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 EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

"..Caster, Oh, Caster...
...Deliver this dream...
...Caster, Oh, Caster...
...Deliver it, upon me."

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity lasts forever.

 Your words, Alex Anderson, is as melodious and confining to your ears, whilst to the audience, is nonsense that gets excessively spewed. The sounds that you make, the vibration of irritation and annoyance. The jokes that you make, the corny material and content that you share each and every week. The endless descriptions can go on and on. You can forge an attempt to "snooze" what I am about to say, but after Reasonable Doubt, there is a strong, liable chance that you are going to continue to descend down the pecking order. I already defeated you two weeks ago, and I disgraced and embarrassed you on Showdown less than a week ago. You wager every opportunity so freely and loosely, and that is the biggest defect about you. You don't care about winning anything, all you care is about trying to cover your fears in your life. You want to be this man who wants to be separable from the rest, be amusing to the ears of many, and try to live a life of solitude. You are just part of the dozens of people who have performed such dramas. What you play has been played out. Move on, produce some new material, try and be innovate and sensible in the way that you approach things, because it is completely laughable that you claim that I have "no direction" as of late. Let's talk about your direction. You held an academy that lasted for roughly two weeks? You showed all the rookies that you are a fledgling in your own "mastered" sport. You continue to throw jabs, spew the same generic insults that you uttered against me just a while ago, thinking that you just respawned them back to life. You aren't entertaining anyone whatsoever, Anderson. You are entertaining the massive black hole in your heart. It would surely take a miracle for that gap to slowly close in, however have no fear. That hole can at least be cast with illumination and eerie stars. You can feel at peace, you can shred tears and be at ease at yourself. After your reality has been cast, you can stay in that dreamy state for eternity.

It wouldn't be a day, unless Starr attempts to have the last word in this heated debate. You should know by now that I don't work according to the instructions that you give me, because it is self-explanatory about how the both of us feel for each other. You gave me a chance on Showdown, to somehow prove to the world that I have overcome what happened in 2013? What makes you so special? What genuine abilities stands you out from everyone else? I will know when it is an occasion for me to take this chance and prove to myself that I am a changed man, and that is why I am fighting to become the Answers World Contender after Reasonable Doubt. You don't get to say the narration for my career. You go on to boast that you have been wrestling for seven years, making countless men and even women tap. Congratulations, you are such a historian. Even with what Alex Anderson previously said, despite his brain cells altering back and forth, he has a point: that was the past. I have moved on, I am oblivious to any signs or hints about what happened prior. You just want to try and tamper with my brain, take control and mess with my emotions. Just abort such mission you are trying to complete, because all that you will see are consecutive "retries". And, this glass-ceiling that you somehow managed to describe around me, what is that supposed to mean at all? Alright, I can go ahead, and I can raise my head up to see that glass-ceiling lingering over my head. Inevitably, I will break it. I have more to prove, more ambition, more momentum heading into this. You can be the little churlish veteran, and degrade the Holy Brigade all you want, I am not going to attempt to defend it. We will play the offense, and we won't change our tactics. You just sit there, rotating your hands around, watching 100's of FPV's of you locking in the Ankle Lock. Enjoy your haven. We will be waiting until you finish.
And you thought you had proved yourself, you thought you earned a shot at me and you thought you deserved it more than anyone else but the only thing you've proved is that you're a coward, the only thing you've earned was being defeated by Jacob Senn and the only thing you've deserved is for me to kick your ass. You wanted to know what I had to say, Brody. You have it. You have your shot at me. It's going to be you and I for the World Heavyweight Championship in two weeks and I wouldn't want it any other way. I told everyone on Dynasty to challenge me. I told them to step up to the plate if they think they have it in them to beat me. I told them that if there any bit as good as they say they are, they'd take me on. No one had anything to say to me, none of them wanted to but you, Brody? You challenged me. You stepped up to the plate. You're willing to take me on. So you are and if you're having any seconds thoughts, then that's just too bad, it's too late. You attacked me and thought you would get away with it but that was were you were way in over your head because if you know anything about me, it's that I'm going to come back and I'm going to come back time and time again. You knock me down, I get back up. It's as simple as that. That's how I've always been and if you still think that you're going to beat me, then you're in for it. You really are. Because that was nothing. What happened on Dynasty? That wasn't anything. I never attacked you. I never had to send you a message. I never had to lay a finger on you for you to know that you messed up. That you've messed with someone that you wouldn't want to mess with. Now that may be humorous for some but it wasn't so humorous for Mr. DEDEDE, was it? It wasn't humorous to him when I connected with five Across the Parks on him. It wasn't humorous to him as they referee had to end the match there. It wasn't humorous to him as I was rewarded with the World Heavyweight Championship. It was humiliating to him. I humiliated him and Brody? I'm going to humiliate you.

That's in two weeks but now? Now, this week, I'm not going to be in the ring with Psycho Brody for the World Heavyweight Championship. No, I'm going to be in the ring with one of the few who have returned here in EAW and that's Montell Smooth. I could say I feel honored too, that I'm going to be in the ring with him but the fact of the matter is, I feel nothing. I feel nothing for Montell Smooth. I heard what he had to say about me and whatever else he had to say about EAW and how he's so disappointed with how it is today but for everything I heard, I couldn't help but to have noticed the tone in his voice. I mean, he's talking about how much he used to love this business and about how it's disappointed him for whatever reason and how he's so choked up because has a match with me but it's clear to me that he's faking any kind of emotions he may be feeling. It's clear to me that he's being as sarcastic as he always has been and it's clear to me that he's taking none of this seriously. I know, that's not how you are, you take nothing seriously but if you take nothing seriously, wouldn't that mean that we aren't supposed to take you seriously? Wouldn't that mean you're a joke? Nothing more than a footnote on everyone else's careers? See, you said it yourself, you haven't been in the ring in three years. You have ring rust, you aren't going to be at your best out there. Tell me, just how are you going to "kick my ass" if you aren't even going to be at your best? I'm not some rookie or someone you could be so easily. I'm not like anyone you ever faced when you were here. I'm not like those you have defeated in the past. You may think I am, you may think I'm the one who's the joke and you may think I shouldn't even have the World Heavyweight Championship but you do think I care about what you think? You haven't been here in three years and in the two years I've been back here in EAW, I've done far more than you have in your entire career. I'm a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, I elevated the National Elite Championship to what it is today, I defeated Y2Impact in one of the main events at Pain for Pride and I could go on and on but you wouldn't want me to, would you? You'd just get bored. You'd say I'm boring. You wouldn't like any of that. So I'm going to leave it at that, I'm going to let that sink in and I'm going to see what you have to say to all of that. Who am I kidding? You aren't going to say anything to that. You have nothing to say to that. The only thing you'll say is that you're the best and I'm not. That would make sense, that would make A LOT of sense if maybe, oh I don't know, if maybe you were the one holding the World Heavyweight Championship right now. That would make SOOOOOO much more sense but because you aren't, you aren't what you say you are. You aren't the best because the best is who has the World Heavyweight Championship and that would be me. So say whatever you want, say you're the best, say you're going to kick my ass, say you're going to be the next World Heavyweight Champion, say this and that, say all of it but know this... just know this --- if you were any of that, you'd have what I have right now, you'd be where I'm at but you're not and that's why you're so disappointed with EAW, it's because you aren't as good as you say you are, you weren't ever as good as you thought you were, you were just someone who had it right there for you. You're disappointed because you're not going to have it as easy as you've had. You're disappointed because I'm on top.

You have every right to be disappointed in that, you have every right to be disappointed with EAW and you have every right to be disappointed that I'm on top but you're the only one who is. You're the only one who's whining, complaining, throwing a fit because of it all. You... you haven't changed a bit. Not one bit. That's how you always have been, just talking and talking and talking... you never know when to shut the hell up. You're pitiful, your career is pitiful, everything about you is just pitiful. What's even more pitiful is that you're so full of yourself. You're like those who talk themselves up, who talk a big game and who talk because that's the one thing they're good at. That's all you've ever been good at, hasn't it? Talking and not backing any of it up. You say you could beat anyone and you could but you have to know that I'm not anyone. I'm not just someone you could beat like that. I think that was that mistake Mr. DEDEDE made at King of Elite, when he thought he was at this level that I couldn't ever beat him on but I showed him that I was on a level of my own, one that I could beat him on and all it took was for me to dig deep and use what I had. I was frustrated, I was angered that he had something for everything but he never expected for me to do something like that to him. I don't think anyone ever expected for me to do something like that to him or anyone else. Because I wasn't like that, that wasn't something I would just do but I realized that I wasn't going to get anywhere else if I hadn't, I did what I had to do and that's why I'm holding the World Heavyweight Championship. If I were you, I wouldn't make the same mistake he made. Though you probably will because you don't know what's good for you. You think you do, you think you know everything but the fact of the matter is, you know nothing. I don't know everything either but what I do know is that I'm at my best, I'm where I'm at today because of that and someone like you isn't going to take that away from me. I don't know if anyone could but I know some day it's going to happen. Some day, sometime soon it's going to happen and there'd be nothing I could do about it. I think that was Mr. DEDEDE's problem. I think he thought that day would never come and I think he thought it couldn't ever happen. I don't have the same thinking he has, I know what awaits me at the end of this and I've accepted it. Have you? Have you accepted what awaits you on Dynasty? Have you accepted that you couldn't ever be as good as I am? Because if you have, then you may have a chance of beating me but if you haven't, then know that there wasn't ever a chance for you to beat me to begin with. It's the first time in three years that you've been in the ring and if there's anyone you wouldn't want to be in the ring with after so long of being out of it, it'd be me because I'm going to remind you why you should have never came back. You want for everyone to acknowledge you? You want for everyone to respect you? You want for everyone to because that's what you deserve? Then fine, try to beat me, just try. Because you're going to have to try, you're going to have to try to be at your best even if you have some ring rust, you're going to have to try to kick my ass because if you don't? If you don't, no one is ever going to acknowledge you. No one is ever going to respect you. You're not going to have anything to prove. You're not going to have anything to show for. You're never going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Because you're just talking and while you may be good at that, while you may be the biggest talker out there, you aren't going to do what you say you're going to do. You aren't going to do anything to EAW. You aren't going to win the Grand Rampage, you aren't going to be competing against me at Pain for Pride for the World Heavyweight Championship and you're sure as hell not taking it. I don't think you're even going to be here for Pain for Pride. I don't think you're going to be in the Grand Rampage. Hell, I don't even think you're going to be here after what I do to you on Dynasty. You could say I'm talking myself but have I never not backed anything up? I backed everything up at King of Elite. I'm going to back everything I said to you up on Dynasty. If anything you said was right, someone is going to feel something but it's not me who's going to feel the Pounce. It's going to be you who's going to feel what I have for you. What that is, you're just going to have to find out on Dynasty. Because it could be three powerbombs, three German suplexes or five Across the Parks. It could be any of that... or could be all of that. Whatever it is, you're going to be feeling it for the rest of your life, know that. You should have never came back.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 16th 2015, 9:21 pm by Angel.
See what happened in the latest edition of Showdown? It was a preview not just for Reasonable Doubt but also for the next couple of weeks. A lot of people began to doubt me. A lot of people thought I’m just another big name veteran that isn’t going to cut it. I may be another big name veteran but to write me off is just as foolish as writing off the New England Patriots after their pitiful performance in Arrowhead. There’s a lot of thing you can bet on such as Evan Stark never changing his way. Or Nikola Vranchev just being underwhelming in every aspect of life as shown in his speeches and his underwhelming performance in the ring. But there is one thing you cannot bet against and that is Nick Angel. A lot of people just gave me brief statements and with the exception of Venom who happens to be in the last three, all of you were displaying full ignorance in full action. A wise man once told me “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” and I can’t help but agree with the statement as to how I feel at the very moment. It’s a fact that I’m being ignored because of my past. It’s a fact that I’m being ignored that people expect me to implode and take my talents to some third rate federation just because I have this mentality of “Oh, I’m too good for whatever the board offers me.” Except, it would be wise to not ignore me and give me brief statements like last week. What happens whenever you ignore me? What happens whenever you disregard an elitist with world class talent? Granted, I’m aware that battle royal is my weakness but to disregard me before and during the match like that just to bet that my weakness will come back and haunt me? That is just plain stupidity and this is what I’m dealing at Reasonable Doubt, plain stupidity. For all I know, maybe some of you see Showdown as a wake-up call. For some of you, you see Showdown as the means of actually taking me seriously and start being proactive towards defeating me rather than praying that I actually beat myself by beating myself. Personally I can’t speak for everyone but Showdown for me shows what happen whenever you awake a sleeping giant and you fill me with a terrible resolve. I’m one to think that motivation is cliché but I’m also one guy that does not like it whenever someone undervalues me in a disrespectful manner. So with that said, if you’re really trying and want to elevate yourself it would be wise to not disregard me again. 

One issue is the Venom question. A lot of people are wondering if Venom and I are aligning with one and another. Personally, we show on Showdown that we don’t even need to help each other to win a match. As I stated previously, the only two people that can win this match is either Nick Angel or Venom. And honestly? As long as it stays that way, I don’t see why it would be an issue for me. I’m very confident that Venom and I don’t care who wins until it goes to the final two of us and if and when it comes down to the final two of us? May the best man win. Now, will Venom and I align with each other in Reasonable Doubt? It’s something I wouldn’t bet against, but I wouldn’t bet on either because we proved that we don’t need each other entirely as shown on the previous edition of Showdown. In fact, I would like to think just for giving more prestige to the cause of the Holy Brigades, it’s better off to ride solo for the most part and I’m highly content with that. I mean why else would I not be content of flexing my muscles on the likes of third rate elitists while also giving a message to the Showdown roster at the same time? I’m content with showcasing my versatile skill-set that is only going to evolve as I go through new obstacles every week. As much of a cakewalk last week was, it was actually an obstacle for me. For those who do followed Nick Angel very closely, the one glaring weakness is battle royal. I was not a big fan of the battle royal because it was like my boogeyman match. Regardless of the competition in the battle royals, I historically underperform in battle royals. Despite such, I fought my inner demon and prevailed like a Phoenix that rises out of the ashes and assert his own position. Fighting my inner demon is also a testament to how far my wrestling skills can only evolve; it also gives me this psychological edge. I’d like to think that you can have all the talents and the determination, but the most underrated of any athletes including elitists? Their psychology. If they don’t have the ability to either fight their inner demon or can’t finish in a very crucial moment, then they are not going to get very far in any business. Right now? I’m a confident man that is firing in all cylinders and I have all the abilities to be very successful. Combine the fact that my skill-set is evolving, that I have all the determination with a man whose psychology is on another level, one does not simply bet against a man like me. Bet against me in your own peril. Let me just say that while we all make choices, in the end our choices makes us.  
Dynasty Promo #1


(A crew backstage is about to start interviewing someone. As they are setting up Maxwell Dachs comes out of nowhere and attacks the camera men. He steals their camera and beings walking with it. He can be heard angrily muttering things under his breath. He is walking through the backstage of the arena. He starts walk down a dark hallway. He stops and pauses for a second and keeps walking. He makes his way to catering. Elitists, Vixens, refs, and assorted members of the backstage crew are eating. He sets up the camera. He gets up on a table, mic in hand, and beings speaking.)

I'm not quite sure why you chose to come with me to the ring, (he points to Kerry Keller.) I don't know if you didn't get the god damn memo? But we are done being a tag team. Frankly, I'm not sure if it was any of you fucking assholes here in the back told him to come out. (points to higher ups of the company) I'm going to say this real slow, Keller, so you can understand. Keller. I. Do. Not. Want. To. Be. Associated. With. You. This means, I will not be tagging with you this Sunday or ever again. So that means. If Maxwell Dachs shows up on Fighting Sprit this Sunday, it is not the real Maxwell Dachs. I'm SICK and TIRED of dealing with Keller. And his dumb punchline and cringe worthy gimmick. Frankly, I'm too good for Keller. I'm too good for Death By Velocity. NO LONGER. Will I be dragged down to a level where I'm tagging and going against wanna be emos, self diagnosed crazies, and vanilla midgets. So, I will only be showing up this Friday on Dynasty where on the pre-show I will be fighting Brian Adonis. And thats just as much bullshit. (Dachs gets down off the table.) ON THE FUCKING PRE SHOW?! (Dachs flips over the table he was standing on and starts pacing) I AM TOO GOOD FOR THE PRE SHOW. I WILL NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO BE DISRESPECTED BY BEING PUT ON THE PRE SHOW AGAINST THE LIKES OF BRIAN ADONIS. I SHOULD BE HIGHER UP ON THE CARD INSTEAD OF BEING BROUGHT DOWN TO BRIAN ADONIS' LEVEL. I AM SO MUCH BETTER THAN HIM. I AM THE FUTURE OF THE EAW. NOT BRIAN ADNOIS. NOT KERRY KELLER. NOT J.P. CALIBAN. NOT JORDAN CISERANO. NO. Me. I am the future. And I will not allow myself to be dragged down to the lower card by Kerry Keller. I AM DONE ALLOWING MY SELF TO BE DISRESPECTED. No. I make my own future. I will start this by not showing up this Sunday on Fighting Spirit. I create MY own destiny. I'm done taking everyone's shit. And that starts this week. (Dachs goes over to the camera and speaks directly to it.) After Dynasty this Friday, I'm heading back home to Minnesota until after Fighting Spirit. I will not be there. If someone by my name shows up, it won't be the real me. Don't believe everything you see and hear. 

(Dachs flips over the table that the camera is on. The feed goes out in static.)
[Clark is in Istanbul, checking out the local scenery. He's wandering down the street with swagger and pep]

You know, Showdown was interesting. I thought that what happened during our little battle royal was exactly what would play out. I was ready for it. Was there much I could do? Yes, there was actually, but please, why would I try in a match that is nothing but a warm-up to the main dance. The funniest bit of all was that the match was mine, I had it won. Nick Angel was done for all money until Tweedledum came to his aid, he couldn't let Tweedledee get beaten could he? Nope, not a chance! Look at this way folks, it took two of them to stop one of me. That's right, Clark Duncan, the guy everyone thinks is just a clown, almost won and would have if a guy he already eliminated didn't jump back in to help his comrade. The numbers game prevailed, yep. 'Clark, how can you possibly prevent that from happening in the scramble?' I hear you asking. Well, it's pretty simple. I'm not revealing my plan. I could stand here and talk about how I'm going to overcome the odds, but everyone has heard that spiel before. Oh and in a scramble, it's frantic. People are going crazy to be the won who holds the right, but for a majority of the match, it doesn't matter. The numbers game that Ventura's lackeys have won't be much of an issue, as deep down, no matter what they say, when they realise there's a New Breed title shot awaiting them, it will eat away inside and they'll have to turn on one another eventually. That's what Landerson, Stark, Vranchev and I have the advantage. We're fighting our own battles, while Nick and Venom are fighting for themselves, each other and their little faction. That's a burden, that creates pressure. You don't want to be the guy who fucks it up for everyone. I mean, it's almost certain that one of them is going to make an almighty blunder that could prove beyond costly, and when it happens, your boy Clark will be there to capitalise.

[Clark carelessly bumps into random people on the street for shits and giggles, getting amused by their reactions]

I should definitely not just be focusing on Dr Seuss' Thing One and Thing Two, because that would be negligent and that's in my character. Well maybe slightly, we comedians sometimes disregard facts if there is still a joke to be made. Speaking of, how about that El Landerson guy? The guy is a piece of work. Wowee, I mean, I knew he was bad, but the way he manhandled by Stark of all people speaks volumes. He's got something to offer, maybe just not in this capacity. Maybe he could be a lackey for Ventura and his cronies or be comical relief for the Savage Ryans or something. Ragnarok doesn't seem to have much fun either, El Landerson could be added to their mix for some laughs. I mentioned Stark earlier, he's another guy that I just can't take overly seriously, and that's saying something when a guy like says it. All he has is ego and the ability to ambush one of the worst members of the roster. That's laughable. Talking a big game is all well and good, if you can back it up. If you can't, tread with caution, it's like playing leapfrog with a unicorn. It's going to end badly. Stark's supreme confidence crippled his ability to function. He's too hellbent on putting people down and claiming he's the second coming of Christ, that he doesn't remember he actually has to wrestle his way to victory. If all it took was talking, most of us would have been EAW champion by now. Oh and my buddy Vranchev, I was disappointed he didn't impose himself at all. I guess that's what you get for trying to be some imposing figure and claiming you'll crush people. That puts a target on your back Nikola. Get your buddy Navarro to translate that. Long story short, if you're gonna make some claims, back them up. Did Clark Duncan say he was gonna win? No, he didn't. What I did say was that I'll have the last laugh and believe me, that is still very much the case. The name of the event may be Reasonable Doubt, but there is absolutely none when I say that I can talk the talk and walk the walk unlike these other scrubs.

[Clark suddenly disappears in the crowd, when he emerges, he's crowd surfing down the street thanks to the Donuts, much to the amusement of the locals and tourists]
According to celebrity net worth, my net worth is at a solid 25 million dollars right now.

Do you know what that means, ladies and gentlemen?

I can kick my hooves up, relax, and enjoy my life and can afford anything that I desire. I can do things that you, your children, and the children of your children will be dreaming about... but will never have the opportunity to do so. I could do all that, but what am I going to do today? Responding. I am going to respond to the idiocy that I have my entire career,  but what separates this idiocy today is that it is from two men who I just expected more from, to be quite honest with you. I've been in this business a long time, and when you reach the level that I have, this isn't a game. Starrstan and Johnny Ventura, both of you need to realize this. This world is all about opportunities – you either take them or run away from them, depending on your state of mind. Me? I have taken every opportunity given to me, and this Saturday night will be no different. I'm not here to play any games, not with you, Starr, or you, Johnny Ventura. This is no longer a profession for me. This is my life. When I was in the squared-circle with Norman Hellion... I found a part of me that was missing. It was as if I was building the perfect puzzle, but was just missing that final piece. What this means for you two is simple: you will not walk out of the Vodafone Arena as the number one contender to the Answers World Championship. I hate to break it to you guys, but this is not your time. This is my time. You both had your fair share of chances, and you could say that I did too... but I have only had one real shot at the world title. I deserve more, but I don't need to bark my way to one. I am going to earn one. 

Using my excellent up-to-date technology (again, my net worth does some amazing things), I am going to highlight some things I agree with... or just completely show the idiocy I was talking of earlier.

"I’ve earned this title shot after months of hard work, but this Saturday, will just be the easiest part of it all. Making you tap out is simple. I’ve done it before, just like I’ve made Ventura tap out before."

Explain this to me, Starrstan... how does that serve relevance to today? It's the year 2015. The past is irrelevant, especially Alex Anderson's past. I don't need you to remind me of what happened once upon a time, because to me... it is just that. A fairy-tale. As far as I am concerned, I have grown. I have fought and through all my failures, I have become exactly what you didn't want in an opponent: a monster. I told this to Norman Hellion, and despite what he will say about me... he knows that I brought out the best in him. The beating that I gave Norman Hellion is one that he will remember for the rest of his life... and it will even carry over to the main event of Reasonable Doubt when he faces off against Mr. DEDEDE. Moving on.
Now it's you, Johnny Ventura. 

While I was listening to you and your pseudo-intellectual act... I just can't help but feel bad for you. It seems that your career truly has no direction. Whenever I see Johnny Ventura, I see a man of potential. I see someone who can do something great, and what do you do? You allign yourself with men I don't even remember. I could have sworn just two weeks ago you were leading some other men. With that being said, I just don't know what to say to you anymore. You can cast dreams and that's all dandy, but I'll tell you what you can't do that I can: kick ass. It's something that I have been accustomed to nowadays, and at the end of the day, this is exactly what professional wrestling is. I don't care about this gimmick that you put on. I know it isn't real. Authenticity is everything to me, but at the end of the day... all that matters is what you do inside that ring. To that, you serve nothing to me. You are not a threat. You are merely the minion that stands in my way before I face off the Answers World Champion. That is how I view you, and quite frankly... that's how the entire company views you. Just a joke. Plain and simple. 

I'm getting bored, so let's play a game, shall we? I'm going to show the world bits and pieces from your speech. Let's see how many times I can spot a "snooze," something that quite honestly puts everyone to sleep.

"I am the Caster of Dreams, I am the Witch Doctor, I am the Man that holds your immortality. As vague, as ludicrous as it sounds, it is pure truth, and nothing but the truth. I showed the world the capabilities of how their realities can quickly simmer, but it seems you never got a view of that showing. I promise you, at Reasonable Doubt, you will surely expect a "casting" unlike any other."


"You call me a failed protege because you lost all the "uber-man" effects. You lost the championship, you have fallen down the pecking order, and you have just got assaulted by me on Showdown. While you declined, I have climbed." 


Respect. A feeling of admiration towards someone.

Snooze. I think everyone knows what respect is.

"I invested my time to improve on my mistake, to make a solemn vow not to revert back to the path of torment ever again. That is what I have stuck by, and I will continue to keep by me. You don't have any standard, any sought of dogma that you can emphasize on because you think you are all that. You think your standard is the Ankle Lock maneuver."


Good lord, I  can keep going , but I'm sure the audience at home doesn't want die of bordeom, so I'll end this right here.
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(Pure darkness is all that can be seen. And within the darkness a light emerges; that light is one emanating from the Nazar as Fortuneteller Hamasa appears from this darkness.)

Hello my dear "Emperor". 

It would seem as though your kingdom is ablaze. 

Hollow -- like the vast nothingness that fills the void are your promises, as proven by our savior and our Lord and Guardian of the realm. You promise something else, but offer us the same as every other enemy, every act of evil and of good gone and came. And from the righteousness of Abel to the wretchedness of Cain, only one has seen it all and only one can testify to your lies, to your tactics, your truths, your demise, he is the wise, the noble, the brave yet the despised. But of all the other "Alpha's" and greats that you've named, none have the Alpha & Omega as his claim. For all the false prophets, and Pagan deity's and false witnesses, ONE is still remov'd from the rest. It is one above all, he is the One above All. He is the One that has seen, that has done above ALL. And there are those like you who still foolishly approach, like maggots to the flames. But the flame in the heart of our savior never dies. The flame in the eye of our savior never dies. The flame in the WILL of our savior never dies! The flame that is still in our savior makes him Rise from the perils of the world whether he stumble's, or is stricken. He returns from any wound, heal'd from Affliction and the reason... the reason that he takes interest in your Host. Is to take him from this world, a world of hungry ghosts.

(Fortuneteller Hamasa pulls out the Nazar charm from her robes, kisses her charm and repeats the incantations "Bear the Hamasa, Seek the Hamasa, Heed the Hamasa, Nazar Nazar Nazar". Once she finishes, Methuselah emerges from she shadows behind her and she returns to the shadows from whence she came.)


I am the fear that resides in the darkness of your heart. I am the answer that awaits the antithesis of all that EAW is about. This cause that I uphold, this answer that awaits you: Bearer of the Eye, is an answer that once awaited me. And no matter how far or how fast I ran in this darkness, it was immeasurable and it swollow'd me whole. And eventually you cannot run, eventually you will accept who you are! And that's why I'm here.

Not because of you.

Not because of what you've done. Vengeance is not all that I seek. But you are the cause to all of this, and you provoked me nonetheless, and now I'm left without a choice but to strip you to the core. Strip you of your chalices, gold, jewels, palaces, decore; your robes and your horses, your army and your brothers too. Strip you until you see yourself for who what you really are. Strip you until you see the world for what it truly is. Just like I've stripped every man that I've run through and forced them to take a long look at themselves. And that is what you need more than anything. Because like a fool you say you are not one of us. You say you are not like Peter and I, you say that we do not prevail. You say that us monsters are meant to lose to the knights and the nobles while we are meant to be slain and beheaded and die! Silly Norman, I didn't think you believed in fairytales. But Norman, you are like us. I may not be of RAGNAROK but we are just like brothers HAHAHAHAHA! You believe Monsters are set up to fail,

but O

O how Monsters prevail in a world like ours.

And you are oblivious. Like a child, with your hand held by your RAGNAROK brothers and your PETER and your... what is the other fellows name? LARRY! LARRY LARRY LARRY! EXCUSES! CRUTCHES! PLAGUES! VIRUSES! SORES! PESTILENCE IN SCORES, DETRIMENTS THAT CAUSES ÜBERMENSCH, POTENTIALLY, SUPERMEN TO PLUNGE INTO THE FIREY DEPTHS OF HELL! Because what could have been an honest man instead chooses to lie to himself and is so foolish, too foolish to take a good look at the reflection in the mirror, and the collection of mirrors that surround us. Not to mention our environment that reminds us of who we are and where we're going. But I mean not to digress, I say these things because you have been blinded. You have done your damnedest to gouge your eyes out before observing the truth, and understanding who you are. But here's something you are not, alone. Because I accept my role as Monster. And maybe that's all we are, Monsters. You know in folktale, man is perceived to be weak and without influence, ruled over by the Gods and the spirits. Man constantly belittles man. But the thing about folktale is just that, it's folktale. Those are stories written on pages of scribes and scholars. But the story man writes is a picture painted in the world around us, and what do you see around you? I see, Norman, a world of hungry Ghosts. A quench for blood that cannot be satisfied. Look no further than me, nearly a decade it will have been and here I am. As much as I've done and I still haven't had my fill. And even the men who have had their fill and left this world have allowed others to collect more riches and earn more prestige. And we, in this world, continue to spill each others blood, break each others bones, crush each others spirits, take each others gold... if we could, we'd sell each others souls just for the reward. So in the history of this world, who are the greatest monsters? Who are the foulest beasts? Who are the cruelest spirits? Who are they who are they who are they? In what form they do appear?

They look like us.

Norman, they look like US! 

The Land of Extreme? The Land of Elite? The Land of the Beasts? Either way, my friend they're all the same. But you feel as though you are the Behemoth, the titan, titan of Frost and of Flame. Those are the colors you bear, oh so proudly. As though you trudge the marble lands and leave impact craters with every footstep you take; and the village children tell stories of those like you and the strength of your brand, Showdown, and the parents of those children use those stories as child rearing methods and fear appropriation ensure the good behavior of their little boy or girl. "Don't stay out for too long! Big bad Norman Hellion is out there to get you!" There are no little boys and girls here, Norman HAHAHAHAHA! No, only monsters. And the biggest mistake you ever made -- the biggest mistake you ever made was throwing an arrow at the biggest and baddest monster. Maddest monster, the monster who has severed the most heads and broken the most bodies and out lived the other monsters. And even when I was at a low you still, for some reason, didn't destroy me... so that monster will reply with a Spear. MONSTER MONSTER MONSTER! Let's talk about something else.  Let's talk about what I've done to you already. Let's talk about my brother, who you've threatened and told you would take something away from him. Me. Let's talk about my brother Ryan Savage and what he does with toys. You seem to see me as a toy. So that's what I'll be now, a toy. And while we play pretend and write our own little fairytale together, let us say somehow you break me. What is Ryan Savage going to do to you in that case? If all I am, Norman, is a toy, that belongs to Ryan Savage in this tale of ours, what will he do now that he's lost one of his toys? He's going to find a new one, you. And he's going to break another one, you, just as we've done to you. But is what we've broken, the bond between your brothers? What have we broken, Norman? I heard the sounds of snapping, of crunching, of screaming, and yelling, and anguish, and defeat, and despair as we held our new titles in the air! So what is it, what is it that we BROKE!? What we've broken, dear Norman, is your word. Because you stood in that ring on Showdown and you told me as you told the world how the last time a faction waged war on RAGNAROK they crumbled, and imploded. And you implied it would be I who implodes next. But I think you've found out quickly that I am not a faction, I am a fortress.

And the ground of this land of hungry ghosts; from bedrock, to gravel, to concrete, to marble, this foundation has been laid by my bloody, grubby hands. And in my hands, also, is the Kingdom. And this fortress still stands whether the battle is won, or is lost. Hmph, and to think you claimed Tyler Parker was the fitting knight to slay me... so let me ask you, do I strike you as a slain man? Interesting... it's as though everything you say to me eventually turns around on you... so I supposed it would be the best course of yours, perhaps, to watch what it is you say. The tales of the Eye in the Sky that the scribes have written speak more than enough. And I'll give you this, your tales written also speak quite enough. These tales are not fairytales or folklore, these tales are in pictures, descriptions of this world around us that we ourselves created. And the world around the both of us revere me as man not to be trifled with, as you yourself have seen, and you yourself chose to defy the status quo and remain bold enough to cast an arrow. So I choose to respond back with... that's right, you're learning, you guessed it, the SPEAR! And you choose to respond back even further. You decide we should meet in Hell In a Cell. And I respond by leaving a gaping hole in your fortress. I've suffered a crushing blow to your Kingdom; emperorr, ohh, emperorrrr, your caastle is burnningggg... and your fortress of ice is melting. While my fortress is one forged by fire. And you believed you could form a band of brothers that could overtake my kingdom!? YOU CAN'T POSSIBLY COMPARE! But history just continues to repeat itself, and that's because you have no regard to history. Norman, Crutch, what ever have you; the commoner may see this battle of ours and see two kingdoms warring, I see it as a mob against king. I see it as a king to a God, and you are boxing with God, as the adage goes. But I'll acquiesce to your vision, and if this is the case, we are simply trading blows. Exchanging arrows. Rearranging spears. The victor goes to the one with the most infantry. The one who holds the most weaponry, the one with the most arrows, spears, cannons, rockets! The one who laughs last, laughs best. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU THINK THAT WILL BE YOU?



Well all good things must come to an end. Methuselah lived for 969 years. If my math is correct, I have 961 years left. It would appear as though I am only getting started, haha. And you're truly the one who can be my Ender? It's your body of work against mine. And your body of work, is no better than a speck of Fucking dust... and my body of work is divine. The result we'll see in due time.

(Exit Methuselah)

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(Fortuneteller Hamasa reappears from the shadows with the Hamasa bringing a hypnotic blue ray of light to the scene)

This is not driven from contempt. Nor is this hardly a response, but I suppose you are correct; it was you who decided your fate. Bearer, it was fate that we'd meet. I suppose you confirm the theory of uncertainty reduction, and how we provoke what we deeply fear, only to fear what we cannot possibly understand. You feel threatened by the Savior, and you lunge with a closed third eye, so you attack blindly with your neck wide open. Shut wide open is that Evil Eye... Beware the Evil Eye that rises in the sky of the Land of Pride lest it be your demise. You can't prevent the Phoenix's Rise, nor should it be a surprise, once the truth reaches the skies, and the people of the land who feared you, see through your disguise. And suddenly you are not a Behemoth among mortals, but a sheep in wolfs clothing. You reside among the flock, and you are as man, and monster, as those who surround you. And you live in this world that surrounds you, built by the savior who found you, just as you found him. You'll realize that you are no different, you'll realize you are no maven. You will be shown this Land of Elite for what it truly is, a dark, contentious and terrible world yet a prestigious, glistening, brimming castle where EXCELLENCE prevails overall. A land that Methuselah rules. And when Methuselah annihilates your host at Reasonable Doubt, beyond Reasonable Doubt will you know where you stand. And you can choose to return, or take solace from this land.

And Peter, wretched, impotent Crutch. In our saviors plat you have no part. Just as wise men build and destroy; our savior will save Norman too, by destroying him.
I gave you a chance to prove yourself this past week on Showdown, Ventura, and you failed. You had a chance to show me that you’re a different man than the one I knew in 2013. Sadly, you showed me that you’re still the same pathetic, sorry excuse of a wrestler that was laughed out of this business a year ago. Maybe your spirits have improved, but that doesn’t change the final product. The end result is still you being mocked by your peers, being defeated by your fellow elitists. Nothing has changed since we last met over a year ago. I beat you easily then and I beat you easily last week. Blame Alex all you want, John-boy, but it doesn’t change a thing. Your little assault after the match, doesn’t change a thing. I’m proud that you took advantage of at least one opportunity in your sad life, but it won’t make a difference this weekend. In the end, it will just be something you could hang your hat on for a night, or maybe a week. Because at Reasonable Doubt any of your previous actions will be forgotten. We can even throw away all of your past failures as well, because I’ll just be giving you another to add to the list Saturday. Chalk up another failed opportunity for Ventura. I’m not gullible, I’m realistic, and opportunistic. I see this world for what it really is. I’m not casting dreams or living in fantasies. I see reality and speak the truth. I know what I want and disregard anyone else’s so called “feelings” to get it. I shattered your dreams once, Ventura. I’ll do it again.
You want to discard my past accomplishments, sure. Throw away world title reigns that are over. Throw away a gold medal that was won ten plus years ago. Throw away every victory I have over you. Throw away every victory I have gotten in this company. While we’re at it we’ll discard all your failures too. Pain for Pride. House of Glass. Road to Redemption. That long list of failures can go right in the fire. Blank slate, right? You look at the past and I’m the clear favorite Saturday. I’d be the clear favorite up against almost anybody, and I usually am. But let’s forget the past. We can disregard everything, and who do you think the favorite is now? IT’S STILL ME. I am still the best wrestler in this company. I perform at a level few can touch, and I have performed at that level for seven years. Seven years I have out wrestled opponent after opponent, made countless extremists and elitist alike tap out. Is anything different today? You can disregard all of my prior accomplishments, but the secret formula is still there. You’re going to keep getting the same answer every time you pose the question. Ventura or Starr? The answer was Starr in 2013. The answer was Starr in 2014. The answer is still Starr in 2015. AND THE ANSWER WILL BE STARR EVERY YEAR IN THE FUTURE AS LONG AS I AM IN THIS COMPANY. I am the past, present, and future of this business. I’m going to win my fourth world title before you can even win one, and you are going to be a part of the process. I am going to defeat you to win my championship match and you are going to watch from the sidelines as I regain MY Answers World Championship.
I took you under my wing and you still couldn’t hang with me. What makes you think you fly next to me? What makes you think your “Holy Brigade” can soar anywhere near my heights. Your little group only proves my points further. Look at the two men who stand beside you. They are failures as well. You’re a group of failures looking for whatever success you can find. You think, “Maybe if we all team up, one of us will finally win something, then we’re all winners!” I can’t attack you three for trying to make something of your careers for once, but I can tell you to stop trying. At the very least, I can tell you, Ventura, to stop trying. As long as I’m standing in your way, you don’t stand a chance. There is a glass ceiling above your head, John-boy. I saw you with your face pushed up against this ceiling and in 2013 I came back and used you to get back to the top, and waved bye as I not only left you on the other side of that ceiling but you kicked you down on my way up. I’m not at my true heights yet, but I’m above your ceiling. I’m staring back down at you through that ceiling just like I was in 2013. Keep knocking. Keep trying to break that glass. I’ll keep waving, and if you try to touch my level I’ll kick you right back down again.
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We all go through our lives contemplating how to achieve greatness. Some of us put our desires ahead of the needs of others. Some of us get obsessed with trying to determine what the key to success is, and eventually that obsession overwhelms us leading to what many of us refer to as individuals who failed to live up to their potential. But eventually we all encounter a crossroads. This encounter grants us the opportunity to achieve the greatness we all strongly desire, but the thing we struggle with the most is determining which path is the right one. The wrong road is where you let yourself become deluded by pursuing your own selfish ambitions. That's what I did in my first stint in EAW, but now I have learned the answer many of us seek. That answer is sacrifice. We all have to endure to succeed, it's a part of life. But some of us find this foolish. But I do not fall into that category any longer. With my second encountering of these crossroads, I won't make the same mistake that I made in the past.

For Nick and I, Showdown was nothing more than a mere trial run. We used Showdown as an opportunity to take the time to evaluate our opponents. Since that match didn't carry the significance the match at Reasonable Doubt does, what does it hurt? Our opponents failed to defeat us in a match where we simply evaluated them, so where will their hope of victory come from now? An individuals hope is typically derived from the same place. It's origin being the stubborn attitude of the individual. Stubbornness can carry you a long way in this industry, but you need other things to go along with it. Stubbornness alone will never be enough to overcome the obstacles that fall before you. So I ask my opponents this question, even with your stubbornness, how will you defeat two superior individuals when the lights are on? A scenario in which they excel.

That's a question you must first answer yourselves, but I will go ahead and tell you the answer. You can't. It's not from lack of talent, nor is it from the odds not being in your favor. But it's because all four of you; Vranchev, Stark, Landerson, and Duncan are in a company where its new comers have become far more lackluster than they were in the past. When Nick and I were in your same position, the competition was more intense, the extremists more talented. But now, you are all being brought up in his petty Land of Elite, a place where you will never endure the hardships that Nick and I endured while this place was still known as the Land of Extreme, those hardships were the very place where we made sacrifices for the future. I learned all of this on Showdown, and I must admit, none of it came as a shock. In our absence, those who fought to the very end and opposed anybody who tried to oppress them have dwindled. Nick and I were two men who would be placed in that category. To put it simple, we were renegades. A few of us still exist though, Ventura may not look it, but he knows what oppression is like. Thats the common bond we share, the reason we have chose to unite, an opportunity for revenge. We have all made our sacrifices, and the time has come we assure one another that we won't have to do that any longer. With that said, it's time that it becomes understood that while you all have become accustomed to mediocrity in this lackluster division, you have failed to be prepared for individuals who will ascend to levels far beyond the one you find yourselves at now.

Reasonable Doubt is a chance at redemption for Nick and I and also an opportunity for us to prove that the Holy Brigades is exactly what Ventura has said it is. Showdown was an opportunity for me to stretch my legs. After being away for 6 months, a little warm up was nice. But the time for warming up is over, and Showdown may have not have resulted in a victory. But it did result with Nick emerging victorious. We could have relished the moment where we once again decimated Clark Duncan longer than we did. But for our opponents, embarrassing them bit by bit seems a little more fitting as it shows them exactly what their up against. The time y'all have spent in EAW thus far has been nothing more than a walk in the park. Y'all have been walking for too long and it can remain sunny forever, as a storm is bound to make its presence known eventually. Nick and I are that storm, and we have concluded that the easiness you have become accustomed to will prove to be nothing more than a dream as with this storm comes the possibility of a coming nightmare becoming a reality.

I have made my sacrifices, and now it's time for y'all to do the same.

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..Caster, Oh, Caster...
...Deliver this dream...
...Caster, Oh, Caster...
...Deliver it, upon me."

✪It is in the afternoon in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey. The sun is out, a flock of birds can be seen flying through the cirrus clouds, and the wind is breezing past everything with brute force. The camera pans over to the mansion in which Ventura, alongside The Holy Brigade are temporarily residing. Suddenly, the front door of the mansions bursts open.

???: Gooooooood morning..........

✪A bit drunk Venom is stretching out in the middle of the doorway, as he smiles while looking up at the sky. He puts his hand below his chin, and looks back inside the house.

Venom: Yo Nicky, you got to check this out.

Nick: Close the damn door. You are attracting the flies.

✪Venom looks back outside, and notices a swarm of flies buzzing in about in the distance. Venom becomes horrified, and he quickly shuts the door. He slowly walks back inside, with Nick shaking his head.

Venom: You know what we should do tonight?

Nick: Throw you off a bridge?

Venom: That's funny. You can't throw me off anything. Look at those hands...

✪Nick looks down to glare at his hands, and becomes a bit agitated.

Nick: Well, these hands have touched more gold than you have in your entire career.

Venom: I thought we were going to be friends after last night.

Nick: I thought you were going to have some sense from now on after last night....

Venom: Don't tell me what to...

✪♫ "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack dimly plays, as Venom and Nick look around the house in confusion.


✪Nick silently continues to look around for the source of the music, and notices a staircase. He then looks at the wall and notices a reflection of a white/blue seeing.

Nick: Follow me...

✪Venom tosses his bottle across the room, cracking it into pieces. Nick squeezes his face, and sighs deeply while looking at Venom, who ascends the staircase. They both continue to go up the spiral, until they reach what appears to be a balcony, with Ventura being seated right in the middle. Nick slowly steps inside, with Venom following gingerly.

Venom: This is your home. Stop walking as if you are gazelles.

✪Venom pushing Nick out of the way: You heard the man.

✪Nick nearly falls over the balcony, but he balances himself to get back up.

Nick: One day, man, I am going to rip something of yours...

Ventura: Nick, Venom, sit down.

✪Nick and Venom slowly occupy the seats available in the balcony, whilst Ventura continues to stare right outside with his sunglasses on, not moving his head whatsoever.

Ventura: It appears he is one of the doubters.

Venom: Whom?

Ventura: Starr.

Nick: Of course he is going to doubt you, and especially us. He has won a lot of things in this company, and in comparison to us, we are nothing more but ants in his eyes.

Venom: What he said.

✪Ventura still doesn't move a muscle, as he is glued looking straight outside.

Ventura: Starr, if you still picture me as this feeble, irrelevant wimp who lost his marbles two years ago, then I think that you are one of the most pathetic men that I have ever seen. And to think that coming from a legend, you would show some sought of humility and respect, but I guess I was wrong. You are still that gullible, cheap man that sabotages people to get what you want. How is that working out for you, temporarily? I know, I know, you are probably thinking to yourself that this is a destined chance for you to win your fourth World Championship. You see yourself in a haven, where you see no being trying to scratch or grab that moment for you. We all have dreams.

✪Ventura raises an hourglass from the floor, and puts it on his lap.

Ventura: But this is where your dreams bare no significance. I already discarded, in my mind, all the success that you have achieved in this company. Don't flatter me with a gold medal or being an injury-prone warlord, besides, it seems your dreams are becoming a bit hazy, because it was my fellow friend Venom who decided to entitle you as an injury-prone individual. Tipsy much? Just checking.

✪Venom and Nick both look at the hourglass, while Ventura continues to speak.

Ventura: Respect. A feeling of admiration towards someone. It shouldn't be recommended trait for someone to have, Starr, it really shouldn't. I am still alive if no one decides to respect me. I am still a bodily function. You mention Devan Dubian, and you praise and glorify him because he is "respected". Okay? Thank you for making such a cunning observation, because at this point Devan isn't worth the hassle! Somewhere in your mind, after appraising him, you are probably thinking to yourself that, "Gee, I hope Devan feels the same way about me too." A man can stand a lot as long as he can stand himself. Judging from you, I don't know where you stand in this bizarre world. You call me a failed protege because you lost all the "uber-man" effects. You lost the championship, you have fallen down the pecking order, and you have just got assaulted by me on Showdown. While you declined, I have climbed. I invested my time to improve on my mistake, to make a solemn vow not to revert back to the path of torment ever again. That is what I have stuck by, and I will continue to keep by me. You don't have any standard, any sought of dogma that you can emphasize on because you think you are all that. You think your standard is the Ankle Lock maneuver. Most men have fallen under your trap, and most men have tapped out under that trap. That's an admirable feat. However, things have changed between you and I. While you do the same tricks over and over again, I plan to innovate myself. I don't practice parkour for no reason whatsoever. I do so to be evasive, to escape from circumstances in which trouble potentially looms. I know what it is like to be trapped in that Ankle Lock, so I know where I am standing, but that does not mean I should hinder away from your presence. I've changed. Our match over at Showdown proved nothing, not to me, and certainly not to you nor Alex Anderson. I have all to prove at Reasonable Doubt because I am drawing the line here. You can list me as crap amongst the other proteges that you had, you can say I am not respected, you can do any sought of act to try and attempt to get inside my head, but at the end of the day, you are wasting saliva. I am the Caster of Dreams, I am the Witch Doctor, I am the Man that holds your immortality. As vague, as ludicrous as it sounds, it is pure truth, and nothing but the truth. I showed the world the capabilities of how their realities can quickly simmer, but it seems you never got a view of that showing. I promise you, at Reasonable Doubt, you will surely expect a "casting" unlike any other. These two...

✪Ventura rotates his fingerat Nick and Venom, who both are in surprise.

Ventura: These two didn't come and join this lifestyle for the hell out of it, because they are already aware of my career, and the damages that it has had. I didn't use magic, I didn't use any threat, they joined The Holy Brigade because they can prove to everyone that they really have an important role in this company. Whether it is Nick, who continues to be a mere wrestler that pops in from time to time to just get buried by young talent...

✪Nick looks down on the ground, making a fist with his right hand.

Ventura: ...or whether it is a drunkard that people claim to be a bust just like Tomi Venus, because he held a plastic, silver trophy alongside a Tag-Team Championship reign that no one barely remembered.

✪Venom quickly gets up from the seat, and exits the balcony, shouting out words in rage.

Ventura: You can say all the jack that you want, Starr, you can think of us as pixies that swarm around. At Reasonable Doubt, I vow for you to never become a "star" again.

✪Suddenly, the hourglass in Ventura's possession slowly begins to trickle sand down to the bottom, as Ventura begins to smile. Nick starts to shimmer, as he sees a glow coming through the hourglass. It starts to become brighter, and brighter, with voices coming from Venom downstairs, asking where the eerie glow is coming from.

Ventura: LOOK AT YOUR------

✪Feed abruptly cuts, as the camera fades to black
(The following scene takes place in an old home, the cellar to be exact, and it seems to be around 80-100 years old judging by the fading light yellow paint, as well as cracks in the walls and cobwebs all over the place. A cricket is heard, being the only noise in the whole house. A few seconds later footsteps are made out before the lighting is cut off. The footsteps continue, while the cricket finally stops after a loud stomp is heard. Next, an object of some sort is heard dragging across the concrete floor, almost sounding like nails on a chalkboard. A chair perhaps? An old projector above begins to play, showing clips of various matches involving Norman Hellion. First clip shows Norman winning the Interwire championship. The image of Norman celebrating his title victory lasts for about ten seconds or so before the video transitions into slow motion before the next clip begins to play. This time we see Norman going through hell in the Cash in the Vault ladder match at his first ever Pain for Pride event. He is again sporting a confident smile until he is knocked out cold, with the screen going to black. The screen turns back on as we see Vic Vendetta at the top of the ramp with his 24/7 Battle Royal contract in hand. Again the screen goes to black. You can hear the referee making a three count with the bell ringing. The projector turns on again, with Vic celebrating with Norman's Interwire Championship and skips ahead to Xavier Williams winning the Cash in the Vault. Norman is seen sitting in a corner with the turnbuckles supporting his back, just staring off into space while Xavier sits at the top of the ladder, with the briefcase in hand. The next clip shows Norman struggling in his feud with Vic, who got the upper hand almost every single week. We see rare footage of Norman backstage after Vic successfully defended the Interwire championship against him. We expect to see Norman throwing a fit, perhaps even trashing the backstage area or maybe hear him cry due to his mental illness. But he remains calm, with his back to the camera. Out of nowhere, two shadows are standing next to him and he utters the words: "The time is almost here, my brothers." With just a few more clips remaining we see Norman Hellion facing off against Hades and Vic, with the Answers World championship on the line. Norman has Vic pinned, only a second away from becoming the new Answers World Champion, but StarrStan pulls him out of the ring and Olympic Slams him through the announce table. That moment replays three times before a distinct laugh is heard...)

(...A voiceover says: "A wise man once said, 'He who laughs last, laughs best.' The clip shows RAGNAROK's debut, as they make quick work of StarrStan the following week. The video now focuses on RAGNAROK's dominance, most notably highlighting their win against Stan, Devan, and Brian. From there we now see Norman locked in the Elimination Chamber along with Alex Anderson, Hades The Hellraiser, Starr Stan, Devan Dubian, and Brian Daniels. The highlights include Norman eliminating Brian Daniels and fast forwards to the final three, Norman, Alex, and Devan. Alex is the next to go, with just two men left, both having the same goal in mind of winning their first ever world championship in EAW. After a hard fought battle, Norman gets the upper hand and as we know, captures the Answers World Championship. Norman somehow gets to his feet and hoists the title in the air to a mixed reaction. Norman finally smiles for the first time since winning the Interwire championship. His confidence is back and why shouldn't it be? He now has the top prize in his possession, along with strong allies on his side in Psycho Brody and King Lannister. The second to last clip shows highlights of Norman's match against Alex Anderson. After a hard fought victory, Norman is seen celebrating his successful title defense. And as for the last clip, it rewinds to his confrontation with Mr. DEDEDE at King of Elite. Norman is seen talking to him, and DDD obviously doesn't like what he hears so he pushes him back, only for Norman to plant his head into the concrete floor, with medics coming to his aide. The lights flicker back on, with the image of Mr. DEDEDE needing medical attention still being shown. The camera zooms out just a tad with Norman staring at the screen, sitting backwards in the chair. He stands up and kicks the chair in front of him and begins to pace back and forth right in front of the screen. Instead of looking directly at the camera, he turns and looks at the image, admiring his work like a serial killer.) 

Soon Methuselah - soon you will realize why not a single Showdown elitist wanted to face me for my Answers World Championship. Because in case you forgot, I made an open challenge a few weeks ago, begging for a poor soul to face me at Reasonable Doubt, which is only fitting right? The whole Showdown roster is full of doubt right about now and rightfully so. Since I won this title at Road to Redemption, elitists on my brand, yes, MY BRAND, began to second guess themselves, other than a pompous man by the name of Alex Anderson. As we all know, he has an ego. An ego that's the size of the moon, if not bigger. At the time he wanted to see what was so damn special about me. He wanted to see if I was the real deal or if I was just some fluke champion who carried around a belt made of fool's gold. He wanted to test me, Methuselah, but TEST ME NOT HAHAHAHA. He learned the hard way that since I joined RAGNAROK and since I became Answers Champion of the World, I am unstoppable. Compared to my opponents and everyone in EAW in general, I am on a whole different level - bu-but it wasn't always this way. I wasn't always this cruel Behemoth that people see today. As you saw a moment ago, I've had my fair share of ups and downs and the thing is, I used to always wish I could erase those low points of mine, such as Vic embarrassing me. He made me look like some kind of puppet. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that those memories? They serve a purpose. They remind me that I used to be weak. Not physically, but mentally and emotionally. Look back at when I first arrived to EAW, or more specifically, NEO, Methuselah. Watch the tapes and you'll see a man who was unsure of himself. You'll see a man try to help his opponents, rather than hurt them. And why was that? Why would I help a person whose mission that night was to slay me? The answer is rather simple. It's because I was trying to be someone I'm not. I was trying to be a good person. I tried, Methuselah. I tried to see the good in everybody, no matter their gender, race, or religion. And today I still don't discriminate. It's just that now I hate everybody the same HAHAHAHA. So as you can see and imagine, that old version of me is dead and gone. Long gone. Now I will no longer help those who may need my help, with the exception of King Lannister and Brody of course.

Now – these highlights might not interest you, which is fine. The point of this was to show you the evolution of The Behemoth. I wanted you to finally see what kind of man you're facing this Saturday. To you Methuselah, you think we are cut from the same cloth. You say we are both monsters, that we are BOTH SAVAGES! I am neither. For you see, monsters, no matter how big or tough they are, they eventually lose battles to knights in shining armor. Knights such as I don’t know, Tyler Parker? Just throwing names out there HAHAHAHA. And savages? The word savage has two meanings to me. Before I came to EAW, it meant a fierce and violent creature. But now? It represents weakness. The word savage is linked to a tag team who don’t deserve to carry around such prestigious titles and the only reason why they are even valued as prestigious is because they used to belong to my brothers, Brody and King Lannister. The word savage is also linked to your friend, which still puzzles me on why you picked him as your partner. I mean let's think about this, what do you two have in common? Your first names are both Ryan - and? That's about it. Because when I see you, Ryan, Mr. DEDEDE, now Methuselah, I see the face of EAW. I see a hall of famer. I see a man who has won the world title on multiple occasions. But I also see a man who is - I don't know how to phrase it. Don't worry Norman, let me! Yes "Methuselah", it is true, you are all those things that Norman listed off and more! But now it's time for a back handed compliment. What my friend was trying to say is you're - out of touch in a way. Let me explain before you go off on me, which I expect you to do regardless, but still, I feel like I owe you an explanation. You see - you are out of touch because you think you still run this place with your silly “”God contract and all, but you don't. Times are changing - and let me put it like this. Let's use a painting as an example. From what I understand, guys like you, Jaywalker, Y2Impact, and The Heart Break Boy were the top dogs! The alphas! Nobody dared to mess with you four, but now? The painting is getting a makeover, since two of them are gone, another is just a yes man, and then there is you who is about to suffer another significant loss. In the present it's about Tyler Parker! Diamond Cage! I won't be biased and name either King Lannister or Brody, so I'll say Jacob Senn! And with you, who used to be front and center in this painting - you are now fading completely and the brush is now painting a man with a thick black beard, a wife beater, and a blue vest! Make no mistake about it Methuselah, this isn't me asking you to pass the torch - instead, I'm going to grab it, set you on fire and watch your skin crisp up – but don't worry, it won't be all that bad, for I will sing Silent Night while this is all happening! How does it go again Norman?

“Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
Holy Infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Methuselah, sleeeeeep in heavenly pppppeace.”

But there’s more!

“Silent night, holy night
Shepherds quake at the sight
Glories stream from heaven afar
Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia
Norman Hellion, the Savior is born
Norman Hellion, the Savior is born!!!” HAHAHAHAHA. 

(The projector switches to a picture of Fortuneteller Hamasa. Norman places his finger over her mouth and begins to shhh and says the following, "Don't worry, I will also take you out of your misery.")

Hamasa, the Fortuneteller, you said Methuselah has taken a liking to my friend Norman and let me say that Norman has taken a liking to you. You see he likes mystery. The fact that you cover your face only excites him. He wants to know your hair color, I'm guessing it's black, but who knows, other than yourself of course? Do not feel alarmed, Norman is harmless. He just wants to pet that hair of yours - and yank out every last strand! Such a dark turn am I right? I'm guessing you thought this "feud" involved just Norman and Methuselah, but you're wrong. He made this personal and I'll tell you why in a second. Just know that now it's Norman's turn to do some damage and it starts with you. What is it you call your client again? A guardian? God I hope so - for your own sake, I hope he keeps his word and protects you. I also hope he keeps his promise of killing Norman because if he doesn't go through with that promise, I can't guarantee that your friend, Methuselah, will have a beating heart at the end of the match, nor can I guarantee that you will be able to identify him once this is all over! Because this war is going to take place in HELL IN A CELL! Some might think Norman is crazy for picking such a stipulation, but that's the thing, he didn't choose it - I did. Why oh why would I do that? Simple, I'm sick of the lack of respect Norman gets. He won a world title in rather quick fashion and he proved he's the best world champion at the Award's Show, but that isn't enough. Instead it’s all about Tyler and Cage! It's because they've "paid their dues" right? They put the hard work in, yes, but so has Norman, if not more. What I'm about to say might be considered an opinion, when it should classified as a fact, but I'll say it nonetheless. Showdown is the best show in EAW today and it's been that way for a while. You hear that Norman? Do you hear the disgruntled Voltage and Dynasty elitists? I don't care what they think because at the end of the day, no matter which way you slice it, Showdown's roster has the most depth. There isn't a single weak performer on the blue brand. Look at the top. Look at Norman and look at proven veterans such as StarrStan, Brian Daniels, Devan Dubian and then factor in guys who are on the cusp of becoming regular main eventers in Ventura and Alex Anderson. But it doesn't end there. You have a returning Nick Angel and Venom that you have to account for. Then you also have elitists who show a lot of promise such as Clark Duncan, Evan Stark, and so on. The point I'm trying to make is Showdown is stacked from top to bottom. Each and every week Norman goes to battle with some of the best elitists today and he almost always comes out on top, especially as of late. But again, he won't get a shred of respect and you would think that respect doesn't mean much to us, but on the contrary, it quite does.

Don't you see Methuselah and Hamasa? Even though this match was made official only two weeks ago, it's been set in stone since King of Elite. When I had Norman attack you on that day, I knew we would cross paths again. Why was I so sure? Because I know you. I know your pride means everything. I know you can't stand when someone makes you look bad and I know you can’t leave the spotlight for a single second. But the question remains, did I expect Methuselah? Probably not. At the time I expected Mr. DEDEDE, but I get it. You are too embarrassed to go by the name right now because of what Tyler did to you. So what did you do? You grew a beard, got an eye logo and you tell us how ruthless you are. Yeah - I'm not buying it. You are still the same man with just a slightly different appearance. And I'm sure you'll tell me different. You will probably tell me how you're this monster and savage again, but you would only be wasting your breath. At Reasonable Doubt, you will be trapped. That's the point of the cell, is it not? And that's the main reason why I made the stipulation. I don't want you to get cold feet. I don't want you to second guess yourself, which will only be natural mid-way through the match. And when I say second guess yourself I'm not just talking about accepting my open challenge, I'm talking about you second guessing your existence in this world. So Methuselah, once you become unconscious, which will happen, and once the ref hands Norman back his Answers World Championship, my attention will shift towards you, Hamasa - and I hope you'll be at ringside so you make this easier for me, or if you want to stay backstage, then that's fine too, but just know you can't hide from me and RAGNAROK HAHAHAHA. You might be asking yourself, why am I picking on you? You already know the answer darling. You need to be punished. You need to be punished because what I hate more than anything is A LIAR. And you've been lying through your teeth since the first second I laid my eyes on you. Because if you really saw the future, you would know that your hero will fall at Norman's feet. I hope you finally realize that right now you are doing more harm than good by fabricating the truth to Methuselah. If he was as smart as he claims to be, he would know that a fortune cookie is more reliable than the words that come out of your mouth. Soooo.. what will be your punishment? It depends on the mood I'm in. What? Did you expect to hear my answer right here and now? No Hamasa, that’s not how it works. You will get your answer on my terms. Plus why would I spoil such a surprise? I want to see you sweat first.  

(A new image appears and it’s King Lannister and Psycho Brody holding the EAW Tag Team Championships and a second later, the titles vanish from the image. Norman clenches his hands into fists, looking to unload on either the picture or the wall but he begins talking to Peter and he calms down by taking a few deep breaths.)

This is why this is now personal, Methuselah. You took something away from RAGNAROK and in return, I will make sure to take something from you and all the people you care about. I already mentioned Hamasa, but what about your partner in crime? What about Ryan Savage? He too will be punished, but I won't lay a hand on him, not because I am intimidated by him, but because I became bored of him during our encounters in NEO. But with that said, I'm still going to take something away from him and that's you, Methuselah. I'm going to take away his only ally in this company. I want him to feel what I’ve felt since I was born and that's emptiness. I want him to feel alone. I want to drive him to the point he contemplates sui - well I won't say it, but you see where I'm going with this. After our match, he won't hear a single peep from his friend again. He will then have to defend the tag titles on his own and he will fail miserably. He will tell himself that it's no big deal, that he will recover - but he won't. The silence he will hear will be deafening and he has nobody to blame but you, Methuselah. And as for Methuselah himself, I will also take something of yours. I will take away your bragging rights. I've heard you talk many times before and I’ve noticed that you just love to boast about how you've beaten just about every relevant elitist in EAW HAHAHAHA – but one name will be left unchecked on that long list of yours and his first name starts with an N and ends with an orman. And that will bother you. It will eat away at you for the rest of your life, unless you constantly beg us for a rematch, which I will politely decline, not out of fear, but because we want to play with a new toy. You see Methuselah, you might be special to EAW and its fans, but to me? You don't mean a damn thing because you will just be another victim of mine that I will later on forget about, just like the rest. As you can see I'm trying to keep my cool. Unlike Team Stan or whatever they were called, you've caused tension between the RAGNAROK members. You even had Norman doubt Brody for a second there - but if you're expecting us to implode by your words or fists, then you will only be disappointed. For once Reasonable Doubt reaches its conclusion, RAGNAROK will be stronger than ever and even your “fortuneteller” could tell you that if you didn’t bribe her with money.

(The last image is a still frame of Mr. DEDEDE, after his match at King of Elite. He is still in his ring gear, sitting alone with his head in his hands, staring at the ground with a blank stare.)

I often had the same look on my face. Being lost is not a feeling – its pure poison. It kills you inside and sometimes you wish death would come and save you from it - but if you are strong enough, you can defeat it. I for one no longer have that poison in my system because I have Brody and King Lannister on my side. With them sticking up for me and with them having my back, it makes me kick it up a notch. They make me want to be better. They make me want to cave your skull in, Methuselah. At Reasonable Doubt, I could say that I want to beat you for their revenge or say I want to annihilate you because Stan, Dubian, Daniels, Anderson, Ventura, are more deserving to face me this week since they weren’t the ones who just completely skipped the line to face me, but then again they had an opportunity to accept my challenge – however the warm liquid running down their leg prevented them from doing so. Truth be told, I want to beat you for selfish reasons. You are often seen as the best EAW has to offer and this Saturday, I am on a mission to prove that is no longer the case. Hamasa, tell him the truth for once. If you care about him in the slightest, then you should warn him. Warn him that at Reasonable Doubt we will see the changing of the guard. Tell him that we will see a legend fall – WHILE ANOTHER ONE IS CREATED!

(Norman closes his eyes while highlights of himself hitting various opponents with the deadly Discus Clothesline is shown. The same still frame of Methuselah is shown and Norman grabs a knife and cuts a section in the projector screen right where his throat is.)


(The lights go out for a few seconds and turn back on. The camera zooms out and Norman is nowhere to be seen. All we see is the same Methuselah image on the projector. The camera zooms in on the image, just showing Methuselah’s head and neck area. All of sudden real blood begins to leak out of the hole that was cut across his throat, landing mostly on the camera and ending the scene.)

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The road to my fourth world title could not get any easier.
A few weeks ago I had a tough task at hand. Yet again I was going up against Norman Hellion. Now we had an interesting stipulation between each other. If I lost to Norman that week, he didn’t think I’d ever get a shot at his world title. If I couldn’t beat him in an exhibition match I didn’t deserve to face him in a championship match. I agreed with him, and what happened? I lost. For a moment, I thought what he said was true. I doubted myself. I doubted my chances at ever regaining MY Answers World Championship. That, however, was just for a moment. After I outwrestled the joke of “Alex Landerson,” I was put into the number one contendership match at Reasonable Doubt, despite being cheated out of the match. Say what you want Alex, but I deserve to be in that match. I admire your trickery, dressing up as your amigo Tornado. I admire your cheating, stealing the victory from me. Those are all tricks I’ve pulled in the past. I can’t question it, but no one can question my spot this Saturday. On the other hand, we can question Ventura’s spot this Saturday. Who did you wrestle to get into this match? This match should have been yet another installment of StarrStan vs. Devan Dubian, but instead we get the Caster of Jokes Ventura. I should be happy though. Dub’s actually beat me before, unlike you Ventura, or even you Alex. Things couldn’t have been set up better. The stars have aligned, all that’s left is for me to capitalize on it.
Let’s start with you, John-boy. Ventura my old friend I could go on and on about you. You’ll never hear the end of your embarrassment at Pain for Pride 6. That was when your downward spiral started, right? Wrong. You still could have been great. You still could have been a world champion. You still could have accomplished every one of your dreams, if it wasn’t for me. I used you. I latched onto all the success you had, everything you had built. I took you under my wing but I took all your momentum with it. Within two months I was main eventing a Free-Per-View next to you. I was supposed to mentor you, but all I did was use you to jump start my career back to where it belonged. I could have taken the traditional route, but it didn’t matter how many careers I had to destroy to get back what I wanted. Neither of use won that match at House of Glass, but it was that night our careers launched into different directions. I was on a roller coaster that only went up, while you were falling off a mountain top, hitting every rock that jarred out on our way down. You dropped down the card. You lost match after match. You had just enough left in your tank to make it to extreme elimination chamber at Road to Redemption, but that was just enough to see me eliminate you. Just enough to see me raise the Answers World Championship as your ankle was being worked on in the back. It only got worse from there. You dropped off the face of extreme for months. You were better off sitting at home than destroying more of your career. This isn’t the same situation we were in then, but just think where your career is going to go after yet another match with me? I’ve defeated you in the past, and I defeated you this past week. You were the protégé, and a poor one at that. You were just a shell of what my original protégés were. As much as I despise Devan Dubian right now, at least he’s respected in this company. At least Chris Hessian walked out of this company before embarrassing himself at Pain for Pride. I’m embarrassed to ever associate my name with yours, but at least I can say I got something out of it. At least I know I can defeat you this Saturday. You think I’m injury prone? You think your assault will have an effect at Reasonable Doubt? I won a gold medal with a broken neck. I had my leg broken by Heart Break Boy and I came. I’ve wrestled with multiple concussions. I WON A WORLD TITLE WITH MUTIPLE CONCUSSIONS. This is EAW. Whether it’s Extreme or Elite, you know the business. The injuries add up, and maybe they aren’t as gruesome as they used to be, but they still occur. What makes a champion is now just how you overcome them, but how you channel the pain into your success. I won’t forget your curb stomp. It’s imprinted in my brain, literally. I’ll remember long after I’ve got you in the ankle lock, or whatever submission I choose to end you with. I’ll take tap or snap to a whole new level. I will make you submit and still break your limbs. I’ll snap your ankle. I’ll break your arm. I’ll choke you out and break your own neck if I want to. What I want is the Answers World Championship, and if you think you can stand in my way I’ll start breaking bones until you can’t stand at all.
Now onto the man who has dropped the ball more times than anyone in EAW history, Alex Anderson. The man who has lost out on so many opportunities, championships, and even jobs in his career. There was a time when I supported you, Alex. There was a time when I though you could actually be world champion. A time where I thought I could leave this company in good hands, but I was wrong. Alex you’re in a similar position as Ventura. What makes you think you can beat me? I’ve beaten you so many times in the past. What’s your excuse? What is going to be different this Saturday? You talk a lot of trash but you rarely back it up. When I set goals, I accomplish them. When I make deadlines, I beat them. When title opportunities are put in front of me, I capitalize on them. There’s a reason you weren’t even supposed to be in this tournament. There’s a reason they put El Landerson in the tournament over you. This tournament was just a formal way to give the most deserving man the world title shot. They could have just handed it to me, but they had to make it look like I earned it. I’ve earned this title shot after months of hard work, but this Saturday, will just be the easiest part of it all. Making you tap out is simple. I’ve done it before, just like I’ve made Ventura tap out before.
A triple threat is supposed to make me more vulnerable to defeat, but all it does is add an extra opportunity for success. What is supposed to be another threat is another chance at victory. I can defeat you either of you. I will defeat one of you.
There is no doubt in my mind that I’ll be in the next Answers World Championship match. There is no doubt in my mind that I’ll be facing a monster when that day comes, whether it be Norman Hellion or Methuselah. There is no doubt in my mind that I will slay that monster, just like I will slay my two opponents this Saturday. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be Answers World Champion again.
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EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

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