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 EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.


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EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Voltage reaction promo 

The Dos writing runs fast across the screen this time stopping every couple of words almost hesitantly 

You get what you want out of life only by asking for it and then taking the chances you are asking for when they are presented because opportunity is the goal  

Old Man Adeus 


We open on Caliban sitting alone on top of the hood of a car out in a parking lot somewhere cross legged smoking, he has a denim jacket on with the hood from a sleeveless sweater underneath popped up over his head. He speaks as the camera crew arrive 

Caliban: This may be the dodgiest smoke I ever did smoke sitting in the middle of China but whatever just hurry up will you?

The crew get their shit together and he continues 

Caliban: Well that devolved very quickly again didn't it? I must say for a guy who thinks 2 steps ahead I really did not see that coming, who would of thought the high and mighty, The Savage ones themselves would grace us with their presence, I wonder what it was? Maybe it was us costing Savage his place at GR8, maybe it was the fact that D in all his infinite power just couldn't make us go away. Think about it guys, 4 months ago now we were just brash kids who invited you to the ring to watch a match and now look at us, I told you it would never end, as I predicted when this began we would manipulate ourselves into your psyche the same way we manipulated ourselves into being the perennial number 1 contenders to the Tag Team Titles. Ryan anytime you hear a buzz in your ear thats us, D when you feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up that's us. WHEN YOU ARE BOTH ALONE IN YOUR HOUSE AND YOUR HEAR THE NOISES THAT KEEP YOU AWAKE THAT IS US! We won't sleep, we won't falter and we won't stop until those belts belong to us I told you when you said this was over after the caine match, I told you both you were wrong and lo and behold we weren't back on TV a week and you came after us again but that backfired 

He takes a long smoke and tosses it into a storm drain below him 

Caliban: And yes you took something from us that we yet again proved is damn near impossible to do when you have to face DBV as a team, Pizza Dude and O'hara you enjoy those spoils boys and remember the lesson you were taught before tweedle dee and tweedle dum came lumbering in on our business but I can genuinely say I would of done the same thing so good luck in the ladder match. See I don't take what happened between us and Pizza O'hara to heart because I know it's nothing personal I don't like personal and I never really thought of this thing with The Savage Ryans as personal until now. Yeah we pushed our way in on the title picture and yeah we got in your heads a little bit but neither of you are anything but guilty of those crimes yourselves, all of that was business and D of all people should of respected that. You guys gave us a kicking, we got the message and were about to stand aside and let the next team take a crack at you, whether it be the Monarchy or Mercs or whoever was next inline because Jordan and I both knew it was only a matter of time till we got back to the top of the ladder to face you both again. But now things are different, I am putting the entire EAW tag team division on notice right now and I am also apologizing to all of you. As far as taking the EAW tag titles from The Savage Ryans I'm sorry that won't be happening, as far as facing The Savage Ryans for those titles that won't be happening either because from here on out every time a tag team title shot is given out we will find a way whether by hook, crook or crime to put ourselves smack damn in the middle of it and if you get in our way you will get hurt I don't care who you are 

He laughs again at the ridiculously serious tone he was using 

Caliban: As for Terry Chambers and his thing with Ryan, dude I'm sorry we got involved in you getting your ass handed to you by Savage but frankly someone had to do the job you weren't doing. We sat down with popcorn and thought it would be fun to see you run over that douche but in the end we came and did the job for you as far as I can see you owe us one buddy. And Ryan I hope that sting still resides for you big man because we all know you wanted to end that thing with Terry on Sunday night and well in the end I think Terry got you on that one

He allows himself a laugh again and lights a regular cigarette this time  

Caliban: And now we have Impact rearing his weary head as he and his gal pal prepare to address the tag team division which to me will loosely translate into 

He puts on an impression of Y2J Impact 


He takes a long angry draw of his smoke and drops the accent 

Caliban: I hate to tell yah boss but that ain't happening, when it comes to those tag titles you and Miss GBH or whatever her names is can just keep on fucking walking, you say you feel disrespected YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT DISRESPECTFUL IS YET!

And with that he calls it on the promo and camera turns off
We see newly signed Luke Braxton approaching the Rod Laver arena with a rather interesting person. His circus friend, Olga who just so happens to be a bearded woman. A man comes up to them. He's a backstage worker and let's just call him Mike. He goes to shake Olga’s hand. 

Mike: You must be Luke Braxton! It's a pleasure to meet ya!

Luke Braxton: Actually sir I'm Luke. 

Mike: …….great another pretty boy. Just what EAW needs. Follow me sunshine. Alright I'm just going to give you a quick tour so you can get settled. Not sure why since odds are you are going to get released in the next ten days. So to my left is the wardrobe team. They will be creating your trunks. This is Lisa, she is in charge of the department. Don't just stare at her. Say hi!

Luke Braxton: Hi I'm Luke. 

Lisa: Don't really care. So what kind of trunks do you want?

Luke Braxton: I was thinking something badass like black with red fire designs. It would look pretty sick. 

Lisa: Too bad darling, you're getting these pants with a weird lime green design. Not my best work but it will do. Here, catch!

Luke Braxton: Thank you……

Mike: Let's keep it moving pretty boy. I don't got all day. Over here is catering. Top guys get what they want. Steak, ribs, prime rib, lobster, you name it. So you Luke, you can either have a rice cake or a banana. Chop chop! This room right here is the medical/training station. If you get hurt in a match nobody cares about, then tough. If you tear an ACL which is probable since I know your scrawny self is injury prone, the only thing we can do is  put a bandaid on it. Got it?

Luke Braxton: Sir why are you being so rude to me? I'm the guest. You should treat me like one. 

Mike: Yeah? I should get on my knees and bow to you is that it? You're a nobody kid. I don't have to treat you with respect. I've seen many guys like you before. Guys who looked just like you! They had the same attitude as you do. They thought they were going to be treated like rock stars! Newsflash you aren't. You're no longer a big fish in a small pond. You're bait in the deep blue sea. You will get feasted on. How do I know? I just do. After your debut you will realize this isn't for you. You're sensitive I know you are. You don't have the needed thick skin. That's why this realization right here makes you want to cry. No sugar coating from me. So you can either whine about it or you can prove me wrong. Any other questions? 

Luke Braxton: Actually I have one more. 

Mike: No? Great. Who is this other dude with you anyways?

Olga: Me no man. Me woman. Me and Luke friends. You no good. No good! You make me sick. Well weren't you expecting me to sound like a caveman or something? I'm here with Luke to babysit him. I make sure he's on his best behavior. This is a big opportunity for our circus business. If he screws this up we go under. Simple as that. You might not see it yet but Luke is a child. Sure he's 21 but he acts like he's 14. He will get into trouble. Or he will start it. So that's why just about every week someone will be here to watch him. 

Luke blushes from embarrassment. 

Mike: Luke you're a trouble maker? A little rebel? That's cute. Real fucking cute. Keep following me. I'll show you the locker room. This is where the talent change. We put in sofas and food trays to make them feel comfortable. Don't touch that Luke! What an idiot. Wait why are you unpacking your things?

Luke: So I can get settled like you said you….

Mike: You what? Were you going to call me something cupcake? I could have you fired before your match. Anyways this room is full. So you're going to have to change in that dark hallway. Rumor has it 702 people have died there. But you'll be fine. Right here is where some people cut promos on their opponents. Some, not all. Some like to get creative with where they do it. We send a camera crew to their house or hotel or beach, you get it. But you? You don't get any of that until you prove yourself. And when I say prove yourself I mean do something on the real show, not just this pre-show bullshit. So I guess I'll fire up this camera and you can talk about your opponents and partner. You did listen to them right? That was your homework assignment little Billy. 

Luke Braxton: Yeah I did. Of course I did. I'm always prepared. But um what do I exactly do? Do I act tough or something? Tell them all about these accomplishments I don't really have? Brag about my fake life of being rich even though I'm poor as fuck?

Mike: Action!

Luke Braxton: Uh my name is Luke Braxton and tomorrow night I make my EAW debut on Dynasty. It just so happens I'll be in a tag match. Exciting stuff right? It should be but it seems like my own partner doesn't really care for me. We even had this five minute stare down a few days ago. Which is weird since I don't remember it that well, but I guess it happened. He looked at me and his first thought was I'm little. He thinks I'm some weak punk who won't be capable of sharing the load. He doesn't even want me to enter the ring. He just wants me to stand on the apron and look pretty. I'm sure the female EAW fans would also love that but I'm here to wrestle. I'm in EAW to make an impact just like everybody else. I'm not some pretty boy like Stan or Mike thinks. I like to get my hands dirty. Which almost cost me my hands but that's besides the point. I want to start off my EAW career right. I want a win. Which is something my opponents know about. Triple Z and Tiger Claw are both undefeated if I'm not mistaken. They have conquered their competition but that ends tomorrow. I will not only stand in their way, but I will knock them out. Then maybe I'll get a bit of respect from my peers and fans. So I have no doubt I can win and I see Stan feels the same way. Some might say we have egos. Those egos might clash and we can't have that happening. So Stan I guess there are only two options. We can either win together or you lose on your own. What a tough choice right? And if there's one thing you take away from me, it's this. The most important thing regarding our match is..

Mike: And we are out of time. Thanks kid. Not bad. 

Luke Braxton: Really?

Mike: Yeah it wasn't bad. Terrible is a more fitting word. Why were you sweating so much you doofus? Anyways enjoy your short stay. 

Luke looks on a little disappointed while Olga slowly eats a bag of chips, making as much noise as possible. This awkwardness goes on for two more minutes.
(Due to the injuries suffered to Joseph Anubis last week, Tiberius Jones was too infuriated to be reached for a speech, however he did leave one of his favorite video montages for leading into the next event. Starting with him standing over mocking Jacob Senn, defeating TLA, retiring Kevin Devastation, throwing Christopher Corrupt into glass and holding the National Elite Championship.)

Voice over: He’s the National Elite Champion of the century.

He’s went to war with Jacob Senn and Christopher Corrupt and won on FPV.

He retained against the unstoppable Tybull.

(Now the video cuts to people in EAW as mini open squares at the top right side of the screen, either having their promos manipulated, some of their promos being cut in pieces or a similar voice of the person speaking despite never saying anything of the sort. All while hype scenes of Jones is happening.)

“Dr Eddie Hawke”: I’ve never seen a talent with such specular talent as Tiberius Jones has showcased, he’s so on fire my glasses fog.

“Dr Erick Vance”: In my medical opinion with the mentally unstable, Jones’ wrestling ability is just insane.

Haruna: Dear Diary….he’s just the hunkiest elitist of all time.

Ventura: Caster oh Caster, make me half as talented as EAW’s truest magician.

Superior Quality: Superior by force, quality at it’s very best!

Carlos Rosso: He’s best for business.

“Ares Vendetta”: Little known fact, I have Jones’ name tattooed on my back, but unlike the rest of the scumbags who have wronged me family, I have him there because I’m secretly his biggest fan.

Mr.DEDEDE: That’s god.

(Video cuts.)
I told you so.

I went out here and told you all I was going to defeat Liam Catterson and what did I end up doing? Defeating him. I pinned a Pain For Pride headliner and multiple time World Heavyweight champion to the mat and to make this victory that much more sweet, with that win I have now earned the right to be in the Cash In The Vault ladder match, a match that can turn an underdog into a legend in 3 simple seconds. This match is important than any match I have had in my entire career. Forget the Interwire title, forget the triple threat at Reckless Wiring, this is the match that will make or break my career. This is that match that will define me. This is the match people will look back on and talk about for years to come, this is that match that I must, and WILL win! This summer it will now have been a full year since I have entered this company and I plan on opening up this next chapter of my career with a bang. Year one was just a simple re-introduction following AWF, I worked my way up the card, established myself and “paid my dues” like a good boy, but this year is the year where that work should be paying off and by that I mean this is the year where Scott Oasis enters the main event scene, where he belongs! For all of the people trying to say that I fell off or became a non factor, this right here proves all of that to be nothing but a bunch of bullshit! I’m riding high right now, in fact I feel like I’m better than I’ve ever been and I have my good friend to thank for it. Now, I am very excited to show you her to all of you this Saturday on Showdown but before I can get to that I will be having a lot more on my plate that night.

For those unaware, I have been assigned a Cash In The Vault tune up match against my fellow Showdown representative. Yes, you know who I’m talking about. The man who defeated me for my Interwire Championship, my longtime rival, the tatted up southern boy himself, Zach Genesis. I’m not going to lie to you, I am very excited for this contest. Zach is a great talent and an even greater adversary, I won’t deny it. Honestly, a few years down the line I could very well see this match we’re having main event Pain For Pride someday. I think we have developed a strange respect for each other but at the end of the day we still believe we are better than the other. Genesis, you may think you will get another one over on me but keep in mind that when you took the Interwire Championship from me in that ladder match, I still owned a previous win over you. This one’s the rubber match for all of the marbles. Scott Oasis versus Zach Genesis 3, who really is the better man? This match has a whole different atmosphere to it, a big fight feel, if you would. We have both changed and evolved over these past few months and are about to have our first dance on the grandest stage of them all. Momentum heading into the match is huge and neither one of us feels like they can afford to lose this match but something has to give!....And that give is going to be you.

Call me a cliché all you want but I need to win this match more than anything, and allow me to tell you why. When I wanted to become a champion, a man known as Matt Miles was following me every step of the way. He was in the same matches I was and getting the same opportunities I was getting so when one of us wanted to move up the other was trying to do the same. Matt Miles was a road block that I needed to get through in order to make it to that next level, to become not just a champion, but a better wrestler as well. Eventually I defeated him and with that victory came not just the title but a new beginning in my career. You are the exact same road block, Genesis, this time it’s just an even greener pasture that I’m trying to get into. I understand now what I must do. If I want to become Mr. Cash In The Vault, if I want join the greats up there in that upper echelon of professional wrestling achievement I must defeat you and close the book on this chapter of my career so I can keep going and get to that level I want to be. Next to Matt Miles, nobody has challenged me more than you have but every challenge must be completed. When it’s gut check time and people think that I’m down and out, some way or another I deliver. You may be sitting pretty as the new Interwire Champion but that doesn’t mean you have replaced me, you just shot up a spot in the food chain and so have I. Congratulations, you have went from being an irrelevant little ant to be stepped on, to turning into a gazelle, it still does not mean you can just walk up to the hungry lion and try to take from his plate. This is going to be my year, I will not accept defeat nor will I surrender, the only way you’re defeating me is if you beat and bludgeon me to the point I can’t even stand and even then I will keep fighting because as far as I’m concerned that Cash In The Vault is my property to be claimed and I refuse to have there be any doubt about that by losing this week. Listen kid, it’s nothing against you. You’ve got some hair on your chest, but you haven’t been in a fraction of the wars I have fought in that squared circle.

Two months ago I was an idiot. I thought I could just sit on my ass and let Troy Archello take you out by I realize now that Troy isn’t even capable of taking out the trash. You’ve proven yourself time and time again, now. You are too good for the scrubs being thrown at you. It’s time to bring out the heavy artillery. It’s time to bring out the Scott Oasis that I should have brought out two months ago. Not the corporate lapdog stalling for his next run in. No, no, I need the animal that when he faced somebody, they never showed up again. I need the animal that was so vicious men were afraid to sign on for a match against. I need the animal that will not just put you down for the count but put you down for good. That is the man that will get results I need but it is not the man you will want to see no matter how much you believe so. You may think you are this badass, hardcore tough guy that you paint yourself out to be but when I come out there this Saturday I will show you a person who paints out his reputation in blood and broken bones. We may be opponents at the Cash In The Vault but this Saturday we will see the true end to our feud, once and for all, for better or for worse.
(Daniel Marshall and Jackie Whitmore are seen sitting next to each other in a hotel lobby. Daniel has a bandage on his forehead, covering a wound he sustained from the previous week's Showdown, in which he was attacked by Norman Hellion. Daniel and Jackie then begin talking)

Daniel: I really don't know what the hell is up with EAW management lately.

Jackie: It's ridiculous.

Daniel: It is, it really is. I mean, first, they not only tell me that I'm facing Eclipse Diemos, as well as advertise it, but then just go ahead and change it so that I'm facing El Landerson. Then they suddenly decided to make you manage me, no offense.

Jackie: None taken.

Daniel: I mean, we've been on a few dates, you come with me to the show, and they send you out with me at the last minute. They didn't even know your last name and they sent you out with me.

Jackie: Yeah, that was a great first exposure to the backstage life.

Daniel: Then I have to face some pothead joke in this company..(shakes head)... I'm getting sick and Goddamn tired of this shit. The guy didn't even take the match seriously.

Jackie: (Grimaces) He just chased me around the ring like a horny dog.

Daniel: Yeah, and get's counted out in the process.

Jackie: Not the kind of win you were hoping for, I take it?

Daniel: Nope. I wanted to show the people what I could do in the ring. Against Eclipse Diemos, not Landerson. Seriously, management needs to get their heads out of their asses.

Jackie: Do you have any idea why Norman Hellion attacked you?

Daniel: None at all... who knows anyway? The guys a psychopath, who just rambles on about that stupid group in every promo he does.

Jackie: RAGNAROCK or whatever?

Daniel: Something like that, I dunno. Every time he starts talking, I kind of tune out. It's just incoherent psychotic rambles. I tell you what though, EAW management better give me a Goddamn match with him.

Jackie: Yeah, I don't get that. The guy attacks you and then they don't even give you a chance to respond, or get some revenge? They just stick you against some guy who'll be having his second match.

Daniel: As I said, they have their heads up their asses. Though, I'm sure Avuna'a is happy about facing me. He did go on a mini-rant after our tag match a couple weeks ago about wanting to attack me.

Jackie: I remember. You told me you weren't intimidated by him.

Daniel: And I'm still not. Eli can flap his gums all he wants about wanting to attack me, but in the end, if he has a set, then he'll face me in the ring, man to man. Not attack me backstage like some coward.

(The front desk calls over Daniel and Jackie, and lets them know their room is ready. They collect their bags, and leave the lobby, as the screen fades out)
It's been a long time, hasn't it?  After all this time we finally meet in the ring this week on Dynasty. Just you and I, Carlos. It's not that I don't like to reflect on my time in The Council. It's just that the past is set in stone. It can't be changed therefore reminiscing about it is completely pointless. I'm not ashamed of my past though. I had to make some decisions that perhaps weren't the most viable to ensure I survived and in the long run I achieved survival. I've come very far since I left The Council. I went from being Demon's brooding muscle like you said to headlining shows and bringing out the best in two of the current world champions EAW has to offer: Tyler Parker and Xavier Williams. But what do you know about headlining shows?

I haven't accomplished anything noteworthy recently. I admit it.  You've probably done more than I have lately. You've been on a roll as of late and that's great for you, I applaud you for that. I hope you enjoyed being undefeated as much as you possibly could because this week the streak will be broken. You beat champions of the world, you beat members of the hall of fame, you beat the "greatest" National Elite Champion of all time... who also happened to be one half of the "greatest" tag team in EAW history and blah, blah, blah, blah, blahh. Are you done? I have achieved every one of those accolades before, do you see me bragging about them? No, because nobody gives a damn what you have done or what I have done. It's not about that, it's about what you WILL do when push comes to shove. And we both know you will do nothing because you don't have the balls. And if you do I dare you, I DARE you to do do something this Friday on Dynasty. Yes, I lost to Tyler Parker. But I did my best. And I came THIS close to becoming World Heavyweight Champion. But hey at least I got to face him for the title, when did you face him? That's right, you didn't. You couldn't earn a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship because you just don't have what it takes. The only way you could possibly dethrone Tyler Parker is with the Cash In The Vault briefcase. While he's in a vulnerable position, while he's defenseless.

I'll be fighting for the Dynasty brand at Pain For Pride. I'll be doing what nobody on the Dynasty roster was man enough to do.  Instead of making futile attempts at insulting me, instead of disrespecting me you should be thanking me. Because if the Dynasty brand ceases to exist there won't be a world heavyweight champion to cash in on. Your dreams, your hopes of becoming the face of the Dynasty brand would be gone, vanished into thin air. I'll succeed at Pain For Pride and if I don't...  I will go out knowing that I did my best, that I tried my damn hardest. Pain is temporary, Carlos, PRIDE is forever. HONOR is forever. GLORY is forever. I don't care if I hurt myself, if I experience pain and agony in the process of acquiring those. Because if I endure? I will be immortalized. I'll have pride and honor and glory and I will live forever. People will remember me for centuries. That's why I put myself in precarious situations sometimes, that is why i risk everything sometimes. At Triple Threat I decided to risk everything. My career, my fans, my dreams and hopes of one day winning the World Heavyweight Championship. I put it all in jeopardy for the Dynasty brand. And not just for Dynasty, for all of EAW. Because maybe by winning this match at Pain For Pride I can stop Crash somehow.

I'm not angry, Carlos. I'm going to be perfectly honest with you though.. I AM eager to spear the hell out of you! I'm ALWAYS eager to prove that I belong at the very top, that I deserve an opportunity to make a difference and do something nobody has ever done. You talk a big game. If you really want to be at optimum health just keep that big mouth of yours shut. Because every time you speak you make me want to hit you in the mouth even more.,Seriously, shut up. If you want to survive, if you want to succeed on the biggest stage of them all, at Pain For Pride just keep your mouth shut. I don't care what your plans are, nobody does. If you don't shut up your plans will be SPOILED. You won't even make it to Pain For Pride and unfortunately for you, you won't be mister Cash In The Vault. You don't want me to show up this Friday and I don't blame you. You're evidently seeking the easy way out of our encounter and you ain't going to find it. Because every possible way out of this isn't easy. You deem me a threat to you and your little undefeated streak and you absolutely should. The only way you will march peacefully on to Pain For Pride is if you beat me.

My blood isn't boiling. I'm not angry. If anything I am amused. You know what's funny too? The fact that Tyler Parker thought you would be a more appropriate challenger than me. You're a coward and seemingly you're proud of what you are, you are proud of that fact. I didn't accept anything from anybody, I CHOSE to be Dynasty's representative MYSELF. A lot of people perceived that decision as stupid, as foolish, but they all fail to get the bigger picture. If I am successful at this? I can get closer to Zack Crash and his little legion of ass kissers. My victory could serve as a message to him and his people that I am going to end his reign of terror and subsequently end HIM. I'm not a savior, I am just a guy who got tired of the way things are being ran around here and decided to do something about it. Corruption NEEDS to be stopped. One way or another. If they exile me from EAW again I encourage you all NOT to remain silenced. SPEAK UP, let your voice be heard and most importantly FIGHT for what is right. Carlos, maybe you didn't get anything in exchange for your commitment to EAW because you didn't deserve anything in the first place. Have you thought about that?

Maybe you're right. Maybe nobody will acknowledge or recognize my sacrifices or even remember them. But I will and I will make sure Crash and his people do as well until the day they DIE. I'm not expecting to get repaid with anything by anybody. I'm not doing this to get repaid, I am doing this because it's what is right, what is morally pertinent. Tyler Parker doesn't care about anybody but himself and keeping the World Heavyweight Championship to himself so obviously I know he doesn't give a damn what happens to the Dynasty brand. Tybull, Jones and Senn.. I don't know about them, but I care. I truly do. And that's more than enough for me. I knew the moment I got into this that I would be alone. I knew that nobody would join me in this war because they're afraid. Crash is involved in all of this and if they got in his way there could be repercussions. There WILL be repercussions to my actions but I am fully prepared to face them, to overcome them, Carlos.

I know I can beat you, Carlos. I WILL beat you, Carlos. I know you really wanted me to not show up to Dynasty, but I'm afraid I have got some bad news.. I will show up. And I will punch you in the mouth and I will spear you in HALF. While you watch young men play soccer I will continue to train my ass off and ultimately when we meet face to face. You're the one who's going to want to not face me, but guess what? It will be too late, Carlos.
Dear diary....

I am now in Japan before I head out to Australia to see if Jade really stay in my brother's apartment or not. And yes she is, I know Jade is a honest person and she will never let me down. and yes, She already signed a contract with one Joshi company in Japan, I forgot the name, too bad. Jade said that she is going to end her career in Japan so I promise to always support her no matter what. I also make a promise to her that I will end my career in EAW as well, even I honestly not sure about it. But I will try this and do it all I've got to make it happen. Jade, I hope I won't dissapoint you. Now I know that the reason for me to fight is you. I fight for you because you are always support me since the beginning of my career. Thank you, Jade. Now I finally know the truth. The truth that the reason I still live and fight in this thing is you and everybody on my side. Why was I too blind for it? Why I have to crush their hope on me? I know what I was doing is wrong, so let me fix it for you.

Speaking of everyone who supported me, I spent my time with my lovely sister, Mirei today. She said that she missed me and want to go around Akiba today. Mirei looks so happy to see me. But I look deep into her eyes, she looks tired. Is she really working that hard to be in her position right now? I look at her and I really feel ashamed of myself. Why I gave up? Why I have to quit when my journey isn't even half of it? Mirei look at me as her role model and make ma as an example of her hardwork so far and meanwhile, she didn't know that I give up and attempting to end my life? This is embarassing. Why I have a stupid though I did that? I didn't look at Mirei, she has to give the flyer and brochure of her show around Akiba, Shibuya, Harajuku, Yoyogi and every spot across Tokyo, hoping people to see the show, she's even not hesitate to demonstrate it to the nearby pedestrian even the people is not even watch them singing and dancing. And once they have a show on stage, Mirei told me that she had a show that only 13 people attend it. But she's still smiling in every dance she did. Then, she is of course have to go to school everyday and quickly go for a vocal and choreo lesson everyday. and now look at her, Her group is already reach big stages like Saitama Super Arena. It took three years for Mirei to go to that place and she still needs to fight for her future. And..... me, the one that Mirei see as her role model about to give up just like that? I feel ashamed of her. I'm not deserved to be her role model. I am a loser, I am just a failure to this family and I can't rebuild my pride.

and what else can I show on my upcoming match? It's another random match with that bunch of newcomers fighting each other. I am really getting thrown very,very deep that I have to fight with either random partner or against some debutants. Where is my pride? Where is my pride as the one who WAS at the top and almost get what she wants? Where is it? Where is she now? Now I'm still under the shadow and probably will never go back. Those newcomers think they could climb up the mountain while me, right here still thinking what else can I do? Because everytime I try so hard, it won't work at all.... look at what I did at my last contendership match. I feel overly confident at winning that match and look what happened? I lost. I lost the match, I lost my pride, I lost everything! So, What I have now? What I really brings me to that match? NOTHING! I have NOTHING! But...... every time, every moment I think of Mirei and every hard work she just done until she made it this far. Did she give up when people don't want to receive the flyer from her? Did she give up when people didn't give an attention of her demo? Did she give up when only thirteen people watching the show? She didn't give up, and the reason she didn't give up is me...... Okay, I should stop expecting so much about this match, but the reason I fight next Friday even I have nothing left in me.... is for her. Mirei, this match is for you.
   What’s Really Best for Business? 

Somewhere in New Zealand…….

::The video begins with Carlos showing up as a surprise guest of the US Under-20 Men’s National soccer team, wowing the young men with his dribbling skill of a soccer ball before passing it off to their team captain with an almost bored expression on his face, waving a hand dismissively at the boys.:: 


Lucian Black, in just a matter of days we meet for the first time in a long time on Dynasty. I know that you don’t like to reflect on your time in the Demon’s Council but please, we must. Look how far you have come since then, my friend! You went from basically being Dark Demon’s brooding muscle to…..to…….to……

Wait….what have you done lately? I mean, most people know what I have been up to lately. I have been on a hot streak that is entering the summer! I have become the Houston Astros of the professional wrestling world. I’ve beaten former World Champions, EAW Hall of Famers, and the greatest National Elite Champion of all time who also happened to be one half of the greatest EAW Unified Tag Team Championship Team of all time. Didn’t you lose to Tyler Parker or something not long ago? Or uh…..Jacob Senn? I mean, please forgive me, I’ve had a very busy schedule of late, so much so that Dynasty’s management has been forced to give me every so often off so I can live up to all the engagements I have to keep.

::While Carlos is still talking and addressing the Camera, Poison runs over to him and whispers something in his ear. Carlos nods at this information before continuing his speech.::

Oh. My manager has just informed me exactly what you’re doing: You’re going to be in this “Brand Elimination And Loser Gets Fired” match or whatever it’s called at Pain for Pride 8! You’ll be fighting for the future of the Dynasty Brand, the Brand that I have called HOME ever since I returned to EAW in late 2012. I think it’s wonderful that you have found a cause to rally behind, Lucian. You have finally found something that you may succeed in! I mean, everything else you’ve done here so far seems to end in failure. You couldn’t win the world title, you couldn’t beat GI Styles after I distracted him a few weeks ago– a quick thought on that, what on earth were you thinking spearing him through a barricade? I know you’re simple minded but don’t you realize running into something hard will hurt you too?– and well…I can’t recall anything that you’ve done with success.

Look, don’t get angry, big guy. I can’t even see you right now and you’re probably swelling with rage, eager to spear the hell out of Carlos Rosso! Eager to prove that you belong on the big stage and deserve a chance to do something special! Just hear me out though. Now….As you know, I have plans at Pain for Pride. Very important plans. I qualified for the Cash in the Vault match and WILL win said Cash in the Vault ladder match. Frankly, the entries of Scott Oasis and Zach “Sega” Genesis do very little to change my outlook on this. My job is going to be secure. By winning the Cash in the Vault I will assure myself of being able to go to whatever survives this bizarre purge that’s going to happen in a few weeks. Just to hedge my bets though, I will require myself to be at optimum health. 

Now you’re probably asking yourself “Why is Carlos telling me all of this? Why does he want the world to know what his plans are?”. Right? Well here’s why…..I’m asking you to pull out of our match entirely on Friday. At the least, if you decide to show up, just lay down and let me keep my momentum rolling. Let me march on to Pain for Pride in peace and move one step closer to becoming the “Champion of Everybody”! 

Now, I can practically feel your blood boiling right now! How dare he tell me to lay down for him! Why does he want to take the easy way out? This is for your good too, Lucian. I mean, sure you don’t have a world title match at pain for pride and you’ve foolishly accepted the role of a potential hero/scapegoat as Dynasty’s representative in that Triple Threat match. Why you want to do this is beyond me. I mean look at me! I have tried with all of my might to be a savior in the wrestling world. I came to Showdown many years ago and brought ELITE wrestling to EAW before half the people on the roster could even spell ELITE! As the General Manager of that brand I gave EAW a glimpse of it’s future. A future where Chairs were mainly for sitting. You know what I got for my trouble? An unceremonious firing and a chair to the head from that giant freak HRDO! That’s what I got! Oh, it gets better still. In CWF, The Classic Wrestling Federation for those who were hiding under a rock, I was one of its most decorated and respected champions. I was the longest reigning CWF World Heavyweight Champion of all time….but the people hated me. I was called “Carlos Hogan”. I was bland. I was BORING. But I fought to save the promotion forever. People like Bottomline, Donovan T, American Dragon…they all quit. They all picked up their collective ball and went home! 

I stayed. And you know what I got for it? Not a damn thing. No gratitude. No respect. Only ridicule. 

My point to you Lucian is that no one is going to remember your sacrifice. Nobody gives a damn if you win or lose that match. Nobody repays loyalty anymore. You are either delusional or, with all due respect, stupid if you believe that anyone besides you in the locker room cares if the Dynasty brand dies. Do you think Tyler Parker’s going to care? He’s the World Heavyweight Champion….at least for the time being. Do you think people like Vance Tybull, Tyberius Jones and Jacob Senn care? You think any of the Vixens who are in some lameass “exhibition” match are going to be grateful for you helping them keep a show to bore people with? No. They’re not going to give a damn about you or anything you do for them. Period, cut and dry. 

But……that’s not what you’re thinking about, is it? You’re a man of “honor” now, right? Cool. That’s real cute. You’ve gone from a lapdog to a roaming samurai, fighting for the honor of yourself and your company! You have to win! You must save Dynasty! Yeah, whatever. Our General Manager is simply using your drive to try to save his own ass because he couldn’t find someone stupid enough to enter the match otherwise! 

I’ve tried my hardest to convince you that your path is stupid, self destructive and the sign of someone with a messiah complex, but I’m pretty sure that none of this is getting through your oil slicked hair and into your thick skull. Wake up and smell the kiwi, dude! If you care so much about saving Dynasty and regaining your lost honor, wouldn’t wrestling someone like me not be in your best interests? I am assuring you that the arm that was damaged in the battle with GI Styles and I am more than ready to answer the bell and face you. But why? Why should I do this? Why should we do this? It’s obviously, OBVIOUSLY more beneficial to the both of us to simply coast this week, especially you, O Honorable Saviour of Dynasty. I mean, come on….do you honestly think you can beat me if you tried? I mean…..yeah. Seriously man, you don’t want to do that. That’s not best for my business or yours. I don’t dislike you, Lucian. I think you’re an overrated, underachieving, weak-minded human being who is foolish enough to sacrifice himself for the “greater good”….but I don’t dislike you. Please, don’t take the Hurricane Hawk Route. The Montell Smooth and Donny Diamond Route. Don’t take the GI Styles route, hmm? Don’t get in my way. Don’t make me go to places in my mind and heart that I don’t particularly want to go. Please. It will not end well for either of us if I do. I will waste precious energies that could go towards the Cash in the Vault Ladder Match……and you? You’ll be hobbling to Wembley Stadium with a broken leg. 

Lay down, big man. Just lay down. 

As for the other Cash in The Vault participants….I don’t care who any of you think you are,what you came from, what struggles you’ve had to endure to get to this point. I have done just about everything possible in wrestling except win one of the treasured jewels of EAW…one of it’s World Championships. I am the most complete wrestler in the world and there is nothing that any of you or Mr. Dynasty can do about it.

Cut the feed.

::In an instant, the cameraman operating the camera shooting the film immediately cuts off, leaving the screen in black.::
Dynasty promo 1 

I feel like a broken record, skipping on one lyric, but in this case, words of wisdom: Don't allow yourself to become distracted. Eyes on the prize. Eyes on the prize. 

This is something I have said over and over again, yet it fails to be obeyed. Always follow the Cardinal rules in wrestling. 

Had this been acknowledged, Alex Anderson could have possibly won, but he allowed distraction to win. He was too busy trying to impress Tyler Parker rather than the match at hand. Oh well, thanks Alex for the much needed victory.

Now...like Anderson, I have never faced my next opponent in a match and especially not one with high stakes: a Cash in the Vault qualifying match against Mr. Montell Smooth. 

A man who has come back to EAW for past glories, but fails to recognize he's past his prime and is no longer needed in this business. This is the land of Elite, where talent is supposed to flourish, but instead I see a man chasing something he shouldn't be a part of. You call yourself The Essence of Excellence, but really you're not. You never were and never will be anything of importance or in your terms, excellent. Now, you'd think I'd throw some respect your way but I am not here to exchange pleasantries. I am here to qualify right off the damn bat into this epic match. This match holds the key to something amazing and nobody is stopping me from getting an opportunity. 

Let's see just what you're capable of in that ring against a man who always has a plan and is always ten steps ahead, no matter what. You might be a powerhouse and outweigh me, but I can move quicker and work out a strategy to keep you off balance. See...you might think you're ready for this opportunity of a lifetime, but you're not. You're being thrown to the wolves. Sure, most would see it the other way round, but I am hungry and ready for better things. The National Elite championship was one thing, this is something more. 

Do not underestimate a man who has shocked many here in EAW with various wins on names people didn't think possible. Pay attention to the cardinal rules and know just what the hell I can do. 

The CITV is my turning point and I am ready to skyrocket my wrestling career to a new level. I have my training team with me along for the ride of a lifetime, we're in it to win and I am here to show everyone just how serious I am. Train hard and put the time in. It makes sense to do so against you Montell, but know that I have zero respect for you too. 

I am sure the feeling is mutual. If it's not, I'd be surprised. We both want the championships and the right to call ourselves the best or excellent and the like. 

So let's see who it is. The Evolution of Wrestling or The Essence of Excellence? 

The man with many plans and steps ahead? 

Or the guy who had a shot and missed?

Remember the rules Montell...and I'll see you in the ring soon.
(The scene opens with Aren painting on a wall the word tired. He circles the word and draws four arrows that branch out into the open spaces of the wall. He writes under the arrows “TLA”, “Mustafa”, “Same Old”, and “Times Four”.)

Tired so tired. It’s like I could hear what they would say before they even said it. It’s like I wrote down a script and told TLA to read it from there, and it was so telegraphed. I stood there watching him, and saying the exact same shit, because it has gotten down to that point. It has gotten to the point where I can copy his mannerisms, oh dear god what is happening to me!? Am I starting to conform to a thing that I have been exposed to for far too long, am I being dragged into and being turned into another TLA? Oh Dear God just kill me now, kill me so I do not have to suffer the transformation from being the best, to being a corny broken record. Hell the only thing that is keeping me from just gouging my eyes out, and busting both eardrums, is the fact that after this I can get on with the norm, and just go on from here. The outcome of this is what has been keeping me a sane man, it is what has been driving me to the fact that after this, everything will be better. No more same old, same old. No more TLA in a singles match. No more being tired. But that’s just the damn thing about this realization, it is a double-edged sword, as in though this brings good news, it just brings to light the horrible news as well. I have to get past this week to be ok, I have to get past TLA a fourth time so I could get closure. Hell if our match was haunted, beating TLA would be a way of putting this to rest. So here I go, diving down into this abyss, as I must acknowledge this “opposition”.

(Aren rubs his eyes, as he can’t believe he has to deal with what has been said. He rubs his temple in disappointment, and he just lets out a sigh of exasperation.)

First of all, I must say that though I am tired of all the same old, it is good to see Mustafa in his old insane world, because well it just gives my hope a kick in the gut that people like him are still allowed on the street. I mean he is so rampant with delusion, thinking I was talking about him, and actually getting the nerve to question my sexuality, and call me a racist at the same time. I mean I was appalled at first, but then impressed, hell I was just stunned, because I have finally found the one thing to always compare to others whenever they make heinous statements. I can see it now, me rebutting someone saying shit about me, by just simply saying “Oh well I guess this isn’t as worse as when “King” Mustafa was so delusional he thought I was hitting on him and being a bigot at the same time.” Yes it is a joyous day in your world Mustafa as you have shown me how much of a fucking disappointment a prison bitch like you are. But hey I guess it pays to be the delusional, I mean you helped your “guy” TLA become undefeated again, by just saying “fuck it” you’re undefeated. But you know I was wrong here I must applaud you again as TLA told you off, he said “screw you, I am glad I have lost in the past.” Props to you TLA, props to you as it seems you and steroid dawg are the only sane ones in this little posse. I mean huzzah let us have a party for you. I mean it am so happy I can mark one thing off of this wall.

(Aren takes his brush and marks out Same Old and turns back towards the camera)

You see this isn’t the same old now, because TLA you have grown and I am proud and I think you deserve a treat. I will tell you why I am not excited. I am not excited, because why should I be. Sure this is a Cash in the Vault qualifier, but it is against you. I mean I am not saying you are not someone I would want to face again, but I am sure about this. Fighting for a qualifier should be something memorable, and fighting against a man you have face four times isn’t memorable, it’s just another record. It’s just another mark up on the board of either the win or loss column and that is just not something you would want as your qualifier. TLA, I don’t know whether or not I am speaking for the both of us when I say I wanted something new. Hell I want to give Tybull a run for his money in a qualifier, I wanted to see how good of a champion Tiberius is, I wanted to face the Warden of EAW and see if he can prove his worth as such. I have faced you time and time again and I know how you are, I know that you are good, and I don’t need to be shown that again. I want new, I want fresh, I want my qualifier to mean something, not just another bargain bin classic. You know what let us put same old back up on this wall.

(Aren rewrites “Same Old” except this time with a little Version 2 in small print.)

Hell you even said it yourself, you’re bored and this little buck up attitude is nothing but a show for you and you know it. I don’t have to buck up, I don’t have to give a fuck on when you got bored of me, the only thing I have to give a damn about is making my qualifier memorable, and I sure as hell am not going to get that out of a man who lies to himself, a man who says there is something brighter inside him and when all is said and done is as much of a downer as he says I am. You got bright lights TLA, you got the women that you parade around with, hell you even got your own Harry to your Lloyd by your side being the back-up and comic relief he is. Face it TLA, me being the downer I am is just the reality you have to face. Nothing is going to be up to par with your delusions. I have accepted this, and I am just living my life as I need it to be. Memorable, legendary, and historical. You can have all the god damn parties as you want, you can keep bitching about how I am the downer to your lifestyle with my “monotone”. Because well whether you like it or not but I am here to be me, a reality driven, realistic minded, badass mother fucker with the intent to leave his mark on this company. This may be Pain for Pride season, but it is also the time where everything up and till the fireworks at Wembley Stadium go off has to be better than the rest of the time you spent during the year. I have made leaps and bounds since being on NEO. I went from the lowest to the highest, back down, and back up. I have rode this roller coaster of year and made everything memorable, up and till now. Now I am stopped by a boring match with a boring man, with the same boring stipulation, just with a twist. But I am making this shit as memorable as I can so keep talking about this Mexican Destroyer shit, because you are about to be stopped by my Iron Curtain, and trampled by my Revolution, my Reality, and my Retribution. Friday will be the night that TLA loses his smile and shows his true self, a broken slump of a man. 
You know, after Triple Threat, I was getting stitched up and I was sitting there on the table... I was waiting for the doctor... thinking that had to be one of the proudest moments of my career. The World Heavyweight Championship in my lap, the blood from my wounds dripping onto the gold, completely covered in it except for the nameplate. Seeing my name on there... after beating StarrStan and Xavier Williams... I couldn't have been more proud of myself. It hurts, somewhat, getting the stitches in but for some reason... for some reason, none of it hurt. Even the stitches I'm proud of and I'm going to have these in for a weeks but make no mistake, I'm one hundred percent. I was last week but Monroe gave me the week off and even though I wasn't in a match, I couldn't just sit at home and not do anything when there's Alex Anderson I have to keep an eye on. That's what I did last week, I kept an eye on him. I was out there on commentary and expressed how I felt. I said Alex Anderson wasn't a threat to my World Heavyweight Championship and I meant it. I admit, what Alex Anderson did at Triple Threat, that was no easy task by no means. I'll be the first to admit that and I think I am while also admitting that he'll give me something at Pain for Pride but he's not going to give me his all, he's going to think he is but he's not and everyone is going to think that he is, that he should beat me or something like that but Alex Anderson has no real focus. Alex Anderson isn't focused on the World Heavyweight Championship itself. Alex Anderson isn't focused on Main Eventing at Pain for Pride. Alex Anderson isn't even focused on beating me. No, Alex Anderson is focused on being like me. Alex Anderson will tell you that he's focused, that he's better than me but he's not focused on being better than me, he's focused on being like Tyler Parker. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I guess I should be flattered by that but I'm wondering why, why be like me? Why be a "poor man's Tyler Parker?" Is... is it because Alex Anderson himself knows that's all he's ever going to be? Is... is it because Alex Anderson doesn't want to be better than me, he just wants to be in the same breath as me? Or... or is it because Alex Anderson is never going to be anything else and being a "poor man's Tyler Parker" is giving him a little too much credit? Is it A, B or C? ...A? B? C? No, it's not A, it's not B and it's not C. It's D. D? All of the above. I'm not saying that he's a "poor man's Tyler Parker," everyone else is saying that, I'm just saying that he's never going to be me as much as he would like to be and he's never going to be better than me for as much as he likes to try. That's how I felt, that's how I've felt for as long as he's been obsessed with me and that's how I'm going to feel even after Pain for Pride. A non-factor he is and as I left commentary, as I was going to the back, Alex Anderson turned his back to his opponent and started yelling at me to get back out there. Why should I be out there? I was asked to be on commentary, I never volunteered or anything. I would've been in my locker room, training, watching the match but a front row seat for one of his matches heading into Pain for Pride is going to get me more of gameplan than just training. Because I train regardless. I train five to six days a week. I train morning and night. That has nothing to do with more of what I'm going to do in the ring, that's to make sure I'm at my strongest, at my most agile... so I have maximum stamina. Now that I was out there, watching him, I have a gameplan. Though he may not be a threat to my World Heavyweight Championship, I'm not taking him lightly, I'm going to take him on like I've taken Mr. DEDEDE on... like I've taken Y2Impact on, like I've taken Lucian Black on, like I've taken StarrStan on and like I've taken Xavier Williams on. So before any of you (or Alex Anderson himself) tells me that I should be taking this seriously? Before any of you start running your mouths??? Before Alex Anderson says anything at all? I am. I'm... I'm taking this more seriously than any match I've been in. I've never been more serious about something than I am with this. I haven't wanted to a win a match more than I want to win this match. If that isn't me being serious, then you don't know just how much I want this. This is as serious as it's going to get for me. Because my career, my World Heavyweight Championship, everything I've ever accomplished? Is in jeopardy. It's more than being better than each other. It's more than the World Heavyweight Championship. It's more than one of the Main Events at Pain for Pride. It's so much more than that... and that's how I'm going into this match --- as if this is it.

But that's in a few weeks.

This week, I'm getting back in the ring after Triple Threat and my opponent? GI Styles. I'm in for a fight as I have been any time I've faced him. We haven't faced each other for a year and this is a match that he's been asking for since he returned to EAW a few months ago. It may not be how he wanted it to be as he wanted to face me at Pain for Pride for the World Heavyweight Championship and I'd say it'd have to take more than just saying you want that to get it but, then again, Alex Anderson has wanted this for years and has been saying it for years and he's getting what he has wanted in just a few weeks. GI could have gotten what he wanted had won the Grand Rampage like he wanted to but he got eliminated. GI could have been in Cash in the Vault this year but he lost to his former Dynamite Rain partner Carlos Rosso. GI could have been in a match at Pain for Pride but I don't know if he's even going to be there with where his career is going. It was from downhill when I beat him at Reasonable Doubt to retain the World Heavyweight Championship and capture the National Extreme Championship and it's been downhill ever since. It's just downhill from here but even in saying that, I know GI is going to give me his all this week or, I'd hope he is. Because that just wouldn't be likely to the GI Styles that I've come to know over the years. Over the years, I've come to know that every time I was facing GI, it was going to be a hell of a match. Each and every time we've faced it has been that and each and every time, I've won. That's not to be thrown in his face but more to show him that even if he had gotten what he wanted, me at Pain for Pride, I would have won like I have each and every time we've faced each other. Tag Team or one on one, I've won and that just goes to show that I've bested him, in Synergy or on my own. I know that this isn't going to be the same, I know he could beat me, it's not like he hasn't but when he beat me, it's not like he had beaten me. That was at Pain for Pride two years ago but I walked out unscathed even in a loss and if Charlie was all there in the head, which I don't think he has ever been, then might have won it. That was two years ago though and like my wins, that loss isn't going to matter much this week. It's two years later, GI. I'm a two-time World Heavyweight Champion and you're... you're just trying to climb back up that hill that you've been tumbling down from ever since I beat you. I'm in for a fight and that's what I want. I want a fight. I want a match that's going to test me, both physically and mentally, and there's nothing I want more than some competition before facing Alex Anderson in a few weeks. Because I can face him, I can better myself even more and I can beat him. That's what I do, that's what I've done my entire career and that's what I'm going to do at Pain for Pride. I'm not going to back down from anyone or anything. I'm not going to go out there in the ring and talk a big game just to not back it up when the time comes. Anyone who steps through those ropes and in the ring with me know they're going to get a hell of a match out of me and that's something they except me to do every time I'm out there. GI knows he is. That's what he's going to get from me and if I were him, I'd approach this like I'm approaching this and like I'm approaching my match with Alex Anderson... as if this is it. Because it is.
"Until it's time, am I going to have to settle with these other people, before I get my hands around a certain fake bastard of a king?" - Aren Mstislav

Mustafa: Witness! Aren you shall never put your hands around Mustafa! For he is far too sly, too crafty, and much much too heterosexual to ever allow a man such as yourself to place your dirty paws upon his good self! Indeed Mustafa has returned but is now met with only threats from poor Aren! Why oh why Aren do you threaten kind Mustafa so? Is it a bout of insecurity? Is it in fact an irrational hatred for the superior African race? Mustafa must certainly ponder at your racism for there does in fact at first glance appear to be no rational explanation here!

TLA: Silly Mustafa. He wasn’t even talking about you.

Mustafa: Mustafa admits he has not considered this possibility. In fact Mustafa now considers it and rejects it entirely! No Aren was indeed talking about Mustafa as all should within the sight of his glory! Witness now as King Mustafa, banished from his throne finds himself in even more regal surroundings than before! King Mustafa is going to Pain for Pride! 

(King Mustafa dances in celebration with Steroid Dawg as TLA takes a sip of his purple drank. The floors of the Poon Palace have been covered with books and other research materials such as encyclopedias. The hot strippers appear to be extremely bored by this except for one dressed as a hot school teacher who actually appears to be interested in the pursuit of knowledge.)

Mustafa: Now that TLA is undefeated again Mustafa sleeps soundly at night. Do you not sleep in this way Michelle?

Michelle McGillislutty: I do not sleep baby. I stay up all night if you know what I mean!

Mustafa: Mustafa certainly knows what you mean and laments that he too has suffered from much insomnia in recent weeks. Mustafa’s treacherous wives have gone too far this time and Mustafa has devised many devious schemes to deal with them.

Michelle: Did you give them the backhand and make them learn their place?

Mustafa: Mustafa must try this. It appears to be a successful method from what I have seen here in this Palace.

TLA: I’m not undefeated.

(King Mustafa gasps as he nearly trips over Steroid Dawg in his great shock.)

Mustafa: You dare to defy King Mustafa’s royal decree?

TLA: I certainly do. You see Mustafa there is no need to run from our past… El pasado… makes us who we are! Look at all of the great men throughout history… Men like Martin Luther King Jr. who suffered many defeats throughout his lifetime, but today is remembered as one of histories greatest winners! All because he believed in himself and never gave up on what he knew was right! The truth! Or what about another great man of history… Bruce Jenner! He may be a sixty five year old man, but he knew one day he wanted to be a woman! And he has achieved that! Do you think that was easy for him to do? Of course it wasn’t! He suffered many defeats in the media but now he has emerged as an inspirational figure to an entire community of people! Mi gente… they love me for who I am! There is no need to pretend with them!

(Mustafa looks wary at TLA as he glances sideways at Michelle.)

Mustafa: He seems… happier than the last time Mustafa saw him…

Michelle: I haven’t noticed.

TLA: I am happier now Mustafa! I am happier now because just like Caitlyn Jenner, I have finally accepted myself for who I truly am. And inside La Pantera Sexual... there is a beautiful person waiting to be shown to the entire world! 

Mustafa: Unlike Michelle who has already shown herself to the entire world many times.

Michelle: I don’t have to sit here and take this.

(Michelle gets up to leave.)

Mustafa: It is alright Michelle… Mustafa knows that you have also sat here and taken this many times as well!

(Michelle looks furious as she rages out of the room and takes a trip down the Erotic Elevator.)

Mustafa: Now TLA… now that it is just us men… let us have a serious discussion about your upcoming match on Dynasty with Aren Mstislav.

TLA: Si si this is a good idea. I am very excited to get another chance to face someone as talented as Aren Mstislav is! Very excited indeed!

Mustafa: This is Prince Pantera’s fourth encounter with the Russian Revolution. Indeed TLA your history against Aren does not look good. Are you sure you do not wish to accept Mustafa’s absolution for your past sins and start fresh as an undefeated phenomenon?

TLA: Absolutely not! I have nothing to hide and Aren will soon find that out! See Aren is tired of this repetition. We have faced many times before! We know each others’ strengths, we know each others’ weaknesses. Aren’s pinned me, I’ve pinned Aren, and now we fight to enter into Cash in the Vault on the grandest stage of them all! Aren… how can you not be excited by this?!?

Mustafa: Mustafa revels and basks in Aren’s sour mood. Indeed he expected nothing less! For Russia is indeed an unhappy country nobody even smiles there! Indeed when Mustafa’s reign comes into full bloom, among the first things he shall enact is laws forcing all Russians to smile at all times!

TLA: Mustafa por favor... I have had enough of your casual racism. But not nearly as much as I’ve had it with Aren’s constant negativity! You see Aren, I personally welcome all challenges and take on all comers. These are words that I live by! I would challenge the entire EAW roster if they would dare to face me! It’s ironic to me then that Aren would judge me for some supposed “same old, same old schtick” when it’s obvious to all of my adoring fans that this could not be further from the truth! See I was once Pantera Negra, then we went through an ordeal with Christopher Corrupt, you remember these things Aren! Ah those were good old days and I refuse to forget them no matter what Mustafa wants me to do! I will remember, and I will learn from those experiences because they have changed me… and they have changed me for the better!

(TLA smiles widely and winks at the camera as he takes another sip of purple drank.)

TLA: What about you Aren? What are you doing differently? While I have accepted the power of positivity, believing in yourself, and embracing the fans like they were my little brothers… what have you done? See Aren I am here for you, and I am willing to help you with your problem… but first you must admit you have one and stop blaming others for things that well… much more clearly define who you are. If it’s any consolation Aren, that you are bored with me now, I was bored with you a long long time ago. I was bored with your monotonous droning on week in and week out about calculating your opponents’ weaknesses, I was bored with your “dark” animal symbolism, I was bored with your candles, your darkness, and your body paint… I was bored with that months ago. But I have some advice for you Aren that will solve all of your problems… Buck up niñito! It’s Pain for Pride season and that means anything can happen! After last week teaming with Maddie, I was full of positive energy… but now jeez Aren you are such a downer!

(TLA’s own symbolic animal Steroid Dawg comes near to lay her head on TLA’s lap.)

TLA: So Aren you can bitch and moan all you want about having to face me but no matter how much you whine and complain you are not escaping me! I’m coming for you Aren and in the end there will be no Russian Revolution, there will only be a Mexican Destroyer.

(TLA picks up a heavy history book on the Russian Revolution off the nearby table and slams it shut.)
I just want to get this off my chest pretty clearly because as you all know that on ShowDown, I was on my way to success. I was one step away from clinching the step that paves the way for world championship fame. So close, you can hardly make the gap of the difference between success and failure and the reason that failure came to my direction on ShowDown was because of one man who can’t seem to let go of the past, who still, to this day, fears me. What did I say people? I said that Ventura has this sensation of terror in him whenever I am about because he knew if he got rid of me from the Cash in the Vault ladder match, the chances of me becoming triumphant would be slim to nothing. The joke’s on him however because the poor fool didn’t even get a successful qualification himself! This idiot, who wanted to fragment my world two years ago, is now left without a chance, once again, to contend for the World Championship. But I guess when you’re in EAW; some championships have some form of allergic reaction to some athletes and one of them being any World Championships and Ventura. It seems like even when Ventura has his eyes projected for that opportunity to take the world title home with him; it will always be a mile away. That is why that two years ago, I had the best of faith when it came to our match with championships on the line because I knew that Ventura nominating me for his challenge was one of the biggest mistakes of his career and to no shock, I was right because ever since that eventful night where I became a dual champion, Ventura has never been the same again.

Whatever happened to Ventura?

What happened is that he became sensitive and ShowDown highly validated my point. Whereas Ventura didn’t come close to beating Zach Genesis for that qualification match, I did and there is no room for liberations on my behalf or I will confess to my errors but you can’t tell me that I was nowhere on the verge of success. And in the end, it stems from hatred and antipathy. Ventura did not extract the best of his abilities on the night it mattered and even did his best to pull mind games with me during the construction of our feud back a couple of years back but even then, he didn’t contain the ingredients to derail my haven. Do I congratulate Oasis? Perhaps but if he had any morality in his body, he would acknowledge that this victory was tainted by the very existence of Ventura and because of your venture into my moment of success, you will now sacrifice that elation for my retribution.


That night, you slept like a baby knowing that another opportunity for me to rise as World Champion again would be postponed for the time being and I pity your efforts to try and be significant. You worship me however but fear me as well. You adore the fact that I am worth your time to return your own faults against but also, know that I am better than you. Pain for Pride and Grand Rampage exposed an awakening inside you that wanted Ventura to wipe away the tears and become a man but the truth is, by the time you step into my shadow again, I shall not only send you crying, but also allow the blood to dribble down your face whilst you’re wounded, pleading that sympathy ends the torment. It was bad enough that the mental manipulation was your way in attempting to snatch the championship off my hands and into yours, but now returning to my atmosphere and destroying any chance to becoming a step closer to another World Championship is recipe for disaster. In your head, you assume the potential that I can be beat but in the reality, you have only doomed yourself for the impending destruction you’ve assigned yourself too. I could’ve repeated your tactic for your qualifying match. But creativity and patience are traits I hold extremely to and a great hunter is determined to take his time perfectly before he shoots his prey. Your day will arrive when you think you’re at the height of your career but I misguide you and your world will once again collapse into the ashes you’ve suffered in for two years. This weekend, you face yourself contributing with StarrStan. Oh this should be fun because continuing the trend from two years ago, you guys should get along pleasantly since you guys know each other so well. The better news for you Ventura is that not only do I get the chance to inflict serious damage to your body but I am partnered with one of the best guys this company could offer. I believe you know him from a couple of weeks back, by the name of Brian Daniels. And you have StarrStan, which is pretty cool too but I just have this greater feeling that Stan won’t be as contributing to your endeavors opposed to me and Brian. Neither of us have that feeling of departure from you or your partner because at the end of the day, my hatred for you is strong and I just see you as the Caster of Failure. The only dreams that depend on legitimacy are your fictions of triumph and that is all they will ever be. Fictions…

StarrStan had me in a submission not so long ago. That I once confessed too. He might feel that a match involving the pair of us may be one too soon to encounter but a fine warrior can develop himself weeks after a bloody battle and I take that as some inspiration, champion. I am prepared for your gluttony to preach about our last encounter a few weeks back but I am not going to be one to confess that you may have the upper hand because every week, I believe in hope. Hope is a strong emotion that will carry you throughout any obstacle, whether if it is to confront those dangers you recently faced or if it is strengthen your courage to achieve greater things, I am a believer in hope and I admire any attempts to try and throw me off because it will be cute for you to say such words but know so little. I just want to remind you this isn’t a match where both of us are against each other with no partners. Whatever you may think of him, Brian Daniels is a fine competitor and I could easily beg to differ if my opinion of him was sour, however no reason is given for me to show the world my disgust for him. I can only respect him, but I am not sure if you and Ventura can relate. I am not sure if the passage of time can keep any stability for you guys but I would for this one match alone if you want to win. I am sure you do not want to allow Brian to obtain the win and I am sure your hopeless partner doesn’t want my words to be right as usual. In the end, whatever needs to be said will only be absorbed. Brian Daniels will want to deal with you on his own terms, alike to my call to deal with the Caster of Failure. In the end, you have a fight on your hands and it isn’t down to my attempts to get one over you but it is down to my intention every night. The fact you have EAW’s Theon Greyjoy with you doesn’t enhance anything for you, but could also be used to motivation too. 

Fighting StarrStan can always provide to be a challenge for my body due to his incredible performance. I know StarrStan may be the man that could rely on previous experiences to settle his mind into preparation before this match. However it will take more than recollections for StarrStan to dominate me this week. I am ready to show him why it is not always wise to discard my talents as I aim to help Brian Daniels in my attempts to victory. Daniels will have his purpose stuck on StarrStan being the man to prove his valor whilst my intentions propose focus further on Ventura since he has determined his role to play against me, I must play my role. The man that shatters the dreams…
Im here to tell a story about a guy,no that's not enough, iam here to tell a story about a ROMANIAN BRUTE, that's better.
Every thing started in a litle house in a village in Romania, when i saw the first WWE DVD, and you might ask what was in that DVD, it was the first ever Undertaker's win at a Wrestlemania, when i finished watching that DVD, i went straight to my dad, teling that i wanted to be a wrestler, may dad started laughing saying that i wouldn't get to be a superstar telling that i wouldn't become anything in life, to focus on my studys, but that just fueld me.

A week after that day, i went to a gym and i saw a ring just like in that DVD, so i gived it a shot, there was a coach, a very mean coach, and every body else was twice as big as me, so i got into a wrestling match against one of those guys, i got destroyed, completly obliterated, they kicked me out of that ring with german suplexes.
After that day, i understood something, if you are not big, you cant be a wrestler, i got that mind set and started going to the gym 7 days a week 4 hours a day, and watching DVD's named "how to wrestle", i wanted to be the biggest, the best and the badest wrestler in hearth, after one month i got back in that ring and asked for another shot, that time every thing was diferent, it wasn't me getting distroyed, geting obliterated, geting tossed out of the ring with german suplexs, when i pinned that scrub, the coach called me saying that he wanted to talk to me about a job offer in a Indy wrestling company the "RFW".

Only six months passed, i was the RFW champion, i was undefeated, going in triple threats, defending MY TITLE day in and day out, after the show ended to guys wanted to talk to me on the way out, saying that i had what i takes to be great in a big company named EAW, when i heard them i accepted immediately, but of course i had to forfeit my title, but it didnt matter, i knew that i would get a bigger and better title in America.
So now we are here, me preparing for my first match in EAW and its a tag team match, well i dont like to lose and dont know how to be in a team, but that dosent matter because my will of winning its bigger then every thing else.

I got paired with a small "high-flyer", when i heard that i was like, what is that, some kind of joke, when went to his looker room and talked to him about the match and our opponents, to other litle guys, i was sure that if i got two-on-one handicap match i would win, but i dont know if Luke Braxton could win, so i went to his looker room and talked to him.

I decided to encouter Braxton.
(We looked both to each other's eyes and not saying one word, we stood like that 5 minutes.)

After that encounter i went to my looker room and think about the match.
It was a tag team match, but i dont want to share the spotlight, so i was thinking of going first and dont tagging Braxton.

(Sorry for my bad english, its not my first language, and critics to this promo are wellcome.)

JJ Silva Dynasty Promo 2
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The scene opens with JJ standing in a large room surrounded by Monitors all over the wall. Encoding scripts are on a blue screen traveling through every inch of each monitors over a blue screen. JJ's back is turned to the camera as he is looking at all the encoding. JJ's eyes are extremely focused on the encoding but he takes a breath as he begins to speak.

JJ: You know, there is a way to eliminate any virus. All you have to do is attack it at it's source. When I look into your eyes, I see it. The virus in which you wish to spread across the entire EAW. I get it, I really do. Another thing is whenever I look into your eyes, I see a lot of similarities between you and I. One being how we both have a strong drive to accomplish our goals. Another thing as I stated once before we are both very fond of a mic. However, what we do with the mic are very different. You speak words of despair, I speak the words of truth. Our goals are both set high, but again they are very different. You want to spread your virus and leave your mark. What I want is to leave my legacy and become the best of the best my way. You know, for once I can understand another persons mindset as well as their drive. Cyrus I really understand you as an entire human being and I can see what you see. The one thing about that is when I look you eye to eye my skin crawls. Your entire view upon the world and the EAW disgust me. Your thoughts could be used for so much more but instead it's all what could be or what should've happened. You waste your time by talking about what you deserve but there is the biggest difference between us. I turn adversities into opportunities. When I see something that benefits me I don't just talk about it like you, I take it. Your see through just like glass which means I can shatter you just as easy. I'm interested you by your thoughts they burn through my mind. You use your virus talk to strike fear into the hearts of many but what happens when someone doesn't fear you? What happens then? Cyrus I don't fear you or your virus. Will it get you where you want to go in the future? You see, I have so many questions that even you can't answer. The virus can be stopped and the beast behind it can be slayed. I can stand eye to eye with you as your polar opposite and feel no remorse behind what my side is capable of. We are the same, as we are different. It's almost like looking into the mirror and seeing what you wish to never become. On Dynasty it isn't just a fight of what we want, but it's a fight of everything you and I stand for. When something I feel means a lot or if it's something I want I will be the most aggressive and malicious man you've ever encountered. Dynasty is nothing short of a war between the Cyrus "The Virus" Raines and The EAW Icon, JJ Silva.

JJ looks around to all the encoding and just walks across each of them in deep thought. His interest is clearly showing of all the random generated words and numbers. He smiles as his mind is wondering on about this code. He turns to the camera and brushes his hair back with his hand and stares deeply into the camera.

JJ: Your virus.. It's so interesting to understand really. It peaks my interest like nothing has before. I realize your ambitions to use it in order to dominate the company and to get what you feel you deserve. NAS is really interesting but like everything else in the world, it's capabilities are only as strong as the person behind it. Are you strong Cyrus? Without your strength NAS isn't capable of achieving what you wish to accomplish. The basic information I'm giving here is simple logic that even an idiot could understand. In a weird way everything is very relevant to the fact that everything comes back to you. Your right where this whole thing started Cyrus. Can you back up this virus you want to spread so badly? This virus that you want to spread is ineffective on me all it does is make my memories and thoughts combine. You have pushed this virus into enemy territory and you have knocked on the wrong door for to long. Now your looking at a man who is more than willing to stand face to face with you and your virus. You say this virus you spread will get you whatever you want but can it get you past me? A man who will shake you to your core and do anything and everything to break you? I'd love to experience this virus at first hand. This time I'm knocking on your door, let the virus free and let's see what your truly capable of Cyrus. We both have something to fight for here, how far are you willing to go? I promise you I am bringing everything I have and have no intentions of sparing any part of you as a person or a competitor. That's the kind of guy I am. I am the change that you refuse. On Dynasty, we finally come face to face and there will be only one outcome.

JJ begins raising his arms to their fullest wingspan as the monitors turn a dark blue. The screen begins saying error 404: Virus Detected. The screen has white flashes after going black. It turns blue again as it says 6/3/15 on a few of the monitors and than the words come up date of Virus Eradication.
I feel a bit better, not much, but a bit. I feel as if there is a weight on my shoulders still, but not as much as there was before. Is this what I need, is this what I am going to have to do until…

Until it’s time, am I going to have to settle with these other people, before I get my hands around a certain fake bastard of king? Am I just going to have to settle with the norm until my vendetta is fulfilled? I mean I said I was and even after I humiliated GI, I felt as if I was nothing more than a husk of my former self. Beating GI was something that everyone would love to have on their resume, as he is a man who is not necessarily easy to beat, yet I feel like I got in the ring with an unknown name and that this win means nothing. However as I chalk this as reluctantly as a victory it has shown some light to where I know this is going. You see if I want to get over what happened at Triple Threat I need to set my eyes on something bigger. You see going after Ares is great and all, but seeing him suffer is something reserved for the man he has brought all this pain to. I know Lannister will do what he intends to do, as is his right, but I know that he would not want RAGNAROK to waste their opportunities on a man who’s already signed his death sentence. With that being said I after my match, I encountered an all to certain Carlos Rosso, who was thinking he had the Cash in the Vault match all in the bag. But being the man I am, I most certainly will not see this happen. But like all others I have to prove my right to be in the god damn match. And to my delight and to everyone else’s we get to see TLA vs Aren part 4.

Yes like Rocky it seems that EAW wants to give the audience one more match, and unlike TLA who by the delusions of himself and Mustafa has forgotten his “old” career for a new one, I have not forgotten our matches together. As, by his records, he “debuted” on May 8 but by my record he’s still the same man I have had my battles with in the past. Way back when he was Pantera Negra, to the three matches we had when Corrupt was still a pain in our asses to now, we have had some great matches, hell maybe some many even say they were Pain for Pride worthy. But my friend this is where we have to set our ways in a different path, as before you stand in my way to something I am going to get. That Cash in the Vault briefcase is mine to hold and mine only, and really if I have to make you grovel and crawl, just to get then I will. TLA I have loved this little cat and mouse thing we have had in the past, but really aren’t you tired, because I am. I am tired of all these games, those smiles you love to give in the face of adversity, those little winks you think are of your charms. I am tired of the same old, same old shtick that you have going on here. TLA I am just tired of you. I mean of all the people that I could have faced, Jacob Senn, Vance Tybull, hell I even would have been ok with facing Corrupt again, but you. No not you, because this is worn out, this is something that people will call boring, and hell I am beginning to agree with them. I am not boring TLA, you are not boring, but even you have to admit that facing each other for the fourth time, now that’s boring. I wanted my match with someone I already know that I can beat, or could beat me, I wanted a maverick, or even someone under the radar, but no I have to settle with the same old same old, “Sexual Panther” TLA.

I bet even you feel the same way TLA facing poor ole Aren, that you are tired of having to prove yourself against someone you have shown that you are equal in the ring against, you are tired of facing the same person, with the same entrance, the same motives, and the same moves. Aren’t you tired TLA, aren’t you. Stepping towards Pain for Pride, stepping towards the Cash in the Vault match, and becoming Mr. CITV will not hold any merit if I go and beat a man who I have beaten before. I wanted something more than this, I wanted my step towards glory to be something of unique value, hell you could have thrown in a match stipulation to make this more interesting, I mean they could have made this match something more. Even with the same two damn people facing each other again the same damn time, in the same damn match. This match could have been something better if it wasn’t just the CITV spot on the line, many possible ways could have gone down to make this match better than the other three times we had faced each other. But, no. No we have Aren Vs TLA 4 for the Cash in the Vault spot, in a singles match. No flair, no grandeur, just simplicity. This was supposed to be something to over shadow the first three, and make it stand out amongst them all, but it’s not, and I am tired of it. I tire of our games TLA, I tire of what can happen and what will happen. I am just tired of facing you over and over again in the same god damn match. This is the definition of insanity here, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting things to change. But nope it will end the same. It will end with me having my hand raised, boot on your chest, and my name engraved for the Cash in the Vault match. 

Простой хорошо каждый раз в то время. Но не тогда, когда это будет сделано, снова и снова.
The camera shows Triple Z sitting in the locker room on a bench reading a piece of paper.

"Tigerclaw eh? oh it's on? Ahem." Triple Z pauses to clear his throat before speaking.

"this friday night on the preshow to dynasty once again I will team up with the newcomer to EAW Tigerclaw to take on ... Stan Steiger and Luke Braxton while I don't know much about our opponents I have seen Tigerclaw compete before and I see a lot of myself in this kid from what I've seen our views are the same while this will only be my 3rd I think match in EAW I'm so far unbeaten and you know why that is? it's because I have Honor Respect and Pride and those three words are what drive me those three words are how I live my life inside and outside of that ring and all because that's what everyone should have so on the dynasty preshow all you need to do is one thing and that is to believe in the voice of the voiceless." After saying those last words Triple Z stands up and walks out of the locker room carrying the piece of paper with him as the screen fades to back
Voltage Promo

A vitriolic amoeba embeds itself into my temporal lobe where the last shred of hope and humanity remains; it feeds continuously for days on end. This fostering larvae of hate and self-loathing leaves an acidic, crust-filled pus that burns away the distant fading memories of my once glorious past and triumphs.  It burns so fucking bad, and every time I close my eyes the lifeless void stares back at me; a hazy fog of despair in the form of cloudy smokes of gray.  An apocalyptic wasteland of wrestling canvas lays beneath my feet and the untied shoelaces of my boots continue into the far wonder of turnbuckles in the horizon.  

It is empty...

I shout and scream, "Where's my spotlight?  Where's the central heating fuse that centers towards my ego and makes me live!? Where's the chanting, ravenous and loony, of the adoring fans that bolsters my spirits and numbs my pain?  Why do I have to continue to live in complete agony? "  I sit as my bones continue to calcify into rugged thick rocks of slumbering molasses.  Any shred of the vitality, youth, and quickness that I had in my rookie years is but a slight glimmer in the distance of past accomplishments.  

I sit here a broken man...

A sad, old, withering, fart in the wind.  I'm one of THOSE people, you know, the kind who complain about the younger generation before me.  "They don't know about hard work, ethics, and responsibility!" I lie to myself as I get up and run forward towards the nothingness.  The distant turnbuckles appear further and further away as I chase towards them.  

I can see something in the horizon as I continue to plod towards the turnbuckles.  What looked like a spec in the distance is now appearing as a red chair and I'm....I'm lying in it.  Without warning, the once gray environment burns through and I'm surrounded by the soft hue of an overhead lamp.

Dr. Sanjikumar

How long have you been having these dreams?

The Mexican Samurai

It's been about two years now, but I wouldn't call them dreams per say, they feel more like nightmares.  It's a revolving loop of subsequent visions of morose and apathy.  For a while, I thought that I didn't care...that I could let go of the one thing that's been haunting me for the last twenty three years.  When I went into the wrestling business as a shiny, young, bright-eyed kid, I was a living stereotype of the heaviest cliches of wrestling.   "Oh boy! I dream that one day I can become champion of the whole wide world!" The boyhood dream....the aloof desire to satisfy the needs of a pre-pubescent, sophomoric agenda, which was to be the most vain, self-centered egomaniac, AKA the vain narcissism that fuels the carnal desires inside the molecular DNA of the human race.  I think I did a pretty good job of it, personally.  I won many championships, partied like there was no tomorrow, and brought every hooker and ringrat to my hotel room at four in the morning. I was living the life...but why did I feel so empty?  Why did I continue to delve further into the carny fucking atmosphere of "pro 'rasslin" to find an answer for my desires? Why can't I find my answer now?

Dr. Sanjikumar 

Did you have any problems at home?  What about your parents?  Was there a sense of belonging that you sought after?

The Mexican Samurai 

I grew up in an upper-middle or middle-upper type family home, I can't really remember which...I mean we had money but no taste.  Tacky paintings, tacky pictures, and my father was a drunk but he worked hard to get me whatever I wanted for Christmas.  He worked overtime during the holiday season to get me the original Nintendo when it first came out, man... I was a spoiled little shit. My mom was the glue that held everything together though, she never complained and dealt with all our shit.  I grew up without having to face the consequences of a ghetto style neighborhood, I had a comfortable childhood.  So no...I don't think it's a loneliness factor.

Dr. Sanjikumar 

Well, I can rule that out.  Hmm...I've been looking through your vitals and...  

The Mexican Samurai 


Dr. Sanjikumar 

It's unbelievable that your work-functioning.  You have the brain of a seventy-year with Alzheimer's, it's very worrying.  How many concussions, would you say, have you had over the course of your career?

The Mexican Samurai 

You want me to put a number on that? Hmm...well back in my day...can't believe I'm using that phrase...we wouldn't use the term "concussion" for getting knocked out.  You just got potato'd really hard and would give a receipt.   I've probably been knocked loopy about thirty times or so, I've had ten diagnosed concussions though.  I feel as though my cognitive functions are still quite high though, I don't feel punch drunk or especially slurry.  I'm in damn great shape for a forty one year old.  

Dr. Sanjikumar 

And you're recurring nightmares?  You exhibit post-traumatic stress disorder type symptoms.

The Mexican Samurai 

Doesn't everyone have a nightmare or two?  Eventually it'll go away, even I'm man enough to admit that at forty one years of age I'm trying to find my place in society.  Professional wrestling is my home and it always will be.  The medicals were clear, weren't they?  I passed with a clean bill of health and I even signed with EAW!  I have no patience to sit here as a retired wrestler and try go back to society.  Have you seen how fucked up this world is?  Kids are compliant to protest the world's problems through their phones!  The attention span of the human population is landing them in automatic wheelchairs, as they continue to stuff as much glucose into their blood as possible, their eyes glued on a seven inch mobile screen.  I want to do something, I want to continue to reach for new heights.  What's wrong with that?

Dr. Sanjikumar 

You are scattered brained, Samurai.  You are desperately looking for answers that continue to lead you in a path of self-destruction.  Listen, professional wrestling has already abused you to the point that there is serious health concerns.  I don't know how you passed your medicals, but you are in no state of being able to wrestle.  The EAW hired me to look into the best interest of professional wrestlers psyche's and I don’t' think you are fit to come back, not with your physical and mental health.  

The Mexican Samurai 

Is that so?  Can I ask a question?

Dr. Sanjikumar 


The Mexican Samurai 

Who the fuck are you!?

Samurai gets up from the chair and grabs Dr. Sanjikumar around the lapel and slams him across his own table, papers fly through the air and a picture of Sanjikumar's daughter is shattered as glass flies.  A look of terror runs through the doctor's eyes as Samurai pulls him in closer, almost nose to nose.

The Mexican Samurai 

I said...WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU???  

Samurai pulls out a crumpled piece of paper from his black sports coat and puts it on the desk.

The Mexican Samurai 

You will sign this and grant me my license to wrestle again.  I don’t want to do the same things that I did before.  I don't want to become champion again, I don't want the limelight on me.  I simply want to burn EAW into the fucking ground!! You see, this sport is the goddamn cancer that has ruined my life and led me into the confused, bitter, broken man that you see before you.  Professional Wrestling left me withered and dilapidated, and now I'm just a husk of what a great wrestler used to look like.  There is no turning back.  Maybe I'm fucked in the head just like you said but I'm going to die with my passion. I will stand on top of the ruins of this federation and beat my chest like a warrior when it crumbles beneath my feet.  One by one, I will pick away at the company like a scab until there is so much crimson that it lays there weak and disheveled.  I will stomp on this company's throat and put it OUT OF IT'S FUCKING MISERY!  

Do you hear me?

Dr. Sanjikumar, barely able to breath, lets out an audible breath.

Dr. Sanjikumar 

Please....don't....kill me.

The Mexican Samurai 

Did you hear me??  Sign the document, sign it...NOW! 

Samurai grabs a pen from the desk and forces it into the hand of the doctor.  Shaking with tiny cuts from the broken glass, Dr. Sanjikumar signs the document.  Samurai smiles and places the license back into his coat pocket.

Dr. Sanjikumar 


Samurai lets go as the doctor clutches his throat letting out a gasp while repeatedly coughing.  Samurai fixes his outfit and pats the doctor on the head.

The Mexican Samurai 

What do you think I am?  An animal?

Samurai heads out of Dr. Sanjikumar's office and slams the doors shut as he scurries out of the EAW offices.  

Shit!  Well, I'm sure there will be a warrant for my arrest soon and I've let my true nature come out.  Oh well...I could care less.  This old, world-worn, piece of shit is going to topple the mighty infrastructure that destroyed me.  I have no choice but to kill the one thing I love because...no one...no one can love what I love.  It's mine, forever.




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Voltage Promo
There was something that I was told that really stuck by me over the past year; coming off Pain for Pride I was on the biggest roll of my career. I walked out and cost Dark Demon that Answers World Championship that he cherished more than life; before walking back out and grasping onto that Cash in the Vault that everyone sought to have. I had the support of millions. When Mr. DEDEDE grasped onto another World Championship after all those years he was overshadowed by the young upstart known as Xavier Williams. I thought that the attention was what I wanted. I watched as that same admiration elevated Diamond Cage into a position that he thought that he deserved. I thought that it was going to be something I could use to bring me closer to the championship that now hangs from my shoulder. I stood across from DEDEDE for the first time he told me something that I simply brushed off my shoulder: you can’t eat the gold that these people feed you. I took it as nothing, but as time slowly began to go by those words proved to be nothing more than the truth. I walked into Territorial Invasion and won this company for Zack Crash by putting Dark Demon through both the top of that cage and the ring, only to have a knife driven into my spine by the same man that I fought for. These people looked on as the entire locker room attempted to fight their way into the cage to no avail, but what did these people do? They did nothing. I walked into Road to Redemption with the intention of winning the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time, only to have my opportunity ripped out of my grasp by Lucian Black. I watched Diamond Cage win the EAW Championship that night; I watched as everyone loved every second of it, but what happened when I had my chance ripped from my grasp, Hades? Not a single whimper was heard; instead, they all loved every second of it… proving that you can’t eat the gold that these people feed you. I’ve never tried to be anything that I wasn’t. I’ve always done what was best for Xavier Williams; siding with Hass Johnson was what was best for my career …the same thing goes for both Zack Crash and Dark Demon. Hass Johnson gave me a platform to prove that Xavier Williams was a man that would one day lead not only this company, but the entirety of this business to a new level. Dark Demon gave me the opportunity to make a name for myself in a company that was considered the biggest in the entirety of this business and Zack Crash gave me the opportunity to finally grasp onto something that I had earned months prior.
You say that you know Xavier Williams better than most, but if that were the case, Hades, you wouldn’t have the mindset you do now. You’d understand what stands in front of you and wouldn’t see me as the same man you did just over two years ago. I must admit that I did expect different, Hades, but I guess I shouldn’t have given you an expectation that I knew you couldn’t reach. But with that being said, you say that you obtained success and respect in this business on your own; but from what I can remember, your greatest grandeur has seemed to come from the hand of The House of Renegades.  You’ll sit there and scoff at how I’ve achieved success in this business and yet, you attempted to use guys like Venom, Nick Angel, Tyson Michaels, Christopher Corrupt, Jacob Senn and The Deity to obtain the success that you crave. I have a question to ask Hades: if it wasn’t for what I did to Dark Demon at Pain for Pride, would have you still walked out clutching onto your life’s work? Of course not! But you’re a great man, Hades! You’re a monster! The Devil Incarnate! But look at what happened to you when The House of Renegades left your side. That man that stood tall as the Answers World Champion slowly began to crumble under the platform that they had built for him. You went from a man that stood tall at the end of the first day of Pain for Pride; to a man that was humiliated at the hand of Alex Anderson in the Elimination Chamber. You’re a man that went from destroying every person in your path in the Grand Rampage to becoming nothing more than an afterthought of a champion to the likes of Starr-Stan, Brian Daniels and Devan Dubian. I used to respect you, Hades; I honestly did. But when I look at what you’ve become – I don’t anymore. As I said; I hope that you walk out on Voltage as the man that you once were. I hope that you walk out as the man that I’ve never been able to defeat on my own. This is something I’ve been looking forward to, my friend; please, for the love of god, don’t disappoint me.
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Beyond the Gates of Eden - Chapter 1

‘I am machine, I never sleep, I keep my eyes wide open…’

Tonight is the night he’s been waiting for. He has been trying his entire life for this moment, and it’s finally here. Ever since he was old enough to lace a pair of tennis shoes, Gabriel has stayed in the gym, in the books, and in the thick of things, clawing and biting his way up the food chain, just for one chance to stand inside of an EAW ring, and hear his name announced through the speakers. Beyond the Gates of Eden, his destiny lays ready to unfold. Is this the beginning of a beautiful thing, or does tonight spark the beginning and the end of a very swift chapter in Gabriel’s life? Every journey begins with the first step… Lace up…

                *  *  *  *  *

Stepping off the plane, setting foot for the first time on Chinese soil, Gabriel Eden finds himself in awe of his surroundings. With no understanding of the national language, Gabriel just pulls the hood of his gray zip-up over his head, puts his head down, and attempts to make his way out of the airport without drawing attention. For somebody like Gabriel, that isn’t going to be that difficult of a task. As he makes his way through the airport, he grabs the cell phone out of his hoodie pocket, putting the attached earbuds into his ears. After scrolling a bit through his phone, he finally finds the audio file of his introductory promo that he sent in to EAW officials to run as they see fit. With the match looming in the very near future, Gabriel hits play on the file, listening close in hopes of shaking the jitters from his professional debut.

“Are we recording? Alright good. They can edit this part out though, you think so? Of course they can. Anyways, here we go…”

This poor kid… The nerves are already getting to him, and he hasn’t even stepped into the arena yet. He rolls his eyes as his voice again begins to crackle through his earbuds.

“Can you feel the electricity? That isn’t just some lame reference to Voltage, but I’m talking about that feeling that’s taking everyone over right now as we move closer to showtime. Can you feel it? I know i certainly can. For those of you who don’t know, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Gabriel Eden, and this Sunday, I make my debut in EAW. Now granted, I’m only on the pre-show, but I have my foot in the door, and if everything goes like I see it going, I will be invading your television screens before long.”

A half chuckle sneaks under his breath.

“This week, I have been charged with bringing four men to the Garden of Eden, though I’m not particularly sure they’re going to enjoy the view. Five men will step between the ropes in hopes of making a lasting impression, but at the end of the night, only one of them will be able to stand tall and say that they did what had to be done.  I intend for that man to be me, but for that, I have to face down four challenges, all of which have their own unique idea of victory that I’m going to have to overcome. The first challenge is a man by the name of Brett Kennedy, a man who feels that it is wise to mock me based on some preconceived notion which has no bearing on anything. Now Brett, I commend you for your attempt to make light of an intense situation, but I pray that when the bell rings at Voltage, you’re a bit aware of the impact this match can hold. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and at this rate, that someone will be you. At some point during this match, you and I will be eye to eye, and when that moment comes, whether it be by snap, nap, or tap, you will find yourself one step closer to obscurity.

The bass in Gabriel’s voice thickens a bit as he settles into his flow.

“After I cast you down Brett, I’ll turn my attention towards the men who have thus been silent this week, leading into this match, beginning with Orion Orpheus. Now, for some time throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the dark and brooding “evil” was quite trendy, and it was no wonder why, but that was then, and this is now. No matter what attempts at psychology your little goth manual convinced you to try, it’s about what you do in that ring that matters most. You’re not an intimidating man, at least not from what I’ve read about you. The smoke and mirrors aren’t going to help you win at Voltage, so it’s time you let that die. Whether I’m dropping you on your head, or I’m wrenching your neck off of your shoulders, I’ll be damned if I’m going to let someone like you stop me from getting to where I want… No better yet, where I NEED to be. Whether you show up at all or not doesn’t matter because I highly doubt you’re going to be the deciding factor on my victory, hell, I’ll be surprised if you’re involved at the end at all.”

The nerves have steadied in Gabriel’s voice on the file as the man listening makes his way down an escalator, towards the baggage claim section of the airport.

“One man I look forward to stepping up against is Alexander Aiken Gott. From everything I have read about this man, he is the personification of everything I stand against. With his size and his demeanor, Gott appears to be nothing more than a typical schoolyard bully. Growing up, I’ve had my fair share of dealing with guys like him, and after a while, enough became enough, and I finally got up the nerve to stand up. Since that day, I have never looked back and have made it a personal expectation of mine to see to it that nobody has to suffer because of a bully. Come one, come all, come big, or come small. I will face this challenge like I have so many others, and like all the rest, I will burst through this obstacle, becoming that much tougher, that much better every single time. Gott, you may be big, but you’re not all you hope to be. I will have no problem slamming you down for each of your sins, leaving no doubt in your mind as to who is the better man. Come with all you’ve got… Because it still won’t be enough.”

Rolling his luggage behind him, Eden makes his way to the nearest cab, throwing his bags in the trunk and nodding to the driver. As he climbs into the back, the voice on his phone is teeming with confidence.

“That leaves the self-professed enigma, Devin Angelus. There’s an appreciation for someone who toe the line between good and evil, but that just isn’t who I am. You see, I am the light at the end of the tunnel. I am the clean among the damned. This week at Voltage, it is up to me, and me alone to see to it that these fans leave feeling they got their money’s worth. The Gates of Eden are open, and you are most certainly welcome to step inside. Once those gates slam shut behind you though Devin, there will be no serpent, there will be no hope, for once you face me, no matter the outcome, you will forever second guess the decision to try again. I shall slam you down Devin upon this new cross and it shall be one you must bear alone. As you fail alongside the others, you can do so knowing that you have met your better. When that final bell rings at Voltage, it will be my hand raised towards the heavens as it only it was meant to be. Bring our apathy, your delusions, and false prophecies, and watch them all remain fruitless as the Steel City Saint ascends above the despair and the hate, leaving my mark on the EAW in a way that will not soon be forgotten…”

As the cabbie pulls away from the airport finally, heading towards the arena, the earbuds are pulled from the phone, Gabriel’s final words echoing through the cab before the scene fades.

“And as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil…”

‘I am machine, a part of me wishes I could just feel something...’
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A Private Airplane lands, a woman wearing a Maxi Skirt and a Blouse emerges from the airplane

"I am Nicole Jones, the only true lady of EAW, all of these other Vixens are uncivilized apes that I will tame in the ring and I will earn respect like a true lady does, I am a new example for all young women to follow and I will force everyone to follow my example in the ring whether they like it or not ! It will all change when I make my debut."
The Dos cursor pops up on a black screen and the words stream across it in a flash 

The mountains only grow steeper on the climb to the top, the challenges become more and more apparent with every rung on the ladder, what would you do, quit or keep going till you reach glory. What kind of man are you? 

Old Man Adeus 

We open on Caliban sitting on the side of a wrestling ring which looks like it's been set up outside in a private area downtown Guangzhou, he pulls on a sleeveless hoodie and pops his hood up over his sweat soaked hair, Ciserano can be seen behind him practicing his kicks on a bag on the other side of the ring 

Caliban: Let me clear one thing up, last week we were shown what it meant to go against the biggest stars in this company, we learned that in the case of the tag team division the top dogs are not the best team but just the best brutal kinda brawlers this company has. It's not about the contest its about breaking down a brick wall, I get that now and while our attention will turn to more pressing matters in the form of cash in the vault, Savage, D you both seem to be pretty damn sure this is over but think about it, the only people ever to beat DBV as a team where you 2 and a tag team made of a World Heavyweight Champion and the king of the elite. It takes the best to beat the best and while we continue to walk over everyone but the champions of this company we will forever be contenders and that's what will make us dangerous if we manage to get through Pizza and O'hara on sunday night which we will. But when it comes to The Savage Ryans we will dance again, and again and again until we take those titles from you, don't you ever forget that 

He lights up a cone shaped smoke and pulls his legs up under him sitting cross legged on the apron 

Caliban: But I don't want to stray from the point of this week, Cash in the vault, probably the most recognised road to the top of this company and everyone wants in. It's probably the biggest self promotion session this company has ever seen and you know whats beautiful? Me and Jordan never knew it was happening because we have been here 

He spreads his arms wide and the camera pans out to reveal some form of garden full of training equipment and general Chinese decorations 

Caliban: And yet we opened up an email on Sunday night and low and behold yet again we are thrown into the fray, we continue to be on fire and we are happy to burn. The only issue is Pizza Boy and Jamie O'hara could say the same thing, this week we really do have a battle of the young blood of this company, each of us have pushed the boundaries of dominance since we got here. But now we have 2 singles wrestlers who I don't believe have ever teamed together before VS what has been proven to be one of the most cohesive force in this company. Look at the elimination chase, that team mentality is burned into our psyche, we are stronger than any random combination the top brass put in front of us. Ragnarok couldn't fuck with us, the blood pact or any member of that chase, when it comes to opportunities we know what it takes to secure victory 

He takes a long drag of his smoke 

Caliban: But what really sets us apart from people like O'hara and Pizza dude? That lives up here 

He taps the side of his head 

Caliban: We have manipulated every step of our ascent in this company, we dictate the pace of everything we are involved in, The Savage Ryans never saw us coming and were desperate for us to go away hence the kicking they handed us 2 weeks back. 3 weeks before that they had never heard of us, they thought the only thing they had to worry about tag team wise was The Monarchy and yet lookie who played leap frog. And what does all this show? The answer is simple, we play this game better than anyone else in this company and it is only a matter of time before we take it by the throat. Jamie O'hara and I will one day I truly believe beat the crap out of each other for the EAW title, but right now the guy is simply a door to be kicked open, the Pizza Dude I mean really what in the hell is this dude meant to be? he looks like Beaker from the muppets. These guys do not stand a chance don't believe me? Just watch.... INCOMING!


The screen goes fuzzy then black as if the TV shut off, we hang there in suspense for a few seconds and then the punkin rears its ugly head 

Punkin: I won't take up too much of your time but I figured I would put in my 2 cents, on sunday night we will walk through O'hara and the weird looking kid in the bow tie. I can smell opportunity and this time we will be the ones to take it, I will do whatever it takes to make it to the top of that ladder and take that contract for myself, I will hurt everyone involved if I have too. No more waiting, no more sitting back and being happy to be here, I want the mother fucking world and I want it now and there isn't a damn thing any of you can do to stop me taking it. This is my pledge, this is my vow and all of you can keep that because it's as good as cash in the vault 
::The scene opens up to Jordan Ciserano outside of the massive Sun Yat-sen memorial hall in Guangzhou, China. He is walking around the flower garden in his wrestling tights and a Death By Velocity T-shirt (and of course his sunglasses). Jordan looks relaxed after his weeklong break and he is walking around to relax himself even more. He takes many deep breaths and then chooses to speak.::

Jordan Ciserano: Hello everybody, how’s it going in your world? Are you resting up for the week ahead of you? Are you feeling energized and refreshed so that you can do absolutely anything from running a marathon to fighting your heart out in a marathon match? Because if you are feeling relaxed and laid-back, I understand you completely because last week I got my first week off in what seems like years. Normally this would mean that I’m injured, or suspended, but this time was just a nice break to escape the ring for a little while.

::Jordan stretches out with his body loose and unharmed for the first time in a while. He cracks his neck to the left and to the right before speaking more.::

Jordan Ciserano: If you know me, you know that I would usually be angry at the suits EAW for not booking me last week because I always want to compete every week showing off my skills to the world… but the past few weeks have been rough in the ring. A loss to the Savage Ryan’s at Grand Rampage, followed by another two weeks ago on Voltage, and my body and spirit was completely crushed from those two matches that Death By Velocity couldn’t grab the championships that were so close to us not once but twice.  So how angry can I be that they didn’t book me? I obviously needed a break from in ring, a break from all the action, and I wasn’t going to say anything. So I thank them for it no matter how much it killed me not to wrestle.

::Jordan moves to the stairs of the large building and sits down. He looks up at the sun taking more and more deep breaths as he just wants to stay relaxed for his upcoming match.::

Jordan Ciserano: And with that week off, I didn’t sit back and relax the whole time. I was at the gym with Caliban getting stronger and quicker everyday so that I can get back to my winning path and so I can get back to the top of the mountain. I was working with Caliban every day that I could so that we could get better both as individuals and as a team. In my opinion it worked one hundred percent and we are now better than ever ready to show our skills in that ring as soon as possible. We are ready to get inside that ring and completely wreck anybody that stands across from us.

::Jordan smirks at the thought of crushing an opponent as he gets up and walks around more to the Sun Yat-sen statue. He looks up at him and talks more.::

Jordan Ciserano: Lucky for DBV, we get our chance to show us in better form than ever this week against Jamie O'Hara & The Pizza Boy in a “Cash In The Vault” double qualifier. This double qualifier is very special to us because it means that we don’t need to bash against each other, instead we can work together as a team against these two. Sure they may have been together before for a short while, but by chemistry as a team alone, Caliban already are ahead. We know each other, I know what Caliban will do before he does it and visa-versa. Using our ability to work as a team, because we are an actual team, we should be able to take them down.

::Jordan hits his fist into his other hand, you hear his knuckles crack with him laughing a bit before he continues speaking.::

Jordan Ciserano: And when Caliban and I are together against a team that really isn’t one, you know that there are going to be some positive results for Death By Velocity. Look at it this way we’ve only been beaten three times in our entire tenure here, two of those were against the same team who were champions of all kind. So if we need to face a Pizza Boy and his mate to the side, we aren’t going to let them take us down. For the pure motivation of not being humiliated by these two we aren’t going to stop until they are beaten down. Add in that Cash In The Vault chance, that sweet sweet chance, and you know we are going full speed ahead. 

::Jordan smiles greatly and chuckles.::

Jordan Ciserano: And if we can beat Pizza Boy and Jamie O’Hara, imagine Death By Velocity together in a ladder match. Image the destruction that will be caused if we make it through. It’s going to be like the new Jurassic Park movie, DBV are the dinosaurs, everyone else are the hopeless civilians that down stand a chance at taking us down. We are going to be the ones wrecking all the way through EAW like it was Jurassic Park itself, destroying everything in our path. In this match, and in our next match, we are not only going to be like the dinosaurs, but we are going to be like Spielberg getting all the “Cash in the Vault.”

::Jordan smiles while rubbing his fingers together like its money and walks away from the Sun Yat-sen and back into the flower garden.::

Jordan Ciserano: We are ready to take you guys down the instant that we get into the ring because I want to keep this one nice and short, keep my body looking wonderful as always and keep DBV fresh. But just because I want it that way doesn’t mean I am expecting it to go that way. In fact I have seen both of these guys fight in singles competitions several times and they have impressed me for sure. I know that they both want to get into the ladder match as much as Death By Velocity does, so I am expect one hell of a match. A tough one that will require all of our ability… but that doesn’t mean the result will change.

::Jordan shakes his head and takes his sunglasses off wiping some sweat that is going down his head.::

Jordan Ciserano: If anything the more that they try, the harder the beating that they will take. If they come running at us trying to run us over, we’ll use our special tag moves to make sure that the run straight into a superkick. If they want to play it safe in their corner we will fell more than welcome to throw one of them into ours and beat them down leaving it to a two on one match early on in the match. We have the strategy to make this one a handicapped match and a devastating one at that. So guys, throw what you have at us and we will return it right back to you.

::He smiles more.::

Jordan Ciserano: Which brings me to our strategy for these matches. Work as a team. We know that no body can beat us as a team so in this match, and even for the ladder match we will be working together. You saw in the Pure Championship chase that if we work together as a team against mainly singles competition guys, we will have a very good chance of winning. And I know it'll come down to Caliban and I at the end again, but that will resolve itself when it happens.

::Jordan winks at the camera and continues.::

Jordan Ciserano: So this leaves only one way that you guys can take us over and it is a very likely one at that. That is of course the outside interference of Barney M. Bailey & Percy. These two I know will try to help out the men in the ring somehow some way whether it be distracting the referee, a poke in the eyes, or even a low blow. But I know that I won’t let them get inside of my head, distracting me by an impending attack. I can just wait for it to happen and then keep my focus towards the match. If I get hit by a low blow I need to shake it off (as difficult as it may be) and I will keep on fighting until the end of the match so their efforts are wasted.

::Jordan shrugs and walks away from the garden and away from the property onto the street.::

Jordan Ciserano: I know that we will take these two guys down with force and authority and we will move onto the “Cash In The Vault” match and get back to our winning ways. Best of luck mates.

::Jordan salutes to the camera and puts his sunglasses on as he walks down the street and out of frame ready to crush any opponent.::
Dynasty Promo One

(It is morning in Melbourne, where everyone is ready to go out to their job and live their lives, and the clouds are hovering over the sky as the sun peeks its head out occasionally. Standing on the balcony of a hotel room enjoying the view he has, Jacob Senn is dawning a smile on his face as he looks out to the city. He takes it in before walking back into his room as he starts to pour a cup of coffee into a mug of his, interesting enough made in the style of dragons and wood that he finds to look astounding to him before taking a seat as he looks directly to the camera that has been following him with a little chuckle.)

Did you enjoy that as much as I did? Vengeance is a sweet and delectable taste that I am so elated to have basked in this past Dynasty. I mean, Tiberius, you have done so much to me these past few months that not even most of my rivals have even dared to attempt. Most can do what you do in making a mockery of my name and title by pure insults, but not you. Oh no, you hold yourself in a higher regard than such! You want more out of your target, want to watch them squirm and suffer, so that is why you took it even further. Fewer have cost me a title opportunity, but not one has sullied themselves to the low that you sunk. Not only did you get Jaywalker to fight your battle for you at Grand Rampage AND Triple Threat, but you took all the glory in it. Jaywalker sees this as something bigger than myself, so defeating me was just a footnote in what he wanted and I understand. However you, you took that victory as if you made it so and I am appalled because all you did in your entire match was just sit in the sideline on the apron. That shows all I need to know about you, but last week I saw some tinge of humanity in you. When I had Joseph Anubis under my boot, I saw fear. I saw the fear for his career, the fear that I would make him unable to do anything and sit in a wheelchair for the rest of his life! I saw that you wanted me to show mercy upon him, but you have dug your grave, Tiberius. You cost me the World Heavyweight Championship, humiliated me in front of the world and me stomping Anubis’ head in, that doesn’t even begin to start the penance for what you have done to me.

Now, I have some sort of a challenge posed to me from the mouth of Joseph Anubis by the words of Jaywalker. If I can defeat whatever challengers he has in store for me, I will have the redemption that I seek and face him in singles competition. No traitors like Christopher Corrupt to distract me, no Tiberius Jones to try and play mind games, but just me and him in the ring to beat the living hell out of one another! You, Tiberius, was named the first challenger and I am pleased with that choice because I can start with my road to redemption with the man who started it all at Reckless Wiring. Last week, I took out a contingency by making sure that you would not rely on anyone else in our match this week. It is going to be me and you, Tiberius. No Jaywalker, no Anubis, you are all alone in this fight and you remembered what happened last time we met? Last time, I beat you out of pure competition with a roll-up… but you have pissed me off too much to be left with that in this match. I will accept nothing less that driving my boot on the back of your head as it is driven into the ground. I want you beaten to the point of where you question the road you have taken, battered to where every cell in your body is in excruciating agony to where every breath causes you pain, and I want and will have you conquered in the middle of the ring as I walk the road to my redemption against Jaywalker leaving a trail of bodies on it. Trust me, this will not be the same Jacob Senn that you fought nearly six months ago for the right to be inserted into the King of Elite Tournament, but this is a more vicious and merciless version. I want blood and bone and I am going to be the one to cleave it off of you! Your choices have brought you here, Tiberius, and every man pays for his sins. You could say that you were the one who was brought for me to pay my sins for my actions towards my rise and being the EAW World Champion, but now the tide has turned and I am here not just as The Warden of Dynasty or The Fabled Conqueror, but as a man who is going to make you see the consequences of the sins you have done and reap my vengeance from what you have done unto me. I don’t expect to see the same Tiberius Jones that wanted to be the king of thieves in January, but I know that he has nothing on me. I have nothing to lose and you, Tiberius…

you are simply going to lose.
I've always shared an unspoken love for nature.  The delicate balance from within the system.  How one living organism must consume another to maintain the order of things.  For example, when a pride of lions attack a herd of gazelle, one is bound to get caught.. and it's usually the weakest or sickest subject.  Sure, that's bad for him, but it's good for everyone else.  The lions get the nutrients they need to go on living, while the herd of gazelle are rid of the sickness and thus get stronger.  That's where we've coined such phrases as: "Survival of the Fittest" and "A Team is only as strong as its weakest Player".  In nature--and even in life--there is a cause and effect.  Every organism--from the burrowing worm to the grazing giraffe--has their purpose on Earth and plays a factor in the sustainability of another.

As you can probably tell, I've spent a lot of time on the Discovery Channel as a lad and grown quite fond of how nature works; so much so, that I apply it to my everyday life.  Like so, an elephant is one of the largest mammals in the Animal Kingdom.  He has the power and authority to stampede and bring ruin to every animal that roams the plains of Africa or Asia.  Yet he chooses not to act.. unless provoked!  I, am a lot like that mammal, upon my arrival I never wanted to become this Monster who terrorizes everything that lays awake in his path, but I do so because I was what?  Provoked!  The recent destruction that I've put on display, in some cases are no different than the ones you've created in your career, Xavier, but the huge difference between you and I is.. I'm willing to serve my penance, walk into the flames of Hell, and burn in eternal damnation for all the wrongful decisions that I have made because I respect the delicate balance of nature.  Hence the reason why I've aligned myself with Jerrod and am undergoing this whole evolution-thing as he calls it.  But you on the other hand would rather cheat, plot, and manipulate our system--our laws as Professionals--just to get your way.  Then when you by miracle reach the pinnacle you sought after, you are so quick to repent and reform to this "good guy" who only looks to prove why he's the 'Best in the World'.  Kissing babies.. hugging fat bitches.. that isn't in your nature.  You're a parasite, Xavier, act like it!

It's a fascinating creature, the parasite.  Did you know that there are over a thousand different types of parasites that live in the human body; thirty percent of which dwell in our digestive systems, whereas the other seventy percent inhabit our blood and organs?  It's truly amazing.  Much like the elephant I mentioned earlier, they have the power to terminate as well.  But in their case it would be their Host,  Yet the majority of them do not act that severely; know why that is?  Because they know that if their Host dies they too will succumb to Death's choke on life.  So know that when I tell you to 'act like a parasite' I'm telling you to be smarter.  To accept your role in life--and accept your penance for choosing said role instead of proving my instincts in regards to you being a pussy true by changing routes on account of your fear for the sentence you'll undergo.

I speak from experience on this because I'd done the same thing once.  I chose my path to get to the promised land, and upon my arrival to the summit I changed routes in fear that it all would come back to haunt me; and it had.  I payed the price for denying my fate, and I have decided to embrace it once more.  I had to find out the hard way that one cannot simply run from who they are or what they've done and expect everything to be okay.  Just as a python or scorpion, cannot change their nature, neither can I.  I'm a Monster.  I'm Hell on two legs.  I'm a Spawn from Hell.  A Courier of Destruction.  A Devil Incarnate; one who may not wage or win battles, but ALWAYS wins wars.  And no matter how hard you struggle to convince yourself that you can change the essence of who you are, by embarking on this journey alone, you know deep down that you can't.. and you never could.

I mean, Hass Johnson.. Dark Demon.. Zack Crash.. you were never in control of your own career, so why choose now--which will go down as arguably the most difficult tenure of your career--to go at it alone?  So that you may prove your entitlement to 'Best in the World'?  Please!  That moniker has been associated with more men than Cleopatra; but unlike being the Best in the World Cleopatra is--from what I hear--obtainable.  Being the 'Best' is a facade that Champion's cling to because they have no other means of proving why they are the Champion.  If someone were to ask you, "Why are you EAW Champion", what would you tell them?

"Because I'm the Best in the World and the hardest working man in the game.  I've endured excruciating torture derived from some of the most gruesome matches with some of the world's greatest talent!  I went places others dared not pursue.. I did things others thought were impossible.. and conquered my nightmares by emphasizing the importance of my dreams and bla-blah-blah!"


Say what ever you want about me; that I've undergone a string of consecutive losses prior to achieving a World Title.. that I had blown more opportunities than I've claimed.. but I got LONGEVITY in this business--SUCCESS in this business--RESPECT in this business.. ON MY OWN!  I didn't have a Business Partner sitting behind an oval desk to commit bigotry on behalf of me--and I never needed one; because I saw no point in an endeavor that was too damned easy.  Unlike you, I thrive off destruction and competition.  It's my bread and butter; and without it, I am--or in regards to last month, was--just a shell of who I used to be.  I may not see you as competition in this one on one, but I do possess the urge to cause you more grief than what you've suffered in the last week.  Simply, payable to the fact, that I can.. and it gives me such great joy to contribute to the down spiral of your career.. just as you had with mine.

It seems that in your selective memory, you managed to exclude a very potent detail in our Answer's Championship match last year.  You see, throughout the match there was some back and forth, with not much of the usual dominating you'd see from me as a result of battle scars I inherited from Pain for Pride.  But nonetheless, I gave what I could leading up to that very moment when your fate was on the verge of being sealed.  As I gave the signal for the Brimstone before hoisting you up, the crowd emerged to their feet and the Technicians from the sound booth were prepared to blare my entrance music, but then Demon struck me.  He saved you from the inevitable, providing you the opportunity to harvest your strength and swoop in for the kill.  It's amusing actually, that everybody--even the guy who was in the match--forgot that integral part of the story.  That, your means of neglect and forgetfulness, are always potent to your demise.  Just as you forgot that part of the story, you forget who you're dealing with.. you forget that I know you like the back of my hand.. and you forget that you are the one at a severe disadvantage going into this match!

It may be unwise of me to boast of victory prematurely, but I have a feeling that your grave has been dug at this point.  As a result of your pride and actions at Triple Threat last week, it seems that you are no longer in allegiance with Crash.  The man who made that--what you carry on your shoulder--a possibility for you.  He's proven once before that he, and he alone, possesses the power to make you into a Mountain or crush you into an Ant Hill.. and you did the unthinkable to him.  Then you carry on, as if no consequences will come to you.  I know Crash better than anyone here, his resilience is Immortal.  When he's got your scent, he will never let you get away.  If I could credit anyone of EAW's Past, Present, or Future as the Apex Predator of the Ring.. it is Zack Crash.  I've never met anyone as hungry and relentless as him; never encountered a Mortal with as much passion for vengeance as he's displayed.  So do you really think that he'll let YOU of all people, get away with what you did?

Allow me to inform you of what you did, as a parasite, you just killed your Host without another to turn to; and in turn you have killed yourself.

.. and for the record, it was never an intention of mine for you to perceive my recent victory as a means to intimidate.. merely a mean to warn you of the inescapable.  It makes no difference whether you're a Champion or not, what happened to them can happen to you.

EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)

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