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 EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.


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EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)
Post on May 24th 2015, 5:29 pm by Guest
Dynasty 5/29/15 – Promo #1

Vance: If I told you that I wasn’t waiting for this moment with bated breath, I’d be lying to you. This week, management has finally deigned me worthy of a shot at the National Elite Championship. A shot I’ve been clamoring for, for weeks now. Many people would put their own spin on my proclamation, trying to pass it off as whining or complaining or being another example of this “era of entitlement” but I will be the first to remind everybody that I was willing to back my talking up every step of the way. Even when I felt it was time after I defeated Jacob Senn, I still allowed the doubters their chance to prove me wrong by putting the former champion Christopher Corrupt in my path. Yet even after such a decisive defeat, I still hear people doubting me; touting that Tiberius Jones is an entirely different beast than either Jacob Senn or Christopher Corrupt. And they would be right… for the most part.

Tiberius, I watched your match at Triple Threat closely. I heard every bit of trash talk that came my way from you. You’d have me believe that I’m caught on a line, like a dumb fish, flailing about for dear life as you pluck me out of the water and cut my head off. But what happens when a fisherman catches something he didn’t mean to? We’ve all seen Jaws by now, haven’t we? Look, Tiberius, I understand you’re honest with yourself, but I want to get one thing straight with you. The EAW National Elite Championship is not your tool to lure prey. It is an accomplishment, symbolizing that one truly deserves to be here in EAW. And there’s no doubt that you deserve to be here and that you’re a worthy champion. But you made the decision to have your throne crafted with bullshit. And you decided to place it down and cast your “bait” in to shark infested waters.

But of course somebody as arrogant as you would believe they have it all under control! That’s what I’m banking on. Do you want to know how I got this undefeated streak, Tiberius? By people thinking they had me all under control, by people writing me off as just another opponent to be defeated. Many men thought God himself came down from the heavens and ordained them as the chosen one to end “the streak” for no greater reason than the fact that they happened to be my opponent for the week, and they thought that somehow constituted “fate.” But I showed them what real fate is; and I showed them that fate is one thing you simply can’t fight.

The reality is, fate is in your own hands, and is yours to do with what you set after. 

But I’m not so dumb as to think I’ve stepped in to the ring with a complete novice, so don’t worry about that Tiberius. I know exactly who I step in to the ring with. On Dynasty, I step in to the ring with a man who has no quarrels about what he does. While I may have had a spiel for Christopher Corrupt about how he has all the talent and ability in the world to be successful without dirty tricks, I know I’m simply wasting my time with you.

I grew up surrounded by this business. This is what I grew up knowing and loving the most, and when it was all taken away from me - like the rest of my freedoms in jail – I came out on the other side seeing that it had decayed. This business that my father gave his life for had been corrupted by a taint. That the competition that I’d grew up loving, had utterly died because men would go about selfish means to attain glory. Men much like your colleague, Jaywalker, who would stifle the skill and hard-work of other great athletes by slitting their throats, because he was so threatened by them. Men such as yourself, who would rob Jacob Senn not only of his eyesight, but try to rob him of his livelihood in the process, rather than simply pointing out the error of his ways. You see people as mere pawns in your sick and twisted game, and it’s that behavior that has brought karma your way in the shape of a big, bad, pissed off wolf.

That’s why I’ve sought you out Tiberius. Yes, my goal this entire time has been the National Elite Championship, but after what you’ve brought upon the sport that I love, it’s become a little more personal than that now. You see, you aim to make a mockery of EAW. You aim to destroy the last bastion of purity this sport has left: the spirit of competition. And you seek to do it through lying, trickery, and thievery, in order to advance some convoluted agenda you seem to think takes precedence over so many others here in EAW who would fight with honor and dignity for a prize worthy enough for such efforts. Over my dead fucking body. 

You can give me all the cocky grins you want. You can make all the plans you want. You can pull the lights, spray mist in my face, you can even have Jaywalker try… TRY to cut my throat, but you’ll fail every damn time. You will always fail at stopping me and my crusade. The simple fact remains that while I am unbeaten, I am not unbeatable. But I will ALWAYS be unstoppable. There is absolutely no amount of planning and trickery that can keep me down for good. Sure, maybe you could send Jaywalker after my throat, but then again how exactly do you kill a force of nature? How do you stab an earthquake in the face? How do you slice a hurricane’s throat? How do you maim a tornado? The simple answer is, you can’t. I may be but a man, but the passion and desire inside of me is as intense as any of those forces which I just described, and it is that same passion that drives me to be the best. It is the desire to be the best that makes me unstoppable.

So come Dynasty, there will be no convincing to change one’s ways. There will be no spirit of competition like I had with Senn or even Corrupt to a certain extent. There will simply be me, coming at you with everything I have and one objective: cracking your skull on the mat. Then once I’m done, I’m taking that National Elite Championship that to you means power over the denizens of Dynasty, and restoring it to what it truly means: Opportunity. And believe me, I’m not doing this just for myself, but for all the people who want that opportunity. I came here to fight the best, and that title will allow me to see exactly who is the best. 

And then the brazen fisherman will be consumed by the sharks he so arrogantly called simple guppies, and the “throne” he’s built himself of deceit and trickery will be swallowed by the ocean. All because he underestimated the power a simple “tool” had over the sharks’ desire to be the most dominant beast in the seven seas.
Brett Kennedy and his camera man Jarvis arrive at the EAW arena, looking at the sights of the venue. As he exits his old 1972 Nova vehicle, Kennedy notices the stern looks he gets from the other roster members. Kennedy realizes that he has to break the ice himself, and takes a folded piece of paper out of his pant pocket. As he unfolds his paper, he and Jarvis start snickering while they look at the unfolded piece of paper. Once they stop laughing, Kennedy turns the paper around to show the other roster members. The paper says 'I'm Brett Kennedy. Kiss my ass!'.

Kennedy: Can you believe these guys, Jarvis? No sense of humor, the blandest ass faces - well, except for the guy with that massive beard. Damn, I would give up my right lung to grow a beard like that.
Anyways, this place does seem nice enough. Brand new shit all around the place. I just hope that our locker room is at least nice. Please, questionably-existent god, do not put me in a locker room with a bunch of generic idiots in black tights.

Kennedy and Jarvis continue walking through the backstage area, and stops right at the Vixens' locker room. He notices a woman walk and stop at his sight. Kennedy gives a small smile to her, in which she replies the same. Kennedy then takes out another folded paper, and quickly unfolds it and shows it to the woman. It reads 'How Much?'. This question is answered by a swift slap across the face of Kennedy.

Kennedy: Christ, woman! You've got quite the hand. Got any other uses for that?
God, that shit stings, Jarvis. Could you get me a soda, and pronto? I'm stupid fucking thirsty. That's what happens when you don't stop at the gas station for snacks!

As Jarvis leaves, Kennedy is encountered by a man in a very nice black suit. Believing him to be a member of EAW administration, Kennedy gives the man a cheque for $25,000.

Kennedy: Yeah, I get it. No referencing of boobs in promos. Fuckin' tell me next time, and we wouldn't be in this predicament. Now, out of my way before I give you another 25k for assaulting an administrator.

The suited man leaves quickly, and Kennedy is left to himself in an empty hallway. There are boxes of equipment around him, as he rests his arms on one of them, flicking a mosquito off of it.

Kennedy: You know, every basic ass rookie would give some kind of 'I've been ready since I was born' kind of ordeal. 'I've been dreaming to be here', 'It won't be long before I'm champ', 'I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my handle and here is my fuckin' spout!'. Me? Well, tough to say. Prior to the commish telling me about this business, I knew nothing about it (Kennedy continues talking as he takes items out of the box he is leaning on. The first item is a state-of-the-art camera). I'm a guy that really doesn't care about businesses or finance, hell, I don't give a flying squirrel's ball sack about 'wrestling etiquette'. I love to wrestle, simple as that. Okay, I like to wrestle, then talk about various things about my opponent as well (Kennedy throws the camera to the ground, then picks up an EAW microphone). I hope that I made things obvious that I have no filter, because these little promo thingys I have to do now won't follow some kind of path, nor will it be nice to the censorship company. I just got fined 25k for talking about boobs. Why in the hell would I get fined about a thing all dudes talk about on a daily basis. What a fuckin' company this EAW is.
Dear questionably-exsistent god, please give me a good fight with some people in this company. Who? I dunno, just someone to bash their face with another face. Hell, I'll fight a chick if I have to in order to get my name out there. Do I deserve my name to be billboarded on a poster, you're damn right. Do I deserve a championship, you're damn right. Do I deserve a lucrative deal with Playgirl? I don't know about that. Anyways, Jesus, just let me have my fun without paying any money, okay?

After Kennedy finishes his 'whatever the fuck that is' prayer, Jarvis returns with a can of Coca-Cola. Kennedy looks at him with disdain.

Kennedy: Jarvis, what did I tell you about Coca-Cola? I told you this thirty five thousand times that we have 2 days left with this RC Cola sponsorship. If he sees me drinking this Coke, I'm losing money. I fucking told you this!

Kennedy gives Jarvis a swift slap across the face, followed by a pinch of the nose. After Jarvis apologizes to Kennedy repeatedly, they walk off screen, with the microphone and camera being zoomed in close up. 
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)
Post on May 23rd 2015, 12:01 am by Guest
Triple Threat Promo
They say that one of the hardest things to do in life is admit when you’re wrong. People allow their pride to get in their way; even when they know they’re in the wrong, their pride forces them to push forward in the wrong direction. Since I’ve taken my first steps in this company, I’ve always had the intention of because the greatest wrestler that has ever graced this business. It was a goal that helped me take another step forward when everything else seemed lost. My second week in this company I walked out and overcame the late, Extreme Enigma; the same week he walked out and beat Y2Impact to become the number one contender to the Answers World Championship. I looked at that as a starting point in my career. Something I could look back at when I found myself struggling and know that I had the potential to do great things in this business. It was funny how quickly I was brought back down to reality when I first made my way off NEO and onto Dynasty. I felt as if I was on top of the world; after four long months I was finally given the opportunity to truly make a name for myself. I had the chance to begin to create a name that would be remembered throughout history forever; I knew that it was going to be a slow process, but I had the patience to slowly chip away at the dream of standing at the top of this business that I had always had. I found myself with the opportunity to stand toe to toe against a man that was only fingertips away from the Answers World Championship. I gave everything that I had; I poured both my heart and my soul into that match; but, when it came to its conclusion, I didn’t find myself standing with my head held high. I gave up. I submitted. I quit; whatever you really want to call it. Now look at us; we’re now on the same level. We’re now on the same playing ground. I’m sure you remember that night, don’t you Starr? You brought me back down to reality. I was no longer a big fish in a small pond; but, instead I was in a brand new world. I went on to almost break your neck and side with Dark Demon. I watched you go to war inside that Extreme Elimination Chamber. I watched you put everything on the line; that Olympic Slam off the top of the chamber; making Y2Impact pass out to that Infamous Ankle Lock of yours. It was nothing short of remarkable. But, even with my alliance with Dark Demon and the war that you both waged against each other; our paths never crossed. The memory of our first match remains imprinted in my mind; almost like it happened yesterday.
I call myself the Best in the World, but slowly I’m starting to lose my claim to it. As I’ve said in the past, I thought that this EAW Championship brought the recognition that I thought that I had earned months prior. The Face of Elite; that’s what Zack Crash calls me. I’m his champion; the champion that EAW needs. He’s willing to do anything he can to make sure that this championship never leaves my shoulder, but when it really comes down to it; I’m far from satisfied. I threw out this challenge for the right to call myself The World Champion of World Champions; but there was so much more behind it. I need this. I need it so much. I always wondered why I plagued with what seems to be an incredible amount of doubt and I could never seem to find the answer. I walked out on Showdown and beat the World Heavyweight Champion, but none of that doubt seemed to vanish. From the moment that I finally grasped onto this EAW Championship, it’s been surrounded by nothing but controversy. From Zack Crash dragging me away when I found myself on the brink of unconsciousness; Y2Impact trying to screw me out of it, resulting in accidentally costing Charlie Scene his chance at become the champion. I was so determined to overcome Y2Impact on Voltage, without controversy; I wanted to walk out of Voltage knowing with every fibre of my body, knowing that I am the EAW Champion because I am undoubtedly the Best Wrestler in the World, but I didn’t. I retained this championship through the help of Zack Crash. I don’t know why he has this need to attempt to protect me; maybe he’s just like everyone else. Maybe he doesn’t believe in Xavier Williams. I’m more motivated than I have ever been. I listened as Y2Impact said that it was quite possible that I’m content with the position that I find myself in and hasn’t been more clearer than I’m not. I need to win this match at Triple Threat. I need this more than anything in the world. I’m going to fight until I cannot fight any longer. I’m not going to quit. I’m not going to give up. I’ve regained something that I feel like I lost; something that drives me forward. At Triple threat, when it’s all said and done; there will be no more doubt. My reign will go on unquestioned. One man is going to walk out of Triple Threat as the best thing this business has to offer and it’s not Tyler Parker nor is it Starr-Stan. It’s going to be the EAW Champion, Xavier Williams.
Loyalty. That’s what this whole thing has been about, from day one. That’s where it all started. Fighting Spirit, right? When Impact decided to bring me in to help gain some momentum in a war he was losing. Impact needed someone by his side he KNEW would be able to take him and the entire Voltage brand to the next level and that’s exactly what I did. The ignorant, blind fans of this sport would believe Fighting Spirit is where this all began but it goes back so much farther than that, so much deeper than that. You see Pain for Pride 6 was the first time I had ever been there. It was my Pain for Pride debut and to this day the only Pain for Pride I have ever been apart of. I walked side by side with Tyler Parker and we put on one of the greatest matches of all time for the tag team titles, and I was on cloud nine. Tyler and I were heading straight to the top, until a swerve in the road came and I was gone. Now let’s talk about loyalty, NOW lets talk about being decent human beings and looking out for each other Impact. The man you just spoke about, Tyler Parker, who is a two time world champion, who you bred and groomed to be the greatest EAW wrestler since yourself, doesn’t know what loyalty is. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT LOYALTY IS. Let’s not forget Impact, you were the one who left me at the Grand Rampage. You were the one who couldn’t stay out of the match, like I had asked time and time again for you to do. You see loyalty only happens with trust and you never trusted me. You never trusted me to beat Xavier Williams, you never trusted me to do anything on my own, which doesn’t make too much sense. You just said it yourself, I was on my own in prison for 18 months, and I came out just fine. I beat Diamond Cage on my own, and I’ll beat you on my own at Triple Threat.

There are two roads you can travel in prison. One is the road less traveled, where people take shit from everyone and become the whipping boy and bitch of the compound, and they get out to do great things. Like the guys Impact were talking about. They “paid their debt to society” and now are sitting on their high horse because they “made a change in their lives.” Then there’s the other road. Now this road here, is the road more often traveled, it’s got more traffic and it’s harder to get through but it’s got great rewards at the end. You see this road is full of fighting, violence, blood and guts, broken bones, gang warfare and tattoos and time in the hole but it’s all a small price to pay for respect. Nobody respects Frank Abagnale, no one respects Kevin Mitnick. They are piss poor examples of thieves that got scared when they went to prison. That’s it. They are cowards. Impact you wanna know if I’m Lennie Small or if I’m Charles Manson? Do I sound like I’m stupid to you? Do I sound like I don’t know what I’m doing here? I know exactly what I’m doing Impact, and you said it all yourself. I am wrecking everything in my path unapologetically, because that’s the way this game is supposed to be played. I am tearing everything down around me and using it as ways to build myself up because that’s how you get ahead here. Only one person can be in the main event of Pain for Pride, only one person can hold the world championship high at the end of the night and only one person can be the greatest wrestler alive and Impact, if that means I have to end careers, or lives, to do that, no one on this roster is safe from me. If that’s being unloyal, you don’t have the first clue as to what loyalty means.
This is the moment we’ve been destining for all week long. Will I let it slip? That is not my intention, but that doesn’t make any promises that we will conquer and people like Venom will fall. Do you know what is so great about me? It isn’t the fact that I am a former King or a former World Champion but it is the fact that I am able to get the job done whenever people like you want to challenge my strength. It is the fact that whenever I lock you into The Catterson Impact, others assume that is all she wrote. I will grab one of you guys, hit you with the Catterson Impact and your head will bounce off the floor like dropping a tennis ball on the concrete. And since you feel obligated to speak on behalf of the Holy Brigades, Venom, I will speak on behalf of Team Daniels to address you whose longing is to exclusively target the man known as Liam Catterson.

Do you want me to show you cruel honesty or do you want me to lie? Do you want the best from me or do you want to believe in a world that is shaped by fiction? To spare you the pain of any deception, I will tell you the truth from my tongue. I didn’t even know you were gone to be honest because the thought before I eliminated you at Grand Rampage was that to me, you were nothing short from nobodies in my eyes and that thought still lingers on today. It is nothing to do with complacency at all; it is to do with the fact that I never approved of your existence. The way life works for me, Venom, is that if you’re hiding in the shadows and not going to emerge, then there is no point taking triumph about sending you into darkness. More to the fact that I am just going to focus on the fact that my opponents for ShowDown have further credibility than you will ever achieve in your entire career…Actually scratch that, all three of you guys could achieve in your entire careers. Are you aware that no matter what you say, the fans, the locker-room, everyone thinks you’re a douchebag that is not going to be remembered compared to me. That is showing my ego a bit but like I said, the brutal honesty should emerge from my current condition tonight so even if it is a little ambitious, I remain realistic. Unlike your team who believes that getting to Brian Daniels is going to be a walk in the park, yet you have identified us as a line-up that is quite the achievers. That is because Brian Daniels has enough brain cells working to identify what his team needs in order to fight for victory. 

What you are stating to me right now is that because I got my vengeance on Ventura means that he had to call his two goons to support him into a response. Ladies and gentlemen, Venom of The Holy Brigades has just established by statement that Ventura is indeed the Theon Greyjoy of EAW and you know what I find that to be? I find that to be pathetic because Ventura was something distinct that would distinguish his talent long ago, a talent that would create attention to others. Did you do something about my return at the Grand Rampage? No, every member of The Holy Brigades got eliminated because of Liam Catterson, so the question of the hour is why are you guys not taking me with severe notice? By the sounds of your dismal speech, you sound as if you’re not trying to sound intimidating and if I have to conquer you guys once more at Triple Threat, I won’t show the element of fear to repeat that. That said, the lack of effort, is not surprising considering you’re twisting who I am to suit your benefits. If you want to keep the ‘impressive’ speech going on, that is fine by me. You’ll just be victim number one under the Catterson Impact if you keep recording your living patterns live for EAW because not one person apart from your ‘allies’ on Team Dubian wants to hear your shoddy opinions. By their applause and their commitment, they want to hear from someone who matters most in EAW. So if this is my final speech before Triple Threat, I want every member on Team Dubian to listen. Consider the fact you guys outclass Team Daniels as much as you believe because a lot of people rise to their own power in fiction. But when the bell rings, you’ll be brought back into realism and what happens if we win? Never for one moment do I confirm our chances favor us, but if the Holy Brigades want me to finish them off prematurely, I will be happy to have them taken care of before the bell even rings. You can play with fire, but who will put out your flames when you to turn ashes thanks to me? I may not be the spearhead of Team Daniels, but I will guarantee that I have a fundamental role to play in this match, in the sense of being your worst nightmares! 
Лев праздники на то, что его.Стервятник налетает в и заканчивает то, что осталось.

(The scene is black with those words in yellow, and as the scene fades in it shows the same words engraved in a wall behind a lion statue. The camera zooms out to show Aren standing with his head bowed, hands rested on a cane fashioned with a lion’s head to the side of the statue. A vulture comes to land by Aren, but as soon as it lands Aren smacks it away with his cane and resumes his stance.)

Has it finally culminated, has it finally ended. Or is it just the beginning of a beautiful and dark war. I mean you could say since the Ares decided to target RAGNAROK it has been nothing but a war, but really if you look at it from a different perspective, it is nothing compared to what is to come next. I mean only the greatest of wars are started by the battles within. RAGNAROK and the House of Vendetta have made EAW our battleground, whether it be on Showdown, Voltage, or even FPVs like Grand Rampage, all have been host to the battles of us. But unlike real battles we have met at a stalemate I could say, obviously Ares might say different, but it was a stalemate. Then RAGNAROK threw what we thought was the trump card, and I will admit, it was foolish to think so. Because even as Lannister and the rest of us were on alert for something to happen during the wedding, we didn’t anticipate what would happen before. Which brings us to this, the reason this battle will ignite a war, the reason that I stand here in the place of a man who was shamelessly ambushed. That reason was because Ares was a brat. He was losing everything he thought was his to Robbie Vendetta’s rightful heir, his sister, Athena Vendetta, and he just lost it. In Russia we would call him избалованный ребенок, which basically means spoiled brat or child. Because I mean what kind of brother would take a knife to his sister’s throat just because she was getting what was rightfully hers. Did it bother you Ares, knowing that all that you worked for was not yours in the first place, did it bother you knowing that Athena was getting what she deserved while you sat back as the less fortunate child. I mean I could get it, but all my sympathy ran out when you couldn’t just accept this fate. It is written Ares, it is only a matter of time before Athena takes her throne, and Lannister joins her, while you wallow in the shadow of your sibling yet again. But then again what a befitting fate for a man who is just trying to gain the acceptance of daddy dearest by taking out the favored child. Sad, pathetic, and something that fits for a false “King of Extreme”. Let us face it Ares you hold as much worth to the name King of Extreme, as you think I do by calling myself a Russian Prince. It is all a delusion, something I love to break down and show the harsh reality, cold and burden for this lost soul.

(Aren looks up and begins to twirl the cane around as he paces back and forth in front of the statue)

But you do speak some truth I have to say. I stand by Lannister’s side, but not like a lost puppy, but like a trusted noble. Unlike you Ares, Lannister aligns himself with people who wouldn’t stab him in the back, people who wouldn’t for their own selfish reasons be a Benedict Arnold to him or anyone on RAGNAROK. Look at your side Ares, you have Norman Hellion, or Peter Hellion, whomever he calls himself at the moment, a man that was once respected in a group and he backstabs one of his associates, just because he was angry. And you have Scott Diamond, who no one has seen or heard of in months, and he’s just in this for himself. The only ones you can trust are your family, excluding the lovely Athena of course, and even then it’s only because you do this in the name of your father the great Robert Vendetta. Yes they swarm around you like a lost bunch just because you are of lineage to the Vendetta name, and that’s it. Hell I’m willing to beat if Kendra wasn’t Mummy Dearest she would have left you a long time ago, and Vino, is just a washed-up man one could say he’s the hermit of the group. And you have a bit of unhealthy relationship with your other Uncle Vic, who well let us face facts here, has fallen from graces so high, he can only stand to align himself with filth. But really who am I to speak as it would just fly over your heads immediately. Because as you and Mummy Dearest Kendra said, I am just a delusional fool, following a man like a sad puppy. It really is disappointing, to see the pot call the kettle black over and over again in this manic tirade. Because for a man, a foolish one like that, to call me delusional is just a scheme amongst us all. What is happening in that brain up there, in that head of yours Ares? Is it so damned on its attempt to try and make the world his that anyone who dares gets in its way he’ll call delusional? Is it so broken that he wishes he had slit his sister’s throat the very chance he got? What is it Ares, because this is not the brain of a “King” no it is the brain of coward, the brain of a fool, the brain of this so called “King of Extreme”.

(Aren stops dead center and taps his cane on the ground four times to a rhythm.)

Do you hear this rhythm this is the sound of a heart, something you Ares do not have? You have cause, you have justification, you have a lot of things Ares, but you don’t have heart. You know who does have heart, because he’s right in front of you. This man you call an annoyance, is really more than that. Hell you see my talent, but you think you’ll make quick work of me. You see my persistence but you think that I wouldn’t last long when confronted with you. You see what I bring to the table, and you just sway it away, but what say you Ares, should you just look at it clearly for once. Because if you did, instead of finding a man you think is brainless you would find a man who rivals you cunning. You would find a mind that rivals yours in strategy. You would find a brain that is above yours in thought. What say you Ares, What say you? The time for Armageddon is upon us Ares, and when we get into that ring you are going to be given hell, just for even showing audacity in ruining a sacred event. Had you slit Athena’s throat like your coward of a father, hell would be too nice of a word to describe how bad of a fight you are going to be in for.

(Aren tosses his cane mid-air and catches it in the middle of the shaft, he walks off screen as it fades to black.)

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In our extended absence, I utilized every moment. Ever second was spent refining my skills, improving my abilities, and discovering ways I can improve. But during our absence, the question that always hovered in front of me was what happened... what went wrong that drove us into hiding? We all asked ourselves the same question. After such strong performances in the Grand Rampage, how can momentum suddenly vanish in an instant? An instant that ended the hopes of three men, these hopes crushed solely by a man who had not shown himself for over a year. Then an answer came to me.


We had become complacent, caught up in the performance we were having. Our vigilance was lacking. Constant vigilance is something we had often told ourselves was a key component to success, but we still never expected for the one man who Ventura resented the most to appear. In this absence... in our time spent hiding, we did more than refine the group that seeks to ascend to the top of this company... we became new. The Holy Brigade of the past is just a memory. The new Holy Brigades has one constant that motivates us to become better. This constant is revenge.

One would think it would not be wise to attract and seemingly welcome the wrath of three men. But then again the individual in front of us isn't exactly wise, is he? Liam, you may be intelligent, but you are far from wise. Your conviction of further embarrassing Ventura when you returned is what has put you in this current predicament. This environment of 5 on 5 isn't the ideal stage we desired to exact our revenge, but The Holy Brigade serves its purpose to those who have chosen to recruit us as temporary allies. We owe something to Team Dubian... a victory.

 I, personally, am not blinded by rage or the desire to focus on one individual. All 5 men in this match are my opponents. We may all have different ambitions but we all have a common desire that links us... Victory. Norman Hellion, Lucian Black, Alex Anderson, Brian Daniels, and Liam Catterson. Even I have to accept that this is quite the formidable line up. But the tougher opponents, the more challenged we are, and perseverance is something I have always admired and enjoyed having the opportunity to do. Persevering against difficult odds not only strengthens you, but prepares you for obstacles in the future. Team Daniels vs Team Dubian is headlined with the two Grand Rampage winners, two men who have recruited individuals they want to support them and help them achieve victory. That is why The Holy Brigade must carry out its obligation. But it would be foolish to deny that Liam is our main target.

Liam, recently I spoke of how I became of how we became complacent. But mere weeks after the Grand Rampage, you did the same. You, too, became complacent. Us entering hiding to you was an indication of our end and then you too lacked vigilance. You have committed the same mistakes that the ones you believed you conquered did. And that is a weakness of yours that stuck out, one that was painfully obvious, yet you remained oblivious to it. I don't which makes you more of a fool; What I just mentioned or the fact that you chose us as targets in an attempt to solidify yourself upon your return. You and I have crossed paths but once, when Nick and I faced you and Jaywalker in a tag team match on Dynasty, which you won. In your eyes I am a douchebag, and from your ignorance you reference me in other companies which carriers no relevance to current day events. Nick and I didn't just align ourselves for the hell of it, we aligned because we share similar beliefs and know that together, we stand a better chance of furthering our ambitions. Because your ideal world in where you rule everything and everybody below you is little more than scum prevents you from gaining true allies that aren't aligned with you because they have to doesn't provide you the right to criticize others who do that. And for that, I now pity you more than I already did.

Norman, Brian, Alex, and Lucian all are in this match for their own reasons. Well, I suppose Lucian and Alex would prefer to be involved in world title matches that they believe they deserve. Each man brings something different to this match, each man seeks this as something to propel them forward to Pain for Pride. But everybody seems to be dwelling on Pain for Pride, an event that is over a month away. It's a good thing to look forward to, but they are becoming blind to what is transpiring in the present. And when you become blind you too will lack vigilance. The Holy Brigade live in the present as well as plan for the future. At Triple Threat, the "lackluster" Team Dubian that has no chance of victory in the eyes of our oppositions will display why superiority dwells in the most unlikely of places.

Devan Dubian and Psycho Brody were once strangers, but now they are allies of The Holy Brigade, meaning we shall win  together. This match is about more than just trust or teamwork, it's about temporarily putting aside blinding desires and achieving a victory that will benefit and further us all, not seeking out something that we alone desire that could jeopardize the entire team. Alone we can achieve something that we alone want from this match, but together we can and will achieve what we all want.

Frank William Abagnale. Abagnale forged checks, feigned fake identities, and pulled off confidence tricks like nobody's business. His charade eventually saw him ensnared and imprisoned for five years, after which he would go on to work for the federal government, a job he holds to this day. Kevin Mitnick. Mitnick was on the FBI's Most Wanted list before launching a successful security firm because he hacked he hacked the computer system Digital Equipment Corporation and stole their software. He turned what made him a criminal into a strength and his corporation helps other companies find security lapses in their systems. He took a skill that seemingly could only bring him incarceration and a criminal record, got out of prison, and now assists people in preventing the very thing at which he was such an expert. By now, you know what both of these men have in common. They went to prison, and once they got out, they used the skills that got them there for the purpose of good. They made a decision to change their lives for the better and turned over a new leaf. It taught them a lesson in what is right and what is wrong, what is just and what is unjust. It can teach all of you the lesson that it isn't what you're at good that makes who you are, but how many corners you're willing to cut on what should be a straightforward path to betterment. Charlie Scene went to prison for his crimes and he's gotten out in a fashion that he can broadcast on a national scale, so how is he any different? He went into prison as a fighter, he fought as an inmate, and now that he's out of prison, instead of making the decision to go on the right path and use that aptitude for a good cause, he's in the same position he was before he entered that cell. This is all because of the choices that he's made with his life, the choice to be a bad person, the choice to be a criminal, the choice to persist and continue to be a fighter no matter how many helping hands he gets. Charlie Scene, like the brainless brute that he is, staged a blindsided attack on a man who tried so mightily to help him become something that he's now proven he can never be; a decent human being. The next week, unsatisfied with the glory that he had taken from the famed "Quintessential Champion" the week prior, he aimlessly ventured out on the streets of Gwangmyeong which concluded with him being right back in the same small, dark cell that ingrate is perpetually destined to occupy. That's because this is who Charlie Scene has always been and is fated to forever remain. That's because, whether he's in or out of a cell, he remains a criminal. He remains a barbarous brute with no etiquette who cares not for the opportunity that EAW gave him when they had him sign on the dotted line. He doesn't care about Y2Impact, and he's said as much himself in claiming he was using me all along instead of heeding the advice I gave him. He has no loyalties, and even the same man who bailed him out of that Gwangmyeong cell would end up being nothing but a pawn in Charlie Scene's game if he let him. At Triple Threat, I'm not going to let Charlie Scene turn me into a pawn or make a name for himself in the process of beheading me; I'm going to embarrass him in front of millions of people watching worldwide and cap off the manipulative sob story his life is with a finale that would put Breaking Bad Season 5 to shame.

Are you a dimwitted, lovable goof who simply doesn't understand his own strength like the beloved, tragic Lennie Small from "Of Mice and Men"? Or are you a budding Charles Manson who was intelligent enough to keep his true crimes under wraps while you got a slap on the wrist for a series of petty offenses? I am not at all convinced that you are the man you claim you are. The man that I saw walk out and brutally beat a storied legend to within an inch of his life is no tragic character who simply isn't privy to the fact that what he's doing is wrong. You assaulted me not long after you were freed from your cell, and EAW was gracious enough to welcome you back into its family with open arms. I was gracious enough to conceal the real you in hopes that you could become something else, in hopes that you could become... Someone else. I'm hitting myself now for allowing the wrestling potential I saw in you to take precedence over what I had known all along; that you're a vicious criminal with no remorse who will never change, that you're a psychopath who will never apologize for anything  he's done. Last year when I maimed you in front of a capacity Showdown audience, I did so to prove a point to Tyler Parker. It was nothing personal. It was not personally gratifying to me as an individual to have to do what I did; it was something that I had to do to let everybody know that my losses up until that point were nothing but a fluke, that they meant nothing, and that I was as good then as I had ever been. That's two consecutive occasions in which I lied to myself and became the hopeless optimist I have tirelessly committed myself not to be. I lied to the EAW fans, I cheated an audience out of entertainment that they deserved, and I lied to EAW management when I put in a good word for Charlie Scene and helped you get the contract that you're now abusing. You needed me to get back in the door, and I helped you. I HELPED YOU! I endorsed Tyler Parker, I essentially became what amounted to his mouthpiece at one point, and now he's a multi-time World Champion who is as formidable as they come. He even beat me at last year's Pain for Pride. I did everything that I did for Tyler Parker under the belief that I would never again do it for anyone else, and yet there you were, waiting in the wings with all of the potential in the world to become a World Champion, but a counterproductive head on your shoulders that will result in you never getting to that promised land. For you, I saw eye to eye and I pulled strings that in the past I would not even dare touch. Your nature is that of a mutinous spirit who can't be contained, a provoked wild boar who wrecks all in his path unapologetically, without regret or remorse, and has no comprehension of the idea of loyalty. When I put on a show for the fans under the guise that I was the same as I had always been while I beat you bloody last year, I lied to myself. I told myself that what I had was all I needed. When I told EAW management that Charlie Scene had come out of prison a different man, almost born anew... I lied to them THINKING what I said about you held a modicum of truth. I realize now that it does not. It never did, and it never will. I can deal with a man who openly hates me and says as much to my face... But I will not tolerate a wolf in sheep's clothing that uses the gifts he's been given to deceive others and break the trust they were given. At Triple Threat, I'm going to skin Charlie Scene alive and expose him for what he truly is, what he always has been, and what he always will be. I will clench my jaws around victory as your liar's ambition is snatched away.

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*The scene begins showing Tarah Nova sitting in the first row in the National Tennis Center area, watching as the workers set up the ring for Triple Threat. Tarah slowly leans back in her seat as a small smile runs across her lips.*

So after the first time I spoke about my match at Triple Threat, I started to realize that some of the EAW universe doesn’t believe in me like most do. It doesn’t really bother me because I know I have some haters. It makes me chuckle that my many Haters think I’m just a basic bitch and they just don’t see why people like me so much. I guess I’m liked so much because I’m real. I’m one of a kind. I’m not like the other Vixens because I don’t care what I look like or how I act. I’m myself. I’m a Freak and I rather be a freak then a fake, thank you.  Now I am getting sick of repeating myself to you all. Either when I’m talking about myself or the damn Match I’m in. Triple Threat is going to be Reckless, no doubt about that. Its going to be big, bad and the EAW universe is going to scream from the top of their lungs for this match. I know this because that's the reaction everytime I step into the ring. Whether they’re cheering my name or Booing me straight to the parking lot, I feed on it. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about me. Hell I was even called cliché. Well sucks for you but I’m the type of girl that love cliché stuff. *Tarah shrugs her shoulders* Like I was saying, out of everything that is going on in my life right now, this match is at the top of my list. I’m making it my top priority in life to shut both Maddie and Cherish down at Triple Threat. I have been waiting patiently for the moment when they opened their mouths to speak and to tell you all the truth, I was a little upset. Not at what they said about me but what they said in all. It lacked something badly. Maybe Passion? No. Power? Thats not it. Oh! Now I know what it was. It was Fear and Confidence. I wanted to feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I heard you two ladies speak but it didn’t happen. I felt nothing but humiliation for you both. But enough about how I am ashamed of you ladies because that's not going to help any of us if I’m just bitching about it.

By The way, You’re right, My little psychopath. This is growing quite tiresome. I stood here with my guard down once again for you and I was waiting for you to bear you teeth at me, Cherish. I was waiting for you to jump the gun and call me something worse than what I already am. I fired at you and got nothing in return. So answer me this, what happened to you? Did hanging with Maddie screw your mind up more than before?  What happened to the crazy, skipping shedevil that we all loved to hate? Where is she because the Cherish that stands in front of me today is nothing like the one before. Let's face it, Cherish, you grew soft and it's pathetic. When you returned to EAW I was happy. Hell, I was ecstatic when I watched you skipped around the ring. Once you came out, I knew it meant I had to step up my game and that's what I did. As I stepped up and started to be the best Vixen I could be, I realized you slowly started to give up. Your missing all the fun mind games and the fear that you once had because I noticed that its all gone.  I mean, watching your matches have gotta painful for me. I feel like someone needs to put you out of your misery and soon.  Maybe thats how its suppose to end. Maybe I’m the one who supposed to take you out, Cherish. That or knock some pure crazy back into your skull because I am getting sick of this new you.  Come to think it, this new you isn’t worth talking to anymore. When you get your crazy touch back, give me a call, will ya. This one is boring me, always trying to prove me wrong. Always trying to call me out on things. Things that isn’t worth our time when we should be focus on this match at Triple Threat. So words of advice, My little Psychopath: Stop acting like pitiful human being you wannabe and bring back the Death Eater that you're supposed to be.

*Tarah crosses her arms over her chest as she continues to speak*

Moving on to the other young lady in this match, Ms. Madison. Now, before I go off on killing you with my words, I’d like to say--no--I’d like to warn you to never wish me luck again. You see, I don’t believe in Luck. Luck is nothing but a word to me. I would rather believe in something like Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust then luck. Now to me, luck is for losers and I for one think only the weakest wrestlers believe in it. Hence why you believe in it, right? I mean look at you, Maddie, you're a one trick pony and that trick doing a back flip. Great job, sweetie. Yeah, you're going to need all the luck in this match if you actually think you can beat me with that one move. Though, I guess you’re right for once, I don’t really need to be pinned in order to lost my Vixens Championship on Saturday. I mean you could always pin Cherish, although I don’t see that ever happening either. In fact I don’t see you winning this at all. It makes me laugh that you actually think you have any chance at winning this match. Sure, this isn’t your first in a match that has the  title on the line. You got to fight against the ex Champion herself, Lethal. Then again, wasn’t my title match against her too? It was and yeah, I did something that you could never do. I beat her and became Champion. I know I’m nothing close to the kind of monster Lethal was in your first match for the Vixens Championship. All I’m saying is that I’m better than that over grown Spice Girl. Now if you couldn’t beat her, what does that say about you when you stand in the ring with me, Little girl? *Tarah chuckles softly* Dear Maddie, I need to warn you that this match isn’t going to be like the one on Voltage. You’re not going to have Cherish there to help you. You can’t call a friend. Its just You vs Me vs Cherish, do I make myself clear? So if you ever used that quote in quote “serious” Maddie, you better use her now because if you don’t, I might just have to add you to my Victim List.

Now that it’s all said and done, I think I finally got my point across. Cherish needs to get her shit together and stop being a pansy and Maddie...well Maddie needs to just grow up. I’m getting sick of warning you girls about what will happen at Triple Threat so I might just sum it up for ya instead. it starts with you two ladies walking out. Then I walk out. Some fans will boo. Some will cheer. The bell will ring and I’m going to beat the holy shit out of both of you. Left hooks, Right hooks. Kicks and dodges. The crowd will cheer at everything that happens. Then give or take 20 minutes later, I’m going to lay out Maddie or maybe lay out Cherish with a nice Rude Awakening or the M.C.P. and get the Pin. One--Two--Three. My hand will then be raised in victory and I’ll make way to the backstage, where Zach Genesis will be waiting for me so we can celebrate. *Tarah smirks at the camera* Anyway, that's how the match will go because I know I can beat you both. You girls will found out that I don’t mess around when it comes to my Championship. So by the end of the match, I will be standing over the bodies of my favorite little Psychopath, Cherish and Ms.Madison STILL as you’re EAW Vixens Champion. 

Believe that.

*Tarah Nova stands up from her seat and pushes the camera out of her way. As the cameraman fixes the camera, he starts to film again just in time to get Tarah hoping over the barricade and walking to the back. The Camera starts to fade to black.*

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[Cameras fade in from black to show the moist, dingy and quite frankly disgusting; concrete abode of Salot.  Shirtless, you can see the swelling in his torso and upper body from Saturday's victory.  As he begins to rejuvenate...]

Salot: That's 4 now  that have fell victim... each with their own excuse.. as individual as the Elitest themselves... I have shown myself worthy to you Satanas... I can feel your presence, bring me to your mercy!! 

[Salot viciously removed the ass end of a Havana Special with his stained and slowly rotting teeth, and lights it from a candle's flame.  Inhaling deep, he exhales and cackles collectively...]

Salot: The destruction is consecutive... and I have still to unleash the Kachina... a manuever as slimy as  the skin of a Copperhead.   Powerful enough to snap your spine and as cunning as a adolescent squirrel.. I will make them burn Satanas! 

[The evil within him is multiplying, and his 2-0 record here in EAW is proving to be an excellent example of "fuel to the fire".  He rolls his eyes in the back of his head as blows smoke rings directly at the camera's lens...]

Salot: I will align myself with you Satanas... I have always given you my all.  Our take over is immenent!  The powers that be attempted to align me with harlot & superficial, and on my own I defeated 3.   The pain I saw on Steele's face as I was victorious was valuable...  Thoughts of envy, maliciously burning throughout his soul.  Although pathetically depressed, not even Haruna is that much of a FEMALE.  He will be crushed when seeks his revenge! 

[Salot breaks into an inaudible burst of mumbling, as he begins to pace.  A knock is heard amongst the door, something that has never happened to this point in his journey to destroy EAW.  As he approaches to grab the handle, a devilish smirk appears upon the jowl of "Black Death".  As he slowly opens the door the light entering the room is blanketed by dust and moisture.   On the other side of the door, stands a man; seemingly in his 20's.  Casual in dress.   As most his age he is eager, but nobody could ever want what he was to receive...]

Man: Umm.. I'm looking for Ted?  I think I may be lost!

[Salot grabs him by the throat, causing him to freeze up.  As his hands open he drops a picture out of a folder, and a baseball cap from the other hand.  Gripping tighter, the hue of the man's skin becomes cool as Salot releases his grip tossing him nearly 2 feet from the door.  Adrenaline rushes over the young man's body as he impacts with the ground, bouncing him to his feet and instantly sprinting away into the sun's rays.  Noticing the picture that was left behind, he grabs it and stares deep while he places the baseball cap on his head; tightly overlapping his mask.  Terror's keepsake's...]

Salot: It is you Satanas.  All you... How many people must I crush and offer to you for you to reveal yourself to me and allow me to basque in your evil!  I will continue to collect them for you my lord!!!

[Removing the hat from his head, he is intrigued by it's heather and forrest green color markings.  As he turns it to look at the front, we see the green trojan helmet logo of Big 10 powerhouse, Michigan State Spartans.  Seemingly confused, Salot's weathered eyes pan to the right, where he see's a crumbled cone shaped Dixie cup, and the lights came on..]

Salot: The Spartan Cup!  

[Rising in volume, his evil laughter grows heavy as the camera feed bounces to static.  Salot is becoming delirious in his chase of Satanas.  The longer he waits, his volitility and violence will boil over on the ranks of Showdown... And what is the relevance of Michigan State?  Tom Izzo looks like the only used car dealer in Hell, but that can't be it....]

You do realize you have to go through four men in order to "end" Brian Daniels, right? And not just any men, Dubian, two former world champions, a FUTURE World Heavyweight Champion... and Alex Anderson. Don't get me wrong, although I consider Anderson to be the weak link of the team I still think he's an incredible performer... When it comes to bitching. Sorry, I shouldn't have said that... But it's true though. You'll have to excuse me, Dubian, there's a few things I'd like to get off my chest. What has Alex Anderson done to earn a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship? Something truly noteworthy because bitching and moaning certainly isn't. The moment Tyler Parker accepted Alex Anderson's challenge he proved each and every single one of you that everything I said about him is true. Tyler Parker is a hypocrite. He said ONLY deserving competitors would challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship after he established dominance over me. That's not what happened. He said I disrespected him and every man that ever held that championship belt, but he did the same when he accepted Anderson's challenge. A man who has no respect for the greats of the past or anyone for that matter but himself. He deems himself superior to all of us. I'll be damned if he touches that World Heavyweight Championship before I do. If you lose that title to him, Tyler? You won't just lose my respect, you will lose their respect. All the people that have been with you through thick and thin, through the highs and lows of your successful career will abandon you. If your heart really is home - in EAW then prove it and beat Alex Anderson for this company. Don't fail the EAW universe, don't fail your fans. I already did and I regret it more than anything, but I am seeking redemption. I'm looking to rectify my mistakes, and when I do. When I am one hundred percent prepared, I will claim the World Heavyweight Championship. I'll dethrone you or AA if you fail to get the job done. Because now I have something worth fighting for. I have been reborn as a man of honor. And I know what the repercussions of that will be. I know I will face many hardships and tribulations for believing in what I believe in, but I am almost ready to overcome them. At Grand Rampage you didn't end my career as you set out to, Tyler, you taught me a lesson. I learned the hard way that the things I was doing would get me nowhere, that eventually they would be my downfall. All the knowledge I acquired I will incorporate into my arsenal and the next time we meet things will be different. That's a promise I intend on keeping.

Back to Dubian.. Of course I am not fond of my place in this event, Dub. I should be the one representing Dynasty in the main event, but I am not. It's disappointing, it's frustrating. The dissatisfaction is almost overwhelming,  but it's all my fault. I played with fire and I got burned. But I learned from my mistakes. Most people perceive losses as a negative thing, but I think they are the opposite of negative. I learned a lot from being unsuccessful. I'm pretty sure you have learned a lot too after all these years. We've had similar careers, Dubian. We've both achieved the same things and unfortunately neither of us has been able to win the big one yet, but you won Grand Rampage. You're going to headline Pain For Pride and you will most likely become the next Answers World Champion.. I won't. I'll probably be in some match everyone will forget. But maybe I can change that. I firmly believe nothing is set in stone. If I lead team Daniels to victory.. Imagine what that would do for me. It isn't Brian Daniels you should be worried about. It's me you should be worried about. It's me you should be conjuring plans to stop. Because I am THE force to be reckoned with in this match. I'm not fighting for Daniels, I am fighting for honor. And I will willingly fight until my last breath for my convictions. I really feel like punching someone in the mouth. I really, REALLY feel like spearing a few bodies. And I will. The beast that dwells within me will be unleashed tomorrow night. You can run, you can hide but sooner or later we will come face to face and when that happens you won't like it.  I'll emerge triumphant. Team Daniels will emerge triumphant. I'll continue to thrive as an elitist and soon as a CHAMPION.
Triple Threat promo 4

There he goes getting all philosophical again. I am a Komodo Dragon, I shed skin, I adapt, blah, blah, blah. It's funny because there I was thinking you were a human being with human characteristics, but it turns out you're a reptile! Who knew?! All sarcasm aside, you ARE just human. You are NOT special...you have no powers or abilities and you certainly cannot stop the force of Jacob Senn and yours truly in the ring. Your friend Jaywalker cannot help you and nor can anyone else. Here we are in Beijing and the time is almost near. The time to decide who is the better team...who can shut the other down? Who will be humiliated? You waffled on about adaptability and you failed to see my capabilities of it as well. I can adapt like the best of them. I can dabble in an unfair environment or a purer style. I can stand the test of time and be known as a unique article. You TJ are a carbon copy of every flashy wannabe slickster. You think you can manipulate me and fool me with this bullshit of fame and fortune but you're like everybody else...chasing after a dream. I am the dream...I can overcome all odds and difficulties and show just how good I am. This is a tag match. You work as a team...you work as a unit and there's nothing I'd like more then Senn and I displaying the same teamwork Tyler and I had when we defeated your bitch ass along with Lucian Black. It's time to separate the egos and let the skill pour out. 

It's time for our past stories and backgrounds to stay behind us. It won't help you in the ring. Pay attention to the cardinal rules of wrestling....do NOT underestimate me. I don't care who you were, how you grew, what you did and all that other crap. Can you show me up one last time?? Can you get the W Mr. Clutch Win? Let's see just what's possible of you when Senn is gunning right at you and me not too far behind. Ya honestly think Jay wants to save you? Please...he's truly embarrassed to be alongside you in this matchup. 

You want to act like you didn't rip pages from my book but you did. You realized being the good guy didn't cut it, so you started bending rules, demanding shit and being the little punk everyone has known you to be. I never had to change ways, I was always an asshole. But then I had a realization: beat the game straight up...show the doubters you can and it doesn't mean you can't do what you do, but you switch the game on its head. Make me a fool TJ and Jay...pin me. Prove you got it covered, but I see the doubt in your eyes, uncertainty and more. 

You pride yourself on being slickest of the slick, a thieve among thieves...hmmm...sound familiar? I didn't necessarily say it EXACTLY that way, but my goodness...pretty close. You rambled on and on, talking about the great changes you made but I don't buy it. I am the true believer.... I am the one who carries truth. You carry lies and falseness.

Let's settle this once and for all and do me a solid....put your effort in this one. Actually give a fuck and show commitment. Otherwise you look like a tool and will go looking for reasons why you lost. I don't need your history lessons, reasons of how you're a reptile..I just need people I can destroy in the ring. And there's no better candidates then you and Jay.
“You should have slit her throat when you had the chance.”

(Ares stands on the balcony of his hotel room somewhere in Beijing, China - dressed with only black pants on and his gold and black hair down - overlooking the sight of the China National Tennis Center while the rising sun slowly shows off each of the names tattooed on his bare upper torso. An annoyed Kendra Shamez stands in black casual attire with the House Vendetta Phoenix embroidered on various places of her clothes.)

Kendra: Are you even listening to me?

Ares: I hear you loud and clear.

Kendra: Evidently not. Or else we wouldn’t be playing this stupid game with them and that… That bitch would be lying in a coma or better yet, buried six feet underneath the ground.

(Kendra makes her way over to a nearby bottle of wine and begins making herself a cup as she continues)

Kendra: I knew there was something that little whore was hiding. I knew it the very moment I saw her in her little expensive clothing of Lannister crimson and that slutty lipstick with that bleach blonde hair. She may have fooled everyone else, but not me.

(Kendra takes a deep drink of the wine.)

Kendra: And it wasn’t enough. It was too late when her little secret was revealed. Norman had already lost, you were lying bloodied on the ground, and that savage Sebastian struck me to put the icing in the cake… I don’t know what you aim to accomplish by all of this, Ares, but that was more than a mere act of war. That was a deathblow. One that should have been repaid in the blood of that little bitch. And yet you tell me you can hear me loud and clear? Something tells me you’re lying to your own mother.

Ares: It’s not so much as not listening to you as it is you not paying attention.

Kendra: What’s that supposed to mean?

Ares: Games are for children, mother. I stopped playing games back when they got me snapped bones and tendons. I play war. I fight battles. I am a King after all, am I not?

Kendra: I never said you weren’t.

Ares: Nobody expects you to. I’ve been around long enough to taste the doubt in the air. I can see it in the eyes of my Agents of Extreme. I can feel it churning inside the followers of Onryo like a storm coming to life. You know the thing about doubt is… It’s a cancer. Once it’s there, you must get rid of it as soon as possible or it will spread. What happened at the Grand Rampage was the plantation of a seed of doubt, mother, and no death will resolve that problem. I could have killed the Lion’s Whore ten times over by now, but I’ve chosen not to. Why? Because like it or not, this is war. This is how you erase doubt. This is the King of Extreme’s justice. They dealt us a deathblow, yes, but it did not kill us. They could have ended all of this back when they had the element of surprise, and yet they didn’t. Instead, they took what fire was already burning and turned it into a cacophony that they can no longer control. Little do they know that within that fire will arise a Phoenix that will reduce them… Their friends… And their entire family to nothing but cinders. If Sebastian Lannister manages to live through all of this, his home will be a pile of rubble and his Throne comprised of ashes.

(Kendra finishes her win and places the cup down on a nearby dresser)

Kendra: That all sounds lovely, but you don’t seem to realize that by not ending this when you had the chance to, you’ve made the same mistake that they did at the Grand Rampage. If you--

Ares: This is not a botched battle, mother. I told you already - this is the King of Extreme’s justice. The blow dealt to us will be repaid on a much grander scale. I will take everything from them. Their dignity, their joy, their sense of security, their possessions, and their livelihoods. Things have changed now that we know who the Lion’s Whore is, but this began as a resurrection of a war unfinished and it will be finished by the time the last blow has been struck. This thing at Triple Threat is not the end, but just another step towards a future without RAGNAROK and the entire Lannister family. House Vendetta was built upon the eradication of those who stood in our way, and I aim to make good on that. Besides, a quick death is too good for the Lion’s Whore. What she deserves is precisely what you and I will give her come tomorrow. All of China and the rest of the World watching will witness something they will never forget, but it’s only the start. The true beginning to the end. Sebastian is the head of the snake, and it seems as though I can’t cut him off so long as he’s left on the sidelines. His time will come, but first we make an example out of the little Russian Prince that stands at his side like a lost puppy.

Kendra: I forgot all about that one. Mstislav, is it? “Russian Prince”?

(Kendra laughs)

Kendra: What does it take to be considered a Prince in Russia? Owning the biggest supply of vodka? What a joke, that one. Throw a rock anywhere in this company and you’ll find some fool running around calling himself a Prince. It’s no wonder why he was recruited to RAGNAROK. He’s as delusional as the rest of them.

(Ares looks up at the sun as it continues to rise)

Ares: A false Prince as much as his leader is a false King, but don’t expect him to lie down and die. I’ve seen enough from him to know he will fight and he will die like a good little soldier. He’s the only obstacle in our path come tomorrow, but a mongrel just like the rest. Just another phony that likens himself royalty while he plays lackey to a man such as Sebastian for promises of grandeur that won’t come. If he had a brain in his head, he would have cut his losses and abandoned this suicide mission while he had the chance, but I suppose there’s some respect to be given to someone who didn’t even hesitate to step forth to fight in place of his false King. His loyalty and daringness is commendable. I’m sure he’ll be as tenacious as they come, but tenacity only prolongs the inevitable. He will be… An annoyance, yes, but he will be dealt with all the same. If anything, he’ll serve to entertain me; an appetizer of sorts before the main course that is the Lion’s Whore.

(Kendra begins to take her leave, but stops)

Kendra: As long as you’re so certain of victory, I suppose I’ll play my part. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten into a ring, so I suppose I’ll go find somewhere to train. You should do the same. You may be a King, but you’re not unbeatable. Even your father found that out himself.

(Kendra leaves the room as Ares continues looking out towards the city; his hands visibly clutching the balcony railing tightly)

Beijing, China 

::It’s a restless Friday evening for Carlos Rosso and Poison. They have been in China the last three days but Carlos has foregone his usual training, choosing instead to relax and mentally prepare for his match at Triple Threat versus GI Styles. The two of them are holed up in a massive luxury suite but are unusually quiet. Poison is sitting on one of the beds, playing random games on her phone while Carlos himself is watching random things on Television before a knock at the door breaks both of the pair from their respective trances. They glance at each other before Carlos gets up and answers the door.::

Carlos: Konnan?!

::Konnan, the Mexican wrestling legend, smiles and extends his hand, which Carlos eagerly accepts before embracing him in a firm hug.::

Konnan: Carlos, man, what’s up? I heard you were hanging out in this hotel and I figured I’d come by here, see how you were doin’ and all that.

Carlos: I’m good, man. What you doing all the way in China anyway, man? I thought you were back with AAA and all that?

Konnan: I’m just scouting some talent, dude. Wrestling’s a global game now. Me and some of the boys have been runnin’ through Japan, China and Taiwan just looking to see if there were some guys we could bring back to train in the Lucha style. Plus I have heard so much about this EAW World Tour I wanted to see it for myself.

Carlos: Good, good. Come on in, dude. I wasn’t expecting a surprise like this. It’s been what, eight, nine years since we last had a chance to see each other? I still appreciate you getting me in the door in Japan, man. Meant a lot to my career as you can tell.

Konnan: It’s all good, man.

::Carlos and Konnan reenter the room while Poison continues to type away on her phone, barely acknowledging Konnan’s presence.::

Konnan: I came here to talk to you a little bit about your match, bro. I’ve been seeing this stuff with you and GI Styles. You guys were the hottest team out in EAW for a long time, we thought that AAA was going to get a chance to sign you guys before EAW got saved and all that shit….but the point is I came to see where your head was at. I know that you dudes are close.

::Poison finally takes a moment to look up from her phone, glaring at Konnan and Carlos both::

Poison: WERE close. That’s over and done with now. GI has chosen to turn his back on the both of us. I knew from the start when that asshole doctor was with him that he wasn’t himself anymore!

Carlos: Uh...big homie, that’s my manager Poison. Poison, this is Konnan, helped me get my start.

Poison: Hi. Why did you come here, anyway? The match is less than two days away. We’re not training and I don’t really know what you can tell Carlos that I haven’t told him or someone else hasn’t.

Konnan; I’m not really here to offer any sort of strategy or anything like that, I’m just trying to see where Carlos is at mentally. I know from personal experience going against old partners can be hard, especially with how big the stakes are for you guys.

Carlos: They are pretty staggering. But I’m ready.

Konnan: You just gotta remember that the stuff with him not talking, that doctor, your friendship, your rivalry, all of that’s gotta take a backseat. Right now the main thing you have to do is focus on winning this match and going to have a chance to be a World Champion. I know it’s been a long time since you have had a chance to call yourself that. Even longer when we’re talking about World Heavyweight Champion.

Carlos: I’m trying really hard to make this match about simply winning, but it’s hard man. GI and I probably know more about each other in the ring more than anyone else in the world. For nearly two years we did nothing but travel and work together and another five we’ve just known each other and had a chance to admire each other’s work.

Konnan: All the more reason you gotta keep your focus up, man. The more you remember all the other shit, that’s just going to make it harder to do what you have to do. I don’t know what happened in his mind or whatever but from the way he’s dissed you in public and done certain things that he’s done, he doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore. He’s not some friend you have to save….now he’s just some dude you have to wrestle. You can’t afford to think like you’re going to have unlimited chances at a contract where you control when someone else’s title is defended.

Carlos: I get it.This was a situation that I never wanted to come to pass, but it’s one that GI worked pretty damn hard to create. I guess as it is now we’ve just got to get this out of the way, get it done.

Konnan: You can’t think about the satisfaction of beating him either. I know it’s personal for you, and even though you’re trying to sound like you ain’t got beef on your mind with this dude, you can’t fool another pro. You feel like the whole world is disrespecting you, that they think you can’t beat this dude. You just have to block that shit out and focus on winning the match. Look, I know you have had a damn good career, but you’ve been one of my boys for a while. I KNOW you can do better than what you’re doing. I know some of it’s the company, some of its just been injuries and bad luck, but I wanna see your mentality change a little bit. I wanna see you get a little more aggressive.

Carlos: Alright man. I got ya. Say...you wanna go grab a drink or a quick meal or something?

Konnan: I appreciate it, but I gotta take a rain check on that. My flight’s leaving in two hours so I gotta go get checked out.

::The two men stand up and embrace each other again before Konnan heads towards the door.::

Konnan: Remember what I said, man. I know this is personal with you, I get it. But make sure it stays about taking care of your business..

::Carlos nods his head as Konnan leaves, shutting the hotel room door behind him.::

Poison: What nerve…..

Carlos…….: What’s wrong with you?

Poison: What’s wrong with me? After all this shit you really have to ask that?

Carlos: Yo….

::In an unusual burst of violence Poison chunks her phone across the room, shattering an expensive lamp with it.::

Poison: WE ARE JUST PRETENDING THAT THIS IS JUST ANOTHER MATCH NOW!? AFTER ALL THE CRAP THAT YOU TWO HAVE BEEN THROUGH TOGETHER? YOU HONESTLY EXPECT ME TO TREAT THIS LIKE JUST ANOTHER MATCH? LIKE WE’RE GOING TO FIGHT DONNY DIAMOND OR SOME GREEN NEWCOMER? This is a guy that knows EVERYTHING about us. EVERYTHING. We can’t just pretend it’s different than the other matches, can we. Why have you barely been in the gym this week? Huh? Why have you bent over backwards to be respectful to a guy that may as well have spit in both of our faces? He’s in your head, whether you want to admit it or not, that’s why! You justify your denying this match isn’t more important to you than others because of the stakes. You’re so focused on winning Cash in the Vault that you’re trying to DOWNPLAY how much this match means to you personally. YOU HAVE TO WIN THIS! I know you better than even GI does and I know that you always felt like the second fiddle, even when you were a double champion. It tore you apart inside to see GI Styles get a World Championship match in EAW before you. It still gets to you how you couldn’t win the World Title in Legion from him. It STILL pisses you off that in a lot of those matches he cheated! DONT YOU DARE BLUNT THAT PAIN! USE IT! RELISH IT! EMBRACE IT! USE EVERY LAST BIT OF THAT ANGER, THAT RESENTMENT, THAT FRUSTRATION TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

::The two just stare at each other in silence for a moment before Carlos allows a smile to creep over his face.::

Carlos: Heh…..you’re right.

Poison: Of course I’m right.

Carlos: Good. Let’s go train then.

Poison: HUH!? In the middle of the night again?......Fine.

::The two of them get dressed into some training attire, Carlos in his signature red and black gear and Poison in a yellow sports tank top and black shorts. Before they can make it downstairs to the hotel’s gym they are immediately hounded by several reporters. Trying to get away from them the pair goes down a flight of stairs but are hounded by several reporters.::

Reporter: Hello, Carlos, Victoria Tao of the Taiwan News! If you don’t mind answering, how do you feel about being apart of an EAW trip to China? Do you think more shows in Asia, Japan, China, Korea and Indonesia in particular are coming?

Carlos: Other than Beijing having a lot of smog, it’s actually been a pretty cool experience. I haven’t had a chance to visit China or Japan of late with my obligations so it’s something I would like to see done more in the future even after our World Tour is over.

Reporter 2: Wang Juntao for Xinhua Sports News, Carlos, do you feel like events like this can help bridge divides between the USA and China?

Carlos: Eh….not really sure. There’s obviously a lot of love between the two countries in terms of things like sports, pop culture, etc. There are a lot of political differences too. Things like this are good for people interacting and sharing interests but the cooperation on issues eventually rests with the politicians.

::Poison is doing her best to control her anger while the reporters continue to hound them down each flight of stairs; Carlos just continues to move at a quick pace, casually answering questions.::

Reporter 3: April O’Neal, New York Times, Carlos, and there’s a lot of talk about your contract being over after Pain for Pride. It hasn’t been mentioned on EAW much but a lot of people who are talking about you possibly leaving the company and concentrating on your own buisness ventures such as your wrestling school or maybe even signing on with a company in Japan. There anything you’d like to say to that?

Carlos: Not really. My contract in EAW is my business and we’ll deal with it behind closed doors.

Reporter 4: Do you mind describing how much this match with GI Styles means for both of your careers.

Poison: We’ve already talked about that...all week.

Reporter 4: I understand, but is there anything that Carlos has thought about since then and decided to retract or expand further upon?

::When they finally reach the first floor Poison finally turns around, losing her patience and decking one of the reporters with a right hand, triggering a bizarre domino effect as all the other reporters go tumbling down behind her as she falls.::

Poison: In case you morons don’t get it, we have other things to concentrate on today! No more press until after Triple Threat! You got me!? NONE!

::Carlos had already opened up the door out into the main lobby and made his way towards the gym while this was going on. Poison rushes to join him out in the lobby before going into the gym with him. Carlos immediately finds a bag to start landing punching combinations on, not even bothering with a proper warm up. After that he starts throwing in a few kicks as well, rocking the bag back and forth with his powerful blows.::

Poison: Remember what got you to this point. Remember where you came from. The long dojo hours in Japan. The independent circuit in America. The neverending touring schedule. All the little things that you have given up to be in this position. You have been denied everything that you DESERVE for the past three years. You’ve wrestled countless matches just trying to do enough to be noticed for a championship opportunity.

::Poison continues to simply walk around Carlos as he trains, noting the unusual aggression that he’s hitting the bag with.::

Poison: Now it’s just a matter of winning two matches. This match and then the Cash in the Vault match. Then your opportunity is guaranteed. No longer will we have to complain, demand or even beg for a title match. Things will finally be on our terms.

::Carlos continues to hammer away at the bag while Poison just continues to walk around him before smiling to herself and leaning over his shoulder just a bit to whisper in his ear.::

Poison: Oh, if you need any more incentive, you DO remember the last time you had a match with GI With something other than pride on the line, right? You lost.

::Carlos shrugs her off his shoulder and with all the velocity he can muster he nails a standing side kick so hard that the bag punctures, spilling bits of grain all over the floor.::

Carlos: You don’t have to remind me. I damn sure remember. I can assure you that he's the one who will have a painful loss that burdens him! 

::With the two of them exchanging glances, Carlos sweaty and breathing a bit heavy, the scene fades to black.::

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