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 EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

May 24th, the final stop before everyone keeps their eyes peeled for their biggest event of EAW History, this year with the final voyage that belongs to Triple Threat, an event where the odds may be against you or can work to your advantage. For Triple Threat, I guess I can say I am satisfied. Not that I am sidelined from a match, that would have the opposing nature from my view point but I am blessed because in my match at Triple Threat, I am in a team against five other ambitious, bloodthirsty characters. Four others have my back this week and I will have theirs. But that isn’t reasoning my blessing because that would be indeed a ridiculous reason for me to go into this match but the team leader is a man commendable of the notice of EAW. A man so gifted that I am privileged to be on his side in this match, Brain Daniels, the team leader for this upcoming five against five match. Some familiar faces, some faces I have not had the chance to share the ring with until now. It is important to head into Pain for Pride with a victory in my hands and I am sure Brian Daniels doesn’t want to be taken down before he achieves possibly one of the greatest moments of his career at Pain for Pride. My faith is strong for the man and I have always admired the man. However, I don’t want to make any unsteady promises to you Brian, all I can do is do what I do every chance I get inside the ring and that is fight as if this were my last match, pushing my body to the extreme and hoping that my aggression, my strength, everything that I do inside that ring can bring the outcome desired, rather than succeeding in a result I am against. But across my corner, I see five men who won’t reject their violence, who don’t care if they end Brain Daniels path to pride, who don’t really care about anything but their own success it seems with the team I am looking at, and it is Team Dubian and I may as well start off with the cult of the group, Devan Dubian. 

Like Daniels, I think you have a great variety of talent in you and have the belief you and Brian will steal the show come Pain for Pride. Though at the moment, I am more of a Brian Daniels man and it isn’t because I got a place on his team because my respect from him stems further from that. Much further if you consider the time away from wrestling. That is why I have the belief that he will lead us to victory against your team. I am in no means to disregard a character that is Hall of Fame material like yourself but with the team you have, I wouldn’t throw any shock into my emotions should you suffer a loss with your team at Triple Threat. I am going to get to the main portion of your team in a moment, but in this match, we have a team of five, talented members, maybe four if you exclude myself, I am not one to judge my own talent, but let’s just say unless your strength and resiliency can hold the capacity of four, maybe three men, what chance have you in victory? I don’t want you to go into this with your mind selecting a sense of disrespect, but to me, I have a sense of optimism for success in the team I am aligned to. Though this week, your fight will avoid any difficulties heading into the big event at Pain for Pride, either way, I will expect a severe challenge from you. In my younger days, my opportunity arose to take the fight with you before and the experience, from my perspective, was worthwhile. This won’t change at Triple Threat, only the experience of pleasure will only expand with the growth in talent you have journeyed through in the last couple of years, I can only wish you luck.

Next, a man who I can’t say has been a challenge for me in the ring because I have never been faced with the chance to throw an attack on him, Psycho Brody. By the looks of Brody, I wouldn’t want to in amusement either; however I have seen you in the ring, with the name labeling you suitably due to your inhumane strength against others and that domination I see in you. I am going to be frankly honest with you; I feel this battle against you should be an appealing one to partake in due to who you are, contrasted from a typical athlete. Granted, your mental conditions may give you some leeway for your violence, but you have to think of it this way…Years and years you were spent being relocated to a suitable medical hospital to control the beast inside you and you have landed yourself in the job where there holds no limits to your hostility. From my previous experiences in EAW, this place is nature for your ability to tear through the EAW roster. However, with that word of promise must address a word of caution. You want to rip me aside and deflate my power, good luck. I am not sure if you know who I am or if you care to know because inside your head, all you will seek is destruction for those who don’t align themselves to you. I want to crave your pity, when you’re down on the floor and struggling to make it on your knees; I fight for that power of supremacy. Do you believe with whatever psychotic words and brutality you present that it will have power over me? I am always the fighter that never compresses his valor against any man, like I stated a couple of weeks ago. You could be the deadliest wrestler in the industry today and those words will not compromise my tactics coming into this match because in the end, I fight to not only raise the stakes for my future but to bring these fans a promise that a true warrior lies within me. Whatever words you want to throw at me, I will respond without to cower or without silence. You will hear my words addressed to you, soaked into your mind knowing that I do not fear you. You will feel my impact bouncing your head into oblivion knowing that I do not fear you. You will see my face thirst for glory, willing to succeed day after day knowing that I do not fear you. You notice a pattern emerging and you will know whatever you want to throw at me, you’re far from threatening. 

And I want to leave these guys until last because I know they will have quite a bit to throw at me, considering what I did at the Grand Rampage. Many people see this as their chance at retribution but the way I see it, three men who have little to show but any attempt to rise above the rest are a bollard in my push to progression. And the reason why I link the little amount to show and the word ‘attempt’ is simple, with every attempt, they fall. I don’t want to sound like an arrogant asshole who wants to play the game of risk against these three; I am not oblivious to how hostile these guys are but c’mon. What do you have to provide a reasonable justification to remove yourself from that? I was rusty as hell, decrepit and shallow, sure I have stated about my training regime to recover back to a suitable fitness for my return, but I still had a lot to shake off and I think one of the many burdens I had to remove was you guys. Mr. Ventura knows exactly what I am talking about because he has never been the same since I decimated him at Pain for Pride a couple of years back and quite frankly, without overlooking what I am, I find that quite shameful. When we were fighting, I was fighting a man who possessed the talent to carry this company into a brighter future. And I want you to tell me, what happened to that man I saw talent in? What happened was you grew soft. You even aligned yourself to a douchebag called Venom, who from past companies, didn’t even bring enough credibility to his name which is why I am not surprised when the gossip goes on about his reputation of being a joke, and then, poor Nick Angel. I say poor because I expect better from him rather than being dragged down by two guys who haven’t got the faintest on what to do. To be perfectly honest, without sounding like an asshole, he would be better off in a team with me because I have took a notice on his legacy through his wrestling days and I have only seen greatness from him, nothing to say this man’s reputation is one that has the authority to seek and laugh. I am a candidate for Brian Daniels’ team against you guys because the perfect candidate had all three men of the Holy Brigades destroyed within a minute of my tenure in the Grand Rampage. Word by word, you will try to throw a ball into my face, but word by word, I will dodge any offensive you boys want to throw at me. In the end, I walk into this match knowing once upon a time, I installed a code into your heads that would alert you that Liam Catterson is not a warrior to disregard, but one to keep observation over. Though we meet again in different circumstances, I still walk into this match in hope to overpower The Holy Brigades. 

And I walk into this match with a target to assist Brain Daniels’ team to glory. This may not be an effort that could conclude on a desire that we all want, but this effort will be carried out with dignity and respect from everyone on my team. I scroll your eyes over each one of us and you tell me, this side hosts some of the finest this company has to offer. I know for a fact that we will not die with boundaries but if we should fall, it is with passion.

I've seen the zenith, I've seen the nadir. These two marks of a man's life both shape him as a human being. Some reach the zenith early, some reach the zenith late. The biggest difference that I have noticed between the two is that the ones who reach the top quickly are even quicker to fall off. This company will always have its flash-in-the-pans, but the ones who stay are the ones who have been starving the entirety of their career. They have suffered, and they have been humbled by everything that they have gone through. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how true legends are created – not "legends" that are here today and gone tomorrow, but true legends. Alex Anderson is a legend who is here to stay for good. At the Grand Rampage, I saw something taken away from me. I saw a great opportunity taken away from me. Not only was it taken away, but it was taken away by two people, which only hurts the fact even more. But that's where I had you all fooled. You thought I was going to remain the same Alex Anderson who would sit around and do nothing but complain, but that's where all of you were wrong. I am a changed man. Everything that I do will end up being used in some way, shape or form to better me as a professional wrestler. That's what I did when I came back to EAW and made sure one of the stipulations was that I could choose my opponent at Pain for Pride. Unjust? I think not. I played my cards nicely, and anyone can do the same if they tried. Let's fast-forward a few months from then, and here I stand before you all finally being able to execute the plan I wanted from the start. You see, I've taken some time to dwell on what has transpired. I've wanted to face Tyler Parker since I first walked through those doors in November of 2010, and now that I finally have the opportunity to, I'm not letting go of it. Not this time.

Tyler, I'm not going to sugar-coat anything. I don't like you. I hate everything about how EAW has looked at you in comparison to me. I know I've always been better, and yet I never got the props I deserved. That's the reason I want this match more than anything else. I'm putting the entire company on notice – Pain for Pride won't be a pretty sight for you or any of your fans. I'm taking everything you have. Your championship, your name, your reputation, your respect, and not because I want to be Tyler Parker... but because I am everything Tyler Parker is and then some. There is no army that can strike back against me, and you'll know exactly what I mean when we're locked in that ring at the greatest spectacle of them all. But that's besides the fact, because I have a pay-per-view match before Pain for Pride.

This match consists of two men who I hate almost as much as Tyler Parker, but getting that pay-per-view paycheck motivates me more than anything else to compete in this match. You see, I'm taking everything lightly nowadays, because I know I'm winning my world championship at Pain for Pride. I don't need to worry about that. I have no worries in life any longer. All I need to do is take care of business at Triple Threat, even if I don't like Brian Daniels. You see, EAW can have its little fantasy with you and Dubian at Pain for Pride, Brian, but I'm stealing the show. I'm walking out of there as the man who will define Pain for Pride eight. Triple Threat is just practise for me. I've already destroyed the house of Renegades by myself, and that makes up 60% of team Dubian. I've faced Dubian many times, and I'm not afraid. Psycho Brody is the X-factor. Never before have I faced him in the ring, but I've done my research thoroughly, just like I do on any wrestler in this company. Brody, believe it or not, I actually like you. I like you more than everyone else in this match, but you're a great example of a flash-in-the-pan that this company won't even remember a year from now. And that's why I'll be using you to prove to the world that Alex Anderson is what every wrestler should aspire to become.

There's a method to my madness – surely. But madness is the first step to greatness. You possess that madness, Brody, and when two geniuses collide in that ring, it'll be magical.

And yet I will still prevail, because I'm driven by the idea of becoming the greatest of all time. I'll do so by June 28th.
TJ: No respect? I never would have guessed. You don’t have to go over the obvious Chris. Since the day we met, you and I have never had an ounce of it for one another, we’ve never had a positive outlook towards each other, and one could say it was hate at first sight.

You’re delusional, going on about justice to a championship and tarnishing gold with a disrespectful victory. Such a laugh, a championship is just a tool. You’re the type of person who is made puppet by the things he seeks to possess, but this stolen possession of mine has no control over me and I have no sensation within me about needing to honour it, I only use it to make people like you and Tybull dance and fight for my fame and entertainment. I sit by the docks looking at the waters before me and with this ultimate bait called the National Elite Championship I go about manipulating you guppies that could never resist its ultimate call to you, sometimes I have it right in front of yours noses and pull it away as I taunt you, other times I let you take a bite so I can drag you out from those waters to take your heads as my prize, all while I sit on comfort of my own little throne. I don’t know what you’re after Chris, I don’t know what you seek to become, not with all the circles you run in caring about what people say about your principles like their opinions matter, but me? I know what I’m after and what I offer to the game, I have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing makes me doubt my decisions. I’m a prizefighter, a thief and I milk the goods I snag for all their worth, I defeated each and every former National Elite Champion because I’m the type of guy they never wanted to see hold this championship, yet all the history and prestige they’ve accumulated within this hunk of gold goes to making me look good.

I’ll admit, you’ve won all our past tag team matches, but whether it was Lucian Black or that worthless chick whose name I can’t even remember while you had that six foot bitch Lethal, none of those people I’ve teamed with have ever been friends of mine and unlike you I don’t get chummy so easily. This time around I team with a legend, I team with a man who I know I’ll be working with for an extended period of time, so I have incentive to cooperate and show a lil more of the team work minded Tiberius Jones that didn’t show up for random matchups. The big guy doesn’t even seem to be that concerned with gold and reputation, he’s on a warpath, which means the untaken spoils have to go somewhere, and my pockets are the perfect place if you ask me. It’s the perfect combo. You and Senn? That’s just a bomb waiting to detonate, the two of your egos could never coexist without a clash long enough to take the two of us on, Senn for one has been in EAW for years and look across the roster, people have tried to have him join their ranks and even managerial figures tried to bury their history with him to build a new day yet you’ll find no one who calls that man a friend, there’s a reason for that. Anyone could see that this is a disaster waiting to happen, anyone with sense that is.

But you’re the thick type who needs the more direct lessons, the type of person who needs to step into a bear trap to have his foot pierced just to know that sharp ends hurt.

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*The scene begins with Tarah Nova standing in the middle of the ring, holding the Vixens Championship on her left shoulder with a cold yet calm look on her face. After a moment, Tarah lets out a soft sigh and looks over at the camera in front of her.*

There are two types of people on this damn pathetic earth...those who are born to become champions and those who are born to WATCH the one that are born to become champions. Cherish and Maddie, in this world there are winners and losers...So guess with one you guys are. You two were born and brought to the best company today just to watch me domain the Vixens division as its Champion. Its not the other way around. It will NEVER be the other way around. It will always be me leading the pack. I was the one that has been winning matches and kicking asses here. So what that I let my guard down when it came to you two. Thats all in the past now. My head is back to normal and my body is ready to gave out that beating that you two so desperately need. For the last couple of weeks, I have been attacked and fooled by the two of you but trust me when I say it wouldn’t be happening again. Let me tell you both a little secret, it's not your time to shine. Either of yours. The thing is I deserve to hold this Championship for a very long time. More than you do my little Psychopath and differently more then you Maddie. For Eighteen months, I works my ass of for this Championship. For Eighteen month, every single week I was out there showing everyone from backstage all the way to the fans in the nosebleed seats that I was ready to hold this title. So now that I have the Championship in my hands, none of you are going to take it away from me. None of you. I will fight all of you sons of bitches with nothing but my wit and skills in the ring. Since day one, I broke the criteria of what it meant to be a Vixen. Back then Vixens had to be sexy, happy, or must be this skinny or this tall to wrestle....Bluh bluh bluh. *Tarah rolls her eyes* I hate to tell you girls this but now a days, shit like that won’t win you Championships. It takes skills, charisma and heart to get the chance to hold one. Luckily for me, I have two of those things. So my point is at Triple Threat, you two aren’t going to touch my Championship. In reality, you two don’t have the skills to wrestle in the ring with me. For years I have fought women bigger and better than both of you combined and I always came out on top. Like I said before, It doesn’t matter how I win or who I pin, I’m going to walk out of city still as the Vixens Champion. You guys can try to stop me but we all know you both can’t. Not you, Cherish and especially not you, Maddie.  

*After Tarah says the name “Maddie”, a tiny smile forms on her lips*

So the last time we met in the ring, Maddie, you have your best friend in the ring with you...helping you. Cherish basically handed you that win. But sadly that momentum you have now isn’t going to help you on Sunday. You see, I know you’re kind of girl. You think you are the underdog. You think you have the fans behind you every step of the way but the realization is that no one is behind you. No one cares if you’re Cinderella story comes to life at Triple Threat. You’re nothing but this little girl that everyone has been feeling sorry about since you first stepped through the doors of EAW. To be honest, this match should only be Cherish VS Tarah Nova. It should be Psycho vs Freak but sadly you just had to hold out till the end of the match. You should’ve tapped, you would have been saving yourself for all the pain you will be getting. Now this match is filled with all kind of Vixens. The Good, The Bad and The Reckless. We got two of the best Vixens in EAW today, Me & Cherish and then there's you, Maddie. The one Vixen in this match that sticks out like a sore thumb. You have no reason to be in this match and it's upsetting when I think about it. Do you realize that this company is for the best female wrestlers in the world. Its not for stupid little girls that had nothing better to do with their lives. Everytime I stand cross the ring from you, all I see is a child. A child that is in way over her head. You need to go, stop fighting it and leave. This isn’t a Child Care Center, Madison. Me and the others backstage, We are not here to be you’re friend. We are not here to cuddle you and tell you everything will get easier because let's get real, it won’t. From here on out, its going to get harder then you will ever know. If you ever want to trust me with anything, trust me when I say, You will never be the same after facing me and Cherish. In fact, I am looking forward to changing you and warping your mind. It could be fun for both of us...or one of us. Give or take what you think is fun nowadays. I bet you anything You’re best friend, Cherish, would love to see it too.

Speaking of Cherish, My little Psychopath, how are you feeling walking into Triple Threat against me and Maddie? I know the last couple of weeks I have been blindsided by you. You tried to throw around that fact that I am nothing like your sweet Kendra Shamez and I completely agreed that I not. Why would I want to be like her when I can be like me: The Hardcore, Reckless Vixen that everyone loves. Only logic. Anywho, what was I saying..oh thats right, I wanted to know how you felt. You probably feel pretty damn good about yourself. I mean look at where you are in your EAW career at this moment in time. You are one of the best Vixens to date, You had this little girl that does your bidding for you. You basically the most craziest Vixens we have but will all of that help you in this match. I feel like the Little girl thing might but did you ever think that once in the ring, Maddie would turn on you? What will you do when your pet Madison turns around  and attacks you like the both of you have done for the past couple of weeks against me?  I hope she does personally because when she does I’m going to be the first one to scream out ‘Karma’s a bitch.’ Though it doesn’t matter anyway, I guess. I mean you're probably the one that will turn on her. Like I said earlier, she shouldn’t even be in this match. You know that this match should just be me vs you. The reason why I say that is because just think of the Chaos we could make together. We could burn down this company in a blink of an eye. Sadly, we have to baby sit. Unless you have a spell in your pocket that would knock her out for bit. *Tarah chuckles* In all reality, I don’t care if you turn on her or if she turns on you because I’m going to beat you both anyway. Theres no way around it. I mean I know the truth hurts sometimes but after this match I’m going to make sure that the truth leaves a mark on both yours and Maddie subconscious. And that the truth is I’m going to break you both. I’m going to break your minds and rip out your hearts. It doesn’t matter who you are. You could be the Best Wrestler in the World but if you're standing in my way to my championship, you best damn be sure I’m going to beat you and retain it. I mean look at me, I am the Savior of this Division. I am the top Vixen in EAW today. No one can touch me and that's how I like it. Let's get something straight here, why would anyone want to see you, My little Psychopath or that small child as Vixen’s Champion? I mean even if they did, their not going to see it anytime soon. I’ll make sure that won’t happen. Age of Nova has only just begun and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Believe that.

*Tarah Nova holds up her Vixens Championship before throwing her head back, letting out a banshee like scream. As she stands normally again, Tarah stares at the camera with a sadistic smirk finally forming onto her lips. The camera fades to black as she whispers these last words.*

Its time to let fear take over.
"..Caster, Oh, Caster...
...Deliver this dream...
...Caster, Oh, Caster...
...Deliver it, upon me."

The stars have appeared to be re-aligned.
[The camera is flicked on, and it opens up to three little girls surrounding the camera, all cloaked in white and golden robes. The girls go on to grab each others hand, while smiling together in the process. They slowly bow their heads down, as silence emerges]

"Grand Rampage, once again, became a venue of distress...
...As The Holy Brigade received quite an unpleasant guest...
...At a time in which they were dominating with power...
...Soon until each and every single one of them became devoured...
...Our Caster, Ventura, met eye to eye with his enemy...
...As he knew that this man was here to alter his destiny...
...Off this man went to eliminate the entire Holy Brigade...
...Since then, the Holy Brigade went on to cast themselves away...

[The girls stop reciting, as they all quickly raise up their heads in disgust.]

Girls: Did you think that from that moment onwards, we were going to fade away in oblivion quickly? Do you think we are that fragile, the Holy Brigade? You people think so little of us whilst we have created masses upon masses of destruction within these doors. We have been waiting, waiting for the righteous adversary in which we can disperse all our energy, all our animosity and vengeance against, and that victor has returned to OUR land....

[They stop talking, introducing a long period of silence.]

We are back...

[The camera feed quickly disrupts into flashes of yellow light, in the background, each member of the Holy Brigade standing firmly together.]

Ventura: In whatever capacity where The Holy Brigade will return, Liam, oh dear Liam, we are going to murder your career to its entirety. Prepare...

[Feed abruptly cuts, and the feed fades to black.]

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Triple Threat

It’s about fucking time that I get my rematch. I was beginning to think that they were going to forget. I know for a fact that I didn’t forget. I’m a woman—we always remember things. We can remember things that happened to us for long periods of time, but there is one thing that we can do the best and that is hold grudges. You see, I spent a few weeks wallowing over the fact that I let some asshole like Scott Diamond make me quit. Those are two words that I never managed to say in my entire life until I did at Reckless Wiring. It was at that moment that I did not realize that I was not as stubborn as I thought I was. I was able to pull my head out of my ass and quit when the time was right because I said that I was strong enough to stop. Mentally, I know what my limits are and I know never to cross them. Getting my ass beat by Scott for a majority of the match and I can say that Scott took me to my limits, but it also help me understand that I shouldn’t have a limit to begin with. That I am stronger than what anyone thinks.

When I returned, everyone thought that I was going to get my revenge on Scott Diamond and did I do that? Yes, indeed I did. I give him the feeling that I felt at Reckless Wiring. I made him feel weak and powerless. I never let him get the upper hand, which is what he did with me. Whenever he had something going on, I was the one to knock it down. When I returned, I noticed the Heart Break Boy taking care of my problem—my problem. What gave him the absolute right to do that? What did he think of me as? Someone that doesn’t know how to handle their problems? Well, did it seem like I had not fucking clue how to handle my problem at Voltage two weeks ago? Yeah! I looked clueless out there! NOT! I had everything under control! I don’t need that knight and shining armor coming out and making a grand rescue for me because I don’t want it! I don’t want the story of my career here to be about Elitist putting their lives on the line for a woman like myself. I am more than just a woman. I am a fighter.

I have fought ever since day one and I have never been the one to back down from a fight. It just has always been part of my nature to do that because with the small amount of women in the locker room, I felt like fighting has always been the best resort to go to in order to be taken seriously around here. It seemed like no matter the things that I have accomplished, in the end of the day, people will view me as a woman. People are going to make assumptions that I am delicate and that I’m weak, but I have taken more punishment than any woman has taken. With Scott, he just did not give a shit about me. He was willing to end my career if he was given the opportunity to. If I had not quit, I would not be standing here today and everyone knows that. The last thing that I want to happen at Triple Threat is for a repeat of our last match to occur. I refuse to be the victim of this match and have everyone feel bad for me. I do not want your sympathy, but I want your outlook of me to change.

Scott, you have been bragging and gloating about your victory over me. You have been creating problems where problems aren’t even there. You probably think that I shouldn’t be dealing with so much because it’s not good for my mental health and whatnot. If I could take what you have already done with me, I can take anything. Although, I don’t want to lose this time around. I see you wearing my Hall of Fame Championship. I see that you have an automatic spot in the Hall of Fame and that’s good and all, but I want that title back. I’m stopping at nothing until I get my championship back. I’m stopping at nothing until you’re lying with your back against the mat in withering pain, feeling as pathetic as I felt. I’ve been waiting for my rematch for about a while now. I’ve grown from our last match with each other and I’m going to approach this match in a different way that will guarantee me the victory. If you thought those brass knuckles on your back hurt like a bitch, just imagine the pain that you will be feeling when my fists connect with your jaw. That sound will be sweet, sweet, music to my ears.

The Camera cuts to a empty dingy looking gym where we Triple Z working out on a punching bag he stops to say something to the camera.

"My goal here in EAW is simple bring back the honor to pro wrestling by bring my honor and bringing my respect down to the ring." Triple Z paused to throw a couple more jabs at the bag.

"In order to get to this goal I need to train day in day out while to you this may look easy I promise you pro wrestling is nothing even close to easy now for me I've been fighting my whole life weather it be bullies at my school when I was a kid robbed who tried to take everything from me when I was an adult I've fought hell I was even the Judo champion of my district and now I've brought those skills to the ring where I plan to use them for nothing but good." Triple Z is now kicking the bag as he speaks.

"So may this be a warning to all those in EAW who think they can use dirty tactics, beat down people in sneak attacks, or even try to do outnumbered beatdowns I will find you, and I will make you pay for the sins you've committed." At that last word Triple Z throws a kick that was so hard the punching bag fell off of it's rope holding it from the ceiling and landed on the ground with a thud we then see Triple Z smirking as he walks away from the camera as the screen fades to black.
Triple Threat Promo 1 

The time for showing up is now. This is where talent talks and bullshit walks. Where once and for all we see who stands victorious. I've waited too long to get my hands on Tiberius Jones, a man who has become a thorn in my sides and taken a few pages from my book. You think you're really going to get away with what you have done? Your cronies can't help you when we're inside that squared circle and not even the "new and improved" Jaywalker can do a damn thing about it. If Anubis or anybody tries anything, I'll be ready to take action. Senn chose me as his partner for a reason. He knows how much I want to exact revenge on you Jones and any one who associates themselves with you. He probably also saw just how damn brilliant I was in the tag match alongside Tyler Parker where we dismantled Lucian Black and you Mr. Komodo Dragon. See...we're facing one another to settle things. To see just who is better, who can out do one another and gain the extra mile. I've had so many people question my morals, principles and way of life, it's time to set things straight and how things should be. Tybull won fairly and my respect is slowly building for that individual but you Jones, I can't even say the word  respect in the same sentence with your name. You seemed to be the golden boy, the one everyone revered but then transformed into something no one recognizes. Keep saying I am your prey and you'll soon discover the hunter is becoming the hunted. But if you're so badass and one that lives or precedes by a reputation, you're getting in the ring with the guy who invented and crafted the damn style. If you are pinned by me using ropes for leverage or an extra handful of tights it's karma. 

Senn is absolutely livid after what you did and there will be redemption and retribution coming towards you. How it is delivered will be pure aggression and precise skill. There's no stopping the two of us. I have no fear in my heart taking you or Jay on this Saturday. If anything, I look forward to the opportunity and have something special for you: a chance to become a true believer. Both you and Jay expect an easy win but this will be a battle of a lifetime. It's time for EAW to see what I can do and I won't rest until there's justice over my championship. We'll just see who the better men are in this contest and I got no qualms pointing it out freely. Senn wants justice and to conquer the men who have ruined him. I want payback against you for tarnishing my belt after your disrespectful win. I want to show you just how capable I am of defeating you once and for all. 

As for you Jaywalker, welcome back. However, no meditation, no change of lifestyle or big eloquent words will save you. You should have stayed away. This fight has nothing to do with you but you made it personal. I don't have time for that shit, but it's always good to take out a big name, especially on a grand stage. This is the road to Pain for Pride. Everyone wants an opportunity, but has-beens like yourself should stay away. I am not bothered how upset you might become or how you'll stop me, because I am riding on pure hate and dislike for TJ and anyone wanting to side with him. Jacob will add two names to his list of those he has destroyed and I can't wait to watch on in true belief and satisfaction just when we get the win and there's nothing you nor TJ or anyone can but accept it. 

Talent talks and the bullshit walks...looks like you two have a journey together of self-discovery after Saturday.
(In a freshly modeled tribal temple that seems to have been made recently with great expense, Joseph Anubis walks within its doors to be meet with his best friend Tiberius Jones who is surrounded by what seems to be his personal harem in leaf patterned bikinis and bead anklets. Jones sniffs the air and smiles at Anubis’s arrival.)

TJ: Now this is a welcome worthy of a prince! A kickass pad everywhere in the world and the finest dames. You bring my people together with the big bucks of Jaywalkerinc, wonderful things happen!

Anubis: I’m glad you’re happy to be reunited with your people. There is business I must attend to, where is he?

TJ: End of the hall.

(Jones points towards a corridor and Joseph does down its lightly lit passage.  Entering the last door he enters an indoor water garden where Jaywalker is mediating at the top of a stairway while others seat at the steps. Anubis makes his way up until two steps from the top, Jaywalker opens his eyes that stare with a piercingly eerie gaze, as Anubis takes a kneel.)

Anubis: As you know, that cretin Jacob Senn grows bolder every day! He now requests to hear from you, sir. He wants an explanation, which I know you do not owe him. I only appear to let you know of this.

(Jaywalker grunts in annoyance and looks to the ceiling before uttering his first words since his return to EAW.)

Jay: Tell me, does a man explain why he takes action to remove the rats he has allowed to scurry about his home?

Anubis: No. But perhaps if it suits you, to speak of why this specific rat?

Jay: Jacob is my most glaring mistake. My actions are to clean up after myself, he is not a man whose existence I should have permitted to exist in our land, even in ignorance.

It was my former obsession with material possessions and glory that led to me not ending him when we cooperated together, an oversight I seek to correct. When I did not heed the warnings of his character that came with the deal he and I made, it was a grievous error that the former me did not comprehend due to distractions. All the world needs to understand at this time is that in my absence from this land I uncovered the root of true drive. A year ago at this time, I was dominating both “God’s son” The Heart Break Boy and “the Goddess sent by the gods” Cameron Ella Ava, I would violate their families, brand their bodies and defeat both of them time after time, all while deeply conflicted with the oddity that the two of them would always rise again undaunted and challenge me again and again no matter what it was that I did. Eventually I grew tired and was finally defeated by one who was neither psychically nor intellectually close to being my equal, a showcase that my tank had run dry. It was their ridiculous, but never yielding, belief in their holy crusade that drove them to such an extent, they fought for a purpose that was on a grander scale than my own that was simply for the allure of gold and prestige. Of course, I would never be able to become committed to something filled with such fallacy as the two of them could, I am not, nor ever will be a man who acts on behalf of an imaginary creature in the sky. Just when I was at the end of my rope and I thought my career was over, I was found by this movement that introduced me to a cause I could truly strive for, this cause does not have any imaginary holy creatures or prayers to be made, only cold hard facts and uncovering more about the world at large. It is not something imagined that we must hold sacred, instead it is what has been before us all along, earth and the galaxy itself, Gaia is simply a way of making it more personal by giving our faith a name to worship. Man should strive to become one with the elements, to understand himself and his surroundings, for when man reaches what it is in his core and his place in the world, he can finally come to grips with his instinctual habits and what he represents.

Instinctively, Jacob and I, are polar opposite creatures, we are enemies at the core, and if he could see what I see that defines his character, he would not need to ask such mundane questions as to why I target him.  He would think about the choice he made when taking up my offer long ago, and how he became Warden of Dynasty and what that all means compared to me who never settled for second place. If I must, I will explain it in detail in due time, but not before Triple Threat, not before action is taken to smash the unworthy that haunt my home.

(Jaywalker takes a stand and walks down the stairs leaving the scene. Anubis stays behind taking that in and then speaking.)

Anubis: Happy Jacob? I was generous enough to convey your question to Jaywalker. Of course I dared not speak of your silly probing about Alex Anderson to Jaywalker, I value my position here….and my head on my shoulders. However the way I see it, at least Alex Anderson has never chosen scraps over putting effort for true immortality and the greatest heights there are, nor taken pity from his adversaries as a type of reward, I believe Jaywalker would hold him to a higher esteem than he does you, though he would never bring himself to speak on said subject.

When it comes to Tiberius and myself, we do not want to hear from you about interfering and causing you not to have what is yours, not when you got in the way of Tiberius taking his rightful place upon the throne like his namesake demands, the EAW kingdom could have been as graceful and glorious as Rome under his rule, instead the crown is held in a war of bastards, failed weddings and various other activities beneath the name of kings and emperors. It was quite coincidental that the pieces fell like they have, but it is of great fortune to us that a business matter like that of our cause can bring about personal satisfaction by you being the specific target to be annihilated, fortunate that when your ashes are made it is us who are given the choice of what do to with your filthy remains.

After all, it is the victors who write history, and it’ll be us who put the final pages that define the legacy of Jacob Senn, and we have quite the story to be told.

(Camera fades to black.)
::Carlos Rosso and Poison are backstage just after the signing of the contract between he and GI Styles at Triple Threat when an interviewer from EAW.Com approaches looking to have a moment with him.::

Interviewer: Carlos, could we have a word? 

Carlos: About what? Don’t you see that you are interrupting me? My manager and I are making travel plans. Do you know how much of a pain it is to book travel from this politically chaotic wasteland of a country to Beijing, China? 

Interviewer: The EAW Universe would like to hear your thoughts about your match with GI Styles at the Triple Threat FPV, a match that in fact will also be for a spot in the Cash in the Vault match, a match that both of you are quite familiar with.

Carlos: My thoughts? I’m going to give you my thoughts and they’re going to be short and sweet. GI Styles and myself have wrestled a lot over the years as teammates and as rivals. It’s a long running history between us that goes back to the days in LEGION where I was the king of the Cruiserweights…but unable to beat the World Heavyweight Champion that was GI Styles. There were controversial moments in every encounter we had but the fact remains that of the four times we faced each other there…he DID win three of them. I must say this there was only one time that we met where there was no fuckery, no bullshit, no special stipulations or ladders. It was a pure, honest to God wrestling match. Do you know who won? I did. So as much as Eddie Hawke and GI want to concoct this sort of notion that I can’t beat GI Styles, I CAN beat GI Styles, I HAVE beaten GI Styles and I WILL beat him again. 

Interviewer: Why do you feel so confidently about your chances in this match? Even though you haven’t suffered a loss in a while and have been on a roll, what makes you so sure that you will triumph against a man like Styles, the longest reigning National Elite Champion in EAW history? 

Carlos: Because I know GI better than everyone in this company. I know all of his strengths. All of his weaknesses. I know who he is as a wrestler and as a man…and I will exploit every bit of advantage that I can muster to put him down. You see, I don’t think that people truly understand how messed up GI is. He’s not the same guy anymore in my opinion. He is NOT the man who won the World Championship in LEGION, other titles in CWF and EAW as well. He is NOT the man who beat me and damn sure not the man who was my tag team partner. One thing I don’t think you people who have never been in the ring realize is that when you go out to that ring and step between those ropes, a lot of things are asked of you. Not from pissant press like you, but of your opponent. 




These are HARD questions. They are not fun ones to answer either. I think that he’s forgotten the answers to a lot of them. I’m going to make him remember the man that he used to be. I’m going to make him dig down deep inside and find that little speck of the old GI Styles that I used to run with and then I’m going to extinguish it right in front of him. 

Interviewer: Is there any other incentive to win this match besides the personal pride on the line or the fact that the winner gets a Cash in the Vault spot?

Carlos: Of course not. None is required. In fact, the CITV spot means more to me than beating GI. Why? Because I already know that I can beat GI before. CITV is one of the last bits of unconquered territory for me. It’s a place that only a few men have been able to take their careers. There have been two attempts to win that match by me, and trust me, I say this to every person who qualifies for that match, I don’t care if it’s Pizza Boy, everybody’s cushy little favorite TLA, the undefeated Vance Tybull, that JOKE of a “champion” Brian Kimbo, anybody on Showdown or Voltage…I DON’T CARE WHO THEY ARE. THE THIRD TIME WILL BE THE CHARM. I promise you by my birthday, September 2nd, that I will be celebrating TOTAL victory as an EAW World Champion. How will I accomplish this? Simple. I will beat GI Styles out of his misery at Triple Threat. A few weeks later I will CONQUER the Cash in The Vault at long last. And after that….I will finally take what should have been mine a long time ago by force. EAW wants me to jump through hoops to get to the brass ring? Fine. They’re going to find out that there are consequences for making this tiger jump through flaming hoops just like GI Styles is going to find out how there are consequences for turning his back on me. After this weekend everyone will know that…….


And that GI STYLES EQUALS…..Niban. 
Triple Threat Promo One

(The video starts to fade up with the audio of the events that transpired over the months with the assault of Tiberius Jones during the World Heavyweight Championship Match, the elimination of Jaywalker and Jacob Senn from the Grand Rampage Match, the second assault by Tiberius Jones onto Jacob Senn, and the meeting between the two that gave birth to the tag team match set to happen on Saturday. When the video is clear, we see Jacob Senn in a room, seemingly a hotel room that he has been placed in, as he thinks to himself on the battle to come.)

Triple Threat, usually a show that is overlooked from the building tensions and battles that are to be waged at the grand stage of Pain for Pride, it is the moment where I meet the two men who have ruined my chances at attaining the World Heavyweight Championship. Tiberius Jones, the hungry National Elite Champion who looks to prove himself that he is the champion that this company deserves, and Jaywalker, who makes his grandiose entrance back into the company that he was banished from in the hands of Cameron Ella Ava. These two men are who have been thorns in my side, making my quest to being at the top of the mountain once again be littered with failure, and I am anxious for the moment that I can fight those men inside of that ring. What Anubis believes is that this fight on Saturday when we are in Beijing is going to be about prestige, glory, and simple conquest of my enemies as I revel at their defeat, but this is not about that. The moment it changed from a simple conquering of a man in the middle to the ring, to a war that needs to be won was when the both of you decided to insert yourselves into my personal affairs and my march towards reclaiming the gold lost to me without the man deemed the world champion defeating me for my belt. Whatever the three of you deem yourselves, you took away what I sought after and was so close to achieving and with that, I shall bring forth vengeance as this is about more than just a simple victory.

This is about what you preach so much about Anubis, penance for a man’s sins unto another. Tiberius and Jaywalker might have done what they felt was right for their “mission”, but in that aspiration they committed the crime of theft and that theft was stealing my right to of being called World Heavyweight Champion. I mean, how would it have felt if I walked down the ramp during the last week before Grand Rampage and repaid your sin with my own to snatch away the National Elite Championship from the possession of Tiberius Jones? I know that Tiberius would not be too fond of it, but that is not the course that I intend to take. I am not going to demean myself by taking such actions, however I am going to make sure that he receives his comeuppance in the ring for his intervention into my business with the World Heavyweight Champion. I don’t have to interfere in his matches, I don’t have to attack him from behind, because all I have to do is meet him across the ring and show him what I showed him at Dynasty during the King of Elite Tournament. In this ring, there is only one that is the best and that is Jacob Senn, which is where I find myself with the man who was one of the greatest wrestlers known in the EAW roster, Jaywalker.

Jaywalker, you have changed much since the last time you were here. You have taken a mold with this “Gaia” and have apparently become a key piece into this culling that Tiberius and Anubis talk all about or maybe you are their form of a culling. However it may be, you are definitely a different man. Now, I have met you before in tag team action, the one time in our careers that we crossed paths in the wrestling ring, but I can even tell that you are different in the manner of which you fight. You are a ferocious man in the ring, almost animalistic in nature, but there are many unanswered questions. I know why they focused on me, to make a statement for themselves, but why you? Yes, I heard the whole “culling of EAW and your name is at the top”, but I want to hear exactly from you, Jay. Why did you return and focus upon me? Even if it is my name at the top of your list, what made me be placed there? Whatever answer you can muster to existence, it will not change the fact that you did everything to make sure that I was out of that Grand Rampage and not able to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship at Pain for Pride. Think about this, you allowed a man like Alex Anderson to be able to face Tyler Parker at Pain for Pride? ALEX ANDERSON? You would rather see Alex Anderson fight Tyler Parker for the championship? The day that Alex Anderson is the one headlining a Pain for Pride is the day that you might actually see… the Apocalypse brought down upon Elite Answers Wrestling. Pain for Pride however is a distant future, one that will be here after our war in the ring, which I look forward to. I look forward not to conquering the great Jaywalker in the middle of the ring, not to decimate one of the greatest wrestlers alive, but because I will have restitution for what you did to me at the Grand Rampage.

As they say, you reap what you sow and both of you shall reap the vengeance of The Fabled Conqueror. Alongside Christopher Corrupt, another man who has the burning desire to watch the man who took his National Elite Championship be punished in the ring, we shall watch as the world around is plummeted into a pit of fire and the natural selection that you wish for Elite Answers Wrestling… becomes the reason that you fall!
(In a vignette video it begins with scenes portraying the legend of the Egyptian jackal faced god Anubis as the guardian of the scales, he weighs upon the scale the hearts of the dead against a feather, hearts lighter than the feather pass on, but those heavier are to be consumed by Ammit, chimera demon with the head of a crocodile. Afterwards it breaks away from that scene and shows Joseph Anubis in the dark seated in a room in front of a room with a similar stylized scale on his desk and a lamp to shine it and him in view.)

Anubis: For many this is just another bump on the road to Pain for Pride, a passing moment in time to ride through with their minds on cruise control or even just a fancy gimmick to showcase empty brand domination to be forgotten days later, but for us this is the incoming zero hour. Triple Threat is the stage where we will set the fields on fire, when the world will come to grips with the very dire situation EAW is in and what will cause our enemies to run and hide. Triple Threat, China National, Jaywalker returns to action.

We understand that Jacob has allowed himself to be compromised with delusions of toppling his demons and getting some sort of measure of revenge upon us for giving him exactly what he deserved. I’m sure he believes he will uphold his conqueror namesake. After his time in EAW he has grown a sense of entitlement that his right to be here is secured, more so than that he has a right to prosper and be crowned warden of Dynasty despite what is good for EAW and the pride of Dynasty. Not such a rare state of mind.

What is rare is for a cause to be born to tell the masses that they aren’t entitled to anything, a cause that puts the sustainability of the resources around us over the happiness of the parasites who run them dry.

Man forgets how small man is, the cosmos and this planet within it see time on a whole different scale than man, what man thinks as a lifetime or even eons,  is a mere passing moment for such gargantuan entities. Man in what it believes to have been a long time have grown arrogant, thinking they are an integral part of the planet, masters of this domain of ours,  but we are mere creatures that like insects bring a nuisance to our environment, and it was eventual that we’d one day be exterminated unless we saved ourselves. There are many groups who take a stance to do so, some do so peacefully and others violently, we have been indoctrinated into the later type and have our own example to lead in the movement of DEN that showcases bettering the environment around us. The three of us within EAW replicate that practice, what you need to know is that we’re cutting the fat, in this surgery of EAW we have laser guided precision in removing what ails EAW in this over populated roster. From our stance, Jacob has showcased many traits and actions throughout his entire EAW career that puts into question whether he is worthy of taking a spot here in EAW, let alone hoard the spotlight and championship gold that he has accumulated, an accumulated size that even we must admit is impressive in the grand scheme of EAW history, which makes it even more troubling. We cannot allow this man to taint and smear EAW at such a high level, not in an era in which EAW has the room to be selective with who gets to wrestle here, no, when EAW MUST be selective with how it divides time to the members of the oversized roster. That is why I am here to cast judgement as our guardian of the scales Anubis, to find the answer to if Jacob’s heart weighs lighter than a feather. And of course, said feather is that of the winged hybrid, the man chosen to enact nature’s fury to wipe out the scum of EAW, Jaywalker.

(Anubis stands up and extends his hand open palmed.)

So Jacob, when your heart becomes exposed for all the world to see, how light do you imagine it will be? With your sins, your doubts and your false-pretenses, all that burdens and weighs down upon the hearts of man, can you ever hope to have your heart weigh lighter than a feather? Or do you know what we all know, that your destiny is to be consumed within the belly of the beast?

(Anubis sits back down and shakes his head for what he says to say next.)

As for Mr. Corrupt. Christopher you are simply a victim of Harlon’s razor, a typical condition that we’ve come to realize explains MANY of the irregular tragedy’s to occur within EAW due to Jacob Senn. We doubt he meant you any harm by picking you to be at his side, for how could the small mind of such a man come to comprehend how deep within the belly of the beast he’d drag you into?

(Suddenly hands smack hard upon Anubis’s deck, the face of a Komodo dragon peers out from the shadows. Tiberius removes his mask and smiles lively.)

TJ: Don’t forget Jackal my friend, me and that beast go way back unlike you and even Jaywalker I share its blood, what’s goes to the crocodile head is often shared with the Komodo dragon. Yeah, yeah, Jacob’s an idiot, but I’m all for settling matters with Christopher Corrupt once and for all in my first FPV match this year. I’m all for having a taste of Jacob’s and Chris’ demise. Don’t know how much work I’m going to have to do, but I can throw all the shade because someone has to vocalise the message that we are the predators in this environment known as the land of elite. You hear me Chris? You. Are. The. Prey.

Now I get it, because this a tag team match people will say I’m hiding behind Jaywalker, just like people are saying I haven’t been wrestling enough lately or how Anubis helped me beat you by getting my limb to the ropes, hell word on the street is Tybull is ranting about me on social media and demanding things on Dynasty shows because I haven’t “given” him a championship shot or been what he deems champion like, but I’m a bandit. I’m a thief. I’m a rogue. Hahaha, I live the slick pick pocket life! I get things done my own way and I might add that my way has its own merits. Someone has to be willing to do the things a prideful man like Jaywalker isn’t willing to do, someone must not give fuck enough to sacrifice his Grand Rampage spot and his ticket to the main event of Pain for Pride to have things be set in motion, I toil and sacrifice for this movement of ours and my family just as much as anyone does for what they believe in within EAW. Tough if you guys don’t guys don’t like how I go about it, not like people who have no style have a right to question the style of others.

See Chris, I stole this belt fair and square, just because you can’t part with what isn’t yours anymore doesn’t mean you can harass and slander me out of jealously.  You’re just as bad as Tybull. That’s exactly why I’m burning this bridge after I’ve crossed it, I’m taking this National Elite championship ride all the way to the next stage of superstardom in EAW, and I’m going to make sure guys like you, Tybull and the rest in the back can NEVER follow me. All you’ll be doing is chocking on what’s left of my dust.

(Jones wipes his hand across his mouth and then spits on grey mist that covers the view as the scene ends.)

Almost, would've, could've, should've. Matthew Miles almost beat me on Showdown two weeks ago. I would've lost the Answers World Championship to Methuselah at Reasonable Doubt if it wasn't for King Ares Vendetta. I could've been something if I never left RAGNAROK. I should've just quit after Sebastian "beat" me at the Grand Rampage, because supposedly I no longer have a purpose. Almost, would've, could've, should've. Those are just some of the points Matthew tried to make last night. Let me repeat those four words one last time: almost, would've, could've, should've. Tell me, what do those words have in common? That's right, none of them exist in professional wrestling. "Almost victories" don't count. You either win or you lose. It's black and white - there is no gray area. Now to your other point, could have I lost the Answers World championship to Methuselah? Maybe. Perhaps. It's a possibility. So if you want, we could spend our time wondering "what if?!" What if King Ares never showed his face at Reasonable Doubt? But this "what if?" It isn't a phrase to me. It's not even a question. It's a coin. There are two sides to "what if" and you failed to mention what's on the other side, the more shiny side - which is the possibility of me kicking out of the Wings of Hell. Now, would it have been difficult to move before the three count? Sure. I'm not denying that, for I am no fool, whether you believe it or not. But moments before that act of courage by Methuselah, let's not forget he speared me through a glass table. That was even more painful from what I remember and I was up on my feet before he could even think about going for a pin. So don't tell me kicking out was not a possibility, for when it comes to me, it always is. That's the advantage of going through hell since day one. In fact my father always told me that pain is nothing more than weakness leaving the body, so therefore, I have no weakness. You figured that out just recently, did you not? But according to you, I didn't beat you on Showdown - you beat yourself and I see you even cracked a little joke as to why you lost. I enjoy humor. I enjoy laughing, smiling, even crying due to laughter. It's all fun and games, right? Oh I wholeheartedly agree, Matthew. Like when you called me King Ares' lackey for instance, just hilarious. It was a real knee slapper. A zinger! Bravo, take a bow! You one upped me! Right? Hmmmm but I don't see it that way. I find that remark of yours comical, yes, but our amusement stems from different areas. No overlap whatsoever. You see the reason why I couldn't help but laugh is because you Matthew? Well actually, let me put it like this: who are you? Are you not a lackey? Are you not a pawn? All these little "insults"? They easily apply to you more than they do me, since I've actually proven myself. While you? Well, let's just say you still have a lot of work to do before you are even remotely close to being regarded as a top star. 

The reason why I'm a star, or according to you, WAS a star, is because of RAGNAROK. They made me right?! RIGHT? Nope. They didn't elevate me like you think. I, yes I, made RAGNAROK. If anything, I helped elevate Sebastian and Brody's careers. Not the other way around! No no no! Why am I so sure? Because tell me Matthew, what did they do for me? My two biggest accomplishments in EAW? The Interwire and Answers World Championship? I won those on my own. Where was RAGNAROK when I made Carlos Rosso's life a living hell before and when I took his Interwire Championship? Where was RAGNAROK when I was locked in the unforgiving elimination chamber with Hades, Stan, Brian, Devan, and Alex - AND BECAME THE NEW ANSWERS CHAMPION OF THE WORLD?! WHERE WERE THEY MATTHEW? That's right, nowhere in sight. Why weren't they around? It's because I didn't need their help. Never did. But when it came to my help? That was a different story. You see I was the heartbeat of RAGNAROK! And once I left? It died. It died a horrible death. RAGNAROK could have lived on with its original parts. However I'm afraid that wasn't an option after what Sebastian did and now the "RAGNAROK" you see today is nothing more than scrap metal. Simply leftover parts. Without its engine, it will go nowhere. What a shame, what a shame indeed. Besides, King Ares has done way more for me than they ever did. He lent a hand. I qualified for the elimination chamber at Road to Redemption because King Ares distracted his uncle, Vic, not so I could beat him, but so I could establish the best time. I'm aware some might accuse that as cheating, when I prefer the phrase "cutting corners." I just sped up the process, that's all. Plus I proved I was world champion material at RTR when I won the damn match. You of all people shouldn't have a problem with that Matthew, since you said it best: "I came out the victor and that's all that matters" HAHAHAHAHAHA.

So as we know by now, you and Aren are my "replacements" and so far? You aren't doing that great of a job. Hell I recall right before the Grand Rampage you made a vow that you would win back the EAW Unified Tag Team Championships for RAGNAROK. Why? Because you wanted to prove your worth! You wanted to prove to Sebastian he made the right choice by bringing you in. You wanted to prove that when he said you two will be better than I'll ever be, he was right on the money. Your silly leader believed in you. He wanted to hit the nail on the head when it came to your potential, but instead he hit his thumb. He miscalculated and I've noticed that's a reoccurring theme when it comes to the German. Also it seems you are confused on why he brought you in. Honestly I don't remember what you said because I usually ignore lies. My brain has a filter, my apologies. But do you want to know the reason why you're in RAGNAROK? The real reason? I'm not sure if you want to know because it might sting. I'll just have to rip off like a bandaid I suppose. The reason why you're in RAGNAROK has nothing to do with your talent, instead it's all about numbers. It's just like a game of chess. The king stands in the back while his pawns try to protect him from his enemies. If he thought you were something special Matthew, he wouldn't just asked you to join. If he believed in you, and I mean actually believe in you, he would've thought you were capable of filling my shoes, my "role", yourself. Instead Sebastian needed two people to replace me. I feel special. It tells me I'm a bigger threat to him than he'll ever admit. But hey I'm sure you'll argue with me over this point, such as telling me you and Aren are a package deal, blah blah blah, I really do not care. I just hope you see the truth soon enough, Matthew. I hope you see RAGNAROK for what it really is. A family? A house? Neither. RAGNAROK is a sinking ship and I'm glad I got off before the rough waters claimed my life. You think I'm a traitor? A turncoat? A man without a loyal fiber in my being? Maybe that's so, but do you honestly trust Sebastian? Athena? Brody? Dr. Vance? Hell, even Aren? Because I know there is someone in your little group that saw what I did to Sebastian on multiple occasions and they dream to do the same. Could it be you? Who knows. Maybe you're smarter than I give you credit for. But someone will see the light, I promise you that. Oh I promise that indeed. Until that day comes, continue to be loyal to that dysfunctional family. Take a bullet for a man who basically wants to marry his sister since they grew up in the same household since they were in diapers. That would be such a brave act. You would go out as a true hero. But what if the roles were reversed? Do you expect Sebastian to take a bullet for you? Of course not. Like I said, you're just a number to him. You and Aren are his version of the Agents of Extreme. If you fall, he'll just find another to suit up in your place. And that, all of that? Is what I'm supposed to be jealous of? 

That's right you just see me as a bitter and jealous man, but I have nothing to be jealous of, however I will admit I'm bitter over one thing and I don't feel like mentioning it again since its irrelevant to our match. In fact, it has nothing do with RAGNAROK period. So what am I supposed to be jealous of again? Sharing the limelight, right? I shared the limelight during my time in RAGNAROK? This is news to me. You should clean your lens because what I saw was me as Answers World Champion while Brody and Sebastian had nothing. Absolutely nothing. I won big matches while those two would fold under the pressure. Just go back and watch Brody fail against Tyler and Stan. Go back and watch Hades and Diamond Cage make Sebastian their bitch. Don't you see? I was shackled! But now? NOW I'M FREE - and let me tell you, not having to carry dead weight over my shoulders is such a wonderful feeling. You should try it sometime. Now before you twist my words and talk about House Vendetta, I think I should reiterate that I don't consider myself a member. I don't owe a damn thing to the Agents of Extreme, or Vic, or Vino, and definitely not Scott. I have only aligned myself with King Ares and his mother, Kendra. That's it. I aligned myself with King Ares in particular for many reasons. One of those reasons is he's helped me twice before. So the way I see it, I owe him a few favors and that's part of the reason why I'm still going after Sebastian like my life depends on it. King Ares and I share a common enemy. It would make sense to pair up, no? Which reminds me, according to you, another thing I should be jealous of is Sebastian wanting to move on to King Ares. He doesn't care about me. He thinks I'm old news - a small fish swimming in the ocean. I know he wants to face King Ares at the end of the tunnel, I haven't denied that. I know he wants nothing more than to put an end to King Ares. That's what he wants and I know he's used to getting what he wants! But this? It won't happen because if he lays a finger on either the true King of EAW or the sweet Kendra, I will be there and I will do more damage to his deteriorating body. Broken ribs, a scar around his neck, scars on his back, possible concussions due to multiple chair shots - those are just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to come, Sebastian. Quit before it's too late. Just surrender and all of this can end. Besides, you don't want to see us to hurt your loved ones like Athena! I mean because of you, she had a knife to her throat. A KNIFE! You're lucky Ares is a fair King and doesn't share your corrupted principles - but I digress. Matthew, you remember what I did to Sebastian last week, yes? How could you forget! You told me you're going to make me feel the same pain he felt, if not worse HAHAHAHAHAHA. You're a spunky one, I like that. You gotta defend papa bear. I suppose I can respect that. By the way, I can see why you're angry. I can see why you're angry about being ranked the sixth seed in the Spartan's Cup. I can see why you're angry over what I did to your friend. BE ANGRY MATTHEW. BEING ANGRY IS THE EMOTION I'M THE MOST FAMILIAR WITH! I just hope to see that flame of enrage this Sunday so I can personally put it out. I will be doing you a favor Matthew, trust me. That's right, trust me. I'm trustworthy right HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I see you ended your little spiel with one of King Ares' catchphrases, very cute. Clever as well. I remember Sebastian doing that about a month ago. I could do the same. I could say Peter Hellion sends his regards, but I won't do that - but I will say this. You made a mistake. A mistake that all of my previous opponents made. They, just like you, tell the world I don't exist. I'm just Norman's imaginary friend, or a voice in his head. That's such a popular theory, but a wrong one at that. Tell me Matthew - how do we know Norman isn't a voice in my head? How do we know this isn't my body? Huh? Provide proof. While you struggle to do so, I will let you in on a little secret. I'm real. I'm alive and kicking. While Norman? Not so much, but it's fine. He was nothing more than a small cog in a large wheel. I will say it one last time, to make myself perfectly clear..... I, PETER HELLION, AM REAL LADIES AND GENTLEMEN - and tomorrow night Matthew, when I take your head off with a Discus Clothesline, you'll see just how real I am.
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Mi amor.

How I applaud you for taking time and actually sharing that kind of love story. It's pitiful yet, so heartwarming.

Is this what our love has come to? A bunch of attacks, back and forth and back and forth… I thought you were different… I thought you were special, but I guess I was wrong. In my mind, everything has a domino effect. I’m sure you have heard the phrase used before so I won’t define it, but rather yet I will elaborate on it. Sadly, once again I do not have my time-turner so join me in another trip down memory lane… Maddie and I were going back and forth, I had her locked in a submission and she has my shoulders pinned down on the mat. The referee goes down for the count and as he drops his hand down for the 3 count, Maddie is tapping at the same time. Thus, here we are for a triple threat, for that piece of tin. Now if I remember correctly, you attacked Maddie and I after the match… Did you not? Ah, and there goes that one domino, to tip over the next domino… You attack us one week, and then we follow up with another attack the next… You see how this chain of events started? Oh, but of course it is just like every other Vixen, like yourself, to put the blame on others and to ignore the fact that you started all this. [Laughter ensues from Cherish as she mocks Tarah’s voice] “…wow these two don’t have the guts to face me when I’m ready. You two have only attacked me when I’m cornered or after a match and I’m getting sick of it.” You don’t want to play this game with me mi amor because you and I both know who would win. I won’t speak on the actions of Maddie because she has a brain of her own and does what she wants… Shocking, yes I know but it is the truth.

Like I said when I previously spoke to Suzuki…before she tried to kill herself… Maddie has her own problems to deal with, I was someone who she thought could help her cope. Maddie is not on my radar, I wouldn’t be shocked if she had an episode of PTSD before our match. She is not important, and will never be important to me… Now, let’s move back to you mi amor… Oh, how I have missed you so.

Tarah, do you remember when I first appeared in EAW? I attacked you and Kendra, but my main focus was on Kendra at the time… Do you remember your expression when you saw my face? It was quite priceless, and so adorable. You thought you saw a ghost, sadly it was just me… What a disappointment, I know. I have been knowing you for quite some time, and you are right… I know what to push, to bring out the devious side of you that I love so much… I know what to say to piss you off to the point where you are flustered… However, you were wrong on one part… You said I don’t know how to stop you, but I don’t want to stop you. At some point, you have to continue to push people to their limits to make them break, and that is why I will never stop you. I will force you to keep going, I will continue to push every button I can to break you…and you know I can. Maddie is merely a pawn in this wonderful game of ours, and believe me when I tell you she is not my ‘partner in crime’. That spot is reserved for someone else…someone very dear to my heart, but that is a secret I must keep until the time is right. My point is, Maddie is just doing what she thinks will win my approval and that is fine because I can tell it is getting under your skin. I can see the changes in your demeanor. For instance, you are thinking that I am not champion material and how I am in your shadow… What exactly is ‘champion material’? How does one qualify for this? Do I have to use a blade and mutilate someone? Do I have to push someone off of a titantron, and have them fall from 15-20 feet into electrical equipment? Do I have to betray the trust of an ally? No wait, I think I know… Do I have to go back and forth with someone who is obviously better myself, win, announce a false claim to championship that wasn’t on the line, fight again, lose, AND THEN act like nothing happened? Are those the right qualifications? Ah, mi amor, you are so funny. You even think that I am in your shadow, now that is really cute. How am I in your shadow again? Oh that’s right, because I am supposedly a ‘sidekick’… Well if I am the sidekick, who is my Batman? Who is the one pulling my strings, huh? You? Tsk tsk, I thought you were better than this Tarah… I guess I was wrong. Listen closely, and maybe things will finally click for you… I’m not like you. You followed behind a bunch of men who are more successful then you will ever be, and that is not because of their gender. Now little Tarah has found ‘her way’ and is now with a man who is just like her… Congratulations. You found another man to follow behind, and when he takes what he wants you will be burned, yet again… Mi amor, I know you will have tricks because I know you… But if you couldn’t even stop Maddie on Dynasty… What makes you think you can stop me?
You talk a lot about the trials you've had to get through to this point, but very little about what compels you to still do it. Is it the honor that comes with being the EAW Champion that allows you to defend that title with pride? Because to my eye, if no one else's, you're satisfied just to have won that championship and have completely disregarded everything that comes thereafter because you are content. It took courage, ambition, will, and passion to become the EAW Champion and you're capable of showing each of those to their full extent, but do you exemplify what it took to get where you are on a weekly basis, or are you just taking what you've won for granted and deluding yourself into believing that winning the championship alone means you can never lose it? Dreams of winning a World Championship in this proud company of ours are what drive almost every single competitor in this industry to remain standing, to not give up, and to not cease fire even if those dreams entail the violent risks of getting bruised and battered in the process. I can't knock anyone's hustle when it comes to the empowering motivation that World Championship gold brings, because there's not a man or woman in the wrestling business alive that doesn't want to show that they're at the top of their class by winning the major championship. Despite all of that, I've found in my experiences that it's much harder to consistently manage to retain the championship and not allow it to leave your grasp than it is to actually win it. No matter how many times you've failed to win the title, anyone can get over the hump if they see the right opportunity and subsequently take advantage. To keep a strong hold on that championship means you're considering every circumstance, every situation, and even the smallest of details just to ensure that your enemies won't have a chance to exploit you at your weakest point and gain something they don't rightly deserve as a reward. That's why it doesn't necessarily matter if you're a five-time World Champion or a one-time World Champion. If you're not adept at keeping the championship you so diligently strived to win yourself, what more is it than a mere trinket? This is a lesson I learned with experience, and it's a lesson to which you're going to be privy much sooner than you ever imagined possible. It almost seems as if you're constantly euphoric every waking moment that you get the opportunity to say that you, Xavier Williams, are the current EAW World Champion. The mere expression of that phrase sends sanguine tremors through your spine, energizes that extra jolt in your step when you walk outside and you're capable of saying that you're a somebody. So much so, in fact, that you've forgotten how very easy it is to once again become a nobody. You've climbed and risen to the top of the mountain, and now you're at its very peak with the holy grail around your waist. The idea of it being stripped away from you must seem surreal, truly, too inconceivable a thought for your vainglorious mind to conjure. You're supposed to learn from the mistakes your predecessors have made in the past, and yet when I hear you speak and ramble on with your stories when you know damn well I'm the last person who needs to be taught a history lesson, it's like you've learned absolutely nothing at all. You refuse to entertain the idea of losing that EAW Championship you hold so proudly not because you consider yourself an infallible, inviolable king who can't be beaten, but because your pride has made you ignorant to how real the possibility of your defeat truly is.

A man's pride can both motivate them toward goals they would otherwise never reach or take root from the inside of their very being and rot the innermost recesses of their soul. Your gumption and unwavering ambition has put you in the position you're in right now, but it's your lack of awareness in knowing what to do after you win that title that will ultimately prove to be Xavier Williams' undoing. You retained that championship against Charlie Scene at Grand Rampage because you were compelled beyond reason to give the fight of your life, and you did exactly that, no questions asked. Yet here you stand, babbling on about the path that got you here rather than spending a mere inkling of your time deciding what path you'll take to keep yourself at the top. You're letting the challenge come to you and operating on the terms of your opponents rather than on your own, and you wonder why people remain unconvinced of your worth as a World Champion. You're letting them come to you instead of being the unquestioned champion, above reproach and without equal. That's why you are destined to fail and end up suffering the exact same fate as your directionless, prisoner-of-the-moment forefathers who had everything that it took to become champion of the world, but none of the qualities needed to remain champion of the world. So few performers in this day and age are little more than a catchphrase and a novel look. Those wrestlers have expiration dates, inescapable targets on their back haunt them throughout, and ultimately prove to be the downfall of their careers. I've succeeded for so long because I am the epitome of dynamic, reinventing myself and hatching born anew from my many cocoons while so many others are content to remain idle and end up with their entire careers passing them by having done nothing of note. I don't allow myself to succumb to such a fate because I adapt to fit whatever new circumstance I enter, unlike Xavier Williams who is still stuck on what made him World Champion rather than devising a plan against EAW's most fearsome legend to keep him one. The maxim to expect the unexpected has never been more true or apparent than it is right now. Your talent has seen you conquer every challenge that's come your way, and you've thoroughly enjoyed reveling in the glory that being EAW Champion brings. What will you do when when your talent is matched up with mine and you realize that it isn't enough to beat me? Will you pull a trick out of your hat, or will you look like a deer in headlights who would've been better off forfeiting his title and not showing up to Voltage at all? At my hands, and mine alone, your reputation and your talent will belie your fear and your days of glory will have been cut short. A man's faith is a hypothesis that he takes seriously enough to act on and live by. I KNOW matter-of-factly that I am the Quintessential Champion, unrivaled and without equal. You claim to be the best in the world, the unbeatable EAW Champion who would bring disgrace to the fables told of the names HRDO and CM Banks. Are you sure? Are you sure, Xavier?! ... Because I am.
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Voltage Promo
When I made my way from NEO to Dynasty, Impact, you were on top of the world. You were coming off that incredible third Answers World Championship win against men from both Showdown and Dynasty after Drastik walked out with both the Interwire Championship and the Answer World Championship at House of Glass. A tremendous turn around, coming off the heels of that loss at the hands of Scott Diamond just a few weeks prior. As I said, I looked as people like you as motivation. You were in the position that I wanted to stand in. I was met with an unbelievable amount of praise; praise that brought admiration and spite from the people around me. People quickly began to see that I was going to accomplish the things that the world said that I would, rather than falling short like that had all hoped. I turned my back on the things that brought me into the position that I found myself. I sided with Dark Demon because it gave me the opportunity to scratch and claw my way closer to the position that I had dreamed of standing in. I almost broke Starr-Stan’s neck. I became the New Breed Champion. I ended the career of Lucius Creed and put Liam Catterson on the sideline for over a year. The praise and admiration entirely turned into spite. I wasn’t a man that had worked for the success that he had accumulated, rather, in their eyes; I was nothing more than a man that was making his way through the ranks of this company by doing nothing more than leeching off the legacy that Dark Demon had created. I fought through all of that adversity; I overcame Zack Crash when the world thought that he was unstoppable, in his relentless pursuit of Dark Demon. I singlehandedly dominated Dynamite Rain before the mediocrity of Eddie Mack cost me the opportunity to grasp onto the Unified Tag Team Championships. No matter what these people said or what they did, nothing could stop me. I walked into Pain for Pride and did something that I had wanted to do for a long time. I walked out and kicked Dark Demon teeth down his throat. I loved for it! I stole Pain for Pride from each and every other person that had the privilege of competing at that historic event. Mr. DEDEDE finally grasped onto another World Championship, but nobody cared. They wanted to see Xavier Williams walk out and rip that moment; everything that he had worked for, out of his grasp. I was the hero everyone wanted. In the matter of 8 months, I went from wallowing at the bottom of the barrel to sitting on a throne above the rest of the roster.
But the love that I received, it quickly turned sour. Jealous, envy, spite; whatever you really want to call it, began to slip back through the cracks. People began calling for my downfall. People began calling for my head on spike. At Road to Redemption I walked into the Elimination Chamber with the intention of finally grasping onto the World Championship that should have been mine months prior. I was hit in the head with a chair and had my opportunity ripped from my hands, but no whimper was heard. Instead, the people watched my downfall with glee. You see, as I said… when I first entered this company, I looked at people like yourself. I would find myself constantly sitting back and watching the likes of HRDO and CM Bank$. I wanted to stand in their shoes; in wanted to stand in yours, but it quickly began apparent that your shoes just weren’t big enough. You’re great, Impact, not one person can take that away from you; no matter how hard anyone tries to. But, if you take both HRDO and CM Bank$ out of their era and into mine; you put them through the same trials and tribulations that I have; they would be the names that they are today. They’d find themselves sitting at home wishing with every fibre of their bodies that they were me. I’ve slowly been placing these pieces together; a man like Kawajai hates the fact that I stand here as the EAW Champion because he believes that I never had to go through the same obstacles that he did. I was never forced to bottom feed for months. I never struggled through the hardest road in this business. I said this yesterday; Kawajai sits back, seething at the fact that I’ve proven to be more of a World Champion in the matter of six weeks, than he did throughout the entirety of seven months. No matter what happens on Voltage; whether I win or whether I lose, nothing is going to change the world’s opinion. As hard as I try; nothing is going to rid the doubt that plagues their minds. This is going to be quite the showdown, my friend. No Charlie Scene. No Zack Crash. Xavier Williams against Y2Impact with the EAW Championship on the line! The Best in the World against the Quintessential Champion! May the best man win, my friend. But, don’t worry, I shall.
JJ Silva Promo
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The Camera starts rolling in an Empty Arena with JJ sitting in the center of the ring. He seems to be looking all around the arena with something on his mind. There is a mic laying right in front of him as he looks down at it. He looks directly up to the camera slowly with signs of no emotion.

" All my life wrestling has been my everything, my outlet if you will. Since a very young age I would be training to be like all those who paved the way to this sport before me. I put in countless hours and sacrificed my entire childhood and teenage years and dedicated every waking moment to this sport. When I first got into a training class when I was 16 years old I met this other guy named Jackie Platinum. He was 6'7", 279 lbs and exceeded all the other guys. We had the same goals and aspirations so naturally we clicked right away. He was older than I was by a few years and made it professional rather quickly. The day he signed his contract we made a promise and that promise was to never give up and always stay who we are till the very last moment in our careers. He then signed the dotted line and that's where everything changed."

JJ looks down holding the top of his head like he's having mixed emotions. He looks back up and is very hesitant on talking. He takes a deep breath and gains a more serious expression.

" Jackie begin to see how hard the sport truly was when he faced a few veterans of that company. We would train together quite often still and I was always there for him. He began to become frustrated when he suffered a few consecutive losses. One day a guy came along who claimed to be a top tier manager from a Japan circuit and offered his services to Jackie. I did some research on this guy and he was known as Pro-wrestling's anti Christ. Without hesitation, Jackie accepted this mans offer for his assistance. The more time went on I saw less and less of Jackie so I began watching him every week and attending shows. I noticed unusual tactics from Jackie as he was doing anything and everything to gain success. I couldn't believe my eyes while watching the things he was doing, it bothered me. I grid my teeth and just let it go but the more and more I watched it shook me to the core. He got his first World Championship match not to long after and I attended the show with an uneasy feeling deep down. I knew something was off... He came up to me before the match for the first time in months and talked to me as if nothing had happened. He was happy... It disgusted me. I looked him in the eyes and told him he would repent for his actions and he had betrayed who he truly was. Sure-enough that night he suffered a fractured vertebrate ending his career permanently."

JJ looks up towards the ceiling with a blank expression. He smashes his fist against the canvas before looking extremely agitated.

" It was from that moment on that I changed my whole mindset and views of wrestling as a whole. I made it my ultimate goal to keep my end of the promise. I swore to never lose my roots or who I am. I watched all sorts of the same  scenarios over the years and seen the numbers grow of those who gave it all up for a taste of success. That is the simple reason I am here now. I have made myself a new promise.. I swore that I would change the entire sport of wrestling as a whole. I will be the change that this sport needs and destroy all the corrupted people who gave it all up for that bit of success. I will be the one to fight all the way to the top and push for it all the right way, my way. I will be The Savior of the Dynasty roster and change the entire EAW for the better. I will not idly stand by while wrestling fades away into the darkness. I will be the light to the shadow that this sport has become and bring it back to the light."

JJ picks up the mic laying in front of him as he looks at it. He tosses it up and catches it a few times before getting a solid grip on it.

" This is the key to everyone fate in this sport. To me this mic is all I need to be satisfied with this sport knowing I can freely say whatever it is that I wish to say. Words can be a very dangerous gamble with some people, however in my hands it's more then dangerous. When I pick this mic up it becomes a lethal weapon of war. A mic is my salvation from this sport. There is nothing better than picking up a mic and saying all the things that cross your mind. I find myself speaking with brutal honest quite often but hey, that's just simply who I am. You see, I'm pissed off. I'm pissed off because at the end of the day there are guys and girls in the back who look down on the new comers for just being new when at the end of the day they are working their asses off just has hard if not harder. I'm pissed off because one's work gets overshadowed by another person selling out. Maybe it's just me, some days I wake up in a bad mood and express that because I wear my heart on my sleeve night in and night out. I don't hide who I am, what you see is what you get. It just so happens that I'm The Icon JJ Silva and I'm to be the best MY way!"

JJ Stares Into The Camera With An Arrogant Smile As The Camera Fades To Black.
Throughout my EAW career thus far, I've always been the guy trying to break through. I've always been seen as the underdog. No matter who I was able to defeat, how long I tried to convince everyone that they were wrong, I couldn't shift their opinion of me. I thought there was nothing I could do.. but then I realized that I didn't need their opinion to change. I saw something I'd never seen before. I wasn't an ultimate underdog like everyone else seemed to think. In reality, this whole idea that I was a dark horse was just some naive misconception by not just the people but myself as well. Just think back for a moment and take a look at my career. The moment I stepped foot on to a main brand, I was given a shot at the New Breed Championship. I had to be physically taken out before the match, removing me from competition indefinitely. I returned after Pain For Pride and quickly found myself rising through EAW's ranks, defeating almost everyone who stood in my way. I soon found myself winning the Interwire Championship from Vic Vendetta, the same man who was able to defeat the likes of my opponent this Sunday, Norman Hellion. I beat him. I may not have done it cleanly but that came with the stipulation and we both put everything on the line. I came out the victor and that's all that matters. Now look at me. Look at where I am. I'm a member of one of the most dominant stables in EAW history. What I am is a Falcon. I sped through EAW at break-neck speed and now here I am with RAGNAROK, a team currently with four seperate title reigns between them and that's all in just over a year at most. Everything prior to this was just a glimpse of the success I strive towards every day... but what success, exactly, do I strive towards? I refuse to blind myself with arrogance and tell you all that I'm the best but that's exactly what I plan to be. I want to be THE BEST. I want to be the UNDISPUTED. BEST. and that's something I know I'm capable of accomplishing.

But for once, we find ourselves on the defensive side. RAGNAROK has been subject to betrayal and deceit yet nothing has been able to break the mould that holds it together. As the saying goes, you cut off one head and two more grow in it's place. The head that was Norman Hellion was cut off and in it's place grew the heads known as Aren Mstislav and myself, Matt Miles. The only difference this time is that you won't be able to cut off these heads. We will stand by King Lannister and Brody until the bitter end, as any men-at-arms would. No matter the odds, we will not abandon our King, not even for the mercy of the false bastard Ares Vendetta. This is a war that we must win and the only way that'll be possible is if we are able to stand together as one. The actions taken against our King by House Vendetta will not go unpunished.

The first of those to be punished is none other than Norman Hellion himself. The man who, unfortunately, I was unable to defeat two weeks ago on Showdown. At first, I was upset. I knew right from the start that the odds were intentionally stacked against me coming in to this match. House Vendetta has the numbers advantage and certainly have a health advantage coming in to this match. Then I realized that through all of this, if I were the man to come out victorious, it would be even more glorious. If I were to beat Norman Hellion, surrounded by his allies, I would single-handedly be proving that no matter what House Vendetta throws at us they will not be able to break us. We will not fall to a house filled with cowards and backstabbers...

...Which brings us back to Norman. Now Norman, Peter, Larry, whatever it is you like to call yourself, I think I've already made it clear that I failed to beat you two weeks ago. I won't lie, you beat me fair and square. I don't have a problem with that... but I lost because of me, not because of you. I made the mistake of thinking you actually had balls when I low blowed you when you already proved you didn't the moment you betrayed RAGNAROK. See, I'm all for people being crazy and I don't care how people want to live their lives but when I'm disrespected, then it becomes personal. You tried to disrespect me, Peter, so I gave you the disrespect that you deserved in return. What I did had nothing to do with last resorts. It was disrespect. Nothing more, nothing less. No matter how you twist it, that won't change. Just like you will never change, Peter. For a voice inside someone's head, you sure do think highly of yourself. What you forget though is that no matter how you see yourself, no matter what devious schemes you are able to devise, you're still trapped inside Norman's body. You may think you're strong, Peter, but you're not. RAGNAROK weren't the ones to change Norman. King Lannister and Psycho Brody didn't transform him in to the pathetic boy you like to think he was.

You did.

RAGNAROK made Norman. It's because of RAGNAROK that he became Answers World Champion. If it wasn't for them, you would probably still be grovelling over the fact that you had lost your Interwire Championship to Vic Vendetta. RAGNAROK elevated Norman's career. RAGNAROK created the Norman Hellion who everyone feared. They created an unstoppable monster whom no one could ever hope to defeat.. but then you got jealous. Let's face it, Peter. You didn't like it that Norman had to share the limelight. In your eyes that limelight belonged to the two of you and no one else. You forgot who made you what you are and you turned your back on them. You betrayed them all because of your pathetic ego and look where that got you. Look how far you've both fallen, Peter. Norman is now nothing more than another pawn on the playing field. Before this, he was a King. He was the most unstoppable Answers World Champion possibly in all of EAW history but then as soon as you turned your back on your brothers, that all changed. You want to be mad about something, Peter? Be mad about the truth. Be mad that you never even would have faced Starr-Stan in the first place if it wasn't for Ares Vendetta saving you against Mr. DEDEDE. You couldn't keep DEDEDE down. He had you beat. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with what went down that night. You do everything in your power to win. But you can't honestly stand there and tell me that you would have beat Mr. DEDEDE if it wasn't for the help of Ares. You can't say that you would have kicked out once he'd reached over and pinned you. There was no possible way that you would have won otherwise. Be mad about that. You let yourself go. You let your jealousy of Lannister and Brody get to your head after all those months and you forgot what really matters and that's winning.

That's all on you. You weren't good enough. When King Lannister came out and took revenge by costing you that Championship, he was just rectifying a mistake. You didn't deserve the AWC so he took it from you, just like you took away the prestige of RAGNAROK when you joined House Vendetta. If all this was about nothing more than you being better than Lannister and Brody, this wouldn't be happening.This is about more than that and it's about more than just you paying a debt to Ares. This is personal. Whenever you lay eyes on the King, you can see the bloodlust in your eyes. You can see it's personal. King Lannister already gave Norman his trial by combat. His ordeal with you is over. He's beyond you now but you can't accept that. You need to the one getting the last laugh. Without that, you're nothing. Without Lannister around the corner, you have no reason to destroy. He's left you behind. He's left Norman behind. He wants Ares, not you. That gets to you, doesn't it? Why isn't it you that he wants to get his hands on? Why not the man who cost him everything and joined the enemy? The answer is simple. You don't mean anything to him anymore. You're just another one of Ares' lackeys.Just as I said, another pawn on the playing field. King Lannister brought in Aren and I because he knows we're capable of more than just that. We can create our own identities. Aren and I will be able to usher in a new generation to EAW: An era of royalty. The first step was our alliance with RAGNAROK. The next step is stopping you and the rest of House Vendetta. What comes after that is yet to be seen but I assure you, when ll is said and done, RAGNAROK will be the only team left standing after this war between us is over. 

And all this pent up aggression I have, all this anger I was able to keep with me from this downward spiral I was on, it's getting let loose on Norman tomorrow night, Peter. You want to tell me I don't have it so bad? Why, because I'm in the Spartan Cup tournament? Congratulations to me, I drew the sixth seed. THE SIXTH. A few months ago, I would have been the top seed. I would have been at the top of the division but I fell almost to the bottom of the pack in a matter of weeks. I was only just able to out-seed two nobodies. I wasn't even good enough to rank higher than Troy Archello, a man who's done practically nothing other than be Scott Oasis' sidekick. That is why I'm angry. I allowed myself to fall. I allowed a loss to get to me and just continuously racked up more and more until it was too much and I almost snapped. But now look at me. That anger isn't there anymore, Peter. Not when I don't want it to be. I'm in more control of myself than ever. It's unfortunate that the same can't be said for you. Not even Ares is truly in control of you. No, what's controlling you is your hatred for Lannister.. but we've spoken about that enough. Just know that that will be your downfall come this Sunday, Peter. This grudge will end you.

As for me, this Sunday isn't about disrespecting you or proving myself to you as a competitor. All this is about now is beating you. That's exactly what I plan on doing. And afterwards? I look forward to the brawl because I know that you and House Vendetta will be there, hiding behind the Agents of Extreme when the time comes and let it be known, Peter, that that's the only way I'm letting you get away from me on Sunday. The match between the two of us may just be about winning but what comes after will be so much more. As soon as the match is over, I'm going to make you feel the same pain that our King felt.

Then after you, we move on to Ares himself. If you think that you're going to be having it bad, just wait until you see what we have in store for your bastard King. Tomorrow night is all but a taste of what's to come for all of you. Even with the odds against us, we will break through and we will deliver vengeance upon House Vendetta. If there's one thing that you can all be sure of, it's that...


And you will all be victims of RAGNAROK's vengeance very soon.
Devin Angelus voltage promo
Post on May 16th 2015, 7:03 pm by DWFsFallenAngel
Devin Angelus sits at his locker room, the door just plaqued recently. he sets his bags down as he sits in front of the camera, his back straight and his eyes focused on the camera.

"My name is Devin Angelus, and i am the resident Fallen Angel of Voltage. You don't know me which is expected since i'm new to this company as a whole. I come from a small town in Mesa Arizona where everyone was close, we all had each others backs and when i needed to keep that honor i always came through. Though, i didn't do it in the most heroic way, actually...it got pretty violent at some points. They called me the fallen angel because of that, and I've always kept that name high and i intend to do the same here. I'm one of the only superstars that has the capability to high fly while still having the power to match." 

Devin Angelus leans back, his arms crossed as his eyes seem to veer away from the camera, a small smirk on his face as he seems to go in thought before his eyes narrow and looks back to the camera, his face straightening, his eyes sharp and focused.

"Achievements come and go, that is expected in every career, and though that's great my main goal is very simple, to give the best match possible. It doesn't matter if i win or lose as long as the match is remembered my job is done, and that is what i will bring to voltage, quality matches. I am one of if not the most polished new superstar in voltage, before my arrival in voltage i perfected every move in my arsenal, they hurt oh do they hurt but they are fluid and fast. Most new guys that come in are sloppy, arrogant, and have such a high ego that gets shut down after the first match. i will bring a new level of matches that even the best can barely compare to with what i brought, what i will, and what i can bring."

"i am willing to do anything in a match, i will dig down into the pits of hell and whatever is above us right now just to keep my opponent down for the 1,2,3. i am willing to use weapons, i am willing to use whatever environment i'm in, i'm willing to put them through a cage, i'm willing to put them through a table, hell even a burning table, i'm willing to jump off the stadium, i'm willing to slam someone into a ladder until it breaks, i'm willing to kick and punch as many times as it takes, even use my head, i'm willing to make them scream out in pain and misery until they finally decide to stay down. your going to have to do double to even have me think of staying down. Orion Orpheus and Alexander Aiken gotts, how far are you willing to go because submissions don't bother me and brute force can be stopped with a simple kick, Please come in with 110% with your skills, your mind, and drop all Morales, because that will be the only way to keep me down. I'm going in with these thoughts in this match, Orion, your going to have to wear down each and every joint in my body just to keep me down, get out the book on submissions and remember every single one of those as possible, because not only do you have me, but you have Alexander to. Alexander, Brute strength only works for so long, though actions speak louder than words your going to need more than just tossing power because i have speed and i'm strong, not as strong as you but strong, and Orion can pin point any weakness you have in joints and exploit them. So both of you bring your top notch tactics, because you will need every little bit of it, every scrap of it if you want to win."

"Mr Orpheus, Mr Aiken Gotts, and The Fallen Angel...Devin Angelus, all stand in one ring on Sunday night Voltage, and one will walk, whoever that is is the question i intend to find out tomorrow."

Devin Angelus stands, looking above the camera, looking at the camera man before brushing past him to out the door, the camera feed fading to black.
We all do what we can to protect ourselves. How odd little creatures we are because we may not realize it but instinctively our deepest sub conscious knows how vulnerable we are against one another. Without us thinking about it we do numerous things to protect ourselves from harm that can be caused on to us. It can be as simple as putting a helmet on your head while riding a bike. Or it can be extreme as we lie to others in order to keep up our status, our legacy, or even our image. That same "image" that we put up to show the world what we want them to see instead of seeing the pathetic and worthless creatures we really are when you start to dig beneath the surface to see that truth.  But in my opponents case he has had that veil of protection cast over him for a very long time and now finally the cancer known as Terry Chamber's shield of protecting who he truly is, is beginning to crack if not destroyed already. But you have had a knack escaping me, time and time again Terry and if I lived in a world where I have to give credit to scum like you. Then your biggest thing is finding out a way to escape my grasp and beating me on two separate occasions. Whether or not it's my own weakness that I have succumb to when you constantly bring up the past where you have beaten me for the Young Lions Cup. I get it, it's a huge deal for your career Terry because that's the only thing you can ever look back on that you deem one of your if not THE ONLY greatest success in your entire existence. Which is fine to me because I'm going to let you gloat and boast on your empty or in this case irrelevant accomplishments because I've just realized this that the only thing that keeps you up at night, the only thing that drives you to do whatever you do is thinking back on that one moment. That moment in time that is the end all be all for you. Your whole entire EAW career has revolved around that one little accomplishment. I'm going to let you dream for the next few days that you are going to be this mega star that will conquer this company! But when the harsh reality kicks in and when the walls of everything that protects who you are starts crumbling down, and when your are STRIPPED away of everything that makes Terry Chambers, Terry Chambers. You're going to be reduced to nothing and I'll expose you for the person who you really are! But you know I think this has gotten so repetitive because we know who you are Terry. We can see that you don't belong here, you're just an actor, an actor who tries to pretend to be a wrestler. It's written all over that on the big silver screen you are this huge deal but within the confines of this wrestling world you are nothing but pray that's waiting to be feasted on.  

With that being said Terry, there is nothing to protect you any longer, the flies known as Death By Velocity has been smothered out and there is no veil of protection that will keep you away from my grasp. Expect Voltage to be your requiem and I'm going to make you experience something that you have been dodging ever since you've decided to lace up a pair of boots. For your sake Terry, I hope that passion, drive and that moveset of yours help you survive this match because that same passion, that same drive will be the end of you. Sooner or later your clock will run out Terry and when I watch the hands of time slowly ticking away, it reminds me of your arrogance. Oh how far it has gotten you and how much it stunted your growth as a person that you are willing to lose to the same man over and over and over again. You're going to hit rock bottom and I will FINALLY rid myself of a cancer that I have walked on this Earth with a win over my head for far so long! My eyes are locked on to you and this time Terry, this time  there will be nothing and no one to save you. Think of it as this way my boy, think of it as something that has been looming over your head and the hands of justice will come down on you and end you swiftly. So go ahead do what you do and become obsessed with your own vanity and greed for success. All the while that's happening you start to notice that your are losing part of yourself and the moment that happens you'll see me standing above you. You'll see ME smiling down at you and you'll see me whispering in your ear "goodbye." That right there will be indication that the Terry Chambers that plagued this company for so long will be finally put down. Maybe one day after I remove this human monster, he can come back to us as a new Terry Chambers. Remember Terry, I owe this little boy your head and give it I shall. There's no escaping this, all you can do is accept it. Once you do Terry, trust me when I say this that you'll finally be saved from your own vanity that has been EATING away at you and turning you into this man that no one has respect for. If you listen to the whispers Terry they are calling your name to join The Savage Requiem, join the list of people that I have saved from their Earthly sins. It's just that simple man. How long are you're going to be a puppet of this society's devices that makes you look like a fool!? Just look at me back then and look at me now and you can sense IT, YOU CAN FEEL THE CHANGE WITHIN ME. I have EMBRACED my inner calling and I have seen the future that mankind should take. But all I need is followers to see that change that I can bring. One body at a time this society will crumble and men like you who are nothing more than mere tools must fall before me. Men like you should be fixed and I'll be the man that'll save you from this hell! I'll save you from yourself. So Terry resist if you want but at the end of the day, you can't resist my songs of the end because your former self will be dead while I bring out the best in you. NO LONGER you have to be stuck in limbo being proud of a dead accomplishment that no one even cares about, You'll be seen in a new light, and all you have to do is let me fix you Terry. Think about it. No more will people look down at you when they see you, NO MORE will people snicker and laugh at you when your name gets brought up, NO MORE will people forget about you and your terrible movies that gets bad reviews because of your terrible acting BECAUSE I'LL BE THE MAN THAT TURNS ALL YOUR FANTASIES AND DREAMS INTO SOMETHING TANGIBLE AND REAL!!! But resist me and everything will be nothing more than a pure nightmare that will haunt you for the rest of your life. So the choice is yours Terry, bow down and let me fix you. Or resist and let me open your eyes and make you look at yourself to show you what the world already sees what you are.
*The scene begins with Tarah Nova slowly paces back and forth in a dark hall backstage, mumbling to herself. She has her arms wrapped around the Vixens Championship; holding it close to her body. After a second, Tarah stops and looks at the Camera as she unwraps her arms and moves the Championship to her left shoulder blade.*

How could I...Why was I so stupid. I let my guard down and it happened. I was attacked twice by a little girl and my little psychopath...*Tarah sighs* You think a Vixen like me, The Champion no less, would learn not to underestimate the other Vixens that walk the halls here in EAW. But I didn’t learn and the thing is I would’ve done the same thing. Hell I did to the same thing with Cameron. So now that the tables are turned and the jokes are on me, at least I know how to push them all back. I mean Fool me once, Shame on me...Fool me twice...Maddie and Cherish, you two better start running for the hill. Ever since you two won the chances at my championship, everything has been chaos. First at my Match against Maddie where I should have won. My leg was under the rope for fuck sakes but no. Cherish had to act stupid and ignore that fact. That was the first fool they made out of me. The second was my first match of this week, where it was me vs Alexis Parthenopaeus on Dynasty. Again, Fooled and attacked after my win over Alexis by Maddie...That was the last time I was fooled by one of you, Bloody Vixens. You know what I thought about after you two attacked me. I thought, wow these two don’t have the guts to face me when I’m ready. You two have only attacked me when I’m cornered or after a match and I’m getting sick of it. Your both hiding from that fact that at Triple Threat, you will both have to face me without randomly attacking me first.  And boy, I can’t wait to face you both next week. Its going to be a real Blood bath when I get finished with the both of you. Sadly, I have to wait.. so I guess I have to toy with Cherish for a time being.

Now before I get to far into my own insanity, Cherish my little Psychopath, I understand that you’re the genius behind these attacks but really? You’re leading this little girl around telling her that she’s your best friend. Even to me, thats Cold. Lying to the poor pathetic weak little girl who clearly can’t pick her friends is rude. Though it's a nice to show her whos boss sometimes. Anywho, Yes I did said that I was the first Vixen EVER to be in Grand Rampage match. Its the truth because the woman that you mentioned in you little speech is never going to be a Vixens in my eyes. Kendra Shamez is nothing more than a stuck up has been who is to concede to realize she will never be anything more than House Vendetta’s Valet now. You see, Cherish I have been in the ring with her before and I have beaten her before. So believe me when I say, You’re Patronus called Medusa can’t and will never out wrestle me. Its not in her blood. Its not in her genes. I’d talk more about her but that Mudblood isn’t worth my time.

*Tarah shrugs her shoulders then looks at the camera with an unreadable look on her face.*

You have known me for a very long time, Cherish. You know some of my ticks, which buttons to push and what makes me cringe but you don’t know why to stop me. Now we both know helping Maddie win matches and then attacking me isn’t the way it works. I mean she’s a few short pushes away from the edge of crazy and yet she’s no help. Honestly, you’re not good at picking partners in crime. I think Honda would have been a better choice for you but I think She’d be dead in a week after hanging with you. Anyway, my point is Cherish, if you can’t fight without someone holding your hand or watching your back then how are you ever going to be Champion? Wait don’t answer that because I already know the answer: You’re not. You see, My little Psychopath, you’re not Champion material anyone. You’re not the lead role of the Death Eater either. Let's face it, you will never be the Leader of this Pack we call the Vixens. Now there's a thing I like to call second best and that what you are too me. Since you returned, you have been stuck in my shadow. Day in and day out, Tarah Nova is becoming a bigger household name while the name Cherish has almost faded away. I mean Cherish let's get real for a sec, you will always the sidekick when it comes to me, never the true Villain of this story. But don’t worry, you will always have Maddie by your side. Speaking of that, It makes me wondered how far this whole “Team Friendship” thing is going to go. I mean, first you help her win a match and now tomorrow night she’s the Guest Referee for our match? Well, I totally seen this coming and lucky for me I have a few tricks up my sleeves for you two. So tomorrow night on Voltage, I’m going to take you out, Cherish. You see, I’m not in the mood for you or Maddie this week. You two have finally bitten off more then you can chew. So now after I beat you down into the mat and I get the one, two, three; Maddie is going to learn that she pushed me way too hard and I’m ready to attack. Believe me when I say Voltage is going to be a night that you both won’t soon forget. I’m a Vixen of my word and when I say run...RUN...

*Tarah Nova smirks at the camera as she hold up the Vixens Championship over her head. After she lowers the Championship down, she throws it back onto her shoulder and walks down the Dark hallway. The Camera fades to black.*

*Keller sits in his locker room, reading what SQ said about him*

I still don't get this guy. Can he just shut the fuck up already? Yeah, sure I congradulated my comrade, I mean, why don't you try to type with a straight jacket on. You also seem to be ignoring crucial facts, my win against Scott Diamond being one of them. You call me a basic wrestler. Which is odd because I have a more expansive moveset than you, but that's fine... You ignore that I just got a win against Death By Velocity a week ago... That's fine... Ignore it. Just TRY not to fucking SLANDER me without getting your info straight on me first. I'll lambast you for that you limey fucktard. The hardcore title is not NEARLY my goal. In fact, I don't even think we have a hardcore title here in EAW, so... That's out of the question. I didn't request this match. But now that you wanna be a fucking bloke about it... As you would say, now I'm gonna beat you to a fucking bloody mess inside that ring... Because I want to.

Don't make fun of my brother's insanity when you aren't all there either, obviously. You seem to have some kind of mental deficiency. I mean, it's not enough to where it's enough to where I wonder for your mental well-being in that ring BEFORE I decide to just beat the Shit out of you for what you said. I mean, that's what we all do... So, yes, I'm ready to add another former world Champion to my list of people who've been Silenced... I'm SURE you like that as a response... Because Superior quality? Is about to get Silenced

Life'll deal you a stacked deck

All you gotta do is work with it

Develop your mind. Get some wit

If not... You're about to get lit

You've painted this picture of yourself as if you're a tragic hero, a man who is destined to be appreciated more after he leaves than when he's actually around. You couldn't be further from the truth. The respect and praise other people heap on you is exactly commensurate with your level of talent, in fact; mediocre. It's one thing to be the champion, but to be a fighting champion who stands above the rest and can endure the onslaught of his adversaries is a different beast entirely. We've had champions like the Rated R Shaman, like Montell Smooth, and so on who were only capable of keeping their World Championships for very minute periods of time. You're trying to prove to everyone that you're better than what everyone thinks of you, that you're different from past champions who have tried and failed to gain recognition for their title reigns. You've had some impressive victories and your rise to the top has been nothing short of spectacular, but that doesn't mean you're any better than the forgotten champions of history that came before you. There's no shame in wanting to be something that you're not, but that's all your ambition really is at the end of the day, Xavier -- wanting to be something you're not. You aren't comfortable in your own skin and so you've tried to fit in someone else's. There's plenty admirable about being able to beat Tyler Parker, a man who is a true fighting champion that conquered perilous obstacles most wrestlers in this industry will never have to face; but that alone doesn't make you my equal, and it certainly doesn't make you my new successor. I'm not necessarily saying that you long to be, at least not at the moment, but when I strike fear in your heart like a snake's venom permanently blinding a man's eyesight, you will. I've proven that on more occasions than I can count. Moreover, you've made a grave mistake in assuming you have even the faintest idea what I'm thinking. Any schmuck could've figured out I wouldn't be stepping into that ring on Voltage against the EAW Champion unless I was in shape, unless I was uninhibited by injuries... But, frankly, that still means absolutely nothing in regard to your ability to discern who you'll be facing on Voltage. You have never faced a competitor of my caliber, and you never will again because there are none better than me at my best. You talk about how everyone in EAW's general circle says you don't deserve your championship, that you didn't work to get where you are or earn your crown. At various different times in my career, I've dealt with many of those same complaints. The difference was that they didn't bother me because I knew they were from underlings who couldn't produce at half the level that I did on a weekly basis. Meanwhile, you question whether you're really any better than the people who constantly try to undermine your championship reign, and in doing so become no different than each and every one of them. You lower yourself to their level by acknowledging their criticism and jealousy toward you as a slight, and it's that self-consciousness and internal doubt that I most look forward to exploiting en route to my seventh World Championship reign.

If you intend for Voltage to be an example of why nobody can hold your jock, I'd suggest you start pursuing a career at Foot Locker instead of the inside the squared circle, because this isn't what you want. Bigger and smarter foes than you have tried and failed to defeat me at my very best, and despite the size of that chip on your shoulder, mine is just that much bigger. It's sad your status as a main event talent and World Champion has to end this soon in its tenure. Sitting back and watching while I was the Voltage General Manager, I looked forward to what you were doing. I looked forward to how you would approach the situation when you were barred from cashing in on the EAW Championship. I must admit, I found your resourcefulness impressive myself, but it wasn't amazing. It wasn't anything that I hadn't seen before. In fact, it wasn't anything that I hadn't done first-hand on multiple occasions. Exploiting loopholes, seizing opportunities when no other extremist thought there was one... That is exactly what I'm about. That defines Y2Impact. That's why I went past Zack Crash's authority all the way to the board of directors and made this match between you and I happen, Xavier. Zack Crash doesn't know what the fans what. Charlie Scene doesn't know what the fans want. Carlos Rosso doesn't know what the fans want. I know what the fans want, and while I have zero interest in pleasing them on a personal level, I know what makes a good business decision. I know what makes money. When I had this bout scheduled, I made EAW a profit because the recognition of my name breeds viewership. Your name, as much of a cult warrior as you've become over the past year, is still a relative unknown in comparison to mine. Your history is likewise, but nobody's going fault you for being unable to accomplish my body of work in a year's time. I have personal reasons for wanting this match myself, but it isn't for the sake of vanity or the desire to hear my voice as the champion on a weekly basis. I've fully recovered from what would've been career-ending injuries for anyone else, and when I feel that electricity and vibe in the air in the uncoincidentally-named Impact Arena, it's going to be an official mark of the time I turned the page, flipped the script, and transformed a miscellaneous legend, one of many, into the legend of all legends. It's unfortunate that my reign has to be at the expense of yours, because I really do genuinely like you and what you bring to the table, Xavier... But I don't like you nearly enough to lay down for you. Nothing can stop me. Not Charlie Scene, you, or anyone else that I've encountered in my history. The past is the past, the present is the present, the future is the future, but I am without era and so I can do what nobody else can in staking a claim to every one of those... And Voltage is the first step.

We see Triple Z in the locker room sitting on a bench

"Am I disappointed? hell yes I am I was scheduled to make my main show debut tonight right here in Cairo I was planning to fight and I was planning to win but out from nowhere comes Cyrus Raines boom mal-ware driver right on to Donny but before he did that the bastard has the nerve has the nerve to mouth something to me now I couldn't make out what in the blue hell he said nor do I care but somehow I just know that is was something disrespectful now Cyrus I don't know what your trying to start with me but I will promise you something someday sometime in the future I know our paths will cross again and when they do you know i'll bring it my all Cyrus it is people like you that are the cancer of pro wrestling and I plan to take people like you out." Triple Z pauses for a second before continuing "Now all I can look forward to is the future of my career I have a promise to all you EAW fans that next time I'm scheduled to compete whenever that may be whoever it may be against I'll walk out to that very ring and I will bring my honor I will bring my respect I will bring my pride and I will not let you guys down again so until then." Triple Z stands up and starts to walk away as the camera fades to black
I’ve noticed around EAW that things change. You can now go into some form of a social media debate and go back and forth between yourself and your opponents and create hashtags and this and that and it works. However, I don’t do that sort of thing. I go to a camera, pointing at my face and I say to them the consequences of feeding the lion bad meat. I don’t pour out my frustration over a format and say things I want happen over a social media platform.

One thing I read over this social media thing called EAW feed and that is Keller’s manager typing with a straight jacket on. You lambast me over something I said and yet you congratulate the fact that your manager typed...... with a straight jacket on! Let’s get the logic into that one – his hands tied together inside of a straight jacket and....... he typed. Words can’t fathom just how insane and unrealistic that sounds. Yeah, I’ve seen unrealistic things happen in a wrestling ring but, that one, that one takes the cake.

Kerry, you can respond or not, you’ve clearly been improving from what I’ve heard. You are becoming a decent wrestler, you’ve clearly improvded on your moveset every time you get into ring. You know, one week, you’ve developed a new move called a snapmare into your arsenal, you learnt that fantastically well. Next week, it’s the short-arm scissors. Congrats, Keller, you’ve being learning basic moves every single week because you are a basic wrestler.

Don’t take that the wrong way though, there are brilliant basic wrestlers out there who do win titles..... just not in EAW. You know all those small Indy companies you hear of, you can be a 2nd-tier Champion in any of those companies. 2nd tier? I mean, 3rd tier. Hell, you can win a Hardcore Title in any company you wish to join. It’s just you’re facing a guy who eats all those small companies up by being World Heavyweight Champion in them and defeating the younger guys week in and week out. That’s how superior quality does it.

So, I suggest you get off your bloody arse, get your wanker-self in front of a distorted camera, we don’t need to see your face, and respond to me or else you and your lunatic manager will be ruthlessly beaten down by my lariats and superkicks to your fucking faces.

Superior by force, quality at it’s finest...

EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

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