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 EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.


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EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Empress of Elite

Why should I bother participating in the Empress of Elite Tournament? Why should I bother stepping into the ring with another Vixen? If the best competition they have is from the mockery that I wrestled two weeks ago, the Vixens Division isn’t as strong as I thought it was. I thought that EAW had been taking pride in the Vixens Division. Everyone saw a great group of women and that the Division was becoming great again. Do you know what I did? I took that Vixens Division and I made everyone see it from what it really is—sad and tragic. It is so sad and tragic that it was so easy to win the Tag Team match for my team two weeks back. Hell, I could have started the match and made this a two-on-one handicap match. I could have not bothered tagging in anyone because there was no need for the match to go longer than it needed to. Did you see what I did with Ashlynne Black or whatever? Is that what management wants me to do to the rest of their competition? Do you want me to do what Tarah Nova did at Pain for Pride? Do you want me to put the Vixens Division into shame for the second time this year? If that is your wish and your wish is my command.

I am on a search for something and that is proper competition. I still have yet to believe that the Vixens Division can fulfill the appetite that I crave. This was one of the reasons that I left—they could not provide me with the competition that I crave. I love the spirit of competition and I loved ridiculing the scumbag Elitist. It was with the Elitist that my craving of competition was fulfill. I suppose, the men did not want to be outshined by a woman, so I’m guessing that is why they all got rid of me? The moment that I start to believe that there is a place for me in a male dominated company, they put me in my place—not at a kitchen, but back with the Vixens. Fuck them! Who needs them? I apparently don’t. Why need another woman, while you have the Heart Break Gal and Cleopatra doing their best to outshine even their own tag partners? In tag matches, they stick out like sore thumbs, but back with the Vixens, they are just like everyone else to me. As of right now, that is what all Vixens are like to me—they are like everyone else? How can you tell an Ashlynne Black from a Caitlin Dillion? Most importantly, how can you tell a Haruna Sakazaki from my first opponent in this tournament, Hatsukyo Gin?

Wow, the moment when you think your opponent is Haruna, but it is really, Hatsukyo. Awkward. Hatsukyo, are you going to be the competition who lives up to my standards? As I’ve said before, I am on a hunt for competition that is up to my standards. I want someone that is going to give me a difficult time in this tournament. Are you going to step up and be that woman? Honestly, I believe that I am setting a high expectation for you. I just think that you’re not someone, who is willing to take this seriously. I mean, you’re a little too soft for me. That needs to change if you even want some chance at winning this tournament; however, you should know: I don’t hold back any punches. If I find my opening, expect me to take advantage of it. I also consider myself an opportunist—I am willing to take advantage of anything, so that I get those three points and move on to my quest to win the fucking thing. Just to recap what I have said: I want something a little better than what bullshit I received two weeks ago. I want to upgrade myself from an Ashlynne. The question I have on my mind is: are you going to be an upgrade or a downgrade? I guess that I am going to find out soon.

What am I fighting for? What is my reason for participating in the Empress of Elite Tournament? Could it be because I want to demonstrate to the Vixens that I am above this Division? I want to make management regret placing me back with the Vixens. I want them to watch my match with Hatsukyo Gin and realized that the dropped the ball on the biggest thing to happen to the Elitist Division. They could have taken advantage of having my face plastered over posters and billboards. It could have been such a brilliant marketing deal with me, but now, they will never know what they have. There’s a saying that goes: “you never know what you had until it is gone”. So, I dare everyone watch my match. Watch me blaze through my group and competition. You blink and the next time that you open your eyes, I will have won this tournament. I have this fuel and fire in me that I have never seen before. This is a bad thing to all the Vixens because that means: I’m not going to let anything or anyone stand in my way. I am done with not being taken seriously. I am done of being a woman that waited for her opportunity to come. Instead of waiting for that opportunity to open its done, I am going to kick it down to the ground.

To all of my competition, what I did to Ashlynne will not be compared to what I do to any of you. I am not afraid to hurt anyone if I have to. I am not afraid of any Vixen, who steps in my way. As of right now, I think the competition is tragic and sad. All of the Vixens should take this as a sign as to take their craft and take it up a notch. Not only in my group, but in Block B as well. I do not expect anyone to relax and grab a beer, while this tournament happens. Leave that for the celebration, but right now. Your main priority should be: what do you have to do in order to beat me? I’ve been in the ring with men. I have kicked their asses and I have been through so much shit because of them. Nothing that the Vixens can do is going to make me fall to the floor. Kick my ass! Push me to the floor! Do something! I’ve been through more shit than what this petty Division has done. The men already had their own tournament this year. I want to top that tournament and I want the entire Vixens Division to get off their lazy asses and prove to those men that we can do a tournament as well and we can do it a billion times better than them. I mean, that is exactly what I plan to do anyways. I’m planning to outshine the men and I plan to be more than just a Goddess, I plan to solidify my place as an Empress.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)
Post on August 16th 2015, 1:22 pm by Guest
Empress of Elite Promo #1

**EAW.com Exclusive**

(Maddie is seen in the locker room right after her match at Mid-Summer Massacre, the camera is peaking in threw the doorway, Maddie is outraged and is seen smashing anything that is in her sight, she starts to scream)
FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! (Maddie notices the camera man)

You get in here RIGHT NOW! (The camera guy says “Please don’t hurt me”) We will just see, but right now I have a lot of shit to get off my chest. I won that match, that was MY MOMENT, and it was just ripped away from my by Haruna. How dare you Haruna getting involved in my business, screwing me out of MY moment! Who the hell do you think you are? I am going to make you pay for messing with me. I am going to make you wish you were never BORN.  Is this really going to be my legacy in EAW? The woman who gets screwed out of every title match she is in? Is that really how it’s going to go down? No worries though Maddie I’m going to be in the Empress of Elite tournament! Something else I will probably GET SCREWED OUT OF WINNING! I said it once and I’ll say it again, EAW doesn’t want me to succeed, they will do anything and everything to make sure Tarah is looking strong, so now they manipulated Haruna into screwing me.  Tarah didn’t beat me, EAW beat me…again. I had Tarah beat, Tarah knew it, Maria knew it, and the whole world who was watching knew it.

So yeah know I’m going to be in this Empress of Elite tournament. As always I will do my best to win, but as usual will probably get screwed in the end, regardless I heard my first opponent will be Cailin Dillon. (Maddie chuckles) I really, really feel bad for Ms. Dillon because she is going to be the victim of my anger from tonight. I will fucking wipe the floor with her beautiful blonde hair. I am going to make her cry because right now I am in no mood for any nonsense, I want to kick someone’s ass and Cailin Dillon will just so happen to be that unfortunate person I make the example out of.

Haruna put the rest of the Vixens on notice? Am I supposed to be scared?  She thinks she is some sort of badass now? No there is only one badass Vixen in EAW and that’s me.  You see Haruna is a copycat, she saw the great success I had when I let my frustrations out, and now she is just trying to do the same exact thing, Haruna doesn’t have an original bone in her stupid bulimic body. So Haruna can put the rest of us on notice, but I am here by putting Haruna on notice, I don’t forget things my dear, and payback is coming it might be tomorrow…..It might be in 2 weeks, it could be 2 months from now, it could be at Pain for Pride 9…Hell it could be off camera, fact is you will never know when, until I do it. You made an enemy of the wrong chick. You want the attention, well know you got it, you got my attention for sure, and trust me that isn’t a good thing, you really don’t want my attention BECAUSE I WILL FUCKING END YOUR LIFE DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? I WILL TAKE YOU AND BREAK EVERY BONE IN YOUR BODY. YOU WANT TO FUCK WITH ME? YOU WANT TO TAKE AWAY MY MOMENT? MY TITLE, MY LEGACY? YOU ARE NOT SHIT COMPARED TO ME, SO WHY DON’T YOU GO BACK TO WRITING IN YOUR LITTLE DIARY ABOUT HOW YOU WANT KILL YOURSELF YOU STUPID UGLY LITTLE…..(Maria Gonzales walks in the locker room)

Maria: Maddie, Maddie please calm down, it’s going to be alright (Maria and Maddie hug)


Maria: Shhh!  We will get pay back don’t worry. We won’t stop until we get what we want! Now let’s get out of here.

Maddie: Yea I’m done with this shit city for one night

One last thing and this is to Tarah, I may not be the champion, but I proved I can hang with the likes of “the great” Tarah Nova, and if it wasn’t for you little diary writing little whore, I would be champion RIGHT NOW!

Okay let’s go Maria.

**Maria and Maddie walk out of the locker room as the camera fades**
[A mass of neglect and destruction litter the setting of what we currently see.  It is a familiar setting, and one that we have seen before.  A signboard at the entrance hangs from a single nail, the words “JOEL BROTHERS CARNIVAL” still legible on the marquee.  It is an old, abandoned carnival, and Psycho Brody’s favorite stomping ground.  Tents stand half erect, their fabric lined with rips and gashes.  Food and game stalls lay on their sides, a few still holding stubbornly onto small remnants of what they catered to for the carnival patrons.  The ground is filthy with the forgotten trash of popcorn bags and various carnival prizes.  We find Psycho Brody in the House of Mirrors, where he sits in the center of a ring of mirrors, broken glass surrounding him on all sides.  Several twisted, half-broken reflections mimic his actions like childish tormentors.  He sits with his knees to his chest while singing in a haunting tune a song of his own composition.]
Psycho Brody:  All good children one day die. 
When they do their parents will cry.
But the children learn to fly.
And they sail above the sky.
But the parents never learn why.
And so they too decide to die.     
[Brody looks off to the side, and we see the tattered Mr. Cuddles is laid up against on particular mirror.  He crawls over to him and picks him up, a huge smile contorting his features.]
Do you know this is where I found you Mr. Cuddles?  This is where you and I became best buddies forever!
[Suddenly Brody’s face turns to horror and he drops Mr. Cuddles.]
No!  Don’t say that!  I didn’t mean to–
[Brody turns to the mirror, as if suddenly hearing voices come from his reflection too.  Rushes up to them, placing his palm on the cracked shards in a placating manner.]
It wasn’t me!  It was the others!  They made me do it!  They made him hurt him!  I didn’t want to!  I had to show them!
[Brody staggers to the center, spinning uncontrollably as he tries to look into every mirror that holds his image.]
I have to show them I don’t need the Doc!  I have to prove it to them!  I have to show them all!  They’re the ones who hurt him, not me!  I didn’t do bad!  They hurt me too!  I…they…he…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
[Brody holds his head and falls to his knees; burying his face in the ground as he tries to block out the phantom voices only he can hear.  Brody weeps openly as the voices continue to barrage him with taunts.  After a moment of soft crying, Brody’s sobs turn into a soft laugh…then a normal laugh…then a cackle.  Soon Brody throws his head back and laughs dementedly at the roof above him, his composure back, his face quite insane looking.]
You know I remember the Doc telling me an analogy recently that I found to be very funny.  He asked me if a rapid dog still needs a leash in order to be rapid.  I told him no, but then I asked, then why do you leash a rapid dog?  He told me…to protect others!  The Doc then explained to me that he was my leash; he was there to protect others from me because I’m too dangerous!  Somebody needs to be in control, because I don’t think I can resist the voices for much longer!  When the Doc was with me, I always felt the voices could be kept at bay if they got too eager.  But now he’s not here with me, and the voices are getting louder everyday!  I hear them, they watch me while I sleep, they won’t leave me alone!  They want me to do all sorts of terrible, violent things.  Things so horrible that they even scare me.  I see it in my head what they want me to do to Troy Archello!  And I…I…I WANNA DO IT!!!  I have to appease the voices inside my head, but more than that I wanna release all the things I have pent up inside me.  My sadness…my anger…my hate…I WANT YOU TO FEEL IT ALL!!!  You all mock me and laugh at me behind my back!  I may not hear you but the voices do, and they tell me all the bad things you say about me.  You’re mean people!  But I never acted before because the Doc always told me to be patient.  But he’s not here right now, and I’m tired of being patient.  It’s hard…so hard to be good!
[Brody clutches at the side of his head like he’s being struck with a massive headache.]
I don’t wanna be good anymore!  I don’t wanna be restrained!  I wanna be free to make real whatever dark image pops into my head!  I wanna be that hurricane that flies into a city and destroys lives with no thought or intention as to its target!  For so long I’ve wanted to simply lose control, if even for a moment!  Now I finally have that chance, but I fear what I might do!  I can see the images are flashing before my eyes.  I see the potential of what I’m capable of doing to another man.  And if I weren’t already insane, these images might drive to it!  They show a bloody, crying Troy Archello!  I can see myself individually breaking each of his fingers!  I see myself eating his eyeballs!  I wanna kill him!  I WANNA KILL HIM SO BAD!!!  I remember you from AWF Troy!  You were a bad man there, and you’re a bad man here too!  You’ve always been jealous of you haven’t you?!  You never got to be as successful as me in AWF.  The voices always saw the way you looked at me with those hungry eyes!  They said you were never as good as me, so now you’ve finally come into EAW to steal my spotlight.  You’ve come to ruin me!  You’ve been laughing at me like all the others haven’t you?!  STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!!  I’m gonna make everyone stop laughing at me!  I’m gonna turn their laughs into screams!  I’m gonna take you by the throat and rip out your tongue so you’ll never be able to laugh at me again!  But if I do that, how will you beg for mercy?  I don’t know!  I JUST DON’T KNOW!!!
[Brody picks up a rather jagged looking piece of mirror and starts slashing wildly at the air, seemingly aiming at nothing.  He stops, breathing heavily, a heavy trickle of blood now pouring from a cut on his hand.  He looks at the blood, then smears it on his face.]
The blood!  I love its smell, its taste, its everything!  I wanna taste your blood too Troy!  I wanna see if a sane person’s blood taste any different than mines!  I wanna drink it out of your empty head!  I don’t care what it is or how I do it!  I just…wanna…I need…to hurt you Troy!  You need to pay for the sins of EAW for neglecting me, for mocking me!  You need to bleed for their mistake of opening Pandora’s Box!  You took away my restraints when you suggested Dr. Vance.  Now you must learn the meaning behind be careful what you wish for…YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT!!!  DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’VE DONE?!?!  You’ve let free a madman!  You’ve put a gun into the hand of a violent and cruel child!  You’ve awoken something that was sleeping in me for far too long!  And I don’t think I’ll be able to put it asleep again!  And perhaps…I don’t even want to!  You talk about how you beat me before, you talk about winning fairly, but those are logical arguments...and I think I've shown I'm not a logical man!  So I don't care what you think or how confident you are!  YOU'RE NOT BETTER THAN ME!!!  You're not as strong, you're not as violent...YOU'RE NOT AS PSYCHO!!!  My "nature" as you put it makes me far more dangerous than you'll ever be!  You're legacy will be a legacy of blood!  And if I do need to die...I'll make sure I take you with me!  But then the question becomes...will YOU be able to handle death?!     

[Fade to black.] 
[Our scene opens up into a nondescript room, bleak and completely devoid of all furnishings.  Only a small television screen stands center in the room, playing a continuous loop of Quality Control beating down Ryan Savage.  Once it hits the end of the video, it rewinds and begins to play several more times, pausing at moments such as when Savage begins to bleed.  Zack Crash casually enters the frame, holding the remote control, wearing a satisfied smirk on his face.  He nonchalantly tosses the remote aside and gazes intently at the camera.]
Zack Crash:  Do you see that?  For those of you who did not watch Voltage recently, this was the last image you would’ve seen if you managed to watch the segment between Ryan Savage and myself.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  So when you watch that footage, what exactly are those words telling you?  Some of you might answer that it tells you that your great and illustrious Chairman is a coward who does in fact need Quality Control to do all of his dirty work for him.  And while you would be wrong in that translation, I won’t begrudge you for it, as I suppose that’s simply nothing more than a matter of personal bias.  But do you wanna know what I see when I watch that video?  I see power!  Complete…ultimate…UNDENIABLE POWER!!!  When I see this video, I see a man who for all his bravado, for all his talk of being provoked, for all his proclamations of fighting for blood, in the end was left alone, broken in the ring, and the only blood spilt being his own.  Of course you could argue that it was Quality Control who made Ryan Savage bleed and not Zack Crash, but you’re missing the point.  The point is that I was the one who gave the command…and they were the ones who obeyed!  Those seven men listened and obeyed the orders of me, Zack Crash, the Chairman of EAW.  So the blood of Ryan Savage is very much on my hands, but again you miss the point.  The question you must ask yourself…is why?  Why did those men obey me?  Why did they not simply turn and attack me?  Surely they could’ve easily overpowered me just as they did Ryan Savage.  The reason they did not do this, the reason they obey my commands is because they simply understand where the true power in this company is…and it IS NOT with Ryan Savage!  Here is a man who calls himself the most ruthless and dangerous man in EAW, and yet he could not overcome this power I wield!  That’s what Ryan Savage, and indeed a great many in EAW fail to realize.  When I took control of this company nearly a year ago, I rose above all of you and your petty dog-eat-dog games.  You can’t tear me down because I’m not just at the top of the food chain…I AM THE FOOD CHAIN!!!  So you’ll forgive me Ryan if this whole act you portray doesn’t exactly have me shaking in my boots.  Call it balls or stupidity or whatever makes you feel better about yourself, because in the end…I don’t fear you Ryan!  And why should I?  This act of you coming along to knock me off my pedestal is one I’ve dealt with several times over the course of the year.  Men I respect far more than you, men who I think are more dangerous than you have tried, and they all failed!  Some of them I have beaten in matches, others I have not, but regardless of the results…I’M STILL CHAIRMAN!!!  You can’t rip God down from heaven!  You can choose not to believe in Him, you can blaspheme in his very face, but you’re still just a mortal and he will always be your lord!  I’ve played this political game better than any man who has come before me, or any man who will come after!  I have exploited rules and men alike, but I survive because I am righteous!  I am what EAW needs!  You know it and so does everyone else because results don’t lie.  I do and will do whatever it takes to ensure EAW’s future, not just for one man, but for all.  And if that requires an entire brand to be sacrificed, then so be it!  You can deny that the Dynasty situation isn’t apart of this Ryan, but I know better.     
But lets forget about my political brilliance and Dynasty for a minute and simply examine the match simply as it is.  Ryan Savage versus Zack Crash.  Who is the better man?  An interesting question and one that might simpler than you think to answer.  First lets talk about how Savage has asininely gone on about how far he is willing to go to win this match.  A lovely little token of bravado, but one that doesn’t impress me.  You may have forgotten this Ryan, so let me remind you.  Before I was ever a Chairman, before I became a Rebel, I was the Ultimate Thrill Seeker!  And that title is still very much apart of who I am.  And the hallmark characteristic of a thrill seeker is that they are willing to go farther and further than anyone else is willing to go.  When people are satisfied with walking, they think about flying, and when people create machines to fly, they think about jumping out of those machines!  When they’re asked why do they climb the tallest mountain, they answer why not!  You are indeed a violent man Ryan, and I don’t doubt you will come up with new and creative ways to hurt me.  But you’re nothing more than a rapid dog, scratching and biting without any thought or strategy.  That is the violence of the stupid and the ignorant.  Anything you can come up with, I guarantee I can come up with better!  My ways of hurting you will be planned out, methodical, and precise!  They will target the parts of you both physically and mentally that are your weakest.  Oh yes, I know, you have said that I won’t be able to exploit your wants, but anybody who has wants can be exploited, and ALL men have wants and desires.  Your greatest desire is to do violence unto others, so maybe I’ll take that away from you!  And what exactly are you without that one characteristic to define who you are?  NOTHING!!!  I can lose the Chairmanship, but that is not the sole identity for Zack Crash, for I am also a Rebel, a Thrill Seeker…and a Legend!  You, on the other hand, are nothing!  Nothing but a man who hides in the shadows of other men, feeding off their glory.  You did it with the Savage Ryans, latching like a parasite onto DEDEDE.  And now you’ve latched onto me because you saw how I brought out the best in Xavier Williams, and you know I can do that for you too.  Because that’s what you need Ryan!  You say you’re not a lapdog trying to make a name for himself, but that’s exactly what you are!  It’s the reason you took the first shot when you jumped me like a coward.  What exactly have you managed to do on your own?  Surprisingly not much.  Oh you have a few accolades to your name, but other than that what’s so memorable about your career?  How many younger Elitists have passed you by, and continue you pass you by?  But it’s ok now, because now you’re in a program with me, and look at you!  So violent and full of confidence!  Just remember how I brought this out of you!  I made you better than what you are.  And win or lose, once your stock begins to rise, as you establish your “legacy,” just remember that you owe it all to me!  
But this match isn’t about legacies or political power.  Ultimately this match is about one thing…sin!  Reaping what you sow, avenging the blood, a Lannister always pays his debts, and blah blah blah!  Personally I could care less about any sin you committed against others.  It simply proves that you were good enough to get away with it.  That’s pretty much what this world is about.  There are men good enough to get away with sin, and those that are not.  You were good enough to get away with it, but then you made the mistake of committing a sin against me!  In the world of religion, only God can make a man pay for his sins, and in the world of EAW…I am God!!!  I am the one who creates the rules, I create the sin, and I punish those who sin against me!  Perhaps I am a sinner too, but for the past year I’ve managed to get away with every single one of them!  What makes you think this will be any different?  I’m going to beat you down Ryan Savage!  I will make you bleed!  I will break you!  I will make you cry out for your mother in mercy!  I will make you regret that one moment of stupidity when you laid your hands on me!  You’ll be the messenger boy I send back to Dynasty to show them what happens when you piss off the wrong boss!  They’ll carry your carcass in bag and lay it in the center of the Dynasty ring, and they’ll look on in horror at what happens when I get personally involved in something!  And they’ll back down, hoping that I don’t do to them what I did to you.  In that way, take comfort in the fact that you’re defeat will serve a greater purpose.   

When it’s all over, the world will see which of us really is…SAVAGE!!!
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)
Post on August 14th 2015, 11:48 pm by Boom.
Midsummer Massacre Promo I
Hello again, my vicious friend.  Oh, Brody, you really want to get your hands on me, don’t ya?  On last week’s Battleground, you got your wish.  It will be you and me at the Midsummer Massacre Pre-Show, proving to the world who is the better star.  This started a few weeks ago when we came here to redeem ourselves of our past wrongs and go to the place where we were at our primes.  We did do that and who won that match?  I did.  I beat you fairly; I didn’t cheat, I didn’t do anything really questionable besides pin you and take the win I said I would earlier that week.  Then you decide to go all crazy on me like some extra retarded caveman and try to end my career, which wasn’t a smart choice.  I have made your life a living hell for the past few weeks and now I got this match to settle my score on your cowardly attack.

There’s sooo many stakes for that match.  I know that you want to prove to everyone that you’re better than a toothpick like me.  I also know that deep inside, you want to be sure that you can beat me.  All the desperation to destroy and end me only show the weakness that you have.  You don’t want your daddy getting in the way anymore; you want to strive on a victory that you actually earned.  Tough luck, Brody.  I’m not losing to you or showing remorse.  You wanted this; you attacked me, begged for it and now that you have it, backing down is not an option.  This is personal and I will do whatever I need to in order to take you out and shut you up for good.  I’m not backing down and I’m not just this toothpick that got a sloppy finish; I beat you.  Do you like me mentioning those three words?  I BEAT YOU.  It’s a sad reality, but I’m just better than you.  The same would’ve happened in AWF and now you can’t accept that fact.  I have always found my way to overcome any odd and if you don’t want to understand that, I’ll just need to take you out for good.  

Let’s look back at the History of Troy Archello.  I have been in the top and the bottom of this food chain.  I’ve won only one title, but I’ve up against many greats in this industry.  I have persevered in the hardest situations and it’s rewarded me with support and the strive to improve.  The match on Battleground helped me find myself again, and at Midsummer Massacre, I will submit my legacy and move on to new horizons while I see you in the ditch of insecurity and waste of talent.  You were given a chance to accept and grow from your loss, but I guess another asskicking is in order so you can realize it when it’s too late.  You’re a “monster” that’s unstable, but I’m a man looking to destroy the demons that haunt me and block me from my success.  I will do anything to make sure that I prove my worth in this company.  I bugged you because I didn’t give up; I know that you can’t define who I am and who I should be.  I’m not your message board, Brody, but I’ll make you mine.  Sure, you have many advantages, but I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve and you better believe that I have a lot of surprises in store for you.  I see the same in you, but at this point, you’re just a raging bull, ready to just kick ass and not think for once in your god forsaken life.  

I have one question for you Brody: Will you be able to defeat me?  Sure, you have all the capabilities to do so, but your nature is preventing that from happening.  You can’t control yourself and if you want to hurt anyone along the way, go ahead; do it.  Just keep in mind that I’ll be right behind you, ready to take you down, pin you, and leave the arena as a proud wrestler and an accomplished man.  I know I can defeat you; I did it and was going to move on, but you pushed me, so I’m about to make our records 2-0.  Many years after this match goes on, I’ll be saying these exact words: “Why didn’t Brody give up and accept his defeat?  I was always the better man”.  Barriers will be crushed and my time will begin as yours fades away like an aging clock; rusty and useless to all man.  Memento Mori.  Remember that you have to die.
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MSM Promo 4

( The camera starts rolling with JJ in a disclosed area with a darker lighting and he is just leaning against the back wall. He is wearing a sleeveless hoodie with combat pants and boots with his hood up.. There is a small chuckle that echoes throughout the room as he steps forward walking very slowly towards the camera but he begins to speak through the distance and the voice is heard as just that.. in a distance.)

JJ: You know, I don’t think you’re fully understanding my feeling towards you, TLA. It seems as if you think I want your respect…allow me to assure you.. that is definitely NOT what I’m trying to do here.  It’s never been about your respect, in fact what we have here has exceeded far beyond that at this point. Yes, I’ve said your lack of respect but that is not the overall message of what we are speaking about. The Iconomy is not fighting for respect, we’re fighting for those who haven’t been looked at. There are people and not just in EAW or Dynasty Wrestling.. even an average working person who have put forth as much work or even more work than the person above them but just won’t be given the time of day to be noticed. The overall mindset of both EAW and Dynasty Wrestling works just like any corporate ignorance in ALL of the world. So as for your bullshit comebacks over “who” there is the who you’ve been looking for. Even divided as EAW and Dynasty are at the moment the same rules still apply, those who have been for a while will ALWAYS go over those who have recently become.. This is the world in which we live in and this is also why guys like Chris, Eclipse and I lurk around. We have united to expose this mindset from the shadows and drag it into the light so we can destroy it.

(JJ finally gets up to the camera and lowers his hood starring directly into the lenses with a very serious expression. He begins unzipping the sleeveless hoodie and as he  reveals The New Breed Championship around his waist. JJ looks down out the belt placing his hand on the center plate before glaring right back into the lenses.)

This is what it’s all about right, TLA? The belt that The Iconomy stripped away from your lifeless body laying through a table. You’ve whittnessed the true power of what we’re capable of.. but you just keep on coming. TLA, something is just about to break and this for all of us has been a long time coming, but that also means it’s about to get a whole LOT more violent. You’re right about something though, it all does just come down to who has what it takes to come out on top. The thing is, you’ve just never been able to come out on top now have you? Yeah, you beat Chris.. but The Iconomy still has The New Breed title. In the end, it is us who just is always one step ahead of you. MSM will have no different outcome, The Iconomy will once again walk out with The New Breed Championship and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop us.

(JJ unstraps The New Breed belt from his waist and places it over his shoulder. He looks at it once more before sending a smirk directly to the camera lenses.)

BUT… You know with this being from me maybe I should express my feelings of you MYSELF. Let’s be honest here now, It’s no secret that I do NOT like you, TLA. I’m pretty sure we established that weeks back, but there are many reasons as to why I personally feel like this. Number 1, you use very similar lame ass jokes insulting your opponents and the fact that you think it makes you even decent on the mic is just… well, it’s just as stupid as you thinking that you produce ratings here on Dynasty. Your jokes will only get you so far and if you’re satisfied with just mediocrity than that’s on you but I refuse to sit back and even be compared to a spoiled degenerate like yourself. I am not making false claims when I say I’m better than you, it’s not even an opinion.. It’s a fact. Which leads me finally to number 2, your constant use of opinions along with your attitude pisses me off. You constantly throw out accolades and attempt to use them as to why you are better than someone.. but what does it prove? That you’ve been here longer? Sure. You have been here longer and have been afforded opportunities.. for reasons I personally don’t see in you but hey! It doesn’t matter what I see because Dynasty has their board to decide if they see something.. although they are CLEARLY not very good at it, it is their job to do so. But let’s get back on the point of this, your accolades prove nothing between you and me. In fact, it proves more and more as to why The Iconomy exists. There is no accolade that you could possibly say to me than would make me believe that I can’t kick your ass all around the Staples Center and all throughout the city of Los Angeles.

Now trust me when I say I know my opinion doesn’t matter to you, I never thought it would. I just wanted to explain why I don’t like you before I personally cave in your skull. What this all will come down to is just you and me in one ring and we will fight it out until one man can no longer fight any more. When I finally step across from you and I hear that bell ring.. I’ll be more then willing to fight you until the death; I refuse to lose here, TLA. I don’t care about you listing accolades or even attempting “math” because pound for pound I AM better than you. Day in and day out I hear you constantly using your lame ass jokes and you can’t even find a way to get a belt you never lost away from the “weak” guys? You personify everything that is wrong with the world. You embrace the idea that screws over more deserving and hard working people just because you were fortunate enough to get a bit of credit. Yet you want to look at me and try to belittle me because you can’t get this belt back? I will personally kick you in the throat and beat you like the true spoiled bitch that you are and there isn’t a damn thing you will do about it because you know just as the ENTIRE world knows that The Iconomy is the true champion. It’s finally the time where words aren’t enough.. you’ve done nothing but waste our time as well as the small air time you’ve received in the past few weeks. TLA, your time is shortening and when it finally strikes zero.. I will be there towering over you as The Iconomy will not fall. You’re pathetic, TLA. In the middle of the summer, TLA… YOU WILL BE MASSACRED.

(JJ Raises The New Breed Championship in the air with a very confident smile across his face. The rest of The Iconomy walk from two different directions of the frame and stand next to JJ smiling as well. A door is heard opening as it sends off a bit of light into the room.. A shadow is seen of one person…………)

*The camera fades to black.*
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“The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of good will and charity, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name when I lay my vengeance upon thee.” – Ezekiel 25:17, altered slightly.


Vance: Tiberius Jones you should have just stayed out of my way. You should have fought me like I told you to from the beginning like a good little boy and taken the ass kicking. But you couldn’t just accept your fate. You couldn’t fight me like a man, you just had to do things your way… and that’s fine. You can cry conspiracy all you want, you can blame whomever you want, and you can try and talk yourself up however you want, but none of that is going to change the simple fact that come Midsummer Massacre, the gloves are coming off for real, and you’re going to take the beating of your life. You want to play these games? Fine, then let’s play. I’ll do whatever I have to do to make sure that I’m the one standing tall at Midsummer Massacre. Sure, maybe I’m not as experienced as you when it comes to being a rogue element, but unfortunately for you, that’s what made me seek out the one person I know who can outdo you when it comes to this sort of thing… El Maestro. 

TJ one thing I must correct right away is that I do not serve directly to El Maestro, he is simply my teacher. We both sought each other out, I came searching for him because I knew he could give me the tools necessary to defeat people like you who don’t like to fight my way. He too came searching for me for the exact same reason; he admired my abilities and wanted to aid in making me even better than I already am. But where I want to go in my life is completely up to me, I do not rely on El Maestro to point me in every direction; he simply tells me how to improve my game. I walk my own path, and I adhere to a code of my own design.

And as far as my ex-girlfriend is concerned, she pointed me in no direction either. The true heart of the issue is here is not me being obedient to another because trust me – I’m not a fan total subservience. The issue here is the biggest problem that’s plagued my life: my uncontrollable anger. It’s something I’ve struggled with my entire life but I don’t try to hide from it. People like you may believe that you’re free from flaw I’m sure, but I’m realistic. That’s what has made me so successful in the past, I don’t live my life in denial. I see what problems I have and I work to improve them. Joining EAW was large in part an attempt to help solve my anger problem by giving myself a release, but unfortunately ever since I’ve met you… my anger has only gotten worse. People like you make me absolutely sick, continuing to try and paint me into a box that I don’t wish to fit in. 

Like for example, this whole Dynasty thing. I never inferred that Brian Daniels should be on Zack Crash’s side, just like I never inferred that you’d ever be subservient to Zack Crash. In fact, I’ve made mention several times about how you’re entirely self-centered, and that’s to the point that I know you’d never bow to Crash’s regime. As far as Dynasty is concerned, however, if you work for the enemy then you ARE the enemy. The closest thing you have to a “cause” is J-Dynasty and I’m not one-hundred percent sure you’re entirely loyal to them, either. You’ve only ever been loyal to one person and that’s yourself. The fact of the matter is, Brian Daniels can do what he wishes, just like you can, but it doesn’t bode well any of you, because Zack Crash is deciding to wage war when his troops aren’t rallied. He’s fighting a war with a broken army. And in the end, it can only spell disaster for EAW. As they say, a house divided surely will not stand. And when Zack Crash’s regime is taken down and EAW has been ended by Dynasty Wrestling, where will that leave you?

Oh, wait, but Dynasty isn’t all that it seems, right? We’re not a unified force? Because each man deals with their individual struggles as well? I can’t speak on behalf of any of these men, but if I were to speculate, I’d first say that Carlos is smart enough to know not to trust a man like Zack Crash. Then I’d say something about how TLA going to jail for Dynasty only shows that is loyalty is so deep that he’s willing to endure jail time and that kind of loyalty is valuable to a cause like ours. Whether Lucian Black leaves Dynasty or not, it will always be his home and we will always be grateful for what he’s sacrificed for us. As for Tyler? Not everybody has to agree with everything all the time, I sure as hell don’t agree with everything, but it’s not about being a hive mind all wired to the same exact views and goals. We’re joined under one cause, and that’s our mutual distaste for Zack Crash and his corrupt ways taking prey on the innocent and the weak. Me and my Dynasty brothers all strive to create a haven for those who no longer wish to abide by a corrupt man’s rule. That’s all the motivation we need to keep fighting. 

TJ, I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I don’t care if you’re leaving, I’d much rather never see you again in my life anyways. You can take all of the hollow “opportunities” that Zack Crash has to offer and you can shove them up your ass for all I care. But being able to take that title with you? Nah. Not going to happen. You’ve held on to that thing for long enough, and for long enough have you gotten away with sneaking by with it. At Midsummer Massacre I’m coming to take the National Elite Championship away from you and when I do, after what seemed like ages I’m going to finally give Dynasty something it’s ached for: A true champion; somebody who won’t back down from a willing and ready challenger; somebody who isn’t going to try and deceive his peers and pull a fast one on them. Finally somebody who’s reign isn’t built upon treachery! 

Every act of treachery that man commits against man is reflected the same. If a man cannot take his vengeance out on the person who wronged him, he will take it out on anybody he can. That has always been, and likely always will be the cruel, sick, twisted nature of man. And for every sick act of depravity that gets perpetuated the rage inside me builds ever larger. No longer will I stand by and allow this to continue. Now the rage of a society left victimized by those who seek to exploit them shall be manifested back at those who seek to do harm to their fellow man. It is the hate in my heart that has been placed by other men that fuels my quest for vengeance. Those who perpetuate corruption shall be treated in kind, engulfed in the fires of wrath that have been fueled by their own avarice. The things most precious to us have been stolen, and it is with anger and malice in our hearts that we shall take back our lives and return to them the torment and suffering they caused us. Much like Zack Crash himself, Tiberius Jones has sought to make a fool out of me and my brothers on Dynasty and no matter who he feels are in the right and in the wrong, it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s all a matter of perspective. The only thing that matters anymore is that he has stoked the flames of a dormant inferno that rests within my soul, and at Midsummer Massacre I will make sure for starting that fire, that he’s the one who burns for it.

Even if I have to burn with him.
[The scene begins showing Tarah Nova with the Vixens Championship resting around her waist as she leans against a wall backstage in a “Freaks > Fakes” T-shirt. With a smile on her lips, Tarah shakes her head at the camera, pushing off the wall and begins to speak.]

Now let me get this straight: I’m the one full of shit, Madison? Are you kidding me? Your the one blaming the referee for doing his damn job. He counted one-two-three and you lost. End of the story. He didn’t hesitate. So don’t go blaming people for your failure, that's not going to help you here in anyway. You can’t say people held you back either. I mean I for one know for a fact that none of the Vixens liked you. Hell, Cherish, your quote unquote “Best Friend”, didn’t even like you. She hated your guts. Like the others, she didn’t want to be near you. They had nothing to do with your failures in the ring. They thought you were nothing but a worm. You were practice for most and back then, you were my bitch. But none of that was my fault. Nope, not a damn thing was. The only person you can blame is yourself because let's face it, you're not cut out for this line of work. Not back then and definitely not right now. You said you kept your cool in the ring then tell me why you rarely won matches. Just tell me why back then, you went into that ring and laid on your back almost each time for the count. A real wrestler, Madison, would suck up a loss and push themselves to do better. Not bitch about not getting the job down and blaming others. You need to grow up and shut up.

Madison, you just don’t get it, do you. You wouldn’t have a limlight to stand under if it wasn’t for the EAW universe. If it wasn’t for them, you would be working at a Gentlemen's Club out in the middle of nowhere and the only people that would know your name is the regulars. Without the fans, your career would be nothing. It doesn’t matter where our legacy will lead us to, all that matter is that we have people that actually cared about our career here. For me, I know I’ll be remembered here and by the way, you’re right about something for once, Madison. I was never here to be just a Vixen but  I never claimed I was here to represent  them though. I’m here to represent the women like Cameron Ella Ave, Heart Break Gal and Kendra Shamez. The women that had the guts to break from the label “Vixen” and step into the world of wrestling. [Tarah points at herself, glaring.] That's what I am doing. I’m following them. I’m becoming something better then a Vixen. And yeah, I am proud to be just a wrestler. Like I said before, I don’t need to be labeled in order to wrestle anyone. So you can call me all the words under the sun, Madison. I don’t care. I know that I’m nothing that you say I am. Hypocrite? A phony? No. You got this all wrong. I’m the one that is true with myself. Hell, I have nothing to be phony about. I’m proud to be this brutally honest, porcelain skinned freak that can out wrestle you any day of the week. You, on the other hand, is the phony one out of us. You’re the one that’s wearing a mask thinking that if you act all tough then one day you could actually beat a Vixen that actually matters. You believe you are this bad ass bitch but underneath all that red hair dye and fake eyelashes, you are nothing more but this little girl still crying about every match you have lost. Now It wouldn’t hurt to add this match to your fail list, right?

Oh and I should fear you? Um. No, its still fear me. Its will always be FEAR Tarah Jay Nova and I’ll be damned if you think just because you got a makeover, you can come in trying to acted like me. You can’t control fear like I can. You’re nothing scary, Madison. You’re ALL TALK and that's about it.  I’ve been the one that has been spreading the fear within the Division. All you have are empty threats. You’re going to kill me? You’re going to rip my head off? [Tarah Laughs loudly, her laugh echoing in the hallway] Thats funny coming from you. See, you can’t hurt me. You can’t hurt the one wrestler that started all of the fear and chaos in the new era of the Vixens history. Its doesn't matter if your innocent anymore or not. You will always be the Maddie that was scared of her own shadow--let alone, me. Oh yeah, I remember you being deathly afraid of me and as you should. And just like back then, I’m going to be the one inflicting the pain in this match. I’m the wrestler that will be playing ring leader while you play second fiddle to me. Now trust me when I say, I can’t wait to see what you mean by pain and fear. I know that our meanings are completely different. But truthfully, I feel like you don’t know what pain is. You don’t know the meaning of it but I do. I’ve lived it and that's something that you learn never to fear again. Speaking of learning something, I learned that you like to repeat yourself a lot.  Like how you are repeating the fact that you attacked me after I beat you and the other 8 Vixens at Pain for Pride. Tell me, do you actually think bring that up is going to help you in this match? Before you answer, let me say: No. As in No it isn’t helping you.You bringing that up isn’t fazing me anymore. You think you're all big and bad because you attacked me from behind? Look where that got you. It got you the nickname of coward and that's about it. Now at that end of that attack, who STILL walked out as the Vixens Champion? Who is still the Leader of this Bloody Vixens Division? Thats right. Its Me and even if I lose at Mid-Summer Massacre, I’m still going to be the Leader of the Vixens Division. I’ll still be the Queen of the kingdom. In fact, I’ll always be the better everything. Why? Because you will never be half the woman I am and it scares you to the core.

So keep on trying to get under my skin, Madison. I dare you. Keep on bring up things like my Boyfriend,  my Division and my Freak-shows. Tell me all these ridiculous reasons why you believe you’re going to become the Vixens Champion this Saturday. I’m all ears to hear your lies because I know for a fact that you can’t beat me. You think you can see my future? Well I can see yours and believe me it's going to be very different. Instead of me on that mat for the count, it's going to be you. I’m going to beat the living shit out of you, Madison. They always say Death is only the beginning but in your cast, I’m going to make you wish it was the end as well. Nothing you can say or do can save you from me and my rath.  And at the end of our match, I’m going to raise my Vixens Championship high in the air, showing you that no matter how much you change, Madison, You can never--EVER--Beat the true heir to the Vixens Throne--Me.

Believe that.

[Tarah Nova stares at the camera before unhooking the Vixens Championship and raising it into the air. She then quickly lets out a loud banshee like scream, throwing her head back. After the scream, Tarah looks back at the camera, letting her sadistic smirk finally appear on her lips as the scene fades to black.]
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“Yeah, yeah...so I got pinned on my first match. Still! Did you hear that crowd?! They freaking loved me!”

Hatsukyo let out a yawn as she stretched on her bed, the phone pressed against her ear as the other end continued to speak. She slid off the bed and onto the floor, pouting slightly as she looked out the hotel window towards the city outside. A beautiful array of lights and passing cars that echoed the streets of LA. The start of a new destiny that she was going to begin for herself. A destiny that she couldn’t wait to see with her own eyes. She smiles as she hangs up the phone, placing her head against the glass window and letting out a breath before turning around and stretching herself out, throwing a kick into the air.

“Alright! I’d better get my game face on! I’m on the preshow for Midsummer Massacre, and that means that I’m going to be the first vixen that the audience sees win a match! This is also to qualify for that Empress thingy as well right? So that means that I have to give it a hundred and ten percent out there! I’m going to wow the crowd with what I can do, and when it’s all said and done, I’m going to have my hand raised at the end of it so that everyone knows that I was the girl that made it into that tournament with her own two fists!”

She accentuates that last bit by punching the air twice before jumping and kicking it, her adrenaline flowing now as she starts to jog in place, a smile spread wide on her cherubic face. Her pigtails flop for a bit as she jogs but she eventually stops and plops herself onto the bed, looking back at her laptop to look over the matchcard again with anxious eyes as she kicks her feet. Her excited nature giving way to reckless abandon she squees to herself as she kicks her feet again, in thought.

“I’m facing some good talent too! Let’s see. Oooh the new girl. Lumen Gray! I like your name but...something tells me you don’t like me much. I passed by you when we were training together and you just sort of stuck your nose up at me. Not that I’m complaining. When someone sticks their nose up it leaves a good angle for me to punch it! Besides that though, you are a newcomer I’d love to fight, and I think that you’ll find that I’m going to be more than just a challenge for you. I’ll be a whole hell of a lot more than just that. You’ll see.”

She continues to scan the images before focusing on Brooklyn Lawson, rubbing the back of her neck in worry as she continues to look at her image.

“Oh boy...I’m sort of going to be on the receiving end of some punishment aren’t I? First Lumen and now you? Don’t get me wrong though. I’m going to beat you. This place is full of people with their noses in the air and their egos blocking the sun, and it’s easy to see why. You think you’re better than me? I’ll prove you wrong. Just try and outpace me Brooky! I’ll show you what the Midnight Princess can do!”

She shows visible signs of frustration as she scans the images and it only grows higher as she finds the images of Skye Dawkins and her frustration blows over the top as she gets off the bed and kicks at the wall in anger.

“And you! You think that you’re soooo pretty don’t you?! Look at you with your pretty poses and your pretty face and nice boobs and...ugh! I’m definitely not going to lose to someone like you. You and your pretty face aren’t going to pout and cute your way out of this one. I’ll kick those nice white teeth right out of your sassy mouth! Then we’ll see if your still pretty! Once you’re lying on the ground, nearly unconscious from the beating I give to you...then will you be so pretty? Will you?! Huh?! I don’t think so!”

Her temper subsides as she lets out another annoyed scream, before sulking back to the computer to look at her last opponent. Her temper finally diminishes and the playful grin reemerges along her face as she cracks her neck. Now the fire in her for her special brand of “playtime” comes out as she sits up on her knees and cracks her knuckles.

“Ooh. And Starshine. She’s someone that looks like she’ll be fun to fight. I won’t hold back just because I don’t hate you as much as the others either. When I don’t hate someone, I like to play with them. I play rough too Starshine. All of us maybe new, but I’m not someone that’s just going to walk in green and let myself get beaten because I didn’t know any better. The preshow is the first step on the road to greatness, and the greatness is going to be the Empress of Elite tournament. You aren’t going to best me in it. That tournament is going to be one by me. The Midnight Princess is winning and going straight to the top of EAW. So let’s go Starshine, let’s blow the roof off LA.”

She smiles and laughs as she grows excited again, punching the air before flailing and falling off the bed, hitting her head on the hotel floor. She let’s out a pathetic mew of a groan, rubbing the back of her head before giving a thumbs up to the camera putting on a smirk before closing her eyes for sleep to embrace her.
To become that which you sought out to destroy is what I refer to as the greatest sin in life.  It is often illustrated in stories that the main protagonist and antagonist share a lot of similar traits.  Be it their upbringing, thinking patterns, or what ever; take Batman and The Joker for example.  Clearly a man who spawns from out of nowhere, leaps off of enormous buildings, and stalks criminals from the seclusion of the shadows while dressed as a human bat has some deep rooted issues; but still no more or no less than his evil counterpart who just so happens to dress like a clown and wreak havoc on the innocent.  They both possess the same adulation for over-the-top theatrics and share a melodramatic backstory which not only influences them to act in the manner to which they've become acquainted with, but one that tugs on the ole heartstrings and makes the audience sympathetic; but what differs them is their actions.  Batman vows never to take a life whereas The Joker wants nothing more than to fill his daily quota of killing more than a handful of civilians.  The same rings true in the reoccurring saga of Hades v. Xavier Williams.  The EAW Champion came into this business in league with the exact same people I've been known to work with in the past - that being of course Hass Johnson and Dark Demon - and just as I did he defied all odds and broke new grounds on his own to become our EAW Champion.  In his relinquishing of one of the greatest honors in all of Sports Entertainment he gave himself a new nickname to go along with the other several hundred: "The Best in the World".  I don't expect anyone outside of Liam Catterson, Ryan Savage, Cherish, maybe even Johnny Ventura to be aware of this but...who by another alias billed from Detroit, Michigan fought his way up the ranks to achieve Championship Gold and was then declared not only "The Best" in the company but "God"?  ...  Oh, that's right, it was me.  Nearly three years ago I developed an alias to escape my days as the ole lovable HTH of AWL and the gruesome Hades of EAW, so I turned to FWE and thus became known as Ownage.  The longest reigning FWE Champion, Champion of the Year, Signer of all checks, and Face of the entire Wrestling Promotion.  Hass fused together three of the most promising athletes of his development and sicked them on me; like Hell Hounds they hunted me down and came damn close to ending my entire career.  But in the end I prevailed and Hass' career was ultimately ended by my hand...vaguely similar to how Xavier attempted to end Dark Demon's career.  Imitation.  It is the sincerest form of flattery.  Thus is reason for why I stand here today almost like a proud papa; watching Xavier strut around the ring with his chest external and an arc in his spineless back as he delivers his testimony with such confidence, poise, and sonority while struggling to sell me on the misconceived notion that he’s the overseer of the lands that I dominion; because he has become the very thing he aimed to destroy without even knowing it.  Sure we have our differences, while he opted for having his doubters nibble on their own words, I left them choking on their own tongues.  He's now all about doing things by the book, whereas I am more quaint with resulting to any measure to accomplish any task set before me.  I wasn't merely declared a God/The Best/the ruler of the yard we inhabit under my rule or by the vote of the free world; it was my peers - fellow competitors and athletes - who endowed me with each honor and my elusive accolades.  I remain unphased by his blatant slurs and blasphemous tone because I know that I have nothing to prove, while he relies on his mouth to express his worth, my track record will gladly interject on my behalf.  Credited to living out some of my most humbling and career defining escapades underneath the cerulean spotlight, my name has become synonymous with not only greatness but with Show-Down.  And regardless of whether or not you of the judgmental glares of the universe that surround me approves or refutes my current incentives, you all tune in week after week to pay witness to them.  I’ve been this brand’s biggest cash cow since the beginning whereas your Hero's stay here has barely reached a full two months.  Already his ego has begun to precede his talents as within a few weeks his cranium has doubled in size, and I see no better way than to do damage control and end this ridiculous parody than by seizing that very Title he holds in his hands this weekend.  It's been far too long since I've truthfully been in the spotlight - especially as Champion - and I gander that I've given these youngsters more than enough time to get their names across to the EAW public, so come Midsummer Massacre I'll be taking it all back.

The Hell that my opposition has prepared for me at Midsummer Massacre is one that he will unquestionably rot in.
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As cliché as it may sound, I was never meant to make it in this business; I was looked upon as the man that would be used to propel another name to the top of this business. I was meant to be someone that the company would dangle brass rings above his head, but he was never actually meant to grasp onto any of them. I was meant to be another name that Alex Anderson was meant to defeat as he clawed his way to the top of Elite Answers Wrestling, but instead I took the championship he cherished. I was meant to be another name in the Cash in the Vault match just over a year ago, but instead became the man that walked out of Pain for Pride with that briefcase in this possession. No matter what this company has placed in my way; no matter how many times this company has set Xavier Williams up to fail; every time the world has looked at Xavier Williams and said that this is going to be the time when the kid just isn’t going to be able to jump that hurdle… I’ve left the world eating their words. I’ve taken so much pride in the fact that nothing has been able to slow me down; I took so much pride in the fact that Zack Crash, the Chairman, needed to steal championship away from me, and still didn’t have enough power to keep it away from me. I take so much pride in the fact that I’ve gone from a kid that the world looked down at as another guy that would eventually tuck his tail between his legs and head for the hill, to man that stands at the top of this company as the BEST… in the World. I’ve said it before… I’m a man that when given an inch, I take a yard; when given a yard, I take a mile and when given a mile, I take the world. But no matter what I seem to do; no matter how good I become, there’s been something that I’ve never been able to do, and that’s defeat Hades without any controversy surrounding the result.
You see, Hades, our history is well known; we’ve never liked each other. I’ve never had your respect; we’ve always stood on the different side of the fence. In Frontline Wrestling Evolution, we were men that found ourselves running into war on what seemed to be a weekly basis; throughout the majority of last year, we were at each other’s throats as Demon’s Council and The House of Renegades waged war. I walked into the draft a mere week after you had won the Answers World Championship and almost stole that very championship by seemingly successfully cashing in the Cash in the Vault. But, it painfully obvious Hades that no matter the result at Midsummer Massacre, whether I walk out of it as the EAW Champion or whether you grasp onto a championship that’s been just out of your reach for months, this isn’t going to be the last time that the two of us find yourself standing toe to toe. But, while the two of us have seemed to play this game a million times, I don’t believe any other has been more important than this one. This is your redemption, Hades. This is your greatest opportunity to reclaim the yard that I’ve taken away from you. This transformation is what was meant to propel you back into the position that you once stood and if you lose at Midsummer Massacre, everything that you’ve built over the past few months becomes for nothing. You NEED this championship, Hades; you NEED to walk out and do something that you’ve done countless times in the past. You NEED to walk out and take Xavier Williams down another peg; and many times as you’ve done it in the past; it all means nothing when it comes to this Saturday. As much as you’re not going to be willing to admit it, because as I said a few weeks ago; in your eyes, I’m still the man that you first laid eyes upon just over two and a half years ago; the man that was too young, brash and arrogant for his own good, as he stood against God. You see, this week is where I finally prove to you the level that I’ve reached. This is another week where I walk out and prove why I am the best wrestler on the planet. This is another week where I walk out and prove why I stand at the top of this company as the EAW Champion! When it comes to Midsummer Massacre, Hades, nothing is going to take this championship away from me; not you, not Quality Control, and certainly not Zack Crash.
At Midsummer Massacre I’m going to smear MY yard with your blood.
So the mad dog barks, all must have a master.

I begin to understand more and more that this rage creature before me is obsessed with servitude, some sort of psycho stuff is going on up stairs that makes him feel as if fighting on someone’s or some people’s behalf is all that can make sense of this world where his anger builds without end. Perhaps to put his heart at ease, his disgusting rage must be for the good of someone or something to make it right, so he tells himself. In fact, he tells himself much.

Woof, a fist for a kid who once made a comment on his “girl” in the past.

Ignoring the foolishness of young Tybullert sending letters with such poor taste to define the inner workings of his rage filled mind that would have no doubt been read by the prison staff who should have sent him to a psych ward, something important catches my attention. I notice later in his life from the letter he sent to his mother, he either no longer had said girlfriend he spoke of in the past or she was not of any priority since his mother was the only one he wished to speak to, as his letter stated. Yet, for that woman there was a time in his life where he’d use physical violence simply because she was verbally abused. A sad mutt, didn’t he know hoes aren’t worth fighting for? Such is the tragic fate of dogs, they bark and snarl to protect their master, but that does not mean that the master holds the pet dear. I bet that girl had him wrapped around her little finger, so submissive, so beta, no wonder later in his life a man tried to rape him despite his huge size, size does not change chemicals. Bitch pheromones cause alphas to act upon the submissive, whether man or woman

Woof, disapproval for the lack of “unity” it shows for Brian Daniels to come for the World title without showing love for Zack Crash.

The man who fights for the board, the Dynasty Wrestling locker room and the Dynasty Wrestling fans cannot bring himself to come to terms with his surroundings. Brian Daniels simply wishes to become a world champion and resolve his matters with Tyler Parker. To most that’d be common sense and relatable, nothing more to see from it. Tybull however struggles to stomach the idea that someone would not be bowing and dying for someone else, he says it speaks volumes of EAW’s unity, as if all those people should have either decided to wage war on Dynasty with all their hearts as they follow Zack Crash in unity or joined Dynasty Wrestling, even if both choices would not benefit them at all. This cur, his simplistic view seems to dictate that you’re either Zach Crash’s soldier or the Dynasty Wrestling’s. Newsflash, I’m not leaving Dynasty Wrestling to join Zack Crash, I simply know that there are more opportunities for me in EAW, I have made no promises to serve on Crash’s frontlines, Brian Daniels and I share a disregard for having masters we do not adore, I will fight for myself until a side worth fighting for appears, EAW has a greater number of lucrative championships than the small island that is Dynasty Wrestling. Besides, the board could have reinstated the extreme way of life Crash stole from us when they made Dynasty Wrestling, yet they kept elite rules, to me, and I assure you even more for my fellow J-Dynasty member Jaywalker, they betrayed extreme. As a soldier, I will serve neither traitors.

Woof, never take notice of how disgusting your yard is or the state of your fellow mutt, just fetch when told to fetch and bite at anyone who opposes your master as your skills of observations runs dull.

Tybull seems to present Dynasty Wrestling as a well-oiled machine in which unity has made many great strides, mentioning Carlos, TLA, Tyler Parker and Lucian Black as examples of the greatness of Dynasty Wrestling and people putting Dynasty Wrestling completely before themselves. I have only needed to take lazy cautionary glances in the last few weeks to notice the hyped solidarity of Dynasty Wrestling is not as great as Tybull and others promote it as. TLA spends his time in jail, Tyler Parker openly defies the board like when he attacked Brian Daniels, Lucian Black somehow has his spot on Dynasty Wrestling in jeopardy in a leave Dynasty Wrestling match and Carlos, quite hypocritically I might add considering Carlos’ past stance against me, worst of all is entertaining the idea of taking up offers from Zack Crash. If these are Tybull’s best examples, can anyone blame me for it not inspiring confidence from me? Dynasty Wrestling is the mess I knew it would be! Tybull, ever the dog he is, can be satisfied with rolling in such dirt and being happy with anything that is put in front of him, but I will not settle for Dynasty Wrestling! I will not be caught slipping with the rest of these fools, I’ll only walk amongst a guild fit for a thief, a rogues’ gallery of great hired guns. So for now in this time where people waste their bullets on behalf of broken armies with their guns waving in the air, I keep my glock firmly at my side.

All that aside, I accept your challenge and am ready for this fight. For everything we stand for doesn’t change this one truth, there is no avoiding this clash of forces between us. I may spit on your reasons, but I have no ground to act like it is illegal for you to come after me, I myself am a thief after all, I praise the rogue way. The rogue way says if you want something, you take it, the rogue way says if you want to hurt and fight someone, you just do them too. You want me and you’re coming for me, I must respond in kind like any thief would if he had stolen something he does not intend to give back while he sees someone chasing after him after his heist, it is time for one of us to taste pavement! It is time for my getaway to be made complete.

It is time for the attack dog in the yard to bark no more.
Oh, Vendetta. Battlecry, ol' Battlecry. Give Lannister your Battlecry alright, false prophet. The voice in search of strength, a taunting element you've happened to scheme through your nurturing here in Elite Answers Wrestling. From the dead land you submerged from, ascending onto the ashes of your father's failures. A molded consent that wasn't yours to call your own, that led into a pitiful claim on a foreign kingdom. And now this vulture means to wreck havoc upon a kingdom, delivering the ashes upon House Lannister. You call this a phoenix in the works - from ashes to ashes, dust to dust... but Lannister recognizes it as nothing more but a perplexed view on your set of circumstances. But that has always been your tide, has it not false prophet?

Lannister is keen to admit, your knowledge is vast and in length... but you've never set the dead straight, and for it your visions have become askew. Your father Robert, is more alive to you than he is dead... oh how difficult it must be to live with your eyes closed. Pointing and searching in every direction, only for the same path to be aligned. You've been so withdrawn from reality, that you've turned your search-and-rescue of your father, into a search-and-destroy mission of yours truly. Perhaps you strive to feed your very own weakness, or perhaps to even compensate for the former not unraveling the way you had hoped. But nonetheless - at the end of the day. You are you, and Lannister is Lannister. There are no masks of the masquerade, no more looming interests in the balance. There is just a crown, the ONLY crown. And one Mid-summer Massacre to be had. But before any tragedy - there is always a course of actions, a wrong turn to be had. And Ares, how you've made a shrine out of your pitiful delusions.

Lannister has come to recognize that Ares means to just belittle every detail that isn't his. For the longest time, claiming himself to be the true King of EAW. Clinging onto the idea that his falsehood, inherited Crown of Extreme crown meant a damn. Lannister can now rest easy, seeing to it that even Ares Vendetta sees the Crown of Elite as the only one with merit. It just goes to show that the meeting in Wembley, was just a mere jousting contest. It surely was no Clash of Kings - especially when one considers that Ares Vendetta sees the losing of his crown as nothing to taunt about. And to put in his words - "It meant absolutely nothing." And what has Lannister been saying from the very start? Good to see Ares Vendetta finally agrees that his claim did, and forever will, mean nothing. Ares Vendetta thinks he's in control, but how is this so, when he's starting to lose grasp of what was his misconception reality? The false prophet has always created an oxymoron, lopsided world, one where he filled the voids in his logic to perfectly setup his false sense of security. How things never change, even when they're not the same.

Luckily for this false prophet, that he has earned the right to take what is REAL, and what is true - the Crown of Elite, right from under Lannister's skin. But Ares Vendetta isn't just facing King Lannister at Midsummer Massacre, he's not even facing the Angel of Debt, the Sword of the Mourning, not even RAGNAROK-bound brutality. Ares Vendetta is going to meet a man in that ring, that he's never seen before. Ares Vendetta is in the right when he says he wounded Lannister at Pain For Pride. He terrorized the sole being, the monarch of an entire kingdom. Lannister for too long, has been a compromised shadow of what should have always been there. But pain, it shows us what is really on the inside. It's been awakened once more, the very concept of what gave Lannister such a heralded name. The creed of existence, the abomination of serenity, the epitome of deliverance... all bundled into one. They always say... perhaps your worst self, is your best self. And trust Lannister when he says it Ares, that you have brought out the very worst in the man you've decided to wrong for far, far too long.

Lannister did not come this far, just to go out this way. So perhaps you are in need to rekindle your expectation of what is to become. You're starting to paint a picture that would be seemingly impossible to climb. But then again, you were always destined to fall. It's in your bloodlines, after all. At least now you have realized the truth that your false idol of clinging onto a crown of inheritance isn't much to run on. You've come to accept that what Lannister has, is all you've ever wanted out of this life. You won't admit that to yourself, let alone right now. But you have dared to adventure where enemy lines are drawn in a circular path of this three dimension world you've created for yourself. Your fortress isn't what it once was - the engulfing conviction your House caused is just a mere memory now. RAGNAROK is a descending fashion - but what is an empire to a kingdom?

And Lannister knows and has no bounds, in order to keep the kingdom he won via conquest. Wars are often enraged with blood on the soil, and violence as the only, monopoly-like, methodology. But Lannister has come to learn that violence is contingent on human desire. And there is not a more echoing sentiment that could be had, than the one that Lannister is going to lay into you for trying to burn down what the Lannister's built. Lannister would normally let you escape, with your tail between your legs, as you followed your lonesome path home in shame and dignity. Lost, searching for a road that mirrored the narrowest of fortunate events. Much like the mercy you showcased Lannister... except Lannister won't even give you that. You have owed a debt for quite time now, Ares. You only think you have nothing to lose, but much to gain, from this encounter on the battlefield. Lannister is to reckon you're wrong... again. You are plagued in guilt, disguised in meek... and spewing out lies in fury. You have seeked long enough - now it is time to be mindful of the consequences.

You can make claim that you have nothing to fear, but how that is just another layer of doubt that you wish to hide from your best intentions. Man must fear consequence - how else is the core of your being to be engaged for what is to come?

And for whatever it is to come... blame your gods or whatever it is that your coping mechanisms resort to. But just see to it that you do. It makes no mean or matter to Lannister, especially when the decreed hour is almost upon us all. You can climb that ladder all you'd like, but only chaos can co-exist in this war we've created. And as you well know, chaos is a ladder... so perhaps there is some poetic justice to take from this. But not solace... no, you will be having none of that. And as an agent of chaos, may long, the mayhem reign. May long, the chaos reign.

And may it weep o'er your halls.

We get the world we deserve, Ares Vendetta. And Lannister has been long deserving of your debt to the crown. You won't be winning the crown of Elite - you'll be paying it. In full.

This crown has forever meant to be etched in your blood. It only took the waning hours of this King's landing, to see the justice in that. The price of Vendetta...

Is the only debt worth paying for.
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Tarah is walking into darkness and I am standing right behind her, she will realize sanity is no longer a virtue and reality is forever changed…

Tarah, Tarah, Tarah (Maddie shakes her head) do you really expect me to believe that load of horse crap that spewed out of your mouth?  First things first though let me get something straight to you; let me get something straight to the rest of the world. At Reasonable Doubt 2015, I got SCREWED in my match against Lethal, go back and watch the video of my match, after I hit Lethal with my Maddie bomb, the referee hesitates a good 2 seconds before making the count, he got to a count of 2 but in reality it was a count of 4, I won that match, I know it, Lethal knew it, and the world knows it. You see Tarah, ever since I stepped foot in EAW, for some odd reason people in the back have been holding me back. Maybe it was because of my childish behavior? Maybe it was because of the way I dressed? But one thing is for sure it wasn’t because of my wrestling. Through it all I kept my cool and went with the flow until one day I couldn’t take it anymore so the Mistress took control of the situation.

One thing you were right about Tarah, I do want to be in the limelight, and I do crave the attention. Why else are we here? Certainly not to just entertain these idiot fans. I do take my wrestling very serious which is why I want to be the center of attention, I want people to see how good I am.  I want people to remember my name; it doesn’t matter if you use your powers for good bad or indifferent because at the end of the day it’s your legacy and my legacy is going to be The Killer of the Vixen Killer, and unlike you I am PROUD to be a Vixen.  You’re not noble at all, you’re a phony, you’re not here to represent being a Vixen, you are here simply for yourself, and you have NO RIGHT calling me hypocritical. At least I am truthful to myself.

You don’t scare me Tarah, not one bit do you scare me, I don’t care what you have done in your past, I don’t care if you have wins over Cameron Ella Ava or Lethal, none of that matters. The only thing that matters is me, and the only thing that matters is your Vixens Championship. You seem to be taking me lightly, like I am no match to the great and almighty Tarah Nova, and if you indeed feel that way, that will be a huge mistake. I don’t know if you have been watching my matches or not the past number of weeks or if you have been too busy swallowing, but I am on a tremendous roll right now. This is the BEST I have ever been, and a lot of people have been taking me lightly recently weather it was Erica Ford or Aria Jaxon, and in the end the same results, me winning. This Saturday will be no different.

You said you have done some pretty cruel shit back in your day?  Well that is going to pale in comparison to what I’m going to do to you at Mid-Summer Massacre.  I am legitimately insane (Maddie laughs) and I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU, AND FUCKING RIP OFF YOUR HEAD. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM SAYING TO YOU RIGHT NOW? I am not sweet little innocent Maddie anymore, this is not a game Tarah. As Walter White said in Breaking Bad, I AM NOT IN DANGER I AM THE DANGER! You need to fear me because I will fucking end you. This is much bigger than a wrestling match, this is about pride, this is about inflicting pain on you, coincidentally the words pain and pride come up in that sentence and that was by design. I keep bringing up the fact that I destroyed you at Pain for Pride, but I just want to keep reminding you, that it was ME who knocked you off your high horse. Before Pain for Pride, you were in COMPLETE control of this division weren’t you? And in that very instance when I knocked your block off your shoulders the leader of the Vixens division shifted to me, and the only thing I am missing is my crown jewel, the vixens championship, and when I take it from you Saturday, you will have NOTHING! Do you understand what I am saying? NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING, (Maddie is screaming, however talks quietly now) you will have nothing you will be left a broken bitter girl who was once feared and respected.  Your boyfriend will probably dump you because what’s the point of dating a loser right? You’re just his trophy girlfriend, and what good are you without the gold?

 So go ahead respond with another boring full of lies speech, I’m sure your freaks can’t wait to hear it! Go and tell them how special they are if they just let their inner freaks out! Most importantly make sure you tell them how you FEAR Maddie, because when you look at me, you see a pit of darkness which is your future.  

Reality is your future is dark and gloomy; the light bulb is broken and cannot be fixed… You will eventually  see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I will end you before you get out…
Midsummer Massacre Press Conference - Los Angeles, CA

Announcer: Thank you Brian Daniels, Tyler Parker and the rest of the EAW roster for a awesome press conference. EAW FANS, you can all watch Midsummer Massacre this Sunday LIVE at the Staples Center or on the EAW Network -

(The lights go out as "Slow Chemical" by Jim Johnston plays over the loud speaker as The Franchise Demon enters the hall and heads up to the podium as the music turns off)

FD: People, this press conference isn't over. Don't be the villain and leave like Stark, get in like the hero and ask me some questions.

Fan #1: Ummm....Franchise you're not on the MSM card. So what are you doing here and can I get a photo with you after this?

FD: Why am I here? Because I am in town and I am the hottest rising star in EAW right now, I just beat a former New Breed Champion. Since you insulted me about why I'm here no you can't get you're photo. Get lost kid, I'M AN EAW SUPERSTAR I CAN BE WHEREVER I WANT!

Radio Host: Hello Mr. Franchise Demon, just wanted to get your thoughts on this past Sunday on Voltage when you won the hardcore tag team match. 

FD: Now this is a question I like but easily the biggest win in my career thus far. Now hopefully this is a wake up call for not only Stark but the EAW fans and locker room that I am serious and he is the villain in this. I'm trying to stop this cold world from horrible things like people getting killed for no reason. But no....no...no Stark wants these things to continue. So if a tragedy happens to a family member or just in the United States blame Mr. Starkman!

Fan #2: Hello The Franchise Demon, you do realize you didn't pin Stark right? You may have beat him on paper but you didn't pin Stark....


??: Hello The Franchise Demon, I'm a news anchor from ABC7 LA and was wondering whats next for you on Voltage? You think Stark still wants a piece of you?

FD: I already beat Stark, why would he want another piece of me? Stark if you're listening....BRING IT ON! Because you will end like you did on Voltage but this time you will be in a body bag and I can guarantee that. Thank you everyone for there time I'm going to continue celebrate my victory around town with my EAW fans. 

(The Franchise Demon walks off stage as the crowd gives him a nice round of applause)
I will take precious care of the championship in which you’ll soon be known as a ‘former champion’. Everyone in the world has to be ready for the impossible.

Are we going to be adjusted for your settling if I manage to become champion? Are we going to call this the shocker of the year in terms of EAW’s showcase reel? I am asking the world some questions down to my own curiosity because I will accept, when I was discovered to be StarrStan’s substitute, it wasn’t like victory was an expectancy for my future straight off the bat. However, I do sense that even though hope is strong for my chances this weekend, realism does not match the same emotion according to some. The troubling issue that people have with seeing me as a shoe-in and not as a contender is continuous because people aren’t that known with my arrival to the main event scene once more. I am on no level to surpass the legends that have their Hall of Fame status attached to their history and who knows if that will one day be something I can be level with one day but since my return, I have done nothing but demand myself to show the world that I am living confirmation that the World Championship picture welcomes me every opportunity. Their ignorance to how damaging to careers I can be has been noted and don’t mark this as some kind of turning against the crowd bit because I am far from that. I love my fans, I love the people who pay their hard earned money to witness competitors with that warrior blood in them battle until we struggle to move. My lust for men screaming ignorance for a person’s ability is dull however and that is why that I am going to push greater than before in my entire career. Matches have ranged from me beating Methuselah to become King Catterson to being the first ever Answers World Champion to walk in and out of Pain for Pride holding the belt. Dark times have been a barrier to my career which I won’t avoid because our memories, good or bad, will remain with us forever. When I say “us”, I don’t mean myself and the fans but every single person in this company have or will experience their share of good AND bad memories, especially if it includes Devan Dubian losing the World Championship not even two months after he finally clinched it for himself, an intention I seek to bring into this world this weekend.

Turning my attention to the man himself, I agree. Those names of Ventura, Duncan or even Caliban do not have any importance to you. For a start, they haven’t touched a World Championship and their talent does not have a chance to exceed yours, possibly ever. But just because they don’t overshadow your talent doesn’t mean I won’t either and nor will their pain from my hands be replicated onto a possibility of my loss at Midsummer Massacre. I have proven week by week that overall; I am fitting to receive my championship shot no matter who wants to decline me of this privilege. You have talked about climbing your way to superiority, proving that YOU are the template for effort and whereas you have worked days and years to get to where you are, it matters not as I am going to make sure that effort becomes a waste when you feel that dejection once I am declared the victor for this match. My longing for victory is furthered by your lack of respect for the industry because your, pardon the pun, ELITIST attitude is not something that I take fondly. Why are you suddenly greater against the rest of the locker-room? You took years to shape the path of a victorious World Championship reign and you suddenly have the faith that you surpass everyone’s abilities in this company? They say the power of a World Championship can expose the darkness from us all and it has from Dubian. The problem is, I differ from the thoughts of Dubian and I commit on my integrity every single moment of my life. It wouldn’t matter if I left with a belt to confirm my dominance or removed from the euphoria of victory because every single moment, I would not become comfortable with arrogance unlike you and if I win this weekend; I am not going to suddenly utter my superiority against the likes of StarrStan or Y2Impact. I am going to remain calm and optimistic to bring out the best champion in this roster rather than confirm my importance against others. I don’t want your compassion nor have I ever requested it. The only amount of compassion I seek is from those who give a shit about what we do and they are the fans. You were never filled with compassion and nor will you wake up and smell the coffee as I can repeat my realism to your grey imagination and still you’ll pattern your arrogance of being the greatest Elitist in this company every single occasion you’re offered to express your thoughts. With each sentence, you create a toxic atmosphere we have to tolerate and I want to end that. You have no sympathy from me but should you come out of this match as a victor, test your might against those two who share the same award you may hold as World Champion. The words you spoke were that you were “too superior against the entire roster”. I hope your time arrives where you are faced with the onus of humility, clawing for ideas to why the man who is believed to be better than everyone on this roster suddenly lost? You’re not going to be champion forever and I aim to prematurely end it rather than allow you to keep thinking your excellence is above all.

Take my attack not as an ambush but a query. You’re so hell bent on defending yourself as one of a kind yet it took you so long to conjure up an accolade as great as a World Championship on your resume. In fact, you’ve had more chances than I have, if anything, thrice as much. I am not looking to kill you with words, not just yet but I want to know why the best on this roster has had to get many World Championships occasions all for them be lost time and time again. If there was a drinking game to how many championship shots you’ve ‘earned’, EAW would be the responsibility for many deaths thanks to your situation but the essential note, like you’ve highlighted is that you are a champion now. So how many chances will you get the first time you lose the belt? Will the chances be reduced by half? I am not trying to lessen your mentality coming into this event because your stability is a challenge to crack so to spare the pain, I want to remain balanced and ask that question. I may be tedious in using that question but there is a reason why many have asked you, especially with the case on how ascended you are to this roster. You want to know the answer to why people do not bring that up against me? I have had very few chances in my career as a competitor for the gold and you’ve had more shots than returns in this company which is a phenomenal record. Normally, I reside in the peace of my own paradise, not letting my fury become an observation for my opponents to witness and then I was informed that I was going to be in a World Championship match. That was when I had to expose my inner demon, the troubling pain that others have to endure because of a lust for something prestigious. In these occasions, you have to loosen the anger and that is what I am doing so I am ready to send you to hell as I rise to my heaven. Funny how you try to implant the idea that Liam Catterson runs from his ultimate opportunity every chance he gets at stabbing the knife further into your body and yet I find it amusing more than aggravating. Since when was the last time anyone took your words as an act of legitimacy? Funny again how you call me sour yet it is clear that you’re not ecstatic over the voices behind my name compared to the lack of support you get. You keep fighting at that fictionist belief for support being an irrelevant matter. Sure, I need to avoid hatred and to do that, I have to show the universe that respect comes at a choice and that choice I have chosen sharply according to the people. I can act like a bastard if I wanted to right now and the example right now is you. Right now, my approach towards you is malicious and there are no soft balls being thrown at you whenever I speak, yet that is optional but a choice that is right but you just can’t bring yourself to that confession that you’re fuelled with ignorance. You assume yourself the greatest Elitist on this roster, which is right in one term that you’re not aware of and you like to refer StarrStan and Brian Daniels as phonies, the same ‘phonies’ that took you to your limit on the grandest stage of them all. There is no definitive meaning to respect to you because you lack the comprehension of that word. Whereas you’re more likely to flip someone off after a match, I am prepared to give them a handshake because of the tough effort they put me through and that is not wrong but acceptable. You can go on and tell the world how StarrStan did his best to try and remove you from a chance to gain the World Championship from you but what do you think you are doing? StarrStan was doing his best to do what was beneficial for his sake and I do not blame him because if I were in his shoes, I would comfortably perform the same detraction.

You may see this as an opening for an easy walk in the park but that shows how stupid you really are. A substitute I may be, my skill under-performing will not be the case at Midsummer Massacre. You’re going to lose that championship one day, let it be a lot earlier than many accepted.
For several days now, I’ve thought about what I was going to say to you. I’m sure the silence has been euphoric for you. I’m sure you thought the quiet meant all was well; that I had retreated and left you with an easy victory and no obstacles in your path as you climb that ladder and take down that Crown. Tell me, what would you call your actions?




Unnecessary. Pointless. Insignificant. You tossed out the most prestigious treasure to have ever graced this company, and it meant absolutely nothing. I can see it written on your face, you believe you’ve risen up from defeat to take back the control you lost. What would you call tossing my Crown into an abyss of disgusting mongrels? A victory? Have you convinced yourself that was some sort of battle you won? Mongrel, there are no battles to be won anymore. It’s over. It’s BEEN over. You’re not fighting a war you can’t win anymore. You fought that at Pain For Pride, and you lost. Now… Now you’re nothing more than a ghost that clings; a lost soul that can’t rest peacefully so long as he still tastes the bitterness of defeat on his tongue. You seem to believe you’re heading towards a new chapter in our story, but you’re trapped, mongrel. The audience has long-since left, the lights are off, and we’ve all moved on, but YOU… No, YOU are still there at Wembley Stadium. YOU’RE still back at Pain For Pride. A lion you may be, but a lion that roars only to the shadows and emptiness that he lives within. 

I’ve heard stories about wars fought and lost, and how those who were at the losing side simply could not come to terms with it. For years, in their minds, they believed the war was not over until the last breath left their body. Nobody likes to admit when they’ve been beaten, but those soldiers… Those ghosts… They were nothing more than stains upon the honor of the side they represented. Here we are, surrounded by Tables… surrounded by Chairs…. a Ladder looming over us with that Crown just above it. I no longer see the man who I fought tooth and nail with before. I don’t see the patriarch of the Lannisters. I don’t see a Lion. I don’t see a King. I see a dishonorable soldier that hides in the bushes and the trees and continues to terrorize the enemy long after the war has been fought and lost. What irony that you rose up to become the King of Elite, because you’ve become a mere ember still burning amongst the ashes of your army, just as Extreme was when the new Elite way of this company. You know what? Perhaps that was where I failed. I have no shame in admitting that you gave me the fight of my life, and maybe that made me too merciful in the end, as I watched your whore frantically check to see if you were still breathing. The blood in my eye nearly blinding me and my ankle sprained after multiple attempts to keep you down… I thought you had fought hard enough to not deserve to be entirely put out of your misery like I would anyone else in your place. I saw that last ember burning and I did nothing to put it out, and it would seem that was a mistake.

Don’t get it twisted, mongrel, all of your efforts haven’t sparked a fire; you’ve only managed to burn brighter. I stood over your body with a certain respect at Pain For Pride, but the pile of mangled flesh, bone, muscle, and tendon I’m going to stand over at Mid-Summer Massacre, I will feel nothing but disgust for. You had your chance to bow out and move on with your life. You could have swallowed the bitter pill and went and lived a happy life with your whore somewhere back in Dortmund. Instead you’ve taken not one, but two of my treasures from me. You think beating you at Mid-Summer Massacre is gonna satisfy that? You believe that to be some sort of even trade? I took Matt Miles and put him out before your very eyes, and he alone is not nearly enough to make up for the Crown you tossed into the crowd of mongrels. You could never have saved yourself, but you could have saved those around you. Now? Now there is no coming back. The Lannister family tree has spent half a millennium growing into a proud oak, in one hasteful moment, you ignited the fire that will burn it down into a smouldering stump covered in ash and masked in the smell of burned grass. Nothing will ever give it life again when I’m through with it. Your family is no longer safe. Your whore isn’t safe. Aren Mstislav isn’t safe. Psycho Brody isn’t safe. Your legacy and your family’s legacy will have burned away without a trace by the time I’ve become adequately satisfied and decided the price for every crime you’ve committed against me has been paid. 

It all starts and it all ends when I climb the literal ladder my father climbed to become King, and I climb the metaphorical ladder my father’s father and his before him climbed to become King. Swing as you may, kick as you might, fight all you’d like, but you are nothing more than a ghost to be walked through. An ember to be stomped out. A forgotten soldier to be brought to justice. The last thing you possess in this World hangs over my head, and I’m going to exercise the lost soul that is Lannister from it as I pull it down. Your punishment does not end on that night, but as you lie on your back in a broken heap of shattered chairs and split tables, watching me climb each and every rung as your eyes strain to adapt to the light not just of the arena, but of my own that burns like the fire that only a phoenix can create… I want you to look back at every accolade you ever achieved, every moment of happiness you ever had, and all of the friends you’ve gained. I want you to cherish every bit of it in your last moment of solace, because you will never see any of it again. 

Every action you’ve taken has a reaction that will come down on you like a force of nature.

An Act of God.

A King’s justice.

On wrongs swift vengeance waits.
You're not going to play the artist to my painting, there's no fortune teller to predict our futures, there's no fate to determine what occurs between us two at Midsummer Massacre. But let's not pretend for the majority of both of our careers --- that the sob story, the tears, the frustration that built up after going years with being foreshadowed by someone else... that isn't fiction, it's facts. I don't want you masquerading yourself with dishonesty; when there's the truth behind every statement I've made. I know that what happened, happened after Territorial Invasion. There's honestly no reason to dwell upon a disappointing time in my life, when everything was looking bright for myself, not only that --- but I was finally on the top of the mountain. I was literally untouchable for that short amount of times and do you want to know who actually dethroned me, Parker? Myself. It wasn't you who picked up the scraps from my departure, it wasn't you who took advantage of the moment, it wasn't you who obtained their life long dream by a mistake. It was always me, I am my own demon, and I've faced that demon for multiple years now. I'm not about to allow some sob story overwhelm my career; if I was really turning this into a dramatized big picture film, it would have me in distress about this match. It would display how angered I've been with myself ever since coming back and losing to Jacob Senn for the EAW Championship. There's been one shining moment since I'm clocked back into this company... my one victory over Lannister. That's all I consider worthy of even mentioning as of late, because co-winning the Grand Rampage? What kind of accolade is that? Sure, it made history, but there is no reason to pride myself on a match I couldn't win by myself. Not only that, but the fact that I wasn't able to utilize that victory, that I wasn't able to gain the one victory that I so heavily craved, get the big moment I've been working for. It was stripped away from me, my spirit was broken in pieces, so I really wouldn't blame anyone currently if they saw nothing left in this tank. I was on the edge of retirement, there was a place in time where I was readied to leave this all behind --- there's a reason as to why I would risk my career just for this one match. While it means hardly anything to you, Tyler, I've taken this match and I've put it on a grander scale than any other. It has much more prestige and importance to me than any other match I've fought in my entire time being apart of this roster. I'm depending on this match to either make or break me and I one hundred percent promise you, that if you're able to surpass the passion and ambition that I'm bringing toward the table, I don't deserve to compete in the squared circle again.

It's much like your blunt case of --- "If there's anyone on this roster to beat me, it's you."

I can go the same way when it comes to my retirement, if there's anybody with the willpower and strength enough to hammer the final nail in my coffin; it's you. It's why I was so eager to put my career on the line, especially as of late. You've always been that extra step ahead of me, always capitalizing on every exploited weakness your enemies have. It's what won you your second World Heavyweight Championship and it's what's been keeping you strong for nearly seven months. You provide a vivid example of being one step ahead, while I was winning the first No Way Out, you won the first Hellfire No Way Out. Is it a coincidence? I don't know, all I know that it's about time that you were given a real challenge. I almost pity you, Parker, being forced to lower your standards for others, so they actually had hope in winning what you hold dear to you. It's a funny world, isn't it? I don't think you've been put to your full limits in quite some time now, you've been so dependent on retaining against inferior talent, that this may actually be a match for the ages. You've gone and altered so many Cinderella stories, that it's dawned on me that you might seem to underestimate how much more dangerous I can be than all the names you've defended against. Let's use the biggest one, shall we? Mr. DEDEDE, possibly one of the greatest, you put him out of his misery --- took what was his, and then you were done with it. He delivered several spears, put all of his strength into one match only to have his head caught up in a guillotine, until it was sliced straight off. I've never lose to him, three times we've gone against each other, three times I've stood tall. I've always been doubted, I've always been seen as a lesser, you don't have to share your memories with me, Tyler. I know how it's like to be on the bottom, always being looked down upon. Did I care then? You're damn right, now? No. I've had all my altercations with this company, I've crumpled them all up into one paper ball, and I've tossed it into a trash bin. There's no more history distractions for me, nothing in my way to set out what I know I can do. And you better know, I'm well more than capable of doing it, so keep your confidence, keep your pride, keep your strength at peak shape. It brings me no greater satisfaction to see, a guy who was throwing caution to the wind... a guy who WILL be walking into Midsummer Massacre whether he's one hundred percent or not, I'm throwing caution to the wind here. It's going to be the darkest day for you, when you're unable to triumph against a guy who's broken and battered --- week after week, your blindsided attacks did their damage, week after after... I bottled up my anger toward you, preserved it, and gave you a small example of what's to come when I tore apart GI Styles for the second time in my career. It's not about redemption, Tyler, this isn't a game where I'm playing to redeem myself time after time. I've rolled that dice and redemption never seems to work for me. The payoff is never there, no, this is just as simple as anyone else can put it; I'm getting those extra two steps ahead of you, leaving you dumbfounded. You be dominance, I'll be ferocious, we'll see the aftermath when they both collide; keep prodding the dragon as you'll end up scorned with nothing remaining, nothing to show for. You'll walk in the shining knight, defend everything he stands for, only to be left in ashes to ashes, dust to dust. I promise you one thing, my standpoint in this business will remain intact, but the memory of your "dominance" may easily fade.
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“Every child has some criminal tendancies. It is your place to correct those traits and teach them the right way to live while they are young and their minds are still forming. Then when they do reach the age for reason and action, it will be quite natural for them to live clean, upright, honorable lives. In that way you will stop crime at its source before it ever begins.” – Carl Panzram, “The Spirit of Hatred and Vengeance”


Dear mom,

So far it’s only been a week since I’ve been in prison, and so far you’re the only person I feel like communicating with. I have no interest in the affairs of all these other men in here; I only care about getting out and getting my life back on track.

I’ve had a lot of time to think since I’ve gotten here. That seems to be one of the things you do the most in prison is think about how you ended up here in the first place. But every time I think all I can feel is the anger rise up inside of me. I don’t get how this system is supposed to work! I was a good student with good grades and a free ride to any college I chose because of wrestling! Now all of it has been taken away from me, all because I beat up a pervert trying to make a victim out of me! I try to wrap my head around this whole situation but all I can come up with is that he should be in here and I should be out there living my life! 

I’m not sure how to deal with this anger that dwells in me, mom. It seemed like all my life I’ve had this rage slowly building within me, and every time that rage manifests itself I somebody gets hurt. I know I haven’t been the easiest to deal with when it comes to getting in all these fights at school, but I’ve never fought somebody with no reason! Wasn’t it dad that taught me I always need to stick up for my friends? 

Speaking of which, how is dad? Is he doing well? Tell him I’d like to see him very soon. Dad’s always been one to get himself out of trouble when he gets in to bar brawls, I think he can figure out how to get me out of here too! Tell him to hurry too, this kid in here keeps stealing food off my tray while we’re in line and I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up before I cause a scene. Nobody will do anything about it and I’m starving!

Love, your son
Vance Tybull, 6/1/11


“I prey upon the weak, the helpless, and the unsuspecting. This lesson I was taught by others: Might makes right. Sure it might not be fair but that’s just how this world is.” – Carl Panzram


Vance: There is so much hatred that lies in my heart. It’s been building inside of me ever since I was a child. Every bad thing I perceive… it only adds to the rage. Every time I see one of my brothers get taken down it grows. Whether it’s been a friend from my hometown overdosing because somebody kept pushing drugs into his veins… or whether it’s a corrupt chairman forcibly stacking the deck against them in order to ensure his vision is carried out by any means… or if it’s a rogue thief in the night who wishes to make off with a prize that my brothers respect and pride themselves on competing for. At first, to me this was all about pride. I just wanted to test Tiberius Jones’ skill like any other man. I wanted him to change his ways and fight me at my game, but this has evolved in to something much greater ever since Pain for Pride.

Up until Pain for Pride, I had one goal in EAW, to satiate my hunger for fighting while pushing myself as far as I could. Ever since then things changed. Now this rage I wished to quell inside of me has only been growing stronger and stronger. If it’s not Zack Crash’s pathetic regime as chairman running amok, it has been Tiberius Jones constantly making himself a nuisance to not just myself, but everybody around me. Since day one he’s been trying to make fools of us all, trying and failing constantly to one-up me while also trying to give one last big “fuck off” to the rest of Dynasty by leaving and trying to take the National Elite Championship with him. He doesn’t seem to grasp the reason why nobody likes him is because he’s a self-centered, indignant, insufferable, conniving, manipulative prick.

Tiberius, you don’t get it! After all this time of trying to get you to understand, you still haven’t changed a single bit. You still don’t realize what being a champion really means. Sure, you retained your championship via count-out and what did that get you? I’m still here, and even if you hadn’t have given me my rematch, I assure you that I’d still be here, and I’d be making your life hell until you gave me this match. I’m not the type who just gives up easily, as I’m sure you’ve learned by now. As far as I’m concerned, you may have fulfilled the requirements as champion by EAW’s rules, but you haven’t proven yourself as a champion or as a man to me yet. And until you do that, or I rip you in half, you won’t ever be able to get rid of me. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, for you however, I’m going to make sure that one or the other happens at Midsummer Massacre… and I wouldn’t put my money on it being the former. And I’m not going to need mist hidden in my throat to do it, either.

I know of the long standing traditions regarding mist. My father did battle many times with The Great Oni back in his day, and he told me The Great Oni would only use the mist when he knew his goose was cooked. So two times you’ve used the mist against me tells me that twice we’ve been in the ring you knew that I had you. That’s right TJ, deep down inside, you know that I had you beaten and the only thing you could do about it was throw chemicals in my eyes. In fact, seeing how many times you’ve used it tells me that you’re often frightened of your impending fate. Sure, maybe you looked good in beating Zach Genesis on the first episode of Battleground, but Zach Genesis while dating the current Vixen’s Champion still manages to be the biggest bitch in all of EAW. I’d be more impressed if you beat the Intergalactic Champion than if you beat that Hot Topic sponsored, poser of what’s supposed to be the Interwire Champion.

You are right about one thing, TJ. Wrestling has always been full of scum, and it probably always will be. El Maestro said the same thing. I suppose wishful thinking got the better of me when I got out of prison that this place would be any better. But it’s not, and every day I was in EAW I’ve realized that a little bit more, and with each little bit it’s added a little more anger inside me. But I’m sick of pretending that this business might be something it clearly isn’t. I have accepted this business for what it truly is, and it has opened my eyes. I’ve realized now that if you want to get ahead and if you want to change things, you have to be willing to play just as dirty as those opposing you. The only way to survive in this business is to pick the winning team and be an important part of that, and while a fool such as yourself may see Dynasty as a sinking ship trying to play with the big boys known as EAW and try to play for the bigger team, you don’t realize that Dynasty has something supporting it that EAW doesn’t: unity. When people like Brian Daniels come here to try and take the World Heavyweight Championship while making sure everybody knows he’s not on Crash’s “side,” it shows me that there isn’t a real team mentality like there is here on Dynasty. While people like you or the Iconomy may be trying to flee to EAW, we have many great competitors like Tyler Parker, Lucian Black, TLA and Carlos Rosso putting the cause before their own personal success. Championships may carry prestige, but unity carries with it power beyond measure. 

But you wouldn’t know anything about unity, would you? All you’ve ever cared about is yourself. You make me sick. That kind of mindset is what has led people like Zack Crash to do the things they’ve done. You’re no different than any of the other scum that tries to take advantage of the weak. It pisses me off knowing that shit-eating low-lives such as yourself do what you do with no regards to what it creates in others. The burning rage that manifests itself in the hearts of many men because of what people like you do to them, it eats at them every day! It doesn’t matter if you pick pockets while they’re not looking or if you just strong-arm them in to giving you their wallet, it’s all the same, and I hate every god damn one of you lot. And all of those people who feel victimized by people like you… they pour their faith on to me not just because I’m strong, but because they know that I can beat you. They know that when I get my hands on you at Midsummer Massacre, I’m going to rip your heart right out of your chest and display it for all to see. There is nothing your master plan can do about it. There is nothing slick you can do to save you. All of your tricks have run their course. At Midsummer Massacre, my rage comes out all at once and it’s all going to be focused on you. Every single travesty I’ve witnessed, every single painful memory I have will be reflected on you. And because of El Maestro… El Jefe? You no longer have any escape from it.

Who was Vance Tybull before he met Tiberius Jones? It doesn’t matter, all that matters is that now you’ve created a monster. You’ve unleashed the most hateful, vengeful part of my soul… and at Midsummer Massacre you have to come face to face with a monster of hatred and vengeance. 

You will feel my wrath.


“I don’t believe in man, God nor Devil. I hate the whole damned human race, including myself.” – Carl Panzram
You can keep trying to convince me Liam but it is not going to happen.

You think that if you keep trying to pair me up with the lot of other nonstarters that won't even be showing their face come this weekend that you will eventually see me on the same level as them. The fights you have been involved in the past few months against the likes of Ventura and Clark Duncan come nowhere close to the oracle of anguish that you are going to feel when this weekend finally does intend to grace us with its presence. I know that both are or were aspiring characters on this roster but the level that I have competed on for the past few months is second to none and every single time that I have been asked to put my arse on the line and prove myself, I have done exactly that. It has not mattered to me whether it was a mere nub or the most proficient man in the ring on the roster because I have ultimately given it all and that was without a world championship. What I did at Pain for Pride wasn't even close to my concluding form and now that you are asking me to defend my precious for the very first time, you are telling me that I can be compared to the likes of them? I'll have you know that not only do I think that I am ultimately too superior to be compared those two but conclusively every single elitist on the roster. I see it as a disgrace to be compared to and put on the same level of any other elitist here because I know that when it comes down to what really matters, I am unparalleled - second to none. If you were world champion, you say that you would see the two other world champions as valid encounters but this is where we pivot worlds apart, Liam. I do not choose to think of them as equals just because they hold another piece of gold because their fortune is only existent due to circumstance, the need to feel to compensate for those who like to come in finishing at second and third. I applaud them for their effort but they know as well as I do that if it came down to the denouement of a single gold world championship, I would easily triumph. If you want to reign at the top, you have got to have the mentality in your mind that no other in the fair land can hold a hand to you and that is exactly why I don't give you credit Liam because you are not deserving of my compassion.

 I suppose that when it comes down to it, even you have to take the shortcut and ambush me with the no world championship for so long card. The variation between my references and yours is that I was simply talking about the present - the time we are currently living in if you must know. What you brought up is simply the past, a time that I have so easily chose to consign to oblivion and move on. If you must know why then the answer is simple, it does nothing to progress or alleviate my career and that is the only thing that matters in my career now. You on the other hand are currently living your exposed second world title-less reign so no matter which way you look at it, my references certainly hold more weight and relevance. What you are doing is simply trying to take the shortcut to victory by delivering a blow whilst I am not looking but I'm sorry to inform you that backdoor has been used by almost every single competitor that I have faced since I returned, much before I even once got hold of a world championship. What I am doing is simply stating your current state from a different perspective than the one you so cherish yourself in on a top shelf and you just happen to be acting quite sour. It must hurt having me kick you off of your fictitious gold pedestal and if you do intend on continuing, I will not have a problem of simply just parading you come this weekends' match. However, It seems to me that you are choosing to be rather meticulous in our encounter because for every jab you throw at me, you run a few miles back and then indirectly compliment me or present me in a situation benefiting to me. If you or anyone wants proof as to exactly why I do not see the former world champion Liam Catterson as a legitimate adversary to my title, there it is right there. The man once so greatly hailed does not forget to bow every seconds here and there because he does not want to be abhorred and I have told you once and I will tell you a light years times more Liam, it means absolutely nothing. This so called 'bandwagon' that has appeared seems to be mere supporters of mine whom I have never chosen to acknowledge on a practical level or anything of the sort but they exist and they are always there at my matches because they don't want to see a pawn that subjects to his comrades and superiors, they want to see a man who can dictate on his own terms. I entered and left Pain for Pride both as one of the most approved elitists in this company's history despite exhibiting myself as perhaps the most unsavory character in the match and that is because unlike those two other phonies who so safely bowed their heads when asked, I did not. You may want to claim that it is a sign of respect but then you must also realize that I have absolutely no definitive meaning of that word either. The man who I once respected so much known as Starrstan also turned out to be the man who was trying and hoping to abate my dream for a world championship for the second time just only a few months ago. The word respects only holds emphasis in words alone but when it comes down to the real thing, it does not matter. But since we are on the topic of Starrstan, let it be known that it does not matter to me whom I face at Midsummer Massacre - the winner is predetermined by my hand already and they're simply put.. not on the winning side. It is true that I would have preferred to face my mentor once again in a big event to prove to everyone that my win at Pain for Pride was not a one time doing and that it can happen again, over and over. With that said, the circumstances certainly did not allow that to happen and instead I got stuck with the lot of you. My mindset doesn't need to be altered and I don't need to make any changes to my plans either because I was always aspiring to overrule my opponent and pummel him to the ground, Fate just happened to make it so that it was you and not my former mentor. Let this be a departing piece for you Liam, all those legends you ended up conquering... reminiscence about them all for a few seconds and then understands this because when it comes down to it, I am ultimately more exceptional than all of them. The wrecking forces that you thought that you had conquered before will look partly miniature when you enter that ring with me at Midsummer Massacre this weekend and see my knights lot crumble your dream once and for all.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)
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Before I get started I shall say anyone who is going to purchase a ticket or order it on Pay-Per-View to go see Elite Answers Wrestling's biggest Pay-Per-View of the summer Mid-Summer Massacre. I want to advise those with a weak of  heart and minors who are too young or sensitive or to those who are very impressionable to turn of the television or walk out the arena when it comes to Ryan Savage vs Zack Crash because there won't be any warnings when "explicit content" is issued.

 When the bell tolls to signal for the match to begin you'll see a dangerous, most ruthless and most aggressive Ryan Savage that you've have seen little glimpses of in the past few months. At MSM you'll see why it's called that when I get my hands on the chairman of this company that he has held so dear to his heart to shreds, and believe me when I say that Zack Crash has gotten himself into a position that will very well threaten his livelihood. But his livelihood isn't the only thing that is being threaten, and what I'm getting at is he is endangering the only thing that has brought him any joy in his entire life, he is endangering something that he has helped build, something that he has helped THRIVE and that's the ability to continue being the chairman of this company. Don't get me wrong Crash when I say that you're risking your career in this match when you lose to me that you have to step down from your position. That isn't my place to make that call because quite frankly I'm not interested in your political power game between BOTH EAW and Dynasty Wrestling are having. But I have fully prepared myself mentally and physically to do whatever that needs to be done to leave Mid-Summer Massacre as the victor and also make sure that YOU Zack Crash is done for. Crash, you won't be able to tell the tale of your traumatic beat down that you received from me because you have opened the gates of hell and I'm making sure I'll DRAG you into the inferno and make sure you grimace in pain. I'm letting you know now that no matter what you throw at me Crash, no matter how much pride you have in your heart, I won't be done until you can no longer continue the fight. So for those who has a very active imagination, feel free to think of the various ways how I can hurt someone and then apply to Crash and how he'll look after the match when he loses to me. If you aren't intimidated by that Crash then I guess you have more balls than I give you credit for, OR I can applaud you for your stupidity because there's only ONE way that you're leaving MSM is by the EMT's carrying you out of the arena. I would say don't let your silly pride cost you your entire life that you've devoted to this place but unfortunately there is no turning back at this point. When you coined the phrase "you reap what you sow" it got me to thinking all of the atrocious sins that I have done over the years, and it would be funny that everything I have done to people would finally catch up to me when I get a beating and lose to you Crash. BUT that has also got me to thinking about all the things you've done and believe me I have been watching you for a long time. You've manipulated people, you have abused your power, and you have let your own personal grudges that has affected careers. The most notable one that I can remember is at Territorial Invasion when you won that position of power. I can remember that day very well even though admittedly the team I was on lost that fight.But it wasn't during the fight that it took place but more than after when you've revealed your true colors to the world and showed who Zack Crash really is! You've removed the mask of deceit and I have to hand it to you that you have hidden your true motives and that you've caught everyone else off guard.

 Time and time again Crash that you've been ducking and dodging the day you would have to repay the blood that you've owed many people to get where you're at right now and I'm one of them. When you say you reap what you sow Crash because the nature of God's justice will be the form of the merciless beating that I'm going to give to you. You have used your power too many times to avoid any type of repercussions that you had coming your way, because the people you've fought had love for this business as same as you. That wanted to be here to become one of the greatest of all time, something that YOU can relate, something that you have went out and strive for that to one day be in the hall of fame and regarded as a symbol of inspiration to the next generation and so on and so forth. You know that hunger well and you knew how to exploit it to take all those dreams away by simply firing them or make their lives a living hell until they learn how to fall in line with the rest of the cattle.You have used fear to dictate your kingdom and I have to give where credit is due because you have done one HELL of a job in exploiting people's fear to get what you want. Like for example the most recent case in Xavier Williams when you have tried to get the "best" out of him and it even took it to where you have placed that World Championship around your waist and became a two time champion and entered Pain For Pride with that title. During that match I don't know if you've noticed but no matter what the result was in that match you have undoubtedly got what you wanted when brought out the BEST in him when he defeated you which he played right into your hands. But this time it differs because you won't be able to strike fear into my heart, you can't exploit my needs and wants being in this business because unlike the other guys that walk into this place hoping to be the next big thing. My only enjoyment in life is when I have the pleasure in inflicting any type of pain that brings my opponent's the feeling of anguish and regret whether it be physical, mental or emotional pain. There is no abstract leash that you can hold me on to contain my blood lust for violence because I have done whatever I want, whenever I wanted and I have accepted the consequences that my actions have brought me. But let me ask you this Crash. Did it shock you when you told me NOT to appear on Dynasty Wrestling's television programming when I admittedly used Mr. DEDEDE's name to attract the vulture's to the lion's den? I wouldn't be surprised if you expected me to get down on my hands and knees to kiss your feet and ass as an obedient servant boy because you've thought that Y2Impact has did what he needed to do to make me conform to the changes of this place. But sorry to say but there's another failure on his on your list because I haven't changed for anybody. There is a saying that goes with all of this and it goes like this; they say the big secret to breaking the rules and that is to make it look as though you are following them. If it hasn't dawned on you yet Crash and what grave situation you have found yourself in that no matter what era of this company is in or embarking on that I will always be Ryan Savage. That blood thirsty man that's only reason in being here is to fight and hurt people and that has BEEN my mission statement ever since I have debuted in this company. If you can't understand what I'm saying to you then I'll advise you to watch closely when I paint blank canvas of the ring that we will be fighting in at MSM with your blood and I hope that is enough imagery for you to grasp the concept of what's in store for you this Saturday.

Zack Crash, you may be smiling and laughing to what I'm implying to the idea of you being afraid of me but unfortunately for you I can sense the smell the scent of fear exuding out of your body. Let's take it back to Voltage where you have had this magical things called balls and yelled at me, talk down to me like I was nothing more than a mere dog when in your mind you thought you were "scolding" me like a father would do to his son. Which in a different world I would have taken your words to heart and obey your commands and take my punishment without any form of resistance. BUT, while you were doing all of that you had seven different men barred me from getting to you. That sight right there only proved to me that you were scared of me and a smart man knows when to be scared when realizing that they are stepping into the yard of the beast!  A beast that will show you no mercy, A BEAST that'll mot be satisfied until you can NO LONGER get up, that's the type of man you are up against. Think of it as a way that God himself is punishing you for your sins that you have committed over the past year. I have sat back and witnessed two Hall Of Fame ceremonies and listened in on what drove men to reach success, I have battled alongside my partner and see the passion within him to do what he does better than the rest and even furthering his legacy. It got me to thinking on what kind of legacy that I want to leave behind. It took me a while,when The Savage Ryans' were on top of the tag team division reigning at its champions. I have decided that the legacy that I want people to remember when they reflect on Ryan Savage's career is for people to be haunted of the memories of me showing relentless, merciless, unadulterated violence. The violence that will change the very complexion of this industry and to be looked at my matches as one of the darkest days of this companies' history and Zack Crash it starts with you! Now, it's not my objective to make you an example, I mean who am I to use the CHAIRMAN of this company make an example out of you. So like I've said at the beginning Crash, I'm prepared to make your life hell, I'm prepared to make you repent for your sin and to simply put, I'm here to kick your ass until the officials or any outside force to bring a stop to our fight because of you becoming unresponsive during the middle of it. So keep in mind Crash that every time you get back up when I knock you down, or every time when I go in for the pin and you roll your shoulder up or even refuse to tap out when I got you in a submission hold. Remember when I say this that every time you do anything BUT give up and stay down like the pathetic piece of vermin you are, the beatings will only get worse from there and like I've said I'm prepared to go that far until the match comes to a close, I will beat you so badly that the complexion of the event will have to be cancelled due to the horrific and brutal violence that has transpired in our match. Keep that in mind that I won't be happy nor satisfied until the result I'm looking for happens. So Crash, word to the somewhat wise, don't come into this fight and view me as my partner's little lap dog or his underling trying to make a name for myself by being in a match with you. View me as a man that's going into MSM to kick your ass because you've simply pissed me off on a bad week.
The sound of Cypress Hill’s ‘Insane in the Brain’ fills the Sleep Train Center in Sacramento as Piff Fumador just eliminated Seto Kontar to win the pre-show’s 6-man over the top rope battle royal. He gets on the top rope and does his signature ‘toke and point’ hand signal to the crowd who are cheering the luchador’s debut.  He makes his way back to the locker room, high fiving fans on his way up the ramp, eventually getting in the back.
Piff: VIVA LA VIDA LOCO! Piff Fumador is the pre-show champion holmes, throwing 5 other hombres over the top rope in his debut for EAW. Did you see that esé?
He high fives one of the catering people backstage and makes his way to the locker room.
Piff: Now before the show starts your boy need to get his smoke on, blaze up a doobie like his just blazed up Seto Kontar..
Fumador picks up his fanny pack of smoking utensils and heads out the back door. He sits down on the curb and rolls up a joint.
Piff: This is the start amigo, first these 5 gringos – and next, the rest of the EAW. Soon everyone’s gonna feel the pain of a DDTHC and a 420 Splash, because I’m gonna blaze everybody up.
He lights up the joint and starts puffing, looking around his surroundings.
Piff: Ah Sacramento, I love it round here. Couldn’t have wished for a better place to grow u… uh.. This would have been a grande place to grow up amigo, if I wasn’t born and raised in Tijuana – Viva La Raza! Now’s the true start of my life as a bueno luchador, I just need some more libre matches and I’ll be the greatest Mexican wrestler to ever step into the EAW… Oh man I need to stop talking to myself..
He finishes the last of the joint and drops it into a drain grid on the curb before getting up to get back into the arena. He pushes the door a few times aggressively with no results. His desperate attempts to open the door catches the attention of one of the arena’s security guards who then approaches him.
Guard: Hey! Can I help you sir?
Piff: Hola amigo, it’s me Piff Fumador – I just won the pre-show battle royal. I came out here for a smoke and now I can’t get back in.
Guard: Who are you? Look I’m sorry sir but I can only let in people on the show or if they have a pass that says they’re allowed into the back.
Piff: But I am on the show.. Well I was, on the pre-show. I’m still on the roster holmes!
Guard: I’ve never seen you before… Wait, have you been smoking marijuana?
The security guard grabs Piff’s smoking utensils and has a look inside.
Guard: there’s nearly an ounce of weed in here, whether you’re on the roster or not if you don’t have a license for this I’m gonna have to call the police.
Piff starts sweating nervous, desperately looks around and points to something in the distance.
Piff: There look, Mr. DEDEDE! He’ll sort this whole enchilada out.
As the guard turns around, Piff quickly snatches the bag and runs off. The two are engrossed in a chase but the luchador’s speed and agility gives him the edge as he eventually loses the security guard.

Piff: Ay dios mio I need to get a license somehow… and I REALLY need to stop talking to myself!
“A thousand times I tempted fate.”

I remember the first time I stepped into a wrestling ring. I remember staring at the fans as they cheered for me and feeling like I just died and went to heaven. For some wrestlers, that feeling happens only once and sticks to their souls forever. But for me, that feeling happens every time I walk down that ramp. Every time I have a match or get even close to the ring. Thats really why I am here in EAW. To win matches and to leave my mark on this Company. Truthfully, earning the Vixens Championship was just a bonus to me. See that's something you need to learn to make it in this company, Madison. Sure, showing people that you're ‘one bad bitch’ can get you places but at the end of the day, it's all about being the best female wrestler that you can possibly be and that's what I have done. I have shown everyone that I am truly one of the best Female Wrestler alive today. You think I was handed this? [Tarah pats the Vixens Championship that hangs off her shoulder] You think getting to the top was easy for me? God, you must be slower than I thought if you to think I got it easy here. No, I worked my ass off every single day. I walked in here with nothing and it took me three whole years to make it to the spot I’m in now. I was NEVER handed the Vixens Championship. I was never handed an Number one Contenders match. I bled and fought for it all by myself and YOU of all people have the nerve to say I didn’t work for it. The Vixen that was handed a Championship rematch because she didn’t have what it took to beat Lethal the first time around. Now it's time to get it through your thick skull that I am here on a quote unquote “pedestal”  because EAW saw something in me more than any of the other girls in the back. They saw a female wrestler that stuck out like a sore thumb. They saw me as the black sheep for the Division. They didn’t want someone like Heart Break Gal or Kendra Shamez. Oh no, they wanted a wrestler that wasn’t made from the same mold as the Vixens of the passed. I’m nothing like those legends. I was made by my own mold; something that can’t be duplicated. I’m basically one of a kind, unlike you.

You see, Madison, you are a walking stereotype of what a “Vixen” should look and act like. You have the perfect body and the right low IQ that a Vixen should have. You’re also sneaky, whiney and you pout whenever something doesn’t go your way. You want people to think you take wrestling seriously when all you truly want is to stand in the limelight. Yeah, You are really the perfect Vixen. Maybe, that's why the fans and EAW love me so much. Maybe it's because I’m nothing like you. In my mind, I’m not a Vixen at all. I’m a wrestler. I don’t need to be labeled as a brand to be known or liked around here. Even as the Vixens Champion, I’m nothing close to being EAW’s Golden Girl that you think I am. The only person that molded me and made me into the feared Wrestler that I am today is me. That's something we have in common though. I was the one that made you into the this Maddiezilla. I pushed you till you snapped and now I’m getting the backlash from it but that's okay. I’m used to fighting mistakes in the ring, one more shouldn’t hurt. I mean I brought this new you into the world, so you bet your ass I’m going to be the one that takes you out.   

“A thousand times I played this game.”

Madison, why are you standing here talking about how unfair it is that young girls are buying my T-shirts? Like are you for real right now? Saying that I’m the one that makes a bad role model for them or some other bullshit that you can just bitch about. I know for a fact that I’m a better role model then you could ever be. Sure, I have done some pretty gruesome shit back in the day but that was then and this is now. At this moment, I’m here to show girls all throughout the EAW universe that it is okay to be themselves and not to hide it behind pounds and pounds of make up. My freaks out there don’t care what they look like. People beat them down and tell them they're not perfect but they are. Being a freak is perfection and my fans know that. So while I represent the Freaks, I guess you represents the bullies, right? [Tarah smirks looking at the camera] You represent the stuck up girls that pick on my fans. The ones that pushes them around and call them names like Oddball, Loser and Queer. Thats who you represent and it sickens me. That's the reason why you aren’t liked very much. And that's also the reason why I’m the one everyone wants to meet. I mean I know I’m more relatable to the fans and lets not forget, I actually like my little freak-shows. I know behind everyone of my freaks, there's a Madison that is just ruining their lives. So my mission is simple: I’m going to do everyone a favor and get rid of a Madison because taking you down is going to show my freaks that their bullies can’t hold them back forever.

So while you bitch and complain about me, I’m going to spend my time getting ready for Mid-Summer Massacre. But Let's face it, I’m not going to let you bring me down, Madison. You see, I’m ready. More ready than I have ever been in my life. I am the Leader of the Vixens Division for fucks sake. You can’t control me. I won’t bow to you and your so called greatness. In fact, you won’t win this war. Championship or not, I am the best female wrestler this company has to offer. You think you have what it takes to throw me off my throne then bring it on, bitch. You need to realise that when that bell rings, I'm going to kill you. I’m going shut that big mouth of yours and show you that I am truly the best. I’ve said this before to you, Madison but I’ll say it again. I don't care that you're bigger than me. I don't care that you might be stronger than me. I don’t care about any of that because I know at the end of the day, you're not better than me, kid. The Age of Nova is far from over and I’ll make sure to do everything in my power to remain the Vixens Champion.

Believe that.

“A thousand times that I have said today, today, today” - Up In The Air by 30 Seconds To Mars
Sob story? SOB STORY??? You want to talk about a sob story? Brian, your ENTIRE CAREER... has been a sob story --- from your shots at the World Heavyweight Championship that you lost to you being in and out of EAW or whatever to what happened after you captured your first World Heavyweight Championship. It's been nothing but a sob story and it's a sob story that I've had to hear for years, what I've had to hear for the past few weeks because everyone seems to think you and I hate each other or that we should be bickering back and forth over something that happened two years ago. They're just looking for something, they're looking for us to bicker with one another because for whatever reason, they get off on it. They get off on you and I going back and forth with each other because we don't take shit from anyone and like you said, you and I are more similar than either of us or anyone else may think. That's a similarity you and I have --- you've stood up for yourself and for others like you, you never took no for an answer and you never backed down from anyone or anything... but I, Brian, haven't backed down from anyone or anything either and I've shown that for the past six, seven months that I've been holding the World Heavyweight Championship. I haven't taken no for an answer and I've had to stand up for not just myself but for the fans and my family whenever they were being verbally attacked. I wouldn't let ANYONE attack them... you wouldn't let anyone attack the fans or your family... and so, those are some of the similarities between you and I but Brian, we have more differences than similarities. For your entire career, you've been talking about your own trials and tribulations --- how you used to wear a mask and teamed with Robbie V as RoViper, former Tag Team Champions, one of the ALL-TIME GREATEST tag teams in the history of this business if not THE all-time greatest... and you felt that's all you'd ever been seen as... as Robbie V's tag team partner. How you lost those shots at the World Heavyweight Championship even if you felt as if you had them won and/or everyone else thought you had them won. How you were RIDICULED and LAUGHED AT for everything. Those are just a few of your own trials and tribulations but if you think you've had it worse than everyone else, then you're just acting like the victim because there's going to be someone who has had it worse than you. I'm not saying I've had it worse than you because for the past few years? I've been on top. I've held the World Heavyweight Championship twice and even if I lose it at Midsummer Massacre, I'm just going to recapture for a third time... for a fourth time... for a fifth, sixth time. This is what I was rewarded for my own trials and tribulations... what you were rewarded two years ago and what you think you're going to be rewarded with this Saturday. Think that as much as you want, Brian. Think that because that's what EEEVERYONE... who you mentioned thought before I beat them without feeling like I could have been beaten because I couldn't, I've been unstoppable... I've been untouchable... I've been unbeatable. That's not me being egotistical or whatever else you think I'm being, that's just me being confident in myself and in my abilities but hey, don't take my word for it. Oh no. Ask Mr. DEDEDE for his. Ask Psycho Brody, Jacob Senn and Lucian Black for theirs. Ask Alex Anderson for his after I WHOOPED HIM HARDER THAN HE'S EVER BEEN WHOOPED, HARDER THAN WHEN HIS PARENTS WHOOPED HIM FOR TALKING BACK AND HARDER THAN WHEN THE RAPTORS GOT SWEPT BY THE WIZARDS IN THE PLAYOFFS. Ask any of them and they'll tell you just that. Or... or you can just wait and see for yourself out there in the ring this Saturday. Whichever, you're going to be just like them; a sob story.

Keep that in mind when you're making your way to the ring this Saturday, thinking you're going to take everything I've worked so hard for away for me because I'm not going to let you, you're not taking anything I have away from me. You're going to have to kick my head off, Brian. You're going to have to kick it CLEAN off because I don't have healing powers like Wolverine but I'd tear you apart with my bare hands if I have my head on. You're going to have to kick it off like you said you're going to if you want to beat me because it's going to take that and so much more to keep me down for more than three seconds. If Spear after Spear after Spear, counter after counter after counter from Mr. DEDEDE wasn't enough to keep me down for that amount of time, then what makes you think you're going to keep me down for even a second in the match? You talked about the No Way Out match in which you captured the World Heavyweight Championship in and you said that it takes more of a toll on your body than the Extreme Elimination Chamber but Brian, I've been in the No Way Out match before myself. In fact? I was in the first ever Hellfire No Way Out match and guess what? I competed the next week. I competed a month later at Pain for Pride. I've been locked inside in the No Way Out match, I know what kind of toll it takes on your body and I know what it's like to go through what you had to go through just to capture the World Heavyweight Championship. Because then I was competing for the number one contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship and I was looking to recapture it after I had lost it but I got sidetracked by Y2Impact who wouldn't stop attacking me and those close to me until I'd face him. I got sidetracked and I defended the National Extreme Championship for seven months, I dominated the mid-card like I've dominated the main event. These past few years haven't been a sob story for me like it has been for you, no, it's been a SUCCESS story. Because it was four, five years ago that I was sidelined with an injury and was no longer in EAW. I was looked at as a "bust" and while I grit my teeth every time I think about it, I used it to turn my career around and I made sure that when I was healed, when I was one hundred percent? I'd return to EAW and I'd be better than I ever been. I was a bust to some and in just a year? I captured the World Heavyweight Championship. It may had taken a little while longer if you never left but whether you left or not, I would have captured the World Heavyweight Championship and there's no doubt in my mind I would have because I'm that confident of it. I'm confident that I'll retain it this Saturday but like I said, Brian, if anyone is going to take this away from me? It's you. Because I've dominated the main event, I've faced everyone there is to face on Dynasty and it makes sense that I'd be facing someone who isn't even on Dynasty. That's why I wasn't as surprised as everyone else was when you challenged me. I wasn't surprised that we'd be the main event at Midsummer Massacre and I wouldn't be surprised if you beat me... but you wouldn't be surprised either if I beat you. That's the mutual respect you and I have for each other, what everyone seems to forget. They seem to forget that you and I are friends. They seem to forget we've known each other for most of our careers. This isn't about what happened two years ago... this, like you said, is so much more than that. This, for you, is redemption and for me? Is dominance. I like that saying of yours, "don't ever quit when your back is forced against the wall" but Brian, where has that gotten you? What has it done for you? Because from where I'm standing?

You haven't made it any farther from where you started.
Midsummer Massacre #1/Showdown #1

During the few short months that I've been a part of Elite Answers Wrestling,
I realize that I've been doing everything wrong.  I thought that the salvation that I had been wanting was from the destruction of the company, but that was far from the truth.  There was a lot of reckless abandonment of preconceived notions because my ego simply wouldn't allow me to see the opportunity that was within my grasp.  I let years of frustration boil over and blind me of all the opportunities that were being given to me by the brass on top.

They were never my enemies, yet I continued to fight them any time they would lend out a hand for assistance. I've seen the error of my ways and I realize that professional wrestling didn't destroy me, because I destroyed myself first.  

Zack Crash,

Do you really think that Quality Control is the security that you can count on when the shit hits the fan and things turn to hell?   I saw my whole life transform within the last ten years and become the very pits of shattered memories that may lay beneath you if you keep relying on QC to turn things around.  You are a very smart man, and James Shield can see the potential that a business partnership can have for somebody that is trying to maintain control of EAW.

When James Shield came up to me and told me that he was impressed, I didn't have much to say.  I had never thought of the possibility of being an asset to the administrative order.  As my daughter continues to go school and bills are to be paid, I need more support than simply wrestling on the lower card can give me.  

I'm not here to wrestle, in fact, you can call me THE UNWRESTLER.

I don't give a shit about putting on a five-star match or impressing the audience with some kind of exhibit of high-flying or chain wrestling.  I simply want to win in order to collect my paycheck in order to support the very family that I lost a long time ago.  They are my passion, and I'm a very dangerous man when people get in the way of that goal.  

Zack, I'll be sitting in the audience watching your match against Ryan Savage and when your buffoons come running into the ring and get destroyed.  I'll be here, watching the spectacle that takes place with no sense of pity because I offered everything in the palm of your hands and you didn't believe in me.  


Ryan isn't shit, and I’m the benefactor who can make sure that Showdown and EAW is a force that will be dominant for a long time.  James Shields has the faith but the question is...do you?

I'll take out Chuck Scene for you and it's not because I want to protect any sort of Vixen.  Believe me, I don’t give a fuck if Chuck Scene beats the everloving shit out of the women because Chuck can do whatever he wants; but, if the upper brass wants to me to kill this man then I'll do so.  

Chuck Scene,

You are quick to pull up my racial identity as if it is somehow going to deter me; as if talking shit about the color of my skin is something that didn't happen when I was younger.  I'm sure in prison, they called you "Wonderbread", "Crackerhead", "Pussy Faggot" or whatever was deemed necessary while you pissed the bed every night.  This strong misogynistic desire to beat up the Vixens of EAW is a little disturbing and I'm absolutely positive that it comes from your time being locked up in a cell.  It's odd that you only spent time at the county jail yet you treat it as if you spent time in federal prison.  It's even odder that you were treated as the residential Bitch Queen who didn't have a problem getting an extra cigarette or two for sexual favors.  I have a couple friends from the clink and they had nothing but nice things to say about you.  

"You give good head." Mostly, stuff like that.  

Tell me, what kind of cholo would name himself Jimmy Jamz?  Is he some kind of children's TV show character?  Does he play the saxophone in a local Jazz Band?  Is that really the best made up name you can come up with inside that moronic head of yours?  Trust me when I say that we have very different ailments that fuel us to be violent criminals, because I became this way through multiple concussions and head trauma and you're just a moron.  I'm crazier than you, and you wouldn't just weep if you saw the nightmares in my head.  

You would simply kill yourself to escape.

All the facts that you give about male rape, which also raises a flag about how fascinated you are about the subject, simply cannot be taken seriously.  Do you really want to compare the incidents of male rape compared to female rape annually?  No one takes you seriously because YOU....yes, YOU....ARE A PRIVILEGED CAUCASIAN MALE.  You don't deserve to say shit about issues of misandry, and I don't either, because you're little prison stint doesn't justify your hatred of women.  It just sounds like a little fucking dweeb scorned because he tried to date rape a girl and it backfired cause she actually had a brain.  

I'm 100% sure that Eris LaCava would absolutely whip your ass all over the ring and I would gladly support it if James Shield and Zack Crash would allow me to sit front row.   Most of the Vixens are better than you and the tournament that they are going to compete in will E...A...S...I...L...Y be much more exciting than any sort of match that Chuck Scene is in.  Unfortunately for me, I have to try to carry you to something palatable for the audience to not fall asleep to.

You think this is some sort of game of wits and intimidation?  It isn't.  This is a matter of me simply having to erase you from the history of Showdown altogether.  I'm not some sort of test to pass for you to get to the next objective.  I'm the console that runs the whole fucking game and I have the Konami code ready and active.  

You've finally met someone who is much more fucked up that you.  I am dreaming about you every night and day, and the dreams are exceptionally violent ways in which I rip out your flesh, tear away your ligaments and tendons, and palpitate your bones into mush.  


I'm serious.  I'm ...fucking... serious.  There is a war that is about to start and I'm offering my services.  I'm simply a Ronin that is standing around and waiting for the call to go into battle once again. I'm waiting for you to ask for my help.  

I will help you. If you take care of me.


EAW Promoz! (Part 4 - Locked for posting...)

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