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 EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Young buck vs. Old Buck
Post on February 19th 2015, 8:32 am by Guest
---Brian Adonis is seen sitting on the front porch of his ranch house smoking a cigar, he can be heard thinking allowed as the sun is beginning to set on a beautiful Texas day---

You know I have been around a long time, I have wrestled under different names I have wrestled for different companies, still to this day I am amazed, Amazed at what yo ask? Amazed at the fact that I always get paired up against the trash no matter what company I am in, EAW is no exception because as you can see once again I am playing the roll of garbage man. I am tired of playing the role of garbage man everywhere I go. It appears as though my opponent feels the same way, mean while Maxwell probably doesn't know anything about the wrestling business you know hes one of those I'm the future guys. First of all kid why the fuck are you standing on the god damn table, acting like some stripper wanna be if you ain't takin ya clothes of for money you got no business standin on the table. I agree with you this match is bullshit, but the part you claimed to be bullshit is nothing of the sorts at all, you need to face the truth because we both know why this match is takin place on the pre show is because your good for nothin ass is in it, you talk about not wantin to be associated with people, who in the name of this green earth would want to be associated with guy like you. Ya think you were brought down to my level? If you ask me, you were brought up to my level I mean weren't you the guy who parked my car the last time I wrestled? You got a lot to talk about but nothing to back up you act like you have done it all you act like you some kind of higher being. The problem with you acting like this is you don't belong anywhere but down in the dirt with the cow shit, I mean you got the smell down. 

---Brian Adonis takes a long puff of his cigar, he starts to cough a little bit, as he starts laughing to himself---

You know Max you kinda remind me of myself when I first started out in the wrestlin business, I was as arrogant and brash as you I thought I was the best the first time I stepped into the ring I thought I was the king you know what happened to me son? The same thing that is going to happen to you on Dynasty... I lost, you can go ahead and underestimate me even if I tell your sorry ass not to you are going to anyways because you ain't got no sense in that think head of yours. It's been a long time since I had to teach somebody a lesson, tell me son did your parent not discipline you enough when you were a kid, or are you really this stupid and unknowing of the world, the world doesn't work like a vidya game kid you don't just enter some cheat code and make it to the top right away. Maybe I have to bring my belt with me to Dynasty and give you a whoopin like your old man should have given you, because you need to learn some respect, after Dynasty the only way you will be remembered is being a punk kid who thought more of himself than was actually a reality, welcome to my world kid welcome to my passion, I can't wait to step into that wrestlin ring on Dynasty and take you to school. I only teach one thing in my school kid, its called respect, you don't need to go flippin tables like some kind of wild animal, I mean it wasn't to long ago you were playing stripper on top of the same table I've seen a lot of characters in my time of wrestlin and believe me I've only known you for a short time and you already rank up there with the craziest of them. It's not a good crazy either so before you go trying to turn this around and make yourself look good, your just a jackass who needs to be put out of his misery before your misery even starts because it's not far off son.

---Brian Adonis takes one last drag of his cigar before he throws it---

Theres a reason why I smoke, drink, and chew chewing tobacco because it relaxes me after a long day of dealing with idiots like you. I mean sure I might do it for other reasons like to hide some pain I feel from being tossed to the side so many times. Come Dynasty you are going to wish you were as good as the "likes of me" but I am afraid you will never amount to anything in your sad pathetic excuse for a life and career, I mean once again look at how you act at such a young age, do you really think you will get anywhere doing the things you are doing? Screaming into a microphone while standing on a table like an idiot, do me a favor keep doing what you are doing because it is really going to make me look like I am in my prime when I step into the ring against you, hell maybe I'll give you a reason to start drinking I mean you haven't been wrestling for that long and you already look like an ass, I mean next you are going to tell me you let the fans cheer for you like an idiot. I know you are going to come out and tell me no man I hate the fans blah blah blah, you don't know what real hate is hit you haven't been on this earth long enough to know what true hatred is.

---A disgusted Brian Adonis turns the camera off before going inside on what is now a nice Texas night---
Now the simple reason... the simple answer as to why I think I will declared victorious to the matches' end later this week is foreknowledge, prescience. 

It's been made obvious that I'm a bit of a fabricator, a man who loves telling stories. However when it comes to my name, my disdain, my honor: I am no such man. I am a born prince and yes, while I have accepted King Lannister's offer to become a warden of Showdown, this does not excuse me from my blue blood... my intrinsic duties. It may be that that the sizable amount of elitists in this company have taken it upon themselves to fantasize about being some kingdom twit but I am no mock. King Lannister is no mock, he took over this Kingdom with his bare hands. You can try to claim that I am still that dotard who sided by you in Elite and you can try to claim that you haven't been insignificant for the past few months and you can try to pretext it any other way but the matter of fact is that since I have left that waste of a faction, I have eclipsed everyone's expectations. It may sound a bit bitter and I am not looking for anyone's pity, but I don't believe I am stretching the truth in admitting that this thin string  I am running on has been one of my more exceptional runs. You on the other hand are using this match at Reasonable Doubt as a pretext for your impertinence. Winning the world title may seem like a marvelous idea and I wouldn't rebuff it for anything else in the world but let us be honest here Brian Daniels. I think you will agree with me on this one too Brian in admitting that after you win the world title once, there is no actual room for enhancement. You believed that since you have already won the world title once that you are already on the level of myths that have descended before you in the previous years. You tell yourself that you were this specific character with these specific peculiarities when you won the world title and the day after you lose it, everyday on from since then you try to live up to that forecast and the honest truth is that no matter how hard you try mate, you just don't ever get there. I never figured that there would be an expediency being stainless to a world title but I suppose one thing I can always depend on is my desire to improve. I think you tend to embellish yourself a bit too much Brian Daniels. I may have not had the most massive mouth in the faction because one of the most beneficial things I have learned is how to keep my mouth shut. I had as much a reason to be in that uprising as you guys if not more, the only thing that was impaired in that faction was use of common sense by my two so called colleagues. I had a way of going about it, you two idiots on the other hand hinted a scent of those three perils and with no strategic plan whatsoever, you resorted to violence and more often than not landed got handed your arse. You can try to claim your roll-up victory over Lannister as some kind of bargaining offer but we all know that is total bullshit. You were handed your arse that whole interval and on that top of that I would assume that his roll-up on you would kind of cancel all that out. I revealed myself to the truth and I accept my hypocrisy, I'm aware that my promises don't have much merit but you have absolutely no room to speak. I switched sides because I learned that I must switch to the truth in order to do what was right and that was to accept that I have fell flat. However it will be your word, your promise of supposedly "kicking my head in" that will fall flat because I will take all this confidence that you're sustaining yourself on right now and end it with one propel... one indentation... one last resort.

You can't do it unless you can imagine it. I think it's fair to say that you have a lack of imagination Brian Daniels. Not too long, you cherished playing the dark horse for everyone. You were the kind of guy that elitists such as myself could look up to and possibly hope that one day that despite our misadventure in the back, the lot of us still had a chance... some promise that we could still win the most prized one, the world championship. However today, you stand nothing more than a mere setback right now. I thought perhaps I may have overemphasized myself when I said that you had no absolute passion or hunger or any desire to be in this company anymore but after you seeing admit to this bullshit arithmetic that we are nothing more than just mere tedious wrestlers, I now realize that I wasn't far from the truth. I think for you, this kind of all works like dominoes. Passion is basically one great authority that unleashes imagination because if you were as passionate about this company as you once were, then you would be willing to take more risks. I think you believe that you have reached a chunk of your career where you believe that you don't have enough on the table, you don't have what it takes anymore to actually risk more of your career. You realize that this is the run that will either make you or break you forever, the last one is after all the most defining one. I look at your situation and I understand your dilemma but I say bullshit to all of it. I don't share your concern because I still have the passion, the desire to take risks even knowing that run is what might be written in my recollection a few years from now. I have come to realize that I can choose to be a bore and take the safe and lengthy route back to the top or I can drink it all up and take every bunk thrown at me for the better cause. I think it is you who has duped himself into believing that you can stop what has already been started. Things are not the same anymore Brian, revolutions are stumped the moment they are created. Being bestowed this honor to be called the Warden of Showdown, I will see to it myself that your words are only that much -- just words and nothing more. What you believe is going to happen this Saturday is the opposite contrary of what will actually occur to be quite honest with you. Your actions will be pledged turbulent and your loss will be a necessity not only for the better of myself but for Showdown and the whole realm of this company. This run of yours will be short lived and you will have wished that it could have been a bit more perilous because what you will come to learn this Saturday Brian Daniels is that while serfs are temporary, royalty is forever permanent.
Reasonable Doubt Promo: Sink Or Swim

** The scene opens with Scott Oasis who is seen driving through town. His radio is blaring as he drives the car with one hand on the wheel and the other carrying a cup of straight black coffee. He takes a sip before setting the cup down to open the window a crack as a cool winter breeze finds its way into the vehicle. The wind is slightly harsh as Scott works against it and turns his head in order to become fully enamored with the beautiful city of Besiktas. While observing the area on his way to his destination Scott passes the Vodafone arena, the cite of Reasonable Doubt 2015. The building and its surroundings are littered with posters telling the whole world EAW is in town. Scott's gaze rests on the specific place for a few moments before he is forced to take his eyes back on the road and make a U turn. Scott speeds up as we can now see where he's heading from a distance. He makes his stop at the 5 star hotel known as the Ciragan Palace, the temporary living quarters of all the Showdown Elitists until their tour of Turkey ends. He opens the car door and heads into the lobby to check in. **

Hotel Manager: Room number?

Scott Oasis: 76B.

** The manager places the number into the computer to see who pops up as Scott's name appears. **

Hotel Manager: Oh, Mr. Oasis! We had someone come here with a package for you earlier!

Scott Oasis: Really? Where is it?

Hotel Manager: Don't worry, sir. We placed it in your room!

Scott Oasis: Ah, thanks.

**Scott Oasis heads into the elevator and presses the button labeled fourth floor as he is shot up to his floor number. The doors automatically open as he enters the hotel hallways and walks down them until he reaches room "76B". He pulls out the keys from his pocket and unlocks the door and shuts it behind him as he gets inside. He takes off his leather jacket and tosses it aside and heads to his bed where he notices that a rectangular box lays in the center of it. **

Scott Oasis: Hopefully this is the package I think it is.....

**Scott picks it up and messily unwraps it, leaving shreds of paper all over the room. What's left is what seems to be a case of some sorts. Scott opens the case as we see multiple discs inside. Each disc has a date written on it in marker. Scott pulls out the first disc, labeled Saturday, March 16th 2013. He places it into the DVD player and sits back as he waits for the video to begin. At first the screen is blank but then we see Matt Miles entering the ring in one of his first televised appearances. Scott's focus is fixed entirely on the TV set.**

Just look at him. The bastard is just as smug as he is now....

**We see him observing several house show exclusive and fan recorded matches before dozing off and succumbing to his tiredness, falling asleep with the remote in his hand. He is soon woken up by the loud noise of his alarm clock as he goes to his usual workout regime.**

I need to keep moving, I will not fail! The stakes are way to high and I've worked too hard to get here.

** We see Scott Oasis leaning against the wall, sweating buckets. He is exhausted and dehydrated from his training. He places a disc from the set he brought over to the training facility and watches Matt Miles return to EAW, attacking Scott Oasis and causing him to run off.**

That will never happen again.....I refuse to be dethroned by that fucking punk!

** He throws his fist right into the wall, breaking right through it and leaving a hole. The screen then goes black as we see Scott Oasis standing against a fence with his thoughts. To the left of him is a Reasonable Doubt poster with graphics of each match on the card scattered along the poster. Scott rips off the bottom of the poster. The part that contains him and his opponent, Matt Miles. Scott lets out a deep breath before looking up toward the camera. **

This Saturday at Reasonable Doubt will be marked as my second Interwire Championship defense and who would have thought that this time it would be against the man that I defeated for said title in Matt Miles. Now Matt, you and I have had an incredible history. We hit the scene only a few years apart, have been in the same companies, have traveled to the same cities, we have even shared the same brands not once but twice in fact. I don't know what is it but no matter how hard we try to shake each other away or move on to other things, fate always finds its way to get us back into the ring together. It is almost like we are destined to be locked in an eternal battle and I can say I have come to accept that fact. We are born rivals. We know each other in and out. We think the same, we wrestle the same, we even act the same in most ways. If there have ever been two more equal talents not just in the history of EAW, but in professional wrestling then you will damn sure be hard pressed to find it. Every time me and Matt are inside of that squared circle, magic happens! We have gone through two absolutely amazing encounters that I know neither of us will ever forget. I have never been more challenged than I have been against Matt Miles. I've enjoyed our battles, the locker room have enjoyed them and the fans have especially enjoyed them but it's one a piece and its time for us to have the rubber match. Scott Oasis versus Matt Miles : The Iceman versus The Midas Touch. Two titans will collide, both men can't afford to lose, something's got to give, but what will it be is all the fans can be able to wonder as they view the epic conclusion to this trilogy!

The thing is though, there's a simple answer for that. I will triumph.

A punch from Oasis is followed by a punch from Miles as these two men are trading blows in the middle of the ring! Miles connects with a knee to the gut of Oasis as he’s looking to end this right here and right now! Oasis holds his gut as Miles sets him up… MIDAS TOUCH!!! IT CONNECTS!!! THAT HAS TO BE IT! WAIT!!! NO! OASIS OVERPOWERS MILES AND REVERSES IT AS HE HAS MILES… PILEDRIVER!!! IT CONNECTS!!! NEW CHAMPION!!! NEW CHAMPION!!! NEW CHAMPION!!!

Referee: ONE!!!!!!!!……… TWO!!!!!!!!……… THREE!!!!!!!!………


(“The Wreckoning” by Nonpoint plays all throughout the arena as Scott Oasis is handed the Interwire Championship)


I'm not trying to be typical cocky Scott Oasis, I'm just calling it how I see it. The last time we were face to face in the ring you have to admit I caused some serious damage. You were dropped on your head multiple times, took two piledrivers and took repeated blows to the skull. You don't take a month off from damage like that and come back one hundred percent. It's obvious you are still hurting, in your return match you were a different man. You were struggling to defeat a man who at the time couldn't defeat El Landerson one on one without interference or a DQ victory. Even if you won and worked through the pain, there is still the chance of potential ring rust. While you had all of that time to lose focus I was in the ring busting my tail, staying on the grind. Laying in a bed for as long as you have can take a toll on an athlete, they aren't in the same state physically as they were when they left off. For most athletes when they are injured they take at least a few weeks following their injuries to get back into tip top shape, but you on the other hand dive right back into shark infested waters while you're still bleeding. But like a shark, I sense you and have you directly in my sights, and as you know from December, when I lock eyes on a target I will not stop until my task has been completed --

** The remainder of the poster flies off and hits Scott in the face. He begrudgingly pulls it off and immediately notices Brian Daniels on it. The same man who made him tap out two weeks prior. **

*sigh* Now that I'm here I think it as good a time as any to address some certain issues. It seems that since I have won this title a few of my performances have been less than satisfactory. I can't stand these losses. I go backstage and I hear the jokes and the people whispering trash talk. That isn't how it's supposed to be. People have forgotten what I am capable of. They have forgotten about the man who has broken people's necks, who has beaten legends! If it is time for Scott Oasis to prove himself yet again then fine, I'll do it! Winning this title was the proudest moment of my life! I respect this title and all of the people who have held it before me and refuse to besmirch it and soil its prestige with a sub par title run. Which is why I plan on doing whatever it takes to make sure that I have proven that I deserved to win this title. Matt, you are a damn good talent, probably one of the best, if not the best I have seen in a long time, but no matter! I'm going to put the work in and prepare to give you the fight of your life! If I just don't have what it takes to beat you a second time then so be it but at least I can say I gave it my all. All I know is either way, win, lose or draw, I promise each and every single person who has ever thought the words "Does Scott Oasis deserve to be champion?" a final, conclusive answer. It's not about proving I'm better or ending Matt Miles anymore. From now on I'm doing my own thing and worrying about my goals!

Some may wonder what exactly my goals are so allow me to tell you. Right now my single goal is just about building a legacy. I want to be remembered not just as some flash in the pan big man or that guy who was champion for a few minutes. I want to be revered. I want to be respected. But at the end of the day, most of all I think I want to know that I belong here with the big boys and retaining my title and my place at the top of the food chain is a damn good way to confirm that. You know what, looking back I believe I must make a correction to one of my previous statements. I will not triumph. I have to triumph. This is the moment where I step up big time and shut everyone up for good. This is the moment where I am the one who gets the last laugh. This is the moment where I truly earn back my championship and defeat Matt Miles to end his claims of being some sort of uncrowned champion. My legacy truly begins now and what better way to start off than with a victory at the pay per view fittingly titled: Reasonable Doubt. This IS the era of Scott Oasis and you can either accept it or get mowed over by it, either way you're all getting knocked down and that includes you, Matt Miles!
As we inch closer and closer to our little date I begin to realise that all my desires for heroism, that mission to bedevil a man like you Vic is becoming worthless. That the trials and tribulations you created that I expected to make me stronger are behind me and that I already standing in the light of victory, just blinded…temporarily. I’m starting to believe that like the devil himself you are nothing of concern. You know I’ve always enjoyed the story of good triumphing over evil in the most spectacular and heroic fashion. A week ago I would be biting my nails in displeasure, waiting for that moment that I could get my hands on you yet now I sit comfortably, more so with a drink in hand knowing that come Fighting Spirit it’s all in the palms of my hands, not yours.
I’ve thought about my very own words these past forty eight hours and perhaps the death of a Vendetta isn’t the right way to go but yet I find myself awake at night conflicted. The idea that I walk into this match a good guy with good intentions but all it’s done is made me think if being such a person has done more harm than good. I can show up week in and week out; fuck, night in and night out if need be and ring circles around my opponent but that only gets me so far. What I see more often than not is people chasing their goals, chasing whatever they need to get somewhere and making a statement in doing so. Lucian Black, someone just inches from the top of the mountain tears apart Xavier Williams and surely no one sees him as anything less than a threat; presumably the front runner to meet Tyler Parker. This is just one case of someone doing what they need to do regardless of perception. I can never be the bigger man in this story of ours, Vic. When you’re on your knees begging for mercy I can’t just forgive you for what you did yet I can’t find the will, the part of me with enough guts to carry the burden of inflicting such harm. In the world of Elite Answers Wrestling a “normal” man would rip you apart, hell I’m sure the horrors of Road to Redemption are still fresh in your mind but I’m not a normal person by any means. I don’t have that killer instinct to put you down and out for good.
I’ve always wondered what lies beneath. Years and years with a smile, my head held high; a righteous and honourable approach to my craft that never waivers even in times that one would expect it to. There’s walking down to the ring and attacking someone but that’s nothing compared to what I’ve bared witness to. I’ve seen people almost having their throat slit, spears through flaming glass tables, stabbed with rail spikes and idiots jumping from rafters all in the attempt to seal victory. Common, to most here but for me, they’re moments that I wouldn’t manage to pull myself to attempt even against the scummiest of scum. It’s moments of true darkness that I’ve never understood nor ever believed could be a part of my psyche. But I can tell myself time and time again that it doesn’t reside within but I’d be lying to myself. Of course there’s something down below that I’m yet to even see myself; we all have that edge, that side that waits in the shadows for that perfect opportunity to make itself known to the world and bring the true identity of that person full circle.
I fear a storm approaches Vic and you don’t have a shelter to hide under or the chance for salvation. There will be no ark that you can climb upon to save yourself. But it won’t rain from the heavens, no; the flood will be spilled from your blood and when the tide recedes, you and everyone will know where I stand.
However, let’s be real here all I need to do is beat you and walk away with the New Breed title flung over my shoulder. I mean if the defeat in December rocked you and the defeat you suffered by my hands put your relationship with your family on tilt, then I wonder the consequences, the repercussions of defeat will mean? Your supposedly evil ways, the darkness and the newfound love and respect from your family just won’t be enough to land a punch compared to the class and the finesse that I possess. Everyone has a choice in life but the thing is more often than not they’re too stupid to understand what’s best for them. Like in your case. You don’t have to walk down that aisle and step into the ring, you can turn your back and walk away accepting the reality of defeat yet still able to walk, talk and breathe easy with the opportunity to turn your miserable life around and create a successful career. Just think about the last time success and meaning actually meant something in your career, Vic. When was it? Pain For Pride? I can’t even remember a moment since then that you could consider a success by any means; all but failure in my eyes. The only thing that I hope for is that you don’t succumb to the same false hope that blinded people before and will continue to blind the many that come to take my title away from me; to end my desire to create a legacy and the whose think they have superiority over me. This is a battle that you lost the moment you cost me my match. You thought retribution, vengeance for your defeat meant something but it didn’t, all it did was bring forth the reality that my kindness isn’t a guaranteed come Sunday.
Vic, I recall calling early opponents of mine a stepping stone towards greater things. Most being forgettable figures that I can’t even begin to remember. It’s 2015 and I think it isn’t worth telling you of what lies just before us as you would already know the answer. Momentum is a funny thing, isn’t it? You can clutch it, you can’t feel it, you can’t smell it, you can’t taste it, you can’t see it yet it’s the single most important thing for men like us. Without it suddenly life becomes an uphill battle and the task becomes tougher.  Fighting Spirit you become another stone that I walk on to further my career. Someone that I use to build momentum. When 2015 ends and I’m standing on the very fucking top I’ll make sure to take a moment to acknowledge your sacrifice and the effort you put in to get me there.
Perhaps I’ll play a little God and steal a little something from the “good book”. When God offered Noah salvation in the form the ark, he gave the human race a second chance and thrive. What a fool he was considering the world we now live in huh? Maybe I’ll offer you that salvation Vendetta, give you another chance to find clarity and stop the flood.

Or I could simply watch you drown.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 18th 2015, 11:55 pm by VENTURA.
"..Caster, Oh, Caster...
...Deliver this dream...
...Caster, Oh, Caster...
...Deliver it, upon me."

Why me?
It's spectacular to see that people are so quick to judge a person based of what has happened to them. They like to smile and laugh while they stand and laugh, because this guy failed to won this and that. Is that how it is going to be like? Is that how childish, and churlish that you people can amount to? "La la la la la la, Ventura lost mostly throughout 2013, there is no snowball's chance in hell that he can recover." Get the hell out with those lines because I get bored of them real quick. At the first stage, I would be mad. I would point the fingers and blame each and every single person in the roster room for being the complete and utter trash that they were. The second stage would just for me to be depressed, and try to pull some stunts to raise myself and prevent any further falling. The third and final stage, is for me, and everyone to get the hell over it. If people want to make a manuscript of ALL the losses that I have had, I can also return the favor, because men like Starr and Alex have embraced far more worse than I have, and they all pretend as if a scratch hasn't been dealt in their careers. I am not like the typical guy that would crawl on their knees, leaving a trail of tears all over the backstage, because I lost a glorious opportunity to cement my legacy early. If I was, I wouldn't be speaking in this company right now, and I would be in some other company thrashing this company from top to bottom. But I am here for a purpose. I am here to win what I truly deserve. I had a momentum going on during the early stages of 2013, and despite that was extinguished, I still have high hopes for my career. At Reasonable Doubt, I have an opportunity to prove my worth once again, to show why I am destined to be the man that can truly change the direction of this company towards a new light, towards the twinkling stars. Alex Anderson, and his "wealth", alongside his hypocrisy, cannot restrict me from fulfilling that covenant. As for you Starr, you honestly have no idea of what I will truly do to you on Saturday, you just don't. Your mind is fully concentrated on belittling me every way possible, while it neglects the possible fears that could loom around you. Try and get that settled, before it is too late...
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 18th 2015, 10:51 pm by A-Will
Tiberius, that was a very fancy way of getting your point out. I'm almost intrigued by it. I got two questions though. How many times did you have to google the fanciest and rather complicated words until you found the ones that you thought worked and why do you keep viewing me as a rookie as if I really care about the generic point you try to make? See, that's the difference between me and you. I don't go as far as to use fancy words and I don't take my opponents lightly just as you've been treating me. I don't really care because you are acting like any brainless person would act like and that's why you already lost. You already lost when you saw my name on the card and you chuckled and looked away as if I'm nothing. You can keep doing that because, while you look one way, I'll attack you from another. If what you believe in when it comes to me is true, then Michael Jordan isn't a legend that took the NBA by storm when he walked through the door. Michael Jackson isn't a legend that made history in the music industry when no one thought he would after he left the Jackson 5. You're too stubborn to realize that, whether you like it or not, time is passing you by before you know it. I'm here in EAW as the man that has had success before coming here. I've lived in a part of Memphis where you could even go to your car without the 90 percent chance of being shot to death. I made it out of that and I believe that's an accomplishment. If you tell me otherwise, then you move to that part of the city and see how well you do. I've met lots of different people from the gang members to the Harvard graduates to the rich to the poor. You name it. So you don't have any right to tell me about who's what in this world because you don't know anybody in this world. You can tell your pathetic journalist to write an article about that.

If you're a thief, you've got to be the most "special" thief considering how you can steal money, but you can't even steal a successful wrestling career in the form of hard work. For someone that calls himself a legend, but has yet to actually win a title here in EAW, you sure talk a big game. I'm just getting started here, so you can really judge me with a complete thought in mind, not that you do anyways. You, on the other hand, can't even get to a title and you call yourself a legend. You call yourself a dragon. If you're a dragon, then where is the fire? Did TLA put it out or was there not even a fire lit inside you to begin with? Is this all for an entertainment act or is this the real you? If you're a legend, then so is Jah Hendrix. You aren't anything but a liar. Who's career have you even ended? I know I haven't ended any careers, but that's what I plan to do from now on since I came back from injury and trust me when I say that, when I set my sights on something, nothing will stop me, not even the best of the best.

I'm not here for the people to like me. I'm here to do what I do best, inflict pain on a consistent basis. Tyler knows that. Sure, he likes the people. He can make them laugh and take pictures with the little kids, but I get down to business and I respect him for wanting to be the hero just like he respects me for my choices in life. Just because we don't agree on one thing doesn't mean we are enemies. You may be sensitive when it comes to having a social life, but Tyler, whether you want to believe it or not, is the only one that understands me and what I do and doesn't question it and I don't question him. And look at where he is now. You question our choices and why we are good buddies and look at where you are, about to fall at the hands of me. I'm just returning, but I will soon be up there with him. There is no making fun of one another. If I wasn't serious, I wouldn't be here. Enough with this friendship conversation. I'm wasting my breath because we have a bond idiots like you and that cheap journalist will never understand, so don't strain yourself thinking about it or making up anything to try and get me to think otherwise.

Your "reasons" you're gong to beat me this Friday are ridiculous. "People won't take you seriously if you take yourself and your job serious all the time". What kind of garbage is that? Do you really think I care about how these people think of me? I don't because there are certain things I can do that will make them take me serious regardless. I can assure you that beating you is not one because these people see you as a complete joke and you're too busy making up crap and feeding it to them to even notice. If I were to come to work and joke off with everyone, including my boss, I would get my ass fired, so I prefer to be professional about what I do and not do it just for laughs. There's a time and place for everything. If I wanted to joke off so much, I'd do it the comfort of my own house. You can have these people on your side all you want, but that will only be to fill the lonely void you'll have in your life after I beat you and move on to bigger and better opponents that actually take their jobs seriously.
[Clark is chilling at the Hard Rock Cafe in Istanbul, enjoying the hospitality and a taste of home]

You know, being on the road for so long it's hard to find time. I've had so many run-ins with foreigners that I just needed to get my fix of American.

[Clark picks up some ribs and devours them and with a mouth full of food and sauce dripping from his lips continues to talk]

I wonder how my comrades feel. Maybe that's what is making them so long. Perhaps they're just missing home and the homesickness is making them cranky. It's okay to miss home fellas, it's okay to let your emotions out, just don't direct it at me. I'm just your friendly neighborhood comedian. I'm here for a laugh yes, but I'm also here to win. Oh and I'm here at Hard Rock Cafe for a feed.

[Clark cleans his hands and face and continues to talk]

I don't know what it is exactly, but Evan Stark doesn't like me. I want him to like me, but he seems to be disgusted by me. I'm not sure whether it's because I'm way funnier than he'll ever be, or whether he's just upset that I showed him up and lasted longer than him in the battle royal, or maybe he's simply just intimidated. Whatever it is, he's not exactly willing to make peace. His language is colorful and he uses some strong words to convey his feelings. Last time I spoke, I was amusing myself for shits and giggles Evan, because you people are boring. Every single one of you are serious, a bunch of fun sponges. Would it harm you guys to crack a smile or chuckle a bit? I don't need to remind you that in our only encounter so far, the battle royal, you did nothing of significance. I don't take myself seriously, because that's how people become like you, just straight up unpleasant. My work ethic is unrivaled. People are impressed by me. Everyone saw that I dominated that battle royal last week and that I was clearly the best in that match. The only reason I didn't win was because Venom was bitter than I threw him out and came back to help his buddy. If you think you can hang with us, think again.

[Clark pays for his meal gets up and walks out]

Nick Angel and Venom are really really interesting people. So much so that they couldn't even mention me. Why? God knows. You'd think they'd be trash talking me like Evan Stark, but no, they neglected to mention me. It's a surprise really, given their beef with me. I know for a fact that I'm on their minds. Their mission is very simple, make sure I don't win and that one of them does. Who would have thought a humble, funny man like me would be The Holy Brigades' most wanted? Nick seems to be caught up in the talk about his return and his image. Everybody knows who Nick Angel is and what he's done in EAW, he has a few achievements to his name. He's not a complete dud despite what anyone says. However, on the flip side, Nick is known for being incredibly inconsistent. His potential is bursting at the seams, but every time he looks like he's becoming a genuine player in EAW, everything goes pear-shaped. Is this final Nick's moment? Could this run be the time Nick Angel actually goes all the way and silences the critics? Not if I can help it. You see, I'm a nice guy and I'd like to see a colleague succeed, especially when he's had an well-documented past but if it means I don't do well, that's not an option. Plus, I'm not a fan of being targeted. Sure, it can be a good thing, but when there's a pack mentality out to destroy me, I don't want to be the one in the cross-hairs.  

Venom is the other individual in this little story of ours. Another individual that tried so hard and got so far. That tragedy was that in the end it didn't even matter when he found himself being terminated. The most amusing thing here for me is that Nick reckons the two of you don't have to rely on each other to win. I disagree. On Showdown, I was about to toss Nick out until you saved his ass. I don't believe for a minute that you two can co-exist long enough. You've teamed before and it only got you so far before you both were out the door, what a shame right? The fact is, you two have what it takes to be a team, you guys could be tag team champions, but as for individual success? Nope. You rely on each other. Doing the other guy's dirty work will get you to a certain point. Fight your own battles is the moral of this. After all, if one of you win at Reasonable Doubt, they get a shot at becoming New Breed Champion, not both of you. The jealousy will creep in. You can say that it's all for the Holy Brigade and Johnny Ventura, but it's a personal achievement. In the history book, it won't say the Venom won the New Breed Championship with the aid of Nick Angel, one of you won't get recognition. I encourage you both to reconsider what you're really after in this company? Success or complacency? It's your choice, choose wisely. Oh and just know that I'll be very keenly watching the path you take because I can say I warned you and that you didn't listen if and when we meet down the road.

And you know what happens then right? I get to laugh.

[Clark jumps in a taxi and disappears]
(The following scene is quite different compared to the last two. The major difference is there is no house with poor lighting nor does it take place during the night or early morning. This scene takes place at about 3PM or so and surprise, Norman is no longer in his hometown. He has made the trip to Turkey and is walking the streets near the Vodafone Arena. Another difference is he's not wearing his normal attire of blue jeans and wife beater. Instead he is wearing a nice pair of black slacks, black dress shoes and a black t-shirt, even though it's 31 degrees out. He drags the Answers World Championship on the pavement while a crowd begins to flock towards him, but soon after they change their minds after seeing Norman's cold and emotionless eyes stare only at the arena ahead. After a few more steps, he stops right in front of the Vodafone arena and drops the title on the ground, right in front of his feet.)

Mr. DEDEDE wants this. 

(He stares down at the championship and looks up at the camera. He places his left shoe on it and slides it back behind him.)

Not going to happen. 

(Norman then turns his back to the camera and drops to his knees. He sticks his arms out in the air. Just begging for someone to hit him. After fifteen seconds of silence, he gets up.)

And Methuselah wants to get rid of me altogether. In response, all I have to say is I will be waiting - and at Reasonable Doubt? I will still be left waiting, wondering why the oh so powerful Methuselah didn't keep his promise - and by not being a man of his word, he'll break the hearts of his fans, how tragic - yet poetic HAHAHAHA. Because you are right, this is no fairytale. There won't be a happily ever after, just a horrific end to a legend's confidence. But until then, let's exchange some words, Methuselah. Let's pretend you have a shot this Saturday. Humor me. Go on, tell me more about how you will slay, I, The Behemoth at Reasonable Doubt. Or tell me all about how you will defeat me with just one fatal swoop. You are only lying to yourself if that's what you'll think will happen in three short days! LIES LIES LIES! It's funny how we play this little game where we both point our fingers and yell that the other is the liar - but the fact of the matter is, neither of us will be slapped with such a label until Saturday Night, when one of us suffers a brutal fall that we can't get up from, or at least not under our own power! But fear not Norman, for that will not happen because you have I, Peter, King Lannister, Cerci, Dr. Vance, and Brody to help you! It's quite an alliance, I must admit, but I will not need my brothers and friends to act as my crutches because it will be I who goes home with this title still around my waist and my dignity left intact. The reason why I brought up those lovely people of mine is because I know in the back of your mind, you think they will be a deciding factor in who is ultimately crowned the winner. Who knows - maybe they will be waiting for you under the ring? Maybe they'll hand me a small weapon of some sort that will cause your blood to spill on the canvas, painting a beautiful picture? But fear not Methuselah and take a deep breath because I like you. No really, I do. I might have a weird way of showing it, but I tell you the truth. I like you so much that I saved you for last. What do I ever mean? This little story might be off topic, but I'll share it nonetheless. Back in NEO, the first thing Jake Mercer told me and the rest of the roster was most us wouldn’t make it. He said half of us would be gone in two weeks and he was right. Guys were dropping like flies. But I survived, which is something that should be expected. What Mr. Mercer said next was filled with doubt. He said that no matter how hard we tried, we would never be Y2Impact, or Heart Break Boy, or Jaywalker, and of course yourself. He thought we didn’t have what it took to become a legend one day. He was giving up on me, before I was given a proper chance, a chance to show him what I was capable of. But oh how I proved him wrong in the end and for whatever reason, that theme, of doubting me, still lives on today. After winning the Answers World Championship, I heard a lot of people say with the upmost confidence that Alex Anderson would take it from my tight grip a month later and why was that? Because he had more experience than me? If I were to ask Hamasa, she would tell me yes, that is in fact the reasoning. Because when it comes to her, she lives in the past, which is odd for a fortuneteller in a way. She gives zero insight on what the future holds, she jus has guesses. She takes stabs in the dark. She throws those biased predictions and guesses on the wall and she hopes that at least one of them will stick so she can be made out as some kind of genius, but man oh man, will I make her look like a fool. She will be exposed and by being exposed, she will be seen as a fraud. And it doesn’t end there. Because you Methuselah, even though I respect you, well I used to at least, - I too will make you look foolish as you will be seen as an amateur out in the ring. Or I guess I could say you will look like a little boy, struggling to find his footing, asking for help, BEGGING FOR MERCY – but it will be too late. It will be over. It will be over before you know it because I will make this as quick and painless as possible – HAHAHAHA oops, it looks like Hamasa isn’t the only one who can lie. No, I want to make this drag out. I want you to feel the pain and agony. I WANT TO HEAR YOU SCREAM AND THE TORTURE WON’T END UNLESS YOU EITHER PASS OUT OR APOLOGIZE. APOLOGIZE FOR BEING A THIEF! Because as we know, we saw you take the EAW Tag Team Champions from my brothers. And the only reason why we aren’t working around the clock, strategizing on how to get them back is because the tag titles? They were never important to us. You may think I am just saying that to put a band aid on the situation, but it is the truth. King Lannister and Brody, killed the tag team division and I don’t mean that in a negative way. When they won the Tag Team Championships, months ago, all of the tag teams cleared out. They wanted no part of facing such furious and powerful beasts - and I can’t blame them. So how will King Lannister and Brody ever recover? Well for starters, Lannister will win the EAW Championship at Fighting Spirit, with his crown still on his head and Brody will take the World Heavyweight championship from Tyler's waist soon enough. So they are doing quite well. But let's look at the current tag team champions. Since the Savage Ryans won those exact titles, I see teams coming out of the woodwork to challenge them and there are rumors of more forming at this very second. So what does that tell you? They see what I see – weakness. 

You still think you know the real me, which is getting a little - old. In fact this whole talking thing is getting old. Especially when trying to talk to your friend, Hamasa, who is a stubborn one I can tell, but in a way I like it. It only adds to her appeal. But what I do not like is her dismissing my words, acting like they have no value or merit. However this isn't about her. I kind of wish it was, but it's not. So let's talk about someone with importance, me, and then we can talk about you. Deal? Let me answer the question. Who is the real me? The real me is what you see. This - THIS ISN'T AN ACT and the reason why I screamed that is because I want these people to hear me loud and clear. Because I've dealt with fans like them. Sticking their arms out with a sharpie in one hand and a piece of memorabilia in the other, asking me to sign my name, or trying to take what's it called? Selfies? Yes, selfies. They try to take selfies with me and all I want to do is grab that cellular device and throw it down the hall and as they go to retrieve it I just want to elbow their fucking temple. But that's enough about that, since it seems I did my job, for they have all left my line of vision. The real me is - let's just say it's complicated. Sometimes I don't know where I'm at or what I'm doing. Sometimes I don't even remember I'm an EAW elitist. Maybe I need help like people say. Maybe I need to get rid of PETER! Yes, I must get rid of him. Oh please Methuselah, SAVE ME! SAVE ME BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. HAHAHAHAHA. Oh Ryan, yes you heard me right, I refuse to call you "Methuselah" like Norman. You're mind games, if you even want to classify those as such, are weak, but then again it comes from such a puny man. Let me throw out a name. Hades the Hellraiser. In many ways Ryan, you are just like him. He wanted to be Norman's friend. He promised Norman that he would save him from my "spell" and I'll admit, he almost convinced him to do such, but then I punished him. I grabbed his head and I pushed it against the brick wall until I saw blood. I told Norman the truth about Hades. I told him that he just wanted to hurt my friend. And sure enough, a few weeks later or so, he admitted to trying to use him. Why? He won't say the real reason, but I will. It was because he was afraid of Mr. Hellion. He feared the unknown and the unknown is Norman himself. He is the unknown because you don't know where he's from and I know you've seen glimpses, but trust me when I say there is so much more. And as for his matches? You can try to scout him by watching them, but you'll see they are like snowflakes. Meaning each one is special in its own right. Just when you think you have him figured out, he'll do something you thought he was incapable of doing, such as a suicide dive. Make no mistake about it Ryan, Norman is a freakish athlete. Sure he doesn't have the muscles like Scott Oasis or Scott Diamond and sure he doesn't have the speed of a Brian Daniels or Jacob Senn, but he gets the job done regardless and it's because he's not one dimensional. He can beat you in a plethora of ways. That's the real Norman Hellion. That's the man you have to worry about in three days and you can try to change him, like Hades did, but just like Hades, you will fail. Because I see what you're trying to do. I hear you calling him your brother and offering to hug him while he cries. This might surprise you, but that angers him. He sees it as disrespect because he believes only King Lannister and Brody are his brothers. It's almost like you're mocking him. Wait let me say that again. YOU ARE mocking him. There, that sounds more accurate. The reason why I think you're mocking him is because you began to argue with yourself, which is something people think Norman does, when he's just having a normal and pleasant conversation with myself. So again, you have poked the bear and you know what happens next. Yep you guessed it, you get mauled. 

Don't get wrong, I'm not trying to intimidate you because Ryan - you have no fear, or so you say HAHAHAHA. The threats I've made in the past had a purpose yes, but it's purpose wasn't to cause you to shake in your boots or make your skin crawl or send chills down your spine. The threats I send your way is like a cheat sheet. I'm giving you an opportunity to prepare for this battle which in the end, will be useless. Because I hate to break it to you, but all of your firepower, everything in your arsenal, and no matter what you pull out of your hat and no matter what you have stuffed up your sleeves, it will all pale in comparison to what Norman has planned for you HAHAHAHA. And what he has planned for you is something "special" because after all, in your hollow head, you're a special person. You are the best right? When somebody mentions EAW, they think of you first and foremost! You are the face of Elite Answers Wrestling and it's been that way for what? Eight years? Nearly a decade, we've seen Ryan at the top. Compared to the other extremists, now elitists, he's been in a different league. He's been untouchable. And every time he faces someone new, they tell him that they are going to laugh last. They tell him that they will be the one forces him to fail, but other than a select few, he overcame the odds. Time and time again. It's getting boring right? That's why so many people cheered when Tyler Parker embarrassed him at King of Elite HAHAHAHA. Trust me - I heard you loud and clear Ryan, Norman isn't Tyler Parker, just like you're not Alex Anderson or Starr Stan. Anything else you want to clear up? I'll give you the floor to state the obvious some more. So yes, to most, Tyler is better than my friend Norman and his accomplishments prove that, I will admit. But you can't really compare the two and the reasoning is simple. Norman is not like any other elitist today or any extremist from the past. You see Norman sticks out like a sore thumb, but in a good way if that makes sense. You can say you've gutted men that's bigger than The Behemoth, exposing their guts and thick crimson blood to the world, but even though they might've been bigger, they were not better. And I'll be the first one to admit that you'll be Norman's toughest opponent yet. I don't expect you to go down with ease. I expect you to put up a fight like only you can. You will make this match interesting HAHAHAHA. You will make it seem like the good guy, the guardian, the "legend" will prevail, but when you least expect it, or hell, when you most expect it, you will suffer a wound that can't be stitched up or covered by a band aid - this wound will be fatal. This wound will cause you to blackout and when you wake up, it will cause you to vomit because you'll realize that some "inexperienced punk" got the better of you. But hey, you'll have nobody to blame but yourself. Which I know you don't agree with, because you think I started this whole thing by telling Norman to plant your head into the concrete floor at King of Elite, but on the contrary, did you not push him first? That's what I thought. 

You still think you can save EAW from the "evil eye"! Which is a nickname I'm fine with and I'm sure Norman doesn't mind it either. It beats the word monster, which is a term you seem to love to say. Do you know why he doesn't like being called that word? It's not because he's scared of monsters like you suggested, it's because that word limits him. When you think of a monster, you think of a brainless beast, who says fee-fi-fo-fum and wipes out everything in its path and at the very end, dies. Norman is much more than that. So much more. He doesn't even like the name the behemoth too much, but tolerates it since the nickname was given to him. But back to my question, how are you this savior/guardian when you're the reason why Zack Crash is in power? Personally I like the man, which I know, means I'm in the minority, but I know thousands, if not millions who can't stand the guy and you could've prevented all of this if it wasn't for your team failing at Territorial Invasion. But it shouldn't come as a surprise since you and failure go hand and hand these days HAHAHAHA. By all means Ryan, try to save them. Save them from Norman's reign at the top, but oh I forgot, it's too late. The process has begun and it won't stop until Norman decides to walk away from EAW, which will be on his own terms, not by being forced out by some tyrant. Lastly you said I'm the reason why we see Methuselah today. I know this side of you is nothing new, but in a way, I can't help but feel like you're my creation and since I created you, there is nothing left to do but destroy you. 

(Norman starts to walk closer to the arena and kicks the door open. Before the door closes the cameraman asks him a question, causing Norman to hold the door for a few more seconds.)

Cameraman: Wait Norman if you don't mind me asking, why are you wearing all black?

(Norman begins to chuckle)

It's because when I pay my respects to the fallen Methuselah, I want to look my very best.
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HA-HA-HA, HA-HA-HEH!  Is that it.... is that what you think my motive for hurting people is?  I bet you're feeling pretty good about now aren't you Maddie, thinking that you have done what no other could and solved the riddle that is Lethal, but again you haven't even scratched the surface.  I'm not one of your mere Nursery Rhymes that can be solved with little to no thought at all; I'm a novel beyond your reading level.  Better yet, I am someone you do not want to know.  You don't want to see life through my looking glass.  You don't want to know the things I've been through as they would be enough to make you blush.  As a black woman I have been beaten, raped, maimed, kidnapped, tortured, oppressed, and overlooked by each of the three branches of government.  Even today, I am still a victim of neglect in spite of all that I've accomplished.  Look at me, I mean REALLY look at me Maddie, do I appear sad?  No, because I'm not.  I'M MAD AS HELL!  I am a rare deity.  Not many women of my size, possess my skill.  Everything from my appearance to my ability is unheard of in this realm.  Months have summed into years that I have gone in this company unmatched.  I have the blood and envy of every big name Vixen of their past on my hands, yet it still isn't enough for them!  Pan around at all the faces that are advertised, you will soon come to find that none of them look like me!  I am who resurrected this division from the grave and bestowed to you the platform in which you currently stand as challenger on.  Long before there was a Lyndivia's, a Maddie, or an even more ridiculous Tarah Nova, there was and is a Lethal.  But the EAW is trying oh so hard to fill my shoes before I even leave.  I have caught wind of the minor jabs on Voltage, naming Haruna of all people as the next Lethal, when I'm still here.  I've pleaded with them for the longest to stop trying to recreate me through the image of a lighter face, but they won't listen to me Maddie.  So what else can be done about this?  How could I make them come to terms with the fact there's only one dominant Vixen in the EAW, and she's a black woman?  Not a fair-skinned brunette whose hair falls freely without her even trying or a bodacious blue-eyed blonde, who both have since parted ways with their prime.  I'll tell you what I'll do, create separation between myself and the rest of you, just as God has, and from atop of my own Mt. Olympus I will watch as you tear each other to bits.  Then when the time comes I will end the world as you know it simply because I can.  I am a walking deity, one that you will either respect out of fear or fear out of respect, but you will most certainly respect me!  I have endured the unfathomable Taipei Death Match and six figure Ladder Match, so your promise to give me a run for my money is one that I find to be rather large.  One that may lead to your foot finding shelter in your mouth by the end of this contest.  Yes, I'm aware that you've been dreaming of this moment ever since you were a lass, but you are not yet ready to achieve this ring of brass from me.  These last several weeks you were met with one task, to prove your worth to me, and you have not.  Weeks have gone by only for you to fail to do what was expected of you, so why should I expect different from you this week?  I wish for true you would have proven me wrong along with all those you had proven wrong before... but truth is you've done nothing outside of proving everything I assumed correct.
Joseph Anubis: When a man from a glass house first throws stone and only later finds his abode cracked into fragments, it would be quite a shameful act as to pretend those around him simply have a perverse inclination to attack fragile things. Rather it means when someone starts something that they cannot finish, it is assured that it’ll be finished in a manner most unfortunate to whom began it.

Not a rare case in the world we live in.

Man often forgets how fragile man can be.

Man humiliates man constantly, mocking ways of life and subjugating their fellow peers, treat each other like they are nothing, yet call it a tragedy when bullets fly in retaliation when those people put no value on their lives or others. It’s why as a columnist I once made it my life mission to write up the great exploits of others. Though recently I have been given a bigger cause that will come to light one day.

Man has yet to truly understand the design of this world, yet think themselves architects able to shape the globe as they see fit, only for disastrous effects come in ways never imagined before.

A-Will climbs up out from the depths of gutters neither my hand or Tiberius’s have ever seen, goes into a grand tirade about the failure and past of others, and yet acts like a great wrong is done to him when his even greater setbacks and misfortunes are brought to light. My client and best friend does not get his kicks from picking on those smaller than he is, but when an ankle bitter bites upon his ankles sometimes he knees them in the mouth naturally. HE IS THE KOMODO DRAGON, PUT YOUR HAND BETWEEN HIS TOXIC JAWS AND I PROMISE YOU THAT A HAND YOU WILL HAVE NO LONGER! Both in action and in language he is prone to violence, believing in fighting words and even more in taking what is his by force.

But I on the other hand am a pacifist, while Tiberius is the one who disposes, and believe you me he will dispose of you on Dynasty, I am the one who passes judgment on you with the balancing scale that weighs your presence here. Redemption coming to pass is no longer a rare thing in EAW, this is the land of second chances, maybe thirds, maybe even fourths and fifths, you A-Will could bathe in filth for the next five years and still people, including I, would give you a glance to see what it is that you have to offer. The man you look up to in such a degree in Tyler Parker, he is a man who found redemption, he is a man I have written countlessly about in my time as a columnist judging the best of today and brightest talents of tomorrow. Your problem is not that you WERE a failure, it is not that you have SHOWN a proficiency for lackluster performances and being below average in EAW, it is a matter of you doing so to this day!

You’re too stupid to realize when people you think are your friends are making fun of you.

So brain dead, that even as I tell you this, you will still not see who.

You let Tyler Parker make a fool of you.

I don’t know what he told you, but you two have no common ground, you hate the people, he is a man of the people, you’re so serious you don’t know how to have a good time, he knows when to be light hearted enough to the point he can have fun with you as you spew his praises without him even acknowledging your existence before the world in this medium.

But alas, you are only proof of how fragile man can be.

TJ: Man A-Will, re the fuck lax. I’m not so hungry that I need to chew on some raw ass meat like you.

What makes you think I’m concerned about ending your career or putting you on the shelf?

Man forgets how STRONG man can be.

Man builds each other up to the point people can become megastars, a world in which small girls and boys can find sanctuary in their dreams of reaching higher platforms. It’s how I survived many dark nights and told myself I would make something out of myself.

Man dominates the world in which they are neither the biggest, the fastest nor the most long lived, we take this globe my being more slick than any other creature out there.

We are skyscraper builders, both fig and lit, when you understand the tower builder in your heart you start looking at things in the big picture. I look at you A-Will and I don’t see a lamb I need to lead to slaughter just yet, if I were to end you it would be after months and months of fattening you up until you were enough to fill my stomach. I’m a thief, king of thieves, but I’m not here to secure pennies, come back to me when you’re diamond level. COME BACK TO ME WHEN YOU ARE A CHAIN GOOD ENOUGH TO BE WORN UPON MY NECK, I RETIRE FORMER WORLD CHAMPIONS! There ain’t nothing to show with your head on a spike, but another check in the win column of my career is not bad, not bad at all. Good enough for me to go out there and put on a show for my people, a wimp only makes me look better when I flex, against a bland canvas like yourself I can only look at the more sensational, that’s all there is to it. You have the game all twisted, and I’m not talking about your grave oversight of what I’ve said, but you seem to be under the impression that injuring yourself is a good way to showcase how “serious” you are. You speak of being “serious” again and again like a damn broken record, but it’s those who take themselves a bit too seriously all of the time that come off as the biggest jokes. When you treat every match as if its life or death is when people think you’re a drama queen, it’s when you threaten to end careers each and every single day that people lose faith in your words when nothing occurs. I find it sad that you feel the need to make such threats to come off as serious.

Then again, when man forgets how STRONG man can be, they tend to overcompensate.

Anubis: And that is when they lose touch of balance within themselves and upon my weighing scale, the scales tip and another soul is devoured by Ammit. Rarely do people realize how much lying, concealing and overcompensation weighs down on them, while truth makes them light as a feather.

TJ: But as you said, man can be WEAK.

Anubis: But man can be strong.

TJ and Anubis: What comes to pass when brunt strength cracks down upon exposed weakness? Dynasty.
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FLEX: Man, you don't know how happy I was to hear that you're back in the game. You're what's needed right now, Jah. Waaay too many chests are puffed out nowadays.

JAH: Exactly, I mean do you hear some of the shit that gets spewed out by these cats? It's the same damn business I left 5 years ago but it's like the same type of people have multiplied by 10.

FLEX: It's a given, Jah. People don't like it when their "privilege" is taken away from them...

JAH: Ha, privilege. It's funny because that's one of the main reasons I was "exiled" from the business. I turned THEIR kind into an example, I made that boy from THEIR side feel how my people have felt for centuries. They don't seem to like me because I'm not one of the good ol boys, dancing, singing gospel, rapping, and all that nonsense, that's not my damn lane. I came to this sport to be a fighter, a star, a difference maker and you know... all three of those things happened but a lot more titles have been glued on me since that incident over in the UK.

FLEX: I can only imagine the tension in the locker room after all that went down. Can't believe that they had to destroy the footage of what you did.

JAH: Can't believe it? Hell, in some ways I can agree but then I'd have to disagree also.... I'm surprised that footage wasn't saved to add on to the slander of my name. Picture the headlines, man...

FLEX: Now that's funny...

JAH: It isn't all that funny to me though, the reason the footage was destroyed wasn't because of the vile nature, it was because they can't let their people be seen in a defenseless state like that. I bet if it was the other way around we'd see weekly replays regarding the boy as a hero for beating the big bad black villain. At most that person would probably get a slap on the wrist as usual, but it's whatever.

FLEX: Right right...

JAH: You know what's crazy though? As soon as I hit the backstage area with MY championship they had about 5 dingleberry jackasses trying to snatch what I just rightfully earned. When that didn't pan out, you know what they did? Recruited AT LEAST thirty more dingleberry jackasses to jump me!

FLEX: Damn, 30?

JAH: Yeah, something like that. It doesn't help that I was already suffering from nagging pains in my back but hey, they accomplished their goal because I never stepped foot into that damn company again. Word around town is that they're going bankrupt so that is just music to my ears.

FLEX: I bet it is... So what brings you to Elite Answers Wrestling?

JAH: Elite Answers Wrestling is the biggest in the game, Elite Answers Wrestling is the stage that will allow me to express myself, Elite Answers Wrestling has a track record of not giving a fuck... and I like that. Look at their history, some extreme things have went down and they don't shy away from it. I'll be able to get away with much more than what I did over in the UK, and this is what it boils down to... Money, power, and respect. As cliche as it sounds, that's all I want & it will be obtainable for sure.

FLEX: I feel you man, but we're right around the corner from the steak house though so lets tone it down.

JAH: You right, but aye man, do you think they serve Kool-Aid there?

FLEX: Hell nah, what do you think this is?

JAH: My bad man, I just really wanted to try that new 'White Tears' flavor... I'll have some of that later for sure though.

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(The camera fades into a church where Charlie Scene is standing inside. There is a cross at the altar and about 15 rows of church pews. Charlie has a disgusted look on his face as he stares up at the cross.)

CS: It's disgusting, really. How so many people just throw their lives at this. They throw their entire life away for this symbol, this worthless piece of wood. They let their entire thought process and their morals and their way of thinking be altered by a story book. A fake, bullshit stack of papers that is supposed to tell someone how to live their life, and the punishment for them if they don't do as the book commands. Well here's what I think. I think the bible is a scam. If you wanna make money, how do you do it? You pander to sheep. Jesus is nothing but a symbol for making money and whoever started this nonsense, has pulled the greatest scam in world history. He has half the world believing in the nonsense in this book, and everyone KNOWS it's nonsense but people are too feeble minded and scared to try and figure something out on their own. They would rather listen to whatever someone else has to say and agree with it, because that's easier than thinking for yourselves, isn't it? Well I refuse to do that. In America, we're told all kinds of things. They tell us to respect our fellow man, but does our fellow man offer us any respect? You can't even drive a car anymore without getting cut off, flipped off, and called a bitch by the prick in front of you. Where is that respect? These guys in their Rolls Royce's and their Lamborghini's thinking they are living the high life because their car has a symbol on it. They don't know a god damn thing about living. They don't know a damn thing about surviving. While I was in North Central, surviving was all I did. It didn't matter if you were a blood, a crip, a GD, one of them mexicans, or even another white man, if you aren't for the white man, you're for the others, and that's the problem in life so much. Black churches, black groups, black communities, they always stick together. White people in this country are too scared of the black man to stand up for another white man! It's disgusting! What kind of white man sits back and allows his country, that was founded by the purest white men in the entire world, get overrun with these black gangs? The complete lack of respect these men in this country have for their own race is the most despicable thing I have ever seen in my life. I wish someone could explain to me just exactly how good, pure, white men like me are supposed to function in a world that is catering to the minorities. Hell, we have a black president because people were scared if they didn't vote for him, they would be outed as racists! Well I say who gives a damn!? You're god damn right I didn't vote for that coon to run my country, I would rather have a woman, at least she was white! Obama is a disgrace to that office, and thanks to the cowards in this world, the office of The President of the United States will forever be tainted. 

This isn't about the President though, this isn't about how scared the rest of the country is because lets face it, nothing is going to change but people will become more passive and act like cowards and eventually we will be a nation lead by some guy on the other side of the world with squinty eyes because we're too scared to fight back against someone. Be that as it may, EAW is another story. EAW is a proud place, full of fighters, no one here would ever back down from a fight, right? Oh wait, that's wrong, because here I stand, almost two weeks since announcing my return, which will be official on the Voltage Supershow Fighting Spirit this Sunday, make sure you tune in, you don't wanna miss it. But two weeks gone by and still no word from Tyler Parker. To be honest, I'm shocked at the level of disrespect this man is showing me. You know for someone who calls himself a champion, you are acting like a coward, Tyler. I can understand if you are feeling shameful for throwing away the relationship the two of us had, I can understand if you have trouble looking at me, or even yourself, because of the way you have treated me but what I can't understand is your thought process. Tyler, I am not a telemarketer, I will not go away if you ignore me. Ignoring me is the worst thing you can do because the longer you ignore me, the more I creep up on you. The closer and closer and closer I get to you until you can feel me on your back, your neck hairs stand up and before you even know what happened BANG! I take that world championship right from your waist. Tyler you need to be wise, all I ask is that I get the opportunity to prove what I know to be the truth, and that is you are only second best around here now that I am back. You and I were a great tag team Tyler, but it was never any secret which one of us was the star of that team. Can you honestly look yourself in the mirror every night and see the best champion you can possibly be? No, you can't. Until you prove you can beat me, you are not a champion of any type. Until you step into that ring with me, Tyler, you are less than a pile of burnt ashes to me.

(Charlie pulls out a book of matches, strikes one, and sets the cross on fire. He gets a sick smile on his face as he watches the cross burn, and walks out of the church's front door slowly as the camera fades to black focusing on the burning cross.)
Why I Believe
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Many have called me an annoying Chihuahua. Others have said I was a dreamer, thinking I was trying too hard to get others to believe in me. Some even had the galls to come up to me, and say I’d never make it to the peak of the mountain, unless I dropped my faith and family. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Carlos, why are you writing us this letter, and not expressing it to us in a promo?”

Simple. With this letter, you’ll feel my burning passion at 100% without having to see me talk in a dark smoky background. To convey my feelings, I was always making my pen meet a sheet of paper, or allowing my mind to run free as my fingers danced away on a keyboard.

July 23, 1989: The year God’s Gift to Wrestling was brought into the world. By the way, that’s me. March 2012, was when the squared circle first called my name. Since then, my entire career has been a frenzy roller coaster ride. My first year was by far the worst, where maybe I walked away with under 10 victories in my belt.

NEO and Voltage. Two opportunities EAW gave me. Both times I screwed up.

So why am I here again in the Land of the Elite? Why haven’t I just hung up the boots, like everyone had advised me to do since day one? And why in the first place did I even decide to become a professional wrestler?

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.-Romans 8:29

Ask God those questions, and He’ll tell you because a bald headed kid from the Bronx never allowed anyone or anything to keep him down. Even when his school made fun of him, while he and his family stayed in a shelter. Also because the kid was faithful to his Heavenly Father, knowing very well he had a calling awaiting him. There was no problem big or small he couldn’t confront. Especially not the wrestling business, and Showdown’s Roster.

I didn’t request EAW’s Management to allow me to send out this letter just to say: “Ha ha, I’m better than all you, and I can’t be beat.”

Quite the contrary folks. I wrote this for the following:

1. Make fun of me? I warn you not to.

2. DOUBT me? You’re first and last mistake.

3. Waiting for me to be taken by the wind? I’m not going anywhere but the top.

If you’re still unclear about what I’m trying to tell you, then I’ll spell it out nice and clear this Saturday. Starrstan, Dubian, AA, Norman, Miles, Stark, and company watch very closely how I knock down the doors, with you all following after them. All my life I was seen as the underdog, until those folks blinked.

4. Blink? Yeah, then you’ll miss what I have in store for EAW.

-The Jesus Freak Carlos Cruz
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It's funny to me how some people are still wondering why I did what I did to Xavier Williams. I've already explained my actions on several different occasions even though I shouldn't have because let's face it  I don't owe anyone anything. The truth is Xavier Williams walked straight into the lion's den. He was man enough to walk in, I applaud him for been so audacious to do that, but he wasn't man enough to endure the lion's wrath. It's Xavier's fault I am not World Heavyweight Champion. But it is also Tyler Parker's fault. That's why I am going after him next.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't do that to Xavier Williams just for myself, I didn't do it just to satisfy my thirst, my hunger for retribution. I did it for this company. Despite everything the management has done to me, I still fight for their company. Because if I don't, then who will?? Methuselah? He claims to be a guardian now, some sort of protective force for EAW, a shield from evil but he continually forgets one thing. Everything he is against now is everything he once was. I firmly believe in redemption but I sure as hell don't believe Methuselah changed so suddenly. He is still the same Mr. DEDEDE who allowed a tyrant to usurp the reins of EAW, HIS company. So if I were you I wouldn't trust him. I wouldn't trust anyone but myself. Only I have good intentions. Everyone else just wants this company to burn into the ground. But I won't allow that to happen, I'm the only hope for a honorable jurisdiction. I must keep fighting. The war rages on and I don't plan on losing it. They say there are no winners or losers in war, just survivors and if that is true... I WILL SURVIVE. I'll be the last man standing regardless what I have to do. They're trying hard to hinder me from being prosperous but they just can't. Nobody can. Those who oppose me are hopeless, they're tied to the tracks and there's a freight train coming through. I won't be stopped. Tyler Parker stole everything from me but  the clock is ticking. The moment for our paths to cross again is fast  approaching. And when that moment comes I am giving you all I got, Tyler. I'll fight tooth and nail to reclaim everything you stole from me. My fanbase, my  World Heavyweight Championship -- ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. You must feel pretty damn good right now. I don't blame you. I would feel just like you if I would have dethroned DEDEDE and attained such an important accolade. Being World Champion is something we all dream of achieving at some point in our careers. You've done it twice. I have been around for nearly six years and I still haven't had one reign. That's cool. Soon that will change. They tell me to be patient, they tell me that I am THIS close to finally becoming what I have aspired to become my entire life, but I don't know. I don't believe a word they are telling me, I don't trust them. I only believe in what I am capable of. I only believe in myself. And I am tired of waiting. It's been six damn years. I've watched the whole world pass me by. Alexander Da Vinci, Cyclone, Hurricane Hawk, Ashten Cross, Brian Daniels, Robbie V, Kevin Devastation, Kawajai all from my generation and all former world champions. Let me remind you what most of them did after they became world champions... THEY LEFT this company. They abandoned this company. But I am still here and despite everything that has happened between us in the past this place  has always and will ALWAYS be HOME. They didn't care for EAW, they don't give a damn about EAW. They could care less if this company dies, but not me. I'm fighting for what is right, for the honor of EAW and I will continue to do so until my heart plays it's final beat. You can continue to disregard my hard work, you can continue to diminish my contributions. Do whatever you want, but you won't kill my passion for this. Many authority figures tried to kill my passion for this sport because they knew that is what keeps me going besides my will to eradicate corruption and establish a honorable regime. They did terrible things to me, I was ridiculed, I was made the laughing stock of their  company. They thought I would never ever experience success as pro wrestler again but I proved them wrong. Look at me now, I am the msot feared and respected man in not just the Dynasty brand but all of EAW. I'm glad that after SAILing so much their ship ultimately sunk. They deserved it. You deserved it. But let's keep all the negative things people have tried to do to me in second rate companies in the past. Right now is what truly matters. Seemingly, history continues to repeat itself in every company I step foot into. But I WILL change the course of history. This time I will make things different. I'll become World Heavyweight Champion and prove everybody wrong once more. I utterly destroyed Xavier Williams. He got in my way and now his career is in jeopardy. Last week I dominated Christopher Corrupt, your National Elite Champion. And this Friday, in a special edition of Dynasty I will do the same to Aren Mstislav. Or anybody who has the balls to get in my way. Waiting, watching the world pass me by is no longer an option. It's time I fulfill the goal I set out to fulfill the day I became a professional wrestler. My rise to greatness has only just begun. I won't be stopped. Even if the authority has an army I will single-handily take them ALL OUT. And if you don't believe that... Well, you just don't know me.
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Reasonable Doubt promo

Humorous how the Eye speaks to me as though we are equal, as though my purpose here is to simply answer to his inquiries and dance in his palm. Humorous, yet odd how the culprit is now the accuser -- he accuseth the Judge, the Jury, the Executioner. Humorous, odd and ironic how he pointeth the finger at the Guardian and accuse him for feeble worldly pursuit, as if that were why he's arrived in the Land Norman Hellion claims is his home. You know nothing of Methuselah's pursuit; I'd venture to say you know very little at all. But o, how the tables have turned! The prisoner believes he is now the guard, and because he has put himself behind a cage and locked himself away he still believes he holds the key. And this is meant to be his escape? Does he believe perhaps it will save him?? From the inevitable truth? Revelations found in defeat and death? What does this boy know about death?

Death does not wait for a mere sentence. Death simply awaits.
And that is why what our Savior, Methuselah will be in three days time is indeed, he will indeed be your death. Because uneasy is the soul who nears the answer, but cursed is the soul who is eternally oblivious. Ignorance is so alien to bliss, which is why through death all things in this life are uncover'd, because death holds the answer. And Bearer, by your delusions you believe the cage serves a different purpose... you believe it is a trap for our savior to give him no way to run. Ho ho! Oh, Bearer, silly silly Bearer, perhaps you can enlighten the Fortuneteller. When has Methuselah ever backed away from a pursuit of his own that he so boldly claimeth? A pursuit so intense he proclaims to the world he should carry this out, only to save face... can you think up a time where Methuselah has ever cowered in fear as he stared face to face with death, let alone a Monster, his own kin? Since you are so sure of your "inevitable" triumph, perhaps you can support your own statements. No? Then what good is a statement? What good is your word, or a promise, or a vow if you're entire argument is no better than mere house of cards... with no formula or architectural design, but instead built only by chance and assumption that it won't all come tumbling down... not to mention the risk of the trembling of hand or a mere gust of a wind? Yet through your delusions of grandeur, the Bearer gazes in his own reflection to much splendor. He glorifies his cause! Oh... as unkempt and deranged as he physically appears, yet assured or his word is he who contradicts his word with his action. And his own action with his word. And his lacking of knowledge is contradictory to the conviction of his words. What an oddity! Everything he says amounts to nothing, but still, still he still questions the Fortuneteller. Oi, they always do...

But I have a surprise for you, Bearer, I will tell you the secret of a Fortuneteller, and soon after this I will even go as far as to tell you your fortune. The secret... is there is truly nothing supernatural about a Fortuneteller. There are no spirits guiding my hand to the correct answer. And without my robes and my jewels and my charms I would only appear before you as an ordinary woman. I'm sorry there is no wondrous folktale behind what I do, I apologize there is no Larry or Peter who carry me up by my magic carpet as I fly far off to a secret land. But a Fortuneteller means nothing if the words that come from her mouth don't apply to reality. I take it you have no future as a Fortuneteller... nonetheless, I can only imagine how disappointed you may be. However I very well can see the future, I can predict what happens to you next, that is very well in the realm of possibility. There is one thing that separates a true Fortuneteller from the false... a true Fortuneteller, at heart, is a historian. That is the root to my ability. It may be hard for an insect to fathom, but the future cannot exist without the past. And as our Savior said, you resemble every other foolish maggot who thinks nothing of the past. You still struggle to come to grips with the present, but I apply the past to the future. But maggots have not a care for what came to pass, maggots do not warn one another of the perils of the flames. No, their curiosity leads them aimlessly into the fire. That is their fate.  That is your fate. But these are only insects, correct? It does not appear as though we are insects, are we? So what is the difference between humanity and flies? If you recall ... Methuselah himself once proclaimed he was the Lord of the Flies. Why? Why be a Lord of something so feeble and pesky as flies? In 2013 A.D our Guardian served the purpose to be the humble reminder this "home" of yours called EAW so desperately needed. The reminder that you, in fact, are not very different from flies. And that for all that you accomplish in this land you are still impermanent, and your days still come with a number. And you too are to be forgotten in the end and the panels of time move forward. You may have your names echoed through the halls for years to come, but the voice of the present and what waits in the future will soon drown them out to those who are not historians like myself. At the time of 2013 A.D. Methuselah made it his purpose to bring a group of maggots who, by numbers, believed they were greater than Gods and believed that they could even edge them out. Judging by the landscape of EAW in 2015 A.D. you can see the result. And you are foolish, but not utterly foolish, you have several times acknowledged the greatness of the Savior. However you lack what makes a Fortuneteller just that; you lack the intuition of applying the past to the future. The words I speak hold more weight than your own when you promise our Guardian's head in your hands. Those are no different than psychobabble fairytales, and even in the present your actions are fruitless. All that lies in my crystal ball is the history of all of the land we inhabit, and you have NOTHING in comparison. My words are woven through history, and history is indeed reality.

You may be not be surprised how few and far between a true Fortuneteller is found. They are truthsayers who speak without distortion, without bias, and without ulterior motive. How many like me are in this world? Who simply see the past and apply it to the future? And to a big, savage beast like you, I may mean nothing more than a grain of sand. You would be correct, oh Bearer... but not the insignificant grains of sand that scatter the desert floors in incalculable scores; rather I represent the grains of sand that fall in your hourglass. I represent the time running out that you refuse to acknowledge. That sand run out in three days, and that will be the last time anything that comes from my mouth means a damn to you. You did not consider the past when you challenged our Guardian, you did not consider the past when you made your match with the Guardian a Hell in a Cell! YOU WERE DRAGGED INTO THE FLAMES, AND YOU SIMPLY CANNOT ADMIT THAT WHAT YOU RESIDE IN, FROM NOW, UNTIL THIS WAR IS DONE, IS HELL! Not simply when you step in a cell. And though "hell" is seen as a final destination... sometimes we must be forged by those fires and become something greater. Sometimes a kingdom must be built from the ashes of a town, or a square, or a village. And I cannot expect the foolish pride of a man who resides in the Land of Pride to admit to his mistakes; at least not in what he perceives to be the heat of battle. But the truth is you are not in the heat of battle. You are atoning for your sins, and that stench you smell is your skin burning slowly as you burn within the boiling cauldron! And the blackness that you see is the SOOT from these unforgiving fires! And the devil you see grinning at your suffering is not your Savior, but rather your torturer, rather your reflection, that devil is within YOU! YOU are the reason why all that belongs now to you will be taken from you! You are the one who's pushed Methuselah to this... and you DESERVE everything that you get!! That is what your fortune now holds, and you'll have no one to blame because this is your fault!! And believe me when I say, wicked Bearer, my heart bleeds not for your timely demise.


O...you misunderstood confused, accursed soul, pardon the Fortuneteller's wrath, but I promise you the Fortuneteller is no liar. I do not heed her words to soothe any hint of doubt from within. Nor do I bear some appearance, or bring life to a persona, or bring forth a facade to reinforce my pride, let alone for the sake of my own peace of mind. Unfortunately you've mistaken my means for purely malevolent means, and it may be my fault. Perhaps I was far too brash in my last message, so I am going to try to reason with you. I've always had troubles with my curt way of speaking to others, especially the ones I seek to help. You see although I am all that I say I am, what I am also is imperfect as well... that is something Tyler Parker brought me to realize. I admit, my conviction can often get the best of me, which can mean the difference between mere incision, and flesh wound. But the intentions are those of mending...though what may seem like intentions of malice, fueled by hate truly comes from a place of benevolence and love. Not the traditional standards of the outside world, but love in EAW, love for EAW. Because I wish to protect what made EAW, EAW. I do not hate you at heat. I congratulated you when you first won the very gold that will soon be mine this. I arrived in good tithings and wished you great fortunes in your reign, I told you you deserved all that you've won the same way I told Diamond Cage the same. I did not throw him to the wolves, not do I consider you a wolf. You deserve the same benevolence I offer to all. Because all you are is confused in the end... all you are is a bearer; Hamasa may do as she please, but I will no longer refer to you as the Eye. For you are hardly cognizant of your plague. I realize now you are not the source of evil, but merely it's host. And the greatest evil ever done to those who walk this land is the evil of deception. But many times we are our own worst enemy, so it comes to no shock you've been deceived by your own self. But my arms are wide open to you, brother. Fellow Monster. I mean not to take you from your home, in fact it is only a matter of days before I take you on your tour.

However, there is a hard lesson you must face when you enter the prison you've accommodated for the both of us. As the Fortuneteller told you, I have never felt a hint of fear when I take upon the name of "Methuselah". "Methuselah" does not fight in this land for a prize; he fights for a cause, therefore fear is not a factor in my dealings. Perhaps Mr. DEDEDE would retreat from a situation which ends do not justify the means. But why should Methuselah run??? What does Methuselah have?? All Methuselah has is you Norman! YOU are why Methuselah exists! He is here because of you! So why why why would he run?????? For all the negative words one may use to describe me, one word that cannot be used is "liar". Not even for Mr. DEDEDE, certainly not Methuselah. In your opinion, I've come as Methuselah to justify my desperate lust for gold by rearing my big ugly head at you and your brothers. In your theory I have targeted RAGNAROK for my own selfish means, out of fear? Out of spite? Out of vengeance? Even you cannot conclude your own written fables, so I offer you the truth. In regards to the common misconception of the difference between "Mr. DEDEDE", "Methuselah", surely the person is the same. What you fail to understand is that the intention is not. Silly child, who pushes away fairytales and conjures up his own, imprisoned accuser; do you take me as a fool convinced that a NAME will change the outcome for me!? Do you think I could not justify what takes place in a mere three days if my name were "Mr. DEDEDE"? Do you think MR. DEDEDE has EVER GIVEN A DAMN ABOUT JUSTIFYING HIS ACTIONS TO THE WITNESSES, LET ALONE THE MONSTERS WHO WALK ABOUT THIS LAND? NO... No... the purpose of Methuselah isn't to regain his gold, or to uphold a reputation, or to cement his legacy. Methuselah is the Man of the Spear. I am nothing more than an instrument to war. And when you threw a stone at my fortress, you left me with no choice but to respond... yes... you know this... that's right! WITH A SPEAR. And sometimes those who you want to see succeed, are the ones who must be cut down. Why baby your brother? Don't you want him to become big and strong like you?? Then why should I take my fellow Monster light?? Oh, I can hear it now, "I am no Monster, I am a Behemoth!" As if there were a difference, but what the masses of the EAW Universe will see at Reasonable Doubt are two beasts in a cage, MONSTERS, scratching, clawing, gnashing of teeth, tearing of skin, and of flesh, and of bone, and most morbidly perhaps, of will.

But you are too frightened by that reflection in the mirror, so you've branded it as "demon" or "alien" or anything to spite the beast that you really are. Why is it so hard for you to accept what you are? Are you scared of Monsters? Or are you afraid of being slain like a Monster? Impetuous, childish nonsense! What disturbs me more than anything about the Evil Eye you possess is the innocence I can still see behind it... the look in your eye. I can still see the pain and suffering that a lost little boy always had, confused about himself and confused about the world. I look in your eyes and I see the innocence behind bars, in hell, in a cell, locked away. his hell of hungry ghosts named EAW is no place for an innocent child. Many things have a place here, innocence does not. Because in EAW all men reap what they sow, but the innocent reap nothing at all. I'm see you've done your best to shed this nature... it's the reason you've become something at all Norman. No innocent man has ever held a World Championship in EAW. The Monster in you is the reason why you haven't withered away, whether you'll admit to it or not. You told me the tales of your childhood, and you found hell and you made it your home. But like a walking contradiction, you juxtapose yourself with each line that you utter. You continue to deny who you are at every turn, and what I have for you is something NO other man has ever offered you in your career: an answer. Through defeat, may you be refined as the monster and savage you truly are, and become even greater! Or disappear. Leave this world. Leave your home. But after Reasonable Doubt when I tear your body in half, if you choose to stay  -- IF YOU CHOOSE TO STAY! ... That look, that small gleam of innocence will be gone forever. Then you'll know who you are.

And more importantly you will know who I am, you will know know better to mind your wings and know better than to fly so close to the sun this time. The wise man Protogoras stated that man is the measurer of all things, and I am the measurer to all in the land that we walk; appropriate this is the land that I've paved. And certainly it's convenient for ME to be so great! How many men glorify themselves to mask their insecurities and ignore their demise? What makes me different from those men? I suppose you will find the answer against me. You will discover who I truly am, and in due process discover who you truly are when I have you clinging on by an inch of your life, BEATEN, MANGLED, BLOODIED, THAT IS WHERE YOU FIND WHAT MAKES YOU TICK. Not by feeble shortcomings in the genesis of your career, but in the Armageddon, waist-deep in blood. When you've had your feet planted firmly and you're uprooted by a force greater than you can comprehend. When the fabled warrior, or God, or monster, or any sort of image that the stories of me have imprinted in your mind become reality! And you meet the Legend face to face! After all's said and done, I assure you, you won't get to speak so freely of me as you do now!! You'll finally see me for what I am, not for the delusions you want me to be! Conveniently lesser than you, conveniently at your mercy, conveniently a coward, conveniently inferior, conveniently a "has-been", conveniently dethroned. Those are what our enemies often are, never do we see our enemies as our equals. But oh, you will see me as far more than your equal when our battle is done. Just as EVERYONE who has made it their mission to try me now know exactly where they stand! And they don't speak of my name so self assured the way that you do... not in my presence, they wouldn't even dare. As much pleasure as you take in reminding me how I've never been in the ring with a being like you... you could never dream of a being like ME. Perhaps Tyler Parker may have gotten the best of me, sobered me and brought me back to earth. But Tyler Parker and I have shared the battlefield as friend and as foe for nearly a decade. YOU ARE NOT TYLER PARKER. And this is no fictional tale... I am tenfold more sharp than the fangs of the beast, or the blade that pierces through the flesh of malevolent monsters in the storybooks and fairytales. I am real, the fabled sword that slays the beasts in the stories are not. The reality is far more terrifying than even your most wicked thoughts conjure and translated through paper and pen. And I've crushed HUNDREDS of spirits like yours who believe they were could not be broken by my grip! And for those who live their days in a daze and a dream, I am their nightmare!!!

... Apologies... for my tone dear Norman. Bear with me if you will, and worry not; a nightmare is no different than an unfiltered perspective in the trenches in your mind... But in that deep, dark corner of the mind is where strength my real is derived from. That is why I still stand when I could have faded in the panels of unrelenting time. But through knowing myself, and through purpose, I I still stand, tall as I ever have. That is the beauty of Methuselah. That is the difference between him and Mr. DEDEDE. They say liars are the boldest accusers, and you flatly accuse me of delusion. But what if I were to do as you do Norman? What if I were Mr. DEDEDE all along? What if fear drove me to this mindstate? What if Methuselah doesn't even exist??? What are you saying Mr. DEDEDE? Of course I exist! Methuselah you lie! No, DEDEDE! YOU lie! You are a false prophet, you do not wish to help Norman, you wish you help yourself to his gold so ripe for the taking, because you are the ultimate opportunist! LIES, LIES, LIES, METHUSELAH, I AM METHUSELAH, I AM AN INSTRUMENT! I AM THE THANE! YET I AM OF MAN, YET I AM DIVINE! No DEDEDE, you are thief. You hate Norman. No I love Norman! No you hate Norman! No I love Norman! NO YOU HATE NORMAN! HATE HATE NORMAN! HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE NORMAN! Perhaps you're right Methuselah, I do hate Norman... I hate what Norman represents. But you love him as you love EAW. And I'm willing to treat him with the same respect, and the same bit of love as the rest of my enemies. Oh Norman, what difference does it make? A name matters not, and in your case, intention matters not, because you could never truly wrap your mind around my intention. The result will be the same. I will take you on this journey to your breaking point, into your deepest fears, into your insecurities, a journey to a place  you've always avoided. Gladly will I be the gracious guide as I give to you a tour. A tour through your own home.

The Fortuneteller resoundingly rejected your prediction for what holds in three days time. I am no Fortuneteller, I do not make predictions, but you walk about as if you have the future in your palms. So what is it that gives you leverage over me? What is it that makes you so assured?? Enlighten me! Answer me this! What have you witnessed in your time in EAW that should startle me, or at the very least move me? What trials have you faced, Dear Norman? You've been part of several battles in your day; you've taken your petty lumps when you were nothing more than a sapling on NEO and I... I was every bit of a king as I am now. I say this with no condescending tone, but you are a squire to my knight; I am no fortuneteller but you could not POSSIBLY have seen behind your eyes what I've yet to foresee! Not a chance! But I see... the weakness of those around you may be what empowers you... Your strange behavior and unkempt manner and unique characteristics may have startled the weak and relatively mild mannered who exist in this Land... and even those such as Alex Anderson and Starr Stan may have been humbled by you but THEY ARE NOT ME. I've gut the vessels of beasts THOUSANDS of times larger than you in environments far more hellish than "Hell in a Cell", with all due respect to the structure. You've spent quite a while thriving from fear; if you could, surely you would bathe in it. But you know I have no reason to fear you, because you've given me no reason to fear you, because there IS no reason for I, Methuselah, to fear you, or squirm at your worthless promises. That was proven to be true when my brother Ryan Savage and I started on Showdown what I plan to finish in three days; and that is dissemble your fortress while you hopelessly and oh so helplessly watch. Like that cowardly little boy who had to watch the perils of this world unfold before his very eyes and could do nothing but RUN. And there was nothing that lonely little maggot could do but swing on his swing set with the carnations of his mind and distract himself from the reality around him. Dare I say, you have quite a bit of growing up to do.

And so you nosedive deep into the abyss. Whatever it is you know about me was cast aside when you antagonized me at King Of Elite. You asked for the destruction that awaits you, and I suppose I'll sing songs of your bravery. You stumbled across this land of EAW where you could act out your urges and not be judged or reprimanded for it. And by all mean, you are welcome to call EAW your home and I'll ensure that you enjoy your stay. But what you will soon discover is that as long as you exist in this world you reside in MY HOUSE. And I may never understand your plight, but I earnestly, do truly empathize. And I can see that for your entire life you've been searching for what many others look for but never seem to find, and that, is paradise. And I will make certain that you find your destination. Some believe it does not exist, especially for monsters and those called Behemoth, but you will be the example for why they are wrong. I will PROVE there is paradise for a soul as confused, accursed and as lost as yours. For I have seen it for myself and I know this to be true


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Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
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You never mentioned buying anything, Alex, but when you start throwing out your net worth and monetary amounts such as “25 million dollars,” you start to plant these ideas. When you say things like “can afford anything that I desire,” you start to gain this this perception of “I can buy anything that I want. That’s the aura you’re giving off. Do you not desire success? Do you not desire the Answers World Championship? WHICH IS IT ALEX? If that’s not what you desire, sure, then you’re right. But if you’re goal in this business is to be a champion, and not just make enough money so that you can sit on a fancy couch and watch your pathetic Raptors on a nice big screen, then you must not see my point. Why even bring up your net worth? I told you no one cares. It’s you that doesn’t comprehend, and I don’t really care if you simply can’t do it or you just don’t want to. I can tell you just want to see what you want to see, whether there is a defect in your mental processing or not. I can present you with all the evidence in the world that you’re not the best, and you’ll still sit here talking about how much better you are than everyone else. Let’s move on.
Do we need a math lesson, Alex? Let’s go over the basic concepts of algebra. You’ll probably be able to learn what I teach you here on your next High school test. Okay, you’re a linear line. You’re always going up. Let’s ignore all the times you got fired and got pushed back down by top level guys such as Norman Hellion and myself. Let’s just assume your career is always going up, even though it’s not. How fast are you traveling up, Alex? WHAT IS YOUR SLOPE EQUAL TO? Even if you consider yourself constantly on the up, I don’t see you traveling upward very fast. Maybe you’re moving forward, but you’re really moving up. At the rate you’re moving it will take you another four to five years just to become world champion. Will you still be here? Can you hang that long? You’ll say yes and you’ll say it will take you much sooner, but the graph doesn’t lie. Now if I’m a quadratic like you said, I’ve certainly had my lows. Who can deny that everyone has had step backs? I’m very confident but I’m not ignorant. My lows are when I lost my world titles. My lows are when I had to leave this company. But when you look my slope, I move up much faster than you. I move up higher much faster than anyone. I can be at rock bottom one week, and the next in a match for a world title. I can go from loss after loss to a chance at the world title just like that. Isn’t that what I’ve done? I fought alongside ELITE for months, and we faced a lot of challenges. We fell to many of those challenges. We were defeated by not only RAGNAROK but ourselves. Look how fast I’ve bounced back. All I have to do is defeat two guys that I’ve defeated over and over and I’m in a world championship match. Look how long and hard you have to work for these opportunities. It took over four years to your first real world championship match. I got mine well within my first year in the company. I won my second world title again within a year of my return to the company, and in 2013 I won my third world title within six months of returning. Now this hasn’t been my longest run to date, so it’s a little different to compare, but look how fast I can get myself title opportunities, and how easy they come to me. You? You have weasel your way into these matches. You have STEAL opportunities from deserving elitist like El Landerson, a man who works twice as hard as you.
I’ve been more consistent than ever. I am on my way up, and I am soaring to new heights. I’ve set the bar in this company and I am going to take it to places EAW has never seen. You may be consistent with your work, but it’s consistently average. You don’t have what it takes to get to my level. You couldn’t hang on Norman’s level. Why go back? Why TRY and go back? I won’t even let you get there. Start naming your list of Hall of Famers. Name guys like Mak and WWEFan who you’ve kissed their asses every chance you got. Name those Hall of Famers, and then tell me where they are today. Barely any of them are still with this company. They all have their reasons for leaving but I am one of the few that is still carrying this business.
I’m glad you took hold of one small, opportunity you saw on Showdown last week. That’s all you can handle. These small little chances, like taking advantage of El Landerson or getting one cheap shot in on me. Bravo. When the real opportunity, a chance at the Answers World Championship, you’re not just going to drop the ball, I’m going to take it from you.

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~Sakazaki Gaiden~
Episode 9: Dream Stage

Scene is opened in the a Seibu Dome when we hear roaring of the crowd asking for an encore.


Then we see Haruna appeared behind the curtain as the crowd suddenly goes crazy. Haruna stand in the middle of the crowd in Seibu Dome..... as a singer?

Haruna Sakazaki: Arigatou gozaimasu! Honto ni honto ni honto ni..... arigatou! Jaa, Sore wa ANKORU kitte kudasai, SLOW MOTION!

"De ai wa slow motion  
Karui memai sasou hodo ni 
De ai wa slowmotion 
Hitomi no naka utsuru hito 

Suna no ue 
Kizamu step 
Ima anata to tomo ni" 

The song is done as Haruna receive a huge cheer and standing applause. We see Haruna cries after she saw the crowd reaction as they keep chanting her name.

Haruna Sakazaki: Arigatou, minna-san! Arigatou, Seibu Dome!

Haruna turns her body away but she doesn't expect Tarah Nova is already standing in front of them. They then both face to face and suddenly Tarah gives a slap to Haruna, making her down to the ground.

Haruna Sakazaki: Kyaaaah~~~!!!

Haruna shakes her head and realize she ends in her own bed room. She shakes her head once again and make sure that this is her real life.

Haruna Sakazaki: Waah, it's just a dream? Oh God, that slap look so real to me. Anyway, let's not talking about that.... Seibu Dome, here I come!

Haruna then raise from her bed and get prepared to visit Seibu Dome, the venue of Voltage Supershow: Fighting Spirit.

"Finally..... Seibu Dome! I always dream to do perform something in there..... I remember my promise I make to my sister, Mirei seven years ago...."

Quote :
Scene move somewhere when we see a younger Haruna walking down the street as she looks at Mirei across the street waving her hand on her.

Mirei Sakazaki: (Hello, Big sis!)

Haruna Sakazaki: (Aah, Mirei! hello....)

They hug each other before they continue walking.

Mirei Sakazaki: (So, today is your audition day, right? Good luck, big sis!)

Haruna Sakazaki: (Yes, thank you very much. I'll do my best! Well.....)

Mirei Sakazaki: (....what's wrong?)

Haruna Sakazaki: (No, nothing.... I'm just thinking that..... well, you know. AKB48 is such a huge idol group and there must be a lot of competitor like me in this audition. What if I failed? What if I can't be a pop idol like I always dreamed of? I'm scared, Mirei!)

Mirei Sakazaki: (Don't worry, big sis! I know you can do it. Just remember your biggest dream after you sucessfully become AKB48 member. What is your biggest dream?)

Haruna Sakazaki: (Umm..... I want to stand in the middle of the crowd in a big venue like Seibu Dome. Impress the crowd with my voice, my dance as they will chanting at my name, pointing a lightstick at my performance it would be soooo great!)

Mirei Sakazaki: (Hehe..... just think of your dream when you start your audition. I'm sure you can do it!)

Haruna Sakazaki: (Yes, Mirei! I'll try my best.)

They then continue walking while wrap their arm to each other's shoulder.

"Then I try to always remembering my dream to have my concert in Seibu Dome...... but I failed. I tried again and again but I always failed in every audition. Perhaps I am not destined to be an idol singer. And now, here I am..... I'm here in Seibu Dome, my dream stage. I look at my name in the locker room and keep thinking "Is this real life? or am I only dreaming?". And I realize, I REALLY at Seibu Dome right now as one of the performer in this EAW Special Event. My dream was a singer whan I think about performing at Seibu Dome and right now, I'm about to make an action as a wrestler..... be a singer or be a wrestler, this is my dream and now my dream come true!"

Scene then move to Seibu Dome backstage as we see Haruna keeps staring at her own name in the locker room, hardly believing where she is actually standing.

Haruna Sakazaki: Mirei, look at your sister over here.... I finally make my dream come into reality. It's my 7 years promise and I feel like yesterday to me. I make my dream to step in the middle of the crowd here in Seibu Dome as I see them cheering at me and chanting over my name. Even though..... I'm not doing this as a pop idol singer as I promised seven years ago but I'm still happy. This is my dream stage and I'll do whatever to make it happen. I still can hear the crowd cheering me, I still can hear them chanting my name evne I am not entertain them with my voice. I can't believe it I choose my brother's wrestling path as my future and leave my dream to be an idol to Mirei. now my brother is injured and forced him to retire so I will go on his will to be on the top of the wrestling business. I leave my idol dream to my little sister and now we're trying to fight for our dream. Here I am, at Seibu Dome, my dream stage and wrestling is a pert of my dream so I will try my best to fight it and amaze all ter people who watch me doing my job. Became a singer, became a wrestler, it's all because of one reason. to entertain the crowd. I am not looking at my own objective. If people are satisfied to everything i give to them, it makes me so happy and I want to do this job, entertain them forever without any hesitation.

Haruna Sakazaki: Seibu Dome will be the place for me to gain my supremacy. It will become a witness that I, a Sakazaki clan member will do everything to follow my dream with everything I have. Passion, Determination, Dedication and..... what EAW quote for the Supershow name, Fighting Spirit! I'll fight all my fear, my worry, my hesitation for the pride of myself. Speaking of Pride, I may be count as a Lion, an animal to represent the Sin of Pride by my upcoming opponent for my Supershow match. Tarah Nova, The Vixen Killer herself. Let me tell you something, Miss Nova. You can look at me as a lion, the representative of pride and I have to agree with you. I am a pride.... I am proud of myself, I am proud to be born in this blessful family and I am proud of my current ability because of the outcome of my hard work. You can deny it. I am proud of being myself. I came to EAW a few months ago and I make the people take their eyes on me as I keep impress them with everything I've got. and I give them what I want. I defeated seven current vixens in a row and prove myself that I am no ordinary Vixen. I came her to fight and I already get the job done.

Haruna Sakazaki: ....Then I see you, Miss Nova. A vixen who has a sense of bigger self-confidence feeling than me. I can feel it when you say that you are already kill the career of your victim and that include the career of Miss Cameron Ella Ava while the fact is you are failed to do it. A vixen who is jealous and envy with everyone who claim a bigger spot and thinking the rightful spot is only for you, I can feel it when you think that you are the only great vixen who never hold a title because you think, rthey don't deserve that spot. A vixen who always hungry.... hungry for blood, hungry for fame and hungry for supremacy, I can feel it again when you try to attack me for the second time last week. A vixen who have a great lustful thought about men. I can feel it when you stab Mr. Xavier Williams' back after all the good things she do to you and try to make people think that you can do anything to men, as long as you can keep your Vixen Killer name. A vixen who have a strong anger within. I can feel it when you brutally attack Cherish and about to do the same thing on me. Just to defend your own nickname. A vixen who have a huge sense of greed. I can feel it when You make your own belt after you think you actually beat her by disqualification. A vixen who just sit back and enjoy the spotlight shining on you. I can feel it when you said you are already "Laid Cameron Ella Ava's career to rest". and thinking that Cameron Ella Ava is actually dead right now after a tiny simple thing you've done to the real champion. Seven representation for you, Miss Nova. while I only representing Sin of Pride in myself. You are representing all of them. all of the Seven Deadly Sins are within you and what I know the thing who have all of them is the-one-who-be-hated-by-God. Satan da yo! Omae wa Satan janai ka?

Haruna Sakazaki: You keep killing Vixen in order to keep your name and make people thing that you are a dangerous human being in EAW vixen division. Then you have me on your match. A cute and sweet little girl who will stop your madness. Your heart is already feel with hatred and there will be no light to illuminate your dark heart. I know that hatred is always keep you stronger and that haterd is your only power source to kill the career of every vixens on your way. but did that scared me? did that fact makes me do a second thought to face you next Sunday? I am a warrior, I blessed with the light of my fighting spirit and of course I am able to tear your dark heart apart. I will make you think that I am a vixen that can't be killed easily. Action will explain everything as I will show you how the warrior fight in the battlefield. My fighting spirit is all covering me and protect me for being killed by you so if you think you can reduce me and the spirit within me, I am more welcome to have you try that. I give a good battle to my previous opponent as I gain each victory over them fair and square. that's how you defeat your opponent and win the battle. You kill them and you think that is the right way to kill me, you have to think twice because I'm afraid your ordinary way to kill those vixen is not working on me.

Haruna Sakazaki: and next Sunday, the spotlight is all on us. We step out inside that ring and fight with everything we've got. We impress the crowd and one of us will walk out as the winner and claim the #1 contender spor for Vixen's Champion in the near future. I will give my best and will do whatever it takes to fight for it. This is my dream and next Sunday I will fight at Seibu Dome, my dream stage so I won't lose no matter what. I know, after this battle end, you are not dead yet. I will win this match, claim the contendership status and I know you will do you Seven Sins part and destroy me in a dirty way. I already realize that I am dealing with a Satan, a dangerous opponent who will do anything to accomplish her objective. I must be prepared for it and I will train even harder to be stronger after I finally stop the madness of the Vixen Killer. The stage is set, my fighting spirit will soon be ignited and illuminate the place and your dark heart as well.

Haruna then look at the camera and spread her left hand.

Haruna Sakazaki: FLAME ON~!

Haruna ends the pose with a wink and blow a kiss to the camera.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
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(A black limousine thunders down an icy road in the snow covered land of Canada. As the vehicle shuttles around the corner, it very nearly veers off the road into a snow bank but somehow manages to recover in time to stay the course. Meanwhile, in the freezing cold outside a hotel in Toronto...)

TLA: I fucking hate this country.

(TLA shivers under three winter coats with an expensive scarf wrapped tightly around his face. King Mustafa's Pride is all present including Michelle McGillislutty, Steroid Dawg, as well as another man in a suit whose name TLA couldn't be bothered to remember.)

King Mustafa: Mustafa admits that Sebastian Monroe clearly has a grudge against Mustafa's likeness. The grudge of which goes back many months and Mustafa suspects even longer as Mustafa's name and legacy are no secret to the likes of corporate America. Indeed Mustafa should have seen this coming and prepared... yet how could Mustafa prepare for this?

(Mustafa gazes at the icicles hanging from the nearby window frames with loathing.)

Michelle McGillislutty: You two may be freezing but I am always hot if you know what I mean.

Steroid Dawg: *Happy bark!*

(Steroid Dawg cuddles up next to the warmth of Michelle McGillislutty who is wearing shockingly little clothing considering the weather. TLA admits to himself however, that this is more than she usually wears.)

TLA: Ay pinche pendejo... I expressly told Sebastian Monroe that I would not be coming to this Allah forsaken place. I agreed to do the tour of Latin America but no more than that. Yet Sebastian Monroe actually threatened to fire me if I didn't show up here... Can you even believe that? 

Suit: Well I tried to talk to him... He is a stubborn man who does not understand your greatness like I do.

TLA: Who the fuck is this?

King Mustafa: This is Phil, he works in EAW's advertising department. Remember TLA... Mustafa told you that his loyalty was such that he would get you paid more than any other participant employed by EAW. Yet Mustafa not only came through... he succeeded! Mustafa now has this lowly man in his employ and will continue to influence him to market you like the legendary warrior that you are. Unfortunately, Sebastian Monroe and other higher-ups continue to dismiss Phil's efforts and he is facing an inquiry as regards his alleged corruption. Mustafa is quite appalled by these proceedings. For there is nothing more corrupt than a leader who does not use his assets to their fullest. Truly Mustafa suggests that noble Phil would be a far better General Manager than Sebastian Monroe ever could be.

Phil: Well I am planning to go back to college maybe I should major in business instead of philosophy or history like I originally planned. Maybe not though... I mean philosophy is where the real money is at.

(TLA looks increasingly annoyed with Phil's presence as disgraced NBC news anchor Brian Williams emerges from the doors of the hotel. TLA is even more annoyed by this as Williams has seemingly been stalking him since their last interview in Puerto Rico.)

Brian Williams: It seems I was right about the weather today it is quite cold. Just like how I was right when I predicted that the world would not end in 2012 as the Mayans had predicted. Hey...that's actually pretty good. I am still more accurate than the ancient Mayans, if I just explain that to NBC maybe I can get out of this suspension...

TLA: Is there something you need Brian?

Brian Williams: Actually yes TLA. There is indeed something that has been brought to my attention. You see you are facing GI Styles on Dynasty and I have heard his little press conference with that scumbag Bill Apter. I fucking hate that guy. Pardon my language my gentleman. But you must realize, I am way more credible than he ever could be with his guessing the obvious dirt sheet reporting. I deserve to be the premier wrestling reporter and after you whip GI Styles ass on Dynasty there will be no doubt who the better man is.

TLA: Estas loco cabron? What is wrong with you? How is you or Bill Apter related to my match in any way?

Brian Williams: Well you see TLA... everyone knows that wrestling has nothing to do with actual skill. It's all about motivation. You may not have noticed at the time but during our interview together, my very presence and carefully worded questions were providing you with the motivation you need to defeat any foe. Now I find out that these nolife amateurs like Mark O’Meley is doing the exact same thing with GI Styles. Also... DICK BOTCHER? WHO THE FUCK IS DICK BOTCHER? You have no idea do you? That's my point! He's nothing compared to me! That is why I have returned to ensure that my interview motivation will guide you to victory and prove once and for all that I am the most motivational wrestling interviewer... OF ALL TIME!

(Brian Williams raises his arms in the air in celebration as he walks back into the hotel. As the door opens, he obliviously knocks over an elderly woman using a walker such is his delusions of grandeur. Steroid Dawg departs from Michelle as the massive hound enters the nearby dark alleyway next to the hotel.)

Michelle: Wow what a loser. I am so unfollowing him on Twitter. M-Mac don't suffer fools like that. Speaking of fools... Mustafa did you find that hacker yet? I have some sensitive photos in the cloud I can't have the public seeing.

Mustafa: Mustafa has yet to locate this deviant who seems to be trying to expose us. Mustafa will not give up and his wrath will be truly vengeful upon said deviant. Yet Mustafa must assure kind but ignorant Michelle that the public has in fact seen more of her luscious self than even she has.

Michelle: Excuse me? That is part of my past and I do not appreciate you or Dr. Hawke bringing it up. A walking stereotype? Umm whatever you say why don't you keep hatin' boyfriend cuz Michelle only hits it big. I am an actress with class now and I DEMAND respect. Just like my sista Aretha did in her completely original song. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. GI Styles also called me a harlot. Like really? Like umm okay? Like wow. I was LITERALLY lost for words when I caught him throwing shade like that. I only have two words to say about that... bitch bye.

Mustafa: Actually Michelle that was Dr. Hawke, GI Styles' manager not GI himself.

Michelle: Okay? Same difference?

(Michelle scowls and puts earbuds in as she jams to Meghan Trainor.)

TLA: Speaking of GI Styles... This isn't just some return match. This is the return of a legend. GI STYLES! 8 months and a lot has changed around here. You see GI after you left everyone moved on and forgot about you holmes. In fact I didn't even know who you were until we were booked into this match together. Now, your little manager has showed me the respect I deserve so I will return the favor because in spite of what the media may be saying about me right now, I am a very respectful man. However, I simply cannot tolerate someone like GI Styles who hides behind a mouthpiece like Dr. Hawke doing all his talking for him.

King Mustafa: Mustafa completely agrees TLA.

TLA: GI Styles... ese I understand that you are a sick man. Which is why I don't want to fight you. Not only do I have to come to this frozen wasteland of a country, I also have to fight a sick guy. I hope Sebastian Monroe understands how powerful my family's lawyers are. We will sue EAW for all its worth if I catch some disease wrestling in this match. Now I don't care what GI Styles has been doing for the past 8 months, and I am actually thankful for Dr. Hawke keeping that information to himself. Especially if GI Styles has been getting his ass ravaged in gay bars for 8 months and contracted AIDS. Normally I would threaten to beat my opponent bloody but in this case I don't want to catch AIDS so I guess I will have to go easy on him. 

(Steroid Dawg emerges from the alleyway with a bag of pills in her mouth.)

TLA: Good good. Good dawg. Mah dawg that.

(TLA looks shadily in both directions as he pockets the pills in his heavy outer coat.)

TLA: GI Styles, you didn't hear it from me but uh... if you want a little extra something... You know that doctor of yours doesn't look all that reputable. If you want something a little stronger... I might know a guy who can get you what you need. It might cost you a little more but it's worth it, this medicine won't kill your personality and leave you in an emo rage all the time like your current drugs seem to.

Mustafa: They're here...

TLA: Finally...

(The black limousine emerges slowly around the icy corner as it maneuvers itself up to the hotel coming to a halt. A driver hops out of the driver's seat of vehicle as he runs quickly around to the back nearly slipping on the ice. The driver picks up his fallen hat before opening the door for the passengers inside.)

TLA: I wasn't expecting all of you to show up...

(TLA grumbles audibly as a middle-aged man emerges from the vehicle. The man is wearing a dark panther mask as well as a fancy suit decorated with many badges and other commemorations. The man turns around to offer his hand to an elderly woman who is heavily wrinkled and wearing a black gold embroidered dress with three necklaces with the Holy Cross dangling from them around her neck. As the man helps her from the car, a younger woman emerges from the other side of the vehicle. This woman is wearing extremely expensive designer clothes as she pulls down her fancy sunglasses to glance around at her surroundings with disdain.)

TLA: Bienvenido a Canada Abuela... y Madre... y Padre...

Abuela: That's it?

(Abuela shoves TLA's father Pantera Sr. away from her as she straightens her self up with a cane.)

Abuela: Dios mio... It's true then. You have lost all respect. If your grandfather was still alive... he would beat some into you... in fact I have half a mind to do it myself! 

TLA: Abuela... por favor... Not in front of my friends...

Abuela: What? You are too fucking embarrassed of your own grandmother? TLA you piece of shit. This is not how you were raised. And what is this I hear about Mustafa converting you to Islam? That had better just be a rumor unlike the way you have clearly betrayed the traditions of your own family.

Mustafa: Now kind woman, Mustafa simply showed TLA the most certain path to Paradise.

(Abuela shakes her cane menacingly at Mustafa as she spits downward, her saliva freezing before it hits the ground.)

Abuela: I will hear no more excuses! Especially not from some third world African man. Oh make no mistake about it, I loved me some black men back in my day. Oh yes those were good times. But I wizened up and I married within my own people like my grandma told me to do! And look what happened! I bred your father, the greatest luchador of all time! The moral of this story is... LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER FUCKING ABUELA.

TLA: Yes abuela... Can we go inside now? It's freezing out.

Pantera, Sr: Yes. Come Camila. Let us go inside. We have much to discuss with mijo...

(The Pride escorts TLA's family into the hotel where Brian Williams can be heard telling random Canadians about the time he single-handedly prevented World War III from breaking out between the United States and Canada.)
(Reasonable Doubt Promo #2)
"How passive can we be before humanity is lost?" - "Reject Yourself" by Killswitch Engage


No matter what industry or line of work you come from there will always be that one thing that will give what you do…purpose. There will always be that one thing that will push you…drive you…ensure that you become successful at the very art you're doing. That…is the beautiful power of motivation. Motivation can be utilised with many, many terms. The power of confidence. The power of strength. However there's one certain power. One certain thing that will push us over the edge. That one thing…is none other than the power of desire.

In a professional wrestling sense? DESIRE is the one thing that pushes us forward. The one thing that will make us do what we have to do to become victorious. Yeah you might be walking into a match with your goal being to walk out as a winner. You might walk into a match with your focus on winning a title. Or in my simple case, you might have your mindset focused on just kicking your opponent's ass to the ground and getting your revenge. But no matter how you look at it, it's all connected to one thing…one single thing. Your desire. Desire to win. Desire to be a champion. DESIRE TO KICK SOME PERSON'S ASS!


Revenge…that's a beautiful word ain't it MAKAROV?
Now I'm going to be dead honest in my opinion here Nicky-boy…I don't think you really know what the word revenge means? Because otherwise you wouldn't have pulled the shit that you pulled at King Of Elite. Because you cost me a title match. A chance to clutch onto that Interwire Championship…and call it rightfully mine. Instead you decided to do what was in your best interests and interfere right!? Hit the stunner on me right?

Why…why would you do that? And no this isn't some bullshit "why oh why oh why are you such a horrible person crap" this is a more "why…I just don't understand it" kind of situation. I mean let me put this into perspective here…you…Nick Makarov…the so called guy who loves extreme and everything to do with it…oh I get it! I GOT IT! I THINK I BROKE THE LEGENDARY MAKAROV CODE!

Management gave you a sweet deal huh!? Is that what happened!? You couldn't refuse because management gave you an offer that "you can't refuse'? What they do man? Give a sweet pay raise? Bigger cheque? Bigger house? More money that you can spend on what ever poor excuse of bear piss that you call beer? Give you a management job? OH SHIT THAT'S WHAT THEY DID ISN'T IT!? Nick Fucking Makarov! Trading in the t-shirt for a suit! Wow…well I'm not the kind of guy that likes to start "You Sold Out" chants but even you, with whatever intelligence you possess can probably work out what I mean by that one…

Falls Count Anywhere…now that's my kind of match. Chaos. Recklessness. Intensity. And you know what I love most about that stipulation Nicky-boy? It isn't the fact that I can wrestle you without having to give a flying fuck about count-outs or DQ's. It isn't the fact that I can kick your ass all over Istanbul come Saturday night in front of the sold-out Vodafone Arena! My appeal…is simple. The one reason why I love this stipulation AND NOT JUST LOVE IT! The single reason that I PICKED this stipulation for our match? It's because no matter where you try to look…or go…YOU CAN'T HIDE!

Because that's the beautiful part isn't it!? You love to hide! I mean after you decided it would be the best idea to interfere in my match in Athens you and your new BFF Scott Oasis took off running didn't you? Whilst you two decide to hightail it and drink  some more "bear piss" beer in some random bar somewhere, you knew that I was ripping apart the entire O.A.K.A. Stadium trying to find you right? RIPPING THE PLACE TO FUCKING SHREDS RIGHT!?

Then it happens again on Showdown! The very next week you try to pull some back-handed crap on me but I knew what was happening! And the second I was starting to get at least SOME KIND of advantage you roll out of that ring with your tail between your legs and just ran the fuck out of there! So yeah…Falls Count Anywhere! Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, nowhere…to go.

But yeah yeah don't worry Makarov I'm not going to spend my whole time rambling, I can guarantee you that much. I'm coming to a point here, and bringing all this shit back full circle so before you get your knickers in a bunch let me talk just a little bit more. Desire…that's the thing I talked about at the very beginning right? How it comes full swing? How that's the one and very driving thing that gives us focus, discipline and life in our business?

…Well…when I debuted here in EAW…my desire was to make an impact. Last month at King Of Elite? My desire was to become a champion. But as far as I'm concered…as far as I care my goal in this match is NOT a title shot. I mean for fucks's sake! My goal this match is NOT EVEN to WIN. My desire…the one and only thing that will have my utmost attention come this Saturday night…is getting my revenge.

I couldn't care less about getting a victory at Reasonable Doubt Nick. That's honestly the LEAST of my concerns right now. All I want to do is simple. I want to get vengeance Makarov. I want you to get your Just Desserts…YOU are the single reason that I didn't win the Interwire Championship at King Of Elite. YOU are the single reason that I was HUMILIATED in front of millions of people around the world…and YOU are going to get YOUR FUCKING JUST DESSERTS ON SATURDAY NIGHT!

Because as far I'm concerned there's only one thing I want to do to you…inflict pain. That's all I give a rat's ass about. I want to hurt you…damage you…I WANT YOU TO GO THROUGH THE SAME PAIN PHYSICALLY AS I DID EMOTIONALLY! And Falls Count Anywhere is JUST PERFECT for that. My desire Nick…is to see you fall. My desire Makarov…is to see you suffer. MY DESIRE MAKAROV IS TO SEE DOWN…OUT…A SHELL OF A MAN THAN YOU USED TO BE!

Because you know how they say "The Hunter Becomes The Hunted?"…yeah that's nothing but truth there Nicky-boy and you will learn all of that FOR SURE come Saturday night at Reasonable Doubt. Shine your boots up, chuck on your jeans, and put on your jacket…because come Saturday night, you know what's going to be separating me from kicking your sorry ass around Turkey?…Oh…that's right! NOTHING.

"In a world that feels on disregard, heal the broken hearted…"

The Agent’s Child

(Brandon could feel nothing but the restraints around his wrists and the unfamiliar hands tightly holding him by the arms while his feet dragged down a flight of stairs. The black cloth covering his face gave no sign of any of his surroundings. All he had done since they found him was struggle, and with the unexpected amount of them, that was all he could do. Their descent down the stairs felt like an eternity now, regardless of how long it has really been. A feeling of dread consumed Brandon more and more with every step he was dragged down. He could feel the tears welling up in his eyes now. He fought back the desperate want to sob with everything in his being in an attempt to muster whatever bravery he convinced himself he had while he drank away and watched the house as closely as he could before picking what he thought would be the right time to break in. The stupidity of his rash decision made the misery he felt that much more unbearable as he continued to be taken down to an unknown fate. If anything, he could at least not cry. If tonight was the night he died, Brandon wanted to at least feel like he met his end like a man. The only thing he could think of to keep the tears back was to distract himself. He tried struggling some more)

Brandon: You pieces of shit! Let me go! You’re all nothing but sheeps, you know that, right?! You blindly follow him and he gives you NOTHING! NOTHING! Let me go and we can get him back for what he did!

(The Agents of Extreme said nothing. No amount of fighting physically or verbally changed a thing. The hands kept just as tightly around him, his feet dragged down the stairs, and his eyes could see nothing but black. The tears were coming back up. He could feel them fighting their way out with the cacophony of emotions dwelling inside of him. Before he could break down, he felt his body thrown down. Unable to catch himself with his hands restrained, Brandon’s skull hit the stone floor violently. He could feel blood running down his forehead as the Agents then pulled him up on his knees. Optimism set in as a brief laugh of relief came from Brandon’s mouth)

Brandon: Do you… Do you guys believe me then?

???: There’s only one thing these men and women believe in, vengeful little boy, and it isn’t you.

(The unfamiliar voice in front of him startled Brandon. He looked around desperately despite the cloth around his head)

Brandon: What? Who’s that?

(An Agent of Extreme removed the cloth. Brandon could see a figure sitting in front of him, but clinched his eyes shut for a few seconds before reopening them so they could adjust to the light. Brandon looked around to see nothing but a stone floor stained with something that looked very much like blood. Panic began to take him as Brandon’s breathing grew erratic. He knew he didn’t want to keep looking for fear of what else he might see, but his curiosity was too much as he looked around to see nothing more than stone walls and then a smiling man in a black suit. The light shining upon them only seemed to reach a small part of the room as the rest remained in darkness. Brandon’s eyes went straight to the object in the man’s hands)

???: Who am I? Why, I’m the Uncle of the Gargoyle you came for tonight, vengeful little boy. I’m Vino Vendetta.

(Brandon’s eyes raised up to look into the green eyes of the black-haired man with a toothpick on the edge of his lips. The man named Vino)

Brandon: Uncle? I thought the other one was…

Vino: Who? Oh, you thought Victor was the Gargoyle’s Uncle. No, I’m afraid he just has a shameful habit of disrespecting me by considering his cousin an Uncle and then taking such a painstakingly long time to let me join this little… Crusade of his. But enough about me. Let’s talk about you. I want to know about you. What’s your favorite food?

(Brandon remained silent with no idea how to respond. Vino’s eyes seemed to analyze him before the man cracked another deceitful smile)

Vino: Are you shy? No, I think that’s fear I smell on you, isn’t it? Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you. I swear to Onryo. I swear on my name as a Vendetta. I will bring no harm to you. All I want to do is ask you a few questions, alright? So calm down… Take a deep breath… I’ll start with something easy. What is your name?

(Brandon watched the toothpick in the man’s mouth move up and down; contemplating whether he should cooperate or not. His panic eased slightly)

Brandon: Sumner… My name is Brandon Sumner.

(That seemed to please Vino. Vino’s phony smile returned and he nodded)

Vino: What a wonderful name. You look like a healthy young man, Brandon. How old are you?

Brandon: …. Thirty.

(Vino’s eyes grew with surprise)

Vino: Thirty?! I guess you’re not such a young man, after all, now are you? You look good for your age. I mean, not quite as good-looking as myself, but then again, who is, right? So tell me, Brandon, do you live here in Japan?

(Brandon could feel the panic coming back with that question. Vino’s eyes showed no sign of what he could be thinking. Brandon knew he had no choice but to keep answering)

Brandon: …. No.

(Vino leaned in as his grin grew wider; making Brandon even more uncomfortable)

Vino: That right? So what brings a thirty year old caucasian, American male thousands of miles out here? Are you on business? Visiting some friends? Are you a big anime guy and just decided to take a trip down here to embrace the culture?

Brandon: ….. I--

Vino: Or did you come here to kill my nephew?

(Brandon could feel his body paralyzed in fear at Vino’s words. His eyes watched Vino’s grin shift into a knowing smirk)

Vino: A commendable effort. I mean, you barely got anywhere through the house before getting caught and subdued by these silent statues called the Agents of Extreme, but that’s a whole lot more than I’d expect from anyone. At least from some nobody such as yourself. Some meaningless speck of dirt on the face of this planet. I can’t really go and scold you for making such an ignorant decision, but I can at the very least remind you of just how stupid it was to resort to alcohol to ease your pain after the tragic accident your father met.

(Brandon could almost feel his pupils dilate in anger as he looked up at Vino and felt nothing but blind rage swelling up inside him. Brandon attempted to get up to tackle or strike or hit Vino with anything he could while restrained, but he was almost immediately brought back down to his knees and his head slammed down onto the cold stone floor)


(Brandon could do nothing now but stare at the dark stone wall in his vision and listen to the voice of Vino)

Vino: Such a temper you’ve got in you. It’s no secret that it’s redemption for your dad you came here to Japan for after what my nephew and his Agents of Extreme did, but I’m afraid you won’t be leaving here tonight with vengeance.. If you leave at all, I mean.

Brandon: You said…

Vino: What did I say?

Brandon: You said you wouldn’t hurt me.

Vino: That’s right, I won’t hurt you. Unfortunately, I don’t speak for the rest of these downright violent fellows here with us tonight, child.

Brandon: I’m not a child…

Vino: Coulda fooled me. Only a child makes decisions without thinking. Only a child takes the easy way out. Only a child would make trouble for himself without thinking about the consequences. The rancid smell of alcohol on your breath that makes me want to dry-heave tells me all I need to know. This broken liquor bottle in my hand that you intended to use on my nephew is all I need to know.

(Brandon jumped at the sound of the broken liquor bottle shattering down near his head by Vino)

Vino: You act like a child, so therefore you are a child. Understood? Now above all, a child does not comprehend and even downright disrespects faith. That’s precisely what you did when you came all the way here, completely unprepared, and broke into my nephew’s home to attempt to take his life here tonight. I don’t know if your dear father is alive, nor do I care, but if he’s not, I’m certain he’d be weeping right now at abundant lack of morality his son has. Now I’ve got one last question for you before we part ways, Brandon: What do you do with a child who acts out?

(Brandon knew what Vino wanted to hear, but the abject terror in his body and the pain of his head pressed down uncomfortably against the stone was too much for him to even entertain the thought of answering)

Vino: Hmm? Anyone? Anyone? How about you, Agent of Extreme Number 5 or whatever you call yourself? You know, I don’t think these Agents of Extreme like me much. Oh well. The answer is… You punish the child. I mean, personally, I prefer mental punishment. Like placing the child in a corner until he knows what he’s done and feel sorry for it. How does that sound, Brandon? Would you like to be put in a corner?

(Brandon remained silent as his mind continued to race)

Vino: Well, unfortunately, I’m not the one who will be punishing you. My nephew there in the back will be deciding your punishment. Take it away, Gargoyle.

(Brandon’s eyes shot open with shock and terror. Ares was here? How long had he been down here with them? Brandon shut his eyes tightly, but could hear the sound of feet walking towards him. It felt as though hours had passed in mere seconds as Brandon could feel and hear the man he came here to kill tonight coming closer and closer. Everything raging inside of him became too much for him to bear as Brandon could feel the tears finally forcing their way out and running down his face. The sound stopped at last)

Ares: …. Is it everything you hoped it would be?

Brandon: H-huh?

Ares: Seeking vengeance. Is it everything you hoped it would be?

(Brandon opened his eyes and looked at the black boots of Ares that stood mere inches from his face)

Ares: How many times do you think I’ve dealt with men, women, and even children that have been absolutely consumed with rage for what I’ve done to them? I’m not even speaking about my time in America. If these walls could talk, they would tell you the most terrifying stories you’ve ever heard. People don’t stop to think about it usually, because they’re running on nothing but primal instinct, but what they don’t seem to recognize because of that is that redemption is a form of art. It fuels a fire within you, and do you know what can be done when you control a fire? You can use it to your advantage. You can use it to hurt. Paying back what you’ve been dealt takes patience and it takes planning, but here I now stand in front of a mere mongrel that insults this art by blindly walking into a proverbial lion’s den. I’ve wasted my time by coming here and giving you the honor of being in my presence when you spit in the face of Onryo and my family and my Kingdom. One way or another, there will be redemption tonight, be it for your fallen father or for the time and breathe of mine that you made me waste. Here’s what’s going to happen, mongrel:

(Brandon jumped as a hand came down in front of him and his eyes closed shut once more. As he slowly opened them, he saw the right open hand of Ares)

Ares: I’m going to give you five opportunities to admit defeat and accept that you will never get vengeance for what happened to your father. You will accept that you are a mongrel who does not respect Onryo, just as your foolish father was. You will accept that you are weak.

(Suddenly, at the sound of Ares’ words, Brandon felt no more fear, no more panic, and no more misery. All that he could feel within him was rage. All he could feel within him was all of the anguish he had been through in the last five months of life since he walked into the hospital and found his broken father, unresponsive on a bed. The defeat on his father’s almost lifeless face and the intense hate he felt for those responsible)

Brandon: FUCK YOU!

(Ares’ index finger went down as Brandon felt someone else take his right hand. Pain shot through Brandon’s body as he a loud cracking sound filled his eyes and incredible pain shot through him. Brandon screamed)

Ares: You’re all the same. Mad little dogs that bark so loud and then cannot find the courage to actually bite just as hard. I know a mongrel just like you, you know. In fact, I’ll be dealing with him this very week. You and he are both prime examples of those who don’t take one moment to comprehend the vengeance they want once they’ve been hurt or humiliated or disrespected. Though, I can’t say you’re as big of a problematic mongrel as he’s become. While the only time I’m wasting on you is tonight, I’ve spent far too long and wasted too much energy on enlightening this mongrel. Once upon a time, I put on a mask and paraded around Elite Answers Wrestling while pretending to be something I wasn’t. Do you think that mongrel realizes that he’s just wearing a mask when he puts it on every week and pretends to be a heartless monster that walks a path of destruction throughout the company and even the World itself? Do you? Do you admit defeat?

(Brandon clinched his teeth and tried everything he could to block the pain)

Brandon: N…….. NO!

(Ares put down his middle finger next, and a moment later, it was his own middle finger that Brandon heard snapping. He could hear Ares speaking over his cries of pain)

Ares: You know what the problem is with those who occupy Elite Answers Wrestling? The same problem that plagues everyone else in the World. They all want to be the center of their own universe. They all want to play the hero or play the villain. They rot their minds with fantasies, be it books or television or movies, and they convince themselves that they too can step out into the World and become somebody. They all care too much for what they wish others see them as and they care too little for what they see themselves as. Fame, fortune, money… It’s all they seek when you rip away their clothes and flesh and see them for the dime-a-dozen skeleton they are. I don’t just feel sadness for those who do not know what role they truly play enough to make false identities for themselves… I disgust it. I find it repulsive to see these mongrels waste their lives on pursuing dreams without realizing that dreams aren’t something physically capable of grasping. I know what I want in the World, and I know how to take it. I bled until I couldn’t keep conscious, and when I awoke, I knew I had given my life and taken my place in the World and all I need to do to take what I seek is by hurting those that have wronged me and the name Vendetta. And yet, days like this and this Sunday come when I must deal with the filthy, frail mongrels like you and him. I realize it’s not something I can control. It’s inevitable that there will be those just like the two of you that will find me and waste my time. Perhaps I could make a side project out of those just like the two of you and make this World a little bit of a better place by cleaning up this problem that nobody else wants to. Ready to accept?

Brandon: LET ME GO!

(Brandon watched in terror as the ring finger of Ares dropped. The pain of his own ring finger being broken was nearly too much for him to bear. His voice worn from screaming at the top of his lungs and knew there would be no one to hear and help him. All he could hear was the sound of his cries of pain bouncing off the stone walls)

Ares: I suppose I could commend you on such resilience - both you and this other mongrel that I’ll deal with soon enough. The both of you have shown that you simply won’t stop, no matter how futile the effort may be. You lie here on this cold floor, bound and in pain, but this other mongrel is one that’s felt more of a metaphoric binding and pain. I gave him the gift of my presence when I decided I take his Pure Championship, and was I thanked? I don’t believe a slap across the face is a “thank you” in any culture. I did not strike him, and I did not disrespect him. What I did was tell him all that interested me was the Title around his waist and I was met with hostility that one can only come to expect from such an ill-mannered mongrel. I could do his master’s job for him and teach him how to behave, but what purpose would that serve? We’ve come too far to turn back now. A lesson must be taught, and though this mongrel is not one I pursue in the name of Onryo, he is one that I’m sure Onryo would have no trouble accepting as a gift after the mocking this mongrel has done to him. Still fighting?

(Brandon wanted nothing more than to pass out from the pain. He wanted nothing more than for this nightmare to finally be over. However, even as his body told him to accept the defeat Ares asked for and hope it would mean Ares would let him go, Brandon could feel himself shaking his head “no”. The pinky of Ares dropped next and the loud cracking and accompanied blinding pain soon followed. Brandon screamed. He screamed louder than he ever had. He screamed as loud as he possibly could as the last drop of hope in his mind told him that maybe someone might actually hear him. All he could hear in response was the singing of Vino)

Vino: Leaning, leaning… Safe and secure from all alarms… Leaning, leaning…. Leaning on the everlasting arms--

Ares: Do you forget what faith you worship now, Uncle?

Vino: Sorry, Gargoyle, it’s a catchy song and I’m tired of hearing the same old tune of this one’s screaming.

(Brandon couldn’t take it anymore. The pain had become too much. All of the hate he felt for these people; he no longer felt it was worth his life. Tears ran down his face once more)

Brandon: I… I accept….

Ares: What’s that?

Brandon: I accept….

(Time felt as though it had slowed down as Brandon watched the foot of Ares raise up and the feeling of the same foot coming down on his right hand; breaking the everything remaining in it with an agonizing stomp. The thought of how he was still conscious never crossed Brandon’s mind as he screamed in pain and terror)

Ares: It wouldn’t be such a waste of my time if you mongrels weren’t such pathetic creatures. You come seeking some sort or redemption, and then you give up so easily? Time and time again, I give you people this chance to impress me, and every time, you fail me. Perhaps I’d actually some some respect to you if you could even manage to make it through having all five of your fingers snapped as an apology gift to Onryo. I’m afraid it’s too late for you, but hopefully the mongrel that pursues my Pure Championship puts up a greater fight for the sake of you and all the rest just like him, but I don’t expect much. In fact, I expect very little. I gave him a chance to get out while he could at King of Elite, and yet here I stand, waiting to step into a ring with him once more. This time, I will not be so generous. This time, I will give him the fight he begs at my feet for and I will put him down and spill his blood all over that canvas of mine to make a masterpiece of art before the eyes of every man, woman, and child that occupies my Kingdom. And when it’s over and the bell has rung and he feels the blood spilling inside of him with every ruptured organ and the blood spilling out of him with every gash and cut he got, I’m going to stand over him before I feed upon him in his weak state to send a message that his master will never forget, and I will ask him just as I have asked you…

(Brandon felt nothing. His body numb and his mind broken down. He felt his body pulled up and soon enough, he found himself looking into the eyes of the man he was at the mercy of named Ares Vendetta. The light remained brought over the two of them, and yet it looked as though it did not reach the man in front of him. Darkness embodied this man. His green eyes almost glowing like some sort of monster in the dark)

Ares: So I ask you again… Is it everything you hoped it would be?

(Brandon watched Ares’ fade from his sight as the black cloth was placed around his head again)
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 18th 2015, 12:06 am by A-Will
After all the fancy talk you just did, Tiberius, all it's doing is trying to cover up your internal denial. I mean, why did you feel so strongly to spend like thirty plus minutes out of one day just to do what you call being slick? I hope you do know that you're not intimidating me just because you said what I knew you would say about my statistics. I know that, in your mind, you came across as a badass, haven't you? In reality, you are just doing what I knew you would do and that's take me lightly. You don't even have your details right. Talk about wisdom. If you even dig down and actually do some research instead of doing everything but what pertains to your job, you'd know that, the last time I was in the ring, I beat Frederico Rizzi's ass. I left him a heap of a bloody mess and injuries took a toll on me from taking my job seriously time and time again. But since taking my job seriously comes off as pathetic to you, I'll try not to get injured, but you will. I can't help it if I get injured, it's part of what makes you a man. When I injure you, I just hope that you actually become a man because, right now, you're setting yourself up for failure for all the things that you just said. I've always been a man of common sense, but that's what you lack severely. You don't have it in you because, if you did, you wouldn't have said all the crap you just did, especially even going as far as to compare me to Lucian Black or all the other guys that I mentioned in terms of speaking. I'm not them. I know I'm not them, and I don't take anything away from them. I just simply gave them props because they deserve it. Not once did I say I wanted to become like a Carlos Russo or Lucian Black.

I know I haven't done anything in EAW for you to get that tingling feeling inside of your body, but, oh, I will soon enough. And I'll be the first to admit that I have been injured plenty of times before. It's just a matter of what you do in the mean time and I've been able to cope with that. I just keep my head up and not let the ignorance of people like you affect me and my choices in how I live my life. My good buddy, Tyler knows that. You see, unlike you, he knows what I've been through and he's lived it. He never let people like you get to him and now he's the World Heavyweight Champion. And what are you? The person that's going to beat me and end my career before it starts? I don't even think you studied me. Wait, let guess why. It's because I don't know what to do in the ring, right? That's your problem, ignorance. You can go to the store or get on a laptop that you don't even know how to use anyways when it comes to social media, but ignorance is what eats you up. Ignorance is what is blocking your brain from your airways because it gives you the first stupid thought that you just stick by blindly and force down other people's throats and, right now, that ignorance gave you the thought of just because I give an old friend some pep talk, it means I'm going to help him when he doesn't really need my help to beat a has been. Yeah, I don't think you even know the definition of intelligence without looking it up in the thesaurus next to you, so why should I even be afraid of you? Just because I've pointed out your ass kissing and you saying that, based off what you did, I'm unoriginal just sends me a humorous feeling really and not a feeling of fear. Where was your catastrophic ending when Psycho Brody pinned you? It was in the same place as the bs you've been saying today, the sewer. No matter how many times you call me a rookie that will never be anything, it doesn't make that opinion anymore of a statement than you being pinned regardless of were it has happened. You should just spare yourself the response if I'm such a "rookie" and just count your days of being in EAW as well as my statistics and see where you land on Friday.
No Tyler, what you said didn't eat at me. In order for it to eat at me, I would have to think about it, it would have to bother me, I don't care. I don't care that you said that you think I'm not taking this match with you seriously. It doesn't eat at me at all, I don't care. Nothing you say bothers me, it's just talk. What you say to me goes in one ear and out the other, It doesn't even sit in my brain long enough for me to process it. Don't flatter yourself Tyler, I don't care about anything you say. In case you didn't get it yet, I DON'T CARE. 

I think its quite amusing that I said, I am confident I can beat you, because I have beaten people I think are better than you and used Heart Break Boy as an example. I wish I didn't beacuase then I had to sit back and listen to you ramble about HBB for 5 minutes, 5 minutes of time I will never get back, my time is precious Tyler, I don't want to waste it almost falling asleeep to your irrelevant, useless, monologues. I have better things to do, like sit at home with my eyes glued to a computer monitor awaiting the must see Alex Anderson interview, that will be posted on EAW's Official website under the tab "Elite Center." I'd rather read that stupid interview than listen to you ramble on about useless nonsense. Wow, you listed people you beat, Congradulations. You beat Mr. DEDEDE 3 years past his prime... You deserve a round of applause for that Tyler. I never faced DDD but if I did, I'd beat his ass too, You beat Brian Daniels, again if I ever faced him, I'd beat him faster than I beat Kevin Devastation. Jacob Senn.... I've never even seen him in person yet, but when I do, I'll introduce myself, I'll shake his hand like a man, and then I'll beat his ass too.. You beat Jaywalker too?!?! I'm amazed... Almost as amazed as I was when I entered a steal cage my second match here in EAW and I beat his ass too and I walked out of that cage, something Lethal Consequences and his Hall of Fame compatriot couldn't do. 

Tyler likes to place all of these other men, all these hall of famers above me. Which is alright because I honestly give no merit to anything Tyler Parker says. But he likes to say I'm nothing, and talk about how so many other legends are better than me. Unlike 90% of them I know I'm a grand slam champion, I remember when they held the World title for 2 weeks and could never sucessfully defend it.. I also remember when I was EAW World Champion for 3 months, in a time with more competetion than you'll ever face Tyler, in a time when people were considered great for holding the title for more than a week. But the fact that I held the title for longer than most people around here do, and even the fact that I am a Grand Slam Champion, you and other people as well say I'm nothing. I'm not going to be nothing, when I beat you on Dynasty, and I won't be nothing when I beat you again in the future and take your world title. See you friday champ.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 17th 2015, 11:10 pm by VENTURA.
"..Caster, Oh, Caster...
...Deliver this dream...
...Caster, Oh, Caster...
...Deliver it, upon me."

Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.
Alex, you don't fail to amuse me at all. As much as Starr attempts to hurt himself into pulling a joke, you seem to go easy through the process. If you are in confusion as to what you can further say towards me, then I have completed my mission. There is no need for you to speak, for you to boast as the Ace of this company because you are nothing of this company. You inherit no attributes, no power, no maturity to lead up this company under your own power. You are just a man that likes to talk, that likes to write vivid descriptions about himself, because of the fact that no one ever appraised you for anything. You wither, you stand back, EVERY time someone decides to depict you for who you really are, because you are not the man that you say you are, oh you are certainly far from it. I am an embarrassment in your eyes, I am a jester in your eyes, we can throw words at each other from dusk till dawn. At the end of this, whoever comes out victorious after Reasonable Doubt, it will be because one man was right. I dare you, go on after this point, and never listen to a word that I say. "Snooze" the living hell out of me. If you continue to respond to what I say then, well, it will be because you are a fool like you have been for the past couple of days. Do you see what I am doing here? I just don't insult people like you, I accurately describe them.

"Last time I checked, I was the clear-cut number two of Showdown."

Aw, is that sweet?! Just because you think you are the "number two" guy on Showdown, gives you the satisfaction for you to relax and ease this through. Statistics has always been the mathematical theory of ignorance. Can you happen to give a reason as to why you didn't become the so-called "number two" of Showdown, because I don't think it would be wise for you to refer to yourself as "number one", since you will just prove to be the most stupidest man that ever live. Come on, explain yourself. Say that you just can't hang with the competition anymore, because you have fallen out of order. You lost to Norman Hellion, you lost your academy. Only thing that is left is your half-assed ego. You talk about how I become a failure, I have the Holy Brigade standing by me. What do you have to stand by you? Nothing. I pity the sympathetic people that always say the common phrase, especially when you continue to not win anything each passing month that, "Don't worry Alex, there is room for improvement." Shut the hell up, you wasted the space in your room with your ignorance. Now you are just stuck. I wouldn't be this hostile to any of my opponents, but you showed to me that miracles does happen to me.

As for you, Starr, well, you are suffering the same illness just like Alex Anderson is having. You two have these tremendous egos that blaze so up high, but doesn't have any width. You don't cover the terrain, you just add fuel to the fire. This week, or any past week, month or years that I have been in this company, when or when have you ever seen me refer to myself as the "greatest man that ever lived". Please extract that statement from a time that I ever said that, and I will be sure to grant you a pardon. You fancy yourself to be a funny person, so you think it is under your liberty that you can try and belittle me to the deepest point there is to be placed. I can play that game too, you know. I can decide to say....


Or I can actually reveal why I haven't taken this "gimmick" as some sought of a nuisance. I "bore" you away, I am a "sad elitist", is that all you can really say? This, all of this, you don't have any given idea of what I am truly capable of. Just because I was on Team Starr, just because you used me to the point that I was considered to be a "dormant, disabled" wrestler, doesn't mean that I cannot gently rip your tendons apart and end your career once and for all. I am capable of doing things no man, no man, no man, no man, no man, and I will repeat................................NO MAN............................................has ever.......................................................done. Describe my career in 10,000 words right now Starr, DISGRACE ME. DO IT. DO IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN........because you will only then prove that you are ridiculous and stupid just like your related kin, Alex Anderson truly is. I don't care if you hate me, if you partially like me, I don't care about what you feel about me because I don't take you seriously. I dare you now, come and say "that's a reason why I am going to beat you this Saturday, because all men should take me seriously", because I will swear to the God above me that I will make sure that your career will end this very Saturday. I won't go to extreme measures like how Kawajai, DDD, or others have been through. Why don't we all place this bet: We all shut up until Friday night, and the three of us can insult each other until it is our cue to kill each other off, is that fair? IS THAT FAIR? I........I am tired. I am tired that you continue to breathe in this company Starr, I am tired of the fact that there hasn't been a man that hasn't mauled you to the point that you couldn't even say "ankle lock" out loud. I may have escaped Team Starr with some bruises, I may have lost opportunities, I may have lost to Liam Catterson, I may have lost to Drastik, I may have lost to many men during 2013.

I place my career on the line. 2015, is mine. Let someone new try and claim that statement. Guys like Jah Hendrix, or even the return of GI Styles and Carlos Russo. Come and say that this will be your year, while you people HAVEN'T PROVEN anything at all to back such words up. Starr, in some way, shape or form, you will be granted a golden collar from one of the Holy Brigades. It is going to be plastered around you, almost like a replica of the gold medal that you've won. It will be gently placed around your head, with no stains whatsoever. Once that process is done, I will clearly speak to you with these words: You are now my bitch.

Let the casting begin...
*The scene begins with Tarah Nova standing with her back to the camera. After a moment, Tarah moves and shows the camera Seven Picture frames with pictures of each Vixen she has attacked and destroyed over the two years of being in EAW. Over every frame, she has written a name of a Sin*

‘Alex ‘Left Eye” Lopez: Gluttony; Carmen Diaz: Pride; Scarlet: Sloth; Sapphire Sky: Envy; Nikki Nevermore: Wrath; Kristina: Greed; Whitney: Lust.

*Once the camera goes over each picture frame, it returns and focuses on Tarah as she begins to speak.*

I showed everyone what kind of Vixen I am. I showed it in the ring, day in and day out. Each day getting more worse than the last. It took two years for anyone to realize that I was sadistic and out of control. Basically a killer. I’m only that because of the two long years of being pushed around, forgotten, and disrespected in every way possible. I have worked my ass off for years to show everyone in the wrestling world that I wasn’t a forus to be reckoned with. Since walking into EAW, I wasn’t like your normal Vixens. I showed everyone who the best truly was. Hell I am basically the best Vixen that has never held a championship here. I mean I have taken out seven vixens that meant nothing to the EAW universe. I have climbed that mountain to the top more than most here and yet I still can’t reach the gold. I have tried so many times and failed them all too. I thought all of my hard work was going to pay off, so I let my guard down...No more. Not again. I finally have a number one contender match for the Vixen’s Championship against none other than Haruna Sakazaki. This time, its all or nothing and I will do anything to win.

Now, Haruna, first of all. I failed on killing you? I haven’t failed anything, dear. Like I told Cherish a few weeks ago, if I wanted you dead..You would be dead. I don’t care what you say to me. I mean why should I care about what a Vixen like you says to one of the best Vixens here? Offended? Ha, Cute. Its going to take more than some name calling and a tiny attack to get under my skin. You're nothing but a stepping stone to me, Haruna. Just another Vixen who has gotten in my way and just like the other seven Vixens you see on this wall, you will be taken out and forgotten. For years, I have proved myself, taking risk other Vixens wouldn’t have taken. Placed in with the boys because the Vixens at the time couldn’t handle me. So I have lost some of my touch. That doesn't make me a loser. That doesn't make me less than great. It truly makes me laugh that you think that you're the reason I lost my championship match against Cameron. Are you on drugs? Don’t answer that, rhetorical question but seriously? Out of all the other prefect reasonable ways I could've lost, you pick yourself? Are all you Japanese --eh Chinese?-- people this stupid? I lost that match because I fell from a ladder! Not because of you and your flurries. And like I said before, the better Vixen won that match. Next time though, she won’t be so lucky.

*Tarah smirks at the camera before continuing*

Well since you have arrived at EAW, you have done nothing but showed up and stole the show. You came in with your smiling face and your red lights--not anymore. No more games, no more lies. Dangerous? Even for me to handle? Not likely. You're hardly a threat to me, Princess. So after I get done with you, there will be nothing more for you to show off with. I’m going to show you why I am called the Vixen Killer. You can say that you have the fighting spirit. Hell, scream it from the rooftops but know this, Haruna. One way or another, you spirit will be broken by the end of the night and I will be crowned the winner. Oh, and I can’t wait to drag you down to my level and beat you with my experience in the ring. So after our match,You will join the Seven Vixens on my wall and there it nothing you can say or do about it.

Believe that.

*Tarah chuckles, grabbing a empty picture frame off the table and hangs it next to the other Seven. With a red sharpie she pulled out of pocket, Tarah draws the Japanese symbols for sinner(罪人) over the frame. As Tarah walk back to the camera, she whispers: “It's ready for you Hana-chan” and blows a kiss.*

*Camera goes black.*

EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

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