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 EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 17th 2015, 10:18 pm by Stark

A new day yields a new breed. 2015 is a big year for the Elite Answers Wrestling federation. It’s the year for justice to be served. The year that the old die and the new rise. It’s just the perpetual cycle of being. After all, how long can DDD and the like reign at the top? It’s cyclical, and if there’s anything I’ve learned from my wrestling career, it’s that the longer an individual stays at the top of the mountain, the rougher their fall will be. Therefore, I have no intention of rushing to the top and reach the point where I have nowhere to go but down. So, naturally my first step is to win the New Breed Championship. I’d like to make something explicitly clear. I am the future of this company. And if there’s anything that I’ve learned, it’s that time stops for no one. Once again, it’s the perpetual cycle of rise and fall. And when the big guys fall, I rise. Evan Stark’s time to rise is NOW. Come Saturday, I will be the new number one contender for the AWL New Breed Championships. This championship scramble is my golden ticket to success. Of these new bunch of superstars, the class of 2015 if you will, I am clearly the best. I’ve proven that in victory I am dominant, and in defeat I still go out with a bang. I have all the charisma and presence needed to be the top guy. But my trump card? I can outwrestle anyone in this company. And yet again, I’ve proven that. 5 matches in and Evan Stark is a name that almost everyone knows. And once I wow the world at Reasonable Doubt, best 5 other men, and become the number one contender for Jamie O’Hara’s New Breed Championship, Evan Stark will be at the top of Showdown’s new breed, and again, one step closer to the big leagues.

So who’s in my way? Some claim the biggest threat is Venom, fresh off of his return, but I think after Showdown it’s evident that Nick Angel is obviously a force to be reckoned with. The thing with Angel is that he is living in the delusions of times past. 2013 may have been a strong year for Angel, but 2015 is a completely different story. Let me reaffirm the fact that Stark is the future, no matter what anyone thinks. As long as I am living, breathing, and healthy, my rise to the top is as certain as the moon coming up at night. It is out of anyone’s control. I came into this company, destined for greatness, looking towards the future. While Nick Angel came back into this company holding the promises and potential of the past, because he knows that if he turns and looks at the future, all he will see is his imminent demise. And by imminent, I mean in the matter of days, because once Angel is obliterated at Reasonable Doubt this Sunday, his career will turn to ashes again, just like it did in 2013. And then Nick can come back with more hope for a promising EAW career next year. It’s irrelevant that Nick Angel won the Battle Royal. That proved nothing more than the fact that Nick Angel possesses the ability to throw someone over the top rope, which anyone with an ounce of strength can do. So before you go off on a tangent about winning the match on Showdown, remember that the objective was not solely to WIN the match, but to prove something. And I think I proved everything, assaulting El Landerson, SHOWING THE WORLD HOW RUTHLESS EVAN STARK CAN BE WHEN HE SETS HIS MIND TO IT. Nick, you’re no world-class veteran. You’re a never-was, as I always say. The so-called sleeping giant you THINK we awakened on Showdown was a flash in the pan. That wasn’t your preview, that was your moment. That’s it for you. You got the Battle Royal and you wanna know why the Battle Royal mattered so much for you? It was the best you could’ve possibly done. Nick Angel won’t win the Championship Scramble because Evan Stark will be winning the match at RD. And you know there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Know this Angel, you’re dealing with one of your greatest challenges. Everything you did in 2013 will seem like child's play once you come face to face with Stark at Reasonable Doubt. And when you’re down for the one-two-three, you’ll realize that you had no business coming back in the first place.

That leads me to Angel’s friend in the Brigades, Venom. I personally had higher expectations for a man as hyped as Venom, coming in as one of the hottest returning commodities in the EAW only to sell out and join the Holy Brigades. I for one am not intimidated by Ventura’s little magic clan. Sure, Venom and Angel may choose to team up, but regardless it comes out to a two-on-four situation. The Brigades are nothing more than a ponzi scheme for Johnny Ventura to propel himself back to the top of Showdown. He doesn’t care about you two, he doesn’t want you two that’s for sure, because he knows if he tried to get someone capable of winning a match, cutting a promo, or someone with an ounce of self-respect, they’d shoot him down. So talk about the Brigades all you want, but know that you probably weren’t Ventura’s first, second, third, OR fourth choice. He scraped the bottom of the deepest barrel of EAW talent to find you two. You’re both useless and worthless. So play along Ventura and this wizard wars spree of shenanigans and pretend, just keep pretending that you’re part of something better and keep living in these delusions of grandeur that Ventura falsely promised you, because everyone else knows that the only reason you’re with Ventura is because you were the best he could get. And that’s no compliment by any means. As for you and Angel being superior when the lights are on? You’re dumber than I thought. You and Angel only look intimidating, and are only worth giving a damn about when the lights are off. You and Angel are only relevant when hiding behind Ventura and his magic tricks. But alone in the ring? Standing against 4 superior competitors? That’s when you’ll realize that you, just like Angel, should have stayed away from the EAW. This wasteland is the home of the big dog now, and that big dog is Evan Stark. I’m just at the gate to success, standing with one obstacle in my way. My obstacle is five men that have no business wrestling. Five men that are here for all the wrong reasons. Angel and Venom hide behind a superior elitist who has only employed them for his own selfish gain. Duncan is here to entertain although he has no talent in comedy, nor wrestling. Vranchev wants to prove that he’s able to make the jump from Bulgarian dog fighting to professional wrestling but that ain’t working out too well for him. El Landerson, well, I’ll have to say that next to me, he’s the only one focused on winning the match for the sake of furthering his career. And that says a lot about the rest of you, when the dumbass has clearer and purer motives than you lot. Let’s face it, Venom, you claim to be here for redemption. But what’s stronger? Redemption or ambition. At Reasonable Doubt, you’ll learn that everything I fight for is stronger than everything you fight for.

As for Clark Duncan, the absolute most disgraceful and pathetic professional wrestler I’ve ever seen , what can I say? Your bullshit speaks for itself. Carelessly bumping into pedestrians, to prove what? That you have a mental disability? Calling your competition scrubs is no way to win a match. But what would you know, you’re too busy trying hard to make jokes to focus on the match. So Duncan, the second coming of Christ has an idea here for you. After I beat you senseless at Reasonable Doubt, you can go running back to whatever shady alley-way bar you did stand-up at. I’m sure that’d be more suited for you. The EAW is no place for comedy, and no joke or measure of wit can help you at Reasonable Doubt. You won’t win if you’re not serious. And over these past four weeks you’ve explicitly shown that you have not ONE ounce of seriousness in you. You’re cut from the same cloth as every other never-was that showed their face in this company. You won’t be a top guy ever, we all know that. You won’t ever touch a championship in your life, we all also know that. But the worst of it, Duncan? You won’t be able to beat Evan Stark at Reasonable Doubt. I talk myself up for a reason. I BACK IT UP. Win or lose, I impress, win or lose, I make a statement, win or lose, my opponent gets hurt, win or lose… Evan Stark will be at the absolute very top before any of you know it. That New Breed Championship would be in my reach if not for five blumbering imbeciles who think they can hang with Stark. Well, at Reasonable Doubt, you’ll all see why I’m destined for glory.

Why I’m destined for success.

Why I’m destined for greatness.

Why I’m destined for gold.

The New Breed Championship will be mine.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 17th 2015, 10:03 pm by Anderson.
I can watch all the Tarantino movies I please, I can watch as many highlights of the Raptors this season as I want... but I will never be more entertained than I am from the great Starrstan.

In fact, I don't think I've ever been entertained by a man to the extent that you have entertained me at, Starr. It's hilarious how you think you have all of this figure out. It's funny how you think you have every word that I have said deciphered... but the truth is, you don't understand. You didn't comprehend anything that I said, and even though the match is a fight, I'll do you a favour and reiterate for you exactly what I said last night in my interview. You see, I never once said that my net worth had to do with me buying my "success." Let's look at the tape, shall we?

"I can kick my hooves up, relax, and enjoy my life and can afford anything that I desire. I can do things that you, your children, and the children of your children will be dreaming about... but will never have the opportunity to do so. I could do all that, but what am I going to do today? Responding. I am going to respond to the idiocy that I have my entire career,  but what separates this idiocy today is that it is from two men who I just expected more from, to be quite honest with you. "

Where the hell did I ever mention buying anything that I want from that?

Tell me, Starrstan.

Once again, you twist the narrative in order for you to come out on top of this "verbal battle." But you know what this does, Starrstan? It just makes you look like an even bigger idiot than you already are. You're right on one thing – you've been in this business a longer time than me, but do you know what separates me and you, Starr? My career is a linear graph, whereas yours is a quadratic. I am always rising. I am constantly making improvements, whereas you, Starr... it seems that your career is just constant ups and downs. Really no linear movement. No sustained progress. Sure, you've had your fair share of accolades, but what good is that when you can't remain consistent? And don't try to act as if your career has been that, because it is a fact that it hasn't. When you try to picture out the picture-perfect elitist... one thing to stray away from is the obscurity that you lie into every now and then. It's exactly what Lebron James was once critcized about – disappearing. Nowhere to be seen during the clutch. While you have shown that you can play in the clutch, you haven't shown that you are elite. That is why you aren't a first-class hall of famer. When I view the hall of fame, there are at least ten names that I can name over you. I know my opinion may not mean anything to you, but I speak on behalf of my current generation. I speak on behalf of MY locker room – yes, my locker room. As a matter of fact, that actually brings me to my next point.

"This business isn’t a game to you anymore, Alex? When did that occurrence happen? Was it after you were a fired the first, second, or third time? Was it after you FAILED at your previous opportunities at the Answers World Championship? You’ve taken every opportunity you can get, but you took them and threw them right in the trash. "

I can spend this time telling you that I have used every opportunity that I have been given, but the truth is, Starr... I haven't. I can admit that. But what I'll also say is that every man has gone through that in this company. You look around and you will see everyone who has lost world championship matches. Look at Diamond Cage. Look at Hades. Look at Tyler Parker. Look at any one of the men who have won world championships and are world champions today. It happens. However, let's drift our focus towards wrestling in general – let's forget about world championships for a second. If I recall correctly, I took the opportunity that I had last week and I locked you in your own finishing move: the ankle lock. While I did that, you were screaming... purely screaming in agony... and I truly and dearly enjoyed it. Forget about what happened after that. In that moment, I know for a fact that I took advantage of the opportunity that was given to me, courtesy of this company that we know and love.

The past may be irrelevant, but not when nothing has changed. It’s always been the same circumstances. I’ve always been a better wrestler than you. I’ve always been smarter than you. I’ve always defeated you, so the same old excuse of “it’s a new day,” doesn’t work here. It doesn’t work when you don’t tell me what’s changed. It doesn’t work when you’re still the same mediocre elitist and I am still the most elite wrestler in Elite Answers Wrestling.

Starr, while you have proven to be a great wrestler and I have never doubted that, I am the one and true ace of Elite Answers Wrestling. I have taken everything that was given to me and multiplied it by a thousand. I manipulated EAW and I have been on the greatest ride of my career, and the clock doesn't strike midnight at Reasonable Doubt. The party's just getting started, and I am going to take it up yet another notch come Saturday night. Say what you want about me, Starr, but even me being in this match was something that I did through the art of manipulation. Why? Because I am a genius. If you don't realize this now, I'm sure you can spend a long time just thinking about it post-Reasonable Doubt.

As for you, caster oh caster...

Please stop embarrassing yourself. It's beginning to get clearer by the minute that this match is between me and Starrstan and not you. You're a joke. I just don't know what to say to you anymore, because quite frankly... you make no sense.

"Your words, Alex Anderson, is as melodious and confining to your ears, whilst to the audience, is nonsense that gets excessively spewed. The sounds that you make, the vibration of irritation and annoyance. "


"Your words, Alex Anderson, is as melodious and confining to your ears, whilst to the audience, is nonsense that gets excessively spewed.



"The endless descriptions can go on and on. You can forge an attempt to "snooze" what I am about to say, but after Reasonable Doubt, there is a strong, liable chance that you are going to continue to descend down the pecking order."

Last time I checked, I was the clear-cut number two of Showdown, and if you don't believe me, go back and watch the footage of King of Elite. I proved it to Norman Hellion, and I proved it to the world. I don't see how I could "continue" to descend down the pecking order, when I have been rising constantly for the past few months. Again, I just don't understand why you feel the need to say things that have no backing to them. Stop beating on the same old drum for so long, Ventura. Learn the game before you play it.

"After your reality has been cast, you can stay in that dreamy state for eternity."

I can assure you this much, Ventura. My only reality is winning the Answers World Championship and carrying that championship to and out of Pain for Pride in June. You have to deal with this and cope with it, however best you can. I'm telling you now, so you're prepared to deal with the heartbreak after.

Thank me later.
DYNASTY PROMO #2344334345435453543345
6565467589768976897697696964764896478954895!-I BROKE THE RECORD!-

Tiberius Jones appears in a dark room looking around, checking under chairs, looking on top of shelves and even tossing a garbage can over.

You there A Will???




A-Will, where are thou!!! My beloved A-Will!

A-Will I extended a time frame for you to speak at least four times now, why haven’t you answered me yet A-Will!!




Tiberius scratches his head and fakes an act of being exhausted.

Well guys, I’ve waited quite a long time, but I just can’t find A Will, I guess he’s just scared. Maybe I can entertain all of you with some pearls of wisdom and quotes dug out from the ages?
When it comes to an eye for an eye a wise extremist said it best “to me it was an eye for a pair, if you poked me in the eye I’d respond by going for both your eye sockets, if you threw a pebble my way I’d launch a monster boulder!”

Or wait, let me show you something that might get the message across from another medium.

Tiberius opens up a laptop and shows a gif on the screen.

Tiberius closes the laptop shut.

See sometimes, just getting even isn’t quite good enough. See we live in a world where people are under the impression that acting stupid, being annoying, and pulling stunts can only be responded with equal treatment in return, you push someone, you expect they can only push you back the same no farther, but to me that’s never made sense. You began an act of aggression, you turned something normal into the abnormal, why shouldn’t the other person thus amplify the situation into whatever level he or she chooses? It’s the best way to get it across to people not to fuck around with you, because once the boundary is broken and the threshold has been compromised, who knows what you might do? If someone knows that if they slap your sister you might just annihilate every single member of their family, don’t think you think they’d think twice a lot more? People say that I and the Dynasty GM are quite friendly and have a mutual respect. I can’t help but wonder if it’s because when Cleo tried to keep me from getting noticed, I got noticed in the biggest way by spitting mist on the face of her authority when she was trying to impress the possible new chairman and made her a joke in this company until she was ran out when new management was established, or that maybe it’s because while Kevin Devastation tried to SLOW my career down I decided to take it up a notch and END his career altogether?

All I know is, I think it’s fair to say I have a tendency for revenge. Just look at the people who’ve pinned me in EAW, out of the three only times I’ve been pinned in EAW.

Christopher Corrupt pins me when we were in a tag team match involving Lethal and Kendra Shamez. I return the favour by giving him an electric chair driver through two glass chairs and defeat him on FPV as I left his body mangled.

My second pinfall defeat came when Psycho Brody was the surprise draftee to Dynasty and beat me. I bounced back and I eliminated his ass from King of Elite and began his downfall as the embarrassment member of Ragnarok.

So see? Be it managerial figures, or other wrestlers, I always dish out revenge. So if I ever seem to go overboard, just consider yourself lucky that I do so, because if something rare was to happen, if I was to hold back my act of payback I assure you it would have a catastrophic ending, you wouldn’t want to be the person, because person exists, and he better be watching his back.

A-Willy, A-Willard, A-William, A-Billy Bob Bill, don’t make the mistake of annoying me, again, be a bit prudent, be a bit a man of common sense. See I think either one of us could play this game, I could of sent 10 more videos up for EAW if I wanted before you said anything back, but is that really required? Are we men so base that we must lower ourselves to such petty tomfoolery? Because I don’t really like doing it, but I can out tomfoolery the majority of the roster if I am dragged down to the level of having no other choice, unless I tend to be someone else’s sucker. I’m no one’s sucker, I’m no one’s free-ride. So next type you try to be slick. Remember, Tiberius Jones? Well he’s the slickest of the slick.
Dynasty promo #4
Tiberius Jones is seen standing inside a small foreign hairstyling store in Canada annoyed talking to a man at the counter.

TJ: What you mean she’s not here right now, I have an appointment. These people need to see my hair be done live, I heard from a friend this was the best service.

Man: Yes, yes, I can see that, but you’ll have to wait, she’ll be around in an hour or two.

TJ: Then why didn’t you let me pick a time that could be in an hour or two.

Man: You know Haitians, we work on our clock.

TJ: This is why we as a people never go anywhere….

Tiberius gives up and just lets it go while turning to shake his head and smiling to the camera.

Sorry everyone, no dice it seems. There’s nothing worse than people who think you have all the time in the world just to deal with their shit 24/7.

That reminds me, that A-Will guy was getting real tense because he wasn’t be waited on hand and foot, calling me a coward for not responding. I wonder what’s taking him so long now, not that I really want to hear from him or anything, his words and mindset are as messy as my uncombed hair right now because some people just have no consideration for others.

He was acting like he had such important topics to talk about that couldn’t wait a few hours before being spoken. Something about some mysterious other figure who is going to get his ass kicked on Dynasty besides-ha ha- me , probably Tyler Parker’s opponent based on what he’s been putting on social media. What makes the guy think his words and view point have any importance on something on the grand scale of Tyler Parker vs Montell Smooth? Why would Tyler Parker even want him to have his back if it isn’t for shits and giggles? In the end, I don’t really care, just responding to his riddle is enough of a waste of my talents and brain power.

Anyways, I’d never play mind games with A-Will like he thinks I am with my so called silence, things that do not exist cannot be played with, I don’t play air guitar and even if I was to force my hand through A-Will’s skull I would not come to pretend there is anything there for me to mess with.  I mean clearly this man is an idiot, he thinks hyping up the fact of his lack of stats not meaning he is a rookie is a good thing, as if being a veteran who hasn’t done shit is better than being a rookie fresh to take the plate. If you’ve done this countless times, and haven’t reached success A-Will that makes you a bad talent that makes you someone who consistently fails and only has longevity to back him up.

Then again, I might be totally off base due to our different concept of “countless”. To me countless is such a large number that you’d either not be able to fathom it, or is so you large you’ve lost track of count. But to you? With your level of intelligence “countless” can just be any amount of times over 2.

Which is quite suitable for you because it’ll probably feel like the ref hit the canvas an infinite amount of times after you replay our match again and again and painstakingly observe how you were unable to respond to the three count when I decided I was done with you. It’s a shame that you seem to be the type of person who likes to observe people like Carlos Rosso, Lucian Black and Aren, yet don’t take anything away from it. Do you see any of those guys talk just to hear the sound of their own voice? Do you see any of those guys give open invitations for others to speak? Of course not, because all of that is a waste of time. I don’t need your invitation to express myself, whether you had given it or not I would have been out here to say what I had to say and I’d do it the in the way that only the Komodo Dragon can. After all, a gunslinger doesn’t need an invitation to roll up in town at high noon and put a bullet through the skull of any punk who thinks he can take over the place, it’s simply a matter of nature, and it comes with the job of being an extremist that your foes have a voice of their own, I just hope you don’t think I’m going to need another invitation too when it comes to wrestling you in that ring, because with or without your permission, I will have my way with you. Let’s just say, that at the end of Dynasty, you and a certain Charlie Scene will have a lot in common to talk about.
Dynasty Promo # 3

In the cold of winter Tiberius Jones can be seen at a park kicking snow from his seated position, while Anubis has made his own space in the snow like a man aloof to the cold around him as he uses his weighing balance scale with the snow.

TJ: So this is Canada. Whose idea was it to come here now? EAW must be trying to kill their employees.

Tiberius just looks at Anubis who keeps going at his task. He is pilling snow on top one side of the balance scale even though it has long outweighed the small snow on the other side.

TJ: You’ve……been acting weird ever since you got back, are you sure about this?

Anubis: I’m just processing the world around us. You of all people should understand how important this is. Don’t worry about me, you’ve got a match on Dynasty.

TJ: Oh yeah, I heard about that. Some guy who basically comes in and out of EAW every few weeks, and loses a ton of matches back to back, yet has the state of mind to go into detail about one loss I’ve had, one where I wasn’t even pinned, and how it means my career is destined to failure like he’s just so much more successful himself.

Tiberius rolls his eyes and smiles to the camera.

Right……….He even says I don’t have an original thought in my body while he is intelligent in just about everything!

A-Will the original thinker, the first man to ever come up with calling someone an ass-kisser to management.

A-Will the man who dabbles into areas never travelled before, watch as he makes hollow threats about ending his opponents career when everyone knows he ain’t no career ender.

Oh you real tough, huh A Will? Tell me, what careers have you ended? What is your FPV record? When have you proven to do what needs to be done like you keep ranting about? Man I had to wrestle in glass rules just to get a contract, what did you do walk in here? What did you do to get another crack at being on this roster again? What’s your bench warming ass doing to play critic to those who play ball amongst the starters? Yeah I didn’t win a number contenders match, but I don’t see no A-Will even being considered to wrestle in number contender matches when the top brass looks at the roster. Don’t play me for a fool you bitch made nobody, you ain’t got no cred to step up in here like a big boy, if that pea brain of yours doesn’t relay caution to that big mouth of yours your ears might just have to talk to your brain when you hear your jaw dislocate.

Stopping his constant entry of snow onto the heavy side of the scale, Anubis slaps his hand to the floor and stands up.

Anubis: It is not sufficient TJ. There is not enough snow in the entirety of Canada to represent the size of that which weighs on the entity that is “A-Will”. For eons have souls been weighed upon the scale to detect if they are light enough to pass over to prosperity, only now have I come to understand the heaviness of those around us, those bogged down by sin, apathy and shame, some of them don’t even know how much dust there is to be brushed off their shoulders until it’s too late for them to get rid of the load, A Will is beyond redemption. To state that there is a bug in his system would be a grave understatement, rather it is better to say that he should not even be considered as a person designed to be a wrestler, rather with his constants set with such ineptitude and no methods to his madness, it could be said he is designed to be in an infinite loop of being destroyed and reconstructed only to be cut low again and again! And very every reconstruction, with every life after death, he only becomes a greater weight on this planet, to EAW that reaches for the skies to be known as the place with the brightest and most promising performers he is upon those who limit our progress, he is link spoken of when men say groups are only as strong as the weakest link. For the prestige of Dynasty, it can only be your duty to reveal to this buffoon the error of his ways, to make him understand the difference between him and the greats, so that perhaps he may salvage his broken mindset in ways no else can for him, for nothing can help such a fool other than self-realization.

TJ: So you’re saying if I stomp him into the dirt far enough, right there at rock bottom he’ll get just how much of a worm he is? Then maybe, just maybe, he’ll rethink things down there and make himself better before popping his head back to the surface where the rest of us walk? Sounds boring, but then again it’s not like I have anything better to do right now, until our greatest moments begin, I’ll pass the time with showing A-Will the ropes, it might just quell my hunger…for now.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 17th 2015, 9:37 pm by MTM
~ The scene opens with Matt Miles in a pink v-neck t-shirt, aviator glasses and jeans, sat on a bench in front of the Hayreddin Barbarossa memorial in Besiktas, Turkey. Next to him is a large black rucksack and in his hand is a bottle of spring water. Miles unscrews the cap and takes a large gulp before placing it inside of the bag and using the residue to wipe his sweating forehead clean. He signals with his hand for the cameraman to come closer and then points towards the memorial. ~

Do you know who that is? No? Neither did I a few minutes ago when I got here. As it turns out, that man at the front of the statue was known as Hayreddin Barbarossa. He was an admiral of the Ottoman fleet who lead the Ottoman Empire to several naval victories, establishing Ottoman supremacy in the Mediterranean. That man right there is a Turkish legend, a conqueror, a man who never backed down from a fight and lead his men to victory. He is a true hero of the Ottoman empire and is praised for his efforts by all passers. Even today, Turkish seamen salute his mausoleum with a cannon shot before leaving for naval operations and battles. That is true, genuine respect. Hayreddin Barbarossa represents everything that I stand for as an EAW Elitist. He was an honest man and, while sometimes considered eccentric for his red beard, knew who he was and what he wanted to accomplish before he retired. If it wasn't for him, so much in this world could have changed and for that, his name is etched in the history books forever. It sounds like he was a very respectable man, does it not? Well, here's some news for you:

This Barbarossa, this historical figure that I feel exemplifies me is a pirate. He was a buccaneer, a marauder, a damn sea bandit if that's what you want to call him, it makes no difference. He stole from others and killed dozens upon dozens of men and women... so why, when I look at him, do I see a reflection of myself staring right back at me?

~ Miles stands up and looks around at his surroundings before pointing out his finger towards the crowds of people walking around the memorial while still speaking to the camera. ~

You see all of these people walking on by, taking pictures, reading the plaques? Like I said, they all have the utmost respect for him. They know he did some terrible things in his life but they understand that the good outweighs the bad. Besiktas was Barbarossa's home, much like Elite Answers Wrestling is my home, for better and for worse. These past few months I've been put through hell and back, having people try to push me over the edge week in and week out but all have failed. And they will continue to fail. No matter how hard you shove, I won't break. All you will receive in return is a fractured ego. So many Elitists fail to see the unwritten hierarchy of EAW and think that by breaking a few rules, they can do and be whatever they want. Eventually, they fall back with the rest of the pack where they belong or disappear from existence all together. Sooner or later they realise they don't belong and fumble. Many can argue that I only won the Interwire Championship because of Ares Vendetta's help but that's only because they can't see the forest through the trees. Look back at the bigger picture and you'll see that in the weeks leading up to my title match with Vic Vendetta, I was beaten and physically broken down by he and Moonlight Predator. So yes, my victory may have been tainted but that was a sacrifice I was willing to make after everything I was put through. If you want to use that against me, go ahead. Just know that I've already invalidated your point before you do so.

You know what the best thing is, though? There's nothing that anyone can use against me to say that I'm undeserving of the Interwire Championship. You can't deny that I've worked harder than any other Elitist on the roster to rise through the ranks and reach the top. Despite all of the mishaps and mistakes, I'm still hear busting my ass, striving to be the best and prove that I'm the man with the Midas Touch. I could tell each and every one of you listening right now about my journey to where I am today right from the start but I'll save you the minor details. I think that the best place for me to start this story is October 11th 2014. That night I faced the man I this Saturday, Scott Oasis, in a match that would show just who is the best of the two of us. What neither of us knew was the winner of that match would find themselves on the receiving end of a beating by Moonlight Predator, courtesy of Vic Vendetta and for that I thank them. I thank them because in that moment I realised my full potential. I finally understood what it really took to make it to the top. It was more than just blood, sweat and tears. It wasn't about sacrificing my life.

~ Miles removes his aviators, tucks them in his collar and now looks directly towards the camera with a serious look in his eyes, a look that made you know that he was prepared for what was to come. ~

It was about making THIS my life.

~ He then stretches both arms out and slowly turns as he speaks once more. ~

All of this is, all of this talk about trying to become the best is more than just a goal I've set out for myself. It is my duty to be the best that EAW has to offer. Every promo I cut, every place that I travel, every minute of training, EVERY SECOND I SPEND IN THAT RING... that's all that matters. Until you EAT, SLEEP AND BREATH PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING, YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT TO THE TOP... and that's a stone cold fact. And I'm not here to set some bar for the upcoming Elitists either. I'm here to break that bar in half and prove that I'm the epitome of EAW and no one can get in the way of this obligation of mine. I know that and will never forget it. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for my past.

During my brief feud with Vic, I was still trying to figure out what my use was. The people watching at home, in the crowds, they didn't know if I had "it". They didn't know what to make of me and, honestly, neither did I. I fought with no true purpose for months and months, spoke of things I wasn't even sure could be true, yet still I found my way up the ladder, slowly climbing the rungs, ready to reach for that coveted brass ring, only to discover that it didn't exist. As soon as it came to my attention, I found myself pushed off, tumbling down with the ladder and down to the mat with a crash. Everyone believes that it's the brass ring that you want but in reality, what matters most is the fall back down to the bottom. Some people just want to climb back up but they'll keep being pushed down by everyone else trying to do the same thing. Those of us that are smart know that in doing so we would be wasting precious time. Climbing a ladder doesn't make you the best. What does make you the best is defeating anyone that stands in your way as you fight towards the ultimate goals that are the world championships and, eventually, the EAW Hall of Fame. That brass ring? Nothing more than an old wives tale.

So when, exactly, was I pushed off? The answer is easy. The moment Oasis stole the Interwire Championship from me, I was already tumbling. It was just a matter of time before I hit the ground and lost the title to him. That's right, Oasis, I admit it, technically you beat me fair and square but I want you to remember that I beat you clean too in order to even get that championship in the first place. We're one to one here meaning this is it. This right here is our rubber match to see which one of us really is the most deserving of being champion. The biggest difference between those two matches and now is that I'm more determined than anyone else could ever be and I want my revenge after what you did. I want retribution after all the sneak attacks and little games you played, costing me my matches and trying to gain an edge. You don't have a psychological advantage over me anymore, Oasis, as I'm afraid the tables have turned. You've ran scared the past few weeks because you know that in the condition I'm currently in, YOU CAN'T BEAT ME. Like it or not, you know that deep down, I'm right about this. There is no doubt in my mind that you can stop this Saturday. 

It's clear as crystal... like the glistening waters... of an oasis.

You may still be fooling yourself in to thinking I'm wrapped right around your finger but in reality, I've got you cornered and there's nowhere left for you to hide at Reasonable Doubt. You can try all you want, I'll just keep chasing until eventually you're too exhausted to even continue. This is my ocean now. It's in the hands of King Midas. Soon enough, the Interwire Championship will be too. I hope you're ready to say your goodbyes because this Saturday is the last time you'll ever get to lay your hands upon it again.

~ The screen fades to black with Miles staring onwards. Just as it seems the promo has ended, the sounds of a sea chanty fade in. ~

Whence on the sea's horizon comes that roar?
Can it be Barbarossa now returning
From Tunis or Algiers or from the Isles?
Two hundred vessels ride upon the waves,
Coming from lands the rising Crescent lights:
O blessed ships, from what seas are ye come?

Dynasty promo 2.

I don’t classify myself as a comedian, but I do fancy myself a little funny. You’ve got to enjoy life, Ventura. I can look at sad elitist like you and I can do one of two things. I can pity you, feel sorry for you and your pathetic career. Or, I can look at you and laugh. Personally, I’ll take option two every day of the week. I don’t make these jokes to get other people to laugh or to make others think I’m funny. I take a comical spin on the truth. You think I’m just making jokes but I’m telling you the truth in a way that makes me laugh. I find the suffering you’re going to endure this Saturday a bit funny. I think it’s funny that you think you have a chance to win at Reasonable Doubt. You’re plan to defeat me this Saturday is to still cast your dreams on me? Maybe if you continue to talk long enough you’ll be able to put me to sleep in order to pin me. That’s the best plan you’ve got, John-boy. Bore me with your mic skills long enough to pin me. There I go with my jokes again…
I don’t hate you, Ventura. Do I like you? No, but I don’t hate you. I don’t even hate that you think you’re better than me. What I hate is that you think you deserve more than me. I know you hate me after all we’ve been through, and you probably should. I told you I would take your career to new heights and all I did was catapult my own. I lied to you. I deceived you. And you should have seen all that coming. You said you did your homework on me when I returned to be your mentor. You said you looked up my history to see what a great wrestler I was. You read up on my victories and championships, but I assume you didn’t look into how I achieved them all. I’ve not only made a living of being the best wrestler in the ring, but to get to the level I’m at, you’ve got to do whatever it takes. I’ve lied to countless people during my career. I’ve deceived people that put their trust in me. I’ve stabbed my own best friends in the back just to get a single step forward. So if you were surprised that I used to get my career back to the top, it was your own damn fault. The biggest difference between you and I is that I always do what it takes to win and get what I want. I have three prime examples of how I do that. I’ve got three world championships, and I’m on my way to get my fourth. You have prime examples of how you’ve FAILED to do whatever it takes to win. I know it can’t always be our night, but it has NEVER been your night. The closest you’ve gotten to your big night was Grand Rampage, which will be the closest you ever get. You won a world championship match the night you outlasted 29 other men, but none of them was me. Maybe you can get past Anderson Saturday, but you’ll never get past me.
Brian and Dub know what they have in store for them when I finally get my hands on them. I’m not worried. My only goal at this moment is to defeat you and Alex. That’s all. One step at a time, John-boy. I know my future but I take it day by day. I know Brian and Dub will get what they have coming to them from me. I know I’ll defeat whatever monster is holding MY title when I get my match for it. My goal today is to continue to humiliate you, Ventura. Maybe my goal tomorrow is to make a joke of Alex again. My goal Saturday? Defeat both of you. My goal Saturday is to secure my Answers World Championship match. I have no distractions. Try and break my own ankle. I’ve broken enough in my life time to not just know how to do it, but how to counter it. I’m the best mat wrestler in the game and you think you can use my own moves against me? Go ahead and try. You’ll just look like the fool you already are.
Dynasty Promo #1.

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First off, welcome to The Land of Elite! Now, we understand there is a lot of controversy surrounding your name since you've signed with Elite Answers Wrestling, do you think it'll hinder your time here whatsoever?

JAH HENDRIX - I mean, when you are a superstar of my status, every little thing you do is under a microscope. I've accepted a long time ago that this is just the age we live in. Social media is booming, cameras are everywhere, the fans, the people, EVERYONE is right there in your face... that's great. Do you think just because I signed my signature on some contract, multimillion may I add... that I'm new to roaring opinions? Whatever these people think of me, so be it. I know what I'm here for & that is to put a lot of people in their place & to simply feel the rush of controlling the companies most prized possessions.

QUESTION 2 - It's been a long time since we've seen you on television, the last time was whe...

JAH HENDRIX - Is that really necessary to talk about? I mean really? How about we talk about the things that matter? How about we talk about what Jah Hendrix is doing now in his life? How about we talk about the rampant errors that EAW simply lives in? I think those things are much more interesting to talk about.

QUESTION 3 - What are these so called "rampant errors" going on in EAW, Jah?

JAH HENDRIX - How about this false sense of security that a lot of these Elitists have around here? A lot of them think they can get away with saying what they want but no no no... it's not that easy now that I'm around. It's no secret that Elite Answers Wrestling is the biggest wrestling company to date and you know what that produces? Eyes & ears. Eyes on the product, eyes on the people, and ears on the voices. I've been gone from this industry for nearly half a decade but you can't help to flip through the channels and hear what some of these people have to say. It's like, who has a set nowadays to go up and dead these issues right when they start? I've never done anything halfheartedly in my LIFE, and I swear to the almighty lord there will be a shift in attitude once I get my hands on these people.

Whichever championship I get a hold of first, you will know that the person holding it is a MAN... which you'd be surprised how hard that is to come by nowadays. Everything I say, I absolutely mean, every action that is applied, you'll know what it's for. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of these dudes start looking up to me because I am the father figure that most of them need in their lives. The fans, hell, even some Elitist & Vixens tend to look up to these false hopes whose inner shell is nothing more than a dweeb. Everything down to the deepest core of my body is what a man should be and these people won't have to place their hearts in clowns who spew nothing but gimmicky "edge".

QUESTION 4 - Strong words, Jah, but I gotta ask... Are you still going to be pulling off the dangerous shenan...

Do I have to continue this interview with this ol meat in the throat ass dude? Oh, I don't? Alright. I told y'all why I'm here. I'm out.

Jah Hendrix everyone...
(The following scene takes place early Tuesday morning at 2AM or so and we see Norman sitting on a bench in an abandoned park. The only light source comes from a flickering street light. Near the bench, about twenty-five feet away, we see a tire swing, which is slowly moving due to the slight breeze. Norman begins to whistle an unusual tune while he looks down at his twiddling thumbs. He then reaches in his pocket and pulls out a "pet" cockroach. He pets it for a good fifteen seconds while he continues to whistle. He kisses it and tells it goodbye. Next he rips off one of its back legs, keeping it as a souvenir, as he releases it into the park.)

Home. It's where the heart is. It's a place where you belong. It's where love is located. This park was my home for many years. In fact, until November of 2013, this was my only home. I enjoyed my afternoons here. What you see today, it resembles a dumping ground, but back when I was an innocent child? It had so much more. For starters this park used to have three swings and I remember I always had to have the middle one, while I'd let Peter sit to my left and Larry to my right. I also remember how we would pump our legs until we almost hit our heads on the top bar and then we would jump off to see who could land the farthest without falling. Larry would always fall flat on his face and would begin to cry HAHAHAHA, while I could never stick the damn landing, but Peter? He was a natural. If there were judges, he would get a perfect ten from each. Besides the swings, there was a merry go round! I always ended up pushing it, but seeing my two friends smile from ear to ear was more than worth it. Plus I never got dizzy or sick from it, which was a bonus! And certainly but not least, the tire swing. The only piece of the playground that survived. When you look at it - it doesn't blow you away. It's not fancy or flashy, but it doesn't have to be. While kids my age were getting the newest action figure or some shiny new bike, I was more than satisfied with that there tire swing. Whether I was flying around, or just sitting, it was my thinking place. It was an escape from my "real home." My "real home", the one I was raised in, it was – no comment. But I remember I used to tell my 1st grade teacher all about it. I told her to get me help, but she didn't seem to care. All she said is I was lucky to have a roof over my head, but I disagree. I'd rather sleep in a hail storm than stay in that place one second longer. I will say this – it wasn’t one of those houses you see on TV with the white picket fence and the golden retriever in the backyard. Nor did I come home to the smell of a freshly baked apple pie. All I returned to was silence and that was the best part of my day because if it wasn't silence, then it was the noise of doors constantly slamming. Th - that was no home. But EAW? That it is. I can't express to you how much I love traveling to the different arenas and stadiums each week. When it comes to EAW, my heart is here. I feel loved and I feel accepted. Being myself, it’s a nice feeling. EAW doesn't ever try to change me, like my parents did by setting up all of these doctor appointments, where they told me they could "fix" me! HAHAHAHA I DIDN'T REALIZE I WAS BROKEN! Does something seem off about me? Answer the question truthfully. Look into my eyes. I don't seem crazy to you, right? Oh so you agree? Thank you my kind people. Because I of all people is normal. Normal is basically my first name. I'm normal by EAW's standards at least. The way I see it, the word normal applies to every single elitist and vixen in EAW. Because we all have something in common. We all like to think we are the best and we also like to take our anger out on our opponents, which is a weight lifted off my shoulders! I can’t speak on the other elitists’ behalf, but it’s always reassuring that no matter what I do to my opponent in that ring, I won't be arrested for it. And let me get this off my chest - every week I am offended. I am offended because I see my opponent trying to break into my home. They want to be the king of the jungle, the alpha of alphas, the eye of the storm - but I am all of those and more. This week Methuselah is trying to take my playground away from me. He wants to take over my kingdom and raise his flag above for all to see and worship. And why is that? Why is he coming after me? What makes me so damn lucky? So special? The reasoning could be because I assaulted him at King of Elite, but I don't think it ends there. NO NO NO! He wants to rule another kingdom so badly because his last one crumbled. It crumbled because Tyler Parker launched a boulder and blew it into pieces. With the aftermath of his sudden demise - or perhaps downfall being more accurate - some say Mr. DEDEDE died that night while Methuselah HAS RISEN! And he is here to save the day! More specifically, he's here to save you from me because he thinks I'm evil. What makes me evil, Methuselah? Or what makes RAGNAROK evil? From my point of view, RAGNAROK helps EAW, more than hurts it. Let me elaborate. There are some people who absolutely love us. They support every move we make because they find us entertaining and I can't blame them. Because King Lannister, Brody, and myself - we are different and we are different in a GOOD way. Look at the EAW roster, Methuselah, and you'll dullness. Most of the elitists today are the same, not all, but most. Most are your typical cocky individuals. They have no purpose, but to be overshadowed by the likes of me. When those men are either wrestling or talking you can hear the remote click to a different channel. They are sick of seeing the same old tiresome acts and to those who agree with me, I just want to point out that you're 100% right, and to those who want to boo me right now and crumple my thoughts and throw it into the trash, then by all means, continue to enjoy mediocrity. Now let's talk about the "haters". I doubt they even know where their hate stems from, but I do. Oh I see clearly. I am no longer blind. Haven't been blind since the day this brotherhood was created. The reason why you strongly dislike us is because odds are, we've made your favorite elitists look bad in the past, such as Brian Daniels, Devan Dubian, and Starr Stan, just to name a few. If I hit the nail on the head, which I'm sure I have, then that reasoning is just foolish. You see life is too short to envy others because they are simply more successful than you. Just like I don't envy the great Mr. DEDEDE because of his long list or achievements. If anything I admire him. That's why at King of Elite, I gave him a dose of tough love and at Reasonable Doubt, I will do something Tyler Parker almost did, but didn't quite finish, for he only made Mr. DEDEDE's armor crack while I, Norman Hellion, will cause the "Thane of EAW" to shatter completely. 

I know I already touched base on this, but let me remind you that I am not a bad person. You see - you paint this picture of me, like I am Satan himself, but oh how wrong you are. The way you see it, you're the guardian. You are the one who wears the white hat, while mine is black. But what if I were to tell you that in reality, the roles were reversed? What if I told you that I was the true guardian, while you were the antagonist? You wouldn't believe me - nobody would. But let's look at this situation through my eyes. You and your little friend, Hamasa, wished death upon a family - RAGNAROK. You come to a brand that you have no business to be on, especially when you just insert yourself into the main event, while Stan or Anderson are far more deserving - but you get a free pass because of your PAST, let me repeat that, PAST accomplishments. But wait Norman you attacked him at KOE! He is just getting his revenge! That must justify his actions, right Norman? For starters Peter I was just talking to him that night. I didn't want to get physical right before my match, but he put his hands on me and that - that's like tugging on Superman's cape, so I defended myself and it's not my fault he's fragile. But yet I am the bad guy and you know what? Fine. I'll be the bad guy since you guys want that to happen so badly. At Reasonable Doubt, I will do some unspeakable things, but just know that you drove me to it, because when you keep poking a bear, they don't just ignore it and go back to sleep - NO! THEY MAUL YOU. And this, all of this, doesn't start and end with you Methuselah. As I said before, I go after those who you love next and I'm not going to lie, I'm a little upset that Hamasa didn't really respond to what Norman plans on doing to her. Perhaps you didn't let her watch what he had to say because you know if she did, she would take a big gulp and disappear? But then again, she must be prepared to fall on her sword and take one for the team if she really can see the future. Which again, she is only wasting her time, as well as yours for all she does is constantly feed your head with lies. Ask her what the future holds and the answer should simply be that Norman Hellion's dominance will continue. But as for your partner, Ryan Savage - let’s just I'm not worried about him in the same sense I'm not worried about you, whether you're Mr. DEDEDE or Methuselah, it does not matter. Moving on, you seemed to mix my words up because I didn't call you his toy, for he breaks his toys, from my understanding. So if you are his toy, would that not mean that he will come after you next? Forget I mentioned it, since it's not part of the bigger picture. What you need to know Methuselah is I know your partner quite well. I don't want to beat this story to death, but I've faced him a few times before, dating back to NEO, and even though that was over a year ago, it's still relevant since that involves our only encounters. What would be irrelevant is if I talked about what I've done to the likes of Carlos and Stan. But as I was saying, during those encounters, I got the W both times. And that was back when I was weak. I remember I even carried him backstage to get him help. I would be lying to you if I said he hasn't improved since then. He isn't the same goody two shoes I remember. No, he does what it takes to win by any means necessary. He even punched Brody below the belt last week because he has a "I don't give a fuck" type of attitude which is something I respect and even though I respect that and all, it doesn't let him off the hook. His punishment will still come and once I am done with you this Saturday, with my title still draped over my shoulder, I hope he comes after me because every once in a while, I like to take a trip down memory lane. Another thing, my goal isn't to injure you at Reasonable Doubt, Methuselah. I'm sure your past opponents said they would retire you with the upmost confidence and then you wrestled the following week, with not even a scratch. I know you're tough. In fact you are like that cockroach I released, meaning you can almost live through anything - almost. Besides, I want you around. I want to see your face when you realize you have suffered consecutive back to back losses and the fans will begin to question their hero, their guardian, and wonder if he's lost a step or two? It's a legitimate question if I do say myself, but I shall not worry about that, for I will be too busy dealing with either Ventura, Stan, or Anderson in the near future. Don't consider that as us overlooking you or counting our eggs before they hatch - it's just that this match has been over since the second I raised the ante by making it take place in Hell in a Cell. 

(Norman stands up from the bench and sticks his arms straight out while he tilts his head back, observing the stars.)

You may think I made a mistake by adding such a stipulation, but I know what I'm doing. Just like I know the moves and decisions I've made up to this point will help me overcome this persona of Mr. DEDEDE's. A cage is something I am familiar with. It goes back to this home theme of mine. Not only is this park caged, but this whole world is in lockdown mode. And at Reasonable Doubt, the cell will do me more good than harm, for it will have you trapped, making my job much easier, meaning you won't be able to escape me HAHAHAHA. Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide,that is how I like it. Methuselah, you may think you're ready for this war, but you’ll quickly find out that you're not. I know you've won way more wars than you've lost, but you also haven't had the chance to face someone like me in the trenches. Just consider our match at the Awards Show a short preview for things to come because this time around, you won't be able to throw Diamond Cage into the lion’s den and think that gives you immunity. NO NO NO NO NO NO! (Norman begins to pace a bit while he tries to pull out his hair and beard.) Whenever I look at that smug face of yours, I can tell you think you have everything figured out, but you don't HAHAHAHA. You think you have the answers when you don't even know the questions being asked. I AM THE ONE WHO HAS THE ANSWERS. I AM THE ONE WITH THE ANSWERS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP AND NO MATTER HOW DEEP YOU DIG OR HOW HARD YOU SCRATCH, THAT WON'T CHANGE. Make no mistake about it, I'm no monster, which I've told you before, but for whatever reason, you continue to fail to listen to the points I’m trying to drive home. I am no monster because of two reasons. One - people often think monsters don't exist. They think they only exist in books and movies AND UNDER BEDS! But I - I am real. Am I ruthless? Yes. Am I violent? Yes. Am I immortal? I guess we are about to find out HAHAHAHA. But a monster, I am not, for that is an ugly word. And as for the second reason, which again I've already told you before is that monsters are often defeated or killed in the line of battle. Don't believe me? Then let me tell you this classic tale. Actually no, all I have to do is say two names. David and the Goliath. On paper you think the Goliath would win with ease, especially since you think most men are seen as weak in stories and passages – but in the end, David reigned supreme.

So Methuselah, do you get what I'm saying? I'm nothing like you, nor would I ever want to be. I am my own man. I am an individual, not a carbon copy of something else. I am seven feet tall and nearly 320 pounds. I wear "dirty" clothes and I don't groom myself. But here you are, preaching to me like we are cut from the same cloth, or two peas in a pod. No. Not even close. With physical traits out the window, we also don't share the same mentality. Put my brain in your skull and listen to the thoughts. LISTEN TO THEM ALL AND THEY WILL HAUNT YOU. Larry oh Larry, why you bring him up, is beyond me. He has been dead for nearly a year at the hands of Peter, but let’s talk about him since he is so relevant in the present. Let me start out by saying that you wish Larry was still alive and kicking. He was seen as the angel on my shoulder, while Peter as the devil. The kids, they wanted to see Larry prevail because their parents teach them that the good guy always ends up winning in the end and it doesn’t help that movies and comic books share that opinion. And maybe they are right Methuselah, but when it comes to Elite Answers Wrestling, only the strong survive. Being nice won’t get you anywhere in professional wrestling. But I guess I could pretend that I am this wonderful human being, only to deceive you all in the end, just like Zack Crash. Since he has all the power in the world right now, maybe that’s a path I want to take. But do you know why I won’t do that? Do you know why I won’t create my Methuselah type persona, or Mr. DEDEDE for that matter? It’s because what you see is what you get. I don’t have to change my values or attitude or appearance to keep people interested in me.
Like I said, EAW is my home. I have my feet kicked up on the table, enjoying my run at the top of the steep mountain as I watch the other elitists worry and scramble, trying to find a ladder to reach me – but there is none. Not a single man or woman can cement their feet on my level. Not now and not ever. Period. Back to the topic at hand, Larry. If Larry was in my corner this week, he would cause me to lose. He would tell me to help you up, to make sure you are not bleeding or bruised. In other words, I would be weak. I wouldn’t stand a chance against a legend like yourself with such positive bullshit running through my mind, blinding me from what’s at stake. But thank god Methuselah, thank god I don’t have to put up with him and thank god I don’t need his help. Because the fact of the matter is, I don’t need help period, contrary to popular belief. For starters, I don’t need Peter’s help, since I was the one who took over when I won the Answers World Championship, just like I was in control when I successfully defended my title against Alex Anderson. As for RAGNAROK, I don’t need King Lannister’s help and I don’t need Brody’s either. And before you twist my words again, let me finish. King Lannister also doesn’t need my help, just like Brody can succeed on his own as well, which he is currently proving, since he has an opportunity to become the new World Heavyweight Champion! Do you still not believe me? Did RAGNAROK help me beat the five other men in the Elimination Chamber? Nope. Did I get help in my match against Alex? Yes, I did, for the first time ever, Brody came out and he laid out my opponent, which I didn’t ask for by the way, and right then and there, I could have capitalized, Methuselah, I could have gone for the pin and end the match, but I didn’t. I stalled. I stalled because I wanted to give Alex enough time to recover. Why? Simple, it’s because I didn’t want to hear any excuses the next day. Just like I didn’t want to give Mr. Murrow an excuse to give him a rematch, since he didn’t deserve one in the first place. So what, Methuselah? You still don’t believe me? Do you still think I need assistance? Do you still think I need somebody to hold my hand throughout my entire EAW career? You know what? Fine! That’s your opinion after all. It may be wrong, but it’s still your opinion nonetheless and I can’t change it with my words – but my actions this Saturday? They will HAHAHAHA! Four more days, Methuselah – four short days. You know, it’s not too late to change your mind on facing me. Just run! Run like the wind and don’t you dare look back.

(Norman slowly backs away, whistling to the same old tune and walks by the street light. As he walks past it, the bulb explodes, making the scene completely dark, ending the scene.)
"..Caster, Oh, Caster...
...Deliver this dream...
...Caster, Oh, Caster...
...Deliver it, upon me."

Humor has always been a problem around here...
And Starr, you excessively continue to be a comedian. The things that you do, the words that you say, you just want to be a man that can point and laugh at his opponents. Go ahead, continue doing so. You and Alex Anderson can bask in the freedom in hitting the "Snooze" button on me. Don't worry, because I am not going to restrict you from into doing so. You are only "snoozing" because of the effects of what is about to become of you two. I cast your reality into dreams, and dreams are in effective when you are in your sleep. Your unconscious, you are unaware of whatever looms around you. As much as you two would like to throw jokes around, I actually take this as a heartfelt compliment. Thank you for illustrating the effects of when a casting is done: you snooze.

Like come on, you won't be tortured by not producing some noteworthy material. I understand it completely, Starr hates Ventura. It is something that has been in the works for a long time now. I am also free to say that I also hate you back, because you are one of the most conniving, disgusting Elitists that I have ever roamed with. It is hard for me to understand how people conceive you to be such a "boastful" and "well-mannered" man whilst you are the polar opposite. You may have your accolades to back your career up, but in my eyes they are just fragments, too small to create the full picture about you. Consider yourself a veteran? Well I can't say that you are because you obviously have been here longer than I, but what does that prove? Does a veteran always have a special power over the other folks? Does the veteran's opinion mean more than the other people that came after you? You can be the veteran all you want, but I am not in pursuit against a guy who is a veteran, but against a guy that I am going to beat down recklessly. You don't know nothing, nothing at all about what is truly in store for you at Reasonable Doubt. You think you have an easy picking. As much as I would love to talk for hours, insulting you for having that mentality, I will withdraw. When we engage in that ring Saturday night, I will make sure that it will be your ankle that embraces the pain. I don't care what Brian Daniels or Devan Dubian aim to accomplish against you. I will make you a crippled man, I will tear you limb from limb, before these two show up to your fall.
Is there? I never would have thought that you and I would have any of that, I mean, I thought you and I would have more of an understanding with each other but from what I could tell, what I said to you just ate at you. I said that you don't take any of this seriously and that would mean you were a joke but now you feel as if you have to explain yourself to me --- explain to everyone just why it is that you try to be funny or try to be whatever else it is that you're trying to be, explain to them why you're here to begin with but you and I both know you aren't funny and we both know that the reason for you being here is just ridiculous. Because the real reason you're here isn't because you're disappointed with EAW or that you love this business, the real reason you're here is because you know that your career isn't anything and now just now you want to further it as if it was anywhere from the start. It's because you know you were nothing here in EAW, you weren't some legend or were at the top for as long as someone like Mr. DEDEDE or Y2Impact or Jaywalker has. It's because you know that even when you were a World Champion, there wasn't any competition for you because there wasn't any competition in EAW at the time anyways because the competition they had wasn't there anymore and by the way, the competition that I have now is a hell of a lot more than what you had when you were in the spot that I'm in right now and... and it's because you know that if you want to be anything in EAW, if you want to have the career you've wanted, if you want to have what you want, what you want that you've been whining and complaining and throwing a fit about, you're going to have to beat me to have any of it. You're going to have to get into the ring with me, someone who's on a whole another level than you even were when you were here, a level you could never be on even at your so-called best. You're going to have to face me at my very damn best if so but I'm telling you right now, that's? A little easier said than done.

If you don't think so, then why you don't you just ask everyone in the back? They're going to tell you why that is but you don't think so because you're going to say whatever you want, you're going to sit here and tell me that I'm no Heart Break Boy, say that I'm not like any of the competition you've had to face and you've had beaten. You'd be right in saying that I'm no Heart Break Boy, I never said I was but you're right in saying that because I couldn't ever be like Heart Break Boy. I've heard that I'm the "golden boy" here in EAW but if anyone should have that title, it's him because that's what he had been his entire career. That's why he coined it as his nickname because that's what he is. I'm not the golden boy here in EAW but I am the face of this company and I'd like for you to tell me something else. Because I know what I am, you may think I'm not better than any of them but I haven't been in the ring with Heart Break Boy. I haven't had something like that and I may never have that because you want to know what happened to him? You want to know what Heart Break Boy is now? Heart Break Boy isn't here anymore, he had his career ended for another. That's what happened to him and now? Now Heart Break Boy isn't the golden boy. I mean no disrespect in saying that because frankly, I respect the hell out of him and I respect him for everything he's ever accomplished in his career. I would have liked to have had a match with him before what happened to him but now I know that I'm never going to have that. You have had that though and you could say that, I'm not going to take anything away from you. I'm not going to dismiss anything you've said. I'm not going to ignore what you've done in yours. Because you've done some things, that's known but you haven't done anything that I haven't done in mine. Who else have you beaten? Huh? CM Banks? I beat him too. Mr. DEDEDE? As you know, I beat him. Y2Impact? I beat him. Mikado Sekaiichi? I beat him. Brian Daniels? I beat him. Jacob Senn, GI Styles, Carlos Rosso? I beat them. I beat every single one of them and they've beaten me too, I've had great matches with all of them but there isn't anyone you've beaten that I haven't if I've been in the ring with them. So, no, you're not going to beat me and if you want to know why, it's because of what I have.

And what I have? Is the World Heavyweight Championship. That's what I have to back up anything I say, that's why I have it, it's because I've backed everything up and I'm going to back up what I've been telling you on Dynasty. You may have beaten those who are regarded as one of the best but so have I, I've beaten all of them and more. So let's not kid ourselves and say any of that is going to make a difference in the outcome of this match. Because the outcome of this match is the same as my match with Christopher Corrupt, as my match with Psycho Brody and as my match with Kevin Devastation. It's going to be me, beating you like it's nothing, cleanly without any help or anything that would make a difference because I am the difference. I'm the difference in the competition you think that isn't even here in EAW. The competition that you think this company is lacking because of what? Because you weren't here? Because none of those who were here four, five, six years ago aren't here now? I have to tell you something. The competition here? It couldn't be better. You know what though? You're right. You're right, I have more competition now. You're right that I have more competition now in you, in GI Styles and in Carlos Rosso. The three of you have strengthen the Dynasty roster and I couldn't be more happy to have you on the roster because I was just thinking that the competition on Dynasty is going to have to step up to the plate if any of them want a shot at me. There's competition on Voltage and Showdown that I haven't faced, that I would like to face sometime soon, mainly because I've beaten practically everyone on this roster. I'm the World Heavyweight Champion for more than one reason and one of them is just that --- that I took on everyone and beat all of them, that I've never gave up and that I got right back up if I was knocked down. I may had been nothing to you but there was more to me than you or anyone else could ever see and that's why you and everyone else who was here in EAW then besides a few aren't here anymore. It's because they know they couldn't beat someone like me, then and now. I know I'm not going to be the World Heavyweight Champion forever but I'd be damned if you're the one who's going to beat me for what I have. If you don't beat me on Dynasty, you aren't going to beat me on a Dynasty after, a Dynasty SuperShow, a Dynasty FPV or any other FPV for that matter. You don't know what you've gotten yourself into, you think you do but you don't and it's laughable that you think you do while you think I don't know what I've gotten myself into. You're kidding me if you think you're anything I should be worried about because if anything, you're just momentum for me for me to retain the World Heavyweight Championship against Psycho Brody in two weeks. Your threats, your little claims, they're just meaningless to me. None of them mean anything to me because your threats are as just as laughable as what you've said and your little claims are as pointless as this match is because we all know that I'm going to beat you one way or another. I'm going to walk out and I'm going to walk out on my own two feet with the World Heavyweight Championship. The shame in this would be if I don't take your carcass with me.
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I've decided to take last night's opportunity for a chance to actually think out and sleep over my opinion on this company while sense knocked me in my head. I realize more and more by the minute that what I say has no effect on the fans or most of the people in the locker room. Some proved me wrong about not having the passion for this sport and it showed in Dynasty this past Sunday. We had the great, returning Carlos Russo defeating The Nas, Lucian Black defeating Christopher Corrupt, Jacob Senn defeating Psycho Brody, Aren Mstistlav defeating Donny Diamond and those four men advancing in the Gold Rush tournament. All four deserved those victories, but don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I don't have a more burning passion for this sport than anyone else in the locker room. I'm just saying they showed signs of life in this company. So those days are over. I have better things to worry about such as the life line of my own career and I plan on extending it to the fullest.

That starts this week because my opponent has already shown what a scared little coward he is because, surprisingly and after all the things that spewed out of his mouth over the past few weeks, he has nothing to say to me. Why, Tiberius? I gave you an open invitation to speak your mind unlike all the other people you faced over the past few weeks, so why do you choose to ride the silent train now? I don't know. Maybe you could be training because you see a real threat in me. I doubt it, but it's a possibility. Or maybe you're trying to play mind games with me. If that's what you're trying to do, it won't work. If you are one of those people that don't waste your time on rookies, don't let my statistics here in EAW fool you. Just because I haven't been to the mountain top doesn't mean I'm not going there. It's not about how you get there as long as you're there and I promise you that, sooner or later, yours truly will take EAW by storm and this isn't your "rookie" talking up a lot because he's confident that his skills are what EAW needs. Okay, maybe it is all of that except the part about being a rookie. All you need to know for your strategy is that all you need is your wrestling gear because all of your tricks won't work on me. I've been there countless times and I'm going to warn you that no one has ever fooled me. Speaking of tricks, even though no one has fooled me, I'm very clever myself. Don't worry, Tiberius, I'm not going to play tricks on you because I'm already going to beat you, but I can guarantee you that someone will get their ass handed to them on Dynasty besides Tiberius. Oh, who could it be? Well, why don't we wait for that riddle to be solved in three days an breathe in the smell of mystery, shall we?
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**The scene opens with a black screen, Maddie walks into the screen now, and beings to talk**
The following clip is rated SM, for "Serious Maddie" enjoy! (Maddie gives the camera a wink and thumbs up before the screen turns black, and flashes to a different scene of Maddie working out, she stops and begins to talk)
This is the moment I have been waiting for my whole life, my whole career, a chance to become Vixens Champion at Reasonable Doubt. The only thing that stands in my way is Lethal. It won't be easy, and I may be the underdog in this match. I don't think anybody backstage thinks I can even win this match, and they might be entitled to think that. Like I have said in the past, I set out to prove everyone wrong, I have made my entire life based off proving people wrong. There are so many people out there who go around telling people that they can't do it people like Lethal. What I do is go around saying watch me do it. Watch me prove you wrong. I will win the vixen's championship. I am going to give it my all, many people think I don't take this seriously because I am always goofing around, but they need to realize that, there are two sides of Maddie, there is the fun loving want to have a good time side, and then there is the serious side a side who gets work done, right now I am in serious mode. Lethal you better get ready for Reasonable Doubt because I will give you the fight of your life. You want a challenge Lethal? You got one, you want someone in the vixens division to step up and teach you a lesson, well you’re going to get what you have coming to you, and this isn't just about the things you have done to me over these past couple weeks, but this is for all the innocent people who you have tormented, this is for all the fans you have discouraged. This is for all my fans, my friends and family, this match is much more than a Vixens Championship match, this is about respect for people, like you said at Showdown, the Vixens title is no doubt a huge prize and I do want to edge my name in the history books of the great Vixens who have held that title, that is my goal, but this is personal now, this became personal when you attacked innocent people, and when you attacked me. Your reign of terror needs to end. And who better to end your reign of terror, that little ol' me, the ultimate underdog, your kryptonite.
People need to be respected, I don’t understand why some people have to be so mean and put other people down. It just doesn’t make much sense to me, everyone is a person with feelings, and I try to make everyone happy, even if you are mean to me, I want to see you smile still, because there is nothing better than to see people smile. I think the world would be so much of a brighter place if people took the time to smile at one another, rather than making irrational judgments toward each other, believe it or not I do respect Lethal, and I don’t judge her for the things she has done, I do question her motivates however I do feel deep down inside she is a good person, I feel like everyone is born a good person, it’s what happens in our lives that can affect the good in us, and how we react to bad times in our life. Some people have a rough patch in their life and they look down on the world, they look down on other people instead of trying to overcome their sadness they look for hurting people to make themselves feel “proud” and then, there are people like me, people who want to do good in the world, who want to help others and who want to just put smiles on people’s faces. People tell me there is no way I could be this nice, and that I should release my inner demons. Do I struggle at times? Yes of course, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, that is life, and life is a struggle sometimes. I don’t let that affect me though I push through, and letting my “inner demons” out would help no one. In fact I believe it would only make things worse. Being positive is the key to my life success it has worked for a long time now, and yes I am this nice, it’s just weird for some people to see someone nice all the time because of how cruel some people can be. This Saturday is Reasonable Doubt, and I may not be able to overpower Lethal, and I might get my hinny kicked, but just know, that I gave it my all, that I tried hard, worked hard and never gave up. If I win, it would have been well worth it. Excuse me guys, I have some more training to do. (Maddie gets back to working out as the camera fades)
(The scene then comes back to where it started in the beginning, Maddie comes back out)
Wow I told you guys that was serious stuff right there, let me loosen the mood a little shall I?

**Maddie does the robot dance as the camera fades to black** 
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To have a Fighting Spirit is to possess the will to go out and compete in that ring no matter how difficult the task at hand may actually be; and for nearly five years I have conveyed through actions alone, what it means to have a Fighting Spirit.  I have been put through things unimaginable, things so horrendous that they can't be placed into words.  Thus I urge you to take advantage of this day by preordering your copy of my highly anticipated self-titled DVD, because it holds the events that I dare not speak of and provides you hours of unseen footage behind-the-scenes as well as matches that weren't broadcast on television.  It allows you, the viewers and fellow Hell Hounds, to relive some of the lowest points in my career; rewatch the uprising that shook the very foundation of Show-Down as we knew it; and rewind classic encounters with the likes of Extreme Enigma, Jaywalker, Dark Demon, Zack Crash, and of course Diamond Cage.  Let the DVD of the most influential extremist of all time, serve as evidence for why I am to be the most respected, if not feared individual this company will ever see.  From the minute I laced up a pair of boots, tied a knot in my bandanna, and revved the engine of my Harley, I have been beaten with just about everything you can think of...chairs, ladders, steel cages, chain linked prisms, glass, and even fire.  So as you can imagine, last week wasn't the first time I donned the olden crimson mask.  But in turn, I have fought through the pain and delivered a reasonable amount of punishment of my own.  Whether I won or lost the battle in the end, I made it known that my Fighting Spirit is unbreakable.  When my career comes to a close in about five years from now, the one thing people will remember me for--outside of my accolades--is how many times I answered to a fall by getting back up.  No one of EAW's highly acclaimed past, currently distilled present, or unprecedented future will ever showcase as much heart or dedication as I have!  Rest assure it will take much more than my opponents are willing to give to put me away me this Sunday, because now I'm placed in a match with not one, but three men whom I don't like.  I can't tell you what a chore it's been these last few weeks to not do anything that would have jeopardized my chances of competing this week.  Ever since Crash introduced himself as the fourth competitor of this match, my palms have been itching to slap the taste out of his mouth or the mouth of anyone else who dared to crack wise with me.  Its taken every fiber of my being to refrain from participating in actions that would have unquestionably placed them all in intensive care; but this week it will have all been worth it.  Now I am free to open the gates and unleash all kinds of hell on the subjects in question with no remorse in my dark heart.  As opposed to cursing them, I would actually like to thank each of them for the lies, deceit, and treachery they've bestowed to me for it has only made me that much stronger and committed to seeing this through to the very bitter end.  Cage may not care that his Title is in bigger jeopardy than it's ever been in, but that just goes to show how dense he really is.  He's going into this match in the same fashion that he has in the last couple, with zero momentum and a bunch of half-assed remarks that he pulled from archived footage of his.  But this isn't his fault, his brain just can't comprehend the concept of pain or danger that he's gotten himself in.  He's no more responsible for his lack of thought than a child born of a mental deficiency is.  Cage, much like Lannister, has to be told and guided in the direction that is best for him because he lacks the mentality to think and/or act for himself in a manner which is best for him.  It's credited to his poor decision making that he finds himself with three competitors instead of one, that he isn't at one hundred percent, that he is dangling from atop of this metaphorical mountain of his with only one free hand to keep him from meeting the bottom; and it will be for this very reason that I instigate his fall from grace by crushing his fingers with the bottom surface of my boot.  The similarities that can be found in each of these competitors is uncanny; none of them deserve to be where they currently are.  Cage as we know cheated to retain a Title; Lannister has been riding a contact high ever since the conclusion of King of Elite, as he's been qualifying for everything in sight, but raking in consecutive losses; and Zack Crash, whose crimes are byfar the worst of them all, has been merciless in his ploy to dethrone the current "Champion".  From the beginning I had my doubts about him, I questioned whether he was doing all of this out of despise or aspiration of being in Cage's position?  Though last week, cleared up any suspicion I may have had.  It's a good thing I didn't make the critical mistake in trusting him fully, otherwise I would have been very disappointed.  But what else do you expect a shape-shifter to do?  They come in, take the identity of their host, and proceed to imitate them.  Early into the Summer of 2014, we saw shades of Dark Demon take over the man I once considered a Brother, then midway through Autumn we see more of DEDEDE.  I'm sure he would be very proud to see the way he's abusing his power to get the EAW Championship; or more so flattered by this hidden desire of Crash's to be just like both he and Demon.  But lets not forget that I kicked both of their asses within the past year.  So he is no worry to me.  None of them are...as individuals, but together I may be at odds.  Be that as it may, still I will enter this match with no fear; still I will persist in establishing a legacy when near impossible odds surface; still my Fighting Spirit will succeed in proving it's supremacy over that of their own.
Fighting Spirit Promo #2 "The origin of insanity" (Keller is walking along a graveyard, and he stops at a grave with the name "Dimitri Keller") I... Am Kerry Keller, EAW's resident Silencer... I wanted to tell you guys a little bit of my backstory... It all started in the year 1990 in Lancing, Michigan. I was born of course, just like you all. And my mother, whom I don't know too much about, died as a result of childbirth. My father, Dimitri, was murdered when I was 5 years old. I spent the rest of my childhood, as well as my teenage years in a foster care home, raised by parents who were not of my blood and grew to seriously not like me, I was a rebel, I used to skip school and drink underage, and smoke and all of that stupid shit that I wouldn't exactly be inclined to do today... But I grew up with one, if any, of a cohesive thought. I wanted to wrestle. From the time I was 7 years old I became interested in wrestling. It enamored me in a way that know other thing could. It kept my attention through my teenage years and.. Well I went to train. I'll tell you something, it was more difficult then I thought it would be. I had no money and basically no mode of transportation. I found a good trainer, (the name of which I won't exactly mention) and began rigorous training. I trained every. Single. Day. I had nothing else better to do, after being signed to EAW last November, I found my place. I'm not going to let Maxwell Dachs, J.P Calliban, Jordan Ciserano, Tyberns, or anybody else stop me from being the future of this company, and I will be winning at Fighting Spirit. I'll find a different partner, I'll fight you guys BY MY FUCKING SELF if I have to. And if you don't think that, you can SILENCE!!! Oh yes, and one more thing, Maxwell, if you want to diss me like that again... Just remember, I'm right here, and I'm ready to take on all comers. "Moment of Silence..." Thank you
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This month of February has been turmoil to say the least, I haven't been looking like the EAW Champion, I'll admit to that. I've been getting attacked, I've been getting beaten down, see when this fatal four way was made. I didn't sweat it because I know the ego of Zack Crash, I know the ego of Hades, and Lannister, and I know how their egos would get in the way of this championship and that is where I would capitalize. OPPS! Just gave off my strategy, see I don't care what has happened to me over the past two weeks, I don't care that my championship is in extreme jeopardy. What matters is I am showing up not as the guy you've seen the past two weeks flat on his back because of Zack Crash, I am showing up to be the guy standing over bodies. That is what I do, and if you class me as an underdog well fuck you, I can't blame you, but fuck you. I am the champion, that means I am the best in the industry today, I am nearly untouchable, by hook or by crook I fight to keep my prize, I fight to keep what enforces a better life for me and my family. It's Black History Month, one guy who was really key to Black History was Malcolm X, he always went by “Any Means Necessary” which mean whatever it takes. On Voltage when the EAW Champion DIAMOND CAGE SHOWS UP, and the EAW Champion LEAVES with his crown and his vise grip STILL on the top of the EAW mountain you will know any means necessary in it's most violent form I promise you. I want to take time to talk about a little weasel, a little disease that has been digging in my skin like a bug and it just won't stop poking me and bugging me and trying to infect me.

Zack, you've been trying to take the EAW Championship away from me since I won the damn thing because you don't want me representing this company as the Extreme Answers Wrestling Champion. That really pisses me off, you wanna know why? Because they said the same thing about you, they said “Oh don't let Crash get the brass ring because he won't know what to do with it, he can't carry EAW” but you did, you did a fairly good job as the World Heavyweight Champion. But here's to my point about “New EAW” or Old it doesn't matter with this place the fact is everyone is selfish and greedy. I look at you, and I don't look at a former world champion, hell I don't even look at a threat to my championship, because you can't beat me one on one. And maybe you'll let Hades and Lannister beat me to a pulp and pick the bones like the dog that you are but see here's where that plan fails miserably, once Hades gets his paws on me, I'm breaking his nose, and then once Lannister touches me I will beat on him until he can't walk anymore. And then that leaves just you and me to settle some unfinished business. Because we have unfinished business, I owe you the worst beating I have ever given an individual. I always get asked all the time, “Hey DC you ever think you could deliver as worst of a beating on someone else as you gave DDD?” and I think about it, and I did some pretty harsh shit to that man. Stuff that a normal man shouldn't have lived from, and I look at what he did and he took my family away. I look at this EAW Championship and I look at it as family, and it's not only for you now man, don't think I'm singling you out, it's for Hades who is a poor excuse for a “hellraiser” and it's for Lannister as well, you try to take my family away from me. I'm going to hurt you, and I'm going to hurt you bad. I'll prove it at Fighting Spirit, I'll prove it to anyone who thinks I have lost my touch, who thinks I may be a one hit wonder, I'll prove it to those who think that WHEN I conquer this challenge that I will be out of luck, I never needed luck, I just went out there and did it. Call me Nike folks! But I just do it, and I am the best at just doing it, I walk into this match with no allies, and I respect that. I welcome that, it's always been Diamond Cage Versus the World and the fact is I've been kicking this world's ass and I will kick Zack, Hades and Lannisters ass come fighting Spirit. I might as well walk down to that ring with the EAW Championship around my waist and have my whole body painted as a target, because everyone will be aiming for me, let's be real. I'm not 100%, I'm not coming into this match fresh. But I didn't walk into the Elimination Chamber 100% and I walked out the EAW Champion, hell I started the match, and I went through 5 other competitors to reign supreme and walk out with my championship. No matter if it's 5 of EAW's best, or 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Any business surrounding the EAW Championship, I will be there, and I will be walking out with it. I prove that I have a lot more gas to fuel this fire and if your parents haven't told you, Crash, Lannister, Hades, don't play with fire, especially the fire of the EAW Champion because see whether you like it or not, I'm going to be the EAW Champion after Fighting Spirit, and then the next show after that I'll be the EAW Champion, and then the next show after that, I'll be Champion, and it will continue until we finally decide to turn the championship into the Diamond Cage Championship...Eh I'm just kidding but you get my point, I'm going to be the EAW Champion for a very long, long, long, long, long TIME! Whether Zack Crash likes it or not, whether Hades bitches about it or not, and whether Lannister wants to hold onto that King of Elite title shot or not, I''m walking into this match prepared for anything folks, but I am mostly prepared for and I know I sound like a broken record here, but I am mostly prepared for being at the next Voltage YOUR REIGNING EAW CHAMPION! 

That is all folks!

"Leader", "Commander", "Chief", titles of which Devan Dubian has assembled; in order to reconstruct the prime of his course. The saddening factor is, there's nothing significant about Devan Dubian to recompose. There's only the mere "power" he's been handed by our "king" himself, but what you have isn't power. It's lust for what you've never actually had. Isn't that right, Dubian? You're doing a fine job at camouflaging the obvious, by implanting this idea that your success has overshadowed everything I've ever accomplished. Why don't we take a look at history, shall we? It's clear as day; everything you've built yourself upon has included some assistance from other individuals, that you persistently used to lean on. Starr Stan, for instance, quite the familiar name that has has the tendency to repeat itself every time the mention of your own name, right? What you suffer is - what I suffer from my past, but the different between you and I, is that I've actually made an empire out of my career. You've only been handed what's not yours to take. Are you catching the drift yet? If not, let's take a gander at this next example... while you succumbed to aligning yourself with two other "extremists" at the time, you allowed yourself to take orders from superiors. You weren't viewed as their equal, but more or so as their lackey. While I may have fallen multiple times, I was well-educated in how to pick myself back up from my failures. Meanwhile, when you attempted so courageously to break free from the binds other men put you in - you choked, you failed, you fell... and you never got back up. The way I see it is, this is your final attempt to even struggle yourself out of the grave you put yourself in. You've somehow managed to find this small lit fire that used to be your passion for the industry and you're trying your very hardest to utilize it as much as you possibly can. While you may consider me a shell of my former self, why don't you take a fine glance into the mirror? You're the spitting image of hypocrisy, but you refuse to accept it. You've taken the bloodied knife, locked it away, and refused to acknowledge the existence of your own personality disorder. It's become quite difficult to understand where you're coming from, when you're never fortifying the words you speak. One minute, you're riding the coattail of the rebellion's aspirations, but suddenly your mind becomes flustered and it's gone in a different direction. What gives anyone any reason to believe what you have to say, when you can't muster up one solid description of reasoning as to why this keeps occurring? But I guess this is what has become of you; when the going gets tough, you abandon ship for whatever fortress you can cower in. Until the fortress is melted down, burnt to a crisp, and you're revealed to be this abominable human being with no care for anyone, but only himself.

I'll give you credit where it is due, however. You've been playing your role in this game quite well, you saw power where the new king rises. And you made like a moth to a flame - you scurried to it. What else would become of Devan Dubian if he hadn't anything to live off of? While he treats me as if I'm incapable of performing at the level of when I won my very first World Championship, something he's failed miserably to do on multiple occasions. I continue to look back at how I was able to give Lannister his very first loss, may it be by a simple roll up - I did, what Elite always failed to do as a unite. I struck first at the head of the serpent, but if I had halted after you had betrayed us, I wouldn't of to claim victory over them as a unite. ALL. BY. MY. SELF. In what way or form is that proving that I required to leech off a deserter? Don't get me wrong, I'm fully trying to grasp the intellect behind every point you're pushing onto me, but it's become irritating to see how fools gold has affected your knowledge. Maybe it's a little too much to ask, but why don't you and your newly found allies stop treating this game as a kingdom that you're pretending to rule? We're not wardens, lords, knights, princes, or even kings. But you've all deluded yourselves enough to consider each other as much. The last time I remember, we don't wear armor to the ring. I tape my wrists, I lace my boots, and I go to work as what I'm actually supposed to be. We don't slice each other down with broadswords, we settle our differences with the skill of actually being a wrestler. But that's too much to ask for these days, isn't it? To actually be considered a "wrestler", because it's constantly drilled into the thick headed skulls that we're supposed to follow this outrageous fad. You're as much of a prince, Dubian - as much as I'm a descendent of King Arthur. And you know what it's going to take to send this vivid message to the rest of all the rosters? To make a clean example out of the prospect himself, to commit "treason" as your folk would proudly say. I don't respect you, I don't consider you as my friend anymore, I see you as this figure who's only importance has come out of treachery and handouts. Don't you find it pathetic, Dubian? That your last resort was an act of desperation on your end, to make yourself relevant once again. But tell me Dubian, what happens to this tyranny when it's ended by none other than me? What becomes of Devan Dubian then? I'd suspect you'd tuck your tail between your legs, limp back to Lannister, and beg him for another chance at proving your worth, because that's all your career has become of. With every return, with every comeback, you always have something new to prove. It's your own personal calling, because you'll never reach the point where you have nothing left to prove. You'll never prove me or anyone else wrong, because I will effortlessly "dethrone" you, without regret.
*A week prior to the release of this video, an EAW camera crew is standing on a relatively quiet street, peaking into a Ramen Hut. Situated in the downtown area of the semi-metropolitan city that is Osaka, Japan, two men are focused upon seated in a table tucked away in the corner of the store, auspiciously near an old television set where last week’s Voltage is being shown in real time*
*With his back up against the far wall, the only man whose face can be seen seems to be a foreigner, wearing a heavy set of thick-rimmed glasses and wearing a formal, yet rather unspectacular brown suit. As he pokes lazily into his bowl of ramen noodles, only he seems to beactually interested in the program, staring more at the  television instead of at his sullen companion, who is hiding his head behind his hooded jacket, and his face behind the third bowl of ramen which he is eating at an almost record-breaking pace. Eventually this man submits to the light physical urges of his cohort, as he finally turns his head, just in time to see the former Reverend Vino unveil a tied up female*
*Rolling his eyes and shaking his head, the familiar Japanese-Canadian mug, complete with his usual stringy goatee, GI Styles could be instantly recognised, but in a lot of ways he was different. His eyes seemed more cold and distant. His familiar mild smugness was all but gone in favour of a look of mild dissatisfaction, and on a more physical level, he just looked bigger. As GI scratched behind his ears and turned away, his companion just pursed his fingers together and hid his growing smile behind them*
???: Interesting how the more things change, the more they stay the same, isn’t it? They took the Extreme out, and yet the EAW you knew and detested is still running on as per normal. Well, I suppose one thing came out of this. At least I won’t be the worst former wrestling personality to debut in EAW this year.
*GI turns back to the mysterious man, as the camera crew turns around and shows a look of disbelief covering his face*
???: Not the most evil?
*GI taps his fingers on the desk while keeping the same face*
???: Not the most manipulating?
*GI just turns his chin upwards and looks towards the unknown man with an even more incredulous stare of skepticism*
???: Hmm…So it appears the client doesn’t think much of his savior. Is that the case?
*GI immediately turns back to the TV, a second after his face once again went to its opening blank state. As he looked away, he meekly shook his head, as the smile of his accomplice continues beaming through*
???: No, no. Don’t worry. I get it. Many people don’t think well of me, if they think anything at all. I have your father’s confidence, but in the world of wrestling? If anyone could recall my past dealings with some of my previous clients…Well, it’s not like what we plan on doing is going to alter those perceptions all that much anyway. Remember, my friend. This is all about recovery. You lost yourself, and soon I will find the true you in the ruined remnants of your psyche. And if you have to smash open a few skulls to do it…Well these people signed up for it and have health insurance. The type of recovery you need goes far beyond a few bone fractures or torn ligaments.
*GI finished watching the segment featuring the Vendetta’s, before digging back into his fourth and final bowl of ramen. After some time passed, the suited man finally stood up, immediately punching in a badge into his lapel reading “Dr. Edward Hawke”. Bringing GI to his feet, he threw some money onto the table and ushered GI out of the door*
Hawke: Well, my friend…Therapy is now formally in session.
*As the feed fades out, a quick transition sends the video a week into the future in GI’s native state and country of Ontario, Canada. GI and Crane are both entering into a press conference, with many wrestling journalists around them. Crane once again is wearing his very plain suit, while GI wears a much more formal one. Not that you could tell from their respective body language, however, as GI immediately leans back on his chair and starts fingering through his phone, while Dr. Hawke sits upright and smiles back to the sea of faces in front of him*
Hawke: Now do we have any questions?
Journalist #1: Bill Apter, 1Wrestling.com. GI Styles…Just where have you been these past 8 months?
Hawke: I’m afraid that most of that has to remain quite confidential. GI is naturally entitled to his private life, and I expect everyone to respect that right. I will say that he has been training, as evidenced, so you don’t need to worry about that, and that is about all I can tell you.
Apter: But I was asking G…
Hawke: I will be fielding all of GI’s questions for the immediate future, thank you. Now next question?
Reporter #2: Mark O’Meley, Pro Wrestling Illustrated. We understand that you are a licensed psychiatrist, as well as a retired wrestler. In which capacity are you using to manage GI, if I may ask?
Hawke: *stroking his chin* Well, I suppose the correct answer is both. Obviously, my knowledge of the wrestling industry, as short as it was, does give me more than sufficient credentials to manage GI and make sure that unfair factors don’t weigh against him. Still, I think it needs to be said here and now…Over the 8 months, GI developed a sickness. I think it is alright for me to say this on the record, because rumours will soon be bound to get out. I can’t tell you where it stemmed from, or even what precisely he has, because that would breach doctor/client confidentiality, but GI was in a bad mental state when I first met him.
As it should be known, I am a family friend, and had worked beside GI’s father, the great Gendo Itami, so I am here to help lead him through a rather…Unconventional means of treatment. Let’s just say that the big reason GI is as he is, which is so different from the loud, boisterous and grandiose GI Styles that you all know and love, probably reflects his truer self. Once again, I won’t go too much into it and…*Hawke’s watch starts beeping* Oh, please forgive me.
*Hawke reaches into his jacket, and pulls out a small cocktail of pills and liquids, which he presents to GI. GI stares at them with slight hesitation, but immediately swallows them from their container in one gulp, before sinking forward into his chair, with a look of bewilderment now crossing his eyes, as he stares down into the table*
Hawke: Sorry about that. It was time for his medicine. Now if…
Reporter: OK, what the hell was that?
Hawke: That was medicine my good man. Unless any of you and your medical degrees wants to discuss the validity of that with me, can I please go on?
*For a second afterward, a look of mild irritation crossed Eddie’s face, but it managed to disappear with a deep breath, as he leaned in to clear some dust off of his glasses. The journalists shifted around uncomfortably, while GI continued to stare at the table with a mostly hidden look of mild fear and confusion beginning to dominate his expression*
Reporter #3: Dick Botcher, Lords of Pain.net. GI Styles is scheduled to face “The Sexual Panther” TLA in his return match on Dynasty. Do either of you have any thoughts?
Hawke: Well, as a psychiatrist I would have to say that everyone who calls himself “The Sexual Panther”, and regularly hangs around with an eccentric black person and a borderline prostitute has to be overcompensating for something, but with all things considered…
*Hawke looks gingerly to GI, who immediately snaps away from his mild melancholy, to cast him a death stare of sorts back. Eddie’s smile falters for a second as he adjusts himself back into his chair as he continues*
Hawke: Well, let me just say this about TLA. I think he’s pretty good. In GI’s storied career, he has faced and beaten a lot better, but at the same time, he’s probably fallen against some people who are worse. As his manager, I also have to respect people who have taken influence of other wrestling styles from other countries, so as a man who incorporates a mixture of the old and new styles of Lucha Librè, I think both GI and I respect his skills as a competitor.
With that said, as this is GI’s return match…Well, this is not one in which he can afford to lose. This is the man who was the greatest EAW National Extreme, now Elite, Champion of all time. This much is indisputable. And you expect him to fall against the #1 Contender for said belt? While TLA is a fine wrestler, the timing for him is all wrong. While Mr. Corrupt may be an adequate champion, and while TLA may go on defeat him in the coming weeks, TLA is in a position where it would be unacceptable for him to topple the likes of GI Styles. That’s not to say that he can’t win, because only fools deal with absolutes, but from a physical and mental standpoint, it’s going to take a lot more than TLA in a throwaway singles match to even have a chance of defeating GI Styles on his path to redemption.
Reporter #4: Skip O’Hanlon, Squared Circle.com. How will you deal with all of TLA’s ‘great equalisers’, in the form of The Pride?
Hawke: Skip, Skip, Skip…
*Eddie pulls a briefcase from under the desk, and holds it for the reporters to see. Upon tapping it twice over, he places it down on its side as he flirts with unlocking its hatches, before choosing to have it remain closed for the time being*
Hawke: Unlike that clown Mustafa, his overgrown mutt or his harlot, I am a professional. Also, unlike all of them, I have acquired a certain level of education of all forms of medicinal, biological and chemical matters, which is why I was able to succeed as a wrestler despite my, let’s say, fairly unintimidating frame. It doesn’t matter how large The Pride is. As long as it is made up of such simple-minded fools and walking stereotypes, they won’t be a match for GI Styles, nor for me.
Now, I think we have said all we have come to say. GI, time to take our leave.

*As some of the reporters try to ask some more questions, Eddie just brushes them off, as he and GI head to leave. With nothing else left to say, the camera fades to black
The Tragic Death Of A Vendetta
All I ever want…
…is greatness…
The sun filters through the trees, stripped of leaves.  An unusually chilly morning sees Jamie O’Hara walk down a rock lined path through a local park. Wearing a long black coat over a black t-shirt and jeans with his New Breed championship slung over his shoulder, he takes in the fresh morning air while taking his stroll. The houses of Saitama sit behind him, lined with street lights that slowly switch off one by one as the sun begins to creep over him.
I’ve never cared how long it takes, I’ve never cared the circumstances, as long as I end up with what I want I’m satisfied. It’s been a little more than eight months since I arrived and in that time I’ve achieved more than I thought I possibly could. A New Breed title reign that’s quickly becoming something special, a world championship opportunity to close the year and a place in the King of Elite tournament to begin this. They’re steps towards the very reason I came here for.  For the most part I haven’t been bothered by the defeats, the shortcomings, the failures…all…but….one. I can look past getting my arse handed to me on Voltage, I can handle having to swallow my pride and tap but none of those involved having my chances, my opportunities ripped from my very clutches.
This is where you enter Vic.
Looking back I think a tear fell from my eye when you made your pledge to bring the Elite crown to the Vendetta House. So passionate, so much pride. I could feel the honour radiate from you as you stood by that podium. Fast forward seven days, one week, your failure to control yourself leads to a swift kick putting an end to it all; an abrupt, rather premature end at that. Now, someone with a right and proper mind, someone with some sort of dignity would accept the blame but you…no you can’t accept your own pathetic inability and the blame for your loss instead costing ME of MY opportunity. I can, in a dark and twisted way, understand why you did what you did.
O’Hara deviates from the path and walks along the grass. He approaches the camera and lowers himself down, sitting on his haunches; the sun’s rays bouncing off the championship. He runs his spare hand through the grass and brown, decaying leaves, scooping them up before the chilly breeze sweeps them away. With a smirk, he shifts his attention to the camera with a casual nod.
And now you come to take away this title.
An eye for an eye, huh?
The New Breed title is quite irrelevant. A prize for you to take back to your family is all it really is while I fight to collect your scalp. A metaphor to help you there. I’ve held this title for over one hundred and sixty days and on each one I questioned why I actually fought for it.  Me holding it doesn’t exactly elevate its status; like the men who held it before me the successor is going to have the same desires that I have. So why do I fight? For a mere record? I can’t answer that and I won’t humiliate myself by creating a false, empty reason. Though, as much as I like to tell myself over and over again that the title matters, I feel I’m telling myself a lie and that I can’t accept it. I look at you and this past month, I realise that I cannot allow you the PLEASURE and the satisfaction of taking it away from me and walking back to your house with something to show for your efforts.
Fighting Spirit is just another cross, another mark, another strike in the column of failures for Vic Vendetta and once again you’re forced to carry its burden back to your family; emptied handed and a shattered man. I ended the possibility of the Elite crown setting sail for the land of Vendetta, the abrupt conclusion to the promise and ever since I’ve seen a pathetic man walk around holding his head high with some ounce of pride in his actions but I know the moment he’s out of sight, that head drops; that smirk becomes a frown. I look to expose that side of Vic. The world must know that the prophet, the messiah that preaches is nothing more than a myth; a false identity that can no longer hide in the shadows and a desperate man that has NOTHING but the frail bonds of his family.
But allow me to ask, was it worth it? Was costing me my opportunity worth the demise, the fall? Who do you expect to walk down to the ring this Sunday? A kid? Someone who’s not even fit to tie your laces? Someone too unhinged, too frustrated, and filled with too much hate to control himself? I will walk into Saitama knowing full well what I need and must do to get my vengeance. You made your bed of thorns all those weeks back Vendetta and now you must lie in it.
O’Hara rests his eyes and takes a deep breath, easing the tension on his larynx. He attempts to clear his aching throat but his voice had grown hoarse. He slowly opens his eyes with a slight chuckle, once again looking back at the camera. He rises back to his feet and continues to walk through the park before reaching a green gazebo sitting in the water with a single light. Standing under a light pole, he stares down at a gate with spikes. The decaying bridge and subsequent cement foundations seem ominous; the breeze enough for the water to crash up against it. O’Hara ponders whether or not it’s worth the risk before the light overhead switches off. He decides to follow through and begins to climb over the gate. The bridge creaks with each step he takes before reaching the gazebo itself; removing the title from his shoulder and hanging his legs over the edge. The water only inches from his feet.
Perhaps it’s the concussion speaking but you should bring your men, the Agents of Extreme. Bring, Kendra, if he’s willing young Ares and Vino, allow the family to sit by the ring just to watch your worth slip through the cracks, a front row seat to the systematic death of Vic Vendetta and so when it’s done and dusted and I leave you in a pool of your own blood, staring up to the lights wondering what the fuck just passed you by that the embarrassment of your family turning their backs on you happens sooner rather than latter; for the world to see. You referred to this as a Christian battling the devil himself. I’m not a man of faith; in a nice twist you and I have a single similarity in what we define ourselves at are nothing but our imaginations running wild. Only difference being mine can and will become reality.
The light of the sun hits O’Hara in the eyes as the light switches off. He pulls himself back to his feet and makes his way back towards the shore. Carrying the title in his hand, he hops back over the gate and continues to walk along the path that follows the lake.
You are going to kiss the ground I walk on; PRAISE me…
…you’ll whisper in my ear a simple “thank you”…
 …for allowing the GREATNESS that is Jamie O’Hara to beat you and end the lie that you’re any sort of threat, any sort of concern and any possibility that you’re actually worth something and we’ll remember the night as the tragic death of a Vendetta.
Dynasty Promo Number One

(As the video starts and slowly the area where it is being shot slowly lights up from the incandescent flash of the torches around him as we see the dark building shows a banner of two dragons circling in a yin and yang pattern draped over a man seated in a throne. He lifts his head as we see his hand rested on his chin, as a golden ring of the lion on his finger, as he looks towards the camera.)

A couple of days ago, Lannister gave unto me this ring as a symbol of not only The King’s Peace, but as recognition of my title as Warden of Dynasty. Now Lannister, as a king and all, has begun to wage a war for his own prize in the EAW World Championship, the one that was once around my shoulder, as he looks to do what I did on that roster and conquer it with his strength. With this, he has left within be and not some raving lunatic, the Dynasty kingdom and to show my force and authority upon its inhabitants. The thing is that it included the man known as Psycho Brody, something that both him and his doctor did not understand. He did not understand that his mind is not fit to rule a kingdom, not meant to be at the helm of a ship such as this, but it is no matter because he will have to learn his place once he is cast out by the man deemed The Liege of Light. Tyler Parker is a man that I have fought many times in the ring, faced for that very championship that he holds on his shoulder, but I know he has improved vastly since our last encounter, much like I have. That is why I know that after what happened in that ring, it would not have mattered if he made an appearance or not, Brody would have fallen either way. That is why you are not meant to wear the ring of the lion, that is why you cannot be the warden of the region known as Dynasty, because there is many who are above you and the one that rules over them all is me. Jacob Senn right now has conquered one of the three targets he must eradicate to be named the contender to face Tyler Parker at Reckless Wiring, obviously since he will claim victory over a simpleton like Psycho Brody, but I have a notable knight with armor red as blood who walks towards my doorstep as my second challenger.

Carlos Rosso.

I am very familiar with him, especially a man who he used to be a partner with in GI Styles, but Carlos is a man that I do know. A brawler, a technician, and a very eloquent and clever master of the tongue, oh yes I know you. Now Carlos, I hope you did not intend to make it much farther on this journey in the Gold Rush Tournament because if you cannot tell by the tone of my voice to where this conversation is heading, you are going to be beaten at Dynasty. Only one can get that world championship opportunity and trust me when I say that I am going to make certain that it is going to be me. It just so happens that you are going to have to be the one that will join Psycho Brody in taking the brunt of my boot! Your return to the ring was quite impressive and I kind of enjoyed seeing how you made The Nas squirm around under your deathly grip as you made him submit to your will. The Nas is a man who has yet to climb the ranks of EAW yet, he still has much to learn in this business, but know that I am not a man of such naïve nature to fall for your tricks. I have faced against the best of men this company has thrown against me and so far, none have been able to prevent the malefic strike that I send down the back of their head like a guillotine to their neck. Dynasty will mark the epilogue of your quest to grasp the EAW World Heavyweight Championship, Carlos. It will be the night where you will be brought to a halt against the forces of The Fabled Conqueror and I do not want you to feel disheartened once it takes place. You have shown the world that you have not missed a step with your departure, showed them that you are a man who can still be considered a threat, but I must neutralize those threats before they become something that not even I can handle. Carlos Rosso, you are the next line of defense that I must raze through with haste, and that I shall do once you are met with the Harmonic Divergence.

(As Jacob Senn waves off towards the camera, you see someone pick it up as some of the torches dim. Quickly, we see a graveyard pop up on the screen as we see that one tombstone, covered with the earth from the ground reads “Psycho Brody”, as we cut to two others that read “Carlos Rosso” with an open grave and a blank tombstone where the grave has yet to be dug.)
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Alex Anderson just doesn’t get it.
No one cares about your net worth.
No one cares about what you can or cannot afford.
You can’t buy success. You can’t buy a world title shot. You can’t buy a victory over me.
Alex wants me to realize the level he has reached in his career. “I’ve been in this business a long time.” Really? How long do you think I’ve been in this business… Things you learned yesterday I learned five years ago. I know more about this business than 95% of the roster. I started wrestling when you started walking. I am the veteran, Alex, don’t start acting high and mighty because your fake attitude doesn’t work on me. I see right through you. You talk like you’re the best entertainer to ever pick up a microphone. You walk like you’re the best wrestler to ever step foot in a ring.
You’re neither.
This business isn’t a game to you anymore, Alex? When did that occurrence happen? Was it after you were a fired the first, second, or third time? Was it after you FAILED at your previous opportunities at the Answers World Championship? You’ve taken every opportunity you can get, but you took them and threw them right in the trash. A year ago you had all the momentum in the world, and you got fired. You could have beat me at Grand Rampage, and who knows how many main event matches would have been in store for you with that victory. Instead? I stabbed you in the chest. I put you in a dumpster. I watched you get taken back to Canada and I watched EAW mail you your walking papers. You failed to capitalize on your opportunity at Road to Redemption and King of Elite, respectively. Who wants to see you fail again? It’s clear you got dismantled by Norman. You never stood a chance. You’ll never stand a chance. You have no real opportunity, because I’ve already seized the day. Saturday is mine. Reasonable Doubt is mine. The Answers World Championship match, and the title itself, is mine.
The past may be irrelevant, but not when nothing has changed. It’s always been the same circumstances. I’ve always been a better wrestler than you. I’ve always been smarter than you. I’ve always defeated you, so the same old excuse of “it’s a new day,” doesn’t work here. It doesn’t work when you don’t tell me what’s changed. It doesn’t work when you’re still the same mediocre elitist and I am still the most elite wrestler in Elite Answers Wrestling.
Alex and I do agree on one thing, we can hit the snooze button on whatever comes out of Ventura’s mouth.
The Caster of Dreams, John-boy? You’re just putting people to sleep not planting dreams. You want to know what makes me so special. You want to know why it is I who decides your worth. It is because I am the standard you all look up to. I am the one that knows this business inside and out. I’ve been here longer than almost anyone. I am the veteran. I am the Hall of Famer. You may not like what I say but it’s not because I am a bad guy, it’s because I speak the truth. Whose opinion do you want? Do you want some rookie telling you that you deserve to be in a main event? What the fuck do they know? Do you want your friends, Nick and Venom maybe, telling you you’re better than me? What the fuck do they know, and what the fuck else are they going to tell you? Pardon my language but please tell me whose opinion means more. I told you before and I will tell you again. I am not just the past. I am not just a historian. There is still plenty of chapters left to my story. I am still writing. I am making history every day, what are you doing? You’re ignoring the past and not learning from it. Learn from your mistakes, John-boy. You know what happens when you get in the ring with me. You’re not good enough to defeat me but you can be smart enough to know when to walk in the other direction, because if you step into the ring with me you won’t be walking at all when we’re done.
My heaven is not the past. My heaven is not past tapes of my victories and championships. My heaven is the future, because I can see that holds all of the same. More victories and more championships. I am not casting dreams like Ventura or throwing money around like Anderson, I am stating the future. My future is just as bright as my past, and that future will be here quicker than you think. That future will be here sooner than either of my two opponents would like, whether they believe me or not.

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I think theres some miscommunication going on around here. I think Tyler Parker is confused. Just because I like to come out here and have a good time, and tell some jokes and entertain people, doesn't mean I don't take what I do seriously. On this microphone, I might seem like I'm trying to be a comedian, I might come off of some fun loving guy, but when the bell rings, and when I step foot into that ring, I am a professional wrestler. Thats what I resigned to be, a wrestler. Right now thats my job, and I take my job very seriously, I might be laughing, I might be cracking jokes, but I'm not a joke. I won't be joking on Dynasty when I step in the ring and I kick your ass. But you're right Tyler, you aren't like everyone I faced in the past, I've faced several people better than you, and I've beaten several people better than you, and thats why I think I can beat you too. Let me just use an example for you Tyler. Heart Break Boy...  Someone who is held in the highest regard here in EAW, a legend, one of the greatest of all time, and I beat him. I beat him multiple times, more times then I can even count on my hand, and a few times it was effortlessly, so If I can beat someone like that in my sleep, what makes you think I can't beat you.

Tyler you have it all wrong, I don't think you shouldn't have the World Heavyweight Championship, you won it and you earned it, you deserved a round of applause. Tyler, you're the best, and I think you deserve the title. What disapoints me isn't that you're champion, It's just the talent around here, or shall I say lack of talent. You're the best, Tyler, and I have no problem admitting it. I'm just saying, that in 2008, 2009, 2010, when EAW was at it's best, when EAW was cool, where were you? You were nothing, and now that there's no competetion you're the man. That's not the case anymore, Tyler. There's competetion now, I'm back. You may be the man right now Tyler. But you won't be for long. I'm back and it's only a matter of time before that title that you hold so preciously is mine. 

Tyler, I have accepted what awaits me at Dynast, but I don't think you have. I know exactly what I'm walking into Tyler, don't get it twisted. It's you that has no Idea what you're walking into. You're walking into the ring, and you're standing toe to toe, face to face with the greatest wrestler to ever have done it, and you're not walking out, and if some how, some way you do walk out, you're walking back up that ramp with your head hangining in shame. Tyler, you're the World Champion, and I respect that. But you can't hang with the veteran, you can't hang with the Essence of Excellence, you can't hang with The Alpha Male, Dynasty might have been you're brand but soon you will realise you're stepping foot into my Serenget and It will be the biggest mistake of you're life kid. The clock is ticking, your days are numbered, your window is closing.. This Friday at Dynasty... You will feel...................


When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that's when passion is born.

But that is just it Brian Daniels. You don't have much to fight for anyone. There was once a time in your career where the charisma was bleeding off of you and people could feed off of it. You could be feeding us some bullshit tales but because it was you, people had a reason to believe in you. I think it is safe to say that you don't have that effect on anyone anymore. Mate, it has been months since I stabbed you in the back and stole the limelight and you are telling me that the largest threat you've posed to me since then was your measly attempt to throw me off my game in a match against Ventura? The Brian Daniels I once knew who bled passion would have decided to get off his high horse the next day and do anything humanly possible to see his opponent shattered. What is even more morbid is the matter of fact that your best attempt to stay relevant in the last few months is by rekindling old bad bloods with people who clearly do not want anything to do with you anymore. Ever since the night I broke your back, you've perhaps only participated in a handful amount of matches and lost more than your fair share of them. You have taken weeks - no months off at a time and have done nothing of whatsoever germaneness and you can try to digress that all you want but you yourself know that is not far from the truth. You are using me as a catalyst, an ignition to start your career up once again and have it running because you realize that there is no one better on the roster than myself to leech off of. I'll be honest, at one point in my career, I probably would have let you do it too. However times have changed since you owned these realms, I am now not only the Prince of Showdown but also the Warden of Showdown. It is my duty to see to it that the regulations associated with within this particular place - my own realm - this place we call Showdown are followed and you Brian Daniels, you've been breaching some guidelines for a while now. I was given the honor of leading this brand because some high up finally realizes that within the rubber of what we call a roster, I am the only who purely bleeds blue. You on the other hand see this nothing more than a farce, another run to take a whim back at after you have already retired. Only, this time I'm not going to let you live your fantasy Brian Daniels. Whatever past bit of glory that you think you're still riding on, come Reasonable Doubt and I promise I will crush whatever is left - you will be nothing once more Brian Daniels.

It seems people in this company have developed a hazardous obsession with falling out of line these days, becoming a commoner to rebellion. There was once a time where you would do what you were told and there was nothing else to it. If you see a neanderthal given that command these days, he'll just polish you off and go hold a criticism rally to throw you off your high throne. You would like to think that you started all this wouldn't you Brian Daniels? Many would say that is your actions, your heroic run a few years ago that has led us to this fiasco. There is no one else to blame but you... however playing the devil's advocate, there is also no other I would love to make an example out of. I will end this fiasco once and for all and stop this insurgency and who better to make an example out of than the very man, the very ringleader who was at the top of this from the start. You will look me straight in the eye, you will tell the crowd exactly what to expect next and as you run on the mat on the verge to kick my head out, I will elude you. I do feel sorry for the many who have fallen victim to your brutal kicks in the past but let it also be known that none of them probably knew you as well as I do Brian Daniels. While I won't disagree that our time in Elite was futile and to no avail, we were still in each other presence for the better part of the day and I would like to think that there was something I learned about both yourself and Starrstan. What I was able to learn about Starrstan is that he happens to be a man who still to this day embellishes his true power and that at the end happens to be his biggest incapability. Each and every time Starrstan and I have came face to face, I have succeeded for that mere reason - he exposes his weakness outright to us. You Brian Daniels are no different. You play your part as some kind of recalcitrant man but the matter of fact is that when it comes down to it, after you have your mind cultivated to my doctrines, then you too will eventually fall into line. It's no secret that I have shown to be a bit ill-fated in these large events but to be honest, there couldn't possibly be a more effortless match to get over that losing stump than to face the very severed Brian Daniels at Reasonable Doubt. I would be no lawyer if I could not take on both sides of the problem Brian Daniels. However here, I fully believe that you bring nothing to the table. There is nothing you could say or do that would be enough to prove to me that what you're preaching is the truth because in this scenario, there is only one side of logic and that is my side. You are already at the slightest you can be, all that is left of me is to embed you once and for all. The name Brian Daniels will mean nothing, absolutely nothing by the ends' week and that, I will personally promise you. Brian Daniels will be finished once and for all by the self-proclaimed Prince of Showdown, the enthroned Warden of Showdown and... the most superior Elitist in... Elite Devan Dubian.

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