! Now just because they’re brain dead and misguided doesn’t mean they’re completely wrong. In fact I think Tybull has called me out before for not giving enough opportunities and made it sound like I was a hypocrite to complain about how management didn’t give opportunities to me and others, mostly me.  What needs to be made clear is that I’m not management. Part of management’s job is to manage the people employed here, to have us all have room for are talents to shine and provide the opportunities for people themselves inside that ring to progress their careers. Again, that’s management’s job, Tybull.

Lebron James doesn’t force his team to let an opposing player throw an uninterrupted shot from the free throw line if the referee missed a foul his team made.

Floyd Mayweather doesn’t have to stop dodging punches because his foes can’t connect their fist to his jaw.

Ronda Rousey doesn’t need to make sure the other women in her industry have the same access to the high quality trainers and facilities I’m sure her wealth now affords her.

It’s not my job to make an open challenge for my National Elite Championship. It’s not my job to give people title shots after they get ignored by management. My job as champion is to retain my championship. Everything else is my choice.

It is up to my discretion to decide what kind of champion I want to be. I don’t have to be like Kawajai, Tyler Parker or even my fellow J-Dynasty label mates John Alloy and boss man Jay. I don’t have to represent class, grit or leadership. I can be the most suave and debonair to ever represent the underside, I can be the rogue element that changes the nature of this game! I have chosen to be the champion of the thieves. 

Tybull are you really that scared of little ol me? Can’t trust a trickster, can ya? Ha! You can take your time to make your decision all you want, the slickest of the slick got this all covered regardless. In the end I know what your answer is going to be. You’re honor bound, just like your partner. See that’s why things take you so long and why you’re a puppet of the system, needing a handout you can’t even trust from my hands just to get ahead in its slow and mundane bureaucracy. See when I didn’t get opportunity, just like you didn’t, I did what a trickster would, I tricked Sebastian to sign a contract to give me a shot at the National Elite Championship, unlike you I did something about my problems! You look down on me, but I just have the smarts to look and act outside of the box. That outside of the box thinking is what allows me to thrive in situations where others would think it’s impossible to survive, it is how a rogue like me gets to play by no one else’s rules but my own, it’s how management can never be my master! Last week I told them that putting a man on commentary to intimidate me wasn’t enough, I told them that they could put lumberjacks, special guest time keepers and special referees and it still wouldn’t stop me. Looks like they were listening and want to put me up to the test, I’ll show them to think twice when they think I might be bluffing. I wasn’t hoping for a tag team match since I can’t always find good compatibility with others, but I’ll make-do in my continuous act of shattering expectations across the globe.

The only shame is that I said I’d end your streak at Midsummer Massacre Tybull, championship vs streak, but it looks like I might just have to end it all ahead of time. Oops. Well the art of deception is one of the trickster’s most natural styles, so can you blame me for saying I’d end the streak at big event in the heat of the moment after outperforming Carlos Rosso? Or maybe it means that Brian Daniels better watch out because his partner isn’t going to end the little streak until then and has no intention of actually seriously putting in an effort on Dynasty? Sike! Relax, Brian, don’t kick my head in! After all I might have meant I’d end Tybull’s one on one streak, or not care for my word at all! Or should you not relax? Huh? What? Ahahaha, it’s all just fun. What isn’t fun is Lucian Black being called Dynasty’s champion, he ain’t got no championship, that’s one of the reasons I’m leaving this whole nonsense behind soon enough. Maybe I ought to teach him a lesson this week before I make my departure from Dynasty Wrestling. Or maybe it’s not important enough.

Maybe Tybull shouldn’t accept my challenge.

Maybe he should.

Maybe nobody should trust me.

Ah sweet maybes.  They’re what keeps you alive, or bring you to a sudden end. Who knows when a burglar may creep into your home one night, and what he might do.

Maybes are sweet, only when you’re the one making them for others, and certainty is kept all for your own.
The Following is an excerpt from the Mad Chad Moring show.

Mad Chad(Excitedly): "Hey guys this is 97.1 Cleveland's best mix, welcome back to Mad Chad in the Morning.  Is anybody excited for Friday night?  I mean who doesn't love Friday?  But what I mean is this Friday night Dynasty Wrestling will be live at the Quicken Loans Arena, How dope is that?  We'll be giving away two tickets later this morning, but right now I welcome one of the guys you'll be seeing on Friday night.  Get this he calls himself Picture Perfect, and The social media champion, please welcome Mark Michaels.  Thanks for waking up with us this morning.

Michaels: "Thanks for having me."

Chad: "Now last week you had a match against Trent Yoder that he won, and this Friday you two are gonna fight again, I'm I right?"

Michaels: "Not quite, Last week I was in a triple threat match against both Trent Yoder, and Jaden Zaxaria, Trent won but he pinned Jaden not me."

Chad: "So how do you plan to be him this week?  I mean he did get his hand raised the last time you two were in the ring together"

Michaels: "Well it's really a different ball game this time around.  There's no third wheel that I have to beat into a pulp, or get pinned just when I'm about to start my endgame.  No, Trent will have my undivided attention this time."

Chad: "Okay, but how are you going to deal with Trent Yoder, 'cause from what I'm hearing, the dude is a little psycho, and you also posted a few tweet that he didn't take too kindly to. "

Michaels: "Yeah he was real mad about it, and he was saying he was gonna tear me apart in the ring or something like that.  But the thing is all that talk was just that, talk.  See Trent isn't all there, all the time, and  I got him mad, mad enough to trip up and make that key mistake for me to capitalize on."

Chad: "And, what about A-Will, I heard he's going to be out there in Trent's corner.  Do you think he can get him to focus long enough to keep from making that mistake?"

Michaels: "Whether he does or not, it doesn't matter.  Perfection is not just some nickname, it is the standard I set myself to, and like I said a million times over, there is no such thing as better than perfect.  If he come at me like a mad bull, or not.  Come this Friday he's going to find out that one way or another, he's in for more than he bargained for. I'm going to beat him worst than the Warroirs beat the Cavs.  After I'm done with him, He'll be the second most disappointing thing to come out of Cleveland after Johnny Manziel. Hell entire Cleveland Indians' roster will look like hall of famers by comparison, and when the time comes, he will only be remembered as the guy that the absolute picture of perfection Mark Michaels beat when he made he made his world wide television debut.  Trust me when I tell you, NO, when I guarantee that this match is hashtag in the bag, so Picture That!"

Chad: "Okay than.  I'm getting word that we gotta go to commercial but  we'll be right back with Picture Perfect Mark Michaels."

Michaels: "Ha, in your dreams I'm sticking around.  In fact I'm getting the hell out of here right now."

The sound of Michaels getting up from his chair and walking out the door is broadcast over the airwaves before an advertisement for Dynasty TV this Friday.

Dynasty 7/24/15 – Promo #1

[The scene opens to last week’s Dynasty, just after it has gone off the air. Vance Tybull stands up from his commentary position and stares at Tiberius Jones as he makes his exit. Vance walks up to the apron and grabs a microphone right as Jones goes through the curtain. He looks out amongst the crowd.]

Vance: Should I trust a trickster such as Tiberius Jones?

[The crowd responds with a loud booing sound.]

Vance: Should I kick his ass?

[The crowd then responds with a chant of “Kick his ass! Kick his ass! Kick his ass!”]

Vance: That’s what I thought. 

[Vance places the microphone back on the apron and begins to walk toward the curtain as “Piss” by Pantera begins to play. Vance pauses one last time at the top of the stage to look at the exiting crowd before making his own exit. He walks through the curtain and walks directly through gorilla position, ignoring the producers trying to heap praise on to him. He walks through the winding corridors of the arena before bumping in to John Conning. John seems to understand Vance’s intent to not share words and simply gives him a single statement.]

Conning: Please keep the National Elite Championship with us on Dynasty and take it away from Tiberius. We can’t afford to lose it. We’ve decided next week that you will team up with Lucian Black to face off against Tiberius Jones and Brian Daniels who will be trying to steal away the World Heavyweight Championship. Oh, and the guest referee is Tyler Parker. We trust the both of you to stand proudly and hold the Dynasty banner high.

[Vance simply continues walking without giving Conning a response. He finally exits the arena and finds a near-by bench to find a seat on. Fans walking by notice him and begin yelling for him to kick Tiberius Jones’ ass.]

Vance: I’d really, really like to kick his ass. And as easy as it is for me to sit here and say that facing Tiberius Jones on a big stage like Midsummer Massacre for the National Elite Championship is a dream opportunity, that would mean me being completely blind to Tiberius Jones’ capabilities. I’m not dumb, he’s a man with ten thousand tricks up his sleeve and Midsummer Massacre could very well mean me walking in to enemy territory ready to be massacred. As big as Dynasty is, we’re still not as great in number as EAW, and even if I marched in to battle at Midsummer Massacre with every one of my Dynasty brothers by my side, we still couldn’t overwhelm the sheer numbers of the EAW roster. Not yet anyway. 

But yet, there’s an enormous part of me that still wants to accept his challenge, go in guns blazing and just take that son of a bitch away from him and keep it home on Dynasty where it belongs. I’m not the only one that wants to see this. I have everybody out here to even John Conning and the board of directors themselves telling me to take that damn belt from Tiberius Jones and keep Dynasty standing strong. They’re all placing their money on me be one of the pillars that holds Dynasty in place during this battle, and I can feel the weight on my shoulders already. I’m undefeated but it seems to me like everybody wants me to be undefeatable. If I fail to stop Tiberius in taking that championship back to EAW, then that leaves a large crack in the foundation of Dynasty and our mission. So if you want an answer as to whether or not I’m going to accept the challenge laid out for the National Elite Championship? 

I don’t know. For all of my musings about a title shot against Tiberius, and as much rage builds inside of me whenever I see his face, I have to take time to think things out logically rather than make a hasty decision based solely on my emotions. I have to make sure that Tiberius Jones isn’t trying to set me up like he has so many others, and is going to fight me for real this time. And that all will become clear when we see each other next week on Dynasty. You see guys, all you fans are getting an exclusive, because I’m announcing to you all that I’m teaming up next week with Lucian Black to face Tiberius Jones and a friend he’s bringing to visit from EAW, Brian Daniels!

[The fans around begins to cheer in excitement.]

Vance: And that’s not all, but there will also be a special guest referee… Tyler Parker!

[The crowd gets even louder in excitement.]

Vance:  Now let me just say this, I’ve had the pleasure of facing Lucian Black, and it ended in a draw of all things! So if we’re that evenly matched, just imagine the kind of things we can accomplish when we’re working together! And trust me, ever since our match me and Lucian have had this sort of budding respect for each other, which has grown even stronger by us both being in the same foxhole here on Dynasty. There isn’t anything at this point that could come between us, because we’re both two guys who are laser focused on our goals. It remains to be seen how Brian and Tiberius will fare as partners, so I’ll reserve my judgements; but know that you both better be ready for a locked and loaded session of getting the piss stomped out of you on behalf of Dynasty Wrestling’s two heaviest hitters if you guys can’t get on the same page. Tiberius can expect the piss getting stomped out of him anyway, but Brian I can have some respect for, seeing as I’m sure he’ll at least put forth an honorable effort in the match. 

But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who’s across the ring from me. Whether it’s Brian Daniels or Tiberius Jones or even if Tyler Parker wants to step over the line of being an officiator, I’m showing up to fight. That’s my job, that’s what I’m paid to do and that’s what everybody depends on me to do, so you better believe that I’ll be whipping your ass raw, win, lose, or draw. On Dynasty, I’m showing up with Lucian Black by my side and our two opponents get to witness first-hand what it feels like to get destroyed by a two-man smash machine. Then when I’m done maybe I’ll give that little rat his answer. What do you all think!?

[He looks back out at the fans and the camera fades out to a chorus of “Kick his ass! Kick his ass! Kick his ass!”]
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

(More specifically, the NON-Crap Part of Baton Rouge.)

I spent last night in the arms of a girl from LOUISIANA!

Though I'm out on the highway, my thoughts are still with her

Such a strange combination of a woman and a child

Strange situation, stoppin' every hundred miles....


Tig! I am very pleased that you have come to pay my hometown, the greatest little-city on the planet, Baton Rouge, the DRINKING town with a FOOTBALL problem, a visit. I'm kinda disappointed that you didn't just call and ask for travel arrangements or something! I mean, Baton Rouge is a pretty rough place in some parts. They have a lot of rough and tumble guys and all that stuff, know what I mean? But if you had come to me, I could have gotten you a nice room at the local Radisson or something like that, or maybe something close to TigerLand. You're Irish right? They have a LOT of places to and get sauced if that's what you're into. Plus, this place is a culinary haven! Great food all around. TJ's Steak and Ribs? More like....the BEST DAMN RIBS YOU'LL EVER EAT IN YOUR LIFE! I'm happy that you went and took a peak at where I come from. You probably see this place where I'm hanging out this afternoon, this pool and think “Carlos Rosso got all of this handed to him! He had the silver spoon in his mouth since day one!” You would be mostly wrong. While I didn't grow up in some hellhole of a neighborhood, I certainly didn't have a life of luxury, even as a “military brat”. I can actually relate to you in a lot of ways, man. While I didn't have the foray into MMA that you had, I have trained a lot in mixed martial arts. I know what it means to go out there and use your skills and power to beat someone up. I think I saw you fight in New Orleans once or twice, maybe? You've got the goods so don't worry, I am NOT taking you lightly by any stretch of the imagination. I'm relaxing today, but believe me come Monday I'm going to be in a gym preparing for you. There's one thing that's great about you having a match here on Dynasty and you having such a renowned career as a professional fighter: There's a lot of tape to study. A WHOOOOOOOOOLE lot. That gives me plenty of time and opportunity to find a weakness. Even the best fighters have tendencies, behavior tics that can be taken advantage of...case in point, my match with Tiberius Jones this past Friday. For some reason he started acting like a dog and actually bit me. I had a bad experience as a kid being chased by dogs, you know, triggers and all that. So I beat the hell out of him, lost my cool, and eventually lost by countout.

You also have another thing in common with me and you don't even realize it. People boo me too! I returned to EAW in 2012 and was immediately branded a villain and invader. Even after I made history with GI Styles and made Dynamite Rain one of the best tag teams in EAW history, people still booed me. There was a brief interlude when we were all on the same page but that didn't last very long. I've pretty much come to terms with people not liking me much but you seem to be conflicted with and confused by this. People boo other people that they know they can't be like. They know that they'll never have our skills, our wealth...okay, maybe more MY wealth than yours but I digress, and our will to win. Hell, we even sing songs! I do it a little better, even though country music isn't typically my taste, but yeah. Man, you are hardly EAW's first invader. Hell, Mexican Samurai kinda beat you to the punch as being the most recent RELEVANT invader. This place has seen all sorts of people pass through who want to make their mark at EAW's expense. I've made a few carvings on the wall here and there myself. What I wanna know is are you going to run off and hide like 99 percent of these guys do after they face adversity? Are you going to quit and pack up your bags and head home across the pond when you get defeated? Yeah, buddy, even you, Mr. MMA Fighter, can and eventually WILL be defeated. It doesn't matter how good you are. If you at least that, stick around after getting your ass kicked, you'll have earned my respect more than anything you can possibly do in the ring or an octagon.

A replay of last night's events roll through my mind

Except a scene or two erased by sweet red wine!

And I see a truck stop up ahead, so I change lanes

I need a cup of coffee and a couple dollars change....


Jones, don't think I've forgotten about you, though. You did win our match and I congratulate you on being a devious little worm of a champion. You resort to biting like a seven year old child fighting on the playground and then sneak your way to a win by count-out. Needless to say, I am unimpressed with you. I don't care who you are facing next, but there is going to come a time in the very near future where I find you, beat the hell out of you, bust you open AGAIN and make you tap out like a little bitch. And to those thieves who STOLE the New Breed Championship from TLA, I suggest that you don't run around too much in public parading your “victory” around. TLA will probably come looking for that belt and the people who stole it from him. And......I can't speak for anyone on the Dynasty Wrestling roster in particular....but don't be shocked if “La Pantera Sexual” has a little backup.

Tig. You and I have a lot of things in common, but we also don't have many things in common either. Yeah, a very vague statement, I know. You don't mind wearing the black hat and being the bad guy and I find that admirable. HOWEVER...the fact that you think you're badder than ME just because you've won some fights in your past and pummeled some irrelevant Young Boy is downright ridiculous. I've slapped around everything and everyone in EAW from Vixens to Hall of Famers to National Elite Champions and in the grand scheme of things you're no different or any less immune to me kicking your ass as any of the rest of them. You're the “Bad Guy”, a REAL bad guy...yeah, so was Tony Montana. He still didn't survive at the end of it all.

I don't concern myself with being the baddest or the strongest or the wealthiest or eventually trying to have #6Reignz. My concern is being the most complete wrestler in the World. Until I have the match that I want and demand with Tyler Parker for the World Heavyweight Championship, people like you are going to have to do. Not that I'm complaining or anything because I'm actually looking quite forward to the challenge.

Hello Samantha, Dear, I hope you're feeling fine!

And It won't be long until I'm with you all the time!

But Until then I'll spend my money up right down to my last dime....


Operator, Won't you put me on through?

I gotta Send my love down to Baton Rouge

Hurry up, won't you put her on the line?

I Gotta talk to my girl just one more time!

Callin....BATON ROUGE!



(The video ends with Carlos grinning into the camera, his manager Mao not far behind him.) 
***July 17th, 2015. Dynasty Wrestling Web Exclusive***

~The camera cuts to ringside where TLA is shown laid out covered in wood and electrical equipment. Medics and EAW staff rush down to ringside to help him up. The camera flashes around ringside as children in the audience are shown crying.~

Crowd: TLA! TLA! TLA!

~Michelle McGillislutty comes running down to ringside crying as King Mustafa slowly makes his way down the ramp following after her.~

Michelle: NO! TLA GET UP!

~The medics pull out a stretcher and begin to strap the unconscious TLA onto it. Michelle McGillislutty cries as she screams at the doctors to do something.~


Crowd: TLA! TLA! TLA!

~Suddenly… TLA begins moving as Michelle McGillislutty holds his hand. TLA tries to roll off the stretcher as the medics try to force him back on.~

Michelle: Oh my god I think he’s going to survive!

~TLA shoves the medic away as he unbuckles himself from the stretcher.~

Doctor: Please TLA lay back down you are in no condition to…

~TLA shoves the doctor backwards as he tries to push TLA back onto the stretcher! The crowd erupts as the doctor falls backwards tripping over a broken piece of what is left of the announce table.~

King Mustafa: Come now… Mustafa’s friend you must depart quickly. We shall restore you anew with Mustafa’s proven cures and medicinal abilities!

~TLA stands up as he slowly begins to limp back up the ramp towards the backstage area on his own free will. The crowd claps respectfully for TLA as eventually he makes it to the top of the ramp clearly in immense pain. TLA turns around as a cut on his forehead has begun to bleed covering his face in a red crimson mask. TLA smiles out at the crowd as he pounds his chest and points to the Dynasty logo on the big screen behind him. TLA then exits through the curtain backstage as the cameras continue to follow.~

King Mustafa: No questions. No no no no. Absolutely not… Mustafa forbids it. Can you not see this man is unwell?

~Fox news reporters swarm around Mustafa’s Pride as King Mustafa tries to shoo them away from the injured TLA to no avail.~

Reporter: TLA! TLA can we get your thoughts on what just happened?

Reporter: TLA what are your thoughts about being made a bitch by Chris Elite, JJ Silva, and Eclipse Diemos?

Reporter: TLA do you feel that you let your fans down and maybe you suck at wrestling?

TLA: Perros estúpidos… Whatever the outcome was, you just saw the match of the night and you saw me give it TWO HUNDRED PERCENT in that ring against not one not two but three opponents. I think it’s pretty obvious who let the fans of Dynasty Wrestling down tonight.

~TLA wipes the blood off his forehead as he wipes it off on his chest.~

TLA: They made a mistake though. They didn’t finish what they started. They left me still breathing, and they left me still walking. I have no idea why they did what they did and honestly I don’t care. What I do know is that now it’s my turn. I laid out an open challenge for this exact reason. I wanted you to come at me with everything you had, and clearly since none of those three have the puro talento or the cojones to take me on mano a mano they worked together, and they took my championship.

Reporter: Does this mean you are acknowledging you are no longer the New Breed Champion?

TLA: Did you see me get pinned out there holmes? Did you see me submit? I may have been knocked the fuck out but I am still confident in saying I never gave up and I never quit. JJ Silva… Eclipse Diemos… I don’t know either of you, and so I know what you did tonight wasn’t personal but just business. So as a fair warning to the both of you, my retaliation will not be personal, it will be just business… but of course you already know that.

~King Mustafa hands TLA a rag to wipe the blood off his forehead which is now dripping onto the floor.~

TLA: But Chris Elite… yo pensé que eramos amigos… I thought we were friends man. I mean we go way back years and years to NWF, AWL, and now we are both here in the big leagues together. We are among the few who actually made it. Now it has come to this. Now this is more than business. This is personal. Fuiste un hermano para mí… Ahora tú eres mi enemigo… and perro… you can run to Showdown… you can run to Voltage… but no matter where you run, and no matter where you hide... you are going to need a lot more than your two little bitches to keep me from taking back what is rightfully mine.

~TLA shoves past the reporters as he enters his locker room~

King Mustafa: No more questions. Mustafa begs you all to go away if you care at all about this man's welfare! Shoo!

~King Mustafa and Michelle McGillislutty follow TLA into the locker room and slam the door shut.~

*The camera man approaches Tig pacing back and forth in an abandoned Gas Station parking lot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana....Creep by Radiohead can be hear playing in the background but at a lower, distorted and almost disturbing tone cutting in line by line*

"And I wish I was special,
You're so fucking special."

The whole way out of the ring. The entire way down that ramp......you booed me. You people don't understand what you want because if you did I would be your king. Thats why its my job to crush and dispose of people in shocking fashion like you saw with the young boy Mr Michaels to show you what a true Kingdom is built upon. Its funny that the crowd will boo you for doing despicable things like stomping out a man's spine, but then cry to you online and in public how you're not any good because you have no titles. But what they fail to see is that those who win titles are the ones willing to go that extra mile and do those "despicable things" you want to boo. So what do you want? Do you want some push over white knight who won't amount to any kind of glory? Or do you want to stand tall with a true Kingdom, a true warrior who will step on throats to get those golden prizes?......

"But I'm a creep, 
I'm a weirdo"

Outcasted in the locker room, vilified in the media, yet I will be the one adorned with the finest materials when its all said and done. I see you looking at me like I don't belong here even though we're the same, I catch your gazes as I pass by....You act like this violence incarnate is something that only you've had lessons in and that I'm going to just somehow get knocked down in a bloody mess to be met wit the disapproving faces that will tell me that I was never meant for this. You and every doubter before me has thought they could just push this violent outsider into the cold where the rest of the freaks huddled because I didn't play by the rules, because my acts were grotesque in society's eyes. It happened before I trashed every name in MMA they threw at me and it happened again when I came here.....and I just can't help but think that history will repeat itself as this creep rises to the top by crushing windpipes like I was going to do to Tyson Michaels....

"What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here."

Carlos I'm not taking you lightly, I'm not going to downplay anything you've done or try to make a mockery of your skill. You're good...you're just not Tig. You saw what I have done so far and YOU need to not take ME lightly. You can't go into this thinking that I'm just another scrapper ready to get choked out by you because all those pretty submissions you have locked down in your arsenal I have one to match it and will take it one step further. Carlos in this world you enjoy playing the bad guy....well I AM the bad guy and I will continue to prove each and every single week that not only am I the baddest guy to walk through that curtain, but I will show you this Friday why in real life the Bad Guy.....the REAL Bad Guy....always wins. 

*The camera man slowly loses sight as Tig Kelly rounds a corner to behind the Gas Station singing along with a slight chuckle*

Whatever makes you happy,
Whatever you want,
You're so fucking special,
I wish I was special...
But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo,
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here,
I don't belong here.
(The scene opens up with Chris Elite after a hard workout and he is sitting in a chair with the New Breed Championship laying on his lap. He pulls his beat headphones off his ears before placing them on the ground and beginning to smirk very arrogantly.)

CE: I just would like to start this off by saying… I am the TRUE New Breed Champion. TLA, you just didn’t fit the image of what a champion for Dynasty looks like. But I do. I took away the title that you didn’t deserve.. Even with this title, you claimed something was wrong with how you were being treated? You don’t know what it’s like to be overlooked TLA. You had the opportunity laid out in front of you, you did what any decent man would do. You took it. Unlike many others, you actually had the chance to do something. TLA, I just don’t get it. I don’t understand how you talk the way that you do.. yet, you have the New Breed title. You simply don’t deserve this title and that’s why I took it. Why you may ask? It’s simple actually, it’s because I’m better than you. I’m Mr. 200% and you, you’re nothing more than a washed up ese that just ran to the end of his rope. It’s my time now, no.. It’s The Iconomy’s time now. I am what you wish you could be TLA, I really have it all. I have the talent, I have the talking abilities and I especially have the looks. I bring ratings to Dynasty and you.. you’re responsible for all the screens simultaneously going black. It’s time to put some prestige back into the New Breed Championship, that is where the difference between you and I comes into play. I have the ability to turn this whole thing around. I think it’s a fair assumption to say that you will try and take this title back. All I have to say is, you know where to find me, I have no reason to hide. I know I can beat you. I’m Mr. 200% and I think now, even you know that by after what happened on Dynasty...

(Chris stands up and puts the New Breed title over his shoulder and begins pacing a bit. He looks himself in the mirror over on the wall and he just smiles at what he sees. He looks back to the camera cocky as can be and begins to speak.)

CE: Maxwell Dachs, I can honestly say I look forward to this match. It has come to my attention that you are holding onto The Icon, JJ Silva’s Intergalactic title around your waist. You’re really one of the most pathetic elitist on Dynasty and you are barely staying afloat. You are like a small mineous in the ocean and I’m stalking you like the shark that I am. I excel in high pressure situations but you.. well as of late have done nothing but crumble.   See when I look in the mirror I get to smile I mean why wouldn't I? I have the looks, the muscles and the charm and most importantly  I got this New Breed Title... What do you have that makes you smile? That title that doesn't even belong to you in the first place? I mean Maxwell when you look in the mirror what is you're initial reaction? Are you disappointed ? Are you ashamed? I mean what do you have Maxwell? Take the title away and who are you and what are you? It's simple Maxwell without that title that belongs to JJ you are nothing. Unlike me even without this title I have something. I have my talent, my looks and everything else.  You don't have the looks you don't have the talent nor the muscle to get you anywhere it's people like you who should of been overlooked, It's people like you who shouldn't make it past the Pre-Shows. So I'm going to do you this favor and make sure after I'm finished with you that's exactly where you stay... See we make people choose EAW over Dynasty in two different ways.  People who choose EAW over Dynasty when it comes to you is the fact you make it look like a joke.  While I scare them off of Dynasty they want nothing to do with me they know know what I am capable of... And for the people that didn't see what I am capable of just pay very close attention to next Saturday...

(Camera fades)

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we open with a title card that reads "This is a DynastyWrestling.com exclusive video".  The shot transitions backstage to the Locker room; there we see Mark Michaels holding an ice pack against his head, closed up face is a mixture of annoyed, angry, and disappointment, giving a post match interview.

Interviewer: "Mister Michaels, you suffered a close loss this week, how are you feeling both mentally, as well as physically?"

Michaels: "I'm perfectly fine, you know I could go on and on about how Jaden Zaxaria has the durability of a Ritz cracker, or how the referee's counts were obviously uneven through out the whole match..."

Interviewer: "Ah excuse me, the ref seemed to have a pretty even count..."

Michaels (angrily): "Don't interrupt me again!  Now like I was saying; I could talk about those things, but instead I'll be gracious enough to let that blind, little squirrel Trent Yoder, have his little nut for now.  But just know this Trenty boy, I heard everything you had to say in that preshow interview, and for all your yammering about kill or be killed.  I am still standing.  Now don't get me wrong, I have bit of a headache, but it's nothing a hot stone massage can't fix, and once that's out of the way it's on to bigger and better things from here.  Oh and, B.T.W. Trent should we ever meet again, things will be much different."

Interviewer: "How so?"

Michaels shoots an evil eye towards the Interviewer

Michaels: "I'll tell you, you see as crazy as Trent is he did make one good point.  Pain comes and goes, it's what you do with it that counts.  I am going to remember everything that happened here tonight, and if Yoder is foolish enough to cross my path again, I'll be ready.  Now if you'll excuse me; I have to update my status for my followers."

With that Michaels puts down the ice pack, and whips out his phone for a selfie.

*fade to black
Trent Yoder Dynasty promo # 3
Post on July 17th 2015, 4:09 am by Jed Gannon

*** Trent Yoder via live broadcast ***
Let me bring a little relevancy back into this upcoming match. Because lord knows that Mark Michaels and his 3RD grade minded ass has sucked all the relevancy out. I mean, mom jokes? What are you, 8? I can understand the concept of trying to get under someone’s skin, but there’s a fine line between that and stupidity and congratulations, you crossed it. You see, it doesn’t matter how “Flashy” you are and it doesn’t matter if you have a “beautiful face”, because that won’t matter. The only things that will matter is can you dish out punishment and can you take punishment. The fact that you think that you are making me mad with all these idiotic statuses and updates proves to me and everyone else how much of a dumbass you really are.
You really want to make an impact? I’ll show you how to make an impact. I’ll show you at Dynasty. I’ll show you first hand that when you step into the fires, you get burned. You get burned badly. Pay attention, kid, you might learn three things a handful of my past opponents  have already learned. One, pain comes and goes; it’s how you use it that makes you great. Two, go in for the kill or getkilled, and three……you don’t….fuck…with Trent Yoder…
They say an eye for an eye makes the world go blind, but this world is so ugly sometimes I just think being blind would be a saving grace. Come Dynasty, Mark Michaels, I fight fire with fire, but you’ll soon see my inferno towers above yours. My rage is unmatchable, my thirst for suffering unquenchable. The only hope you have is in my death, in your taking of my very soul, and I hope you do. Nothing is worth dying for, and nowmy desire for greatness has left me with nothing, which seems worth dying for to me. Kill me…..if you can, Mark, but make sure it is the first shot that takes me down. Make it count, because if you don’t……well… you may just not make it to see another match.
I have worked my ass off to get to this point I will slaughter any man, woman, child, or beast that attempts to defy my rule. I have sacrificed too much, we have sacrificed too much to see this mission fail now. My loss will become your sorrow, my sacrifice your destruction. So bring your numbers, your egos, your abilities. Bring whatever weapon you see fit, but just know.......I'm bringing my own.
*** With that, no more was said, but the still body of Trent Yoder spoke thousands of words in the quiet, his face masked away, our eyes now meeting with the crimson gaze of an ebony skull, the fact that Trent watched from behind this second pair of eyes bewildering those who thought on it. The camera, unable to handle the moment, began to distort, the edges reducing to static, before becoming entirely taken by the storm, white noise serving as our lullaby. ***
(DCW Intro Plays..)

Maxwell Dachs: I'm here backstage after DCW and I'm about to get on my way to my match with the GI Styles! That's right! The man I delivered a huge upset to! And setting up for Dachslemania to run wild via the Intergalactic Championship! They say all men are created equal. But if you look at me and you look at GI Styles you know that statement is definitely not true! And when they look at my match against GI Styles this week, people are saying that lightning can't strike twice! And I agree. Because Dachslemania isn't lightning! Dachslemania is more of a life force. That just drives and rams its way through the entire jihad Dynasty roster. Much like how a erect penis rams it way through another mans bunghole! And after I'm done with Dynasty I'm jumping ship! Unlike the idiots like GI Styles, I'm leaving Dynasty. Ever since Dynasty left EAW it has gone to shit! Just look at the shit they have let fly, they let JJ Silva interfere with my match like that?! That was just straight rude and offensive.

Dachs: The problem with the new Dynasty is they do shit like this. Instead of giving me the freedom that EAW gave me by allowing me to do my open challenges. They're trying to make me prove myself over again! I don't need to do this shit. I already beat GI Styles. And it was mad easy. But I have no choice. I'll just beast GI Styles again, it will be easy. And once I do. I will just wait out my contract until its over. Which will be in about a month or so. Then once I do, I'm jumping ship from this sinking ship that is Dynasty. I'm lucky I'm still allowed to compete in the amazing company that is DCW and I have hopes of getting signed by Showdown. Because lets be real, Dynasty is shit. Like this fucker over here. 

(Dachs points to TL Amore)

Dachs: Hey fucker, what are you looking at?

TL Amore: Hey boss, I don't want no trouble dawg.

(Dachs proceeds to beat down TL Amore. Dachs stops and remembers that he needs to continue speaking.)

Dachs: Also, when I speak of shit. I think of GI Styles. This man. He makes me ill. And I know he is probably making some under the table handjob deal with GI Styles. And so. If there are some kind of shenanigans with JJ Silva during our match, Styles. I am having the DCW owners hook us up with a a rematch inside a steel cage. So no one can interfere. So prepare yourself Styles. For when I beat you so hard you  need to call in JJ Slimva. I don't think GI Styles is prepared for the beatdown that is coming his way. After my impressive match against Maria Gonzales and Clark Duncan with my tag team partner and EAW legend, Kendra Shamez, nothing can stop me. And I will continue my path to the moon with my match against GI Styles. After PFP, I have accomplished more than GI Styles during his entire career. And much like the failed WMW and DAF, GI Styles is failed cancer. So, I am going to take up the role of a cancer doctor. And I am going to be removing the cancer from the already gigantic tumor that is Dynasty the stand alone brand. 

(DCW Outro plays...)
(The camera opens to Donny Diamond,sitting on a couch flipping through channels smoking his cigar when he looks at the camera and begins to speak...)

You know...

Even though I lost to TLA on last week's edition of Dynasty,I'm not bitter or upset at all really.In fact,I feel pretty damn good about myself because,I did what I said I would do.I pushed him to his limits.I gave him one of the toughest fights he has ever had in his entire career and if you don't believe me then just watch it,you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.Besides,TLA was pretty fortunate on that night,I mean he managed to lock that armbreaker by getting out of the Diamond Cutter off of sheer dumb luck and nothing else.

Now my next opponent won't be as lucky TLA was last week,and that opponent is Montell Smooth,a guy has had a fairly long history with EAW and a decently successful career but should just hang up the boots already,now has to come face to face with me and I sure as hell ain't gonna pull any of my punches.I was gonna do him a favor and speak well of him but fuck it he doesn't deserve it.

The guy who likes to act as this calm,cool and collected badass who likes to use insults to mess with his opponents.Now if that's what you're aiming for,the you have already failed,see,because in order to do that you need to have some charm because if you don't you just look like an asshole.Besides,you have about as much charm as a serious case of food poisoning so this kind of thing just isn't your style,it's about as odd a thing for a guy like you to be doing as finding and driving around a goddamn septic truck!

A couple days ago,you gave your thoughts on fighting me tomorrow night and mentioned me along the word "shit" or other words relating to the word "shit" around 6-8 times,and I'm not gonna lie,I really thought you had a actual case of verbal diarrhea.Also,some of the stuff you said about me is just fucking lame.Terrible? Piece Of Shit,Crap,Elephant Feces,any synonym for shit that an angry 12-year old/Reddit user would probably know?

It's funny that a guy who talks about shit,calls himself the shit,and drives a truck of shit is.in fact,full of shit.If after last week,you still think that my wrestling is shit then either you're completely blind and have yet to realize that,cant't tell good from bad wrestling or you're an absolutely atrocious wrestler.

Also,these "tag team" partners of yours sound more like rejected MadTV sketches than actual people who ever wrestled in this company.Tomorrow night,I hope you're mentally prepared because I'm going to kick your 280 pound ass and upstage you in every way imaginable.You call yourself "the shit" and you know what?

It isn't half-bad at all,in fact it fits you perfectly,I mean after all who else is gonna stink up the joint better than you tomorrow?

Have fun being a punch-line,while your 15 seconds are still ticking...

(The camera fades out to Donny blowing a puff of smoke at the camera)
Within a room Dynasty wrestling staff have set up chairs and cameras for an interview with a member already seated waiting for Tiberius Jones. Jones enters the scene taunting the cameras flexing and then rising the National Extreme championship in the air while playing around. The interview rises to give Jones a handshake but Jones responds with his a dismissive gesture to the arm. The Interview frowns at this.

TJ: What’s that? That’s not how you treat an old friend. Handshakes? Come over here.

Jones opens himself up in a hug awaiting position as the interviewer slowly decides to go with it and hug him. In this Jones had taken liberty to take the man’s wallet and sit downs passing between his hands as the interview is not amused at the sight.

Interviewer: Really? Are you serious TJ?

TJ: Relax. Geez.

Jones throws it back lightly at the man and the man sits down.

Interviewer: Well at least something hasn’t changed.

TJ: What’s that supposed to mean?

Interviewer: Well a lot of us of feel like you and Anubis sort of never interact with us anymore unless there’s something you want, like an interview. You know for a lot of us is was quite the risk to help you with your stunts, like turning the lights off on Cleopatra when she ran Dynasty. Yet ever since you’ve been champion, it’s been like you’ve become a changed man, like you’re better than everyone.

TJ: I’m still regular odd job Jones, helping set up the ring and filming events with the rest of the crew. Just you know….not doing any of that stuff now that I’m a performer. I’ve just been too busy to chat with old friends, being a champion is a whole new ball game.

Interviewer: You mean like being caught on camera with booty girls when you were too “sick” to wrestle for a couple of weeks to a month after your match with Senn up until you faced a worn out Zach Genesis?

TJ: I’ll have you know that each and every single one of those ladies were registered nurses! If not for them, I never would have been able to complete at the draft and miraculously overcome my illness to defeat the Interwire Champion, proving that I am the better champion. Now can we be a bit more professional?

Interviewer: Right. Tiberius Jones, with Zach Crash proclaiming that all Dynasty names and championships are his property, do you feel in anyway culpable for not returning your services to him?

TJ: The problem with Crash is he never realized that I had already stolen this championship away from him long before Dynasty Wrestling. When I pickpocketed the National Elite Championship, it was stolen goods that no longer belonged to Dynasty or EAW. As for me, I’ve never been his man. I don’t care about his or the boards PG lifestyle, I barely follow elite rules when the ref isn’t watching. I say fuck, when I want to say fuck. I’ll make people bleed, when I want them to bleed. If they want to fine me, that’s fine, I’m a member of the J-Dynasty and that brand pays more than any fine.

Interviewer: I’m sorry, I have to interrupt. Jaspora and her monster have gone back to Nepal, Jaywalker and Anubis have not been seen since Pain for Pride as they’re plotting as you claim, the J-Dynasty money may still be coming in, but it seems to me you’ve been left out to dry alone. It’s just mind boggling to me that if you aren’t going to return to EAW, how on earth are you going to continue turning your back on your Dynasty brothers? You never help them out. You for some odd reason worry about what Tybull, an honorable man, might do….

TJ: As I should! Tybull and Carlos work together under the EAW boards puppet game, there’s no way Tybull won’t try brain washing the audience the entire match! They have him there to loom as a threat too! The board playing games with me.

Interviewer: The board may or may not be playing games with you, but it’s known for certain that Crash has something all the more deadly in play. It’s not a safe to go alone. How long is it until that back of yours that likes to turn on its brothers feels a steel chair from members of other brands? How long before Quality Control puts YOU on a stretcher?

TJ: So what should I do? Go along with Dynasty in this united front? How well did that do Tyler Parker? Nah, I’ll take care of myself my own way. I GOT THIS! I know my way around these dark alleys better than everyone else, I’m always in the shadows of these streets that are on fire by this war. I do not fear them, they should fear me because in all the chaos they create fighting each other I see openings to steal what loot I want and to stab daggers into the people who do not have their eyes on me! I’ll turn the EAW streets into the Greece streets if Crash even sniffs in my direction! If they come for me, I’ll breathe down dragon breath on them all!

Interviewer: Moving on. What is your take on Carlos claiming he is in front of you and various others when he was speaking critically on the Brian Daniels vs Tyler Parker situation?

TJ: The World Heavyweight Championship is not my target. Do I think it’s right that Brian Daniels gets an opportunity at the WHC? Not really. Then again, this cross promotional world championship opportunity grey area can work to my benefit someday, so I’m not utterly against it. As for Carlos being ahead in line, he can imagine whatever he wants, it’s irrelevant to me. What’s relevant is what is to come on Dynasty and my main event victory over him.

Interviewer: He said you’ll either tap out or pass out.

TJ: Ha! Carlos is the type of opponent I love the most! It’s so self-destructive. First he makes one of the top cardinal sins of combat, revealing to your opponent your strategy. He also limits his own pathway to victory by making it that he won’t pin me, if he intends on honouring his word, which of course I’m smart enough to know he might not. If he even attempts to pin me, I’ve already been given a marginal piece of victory from him by making him break his word.

And I’ve said this about people before, the more confident that they have victory in the bag makes it all the more special of a gem to take from them. It’s partly an entitled feeling, when you work hard and are so sure about what you think that you will have, it creeps into your head that it belongs to you even though nothing in that squared circle is ever promised. That’s why I present myself as a thief, because I’m very in tune with the fact that people are inclined to believe that the world is theirs to have, only for me to remind to them that it’s not. I’m a great student of the game, I’m capable of things people aren’t always expecting of me, like when I slammed the big bag Kevin Devastation ,despite him being a giant of a man, to secure the victory that saw his career come to an end. Carlos thinks his fists are the strongest, well it’s good for me that this isn’t some fist fight then, this is a battle where any tricks up your sleeves can apply and I guarantee my bag of tricks are of a number that Carlos and his pea brain would never be able to even fathom. Carlos really thinks too highly of himself for someone who doesn’t have anything to show for it, but if he really wants to take to the skies and become a false star shinning amongst the best and the brightest he’ll have no right to complain when up here where the big boys play he gets a harsh reality check to what happens to pretenders.

Camera fades to black
Dynasty promo 4 

Z...You abide by three things but don't actually have a clear understanding at all of what they mean or the ability to follow them.  You have no respect for anyone but yourself, display no honour in the ring and not to mention, have zero pride..you're a walking contradiction. Be thankful to face us in this tag match Trips. You just landed a huge hand but the house always wins kid. We'll be reaping all the benefits tomorrow and leaving everyone blown away. We don't have egos, just raw talent. You don't fathom the possibility we're just that damn good. 

There you are standing on a rooftop like a jackass instead of training, focusing and working hard. You got pictures of us like A-Will, which is weird I'll admit, but it all boils down to wanting to be us. Wanting the same opportunities we have. 

Never will you defeat Senn and I. Not one on one or teamed up. You're angry? Come out fighting tomorrow night then. 

For you'll need it. Both of you.
A quick ad pops on screen

Announcer (Deep Voiced but excited): You are watching Fox Sports Florida, home of The Rays, Marlins, Lightning, Heat, and now your exclusive home for Dynasty Wrestling, There's only one Fox Sports."

The shot transitions with a wipe of the Dynasty logo to Mark Michaels dressed in his ring gear with entrance vest, and Aviator shades, standing in front of the same logo(Really a green screen but we're in post production already)

Michaels: "Greetings to all the good People of Tampa Bay, you may now feast your eyes for I have arrived.  That's right the one, and only Picture Perfect Mark Michaels, has come to give all of his Florida followers the opportunity to see what a winner looks like.  Yes finally the disappointments that the entire state can be relieved, for it doesn't matter if you like the Buccaneers, the Rays, or god help you any of the other loser teams that flood this state like the rain of Noah.  You can now get a glimpse of greatness this Friday at the Amalie Arena when in a special Pre-show Triple Threat match, I take on both Jaden Zaxaria, as well as Trent Yoder.  Now I know that these guys are very talented no doubt.  I mean Jaden can hit you with a move faster than one of my followers can hit the like button, And Trent is as vicious and relentless as they come..."

Michaels removes his glasses, his eyes display a smug sense of overconfidence.

Michaels: "... But for all their strengths, they both carry some pretty fatal flaws.  Let's start with Jaden, who I must congratulate on becoming poser of the month.  You see with him it's all style over substance, everything he does is just to get someone else to say ah. yes you can make a few of the idiots who like to take picture with their heads inside an Alligator's mouth go wide eyed for a few seconds, but it doesn't matter if you can get the win.  Yes Jaden believe me when I tell you it's not  how you play the game.  If that where true maybe the Jacksonville Jaguars would have a winning season.  But no, this is not about making snot nosed 8 year old boys, and dorky 14 year old girls wish they could hide their imperfections as well as you do.  No this is about proving that you are the absolute best professional wrestler walking the face of the earth.  one who will someday post the world's greatest selfie of himself holding up the World Heavyweight Championship.  And don't think I forgot about you Trent, you maybe wild animal in the ring, But I know how to deal with guys like you.  It's simply mind over matter.  You don't have a mind, so you don't matter.  Yes you are willing to throw yourself into the fire just to get a little more punishment in, but the thing you gotta remember is that one teeny, tiny, little mist step when you jump off the top rope, or dive out on to the floor, and your chances of winning crash and burn along with the rest of your body.  Oh but your a tough guy who can take it you say.  Well I know plenty of tough guys who thought so little of their bodies, that by the age of 35 they were in so much pain that getting up off the couch to use the toilet was the most strenuous activity they could muster for the day.  So yes you live for the moment out in the ring, but next time ask yourself, are you willing to give up your lively hood in that exact same moment.  Think long and hard because in 24 short hours you will see what happens when you face someone who has learned from others mistakes so that he can ascend to the level of absolute perfection.  The man who will have his hand raised this Friday Night, Picture Perfect Mark Michaels, so Picture THAT!"

The image on screen fades to black.

*Backstage Several hours earlier.

The set for the local ad spot is a noisy one, Gaffers, Grips, and other members of the crew bustle about until the director calls for silence.  The director approaches Mark Michaels as he is getting the last of his make up applied to his face.

Michaels (snobbishly): "Please make sure not too much, I just want enough to not have my looks hindered by the stage lights."

Director: "Excuse me Mark, you ready to go?"

Michaels: "First off it's Mister Michaels to you, and secondly..."

Michaels is interrupted by a call on his cellphone.  After a quick glance to check who it is Michaels holds up his index finger to the director.

Michaels: "Johnny my favorite agent, what's up?  Of course I'm at the shoot, I've been here all day and I want to be on a plane out of this town as soon as Dynasty wraps. Johnny I know I'm going win the triple threat.  Yeah I bet they heard every word and after this they' both be changing their game plans.  Yeah I've been going on about their safety, and the long term damage so that they will play right into my hand.  What did I tell you?  I work hard, and I plan harder."

Fade to Black
The camera pans onto the roof of the dynasty wrestling arena where Triple Z is standing it also is shown to be windy as the wind blows by at high speeds he is also wearing a black t-shirt

"Ah the wind it's like wrestling in a way isn't it? the way it can change in an instant the way it can change fate for some people when it gets harsh.. but enough about the wind god it's so cold why in the fuck did i choose to this thing up here" Triple Z mutters that last sentence but continues

"Anyways tomorrow night is the big match my first match since quitting that corrupt hellhole of what EAW's become it is this friday night i team up with A-will and to take on Senn and Corrupt who both think they are the shit and everyone should praise them like gods while i ain't a follower i and i will never follow them .. sure they may have talent i will not deny that it is their egos that get in the way .. they think me and  a-will are below them and they just wont get up off their high-horse."

The camera pans to the wall on the roof where there are two pictures taped up one of Senn and the other of Corrupt triple z's voice is heard in the background.

"It is the egos like this that will be your downfall boys .... where i have three things that i live and die by Honor, Pride and Respect where as y'all have none of that there is an Japanese saying that i like to use and it goes a little something like this ;While every person may have a ego it is those with a big one that will fall' listen to what a said boys.. will that saying live up to itself on friday night? i think it damn will." With that last word Triple Z pulls two darts out of his pockets at throws them at the pictures the first one at Corrupt's picture with that he chuckles and the camera fades to black as he throws the 2nd one at Senn's picture

Dynasty Promoz! (Section closed, promo under EAW Promoz!)

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