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 EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.


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EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)
Post on May 28th 2015, 2:52 pm by Guest
Aurora: Hey guys! It’s Aurora! Many of you may know me from War Made Wrestling, where I was the first and ONLY Scarlets Champion. Some of you may not know me at all, and that’s okay! Because I’m confident that you’ll know soon enough! But that begs the question, if you’re from WMW, why are you here in EAW? The answer is actually really simple! WMW closed down! I know, I know, it’s quite sad, really. But I’m never one to just sit around and mope! I like to keep on flying high! So when Ashten Cross told me that WMW had to shut its doors for an indefinite amount of time… I asked him if there was any way he could help me continue my dream. And he was actually nice enough to say yes and hook me up with a job here!

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! ... I’ve always wanted to say that. You see, when I was in WMW it was very lonely. I had no friends whatsoever in the Scarlet's locker room and every time I tried befriending one of the males it turned out rather creepy… It was tough not having one of my best friends there with me. So when I was negotiating my contract, I was actually able to convince the powers that be to sign my BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD – and my tag team partner since we both started training, Erica Ford! I think you all heard from her earlier.

So this week is our official EAW debut, and we get to do it as a team as SKY DRIVERS! Though I kind of like Team SUPER BEST FRIENDS, but you know what they say… friendship is all about compromise! So we call ourselves both! But the official one is Sky Drivers, I guess… And we’re facing two teams that have no experience in teaming with each other. So that would give us a definite advantage, yes? Well, as long as you don’t believe that just because we’re girls we can’t kick those guys’ asses.

Yeah, they may be stronger and bigger than us. But that’s the way me and Erica have always liked it. We’ve always been speed demons, and we’ve always loved using our speed to our advantage. If you don’t think 135 pounds of pure collegiate gymnast flying and twirling towards you at top speed doesn’t hurt JUST because I have a different set of private parts, you must be an idiot. It's not that they CAN'T beat us... they just have to catch us first! Me and Erica are out to prove that we are the quickest, most agile, most precise team on this roster, male, female or otherwise. We look to set a good example for all the young women out there who may be questioning whether or not they have what it takes to play sports with the boys. We look to prove to the world that hard work and dedication take precedence over the measurables.

So boys, I hope you guys brought your flight suits, because you guys are about to take a sky high ride to pain town! See you boys on Showdown!

Erica: [from off camera] DID YOU REALLY END IT WITH THAT!?

Aurora: Uh! No! I mean! Uh… All you have to do is look up to the sky… then you can soar with the likes of Erica and I!

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[El Laberinto is in the hallway talking to Carlos Cruz while Max a Million stops him]

Max: Excuse me El Landerson but can I get a few moments of your time before your match this Saturday on Showdown.

Landerson: Sure Max why not.

Max: last Saturday night on showdown you was coming out from the Locker Room when Stark announce for an Open Challenge for you of his New Breed Championship until Troy Archello came out in attack you from behind in knock you off the stage in also this week on Showdown you will be taking on the guy you defeated a few months ago on showdown Pre show in your triple threat match Daniel Marshall So any thoughts Landerson ?

Landerson: Well you see Max, the reason that Stark was out there in that showdown ring last Saturday was because he wanted someone to face him for his New Breed Championship on showdown in that person was me cause i want to have an Open Challenge against Stark for his New Breed Champion until that piece of trash Troy Archello came out in attack me from out of no where when i was this close making my way to the ring to face Stark of his Open Challenge but since that's gone there's another guy that i need to focused on in that guy is Daniel Marshall i mean he's nobody cause the last couple of months on showdown i defeated him in our Triple threat pre show match on showdown in then now this Saturday he wants another round with me this week on Showdown well whenever i get through with Marshall then you all will get to see me at Eaw's Pain for Pride FPV this month in i promise i will get a Chance to face Stark for his New Breed Champion at Pain for Pride PPV.

Max: Landerson can you even defeat Daniel Marshall this week on showdown in goe to pain for Pride FPV.

landerson: if it depends on how's the match gonna be cause once i defeat Daniel again this Saturday then he will never challenge me ever again until i get to face Stark for that New Breed Championship at pain for Pride FPV as soon as i get done with my opponent this week on Showdown Daniel Marshall is going to get hurt by me in two days in our match on showdown.

(El landerson leaves when Max Continues talking)

Max: there you have it folks cause in two days on showdown El landerson will be in action this Saturday to take on his Opponent Daniel Marshall.

Max: So we hope that Landerson can win his match this week in head to Pain for Pride eight FPV to challenge Stark for his New Breed Championship after he beats Daniel Marshall this Saturday.

[Camera fades when El landerson  heads back to his Dressing Room before showdown]
*Outside of the hotel room of Dr. Eddie Hawke and GI Styles, a loud ruckus can be heard, as some glass can be heard breaking against a wall. As the camera zooms into the room, a visible angry Dr. Hawke is berating his client, all the while kicking over chairs, and throwing things across the room*
*As the camera looks further into the room, GI Styles is sitting on a chair, his head in his hands, as he stares blankly at the ground. Dr. Hawke, after his outburst, falls to a chair of his own, and takes off his glasses to blankly rub the bridge of his nose*
Hawke: Dammit. We were so close, but now we’ve lost all of our momentum. It was all laid out so well. Beat Carlos, win Cash in the Vault, win the title off of Tyler…Now what do we have? No clear path to Pain For Pride, and very little time to make an impact.
Look, if I’m being honest, I have way too much of my mind to really bother about the inane babblings of Aren Melociraptor. Still, I suppose GI needs to make an impact, so Aren…If we want GI’s Road to Pain for Pride to be an eventful one, we need to start at the first opportunity we have to prove ourselves that the Carlos loss was more a fluke than an indication, and for us to make sure about that, let me tell you one important thing. Well, maybe a couple of things.
First of all, no matter what I said about Carlos, there is a difference between men like him and GI, and men like you and Robert’s bastard. People might be blowing smoke up Ares’ arse like he is anything but the heir to a good name, but that doesn’t confuse the truth of the matter. Where men such as GI and Carlos are and have been good enough to hold World Titles, men like you and Ares are on a level below. So don’t give me the high-and-mighty “Dr. Hawke is a fraud and a charlatan” routine that everyone and their mother seems to want to run their mouths off about. The fact of the matter is, GI Styles is sick…And as a mute, not a mime, as you so fraudulently put it…And I am here giving him the best chance for a cure.
Now when I said GI was superior to Carlos, I meant it, especially at the time. I had every reason to believe that GI was better than Carlos, and it still shocks me that he managed to lose. And before you go ahead making outrageous comparisons, like saying I am the equivalent of that fraud “Doctor” Vance, let me tell you something, Aren. I still believe that GI is better than Carlos, just like I believe GI is better than you, than Aren, and even Tyler Parker. GI is one of the most talented wrestlers in the history of everywhere. His work ethic, his natural talent and his killing edge has always made him one of the greats…There is just a barrier which he failed to cross. And I don’t know. Maybe it stemmed from guilt of betraying his former threat, maybe he just got unlucky…Maybe I’m just wrong about just how good GI is. Well, in any case, as long as GI doesn’t let this minor setback get him down, I am confident he is good enough to compete with the likes of Aren Molotov Cocktail.
…If he doesn’t let this minor setback get him down.

*Dr. Hawke looks off into the middle distance, as a worried frown covers his face, as the scene fades to black*
Dynasty promo 1 

Reflecting back on Triple Threat this past Saturday, I realized Tiberius Jones did fuck all throughout the entire tag match. He relied on Jaywalker and there I was having to put up with this bullshit. So yeah, I walked out and left Senn to face those two idiots on his own. But I am not here to talk about that...I am not here to dwell on the past. What I need to focus on is something else. 

Alex Anderson. A man who just joined Dynasty with the means and determination of becoming a champion and being the main act at Pain for Pride. He is also a truly hated man in this company, something I am familiar with. We have a match this Friday where I need to bounce back and make an example of someone. You are that perfect person. Especially with Tyler Parker watching at the commentary table. You stole his finisher to win the match, trying to send a clear message about something. With eyes on us and Pain for Pride lurking around the bend, this is the time that shit matters. Where every move carries a purpose and every decision leaves an impact. People might view me as a sore loser for walking out that FPV, but I did what I did. However, this match is interesting because AA, we have never faced off before. We never had the opportunity to do battle and now is our chance. I always look forward to new challenges and opponents that stand in my way of becoming what I want to be. What exactly is that? The better wrestler. The man who can overcome any odds and put people like you in their place. See...you want to show Tyler and everyone who you are, but you must get past me first. Vance managed to secure a victory but can you? Can you shut it down? Somehow AA...you gotta find a way and a reason. 

I am hungry for that win...to claim a victory against a man who has something to prove. With Parker watching you'll try really hard, but no matter what effort you throw in, it's gotta be stronger than what I possess. I can crack people mentally and push them to the limit physically. Ask anyone here, I am known. 

Just remember to focus on me...do not let your attention slip and recognize a true competitor and true believer. For if you fall to distraction, I'll capitalize. This match is a must win, a turning point: who exactly is the better man? Me or you?
(Daniel Marshall is seen sitting at a table in a food court in a Chick-fil-A in Tampa, when he is approached by a woman)

???-Excuse me, you're Daniel Marshall, aren't you?

Daniel-(Friendly smile, extends his hand) I am. What's your name?

???-I'm Jackie (shakes his hand) It's great to meet you, I'm a fan of yours.

Daniel: Well it's good to meet you too Jackie, it's always nice to meet a fan. (Gestures for her to sit down across from him) Do you live here in Tampa?

Jackie: No actually, I live in a small little area about twenty minuets north of here, Wesley Chapel.

Daniel: Oh yeah, I know Wesley Chapel.

Jackie: You do?

Daniel: Yeah, I actually grew up in that was on the edge of Land O Lakes and Wesley Chapel. I just put down Tampa as my hometown because, if the announcer says something like “Hailing from Land O Lakes, Florida” everyone'll say “Where?”

Jackie: (Smiles) Yeah, I know what you mean. Do you still have family living there?

Daniel: I do, my mom and my dad still live in that area. What about you?

Jackie: No actually, my mom and dad moved down to Miami after they both retired.

Daniel: Ah yeah, Miami's a great place too. Doesn't quite beat Tampa though.

Jackie: Not a lot of places do. So, let me ask, did you hear what Eli Avuna'a said about your match last week?

Daniel: Yeah, I did, and honestly, I'm not scared of the guy. If he wants to try something, he's more than welcome. I'll take him, be it backstage or in that ring. I just hope he's man enough to do it to my face, and not just attack me from behind.

Jackie: Yeah well, he's an intimidating guy, and I don't think he's all that happy about losing.

Daniel: Like I said, he can bring it on any time he wants. I'm not scared of him.

Jackie: Good to hear. What about you facing Eclipse Diemos this week?

Daniel: (Rolls eyes) That guy, oh jeez..... you know, I don't get how someone like him is cleared to wrestle. A sadist, a lunatic who just rambles on and on and on and on without saying a thing. At least, he doesn't say anything in regards to the match, you know, the ting people care about. They care more about it than they do his psychotic desires.

Jackie: Didn't you face him once before?

Daniel: Yeah, I think I faced him in a triple threat when I first got to EAW. He did the same thing with that match, just ramble ramble ramble. Just listening to him can make someone go insane.

Jackie: So I take it you're not intimidated by him either?

Daniel: (Shakes head) No... he might be certifiably psychotic, and a violent S.O.B., but no, I'm not scared of the guy. Like Eli Avuna'a, he's just a man, and I'm not going to let some tall words make me back down, not at all.

Jackie: Well that's good to heard Daniel, I wouldn't expect anything less. Well, thanks for the sorta-interview.

Daniel: No problem. But, I was wondering something. Do you want to get a bite to eat sometime? Thursday night maybe?

Jackie: (Surprised) Oh, yeah sure, that sounds good.

(Drake and Jackie exchange numbers, and Jackie gets up from the table, and walks away. Drake does the same thing a few minutes later)
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)
Post on May 27th 2015, 5:11 pm by Guest
Hey guys! I'm sorry I didn't win the title again, but that won't drag me down, I got to keep that chin up and I will fight another day. Keep putting in the hard work. I put up a good showing and I just want to thank all of my fans for rooting me on at Triple Threat! I love you guys! But anyway I didn't win at Triple Threat and that really stinks but you can't harp on the past I will turn the page and focus on the task at hand. This week at Dynasty I will be in a mixed tag team match and I will be teaming with TLA! TLA is a funny guy, I saw he called me a sexy beast and that made me chuckle and I blushed a little. TLA is also a great wrestler so I look forward to teaming with that sexy beast (Maddie laughs) Our opponents are the Team Freaks of Vixens Champion Tarah Nova and Zach Genesis. This will no doubt be a tough match considering Tarah and Zach are two of the best that EAW has to offer. However Tarah and Zach are also going up against two other of the best EAW has to offer that being myself and TLA! I was really hoping to walk into Pain For Pride 8 as the Vixens Champion but it just wasn't my night I guess, no worries though, one day I will become the Vixens Champion there is just no doubt in my mind. I'm just going to have to put in more work, more training. With that said I went to the movies yesterday! I saw San Andreas and it was awesome! I wont give away any spoilers in case you guys want to see it. But let me just say I loved it! I just love going to the movies don't you guys? I like to grab some popcorn, and soda and there is just watching a movie on a big screen with a bunch of other people that is just so fun! I give a lot of props to the person who thought of creating a movie theater (All of a sudden Maddie notices a female in her 20's wearing her shirt, she goes over to her and begins to talk) Oh my god! You are wearing my shirt! Its so nice seeing one of my fans walking around with my shirt on! (The girl turns around, the shirt is just a shirt that looks similar to Maddie's) Oh (Maddie gets red) I thought you were wearing my shirt. (The girl ask who she is) My name is Madison, but people call me Maddie and I am a professional wrestler, I wrestle for EAW. I was born in Tampa Bay Florida and I love Zebra's and..... (The girl bored of the conversation walks away) Okay! Bye! Oh and don't forget to bye one of my T-Shirts! By the way guys if you are not aware but you can find my new shirt online at EAWShop.com! GO BUY ONE TODAY!!!!!!! Bye guys!!!!!!!

(Maddie waves as the camera fades)
Let’s take it all in. Let’s just take one big, fat look at it all. I’ve had a muscle guy, a weird guy and an even weirder guy taking me on in a wrestling match one-on-one on Voltage. However, they fell down like dominos because I put them down for the count, whether it was a pinfall victory or a submission victory. The new and improved brainbuster-variation of the QDII put away Kerry Keller and a roundhouse kick put down his obnoxious manager. That match was quite more physical than my other matches since my return and I felt like I needed that. I needed the physicality, the motivation, the desire, to bring back my fortitude and my belief to the scale of those top EAW athletes.

Let’s face it – I’m no spring chicken like these talents on top. No, no. However though, I’m not some lazy old wanker riding along the coattails of past successes. When I came back, I started off fresh. Yes, I can say past accomplishments but to new blood, those past accomplishments mean nothing because of the diverse actions of the newer generation. The younger guys, what they need is someone to teach them lessons and I’m the very guy to do so.

So, coming up on Voltage, you will see me in that wrestling ring, I will get on a mic and I will demand tougher competition. Terry, Parker, Kerry, I disposed of them. Now, what I want is better. I want competition that exceeds all expectations. What I demand is someone who has the same dedication as me, the same motivation I have and the same desire in their body which equals mine. None of this bullshit 4th tier pro wrestlers who can’t even tie my shoelaces, I want the best of the best. I want top level quality stars because when I beat them, every single person watching will open both eyes wide to a point where they see me as the next contender to whatever title I choose to go after first. I want them to look into their TVs backstage, reading my lips as I say directly to anyone watching ‘You’re fucking next!’

Superior by force, quality at it’s very best...
( THE LAIR. Seattle, WA. It was a big room with dim lights. The door was locked and the curtains covered each window letting no natural light in, separating this world from the outside. Camera pans inside the room. To the right we see a huge TV with the "Top Score" screen from the last game played, and the consoles, the junk food and ten, maybe fifteen pillows laying on the floor. In the middle of the room we see two glasses half full of orange juice, they were placed on a table along with empty plates, next to the chessboard with pieces on random blocks from an unfinished game. )

Have you ever heard of a team of legends ...

... from the land of extreme?

(To the left, we see a sofa with blankets and clothes on it. The fine redcoat was almost falling from the armrest onto the floor. Then we see a ping pong table, and pingpong balls were scattered on the floor. Under said table were two of the greats you'd never expect see, one was sitting looking at his iPad, and the other resting her head on his lap while messing with her phone. They were Y2Impact and HBG. )

The Mercenaries, they called themselves.

And this is their story.

HBG: What time is it?

( HBG's brunette hair was unbrushed but still remained soft, as some of it covered her face. Her eyes were piercing and vile like the night's sky, and her face was unflawed and unscratched despite struggling at the end of that match at Triple Threat. She looked so tired and sleep-deprived. )

Y2Impact: Quarter past 9 in the morning. One more hour and we've officially been awake for 72 hours. We have finally proven your speculation wrong -- we are not vampires, and we do need sleep.

HBG: That doesn't explain why we hate the sun so much.

Y2Impact: No, YOU hate the sun.

( Y2Impact was so different from her. He was also sleep-deprived, but it didn't show too much. His blonde hair shines with elegance, and his blue eyes resembles the day's sky. His gaze you can't help but stare at and be mesmerized. He looked serious but relaxed as he's always been. )

Y2Impact: Looks like we have a match at Voltage. Against the New Ministry.

HBG: Oh wow, why are we still sitting here then? We should be out there making a statement!... or here in the comfort of this soft rug under a ping pong table.

( HBG suddenly took her phone, set it on video and pointed it at herself. Y2Impact just smirked for he knew this was coming. )

HBG: People waste so much of their talent and capabilities when they let slide the opportunities that used to be so easy to come by. That's human nature, I suppose, we try to abuse our resources and power, take what we can, spoil what we already have and we'd only know the true value of our possessions the moment it's taken from us. And that almost happened to me. For three years, I was stuck in a limbo, standing by comfortably, convincing myself that there's nothing left to do and it's the end of the line. I knew at the back of my mind that there's still some unfinished business that I have to settle in this company, and all the while I've made every excuse I can to not tend to it. "I have retired" I told myself. "I have no reason and motivation" I forced to believe. "I'm too lazy for this" True? Maybe. But none of those reasons can outweigh the passion and the burning desire to come back and fight for my goals, to have some resolution and closure, and leave this company as someone I want the audience to remember. I was afraid of so many things like rejection and criticism, until it was reminded to me how easy it is to fucking destroy people like they don't matter. I was reminded of how fun it was to just do what you want to do for the sake of gold and glory, and not think of what the haters would say. My goals have become crystal clear right before my eyes. I want to re-emerge as a threat to everyone in EAW, and it doesn't matter what gender, color or division you classify yourself as. I want to wear gold around my waist and fight for it like I was born to. I want to be known as the best, do things I haven't done, cross people I shouldn't until I get to my ideal destination. Triple Threat was just the first step. My actions go beyond anyone's understanding, but the main point of it is that I do as I please, I make a statement which screams that I do things differently and I can easily turn myself into a weapon in different ways most people will be too ignorant to account for. Nobody truly understands the magnitude of my abilities, they think I'm just some run-of-the-mill dreamer who tries to make a name for herself in this company without truly knowing the risks she's up for, but when it's all said and done, the same people will see how I should never be underestimated because I handle adversaries with means no one would expect, just like how no one expected me to cost Charlie Scene his precious match.

Speaking of the unexpected, Voltage night, I will be on a tag team match against the new ministry with my partner Y2Impact. It would be a delightful experience to finally show even a fraction of what I can really do, what The Mercenaries can really do as a team. What makes me so confident in this team... do you really have to ask? Y2Impact has proven over and over again that he is what he says he is, and that is the Quintessential Champion. Should I really be worried? With our combined strength, our dynamic as a team, our mutual respect and the desire to reach our common goal, we will take down our foes one match at a time. And soon enough we would rest atop a tall and study pedestal made of diamonds and gold not even the most elite of armies can bring down. I don't want to see time fly by once again with me sitting around and wasting my talent. I don't want to let even one more opportunity slide. I value what I have now, and what I have is my team. Even though the results are inevitable Voltage night and I don't really see The New Ministry or anyone else a threat, I'd say bring it on for this is the first step towards us reaching our goals. This is the first step towards success.

Won't you agree, Y2Impact?

( HBG pointed the camera this time at Y2Impact who was a bit surprised, but is never unprepared. She mouthed "Your turn", he gathered himself and started to speak. )

Y2Impact: You get so caught up in all of your accomplishments and the greater body of work you've offered this business that you sometimes forget what you haven't done. Triple Threat had not only the return of the lovely HBG to the fray, but when I pinned Charlie Scene and showed the world that dishonorable criminals never win in the end, it represented my first victory on an EAW FPV in nearly two years. This next week on Voltage, I'm in a tag team match pitting HBG and I, henceforth collectively known as The Mercenaries, against The New Ministry's Kerry Keller & The Franchise Demon. Is it a coincidence that the last match I won on an FPV was alongside the highly celebrated Jaywalker as we captured EAW's Unified Tag Team Championships off of Dynamite Rain? Here I stand today, once again laying it all down for my partner. You can change the name, and you can change the face, but my loyalty to those whose ambitions merge and unite with my own is unparalleled. I told Charlie Scene that he was disloyal despite the fact that I went out on Voltage after Grand Rampage and shared with the audience that I didn't need him because I was fully capable of handling things myself. Was it an isolated incident? Was that statement I made indicative of my hypocrisy? Am I not a man of my word? None of the above. I knew that I was doing myself a disservice allowing a miscreant like Charlie Scene to ride my coattails all the way to an EAW Championship match against Xavier Williams at the Grand Rampage, and when he was unable to get the job done despite the array of attempts I made to help him capture that holy grail, I knew that he wasn't the man for the job. I knew it was a matter of time before Charlie Scene would tire of sharing the spotlight he had gained only because of me, and so I separated my name from his in the same exact night that he went on national television and told everyone he was using me all along. Talent can't feed off of itself; it needs a head on its shoulders to complement it. I already have both of those qualities at my disposal on a weekly basis, and the logic should follow that I don't need them from anyone else, and it's true; the qualities that I possess make it redundant for me to allow anyone by my side... In most cases. The alliance that I have forged with HBG is anything but ordinary.

Elitists stay in their comfort zone. They're content to wallow in the mediocrity that has gotten them nowhere for however long they can keep on cashing paychecks. Not Y2Impact. Not Heart Break Gal. To innovate, you need to be willing to explore a realm beyond where you've gone before, and to do it better than it's ever been done before. It's this dynamic, progressive mindset I've held for so long that resulted in me being the first and only six-time World Champion. In all of the glory credited to my name, what many forget is that I'm a 3-time EAW Tag Team Champion. There has never been a more prodigious, multifaceted performer in EAW's illustrious history than Y2Impact. The record books show that, and the diversity I've shown over the course of my career exemplifies this better than anything I can tell you. Bitter rivals and current World Champions like Starr Stan have succeeded beyond what they could've ever imagined possible in tag team competition with me, institutionalized and crazed lunatics like St. Anger have agreed to align themselves with me, legends who swore to be my enemy for the entire duration of their career like Jaywalker have set aside their differences to team with me, and while they all drastically contrast from one another, they knew teaming with me would give them a virtually guaranteed shot at succeeding in an allied goal to win the Tag Team Championships. All of these men, no matter their varying degrees of intelligence, tact, and wit, joined my side and their legacies are better off for it. All of these men teamed with me because they knew that it could bring them success. Maybe none of them particularly liked me, but they begrudgingly respected me and what I was capable of enough to forget about what made them hate me in the first place. Heart Break Gal isn't like that at all. She's a diamond in the rough, so rare a jewel that the word "miracle" can't even begin to describe the improbability of finding her. She has never hated me before. She has never held a grudge against me. She doesn't have any elaborately hidden schemes regarding what she expects to do after teaming with me because she prioritizes what our team is going to do rather than what she or I individually might do in the future. That isn't even a thought in her mind, nor in my own. With others, though the mutual respect may have been there, the ideology was incompatible. What I have with HBG is a synthesis of both all the skill you need in the ring and a vision that we mutually reciprocate. There is no uncertainty among the two of us, and for this reason alone, you will never forget our name... The Mercenaries.

When you have gifts that no one else has, the impulse to abuse them never seems to go away. You want to take advantage of those abilities in whatever way you can, exploit them inappropriately and immaturely, wandering about in a haze of a directionless lack of purpose. After all of the years we've both spent in this business and the communication we've had outside of it, we realize now more than ever that what we bring to the table shouldn't be free. The adage goes that if you are good at anything, never sell it for free. We are not broadcasting our skills on national television to the world to sell for free. We have no obligation to the audience that we've entertained for the better part of the last decade. Our only obligation is to ourselves and to each other, and while that may seem difficult to grasp for those of you that thrive on working your way up the ranks on a weekly basis no matter what it means for your bank account or your lack of championship gold, we don't expect any of you to understand. Indeed, we are the only people who need to understand because we're the ones setting this plan in motion. We are perspicacious beyond the understanding of the conventional, common, and orthodox. We're the ones that were thrown Kerry Kelly & The Franchise Demon instead of actual competition just so every single one of you could see the two of us make our grand debut as a team. Then again, as Charlie Scene might attest, you could say we've already done that when HBG and I worked together to bring me the glory that I deserved in winning at Triple Threat. There's more of where that came from on Voltage, and there's going to be more of it until we get the Unified Tag Team Championship opportunity that we know our talent should mandate. It's said that if you lose a match to an opponent you spoke nothing but ill of, you are no better than any insult you intimated toward them. For the inexperienced, this is a rule of thumb to follow; something that will teach them when it is and isn't appropriate to denigrate your adversaries with baseless and unsubstantiated assertions that aren't in the same realm as the truth. For The Mercenaries, it's a factor that we are years beyond considering because the two of us have absolutely no doubt we're going to walk out of Voltage victorious just as we will one day walk out of a match victorious with gold held high in our hands. You can't instill fear into a man and woman who have seen and heard everything someone has already said before. They know exactly how to deal with the situation ahead of them, and how to respond to it accordingly. I'm unequivocally certain in saying that The Mercenaries are going to walk out of this forthcoming Voltage with our hands held high in victory as we stand over the lifeless carcasses of men not even fit enough to be called our enemies. As no stone will remain unturned, no wolf can mask itself for too long... No doubt will be left.

(Both Y2Impact and Heart Break Gal finally passed out after many hours of sleep-deprivation, smiling in unison)

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Dynasty 5/19/15 – Promo #3

Vance: So many men have claimed throughout time to be the greatest to have ever done it. But we all know there can only be one greatest. So where does that leave people like me and Tiberius Jones? I never claimed to be the greatest. It’s my goal, just like most in EAW, but I know I’m not there yet. But I know for sure that the National Elite Championship has been the key to breaking the glass ceiling. Look at a man like our World Heavyweight Champion Tyler Parker who just one short year ago was raising the National Elite Championship to new heights, defending his title against Y2Impact at Pain for Pride in a 30 Minute Iron Man match. THAT was competition. THAT was fighting spirit. THAT was what the then dubbed “National Extreme Championship” meant to this company, being one of the marquee matches at The Greatest Show on Earth.

My how times have changed, eh? In just one short year, we went from everything I just described, to Christopher Corrupt finding the sneakiest, slimiest ways to walk out with the title around his waist – even at the cost of being the one considered the “victor.” It ate him alive, and he became obsessed with keeping it because he was so paranoid, so insecure about his own abilities, that it wasn’t until the tail-end of his reign that he finally found a modicum of dignity. And just as soon as he did, he was fed a taste of his own medicine and taken advantage of by our current champion. With just a few weeks away from Pain for Pride 8, the question begs itself. Will the National Elite Championship match be able to stand to last year’s? Will Tiberius Jones be a champion the caliber of Tyler Parker, defending that championship with the same fire and the same excitement like we saw last year?

No. He isn’t. Tiberius Jones has made it clear many, many times that he has no problem with being a thief. Tiberius Jones could care less about living up to the moniker “Greatest Show on Earth,” he just cares about keeping the belt in any way he can. He cares about advancing his agenda and stripping EAW of the very thing that makes it so great: opportunity. He would much rather pick and choose who he sees fit to stay here, and drive away anybody who wouldn’t fall in line with his view. That’s where I come in.

Tiberius, you’re right. That man who came at me was pretty dumb. He deluded himself as being as tough as me because he was the same size. He deluded himself in to thinking that because he was in a position of authority that I would bend to his will. Instead, I bent his nose into a perfect right angle with nothing but my fist. But my strength isn’t my only strength. Just because you haven’t seen me be fast, stealthy, smart and deadly, doesn’t mean I’m not any of those things. Simply put, a good magician always has a trick up his sleeve to get the crowd back. I haven’t needed to rely on anything else yet, so I haven’t. But this Friday… you will see exactly how versatile this “big, bad thought-to-be ass-kicker” can be. You’ll see exactly why lumping me in with Kevin Devastation was a mistake. While you may have been able to retire him, you won’t get such a luxury against me. But please, keep mislabeling me; all that means to me is that you’re in over your head. I know exactly how natural selection works; I’ve been working within its system for years. I know very, very well what it takes to survive.

But you? You brag about how you won the National Elite Championship on your first try. You are so quick to bring up the fact that I wasn’t the winner of the Reckless Wiring polls, yet conveniently leave out the part where you had who many shots at becoming Number One Contender? And how many times did you fail? Every single time. It didn’t matter if TLA or Aren Mstislav or the champ himself was involved. The reason I give you so much crap about your contract, is that it was literally the only way you could get a title shot, because you proved many times that you were incapable of EARNING said title shot. That’s where we split ways. While you hid something in the General Manager’s plain sight to get your shot, I looked straight in to the camera and let the world know what I was coming for, and dared them to throw people in my way to stop me. Guess what? They tried, but they couldn’t. That’s why I’m standing here before you today as the Number One Contender and not the former champion who hasn’t gotten a rematch. You can justify your code all you want, but when it comes right down to it, your code and my code conflict on even the most basic levels. I face my problems head on and you sneak up behind yours. It seems like you and I were always destined to be enemies. You and I were always destined to be enemies, because you use the past to justify your similar corrupt behavior. I look at the past as a lesson to be learned from, in order to change it for a better future. While I battle for progress, you battle to be able to keep the advantages that you exploit for success. I understand why, I mean you’d have to actually WORK HARD to be successful in my world.

The rogue can never defeat the warrior face to face, because the warrior is too skilled at combat. That’s why rogues have always relied on sneaking behind their powerful opposition and stabbing them in the back. But what happens when that warrior has nothing left to lose, and everything to gain by beating the rogue? He puts his back against a wall, protects his neck, and starts swinging with the most precision he’s ever had in his life. Because the warrior understands the rogue and his rogue-ish ways, and he knows exactly how to deal with them. Because this warrior has been slaying would-be rogues his entire life – metaphorically speaking, of course. On Dynasty, this warrior will take away the Rogue’s treasure and take his crusade guns a-blazing in to The Greatest Show on Earth. This isn’t just about what I can gain from winning this title. This is about going on to Pain for Pride and giving them a National Elite Championship match that the people DESERVE. Not one that only serves the purposes of one deluded, twisted man. This is about actually breaking the glass ceiling, and shocking the world by walking in my VERY FIRST Pain for Pride as the NATIONAL ELITE CHAMPION! We’ll have a classic alright, but it won’t be a technical masterpiece like most would expect. Oh no, there is too much on the line for anything like that. On Dynasty…


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This is uncharted territory for me. I have been involved in countless of matches throughout the course of my career, but I have never been in a match with such implications. At Triple Threat Zack Crash made a groundbreaking announcement. By now I think everyone knows what that announcement was. My career will be on the line at Pain For Pride. If I get pinned I lose my job and if I get pinned the Dynasty brand ceases to exist. I chose this, I want to be the representative of Dynasty - even if my career is at stake, even if my LIFE was at stake because I have to make a change. I was forced to watch Zack Crash plunge EAW into a place without honor. I can't allow Zack Crash to destroy the Dynasty brand, I have to stop him. I won't sit here with my arms crossed waiting for someone to do it, not anymore. I'll do it myself, one way or the other.You really think you can turn this into the hunger games? Fair enough then.  Like I said at triple threat I volunteer as tribute. But I will not only be a tribute. I'll be the mockingjay. I'll be the leader of a movement, I will gladly lead a revolution against you. And that revolution will be your downfall, Crash. I'll vanquish your fraudulent establishment even if it's the last thing I do and you can rest assure HONOR will prevail. But this isn't just about honor. This is about FREEDOM. You stole these people's freedom, you deprived them of a RIGHT. You think we are all puppets and you are the puppeteer and you are probably right. But you don't toy with our careers anymore, you don't get to dictate our fates anymore. Those days are OVER.

I know that I could lose my job, the privilege to do what I love the most. But that is a risk I am willing to take. If I don't, then who will? If it all ends for me at Pain For Pride I will be happy, I will be proud of myself. Because I had one hell of a run. Yeah, I never won the big one. But I earned the respect and admiration of many people. That to me is far more valuable than anything in the world. There was a point in time where I thought it was over for me. I was utterly hopeless. I was considered a failure by pretty much the entire EAW universe. I thought my career wasn't rectifiable.  But I showed  persistence and with a little more effort, what seemed hopeless failure turned into glorious success. I came back - stronger than ever and ever since I have been on a roll. I've had my ups and downs, but the fact of the matter is regardless of the circumstances I ALWAYS rise above. I always overcome the obstacles standing in my way and surpass everyone's expectations. If I get pinned at Pain For Pride? I'll go out knowing that I did my best. I'll be satisfied with myself. Either way, I will find my way back home. I always do.

Crash must want me dead so badly. Because this week on Dynasty I am facing Psycho Brody. A man who's 6'6" and over 300 pounds. Maybe Crash and his lapdogs think Brody has what it takes to achieve what no other man in the history of EAW has been able to achieve. Maybe they think he can end my career. What they are failing to realize is that I already established dominance over "The Mad Beast" before. At Triple Threat I eliminated him from the match in a decisive fashion. And come Dynasty I will eliminate him from EAW in the same way. Because I need to send Crash and his people a message. While others celebrate victories, while others enjoy title shots and other privileges they didn't earn I will FIGHT for Dynasty. I'll fight for honor, but most importantly I will fight for these people's freedom. I don't know who I am facing at Pain For Pride, I don't know if anyone will be man enough, if anyone will have the audacity to want to compete against me, but no matter who steps up to the plate I will defeat them. I'll break their faces with my fist and I will spear them in HALF. So, let the games begin!
The Slow Climb
Voltage Promo

Every step we take is a slow, slow climb…

Nothing can be delivered with ease, nothing can come and fall into your hands. You must take it. You must rip whatever you want from someone else’s hands because you are never alone. There is always someone else, someone as hungry, someone as desperate gunning for the same glory you want to achieve. There are men who could be DEFINED by the Cash In The Vault briefcase. There are men that can FINALLY get that chance to make it IF they rip it from the cable but they are irrelevant to me. A sob story, a heart breaking tale of just missing out, I could be told them all and I wouldn’t care, I would add to that sorrow, that heart break, that soul crushing doubt that makes someone THINK they’re going nowhere…that they’re a failure. Odd, right? A man who claims to be a hero of the story, a bloke the fans can look towards for light, a kid more than happy to be a martyr talking about adding misery and woe to someone who has already had enough of it. It’s a harsh reality that if you want success, if you want to stand above the rest as champion, as that hero, as that villain, as that icon, as that LEGEND then in those few moments when fate lies in your hands, understand that NOBODY is worth taking pity on. What happens after, the fallout, the result of such acts is out of our hands, we must simply roll with the punches knowing what we have in hand.

I’ve seen it before. A person who fought tooth and nail for thirty minutes stagger to the top of the ladder, a briefcase containing a title shot in hand within reach. This person had been fighting for this chance for years, surpassed by many including myself, had to find new ways to reinvent themselves and finally they thought this was their moment; their chance. Who was there to meet him? Me. A few hard shots and within seconds he stumbled down a few rungs and suddenly the briefcase wasn’t in his reach. I looked directly into his eyes and I saw the fear of knowing EVERYTHING he worked for was about to come crashing down on him. One last shot, he fell and history continued to etch my old redemption story. It’s irrelevant. That place, that moment, that competitor. All of it, nothing but fuck if it wasn’t an important life lesson. When The Pizza Boy and I defeat Death By Velocity, when we qualify and when Pain For Pride comes, his woes won’t be any concern of mine. What the briefcase means to him, what the briefcase means to Carlos Rosso will be worth nothing to me; all that will matter is me getting my hands on a title shot and cementing my place, my rightful place as the future of EAW.

But here we are on the road to Pain For Pride. The grand stage…the greatest show on earth. Where mere names become immortalized by moments in the hope to obtain the greatest of success. Two weeks ago, I had a chance to seal my place in the Cash In The Vault match but came up….well sort of short. A draw. I fought, I scratched, I clawed and maybe I found myself with my head not exactly screwed on the right way to take The Pizza Boy seriously enough as a decent competitor. He was far more than just decent. Pushed me to my limit and his quite amazing run continues. I saw the match as mine to lose and I also did that.  I’ve got to give The Pizza Boy credit where credit is due. His resilience, his determination, his will, his spirit was overwhelming to say the least and to say I was blown away by his persistence would be a grand understatement. My actions last week just highlight the top bloke I am. I could have sparked a debate, encouraged him to go one more time where hopefully the same mistakes wouldn’t be made twice but after Voltage two weeks ago, that would be rather unkind, rather pathetic. I didn’t lose, I didn’t win either. Same goes for him. Fact we tore the house down to prove just how far we’re willing to push ourselves for the opportunity and how our bodies gave up on us from pure exhaustion shows just how little of a place this match has however, it doesn’t matter. Unlike our opponents, I don’t have a problem having something to show for my time, my effort; it isn’t exactly been hard to obtain. I know what it’s like to taste success, I know what it’s like to be in a position to fight for such a prize. I’ve been in the main event fighting for such a title and so I know a thing or two about handling the pressure and what it takes to step up to achieve it. It doesn’t matter that The Pizza Boy hasn’t had those same moments, he hasn’t had those lessons yet but as long as one of us does…well…it’s one more than thing Death by Velocity don’t have to their name. Now, whether or not I can trust him would be a different story yet I’m sure it’s not him to be of any concern. We both have the same goal on Sunday night, we both want to reach the same destination and so it’s only right that trust is a two way street.

Perhaps I’m getting a little too far ahead of myself. Of course my place in the match is still yet to be finalized and It isn’t just going to fall into my pretty little lap now isn’t it? A slow climb it is to Wembley…it feels like I’m making ground by just inches.

Some men just aren’t fit to be in the Cash In The Vault ladder match, some just aren’t ever destined to be in such a spotlight and I’m afraid that’s true for you two.  Let me ask boys, how long has this little gig been going on for? Four? Five months? A few close calls here and there; I faintly recall one of you going for the Pure Championship…getting screwed…I’m really not sure, I was too busy carving my own bit of history to care. Truth be told, you should win this match. Why? Because you’ve been doing this long enough to know how to make the most of any situation as a team. To isolate, beat down and defeat two men who two weeks earlier were clawing each other’s eyes out fighting for a bigger prize. In all logical sense, The Pizza Boy and I don’t stand a single chance but I don’t think logic will have any impact on Voltage. One side, you’ve got perhaps the biggest surprise packet Elite Answers Wrestling has seen for some time, hospitality worked turned pro wrestling underdog and the other? A man who for just shy of eight months brought a bottom of the barrel title to relevance, gave it a place, a meaning and represented it with pride. I KNOW what it means to be in position where everything is on the line, I know what It means to be a champion. Perhaps it’s a little generic for me to sit and outright say “This is why we’ll win” but I can’t tread around this and talk it up any other way; my experience alone in big matches is more than you two have collectively. Throw in Pizza Boy’s impressive efforts against Hades the Hellraiser…or apparently just “Hades” twice and the Grand Rampage match maybe it’s a little wise to throw in the towel. When I reigned as the New Breed champion, I was undoubtedly God to the likes of you and thus, each opponent I came across had an option, to accept defeat well before, lay down in the middle of the ring and walk away defeated but spared or fight and be embarrassed. Sometimes I think I should have taken the same option, but the success of Stark remains yet to be seen. Point is, you’ve got a greater chance of being the Savage Ryan’s whipping boys again than walking out of Voltage with a place in the Cash In The Vault match. I let an opportunity for it slip once, with all due respect to my partner….I won’t let it slip by again.
*The scene is a dark room, the only light is illuminating a small, metal bucket. The bucket is about halfway full, with liquid dripping into it. The camera pans up and shows a small hole in the roof of the room, and follows a drop down into the bucket. You hear the liquid splash into the bucket, dripping every 2 seconds and making a splash sound as Charlie Scene walks into frame.*

Charlie: Everyone wants to play the lead role. Everyone wants to play the big part. Everyone wants to be the main character, the one everyone loves, or hates, but is always talking about. You see there are people who can’t accept the cards they have been dealt by life, cruel as the fates may be. These people have a role to play, in the grand scheme of things everyone does, but what happens when people attempt to defy nature? What happens when people try to change their role on their own? In some instances, the fates allow the traitor to continue on his way, forge his own path and see what happens. In some cases, though, the consequences can be dire. In some cases, you meet a flattering old man, who was once at the top of the pack, the best the world had ever seen, but by the time you’re introduced to him, he has become a memory. A shell, a weasel of a man that doesn’t know his time is past and he just isn’t getting the message that the entire world is trying to send, telling him that it’s time to die. You also meet a lovely old woman. A once beautiful creature who, like the old man, used to be on the top of her game. Could do no wrong, it seemed. Unfortunately, by the time you’re strolling through her neck of the woods, she has been reduced to meager desk work. She grasps the strings of her old reality so tightly, so afraid to let them go for fear of what might become of her, blind to the fact that the worst is already here. In the time she’s spent trying to hold onto her past, the future has come and overtaken her and turned her into an ugly, soiled, shallow, old woman who can’t face reality. They say birds of a feather flock together, and do they ever. You see because these two people, this old man and woman, they both have the same goal: hold on to what once was, at all costs. No matter what, don’t let time pass you by. They are fighting an unwinnable battle against themselves and their own mortalities, and the saddest part is, they don’t even see it happening. Sure, on the outside, it’s plain as day. You can see it on their faces, every time you pass them on the street, you can see the lines, the wrinkles, bags under their eyes from the years of stress they have gone through trying to preserve something that cannot be preserved, looking to find the fountain of youth thinking to themselves, “Oh, but it must exist!” but they would never say that out loud, because on top of their dwindling understanding of their current state, and their inability to grasp the concept of time, they have fooled themselves into believing the world has respect for them. They have convinced themselves that one more victory and they’ll live forever! One more big achievement and they’ll be immortal! All they need is more time, all they need is more opportunity, damn it all they need… is more blood.

They need more blood to course their veins, they need blood to sustain them, they need blood to make them feel alive because nothing christens a winning moment like your opponent's blood! Nothing matters but the blood of the enemy because these two feeble minded elders fail to realize that to get, you must give, not take. Destroying is not building, but in the land of extreme, that’s what they were taught to believe. In the most extreme place in the world, this man and this woman went through 5 different types of hell and they spilled blood, they took they wanted, pillaged and ran rampant over the land of extreme for years, so who could blame them for thinking this way? Jesus said you mustn't blame the ignorant for their actions, for they know not what they do. But I say ignorance is not an excuse. When I was sentenced to prison, the judge told me my ignorance of the law did not excuse my actions. The ignorance of Y2Impact and Heart Break Gal will not excuse their actions either.

In my head, I’ve gone over what happened at Triple Threat many times. From the beginning moments, all the way to the end and I believe I have all it figured out. Y2Impact and Heart Break Gal are searching for the sacrificial lamb that they believe will secure their immortality. They chose the wrong man for the job, though. Impact, HBG, I am no lamb. You are looking into the eyes of a wolf. A wolf that is hungry for vengeance. HBG, you spilled my blood. You took blood away from me and where I come from, everything is two for one. I give you a dollar, you give me two back. I give you a quarter and you give me two back, hell if I give you a penny, I want two pennies back from you and I’ll take it out of your ass if need be! HBG, you spilled my blood once, which means now, I get to spill twice as much.

*Charlie bends down and picks up the bucket, he takes a drink from the bucket, swallows and shows a toothy grin. You see red stains all around the mouth and on the teeth of Charlie as he continues smiling. The camera zooms in on Charlie’s blood-stained teeth as it fades to black.*

I guess this is the part that I introduce myself, right? My name's Erica Ford, one half of the Sky Drivers AKA Team Super Best Friends...look, Aurora's a sweetheart but sometimes I think she may need to switch to decaf. We are good friends, best friends as a matter of fact, but between you all and me sometime's she's juuuuuuuust a little ditzy. Funny how life works though. We both started training around the same time, met at some indy show in front of about 30 people and off we went about forming the Sky Drivers. Now after just a little while of teaming, here we are both signing EAW contracts and even having our first match in EAW in Finland. Totally awesome. 

Why "Sky Drivers", you guys may ask. Well, Aurora Rose is one of the most dynamic wrestlers on the planet. She does all these cool flips and tumbles and all that stuff. I mean, she's called the "Shining Sky" for a reason! The Drive part of the name comes from yours truly. Why? Because for starters I like fast things. Cars, Jets, Motorcycles, ATVs, if it has a motor to it and can go really fast, I'm down. The "Drive" has another meaning to it also. A lot of people kinda mistake me for this laid back goof or another pretty face-ugh, I've not even been under EAW contract a week and some creep already hit on me!-but I'm a lot more than that. I love pushing myself, seeing how far down the road I can go. That's how I wrestle, that's how I live my life, that's who I am. I'll admit that she's the speedster of the group but I'm pretty darn fast myself.

Anyway, debut match this week, Showdown Pre-Show against two teams of guys that I don't really know that much about. Guys, don't make the mistake of assuming we're just two girls and can't wrestle, 'kay? We may not be the biggest strongest or scariest, but we're the fastest. Speed kills, just like you and the rest of EAW will find out soon enough. It's only a shame that nobody's going to see this match outside of the arena. Aurora was bummed for like two seconds when she found out that we were going to be wrestling at Showdown but not on TV but immediately perked up when she realized that we were living the dream together. Magnus, Bourbon, Danny, Andrew...boys, I hope you show up ready for a long, rough night at the track. Aurora and I are about to zip right by you and grab that checkered flag and the big trophy at the end of this race......

Look, okay guys, I know that was a terrible racing reference. I'm not used to addressing millions of people via video like this, alright! I'll come up with something better next time. 

In all seriousness though, with the Shining Sky on my side, the boys and girls are about to find out that all you need is...

Was that it? Must have been the plan all along. Ares and Kendra handcuffing the threat because they know, oh they know, they wouldn’t have done what they did had I been free. Had I been free, had I been free….

(The scene opens up to Aren head down, dripping with sweat, his torso and knee wrapped up and with a reddish mark around his wrist where the handcuff was applied.)

Had I been smart I wouldn’t have been caught, had I been wary this mark of shame on my wrist wouldn’t be where it’s at. Had I been a lot of things, I would not have the image of a battered Athena, and a sorrowful Lannister burned in my mind. Had I been, had I been….

(Aren rubs his wrist, and wipes his sweat away before looking up and revealing the staples he received after his match with Ares)

Had I been a lot of things I would not be here feeling bitter sweet about my victory with Ares, and my prediction that this was just the start of a war. People usually are out celebrating when they win, but no I am here regretting everything I wasn’t because I thought we had the advantage, I thought we had everything in our grasps, and to have it all slip from your hands, it makes one feel like shit. RAGNAROK’s shining moment went to shit all because of an arrogant and scared Ares, an insufferable bitch Kendra, and a cocky, brash, and gullible Aren. This was my fault and no one else’s, I should have known when that cage was lowered, I should have kept lookout as soon as Ares took out those handcuffs, I should have done a lot of things, but I didn’t. But I will not just keep putting the blame on myself and keep beating myself over something that I should have done. No, because this is far from over between RAGNAROK and the House of Vendetta, and as soon as I get my hands back around the neck of Ares and his scrawny self, then will he know the true meaning of a vendetta.

But before all of that can come to fruition, I need an outlet, I need someone to take my anger, my beatings for some relief, and since Ares is out of reach for now I will have to settle with EAW’s residential mime, GI Styles. Now I know GI doesn’t want to speak anymore, but really is that going to stop me from making him scream in agony, is that going to stop me from wringing his neck as I imagine him as the root of all my problems. No, it won’t, but you know I am being too harsh on Styles, I mean this man just failed like me, except he failed to a man that he considered a low creature. Now, as much as it pains me to say it, but Ares is equal to me, anyone who tries to disagree just watch our match again, I calculated almost every move with a move of my own, as did he. He had to cheat to get his way, he had to resort to tactics that his family is known for. GI, though, you knew you were going into a war, but you thought you was superior. Hell I’m not going to lie, if it was me and The Nas in the same position as you, I would have thought the same thing. I mean it was like you thought that just because you two were partners before, that you knew everything about him, and yet you still thought you was the better man. That’s what it was between you and Carlos, that’s all it was. It was a pissing contest on who thought who was better, not either of you considered each other equal, and if you ask me that is the factor that brought you to your loss. You didn’t go in there saying that you were in for the fight of your life, or that this man was your equal. No you went in there with the mindset that you were the best, that everything you did was something that Carlos could not counter, and that in the end you would be the victor. You kept saying you were better off alone, without Dynamite Rain.

Or at least that is what the puppet of a man Eddie Hawke has been saying in your spot. He called Carlos a crutch, said you were better on your own. Do you actually believe that GI, do you actually believe what Hawke is saying or are you just standing there, letting him talk because well I am having a hard time believing that these are your words. Now I faced a man who had his Doctor do the talking for him, and every time he would address me there was a nagging in the back of my mind that was saying, that he is just saying shit that does not come from his guy’s thoughts. I also faced another man whose prison buddy spoke for him too, and there it was again, this nagging feeling. I must say, that same nagging keeps coming back every time I hear Hawke speak. GI I will admit you are a braggart, you are a man who thinks he can make it on his own, but you would never outright say it because you know it would bring you to a point of no return. Hawke here is just saying something to provoke, whether you want to believe me or not. He is pulling strings, as the puppet finally becomes the master. But hey I want to be proven wrong because it would not be the same facing a man whose truths only came from a man with no real substance. Hell I don’t know whose thoughts I am going to be truly hearing after this. Am I going to be hearing the thoughts of the one and only GI Styles, or just the imaginings of a “Doctor” who loves to manipulate, and screw around? But what I do know is this, a puppet’s limitations are that of its master. If Eddie Hawke is truly your master, then I hate to see how you turn up in the future.

Это печальный день для мастера, а его марионетка захватывает контроль и начинает работать его собственную версию шоу.
Voltage Promo #1 - 5/31/15

Camera is shown in the locker room with The New Ministry...

Keller (just getting off the phone): Well Demon, I got good news

FD: What is it?

Keller: We have a tag team match this week on Voltage against Y2Impact and Heart Break Gal, get ready to silence them.

FD: Thank god! I finally can get out of this straight jacket for time being. Guard please release me for the time being, I need to let my anger out and get ready to bury these two cold souls

The Guard takes the straight jacket off Franchise Demon

Keller: Haha good to hear Franchise, maybe we will finally be on our road to Pain for Pride 8

Franchise: Maybe? We ARE on our road to Pain for Pride 8 and no one is stopping us. I will bury every last one of them

Keller: Amen to that my friend, lets go train and silence these bitches

Franchise: The darkness is continuing my friends......

Franchise Demon, Keller and The Guard all leave the locker room together as the camera shuts off
Voltage Promo 1

The camera opens backstage in the locker room area.  In the foreground, on a bench in the center of the room sits Barney M Bailey looking down at the ground ponderously.  Behind him, sitting in a cubbyhole in the wall with his knees to his chest and a stressed and calculating look in his bulging, unblinking, eyes rests Pizza Boy, staring off into space as Percy stands sentry at the door, his arms crossed with his back against the frame.  A moment of silence passes before PB swings his legs out to the floor and stares directly into the camera

PB: I've paved my way in this business in my short sabbatical in EAW on the backs of doubters.  I rode into this industry on the back of Barney M. Bailey, all the while being undercut and second guessed. I've lain first brick in a long stretch of road on the back of Kerry Keller, did the same twice to Hades the Hellraiser, took down Terah Nova, and then took James O'Hara to the limit, proving each and every one that took me lightly wrong.  I earned their respect, I earned my spot, and I earned the crowd's trust, love, and understanding, to the point that it's become common knowledge that when you throw Pizza to the wolves, he'll come out the other end intact and all the more dangerous.  So pardon me for being unimpressed when two more doubters emerge from the woodwork spouting the same rhetoric of the men and woman before them. It was one thing when people took pot shots at my credentials before my match with James, questioning whether or not I was worthy of being in Cash in the Vault before I'd truly proven I'm more than just some fluke rookie with a hot streak, but now after James and I tore the house down and have proven that EAW's future is in good hands regardless to which of us moved forward, I find it more than a bit insulted that either of our credentials are called into question.  We've both fought tooth and nail to earn everything we've gotten in wrestling, we've taken beatings just to become that much better and learn from our mistakes, and while my road has been the more unconventional path to success, I think James now understands that the path of an untrained and underpaid minimum wage minion turned mat wrestling machine hasn't been a tiptoe through the tulips.  Just like him, I've been stabbed in the back, had my legs cut out from under me, had everything I've worked for trivialized by others, and still overcame every obstacle that's been thrown in my path until hitting that fork in the road that was our match.  And I'll be honest with you, if O'Hara had came out this week and said 'I deserve it more than you, I deserve to go to Cash in the Vault', I probably would have conceded regardless to windbag and Harpo's objections and gracefully stepped down from contention, because James O'Hara is this company's future.  He didn't take the fast track of hard knocks like me.  He toiled, he fought, he earned his place in a business where I've come to understand words like 'deserve' hold little to no merit when someone's feet are put to the flame.  But O'Hara?  His path to glory has been a pit of hot coals, and it's been a long road of endurance that he's came out the other end of all the more strong.

Barney self-consciously removes his wig, scratching his bald head as he takes in everything his client has to say, but still holding his tongue and avoiding looking back to catch eyes with his protege, even when he rises from his locker and walks across the room, arms crossed judgmentally as he approaches the camera.

PB: But who are you?  Death By Velocity? What does that even mean? What have you done in EAW to even earn our time or consideration?  I may be off base, but you come across as just another pair of boorish pretenders unwilling to work for the attention guys like O'Hara and I fight to obtain.  I mean, am I wrong here?

PB surveys the room with one quick glance around,dismissing Bailey as he meekly begins to open his mouth and raise his hand.

PB: Maybe I am.  I've been wrong before about people...or at least so they claim before I silence them in the ring...but see, I'm trying not to fall into the same trap that everyone else has fallen into around here.  I'm trying not to buy my own hype, I'm trying not to talk my own game up, because every time that seems to happen, well, another person is silenced by me.  Maybe the shoe is on the other foot for once, maybe I'm the one, for once, coming into this match with something to boast, maybe for once I'm the more successful opponent, the more seasoned, the more aware of what it takes, the one feeling cheated by some loud mouth no-nothing seat-stealing doubters whom like everybody else, haven't been paying attention to what's been going on around them.  I'm on the path to victory and I'm on a roll.  Same goes for James, same goes for everyone who has ever believed in us, and you'd think by now we'd both be used to the smack talk and the second-guessing, but I guess that just isn't the case, is it? Something like that eats away at you, makes you question whether or not you're really worthy, and that's what I've been doing for such a long time.  James doesn't seem to let it bother him, James seems to have it all figured out, and maybe I finally get it.  Maybe I'm finally on to something, maybe I'm finally seeing the fear and respect in the eyes of the guys across the ring from me as I continue moving forward and they continue to fall short.  I'm sensing a green eyed monster vibe coming from your direction, Death By Velocity, just as I've unknowingly sensed it from nearly everybody whose stepped in the ring with me.  You're anxious to know that some jerk in a pizzeria uniform has become the measuring stick, you wonder what it means for a business that you've bled for.  For that, I don't blame you.  I think I'd be a bit more than worried if a guy in spandex showed up at Bo and Ty's Pizzeria cutting promos, elbow dropping pies, and somehow reinventing what it means to make good pizza, especially considering the fact that I don't fit the mold of dough slinger anymore.  Is that what it is? I mean really, I wish someone would tell me, because it's really starting to make me impatient having to worry about being killed in a 3rd world country by some insecure mess and his boyfriend.

BMB: PB...

PB: I'm just really sick and tired of earning something, only for it to be scoffed at!

BMB; Pizza Boy.

PB: It's just really getting FUCKING OLD having some losers who can't make it in a service industry that they're not willing to work to get anywhere in TAKE SHOTS AT ME!!!



The Pizza Boy stops in his tracks, realizing that he's now standing toe-to-toe, nose-to-nose, with Barney M. Bailey.  Percy stands agog at the door, looking on in disbelief.  PB stands breathing heavily, a look of angry confusion sweeps over his face as Barney plants a hand on his shoulder and gently guides him to a seated position on the bench.

BMB: Turn the cameras off.  Percy, get those cameras off!

Percy rushes the camera man before he can react as Barney lulls the Pizza Boy back into a calm state as he whispers something inaudible into his ear.  After a brief skirmish with the mute mountain of a man, the cameras click off, but not before catching one last audible bit of dialogue.

"...you called me Andrew.."
TJ:That’s messed up dog. What’s the world coming to, someone dumb enough to try sexually assaulting a six foot seven behemoth like you? Sure, you were probably younger and smaller before doing time so maybe take away a few inches and pounds from that 275 exterior, but I doubt you were some squirt to be fucked with, considering you already had your big boy cub scouts badge, oh, I mean club patch.

See what happened to that person was natural selection. Those without anything working upstairs get theirs.

Only the smartest, fastest, stealthiest, strongest and most deadly have room to thrive, and Tybull you only having one out of five  in this matchup isn’t good odds for you when you’re disadvantaged in the other five. Have you ever seen a Komodo dragon eat a buffalo? Or perhaps in a more personal example, while you’ve beaten guys like Jacob and Chris Corrupt as you’ve said, I’ve RETIRED the seven footer “outlaw” Kevin Devastation who just recently was given his time to go into the hall of fame this year, big bad thought to be ass kickers are my speciality at putting poison laced daggers into. The fans and management may get behind you from time to time now, but the thing about big guys like you is once people realize you aren’t this huge force to be feared you lose all your luster. Yeah, maybe you are a shark like you said a few days ago, but know that sharks that stop CONSISTENTLY swimming tend to die more often than not, after your stampede ends on Friday who is to say management with this large roster they have difficulties giving everyone time to will care enough to keep putting you on shows like they do now?

You frown upon me tricking Sebastian to get my championship shot, but not everybody around these parts gets championship shots as long as they demand it enough times like you. Hell if I remember correctly, you were one of the names in the Reckless Wiring polls for a championship shot when I wasn’t because Sebastian thought I “wasn’t ready”, though the fans didn’t seem to do you a solid. Yet at my first shot at the title, this man who wasn’t ready, by hook or by crook walked out with the gold. A man just got to do what a man’s got to do. Add corrupt figures like Cleopatra, Kevin Devastation and you can argue that just like you I all along only decided to live by my own code rather than a justice system that I don’t think is proper, hell the “devil himself” Zack Crash STOLE this company and changed the game from extreme, so I can argue why should I live by respecting elite rules? I can argue that everything I do is thus “justified”. But deep down, even if Crash wasn’t crooked, I’d probably be just as cool bending the rules nonetheless, power’s always been something that began by others abusing, warring and thieving, so it doesn’t matter who is in charge and you should never feel an automatic feeling to obey because power over other humans is a system of thought that came from thieves like me.  That’s right, as people celebrate Memorial Day for troops from our country back home, we ought never to forget that our good ol USA is stolen land and the rules of our country are made by those who stood upon the shoulders of what those thieves made.

If you think a warrior is better than a rogue than bring your silly warrior ways on Dynasty, I’ll teach you why the world’s always been run by a rogues’ gallery of greats. Just like all the others who thought they could stomp me into the dirt, you just don’t realize how many knives I’ve got hidden up my sleeves. I counter your measure with favoring the rhythm and the motion in what counts, you have to control the flow……of the match, though it’s racial genetic fact where the odds are when it comes to who measures up anyways in the second most important. Now I don’t know, or care, about if or if not I’ll live up to creating that bond with you, but in my own way I guarantee you’ll have a good fight and more come Dynasty.

You’ll have a classic.
Well, how are we all doing this evening? Now I know there will be many who watched Triple Threat and the point I will get onto is my match. I feel that there are two sides to every issue. There is the favorable side where we find out that Team Daniels became victorious and then, there is the negative side where you found out I was at a fault for a premature elimination. Though I did manage to get in some offense on the opposing team, that doesn’t mean that I could sleep well knowing that I felt if I had survived longer, I could perhaps have been a great asset to my team. Whether I was of any gain for the team is not my place to say, but if I am to have any rights of speech, I can say that ShowDown will be a place where I will attempt to make up all that was lost at Triple Threat. I didn’t promise anything substantial for me or my team and I can admit that I am okay to feel that my part was a bit of a lackluster because you fans want to see a better presentation and want me to have a bit more persistence than I did on that night. Like I have said though, this is about me trying to atone for that letdown and I am not about to lose hope for myself and what I stand for, so with that being said, I should reflect on the future rather than the past. I am leaving the past memories to ShowDown because I get the chance to sit with my ‘good friend’, Ventura. You know, I am anticipating recollecting historic memories with him as he will with me because it was two years ago that Ventura challenged me for the Answers World Championship, little knowing that the championship he held was a sacrifice he was willing to pay. Of course, he took something from me as well, but this debate should not further to THAT point because it is a topic for another day but I know I am going to have a lot to discuss with Ventura at ShowDown. I don’t want to spoil anything that may get juicy so I will leave the details until then. 

But this is a time for opportunity. Never in the history of my career have I been involved in an event like Cash in the Vault. A certain option for a World Championship match and the victory of a world championship but for this upcoming match at ShowDown, I only need to get past one man to cement myself a match at Pain for Pride. That name being Scott Oasis and he too will be enthusiastic to throw himself into that match, as would anyone. These qualifier matches aren’t just your average matches; they are a test to bring out the superior men, men who are willing to forfeit themselves in a severe atmosphere like Cash in the Vault. Some men who have been successful at Cash in the Vault would believe this the prequel of their climb to gold and I want to add my name on the list of men who can pose an imminent doom to any World Champion. As a former World Champion and former King in EAW, I have had experience of cashing in my contract in favor for a championship match at my request and this will be the second coming, but I know that Scott is going to be wanting to secure that briefcase that gives out opportunity furthermore. He knows this is a big match for him and I want to test him, to see if he can climb the ladder, no pun intended. But there is no joke when you go up against me, because you are contesting with a man who should’ve survived longer than he did at Triple Threat and it was a move I am liable for. As I have stated, ShowDown is all for me to redeem that loss and with the match holding high significance like the Cash in the Vault qualifier, it will be a victory to glance with a smile for me. But then, there is Scott Oasis, a guy who wants to show the world why you, without a world championship in his history, would be a recommendable piece in the scramble of a jigsaw. 

I am serious when I ask if you’re primed for this match because before you throw in the generic prep lines like “I am going to beat you until you can’t remember your name”. I am going to throw in a little concern myself. Call it clichéd; call it whatever but do you really know who you’re facing against? I can come into this match as a former World Champion but that won’t be enough to warn you what my name could potentially mean in that match. You see, ladder matches and I have an illustrious relationship going on in my history in wrestling. I could recall my history with ladder matches from the time I traumatized my best friend into oblivion from my match with Methuselah. Yes, our match doesn’t revolve around ladders but I just want to enlighten you that this match between us is not one where you can expect to walk with faith. Adding to the fact I want this victory…No, I NEED THIS VICTORY. I need this victory so I can be at the top again, so I can once again, prove to the world that Liam Catterson is a warrior to remember. I shall conquer; I shall rise…That is my choice coming into this match because if I win, I will ascend. If I lose, I won’t ascend. I can respect you passion to climb a further step to becoming a promising world champion, my friend but you have to understand that I have the upper hand. That is not a knock at your confidence, that is the truth and nothing but the truth because I have pointed out how all my past elements contribute to the possibility to overthrow you. Whether I do or not is remained to be seen but as the norm, I can’t create promises, only ideals. I don’t want to be seen as the man belonged to fiction, which is why I remove the thought that promises victory and instead, create the thought of preparation. That is why I smirk just a bit to those who promise victory for themselves, because they believe they can see the future, fair for them but shadowed by this naturalness they could’ve presented. Whether I become the victor or you do, one thing is known heading into this match. We both desire that chance to win and you’ll have to tackle with the storm to make sure you know your place for Pain for Pride otherwise; you’re going to be left behind. I don’t want to act like the selfish guy in this match but I am ready for a fight and I want that chance more than you want it. Only a former world champion knows the love to contend for a spot like the Cash in the Vault and fortunately, I can relate, unlike you. That doesn’t stop you from winning, but your achievement of that will be demanding, which is a promise I can make. 
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Dynasty 5/29/15 – Promo #2

Vance: What has a felon got against thief? A very interesting question, indeed. The felon is the guy who has no problem with seriously hurting the guy trying to rob him blind. This particular felon in question, became as such by means of assault and battery. To make a long story short, a man made unwanted sexual advances towards me and I beat him until he ended up in the ER. I’m not homophobic, but as they say – no means no. If somebody puts their hands on me like that, I have no problem with rearranging that somebody’s face. The fact remains that I ended up in jail, which is really one of the biggest differences I have with the justice system. According to the code I follow, that beat down was justified. That’s the code that I followed when I was wearing my cut – which was far different than a Hell’s Angel’s cut. But I took responsibility for my actions – I always owned up to what I did. Unlike you, who would rather think he got away with something like tricking a guy when they weren’t looking – you know, like you did when you took advantage of Sebastian Monroe’s lack of ability to read out contracts – than stare his problems in the face and charge at them head on. That’s the difference between you and me, Tiberius. You’re a rogue, and I am a warrior. 

I’ll agree with you on one thing. Fuck my streak. The streak is nothing but a number. It’s a number that I worked hard to attain, but it in no way encapsulates exactly how unstoppable I am. Because it doesn’t matter whether I win or whether I lose, I always get back up, brush myself off and keep moving forward. Just like when I was eliminated at the Grand Rampage, I got up and I kept moving forward and the very next week I walked out of Dynasty with a victory over a former World Champion in this company. No “Culling” will ever drive me away from EAW until I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to accomplish. I never claimed to be trying to surpass Jaywalker’s streak or try to take that accomplishment away from him. The fact of the matter is, I’m not trying to be like your boy Jaywalker, I am simply something unlike you’ve ever seen. And I am on a crusade to become better than even Jaywalker ever was. And when it comes right down to it, the next step I need to take on that crusade is taking that very title you’re so intent on keeping.

But let’s get something straight here. You’re free to believe what you want and pray to whatever dirt gods you feel like praying to, but choosing not to acknowledge karma doesn’t change the fact that it’s very real, and it will come to pay you a visit when you least expect it to. Maybe the fact that you had to fight at Triple Threat and I didn’t was karma. Because it sure as hell wasn’t me! If I had my way, trust me, I would have been there cracking skulls too. You believe that there should be a “culling” of men and women in EAW, but I see through your bullshit. All you’re doing is providing a lot of fluff and pomp and circumstance to try and hide the fact that really you just don’t want there to be anybody here to challenge you or your “J-Dynasty.” You seek to horde all of the power, wealth and glory for yourselves while casting aside what little honor and dignity there is left to those you’ve laid to waste – as if taking pity on us for not being as dark and twisted as you. But your agenda would have this place dwindle in numbers, and to me that means less asses that I get to legally kick. So you can take your culling and you can shove it up your ass.

You’re right, the National Elite Championship is to be dealt with how its holder sees fit. But that championship is only yours for as long as you can defend it. That’s exactly why I’m coming after you so vehemently. Because I believe you’re using it awfully, and I know I’m far from the only one who thinks that way. EAW has the best competition in the world to face off against, and I’ve always sought to fight the best. I’ll be damned if I let you eliminate the competition from EAW for good with your “Culling.” I’ll be damned if I let you get away with tarnishing a championship that at one time was a symbol of competitive spirit. This isn’t a matter of playing “good boy games.” Warriors always held true to a code, whether they were lawful or chaotic, and those codes always upheld the utmost respect for a warrior’s spirit. Even the most bitter enemies on the battlefield would have a unique bond with an enemy who gave them a good fight. The NationaI Elite Championship was never intended for the likes of a thief like yourself, it was always intended as a prize for a truly valiant warrior. I follow a code of my own construction, whether or not it syncs up with what’s considered “good” or “bad.” But just because I hold respect for my enemies doesn’t make me any less savage. This wolf’s teeth and claws have never been removed; he simply chooses to bear them on those who would stand in his way of finding and combating the best fighters in the world. That’s you, by the way. You’re one of the unlucky few who gets to see what it’s like when this wolf truly bears his fangs.

But the question this all comes down to is: What makes me think I can take away the National Elite Championship from you? Because while you may be a predator - I’m a predator with a disposition every bit as fierce as yours; because at the heart of this match is two young, talented gladiators going toe to toe in a measure of skill. This match is the main event of Dynasty, and is as exciting a match-up as you see that night, guaranteed. The x factor, the wild card in this situation is you, Tiberius. The real question that must be answered before a winner is determined is this: What will you do when you come face to face with a man who’s every bit your equal in the ring? What will you resort to when you realize victory isn’t certain for you? I have no doubt you won’t think twice about pulling something out of your bag of tricks. And if you manage to pull one over on me like that, then I’ll know for sure you can’t measure up to me where it counts. 

But I guarantee you one thing, Tiberius. If you manage to walk out of New Zealand with the National Elite Championship, it won’t come without its cost. I’ll figure it out later, but I’m thinking either fractured skull or broken collarbone. Or you could avoid either if you just man up and fight me for real. That fate is in your hands.
Tiberius Jones appears with his stomach and left shouldered bandaged, plus his right cheek having a band aid on it, all while he celebrates with rum in hand and a harem of four buxom woman helping in his “recovery” from the war at Triple Threat. The National Elite Championship hangs from the couch they’re on, slightly touching the floor.

TJ:  Another night, another W. I told you, Senn and Corrupt didn’t have nothing on me, and they didn’t as I proved once and for all my superiority over both men in the shortest match of the night. But you know despite being in a big FPV matchup I have to defend my championship less than a week later against a well-rested and prepared Vance Tybull just because he had some complaints that EAW management were happy to appease due to the fact they’ve always had it out for me. That’s right folks, while Tybull was cozying on pillows and enjoying the sights on the world tour, I was straining and in war fighting Corrupt and Jacob Senn tooth and nail, but they got me defending my championship faster than any other performer who wrestled at Triple Threat. Tch, they trying to set your boy T Jones up.

Woman: Aww, why are the people at the company you work so mean to you?

TJ: I don’t know, I just don’t know! They see a smooth young brother suave and debonair beyond belief, they see a champion who has his own style never seen before and they see a man they never believed in succeeding again and again, it must ruin their day just seeing me.

Woman 2: Those haters should get a life!

TJ: Now, now, honey, EAW management, especially Sebastian, may be corrupt, biased and all around immoral, but we as the bigger people don’t have to talk bad of them. Even if it makes me want to stand up and raise my voice at them, I still hold it back and be the bigger person, plus I’m hurt and have to focus on recover rather than spiting others.

Jones holds his right shoulder and quickly puts his hands back down.

Woman 3(The smartest one making a snarky comment): Hmm, looks like he’s hurt all over.

Woman 4(Not noticing): He’s trying to be strong for us.

TJ: Nu, I can’t let my girls see me like this, take em away from this sight of pain as I fight through it alone!

The three girls become impressed with Jones’ toughness as Anubis comes in and beckons them to come. The third girl grabs Anubis by the shoulder to his happy surprise, and he turns to Jones’ with something to say before leaving.

Anubis: Don’t forget how much you have to uphold TJ, me and your sister put a lot of word in for you to get you into the J-Dynasty. Jaywalker expects greatness from you.

Anubs leaves. Jones closes his eyes.

TJ: Whatever, I’m the one who’s the champ, I’ll do my job. My way.

Jones opens his eyes, puts the championship on his chest and grins at the camera.

So what’s a felon got against a thief?

By what you said Tybull you came straight out of the slammer and instantly started judging the world at large for how much it “decayed”, it ain’t rare for a convict to see the world has changed after doing hard time, but I’ve never come across one who had such a holier than thou attitude about those changes. You looking like some Hell’s Angels reject, trying to pass yourself off like an honourable citizen. Now I don’t know what you did to do time, I don’t even care if you got framed, but between you and this thief is that this pick pocket has always been smart enough to avoid punishment. I robbed the EAW bank blind and walked out with the National Elite Championship, and nobody been able to put anything about it yet! What makes you the man to have what it takes to do in the slickest of the slick? Huh?! What? Because you have the ghostly spirit of competition on your side waiting to say boo? Because you have a bunch of losers in the back who you feel you’re helping by bringing back opportunity? Because you have a streak?!

Man fuck your streak, I ain’t worrying about fate about it or you, or ending the streak! This is about me retaining the goods I got in this hunk of gold at my chest! No matter what anyone says!

Jones was about to move on but just couldn’t take it and starts waving his index finger at the camera back and forth.

Nah that shit’s not right. Everyone always talking about your streak. Everyone throwing their hands up like my title reign is automatically over now. I see that stern big gruff guy look on your face like you the tough guy who can’t be stopped. Who you think you are, my boy Jay? They even say you are going to be the one who surpasses his streak after his first return to EAW, you ain’t even in the 20s yet and they saying you going to crush something in the 30s.

But that’s on some bullshit. I saw you in the Grand Rampage, you lost! It ain’t the same.

Jones shakes his head as he continues in a tirade.

But what makes me even more annoyed personally, you take it upon yourself to act like you represent the elements and walk around calling yourself the big bad wolf. Much like the people of our movement like Jaywalker who was indoctrinated, much like the people of my heritage who were in it since we were born. See Tybull, I was given the title of the Komodo dragon at birth for the qualities my people detected in me, I am the rogue element because EAW with their actions created an element that is to counteract their mission to impede what was natural, and that was me be the supreme wrestler on the roster. You must see Tybull, just like this planet, EAW is over populated and something must be done before the resources and what makes EAW function become depleted. You once talked about me not defending my title enough, but don’t pick and choose when I wrestle, or when I defend my title, the reason I haven’t defended my title is because I’ve only wrestled ONE match since winning it. Why? Because many people in EAW go weeks without matches, because there’s just not enough spots. Solution? The Culling, remove pollutant people, or make EAW an unwelcoming place until they leave. I’d invite you to join us in our mission, but with Jay we’ve already got a humourless big guy to mow down anything in our way, and since you choose to be a problem, I’ll just have to make EAW a place where you don’t want to be, firstly by insuring you NEVER become National Elite Champion.

You’re just another jailer, fool. Like those who kept you from your freedom you want to not allow me to be free. It’s MY championship, therefore I can do with it whatever I want, I can define it as anything I want, if I want to use it as bait than that’s just tough luck for you! Man you even go on and on about me trying to end the last bastion of sportsmanship or something of that effect, but I’m just a part of the cycle, don’t you see? Just like in the cycle of the food chain there will always be predators and prey, there will always be those who hold onto that nonsense you talk about when it comes to fighting spirit and they’ll always be those who just don’t give a damn as they make those who do the prey. “Right” or “wrong” I’m just a predator, eating and eating, I don’t acknowledge Karma, only Gaia. You KNOW the deals of this world, I don’t have to explain them to you, just LOOK at you. The tattoos, the clothes, the decision to call yourself the big bad wolf, you’re a bad, bad, man! But you want to play the good boy games, you just choose to walk the line of those who get abused and beaten out of some strange choice that I don’t care to understand, go against your primal natural all you like. But hey, if the big bad wolf wants to remove his teeth, rip out his claws and wear the coat of sheep because he believes that being a sheep is the righteous choice, than he’ll be treated and feasted upon like sheep.

The scene ends.
May I have your attention please. Greetings EAW Universe and pathetic losers who constitute Dynasty, Showdown and Voltage's collective cesspools of locker rooms.

My name is Carlos Rosso, and by virtue of my victory against GI Styles last night at Triple Threat in Beijing, China, I will compete in the 2015 Cash in The Vault Ladder Match. As most of you know, Ladder matches and I do not have a very pleasant history together. I have struggled throughout my career in this type of match....however, the last time that I was faced with a Ladder Match...I became the Interwire Champion. I CONQUERED my poor record in that type of match. Lately, I've been doing a lot of conquering and putting aside poor records.

Carlos couldn't be a former World Champion.......wham! Down went Montell Smooth.

Carlos couldn't beat Donny Diamond, some upstart who no one has heard from since........WHAM! Down went Donny Diamond.

Carlos couldn't beat Hurricane Hawk, one of EAW's alleged all-time "greats".............WHAM! Down went Hurricane Hawk.

Carlos Rosso couldn't beat GI Styles......WHAM! Down Went GI Styles.

Carlos couldn't win a big match on Pay-Per-View...........WHAM! 

Now....I know you haters. I know how you miserable little jerkoffs think. I know that you think "Wow....Carlos is in Cash in the Vault for a THIRD time. If he couldn't win it twice before, how the hell is he going to win it now?" Here's the thing...I'm getting pretty damn good at figuring out things lately, don't you agree? I was supposed to be the Marty Jannetty of Dynamite Rain. Each and every last one of you wanted to see me LOSE to GI Styles. You think because he wears cool vests and has an articulate doctor trying to resolve "personal issues" that he deserved to beat me. Why? Because he won some title that represents The United States and held it for....hell I don't remember, almost a year or something like that? I don't know and I don't care. The fact of the matter is that I BEAT him and in the process I silenced a lot of the people out there who still doubt me, still whisper about me in the back, who think I'm some sideshow who is going to take a back seat to the Alex Andersons and Venturas and Lannisters and Tyler Parkers of the world.


Like it or not and LUMP IT, I'm going to be in the CITV for a Third time and the third time will BE the Charm. Before that though, in New Zealand Poison and myself are going to reflect on what has taken place. We are going to celebrate my current unbeaten run of form on Dynasty and beyond as well as celebrate my qualification and INEVITABLE VICTORY AT PAIN FOR PRIDE 8. 

The other participants in this match and however many of them there will be are irrelevant at this point. The only name that you need to remember, the only name that you need to prepare yourselves to hear over and over again is the name of your 2015 MR. Cash In The Vault and the next EAW World Heavyweight Champion....

The Man who roughed up the Smooth Edges of Dynasty.....

The grip strong enough to shatter a Diamond like glass....

The hunter who's aim shot down a  Legendary Hawk.......

The Most Complete Wrestler In the World. The Red Angel.....

Carlos Rosso. 

Thank you for your time and now go back to your miserable, pathetic lives. 

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Scene is opened in a cafe in Los Angeles while we see Jade Knight is sitting whil takse a sip of her hot caramel until we see haruna enters the cafe and sits in front of Jade.

Jade Knight: aah, Haruna! Thank you for coming...

Haruna Sakazaki: why did you call me here? is there anything I can help?

Jade Knight: ah, no, nothing.... I just want to talk to you about something. Well, Haruna..... it's not worked. it looks like I have to move again from the new wrestling company. So....

Haruna looks shocked when she heard that.

Haruna Sakazaki: ....you're going to leave me, again? why, Jade? I'm currently frustrated and empty right now and no you are about to leave me here again? no, Jade! please don't. I beg you!

Jade Knight: no, Haruna! listen to me! I'm not done.... yeas, it looks like that I can't step on further in this company. So, I'm afraid that I have to move again. but don't worry, I already decide where I should go and I promise..... my next destination could be my final destination of my career. I'm gonna make my name there and I'm gonna retire there when it's time. Haruna..... I'm going to Japan!

Haruna Sakazaki: Eeh? Uso da~!

Jade Knight: Uso janai, Haru-chan! I really want to move and spend my career in there.... I want to give all I've got in this business to those people who looks at wrestling as their culture, their passion and even their religion. because I was born that way, Haruna.I look at all Japanese wrestler in there have a spirit in this business and I want to be like them. Yes, I see you, Haruna! I also look at Kira as my reason of this thing I want to do. I'm sick of those companies in here that always mislook tihs business as a popularity contest. I wrestle here because I want to wrestle, not talking shit and doing nonsense and kiss ass the inside staff. I want to wrestle, Haruna! not else! I don't care with the gold, the fame and the popularity. I want to spend my entire time wrestling, that what I always want. and after I see you, I suddenly realize that perhaps Japan is the right place to do this.

Both of them looks silent as Haruna shows a sad face in front of her best friend.

Jade Knight: Haruna, what's wrong? you don't look too happy with this?

Haruna Sakazaki: Can I...... come with you? I'm done with EAW, I have no pride left in this company. I want to rebuild my pride again together with you. It's okay, I want to sacrifice my contract as long as I stay with you. we will wrestle together again, Jade. Especially when I wrestle in the place when I was born. Please let me come with you, Jade!

Jade then reaches out her hands and slowly shakes her head.

Jade Knight: No, Haruna! I'm afraid that I won't let you to come with me. You need to take care of your business in there first. I don't want you to leave EAW as a loser. If you really want to leave, you have to leave with your head facing forward. If you lost your pride in there, you have to rebuild it in the same place. I don't want you tho get the mockery because you leave that place while heving your head look down. You are strong, Haruna! You inspire me to fight to live my pasion as a wrestler. look, see I paint my hair to red? That's because of you, Haruna! I want to have your fire and when I think I have your fire right now, yours are about to be taken out. Lit that fire again for me, Haruna! I know you can beat Tarah-- stupid name. yeah, her. I know you can beat her. I know she's not a hard opponent to you. You overcome so many obstacles with me. You fight those men wrestler even before I think I am able to do this. You fight your brother and win, You once fought the World Champion and almost win as well so tell me the reason why you can't beat her and take your pride back? She's not even better than you, You didn't show them who you truly are. The Haruna that once make all the women's division running scared, even me. I once fought your true self and I still remember what happened. You almost killed me and broke my neck inisde your "Fight Club" cage. from there, I know that you are not an ordinary adorable and innocent lady.

Haruna Sakazaki: But that's not me..... That's not me, Jade! I don't want to have her controlling me again. I don't want to be a ruthless monster like that anymore. I just want to be a real me, I want to fight as the real me.

Jade Knight: You know what, Haruna! Sometimes it is necessary if you unleash your power if needed. But.... If you don't want, I'm not forcing you. Besides, don't look at my departure to Japan as another farewell. You can still call me and I will come to visit you every two weeks. Plus, I'll be in Japan, your home country, so I'm sure you know where to find me.

Haruna Sakazaki: Aah, Jade! How about you live in my brother's apartment? you know, since Kira-niichan moved to Austria with his wife, that apatment is empty. I rarely used that apartment anymore so I think my brother will agree to have you stay in his apartment. Wait, I'll go tell him.

Haruna then reaches out her pocket and grab her cellphone to call her brother in NY.

Haruna Sakazaki: Moshi-moshi..... Hai, Haruna-desu...... ano, niichan..... anta no apaato wa shiyosarenai deshou? Saa, Jade-san wa shibaraku ni shiyoshimasu. Sore wa daijobu desu ka? ....... hai...... hai...... Arigato, Niichan! hai...... atashi wa oshiete ageru..... Arigatou gozaimasu! Bye-bye!

She then puts the phone back and gives her usual cute smile.

Haruna Sakazaki: So, Jade.... He said it's okay if you want to use it..... Just tell mhen you are ready to go. I'll go tell my brother to go to Japan with you since he's still here and planning to go home this week. 

Jade Knight: Thank you, Haruna! Perhaps I'll go next week. and one more thing, Take care of yourself in EAW, Haruna! Now I know who Ariana is.... I secretly meet her and talk to her without you knowing it. then I know she is your girlfriend. She said she loves you very much so I think you are still be fine when I'm gone. Be strong, Haruna! I know you can!

Haruna Sakazaki: Thanks, Jade! I'll try it again for you! I don't want to make you down. You are like a sister to me!

Jade Knight: No problem, Haruna! I'm happy to help. Someday when you go home, let's have fun in there, okay?

Haruna nods a bit as both of them are sharing a happy laughter. The scene then fades to black.
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[The scene fades in from black, revealing a long, dark hallway. Strolling down the hallway is Aurora Rose, in a pair of blue warm-ups. She carries a rolling bag along behind her, and strapped to the bag is a shiny gold title. Aurora's platinum blond hair bounces up and down with each step, as she walks with a purpose. She thinks to herself.]

"I feel like a little wind-up toy for people to simply gawk at for their entertainment. For as much as I want to be respected as an athlete, it seems people want to box me in as some tiny little pixie who loves sparkles and glitter. I've given my everything day in and day out to get to this point. To become a real-life superhero. To be a role model to those out there desperately aching for a hero. I will be their shining beacon in a world of black."

[She suddenly comes to a stop, turning her head and looking at a large door labeled "Vixens Locker Room."]

"This is it. Nothing is holding me back now. I'm tired of feeling like a trapped little girl inside of a snowglobe, to be shaken for people's amusement. I am a competitor. I am taking this opportunity. I'm shattering this glass case that I've been contained in. I refuse to be part of a side-show novelty attraction any more. I'm taking a leap of faith. I'm swimming with sharks now. This is my opportunity to shine brighter than any other. This is my chance to finally make a difference."

[Aurora opens the door to the locker room and steps in as the scene fades to black.]
JJ Silva Promo
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The camera begins rolling with JJ standing in the rafters of and arena looking down to the ring. He seems to be in deep thought but fully aware of the camera rolling. After a short pause he begins to speak.

JJ: When I think of wrestling as a whole, I think of the word sacrifice. Yet, I just can't help but to ponder all the ignorance that simply flies around with this sport. Growing up, this was my dream. To be standing in a wrestling ring and fighting with everything I had and one day become the best of the best. Time changed my mindset and my eyes witnessed at first hand as the darkness slowly started to cloud the light of this sport. *JJ Balls his hands into a fist and begins to clinch his teeth* Superstars and Vixens give up all they believe in and put on a masquerade to rise up the ranks and grab these "brass rings" that this sport pushes upon us. You see, I have a vision about this sport. I will rise up and do it MY way. I'm not afraid of any little storm that this company will push my way. I will stand face to face with anyone whether their taller than me, stronger than me or just plain bigger than me. When push comes to shove I will be in their face with my fist balled up and ready to fight. I don't hide, If I have a problem with something or someone I will address it personally. You know, respect is earned by your actions.. Yet there are people demanding it here. You see, I'm respected because when I speak, I tell the truth. When I speak, people listen. I am the force that will turn this sport upside down. I will change this company to it's core and be the influence to create a new and brighter future.

JJ walks closer to the camera as his body language is more aggressive. He seems to be on edge and really agitated.

JJ: When I set a bar, a milestone or even just say I'm going to do something than know I WILL do it. I will become the most violent person that this sport has ever seen. You can knock me off my path but rest assure I will jump right back on it because I WILL NOT, CAN NOT fail! I will willingly fight to the death to achieve my goals. I have one thing in mind as we speak but that is just simply going to have to wait until it's time to address it. A lot of people think the words I say are nonsense or even push my button about the things I say.. Well I said it before, I'm pissed off. When I'm pissed off I'm relentless and will stop at nothing to break you. I may not be the biggest guy but I have the biggest mouth and will speak my mind to the fullest amount of brutal honesty. You can attempt to beat me down but I will get back up and fight you with every ounce of power in my body because I thrive on being looked down on. I will be the underdog, I don't mind. To be the best, you have to beat the best and you bet your ass I'm more than willing to be the best. Dynasty is my stepping ground, This is MY Dynasty.

The camera fades out with JJ staring into the camera with a very sadistic look.
~Last night during Triple Threat…~

(A montage is shown of TLA flying around the world to meet with five year old boys before arriving in New Zealand to meet his latest Make-a-Wish child.)

TLA: I’m here today with five year old Jimmy. Billy is very sick. Isn’t that right Jimmy?

Jimmy: Yes TLA I have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

TLA: I’m sure you do little buddy. But don’t let that get you down because as long as I am here with you everything will be okay! 

Jimmy: Thank you TLA. I love you.

TLA: I love you too Jimmy. Now Jimmy… would you like to meet Michelle McGillislutty?

Jimmy: Would I ever TLA!

TLA: Haha I’m sure you would little trooper. And here she is!

(Michelle McGillislutty crawls out from underneath the table wearing leather and cracking a whip.)

Michelle: TLA told me you have been a naughty little boy Jimmy.

Jimmy: Oh wow! It’s really her!

Michelle: Did I say you could speak? No no no… you have to EARN that privilege.

(Michelle McGillislutty cracks her whip in the air as she unzips her leather vest.)

Michelle: I know Jimmy. I know you have been waiting to see these.

(Jimmy’s eyes grow wide as he looks very excited.)

Jimmy: It’s all I’ve ever wanted!

Michelle: Good then you shall have them. Get ready to take it ALL in!

(Michelle unzips her vest and pulls out tickets to Dynasty which she hands to Jimmy before zipping her vest back up.)

Michelle: That’s right little buddy. You and your entire family are going to Dynasty! And don’t worry about paying for anything because your entire EAW Experience is on the house!

Jimmy: Yay I love you TLA and Michelle. Can I come backstage with you?

TLA: You sure can. You can meet all of the stars of EAW such as Psycho Brody, Ares Vendetta, and Ventura the friendliest members of the EAW roster. They have been waiting patiently for a chance to meet a special someone like you! 

Jimmy: I’m scared TLA. These people look scary to me on television.

TLA: It’s all right Jimmy. You will have many friends with you because as you are likely aware… I have been traveling all over New Zealand granting wishes for special little boys and girls just like you! And all of them will be in attendance this Friday on Dynasty! You will make many new friends and have the experience of a lifetime… all because of me!

Michelle: You’re such a great person TLA. Let us return to the Poon Palace.

Jimmy: TLA. Can I come to the Poon Palace too?

TLA: No Jimmy I’m afraid you can’t come. Maybe when you are older. Let’s go Michelle.

(TLA and Michelle leave as Jimmy starts crying when he realizes he will never actually be older due to his condition. Suddenly TLA reappears when all hope seemed lost.)

TLA: Haha just kidding champ. Let’s go!!!

(TLA and Michelle take Jimmy back to the Poon Palace where wonderous adventures await.)

~The present day.~

(TLA and Michelle are shown chilling in the Poon Palace surrounded by hot strippers and Make-a-Wish kids as a playlist of Pitbull’s greatest hits blasts over the loudspeakers.)

TLA: Orale orale Michelle! Soon you will have to share this place with another. How do you feel about that mi amor?

Michelle: What do you mean TLA?

TLA: Well Michelle, I am officially inviting that sexy beast Maddie over to get the full Sexual Panther Experience. 

Michelle: I see.

TLA: Don’t be jealous Michelle. There is enough of La Pantera Sexual for everyone. I am a very giving man as Maddie will soon find out.

Michelle: That’s true. I will welcome Maddie into our home with open arms.

TLA: That’s the spirit. Now speaking of spirit I have a message to send out to my people!

(TLA stands up from his bean bag as he claps and walks over to his communications center to broadcast a message to his YouTube subscribers.)

TLA: Listen up all you wonderful and amazing people! It is I… TLA! I have come before you all today with another one of my classic inspirational messages! This one is dedicated to my good friend and opponent this week on Dynasty… Zach Genesis!

(TLA smiles as he is surrounded by his Make-a-Wish children.)

TLA: Look around me Zach Genesis and I am sure you see a truly inspirational sight. While you and many other members of the EAW roster selfishly competed for championships and tournament trophies at Triple Threat, I was selflessly thinking of the children. But don’t worry Genesis, because everyone wants to see you compete in that ring. They want to see you compete in the EAW ring and win! They want to see “EAW’s Lone Ranger” bring his own unique kind of justice into the EAW Universe! And so do I! But you see Genesis, I was thinking of the children so when I see you and Tarah Nova team up I must say I became extremely concerned. Team Freaks you call yourself? Please somebody think of the children! Little Timmy here is absolutely horrified by you when you were once his favorite wrestler, now to him all you represent is el monstruo debajo de la cama. I have nothing against people with tattoos and piercings or skin so white that you look like a ghost but please for the sake of Timmy here do the right thing Genesis and stop being “The Texan Nightmare” and fight for the little guys who used to believe in you. If you won’t Genesis, then I will have no choice. As Timmy’s new favorite wrestler I will fight to get revenge on you for all of the trauma you have inflicted upon him in his last days and just like someone else who has had to struggle for everything in life… Matt Miles... I will win! 

(TLA embraces Timmy in a warm loving hug as Steroid Dawg licks a tear from her eye.)

TLA: You see Genesis, while your tag team partner may have won at Triple Threat you didn’t quite get the job done and that to poor young Jeffrey is the worst betrayal of all. You let him down Genesis. How could you do that? He doesn’t have all the time in the world for you to keep failing him! Please Genesis… por favor… end young Jeffrey’s suffering and redeem yourself. You just have to believe… in yourself! The way Jeffrey used to believe in you before he realized the power of living a positive lifestyle and being inspired by TLA! I won’t give up on you Genesis, because when you just believe in something… that nobody else believes in… you may not always win, but keep your head up little boy because you are a trailblazer… and you will blaze trails!

(TLA winks and smiles out to his adoring fans as he takes the Erotic Elevator down into the depths of the Poon Palace.)

EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)

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