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 EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on May 6th 2015, 7:50 pm by Guest
*The camera pans to a gym, where a man is sitting on a weight bench during curls.  As if he has been interrupted, he is taken back and looks into the camera.*

It's been a while.

I remember the days when I used to rule the locker rooms and halls. The other competitors feared me, and the fans adored me. Every time I stepped into the ring, I made history. I was a golden child, destined for glory and my name to be permanently etched into the wall of greats that came through EAW. But that all failed.

Or so you thought.

You see, during my time away, I began to realize some things. I realized that I didn't need this; I didn't need a bunch of fans cheering my name, guys begging me to align myself with them and benching and moaning when I dominated them in the ring. No, I was quite fine and content with building myself up in the gym and living a "normal" life. However, I also came to the realization that this company needs ME. As I look around here, and I see all the prima donna, high maintenance "elitists" who want to whine and complain about "being screwed" or whining about disqualifications or a broken nail or whatever small issue arises, I am EAW's only hope. Without me, it's bound to fail. Who else is there to lead the company? To set an example of what every other company should strive to be? I'll answer that for you; There is no one. I will be EAW's next King. I will be the model Caesar, the modern Alexander, the sane Nero, only better.

*The smile begins to fade from Cole's face, and he sternly looks into the camera*

Many people think that I'm soft, that I kissed ass to get where I was in the company at one time. I am here to tell you personally that is not the case. This time, it's and me against everyone. I will do whatever it takes to get to the top of this company and ensure that my name is remembered as THE GREATEST to ever have come through here. My taste for blood will only be satisfied when I am deemed so. Until then, I will go through whoever I have to, do whatever I have to, and work as much as I have to. The conquest starts today.

*The smile returns to Cole's face, and he shrugs the camera man off*

Now, if you don't mind, I have to finish this set.

*Camera fades*
Carlos Cruz, what the hell?

Seriously, did you really have to go out to attack Jacob Steele, in the middle of my match with him? And then you officially gave him the win through DQ? Why? Why not be a man about it and settle it in the ring? Whatever, moving on.

So now what Murrow said to me at the Grand Rampage is clear. He told me of a new tournament, and he has now formally announced the Spartan Cup. Zach Genesis, Troy Archello, Stark, Clark Duncan, Scott Oasis, Eclipse Diemos, Matt Miles and myself are the participants. Boy, do I have one hell of a tough road ahead.

Seriously, that is one tough and talented group of guys. Yes, including Oasis and Archello. I may not like them, but I recognize their talents.

However, I should not focus on them just yet, I should focus on my opponent for this week, the Interwire Champion, Zach Genesis.

Zach, like I said last week, that title around your waist is all that needs to be said about you. Thank you for the kind words, and like you said, it's nice to face someone in this company that you don't hate. But, you shouldn't think that just because I have an incredible amount of respect for you, that I will hold back even a single, solitary iota. Come next Saturday, I will give you everything I have. I want to get a spot at Pain for Pride, and I already have an idea of what match I want to be in.

Plus, the fact that I'll get to face Troy Archello in this tournament, and possibly shut him up for good, is all the more sweet. Lets face it, anytime one can beat the hell out of a big-mouthed prick like Troy, you'll do what you can to do it. Or maybe that's just me, and he's pissed me off to the point that I will... either way, I want to face him in the ring, and if I have to beat you to do it Zach, then I will.

You shouldn't feel looked over though Zach. I am honored to be facing you, and I am not so stupid as to take facing a champion in this company lightly. I will give you everything I have Zach, and then some. Good luck, and may the best man win.
I've expressed how I felt about this match, but god dammit, some people just don't understand. As I look around, you, Cyrus, are in that group of people. How can someone that claims to be as intelligent as computer processors make so many idiotic mistakes even before they get in the ring? I'm not shocked because the world is full of people that make dumb decisions and I even make some stupid decisions sometimes. I'm not perfect, but that's what I'm working up to be. I may never get there, but I will survive and I will not be talked down upon or vilified. I even made a dumb decision this week. I made a dumb decision to actually you talk. I thought that you would have something meaningful to say, but what I heard from you isn't much of anything that I haven't heard before. You're not smarter than me and you don't have any experience in this work field. All that you're doing is making yourself look stupider than you already were. Asking yourself all these silly questions just emphasizes how big your reverie is.

I see that you watch television because you can easily point out my weak points of my career, but you can't make anything out of it. Trying to get you to understand the bigger picture is like trying to please everyone. It's merely impossible. For instance, you said that people have effortlessly beaten me. Now, I want you to show me a time where I laid on the canvas at the start of the bell for my opponent to pin me. Like I said before, I'm not perfect. As much as I don't like to admit it, I am vulnerable to losing. Everyone is. Everyone lost a battle once in their life, but it seems that you've lost all of yours if you really think you have a complex mindset up there. In reality, you don't know everything. You don't know if Atlantis ever existed. You don't know the wonders of the world. Hell, you don't even know who killed 2Pac. You must have told yourself that you could over and over again and we all know that, if you keep telling yourself something, you'll eventually believe it. How are you mentally superior to anybody else? You can recite computer errors and generate some kind of code using letters. Wow, that's really neat. Do it again and again and again until you "burn out".

Technology keeps advancing, but it's not picture perfect. I can assure you that you don't know what I have in my arsenal that I can bring out on Friday. It could be something as small as poking you in the eyes or something as big as actually murdering you. Nature is very mysterious and no one can predict every detail of what is gonna happen next. It's all a mystery until it actually happens. Nothing or no one, let alone computers, can tell me when the world would end or when will I die because it's all in God's hands, not yours. The good lord himself controls everything, including you. How dare you tell me to bring out my best? Are you a world champion? Are you a hall of famer? Did you even compete in a match? Or did you make dumb ass assumptions based on a square box in your living room? It's a shame what this world has come to. Kids are hypnotized by advances in technology and no one really has any true perception of the real world and, to top it off, here comes some goon that you can obviously tell has been way into his phone lately. You are just like those kids that are too busy checking facebook instead of paying attention and those teenagers that die every year due to texting while driving and it makes me sick, but before I get angry, I think about how you will meet your fate on Dynasty just like all those kids met their fate in fatal crashes. That's where you're going to end up on Dynasty if you step into the ring with me and all the codes in the world won't prevent it.
Well, what do you know? Perfect return courtesy of the superior one, the quality one, the almighty technical wizard that is Superior Quality 85 and did you see Voltage? Lord, I was ringing in the changes, tearing down Terry every way that I could, yes, he did some offense in, the odd punch, kick, strength-type move you can mention. He did what he set out to do, that was him..... however, the one with his arm raised in the air was none other than the former EAW Champion, SQ85.

Now, the real treat, I roll with the guns and puns because it’s week 2 of the comeback and I face Parker Mitchells XIV on a stacked Voltage. So, my brain is fried and I don’t know what to say. Literally, I don’t know what to say. I don’t know the guy, I don’t know you. My mind is totally frozen. This could be a minor downfall for me because you came up from a gutter somewhere after I left EAW  and is trying to make a name for yourself. I knew Terry, he was that newer generation that came up when I was still in the game but, Parker, I can’t read you until Voltage.

On Voltage, I’ve got to make an assumption that you are a pretty good wrestler. I’ve got to go into our match on Voltage as if I’m one massive sponge and every single thing, every single move you do, I’ve got to counter with precision and...... why am I even doubting myself on that? FOR I am Superior Quality 85. I didn’t get to the top of every mountain I was on because I’m best friends with the chairman, no politics in my pocket. I got to the top because I’m a professional, a fantastic professional wrestler and a Champion in general. So, Parker, if you get out of that hole you’re still in, know this and know this well – you wanker, you’re gonna get it. The same as Terry, you’re gonna get got, you understand, pal.

After week 2 comes week 3 of the comeback and I want one message to read loud and clear – mess with me, you get every single fucking part of me coming straight to your door. Do I have permission to knock? Fuck no, I’m gonna rip your front door down, your back door is gonna be ripped to shreds as well and your living room will look like it came from a CSI episode.

Superior by force, quality at it’s very best...
Backstage to an announcer interviewing Kerry Keller and The Franchise Demon after their DQ win against Death By Velocity

Announcer: "Hey Keller and Franchise.....can I get a quick word with you guys after your victory tonight.....but you paid the price as well."

Franchise: "You see may have get the victory tonight by DQ....but those sore cold losers decide to attack us because they lost their tag title match at Grand Rampage? There lucky we didn't bury them tonight....six feet under"

Keller: "Besides the poi-"

As Kerry Keller was about to speak his mind, the announcer runs away screaming and multiple men wearing black coats with crosses on them run up to The Franchise Demon and attack them from behind. One man tells Keller to stay out of this and also tells him and a camera man to follow them. The men drag Franchise's body out of the arena and into a van. Once their in the van the men continue to attack Franchise Demon to a bloody pulp while driving around town for a good half hour. The men scream at him and said "THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT GETTING THE JOB DONE!" After the beating is done, the men grab a straight jacket out of a bag and put it on Franchise Demon and tell him he will only be allowed to take off the jacket when he wrestles. Once he's done wrestling he must put the jacket back on or their will be more hell to pay. 

Fast Forwarding to present day - Keller and Franchise are backstage standing in a room with a purple light shadowed on them while Franchise is wearing the jacket with multiple scars all over his body..."

To Be Continued.....
"You don’t have the guts nor the willpower to hold this championship in your hands."

The scene is pitch black, but we can hear the voice of Tarah Nova loud and clear.

"You’re the Pride of the Vixens Division? No. You're nothing but a worthless piece of ass around here."

Again, Tarah's sound heard and now even louder and leaving an echo at the end of the voice.

"You are the laughing stock of our Division. You can’t do it. You can’t win."

We then can hear Tarah Nova's sadistic laughter in the end,

"You are the only one who has taken it upon yourself to call out the champion. You are the one who has had countless chances to beat her."

The voice turns into Cherish' voice and again, the voice sounds loud and clear.

"You know what you did Suzuki? You failed. You’re a disgrace."

Then we see Haruna fades in while having her closing both of her ear while she's down on her knees. we see all the vixens are around her, alughing at her but the laughter of Cherish and Tarah Nova is the loudest.

"You failed. "


"You’re a disgrace."




Haruna then screams and it finally leads to a scene in a hospital room while Haruna opens her eyes while she sees Ariana who was sleeping looks surprised and suddenly awake because of Haruna's scream.

Ariana Lopez: Oh, Thank God, you are finally wake up..... you've been in a coma for three weeks.

Haruna Sakazaki: Huh? W-where am I? am I already dead? then.... Ari, what are you doing here? You are still alive, right?

Haruna looks like a misguided lady as she looks around the room with an empty eyes.

Ariana Lopez: Calm down, sweetie..... relax yourself. Yes, I'm still alive and so are you. You're not dead, Haruna. You're still alive!

Haruna Sakazaki: What? No, You must be joking. I am supposed to be dead..... No, Ari. I don't want to live anymore..... I am a failure..... See, even I failed to end my own life. How come I still alive when I feel that I was dying around that rope.

Ariana Lopez: I'm not sure about it, Haru..... but I take you here when I see you passed out in that backyard. You are lying there with that rope around.

Haruna Sakazaki: Huh? Lying? I thought I was supposed to.... hang....


The scene then moves back when she set the ladder up to the nearby tree and also tie the rope to the strongest branch. After she makes sure the rope is tight enough, she then wraps it to her neck.

Haruna Sakazaki: Goodbye world, Sorry to let you down!

Haruna then jumps down the ladder  as the rope is automatically chokes her. Haruna seen showing a struggle but it was a futile move, Haruna finally starts to weaken....... but luckily, The branch where she tied the rope was broken, making Haruna fell down to the ground, then that branch hit Haruna's head, making her passed out. Few minutes later, Ariana saw her "girlfriend" lying unconscious there.

Ariana Lopez: Haruna!!! Haruna, oh my God!! Haruna, wake up!!! What are you doing?!?! You tried to commit suicide? oh God, Haruna..... What happened to you?


Ariana Lopez: And I'm sorry...... I read your diary.... yes, that last message you wrote to me and your roommate. and no, you are not leaving so soon, Haruna! God still love you.

Ariana then holds Haruna's hand, hoping that her words can encourage her.

Haruna Sakazaki: Hmph, knock it off, Ari..... I am a total failure for real. look at me now, Ari. I even failed to end my own life. Yes, I will always be failed for everything. I mean, EVERYTHING I do with my life.

Ariana Lopez: Don't say like that, where is your high spirited Haruna I always see and admire? You know what that mean, Haruna? That means God is still giving you a second chance to--

Haruna Sakazaki: Second chance? SECOND CHANCE?!?!?! I failed in this match THREE TIMES IN A ROW!!!! and look at how they beat me, Ari! just look at them...... First, I have been thrown out like a piece of garbage can while the pinned you. Second, They beat me that easily in my hometown..... You wonder how embarrased I am at that moment, huh? and now, they even beat me that easily at the beginning of the match after all those rambling I said about my silly and idiotic redemption? Look at me, Ari! I have no pride left..... I don't deserved to continue my life..... and when I try to end it, I failed again....... Ari, My flame has been taken out. You won't see me as a determined and high spirited Haruna that you've been admired. No, I have nothing good for you to be admired. I am a failure, you don't want to get near a failure like me, right?

Ariana Lopez: Haru, please..... please stop it. You know something..... I am not only admire your high spirited self... but I admire you. all of you completely. You are cute, sweet and innocent girl from the outside but you are tough and strong from the inside. I never see someone like you before and I always want to be you.... I always want to follow your way of life. I am willing to leave my glamour life for you to have a simple life like I used to.... but if you're gone. what all this actually means? I lost my role model forever and I can't imagine how lost I am when you are not here anymore. I love you, Haruna..... I love you because you are what you are. People are mostly hide themselves in a mask to make them feel and look better in front of other people but I found you are different. Please, Haruna..... Keep staying alive with me..... I know it will be hard to bring back your dignity, but I'm here..... Let us walk together. Let us find the way together.... I will always by your side for your journey. If you think you can't go on with that journey, I will be your guiding light. Let's face it together.

Haruna Sakazaki: ......

Haruna goes silent. Her eyes stares at nothing.

Ariana Lopez: Haruna?

Haruna Sakazaki: I don't know, Ari...... I just..... I'm not sure about this..... I feel like that I don't have something to be proud of. I feel like I become so far ahead of all vixens...... No, Ari. I can't do this anymore. I'm done...... No, you won't see my old self again, Ari... I suggest you to leave me here and let me decay in my useless life right now--

Ariana Lopez: --I won't let you quit like this. I'm still believe that you are still keeping that little spark of your spirit deep inside your heart. I will try my best to ignite it again.

Haruna Sakazaki: Ari..... why? Why did you do this?

Ariana Lopez: It's because..... because I love you, very much.... you make me crazy all day.... I'll do anything for you even if that's an impossible thing.

Ariana then slowly raises up, leaning her body upon Haruna's face, Her lips is getting closer as she's about to kiss Haruna but suddenly, the door banged open.

Jade Knight: Haruna! Oh, thank God I found your room! and God, thank you you are alright..... I've been worried when I read your diary.

It was Jade, haruna's Roommate. Jade then approach Haruna and hugs her very tightly until she finally shakes her head.

Jade Knight: No, not like this.... I'm not supposed to be this soft like this.

Jade then suddenly turns her expression into furious look to Haruna and she lands a slap to Haruna's face.

Haruna Sakazaki: Owwwww......

Jade Knight: Is that hurt? You still feel hurt with that slap, huh, Haruna? Why are you trying to commit suicide if you are still hurt to that slap? You are stupid, Haruna, you know that? I am working hard training just like you to be a champion so we can fulfill our promise and now.... What are you doing? You end your life without my permission? Haruna, you will die leaving our promise...... and if you die without making our promise hang out just like that, I can guarantee your soul will never take a higher place in heaven, I'll pray to have your soul buried deep down in hell..... yes, Haruna! You don't want that, right? So, don't die for me.....

Haruna Sakazaki: Jade..... I'm sorry...... But....

Jade Knight: No, Haruna! no "But"! no excuse..... I don't want you to leave me alone. You are like my second sister that I have here. I don't care if we are worlds apart. Your presence are important to me. I feel misguided if you're gone, Haruna! So, stop doing this silly thing for me, okay? One thing for sure that you are not walking alone. You still have me and..... uhh, who are you, again?

Ariana Lopez: My name is Ariana, by the way... I'm--

Jade not letting Ariana finish as she continues talking.

Jade Knight: Yeah, you still have her too.... So, yeah..... soy said that you will meet me at the afterlife after that stupid things you've done. You better not, Haruna! Because I will find you and I will kick your sorry arse at the afterlife for leaving me alone in this world.

After a few silence, Haruna then shakes her head and say something.

Haruna Sakazaki: Uhh, guys..... I'm sorry..... but I really need time to be alone. Could you?

Ariana raises up first as she is about to leave the room.

Ariana Lopez: well, it can't be helped.... alright then, call me when you get better, okay?

Jade Knight: and don't you ever try to commit suicide again..... 

Haruna then look at the knife near the fruit basket as Jade quickly take it and keep that knife away.

Jade Knight: No, I'll keep this knife!

With that, Jade and Ariana leave Haruna alone in her room. Haruna then look outside the window when the sun shines brightyly but the curtain blocked the view. Haruna then thinks about what she had done and what is just happening right now.

Haruna Sakazaki: Am I really...... deserve another chance?

With that, the scene ends.
Ladies and gentlemen, you are now in the presence of THE greatest EAW Elitist of all time, THE man who epitomizes perfection, THE Alpha Male, THE essence of Excellence, Montell Smooth. Don't you feel lucky? Well you should, because this is the closest to greatness any of you will ever be. Do you know who else should feel lucky? Mr. DEDEDE, because Dynasty is the closest he will ever get to greatness ever again. This is the moment I have been waiting for, for nearly 7 years. Since the first day I stepped foot into EAW, I wanted to kick DEDEDE's ass. 

Mr. DEDEDE is the type of man to stab you in the back, and then ask you why you are bleeding. He's a no good, poor excuse of a human being. Seven years ago when I joined EAW, a broken, shell of a man, known as Ryan Adams, took advantage of 2 hungry young competitors, The Essence of Excellence and Hey Yo Chico. I was the best up and comer in EAW, I went on a winning streak, I destroyed Cole Smith, I had EAW Veterans and E-Fed legends backing me. DDD is like a shark that sensed blood and he pounced all over me. Being the naive newcomer I was, I fell into DDD's trap. The same trap that Ryan Savage is stuck in right now. When DDD is down and out, when no one cares about him anymore, he likes to use these talented rookies to make himself relevant again. Ryan Savage, you are no different than, Tyson, Hey Yo Chico, and I. In 2008, DDD sent Hey Yo Chico and I to CM Banks' house to harass his parents. I made a fool of myself on live television, because I believed that DDD cared about me. I was young and naive. My actions led people to talk about Burnout, talk about the invasion, and as soon as people began talking about DDD, as soon as DDD became relevant once again he dropped us like a bad habit, and went back to Showdown. 

Mr. DEDEDE made a fool out of me, and this Friday on Dynasty, I am going to make a fool out of him. When someone takes advantage of me, they disrespect me. I told all of you already, when someone disrespects me, I kick their ass. When someone disrespects me, it's a slap to my face, and when someone slaps me in the face, I slap back, 10 times harder. He is a backstabber, he is a manipulator, and he is a hasbeen using someone else again. This is the man you all refer to as the "Greatest of all time." This poor excuse of a human being is who everyone respects. A man who treats people like garbage, takes advantage of them, and goes on live television, on a show children watch and spews out profanity, and people continue to support him. He is not a role model, he does not deserve your respect. I DESERVE your RESPECT. I have won every championship here in EAW, I have been loyal to EAW for 7 years, and I still get treated with disrespect. I don't come out here, I don't shout profanities at your children. I present myself in a professional manner. I am a man who set goals in life, and achieved everyone. I was a professional wrestler, I won every championship, in the number one promotion. I left to further my investments in the stock market, and look what happened. I am a multi-millionaire. I should be the role model for your children, I should get your respect. I am a hard working man. I'm not a backstabbing, fouled mouth, scumbag who politics his way into the top position while holding his so-called "friends" back. Mr. DEDEDE is not the "GOAT." He's not on even on my level. He knows this and that's why he has been putting off this match for 7 years. He's afraid of me. You all like to refer to the Heart Break Boy as the Greatest of all time. Look what happened when he stepped foot into the ring with me. That's exactly what's going to happen to DEDEDE on Friday. I am going to kick his ass just like I kicked HBB's ass. I'm the real "GOAT." When I defeat Mr. DEDEDE on Friday, I want you all to apologize. This Friday, Mr. DEDEDE will feel................


(Showdown Promo #1)
"I'm just a bastard, but at least I admit it…at least I admit it…" - "My Plague" by Slipknot


Pride…I mean just that one word has so many implications to it. So many situations revolving around it. I mean shit…that one single word can define, and alter everything. And the reasoning behind this is very, very simple. It's because out of every single thing in the entire world…pride is the one thing that we have to hold on to…we can never give it up…never let it go…PRIDE. IS. EVERYTHING. And the amount of people who believe and follow this is well…well I can't call them out since I'm in the same group.

To me pride represents who you are. Pride represents what you are. Because without pride in our lives, in our bodies or just without us being in touch with what pride really means? We have nothing. We have nothing for us going at all. Pride fuels us. It pushes us. It keeps us sane. It keeps us level and most importantly? It makes us not feel worthless. Pride is everything to us and as we stand up FIGHT. CHALLENGE. BRAWL. There is one thing we know deep down that as human beings…we need to keep our pride intact.


Vienna, Austria. Beautiful city that has many beautiful qualities associated with it. The history…the prestige…the art…and well even better because this Saturday night, myself and all of the other people here who are proud to call Saturday Night Showdown have arrived here in Austria are here to light it up and do what we do best. Showcase our prestigious art and craft to everyone in the world…we…are here…TO WRESTLE.

Now this week also marks a very, very special occasion right here in the realm of not just Showdown, but for EAW as well. This week kicks of the Spartan Cup. Now for those of you who aren't fully aware of what that exactly entails, then I'll be more than happy to tell you. Coming directly from the wise, wise, oh so FUCKING wise minds of EAW management, they have decided to assemble an eight man tournament pitting eight of what they view as Showdown's "fastest and biggest rising stars of the year" in a battle where the winner would walk out supreme…and as the winner of the inaugural Spartan cup.

Now this week is the first round right? Because we're having first round, semi-finals then the final at Triple Threat in three weeks time right? That's the plan ain't it? Well…this week on Showdown, all four first round match-ups are scheduled to take place…and now let's see here! To be honest I haven't even checked who I'm supposed to be up against this week since well I've been to busy going from Austrian beer house to beer hours as well as snacking on some bratwurst or whatever the hell this is…

ANYWAY! Let's see here…my opponent is…Daniel Marshall. Well… this should be very interesting. Very very interesting. Mainly because just for once in the past six months, my opponent is not someone that I want to relentlessly bash their brains in. Instead it's actually against someone I respect. Someone I know for an absolute fact has a damn good future in this company…Mister Daniel Marshall. A guy that I know shares the same morals as me. The same positions on the world as I do. And most important of all? I know for a fact that this a guy who shares nothing but the same amount and level of respect that I do for this industry unlike other people that will umm…remain nameless.

However before I go on to talking about you directly marshall, I'm going to go ahead and do a rough "scope" or "look" on every single other person in this tournament if you don't mind me doing so myself. So let's break it down, there's the number one seed, who is the Interwire Champion aka myself. Now right on the opposite end of that scale is a well, a guy that I've encountered and gone to head with head with a lot…AND THAT IS MY FAVOURITE PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD! MISTER FORMER CHAMPION HIMSELF! MISTER NICK MAKAROV'S BUTT BUDDY! SCOTT! FUCKING! OASIS!

…But…well…I will say two things to you Oasis…just very, very quickly. Chances are after what Eclipse Diemos did to destroy Alistair Murray, chances are exactly the same thing will happen to you. He will demolish…destroy…and dismantle you. NOW! Let's say that you SOMEHOW make it out of that match and somehow down the line you'll have to go ahead and go face to face with yours truly. And well…you remember what happened last time we had a match…I had my hand raised and the Interwire Championship you claim is so "rightfully" yours…it ended up being in the hands of the rightful owner so no matter what way you look at Scotty…it's a lose lose situation.

Then you have the man who was the Interwire Champion last year but lost it because of Oasis thinking it would be funny because he'd had this idea where he thought he would get a kick out of piledriving you to oblivion. California's finest and also one of King Lannister's new golden boys! MATT MILES! Matt Miles…again you are another competitor that I respect immensely 100%. If we do have to face off at some point in this tournament…well…all I'll say about is good luck and may the best man win.

Then we have the New Breed Champion! Evan Stark! OH SHIT! I FORGOT YOU HAD YOUR SECRET IDENTITY RIGHT!? STARKMAN! Look out it's a bird! It's a plane! Oh wait…it's just Starkman. Then we have some Chicago comedian guy who although is more in place at a comedy club is for some reason here in a professional wrestling promotion…oh well that will defeat me. I could go on, I could keep ranting…but that would be unfair to Mr. Marshall over here.

Daniel Marshall. You've helped me a lot in this company and you're a good guy. I mean if it wasn't for you I would not be holding this EAW Interwire Championship right here. You're a guy who's just definitely on the road to keep climbing higher and higher and higher in this business…there's no question about that. However this is a tournament kid. A competition. And you put the man who is the current EAW Interwire Champion against a newbie who is still trying to find their footing? Yeah…not good…best of luck there kid…

Prepare yourself for this Saturday in Austria…because as far as luck goes…you will NEED IT.

"The one derivative you manage is the one I abhor…"
Dynasty Promo One

Why is the question that we ask ourselves numerous times throughout our lives. Why did this happen to me? Why did I not get to where I wanted to go? Why did I fail? Those are just some of the questions that I have been left with after the war waged between myself and The Big Bad Wolf as he likes to call himself, Vance Tybull. I have ran every scenario through my head thousands of times, and I still draw the same conclusion that last week, I should have conquered Vance Tybull in the middle of the ring with his back lying on the canvas after his skull was driven in by the sole of my boot. So how was it possible? How did the impossible arise and turn into the reality that has come to pass? Maybe my mind being so focused on Tiberius Jones and Jaywalker with their actions has detracted my focus from the goal of claiming victory against my opponents with their broken and disheveled bodies lying in agony, but I cannot help myself. As long as they are walking around Elite Answers Wrestling with both of their legs intact, I cannot let their visage escape the forefront of my mind. However, this time I share that with my next opponent that they have thrown into the pit of The Fabled Conqueror, Christopher Corrupt.

Corrupt, you are not a stranger to the tactics employed by Tiberius Jones, are you? No, you know the game just like I do of how to get the scales to tip over on your side by unsavory means that would be frowned upon by the general public. Now you posed a question unto me lately and that was once again, why? Why did I save you from the shower of black mist from the breathe of Tiberius Jones towards your face? You are right that you are one of the most hated men in the roster, a man who became the National Elite Champion by stepping on the toes of his peers and using every crooked method he could possibly muster, but we have met before just not in the ring. Has the illustrious stage of Pain for Pride left your mind? Has the moment of driving a legend such as Lethal Consequences been such a long past for you that you have forgotten? We have shared a common alliance before and that is not forgotten, but that is not why you were pardoned from the blast of chemical blindness from Tiberius from my salvation. You were graced with salvation because of wrath and vengeance. I could not wait to get my hands around the throat of Tiberius Jones, bring him down to the mat where he could suffer a horrendous fate by my hand, and you just happened to have him distracted enough to where I could strike. That is the only reason you live another day here on Dynasty, but that might come to an end on Dynasty when we meet in the middle of the ring.

I am glad you watched the tape of my match with Vance Tybull because it means you are still learning, still educating yourself into the game, and that is an admirable talent. That is a talent that most men just leave to be stuck without, one that they do not hone and craft to the greatest of their potential, but you are like Tybull in the fact that you show promise. Right now, you even show much more promise than young Tybull because he has a long path to walk before he can get where you are headed and you know where your road takes you, don't you? I can see the common flames that used to be inside my eyes that I see in yours, the hunger that you have after having the National Elite Championship ripped from your stomach, and that is championship gold. You want that feeling again, of being the top of the food chain once more, and believe that I know the craving you have at this moment, but you might have to take a backseat. Dynasty is going to be where I must put you down a notch, throw you down a rung or two on the ladder to your destiny, and I am going to do it because I must. I need this victory to reel from the defeat that was handed to me by Vance Tybull, an earned victory on his part as I take nothing away from him. If you want a battle though, a war that will be remembered by the people for a long time afterwards, you are going to have to give much more effort that you have done in the past. You see, I am not Aren Mstislav, Maxwell Dachs, Carlos Rosso, or TLA, but I am the cornerstone of the brand that you are inside.

Sure, you have been a champion and have went against the best that Dynasty has to offer to you, but so have I. I have watched as I have beaten man after man, leaving them broken and beaten before the eyes of the many, but the people seem to have forgotten that sight by the way things have been turning here with this war against Tiberius Jones and Jaywalker. They are more focused by the fact that I have yet to achieve victory sense that blast to my face, since I was taken out and placed on the shelf, but I intend to end it. However, it is a shame that it had to be you to do that for me, Corrupt. You are talented and even in this future defeat, you shall find a way to recoil and rebound from it. I will not be merciless though in my path to conquest because you asked for a battle such as I gave Vance Tybull and Corrupt, you shall have one. This is going to be hellacious, but I know what may be running through your head. Once again, it is the same question of why...

Why are we going to do battle? It is simple. We will for the sheer necessity of conquest and that... is what I shall have on you, Tiberius Jones, and Jaywalker.
JJ Silva Promo 3
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The camera starts rolling with JJ in the Dynasty GM office. He is pacing back and forth with his sledgehammer at hand and he seems a bit tense.

" I said before I will not be denied... I will not stand too be put away by anyone and that includes my bosses. I have done my part, I've earned respect and I've earned my right to compete. Nobody can look me in my eyes and tell me that I don't deserve too compete! But yet... Where is my match this week on Dynasty?"

JJ cocks the sledgehammer back smashing it against the Triple Threat Portrait hung up on the wall cracking the glass and placing a hole in the poster as it crumbles to the ground.

" I wont standby while the " bosses " deny talent too the EAW myself too be specific! I am true and pure talent! My boss doesn't feel the need to use me? Well, maybe he found some grape fruits. But you see I will say what I want and I will do whatever the hell it is that I want too do!"

JJ begins too smash all the trophies in the GM's trophy case from top to bottom. He turns and smashes holes into the desk as he throws the GM's chair into the wall. JJ takes a deep breath and grips his hammer.

" I have been waiting for a long time too set my plans into motion... Too start my career and push change upon everything that needed it but I see now the only way too bring change is by brute force. I will stop at nothing until I make it too the top of the mountain and grab gold as I go along because I am the best thing that Dynasty has going for it. Nobody compare too me don't you get that mister GM? All the superstars here are like robin and i'll always be the batman. Now GM I hope we don't have this problem again/"

As JJ takes one final swing at the camera as the screen goes immediately black.
"I've got no strings to hold me down, make me fret, or make me frown, I had strings but now I'm free, there are no strings on me." 

The scene opens inside of the red light room once more, cleared out of all of its normal inhabitants. Chains hang along the ceiling, dangling and clashing together as Eclipse comes into view. Only his head and upper body are visible, everything else below the camera's line of sight. His eyes stare straight ahead with an unfocused look, a smirk forming on his face as he rolls his eyes into the back of his head, speaking with a smirk. 

"The Spartan tournament. Hearkening back to an age where ferocity and ruthlessness was seen as a legendary status and you were viewed as a hero. I...am no Spartan. I do not follow a strict code of honor, or view each battle as my last. I share their ideologies however. I believe that power and strength in battle is what's necessary in our chaotic times. I believe that one must find themselves in the wolfs den and to escape we must fight the world. I believe that the only way for me to truly feel like I succeeded in the battle, is to make sure that my opponent cannot fight me again. I am no Spartan, but I am...a warrior."

His eyes roll back to their normal position and he smiles as he leans against the chains. He hums the song to himself looking left and right as if in a stupor before snapping his head back to the camera. A muffle is heard in the room, and he silences it with a tug of his arm, rattling some of the chains. 

"Scott is my first step. The man that breathes ferocity and intensity. A man that for all intents and purposes epitomizes being a Spartan. Scott...you and I have some things in common. We both are on Showdown. We both feel like we deserve the trophy. We both are...orphans...though one by choice and the other by fate. Finally, we both love inflicting pain on the other. Scott. The ring may be your home, but the ring is a prison. You are in my domain now. My world. Welcome to the fields of battle Scott. It's where we belong, you and I. We belong in a place like this, where blood is spilled and bones are broken. I will go to any lengths in order to achieve what I desire. I desire...a paradise for myself. A paradise for those like you and I. A place where the Showdown halls ring with the sounds of pain and torment, where the screams of the innocent are drowned with the battle cries of the tested, and where I am seen as what I truly am...not a god...not a man...but a Minotaur in the labyrinth. Ready to test the next generation willing to step against me. I am that next generation. I am that generation that will bring about the reckoning of this. Scott...you are just like me...so you'll know that I won't ask you to back down...or to die on your sword. I want you to come at me with everything you got, because I'll come back just as hard...and I will put you down. I will drink the wine of victory from your empty skull, and atop my throne of broken dreams I will look down on my kingdom of shattered memories and I will smile. There is no Damien Murrow to save you now."

He laughs loudly as he backs away from the camera, spinning around jovially and hopping about. His left hand is wrapped in a chain, and the length of it descends into the darkness until it vanishes all together. The chain shudders and a form seems to try and move, but is quickly stopped as he lifts the chain up and tugs on it. 

"Now I am free..."

Eclipse draws to the camera, his eyes rolled into the back of his head once more as his tongue slides along his teeth, the split tongue shaking for a few seconds before darting back into his mouth.

"There are...no strings on me.."



Error 404

The time has come. The date has been chosen. In just 72 hours, it begins...Virus Uploaded!

[[The camera opens up to a dim lit room. The only source of light being emitted by a computer screen.]]

Yes. Soon enough...soon enough it will begin. Who is this ominous man you may be asking yourself? What is he planning? Why is he doing these things? And why EAW as the target? All of those questions will be answered in due time. For now you all may refer to me as, Cyrus Raines. Why have I come to EAW? Well that's very simple, to spread the virus. I bet I have given you even more questions than answers now haven't I? What is this virus I speak of? As I said, that's a question that will be answered further down the road. Why EAW? Well I can answer that question very easily. There's no place bigger, yet so much more vulnerable than the so called "land of the elite". The reason for that is because of these so called, elitist. They are all impure, every last one of them are flawed and sinful in their own special ways. All of them deserve what they will receive at my hands over the coming weeks and months and even years. You all sicken me to my core. You have no one to blame for what will fall upon you more than yourselves. 

One man that showcases this motto more than just about anyone else is the man I will be facing this friday, refers to himself as A-Will. Well I will let you in on a little secret A-Will, the reason why your a laughing stock and why your looked at as a joke around these parts is because of you. Many men have efforlessly beaten you and tossed you aside as if you were nothing. It will be no different this friday on Dynasty. A-Will if you think I have no experience then think again. You might not realize this, but not only am I more experienced than you think, but I am more experienced than you period. You'd best bring your absolute best to Dynasty...because I only like to beat someone at their maximum. 

You may try to formulate all the plans you wish A-Will, in the end they will all be shut down. I know everything that you are going to do before you even do it. Every move, every hold, every strike, every submission, every suplex. They are all imprinted into my brain, like how information can be instantly saved into a computer. You'll be the first of many vitcims, so you should just accept your fate with a smile on your face. You'll be my test dumby, my lab rat if you would. Everyone will be in awe of what I showcase inside of the ring. The main reason you will not be able to defeat me is because you are blinded by your ignorance. For you this is just another week on the job, trying to pick up a win. This is much bigger than that, but you fail to see that. It isn't your fault though. The system around here has conditioned you to feel this way. That is why I'm here A-Will. I am here to hack the systems and spread the virus. You can't comprehend what I mean quite yet, no one can. Not yet, but soon...soon everyone will learn...

[[The camera fades away with the word soon echoing.]]
:: The viewers at home can see on their screens as the power and picture come on to a feed. Carlos Rosso, dressed in his traditional red and black training ensemble (red trunks, black and red gloves, black T-shirt) sits down in front of the camera. He’s still sweating from his latest workout.::

I had promised to simply keep quiet until the fight in Cape Town but I have chosen not to. Tonight I would like to say a few things specifically to my opponent who does not seem to understand exactly what he’s gotten himself into. 

Hawk….I’ve known you for a long, long time. I know that you know better to think than I would try to intimidate you with words. The things that I’ve been saying the last few days or things that Poison has said on my behalf are things that are going to come to pass. I don’t make idle threats at people; I make people who have shit to say about me disappear. Intimidation is something that’s saved for the likes of Maxwell Dachs, Triple Z, The Pizza Boy..you know, men who have never truly been there like we have. You’ve seen all that EAW has to offer past or present. I’ve done it everywhere else and to a slightly lesser extent here. I am one final jewel away from completing my own crown, the Triple Crown. The “Big One”, if you want to call it that, is the final piece to it all. My patience grows more and more thin with not only the fact that I still have to wait for an opportunity to own Dynasty’s Crown Jewel but the Champion is playing Hide and Go Seek in Austria right about now. I’m insulted that you think that I would address you, a former World Champion in your own right, with the very thought of you possibly being initimidated. Men like us do not get where we have gotten in our lives by being intimidated. 

This whole thing about Picasso that you talked about and paintings and things like that….I didn’t understand a single word of it. Haven’t I painted enough “L”s on your canvas? Haven’t I humiliated you enough? You wear a ring of a Hall of Fame member and that’s noteworthy…but don’t you realize that I have been in the ring with Hall of Famers like yourself all the time? I have done nothing but go against and fight the best. Jaywalker, Heart Break Boy, Impact….these guys are Hall of Famers here, right? Are you arrogant enough to think that because you have one of those rings that you’re invincible? One way or another, by any means necessary, I’ve been able to beat all of those men in the past. As much as you seem to be struggling to remember, I’ve beaten you too. Oh, you’ve had your little moments where you’ve done damage, but you have not been able to pin my shoulders to a mat and have someone count three. You can’t make me submit, and on your power trip the other day I thought your claim that you COULD to be some of the biggest grandstanding outside of Boxing this past week. 

Speaking of grandstanding, I’m trying to figure out where you think you feature in this Dynasty landscape. You think that you can just come back whenever you please. You choose to come back here, over and over again. Preaching the same tired old rhetoric of “ME WANT TITLE MATCH, SEE MY SHINY RING! FIRE HOT!”. Look, you are…..well, I’ll put it this way, if the World Heavyweight Championship followed a line of presidential succession, I would be probably the Vice President or Speaker of the House…..and you would be like the Secretary of Education. There are a lot of things that have to go your way to even DARE put yourself in this conversation and I can assure you that beating me is the least likely of them happening. I have to say that going into this week, I have one of the strongest claims for a title match. I was one of the last remaining members of the Dynasty brand in the Grand Rampage, I have not lost in nearly a month, and nobody really knows the condition of GI Styles and Lucian Black since they damn near killed each other last week. Who is left to really get in my way? TLA? Meh. Vance Tybull? He’s undefeated, to my amazement, but still lacking that bit of seasoning. Jacob Senn? He got lucky once…I doubt he would have the same sort of good fortune if we crossed paths again. That really leaves well…you, Hawk. I know you’re not a sparring partner, you’ve actually done some things of note. I don’t spar to prepare for specific opponents. I don’t sit around trying to formulate game plans for people any more. Wanna know why?

Because to tell you the truth, I don’t NEED to. When I am on my game, like I am now, no style is too difficult, unorthodox, overwhelming for me to go against. I don’t train to discover anything. I train to nourish the grand, blooming flower of my technique. 

The more we talk, the more I listen to you at least, I notice that you think that you know me. That you think that GI Styles occupies my thinking. That I can’t put things like that to the perimeter to deal with you in the ring. That you know what the last two years of my life have been like. That you know anything. Here is the thing, Hawk: before I came back to EAW, I spent the last few months before that rehabbing various injuries that had occurred. I refused to take time off. I scarfed down pain pills, ignored doctors orders, basically ignored my manager’s pleas to take the time off to chase the World Title I was so desperately seeking.  I finally broke down. Now, I don’t know what you’ve been through but you know what I see when I see you? Someone who is in denial. Someone who thinks that he still the Hurricane Hawk of….2011 or so. Someone who shows off a third-grade level portrait and a Burger King-quality throne and expects people to be impressed by his accomplishments. Someone who thinks that this far past the apex of his career that he still belongs in the conversation, in the hunt. 

Painter, boxer, philosopher, King….bring whatever alter ego you want. Bring whatever persona you want. I’m going to tear it and you apart, just the same.  You have my undivided attention. Why do you think I have been making sure that I’ve polished my technique just for you? Do you think I would take this much care into my preparation if I thought you were on par with some wide-eyed rookie? Oh no. I’m going to make an example of you. And I’m going to do it very slowly. You see, Poison was going to originally address you but she heard some things that you had to say about her and she was pretty distraught. Needless to say, EAW.Com’s censors would have had to bleep so much of what she had to say it may have been pointless to put her on. Just know that she really likes seeing people like you hurting. She’s a sadistic, cold-hearted bitch. I know that. Hawk, you’re going to learn that there are consequences to pissing off sadistic, cold-hearted people.

I appreciate the fact that you want to come back and relive the glory days, I do. I appreciate the fact that you think that you can beat me. If you didn’t, I’d honestly think of you as more of a joke that I already do in most respects. But my appreciation for you won’t save you from the defeat that you’re going to suffer.

You have been weighed.

You have been measured.

And you have been found wanting.

The headlines that you’ve dreamed up, the narrative, the kingdom, the dreams, the aspirations….they’re all pieces of the imagination of a sad, strange little man who gets no sympathy from me.

What’s the quickest way to find a needle in a haystack? 

Burn the damn haystack down.
The camera fades slowly into a painting hanging on a wall that is painted red. The painting shows out with a golden frame that is encrusted in diamonds and is the only thing hanging on that wall. As the camera starts to pan to the left Hurricane Hawk is shown standing in front of the painting while on the phone talking as he doesn't look toward the camera. He's wearing casual clothing: a black t-shirt and jeans as he starts to walk back and forth after hanging up the phone and then looks toward the camera. Then again, his million dollar smile is shown as he starts to clear his throat to speak.

Picasso. You know.. paintings like these.. they're priceless. You can't buy them off the market, you can barely even find them inside of a museum but me, I just find my way to get to the things that I want. But paintings are just a small part of the story that I have to tell. The narrative that I've created for myself. The fantasy that will become my reality. I can smell it getting closer by the second. In my eyes, I see nothing but the bright future that beholds my path. Right now, I have a few things I want to get off my chest. Carlos Rosso and his little drag along pet Poison tried to characterize me. They tried to find who the real Hurricane Hawk is. If you want to know so bad here it is. All my career I've been painting a vivid picture in my mind. It's like sitting in front of a canvas and trying to figure out what you're going to do next. What is the next step? I've been painting this picture from the beginning with different colors.. different shades. I've seen gold in my eyes and I've seen black, but the thing that you don't understand is that if you don't paint that picture the way that you like it.. well then what are you painting it for? You can't PAINT the narrative for someone else. You make it fit you. If the shoe fits wear it. I'm the wrong person you want to try to intimidate with words. I have a way with these words and I want you to listen closely: the wind will blow.. I'll be standing with grit. I'm not just here to get my paycheck for Pain for Pride.. it's bigger than that. I'm here to get my paycheck for every single show I present myself on, but Dynasty.. I'm not there to lose. I'm not there to dig myself deeper in the hole that I used to be in, but to put myself closer to where I want to be. The little brush that I hold in my hand doesn't create the picture.. I do. I create my path and the decisions I make including in that ring will lead me into the correct direction. Carlos, you can have "Poison" speak for you while you try to figure things out by sparring, but you see I'm not a sparring partner. I'm more than that. I'm a two time EAW World Heavyweight Champion.. I've been through things that you couldn't even imagine. I've set myself free. I put myself aside from the group of elitist who though they were on my level and they thought wrong. Look at where I am now.. with this EAW Hall of Fame ring on my hand because I EARNED it. The potential that I still behold is bewildering to people like you because you're afraid that you're going to miss your chance with someone like me around. I'm not the kind of person you want to throw hands with. I don't care if you are showing improvement in anything. There's a difference between showing improvement in training and actually doing something inside of a real EAW ring. Aw.. are you and your little butt buddy GI Styles in a bit of an argument? It's so sad how teams can just break apart, but the thing is Carlos.. that's on your mind. You're not thinking about me. You're not worried that you're going to step into the ring with me in which you should be and I'm going to take advantage of that. Poison I suggest you let the man speak for himself because you end up drowning in your words for him. 

Hurricane Hawk smirks as he looks up to a throne that is in the same room as it shows a crown sitting on the throne. He takes a few steps before picking up the crown and sitting on the throne. He starts to rub across his chin as he thinks for a second and then continues to speak as the camera gets close to him.

Execution.. is common from a king. But when I'm going to do is beyond "beheading" someone. I'm going to EXECUTE my plan. I know how to hold my own in an EAW ring.. I'm just worried that you don't. Don't make this too easy for me Carlos.. I mean if we want to talk about revisionist history you can talk about how you've said that I've never been able to be Carlos in the past when in fact there's been times that I've laid him out. I don't have time for games.. I don't have time for talking, Carlos I suggest you keep your bitch on a leash.. or maybe you just want to hide behind her because you can't figure out things to say yourself. It's okay Carlos.. sulk it all up and rethink your strategy. This coming Friday.. it's not only pay-day but it's time to make my real return and show you what stepping into the ring with an actual legends feels like. These people are still excited to see me why? Because they either love me or hate me. They love the way I talk.. the way I walk.. the way I handle my situations. You just can't get over the fact that I'm a needle in the haystack. Carlos you call yourself a star because over time.. you'll deteriorate and all that you had in store for your future will blow up in front of your face. It's about time that you face reality. Carlos why do you think all the headlines are about me? "Hurricane Hawk stepping back in an EAW Ring." or "Hurricane Hawk returning for Gold."  They don't' care about you. They all want to see me EXECUTE you. They want to see you as my prey. In this game, I'm a predator. They put you in a ring with me to test you. Testing you to see if you're ready for that next step in this business and I'm going to make sure that they clearly see that you aren't ready. I'm never going to be a stepping stone for anyone in this business and once I get this lovely victory over you on Dynasty.. I'm going to put my eyes back on the prize and become the greatest this business has ever seen.. Oh... wait. I'm sorry I've already achieved that. There's a reason why I'm the highest paid elitist in this business.. I do the things that I'm supposed to do and I do them better than anyone else here. So Carlos.. this painting.. that you so kindly see.. is just the clear immediate future of me stepping into that ring with you.. and putting you down, for the count.

Hurricane Hawk continues to smirk as he finally puts the crown on his head as he looks over at the painting and the camera starts to pan towards the painting and the camera starts to fade out slowly.
Here we are: The Spartan Cup. Eight men, all given the opportunity to prove themselves as the future of not only Showdown but EAW as a whole. Eight men, striving to be the best but at the end of all of this, only one man can succeed. In these next  few weeks, only one man will be able to solidify himself as Showdown's top prospect. These seven other men, they all have something to prove... but me? I have more to prove than anyone else here. I need to prove that being chosen by King Lannister and RAGNAROK was not a mistake on their part and more importantly, I need to prove that my recent failures are nothing in comparison to what I'm capable of. Over the passing weeks, I've not been able to live up to my full potential and that is a mistake of no one other than myself. I've allowed myself to falter against the Savage Ryans and now against Norman Hellion. I am the only one to blame for these failures.

But this Saturday I'm going to make sure that changes and come Triple Threat, I'm going to go on to win the Spartan Cup... but first, there are obstacles standing in my way which I have to pass in order to achieve my goal. 

The first one's name is none other than Stark.

Stark, first I must congratulate you on your victory against Jamie O'Hara and Clark Duncan. Your effort is truly something to be admired but I've already stopped you in your tracks twice before. Your acquirement of the New Breed Championship doesn't change any of that. I've beat you twice before and I know I can do it again. If I recall correctly, one of those times I even had the odds stacked against me thanks to Scott Oasis. Don't get me wrong, you've truly justified your claim to the championship you now carry but I'm not going to let that change anything in this match. This competition is about the future, and while you may have earned the right to call yourself the face of the New Breed, your future in this tournament is looking bleak. There is absolutely no way that I'm going to let you beat me. You may be a champion but if there's one thing that you're not, it's Showdown's toughest Spartan.

The Spartans weren't just men- they were legends. The Battle of Thermopylae is still told today in literature and film. King Leonidas and three hundred of his strongest, smartest, most agile men fought against the over seventy thousand Persian warriors controlled by Xerxes. For three days, the Spartans fought valiantly against the odds and, while they may have fallen, they were etched in history as some of the greatest warriors in the world for their perseverence when it came to fighting for what they believed was right. That is what I want to be remembered for. I want to be etched in EAW history as a man who stood firm against the odds and fought until he could no longer. Even now, the odds are stacked against me as I see myself with only the sixth seed for the Spartan Cup. That is a prejudice that I intend to set right going forward. This is the next step in being etched in EAW history like I oh so desire. The championships, the accomplishments, the accolades.. they're all just a part of the bigger picture. The sand is trickling down and it's all going to slip through my fingers if I don't capitalize now.


I need this a hell of a lot more than you do.

Greece is a land filled with myths and legends. One of the other many stories is that of King Midas, a King who wished that all he touched would turn to gold... until the fateful day in which that wish was granted. His daughter, the apple of his eye, was trapped forever, encased in the gold all because of Midas. He saw what he wished for as a curse. But for me? My curse has been quite the opposite. Ever since winning the Interwire Championship from Vic Vendetta, any and all of the gold that I once wished for has escaped me. That will not be happening with the Spartan Cup. This is gold that I cannot possibly give up.

This is MY opportunity.

My opportunity to break the chains that hold every other Elitist in this tournament together.

My opportunity to show that I deserved to defeat Hall of Famers.

I am the face of Showdown's future and while many of the other men competing may not see it yet, it's an inevitable truth that they cannot possibly escape. The includes you, Stark. Elitists like yourself and Troy Archello may be under the impression that you are the undisputed future of EAW but first you'll have to get past me because my future will be coming a lot sooner than yours. My future is coming along the horizon at this very moment and the only way I can reach that future is by flying towards the Sun like Icarus except this time, there's no limit to how close I can fly because the closer I get, the bigger the legend I leave behind will be. That is a future which I look forward to... but if I continue to glide at the level I am at now, I'll be forgotten like so many others before and after me. This isn't about sinking, swimming or sailing; this is about flying or falling. I'm going to fly as high and as far as possible. As for you, Stark? With that Championship around your waist, you're trapped in a cage. You can't fly any higher than the boundaries in which you're contained. For that reason and that reason alone, you will not be able to beat me. That title may seem like some incredible feat on your part because of what it took to gain it but in reality, all it will do is hold you back. It blocks you from taking that next step up the food chain. Right now, I'm limitless. I can do whatever I please. I can break the chains of whoever steps in my way and accomplish anything I put my mind to. That New Breed Championships is nothing more than a barrier for those that aren't ready to rise up to the next level. It's what you do after losing that title that proves whether or not you can handle the big leagues. I've already beat veterans and Hall of Famers. I almost defeated the former Answers World Champion in Norman Hellion and I have already beaten the likes of Starr-Stan and Dark Demon before. I know that I can hang with all of them and I know for certain that I can do much more than just hang with you...

I'm going all out this Saturday, Stark, and I'm going to make sure that I beat you and then I'm going to win that Spartan Cup. It's about time that I prove the doubters wrong and show that I still have the Midas Touch.

This is the beginning of King Midas' redemption.
Voltage 5/10

The camera opens up inside a modest hotel room accommodated with twin beds, a night stand, and a TV only known of existing presently by it's florescent glow lighting up the otherwise dark room.  On one bed, sprawled out on the comforter with the remote in his hand and a cigar in his mouth, lays Barney M. Bailey, reclining in his atypical business casual.  On the other bed, beneath a sea of covers and pillows, lay a hump that could be presumed to be none other than Percy, sleeping as sound as he is when awake.

BMB: It seems like an opportunity has presented itself to me and my clientele.  'Cash in the Vault', now don't that sound just hip and swanky?  I don't pretend to know much about the business of wrestling, but I know that cash is king in any profession.  They tell me that in this case, it assures me a title shot for my client at any hour of the day, regardless to whatever predisposed situation the champion might be in.  He could be taking a dumpski before the show, maybe, or getting dressed to appear on Carson, or maybe even sleeping in his hotel room.  As long as we've got a licensed official on-hand, it's hunting season.  Now we tried to get Percy registered, but they said he did poorly on the oral part of the testing.  I also tried to muscle some of the zebras around here, but I found out they were union and backed off.  I, myself, choose not to busy myself with too many legally binding documents that could trace certain 3rd parties back to me, so I guess that means when we beat Jamie O'Hara and move on to the ladder match and win it, yes, I said WIN it, the only place you ain't safe, champ, is in the ring on any given night.

Barney pulls the cigar out of his mouth, flicking off the ashes on the night stand, before balancing it on the edge, just teetering haphazardly above the floor.

BMB: That brings us to you, Jamie.  You're a stand up guy from what I hear in the scuttlebutt. A little full of yourself, granted, but that kinda negates me hating the straight laced attribute a bit.  I like an ego, ego's healthy.  Who else is going to believe you are the best if you don't act like it? But an ego's kinda hard to manage, if you catch my drift.  Kid's gettin' an ego lately, rackin' up wins, managed to beat a champ without even really layin' a hand on'er.  Although I think it's given him sorta a screw loose over this Maddie dame.  And that's my point; one person's nice to the kid and he starts pickin' out wallpaper for their kid's room.  He needed a bit of humblin', so I sent him ten blocks over for takeout that I ain't even sure is there.  Maybe that's what a little smart mouth know-it-all like you needs, O'Hara, maybe you need to take the loss that blowhards like Tarah Nova and Hades took.  Maybe you need to be grounded a li'l and reminded which way's up, and that you ain't quite there yet, kid.  See, I don't like bein' made light of, and I caught your tone in that ring, that condescending ring in your voice.  You think you're better'n me? My glorified delivery boy's scraped pepperonis off the bottom of his converse biggah than you!  If I had a dime (which I do, by the way, just in case sharks are circlin') for every time my kid knocked some pretender down to his level only to slap'em in da mouth, I'd have (and again, I do, I swear I'm good for it) a for-

Suddenly, a blinding light pours into the room, cutting off Bailey.  The camera pans over to the hotel room's door, where Pizza Boy stands in the doorway, not so ironically, holding a pizza.

PB: What's going on?  I came back to the arena to find you guys after you sent me out for a pie after my match, and when I come back,the show's over and everyone's left...why's that camera man here?

The camera pans over to Bailey for answers, Bailey shrugs, the camera quickly pans back over to PB, whose now got one eyebrow raised as he cuts his eyes at Barney suspiciously.

PB: This isn't another one of those videos with you and the girls in Goodwill clothes...is it?

BMB: No, no, no, nothin' like that, kid.

PB: Because I'm pretty sure most of those girls were too young to understand that fanny packs don't literally go-

BMB: HEY KID! Let's uh, step outside n' talk for a moment, okay?  And ex ney on the inors mey...

Barney shoots out of bed, causing Percy to stir, only to seemingly roll over in his mass grave of lenins.  Barney rushes to the kid's side, snagging him by the arm, leading PB out the door, dropping the pizza as they exit to the hallway and slam the door behind them, leaving the camera man alone only to listen to the whispered breathing of Percy, the nearly muted opening theme of Sanford and Son on the TV, and the faint hints of arguing coming from the hallway.  Just as the camera man seems to be willing to cut his losses and take in what Fred and Lamont might argue over next, PB comes bursting through the door, slamming it in the face of Barney mid-objection.  He storms toward the bed, putting his foot clear through the pizza box in passing, and treading cheese all the way to the bed, where he kneels and bows his head silently for a moment, before raising up his head and taking notice of the camera once again.

PB: It seems that while I was sent to do a fool's errand in retrieving pizza in a country not necessarily known for it's deep dish or bread sticks, my manager put me in a qualifying match against a man far more skilled, and qualified I might add, to go into a ladder match and retrieve a World Title contract.  This...this has greatly upset me, as you may have gathered by the tense and meandering tone of my voice.  But now that I'm left to collect my thoughts on this matter, it comes to my attention that Jamie and I aren't really all that different.  We stand the same height, we go to the same barber it seems, and many consider us both, for better or worse on my account, 'the future of EAW.'  Now coming from a guy whose entire life is a giant weight of pressure hoisted on his shoulders by a madman who can't gamble in this century for some reason, I'd like to confide in Jamie something that he already knows; If either of us lose this match, we really can't go home with our heads held high.  You wont, because you gave up one aspiration to fulfill a bigger one, took a chance in life and set out to do what every guy like you who eats, breathes, and sleeps wrestling wants to do from the first day of their training, and that's become THE champion.  And if a guy like me beats someone like you with so much potential and so much on the line, I'd dare say it'd be a bruise to your ego and a step back for your career.  I'm in no disillusions as to what I am.  I'm the sideshow freak people cheer for, but really don't want as champion.  But you?  You're 'tomorrow's legend', like that's really what people refer to you as.  You're a bright future for the business, whereas I'm an Orwellian dystopia for wrestling purists, but that doesn't mean that I'm laying down for you.  That doesn't mean that there isn't something on the line for me.  My idiot manager put me in this match with the ludicrous intent of having me win the title off of a real life sleeping wrestler after bribing a hotel clerk and a referee.  I'm not certain that's how this cash in the vault things works, but I know that for Barney to have that much desperation in him to make a quick buck, we must be in some serious financial crisis. I think his exact phrasing out there was 'if I end up with a pair of cement shoes and a lakeside view over this, I'm taking you down with me.'  My cause isn't noble, my motives aren't pure, and I don't really like what I'm going to have to do in order to stop the rat pack from swarming in on us and making us a thing of the past that no one's aloud to talk about.  The joke's over and the fix is in, Jamie.  If I don't beat you, and then incidentally, win the Cash in the Vault ladder match, it's the end of me. And I know if you don't win, and I go on to fulfill my task at hand, it's pretty much the death of wrestling's future, and I'm a selfish man, Jamie, I'm selfish because I'm a coward. I will throw professional wrestling under the bus if it means saving my own skin.  I wont be happy about it...oh god, what will Maddie think of me?...but it has to be done.  And I suppose the only way that I can make it up to you when I beat you is by becoming more than the butt of every EAW locker room and chatboard joke.  In 7 days, Tomorrow starts for one of us, and dies for the other.  I wish it weren't this way, but what's done to set the future in motion is irreversible.  On May 10th, a new page will be scribed in the history books for one of us, while the other falls into the abyss of obscurity, leaving little more than a footnote to a future that might've been.  It's kill or be killed time, and when it comes to being left on the cutting room floor, there isn't a 5 second rule.

PB wipes his eyes and nose with his forearm, discarding any accumulated teardrops or snot, before rising and heading toward the door.  He's stopped in his tracks when he reaches the former pizza box/current cheese oozing crater on the floor. He examines the trail of cheese leading from it, to the bed, and back to the heel of his shoe, before picking it up, opening the hotel room door, and slamming it into the chest of Barney M. Bailey before his manager can get a word out of his mouth, and storms off.  Barney peels the pizza off of his shirt, examining the perfectly circular grease stain it's left behind, along with a few toppings.


[PB's far away voice]: To the gym!  Wake Percy and send him down.  I've got work to put in...

Barney hops up and down angrily, spiking the pizza box into the concrete, before yanking off his own hairpiece and tossing it across the room at Percy, whom rises out of his cave of blankets as gingerly as a sleepy sloth.


The camera cuts to black just as Percy lowers back into his sheet palace and rolls over with a bear like groan as Bailey storms off in the direction of PB
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A rat emerges from a small hole in the baseboards.  As he pokes his head out seeking freedom, he turns and runs down the curvature of the wall.  Breaking for the center of the room, the rodent runs directly into the palms of a kneeling Salot...

Salot: I can relate to you... we are crude, we feast on the left behind.  We also differ in many ways.  You have a family, but I am a vagabond.  My bond to the macabre is the only love that I know

As he  kneels, Salot slowly opens his tightly gripped palm; releasing the rat. As the stream of smoke rolls from a lit stick of Nag Champa , "Black Death" reflects....

Salot: I will inflict pain upon all in my path.   I plan to begin my day Sunday, May 10th with a brunch of the grief and agony sustained by the family and loved ones of Bourbon Lancaster.. You see, that day is celebrated in America as "Mother's Day"... something in which I have never known.   My mother was a prostitute in Manila, and my father a convicted serial rapist career criminal... I like how the thoughts of it make me hurt.  I will pass this pain and hardship amongst you all, and cast a dark cloud over ShowDown and the reputation of it's Championships... A curse has been placed upon YOU, young Bourboun.   Your stomach will twitch, and your eyes will swell, as your body temperature will lift with vengeance in a brutal fever.... The fear will run as deep as the smallest symbiote or blood cell in your waste of human existance... as it soon will for you all.   The evil seed has sprouted, and the fruit of destruction is sweet...

Taking a seat, Salot pulls out a large cigar, removing the tip with his teeth.  As he lights, and takes a large draw of the thick smoke, he has mental visions of classic rioting, and looting; Agent Orange spreading on a crowded street, accompanied by the sounds of a perishing soul...

Salot: Saturday... ShowDown.... will burn!

The feed cracks, bouncing between the exhaling of smoke from the nostrils and mouth of Salot. A devilish grin intact, he is ready to sacrifice his physical being to capture victory and spread his dark works to all..  
Dynasty Promo 1

Guess you weren't expecting that huh Brody? I mean, did the good doctor inform you of my past? I am guessing not as I walked away the victor in the match and shocked everyone of my ways. I've proven I can fight clean, but sometimes you gotta switch things up to make it interesting. You might have brute strength, but I have brains. Always ten steps ahead Brody, remember that. I was determined to walk out a winner and show you ain't the monster you make yourself out to be. Nah...you're just another human with the ability to lose like everyone else. And you lose well I must admit. Your doctor still has a lot to teach you and there he was thinking I had problems...what a moron.

Enough about those two. I did what I did and got a win, coming off a loss at Grand Rampage the previous week. Now, this Friday night at Dynasty, I take on someone I haven't yet faced in EAW, this being the same for Brody, although the man I square off against this week is actually talented. Jacob Senn - The Fabled Conqueror: a former heavyweight champion and someone who has a dominant presence in this company. We also share something in common: our dislike for Tiberius Jones and wanting to exact revenge. For me, TJ's little bitch friend, Joseph Anubis saved Jones by placing his foot on the rope when I had him pinned for the three count. For Senn, he lost his chance at becoming heavyweight champion as Tiberius interrupted the match and then blinded Senn. This is something that almost occurred with me, but Jacob made the save and stopped it from happening. Something I am still trying to figure out...why as I am a hated man of this company, be rescued from a man who doesn't know me and would think, doesn't respect me? I am the last person to have an ally, but had Senn not returned at that moment in time, I would have been taken out of the picture. I am thankful towards you Jacob, but again, it raises more questions than answers. At the same time, as much as I am thankful and have thrown some respect your way, this match on Friday is an important one to secure and win. I've been watching tape of your matches trying to gain an understanding of your style and what's at stake. Your match against Vance was a battle, but one you lost to. So you'll be determined to win against me. It's going to be a showcase of talents: who's the better man? Who can one-up the other and claim a win. This isn't about hatred or even dislike for one another, it's just straight up wrestling and the ability to be the best. I am the individual you need to overcome and show you can stop me. Nobody thought I could defeat Brody, but I made the impossible, possible. The show is in the ring and that's where I leave it all on the mat: blood, sweat and triumphs.

Senn - don't confused, we'll still be fighting and I am still not sure WHY you saved me, but maybe one day I'll get the answer. I should still be a champion and there's a lot of anger I carry and a determination to be better. Everybody talks about being the best in the world or the greatest of all time, but they don't put the work in...there's no effort and it becomes a title then an actual achievement or accolade. I am going to show everyone how possible it is. If I can defeat you Senn...my stock jumps up and all eyes are on me. 

Let's put on a hell of a match, one that gets people talking and believing again - that the greats and best in the worlds do exist.
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Showdown Promo
You don’t deserve to be the EAW Champion – something that has seemed to become something not so unfamiliar. I’ve been called a man that, while I may hold the EAW Championship, I do not hold the right to call myself a champion. I’m told that I stole this championship, that I never earned it. It was riding off Dark Demon’s legacy that got me into the position that I find myself in today; that if it wasn’t for that Cash in the Vault, the name Xavier Williams wouldn’t be near the top of EAW, let alone stand at the top as it’s champion. The chase to becoming champion is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Being given the chance to watch as a man scratches and claws his way towards the pinnacle of this business; watching the wars that they’re put through. Overcoming all odds being placed in their way as their forced to place their bodies through pain once thought impossible… leading to the one moment that all their hard work has been for. Diamond Cage is the perfect example of this. The world watched and loved as Diamond Cage scratched and clawed his way through unsurmountable odds to stand at the top of this company as the EAW Champion; the world watched as he fought with every piece of his heart and soul against DEDEDE, after DEDEDE ripped his family away from him. We watched as he walked into Starr Stan’s own environment at Pain for Pride and walked out with his head held high. The world watched in anticipation as Diamond Cage walked into that Elimination Chamber with his sights directly set on this EAW Championship; the world watched as he overcame that Panzer Tank known as Lannister to finally, FINALLY grasp onto something that the world thought he deserved a long time ago. The world watched a moment that will never be forgotten unfold. That’s what it really means to be a true champion, right; fighting through battle after battle, war after war to stand at the top of this company, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you deserve to be the Answers World, World Heavyweight or EAW Champion. People say that I stole the EAW Championship at Reckless Wiring when I capitalized on two men that were leaving everything that they had in that ring, in the form of both Diamond Cage and the Heart Break Boy. I didn’t fight the good fight. I walked out, took advantage of the situation and cashed in that Cash in the Vault. I never did what a true champion is meant to do. I’m a thief, right? What I did was wrong, right? One thing that I’ve come to learn throughout my short tenure in this business is that, when everybody is telling me that I’m wrong, I know with every fibre of my being, that I am right.
But, Tyler, I really have to say that, in all honesty, I’m really not that surprised. Did I expect a little creativity; sure, but, in all, I got what I expected. You have us a history lesson; everything that lead to you capturing that first World Heavyweight Championship at Road to Redemption. You showed a remarkable amount of heart that can never be taken away from you, but Tyler, look at the bigger picture. I want you to ask yourself a little question; if Brian Daniels doesn’t leave EAW weeks after capturing that same championship that sits on your shoulder now, what happens to everything that seemed like a fairy tale? What happens to that historic win at Road to Redemption? What happens to that first World Heavyweight Championship reign that you cherish more than a lot of things in this business? Poof, it’s gone. It becomes nothing more than a dream of yours that could have happened. Brian would have walked into Road to Redemption as the World Heavyweight Champion after overcoming Kevin Devastation at Shock Value, in the original Main Event and walked back out with that World Heavyweight Championship held high in the air. What would have become of you, my friend? Tyler Parker would have been nothing more than a man that’s still waiting for his moment. You can take that however you want, because no matter what you say or what you think, nothing makes that any less true. I’ve watched you for a long, long time, Tyler; just like I watched a lot of people when I first entered this company back in the later part of 2013. I intently watched as Team EAW stood toe to toe with Scott Diamond’s Ironfist. I watched as both Diamond Cage and Methuselah were the last two men standing in the middle of all the destruction was caused throughout that match; I watched that little temper tantrum of yours against Killswitch, that had quite the possibility of costing EAW the future it has now and yet, you’ll sit there and act as if you’re a man with the right to say that you saved it. You stand in front of thousands with a big smile across your face. You’re a man of the people, Tyler! That’s the gist of it, right? You look through that exterior of yours, Tyler; you begin to see that you’re actually quite a bitter man. You say that you once respected me, when we both know that never really did. You said it yourself; I’m nothing more than a creation at the hands of Dark Demon. Without Demon, I wouldn’t be in the position that I find myself today. I wouldn’t be the EAW Champion. I wouldn’t be standing near the top of EAW as the unquestioned Face of Elite – I’d still be nothing more than a man that’s still trying to do everything he can to get out of the New Breed. I mean, Tyler, how could anyone in your position; how could anyone that looks at himself as highly as you do, possibly respect someone like me. They couldn’t, could they?
You look at everything that I’ve accomplished throughout my short time in EAW and it makes you absolutely sick to your stomach. The fact that I was the man that pulled what was left of Dark Demon out of that hole at Territorial Invasion to win Zack Crash this company and not you, makes you absolutely sick to your stomach. The fact that you needed Lucian Black to save you when you were on the brink of being eliminated in that Elimination Chamber at Road to Redemption, at my hand, makes your absolutely sick to your stomach; the fact that I accomplished something that you worked all those years for, in the form of a World Championship, in less than half the time, burns you down to your very core. You’ll sit there and profess that I don’t deserve to hold this EAW Championship; you’ll look at yourself in the mirror and see a man that deserves, without a shadow of a doubt, to be the World Heavyweight Champion, when you really don’t. That man that stands so proud needed DEDEDE to drag him out of the dirt when he was at his lowest point. If it wasn’t for DEDEDE handing you that grand opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship at King of Elite, the same week that you found yourself losing to a man that’s won a handful of matches in the matter of six months, where would you be now? You definitely wouldn’t be standing here as the World Heavyweight Champion, would you? No, you’d still be a man that continued to be crushed under the pressure to once again to become what he once was. You were given that grand opportunity at the World Heavyweight Champion and you capitalized completely. You won the World Heavyweight Championship and the next week, you forced Psycho Brody to earn a chance at your title. You weren’t willing to give a man that was in the same position that you were, just a mere week before, the same grand chance that you were. He had to attempt to physically break you for that chance to become the World Heavyweight Championship. But, as I said, behind that exterior of yours, there’s a very bitter man inside. I mean, why would you give him the same chance that you were? I mean, you’re Tyler Parker! You’re the Liege of Light! You the man that compares himself to the likes of Jaywalker, DEDEDE, Y2Impact and the Heart Break Boy! Why should you have to hand an opportunity to the lower scum of this company like Psycho Brody? People should have to earn the opportunity to face you, Tyler!
But, when it all really comes down to it, this week means a whole lot more than just another big match. Two World Champions and Co-Winners of the Grand Rampage being in the same match may never happen again. It’s a chance to prove to the world: who truly deserves to stand at the top of EAW and who doesn’t. I haven’t said much about Devan Dubian, because quite frankly, I don’t have the need. I’ve proven that I’ve always been a step ahead of him in the past and god knows that nothing has changed. I heard you call yourself the true World Champion of EAW those weeks ago, Tyler. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and it’s all said and done, you’ll understand why I truly am the Best in the World. Good luck, my friends, it’s just a shame that you’re going to need a whole lot more than luck to walk out of Showdown with your heads held high.
The Kelway Hotel

Port Elizabeth, South Africa 

Instead of this relaxing pool and other luxurious accommodations abound, Carlos Rosso has holed himself up inside the Hotel’s expansive gym complex, preparing for his encounter with Hurricane Hawk on this week’s episode of Dynasty. EAW interviewers and a camera crew tried to get a word with the former Interwire and Tag Team champion late this evening during one of his training sessions. 

**Carlos Rosso is seen training in an octagon ring that he specifically demanded built to train in on short notice. Before the interviewer can approach the octagon to try to get a word, they attempt to speak to Carlos’s manager, Poison.**

Interviewer: Excuse me, Miss Poison, may we have a word with you? 

Poison: Go away. Carlos isn’t talking to reporters this week. He’s done talking period. And it’s not some “psychological condition” like his supposed “FRIEND” GI Styles. He frankly is tired of repeating himself to idiots like you, Hurricane Hawk, GI Styles and…well, the general public. He’s focused on doing one thing and that beating the shit out of Hurricane Hawk Friday Night in Cape Town. 

Interviewer: The EAW Universe would be really interested in what Carlos has to say about…..

Poison: Shut it. We don’t care what you want words about? Carlos has bled, given sweat, cried tears for his place trying to please the EAW Universe. He tried to be a hero for them. He tried to atone for his past. You people mocked him, tried to make him out a joke. You wrote articles about his injuries to the point fans were thinking he was about to retire. Every time you and your little journalists friends gather, the talk is always about Tyler Parker or Hurricane Hawk or GI Styles or Lucian Black. Why do you not talk about Carlos? He has not lost in over a month now and he has to sit around and WAIT why Tyler Parker runs off to whatever cesspool Showdown is visiting this week. We really don’t care WHAT the people want anymore. But…BUT….since I’m in a good mood and I am perfectly in sync with Carlos Rosso’s thoughts, opinions and plans, I will give you the answers you want. Now….what do you want, scrawny bastard? 

Interviewer: Well, the first thing obviously many Dynasty fans are wondering is why Carlos came out to the ring during GI’s match with Lucian? 

Poison: I thought Carlos was clear about this: Because he CAN. He didn’t intend to come out there and attack GI Styles. We simply wanted him aware of Carlos’s presence is all. Carlos isn’t a difficult person to anger and just wanted to make GI full aware that Carlos will find him if he tries to get in Carlos’s business. Better yet, I’ll find him myself. This can all be resolved, all be resolved if he just faced Carlos, apologized for his actions and shook his hand. That’s all we want from what happened at Grand Rampage. We know there was going to be a time for the two of them to fight, but we didn’t want it to end as stupidly and sadly as it did. It really wasn’t necessary.

Interviewer: Hurricane Hawk is one of the all time greats, a true EAW Legend. He’s said that Carlos is a “disgrace to the industry” and an “easy work” for him. That he would “kneel before him on one knee” among other things. He doesn’t seem to think of Carlos as competition for him. How do you and Carlos respond to this? 

Poison: Hawky is apparently leaving the nest a little late at night and getting drunk. He talks about how Carlos isn’t a match for him and how he’s dedicated towards winning his first World Title since American Reconstruction or whenever it was he won a belt, but we have said since the match was made: When has he ever been able to beat Carlos? When has he been able to stand in a ring and go toe to toe with him in singles, tag team, whatever? He talks about how GI carried Carlos, but I don’t recall Carlos needing his help over a year ago, dispatching him in a tournament to win the Interwire Championship. I think Carlos and I have discovered that Hawk is a very well-schooled person on REVISIONIST HISTORY. He TWISTS and MANGLES the narrative to fit the picture HE wants to paint. What’s that crappy news outlet in the US again? CNN ,Fox News…..whichever….anyway the point is that while he wants to point to Carlos never winning a World Championship, all we have to do is say that he’s never, EVER, EVER, been able to beat Carlos Rosso. We’ve checked all the record books. 

Interviewer: Hurricane Hawk has made a big deal of questioning Carlos’s in-ring style, saying Carlos isn’t as real as he “thinks” he is.

Poison: Hawky-boy himself should know just how REAL Carlos is. Carlos Rosso is, and has been for some time, the most complete wrestler in the world. His wrestling is superb from a catch wrestling standpoint. His submission and striking skills have substantially improved. Submission victories are fairly rare in EAW and my client has two since he’s come back from his injuries. We really encourage Hawk to go look at the recent tape that Carlos has put out from matches of late. He’s finding his groove in the ring once more unlike Hawk who…….comes back for Pain for Pride, gets his paycheck, leaves. Gets his Pain for Pride paycheck, leaves……..There’s been a lot of talk in the locker room of parasites who take away money and resources from younger talent. Some people like to say my client and FRIEND Carlos is one of those parasites, but you’re looking at one of them when you look at Hawk. How can fans still be excited to see him? He comes and goes like the wind! It’s lose to Dedede, go back into retirement. Lose to Carlos, go back into retirement. Lose to Carlos, go back into retirement. That pattern will continue Friday night, he will LOSE to Carlos and go back into RETIREMENT. Is this clear enough for your thick-headed EAW Universe? 

Interviewer: Is there anything that Hawk can do that concerns you? At all?

Poison: No. Not a thing. And I heard in that little talk he said that he was going to SUBMIT Carlos? He is smoking some serious spice if he thinks that he is quick enough, ring-savvy enough, and talented enough to submit Carlos……do you know what Alchemy is? 

Interviewer: What? 

Poison: Alchemy. Do you know what it is? 

Interviewer: Uhh…..pseudo-science that was used in the past to try to turn things like lead into gold?

Poison: Close enough. Hawk wants us to reach for gold? This is what we’re going to do: Carlos Rosso is going to rip off one of his arms or maybe one of his legs. We’re going to turn that into a makeshift golden belt and keep it as a trophy until the match that Carlos deserves, a match for the World Heavyweight Championship takes place. Once Carlos WINS that match, we are going to take that arm or that leg, even though it’s glittering and shining from being turned into our golden trophy, and throw that in the same garbage pile that the rest of Mr. Hurricane Hawk is going to be in. Carlos is going to fucking murder him. Do you understand. Carlos is going to OBLITERATE this pompous, arrogant, come-to-EAW-Two-Months-Out-Of-The-Year-To-Earn-A-Paycheck MOTHERFUCKER. Is he going to suplex him to death? I don’t know. Is he going to knee his head off? I don’t care. Is he going to make him tap out or break one of his limbs to the point he can’t continue? I don’t………hmmmmmm?

::Poison’s attention is turned away from the interviewer as she hears some commotion in the octagon. Carlos has a sparring opponent up in the Gotch-Style Piledriver, also known as the Cradle Piledriver, position and brings him crashing down to the mat, rendering him unconscious. As soon as the trainer reffing the fight sees it, he pushes Carlos back before he can do more.::

Poison: Gotch–Style piledriver. I see that Carlos has decided to bring back an old favorite. While Carlos fancies himself as a hybrid wrestler, he’s actually very old school with some of his methods. Look at that, a simple piledriver. One of the most devastating maneuvers in wrestling. Carlos is getting the itch to use it in EAW like he’s done elsewhere. I don’t think I can think of a more fitting person to use it on than Hawk for it’s debut. 

Interviewer: Why him?

Poison: Simple: Karl Gotch, the namesake of this particular piledriver, was so revered in Japan that the Suplex that GI Styles uses and the piledriver that Carlos just employed were named in his honor. They called him “Kamisama”….God of Wrestling. It’s fitting that God’s Wrath itself will be used to cut down the haughty Hawk. He’s not the bird he thinks he is. He’s merely Icarus…..the foolish boy who flew too close to the sun and fell because his wax and feather wings came undone. That’s all we have to say right now….get out of here so I can train Carlos in peace…..GO ON…SHOO!

::Poison pushes the interviewer and his crew out of the training area just as another nervous sparing partner is locked in the cage with an expressionless Carlos.:: 
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
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[Vance Tybull is seen backstage after his match with Jacob Senn, sitting on a bench and sweating profusely, drinking a water bottle while he gets his breathing under control. He pants with every couple words.]

Vance: So here I stand, or rather sit, as the victor. The match I just had is without a doubt the most exhilarating match I’ve had so far in EAW, and the fact that I emerged the victor made it all the sweeter. This is what I came to EAW for. But as I walked backstage, I saw somebody heading out to the stage. It was Tiberius Jones and his manager, Joseph Anubis. As I passed by him in guerrilla, I shot him a glance, and he had this cocksure grin on his face. Like he had it all figured out:  Life, his plan of attack when it comes to Jacob Senn, everything. It frankly disgusted me. So I looked away, and I looked down at the gold he had resting on his person.

Enough with Jones, though. He can worry about Jacob Senn for now. This week, I’ve been given off, and been told to reflect on my road going forward. My road going forward? What an interesting question. What does the future hold in store for Vance Tybull after such a huge win against an established name like Jacob Senn, and on top of it, polishing off my tenth win in succession here in EAW while somehow managing to avoid defeat. Not very many rookies come along and accomplish such a feat, so it’s rare to see such a predicament. But I know exactly what I’m going to do. And on Dynasty, I’m going to let the entire world know exactly what my intentions are. But do you want a little taste?

I’m shooting for the stars. I’m aiming to be the most impactful rookie this company has ever seen. Showdown is having this “Spartan Cup” to showcase the greatest rookies that have come along in the last ten months on Showdown. You want to know why Dynasty wasn’t included? Because I’m without a god damn doubt the greatest rookie in the last ten months to have come along on Dynasty. Name one other rookie who’s been able to accomplish what I have in such a short period of time, in that time frame, and you’ll be sorely mistaken, friend. If you think I’m being cocky, just look at my record and compare it to theirs and see the cold, hard, unmistakable facts. Say it with me now... "Ten... and... Zero."

I’m growing listless just doing nothing but taking on opponent after opponent. They provide me with great challenge… but I want more. I want something more than to just be a sensational rookie, I want to be the best rookie. I desire to accomplish what very few have been able to accomplish in their rookie year in EAW. I’m setting the precedent by which the rest of my career is going to be laid on right now, and I want it to be a foundation of gold. I’ve already proven why I stand out among the rest of the newbies here in EAW, and now it’s time for me to show the world why I’m not just above the average rookie, but that I’m going to change the face of EAW forever. Because that’s exactly what I intend on doing. And on Dynasty? You’ll see EXACTLY what I mean.
The camera fades into Hurricane Hawk sitting inside of a room filled with luxurious things such as flat-screen TVs, watches encrusted with diamonds, iPhones, iWatches, and more. He's wearing a wolf-grey suit with flashy shoes. He looks around smiling while holding a big wad of money as he looks over into the camera with a huge smirk on his face as he settles down beginning to stand up with a calm expression as the words of Carlos replay in his mind as he gets himself together to speak. He breathes in slowly and shows off his million dollar smile. Hurricane Hawk sits the money down on a table.

You know.. my most prized possession is the money that I oh so deserve. The money that I've earned. There's only one reason that I still am in this business and that's for the checks that are cut and signed with my name on them. Of course.. I do this for the love of myself knowing that I can make it anywhere in this business without anyone stopping especially Carlos Rosso. No way in the world will he ever defeat me in any sense. Carlos you're bragging about a victory that's irrelevant. A tag team victory.. are you serious? Without GI Styles you couldn't even lay a finger on me. Beating me for you is impossible and perfection is no longer a standard for me it's a goal. As a matter of fact, I AM perfection. I see things that no others can't see. I see my future in my hands.. I see the money flowing into my pocket. The 0s add up in my bank account every time I step into that ring and with someone of your stature they're just making it too easy for me. I'm not a fish Carlos.. you're the mini minnow fish waiting to be eaten by a shark like me. I'm not trapped inside the aquarium I'm in the ocean free-ranging... to make this easier for you I'm in this business walking along my path and when people like you cross me.. you just end up always regretting it. I don't want to hear about how you've beaten me in the past THIS IS THE PRESENT.. and if you haven't realized things have changed. I've evolved I'm not the same "punching bag" that you think I used to be but I'm the most skilled and highest paid elitist that this business has to offer. YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL.. that you even are GRACED by my presence in that ring. In this business Carlos.. you're no where near my wolf pack but you shall see me as the Alpha... while you just stand as a Beta. I've earned my spot in this business and holding small little titles like the Interwire Championship does do anything for you. Carlos you said you brought prestige to that title? Please.. the only thing you did was bring worst to it's legacy. You disrespected that championship by holding it. There is no gold for you to reach for Carlos.. there will never be.. but for me. I buy gold like it's nothing.. in this business I win gold. I take it from those who don't deserve it. I destroy who ever stands in my way and I keep it at that. Carlos you can easily take one knee right now and see me as a king. This is like a game of chess Carlos.. strategic.. but I'm in your mind getting ready to go for the kill and once you think you've made the one move correct.. wrong.. CHECKMATE. You have to surrender. No no no.. I'm going to MAKE YOU GIVE UP. I'm tired of hearing all of the crap about how you're going to make me apology and your so tough. If you were so tough why are you still as low as you are. WHY CAN'T YOU REACH FOR THE REAL GOLD HUH? You couldn't win a world title if your life depended on it. You aren't as real as you think you are Carlos. You've been in this business for years now and this is your first time being consistent and now you think that you're just some "kick ass" mixed martial artist. Kiss my ass. I don't believe a damn word you say. You think you're just going to get in the ring and toss me around like a salad but nothing is going down like that. What's going to happen on Dynasty is that I'm going to show how much better I am than you.. how much more experienced I am than you.. and obviously how much more ready I am than you. Because once I pass you in that ring I'm going higher above you until I get what I finally want.. not just the paycheck but that world championship that I've been waiting for for the longest time. I'm not going to buy my way up in this business.. I don't need it because I know for a fact that I can earn it and with elitist like you Carlos.. you're just easy work for me. This is almost as easy as walking across a bridge. You are NO match for me and I'm going to prove that on Dynasty when you step inside of that ring with me. You aren't Floyd Mayweather and this would never be a first round knockout unless you're referring to yourself being knocked out. You Carlos.. you're an embarrassment to this business and any other promotion that you've been. It's not that I can't touch.. I don't want to touch you because you're so far below me that I'm afraid of being pulled back down into a downward spiral. I'm ready to move on.. to move upwards and to prove that I am one of the greatest here. So if you excuse me.. not only do I have money to count, but I have another head to prepare to put on my wall.

Hurricane Hawk smirks as he moves out of the way and on the wall above the TV is a label for Carlos Rosso as Hurricane Hawk points to it and the camera starts to fade out.
[Clark is drinking Red Bull as he paces around his hotel room]

Ah yes Vienna, the capital of Austria, a country famous for music, architecture, skiing, Sigmund Freud and Red Bull. An interesting mix, that's for sure. You know, that's a bit like this situation I find myself in. The Spartan Cup has an interesting mix of cats all vying for the coveted prize. The choice to choose what they're doing at Pain for Pride. That's EAW grandest stage of them all. Like a lot of people, I hoard ambitions of being one of the three big champions in EAW. However, I honestly believe I would be foolish to use the prize to main event the big one. The ol' curriculum vitae needs building. I don't have much to show for it.

I walked out of Reasonable Doubt a loser, but I dominated the match.

I walked out of Grand Rampage a loser, but I fought tooth and nail for the title.

I'll walk out of Pain for Pride a winner, you heard it here first.

[Clark smirks and walks on to the balcony of the hotel room and absorbs the scenery before continuing to speak]

I've already congratulated Stark... Starkman... whatever he calls himself these days. Admittedly, I'm gutted not to be New Breed Champion, but there's no point letting it get me down. I'm man enough to admit that Stark grew as a competitor during our little feud, that was plain to see. The Stark that got ousted from the battle royal before Reasonable Doubt and the Stark that won at Grand Rampage were two different people. In fact, in the exact same way I have evolved as a force on Showdown.

[Clark guzzles some more Red Bull and proceeds to speak once more]

So, to advance in this Spartan Cup, Troy Archello stands in my way. What do I know about Troy? Nothing. Honestly, I don't know a thing about Troy Archello. Tell me Troy, why will you advance in this Spartan Cup? What makes you believe you'll beat Clark Duncan? I don't think you can. Tell me why I should reserve judgement. You see Troy, dealing with Stark and Jamie O'Hara taught me a lot about this roster. Everyone is as bad as the next guy. Are you above the ex and or current New Breed Champion? I am. I've beaten Stark. Sure, I haven't done so on free-per-view, but both those matches were me dominating proceedings. I showcased plenty of ability. They were multi-man matches. Stark? He couldn't beat me one one one. He was able to hide. When people have somewhere to hide or others to cop their whack, it makes their job easier. That's how Stark gets by. I haven't won a lot of matches thus far, but my record is great when its mano e mano, Troy. Ventura, Diemos, Stark... they can all attest to that, and soon, you will be able to do the same. You can say you were no match for Clark Duncan.

[Clark finishes his Red Bull and looks at how high from the ground he is and laughs]

I'm not R.Kelly, I don't believe I can fly. Red Bull is supposed to give you wings, but I'm not stupid. However, what I am is somebody that you shouldn't underestimate. Don't fall into the trap of saying "oh, you're just a comedian Clark", that's what happens every damn time. And you know what? Everyone who said that got what was coming to them. Everybody who said that thought they were being funny. I'm a wrestler and a funny man so you I do two things particularly well. I win in the ring and then have the last laugh. No joke.

[Clark spins around and sees a bin, he squashes the can of Red Bull and throws it like a frisbee, sinks it and celebrates]
You know what they say, "Another week, another match." Well, while this is another match, the details about every possible scenario this match could have are what I'm looking at right now. Every since I've stepped foot into this company, something has not been clicking. I've tried to deny it and ignore it so I wouldn't have to acknowledge it, but it's become an on-going problem and I'm working on fixing that little problem. I look back at what has been, to be honest, an embarrassment to be called a career. I've only been here for a few months, but I haven't made those few months mean anything and that has been my ultimate failure. I'm not proud of it and I can't change it. It's etched the history books of professional wrestling. What I can do is make up for it. When I was younger, adults used to always tell me that, if you ignore someone or something, it goes away and the problem will be solved while you'll be one step closer to a mature adult. Over these past few months, I've learned that was a damn lie because my problem hasn't gone away. It's still here and it just proves that ignorance leads things from bad to worse. If you ignore a bully, they won't go away. They won't stop. They would continue to pick on you until you fight back and that was what I should have done. Ignorance got me nowhere and now I know what I have to do to Cyrus this Friday.

Oh Cyrus, this week won't be your week. I've had my share of failures, but I'll be damned if I lose to someone that has yet to debut. That would just add to my list of embarrassments, but I had a little more than a week to think about it and game plan. This isn't football, but this is a strategic sport and, when it comes to strategies, I always try to bring only the best out from my mind. Evidently, sometimes it doesn't work, but it's called a lesson, just like the lesson I'm going to give you about failure. You're not going to win this match, but don't get discouraged. You can still get a kick out of being in this company depending on your level of dedication. Mine is at an all time high right now and it can't be contained. I'm in the best shape I've ever been in right now and I'm looking to be at the peak of intelligence by Dynasty, which is more than what I can say for you. I can tell by your highly impractical resume that you can't tell a headlock from a regular lock. You can't distinguish the difference between a professional wrestling ring and an engagement ring. You can't contrast a professional wrestling clothesline from a clothesline used to dry clothes. And now, I'm suppose to believe that you're spreading a virus? Let's be real here, everyone in EAW spreads a virus. It's called losing, but it occurs at different intervals. That's why we actually have champions in this company. Unless you're talking about losing, I can't come up with an accurate definition of what you mean by spreading a virus, but I'm sure the only clue you're going to give out is that I'll experience it on Dynasty, right?

We both need this match for similar reasons. I need it because I need someone to give my losng streak to and, while I wish it was someone much more known than you, I'll settle for you THIS TIME. If I win this match, I can at least get some momentum and it could lead to bigger things such as actually facing a Tyler Parker or getting a shot at a championship of some kind. The gist of it is facing you won't hurt me, but it can bring me to greater heights than what I had before. If I'm kicking your ass and showcasing my talent, then I'm only working to increase my stock value rather than being unceremoniously shot down with no chance of redemption. Enough about me because this story has been told over and over for me, so let's get into your side. You need this match for essentially
the same reason I do. You don't know how things work around here, but you'll soon get an idea. Let me be the first to say welcome to EAW, and welcome to my battlefield. It'll be my pleasure to beat you.
I should be thanking Brian for my first World Heavyweight Championship...

I should be thanking Brian for my first World Heavyweight Championship?

I should be thanking Brian for my first World Heavyweight Championship?!?

No, I shouldn't be. I shouldn't be thanking him because after he had vacated the World Heavyweight Championship and left EAW, I was in the Main Event of Shock Value with Mr. DEDEDE in a High Voltage match and one of the best matches of my career. Then? Then I was in the Showdown Extreme Elimination Chamber and I faced "The Legendary" Sekaiichi, Cy Henderson, GI Styles, Hades the Hellraiser and Nick Angel. Two of which, are Hall of Famers. One a former Answers World Champion. I captured the vacant World Heavyweight Championship there at Road to Redemption and that wasn't because of him but because of me, because I went out there and took on every one of them, because I showed just how badly I wanted to be the World Heavyweight Champion, not because of him. Brian just so happened to have vacated it for me to capture it but in those past few months, I saved EAW from Scott Diamond with the rest of Team DEDEDE, I defeated Mr. DEDEDE after he turned on me and then I defeated five others in the Chamber. Was ANY of that because of him? Are you telling me that I should be thanking him for that? Weren't you... weren't you just a NOBODY then? You were... you were in EAW but you weren't where you are right now, you weren't in any way a World Champion. You were just the New Breed Champion, that's all you were before you joined Demon's Council. That's ALLL you were and you're going to tell me that I should be thanking anyone else other than myself and these fans for me capturing my first World Heavyweight Championship? Xavier, YOU should be thanking Dark Demon for your accomplishments. I know, I know you've heard that, I know you're going to tell me that you accomplished it yourself but that'd just be hypocritical of you, wouldn't it? You're trying to tell me that I should be thanking Brian for my success while you have Dark Demon to thank because if it wasn't for him, you'd STILL be a nobody. You'd STILL be in the New Breed division (or you would have quit and given up like everyone else who's been stuck in that division for their entire careers). You'd STILL... just be "Toxic." The name "Xavier Williams" means nothing and it's not going to mean anything until you've accomplished something yourself. "Xavier Williams" is just a product of Dark Demon's. That's all that is.

And don't you even tell me that you captured the EAW Championship yourself because you and I both know how you had to have captured it and that's because of the Cash in the Vault. I know you're going to try to justify it by saying that at least you cashed in DURING the match but Xavier, that isn't saying much when you're cashing in on Diamond Cage who's been a disappointment as EAW Champion and Heart Break Boy who's FAAAR past his prime. I'm not saying that isn't something, that is, you defeated the former EAW Champion and a Hall of Famer but that's AFTER they had been in the ring for some time. If it was just a Triple Threat match, no cash in, Diamond Cage at his best and Heart Break Boy in his prime... you wouldn't be the EAW Champion right now. You should be thanking them, you should be thanking Diamond Cage for being such a disappointment because had he reigned like he should have, you know that he wasn't going to lose the EAW Championship so soon. You should be thanking Heart Break Boy for not Goldprinting you in the mouth and shut you up for everything you've been saying. "Championship material." You're not even championship material yourself, so who are you to tell me that I'm not? I captured my first World Heavyweight Championship in the Chamber, that took more out of me than it took out of you to cash in. I captured my second World Heavyweight Championship at King of Elite against Mr. DEDEDE who was in a new prime and it took me five Across The Parks to do so, what did it take you to do so with your opponents worn out and exhausted? And I'm not "championship material." You know, I used to think more of you. I used to think that you should be a World Champion in EAW. I used to think that you could be one of the best today but I used to... I used to, Xavier. I used to because now you've lost yourself, you've lost your way of thinking and you've lost every amount of respect I had for you. Not that you care nor have I expected you to but you think you that I'm just going to  sit here and let you tell me how you're championship material and I'm not? I'd like to know what makes you think that. I know you're one to talk out of his ass and say how he's better than everyone else and how he's going to do this, that, it's what I hear from those like you. Those... just like you, Xavier. Those like Lucian Black. Those like Alex Anderson. You speak your mind but you have no sense of it and you have no sense of what EAW is about because like you, like Lucian Black, like Alex Anderson... you think you're owed and deserving of things that someone like me, like Mr. DEDEDE, like Y2Impact, like Jaywalker are holding you back from. You should just get over yourself.

"Best in the World" is how you see yourself but you know how everyone else sees you? They see you as someone who's gotten full of himself and thinks he's better than what he is. They see you as someone who has an ego now that he's a World Champion. They see you as someone who wouldn't be here if this was 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 or 2013 because you weren't here, in EAW, for as long as I have and so you know nothing other than what you've heard or what you think. You wouldn't be here, where you are, because you were never going to be a World Champion before Pain for Pride 7. You wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Dark Demon, so why don't you just thank him, thank him for all that you've accomplished and all you're going to accomplish... thank him for all of that because it isn't what you've had to spend years for like I have. You never had to spend time away from your family to get to where you are like I have. You never had to go through anything I had to, to be a World Champion in EAW like I have. You never had to and you know why that is? It's because EAW isn't what it was back then. EAW had some competition... competition that you couldn't face yourself. EAW had the best and most of them have either retired or went MIA. I'm not saying that the competition here is lacking but it is on Dynasty. That's why I was on Showdown. I was there to find out just who Brian Daniels and Devan Dubian were going to choose to face at Pain for Pride 8. I had to find out of I would have some competition for me from Showdown but both of them have chosen to face Starr Stan or so, that's what it seems to be, to which is a shame. Because I would had loved to have defended the World Heavyweight Championship against either one of them because unlike you, Xavier, I have respect for them. I look at them and know that both of them could be a World Champion along with myself but you? You may have beaten Charlie Scene but if it wasn't for Y2Impact telling you how much of a coward you are, you would've just left with the EAW Championship like you were going to. I don't like Charlie but he'd make a better EAW Champion because I know from teaming with him that he has what it takes and could be up there with the likes of myself, Starr Stan, as well as Brian Daniels and Devan Dubian. You may have restarted the match and won but you have Zack Crash by your side and you're just comfortable with where you are with him there. Like you were with Dark Demon. You aren't championship material. You aren't a World Champion like myself or like Starr Stan. You aren't even the Best in the World. Because you aren't the Best in the World until you've beaten me without Dark Demon, without Zack Crash and without Brian Daniels. I should be thanking who? Xavier, it's you, who at the end of the day... is going to be thanking me.

EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

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