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 Dynasty Promoz! (Section closed, promo under EAW Promoz!)

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PostDynasty Promoz! (Section closed, promo under EAW Promoz!)

Here you can write promos about shows, Extremist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you. 
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Dynasty Promoz! (Section closed, promo under EAW Promoz!) :: Comments

The Games Played by Children

Enessa let out a soft laugh as she ran her fingers along the dust of the stairwell, gathering it along her fingers and grinding it away against her thumb before blinking as she heard the rushing of feet along the ground. Children. Children racing their way down the stairs and heading towards the living room. She smiled at that, loving how they were so full of youthful energy and exuberance. Had she not been there for Eclipse would they have remained the same? She supposed that asking questions like that was pointless as she stared at the dust on her fingers, watching the individual specks fall silently to the ground.

“TLA. Lucian Black. And Jacob Senn. Dynasty is filled with powerful adversaries isn’t it. In fact...you’ve faced some of them before haven’t you my beautiful son? What is this test that they have given you then? Have they decided that you are worth spilling blood for? That you have to spill blood of others and feed the hungry beasts that are the masses thirsting for it? Perhaps it is all a game to them? They love watching you suffer and squirm underneath the boots of those that dare to hurt you. That must be the reason my beautiful son. That must be it. They love to see you suffer so, because it amuses them.”

She laughed as she continued to talk to herself, descending the stairs all the way down until she reached the secured room. The room that had been reserved for her darling oldest son. With a gentle push the door swung open, revealing a room covered in scratches and scribbles of languages both english and beyond. Words rushed around that were based around the whispers that he had heard. The whispers which she now speak in full and total sentences. The smile never ceased to depart from her face as she walked further into the room.

He had sat alone for a long time. Staring unflinching at the blank space on the wall in front of him. The only space that he hadn’t filled with any writing at all. To the naked eye that single empty space would be disconcerting. Like an unfinished painting, missing color on a specific area that is integral to the piece. Enessa didn’t bother to move him out of this. She knew he was alert. That he could feel her standing beside him, looking at that singular piece as well. Her hands gently moved to wrap around him, pulling him against her as she looked towards his unblinking eyes.

“That isn’t fear I smell on you, is it? Is it uncertainty? Oh...are you remembering something? I bet you are. Either that or you are forgetting. Something crucial. Something that makes you what you are. Why you do these things to people like TLA and Lucian and Senn? Because I know you. I know what you think deep down inside. The scared child that is still reaching out and crying for mother. Is that child still there...or has the years of isolation killed him? Has the glass walls they put in front of you trapped that child? Go on, son. Tell me. Whisper it to me...let me ease your pain and misery once again. That is what a mother does for her son after all. Go on Eclipse. Tell me sweetheart.”

She smiled again, licking her lips with a sadistic giggle bubbling in the back of her throat. She could feel the shoulders of her oldest son shudder ever so slightly as he breathed out, and then the drop of warmth as a tear fell onto her arm. There it was. She had broken through. His body shook more with further and further sobs before he raised his head up again, to look at the blank space upon the wall.

“Why do we do this? We go out to the arena...inflicting pain and misery upon one another for nothing more than because that’s what we are told to do...unless you are like me or...the other ones like me. We go out there to feel the pain ease away from us. So that we can stop hurting inside. We go out there to inflict pain and have pain inflicted upon us. We go out there so that the hurt we feel inside of here will be pushed out from our bodies in blood and in screams. That’s what we do right? Why? Why do we do this?”

HIs voice broke slightly, the words heavy in his chest as he whispered these things. Enessa couldn’t help but smile as she turned him towards her, her cold eyes staring into his own with a sadistic glimmer in their edges. A glimmer that seemed to fill the empty space in the room as she leaned in closer, locking their gaze together. Her tongue danced along her lips as if drinking in that fear and hesitation as she pressed her grip in tighter on his temples, her nails digging into the side of his head and drawing blood as she withdrew her hand away, letting him look at the blood that had spilled onto her fingers.

“You fight because you have too, child. You fight because if you did not...imagine the pain that you would bring about to the rest of the world? You would hurt everyone around you. Kill anything around you. You fight...because I tell you too. Now...show them...show them why you are to be feared. Why you are to be respected. Why you are not to be ignored.”

She pressed her fingers along his lips, letting the blood trace its way along his pale mouth before she stood up, walking out the door with the same sadistic grin laden against her face. Her words had broken through. When she left she could see the look in his eyes changing, morphing into the sadistic and brutal beast that she called her son. The light had turned on for him. Now it was time for him to do what he did best.

Eclipse pressed his hands against his temple, soaking them in the blood before swiping them along the blank piece of the wall. Drawing out. Creating the final portrait that the whispers had chosen to ignore. He knew what it was now. What he wanted to design. His inspiration. His masterpiece. Like the tattoos etched into his flesh, these words were a part of him. He had to get them out into the open, no matter the cost. Carve them into the world, as the world had carved his own insanity into his psyche. Laughter began to bubble forth from him as he stared at the masterpiece he had created, his eyes wide and bloodshot as his tongue lolled free of his mouth, the blood leaking inside and dripping down onto his tongue.

“Dynasty. Dynasty approaches with my brethren. My brethren who seek to carve a path to greatness through anyone that defies us. Once more we are faced with the obstacles that stand in our way. Lucian Black...Dynasty’s patron hero who fell from grace...but rose again as the phoenix does through the ashes. The rampaging mastodon who barrels through all opponents with little regard to the safety of his own body. He can gore me with his tusks...but the mastodon faces against me with little regard to the teeth that I have. The blood that runs through these veins is not the red hot blood of the adversaries you have faced before. My blood runs cold. Frozen in place from the weights that the world shackled upon it. The chains of servitude to a crippling illness that everyone calls sanity. You have yet to break those chains Lucian. You stay shackled to it. Stay locked away in the cage of reality. You don’t have a hope of breaking me with your force or your words. All you can do is hope that the first time you impale me with your tusks...that I stay down for you. If I get back up...I’ll carve my way through that cell of sanity...just to free the real monster that lies dormant inside of you. I promise.

Jacob Senn...you don’t know about me do you? You guard the kingdom of Dynasty to honor someone...I respect that about you. Which means that I will enjoy fighting you only so that I can spill your blood into the ring that you so cherish. Offer it the sacrifice it deserves. I’m not like anyone you’ve faced before. I won’t yield to the pain that one can bring to me...because I desire it. I breathe that pain. It’s what has kept me alive, what reminds me that I can still breathe. Crushed ribs, broken arms, fractured spines, burns, electrocution. Do whatever you wish to do to defend the kingdom. Stand like Lu Bu at the gates of Hu Lao. I stand with my allies against you, but when it comes time for you and me to come face to face...not with sword and spear...but with fists and feet, you will come to understand how hard it is to defend your honor...your kingdom...your world...when it all comes crashing down around you, filled with screams.

And TLA. TLA...you and I have faced each other so often I think we know each other backwards and forward, you and I. I know how you enjoy making jokes...I laugh at them just as much as you do. It’s who you are. A person who carries the humor with skill and finesse in the ring. Yet, you have the wrong idea about what it takes to get under my skin. Heart Break Gal couldn’t get under my skin. Impact couldn’t get under my skin. No one can. Your words don’t hurt me...your strikes fuel my passion to strike back...TLA...what else can you throw at me? I know you have ways of coming back. Of pushing through the odds to finally defeat me once and for all, to put down the monster that you believe doesn’t belong in this business. La Pantera Sexual against The Bleeding Smile. Let’s make it one to remember...joking aside...mind games aside. I want to tear you apart, you want to rip me apart...let’s find out which of our dream becomes a reality.”

He pressed his hands against the finished masterpiece, his body shuddering slightly as he ran his tongue against his teeth. Flashes of images raced across his mind. Images of the trauma he had seen when he left the asylum. The blood. The pain. The wounds. All things that he had taken into himself, to push the pain deep into his soul and use it to fuel his fists. The images danced around and around and he let out a roar of agony and happiness as they exploded out into a macabre dance of frustration, rage, and intensity. His body slumped down, shuddering ever so slightly before he pulled himself up, mumbling softly to himself as he headed towards the door.

“I will see you...Dynasty. I need to take care of something important...and when I come to Dynasty...I will remind it of what happens when you lock a young child, scared and alone in a glass cage. The child dies. In its place...a monster is born. Keep the lights on EAW...I’m coming.”

So now everyone seems to think they know just what I want. They think they have me all figured out just when the words come out of their mouth they say nothing remotely close to anything I said. Lucian black seems to have a grasp on it though.. in fact he’s almost spot on. The one thing that he doesn’t understand is.. I do not hate you, Lucian. I don’t even doubt your talent. I know you’re without a doubt one of the most fierce elitist this company has ever seen. I get that and accept that… but your history alone doesn’t say anything to me. Last time we were in this ring things didn’t pan out on my behalf but that makes you better than me? Is Zach Crash better than you or was it just Alex Anderson who made it seem that way? You win some and you lose some that is just the way it is. Do you actually believe you mean anything to me? Do you really believe I want you to hang up your boots and somehow it’ll benefit me? No. The truth is nothing would change. You could hang up your boots tomorrow and your name would still never once cross my mind. I’ll fight you though, Lucian, make no mistake about that. You’re right though, you’ve clearly done more than me in my career.. that’s common sense. But please tell me you’re really not this cynical and naive that you actually believe that crap. You want respect? You think you’ve earned respect? How is anyone in this company going to respect you from the newer generation when you are spewing the same lame unrealistic standards that a guy like Zach Crash is spewing out? “In order to be considered relevant you must accomplish this and this.” You’re no better than he is.. you’re no better than Alex Anderson or Hexa-gun. Week in and week out the same is said about not just us but EVERY member of the new generation claiming no relevance even on their first night because they haven’t accomplished anything. I’ve been here for a little over 6 months and it took TLA well over a year to accomplish anything. Hell just last December he was filling in a match teaming up with Donny Diamond and went through the same thing yet completely dropping it to where he is today. I don’t need to prove my “relevance” to you, Lucian. I could beat you 1.2.3 and it wouldn’t change a thing. However there are more ways to show we’re stronger.. and far better than you and Senn and that will be showcased on Voltage when we beat Drake and Tiberius and advance into the Finals of the Grand Prix tournament. Chris has done nothing but speak the truth about Senn and yourself and if you really want to attempt to insult his intelligence because you cannot handle the truth.. well then so be it. I’ll do something that has never been done before as well, Lucian.. I’ll be the first man to completely beat the fight out of you and leave you in the misery that you try and shield yourself away from. After Dynasty you can take a look in the mirror and realize every word you’ve said about me was really about your pride.. and you can look directly into your eyes at all your failures and then you’ll have the answers to all of questions and allegations towards The Iconomy.

TLA.. what I’ve missed so much is the slick comebacks as you try and turn the tables. You constantly remind everyone about the first encounter but what about our last encounter? If I recall you took one of the loudest Superkicks in Dynasty Wrestling history and did nothing after as we then pinned the great Tyler Parker. What I feel for you is not admiration -- it’s strictly disgust. You talk as if you’re the best thing going in this sport.. and that couldn’t be any further from the truth. You’re not the best even standing as the alleged leader of the New Breed. Zach Crash see’s it. Yeah, Zach Crash may be a spineless coward and Clark Duncan is just intelligent enough to lace up his boots but they are not wrong about you, TLA. Your past is unforgettable and will never be buried no matter how hard you try. You can hide your many past names as each hold your secrets of failures along with them but everyone knows the truth. That was then and this is now. People have chosen to stand behind your masquerade which is why you are what we’re looking at today. So we’re irrelevant in your mind but tell me why we always are placed on the same path, TLA? It’s because the 3 of us and you are the best in the New Breed today. The Iconomy vs TLA is the epitaph of the 2015 New Breed. This is far from being professional.. it’s personal. It’d be nice to see you try and “Whip our asses.” This isn’t MSM.. This isn’t like the beginning either.. this is now and mark my words, TLA. On Dynasty when I have The IconLock applied.. I will not stop until I snap your spine.

La Pantera has fallen.

Pantera Negra had little life.

Prince Pantera couldn’t even get the air out of his lungs.

Pantera Jr. didn’t cut it either.


TLA just couldn’t live to his own hype and will suffer the same fate.

History always tends to repeat itself -- destiny simply cannot be stopped.. only prolonged.

Divided We Stand, United We Conquer.

This is the way of The Iconomy.. it’s not a question, and it’s not preaching.

It’s a FACT.  
When Dynasty's Champion isn't working as nickname what do you do Lucian? You think of something even more dumb then that.  The Samoan Avenger? Really Lucian? So I guess I'll just go around calling myself The Caucasian Panther or something stupid like that.   Then pretty much like I said you would bring up the past with my old ring name...  The name you didn't even say correctly.  But since were bringing up the past now that I think about it Lucian or should I say George Copeland.  The streak of failures you've been on didn't start recently.  Nope the Samoan Avenger has been failing since day 1.  Lucian you were always trying to be the hero since the day you stepped foot in any company.  Being the hero has never gotten you ANYWHERE! What I do remember about the Samoan Avenger is the fact when he finally grew a pair and said fuck these fans he actually accomplished something in another company.  Lucian maybe it's time for that to happen again join the dark side stop trying to stop Zack Crash and maybe help him out and maybe you can feel the success and power you always wanted in EAW.  Or keep playing sides with Jacob Senn trying to be like the Robin to his Batman and realize it won't workout and the streak of failures you have been on continues.  You three are the bozos out of the six of us who will be in that ring. You three are the clowns.  I mean honestly do you guys not learn anything after trying to stop Zack Crash? I'm starting to think the 3 of you might have a weird crush on the guy.  Time and time again you attack him trying to take him down and time and time again you guys end up right where you started... Failing.  Speaking of failing you will probably fail at what you aim to do on Friday Lucian.  Trying to make me shut up is like trying to get you or Senn complete a long term goal without failing at the second obstacle.  Trying to make me shut up is like asking TLA not to have his title stolen from him for a full month.  Trying to make me shut up is like asking you to think of a good nickname.  See Lucian do you see what I am trying to get at here?  There is no making me shut up I will always talk no matter how much you hate it.  You can use that stupid Superman punch all you want at the end of the day my mouth will be moving and I will be talking.  So like I said before you set out the goal for the week now it's only a matter of time before that goal blows up in you're face and you add that onto the list of failed goals.  The Iconomy will not fail at neither of our goals this week though unlike you two we will accomplish our goals.  The Iconomy will defeat The Sexual Fabled Samoan Failures on Friday and there is nothing you can do about it but whine and complain or ignore it and act like it never happened.  Then again you guys can't do that with every goal you guys set out and fail at achieving.   I would love to say that is all now Lucian but I'm sure you will come back with another stupid out of this world nick name that I will have to knockdown again.   Hopefully though he puts some effort into the next one...   The Caucasian Panther has said enough now until next time...
Sometimes I wonder how different things would be if I wouldn't have failed to win the World Heavyweight Championship, if I wouldn't have failed to get Zack Crash out of power. Make no mistake about it I wouldn't have it any other way... I'm GLAD I was unsuccessful when I needed to be successful the most because experiencing failure awoke the Phoenix bird that dwells within me.. And I am ready to rise from the ashes, baby! I'm fully prepared for the future, for whatever happens next.  I know it seems a little uncertain, but nothing is ever set in stone. I won't allow my past to dictate my future. I will dictate my future, I decide what is next for me! Success is not built on success. It's built on failure. It's built on frustration. You haven't witnessed the fall of my empire. You have not seen the last of me. I will ALWAYS get up when I fall. I vow to never stay down no matter how precarious the situation may seem. I know there are a lot of people out there who wish I would just give up my dream, who wish I would surrender once and for all. But I'm afraid that ain't going to happen. And yeah, I am talking about The Iconomy. I hope you guys understand what I just said. I hope you grasp what I am telling you. Because I know you're some of the people who want me to give up because I don't know maybe my absence could open a new door for The Iconomy. If the three of you want me to hang up my boots so damn bad you're going to have to MAKE ME. This week on Dynasty Wrestling The Iconomy has the opportunity to put an end to my story. Silva, you got another shot to prove you are better than me. That's what you wanted, right? I mean you constantly talk about how you're the best Dynasty Wrestling has to offer so a chance to actually prove it must be what you want, right? I have a chance to break some jaws with a superman punch and THAT is what I truly want.

"Times have changed, the stipulations have changed". Don't come to me with that bullcrap. That sounds like an excuse to me to be completely honest. Nothing has changed. Everything is the way it used to be the last time we faced off. You lost. In fact, you got your ass handed to you. Why can you be man enough to come to terms with that fact? This week on Dynasty Wrestling you will get your ass kicked... AGAIN and you will have to acknowledge who your superiors are. That you failed your team and you failed yourself. I'm not going to say I am better than you. I PROVED I am better when I pinned you in the middle of the ring. Not only did I pin you, I practically dominated throughout all of the match. You beat The Mercenaries, so what? How exactly is your victory over Y2Impact and HBG relevant to our encounter? I get that The Iconomy has endured many challenges, many hardships and tribulations but what makes you think we haven't? TLA has been around for years and only now he is finally getting a chance to prove himself. Senn went through a lot to become who he is today as well. And I am STILL fighting after all these years. For honor and respect, for these people's admiration. You claim Jacob Senn isn't accomplished enough yet he has attained more than all of The Iconomy combined... Do you realize how stupid you are? Yeah, maybe Senn hasn't done much lately, I haven't done much lately either. What have YOU done in your ENTIRE career??? Let me answer that question for you: NOTHING. You constantly talk about how talented and how skilled you are, but you never actually prove to be talented or skilled when push comes to shove. Maybe you will shock the world this Friday on Dynasty Wrestling and get the win for your team.. Nah, you won't. I wish you the best of luck nonetheless. You'll need it.

You will certainly need it too, Chris Elite or "the suicidal kid" as most people know him as. I don't know if you and your Iconomy pals have realized this yet, but you bozos are a JOKE. You're a joke, Silva is a joke and Eclipse is a joke. Why do you think Cailin Dillon left your little group? So far she's been more successful on her own than you bozos have been in your miserable lives. That really is sad and pathetic. It takes a big set of cojones to mess with The Fabled Conqueror and The Samoan Avenger. I admire how audacious you are. Unfortunately at the end of the day audacity won't save you from us. Audacity won't deprive you of the honor, no pun intended, of getting your ass handed to you by yours truly. Now, let me make one thing clear I don't want to stop people from doing anything. If they want to talk about the same things over and over again, if YOU want to talk about the same things over and over again then so be it. I honestly could care less. Sooner rather than later I will come face to face with everyone who ever marginalized me and I will make them pay. Just like I will make you and the rest of The Iconomy pay. What else can I say to you that hasn't be said, Chris? You haven't said anything intelligent probably ever. You want me to do something different? I will do something different. Something nobody has ever been able to do to you and that is shut you up once and for all.
This is a big week for the Iconomy isn't it? I mean first on Friday we take on Dynasty's 3 biggest stooges or elitist whatever you want to call them.  Then on Voltage we got Drake and Jones with all that being said let me speak about the first matter at hand.  See on Friday we meet 3 men Two of them yet again failing at what they set out to do and that's win the tournament when they couldn't even get passed the second round.  Then the third man our champion and the man Dynasty loves so much we got TLA.  I don't understand how these people can love you so much TLA.  How can they honestly sit there and tell everyone you are fighting champion when every other week you have the title stolen away from you.  I mean I did it then JJ did it now Clark has done it.  Yes you have gotten it back on all 3 occasions but honestly what's the point of even having it? I mean sure you can sit here and tell me "Hey, at least I have a title people can steal" then again that's not really something to brag about is it?  I mean when I win the title and trust me I will I won't let it get stolen you are supposed to protect the title like it's you're life and honestly without that title what much of a life would you have TLA? Do you think the EAW Universe would still give a shit about if you if it wasn't for that title? Do you think ANYONE would give a shit about you without that title? I honestly don't think so and deep down you know don't think so neither.  It's alright though want to know why?  I will soon enough prove my point see after Clark Duncan probably fails at defeating you're title I plan on making a point this week.  See I already pinned you once and obviously that wasn't enough so I will do it again and maybe the people who run Dynasty will realize I should be next in line.  TLA I am going to do you a favor.  I can see you have a lot of weight on you're shoulders right now and by pinning you on Friday then after that somewhere down the road pinning you for the title I will finally get that weight off you're shoulders.  No more having to deal with Zack Crash or anyone else because without that title no one cares about you.  You no longer have a target on you're back I would.  Unlike you though I can handle it, unlike you I won't let the one thing that makes my career matter get away from me... UNLIKE YOU I really don't need a title for people to care I'm one of Dynasty Wrestling and EAW's hottest topics right now right along with my brothers Eclipse and JJ.  That title will just make me that much hotter but hey that's besides the point first I have to get past part 1 of that task.  Something one of you're partners well both of them aren't to good at.

Hey Senn, how are ya? So much for being in the finals right? So much for facing Impact and HBG and being the first to beat them right?  It's funny you tried to argue with me last time we went through this.  You told me you wouldn't fail again... YOU TOLD ME YOU AND LUCIAN WOULD CONQUER THE TOURNAMENT AND ME!  Well hey at least you got one of those things done right? I mean sure it wasn't the one that mattered most but hey 1 out of 2 still counts for something right? At least you and Lucian can kick back watch Voltage and watch us do something you two couldn't.  I mean it must really hurt to watch Iconomy go past the second round when Dynasty's two mega stooges I mean mega stars couldn't make it passed the second round.  I mean how are you going to be on Road to Redemption now?  Last time I checked all the spots in the EEC are taken and you lost before you can even make it to the finals.  So Senn what's next for you what plan do you have next? What do think you will fail at conquering this time around that you haven't failed at already? Hey maybe this time you fool us all and you turn on you're partner TLA and then try to get a shot at the New Breed title then knowing you you'd probably fail at that... So what would be next after that...? THE VIXENS CHAMPIONSHIP!  I mean just imagine the headlines Pain for Pride Nine Jackie Senn vs Eris LeCava.  Then if you fail that I honestly don't know what would be next for you but hey at least you would be the first male turned woman to wrestle in a match and that's something Bruce Jenner can't say can he?  Enough of the jokes though Senn I really can't see what else is next for you you failed plenty in the singles area of wrestling and failed yet again in the tag team are maybe HRDO should put you on the same warning list TLA is on and Iconomy hands you the first warning.   I'm not going to sit here and end this in a corny catchphrase like you would I just want to wish you a good luck Senn and just really sit back and think about what's next for you.

Now last but certainly not least DYNASTY'S CHAMPION! LUCIAN BLACK! Another Elitist who can add something on the list of "The list of things I said I would do but didn't list".  I'm sure there will be another thing added on that list after you tell us and everyone else who bothers to listen you talk about how you will defeat the Iconomy.  Maybe you and Senn just shouldn't say anything anymore and maybe you two would stop looking like idiots.  I mean sure you can say I tried to make these points last time we got into an argument but when the points just keep on appearing why not keep on using them.  To be perfectly honest it's really no one's fault but your own.   If you want to stop people from saying the same thing then do something different actually succeed at something you said you would.  Then again with past experience that may not work.  I mean this is probably my longest run yet and people still can't stop talking about how many times I left and haven't accomplished anything I mean I'm sure you or someone in this match will bring that up because you have nothing else on me.  I mean Iconomy has been on a roll lately.  Two weeks ago we went 2-0 we defeated The Royale Family then I got one of if not the quickest victories in Dynasty history. Then this past Sunday we did what you couldn't and that's make it past the second round of the tournament.   Now the role continues we defeat you 3 stooges then we go on two defeat two more stooges on Voltage.  Of course you will probably tell us you we can't do it.  I mean if the almighty Jacob and Lucian can't do it no one can right? Now that I think about it that's not really saying anything you two haven't been able to do anything in I don't know how long.  Lucian this week will be no different then any other you will come out here spout the same bullshit you always do about winning and then the time comes and you lose again.  It's just a never ending cycle it's pretty much just a broken record with you two.  Well that's all I can say for now I have an interview to do about the SEMI FINAL match I have on Sunday.  Yes I said SEMI FINALS something you would know nothing about Lucian...  We'll see you Friday.
The camera cuts to TLA on a basketball court just finishing up a game with his St. Louis vatos. TLA takes a sip of water before he takes off his shirt so that he looks as badass as possible for the camera.

TLA: JJ Silva you son of a bitch. Imma whip yo ass like I always whip yo ass but whip yo ass so hard you forget I ever whipped yo ass, so whippin’ yo ass will seem to you like the first time I ever whipped yo ass.

TLA leans back against the steel mesh fence of the basketball court as he sets the basketball down under his shoe.

TLA: Awww yeeaaah it’s yo boi TLA up here una vez mas comin’ at y’all live straight outta St. Louis we in the Midwest yo. Gettin’ that claustrophobia from bein’ surrounded by so much land yo. Like we in the middle of nowhere yo. But it be how they say it… same shit different city. Same show… different Dynasty. Same Iconomy, different asswhipping. Fly over states doin’ big shit now. Cuz yo boi TLA be flyin’ over some bitches this weekend who so far below him, he just gonna soar right over.

TLA blazes up a joint as he blows it into the cold Missouri air. The smoke rises into the air like a cloud floating over the court before dispersing into the wind.

TLA: So who we got this week? JJ Silva, Chris Elite, and Eclipse Diemos. The Iconomy is back and they want some more of TLA. It’s about damn time. I’ve been missing them. Hola JJ como estas? Estoy bien. Gracias por preguntar. You wanna cross my path JJ? That’s not a smart move. Most of the people who have Crossed Paths with the black cat have ended up with their arms broken. There’s a lot of arms in this match. Twelve counting my own. Imma aim for ten outta twelve. 83% ain’t bad. This was another special math lesson brought to you by uncle TLA. Do yo god damn homework kids.

TLA takes another drag on his joint as he thinks back to the old days of fighting the Iconomy.

TLA: Damn that was so long ago. Like four months ago n shit. That feels like a lifetime ago. I ain't even remember who was President then. Roosevelt or something I think. But times be changin' another lecture from JJ Silva! Oh shit how I missed those. I really missed him whining and complaining about all the easy roads I've taken and opportunities I've been handed. Thanks JJ amigo... you just brought me right back into those magical summer days. But for real though... JJ mah ese you might be real shocked to hear this JJ… but I ain’t gotta live up to your expectations you seemingly have for me. You ain't my father! Why won't you love me daddy!?! But wait JJ… I didn’t realize you cared so much! You really should’ve pushed me harder then… a few months ago back when I was a little kid to become the best of the New Breed, to put an end to Zack Crash, or whatever else bullshit you think I want to achieve in my career. I mean I beat yo ass and still that ain’t good enough for you, still… so much for the Iconomy standing tall… like always. Cuz y’all don’t stand tall, always. You stand tall sometimes, and that’s being generous. Talkin' 'bout what I gotta achieve. Shit dawg... How about yo ass achieve really anything before you come at me talkin' shit? Cuz first of all, imma do whatever the fuck I want, whenever the fuck I want, and imma fight whoever the fuck I want whenever the fuck I want, and ain't gonna do shit by yours or anyone else's schedules. I'm proud as fuck of what I've achieved, even if I really don't give a fuck about anything but whatever poor son of a bitch they put in front of me next but if y'all got a problem, we gonna settle it in the ring bitchboi. Imma Tlatoani del barrio goin' hard, Panther swag in mah blood, I'm all about that lucha thug life, but call me whatever name you want JJ, cuz it’s still more relevant than yours. Mr. I ain’t never done shit without my lil friends backing me up. I could barely even remember the names of yo little crew, cuz without the Iconomy none of y’all are shit. Especially not you JJ. Y’all don’t know what shit’s like on yo own cuz you play a numbers game, and even then yo numbers’ still too small for La Pantera Sexual to call. Chris Elite is a veteran, and as far as I'm concerned a legend in this business... but he ain't shit compared to what you are fucking with right now JJ. You are fucking with the most dominant champion on Dynasty Wrestling, the New Breed Champion, and y’all wanna come at me and say I ain’t a real champ cuz some fools be jackin’ my shit? Aww hell nawh lil hoppa! A real champion fights for that belt night and day, a real champion takes back what is taken from him, and above all else… a real champion retains on the biggest stages in the world, and for the last six months… you are looking at the man who has done exactly that, and haters gonna hate me for it. Oh you think I’m popular just cuz I got some of those guys in the crowd cheering me on? Look around that locker room, they all gonna hate cuz I got what they want. EAW filling up with talent, but for the last six months none of them have even gotten close to the champ cuz erry time they try, I know 'em down. So much hate, they gotta steal my shit to even get a taste. You wanna know what a real champion is? A real champion is a badass motherfucking hombre who is so god damn unstoppable in that ring, that posers like you and Zack Crash gotta call up all they friends and come up with one of their lame ass little schemes to try to take what I earn by myself, each and every week in that ring. I ain't from a drought of talent JJ... I'm from Dynasty Wrestling, November 2015. Still the champ, months after y'all failed to take it from me. If I came in EAW through a drought of talent, then I have dominated during an era of a great flood and I'm like Michael Phelps up in this water cuz ain't nobody can jack mah gold. Gotta keep yo ass keepin’ up or you gonna drown yo, many have… many will, after I break their arms, they ain’t got shit to keep themselves afloat just like all y’all Iconomy haters.  Cuz if I ain’t done well at this level, then y’all ain’t done shit at the level below me.

TLA picks up a nearby basketball and shoots a three into the nearby hoop.

TLA: As for my so-called partners, Jacob Senn and Lucian Black. I ain’t gotta problem with either of y’all. But you fuck with me, even once then I’m gettin’ Richard Enraged and if you don’t know what he’s about then trust me… you really really ain’t wanna find out… Cuz if you can’t trust TLA.... who can ya trust?

TLA finishes his blunt as he is very chilled out and not nearly at all Richard Enraged.
JJ is shown in a more casual attire standing in front of a Dynasty logo as he’s looking onto the camera. He takes a sip of his water before throwing it out of camera view and even takes off his shirt. His eyes begin to narrow as there is no emotion seeping from behind his eyes.

JJ: TLA.. the fights that we’ve been through in the battle for the New Breed Championship. Let’s not forget the last time we’ve crossed paths The Iconomy dropped not only you, not only Tyler Parker but at the time even the great Vance Tybull. Now we stand here with you once again in front of us but this time.. it’s different. You see, last time we truly crossed paths you had a more unexperienced group and you exploited that fact just as any man would.. but that advantage is gone, La Pantera. Or maybe that’s not right.. maybe it’s Prince Pantera! Pantera Negra? Pantera Jr because we all know Pantera Sr. didn’t go over that well. We’ll stick with El Tatoani for now. Just as the last time we closed our doors against one another we’ll kick the door right back open and start up where we left off -- but it won’t be how you’re hoping for. In fact, it’ll end the same damn way. It’ll end with The Iconomy standing tall! Like always.. you try to build yourself up to be the guy! The guy to beat the Zach Crash Regime! The guy to be the best New Breed Champion! The guy to be the best-- of the New Breed. Reality check, you could never come close to that. It’s not in your bloodline holmes. You haven’t even scratched the surface on what it takes to be on that list. Matter of fact, you just became relevant this year! Last year you were just filling matches right next to guys like Donny Diamond, Maxwell Dachs and Cyrus Reigns! Where are they now? You’re the sole survivor of one of the most biggest droughts in EAW signings ever. You were given an opportunity based off the entire surrounding talents being completely worthless.. you were just slightly better than they were. It took you damn near a year to achieve even a bit of success, La Pantera. The New Breed holds names like Hurricane Hawk, CM Banks, Brian Daniels and even Jamie O’Hara. The name TLA shrivels up even in the comparison. Real champions defend and hold their title for every damn second -- not letting it get stole from them not once… but twice! I have to give to Crash that tactic seemed a bit familiar. The Iconomy did it before taking belts was even relevant in EAW. The fact of the matter is your entire career is built solely off of just being good enough. You were never meant to be this guy right here.. it was only your surroundings that made you. Some could say you have done well at this level.. but in comparison to what? Jamie O’Hara? Brad Daniels? Donny Diamond? Do you really see the difference here ese? This generation has a whole lot more to offer than you could ever deliver to the New Breed. Clark Duncan may be pathetic and completely useless.. but he’d be a better champion than you. This isn’t about them though.. it’s just about Dynasty. This is a far more evolved Iconomy and we will put you down. We both know this won’t be the end.. it never is. Somehow we’re always placed on the same path.. SOMEHOW intertwined and for future notes.. It’ll all be the same!

Lucian.. let’s cut the whole bravado thing short -- I’ve heard it all before with the Crash collision. Now it’s all the same with you and Senn. We now have two men who just couldn’t make good on their promises and unite together in hopes to achieve something much smaller than what they once thought they could do alone. Times have changed.. the stipulations have changed. Dynasty you have The Iconomy at full power and there is not a damn thing either of you can do to prevent this victory. I can hear it now from both of you! “We’re going to beat you! You simply aren’t relevant! We’re better than you!” Save it. You’ve tried your best professionally.. and personally against Crash.. and The Mercenaries for you Senn. We’ve tasted victory against The Mercenaries.. and would’ve had it at HOG given a two on two stipulation but that just has never been the case. I won’t make excuses! We may’ve lost but we’ve made it farther than you ever will against them. You’ve done it all Senn and even beat some of the best but it will not happen on Dynasty! You’re just Lebron James trying play against the best Michael Jordan and like always you’ll drop the ball in the end. It’s been a good 3-5 months since you two have been doing these dances with The Mercenaries and Zach Crash and how does it feel to stand here to this day.. Not conquering.. and just being known as their bitch!

So what I know now.. Jacob Senn went from “The Fabled Conqueror” to Jacob Senn.. “The Fabled Call Boy Hype.” I know.. Just as the fans know.. just as the creative productions team knows… just as this ENTIRE sport knows that we’re sick -- and tired of hearing the name Jacob Senn! You’re pathetic! Go ahead take shots at Chris Elite and who he is. Take shots at Eclipse Diemos and talk about his ways and how he operates as a person. Deliver blows to me by saying I’m a pathetic undeserving leader and that I haven’t achieved anything! It doesn’t matter at all! Do you know why?! Because you’re no different. You literally led Christopher Corrupt right to the shelf in a career threatening injury. What have you accomplished in recent months? The only true thing you’ve conquered recently is advancing one spot in this Grand Prix Tournament.. given you faced a complete nobody team but hey! it is what it is. Go ahead and open up your book of cliches about The Iconomy because that’s really all you’ve come to be known for as of late and we’ll just do what we do which is actually “conquer.”    
*The promo opens up with Greg in his wrestling gear shadow boxing in a white background with big letters saying "Strong Style Wolf" with "The Angels Fell" by Dillinja plays.*

A lot of people doubted me from the start. Ever since I started actually. I been a fighter since I was 20 and here I am in EAW starting over again but this time, it feels right. So far I've gone up against great fighters and I've enjoyed my time here and my next match up is not only a great match-up for me, I expect it to be a Jr. Heavyweight classic.

*When the beat drops scene goes to Greg sitting in a empty area and replays his highlights so far in EAW*

This match-up with Tig Kelly looks like a great test for me. We look very similar in styles of wrestling. We're both strong style fighters, he train in Kickboxing, I train in Muay Thai, we both have a desire to win at all cost. But when it comes down to it, I still have a lot to prove. I had a chance for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship but I took my eye off the ball for a second and blew it. So now with that loss I have a lot more to prove then ever. So I see Kelly as another opponent in my way to get to the top of EAW. And I'm going to go though him. Nothing personal. I hope he doesn't take this ass-whooping personally.

*The next scene is Greg backstage talking to a camera*

The answer that I'm giving to Jay Omen is simple. So I want to be a part of a group that's led by a man with no honor whatsoever? I mean the man want to use a child in part of his mind games. I'm not down with that at all and I'm going to tell it to his face. I, Greg Ward, don't roll like that. Never have never will. And for damn sure I ain't calling no man "Daddy". I'm a grown ass man. Right now I rather walk alone than to join Omen of anyone like him.

*Greg is shown walking backstage towards the ring*

Eyes are on me tonight. I'm going to do what I do best in this world and give it a great show. Hope you're ready. Its Showtime.
After a hard fought battle a week ago, I stand here….directionless. No clue who I should be mad with at this point. I’m not even sure if being mad is worth it at this point. Losing is a part of life. Only a loser lets loses bring them down to a point in their life where they can’t bounce back. Tig…you got the best of me. All I can do is respect that. Bashing you like a rookie isn’t in my character at all and even though it’s rare I say things of this nature….you have my blessing going up at the huge task at hand of being in competition for the World Title. I remember years ago, I entered that same chamber….AS THE NE CHAMPION….and even though I didn’t win, it changed my life forever. Being able to compete with the best EAW had to offer, shaped me into being a better performer and pushed me to bigger and better heights. Not sure if you’re going to prevail….but once again, I’ll say good luck. Onto this up and coming Dynasty, the next road block I have at hand is Ryan Savage. Ryan, I have the slightest idea who you are. I’m at a point now where I could care less who you are. I have no idea what Regulator you’re going to get on this up and coming Dynasty…that’s as honest as I can be. I’ve always lived by the motto that actions speak louder than words. I’m no one to chastise someone I don’t know much about because that does nothing but makes me look like an idiot. The last thing I’d rather do is run my mouth and go get my ass handed to me, which I doubt is gonna happen to me anyone, by someone I don’t even know. Not sure if you’ve heard about me or not….take whatever you want from it. I’m about sick of talking….because up to this point it hasn’t amount to jack shit. Walking around with my dignity and pride is what makes me keep my head held high…and to give me that much more of a reason to do that and smile, is knowing that I’m in for the fight…of my life. A guy like myself feels as if I’m not performing to my full potential. Getting half ass wins and losing to talents that I don’t even feel are close to being half the man I am, is enough to make me feel that now its do or die. This isn’t for the critics…..this isn’t for the fans….this is for me. I know what I’m capable of. I know the things I’ve done to people and I have a very long list of things to come…..but it all starts with dealing with the fact that losing isn’t an option at this point. Do I want you to come down to the ring and lay down on your back? Hell no. Nothing worth having comes easy. It hasn’t happened up to this point in my career and I don’t plan on taking it any other way as I go forward. Dynasty will be here before you know it…..bring everything you have equipped my brother…you’re going to need it.
Dynasty Promo #3

“Measuring Sticks”

I think in some ways we all want to be a star. There’s a person that exists within our thoughts, someone who we feel that we are. Our very own nucleus, defining our own existence. I’m glad we’re having these exchange of words Ms. Gal and Ms. LaCava. I can sense the passion in your words, the desire to maintain the status quo which is you on top, and the rest of us at the bottom. Women like you two, the Camerons, the Kendras, the Cleopatras spent years fighting to be taken seriously. You’ve showed the world what you’re made of, and no experienced Elitist dare underestimate your ability to win and achieve every accolade imaginable. That’s cute...that really is...but here’s the thing…

We all started somewhere. We were all once struggling indies, trying to claw and scratch our way to the top of the mountain currently occupied by EAW. But the truth of the matter is that EAW wasn’t always the biggest company in the world, and you wasn’t always the best. Hell, even Haruna took out Cam herself, and I have a finisher that nobody has ever kicked out of. What I’m telling the both of you is not that your time is up, but rather to make room. Sakazaki-san and myself are climbing the mountain, working our way to the top. We will not let anyone or anything knock us off, I don’t give a shit how special you think you are. I care not about your title wins, who your allies are, how many Pain for Prides you’ve fought in. For me- no, for us, for Sexy Curry ours is a story of recognition. It’s a story of hardwork and dedication. It’s a story of wins and losses, heartaches, heartbreaks,  and capturing the hearts of fans around the world. You’re right- I do lay my pain on the table for the world to see. That’s why the EAW universe loves me Clau- no HBG. I poked around your personal life just to fuck with you a few times, but in less than 24 hours you, your crazy girlfriend, the ex of my gf, and myself will clash in a no holds barred scenario. Blood will be spilled, tears will be shed, and no-and I mean NO fucks will be given! That’s the way I like it HBG and Eris, that’s how I live my life: Eat, Sleep, Challenge, Repeat.

This metaphorical little village you all have for yourself, where you circle jerk about how much you’ve accomplished...Haruna and I are going to burn that motherfucker to the ground. She has no title, and we have nothing left to lose once we were knocked out of the tournament. In a way, Thomas Minns was right. We’re NOT going to wait in line, we’re NOT going to wait our turns, especially if the two of you have no plans to get off your fucking pedestals you arrogant bitches. We’re just going to simply push you two off and then throw the pedestals out the window, glass shattering on those who would dare follow us to the top. Then, once we’ve taken you on, we’ll sit seiza style like two good little Japanese girls and await for those who wish to sit at the top like the rest of us.

After tomorrow, you’re relieved of your duties Hexa-Pink and Hexa-Yellow. Sexy Curry will become the NEW measuring stick.
Dynasty Promo
[Gathering Necessary Equipment]

I find it quite amusing that people are starting to sketch their own narratives about how they are about to walk towards the "Road to Redemption" in a couple of weeks. They find the urge from within themselves to promote their words and just drive it into your minds in order for you to favor them from the majority. For what purpose though? What exactly have you people done in your lives that makes you fit to be redeemed? What were the struggles that made you have numerous setbacks, what hindered you from moving forward? None of you have gone through such events in your life because you've all chosen to not put forth any effort to strive. You want to reach the top of the mountain, while you haven't even created a foundation for you to start off at. You want to make your voice heard, while your dull and unattractive actions beg to differ. This is how sad and pathetic that today's "wrestlers" continue to become. You cannot always picture yourself with so much glamour and power if you don't wish to fight. You can dream to achieve whatever you want, but that is that--just a dream. It is only up to you if you want to make that dream a true reality, and quite truthfully, this is a company that has been occupied by the disillusioned.

Last week on Dynasty, I obliterated Greg Ward in a timeless and a magnificent fashion. Just like I do with my previous opponents, I would offer them a choice to forfeit their match against me, and I would leave them in total peace for the whole week. That offer stood tall for a good seven days, but Greg foolishly decided to stick to his guns and attempt to score a ridiculous victory against a man such as myself. The result was no shocker. I've repeated out to each and every single one of you on a timely basis that time is of the ultimate essence for me in this company. If you know that you are going to be inferior and vulnerable against a man like me, then accept the wager of forfeiting your match with me, and you will be left unharmed. It is mind-boggling to me that people don't take accept this offer on a weekly basis because you will be left UNTOUCHED, no damage would be dealt with you, but no, you people would love to surface yourselves as badasses that can conquer almost anything in front of them. That fantasy has lived on for far too long. That deteriorated state of mind has been adapted for far too long. I am honestly sick and tired of all this corruption and filth that emits from every "wrestler". I...I......

And Mark Michaels.....Tig Kelly.....Road........I...............can't...............



This has to stop.

六 Somewhere in Wichita, Kansas, a local Soup Kitchen is busy at work with Thanksgiving Day - handing out turkey, dinner rolls, stuffing, and other traditional Thanksgiving food. After a few moments of scattered conversation and hungry homeless men and women getting their food or in the midst of eating it, the doors to the Soup Kitchen swing open and Drake Jaeger - dressed in his usual black boots, black kneepads, black trunks, black trenchcoat, black gloves, black sunglasses, and black toothpick - saunters in, catching the eye of all of the workers and homeless folk around. 六

Drake: Don’t touch me, don’t touch me, don’t touch me.

六 Drake goes out of his way to avoid getting more than 5 feet from every homeless person around. After a few moments, Drake walks up to a young, blonde woman that’s handing out slices of turkey. The Blonde Woman immediately backs away a few feet as Drake nonchalantly steps up to the counter and leans in towards her. 六

Drake: I’ve traveled from the distant land of Canada to live as a true American, and you know what? Guns are simply not enough. I want the full experience. I’ve informed my compatriots that I’m coming here to feed these poor, unwashed cretins for Thanksgiving. No, no, no - there’s no need to pay me. A simple “Thank you” is all I need… And your number.

Blonde Woman: Oh man, uh, Gus! Gus, we’ve got another streaker!

Man’s Voice in the Distance (Presumably Gus): SHOULD WE GIVE HIM SOME CLOTHES OR JUST CALL THE POLICE?

Blonde Woman: Well, I don’t think we need the Police yet! He’s at least wearing underwear!

Drake: Close, but I’m not a streaker. I’m a Professional Wrestler. A celebrity. I’ve come here to--

Blonde Woman: Says he’s a “Professional Wrestler”, Gus!


Blonde Woman: Sir, are you a Professional Wrestler or do you just THINK--

Drake: Listen here, you stupid bi--Look--I’m not homeless. I’m a paid athlete. I’m a part of the most dominant group in professional wrestling today.

Blonde Woman: I know a little bit about wrestling, is there anyone you’ve faced that I might know?

Drake: Well, uhm, you see, there’s… Look, I’m not good with remembering the names of people not in Hexa-gun. There’s…. There’s… There’s Mr. DEDEDE! I remember him! And…. The Pizza Boy… And Mexican Samurai…

Blonde Woman: Uh…. What company is this?

Drake: Well, we’re not really a part of the company, but the place we’re waging our war at is called “Elite Answers Wrestling”.

Blonde Woman: “Answers”? What’s that mean?

Drake: Well, nobody really knows.

六 The Blonde Woman stares at Drake with a blank expression for several seconds as neither one speaks. 六

Blonde Woman: Yeah, Gus, go ahead and call the cops!

Drake: Don’t you touch that fucking phone, Gus!


Blonde Woman: It’s the homeless guy I’m talking about!

Drake: I’m not fucking homeless!

六 A Middle-Aged Homeless Man steps in front of Drake. 六

Middle-Aged Homeless Man: Ma’am, I’ve been waiting for my turkey for 5 minutes.

Drake: Get the fuck out of here, street rat!

六 Drake swats at the Homeless Man, who angrily backs away and out of sight. 六

Blonde Woman: Hey, hey, you can’t talk to him like that! He’s a human too!


Blonde Woman: I wasn’t talking to you, Gus!

六 Drake slams his fist down on the counter as the Blonde Woman jumps, startled. 六

Drake: Shut the fuck up, Gus! You too! In fact, ALL of you, shut the fuck up!

六 The Soup Kitchen goes silent as everyone’s attention is now directed at Drake, who grabs a piece of turkey in front of him and takes a bite, but immediately spits it out and throws the remainder of it onto the floor. 六

Drake: I’ve always hated turkey. Always too dry.

六 Drake looks up from the floored piece of turkey and scans the room as everyone continues to look at him. 六

Drake: Problem? Oh, you didn’t like that, did you? Food is a rarity for you people, isn’t it?

六 Drake stomps down on the piece of turkey and kicks it out of his way as he walks around the room to look at the various homeless people about him. 六

Drake: Makes you mad, doesn’t it? Makes you angry? You wanna hurt me for that? You want to beat the shit out of me for wasting that precious, precious food, don’t you?

六 Drake stops in the center of the room. 六

Drake: But you’re not. You’re NOT gonna hurt me, now are you? You’re all desperate, pathetic, disgusting wastes of space that society forgot about a long time ago, but not even knowing all of that is enough to push you to the brink of something like assaulting me. I don’t need to show you what kind of shape I’m in. I don’t need to brag to you about the heinous and cruel things I’ve done to people that have fucked with me. I don’t even need to tell you all about the group I’m with that would come together and leave every single one of you clinging to life without even batting an eyelash! I don’t need to do any of that! You know why that is?

六 Drake leans in to stare at the homeless people nearby him, but quickly backs away, gagging at the smell of them. 六

Drake: Give me a second… Okay, you know why that is? It’s because you’re all shattered little people, and I don’t mean the good kind either. I’m not talking about someone who’s lost everything and with nothing left to lose, they’ll do anything. What I mean is that you’ve lost everything and more, and that includes your fucking spines. You’re all meager little failures that are grateful to just keep living this miserable existence, if only by a single, thin thread. You’ve fought your battles in life, and not only did you lose, but you were castrated of your dignities and raped of all your pride! It baffles me why anyone would take time out of their lives to feed you when you’re already dead! You’re nothing but husks that haven’t withered away! You were chewed up and spat out by life and now you’re just doing what you can to stay out of its way while you starve in the morning, eat whatever morsels of food you can get your filthy hands from people better and above you during the day, cry yourselves to sleep at night in your boxes, and then start it all over again the next day! You don’t get to hate me for that piece of turkey, and you know why? Because that piece of turkey was more valuable than any of your lives! I should be the angry one here, because it should be all of YOU that I spit out, stomp on, and kick away! That single piece of turkey served a purpose by having its life taken from it and turned into food for others to gain nourishment from, but YOU? YOU! All you people do is take. You take oxygen, you take space, and you take food that doesn’t belong to you. You’re sub-humans that forgot what it’s like to have any kind of drive - any sort of ambition to make yourselves even the smallest shred of use to humanity. People like you are why Hexa-gun exists. 


Drake: Hexa-gun is ambition, Gus! Hexa-gun is the spine in the back of professional wrestling! The light at the end of the tunnel! Because while a once thriving company called “Extreme Answers Wrestling” was being fucked and pillaged by certain individuals, NOBODY was stepping up to the plate to put a stop to it and return the company back to where it belonged! Nobody had the balls to take just ONE man! ONE man that stood in the center of all the chaos just like I stand before you cowards - and just like you cowards, every man and woman that inhabited that company were just grateful to keep living another day and let him go on with his business until it became their own problem! That’s all it was! They sat on their asses and they waited and they waited until it became their OWN problem! Until that same jackass pushed his luck and fucked with an entire brand, and only THEN did someone say “Hey, this just isn’t working out…”, and even THEN - EVEN THEN - those people weren’t there to bring the World they knew back to its original state! They just wanted to be out from under one Dictatorship so they could start their own! People look at Hexa-gun and they scowl at us and spit at us and throw garbage at us and tell us we’re just a bunch of bullies that came out of the woodwork to steal a little bit of that power for ourselves, and those very same people are the ones that are sent falling to their knees and begging - no, PLEADING - for mercy! Those people are the same that we beat down and we defeat in battle after battle after battle until they’ve given up and moved on to something else to stroke their precious little egos and piss their pissing contests and hide away from the big bad wolves that came to hunt them down like the pigs they are! People look at Y2Impact and the Heart Break Gal and question why they would bring in a man like Drake Jaeger or Luzmala - why they would recruit rookies like Tiberius Jones and Eris LeCava. You know why? Because the six of us are the only ones with the balls to take back that pathetic husk back to its original body and make it what it was meant to be: Asskicking. Take no names. Beat the hell out of whoever’s in front of ya! That is EXTREME! THAT is the jungle we thrive in and THAT is what we will take back! So while you people let the World eat you and leave you broken and beaten and bleeding out until you breath your last pitiful breathes… An Army of Six is all that’s needed to stand up, take a man like Zack Crash, and literally murder him in front of millions of people watching around the World!

六 Drake stands up on a nearby table and stomps at the hands of any homeless people that are too close to him. 六

Drake: They say an animal that knows when it’s time is up will walk straight towards its death, whether it realizes it or not! You take three men: Luzmala, Y2Impact, and Drake Jaeger, and you put them up against the head of the snake, Zack Crash, some low-level henchman like Clark Duncan, and George Lopez, who doesn’t even like either man he’s teamed up with, and you’ve got a recipe for destruction! You’ve got a concoction for an usurping! I’ve been waiting for this day since I first stepped foot onto this soiled ground and I’m gonna cherish every single second I spend kicking the ever-loving shit out of Zack Crash, and then I’m gonna curbstomp his boyfriend, Duncan, and then I’m gonna snap TLA’s neck because I’m not too fond of him! For far too fucking long, Hexa-gun has been looked at like we’re a ship without a direction to sail in and I believe it’s time to throw down an anchor, jump down, and raid this fucking place! Not here, but, you know, the company. I DIGRESS! Just like you’ve all sat here in silence with your food growing cold and the cops possibly on their way - you looking at me as if I’m the bad guy! As if I’m the wrong one! As if I’m here to ruin everything! You, just like every person in EAW, and every person in Dynasty Wrestling needs to realize that it was all fucking ruined LONG before we came along! We’re the ones fixing it! Zack Crash had the balls to tell ME that this is career suicide? He’s walking into a REAL fucking suicide come Dynasty!

六 Drake hops down from the table. 六

Drake: Fuck you. See ya for Christmas.

六 Drake regains his composure, adjusts his black trenchcoat, and saunters off, back out the doors from wince he entered as everyone looks on. After a few moments, the homeless folk go back to eating their Thanksgiving meals and the workers go back to serving food. 六

HBG: So after everything I've said, after every point that I've made, the one thing that you chose to pay attention to are the oh-so violent words that I have thrown at you, thinking for one second that you're so goddamn special and you actually caught my attention, when you were the one who threw the first shot... Were you not expecting me to respond?

Right, you're new here. I forgot.

Today's Thanksgiving and I plan on spending it with my partner Y2Impact. There's a small possibility that we'll have a Hexa-gun Thanksgiving party too, maybe I can have Tiberius Jones invite the J Dynasty crew, or maybe House Vendetta can come over so I can catch up with Kendra Shamez, but that really completely depends whether or not they'd all be up for it. I don't like to pressure anybody. I'd like to make everything as relaxed as possible seeing as this is a day where we should remember the things we are thankful for. I'm thankful that the gods are kind and have decided to place an individual like me into this world, who is not only overflowing with one of a kind wrestling talent, who is not only better than everyone else, but has also been blessed with a nice posture, a ridiculously attractive appearance and the sound of perfection every time she speaks. I'm also thankful for my useless family back in Dallas, or Chicago, or wherever the fuck they are now, because I guess I haven't forgotten that they exist too! I am thankful for my sweet Y2Impact who has always been so kind to me almost three years into our partnership, in which he has never failed to rise to the occasion when we make sweet love in 23 different rooms in the Mercenary Lair, who held my hand and told me one day that we were coming back to EAW to kick some ass and win the Unified Tag Team Championships, as we have done in two other wrestling federations before that and for devising elaborate schemes that led us to forming Hexa-gun. I am thankful for a lot of things. I am thankful to be alive. I am thankful for the opportunity of being scheduled on Dynasty Wrestling, and this day in particular makes me feel good about the things I am thankful for. 

Then upon waking up this morning, trying to endure all those wasted few minutes of my life thinking that maybe Cloud Matsuda has actually said something that would make me think twice about taking her lightly, but as it turns out, every fucking thing that she says, every attempt to clown around, every dumb picture showing off her nauseating butterface is just too fucking cringeworthy to even stomach, and it makes it difficult for me to enjoy this day without my brain almost exploding from listening to 20 minutes of complete shitfest straight out of her mouth. 

Nobody knows that you're known as a Sky Princess. Nobody cares how important you think you are to be stating your dumb opinions on matters that never in a million years that pea brain of yours will ever understand. Now, I've seen a lot of people like you. People who think that things are what they seem, that things are all black and white, that they have the right to an opinion and insist on sticking their nose where it's not supposed to be, atttempting to make some changes without doing any research only because she thinks she is useful to EAW and people would actually take her seriously. But did you know that EAW doesn't really follow the status quo that other wrestling federations promote? EAW doesn't get in line. EAW crosses the line, or at least, it used to do that until our Chairman today decided it was just too much and his version of taking control of the company meant he had to destroy everything that once made it great. And do you know who I am? I am the Heart Break Gal. I am a Hall of Famer. Leader of Hexa-gun. People can hate me for being a master manipulator, or an opportunist throwing my opponents around in battle, making them feel like they're in control, placing them in a false sense of security so I can rob them blind when they think they're safe and happy, but no one can deny I have carved a reputation from it that will never be forgotten. I am a sadistic snake. I am a very lovely opportunist. And those aren't just titles I have named myself, like how you call yourself a "Sky Princess" despite being a high flier with zero sense of royalty, they define me. Now, given that, is it really still a question as to why I still choose to compete in 2015? Being in the Hall of Fame never means that it's the end of the line and people are just remembering you for what you have done, it's the recognition you get for being one of the greats to ever step in this company. I have passion in this business that just doesn't go away, there are things that I haven't done that I intend to do, Championships that I want so badly to win, more history-making reigns and I can bet you that if you ask people like Mr. DEDEDE, or Y2Impact, or Jaywalker the same questions, you're only going to get the same answers. I'm not afraid of being forgotten, or being known only as my beautiful real name Claudia. I'm not afraid of my legacy, or my Hall of Fame ring being snatched right out of my hands. I've stopped being afraid of anything the moment I came back to EAW just before Pain for Pride... Because I understand that being afraid never helps in your ambitions, it only opens a big door, the pathway to your demise. That's why I keep getting stronger. That's why I'm champion.

And that's why after this match, which I can tell is pretty much the highlight of your career so far, I can bet you 100 bucks you'll still talk about how you fought bravely against the Heart Break Gal, and lived to tell the tale even after the fact that you lost, while I'll just brush it off to the side and move on to the next challenge like it's just another day. Don't put yourself on display or talk a big game so early in your career, Cloud, because people like me, people like Eris, will take pleasure in reminding you of what you truly are, as what your words to us have been -- complete and utter garbage.

Now let's move on to this boring, one-dimensional, suicidal, self-loathing cunt who doesn't ever fail bumming everyone out with her mere presence -- Haruna Sakazaki.

Name one... JUST ONE INSTANCE when I said that the Vixens Division was a mistake. Quote me anytime in any show, or any video, where I said that I regret ever being part of it. Now, Cailin Dillon doesn't seem to be the type to gossip, so I'm just going to assume that you're the idiotic one around here who assumes that everything she hears from another person's mouth that she happened to misinterpret as an accepted truth is correct because she just doesn't know any better. And I forgive you, Haruna, because I know how it gets you depressed when there's some kind of unfinished business and I don't exactly want to see you dead in your hotel room bathtub slitting your wrists because of something I said, and a ghost of you following me around at that, but if you ever compare me to Cameron again, I won't be so forgiving next time. I would like to clarify that I have nothing against the Vixens Division, as a matter of fact, I think the Vixens Division is the most colorful place in this company where women of diverse personalities go in the ring and fight other women. I like the idea of it. I like that you are able to stand on your own enough to have two Vixen-exclusive Championships and hold a tournament. And no matter how far I go in my wrestling career, no matter how many elitists I face, I still know where I come from. And that's the Vixens Division.

My problem? Watching incompetent, self-important tryhards like you and Cloud Matsuda running around feeling so fucking entitled, and thinking that you deserve all the glory in the world for the mere fact that you exist. I get that you have beaten Cameron Ella Ava. I get that you have beaten... Pretty much other Vixens in the span of your career, but the fact of the matter is, you still let opportunity after opportunity slip through your fingers, and they had to make tournaments and new Championships just to please people like you who cry and whine about her losses and just about everything. And after you won the Specialist Championship, people still don't give a shit. You're still nothing important, nothing people should fear. You stay dormant, you stay uninteresting, be it in your words or your actions, refusing change, refusing to improve, because apparently, that's just not how you roll. At least Eris LeCava is openly upgrading her standing. At least she is capable of becoming wise, doing the smart thing and taking the Vixens Championship to herself on her first try at it no matter the motivation, and joining Hexa-gun without blinking an eye. People like Cloud Matsuda can joke about her being a second-placer, people like you can point out how nobody wants her as Champion... But at least it has become very apparent that people talk about her, that people actually are envious of the tremendous amount of success that she's had in the short time of her career... And it eats you up inside watching people like myself and Eris flaunt our gold to your faces, gold people actually want and pay attention to, gold that you wish you had a shot at by joining pitiful Empress and Tag Tournaments to no avail, while forced to face your miserable existence, keeping it together, inevitably falling victim to the leader of Hexa-gun and its newest addition, accepting the fact that nobody cares about anything you do. 

People don't see you as a serious threat anymore? 

Bitch, don't act like you were ever a threat.
[The camera turns onto the night sky, while some stars shine others become blocked by clouds, the moon hangs above and leaves blow in the chilling wind. Jaywalker stands arm’s crossed, with Ammit Jones who sits in their field breathing the air and observing the constellations while playing with the grass.]

Ammit: Within the vast cosmos our earth is but a tiny speck of rock, a concept my furthest of ancestors did not have the resources to know, and one my closer one’s would not have wanted to pass down onto us as we honoured Gaia and found kinship with our fellow beasts on earth. The stars, the sun, and the moon, they were symbols of untold power and mystery best left unchecked as we became one with the surroundings much nearer to, and understood by, us. I would say that the study of the cosmos is one of the only truly redeeming qualities brought forth by the ways of modern civilization, to make us closer to understanding new qualities of the nature around us. Of course people do not look to outer space with proper cause, some look to it and see a way to exploit it, others look to it grimly with dejection over how they perceive it to make this planet, and therefore everyone on it, insignificant. When in truth, significance is a matter of choice, just as you can fathom that our earth being wiped out would mean little to the universe at large, it can be said that many grand things happening across the stars have little importance to us as stars cease to be while we continue to walk on. It’s a matter of accepting that everything has purpose, to realize if you put your energy and attention on even the most smallest of things it can become all that encompasses your life.

Reflected much in kind here, EAW could be seen as a very small portion of our cause of enriching the world and providing example of taking care of various ecosystems, but here in EAW it is not important what we do elsewhere, all that matters is our mission here. My brother serves his purpose, and so does our chosen champion Jaywalker. My brother, while perceived as more capricious and susceptible to greed than us, still preforms his job at bringing extreme back to these lands to restore EAW to it’s true nature, while Jaywalker selectively culls the undesirables who inhabit this overpopulated roster. When you see Jaywalker you should not simply look to him as a man, but as a bringer of extinction and the correction of the food chain in EAW. Men who live beyond what they provide to EAW, parasites that take far more than they’ll ever give, all must come to the realization that sooner or later they will be met with a visit from the winged chimera, the first and last calamity of EAW. Tyler Parker is such a man who has met such a fate, and while he clings to life counting his victories, the forces of nature still move on forward. Gloating to have overcome Jaywalker is like gloating about living on another day in the face of death, it matters not because eventually you are caught and the job is done. If Tyler Parker believes there is any joy for him to have, he has simply not come to grips with the perpetual hunt that is out for his throat.

The zoo keepers of EAW, with no regard for the wellbeing of their prized merchandize, have decided that to put on a show they’ll place my beast once more inside one of their cages to face off their tamed animals in what you people call the Elimination Chamber. I’m sure for every other member of the elimination chamber the additions of Tyler Parker and Jaywalker were shifts in the paradigm, two men who have already been proven to be victorious in such an environment have been placed inside the confines of that cage where the rest know only defeat, or have never been inside at all. It is a dark omen for them, to know Jaywalker and Tyler Parker know what it takes to come out on top within that domain. Still, while Jaywalker and Tyler Parker both walked out of that chamber victorious, only one of them has been liberated from the daily coddling of this zoo, Tyler Parker since his chamber simply walked back into the hands of his keepers to be fed his weekly pieces of served meat, while Jaywalker learned the ways of the wild and his instincts have been honed. These lesser beasts pitted against my own do not have the killer instinct and drive to harm that is necessary to do true damage inside that chamber, for make no mistake, Jaywalker has little interest in obtaining gold, but simply accepts this opportunity to be locked inside a place where the number of prey is high and they have nowhere to run!

Yes you are all forced to stray too close to a black hole, and you shall be pulled in to face the savage contents that inhabit the fabric of this force you see before you. Much as the stars themselves can be swallowed whole, the superstars of EAW so too can, and will, be consumed.

[Jaywalker unfolds his arms and points to the camera.]

Jaywalker: Brian Daniels…..Tyler Parker, on Dynasty Wrestling you will have an up close and personal teaser for what is to come at Road to Redemption, while Carlos, Rhaegar and the pup Tig Kelly will have the honour of bearing witness to the calamity long before they make their choice for if they’ll decide to stand against me or due to the sight of your broken spirits decide not to attend the grand event to come so they can avoid me at all costs.  

Carlos at least has the proverbial hair on his chest, while sweet Kelly and the other little one have barely grown their first tooth in EAW, let alone been in the hell of the Elimination Chamber, let alone wrestled with me.  Try to be courteous with this fact even for you two being such as you are, keep your muffled screams, your downcast eyes, and bruised egos to a minimum of visibility after I get my hands on you, you wouldn’t want to scare the children so long before the big fight.

[Jaywalker smiles a malicious grin and extends his arm out wide as the camera fades to black.]
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.:Dynasty Wrestling #2:.

Packages upon packages. Some are still snug in their EAW Giftz wrapping paper where others are completely bare. The bare packages with the plastic coverings glisten with the light as they lay on the floor of a rugged apartment. The room in which they’re in is emphasized as the walls are covered with Hexa-Gun posters. Suddenly, the harsh sound of paper being ripped is heard.
The room is dark and paper being ripped to shreds is the only sound in the room. Finally, an old-worn out light bulb flickers as it turns on. Eris is shown on her knees, analyzing package after package. Tears are running down her eyes as she quickly wipes them away. Her red, irritated eyes move from left to right. She grabs a package and holds it up near her face as she sighs.
Eris: A limited edition HBG action figure from 2008. God, I remember this! My aunt Lydia gave me this for my birthday. She always knew that I loved EAW and had the idea that HBG was my favorite Vixen. To think that I have the opportunity to work with one of the best wrestler’s to step foot in any ring. To think I can talk to this majestic being on a day to day basis now. My ticket to HBG was completely throwing away any ethical morals I had out of the window! Why didn’t I do this before?
Eris smiles as she carefully places the box in a pile of other neatly placed packages. Eris goes on to the next box and is disgusted.
Eris: What the?
She quickly stands up with the box in her hand and runs to her kitchen. Eris grabs a knife and sits in her kitchen table, filled with grime and trash. The top of the package is roughly opened as Eris sticks the knife underneath. She takes out the action figure inside and quickly detaches it from the box. The camera shows an old, state of the art, limited edition Haruna Sakazaki action figure.
Eris: Oh god, I remember this one. I went to a wrestling convention in Japan back in 2013. I walked through the entire place just to look for this fucking trash. I used to visit the EAW Rumorz page a lot and heard about this grand foreign wrestler that was in talks about joining EAW. When I finally got to the booth I was looking for I was greatly disappointed. I guess disappointment is a reoccurring theme in Haruna’s existence. (Eris chuckles.) I waited in line for what seemed to be forever with my action figure closely snug in my arms. I finally got to the front of the line and saw Haruna Sakazaki as tears started to fill my eyes. Then what happened? (Eris gets closer to the action figure) Then what happened?? Hmm? Oh, you know EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED! Don’t try to look at me for answers because you were a witness! Oh, okay fine! I’ll tell the story; Ms. Haruna decided to end her meet and greet signing then and there. She didn’t even take a moment to see that I was waiting in line for her stupid fucking signature. She didn’t even care that I was completely fan-girling and crying because I got to see her in person. She didn’t take her fans feelings in consideration for Christ’s sake! And now look at how the tables have turned. Now I’ll be the one making Haruna cry like a little bitch because I know deep down inside she envies me. I know that everyone on the Vixen’s roster envies me but I know for a fact that it makes Haruna’s blood boil whenever she sees me being glorified for doing something that the she couldn’t do. I know that Haruna tried her very best to beat Tarah. Time after time, disappointment after disappointment. Her first year here that she describes as a very “consistent” year I describe as a year full of failures. They even had to make another title to fit her special needs. But then all of a sudden, this “newbie” came out of nowhere and stole her spotlight. But just for clarification, an issue that Haruna has on a day to day basis, I didn’t steal anyone’s spot. I slowly worked my way to the top of the tier and took the opportunity to establish myself as one of the greatest Vixens in the roster when I had my chance. Are you really going to be angry with me by doing something that every Vixen wishes to do in their career? But right, you’re angry because HARUNA isn’t the name that is at the tip of everyone’s tongues. You’re not the one who is frequently mentioned on social media, you’re not the one who was named Vixen of the week and you’re SURE AS HELL not the Vixen’s Champion. Wow, so selfish. And I’M supposed to be seen as the bad guy? Please. Joining Hexa-Gun was going to happen regardless if I was champion or not. The moment I was offered the chance to work with HBG I didn’t even think twice. You don’t know what it’s like to have an idol, someone you admire dearly because you’re too busy having your head up your ass.
Eris pops “Haruna’s” head off and with some tape, attaches it to the action figure’s rear.
Eris: Now, that’s a better representation of the Specialist Champion.
She then tosses the action figure to a nearby trashcan. Eris laughs as she slowly reaches her hand in the pocket of her large jacket. She takes out her trusty HBG action figure that is now visibly shown as worn out and old.
Eris: Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you! Listen, I know that for you, it seems as if things are taking a turn for the worse. I know you’ve always been a woman of your word and you’ve warned me about getting ahead of myself and accepting irrational deals. But trust me, this will help us both! You didn’t expect me to side with these smug Vixens, did you? The moment I joined with Hexa-Gun their true colors showed in a vibrant context. Look at Cloud, for example, before joining Hexa-Gun or even before being crowned as the Vixen’s Champion, she was friendly. She even talked to me backstage about her Chibi-Eris action figure. I thought of her as a friendly acquaintance at one point. Then the moment I decided to take my career on a different route she completely turned on me! She has the audacity imply that SHE should’ve been the one to get the shot at the Vixens championship? Cloud HAS to be joking. I know that she has to partner up with Haruna but damn, I didn’t think Haruna’s bitching would rub off on her. If I was in Cloud’s spot, I would take the high route and congratulate the champion for her hard efforts. I mean, everyone can agree that I almost died because I was ALMOST shocked to death in our fucking match. Cloud can say that she beat Maddie fair and square but did she have an electric rode shoved up her ass during the match? Maybe on other occasions but it’s completely idiotic to compare her match against Maddie to my match against Maddie. But what more can I expect of some dumb fucking try hard who tries her very damn best to get over with the entire EAW universe? What more can I expect of this bitch who embodies everything I hate about Vixens? Vixens who flaunt their sexuality any time they can in order to get themselves trending. All of the Vixens should be thankful that the Vixens championship is finally in good hands. I’m taking this championship places it’s never been. I’m taking a huge risk by associating myself with Hexa-Gun because they’re known for being ruthless beings who have absolutely no remorse for any actions they take. However, everyone has yet to see that I, too, have no mercy on people like Haruna and Cloud. I’m glad our match is going to be extreme rules because I will do anything in my power to make those two bitches bleed. Haruna and Cloud will walk into Dynasty but they’ll have to be carried out REGARDLESS of the outcome of the match. I’m ready to impress my dear HBG and I will do everything I can in order to show her why I’m the best choice of Hexa-Gun…

Eris’ voice slowly quiets down as she stares at her HBG action figure. The action figure she carried all throughout her time in EAW. A visual representation of her well-doing in EAW before her time with Hexa-Gun. Eris walks towards a special cabinet and places her HBG action figure inside. She places it softly in a cloth and closes the cabinet with a lock. The camera then fades to black. 
Dear Diary,

We failed to advance to the next round of the tag team tournament. Yes, we failed. not I failed or she failed. I also take responsible for that defeat last week. I am the one who took the pinfall, why I have to runaway from my responsibility? I promised to my tag partner to do my best in that match and going for the victory but it looks like my effort is not enough. weep, this partnership would never work at the first place, everyone knows that. I don't want to have another tag team career again. The reason why I have to walk in separate path with Jade is because I want to climb the top all by myself. I don't even bother to make my way in this place if I still enjoy my run as a tag team. I should be ended up following Jade everywhere she goes if I don't want to find my charm as a single wrestler. But yes, the reason of why I'm here is not because I want to build another tag team with somebody else. I came here for my own path and I don't want to share it with anybody.

And then, why they are keep booking me as a part of that Sexy Curry team week after week.... what kind of team is that, we don't have a chance to change that shitty name, we don't have a chance to choose our own partner, I feel like somebody is controlling my own path. No, I don't want that. I walk in this path with my own feet and I don'y want anybody controlling me from behind. I've made my decision to face it all by myself and not to go in a another team reign but why they make things become so difficult? All I want to do is to go straight forward with or without a partner but they keep forcing me to have a partner and make me walking together with a person I don't really know well. Hey, I spent my career as a tag team, and I know the essential of having a great team. The most important thing of a team is commitment. We have to commit each other to walk together side-by-side and it's obviously coming from our very own will, not by force. Now see, not either me or Matsud shared that commitment. Both of us have our very own commitment and that commitment is not to build this damn team. This time will never work, even Matsuda aware of it. If she has a chance to switch her own partner to Ariana, I will be more than happy to let it go.

Still, I don't want to face another week with a constant defeat. I already lost this week and I don't want to face another defeat. I am a professional who never put my personal problem in the middle of the match. I always bring my best shot everytime I step inside that ring... well, at least starts from now. I will put aside of my problem because I don't want to be involved in any kind of "drama" back there. I try so hard not to be involved in it, well, I am a tryhard after all.... But still, that doesn't stop me to take a step forward. I do it becauce that is the only way to keep myself focused on every battle. I have my own mission to accomplish and I believe so does Matsuda. So each and every battle this "Sexy Curry" team, both Matsuda and myself have each commitment to face those matches. But none of that is to commit ourselves to fight as a team. I know, deep inside her heart, Matsuda still want that belt... She's going to do anything to grab it even if she has to put her own partner down, which is me. Then once again, We have to do it like it or not, we don't have another choice.

And yes, another week another Sexy Curry action. it's inevitable, after all.... and we're about to face the high and mighty Hexa-gun in our first visit to Dynasty Wrestling. What's a Hexa-gun, anyway? They became a thing and seems like to run this place since the very first beginning of their establishment. Once I know, They dismantling each and every team in this place so easily. One thing that I know, Hexa-gun is such a solid team and easily become an example of one indestructible forces in wrestling history. That is what tag team is all about. They are very hold a commitment to each other and that is what Hexa-gun is strong. Yes, I know what they are made of. and differend with them, our so-called "team" built by force and it's completely walking in complete dissaray. We're not even having an exact same vision to build this team. There's only one same reason we both share. Is the willing to win the match, that's it. Nothing more and nothing less.... and that should be enough, I hope.

So, this Friday we're going to face one-third of them. We're going to face the ladies of Hexa-gun, the co-leader miss Claudia Michaels, also known as Heart Break Gal and the latest addition of the group, none other than the current EAW Vixen's Champion of the world miss Eris LeCava herself. let's begin with her first.... it looks like Eris' reign as the Vixens Champion is such an unwanted reign. People doesn't like her to hold that championship and thinks that she won that belt only to impress HBG and also as a ticket to join the Hexa-gun. Well, she is an unwanted champion.... but before there was Eris LeCava, there was Haruna Sakazaki, the unwanted Specialist Championship. Because of me, people look at that belt as a gift of my consistency of one-year nonstop career in this place. I became one of the best vixens in this business and I've been easily forgotten because of some new vixen overtake my spot. They were expecting me to be a champion and now, after the new vixens-exclusive belt has been revealed and it turns out that I am the inaugural champion for that, the big and shiny gold transformed into some sort of consolation prize for me to stop crying and whining. It's a different story if that belt falls to everyone in that match but me, especially if Cailin comes out as a winner of that belt. The pride of that belt will raise instantly, meanwhile they will drop my morale to the core. Thinking that I can't even get the consolation prize for my own effort. But you know what? I don't care, I am the inaugural Specialist Champion right now and it doesn't stop me to fight. I will still look forward even with or without any golden belt on my waist. This is because of my great commitment to keep fighting in this business.... I love wrestling more than my short idol career, I love wrestling more than my gravure model career and obviously, I love wrestling more than I love title belts. Wrestling has been become a heart and soul of me and I want to keep fighting for that. So, Eris.... you went from zero to hero and you make yourself to be a zero once again and you're trying to make yourself a hero once again by joining Hexa-gun. I never beat you. even I always believe that you are so easy to beat. I almost got you at our last encounter if that Lumen Gray didn't messed up. and this time, this time you won't get away from me.... even with your current status as Vixens Champion and the new Hexa-gun member, I am going to finish off my business by beating you by my own hands.

Next up, we have the vixen that everyone set their eyes on her. Everyone in that backstage can't stop talking about Heart Break Gal. She's no doubt the best vixen amongst the current vixens roster, hey I admit that. Even I didn't know much about her, I still admit that. Cailin talks a lot about her and told me how hard she is to be beaten. I admit Cailin is such a good wrestler and she found a difficulty to beat Heart Break Gal.... I wonder how strong she is. After this match has been announced, I can't sleep thinking of what plan I should use to take this lady down. After one night, I realized something.... at the beginning of my arrival in this place, I beat another vixen legend, Cameron Ella Ava and I beat her not only once, but twice..... So, what am I afraid of? Why I have to be afraid to step my feet inside that ring with a legend like Heart Break Gal if I was once there before. Plus, I am now in the state where I used to be. Right now, I am as ready as I am on my first month of my EAW career to take down every obstacle. Cameron Ella Ava was my obstacle on my path and I've done my job to put her away. then why I have to be afraid of facing HBG? Plus, I heard from Cailin that HBG was once telling that the Vixens Division is a mistake. She was once mocking the division where she begins her career in. She's a grumpy old lady who is like a peanut who forgot its own shell. She's a vixen who forgot where she belongs and that kind of vixen is absolutely unforgiveable! When Friday comes, I will finish what Cailin can't do, I will beat HBG and defend the pride of the Vixens division even if people didn't see me as a serious threat anymore! I do it for myself and I do this to accomplish my own mission. I will go through the strongest force in EAW right now in Hexa-gun and I promise myself to come back in one piece.

This will be an extreme rules match, which means there will be blood. There will be a lot of it.... I'm not scared of having my own face dripping in blood. I was experiencing it before I came here so I know how it's like. and of course, I was experiencing of how I make my opponent bleed and give some pain in that kind of match. I know what am I going to do and they won't believe this lady who doesn't look tough like me is very good at tearing people out from limb to limb. I have no personal vendetta with Hexa-gun, I admit they really did a great job to make their name big and even the biggest of them all right now. But as I said, I am a professional. I will destroy everyone on my path with no fear even if that is Hexa-gun, the most fearsome group in this planet. I am so ready, and I hope Matsuda is ready as well.... I want to win this match, and I hope she has a willingness of winning as much as I do. As for tomorrow, I will continue my training as I am going to make this match everyone will remember. That's a promise!

Sincerely yours,

Haruna Sakazaki.
Dynasty Promo #2

“Try Harder”

“And at Dynasty Wrestling, in an Extreme Rules match where Hexa-gun plays, make no mistake, you will bleed, you will suffer, and you will rethink your decisions and regret the day you ever spoke ill of me.”

(Cloud and Ariana Lopez stare at the computer, munching on potato chips. The two are dressed in pajamas, staying in for the night at Ariana’s place in LA. Cloud is wearing glasses while Ariana has on a black and gold robe.)

Ariana: Looks like you pissed someone off.

Cloud: (grins) Good. I want her and Eris to come at Haruna and I with everything they got.

Ariana: Sometimes I wonder whether you have a death wish or not.

Cloud: (stretches and yawns) I’m surprised they’re feeding me to the wolves this early. In an Extreme Rules match no less.

Ariana: Someone in management either loves you or hates your guts. I’ll lean towards the latter since you’re dealing with Hexagun.

Cloud: Are you worried?

Ariana: Not really. I’m confident you’ll come back to me in one piece. If there’s one thing you and Haruna share is that you’re both too stubborn to die. (kisses Cloud on the cheek) Goodnight, and try not to stay up too late. We’re going to my aunt’s for Thanksgiving, followed by your mother’s in San Diego.

Cloud: Alright.

(Matsuda watches her lover go into the bedroom before she turns on the webcam to address her opponents this coming Friday.)

Judging by your reaction Ms. Gal, it looks like I got your attention. Before I address the matter of you and I, let’s discuss about Eris for a moment. This whole spiel about how nobody wants Eris to be champion, or how she got no respect, I don’t want to hear it. She got a title opportunity from placing second in a tournament. Now correct me if I’m wrong, doesn’t second place means you still lose? So her number one contendership was essentially a hand me down. Meanwhile, I beat Maddie clean, no gimmicks needed, just pure skill. If anything, Eris LaCava s the luckiest Vixen in this industry right now...at least until Tarah comes back. I’m sure as far as she’s concerned both Maddie and Eris are just transitional champions until she comes back to claim what’s hers. Then, I’ll make my move to claim what’s mine.

“You try too hard to sound smart.”

I am smart. I have the hipster glasses to prove it too.


As for me being daring, they call me The Sky Princess for a reason sweets. I take the right risks at the right time, and make it count. The shots I take at you, this “war of words” is just part of the business, our very “Circle of Life”: You work your way to the top only to find someone wants your spot. That someone takes it, and you fade into the shadows, with only your legacy to inspire others to surpass you. Speaking of which, you became a Hall of Famer in 2011. I’m very curious to as why you still feel the need to compete in 2015. You’re like Michael Jordan when he joined the Wizards, it’s like “dude, why?” Are you afraid we’ll forget about you HBG? Are you afraid that one day you’ll wake up and people will just only know you as Claudia? Or maybe all of those backstage services just wasn’t enough to get a permanent manager’s position. Now that everything’s become clear to me, it seems like this little Hexagun group is more like a midlife crisis. (long sigh) It’s okay Ms. Gal, I understand. Even Old Yeller didn’t know it was his time. Don’t worry, I’ll put you out of your misery. You’ll feel like you’re on “cloud nine”. Ha! Get it?

Sometimes I even amaze myself.

But all joking aside, I CAN and WILL break you Heart Break Gal. As for that “depressed” partner of mine, she’s going to break your clone’s pretty little face. Yeah, yeah I know, “you’ve heard it all before”, and next I’m going to say “but it’s different this time!”, la-la-la and all that jazz. This is not a cartoon Mrs. Impact and HBG Jr. This is your life...and in two days (checks her watch) oops, after midnight! Ahem, TOMORROW the two of you are going to hurt. A kendo stick to the head, chair to the back, the very chains you’re known for wrapped around your neck, HBG. As for Eris, Sakazaki-san is going take your own action figure and stick it up where the sun will never shine. Which quite honestly, it should. Eris, you are looking a little pale these days. Maybe you’re wondering how long will you be able to keep that belt around your waist. Is that why you ran to Hexagun? To hide behind mommy? Mommy’s not going to save you. Sexy Curry’s going to have our way with you both, and all the rest of your poor excuse for a Power Ranger team will have no choice but to watch Hexa-Pink and Hexa-Yellow get their asses handed to them. By the way, in Japan we call them Super Sentai. Nerd Fact. Also, if you’re trying to scare me with your threats, you ought to try harder. This coming from a tryhard such as myself.

Well, let’s see...I threatened to hurt you both, I responded to at least one of your comments, replied with a couple of snide remarks, and added a dash of comedic flair. I think we’re done here ladies. This feels good...getting all that aggression out there in the air. Quite honestly, I don’t have anything against Hexagun. I kind of dig the whole ‘us against the world’ anti-establishment thing you guys got going on. Reminds me of one of those activist groups back in my college days. It just so happens booking us in the same match means Hexagun is in my way. And after my losing in the first round, I am angry. Happy for my friends, but losing is never fun. But, it’s a lesson, just like life. The lesson being a friendly reminder that you can always use lemons to make Hexagade. Hmm, or would it be Hexaade? Maybe I should trademark it just to piss you off even more. You’re going to make me bleed yes, but I have something special in store for you…

(Takes out a cat o’ nine tails and kisses it.)

Stay frosty Hexarangers. Bang bang.

(points at the screen and does a shooting gesture.)
Dynasty Promo #2

PicPerfectMichaels has uploaded a video:

(Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" plays in the background)

Announcer: " IT's the Shout-Out Show, and now here your host, Picture Perfect Mark Michaelsss!!!!!"

Michaels strolls into the scene dressed sharply in his Hugo Boss "Jaxon" style dress shirt under his "Aeris" style sport jacket, and the whole ensemble capped off by his million dollar grin, and of course his Gucci gold rimmed Aviator sunglasses.

Michaels: "My dear followers welcome once again to the hottest, world wide trending talk show across all of social media, welcome to the Shout-Out show.  Now before we catch you up with everything you need to know about Dynasty, I wanted to take a moment to talk about what I am thankful for this year. It's not the fact that I am the most popular competitor on Dynasty.  It's not that I am the greatest professional wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots.  No, what I am most thankful for this year followers, is you.  I am thankful for the fact, that the thing you are most thankful for is me, your Social Media Champion.  So with that out of the way, let get down to business, here's what you need to know!

Michaels: "In our top story tonight, we found out last Friday that both Jaywalker, and Tyler Parker will both compete in the Elimination Chamber for The World Heavyweight Championship, at Road to Redemption.  All I got to say is that if those two didn't have anything to be thankful for before, they sure should now.  These two guys gave a hell of a performance at House Of Glass, but they've been kinda quite since then.  And now suddenly they get thrown into A world title match just because.  I tell you followers there is something very wrong, when the most popular man in the entire sport, isn't at least thought of when it comes time to pick challengers in a championship match.

"In Other news EAW Vixens Champion Eris Lecava, shocked the world On Dynasty when during that MX-13 live segment she low blowed John Conning, and became the newest member of Hexa-gun.  First I would like to take this opportunity to say that this would have never happened if the powers that be, had chosen to do a live edition of The Shout-Out Show to close Dynasty.  It just goes to show you how much of a bit rate production MX-13 is.  If they would have called upon me, and my staff, there would have never been any issues with security, we would have made sure that both the guest of the sure, as well as Mr. Conning were protected.  Now as far as Hexa-Gun is concerned, I have to say that while they did make a good choice in recruiting the Vixens Champion, they passed up a great one by not even bothering to make me an offer to join with them.  I mean think about what I bring to the table guys, not only would you instantly gain the support of my Millions, upon millions of followers.  You would finally be able to change your stable name from that goofy Hexa-Gun bull crap, to aa much more refined, and dignified Hepta-Gun.  Just think about guys.

And now it's the time you've all been waiting for, it our Worldwide Trending moment..."

The sound of someone knocking on a door interrupts Michaels.

Michaels: "(mock surprised voice"  I wonder who that could be?" 

T.J. Yoder walks in to the shot dressed in a "There's no such thing, as better that Perfect!" T-shirt. 

Michaels: "Well look who we have here.  It's none other than the president of my Social Media team, T.J. Yoder!  Now T.J.  I want to congratulate you, because you have become the first official guest on The Shout-Out Show.  Let me ask you, how does it feel to know that my Millions of followers the whole world round get to see you right now?"

T.J. Can't help but to smile perhaps partly from nerves, perhaps partly from the sense that Michaels must be a big deal if he has his own show.

T.J.: "It feels cool."

Michaels: "you're damn right it's cool.  Now T.J., Tomorrow is thanksgiving, and I am sure you have a lot to be thankful for.  Aside from the fact that you'll be eating the best Organic Turkey that money can buy, I heard a rumor that today you got a brand new pair of Beats headphones, an Elite version Xbox One, and a Brand new IPad, is that true T.J. ?"

T.J.: "Yes."

Michaels: "And who was it that bought you all that cool stuff?  Was it your Grandparents?"

T.J.: "No."

Michaels: "Was it your mom?"

T.J.: "No."

Michaels: "Was it, you lazy, jealous, troll of a father, Trent Yoder?"

T.J.: "No."

Michaels: "Well then who was it Hmm?  Who would be so kind, and cool, and awesome to just give you all this amazing stuff even though it's not your birthday, or Christmas, or Chanukah,  or even Chinese New Year. Who is it T.J., the world is dying to know from you directly."

T.J.: "It was you Mark!"

Michaels: "Oh yeah, it was me, your Hashtag Hero who is letting you see how people who actually matter treat their kids.  But you know what, I've got one last thing to give you, for this Thanksgiving, I want to tell all my followers to go right now and follow @T.J.PicPerfectFan on all your social media accounts right after we're done with this show.  Congrats T.J., you are now the Second most popular star across all of social media."

Michaels stretches out his had towards T.J., who in turn slaps him five.

Michaels: "Hey buddy, why don't you go online right now, and check to see how many new followers I've gotten in the last fifteen minuets?" 

T.J.: "Okay!"

T.J. rushes off screen eagerly.  Michaels Waits until he's left the room to speak.

Michaels: " (Looking off camera)It's amazing what a few trinkets can buy a man.  (Returning his focus to the camera) Anyways, it's now time for our Worldwide Trending Moment Of The Week!"

A clip of Michaels low blowing Trent Yoder, followed by Trent assaulting Dynasty Security, and subsequently getting suspended airs.

Michaels: "In what was a long overdue decision, John Conning finally did the right thing and suspended That chrome dome, good for nothing, failure is his middle name, son of a bitch Trent Yoder, after he assaulted me, and several members of the Dynasty Staff.  Now while I do thank Mister Conning for sending Trent back to Trailer Town, I will say that if were up to me, which it should be, Trent would be fined the full amount of his contract and suspended until the end of time!  Well at least my followers can rest easy, knowing that I'll be able to focus entirely on beating Rhaegar's ass without the worry of Trent showing up, and getting his ass whipped again.

Now as for Rhaegar, I hope you don't get too distracted by Tig Kelly hanging around to forget that you are stepping into the ring with the embodiment of Perfection.  The man whose strength, speed, stamina, and technique are matched by none.  The man whose god given gifts, and unequaled work ethic, has earned him the love, and admiration of people from around the world.  And it's those who recognize my greatness, that I allow to be called my followers.  And they in turn have bestowed upon me the title of Social Media Champion, The Destiny Of Dynasty, The Twitter Trendsetter, The Instagram Icon, and The brightest burning cross over star that EAW will ever know!  So Rhaegar, come this Friday night you might be walking into our match thinking that you're some great Spartan warrior, but even a Spartan can not compete against a Wrestling God.  This Friday night in the Intrust Bank Arena, your Greek ass gets left beaten, broken, and embarrassed about as much as the Chiefs do every Sunday.  I got this one Hashtag in the bag Rhaegar, so Picture That!"

Fade To Black.
[A hospital. The Heart Break Gal is seen walking down the hallway, passing by private rooms and pushing a medical cart with a couple of syringes and small bottles of drugs atop. She wore a plain white top and pencil skirt, with matching white heels, white stockings and a nurse cap that has a red cross printed on it. She was a nurse. Or at least she's pretending like it]

Heart Break Gal: Now, where is that room?

[HBG starts to hum a tune, naturally. A slow one. She keeps on walking until she stops at room 410 "Rodrik H. Gunn" the tag says. H. Gunn, as in Hexa-gun?]

Heart Break Gal: Heh, good one.

[She slowly turns the doorknob and opens the door. She starts to speak with such sadness]

Heart Break Gal: Oh my... what have they done to you? 

[HBG looks at the Burned Man, of course, with bandages around his face and a blanket over his body, which is also wrapped in bandages. He was still breathing, but slow. He was kept hydrated and medicated through his IV, it seems he finds it difficult to move. He slowly turns his head to the side and sees HBG standing there]

Heart Break Gal: It's painful isn't it? A soldier can carelessly recite "No guts, no glory" or "Leave no men behind" as many times as required, until they are actually out to war and face the harships and injuries that go with the battlefield, then you'll actually see who has enough guts and willpower to act on these tough words. Through this pain and test of well-being that The Burned Man has been put through, he remains loyal to Hexa-gun. He bravely gave his all, in order to help our cause of dismantling five individuals who, let's be honest, were doomed to lose to us anyway, falling into their own trap because of their own miscalculations. Do you regret these actions?

The Burned Man: ...

Heart Break Gal: Good, you shouldn't. Because of your sacrifices and the greatness that each of our members have displayed in the ring at Shock Value, Hexa-gun only got stronger. Hexa-gun only got better and more driven to set all the distractions aside and target the root cause of the misery of this company, the Chairman himself, and his ugly henchmen disguised as wrestlers who do nothing but praise his good name to advance their individual careers. What better time to address the issue than now? I finished an errand at Dynasty Wrestling and offered Eris Lecava to join the team, to which she has accepted. I have done my best to make sure that the ship is steered in the right direction, where no storm is too dangerous to intervene, and even if it were, it is nothing we couldn't handle. We have already faced every mindless buffoon they've put before us -- simple minds who carry on their backs big dreams, thinking it would be an excellent fucking idea to jumpstart their going-nowhere careers at our expense. Every team that attempted to kill our spirit and put an end to our cause were sent packing their bags and forget they even tried. Every little group who undermined us and threatened physical assault in an extreme rules match, or any kind of match for that matter, have realized that they can't beat us in this game, and were forced to live the rest of their careers in shame of such pathetic attempt while others to this day are still in denial. And we laugh at their misery. We laugh at their shame. We ignore the hatred and the criticisms because we know that we are better than them in every way, and there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it. 

[HBG sighs. And she looks at the camera.]

Heart Break Gal: You think you can take down my comrades? We'll just rise up and bash your faces onto the concrete floor like you're nothing but a plaything. You think you can tear us apart? We'll just show you that there's nothing that can ever make us question the bond and loyalty that we have for one another. You think you can take one member out of the picture? We'll just get more. It doesn't take a genius to know that if there's part of a machine that has been damaged, the best course of action to take is to replace it. I'm not saying that Hexa-gun members are merely replaceable, I simply respect every individual's weaknesses, and I acknowledge that there are times when things could go awry. For every fierce battle, casualties can never be avoided. And that's where Eris LeCava comes in. Isn't it quite nice how a few months ago, that sweet darling Eris was just a directionless little girl who spent her time getting beat up by mean guys like Chuck Scene? And all the while she singlehandedly dismantled her competition whether it be in the Empress Tournament, or her undefeated streak going into the Specialist Championship match. She may not have received the approval of other Vixens, but it's plain to see that she has won the hearts of young girls aspiring to be great wrestlers. But what does she get for the deed? What does she get for standing up for the Vixens, and not letting a man say what a woman can and can't do in this company? No Championships. No recognition. Nothing that says anyone truly appreciates what she has done for the Vixens Division. Nothing but even more hatred, and now envy, from her peers. People say that her getting fed up was on me, but Eris had already woken up long before and acknowledged that the only way to get what you want is through ruthless agression and ignoring the calls and the boos of the crowd, and she would never let another opportunity slip through her fingers again and that's why she became Vixens Champion. And now that she has joined Hexa-gun, now that she has gone rogue, people suddenly get shaken and doubt her integrity as if they have any right to question her decision or convince her that she's choosing wrong. Who the fuck do people think they are? I'm the only one who truly understands Eris. I'm the only one who gets how she is. And that's how I know that I can place my full confidence in her as part of Hexa-gun, and feel assured knowing she will never disappoint. This Friday will mark our first match as a team, and being off medication, make no mistake she will be violence-driven, her killer instinct will be intensified, and she will not be satisfied by anything less than a victory.

Don't you just love it? 

[The camera follows HBG walking to the side of The Burned Man's hospital bed where the IV is placed. She takes a syringe from her medical cart, it seems to have clear liquid in its tube. She looks at the camera again.]

Heart Break Gal: You try too damn hard in your sharpest way to give me such nice praises mixed with your own snide remarks, backed with misinformation and filled with your own version of events on what my career was like. HBG co-captains through her career. HBG is too used to being a partner. What's that supposed to do, Cloud? Hurt me? You try too hard to sound smart. You try too hard to sound daring, attacking whatever it is that you think makes me so insecure, bringing up the Heart Break Boy at that, like it's supposed to mean anything to me. God this is even more revolutionary than Brett Kennedy calling Y2Impact by his first name that one time! So fuckin' personal! So hurtful! I'm so infuriated! I'm already shaking in fear thinking about how the striker Cloud fucking Matsuda can overpower me and catch me off-guard, and actually pull a fast one just cause she got in my head, oh! I wish someone would wake me up from this nightmare! This is just terrifying!

[HBG chuckles]

Heart Break Gal: What, Cloud? Is that it? Such a blooming career you got there with limitless possibilities, and you choose to spend it being a melodramatic bitch crying in the corner wallowing about how just any name in this company can one-up you, especially after that pathetic performance in the first round of the Tag Team Tournament. You convince every goddamn face in this company that its not really that big a deal. You praise your friends that supposedly have your back at all times, assuring them that the Tag Team Championship and getting your first title win means absolutely nothing to you, and that you're completely okay getting your ass beat provided you think that it's not really your fault that your partner spends too much time covering her ears, literally falling silent from all the sorrowful words that might haunt her dreams after a heated argument with Cailin Dillon, instead of actually trying to be taken seriously as a partner. And now, you're giving every single one of your viewers the impression that you have no other purpose in this match-up this Friday than to vent your frustrations and let out all your anger after being eliminated in this Tag Team Tournament faster than the entirety of Madison Kaline's Vixens Championship reign, after coming out of a downright laughable match involving two moronic Japanese girls with a stupid senseless uninspired tag team name, a shifty-eyed bitch who stopped being relevant right after she was crowned the Empress of Elite, and a 6'8" man who happens to have every mental disability in the DSM IV, and somehow you actually expected it to be a fair fight, something that you never expected to lose so much that it surprises you and you just decide to take it out on us... Are you fucking kidding me? 

Let me make one thing perfectly clear to you, you fucking tryhard -- anything a piece of shit wrestler like you says means absolutely nothing to me especially if she hasn't done anything noteworthy in her career and just feeds off her "6-year experience" in the wrestling business and nothing else. I am not going to listen to a hypocritical little bitch who calls me out for being in teams, and choosing to be "co-captain" of the very group that has sent EAW and Dynasty Wrestling crumbling by going against their rules and doing as we please, while she herself is intending to win the Tag Team Championships. Nothing you say to me now, I haven't heard before. No litttle comment of yours can ever get to me. Because I like being co-leader, Cloud. I like being part of The Mercenaries and I absolutely love being part of Hexa-gun. I like the fact that people put so much trust in my strengths that they prefer to overlook my attitude problems for the sake of being able to say they're my partner. I like destroying my opponents and taking down everyone in our paths, in events big or small, because everyone knows that it's what I'm good at. I have proven that on more than one occasion, FPV after FPV, I'm unstoppable. I know it's difficult to find a place for yourself in this big company, Cloud, where there's only a few hundred fans that actually know you exist because of the fact that you are nothing but an easily replaceable afterthought, but it doesn't mean that you have the right to just throw around sheer stupidity hoping someone would be kind enough to listen. I don't answer to people like you who can't look beyond hiding in the back of a bigger, stronger partner as a reason for teaming, because unlike your sluggish partner, I actually make contributions to make the team work. I'm sorry that you caught Haruna's depression, Cloud. Please don't kill yourself. I'd like my competition alive so I can be the one to throw them in the trash myself, because that's just where you belong with all the bullshit you're spewing to me and Eris. And at Dynasty Wrestling, in an Extreme Rules match where Hexa-gun plays, make no mistake, you will bleed, you will suffer, and you will rethink your decisions and regret the day you ever spoke ill of me. 

[HBG turns her attention back to the Burned Man, still with the syringe in hand]

Heart Break Gal: I don't want to prolong your suffering anymore, Burned Man. I have to do this now. I hope you die peacefully, I promise to have you cremated because I know that's what you'd want. It was nice knowing you.

[HBG then plants the needle of the syringe in the IV with an expressionless face]

..: What are you doing?!?

[HBG was startled right before she pushed the liquid drug into the IV through the syringe. Y2Impact just stepped in the half-opened door. He was dressed as a doctor, to complement HBG's nurse outfit]

Heart Break Gal: Mercy killing? 

Y2Impact: That's not cool, partner. You can't "mercy kill" The Burned Man, you can't kill him period! He's not even under life support. He just suffered some skin burns from the match, and he's officially out of competition, but his condition is stable and he won't die.

Heart Break Gal: He isn't? Well I... did not know that. (scoffs) Wow, this is super embarrassing. Sorry about that, Burned Man. And sorry... uh, Dr. Y2Impact.

Y2Impact: Just here to save lives.

Heart Break Gal: I suppose we should get going. Tons of things to prepare for, for Dynasty. Another night of Hexa-gun. We'll let you know how it goes, Burned Man!

[HBG grabs Y2Impact's hand and opens the door to exit, and they hear the Burned Man suddenly make a sound. They both turn their heads to him]

The Burned Man: Burn Them All.

Y2Impact: That, we will.

[HBG and Y2Impact walk out of the room, as nurse and doctor, keeping in mind The Burned Man's words. End of Scene]
[The following was recorded a few hours prior]

Clark is seen at a local parish in Wichita, sitting in the back row of pews. He seems to be aware the camera is present, but refuses to acknowledge it by turning around, instead he begins a prayer.

Dear Lord, why do good things happen to bad people and bad things to good people? Don't answer that. I know why. I'm here to pray to you, not for anything special, simply to convey some thoughts to a higher being.

Clark shuffles in the seat but finds a comfortable spot and continues.

I want one thing from you. Give me the power of Marcia and Frederick Duncan, as well as Regina and Barnaby Freeman. My grandparents were the smartest and wisest people I knew. They taught me everything I know and gave me invaluable advice and life lessons. I appear to be at a time in my life where I need something extra to drag me through the situation I find myself in. This is surely not too much to ask. Amen.

Clark jumps up, slings his hood over his head and walks out with his head down, still refusing to look at the camera.

[The recording has ended, cue the present]

Clark is seen sitting in a chair in the corner of his Wichita hotel room.

I'm not even a praying man, but earlier today, I needed a moment to do something I haven't done in years. It seems to me I'm about to enter the most challenging part of my time in EAW to date. If that is case, I need all the help I can get. I'm not going to curl up in a ball and die. I have no fear. People like Hexagun don't scare me. I don't like to dwell on the past. My failures from previous events don't scar me. Instead, any memories I do have of prior shortcomings give me a welcome boost of passion.

I haven't really faced anyone or anything like Hexagun before. A group unified for whatever God damn reason. Honestly, I couldn't care less. Apart from the fact that they attacked me as part of some hit on Zack Crash last week, or just to make their present felt, I don't have a reason to dislike these guys. For all I know, they could be good people. I do know they have been running rampant across EAW and Dynasty Wrestling, doing as they please because nobody can and has stopped them. Until now, that is.

I'm sure guys like Luzmala and Y2Impact are very happy with their situation. Imagine how easy life must be to have five others holding your hand and watching your back. If only we could all be so lucky. Generally, when people hang out in packs like Hexagun do, I see it as a 'strength in numbers' kind of thing. The only person who seemingly has my back at the moment is Zack Crash, and while that helps, he himself has many enemies that want to take him down, so being associated with him just leaves me vulnerable as a target. Dynasty proved exactly that. Then, on top of all that, I need to work with a guy that cost me the opportunity of a lifetime at Shock Value and thinks the New Breed Championship is actually his. Meanwhile, we have to somehow coexist so that Hexagun don't hand our arses to us for the second week in a row. I don't know about TLA or Crash, but if I can avoid that fate, I will genuinely do anything I possibly can. 

Clark gets up from the chair and steps out on the balcony and looks across at the view then continues to speak.

Luzmala's seemingly got nothing to say to me or TLA, but has a clear distaste for Zack Crash. He wants to label us random competitors though. That doesn't sit right with me. When you get labelled as a nobody, it doesn't feel good. The reason Zack and I have been seen together a lot lately is because I'm very similar to him. We're both very interested in the idea of operating like businessmen, but we're also very happy to get in the ring and fight for whatever we want. I'm no mindless follower with bad decision making. In fact, I believe myself to be the opposite. I understand why Zack Crash does everything he does. I support his ideas and actions. He's tried to strip Dynasty Wrestling of my New Breed title, hence TLA's involvement in all of this. When we're done on Dynasty, I'm heading over to my own show in Voltage and making sure I get the New Breed title back.

I'm well aware of how guys like Y2Impact operate. They enjoy being bold and saying whatever they hell they want because they know a majority of people they enter into a war of words with simply won't  come close to them. I have no intentions of dissing Y2Impact. It does me no good. Should I provoke him once more and cause him to further degrade me? I'm not so foolish. He sees me as some guy that is too big for his boots, yet a pawn in Zack Crash's game. I'm neither. I could go on to explain the Shock Value incident for the millionth time, but going on about it has been pointless in previous instances, so I choose not to revisit it. So as cliche as it may be, I'll simply make Y2Impact eat his words. I'm ready prove him wrong. Not just him through, everybody that believes Clark Duncan just hasn't got what it takes. I'm better than guys like Nick Angel and Carson Ramsay and yet it seems like I'm not. This is all TLA's fault. I mean, I could take onus for not seeing the attack coming, but most times, you never quite know when an ambush would happen and simply least expected it to happen when it did. I suppose revenge for what I did on the Dynasty before Shock Value was in order.

Nevertheless, I'm willing to put any beef I have with TLA aside to make sure Hexagun are temporarily silenced. The extreme rules match we have will allow for a no holds barred fight where nobody should and will leave anything left. There's a clear rivalry here. I'm not simply fighting for Zack Crash but for me because I want a win, I want to be known as somebody who has beaten Hexagun, or at least a few of their members. No challenge is too big.

Clark is seen letting out a bit of a smirk as the camera fades.
Post on November 25th 2015, 4:11 am by St. Anger
CASE FILE 32340: November 24th, 2015, 03:19 – A student from Trenton Central High School, 17-year-old Arnold Rockefeller, and his girlfriend, 16-year-old Jennifer Lang, were found dead at the scene of a crash on Northwestern Street and Main. According to those who had last seen Rockefeller and Lang, the two of them were headed home from a party where alcohol was being supplied. Rockefeller, according to some of the students he went to school with, was widely considered a heavy drinker, but oftentimes “showed no signs of drunkenness.” Rockefeller left the party around 02:45, just about fifteen minutes before the crash. According to immediate investigation, Rockefeller hit a parked car at approximately fifty miles per hour before having the car flipped and Lang ejected from the car. Both passengers were killed immediately on impact. Police arrived several minutes later to the scene and will update the case file as information accumulates.
The scene opens to a woman lying face down on the ground about forty yards away from an overturned vehicle. The car parked next to the overturned car has its alarm sounding repeatedly, waking the neighborhood in the middle of the night after the crash. A man wearing a pressed suit walks up to the car door, his legs inches away from the smashed windows. A body hangs upside down from the driver’s seat and is unresponsive. The man reaches out and puts his hand on the tire, stopping it from its slow spin. His face is not shown.
Voice: So many times people believe that they are the exception to rules, that their own ability transcends that of average human capability. We see it time and time again: a teenager has too many drinks and still gets behind the wheel of a car he shouldn’t be driving, a man with chest pains refuses to call for an ambulance because he wants to finish watching the football game, a competitor believes that they are unbeatable, that they can never meet their match. And in each of these instances, those people are wrong. They are wrong about their own ability. They are wrong about their own limits. And each of them will be greeted by La Muerte in one form or another because they were too naïve to know when to draw the line, when to count their losses and wait in the wings until they can recover. In retrospect, it all seems simple. You’ll see headlines and support groups clamoring about how these two teenagers had futures that were so bright, their parents grieving and speaking for the dead by saying that they wouldn’t repeat the mistake if they were given another chance. It’s laughable to listen to statements like that. We hear about it all the time in our industry—people from Team DCW and Iconomy and every other team that stepped up to us that sooner or later realized that they had met their match and wouldn’t make the same mistake of crossing us again if given the chance. Most of them know to stay out of our way, but others seem to keep looking for trouble.
For some strange reason, we are simplified to be some generic group of rebels that only cause devastation because we have the power to do it, because we’ve got the personnel, because we have three champions, and most of all because we have direction in our efforts, cohesiveness. It is this misinterpretation of what we are that makes guys like Zack Crash lump us into every other obstacle he has had to go around. Crash seems to think of himself as some pioneer in the political world—the rebel disguised in a suit and tie, attending meetings and sticking his nose in business ventures he honestly has no reason being in. What he chooses to do with his time behind closed doors is not of any concern of mine, but when he comes to us and tries to extinguish us like he has people in the past, he insults the power that fuels our team and the power that fuels me. La Muerte isn’t just some ominous character lurking in the background that I keep talking about. She is very much real and she is the puppeteer that moves me through fate as she does with you. But while I’ve accepted it, you’ve turned your back to her, ignored her and claimed to be some immortal figure. Unbeatable is what you call yourself. But you’re not unbeatable. You’re a scared, slimy politician that’s willing to hide behind two random competitors in order to ensure that there’s at least some possibility where you’ll be able to slip away while Hexa-Gun demolishes everything you claim to your power. You’re just as misguided as the children lying dead in the street. And you will pay your debt to La Muerte in a similar way as they have. You have been warned.
The man walks away from the car and heads over to the girl still lying on the pavement, face down. The man crouches down, his face still not shown as he reaches out with a gentle hand and brushes her hair away from her shoulder. He says nothing and gives little reaction if any before getting to his feet again. The camera does not show his face yet again.
Voice: Don’t think for a moment that Hexa-Gun actually believes that the three of you are going to work cohesively. It’s very obvious that the only person that’s got a problem with us is Zack Crash and it’s all to substantiate his self-evaluation that he is some political powerhouse. But you other two, TLA and Clark Duncan, are being pulled into this because you’ve been just as stupid to trust Crash as this girl was to trust her drunk boyfriend. You both are innocent only up until you choose to get involved, but as soon as you do, you earn your fate from La Muerte. It’s sad too because you can see the potential and the hope in your eyes. You can see that the two of you have shown potential but have clustered yourself around some bad influence—a false prophet, even. And now, despite your potential and despite your positivity, you will pay the same price as the man who drives you. You will be taken and beaten. You will be shown the same merciless treatment given to any other defiant punk that decides to step in front of us. And while what’s left of the humane side of me feels for your situation and your misguiding, La Muerte won’t allow me to pity you.

To rise, you must first burn.
The man continues walking past the girl on the ground, heading into the darkness. As the camera pulls away, the all-black mask of the man is shown from behind. When he is swallowed by the darkness, sirens sound and the screen cuts to black. The first responders call out over the radio to report the death of two young children.
Another show, another resounding statement made by Hexa-gun. Does this sound familiar to everyone? We dismantled our competition yet again at Shock Value, and on this past Dynasty our fortress raised its defenses as EAW's resident Vixens Champion joined the fray and aligned herself with us in what can only be described as an excellent career decision on her part. Ever since our inception, Hexa-gun has prided itself on its astute judgment and all foes who have dared to cross paths with us have lived to regret their mistakes. Naturally, conflict comes with the territory, and of course featherweights acting like heavyweights would try to step to the real prizefighters; it's a smart way to build your brand, trying to associate yourself with the true leaders of this industry to gain fame at our expense. And hey, even if Zack Crash, TLA, and Clark Duncan fail to defeat Hexa-gun, they'll still be able to give themselves a congratulatory pat on the back to celebrate their moral victory against us. It's the same tactic The Iconomy used against us, exploiting our fame knowing the perception of their haphazard misfit militia wouldn't be any worse for wear regardless of the result, and I know as well as anyone how deadly a beast it can be when a wrestler is fighting with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Why do no-name fighters challenge the top-earning boxers? To relish in the public eye and shamelessly decry an opponent whose credentials indicate is far superior to his virtually unknown challenger, and that same logic is being applied here. But wait! Zack Crash, the embattled Chairman of EAW who has ruled with an iron fist since he took over and even recruited me into his regime as Voltage GM while I was physically unable to perform before unceremoniously firing me as General Manager six months ago right as I was on the verge of making my in-ring return, he's in this match! But like the rest of the bottom-rung trash heap groups and wrestlers that have sought to legitimize their careers by defeating us, he's nothing but a glory chaser aspiring to put a decisive exclamation point on his reign as Chairman and immortalize himself in the annals of wrestling history. This smarmy, bungling pretender honestly believes he's the smartest man in the room at any given moment regardless of who surrounds him, and it's exactly that self-assuredness, that conceitedness, that condescending holier-than-thou attitude that has exposed itself at various points in his tenure as a glaring weakness even Crash himself can't avoid, and his inability to patch the gaping hole in the ship will be the reason it sinks. I still find myself trying to find answers to that conundrum from several months back when Crash thought he'd fortified Showdown's security by hiring Hexa-gun as his muscle to protect them from Dynasty's wrath, I still find myself wondering... Did he honestly believe the man who he'd scorned a mere three months prior would sell his soul and happily do business with him after he betrayed me so unabashedly? I'm not the type to let bygones be bygones, I carried a four-year grudge into Pain for Pride 6 before I fought Methuselah in one of the most celebrated spectacles in EAW history, I willingly allow the memories I have of my enemies to pervade my mind and I embrace it as it festers because I know anger is the best motivational tool and it shines through when you once again lock eyes with the man who wronged you and give him a battle he will never forget. I've had an axe to grind and I refuse to deny it because I YEARN for the euphoria that vindication brings me, I pine for it like a child mistakenly separated from his identical twin at birth, and I know that when I feel the aroma inside the arena, when I feel the energy surrounding me and I carry that anger with me, it's my signal to pounce. This may not be a singles match, the conditions may favor Zack Crash in that respect, but the thorn in his side that's plagued him since he was embarrassed at Territorial Invasion will bare its claws at the tyrant and show the world how truly vulnerable he is; I can only hope for Crash's sake that he'll have prepared more reinforcements than Clark and TLA alone -- because that escape path he's counting on will narrow with every passing moment until the Chairman is backed into a corner and he can't do anything but beg.

As for the man Crash will be calling partner in just a few short days, this hasn't been the first time that I've struggled to translate what TLA is saying and it probably won't be the last, but I don't speak Spanish and my grasp on his accent isn't what I'd call firm. I've discerned what seems to be a profanity-laced tirade, but with that being said, maybe it's better that I delegate this case to Luzmala before I lose my footing. Of course, I fancy myself a fairly incisive individual and it'd be completely unbecoming of the competitor within me were I to simply ignore TLA and brush him off to the side, so I'll say this: He's had a hell of a run as New Breed Champion and his brazen intransigence in refusing to relinquish that championship perfectly embodies the warrior within him. But what's stopping him from breaking the glass ceiling? What's preventing TLA from becoming a World Champion in this business? It sure as hell isn't Clark Duncan; that whining ingrate can't even tie his shoes properly without losing focus and getting mauled by a hungry pack of bears, his naivety undoubtedly spelled his demise at Shock Value when TLA stifled his quest for an opportunity at World Championship gold. The fact Clark was ill-prepared for an onslaught from TLA that any prudent elitist would have the foresight to expect suggests he's not championship material, and if his confidence wavers as quickly as misfortune strikes, he isn't mentally fit to be a World Champion. TLA, on the other hand, his talent is in abundance and he's accomplished everything that could reasonably be asked of any champion, but he's a victim of the standards he's set for himself and his devotion to his cause has blinded him from opportunities that would otherwise fall right into his lap. I'd give some roundabout explanation about how he can't possibly trust his teammates as we head into the next Dynasty, and it's probably true, but an uncontrolled variable like that isn't something any member of Hexa-gun would ever be caught dead relying on; and frankly, that accusation has become a little passe and has exhausted its use. Everyone knows Y2Impact is a paragon of style in this industry! I can appreciate both the new wave and the old school, and I suspect that's exactly what drew Eris LeCava to Hexa-gun, but let's be honest with ourselves -- strength exists in numbers, but winning is the greatest advertisement any organization attempting to recruit new talent can offer regardless of philosophy, and it's why envious detractors are stuck on us like a magnet while others have accepted that the wrestling world is being reborn in Hexa-gun's image. Crash waged a war he couldn't win, and of course he's been the beneficiary of the several corrupt decisions he's imposed, but neither him nor his partners have ever faced a unit in the same universe of skill and chemistry; and after he loses on Dynasty and embarrasses himself while looking like a flustered mess in the process yet again, he's going to wish that streak never ended.
Dynasty Promo #1

We open inside "Buffalo Bill's Bison Burgers", a McDonalds knock off that that serves huge portions of Burgers, Fires, and shakes at relatively low prices.  It's not upscale, pretentious, or exclusive in any way, shape, or form, so one might be surprised to find "Picture Perfect" Mark Michaels sitting down at a table with a "Big Bison Combo" placed before him.




Michaels: "Fresh ingredients quality equals you can taste, This Big Bison combo is simply Perfect!" 

Michaels smiles as he takes a bite out of the sandwich. 

Director: "And Cut!"

Michaels quickly spits the food out of his mouth, his friendly smile replaced with nasty scowl 

Michaels: "I told you people I wanted Vegan Mayo on this.  Now I have to steam twice as long to clear all toxins out of my system.  I want you to know that you're all incompetent, lazy, and very rude, except you Juan thank you for following me on social media." 
Michaels is quickly approached by both his agent Johnny J, and Trent Jr. 
Johnny: "That was great Mark, you were fantastic, seeing you makes me want to eat a burger right now." 
Michaels: "Thank you Johnny, it does my heart good whenever you vocalize how highly you think of me." 
 Johnny: "Well you're welcome Mark, but I've been meaning to ask you something.  Word is going around that you cut some kind of deal with that Jay Omen guy.  Mark I gotta know, is he your new agent?" 
 Michaels: "What?! No Johnny, I wouldn't trust Jay Omen to handle cleaning my swimming pool, much less my career.  My guess is any walk about me and him being in cahoots is just a way for him to screw with Trent Yoder, which granted isn't a hard thing to do at all."   
Johnny: "Phew, I was worried there for a minute.  Now lets talk Dynasty, this Friday night you got Rhaegar, let me tell you he's impressive, he's quick, but he also packs a hell of a punch for a guy of his size.  How do you see yourself beating him?" 
Michaels: "Who the hell is Rhaegar?  OH wait I just remembered, He's the guy who goes Greek at men's bathhouses on Saturday nights.  He thinks he's this great warrior, who carries with him the strength of the gods.  Well this Friday night he going to get embarrassed by a wrestling god, live in the flesh." 
Johnny: "So wait, he's fighting Palaestra on Dynasty?" 

Michaels: "(Annoyed) No, he's fighting me, a god not only of wrestling, but of social Media, and pure Perfection.  See Johnny, he might have a ton of physical assets, but just like those three hundred Spartans who died because they never anticipated that their enemy would attack them from behind, he's not too smart.  Let me ask you something, what is the strength of the body when it's compared to the strength of the mind?" 
Michaels gives a quick gesture toward T.J. 
Michaels: "The whole world will get to find out, when that toga wearing moron goes toe to toe with the Hashtag Hero, the Instagram Icon, The Twitter Trendsetter!   and simply put the Brightest Burning Crossover star that EAW has ever known! " 
Michaels rambling is interrupted when T.J. begins to tug on the sleeve of his shirt. 

T.J.: "Excuse me, I'm hungry, can I get some chicken strips please?" 
Michaels: "Why of course not.  You eat from a place like this and your destined to end up a disgusting, out of shape, bald loser like your father." 
T.J.: "But I'm really, really hungry!" 
Michaels: "Well you're going to have to just wait until we find a place that serves free range chicken, and considering that we're in the state of Missouri right now that might take a while.  But hey you can stand to lose a few pounds anyway.     
 T.J. now feeling more dejected than hungry hangs his head low. 

Michaels: "Anyways back to what I was saying.  This Friday night in Kanas City, I'm going to kick Rhaegar's ass all the way back to the Bronze age.  After I get done with him, he'll be praying to Eleos, in the hope that I might take pity on him, and not totally embarrass him in front of Tig Kelly, you know that guy who's holding a belt that Rhaegar thinks he deserves, but it really should be mine.  And don't think I'm not prepared for Tig Kelly either, I haven't forgotten what happened during my debut match here on Dynasty, and if Tig starts sipping on too much Hater-Aid and tries something funny, I'll d to him what I did to J.J. Silva, and leave him laying with nothing to do but stare up at the lights. 
and I can say all this because I am the Destiny of Dynasty, and not Tig, Or Rhaegar, or even that ugly piece of Trailer Trash Trent Yoder Senior, can stand in the way of Destiny.  Because I am Perfection incarnate, and whether they like it or not, they aren't better than perfect.  And after I am done using them as stepping stones on my path to being the face of all Professional Wrestling, They only thing that they'll be able to do, is stand back, and Picture That!"

Michaels rises up out of his chair and heads for the door with Johnny, and T.J. following close behind.

Fade To Black.
Dynasty Promo #1

"Shooting Stars"


Sonny: Welcome back to the Suplex  Kings! I of course am your host Sonny So-Free, and I'm sitting here with Mr. Q, and the one and only Rage The Showstealer! Before the break we were towards the end of our "Battle of the Superkicks" debate. Now, I want to pluck two wrestlers we discussed from that conversation and place them on The Scale!

(Guitar riff plays)

Mr. Q: Let me guess- Cloud Matsuda and Heart Break Gal?

Sonny: Yes. I think you both know where I'm going with this one right?

Rage: Oh yeah. The Corkscrew Shooting Star baby! Cloud 9 vs Interstellar!

Sonny: Now because I've been a HBG fan and because I already know what Mr. Q is going to say, I'm going with The Red Dragon on this one. HBG doesn't perform the finisher often, but when she does, it's executed so perfectly. The quickness also caught so many opponents off guard!

Mr. Q: Yeah, but how many finishers did she go through in her career? The Cloud 9 in some ways is an evolution of her Sky Twister, a move she now performs as a signature. It's usually used as a quick end to a match.

Sonny: Because she takes her damn time with the Cloud 9! Sometimes ending a match is more important than wowing the fans. This is why HBG is the GOAT!

Rage: Cloud does retain a lot of height with her finisher though. With her weight playing a factor, most Vixens under her size couldn't take the velocity of her move.

Mr. Q: Exactly! The Cloud 9 is meant to end opponents!

Sonny: Let's take this beyond the finishers for a second. HBG and Cloud have similar styles, yes?

Rage: Cloud is more strong style than catch wrestling, something HBG has mastered teaming with the likes of HBB and Y2Impact.

Mr. Q: So HBG is the better grappler, but Cloud is the better striker.

Sonny: Add in HBG's experience and we have a winner.

Mr. Q: Cloud has been in the business for six years though.

Sonny: Come on man, you can't compare a bunch of bargain bin indies to the likes of Heart Break Boy, Dark Demon, Kendra Shamez, Cameron Ella Ava, Jay-

Mr. Q: Alright! I get it!

Sonny: Throw in the fact that HBG IS the Queen of Hardcore and you have yourselves a one-sided fight.

Rage: I think Cloud would surprise the hell out of everyone if they were to go at it. Even if she were to lose, it would be one hell of a match.

Sonny: That we can ag-


Aria: Cloud!

(Cloud opens her eyes after Aria had pulled the earbuds from her head. The two are sitting at a table in a steakhouse in downtown Chicago. Seated with them are Brett Kennedy, Haruna Sakazaki, and Mexican Samurai.)

Aria: Were you listening to that damn podcast again?

Brett: Let her be Aria. She's just acting passive-aggressive because we kicked Sexy Curry's ass. Now, they have to pay for this huge juicy ass steak that's in front of me! You two are lucky this place gives free refills for soda!

Aria: Good! More margaritas for me!

(Samurai takes a sip from his bottle of Sapporo and looks at Haruna.)

Samurai: You're footing the WHOLE bill right?

Haruna: (glares) Freeloader.

Samurai: Hey! Demon and I won our match! I'm just saying, all winners should be treated like winners!

Aria: (obviously drunk) What's the matter Cloud? (Poke)

Cloud: (sighs) Nothing...it's nothing.

(Brett looks over at Cloud's phone)

Brett: She was listening to the latest Suplex Kings podcast.

Samurai: The one with comparisons between her and HBG?

Brett: Yep, though I have to say if Sexy Curry couldn't beat Aria and myself, then you can forget about beating The Mercenaries.

(Haruna gets up from the table and leaves.)

Aria: (slaps Brett's arm) Mr. Kennedy!

Brett: What? I'm just being honest. Cloud, you need a new partner. You'll fair better with someone more focused on the match than some fear of losing their title.

Samurai: (gets up) I'll get-

Cloud: (stands) No. I got this.

(Cloud walks outside and catches up to Haruna.)

Cloud: Haruna wait! Th-

Haruna: (somber) They're your friends, not mine. This is your tag team, not mine. That was your loss, not mine. This (pats the Specialist Championship) is my title, not yours. When James Shields gets bored with us, our business will conclude.

(Haruna hails a nearby taxi. Cloud watches with clenched fists as her tag partner gets in and rides off. Her phone vibrates, and she checks it to find the following: Sexy Curry vs Hexagun: Extreme Rules)

Cloud: Fuck! (Kicks a nearby trash can)


First off I want to say congratulations to Aria and Brett for advancing in the tournament. I was a bit out of it last night, but it wasn't because I lost to my friends, but because my 'partner' seemed distracted in our match. Maybe you don't care about Sexy Curry Haruna and personally I get it. You was placed in something that you didn't want to be in the first place. But, I'm still your partner. My loss is your loss. 'They' may not be your friends but they care about you as much as I do. I just hope you don't let the Specialist Championship corrupt you. It seems like lately these titles are turning everyone into their own version of Gollum.

Take Eris LeCava for instance.

I had such high hopes you. You were making strides with yourself, and was going to be the kind of champion young girls could look up to.

Then you exchanged your self-respect for HBG's clit.

I'm still trying to fathom why. Why now Eris? Why sell your soul when you have the world in your hands? Wait, why am I trying to reason with a crazy person? Pills or no pills you're still nuttier than a fruitcake. Let me speak to the more rational one of the Michaels Twins.

Heart Break Gal. HBG the Hall of Famer. HBG the 4-time Vixens champ. HBG the current tag champ. HBG, co-captain of Hexagun, former co-captain of the Heartbreak Band. The Ms. Pac Man to HBB's Pacman. I don't know if there's anything I can really say to someone who's done it all. Someone who co-captains her way to victory, usually accompanied by a bigger, stronger man. I mean for a Player 2 palette swap you've done pretty damn well for yourself.

Regardless if Haruna shows up on not, throwing down with Hexagun will blow off some steam. And hey, if I beat a tag champ and the Vixens champ in the same night, kudos to me huh?

Time to fly.
Have you met mah dawg?

TLA tosses a tennis ball against the wall catching it as it bounces off each time.

Come Steroid Dawg. That’s a good girl. I love mah dawg. This mah dawg that. Mah dawg is very hungry. Starving yo. Needs some of that white meat to satisfy her. There’s a first time for everything though, including being satisfied by white meat.

Steroid Dawg lies in wait on the floor at the feet of TLA as he speaks.

Mah dawg has always been there for me. Mah dawg is the most loyal of dawgs. Such a good dawg that. Mah dawg is the only person I can truly count on. Don’t you agree Steroid Dawg?

Steroid Dawg howls as her muscle mass shakes the entire room from the sheer power.

Now I’m supposed to team up with “Dynasty’s best talent” and the “New Breed Champion” Clark Duncan against Hexa-Gun. But, and that’s the thing you will come to learn about my badass self, is things around me don’t always go the way they was supposed to. They say “TLA you’re fired get the fuck out!” but I’m still here. Zack Crash cancels Dynasty Wrestling but we still here. They say “TLA speak proper English and be a nice little face for Dynasty so the kids can jump up and down” and I say “Yo hablo espanol puta y no voy a ser tu cara.” I ain’t interested in being yo face holmes, it’s too ugly. Not like mah dawg here. You ain’t never seen a sexier bitch than Steroid Dawg. 

Steroid Dawg rolls over revealing the New Breed Championship wrapped around her waist. TLA pats Steroid Dawg lovingly on the belly.

That motherfucking TLA is a real problem yo. I make life more difficult for everyone. Why can’t he just retire yo? Why he gotta keep fightin’ and causin’ shit to break down for all the bosses and take they titles and shit? Why ain’t he gone? It’s real simple amigos. Ain’t nobody stopped me yet. I just keep comin’ back for more like a zombie cuz you ain’t even touched mah brain yet, but I’m eatin’ yours. Cuz I eat away at yo minds, up in yo skull, mindgames like a boss you be callin’ me jefe. Yo and jefe got more than himself to feed.

The belly of Steroid Dawg rumbles in hunger.

Hexa-Gun is the greatest dawg food that money can’t buy. Mah dawg is a hunter, but she needs me now more than ever, and with such loyalty… how can I refuse? Luzmala is such a tasty piece of meat for Steroid Dawg to savor, such carne for mah dawg like she ain’t never tasted before. Or maybe Drake Jaeger? Here’s where we get into that tasty white meat I was talking about earlier. Mah dawg will take her sweet time with yo carcass mah boiiii. Or what about Y2Impact? Nah Steroid Dawg turns her nose up at you ese. You some old ass expired meat… and mah dawg deserves something fresh.

Steroid Dawg rolls back over as she begins to feast on a bloody piece of meat in her bowl.

Hexa-Gun wants to come all up in Dynasty and attack yo boi TLA for no reason. Shit from my perspective, no reason is as good a reason as any. Cuz I know what you want. You want a fight with TLA! You want to go one on one with Dynasty’s realest player and you gonna get exactly what you want! Hexa-Gun… I ain’t got no beef with y’all. I give no fucks about your agenda or whatever you stand for or whatever you’ve been doing lately. Cuz TLA is gonna be yo dealer, and you already gave me my cut… now you gonna get yo drug, you gonna get that fight you want and we gonna share it. Gettin’ high off that fight so high so high but we ain’t got no fear of fallin’. Cuz we soldiers, that’s what Hexa-Gun is. You an army so let Drill Sergeant TLA take all yo asses straight to boot camp. More specifically take yo asses to my boot and leave y’all wrecked worse than a seven year old at summer camp. As for my partners, y’all can like me, y’all can hate me, y’all can lecture me, y’all can rate me, but remember one thing. TLA just don’t give no fucks what you think! Imma do this shit, lone dawg style, stay outta my way, all that shit, but don’t think I’m some brooding loner in the corner. You wanna get friendly Clark? Let’s get friendly amigo. Let’s get friendly all over Hexa-Gun and teach them what happens when you fuck with us and get in my way imma whip yo ass too Clark worse than I would those lame ass MX-13 motherfuckers. I ain’t got time for no bullshit cuz TLA is on the warpath. Just like I say… una vez mas comin’ at y’all straight outta Dynasty… you gonna get lit up with the fire and lil hoppas gonna drop cuz they just can’t hop any higher. But don’t worry yo high to low lil heads about it none… cuz I know someone who’s gonna catch ya.

TLA tosses the tennis ball up in the air as it is caught this time in the locked jaw of Steroid Dawg.

Dynasty Promoz! (Section closed, promo under EAW Promoz!)

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